Eldorado High School - Talon Yearbook (Eldorado, TX)

 - Class of 1943

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Eldorado High School - Talon Yearbook (Eldorado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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v-r p'!:'!""""""' !1f""E"?'F'1':f'T'il'F2!"' 1':'::::r7r1-wvvmn 1-....- .--...v vi,-v. T . , , -....A.,.V:-..-.L ,... , , ,,.,... . ...,, ......- ..., ..x .,..,..,. . ...... , . . . .,...x...-..- -- ,- . - - -- - r- - -- ' ' -' - .---.ta.'... 1-az-:lt-A -fa f -.gffii "f, l-'5 1"'f T'F1'PZ'F'1'?:::-":.'1"r':c::1'x:.:.-:- .1-:,a....' ws L ' - A --:uf 'af.x:u1w4...-f-.,..1.... W-:4::.5 -:55,L,.3,..:,,. , --wi-,-S-A amRfH' .:Q.1- ' -:. .1.--.-1:-V-------f-Q w1 A- F-----11 --' --1-If 'J- 2351 5? -e.:-,...,...-.2-:uf 7.-aw.-f-if -1 49-r:-1w11-29g- -gf '- -.-M .,...... w-- - 4, ,. ..-..1. Y .- .1 Vwzfwdccolcoa Decicoczzfccm f-ildwuncclmtcan Zfawec 7auofzcZe4 Ozganqczlcamz 540454 ?u5Zccazfcamz WW Saw -,Q E "YI-'Z' A pw W. . .f 5 ,, ,V 5' fs We ol lhe '43 lalon Slail sincerely hope Tha? you will gel as much pleasure from lhis boolf as we have hac in making I+. We have fried lo present in an inlereglino manner The lhrills, pleasures, and aifliyilies wilnessed on lhe campus so lhal' This boolf may be a long remembered lreasure. We can never forge? The classroom scenes, rho rush of many leer in lhe halls, and 'rlfe specfacle oi lhe Senior class lighling for Hs Tradilional place in assembly. These, and many olher imporlanl and lrivial happenings, will be broughl 'ro mincl as 'lhe pages ol lhis bool become ballered and lime-worn. lf is our sincere belief lhaf rhe Sfalls of 'lulure years will derive as much pleasure from 'rhe malcing ol 'this book as we have. We hope lhey will carry on lhe Talon and all if slands lor, 0 296 Pam c A REYNOLDS l A DMI cweziwtevwlewt' As Superinfendenf, Mr. C. A. Reynolds has found a place in fhe hearfs of all wifh whom he has come in con- facf. He has done fhis by his pafience, fhoughffulness, unquesfionable fairness, and genial spirif of good fellow- ship. Mr. Reynolds affended Weafherford High School and received his higher fraining af Abilene Chrisfian College, where he maiored in English. He is now working for his Masfer's Degree from Sul Ross. Before coming fo E. H. S. Mr. Reynolds faughf af Bowie, Texas. His wife, Mrs. Reynolds, is well lilced by all who know her. Her influence has no doubf confribufed much fo Mr. Reynolds' success. Their small daughfer, Cynfhia, is frequenfly seen in and around E. H. S. We wish Mr. Reynolds and his family many more happy years in fhis communify. I TRATI Y' zdwcfpcll As a child Mr. Brace's chief ambirion was fo be a circus clown. We lhinlr, however, +hal he has proven himself very successful in 'rhe field of leaching. Mr. Brace aHended high school af Dewey, Oklahoma and gradua+ed from Aus+in Universily. He majored in Physical Educafion and Edccafional Adminis+ra+ion. Mrs. Brace, a charming woman, and Karen, fheir small daughrer, are lhe characiers in his home life. Mr. Brace is nor only an experl' business manager for fhe school, he is lcnown also for his aH'rac+ive person- alify and for his abilify lo convince s+uden'rs fha+ high- pressure mefhods of leaching are nol' 'I'he best C. R. BRACE - C T Y v Q .K xv P 'Mx' J .. ' ff" ' w I 'V ' ' N., -A , 'hh' . 5 ,, X. y Q .. 4 ii..--r""", ii. KX 1 3 YW MQ! if 58 ,Q . in 1 s. Swv . , I X, . X " ' , ' 'sfif . wx, ' gs W- X " . Y -. , 1, 4 sf .- -, A' '-iff. -s Q sg A . . i - 1:" Q. Bcffgjlgf E 2. f. - L 'SQ g vc f ' 4 V , ,, -:, E9 Q. Q, f, if., ff - -N A, . f ,gb ,. s - ., -if -. ,- ig I ?"f .fsszgii '1- - .. 1.3-?' -.Q ,.n . Q ,M-gf. V ' . fel,-'L 'qv' vgffl' .- fi :hs 'N W, ff -f Q lf 145 v-. , , ,Q s.. I ' ' h , ':.'.:".:' 11 .5 "".'a:' , ' . FA MR. JAMES F. HUGGINS . K . N'g'lw"m'. 1' I .i wma? i QNX. .. GYM? T, , lrxhih MISS BETTIE GARRETT lcleao of hlomemialxihg Dept? l-lioh Scl'ool-Aildown, fxrlc. Co!'eqewfXrkansa C. W., S, W. T. T Maiorco in Home Taaqhi-Rockdale SA. 81 M., .C. 2 Economics , Texas MR. JOE TURNER HEXT MISS DOROTHY WILKES Eholish and High School Llofafiah High School-Smilhyille, Texas lxlaioreci in Philosophy. Taaghf 3 yrs. al Ereolriclcsburg l-ligh School lclislory A+hle'ic Coach and High School-Eldorado, Texas College-l-loward Payne Maiored in Social Science Taugh ll,,"2 yrs. al T and Munday, Texas alpa ' .1 ii M.w'ri,.am1Siii-F 1 i ,li.... lli.,h ml. 1 ULTY MISS ORA B. NICHOLS .pi N I I vi 1 y Ii 1' 'T' I i II'II1 'I' " V i I i iI,ti5' Iii, i 1. I X , I I Sfiii-Ii. f I L . I ii? Mui. ""- WILLIE RUTH NICKS JOHNSON High SChooI-Hdorado, Texas CoIIege-Uriiverffify of Texas Maioreci in Spanish and Ifhghsh Taught af I.aIevi-ew for one year Teaches Spahish, Hisicfx' afic Emghsh I. 1 MRS. CAROL RATLIFF High Sched--fyreehviIIe, Texas COIIOQGA-BayICf Uwiverzify Maicred in Jew-riaIism Tauqhf af Lorie OaI,, Texas and af MarshaII Junior Co!Ieqe Ehghsh Depi MRS. MARY MARGARET HARRIS BONNER High Sc:hocI-Ozoria, Texas CoIIege-John TarIe+-on and T. S. C. W. Maiored in P. S. M. Musif Depf. 4 MISS AVIS DEAVERS High SchooI--Me'IceI, Texas CoIIeqe-I-Iarclirifiimmons U. Maiored