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I- -h '-gg... 1 It 5-- .+ 7- ...,?.,:..'. -..V.w..- 1'-K . k,....,..,,,,,.,.....,.,..-. . -.,,..v,.., ,V ,X .. . ..f-w--...-.,. . 3 f nf ,N A M. I QV ,AK 51 :' 21- W. 1, , M12 .Q 'c Y? P4 Q 'N .TLB 1' fd Gonfenid DICATION NTRODUCTION ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN PERSONALITIES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS SNAPS DE I 12+ 5'..' 44... Ogg 4 chxmiznn In deepest gratrtude and rn the solemn prlde that rs ours we the Stall humbly and reverently dedxcate The Talon of 1946 to the memory of D E DeLong Ir Leonard Alton Page Hobson Ashmore Ir Robert Earl Doty Raymond R Reynolds Tom Rrce Henderson, Clark M. Reynolds who have grven themr last full measure of devotxon to the cause of lrberty and have made the supreme sacnhce upon the altar of freedom "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn At the qomg down of the sun and m the mornmg We shall remember them." ti-Ll -,, ir: +,r,A L ye -'. 5- . --1 -:. 554 ' ki A u,f'5wl7-..- ' - r 'Tigl . 1 , , 5-5-.1 ,Qg ' i , V ' "gi-+ -'11 nf Y . ,V , - ' ' f . , -ii - ' i i ,, ' r ' - - -if . I XV X - Q : Q 2 ' ' 'A Q . o . 0 0 1 I I . . , . , . . Ir. This is the T anxieties, hopes acl In making thi memoirs of your well accomplishe can once more he IN THODUCTION lon of '46 .... it is a record of student life, of thrills and d desires, smiles and tears. s annual it has been our chief aim to preserve for you the high school days. We shall feel that our task has been if, in later years, while turning the pages of this book, you r the rustling of the forgotten leaves of yesterday. 5 .-. dministration and Faculty iff1f'.fwp,s'2rgQ5gmwWfm,-- . ,, -A -wt:,5...' f jfgasyfq-. - . .V , X , 4 '."'X'f 35:50 -5' ' - Board OtTrus1ees guna-0'-"""""" " x ft. ,,,,,....-.----WW' Left to nght Mr Ierry Penmngton Mr Ixmmy West Mr T K Iones Mr S M Oglesby Ir Presrdent Mr S D Harper Mr L L Baker Secretary Not pxctured Mr Drck Bearce and Mr hm Hoover To the Board of Trustees we extend our hearty thanks and appreczatron for the tzme and thought whrch they have so wrllmgly gzven to make our hrqh school days more profztable and enjoyable We are mdeed grateful for all they have done ' ,, .X tg.- .rwv N ilaaag A well liked person who fills the place of principal to perfection is Mr A R Vance Not only this position but also that of coach have won h1m a follow ing oi the student body Eldorado High SChool's amiable super- intendent, Mr. Charles A. Reynolds, is a favorite of the student body: his deep understanding and thoughtful leadership have enabled him to per forrr' his dut es and remain a friend as well "Ns fm Nav- Q... WN IEWEL SHELTON Librarian English Iuriior Sponsor OMA FORD Spanish History Senior Sponsor 'Y' "'!'!f"" MRS. ERNEST HILL Histpry Matheiiatics Civics DORIS I OHNSTON Health and Physical Education . Ark LOUDELL WHOE MCWHQRTER English Speech Sophomore Sponsor YZ!" LUCILLE RUMSEY Home Economics MRS. IAMES PAGE Music GV! 'F' EARLINE MCFALL Mathematics Freshman Sponsor Q27 'i fblhnsir' f-MW , '32i'ii'f ' :Abs " Q 4 QZSSMM' .aff ' f rtilii ' r1i,m ' .15 My ff ' L? .-f ! 4 SENIORS EE '53 Hmuxfr 8 Wfzibf f 31- Brian MAmii4fQ5l'2i.s "mf 11, ,Q rf mwah f ' m:1f2'f'1 fl -1, " -' Y' - 35,332 'if Za'5L'4f?Q9 211 5453532 .,..,ii i ,XXX 6 mamma .., Y. v .rn M ,f 1 My . .2r,Q2:44Q.!! Z'sr'l5fd U r f r mm mme f 4 V 1 .gzmz , ef f"f 3lE iifrszean ' e . awww M k ,A 1 e v rx 1 H ,f ' .fwfr 32512522 wi WE ffiiizxg. Wig? . eww . Q1 35. H f??:5Sef'w2LiLi'?357LY fr vw 54 new , H W ry :-33 MNQQ' 5 0-rf su gn r Zfffwflig 1 ' ,, ' 5 f ' 55' H, Rpm: if 'f?'5'NfQ ,SPMQSYH5 '93 af 'S mf? J rn-QMWZ: Szffilfliim 4 'A-fi! is 553531 ' FX 2553515 - ' EX if ' Siimkw KRW suwwm' " ,i O . Si XYQ. x President .... . Mary Lillian Vice-President .. ........ Hele M 'lf' Secretary .... ..... Do ris Calcote' Treasurer .. .. Wanda Dannheim ' Aff 3 ' v:5?'xfi'1r f ' liiifiiifii . V .wzvewx -int-wr:-Q , a' Q, 51 ggfzvvk ' '- Y-T2 '35 K , ' Fr " :fx ,samwe rf-ffm gm Q - -r , Qu, v 5- - 'I 'iiiiiik 4 . - 'gif' ' K f S raw? f' FSS ki?:1Qf.f Q55-.Qi r X fd w 33395 9232521 5395511125 932535 Ls 'amgx MSM 832335 h"k its QW! HAL WHITTEN A likeable brown-eyed Sen- ior, Hal Whitten has earned an outstanding athletic reputation during his high school days. As captain of the '45 Eagle squad. he made all-district end and did his part toward winning the District Championship. Hal also took part in track, Dramatics Club, and F.F.A. work and was a class favorite for two years. EDDA LOU MEADOR f' 'U' if Small and lively, Bette