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Wife, , W WWMMMW xmNWq Wwgfffww ww WM MW W Awami WM4 A0975 MAC 4 NVQ - fffUWfM'5"f?2 A255 3301 CL W A4722 fygypffygff ,014 46,17 LUMXQ rv 24:67,-6 X V has JM U A Wfpffpdl YN Mfr, ,MJ ,MMM nQ,cML,yw.g ,WWI WMI' We N554 mfg 7404 1-wfwf Mmwf iw W MZ, V7 ?iwf , ii 5 ig? zD 1965! 5 . 5, CEQ2-Qgixaf-j5awE13x 29- 65? ' Q! 72-. 2, T5 5 6 2' 1 , 0 H 5j'wgg5 ,, .51 ' , '-azz' 19,4 Lx. EV A , Z My Y my 1, X -xx RADO LINN VEGAS , fa . I H ,vb If Y, - 1 114 116 154 1 1 - .200 250 DI CONTENTS OPENING A STUDENT LIFE ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS AUTOGRAPH ACADEMICS SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN CLOSING ADS INDEX Staff: Julie Bern Merri Bank Ben Pettit Budd 'i'ozxNo40eoo46xog.0faooe, W doe- como xawevvei ici QCQX9 e-gifkog, cooqw, ae- Rx vlfae- Koi 40001 0604960 exoaeoxa. A' ,ff 'X R po oQQoe3x0QQX'0'!0 0 gm oo-ax oe- Y-ovvke 9 ' wp fxyxfxot 90069 Koi Q90 cocoelo. 00 :- GJ E. i -s-I O -l-3 CU Q' '-1 mi 'P' 3 C on T, cms EOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT fashions St fads H T GCES ARCU , CO ES AROU D hat's hot in fashion this year? That's a question not easily answered as fashion is widely diverse and to each person it means something different. Despite this fact, dis- tinct patterns in what people are wearing seem to catch on every year, that goes without saying. One of the hottest topics in fashion is definitely legs! Two ofthe best new looks this season are shorts and miniskirts, they're seen left and right, in every different size, shape and color. A change in the dress code rules allowing shorts to be worn no more than two inches above the knee has made shorts a must have item in everyone's wardrobe this year. Styles range from colorful jams to baggy khaki's-to form fitting cycling shorts. And these aren't the only leg-bearing pieces students are wearing! More and more, skirts have become an essential part of girl's wardrobes. What's the latest? The return of the mini. Not since the sixties have miniskirts been worn so short. But although it's being called the rebirth of the mini, that's not exactly true. There are major differences between the sixties version and the updated eighties version. One prominent difference is that now there is more than one shout look. And there are a wide variety of styles and colors. No matter if students are wearing shorts or miniskirts, one thing for sure, legs are highly visible everywhere! Another hot topic in fashion this year is carefree sports- wear. Knit pieces in stripes or solids, neutral colors like all black or all white steal the scene. Another sixties rerun that's gone eighties mod is Texas tie-dying. Pants, tops and even plain white t-shirts are hand dyed by a lot of students who prefer to have original fashion. Almost everything is paired offwith ajeansjacket, another must have. Some guys are even seen sporting just a jeans jacket, and no shirt underneath. Jeans, the piece that's said to be "always in fashion" took on a whole new meaning this year. Casual is a word often used to describe them as some students even wore them torn-in-the knee or cut off. Some students were actually wearing old favorites that had been worn so much- holes began appearing, while it was obvious that some sacri- ficed brand new jeans purposely for this trendy look. Clothes aren't the only things that are sporty. A lot of student's attitudes are sporty too. Another repeat from the past, skate boarding, is a means for some to get to and from school. Other's transport in oldies but goodies like VW bugs, rabbits and others. Another aspect that can be described as sporty is student's hairstyles. Although hairstyles too, var- ied widely, many guys have obviously taken time to get such looks as the spike and the mohawk. The replay in hairstyles for guys? The flat-top. Girls seem to want a more Mau natu- ral" look. Yet another style seen in the past that's made a come back: layering. And it too has taking on a new mean- ing. No longer is hair necessarily layered all around, instead subtle layering around just the face was seen all over. Although the statement "what goes around, comes around" is definitely true, Eldorado students have changed the saying to "what goes around, comes around, and will never be the same. M,-it People Are Talking About ... 'Ps i ' Legs, legs, legs! They 're the hottest topic in fashion this year. Skirts, in every style including the mini play a big part in fashion this season, too. Sporty Scott Raber, junior, shows how one of the latest fads, skateboarding goes. Couples paired off formals to match at the Homecoming Dance-proving formal wear to be fashionable. People Are Talking About .. - - W ..L,, .,,, t,.?3.gjt?:g , . stglfggi t tb g i Us vet - 5- -...-ig-tg X4 E1 Q 5 B 'Mm 55 .- .. , it . -Mm..-T U . . We t -fg-,- " ".I. .,- '- - 4. . hr. -. .: Qwffmsemggmwsmfilwsmw. .- f- . A.5w WWW EOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT tradition A A LWAYS ARoUN radition is being the Freshman who is dumped head first into a trash can, getting your class ring, the Homecoming Dance and Junior-Senior prom, last but definitely not least, GRADUATION! When you're a Freshman you go to school on your first day hoping you'II make it through the day without getting hopelessly lost and without spending all of your first hour trying to get your locker open. You make it through the day and you're heading for the buses, those childish Sen- iors see you and you are head first in a near by trash can before you know what hit you. The per- fect finish lo the perfect day in high school. As a Sophomore you order your class rings and you go to the ring turning ceremony. You spend the next few weeks trying to get all your signa- tures along with a sore finger. The questiion is "Will you ever get them all?" The Homecoming Dance and the Junior-Senior prom are both important moments of your high school years. There are times when girls go rush- ing around looking for a dress which nobody has and the boys are renting their tuxes, corsages are bought, Iimu's are rented, and dinner reservaf tions are made. The day comes and you wake up with butterflies in your stomach. Just a little case of the nerves, The time finally arrives. Parents get camera happy and you get even more nervous. You arrive at the dance with your dream date. It's all that you expected and more. Graduation arrives all too soon for Seniors. They order their cap and gowns and receive their tassels. Walking down that aisle and receiving those diplomas is like nothing they have ever felt before and for many will never feel again. Tradition is special. It is something to look for- ward to and it is something that we will look back on with fond and happy memories. Tradition is something we will forever treasure, especially here at Eldorado!!! Student fills out the forms needed to order his class ring. M if ft KWH L 1, 4-,,x rv ,aff W ,aromas gigs, R 5 -4.-'Q -5 '- 'f f -5 6 People Are Talking About .. .xfvfw S Y: it lu., -' '-'A--V V.,. .11.21-.-15-'Qf5':3:'fQ .,',.i ' ' At a popular discount department store, Ben Jurgens, junior, tries on a .V , gi Jeans Jacket. X c W i g S at ' ' if gg 5 ip is s s P E 5 .-.. 5 as Mgti gajuli shopping IT'S AN DDICTIO hopping, one of the best sports around. Shopping is probably one of the things teenagers do most frequently and one of the things they do best. First of all, you get paid on Friday and then it's straight to the mall with a whole wad of cash in your hand. pocket, purse, or wallet. As soon as you get there you hope to find that "just perfect" out- fit for that big date or party. There are quite a few places to shop at, such as the local malls like the Meadows, Fashion Show, and the Boulevard. Some stu- dents were polled about what mall they like to shop at and the results are as follows: The Meadows came in first with 630!n, The Fashion Show came in second with 21010, and The Boulevard came in third with lltoln. As you can see a lot of people like going on money- spending trips. A few stated that they c0uldn't care less where they spent their money as long as they're with friends and the money gets spent. But not everyone goes with their friends, some for instance lliterallyb drag their parents along to hit them up for the items they want. lsn't that what parents are for? To take advantage of, right? But of course parents don't look at it like that. They tend to give you what you want every once in a while, but most parents believe in the Barter System which means doing the housework, cleaning the yard, taking the dog out for a stroll, etc. Just basically doing those dreaded chores everyone detests lincluding your par- entsl. Unless your parents totally adore you, and they give you what you want without you even having to lift a finger. Then there are your typical parents who tell you to earn your own personal spending money because they don'twant you to be a spoiled brat for the rest of your life. Either way, you still have to be decently nice to your parents to receive what your heart desires. What exactly do people shop for? Anything and everything, I guess. And what for? Just any occasion. For example, birthday gifts, clothes, Christmas presents, etc. And of course, l'm sure everyone would absolutely love to find a set of parents on sale or maybe just for rent. Come on think about it, shopping is a past time that will never grow out and become boring and tiring. Shopping is the one thing that everyone will do sometime in their life: some more than others, but 'that's Iife'. While shopping for her Homecoming dress at a mall shop, Carrie Malcolm junior looks over a black gown ... 'N ,, I In ,1 P, ii 55 MI Y' 1. 'um ll i Peopje Are Talking About people BY WORD CF MO TH alk through the halls of Eldorado tor any high school! what do you hear? Gossip being spread about almost everyone by almost everyone. Don't you participate in a lottle gossiping your- self? Who's doing what, who's with who, who's doing what with who- these are all topics of in- terest. A typical conver- sation might go like this: 'lDid you hear about so-and-so's party last Saturday?" "Naw. What up?" l'WelI, what's-her- name and what's-his- face showed up." "Are you serious?!" "Yeah. And you-know- who and his brothers showed up too." "Really?!" "Yeah. And so-and-so's boyfriend was drunk and tried to start something with what's-her-name's cousin and you- Pep Assemblies, the place most students go to chant, cheer and get a little crazy, can also be a meeting place to exchange the latest word in gossip-straight from the grapvine. People Are Talking About ., EOPLE RETALKING ABOUT... know-who's brother what's-her- names cousin's ex-girlfriend's sister's friend were trying to break it up and so- and-so and what's-her-names cousin's started fighting and everyonejumped in and it was real exciting at W and, and, and Understand? Well, you get the picture. Can you believe some people can go on for hours without inhaling? Well, we're teenagers. We have a natural curios- ity concerning our fellow teenagers. We're nor- mal! Gossip is a way of life for some people, though, and it shouldn't be like this. Remember, what goes around comes around- espe- cially when it goes through the grape- vine. A1- 1 iw. Q is . 1 Y 5 , , fn. 1 , ,H f-gf 2? SE M ,ll 5 Q, M, 'H ,Q sz ,ltflm W ,, ,, H1535 wan 3 dh. W ,' ,E ,B HW M, My 435, '?f1fg,Mf W Q gr lfff' 'if -N W FFL!" 'W 5 I f.f5,2? ,Wm f , , ww A h'1.,Ny , - ,W Wgu , 525, gag., ,,,, ,Z 1 , H ,W,,N!, TH. M, 'N 1 , 1 A a Wi. fx? . M X .N ,rg 1 w u!W,, , W 1+ . ei Eli: ff ' ri, S' i.E?iQ+" - Mai? pq--1 V MP1 W5 I--, W,,mQmR5'. 2, ?,:1Y,E, , ' ,ifflngzzim I 4.5213-.fa M 'ffl-Jczszwf' 1 " - , M . Q, mQ?1m.1:::yvJEMwuH W:-Wmf:12:N5:n11 Qww:unyw1,.L:b:rgqggHqr-N f ,Q , , f '. fr, 7-'fi .1 42213 'figf' ' 'fksfif 2. ' 5 r ff H f ' ,ssh X aj ' ,, 1" ' , 'H-M Rm, ' ' L ,W f am mf, ?.il1:5kff??3?hw':L . fx1lw:'M1'L, ,PW N: M Q' Q -up x, 1. ri """',fA 'wwf' ' f:E1f1'I,x 41 154 1 A ' xii, 'hiigbm www rw ,nw W 10 Summer Kenny Kurth and Mark Simmons enjoy their summer living on the edge. At the cliffs of You'll flip over Sea World in Florida Lake Mead, Kenny braves it and jumps first. 1 Laguna Beach California, is a hot spot for summer vacations. Don't walk on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. fs , ui , .- Angie Pzytel, Junior, 'ikicks back" and relaxes while catching some rays at Boulder Beach. -,MQ ,fs in .xg H., As the sun goes down, in Las Vegas it is the end of Joanna Thome and Kurt Wohlrab pose in a typical bright summer day and the beginning of front of a colossal roller coaster at the pop- a cool summer night. ular California amusement park - Magic Mountain. FUN THE SUN! TRAVELING: HIGH ON THE LIST FOR SUMMER o you ever wonder what hap- pened to your summer? A Lot of teenagers got summer jobs and were too busy to really enjoy their summer. Some didn't even get a va- cation, but for others it was stay out all night and party, party, party. Whether it was a trip to Magic Moun- tain or a relaxing day at the beach, Eldorado students did Choir traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to perform in the Bi- centenial Celebration. Some stu- dents preferred to just sit at home to watch their favorite soaps or lay out by their pool to catch some rays. Many students went out of state to visit relatives and friends while others had relatives and friends visiting find sdme Way to stay 4 them. Reunions ?Usy and have some J Xxww with families were un. is 'o ous and mo- Those of US WYIO ft it Jnoitonous at the worked wished we were 5 JQ we same time Rela- .W i 0 - out having fun with our 0 .i,,. .. tives ranged from friends- Organizations ,fi Q f X!! favorite uncles to ff0m Eldorado stayed Lf I L overprotective busy with tfiPs to y 3 grandmothers. camps and other such M K C Q ft Whether your Pi3C6S- The Cheer- ' af summerwas spent leaders and Song' relaxing by the leaders wowed their P001 gf mowing spirit in Flagstaff, Ari- zona, members of the yearbook staff went to Santa Barbara, Califor- nia for a yearbook seminar, and the the lawn, Eldorado students know how to have fun in the sun! ,Q 'Il Summer V THE POLYESTER INVASIO STUDENTS WORK HARD FOR THE MONEY fter the one-thirty bell where do stu- dents go? Home to talk on the phone about the latest news? Or do they go home and eat and watch some television? Or possibly do they go home and sleep? Well a majority of high school Juniors and Seniors go straight to work after school. They go home, make a quick change into a bunk polyester uniform and head to work. McDonalds and Carl's Junior were two of the most frequent places that Eldorado students work or worked. Some other places are K-Mart, 1 L.A. Yogurt, Sunrise Seven, and Little Cae- sars Pizza. Most of these jobs are only part time during the school year. The part time employee usual- ly works 4-8 hours per day, and about 4-5 days a week. The pay for thesejobs is another story. Minimum wage is 55.35 per hour. That's not much for the work that some of these people do. But the biggest complaint is yet to come! Toni Monsoor, Senior used to work gr-3-If . 1 at McDonalds. She told us that, "Wear- ing that stupid uniform made me feel like an old lady!" The uniforms that employees wear are the biggest com- plaints. The uniform usually consists of a pair of polyester pants, a shirt and maybe even an apron or hat. Most of the fast food chains require that you wear this uniform. Joshua Bernat, Ju- nior, didn't seem to think so. l'le thinks, "I didn't feel a difference between my uniform and my normal clothes." He used to work at Carl's Junior. Trishun Jack- son, Junior, is also an employee of Carl's Junior. She said that. "Wearing a polyester uniform is gross. lt's always hot and sticky and hard to move in." Michelle Digregorio, Senior, is a former employee of Vons Grocery Store. Her biggest complaint was that, "They aren't Vogue!" Laura Merrill, Junior, used to work at Long John Silvers. She told us that, "Wear- ing a polyester uniform gives me a feeling of ants crawling all over my body. lt's the worst feeling in life." Natalie Woods, junior, prepares a cus- tomer's lunch order at Subs 'N Such. Observing packaging procedures, Brian Mead, junior, an employee ofthe Mail Room. L.A. Yogurt employee Jennifer Martin, senior, follows a customer's instructions ..gg.l,1T.uu ee- foran order. 'i' W.: :---' ' ' . 9-'vi-m.f.-. E 'ai-see-. . -fa- liff-fvers F " . sp 1 ,,, . as-'1 1 6- giff-' v? - -1'?,,??f.1:ffs: , 5-.: 5322. Li' ff-1555314 K ff 'kv F f ' DHT MEF' HCT FIUU Qc Student jobs .l. me-annul. ELDGRADO'S D TI G SCE E ' WHAT DG SUNDEVILS ating seems to be a fairly common thing in your Junior and Senior years of high school. lt's the cool thing to do, you know, you like someone and you'd like to go out with them to see what he or she is like outside of school. ln the past years it was traditional for the guys to ask the girl out, but things have changed. Now girls have the right to ask a guy out. But what do people expect on these dates? Just good looks, or The over all appearance ofa person seems eat and have a real good time." Jennifer a nice dinner and movie, or be treated espe- cially nice? Well, to give you an idea of the opinions that some Eldorado students EXPECT ON A DATE? be treated. Stacy Wagner, Junior, said that "The guy should dress nice, have a great personality, be exciting, and a gentle- man. I would also like to be comfortable." Ryan Brooks, Sen- ior, said "Simple courtesy, fairly well dressed, polite. Some- body who would be happy regardless of where you took them." Alissa Burton, Junior, said that "I expect him to dress formal, he should behave and not rush things. The average guy would try something." Neil Mayfield, Senior, says "I expect to have a good time. I don't want to be nervous." A lot of the have, we asked people what they expect on H replies we got were about feelin comfort- d d n 1 d ' b Q their ates an t e rep ies varie . a le and having manners. No one likes to Jun-Jun Casimiro, Junior, said that "I I expect to have 8 go out with someone mde and obnoxious. like girls to dress real nice, have a nice good time U U i do!-ft The last major topic was about where body, and a good personality." Lisa Blake, W t t b people would like to go. Shana Hyatt, Sen- Senior, said "I would like to go to a show an 0 ,,e NEI ior, said "I expect to go to the movies and and dinner. I like a guy to dress real nice, nervous 1 L maybe out to eat." Paul Amyot, Junior, fashionable, and especially nice shoes.!" NAYFIELD says "I like to go to a really nice place to to be very important on a date. People mainly like to see FASHION. Pam Dayton and Kristin Wohlrab, both Seniors, told us about their dream date. They saidjokingly, "First, the guy has to be a total babe! And dress G.Q., no shorts or surf attire! He has to be loaded with money and drive a BMW. And of course be on his BEST behavior. Nothing but the best for us. Oh, it would also be nice if he surprised us with a dozen red Zuniga, Junior, said that UI expect to have a good time and for him to spend a little money on me." A typical date these days 'usually consists of a movie and dinner. This can run about S25-5555. For a recreational type date you could go to Scandia and play miniature golf or in the summer you can go to Wet'N- 'Wild lake. So for you Freshmen and Sophomores we hope this can help you in your future dating years. rosesl!" Dream on girls! Another big topic was manners and the way people want to ,asv-0" Sunrise 7, the movie theatre that was The Homecoming DFIHCC Pl'0ViClCd the built last year, has become a popular 3tm0SPhel'C f0l' 3 QVC-at PIHCQ to Q0 On 3 spot to go on dates. date- Football games are another popular option to go with a date. Tracy Cothran,junior, spends a lot of time at games watching boyfriend Jason Birming- ham, also junior, play. 913 Night Life T I'IEY'RE HERE!!! STUDENTS RETURN TO SCHOOL August 27, 1987: It's the first day of schooll Everyone is dressed in their new out- fits and have big, smiling faces. They're all excited about the new school year. But. we all know how long it took to prepare for this long awaited dayl HOURS! Clothes have to be ironed just perfect, make-up tif you're a girll has to be applied carefully, and of course, your hair has to be styled just right. But then how did everyone get to school? Freshman and Sophomores do have their own cars if they have achieved their driver's li- cense. Juniors and Seniors usually have their own cars so they drive themselves. At this point Seniors are feel- ing "Almighty," Juniors are feeling "Bad," Sophomores are feeling "Cool," and the Freshman feel "Groovy," Actually the Freshman are shaking in their Trax ten- nies. As everyone is pulling in to the student parking lot, their stomachs are all ex- cited, wondering what this day has in store for them. Holding your breath as you walk into the building you hope that you're friends are close by. Everyone's looking around at everyones out- fits making sure that theirs is unique. The clicks begin to form in the Cafeteria for as some call it, the Student Activity Center.D The loud, gruff voices are usually the "Sporto's." They usually occupy the very center tables. The high pitched, giggling voices are the Cheer- leaders. They also sit in the center of the Cafete- ria. The Theater People usually gather by the The- ater or they hang out in the Theater. flt makes sense doesn't it.J The "Stoners" always hang out directly across the street from school - getting the last puffs of their cigs. The "Skaters" are al- ways in front of the school so that they can per- form their skateboard tricks. New Students sit in the Cafeteria waiting for someone to meet. lt's 7:25 and the first bell rings. People are ready to go to their homeroom. Stu- dents receive their new schedules - naturally some problems may arise. Quickly they proceed to find their new classes through the crowded halls. When the lunch bell finally rings at 10:10 or 11:05, Freshman run to be the first ones in the lunch line. But of course, the Seniors and Ju- niors rush out to McDon- alds, Taco Bell, and Arby's. Sophomores may sometimes get the privilege of going to lunch with one of their Upperclassmen friends or else it's Cafeteria food all the way. But what did everybody do after school? Varsity Players were afierschool at practice. Some went to the lake or work. But the majority? Home to SLEEP! School Life At one of the spirit assemblies, a Freshmen looking thoroughly enthused, shows his school spirit. During the Homecoming Half Time, Ms Travers definitely got it good. Band members joke around during the Home coming spirit assembly. Terina's Pizza employee, Missy Sarbacker junior has her hands full serving varsity Laura Merrill junior has a ball decorating a football players Don Kuma and Ra,-,dy Min car during Cleat week yard. Outrageous seniors chant and cheer at the Homecoming spirit assembly. 16 Activities Divider 1513 010401 400 900661. C0211 001 '10010 010 10004 00009100 06161065.1701 00 00 , 0011 1 01041 04104 4001 QQOOS 10004-001210 100 PS9 00 00401119109-9000100 0010001110940 0000190 1 001. 10 101010 10090 00100011109 100110 10010 100004 . 40 0104011101000,'004010q.0,001,010 , , ,'i1N69CqN 001009, 11 400 10 00 0100 10991 610011211013 0 01 0091 91110, 10099 O1 440010401 .10090 0001 01100004 100190 00 1l1009 01 001- 400001010 Q00 0009010019. 'o04100,0N0v0401f 0 000 4000901 0000 0 9 301 100 X100 000 0 001 0041 X19 0 00. 000 10 1 92' 9 90 001100 901119 J1Q0 1 009,00 91006 500 41000 92f0Y:11NQ 001 1301 01 100. 0 X9,190Q9, 48011 10410 0040191 0 11101001040 1 6145 00100011109 11 0100109 000 900400 600 Y 0011119 9101 040 010 010 1550610 010 111100, 10 0000 10911040 606111 00 0000. 180100 400 001000 01 19 10 vi 1100 W6 0 5440 1100 '00 12009 XZ, 6101 , 4 0 '001 02,19 000 11' 0135 91 000010 0 1:16, 001010 00 1504019 4 59009 K9 910000 00 01001 00100 0 90100 01 1101004 00 "000 090. 0041 1 0101100I' 5Q069 041 00 001110 19 1119 13065100 01110 01000 0 10010 w 4104 100 10001-00 090.60 100 900 . 000019. 019 000 0100090 010010, 001 0,00 10000 0 1400 0190111 100090 111 9010-. 100 9010 410000100 01 9 5Q066 401110 '00401 12061110 01 06 10001 VY 010114010111 0004 '000 0 001' 9000 0001 01150 3001091 09 9' 1001 . 591- 40 O10 50009 1000 00009 12101, 9610101 1 400 .940 000 N ,10 010 '00 101 000 19 K1 69 10 01 K9 9 00 410 1? 0' 400 1 9 0 1 01 0 9 10 0100 0 0 00 500 600 0 '0 010 000 000 96 P110 010 W 040111 400 0 01111010 00111 13 1 004 Cf0090X17501 1 1 11044 000 010010014104 '100 00100004 '009 1000 000N09,1c,0000+019,0091019, 0 010 10 00100 .1051 0 1001 .0000 094100 9100 01000015, 141000110 0010114 , 0 9011101 1001100-. N140 0,01 0 50009 910066 00g,100f-90111, 000 0 C0001 0091-10100. "1 0040 00100 K2,06'1i1q'19.'1,VxO 941001 901119 000 0 910000 X1 900109 10 00 1001 1009014122 000 910000 011110109 010 Q0 101100. 0001009000090 010 100910000101 ,000 00001 01000015 01001 0010000109 10010040 01000019 10 9410001110 0N010, 410 0 11011110 vis 0000100 0 609601016 11010. 00001 60010 01 010 910 00100010000100 1001001015010 01 1901 -00. 1 00019000190009 100g4000040,,.1N'00140110111010119. ' 01 , 91 110901000. 3011416 0011100 00000. 0001019110109 000009000 011111 10" 110900 "1 0 0004 . 0 1000 004 010 ' 001 0 00 0,000 0100. 11 0100 4 6 09 X61 510 0. 01 0 010 1 0' 001 K1 00 000900000 90 ' ' 0011001019 11010 910100 110006 001110 "1 001111111111-1004 00 0 1109131909 6016 0 100 ' 00110. 0 '111 9 X091 X00 151000010, 9011101, 900115 01000 000 9010 1000 0100119110 0111111014 009 900001 961130. 01000110 0040, 500101, 1009 00900101014 10 9046 010 1116 01 9900115 000001. 9-4' O- O- O- AC U tlVitieS Dividly I' TS lout Week C he Golden creams a famous shoe given to Eldorado lflighl C is School by lex-Los g1Arlgeles Ram Merlin Olsen, whortheiworld D reknowed as part of the f 'Tear-C some Foursomefi Each year we celebrate "Victory - clentsg. sitt psig i r is f C The assemblydonl Friday after-l noon kicked off our exciting mo- tivesggfor preparing forfa vigorous gamfi. This yearthe new students who were unaware s of -what the - Golden Cleat repre- or Defeat" of the cleat by holding special dress up days, spirit assem- blies, C and finally the grueling foot- ball game against our long time en- emy Chaparral, to recover the bronzed trophy. Students were exceptionally responsive to the week of cheering and spirit boosting. The enthusiastic dress-up days, which included "Rootin-Tootin" cowboy day, our "Rocky Balboa" boxer day, and maroon and gold day, were popular with all thestu-s s s sentedlsoonrunder- stood and enjoyed the spirited festival by following the up- perclassmexrs ex- ample. y s Although the re- sults oft the warlike game was against Eldorado, the in- centive of again holding the cleat in our clutches deter- mines our future players to lead us on to VICTORY. Next year at the same time, we will compete once again for the Cleat and hope to put it into our hands once again. rin 1 1 l Students show their spirit during Cleat Week and dress up for rootin' tootin' Cowboy Day Boxer Short Day was a smash hit! Posters were displayed all through Cleat Week is Ben Jurgens, Junior, get's made up on Maroon and Gold Day. Janine Shalfery, junior, is geared up and ready to go ridin' on Cowboy Day. Student Council members - Michelle Daniels, Warren Gray, man Hawkins, and Cori Bower show their spirit on Maroo Gold Day. n and Car- 19 Cleat Week Thls IS a really cute couple don t you all agree? Thls IS one of the orlglnal cool looks sported by Lisa Blake Here IS Eunice Matola demonstrating her ablllty to L dress like a nerd. fn K Kristine Johnson, senior, sheds her Sundancer reputation to dress up for nerd day 20 Homecoming Week s I l 1 S Tourist Day produced many interesting participants. Warren Gray, senior, helps prepare decora- tions for Eldorado's hall decorating contest. ELDORADO SPIRIT HINES THROUGH wesome. That's one word that describes Homecoming '87. Filled with fun and spir- it, the majority of the student body, and even faculty, participat- ed in some way. Monday marked "Punk Rock" day, with students creating new "styles"iiof dyed hair and crazy outfits. Tuesday,was ,"Do as the Romans do" as students wore togas for "Toga Day". On Wednesday the halls looked like the set of Ukeverige of me Nerds" as students and faculty. carried s a , around their favorite lunchboxes. Thursday was "Tour- ist'Day". withiiiawaiin outfits and beach apparel! brightening the halls ofllldorado. Friday-marited traditional "Maroon and Gold day" with students going so far as to paint their faces and hairwith our school colors. Thursday. the day of the Junior Varsity Homecoming game, Student Council and various students lit the "E" on Sunrise Mountain as more students and Student Council members held a candle-light rally on the football field de- spite the pouring rain. Jenny Makowski, sen- ior, stated "Homecom- ing week was a VERY creative week. There were a lot of good cos- tumes." This truly has to be one of theybest Q Homecoming weeks ever in the history of 4 Eldorado. It just goes to show everyone that the E.I'I.S. student body plus facul- ty have plenty of spirit waiting to be cut loose at the most unpredict- able moments. Way to go Eldor- ado! All iniall, Homecoming '87 was full of memories that will un- doubtedly last a lifetime. Karen Ellertson, Senior, puts her effort into the Hall decorating contest. Meianie Suzzi gges an out for punk day, Lgve that hair. 1 i 1 Homecoming Week .www Wynn Hanlon and Franca Bruno orga- nize the Homecoming grams up in the Press Box. Cori Bower, waves to the crowd while on the Honor Society Float. ,, ,, Q-ff' i t - ,. ,,,,.., . W-M: if -- s- r if 'f I ,, V 1 f 5 1 J 1 L r 1. 1 f , mi, aw V flf' W . .QW ZFVQMA ' 'Wyfw' EEE " ' fr , .nt my WSWS? f, 1 jf- or -miilifw ' M,2fiW??5i' - :V L -rw H f WV ff w.w-sm., ,, H. -,ff4r2m.,,,, " I 'f www-,w:-, ,f ' ff ,f-,M.:.. . ,, f, 1--W -- f 'fwiwf yr . . rf . ,,,,,, -wh.. Q , fs During the J.V. pre-game, the candle light- Warren Gray goes out on a limb to ing ceremony drew close emotions. help his school, even ifit means chal- lenging danger. Students were awed by the spectacu- lar fireworks display which kicked off halftime. 22 Pre-game 81 Half-time The Senior class proudly shows off their "outra- geous" float during the Homecoming Halftime pa- SUNDEVILS PRCVE T'S NCT OVER 'TILL T'S O rade. t began in mid-summer, the antici- pation was overwhelming: the day finally came: the 1987 Homecom- ing Game. It was October 25, 1987 and the Eldorado Sundevils were pre- paring to take on the West- ern Warriors. The floats were lined up ready to join the parade, as were the ex- pensive cars, all hand- somely decorated. Maroon and gold crepe paper and balloons adorned the field. Earlier in the day, the as the game began. Strong gusts of wind began to whip through the stands and threatened to destroy the decora- tions. As many of the floats fell apart, one stood tall: the Seniors'. Their ban- ner proudly read the Homecoming theme. "lt's Not Over 'Til lt's Over." Within minutes the rain came to a stop as the game went into full swing. The Song- leaders and Cheer- leaders, though soaking .cd ,... ' g . weatherman had predicted it would be cold with a chance of thundershowers. The parade began at 5:50 p.m. with a lengthy procession of floats and cars. The crowd cheered as their respective floats and cars passed by. As the Homecoming Royalty passed by in their cars, the rain began to fall. As the procession made it's final trek around wet, took the field to cheer the team onto vic- tgryn The Crgwd, Corn- posed of students, par- ents, and alumni, cheered along to mo- tivate the team to beat Western, thus winning the first Homecoming game for Eldorado in live years. The entire stu- dent body combined to make this the best Homecoming in the history Eldor- ado, and proved, "lt's Not Over 'Til lt's Over." the field, it began to pour. Students and alumni huddled to keep warm and dry Michelle Cave, Junior Class President, gives the crew the 'go' sign to light the Us Pre-game 84 Half-time Everyone, the candidates are doing their own thing as they wait to go back across the nicely decorated Sym- "TI'IAT'S WHAT HOMECOMING IS ALL ABOUT g an f hatfs What Love is? All About" rang through the gym as 20 Senior r couples waited ner- vously in their formals. It was fi- nally the day ofthe Homecoming King and Queen nominees to present' them- 4 selves to the student body. Everyone looked their best.