Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA)

 - Class of 1945

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Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 22 of 68
Page 22 of 68

Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 21
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Page 22 text:

g., 3:4711-,,...'7,yffe, -ggqfy 55, raging W. CV:"'ff:.2Erf1'ffe". TT:-2ff"'s f 'f-fftsfriww-r " fa 1, ',f"fV,L 1: vu ' A Studying hard at L.S.U. . Joyce Kieffer: . Joyce Kieffer, with her smile dis- arming, Will be a secretary charming. Carol Kingman: Carol Kingman, whom you all know, To business school is sure to go. Eloise Klimm: At business school, Eloise Klimm, Will tackle typing with vigor and vim. . Jane .Lee Keubel: Jane Lee Keubel we maintain Four years at college will remain. Patricia Lal-ney: As a nurse in white so sparkling clean, Our friend Pat Lahey will soon be seen. Marie Lamperez: M. Lamperez will go to work, ' Perhaps she'll type or be a clerk. Beverly Langenstein: Beverly Langenstein to L.S.U. goes To add to the facts she already knows. Leona Lassen: Leona Lassen, the pride of the na- tion, Will enter Tulane to study aviation. Edna Leet: As a nurse in white, Edna Leet With bright cheery smiles her pa- ' tients will greet. ' Edith Leon: Edith Leon, a fine musician, Soon will be a med technician. Henrietta Lesslie: Henrietta Lesslie we shall find Creating new fads in hat design. Rose Marie Letten: . Rose Marie Letten to college will go To prove to the world that her mind is not slow. Yvonne Linsert: Yvonne Linsert an artist will be, Winning praise from Walt Disney. Mary Long: Away to college will go Mary Long, And as stenographer will ring the p gong. ' Ruth Long: . Following her sister's vocational line, As stenographer, Ruth Long will also shine. Betty Maclntyre: Betty MacIntyre will have a position In a large hotel as -a dietician. Carol McLaughlin: Carol McLaughlin, a Winsome maid- As a writer her brilliance will never fade. A Twenty I I 1 Mary Maes: As a cadet nurse Mary Maes, Will help ease suffering all her days. Betty Malone: At Tulane U. Betty Malone Studying drafting will become well- known. Dolores Marsh: Dolores Marsh, a brilliant "her," Will be a Spanish interpreter. Rita Masset: . Rita Masset Loyola will attend, Her realm of knowledge to extend. Ruth Maxey: We see an instructor in physical ed, Ruth Maxey until she decides to wed. Maxie Meek: A musician Maxie Meek will beg She'll soon get her M.A. degree. Mary Menetrez At business school Mary Menetre Will practice typing all the day. Rosa Miceli: R. Miceli will have a fine reputation For her great aptitude at taking dictation. Norma Mae Miller: Norma Miller as a nurse fine Will be a hostess with 'an air-line. Dorothy Miramon: Dorothy Miramon as yet has no plans, But we predict she'll have many fans. Alma Mitchell: As a secretary A. Mitchell will excel, Helping co-workers' gloom to dispel. Lenore Monnot: A At college we see Lenore Monnot Until Cupid's arrow leaves his bow. Betty Montz: Betty Montz will -have a happy life, For soon she'll be a doctor's wife. Virginia Mooney: Virginia Mooney, a lass so tall, Will play the piano in Carnegie Hall. Betty Moore: Betty Moore at college we see, Working hard for her degree. Geraldine Owens: Geraldine Owens in the. future will do Outstanding things, surpassed by few. Christhel Nungesser: Chris Nungesser, a student bright, Is soon to be a Newcombite. . Doris Oatrow: As Doris Ostrow bids sad adieu, ' She dreams of days at L.S.U. Clare Palmisaano: Clare Palmisano on her "sax" so "name band". Gloria Papa: Gloria Papa will go to Ursuline, Where her record will surely' be fine. Marie Papa: ' To Ursuline Marie Papa also will go, Where she will do well, we all know. Doris Parish: We can't foresee Doris Pai-ish's fate, But as a stenographer she'll surely "rate." Shirley Parish: Cute Shirley Parish, a business school grad Will be a success, and never be sad. Bonnie Jean Peck: A secretary we expect Will be our classmaste Bonnie Peck. Lois Peters: In a laboratory we see Lois Peters Counting and measuring by. milli- liters. Dorothy Pique: Dotty Pique will do her best To pass the good house-keeping test. Bitay Powell: . Bitsy Powell, a'pretty brunette, A loving wife will be, we bet. Gladys Prewitt: Gladys Prewitt, the best of her kind, Studying science you will find. Barbara Quinn: Up to the top goes Barbara Quinng The greatest awards she will win. Rosaleen Quinn: Rosaleen Quinn, in her old tin liz, Will work in a drugstore and make things fizz. Clare Radecker: Clare Radecker, ever knowledge seeking, Q After graduation will work at book- keeping. - Mary Raynor: Mary Raynor, an artist fine, Will be the best one in her line. Janet Rieke: Janet Rieke, a New Orleans peach, At Northwestern will study speech. Peggy Robert: Peggy Robert, an actress of fame, Around the world will make a great name. Virginia Roberts: Ginger Roberts, a secretary fine, Is sure to work with a local air-line. Tulia Rodriguez: Tuliea Rodriguez, our sweet brunette, Will some day marry a Spanish cadet. Claire Rummel: For Claire Rummel we have no fear grand She'll doubtless have la business ca- Will gain fame playing in a big ' reer. . i . E-C-H-O-E-S is

