Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA)

 - Class of 1945

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Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 17 of 68
Page 17 of 68

Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 16
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Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 18
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Page 17 text:

"3'lF:i'il is ,nmv .. . -3 .V .. .L L-ci' .. - r. 1..-....n1.p.-uu.-u1n1...1..1.n1u.-..n..u.1.l1..- i , -1 rw-j-.,'-f.z-.yi 31' ftgffiu-Q -v1-x' -rf. 15,1 1 i' :' ivf?r'.g:'::F..P?. 53.5.11 he Stiff up Q l ..., e-. 1 if---mga. :ffm-:M in 3 5' .L -1iiv5i,.f,.,i-l,i.,.. - . 1 -. the glorious activities that would be ours in our senior year. Working hard for that day, only afew months off, when we should be 'presented with those stiff white cards upon li. .QQ .., ..,. . 23-. . , . .. fu, U-. .,. .the-1 ..r., ,,l. .ml iii? h' Q3 v.. ,l.. ' '-:Lf fi-. f.,E,l'i5 .- i. .e Y .ifftgag 5512. l I 3. fgeglm i .. - n ae 1 .J .xi -2 .N - fi ,R J. 1 1 UST a few short years ago we were and we had grown to love every inch which would be Written thgse ei-edits ' the "Baby B's" of our beloved of her magnificient structure. When that would entitle us to the proud school. Now, as "dignified seniors" the student body election took place name of seniors, we still managed to 'y,. we must leave these familiar sur- at the beginning of the new session. find time for pleasure. It was in this l'0Ui1CiiIl2S, which hfiilg hack Siieh we took an avid interest in the semester that the Pan-American ' happy memories of our high school canipaign Speei-hee and did 311 we Program and the Stvle Show were Ci9YS4 could to support our favorite randi- held- HOW Pl'0lld all the students iii When we entered McMain as little dates. 0ni- interests were 1-apidiv in- were of their successful work! And AQ f1'eShliiell. 8 feeling of mingled 8We creasing and broadening. Aside from then-finally-after three years of 5 and terror came over us. All of the eeheol activities, We were more een- study and happiness we came to upper-classmen looked so dignified, eerned than we had pi-evieuslv been school one day as mere juniors and and the halls seemed simply endless with frivolous things, Sugh as new left as proud, lofty senior B's! -perfect places for getting lost. But styles in hairdo's and clothes for In September , 1944, we returned we soon discovered that the older gghgol, The Cul-rent fad was high to McMain with the startling realim- girls were friendly and understand- pompadours, and the cottonpinafore ation that we were, at last, all-im- ing. Also, the halls didn't appear wee Soni-ing to new heig-htS'in pepu- portant seniors, and that there were ' it Quite S0 lfmg and pe1'il0llS- At last laritv among the girls at McMain. iust ten short months before gradua- we were beginning to know our way nf Course, there was also the serious tion. It wasn't really startling, for ' around. Then came the dav of our Side of our sophomore year. The war we had been impatiently awaiting N Baby Party. The Freshmen A's went was having its effect on our school this great even throughout our three Q ' 9l'0l1Ilfi Willis' l4H0WiilQ gl3hCeS, HS activities. New courses were insti- years in high school, but it gave us "if Pi though to say, "Wouldn't you like to tinted in McMain to prepare us for a a wonderful feeling of superiority. ' know what's going to happen?" Fin- longh bitter Struggle and to enable This didn't last long, however, when ally, that afternon arrived. As soon us to deal intelligently with problems we discovered that we Still had plenty as we reached the auditorium the arising dui-ing and after the war, of hard work ahead of us. As seniors Senior A's presented us with lolli- Yes, there were many changes in it was our privilege to elect repre- pops. This was