Sproul is known as the petite redhead of her class. She has proved her efficiency by active parti- cipation in Dramatics Club. Spanish Club, Commercial Club, H.E. Club, Choral Club. Sextette, Victory Club, Tennis Club, Volley Ball, and Pep Squad. With her exhuberant nature and qualities of leader- ship. Bette has done justice to the title of Head Pep Leader. She has served on the Talon staff two years, and held the position of Business Manager her senior year. DOROTHY NEILL 3 I I fl 1 J' One of the most jovial mem- bers of her class, Edda Lou Meador is known as the typical campus cut-up. As an enthus- iastic leader, she was of great assistance in boosting the Eagles. As well as being Sen- ior Editor of the Talon, Edda Lou was active in Volley Ball, Pep Squad, and Band, and was a member of the Choral, Ten- nis, Commercial, Press, Victory, H.E., and Dramatics Clubs. A well-known student around the campus of E.H.S. is dark haired Stuart Williams. His chief interests, centering in the athletic field, were football and track, as well as Dramatics Club and Spanish Club. A friendly, congenial boy, Stuart served as co-captain his sen- ior year, was senior class fav- orite, and reigned as '46 Talon King. BETTE SPROUL Attractive, brilliant, and pop- ular are words that best de- scribe Dorothy Neill. Her de- pendability and friendliness have made Dorothy an inval- uable student of E.H.S. She was elected Football Queen during her senior year, '43 class fav- orite and Sophomore Talon Duchess. Dot has been an ac- tive member in the Dramatics Club, Spanish Club, Choral Club, Victory Club, Tennis Club, H.E. Club, Volley Ball, and Recreation Council. Be- sides being Editor-in-Chief of the '46 Talon, Dorothy has been twirler three of her high school years and drum majorette her senior year. STUART WILLIAMS 3-nv-' ears YT? MARY LILLIAN ELLINGTON A quiet, demure Senior and an outstanding student is Mary Lillian Ellington. As president of the senior class she has proved her efficiency and co- operative spirit. Besides being an accomplished musician and '46 Talon Queen, she has parti- cipated in the H.E. Club, Dra- matics Club, 'Choral Club, Pep Squad, Tennis Club, and Span- ish Club. Another honor of dis- tinction was her being chosen D.A.R. representative and a class favorite for two years in Succession. TOMMY GREEN .4 1 4 'U' ,J Not only his good looks, but also his ready smile have won I. D. Yardley the nickname of "Tall and Handsome" around E.H.S. His club work centered around Dramatics Club and Spanish Club, while his ath- letic interests veered to foot- ball. Because of his friendliness and cooperation with his fellow students, I. D. is considered an indispensable member of the Senior Class. .-.X 995 DANELL BAKER While thinking of Tommy Green, one invariably thinks of "Moo Cow Moo", an early recitation. His good nature and lively sense of humor will carry him far on the road to success. Tommy's chief interests were football and track, but he was also a consistent member of the Dramatics Club and Span- ish Club. One of those amazingly likeable people, Doris Calcote is a friend to all who know her. Doris, an enthusiastic student, has been of great service through her membership in the Spanish Club, H.E. Club, Com- mercial Club, Dramatics Club, and Choral Club. . 4- - ! 1 I. D. YARDLEY Her sunny disposition, her spirit of fun, and love of life are combined to make Danell among the first in the hearts of her classmates. When theres work as well as play to be done, she is always handy to share the responsibility. Darrell was active in Pep Squad. Choral Club, Victory Club. Spanish Club, Band, Dramatics Club, Commercial Club, and H.E. Club. DORIS CALCOTE 'T 15 fx Yi HELEN MCGILL Although Helen McGill has attended E.H.S. only one year, she has become a valuable student. Helen, our little blonde, in addition to being senior class favorite, has been an active member of the Dra- matics Club and H.E. Club, and was a twirler in the Pep Squad. ALMA LUEDECKE if The boy whois known for his all-around friendliness is Lil- burn Hazelwood. His good looks and nice disposition have made him a Companion to his fellow students, Lilburn has participated in Dramatics Club and Band and was '45 class favorite. WANDA DANNHEIM "Qi We believe that Alma Lue- decke is the possessor of a very rare combination: a friendly disposition coupled with wit. She can always be counted on to do her share with a smile. Alma has belonged to the Pep Squad. Victory Club, Spanish Club. H.E. Club. Commercial Club, and Choral Club. Louise Green has been a con- sistent member in the H.E. Club, Spanish Club, Dramatics Club, Victory Club, Choral Club, Tennis Club, and Pep Squad.Louise has a quiet and studious manner that places her in a favorable relation with her associates. She has qual- ities not easily cultivated or de- scribed. 