-Guys looked hand- some in their tuxedos and girls were gor- geous. The gym was decorated beautifully by Student Coun- cil. S.O.S. and Choir per- formed excep- tionallyrweli. How did the candidates feel? As the students gym at the beginningiof the asf Sembly, the candidates stand ready as they receive hugs and reassuring words from friends and reiatives. The lights dim as last year's Homecoming King and Queen David Jackson and pour into the Allison Densley took their posi- tions. lt was time to begin. Pam Dayton who was nominated by the J.V.. Cheerleaders, said, "I was nervous, excited, and happy all at the same time. DAZEDV' Shana Hyatt went on to say, "I i f iwas pretty ner- vous but it i helped to walk with such a good friend." Accompnied by Marc "Catman" Wilson, Shana was nominated by the Fresh- man Cheer- leaders. Alter the as- sembly was over the candidates stood and talked about their fears . of 4 falling or embar- assing them- selves in front of their friends. Knowing that this would be their last candidates assembly, many cried. Julie Bernat, nominated by the Yearbook Staff, said, "I was relieved it was all over, but I was so sad that it was the last Candidates Assembly." Debbie Wiese gives a half smile for the camera. Kristin Wohlrab smiles away as Mary Danzinger says "I want My pictur tak- enll" Candidates Assembly 2 Wf ff Wa The Homecoming attendants nervously laugh as they await for the start of the assembly. -9 ,N wx Paul Brawer says "l'leyl What about me as king?" as Cori Bowergrins and bears with him. Steve Konst and Joanna Thome face the cam eras with a nervous smile. I X11 H HH K" 2 2, Z ii Bob Ostensen plays it cool while Julie Bernat smiles beautifully. Mo Delise and Stephanie Rainbolt walk down the aisle at the assembly. 25 Candidates Assembly re f Z N ik: in ' ,, 4? , Ag. A 4,.. 'i gf 54,4 - . ' 3 V ' J 8 f vi if 1 '31 HOMECOMI G RQYALTY 1987-88 I l Celia Gouly, Jacki Powell, and Yadi Granados are all dressed up and ready to A cute couple shares a quiet moment together at the party, l I Homecoming Dance. HOMECOMIN "87" BRE KI can't believe the Homecoming Dance is going to be in the cafeteria," said one Eldorado student. "Why can't we have it somewhere else?" said another. These werejust a few comments made by EJ-l.S. students when it was announced that the 1987 Homecoming Dance would be held in the Student Activity Center tmore commonly known as the cafeterial. Student Council, the oflicial organiz- ing committee, was bombarded with questions as well as complaints. Ms. Travers, Student Council Advisor, said "the number of places tavailable for holding the dancel were limited and they tStudent Council oflicersl decided that our cafeteria had more space to accomodate the dance." Although students complained, the Homecoming Dance was as suc- cessful as ever. Upon entering the cafeteria, a pleasing sight met the eye. This was no longer the cafeteria we all knew, it had been transformed into another world entirely. There were royal blue and silver decorations reaching from ceiling to floor. The food service windows had been covered by a royal curtain and the "Sundevils Rule" sign had been masqueraded by a beautiful pastel mural. Ev- erything looked magnificent! Homecoming Dance TRADITIO At 9:00 the Coronation of the 1987 Homecoming Royalty Court was set to be announced. As the highly awaited hour drew near, students began to whisper amongst themselves as to who would be crowned King and Queen. When Stephanie Rainbolt and Wynn Hanlon approached the loud speaker, the exhilarat- ing moment was even more intense. Then finally it was announced: Mark Simmons and Pam Dayton received the honor of 5rd attendants: Warren Gray and Lisa Blake received the hon- or of 2nd attendants: Kenny Kurth and Lynelle Constantine received the honor of first attendants and Marc Wilson and Shana Hyatt were crowned King and Queen. Lisa Blake commented. "l was hap- py, and at the same time relieved that it was all over," she went on to say, "I was very proud to be chosen." Shana Hyatt said, "I was happy and really surprised. lt's a feeling that's really hard to describe. lt made me feel good all over." Despite complaints and doubts, the 1987 Home- coming Dance turned out to be a great success. Thanks are in order to all of the people who attend the dance and to Student Council, who made the dance the best ever! . MEL Y . 'Q ITT? Cori Bower, senior, hangs a banner and helps decorate the student center for the Homecoming Dance. An emotional moment was shared between Lynelle Constan- tine and Shana Hyatt at the Homecoming Queen Coronation. Craig Brockett, Mike Brockett, John Manclark and Robbie Bruce pose handsomely as they stand in line for their pictures at the Homecoming Dance. The Homecoming Dance proved to be a smashing success to everyone who went. williih- 29 l Homecoming Dance The Bride and Groom take a sigh of relief alter their long day. STUDENTS e oini' to the chapelg weire y gonna get married was e heard on January 15th as thepan- e nual mock wedding wastpresene ed by the Family Life classes. This wed4 ding was unquestionably unique because it was the first Roman Catholic wedding in the history of our school. This type of marriage is always held e I in a church, although this was the one excep- tion as it was held in the "chapel" Room 144. I I The traditional YWBCldil1Q'fIiEil'Ci1w Vhere Cornesffhey Brideug was played as the in- vited guests stocky and waited forthe persessional to begin. As thebrideand groom took their places, the ceremony started. Mr. Turek, the "presiding: priest" began his oration. Throughout his speech, he explained the importance of e i marriage, love and com- I mittment. Next, the vows were promised and they exchanged wedding 'irings".p With .a quick The imD011aHC6 of this I "e' peck, Lisa Blake a and wedding is that the sac- ellc 'if at Mike Jewitt became rament is said by both I the bride and groom. Lisa Blake, the ublush- ing bride," planned the - mauve and grey wedding with help from Mike A ffpj, Jewitt the "handsome groom"g Lisa chose Rosa Zorilla as her maid of honors with Conniealiowan, Julie Bernat, and Lorrie Standridge as her hridesrnaids, IMike's -groomsmen were: P1061 Casmiro, An Novahom, and Chris. Cave, with Donfeathersi as hisfbestma1't.' I There wa,5.1Hl50IfhC ffpriestu whotper- formed theceremony. e "husband and wife", at last. . I Everyone gathered outside to wish the "NewIyweds" a happy e r ellflfr "Honeymoon", The new couple hopped into the uhoneymoon express" and clanked and bonked to their destination: a two minute txiptaround the schoolg when they re- turned, they celebrated their "new begin- ? as v f 2 ,f We g'4w,, '5'ffr2 '- , 4 I, ,, , ,W : ,, ning" with a toast and the traditional cuti I ting of the cake. Just then, theyywisherd for meyaupremec fortune: to iivehappilyt 30 Marriage Day Noel Casimero, Don Feathers, Art Plovahome and Chris Cave were the groomsmen. I i I I I I I I I I I I I X' ,Iv rjyj, if Q Mike Jewett, Lisa Blake, are full of smiles as they toast to their "Marriage," F? . law .. , - J XS, XL xx X Q' X Q rims! The "Couple" begin the reception with the tradition- al cutting of the cake. Mike Jewett, the lucky "Groom," feeds his "Bride," Lisa Blake. Julie Bernat, Lorrie Standridge, Bridesmaids reas- sure the blushing bride, Lisa Blake for the big mo- ment. " ' 31 Marriage Day Sadie Hawkins Mr. Scarecrow sits on his tractor while waiting for some attractions. Students Enjoy The Sadie Hawkins Hoe Domm Gals' Grab long time ago there was an old maid in Dogpatch U.S.A. by the name of Sadie Hawkins. She was never asked out on dates, so finally one day she decided she would break the old custom and instead asked the guy of her liking to a dance. The tradition has since then been kept by the girl asking her favorite guy to the dance set aside just for that purpose and named after Sadie Hawkins her- self. Eldorado takes part in keeping that tradition alive by throwing the annual Sa- die Hawkins Hoe Down. Presented every year by the Junior Class Officers, the Sadie Hawkins Dance is always a big hit, and this year was no exception. The two months time that was spent preparing and orga- nizing every detail of the dance certainly paid off in the end. The organizers of the dance transformed our cafeteria into an old fa- shioned barnyard, including a real tractor and hay bales. Even though the preparations for it were endless, the Junior Class Officers said they had a magnificent time doing it and would do it all over again,just as long as they had the help of their wonderful advisors, Mr. Amudson and Mrs. Canfield. The Sadie Hawkins Dance may not be as Wendy Ross and her boyfriend take a load off their feet. Your Guys! hypped up or as fancy as The Homecoming Dance or Prom, but it is a lot of fun. Everyone dresses 'xhill billy" style and takes part in the many differ- ent activities such as the Marriage Booth for the more "serious" couples. The booth was run by Mr. and Mrs. Russel. Mr. Russel or "Father Rus- sel" as some couples called him, married off the happy pairs. The "bride and groom" received a wedding ring, a marriage certificate, and a snap shot picture together, Couples could also get pictures taken in a country setting. One day before the dance. students were nominated by clubs and other organizations for the Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae Contest. Jars were set out to collect pennies and by the end of the day, the pair in each class collecting the most were selected as that classes' Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae. The win- hers were: Freshman: Nate Santucci and Julie Konst, Sophomores: Nathan Cowsil and Krista Brooks, Juniors: Kurt Wohlrab and Wynn Hanlon and Seniors: Phillip Kunisch and Cori Bower. All in all, Sadie Hawkins '88 was one to remem- ber. Maybe it was summed up best by the Junior Class President, Michelle Cave, who called it "a royal blast." '-QQ, Wes Williams helps Roy Eckman and Candie Gross getting ready to get their picture taken The dance crowd strutting their stuff to some jamin toons. Sindy Flaig and Jet? Vanderpol relax after dancing their legs to the bone. pr 1 N. f 1 I HI I ,4 W- .v . s. x XY Q v 6 , 5 0 8 W W i t -1 H , . Q N it 4' s ,, 3 1 X .. if , , 4 ,, K if , A 5 V K Q 5 Q . 6 Q 1 L ,Q . In ' N . ' at x ., X . , N Q Qi, 5 z ,,, W W we' 1 X K -f Ib X ' 1 ww' , ai These are some of the winners of Lil' Abner and Daisy May: left to right, Nate Santucci, Julie Konst, Nathon Cowsil, Cori Bower, and Wynn Hanlon. 32A Sadie Hawkins Back Row: 1Left to Rightl Michelle Leddon, Early Albin, Roxanne Blackburn, Kelly Goodwin, Sabana Rabb, Shane Anderson, Liza Peplow, Carolyn Montes, Stewn Amend, Melisa Cord, Garrett Hamie, Brian Van Vrankin, Shannon Sheldon, Theresa Frye, and Sharon Hunter. Front Row: CLeft to Rightl Anne Kuminecz, Christy Holt, Eunice Motola, Paul Brawer, Edward Mikel, Robert Routin, Janice Spencer, Tenesia Staten, Victor Mendez, Heidi Berkabill, Chris Schwartz, Nicole Ch llino, Chrystal Bower, Nicole Hinth- orne, Javier Camacho, And Veronica Davis. Not pictured: Brandie Southall. Ronettes: CLeft to Rightl Brian Van Vranken, Eunice Motola, Tenesia Staten, Melanie Suzzie, Vicki Gilchrist, Early Albin, Anne Kuminecz, Christy Holt, Kelly Goodwin, and Sabana Rabb. Skip Snip, portrayed by Gan'et Hamil tells Sey- mour IBrian Van Vran- kenl "imagine Sey- mours Gardening Pro- gram for half an hour on Sundays at four." "lt is true that they're decorating the Senior Prom in dusty rose and ivory?" asks Ronette Kelly Goodwin as Sey- mour, portrayed by Bri- an Van Vranken says in an agitated tone "yes, yes it's all truel Now please leave me alonel" Little Shop Of Horrors Students Gather Dohm on Skid Row for the Opening of Little Shop of Horrors l , he curtain rises on thefscenevskid row in a big city during the 1950's. There q wersee ltiushnitfs Flower Shop, ten 5 I., girls calied theikonettes dance on stage singing the theme song: "Little Shop, Little Shop of Horrors .. J, This sets the theme for the musicalfa, e comedy about a boy and his girl and a monster .1 E, plant. lt'sr the 17th of, Marclvopening night for the musical and aiso the premiere performance of "Little Strap of tlorrorsff in Las Vegas. The dboy. Seymour, portraye by B an Vanvranken, finds a strange plant which he named alter his love. Aug 5 drey. played by .Shannon i Sheldon. Throughout the play. the plant iAu- g dreyll! grows and grows, ff feeding on the blood ol' human victims, and soon Audrey ll begins to f dominate Seymours llfet Seymour gains fame due to the unusual plant, and y V. 4- because offthat Seymourrhelpshudrey ll with ' his' first victim, Orin Scrivello. D.D.8. por- trayed by Paul Brawer-Seymours' rival for Au- drey, Butllinallyffiieyrmfsnr wins thelglave, of. f' Audrey and destroys me monstrous plant. ' One of the most distinctive characters in the gnuslcal was Audreyyll, played by severgl sive growth throughout the play, until finally it reached rnonstrous proportions. Andrey ll's various Q5tages'were'played:hy Marolyn Montes, Brian van Vranken, Robert Jackson, and Robert Players. Although the rehearsal time was cutg everyone in the pta! Perfrirmeug excetlentty. Paul Brawer who portrays Orin Scri- vellol 10.0.50 . comment- ed. "our renearsat time was cut drasticaily, so we had to get down to business. right away." The players of the musl- eal an say that in grae: to ptlepare 'themselves for their roles they stud- ied the movie version a lot. 'flzstudiedythermovle and the script a lot to get a feet for the character," stated Shannon Sheldon who plays Audrey. Brian Van Avfranken said that the movie version came Win handy when HB was studying the vocals. The premiere of "Little Shop of liorrorswwas a big hltlancl atso a big- ac- ' ifsized foam rubber gitsntstb showflts progres- - icomptishment of the Eldorado Theatre De- partment. It was best stated by-Tracy Bower V' ' who was stage manager the rnusicelfyfhen she said we have the best theatre depart- ment in the state." Little Shop of Horrors Cast Audrey-Shannon Sheldon Seymour-Brian Van Vrankin Orin-iD.D.S.J Paul Brawer Mr. Mushnik-Shane Anderson 32C Little Shop Of Horrors Black History Week Who Am I. ' i lack History week with ,the theme "Who Am I", 'began on February 25 at the Eldorado High Schooi The- V 5 ,atre in ob- servance of' great black Ameri- cans and their conf trtbutions tosociety. f Some of the skits performed were if-flancesalwy thefhadzn. Dominator whowere' performed by. Tiffa- JPY WQFFCY B94 N57 '-Shia ,bpuglasiiiranf tastic KFCHIMBS per- formediby lfagonya A ,1ia!l,,siT'SfhLarra,r ' Wrightifand garrem and 110 Half Paiesfhanhlin Tit- ehey twin. Angela' Reid per- fgmned the soliloguy of the -sthemetfwho I".eand thezcast - ...- So, what do we do now. 32D Black History Week paid a tribute to Martin Luther King. just to name a few of the acts performed that night. it i'Black History Week means unwritten or unre- curdedhiatp- ofthe black mam rin the United States of America," states Mx. ' Askor, whq was one of the support groups in the pro- ,QIHEH-, WHS!! 855614 what? feeling does Blank History leave 70141 with., Chi!- dress rebked,-fm gave me opportunityito ex- Pliesf - ancEfthe'eii!Crit'thHi'-I feell-inside for the , 1 anim? 5519912 QM tllecontriibntiuqgthatziiigifznidem the United States ofihmerlcaff. fhgxrall, everyone did a superb 0 - if cgi- vi Ollie Mikell is reciting the poem Struggle during the program at Black History Week. Now .4 . one, two, three . .. Okay girls, stay on the beat. l W, ff WWW fa Mfrff l '-r ,:.. ' :f- f f 'af fs as " Miami ff L if 3 3- '. J W, f f 94,401 ,,,l,,'g r- f a Michelle Carrington, Senior Class President, grunts at a fellow Student Council member. Front Row: Sindy Flaig, Wendy Ross, Shana Hyatt. Back Row: Neil May- field, Traci Davis, Russell Orr. Michelle Cave, Junior Class Presi- dent, makes a superior poster for the Homecoming Game. MAKING THE YEAR. . i I i- SOMETHING TO RE EMBER hanges and significant s decisions marked an exceptonal year for the student council officers. They worked hard all year long to have fun activities and dances for student body. ,l,,y,i fy, , Planning of homecoming 1987, was a week filled with many new ideas. One of which was to elect to make homecoming different this year by havingyrit in the StI1'ji icfent center rather than at it the traditional site: a major hotel. The dance had a sen- sational tum out. You always see the stu- dent councilgoiiicers on their knees making posters that tell us to show our spirit on dress-up days and remind us of an upcoming dances However, student council envolve thenflselves in much more activities such as plan! ning graduation, school im- provement, organizing as- semblies and even do a little community service. So as you can see, the studeng Tcouncil haveirnany responsik bilities. Theyfare the people who help give us our high school memories. Front Row: Angie Grah, Franca Bm- no, Doris Kerr, Gayle Gilpatrick, April Szekeres, Lysia Martinez. Second Row: Nicole Anderson, Leann Law- rence, Tammy Ryan, Debbie Kohut, Wynn Hanlon, Dena Hansell, Lori Stone. Third Row: Pam Dayton, Mi- chelle Carrington, Carmen Hawkins, Sindy Flaig, Wendy Ross, Traci Davis, Shana Hyatt. Back Row: Stephanie Rainbolt, Adrianne Clark, Cori Bow- er, Veronica Fuller, Russell Orr, Neil Mayfield. Student Council 34 Plays ons" ANDl'No'rHINo ON" A i e elll i t it he Eldorado Theatre Depart- ment opened it's year with e their production of "Moises Off". Written by Micheal Frayne, the r playopened orrbifoadway and is Still The tells g5fEjggTTB1'itish Troupe's attempts wto put on a prays Called "Nothing Cn". Under thejdi- rection of Ms. Emmett, the play was another superb production by the Sundevil Players, Q a eldorado Theatge carried on their e jggfaditional successjin their failtfpgfof election of the Broadway smash Int "Moises OH". Micheal Frayn's British comedy, which held it's success on Broadway from December 11, 1985 to April 6, 1985, was quite an over- whelming success for Eldorado as well. The hit, which drew a large audie ence each I'iiQht,filf3C8iV6d great reti- ognition from the community. Elder' ado theatre's productions of ulioises OIF' was a hysterically zanny action packed farce that entertained all. 'ifrijrgresis somethingltofibeing a tax exiieif' r f - sayarreaaie fnabefrfaiiutiny to Belinda fffaiief Maxaml, i i i 'E' tg m 23 if 'ah' a 8 ' A f aw as l1 a 1 at 'iii 'W was 'EW new l l Noises Off Cast Dottie Otley-Alycia Sanders fig at Lloyd Dallaseviciior Mendez f Garry Lejeune-Brian Van Vranken Brooke Ashton-Christy Holt Poppy Norton-Taylor-Carolyn Montes Frederiock Fellows-Robert a it t Twfin Vi Belinda Blairgliaite Maxam Tim Allgood-Paul Brawer Selsdon Mowbray-Sean Wortman 17 w E 'Z may 1 any A , if ,, ' 'f : , .,,n V'iff 2 5 . , ,,,, , ,,,, t,al Would you listen and get it straight this time? Top Row: Carolyn Montes, Victor Mendez, Bob Routin, Alycia Sanders, Brian Von Vrankin, Christy Holt Bottom Row: Paul Brawer, Kate Maxam, Sean Wortman. "ls that the line, Brooke IChristy Holt1?" screams Lloyd Dallas I Victor Mendezj, the di- l'CCtOl'. 35 Plays Freshman Cheerleaders put on a great show at the Homecoming Assembly. ll Y SU DEVIL SPIRIT: CATCH IT IF YOU CAN! t's 1:00 p.m. on a Friday afternoon in mid- September. Suddenly. the thundering of a bass drum radiates through the air as the band tiles into the gym. Student council members wallpaper the gym with posters as the Spiritleaders finish setting up chairs for the football players. The gymi is instantly filled with students, all rowdy and rearin' to go. lt's spirit assembly time, the time when it's okay to be loud, rowdy, and yes. even crazy. The M.C. ofthe assembly comes over to the microphone the prime examples to the Freshman, and . . show'em where it's at." Now it's time for the Junior class. With only one year to go, they give the Seniors some real competition! As they rehearse for their Senior year. they demonstrate true Sundevil Spirit by having one of the largest turn outs at the assembiy. They more than prove to be 'klammin Juniors." ' And now the Seniors. The class of '88. As their last year at E.H.S, comes to a close. their as the gym fills to maximum ca- -f I' X ,W ,W . spirit is unstoppable! They pacity. The Seniors begin the 'if Q zoom across the floor in the tri- class competition with the Ju- 'Q ' ml , , Cycle race, win the donut eating niors, Sophomores. and Fresh- gg ' Q race in a mere seven seconds, man joining in, all vying for the J g U 'f never losing their paper crowns. title of most spirited. who wins? j - f W who ever said Seniors had to be We'll see! Q' , mature? The Freshman class. not ex- fy ,,,, " S., Aithough the assembly is actly sure what to do, follows " ""' " winding down, the crowd isn't. the lead of the other classes. While their confidence may not be apparent, their raw spirit is. They demon- strate their spirit when they give the Seniors a run for their money in the competitions. Al- though they are new comers to spirit assem- blies, the Freshman class demonstrate true Sundevi! Spirit, The Sophomores of E.H.S., one year veter- ans of spirit assemblies are often looked up to by the Freshman. The Sophomore's spirit is apparent as they become rowdier at each as- sembly. Their class spirit shakes the gym as The Seniors win the class com- petition, but received a good fight from all of the classes. Whether the Freshman. Sophomores, Juniors. or Seniors win the ciass competition is not important. The important thing is that each class at E.Ii.S demonstrates gig Sundevil Spirit. 9, , 1 'X Students really get involved in assemblies eV Spirit Assemblies ' W 6 'Q 3 -mx 'aw . il v 3 if Cheerleaders get a chance to show their stuff. Fred, the mascot, gets the chance to chat with the Songleaders. ff 'FR' MC The crowd shows their enthusiasm and excitement at a Spirit Assembly. Tracy Bower and the 50nQ'93def5 baby mascot laugh with each other. 37 Spirit Assemblies ANNUAL BLOOD DRIVE ovember 19, 1987 marked the annual EHS Blood Drive. 148 stu- dents and faculty cared enough to donate blood this year, and the Blood Bank was very pleased with the turnout: which was one of the largest ever at EHS. g Although some ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 11011 headed" after he donated, as was Jo- anna Thome. Student Council, who an- ticipated this reaction from some stu- dents, were on hand to supply cookies and punch to help restore student's strength. All in all, the 1987- 88 Blood Drive was a donaters were scared, a few even fainted, all felt it was a small price to pay. Strong minded Mike Holling- shead was asked why headonated, 'Because lhave enough for my- self, why not?" The drive proceeded throughout the after- noon as students came and went in the library, where theldrive was heldr i l if Q Students were strongly encouraged to eat a balanced breakfast before donating, but some did not heed the warning. Brett Folk was a little "light huge success as once again EHS students prove that they care enough to help. A close up of the dreaded needle 38 Blood Drive Stacy Goodale places an ice pack on her forehead after almost passing out. Sandy Baker looks for support from a friend. Mr. Splittgerber, like many teachers, support the Blood Drive. 1-in annual Connie Rowan watches another donating student. "I don't believe your taking my picture now!" replies Mike Morgan. -N 39 Blood Drive Q99 9 xo og0f5 Q0x9 9 6xx9ox9 990' ox-x0 9Xxx60 x0x fQ00x 0000 x9 xg , 9x9xp3xx 99, J 400-9xI' ' ' 6 00.00 ' Q. ' 96, 9q,9x' o 'x ' 09920919 ' ,9o 60 ' 9Qox06 4009 9 x x06 X9 xxx 9 -1. 9 X 0 0 040 ' . D 6, x to 0 xo ' C0 00 Q9 CA' 1 K K0 40 O I' HK, n, :LMA 1,1 ns , DQ IV- IQ lvl. K X0 10950 'V00 '60 xx1'0x . CQ X09 90 dxf 9x00Q o9xxxo0 00oxq0 ' X0 9905 0xx 5x49 9xoA99 ' 90900 0409 o 99. xlx9 6 Ks Q xx Q9 9x0X 9 0939 9 o40x5 xo9xx99 xo 6 oo-9900 00993 999 '00 4009xo K9 00, X0 906 9090 600400-9x 6094 '0 nh X90 '0 9. 098 Q 9 x xx00 Xxxx 095 X9 Q0 xxx40 ox 400 xcxx 940 80. 00 6 9 oox 920 0 x9 x 000 Q90 xlx99 90 600. x9f,0x1,9 09xxo0. 04000 x 9019, Wgoxxx x0qY040 9q9x0I' 'i0x9 xx409 09x Q96ox49xxQix9x9x94x.0xx99 9069 , xlx99 x9xrfx069 Q00 x9Q0 90 90690900o009xo0'Q000N 0000 9q.9x x"Y'09xj x0 Xoox4x0o, 'o9xx9x 1' x40x9o9x9 90900o0. xx 9 6-F99 9 50. o0 9 x.3x5xo9x 04099691 40oxxxx06, Qx9oxxo9. 'iqxfxoqb 09 9o0Q9969x9 9x9 0906 xo 9009 990 xg ox99xx999. pbx 99409099 xoxxg, 6466 6995 , Qx9oxxo9'o9Q,90 9x 6-90 9 50.xlx99 X909 CONNCOK9, 'WQ09 ox9oxx99 x9 0009, xx 9 0ox 90 Q00 906 Q06569 0x Ki 9 0099099 ox Q00 69095 xQ09 9o0Q9969x9 9x0 90 ' 9099 900090 ox 9x9 oQ09x 9 OOKY09 R49 xxqxxx 40x 9i9400f5 fb 0916 9x MI' fb Qx9o'0o09 Q09 oXo90 0001 .WX40 x x9x90'0o9oxxoxr1 0990 99939 9090000 900X6o0. Q09 xx400I' XJX90 9669 ,N40 x0 0o0 I' 3095 93,3904 ,009 9o0Qg9969x9 ?x9g,9x90 PNQYLOGO xo 9xx906 O0 K. K0 f oo000 0 ,.f, QM NCQ, QQ? Ps 9oooo, 'oem x9 owgxooo og o4o4o4oex9 oi ikoosooo 9'oooo.6xx gog9X Ooxgoselxngx g ooo 0 'ooo coo :Nw Gooooso y-omooo C2ooexXefa6xoo,Oo40Q.SS'oooQ0ote,,Q0e, Sooooos 'isoofog oo Qoejo 'oogoo soo oxco Wag 'ooo ooosoo oo Q9 9o4oqoos xoog og oX9o ooocoo Soxixxeisovios 'do oxqox9. goes Qoxoxoxoo, ixogo oe-goo oo P-oQ,o9x 6 9ooQoooex9 'oogoo Qwzlxi 'oooixo 9c:ooog9o g oc35xo.'9'oog ooo 'ooo 'so oxoo Koi we iooivoo 9oo ooo olofofoog oxooixoo9.0oooq,oNo y X ' wb 'Rom oloexi' We 9ooQooooi9 X99 Yoko o1oxex4ooXoo9 ooo o4oogo9 ' cy0o'vgb9oge,d Qokokbioox o9o4gNoo. Moog Ynowex, , ogoo coooozo coo cSxoo'x3o9x cooigo Qixo oxoov- goo 1 'xg N06 'oo CXQ 9oo oooxoo 0, xoooxoxi 03 ooz,-aodxo 049 woo 'oo N06 iooog dxog goog ooxoqoxg 9 osx Qixoo 9o40oXg , Q foto oo oa- gfxvooox xo R ooi oxogiox OK., foxxof, ox 9 xo ge, QQX QXog tooixeo, "Rx wb fzbvook ooo own we iooo, Qoog g 'boo ogoggkoxogf' Nici 9coooX veqoo. Q00 o oxoooixog Koi 'coo 'io9'x 9oxix's oe- ooqgoooow qox oowsoo omogooxg 'o oo Q00 o99ogooXg ixoqoxg oogoo Wag oiqooo gooxo oiooo 'QM-o ogoi , voooo9o o-9 XJXSQYJXBXQC QoxKxvo9xjR.4o 3o9'voogo oxox oi O 9-oxixx Koi ooi 9coooX, ole, Xogo oot 'xefog0I' ,ofa-50 oo Qoooqo osooixoo K9 xooqo, ooo coowl 9 N' wow cSx9ooooxo'xqooo'x We 9ooQoooo49 'ooixogo Ki 9 QQQSNOOIS ookx. Qfoooooo -Efoexooo 9Qixo,"XoixovAC 9 36530 Z X092 Qoxogggooo 9o40o QCISSOO googo ' 'ooioxo c,o4oo9 oo ooo 9og9 "ox,x gl goo ovcoo o99ogooXg ,goo dxo ' xfgal' vcooogo ov CXQV K9 '6 064 Oi' , KC9 OVJXOO5 'Q P569 V09 ooo. Y L g 6 060 0 25 9069 'sooo goo ,X 60 toqoxg gooo 309. ' KX 'boioxe gooxmoixoo Qogx we KNAW xi 9 oxooo ox Woof 5 I-I-J Ei I-I-I rn 5 IES -S L- O O rga A W mzatio n S Dividl-I f "Are you kidding me?" asks Kim Stark when told what was going on in Law and Crime. Randy Minyard listens intently to the discus- sion going on. Sun Youth Forum SU YCUT H FORU he 55th annual Sun Youth Fo- rum was held this year with 49 EHS students participating. Held in the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Forum gave students from all of the Las Vegas area High Schools the opportunity to discuss topics that are important to todays world. Students were divided among the seven topics, which included: Teen Topics, America, Around the World, Potpourri, School Daze, Home in Nevada, and Law and Crime. Students were chosen to partici- pate in the event based on recom- mendations from Government and U.S. History teachers as well as stu- dent's cummulative Grade Point Averages. Yolanda Hawkins, Senior, was cho- sen to participate in a televised ver- sion of the Forum due to her out- standing performance at the event. A WWA-LVM Warren Gray and a new friend from Gorman laugh it up together. Ms. Joseph is chatting with another Sun Youth Advisor. W 5 1 tif K SUN YOUTH FORUM 'v-...WRX The sweetheart couple of the Forum smile pretty for the camera. Carmen Hawkins tells Stephanie Walker like it is! 'Yes weare hot! We had fun at the'Sun Youth Forum." Everyone looks on at the camera while Sharonn Patronik gets some shut-eye. r the 'iff QL J I jf , W Yolanda and Heather are just dying to get their K opinions in. ,K 43 Sun Youth Forum 2 ' I ' i u Q Hs 4 M 4 we ilk Ss A HONOR SOCIETY Kneelingl, to K: Se Chang, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown. Unknown. Unknown, Unknown. Unknown. Phung Vuong, Linh Tu, Keven Thompson, Nathan Cutshawl, Kris Cole, April Szekeres Joanna Thome. Second RowL to R: Unknown, Unknown, Benji Boone. Unknown. Unknown, .Jimmy Fehrman. Wendy Higgley, Sharon Meadows, Chris Larrimer, Kim Spivey, Sharma Hyatt Unknown. aimee Mise, Priscilla Jorgensen. Back Row L to R: Stephanie Rainbolt, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Cindy rloughes, Jennifer Rice, Unknown, Ruskin Jenson, Unknown Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Kristin Wohlrab, Wynn Hanlon. 44 Sadd, Human Relation, Honor Society, Varsity Quiz GIVI G YCUR LL ne of Eldorado's most challenging clubs is Varsity Quiz. Our El- dorado team-mates compete among Southern Nevada's finest scholars to find out who is the best of the best in gen- eral knowledge. The club is open to anyone who enjoys a challenging game with diffi- cult questions. Questions can range from the most difficult and specialized to the most simplistic. During the games, the team-mates have to be very quick pressing the buzzer and intelligent enough to answer the questions correctly. It takes about six weeks of prep- aration for our Eldorado team-mates to be physically and mentally ready to com- pete in their first game of the year. This truly is an exciting game that will keep you on the edge of your seat at all There is intense pressure and anxiety involved during the matches. The team-mates have Mr. Clark to advise them and help lessen the pressure while their energetic minds are busy at work trying to an- swer each question correctly, win each round and win each game. The last Varsity Quiz game played this year was a close one. We lost by one point, the opposing team had 125 points and Eldorado had 124. Just because they were only one question behind does not mean that they lost totally. What counts is that they went out there and gave it all they had. No matter if our Eldor- ado team wins or loses in Var- sity Quiz, the experience of competing and knowing they did their best makes them much better individuals as a whole. fro tRo Yad G do Ch is Kum necz Jacalyn Powell Eddie Foulkrod Jack Vaugh and M Clark Back Ro Lashay Hagg rd Joe W d J k OBry t tt Pere J mmy Fehlm C laGo y Ph o grlao Fha Just Ph ll p NotPictured Jenmfersandel dand times. "I thought when I joined the questions would be hard, but actually, they were easy. lt's all a matter of quickness." Quote by Eddie Foulkrod. Q . 2 1 M K S -. V V ,A .,,,, ' vwvvMM,HMW"" ' Vg",,, ,W CAbovel Stephanie Barsuk, Ju- "Oh boy, another day of lectur- nior, is passing the time away by ing", thinks Jill Freeland, Soph- writing one of her friends a let- omore. ter. SADD, Human Relation, I-jggnor Society, Varsity Quiz Chess club members take their games very seriously. Stacy Wagner dry mounts her V.l.C.A. print. Justin Stephens tries to en- large his photo. 