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f f , f f f f f ki W W my "" Q ff? S' - - Ag 0 53 i K CE I ,Of A wgqgmn 35 X 9 ?X Z DEDICATICDN fi-Wh MISS MARY BACHER In appreciation of your frlendly ways That helped to brlghten our senlor days, You're so understanding, so s1ncere, You've done a lot for us this year. So with happiness, we the class of '52, Gladly dedicate our year book to you. . it M .5 5 QW' ' f Arn V, I ' V? ygfxiff V. wg 'gym u aa! T . Q n 1 ADMIN IS TRATIQN Mm l r 4 4 l E i B 2 A' rx William T McKernan Harold Van Tuyl, Pond Eddy, Charles Maclntyre, President, Eldred Frederick Bye, Clerk, Highland Lake Herbert Kinne, Eldred Charles Paulus, Barryville w O I I O C I I I , 0 7441414 Front Row Mrs Sulzbach, Miss Bacher, Miss Moberg, Mrs Murphy Mrs Bernas, Miss McCullough, Mrs Murray, Mrs Daub Back Row Mr Steele, Mr stofka, Miss Fisselbrand, Mr Crum Alfred H111 Custodian Miss Leavenworth, M Werneke, Mrs Styles, Mr Ebers Mr Stry Ina oven cafeteria Manager Ruth myers School Secretary Walter Lavalle Oren Spanfenburg Custodian, CuStOd BI! 2 o 0 A a o o 1 0 s 0 s o s o K A I a ' '2'?7'l'f' ' HWY" Ei ,M , X A N , . W ,K 1 N 3 snr - I uf ---1 1 X l l'1 -1 i " 1 ? i n lf -n 'i -. -- 1 ' 1 as 1 nr i N Fw T ' X X T I1 Q -if 1 - CLAS S XA '- - ,QSZQ 'i .. - 1 . ga - -.. ... .. - -. ... .... ...- ..- 13 E f Ili" N s x I I 'l .. , .. . .- .. .. If 1' :: :I .. .. , ..... ,L Y 1 Y' , 5: :5 f- .t ' Y ,- f w .. :: ' Qbzx f ' X 1: If IH, 'ftxx ' - -Q. if 5: Nc.-, -, 3 g , ' X'-, 1 - 7 : 1','. M' 1 1 .Qt - 1 .I-, 3 . lf. 'xxx ., 1 I Q 1' ' 1 ' 1: 1 .'.'.' ' 1? H", 111' 1 ,' ':',' . 1 x I' 'lf , R' ' C 5' -'VC 1 'xi '. 1" 1 1 1 -.19 3. 11 , 1 .- . ' 1, , . . -. H v- - ,I ,H ,': v 1 '.x '. , X- - 1 1 ,.' , 'V 1 1 x J-,xj.,' Aw- - . I. .," - I 1 . -, -, .Q 'J ' .' ,H uf I 1 1 1 '. -5 .Q ..- ,.. x-,- ., '. 3 ',1 ,jf . . 1 3.1.3 .S 11, .,,f . .X1 ,S -3. 1-K ,' J.,-:. --N .Ch 16 I. , -1. ..-, ..- .:- ' I: 1:3 :Z Zu' 5:1 S -F, x :s 'P 'lx-g. xy' 5 ' ,INS ' ' . '. ' at 3 xx 5 Q X ' .RJ L , 1 ' -Q. ,. :ns . fs .fx S 1' ,QD -2- ' x ' 5.5: If -C1 12 35 -. 1 ' I4 ., , . . - -,, J! 3:5- , . . U 5 ' ' fl'. " n'-N w' -' VA A " ' ' .".'5 .' 'Q . .,5-' . -,- .. -1,-, 'v .' ' '- .jf , - ' .fl 1 1 ,Q .' 1 "1 E ' ..- ' " ' ' f ' . 1- ...,. 31' :FF - . . Q :: -Ss: ::L sg.-.Q 1... ---1 5 xl. ...,. Q -QI.- -- , X .n '.'.jf' J .5--.- 1.-1 :.' A S . "J" - 1X ' ,' , --,-' n - ,y ,, P- - : .17 q '-2' . . Y " I X' ff , JI, V Z 'f ' fi f- 1:1 ','. 'iagf 1 ,','.' '13- fl, H, Q I J? Joan Rupp Ruppie Glee Club, Dratorical Contest Joan is one of the more understanding members f our class who takes every trait will certainly be helpful in her future fur Joan Hill N111 Band, Glee Club, Cheerleading remarks in history class Vith her easy chatter we are sure you will be able to have many friends throughout life Esther Maclntyre Peagy Glee Club, Cheerleadinb sand Joan Hensel Hensi Hense' Band, Glee Club Vith your pleasant smile and fine sense of humor we are sure you will make a most successfll nurse Peo y is our Her artistlc been a breat class in all functions .ST Joan Meiritz 'Jeanie' Student Counc'l, Rand, Cheerleading Of all the girls in the class Joan is the most versatile with all your intelligence, we know you will be another nmadame Curie' in the field you have chosen. Ulnan bhore ability has asset to our the school ir' asf", E 0 ,. AQ .m. ,, ,R 0 sg? is N - H N- G , I I O , nh n -' problem to heart. This Joan is known for her witty ' ,J f , n J An I V rv! Q I ad! l 4 ,fl . -n - ,de Oren Spangenburg 'Oren Glee Club, Band, Baseball Oratorical Contest Your willingness to help others ana your ambitious manner will take you far Lots of luck 1n your fu ture as a butcher 4EI3P I uhm. A ,,,,... Gary Eckhart 'Gary Baseball, Glee Club Gary has been famous for his g1rls,of course that horse of yours makes for competition, doesn't it, Gary? We wish YOU luck in your lifes work as a lawyer gil-in ll Roy Decker Dek Dek' Although Roy seems Quiet and reserved on the out side, when you get to know him, he is one swell guy we are sure he will do well in whatever he chooses as his profession J.. lfllu my wc' V V an wr' C 'V 7 I A AMN 9 I " . I AI' , V A 5' 'I --wi' 1 ml y . h J fx! F 'uf . N Hkwl: rl , !' X , ii! 1 ' .Jael V aw ' Y . ' , ' I ix 1 lilihlvvr f 'l 4 H"'a -1 If 4 ' F , r, A W ' "' l - ,F 331 y , I A ixvrk if J - , 5 .r - e . . - N- C ,ei m , - f . Q 47' ' xx ' I 0 ' so ' ' 5 1 . - . b I ,W 6 " Ligfhga , n - - C -9 x 1 C X K. X - - mf2Q ll!! Wayne Wells 'Wellsy' Band Glee Club, Basketball, Basel ball, Student Council. Another versatile member of our class is Wayne who always has a wltty remark on any sub Ject. We are sure in what you do you will be A-1 or-- possibly 1 A' Alfred Roberts 'J1mW Glee Club, Basketball, Football, Baseball. With yOu? Mit and Sense gf humor you have made a good class comedian. Jim's friend ly and easy being manner has won him many friends. Your sportsmanship will be an asset in the future. Lee Hiller Lee" Band, Glee Club, Oratorical Contest With her music and dramatic abilities she has been our leadino lady in all our school plays Good luck in what ever you choose as your life work Isabel Getz Is Band, elee Club, cheerleading abel is one of he more cheerful Girls of the class Althou h you have been jinxed with you flute solos, we are sure you will be successful in what ever ,rofession you choose 15 Eileen Wolff 'Wolffie' Band, Glee Club, Cheerleading Throughout her high school years Eileen has been the Glee Club accompanist This talent should prove helpful in sooth ing her grumpy patients 1 future years I yy' Inez Hocker nez Glee Club, Bard Your friendly chuckle and in te est lH others v ll van a eous in ,ol career as a oeeutician Success in all you do, Ine 'Q 1 ' fi 8 .'