Eldorado High School - Sunburst Yearbook (Las Vegas, NV)

 - Class of 1986

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U 'f Q 'V - ' -. ' ff 'F Y M. 'fl5'A'i?' ' 1 I K '- . V I I-?.'jf' eff L" Q ,""'A"" "' "" 1fM,f',gJ4?fAa, . at Q : .X . - 1 - f , - ,z .N ww 4 , Vg f ff A- " Q :Q - 'Y K . V :K -to ., FQ ,L in A ,l j ,QL E2 i, in 1? V . A f , f, Q ,N up V V5 '. QW gyppwzf 5a 13 gk-,.' xg gg sid, - . x L9 e 1 L 94 73 116 213, i I 21 1 5 tl 71355 A X if 1 ' A ' 1" 21 ,Q of 2? - Q as fl f 1 1 1 -1 . - A 1 A .5 r- ar n ' 2, ', I r, A .,a 2:51 "J fmr-'W' 5' 5.1--V K 5 ' K 2? , 1- , , ,. VL, ff. , A 2 w , . ., . . ,, 1 Q ,. Z, , W. ,, 41 , , ,Q or ,M , , A X K K - . 1 . ' M 'i t, ff' V 'f ' Q va 1 . wfe , ' ffl 1 'wr . -. - 1 . 1 J . Q 1 V Q 2 t ' f - ., 4' f X K' Q Wu" V is ' gf ,iff 3 11 fl 1 A A . :- ,N , :A 'A ,, ,4 T A, QTVR, vw, A. 1 , U j " ,g ' t .,,- " 3m317?,h,.,f,. p 'A ,, A K . Annual Magazine Vol. 13 I' tok? Overflow P- 12 'y for if if A W1 T52 3 fa Q1 n I Q nj ll J' ki i A I .. -1 'V if 4212 15' 'lr e ll fggqf 42 Ii? B dh. t Looking for friends: tep e 1 ' Index filled with EHS students p. 210 desire 5 P ' Gif!! THE END: 55-Q.. 43: f 'fliflo ngnsp departures jj3':fi,-25 e ss Q A ar p. 218 - Tl-IFMF Eldorado . Eldorado: An Imaginary country obounding in gold, searched for by Spaniards in the sixteenth cen- tury. The name now applies to any place where riches can be had easily and quickly. LM M TER Where The Bold Sundevils Raise their arms on high, Asking strength For brave tomorrows From the western sky. Where at Sunrise Mountain Our hopes and dreams arise, Here we hail thee, Alma Mater Eldorado High. ,. e-. 1., FIGHT SUNG Fight on you Sundevils Fight on our team Run up the score And get on the beam. Give them competition, boys You play the game and We'll make the noise Fight on to victory Fight on to fame. We-'II stand to back you All through the game. Keep our colors flying high For a Surfdevil victory Eldorado Sundevils Eldorado Sundevils Rah gr , THEME 0 3 Q -15 ,I up f YCU LOCK 4 THEME MA H- ELUUS Fashion Trends Take Over E.H.S. At Eldorado. styles and people vary so much that everyone can truly be called "unique", Clathlng varies from old to new with the fashlon groups including prepples, new wavers, punkers, maudes and heavy metalers. Adding to that, is Eldorado's own specialty of nerds, gangsters. and safari hunters. Who can call himself normal for normal ls what one makes it. Hairstyles are a large part of fashion which ranges from bobs, plxles, mohawks and crops to long halr and the tradltlonal cuts which wlll always be around. Everyone agrees that high school students express themselves best through thelr fashionable clothing and hairstyles. ln the end, however, everyone simply looks MAAH-VELOUSI ,a f 1' 7 'f f J , "'1 ,f'l ' X ,xxx 2 J L 1 'E . f ' if f lf 'N mf: ,I 2 1 " t .UC - Q71-Q .. yang. 1 l B he n 'i T ,g, xii, :?w::f::f-,f . --T - '17 '-fff'-14214 11 I-f 2' 1' f lilly 5554: 4 1. Q H! ' 'V' 4 :,f V' ffm. , H ' 1 fi 5. - 1Al7'f .FL 7 ' l r, 55, R. " ' 'lf' -r' x ,. , 4 3 rt on , 1 li., I 9 i , A r. ...., " ' A, l , X-41 . , yas y-L. sf vs Q A is "W"-t.,, ff V V " -. . 15 Al 4 N ,,. 1- i ,nun , ,,.f" V his f if .,, .c.- 11 1' FL, -, -. X 1 ff X ...g if , ,T qi ,ww - :!Ji,f:',,' 'F 'itlfy f'ff5"' x - - :ff , . , ,-,- vs- 15,3-5219? ' 'iv V ff ' a W FA L .1 L gr., 'fn' 3:1 ' 1 I '4 s,. ' F . . V -LW K li K . .- MQ.. 'ff-'af 5 V rv. 'WAY fa My 4 ' a., . ,,-, . ,, . ffm' 5 -M 'S it Qi--x.nn5,,,lX . fi f" , ,f,,gv!'ff5 R, .J-4-, 51, f E., E' ' 444' V L My f 5 ' Ja-f - . THEME 5 Hi sg E ggi i s It When You .- . l A No matter what color, size. or shape: eyes ':' S7 , are everyone's most ottractable feature. Eyes are captivating and alluring, they can attract a playboy or earn an "F" on an exam. Most of all, someone's eyes, when stared into, reveals his inner most thoughts. Eye's reveal every emotion one's feeling, from sadness and a tear to happiness and a sparkle. Lastly, eye's show when someone cares or when they are truly mad, no one can escape the stare of someones eyes. So, in the end if one is curious about another just simply look into hls eyes, and his personality, thoughts, and feelings will be staring back. l w o www, Y af' ofgsf N 19 WHEN SCHOCL REMINDS YOU l OF. Students Go Nuts! If one were to examine hls Ilfe In hlgh school, he would have to conclude that lt ls deflnltely Insane. incredible, horrible, and any other emotlon possible. In hlgh school, students may act lmmoture, stupld and crazy and enjoy every minute of lt. Thls Is because hlgh school ls not the "real worId". Here students are In the twlllght zone or mad magazine and no one wlll forget the experiences hlgh school Ilfe brings. One can only hope that through these crazy years he wlll always keep a part of that wlerd sense of humor Inside hls heart and memory OTHEME 14 aw' 10 THEME 1 as 5 -. -Q 5 'E I v pr "3 .. ,V -se an -is , wg, :V if? 411' . ff' S , 52.2152 D MWF, an It's a bummer when you go to school and five people are wear- ing the exact some thing. It's a bummer when you get pulled over by a policeman right in the school parking lot. It's a bummer when you try to impress someone by peeling out and crash into a tree or police car. 'Qi f U 1 No one out in this world has never experienced one of those days when nothing goes right and where embarrassment is one's middle name. Some famous bummers are. . . "It's a bummer when your a freshman with your face in a garbage can." "lt's a bummer when it's a hot day and you have an icecream cone that ends up on the sidewalk." "lt's a bummer when you are joking with the guys and they find it funny to throw you in their trunk." These bummers, although you personally may never see them, hap- pen everyday. Bummers are a fact of life, but the good thing about them is that when their over, you can tell a friend and laugh. IT'S A Q BUMMER - M, A Bad Da In A The Making 9. 3, A' -.4 It A .M I M N1 'B' 2 "1 K ' i 1 in uric-H -f revs l'F"f'H 'vw . in 1 SENIORS 13 X Q' X QS? - -wr L. .. 3 A ' x t W in if ' rw v- f E -s -nn E. . M.,-,W .a w, v ' r . if .I 5 . K F A RNS ' . ., . X S' 1. 3 SQ 1. 33' 1 . ' ' .. :rf "Wi Liaf..-1""".1,.FYf2ww 12-ff-3 ' .' 'F .... W . , f .1 A HM. . nhmwkirv.-.. .F ' N Y .M A- ' ENQEQQ-LE1b':f" f' K s'3f3f333'fI X M. gjxxswwgwxggwwq.-f 4.,.,1.3,.. ...wii..y.,..+.,.,. .,.,,.g.,.g.e,...Q, x-..wx.:p.'-jww-uf 1 2-Awww . XQX' . . M Y wr .. -..gi - ww ,F-f"9i'Sa2 SFP-+'.f.,? '4"SX--Q'-S-1 6 ,. ' , QQ ir ...xr ., -smigqw f.g.V,yx.Y-Adv.. 5 . - -- . www 1-Q QM A 1 A 3- ' . ., . ,, 'pu'- 1 .M S551 gi- gs-.lf-e lf? 1 5 -3-?3f22f..-. . .1 is..-swf, .. .i .ffff'W.ff2Y:?,'f.Q'!i'31w-ff" 'Sa . . 'i7?C7'f-Q 1-L -f H , Y A M , b -. .f X--- v if - ' ' - . Q .. A4 . -5 -M -P -. -- - ' . . My N WN... X. . .-f ...ww N... .v5. .V -' . -- . 6... x h --Q1 N, - " ' --. -Q, ff., x-1 nl W.. -Y --.Q . fi - wwwwkfm-s55? ::..Xx S A: mmf N s. 'f f N' . . -- . xg: f- 1f'f'?F:'WE' if " s. .JL-.fr QQ, 1 , 'fi' I .-'L S.-" 'X W Left to right: top row: 16 SENIORS X" 95. I '39 5 l . '71 l' 7 ' kr XX H. if ,J 9 Ev. 3155.9 LW .QV w 5 is Donna Dllacova, Mlchelle Murray. Debby Scroback, Lisa Wright, Bottom row: Tracy VII ,. ,W . sv Y 1 Mir 'Q klns, Llermann Ousley. Tracy Thomas f' 'V J M. , sky ' ' L Q- ' A f ' Q Jr A, 3 1 if " Q -Q ri d if-T . ,no , iii Ar' ' Y-1 .- K A , .gn 4- S,-rf Abltla. Adrian Adams. Alan Agee, James Allred, Teresa Amsbaugh. Camlllo 1' -C A 'WJWT Wwfw f e M .V-f N ff' 'M' 89 . . 5 Q I r. W?'1 . 1' r ' nw ' f. QT' .3 A . ' 1124 if . 'T " 'I A if? if sk 4 ms 'M 'N l f t fb- L W J .ff Q - - gi p a fi-A 2 . f V X V H Elda Anaya. Angela Anderson. Amy Anderson. Llsette Anderson. Marla Anqulllano. Archuleto. Armando Arrlago. Cormenito Bagoporo, Geordlnno Baldwin, Marcelle Beck. Barton Bell. Denise U. 500Ckm00f UIWY Borchordt, Angellco Broy. Mlchelle I Breed. .llm 1 W aff? Ashment. Julle ..., ,. 53 wiv - ." ' 2 9-3 . . Mi' ' 3 I , L' Mffiir Gr :::-1 "vu -- K W SML wx mirzzg lr. ir . 'z Q .M f if 44 ,, H fl ' sv ,M a H 1 qb , 1 f wr W Q " 1 , Sir f Barelo, Vlctorlo Bell. Monlce Bothwlck. Kevln Brlgonce. Deanna M y W, . -.X M Y mx A . .MQ W EA! ' him igfx j 2' ' ,g . 919: P92 , V. - 'ft EFWW if . L-rf ' ' '- -, PT " .-1 ' ' ' ' 4,9 5, V' V' iff'-57 ' , , . 1 'M . T e I 1 , 3 X E. Q .....,..x:. . ., ,R Axtell. Krlstlno T5 " f'!.15,'5"'?"TI'f4V' A W 4 577 ,QQQQ A515 - A A 53? 1" 257' 1. ai? " w.q:,u Ng - ' Y ., E, 'Qi ng LF ' , ' M ,,, , , L 1: we 1 nv- - ,, J, .. 5-...rss ' n v K :,:r.x1,, ' ., ' 2' M .X,X L, , " -gig-g:'sq, ' '- : ,,. ' 1 , 15,155 - ' - ' 1 - C 53 0 ' ' , 4 Barnes. Shello Benovldes. Karen Boyden, Carol Bechtel. Robin Bates. Chrlstlno ge ' J " W tif , 3 ,- r. L ' V ggfy ' ' r iz Agp 1 F 7 T, flflsfh .ess ' W1 J , ,J f' iii' 'k v' ' X V ff Benge. Pamela -' 'f at L- iiH'If-.cv-.F WW51' , H' -sfqazafsra: qw ,r:, " w :r'5'w: ww N rr ,. , , v mgz'5N,u ,,.':,,,, ,gy 1' -T,-r.,.K ,,,,:, rf? ' r , 1 'Lf ' ' ,L -Q 3- - wJx.'.f" , N + Q. - --..- .-, 1, y 'Ph r 1 ' Ja. rl r 3 e P: 5' 4 X rl ,. , , . V, N1 vim -x ! S 2 "L F2 A v :ly Ji Broun, Jocquellne g:.- . A -f '21-wr. ,215-mr: 1. ,' , 1','gfff'-if-' , -Wi: -v ,mf N . f ,, r ' wh, - rf' f QW? Qisfifffi Ptifiz , K wlipwa ,, 'I Wi W , me jr T lg5,.gg m N ' "S . 3- 1492 .f lv ' 1' 15 TV- ' 5 R N n :gr Q ' W 511' Y -i L , . ff FI A f':5l,,f' X ' Q? ' ' FF siidniq' . Brogden. Molyo Broome. Tlmothy smlcns 4 Broomfield, Joel Brown. Tlna Burns. Tracy f:" 'W -P1'5fW.' NW . ,IQ 'f f,':.4: ' 'V 'div . f ,Q r f--.lx 'r . 1 9-4 N' 1 V . gi? if ' ,Ll .5 f' f .131 ' +5-"df - . um., ig Y , , . :ge5e1,.,.. ie Q z . , . un-V 1 '. . ' .M Q , H .' Q . , 74 ' " mr ' :Hz V 1, 'xg I .. w N .filiuf ig 9 ,Y . ' 1 , if .-. E " ' A ' , jvjfffsf . . , .. ,f Mommy-Q M., . . 1 1 , ,1-A-.w-.:,Jzg.4 ...J '21 'X W. ' ' ' " " .L "Ull- lf., ,L ,. ,,,1L,.,.g.,L.31233.-,L.E2'v,ik .N Casanova. Diane Clark. Wlllle Cam JMVTI- ...L , , ,, N Umm: s . '....,,, VV5'7Z..'1.f :, .. N :ff i: " FJ-wil 7" -0- .. F -.1 H :Mu n qw, W 'W' U vu vi-HR., Q'Q...mm . ,.1'- ur' . W 'www E, P Bruce. Janet Bryan. Robln Hr- wf,f..,. , ' "QF 1 rv :fig 2" ' - Q . ' V A 7-'TV' Hifi ' 'Z Q? A ' , , p V gi "' 1. ' .. .' -, fl 'W . x H W 3 :VH ' i . 5 Wh- N w 'gg fc B 'ml HS" QQ 52,1 .+. L 3 yr r . 1 .. ' 1 up s 4 Q. i . 45: y . 6 , 9 .. 3. V v ' ' .-. .. , .4 F WL. .4 an " l 21 H H. is K M H If fu . vi' . , 1' 7' 1 .53 , rf., M . nw Q2 : yn' 11 aff' Y? . . W 4 V . f .A I 5 A A l K ., . . K l .Ll W pbell. Dawn Carblne. Dena t:'x-'fl' -2 . 'lil J 1 ...A.:.1Q-:UZ "-'!V.- ,, ' N. . Cardin. Lenore Ceasorio. Som Cello, Ch rlstlna Charbonneau. Dainls Bunch. Starr ' . 1 it ' Y -W ...Q u l . X fm.- P gf .fi f- rr. fir 'fl 'f . ,W-. ,,., , N. ,gmt .J r . f' . " -"whim ' Q ' . : Eff 'f N47 ,F uf vig.-:iff ' " ' E Q. y lg .. A "L , . . 9 1. :ai .. .qiiwlei ' .:H.21",w . ' r - F' 5-YQ w -561.5 , X 3.5 gg . x 3.5: . Q Carroll. Maurice Clark. Alma l , Cleveland. Mlchele Cochran. Dar ren Commodore. Gisele Concoby, Anita 18 SENIORS Connell. Cynthla Connell. Kent Controdes. Randy Co rmler. Rene Cowan, Pamela Cox, Vllllom Cutblrth, Rlchard Dabrowskl, .loseph Dangelo, Gregory Danlel, Robert 1a:::!e---- ' 1 1 -1 294, ze' 'A f, .gg 5 -:uv-,r : if J? 1- v .gay , . if Qf ?'.vi Q' . M -.., 1,- I F .- , k 5, ff K fx 'V rr Gig? ,W ln, -elsif 1 U 3' A v r-r Darllng, Tlna Davls, Dewana Davls. Gerald Davls, Patrlcla Davls. Stacey RTT " " ,H ,gr-Jr,,,,'f' 1 'L r Vg? " ' 5 ' 'T iw? 1 rr . n ' ' ' Dawson, Brenda Deal, Debble Dean, Kara Delagorza. Mellsa Delaney. Laura ADVANTAGES As a freshman, everyone won- ders whether or not he'll ever sur- vive long enough to become a senior, and as he watches ln awe he can't wait untll that day. "Sen- Iors are so lucky "" Seniors practi- cally rule the schooI" "Seniors are soo cool" "Seniors are good look- ing". Finally, he becomes a senior to find out that these advantages are all very true, and that there are some that he had not known existed such as "Seniors are the only ones allowed to pick on Freshmen". Most of all, "Seniors are allowed, If not expected, to act Ilke Freshmen, after all, lt ls our last year. SENIORS 19 Delcore. Tulna Denault. Deborah DeValcourt. Tonya Devine. Joey Dllacova. Danna , KE .3 tif . Y - " -E r nl 'lf 1 2 "' f xx V l X4 X ly it t ,,. 1 ilu:-45 ' 7' 2- fa.: 1 fl mf .f . f Donnelly. Elizabeth Dornak. Davld Dreltzler. Cary Dubois. Marle Ducsak. Laura JL ' +L., 12" . 'mf-1f'f5'3 ' ' ' F "3'?Q:'I? - " ' ' L -, , ,le X , W l . 4 Qt 'fm Z3 X 1 ,L if 5 S S: f. '-W X wqlil fifz AI . L I M Eh' fri . " ' .X HL Sig -U . ' Af wi? ' " ' ' .. 'E ,: " f- . 2.5.5123 ' f.,.xN ff W 1 L31 if , 4'i,...ff gh- 1 4 mv? Y 4 K 1. m 99' J. 1 1 f rf. . +495 J f , KA Dumond. Robert Duncan. Jacqueline 'Dunn. Fred Eckert. Kay Edwards. Deanna 'fl-ff . .ff e?11s2ra . " D 'fri-7 " 1 'HTC 'X F37 -fm! ,. , A .J -. r wifes' lf .1 ' 1 wif' E-A -314 ii .gz , 4 . ' " '5f5l1.:'EiL ' ' 1 Y , ,y .I b X aiiffl " D 1. , . . Edwards. Vlckle Eldlen. Dana Elliot. Mlsty Endres. Frank Engelke. Robert 20 SENIORS England. Angelo Ernst. Mlchael Faress. Hassan Flscus. Karen Forest. Sean gi EG lv Foulke. Robert Frech. Stephen 1 xl, o ' '1'J' ,-A , W, Frehner. Ora Mae Frlnk, Harald 1 1 .,.,, '. - 3,,Y'Aj-- 'jjU1L:MLA. Y X ::.:m:q ' . -- 'f"'! -' r' It ,snr ' H- .f""l ' If '!Z.. rail'-' A hr' ' "ff ffgut 'Sui f ' ir, w 'Me ' rf ' g. -ra - ' -'Z 4- ' " .NJ 'Qt-.. A .. ? V LEE' if-' ' ' . iii?-Fifi , ' .-' , rf , : '2'-252'-6" ' ,. - , "' A, ' Gunn, Jennie Garcia. Dianna Gates. Daren Gelband. Audra Gllddon, Anna Golab. Dorothy Freeland. Robert Fugett. Rodney Garner, Salmlnlo Glbson, Douglas Gray. Elizabeth Ml. Aff. f Freeman, Charles Gaeb. Theresa -I I Eff R , F EET T., A ' w ' ?'PLrF"f9ff'f2' TI? A R' H N'l::l'f31'l?Ll ' ' 'M 11, 7., . It ,--mx Vi ,W T' ll B, ' will R R J' 4, 1+ gbgfgg y y -r y iv? . ' H E 4 ' - .f fn, Q :Q J it 1'-' dmiwr. 'lhlfuxehl to 2, ' H96 :I-, A fri-- ll 121, I ' 'qw 1 . V- -e ,qi 1 1 !.:"v' vrmfjh .Q ' Wi 'xnj V1 4 :iam . 4 . A N , ,UL W- A ,. b Hi: gf..r!gf.kf',f5 Gaskln. Dena Glddlngs. Dale Greenan. Mlchelle Freeman. Lawanda Gallo. Margaret 'R H rr -' ' 15If?ff i' 174 'x lg: ' ajzl r .1 fl? R R' ' gg., . 'W 5 -G 'll ' or 3 ,, , N . Lrg M , V: , fx... J l.1,L f .1 .2 Gaskln. Lena Glmelll. Gayle x '43 i J.. Greene. John f""1 -. , M, -LM, thx ,ff 'W I , THE LAST t ii" YER During the final year of hlgh school, more is learned than any other year. Students reach the peak of their maturity and buckle down to brace themselves for the "end" of the year when they must face the real world. This year is the year they will no longer be shy, but will get up and ask those questions they had before been afraid to ask. Friends, teachers, and relatives now realize a change has occured and the students are treated with respect. trust, and vi' are given more responsibility. -3 Finally. as they remember their former high school years, and their heads swell with pride, they realize that they are merely salmon just beginning the fight upstream. GOOD LUCK SENIORSI K fri mi pf , -,p sw, ,, . . , J , N ' 1 mf:-g - , M ,rm Arai J' 1 iw, , l M ".':., , iw' - liao? si r. 5 '1.m',-ff, f'- fi Gustafson, Dawn 1 , - A tcrmgwg-l'21r, M1 'i ,f f- 1 we J , , f'Jg3:P,gjAgi?f3t,-l,:- 1 Tweet sf A M- kbs' Ar " 'W .1 ' F4?i3i?W:3-"lfET 'A iifitzi-2 e f' , ' 9- Wi? if - Lg. lF'1 1Lr H' b i5 : m 'r 44,,g,v- 1 ' it M 1- I ' 5 ' w i 1: ml ,wifi 1,15 , 'My I 4 X snr: fx, f., X, 515 4, -K asf , V -Q., 'G My L M ,A-1, " ' A - -fry ,L,'.'1l5M-, 5, .59 jvamm, ,M ,r -31.1.14 V-t ,mf "mf :,..,5-f ' ' P 'Mgr r '7,r+.:i' civil ": 5. i'-1'gyr-- in fffffgy ' ,fjflfxi .Twill Hawthorne, Kenneth SENIORS WW' Haltermon. Portlcla Hanson. Lori Harris, Stephen Haslam, Donald .W ,N ,f - , , -"'3"1::i GUM 4 restrain? we 1 if r '51m'F' :'x' t ,. , t. .34 ,: 'vb 13 1 Held, Paula Hellriegel, Kimberly Hernandez. Lllla I-lerro, Stacy Hlldreth. Valerle ry, .1?'11 f1'i52fIf r -N ue " ' ,T-,l f. ,5,Q?',g N --Y , ' ' 'lvyzffr " 5 F ,, rv 3-mi 1 J. 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Denise Johnson, Ronald ,A 'aw tl Q H , "12- U 'X ' ze., 'z' 'f7?f1?.r3 '- M ' A' mnml Jones. Sharlene Jones. Tonla Kale. Dawn r, " fr I N M, ' .3 Ll M 3 r ' , "zu ,,.1 f 'f1r.., F, - "- FF" .Sri f N WF' 4,1 4... 1rrg3,g: xx. -' ,L r1'11w?7?'5 ' U .., 'Z -f",rXqq.X, ' , if ' ' '45 wwig, ' W, 1 ry, . - 4: ,, v , "'..?! 'I' - 4. ' - Im: iff A e , J A he J. Jgalafrllrz-W rr J L- ' 1 , rf Q vv+.a4l!M,,A W 1 1.f,,:"w- " rf. J' www-" J N -J - +1 A . .. .... - - 43" H N ' rr, Ego ,Z ,V W ff? J rail.-.1 !vmg-W,3r."- 1 , Karp. Joseph Kaspersen, Mayhege Kern. Jodl l-lornback, Beverly Jackson, John Jones. Alonzo . ,, 1'-' "xr: , , 1. f'55'iQF'f A 'WJ-'rf.q:,l,. ,f-un' "T , fig: , , W x v J .. gli? H- .2 r MAJ .Mg-L , V w. ,. if ' ' . 4, 1 M . lk' l r. X Kang. Steve Keray. Andrea SENIORS 23 791 Kim, Eun Knutsen, Elln H Loub. Oliver , ., , w,g. in .,...N 4, 5 ,f,ii5f'mm"f'l W,wv'Q' H we t 1, ' Y i ' we H 'vzzdgk K gl "Q: " iii lit sv. Heh z,,, 2' 'L ' , ME X N K . Ag ., :rw 1 ' 5. 55, 4 N 13' , .V J t 'll 1 y ,V i A 1,5 1. V QV I I 1 A xi 1: Kim, Jean Kochon, Sandra , ' - ' 'fu-3r.:, L ,Q ty .1-tif: w xiztztf i ' A f .iii if-::":,Q 3 T-E Qilrsshgil, 'Q ,q t uf T A t tiny 3 - 4 " 1,1 www: W-1 is I , ' , 11 : A, Q M at Lauterborn. Michael 53. Z4 SENIORS ' 45 Virgil ',-v a is ' i E .. sms r L Mfg.-hs 'A ' Mm., fs.,.,g.,fw v .. vgaw 1 ' ---'Um:5.f , -1 3 .f t it ,ff .Ili 3,1 ':'122',i"'!:1' - ' 'K W W H1 mfrri ,fi ' ' ff if, .t ir' M, ' 'H- W - 1 mt. ,, 4 f g521u'vi .w p, H ' 4 fit Sli ' .,-J' 1 1:w 1' wifi 'Q 1 'lim :V I If anfqzyt ,Q wh YM .. Kinder, Jason Klrby, John Klaumenzer, Cynthla will ' Wilt" I uv , W w , ll W7 JV, K4se+J.gflgzE.6-g'3:lj.L'1:Lggg3:E' ' ' 3-22' ,l'1" ':5. , , I it A J J t .-f,?1.sI:.i ' ' ' .'E'Q', 4',wl. rx ffiqmf t' ' U, f"f 5 Y Slzfilif rf-ak lf , Mi aff ' ' Efg Y", is sf- "i1f"f' ' ZL'T'fi!".- , ., W, ,. .,.,' V 1. ,N 1-,-WW-n...'pi-gt L- ' W- 1. Mr, 7 if ,LM M115 .tt Quint-f f-15316 f::f'1""p- - . -ri-it HP 'rt W" :ew ' ge E -21. 1' 1 1 if u w' ' W 1. -r,Pl?2,Q . ,Haq f H .-1. :mg H ' 1 A 1-i ftifi a 'J' ? ffl . st 1 'S lint? W a 'I 5 'W ' vu 1 va, A 1 'H 1 " J gf 'N . L' li 'J qu?" li Y x its 5 gl L fy Q' . x .qz,,y,m5,-.-L! EE, V 'Ti S L Q- 7."Vi:F'E11!f a W i J w f JF' sg:Xw:'F.?.T,' Ik Elini, '3Qi!.:1'Ql',i , 'nt 'I Krohne, Krlstle Lamancuso, Llsa Lamb, Kal " AJT THIQH t p W xxxl .ti 'W 4,,,..- U W T W : 'Q N SWE! V ff F: Q :J i5r?f1,,Et . 2" K W V.: qi g :?3'f3'A!. 5. t '5 , aft- 'La' ' 1+14f,..-Q, L., 5 Lewis. Sheri Lightfoot. Jlmmy HERE'S MISSIN Y0. Whenever people think "Senior" they think, "WOW", Of course, this ls because all of the good aspects of being a senior are exploited. One part of being a senior is the sadness of it all . . . The sadness is sitting back some day, looking at all the surroundings and realizing that it will all soon come to an end. What will be mlssed most about Eldorado? FRIENDS: All those wonderful people who could make your day wlth slmply a smile and a hug. TEACHERS: Just as you realize teachers are human, and that they can help you with problems, academic or personal. you have to leave. FOOTBALL GAMES: That wonderful excuse to get out of the house and socialize on Frlday nights. TINY: A woman wlth the voice that can put the fear of God ln people, with those famous questions such as, "Do you have a pass young lady? or "Can l see your pass, sir?" ASSEMBLIES: A great class cutting experience, and just one more reason for every- one to act like Freshmen as they stand, slt and jump up and down chanting all the while . . . ELDORADO SUNDEVILS, ELDORADO SUNDEVILS . . . HEYIII Livingston, Shelley Lewelyn. Johna Lord. Scott ' f- wr- - v ...www U, , W QM :A 'r v Y 1 .QQ . ,'-1. MI' W assi.: s,,,w.., f' QLX one My ' x mi 4. F rr W Ma . l lv W1 li ' of f 1 W A 'f io.. 'S 9 'rn . -l M 2. , , - Q r ,jr ar . H rm fr, .yr f 'F' ,X X Malone. Davld Mattson. Shawn 5' .1 itil FQKWL.,:,,'W'WW"'S'fll 5"V'EW' 1 N25 5 " "" . 5 4 ,.f'r-,fr-W fy, ,.f:p 1w - . tl l , L Ylnrmwirlwrfflgs Ely .ww'7"y 'W 'f g'fWfF"M 11 l'-:Iii r W ' , t 1,?w:l:33 ,g2l:.'fwi f " -'WM ,rf , "l1v,:H3 Q, ' ,:..r,.. '- 1 r..-t wa- ,ny WE : . . N ,, , - 3353, , .,,, .,'.,,, K " W will 3190? YA, N, .Am ' A HM , -rw . fi' L ff- .H .A t C A 5, Q ' Vxff - , E '3 5 .N .,...,g. 1 N jg aw if A ,.f. , L, F ' W. . ln wf.. , Lohnes. Marla Long. Bobby Longworth. Dana Lowery. Holly Mack. Stephanie Maeland. Gurl gi , 434,251 1 1, 1 Qt: sfisrlmsfq :w ir -4 Y , W , M s' tb , MJ ,Wh is 1f,.,'gAt- 114 - r M W N l sim? M- ' W, mlm . 222:15 ' ri - mi -'Sh H "H nz ,ls , Wititfiili- W' x ' - r . , " f ' ' ,g,iv:Wr'-- 31 , , , 32 'rim' 'ffl' , ' sir ' 1-qt ' nf,-of 1:3163 S U wt' ' , 9, N ly.: f Mannle. Vanlta Marchello. Drlan Marshall. Jody ' .1S1PL'..,., . CifF?giSw5'l"4523kiwi 'vw prfrf' ',: tffgigfria ' i -4. f-1. ,u ,:-fl." . ' 5- 5 1 w Q ' 3' ' wi? 5 . , "W ,tr. ,, ha i ' vi ' Wy , . rr 1 21-lil. 1 ,C Sri, ',l'KftiA!W 1 ,K HE, ,, V ,ww-tw V 1 ,. ,i ' . . 'P',"m UFC? If fir wif Mavlglla. Rosalla McAbee. Aaron McCollum. Demetrius 5.1 ' 'lmlwllm lfl' llgf'f'Af3?f2?1U' W' ,, ' 3 gamma - ig 'f -el 'Mi iid. npr M. f f J H,-,351 -M5 , -H, M A? X J.: .-'Ma 1 , ' 'fwl Y . lvgligflig 'E W m. N ' V ggi rr, ' " wu- " ww, EF 'r11'r-nl? 45" Tr! :fwfr Q., Y ,f. W-,Q 4, :M , ' il in ' F , a '- W--1 ,- Q will L 3 4 2' legi- f -r - at 5.- A , , .,,.' 'f, we 'r ,- V1 .2 wfi Y f M: . ' 'f l "' J Tlx. ', - 0 H 113 . M ,: , , Loose. Patrick l Makowskl. Andrea Mason. Deanna ,fr-5-. rraqffht- 16.1. 1 r ,fi?'-Lf3'Fskfxsg2Elfi,gj,. U . '- " , .nite P35-' Tm- r ' if 4. ""' U '13, 41 ,5,"' .. 1 , '- :L3'-.'.'Li- ' , .' 3 -.. IH ,E 'N X u ? w . W drew w 1 E 1 -... V - L..-' -in ' -"aw Hr V'1?:-5111. J' v-,' ,r ,v-rjxfx' rl- 3 " ,ff 'Q ' 7-2.?'::i'-1' Q ni. : 73 . 1 .rar F l 1 -- . 1 , F McCormick. Brenda McCulloch. James McKean. Terrence Meeks. Dovld Mercer. Reglna Miles. Karen SE! ' 1 ,--Q' g f3"lx'1"72'. fr .V f ,. ., A 2w.'Wfi' T - 43 wr, f T if 'Q' I . V, u 'UA 4' , ii- V A 232' L 'F L F3 I ..lb5fQ.i " M Q". ,T 'Ny A 'xl ,,, - ww- ,V N me . D at :Ji feffg 5' w ' ' 'NT +13 ' X ,, we Q?-,fi .f' H1533 Q lf Www asf My HU my ' E-Q V sf, Mills. Brenda Mohr. Charletta rwmwggmma U. 