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, 5 i A P 4 J H Y Q a, 1 . Q. in x -sa J? .ff : Q ,A ? 3 L 1 A Cyolwf f f Omen Cie Wad! mme flea? army on JJ-7'672yfA My Maw foflnomfowa 650412 lk were af Qgkwfffake Aofaes and QZYFIIQVZJ cznlie, wwe we lien, QQKAWZ Mm J 70 WW? iw fo AMA Me yawze. M ZW? .7 CTyim,kAwQ Zzffmfza 59534. A . 4 . 76' . 449 . .529 702 774 772 788 236' 244 ! 5' 7 7 I , 4 vb?-cf vi X f 4' 5 5 I 4 THEME Cjw 4040 me img AMMMM! 4 aff flew yawn. 1 Qi 3 , -1' al. sqsmss M. am m 2 Am f ,..,-as , Q wi 1' 3 0- .A i Q4 1 1 . , ,ui T .,. , Q., 2 ,fy '21, 1' 24 'a,f'.1f 16- S 1525 j S.: - - xi 1 w 41. ' 1 U T 4. - R 4' "V , E, yu .. ' L 4-A . - ,- ff 'xv ' ' XX is ii 'H Yam: XE .t ,N iv ' tf 3 ix Y VV we X R L 6 gi n X 4 , X4 a,'a-x . f. 'BLK' A pm- THEME 5 " CS-Q in sv-an Q-"gig A Q 1 ,vw- 3? K 6 THEME L A , , -Q. MK' ' C-Weyn04ffhnea,f4e4zay4A ameafaffofeam. I, A , Q 6 +'fffg-is , ' ff- W Q., f . VM Q . Srggwx-Y ,N A .5 M e 1 im A . fp- -- ,, 6 f' xefq... 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D- 4-WJ aww? 41,714 fa fJMfM g L .f,. riff? 451. 3 f i .1 331 K E 5 'YQ as V M Wwwww 545525 Q 1F '3 1 ,', 'F 'W V .' "'f I X Y i , A M , .-W 'f in 'i i U ig'. f'6 f - L- V51 2 3 ' , Q . J 5: in ' Y ff ' f a LBORADG UNDEVILS .ff 1 ? 2,5 N M ,W . iglcllir ,il fl AJ' Ei THEME ll Megvw Ilan fa wwf I Q26 Wm! W4 anna! ofa!! K 1 1 .VV.Y4. El-.A fi 12 THEME f' 1' , f 0511?-ff 63, I nf L L L v 41:3 f x t ff 1 Wi' 'X wi f v 1' 16, S I' 4 sg ' b 1 ' Y 'M 1 x S ie' I ' ' 1' ' g ' , XV A -V 1 i ,gg N f' is E ""' 1 1 - 31: ' gk? 1 , g - F Q .1 ' - I Y 5 5 l 4' l ig g Y 1 filth 25: bbq! Z iz ,Q J IY .4 ,s , " dull ' ' X A J. VK ,fi ' ' 5,04 Q' g,,l fl A Y muh Q, fmiyggf-5,4m!,X1 .,4H. , 5 n W .1 Xw,,p.,r -.di N , ' ' N, X 19 , 5 W M 3, 5' 1 3 ' ' if F M 27 3' gf, V , if ' , W 1 I wr M 43 V' fa - f EP ' 5 JM-Ff'e 3 " M " 10 ' 5 ,, ' ' , ' " , , . . i J'-4,,:,,x. .,,, a r gr Y ,, ! tg h V KK i,: VL i 1 ' ' . 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She started at Eldorado in l975, and soon made her mark on the traditions and character of our school, to a point where she can never be forgotten. As a teacher, Betsy did more in service to her students and the community than any other teacher in my memory. The list of her many accomplish- ments in educational organizations, community and youth-oriented groups would take volumes of copy just to list. As just one of her many honors, Mrs. Herbst was awarded the Clark County International Year of the Child Teacher Honoree, for 1980. At her nomination Dr. Nils Bayles, Principal of Eldorado l'ligh School, said, "Mrs, Herbst thoroughly enjoys teaching. She is at school early and late and is tireless in her dedication to youth. Her involvement does not end with school duties, but continues as she involves herself in the community with youth-related activities and other service endeavors too numerous to mention." Betsy "Herby" Herbst was loved and respected by all who knew her. A teacher is one of the few people who pass through this life who have the opportunity of immortality. This immortality is obtained when those young people that we teach carry through the generations those great truths and knowledge that we give them. The philosophies, the words, and the love that the teacher imparts, become immortal. Elizabeth Herbst is gone, and we will miss her. But, let us not look back at her loss in sadness and tears, but let us rejoice with her in her immortality. Through her extraordinary efforts with the young leaders of our future, Betsy's great love and influence has guaranteed her immortality. J.L. Pomeroy Sunburst Advisor We, the staff of the Sunburst, would like to begin a new tradition at Eldorado High School. Each year of publication, we would like to dedicate the yearbook to an individual or individuals who have contributed significantly to Eldorado. This contribution to our school should span a significant length of time and not be limited to an individual who leaves the school. This year we are honored to dedicate the i980-81 Sunburst Yearbook to one of the finest teachers who ever worked at our school, Elizabeth L. "Betsy" "Herby" Herbst. We are proud to honor her service at Eldorado High School from i975 until l98O as a government and student council teacher. 20 SENIORS r r 4 x P .. H XV' f2:1:T1'zT:i:3:Igki:1:2:':3:-:-:': I4 ?V13LffWP'X ffgf "" A r lf rf MJIJ jypfiffmf . ' Y X X 2 3 , X.-fl V T,,,M,, , . , F . , rf , . A, ' , f r ff, in 1 ff I x ,,...i,A 1w,f.,.L1..,. 4,4 2 7 - 1 .4 ....,4...,....... ., ., ,,. . wx , vi rr ,,,, ,,,..,,.,. . ' 'Luv l if ' ',,w,.W.f Q3 W! RWM V - Lx . .f K ' ' ' " , W Z, M ..,,,W,M,, ,,,, M64 k-f. ,, .Wm I zu ,V r , ..V, ,:,.,,.w..1,.....M,-,V,N .W -Q L! ,J -, , .f., ' . 6+""""'T:ifr' 'N'fvfp:.g:"f'rf-rf: YW . ,.,.. ,,,,, ' k'V' - r' 5 . 15, Q 7 44 5 ,, i ' ,I wfpn-mv U ,, .,,, M. num 4 ' M , - ' my and , A JM , V -W . A ' 2, x , , A -Q "' ' V" Qu, 1573 ,"5,,x ' f sf' ' ,L K Ck! v ,, A W fl' V I 9 G 'Q Af .wfwemnuunaunaua 19' W hurt!! -A..-.v "-as .4 . ' ' ' , , , , , f - , . , ' A - fr' V' 24" Y ' ' AQ V 4 m ,V , , ly ,K', if jf? Q , i I 4 I r w fir r f ,' 1 S I W . , , , ,Q W f,,, 1 f 5 yrw , , , Left to nghfg' Larry Rosborough, 'AliceQfunn,,1Dqwra,Kn,ucg91eg,eMs,' Beorden, Neco Roberts, Jane Kaufman, John N ' Q gg 2 . u 1 f I ,,,' f H ,." ' , rrrr SENIORS 21 r rr f gs W r .. , yfvfggygq, jk. V Q4 , :Z V Affwf, I 4 94,5 W J af , ,533 'Qi' K ff' M' 2 Rf f K rf. Adm 4wk.f I' 4 4 it we it .fm pt is 315 'I x27 ,hr RPN Jour John 58- SENIOR HDMECOMING, TO BE REMEMBERED Homecoming l98O was exciting. We played a close game against Chaparral. The final score was 7-6, in their favor. Our Queen and King, Susie and An- thony, will surely remember this day, along with many seniors who put in long, hard hours to make the class of 'Sl float Number Onell " ' Aviv 161. , .1 5. - - I "Q, 'J 'wry' V ., .ry Vi? " , : j,, V' iff ' ':5'Z.z..,72 .,,, 1 V I' v P SY "Nh, 9' Q .. . S it J r I' Q 5 OPPOSITE PAGE: Top Left: Janice Cook participated in spirit week by dressing up for Cowboy Day. Top Righty and Bottom Right: We had o lot of "Punkers" dressed up for Punk Day. Bottom Left: Susie and Cathy put their sha re of hard work into the Senior Homecoming Float. THIS PAGE: Top Left: EIdorado's Varsity is on the offense in the big game. Second Down Left: The winning Senior Home- coming Fioat. Third Down Left: Susie Dessaints and Anthony Piazza, happy Seniors crowned Homecoming King and Queen. Bottom Left: The enthusiastic Homecoming Game crowd watch half-time with gusto. Top Right: Donna's cheer- ing was definitely heard throughout the game. Bottom Right: Happy Senior Class Officers after hearing the news that the senior floot won the parade competition. SENIORS 25 SENIOR SHGW ENTHLISIASM sry-lf' are if Byrd, Gionno Collohon, Martin Cannon, David Corbullido, Yolcmdo Carroll, James FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHI G f will ff. fl 5 'W-lla-uv 3 vt ,v ,. will , ir ' 'W' .o.wfJuomi..-LlmlSMu- i' "" ll l Clark, Sonja Combs, James Coyne, Kelly Dabney, Mark Davis, Elena Clemons, Carmen Cook, Janice Culley, Deborah Daniel, Jamie Davis, Kim Cochran, Cherie Corral, Ophelia Curtis, Ricky Darnell, Denise Davis, Lisa Colehour, Lynn Cosse, Anno Colley, Jean Coulston, Anthony Jessica has that "funky-punky" spirit. Dayton, Erika Defelice, Karen Densley, Marchell Dessaints, Suzanne Dinglasan, Joseph SENIORS 27 SENIOR EXPRESSIONS ,D at-N 28 S E N I O RS Sa 3? . 5 7 -55 yiiufflf f :Kiki tip, AA Ax ,QZQATL 1, 'f Q..3, ax 1v' 1 ,J 'fy 5-f ,f:.,v: fe "' ' ff,-if S fgzsggx F75 3 2' iii: 'IS ..f K A .4 S7 Jig.: .EF 'ffijip ,,x.f, ff K' ,ilk ,,.. .W vida 32 SENIORS f W 'mans .tai Senior's had quite a year to remember. It started with Homecoming, ordering of graduation accessories, and other such special events. Many seniors had the T-shirt craze, others were into punk. But life wasn't all fun and games, there were still classes to attend, scholarships to gain, and always the hope of passing all classes! THIS PACE: Top left, Class of '81 - is Number One! Top right, Anthony Piazza gets ready for the Homecoming Candidate Assembly. Middle left, Students working in class?? Bottom left, Brandy looks stunned at the switchboard. Bottom right, Class of ,81 - We Are Family. OPPOSITE PACE: Top left, Lydia learns something new from Mrs. Jensen. Top right: Senior life is nothing but a picnic. Middle left: Your locker or your life! Middle right: Patty decorates the field for Homecoming Day. Bottom left: Lorin Spendlove measures cap size of his friend. Bottom right: Seniors look onward at assembly. n tnrr n n P S to SENIOR LIEE ALWAYS EXCITING X '06 CLASS UP 1981 FLOAT Q or or is we .1iHl!lf7l. 4 ' ' '24 , Jn. .J 'f ' , fiflli Y Q. -5, ' . g -7124- gg if -L ., . F ..