in Businefs Adminisfrafior Taughf af Bradshaw and Esxofa Teaches Commerciai Subiecfs 1 S . c I A s I MISS EDNA EARLE JOHNSON IIQJI' i--V--INfIeF'.ard, Texas ff'pqp,f-,Jr-xiwh Tavieferi, Sui Ross fxriaivcd iw Phy-.icai Educaiiem Pmi. fa Enayaiirvri Irizfru-'Ter v I - a i I REV. FRED FAUST High School-Birmingham, AIa. College--Soufhern U. of AIa. REV. KELLEY NEAL High SchooI-GreenviIIe, Texas CoIIege-U. of Cal., Ausfin CoIIege, E. T. S. T. C. REV. JIM HAYES High School-Mullin, Texas College-Howard Payne Acade- my, Soufhwesfern Theological Seminary BibIe Insfruciors MISS THEODORA JOHNSON I'-Iigh'SchooI-Mason, Texas CoIIege-John TarIeIon, U of Texas. Su! Ross. Maiored in Music Educahon Banc Direcfor DRS Presidenf , , Vice-Presiclenf Secrelary . . , Treasurer , , . Sponsor . . . Ollie Alexander ., T. P. Robinson La Verne Rodgers A Elizabe+h Graves James F. Huggins X! A5703 OLLIE ALEXANDER 2.4 -. ,, QA, .X m.u ul,-ifpfa A'vc:"'C": Clef'-rwwf,a EPQMF roomy: Pr ,'XN 'gy.'g:'n,,wl. Tfagr 'Skafl O ff-tw, Suaffi ff ur 'leer' 4 xl' 2 'ffffe .,:"T"H l- .U BETTY SUE ASHMORE 'fl l-lCbbw: 1f.,u'? Dfamelllgw 2 yrc, , E. Club 3 yr'-., Volleyball Pop Souaa. TOM BRADLEY Affb"33v: ,f'Xyfe'z Htczyi ST3""D'- Dfamellcz, E, F, A. l , rx 3 -fri on: Slenrgqrablvef P' l f Pell fafdf Clworal Club 4 ROBERT BRHJGEMAN fXfvk:7f'C': 'Vlelefeloqlif Hfbcw: Mfgdel ATTVCIGDG' lQ"'irf51'7f F. V. A. Club, Prev Cub glee Club, Efvmlball 4 yrs l leller Bailfefball 2 yri., Tfafl. 3 wp Baaeball, Talon Stall. , Careve, Ecol- MELBA CALCOTE Amblflom: Slenograplwer Dramallci 2 yri., Choral Club 3 WL. Pep Squad. OTIS DAVIS Ambilion: Navy Hobby: Gopher Malclles Camera Club, Talon sms, Fool' i-J ball 4 yrs., I leller, Baslcefball 2 yrs,, Press Club, Speech Club, Dramalics ZW tu N 494' vw- Jaw 6' C. L. MARTIN fxrnrnlfrn: Navy l . Ck, .' Hfbbf. Jrfrf Pndbal- 3 2 lellv' Baile?- ba' 2 yrz, 2 lvlere, Tennlr, 4 yrs. ' 'Ql+er, Trail, Banoball, Drama- 'F A Cfyrnf,-ra Club Talon Sfall. ELIZABETH GRAVES Treasures 'I Senor Class, fwrnb fron: Nune Hobby: Plwlogreaplxy Pep Squad 4 yr,., Clvcral Club 4 yrs., H. E. Club, 3 yrs, Drarnarics 2 yrs., Sexlelle, Press Club 3 yrs., Eagle Scralrlwes. MABLE LEE PARRENT Ambition: Secrelary Hobby: Plwofograplwy Peo Squad 3 yrs., Volleyball 3 yrs 2 lellerm, H. E. Club 2 yrs., Drama J. C. JOHNSON Arnblflcn: l?anc1l1er lm H' bbyi Hunfno 9 V. A. lzfolball l yr., l leller RUTH MUND Arnolllon: P. E. lnslruclor Hobby: Soorfs Drannalics 2 yrs., H, E. Club 4 yrs., Clmoral Club 3 yrs. Spanish Club 2 yrs., Pep Squad 2 yrs. Viclory Club, Tennis 3 yrs., 2 lef- lers, Volleyball, 4 yrs., 3 le++ers. 3a:eball, Eagle Scrafclwes. JACK NEILL Amblllon: Aeronaulical Engineer Hobby: Drawing Press Club 3 yrs., F. F. A., 2 yrs., Talon Sfamcl, 2 yrs., Dramalrics, 2 yrs., Foolball, 4 yrs., 2 lellers, Traclc 3 yrs., Oclelre, Camera Club. , JEAN SIPROUL Arnbifionz Aviafrix Pe S uacl Y -- P CI I - yrs., Drarnarics, Spanish Hobby: Phofography Choral Club 3 rs Band 3 Club, 2 yrs., Volleyball 4 yrs. BILLY JACK REYNOLDS Ambirionz Rancher Hobby: Sporrs F. F. A. 2 yrs., Foorball 2 yrs. 2 leflers, Baslcelball 3 yrs., 3 Ielfers, Traclc, Baseball. DONALD J. ROYSTER Annbifion: Engineer Hobby: Fishing I yr. Icefball, E. A. Y EooTbaII, 3 yrs., 2 Ielfers, Traclc, I Iefrer, Tennis 3 yrs. Bas- Drarnarics, Band 3 yrs., F. YVS. LA VERNE RODGERS Secrelary of Senior Class Ambilionz Avialrix Hobby: Phofography Choral Club, Dramalics, 3 yrs., H. E. Club, 4 yrs., Vicfory Club, Pep Squad, 2 yrs., Volleyball, 3 yrs., Camera Club. FRANKYE RUSSELL Ambihon: Teacher Hobby: Miniafure Dogs Drarnafics, Pep Squad T. P. ROBINSON Vice-Presidenf of Senior Class Arnbiiion: Coach Hobby: Pennanfs Dramafics, F. F. A. Club, Foo+- ball, 4 yrs., 2 IeHers, Baslcefball, 2 yrs., 2 Ieffers, Baseball, 3 yrs. Band 4 yrs.. Eagle Scralches. 05 Presidenf . ., . . . Wilburn Clark Vice-Presidem' ..... , . . . .... Elmer McMillan Secre+ary and Treasurer . ., Pauline McLaughlin Sponsor . ,. ,,... . . 4 . .... Mrs. Carol Raflilzf by Qs., X I. .,,. A RUBY BUTLER lv yr al Fl. f, C r WILBURN CLARK E. E. A. Er-albail 3 yr . 2 Ie-Ile:-, Bmlwlball, l leller,Qc.lGlle.Sr1ar1 lslw Club, lrall, 3 yrs.. l Ielrer, PERRY DEAN BURK E. E. A., 2 yrs., Baraq 3 yr .. Eval' ball, Glee Clue. BOBBY BARBER Eoalball, 3 yrs. I leller, Baslcelball, 3 yrs.. I lefrer, E. P. A., Spanlslw Club, 2 yrs., Eagle Serafclwes, Baseball, 2 yrs. JANE DAVIS Pep Squad, Band 3 yrs., Baseball, 2 Volleyball, Clworal Club. I-I. E. Club, 3 yrs., Viilory Club, Cam- era Club. MARY VIRGINIA GRIFFIN Pep Squad, 2 yrs., Viclory Club, I-l. E. Club, 2 yrs., Baseball 2 yrs.. Volleyball, 3 yrs., 3 lellers. FRED CASE ' Transfer from lvlerlzon I42 J. W. DAVIS Foolball 3 yrs., 2 lellers, Baseball, F. F. A., Baslcelball, 2 yrs. VIRGINIA CALCOTE Drarrralics, Cl'1oralClub. 