'im w fn.. gf'J::':'5.ff':r--- ' 'f-1-1954, K, A Wm. Q - ., " '- V' 1. "-,ti1?2'2'!, '-L-1,p:g,3 :jst J' ' ' W 'w fils ' 7 ,QQ ' ' 'r' -gt . -,Q Morgan. Andrea Morris, Debra as 'fin f TI' "m5'1i' . iff' Q Efff'?11,5.:2,2 E'! wi 1, "Y" lfg my - aww H" v. W' rlffflfll - M ' ' M ,Y-,,, J- gmt.. ' Y-rms , ,.wM:,lsm'tQ5 . 'ekiwlf 'T X '31"W5:1":t ,- 1 z..,'?:'-, lx: t rf A' 'V Mamma? fill 1- 2-tim -ff ' in gm ,xii N Ry Q 'l Murphy. Scott Murroy. Delrdre er ,R " 4 A1 an lv ,. , J' if B A' fig--L: ulfn f4?1i'ff, 5- Nejo. Yvette Nelson. Magaly Mooner, Tamara Moore. Deshalle f at 'Ja t, rem, A , fs Morrls, Theodore Mungaroy. April , f-no 'far 1 lf- x ,,,'12L, 1-'film' ' W! I '4Y '1.f5f'ii,, . " "f '- f ,ff g ..' ."' -."+.'L. ' ,, fa. w wf ' ' - 3 - -3 Y- ' -M.. -w, ef W.-. W.. mix' f 4 . , r':1,i.w ' 1 -- "' gin ." M' . T ., .1 ,fwfr v M ' 'T , - ' 1. 'LAM at " ...F ,gm M ' 'iii ,' 1 ' f 9-fiq?f?, ' A t, -V ' W w-E+ gl.-Jr., f mr' ,mire 'N . jjj . . f .re 1 " M . 'W' . Q ' D, S -, W 4 'i ,X ff f 55 . P- . M57 is 1 ' . A -- 1 i leff tf' f 'lll'lf' U' "wi" ' f . 1 5, 'I' . f-' ', - I ,-1' 'il " ' N ' in -' '- ,, ,fJ?- ilu , 'gt . 1 gf. V , ' af:-, ,y ea v w-fu. ' br'-le. f' A K - :F Wifi-r.., .J hifi 1 , ' ,nf fdjf' s , L fffff- lf Lf-il' as D ' ' A 'F !lfM"ff'4 wr' lr 1 -- -' Murray. Kelly Murray. Mlchelle K . mf' Newton. Terry Nicks. Tracy , www-. ' ,.,gvxA,iJ:!:5 , 2 "z1fr3':i2: A ,,. A .Ut ws, ,wry -,Q K ,, L H55 .EQ - 'L ' yllw' ' 'Xizflil ' 1 If 4 ' mike :wwe gf' 5, . IU 2 J T. . " w.'5'9 ,' A' WT' QTSEQEV4 , is he f Zi J 3,4 ,I 3.1 in .. f ,Z 113 5 A T. 5 XML gt? r Y ll 3 . K fa Nolte. Bruno Norath. Edward 26 SENIORS My lj' ifkfw. 91'-1 we ' MM IQ :iff F4 M 4 7-ga ' Q ..-3, 3' ' ' 3' 44 Q! Q- L X 1 2' 3 J 4' P .rw M TA: ,. ,, ff N l lf d X A I 6 ivan Noriega. Elda Noriega, Marlo f , .07 tv' ' Q gl LQ, 4- D , ,.... T. J A qv . jf' ffl 'I' 5 "'- . . I ' ' A ll 'lll lf ' 1 . ., 7 . : f t.Wl1llllllm.. .f tl A Moore. Tammy Murphy. Debra '1 ll: i KF -.5 ref Q Y . ,- ' :ME-H .5 , Y N1-" PM N' TWmWFfM5fffm 'L . ,iv . H - s ggig W ,Q ng fav' " , li ' ". A . I if IM '- -.pw 1.2.55 . 1. , ,. nf al Nash. Stefanie r 'JL -.L Mi? Ee., M . , W I ' 7 . M Q T, rm, , 'A Nu . MU -7 , I . ra i. :J 49 ,W 363 .W ' M 1 u J 1 , 1 ,gy r :Mi g ' - :3e'5'ff'9?-vig ' twvmfli' , F M M M. Q , , rm? L M 1 r, r W lg V re .. ' e rw - WM 32' fn AW W7 Qftvr A J' r.. N I I. -., i- ,S ' 311' wr. . M , Nielsen. Shawn Norris. Douglas SPIRIT, SPIRIT, SPIRIT! "Seniors", It's assembly time and everyone is screaming and carrying on as though they were at a rock concert. A look at the stands shows hundreds all acquired in various articles of Maroon and Gold. The football team ls announced and the crowd grows even wilder than before. The cheerleaders cheer, the band booms, and the gym rocks. That's Spirit. lt's homecoming week and the halls are all littered with various nerds, mafia hit men, big game hunters, boys dressed up as girls, and girls dressed up as boys. That's Spirit. lt's graduation and as the last person receives his diploma and reaches his seat. the entire graduating class stands to the applause of the crowd. That's Spirit. L... Oneal. Danica Osgood, Carrie Ousley, Llermann '57 Patterson, Llso Pawling, Michael Pechpho. Arjln .N ,V-X, - g . -, X X..- 1-TL' 'ii' vl Phillips, Erica Plnkney. John Plpklns, Michael ww- l'-fwmp fifth .- . yr: '-.. 1 r A ' A ' 3' "I: if 'qt - ':-:.an:.:5- C111 1, 3 ' A i'l " if 4 -T ,NW . k X, ' ,Q J ' ,Jill l i :Ti . ' Aw lk Owens, June Page. Toni Perez. Beatriz Perkins. Thomas X' Podlogar, April Pope, Michele SENIORS 21 Powers. Joseph Prolt. Terry Raber. Jerry Ralkes, Llnretta , if if '. V fini' is VI wir: F 5 , .150 13154 1. ., r r P ., M1 5. lj . VA., 2 ,J .f f . I 5 I sf I f Rhodes. Phyllls Rlce. Adrienne Robblns, Charles Roberts. Joseph .mr Vi RS. Preston. Frederick Ransaw. Theodore Rlchardson. Veronlca Roblns. Pamela ...L , E, Pullen. Glenn X-"':Iilf ". J 4. "',,gl':x:.:', ' ' , ' ,Q '-g , ' V 5' A , . an lf J 5 T5 .1.v,"' 1 . if " ?j:,.:QN fb M la. G 1 fi G "5 J ,zczmqf-gv 1 ' .."" f- , ,, ,'?:l1ll.Mi3'g , v ' -Q5 .l fd s,.-1ifLg 1 f 1' ,tri .5 E I , rj usd' R ,513 :gy 'mf an , A ,Rawlings Patrlcla Riley. Reglna ' Roupe. Ada Queen. Ronald . . . ,mn ,, , errr W -' Q - 'f f l'!, , , 5' x ii'- W ' J' I 4 . Read. Darrln Rlnear. Janna Ruble. Cherrl avr-.fr srrmn Sadler, Fraderlck Salazar. Jacauellne Sandlfer. Gregory Sayers. Joseph 5 Q. A tg: l'1:w1,' 'WWT?-W,Vfwwn 3 T 3, X EI ' N7 l R :flgnf ,, Ml... ' ,rm ,f 5112? l. ' ' - " 2:1 , :, boar, . fm' ww 'ig' .pr I .Q x r H ,A . Maww? ".' S :gay 3 A 5, X , , 'V .i ,J . T917 1-' ' 1 51' x 3:1 S . A 9' . .U l is Aj, H ' 'Wifiin ll Schwelchler. Marla Shelton. Jason Slerra. Steven , , Smlrh. Chrlsropher . fn: . 3 e - , :Jim -T I 'l 'lr '47 W info ,. ' " .1 , .N .xx :iz " S :Lay 'E af" - ' ' -: . if H " . 1 Y . ii' 1 A he iefwqqmq, .- l 5 ,aq.! .H u - es- ' ' ga 'I Q - ,iff ,V ' Q " 7 , A' 1 4 ""i'm51fff 4 , ,.Jugm'1'iSLrJ . A Sprlnger. Jlll Schwab. Mlchael Shield. Derrlck Slmpson. Gregory Smllh. Helena Sproul. Marla Screeton, Mervyn Shaw. Kevin . .mu i3?hff'f:l 3FhQ1 5-3 ff: Q 'U 511' - -- ' ' 15' ,lfagdg .ew?. ' :" 1 i w i X . 'A X "E 1' ,l X M Shlelds. Jeffrle Shlgenaga. Krlstena Skroback. Deborah Sleeper. Tracy Smlrh. Kotherlne Smith, Micheal Q ' EWWWWWMWNWMWWW 2 lvdgllw-' :mlfg:Hla.e,..:gs.g2.,, .C A: 1' W WT , M "4 QW' 1' "i"' .- 1 '1 .Q 5W?Ul .x HYWW .fzlfiff ' ' -5 'j fem.-5. . y W . is - 1 . 'P -1 '. . - , ' E.-rgizwl sv . 1" - N ll'3l" T' A ' ,29 9 . .mtg X:-, l who . 2 -. .wr ug-' . .'w we 45. v A .V-.nf H l iq -E' E, . , A Qr K . '. S, Q .','.'.' ' zvvvl . - ,f .1 f. ' , , ...W , FJ.. 1" 'UJJJ Stork. Anthony Stebrltz. Marilyn 35 W: L :fyi t ..', fjjigaif- " N . TE-f' ' A , .fi-T, essiffw - L ' :ii 5 ' - - 4 r 1 ' y fer 'bg 4 vi Inf, .1 fil' 1' A kiflnq 1. " .- W . 1731-"'-,V 1? 'f Q S ' lux Y is ,.,' Shea. Tonya Slemen. Mlchoel Smith. Benito Sperry. Tammle Stewart. Colleen Q ELIIIKB Q GA 1-rifwl at fy radii' M ' N mm me T 'V 424. ,rf rf l:'p5,5H,, ' ,131-' qu, , . ,, U , r Q mggg, V. I 5. 1 x 1 ,. , .., W ur V rg, 1 f' ,, ,,.,.m,,,,f , " Q. A fa. lr , A To W T X6 as W' , - 24. v ' ? if 'Q' y K 1 If li WS?-r ,W 1 N 5' 1' 1 Q f' in? 1 ' Qiigir '- if I" 15-I kd, , ,E tg . V +32 c 'T Stewart. Shawna ' Srlnnetr. Tammy Stokes. Amo 4 ' w .s nlo Srroh, Rhonda Tockstrom. Tami Talley. o R 'bert Tanner., James Z! Thomas. Tracy Thompson. Demo Titus. Terry Toms, Eric N 7 Trejo. Raul X Unswonh. Harry Vlllano. Vllllarn Vlllanue I . va. Lina Vollmoeller. Kun P Srruble, Kelly VN' f'3wmkM,t N 3 ,. "l,"'L.,,B.-F ' nf-' Ju' f1:.'A 1---,vw e 'N f , .Wall grief-1555535 ml- f - T ,rf-N5l?f:9 w. T H12 iff:-TW ,' EEN- ' " TM ' 'is "iff 11 lamlffl' .wx 1 fgii, gl P. . vw . T . P ' , ,MQ T A. , if - " , 2 W N JW ., 'Vg 1 A vi 2- i'fQV.119 4 "T 211' w-I :KK 1 Q X Q Al 'ffml A-' Thomason. Erlc Turner. Willlam Vulllet. Deborah , lv 6 . T. Sv N. ' ' 1 , ,Q V, .. ' ' Y, ' swf x s we ig hi rr lv. I , P , 30 SENIORS Wagner. Pamela Walker. Polly l . John Ward, Kathy Walton. Davld Wa tan 1 Watson. Norman Wayne. Troy Weathlngton, Vicki Welskopf, James Wesley, Jacquellne ----.-if -f A gg --- '-lfflzikgflixr 5'1" ' V 4:31 ' ll " . wwf .f A : - . t ff, Mig ii- ' f- f ' fi: 0 ' -I T Jil! . . 5 . sw: - ' ' "V" ' " M ' ' 15534 ' ' , . A lilfe' 1'M Y I ' :gt ' V- 5:51 t ' T 3' '32, T 1 Wesley. Palma White. Terl Whynot. Barbara Wleber, Klm Wllklng. Tracy wire Wllllams. Dwlght Wllllams, Kenneth Wohlrab. Erlc Wolf, Thomas Wrlght, Llso Wytko, Almee Wlllloms. Potrlck Wlse. Chrlstopher Whlthers. George TRADITION Tradltlon: Webster deflnes It as an Inherlted pattern of thought or actlon Ca soclal cus- tomb. However. senlors deflne It as playlng for the cleat, dress up days, Homecoming week-a week fllled wlth splrlt and ex- cltement, worklng on home- comlng floats, the homecoming dance Itself. and favorlte of them all, glvlng the underclass- men, especially the freshmen, a very, very hard tlme. As a show of unlty, the tradltlons ln- clude the flght song and alma mater, both of whlch hang proudly In the gym for allvto see. The last and most Impor- tant of all tradltlons ls the Prom. Thls event not only slgnlfles the end of the year, but the end of High School years for hoped Senlors. lt ls that In future years. the splrlt. prlde, and unlty wlll contlnue. Students, Eldorado ls your school stand up and be proud. SENIORS 31 SE ICR LIFE EXCITING! ii- , if 7 fife- SENIUR LIFE INVITING :QA ff TX El a 85 Every year around January or so, a person comes to all the government classes, bringing with them the long awaited "Senior SuperIatives". The categories are made up at random. Each senior gets to decide who they feel best suits a category. At the end of the day, the superlatives are collected and the votes are tallied. This is how the winners are decided. On the next six pages, you will see this years superlative winners. Most Like To Succeed: David Dornak 8: Michelle Murray Most Popular: jim Breed 81: Eida Noriega S4 SENIORS SENIOR "Fx N x XQNA a . fqifzl . 'ii Biggest Gossipers: Joel Broomfield 8: Lisa Wright Most Friendly: Darren Gates 811 Dawn Jensen SUPERL TIVES A i., Biggest Flirt: Jody Marshall 81: Tracy Wilking Cutest Couple: David Klien 81: Paula Lawrence 86 I PM Class Clown: Bobby Long 8: Gail McCrite Most Attractive: Sean Klossic 81: Tonya DeValcourt semons as 36 SENIORS Most Intelligent: Mike Schwobb 81: Jackie Brawm L dlf K I um ,A 15 ' Cutest Smile: Adrian Abita Sz: Susie Ryan Most Active with the Class of 86: Liermann Ousley 8: Lisa Patterson Best Dressed: Chris Hildabrand 8: Theresa Jackson Most Spirited: Kevin Bothwick 8: Michelle Murray N W A t Best Legs: Eric Wolhrab 8: Stacy Herro Most Artistic: Kurt Vollmoeller 8: Yvette Whi- taker Shyest: Ed Worath 8: Amy Anderson SENIORS 37 I Most Musical: Ken Hawthorne 81: Christina Bates 38 SENIORS Prettiest Eyes: Frank Endres 8: Chelan Lasha Most Athletic: Freddy Preston 8: Tracy Thomas Most Theatrical: Harold Kerr 81: Deidre Murray Most Conceited: Teddy Ranshaw 8: April Mungary Most Bizzare: Sean Foerst 8: Angel Borchardt Prettiest Hair: Doug Morris 8: Rhonda Stroh SENIORS 39 MRS JEAN BECKSTEAD IN DEDICATION T0 Each person who teaches school should be a drscrple of Ralph Waldo Emerson Emerson though he drslrked collectrve socrety Socrety everywhere rs rn consprracy agarnst the manhood of every one of rts members had rnfrnrte respect for the rndrvrdual Man rs hrs own star A teacher must have thrs same outlook He must be able to see past the horde rn the hall undulatrng slowly and norsly past the wrgglrng mass rn the classroom talkrng rncessently and shrrlly past the frckle mob at a ball game shrrekrng unceasrngly and raucously to the rndrvrdual to the one And Iookrng at the one the teacher must be able to drscern the potentral hrdrng behrnd rndrfference and be wrllrng to prod that potentral untrl it begrns to strr He must be able to probe past all the posrng and procrastrnatron and help each student choose the dradems and not the fagots that each day presents He must see as Emerson drd that part of God that rs rn each puprl A man rs the facade ofa temple wherern all wisdom and all good abrde To paraphrase the gentle poet and phrlosopher A teacher knows not what argument Hrs lrfe to hrs students creed has lent Both are needed by each one Neither rs farr or good alone Wlth such a creed a teacher can be happy J Beckstead Recently I was aked the questron How does the yearbook staff decrde to whom the yearbook will be dedrcated7 As many hundreds of people come and go through thrs school rt would seem to be a tough decrsron and it rs When a person dedrcates hrs lrfe to educatron rt automatrcally means that rn exchange for many years of personal educatron and sacrrfrce he wrll never recerve enough recognrtron apprecratron salary respect or courtesy to make the Job worthwhrle Therefore rn my estrmatron anyone who decrdes to be a teacher deserves recognrtron Thrs makes the decrsron even tougher So how do we narrow rt down? In decrdrng who rs the greatest of the great the crrterron rs who grves above and beyond the call of duty? When one isn t berng pard enough for the trme that he rs assrgned to devote grvrng beyond that rs clearly a mark of true dedrcatron Thrs year we are dedrcatrng the Sunburst yearbook to Jean Beckstead Jean rs one of these specral people who grves unselfrshly of her trme Durrng the frrst year that Eldorado was open Mrs Beckstead was the advrsor for the Sunburst yearbook and also advrsed The Advocate school newspaper After turnrng the newspaper over to another staff member she contrnued to advrse the school yearbook for several years She suffered through the labor parns of creatrng a yearbook for thrs school for several years She created a tradrtron of excellence for the advrsors who have followed her Today she strll spends many after school hours supervrsrng the Tall Flags We the staff edrtors and advrsor of the Sunburst yearbook wrsh to thank Jean Beckstead for her vrsion of excellence her selfless grft of trme for Eldorado s students and her unwaverrng commrttment to berng a teacher first last and always Jean we grve you our thanks our respect and our love JL Pomeroy Advrsor Sunburst Yearbook . 1 . . n . . . . . . 11 , 1 1 1 . . . . u . 1 11 . , . . 1 , 1 , . 1 , . . . . n . 11 u 11 . . . . n 1 . 1 1 - 1 . 11 1 u . . . 1 1 1 . . 11 , . . n . 1 1 . 11 . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 . - 1 . 1 1 u 1 11 1 . 1 . 1 . . 1 - 1 . 1 1 - . 1 1 1 . . 1 . . . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 DEDICATION 41 'f H 'Q N. 11 11111 1 53111133 ,,,,..-f nail -Q' 'fm'-"" 1 V omecoming Week Who let the crazies out? "Forever", the theme from this yeor's Homecoming was celebrated with a week of costumes featuring Mobsters to Nerds, at the end of which, we suffered an 18-20 loss to Valley High School. To end the festivities for the 1985 Homecoming Week was the dance which was held at the Showboat Country Club. Xfxi I ACTIVITIES 45 Candidates Assembl omecoming 46 ACTIVITIES Take a look at me, now This year's Homecoming Candidates were more beautiful than ever. You could see the anxiousness in their faces as they watied for the theme song, "Forever" by Kenny Loggins, to be over. When the song was finished, all the candidates got to strut their stuff over the bridge to their seats. When all the candidates had their chance to be seen, they all stood up graciously and walked through the beautiful arch made of the shining steel sabors of the R.O.T.C. You could see by the faces in the crowd, that everyone was left wondering, "Who will be this yeor's Homecoming King and Queen?" lm 1 .fit i ff- M1 L LOVE I love you. Not only for what you are. But for what I om When I am wlth you. I love you. Not only for what You have made of yourself. But for what You are maklng of me. I love you For the part of me That you bring out: I love you For putting your hand Into my heaped-up heart And passing over All the foolish, weak things That you can't help Dimly seeing there. And for drawing out Into the light All the beautiful belongings That no one else had looked Quite for enough to find. I love you because you Are helping me to make Of the lumber of my llfe Not a tavern But a temple: Out of the works Of my every day Not a reproach But o song. I love you Because you have done More than any creed Could have done To make me good. And more than any fate Could have done To make me happy. You have done It Without a touch, Wlthout a word. Without a sign. You have done It By belng yourself. Perhaps that is what Delng a friend means. After All. Roy Croft ACTIVITIES 47 Pre-game omecoming Get ready for the world The Eldorado 1985-86 Homecoming Pre-game show got off to a most exciting start as the lively Sundevils Band marched jauntily ahead of the four lovely and handsome Homecoming Candidates Couples who rode by in hopeful anticipation. Following close behind, were the spectacular class floats, including the class of 85 Alumni. Adding to the spirit of the evening, next In line were our enthusiastic leaders namely "CheerfSongfYeII," all giving their utmost to show the spectators that Eldorado was "Ready for the World!" l. t, 4 h 'HWWSXK' , L , ,. . 48 HOMECOMING 2 T7 omecoming Half-Time What a success! The same excitement and enthusiasm that reached an ear-piercing level during pre-game and dulled somewhat during the game picked up again during half-time and mounted to reached a spectacular cre- scendo, as the names of the 1985-86 Homecoming Royalty was finally revealed. The ceremonies were then brought to an end as the royal couple rode around the track to the tunes by the Sundevll Band. ' L.: .' ' f x - HOMECOMING 49 FIRST ATTENDENTS TONYA DEVALCOURT AND JAMES BREED SECOND ATTENDANTS MICHELLE BRAY AND ERIC WHOLRAB HDMECDMINC- RDYALTY 85 86 'R s- 1 ,. Z. THIRD ATTENDANTS CHELAN LASHA AND PAT WILLIAMS HOMECOMING 5 AUTUG RAPHS 'a Jr NP, 'lS..a.,...Jil- 54 ACTIVITIES -vii I Q I Ju...1Qv:H- .pax A- -I S - f. M"f"5 3 Jilin- ,,, ., . W I 22,14 I f"1 ' 1' N 5'aIa'ix v 9 9' 'QW 9' 0 2 o .QQ ,Q Z o 20.0 k D. N " '- lx fn lt , 'V. I E 2 i ' arriage da A perfect da for a wedding lt was a perfect day for a wedding as the two couples exchanged vows and promised to be together for eternity. They sealed their marriages wlth quick kisses and went off on their honeymoon trip around the school. This was our Sundevil Wedding, a tradition here at Eldorado for many years. This year's ceremony was a double wedding with Mike Lauterborn marrying Dawn Jensen and Todd Strickland marrying Lori Hanson. Dresses were donated by Bells and Brides and flowers by Klngs Flowers. Besides being a great deal of fun, the wedding gives students In famlly life classes o chance to plan, participate In and attend a real, Cbut not so realj weddlng. I ACTIVITIES 55 adie awkins Hoedown!! Sadie Hawkins ls a traditional dance at Eldorado Spon- sored by the Junior Class. Although it has none of the "glamor" or "prestige" that the Homecoming or Senior Prom has Sadie Hawkins has a different twist that these two dances don't have- a chance for the girl to ask the guy out. As part of the tradition, the couples dress In matching Western shirts and jeans to get into the true spirit of the dance. Once everyone is in the spirit of things, they enjoy danclng In the hay. at uf' I AWG! 'QA I 4 W "' 3,813 ft xwyf f Lykr all I- -ff I ? " 'Q-.4 QM l'. ,Ihr QW 'S' f- m 14 ,, I any '41 qi-, .fu ,i:,"' '7"'tr'K1fn" l, 5 fu , ,lyk fwmfrfl ,A j ,Sakai M.,f -uf: if E , , Vx A If ' G' G I I 4 ,O .I 1 . " A A' 2 I V. li' fs. ff 3 "4 L' I 7? 42 Iii V We way! ilu ' A I ,, ,1 jfs. .5 'i mini! ffpsi .vgiyn I 3 U , . fri: ws. ' I' , ll. 56 ACTIVITIES S 41 i WV fA il i I NK .X A X f S f .4 ,L e av ' K 9-. X if i S. ngm Im lilly! at , , , 1 1 AW 4" fl- ' V X K 'f i . k N Q.M!,fN'A M 8 . L fix N, f ? g ,, 'M Y mf Y 5 v N ww KM R . . Q . X ,, 1 4 .L 1 ,lf , . Hi f V X X , . W ,,.,. ' 1 9 , ' ' , X 4 A fa e X ,, ,. Ah' . I 1 'Q fZ,"g3Q. 'Z' ' T', ,gg 'WP ' .-3'Af X , . V: Yiwu ,W 7 .V M X un, 0 Q Q X' Nm' ' 4' N gnxig i 'H 5 i' Q 5 E -sf 55 f F 4 2 .f-cf, I E if 1 X 5 . mg: fi! . x w . . X N X XXX .E y L1 S g Q1 A eg .. fi ' I .xx ' 1 A N " 'D s IQ! 25 9.92.21 v.Q, K 4 ,yv' x,.ks W Q "zu A f if if ' .gf K9 '1' z Q IKM v 58 ACTIVITIES lays ,C We'te going' to ,forever A Alan Parker, director of the film version of Fame, summed up the heart of the show when he said. I "Our film, I hope, will be a microcosm of New York. It's the glamour of the Great White Way of Broadway and the squalor of 42nd Street, the dream of Instant success and the constant reminder of failure: the fine line between a Juilliard Scholarship and dancing topless at the Metropole . . . It's George M. Cohan and the City Ballet. Rock and Roll and Vivaldi. It is New York . . . vulgar and beautiful. A dozen races pitching in and having their own crack at the American Dream." Top Row: Eddie Mllkey, Lorl Rock, Beryl Cox, Patrlck Loose. 2nd Row: Bryce Bergqulst, Brlcn Davls, Regina Mercer, Karen Miles, Teri White, Sean Wortman. 3rd Row: Melissa Dlegel. Llzz Flrstbrook. Carolyn Montes, Erlco Phllllps, Darren Gates, Deirdre Murray, Ryan Brooks. 4th Row: Tony Vaughan, Raquel Mollna, Harold Kerr, Murleen McKenzie, Magaly Nelson, and Wayne Cutler. A .Q 'n Q Q-ff,-'T-A . x f 1 4 I , , ,xi .. .X Q - 1 . 1 , x ..X , X 5 .E xx. MI. 1 b fi X .M N ..,. ' . XX, X . an ,- . ......,.- 1 , .1 ,-.-W.. ..., K ' I ,g,f9Hv vw M,m F ,. ,Y x, 1,,T,Q ,,,,E w1,, ,.z.4,4 1 1355 ,J ,,,.b . I Aflf' " J.,.1...Tf'L -..Jn en little Indians The Eldorado High School Drama Department was proud to present as it's second major production of the 198586 season, Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians. The murder mystery about the sequential demise of ten quests at an island house was a great success. The set, designed by the director, Ms. Patricia Emmett, was one of the most complex yet attempted at Eldorado and the results were wonderful. Ms. Emmett and the drama department are looking forward to many more successful productions in the future. W f,,,.,W lack History Week lawldfinzluw ll The Soul Club spon- sored the Black Hlstory Week which was held the week of Feb. 24 through the 28th. Throughout the week, many students partlclpat- ed In many actlvltles, such as the performance day where students dls- played their talents. There was also the coro- nation of Klng, Queen, Prince, and Princess, Duke and Dutchess. and Lord and Lady. Patrlck Wll- liams was crowned Klng. Kelly Johnson and Brady Wells were crowned Prince and Princess. Phoung Horten and Dex- ter Price were crowned Duke and Dutchess. Krls- tal Treadwell and Aaron McColan were crowned as the Lord and Lady of Eldorado High. ACTIVITIES 61 62 ACTlVlTlES XE QF t IINIII H50 1 lk ,I ' ll :Jin rlkizsg H by N.xx l.INlllINt l llllfill' 'x K N' rrfiwl 2' K fy 3' Q owder uff Powder Puff, the last football game of the season: It is when the Seniors and the Sophomores v's the Juniors and the Freshmen. Let me tell you: It is an extradlnary football game. But, Who are the Beauties cheering on the side lines? LOOKI They are jumping and shouting and their wigs are moving all about. Oh my goshl They are the Eldorado Guys showing the crowd their spirit. Well, Who in . W5 N 1-1' , , ...Q-.augn--qv,-N l g llillllillllf f 'GQ' , ,Ng 1 lmlq lf in hh Top Row: Sean Klosek, Bobby Daniels, Ms. Ross, Greg Robb, John Green. 