Page 21 text:

'VFR ' ' ' Edith Danos: Edith Danos with eyes so blue, Will, we're sure, coming smiling through. Mary Louise D'Aquin: Mary Louise D'Aquin will go to L.S.U. She'll h.ave lots of fun there, and -learn something, too. Elisabeth Darden: Elisabeth Darden, an artist so fine, Will continue studying symmetry of line. Jean da Roza: Jean da Roza is a girl OH! so grand, That all the boys will ask her hand. Marion David: M. David has yet to choose her voca- tion, For she will further her education. Winifred Dean: Sophisticated Winifred Dean, Will some day be a "percussion" queen. Myrtle Deutschmann: As secretary, Myrtle Deutschmann will striveg ' ' g To great success she'll soon arrive. Lynn Doize: Afteri studying journalism, Lynn Doize, no doubt, Will tell all her readers what the news is about. ' Mary Nell Dorman: Mary Dorman off to college goes To studypoetry and prose. June Ducournau: June Ducournau, that gorgeous red- head, Will soon be a co-ed at college, 'tis said. Gloria Dugries: An actress of renown, Gloria Du- gries, Will be loved and admired across the seas. Marie Dwyer: V In the business world we see Marie Dyer, Steadily climbing- higher and higher. Jean Ellingsont Jenn Ellingson to Southwestern will 80, And there will be seen with many a beau. Patricia Elliott: Pat Elliott won't be a pediatriciang She'll study to be a lab technician. Margaret Falgoust: Margaret Falgoust in an office we view, With letters 'to type and plenty to do. ' ' E1C--H20-E-S Georgia Fischer: i ' To .Newcomb goes our Georgia Fischer- . The best of luck we all wish her. Normadene Ford: Norma Ford waits 'the return of her king: She'll be happy then and wear a bride's ring. Ellie Fortier: Ellie Fortier, so sweet and shy, We see as a wife, as time goes by. Hazel Frame: In the crystal ball Hazel Frame we see, Being a 'very efficient secretary. Sybil Frisco: As a typist, Sybil's work is a loss, For Miss Frisco is to marry the boss. Virginia Gallassero: Virginia Gallassero, a nurse in white, Will do her best to make things bright. Elise Ganucheau: After commercial school, E. Ganu- cheau, " To an important position will prompt- ly go. Valerie Gatipon: ' Valerie Gatipon we foresee A great ballerina is sure to be. Joyce Gaudet: Joyce Gaudet, undecided as yet, Will make her way in the world, we bet. ' Betty Goodman: Betty Goodman with her quaint little smile Will soon be waltzing down the aisle. Ethel Grady: Ethel Grady, so sweet and merry, Soon will be a secretary. Rosemary Graffagnini: ' n Rosemary Graffignini with eyes so fine g As a private secretary will really shine. ' Betty Grethe: Betty Grethe will marry a sailorg We all know he'll never fail her. Elizabeth Grilles.. ' Elizabeth Grilleta at Loyola we see, Studying journalism and earning a fee. Beverly Guess: ' . That lively, spritely Beverly Guess-- W,e know throughout life, she'll be a success. Margaret Guilbeau: At L.S.U. we see Margaret Guilbeau, Those dimples will make her famous, we know. rs -4 4 -A, .- ,,'wr is ,,......, ... . .,.A Anne Gulledge: At business school we see Anne Gulledge, Or maybe she. will go to college. Patricia Haas: V We'll see Pat Haas at Newcomb College e Gaining her share of delightful knowledge. Carolyn Haeuser: Carolyn Haeuserj that sweet little lass, ' . Will be outstanding in her business school class. ' i Louise Hall: Louise Hall who really cuts a rug Will be the world's best "jitterbug." Hflda Hallner: Hilda Hallner we profess As a typist will be the best. Estelle Hamilton:4 Estelle Hamilton with needle in hand Will design new clothes for all the land. Edna Mae Hankins: To us Edna Hankins has confided, That up to now, she's undecided. Cathie Heap: Cathie Heap with wings so small, She'll be married after all. Jerry Hidalgo: Jerry Hidalgo will wed bye and bye When her cadet comes-home'f1-om V.M.I. Margaret Hoag: - As a career woman, Margaret Hoag, Will even set the styles 'for "VOGUE." Inez Hoppe: Inez Hoppe we expect Her store of knowledge will perfect. Yolande Jacob: Yolande Jacob will meet the world As a charming working girl. Evelyn Jones: Evie.Jones with beauty dark At L.S.U. will make her mark. Frances Jones: - , Frances Jones, a secretary sweet, Will all her boss's work complete. Sara Jones: Sara Jones a housewife we see, At the same time earning a Ph.D. Jacquelyn Karat: Jackie Karst, a studious girl Will doubtless travel o'er all the world. ' ' f Dolores Keller: Dolores Keller will be stenographer In the office of anoted photographer. Dorothy Kennedy: In the future Dot Kennedy we view, Nineteen . . N. ' -' - -. gear.,-Q E. , f