2 yrs., I'l. E. Club, 3 yrs., Viclory Club, Camera Club, Spanish Club, 2 yrs., Baseball, Band, Volleyball, Pep Squad. TOM ENOCHS E. F. A. 2 yrs., Baseball 2 yrs.. Track, 2 yrs., Band 3 yrs. a!""N 'US ROBERT MARTIN Fo Club Q lvl EDNA LEUDECKE CI 'Club7rs Pe Suac' lm,-1 K, ,V , Y A, rw q 2 lallrn Slall lrl, E. Club. l yr., Dramallgs, Vlclory Cru ba vbal' Volleyball. PAULINE McLAUGHLlN H. E C ub 3 yrs Drama? cs C or al fl ELMER McMlLLAN Fwolball Baslrelball CURTIS JEFFREY Transfer from Ponloloc 42 FAE KING Clworal Club, 3 yrs., I-1. E. Band, 2 yrs, Pep Spuad, DORIS JEFFREY Transfer from Ponloloc 42 W. A. POINTER Track, 2 yrs., Foolball Mgr. '4l '42, Foolball, F. F. A. Club, 2 yrs Spanish Club 2 rs. Baseball 2 . y . yrs., Eagle Scralclwes. PAT O HARROW F. F LOUISE JEFFREY Volleyball 3 rs., 2 lellers, l"l. E Y Club 2 yrs.. Choral Club 3 yrs. Band, Baseball 2 yrs., Vlclory Club Camera Club. Eagle Scralclwes. SARAH SWEATT Drarnarics, Choral Club, 3yrs.. Vlcfory Club, H. E. Club, 2 yrs., Pep SqJad, 2 yrs., Volleyball 3 yrs., 3 lellers, Band, 2 yrs., Carn- era Club, Baseball 2 yrs., Eagle Scrafches. GERTRUDE SAUER Choral Club, Spanlsh Club TOM POTTER Spanish Club 2 yrs., Dramallcs, 2 yrs., Eagle Scralches, BOBBY WHITAKER Baslcelball, Eoolball, Oclelfe Dramalics. WlNNlE JEAN STEWARD Drarnallcs, Volleyball, 2 yrs., Chor- al Clulo 3 yrs., Band 3 yrs., Sexe lefle 3 yrs., Ensemble. TOMMIE LEE WILSON Darmallcs 2 yrs., Viclory Club, Choral Club 3 yrs., Pep Squad 2 yrs., H. E. Club, 3 yrs., Baseball 2 yrs., Volleyball 2 yrs., Eagles Scralches. LUKE THOMPSON, JR. Press Club, Eoolball 3 yrs. 2 lef- lers, Dramallcs, Talon Slall, Bas- lcelball 3 yrs., 3 lellers, Spanish Club, E. E. A. Club 2 yrs., Traclc 2 yrs., 2 lelfers. RAY SMITH Drarnallcs, Camera Club MAXINE RAMPY H. E. Club 2 yrs., Choral Club 3 yrs., Viclory Club, Volleyball, Base' ball, Eagle Scrafches. MAURICE SOFGE Choral Club, H. E. Club, Band 3 yrs., Viclory Club, Dramalics, Camera Club. V RE Presidenf Vice-Presiden+ Secretary Treasurer Sponsor George Finley Waifer Roy Davidson Pa+sy Mar+in Earlene CouH'er Miss Avis Deavers WALTER ROY DAVIDSON KATHARINE DAVIS W. F. IEDMISTON ORA BALLEW BOYD COPPLE BOBBIE RUTH GREY GEORGE FINLEY EARLENE COULTER PAUL PAGE if BETTY GRACE BULLION PATSY MARTIN RAY JACOBY IMA GENE NIXON ROY JACOBY ZELMA RUTH KEY LILBURN HAZELWOOD ALPHA NELL FRANKLIN JOE TURNER LOGAN ft- A HELEN CRAIG DORIS CALCOTE in as.. HENSEL MATTHEWS JOE BAILEY MONTGOMERY 'mn Q NOWEITA MATTHEWS FREDDIE WINDSOR CLARA LLOYD OCHSNER BOBBY OGLESBY JIMMIE MAE PATTON S 4 GLINN McDONALD WAYNE ESTES 1 HAROLD YATES h L I IME Presidenf Vice-Presidenl Secrefary , Treasurer . , . Sponsor Hal Whiflen . Sluarl Williams , . Beri' Calco+e Dorofhy Jean Neill Willie Rulh Niclcs Johnson is WANDA DANNHEIM' WALLACE JONAS BETTY LAMBERT weak TOMMY GREEN .T KU' 'FRE' BERNELL FAULL BILLY EDMISTON DOLORES BINKLEY DANELL BAKER RAY LONG ALMA RUTH LUEDECKE affh., RUBEL ALDRIDGE HAL WHITTEN BETTY JO SPROUL BUDDY McMILLAN BETTY JEAN McMILLAN J. W. SMITH DOROTHY NEILL JOHN RUSSELL ANITA RUNGE ALVA RODGERS 'irv' PAUL KEEL IDA DAVIS 417 Q? PATSY WADE J. D. YARDLEY JEAN MEADOR BILLY LOU WINDSOR STUART WILLIAMS JOHNNIE MAE WEST JUANITA MCALPINE VIRGIL FARRIS YVONNE WEIR OLLIE RUE ESTES BERT CALCOTE EDDA LOU MEADOR RITE TALON OUEEN TALON PRINCESS TALON DUCHESSES FOOTBALL PRINCESS FOOTBALL DUCHESSES CLASS FAVORITES ATHLETIC BOY AND GIRL PERSONALITIES MOST CREATIVE MOST STUDIOUS MOST REPRESENTATIVE Zaww 70l0"' 546546004 ew ?affQaz2 3'?"4a4,ef?'f44f1Eea 745014 pfzdnceaa ?7cw!6ae 77Zc.4'au9.4Zdu ZPQW, 70446 Vmczgwe 7Zixon 7aZm Uaakewea Vzmcead Fam, WMM ly' Af -. - f I Nfl dd I '35 ' " jgf' ' Q 3 746 ZW? wth!! Zackewea 6 Dalafzea Zpmdeq 5 1' 'asia Rif f ., -- 3+ M I '23 f L gf, , 5 :, , .' 'f 7, X I gf 4'iI""'Ix' ,X J 'WW I' f ' f I 1 " SENIOR FAVORITES om Bradley LaVerne Rodgers JUNIOR FAVORITES S5If6I'1 SWSGII Tgm EQQQI15 5 ff? nf :im ':' I 5 W in xx 5, I writ SOPHMORE FAVORITES Bgbby Qgkggby Pafiy Marflm FRESHMAN FAVGRITES Dorchhy Neifl Ha! Wkiffem 8 Q 77604: Azmcuw QM Wim f4L'Z?mc1!c1ae gary ?oJJq ??afzZa Salam! df, 70at'Zace Studied Sew ffngelo Zdamde fem: Stewcmd fx 145456566 Zag fake 74om,eaan Hmmm! 24:4 Wfmd Sdweddq Sfurfenl goofy of 2715 B55-gauge 0Tl16v'CXGVYipTaFi 1 grades and her abil- ifx lo ro-operaie wilh members oi The Tacully, Vxfanda Dannheim, has won mgsl sludlous in E. l'l. S. The coveled lille oi Disbroving The belief lhal 'Tishm lack dislinc- me ivleilecl, Wanda allaine V: average oi 96l,fQ. d The amazing scholf 2 Besides having The dislinnlion of being the Vicefpresidenl oi lhe Senior Class, our mosl represenlalive sfudenl, T. P, Robin- son, holds various olher Tilles of preslige. l-le is Tfdilor-infChieT ol The Eagle Scralch- es, Sludenl Direflor of The Band, and an acliye member oi The Dramalics Club. As well as excelling in The scholaslic field, T. P. was elecled caplain of The '42 ioolball learn, Al The close of The season,- anolher lille was added lo his amazing record-Thai oi being placed on The All- Disfricl Foolball Team, l-le parlicipaled, loo, in baslelball and lraclc. Jr I Q. 771441 We presenl The boy whom we believe lo be The mosl crealive siudenl in Eldorado High School. Known 'ro mosf of his fellow siudenis as somelhing of a prodigy, Jaclc Neill is exceedingly popular wilh The fairer sex and is admired and respecled by The ofhers. I-le is an aclive member of several clubs, among which are The Dramalics Club, 'rhe Ocieffe, Treasurer of Camera Club, and Edilor-in Chief of The Talon. His ambilion is lo b'e an aeronaufical engineer and his hobby is aircraff design- ing. ln conneclion wiih These aclivifies, he spends much of his lime building model airplanes. ZATIO S Organizafions-fhe backbone of our school. They give each individual fhe chance fo ex- cel or parficipafe in his school as he will in a communify in fu+ure life. tele Q.. C3 . 