-. - n - ' s . ' , . Il C Q 6 ,ag Q u . Q - H I ,, H F a Is t . " o - nv n W. J. " ' V is ' A fi be ad- 4 0 A L K- 1' y I. Zvttdflegdfddf IAQ'- First Row L Miller, J Heiritz P hacIntyre, J Rupp, J H111 Second Rov I Hooker, J Hensel, E Wolff, Uiss Dacher Back Row R Decker, O Span enbur , A Roberts, W hells Qfwtofzq FL SHTLILN YLAR On September 8, 1948, a group of eibhteen exclted breenhorns, strangers to the upstairs of the Bldred Central School, rushed noi sily into Room 5 This vas the Freshman tlass, 1n which there ve1e two new members, Robert Wlckus from Florlda and Eubene Wilson from Pond Eddy We lost Joyce lurner who was one of our l1V6WlP6S This was a sad parting. The inhabitants of the Frosh White House during '48 were: Oren Spangenburg, president, Peggy Maclntyre, vice-presidentg Alfred Roberts, secretary and Eileen Wolff, treasurer. Our class advisor was Miss Gale. . , L- 1,m1,:j,,,l I I 1-f . A 'M g ,, f " f ., if 6 ' ,f.,,', 1 cr 5 1 x I ' A 35, V w, .V W3 v 2 o ' 0 .s , o " o . Q' N o . . u J " V 9 0 0 I -u --. . ' 'T : 0 o 6 5 0 Q ' 0 JT I 'K ' 4:1 u ' A w jr ' 'v V - f Y ' v 1 Q v u . f . . T 1- . , 1 ' V ' O , Our one and only big event of the year was the nSpook Frolicn, whlch took place the Fr1day before Halloween Thls was the flrst dance our class had ever sponsored, and for be1ng inexperlenced we had a very large crowd, and it was profltable Sophomore Year September l9h9 brought seventeenhappy to be back to school Soph omores into Room 8 Our class adv1sor was Mlss Moberg Under the leadershlp of Oren Spangenburg, presldent, Roy Decker, vice presldent, Isabel Getz, secretary, and Joan Rupp, treasurer, carrled out the followlng functlon The Ra1Hb0W Sl1de whlch was an other blg success We can easlly term it as somethlng we shall never forget, largely because of the added attraction we lncluded and the difflculty lnvolved 1n putting up a large rainbow as a decoratlon Junlor Year September 1950, found slxteen Junlors Cwhlch made up 3h7 of the high school! back 1n school but eager for Chrlstmas vaca lon to come We really were thrllled to be Junlors, though, because it marked the arrlval of our class r1ngs Class r1ngs seem to stand for a lot both before and after graduatlon The off1cers of our Junior class were Oren Spangenburg, pres1 dent, Joan Melritz, Vice presldent, Isabel Getz, secretary and Joan Our movle, B1rd of Paradlse, Which was our flPSt b1g event f the year, was a tremendous success The second event 1n our Junior Year was our partnersh1p 1n the Senlor play, Com1n' Round the Mounta1n The participation of each member of our ilass was needed The third event was our annual dance, WThe Poor Taste Dance' People were supposed to come dressed ln poor taste, but very few did Everyone has to admlt we have had good 1d6aS even if they d1dn't al ways work out The fourth and flnal event of our Junlor Year was the Junior Prom Thanks to Mrs Herman Kalin, it was the most beautiful prom ever put on at E C S The small tables against the walls, the picket fence separatlng a sectlon for the Wd1st1nguished' Junlors and Sen 1ors, the colorful streamers and the moon sh1ning through several green boughs are the thlngs which will llnger most in our memorles Senior Year Here we are, Seniors We finally made it' W lost two members of our class, however, at the start of the year Carol W1lSOn and Sally Abbey For several weeks we were lost 11: took awhile to real lize that we had to fill the gap left by last years' Seniors 1 Q WV O ' . O - ' ' ' we . . u. . 0 . . . Rupp, treasurer. Miss Bacher was our class advisor. Q o a I ' O O e. at 0 O I O I O O . . . 0 o e xv -J 1. 3 i' Lo' 1 Q.. We started off w1th a b1ng instead of a bang We suddenly real lzed that we had to put on a class play before Chrlstmas Th1s meant work and hard work at that, Gad' It was a 3 act comedy myster Nowhere Fast by Van Wallen Each member of our class took part 1n presentlng the play 1n one way or another The cast conslsted of Rlta Adams Leona Mlller Al1ce Arnold Joan MelP1tZ T P Jones Paul Th1ele Deborah Arnold Joan Rupp Frank Roblns Wayne Wells Harvy Lawrence J1m Roberts The Woman of Mystery Elleen Wolff Thanks to the COOpePat1OH of Paul Th1ele, Who took the part of T P Jones 1n an emergency, the play was a success The next important event dur1ng our last year of h1gh school was our Leap Year Egg Due to the fact that our orchestra, The Seven Notes, performed w1thout charge, our dance was really successful We, the Senlor class, have done our best to take an actlve part ln as many outslde actlvitles as possible lncludlng sports, muslc and others Our class members are a l1vely group, not only ln all school act1v1t1es, but ln classes as well as any teacher w1ll readlly admit, we're sure QYXUGRXQ SENIOR WASHlNGTON TRIP At 8 30 Tuesday mornlng Apr1l 15, 1952 slxteen anx1ous Seniors were waltlng for the traln to come 1n Slnce everyone was dressed ln the1r WSunday bestn a sunshlny day would have made lt a perfect start but no, lt had to ra1n we ooarded the traln and settleu down for the long Journeyahead. After an hour of good behavlor, we started actlng l1ke ourselvesroam lng through all the cars of the traln When we landed at Baltlmore, we were happy to leave the traln and stretch our legs Here we met our bus drlver, Bill, who was respons1ble for maklng our tr1p humorous as well as lnterestlng The steps from the traln to the bus were enough exerclse for us, and again we were satlsfled to relax 1n our seats for anotker Jaunt thls time to Annapolls The loss of Gary durlng our flrst tour Knot enough room 1n the bus? created a problem also Upon reachlng Annap olis we met him agaln lstlll 100k1Hg for that blonde 1n the blue suitl Here we v1s1ted the chapel and the museum wh1ch were both a great lnterest to all of us The sun still had not favored us w1th any attentlon much to our dlsappointment We got back on the bus and contlnued on our way to Washlnton We arrlved at the hotel an hour and a half later and