46 V,I.C.A., Chess, 81 Computer Clubs Pat Linn, a member of the Computer Club, watches another member gather information about trading software. Eric Weiber, with the help from his friends decide which negative to print. 4. hi' f:",JH.?LW A',ff ffl: 1 he Vocational Industri- al Clubs of America is a club that gives stu- dents the chance to compete in vocational areas. Our chapter competes mainly in Commercial Photography. One first competion is Region- als which included people within our chapter. Then the top competetors from region- al go on to State. At state, you compete with the top students from other schools all over Ne- vada. The top 5 are awarded medals and the first place win- ner goes to Nationals. Nation- als included the first place winner fron each state in the U.S. One top 5 winners at na- tionals are awarded metals and prizes. These prizes may included scholarships and photography materials. One past 5 years,Eldorado has won the top 5 places in State and have placed in the top 5 at the national level. There is never a special photo that wins. Any photograph that has perfect qualities can win' V.l.C.A. has fund raisers that send its members on many educational trips. Some of these include trips to Kan- sas, where the National V.I.C.A. convention was held last year. The club also goes to Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California: Yosemite National Park and Carson City. . .c.A. 1987-88 il.l.Q.A. omcers g President- Julie Bernat Vice-President Warren s Gray 3 Secretary- Lauralee A Whitmore if Treasurer- Dora ,Pettit Parliamentarian-T Eric- Show-Cliainidanfdenni Victor Mendez, checks his print . 'F' we g,g- ,,aEfrontg2row,2G-rlzl .Ben Jurgeins, -Staceyiilllagijer, rGan'ie1?ialcolm,fgzlustiglf Stephens, Dora Pettit. Unimown. Johnny Gardner, Unknown, Amy Vans A-derforgi, Lauralee Whitmore. Back row: Christine Clark, Julie Bernatr fJennilMak,1fTracyl Bower, ' baura ilvlerrilig 'Michelle--Caudel, Ki'istin'Gom-2 mell, Scott Jackson, David Oliver, Buddy Willson, Samantha Charles. ,,,. CHESS W 47 MW V.l,C.A., Chess, 84 Computer Clubs 48 Yearbook Q5 Q, ,- -fm fn- e"i i YEARBOOK STAFF J Toptl,eft to rightl Sherry Poet, Michelle Caudel, Julie Bemat. Bob Ostensen, Buddy Willson, Jeff Helms. Middle- Missy Sarbacker, Corrinne rlibdon, Tracy Bower, Jennie Makowski, Ben Jurgens, Sandra Romans, Carrie Malcolm. Bottom- Felicia Ford, Marisa Zarrelli, Marva Banks, Toni Monsoor, Jo Anna Thome, Laura Merrill, Sharon Patronik. Not shown: Lauralee Whitmore. EDITORS Front row: Jenny Mak, Sharon Patronik, Tracy Bower. Back Row: Buddy Willson, Corrinne I-libdon, Michelle Caudel, Julie Bernat, Missy Sar- backer. PI'IOTOGRAPI'IERS Front Row: Sandra Romans, Ben Jurgens, Dora Pettit. Back Row: Buddy Willson, Lauralee Whitmore, Bob Ostensen, Toni Monsoor, Laura Mer- rill, Julie Bemat, Photo Editor. Not shown: Carrie Malcolm DEABUF Sandra Romans tries to find her layout in the Yearbook cabinet. But the Yearbook Fairy must have taken it. J : il H- is it CO I G TOGETHER eamwork: it's a small word with a large meaning. This is especially true for the Yearbook Staff. Ask any staff member and they'll tell you the same-teamwork means getting by with a lot of help from your friends. Without teamwork there wouldn't be a Yearbook. Although that may sound overstated, it's really true. lf we weren't able to function as a team nothing would be accomplished. As a staff we had two main goals: 1.lto meet each and every deadline and 2.lto make the yearbook the best it could possibly be. With these two goals in mind, the year began. Although most of the staff mem- bers were new and inexperienced, by the time the first deadline rolled around, we had really become a family: and like any regular family we certainly had our share of ups and downs. On the "up" side, after our third dead- line, which was a real killer, the staff took a trip to Mt. Charleston and had a fun- filled day of adventure. On the "down" side, we had to say good-bye to our friend and advisor, "Pom," who left at the end of the first semester. Even though he left, we still managed to get the job done. On the contrary to what some people think, it's not all fun and games. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Hours and hours of after school time as well as weekends were spent at the Yearbook headquarters to meet deadline, and sell ads. Over the summer, editors Julie Ber- nat, Jenny Mak, Sharon Patronik and Mi- chelle Caudel attended S.C.Y.S. Year- book Seminar in Santa Barbara, Califor- nia. While there, they chose this years theme. With the addition of eight pages, the embossed cover, and our original tear and theme "People Are Talking About this years yearbook proved to be the best ever. "The staff is full of hard working and dedicated people"-Michelle Caudel. -Fit M I u l I Sheny Poet contemplates what to do next on her layout. Awwwlll Ben Jurgens takes a little nap after working on the yearbook. While on an assignment Dora Pettit and Canie Malcolm wait around for the perfect shot, while Ben Jurgens takes a short break for a cool refreshing drink. 49 Yearbook YE RBOOK STAFF Laura Merrill decides on the perfect headline to put the finishing touch on her final layout. Our multi-talented Copy Editor, Tracy Bower, shows her expertise in makeup artistry as she prepares Chris Lewis for the Sports Division page. After giving Jeff Helms the "o.k.", Jenny Mak, Layout Editor, aids him in the first stages of making his final layout. Yearbook W ,.f0',2 . Marisa Zarrelli, studies a format before beginning her rough layout. W .2-'ij - ...- is iiik i ' " :f?i,li4aii.ls- . is. , ., it 5 X viizxgf Q .- 3, ', f 'tif fi L' fr ,ff Q REPORTERS Bottom Row:Dora Pettit, Toni Monsoor, Ben Jurgens,Joanna Thome, Missy Sarbacker. Top Row:Michelle Caudel, Marisa Zarrelli, Corrinne llibdon, Lauralee Whitmore, Tracy Bower, Julie Bernat. LAYOUT ARTISTS Bottomfrracy Bower, Dora Pettit, Sandra Romans, Jenny Mak,Joanna Theme, Missy Sarbacker. 'l'op:Shen'y Poet, Marisa Zanelli, Lauralee Whitmore,Corrinne rlibdon, Marva Banks, Laura Merrill, Toni Monsoor, Jeff Helms, And not shown: Michelle Caudel,Bditor-in-Chief. 1 TIS! 1 2' "WH PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE i ,,,, J B J Front Row: Lett to Right: Laura Merrill, Toni Monsoor, Ben Jurgens, Joanna Thome, and Missy Sarbacker-promotion editor. Back Row: Left Julie Bernat and Jenny Mac at S.C.Y.S. Camp in Santa Barbara, fgaixghgiliflsrlglngogghggglngalggzgon' Marisa Zanelh' Sandra Romans' Q feel a bit home sick and decide to call home to mom. W- 51 Yearbook THESPIANS Bottam len: to right Candle Gross, Brandie Sbuthal, Garrett rlammil, Tracy Bower, Jenny frost. Bob Routin. Yolanda Hawkins. Middle Michael Jewett,Michelle Canlngton, Carolynllontes, Shannon Sheldon, Victor Mendez, Sean Wortman Top Shannon Wilson, Brian Van Vrankin, Nichole Cheleno, Hlllary Fournier, Helen whitakee, Christy Holt, Ms. Emmett, Liza Peplnw. Julie Pert. SUN SCOOP Bottom Left to Right Alycia Sanders, Chaster Hinds Top Left to Right Mrs. Lindsey,lAdvisorJ, Marina Kim, Ellen Castagro, Yolanda Hawkins, Jennifer Sanders, Tracy Bower, Andrea Haynes, Shannon Wilson, 52 Thespians 81 Suncoop HOT OFF THE PRESS! hat's right, read all about it in Suns- coop, the new official newspaper of Eldorado. With a new advisor, Mrs. Lindsey, and an all new staff, they produce a monthly paper that keep students in- formed of issues that affect them. Petrified as to what the outcome would be at first, "We received positive responses from ev- eryone," said Tracy Bower, Editor. She's found that being Editor, ". . . is hectic and exhausting, but it's fun. The other editors, and the staff as a whole, is a big help." Mr. Paulin has helped the staff a geat deal. He has given them a "grant" to pay for the publication of the paper, as well as helping them to obtain the equipement needed." The school as a whole has been very responsive and supportive of the newspa- per and the staff. Good job Suncoopl Alycia Sanders and Mazjy Plellis, both seniors, laugh about cap- tions for their pictures. Tech students hang lights in the theatre to prepare the stage for the play 'Tloises Off." more, story. :gal .V Q 53 Thespians 84 Sunscoop Yolanda Hawkins, senior ap- proves Chester l1ines', sopho- GERMAN CLUB Front: Mrs. Ranz, Patricia Perkins, Anita Ashbaugh, Connie Geliert, Rilitsa Walker, Nicholas Haley, Anita Gellert, Julia Shannon. Back: Kevin Struble. Brad Lossing, Kerry Redder, Nicole Sullivan, Deanna Bavsuk, Philipp Kun- isch, Curtis Swalley, James Splond A ak , L , ai aa ,aaaa , f ' xi' 1' ' , f' if ' I :,Q': r 5 .ij 7 r -JA ., '45 .gl .1 rv, . aa P . e H 1 , ' , 0 -51 Vvzi Y r' V D 'lv' V, ' fi ,V .i IV I- 'S , -I bllzll V ,k, 751- V E ns ., - 5 V f 1-X, I , 9- V Q - g, - u,, , oof. ,r.a- ,m,,r ag f, ,,,, "M , ' ' ,,,, ffl- ,r,,r, if 1' SKICLUB Front: Jennifer Judd, Michelle Ditfrregorio, Laura McDonald, Jennifer Wenzel, Krystal Lakas, Kelly Elpers, Jennifer Coluin, Laura Hansell, Kltti Pardo, Natalie Akhavan, Lasnag Haggard, Vicki Gilchrist, Nicole Hinthorn. 2nd: Eunice Motola, Angel Carl, Amber Bennett, Jennifer Davis, Liz Manclark, Lisa Bell, Tanisha Bell, Sharon Mead- ows, Angel Gilis, Yadi Granados, Margaret Soss, Celia Gouzy. Middle: Anna Watts, Jennia Howard, Dian Godewood, Mary Danzinger, Kristy Martin, Jenni Martin, Renee Moore, Michelle Daniels, Beth Hanks, Amie Mize, Jacalyn Powell, Sharon Hunter, Melanie Suzzi. lith: Jimmy Fennan, Chuck Nevwohner, Scott Manganello, Patrick Kinney, Derin Atherton, Richard Lively, Chris Wenzel, Chris McCarty, Paul Omyot, Nathan Cutshaw, Kevyn Ploeuse. Back: Richard Bennett, Alan Bingham. Torn Clem- mets, Rick Harrision, T. Neil Mayfield, Jason Oasorisko. Robert Workman, Jimbo Ashment, Eric Dobbs, Robb Brince, Curtiss Lewis. V Brad Lossing awaits the beginning of the German Club meet- ing. KK :kg SIGMA FI 0 German Sk: Sigma Fi O, Culture Clubs CULTURE CLUB Aadiey Warren, Bruce Williason, Tsharra Wright, LaTonya Hale, Melina Boulware, Tenesta Shaten, Gerry Marshall, Chel- sea Hall, Vickie Gilchrist, Veronica Finister, and Advisor: Chil- dress. Cnot in that order! t was off with a bang as the German Club mem- bers kicked off the year with a get-acquainted social at Pizza Hut. While there, the club members discussed the goals of the upcoming year. Their primary goal was to establish regular meetings and set up fun- draisers. Their most suc- cessful money-making project was selling Gummi Bears, a school favorite. Due to their success in raising funds, the mem- bers go on field trips - touring California and having a German-style Christmas at the Old Heidelberg restaurant here in Las Vegas. Con- nie Gellert states, 'xWe get a chance to go out and enjoy ourselves while we learn about the German cultures." Learning about the history, culture, cus- toms, and language of the people in German speaking countries is what the German Club is all about. To join the German Club, you must have been given the vote by at least two members who have been in the German Club for two or more years and you Was Ist Los?t "' What's Happening? 'llch habe keine Ah- nung!" CHI have no idea!"J Quote by Kerry Redder. must have a 'C' average. The club's officers are: President- Stephanie Bar- suk: Vice-President- Dean- na Barsuk: Treasurer- Ke- vin Prewitt: Secretary- Ker- ry Redder: and Historian- Connie Gellert. Edith Ranz, club advisor and Gennan teacher, pro- vides direction and motiva- tion to the German Club members. "Mrs. Ranz keeps everyone organized and together. She shares her experiences of the Ger- man culture with the mem- bers of the German Club," says Kerry Redder. Two lucky members of the German Club received scholarships from the Fed- eral Republic of Germany. Out of 550 students: five were chosen from Nevada, two of which were elceted from our school: Nicholas Haley and Kevin Prewitt. These two winners will go to Washington D.C. with the other three victors from Nevada to select the semi- finalist from each state. On the 18th of February the two semi-fianlistswill be given interviews to qualify for the scholarship. These winners will receive a free one year stay in Germahy for the whole family. To be capable to stay in West Ger- many, they will have to fly off to Washington D.C. to take a course in American History. They will then leave for West Germany to meet with the Dignitaries. After all the necessary ar- rangements the fun can be- gin. A round of applause to Nicholas Haley and Kevin Prewitt. Nicholas Haley and Kevin Prewitt are the proud Scholorship winners. we ' tr, J Connie Gellert discovers new and exciting information on the German Culture. V V, vw X German, Skfi, Sigma Fi Culture Clubsf he Cave Crawlers are very adventurous. It's a great opportunity for students to learn new skills and basic essentials to live off the mountains. Some of the caves they go to are high on a moun- tain so they need to know how to get to it and how to come back down. The most outstanding trip that all the crawlers are waiting for is Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Carlsbad Caverns is the biggest cave in the United States. This event takes place at the end of the year. Some other places they plan on visiting are Mitchell Caverns and Desert Cave. The deepest cave the crawl- John Hines is waiting for the mas- ter serve. CMIE Tammy Z"""'e'mn Shows he' sw - - - as she does a menacing kick, The Cave Crawlers have been very busy this year selling loads of candy for their end of the year trip. They are very much looking forward to going on a trip to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. ers have hiked into is 500 feet. Caves are usually found in valleys or in little hill sides. The best caves are in limestone moun- tains. This school year the EHS Cave Crawlers have been to many places, North Umer- lend, Cnear Tonapahj, Ari- zona Strip, and Pishqua Crater, California. At Pish- qua Crater, there are lava tube caves. The cave crawl- ers took a rapelling train- ing course at Red Rock Canyon. This betters their ability to climb mountains. The average time spent on a trip is two to three days. When they go on over- nighters, they take a cave pack with them. This pack has a gas mask. lt also has all the basic essentials that someone would need to survive. Some of the things it consists of includes: can- dles, little snacks for ener- gy, and other basic essen- tials. Limiting the number of items in the cave packs helps the Cave Crawlers learn to survive in the wil- derness on just the "bare" essentials. Charellete Green, looks vicious as she prepares herself for a karate move. Karate Cave Crawlers, Raquetball Club John Manclark, member of the Raquetball Club gives his all on the court. CAVE CRAWLERS Left To Right: Matt Jeffers, Scott Jackson, Ron Austin, J.D. Quill, Trishia Miller, Ms. Young. 'Pg' KARATE L fl 4, L l Steven Stanley practices diligently to earn his black belt. Back Row Left To Right: Bill Heidelberg, Jerry Davis, Mike Willard. Middle Row Left To Right: Richard Fiske, Terry Reid, Bill Knight, Brian Largo Front Row Leh To Right: Chris Kutz, Anthony Dekay, Michael Dekay, Tiffany Loupis Sen. Chief Goodland. in Ei RIFLE DRILL TEAM Left to right: Richard Banegas, Richard Fiske, Christopher Kutz, Senior Chief Goodland, Marie Smith, Vicki Spiers, Daniel Baker. -N 57 Karate, Cave Crawlers, Raquetball Club OT JUST A OTHER ORGANIZATIO here are many opinions formed about ROTC, and some people just take it to get out of P.E. but l'm sure that it's much more than they bargain for. Talking with Commander Thomas, l was enlightened as to what really happens in ROTC. In this course since it is Naval JROTC, stu- dents learn naval science, govern- ment, crime and justice, geography and current events are talked about every day. One thing that is taught is responsibility. "The main purpose," said the commander, "is to teach high school students to become re- sponsible citizens." Also to teach them to think about more than just themselves, but to help and serve others. Each cadet is given as much responsibility as they can handle. One cadet, Candis Young, who is the Supply Officer, "has one of the more responsible jobs," says Com- mander. Candis explains her job. "I issue uniforms, keep files, keep an orderly room. Sometimes it gets hec- tic and very busy like the first week, handing out uniforms." Everything is written in a log so records can be kept. ulhave five staff members to help run things and I hold inspec- tions. lt's a smooth runningjob once it gets going. My staff helps me a lot: they're dependable and reliable peo- ple and we get the job done." Right now Candis and her staff are getting ready for an inspection by the Navy. Every January the Navy comes and inspects everything for the last three years they've been one of the top three schools. So far this year Eldorado's ROTC has won Honor Unit, out of 240 schools nation wide 40 are chosen as the top in the nation as a result they receive a special banner and Mr. Pau- len is able to nominate students for Westpoint, Annapolis and Minnesota. They're already beat Rancho in a drill meet and they'll go to California twice this year. Individually cadets can receive awards and ribbons, ROTC is its own military structure, students are promoted and receive honors. They are bigger than every this year, 200 students, this is 500!-D big- ger than last year and they're expect- ing to get bigger. As Commander Thomas says, "We're just another organization." l The Color Guard presents colors at the Homecoming Assembly. The NJROTC Rifle Drill Team performs an outstanding routine at Open House. NlROT.C. The Color Guard shows why they took 2nd. place in State Competition. K 4 . f- K ,Huw .uv-.qnnv ...nnnivt , 'V 'S-aw A 'Adai- Q ff , 1 W 1 4 I The State Champion Rifle Drill Team The Elite Rifle Drill Team! show why they are the best. Cadet Commander Lanfear inspects the troops. 1 2. 3 59 N.l.R.O.T.C 60 Band SAXOPHONES Top Row: Jimy Thomson, Keith Wieber, Eric Dornak, Mark Denman, Scott Anderson, Mary Kate Stockner. Bottom Row: Sam Dickerson Sabrina Holmes. . l A F LUTES Top Row: Marina Kim, Andrea Cole, Chris Larrimer, Dawn Halsey, Marva Banks, Cheri Ross, Candice Harrington. Middle: Joy Powers, Candy Young, Tabetha McNeal, Vicky Gilchrist, Mariel Radam, Chris Kuminecz. Bottom Row: Antoinette Perez, Barbara Wenzel, Quanisha Stokes. Kris Cole. CLARINETS Top Row: Kim MCG!-lik. Rachel McClaren, A119613 Halsey, Rustin Jensen, Lori Terrano has enthusiasm on her face as she ratta-tat-tats on Lanina Jamerson, Sharon Meadows. Bottom Row: Stephanie Martinez, her drum at one of the assemblies. Maya Walker, Monique Custard, Sheila Duckert, Angela Holler. RATT T TT T. .BOGIVH at-a-tat-tat . . . Boom! Familiar sounds of bass, tenor and alto seep through the cracks of the Eldorado Band room. Mr. Beckstead, instructor, spends much of his own time with his musically talented pupils, teaching basic and advanced skills to broaden their abili- ties. The Varsity Band performs at various school functions, including concerts and football and basketball games. At Festi- val, an annual competition, the Varsity Band doesquite well. Marva Banks, Junior stated that, "Participating in band is a neat way to spend my spare time." The band practices not only in class each day, but also for two hours each Wednesday during "Marching Season". The endless hours of pracrice pay off as the Varsity Band continues to keep up the tradition of excellence they have worked so hard to earn. James Ward and Matt Wiltson give it all they've got as they blow on their trumpets at the Spirit Assembly. Q61 Band EHS BAN MARCHES C he Eldorado Sundevil band had many performances and compe- tions on their agenda. to start off the year the band performed at The Open House. The next big event was The Half Time Show Review which took place at Sam Boyds Silver Bowl. This performance was a competition between all the schools of Clark County. Throughout the football season, the Sundevil Band supported the Varsity foot- ball team by playing and marching during half time at all games. The band also played at all the assemblies and pep-ral- lies. Annually, the Sundevil Band per- forms for their parents and friends at E.H.S. for their Christmas concert. They also have a spring concert to prepare them for the festival. The festival takes place in March, and is also a competion for participating Bands. Sometimes the Band has the opportunity to travel to California and compete in festivals, there festivals is the last event on the Sundevils agenda. The rest of the year the Band spends work- ing on music and skills of the Director choice. Q. Z,.."'L'.I2"Ss.. Munras-.. 62 Band I The band members marching proudly, boost con- J fidence in EHS students at the Homecoming Half- l Time show. All of the Band members play their instruments rhythmically as Sabrina Holmes, senior, conducts them. 'VP .WW The band members kick back and let the Cheerleaders steal the show at the Homecoming Assembly. LOW BASE Top Row: Sharon Hunter, Tammy Tumer, Stacy Widboon. Bottom Row: Tammie Lutey. FRENCH HOKNS AND TRUMPETS Top Row: John Lirgg. Amandi Carrow, Mo Delis, Matt Wiltson, Mike Baker, Brian Delaranga, James Ward. Bottom Row: Sam Pearson, Shane Anderson, Steven Amend. V Y , r r Low BRASS , Top'RoW: Sharon Vflojd, Tom Lamb, Jason Tabor, Jeff Sutherland. Middle: Jennifer Lee. B0l'l'0II1'iR0illI Ty Harden, Brian Amend. Q i DRUMS Back Row: Chris Ramirez, Aundre Jackson, Middle: Dale Anderson, Jennifer Lee, Bernard Vaughn, Front Rom Lazette Parks. Q63 Band Y fo M442 '1 B, xwji Sounds Of The Sun First Row David Younger Jennifer Lee William Mooney Second Row T Sharra Wright Nlshon Bution Carman Hawkins Mary Danzlnger Mane Ortiz Third Row Tammy Hunter Tonya Hull Sabrina Holmes Barry Mote Elmer Sena Dennis Castro Stephamewalker La'l'anya Newhurn Con Bower Fourth Row Eric Cheney Kevln Eppenger Cliff Mitchell Dan Lewis Gerry Marshall Terry Edwards Mike Vltone Wayde Yeley Jeff Sutherland Shane Anderson Mo Dellsle Matt Wilson fail! X me sos Band First Row David Younger Sabrina Holmes Jennifer Lee Shane Anderson Second Row Maurice Dellsle, Wayde Yeley Dan Lewis Thxrd Row Matt Wilson Jeff Sutherland and Wllllam Mooney am., 'Vw 1 1 ff Tech Crew xo r Front Row Chuck Rowell, Tom Clements, Paul Brower Back Row Frank MHVIQI13 William Mooney concentrates on what Dr. Jensen tells him about their current songs. 64 Sounds Of The Sun H SOS: A CLASS O ACT Sabrina Holmes is a member of the Sounds of the Sun band. Sabrina is very talented when it comes to singing, danc- members have many great ing, and also the use ofa privileges, such as, being musical instrument. able to meet a wide variety of different people and be- ounds ofthe Sun isa Showboat Hotel, various ing able to go to various performing group junior highs for the youn- states. ln order to gain that has many var- ger students, and of course these privileges, the stu- ious talents. These their home, EHS. Sounds dents have to do a great talents consist of singing, of the Sun has also per- deal of hard work and they dancing, and the use of a formed during the Open have to be willing to put musical instrument. All the House and many other oc- out a lot of effort. As we students meet everyday casions throughout the watched many of the during fifth hour and prac- year. We asked one of the Sounds of the Sun perfor- tice for upcoming perfor- Sounds of the Sun mem- mances, it seems to be that mances, sometimes if the bers, Mary Danzinger, how their hard work does not work was not completely it feels to perform in front get in the way of their fun finished during that hour ofa large audience. She re- and of their abilities. Who they have to come after plied, "lt feels really great, knows, maybe one of the school and work. Sounds especially when the audi- Sounds of the Sun mem- ofthe Sun has performed ence you're entertaining bers may be famous for in a range of different loves and applauds you." their talent one day. places, including, The As you can see, these SOS Dr' Jensen talks to her Students about their recent performances. SOS Seniors: Front Row:Sabrina Holmes, Roland Castro, Elmer Sena, Veronica Finnester. 2nd Row:Chuck Rowell, David Youn- ger, Joe Guerzon, Paul Brawer, Gerry Marshall, Moe Delisle. 5rd Row:Mary Danzinger, William Mooney, Barry Mote, Robin Rich- burg, Jennifer Lee, Nishon Burtin, Cann-n Hawkins,Lataj Ncabum, Dextra Green, Dennis Castro, Eric Cheny. 4th Row: Tyrone, Tammy Hunter, Stephanie Walker, Shar- onda Ramos, Cori Bower, La- Tanya Hill, Jeh' Sutherland. firm. . 2. wAWl f SOS Smgers And Dancers First Row Barry Mote Mary Danzmger Carman Hawkins Nlshon Burton Marie Ortiz l Elmer Sena Second Row T Sharra Wright Sabrina Holmes Kevin Eppenger Detra Greezaxe I lTamr1F'1y lin:-'altar Dgnnxs gastro Third Row Mike Vitone Dan fIiEWlS Steph d D h - - ame a er onya 1 La anya ewburn Con Bower Fourth Row Je Sutherland , Dan an an watc the Homecommg Candidates Assembly' Cliff Mitchell Terry Edwards Gerry Marshall and Eric Cheney Q 65 Sounds Of The Sun 66 Choirs JAZZ CHOIR SINGS TO PHIL DELPHI he Eldorado Jazz Choir has had an extraordi- nary year. They represent- ed the state of Nevada at the Bicentennial Celebra- tion of the Constitution in Philadelphia during the summer of 1987. Their first concert was sung as they flew cross-country on their way to Philadelphia. They will fly to New York City in the summer of 1988 JAZZ CHOIR Row 1: Debbie Lee, Melanie Mill- er, Marie Ortiz, Tammy Lutey, Dennis Concoby, Jamal Williams, Shane Anderson, Whitney Hanks, Stephanie KirKendall, Angie Attaway, Jennifer Profitt, Gayle Gillpatrick. Row 2: Lori Dante, Leanne Stinson, Shawna Groft, Heath Harvey, Frank Maviglia, Jean Young, H.E. Greer, Stacy Kennedy, Chanda Lawrence, Kris Cole. Row 5: Nikki Thomas, Ra- .13 chel McClaren, Dennis Castro, X2 Justin Stephens, Michael Chil- dress, James Splound, Shawn Ryan, Vickie Williamson, Marina E Kim. Row 4: Shannon Soner- .tyii I holm., Cori Bower, Kerri KirKen- dall, Richie Dreighton, Rustin Jen- sen, Michael Vitone, Greg Newton Eric Cheney, Paul Brawer Tammy Zimmerman, Kristen Ostler Car to sing in Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. Their hectic schedule was full of performances all around the Las Vegas area. ln addition to perfor- maces, the choir received Superior ratings at festivals in Nevada as well as in Cali- fornia. They have also sung for the Vietnam Veterans' ic and community func- tions. The Ladies' and Men's Choirs both received tro- phies and superior ratings at District and California festivals in 1987. Under the direction of Dr. Jensen, they will continue their spectacular performances in the years to come. Memorial Ceremony and for other numerous patriot- ' , ...M E I . rie Lago. N R MENS' CHOIR 1 Row 1: Jamal Williams, Dennis Concoby, Dennis Castro, Shane Ander- son. Row 2: Shawn Ryan, Greg Newton, P.J. Young, Michael Vitone. Row 5: Dr. Jensen, Heath Havey, Michael Childress, I'I.B. Greer, Richie Dreighton, Eric Cheney, Rustin Jensen, Paul Brawer. LADIES CHOIR Row 1: DeAvon Dennis, Gina Robinson, Lori Dante, Sharon Porter, Heather Oliver, Sandra wayne, Jennifer Delillen, Fitchorn, Marie Dixon, Tammy Zimmerman. Row 2: Melissa Clayton, Joy Cooter, Stephanie Beatty, Eunice Motola, Cynthia Daines, Jennifer Proffitt, Marie Smith, Gail Creacy, Rae Ruliffson. Row 5: Angel Carl, Carrie Barnes, Jennifer Messinger. Angie Attaway, Kristen Ostier. Carrie Lago, .Lisa Demcuk, Chandra Lawrence. Row In Dr. Jensen. Janice Spencer, Tenesia Staten, Sahanna Rabb, Carrie Whitmore, Dana Watters, Toni Bennett, Katie Palmer, Jamie Tripp, Anissa Jenkins, Patricia Singer. The Jazz Choir, under the direc- tion of Dr. Jensen, sings at Open House. MENS' CHOIR Row 1: P.J. Young, Fredy Sidhom, Michael Baker, Charles Myers, Eric Cheney, Lem Zinsman. Row 2: David Harris, Oliver Fernandez, Paul Brawer, Roy Eckman. Row 55: Mike Winsor, John Dolan, Shawn William- son, Dan Lewis, Cliff Mitchell. The Jazz Choir poses in front of Independence Hall during their R... -we... fs trip to Philadelphia this summer. F v f 1 E af -if MADRIGAL SINGERS Row 1: Whitney Hanks, Angie Attaway, Jennifer Profitt, Melanie Miller. Row 2: Vickie Williamson, Dennis Concoby, Shane Anderson, Shawna Groft. Row 5: Kerri Kirliendall, James Splound. Dennis Castro, Eric Cheney, Carrie Lago. Row 4: Shannon Sonerholm, Richie Dreighton, Michael Vitone, Rustin Jensen, Kristen Ostler. 53,567 Choirs i cw .:.. f 'X i 4 Su., f:4 , L ,W W ,,,A '-E' , , - W L .A if f . V..-. . Y gl I K K 'I E- ,K-:- 4' zggit g K 5 - s M ' ii U 'Ek?f, as .iii . .,,. -L 1E-, X ' 'f" A - L i fi. - - ---W L. , ' Ei 'i i ii S i r ii f L ff S f is o r Q L L S iiri l Q w e S 1, -K L,:- EE- +-, rg .. ,, ,,- - V E ii., Q. -, ffz 'Q ,i F I f ' i x 1 Xe' , - A - .... in . SUN DANCEKS Top Rowlleft to zightjr Ana Gonzales, 'Tiffany Campbell, Mary Riceoppo, Jin Choi, Jollean Hardin, Middle Row: Alisha Spence, Cindy Houghes, Mary Freeman, Tabitha Freeman, Jennifer Feister, Anne Kuminez, Bot- tom Row: Tammy Fox, Buffy Gardner, Kris Johnson, Pam Rodgers, Debbie weise Q M l X5 fi TALL FLAGS Michelle Guiza, Vicki Anderson, Melinda Boulware, Carrie Zilloux, Latasha Nelson, Sharanda Ramos, Candi JohnivanQ Melissa Sabin, Royshelle Jones, Lori Nelson, Antrease Robinson, Lakisha Bell, Karla Jenkins, Tanisha Bell, Petra Greene-CAR TAIN. Shannon Zilisch, Tamika Boulware-C0-CAPTIONS. Mrs. BecksteadfADVl- SOR. f 4 -. Yi. E 7' .ai 1 "-' . - ' 5 " L S 1 ,,ss. 2 ,. ., c V ,- my X I , 1 L 1, :.-,,:w-ss.sif:::- ,ly -- . - wi: - X Q' ,1 :,. 1 ' A 5 S + X I -. I . i, ' - ' f r 1 , S ' r '53-if - A . rf, i E Q ee.. ,K " 4 . .. V ..., , s SOCCER BUNNIES Top Row: Dawn Burak, Sharon Porter. Middle Row: Michelle Mashburn, Christine Hickey, Shana Leyvas, Tiffany Loupias. Bottom Row: Mon- nekka Mullis, Michelle Buckley, Vickie Greene, Remona Porter, Dani Davis, Tobi Fleming, Christina Oakley, Tammy DeLong. Soccer Bunnies, Tall Flags, 84 Sun Dancers Sundancers display their consecutive roll-off. T LE TED DANCERS emember that talented group of dancers who per- formed at the special half- time show? Well, those girls were members of the Eldor- ado Drill Team fSundancersl. The Sundancers dedicate themselves to promoting school spirit at pep assemblies and football games. Under the direction of Ms. Averett, these girls perform their dance routines with a special pride and self-confidence. What do these girls feel about their participation in the Sun- dancer Drill Team? Well,l inter- viewed some members. Yoon Choi fSophomoreJ enjoys the benefits of exercise, weight main- tainance, and an easy grade. She also loves to dance. Yoon thinks that practicing early in the morn- ing and having to see her fair flat are the hardest parts of being a Sundancer. Anne Kuminecz fSophomorel believes that being a Sundancer means "putting forth all your ef- fort and talent to make the Sun- dancer Drill Team the best that it can be. To show school spirit and dedication to the art of dance." When Anne first performed, she held a feeling of accomplishment but she was also filled with a lot of nervousness. The thing she en- joys most about being a Sun- dancer is performing in front of an audience. "Being able to share with the audience the final prod- uct of the long grueling hours spent on the routine," is some- thing she really likes. "The har- dest part of being a Sundancer," Anne says, "is being able to prac- tice a routine while putting ener- gy, effort, and style into it even if you're tired or in a bad mood." Mary Riceoppo Sophomore says that getting up in the morn- ing and the mostly painful prac- tices are the hardest parts of be- ing a Sundancer. She loves to dance. "lt's good exercise and it's fun!" When asked how she felt when she first performed, she re- plied that she was very nervous and exhilerated, but that it was lots of fun. She says that being a Sundancer means "the world!" to her. "lt's very important to me." As you can see, these girls take dancing seriously and they also enjoy what they do. Eldorado is very appreciative of the Sun- dancer Drill Team. Your efforts and team co-operation show in your performances, Sundancers. Keep up the great workl - WY- - un.. us.