2 ..-L '4llIIi !!! CURTAI i 'lb Q ,A 'wa K ' giifa 4 -5 A ,, , L '- Top Row: Tom Bradley, Elizabelh Graves, Ruih Mund, Melba Calcofe, Lulce Thompson, Winnie Jean Sfeward. ' Second Row: Virginia Calcoie, Clara Lloyd Ochsner, Paul Page, Edna Luedeclce, Ollie Third Row: Alexander, La Verne Rodgers. Franlrye Russell, Donald J. Roysier, Tommie Lee Wilson, Imogene Nixon, O+is Davis, Sarah SweaH. Fourlh Row: Mabel Lee Parrenf, Rober+ Bridgeman, BeHy Sue Ashmore, Wilburn Clarlc, Nowiefa Mafihews, Bobby Whifalcer. Nor Picfuredz Tom Po'Her, T. P. Robinson, Jaclr Neill. Well known for her dynamic person- alify and dramaiic abilify, Miss Ora B. Nichols amply fuliulls her dufies as drama- fic coach and sponsor of fhe high.. school Dramafics Club. CL Taken lmmedualely before +he Chrnsrmas Pageanf Plcfured are some of 'lhe parhcnpanfs of +he Pageanf busily engaged an prlmp mg No doubf mosf of lhem are nervously mu+'fer4ng +herr Innes over 'ro fhemselves as lhey prepare for +he ruse of +he cur+aun The Curfann Club organn d under 'lhe dlrecillon of Mass Ora B Nnchols has enloyed much popularufy 'fhus year This IS 'l'he charfer chapfer of fhe club and 'the officers were elec+ed b +he members The officers are Lulxe Thompson Presudenf Wllburn Clark Vuce Preslden+ LaVerne Rodgers Secre+ary and Sarah Swea++ Treasurer The obleci' of 'rhe club has been 'lo afford pleasure and brung release from sup presslon and self consciousness as as done by play produchon A fruly beaullful pageanl The Fnrs+ Noel was presenfed a+ Chruslmas ll' wa durecled by Mass Nichols buf all sfage properhes lrghhng eFfec'rs and oiher es s nhals were selecled and arranged by members of The club Laler In fhe year a fhree acl' comedy Aaron Slack From Punlnn Crlclc was presenfed by fhe club The play was a roaring success A scene from +he Chrls+mas Pageanf The ChTlSl Chnld hes In +he manger af fhe cenfer Plc 'lured are +he Belnevers Maunce Sofge Mabel Lee Parrenf and Ru+h Mund Angel of fhe Cross La Verne Rodgers and 'lhe Mofh er Imogene Nixon l ' - . l w I C ' u Y . I 1 , 1. - I i I- .1 - ' l - lr - sv - l n ' S v I ' 3 . - u - 1 - - un I ' 1 I u - Il l . 0 s . - . . - I I I I u : - 1 l ' l l Z' MISS THEODORA JOHNSON Direrlof The E H S Band was organized an I938 and has been one of I'he mos? imporianf fealures of Ihe curriculum since fhal' lime The direcror Miss Theodora Johnson came here in Sepfember I942 and under her able dlrechon fhe Band progressed rapidly The Band has won hugh honors af various meels and has also furnished music for several pa+rso+uc rallys during fhe pasf year I 6ddI'l'lOI1 rl' has boosfed greally 'Ihe morale of Ihe 'foofball boys al' all Iheir games The members are Winnie Jean Sfeward Imogene Nixon No wuela Maffhews Dorolhy Neill Fae King Virginia Calcofe Blrdle Louise JeFfrey Lilburn Hazelwood Roy Jacoby Joe Bailey Monl- gomery Perry Dean Burl: Bobby Oglesby Wayne Davis Buddy Ba"er B-'illie WhiHIey Floyd Isaacs Billie Parrenf Wayne Esles Glinn McDonald J. D. Yardley T. P Robinson Joe Chan WhlHen Louise Burk Alma Rufh Luedecke George Finley S'ruar+ Williams Wallace Jonas Tom Enochs Donald J Roysfer Maurice Sofge Mar- selaine Pa'Herson Ruby Bu'I'ler Billie Jack Corbell Marion Wade Kafharme Davis Danell Balmer Ray Jacoby Helen Craig Jane Davis Alpha Nell Franklin Ruby Alice Donaldson Sarah Sweah' Tmsy Spurgers, Doris Smilh, Marilyn Jane Dickey. Winnie Jean Sleward was 'lhe affracfive mai- oreHe of 'the E. H. S. Band. Her previous exper- ience as maiorefle greaily helped her in lhe posi- fion she held fhe pas? year. ln addifion, Winnie was a lealured solo cor- nefisf. Her abilify in fhis depar1men+ enabled her fo win bofh fhe sfale and nafional confesfs held in I94I. The Eldorado Band as ii ap- peared af fhe annual Chrislmas Concert Here were displayed unusual 'I'alen+, indusfry and slcill. gn U ,san Q.. KW! 2 :ggi 5 .s -45... X i The iwirlers of fhe E. H. S. Band, Noweiia Mar fhews, lmogene Nixon, and Dorofhy Jean Neill, are picfured here. They affracfed aHen+ion by fheir skillful handling of +heir ba+ons and confribufed much fo fhe fine appearance of fhe band. ORAL czuifs MRS. MARY M. HARRIS BONNER Direclor M An organizalion ol wide acclaim and oulslanding achievemenls, lhe Choral Club has long been noled lor ils abilily lo boosl lhe morale ol Eldorado's sludenls. Composed ol Edna Luedeclce, Belly Sue Ashmore, Melba Calcole, LaVerne Rodgers, Fae King, Danell Balmer, Jimmie Mae Pallon, Ruby Buller, Belly Grace Bul- lion, Pauline McLaughlin, Tommie Lee Wilson, Johnnie Mae Wesl, Ida Davis, Sarah Sweall, Gerlrude Sauer, Noweila Mallhews, Dorolhy Neill, Elizabelh Graves. Edda Lou Meador, Bernell Faull, Palsy Marlin, Palsy Wade, Earlene Couller, Jean Meador, Belly Jean McMillan, Kalharine Davis, Belly Jo Sproul, and Alma Rulh