- Hill, Tammy Hostefter, Roberta Hutchens, Julie Jackson, Gregory Jeska, Yvonne Johnson, James Holloway, David Howard, Holly Hutt, Lisa Janssen, Kathy Johnson, Dorothy Jones, Julie Holloway, Michael Hunt, Russell lsselin, Mike Jenner, JoAnne Johnson, Jackie Jordan, Ilene Hopkins, Kenny Hurtado, Nanciejane Justice, Glenn Hoppen, Marion Hutchens, Judi Kahre, Lori 34 SENIORS Many long hours were put into our winning float. SPECIAL MOMENTS - THE MEMORIES QXU .1 A E. ,Elsa J ,if 3 SENIORS THAT WILL LAST FOREVER Special moments are shared by every senior. The memories will always be there to re- member. Special moments with friends, and the times spent together are always very special. There is one thing this years seniors will always remember about their senior year, there will never be another game like it again . . . OPPOSITE PAGE: Top Left: Seniors are enjoying the home- coming dance. Top Right: Jessica and Ricky laugh about Sunspot initiation. Middle Left: Prathey Lafear sets up to pass against Chaparrel. Middle Right: Susie and Anthony share a special moment at Royalty Assembly. Bottom Left: Rick Elliott prepared for graduation by being measured. Bottom Right: Scott Styles and Susan Reed walk with mem- ories at the Royalty Assembly. THIS PAGE: Top Left: Senior girls wait to be announced at the Royalty Assembly. Top Right: Cathy, Susie, and Valerie are pictured here on Cowboy Day. Middle Right: Good friends won't hesitate to smile for the camera. Bottom Left: "Hand over all your hall passes - or l'll shoot!" Bottom Right: Greg and Rudy look on at the game in disbelief. l EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTI ITIES as if .1 ff' Martin, Terry Martinez, Yulinda Mattson, Cathy McClain, Rhonda McCollum, Donna 38 SENIORS 2, I wr 'i 2. . ,sew i i M Q N McEntire, Elko Meyn, Robert Miller, Jolin Moreland, Charlene Nelson, David McKay, John Michaelis, Jeff Mitchell, Wade Moreland, Gail Nelson, Michael McKearn, Michael Mick, Leslie Monfred, Ron Morlatt, Patricia Neubauer, Melvyn Melvin, Terry Morrill, Bruce Nixon, Robert Merholtz, Cheryl Munson, Peggy Nolen, Sherry Gary and his balloon pause in the hall. ARE A BIG PART OE SENIOR LIFE Noriega, Anna Nuckels, Dawn Nutter, Linda O'Brian, Alan O'Brien, Katya S wil ' i J my ,..ol ,nl Ossowski, Boris Patranik, Mike Pickle, Dean Poole, Mike Pupa, Camille Owens, Julie Patterson, Theresa Pinotti, Tina Price, Lisa Quinn, Alice Parker, Margret Perry, Jim Pipkins, Sharon Pruitt, Brenda Raitt, Preston Parkins, Kevin Perry, Rodney Parrish, Lisa Piazza, Anthony Brandy gives Richard a shoulder massage. SENIORS 39 Looking Back Through Time Dieter Stiglitz 40 SENIORS Bonnie Sims Susie Dessciints wage Lf, , Alice Quinn Brandy Younger Valerie Scott Colette Hill Rick Elliott Lori Kcihre g B' , 7 A crr i 2 Carmen Solorio You've Come Along Way Baby! yang Donna Kearns Tony Espinoza 2 Q, Vx :sh K V , ,, Lori Bergman M r Nick Boyer Cathy Amelburu David Allen Hancock Liz Rodriguez Cherie Cochran SENIORS 41 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES ,iff Anthony Piazza and Alice Quinn Janice Cook and Mike lsselin MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BIGGEST FLIRTS BEST PHYSIQUE QFIGURED Deanne Williams and Greg Schiller Deiter Stiglitz and Jessica Garner Debbie Tolas and Gordon Washington MOST CONCEITED PRETTIEST HAIR Rudy Reveles and Jamie Daniel Tony Espinoza and Donna Kearns 44 SENlORS MOST ATHLETIC BEST ALL 'ROUND MOST SHY MOST FRIENDLY Eb?-3' ,A Susie Dessaints and Stanley Kline Bill Eddy and Brandy Younger Richard Burton and Lisa Brandt CLASS CLOWNS CUTEST SMILE Cathy Amelburu and John Manzer Camille Bupa and Anthony Piazza PRETTIEST EYES BEST DRESSED LIKELY TO BE BACK NEXT YEAR s Peggy Munson and David Ayers Rudy Reveles and Ebone Evanoff Bruce Bradley and Stacy Ferguson SENIORS 45 48 HONORS I-IGNGRS TOP HONORS Cox Gre VALE DIC TORIANS AND SAL UTATORIAN ELDORADO HIGH SCI-IOUL CLASS OF 1981 TOP TWENTY Calphabeticallyj Lilian Baldwin Roy Bischoff Charles Bouley Kim Chavez Jamie Daniel David Eicher Dianna Folk Renee Foshee Crystal Grandjean Marlene Haskell Russell Hunt Donna Kearns David Kenny Peggy Munson Dawn Nuckles Anthony Piazza Robert Rudolphi Gregory Schiller Bruce Wilcox DeAnn Williams HO OR OCIETY Honor Society earned money by selling gift checks in Novem- ber and Senior Tee Shirts in March. We entered a decorated van in the Homecoming Parade which took first place. For Easter we sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt for the Orphanage. We are also starting a "Hall of Fame" to rec- ognize outstanding students at Eldorado High School. Y fiv- .Y ' X I in The l9BO-8l Honor Society officers were: David Eicher, Deann Williams, Lilian Baldwin, Marlene Haskell, and Dawn Knuckles. All of the members were: Dawn Knuckles, Lilian Baldwin, David Eicher, Charles Bouley, Carl Smith, Larry Luna, Russell Hunt, Deann Williams, Robert Rudolphi, Ms. Ge-gg, Don Blackbill, Marlene Haskell, Cindy Miller, Chris Schiller, Jane Kaufmann, Dan Hartman, Colette Hill, Barbara Bouley, Mike Eicher, Cheryl Mueller, Leslie Bedotto, Mike Solorio, Terri Dean, Deidre Hall Sandy Folk, Crystal Grandjean, and Valerie Scott. 52 ORGANIZATIONS HONORS N, RQ ENGLISH Lilian Baldwin, Bruce Wilcox, and Deann Williams. MATH Bruce Wilcox and Charles Bouley. SCIENCE Lilian Baldwin, Greg Schiller, Deann Wil- Iiarns, and Charles Bouley. HONORE 53 OUTSTANDING BUSINESS R 1 sggm Showno Ludlow, Tonyo Woods, ond Goil Morelond. QS fi-ii S l MUSIC Gordon Woshington Tom Lovoto ond Robert Fobbs DRAMA if' Alon Dozier, Mike Isselm Jonme Doniel, ond Tony Colston. 54 HONORS SENIORS YEARBOOK Lori Bergman, Brandy Younger, Colette Hill, Valerie Scott, and Camille Pupa. f -Wi' PHOTOGRAPHY ' ' Jon Schaffner, Virginia Stephens, Frank Vespe, Von Blair, and Richard Fore- I'T1OSTeI'. QQ wc 1 Viz, z gif il 3 W gig 5 Wg, , ,, 1 259 , , 1 'Q , lv 5,35 ll v ll? f l 14 N55 ef 5. 1443 r"N NEWSPAPER Sherry Nolen, and Gretchen Walker. Z - , 'x my , I fhilfiszgf- f' l 5 .. jg ' Alia' , N ,f-4 HONORS 55 FOOTBALL Mike Gloss, Billy Eddy, ond Wilfre Wil- lioms. 'MD 95 . ,:,,f,', lf inn 23 BASKETBALL --smoflnvo - sumnfvlii BASHETBW- WRESTLING Stonley Kline, Gordon Woshington, Jeff Swon ond Dovid Broun 56 HONORS Dovid I-lollowoy, Bruce Wilcox, ond Croig Richards. T va' Q AQ. 1. ,. W -iff L5 GIRLS BASKETBALL Janice Cook, Sara Skeen, and Denise Hall. BASEBALL ,. .1 'Vp-3 VOLLEYBALL Cathy Amelburu, Janice Cook, Gayla Stiles, Bonnie Sims, and Susie Dessoints. HONORS 57 58 ORGANIZATION 1 x lv ORGANIZATIDNS EIIIAIIJ.-ElHVc'lS -w,..,.., 1 xi . has """"-v.W,,m..m.WM It Qld' S-1 S 515 . ,Qf ' ORGANIZATIONS 3' . N new miie VARSITY CHEERLEADERS DO IT WITH A SMILE The Varsity Cheerleaders kept up a school tradition by bringing back a Superior trophy from USA Camp, once again. They also won a spirit stick for their great enthusiasm, which showed throughout the year, as they backed the Sundevils all the way. The l98O-Sl Varsity Cheerleaders were: iOpposite pagel Lett to Right: Camille Pupa iFootball Headl, Donna Kearns, Alice Quinn, Valerie Scott iBasketball Headl, Bonnie Simms, Diana Villanueva, Robin Martin, and Cheryl Mueller. Top Right: Like always, cheering the team on to Victory. Middle: Varsity Cheerleaders show their stuff, Bottom Right: Diana exclaims, "Don't you all realize that we're losing?" Bottom Left: Donna replies, "What are you yell- ing at me for?" Bottom Middle: Susie and Cathy, our super spirited Sundevil Mascots. ORGANIZATIONS 6l Ll V .31 L. wif 1 62 ORGANIZATIONS L2 stew-W ,mm XX 'V ik: W 'mm 4.0 I 44 , 'S M.. fir ILI IOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS SUPPLY SOPHOMORE SPIRIT .Mm This years Junior Varsity Cheerleaders worked hard in promoting school spirit. They spent many hours per- fecting skills and preparing forthe games and assemb- lies. Although they did not have an winning season, the J.V.'s kept the games alive and peppy with their enthu- ,Q -- looks on in disgust. siasm. They were: COpposite pagei Lett to Right: Min- dy Neidermeyer CHeadJ, Janet Scott tCo-headig Kim Bass, Christa Daniel, Kim Johnston, Gretchen Zobrist, Gloria Hale, and Kim Kiser. Top Lett: The J.V.'s show off their smiles forthe camera man. Middle Left: Gloria and Gretchen watch the game with disappointment. Bottom Lett: . . . we are number one, Hey! Hey!! Bottom Right: "You mean we're losing by two points?", exclaims Mindy, while Janet if t. i ink? in ORGANIZATIONS 63 5 5 I r ERESI-IME CHEERLEADERS SLIPPURT WINNING TEAM The Freshmen Cheerleaders got a late start but caught on to the Cheerleader role quickly. They added pep and spirit to a winning season and stood behind their team lOOcXJ. They were: oppo- site page, lett to right: Susie Martinez, Tina Miller, Kim Glitch, Christina Cummings, Valerie Rego, and Patty Walsh. Top Lett: The Freshmen Cheerleaders backed their team at one of the Basketball games. Middle: Kim hams it up for the camera- man. Bottom Left: The freshmen cheerleaders show their ta- lents at one of the many pep assemblies. Bottom Right: Kim cheers enthusiastically at the Homecoming Assembly, 1 ORGANIZATIONS 65 VARSITY 'rw . ..,, .. I Q ,, S ON GLEADERS f I .no-. Varsity Songleaders won spirit award at Santa Barbara Calif. at summer camp. Their enthusiasm kept us going all year long, From Top Left to Right- il-leadl Renee Fooshee, Co-Head Michele Small, Middle Left to Right- Kim Bradt, Janice Cook, Bottom Left to Right- Lori Kahre, Sylvia Salazar. Q,A.i vs, f your is 1 "' Q Q me ri ' , ' 5 S' YJ tw- i i t Q Q is ,Q L -libdiunmwwy-- ,, W- A.. f, Top Lett - Songleaders giving spirit to the crowd during Homecoming. Middle Lett - Songleaders punking out with DEVO, Middle Right-Michele ancl Lori showing off their muscles, Bottom Left - Songleader Mascot- Renee Rich, Bottom Right - Michele and Sylvia dancing to their routine at open house. ORGANIZATIONS 67 ELDORADO DRILL TEAM This year was the first year that Eldorado's drill team was able to per- form. They performed at all the foot- ball games. The drill team helped bring out all of Eldorado's spirit and enthusiasm. We are looking forward to the many years to come where the drill team will aid and build Eldorado school spirit. in 5'-Q., The l980-l 98l Eldorado Drill Team consisted of: Theresa Bailey, Kathleen Tracy, Debbie Brown, Renee Mattke, Susan Johnson, Lynette Wilder, Jeanette Castro, Penny Clark, Beth Grogan, Amber Wright, Debbie Stubritz, Sonja Stinnet, Rhonda Callahan, Cindy Whitlock lCaptainl, Lisa Lewis, and Karen Statom. ... . , IKM' 3 - J 'f 'i 68 ORGANIZATIONS 'iii if my mm shit? it fix, DIAMO DETTES LQOKI 'PI E R 5 ,,51g?T 5 , 5 x ,fl Q v vt - . .