-u -.v uvwv--ly--.p-1 ue.. .vu tine. The Flags show their talent and co-ordination during half-time. The football players watch an injured JoDean perform. Sharhond Ramos, displays her ability to be graceful. During a performance, Buffy Gard- ner performs her best for the stu- dent body. CW A v , if , 1 Soccer Bunnies, Tall Flags, 84 Sun Dancers PRACTICE M KES PERFECT eople often ask, "What is a Sunspot?" ls it one of the dark spots that appear from time to time on the surface of the sun? ls it that area on the beach where you can get that perfect tan? Or is it one of those weird 60's rock groups that your parents used to listen to? The Eldorado Sunspots are a group of dedicated girls who cheer for the wrestlers, as well as keep score and times at the wres- tling matches. The Sunspots also accompany the wrestlers on their out of town trips. When asked why she became a Sunspot, Jessica Clair, Junior, re- plied, "lt was the fun and adven- ture the other Sunspots told me about. l appreciate wrestling and have school spirit." I 9 "The Teams appreciate 1 V ,A eg , what we do. When we V- E fx cheer they know we're behind them 1O00l'o," - gf? 4 ,,,, tg - ,lv ,1a', says Kim Spivey, Junior. Along with the trips and the fun comes the work. The Sunspots practice approximately one hour per week for matches. ln order to prepare for their Open House cheer, they practiced six hours. lt takes a lot of team work and dedication to make the Sunspots a success. When asked how they feel about the wrestlers, Belinda Nielson, Junior, replied, "One of the wrestlers told us that the Wres- tlers and the Sunspots are like brothers and sisters. We're one big happy family. I feel that the wrestlers appreciate what we do, except when we mess up . . . Wres- tlers have very short tempers when it comes to winning a matchl" Krista Brooks, Theresa Paris, Cathy Falcone, and Nicole Lilly, taking time out to pose for a picture. The Pep Club awaits for the big moment of the assembly, so they can start cheering. Eunice Matola and Jessi- ca Clair cheering on the Wrestlers. 70 Sun Spots 81 Pep Club at 'av 4, .W ' M Wh ...r .M 4, A SUNSPOTS Back Row, Let! to Right: Nicole Lilly, Cathy Falcone, Diana Day, Angel Bean, Correne Tyra, Andrea Hanes. Middle Row: Eunice Matola, Natalie Akltavan, Jessica Clair, Gayle Gilpatrlck, Bridget Campbell. Bottom: Brenda Powell, Deanna Jackson, Krista Brooks, Thereasa Paris, Belinda Neilson. Lynelle Constantine, Julie Foht. ADVISOR: Mary Jackson NOT PICTURED: Toni Monsoor and Candy Lee wiv, PEP CLUB ll ' Back Row: lLeft to Righty Tracy Stewart, Lisa Thompson. Deavon Dennis, Sandra Woods, Rochelle Spencer, Amber Bennett, Debbie Waite. Jim, Melissa Cord., Fourth Row: fbett to Rightl Unknown, Gina, Tracia Greenwood, Clarise Whitaker. Jenifer Kissel. Unknown, Yawdi Baker. Sayuri Sakazaki. Third Row: fLefI to Righty Terry Moore, Tiffany Walker, Unknown, Kim Spivey. James Splorxd. Leanne Stinson, Unknown, Unknown, Front Row: Unknown, Laurie Grolt, Bepky Lujan. Sandra Owens, Heidi Berkable, Buffy Gardner, Don Betti. David Gardner. Hot pictured- Chris Hickey, Adam Chan. I 1 EP 71 Sunspots 81 Pep Club iz E From Tap: Leli' to right: Lisa Bell Tap to Bottom, Lei? to Right: Lisa Bell, W Nicole Chellino. Early Albin, Amie Mile, Teresa Fry, Joanna Peralta, Liz Manclark, Kel W A Top Row: Julie Konstxlicole Anders-oh, Angel Carl, Rana Crostic, Terilvloore Stephanie ' fl ' PecKfi'f'race 72 l.V. 81 Freshman Cheer At the Homecoming assembly, the JV Cheerleaders performed one of their cheers. J .V. CHEERLEADERS ly Goodwin. The JV Cheerleaders pose for a picture while at HCA Spirit Camp in Flagstaff, Arizona. rllmesnnrim CHEERLEADFERSE3 J yrliemington. Bottom Rom Michelle Mare. Evelyn DIED, Brandee Wade. Practice, practice. Early to rise makes the cheerleaders cheers wise. The freshman cheerleaders just finish their outstanding version of the pyramid at a pep assembly. DOI G IT RIGHT he Junior Varsity and Freshman Cheerleaders, often pushed aside in the limelight, have had a very excit- ing year. The hard work and dedication demonstrated by both of these squads is evident in their every performance. Breaking the traditional image, the squads have proven that they have true Sundevil Spirit when they cheered their teams to victory. The Freshman Cheerleaders attended NSA Spirit Camps at Western High School over the summer where they received numerous awards. At the Home- coming Pep Assembly they flaw- lessly executed an extremely difficult stunt that the entire stu- dent body cheered for, includ- ing the Seniors. The Junior Varsity Cheer- leaders, who attended NCA Spir- it Camps in Flagstaff, Arizona, received Superior ratings and brought home the Spirit Stick. After camp they began prepar- ing for Football season and Pep Assemblies. Along with two- hour practices, the squad brought watermelon to their J.V. players during sweltering sum- mer practices. Both the Junior Varsity and the Freshman squads showed spirit and pride in Eldorado as they were outstanding represen- tatives of Eldorado. A , pep-assembly. the Freshmen Cheerleaders. l.V. 84 Freshman Cheer The JV Cheerleaders perform an other outstanding cheer at the At one of the assemblies, the tra ditional pyramid is performed by A IT 'S NOT ALL FUN-N- GAMES erforming perfect is not as easy as many think. Just ask any Varsity Cheerleader, Yel- leader, or Mascot. They have once again merged together to form a unique and multi-talented squad. They attended HCA Spirit Camp in Flagstaff, Arizona in July where they received Superior ratings as well as the Spirit Stick. Shana Hyatt, Senior, was chosen as an All-American Ce- lebrity. The squads long practices The cheerleaders and yell leaders try their hardest to get the crowd roaring. Let's get a little more enthused! pay off when they perform perfectly executed cheers. They not only per- form at pep assemblies, but also at Varsity Football and Basketball games. Their endless spirit helps to motivate the teams to victory. They represent Eldorado at both home and away games as they keep the crowd motivated. To them the big pay-off is being appreciated by the teams and by the student body. 1' - H f , .., ' "" ' ' , .ff ,Alu , 1 . ,I IIAZZ ..,,,!Ad,q "f -Q ... , 1. f ' JW .54 , I ' - '..: I -' 1,1 ' if 2 W H , A .g. H YW ad .nf . "" ' '- ' , v 1- fm - fefife, W ' 2 ..,, 1 .vv , H ,,,,, '..,, l S U52 WP.: In V W VVVV . V W . Alu -4 YELLEADERS: Michael Jewett, Curtiss Lewis, Charles Neuvhoner, Thad Franklin, Rich Bennett. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Ramona Cello, Kris- tin Wohlrab, Pam Dayton, Stephanie Walker, Carman Hawkins, April Szekares, Shana Hyatt, Jenni Wenzel, Wynn Hanlon. MASCOTS: Vefoni- ca Fuller, Kari Pukham, Mary Danzingr. y q Varsity Cheer, Yell Leaders, 84 Mascots I Mike Jewett and Jenny Wenzel don't seem t be thinking on the same wave lengths. O . Kari Pinkham seems to have a total dislikeness for wearing shoes. The helicopter didn't succeed in getting off the ground. The crowd who went to camp and survived. April Szekeres is sitting pretty on top of Thad Franklin 's shoulders. ss Q of r . I is Mike Jewett just flipped over the Fred gives his little buddyabig homecoming assembly. squeeze. Don't looked so bummed guysll .Mg Q13 75 Varsity Cheer, Yell Leaders, 84 Mascots , Shannon, Christy, And Laura prove that angels do fly. Sitting with the alumni during the Homecoming candidates assembly. Laura McDonald struts her stuff for the student body. THEIR DEDICATIDN SHDWS 76 Song Leading edicated and spirited are two words that are often used with good reason to describe our Songleaders. Although we see them at pep assemblies and at every Football and Basketball game, this is just a fraction of the hard work. As a matter of fact, the real work began when most of us were at play during the summer. The Songleaders practiced every day to prepare, themselves for the activities that lie ahead. Their first priority was to prepare for the trip to Flag- staff, Arizona where they at- tended NCA Spirit Camp. The long hours of practice had definitely paid off. They re- ceived Superior ratings on their Home routine, an honor they had certaintly earned, as well as bringing home the Spirit Stick. Jin Choi, Junior, was chosen as an All-Ameri- can Celebrity and was given the opportunity to perform in the Aloha Bowl. When they re- turned, it was time to think about Football season and Spirit Assemblies. Even after school started and assemblies were limited, Songleaders im- provised and put on a mini as- sembly in the cafeteria at lunch for the Sundevils, who were Sunrise Division Champs for Football. Although many students seemed a bit con- "Practice is not fun-ngames at all, it's really hard work." - Lisa Blake. fused, after they caught on ev- eryone joined on and began cheering along, munchies in hand. Through hard work and dedication, the Eldorado Var- sity Songleaders have helped make Eldorado home of the Sensational Sundevilsl The squad finishes a per- formance called the 'Pom Pom Pass'. Sogleaders practice by doing their routines over and over again, but there is a good result. The whole squad shows off their awards which were won at the NCA Camp held in Flagstaff, Arizona. SONG LEADERS Top Row Chen'e Pope Lisa Blake Captain Bottom Row Shannon Sheldon Co-Captian Tracy Bower Laura McDonald Jm Cho: Not Pic tured Christy Hanson Sharon Thompson V ' ' . Q f 1 Q . 1 1 1 1 ' , , , 1 , , I , X 77 Song feeding S6 9646 040 01044041 04 SQO69 - 4104401'000,90900Q0q04, 9000044 f 5 Q00 0464 QOQQ04 40000404 , 900004 , 040 .'Q'06i46K 00090 00 000 4 Q 00.604 0100 90 40001 04004004 BQO6-6 44010 0 40411 004099 40 5 ff, 00404000 9000 09 M65 , 04004400 , 000 44009 50104409 ,400004 1 fi H.. GX 40009, 004004, 000 1004005 . f QQ 1 Q0496 004009 45440 44009 000 40940044009 .S-001 046 0 400' 20 1 4 040 90400 .15440004 MN 40646 0004000 00 90400. 09 1 1 I 409 49040 40000 40 '00040000' 66 04400014 600439 0 Q 1 , 4 40 01041 90400. 04140000 4400 00040000 000040 sg f 000 400 40001 44 00400 0094 00040 400 90400. f K4 100001004040044000404 44. QQZXOQ 004 5 4004090000004 ,400004 94004409900 040 01409404 904000040940 04400. Q fl' 04 44 44 9 4140404 , 44000409 1004 32,6 004400. 5,5 0000401400004 40040 gi 449044 40 4-1004 9 000' 000 '040000 4000000 X f ,V,k 0 400 6164 404 000 0 404 9014090 40 004404406OXt'4O . 04004, 00015400 00 44540 0 90400 'o0404090004Q . 01000000 10 00000 040Q009, 9140040409 04 Q4 00423540, 9540, 49 0004 0 0,0 0 1 41540 Q00 90400. 4040 004400909, 90400 50404409 0 '4 100 Q0 0 000 K0- , 900 4 0 H1 4 'W .I 9 H , ,',. I: W , W ' lx,l x A 1 4 0400 J 'I 9 V5 Qfooc 'fl V' 7 4 'F 9 4004040400 0 f 00 40 9 - A cf, 430445900100 1' E 1 M A ff 004409 941004 040 - 4 4'44' 0541, - ' 400 044. 004 00090 040 f J ' E3 , A0000 4000090400 000 .1 I 1 : 4 040 00094949 04 0014040900 , 1 1 000402310404 4004 04904 0564 000 ,V seg? 1 594 Q6 4444949040400 40090409, 4- 0 0 if 00009 000f044092444.4N0001i050j40gl0 ' ' 40 000000. 40004 449 0 000 00 4 - -',-I -1 . ' . . A 0 Z0 41020 90400 O4 400400 4-1400004 004009 04 40094 40 . 91 "'4'00 09001 04 004004I' 44 9 040444040 0040951 00 04004 ,W 4400 0040 044 411000, Kd 1004 XQS0094 004409 Q00 90400, my 44,1 A 0000 0040 0 04x'4 04 4440 ' 40 " . 0 0 0 f 0 0 0404 A 40109 100400444400044 04 00000409040004110400 94009 019 0 4 11 10044040 90400900400 Q0 40 0400440045340 1 '00400404004400400904405 09,040,000 4:44 fa 0 r Joris IJ, lviq QF Nxexeo Cxoqwx, eoqoof vow, e+og6soe,5 doe-avg xo e-ee, Ki we WAX e-'oe egvfaevec out we on K-5 Q V Kowooooa. wave Swwooe, owdev vacxs cmzixbxsg ewes oi cw wixgoi' aeeelwes. 1' ,S . .us 1,1 ki' if-ff xi ain- Z' Y. 95 S. E og Svlxooei, awcxxee- 'dxg xo ea SVA ' odxof . We felxi 3 kqxxo W, 'OM . mqxxm 6 '00-40 '0 6 Kew, at 000 ie X QQ ' Q an K 60 no 0 e-ixgv dxeoggzew QM s t ho FIS U 7 wid 9 Cr 80 Varsity Football i i i og Our tough team tackles Gorman's N rusher. Mark Simmons, Quarterback, tells Marc Wilson runs for the touch- -- EEN-I ms' I L fx. ai: si 12. iz' ff',.- t . , K" Q A lf. X, .V I. 1.2.-1 It -- .K hls team what play wlll be next. down. it 5 Q58 I L pl 1. :.-':.:-,Z ,,..W.. -L . W-I Y nw- f-can -2-.Q ll-23.135 K pffl. N WWE.: N W: .A . i-. 6,52-1,.,- , an - -----H A-We Q e :wx 5:52533 c,....,, H'v"'.,."' 'a...5M: if ,Q 'W ' uua..bw1-: Egg gfvl .X kwnl. mw gur wif r -. 'nu Qi K -. l L' X -skififi .-' lf'6's4 E ..s. v .., - I' 1 'FWF' ...,. Wt- .... -X. , l . . ,,.w-wig-. -was I Q ' PM ,K --M ll V ., 9 - - 4 -- t :Nl-A - - x go-W -few-Mrwi.. . s A I N . . f'-' .. : , in .l., . at , A t ,, , Q . .?.,,.u..g: - :jg E --3. .. ,,... vw i N, i . T. :K yxggv 'Y RTK mf iw ,Q P59 HRX 'EP' Valley Clark Bonanza Chaparral BHSIC Las Vegas Gorman Western Rancho Top row: Corey Allen, Shawn Hansen, Felix Shelby, Jason Bimiingham, Rob- ert Workman, Svante Singleton, Robert Remey, Joe Guerzon, John Hines, Don Kurau. Fourth row: Fred Smith, Darren Alexander, Daryl Daniels, Anthony Jackson, Dino Mayorga, Shane Peter- sen, Frank Valenzuela, James Nuells, Jim Miller, Paige Reeves. Third row: Robert Mayers, Marc Wilson, Rudy Ruiz, Rudy Hernandez, Dome Clary, Larry Hanson, Jim Marsh, Kevin Bretts, Mark Bassat, Tuan Phan. Second row: Coach Stephans, Coach Peck, Gerald Williams, Nathaniel Valenzuela, Frank Perkins, Michael Kelly, Dujaun Lewis, Patrick Juneau, Dennis Fitzgerald, Chris Louis, Cliff Goodrich. Bottom row: Coach Mitchell, Coach Wolfman, Toni Valentino, Barry Mote, Randy Min- yard, Danny Hemphill, Jamone Pol- lard, Derrick Henderson, Mark Sim- mons, Kurt Wohlrab, James Thunfnan, Paul Capitano. Another successful field goal for Eldor- ado. 'ZONE' Bonanza 25 Q 5 i!lUTf'I'!5 G lIl'R'fk'l s x in VARSITY T KES DIVISIO hat a year! The Varsity Football team had an excel- lent season this year. The long hours of practice in the blazing sun in the mid- dle of August paid off when they beat long -time rival Gorman, as well as beating Western in the Homecom- ing game, a feat that has not been accomplished in many years. By working to- gether as a team the Sun- devil Football team man- aged to capture the Sun- rise division title and make it to Zone playoffs. The team showed true Sundevil Spirit in their nev- er-ending attempts to de- fend Eldorado's title. Their competitive, aggressive spirit was apparent in every game. We'll be said to lose the Seniors who will be graduating this year, but we'll always remember their constant dedication to the team and to Eldor- ado as a whole. Every touchdown showed their talent and skill as they made Eldorado itll This years Varsity Foot- ball team may be losing a few players but what they did this year will inspire and help next years team- players to work harder and do as good if not better than this years Varsity team. So even if they are leaving the school they are still a part of the team and always will be. 81 Varsity Football 82 l.V. Football 5 ' as MSIE itZiQ T fix! First Row: fLeft to Rightl Alain Dayers Rayes, Robert Mayers, Scott Manganello, Jason Dance, Roger Ruiz, Corey Allen, Second Row: tLeit to Rightl Brian Hammerlack, Danny Nixon, Marcus Fitzgerald, Eric McGin- nis, Steve mpson, Danny Gliddon. Third Row: iLel't to Righty Nathan Cowsil, Steve Dyson, Chris Tomaio, John Duvall, Scott Robinson, Jaime Jurato. Fourth Row: iLeft to Rightl David Swallow, Ernesto Gamboa, John Manclark, Ron Marks, Chris Ross, Hiram Sedano. FifthRow: tLeft to Rightl Danny Concoby, Gilbert Cruz, Dustin Coffman, Gene Griego, Mike Kruize, Casey Miller, Dennis Whitmore, and Alex Alverez. -1 E: gm IC- gc N5 Ea 95 N E 3 ff-at f . X time out to Tough drills and scrimages build www strengh and skill. S' . ., .t.t.t....h . Mt- - - N ...tmwsaw-wwamuwwusswwswl -+""'9'P'F""'l 5 . j.f..fl'.. ittt at Q - ..... W Xiiiiq w iikx ' ' 1 ii . ,iii 5 ' K , iiki .L " .i...ig..,ij:i... ' . ,...... 1' .... .,-. hi ---- ..,,.. , - .. f Q vgriz --.. uf?-Sz. W kkk,, L ....t. y 'Y' ' 'W it ' ' unior Varsityifl who ups, yet their composure , .,,,,,,,, , - , - are they? Oh yeah, and confidence still re- iiiii T, eeee 154 theyfre only Second rnained. had an atti- r by Ytyt ttt.. K .,..... ttttt.tt . . . C... ,,,,,...,,, .. M. best to the varsity team, tude which gave them the tssssss - -- right? edge to be a winning team J llll it C and to prove that they wer- S en't second best to any- one. They also knew that t no matter how bad the situ- ation, anything can happen on the field. Their overall outstanding players, They season was a great suc- , cess. They have plenty of potential, strength, and en- thusiasm that blows every- one away completely. They also knew that the simple part was getting there and the hardest part is to stay there. The most strongest factor in their game tur- nouts were due to the play- ers' pride and spirit in be- ing able to represent Eldor- ado Wrong! Better known as J.V. they are a group of spirited and determined young men. Although they may not be as popular as the varsity team, they are N.- are able to execute their plays with great skill dur- ing games as a result of striving hard at practices. Practices paid off and im- provements were seen throughout every game. They were tough competi- tors who managed to keep their respect for them- selves and their games. During the games, there was a lot of tension build After a smashing catch. the receiver runs for the touch down. mr or s it .ti if Q-ti -S 1 'Mr a' l.wL.,.. .H lv. u 1' H 1 sm cs 'IWW ll Q e 'Wi nl Nw'-n 'writ 'I-Y v' gf' 1' gint: 1 W 13" lf' ' N 'VLH I... W K - .ia -rflfdm. wan f ff' 'il' ?fa.Bs,'iTL wwg.w.,,., The Freshmen Sundevils charge the Held. WW. 2 These athletes line up to execute a practice drill. A BITIO hose dedicated Freshman were at it again dur- ing this season. Our thriving team had a stupendous mixture of challenges and suc- cession. Freshmen players usually dedi- cate themselves all through high school, determined to become a varsity star. Dreams of winning crucial games with a graceful pass, or running down the field to glory and intaking the applause of the overcrowded stands are in the minds of every hopeful player. Eldorado has taken pride over the years in coaching the Freshmen team to bring the end result of a victorious and proud varsity team. We encourage and appreciate the Freshmen's ambition and pride. Live Football action at its best. The JV Football team plays against Clark. ll-rl First row: Robert Rhone, Anthony Williams, Fredrick Siphon, Leroy Jasper, Willy Campagna, Richard Lopez, Steven Amend, Steven Schirmer. Second row: Brian Cullen, Darrin Dance, Kyle Toribio, Jeremy Larson, Jeffrey Nubler, Scott Maw, Arthur Ton'is, Stephen Font, Glen Mundo, John Bowers, Charles Myers. Third row: Rommel Barba, Damon Plant, Ernest Ford, Dennis Teel, John Causey, Jason Vandyke, Stephen Alexander, Paul Hammond, Jose Acebal, Tim Burris. Fourth row: Steven Alexander, Brett Gelbano, Micheal Kazee, Jason Jones, Unknown, Micheal Shappie, Joseph Blue, Micheal Torres, George Moreno. Fifth row: Mike Gudfel, Gabriel Peek, Jeremy Chadburn, Howard McGowan, Thomas Reymer, Travis Metreveli, Brady Applin, John Deremer, Unknown, Brendon Rock. 83 l.V. 84 'B' Football 84 Varsity Wrestling t Doug Jackson goes for a pin. David Deidrich is getting his apponent set up so that he can shoot for a pin. Our Devils shoot the best Chris Cave is tying his best to get his Basic Wolf on his back. A 5 . i , ,.s.s ,X Altie Alcarez takes down his opponent dur- ing a match against Basic. f I wo point take d 0 w n , t h r e e point near fall, and a pin. There is a lot more to wrestling than just rolling around the mat. It takes pride, dedi- cation, and long, hard hours of practice to be a good wrestler and a number one team. Here at Eldorado our team is all of these - and more. We have a few out- standing wrestlers which VARSITY scomzs Gorman vs. Eldorado Basic vs. Eldorado Western vs. Eldorado Chaparrel vs. Eldorado Rancho vs. Eldorado Valley vs. Eldorado Vegas vs. Eldorado Bonanza vs. Eldorado Basic vs. Eldorado O-25 21-56 45-59 15-25 25-45 19-54 29-54 2-57 OUR WRESTLERS RE BEST! have helped our team a great deal. Doug Jack- son, for example, is one of our nearly undefeated wrestlers. Doug does his best, and his best usual- ly gets the job done right! Another one of our awesome wrestlers is Ken Kurth. Kenny has only lost two matches throughout this season. Our wrestlers were in- vited to two out of town tournaments this year. The first trip they took was during Christmas when they flew to Reno, and, of course, they left with a third place trophy. The second trip our wrestlers took was to St. George, Utah where they brought home a fourth place trophy: Overall, our wrestlers have done an outstanding job, and we owe a great deal of their excellence to their coach, Mr. Jim May. 2 S 1.2 WWW ' - Doug Jackson goes for a pin. Back: Coach Urada, Coach Hobbs, Eric Spooner, A.J. Greives, Cliff Goodrich, Ken Kurth, Mark Wilson, James Therman, Steve Williams, Coach May. Front: Chris Cave, Tony Potter, David Deidrich, Loyd Smith, David Jackson, Alfonzo Alcarez, Doug Jackson. Varsity Wrestling J .V. SCORES Las Vegas Western Bonanza Rancho Gorman Chaparral Basic Valley 45 26 9 66 9 65 BEST or THE BEST f you were to ask anyone at Eldorado High School who has made some major waves in sports this year, it would be the Junior Varisty Wrestling team! They took 1st place in the Boulder City Invitational, and 2nd place in the Rancho Tourna- ment and Moapa Valley lnvita- tional. They've also beaten four Varsities out of all the schools. Over all, their season this year has been a good one. The players attitude toward wrestling is that of teamwork. They get along with each other and encourage each other to do their best. Right now we have a good, young group of wrestlers. Most of them are rather new, but we feel they're going to repre- sent the future of wrestling at El- dorado High School. nation to win, the J.V. Wrestlers usually listen to music to get psyched-up, or just try to stay preoccupied with something for awhile before a vigorous match. The Wrestlers have to practice ten days before they can com- pete. Some of J.V.'s outstanding wrestlers this year are Jin Jin Ca- shimaro-105 pounder, Howie Ma- gawlen-189 pounder and David Frankenburger who's a senior for J.V. this year. The team as a whole is doing a great job over- all. When asked what he liked about coaching, J.V. Wrestling Coach Jimmie May said, "l just like watching a kid improve from the beginning of a season to the end, as for taking a yound kid that is not well skilled in wres- tling and then improved well at There is a lot of tension in- volved in playing in these wres- tling matches. With the determi- the end of the season. Wrestling is the most strenuous sport of all the sports." at IV Wrestling James Thennan is trying to roll Everyone likes to cha-cha-cha. over his opponent to make a pin. This is my dancing place! "Well, someones gotta make a move soon." Kneeling LtoR: Todd Waak,Tracy Valvo, Cam Oliver, Mike Gamez, Jim Corsi, Jin Jin Casamiro, Nick Haky. Top LtoR: Coach May, lan Earle, Justin Garrison, Mike Childress, Howard McGowan, David Frankenburg. Simon says, "Hit the ground." Yo! Cough up that fur ball! lf we put our heads together, we can come up with something. ' 87 j.V. Wrestling 88 Varsity Basketball Freddie Smtih moves quickly as a Gorman Gael tries to block him. Control of the ball is gained by Lemarcq Young. Sundevil Rich Lauby tries to make a slam dunk. F L N , ,Q Sf' ., iz 'K 2. , if VARSITY. . . GETTI G THE JOB nthusiastically, the crowd cheers as El- dorado makes an- other point. All of this spirit and support is for the Eldorado Boys' Basketball Team. Our Varsity basketball team is made up of a group of highly skilled indivi- duals who realize that teamwork is the most important part of win- ning. When on the court, the players display their true athletic talents. Most people don't realize that many hours of rigorous training must be com- pleted before these re- sults are reached. Bas- ketball practices are ex- tremely difficult. Head Coach Stephens and his assistant coach, Len Czarnecki make sure the players are worked hard so that they can insure a win over their oppo- nents. The coaching staff is a major part of the Sunde- vil Varsity Basketball vic- tories. Because of their strategies, the team can outplay their opponents. Another important part of winning is cooperat- ing with each other. lf the players thought of just themselves and played with no consider- ation for the team's benefit, we would have a season of no wins. The players must function to- gether to win, and they do. The team members play with spirit and good sportsmanship. Rich Lauby, Dana Har- ris, Dwayne Stephens, Willie Banks, Lester Turner, and Lemarcq Young are Eldorad0's best and most outstand- ing players, according to Coach Stephens. l'They've hustled and- done a good job," he says of the team as a whole. No specific oppo- nent poses a major prob- lem for the Eldorado team. Coach Stephens commented that every game starts over again and .. Either you do the job or you don't do the job." As long as the team members mature into good citizens, the Coach feels he is doing his job. VARSITY SCORES Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Basic Chaparral Clark Las Vegas Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado 102 lZoneJ Valley Western Vo Tech Bonanza 52 64 76 57 67 79 74 72 Eldorado 67 77 Rancho 55 71 71 85 55 ' 57 64 With great ease, Kurt Wohlrab shoots for the basket. Willie Banks confidently attempts to score a basket for the team. First Row: ilelt to rightj Coach Sherrill Stephens, Robert Remey, Dana Harris, Gary Gates, Willie Banks, Lemarcq Young, John Hor- ton, Kurt Wohlrab, Coach Leonard Czarnecki. Second Row lleft to rightl Rich Lauby, Eric Johnson, Lester Turner, Freddie Smith, Dwayne Stephans, James Marsh. V irsity Biskctbill 90 JV 81 B Basketball Left To Right: Coach Mike Gomez, Gerald Smith, Steve Washington, Jason Dance, Eric Ludwick, Dan Griffin, Ron Culberson, Derrick Hender- son, Marlin Wright B-Team player gives his all in throwing a freethrow. ,,,,.11t - fx L t. ..... ...... i 4, -K E . . zez fsw s ,,,,, , -6. . i . X xv ...Tl N ., c..... . 1' 5' T ,X :- sl,-u 35" Y A K X ..,,, X 'sw if Q- SX , A Rt :Q 3: 59 L :wm a Q , -www ' 2 QW.. Y e A, Swv Z i f ' f Z wifi? lu.-'R fini Devon Carroll tries to find an open man. Straining Devon Carrol moves in to intercept a pass. an-Q Seated Left To Right fBottom Rowl: Coach Carey Mitchell, Devon Car- roll, C.J. Matos, Chad Marnach, Charles Meyers. Seated Left To Right fmiddle Rowl: Clinton Ranney, Mike D'Ambra, Charles Shufford, Jason Tabor. Seated Left To Right lTop Rowl: Tyrone Coleman, Tony Wil- liams, Pete Small Everyone clusters around for a rebound. JV Si B SHOOT TO THE TOP lying through the air, the ball swishes into the basket nicely. This has occured millions of times since Dr. James A. Nais- mith invented the game of basket- ball in 1891. Even though a game may only last for a short while, the countless hours of practice are sometimes rewarded with a win. Although it may look fairly easy, that's not necessarily true. lt's a matter of opinion, but just ask any of our J.V. or B Basketball team players and they'll tell you other- wise. To be an excellent player, not only must they need to know the basic skills, they must know how to use it to their best advan- tage. Oh sure, they must've played back in grade school, but here in high school, things are a bit more competitive. They have to work a lot harder and try to perfect their skills. Simply being talented or skillful in basketball does not make a winning team. They must also have good sportsmanlike con- duct and also the sense of playing as one whole rather than individ- ually. lt's not just one single per- son who makes the team special, it's all the team members com- bined that gives them the ed- ge.Our J.V. and B teams have shown us that winning is not nec- essarily all that counts. They de- serve the full recognition for their achievements in the world of bas- ketball. Who knows? Maybe some- day one or more of our players will become professional and we can say we knew them. They certainly have the talents and the potential to reach that type of goal. All it takes is the determination and they have definitely proved to us that they possess that factor. 91 JV 84 B Basketball ......l4 V Angela Jefferson aims high r s C. I... .