Luedeclne, and sponsored by Miss Theodore Johnson and Mrs. Mary M. Harris Bonner, lhe club has made much progress since il was organized early lhis year. Allhough lhe Choral Club has accomplished many obieclives, ils mosl memor- able aclivily look place al lhe Baccalaureale Sermon. MISS TH EODORA JOHNSON Direclor 183 ,. xi v-- X' 5. CLUB The Vicfory Club was organized fhis year in order fo guide and sfimulafe acfivifies conducive lo improvemenl of physical lilness. Under fhe leadership of Miss E. E. Johnson, fhe Club has done much foward accomplishing fhis aim. lf has parficipafed in several inframural fournamenls, including basluefball, volleyball, baseball, and fennis. Oufdoor hilring, camping fumbling, dancing and bicycling were also falxen up. The Club officers: Senior Execufive, La Verne Rodgers: Junior Execufive, Sarah Sweafh Soph Execufive, Clara Lloyd Ochsner: Fish Execufive, Dorofhy Jean Neill, Secrefary, Ruih Mund: and Treasurer, Birdie Louise Jeffrey. Ofher Members: Jean Sproul, Mabel Lee Parrenf, Pauline Mc- Laughlin, Virginia Calcofe, Maurice Sofge, Jimmie Mae Paffon, Ora Ballew, Helen Craig, Pafsy Marlin, Alpha.Nell Franlzlin, Alma Lue- declxe, Danell Baker, Maxine Rampy, Edda Lou Meador, BeHy Bul- lion, Jean Meador, Melba Calcofe, Befly Jo Sproul, Noweifa Maf- fhews, Pafsy Wade, Ollie Rue Esfes, lra Davis, Anifa Runge, Mary V. Griffin, Ruby Bufler, BeHy Lamberf, Tommie Lee Wilson, Edna Luedeclre, Elain Walson, Johnnie Mae Wesf, Jane Davis, Elizabefh Graves. VICTGRY C MER CLUB .. 'Ls .f "Aclion" by Ollie Alexander 35 mil, Argus, lf3OO sec. lens l 6.3. "Virginia", by Birdie Louise Jeffrey 620 Box Camera b' iii fl J r' if i ii :ba F W ti' N., Q 1 'Duclc Pondm, by Jaclc Neill 35 mil. Argus, IXIGO sec., lens l ll. The Camera Club was formed fhis year under +he guidance and direcfion of i'rs sponsor, Mr. James F. Huggins. The purpose of +he Club was +o enable fhe members fo learn more abouf pholography. Boolrs on 'rhis subjec+ were +o be purchased wifh dues collecled. One oufsfanding 'Fealure of +his Club was lhe con+es+ held every fwo weelrs, offering an 8 x IO enlargemenl fo lhe one whose picfure was iudged fhe best The orcficers of fhe Club are: Presidenl, Ollie Alexander: Vice-Presidenl' and Secrefary, LaVerne Rodgers: Treasurer, Jack Neillg. Assf.. Treasurer, Ofis Davis. The ofher members include: Birdie Louise JeFFrey, Virginia Calcole, C. L. Marlin, Sarah Sweafl, Ollie Rue Esles, Ruby Bufler, Maurice Sof- RN: 'lMarChing", by Ollie Alex- nder. 35 mil Argus, IXIOO ge, and Ray Smifh. his , sec., lens 6.3 1' '. ss as Y xl ' as is fi- ,g X "Campus Life", by Jaclc Neill 35 mil. Argus, If5O sec., lens T8 xp' Junior fit. 50' tba gf Wx E' Ne f sae Working hard 7 7 7 7 wo! wad One bug mess ? 7 ? 7 Y ax? :Soak ' Roo go fe, C s 660' ad 0 'saint I n RT We, fhe sfudenfs of Eldorado High School, dedicafe +l1is secfion of our yearbook 'I'o Mr. S. M. fSaml Oglesby, Jr. Mr. Oglesby, known +o mosf of 'I'l1e boys as "Colonel", has acfively backed us flaroughoui' 'H1e foofball, baskeiball, volleyball, frack, and fennis seasons. .lf is vlifh pleasure 'Hwaf we acknowledge his aid in fhis deparfmeni' of our curriculum-. N X1 an-in--J gi Bob Whnfalcer became our manager fhls year when his weeghf of only IBO pounds hindered hum n foolball Whlz was a g od dependable man ager who never lanled Whiz has moved fo San The loundahon ol success IS usually based on 'rhe prnncuples whzch lhe leaders pur before lhe boys So has uf been wxlh our coaches who sel 'rhe besl examples lcnown over fhas dlslrucf Coach Hexl began coaching lhe Eagles un l94l He played on Eldorado s 'ream of I934 Alfer he 'llnlshed Hugh School af Eldorado he allended Howard Payne College where he leffered 'rhree years Coach sparlced fhe Eagles Info good shape durmg fhe season and l o Them lo some vlclorues He rs now nn lhe Amr Ccrp Prof Huggins has been al Eldorado Hugh as an assrsfanf Coach for four years now and has shown much abfllfy as a general coach and uns+ruc+or He also al lended Howard Payne College where he was well lulced by mosf all he came rn conlacf wlfh !ISl '?e 1? Top Row Lefl +o Rnghl Coach Hexf Roberl' Marhn Jack Nelll J W Davns Bully Jaclx Reynolds Bobby Oglesby Luke Thompson Rober+ Brudge man Tom Bradley Donald J Roysier Walier Roy Davidson Coach Huggms Moddle Row Lefl lo Rnghf John Russel Hal Whlf 'len Sfuarf Wllllams George Funley Bobby Barber Wulburn Clark Ohs Davus T P Robmson C L Marhn Paul Page Elmer McMnllnan Boffom Row Mgr Bobby Whrlalcer 1 - 5. L....X . Q, of f J , . 