followed by a delight- our sophomore year, but we readily sentatives, and because of the size ,A ful afternoon. which consisted of adapted ourselves to them and hap- of OUP elaSS we eleefefi tweiitll-fiVe' i' playing games. singing, and getting pily, though thoughtfully. passed the Miss Siler had maliv 8 headache teh' L better acquainted with our "Big Sis- second' milestone in our high school Lllafihg the 911110511 f0l11' th0iiSHhd ters." It was only a few months later career. votes that were cast and we 8PD1'e' 1 3' that the Japanese made their sneak Gone soon were the days, when as ciate her patience in working with attack on Pearl Harbor. We really sophomores we should sigh dreamily HS- The 1'eDI'eSeIifatiVeS met emi Plan' began to grow up then. We bought and talk about the day when we ned the luncheon we should give the ' war stamps and bonds. organized into should be "upper-classmen"g for one Eraduates and also the class Sift- The '." a Victory Corps. worked in hospitals day, to our amazement and delight, luncheon WHS Prevafed f1Yifi.Se1'Vefi and at Red Cross Centers. Ex' the we awoke to the realization that this by Sehiei' B'S who had taken heiifle' time our first vear at McMain had much longed-for goal had at last been making, and SS We Watched the 8'i1'lS passed, we had-ear-ned the title of reached. Even we had to admit, much Singing their class Songs and eryine sophomore. to our chagrin. that time had slipped 8 little, we realized that graduation At last, after a year at McMain, rapidly past us, and that we had en- WHS getting' el0Se1' and Perhaps we fag ' We ceased to feel like conspicuous. in- joyed the first half of our high were net 8'0iiig' to be S0 happy about . experienced newcomers. We had be- school life4both work and play. it HS We had alwfi-YS SliPP0Sed- Well- come -sophomores. How we had Holding our heads a bit higher, the -lHIli181'Y eehihielieeiiieiiii Came i X looked forward to this year, when straightening our backs a bit more, and Wehf and we We1'e finally Senior ,"' r we should no longer be labeled and, unfortunately, looking down A'S. "the Riaehieiiihg el8SS-" While ln: "Freshies," when weshould no longer on the poor, hopeless "under-class these Sigiiifieaiii things Were happen' i ,vii be the bewildered victims of practi- men" a great deal more, we juniors iii!! to OUT ell'-SS, Ofhel' Significant f cal jokes planned by fun-loving up- entered whole-heartedly into the ac- fhih3'S were taking Place iii EUTOPG - perclassmen! This year we were able tivities of McMain. When Christmas and iii the Pacific- li? looked as if to join in the fun. Instead of feeling rolled around, we participated in the V-E Dey might e0iiie S00TieI' than l like aliens in foreign surroundings, annual program that had become a exlieeiefi and OUP el8SSl'00iiiS Wehe we had found our place in school ac- tradition to us. It was only a short the Scenes Of exciting discussions 0h A tivities and developed a comradely time after this that we saw girls the Dumb?-Pteh 09155 and other Peet' feeling of interest and affection for who had been our friends and to Wai' Plans- In the midst of our re' ,V our class-mates. We no longer found whom we had looked up, graduate. jeieihg. C9-me 'the news of the i91'a8'i.e ffl, the. location of class rooms a baffling We were another step nearer our death of President R00Seve1t and de- 3 I' mystery: we were familiar with every senior year! Now we dreamed not so spite Ol-ll' heWilfle1'iiieYi,iG and gfiefiswe ' - nook and 'corner of dear McMain, much of just graduating but of all fContinued on page 501 r - l ' E-C-H-O-E-S - i ' - ' ,Fifteen i . - ' . ' K " ggenlvsiil ' ' - J . g -:jfgifggg if . i , ' . , V I .- f e . . - . . -r 'r,' . -' , i i ..... . 'e-. .gl ,, .. l , Y 1 - ,E ,,.., .I i i J' 'Wiil'ii:TiQras2Ht' Wi.ii2QiHi3.5'fii2ifilAst:-.ltifitfi '..-- A aIfi's.i..Lii.se.i73 "Hi its 1. " A." grfaiillkikiffi "'