2nd Row: Kurt Wohlrab, Mark Bassett, Mike Ward, Robert Moyers, David Yberra. 3rd Row: Richard Malcolm, Joe Gurrezon. and Kevin Bretz. is playing in the game then? The Eldorado Girls, and they played a mean game of football. lt goes to show, day after day of practice and having the finest quality football players for coaches, they can make an unbeatable team. The Unbeatable team this year was our proud Seniors and the Sophomores. Maybe you will win next year Juniors and Freshmen. All of the players and the coaches deserve recognition for putting together a Super Powder Puff football game, where everyone had the chance to show their stuff. Cheerleaders: Tom Wolf, James Klnny, James Mehner, Manuel Duma, Francisco Vlray, Roberto Salazar. Eric Cheney, Elmer Sena. SE IDRS-N-SUPHU CRES i 4 l l Top Row: Jennlfer Lee, Lara Coley. Danlelle Jones, Sharanda Ramos. Mary Danzlnger, Veronlca Foller, Corl Bower, Holly Mayhan. Znct Angle England, Mlsty Elllott, Paula Lawerence. Adrlenne Clark, Candle Lee, Debbie Lee, Collette Hlnton. Jrct Phung Horton, Marla Wilson, Chantal Restad, Vlrglnla Green, Tonla Jones, Rosa Zorrllla, Tammy Stlnnett. UNIURS-N-FRESHMANS v 5 L ' 5 3 Q r t A ,HTLE Dtvg NJ 1 , JNUEIILS , ElllLS LQ , Ev' Q l N 'IB ' v X A 1 suuusvlu ' LQ 1 2 x 2 f - L t 'f . l ' C I 2 sz, ' - ,L t Q , ' ' K .L.,k ,, . br X N5 ,,, , , 1, . e SUNU' X 1 guuurms i K sunusvug A l Y L 1 ' ' ,fl 3 ' Q I sunnevlu 'f suunsvus 'UW N 12 1 Top Row: Llzz Hlerro, Lorena Corral, Antlonette Medlna, Jennle Heenan. Klm Morrlson, Lynnette Vocal, Michelle D'Ambra. 2nd: Phyllls Sargent, Glna Hector, Heather Bradley, Rachel Lamas, Klm Bryan, Konnle Campbell. Lysla Martlnez, Angle Falrfleld. Grd: Sheryll Wllllams, Kowan Brown, Liz Dlaz, Vlctorla Rlos, Mary Harrls. Rosle Valentlno, Lisa Hanson ACTIVITIES 63 pirit Assembly 118611 X4 Av, X4-A it s -'QC l PY" as sg QIFYQE Q lood drive A Blood Success Every year, Eldorado participates in a blood drive which gives students a chance to show their school spirit as well as their willingness to help others in the community. Dy volunteering their time and efforts, students demonstrate that there are teenagers who really care about their fellow citizens. This fall we had one of the best blood drives ever as Eldorado students and faculty donated a combined total of 141 units of blood. ! f x 'fg-'K S1111 AFTER H0 S be f,-a,,: , p. 98 MAGAZINE on the 5 . the p.1 ff Al ,M . PP1 ...,...A..,........-.--n-X, ' A xii! I .Q ' 5 xx A A . Q? go -x 0,6 Songleoders Left to right Alllson Densley Anno Concoby Lydlo Mojlcor Michelle Bray Angie Warburton Llzz Hlerro Endo Noreigo Karon Brown - 1 1 r 1 r 68 ORGANIZATIONS v9 Words from Anrta Concoby Head Songleader It rs an honor to serve as head of the 8586 Songleadrng squad Thrs rnvolves a great deal of dedrcatron and responsrbrlrty AI though I serve as the head we are a group and from the time we are selected we have to learn to cooper ate and work together as a squad There rs no room for ego trrps We learn to Irve with each other wrth practrce every day durrng the sum lot of hard work but I don t think any one of us would trade our exper lences for anythrng I have a prrde and love for all the grrls on the squad we have all made some very specral frrendshlps As for myself I am proud to have been a represen trve of Eldorado Hrgh School Top rrght Elda is allrlghtalll Middle right Bong your heodl Bottom left IN ACTION Bottom rlght Michelle G Alllson Friends Forever ORGANIZATIONS 69 mer and throughout the year. It is a Cf QYSX5' iv ,L cf 0936 QS' Varsity Cheerleading this year has been alot of fun. One of our high points this year was that we were chosen to represent Nevada in the National Cheerleading Championships in Anaheim, California. Be- lng chosen captain of such an elite squad was a great honor and has contributed to the success of my senior year. Mr- Q, H-3 ' N Q. R' ...fr 'dures Starr Bunch captain nOU"ws 70 ORGANIZATIONS 'Y Wg? L-R: Mel Dumo, Curtis Lewls, Kyle Cardinal. Karen Cartier. Eddie Doyle, Greg Cook, Freddie Preston. not pictured-Karen Miles. Q. .9 4 06330 xg Being involved with the mascots this year has been a great enjoyment for me and one l'Il never forget. We take great pride in being able to work along side the cheerleaders helping to pro- mote school spirit. This year's great foot- ball season made it easy for us to do our job. There was a damper on our year, though. Erika Highmiller had to leave us to attend another school. Because of the great abundance of spirit she demon- strated, we will never forget her and she'Il always be in our hearts. Karen Miles In being a 1985-1986 Varsity Yell Leader. I've had many fun experiences l'll always remember. Throughout the year I've met many people whlle promoting splrlt to make EHS451, During the past year I've watched the splrlt grow with the help of my fellow yell leaders. Thls Involvement hos taught me a sense of respanslblllty towards EHS and myself, to do the best job possible. Eddie Doyle ORGANIZATIONS 71 QS' vs 655.6 C, This year the J.V. Cheerleaders gave it their all to boost the spirits of the sopho- more class, not to mention the entire stu- dent body. Shana Hyatt and Tracy Bower were co- head. They attended N.S.A. in California over the summer. They excelled in all competitions, recieving all Superior Plus ribbons and a trophy to bring back to E.H.S. They also shared credit with the Var- sity Cheerleaders for the spirit stick, which is here at E.H.S. gs P-wk 6- ,tl .sc . c. ff A, 5 me ,Ayr--fsxrgg .. 5 f . . ff.-1. g : 1.1.2 ,,.r 'X ., P 5.3: ' fi f M ':'2f'5'Y f.s.f.a ' is 72 ORGANIZATIONS Q 'If' 5' T , X ' -. ' "X.,f"'?xl". . fv- A ' , 5,,,5'Q+gg'.,. H A . -' 25422. Left to Right: Shana Hyatt, Patricia Young, Tracy Bower Left To Right: Llsa Blake, Stephanie Walker, Marla Wilson, Cheri Pope, not pictured: Carmen Hawkins. Being a J.V. Cheerleader lsn't always fun, it can be a lot of headaches and hard work. Preparing for games, assemblies, etc., is a lot of work but lt ls also fun. Sharing common Interests in cheering and school activities has brought us all closer together. Overall, we've had a great J.V. year, which is mainly because ofthe hard work and pride of the J.V. athletes. One of the greatest things about being a J.V. Cheerleader was standing behind the GREATEST school ever E.H.S.l "WE LOVE OUR J.V. TEAMSl" I , Q1 X l The Freshman Cheerleaders of the 1985-1986 school year, have worked hard to be successful. Although there are problems in any organization. things always seem to work out for the best. l feel that the members of this year's freshman cheerleading squad are striving and working for success and will do their best in all that they do. Chnstl Hanson Head Cheerleader 'M "'.-.413 ,yu J' I ' Q9 F flfo 6 041 Z6 H . 1 V' A if-'AD Y, Q Z is f- ,ylvf I . s , C L. 1 g , Mmm """"--., .NNW --...,,-M i This year s Freshmen Cheer leaders are giving If their all to show the spirit of the Freshmen Class These young girls are very outgoing and full of chear They will go on to become J V Cheerleaders and possibly Songleaders and Varsity Cheer- leaders. They do a good job representing their class. The girls on the squad this year are as followed: Angela Reed Becky Hanna Nissa Watson Carrie Malcolm Mandy Sim- mons Christi Hanson Jin Choi. ORGANIZATIONS 73 G96 'sb fe, 'Q N N. Bottom I-r: row I-r: Cherine Jackson, Nicole Holmes, Michelle Holmes, Karla Miklovlch 3rd row l-r: Marla Dumeo, Ms. Mary Jackson, Shelley Livingston 4th row I- r: Stephanie Rainbolt, Tanya Harding, Bridget Campbell, Laura Ducsak 5th row I-r: Trichelle White, Ms. Maryann Holmes, Renee' Lackins 6th row I-r: Dawn Campbell, Lisa Grey, Gayle Gilpatricl. Not pictured: Tracy Wilking, Jill Hammadock, Tina Robinson, Tacy Davis, Sharon Livingston, Kathy Wranghum 74 ORGANIZATIONS ,gcc of In addition to the excellent skill, ability, and coaching staff that the Eldorado varsity wrestling team possess, there is yet another asset the team has: that is, the Eldorado Sunspots. These girls were present at all the matches not only to cheer but to keep the score. The young ladies deserve much credit for their hard work but they couldn't have done it without the help of their advisors, Mary Jackson and Mary Ann Holmes. 5' fs. L 3 Kiwi if f X , l v" K nn ' ' x K 'N ,f i ' Q Q-,49,Nd J yn .QS if L HI, My name is Lisa Hanson. I am the captain of the Sundancers for 1985-86. I feel that the Sun- dancers have progressed greatly this year. The girls on the squad have shown me time after time that they've got what it takes to put on a great perfor- mance. But of course they don't get away from practices. If there's something that I see that needs touchlng up, I make the girls do those counts and steps over and over again, until I think it looks good. I am the girls' worst critic. I work them hard, long hours, not only to be cruel, but also to better them. I hope that every performance we have the girls do their best. These girls on the squad are my prlde. Every time we perform and we get an outstanding applause, it brings a tear of pride to my eyes. I hope every year becomes better and better. Let it be known that we will be around for a very long time. So 'Vo 4 flfqbas 'wr Back Row Krlstl Smlth Christine Johnson Pom Rogers Middle Row Debbie Welsse Marla Clrlllo Brando Kent Mary Freeman Front Row Debbie Denault Trlston Plunk Angela Felster Jennifer Frost Lying: Leslie Tiffany On Side: Carolyn Grandjean Elizabeth Dlaz Splits: Tabitha FreemanqCo- CaptainJLlsa Hanson CCaptaInD Not Pictured: Ucllla Spencer Jlll Averett ORGANIZATIONS 75 6' fo ofa The Honor Society is made up group of students who have achieved high scholastic honors. This years Honor Society not only achieved this but they accomplished a number of things for are . The most impressive ac- complishment however, was the mon- ey they raised for M.D.A. Eldorado was chairperson for the organization over all of Clark County. The Honor Society also for Eldorado's Y I .... X 'gs . X .0 community raised scholarship money seniors throughout the year. III o, Kristina Shigenaga, Lisa Patterson, C COfficersJ Elda Anqu an hristine Kim, Lisa Wright, Cindy Connell iii' -i H ag: gl.. -C Ei Wohlrab David Dornak, Patrick Luss, Lisa Wright, Cindy Cannell. Bock: Melissa Moore, Jacqui Duncan, rc , Anquillano, - ' b lain, Christine Kim, Tina Bridges. Lisa Patterson, Janet Bruce. Front. Lisa Cham er Middle: Jackie Braun, Kristina Shlgenaga. Elda 76 ORGANIZATION :lx ge , J. 'SX Future Business Leaders of America. Eldorado's chapter of the national organization devoted to promoting stu- dents in the pursuit of succesful careers. Front Row: Mrs. June HelmesCAdviserJ, Dock Row Palma Wesely, Kristie Krohne, Brend McCormick, Leatrice Dotson. Middle Row: April Podrogar, Karin Snider, Kevin Parks, Patricia Rawlings, Crystal DeDoer ,k',,7 I rl I K ,4 ..VyVk A . kk,k R , 9 kgmrk. Wg' A Q Tl, l'lss , J A K ' 7 - ii Front Row: Genie Huff. Tracy Davis, Denlse Jaska. Carolyn Montes. Melissa Way, Angie Sword, Nick Haley, 2nd Row: Joann Walker, James Mehner, Erin Dell, Kim Watters, Cheryl Henne, Crystal Del3ore, Tammy Fox. Nicole Gray, Stephanie Barsuk, Srd row: Mrs. Ranz, Rilltsa Walker. Kim lhnat, Vickie Vogt. Darte Karlsen, Melissa Taylor, 4th row: Nadine Pullen, Leatrice Dotson. Danny Hemphill, Cheryl Fox, Lizbeth Ridge, Mr. Rutledge, 5th row: James Smith, Tuan Phan. Robert Moyers, Kenneth McMillian, Karen Wilson The German Club Was Es- tablished for any German Student interested in further- ing his or her cultural knowl- edge of the German speak- ing countries. One of the Clubs goals was realized this summer We hope to en- large our knowledge of the language firsthand exper- iences with the differant cus- toms ond cultures. Besides our upcoming adventure to Germany, we will also trav- el to California for our annu- al trip. The German Club meets every two weeks. We also have severo get-to- gethers and parties through- out the year. O Y' 049 The International Thes- pians Society is organized to help students excel ln all phases of Theater. The main goal is to create an active interest in Theater Arts in the High Schools. Membership is granted for the performance of cast and crew positions on major productions. Back Row il to 0: Shawn Mango. Shannon Griffin. Glna Oakes, Don Wert, Sean Wortman, Tawney Altman, Tracy Lucas, Richard Murrletta, Samlee Price, Tony Vaughan, Dayomy Paula, Cathy Wrangham, Kalla King, Jeff Harrlson, Harold Kerr, Terl Whlte, Darren Gates, Jacqui Duncan, Patrick Loose, Paul Farnum. Lara Aytes, Chad Chrlstenson, Wllllam Leavltt. Next Row Cl to ri: Julie Addy, Bobble Jo Christenson, Shannon Wllson, Lorl Bane, Wayne Cutler, Mlchelle Fournler, Valerie Scrlbner, Carolyn Montes, Heldl Llrgg, Alycla Sanders, Jennifer Wenzel, Christie Smith Very Front: Deirdre Murray, Lizz Flrstbrook. "Dungeons and Dragons" is a game of fantasy In peril, mystery, hope, kindness, and power. It is a cultural and historical experience in the myths and legends of all peoples of ancient times. Its play enhances the mathematical and analytical skills of those that play. All students enrolled or graduates of Eldorado High School are elgible I for membership. O Top: Jocqul Duncan Middle: George Day, Mlke Partlow Bottom: Kristina Shlgenaga Q9 16 'Y O 8 78 ORGANIZATIONS QQ R FRONT ROW: LAR. Coach: D.D. Clark. Krlslena Shlgenaga. Team Captain: Jackie Braun. Elda Anqulllano, Jonathon Hawkins BACK ROW: L-R. Nlck Haley, Curtls Swalley. April Podlogar. Kelly Strubble, Charlotte Lewis, Becky Hanna. Jeff Ross, Chris Kumlnecz. What is the tallest mountain in North America? You may not know the answer to this but for- tunately for Eldorado, most of our Varsity Quiz Players know the answer to this and many more puzzling questions. As the popularity of trivia increases. so has the popularity of Varsity I Quiz. Every year our team has been getting bigger and better and this year is definetly no ex- I-M - ' ception. This years team has - 25' more players than ever and I has had an outstanding record this season. 3 i 1 i i - 1 I fiom . K .STANDING L to R: Advisor-Mr. Lazzarato. Dee Ellis, Michelle Murray, Janet Bruce, Melissa Moore. Llermann Ousley KNEELING: Karla Milklovlch, Llsa Patterson, Angela Bennett. The Key Club is a school organization sponsored by the local Kiwanis club. The purpose of the Key Club is to pro- vide community service and to help high school students develop initiative, leadership ability, and good citizenship practices. This years Key Club is made up of about ten members and their ad- visor is Mr. Lazzarato. fb O75 9 ORGANIZATIONS 79 un Youth Forum On December 3rd Approximate- ly 700 of Las Vegas' Top High School students, 50 of which were from Eldorado participated in the Las Vegas Sun's Youth Forum which was held at the Convention Center. The students debated the important issue of today concern- ing world affairs, topics of Nevada, education, and crime and various others. Top Llerman Ousley Shawn Neilsen David Dornak Kathy Smith, Michelle Murray, Angel Borchardt Pat Loose Lisa Patterson .lacgue Duncan Danlca O neal 2 row Amy Wytco Lisa Wright April Mungry Karen Miles Maria Dubois, Vanita Manny, Anita Concoby Bottom Gersle Commodore Melissa DeLagarzo Tracy Thomas 8 W i SQ Q. ' it ,xv E Q f E r M 5 .. tis 'bi Wg I p .K L sw QNX ' xc, New Professionals was the motto for the 25th annual Vocational lndustrl al Clubs of Amerlca Sklll Olymplcs. Vo cation from Culinary Arts to Photogra phy were the categories competed In Eldorado's 46 VICA members this year competed ln the commercial photogra phy division and other leadership skill areas. For a VICA member to compete in the skill olympics they must flrst com pete and place within the top 16 flna lists in a regional competition. From there, the partlclpant goes on to state competltlon. In the state competition medals are given to partlclpants ploc ing first to third. From the state competl tion only Gold medallsts can go on to the National Skill Olympics. This was Eldorado's second year in Vocational Photography, and Eldorado's VICA has made a mark ln both state and nation al competltlons Club Members: Left to Right: Sharon Den- ton Julle Bernot Kathy Curl, Stanley Sagor Glenn Pullen Diana Hanache David Tack- strom, Tami Tackstrom, Elda Noriega, John Kirby, Kurt Vollmoeller Kathy Smith, David Oliver Oliver Laub, Sharon Patronik Jenni- fer Makowski, Annrlckl Rudolph, Michelle Dray, K.C. Elliston, and Palma Weseley. 82 ORGANIZATIONS 'F I T I 480 The words "fund raisers," "good wiIl," and "good deeds" should bring to mlnd the group Human Relations. Human Rela- tions is a group that would meet every week to discuss ways in which they could bet- ter thelr community with their service. This dedicated club sponsored several fund ralsers to raise money for donation to local charities, and to use in helping their communlty. Eldor- ado High School can be proud to be represented by such a worthy organizatlon. Top Row:L-ll, Ms. Whitfield BIII Dlxlmen Nadine Pullen Giselle Commadore Gary Floyd Rafine Taylor Paris Franks Helena Smith Curtis Greene Marlo Flores Bottom Row:L-R, Magaly Nelson Brando Kent Moria Clrlllo ORGANIZATIONS 83 SU BURST STAFF 1985 1986 Top Row L R Llso Honson Sectron editor Dena Corblne Asst Editor An gel Borchordt Edrtor in Chief Bottom Row L R Kurt Voll moeller Photo Editor Veronrco Boyer Asst Edi tor ond Busl ness Monoger. 84 ORGANIZATIONS 2 . 3 ac X . xx Q J? E 5 2 i Ml. Q. . K U sf ' i A Q ?' f. I I I Ill X K. . l 'Ma 1 X ,I Q W W . . B 1 . , S fins g i'f'b,5W,,! T ' 8 ini ...li The Yearbook Staff is composed of 10 pho- tographers and 9 reporters, not Including the 5 editors. Being a part of the Yearbook Staff requires a lot of hardwork, dedication, and time. Realizing that you are responsible for a book that many students will keep for many years to come makes each person on the staff work even harder to produce a book that will be better, than any of those in the past. Being on the Yearbook Staff as an edltor, photogra- pher, or a reporter requires work to be done not only during class but many hours after school in order to complete and meet dead- lines. Top Photo: Top Row: 'l'onla'Shea. Jennifer Pope, Kim Bryan, Lori Rock, Michelle Pope, Cinder Levedowski, Tracy Thomas, Lynn Grlese Bottom Photo: Top Row: L-R, Ying Chan, Jeanna Accocello, Tracy,SIeeper. MaryAnn Crawford, Davld Payne Bottom Row: L-R, Dianna Hanache. Rachelle Skidmore, Kurt Vollmoeller, Robert Engelke, Sharon Denton illllllllll llllllllllll wQ!li'lIllIlll,lIlll 4 , 5- 2 Q l I C - P' ' . I - . S i X. all 'GM ,... 1' ' :I . if '? so Q. The Editors have the most important jobs of all, they must continuously make decisions concerning what should and should not go Into the book. Although the editors do not do all of the work which goes into the book, they are re- sponsible for it to be done correctly and well. An edltor's main goal is to produce the best Yearbook that Eldorado High School has even seen in the school's history. To accomplish this goal the edi- tors often endure long days, which seem like nightmares, just to be able to meet the deadline on time. All in all, the editor is the person which somehow gets stuck with all of the responsibility and headaches. The job of the reporters is to do the layouts of the pictures that will go on the pages of the books. As a reporter, the job also includes writing short para- graphs telling about the pictures fea- tured on that page. A photographers job includes only one thing: pictures. Often the photogra- phers must remain after school to take the pictures of sports, activities, or an organization, besides taking the time to print and develope these pictures dur- ing class and after school. This job ls extremely important, because wlthout pictures, there would not be a Year- book. As you can see, the making of the Yearbook takes a lot of time, hardwork, and dedication to create a book which hopefully be read many times through- out all of our lives. ORGANIZATIONS 85 5 sm ,Su L-.., s-+"','.a if 5- 8-6 - "'Xk ' B-,...fAk.. sg umm. ig 66 ORGANIZATIONS N , K . - , 55 ff WBUfYS31f Y'-J Z' S 1 Q Q.. f x5?Q3 xii 'gisz Q Q. ' '-.af ORGANIZATIONS 87 Z7 ,QA xxx An L to R Brenda Booker Klm Gomborcik Joey Devine Tern Johnson SEATED Mr K Skroback Wrth only four members thus years Advocate staff has had a very tough job They have worked very hard to provide the student body with an rnformatrve and entertarnrng newspaper and have done a great job 88 ORGANIZATIONS v S 005 '00 The Student Body Officers ore the nucleous ol Stu- dent Councll. They sponsor many octlvltles such os Homecoming and the Blood Drlve. They also help and glve great support to the rest of the Student Councll and the entlre student body. Student Body hos been successful In dlsplaylng leadership and splr- It throughout, not only Eldorado hlgh school, but throughout las Vegas by ottendlng luncheons and representlng Eldorado ln the Notlonols. 