'Vs-. 'U' LILBURN HAZELWOOD Wanda Dannheim, a demure brunette, is one of our most studious and dependable stu- dents. Her cooperation and friendliness with teachers and students have made her an in- valuable member of the Pep Squad, H.E. Club. Spanish Club, and Dramatics Club. While just a "Fish" in high school, Wanda held the well- deserved title "most studious student". LOUISE GREEN 'U' -af' iv' 1 , I ff, X2 , ,V IOHNNIE MAE WEST Iohnnie Mae West, a dark beauty of the Senior Class, is well-known for her artistic abilities in the line oi drawing. Her extra-curricular activities included Pep Squad, Victory Club, H.E. Club, Choral Club, and Spanish Club. Another of our members who has a decided talent is lean Meador, whose audiences have boosted her to vocal success. Iean's athletic interests turned to Volley Ball and Tennis, and she was a member ol the Pep Squad, Victory Club, H.E. Club. Drarnatics Club, Commercial Club, Choral Club, and Sex- tette. l EAN MEADOR .vw , ...ii fi v4,g3.ggf,r L Q I .x ey, -.2 M 2 .Ulf-2 R .-1 Y. xii? gd' T1 They shglxjld be, District 'Y-f'1"' " amps. dly acres Sf Gazing on her lor rut you, stuff Cold, forlom, and Iost g it .,, f. 1 V 1 1-1-A s L 1: Y ,V x 'v :z-,Q 'ON 7: x ' Q X c 5 'wt e -,. F x 4 1 Want some ice water? Needed z immediate rescue Please don't throw that Uncle Sam wants YOU Let it sn0W N-ah, . , gggf 6 ip ,,-4,,25,gwQ'4::,f"f . , ff, ' ' " ',.,.a. .,. A -, M-qw 1 .A.5 - f1"'f-- ' - .,,,, liiafzg x M4-.-f, was .fn-0 '9- " WW' rqfevwrwm 'mf--az. Siem1135'f55-2fTWxf5?i'i'lwT3WW?fe'T- ff! +sasggfxgrggiiieiigggiffy-Qgn' ,.., vin-n ., . N -nv, 'LL A 1, t...fl.. Q I 1' N K -gtk il ident . .. Secretary ...... Treasmiidr .. .. . Ierry Blaylock . Ioyd McGinnis . owcrrd Mittel .. Henry Speck sv- TI? li 'If gg., 'VW T QVX W- I fi fv- t no 'FU' C., 4. 'cf' BILL L. HUMPHREY Football 3 yrs. Basketball 3 yrs. Track 3 yrs. Dramatics Club 3 yrs. Spanish Club 2 yrs. Tennis Club 1 yr. Talon Staff 3 yrs. Tennis 3 yrs. CHARLENE EDMISTON H.E. Club 3 yrs. Choral Club 2 yrs. Tennis Club l yr. Pep Squad 3 yrs. ARTHUR MUND Football 2 yrs. Drarnatics Club 2 yrs. Tennis Club l yr. VERA FAYE BIGGS Pep Squad 3 yrs. H.E. Club 3 yrs. Choral Club 3 yrs. Volley Ball 2 yrs. Sextette 1 yr. Ensemble l yr. Trio l yr. FLOYD MCGINNIS Football 2 yrs. Tennis Club 1 yr. Spanish Club 2 yrs. Dramatics Club 1 yr. Talon Staff 1 yr. 'PATSY BALLEW Pep Squad 3 yrs. Choral Club 3 yrs. H.E. Club 3 yrs. Drarnatics Club 3 yrs Tennis Club l yr. Volley Ball l yr. Trio l yr. Ensemble l yr. Sextette l yr. FRED L. SPECK Football 3 yrs. Basketball 3 yrs. Track 3 yrs. Drarnatics Club 2 yrs. Spanish Club 2 yrs. Talon Staff l yr. IMOGENE RAMPY Pep Squad 2 yrs. Choral Club 2 yrs. H.E. Club 3 yrs. HENRY MITTEL Football l yr. Track 2 yrs. Dramatics Club l yr. Tennis Club l yr. CAROLYN MONTGOMERY I-LE. Club 3 yrs. Choral Club 3 yrs. Tennis Club l yr. Pep Squad 3 yrs. IOHN OCHSNER Football 2 yrs. Basketball 2 yrs. Dramatics Club l yr. Tennis Club l yr. Track 1 yr. IERRY BLAYLOCK Volley Ball 3 yrs. H.E. Club 3 yrs. Pep Squad 2 yrs. RAY LONG Football 2 yrs. Track l yr. Drarnatics Club 1 yr. Spanish Club 3 yrs. lOY WINTERS Volley Ball 2 yrs. Dramatics Club 2 yrs. Choral Club l yr. Pep Squad l yr. Twirlerl r y . HL. Club 1 yr. HOWARD PARKER Dramatics Club 1 yr. Band 1 yr. Tennis Club 1 yr. WENONAH SUDDUTH H.E. Club 3 yrs. Choral Club 3 yrs. Pep Squad 2 yrs. Tennis Club 1 yr. WILLIAM SPURGERS Football 1 yr. Basketball 2 yrs. Track 2 yrs. Dramatics Club l yr. FHANKIE THOMPSON H.E. Club 3 yrs. Pep Squad 2 yrs. Band l yr. Dramatics Club 2 yrs. Choral Club 3 yrs. Sextette l yr. Trio l yr. Ensemble l yr. JOHN LEE IONES Transfer from San Antomo MARGARET HICKS Choral Club 3 yrs. Pep Squad 3 yrs. H.E. Club 3 yrs. HOWARD MITTEL Football l yr. Dramatics Club 2 yrs. Tennis Club l yr. Track l yr. IUANITA MCALPINE Pep Squad 3 yrs. Choral Club 2 yrs. H.E. Club 3 yrs. HENRY SPECK, IR. Dramatics Club 2 yrs. Football 3 yrs. Basketball 2 yrs. Spanish Club 1 yr. Tennis Club 1 yr. PATSY WADE Pep Squad 3 yrs. Choral Club 4 yrs. H.E. Club 3 yrs. Dramatics Club 2 yrs. Victory Club 1 yr. Tennis Club 1 yr. MAXINE YARDLEY H.E. Club 3 yrs. Pep Squad 3 yrs. Choral Club 1 yr. lUNE CATES Pep Squad 2 yrs. H.E. Club 2 yrs. Choral Club l yr. Volley Ball