struggled to the desk to get our keys This was tougher than you thlnk' Flnally we entered our 'spacious apartments' and relaxed for f1ve mlnutes then to dlnner and our f1rst tour whlch started 8 OO that n1ght Th1s - ' ' ya Bradford Smythe -I ------- :-::::-- Oren Spangenburg tour took us to the Llncoln Memorlal and the Congressional Llbrary to see the Const1tut1on of the United States, the Declaratlon of Independence, and the Gutenberg Bible After th1s tour we returned to the hotel Then to bed for some, to the movies for others and to the hospltal for a few The latter was due to an unfortunate acc1dent wh1ch occurred after the movles through no fault of the class Slx Senlors toured a corporatlon counc1ler's off1ce the follow 1ng morning wlth our chaperone whlle the others agaln went on touring This t1me the tour took us to the Bureau of Pr1nt1ng and Engravlng where we saw paper money, postage and Government documents prlnted and engraved, then to the Pan Amerlcan Bu1ld1ng, one of the most bea utlful in the United States, where our escort polnted out rubber, vanllla, banana, coffee, and many other South American trees and shrubs, all grow1ng ln the patio Then we started up COnSt1tUtlOH Avenue, passlng the Department of Commerce, Post Offlce, Department of Justice and the National Archives buildlng to the Capitol, and then the group plcture was taken mlnus s1x members of the class Then we vlsited the House f Representatlves and Senate Next we vislted the Supreme Court Bulld lng, then to the Folger Shakespear1an Memorial Library, a shrlne to the great Engllsh poet, and back to the hotel and dlnner Picklng up the rest of the crew we started our afternoon tour This took us through the resldentlal sectlon of Washlngton, passlng homes of the late Presldents Wllson and Taft, Admlral Dewey and other famous men, forelgn 8mb8SS19S, and then to the zoo 1n Rock Creek Park to see mommoth 6Xh1bltS of w1ld anlmals and b1rds Then enroute to Mt Vernon we saw Georgetown University and the Pentagon Buildlng We also stopped to vlsit the Tomb of the Unkown Soldler and Amphitheatre in Arl1ngton Cemetery Here we were lucky to see the changlng of the guard At Mt Vernon we saw the home and flower garden w1th a box hedge We returned to Washlnvton by way of the Nat1onal Highway, along the bank of the Potomac Rlver, v1a the Jefferson and Llncoln Memcuial and Washlngton Alrport, and around the Tldal Basin to see the cherry blossoms That n1ght we all declded to see a stage show featurlng Johnny Johnston Durlng our stay in Washington we all sampled Chlnese food Thursday mornlng we toured flrst the Smlthsonlan Inst1tute, where we saw the orlginal gowns worn by each Pres1dent's wife at h1s 1naugurat1on, collections of colns, postage stamps, boats from early t1mes, all k1nds of wagons and automoblles, L1ndbergh's WSpir1t f ot hOUlSn, and other a1rcr ft, unlforms worn by our armed forces, and thousands of other or1g1nal and 1nterest1ng exh1b1ts Then we had our class plcture taken again KTh1s t1me w1th the whole class presentl After th1s llttle eplsode, we spent a short time at the Freer Ar5 Gallery, where a splendid collect1on of pa1nt ings and etchlngs, lncluding orlginals by Whistler, were seen Flnally we arrlved at the Washington Monument where no 1nd1v1du als were amb1t1ous enough Cat this time anyway to cl1mb the 898 steps to the top The elevator was a hopeless case a LO m1nute wait at that By thls time the sun acknowledged our presence, and the weather was exceptlonally nice By this t1me we were also hungry and anxious to return to the hotel At l 30 P M we started on our flnal tour wh1ch took us to the . . . . O tomb of Washington, the slave quarters the kitchen, and the formal . . . . . O . . - . . a . Natlonal Gallery of Art to vlew the famous palntlngs and sculpture collections The F B L bu1ld1ng was not open to the public at this time, therefore, we were not fortunate 1n being w1tnesses to the actlvitles carried on 1n thls famous bu1ld1ng, although we did pass Then we went through the northeast section of Washlngton to the Shrlne of the Immaculate Conception and the Franclcan Monastery, where in the Rock Garden reproductlons of several of the shrlnes of the Holy Land were seen After this we travelled to the Washlngton Cathedral of St Paul and St Peter at Mt St Alban Then we returned to the hotel, ate dinner and spentthe evenlng as we chose was almost the last chance to send post cards T1me sure slipped up on us during this trip Frlday mornlng came, and we packed our belongings, since we were leaving Washington 12 30 that afternoon The morning was free to shop for souvenlrs or V1S1t polnts of lnterest 12 30 P M came quickly, and we had to say farewell to Washing ton On our way to Baltimore we toured central Maryland We left Baltimore at 2 20 P M and arrived at Port Jervls at 8 30 P M We were all tired, hungry but happy Our trip was a success, because of the beautlful weather, our bus driver, Bill, was such a swell guy and last but not least, Mlss Bacher was such a fine chaperone it. D This being our last night in Washington many students found it am 'lass Prophecy VARY says he wants a ranch hay out in Arizona, I see him now with horses strong And wlth his wlfe Ramona I look into my crystal ball And see a G h Draftsman, I think 1t's UAfNE Ah, yes it is Such a good 'ole craftsman Jho's that hacking up the meat Ps if we didn't know, It's OPE1 with his outcher kn fe And he's maklnb lots of dough JOAN HLNShL is a Registered Nurse As ood as one can be, She's taking care of all the men PT HY is a Hostess Upon an ocean liner She says she's having lots of fun And couldn't be feeling finer JOAN WLIRITZ is a scientist And a very Oood one, too, She keeps herself so busy There's lots of work to do Here I see a Stenobrapher Working hald and well, I see it must be JOAN RUPP That isn't hard to tell