125- , . STUDE T BODY OFFICERS Susie Ryan. Shelley Livingston. Tom Wolf, David Dornak, Lisa Patterson. Q Q9 ot' of S Student CouncII means somethrng different to each of us. Maybe that's why it's so special. There are thIrty-seven unrque Ideas gettrng together every day and working together in every way. The one thing that they all share is that they truly care, not just about Eldorado, but about the entire student body faculty, and staff. Student Council can't be successful wrthout Involving the people In the burlding. ln fact it's therr goal to involve the student body In all activI tres The person that holds It all together IS Ms Trovers wrth her love and devotron She leads them through theIr daIly work of thmkrng of actIvItIes to promote school spirit such as the spirit assembly, selling class shirts and buttons. They also sponsor many of Eldora do's dances such as Sadie Hawkins the Sweetheart Dance, and the unforgetable Prom. Student Councrl also attends Youth Affairs where they get together with students from other schools who are In Student Council and share Ideas to bring back to their indrvid ual school They also VISIT Beverly Manor a convales cent home, once a month to spread good cheer and laughter throughout their buIldIng ThIs years Student Councrl was very successful In promotrng school Splllf and all the while had a great time doing so, which makes them something specral Bottom Row leftrtght AprII Mungary Susre Ryan DOVld Dornak Tracy Wllking Shelley LIVIDQSYOD 2nd Row L R Christi na Cella Tracy Rena Thomas LIsa Wright Sharon Campbell Julie Foht 3rd row Aaron Mc Donald Dee Dee EllIs Jason Drawer Eddre Doyle Donna Drlacova Cherie Pope Wendy Ross Shana Hyatt Mrchelle Car rrngton LorI Prewitt Mandy Srmmons Konnre Campbell Top row Troy Mrtchum Tom Wolf Lrermann Ousley Stephame Rarnbolt Debby Skroback MI chelle Murray LIsa Patterson Not pictured Karla Mrklovrch LIz Hlerro ChrIstI Hanson YA , ti 90 ORGANIZATIONS The "E" on the mountain sym- 3 bolizes something special and unique to each of us here at Eldor- ado. We want the "E" to be seen throughout Las Vegas in the best shape and form. Student Council and friends makes sure the "E" is looking it's very best by giving it a 4 4 face lift twice a year to keep the beauty that it possesses. 51 T 2-A -gf, T"?'l2v,', -4 'PX Top: The beauty in the 2nd row left: "Where do we start?" 2nd row right: Sir Prez says, "Come on Iet's work together." 3rd row left: Kai gets a little messy. 3rd row right: Teamwork makes it easy. Left: The "E" ls looking "a-o-k" ORGANIZATIONS 91 vs" TRUMPETSI FRENCHORNS Left to nght 1st row Ken Miller Mou nce Deslle Mott Wllson John Longworth Robert Dubro An gelo Porter 2nd row: Steve Moris, Mourice Seebeck, Shane Anderson, Brion Delliringo, not pictured: Travis Constontlne 92 ORGANIZATIONS MARCHING BAND: Ish to rlghl, 1st row: Lisa Dellinger. Dlana Formona. Christy Davls, Chrls Dummecze, Ann Ludwig, Shoronda Ramos, Kim Dunn, Klm Ollver, Sandra Denolt. Morva Banks 2nd row: Mlchollo Dolarosa, Lorl llalne, Jeff Maldonado, Lawanda Freeman, Srephlanle Walker, Chrls Brondvlck, Ruslln Jensen, Pam Cowart, Llsa Charnberlaln, Down Stevens, Sharon Llvlngston, Stacy Wldboom Grd row: Chrlsrlne Datos. Chrls Kave, Joe Roberts, Rosa Mavlgllo, Melissa DeLaGarza, Gisele- Commodore, Helenla Smith, Jeff Ploense, Even Wolurs, Sabrina Holmes. Sherry Kenny, Shane Anderson, Maurice Seebeck, Steve Kong, Harold Frlnk Alh row: John Longwonh. Wlllle Chalsson, Ken Miller, Robert Dubro, Jlm Ashment, Matt Wilson, Travis Constantine, Mark Haley, Angelo Porter, Brian Dellarlnga, Joe Guerzan 5th row: David Maldonado, Frank Mnvlgllo, Richard Spence, Kevin Dolhwlck, Kon Hawthorn, Bryce Dergqulst. Ken Kurth, Jeff Sutherland, Sean Ilrenslnger, Wade Yeley, John Green, not pictured: Angel Ilorchardt s I , 5 , V rm 1 y 2 Y -M ,,, ' cgi' , gf . - ' 4 x , . K jeux, KW' , W' ry., ., f ' -,aw 4, . lf, M . --Q-In-M . I W J r lift. r . .... ., Q . new :VM u rikku I 9 I x A 'K 3 burly, yrzy A 1 The 1985-1986 Sundevil Band is under the direction of Mariner Beckstead for the fourth year in a row. The band has had many performances this year including the UNLV Band Night, the Half- time Show Review at the Silver Bowl. a great deal of Sundevil football and basketball games, and at Christmas, their concert as well as a parade in North Las Vegas. The Sundevil Band is divided into 5 different and unique groups: Marchingfin which all mem- bers performj, Varsity, Junior Varsity and Pep Band Cwhich consists ofa chosen fewj, and stage band Cthat consists of jazz musiciansb. In the Spring, Varsity Band competes in a Festival in which they are rated in their technique, performance and style. This years officers are Giesele Commodore CPresidentD, Kenny Hawthorne CVice Pres.J, Lisa Dellinger CSecretaryJ, and Melissa DeLaGarza Ctreasurerb. ORGANIZATIONS 93 FLUTES left to rlght 1st row Sheronda Ramos Diana Lisa Delllnger Ann Ludwlg 2nd row Kim Oliver Sondra Benoit Chrls Kummlnez, Christine Dates Klm Dunn Foreman, Fellcla Sanders, 94 ORGANIZATIONS CLARINETS: left to right, 1st row: Chris Brondwlck, Rustin Jensen 2nd row: Daniel Woolard, Stephlanie Walker, Latina Washington, Pam Cowart, Dawn Ludwlck Grd row: Lori Daine, Michelle D' Ambra, Michelle DeLorosa, Brandie Southall. Lozett Parks. if , , -.33 SAX! BASS CLARINETS 1st row Left to right Gisele Commodore Even Woturs Helenla Smlth Jeff Maldonado 2nd row Stacey Wldboom Jeff Ploense Mellsso DeLaGarzo SQA. Qi! if LOWER BRASS: left to right 1st row: Ken Kurth, Tracy Crane, Bryce Bergquist. Ken Hawthorn, Mark Haley, Jeff Sutherland 2nd row: Wlllle Ludey, Sam Mlnloro, Kevln Bothwick, Wade Yeley ORGANIZATIONS 95 PERCUSSION: Left to Gruzun, Chris Kave right, 1st row: Steve Kang, Harold Frlnk 2nd row: Scotty Yancey, Joe Roberts, Joe JUNIOR VARSITY BAND: left to rlght, 1st row: Mike Walton, Bing Pagdilao, Kailene Hogan, Jim Ashment, Willie Chalsson, Rob- ert Myers, Rlck Slerra 2nd row: Amy Galagher, Sherry Klnne, Edward Foulkrod, Marva Banks, Joey Pettlt, Mellssa Hagan Grd row: Ben Lynn, Sharron Brass, Kristy Martln, Cathy Falcome, Kevin Strubble, Lalonnl Carlllo. Kristin Cheney, Marcle Hubert, Kim Morrison 4th row: George Anderson, David Maldonado, Scott Stellmon, Sean Brensinger, Felicia Lane ,X it 1 . I 5 I e I I 96 ORGANIZATIONS gl 7-if TNS Years flag team has supported the band extreme- ly. Flags have participated in all the marching perfor- mances and Parades. The Flag girls all add style and originality to the 1986 Sundevil Band, and they are truly appriciated. FLAGS: left to right 1st row: Vlckl Anderson, Dawn Helgel 2nd row: Krls Partridge, Sha Rhonda Ramos, Demerely Klttlnger. Jennifer Martin Sid row: Lysla Martlnez. Tamika Boulware, Sharon Llvlngston. Karla Jen- klns, MaryAnn Harris NOT PICTURED: Detra Greene, Krls Cook. Patrlcla Shilingo . i f S C23 QNX' ORGANIZATIONS 97 Q9 9 C39 gf! C Chess Club gives the opportunity for new and advanced players to greatly Increase their expertise in one of the worId's most challenging games. Matches are played with all other Clark County high schools. At the end of the year, an all-school tournament ls held under the direc- tion of the United States Chess Feder- ation, CUSCFJ. All members emerge with membership In USCF and an offi- cial National chess ranking. Ms. Ka- ren Jensen, is the chess club's advi- sor. In observing and de- scribing our chapter, we thought we would discuss possibly the relative edu- cational merits or even the club objectives In terms of future historical significance, but we nev- er got around to it. NATIONAL CHARTER '-Lx wg, lm Q, Bottom, I to r: Rich Johnson. and Mlke Purtlow. Top, I to r: Llerrmann Ousley, John Hoefert, Tom Wolf, and Robert Freeland. Not pictured: David Bird. James Smlth. and advisor. Ms. Jensen. CHAPTER l "IVAN FOSTER Q MEMORIAL CHAPTER" ---:wr 1-4, .-1 .N A' . ' Q- 3- -CAT M . A. 2:11-Y - ' ' ,lil ..,sl Q 'L A -"' ' " "'i'f'l'.'k?'-lsazfifw Y-5' fs - ' , Q I I Fssl A A .. .E - .A --' A KL s 'L' ,Lx .. ,-I+ -, sfQ.'FrssNgmX..sQ,,i-x tsrmgy 5...-.. Y Qw.,x r. E X, , 'K rw.. , - 35- . ,f.uxx:-.i5,,,fx- -fu . 1 ,- Q Mu, -,, wr 4-UR. w!x 36 ,io x ar I 1 1 . -4-W-fy . .5 ,, -V I b. by 8 - - I .g.. ' .. - ms- ,.. . ' . f X if . - . X ' ' QR 1 . f ., I'z. "I rx Z f 'gf " "1 H ' A . ' - T' 'Z ' ..' : .4 " ' 65 a...':.:1L--ff.c:..wfv5.-sem-amz.. ,Q -...J"T.., f A-' f ,C 4 4 b I Eg 4 fm ., v NN- S Pep Club members are Melisea Altmansberger, Trlsha Anderson. Jollen Appel, Stephanie Barsuk. Mlkl Brooks, Nishon Burton, Tanya Darls, Shannon Dickens, Slndy Flalg, Leah Goodson, LaTonyo Hill, Linda Irons, Nishon Jackson, Zee Karim, Branda Kent, Missy Lackens, Chelan Lasha, Lisa Lavoto, Murleen McKenzie, Carla Murrel, Terry O'Toale, Jennifer Pullen, Tiffany Tokifujl, Eric McKenzie, Don Washlngton, David Wllson, Renee Santos, Paul Woodward. Tammy Stlnnett, Kristina Kllbourn, and Shawn ll you have wandered, one lonely Frldoy nlght. into a football game. or some lonely afternoon to a boys' varsity basketball game. you prob- ably would have beheld a group of guys and gals ln funny maroon and whlte attlre yelllng, screaming, and carrylng on. These maniacs, more commonly known as the Pep Club or Splrlt Movers, were a common sight at just about all varslty boys events, and on eyesore to all the janltors every Monday afternoon when learnlng new cheers under the su- pervlslon of Mrs. Greene. So. every. one. Freshmen Included, stand up and give them a hand. They certain- ly have glven out enough. 0 +6660 6 6' Soccer Bunnies Whats that? Previous to the 8586 year the answer would sim ply have been gophers for the soccer players but this year they ve taken it a step further. They've learned cheers and prac- ticed long hours to bring more spirit to the games and to motivate the school through the use of posters announcing the games and activities. Before this year, soccer was virtually unre- cognized as a sport at EHS. However with the help of the Bunnies, this years soc- cer team is as widely recog- nized as any othe EHS sport. Flanagan. ... -sl Y H. :Xl j A lr: . ,Nl ki 3 L: , I, . -we , 5 gps. -N ,. -, -mils. ff if lf, , .. Ebksip 1 - ' ., . The Soccer Bunnies are Genevieve Perlman, Perla Perquler, Tlna Velo, Lori Pesquler, Stacey Wagner, Laura Hansell, Jenl Emote. Chrls Oakley, Chrls Hickey, Krls Cheney, Kathy Eager, Tammy Vassor, Carolyn McMllllan, Monekka Mullln. Julie Kleinkopf. Q- 3450 05 'O Q Q oo 49' y c 0 Q f ELDORADO N.I.R.O.T.C. STRUT THEIR STUFF The 85-86 R.O.T.C. members are proud to march in school and town events. They help in all of the ossem- blies by carrying our flags and leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Taking trips and having guest speakers help them learn more about the Navy. This train- ing will greatly benefit their involve- ment in world events. The younger members can look up to the example set by the officers. NW F-'lim-ff. '9 fm 100 ORGANIZATIONS 'Sg S-i N4-,J LL AAA. On the left: the R.O.T,C. members marched in the Amerigoso Days Parade in Shlshone, CA. Top Right: Chris Wise, the Lieutenant Commander. Cadet Com- manding Officer. Middle Right: The R.O.T.C. Cadets provlded a unique opportunity to display their tolents as Honorguard for the Homecoming King 6 Queen candidates. ORGANIZATIONS 101 .I.R.0.T.C CADETS vt .-.-nuff' 'Q air'PP"':? '1 1 31' 102 ORGANIZATIONS , Wx M Standlngrwllllam Welson Erlc Weeber, Matt Plourde Scott Jackson Matt Young. Mlke Nelson Sltrlng: Dale Klefer Kim Grazlano Melanle Mlller and Shawona Graft. Vlnson Tracy Davis and Paula Spencer Not Plctured Tanya Jones ffm 0 'Ulf 6 Imagine yourself walking through the for- est, the surroundings are lush, green, and beautiful. Above numerous caves can be seen. As you start the climb you wonder If lt Is worth it. If you enjoy hiklng through the mountains or the dessert, crawllng through caves and disturbing the occaslonal bat, then "Cave Crawlers" is for you. "Cave Crawlers" go many places during the year. lncludlng Red Rock Cave. Desert Cave, and DevlI's Throat. When you are bored, and Iooklng for something to do think about jolnlng Cave Crawlers. The Soul Club was very successful In up- holding the "Black PrIde" which exists here In Eldorado High School. The Soul Club sponsored a dance at the Glrls Club under the guidance of their advisor Rudy Johnson. Hats off to the Soul Club for a job well done. Left ro Right Mr Rudy Johnson Deborah Lee Robln Richburg Ameka Coleman Llta Cy P 3 Q I 'J 1 iv- 1 I I Q 1 '11 's Q . N. , at asf' JS tw or ,va -Q 1.- 'rw X. .u It 5 s 1 F no ,y-J', 1 X r -1 X av I-I 4 ri " -x. +4 NJ.. Q. 1 1 1 1 1 ' Z X X , v' 1 1 1 ,. fo ORGANIZATIONS 103 fb 9 Q42-QA Q C 0649045 ' Q9 S goes' C9 Sounds of the Sun has enlight- ened us at assemblies with their singing and dancing talents. They also share these talents by per- forming at other schools. Their re- creations of top hit songs is superi- or as is their light show, which is made possible by their Tech Crew. L-R: James Earle, Mario Noriega, Danny Purdy, James Jones, Jon Zeh, Dill Day, Tim Kemp. L4 104 ORGANIZATIONS K 'YOJIQKX 463, 311 0 flf Qoizs s Row 1:L-R: Joey Evans. James Splond, Richard Murrieta, Curtis Felton. Row 2: Robert Meadows, James Jones, Drew Carter, Garry Floyd, Michael Childress, Ronald Mabe. Row 3: David Diggs, Nobie Bellamy, Danny Purdy, Doug Gibson, Haerh Havey, Dr. Jensen. Row 1: Yerra Kay Chamberlain. Julie Hogan, Janet Bruce, Kim McCarty, Julie Proffitt, Rebecca Hinkley, Carrie Nogle, Angie Attaway, Gayle Gillparrick. Row 2: Dr. Jensen, Laura Wheeler, Melanie Purcell, Sharon Hubbard, Kim Burkhart, Lisa Chamberlain, Bobbie Christensen, Janice Spencer. Callene Hogan. Row 3: LaWanda Freeman, Sandra Woods, Christine Hawkins. Stacy Kennedy, Pam Benge, Marie Davis, Monica Bell. Cynthia Hlgdon, Sharon Porter, Ellen Wright. ORGANIZATIONS 105 cp rs- eff? Y. if vf shox The Eldorado Madrigals and Jazz Choir have entertained us all with their slnging talents at as- semblies. They have also sang for Christmas and Festival cocerts. Row 1: Ken Hawthorn. Chrlstlne Kim, Delrdre Murray, Lisa Chamberlain, Julle Profflt, Kim McCarty, Llzz Firstbrook, Rosa Mavlgha. Row 2: LaWanda Freeman, Rlchie Dreighton. Drew Carter, Rustin Jensen, Garry Floyd, Bryce Bergquist, Eric Cheney. Raw 1: Chrlstlne Kim, Anita Concoby, Dennis Castro, Susan Hutchings, Kim Kieffer, Julie Proffit, Lizz Firstbrook, Lori Hansen, Dlerdre Murray, Mellssa Digel, Eric Cheney, Laura Wheeler. Row 2: Rosa Mavigha, Cori Bower, Carmen Lawrence, Christina Bates, Richard Murrieta, James Jones, Kim McCarty, Garry Floyd, Lisa Chamberlain, Drew Carter, Detra Green. Row 3: Bryce Bergquist, Jenifer Heenan, LaWanda Freeman, Monica Bell, Robert Meadows, Kevln Bothwlck, Andy Anderson, Rustin Jensen, Ken Hawthorne, Darren Gates, Marie Davis, Teri White, Richie Dreighton. ORGANIZATIONS Row 1: Chrlstlne Klm, Anita Concoby, Dennis Castro. Susan Hutchings, Kim Kieffer, Julie Proffit, Lizz Firstbrook. Lorl Hansen, Dierdre Murray, Melissa Dlegel, Eric Cheney, Laura Wheeler. Row 2: Rosa Mavigha, Cori Bower, Carmen Lawrence, Christina Bates, Richard Murrieta, James Jones, Kim McCarty. Garry Floyd, Llsa Chambrlain, Drew Carter, Detra Green. Row 3: Bryce Bergquist, Jennifer Heenan, l.aWanda Freeman, Monica Dell, Robert Meadows, Kevin Bothwick, Andy Anderson, Rustin Jensen, Ken Hawthorne, Darren Gates, Marie Davis, Teri White, Richie Dreighton. Q6 ?t O x The Eldorado Concert Choir has been seen performing at many assemblies. They also put on spe- cial concerts at Christmas and dur- ing Festival. AII choirs are under the direction of Dr. Jensen. l sx 59 el .. 'if v as I i 1 1 X.- ORGANIZATIONS 107 we w. lil news 'iii SEHK? N-nuff N- go as -1 , :...+i,- Q S, 'Q' 44 wg WY! Q99 ,wi-W N his Q N K.: Q . wr V Q 1 ' as 5 Q M v we Si .Riff at sg sry' 'K 'KE- w v., ,QW il' '45 'Ng W wx 5-1 'N .Qs wt! Q Q' vs' X. 5 xg,-X X X.. X . ma. 'Q H , 5 .ggxfff xx Ry PX, -q,,m , 1 - ' J .-fx, Ev-.iggql 'J Ex I ' 'Q .hu il' ix. E QS. 7. L. ,Q X NW N X , . . 'N 1 1 1545 , f x 'fill V' Q5- ,vm ., L x -, . AW, . if .., 1 .1- 2 ',x ,gg KV u. 'Q .R .KAN ,nv , .Qp . ,m ' 'SS k an W' yr . 1 ...,Q. x S' bv' I gl. gk? PQX u Q V, , .l LQ Q, 2 a "QM mf A , ,,... ws ,cm wa ,.-. L N 9' I 5, A ,mgv N5 QM ef m .X 'X 'lex s A -4' f , wx " xx A .am ' gf. M W, ss 1 gf x W Rf Nm Q' . X r . X N2 ."' , ' Q - ,,.fm 3.- ' S s is Q I , kg , '5 Riffs-9 x -1 xAqI""'NM ."Q. ,,, i L . :4 f' ,ig x .NM .... , X wi . .. ,L ,"'3k ini X r gf 5 . mU -iff' a,fgg.,,.,,l,i.. ,, . sp i hmmm in . I If neg., jnnsfl ' ,' ff.. n ' jyif' I' af in if 'U I . 1 1 nun ootball "The Sun Devil Football Team finished the 1986 season with the best record in the schools history. The team made the playoffs and finished 5th in the state. The team was led by the number one ranked Defense in the state. The student body, teachers, staff and community were behind the team. The spirit along with a hard working team have Eldorado High a fine 6-4 record to establish a flrst in the schools history. The coaching staff and the team would like to thank everyone for the support received from all. This gave the team and the community a plus in Nevada High Schools. The team was led by many outstanding players such as Don Jackson, Tony Veglia, Rich Daniel, Marc Wilson, Matt Young, Noble Bellamy, Darrell Hinton, Chris Carter, Greg Robb, Dave Kllen, Michael Holmes, Bobby Daniel, Kevin Hammond, Sean Klosek, Howard Carter, Jim Breed, Jason Brawer, Eric Wohlab, Terry Prait, .lody Marshall, and Gerald Fye." Coach Stevens g W... K .. M .0 . --m.-AMN -tr,-fs K' ' A. Xing K l Chaparral 19-07 Gorman 7-17 46- Bonanza 3-32 Clark 3-10 . Basic 10-33 I ' Western 0-40 - N F ' Vegas 0-32 1 ' f Valley zara Rancho 20-16 'A "ZONE " 14-07 D Rancho ", ,..........gnnsC1l"-- -...-W '.: ww H -We Q-5 - .N ..c 1' ' ,A 'Q-an bfi iQf'P'f'T. .T ,, :..-,..a--nr--'gg-3 . Sundevll Scoreboard Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado SPORTS 111 112 SPORTS .CB J 1 Front L-R: Kelly Patterson, Marc Wllson, John Plnkney, Teddy Ransaw. James DelI'ArInga, Lee Tyra, Chris Murray, Jason Drawer, Mlke Hord, Mlchael Holmes, Aaron McAbee, 2nd L-R: Par Luss, Chris Carter, Noble Bellamy, Don Jackson, Robert Dumond Terry Pratt, John Greene, Freddie Preston, Matthew Young, Wllllom Turner. 3rd L-R: Coach Tollver, Mlchael Ward, Wllllam Manners, Joe Snlpes, Shawn Galvln, Alan Peltler, Bobby Danlel, Tyrone Perkins, Mlke Woolord, Damon Morris, Davld Kllne, Coach Stephens. 4th L-R: Coach Stephens, Paul Farnum, Greg Slmpson, Darrell Hinton, Chrls Patrldge, Jody Marshall. Douglas Gibson, Kevln Hammond, Edward Walsh, Shawn Klosek, Coach Johnson. 5th L-R: Travls Constantine, Rlchard Danlel, Chrls Wendell, Jlm Dreed, Ron Wright, Joel Broomfleld, Tony Veglla, Erlc Wohlrab, Howard Carter, Kenny Washlngton, Chrls Kruegar. I-,Yin 1 I -P'-4 1 PUUTBALL "We've got the splrlt yes we do, we've got the splrit how about youl" The stands are filled with students and parents all brimming with excitement, splrlt, and a certain amount of stress. One look at the scoreboard provides the obvious reason for thls stress. The score ls 18 to 12, 4th down with 12 seconds left on the clock. Wlth the ball ln the Sundevlls possession, they declde to go for the extra 2 points. The ball is hiked and the pattern ran. As the ball reaches the end zone, the clock reaches 0:00:00. They did ltl All the hours of practice paid off. As the guys walk off the fleld with their heads held high, "they feel good, oh they feel so goodl". The excitement of feeling proud and pleasing their coaches and their fans. All the wind sprints and 4 corners pald off. The young men practiced Mon- day thru Wednesday and Friday for that one day of the week, Thursday, too show thelr stuffl 114 SPORTS Bottom L-R Gerald Williams, Don Sewell, Scott Mc Clure, Chrls Abramo, Davld Rock, Dome Clary, Barry Mote, Drlan Collahan 2nd Row Tuan Phan, Erlc Knickerbocker. Tyrone Jackson, Darren Alexander, Kevin Eppenger. Jasper Peabody, Mark Bassett, David Ybarra Grd Row Ken Kurth, Marc Simmons, Don Kurou, Joe Gueryon, Kevln Lueck. Dlck Dutkus, Randy Mlnyard, Richard Malloln. Dean Flsher 4th Row Kenny McMIllon. Kurt Wohlrab, Garo Yepremlon, Robert Mayers, Daryl Danlels, Kevln Bretz, Nell Mayfield, Peter Hlcks Top Row Coach Dave Jones, Doug Koeth, John Hlnes, Anthony Jackson, Tony Jones, Todd Dlggs, Leroy Stallworth, Matt Plourde, Mlke Snow, Coach Tom Farnsworth -sgfzff 2 S Y Jr' P1S..s:' eh ' ' . ..sg.., 3 E-X4-fri!! ,,. 1 -ff, "fi f .ssc P 'el RESH T FUCTBALL ffv l The freshman football players have shown that they have the poten- tial to be the future varsity football stars. As freshman they have learned that it takes a great deal of hard work and dedication to play football for Eldorado. They also learned the feeling that comes over them as fellow classmates cheer them on as they make that big tackle or score the winning touch down. With talented and dedicated players such as these, the future looks very bright for Eldorado football. fs ' A N, .. , ,I L ,cccc ,. I , X . -4 . , . . - , ,KX ,L "f"5'ii""-f E X r mv' ' '11 ,. ' 94 1 .1 . Mi. 'r 115 I T, -,o"fW ' I T wr-if k 2 I Any v ,tl Ji xt ,king , -v " M , 4- Q. M .4 -. 'J'-' 'ff "L-. .li 1 FIRST ROW: L-R Peter Tomllloso, Davld Maldonado, Sean White. Dale Dumond, Brian Dell'ArInga, Greg Cummings, Alfred Stutz, Lester Turner. Alaln DeLos-Reyes SECOND ROW: Gilbert Cruz. Roger Ruiz, Joel Juarez, Chad Christensen. George Day, Rudy Ruiz, James Snipes. Ryland Luss, Scott Nlxon THIRD ROW: Tim Breed, Frank Moviglla, Ernest Capltano, Tom lrvlne. Bob Green. Svante Singleton, Kal Simmons, Marccus Allen, Art Novahom, Scott Stellman, FOURTH ROW: Andre Lee. Cllff Goodrich. Mike Predmore. Robert Meyers, Erlc Eakles, Dumuan Lewls, Fred Smlth, Joshua Bernot, David Ollver, Chrls Tomalno FIFTH ROW: Coach Clarkson, Ted Brown. Derrick Henderson, Mason Vinson, Dan Grlffen. Fellx Shelby, Mlke Holmes, Mlke Childress, Chris Lewis, Willie Leavitt, Larry Hausen. Coach Buress ,41 SPORTS 115 4 116 SPORTS Nunn QW 'D-in 1.91 Aa., Iq, .,,., Fx " ,QMQ -Q3 'T ASKETB LL 1 The 1985-86 Sundevil Basketball team had an outstanding sea- son. The team worked hard to keep up with Eldorado's winning tradition. After being state champs last year our team showed their enthusiasm by working hard and trying to gain the recogni- tion they deserved. Ww fwswi gxmRAl tb " Top row: Coach Tollver, Kenny Washington, Tony Veglla, David Meeks, Ricky Langford, Tony Jefferson, Anthony Stark. Coach Stevens, Coach Czarnakl, Second Row: Richard Mlkel, Gerald Davis, Kenny Smith, Robert Whitfield, Corey Jasper, Noble Bellamy. SPORTS 117 . Basketball USTAYING UN TOP" Coach Johnson and his vigorous J.V. basketball team can build up o lot of excitement. Their skillful shooting and fancy footwork shows the abilities of our outstanding J.V. team. On the court their ambition and accurateness lets them dominate and overwhelm their opponents. Fast breaks, hook shots, re- bounds and slam dunks: all whot make this Junior Varsity team spectacular. ......,,..,. ,QL r A 11B SPORTS f 'M"""'Whll""- -- - --' --Q -.LM :Ya "N GIRLS ARSITY BASKETBALL The girls varsity basketball team was blessed with alot of new talent this year. Because of this talent the lady Sundevils had an extra advantage over the other teams: the element of surprise. The other teams were aware of the three returning Ietterman yet they had no idea about the out of town visitors and the "new edition". Head coach Quinn had all the ingredients for a great team. She put it all together and came out with a winning season as the main dish. Top right: Kristin shoots a well deserved lay-up. For Right: Kristin makes two. Right: The lady Devils wait eagerly for the rebound. Below: Lakeese looks to pass. Lower rlght: LaReese pushes the ball up court. Bottom: Lakeese takes it to the hole for a three point play. 2 E Q Varsity Basketball Tap row left-right: V. Quinn, Chelan Lasha, Vickie Edwards, Kita Mohr, Kristin Wohlrob. Tammy Bottom Row left-right: Adrienne Rice, Tracy R. Thomas, Virginia Green, Lakeese Johnson. Not pictured, Hope Gray, Kathy Hilliard 120 SPORTS it AI I 1 t r gif i 1 2 -r -fs X Q., .,, . Q , XL' q yn? ..I' If ...f ,-.M,, ,M """ """""' ..s-,-. , ,, ,, N - - -e J, s - we 5' iw A ,J ,454 gi-ff 1 u- Upper left: Virginio shoots o free throw. Upper right: Kristin fights hard for o rebound. Middle left: Kita catches o tough poss. Mlddle right: Klto ond Krlstln get position for the rebound. Left: The Lody Devlls ore determined to get the rebound. SPORTS 121 Girls v Basketball This years girls .IV bas ketball team has been one of the best ever ln fact coach Lazzarato believes that they wlll become the best In the state ln a few years Through hard work and dedication the future looks bright for Eldorado bas ketball This years team ls comprised of many quick and talented girls including the conslstont player, Phung Horton who averages four- teen points a game. Top Row: L-R, Rosl Hartwell, Phung Horton, Angela Reed, Tlna Wash- ington, Middle Row: L-R, Denlse Moorefleld. Nlkki Dettes, Adrienne Clark. Collette Hlnton Bottom Row, L-R, Krystal Treodwell, Klmberly Harper, Trlshum Jackson, Kelly John- son -snug-q 122 SPORTS S .mg -. ... .. . 