-af' ' . -Q-,gy ,lx If . gif , -J 0 The Sundevils Diamondettes had a busy year. It started oft with the election of officers, and ended with a great year. Throughout the year, the Diamondettes did many activities to help out the baseball players. They held car washes, sold raffle tickets, and had fund skates. During the games, they were assigned various jobs, such as keeping score, picking up bats, and just keeping things going smooth. This group was more than just a club, they were a team because ofthe unity that exsisted amoung them. Top: Top, row: Brandy Younger, Cheryl Bennett. Middle row: Nancy Day, Patty Mapes, Carol Pickett, Front row: Cindy Wallach, Liz Rodriquez, Cherie Cochran, Jacque Kiser, Yvonne Paddock, Renee Rich. Front: Vicki McMil- lian, Colette Hill. Left: Officers, Cherie Cochran, Jacque Kiser, Liz Rodriquez, Carol Pickett, Cindy Wallach. ORGANlZATlONS 69 SPEECH A D DEBATE Left, Patricia Ellis attempts to coax her birds into obiedience, Bottom: Club members listen somewhat attentlvly to the debate in session. gr- :JL - A a QM! aim: , r T ,, nf' Sig'-.N "-' Lgezswgx , "" N. 3 'X' , ""'uu----- The l98O-Sl Speech and Debate club members are: Vice-Pres., Allen Desier, Pres., Michelle Small, Treas,, Larry Rosborough, Sec. and Reps Terri Dean. Second Row: Taffy Tatoilya, Regina Gage, Patricia Ellis, Cheryl Mueller, Stephanie Dobis, JenniterClampit, and advisor, Mrs. Hampton. Third Row: Leslie Mick, Mel Richins, James Hamilton, Mike Clampit, James Colms, Mark McBride, ORGANIZATIONS 7l ELDORADO SLINSPOTS The l98O-8l Sunspots put in all they had for Sundevil Wrestlers. The Sunspots always do an excellent job in keeping score, time, and most of all cheering. The Eldorado Gold Invitational proved this to be true. The sun- spots cheered and urged our wrestlers on to victory. To attend a trip to Peoria, Arizona with the wrestlers, the Sunspots had a car wash, sold balloons and buttons. Although the Devil Wrestlers came in third place, the trip was well worth it. Keep up the good work Sunspotsl Cindy gazes oft into the distance. Jenny takes time out for fun, while other Sunspots cheer. 4519- 1 sb? gy- 'lack Members Lett to Right, Bottom Row, Crystal Castell, Cindy Romero, Jenny Garner, and Kareena Rysavy. Second Row, Heidi Henry, Ronda Herman, Gail Segmiller, Judi Hutchens, and Angie. Third Row, Julie Hutchens, Carmen Clemens, Lisa Garcia, and Jill Garner, Top, Kathy McMaIIy. 72 ORGANIZATIONS K 1 W Top left: Sunspots cheer on a winning wrestler. Top right: Sunspots talk about the winning scores. Bottom left: Sunspot officersgJudi Hutchens, Jill Garner, Julie Hutchens, Heidi Henry, Lisa Brandt, Crystal Castell. Bottom right: Jenny is putting all of her attention on the wrestlers below. ORGANIZATIONS 73 ADVOCATE STAFF The Eldorado High School Advocate News- paper Staff were always on the ball and did a grand job on everything. The staff was there to cover most of the exciting events at Eldorado. The year of 80-8l was successful in spite of the fact they had three different advisors. -W' The i980-1981 Advocate Staff - Left to Right - Renee Tur- ner Charmaine Buset, Barbara W- Whatson, Holly Howard, Beth Ann Diedrich, Polar Arias, Starr Weiner. Front Row - Tyra Tafoya, Keith Fobbs, Sherry Nolen, Gretchen Walker, Elaine Wilson, Joan Colley. Not Pic- tured, Advisor - Mr. Schnepp 74 ORGANIZATIONS SUNBURST PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOOT POR IT tl Front row: Devon Blair, Susie Tallard, Glen Reimann, Sheri Shorey, Renee Dominguez, James Lyman, Richard Foremaster, Second row: Erin Lynn, Kim Baker, Coleen Robie, Billie Staubs, Kim Kiser, Chris Soderling, Sandra Cheney, Terrie Guy, Yvette Gary. Back row: Jay Overmoen, Rick Elliott, Susan Reed, Tim Webb, David Lussier, Vedeana Plummer, Patsy Pena. The Eldorado Sunburst Photo- graphers were part of a new class. The group was formed from another class called Publication Photographers. The class was de signed to train new people to be come Publication Photographers. Several highly skilled photo- graphers were there to aid them in photography. If it wasn't for them, our yearbook wouldn't have been such a success. t Left: Sheri Shorey and Colleen Robie look over newly developed negatives. RIGHT: Frank Vespe gets ready to take a picture. ORGANIZATIONS 75 SLI BURST YEARBOUK STAFF 46' The l980-8l Sunburst staff had few returning members from last year. They were the core of ex- perienced leadership, but the new members caught on fast and coped with everything that con- fronted them. While completely under control, the staff met every deadline with no trouble at all. Staff members learned lay-out, writing copy, and selling ad tech- niques excellently, and they proved it in the work they did. They all worked hard to put out the best yearbook in Eldorado's history. Top left: Colette Hill, Brandy Younger, and Tina McDonald study a good lay-out. Bottom left: Genice Wooldridge, Assis- tant Editor, Diana Villanueva, Editor-im Chief: Brandy Younger, Editor-in-Chief. 76 ORGANIZATIONS 42., Q 'Gi l PLITS IT ALL TGGETHER X., E S -x l , , f ' 'W A' o if 3- Q ,.. f12Al' A. N ' Q34 ' l f: -' ,gr 1 Lil Group Picture: Top row: Terry Matthews, Camille Pupa, Renee Rich, Minnie Dodge, Tina McDonald, Susan Lovely, Pam Thornton, Roberta Mayor, Starr Weiner. Front row: Richard Burton, Brandy Younger, Genice Wooldridge, Sylvia Salazar, Diana Villanueva, Tami Goodrich, Lori Bergman, Patsy Pena, Cindy Murphy. V eeef, Q A . Top right: Camille Pupa, ' Vedeana Plummer, and Richard Burton stop their busy work to smile for the camera. Bottom left: Section Editors: Front row: Colette Hill, Sylvia Salazar, Brandy Younger, Camille Pupa, Diana Ville- nueva, Valerie Scott, Donna Kearns. Back row: Sandra Cheney, Lori Bergman, Tina McDonald, Minnie Dodge, Re- nee Rich, Vedeana Plummer. ORGANlZATlONS 77 IN MEMORY OF DEAN SUNDBERG COMPUTER CL LIB by alll"""""H ,tcm The Computer Club members were: Kyle Ogden, Garryn McAnnaIly, Mike Perry, Chuck Wright, Lawrence Luna, Carl Smith, Michael Gibson Lance Press, and Tony Statom. The Computer Club is composed of students who enjoy the chal- lenge of programming. Programs vary from simple addition of two variables to a complex data processing and management projects. These students are, also, enrolled in a Computer Science class. The club advisor is Mr. Muin Mustafa, the resident Computer Science teacher. ORGANIZATIONS 79 Back Row: Mr. Payne, Sheldon Colen, Gary Sorenson, Jeff Gard- ner, Ramon Varela, Charles Tolas, Front Row: Richard Stephens, Kirk Johnson, Patricia Finch, Debra Morsan, Patti Egbert, Bobby Meyn, Sam John- son, Mr. Mundt, ELDORADO VICA CL LIB ELDORADO CHESS CLUB K, in 'X 80 ORGANIZATIONS Back Row: Vincent Appel, Mr. Hoffman, Todd LeBarron, Second Row: James Cowon, James Tho- mas, Gordon Schemenauer, Third Row: Eddie Lewis. ELDQRADQ CAVE CRAWLERS The Eldorado Cave Craw- lers are a group of students that enjoy exploring caves. They have explored caves on Redrock Mountain and on Sunrise Mountain. The cave crawlers are: Left to Right, Back Row: Miss Young, Phillip Dodge, Richard Bealer, Jerry Scott, Gene Lund, Bill Huish, Second Row: Jeff Hall, Curt Beckman, Jaun Ramirez, and Sandy Momahan. , 4 I Vs, i H " .surf ' , .,.,, , Lcgdjvif , it 'K j,,54",,. Ww, ,'M ,., , ,f THE I-IIKERS CLUB .n-to ,L ,Lv-,',f ,Q , ist., The Hikers Club are people that enjoy going to various places to learn more about nature. The Hikers ore: Left to Right, Mr. Stanley, Deidre Jenkins, Diana Folk, Sandy Folk, Crystal Grand- jean, and Cheryl Grand- jean. ORGANIZATIONS Sl 1980-81 SULIL CLUB gig AJ ...df Y' Xanax. . . Q . L . ' as - W 'vb TMYMV,-Q-W1-"'v-mv" . Q E t f f , 5 K x Q , .. if A. .Q , ,Q ,, . Ti L Q , Q, 1 2 S i s 2 Q i l ..,.f,. . l sann-an-,Q zgsa. X E Top row - Mrs. Knight, Donna Smith, Fares Reed, Denise Shane, Ricky Lee, Gertrude Washington, Desiree Harris, Regie Winbush, Nina Abran, Sheronda Shaw, Mike Brooks, Renee Mays, Debrah Smith, Karen Carol, Mr. Thomas. Middle row- Brian Rogers, Kim Huston, Jeanette Lee, Tina Shang, Renee Turner, Crystal Shane, Marsha Glass. Bottom row - Troy Clayton, Beverly Hodge, Neco Roberts, Gordon Washington, Wilfred Williams, Ec Adams, Kim Bass, Rhonda Wells. l98O-8l SOUL CLUB organizes many in- teresting activities for its members. The achievements of this group help to place a firm foundation for excellent leadership of tomorrow. One of the many successful projects is their annual food drive. Many hours of work with cooperation of student body and faculty provided a welcome holi- day dinner for needy families. Club members listen carefully to a guest speaker J K ts i s ,F Q X 82 ORGANIZATIONS 'B QVC PEP CLUB SHOW SPIRIT! 'S A se. Si X I7 , E. il. E,H.'E. Q1-Lg! Q . 'X"'- Top row: Lee Anne Sagio, Candy Smith, Brenda Troops, Valerie Lane, Carol Schroter, Jeannette Pinotti, Ana Noreiga. Bottom row: Denise Williams, Andre Saggio, Carla Swanson, Dawn Howarth, Shellie Pinotti, Tina Pinotti, Debbie Culley, Kelly Napuunoa, Miss Knight. r..ll.b. l1.a Top: Dawn Howarth, Jeannette Pinotti. Middle: Shel lie Pinotti, Tina Pinotti, Bottom: Candy Smith ORGANIZATIONS 83 NIROTC DOES THE IDB RIGI-ITU NJROTC has performed at all the assemblies, games, and many other activities. Six special teams are fielded by the corps: Color Guard, Drill Team Without Arms, Drill Team With Arms, Drum and Bugle Corps, Rifle Team, and o Physical Fitness Team. Marching teams participate in nearly all parades held in Clark County. In addition, they compete annually in a Southern Nevada JROTC Drill Meet held alternately in Northern and Southern Nevada. The rifle team shoots twice weekly after school at the Federal Office Building. Several competitive firing meets are held annually. Letters fspecial "E"l andfor ribbon awards are earned by these teams. 84 ORGANIZATIONS IROTC PREPARES FOR THE FEATURE! LUN ,ff EA EE , T i . Milf? Ui s--Qf:.Q:2- - .. . - . . - Im 'll ' ' ' -I . ,.e1:-N1size::.s..:g ' .lie R . Q 3 t , s X 4 ia l 114 'N W 43 RX-N64 xy 'g R r if 9 S .V . i ES ' r .EEK A J LAVE . yyhyy 'E . vi at i . ,. 