- Top Row- Bevelyn Brunswick, Virginia Green, Angela Jefferson, Kristin Wohl- rab, Sherall Bass, Sabrina Holmes, Angie Pryatel, Phung Horton, and Vonda Quinn-Coach. Bottom Row- Pam Lyons, Rochelle Wise, Collette Hinton, Den- ise Morefield, Trishun Jackson. VARSITY .SCORES Girls Varsity Basketball Scores Basic vs. Gorman vs. Valley vs. Clark vs. Rancho vs. Chaperal vs. Western vs. Bonanza vs. Vegas vs. Eldorado 68- 60 Eldorado 77- 57 Eldorado 64- 87 Eldorado 44- 47 Eldorado 78- 99 Eldorado 109-110 Eldorado 57- 88 Eldorado 80-107 Eldorado 88- 89 HU ARE THGSE GIRLS? ady Devils. Who are they? These ladies are the hottest Girl's Varsi- ty Basketball team around. They are like one big fam- ily. Pride, dedication, and teamwork describe our la- dies. They work together to get the job done and they get it done right! Our ladies have had an outstanding season so far this year. They are at 9-2, and we hope to see them make it all the way. These awesome ball players went to San Diego, California over Christmas vacation, and, of course, took the tournament. One of these outstanding play- ers, Sherall Bass, who was named the Most Valuable Player at the tournament, has an average of 14 re- bounds, and 12 points per game, made it a lot easier for them to do as well as they did. Mrs. Quinn, the coach of Eldorado's Girls Varsity Basketball Team, says a few words about a couple of her players. "I have my 'Hot Shooter' Sabrina Holmes, I have my 'Big Center' Sherall Bass, and the game wouldn't Click at all without Virginia Green. Girls Varsity Basketball 94 J.V. 84 B Basketball WEEPI GTHE OOK HGT! n Friday, January 8, the J.V. Basketball team met Rancho. Before the game began, the players anticipated how the upcoming game would result. "I think we're gonna winl" declares Trina Washington. During prac- tices, the Lady Devils dis- played self-confidence and enthusiasm. At the sound of the bell ending practice, the players gather around Coach Lazzarotto and Coach Toliver for some last minute instruction. "1-2-5 Hustle!" the play- ers holler and take their po- sitions out on the floor. The game begins with a fast break from the center jump. The ball constantly changes hands between teams. The exciting first half of the game showed the team's dedication and good shooting skills. One of the team's strongest points is their quickness. Coach Lazzarotto says, "The team's speed has im- proved a lot over the year." When the team plays, you can see their sportsman- ship. As, Felicia Lomack states, "The J.V. Girls Bas- ketball team is a close team, togetherness is what makes the team work." Back on the court, the score is tied at 50-50 and the crowd is anxious to see who will break the tie. Trina Washington, who's sitting on the sidelines, provides her team mates on the court with some encour- agement by cheering, "Come on Lady Devils, we Coach Lazzarato, Coach Tolliver, Trina Washington and Felicia Lomack root on our - Lady Devils as they watch the game intently from the sidelines. Back Row: Left to Ri ht Teresa Hauck Trina W hin C g I , as gton, Nancy lrely, Ollie Mikell, Michelle Gibson. Middle Row: fLeft to throw. Righty Charlotte Green, Carla Smith, Tamara Sims, Angie Reed, Michelle McClain. Front Row: fLeft to Righty Missy Kelly, Felicia Lomack, Ramona Porter. can do it!" The tie is broken by Rancho when half time is called with a score of 40-48. The players quickly pile into the locker room for new plays and helpful pointers from their coaches. Coach Lazzarotto shows them the ways to im- prove and get around the opposing team's defense. "We're taking good shots, but we've got to get pick- up," he advises. After they've received final instructions, Coach Toliver gave them a pep talk and ended it by saying, "You're gonna have to struggle to winl" With that in mind, the Lady Devils jogged out onto the court. Just then someone yelled, "Let's give it all we've got, no matter what happens." f J .V. SCORES Rancho vs. Eldorado 48-40 Chaparral vs. Eldorado 25-55 Clark vs. Eldorado 50-20 Basic vs. Eldorado 52-50 Bonanza vs. Eldorado 50-50 Vegas vs. Eldorado 0-40 Valley vs. Eldorado 20-18 Western vs. Eldorado 49-50 Gorman vs. Eldorado 58-52 The players take their places as Missy Kelly makes the free Nancy lrely attempts to make ajump shot while the opposing ' team gaze in awe. Charlotte Green sets up the fast break. Rancho vs. Eldorado Chaparral vs. Eldorado Clark vs. Eldorado Basic vs. Eldorado 19-07 22-48 50-40 0-42 Carla Smith practices by trying to make a jump shot. Bonanza vs. Eldorado Vegas vs. Eldorado Valley vs. Eldorado Western vs. Eldorado Gorman vs. Eldorado 18-52 14-O8 48-45 14-16 58-22 - 95 l.V. 84 B Basketball 96 Volleyball h-no -r--45 N -4-3 N Frontrow: Coach Bevelyn Brunswick, Stacey Skinner, Rochelle Wise, Coach Quinn. Back Row: Virginia Green, Sabana Rabb, Traci Whitney, Lori Jones, Kristin Wholrab, Phung Horton. Zewflfm 2 r,,,,, at , I ,,,,, r I x ,W , BWV gldowmo ew Front row: Heather White, Lorri Terrano, Cyndi Winger, Middlerow: Nicole Rosemeyer, Lisa Giddons, Kristen Cheney. Backrow: Sabana Roberts, Tri- shann Jackson, Pam Lions. Top Row: Wendy Higley, Dawn Halsey, Tonya Brewer, Angela Halsey, Dar- lene Avery. Bottom Row: Robin Archer, Tracy Roy, Tammy Turner, Jennifer Bushma, Susie Allazetta-Coach. Lori Jones. "Should l set or spike?" V lley Ch PP Ck Vae CS CHI 8 ITB C k VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Gorman 15 8 Basi 15 9 a 18 16 Western 15 5 a l 15 11 Bona 16 14 Rancho 15 10 L.V. 15 8 lar 15 18 Gorman 15 10 L.V. 15 10 ll y 11 15 W t 15 2 Ch p 1 15 17 B 15 1 1 15 8 5 15 6 VARSITY PLAYS CN he Varsity Volley- ball team, headed by Coach Quinn, was a very strong and determined group of girls. They give it their all during every game. lt's amazing that these talented girls can practice long and hard- ,day after day, and yet they still have fun in the process. They seem to make playing volleyball look so easy and fun,but on the contrary,it's alot of work. They also learn good sportsmanship and what it's like to be on a team and to work together. They're not afraid to show their mas- culine side during a game, even if it means risking injury. Their skills are certainly prov- en in their matches, plus their hard work pays off. Win or lose, they will al- ways cheer on one an- other and show plenty of support. That just goes to say, that they are a very dedicated team. Kristin Wholrab is on the ball. Lori Terrano - "I got it". U 97 Volleyball 98 Cross Country Eldorado's girls stretch before doing their usual workout. Vicki Murray slowly walks towards the start- ing line. Remona Porter giving it her all i Qf"'f'l'R" if PP F ' I during a race. Ep li R 5 sa Ss 5 Bl fl The guys 'chill' before a big race. trmraw i XSS gg W w":x1E.:amLz':!u SE 5 gg F' . anumsv - f. it . - SYNC' :grit 1 fr rf nm .513 555 .M Poolsmz Lulu ' Priscilla Jorgensen running her best to be 01. COMPETITIVENESS . TI'IAT'S THEIR EDGE ompetition is an every- day way of life. People are competing with dif- ferent things for many different reasons. But the compe- tition we're talking about, is the competition between teams and even your own team-mates. lt's a way of life. Cross Country is a very com- petitive sport. This sport deals with very good athletic ability, hard training, good coaches, and self discipline. Our Eldorado Cross Country Team is a hard working team that trains six days a week. Their average mile of running, and sprinting a day equals as much as 15 miles a day. The runners trek in many SCh00l various places, such as Sunrise Mountain, Bonanza Road, The Silver Bowl, and The Sand Dunes. This years Cross Country Team consists of approximately 45 runners. These runners are as good as they are and train as hard as they do because of the direction given to them by Coach Richardson. The discipline is mainly self reliance, because it's up to them. Their successful re- cord is due to their desire to be the best. Our runners work hard together, there's no doubt about that, but there's also individual competition. That's the edge our Cross Country Team possesses- competition. VARSITY SCORES Boys Girls Chap 41-17 48-18 Vally 46-19 57-21 Gorman 55-21 24-55 Tony Woo, Bob Kzysczczuk, and Chris Hick- ey kick back before zone. Front Row lsittingl le!! to right: Denise Moorefield, Dawn Burak, Danielle Johnson, Angel Bean, Melanie Northrop, Sharon Por- ter, Remona Porter, Joy Powers, Unknown, Rae Ruflison, Jennifer Sanders. Second Row: Ann Kuminecz, Alisha Spence, Ta- mara Sims, Angie Pryatel, Vicki Murray, Leondra Dimery, Unknown, Josette Simp- son, Krystine Lan'imer. Third Row: Regina Ruckinger, Ercilia Moore, Kristi Gould, Bob Kryszczuk, Adam Chan, Chris Hickey, Al- bert Berry, Stephanie Kirkendahl,Priscilla Jorgensen, Amie Vanderford. Fourth Row: Coach O'Dea, Mike Angel, Amandi Carroll, Travis McCarty, Bryan Nielsen, Matt Felts- ,Jim Evans, Scott Sloan, Coach Richardson. Top Row: Jeff Kittle, Bernie Davis, Clifford Brown, Ivan Owens, Don Diller, Anthony Brown, Adam Duis, Sam Pearson, Guy Passman, Todd Lively. Cross Country 100 Boys And Girls Track gt 11 1. W , My I fa Mx W i i We c s E i X we sf N 'X X, ,::, I., .:.,- , 1 ..,:-: X K X N l. s , , N g sf. as t , of ,QQ - .- i - ff EAA Polley Berg's hair flaps in the wind while she's seri- ously warming up. ,Q Stretching is a necessity in warming up for track. :iw Mhffrw The track team does their daily routine of running around the track. ,fr N if J J SQ xg ss Row 1 Left to Right: Lazette Parks, Collette Hinton, Joy Powers, Tracy Roy, Remona Porter, Michelle McMclain, Chanel Hartwell, Rae Rcolifson, Shar- on Porter, Leondra Dimery, Denise Moorefield, Shamiko Jackson. Row 2 Lett to Right: Adrienne Clark, Regina Ruckinger, Danielle Johnson, Chris- tine, Kelly Crowder, Jennifer Kissel, Polly Berg, Tiffany Walker, Manrina Martain, Gina Robinson, Ollie Mikell. Row Z5 Left to Right: Krystine Lar- rimer, Crystal Gerrity, Christine Urban, Darlene Avery, Sonya Conway, Adrian Riley, Quaniesha Stokes. Row 4 Lett to Right: Priscilla Jorgensen, Kris Cole, Michelle Kenney, Andrea Hanes, Lisa Larve, Felecia Ford, Mary Riceoppo, Angelinea JelTerson, Trishun Jackson. Row 5 Left to Right: Alisha Spence, Amie Mize, Tamara Sims, Lisa Giddons, Jennifer Sanders, Rochelle Wise, Veronicka Fuller, Angie Pryatel, Vick Merrary, Sharonda Ramous. Collette Hinton is scratching her back while taking a jog. Row 1 Left to Right: Tracy Tillman, Gilbert Cmz, Arturo Casmiro, Don Corrigan, Derrick Porter, Jeremy Miller, Willie Banks, Fred Lyons, Robert Klien, Scott Manganello. Row 2 Left to Right: Tracy Stevens, Jack O'Bryan, Mark Hill, Joe Blue, Amandi Caroll, Tim Bierkhardt, Chris Kuminecz, Fre- drick Smith. Row 5 Left to Right: Gary Passman, James Nuells, Dan Griffin, Dujuan, Lewis, Dan Lewis, Terell Lewis, Gary Gates, Troy Armstrong, Scott Robinson, Gene Griego. Row 4 Left to Right: Garret McCoy, Steve Peltiel, Sean Slaughter, Javier Wasiak, Chris Hickey, Sam Pearson, Mike Angel, Terry McClure, Adam Duis. Row 5 Left to Right: Bryan Nielsen, Matt Felts, Lorenzo Ruano, Adam Chan, Bob Kryszczuk, Melvin Jones, David Franken- burg, John Hines, Roy Hollingshead, Ron Culberson. ww, BUYS GIRLS TRACK n girlslboys track and field, there are many activities envolved. ln the track area: long distance run, short dis- tance run, hurdles, relays and sprints. ln the field events there are tri- ple jumps, single jumps, shot put, dis- cus and boys pole vault. This years highlight of the season will be zone and State Chmpionships. Kris Cole says "Track gives me the opportu- nity to stay in shape while I can still develop many new friendships. There is a certain bond between you and your teammates. lt is like you develop a cer- tain closeness that no other friendship can have. l love the feel of the excite- ment when l step on the starting line before a race." ,, Coach 0'Dea enjoys teaching track. He says, "They are all such nice kids and they each have an individual charac- -- ter. . j ,,.., The students practice very hard. Two ,,,,. J' ' S hours a day, six days a week. ln the long run, all the hard practicing will pay oh' in John Hines uses all his strength throwing the shot put. Bob Kzjyszczuk tries to act en- their MHHIHQS and 900d fortune' thused as he starts a hard day of practice. Boys And Girls Track g ,I Z X' ,. y as X ..,'.,N M ,.,., f ,,,,,,.,,,,H V f'-L1:f:r..-'nat M., Z,.fM,f "-""1' , 'M Joe Moviglia goes for the Ivan Owens gets ready goal. for the steal. 1 'I :ff , . F i Qi. .. r. 'WN N ' , N . . ,A . N g, . . N,t,.,x,. W------. Nw- at 'M .,,. t . A team player gets ready to throw in the foul ball. l VARSITY soccER JN' SOCCER Back Row: Roger Ruiz, Mauria Seebeck, Lorenzo Villascaz, Keven Mor- Back ROW? Mike Flannery' EfiC Dornak. Jason CYOWI SCOU Manganellof ess, Mark Denman, Mike Flannery, Keven Thompson, Eric Dorak, Don lvan Owens, Danny Glidden, Roy Hollingshed, Paul Howard. Kurua- Front ROW" Tino Mora, Mvncia Uradialesf Jeff Nubeff Mark Denman' Front Row,'Tino Mora, Jeff Loveall, Joe Maviglia, Jeff Bateman, Priscilla Lorenzo Vinascalf Mike Vansilklef Tony 50UniV0nQ- Jorgensen, Paul Woward, Dan Glidden, Tony Sounivong. 102 Varsity 84 j.V. Soccer W I , ,W W , A,,a , W Q -iii Q , WA 4, , ,W J , ,K , 5 y I V 'wfM'1w-wivnsv.. , ,fi ,,,n,,, , , ' X W My , MW ' , an H I ' ' . Where did you say that ball was? Hey give me that ball. No it's mine. Priscilla Jorgensen gets into scoring position - ready to make a goal. 2-4 Eldorado 1-5 Eldorado 0-4 Eldorado 0-4 Eldorado 1-I5 Eldorado 0-6 Eldorado Gorman Clark Valley Chaparral Bonanza Pasadena Elemadena 0-2 Eldorado Western 0-2 Boulder 1-4 Las Vegas 2-5 Basic Rancho Western 5-4 Las Vegas 1-5 Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado 0-5 Eldorado - Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado J.V. SOCCER. SCORE THAT GO L. . . his years Junior Var- sity Soccer team is full of young future varsity players. Even though they lacked some of the basic game skills at the beginning of the sea- son, they soon developed them throughout the year. These teammates have also learned to have a good general attitude towards the game as well as for one another. Coach Clark loves sports and it shows in his interest to teach young players the skills needed to be competitive soccer play- ers. According to the coaching staff, this years J.V. Soccer players have shown themselves to be good prospects for the 1988-89 soccer season. However, all the coaches feel that some of their Ju- nior Varsity players haven't shown all of their natural ability, but that they are still working on it. Coach Clark and his staff know they will have a good team next year and these players will be learning a lot more to become a bet- ter soccer team. However, they are always looking for good soccer talent and ex- pect a lot of new players coming to Eldorado next year. Coach Clark feels a soccer player must be a bit brighter than any other sports player when they are on the field because of the nature of the sport, but hopes more people will show an interest in playing. A lot of people have the tal- ent but they just don't know it yet and Coach Clark wants to show them they do have it. "So good luck boys, we'll see ya next year." 10 Varsity 81 1.V Soccer 104 Tennis I Q .. 1 .5 E sssssss ... at Q. 5 ' LL . h ' . . Kg. - K -..: 11 :... -K E ' X R V K ' W 1. . .. . - .1 .. - ' wb-- Wmnw LN . . 2 3 2 ,... .... - N , ,L A 1.3. . . Top Row: Sam Minyard, Mark Krempel, Tony Woo, Jim Greenwood, David Dewitt Shawn Ryan, Eddie Foulkrod Bottom Row: Waiman Law, Jason Turner, Darren Bate- man, Eddie Pascual. SMASHI G SERVES he Mens' Tennis team has definitely had a sea- son filled with 'the thrill of victory' and 'the ag- ony of defeat'. But throughout every match they've had fun. They've also showed a great deal of respect for one another and for their Coach, Mrs. Ban'y. So,when the questionnliow do you think you've done, personally?" came up . . . Mark Krempel stated, "Pretty good,but l need to work on my self-confidence." "What type of mental attitude do you have?" Tony Woo answered,l'l just want to play so that way if l don't win it's no big deal." "What did you like best about playing tennis?" Tony Woo, "Getting to know everyone on the team." Mark Krempel, "l had fun doing it." And last but not least . . , 'lI1ow do you think the team did?" To sum it all up,Wai- man Law,"We did alot better than the past few years, but we didn't do very well." So,all in all,whether it be a win or loss their attitudes have not been afTfected.Once again,they'll be out there next year doing what they always do . . . giving it their best shot or is that their best serve?l But Eldorado is still proud of its Men's Tennis team. Keep it up guys and better luck next year. WM., ,L , m. V 91,47 4' 1 w 1 , 2 'V ' . Y ' Tony Woo is ready for action. D ' if WV" Eovs TENNIS SCORES 'V E? CHAPARRAL 15 2 5 BOULDER 19 9 GORMAN 21 7 L y VALLEY 25 5 1 ,,.,, W Jii RANCHO 9 19 , or E N or -Q l LAS VEGAS 17 11 ..,,,,,.,.,,.,, ' BONANZA 25 5 areir r CLARK 25 5 . Z .. Qi M of ,, . 2. 1 ,aar . WESTERN 22 6 ,,y 4 f L BASIC 12 15 . F 2 5? f I 2 f rw ' NM Y Jim Greenwood, makes the winning serve. f VN GIRLS TENNIS SCORES A l 27 1 21 I2 7 V2 28 0 21 V2 6 V2 24 4 19 9 24 4 24 4 9 19 ' 16 12 Tony Wieszczecinski makes a great lob. Top Row: Coach Ban'y, Yolanda Hawkins, Shar- on Meadows, Cori Bower, Christie Dietrick-As- sistant Coach, Ramon Garcia. Bottom Row: Connie Clark, Jane Wieszczecinski, Marina Kim, Ronne Page, Kristen Gommel, Liza Pe- plow. Yolanda Hawkins swings a hit serve. I Vriif r ,,,, , raa nnnr, h aaar n niizgumwamniwi 4 2, aiaiigiilf, ,, , 1, 9 an gwamr utah Cori Bower goes the second mile. 0 105 106 Varsity 84 j.V. Baseball f' . li f 5,-fygw' "" ,I ,W WW ' , W if M 4, V wa Mark Simmons and John Gondini are stretching out for the big game. ,M , ,- ,,,,,,,,,,, V, I , ,, . , ewoanno l' assay Cl.UB Front Row: Jim Marsh, Mark Bassett, Marc Wilson, Mark Simmons, Paul Howard, Brian Dell'Aringa. Middle Row: John Gondini, Steve Konst, Mikey Telles, Randy Minyard, Greg Lyons, Svante Single- ' ton. Back Row: Coach Gomez, Sam Minyard, Eric Ludwick, Scott Hunt, Anthony Lee, Rich Stevens, Coach Daniels. ,' W iw ' fwf' 1, We izi J J- ,,,, A failed bunt attempt. Svante Singleton and Greg Lyons. Sundevil hustling to first base. The Junior Varsity Baseball team VARSITY A D JU IOR VARSITY BASEB LL he Junior Varsity Baseball team has a lot of young po- tentional players this year. Coach Farnsworth and the J.V. Coaching staff are working with- these young players, and teach- ing them the skills needed to become Varsity Baseball ath- letes. The entire coaching staff feel that this will be one of there best winning seasons ever, be- cause of all the talent that these J .V. teammembers are showing. Baseball is a sport that takes a lot of training, good reflexes, and a lot of hussel. And unlike any other sport, baseball also takes a lot of practice and effort. Eldorado usually has an excel- lent baseball team throughout the years and they want this to happen again this season. That is why the baseball team mem- bers and the coaching staff are working extra hard to keep this happening and to have an even better team this year and all the baseball years to come. Varsity 81 l.V Baseball 108 j.V. Softball JOB WELL DONE! r. Levins, who coaches J.V. Soft- ball, has put his effort and skill into making his Eldorado High School softball team a great suc- cess this year. Three goals seemed to motivate the players this season. The first was to have fun, the second was to improve each individuaI's skills and knowledge of the game to the point where they would make a positive contri- bution at the J.V. level next season. The last of course, was to WINI J.V. Softball uses a softball twhich is larger than a baseballl that is pitched un- derhand. All the rules of baseball apply. It is a vigorous sport that requires consis- tent pitching and hitting. lf you are good at doing any one of these skills. then there should be no problem in having a winning teaml The attitude of our Eldorado team is to go out on the playing field and give it all they've got . ,. and of course teamwork. Their is no criticism what-so-ever among the J.V. players. lf one ofthe teammates is having a bad day on the field, the coach and players encourage the teammates to "shake it oft" and keep trying. Mr. Levens stated that the most important part of playing softball is the players working to- gether as a team and everyone support- ing and encouraging each other. Just a little thing as saying, "good job" or "That pitch was great" can make a per- son feel good and show great detemiina- tion and ambition on the field. "The best part of' coaching softball", says Mr. Levens, "is watching the kids improve. ln the beginning of the season there was a lot of raw talent that has now developed into skillful playing." Overall, the team has worked very hard. The J.V. Softball team started practic- ing six weeks before the competition started. They worked on their playing skills and physical condition to make sure they had a good year. At the end of the season they will know the Glory of Winning a game and cope with the disappointment of losing a game. But you better believe they'll be at the next game twin or Iosel to give it their all when the umpire yells "Play balll" Ben Jurgens attempts to catch a ball at one of the soft ball practices. Well, someones gotta catch the ball sooner or later. , .M - W ..v H-7-gg,gy,,V Qfllwlhq, f,,,.f.... ,, ..- ,. H ,- ,w,,, N 'jx .MWWTUMW V, w Vrfy .,,,f' 4 7 A .-.gi m.:erz1'i,.f....' am, at ,.,,,f.. "I got itl", yells Cathy Lutey. Row 1 Left to Right: Michelle Gib- son, Coach Levens, Sue Raymond, Kim Spivey. Row 2 Left to Right: Kim Sport, Sherry Kinne, Debbie Kohut, Christie Dietrick, Ronne Page. Row 5 Left to Right: Lori Ter- rano, Bee Thompson, Kristin Gom- mel. "Hey, l'm over here"l Am I supposed to hlt the ball or the stick? Check out my 501 jeans. S First Row: CLeft to Right! Julie Konst, Anne Wilson, Kim Mayers, Ladola Lamoom. Second Row: CLeft to Righty Cheri Ross, Lori Stone, Jenneace Lottthus, Tiffany Campbell, Cathy Leetey, Lahlessa Mendoza. Not pictured: Charlotte Green, Dena Hansell, Anarea Wis- well, Leanne Laurence. L-R: Dee Dee Brady, Lori Boggioni, Early Albin, Veronica Fuller, Yvonne McAnelly, Mr. Oaks. Bottom Row L-R: Candi Sell, Nicole Chellino, Unknown, Missy Way. Early gets ready to bowl a strike. Top Row L-R: David DeWitt, Dale Dumond, Chris Bellkofer, Kevin Stroble, Mr. Oaks, Brian Cullen Bottom Row L-R: Rayol Cutler, Ban'y Mote, Brian Thomas. K is 4 iif - ,,,' my W mdk 4 f ' ,"f -..,,,, ,fm AMW Mark Krempel takes his best shot. Top Row L-R: Mike Van Sickle, Mark Krempel, Robbie Bruce, Coach Fitch. Front Row LR Billy Biddulgh, Darren Bateman, Gary Felice, Jeff Bateman. ,lr W 5 A DRIVI G FURCE ldorado's golf team can be described as a young improving team. Coach Fitch has worked very hard at improving their skills. Because of their youth, they will defin- etely have a strong nucleus returning next year led by Robbie Bruce. The team plays and practices at Nel- lis Air Force Base. Danen Bateman concentrates on making his put. Jeff Bateman follows through on a drive. Hey! Where did my head go? "Get outta my way! l'm coming through!" thinks a determined Sundevil. fy- 112 Recognition To Sports A Ss "l Got l1imll" A bunch of Sundevils come down hard on a Wildcat. "Ugh!" This wrestler finds himself in an awkward position. The Lady Sundevils hustle down court as a Warrior takes a whack at the ball. GRE T WORK EHS! ldorado continued the tradi- tion of good sportmanship and great athletic abilities this year. Because our team spirit and determination overwhelmed our opponents, those who compet- ed this year deserve credit. Eldorado always has outstanding wrestlers. Aside from winning State this year, Eldorado was 8-1 in dual meets. 7 JV wrestlers won Zone Championship titles 4Lloyd Smith, David Dietrich, Todd Waak, Justin and Jason Garrison, Cam Oliver, Tracy Valvo, Howard McGowan, Da- vid Frankenburg, Mike Childress, and Gerald Vargasl. Determination, Dedication, and Discipline make up a winning team, says Coach May. Varsity Football also did a great job. ln the past season, the Eldor- ado football players captured the Sunrise Division title. The Home- coming game was also a great vic- tory. The accomplishments by the team can be credited to the expert coaching staff. All of the support . the football players received helped them win. Girls' Varsity Basketball did ex- tremely well. The team made their way to the State Tournament, prov- ing how skilled Eldorado athletes are. These girls also prove that girls can be great athletes. They desenfe special recognition for all the great things they've done for our school and for a job done truly well. We should be proud of our great competitive teams at Eldorado. They deserve to be congratulated. Eldorado should be proud of the ac- complishments, both great and small, made by the Eldorado ath- letes. ' ' 113 'Recognition To Sports 'VI4 Autographs m 115 Autograph 00009 09 4 9900 X004 1 4009 '0 4 0 00x MU ,gf fl, .1 agar' XX X0000049 000K K0 90'000X X0 X0040 0091 X0 k0000 4869. 10049 040000409 OQVZCOGQXGQGXC 90000 4000004 . P6 009 0.0 000054904 Q00-5 0004K0000Q4N0q090Xs109 0X0Xi0045 000001040000 Q66 4 0004 0504 06 04005 940000400009 00040 X9 00 9000 0040090001 0 0 4044003 0X 64004004 00000400 9vl0X9. S0040 040 40001 04604004 000049.'X00f3 040-. N 909 000 900 00X 0040 00051 X0 09 440 90040400003 K9004 X041044x00000.X000Q490 QQ 60500069 X0440400 900 K9 Q00 9005004 0004040 005000 000 0000 KXQXXYQB 004 044400 9X00 X0 004 0XQ0 940 649009-90'0X0x0949X049 00 00094 0 4X4 0990400 040 0s10040o40X0X0409'i40Q X Xwbxoi 9 0090 9x:bX09049 900090903 0 49X0040409 000001 0 009X0i0,0'9 0 00000405400 Q00 90040 04 9 000 404909c00440000X0 9 40 0049 90049000 0 00 0Xo9 0 1909 oi x0 3094 O69 Oi '06 0 40 0 0 400 9 9 09 X0 40000 9 00 K6 -Q00 ' 004 ci 0000- 90 0 QXOK9 X000 'K 09 0006000 Y is X00 00040 0 0044.90 09 XX. P95000 0 XY0'O0XX0410 9 0 09' X0 4 40064 00 9 0004- 040490 04 000 Xfo 0096 f 004 .944 N0 00409000 04 0X0 04094 S00OXOXpaXo0 040 940, 0 00000000-.00 X960 V005 0 04440409 OQXQX9 440,049,021 00 00094 049 X00X , o0004q0Y 0000, 00000000000 W0 0400004 9 OQSQKSXOVCXOOG 000 0,0000 9000 000 004 00040. 00000 'X00 0616 0909 P009 00 000 9000 40 X099 000 00 9 000000, 00040. 00 400009 909049 NJXKY 0 9400, 00000 XXX 090400 400009"X0040X00Xk00 'AKKXQXE-1' 04 0 00000 9X09 XXX ,00400 400009"X 0010 X00000 0X Q4949 .XuX9 9000? O4 04 0X0 450049 000040009 40000 00 00000000 00009400- 4000 Q00 0400 00 990090400 4044009 000 9 9000 09 Q00 00X 9000X40Q,4004000x 0040009000009000 0409900 0 KQX6 X00X 000 94000 X004 04 049 Y009. 400 000 40XX 0 400400-5 004 9009IqoX0 90009 000 049. 600 0-1-0009 004400K 004 0X90 X0994409 ' 900 00009 0140009 00 X0000000 Q00 4 C6 O0 O9 gk 409 'I ,Qgd G mics D ivid er vw R009 X00 9010 OXX 'ASV' 40409 0'A0', 41500 646040 4400 99 004016 C0 0494 64 4606 4696 44905. I l l 6000 00- 06 K9 900 60000666 0N6x Ki 300001 066 0699 ,06 000460 x0606 60666 00 00 069940064 900964046 6-1.06649 6904 0060 066 6004 5906 M0646 Q06 94066049 6060460 04 6460 6- Q06 469k 0,6x 404466 96 - O l E 9045360 04 606006 0060 0600 94 OK 90400 00 -Q06 00200 00646. 004 Q06 9040 069 6066665 46400 K0 Q64 064 K4469' 6 9Q60KX09'k 006 40046 964069-x64 40064 Q06 Q04 9 X60 40094 0160466 090 Q00 YQvOff0'56XO6bXf '5006YXYO'Y0 'Y06 Q40 00494 06666 96X6040 649600040x66.04906f5 60 4 06 9 9000400 '404 466069 4090060009 964400, 0142 0060464 1' 004 00 006 906 601 4666 00400 6 9 4646400650 060006 9406600060664 40460 , ' 60000, 6699. 006 c06Q 9 XOQK i449n 06006 . . . X04 oi Q06009, 'bQQY6CiX0'cK00. 606 90040606 66 KW 606 Q04 006k 0661 60 404 9'40660x9. 94 '4 6 00x X040 x6600400, 606 4040440009 R040 Q06 046046466 X96 94066069 64 04604660 Q06 466006 4666 Q06 0 00460000090 M4006 Q6X90iiXOQ 46600649 669666 6 4 0N6x 00645 004 00 0 ' 0 606 6106 063 0641 6 x066f5 ' 6x R04 40 66640600 0600X6 06 64 400005 s QNQXCXG 649. O6 4009 '40 V610 06000, 960404, 50004 Q06 0060 60056 Q640. ' Em, m M 9 6069 04 0004669 940- 4160 04 666 Q06 CKY 916 'w54Q0Q06 000 Q04 x 006 oi 9. CO0 0640 " '4006 S fb '006 X 06 049 00 04 V B96 66 X40 AC ade m. ICS DiviL17 er CRE TI E 'il have a massive headachelDo I look like I want my picture taken this moment?l" growls Kim Morrison CLASSES 118 Language Arts dgar Allen Poe, vocabulary words and even parts of speech! Sound familiar? All are elements of the Eldorado Lan- guage Arts Department. An essen- tial part of the curriculum, the de- partment teaches such subjects as English I, English Il, American Lit- erature, and English Literature. Staffed by teachers who are always willing to help, the department is one of the best. With some of the finest teachers available, they not only push for Academic Excel- lence, but help students achieve it. My i fi 0,14 , in f V, vi 4 f Ulf" fm Wmwm 1 ,mfwaff MW sw f I avlsawwi annum' mwah Wk iwwvm umm mmf' ww. M M ww fuawwm wir , wwwwm www W- M Mm W ,fa , W M. WMWWW V ,WW W, ft, -M ,,,4,,,,5,,,, MWWW mama ww um my .aw " 1. S M. 1: A .X.4k 545' wazgsg Q: Carrie Malcom pays strict attention in her History class. .ual Jennifer Lee gets ready to go to her next class. Government teacher, Mr. Clark stresses his students to know the United states. Natasha Lohnes looks to a friend to answer a question. ' A ,if The Three Musketeers are not copying only comparing answers. 119 SociallStudies 81 Language Arts Mr. Mustafa lectures his intrested class. Mrs. Greene gives both personal instruction to a student, and class instruction as she explains a problem. 120 Science 81 Math Michelle Boudreaux takes a rest until class is over. S 21 24 X: 15: Q Russ, E f , , ,,,,, ,,,, , ,VM Michell Cave receives personal at- tention from her Algebra teacher, Mfr. Mathews. Facing Challenge lgebra, Geometry, Analysis, and Calculus. All are parts of the Greek science of Mathemat- ics. Webster's defines the word "Mathematics" to mean, "The study of the relationships between objects, shapes, quantities, and numbers, or- ganized so that certain facts can be proven or gathered from others by us- ing logic." The Eldorado Math Depart- ment is staffed by teachers who are devoted to helping students further their education in the perplexing sub- ject. The teachers are always willing to help students muddle through the tri- als and tribulations of learning formu- las, theorems, and reading graphs. Their endless amounts of patience and support are greatly appreciated by the students. ,,,,,.adini. Perfecting .S A - . Q eerr A E K 'R xxx K k .X if rs is 5 3.6 X S Sr Q' N Q Q 'Rf the Arts he Performing Arts Depart- ment is a major part of the Eldorado curriculum. Our Theatre, Band, Choir, and Art classes have outstanding reputa- tions. Students involved in these classes are extremely dedicated to their art, as is evident in the end- less hours spent rehearsing. With teachers such as Ms. Emmett fThe- atrel, Dr. Jensen fChoirJ, Mr. Jen- sen CArtl, and Mr. Beckstead iBandl, students receive a price- less education from these talented individuals. Sacrifices are daily oc- curances in this department, but the end result, spectacular perfor- mances, is all worth it. 'I22 Physical Education 81 Performing Arts X A Q f 3 Q. K Nw Q 5 -6 Blix W- f .,,,,,f ...W Tabitha McNeal puts her music away for safe keeping. it .. Mike Vitone and other S.O.S. sing ers rehearse a song. :is km x K 1 W ...M ,, ..... .N-R., MW' A U .... .. ...... L-.. .... .. -t---- .. ' I f 1 " e as sttt- ' -: N -sli t - .. X 2- 5 it rg , f - 3 wg t Q 3 X Q s w S . ,,, f .s,..,,s ---- . Q Sv i 2' f 2 . . -1 or V H g . , .. M ..-Max..-.Ns-f.....,gA. """"fX""N The girls' choir run through a christmas carol. ,iff f-"7 f X . .X .X J 123 Performinglvkrts 84 Physical Education 124 Business Through working in the student store, Fernando White learns the importance of business. Janine Buttera gains practical secretarial skills by working as deans aide. Justin Vandevort puta the finishing touches on a wrought iron fence during Mr. Paine's 4th period Metals Class. ln Mr. Pomeroy's Photo ll Class, Johnny Greene pours the chemical meeded to develop his tilm. Vicki Greene picks up practical skills in Business while working in the cafeteria during second lunch. Mastering A Trade he vocational classes offer students the opportunity to learn and prac- tice vocational skills which could help them both obtain and work in jobs after high school. The vocational classes that are offered include photography, drafting, woods, met- als, and foods. With this variety of choices in which students interested in vocational careers can choose, Eldorado satities the majority of the students interests. The photography classes improve your ability to be selfreliant. Another advantage is that Photos ll, lll Br IV can hold V.l.C.A. club meetings during class time. During these meetings, the photography students improve their skills by planning for the an- nual V.l.C.A. contest. The vocational classes are an important part of the curriculum. Eldorado students are at an advantage since many of these class s are not offered at other schools. This jvantage will l. students in the fu- ture Pb market. 125 Vocational 126 Trustee CLARK COU TY SCHOOL DISTRICT BO RD OF TRUSTEES FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Yvonne Atkinson Gates, Vice-President: Shirley Holst, President: Dan R. Newburn, Clerk. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark W. Schofield, Lucille Lusk, Jan Biggerstaff, Howard Hollingsworth. SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS DR. ROBERT WENTZ .-. ,gmr .,,,N , - W.,-- Mr. Richard Paulin Principal r Ms. Mary Sue Gentry Asst. Principal an X Eff W Averett, J. Beckstead, M. Bright, l K Canfeild, P. l l Childress, P. I I I Clark, D. Daniel, S. Drechsler, J. Farnsworth, T. 'Ev D457 I know 4.zf?'K Q bqjpw LQQQC! 'FLLQ wne, 1Jvs+"?f2,,..-Jr., cr-..,'1".fufg 1 Y? L v' L+ VE. 5 lg ' iW4.'f'f6r1c.f l:Q,L3,-,gg fhlga-i'5f . HW?-..vi YXEQQQ .X H4-.rf-.5v" abvwl 128 !!4j2ES'1g fspfkff f 1f'Y"ff.' ' -!'. vig F 3 is 94+ 5- '-"q?',-4 fy! 9 I ' fig. 5' W',g'5f'lX5'Cw, fl' fn I P .1 Faculty ' ' "' ' ' 'K Z ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' N ., - ,ff ,J f .P ,rl 41 , Gomez, M. Hanlon, B. Haynes, B. W, W if . f5fif:1:"' ' f If K ,..-,,, , - g f, Hood, T. Hollingsworth, K. .wa ,nw Helms, J. Hyatt, J. Jensen, J. Jensen, K. b 129 Faculty 130 Faculty Jenson, R. Jones, D. Jones, D. Joseph, R. Kirk, V. Magnuson, S Martin, E. May, J- Miner, R. McKinney, J. Mustafa, M. Oaks, D. y. .7 , . - :fP,fw2 'NW ' L , WW , I . vf W.. " ,fr f ,f ,- - W- W.. M 5, . , ,WL . N ' , , QI, M., W .4 O'Dea, M. Persin, M. a 4 Plawski, E. Pomeroy, J. Prince, R. Quinn, V. . ,V ,M LM M, .i ,... , 131 Faculty 132 Faculty S - I Ranz, E. K ,il-fx xi Richardson, S. Rollins, D Rollins, S. Saxton, J. 3 Qi M 3 K . m ,. or M...,........ ..,,, 1 lll, Q lla f' .M- Ross-Carroll, C. Russell, M. Schiller, R. Severance, S. l Silverman, J. Sibo, L. Splittgerber, G. l Toliver, M. Travers, L. Trujillo, K. 5 K, We wg .gy r 'A MWWWWDQ , , , hm.. f, V 1 I 1 Stephens, S. Turner, J. fi i Wagers, C. 133 Faculty C599 Q? 'fm fu, My 134 Svnior Divider ' ,V ig X 9 M-E, ,J 4,1 ,, X 1 X963 0.64 40066 0040006006 6604046 400645 606 6 44406 C4014 90444 6644- 0446445 4046 xo 600415 40644 06400, 000435 660004 604440. x'0, Q06 6643 0066466664060 040 41414 46046-6604644466 0404466 xo 606 xo 446406, 6000 '66 404 0640044 6 49006 Q40 O6x0'O64 413: 6000640 40 645 64000646 -C0644 660404 6646 606 660 66x x664'3 -6456 0446. 40643 4964 '066 x0 40064446, x 6 646640 44040 P+6x4 4046 60004 66406046 ,x66 64646664060 000041400 40 6460606466 44040 q04fQ06 46 6640606644 44464 601- 6606 '6. 660 000000 6004-6. 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E 5. l 2 , ' E32 6 . gi 11 4- ' ...,, 4,5 Q E ,, ,W 2 EJ, 3 565 ? K Q - ' iff if 36. M . 4 52: .. f ig-,4.4f,s as 1 5 ,, 2 3 ,gi 5 X 4 5 w gggg, 32 Q N E 5 526 6 36.64 2 51456 , 3 ' 'QE 3 ? 2 Ex 662253. gisi I "5 4,22 2 .0 A in ,, , X g E , 'Hy . A W! Se .mio V . 1 D'vgdi5 r J SENIOR Best Legs: Javier Wasiak and Ramona Cella Prettiest Eyes: Ron Jerzoski and Wendy Ross Prettiest Hair: Paul Brawer and Debbie Weise G.Q. and Vogue: Elmer Sena and Paris Franklin SUPERLATIVES Most Spirited: Curtiss Lewis and Carmen Hawkins Friendliest: Dennis Castro and Mary Nellis Q Outrageous Seniors: Jim Ash- ment and Cori Bower Class Clown: Randy Minyard and Sharron Thomson W Q09 137 Senior Superlatives N 138 Senior Superlatives , S ENI CR Most Dazed and Confused: Wil Gossip Gabbers: Micheal Jew- liam Mooney and Mary Dan- ett and Stephanie Walker zinger Most Likely to Many For SSS: Most Bizarre: Ryan Taraska Mike Morgan Dian Gatewood, and Carolyn Montes ' f SUPERLATIVES Most Intelligent: Tuan Phun and Stephanie Barsuk Most likely To Succeed: Rustin Jensen and Tracy Davis Teachers Pet: Joe Flannery and Nadine Pullen 5 Year Plan: Tyronne Perkins and Jennifer Judd SENIOR Cutest Smile: Steve Konst and Best From Behind: Roland Cherie Pope Castro and Christi Hanson Biggest Flirt: Kevin Bretz and Most Talented: Rudy Hernan- Genvieve Pearlman dez and Sabrina Holmes ' SUPERLATIVES Life Of The Party: Noel Casi- miro and Tina Belkofer Supreme Sweethearts: John Hines and Veronica Fuller Most Saintly: Alan Bingham and Lauralee Whitmore Most Likely To Stay Single: Russell Orr and Candy Gross 5.9 S Superlatives SENIOR Best Personality: Richie Dreighton and Pam Dayton Most Popular: Marc Wilsonand Shana Hyatt Most Bashful: Mark Brandvik and Samantha Charles - Freddy Fratemity Br Susie So- rority: Dean Fisher and Tracy Bower ' l SUPERLATIVES Best Bod: Kenny Kurth and Lisa Blake Most Athletic: Don Kurau and Kristin Wohlrab r Most Attractive: Warren Gray and Julie Bernat Most Conceited: Mark ,Sim- mons and Joanna Thome SemorSup It 59' 143 eraives X J i 1 I ' o VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN Rustin Jensen Stephanie Barsuk TOP TWENTY SENIORS y Randall Minyard Michael May Warren Gray Shauma Groft Donald Kuram Kristin Wohlrab Sharon Patronik Mark Brandvik Carolyn Montes Tuan Phan Pamela Rodgers Russell 0rr Javier Wasiak Benjamath Boone Alejandra Villarosa Adrienne Clark Shana Hyatt Samantha Charles X Mary Danzinger Traci Davis -X Q X -fav A F ' W li' ,r 'WF''i'W'35ff5'E333W7f7ff33,wifEW935'?'WW1 i i " W'i' I V 'hc Sec i 'i 'iw' " '. 5 1 E Q3 itmkhtw -tg is ,.W,.,,,.. ?,.,,,.1-L .QW Us , . , .T ,. , C , ,, . , , . V ffpiflwww-'Eff-.. -,:, ng. "a?fq:,.,-figs?-W-cm,55253 'ml .,?2:?x'-':QF.'.g' T ,QJV1 , , V.:-f 1 V: ' axf':::.1:maff,,,WRn-FCEEEM 4'T?34wlEr"ewMm1f1w.Re51 iiimmfllnssmwfu:w1,mmH-12'-f-M,,Ig.a.n?,.1a1+1l::w,.wma-.Q-Ax-n:v.,:.-w' ,:1'-wr 1.-,lm 1aww-Q:H,:.,,-1,.m1a: wr W fm:',:: W nu. ww-.w. wr f.,:',r.m.:w w, ,, x f 1 -. . W, , W., KING AN O TRAGEOUS EXIT Y CLASS 0F '88 Front Row L-R- Carmen Hawkins, Adrienne Clark, Pam Dayton, Back Row L-R- Stephanie Rainbolt, Cori Bower, Michelle Carring- ton, Warren Gray, Veronica Fuller. Elena Abrams Sharon Allen Victoria Anderson Ria Lynn Aniciete Joleen Appel Leslie Aragon - James Ashment Darin Atherton V Angela Attaway Ronald Austin " 'Y-'1:3"w"f'fQ'EF:'ff ,. 'Q , T' ' .. f. f- 1 . ' ' x ' 'V 3399? .41-1,5 -11,12-g ,gl 7. r A :,, 1' E'g1f31p1mWt1'i3l' hr:'.W151HS'5'fiUM , iiiiiiliflil , ' ' ' :74WIi1wl'1:EfI Tikjjiil 1F:HUQiwH-l5'QQfa14'5 11-H-1.,v'uugfy fm-M1 Nfl' v.. 1 KY :gpg iw1.Lm:1 35.2 ,, ml'-ll, 11 ui: 2,21 JZ ww fr' ' ii, H , ,- Q 151 1v:1:,t,, "Lei M, ns' -1:15351 ,F wh QUILT 5 4' saga: 51311: ml -ls, J :warg 11 .ylllggw Qlggrffgxl 'wiv 5.1 si-11,y'L1:-:S 1 K. , , 'lf ' "J ,, , ,sf-, pjfijiiiiiid '-MG' f"'1?l?-EST 371 W? M! N ,, ,, ,mmf- wv' l f ll :1..15:I1,fQ,! , . -liggfiifl ' '3 'fi-'1 i'1fB'g,v,-1,,,' 553 ' W' 21215.51 1 2 :Q if .J "qf'1gI'xqQ3"35Z1f.:',f,1g -"lil g "2 in in 1152? Qgiglfiiif L1 -'inf-QR 1"g2'3,,,1 ' , lm, w, Q, ,. '75 M, 11' 9,-1, 29' 'AT 5512! 'fl wx' W r X 94 ':55.1:q 1' '1i:,ig"v .r.Mwr"s- 1- -1 Jfil' 3 -,lj 32:3 ,, 'ffZ,?,w3 5 g',Q1-3Bf.T""i i'E':Q-:543:f V LZ, fjflfi, sliqll' ,ri SM 01 jjiyf Qfql 'gi 153 FET -,J r-,,.N,1:, ,,V-v Y V? lffikj "1 ,rm wx , w, ,.,:'m'3f.,, 44 ij11s,,jL:i51,'1 w-'4'?1L4xV,4kf V, ,,,,, , 1. H1133 Q' ! Q1 1 L, ,N wa A ' A Eli? , V4 I v- In 'L 'I ,tt 6, I , .Q ,.,1.i M mf, Tig, 1 'fm UZ? Q24 K, pq , ,T ,1 -1 V-:' T Q! if 1- 5 ata! ,ff 4 iigf' 145 Seniors .Qf'?"', Y , ,A , Q -- --, .,.,,, .M lwifww'1wi:1,,ff ' 1" 1 f ' liz? 14:62PIi7i,'W'g1ffZ2'f'3fr1wwmffsffszfwvf-' .1tz:amr'1wfru,-faqfwm-W,-9-Xwx we N -vt-www-fwwmi 1-l br-E-.... 4.,n-m,,r,f,,Y, , ,, , . .He . -v-. -. ,.- '- , . if! 543 if ' 'iEf:?'5?f5'1f?'f'?152 ?4g':"5?2??fif'iQ2?6i? "W-3355572534 Hfigfyiliiii- -ir5r'E?3Q5F- "Q??if??' T ' 15 7 egiif " if 5? , A . ,- v',2-,.-sfipflfsigap wrvsigf- - Q-I-L...,f:s:?""-fxizrifza 'T FKA W-fr ?E -Q rf. M. V ,N ww- 3 ,. J sink. . ,, M. 1, n.w,.N. . .im r I- Q. mme. F55-Q A. 'V-fe .A l K, l. ,5,,,la:, .. ,M . 4 -l arf rn., ,,,+r.- W,,gm,M.-,4A,Lrf9f21m ,l,mrF:fWW,w,,, ,,,gtfwwW-f,.M,. -QM-mfgM4wa4,u.f,-5,sl Npilu irm..19w,l,.AEE:,q4mt,. .inf wirnitfw-,Ami li -Y H111 J .iq 1 W w 4 xl, Ln ':q,qCgl,1sg, -- mm jr., , ., lr is al v x :am -' ' ff , Ng, -W-X: N, of 5 Q J .'.Li1,-f2 ., it ,A 1 SENIORS ' ' ' B is ' Michael Bannerman David,BarcIay Angela Barnett Stephanie Barsuk Tina Belkofer- Erin Bell Johnna Bell Richard Bennett Julie Bernat Donald Betti Alan Bingham Paul Black Lisa Blake Elizabeth Borruel Cori Bower 1 Tl'8Cy BOWBI' Dawn Brandt . Mark Brandvik Paul Brawer Kevin Bretzx 4 ,. ,., ' H . , ' V X . F Kimberly Brewster Michael Brockett Ryan Brooks Ninon Cabrera Brian Callahan 3,'314Q.,l,. .. ., V it 1, 1 . V - , A,L4:,,lf b-,iffy 1 jfgf, .3255 .frfgwi-l' -' wt ' ' oiili - fm-Q4 1 WEHWQHPEQ. wa"m"3?i2'HT9m.:,lgg,TF4?-Q35W,:mLn,9rLl:r':9qaf'N'Wfl'-'W''frLiftxilmzeifgg-aiifw-QQ' wx'4fFlfI:Mz?i'r1w1fwi-1 ww f"W":ff5"5,:'a11 Q5li??i0r35..-.2 w , if :ag fwfw f- -15-Ja, -kaQzffgwM.fulm.w'1t' , f M 5-'mfnsffmmr L-'W J'-'wglgigqgwmgu ygf1',m,-4 -Eff few if 1- -,.ngq'f2wwwIt5mfrlw-:q'Gfl,.L1-'.-.i.-,-we .fW-':l-.:- 'Q H "W" 97 v - lf:'fV"'P7'VWY4vf7 1' XYYIWUIW "l'J'fbf9'?'?TiW ll "ffl it-Q-.lil nhffn w'wL'!3'-95"lff'f-'3'i'?W ff-'WU'-l-ii'."Jf"':fur,"f K-1 VAL'-':'I ' ',9'sILI:m 7 v' Wiril 9'n'i"1v',W'l..'3'y':, U-' 5 U :I wk :mn v -V-we .j'1'Q?K!f1Q:HZf,jgw,,',-'gpmjziffvqWgmflqggk .w:'q.,l,', ,rip-1 r V,mfvj1,'11,'i35ij'Zg, fqvgiy " 1 -1 y.,w51'l ,' H, mn-Q,v:3m',1i4 ,Q vw wg-gl l V 5:13, gig l ai .'l5'rlf-1'ii'ljXi:lf 5-1:25ggpg-j2l4:S'I-g gfsf i 1 Wa, ,ij 9 1 r -, M , v . ,Um 4 ,Q ,ligifil trails my filvjgxk, V f :aw - a X LUN 'L :im -E,Ea:s.:fs:l .11 "lin-I'L .1141-,1.w,Ef33:-f3.cl:- 11. I .- 'T'-'ri.'L,.1l'.-ls:-MY .s fff 'C lf ,1frw1V5GfUaJ"-.13 1 .3 . ' I Jr F515-i Bridget Campbell Christopher Canico Michelle Carrington Noel Casimiro Frank Castellow o 1. .UW 2 4 I Y -,.l,, vi Ci, ff AY, 5 x ,"' 1 o ' Dennis Castro f Cari Causey r Ramona Cella ' Derek Chaission Willie Chaission Samantha charles Erigfheney Christine Clark V Julia Clark Dome Clary f - ,ag 11 'Fill . 4 2 , ,.-7 4. ,ei 3 4 wwf, .,,1 H1 ' 1 l e4,. 4 .l A25 if s ' 1 ' v 1 1 4, W5 ii! Ni 71 . .-, 3, ,, M ,L . 1 5 1 I 2 2 .,-3 nl .. Wi jj-if 'E 3 3 1 .2 ,Q 'j . 1 ,L U. 's vi 1 " B':.','j qtk jg: 3 .7546 5 , H p' ,Q grin- , f Ar, 5 3 mf? .. m,4l,,W- ,,.. r,- 1f.1s1t.,,. ,H , 2 ,WA ,. ,,-,itfqf-,.,..m,,? , 1 ,M 1 1 .-vm i M la 1 121 qrrmwl,-.-1--f1'QVM. 1:1-mike: 14,5- ,4,,:11c111,',,,:f,s,.:-, pixigvf-11ff,,1 -vxv .1 ,,,1. ,nm was.-.-1 ip, sm- 1115+ tugrw- 11-.sviafiwrfm HQ1 an A?1m-14+h"- 5111115 1,119-A 'J I QM 1 an 3 if if Www? 1 -5 f E Y ru if 4, S' H W Q5 I4 Z Q ff " if x 7 k fi ELWTHB 1 K u i?,iggi"Y1"3Ulf 11:1 ,QP r Llf1 i QE iii V ,148 ' Seniors 1- 1-A 7-1022 iwixff-r.-1 MW 1 if 71111. ,111-. W r 1.1, -, -1 - . - -1 'ai'II1idi'i,.1,1'.ii'-H' "f 'W Tw' W- 'Ek-T"4'f1W'1Y5 ' 4 A. 1,1 ,s.m.a , : '.slw':.,1 12. 11- Q 4-..,e1.:11.' - mf ,l Q1.r11gf-:1:m,'1c , 41: .!wfl'3,U1 1. SENIORS ' ' ' , Jason Comstock Lynelle Constantine David Cooper Marshall Cooper Renee Cordon Michele Covert Gissell Cowing Rheta Cowley Dean Cox Denna Crawford Katheryn Curl Daryl Daniels Mary Danzinger Christina Davey Robert Davis Pamela Dayton Shawna De Weber Lan'y De Weese Murray Deford Mark Delgrosso W Maurice Delisle 1 Christina Demers Neal Deriggi Michelle Digregorio Shen'ie Cogburn , 1 I-- D., X r 1 I W w, yy W A x l MAKING AN OUTRAGEOUS EXIT! Lonny Domzil Michelle Dorion Felicia Dunn Jacqueline Dunnean Danae Duvan l 3: 1 'N My it 1 1 4 .aw lf ' ww as Kelly Edwards Karen Ellertsen Marcy Elliot. 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'...J1 - A,YE.v5,.eH .aff-,+-41q, 1 1 PHOTOGRAPHY Julie Bemat Warren Gray Jenny Makowski Lauralee Whitmore 98 -88 OUTRAGEOUS SE IORS YEARBOOK Julie Bernat Tracy Bower Jenny Makowski Sharon Patronik Lauralee Whitmore THEATRE Tracy Bower Paul Brawer Michelle Fournier Candice Gross Sheryl Henne Michael Jewett Kate Maxam NEWSPAPER Tracy Bower Yolanda Hawkins Marina Kim Kate Maxam Alycia Sanders Victor Mendez Carolyn Montes Shannon Sheldon Alycia Sanders Sean West Shannon Wilson Sean Wortman Busmrzss Mary Hagemeler Marcy Saxon Pam Spencer Melissa Wardle Vickie Williams Rodolfo Hernandez ENGLISH Stephanie Barsuk Rustin Jensen Stephanie Rainbolt Wendy Ros CHOIR Angie Attaway - Dennis Castro Eric Cheney Richie Dreighton Rustin Jensen Carrie Lago Shannon Sonerholm SCIENCE Mark Brandvik Don Kurau Randy Minyard Kristen Wholrab GOVERNMENT Stephanie Barsuk Samantha Clark Pam Dayton Rustin Jensen Stephanie Rainbolt STUDENT COUNCIL ART Michelle James Brzeznski Carrington Robert Davis Traci Davis Pam Dayton Scot Hunt Sindy Flaig Candi Lee Russell Orr Stephanie Rainbolt WOODS Ronald Austin Mark Brandvik Richard Mansor Dan Sewell BAND Shane Anderson Maurice DeLisle Sabrina Holmes Rustin Jensen Matt Wilson SENICR LIFE eing a Senior guarantees at least one thin. . . Senioritis. Symp- toms of Senioritis include: the "l'll do it some other time," syn- drome: the three and four day week- ends: not being able to stand fresh- man: and counting the weeks, days, and hours'until graduation. As some- one once said, i'Senioritis is a feeling of superiority over all subhuman un- derclassmen, that wish they were in our shoes." Your Senior year may not be as cheap as past years have been. Some of the expenses are: Senior pictures, cap and gown, Prom, college applica- tions, car repairs, graduation an- nouncements, and Homecoming Dance. And of course, don't let us forget a Yearbook. It may be expen- sive, but it's all worth it in the end. Government classes can be a real problem for some Seniors, but the bad comes with the good, like Senior Ditch Days. One of this years ditch days took place on January 25. Gov- ernment classes were pretty empty that day! After finally realizing you have ac- tually made it through 12 years of school, you start thinking about your future. Most plan to go on to college while others may just try to find a job. A few might even get married and some may not want to do nothing at all. The main thing is that you're free and the rest of your decisions are yours to make after your Senior year. Lynelle Constantine gets her head measured for her graduation cap. "You mean she turned me down?" sighs Frank Castillo. Senior Life Senior class shows their spirit at the Homecoming Assembly 'ik A- mt. 5-ssl : .-1 f.: gg ' 2 X' -:- :S hl 1.WX S5 Mllafkikvi Q ,xg . ' 4 ,.A.,.. V K ii.. svn 1 'fwil f ffl: ff- . . V . N , V- wff, . V E .- . W ffdk ', .ff-' I w K -wwf ' ly X 5 as 3 V SQL 5 1. Z , ' Q T N .42 -V LN 'mx X 7' x f 'Q 'I U6n4d erclassm en . Div ide r Q O? ooo? o oooox oox ooooxoxosswoo s ooooxoxosswoo. 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Their drive for success allowed them to help boost our Football, Basketball, Wrestling, and Baseball teams to victory as the crowd cheered on. As finals approached, College Entrance Exams and G.P.A.'s suddenly seemed important. Juniors struggled to pass final exams in U.S. History, American Literature, and Chemistry. lt all seemed worth it, though, when they realized that the l'Ultimate Dream" is just one small step away from becoming a reality. g Back Row, Left to Right: Francesca Bruno, Mr. Amudson, Lisa Martinez, Liza Faress, Julie Foht, and Mrs. Canfield. Front Row, Left to Right: Michelle Cave, Gayle Gillpatrick, Wynn Hanlon, and April Szekeres. N9 , rj - Y ziggy., V4 l E Mom: STEP 54.1 f if 1 f If - F , 4 Chuck Nevwohner, is in a daze as he is walking the halls. .K 169 juniors gm g ggiggmfggga Q X ,ing 55,6 , MQKQE XQSWS zfz.:-:S ' I . . 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W 1 g1f'J5a2: F::MFL:5P:552:g?iS??5fM'?S J: -Q: Mm::wMW:w:,, New m55'?,N::S5e2?sgfff3 'I X W 5 .i"fw.' saga. ,, , W m3 3 api. :whip ,'mQw,.:5wXg,,gyg:,g5! Q W y. , A215 Q , ., M WM: tgsgf 5 Um: Vg 2:5 ' 1 " K5F ,X1g-5 fbsgn bghm, fi lyme vii:wf55:3i:f5I:af,5'Qs2ff23,:gw'2 ,w:':a'.fM:-a:,,w:p:,gsf gwm- Q. 1:wT:h:h 7wm?:s:sv5-ff?:?fa5S:ww , H vfffn fmwms . ' w55?4Q:- . 1 ?:5htfP4ffQi9f2'Uf x Qwffsm WS :gf mga ,fH.54Q353Q'?f'ii.???i'i??i5?555S32Y55?ai5 ' ff ffr3:ww. ., ' - A-':g!.'r-',ff.'F:gVT:x5sQ.S',,wqg5 -WL - iw., 1 Lg - f fswyrgwwgh . fmt- ,: . ah an 515.224 Wfissgsfgnib if we JU ICRS I I 7 "" ..: mgrfzw f , def, o -,E 'lli A-o21 .- ,, .1 f y Z J J W7 54? f K f ,gk f V' S , W 1, 5 3 , 1 , Q 5 is f 1 3 f . f,,,, QU E i 5 5 f uf HM Wo "Oooh, look at that girlI", says Wally Hammond to himself. 174 juniors E MORE STEP ,,f- 'QM ,S Q 2 ? I git ' .... - fa' A ' ' 5' , 5 fi ,V ff 5 NW- J W V .V ' ' -ff- - A. , , ,,l, J ,,,, 4 WW V F!iE .N 177 juniors SCPHO ORES I u n Being a Sophomore is "A little better than being a Fresh- man." Finally, no more being teased about being a Freshman! New classes such as Biology and Health replace Earth Science and World His- tory, which means more studying must be done. By the time you're a Sophomore you've caught on to the ways of high school. lt's easier to become in- volved in school activities now that you're not so intimidated. Assem- blies seem more fun, football games seem mandatory social events, and attending the Homecoming dance is a distinct possibility. Lunchtime seems more fun as one by one Sophomores get their driver's licenses and cars: eventually omit- ting the ritual of trying to stomach the cafeteria's food. As the year winds down, it's time to get serious about grades and the fu- ture, but the class of '90 will always remember being "Sensational Soph- omoresl" r l api Y iff, Top Row: CL:-:tt to Rightb Joanna Peralta, Debbie Kohut, and Early Albin. Second Row iLeFt to Ri ht Krista Brooks, Doris Kerr, and Tamm R an, Bottom Row: iLeR to Rightl Dena Hansell g . and Andrea Wlswell. f , -"i ' he , l,ig ,, F ,,,, 1 H95 f'Q - f " : 'V ,, ,f ' F ""i GX 5 ,.,, A ,,,, a an sf x ,, - av 1: Wu -2. ,L A1 .. .... .. 1' .. .. .. si? L E W ?-53?Is:" fs 53-- 3 .. ,... 42 --:M Syl-V15 H an is vm SS ' E42 3,2 3-ma . . rs. gf we s -mfizsli 4 - ,ss ?5fif"?5s::Sf , my E Q-Wm . ew: mg-rm Qggggii Rf' TES iwiilgiiiil :... .. .. .. N -. g:f: ::: :: .g:- zfzfgz Q 3 .,:,.,.,..,..,..,.,., ...- Qa -1 2 sv. Q1 .- .5 gg,-2 -.W .. "gli: 3 , ,gg saga .W Q-.gsyrg-3 SQf+?i?g'i- Y 8' am- wmai 'Wife E W m gm?"-SSE - M za: M ig-zz.. 5539 " 2 1 5-:'.:ff:' ...M . . Eg. ..,. .......,.,. gg ., W2 .?:E::5:s:: .f 2. 22 E: :51:'- '-"-' - -'-' 1 IQ g...- ml.: Q... .. '1 Ea a- ., 4 -1- ga za :svn .1 , :. . mu.. ... . :. iv.:-: 2. ' W 4. -- -.-.- .-.-,.- . ,M -- ,, E W. Q I l .. 1. .2 .,. 'L 1.3 . -4 t , ............... Q .3 : ....... , ia... .-. - . V Q. 5 Q 1 l X , er SOPHGMDRES I n I ,,,,,.. M..,,,,Ww f,f.. ., 1 9 w N it we 9 Q .E L , if fail-gig? YU.. Q a Eff? 4 5, 't 8 X1-S v Kg Q is sl Q ml 4 -sr JF,-Q, vers: fi? r gy- gr E izsswifllrii f .3 Q lg , 53? gl s- 'ES E QQ li it 'lsr H5 E2 g 4 4i?N'3j, 4 ggi isis E 2-ff K' A ww- f Q?-WE 5 3 ,Huw .Q Q ii-5.-iw wil Q R mfgg B1 il wi y 1 55,22-QM , 3: r f ff A ' .g3352f,E 1 9gS ggg?g?g Q? BE ai Q , V- li + , 1 .ag es 1 ii + + lI,9'fJ9Hi'f N552 f 4,-1,M5,,,4 E 1- 4- 'fs 4--+ v , F1-5-ZM. N, 13 fi: gli. ,L-f-J ,F--ha, - gi " Tri iii!! was 9' Z 2 Egg 3 K ix ff' 2 is 3 + 4' :::. 6 " .... 3 ,,,,,,, .W ,,.,, --" c . fi B ,lg ,WWW "'f" Mi -' 5. g iglf wfsfrwiig ' Q-me gr- - 2 ., ..... .. .. eg .. .... M . ... .. 1 5 gg . ' ' .. ....- .... .... - K . 182 Sophomores ' ii-H Si '2: f.K WZ-flew V '451?79-V H .... , L ,, , 5 1 ' "" fm.. V I ,.,.., I - . ' .. 3' rm, , '- ' ' ' . .., .2-'f2E2"'f-.-pri. no .aj "' . ' .ff -- " "" I " ' ..,. if iw ,,,, 1 was-"' I , in- ,:.'eH2I"'f Zwwsz-I fi "' EEZ?" ' I .. li l i . ' . . ' ff f 'WF L .. 1 A l l l . 1 fl 775 ff fi? '- f V ' U 'L ii..'fWV"f:S. :uf .1 .l-. .a.-.-. H - -H 1 v ,a K me w-4,g?f?'gwz.12WZTw,- mm, 1'iv'p:-uf my--if ,fam-, f mm ,-.-1 "" 2 fha:-:f f f 2 . ' 1-3,4 7: - .nz V ,., ,W - 'rffff ,,,. , ,, ,,,..,, , . -f' l ' Kelly Elpers gives her school work a puckered and disgusted look. The sophomores are saying "Class of 90" is the best but there are probably differences of opinion among the classes. in Vicki Gilchrist says, "Why do I even try? lt's not even worth it some- times!" 5 K. Wynmpm 1 a z fi WW Q 2 MSW was af' Q bww PW QWKQ S WNW 'bww 35 5 5 U sf R655 wg 1 mi S! Sw z K ,fi X .uf af X? Q 4 'N 5?2?sf?W fQ,3iil:-l xsill 2255? 5 2 E :': . sg? 5 225255 525 W F fi ,5 5 EEEEXL. fig 1155 g gi? swww M ?W IAI: E ii.. E5- f .. . QAV.. :,. . ..., 'E 5? 15 J kg :'A ,,.: "A' 3535 gg we ? A5gQf W1Q, 1 :.'.ss'5i1i 4 R 3 ' if gi?-I-'f2--35:55E:f5:Q55:f::a: -H 1:"' fx! "" .,V. "" , . ,, A, gww, . wg? 5 IE 2.655 QEL QE . 1155 5 Ass , ----- Q ws 5 5 Y Eax g i 4 Ei HE li: an y .,.,..A.,...., sm? lg 5 '--2 si K -k. - X5 , ig? 5525 E im gf m g? 184 Sophomores SOPI'I0 CRES I I I 4 9,49 .WH ,,,,.. .W 0 i A, ,A , f' Jig!! I , ' ' I 4, ,,, M ,401- g "'Z ' . gi, 4 . E. ,V , Q ,W f QQ , , 2 r F' '- v55."j2f- " 'iffy 2,1 ,f 5 :::z,,,,,,f:,f M dig? ":.g.g3 5:-V ,c ,uc -1 ' ' '4 6,:,55gjfI",,,g 5Ei: ' ,, , - 1 - X s':I3','f' "HIL . 25:-1 ,, ,1 K , WE? Z if '63 V M 1 , 'Y Q , , ,4, f 1 V , .., , I , Q 4 . " f'f?w'EE:if25M' fl- "'wWzf--1f,?flEi?E? ' . vu ESM ,7 V QWE9, f 4 mf , L "" - I i ff f, f ,4.,.. L ,mf :E 4, 1 .. 7 , ' QQ - , 52 fw F5 ggi ,Pins ,, , , :.:, .:y if 1 Q 3 5 Q if E f , K 2 fr I W 9 11: 1 1 l l U 3 ,Q yu, 73 V ,M , , . Mm ff Bs , --,, f,5,,,:f jV 4 wgxmwl- - .W ix? K ff W 36512 E f -5 J Z mv 'K W , n AT 5-929 - , ,Q M, W , f WW W Z .Z 1 W ' ff ,,,,, ' I . A -5:25. 25 , 44 rmucyg f, 5 f 5 f WW! 4 M' HALF W Y THERE nr: vt ,Q i 11 Tammy is an interested spectator as she watches a classmate while waiting for her ride. Brian Willard bares his teeth in class at another classmate Debbie Kohut and friend show thie sophomore spirit during a pep assembly. f . :V 1 1' f 1 ' 5. W ,H :' I sig ' p .JE As, V W .. W ' V ' f . :,-.1 f ,, , "" 1' W? at M. p K f y . ffm: fa v. ,, www V , M, ..,., , , .. me W .,.,, f , "-"' 1 - , ' I I 5 3 j-5 ii ' . , sl. , g r , H f , ,u v 1 :M 1 f, V' 'rh lf 6 : ,1 J, M'- 'ff' W.: f" f- f', ' x H Q E fs, X X' ks X483 Q, I pf 2 if A ,Q .ex 3 K ,J 'XV il 0 Q ,gy .s -if .J F' F ?,-. 1 5 Rl ' , f XJ F fl Y fi 2 tw mf-A 1 V 'P 1 l .1 K K iq X U fi fl J ga ,H Q fra fl GI' i ' K v fl it-1 4 Q., 75 v' iii, ,1 ,-f,x . JK-Q l .1 Lg AJ 4--he ,J 'ff' Lf . .3 5: 4. .. .: ':' -' ,: -1 : Y -aw.: :-.5 was .A..., , , if si if fifkffffqfii Q52 w .,.. 5 :f f ii 4 v ww 5-13-Q ig Q 402 1 ' QEQW' "" gg A , , asf, fag! iffy? Q' ..: .ni 35 ff fu 5:51'?f:i .... ..-.. f it Q M 11,1 .. f in- , ff iw f 1 2' ' I , v ' :ii-P2-I , -s::: M -- ' 2E::zs-w:eaa1-:.-:-ac...,:.i21.,:a:.-:.a.:-:st 1 Q, xi 3, ,fx af is v K 2 gf KZ rf 5 is , , I iw Ei 1' F fi Y ,, 11, f 1 T ggi M293 f ' , 1: .,f...,g,f , ,f W ' xg ..:6:':- -s:g,gf.:la- , xfi' f 4 Y' N 952 f fa za, 9 ix 2 fm, Hzgfx. I 931 ...TV Xb. H , 5 'M 1 wk W 4 1.1, Q S! 2 :Q see n aa if f in lmfgl gy 1 5 3 gl, j fs 1, gi af f' L SSW 5 Z , A 4 gg ' 2 5 WM 2' 1 , ,YZ z ,Wake is 'V .wx w f J 6 ' Z if ,4 A , 7, , ggi E gf' '4 4 4 1 L3 il ,- M K iw, Z 3 Q ,A ijfzj, ge u f 1,,,j,,fZ , ll 57 W fyff ' ' 5 5 9 1 as 7 ,mf f 1-M, f , 1 f 5 if f 1 , f , 185 Sophomore-s 3 SOPHCIVIORES n n I Kwa Ag x 1 2 721 ' X WWW a M K, W if .ew Q M9125 ,nf WW W W f,f f 5' W xx an-4147! X f, 62 my My ,. Q! il y, K 34" ws ,f fy, 2 rv : 'fwzw w ,: f New ,sin WT! WM? rm 5 QW: 1 Ever gi Bti 1 tie :gg Wh 1 ,, f 1 Q und' 186 Sophomores ff :H 759 2" -U wwiiw, N" "AW IMEW.. f 1-U6f"j-- rn if W 9 , 2 , z ,,,,, ,W , --ff , ,L 2 'f 2 f fn!! ' x"M?g ' i ""' , ,, ,,,, 2 . ' ,i !,,zff,, ' f. ms 2' ,n Q, , l SGPHO CRES n 1 I Wm X WWW! 5 W sa : ,, i W ,:..- M- I '- , ..i- frf' 2 , ., . , ... , fa W2 MZ 4 S225 15 qwi j y Y , ,, , iii iff 4 f fs 0 Q 4571.5 W W K' g , EW X ,, .fm ,,,' 5 ,. , . L fe, ' W- if I ' : I VV,, "' rw , 4 ' , x A : i 1 ,Q f' ,- - iw X 5 N. 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Scary but exciting, fun but embarassing, uncom- fortable but memorable. It has been said that being a Freshman is the worst part of High School. You get picked on by the Upperclassmen, you can't go to Prom, you're always booed at Pep Assemblies, and you're never able to get to class on time the first week of school. But in actuality, it's not as bad as it seems. As a Freshman, you're treated more like an adult. You're responsible for your own actions. Freshman are still at the age where having a job isn't really necessary, so they have a lot more free time than Upperclassmen. But, there are a lot of downs too. Riding the bus to school is one of the biggest. Since school starts at 7:50 and not at 8:10 like in Junior High, it means they must get up a lot earlier than they are used to. And after school you have to rush out to the bus so that you don't miss it. That means no socializing after sixth period. Also, as a Freshman, staying at school and eating in the Cafeteria is another downer. All of the people that have cars are off to McDonalds and Taco Bell while you're sitting there eating some school food. So, look at it this way, the year will go by pretty fast. lt is much better than Junior I-Iigh, and you've only got 5 more years until graduation. Have fun while you can. 5 Q 5 . mms, X ' - '21 wi M aw' Freshmen .- ,., 9... 4 54 PY Back row lleft to rightl LeAnne Laurence, Lori Stone Middle row Heli to rightj Nicole Anderson, Julie Konst. Bottom row ilelt to flghtl Angie Gray Melanie Northrop. Qgwmxxwsimsxgms .,.. , .... .mm-Q1 N' x-.1 1 15 , 'W' I , 6 .... .. .N 1 ,Au gi. -:.xYIQ1?' gg X. ' Es? - . .. wi? s t gy X 5 S A SN sr X X 5 ass-in ..... t ... Q M-wmv-wc.,...r,..- ,,,. . X wi 1 ss . ix ws jfs X X X K .. .....,,5.. ...s u X. .. ,, Six Y 2, .. - xsaass--, Hr--:. ,:.,5..s: ...fs-R s 1 52:5 ii A . is is .S ss ss. L0 GW YTO ---- L My ' '- . , E , ff J , Y' GO f y ,WWQ ff , 5 ff .. ff Gif f f 'W "WZ , 1 M if X x Lf . 5 H .,,., ,,,, I 5 v.V, i li E E .,,,, , 3 2 My H A V .. ' I 9 K A 5 4 V' 5 . ,,,. 1 . I mg IM, 'ff ,fx E5 f,'VH:,kW ff! . A E 'i zg f E 2 gif f f --Q , ' mm? yg f ffl. ,EEf5i5w7U, f 7 - W, ' ,Q ...,,,,,, f,Wff-Mm -- '91 ..,.,,... 2-,zz 1 . ,.,:., D ,. 1 ,,,,,,. , ,,93:iE,: Zig . , i :,, -' ' ff 52 1 I wan , A. .' In f iz, W X , f 5 , l ge 25 ' wx 215 X 5 if 'fmff Z, , . , , '. , A W , , . 4 H H , ,,,, M ,, , 4 , I 2 I , " ,wi . 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K v 155, , ' 5" .... '2- ,, :V 5' F x X V W as 3. 15 , . 1.1 ff . " N X 1 V 4 1 mv vp W 4 Dawn Burak asks, "You want to take my picture for r , f - i the yearbook?" I f": ' V WW! ' " ' 'far .- " 1 ' lm 5" " 3:1 55fWEffLiUf ' , My :IM fdifkii "W I 7 A 'i L , , L K, f W w ,, 1 ,bn W Yes I m m World History so please do not disturb me," says Sonya Ferguson. W 192 Freshmen L0 GW YTOG0 y, . .sw Wffwww-,Q ll ,ll-,Q ' .- LPM, ,, I W ", I 2 .,,, , , . W, W 4 9, W . 0 f f f f 4 Q' , lg f , ff 113 f ,L f , , Q, fi ff g Q M f ' ff J ig . X fyj f yM , ,L f 5 fin 1 I 'W 4' ' X f f, " , xl an X 4. as A,, 'g f2,,,. In 1 A-:M z. ,L 4 Z 5352 W 5 l "?: X rm, :jf ' H w 1, W. V H an "What am I doing here?" George Jacobs asks himself. "Okay! l'll let you take my picture, but leave me alone," snaps Chris Zamba. 57- , 193 Freshmen IE.f3:2:f5.f:2l',." 'i15.1?:5If-. -':.'5.-:'fIf?' 'E-'52 :E'I.2:.'5.Q.l":f'l.'5-'QI".-': .::., :g:::.-s-:-. if M ' f 'z ff iii 1 il X-wig? wgsww -: 5, -':k:. .3 535555 .,. ..2: ,. "'f:f3',':.' ':2:'5E 'a?3j.'::.'2'2:5:fi-5,, 'E- -f-:55:':E.52.55YI-'E-'5::":::22. .-.- : -. .. -. u li .gig 5 Z W -:gag ' ' 2' 1 "-'5-Hifi 2g's:,'2. .. I-, :,: .... .... 'I- k :- . ,. . -g .. ::2.-r.2:::" -: mf' :Q-: 5.2.3 v:,.: ,is-:Eg -5 " ' 5 j:: iw .. .... , .. ,... E . .,.,,,., . lgwgs v .... .. - . , .....,,:, , ,. z .. . X ' ' 5 Q5 ..... : .- Nz.. -N s sm 5 n si? W ZW f r' "SZ: if FRESHME ,. My yffg HX i 5 , i-:WW lf ' g ' f, w ., ' af w v :., ,z V. ,pf 'E' if ,W " , 6, a 1" 'az :xf 4? z , me M f ' H up 4' f f 5 X ...M EWw5'hfE', fxfzEwgEL.f , , V ' , Y, M ' V 'W 29325515 ,Q E z VZ 5 Q-'rw U MV, 51,4 4 M SF! 4. ,, Q iffy Q JM! H ,F 'fa ,wnigg My '1- THL 3 KW H , ,V W ,,...,, , 1 VX, V I faq f Z V 4. U n "' ,ffi wh - nwf Man! I, 1- 4 ,, V f , ,VMMSSKMM f yyfffgm ' fr .. ,fy 2, ,ww ,, 5 A S H fi, ,y W 4 X, M P N Q my xgiqlgkmgjgfw QW Weiffw W' 'im 523 M L if si 'Qu W gg i ww Q Q www QW? fmxgfas Q 3 D"gk3'WV " ff S X .lf ph . , .L ,, 5 + i 5? ' HF' Qi'ALf' M A M XSS 3 Lie 5 4'f'-2,1-EW? KL'-fi" T EW ? ., .L SH :2. Q:5.a.:.gs:-Irs -g'eEi gf+g1H2z I sf E 2 fl ' gl E ggi 15 I Q M 2 sg? S! F, - 32225 1 A S qs s 5 1' 5 I I 2 2 si 1. I 25 , II , 5' 5 I My 21 525 R ' 1,3 if f if 9 :ff 1' E15 5 L2 ' 2 Q1 IU 'I " 5 5 ,,A,. 15 5 I 3? 2 SJ ,i5.i15.3?,JaE,l5g 2' s X-:,,1,Q,L-fm , -. gi : ' ifiiwgiwfg, gi : 5 2 s a g - J i .:-E cz. .. 'UT M 1 .:f ---.- X .... .. -Y .,. -. f ?:.:?:f55.Qf5?:: -Iw i, . P as ' W 2 'fLsv f: . -. ,.,.,,,. 'Yu' J.-v 194 Freshmen ..... W M .,,,, M MWWW, ,,.,,,., - N,,,,, ? , FRESHME I n n Darion Looper says "Go ahead! Make my day and please take my picture". gamma ,pert - - SE? Martin Lollmar is on the verge of talking but decides to take a drink first. Y- if x F S, XX X XX x am X x X X. KX 196 Freshmen L0 GW YTOG0 4-'vs 2? 5 T 1 Qi X Q ii . , .t , Q S Yglg is is S ix Qu X X rf N al.. , X Ash a fe b ig f rf Iv! L 23" K ,,..w------.......V pw I g new V i , . f:: wmwwirsmwfggggxwmwwksqls, 4 , t '?'i:E:!- ET? X N X P mi, IQQ, . ,Env f f . -. f- -1. 1. -.. :5g::.f5:l, H ,fs--A - fi E . fl ,, .iz g Ni 'I , , W x X si x I 1 S gs t X: Q-2 ,V sf .X Ns.: V Minn Us 1 55 . ,. ,... e. sw fm 'fi isgg Q 'E . g 5 W - "Why do you insist on disturbing me from my Algebra book?" questions Brian Nall. Steve Clark is embarrassed as the photographer catches him coming out of the boys bathroom. 197 Freshmen 198 Freshmen FRESHME n I u fag A fel 5 5 252 V Q , X., ,Z Q, il y 3 W f 1 1 2 2 Ze XIV ig fir fvyi 1:12 I K 'af ff ' in f i , m1 , . A,, . 2vf',.l?HI' :pf Wi ,EE mv KMA?-f W '- WM 44 t Hazelle Lopez concentrates on any typing errors she made. v w , ! l W As, Robert Rhone tries to not look like he's posing, Desiree Martino stares elsewhere, Brian Cullen says, ul want my picture taken" and Danille Lorraine daydreams. LO GW YTOGG K img .jsigg 1, My- H Wm .rt . 2 52 -:SLT , -ess, X 5 . Reg X X , 2 . il ' iii MX .... X X is X A X, , , " 1 4' - .gs 'f"'L ' :.e I 2 1 - "iff . - --X- , ' i f V l W L .... . X E is X X - E S X - if Yi , EXE, -X :E . K K 55 .XXX ml, XX. h it . j 5 -- .srs K Y XXX VX wx i wi? X six Q iw, gg S X3 ,xx 'Q X Egg X X f ix ? Xf ig I QR Sf '5 ESX ggvgz XS 'M 25 N X X 5X Xa m t L , N N is-X Q X vos is XX Q X Whig X ,X X ii-' 5 X x S Q- S X X EE? XX em. X X xx is , 'ii I 1 F X . QQ ' . MXX N . N' If "55z f1'fsX , an 1, . v - : f' X Xm ft W Rx--V I I X L V .X . ' . -. X I ---' X . - if-gi -ss: ,K Q A 5 v V - :ss:X:s-mfsaaaasisg. - . Q. :Q i :E ' , " -- 5 XXXX , S E XX 3X X XTX BF WX , X m , E , . v:.: -,.:::::x: .:.. -y. A.. X- .sri X :: X 3-lx Sf 4: B 3 Y X , gli -. -XX: X .. 3 . ,Xs- Q :X ig? ,X 553 X was SX 5 ESQ Q 5 N 51, W X4 K .- X- My ,XLXXHX TX -Ax- WM:-f, --f-,,.w: ,-. X :-X l, , ,XX-,, X ,XRS--X.. .. . ,, ...Xh HX WX . X X -A -. X A sa? N- : - - X '---- A -'--- ' X ...,. .. ,. .X X.. 5 I iisiisx, ,.,.ii-31.5, ,.., X . . X Q ii is QQ R . NQX Q X Q X N X in 1 x X - 'Q'-X S55-xi ., . I-H s 2-A 5155 ' - X- gx XX X W Ahhk X ' zgx N S - X - Z.. we Xb X gi! XX 3 Elf, X .XS RQ s X X Q 5 ,Q Xs X 2 X QW 2 is X X dm 52 X i r A 3 Q Q X Ni P- ffgs 11. AL1- f Y Y A XX-Q ,- ,L X 5 3. X S SX u l XX .XX X, f TX sg i x I X s is 1 is Q53 X in --H ' -fs - , : - X s , is 0 12- Q ,,.. X '- 51 1 - 1- fl I ir : , .f :k' iz: - -2 . E :EF X Xf,,.i X ff: . - Q- I 2 5 XE: 1 , K , , , N A, .g-- A ' it s ii X Q ng 13 sw.. X . , XXX XX X my . s "5 Q .:,,, M Q .ix X K 5 - s 5 I X, X X X X. - X za -- : Q . , , Nu XS . . W ii - 5 - X -X.. W. .f I - - V 54" 2 5 .Xp--QP XS XFX . E! X III .... . sg , ,VV K .. K X. ,ii , WX .X . ..,. K - L K N QN.: Ss x RX 5 Qs 2 Q if f if 2 Xw X Singh -Q is .. B 22 -: E-:Qi 5 .. X. Qs- .. X , K . L -Q-xii i N X i X gm 5 5 E Q Rx mit 2 gif 5 fi S SE 5 2 V ,, Z WW' J.. A A 1 'fzliiaswfmqm ff v 4 I 3 Wm wmxwf K" 5: 6. qua, Mr. Toliver instructs Heather Anderson, while his aide, sopho- more Michelle Baker looks on and Stephanie Johnson smiles into the camera. 199 Freshmen Xi O O O 00 0 010x00v100011 000 10 Q00 0091 15001 , 110 001 11000 115 .600 0x 010 1-001' '00100 010 1009 01- 1,0 100 6 O0 'O 96 1. 0 9 001 000 041x x 0 9 010 0 9 s E x '00 00 'S 'b '11 'bk O 0 9 Q03 Q, . 0 O 190040109 0 0 . 460 . ' 4000 . 9 10 '0 '0 0 0 '400 01 . 0100 ' '0 01 69111. 010 OK, 0 '0 x 0x1 0 00 910 xx 0 10 00 01 x9 x 010 0 00 9 X0 xx 0 0 X6 11 0 96 0 00 01 x x '60 9 0 O0 6 0 0109 01 0 x 150 1 Q00 0 0 0 X40 M: 0, 0 1 0 0 100015v x9 Mx 61 00 9 6 P' x090 x 0 '01 '00 00001 0 5 O0 Q60 Oi 0 040 090 0 'Q00101 1 0 001109 0001 0 0 1xx 011 000 0 01 x00 x1 1 91111 010x01 0091 0 00160100900 140 '00 0 0 0 1901. 11009 010 '0 .11 C610 x 40 9109, ' 0 140040 '00 '1'0'+50101 '1. 09 . 