3? -Q - A ' ...M .. ll s . L A U , . P 1 Top row-left to right-Rosle Hartwell. Angle Pryatel. Mlddle row- Nikki Dettes, Kim Harper, Krystal Treadwell. Bottom row- Tomeka Bettes, Mushay Bowman. Team Girls Basketball The girls basketball D-team had a great and successful year as they work hard to move on up. They have practiced many long hours, so that in the years ahead they may become a J.V. or Varsi- ty player, they all want what it takes to be the best. 3" x 9- ,sfaj ee s T as , , noorww , A. , 4 RTFTDY gl by ugiitb Q I- F ' 1 .4 A' mg if L'-' ., , 5 c. , 1... i ll iff fs 45, SPORTS 123 Top row - Erika Highmlller, Virginla Green, Vlckle Edwards LaReese Johnson Bottom row Tammy Sttnett Kelly Johnson Tracy Thomas Susle Cline Coaches Terry Bright and Jill Silverman. arsity olleyball "Shake it off," says one player to another. Coach Bright calls a time out to discuss the last series of mistakes made by her varsity squad. She reminds them that, teamwork is together- ness, and with this in mind, the players return to the floor. The ball is served: a player from the back tries to bump it up to the setter, but fails, and the ball goes off court. Half the team runs to get the ball back In play. and they succeed to leave their opponents standing in awe, trying to attempt to figure out how the Lady Sundevils gat the ball back over the net. The Varsity Volleyball Lady Sundevils know the answer . . . "TEAMWORK." Joie ff , ii' ' ,, ,T -:iw ' I sf, ,: . ffC fE1,1:': o f rw - f a, alas.-,. .dk '4z,1,,,-.,,',g,,,- , , l is-'wr,.. if .L 5,.,4l Top Row Cl to rj: Angela Reld, Rosle Hartwell, Mlssy Klser Mlddle Row: Angelo Perklns, Crystal Treadwell Bottom Row: Phong Horton, Demenlca Jackson, Adri- enne Clark Front Row: Collette Hlnton I.V. ULLEYBALL I Want You To Go Out There And Do Your Best. "All rlght glrls, you know what you have to do. A lot ls at stake on thls game, so I want you to go out there and do your best!" With the pep talk over, the glrls leave the locker room and trot onto the gym floor. The game beglns. Durlng the course of the game. the glrls play exceptionally well, each glrl masterlng her serve to have the return set and spiked for o point. The opposlng team cannot understood why our team ls so good. Only our glrls know that It Is because they proctlce three days a week, for two hours a day under the constont supervlslon of their advisor, Ms. Silverman, and the leadership of thelr captoln, Collette Honton. They are the only ones who know that because of thls, they, the glrls .l.V. Volleyball team, wlll go on to ploy o wlnnlng seosonl X iam .-team.,-XSK W- ,M Q Se-'rv 1 I "1 -Gu I gi g r X f e . Lqym K 'NN 'K W' K k-'lr - - .c.c,,,,..,, we N... .-.1 'yi X gn SPORTS 125 Z 1 N, r A! r r, i lf 5312? p afskti .V - -, an 'J r 'rf '-+3 X' v w A us 4 f 1 'w eu, - igvgi.. M " ' . ' -4- f 5 WH W- ' .3 ir2"5'4 5 I ' ' 'X I 'T 9 A " 41-1 Q Z . , 'neu ' f' V G" iw, , . ' ' ,, he- "-' W' W.. f .-, " ,-,Fai f, . "J, W A '- ,. ', ' i Q, if 2:33 J, i ! :qw f - ss- s .- iz -" 2, - 353175 , f-:EL 'rtf'lr?f, f . R g,,'. '- -..g.',- N:-1 1, A w -4 ,W . "wwf 4 m., 1., ...fr ff , 1 - , - 'a -. , .. X in ' A5-2, ,tj-4" ii? uvzff, V . ' 17.-ffhrf f ' f- E3 vyglf . -ms, ROSS COUNTRY This year the Eldorado Cross-Coun- try Team ran an excellent season. The girls were ranked number one in the city, while the boys were fourth. On November 2, the team went to zone. The girls took a well deserved first place. The boys took a close fourth. During the State Meets in Reno, the girls took fourth place, the boys took place, with Norm Watson taking First all around. " ,,3r,..,,,t - 1- .2 I'?':yE'J,:'7?'J is f 7 ss. - .iffgt '-'Gy' . .fwLs'fifz.g2-,' .3 -- fsigrf W . . ,":N.' -T ggrfy ,L ....':f?7L3s. K, rv fag.. ,. - , ..-.ra-4.-'.5,1' ' Front row, Left to Rlghtz Jamoue Pollard. Remona Porter, Kim Spivey, Sharon Porter, Marc Rizzo, Debbie Moore. Row 2, Left to Right: Tom Delacey. Javler Waslak, Amy Merton, Sharon Denton, Chris Hickey. Judy Jagodzinskl, Shelly Livingston, Angle Pryatel. Row G. Left to Right: Coach Richardson. Chris Fredrlckson, Doug Moore. Laura Delaney, Steve Kang, Bob Kryszczuk, Darren Miquez. David Dornack, Terry Newton, Coach O'Deo. Row 4, Left to Right: Sean Lee, Karl Covert, Gary Kohut. Jeff Sutherland. Kevin Shaw, AJ. Jones, Moe Dellsle. Norm Watson, Shawn Nielsen, Joe Maviglia. Not Pictured: Jeff Bateman, Rlchard Bennett. Robert Bruce, Calvln Boyden, Patrick Linn, Davld Myers, Maurice Seeback, Bridget Cambell, Natasha Lohnes, Kathy Smith. 126 SPORTS NN S lI'lt0 HCUOI1 "Swinging ' ' n This years tennis team, here at Eldorado, played very well. They began the season as a newly or- ganized team consisting of many new players. As the team worked together throughout the season they showed great Improvement and never gave up on thelr team spirit. v ,-a 'pw M rv! Top Row: Velf Mohlke, Kleth Bowman. Darren Cochran, Tom Wolf, Greg Cummings. Middle Row: Ed Norath. Tony Woo, Stan Sajon, Bob Ostenson, Ramon Garcla, Walman Law, Lelrman Ousley, Coach Goldhammer, Front Row: Sua-Llng Law. Llsa Patterson, Danica Oneal, Corl Bower, Almee Wytko, Donna Dllacova. SPORTS 127 ff Q b 1 wr. K x I. -wvw-vi' fb: Auf. ef' . vada 0115 -vf 3 X-.ff gag- 1 X!! .S 1 if M . f, 3 - ,' RX V. 111 Mfr, E - I , , 'n.. .,.,, ,W- L'- w 6' ' X' .-L' 2 , 'sf' sa W, .s,g,1E . mf A R J' l E ' Z M, az Jiffy V W M 1 ' x WRW V Wrestling N sf u rsss Q T . be X S 1 180 SPORTS The 198586 JV Wrestling team took more than their share of wins and pins this sea son There IS no doubt in the minds of the students of E H S that these boys are definitely keeping up the tradmon of be Ing number one In Clark Coun ty where wrestling IS con cerned This years EHS JV Wrestllng ls coached by Mr Maraflno Mr Jones Mr Arrata The team conslsts of Top Row-Kenneth Kurth Kelly Patterson. Alan Dlngham Warren Gray Toby Hol- Ilnsworth Leroy Stallworth Brlan Turn- er Ron Marks. Mlke Snow Damon Mor- rls. Bottom Row: John Gondinl Mllton Cooley Chrls Cave. Pot Medina Tlm Breed Todd Woak, Mlke Dalesslo Todd Powell Lynn Frehner and Bllly Sault. www 5 'Ns H., 'v .-, S' . S. :gnc-,b 5 5 5 . 1' ee A X a 'S es i..- , -' , A ' K A- f 'SNNFSX .ek OLP All the way to the green This year the Glrl's Golf team at Eldorado did an excellent job of keeping their spirlts up. Although they did not rank, these glrls had a ball playing at various courses and competing against girls from the oth- er hlgh schools. Mona Cella was the outstandlng golfer with an average of 63 on the 9 hole course. ,, 4- no 1-54- fn I- 1-. Ramona Cella, Candl Gross. Genevieve Perlman, Susan Cox. Tammy Moore. Jackle Dunneon if' Q..- . :Q 1 SPORTS 131 aseball The Eldorado SunDeviI Varsity Baseball Team with their attitude and ability makes them strive to be The Most Outstanding Baseball Team in the State. The teams hard work and determination is what insures them to a successful year. Eldorado Varsity Baseball Team:: Left ro Right- Top row. Coach Peck, Reggie Green, Chet Robberts, Kyle Cardlnal, Troy Mitchem, Richard Daniel, Pete Dlllman, Terry Nlxon, Coach Tollver, Coach Clarkson, Mlddle row- Mike Tellez, Randy Mlnnyard, Logan Heckathorn, Gary Reese. Pat Luss, Jerry Raymond, Bottom Row- Mike Commonski, Pat Kenny, Mark Basset. Mark Wilson, Ryan Anthony. Mark Simmons. nwhicmw, 1' MW 4 4983. Gmfvaswsta gy 4983. ElDORllD0 BllSEBAll BOOSTER ClUB 182 SPORTS wi Almost every young American boy dreams of some- day being a professional baseball player. Making the Junior Varsity Baseball Team is a stepping stone in these young mens llves. They'll go from J.V. to Varsity, to college and hopefully major league ball, where they can join the big names like Steve Garvey, Fernando Venezu- ela, Steve Sax, Ron Cey and many more. These young men put out many hours of hard work into their practices. so that when game day comes along they'll be plenty prepared to face their opponents out on the baseball diamond. This years J.V. Baseball team consists of CL to RJ Coach Burris, Greg Lyons, Rick Offley, Kurt Wohlrab, Sam Mlnyard, Richard Speekman, Chris Carrico, Jalme Ruano. Steve Konst and Coach Bruian. Front Row CL to RD Tony Bowman, Danny Nixon, Danny Sewell, Larry Hanson. -James Thurman, Elmer Sena, David Ybarra, Cliff Goodrich, And Freddy Lyons. Not Pictured are: Marc Wilson, Sy- vante Singleton, Mark Basset and Reggy Lyons. 57 . si V A , in ' J ,f-,fm . 'il 0' X X 'S -H '1-..- - ' 'uf ' f .-1 0 ' .0 L t 592-S .. , Im'-'P' A W' vvwf 'gp' ', vi YV 2 HWMM . T CQ-Rf' -Q x J Q1 wt ...---- v1.3--if.. 'lL, nt -qw' 4 Baseball .,-"liu+.L45':.-i"f ffllllll crm?--1 1 1' .,' yy, ,-A Ll - ... .J ' ,, ',1"'f'5,W'1f5 Tlllu QI u ll SPORTS 133 aftball Have you ever stayed after school and watched a group of talented young ladies improving their pitching arm or practicing their batting? lf you have, you have witnessed the Softball teams at Eldorado. These are a special breed of young ladies that are unafraid to break their nails or even get dirty. They spent many hours after school perfecting their individual skills to work as a team, which was easily seen at any one of their games. They could have never reached their full potential without their coaches, Ms. Quinn and Mr. Levlns. V 49 -uf ..,,,.,, My ww? AA -L ' L J .. -2 f.. 4, M, Y sv 'f"v,,' f .ww f.. . . -ffrl ,gk ...Q '4- W- if -. my 'M ,""H3'-::'?.': y 'U X. PM W .M ,, 2 O 9 un... V . .r 4 f-1 51 4 Nm ' 1 Q vw -,,,g,k 4 x YQ iw, . F' .4 my .W A' .pu-, 1 4 I , ni Q fn 11' fw.w""f ' - ah.. 'K SPORTS 135 OWLING This year the bowling team was made up of a number of "striking", young, talented students. Although the team did not obtain a first place standing, they did give it their best, with Raul Arroyo finishing with a fantastic 176 average, and Benita Smith with a 145 average. As next year "rolls" ln, it brings the return of new hopes and goals of higher averages. Members of the '86-'87 bowling team: "KNOCK'EM DOWN". BOYS VARSITY I ll I 3 r I -lg E l r i 1 l Dock Row: Robert Dumond, Troy Mltchum Front Row Peter Hicks Raul Arroyo Jim Dell Arrnga GIRLS VARSITY Bock Row Denlto Smlth Dlono Dome Jockle Dunneon Front Row: Mellsso Woy Angle Sword BOYS J.V. Dock Row: Dale Dumon Andy Splller Kevln Struble Wode Yoley Drlon Dell, Arlnglo share, 1 ., ' ys Track Vxctory Eldorado track participants know that hard work pays off. Day after day, these athletes push themselves to the limits at practice, preparing for upcoming meets. When one of these athletes wins an event, he or she knows lt's not luck that brought them victory, but the hard work and dedication they put forth. Good Sportsmanship is stressed in track, and Eldorado is well-known for its good temper. No one is a loser at EHS, but a winner that hasn't yet proven himself as such. Front row Cl to rl-Ken Kurth, Bob Kryczuk, Roy White. Ron Mabe. Adam Chan, Mark Morgan. Robert Carter, Paul Farnum, Jody Marshall, Charles Pettlford, Chrls Hickey, Steve Kang 2nd row CI to rj-Brady Wells, Kevln Thompson, Dole Clary. Derrlck Shleld, Terry Newton. Ron Mongeon. Richard Drelghton. Doug Gibson, James Welskopf. Robert Meadows. 3rd row fl to rj-Derrlck Henderson, Rudl Rulz. Robert Moyers, Mark Anton, Dove Wllson. Paul Woodward, Greg Robb, Kevln Shaw. Norm Watson. Jovler Waslak 4th row CI to 0-Terry McClaIn. Kevin Eppenger, Alan Ferguson, Mike Holmes, Patrlck Lockhart, Shown Nlelsen Standing-John Hlnes, Scott Stellmon, Freddy Preston, Harold Kerr, Lorenzo Ruano, Erlc Wohlrob, Robert Sarabla, Wlllle Lehmkuhl. Don Lewis, John Volkmar, Blll Manners. ,ii wgm -...4,, Q Ii 1"'u!2f"i'2.S ,Mercy ' we A--arf" N' u, ww-'K NF' E ' 4 'Y' 3' Q -,,Q,,1f 'U ,r r 'YKWZ 5 L '1 1 I-ll I i l .1 1 fx: N K, f u A - irls Track an N"' ,I A - , 'W .3-.. -. .0 K "ml 1545! ' sxt'. f .-uf' - .ii I., A ...L- 'Ys ' 2'--"'ff'31 '- , '.-9 'f'-if alik- , fix, .., ., -U 1: 570 ' wanvaf-'Nl rf ' Front row il to rj-Raquel Mollna, Unknown, Sharon Porter, Pom Lyons, Belinda Nielsen, Melissa Way, Marlo Way, Moria Battalion, Remono Porter, Shoron Campbell, Kim Hammock. Phyllls Sargent, Melodle Banks 2nd row CI to rb-Gino Hector, Kathy Smith, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown. Phung Horton, Ollle Mllell, Angle Perklns, Adrienne Clark. Collette Hlnton, Shannon Sonerhol, Unknown Top row KI to rj-Angle Pryatel, Robln Richburg. Trlshun Jackson SPORTS 139 OCCBI' ff P ' -" ' This year's Varsity team was made up of 19 of 'lu TW my , y HW wm, ,,:r,m, ,W Eldorados most spirited players. They started out with ""' H 'X 2 losses and they still strived to do there best. The . 1 , is ""' 1 T , team was young and had very little Varsity exper- N 0 ience, but they tried to work together to make the jif j f., Q., Qf .Q , A,, .' t best out of there Varsity year. 4 , y' , , tr :,f1 , i l ' -' . fb ' 'V .4 ,, if shly xvzfk f I MliQflw7 " N, " . , ' ,f ' '554:'i'lLw.JA3a.iffy? 5.."5"7'?:'59e'3f,-45522. :MW5'fY3' - ,M,.,,w,,.,,,, J , s X , X. . . ., , . VARSITY WH TOP ROW: Coach Shiller, Chris Fredrickson, Steve Kang, Don Kurau, Earle Blake, Eric Wohlrab, Fred Patterson, Bill Vilano, Tomas O'Briant, Kenny Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Kevin Thompson, Jonethan Marais, Kirk Howsen, David Dornak, Jeff Bateman, Sam Laosy, UnKnown Player, Pat Linn, Unknown Player. 140 SPORTS V S O C C E R Front Row: Jeff Bateman, Maurice Seebeck. Tracy Valao Wally Hammons Second Row: Kevin Thompson, Slthlsak Kykholnklan, Roger Rulz, Jason Sonnenberg. Kurt Howser Thlrd Row: Scott Stellmon, Robby Bruce, Chrls Hickey, Adams Kispert. Art NovaHoun Fourth Row: Coach Clarkson, Adam Chon. Erlc Stewart, James Thurman, Ron Jezlorski, Pat Llnn, Kevln Morss. X t rage Q . fx, ilkailh N in Rf .. .. .X ....M-.. -ff., K. This year Eldorado has seen 24 of lt's best sophomore and freshman talent In our Junior Varsity Soccer Team. This years team was said to be "some of the best Junior Varsity talent Eldor- ado has seen ln a long time." The team really puts a lot of effort in proving that the future for EIdorado's soccer team is really "looking good." SPORTS 141 DYNAMICS EDUCATIUN W . 4 . 'E . . ,X ' Mvliblx ff X-Q. Ma U A N 0,4 :Q . K , s X. 9 s sn' +0 'Q x ' 4 Q' "9 ' vs X Q' l K? , 2215 X 'ia K 'Q VALEDICTURIAN Jacqueline M. Braun SALUTATURIAN Michelle L. Murray SENIGR TDP TWENTY Jacqueline M. Braun Michelle L. Murray Elda A. Anquillano Lisa M. Wright Charletta D. Mohr Michael A. Schwob Kristie K. Krohne Melisa DeLaGarza David B. Dornak Jacqueline F. Duncan Eric P. Wohlrab Jean C. Kim Kristena L. Shigenaga Katherine L. Smith Steve C. Kang Darren L. Cochran Geordinno T. Bagaporo Bruno J. Nolte Karen L. Miles Danica D. O'Neal Arjn Pechpho 146 FACULTY Bottom rowl-r: Mrs. Porrlclo A. Dendorf, V. Pres. Mr. Don Goldforb, Pres. and Mr. Howard Holllngsworrh, Clerk. Top row I-r: Mr. Robert Forboss, Member Ms. Yvo R Arklnson. Member Mrs. Lucllle Lusk, Member and Mrs. Shirley Holst. Member. CLARK CDU TY SCHUOL DISTRICT BU RD UI: TRUSTEES ,pf Superintendent Of Schools, Dr. Robert Wentz ELDORADO HIGH SCHUOI. ADMINISTR TIO .Iv Princlpal Mr. Richard W. Paulln Assistant Prlnclpal Asslstanr Prlnclpal Asslstant Prlnclpal Mr. Evans Rutledge Ms. Mary Sue Gentry Mt. Barry Gunderson FACULTY 147 X . -'.- -' x A' ..... I gun- I ' Alexander Jlm Drlvers Education xy! ' -. ,al - Decltstead, Jean English II American Llterature ' fi Canfield, Patty Amerlcan Literature FACULTY T E H S Alvey Ida Interior Deslgn Foods I I . X , Deckstead Marrlner J.V. and V. Band Stage Band Guitar and World History Q .:. ,. , Xfflfm e g, Eff? H. wi ' - Qfhi T K Carcelli, Josephine World History I Amundson, John Averett Jlll Engllsh I and ll Rhythm Dance I P.E. I and II Brlght Terry Engllsh II and Ill Childress Pat Career Experience Individual Living, Famlly Life Social Llvlng Typing, Occupational Work xwfi Bvlan Rlck Woods I, II, and Ill, Draftlng I Drawing, Architecture E. Clark, Dave Government . C I l ' I , 5 ' Lis J X , E - L . N ' ' If 5 ' 'H - " x I - li N . ..f f .B I t R K If 41 ,C , ' 4, 1 f . 1 -M - ' .L r I 11512 'H f- ,,.. ', 1 v-J S 1. I I f is - Q I I I 1 I Q1 J Qi ' I I x l" L QU XX r J . . f ef s - I-5 '31 pil ? 'L 'figs 'I F-qi-s J Q1 R V' 'Till' an. '9 1" 7 ' XX ' W P' .- . gg.. 'Sli' feud? ki Morro Fon srunsursz 'Reach Lai-L, 1 - 1 5 ' L' J" for the Smal' "-'W You re In the Archleves Clark, Dorothy Clarke, Doug Clarkson, Denny Donlel. Slmmle Spanlsh I and ll, U.S. Hlstory Engllsh Ill and IV, Drlvers Educa- English, Reading Adjustment Business Law, Consumer Educa- tlon tion, Record Keeping, Typlng I, Offlce Machines Z O W .O 4. . f.: N , 0. , 4 , cg if K 'Q ', 'Q . . MOTTO FOR STUDENTS: "Keep X 7 -.nj E .1 Smiling" ' - 148 FACULTY Dreschler, Jeanette English ll, and Amerlcan Litera- tu Te -' X -L ig iii -A EE.. Emmett, Patty Theatre I, II III and Tech. Farnsworth Tom P.E. I and II Ferrarlo Ernle Drlvers Educatlon FI I 0 P W f I? jp I ... r wr ' Y - ' I ff I , , Ie II I-' - p I "'7h , ' - nl 1 'Ill A L , 1 I X' 'q,. " .ll , iv , .1 I' I . J, C Fernandez, Emillio Fisher, Bill UFQCZBIZI: Fredrlckson. Tom Spanish I and Il Auto I, II, and III ' ' Y World and U.S. Hlstory ,cg f I"" 'Q- Jz- -2 FS . J - Mxvx' N' ' ' ' X . , I LU' 5 ek I 1 :E . ' I X ,1 , - :v I , 0 Geiser, Joanne Gutierrez, Llnd Consumer Math, Pre-Algebra Spanish I, II, and III A ZW, , Goodell, Joan Goldhammer, Dean 35, ,,, Foods ll, Child Development U.S. History, Math ki 3 as ff I A Q W . 61 A D , Q 3 Z .. .I - 3' E - lg!! '- Mono FOR STUDENTS: UI-ack of K .'7IIIllJlIlIIPIIJIIIIHJIIIINIM Planning on Your 90" Shovldfft Q Morro Fon sruozmsz "Learn be an emergency for me" how to play the game" Hain mme Harchett, Thann Hanlon, Dill Haynes, Bob Civil Llbenies, world Hmmy, Health Algebra I, and Geometry College Preparatory, English I Government I , Q ,.Xl ', ,V Ai, , D . Q QQGI ,J -Q ' 0 , . ' A 5 si f X At if I f MOTTO FOR STUDENTS: "Don't MOTTO FOR STUDENTS: "You MOTTO FOR STUDENTS: "No dwell on the negatives" can make it if you try" goal is too high to reach" FACULTY 149 Helms June College Preparatory, Work Ex- perlence Diversified Occupa- ton H I S f!! 3 feb- C Hood Tom Chemlstry MOTTO FOR STUDENTS: Keep a Posltlve attltude Jensen Kaye Music theory Modrlgals, Men and Women Chorus Vocal En- semble 5.0.5. Jones, Dove C. Weight Tralnlng Henson Helen Eonh Sclence Hollingsworth Bill Earth Sclence Hood, Barbara Environmental Sclence Jensen Karen Hyatt, Jackie Jensen Arlo P.E. I and II, Rhythm Preclslon R. .T.C. I II Ill an V I , X f , I-1 -.,. o"v.0 - -Tj ? v7 O , ,I , dl , I I I" S 1 'ssl " f ' , , V , At Q s - I X ,I A uk X 4 5 5 "J lm x g ' zu, Jensen Ron Drawlng Palntlng Studlo r, Art I and II --X! -Ll I ,i Joseph, Ruth Government Johnson, Rudy JING Kirk, Jim Biology Engllsh II Engllsh Literature MSR Jones Dave M. Engllsh I and Il Kondo, Emery Computer Sclence Bas Algebra I f""N HK lc Math , I KN p I N -ff Y ' W F l-- I n A 150 FACULTY Lathrop. Evolynne Engllsh I and Il Levlns. Bill Geometry Basic Math, and Pre- Algebra .... . Llndsay Natalie Engllsh I and II Magnuson Sally Sclence Government I I , I W xx x. xx xx x x if x x xxx x 5 xx -. x . ....... XXM ' x N N x X f X Q xx x I x ill r x XX Q Wi A x xx x x x X I Q xo xx X v u A Martin, Ellzabeth M K' JI Maraflnlo, Steve May, Jlmmy C nney' m Mgebm I and II, comsumef f:s':i"cQ" ""e"""'e' and Eng' P.E. land Il VOM ""5'0'Y Moth 1 , ,, I S ,,,, 3 .V 1 i Mustafa, Muln Ml,-,sen Donna Consumer Math. Computer Sci- oaks' Duane ODEO' Mlke Boslc Moth, Geometry ence H Psychology' U5. Hgsgmy phg, I . 1 . , Q23 I, A - f , 4- an , ' vs. . , 'if' In , - A X ' li- A I XI Q :-.-...-...-.-..-.-.-.-.-.-1 . -xg, XX 4 - :.'.-.'.-:.'.'.'.':.': X 3 X ,f II n nanuu ik? Pomeroy, Jlm Polne- George Percm, Mary Lou Plqwski, Ed Photo I and II, Publucmnons I and Drafting. Welding, and Metals Independent Llvlng, Clothing I. Basic Math I, Algebra I Il Foods I, and Famlly Llfe lik . 4 - l. ' 'P SN . A A. f A fy 7 y J - 6 X 5 I X ' 'Q R I , A i W, ,, N FACULTY 151 Prlnce Robert Pre-Algebra Algebra I and II 1 K ..::: K . MOTTO FOR STUDENTS: Blte the Bullet" Ranz Edlth QUIM1 V0fId0 Basic Engllsh I German P.E. I and II. Lifetime Sports and IV MOTTO FOR STUDENTS: Hard work pays off" Rasmlc Chuck Health Drlvers Educatlon 0 ' . ' . , I, ll, III, , x A X' rx X X x R I s: gg I I ? 