1 S51 lf ,"-fi' 1 , 2'x,ks21y i Qfslf- : M vt L " fi RTW P1 Q, gi , N 5 2. ::,.. . - .- l I Qt ,li h V , E? II K J. 3 nv L, ' ' 321 J ' U i . I r 1 A i A D " ' l t C .Ur if z Q C C Rn ' ..g.g,,E: The Navy Junior ROTC is organized as a military orga- nization with cadet officers and non-commissioned officers as the leaders. Cadets start by learning to be followers. Those who do well advance through the ranks, assuming greater responsibility in the adminis- trative and military structure of the corps. They may volunteer to participate as a member ofa drill team or color guard, to serve on social or community services planning committees, or be challenged in a positive way. We believe that NJROTC offers an interesting avenue for students to exercise their real capabilities. ROTC may be taken as an elective or as a substitute for P.E. Taking NJ ROTC does not obligate students to the Navy or the government after graduation in any way. ORGANIZATIONS 85 marc AT EASE! X1 M- Wmfm..-mm V nd o W ,ff jf 2 i 5 5, l l The corps operates very much like a very active club. Cadet officers run the corps under the tute- lage of the Naval Science instructors. Cadet com- mittees plan parties, raise funds, and produce a yearbook. Normally, four or five dances are held each year including a formal Military Ball at a major hotel. Family picnics are held each fall and spring. Family campouts have been successful in the past as have the skate nights, car washes, etc. During Spring vacation, cadets may go to San Diego for a five-day mini-boot camp. Upper class- men attend fleet training courses, hospitalmen's training, leadership school, etc. A stop at Disney- land or Magic Mountain and San Diego zoo cap the week. The objectives of the Navel Science KNJROTCJ program are to strengthen character, form habits of self-discipline, promote an under- standing ofthe basic elements of national security and the responsibility of citizenship, and develop an interest in the military as a possible career. .IRA W. 1. 'fix 'ur '53 -t .51 "V3fff2F'f4f' ' WDM? ' ' 'wid 'w l dfi v 'f"'. -'f' .j' -'sf' 'Qfvfpw . 1'-. ' ,ff if' ' .N gf . m,1.'g.- I' zu.-is it 'W vw. -i.f,..ff J A' .1 .1 -ft-.L am - ft 1, igeqfg . .wa ...fs '-!f"1 ' fx' 'f,, - -, - ,-.ffi 'tis A i .1 ' "N -'I.', ',, .1 ATX N .-gy ,f rag, " ,K N 3 '4 a-, f?FB5ggV fgigqiymx 'if f' ' .sw ,. f to K -ft' X EH-,3 5,73-Qgixgftx ,, ,Q ' ffl?-'Y f .gy Q' P8 rt, , w ws. ' if L51-ikgft' E. G , rs ' 'f f "" 2 . t l ight M -p 1 "'- S' -f i qaftl 1 lil" 'J' f t ' i Ye. at QQ ,. X .X it .,g-,SY ,z V, , .... - mg .Mr a A- -3' f .4 " ,gr rg- . ' .A . K ,,,. U . .... Q .nr A.:-A f- "'4 -tw ' ,1"?' J' " ,A Jn' -Y .Q ,... W 'ri t-iffifli-Hwfgp-, n- ' K V Ml ' 5' Es! ' 'r . t .i1'fi"'S . ' .- 4 ,, ' N 7 1 -if me . .. . "X .W cfm . ' m' i'ii"i ' Sf ' "xr '-wwf A .K on N . T.. S Q , - l- qtgssagia-zz. ...-y .kill X jg. y.4g,gseg1..fY.. " S - .H ,F Tif f . A223 - rl ' 'f-ffifsn .L ' ,. fr 'T W., .. ' 1 , rf ' ,L .4 K. n""'ilk - C ELA' . f-.5 we-ff ,. c ...fl . .1 r wr. Alf ', 'Milf-vrk i "Assn-, . ! I h . 1 i N S fi vt... r 'ff 'wi' , ' " 'as-Q11 361-wa.. ximffl? K .s ' ' 1 86 ORGANIZATION SCIENCE CL LIB The l98O-8l Science Club members were: DeAnn Wil- liams, Russell Hunt, Charles Bouley, Robert Rudolphi, John McKay, Ed Grant, Dave Ro- land, Deidre Jenkins, Atchula Thongtaku, Greg Schiller, Lil- lian Baldwin, and Larry Rosbor- ough. The purpose of the Sci- ence Club is to provide students with the oppor- tunity to have scientific experiences not available in the school curriculum. This year the students have participated in the Junior Academy of Sci- ence, and hiked the Grand Canyon for three days, studying its geolo- gy, flora and fauna. An all night star watch is also planned. The i980-Sl Ski Club dedicates our yearbook space to Dean Sundberg, who shared our joy in sky and snow, and the challenge of the downhill slope. SKI CLUB The Ski Club members were: Glenn Justice QPres.J, Cheryl Mueller iv presl, Leslie Bedotto KSecl, Greg Schiller fTreasi, Bruce Morrill CAT. ofl, Jeff Gardner KMa. Ar.i, Darren Paddock, Jur- gin Dechant, Suzie Abbott, Korenna Rysay, Lance Press, Yvonne Jes- ka, Raymond Lopez, Reg- ina Bossi, Tony Sundberg, Vickie McMillan, Steve Varncberg, Greg Rost, Chris Schiller, Boris Ossowski, Shawn Rizaian, Peggy Munson, Dawn Ho- ward, Kristine Price, James Buckley, Yun Ho Song, Dan Sisseck, Marty Walsh, Tracy Guarino, Tony Garza, Chris Riccel- la, James Thomas, Brian Mick, Patty Egbert, John Horner, Andy Miller, Kris Kaufrann, Jane Kaufrann, James Combers, Zoe Ann Warner, Scott Glimp, Gary Scott, David Wright, James Corvan, Becky Herdman, Lisa Nielson, Laura Ganes, Lori Berg- man, Richard Haughlin, Sharon Williams, and Clarke Paris. ORGANIZATIONS 87 THE FLASHERS The Photography Club con- sists of 30 members. This year's photography club proved not only highly enjoyable but profitable as well. Money making projects helped members pay their way on many field tripsg such as NBC and Universal Studio's. On these trips the students experience photo- graphy vocation. Many club members also participate in the Clark County School District Photography contest and have won first and second place awards. 88 ORGAYXHZATIONS 'QQ H 4,1 F, - 5, Top Right: Susan Reed, focuses on her duty as President of the Photography Club. Center: Richard Foremaster, looking for good negatives. Center: Von Blair, adjusting his shutter speed on a 500 mm lense. Bottom right: Adriana Martinez, looking for a good shot. Top left: The 30 members of the Photo Club at Fantasy Pork. fu 4' Q Y km, E 5, s swag., mg " I ts z , ' kj '12 1. 'E l 4, F gm ' j lv fr N T l,,, fi'-' ,..x l V 5 A it HLIMA RELATIO Sl ACTIO i, The Human Relations members made a tremendous effort to help the needy people of Las Vegas. Ev- ery member did an equal share of the hard work. The attitudes of these young people were noticed by everyone throughout the school in their daily activities. ABOVE: Lto R, Sitting, Neco Roberts, Kirbey Bower, Billy Tait, Christa Daniel, Robert Nix- on, Ana Noriega, Valerie Tripp. lst row, Mr. Al Brown, Gordon Washington, Wilfred Wil- liams, Vivian Brown, Mr. Catonese, Patricia Tillery, Sheila Scott, Holly Lund, Mr. Bill Robinson. 2nd row, Mr. Thomas, Troy Clayton, Mike Glass, Brian Wollins, Ken Cooper, Randy Cooper, Vivian Bolden, Ray Miller. LEFT: Advisors, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Can- tonese point out important topics to the officers. ORGANIZATIONS 89 The Sundevil Band, the largest ensemble, consisting of 90 playing members, the band marches and plays at football games during the fall. They take to the stage as a concert band, tor Christmas, at festival competitions, and the spring concert. top lefty Band lady in action. rightg "I wonder what happened to the S." bottomg The Eldorado Sundevil Varsity Band. 1 a I my 0-4 'B 63x QI' ff A DTHEBA D If I 90 ORGANIZATIONS PLAYED O M , wqnwlfw The Eldorado Brass Ensemble is the music depart- ments newest organization. They play at various establishments throughout Las Vegas, including the Boulevard and Meadows Malls and the Mt. Charleston Lodge. Bottom leftg Virginia Floyd waiting to play. Bottom rightg The Drummers marching towards the field. There once was a girl named Brigitte who couldn't sit still but to figit she played double horn from the day she was born but used only one of her digits. A music fancier named Lorraine found pleasure in not being plain "l'm extraordinarel!" so she declared, "and that l shall always remainl' I l , 1 X fft 4 A96 .nv - A ORGANIZATIONS 91 The Eldorado Sundevil Band Council. Consisting of Varisty Band Members, the band council manages the Organization, Leadership, individual time, and a deep concern for music and fellow musicians are required to fill these positions. ' Bottom left, Band players play at several Pep Rallies. Bottom right, Band preforming at Homecoming game. Bottom right, Shields being showed at Homecoming game. 5.9 92 ORGANIZATIONS The Eldorado Sundevil Solar Energy. Consists of l6 members. Each mem- ber plays different instruments. Enambles musicians to become more familiar with different types of music. Bottomg Band Drummers march out to the field to start Homecoming Game. ORGANIZATIONS 93 SOUNDS OF SUCCESS I "' A , . .9- V -Q,t...,a..,Q, 1 ' f " Q . , . K A Z kwin: .W kr veg? ft K A K am- Tits'-W t, .4 if ff W kt. ,,-:. - - 'GIQLQ i The 1980-1981 Performing Art group starts off with lFront Rowl Robbie Hathcock, Michael Solorio, Kelly Tabbs, Trina Blazek, Susie Dessaints, Freddy Wells, Becky Davis, lMiddlel Darin Parvin, Sandy Keck l2nd Rowl Robert Fobbs, Bill McClearly, Clarence Smith, Donald Randolph, Austin Bryant, Gordon Washington, Gloria Hale, Greg Schiller, Adriana Martinez, Renee Turner, Shari Dawson, Michael Brooks, E.C. Adams, Don Kieffer, Liz Brosemer, Bryant Ford, Pat Steinett, Susie Garland, Troy Clayton, David Williams l3rd Rowl John Shore, Kai Liedtke, Kirby Bower, Roy Bischoff, Brian Smith 5 2 J" C ' BMI SOS Technical Crew lTop Rowl Kirby Bower, Gene Lund, Steve Ludwig, Jerry Scott lBottom Row? John Blackmon, Cathy Amelburu, Troy Warren Sounds of the Sun, the Eldorado Performing singers and dancers, had a fantastic reputation in past years, and this year's SOS group was no different. During the year Sounds of the Sun performed at many schools and gave 2 assemblies for the Student Body at Eldorado. They have long been favorites of the Student Body are were enjoyed everywhere they played. The group is part of a class were the learn how to sing, dance and play musical instruments. ORGANIZATIONS 95 ELDORADO GIRLS GLEE CLUB ,Aff . 