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X S! o Xe, 10740 4966 e od' Sw, gm e- oi two civic gc e, cxovlb x-5. V01 iacdxq viz. xo xo ox xoe, aeeegova JL F 100 wgwaxoxx wk Awaqvosx WA 909 mama Mm 9005 V00 as X iam. AR oe- em Woe exe ' ee- o L0 aqoqo 'DSX 50000 'oeoxxmxq was Ke 'A QCD 404643 . Cami :Roe-3 eoemixo oe ew, e1cxXooXK9 oox Koi so l oi 20,1 CIO sin S Divide r 1937-1988 YE RIN emorable" is one way to de- scribe 1987. The events that occured will definitely make its mark in American history. .1987 could even affect the American viewpoint. The Summit meeting between Presi- dent Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev concerning the treaty to ban medium- and short- range nucler weapons in Europe and Asia was a positive sign towards good foreign relations . . . tlai- tl's first scheduled ballotting in 50 years was to take place in 1987. The polling was cancelled because voters were killed by violent mobs . . . "Ollie- mania" spreads through the United States during the lran-Contra hearings. President Reagan denied knowledge of what was going on. The Iran-Contra Committee Report, however, stated that responsibility for the events rested with the President Supreme Court nominee Richard Bork was rejected be- cause of his judicial philosophies. Douglas Ginsburg was the second nominee for the' Supreme Court. l'lis admission to the use of marijuana caused him to lose popularity . . . Scan- dalous affairs with prominent leader- shlp figures seemed to appear sudden- ly. Donna Rice gained a spark of fame for her involvement to presidential can- REVIE , herwatfair with PTL evangelist, Jim Bakker, public. Jim and Tammy Bakker, the couple who had gotten rich by donations sent to them, have now lost their PTL empire-due to Jim's un- falthfulness The spread of AIDS continued across America. This caused people to think about taking preventive measures and to protect themselves against the disease. Many educational programs and commer- clals that have been produced in the past year provide necessary informa- tion Beulah Mae Donald sued the Ku Klux Klan because her youngest son, 19-year-old Michael Donald, had been lynched. Members of the Klan had been responsible for his death and had felt no remorse. Two Klan mem- bers had been convicted for their crime, but Beulah Mae Donald still tiled sult against the Klan. She won and was awarded 7 million dollars .. . Lisa Steinburg died in 1987. She was a vic- tim of child abuse. Over a thousand people came to her funeral, most of whom were strangers . . . 1987 was indeed a year to re- member. Confllcting human emotion- happiness, misery, pain, anger -were , felt by all. lllle'II always remember in our hearts and minds, the year that was. didate Gary Hart. Jessica rlahn made gs lu The Golden Gate Brldge in San francisco celebrated its 50th birthday. About 250,000 people jammed onto the bridge for an anniversary walk across the span. Another 500,000 packed the brldge approaches but were denied access because the engineers feared the span could not support the weight. l rm g g 'I The Senate rejected President Reagan's nomination of Robert H. Bork to the Supreme Court by a 58-42 vote, which ended a long contentious debate over a judge altemately portrayed as a brilliant jurist and a dangerous extresist. All but one of the cats in the backstage gathering at the Kinter- garden Theater are members of the Broadway musical "Cat" The odd cat out is Morris, the television commercial character. paying a vlsit to his fellow showbuslness feline cousins. The Dow Jones industrial stock average dropped 508 points, the largest in history, on Monday, October 19. Some called it a "crash," others called it a "meltdown" and others called it "Black Monday." Whatever it was, it stripped S500 billion from the market value of U.S. securities. 'M , President and Mrs. Reagan greeted Pope Paul ll when he arrived in Miami to begin a nine-city tour of the United States. 'Q 202 Year ln Review L , w f I , A . I .I 14 .,.., Janet Jackson, who was nominated for nine American Music awards, stands backstage at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with the crystal award she received for favorite soul and rhythm- and-blues single with her hit "Nasty." Superstar Michael Jackson in a scene from his three dimen- sional space fantasy film in which he performs the songs he wrote and Droduced. L I '4 Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis are the stars of the hit television series "Moonlighting, " -wg One of the hottest television shows starred a little furry Alien Life Form - also known as ALE. a Superstar Whitney Houston performs at New York's Madi- son Square Garden in Septem- ber. lt was her first New York, appearance since 1985, Actor Charlie Sheen shown here in character for his role in the romantic comedy film "Three for the Road." One of the top-rated television shows this year is "Bill Cosby Show." The liuxtable a nurse who shook up the talent com- petition with a polynesian dance, was crowned Miss America 1988. Miss Michigan, Kaye Lani Rae Rafko, L ' K , ,, , 'A I F Tl C- f i .V 'A rv i , W A "'.:- I cm- ' AS f 1 B , . 'L 4 ,,,, , ,V y . - if L. Actor Tom Cruise poses with his new star on the hollywood walk of fame on Hollywood Blvd. Cruise staned in "Riskey Business" and George Michael Perfonns in family, ftop, Iell to rightl Phyllcla Rashad as Clair, Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra, June at the Wembly Arena in Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Theo, Tempestt as Vanessa: fbottom, left to rlghtl Bill London to a selpout Crowd of Cosby as Cliff Keshia Knight Pulliam as Rudy. 1s,ooo. A "Top Gun." His latest film was "The Color of Money" with Paul Newman. f Year 203 In Reveiw V N r V l I V i w i i 1987- 988 E a YE RI L REVIEW -J -' . I A 24-day strike by the NFL players ended in mid-October whwn the union capitulated and went to cour instead of trying to light the club owners at the bargaining table. A Dennis Conner, the man who lost the Amerlca's Cup in 1985, won it back four years later. The Stars and Stripes completed a 4-0 sweep over Austalia's Kookaburra lll in the race that took place ln Australia. Madonna greets her fans from a platfonn in New York's Tlmes Kimi' Puckett and Jeff Kflerdon of the Mifme' Square where her new movie, "Who's That Girl" made its New Sofa Twins Cdebfate the" world Series V'Qt9' ' York debut. Her current concert tour bears the same name. W OVC' the 51- I-Ouis Cardinals- The TWUIS won the seventh and final game ofthe series 4-2. vvvv ' 4 A - " Tiff 1 Q Zi- 3' , , - A U Q 5 My W A 'i " ' '- li , , . ' Y K 'W ' ' l' E "iii 1 E . , , , ,xg if r l 5' efsl A "4 l ',,r A t . il ,Z, ,A, 4, 5 - K " f f . llt -L ' A U.S. Park Service worker scrubs the Lincoln Memorial statue of Abraham Lincoln ln Washington D.C. Every tive years the memorial gets a complete cleaning. includ- ing Amy, half- Actor Sean Penn chats with Johnny Carson during a taping ofthe "Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." Penn ls married to Madonna. 204 Year In Review ' ,,, ,AW ,N A,.-,, ,M -Yew . MH, ,.., .1 E, M--- .4 , 44 , ,,,,, ,, A. ln the six years since Americans first heard of a mysterious immunity-robbing disease from which no one recovers, AIDS has killed nearly 25,000 Americans, millions of dollars have poured into medical research and president Reagan has proclaimed the plague "Public Health Enemy No. 1" Jemocratlc presidential candidate Gary Hart was forced to drop his bid for presidency after it was reported hat he was romantically involved with Donna Rice, a 29-year-old aspiring actress and model from Miami. T Llberaoe, the glittering showman and pianist who captivated fans for four decades with an lnlmltable personal and musical style, died quietly at his home in February at the age of 67. VANNA SPEAKSI I In an effort to keep the Persian Gulf open to navigation. the United Television evangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker said farewell to the PTL ministry in March. Jim Bakker resigned after confessing to a sexual encounter with a young woman. Tammy Bakker bowed out of the broadcasts to undergo treatment for drug dependecy. States began in July to escort vessels to protect them from Iran. ln I, September the U.S. Navy blew up an Iranian ship that was caught if' laying mines ln the Gulf, Several mines were confiscated. w T 5 1 af ,, 'fi mm.. ,, ,W M., -Q 4, , z2 ' .4Q"'a.5" ,grfiw -51' .,.,""'..-'5' ,,....'v . ,vm -fra ff ,J M f' if ,M- 41 l'!'1'Q Q., "-..-5-2 9 Q5 W 1 ' A ff ,.f'1.- A ,egg- 4-559' 5x -fi-9'.',c ,c-:.-""" ,,,,...'?',r" ,,,,.."'.-f W-fx, ,,,--59-' WWW' 'S -4,-fa 7?-2-fl? 1 Vx ' , "'ji7j'w 'v V 4 - tv' V3 i .f . 5 - -2: V I , y ,-M 2 e-+3 A' -4,514 .A A lk , fu -,, M MM - V1 ' A "" "gf ' .,w V g . V ' F .. .,-9 MY' ' Q 1' M zkyyy ,..., , 133 , , qu , ,A , X ,, H" ff V if 'iii -' , ' Elf' ' ff' A M V " fun, ., VW: Va, ' '. U . x, ,. a . -, 5:51 V 1' - 1 - he "" ' ,, i V :SW ' f' , 'P-4 TV W L VA ' , , -i' f 1 15- V-cf' A - V 'Ave I, .Nz ' -iff ' ,:,. G -' ff VV ' f. 'F 'X V B' - '..tf" 51 if " -ri 'f 4 H2 f ff Q4 .H .zfm 739' L ' L , J j N ' -' ,.f' ay- .5 f- V ' t, K , -Q ja ' aww .--,M ,A ' - 2.2 A AV ,g ,W ....---- 'Nw x g " Q.-ff ?" ' ' 5 V ,I k-G,' V ,, N ..,.""'.f'5: Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, was a key otlicial in the plan to finance antl-govemment rebels in Nicaragua with money from arms sales to Iran. ln testimony before the Iran-Contra hearings in llvlllghlngton, North became somewhat of a celeb- An earthquake that measured 6.1 on the Richter scale hit Southem Califor- nla ln October. lt was not a catastrophic quake, but the damage was extensive. f- 205 Year In Review Q , lim Q: W I 206 Iames Pomeroy THE 98 -88 YE RBCOK I DEDICATED T O AMES L. POIVIERDY t certainly wasn't hard for us to choose who to dedicate the 1988 Yearbook to. lt is our privilege to dedicate this year's book to Mr. J.L. Pomeroy. When we came to him with our decision, his first reaction was "No, you can't dedicate the yearbook to me, because l'm the advisor." But his reluctance wouldn't change our minds. He certainly deserves the honor. He has worked tirelessly for the students in Photography and has dedicated ten years of his life to the publication of the Sunburst yearbook. Mr. Pomeroy has given many hours and days of his life to his profession and has helped many of his students begin their careers. Not only this, he is V.l.C.A. advisor. This itself could be a full time profession as every year he sacrifices his free time to out of town trips, and after school and weekend projects. All of this couldn't be done unless he really loved his work. Even when things get tough, he never ceases to show a smile and give you one of his special hugs. There will never be another "Pom." We love you and we will miss you. Sunburst Yearbook Staff 've been at Eldorado since its beginning. When the school opened it provided a full career. I have seen many students, teachers, and administrators come and go, and just telling about those who contributed to my life would take three pages. l am tremendously proud of the accomplishments of the teachers and students at Eldorado. I have been privileged to teach many fine young people, many of whom I would be proud to have for my own children. As they change, grow, and move on, so must I. I will miss those fine young people: I will miss this place, and particularly, I will miss the wonderful friends I have met here. I will miss the insanity of the "Lunch Wild Bunch" and their relentless attacks on the world's sacred cows. As I move on, I will always look back at Eldorado as one of the shining experiences of my life. Eldorado, I love you, and you will always be part of my life. James L. Pomeroy THE 98 -88 YE RBQCK I DEDICATED T O JACKIE I'IY TT hoosing the woman to dedicate our Yearbook to was a very tough task. We based our decision on how much time and effort the person put into theirjob. That is why we have chosen Ms. Jackie Hyatt. Ms. Hyatt has been a Physical Education teacher and a Cheerleader advisor since the school opened 14 years ago. She is involved with all Cheerleaders, Mascots, and Yell Leaders. All of the time that she spends with her students shows when they perform. Ms. Hyatt has helped with all of the spirit assemblies and without her help there would be total chaos. Promoting our schools spirit seems to be a talent that has been given to this wonderful lady. She enjoys spending time with her students and loves her job teaching here at Eldorado. Ms. Hyatt is a very caring and understanding lady and is always there for the students when they need her. Her support throughout the year is definately needed by all of her students. Ms. Hyatt enjoys everything about herjob and her fellow staff members. We would like to thank her for all that she has done for our school and congratulate her for this honor. Sunburst Yearbook Staff. eciding to teach at Eldorado High School was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have taught at Eldorado since it opened its doors and have never wanted to teach anywhere else. The students at Eldorado are like none other in the district. They are very real and sincere people. As I look back through the years and remember students from years past and look at my students today, I see that the same wonderful qualities still prevail. It is because of these students that my days are happy and I realize fully why I became a teacher. My life is so fulfilled and I am working at a job that I truly love. I am indeed a fortunate person. There are so many people that dislike their jobs and I feel sorry for them. I think about how miserable they must be and then realize how lucky and blessed I am to be around people I enjoy everyday and how much fun and rewarding my job is. Having the yearbook dedicated to me has been the most rewarding honor I have ever received. I am truly thrilled. To all the students, staff, and administration I would like to say thank you for being you and making my days happy and my job a most pleasant and rewarding experience. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Jackie Hyatt jackie Hyatt ' 207 In M mory Of . Jill Lund ul , - ugust 2 1987 LOVE Love lS a glft we all share It s when you know someone cares When you know someone IS thlnkmg about you When someone shares thelr joys and sorrows Love IS somethmg that just can t be borrowed you through thlck and thln It s when they won t let go even lf lt looks luke the end One of these days I hope I ll feel love for that certam someone and they ll feel the same for me too But for now I ll just pretend just the way the others do Jlll Lund Love is when someone is there with 208 In Memory Of A Speclal Thanks To Those People Behlnd The Scenes Y Mrs Shaffer works hard to keep Yearbook sales receipts as well as other school finances ln order even alter 5 50 p m on some days at our school bank Could you lmagme what golng to school would be like wlthout the clean halls the tldled up class rooms and the organlzatlon of such places as our switchboard and school bank? These are all com mon sltes to us as we see them everyday but we take for granted the fact that ln the morning the classrooms wlll be all neat and the halls emacu late We don t re ahze that a lot of time and effort our school pleasant place to Although most students never actually see the people re sponslble for keeping our school m working order they really do exlst lt certainly wasn t the work of the fairy jamtorl Day atter day long after students have gone home they see to lt that everything IS picked up and into ltS proper place The results of thelr hard work can be seen each and every mormng lt makes school llfejust a llttle easier to tolerate Bemg a part ofthe clean up crew may not seem like lt s any thmg to wnte home about but It really IS a bug deal as they are an essential part of our school Wrth out people like ourjanltors and the great staff of of lice secretanes just thmk what golng to school would be like Who really wants school that IS dlrty and has ab solutely no orga nrzatlon? Not us right? So a very special thanks goes out to all those people behmd the scenes for thenr undymg hard work tlme and dedication Hope fully now they wlll be appreciated and receive the recognltlon they deserve Thanks you re out therel again we know Wlthout the presence of those rellable hall monitors Tom and Tlny, our halls would be ln absolute chaosl Angela Mendez works long after most students go home to keep our school halls ln shlp shape O 0 A ' . ' . . , n ' . . I . , 0-'F H G b , . V h 1 . I ' my - . Q S 1 . Nh - went Into keeping to amve at a 5 . g a . . 1 be. - W , 209 Special Thanks 210 Editors Mi- +, K fif 1 fy, ll? 9 W YE RBGOK EDITOR S M vw 4, ,W 1-D M3 11 ,M M ,awww K , 9 ,Q ff W i-'QW' WF uw vkkf ff 458, lf ww W 1+ ,lf lf gf ygfpfsyfm f AW We Q la f ,Nw ff QM 4 .s ' 1. iw .1 w, aff., ., , Q, W af W " " K, Z f qu' 1? H- ,M 4- 1, Y X1 4' ,z Xl4w 9,7 Math! wL6?9?fW W as ww fm ' 1 mvfrw, raw 211 mu ..J,f..,E'W W' " W W MQW unba- ms-.ff-" Julie Bemat And Michelle Caudel 'Khfi' jf V I ' . 5 , ' ' ' , . S, ,Z , , f, . - 'f,, wa.. .s:,, :,, ,f K x f f , V! 'J ,, , W, , I ' V . ww, 1 7g,,,,,., ,Q ,,,, "" wp, , "" , 15:- . ' f ' ' ' , V V My V V W jj' M,-W f ,, 2 ' , A f - ' ,f M hm, , ,, , ,, ,, V, ,H , ,W , Y Y, I , , 7. ,M ,,,, ,L ,, , I Y , L, V? yy, M aim, 1 ,V fr , 4 23, ' W V xr 2' "' HQ1, N- , vi., wf'v,, 4' , A ' , .qw 1 r , ,, ,, 1, .,, ,, , ' , , Q - ,f N V, , WM f , r f ,, fl 4? ,Q gg,,,',,4+f, QQ ,Q ,. ,'i,'ff3 , f 'lelfy ' ' , : V , ', , 1, , , ff I, 'Q W, , E ' 2' " 4, " LA , 0 41 xg .A 21,5 , ,' 3 9, H , ,gf 7 H 'K ' 4' W' ,f T5 A f- ,lg ' 1 r 35 Q-1f,? ' i E ' fjf, 4 ,-I '15 -5 ' ' T' I ,,. , L, Vw, ,,u,, .W V ,f, vim, A , ,,,,,.n ,.W,,, , lg 44.4. ,,,, ,-vm ,W , A -- m fff G f , M kv, H Q H: ,E , ' ' M I Ms. :e,,a' '41 . 'fl ' N 1 , , ' , W W , ,rf - V f H, , fu ,g ,, K ,,,4,,A,. , , , . .vw ,,,, W ,. l ,L ,,, A V, l. 1 7 ,f ,f r ,pe , .U V V . V. ,jf , A L Y 1. V, f - , .ir 'iff , ' W, 14 - N ' 'i - 32 21 Q K - ,M ff V -, ,MMK4 ,N W w,,w,w" ' , K 'v ' , X me ,,,,,,h . XR u A Y- W g ' :S hr' If "1 , 1" me' ,- THE 1987-88 YE RBOOK STAFF IN ACT ICN! Although I have been on the yearbook staff for two years, this year was certainly different. This year I was given the tremendous responsibility of being Editor-in-Chief. With only half a year of editing experience, I set three primary goals for myself and the yearbook staff. The first was to learn as much as I possibly could about editing and making a yearbook. The second goal was to share this knowledge with the yearbook staff. The third was to make this yearbook the very best ever. I feel I have met these goals-some through experience and others through trial and error. l'm certain though, that my last goal could not have been achieved without the dedication of my good friends: the crew of editors, or the hardwork of the layout designers and photographers. I must also thank Mr. Lance Shoen, our yearbook representative who tirelessly answered all of our "little questions" with a chuckle and helped us make each and every grueling deadline with a smile. We couldn't have done it without you. Through it all, I am happy to say I have reached my ultimate goal: to make a creative document of this school year. Thanks. lt's been a great year! Michelle Caudel Sunburst Editor-in-Chief As Photo Editor, I have experienced many new things. Being on the staff has really taught me how to respect everyone for what they are and how to cope under incredible pressure. My goal this year was to try to photograph every important event and activity and make it look as best as I could. With the help of my 10 photographers, I think that we have done an excellent job. I would like to thank my advisor, Mr. Pomeroy for all of the great times and support he has given me. Thanks for a great year and a great staff. The other Editors have also helped me, by pushing me when l was ready to quit. Thank you everyone. Julie Bernat 1987-88 Photo Editor 6211 hditors CONGRATULATIGNS SENIORS FROM ALL THE GIRLS AT U LU1- GOURMET FROZEN YOGURT Si ICE CREAM Sub port The Eldorado Hlgh School Sun Devlls F :fi T g Sh pp gC NII C g 1236SNIl We Zi, ,... . .,,,,. ,, SWE -S w' EB S N The ar et o in enter e i rossin ALL THE RIGHT MOVES The PrQD In-rage EVERYTHING FOR YHE SPORTS FAN Nellis 8. Charleston DAVE 8. SONJA FOFISYTH 1208 So. Nellis Blvd. 453-FANN Las Vegas NV 89110 453-3266 6 I 17 North Mojave Road 0 Lu Vegas, Nevada 59101 0 702-386-1999 IN I CONTRACTOR LICENSE 14101 RAINBOW PAINTING 1255 N NELLIS LAS VEGAS NV 89110 PAINTING SPECIALISTS NEW CONSTRUCTION ' COMMERCIAL 0 RESIDENTIAL JOHN FORBES 459 6621 OWNER 579 6965 BEN S RENT ALL 348 North Nellls Bo Ie ard D Las Vegas Nevada 89IIO IIIFiIlre,Ixk1ffIKKx.i'xa-Hitt 17021452 sooo f a 452 3837 A Lzttle Love N Flowers We bnng Flowers to You 6 Yours wzth Love 4425 E Stewart Avenue o Suvte 3 Las Vegas Nevada 891 10 fComcr of Lamb A Stewart! ALICE M PINKERTON JULIE FITOUSSI f' 438-1967 , buh! n' bush fin K Mart Shopping Centerj 5000 E. BOHEJYIZH John C, Rounds Las Vegas, NV 89110 Owner I ,I 1 ' 'ILMJE-51' 2 A North IVIO1'1ve Rodd, Iqss VCg'1s Nc,v'1ci'a 89101 1702 38-4-6268 P5 f X V!! fl g A RAINBOW SCHOOL OF DANCE ,JI 1 L L X 1 , ' L I I 5 9 IICEMCTBO 'Flkwl-A1011 MURIEL L SCRIVNER PROF 2162 NORTH LAMB BLVD TEL 1702, 452 1920 LAS VEGAS NEVADA 89115 SHOW BIKE H D Parts 1786 N Nellis Repairs Machmmg Custom Pamt Las Vegas NV 89115 17025459 5000 ENCODII DIIOMOTIONS INC I7 Quality Custom Screen Prmtlng TSHIRIS LAIS JACKI' IS PTC WI' IRINIJUS1 ABOUT I'VI-RYTIIINI 50I2 S Arvllln Sum: I SAI VADOR DI I RIO las Vegas NV 89II8 17021 87I 5002 . U V .1,, . . i 4 . .59 ,ff ' ' E 'lx- I ' f ,A 0 I , . 5 K I . . " ' ' " wuO1.r:sAl.l2Rs FOR , '.'-'-.'- 7:-:. Q 213 Ads he wrong sign i like the wrong suit. , Neither one fits your image Fast-track executive or off-the-track businessman? Your image is createcl by the way youire Seen by otlters. Ohmdmwwymuwmmmmnmmwwmobyme sign that tells them who and what you are. ls your sign projecting the image you want? Good-looking, well-maintained, on-target signs can doa lotnrauractcusunnersuayourhumnessnhndthafsium the kind of signs Young Electric Sign Company has been dengnmgandhundmghnown65ymns YESCO manages sign projects from start to hnish: design, construction, and maintenance. And YESCO expemscantauoramgntohtbonryourunageand yourhudgen So if your present sign isnhsunedtoyourinunm, cahorwrneusuxmy Weill show you some ugnswewedonehn others, big and thatlnttheirinnage ,,,,,gg nghtonthebuuon. aaa We can do the same for you. After all, mgnsareoursnongsun. K' ,,,. ,,,... , W N 2.-.sounrs euecvnuc SIGN CUfTlF3CJl"l':li'l ilk los :snr-vw'--lm Lo -+.,' who 'rfs my or ."fr t -you tell 11 , t ,. ,. 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A 5? 5 55 if 17: ft 9: 17' W5 I ' .Q 92 52 QXXXKXXXX 'XXX Phone -Ib 367 3267 Phone -I 646 6333 4425 W Flamulgo 2099 North Jones Boulevard fTramps Plaza, fLake Mead Sz Jonesj 171' DUANE ELLER PRESIDENT CP21Qtast1b5a1QS the original Family Haircutters Q "Each Salon Independently Owned and Operated" 1979 N. Nellis Blvd. Las Vegas, NV. 89115 47021 438-7768 A UFANTAST IC" BEST T O THE CLASS GF "88" "T O THE GRADUATING CLASS OF .,88,, WE WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK IN PURSUING ALL YOUR DREAMS AND MAY THEY COME TRUE" GOVERNMENT REPOS WE HAVE THE 'IBUY RIGHT" ANSWERS FOR YOU. PROFESSIONAL, HELPFUL SERVICE FINANCING INFORMATION AND PRE-QUALIFICATIONS AT NO CHARGE BY PIONEER MORTGAGE CORPORATION CALL TODAY ll-55-ll-804 FOR AN APPOINTMENT WITH ONE OF OUR TRAINED COUNSELORS 10010 OFF TO ALL ELDORADO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WITH MINIMUM PURCHASE OF 510.00 AND STUDENT I ID! I ESEASONS -5 I' S MS New JORGE LAGUNO 719 N, NELLIS QAT. BONANZAINELLICI as LAS VEGAS, NV 89118 Reebok Dllmn XM L 459-mo I I I I i I CCNGRATULATIGNS AND BEST WISI'IES T U THE CLASS OF UBB." FRCM THE ELDCRADO CASINO IN DCWNTGWN I'IENDERSON 222 Ads E !'I'x"opical I - ilfmyg. .-I'anuu1u,JSnlQn,,, WczcZ4 gt OFTE ' 7'za,ecc4, 5 I 4 1 N I I I' n 0 4354342 ul: no mm Bhd Lu Vagas mv usuo Qonfkfe gwlom Jfalf xaruf Sewuccea 'gaonwdca Jlkxamaha 4 17021 438 2800 Q 9 IICEMCTFE-O 'Howl-Afdz MURIEL L, SCRIVNER PROF. 2162 NORTH LAMB BLVD. TEL. 17021 45241920 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89115 i Retanl 81 Wholesale JOE Mncro Computer SEM NELLIS COMPUTER AT THE K MART SHOPPING CENTER 735 JV fyefdd :glad .Yao Vega .An 8.9410 5000 E BONANZA RD VU 3 W fghwofl 04 4450 E Charleston Blvd Las Vegas NV 89104 Mgr Came Holmes 458 4566 LAS vEGAs NV aeno 17021453 oa23 Q as o PIZZA SUBS WINGS sr PASTA an 01115 438 2268 Us N Nu 0 0 0 Hours M 1 Tl fs11AM umlamgn P yo No Ope F 181 Sat Ill IAM P l S n 12noor 11 M el, y AW PIZZA BY THE SLICE National Dlscount Computers llnlxqmngi, .SV 391311 1111 North Nellls Blvd WPUUIVICI dE'fUl':1T1I'1fl l J ll 1F'l' TVIIXVN Las Vegas NV 89110 shrpfjmnq f-jpg 17021 459 0049 Floral Jrrcmflprnffrlt F'E'lE'DflUl'll'li1ll rlernraflnq fall 459 55175 Una:-ta Petersen X b I l 1 1' -1-lf" ! 'x I ' f I P I I I ' ' i 'S " i'jl,1'3g -ii"-'74 'lf "1 ff 45 0 V ,jff 7 -445 l 7 , A g . t s 2 ' i ' 5 . 1' is Dbl lK'rum-l ul l .tlw Nw.:-I In Alla-xl,uns Ft-lxlml Cb ein I , . . rr 0, 'O 0 "eo ,, w Q 1 u 1- P I 'I Du U eek eq, '2ff1'.TS1.LLCM.1I,i1Lf,21'f.TTL1fIff " " ' ' , ' 5-.-'--'W-47" . .- A-an , . I 1 ,E ' I .,: r .' '-.fl-'it 1 -' Mais.-. 'Ez .. . 1 , ' A- ,.. .1 .151 u i' F 1- ,. -. E1 '- -' -' c A Aff! Towne and Country Flowers I "Say It Mth Flowers" BE GREAT IN "88' M Fmnenmy NELLIS Sr BONANZA 1 BETTY sl ROBERT ACOSTA REGENCY PLAZA CLEANERS 8? ' ' ' ' WASHOMAT 1431 E Charleston Blvd Ste 1 Las Vegas Nevada 89104 1 702 386 6870 548 NO NELLIS FE LAS VEGAS NV 89110 455-4001 y REGENCY PLAZA CLEANERS S: T T 'E WASHOMAT Zu Z.7:.,TQ5g,2g 548 NO NELLIS WE Ea LAS VEGAS rw 89110 F: a : .us-S.-'wa .flg-:srl-g.'.:1 BRIDGETTE CONGRATULATIONS' It lS wlth prlde and admlratlon that we look upon you today May all the potentlal you possess be wlth you contmued gulde to Suc cess and msplratlon to your sisters We love you Dad Laada Natasha and Alexandra f rv U, ' il . ., - .. - v . 1 a rr na aaa- :.-f z: r. u -.. l rx-.1 n l I I ll uns 1 1 41 ih I l I I lf I P I J 5- J I nr 1-arnlzff nine , .. 1: ,sv-1 yurgrg-nv-1 gg.: -1-1 4 n .- -L 1- , n I ul. 1 1 1-. .r '1 n - -I u - O k o o 0 0 a . . Q , - ' of 0 V A o - ...gl ,. m 0 'E ,I ,,, , , , , .. . - . . . . I I I I Amber and Angel Best Frlends Forever Class of 91 Bye! From Noel Caslmar Sr Larry Hanson Sr Joe Seeman We hope all classes have a terrlfic summer Most of all the Lorne Standndge and Joanna Thome even you freshmen Mlchael The year IS almost over just begun Love you always Marr Jacque You really are my Best Frlend Thanks for stlcklng wlth me Love ya loads Laura Sandra lreally appreclate you bemg there for me and you have really been a GREAT! friend!! Jamle Freshman Cheerleaders of 87 88 Have a great summer It was great spendlng all that time wlth you Angel Rachel Chrls Brlan Jeffrey Thanks for belng such great frlends!! Love Marva Stephanie Hope you had a great Freshman year years not 4 Stay cool Frlends Rene Sandra We have been through a lot together you have been a great frlend Love ya Laura Jamie You re a perfect fnend! Here s to all the fun tlmes and many more to come! Love Sandra I wlll cherlsh our memorles together for always I love you Brandon Shane Peterson Tabltha Jason Good luck to you ln all that you do!!You deserve the best I love you lots Love Marva Jesslca Jennlfer and Brandle Thanks for belng such great frlends! Always remember BLONDES and TRY BLUE!!! Love Krlsten To all my frlends Thanks for puttlng up with me for all thls tlme I love you all Monekka Julle Thank you so much for bemg there for me just remember I m always here for you Jamle Tabltha Iwlll always love you and no matter what happens that won t change our love Love Shane Mlchelle Well another successful year! We ve been through alot thls year but we ve come out the best of Frlends! Love Sherry John P Hlnes You are my true love and I wlll always love you!! Love always Veronlca Jaml Glad we re frlends You are a great frlend We had lots of fun together Love Steph Krlsten Jiffy and Brandle Thanks for always bemg there I love you guys! Keep ln touch Love Jessica but our love has Graduation in 5 YE RBODK SQU RES!! Ben Jurgens Hey babe' Now remember before you answer- I do have THE car THE good looks plus THE money' So how about a long-term relatlonshlp with me? No'P"P Well I w1ll settle for a date Instead Sound okay to you'PF1ne Ill see you say around 7 50 tonlght Love ya Bennett A thanks to my host famlly and frlends for a GREAT year here ln Vegas K I T Jacob Hey guys' It s been fun hasn t 1t'P Hey' I never clalmed to be qulet OR normal for that matter so there' Never a dull moment that sorta thlng r1ght9 Yeh' I w1ll always remember McDonald s my vlsltatlon rlghts wlth car trunks plus all my cute mcknames Marshmallow Twmkle Crlp Bonehead Frostlng Face Beachbum Surfer Studette Goofball A1rheadII Jeez Ilove you guys"' Onlyl year left' Let s hope I make Graduatlon' Yeh no doubt' Bennett See ya at 7 50 sharp ln your BlVlW"' But as best frlends I ll always cherlsh the memorles past and to come' I luv ya' I wlsh ya the best at Yale babe' Because you re the best ' Chrlstopher L and Chrlstlne M 2 of my Bestest Frlends I thought ya ll sald Prlscllla and Chr1sTINE my other best frlends thls year has definitely proved to be lncredlbly unreal yet a lot of fun' And I found out who my real frlends are and who were fake ' Especlally the fake part huh ChI'lStlI1El7 Kelly Sanders what kmd of name IS that for a guy? Then agam what kmd of name IS Ben for a g1rl9 Let s swltch names ok? Oh well I guess we ll get over lt not that we have a cholce Clrcus Clrcus May 22 rlng a bell? I hope so Mr Tall and Gorgeous w1th the Oklahoma accent you are a babe' I Love Ya' Oh by the way Todders I m NOT stuck up"' To my very own excluslve Prlnce Charming on your whlte steed better known as College Stud ln your new whlte SOOZX wlth your own personal xzed IMAHUNK plates Not everythmg lasts forever but you ve shown me that true love does last forever I really do love you and you know the rest Class Of 89 we are the best and at the top always' So everyone also keep trylng although you ll never match us C Ya' Chow Babes' Ben Jurgens To the gang at yearbook headquarters We dld lt' We finally flnlshed the book' Thanks for makmg thls years yearbook THE best ever' We ve made the trend settlng yearbook as far as Las Vegas IS concerned' There have been so many deadlmes but we ve made all of them that s a record ln Itself I ll always remember the long hours spent after school to make deadllne I ll never forget thls year or the 87 88 Yearbook Staff' Mlchelle blind dates were fake and never work out?! Ha! So when is the wedding?!?! wb way im W TT? LEJE NQQEE Buwnluwn Laslhgas 07025385 5000 01? P v VEGAS VIC SAYS CONGRADULATIOINS TO THE CLASS OF lv To my Patrlck You made thls year very speclal I ll love you forever and always Yours forever, Lorl To all my frlends Take care and have a great summer Take care Joanna T Your frlend Sean To all our fnends Hope you have a great summer St we ll see you next yearl Love Peggy St Julle Hamburg Grusst Las Vegas Phllllpp Kunlsch McCarson Marshmallow Tw1nk1e9YExpand Ben Jurgens fAlfhCEld 2JWe ve been pals away from ME'L1fe s a beach' The me morles lVlMlVIlVlHSee you there Luv ya' Bestest Frlends ForeverlChr1st1ne McHenry QA1rhead 15 since YCSU first took the round blocks To Chrlstle Taml Dlzz Debble Llsa C Mlshelle Murray and the class of 90 You guys are the best' Also Ro chelle you re the best cousln a per son could ask for I love You' Ronne I want to thank Laura We ve been through thlck and thlcker and we re stlll fnends Sandra Good luck wlth Matt Dawnlm glad we re close Dave I love you Jacque ? 63953 J 5,55 ii umnv srmnmncs GGOD UCK from your friends at the HOTEL N C-X5INO FREE CON ERED VALIDAT D PARKING L I d h H rt D t F rS: I 4' 1 h u n Nw a o I .I Q I Q I a' W .cf X? W: XE FL M ? K gs: : ! X? In 0 .' '3 0 if ' ' 2 Til-My ' I I - Q ' 5:-- : YF E ,E X5 E E 7 J 0 0 0 n , fi gf f 9? is - I ' ' - N' Q O I l 'a - E ' ' , - ' 1' Q ' . I I I . 5 , , . , A HONEY PARTNER Ronne-I m glad we re finally frlends. I' H ' 0 s I 81 ' l H 1 uozy 453-1230 7, ' 8 ly' 1934 soum wALNuT nom -I O 8 8 .E LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89104 s J -L7."'cCREA1'lVE cmtn c 0 AND was fig! j'fz1,J:1l Q' 1 - . ' V Q Q fa . Ad W 'T gl 'fn KURTIS I m golng to mlss you so much I ll never forget our wonderful memo- nes I LOVE YOU Joanna I I 0 a II o o o I Kevln The past two years have been the greatest for me I hope that our love lasts forever! Love Chrlstl Jamle YOU VE MADE MY HIGH SCHOOL YEARS VERY SPE CIAL JUST LIKE YOU THANKS LOVE YA JULES Hey Boneheads! See ya Mary Joanna Ju Chrls Mlchelle Tom Shonna Chrlstle Julle Love YA Jennlfer M I'l year the greatest Thanks for all your support I Love You! Forever Yours Jules B', Thanks Amy for all your help support and for belng you I Love you llke a sls- er Love Julle Rlddle To all my frlends You know who you are! I love you guys!! also thank you Kenny!! Early To Pat Jlm and guess Take care I love you Jenmfer M HAFEN S ,Q Auiomohve Servlces 3060 N N II s H14 S af L svegas Ne d 89115 1702! 