1::Q I -:-- -'. If I E E YL I, X :SX R . V 1 X x ip S i SK P N 1: S I 9 . +- 2 I Rlchardson, Som Rollins. Dave Rolllnsr 5, Ross, Carmen DIOIOQY PhYSICS, Earth Science Accounting I. Typlng I, Short- Eoffh 5C'enCef Und DIOIOQY hand I W Q I 4 I , 5 if I MOTTO FOR STUDENTS: "Don't A ri' I Y Y sweat the small stuff" Saxton. Jan R I' M English I, Engllsh Literature Es? Hlstsso Schiller. Rudy Schultz, Donna l I Basic Math II, and Geometry Math Adjustment. Engllsh II R 35 , I 1: Ei. EFT I ,,,f 5 A If -. 'iz fs' ' W XX 5' .LN 2 MADE IN fm ' MOTTO FOR STUDENTS: "Always strive to be the best you can V' possibly be" 2 Severance. Shannon Skroback, Kelth Typlng I and II, Accounting ll Slbo' '-Ynene 5"Ve'mQ"" ml U.S. History, and Journalism World Literature. Engllsh I, and P.E. I and ll Speech I and II in ,...: I , . . 5 vw , g 1 vi aw. .,f e O , ns A , ' f I,eF 5 I rta ' A 7 A r I :" I 4 ph -E 152 FACULTY Sobaje, Margaret Chopte, I Reading Spllttgerber, Gary Algebra l and Analytlcal Ge- ometry Stephens, Sherrlll S G tephens my In house suspension U.S. Hlstory, and Soclology w xx X 3 X X N v simsz U ers-QE? -I 4, Q il- l X Toliver, Mike h Tmvjnal Lg? I I f Trujlllo, Ken Turek. Ed World History Engns I on ' I nc po S 0 Health Famlly Llfe Leadership "lll"'l- 1 lllllffigffu-ad rg 5:32 I MOTTO FOR STUDENTS: "Pay At- ' tentlon" Turner, John Pre-Al ebra, Al ebra I. Analysls Vi ll, Kathy Wagers, Carol 9 9 9 Basic Engllsh ll, American Lltera- Data and Word Processing, Of- Wallace, Paul ture flce Practice, Student Alde Earth Sclence O 6- x X x xx x X X x N X Q- 4 X F--ki I Q Y .S 'T DOG' 5 - f is Q 1 f r AT fe ' ? " ' ,XIV Q f' Mono Fon stuomtsr NEXPET- , , 1 1 Q 9-if ' A lence keeps a dear school, but ' fools wlll learn no other" Whitlleld, Matte Young' Pom Ch0P'e' ' Reading Crime and Justice, World History To all the teachers that spend endless days glvlng of themselves and their knowledge to each student that ls wllllng to accept It and learn by lt, Thank You. ,rx I For each teacher that goes through those tedlous and frustratlng days, xi? J. , .--"' 4 Thank-Yau. ' Without you, students would never reach for all they can. Yes, you f NVE, influence them by showlng the 'human' side of llfe, and that by glvlng It , ' their all, students wlll achleve success. You are the examples of what the "tif" Ax 'real' world ls like, and though every student may not be lnsplred, It has I been sald, "lf one student Is Influenced then I have achieved my goal." By , , looking at the graduating classes of the past. it ls easy to say that, the X teachers at Eldorado Hlgh have achieved thelr goals. For all those thank-yau's that were never sald, "THANK-YOUl" S-Ez... FACULTY 153 BUSINESS The business department at Eldorado teaches stu- dents practical skills in areas such as shorthand, typing, office machines, data processing, computer program- ming, and secretarial procedures. These skills will be valuable tools in the job world. The classes instruct students how to deal with problems that will arise in the everyday operation of a business. ,fi ,, af. W, 2 g 5 A Y ew' lj 5 4 M wf"w. CREDIT 2 I 1 s'--' 'rt N- ff' QESJ, iQ' sv VR EMM l' jf' ffmw ifgmgvft jr g 3' 3 E ,Sf 1 Q-uf' wwe-c' T ,fa " f , ,M s 1 14 U gran 1 Q - KM f."n"- '. al it JR 5' ' ' . i' ,, , I If A K Q E c ig 8 ,wg .K ' iffziw 5 ft'Yt l 5 STN X .. 6, v ' f A - , E1 L' fini 5 4' is .ff 'M 51 H. .ww wav" on f n 'M an , , ., 4-1: ,dusk 'flax jf, 6,11 ,"' ' ag ' 6 ,L f Q 'f L fL.,w..L ff? , 2-Q ? 2 'Q 'ts ,QM 222 'Wfw, K ' I 5 it gl l ' ,..1, . ,Wm :ffm ffm ,W-c2Qt,f,t , , ' , ff? T ww, T i H ,u ,lf ,fs it lla W! i,,,sfg "lllQDQ"i fr-mr"E ,Ffa , Naam ,ly , 5 H i , 5, if M, ww, ,E 1: ww- 'iw.1,,,m it t ff' www ' Q . - N ff . Q :.,j -,Je 2 sei 5 -f WY i S J S " ima T, t ,, M, M M: Q W:-v' H? . 3 Q ff 3 f fx sifw ,Q J X 4, ,az 1 , ' 5 4 M r 5 f s i f' E A YK, .F wane. ffvygemy ms.. v,,,?,c.M ..,,,,,, 3' 'N tw -fi it 7 t if W 53 ' ,- ' A "i"'-'ff f ' 'H X" K, I 4 gn s M f rf.. at Q., 3 st, f 'f X. m,.,,f M 4 1, 'gk . Fw-H' ,xg H f if W -i' , - .: ' :- Q. , 2 i ,ff ' -"E," nw Q 5 lg Q' l , A 1 Q K, P - W. tt., ff K xt. jail ax t- f ,,w-4 't f , 5 N 2 N, f' 'A " 5 J- ,ft x , X- X iff 'li ii V 'gif is j V L A W, . .RE .EW N . 4 Wwifv s y l , A 1 it I' ' ' K f F' "W Q 3 . f V J? 2 - ,F , ' K in 3 5 f I 4. fc.- up J s .' 1' q ' A ff a i N fi" a ,f V el , Q i A ' Q5 an A , ,t I5 If - j a 'fs-t.s.htN,2 Q.. 3 M' if i, . ny 2 2, 3 .Ma ,fa-M-.8 x M sg ', - 5 it it , -:Q +A Q. M ' iii V I K LIL A 'ix r 2 5 1 L 5 , H i , if 1 ' '-fG 5 31755 '- r it -' -M ,.A,, .. G' y -.61 y li xg .4 f" The Q The art of communicatin is the most vital ann Wm tl-my art in our society. He who can read and write with some expertise can express himself well and convince others of his intelligence. The English department at Eldorado does an ex- cellent job of enhancing the students individ- ual skills so that after high school they will have the necessary skills applicable towards - IKX any career. ACADEMICS 155 2 2 4 5 or ,V E 6 G 9 Y if E t X. .wi I, ww ,-.4 , ,., Mp B . f S ? Q El ,, ,. ,..,.i.....,,. ., 4. ., MATH Math: the science of numbers and their operations. Many students never realize, os they moon and groan over o difficult math problem, that after graduation, math skills are applied and used almost every day in any profession. The math depart- ment provides a variety of classes the stu- dent can use to broaden his mind and at- tempt to become knowledgeable in the mathematics field. These courses include introductory algebra, algebra, algebra ll, geometry, trigonometry, consumer math, and computer science. s .Q f . Q N Q , Q ,M cg ,,,............ ,cs M....... c. of .N 3 ? fi r To 3 5 W. .gg M..--.-.4.... .N ...cw K... N. i Q f is t Q 1 E ci,,.................,ipXw. ..-W. .Wy 3 ks g K . i. , E 3 Q T 5 . S t f 5' 6 f i . 5 c . k is 4 M, ggv.,c,,,.,w..,,,,Nc..k.Q,.w..4..,......,N ...ME -.. -5? ,Qty Q 5 . , . s F 1 if ,. , . .W A F we J -'N is , e E E f if A s ' ,. ...M W, My ........ - Y ' Q Y s 5 2 1 . . -t 'T 5 5 .. W, .,... M N ff A f ...- ..a,-,., -,,...,s.... ,,.......,. -. . qt - Q-...me ...- z S A . 2 Q i E Q. 5 S 2 S l 'E ,Y ...,c.,..-N. as-s.N..N..,c... ,- . M.. . 4.-N-,.... Us 3 i S 4 M.. .,f,.W.M ,.,c...Q ,,.. .,,.,,,. - ,. 1 5 F ah- Q-- wwwm, g .A 2 sf. x ...QQ 1 E if Q . 3 3 Z Q F E X r s eg wwwuew-Q-ww? 3 x E 2 S 1 3 Q ,,,,,,.,,,,. ,Sc W... W- 1 S 4 2 Ei 4 i Q E 'S' . 5 5 3 2 it s S s X ........A...c .M M, .. , t.sw......-.. -wc . .gg-f...,.. .N t W fs. W. .xc , 2 ? .................g ..N.,...., .... N s , X Q 4 gm ,,,W.,. ...eec - M... W ,, ,M .. t. me 5 i 1 2 Q 2 g . Q Q 4 I S 5 .,,.... ,....W.,.. 1, ,,. .. ....X..-....,.,w-Q..-..,--NJ-w 5 fi 2 ' 2 Z f Q ' E . ..-ct :....c,..c...-,.l..c...,,..,c,,........... it g 5 Q ? S E 4 Q E .c 5 S Q... ., ,..N...g....,,,...... Men e W Q 1-fe V ' it Q E . s f S ' E. s c v mt 4 ,s--can c l XE P F M-.f,M..4,.w ,..M..... - f S- .A -- ..-- v --we . ..... me ..W.... ...sc NnnW"M -W -- .. T . I s S S X 5 at M... .. MQ.. i 5 i' 5 1 Q 5 3' 3 a x r 2 , M., mg..- x -4 N.- E w -4. r 3 i .,...v-s,.......... 2 e 3 Y . -sl 2 v i . S 1 vw. ..,-0. t' A S , ,M 5 f 2 rcs... 5 5 1 Y .. . ..........., ,5,...... W... R --X s Q 3 5 ...gn -1o-wwu.-gf-- ws -Q W ..... ,- ...--.. Q.. - .nw W, 43- -vm -sn-M . ,,..-.N V.. 6 ,... . I i S if f 5 Q 1 1 ,... ... ,?-....-. Q, 3 r,...,.,g.....- .. S 3 x ....,t,.. .... .. Q S l ...,,. --.,... s 3' S 1 a 'n.Af Wi ,,.. ..,,.v,.... b 5 X 2 3 ., ..,...-.... .. . 5 1 E 1 s lah, i ',nv"'N' gp A H s J 1 sv -X. eww ummm - r Q 1. ... ,.....-. W Q .. -.,..,.,. -A P,-V 3 . 1 v 3 I '- L , I :. 4 'Q , 4 , .A tw. WV 4 - -.32 - Q u 1 S , . S x , g . , . . tm.. ..-..,-,,i..,,, -A s.- Ml - - Q -- 'A M- W- -A 5 i . ' .L Q t s s f 2 1 . 1 g S ...-.f-. uv-wt...-vb...-Q' X. If 'V' ' "' ' T I 1 : . . - s . 5 , 3 .c...,,.!. ...4 ,.... W. -ta .A Q' "' ' ' 5 g B , 9 K . S SCIENCE Science is the knowledge of facts. laws, phenomena and causes gained by exact ob- servation, organized experiments, and exact thinking: ln other words, science is the process of trial and error. Through these programs, students learn to probe into matters and their secrets. The science classes offered here ot Eldorado are life science, earth science. envi- ronmental science, biology, and the more try- ing, chemistry ond physics. ACADEMICS 157 PERPURMING RTS The Performing Arts are o key ingredient to the success of Eldorado High School. Eldorodo has al- ways had enthusiastic participation in the Sundevil Gand, Jazz Choir, Concert Choir, Girls' Glee, Madri- gals, Sounds of the Sun, Stage Bond, and Drama. Being involved in the performing arts guarantees the students lots of hard work and long hours of rehearsing, but in the end, great reward deep in their hearts. CMI7 were a bell - 4 158 ACADEMICS CONDUCTOFVS SKETCH AMW 611: GM Hbmnq '7 I 1' 1 Y. Tl I IAIZYI LSI' '7 'Q lr v gl f A . 1 2 ' 3,-5 . P 3 P . : - 0 - E ' ' IYI 'I 5 5 r'3'1 3 X P . E . Eldorado not only glves the student a chance to broaden and shape his mind but his body as well. Through the extracurricular sports offered at Eldorado, such as softball, baseball, basketball. and other team sports, students learn to work together. The physical education classes provide a comblnatlon of benefits, provldlng the student with information on their fitness and keeping flt as well as Iearnlng teamwork and the basic rules of most sports. Where the physical educatlon classes leave off, the health classes pick up. Durlng the semester, students ln health are taught about their bodies, the basics of personal hyglene. and how thelr bodles work as a few of the many subjects taught by the teachers and comprehended by the students. ACADEMICS 159 OCATIGNAL Vocational classes prepare students for future work after high school. These classes give students the opportunity to get hands on experience in a large variety of fields including metals, auto shop, wood shop and welding. Dy taking these classes, the students are given an edge in their competitive job markets over those who have no training in their field. With these experiences behind them, stu- dents may, in the future emerge as true professionals in their field. l ssss if it: is 160 ACADEMICS 1,-P". smears 'fxfxf on ig. ATES IN 1861 SUCIAL STUDIES Social studies is probably not a favorite subject of many students, but it is definitely one of the most important. Social studies classes such as world history, U.S. history, and govern- ment involve not only our past history, but also current issues which are important in our everyday lives. Throughout histo- ry mistakes have been made and, hopefully, by learning about the past, these same mistakes won't be made in the future, and social studies will truly prove to be an important part of our education. ACADEMICS 161 Q? l S1 i N . 1 A W , , . . S1 . . ' Azzi . ,, - - - , GUIDE TU DERCLASSM N MAGAZINE .45 KH, k 1 ' more p. S GF mv 1 M555 Mm A i f kwf',fw5-Ziggy Q14 'QQ iw xx my Kfswx t gilyisffrwi' ggi www wg, .Nw wi 4 X wig-S-6g,,,,g fb xy xiii ,a fn,-x 4 M I-flu -asfzim K Wu-m :sm- ' 5,4 X 1. 55wb751??!a'Hi'? A43 5 QW.. 4 - fy, fliiqpgiqgl A 33 ? iii: 21 ' ' fy 1' 1:5 A il Rf? 5f14f'Fff5fg:E?3i - iv . 1 J X T' IL fffixf A 59 5 5 - H ,li ,L, .i, v Q 5 ex KK t b , N x 1 -K1 X x xx-f1"I X ff ,I Si f Q 'Hi . fm my SL aw 'W H 15 f X fwizs? C5 'S ru fl x ' 1. if Xx f . x ' ' Q . gg . u ac. ' -mf' I .sl L 4 1 x f,. o n my X K' gc - gf' if x . 'ml Q .G Q JU ICR CLASS GP 1987 5. X .E 4 -Q Thls years lunlor class Officers, CAC. and CCM members ore: Back row: Alllson Densley, Angle Warburton, Karen Cartler, Deanna Decostanzo. Cheryl Wllllams, Davld McAllister. Stanley Sajor. Front row: Connle Cambell. Jason Brower CPresldentJ, Llz Hlerro fVlce-Presldentl, Carla Mlklovlch Gecretoryb, Lorl Prewltt CTreasurerD, Dee Ellis CHistorlanJ, Troy Mltchum CSenatorJ, Eddle Doyle. Abrlaga, Trlsha Adams, PJ. Agee, James Alston. Lawrence Altmannsberger, Mellssa Anderson, Andrew W 4, I . . , .. 46 QE na Arllngton, Robln Doro, Ronl Barrlnger, Wllllam Battalion. Marla Bayles, Nathan Deck, Danette :gf - Belcher. Mlchelle Delalr. Ernle Dennett, Angela Benolt. Sondra ., .., Derkablle, Steven Blxermann. Wllllam f l l Y' 'f B I K Q ,. A .live Blackwell. Tammy Blackmer, Derh Blair, Ron Blake, East J Boyden, Calvln Boyer, Veronlca A A log tx in 164 UNDERCLASSMEN 'EF' Q77 D 4""x 'J' 'Q -Q Q'-eu Q77 f 'Lx bv 'S is ttf' 'sa Drandvlck, Chrls Drawer, Jason Bridges, Tlna Broan, Troy Drown, Tom Bryan, Klm Duckmlller, Becky Burkhart, Klmberly Burneo, Marlo Bustamante, Connle Campbell, Konnle Cannon, Sherry Cansedo, Daniel Cardlnal. Kyle Carrlllo, Lalonnle Carroll, Maurice Cartier, Karen Carter, Robert Carter. Vicky Cheek. Mark Chrlstlansen, Rod Chuadthong, Penkhea Clrlllo, Marla Clayton, James Constantlne. Travls Cook, Greg Cooley, Milton Coory, Tammy Cowell, Cralg Dahlln, Tanya Daniel, Richard Danls, Marle Dante, Dlana Davles, Rosalind Dovls, Chrlsty Dayamy, Paula Deboer, Crystal DeLacy, Tom Delany, Pat Denault, Julle Denton, Sharon Devore, Rene UNDERCLASSMEN 165 Dlaz, Ellzabeth Dlckensen, Bruce Dlglulllo, Shlvon Dlller, Edl Donahoo, Evonne Doyle, Eddle Dubro, Robert Dudley, Ranch Duke, Dave Dumo, Melchor Dunn, Kimberly Dunn, Kevln Eoger, Tom Earls, Hobart Eackley, Chrlstlna Edmlston, Brad Eliza, Erlca Evans, Jonnle Falrfleld, Angela Fehrman, John Ferguson, Alan Flnch, Chuck Flscher, Scott Fisher, Erlc 166 UNDERCLASSMEN ,aw FOOD FOR THOUGHT Question: What new foods do you thlnk the cafeteria should get? Answer: I think they should make thelr salad selection big- ger, make better sandwiches, because by the time lunch time comes around they are all ready soggy. The hambur- gers need to have some more real meat in them. They also need to have more food for the people who like more natural foods. Granola bars would help. I wouIdn't mind if they got Steak or lobster. Baked potatoes sound good to me too. Maybe a llttle more of ltallan dlshes and some Mexican, Chinese and American dlshes would also be very nlce. They also need to make the food look more appetlzlng, because the cafeteria really lsn't. Really, All In all the food I would give a two star ratlng. Brian Flatt YZ 5 I vf ,f 1" I PLAY B LL. Question: Why do you think the Varsity Football team had such a good season this year? Answer: We had a good coaching staff. We had depth at every position and good team leadership Ron Wright This year the Juniors, of the Varsity football team, were a major cause of our team going to zone and playoffs. Among the many players of the team were these juniors: Rich Daniel, Tyrone Perkins, Lee Tyra, Pat Luss, Chris Wendell, Chris Murray, Kris Krueger, Nobie Belamy, Kelley Paterson, Chris Carter, Eddie Walsh, Ron Wright, Jason Brower, Kenny Washington, Travis Constantine, Alan Peltier, and Damon Morris. X., -V4 ,.. if Y wuwr 1 . , x fit me Fredrlckson, Chrls Frehner. Lynn Galvln, Shawn Garcla, Danny Garcia, Joe Gombarcla, Kimberly Gooding, Aaron Gray, Nicole Gutlerrez, Melina Guzzlo. Mike Hall, Chelsea Hamilton, Mlchael Hammet, Angela Hammock, Klm Harding, Tanya Harrison. Jeff Hartwell, Marle Hawkins. Down Heckathorne, Logan Heenan, .Iennle Helsler. Mlcheal Hlbdon, Cynthla Hlerro, Llz Hlghmlller, Erica UNDERCLASSMEN 167 Hlttle, Janet Hoefert, Julle Hoelzle, Mlke Hollman. Don Hollowlnskl, Kevin Holmes, Michelle Holmes, Nlcole Hubbard, Sharon Hudson. Ronnie Hysom. Mellsso Jackson, Cherlne Jackson, David Jackson, Heath Jagodzlnskl, Judy Jezlorski, Ron Johnson, Ray Johnson, Ricky Kent, Brando Klng, Kalla Kinney, James Klttle, Kevln Kohut, Gary Kooken, Shaundra Kostner, Mlke 168 UNDERCLASSMEN ,Ll r -Q.,-Q GRAPPITI Question: When you saw the school being repainted, what did that mean to you? Answer: It meant that someone cared enough to make our school look better. Diana Hanache Eldorado Gets A Facelift How do you improve the best high school in Las Vegas? Where do you start? This is a tough assignment. When you review what we have and what we have to offer, what's left? You're right, just better looks. So, this year Eldorado received a face-lift. The entire outside of our school was painted from top to bottom. The traditional dull gray took on the appearance of a bright beige. Students that used to refer to our school as a "prison in appearance", now speak of Eldorado with re'newed pride in "their" school. The bright exterior has as its crowning touch, new graphic signs that proclame our school as "The Home Of The Sunde- viIs". The new appearance of our school has fostered a new pride among our students, and has created an atmosphere of belonging to an institution that is attractive and a cut above the rest. The f "Face-Lift" was a great success in helping to improve a school that we already feel is the best. Q. A ef LETS GIVE THEM O R SUPPGRT Question: What do you think about sports such as soccer, baseball, track or golf, not getting alot of support from groups such as the Cheerleaders, Student Council, Song- leaders, etc? Answer: l think that those sports should get as much support as the Football, Basketball, and Wrestling teams get. They work hard and they win alot of their games. They are a part of our school. I think the school should get involved with these sports too. Lisa Hanson Krueger. Chrls Lathrop, Penny Laub, Klrby Loxton. George Lettner, Matthew Leonard, Kenny Levendosky. Cinder Levlne. Terry Llndqulst, Jamle Llrgg, Heldl Lockhart, Potrlck Logan. Ronald Lohuls. Robert Long, Nancy Longworth, John Lorne. Brower Loveall. Allcla Lutey, Wllllam Maldonado. Jeff Manganello, John Mason, Tlna Massaro, Leonard Mcallister, David Mcalllster, Terry UNDERCLASSMEN 169 DO IT AGAIN SAM Question: In what ways do you feel the school could be improved? Answer: I think that we could use more spirit, more dances, and better music in the cafeteria. Gina Acocella Over the years the administration as well as students of Eldorado high school have made many efforts to improve the schools image. Some of these efforts were to have the school be repainted. Others were to show interest of the accomplishments the students have made. Not everything can be done at one time but soon enough our school will be the best looking anywhere. McKeon. Sean McKnight, Janet McMlIlIon, Kenny McMurray, Llsa Medlna. Potrlck Mehner, James Mlkesell. Tlna Mlklovlck, Karla Mlller. Kenny Miller, Wendi Mlranda, John Mitchell, Danlel Mltchum, Troy Mojlcar. Lydla Mollna. Jaclnth Moore. Melissa Murrell, Patrlna Myers, Jason Nopuunoo, Kathy Nlxon, Terry O'brlen, Shawn Parker. Harrlett Parks, Lorl Patrldge. Chrls 170 UNDERCLASSMEN .im SHE CAN DC IT, IF HE CAN QUESTION: How do you feel about girls playing guys' sports? ANSWER: I think its just fine. lf some girl wants to try It and can handle it then I think she should be able to do it. Angela Feister For many years girls have always had a great interest in participating In so called all male sports, such as football, Basketball and soccer. Today some of these girls are doing something about it. They are trying out. No one yet had made the team because the other male players as well as coaches feel the girl can't handle the pain or pressures. But someone someday wlll prove them very wrong. Who knows who it will be. It might be your lttle sister or the girl next door. 1 ,4,. In 3,- 47' Patterson, Kelly Payne, Davld Peart. Phllllp Pelttler. Alan Peralta, Dennls Plppln, Rushelle Ploenese, Jeffrey Plunk. Trlston Prewltt Loi Price, Samlee Prlnce, Brenda Prlnce, Mlke Proulx, Ronald Purcell, Melonle Purdy, Danny Purrler, Dennls Rangel, Hector Rangel, Salvador Rees, Deborah Rees. Gary Regan, Bobble Rlos, Vlctorlo Roberts, Chet Robinson, Shelly UNDERCLASSMEN 171 Rock, Lorl Rock, Wllllam Rogy, Tammy Rohweder. Chrl Rollf, Michelle Roth, Glna Rudolph, Annrlcka Sajor, Stanley Sargent, Phyllls Sarraclno. Tracle Scarsdale. Daphne Scheel. Dawn Schell, Edward Scott. Stacey Sellers. Cyndee Sevy. Cralg Snider, Dlck Snow, Mlke 4Kf"7 ?f2 5 W1 if e .M 1 5 ,sl AL. do 1 ' W, It Q f 2 f ,Q 'Aw 3? f if wg Spencer, Kenny Splehs, Ryan Stollworth. Harrison Stallworth, Leroy Stevens, Troy Story, Shawnl 172 UNDERCLASSMEN Q . it IS THERE A STUDE T I THE HOUSE? Question: How do you feel about the new in house suspen- sion program? Answer: l feel it is too hard on people. The suspension shouldn't be as long if its In-House, because all that time working in one day makes you wish you could be in class. Being stuck in one place all day really gets to a person. Trlston Plunk The Clark County School District has recently instituted a program into our high school. This new program is called, "In-House Suspension". From this new program students may be placed in In-House rather than be removed from school or be sent back to class. They are now sent to Coach Sherrill Stephens classroom to do nothing but homework all day long for approximately 3 days. '-w: .q,, , T 4 , i "11g l Ns it X X X X X 9 X S Q Q53 v Q ni 3 Sees X N . ,g kg tw" XX is Y' xx hw A . 1 S K, Q .c l ., ,, 5 A b li Eff f .: ' ., Q04 ,Q HERE CU ES THE MAILMAN. Question: Just this year our school began a new way of giving out failure notices, and that is to send them out by mail. Do you think the parents have become more aware of their childs problems in school from this new system? Answer: In about half the cases, it helps because the parents get to see the notice, and in the other half it doesnt matter because the students are home before the parents and they intercept the mail. Mike Guzzio Cr Mike Hoelzle 'ww . , E : K Strickland, Todd Strlckler, Chrlstlne Strother, Kenya Sumner, Kathleen Swann, Stephanie Tompklns, Danlel Taschereau, Robert Tellls, Darln Thomas, John Thomason, Shannon Thome, Roxonno Thompson, Clndy Tlllander, .lenl Tlmbol, Chorles Tomzock. Marnle Tyler, Tammy Valentino, Rosle Varden, Dlono Vorel, Lynnette Walker, Susan Walsh, Eddie Warburton, Angelo Waters, Evan Wendell, Chrls Whitfield, Robert White, Trlchelle Wlllloms, Cheryl Withers, Drlget Wronghom, Cathy Wright, Ron UNDERCLASSMEN 173 SOPHUMORE CLASS OF 1988 K, , A gd Xl +-1-. M m 4f l- "6 Q , X -my Back Row: L-R, Corl Bower, Traci Davis, Mlchelle Carrlngton, Wendy Wendell. Front Row: L-R. Russell Orr, Sheri Pope, Stephanie Relnbolt. ff iif' l" i" Abrancwltz, Ethan Z, .-'ZAA " Acuna, Monlca V A,,..