1 Bottom row: Terresa l-lilman, Darlene Churchill, Elisa Watson, Lennie Supuvelda Kristine Fluharty Second row Wendy Herman Terri Bailey Rennee Scoggins, Wendy Leis, Wendy Folkhard, Kelly Comings, Rhonda Curtis. Thrid row Rhonda West Nancy Day Suzan Green Robin Hyennette Lisa Harken Sheri, Stacy Buchard. Eldorado Girls Glee Club is an outstanding choir group at Eldorado High. They have shown themselves to be in Competition with the most advanced choral groups it the district. The Glee club is a beginners choir for high voices. The girls have performed in several concerts throughout the school year and planned to go to California for a Southern California Festival. They sing all kinds of music and work very hard in class and for the public. By accomphishing these singing techniques the students will be prepared for there future singing careers. There are also four officers who head the choir group. They are Rennee Scoggins, Kristine Fluharty, Robin Hynet- te, and Stacy Buchard. 96 ORGANIZATIONS ALL THAT IAZZ Wgli 'L The Eldorado Jazz Choir has proved to be the best singing organiza- tion. The jazz Choir will establish the greatest standard of showing excellence for many years to come. The jazz choir performed six concerts before Christmas including programs at McDonald's, the boulevard and at the Sunrise library, They will be touring Utah this year and performing at Dixie Jr. College, The jazz Choir is a selected group of singers who work very hard at jazz rock and classical songs. The officers on the top left are Alice Quinn, Nancy Hortado, and Sally Karajohan. They are ahead ofthe group. They help the other students get better at there singing techniques. Bottom row: Joyce Scrow, Lynn Best, Debbie King, Wendy Herman, Second Row: Elisa Watson, Terrie Dean, Coreana Ricavee, Connie Splittgerber, Wendy Leis, Stephanie Davis. Third row: Mrs. Jensen, Sandy Keck, Lisa Harker, Cindy Wallash, Stacy Buchard, Waltina Larue, Rhonda West, Elonda Debiocee, and Rennee Scoggins. 7 .i 1.1- ORGANIZATIONS 97 ELDQRADO CONCERT CHOIR t gr... ,. Bottom row: Erik, Tom Lavado, Bonnie Boudrea, Daren Parvin, Nancy Hortado Alice Quinn Cindy Wallash 2nd row Mr Jensen director Donald Randolph David Trushaw, Wendy l-lerman, Stephanie Davis, Monica Anderson, Sandy Dawson and Cindy Miller 3rd row Brian Robins Micheal McCalister Becky Davis, Wylis Sylvia, Gordon Washington, Anita Evans, Sally Karajohan. The Eldorado Concert Choir worked very hard to achieve many music goals. The students must learn to perform as a group. They put in much time together to do a good job. The concert choir is a very large mixed chorus at Eldorado. They perform concerts annually at Homecoming, Christmas Festival, during the Spring semester, and at graduation. They sing all kinds of music and are looking forward to a possible California trip. There are also five concert choir officers who help Mrs. Jensen. They help the other students which may have trouble with there techniques or anything. The names of the officers are: Ec Adams, Sandy Keck, Tom Lava- do, Rennee Scoggins, and Coreana Ricavee. 98 ORGANlZATIONS Q' IN MEMORY OP BRENDA WALTON W. X 'Y A ' N ffl V THESPIANS PLAY HARD The 1980-81 Thespians worked hard for the Eldorado Drama Department to produce, promote, and support the plays presented throughout the year. With Mr. Jack Schnepp as advisor and his sidekick Mrs. Fran Osburn assisting him in the various aspects of theatrics, it was definetly a successful season for the Thespians. i 1 X. ' K... 1 S 1 Right: The 1980-81 Thespion Club officers are as follows, Mike lsselin, Historian - Linda Blevins, secretary- Laura Burns, President- Tony Coulston, V. President- Steve Abitia, Treasurer - and Jamie Daniel, Activities Chair- man. Top: Jamie, Tony and Kathleen rehearse for the play "The Haunting of Hill House." The Thespians are as follows: Top row, Mrs. Osburn, Steve Cooper, Linda Blevins, Cathy Mattson, Jennifer Clampit, Suzy Johnson, Kathleen Dawson, Regina Geige, Jaime Daniel, and Mr. Schnepp, Bottom row: Brenda LeMasters, Rich Delacy, Scott Anderson, Alan Dozier, Mike lsselin, Stephanie Dobbs, Tony Colston, and Steve Abitia. 100 ORGANIZATIONS t X s X ss A .,::.i.Q- NB, x X x , C :ml x A Q, . e- 1 '- X Q Q X ff 5 is if :K 4 , . y E KR K new 1- wi' A ,V ki 1980-1981 STUDE T COUNCIL This years Student Council pro- vided us with many exciting acti- vities, such os, Homecoming Week and the successful Spirit Week. Top, Student Council Advisor, Mrs. Bearden, and Student Body President, Dawn Nuckles, go over election procedures. Below, This years Student Council was Student Body, Larry Rosbourogh, Nico Roberts, Jane Kaufmann, Alice Quinn, John McKay, Sr, Class, John Blackman, Sharon Pipkins, Patty Morlatt, Lilliam Baldwin, Deanne Williams, Jr, Class, Terry Dean, Ramona Page, Gina Bossi, Tami Gordon, Mike Solorio. Soph Class, Curtis Rosbourogh, Kim Bass, Nancy Lindler, Sandy Akins, Margorie Mickens, Frosh Class, Leigh Ann Bedwell, Sherry Dawson, Tanya Freedman, Troy Williams in .' , ' ' 1 ' ' 'r f S5111 ENY532li5i1?If'fgf.f , W ..t. i.,.J.s Q ruin- ORGANIZATIONS lOl X x, if K 'V 102 ACADEMICS ACADEMICS .LS .I.-ACID E ru 5 BUSI ESS tubs k.,XWV ix ' 5 . I X 3 t Quia ,,1-82's-E-'iv ,J 0 Over the past few years, Eldorado High School's business department has grown immensely. ln- stead of just the regular courses of typing, short- hand, and office machines, the program has grown to include data processing, computer pro- gramming, and secretary procedures. This area also included a special course, office simulation, which prepared students for working in an office. There have been many additions of computers and office machines including cash registers, memory type- writers, and electric typewriters, which students may learn to operate to help in the business world. -L 0 . , s ., ff ACADEMICS lO5 LA GUAGE A D SGCIAL SCIENCE English and other languages are one of the most significant subjects taught in school. The ability to read and write effectively is the most common skill that can be applied to all careers and future learning. Great strides were made at Eldorado High School in improving the individual skills of students, making it possible for all persons to successfully com- pete in a language oriented world. Social Studies are the skills necessary for the individual to understand his enviorment and his place in history. To maintain a nation that allows great personal freedoms, tomorrow's lead- ers must know how we got them and what it takes to keep them. .gift if xx ' it . llmvmzu . . ' iTAl'l'l . . Y .1-sv . X MYM ., . . .fl yer to K .t . l it ' 5 . . iiii lO6 ACADEMICS .X ft ,, f f I f . ' if ft ,J R gt- 32 g X ,J SCIENCE A D MATHEMATICS iv- The science department at Eldorado High had a wide variety of classes geared in various areas of scientific learning. Some courses were life science, earth science, environmental science, and agricultural science. There were also other courses which required much more time and attention in order to comprehend. These include biology, chemistry, and physics. E.H.S. also had a very thorough mathematic department. lt was centered around the needs and capabilities ofthe individual student. There were classes which taught the basic math proceedures. After the basics students could continue with algebra, geometry, trigo- nometry, analasis probabilities, accounting, and computer sci- ence. ACADEMICS lO7 CAREERS A D VOCATIO AL lv ln the past years when vocational education was mentioned every- one immediately thought of auto shop, wood, or metal. However this is no longer true. Vocational education now includes such areas as Home Economics, Agri- culture, business, Photography, and Television Production. One of the goals of Eldorado High School this year was to expand the vocational offerings even further to include many vocation- al areas so that students could find employment. This past year Eldorado offered the first voca- tional photography program ever offered anywhere in the state of Nevada. l08 ACADEMICS X I ., f X f UWWQN XX ' - -X .1 5 1 1, I N , ' 5 x ' 1 ' f . 'Z ACADEMICS 109 v-...J.,,Y 'V fix 'Vrana "5 F711 1 IO ACADEMICS ff L 4 35' , , l c-1 N I, ..vfs,f7-qi, iv Llhfllfi rl , - ..s?1 2' g if ",,,.',,1"" V1 4, , i X' ,,A, i f A21 rg . gift is 'f - L E. i, vt 3 zf f- I ,. H' I T l S M 'tl ' iw 5 if z' , 3-t li at PERPORMI G ARTS E.H.S. has always had enthusiastic participation in the Sundevil Band, Concert Band, Jazz Choir, Sounds of the Sun, Girls Glee, Drama, and Stage Band. Being involved in the Eldorado Performing Arts meant that the stu- dents spent many long hours practic- ing and rehearsing for that great mo- ment, the performance. Our perform- ing arts were a key ingredient to the success ot Eldorado l-ligh School. E.l'l.S. performers were the best at what they did, as we had an enthu- siastically involved student body and an excellent faculty. ACADEMlCS l l l THE ARTS , f nh- ""A ,c...4.,, HA" naw---'r From the beginning of school, Eldorado students had a wide course offering of the Arts available to them. ln addition to the usual arts and crafts, E.H.S. offered additional art classes to give the interested stu- dents a wide variety of art experiences. Eldorado offered jewelry, basic design, textiles, painting, design crafts, and commerical art. The art faculty of Eldorado was enthusiastic about the program and devoted a great deal of time and effort to improve the Eldorado program and advance the skills of the students. H2 ACADEMICS fs 72 4' fft 2 sl ftf nv""' lf' ,,,f" I -f 'Www f'-. ii! s Ys. ,lil W mr 'lin 'Nm- -,Z ACADEMICS H3 P 45- xD ' ' 5 hwfg . ' -ff, J 312' i ' , .1 ff- A it , 5' I ' 5.333 .mf I 114 UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN .:I .LH ' HHH E E ru JUNIQRS - 82 NEXT TIME W'k'7 an 597 WM' QW . 'Gp-4-YA Q., E KK -s , MW L! fri! V Abitia, Steve Adams, Edward Alexander, David Allred, Steve Amelburu, Luis 2 'V ' , 55 ,,,, , 1' "' Xa , Amerson, Lisa Amos, Matt Andersen, Sherry Anderson, Cindy Anderson, Monica f., y . 