l yr. ALBERT STANFORD Football 3 yrs. Basketball 3 yrs. Spanish Club 2 yrs. Tennis Club 1 vr. Track 3 yrs. LOUISE KUYKENDALL Hz. Club 2 yrs. Choral Club l yr. Pep Squad 3 yrs. BILL MCRAE Transfer from San Antonio Dramatics Club l yr. RUBY ALICE DONALDSO Pep Squad 3 yrs. Choral Club 1 yr. H.E. Club 3 yrs. Band 2 yrs. THE CURTAIN RISES The Iunior Play, "Calm Yourself", under the capable direction of Iewel Shelton, was a success. The cast included Frankie Thompson. Bill Humphrey, Iune Cates, Floyd McGinnis, Ioy Winters, Howard Mittel, Patsy Ballew, Henry Mittel, Margaret Hicks, and Henry Speck. Pictured are two scenes from the pro- duction. fi -W we f ' Nts: Il. Ill no as Af Tune Qui fer hours Three surpnsed Iumors N31 as., I! if fl' Outdoor life seep Sawy Volley Ball Champs -X N . v 'wk .t Xxx N- in k few Aff arf 1 Glamour G11 H1911 pockeis 'I ar 'w-. SOPHOMOBES 'Q ef' 5 av' 'JJ 'W 'll . is 'H 'ii' "' me , 6:6113-,, Ida s YN I Chqp hhien Yiddkesident Q., 196 ug, 'R ' Secxetdr v-.Jane 5531 'Y N "' 155g xi Mqrselinie Pcxtterqon Y a A Y . Q. I ,K bw tv.. 'Y' Mgf S-.A Q 'U' 4 ag. X Q T.' eff' 7 I . v 5 l I CARROLL SPROUL EMILY ANN HARPER BILLY DAN MCANGUS Q""' is , 1 I v Ig IOE CHAN WHITTEN MARSELAINE PATTERSON LOUISE BURK JOE PRINCE X DOROTHY VALIS T- -4 , r fe - 'X -vw ag. K' s w. 'v GERALD HARRIS GRACE BUTLER GEORGE GRAF ga- f , i in I If FIA IX 5 gg -..Q 1 L- 3 I E -:fix 'T' X Jo ANN BEARCE ' IACKIE HODGES IANE MUND V 'Yi O 5 1, ' K J" Q JIM MARTIN BERTIE BALLEW WELDON HOLLAND BILLIE PARRENT T77 1,4 'Qu 'v '75- IRENE SAUER A"'X , Lfffi CHARLES SUDDUTH ' BEATRICE CRAIG WAYNE MCGILL , ' 'W 5 . 1 2, hs, , K. ff f A , ff "' -'fb I x 1' JI 17' 5, '77 ,Q-V -I1 E JL. vf xx ff' L. G. EDMISTON BILLY WHITLEY CHARLES MUND. JR. BONNIE BIGGS CHARLES IACKSON PP-UI-INE NIKON P'- . 10--y ' X 'P 1 V,- 'mf- 'vs A .f L. K 5 LX ...K i 41119 J- -'U' ...AN Q. 94 VI'-in-2X 'S' 'BMP FLOYD ISAACS CHESTER FAUGHT DORIS BAKER DONALD DANNHEIM BOB CATES FLOYCE TURNER BILLIE EDMISTON ALBERT RAY THIGPEN WALTER IONES JUNIOR WILLIAMS -Q- an-T Q H. 3 1 I TINSY SPURGERS MARION WADE DELMA LOGAN DONALD WEST 4 Q Uv' ,, F-I , N, 73 1 ii .,', 2 WWA! 'US AN., '---ef' J 'I' D3 F RESHMEN ' lb .Q 3 xx' x 3 as .Wf- X Vx N vw -mmm fs fm., ""-'ll-as-.K--. W P 'Viir--as ,,, " ,, PM V1cePres1dom - B A Stgwminnxw Yu gg ff' "j M- -- N Secret N 'A' N M 4 . .Q ,. VAUGHN BAKER PATRICIA HUMPHREY JOHN ED JACKSON PATRICIA ELDER 'Tiff 'Q 195 VY All JOYCE ANN VAN HORN 'QM ' AU' ,Q A Q- ' V' AN DOTY Q, FR K I . ROSA MAE OWENS ri ik, gf 5 KUMLRR MUNI: inf MCALLYN EDMISTON WILLIE RUTH ISAACS ff' G GN "N il 4-s. x HARLAN MCALPINE 'N GEORGIA RAYE DICKENS ,pn-N Q'- 'Q-oi it XL 'Ui 1"f.Z'5" 'iv Y? 5 E if ,fi EBBA ANN FINLEY DAVID ALLEN 'FRANCES WILLIAMS ELDON MCANGUS Vx I Y Vu vi 1 if L . , I ,I -4 .5 3? ' j' -555 'I " Q ' 5 I CAT' 5, f ': :fx . -.4 gg A I i ,Wi f 2 5 X, , ' . 01 . E I WAYNE DAVIS WINONA WALLACE NEILL DICKENS LOUISE GIBSON A I .9- ' Zn 'NR sn- m g if 4 N N T' 4 K , NN x 3 X ...S ff gf ,4- 3 gf ,f 1 - QA. 1.-:ri BETTY SUE WILLIAMS 5 Q1 S is mx ,fr ,Q I . -, S I ff? I I 'is EUGENE GIBSON l X. 5 w ,Q Q . I W EQ. 2 .L 1 i X BETTY LEE S.. B. A. STEWART We gs RF 'mf .. W. MARY LILLIAN ELLINGTON Talon Oueen fi.. HAL WHITTEN Most Popular Boy DOROTHY NEILL Football Oueen BILL HUMPHREY Most Athletlc Boy MAUREEN STURGERS S TALON PR NCES E Q WENONAH SUDDUTH EBBA ANN FINLEY TALON DUCHESSES HELEN MCGILL PRED L. 1 , Qjgf iz J -1 x . 1 -'23 x ' f r wir. . K-4 V 3 1 r. 'E xi be Senior Favorites STUART WILLIAMS j Junior Favorites ,Bw BLAYLOCK 'S- 2 .QW W RSON xg-7 MARSELMNE PATTE QARROLL SPROUL Sophomore Favontes FP ANCES WILLIAMS Freshman Favonies WAYNE DAVIS LETICS FOOTBALL IWW V, ,-v-au A , ,A -1-'W Q f . . I -. ' -1 ' vs-.. . , nf E 1' ' A .. y-Q, ' . 1-r --ine S - 454.4 l L. "X' -S-Aw vegan-V' it Q' -use i ry N' , "SUMMARY OF THE SEASON" Another champion was born in the "Eagle" fold in this year of 1945. Most of the players this season were new and inexperienced, but the talent of the Eagles paid off in the end. The season started with a new coach at the head of the team. We feel that Coach Al Vance turned out a winner because of his ability to lead and direct. The first game of the season began at Big Lake where the team suffered a 13-O defeat. Following this game the Eagles met Bronte on the Eldorado gridiron and defeated the Longhorns 20-0. This game started a string of eight consecutive victories and climaxed with the District Championship. Football season officially closed when the Eagles journeyed to McCamey for the Bi-District game. Hampered by injuries, the loss of a starter, and the tough schedule, the Eagles lost to the Badgers by a score of 32-0. I Y A 1 i, , ,W ,.,,...w.ws -I 45" ' ' ' ,W . Q 1 1 W S ,hip .Q If . 