INEZ is a beautician Curling lots of hair, Why don't you et a permanent? That is, if you dare LEE is now out of college Living in a trailer camp, She's changing diapers every day And they are really damp Now I see a Nedical Sec And her name's EILELN, She answers phones, files Doc's records And jumps when patients scream U J VY' yv .' ' v' ' . OVPO Y W ,, I .L O VI I Q LN? -1 i ' fr If , X O SV' Q And with her it does agree. ,fi AJKJU i O lu Y T' . O O I ,, , ,, C, 0 'T 0 I r O IL l O JOAN HILL 13 now a Waltress Havlng lots of fun, She too, lS on a l1ner And always on the run 'Authors Away My Boysn IS1WhaC I see for JIM, It's not exactly what he wants They declded for h1m Now on the other hand I see The Army life for ROY, A Magor he is soon to he What a man, Oh Boy' As I look for the very last t1me I see a dark eyed belle, She's marr1ed now, w1th lots of k1ds Her name 15 Isabel Senlor Advlce to Juniors Amelia Brown 1D everythlng you do Eileen Hotzler Marlon Hulse ct1v1tes Jane Kestler telephone operator Paul Thlele always be on top Bob Warden slque w1ll take you far on nl1fGS road' Frank West Get out of that slump you're 1n You future presldent Cof your class! Charlie Wolff - You have buckled down and showed us you Keep up the good work. Betty Young - You're a good leader, but don't let it go to Joan Greene - Be more serious about your work and it easier to you. Keep up the good work and you will always be a success Keep your temper tamed down and you can add to your You're a good student, but why not try some outslde with your pleaslng vo1ce we think you w1ll make a good Keep your happy go lucky way about you and you w1ll Your wlnning personality, good looks and mascullne phy may become can do it! your head. might come You certainly are a swell bunch and we really will miss you. So- long and here's hoping you all succeed. list of friends. a ' ' . CLASS WILL We, the graduatlng class of t 0 of 1952, belng reasonably sound of Ln.I,f mlnd and memory, do bequeath these 4 9 ',,f cherlshed possesslons We do e ffjzf ,rf clare and publlsh th1s to be our ,J,f 4l" last w1ll and testament af To the FACULTY we leave a most COnSC16Dt1OUS Senlor Class who w1ll see the ser1ous part of every problem ROY DECKER bequeaths h1s ab1l1ty to do hlgher mathematlcs Charlle Wolff He also leaves a few free perlods to M155 Moberg GARY ECKHART leaves hls t1tle of Class Romeo to John Hustlns ISABEL GETZ leaves her ab1l1ty of belng a good secretary toMarulyn Martln JOAN fILL bequeaths her sense of humor to Joan Traver JOAN HLISLL leaves her pleasant smlle to the future Senlor Home Room so that lt may be as warm as ours was PEGGY MACINTYRE leaves her 3Ft1StlC ab1l1t3 to Charlle Wolff JOAN MEIRITZ leaves her athletlc ab1l1t1es to Marlon Hulse LEONA MILLER bestows her soprano volce to Roger Weber so that he may obtaln a more deslrable register INEZ HOCKER leaves her flrst clarlnet cha1r to Alfred Cassara JOAN RUPP bequeaths her ab1l1ty to get along w1th anybody to Jane Kestler OREN SPANGENBURG leaves h1s lndustrlous manner to Frank West EILEEN WOLFF bestows her broad knowledge of muslc to George Foster JIM ROBERTS leaves h1S mascullne build to Bob Warden and a Charles Atlas booklet to the future football team WAYNE WELLS leaves hlsunorthodoxistyleof basketball to W1lly Ulr1ch WE of the Senlor Class of '52 leave to Mlss Bacher many future years of happlness. azafqffwf 'XWW Q FJ'-ML Wfdfif 'fotnf 76" Jaadai' ff ?"""' 9"""L' f1fw1 Y'--"'4E4L'L7 5230, nw o wwf an ' to vnu., 'r if ' . . K X v W, f,,f u F .57 .' -. fi ' , . f QW C - . . . . .r to . Y I - . ' 31 1 - . . . - . . . . r A' . , V . 7 - A Q lv . A . A o Best Best Most Most Done Best looklng g1rls looklng boys popular g1rl popular boy most for the class sense of humor Pet peeve Most Best Best Most likely to succeed dressed girls dressed boys lndustrious CLASS POLL The Sen1or Glrls The Senlor Boys PGSSY J1m Oren Joan H111 Hlstory Class Joan Rupp The Senlor G1rls The Sen1or Boys Oren Best Best girl athlete boy athlete Flrst to marry Best dancers Class pol1t1c1an Most f1ckle Qual1t1es best llked Teachers pests Joll1st Junlor Sauclest Soph Favorlte Frosh Favorlte bandleader Moodlest Senlor Most sarcastlc Meekest Class MUS1C1an Bra1n1est Class Jullet Class Romeo Joan Hensel J1m E1leen Wolff Gary and Inez Wayne Isabel a teacher Falrness and a sense of humor J1m and Wayne Bob Warden Russel Eldred Jack Myers Dan Stry KUncle Dani Isabel Gary Leona Elleen Wolff JOHH Me1r1tz PSSSY Gary Joan Hensel Nayne and Best Most Most Best Best Most salesman coopertlve aFt1StlC g1rl for a slster boy for a brother lnnocent lookln Favorlte crooner Most fun Easiest to get along with What we can do wlthout Lazlest Favorlte Comedlan Favortte actor and actress Marlon Publlc character for Presldent What E C S needs What E C S could do wlthout Who we miss most Best Weaver Best Photographer G2 Joan Rupp PSSSY Joan Rupp J1m Roy Eddie Flsher J1m Joan Rupp Sarcasm The Sen1ors Red Skelton Brando and Janet Lelgh General Elsenhower More School Sp1r1t Looslng Games Carol and Sally Roy Mr Steele 0 . 00 000000 00 . . . 000 00 . I . 000000 00000000000 00000000 0 0 00000000000 . 0000 X 000000000 00000 0000 0 0 OOOIOOOOOIOUOOO 0000 . 00 0000000000 COOOU Ol . . 0000 00 ' ' 00 000000000000 OOO O 000 .. . . UIOCIOOOIIO . . 000 0000 . 000000 0 000 0000 . . . 00000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000 . 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Q . . in 0000 . 00000000000000000000 00000000000000000 0 . . 000000000 000000000 0000000000000000000 . 0 0000 00000000 . 0 00000. 0000000000000 J' . .. 000 ' I ..... .gg ..,,000 0000 0 0000000000 """""""" ll. 000000' IOICI OOUOO 0000000000 000000000000000000000 . . ... .. v ' . . ,...., 00000000000 . ' . Q. OCIIOIOI llll lllll ,,,, 0000000 0000 00' . 00000 000 90 - . 00000000000 00000 . . gg 000 1 .. 00000000000 . . . g 000 000000000000 . 