Page 23 text:

i' Pauline Saohitana: ' Pauline Sachitana at business school With wit and charm is sure to rule. Dorothy Samuelson: We see Dot Samuelson analyzing the news, Or maybe she'll write book reviews. Marie Schlamp: After school Marie Schlainp can be seen Operating any kind of business ma- chine. - Ruth Schumann: Ruth Schumann, undecided is she, Who doesn't know yet what she wants to be. Patricia Seghers: Pat Seghers in the future We see, A housewife--busy as a bee. Gloria Seymour: Gloria Seymour with figure fine As a New York model will surely shine. , Karen Shivelyt At college K. Shively will major in art, Until some gentleman steals her heart., Carol Shockey: Carol Shockey will live up to her nameg At Loyola we find her achieving great fame. Shirley Siegel: Shirley, Siegel won't be a cook or electrician, No, sir! She'll be a lab technician. Dorothy Simons: ' Dot Simons, she with hair so fair, Will some day be a millionaire. Evalyn Simpson: Evalyn Simpson will go to college, ' Doing her best to increase her know- ledge. , Fay Sirey:. Fay Sirey- from Newcomb's School of Art With much knowledge will depart. Clair Sivori: . With test tubes we see Clair Sivori Experimenting in a laboratory. Yvonne Soland: ' A nurse in white, Yvonne Soland, Her services will be in great demand. Mary Lou Soul6: Mary Lou Soule, our leader great, Will attain fame, for 'tis her fate. P Patricia Spaid: " Patty Spaid with dimples sweet At college many new friends will 5 meet. - Beryl Stall: U Beryl Stall, a weather "man" We see, Predicting what the weather 'will be. E-C-H-O-E-S 4 .. W ., fi J: .gzasriai '2!r.l5e,1mi:.::-' 1 A ' 'Y .1 Jane Stevens: ' 1 Jane Stevens, with her big blue eyes, Will be a success at whatever she tries. Shirley Stevenson: Shirley Stevenson will marry soong Maybe there'll be a wedding in June. Adne Stewart: Adne- Stewart will study' shorthandg As a stenographer she'll be in great demand. ' ' Amelia Stork: Amelia Stork will be on her way To study business at Soule. Nelvia Surgi: 1 Nelvia Surgi, from our observation, As a great actress will tour the na- tion. Joan Svendson: .loan Svendson with her mind so keen Will write for a famous magazine. Patricia Swain: To Soule College goes Pat Swain: As a secretary she'll achieve great fame. Barbara Terry: In college we'll find Barbara Terry, Studying hard but always merry. I Chan-lyn Thiery: Charlyn Thiery will, in business college, Add more to her store of knowledge. Beverly Thomas: Beverly Thomas, so quiet and shy, For fame, with great poets is sure to vie: l Mary Ann Thompson: At college Mary Ann Thompson will slave, To get the