9h .gtk gf' N it f , A -..A rf -,..m.,.. .' ' 4 ' 14 Q 2 Q l Y s . ' 4 P u . 1' - N ,,, es N Q9--. -.., , X "' - September 14 Eldorado ..... ..... 0 Big Lake .... . . . 13 September 21 Eldorado ..... ..... 2 0 Bronte ..... . . . 0 September 28 Eldorado ..... . . . 2 Eden ...... . . . 0 October 5 Eldorado ..... . . . 19 Menard .... . . . 7 October 12 Eldorado ..... . . . 7 Sonora . . . . . . 6 October 19 Eldorado ..... ..... 2 7 Mason ...... . . . 0 October 26 Eldorado ..... . . . 14 Rocksprings . . . . . 0 November 3 Eldorado ,.... . . . 6 Ozona ..... . . 0 November 10 Eldorado ..... . . .12 Iunction ..... . . . 2 November 17 Eldorado ..... . . . 0 Robert Lee ..... . . . 46 November 25 Eldorado ..... ..... 0 McCamey . . . . . 32 Totals ............... . . . 107 106 shy. C X-1' sw. nw xf H rw 3, ...N - X Q ' : two" if xfi' v 6 ' "W wi. 'gigjiil' 'S is 'Q f. -. -v Coach Al Vance, serving his first year as the mentor ot the Eagles, is worthy of praise. Success is usually based on the principles set before the boys, and it has been true this year. This summer he rounded up the boys and got them into good shape and led them to the District Championship. An outstanding factor ot Coach Vance is his life. He played his High School iootball at Devine. After finishing High School he enrolled in St. Edwards University where he lettered three years in football. He also participated in basket- ball, track, and baseball. I is X .. X-. " '- ,. PM 1 -4 J rf ff is sgt Y ,LZ at 'Qu-.-4 X x, ,. 1 ' 1 . 1- .. 4 fd Q S K gg 1 Q H.. f' al Whitten-145 pound Senior end. Hal was our Captain and signal Calle He was a fine diagnostician of thg enemy's weaknesses. His outstandin ss receiving and defensive plaay ained him a berth on the all-distri eam. C3 lettersj Tommy Green 120 pound Senior cen ter Tommy was small but his oppo nents feared him as the solid wall in the middle of the line He did a ood t iw - 'VN N . Q 1' Q o at the center post and well did he deserve his place on the all distr ct team 2 lettersD v0 rx? B111 L Humphrey 165 pound Iunior end Bill was a good pass receiver and defensive player H1s advantage 11' height gave him the Jump on the op ponents pass defense C2 lettersj . sl '-'ri' A ' ,Wa 'Q Stuart Williams-150 pound Senior guard. Stuart was our Co-captain and fighting guard. "Stu" was a threat on the defense and a power on the offense. His heads-up brand of playing won him a berth on the all-district team. C3 lettersj William Spurgers 155 pound Iunior back William was our driving mania and tackling demon His fine all round offenslve and defensive play earned him a position on the all-district team Cl letter WM .L iii '-qi? Z 5 A .... . ' U' . . QT I ,Q 9- . I 9,5 . if , I ' - " 4 X h 'xy Q' x ' ' . X h I ' I I I . I :J x ,s.fTY1' y fav ,xi I O-- . t .VCQT B f 7 N9 1 n ' 1516-f f I ' ,4,- vw ,, , ' A . s A I ' .A y , - . - ' Z I' ay Long-l55 pound Iunior guard I' ay was old rough and ready. He was 0 willing worker and received lots of ard knocks in the line. His reckless rand of playing won him that coveted osition of second all-district. Q1 letter ack Hodges-150 pound Sophomore ack. lackie was our fast stepping ack. His fine running and outstanding efensive play earned him a position n the second all-district team. Cl let- e 'X ES" -Y l ,Q wall 'V' Arthur Mund-115 pound Iunior back. "Whiskey" was our midget running ace, and he was a very good pivot man at the quarterback slot. A lot is expected from him next year. C1 letterj C . ' . F1 v I M145 ' lt Q.. we li p . ms- t v . vtvlhi 'I A 4- rmk N6 '- .L . . V , 4 X Y gixll- X0 ,tl 1' 9 N X, Q " f ' ! kr --- wr- " U , . ,tg N t t ' I l in W ' . 2 V ' L t LQ u - - ' Howard Mittel 145 pound Iumor hack Howard was a good all-around player His hustle and spirit were always in order when the going was tough Great things are expected next year Q1 let ter Billy Dan McAngus-175 pound Soph- omore tackle. Billy Dan was a demon on the defense and a dependable blocker on the offense. His outstandin play gained him a position on the sec- ond all-district team. C1 letter or '-vs" l S3 X .f V xv Q 'vi Q C it 1 lx A- Lv A I ' vii- -4-r ,Y wx r 2 . xt Frank Doty-195 pound Freshm n tackle. "Doty" was one of the rough st and toughest tackles in the distri t. Only a freshman, he will be a top C - tender for the all-district next ye r. Cl letterD Floyd McGinnis-140 pound Iunior guard. "Mac" was a willing worker and by good hard playing was a cap- able substitute for the guard position. A great deal is expected from Floyd next year. Cl letterD gl 'N' ,,.,..1 -Q Cl., I 1 T35 Ig, X . 