1 ,ll 1 Anderson, Scott Anticola, Ed Aragon, Mavis Arvin, Mary Baker, Kim V all Bailey, Scott Barney, Deby Bartee, John Banks, Dawna Balasli, Terri Balding, Renee Barnes, Greg Beaton, Tracey Bedwell, Leigh-Anne Bedotto, Leslie Belkoter, Danny Benarrdes, Marrcella Bennett, Jimmy Bennison, Karl Berryhill, Darrell UNDERCLASSMEN l l 7 E THUSIASTIC IU IORS TRY TC if QT Q .J Q x 1 Bingham, John Blake, Tina Blazek, Trina Blevins, Linda Blomgren, Nick ll8 UNDERCLASSMEN M, 4 A ' 'Q 'Nd 'Q --Qu P ss 'X I ,Q ,si Bockoven, Dave Booze, Christine Bouchard, Stacey Braun, Debra Bolden, Jarvis Bossi, Gina Bouley, Barbara Breeden, Danny Booher, Kini Bowes, Theresa Bradt, Kim Breneman, Randy Brickey, Pam Briesacher, Maria Brink, Deborah Brogan, Matt Brooks, Michael VW MAKE GOOD TIMES MEMGRABLE 3924'- Yi' Brooks, Russell Burkett, Richard Camacho, Lupe Broserner, Elizabeth Burns, Laura Campbell, Kevin Brown, Adrian Burright, Brigitte Cannon, Marvin Brown, Dawn Brown, Mark x. .Xi -'i -U s . f g , ft to - V , we f K . . K K 3 Q C xx,-as A I , 5, gl, i it 2? ' if if B C ' f Qww Hua: an A 1.--wr' X..-f' Cape, Sheila Case, Tina Carbullido, John Castagno, Tony Carrasco, Jeannette Chaffee, Sherie 5 ,V , 2.17 Cheney, Sandy Clark, Victor Clampit, Mike Clements, Mike Coggins, Danny UNDERCLASSMEN l i9 I U IORS LOOK TO THE FUTURE qw 'H-w...v f HW" : , QM.,,,,. , is A l 3,31-,g'.:r::1vnz Wie- ,v 'W' mp, Collins, Chris Collins, "Stretch" Danny Consonery, Veronica Cook, George Cook, James l 20 UNDERCLASSMEN rnf 'YWJ' MVN fit! Cordova, Dennis Cortez, Christina Covert, Cari Cowan, James Craddock, Robert a hi xi Vw A ,,, H , Crowther, Dennis Daniel, Dody Cunningham, Chuck Darling, Calvin Curtis, Rhonda Davis, Becky D'Ambra, Tony Davis, Bill Dalfonzo, Simone Davis, Paula HV H50 in-uv it Q-rua.. Dean, Terri DeBiase, Anthony DeBiase, Yolanda Dechant, Jurgen Deitsch, Laura Del.acy, Richard Deluca, Joe Dentler, Doug Denton, Patricia Diedrich, Beth NEXT YEAR - SUPREMACY pf- , 'Ch , 5 yy MR gi--L4 mm 9 4 V4 'til N, 9 JXJ ,x ,IDN QWQPN wg'-V libs. 'M-.uf DZ! , Q ff of 'QSHMP Dodge, Minnie Dominquez, Mario Dominguez, Rene' Drayer, Peyton Dunn, Joseph ew-gr H ,W ,,,, , ""'fw4,, Dyreng, Gloria Egbert, Patti Eicher, Michael Empey, Bret Ernandes, Maria 'QT' Erwin, Gary Evans, Teresa Farnham, Tony Fernandez, Raphael Fetzer, Laura WWW? Finley, Latricia Flores, Martha Forsyth, Carl Fox, Bill Ford, Louanna Franco, John Garza, Tony Frederickson, John Garza, Tony Furushiro, Naomi George, Mike Garcia, Carlos Gibson, Linda Garcia, Danny Gibson, Michael LJNDERCLASSMEN l 2l ,. . ff,, , W -- 31- ff Q , Q' aw, , wi' W it ji 'iqggi f fs ' "'g 'nk KG' I, , ,Z ,H 1' U ME M, ' 7 M 3 M .f , ,w 2 Q , Q. , 3 E7 ,fi 2 A . ,, Gllmp, Scott Goodrich, Tami Gordon, Tomi Grant, Edward Gray, Lyndon l22 UNDERCLASSMEN '--I ,--eww ' ibm. , -wlliv Gray, Renee Grosbenger, Denise Groues, Genevieve Gutierrez, Marie Green, Margaret Gross, Candy Gudrino, Tracie Guy, Bobby IORS PARTICIPATIO jg K, , 5' , .. ,Sy l l A f X i'iiV A ff, , . l 2' lil ,, wx i, , F-Q NJ Guy, Terri l-logen, Julie Halen, Paul Hale, Tami Hallett, Eric W, , f ,,,.. ,M Q, ,M - L 1. ..-. ' 'if N BRI GS ITYA DFULFILLME T www .. af A ., wdfgzg, - ,W eq. .441 , X ,, ,l JM A.-' Halterman, Jacque Hanlon, Bill Halverson, Richard Hansen, Ron Hammond, lvan l-lamrick, Laurie Hancox, Janie Wm wr ,f fulfil er 3, l . jf" V ' .I Hanson, Sharon Harmon, Glen 3 QQ, e iii, f 6 . -avan- Q 4 'haw x. .,, ' 'w," 'f ,. , -1 H , 55 f 4. A 7 J ,fl , K fs. , . ' it ' . 'Qt 3 1 'K 'v ve,-we . , ' . y , 1 , 5,f.,.,',,,,, ,QM erin, 1 . , fl. 4 K L, -N, ,, y ,,1-' n -. "1 ' 4 ' A , we ' , ,:,,. ii .hu f-Mg ,x .Q 'fm U ,iv-Nl , RQ.':f J eufgin. 1' uni' A 1 in . ,v-,-.nl--3-gg .. 4' N Q' ' , x , H v fi in I ",n",vU' unnuxn, 1, Q +4 AA ,H lwfilelgaf 5: ' F' rr , ,,..,, mi- ' ' ' W l i ' r ef 'ii Harris, Jeffrey Hartman, Pam Haskin, Sheila Havsner, Joseph .XA i - X, s Haynes, Jean Heath, Thomas Heckathorn, Bobby Henley, Susan Henrlquez, Joe UNDERCLASSMEN l 23 ju IORS SPIRIT PRQVED ,J-uv' TWV' ir' N-sw., .why Q: A 'iw' i INV' fi 4 Henry, Annie Henry, Heidi Herman, Ronda Hiett, David Hileman, Teresa 124 LJNDERCLASSMEN 'ef Hill, Alvin Hoard, Beverly Hodgson, David Hoefert, Malinda Holingsworth, Melody Q9 'of Holly, Randy Holmstrom, John Hogg, Donald Horner, John Houston, Penny Howard, Edwin Hutt, Michaelle Hull, Bill Hulsh, William Hurley, Bill Jackson, Joe Jackson, Stacey Jackson, Thomas James, Robert Jenkins, Deidre Johnson, Nelson Jordon, Jackie Kalpinski, Steve Kaufmann, Jane Keck, Sandy l TO BE OUTSTA DI GI '80-'81 --5,1 WM' W KM, W f , Ee - ,i M -Q. 4- '31 X 9- 1. , if 9 'S W. , rf' J . .S L. , , 2 1. 'rw I - "" V ' ., " "' V , J V 1 x 41 ' ,S Ll X nv 1,-xr -Q " -2",i I flask' m x My ,nf R asf' ,Q v ,, Q, i 1 ravi. 1 f 'Why ' 'I .. ' Q Q Kelley, James Kenny, Patti Kent, Eric Kerekes, Cindy Kieffer, Donald Kochan, Jeff Krieger, Gayle Krum, Ray LacKinger, Monica Lampkin, Rosalind H A.. ,, , ,,,. ,. Q lx Lasvvell, Greg Lara, John LaRue, Tina Laub, Casey Laub, Phillip Lee, Ricky Leonard, Steven Levi, Angela Lilley, Mary Longoria, David 'fn Lopez, Lisa Lopez, Rick Lowy, Paul Luna, Laurence Lund, Ray -mese- Luster, Don Lyman, James Lynn, Sally Magee, Steve Majenski, Mike UNDERCLASSMEN l 25 IU 10125 WORK TOGETHER WM 'Y 10' Z Martin, Robin Martinoyics, Greg Mayor, Roberta McAnaliy, Garyn Martinez, Adriana Mattke, Renee McAllister, Rachelle McCormick, Donala 126 UNDERCLASSMEN WVV " ., ' fy V. .M S ,I l,:A iii L T ,f , , , i , is 1 Y i i r 1839, ,yi -mf: f,,, ' ,' . , ,M :fm-,,, 7,1 iwnwf W4 was McCraw, Ronda McGee, Kimberly McMillan, Vickie Meadows, Angela McCieary, Bill Meeks, Veronica Mercer, Robert Merrymarn, Opal Messina, Troy Miller, Cindy EOR PEP ASSEMBLIES E' 2': - 1' N, if "Wy I imp Q-'nf'-'ix i SSS,E . , 5 , if? Q 'N 2? , ,,,:.1, , .f,, . ,,1 fb Q Q -si 4055 L o N fi Mills, Ron Minutoli, Diane Mobri, Brandi Mackey, Rebel Mondonedo, Jude we Monje, Cindy Moreland, Pamela Morrow, Gabrielle Morss, Robert Moxley, Jobn 5 4 -, f Z' fi yi 1 ,."l i ' leell . - ,,l V ill , Mueller, Cheryl Myers, Gary Neilson, Dereck Mungaray, Ed Neal, Victor Nelson, Pauls Nelson, Raphael Nolan, Denise UNDERCLASSMEN l27 IU IDRS GIVE SUPPQRT 3, ,,,,, ,,,,.,, .W W 5 .Wfflaszrf-mtfazeiifwffffnsfss, -. - 1 -4 f if f, ,, M, .,,,::, M. f v , -f:,::w1w9?' 95 v ' v W V' z ' :GL ' :,, ':. .ff,,,gg zszvzzrisf ' 1 --H .,,,. . . " ., f P J., . f w 5 .. -M JU' rw H' f?!'Y7' , rx f f' E. ,, Wu, V,A,,t.,5 A qi , YL fff1m.:f.,'Hef ,, , to Q 1,,?fv' ,.-1fk"'f1 f Q - 1' ' ,Ng xml, ,,,,,,' 4 J, 5 Q5 Mi- ,-,.,"sf, Q1-F1 Normand, Dawanda Norris, Kassie Norwood, Leaper Ogden, Kyle Oliphant, Terri 128 UNDERCLASSMEN n'2wl.,4,, . Ordohez, Nick Orr, Eva Overmoen, Jay Owen, Kelly Owen, Mike OWSVL EllZGb9Tl1 Pacheco, Ron Parvin, Darin Payne, Linda Pabst, Larry Page, Ramona Patton, Tony Perkins, Wanda news TO ALL CLASSES +L 4 xqk , 4 Qi-5 JL WMM , 4 . L WM' : fu--.-.Q , 1, f , ' .WW ,,,, ,Q ,.V.VV ay ai-,...,., in-.. M -0 x Pereira, Richard Peterson, Angela Pickle, Todd Plummer, Roderick Petersen, Susan Pickett, Carol Plaisman, John Plummer, Vedeana Poe, Susan Polovitz, Tracie Prieto, Guillermo Quinlan, Rebecca Reed, Holly Riggle, John Riglioni, John Rivera, Eric Robbins, Brian Rodriguez, David UNDERCLASSMEN l29 IUNIORS SHOW THEIR ww! 3 wav' QM wr' 'si7,,.,f 140' S-uf VY ,fe-Q Lf", 1. +w':L'i ry in . - 4 6 1 Ls . 1, , Bw 1 -. . A V,Ei. K nw , V , 'CI .,,, Hg ill 32" 1 we f All E-2 4. ' W si' , 1 .ifl x"l - AVVV S I Vx, Q ,,,.,,..,,v.J ll R X hm lui 'C' i C AN, a -TQ 2 C if 'l ani! f i i f X 5 Rodrigues, Thomas Rose, Robert Ruiz, Richard Sanchez, Mari-Jo Schiller, Chris Shaffar, David Rogers, Dennis Rost, Greg Rush, Donna Sanderlin, Ray Scoggins, Renee Shaffer, James Rogers, Monica Routh, Clyde Rush, Tina Savage, Evie Scott, Jeff Shamrno, Tina Roland, Dave Royster, Phyllis Rysavy, Korennia Searles, Christy Scott, William Shang, Mike Rosborough, Larry Ruesch, Lettie Salazar, Sylvia Schafer, David Scurlock, Susan Sharbach, Steven UNDERCLASSMEN PARTICIPATE T HOMECOMI G 144' ,'-, -Q wwf-Ar '-' " 1' 'V-, . i 32 :gm . 41 if M A A tm f f F E fr if ,J " T f ffiw ag, f f '1 H MW, I, -V: W X ! 'f-A vf1,..i,r:5-1 . , , , " B 55,21-1? ie J X , di' ' FIS- QSSEEIZQ: 2' l l Z' 0,,, lil kt iv it ., fa A, V,,.' w, its K it L Shipley, Kathi Shore, Michael Shorey, Sheri Short, Michael Simerdla, Chris Struzzeri, Joey Sisseck, Daniel Slavin, John Small, Michelle Smith, Anthony I Smith, Geneva Snyder, Norman Solorio, Michael Song, Yunho Splittgerber,'Connie Springer, John Stamper, John Stantor, Mike Staubs, Billi Stebritz, Debbie , V , ,- , ji .,.' 2,-fft,51te2""'N vw' 131 we "it fr 'Wig' ,,.. guise. rkkryk V It we slay." ,- N-1 ' ' Stinnett, Patt Stovall, Paula Stumpf, Doug Suesse, Jay Sunberg, Dean Thomas, Brenda Thomas, James Thongtaku, Atchala Tillery, Maria Tillman, Mary UNDERCLASSMEN l3l ,lf my ' CLASS OF "8Z" IS V,V,r 5 VVWV M gg, A mf 'rwfr,!5?fJ'f:f5liZWfn'W ,f , :, f,, , I .W,,,f' f ? ff f ,W K My f 4 A f ,f W f W 1 fy! 7 nf f f 1194? 'X I 1 ,L ,Q M f + Mr M mf W 5 f 6 .1 W f -2 '52 : gl M-f--.Wm-W eff W' 5 afar W W W . V il ,ml 5fgWMW"f ,, ' MW' l Tiongson, Burton Toole, Terrence Torres, Rhonda Triana, Armando Trushaw, David l32 UNDERCLASSMEN Y 'W , 2, ,f ' ' 7 5: .,,Mw,, In ,, .W,,., , In I IV I .N , ff ' f- ' "AN f"'xNe , V W 47 Turner, Clyde Van Note, Roberta Vaberiand, Cheryl Vela, Bernie Warr, Debbie Watson, Joe Watson, Ramona Watson, Sandra Weathers, Laverne Walker, Janice Walker, Wyman Villanueva, Diana Walker, Garry ,rlrr ,, It "0 EI AMILLIO " gan We'--' Wqg 37' , ,K N, 1 'Whale' Sl N n 'fr F' Qhwl ,QFa v i xiii! Weckhoarst, Curtis Wells, Joel Wells, Rhonda West, Laura White, Daniel Whit Whit e, Jo Ellen e, Marcus ' .' f , 41' , ,si ., ' V-Q M vii - ii i i 'l' ' Whitney, Robin Williams, David Williams, Donnette Wilcox! Mark Williams, Dee-Dee Willis, Debbie F211-gf? ' 'D i ' J' K. v' I 'Z l is W L W 4' 8' 5, 4'- vig! fi cf ' ,g, "f4, .rv A ggkhm ' EZ Winbush, Billy Wright, Chuck Wright, Flint I UNDERCLASSMEN i33 SOPHOMURES - 83 A TIME TO COME Mm...