3 .bf i v ' x X 'W Y Q ' RY . Q . fx lf Q ' KS ' 0 I U .J C x ' f l . . J . . . I 4 Angelo where he is now going fo school. f- 1: 4, :PD B LL 42 The I942 Team may noT have been The greaTesT Team an The hrsTory oT The Eldo rado Eagles buT :T was composed oT a group of sTudenTs TI'1aT knew The meaning OT cooperaTnon knew The TraduTuon behind The sungung oT Hall Eldorado and knew ThaT They musf play each game as :T came and noT Irve on The pasT Iaurels of oTher greaT elevens of The Black and Gold Lack oT reserves and rnlurnes handicapped The Team ThroughouT The season buT neverTheIess They leave an nmpresslve record as one of The smaIIesT and scrapplesT elevens ever To don The Black and Gold oT being The only Team on The dlsTr1cT To de TeaT The champions and desp:Te The TacT They losT Tour of Their exghT games Tuve members oT The Team were placed on The All DasTrucT Team The Eagles IosT Thenr opemng game of The season I9 0 To The sTrong McCamey Badgers buT came back The Tollowmg week end To down The Sonora Bronchr-s I8 O A I3 O vncTory over The WunTers Blnzzards IeTT several regulars nnlured Tor The Tollowrng pracTnce game wuTh The TavoruTe Ozona eleven and The Eagles came ouT on The shorT end oT a 32 O score Thus compIeTung Theur schedule of pracTace games ATTer deTeaTlng The Sonora Broncs I9 O In Their TnrsT dlsTrlcT game The Eagles IosT a 7 6 conTesT To The sTrong Mason I I despuTe The TacT ThaT all sTaT1sTucs Tavored The BLACK 81 GOLD A 20 2 v:cTory over The Tavored Ozona Lions placed The Eagles an a vulnerable spoT Tor Thenr conTesT wnTh The lnspnred Menard eleven who powered Their way To I9 O VICIOFY TOM BRADLEY: Senior--l4O lb. Guard. A solid rock in our line. 'X am?- iff .-"" BOBBY OGLESBY: Soplw-l70 Ib. cenfer: a spark on +he offense and a rock on +he defense. Bob has fwo more years. ll lerlerl J. W. DAVIS: Junior-l6O lb. fackle. A good boy on fhe de- fense. "Nellie".liked if rough and asked no odcls. l2 leifersl "Mol" always Came up from flue pile wifh a grin. l2 leffersl JACK NEILL: Senior-150 lb. +ackle. Jack was a good offen- sive and defensive man and was a spark of fhe feam. l2 leffersl WILBURN CLARK: Junior-I4O fullback. "Food" was caplain and all-dislricr. A nalural leader- line-smaslwing specialisr and flue spark of flue offense. l2 lellersl 4 G T. P. ROBINSON: Senior-I 50 lb. end and caplain. "Rowdy" was selecled on lhe all-disrricl be- cause ol his punling, pass-snaq ging and oulslanding defensive play. I2 lellersl ROBERT BRIDGEMAN: Senior- l25 lb. liall-back. "Punk" was our broken field expert and also lnand- led some ol llie passing. ll leflerl LUKE THOMPSON: Junior-160 lb. all-dis+ric+ ball-back. Luke is known and feared as +l1e Eagles driving mania and fackling demon, Captain-elecl for nexf year. I2 le'Hers.l BILLIE JACK REYNOLDS: Senior l6O lb. end: a mainslay in our aerial alfacks and a sure 'rackler on flue defense. I2 lelfersl PAUL PAGE: Soplw-l25 lb. quarlerback, an excellenl' blocker and a sure fackler af safely slof. He has lwo more years. ll lellerl C. L. MARTIN: Senior-wl35 kb. ROBERT MARTIN: Junior-I35 lb, guard. "Tricky" played good ball fhis year and we expecf real Iliings from him nexf year. ll lef- 'rerl ELMER MCMILLIAN: Junior-IBO lb. guard. Alflwouglw Elmer saw liHle adion ilwis season we expecl 'ro see more of him nexf year. lSquadmanl end, "Elsie" was our sfar ass- Snagger and played good defen- sive Ioolball. I2 leffersl STUART WILLIAMS: Fish-IOO Ib. cenler. "Slew" worked ihard i flwis year and was a capable un- dersfudy al' 'rhe cenfer slof. lSquadmanl DONALD J. ROYSTER: Senior- IZO lb. guard. A unanimous all disfrici guard. Despife his size "EIus" was a fiffli man in I'l1e op ponenfs backfield. and an ou? sfanding blocker. I2 leHers.l WALTER, ROY DAVIDSON: l3O lb. So h. half-baclc-"Bud" was a OTIS DAVIS: Senior--I45 lb. "Gillis" was our all-disiricf laclcle, a hard worlcing, hard headed and P rricky broken field runner, a real scoring 'rhreaf and also gof his share of hard faclcles. ll leH'erl hard hiliing boy. l2 leilersl GEORGE FINLEY: Soph,-l4O lb. fullbaclc-"Gorgeous" was a hard worlcer and saw a lol of acfion fo his opponenfs dismay. ll lerferl HAL WHITTEN: Fish-II5 lb. BOBBY BARBER: Junior-l3O lb. quarlerbaclx. "Snag's" cool fhinlc- ing and smarf 'foorball lcep+ +he opponenfs guessing -- a good bloclcer and accurafe passer. ll lerlerl JOHN RUSSELL: Fish-I IO lb. guard. John worlced hard all sea- son, and even 'rhough he played liHle he will be scrapping nex'r year. lSquaclmanl end. l-lal played liH'le lhis year buf a lol is expecled for nexl year. lSquadmanl 9- AP Slarling fhe baslcelball season wlfh only ihree lelfermen, 'rhe Eagles 'made much progress during the season. Dressed in gold warm-up suits and black uni- rms They exhxbuled a las? orealcung passlng and arp shoohng offense as well as a good defense Because of fhe presenf war condmons lhe eagles had a shor+ season four games and fhree urnamenfs were held wnfh one man placing on e All Dusfrnd Team When Coach Hexf Ionned rhe Amr Corps fhe agles conhnued wnh Supermfendenf Reynolds along his place Mr Reynolds havlng formerly ayed baskefball an bofh hugh school and college as an excellenl' coach and led fhe boys fo severa :clones X I n- "x SKET fo ' . . -. . ' . I sh - ' , . E 2 ll - ' 1 , E . . . I 1' ' ' . . . ' pl . . I W r v' I . ai l s 5. x Tx I g -f if V if ' sr ll Q - we as M If I, ' 5 2' Y ' A , I ,"' f - t. , , , 'H ll I X45 ' A, ' 1 g r I ' X "I" ' f - K' as x . , 1' ' H. BALL 42 C. L. MARTIN: Senior-Forward. Elsie, lall and lanlcy, lhe nucleus of lhe Eaglesl oilense, was a sure sho? and G good defensive man. I2 lellersl BILLY JACK REYNOLDS: Senior-Forward. Our cool and sfeady Caplain who won a place on 'rhe all-dislricl ieam. "Jackie" made a very good leader. I3 lellersl LUKE THOMPSON: Junior-Cenler. "Bubba" was known lor his spor+smanship and was good on bofh offensive and de- fensive. I3 lellersl T. P. ROBINSON: Senior-Guard. "Rowdy" was our lop defensive man as well as a good shol. I-'Ie was a good sporl and always in spiril. I2 lelfersl PAUL PAGE: Soph-Forward. "Page" was ever- ready and able +o fill The shoes of a velern. fl lellerl BOBBY BARBER: Juniorsguard. "Snag" was lillle. bul always in lhe middle of big lhings. He was a good sporl and always in spirif. ll le++er.l GEORGE FINLEY: Sopl1'Guard. "Gorgeous", sleady and dependable reservej proved valuable in emergencies. l-le has lwo more years. BOBBY OGLESBY: Sopli.