00000000 000 . 00000000000000000 00000000000 . 00 0000 I 000 000000 000 0 0 0000 0 . 000000000000000000 000000000000000000 . . . 0000000000000 000000000000000000000 'fill lil . l . 000 000000000000 . 0 0 0 000000000000 00000000000 . . 0 0 0 . 000 000000 O 000000000000000 00 0000000000000000000 0000000000000 0000 0000 0 1 .....-L f----- - - as u Q N D ERC LA S SM EN I EJ ,fa , I mam q ?rem'Hm- Front Row A Brown, J Greene, M Hulse, B Young, J Kestler, Back Row P Thiele, R Warden, C Wolff, F West, Miss Moberg my 0441026 Front Row Second Row IDP-TRO LlVe11e, G Nieke, B Uorsel, J Getz, B Longepaugh Draxler, G Bradleg Timmerhoff, D Van yle, M Martin, E Umbreit, Uorsel, J Knigxt, R Reieer, R Eldred, Misa Hoberg JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY As we entered high school in September l9b9, our excitement was great for we knew that the next four years would hold many new and exciting adventures for us Our Freshman year brought us our first dance, The Winter Frolic which was great success Under our capable class officers the class prospered In our Sophomore year, we were getting better acquainted with high school which we thought was alot more fun than the grades That year brought our second dance, nThe Thing' This also was a success under our capable leaders In our present Junior year we have many things to look upon as pleasent memories January of 1952 brought our class rings which were long awaited In May we held our third dance, another success Finally in June came the Junior Prom These are the main events of the year, which make our class what it is today ,Q -i223-s,ffg4'h4" 4fU457"25:z""' 'ffff is-III' xx XXX JUNIOR ADVICE TO THE SENIORS Joan Meiritz Keep up the good work and that friendly way about you, and you w1II come out on top in whatever you choose as your vocation Wa ne Wells Athletic ability, musical talent, a desire to learn and Inez Hooker Keep your good sense of humor It will always bring you I as a winner Jim Roberts You're a good sport Jim, but how about putting a little more effort in your work Above all Jim, don't ever forget to take care of that CHEST""' Leona Miller A little less sarcasm, Lee, and you will find you will 5 better Iiked y Decker Don't be so shy, Roy, no one will bite you Joan Rupp Don't ever change Joan You're a good sport and fun to be with Oren Spangenburg Take off that high hat and be more friendly You 'II be better liked if you do Isabel Getz Keep that friendly smile and your students will be sure like you Joan Hill- With that Ngift of gab,W we know you will make out all r'ght. Your giggle will keep others smiling as it has done for many a day. a dash of wit--put all of these together and they spell Qayng. n """' . O e . Ro - ' ' - wi ' ' . to -T 1 . ggy Maclntyre Don't be so superior, and you will get along with others much better Eileen Wolff Always be the same and you will come out on top Joan Hensel Keep that ever winning smile and, your patients will be II1ng to do as you say ry Eckhart Watch that temper, Gary Good bye Seniors, Good Luck in everything you do SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Well, we're back again' Remember us' In September l95O we were the meek little Freshmen who went shyly up the stairs that led us to our first year of high school It wasn't until the end of the first week that we settled down and began to look forward to planning our new activities Our first event was electing class officials We elected Jane Getz as President and Betty Longspaugh as Vice President Marilyn Martin was Secretary, and Clayton LaValle as Treasurer You brought us our first successful activity called the 'Ghouls Gagn This year we are Sophomores and are engouing high school very much by living up to our class motto, 'We're Offn The results of this year's class election were Georgia Anne Bradley President, Betty Longspaugh Vice President, Eleanor Umbreit Secretary, and Jane Getz Treasurer On May lOth, at the Glen Spey Town Hall, we had a very successful supper at which we raffled off an electric toaster This was our Sophomore contribution to our Washington trip Our favorite sport this year was volley ball at which we were very successful in losing every game We are looking forward, with eagerness to see what our Junior year will hold for us FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY On September 5, 1951 a group of fifteen excited Freshman rushed into Room 5 We held a class meeting, under the supervision of Mr Crum, and elected William Owen as president, George Foster as Vice President, Joan Traver as secretary and Leona Neike as treasurer When January exams were over, we welcomed three eighth graders, but lost two of our members to the Sophomores After struggling most of the year with many subjects that were new to us, we finally found time to make money for our senior trip by having a bake sale on Marvh 22 During our first year in high school we learned to write sentences for Miss Moberg and get our work books in on time for Mr Stofka Pe - . . . wi '-'-- . Ga " 0 can imagine what a happy but frightened group we were when October I J sf First Bow L Nieke, F Head, J Traver, K Bosch, E Barnes, Second Row J Gregory, R Weber, M Hooker, J Hustins, M 0'Nei1l Third Row Mr Crum, G Foster, J Myer, R Zisler, A Cassera, W Owens Second Row: Third Row: Qfmmgu B m , L. Sweeney, H. Greene, 0. Eckert, B. Liefert, ulse . Martin, D. Kaulback, J. Hensel, F. Vonderhoret, Rupp, R. Reddy, aut, B. Ulrich, F. Gieseke, Mr. Crum, E. Wolff, Morgan, J. Beisiegel First Row Second Row Third How Bisland, R 0'Nei1l, C Hotzler, G Weber, F Bosch, Gleseke, G Comstock, C Horton, Meyers, L Donahue, S Oswald, S Selgler, L N1eke, rton, R Mills, Hill, E H1ll, J Barnes, Mr Stofka, E VanTyle, Rupp, P Kestler Sax!! First Row Second Row: Third Row: neaay, P Rudolph H stevens, C Poster. G Weschrekf