644 0706 LYNELLE RON SANDI Thanks for belng there and carlng I won t forget you or Jason Frlends Jenmfer Martm I I I u s , o I I a a I u a Julle thanks for be- mg my best frlend The rest of my frlends love ya all Love Amy Stahl Many thanks Ellza beth Connle Anlta and John Gellert for the wonderful year ln Las Vegas Phlllpp Kunlsch Rochelle Krls Ronne Llza Steph Pam V Mlchelle Shae Nlkkl Dennls Bear Mona Jennl er Thanks Corl ROB MCCOY Chrlstle Our hlgh- school you ve helped make mme great I Love You Forever! Love Kevln years are over and To Michelle H11- larle Colleen Kelth and especlal- ly Sean I glve my frlendshlp forever Love Always Krls THANKS FOR ALL THE MEMORIES WE VE SHARED! Early Andrea Louls Lorl Klm Nlcole Jeanette Julle Dlanna Tom Callene Jason Congratu latlons on your Re been hard You ll always have my un dylng love Jen 'I NEVADA POVVEF! COIVIF-'ANY P 0 BOX 230 LAS VEGAS NEVADA E91 5 T SAHARA AVENUE E226 VVES 7021367 5580 lie, Diane, Came, Kim, Time heals all I C a H41-n ' Kenya' covery. I know it's . . I . 0 I f . . I A ' Supervisor of Info mation Se ' I ,f..lJp .gl 1 A-. X Q In l . 9 ' . 0 I 1 teveH en a , va a Owner - ' YE RBOOK SQU RES!! FTOITI a beautlful baby and a lovmg chlld to outstandmg young man wlth prlde and love your famlly BGB' We are very proud of the young man you have become Best of luck for a happy and successful future CONGRATULATIGNS We love you' Mom Gramma and Jlmmy Congratulatlons to our son Mlchael WW 5-15, S f C I I I O O I I i an is Q . . Q' K I K 1 V I .ssl x K k 3 0 . 3 ' J ca? ' e Q eaeeea y e VPQIAL A' KENNY You ve accomplished many things and have become a fine young man bringing joy and touching the hearts of hardwork Love and understanding Thank you for being so speclal We wish you all the best ln everything you do Love Mom St Dad LAURALEE It has been a pleasure to have you ln our home and watch you grow into the lovely person that you are. We love you very much, you are the daughter dreams of. We will miss you as you leave our home to further your growth and knowledge, our hopes and dreams go with you in all you undertake to do. And remember God is always with you and will help you succeed in that which you strive to do. Always keep him as your very best frieno and your success will be many. With all our love, Your Family. many through your Dean, It has been a pleasure being your mom and watching you grow up to such a fine young man. l haven't regretted one moment. CWelI, maybe that time you and Darren took my car to Disneyland.! Love, Mom Congratulations! Tabitha Freeman We re proud of you Love Aunt Gina Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary Christine Johanna Through the years we ve watched you grow to be a very beauti ful young lady We are so proud of you and hope we can maintain the rela mfs May your future healthy happy and prosperous We love you! Mom Sc Dad Congratulations! Sharon we are very proud of you and your many accomplishments You mean so much to us With your thoughtful and caring ways you have given us so much happiness We love you so very very much Mom Sr Dad 5 W .MQW MM 4' 695 Qlxahit l 7' I M Jenny You re a great daughter We re very proud of your present accomplishments and your future goals! All our love Mom and Congratulations Neil! We re very proud of your present accomplishments and your fu ture goals! All our love Mom and Dad rrti W iii ,, ".. . u i Va. .',- 1' f - i ' .mfg 14:-., Q' f . . Qgifngi ' E tlonshlp we now share. Dad J. Q 231 Ads 232 Ads Krlstm May you always with zeal! May you al- ways acleve your goals in the future! May you al- ways be able to smile f5'W'Q 'Q .X ' so si: g lL::o 11' fi i 5 'E S A KI'iStin, l'Iere's to our friendship: meet I life's challenge through the tough times! May you always know how very much you are loved by God and by us! You are special! Love Mom Sr Dad To Terry Nell Mayfield Jr Your yesterdays prepared you for tomorrows May all of your hopes and dreams for tomorrow come true Best wishes Grandma and Poppa To "lunch buddies" and long talks, Me flirting with guys who have good looks Crazy tlmes singing songs with suggestive words Caps on guys who look like nerds But most of all our great times past the special memories will always last I ll always be here to lend you a hand Best friends al ways Best friends to the end Pam . . . . I . . I . I I 1 . I . . . . I . I . . - . . . . I I I 0 371 I ' l 0 0 1 , V . .... - , I 4 The Senior Class Ofli cers great times. l'll never forget them. 'ws-f Nils. Wendy When God loaned you to us 18 years ago we were truly blessed Our prayer IS that He will guide you as you ven ture mto adulthood We will be forever proud of E.-rs mS: -BPH 2291 353 Egfr 5: ESQ. 5 E, Um " su: E ao. cu JV' ,Cf To my Little Shop of Horrors Family Thanks for giving me the time of my life You are true professionals and all of you are stars! I love you! Good luck next season! Shannon Sheldon Audrey Here's to my favorite chocolate chip and vanll la wafer: Best of Luck! Love Mltsubushl Thanks for all the Love ya Corl 88 Scott Bryan Resanovlch Hey! You OWE me Babe! Stay outta trou ble I love you CYa Yearbook staff Well its been a rough year but we made lt with team work Love Ya all Laura Matthew The time we ve spent together IS only a frac tion of what s to come m the future Love Tncla Johanna Thank you for the great times I will al ways cherish them Youll never be forgot ten Love Kurt Shana Yearbook Girls You are all great friends! I ll never for get the fun times we ve had! Love Always Jules Yvonne You ve been a great ftlend this year I ll never forget some of the fun we ve had Dora I hope you endure the rest of your life as well as you have endured your f Eld d W are proud of you! To my yearbook pals Hey guys! Look! Its F nally done! Great job M1 chelle Julie and Jenny From Dora! Natalie Dianna Andrea Ty Deannalve had a great time being new Love Jessica Olll' yCal'S at Ora 0 C Love Mom 81' Mom F2 We Made It! Thanks for the memories Adri enne Carman Cori Pam Stephanle Veronl ca Warren Ms Joseph Mr Turek Love M chelle Kathy You rank right up there with pizza hockey and guys Thanks for the Christie Ronnie Hey Stooges! We ve been through alot! Yes my head hurts Gee I wonder why? No lm not whining lt s been fun full of laughs Softball studettes C Ya Chow Babes! Ben Middle Stooge! ,, ,la J , , , . . ' w 'uv 3, ,,,, A . . , 1 . .. . , . . T2 . . .M , . , , Q I 1 H, . V V 5 ,, , l Ezy ,,, . ,,,,,V , Z W If n - Q 1 . I ' ' . - M . . . I . . , , . , . . . . , f-xl I , , . . . , . . 1 - , . . - Q yy - . ,, ' 1- . . , , , I 0 .- i l I I - . . I I I I ' I . .. ,, 1- ' I' I Chow Babes. Ben sunspots with you guys! memories. Chris. 3 233 Ads 234 Index A A. Ly, Hoa 155 Acebal, Jose 85 Akhavan, Natalie 54 Alcarez, Alfonzo 85 ALexander, Darren 81 Alexander, Stephen 85 Alexander, Steven 85 Allen, Corey 81, 82 Allen, Sharon 145 Allen, Stacey 44 Alverez, Alex 82 Amend, Steven 85 Anderson, Scott 60 Anderson, Victoria 145 Angel, Mike 99 Aniciete, RiaLynn 145 Apple, Joleen 145 Applin, Brady 85 Aragon, Leslie 145 Archer, Robin 97 Ashbaugh, Anita 54 Ashment, James 145, 54, 157 Atherton, Darin 145, 54 Attaway, Angela 145 Austin, Ron 57, 145 Avery, Darlene 97 Baker Sandy 58 Bangegas, Richard 57 Banks, Marva 2, 48, 51, Banks, Willie 88, 89 Bannerman, Michael 146 Barba, Rommel 85 Barclay, David 146 Barnett, Angela 146 Barnett, Bobby 167 Barnett, Suzette 167 Barnum, Darlene 167 Barragon, Jim 167 Barsuk, Deanna 55 Barsuk, Stephanie 44, 55, 159 Bass, Sherrall 167, 92, 95 Bassat, Mark 81 Bateman, Jeff 102, 167 Bavsuk, Deanna 54 Bean, Angel 99 Belcher, Richard 167 Belkofer, Kris 191 Belkofer, Tina 141, 146 Bell, Erin 146 Bell, Lisa 54 Bell, Tanisha 54 Bennett, Amber 54, 191 Bennett, Richard 54, 146 Berg, Polly 191 Berger, Bonnie 191 Berggren, Heidi 167 Berkabile, Heidi 191 Berlund, Randy 167 Bernat, Josh 167 Baker, Daniel 57, 44 6 O, 61 146 Bernat, Julie 2, 24, 25, 51, 47, 48, 49, 51, 145, 146, 165 Berry, Albert 99, 191 Berry, Sam 191 Betti, Donald 146 Beverly, Jermel 167 Biddulph, Billy 191 Bier, Jennifer 167 Bingham, Alan 17, 54, 141, 146 Bird, Jennifer 191 Bird, Michael 167 Birmingham, Jason 15, 81, 167 Black, Michael 167 Black, Paul 146 Blake, Lisa 20, 27, 28, 51, 4-0, 77, 145, 146 Blue, Joseph 85, 191 Bolin, Terry 167 Bolliger, Shonna 167 Boone, Benji 44 Borak, Dawn 191 Borruel, Elizabeth 146 Boudreaux, Michelle 120, 167 Boulware, Melina 54 Boulware, Tamika 167 Bower, Cori 22, 25, 29, 52, 55, 105, 157, 145, 146 Bower, Crystal 191 Bower, Tracy 2, 40, 47, 48, 50, 51, 52, 55, 61, 71, 142 Bowers, John 85 Bowmen, Macha 167 Brandstetter, Justin 167 Brandt, Dawn 146 Brandvik, Mark 142, 146 Branscom, Heidi 191 Branson, Jeanine 191 Brawer, Paul 25, 54, 55, 156, 146 Breed, Tim 87, 167 Brensinger, Sean 167 Bretz, Kevin 81, 140, 146 Brewer, Tonya 191 Brewster, Kimberly 146 Bridges, Tammy 191 Brince, Robb 54 Brockett, Craig 29, 167 Brockett, Mike 29, 146 Brooks, Krista 52 Capitano, Paul 81, 167 Carl, Angel 54, 191 Carrasco, Diana 191 Carrico, Christopher 147 Carrington, Michelle 52, 145, 147 Carroll, Amandi 99 Carroll, Devon 90, 91 Carter, Britney 16 Carter, Iberville 191 Case, Robert 191 Casimiro, Jin Jin 86, 87, 167 Casimiro, Noel 51, 141, 147 Castagro, Ellen 52 Castillo, Frank 162 Castro, Dennis 157, 147 Castro, Roland 140 Caudel, Michelle 2, 47, 48, 49, 51, 167 Causey, Cari 147 Causey, John 85, 191 Cave, Chris 51, 85 Cave, Michelle 17, 25, 52, 120, 167 Cazares, Sergio 191 Cella, Ramona 156, 147 Chadburn, Jeremy 85 Chadman, Cody 191 Chaission, Derek 147 Chaission, Willie 147 Chan, Adam 99, 167 Chang, Se 44, 167 Chang, Tou 191 Charles, Samantha 47, 142, 147 Charniga, Julie 167 Chasteen, Lisa 167 Chavez, Rafael 191 Cheney, Aaron 191 Cheney, Eric 147 Cheney, Kristen 97 Chestnut, David 191 Childress, Mike 87 Chmiel, Christopher 191 Brooks, Ryan 146 Brown, Anthony 99, 167 Brown, Clifford 99, 191 Brown, Daryl 167 Bruce, Robbie 29, 167 Brund, Francesca 167 Bruno, Franca 22 Bruno Vince 191 Brunswick, Bevelyn 95 Buckley, Michelle 167 Cho, Choi, Chris Chris 191 Jin 77 ty, Teresa 191 Clark, Adrienne 145 Clark, Christine 47, 147 Clark, Connie 105 Clark, Julia 147 Clark, Stacey 191 Clark, Stephen 191 Clary, Dome 81, 147 Budds, Steve 167 Buna, Ralph 191 Burak, Dawn 99, 191 Burdo, David 167 Burleson, Lisa 191 Burnett, Simone 191 Burris, Tim 85 Bush, Ronald 167 Bushma, Jennifer 97, 191 Buttera, Janene 124, 167 C Cabrera, Ninon 146 Cagle, John 191 Callahan, Brian 146 Calvo, Serafin 167 Camp, Chris 191 Campagna, Willy 85, 191 Campbell, Bridget 147 Campbell, Emanual 191 Clements, Tom 54, 191 Coffman, Dustin 82 Cogburn, Sherrie 148 Cole, Andrea 60 Cole, Kris 44, 60 Coleman, Scott 191 Coleman, Tyrone 91 Collmar, Martin 191 Coluin, Jennifer 54 Commack, Holly 44 Comstock, Jason 148 Concoby, Danny 82 Constantine, Lynelle 27, 28, 29, 148, 162 Cooley, Marsha 191 Cooper, David 148 Cooper, Marshall 148 Cooter, Joey 191 Cope, Daniel 191 Cordon, Renee 148 Corlew, Mary 191 Corsi, Jim 87, 191 Costellow, Frank 147 Cothran, Tracy 15 Covert, Michele 148 Cowing, Gissell 148 Cowley, Rheta 148 Cowsil, Nathan 52, 55, 82 Cox, Cindy 44 Cox, Dean 148 Craig, Keisha 191 Cravy, Aaron 191 Crawford, Denna 148 Crawford, Dennis 191 Creacy, Gail 191 Crostic, Rana 191 Crow, Jason 102, 191 Crowder, Kelly 191 Cruz, Gilbert 82 Culberson, Ron 90 Cullen, Brian 85 Cunanan, Gino 191 Curl, Katheryn 148 Custard, Monique 60 Cutler, Royal 191 Cutshaw, Nathan 44, 54 D D'Ambra, Mike 91, 191 Dance, Darrin 85 Dance, Jason 82, 90 Daniels, Daryl 81, 148 Daniels, Michelle 54 Danzinger, Mary 24, 54, 158, 148 Davey, Christina 148 Davis, Bernie 99 Davis, Jennifer 54 Davis, Jerry 57 Davis, Robert 148 Davis, Traci 141 Davis, Veronica 169 Dayton, Pam 24, 27, 28, 148 Dean, Diana 191 Deford, Murray 148 Deidrich, David 84, 85 Dekay, Anthony 57 Dekay, Michael 57 Delgrosso, Christine 169 Delgrosso, Mark 148 Delise, Mo 25 Delisle, Maurice 148 Delong, Tammy 169 Demers, Christina 148 Denman, Mark 60, 102 Deremer, John 85 Deriggi, Neal 148 Dettlaff, Yvonne 16 DeWeber, Shawna 148 DeWeese, Larry 148 Dickens, Shannon 169 Dickerson, Sam 60, 169 Dietrick, Christie 105 DiGregorio, Michelle 54, Diller, Don 99 Dimery, Leondra 99 Dobbs, Eric 47, 54, 169 Domzil, Lonny 149 Doolin, William 169 Dorame, Anita 169 Dorion, Michelle 149 Dornak, Eric 60, 102 Dreighton, Richie 142 142, 145, 148 Duckert, Sheila 60 Duis, Adam 99 Dumpster, Dale 169 Dunaway, Stacy 44 Dunn, Felicia 149 Dunnean, Jacqueline 149 Duran, Deanna 169 Duvall, John 82 Duvan, Danae 149 Dwarzan, Dawn 169 Dyson, Steve 82, 169 Earle, lan 87 Eckman, Roy 55, 169 Edward, Kelly 149 Egnor, Natachcha 169 Elder, Sorena 169 Ellersten, Karen 21, 149 Elliott, Marcy 149 Elpers, Kelly 54 Emery, Lisa 169 Emote, Pruetsachart 169 Eppenger, Kevin 149 F Falcone, Cathy 169 Faress, Liza 169 Faulkwood, Edward 169 Feathers, Don 51, 149 Fehlman, Jimmy 45 Fehrmam, Jimmy 44 Felton, Curtis 169 Felts, Matt 99 Fendzluau, Michael 149 Ferman, Jimmy 54 Fex, William 149 Fielding, Jimmy 169 Finn, Tami 169 Finnegan, Stephen 149 Finster, Veronica 54 Fiscus, Steve 169 Fish, Sean 169 Fisher, Dean 142, 149 Fiske, Richard 57 Fitzgerald, Dennis 81, 169 Fitzgerald, Marcus 82 Flaig, Sindy 55, 149 Flannery, Joe 159, 149 Flannery, Mike 102 Fletcher, John 169 Flores, Alma 169 Foerster, James 169 Foerster, Kelly 169 Foht, Julie 169 Folk, Brett 149 Font, Stephen 85 Ford, Ernest 85 Ford, Felicia 2, 48 Foreman, Deanna 170 Foulkrod, Eddie 45 Fournier, Hilarie 52, 149 Fournier, Michelle 149 Fox, Tammy 170 Evans, Jim 99 Frankenburg, David 86, 87, 149 Franklin, Paris 156 Franklin, Scott 149 Franklin, Thad 75, 149 Freeland, Jill 45 Freeman, Duane 170 Freeman, Mary 170 Freeman, Tabitha 149 Freeman, Vera 170 Freimuth, Tom 170 Fretz, Paul 170 Fross, Patricia 170 Frost, Jenny 52 Fugere, Sandy 170 Fuller, Veronica 141, 145, 149 G Gallegos, Lori 170 Gamboa, Ernesto 82 Gamez, Mike 87 Garcia, Ramon 105 Gardner, Buffy 149 Gardner, Johnny 47 Gardner, Shannon 150 Garner, John 170 Garner, Krisn 170 Garrison, Jason 87, 170 Garrison, Justin 87 Garza, Armondo 16 Garza, Kristina 16 Gates, Gary 89 Gatewood, Diane 158, 150 Gelbano, Brett 85 Gellert, Anita 54 Gellert, Connie 54, 170 Gibson, Michelle 94, 170 Giddons, Lisa 97 Giglia, Michelle 170 Gilchrist, Vicki 54, 60 Gilis, Angel 54 Gillert, Connie 55 Gillpatrick, Gayle 170 Glidden, Dan 102 Glidden, Danny 82, 102 Godewood, Dian 54 Gommell, Kristin 47, 79, 105 Gondini, John 170 Gonzalez, Ana 170 Goodale, Stacy 58, 150 Goodrich, Cliff 81, 85, 170 Gould, Kristi 99 Gouzy, Celia 28, 45, 54 Granados, Yadi 28, 45, 54 Gray, Warren 21, 22, 27, 28, 42, 47, 145, 145, 150 Graziano, Kimberly 150 Green, Carolyn 150 Green, Charlotte 44, 56, 94, 95 Green, Virginia 95, 96, 125, 150 Greene, Detra 150 Greene, Johnny 124 Greene, Vicki 125 Greives, A.j. 85 Griego, Gene 82 Griffin, Daniel 90, 170 Griffin, Shannon 170 Groft, Shawna 150 Gross, Candice 55, 52, 150 Gudfel, Mike 85 Guerzon, Joe 81, 150 Guiza, Greg 170 Guiza, Michelle 150 Gulbransen, Kevin 170 Gussio, Thomas 170 Gutiekkez, Himara 170 T 235V 4 Index ,Q 236 Index Hogan, Julie 151 Holler, Angela 44, 60 Hollingshead, Michael 151 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Dale 171 Danielle 99, 194 Dion 45 Eric 89 Haggard Lashay 45, 54 Hale, LaTonya 54 Haley, Nicholas 54, 55, Hall, Chelsa 54, 170 Hall, Mark 170, Halsey, Angela 60, 97 Halsey, Dawn 60, 97 Halstead, Judy 170 Hamilton, D 170 Hammerlack, Brian 82 Hammil, Garrett 52 Hammond, Paul 85 Hammons, Frank 151 Hammons, Wallace 170 Hamric, Deanna 170 Hanks, Beth 54 Hanks, Whitney 170 Hanlon, Wynn 22, 28, 52, Hansberry, Lorraine 170 Hansell, Laura 54, 170 Hansen, James 170 Hansen, Shawn 81 Hanson, Christi 77, 140, Hanson, Larry 81, 170 Hardin, Carl 170 Hardin, JoDean 151 Harrington,.Candice 60 Harris, Dana 88, 89 Harris, Darrick 170 Harris, Mary 170 Harrison, Rick 54 Hartzell, James 171 Hasell, Mitchell 150 Hasell, Yvonne 150 Hashem, Stephanie 151 Hauck, Teresa 94 Havey, Heath 171 Hagemeier, Mary 150 8 7, 170 55, 44 151 Hawkins, Carman 45, 157, 145, 151 Hawkins, Yolanda 42, 52, 151 Haynes, Andrea 52 55, 105, Hollinshead, Roy 102 Holmes, Sabrina 60, 95, 140, 151 Holmes, Teri 151 Holt, Christy 54, 55, 52 Hopkins, Rochelle 151 Horton, John 89 Horton, Phung 92, 95, 96, 151 Hoskinson, Trina 151 Houghes, Cindy 44, 171 Housen, Matt 194 Howard, Jennia 54, 151 Howard, Paul 102 Howren, Stacy 171 Huches, Geoffrey 171 Hudson, Brett 194 Huff, Kathlene 44, 151 Hughes, Jeff 171 Hughes, Jennifer 171 Hull, Brian 194 Hull, Jim 171 Hulse, Cathy 171 Humes, Natalie 194 Humphries, Chris 44, 171 Humphries, Derek 171 Humphries, Tracy 44 Hunt, Scott 151 Hunter, Sharon 54, 194 Hunter, Tammy 151 Hurley, Charles 151 Hyatt, Shana 24, 26, 28, 29, 44, lavecchia, Barbie 171 lrely, Nancy 94, 95 lrizarry, Margie 171 lrons, Linda 152 142, 152 Johnson, Kristina 20 Johnson, Kristine 152 Johnson, Reigna 152 Jomes, Calvin 171 Jones Benny 152 Jones Chris 194 Jones Edward 171 Jones Felicia 194 Jones Jason 85 Jones Kenyata 171 Jones Lori 96, 97 Jones Melvin 152 Jones Monica 152 Jones Raymond 171 Jones Robert 194 Jones Romell 171 Jones, Scott 171 Jones Sterlin 194 Jones, Valayia 194 Jonivan, Doug 85 Jordan, James 171 Jordan, Lisa 171 Jorgensen, Priscilla 44, 102, 105 171 Joseph, Antoine 194 Joseph, Seman 171 Joseph, Yolanda 152 Juarez, Joel 171 Judd, Jennifer 54, 159, 152 Juneau, Patrick 81 Jurato, Jaime 82 Jurgens, Ben 2, 7, 10, 47, 48, 49 51 K Kastner, Chris 194 Kate, Mary 60 Kazee, Michael 85, 194 Kelel, Stephanie 194 Kelly, Michael 81 Healty, Elizabeth 151 Heidelberg, Bill 57 Heigel, Dawn 151 Helms, Jef 2, 48, 50, 51 Hemphill, Danny 171 Henderson, Derrick 81, 90 Henne, Sheryl 151 Hernandez, Rudy 81, 140 Hibdon, Corrinne 2, 48, 51 Hickey, Chris 99, 171 Hickey, Christine 171 Hidrosollo, Arleen 44, 151 Hieley, Wendy 44 Higley, Wendy 44, 97 Hill, Conya 171 Hines, Chester 52, 55 Hines, John 56, 81, 141, 151 Hines, Kathy 171 Hinthorn, Nicole 54 Hinton, Collette 95, 151 Hinton, Phung 171 Hlapatsos, John 194 HoaPhan, Phuong 45 Hodge, Tiffany 194 Hoefert, James 171 Hoelzle, Darren 194 Hogan, Cailene 171 J Jacka, Mark 194 Jackson, Anthony 81 Jackson, Demenica 152 Jackson, Doug 84, 85, 171 Jackson Lajuana 194 Jackson Robert 171 Jackson Scott 47, 57, 152 Jackson Tasha 194 Jackson Jackson Jackson Trishana 97 Trishun 92, 95, 171 Tyrone 152 Jacobs, George 194 Jamerson, Lanina 60 Jarvis, Chris 194 Jasper, Leroy 85, 194 Jedlinski, Bonnie 171 Jeffers, Matthew 57, 171 Jefferson, Angela 95 Jenkins, Jenkins, Anissa 171 Karla 171 Jensen, Rustin 44, 60, 159, 152 Jeppensen, Christian 171 Jerzoski, Ron 156 Jewitt, Mike 51, 52, 74, 7 152 Jeziorski, Ronald 152 Jogensen, Priscilla 99 Johnivan, Candy 194 5, 158, Kelly, Missy 94 Kemple, Howard 194 Kersey, Benjamin 152 Key, Michael 152 Khonsavan, Lamphorn 152 Kim, Manna 152 Kim, Marina 52, 60, 105 King, Melissa 194 King, Wendy 194 Kinney, Patrick 54, 152 Kirkendahl, Stephanie 99 Kissel, Jennifer 194 Kittinger, Demerley 152 Kittle, Jeff 99, 194 Klein, Stephanie 152 Klepacki, Frank 194 Knight, Bill 57 Koehnke, Wendy 44, 152 Koelbel, Leonard 152 Konst, Julie 52, 55, 194 Konst, Steve 25, 140, 152 Kostner, Brian 194 Kotelly, Michelle 16, 155 Kouach, Chris 194 Kozel, Hillaury 194 Kreitlow, Kimberly 194 Krempel, Mark 104 Kruise, April 194 Kruize, Mike 82 Krysczczuk, Bob 99 Kuminecz, Ann 99 Kuminecz, Chris 45, 60 Kunisch, Philipp 52, 54, 155 Kurau, Don 15, 81, 102, 145, 155 Kurth, Kenny 10, 27, 28, 85, 145, 155 Kutz, Chris 57 L Lackens, Melissa 155 LaForest, Brett 194 Lago, Brian 57 Lago, Carrieann 155 Lakas, Krystal 54 Lamoon, Ladda 194 Lanfear, David 155 Laosy, San 194 Laplante, Tanya 155 Lara, Julio 194 Larkin, Andria 155 Larrimer, Chris 44, 60 Larrimer, Krystine 99 Larsen, Jeremy 194 Lujan, George 195 Lujan, Raymond 155 Lynch, Lora 155 Lynn, Kristy 195 Lyons, Pam 95, 97 MacFaun, Sonya 195 Machado, Rudy 195 Maddox, Phillip 195 Madsen, Kenny 195 Maes, Christopher 155 Maes, Sean 195 Magawlen, Howie 86 Makowski, Jenni 2, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 155 Malcolm, Carrie 2, 7, 47, 48, 49, 50, 119 Malena, Jeffery 154 Manawat, Dexter 195 Manclark, John 29, 56, 82 Manclark, Liz 54 Manganello, Scott 54, 82, 102 Mansor, Richard 154 Mare, Michelle 195 Marks, Ron 82 Larson, Jeremy 85 y Laub, Barbie 194 Lauby, Rich 88, 89 Lauria, Joe 194 Law, Waiman 104 Lawrence, Leanne 194 Leavitt, Vanessa 44, 194 Lee, Candice 155 Lee, Christinta 194 Lee, Deborah 155, 165 Lee, Jennifer 119, 155 Lee, Kathy 194 Leivan, Tracy 194 Lewin, Billy 194 Lewis, Chris 50 Lewis, Curtiss 54, 157, 155 Lewis, Dujaun 81 Lewis, Jeff 194 Lewis, Scott 155 Marnach, Chad 91, 195 Marsh, James 81, 89 Marshall, Gerry 54 Martin, Jennifer 12, 54, 154 Martin, Kristy 54 Martinez, Roger 195 Martinez, Stephanie 60 Martino, Desirea 195 Marzullo, Richard 154 Mason, Jeanie 195 Masten, Lisa 154 Mathew, Alma 195 Matola, Eunice 20 Matos, C.J. 91 Maviglia, Joe 102, 154 Maw, Scott 85, 195 Maxam, Kate 54, 55, 154 May, Genifer 195 May, Michael 154 Licausi, Mark 194 Licon, Nidia 194 Lingana, Lise 194 Lippincott, Kimberly 194 Lirgg, John 194 Lively, Richard 54 Lively, Todd 99, 194 Lloyd, Casey 155 Loasy, Somsack 155 Lohnes, Natasha 119, 155 Lollmar, Martin 196 Lomack, Felicia 94 Looper, Darion 196 Lopez, l'lo-zelle 194 Lopez, Richard 85 Lopez, Scott 194 Lossing, Brad 54 Louis, Chris 81 Louis, Lisa 194 Loupis, Tiffany 57 Loveall, Jeff 102 Lucas, Kelly 155 Lucero, John 194 Ludlow, Mitchell 194 Ludwick, Eric 90 Ludwig, Ann 155 Mayers, Kimberly 195 Mayers, Robert 81, 82, 154 Mayfield, Neil 54, 154 Mayorga, Dino 81 McCarthy, Linda 195 McCarty, Chris 54 McCarty, Travis 99 McClain, Michelle 94, 195 McClain, Terry 154 McClaren, Rachel 60 McClary, Heather 195 McCooey, Jennifer 195 McDonald, Laura 54, 77 McDowell, Shana 195 McGee, Vester 195 McGinnis, Eric 82 McGowan, Howard 85, 87, 195 McGurk, Kimberly 60, 195 McNamara, Lee 195 McNeal, Tabitha 60, 122 Mead, Brian 12 Meadows, Sharon 44, 54, 105 Meeks, Tanya 195 Mefford, Diena 154 Mendez, Victor 54, 55, 52 Mendoza, Josi 154 Merrill, Laura 2, 15, 47, 48, 50, 51 Metreveli, Travis 85, 195 Meyers, Charles 91 Mickel, Edward 195 Middleswarth, Kimberly 195 Mikell, Ollie 94 Miller, Casey 82 Miller, Jim 81 Miller, Melanie 154 Miller, Robbie 195 Miller, Sally 195 Miller, Tricia 195 Minniear, Judy 195 Minyard, Randy 15, 42, 157, 154 Mize, Amie 44, 54 Monsoor, Toni 2, 48, 51 Montes, Carolyn 54, 55, 52, 158, 154 Mooney, William 158, 154 Moore, Cheri 154 Moore, Ercilia 99 Moore, Michelle 195 Moore, Renee 154 Moore, Teri 154, 195 Moorefield, Denise 95, 99 Mora, Florentine 195 Mora, Tino 102 Moreno, George 85, 195 Morgan, Mike 59, 158 Morgan, Troy 195 Morre, Renee 54 Morris, Candice 154 Morris, Kellye 154 Morrison, Kim 118 Morss, Kevin 102, 154 Morton, Sandra 154 Mote, Barry 81, 154 Motola, Eunice 54 Mueller, Christina 195 Mundo, Glen 85, 195 Murray, Michelle 44 Murray, Vicki 98, 99 Myers, Charles 85, 195 Nash, Chanell 195 Nash, Kyla 195 Navarre, Jeanie 155 Nedeau, Shelly 195 Neely, Cheryl 155 Nellis, Mary 55, 157, 155 Nelson, Latasha 195 Nelson, Paul 195 Neuwohner, Chuck 54, 169 Newbert, Cl'lristina 195 Newton, Gregory 155, 165 Newton, Jamie 16, 195 Nichole Cheleno 52 Nielsen, Bryan 99 Nixon, Danny 82 Nonnan, Shane 195 Northrop, Melanie 99, 195 Novahom, Art 51 Nuber, Jeff 102, 195 Nubler, Jeffrey 85 Nuells, James 81 O'Brey, James 195 Nall, Brian 195 i 237 Y:: ' Index 238 Index O'Bryan, Jack 45, 195 O'Malley, Janna 195 O'Toole, Terry 155 Oakley, Brenda 155 Oasorisko, Jason 54 Oliver, Cam 87 Oliver, David 47 Omyot, Paul 54 Orisko, Paul 155 Orr, Russell 141, 155 Ostensen, Bob 2, 25, 48, 155 Ostler, Kristin 187 Owen, Sandra 187 Owens, Ivan 99, 102, 195 Owens, Stephanie 195 Owens, Tammy 195 P Page, Ronne 105, 187 Paleha, Gary 87 Paletta, Gary 195 Palioatta, Tiffany 195 Pancubela, Virginia 187 Pardo, Kitti 54, 187 Paris, Theresa 155 Park, Virgil 195 Parker, John 195 Parks, Lazette 155 Passman, Guy 99, 196 Patronik, Sharon 2, 45, 48, 49, 155 Patterson, Tyrone 155 Paul, Michael 196 Pauler, Deeann 187 Pauling, Eric 16 Payne, Bryan 187 Payne, Greggory 187 Pearlman, Genevieve 140, 156 Pearson, Sam 99, 187 Peart, Julie 187 Peck, Stephanie 196 Peek, Gabriel 85 Peek, Phillip 196 Pelkey, Julie 155 Peltier, Steven 187 Peoples, Tandeleya 187 Peplow, Liza 52, 105, 187 Peralia, Joanna 187 Perdue, Chris 187 Perez, Antoinette 45, 60, 196 Perez, Tedro 187 Perkins, Frank 81 Perkins, Jessica 44, 155 Perkins, Patricia 54, 187 Perkins, Tyrinne 159 Perry, Hurley 156 Perry, Nigel 196 Perryman, Shawn 187 Pert, Julie 52 Peru, Roxanne 187 Petersen, Shane 81 Peterson, Thed 187 Peterson, Tracy 196 Petrie, Heather 196 Pettit, Dora 2, 47, 49, 51 Phan, Phuongliao 187 Phan, Tuan 81, 159, 156 Phillips, Justin 45, 196 Pilano, Kenny 196 Pinkham, Kari 74, 156 Pippens, Stacy 196 Plant, Damon 85, 196 Ploeuse, Kevyn 54 Plourde, Matthew 156 Pockoris, Jan 187 Poet, John 196 Poet, Sherry 2, 48, 49, 51 Polmar, Fritz 187 Pope, Cherie 77, 140, 156 Porter, Lionel 196 Porter, Remona 94, 98, 99, 156 Porter, Sharon 99 Potter, Tony 85 Powell, Jacalyn 28, 45, 54, 187 Powers, Candy 60 Powers, Joy 60, 99, 196 Powers, Mark 196 Prasek, James 187 Prasertsinh, Pat 156 Prewitt, Kevin 55 Prewitt, Tina 196 Pridmore, David 187 Proffitt, Jennifer 187 Pruitt, Mike 187 A Prunier, William 156 Pryatel, Angie 11, 95, 99 Puleo, James 156 Pullen, Nadine 159, 156 Pullen, Travis 196 Purvis, Sharvell 187 Q Queen, Pamela 187 Quick, Lora 156 Quill, J.D. 57 Quinn, Brian 187 Quinn, Tricia 187 R Rabb, Sabana 96, 187 Raber, Scott 5 Radan, Mariel 60, 196 Rainbolt, Stephanie 25, 28 159, 145, 156 Ramirez, Chris 187 Ramirez, Jeanette 187 Ramirez, Shawna 187 Ramos, Eugene 196 Ramos, Sharonda 44, 156 Ranney, Clint 91, 196 Rath, Brian 187 Rawlings, Charles 187 Raymond, Sueann 196 Redder, Kerry 54, 55 Reed, Angie 94 Reed, Kendall 196 Reeves, Paige 81 Reid, Terry 57 Reiter, Jenny 187 Reiter, Marc 187 Remey, Robert 81, 89 Renfrow, Michael 187 Rennert, Raul 196 Repetti, Billy 187 Restad, Chantal 156' Reveles, Liz 196 Reyes, Alain 1,69 Reymer, Thomas 85 Rhone, Robert 85, 187 Rice, Jennifer 44 Riceoppo, Lisa 106 Riceoppo, Mary 187 Richardson, Thomas 187 Richurg, Robin 156 Rickenbaugh, Scott 156 Riddle, Julie 156 Riley, Adrienne 196 Rios, John 187 Ririe, Val 187 Ritenour, Jason 196 Roberts, Jerry 187 Roberts, Sabana 97 Roberts, Sabrena 187 Robinson, Antrease 187 Robinson, Gina 196 Robinson, Scott 82, 187 Rock, Brandon 85, 187 Rock, David 156 Roden, Phelisha 196 Rodgers, Pamela 156 Rodriguez, Rosetta 187 Rojas, Jose' 196 Romaine, Frank 187 Romans, Sandra 2, 48, 51 Ronald, Danny 196 Rosales, Lorena 196 Rosemeyer, Nicole 97, 187 Rosenberg, Sandi 187 f Ross, Brenda 187 Ross, Cheri 60 Ross, Chris 82, 187 Ross, Wendy 52, 156, 156 Routin, Robert 54, 52, 55 Rowan, Connie 51, 59 Rowell, Charles 156 Roy, Tracy 97 Royeton, Yvonne 187 Ruando, Enrigue 187 Ruckinger, Regina 99 Ruflison, Rae 99 Ruiz, Roger 82, 102 Ruiz, Rudy 81 Ruse, Bridgette 156 S Sajor, Sheila 187 Sandelsand, Jennifer 45 Sanders, Alycia 54, 55, 52, Sanders, Jennifer 52, 99 Santos, Renne 157 Santucci, Nate 52, 55 Sarbacker, Missy 2, 15, 48, Saxon, Marcy 157 Schirmer, Steven 85 Scribner, Valerie 157 Sedano, Hiram 82 Sedano, Leticia 151 Seebeck, Mauria 102 Seegmiller, Jeffery 157 Segal, David 157 Sena, Elmer 156, 157 Sewell, Candice 157 Shannon, Julia 54 Shappie, Micheal 85 Shaten, Tenesta 54 Shelby, Felix 81 Ryan, Tami 187 55, 156 51 , Sheldon, Shannon 40, 52, 77, 157 Shoemak, Laura 157 Shuebert, Kim 44 Shufford, Charles 91 Siblik, Lori 157 1 Simmons, Mark 10, 27, 28, 81, 145, 157 78, 80, 141, 159 imms, Tamara 94 impson, Josette 99 . ims, Tamara 99 ingleton, Svante 81 iphon, Fredrick 85 kinner, Stacey 79, 96 -1 loan, Scott 99 mall, Pete 91 mall, Shalan 157 mith Carla 94, 95 ,mith Freddie 81, 88, 89 mith mith Gerald 90 Lloyd 85 mith Marie 57 mith Ricky 157 mith Rosanne 157 Smith, Sheila 157 onnerholm, Shannon 157 Soss, Margaret 54 . Sounivong, Tony 102 Southal, Brandie 52 Sparks, James 157 Spence, Alisha 99 Spencer, Pamela 157 Spier, Vicki 57 Spivey, Kim 44 Splond, James 54 Spooner, Eric 85 Stahl, Amy 16, 157 Standridge, Lorrie 2, 51 Stanley, Steven 56 Stark, Kim 42 Stark, Louise Kim 157 Stephens, Dawn 157 Stephens, Dwayne 88, 89 Stephens, Justin 46, 47 Stevens, Jason 157 Still, Jane 157 Stokes, Quanisha 60 Stone, Brian 158 Stone, Kimberly 158 Struble, Kevin 54 Sullivan, Nicole 54 Sutherland, Jeffery 158 Suzzi, Melanie 21, 54 Swalley, Curtis 54 Swallow, David 82 Sword, Angie 158 Szekeres, April 44, 75 T . Tabor, Jason 91 Taraska, Ryan 158, 158 Taschereav, Michelle 158 Taylor, Melissa 158 Teel, Dennis 85 Telles, Michael 158 ' Terrano, Lori 97 Therman, James 85, 86 Thomason, Jodi 158 Thome', Johanna 2, 11, 25 ,: 48, 51, 145, 158, 165 Thompson, Kevin 44, 102 Thompson, Sharon 77, 157 Thompson, Steve 82 Thomson, Jimy 60 Thurman, James 81 Tokifuji, Tiffany 44, 158 Tolentino, Eddie 158 Tomaio, Chris 82 T oribio, Kyle 85 5 Torres, Micheal 85 Torres, Miriam 158 Torris, Arthur 85 Tu, Linh 44 Turner, Lester 88, 89 Turner, Tammy 97 Uradiales, Monica 102 V Valentino, Toni 81 Valenzuela, Andres 158 Valenzuela, Frank 81 Valenzuela, Nathaniel 81 Valvo, Tracy 87 Van Vranken, Brian 54, 55 Vanderford, Amy 47, 99 Vanderpol, Jeff 55 Vandevort, Justin 124 Vandyke, Jason 85 VanSizkle, Mike 102 Vaughn, Jack 45 Vega, Ana 158 Villascaz, Lorenzo 102 Vios, Christina 158 Vitone, Mike 122 Vogel, Theresa 158 Vuong, Phung 44 W Waak, Tod 87 Wade, Shelia 158 Wagner, Stacy 46, 47 Walker, Joana 158 Walker, Maya 60, 189 Walker, Rilitsa 54, 158 Walker, Steffani 44 Walker, Stephanie 45, 158 Walker, Tom 189 Ward, Joe 45 Wardle, Melissa 158 4 Ware, Eric 189 Warren, Aadley 54 Warren, Robbie 5 Warren, Sean 189 Warrick, Donna 158 Washignton, Latina 158 Washington, Dawon 189 Washington, Steve 90 Washington, Trina 94, 189 Wasiak, Javier 156, 158 Waters, Chris 189 Watts, Anna 54 Way, Melissa 44, 159 Wayne, Sandy 189 Weber, Fred 189 Weiber, Eric 46 Weiber, Keith 60 Weise, Debbie 156, 159 Wenzel, Barbara 60 Wenzel, Chris 54 Wenzel, Jennifer 54, 74 West, Sean 159 West, Todd 189 Westphal, Brookanne 189 Wharton, Rhonda 189 Whitaker, Helen 52, 159 52 158 White, Fernando 124 White, Heather 97 White, Melissa 189 Whitmore, Dennis 82, 189 Whitmore, Lauralee 2, 47, 48, 51, Whitney, Traci 96 Widboom, Stacy 159 Wieber, Keith 189 Wiese, Debbie 24 Wieszczecinski, Jane 105 Wieszczecinski, Tony 105 Wiggins, Ronald 189 Wiley, Christopher 159 Willard, Brian 189 Willard, Mike 57 Williams, Anthony 85 Williams, Gerald 81 Williams, Kelly 159 Williams, Kim 159 Williams, Steve 85 Williams, Tony 91 Williams, Vickie 159, 189 Williamson, Bruce 54 Willis, Paul 189 Wilson, Buddy 2, 47, 48 Wilson, Marc 24, 26, 28, 80, 81, 85, 142, 159 Wilson, Matthew 159 Wilson, Shannon 52, 121, 159 Wilson, Terrill 189 Wine, Jerry 189 Winger, Cyndi 97, 189 Wise, Rochelle 95, 96, 159 Wiswill, Andrea 189 V Wohlrab, Kristin 24, 44, 95, 96, 145, 159 Wohlrab, Kurt 11, 52, 81, 89 Wolf, Tami 160 Woo, Tony 99, 104 Wood, Matt 189 Wood, Thomas 189 Woodcock, Sonchu 160 Woods, Natalie 12 Woody, Tammy 189 Woolard, Danielle 160 Workman, Robert 54, 81 Wortman, Dean 160 Wortman, Sean 54, 55, 52 Woward, Paul 102 Wright, Kim 189 Wright, Marlin 90, 189 Wright, Tsharra 54 Y Yake, David 160 Yand, Jun 189 Ybarra, David 160 Young, Candy 58, 60 Young, Jean 160 Young, Lemarco 88, 89 Young, Patricia 160 Younger, David 160 Z Zarrelli, Marisa 2, 48, 51 Zilisch, Shannon 44, 189 Zimmerman, Tammy 56 Zorrila, Rosa 51 239 9 lnde 240 Autographs

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