- 1+--47 f, wif' iam-aw ,Z IZ I ,,, ,U V x ff ' , A,, . , N F X, lvl x 4 W1 i , ,,k Ackley, Grace Acocella, Frank Adams, Lisa Adams, Torri Added, Eric Akins, Sandy Alvarado, Darlene Alipio, Mildred Allred, Nina Anderson, Lynn Arias, Pilar Arteaga, Abel Atkins, Randy Bacchetta, Steve Bacile, Mike Bailey, Theresa Baker, Ellen Balavn, Mike Balerio, Barbara Barna, Beverly lad M 'w..,,,,.f A X 5 E I iw iff' 8 f Q 'Y , N ,,, lx , -2. ll? 5 , , 'Viv XA Q .,,,, 1 -,,, .A W , ,,, , ff ,ill A l A Q , 1, ll. l .Q Bl if ,fi S N S .. f i Barnes, Daryl Bartett, Todd Beard, Shelley Becker, Roberta Bedwell, Carlyn Belden, Juli Belkofer, Donna Benedetti, Brenda Benitez, Eugene Bennett, Michele ff " :f "17f 5 . .. it 4 X 111,11 f ,,, , V UNDERCLASSMEN 135 - i 5755551 :EeEi:::"f ,- W R X , Bs , :A N an :gif 1 -Q f k Q w, X wg, 'l X A . A N K. . xxx. SUPHOMORES SAY 'A ,fl K' 'X i J n-""' X X 2 v "' K 9' gt N W ,M Y .. , 5 as Q in ll w 'Ni - wg YNY Q-gs' in fl X wrt X .,,. I " X 1 f f , .ff Qvbwb -655255--2. i s S Bennett, Nancy Berelleza, Ralph Best, William Bigham, Timothy Blevins, Patticia l36 UNDERCLASSMEN i .gf if . x X as .Ee X - ..m Q: 3 B 'ffl W H S r Blomgren, James Blower, Pamela Boeckman, Troy Booher, Shawn Bolden, Elaine -it r A N Q-. M, asf ad ,a we 'kiki 5- - ,s -. . . gg Sm, Bonetti, Gerald Borgna, Kima Boucher, Ray Bowe, Bill Bowers, Rod Brandon, Leland Brandon, Shawn Bridges, Tony Brown, .lim Brown, Margie Brown, Mike Browne, Kenny Brummet, Brenda Burcham, Steve Bystedt, Kevin :Us W. W' N Cannon, Richard Callaham, Matthew Callahan, Michelle Callahan, Rhonda LEARNING IS GAINING 1: 5 ' .,,, ff ' we f ,iM,,ffpg1 , , -- .1,f1Q:ww:fa V is gig W ,, rf' W 2 iii' Q x 5' x. 'Q-f , ' Q I' 7' fr if g! K. ,f , I fe , -i il V V gen? i A44 Qi A Q I , . , mm' ' X ,X l M ,XXX K b 5-rw' 'Av f . 2, 4 Q - 1 W i f ,, Carbonano, Phillip Carlson, Brett Carr, Jim Carr, Lionel Carrol, Edwin W -sw... 3 . Q 1 Carrol, Stacy Cash, George Choffeef DOUOY Clflfkf PGVWW Carter, Steve Castro, Jeanette CWJVGZ, JUCIWT0 CIOVK TSVVY Case, Mark Chodwelll Terri Clark, Patricia Collins, Michael Casey, Chantell Cash, Dennis Cindy Romero brushes up for next class!! , 5 ,w,, "' i i it W I 'Q A N. Nei? . .,, ,Ji 1- " ff,ff'i iii gi, , , l , fl Q 1 ui QL frsfff -N A ' +A.. ,S v I "J: , 5 if .mm , ,.,, A, 1 I A' Cook, Sonja Cooley, Michele Cooper, Ken Cooper, Randy Cooper, Steve UNDERCLASSMEN l37 FRUSTRATIDN IS A x ve2!5Ti.!-zihfk f X If 'xii EU -. 3 N as ,L. R ,Q ll - C. ,W 5 Y ax Wx, 1 X Cordova, Andy Cordova, Rose Marie Couch, Jackie Coftrill, Randall Cottrill, Renee l 38 UNDERCLASSMEN Crane, Jack Cuellar, Bryan Cummins, Debbie Curry, Ralph Daniel, Christo Dawson, Sherri Curtis, Anna Marie Daniel, Judy Davis, Anthony Custard, Alvin Dawson, Angela Davis, Vickie Day, Curtis Day, Nancy Ricky Cooper shows talent at sewing. B DeBoard, Daniel DeCaires, Hauoli Defelice, Dana Dennis, Tammy Denny, Chuck ELEME TT OF SURVIVAL kv' ins Km.-A 'Ki 'Gif 'Y' Dentler, Doug DeWeese, Daniel DiBiose, Lisa Dickerson, Clarence Dobos, Stephanie x Xl Dockery, Chevelle Dockery, Tamara Dodge, Paul Dominguez, Laura Dornok, Lisa Dovs, Ernest Drawantz, Kay Drefke, Maureen Dryer, Julie Dudley, Deborah Dudley, Penny Duvall, Joyce Dysart, Kelly Eostley, Jackie Edmunds, Janine Elcher, Lorie Enge, Nancy English, Don Escobar, Aurora Espinoza, Laninela sl ,ig :E X KT Essory, Bill Eustoce, Tino Everett, Carolyn Faber, Kim Favela, Tracy UNDERCLASSMEN I 39 idk' w f' F X S " , X, .,, if wi, E, Ai' .Aft Ferger, Carol Ferigno, Lou Fernandez, Rose Flagg, Roberta Flaisrnan, Sharon 140 UNDERCLASSMEN L Flatt, Jason Floyd, Regina Flores, Vickie Folk, Sandy Fonner, Jody SOME ULD A D SOME EW , vxlyz, 'KY' 1 ,tg MJ yy qi 4, , i W IE L "" in -Q. L 1 vt 'ff' .X N. x - 'f,fwmg,a meg ,iF s., rf ,J il -f r V 3 -ny.- ' EEE o f ,Av hy' Wg, ? Ford, Bryant Ford, Carl Formica, Danette Fortney, Becky Foulke, Dawn Frame, Steven Franklin, Stephanie Gage, Regina Galvin, Edward Garnboa, Guillemo . ,Y ,A M Garcia, Lisa Garland, Suzanne Garrick, David Gasperino, Margaret Gatewood, Jerry Gibbs, Steve Gilbreath, Richard Glass, Peetra Goergen, Elizabeth PLEASLIRES SATISFY SOPHOMORES Q-iq, Good, Jim Goodwin, Marques Grandjean, Cheryl Gray, JJ. Gray, Tammy XX ww, gr: W 4 ff D F 18? has ,I Green, Susan nm ,s 'QAQF3' X N S J N :x ' E gf: W1 ,, , 11 U A 'W' X Ta: G, ff: ,, YOK . C5 X 'Y ' X , Ei K- , ,gs 4 Q r 'E AE XYFAX xi If . ai X if , X Q K . ' gl- " N Q I mx Q 'Y 0 is S, 2. J ax J Q ' if ' Q I' ff . wi 2. 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X..,. ,wx X - Hodge, Beverly l-loerd, Brenda Hollowinski, Mark Holmes, Jeff Holmes, Jennifer MEA S T0 COMMUNICATE Q ,M MJ vw if x Xl? m YD .hi -1.1 1 P J. ,Jim Q ,A A 'Q as ft V A ' ,bfi A Q--or ,m,,1,L552: , 'Q Hoover, Brian Hurst, Ron Jarnes, Doug Jones, Andrew Johnson, Deshon Johnson, Lori House, Lori Hurnenski, Mike Jenkins, Modena Jones, Donna Johnson, Jeanette Johnson, Pam Horst, Henry lnzunza, Rigo Jensen, Russell Jones, Lorraine Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Sonja Howell, Sherri Isbell, Anthony Jervis, Shawn John, Brad Johnson, Kirk Johnson, Teresa Hunt, Karen Jacobson, Ron Jeska, Annette Jordon, Sheme Johnson, Laure Johnson, Zacuzy UNDERCLASSMEN M 1 G' . FW 1? saig, 4. 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'E -1. f 5 :gv:.mi:,1.W-M 1: ', .44 MOHOHGH, Sfmdlf MOFOU, Dan Morss, Mark Neff, Joseph lVlOf'lf"9d, M0"k lVlO"9l0VWd, OSCGV l-lungaray, Scotf Neilson, Brenda MOOVG, P0m9l0 MOVSG, l3Or1Hi Murphy, Kimberly Neilson, James UNDERCLASSMEN l65 THE YEAR, 1980-81 wi.. W . , M .- ff 1 , -El gin' .RFQ 4 ,ffm ,.- .1 , it , X sq? E Nelson, Mary Nichols, John Nodstrom, Dave Noren, Esteleen Norris, Bryan l 66 UNDERCLASSMEN 3 if 5 mt 'W -1 1 1? f 5 lv Q-'V ,Q fr M,,,' J fix? , My J Qi- ' if fs Xl . c A , i V N,., w , 7' f fm l L X X. . xx. l K. it ,r,rrr , it Nlr .. ., ,. . "" oiryr ':,,r . ' J rr' rj - Jaffe ' - I My A , 0' J r,,,- , 1 , fy ' O 1 l " y . J. Wx s V 9' l TE' lg 5 f Oaks, Julie O'l-lalloran, Shawn Paddock, Yvonne Perkins, Jeff O'Dannell, Phillip Ortega, Mario Parsons, Barth Perkins, Rodney Oglesbee, Darrin Owens, Danny Pearson, Ernie Petcoff, Danny W :A Peterson, Martin Pinotti, Shellie Polouite, Rick Portillo, Veronica Potter, Julie A YEAR TO REMEMBER diifgy r If ,,', ,vu by 4, M , 1. 'X , sl 47 QQ J, A' f if SSN ,faci- if so if t gf S' 'iff , W . E5 I5 -- W ,h hi Nw I + Pratt, Ray Price, Jeffery Purrier, Darren Rada, Michelle Reed, Andrew 'Sk ,f e Regan, Tivy Reveles, Marco Riley, Robert Robinson, Scott Rego, Valerie Rezian, Shawn Ritter, Regina Rockhill, Charlann Reid, Ferares Richmond, Leah R0b9I'TS, ClT0nQ Rodriguez, Eddie Rodriguez, Fidel Roe, Paul Ross, David Ruiz, Yvette Ryan, Donna UNDERCLASSMEN l67 I 'fffifc 3 1. N. 5 . wr Ll DERCLASSMEN SHOW Wg? x f a w.,,.,,r Y.W,.,7 Ryan, Robyn Salazer, Richard Schiller, Gwen Schjang, Tina Shaffer, Gary Shaw, Sheri Saenz, Josug Samara, Jay Schiller, Kim Scott, David Sharnmo, Kathryn Shalin, Lori Saggio, LeAnn Sanders, Chandra Schjang, Denise See-gmiller, Gayle Sharbach, Tammy Shores, Troy l68 UNDERCLASSMEN FRESHMEN SPIRIT Y? Nw' 'i my 'i..,f'f 1. to-v Ni... l SN W E 'Sn V Q N. 'lf Q KJ' if X Sliofff Susan Slowinski, Kim Smith, Donna Snider, Alice Spock, Bill Stevens, Scott Sldfl, Carmen Smith, Curt Smith, Paula Song, Unho Springer, Randy Stevens, Tony 5'mPS0V1, Kim Smith, Debbie Smith, Robert Sorensen, Hazel Stallworth, Jayrita Stiles, Waymon UNDERCLASSMEN l69 . FRESHMB FI D .cg ,,., ,X X N V - if-1, f f - , , .f . :ax 161 'Www' Xa X ..., . ,,.., t 9' , y I if X I , 15- tig X ...Xi Q 1 -water.: M, .. K. 'W t. - 'iiifi - i 1' - 'X T N r 1 Q ug.-n x 'is ,1 Nh, x,,a ' X T! 'Wx his ' X i -ff I l , . .. 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Woo, Peter Woldeck, Justin Wood, Tracy ' -W. '21, ,, iii Q .M . l Yeo, Tracey Young, Colleen Zuraff, Robert UNDERCLASSMEN l7l L I72 ACTIVITIES in "I " A J ACTIVITIES YH IAII.I.'.:I"I III wrdgmqq if was 1 f 9 f 'ON IV 'sq QQ? Top Left: The Junior Varsity players show spirit as they burst through the hoop, Top Right: Students f'le into the first ever outdoor assembly. Middle Left: Mascots Cathy and Susie hold Thelma Lou Thomos's hand. Middle Right: Victor Clark gets ready for the Toys for tots obstacle roce. Bottom: Gordon Washington leads members of the choir in the Homecoming Theme song, "Shining Star". l74 ACTIVITIES PEP ASSEMBLIES Y ., A 'VW-QQ-1s-1f-wssfwfwwfsgtfssgssgmsg Jw 1. K ll x S' 'L - qi xi . 4 .4 g :Ute r Q 'lf A ,anim Elini , , 1 i 1 'l i X i., l' 'li l ' . T Q ii' Wi' rtfs t eil W f . . 5 -aries 'cal PROMOTE SPIRIT X x , f . - H , S ,.f,fr1k'r-'4 Q i 3 . W lj 5 Pi ' s -K iv' 'i i S Top Left: "Winky" laughs as the Superman from Singing Telegrams sings. Top Right: Superior Seniors win the Spirit Stick .. . lagainl. Middle Left: Santo congratulates David Hancock for winning the Toys for Tots race. Middle Right: Eldorado Freshman watch intentively. Bottom: Cheerleaders and Songleaders perform "Betty Lou". ACTIVlTlES l75 Not only have Eldorado Homecomings become a traditional way to gather Alumni and students, but also a time for everyone to let loose and have fun. The Homecoming Assembly and various other activi- ties raised spirits and smiles. While Anthony Piazza and Susie Dessaints reigned as King and Queen their glorious moment was overshadowed by a hard fought battle and disappointing loss to Chaparral. I76 ACTIVITIES ft 'X D A ' - ' - ' ,- ' li' rv! 3 On Opposite Pageg Top Left: Poster shows our teams nickname, "The Maroon Typhoon" Top Right: The Homecoming King and Queen are announced. Middle Left: The Eldorado Marching Band Performs at Half-Time. Middle Right: The sign informs all of the days festivities. Bottom Right: The 1980-81 Homecoming King and Queen. This Pageg Top Left: Mike Glass breaks a tackle for a long run. Top Right: The Winning Honor Society Float. Middle: The Sundevil fans await the start of the game. Bottom: The only hall decorated showed lots of spirit. if get ACTIVITIES 177 iff' 'EX ww msn-sf mhzy JQW mf! QWZ QQZMAMW eww! GEM? QGMMWOQ II? ,XI 'fb 7.980-87 7M difwmfy ,II,A A A,f I , AA,,2 A : m I 2m 3M 99409 mwah MMZQQZKW Qwm EW? Q95A4!!W mmf fgffmffe WW WWW ACTIVITIES GIRLS' A D BOYS' STATE. dk Top: The Girls' State Delegates were Deanne Williams, Lilian Baldwin, and Dawn Nuckles. Bottom: The Boys' State Delegates were Robert Nixon, David Eicher, Charles Bouley, Bruce Wilcox, Greg Schiller and Robert Rudolphi. 