Xing, L. Helnzle, A. Draxler, Kalback, G. Nieke, P. Sulzbach, H. Brown, J- Traver, Tonkinson, A. Hallock, Elax-ed, H. Kestler, c. rlieger. Mrs- Styles W First Row R Brennan, N Draxler, S Barnes, B Longspaugh, M Locke, P Morgan, J Warden, D Reed, A Barnes, J Kalback, Second Row D Know, J Donahue, B Fry, H Peterson, C Eldred, H Wilson, R Cassara 7aafu'4 First Row Second Row Third Row Back Row Mmumbhl Zwlsler, D Barnes, L Bornkessel, H Hallock, Guenther, A Vonderhorst, J Morrison, M Nelson, Seigler, P Brent, E Walters Rudolph, A Beisiegel, D Rundle, J Weber, H Eldred Kestler Dunlap, D Smith, F Staudinger, H Clouse, Mrs Bernas : . Widson, D. Horton, H. Scdrsatone, E. Yan Tyle, First Row Second Row Third Row Z Hallock, G Bornkessel, L Bornkessel, N Vonderhorst, Baxter M H adley, M Werner, D Spangenburg Myers, M D1efenback, M Eldred K Kalbach, W Foster Werneke, T Mac Kechnie Bosch, R Brown, P Morgan L Klnney, S Liebla Keeley, Mrs Murphy ecoad Pirst Row: Second Row: Third Row: ESDFP? Diong B. thong I.. lilsong D. loodg l. landing Reedg M. K1ngg B. Moirg J. Clouse Woodg E. Reverg J. Toasperng H. Nelsong J. Pothg Boschg P. Lieblag H. Beckhuser Mc Brideg H. Baxterg A. Comfort, J. Wilson Liefert, Miss Fisselbrand . .wifi if' J .V J" f v. . . . . . . H. Q . ' . ' . Z P. ' . ' ' . Q . ' . M. ' . 2 W. ' . ' . Q . ' ' . L. ' . dude 4' 1' gnu: First Row Eldridge, A Bisland, S Poth, L Mieritz, P Foster Nieke, M Maudsley, C Guenther, P Barnes, MscKechnie Second Row Barnes, J Brouw, D Diefenbach, C Getz, R Walter Anderson, B 'louse Third Row Hallock, B Thiele, S Sergeant, D Glouse, W Locke Staubes, P Nelson, L Wolff, S Sharkey Back Row Purcell, E Kinney, J Hendershot, A Bolton, R Kunz JB BARRYVILLE SCHOOL ft n 1 ht B 1h1 w 2 1 Left to Right c layer, H smch, If O R 8 F wiliiws' grsickegn W' mums' H188 Beers, R Smith Miss Twitchell POND EDDY SCHOOL 71" 2 Po l o 0 s . o - Ne e 0 0 Le 2 Ae 5 0 0 0 Jo - O 2 Jo 0 0 0 I Jo 0 e 0 : Jo o 0 n 0 - - Wh Ax 'i ' 5 4 .. Q-9 ATHLE TIC S A A414 64114 Front Row I Hooker, J Hustlns, R Lldred, R Weber, C Lavalle, J Myers , V1 Wells Back Row Coach Terneke, R Decker, Y Ulrich, R Warden, W Owens, O Spanbenburg 4 Front Ro! A Cassara, W Llrich, h Weber, J Byers, R Reiner Back How W Owens, R Eldred, F Heat, R Zwisler, A Roberts Coach werneke i o o r o o o v ' 14. Reiger, G. roQter, G. Lclzhart, F. angst, A. Loberts, L4 J. . Y N VARSITY Lbft to Right E Wolff, B Longspaugh, J meiritz, M Martin, I Get , P Maclntyre JUNIOR VARSITY Front How: L. Barnes, G. Weber, I.. Heike Back Row: B. Young, J. Hill, E. Hotzler 2 7eam VA1SITY Front Row G Comstock, E Martln Managers Second Row R Weber, J Roberts, W Wells, R Reiser I Witt JUNIOR VARSITY Front Row E Martin, Manager, J Hustins, C LaVal1e, J Myers, G Comstock Mana ger Second Bow W Ulrich, 5 Theile, A Cassara, W Owen, H Hockor, Conch z nf Eldred: Cfoach wer-nekd ' ' ' ' SPORTS NEWS Eldred has been rather unsuccessful thls school year 1n sports 1f you measure your success ln terms of the number of games 1n the w1n column Due to the llmited amount of men 1n h1gh school who were ellgi ble to partlclpate 1n the sport events th1s year, the teams were usu ally short handed for subst1tutes In all the sports the teams have galned one very lmportant thlng They have learned how to lose well whlle acqu1r1ng good experlence Football was our flrst try Thls year Eldred playedonly Junlor Varslty Football The team was very ln experlenced, but eadh game ahowedlmprovement we d1d manage to galn one vlctory over Livingston anor Basketball was probably our hardest h1t team for need of more subsltutes We never had an excess of seven men and usually played wlth only one sub In the Manor game the last quarter was played almost 1HitS entlrety w1th three men due to foullng out and 1HJUP1eS The line up for the basketball team was as follows Center Relser Right forward Roberts, Left forward Wells, Eldred, Weber, and West alternatlng at Guards We usually played a good first half and managed to keep our opponents down very well In the second half, the opponents had fresh men and, consequently, we were held down The J V was more fortunate They had as many as three subs and won one game Hocker, Owens, Ulrlch, Th1ele, LaValle, Knlght BASEBALL Our baseball squad was the most prom1s1ng of the three magor sports, the team has had experience, and although we were not the champs, we were h15h 1n contention Our 1nf1eld conslsts of Roberts at flrst, Ulr1ch at second, Warden at thlrd, and West at shortstop Our outflelders are Hells left, Eckhart center and Owen r1ght The p1tch1ng was d1v1de e tween Eldred and Foster Rupp and Weber were POt8t1Hg1Bt the back stop dutles MINOR SPORTS TOURNAMENT Eldred entered 1n the M1nor,Sports T0UPnHm0nt held at Narrowsburg and placed ahead of schools our own s1ze We placed second 1n p1ng pong and th1rd in shuffle board Probably the hlgh llght of the sport events 1n the year was the volleyball games held at each noon hour 1n the gym The competltlon was between thehigh school classes and the faculty School sp1r1t was ralsed a great deal by theduels betweenthe V1CtOP1OuS Senlors and the facult The year as a whole was enjoyable for all partlclpants whether they played, were cheerleaders or Just loyal spectators QSEQQGQKE . ' ! : - ' g . O U ' , Cassara and Hustins made up the J. V. squad. QQ Front Row Second Row Back Row Wolff, Nr btry, V Worael, J Me1r1t.4, J Traver Bradley, L Nleke, E Barnes, H Draxler, F Head Bosch, Martin, J Getz, A Timmerhoff, J Fill, I Hocke Hotzler, J Greene, Hansel, L Miller , ' Front Row Second Row Back Row LaValle, Mr Stry, M Hocker, R Hill, E Martin, Hotzler, D Kalbach, R Mills Roberts, M Hulse, J Myers, O Spangenburg R Weber, Hustins, J Fisher Cassara, R zW1Sl6P, W Wells, W Owen, F West, Reiser, C Wolff, R Warden, J Knight, W Blaut : E. . . ' , f ,' " - , G. .' . . . I K. :gi o 4 Q . Q P, : J. Rupp, P. Maclntyre, E. Umbreit, M. 0'Neill B. Young r : C. . . . . C. . . IJ. - e A o o s J. H. : A. . ' . . . OH X099 puooag 'H M T H OH H M O rf':?Nm 3-E? U'05'd'O OSD CD00 '1 I-"4 COUQ OH: SD OP-'No Www!