9 2 X L"-..,,,,W 'Ns 5 gg '95 lf get ,s r N , Henry Speck-150 pound Iunior guard. "Possum" was a good blocker and tackler, and was a rock on the defense. He has another year and a lot is ex- pected from him. C2 lettersj I I3 Carroll Sproul-120 pound Sophomore guard. Carroll worked hard and helped his teammates by good all-around playing in the line. He has two more years. Cl 1etterD Nxf . .X I. D. Yardley-V130 pound Senior e I. D. was a fine end and detens player. He was always coming up fr the bottom of the pile with a grin. I will be missed in future battles ot Eagles. Cl letterj Billy Whitley-170 pound Sophom tackle. "Whit1ey" was a fine tac and proved to be great help in drive for the championship. Q1 letter ff- 1 H i . . Wa A me ,'.y y if E r? Albert Stanford 135 pound Iunror back Sonny was an excellent passer and a frne blocker He was always ready for the worst He has another year 1 letterj lody Whxtten 120 pound Sophomore 'al end lod worked hard and was a 'U' Henry Mrttel 155 pound lumor tackle A good man anywhere at tackle was Henry 1V11ttel He worked hard and was a good substrtute for the tackle slot Csquadman 7 V34 Y capable subshtute for the end posrtxon 'wwf A lot IS expected next year Csquad manl ia Fred Speck 155 pound Iunlor back Fred was a capable substrtute for any back posrtron Known to all as a ut1l1ty man, he hlled rn when the gorng was ' tough Qsquadrnanl X M em 1 SP2 lohn Ochsner 130 pound lunrar back Salty showed good all around abtllt and sprrrt He was a good runner an Walter lones 150 pound Sophomor center Peanut was short on exper rence but long on Gblllly He worl-ie hard and was a capable understucl at the center hole Csquadmcmj 91 X t x 7 5 1 .t 'fx 2 X? 55 5 I '.-, my If X v ,. ' ' Q , , Vx 1 I X ' A N. ff -R -my , 1 b ir 5' .1 - 5 , , L . 1 ,.f I 1 D it mph K ig.. 1' ' I at H ' . may I A V g , . 1 ,," , occasional scat-back. tfsquadmanj - C , ll,f" ' N. H ' ft. 5 up f' ,::., . X tn - 5 .. tt' , A" H f ff 2 to xx my . . gs I A V Q 1 Q.- - 5 N -ff t r 5 ,K u I . f vw V y iiwm Startrng the made a lot of pr Usxng a goo 25 polnts per ga BASKET BALL SUMMARY OF THE SEASON eason w1th only two lettermen the Eldorado Basketeers gress dunng the season passmg and sharp shootmg offense the Eagles averaged e playmg top rate teams of B1g Lake and Sonora The Eagles played fourteen games and attended two tournaments as well as the D1str1 In the D1str1 Mason by a scor w1th Sonora the E ct Tournament t Tournament the Eagles placed second after swamprng of 49 19 and knocklng off Iunctxon 25 Il In the fmal game gles lost a close one 32 25 QW 'G'-Q. R6 .-...f-3 5- P' L 'Wx ,km Quang 0 WEQN an 5 Albert Stanford Iumor forward Sonny was our outstandrng floorman T-Irs good ball passmg and accurate shootmg at the basket won hrm a place on the all d1str1ct team Cl lette Frank Doty Freshman guard Doty was a ime Off91'lS1Ve and defenslve man He was a good guard and was always xn the flght Q1 letter B111 L Humphrey Iun1or center Shorty was an expert at txppmg the ball and recovenng It under the basket H1s excellent shootmng and all around playrng gamed hmm a berth on the Ulld1Sl1'1Cl team C2 lettersj B1lly Dan McAngus Sophomore forward Mac was a good ball hustler and an outstandlng player Hts fine all-around playxng helped 1n puttlng the Eagles m the fmals at Mason C2 lettersj John Ochsner Iuruor guard Salty was our dependable fast movmg guard Hrs f1ne shootmg and dazzlmg speed helped hlm drop many pornts through the hoop Cl letterj ,AM I I K I t 1: ' I Q., W .a 1- p , A ,.""', at M r , K 3 5 ! Q .. , 'gf ' in f A . l f 44' W n,,, r. s, ,.. 4, , A N' ' , ' - 4, ,a V, l - ,. -. 5 4: V'5w:" f' C X' A . - r , - I-,-4 9 Q yr' L .-.J ' Q .f. . 1 S A Q' ff . K 'fl' 'riff A' HS '35 :WH M-Q: L- at l Fwf . ' - ' ,-'sl-.4 1 h t ,A . if -' 4 ig., J Y , Kr , , . , J L Q s.. 'Q ' my , , 4 ,, ,if i- 1 U A 1 If H - - - . - 1, ff - - ' ll ll . ' ll ll ' 1 Q 4-an-4,....,.,..,,, ., ,syqyl 4, VOLLEY BALL 1, 1 ,X an r Eldorado ........ 48 Christoval .... . . . 16 Eldorado ........ 69 Sonora ..... . . . 39 Eldorado ........ 50 Ozona .... . . . 25 Eldorado ........ 48 Sonora . . . . . 20 Eldorado ........ 16 Eden ...... . . 69 Eldorado. ....... 49 Barksdale .... . . 12 Eldorado ........ 25 Bandera ...... 30 Eldorado ........ 46 Rocksprings ...... 29 Eldorado ........ 24 Iunction ...... 