-Cenler, "Oscar", ardenl spiril and praclice made up for inexperience: will be in flue middle nexf fwo seasons. OTIS DAVIS: Senior-Guard. "Gillis", a scrapper all season and liuslel and spiril prevailed. WALTER ROY DAVIDSON: Soplwforward. "Bud", made up for handicap in size by dazzling speed and unerring crip sl'io'rs. WILBURN CLARK: Junior-Guard. "Food", came oul lale, bul made good in The Dis- 'rricl Tournamenl. DONALD J. ROYSTER: Senior-Forward. "Efus", was also a la+e-comer bul saw a good bif of acfion wlien he gol going. 1 . as ...---.-udP"W fftxw, W' "Y'lrar,.n:5 p ,Q ? W' 'W l + Mm, . ss... ff! ah.. A j P T. P. Robinson Walfer Roy Davidson A ,lll fl V17 44A,l FTF .,, fu: Vu W. A. Polnfer :fe Vaal' Bobby Barber SC Yard Dash Rufh Mund 'fm .5 f Luke Thompson High Hurdles Hi ., 13- n.J,m,wggr'Ssesa.q ,. '3f'?:,.7' Mx wi' izfw ' - .. , Pa up aff.-.A Y U we .QQ loo wa new 2 N 1 if .51 ,',-'t1..,i' ,Janna f up ' Rober'r Marlin Mile "Punk" Bridgeman Low Hurdles 'I "Pood" Clarll Y " 880 Yard Dash fl, n fr' 1 , IN 7 5.1 43,3 'fp s- 'C l .. .FV iw if lt, '9- 4 -g s in ' "sfwvlw fx R Ollie Alexander and Jack Neill C. L. Marlin PE SQUAD 3"N Q The Pep Spuad IS an organlzalxon ol long slandnng In H S This year ll was presenl al almosl every loolball game In which lhe Eagles parllclpaled Rain or shane lhey were always on lhe 'ob lhelr lusly lungs provcdnng encouragemenl lor lhe boys Oul m lronl ol lhe cheering secllon were lhree enlhuslasllc leaders Palsy Marlin Sarah Sweall and Eluzabelh Graves They were responsible lor keepnng lhe rally crew behnnd lhe Eagles and lhey lcepl lhe sludenl spurll al a hugh polch The sponsor Mnss Edna Earle Johnson should also receive merul lor lhe parl he played on spurrung lhe Pep Spuad on lo grealer success The members ol lhe Pep Squad are Sarah Sweall Eluzabelh Graves Palsy Mar lan Jean Sproul Mascol Barbara Wesl Franlcye Russell Jean Meador Dolores Bmlcley Jean Mclvlullan Yvonne Wear Belly Jo Sproul Edna Luedeclce Zelma Rulh Key Ida Davcs Bobble Rulh Grey Johnme Mae We-sl Bernell Faull Alma Rulh Luedeclce Palsy Wade Mabel Lee Parrenl Edda Lou Meador Clara Lloyd Ochsner Tommne Le Wllson Rulh Mund Mary V Grlllnn and Jnmmne Mae Pallon ATI S Allhough we are somefimes inclined 'ro under- eslimafe 'rhe value ol publicafion slaffs, mos? of us will agree fhar wifhouf such organizalions, our school life would be exceedingly monofonous. Pub- licafions lceep us in 'touch wilh school acfivifies and recall memories of by-gone days. To fhe Talon and Press Club, we devofe fhe following pages. -4-eff . Two business minds confer on a problem of dollars and cen+s. !'b'PK The copy pours in from +l1e Soph omore edifor, sporfs edifor, and faiflwful sfeno. 'fr wr ais- Tlne Fish sfaff always in +l1ere pi+cl1ing, siuclies make-up angles. QM of 4 3 i Q ' Q H ,s al l as 5 'fr' if l f X or y ik U, in K, I 3,9 , JN, 3, The "brains" of fhe ouffif panel a club scc+ion af fhe drawing fable. Q., .ff Sporfs and liferary edifors worlx fo meer copy dead-line. The S+alT pho+ographer and liier- ary edi+or compare nofes on dum- my pages. Senior and Junior ediTors. They awaiT The comple- Tion oT prinTs Trom The darlc room in The baclr- ground. T FF The Talon oTTice was always a scene oT much acTiviTy, indusTry, and someTimes conTusion. On many a long aTTernoon The sTaTT members were To be seen working furiously To geT a cerTain club or capTion wriTTen. Spurred on To greaTer eTTorTs by The indusTry and enThusiasm oT Their EdiTorf in-Chief, Jaclc Neill, They soon became accusTomed To long hours of Tedious labor. lnside The small darlr room The phoTographic sTaTT spenT many hours and days developing and prinTing picTures which They lrnew had To be good. There was always The quesTion oT whaT kind oT developer To use, and The conTinual devasTaTing heaT Trom The enlarger builT The TemperaTure up To amazing he-ighTs. ln spiTe oT These liTTle discomTorTs, however, The STaTT has enjoyed making This Talon and hope ThaT you will like iT. The members oT The STaTT are as Tollows: EdiTor-in-ChieT, Jaclc Neill: Business Mgr., C. L. MarTin: Jr. EdiTor, Bobby Barber: Jr. Business Mgr., Pauline McLaughlin: Soph EcliTor, Clara Lloyd Gchsner: Soph Business Mgr., Earlene CoulTer: Fish EdiTor, DoroThy Neill: Fish Business Mgr.. BeTTy Jo Sproul: SporTs EdiTor, Lulre Thompson: AssT. SporTs EdiTor, Paul Page: LiTerary EdiTors, Mary Virginia GriTTin and Edna Luedeclce: l.ayouT DraTTsman, RoberT Bridgeman: STenographer, ElizabeTh Gravesi STaTT PhoTographer, Ollie Alexander: SnapshoT EdiTors, OTis Davis, Sarah SweaTT, George Finley, and Edda Lou Meaclor. JAMES F. HUGGINS Sponsor Pouring over The preliminary dummy are The CHARLES A. REYNOLDS Sponsor l QQ 'ig Preparing ano+her edilion of Eagle Scratches. gossip for lhe fl Ufnn. ll'i3i'f.'