- f - lzl Vi Addy, Julle ,zl Alexander, Brando 6' Allen, Sharon , Mir Anderlle, Mlke fl Z 4' Anderson, Vlctorla ' A' Antee, Tony Anton, Mark Appeo, Joleen Ashment, Jlm Attaway, Angle Austln, Ronnle Avallone, Marla V Azevedo. Stanley Balley, Sharae Banks. Wlllle Bannerman, Michael Barclay, Davld Barnum, Darrin Barreto, Nlck Barsuk. Stephanie Bassett, Mark Bell, Erln Bennett, Rlchard Bennlng, Eltch Bernot, Julle Bertech, Pat Bethany, Greg Blngham, Alan Dodgers, Pamela Boots, Marc Bower, Corl Bowman, Mocha Bowman, Melynda Q 174 UNPERCLASSMEN ,i ... ff ff . x--, N. -r .si M WPG ft' Q -f , 's WN , Q f g ii f G- ,, 2, 4.5 34 sy of A for , '53, Q C! . 4 ,, ,,., ' Qi s Q 0-v ' 1 W',f A,., ,:1" , if i Y' Vrr I 2 A x ,f ' , WGS J, A A ff J 5 Q ' Rx it fl , fi f 3 . ,, . 2 J . , I F5 ' i,'5Q,' 'N we J Q ,J , x Q L is L, iw mfg F llc fa y WW, ,,, ,YM K - f, ,, ,,N, A ., . Y NM' ..,,,,,,, , s f 4 Q if C ".,' W' v T' 1- 1... Z -- r 'Rf P Ji M, , Q- ,ref sv . l . X . . wr s . ,,5,,. . ,. . A. ,-fl Q, i gig? . ff , an , ax N A ,, .1 it H I -AX .N .M M3 -. I X 5 .7 , v , V ,EQ W 3 x L., X F We - 4, ,M ., y,, ,, H J K+, gi .,4,, 0 sw, ,J 32 tl N clk? ' Q A I Lf 1 44. ' Y: f 'if W V lr 5 ,pr I J, t ..,. Q , K . 3 ? 5? 3 I ' l Q 1 VK Drawer, Paul Brenner. Jolene Dretz, Kevln Dtewsten. Kimberly Drandvlk, Mark Brooks, Ryan Brown, Robert Bryant, Robert Drzezlnskl, James Callahan, Drlan Cameron, Corrie Campbell. Bridget Carrington. Mlchelle Casaus, Blanca Castro, Dennls Causey, Carl Cave. Chrls Cello, Ramona Chalsslca, Derek Cheny. Eric Chrlstonsen. Michelle Cicone. Cassandra Clark, Chrlstlne Clary. Dome Cline, Suzette Cooks, Dustine Coleman, Mlke Colon, Jesse Colon, Wanda Constatlne, Ron Cook, Kristen Cooper, Davld Courser, Llsa Covert. Karl Covert, Michele Cozzens, Kimberly Crawford, Mokou Cross, Condlce Curl, Kathy Cutler, Wayne Daniels, Daryl Danlels, Mlchean Danlng, Margie Dasladls. Jamle Davey, Christina Davis, DIII Dawson, Mlchelle Delarosa, Chrls Delgrosso, Mark Dellsle, Maurlce Deriggl. Neal Desmarals, Leonay Deweber, Shawna Dickerson, Vlckl Dlgregorlc, Michelle Dlller, Danny Duke. Davld Dumo. Manuel Dunaway, Stacy Dunnean, Jacqueline Ellerston, Karen Elllot. Marcy Ellis, Pamela Elllston, Kim Eppenger, Kevin Escobar, Rosa Fairbalrn, Jason Featners, Don Fehman, Tammy Fehrnan, Tommy UNDERCLASSMEN 175 Felix, Lori Fendzlau, Mlchael Ferguson, Pamela Finnegan, Steve Fisher, Dean Flalg, Slndy Fluker, Dianna Fournier, Hllarie Frankenberg, David Franklin, Thad Freeman, Tabltha Fuller, Mikko Fuller, Veronica Gagan, Mike Gallegos, Lawrence Galvan. Carlos Garcla, Raul Gardner, Buffy Garner, Lonnie Glover, Llnda Goldsmith, Gloria Gower, Sylvia Gray, Candle Gray. Warren Grazland, Kim Green, Carolyn Green, Mlchael Griese, Lynn Groft, Shawna Guerzon, Joe Gulza, Mlccie Haley, Mark Halsell, Mitchelle Halsell, Yvonne Hanks, Whitney Hansen, Ronald Harden, Don Hardy, Daniel Hashem, Stephanie Hawkins, Kristal Hayden, Robert Hayes, Lester Heigel, Dawn Heikes, Corlamia Heitz, Raeonn Hernandez, Juan Hernandez, Rudy Hicks, Peter Hidrosolla. Arleen Hines, John Hintz, Dawn Hodgkins, Chris Hogan, Julie Hollingshead, Mike Hommabout, K Howell, James 176 UNDERCLASSMEN If g ik 'X X - , :IM -was -wi: :I is Q A we X X Q 5 WF Vikki How do Sophomores spend their lunch? One might say they would spend it just like any other classmen would. Wrong! Since they are usually unable to go out to lunch because of transporta- tion problems Cno CARD, they become the oldest members of the lunch crowd. With the Juniors and Seniors usually off to McDonalds, the Sophomores .. ,N .Hx i L , , .5 x ' ' " " ' N5 .. ,If if . 2b ' . . w 4 1 is :ik st X X X xxx X 2, ,U .C www KW Q .E Ss become the rulers of the cafeteria. Most Sopho- mores talk to their friends, some eat cafeteria food, some raid the student store, and the anorex- ics don't eat at all. While others may walk oround the school with friends, or stand outside smoking cigarettes, the Sophomores are still the rulers of the cafeteria. x .., me ..... Q fe., QL f. J f 1 cr FV , A f. ...-. Xkkh- i nkhn L r H- ' 1' ' ': if ' J ' S .. -. " -rwyf J 5+-'R X ., ' . r,,, , . J I y f - fi ,,...:-25 L 4 'X L .. Q, ' 1 , A if fs- 'K' - : ---Sfiwffz-S i'ii J ik - as s X 5 t E X. it L X X x X A S X S N 5 E Q -. F 51, 1 Q Q23 XS Y 1 2 X , L EX Q X X fits Humes, James Hunt, Randy Hurley, Charles Hutchings, Holly Hyatt. Shana Irons, Llndo lrvlne, Patrick Jackson, Cherlre Jackson. Scott Jacoeson, Erlc Jenkln, Theresa Jensen, Austin Jewett, Michael Johnson, Krlstlne Jones, Lara Jones, Melvl Judd, Jennifer Karim, Lee Kerr, Mannle Key, Michael Khonsouan, Lomphorh Kleser, Mellsa Kllbourn, Krlstlna Klm, Marlndo Kingsbury, Michelle Kinney, Patrick Klttlnger, Dernerely Knost, Steve Koehnke, Wendy Koelbell, Leonard Kotelly, Michele Krueger, Rachel Kuftlo, Denise Kurth, Kenneth Lackens, Melissa Lokas, Krysten Londoy, Krlstlna Lone, Vlctorla Lanfear, David Laosy, Somsock Laplonte, Tanya Larkin, Andrlo Lasplna, Angela Lawton, Anthony Lee, Candi Leplck, Cheryl Lewis, Cuttlss Lewls, Scott Lindley, Heather Lohnes, Natasha Long, Carrie Lovlngston, Sharon Luca, Tracy Ludwig, Ann Luther, Doug Ly, Hoa UNDERCLASSMEN 177 Moes, Chrlstopher Mohon, Holly Mohlke, Welt Moiden, Scheryl Moleno, Jeff Monnle, Morgle Morcus, Jonothon W Mortln, Jennifer Mosten, Llso Movlgllo, Joseph Moyers, Robert Moyfleld. Terry McCIoln, Terry McCrocken, Jlm Q ,ii l.l.V,....e . X McGorry, Gary A Q Mclntyre, Chrlstlne X Q McLure, Scott , S Meely, Cheryl 25 ' Mefford, Dleno , i Merritt, Mott A ' A Merten, Amy I ZZLL X W Meyer, Billy Mlller, Melonle Miller, Vet Montes, Corolyn Mooney, Wllllom Moore, Douglos Moore, Renee Morgan, Mork Morgon, Trlclo Morrls, Andy Morrls, Kellye g Q N A Morss, Kevin ' - I Mote, Borry :Ei Murroy, Dove -- WHAT IS A SOPHOMORE? When you first enter high school os o FRESHMAN, you ore looked upon os o lost child in o ploce you don't belong. You go through the first few frontic ond hectic weeks of being lost ond confused. As o JUNIOR, you ore proud to be someone who is on "ol- most SENIOR" ond jeolous of the per- son who is o senior. As o SENIOR - you ore simply o senior - superior to oll others. Whot IS o sophomore? You ore no longer new to the school, or to the people, but: you don't hove the stotus of o junior or senior. You ore stuck in between. Whot Is o Sopho- more? A sophomore is someone who is preparing to be on "oImost SEN- lOR" in the next yeor oheod. 178 UNDERCLASSMEN X X KW X We . +- x. . gi . .., c ,rs 5 sg : EN., . .s S I Q' - .Xe .i i f r. - X N N . i sg --XV Q X3 X ,, me .. .- T, 5 X 1 Q' f -kkk i 'F N HSV fl 1 r SK' XX X X N X R X X xx I ,flfyf 'Q fe X we so ss X X X SR Ss X Y N X M XX s X X X X K S . si? is if N 1 -my Q 5 X Q X X w e-.Ne X, S N Murrell, Carla Neeley, Derek Nellls. Mary Nelson. Mlchael Newton, Gregory Nlelsen, Bellnda Norath, Debra Oakley, Crystal Oakley, Sherry Olson. Marc Orr, Russell Ostensen, Robert Ottole. Terry Pagao. Edward Palmar, Mlchelle Parks. Lazette Patronlk. Sharon Perez, Marlsela Perklns, Frank Perlman. Genevieve Petten. Stephan Pettford. Charles Phan, Tuon Pheps,.MIke Plpklns, Amy Plourde, Matthew Polk, Laura Pope, Cherle Pore. Tracy Porter, Remona Potts, Raymond Prlce, Dexter Prunler, Blll Ralnbolt. Stephanle Ramos, Sharhonda SOPHOMORE The Sophomore splrlt ls not to be rivaledll This class of 1988 has enough spirit to perhaps make lt the most Involved class of Eldorado High School. Numbering over 400 sopho- mores, one of the largest classes ever, at one of the largest high schools ln Nevada, these sophomores may very well be the most splrlted class of Nevada. lf the sophomores keep the class going - perhaps their Varsity Football Team will brlng us to win the State Champlonshlp, as well as the Varsity Wrestllng and Boys and Girl Basketball Teams, they wlll prove that Eldorado ls the best hlgh school and not someone to be reck- oned wlth. The Sophomore Class splr- it can carry Eldorado to the top - and it willll UNDERCLASSMEN 179 Reld, Angela Restad, Chanlal Rlzzo, Marc Rock, Davld Ross, Jeffrey Ross, Wendy Rowan, Connle Rowden, Michelle Rowell, Charles Ruano, Jalme Ruse. Bridgette Sanders, Alycla Santos, Renee Sawyer, Danny Saxon, Marcy Schmltz, Monlque Schllcthlenmyer, Deann Schnelder, James Scrlener, Valerle Segal, Davld Sellers, Cassandra Sena, Elmar Sewell, Dan Sheldon, Shannon Simmons, Kal Simmons, Mark Smlth, Charlotte Smlth, Heaven Smlth. Rlchard Smlth, Rlck Smlth, Roseann Sonerholm, Shannon Sparks, Jimmy Spence, Rlchard 160 UNDERCLASSMEN ' ,-... 4 W v Q gf c L WSWS V. - . 5 mn K' . . 5 .fx "' ,, ' 11 1 The anticipation of belng a Junior slowly closes in as the school year ends and summer begins. Sophomores celebrate as half of their high school life is over. Although the Sophomores are finally approaching Junior Status, they do not yet realize that these were the best years of their life. Some students may think that the Sophomore class was worthless, but on the contrary they played an important roll at Eldorado. Over the week of Homecoming, they held various competitions and entered a float on gameday. During all the football games, they sold programs to help support the football teams. They also held the Annual Sweetheart Dance in February. The Sophomores of 1986 ore definitely the leaders of tomorrow and they will always be remembered at Eldorado. I X Spencer, Pamela Spencer, Paulo Sproul, Davld Stahl, Amy Stephens, Dawn Steward, Robbie Stokes, Angelleve Stone. Drlon Stone. Kimberly Stout, Allen Stelcklond, John Schwager, Rondl Sutherland, Jeff Swens, Tracy Tacker. Cherlse Tarasko, Ryan Tatro, Angle Taylor, Mellssa Teach, Donny Tellls, Mlke Thomason, Jodl Thome, Joanna Thornton, Bllly Toklfujul, Tiffany Tow, Janice Vaughn, Tony Voung, Phung Vuksanovlck, Dan Wagner. Robert Walker, Joanna Walker, Larry Walker. Relltsa Walker. Stephanie Walton. Michael UNDERCLASSMEN 181 Ward, Care Wardle, Melissa Warrlck, Donna Watters. Kim Way, Mellssa Weber, Lance Welse, Debbie Wesley, Shawn West, Sean Whitaker, Helen White, Scott White, Tola Whitmore, Lauralee Wleber, Erlc Wllllams, Kelly Williams, Klm Williams, Maya Wilson, Mathew Wllson. Shannon Winger, Chrlsty Winsor, Mlke 182 UNDERCLASSMEN ' 'i , A ' ' A 4- A is ' f fi if , if f ,f + la! , f 5 W V 4' W Q ,ff f f Z 4 7 , 6 ff ' Z 5 , V ,E 3? S, 'V " 'W H ifi: ?r f ' c 5 yr ' , ra M x, Yr K -v"""f Ng? swim., CONGRATULATIONS!! You have now reached the status of an "almost senior," one of the "Up- percIassmen," the "big shots." the "elite." You can now rejoice that you are no longer the stepped on, abused, and an underrated Sopho- more. You are now on your way to completing high school and beginning your future in the "real worId." X Y 5 nz, 2' K' K l X' V, K K S J A , E - -- ix LN. Q- .LQ 6. Q, w W . X x " Q E lx ,aff Al - - wx A sf- Ng seg- :ei , S S 'ff or aa s v ' ' ,, Q li l, X X: Y n .Q A .,,. .N A .. w k . N X riff vi :reg , lf' X s Q-s Y cccc After thrs year as you become a .lunror remem ber your fnends who are now Sophomores unllke the others who may Ignore them After all you know from frrst hand experience what rt rs Irke to be a Sophomore The Sophomore Class wrll al ways be remembered especrally by those who were once one of the undefrned Sophomores!! Wlscorson, Mlke Vohlrob, Krlstln Woodward, Elizabeth Voolard. Danlelle Wortmon, Sean Wrlght, Ellen Yoke. Davld Yarussl, Richard Ybarra, Davld Young. Jean Young, Patrlcla Younger. Davld Zorllla, Rosa Clark. Julle Cholsslca. Wlllle Lee, Jennifer Lee, Stacy Vlnson, Mason UNDERCLASSMEN 183 FRESH AN CLASS UF 89 dr..- x 5 Ac-. FRONT ROW Chrlsry Hanson Julle Foht Sharron Cambell BACK ROW Tlm Breed Mandy Simmons Arron McClough Acuna, Eleanor Adell, Scott Adklns, Lorl Alcaraz, Alfonso Allaed, John Allen, Marcus Allen, Palge Allen, Vance Altman, Heather Altman. Vlkkl Amarlllas, Beatrlce Amyot, Paul Anderson, G Anderson, Tammy Anthony. Ryan Aragon, Mark Atklns, G Ausron, Marllyn Auallone, Angelo Axtell. James Ayers, Don Ayres. Lara Bagshaw, Joseph Baker, Sander Balsamo, Matt Bone, Kelly Banks, Durrell Banks, Morva Bannerman. Richard Barrett, Chad Bateman, Jeff Beck, Lawrence Belcher, Richard Berman, Wendy Bernot, Joshua Bettls, Tomeka Bllbro. Mlchelle Blrd, Davld Boudreay, Shawn Boulware, Tamlka 184 UNDERCLASSMEN EW WWW Q J 'lf A .. 1 vs li L M- U 4'-if 6 W ,PWXWAL :rf ,L, 1- Jin . ' ,as wwuVMD??9 fMWklWdW ,,, Q ., ,., , an ' , WY, 5 in-. 5 rd' ml! , A Tuff! F' K 'ffkffgi H V. H 'AAP 'yz' 'lg V .,,, X ..x, A fn' 1? 4 AR . ei B fm S W F A ,:.,2t V k ' , -T Ewa ig? 3- l ,' ?' fy,,1 4 3 ,WY . 4 3,3 A. AE ,, ,Qgg!E?,3,,f i wg L B - V ,mil E gwwlwmmw W .- ' " ,,, ,,, ,H P if x 2 I se rg, 2 fr 15. gf , . x X , MQ J A, Cothran, Tracy Cotto. Ingrid Cox, Cynthia Crackeron, Tracy Crane, Tracy Cristllly, Tara Cruz, Gilbert Culverson, Lysa Curry, Jamie Cylberson, Ron Dan, Tang Dante, Lorl Dase, Jacque Davis, Marlo Davis, Shelly 44 ly il f N f Ka hu? mi, sf 1 Q. 4 ' 'if YA fx ' . , Q Q A in ii? W , w- Q C ' C. , ,ul Brad, Odeah Brass, Sharron Breed, Tim Bresnlger, Sean Brooks, Davlna Brooks, Mlkl Brooks, Nlkl Brown, Anthony Brown, Daryl Brown, Morolanne Bruce, Robble Bruno, Francesca Bryner. Tony Burdo, Davld Burrls, Lynda Camacho. Javier Capltano, Paul Cartwrlght, Tracy Casmlmlro, Arturo Chan, Adam Chang,Se Charnlgh. Julle Cheney, Krlsten Childress, Mlke Chol, Jln Christensen. Chad Clary, Dayle Clayton, Mlchele Coburn, Kelvn Codlna, Yolando Coger, Danlelle Colean, Toml Coleman, Amelka Coleman, Curtls Connell, Shelly Corder, Kendra Cormler, James Cormler, Mlchelle Corral, James Corral, Lorena . V S 5 Just a Ilttle quiet dlscusslon In the foods classroom. UNDERCLASSMEN 185 THE FIRST YEAR The Eldorado 85-86 Freshman Class will remem- ber the date of August 29, the notorious registration day. On that very day approximately 500 students were welcomed into Eldorado High with the usual initiation, routine from the many upper-classmen who had felt that same pang of rejection just a mere year or two before. Since registration day however, the freshmen have proven to be true sports in the wide, wide world of high school. Their estatic spirit has shined throughout the year, turning the once thought "FeebIe Freshmen" into one of the best freshmen classes Eldorado High has ever seen. 186 UNDERCLASSMEN Day. George Dellariga, Drlan Delong, Tammy Delosreyes, Alan Demllle. Cory Dianis, Erlca Dickens, Shannon Diedrick, Davld Diggs, Todd Dobbs, Eric Dollard. Jamene Douglas, Aliscla Duke, Mlke Dumond. Dale Dunning, Robert Duran, Deanna Duran, Donny Duran, Gwen Dworzan. Dawn Eager, Kathy Daly. Joel Elder, Soreno Emery, Dean Emote. Prutsactiart Espinoza, Martin Evans, Shannon Evans, Vicky Ezell, Derrick Falcone. Cathy Fares. Llza wa ' in 1 W , ,Ji . ' if as w, 'f , :i'5': .. X W , z ..,, 1 1 Q ' : fy ' wi, 5 , , -if ZF? ...atb izr isrr J' ' 2 wi , ' "W -i s " 2 ,3 , .5 ,ww x 4 UC V v 1 EM, K " T f i 1. La We it k 121 eee - W, Y 7 ' ee . f' by . .1 Q vm - 'ws "W r' 1? Hs vu, 4 3 vi Q ' f ig , 'X 5 " an 1, M, - M y V fer A if ., l wa L15 K ,e h 4 .. ' 'ff X J ,H X I r l FZ, 'XAN iiv if .T Qi 1, .,..,,f 55, div we its ..,,- - 4, , , f 5' ' N ,1 fr ' . H Y ' 'W' J M an 4L , g , it . 'iw J S, :fr Q? .,... . , W A Sf W, .. ',f5,:': ' 4- 'nv :gi 15 , k x X f 1 ,E 1 Q at fi 4 , st Q 1 , S ,, , ,S , , ,, Q , W., H 1 5:5-gl, mx" if -t 5, x -13,1 gg " 5 -1 ,g ',,, ,,, . Ui fa Q all ' ""' 3,5 Fhlnes, Kathy Fielding, Jlmmy Flscus, Steve Fltzgerald, Joseph Flatt, Brlstlna Fletcher, John Fleton, Curtls Foerster, James Foerster, Kelly Font, Julie Ford, Raymond Ford. Stacey Foulkrod. Eddle Fox, Tammy Freeland, Ellzabeth Freeman Duane Freeman Klmberly Freeman, Mary Frelmuth, Tommy Frost, Jennlfer Gallagher, Amy Gallegos, Lorl Gallo, Tracey Galvan, Salvador Garrison, Jason Glacebbl, Mlchael Gllbert, Mlchael Glllpatrick, Gayle Goewey, Davld Goldsmlth, Bob Gondlnl, John Gonzales, Ana Goodrlch, Cllef Gould, Llnda Gowons, Rabln Green, Bobby Greenwood, Rlchard Grlffln, Danlel Grlffln, Shannon Gross. Patty Gulbransen, Kevln Gummlns, Gregory Gutterrez, John Guzzlo, Themas Haley, Nlck Hammons, Wally Hamrlc, Deanna Hanlon, Wynn Hanna, Rebecca Hansell, Laura Hanson, Chrlstl Hanson, Larry Harrls, Darrlck Harrls, Mary Hartwell, Rosle Hartzell, James Havey, Heath Hawkins, Jonathon Hecht, Paula Helton, Nlkkl Hemphlll, Danny Henderson, Dennlck Hlbdon, Corrlnne Hlckey, Chrls Hlckey, Chrlstlna Hlll, Darren Hill, Renece Hllllard, Darrlek Hogan, Callene Holler, Angela Holmes, Mlke Homodo, Kelly Houghes, Clndy Howser, Klrk Huebert, Marcl Hughes, Geoffrey Hugher, Jeffrey Hull, Jlm Hunshamer, Kelth Hutchison, Robert UNDERCLASSMEN 187 Irvine, Tommy Jurinek, Suzanne Jackson, Robert Jacobs, James Jacoby, William Jeffers, Matt Jenkins, Karla Jenkins, Thomas Jeppesen, Christian Jernigan, Darnell Johnson, Brent Johnson, Dale Jones, Edward Jones, K Jones, Raymond Jones, Scott Jordan, James Juarez, Joel Keith, Kristen Kennedy, Stacy Kern, Jonathan Kinney, Anna Kinre, Sherry Kispert, Adam Kleinkopp, Julle Kley, Christina Knox, Jason Kooken, Jeffrey Korpi, Lisa Kryszezak, Bob Kuminecz, Christopher Kutz, Charles Kykhovnkhan, Sithlsok Lomas, Rachel Law, Saullng Law, Walman Leard, James Leavitt, Wllllam Letter, Emily Leithoff, Letltla M J ,L ,.,,,, H wt, 3 ,L JZ J MMA ,A ff 2 M t ,if'f -gf 1 vi f t , WT ' 4 tin-if ' 1 1 4 we Y Q C fl Ax 4 'ld' A542-dw - be V M ,,., ,, 1 S 54 A g f J I bw " Bw., if 41? A " .1 - ac ,gf ,' . 'A ML, -' ' , - lbw f ,.,, I ' ' 1 " 'C J ' W .lr ,5 ' , 'er-' f W " f ' V. ,, 4' at , rffw, , V J, Q w 1 1 . ' ,.,, N ,, fi ' '- iz 2' Z' ff an -M VW! J ' Q ' ,, , 4- ,I f 1 ' 3 , f , it -., ' K ,, , I: GH E wk, V. - ,351 J mf -if ,I , J V 7 T Y K C J , f ,,,,, , f , . J , Ai , ' S H , L ,, F M, "rig, Qu sf! A ,mf M ., -I 3? 9. K ' .-up J k ' ' Ui """Y" "V ' ,. , J ,W , 'g, M ' 'Q 1 J ,gn 73. , . , J , t - V s, Z1 . ., . G9 Ji. , J ,' " "" f 'J 'X '-" ' J Ew an N. Q . V :lvl .1 I , I , V, , ,,.,, I K .4 5 , ,. W, , , A J , 6 , VY, J , W ' V ' ' i X 188 UNDERCLASSMEN BEING A PRESHMAN Remember when you were in the eighth grade, how you couldn't wait to be in high school? You would go back to your previous school and make fun of all your younger friends. Then you did itl You got into high school, Eldorado. For some unknown reason ev- eryone seemed taller than you, but you didn't care. you were a big bad Freshmen. Until someone hits you over the head with a book and yells "FREDDY". You wiped away the tears, rubbed your head, and stood tall. You were still part of the best class ever, at least to you. sl- - . L L v: 5 K s Q ' 5 Ev X A ki , . 'U lm 4 5 .L . ii :. Q. :jpeg f i , hs F' M S x 'Q 'w N Fig, , x ' , 1 -4 Lix fx T ., 5 ' S11 . L A . saw N, J , Q is ,kg ,,,,, X . . F , G s , if ,. - .N - J xx X EY K X Y XF' Q L X 39 by J L Q as to w as f- - 'X I .sf sf W ss? S A Q 1 2 if ' F 0 m 51, .-nl ww. . -: -Q-is " - fff N , , R gn M ff- ' i YN ,, M- :gg 531 , .st -.ci as " t ji K is -5 , :Hs A , x -XL I ,L L L, Q I Q. 'U Nik? nj .M as L , Q, wg. X s l w!'8'i tu 5, Lenmkuhl, Wllly Lewis, Dan Lewls. Dujuan Lllly, Nlcole Llnn, Pat Lomack, Fellcla Lopez, Jennifer Lould. Chris Lovato, Llsa Luna, Jlll Luss, Ryland Lynn, Benjamin Mack, Kelvln Malcolm, Carrle Maldonado. Davld Manclark, John Mannlng, Theresa Marrero. Clara Martin, Krlsty Martinez, Elizabeth Martinez. Yolanda Mason, Scott Mavlgllar, Frank McClaln, Sean McConnell. Ann McDannald, Debble McDonald, Mlchael McDonald, Sherry McKlness, Nlcole McKnight, Chrlssy McMIIllan, Darelyn Mead, Drlan Medyna, Antlonette Mendenhall, Tlna Mendoza, Tamessa Merrll, Laura Merryman, Margaret Messlnger, Mlke Mlquez, Darren Mlkell. Ollle Miles, Gina Mlnyard, Sam Molina, Scott Morgan, T Morrls, Kevln Morrlson, Klmberly Morrlson, Krlsta Moten, Tyrene Multls, M Munoz, Stacy Munsen, L Murray, Vlctorla Musler, Kelly Myers. Davld Myers, Robert Namuth, Cyndle Namuth, Sandra Neurauter, Mary Nguyer, Lequxen Nlxon, Danny Nogle. Carrle Novahom, Arther O Brlan, Jennlter Ollver, Davld Olsen, Kathy Omhudro, Mary Oram, Vallrle Osgood, Shannon Owen. Kathy Pagdllad, Blng Polne, Mark Pelmer, Adonna Parrlsh, Jane Poscual, Eddle Patterson, Pamela Pauling, Erlc Pautler. Vlrglnla Pearce, Johnny Pearson, Dave Pelfrey. Danielle UNDERCLASSMEN 169 I dldn't Propster, Lorl Pyratel, Angle Quigley, Toml Raber, Scott Rahrlg. Jason Rakes, Hope Rauccl, Mellssa Ray, Latonya Redder, Kerry Reeder, Vallnda Reeves, Polge Refce, Jeff Reyes, Julio Rice, Jennlfer Rich, Llzabeth Richburg, Robln Rieck, Kathy Rlgers, Renee Rinear, Eddie Rlnear, Tamar Rivera. Omalra Robln, Moriz Roblnson. Brenna Robinson, Patrick Ross, Chod Ross, Howard Ross, Sherry Rosso, Kenny Rowden, Dorrae Ruono, Lorenzo Ruesoh. Troy Rulz, Roger Ruiz, Rudy Rush, Acacia S. Jennlfer Saenz. Anna Marla Sakal, Clndy Salazar, Roberto Schemanaver, Henry Schllllng, Erlck Schneider, Joanne Schwartz, Chrls Scott, Mlke Sedo, Marlca Seebeck, Maurice Shannon, Jolla Shapepie, Llnda Shelby, Fellx 190 UNDERCLASSMEN thlnk Pomeroys class would b Perkins, Angela Perkins, Lan Peru, Kim Pettit, Dora Pettit, Joy Pickeney, Joseph MA ,,,,,, A ,Q f S' 7 ,. .Wm . 31 .. ., -if if Hr h, My is ? 5? 'Q x P 4, 4, .... J , iii' 5" ' T 'ik '. . 1 " '.,- f W xt I 1 S f .. 5 1, f: , HJ' s I . ' - ,.,,v.s- . Ss- ..ff .. f fhee rgiwffl . Pionse, Kevln . V,,, X we Plumer, Kim . L. V K Z. fps. , X Poet. Sherry f Jl' ' - ,P 3 Q .,.VVV I . e this boring! P0991 MOYVY ? i- F L, m . V Porter, Kevln ' ,dag I Li , fl Predmore, Michael J , - , 2 1, ., .. 'X ' ff' ' ff- f S K' ?'Xf' ,Nw-f" H-.A X' ,,,, , llll r , fm, R J fr, S "" , ",, L ,,,, ,.,, ' J ,, S' ' " , f k S ... V cllc Q k , L 1 S A M V ' - 1 . , , ,"' 1 . A ' H- 'W' 'J ez S ' ', r V A Q si r - , f 7,,' V . J MS. ' a .Q Q. L X ' SRL , - , , 4 N JK, . V iz ,, Q S A N k f 9 , if H ,, 'ie ' ' ,f"j , , , , , ,J A 1 f,., m L , I id , Alr, ,W ' ,,l d 2551, J, :mi 5 'lf' "':i,,1x,,, E 1 ":' iswwwf ,, 7, , S S "" i Rfev H+ M, KWWL' r?Rf?im4 rfe Elf w,, ww iw ,wwf 'Sel 1 -'nigif' N' V' ' V rP,l XX lllil - ' J ' 3 ww WW Wwvwww ,rll W? www Wwwwm WY? ,eww 'g nga fwfsw J S R L, S ,, q5,,f S x 1 g , by 'P' no ' X J 5 S fl,L fll ff, f ,Q,14 . WT' aku , ,, 5? 1 fa ,W if ':?fY v ,J W Q 'S ' v-' I fx.. 1 n 1 2 W Q f - ',', 4 ..:,,.,, . 1 it S R .. '- Fw K f' -s Q ' R I ,X ' if is s .Xl N' , k m S l t X M Q . ,K ' ,s .