Page 16 text:

. w.: F'IFF9rf:'.- N , ,vqvwwf Fourteen Eyes ......, Nose ...,.., Mouth ....,,.. Hair ....... Hands ........ Smile .......,. Disposition ..,.,..,. Q Dimples ........ Teeth ......... Gm Meat 2 2 2 2 Complexion ........, ..,....... 1 2 Profile ....... Figure ....... 2 gmt Clare Radecker Edith Danos Mary Tilbrook Carolyn Atkins Jean da Roza Dorothy Brisbi Joanne Thornbury Doris Parish June Ducournau Rosemary Carnes June Ducournau Doris Parish Georgia Fischer Jane Clay Georgia Fischer Patricia Spaid Bitsy Powell Rosemary Carnes Doris Parish ' Sara Jones Dorothy Brisbi Mary Lou Soule Margaret Guilbeau Audrey Armbruste I' Marie Louise Trahan Ellen Tonglet Jean Crump Betty Sue Wray Lynn Doize - Emma Wiesand Edna Hankins Georgia Fischer Carolyn Atkins' Dorothy Brisbi Emma Wiesand Gloria Seymour Emma Wiesand Lynn Doize Gleaves Tynes . E-C-H-O-E-S K in f V ii ,, .3.t. is-glgis -if

Page 18 text:

, . We, the graduation class of June, 1945, being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament, and do bequeath the following: ' To- Miss Leckert-Sincere thanks, devo- tion, and heart-felt appreciation for her guidance as our principal and friendg Miss Stier-The gratitude and appre- ciation of our class for her as- sistanceg Miss Weiss-Girls who can sing "pianissimo"g Mrs.' Meyers-Every girl present every day on timeg Miss Legier-An automatic bell ringerg Miss Arbo--A much needed paper cutterg Miss Bailey-A world free of cater- pillarsg Miss Barq-Girls who don't criticize the way she says "hello"g Miss Breeding-Students who don't say "dis", "dat", "desc", and h udoseug Miss Britsch-Classes who always draw margins on the back of a sheet of paperg Miss Broussard-Girls who are pres- ent on test daysg Miss Connor-Peace and Victory soon fby requestlg Miss Cooper-Students who write plausible short storiesg Miss Cresson--Girls who aren't con- tinually giving excuses to get out of detentiong Miss Dantonet-A whole school full of enthusiastic Red Cross work- OTSQ Miss DeLuca-Girls who can find the sewing equipment they are shop- ping forg . E Miss Drown-Girls who don't rum- Sixieen t Clos will mage through their purses in classg Miss Friedrichs-Girls who always remember to bring "Jones" on Mohdayg Miss Haas-Biology students with brainsg Miss Hallaron-Councilors who are skilled in the art of persuasiong Miss Helfritch-Girls who sign li- brary lists with 'theili own pen- X cilsg Miss Hugo-New parts for her auto- mobileg , Miss Kenner-The thanks of the sight saving girls for her time and patienceg Mr. Kirst-More girls who are in- terested in brassesg Miss Koll-Girls who dance like Elea- nor Powellg ' Miss Kranz-Poetry enthusiastsg Miss Kumpfer-A pass for her roomg Miss Kursheedt-A wider sidewalk so that her admirers can walk home with herg Miss Machauer-A class as industri- ous and cooperative as her pres- ent one 3 Mrs. Meek-Her heart's desire, a gym? ' Miss Meyer-Girls' who realize that they are not race horsesg Miss Pearce+Fewer graduates to serve at the Senior A luncheong Miss Peters-Girls who don't drop drawing boardsg Miss Place-Chemistry students who -read experiments intelligentlyg Miss Randolph-Girls who just "love" homeworkg Miss Rareshide-Students who sit ' properly in class 3 Miss Rooney-Students who know when to use the subjunctiveg Miss Schmidt-Scientific geniusesg strings than in Miss Seiler--Girls who know how many days there are in each monthg Miss Sherrard-Students who "love" niathematicsg Miss Smart-Girls who don't lose their protractorsg Mrs. Tarlton-Students who speak French with a Parisian accentg Miss Tourte-A few mathematical wizards 3 Miss Trouilly--Fewer girls with bag- gy bloomersg Miss Vautrain-Senior A's with defi- nite aims in life 5 - Miss Walmsley-A filing cabinetg Miss Wolfe-Girls in higher math courses who still remember the fundamentals of algebrag Miss Youngs-Girls who love to keep notebooks 5 Mrs. Stockton-Girls who appreciate her hard work in giving us healthful and delicious lunches: Mrs. Roser-Girls who don't go to the infirmary for every broken fingernailg Mr. Charlie and Mr. Freddie-Less workg Senior B's-More originality in writing your class willy . Juniors-Patience, your day will comeg Sophomores-Freshmen to feel su- perior over. ' Signed and properly witnessed this day, Aprilx19, 1945. , Rose Marie Leltpn, Chairman lane Cluy lane! Riecke- Peggy Robert Mary Lou Soulei Mary Arme Thompson Joanne Tbombury Mary Louise Tilbrook Barbara Terry Betty Sue Wray - E-C-H-O-E18 -1 V L" il-Q, .,f 'E i. , , 1 V- 1 JA 'JJ' vifffxzfi

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