20 DISTRICT CHAMPIONS The Eldorado Volley Ball team, coached by Mr. C. A. Reynolds, had a very successful season, playing nine games with seven wins and two losses. They attended three tournaments. The first was an invitation tournament in Sonora where the girls lost to the strong Eden team, but not before Marselaine Patterson was chosen for the all-tournament team. The second tournament was in Rocksprings where they defeated Barksdale and, in turn, were de- feated by Bandera. Dorothy Neill was on the all-tournament team. However, at the district tournament in Sonora, the girls advanced to the finals by de- feating the strong Rocksprings team 46-29. They won the finals in a hard- fought game with lunction 24-20, and carried away the laurels in the form of the District Championship trophy. THE STARTING LINEUP .9 .. 1-I S I SEASON'S RECORD G 1 u. L TENNIS BOYS DIVISION Semor Slngles Sonny Stanford Senror Doubles Iohn Ochsner B111 L Humphrey Iumor Srngles Carroll Sproul Iumor Doubles Howard Parker Donald Dannhe1m GIRLS DIVISION Semor Smgles lean Meador Semor Doubles Dorothy Nexll, Edda Lou Meador CDISIIICI Champxonsj Iumor Smgles Dorothy Vahs CNot plcturedj Iumor Doubles Marselcune Patterson, Em1ly Ann Harper CDISIIICI Cham pronsb . r Q.. , I' A 'Q A KY' 5? I S' , t ' A I .1 ,f ' I ' s I , s I. tl 'Il' 1 N Q., hi .N ' A' I I I E. I I fbi: . 2 B '74,-Af! ii. 5 A f S , I If 1 an-1 TRACK 9 1 C Hlgh Hurdles Sonny Stanford B111 L Humphrey 100 yd 200 yd 220 yd 440 yd 880 yd Dash Iack Hodges Iohn Ochsner Howard Mrttel Low Hurdles Hal Whxtten Sonny Stanford B111 L Humphrey Dash Iohn Ochsner Wxlham Spurgers Howard M1tte1 Dash Wxlham Spurgers Tommy Green Hal Whltten Dash Fred L Speck Frank Doty Chester Fauqht M1le Run B111y Dan McAngus, Donald West, Harlan MCI-llpme 440 yd Relay Iohn Ochsner, Howard Mxttel, Tommy Green, lack Hodges M1le Relay Iack Hodges, Fred L Speck, Tommy Green, Hal Whltten Pole Vault B111 L Humphrey, Iohn Ochsner, Bxlly Whrtley Hrgh Iump B111 L Humphrey, Sonny Stanford Shot Put Frank Doty, Hal Wh1tten, Chester Faught Drscus Iody Whltten, Frank Doty, Sonny Stanford Broad lump Iohn Ochsner, Gerald Harr1s, B111 L Humphrey 1 1 1 ' ' 0 , hrrit 1 , ' ' S 4 , Q A ye' A " J-rf, I , W ',"- L .i if ' J ' V wr' ' ' . 0 J S -. H "f J 0 , Ili. We 4, ,f gf :Ati - 0 0 - 4 0 we ' 0 L 3- fu rf 2 L 1 X 1' 5 tt .5 Q f 'r 0 0 . ,1 "- .. ,fx if I. ,gg V- ,x A . Zz .S ,gf ws fi? if fm bf ,M ,. E K, n 'E W I WJ 5-'X 1 . f E. fb. x 5- , Ji? evil-' 1' fa,'.,-J' 1- pow I -. s lm' U ,x xvi' .- m,N PEP sou AD 9 A hu wherever they were Khe Pep Squad led by iour loyal and ureless Xeader Edda Lou Meador Bette Sproul Patsy Ballew and Loumse Burk supphed enthusxasm and pep at the iooiball games backmq the Eaq to vmctory aiter vmctory an X llllI-'Al-" "" ,,c:'.-'S-"4-Q 1 i""" lf' W v-.sl A pleasrng attracuon wher ever the Eldorado H1gh School Pep Squad appears IS Doroth Y Nerll drum majorette who as a1ded the Pep Squad by her abl l e eadershxp and fme ap pearance The E HS twrrlers Io Ann Bearce Ioy Wmters and Helen McG1ll were the 1c1ng on the Pep Squad Therr twrrlmg batons helped keep up the sp1r1t of the Eagle team 2' All eyes are nv t d e e on our mascot Barbara West as she parades down the held performing her many acro bahc feats she endeared self 1n the eyes of the specta tors as well as the alumni of EHS CHORAL CLUB Left to right Top row Doris Calcote Carolyn Montgom I ne Mund Mrddle row Bottom row ery Patsy Ballew a Danell Baker Iuamta McAlp1ne k Thompson Marselaine Fran ie Patterson Bonnie Biggs Louise t Hicks Kuykendall Margare Dorothy Val1s Vera Faye Biggs Mary Lillian Ellington Wenonah Sudduth Emily Ann Harper Grace Butler Louise Green Patsy Wade Louise Burk Ioy Winters Iune Cates d do Choral Club has had another The El ora year as a success. This was largely due to the work and talent on the part of its sponsor, Mrs. 'Q Iames Page, who capably filled that position. - 'hx THE TRIO THE MASUUERS X Q 51 , , If ' 1:5 xv Q J 1 3 K 45' an "N '- fs 33 ' -gs f , X-t I N , f' '-,ff . F uh .4 4 145' t Aui.f y. e up ., Left Top 2nd 3rd 4th T' 1 N l , toright: Howard Parker, Dorothy Neill, Henry Speck, Bette Sproul, Bill Humphrey. Edda Lou Meador, Ray Long, lean Meador, Lilburn Hazelwood, Wanda Dann- heim. William Spurgers, Helen McGill, Henry Mittel, Frankie Thompson, Bill Mc- Rae. Patsy Ballew, Fred L. Speck, Io Ann Bearce, Howard Mittel, Arthur Mund. 4. THE FUTUB wx f-vu 1. is N i '95 ' :' I . X , - . in Q A 0' r h. cg. mga? Z L. X27 - PE F F :Q X Q AC' 'K lf.-1-sunken ,I v , ft ,.