- A " 2 ' 3 ' 5 s r AX alll 1, N X X uf at Qr' "L' V J - C is 'J'-I Q 1' i f-. 'iii ,, X A 6 1 Ah la F , F' A 1 ,. L A 1 lw"'L AEYZN ' t. ,,..... X Jam , . J xLm,Q - ' - g Q N 3' Q K . 1 X ag , ' :tg Y S s .rt ' Q J ir . X SX Shype, Walter Sierra, Rlck Silblik, Robert Simoox, Susan Simmons, Chad Slmmono, Mandy Simpson, William Sims, Russell Slovin, Sabrina Smalley, Dominique Smalley, Rlcky Smith. Fredrick Smith. Krlstlna Smith, Michelle Smith, Richard Snlpes, James Sonneburg. Jason Soult, Dllly Speakman, Richard Spencer, Janice Spiller, Andrew Spingleton, Svante Spivey, Kim Splond, James Sproul, John Stomper, Shannon Standridge, Lorrie Steele, James Stephens, Jesse Stettler, Wendy Stewart, Aaron Stewart, Erik Stiegelmeyer. Eddie Stone. Robin Stout, Oede Strickler, Tammy Stringer, Joyce Strong, Brett Strueel, Kevin Sutton, Dean Our Class Spirit Know one realized the Freshmen Class spirit until the first assembly, when they yelled their hearts out for that spirit stick. They didn't win, but considering how many of them there were ond they didn't have Freshmen Cheerleaders yet, they did an incredibly good job. On the athletic end, the Freshmen partici- pared in everything they could, including Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and various other sports. Hav- ing such a spirited Freshmen class could never hurt any school, at least not Eldorado. UNDERCLASSMEN 191 Suzuki, Tina Swalley, Curtis Szekeres, April Tackstron, Larry Tantay, Kirsten Telles, Greg Templeton. Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Michelle Branigan Kevin Steven Thorbum, Sean Thurman, James Tiffany, Leslie Tomanino, Tomanicek, Chris Jan Tomilloso, Peter Torbeck, Wendy Trgodwell, Krystal Trombi, Dan Turley, Carolyn Turner, Lester Turner, Rhonda Tyra, Correne Urdiales, Victor Valdez, Ve Valenzuda, Volvo, Trac ronica Frank Y Vassar, Tamara Velo. Tina Vergas, Ge rard Viado, Loronne Villafuerte, Clarissa Vinson, Mason Viray, Francisco Vitone, Mike Wade, Natalie Wagasky, Rashelle Wagner, La rry Wagner, Stacey Walent, Lamar Walton, Michal Walton, Nissa Ward, Ty Washington, Tammy Webb, Julie Webster, Keith Wendell. Denise Wenzel, Jennifer ., ,, , , , ,,, s J- I K " mx ffm ' , i , , ,,,,, Q, ,ri sr, V , 1, iii, 5 Q V ' Ji Q., l c , ft.-r A rf Ein , , ,, v,,,, 'AMW rf: ,fr r"" " ,,,. , ...,,, - , ... . ,,, , -,, l , ,gin 'fx li ,W ,i ,, '- . "-- Y fr: " --ff , . fiirw ' QWJJW' 'll' u zz. ,rw ::.. rf J V , 12,2- ,, Q 'pl 'l K' 'f k'7?' ' A- , fist - I K G 5 ' ' itirrrr is , rig.. J ,ee V N, .sf nk 1? 77 , , ,. "Z" ' J ' 3,31 V' ,- , 1 f . , f , f ' , , , xr 5 , , ' ,,, , . i, Ig, M' ,fl 'W Q Q iw his . ., ., ' ,, KW 2 A r i 5 is-A-1 , ,., if 'is is M A if W A- 4 an el f :rm .gunna .gn-non' , ,. il., ar .,. ' l xg A --X M X Remembered Forever The Class of 89 will always be remembered at J Eldorado High School for their spirit, enthusiasm, and overall uplifting of the school. The school will never forget their cheerful miles that were often seen and felt in the halls and classrooms. 192 UNDERCLASSMEN J -f' ii-iff? i F 5 . f'ii . , , S f, . . L I , A.. , m f-tiff ,, I , , if il 'V ,, fr I I "1 K .9 - ,r.-: if , , 1 V , f rl 3, f 1 xy w e or . , ff I 4 W mx Y X .t , if M w ere? c I 4 T, iq- g ,L 1 ., Zac. ,,,, ,,,- , fn . ef mr K l 5 J if , Kg 3, ,,, M .f , ., sv ,. Ji' r gg.. "iff -.1 hsgz,-. - 12. .1 Q ,... , , Y K .A. , ' or .N ll .I --1-n 1 -B 3 X Q X "5-Q.. ..,.. LAST DAYS CF 9TH At the beginning of the year Eldorado had a lot of new people running around the school. At first not everyone wanted to know a Freshman, but everyone did. Throughout the year friendships grew, untll an everlasting bond was formed between Freshmens and the other classmen. The end of the year ls almost here, Freshmen weep at the departure of their senior friends. "l'll miss you notes" are passed around In the classrooms. The annual signing of the Yearbook, and trading of phone numbers goes on In every corner of the school. Students carry three Yearbooks to their classes in an effort to get them signed before the last days of school. Then Exam days are here. The three dull days of taking nothing but exams. Everyone knows the end is here. Next year remember to treat the Freshmen as you were treated. Keep the tradl- tions goingl Wenzel, Jennlfer White. Alex XX Whlte, Fernando Whlte, Sean is Whitmore. Carrle ' Wllber. Chris - ,e . 5515 Q we c l 1 -1 A vii , ' -Y. .... K ' + 7 s e s . .. M.. .. Q. ss. .zeffrw 7,2-f wifi '-ig" XS W -. .K Y - 4- ' - ' .vu m x mx it be . -- i X we Wldeman, Twanda Willard, Jennlfer Willson, Wllliam Wilson, Jen Withrow, Erik Wlttern. Renneth Wltz, Traci Wchlrae, Kurt Woo, Tony Woodman, Mallnda Woods. Michelle Woods, Sandra Woodward, Wayne Wrlght. Roxle Yeley, Wayde Zarrelll, Marisa Zynlga, Jennifer UNDERCLASSMEN 193 v A K: ti Db 'AY See '- 5 F - XM. Q' I U A 1, av 5' - 1 CLASSIFIEDS MAGAZINE Q Q he Natxiwfuaal Local ,I-Iigh Sec? 19 L N813 gawk? , ci I ?f 1 2 S X K ' f f X xv? kgs Q5 X W X X . Q., 4 . E Q.. 5 ,Q-NNW f-'Y'-,Q XM 'ww A W W4 -vlfilii' N. ,K Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1986 First Interstate Bank - Nevada, . . Harris-Nellis Office 91 North Ne lis Blv . Las Vegas, NV 89110 702-385-8020 Servzng Nevada Szrzce 1861 Your Nevada Army Natzonal Guard NATIONALGUARD-VIRGINIA ClTY,NEVADA"-FEB. 1898 I I I . . . Ne ad Arm C 11 ge TUIIIOH Ass1stance N ty al G yd a 1ona G nteed Stu ent Loan e a ment al Income e ar 0 evada Add d R py 385 oaos B p tfN 198 ADS lwyla 970 8598: segmfgy mwah ifw Qhmyoafifwaly fS'6' Wm aim, ifae alma." SPECIAL PROJECTS ENERGY MEASUREMENTS REECO Sullzns ffkfegggffv COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR -. -.-T.-.vm-. .-1.-s.-.a -.-. 1.1. .-1.1.-.-a.-.sv.'.'.-.1-s.-.-T. f DOMESTIC OR FOREIGN CARS TUNE UPS BRAKES a ELECTRICAL J B T ANSM SSIONS AIR CONDITIO ER 'n'u'-5n'uf9n'n't'n'.,Si'i'u'in'.Ln'i'n'n'u'4n'J'iFuf5.l. N S ETHEI. SULLINS Owner Phone 17021 3841902 MARTIN SULLINS Mgr 2421 E STEWART SIIICE 'M' 03 3 WATER TREATMENT INDUSTRIAL cHEMlcALs SPECTALTY LUBRICANTS Bob Zimmerman H I 8 R 0027 asa 5123 0 99" 3' ouxcn Pacman 17022459 sees J E E995 I Pennsylvanua 6 O 3844 Losee Road North Las Vegas Nevada 89030 17021 399 1219 1005 HAND CUT 8 CURED BEEF Popporonu Bologna Salam' , l Il ll 'A' , . - fu l wsu Q3 rusqvavna Guin' CYCLE SALES 3475 Boulder Hrgh Las Vegas. Nev. 89 457- 4 . Bernhard and Williams Photograph if WEDDINGS i' PORTRAITS if FAMILY GROUPS your offlclal yearbook photographer 1780 E CHARLESTON BLVD 384 9426 Curtis IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIMalhes -1' HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER JOE SCHWAN 1110 E CHARLESTON 1570 HWY 95 LAS VEGAS NV 89104 BULLHEAD CITY AZ 86442 1702! 385 0703 160 758 115 SANOBLASTIO SIGNS WINDOWS REAL ESTATE SIGNS BANNERS 6 POSTERS 1235 N NELLIS LAS VEGAS NEV 89110 1702, 459 0678 G DDRESS 4621 JULENE CT JOSE M OCHQA LAS VEGAS NEV 09110 POODLES 8: PALS All Breeds Dog Grooming Clipper Repolr Cv Dlode Shorpenlng Phone C7027 452 0599 1514 D NELLIS BLVD LAS VEGAS NV 89110 KEN DIANA MANDY 3200 LAS VEGAS BOULEVARD SOUTH LAS VEGAS NV 89109 702 733 8300 ANTOIN HANASH ha F stvl St t 388 BRXAN KINNALLY Ma age e t 88 JUKIZIIK M4 f I I f UFIZZIF W O I o 0 ' I as 5223 N . "You Daservo lo Own mn Beal" - . . . ' - - Owner i i - 23 -'I . I, -. , ! , I . -3 I kj . LOGOS L. J 3 EX surxscnmuun -, - 1- 1.4.1 . Q .L I, f 12 TX,-ul X 1 . 4' -.- 1 - .. ,I - -. 1 ,, ,' X ' x ' , n r - - beauty salon , x . 3 L ,J N C, 4 0 ' . b JY, J ADS 199 200 ADS ff 'Ne XA IL bl I , I IV e Treat I ou RIQIII Q , E A fig , fi Qi A JACK a. MARLENE FLAISMAN 2 1 N A N Lus BLVD AT LAKE MEAD SUNWEA AS JEGAS NEVADA a911o 4 O27 438 2668 cm 71 LARRY URIIIN M KTL 21 PERKINS FEED Us Gif' lil-6318 I5 Q .3-1 ea wfgn Q SME :amy n sam pu my nrnan Michael Scott sooo E B N d 89 wozy 452 M44 For Karen Mules Thank you for making my semor year great I love you with all my heart Your Best Frlend Today and Tomorrow and Always Tracy BOULDER Sa NELLIS SERVICE LAS vEGAs NEVADA 17023 458 9704 GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE El ECTRONIC TUNE UP EMISSION CONT ROL QMWM97 Jafgmwfim wmafuyb mmm Qfocnyawllfoe oby Mn adn ffm Min ll SPECIAL PROJECTS 9710 6505931 coazgfiahofwfea ifw Q96 ENERGY MEASUREMENTS REECO ' ae For Those Who Dare It IS not the cr1t1c who counts Or how the strong man stumbled and fell Or where the doer of deeds could have done better The credlt belongs to the man who IS actually ln the arena Whose face IS marred by dust and sweat and blood Who strlves vallantly Who errs and comes short agaln and agaln Who knows the great enthuslasms The great devotlon And spends hlmself ln a worthy cause And lf he falls At least fall whlle darlng greatly as Who know nelther vlctory nor defeat Theodore Roosevelt I wlsh all my frlends lyes both of youj all the success you deserve wh1ch IS to say none Serlously though I hope when we come back for our 10 Year Reunlon that each of you has achleved great thlngs More lmportantly I hope Ive achleved even greater thlngs otherwlse I would be Jealous' Merry Graduatlon and Happy College Daze Love Kathy Smlth Class of 1986 . . . I I . . . I I . . I I . . I So that he'll never be with those cold and timid souls . I O. I ' I ' O 1 1 I ' ll II fwfw W W Qbfyrk ' D ESEKL INN AQSPA FRUNTIER if 56535 DEQ CQEXQSXQXS X s1LvsnsL1PPzn Howard Hughes Propertles Avlatlon i Hughes Services 5 CL 5 g. 4.b, D1 ,..VV:' I V.A:...' Z HonsLacAsmo m.AsvecAs.Nsv. . . ? Q Q',, q' V ,SX HOTE L 4 -4 LN Y t "X A x Q , A...'. ,',, ..:.. . 1 cwaunc HALL A sAu.ooN qi- ,.'P Q G . 204 ADS Home ofthe Sundevxls Eldorado High School Student Council To the Class of 86 May the future bring Simply the Best' PHONE uozp 731 oss: av APPOINTMENT STUART M BERGER MD DERMATOLOGY GENERAL MEDICINE 3235 S EASTERN AVENUE LAS VEGAS NEVADA 89109 Uozj 454 0290 ACNE To Do ell L H nton ge t stlo eofoll Ou Io e ull lost throught e O o e yousondm e W e I om feel ng low I k o of one ploce I con go You dry my tea s And you take Q oy all my fears So ho else con I coll My g eotest Io e of oII!I Lo e T ocy 1702, 459 D VE 2' 459 LA CE ,,. Dave West Inc 5831 E 99 89I15 241' Us, d G4 ofa N I 94, 459 Ffewgfpqo FCI, SV 512 'VS 6'5- flfl, C TREATMENT CENTER 4455 East Tropicana Ave. evenings Las Vegas, NV 89121 796-4073 9-5 pm All Therapy Administered and Supervised by Licensed Physician rr . i : To my r o e v r v w' im url v , I in h n i ' n w r I , n W w K ' r v V . r , Z . I sz 5 ' I . ', uh . 'QW - ' , . l J I' asc Lake Mead Boulevard U . 1, K X Las V as. Nevada . .- ,- -3, Rene Alcaraz 'fi'-K ' . , . . . - .,, . ' , 0 4 '05, A4 I O41 41, r X -4 N B 1 4 K 'q.S'EO9JQ .I f I .6 - Q? F S . r ix 5 . ' 679110 ' If , , f I 1 1 I f ,rf 1 .f f ,jf fr f ,f.fff,'-' F 'J' J I' 1 ,If if f J r I' if Z ,Zff75'7k'7 fzf .I N Q . ff f,19i66'71'!f'!ff0'fWlybyfffffiff.V Q 3' ,' 1' 1' , 1 " ffffffff-' 2'W'74Z"xzff A9"f? ,y,a . ,f kwlflflgj 5.ff49ifff,,!,ff4 ,Q ,if Ayfffgigijgf 1 ' , , ,' , ' ' fa ,.- f Qf' " ' ' ' fl rffxlfflllfffff ,..yf41f1f.f-5511 xW! . A , 5 . .' . .ffwxf.vllffff'f'fp,. ',,- s -' w,fffwfv4f1- Zffzf 1 If Wlflff,-Vflfffkfff ,fda ' u IWW' ,. , E .,,,4Wm,1,fw,of.':fp',ff:f'-awffff s 1 W 14,4 xmixus PAM Ellfirgy RESORT LAS VEGAS IS our busmg-55 Conserving It ns 6 veryones busmegg snunnussr ang Congfatulatlons t0 the Class of 198611 ADS 205 206 ADS CentelPeople The framework for Nevadas breakthrough phone service 'Ib set new trends you have to set hlgh standards At Centel thats exactly what our people do Thats why soon Nevada w1ll be the natlons Hrst major metropolltan area where telephone servlce w1ll be processed solely by dlgutal SW1tCl'1lHg systems hnked by fiber optlcs cable For you that means faster clearer connectlons greater telephone capab1l1t1es and all for the lowest posslble cost Centel takes prlde ln brmgmg Nevada the finest most sophlstlcated phone serv1ce 1n the natlon But you should know lt s the people behmd Centel who see to It you recelve that servlce at an affordable prlce Bulldlng a great phone servlce takes a solld framework At Centel that framework IS our people ply lxlh h C d:l0M Making good on the promises of telecommunications Conservat lon , A Key to your future I I , . 1 3 3 . ' . , . . . 3 . . . , . , , . y Em o'ees ictured from centerclockwiscflbm Brolnlvyfltxld Brondus.C'nrnwnl.ozuno, 'u y We en Tin j ' ara, f I ' Qcemearae , l fx Fl A Free Socrety A Free Press REVIEWJDURNAZ MAX T BEARDEN Congratulations to the Graduatlng Class of 1986" DOB MCCOY Supervisor of Information Servlces NEVADA POVVEFI COIVIPANY I3 CJ BOX E230 LAS VEGAS NEVADA B91 51 B228 WEST SAHAFIA AVENUE 7021357 5680 SERGEANT FIRST CLASS Kaf1'S NEVADA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD Gowns For All Occasions 2525 S CARSON ST CARSON CITY NV 89701 5000 W Charleston Las Vegas N 89102 17023 878 7882 TELEPHONE 1O! Discount to Eldorado Students CARSON CITY 702l8B7 7232 AUTOVON 830 5232 I A . I . 1 M - .. H j rx . - W N g LAS WWAS , ---- f V. ...... ,X .... , .... . 1 - X-ww .... ,TQ --:. ---- 12 ...XM W Qi, .K ,A X miiv X 'ii Q' :QQ is 4' W A v xpk ti abil- 'S 4 "' Ysghtf s AU Q 85-86 was a fantastic year. lt was a year when our country made great changes. The Space Shuttle Voyager made many miraculous returns to ou- terspace to investigate the possibility of the creation of a new civilization. This year for the first time In twenty years the Chicago Bears made lt to the Super Bowl. ln this year. lt was a dramatic one for Doxings well know world Heavy Weight Champion. Larry Holmes. He was champion since '1978. until this year when he sacrificed his title by unanlmious decision to Ml- cheal Spinks. Where bigger battles are concerned, one major battle that was being fought is Nuclear Disarma- ment. No one wants to die at any age. Nuclear bombs cause us to thlnk we will die. Soon. We don't want that and so we protest. Hopefully it will never happen. Life is to be cherished. not destroyed. Among the bod .and the good there is tragic. There was a numerous amount of children report- ed missing this year. Some were found dead. some are not yet found. But there is still hope in our American hearts. We help one another in our times of need. Many, many beautiful, tragic and miraculous things hap- pened this year. Not all can be told but all will be remembered. No other year will be the same, because 85- 86. that was the year that was. V ' ' Space Shuttle sees double. ILIIZ 1 . Larry Holmes Missing Chlld TH T WAS TH Chicago Bears at Super Bowl XX. N . BY LISA HANSON rr "Hu 0 "5-J? . Mn... A .wa "1" ,Y n ,-itat Y'fT't"'.--' . -"fit: --'1 5:11532 Q -'Se 'rr- pr a-, x , K ' . A i WY THE YE , AS ' . r ,-5.5 fs K' :gil " , z 0 'fe-4 jg xxx New England Patriots make Super Bowl XX . 'Q l 1 - 5 r,,s'q."+-"1 1 4. 1 ff, 1 tr of fr 4. 1 4- wr, o-"4-"ff . 1 pf 4- ff Sylvester Stallone Lrve Atde '98 xi 1 wi Pl 4 sc 1985-86 was a year full of many surprises and heart- breaking trag- ediee.o Where the tragedles are concerned, one major heart- break was the death of a radlo, video, and musical pop star, Rick Nelson. He and his band dled In a horrible plane crash caused by a broken fuel line. Thls year was a fantastic one for Sylvester Stal- lone, whose movie "Rocky IV" was positioned in the top ten for a record breaking time. As for other parts of the world, that are In points of depression, American contributes its support through Live - Aid, an organization created to save lives and help Afrlcan fa- mine. For battles not so big as those 'of the needy, here stands Super Bowl XX. For the flrst time ln twenty years, the New England Patriots have come to show that they are Super Bowl material. All in all, 85-86 was quite a year, no other year will be the same be- cause, 85-86 . . . that was the year that was x,- Halleys Comet as it streaks through the alr. CLOSING THIS YEARS 6 19" It all started quite normally before semester exams. Now look what Happened!!! ACES tw 'W I' . 'Xt .1 X 1 The day ended with every student joining In on the fun. CLOSING 213 1985-1986. Critics call it the year of death. The reasons for this are many. ln the year of 1985 more people died from plane crashes than any other year. This year, terrorism peaked in foreign coun- tries as terrorists continued to open fire and massa- cre innocent people ,by the hundreds, whether it was in an airport, crowded plaza, or open square. On the home front, Samantha Smith, the bright ten-year-old school girl who Sent a letter to Yuri Andropov asking for a more peaceful world, per- ished in o plane crash. Her memory, unlike many others who also died in plane .crashes this year reigns on nationally, and internationally as the So- viet press portrays her smiling face on a stamp that will soon become a priceless collectors item. Others, among the celebrity deceased are Eric Hillard C"Ricky"J Nelson, the 45 year-old rock singer and former teen-age idol, who stared on TV's long- est running family sitcom, "The Adventures of Oz- zie and Harriet", and, Donna Reed, star of the Donna Reed show is more known for her role as Miss Ellie, mother to Jr. and Bobby, on the popular prime time show "DaIIas". On the happier side, born to Olivia Newton John. '37, and her 27 year old husband, Matt Lattanzi C6reose 23 was their daughter Chole, weighing 6lbs. 8oz. Marriage also seemed to be high on the list as stars as big as Simon Le Bon 4Duran Duranb, Steven Spielburg CDirector and Producerb, and Bruce "The Boss" Springstein tied the knot. And last but not least, to kick off the knew year, George Burns celebrated his 90th birthday. 1985-1986 ow that it's over. . . 1 214 CLOSING To mark the anniversary of the death of Martin, p Luther King, January l 20 was declared a holiday, and 29 states proceeded to close schools. federal offices, and followed that with a week of celebration and ceremonies as thousands gathered to march as King once did. Should we Rejoice o I or Mourn. 1 Above: Somontho Smith. the sfomp soon to be o collectors Item. Left: A flreslde chat - Presldent Reagan and Sovlet Leader Mlkkoll Gobochev talk In from of o fire place ot o fleur D'Eou Tuesday In Geneva. 85 A 16 CLOSING 4' .wg .. .. 3, he gmt: PERIOD OF CCNTRASTS AND CONFLICTS 86 ' is 1985-86: A period of contrasts and conflicts. Thls year the lady liberty celebrated her 100th birthday, for her birthday present she received a face - lift. President Reagan has talks of a new defense program. On the other side of the world, the blacks of South Africa are suffering from Aparthied. This years mlnd boggling and shattering events were the arrival of Halleys Comet and the big fight between the Pepsi- Cola and Coca - Cola bottling companies. Also this year for the first time In the world, A teacher was Sent into space with the Space Shuttle Challenger. 75 seconds into lift-off, 9 mlles Into the air, it blew up, leaving nothing but debris. The teacher who wentup was Christa McAuliffe. Four Palestinian terrorists hijacked the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro while on a Mediterranean cruise. One American was killed. After the ship was released the Egyptian government agreed to return the hijackers to the PLO. However, the hijackers were intercepted by American jets as they were flown out of Egypt and returned to Italy to stand trial. ,At A O M . .Mfg-9 utf. -uf 0 an J. we has JW Nl , ai if aff Dy in ltallan crulse Llner Achille Laura Above: Christa McAuliffe. school teacher. Slde: Coke vs. Pepsi. Star Wars defense program proposed by Ronald Reagan. fl INQILIIL G11 Upper Left: Bruce Sprlng- steln. "the Boss". wlth hls unlqued gravel-volce style. set the muslc tempo of the 60's. Upper Right: The year 1985 brought the tenth anniversa- ry of the fall of Saigon cele- brated-at the Vlet-Nam War Memorial In Washington D.C. The Memorial Is the symbol of the patrlotlc sacra- flce of those 58.000 Amerl- cans who dled ln Vlet-Nam and would be forgotten ex- cept for this memorial. Center Right: The age-less Pete Rose flnally achieves hls quest of Ty Cobb's career hlttlng record. Rose beat the record In September 1985. wlth 4,192 hlts. Bottom: President Reagan waves from hls hospltal wln- dow after major surgery. glvlng the "rIght-on" slgn. Nancy. at her husband's slde. waves her support. ' MQW' 1' .i my rf 1 1985-86 IITHE DECISIVE MEN " Upper Left: The exploslon of the space shuttle Challenger brought the flrst ln-fllght disaster In the 56 manned U.S. Space mls- sions. All seven crew members were killed. Includlng CHrlsta McAuliffe. a New Hampshire teacher. scheduled to be the flrst teacher ln space. Lower Left: BEANS quarterback Jlm McMa- hon ls wlth klcker Kevln Butler on the slde- llnes In Super Bowl XX, where the Bears beat the Patriots 46-10. Center Right: Rescuers work to save vlc- tlms of the South Amerlcon mud-slldes. Lower Right: The Mexico Clty Earthquakes mobilized a massive ald effort wlth the Unlted States providing goods and money through Indlvldual contrlbutlons. 5, 'ma if the circumstances are that you are facing. I've tried my best to produce a well rounded Yearbook. Every picture printed and word written was done to make your it could possibly be. I have tried to accomplish every goal, assignment, and duty given to me, and in doing so I have indeed a great deal. One of which, is that everyone must cooperate. In addition, learn by criticism, and always keep your chin Mr. Hood have helped me extremely during the critical times that Yearbook has faced. Both of which have given me a and love straight from their heart. A simple thanks would not do, but more accurately, I love you. Kurt Vollmoeller has helped and although he is quite unorganized he has always gotten his job completed, Thank you, Sir Photo Editor. it would have to be "Do and accomplish first, then tell the world what you have done." Editor-in-Chief Angel Borchardt many ups, downs, frontwards, and backwards. Through it all, I ma ' ged to stay unorganized, and yet, I was able to get done I thank the Eldorado students, teachers, and administration for the operation that I received through the span of the year. Photography Editor Kurt Vollmoeller AUTCGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTCGRAPHS

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