-4 wtf!-'23 "SCDU'd "tSD"4 0 tri Um TT9 M JJTOM 9 L 'P ST H ZS? T9H P H T99 SH P OL Q are UI O0 I3 I'-"SCO GOD I'-'d' ON P-'C-4 'FU D OD- 'il-' 0'-'S-2' O D TTTH PU' IDUQ I'-I -'12 O R' 0 '1 C-a 0-3 '11 CD CD"S I'-0 Q L"d' N 4 F-'F' I-' 5'-UD-' 'fu K, W h: fw if llff i i MUSIC NEVS 'Show me a home wherein music ovells, and I shall show you a peaceful and contented home N e music activities of the Eldred Central School were once again centered around the traditional Christmas and Spring Concerts e Girls' Glee Club featured the Yuletide program with a vocal cantata, 'Sir Nutcracker,n based on Tschaikovski's famous suite Leroy Anderson's, Sleigh Ride and 'The Toy Trumpetn featuring Virginia Worzel were among the band selections played During the year, two nev vocal organizations were formed, namely, a Boys' Glee Club and a Mixed Chorus All three vocal organizations c mbined to stage a nVariety Show, the feature of which was a con densed version of B1zet's, Carmen Among other musical activities during the school year were series of assembly programs, performed by various grades, two P T A programs, participation in the Firemen's and Memorial Day parades, and performances at the Oratorical Contest and Commencement Excercises In addition, Eldred was well represented at the county music festival, held this year at Livingston Manor All participants in the above activities deserve praise for their musical accomplishments Officers for the various organizations were Band Wayne Wells, president, Virginia Worzel, secretary, Girls' Glee Club, Joan Rupp, president Joan Meiritz, secretary, Boys' Glee Club, Wayne Wells, president Alfred Roberts, secretary Eileen Wolff served as vocal accompanist STUDENT COUNCIL NEWS The first meeting of the Student Council was held on September 20, 1951, with the following officers presiding, Joan Meiritz, President, Frank West, Vice President, and Marilyn Martin, Secretary Among the new responsibilities given to the pupils by this council included serving as monitors on the buses and taking part in the Students' Day activities at which time the students took over the duties of the faculty The council also conducted the electign gf cheerleaders, the Junior Red Cross and continued the act of Senior Priority kgqii' i X if 5 F 4 I' ' J 0 Th 0 Th ly 0 N N Y ,r . vi - Q 0. - ' ' - ll U 0 B. o o o 1 0 0 o . w Q ' 0 ' , 3 U 3 o 0 0 . ' o ' 1 . . 0 ,I Left to right R Hill, W Owens, Mr Ebers, J Kestler, M Martin, J Meiritz, F West, W Wells, G B adley O Eckart Front Row Back How, P3100 Horton, R O'll0111, 8 Soiglor, R Bisland, J Hustins, Horton, L Nieke, B Worzel, G Weber Tripp, L Donahue, D Van Tyle, P Kestler, Mrs Sulzbach Cassara, 0 Eckart, B Leifert, G Nieke 1 . LIBRARY CLUB This year our Library Club got many new members, 19 to be exact. The first thing we did was to vote for officiers. John Hustins became President, Hazel Hill was Vice-President, and Dorothy Van Tuyl, Secretary. We repaired many of our old books and tried in other ways to make the library more attractive. We got 236 new books which kept us quite busy shellacing, making and filing cards for them. Since we then decided we should have a little more fun in the club, we had a party and hope we have a few more. DRIVER TRAINING The second year of the Driver Training course was received as enthusiastically as a year ago by both the students and adults Twenty one students, ranging from the eighth grade to seniors, started the course, including six boys who already possessed junior operator's licenses The adult course had an enrollment of twenty, only slightly less than a year ago Mr Werneke conducted the adult course and Mr Ebers the student class After the usual trials of grinding the gears, stalling the motor slamming on the brakes, and jerky starts on the school parking lot, the students ventured out onto the highwa s around Lldred It seemed as if all pedestrians and other drivers took to the hills' when the driver trainlng car appeared, but in reality the car had become as accepted and unworthy of a passing glance as any other car on the road Finally, on a cold, rainy, sleety day in January the class took its road tests in Port Jervis with excellent results The Ford car was loaned to the school through the courtesy of the Narrowsburg Motor Sales Inc of which Walter 'Joe' Hankins 1 presldent The previous car was also provided by Mr Hankins and thanks are extended to him for making it possible to offer this worthwhile course in the Eldred Central School O ' 0 . 0 , O O . V A , 2 T - O . 's . O O O ga 1 I 31 1" fixxsi, GIRL SCOUTS Th1s year, due to a large 1ncrease 1n the enrollment, there was a d1V1S1On of the orlglonal G1rl Scout Troop Mlss Moberg and Mrs E Purcell became leaders of the Sen1or G1rl Scout Troop w1th Mlss Bacher and Mlss McCullough actlng as leaders of the Intermed1ates Besides our regular badge work, we have undertaken a varlety of tasks and are quite proud of our accompl1shments Our cookie sales, f1nanc1ally speaklng, were a huge success The G1rl Scouts, not hav 1ng all work and no play, enjoyed many group 8CtlVit16S such as bowl 1ng, roller skating, a jO1nt Boy Scout G1rl Scout Valent1ne's Day party, and a two nlght camplng tr1p S1nce thls 1S the hOth blrthday of g1rl scoutlng, we thought lt quite approprlate to commence the Sen1or Glrl Scout program 1n Eldred We have equipped ourselves with the alternate senlor uniforms and hope for the success of the troop 1 f-k N tl :Jo 51 BOY SCOUTS In the past year we have had many highllghts in our scoutlng act1vit1es We now have 25 enrolled in the local troop Some of the hlghllghts were a Round Table Meeting and Dlnner held 1n Eldred