knowledge which we all crave. Mary Tillbroolr: Mary Tillbrook, nicknamed "Tillie" As secretary will be a "dilly." Joanne Thornbury: Joanne Thornbury, with blonde g6od- looks, Will go through life balancing books. Ellen Tonglet: Soon Ellen Tonglet we shall see Dancing in New York society. Mary Louise Trahan: V Marie Trahan, with dimples sweet, Will be a housewife, nice and neat. Jackie Troaclair: Typing in an office, neat and trim, We see Jackie Trosclair, full of vimf Wanda Lee Trosclair: Writing great books for public de- mand, Wanda Lee Trosclair will be famed o'er the land. Marie Louise Tureaud: Malou Tureaud to college will go p 1 , --'-5,f",Ls:,i-. ,-aT, ami- ,g - .e.'7s,..iI:5.-,4av...ea.s e-.ff.n.::se.::--s-feasts. . ..s:i..i. A A v-1150:-. fp:-fgzrzfr ,fvsyn-f ' ' 4--v Eff -Y ri d119fl!i'iHn . 5 --fri-'eJP"l,"5. - i-1' ', P ".at-an A - - , . . . v - --.:.f. ffz-,,w-.-,- ..:a:'1. 11.'n.f..: i f ' . .T 2 e '-.-ev '.,.a'n4-,.eg-1-:?pn:uf l - ' ' 2 -vt: f-'--.'::g,.f-iwraff' To be an accountant, a good one'we know. S l 'A C-leaves Tynes: In a crisp, white uniform, helping mankind, Gleaves Tynes, as a nurse, her pro- fession will find. - Thais Ulmer: , ' Thais Ulmer will teach a gymnastic class, And will always be glad when her pupils pass. Muriel Vallette: P To business college will go M. Val- W letteg She'll be a good secretary, we bet. Madge Van Buren: Madge Van Buren as a secretary, Great responsibilities will capably carry. Edith Vega: Edith Vega will go to college, Where she will gain unbounded knowledge. ' Gloria Verdigets: In a hospital we may pay our respects To a registered nurse, G. Verdigets. Lucia von Gohren: ' A medical artist will be Lu von 'Gohreng S We know she'll never find work borin'. Lenore Walker: 'Tis said it's soldiers L. Walker pre- fers, So don't be 'surprised if a wedding occurs. Beverly Ward: - Throughout life Beverly Ward For her talents will win great re- ward. ' Mary Warren: As an artist, Mary Warren, abroad- Her works the whole world will surely applaud. Betty Watson: B. Watson's vocation is unrevealed, But she will excel in any field. Mary uweathershys Dell Weathersby with her bass so loud ' Will play fine music before a crowd. C Helen Weir: Gaining repute far and near A medical artist we see Helen Weir. Genevieve Wellbaum: Genevieve Wellbaum to college will proceed: Y That intelligent girl is bound to sucf ceed. ' Norah Whitfield: ' Norah Whitfield, of British line, lContinued on page 5015. ' Y Taieniy-onei J -,,,:.f.',l'f:.'.lg ,fggg .f?"iF2',flj5':-15:3 4 .. ..-..,..-nv .-.. ..: r sb.. ,.

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