?5 Asst-edilor and reporler prepare copy. Sporls and Social ecli+or 'frown over a perplexing column. Plinfer conferring wifh pis+ on - +v maller of lyping +he sfencil. PoH'er pauses +o iol a bil of choice PRESS "Soda Squal: Col- Behind lhe scenes in lhe 'ryping room, we find The diligenl, hard-working Scralches Slall who seem lo have a singular abilily lor unearlhinq all news concerning The affairs of Eldorado High School and ils sludenl. CLUB Sol' news hounds qafherrng and dngglnq our The lalesl happen ngs peclclnq s ub o n lvpewrrrers edmng copy sluggnng sf ries from I+ all comes fhe lalef sfnool new The Eagle Scralches Th colurnns of lhns bl rnonlhly publlcahon have been a True represenfahve of +he rhovl The Edrlor T P Robinson has very capably hlled hrs posuhon and hls sfahf IS fo be commended for 'rhe hne co operahon 1U vvorlcung so Tanhfully n pufhng oul ponsrble or The successful ednhng and publncahon of fhe Eagle Scrarches The sraff chosen and approved by lhe Tacully ns as follows Ednfor un Chaef T P Robinson Ass+ Ednlor Tornmne Lee Wnlson Fealure Edxfor l.aVerne Rodgers Society Edufor Eluzabelh Graves Sporls Ednror Paul Page Faculfy Burdee L Jeffrey Jolces Torn Enochs Repo fers Rurh Mund W A Ponnrer Tom Po++er Palsy Marhn and Edda Lou Meador Jus? as rmporfanf are The 'rypnsfs Sarah Sweah' Ida Davus Ru+h Mund Tom Bradley and Lulce Thompson and rhe prunrers Bobby Barber Maxnne Rampy and Wrlburn Clarlc MISS AVIS DEAVERS Sponsor M RS CAROL RATLIFF Sponsor cmzfcd Tool ' , T ' ' l' ' '. X 5 . b 1 b r ,I 1 ' , A ' , ' o ' -- ' 5 , A l ,, lhis paper. The sponsors, Miss Avis Deavers and Mrs. Carol Rallihf, were also re- T 1 I T T T . I Q v-L 1- '?uLP"' A fig-if: 13 - ' .gm s.wg--:N . .1p,-wg, 4, mm A :AQ .l .,,. .V !. Ei, ,V- ,ifff-G e en shall come me M Bug Shofs of Sensor Class E9 uuck Whlz fhe bandage Shasta Tycoon Thompson Bug Shof' All Smules vw Tume Ou? Thai candy musi' be good Nafural, Dice 05,4 Me Three of a Vind M'-ff I 'F 1 15 Leffy gnu Y ws GS .--Q W' in T, -who F Q .S . ,T T 4 T st, 4' I jo K - .,o.o . . we c Q. A A :QQ -fi ' Q f Q ' II 1 ll I' I' 'N- L' K if -T Q iw 3- " xn " frff ' L + 'J' 4 Q . .xg 'A h I 1 1 , S wi? S Y. 1 l, L , 1 3, nal.. Somebody fumblel a ball S'l'ric'l'ly Acfionl believe fhe man being followed! A 3 TAI 'A gv"'gJi V. . I ,r K. :es-fvZ.,o,e K ,M X, . Work ou'l' Are ihey doing 'Phe rhumba ???? Well grab +l1e ball Bubbles! l S+ay on your mud cloppers Pood l ! ! Thai' good old Eldo. line! Our Ersf fouch- down a+ Ozona !!! 7 Crowning of fhe 7 A ' Foofball Queen Franlrye, fhe foof- ball queen! MaloreHe Sfewarcl' Oh me' oh my' Where can fhe res+ of fhem be 7 7 7 if fret 4 ir' Ga- My' Such a solemn loolung bunc A 'few members of +he Eldo Band Q .. vf f gf look happy 7 7 7 7 1 31535. my 'QQKWE X Foofball Mascof Sammae These are wha+ pranced before fhe band Noi' bad eh 7 7 7 ls everybody ready 7 7 Q '22 .V ng! 4-' 'N-L. . , I se, Q, ' if TE, ' ' A ' 'A J Q52 it jr: l -.1-.4 if ' fl , ,. ' A I 'ii ' 7 7 .Y'rf"fi'1 ' 'N' 3 . ' ' 1 as if , y .fe-f' - - . Liv. f , M ,' 7, L ' 7. I .7 - . 1 Q. , W ' -. 7 . N A 'Qi PF Q X in 1 f QA .i . xi fig: E434 R 'W 'T , ' If' V - v " W m . 4 r . I w., F4 L 5 E A it Q 1 , 'L-. wif 7 we ,L Y he 1 "T"'! 7- . ' h! M, U is ji , b iffy ' , '5 XA X x 4,-X 1? ff 2' if ' ' Don"r our leaders ,W , Y 57 'Q P' .lil , , . .3 H n Q 7 , """"" W-cue Q' 1 "7'7 " V ' '57 ' I 7' " if f' 7 -3 7 W ' eL..:' rughf so wlwaf Hal! Smile Please ' Posfure Deluxe l ! Drug Sfore Cowboy ..A?Af A L--I lp? --4 1 ix Gee! Vm ' A 1 " aashfuu 2,4 gf, i-. g ell ' Home worker Black Magic ? fy. .E 1 M , .-.van - .q...u- Y. ...Q--v-fi' Reclron He'll malre if Y 7 l bei Jaclc gels a beau+iful sun-fan. Q gs l Ralf., One big ha ppy family .x K, My! Don'+ 'lhey loolr happy! Enfrance 'lo heaven l 7 l 7 ff U Q Goodloolun ' I l ww g Taking life easy Two masfers of +he old school 'i ... "X A -. ' ,x .pk 1 L 4 S Evldehil 50m y - lhing funny e Reach "Pansy" i4img,h r ks-gm. V , X 'f o 1: 1 i . K ,il , Do you see whaf l see7 ,I -vp-...If 'V alum. vu-an. flim- U . U I .. .A, 4 , , -:W ,, .,,- X ...W , . ,

Suggestions in the Eldorado High School - Talon Yearbook (Eldorado, TX) collection:

Eldorado High School - Talon Yearbook (Eldorado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Eldorado High School - Talon Yearbook (Eldorado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Eldorado High School - Talon Yearbook (Eldorado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Eldorado High School - Talon Yearbook (Eldorado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Eldorado High School - Talon Yearbook (Eldorado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Eldorado High School - Talon Yearbook (Eldorado, TX) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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