wh1ch was attended by the Neversink Distrlct, Scout masters, Assistant Scoutmasters and Committeemen A Court of Honor, held 1n Montlcello, was attended by the District Troops We had the largest number of representatlves there In the local troop many of the boys were awarded their second and f1rst class pins The event which we all enjoyed was camping at Beech Mounta1n for two days A tr1p was made to Middletown by three of the boys to represent the local troop at a councll meetlng This was an all day affair in whlch much was accomplished We learned what the speciflc duties of all offlcers are and how to conduct betteraand more interestlng troop meetlngs The blggest event was the Pan Cake Supper held ln the Eldred Town Hall durlng Boy Scout Week Other m nor events or doings of the local troop were h1kes, over night camplng and other scoutlng actlvities QS25 Q 'Va R WE? S9 -- NJN Q! gvzlcaaw P Morgan, J' Warden Second Row H Stevens, S Siegler, C Foster, 0 Eckart, J Poth G Weschrek, 'iss Bacher Third Row Miss McCullough, B Longspaugh, E Umbreit J Traver K Bosch, G Weber, E Tripp, Miss Moberg Back Row J Gregory, M Martin, M 0'Neil, J Getz, G Bradley, Zag Secada Il Ullb IIT Second Row Third Row: Back Row: 5111, F Bosch, E Martin, G Comstock, C Lavalle, Horton, H Peterson, R Mills Tripp, R Fisher, R o'Ne111, L Reed, c Wotzler, . Tonkinson, W. Frey . Reddy, F. Vonderhorst, J. Fisher, M. Hulse, Je Morgan, W. Ulrich, 0- Spansenburs, R- Raiser, Mr snry Mr. LaVa11e, W. Owens . ' I ,. L L:al.,5iL.2ef,-. , v,,,Y.,. .,,, , I I -rv 'iw I I A Front Row: P. Rudolph, R. Kunkeli, D. Reed, S. Oswald, J. King, f 0 1 0 1 9 I I 0 ' 1 ' 1 ' : no 9 , , . . C. . . , ,, 1 Ro g , ' . . , A K R - CH F CLUB Hg A f 1 4, , R Miss McCullough, D, Kalbach H Rupp, J Hansel, F Vonderhorst E Martin, J Fisher, M Hu se SHOP CIUB Left to right L Sveeny, S Oswald, Mr Steele, J Poth, J Gregory i 0 l I 0 o o : 0 -' s s o 0 T A N The Parent Teacher Association of the Eldred Central School organized January 31 l9u9, is a very successful organization The present officers are Mrs Charlotte Williams, President, Mrs Dorothy Getz, First Vice President, Mr Walter LaValle, Second Vice President, Mrs Dorothy Wolff, Treasure, and Mrs Eva Weber, Secre tary As in past years the activities are carried out as before Th Teen age dances are held every other Saturday night, and the children have a good time playing games, etc The Annual Visit of Reverend Meirop, Chaplain of the State Train ing School for Boys at Warwick, and his boys was very well attended, and a good time was engoyed by the boys and our own children Games were played and later a supper was served by the ladies of the P T A Wevere again entertained by the boys with music and demon strations Y k Mrs Williams was sent to the New York State Conference at Nev or The Juniors and Seniors were taken to West Point in the fall for a football game Adult nducation was again a big item This year the Honorary nife hembership pin was awarded to Mr Werneke 'The Little Red School Housen, which consisted of local talent, was presented to the members at a regular meeting It was enjoyed so much that it was presented to the public, as a means of raising money to start a Scholorship Fund ADULT EDUCATION CLASSES Adult Education Classes started to buzz again in September l95L featuring Bookkeeping, Shop, Baking, Sewing, Driver Tra1n1ng,ad English Citizenship classes In Bookkeeping this year they learnedto keeptnoks and records on their own individual businesses They did very well considering there was only one night a week in which to learn Bookkeeping Class was taught by Mrs Daub There were two different shop classes taught by Mr Steele They were held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with mixed groups of men and women They made many beautiful and useful projects such past lamps, sewing cabinets, gunracks, bed tables, bookcases and numerous other thin s gln Sewing Class which was taught by Miss McCullough they had work shop class in clothing They all did very well They made dresses, tailored shirts and childrens and cake The Baking and Cake Decorating class was taught by Carl Vonderhorst The attendents to this class learned how to make beautiful flowers of all kinds to put on cake icings It has proved to be very useful to its members Last but certainly not least we had an English and Citizenship Class taught by Mr Ebers This class taught our fellow men from Europe how to read and speak En lish correctly, so that they might become good citizens of the United States. P. . . EWS I . . D 0 . , O . 0 - 0 O . 0 I O O The Fund raising Dinner was a success, netting a tidy sum. . . , 0 . O I . ' O l O . O . . . . . I O . cf ' . L2 4-""""' N31 ,no N C5 lr' pn-4 '1 -L 'Q'-Q W :eww ni ikfa .Hi 31- 3, 44 rf-I FND 4x , , wsQw1vf'mi1caUUU M, ,Mm ,HM ,L ,,,. . , 'f x Q5 'QL"'m':w ,ww-A-qmu-,,,, fr an .mf X- Mr fm Mk' ff ww, ,Mp gmwx x-wi, . f -,wir-V wi M ' 4 4-'try' QOH 'Rf w ' 253+ fftv sr-44 fu Qu'-was Q-MMA nv ,L Www ,M 'Q "f-w.1m W Q .4 40' I f ' ffl! 5 K V ' y x i X 19- fl: ., Q 7' 1 bf- ' 4 X , -- .W K. 0 k l5'1 . , 5, , F, ' I , A nz.. X . , 5 m ll . ' 33. X f ,,, , fs,-A 4 V 13 F5 H K , 5. Q U f' s.. ' ' Q 5 ff is 74 :A '- 'L za 'Q 5,1 K H ' 55'-, k ' 4 f 2 , Q - l AA Q Q l A . X ' -.H--571 Q.. A ui uf Q' 4 I x . sa , ' Ev ' ,Qs ki 1 x , 1 K L11 x '1 "xg f A O 0 U 'U f ' X h , ,n. im ' 5 .- 1:5511 . tg ,, .,.A...,.v.,,,,4w ' 1 S 'ri v in V if Q. , ' 1,,x x , 5 A xf lx X uuuuuulUkXKkXK S AU OGRAPH ,.- ,uf I.. ,.. , if., -' " . . """' H --x.' , L XX 4 2- f 1 . N K 'ff ,--, fir'- ,,j- ' " lllllfllfffl ll' '.'.',',' . , . I , ' '- -:ff Hn'11alu..1e..I::,,n . 0 SX X S QU :r Q 'fix Q 1 5- P T- -!fZg1- l Xu. X--f S' KH - ' .. ."1 ' ' 1m cf +11 x X RA fr?

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1952, pg 23

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