-1. ' f l. Left to right : Top row: Middle row: Bottom row: 4:7 -LR Vera Faye Biggs, Patsy Ballew, Io Ann Bearce, Bonnie Biggs, Ierry Blaylock, Iune Cates. Wanda Dannheim, Charlene Edmiston, L. G. Edmiston, Patricia Elder, Mary Lillian Ellington, Ebba Ann Finley. Patricia Humphrey, Willie Ruth Isaacs, Louise Kuykendall, Helen McGill, Carolyn Montgomery, Iuanita McAlpine. The Future Homemakers Club began the school year with an initiation of new members. Thirty-five members have continued their work throughout the year. X One of the important social functions during the school term was the Valentine Party given in the high school band room. Lucille Humsey Sponsor 'Si x I X s S 'Vx . Q--L.. C HOMEMAKERS I in , x kv y YV, . , r, V 1 X., ,W Y? 'G' TM B7 X f"N - -W 1 . ' f on AL ,Ai an 2 iq F? , -:srl 2. V -my r , VY , :'. , , ' A WW: , J, ' fi' W... ,. V' "' . "" ' - z 4 1' N"l '75 .1 "' - 825. X- W V -ll' - N.. I 4' 0 r 'Viz 'RZ' ' ' It , ff' A K " X B ., vm' is M Eh , t .. A Lett to right: Top row: Pauline Nixon, Rosa Mae Owens, Imogene Rampy, Irene Sauer, Wenonah Sudduth, Tinsy Spurgers. Middle row: Frankie Thompson, Ioyce Ann Van Horn, Betty Sue Williams, Maxine Yardley, Margaret Hicks, Delma Logan. Bottom row: Frances Williams, Patsy Wade, Georgia Raye Dickens, Betty Lee, Ioy Winters, Danell Baker. Each member has gained a better knowledge of the various phases of homemaking through taking part in discussions, demonstra- tions, and other activities pertaining to homemaking under the capable direction of Lucille Hurnsey. K- Vera Faye Biggs President mixes' 'Lx Q7 Editor-in-Chief . . . Business Manager Assistant Editor . . Senior Editor ..... Iunior Editor ..... TALUN STAFF .. . Dorothy Neill . . . . Bette Sproul . . . Floyd McGinnis .,.EddaLouMeador .....FredL.Speck Assistant Business Manager . .. .... Bill Humphrey Sophomore Editor ........IoePr1nce Freshman Editor .................. Frances Williams The main purpose ot thi Talon Staff has been to edit an annual representatiw e of school lite of E.H.S. We have worked long and hard toward this goal, and hope you will be pleased with the results. Mr. C. A. Reynolds Sponsor 1--p 5 The Staff wishes to acknowl- edge the valuable photographic work of Mr. C. A. Reynolds, without whose help our task would have been a much harder one. Mr. Rey- nolds spent many hours takinq and developing pictures for the Talon. We also wish to thank Iewel Shelton for her help as literary critic and proof reader. ral. -Q-.sq Wi' f?' l Y SN APS if iiygr .M I I' nl? ixa me x 1 f." 'Q "'.5'v l' 'Fw L W " fa- ef ss- -if 1l6g.Hlk3'9 Air 'Ty 53" J- 'Yilvigncxx' 5 J 'E 4, rm oz , Besi foot forward r ..- 5 . W if ,ag :ip ,T ai' ' -.s fp- . vi Mew, Ii LW : i j ".3""f7- 4 x4'I"' 7' - V I , , - , f . . . ,, O - . ' ak. I v 9:3 H1 ' 2 Dane11, among the IOSGS U' lf.. During the U00 f 1 X r n hou E Jo. E- Vis . -.- -J'-cf , , 0 Ain" 'f' 'fmt-4 Vg ' vi-Q-Q: 1 . is - .Y " ' NIS 3 "f- ' K -. 5 I. just before the game 'fit 4' , .wk . Kg , X, . ? 3. 3 . The Chorus Line -wi- 'Qkafv "T "" ga- V-.fs A- ' xii. ,.. "'-- ,' ,, ....: I, ,,,,1.i,A V A, i .nw-. ,, :gm .- 4. '- f, -n, ,r WU, W 1' . ... - -- -f .- lgvww- , ...W - .. , . . :WN f- M ' . N -A.-v"!!feuaa-' A , we .,.,. - v Q 1 ". ."9'2' ..fg7w 9,1 . ' 1. . X . K- ai' 'r W 1 Football heroes Age ol 1 in 11110 Cence fl Wh Sunday afternoon pose V O do you S S . ef FfQnkJe? Is It ,i The Last wi? f' ff! 1232 ,ggi rf heavy The W1nnGhs, 1' ,J 12,0 wd 'U' 'LHS G CIO Q' qk B !'CICe1e1S h1ccms ,f 'dk Beauty and A monke of the Mo Y Zanles bw the Beast X ed feu 1 1 is-M .59 N x W .xc 1. .Q - 1 Q - ff . r 1 av , 1564- Any' F., ri .b 1 one S abaq ,,-L mf, '?'? f 1005 A119815 0 sour Gr 3 U ,, "F ,X ,,, 4. A, Ji fn' Hun, lohnny, run 1 .nfl "' 4 1 W FQ ' id .lffiwl a mule? 'ive 5 lf' All legs A tussl 9 in the sno W 4,' n -J' x Now drop him Q ' I Best 1001, - 1129 Senior boys . ' 7 7 . 1 a , -Q if 1 -adv i l I xx x' ,. My W3 1 . 1 ,- v '. TGIZCYHCI I 1 A Y N Always a favorite 4.4 . 9- X . oar., wg, + , 3, .Q-.. nj .-Q... Three luniors Jin Place it in the alley I I r f ' ,QN- J W ." , 5, if 'I li V if' - Q, Y., 'V ' 4 mf wif? K 314' -.,.- , Zi, 5 ,. - W Q f 1 ljjfi, L7 I . The time K V43 W kind 0101 7' Three 0 G rough Blues , , . L SX WW ,.--5 1 Xnxfrx fi B Q 1 ' 4 e 4 'K ' Q, What's the big attraction? Men? The Navajo Trail Happy - Thoughtful - Indiiferen SCOiCh arf of Hop g Lonesome? 5 The calm before the storm ,fi h K fi i Egg h ' .iv 'IA . ' Q' ,Q 5 6 ,A . " , A L 1 I '55 5 . f i g V, " ,R - 1. ff N :im ' .. pf.. .www-, W, , ., 4 Av. 1,9

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