180 ACTlVlTIES ,. ,lewd Every year three girls and six boys are chosen between their junior and senior year to represent Eldorado at Girls' and Boys' State. This program is tor students who show high lead- ership potential, a good academic re- cord, and are active in extra curricular activities. Participants are brought together from over the entire state to learn and understand how city, coun- ty, and state governments are oper- ated. The students hold elections to choose their representatives, they set up their own governments and learn by experience how they function. One girl from Girls' State is elected to be Governor of this conference, this year that girl came from Eldorado. Congra- dulations to Dawn Nuckles. ss? S-.ar SUN YO UTH FQRLIM , ,kkk, M m...f ...N -M .Y hawk' , ,A 1 LA h 1. K 'fm ' so f Z ,, LL.. ,, ..- . 1 7 The Sun Youth Forum was established by the Sun Newspaper to acquaint students with various problems that face our nation and world today. Students from Las Vegas High Schools meet at the Convention Center to discuss current problems and issues. top left, Rennee Rich taking notes as secretary. top right: Dr. Bayles, Maria, and Jessica take a break for lunch. middle, These participants wave to the cameras while they wait. bottom: The l98O-8l Sun Youth Forum participants were, Dr. Bayles, Ricky Starr, Eccie Lewis, Robert Rudolphi, Charles Bouley, Greg Schiller, Marlene Haskell, Don Brackbill, Ardyth Eliason, James Hamilton, Dawn Nuckles, Patty Morlatt, Virginia Stevens, Frank Vespe, Carl Smith, Deanne Williams, Lillian Baldwin, Glen Justice, Kim Chavez, Jerry Henry and David Eicher. ACTIVITIES l8l VA DERMIEDE SHOWS HIS STUFF Top: Eager subjects search for their names. Middle: Vandermede gives his famous Iines of "s-I-Ie-epp. Bottom: This person seems as if she is in a trance. Bottom Right: Student's play imaginary pianos upside down. gm-awww,-X--s -W.-my I82 ACTIVITIES DO KEY BASKETBALL The annual Donkey Basketball game created side split- ting laughter as well as excitement. The event pitted the coaches against the students of Eldorado. The coaches remained victorious as the students suffered Al defeat once again. ACTIVITIES l83 BLACK M HISTORY WEEK This year the S.O.U.L. club produced a very enjoyable assembly. The annual event provided entertainment for all. The S.O.U.I. club successfully provided an insight on the Black American and African cultures. An Exhibition by body Builders and a routine to lpi Tombi by the S.O.U.L club members were two among the many exciting activities in the assem- bly. This years Queen of Black History week was Marsha Glass while the King was Ricky Tatum. A++ I84 ACTIVITIES .v 415 7980- 87 WW QW mmm, Wcmmmmfymm QWMQWM WmWQ7'mWWW,afZ? wQM7WQ,!WWf!QwAMwCfAAmW ACTIWTIES 185 wife ,,:,.W, 4. jj Y.-if A' Agni ' ,, 3 W ff.:-mmmw,.,1,H ,.ML,9 87 f L F , M' DEARLY BELOVED We-1 ly. This years Marriage and Family class had their annual wedding on January 26, 1981, at the beginning of the second semester. The couple which was being united was Liz Rodri- gues and Nick Boyer. The wedding gave students a chance to experience the troubles of planning a real wed- ding. lt helped them to overcome the countless details ot preparing for this big occasion. Although there were problems, the wedding was a big suc- cess- ACTIVITIES l87 1 Pj! . , 1 K v' ,fy ., 188 SPORTS 'il' , ,, . ix 1 p . , u -' A -x fn ,x t, f--.swux Qi, ...- QF, V 1' 12.55 A -f -.2 'x V A . . in . . rv - i , A . ,r '- K 4 A x . . , ii U . ' ,w'."" A L. . -.-rv k In , -, ,. ,, . . .Q 1 y 4 I . . , " v 5 x 4' u r,. 1 1 . HK' ' 1 ..1:.. 4 M4 , . ' - . A -, , .- h 1- 'A 4 ' .. . . ' 1 . - ' . " - nv, - ' 4 , ' -" " .. , nw- .4 .- r ,.- , .x-. , ,, . , . N Q ., 4, - . - w , , --Y-is -.A 1-.:-. . 4 . . - V' 1 K. f xx A I . V .. A w At. . . s P onfrs EIIAILI.-HEIAC THE 1980-81 VARSITY L to R sitting - Prathey Lefear, Greg Booher, Ricky Ruiz, Willis Sylva, Fran Tuafia, Mark Brown, Tony Garza, Mike Holloway, Renee Alcaraz, Bobby Meyn, Todd Balash, Eric Kent, Ricky Lee, Antonio Hildreth, Richard Pereia. L to R kneeling - Coach Gutowski, Ivan Hammond, Jim Bennett, Mike Glass, Gordon Washington, Nick Boyer. Kevin Witchell, Victor Clark, Bernie Vela, John Horner,,Ricky Curtis, Stanley Kline, Dean Sundberg, Daryl Berryhill, Tony Espinoza, Gary Myers, Garyn McAnally, Ricky Tatum, Robert Foremaster. L to R standing - Coach Stephens, Dieter Stiglitz, Wilfred Williams, Mike McKearn, Scott Styles, Derek Nielson, Marty Walsh, Rick Elliott, Steve Shark, Scott Glimp, Gerald Barnes, Ed Howard, Billy Eddy, Greg Barnes, Richard Burton, Bruce Wilcox, Gary Casper, Chuck Wright, Coach Thomas, Coach Mitchell. .1 ffwzfsz, 1: 'fs-, .1-1 4 1 c Zz The Eldorado Varsity Football team finished gg , , , the season with a 3-6 overall record, including . ' S - T s A Q a hard fought 2-2 Sunrise Division finish. But, the final standings don't show the outstanding performance put forth by the Senior led Sun- devils. A three game win streak and an outstand- ing defense highlighted the campaign. Being recognized as one of the hardest hitting teams in Southern Nevada, the stonewall like defense gave up only lO points per game in league play. 190 SPORTS rg, 2 FOOTBALL TEAM A jr' '44 1 1 we SPORTS l91 ,: 'E.!', ,, h 1 ,, , QV 11- f ,fi t' 192 SPORTS .if E' 3 ,, AQ -I ' 'H V LI f QI 1 , , , " we K ,V k 1 f ' ' f f , V Y,VI-txltf,f',"fm1,.Q2iiu,ffz2fix" -L ,, , -. . N '-"- - 4 Q' ,M ' y , W. ' ,,.f,f-,, M ,, ff Q Ain- H 'M "W E' y Q, , 1 , VIIA ,.,V,,., 5 fa 'Y " , w M QW I 4' K Y ' , V ' gi ,, Q, I ..,.. ff ,, .x 9+ DEFE SEA DOPFE SE , 1? ,, P 1 ,rr 'Q Aol Q., ,? .im 4 f 4 9? L .A-5 i v"t G ii wfff' 'jst-4 V N 52' il Ls Lv f -2 K 32- ,, YI? 9, f'."' ,'Z",. :?f'5,,"V Y yi., 5 . .1 f. wi ' 'X A.-, 'f' idx X x 7 Jilin SPORTS 193 IU IOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM 1980 81 The Junior Varsity l98O-8l Football Team. Bottom Row: Don LaFollette, Brett Carlson fC.C.i, Randy Atkins, Steve Carter, Rego lnzunza, J..l. Gray Gene Cosse, Richard Ruiz, Deyon Wallace, Earl Harper, Ricky Wilson. Middle Row: Bill Essary, Ken Meyeda, Mike Collins, Brian Hoover, Darrin Paddock Tony Sunberg, Mike Wisiewski, Johnny Plant, Bill Best, Tyron Lathan, Bill Galvin, Ted Leavitt, Top Row: Coach Kasdorff, Bryant Ford, Rod Bowers, Jeff Holmes Mike Wilson, Herb Winn, Scott Jorjorian, Jeff Shark, Bill Parks, Russ Meiries, Parrick Richards, Daryl Barnes, David Samples, Greg McAnally, Coach Stanley l94 SPORTS Bottom Left: Bill Parks looks at the camera with hope, as Coach Kasdorff is studying the game. Opposite Page: Cen- ter: Our offensive line is holding back the opposing team for our ball carrier to gain yards. Bottom left: Ted Leavitt waits for some action before the play. Top Right: Don LaFollette and Mike Wisiewski are watching the game from the side- lines. Bottom Right: Coaches Stanley and Kasdorff give the team a pep talk during halftime. me 1K Q 'i ' ' 'i .Qs ,ttv A S GN if' iiil S ,aw-"i' SPORTS 195 FRESHMAN BUILD UP THE FUTURE The Freshman Football Team was a great ball club, and they had a successful year in l 980-8l . If they keep it up they will be Varsity Material and probably take the Southern Zone Championship and a shot at the State Title in their Junior and Senior year. But, they would never have been like this it they didn't have Coach Farnsworth and Coach May. Middle Lett + Walter Carter punting the ball to the defense. Middle Right- Ferares Reid prepares to hand the ball oft during the game against Clark. Bottom Right - Walter Carter getting tackled by the opposing team just short of a touchdown. l96 SPORTS i iii., , The outstanding Freshman Football Team of 1980-81 starts with Top Left to Right-Coach Farnsworth, Mike Mallory, Gabriel Garcia, Bill Vargo, Curtis Love, Darrin Oglesbee, Lenard Reyment, Brian Hamadock, Richie Salazar, Tracy Meiries, Elliot Gibson, Kevin Folk, Troy Shores, Middle Left to Right- Mark Morss, Tom Britting, John Clavy, Otis Lang, Marcos Reveles, David Helton, Danny Trya, Shawn Dreitzler, Shawn Rezian, Tom Bouley, Richard Kenny, Bottom Left to Right-Colton Burns, Stacy Collmar, Ferares Reid, John Hollingsworth, Darryl Goalen, Walter Carter, Mike Brown, Phil Jackson, Jackson Douglas, Mike Verso, Philip Bartee, Coach May. Middle Left - Phil Jackson successfully breaks through the defensive line. Middle Right - Coach Farnsworth calling the plays from the sidelines. Bottom Left - Frosh Team showing their expression after scoring a touchdown in their game against Clark. SPORTS 197 GIRLS VARSITY Top row left-right - Sherri Dawson, Angela Levi, Coach Quinn. Coach Quinns l98O-8l Varsity Basketball team had a good season. The girls had a 6 wins and 7 losses record. Coach Quinn felt her best all-around players were Angela Levi, Brenda Thomas and Sarah Skeen. But all real- ly put in a good effort this season. Coach Quinn felt the team was outstanding even though the girls were new players and didn't have a lot of experience. The girls played hard each game. Coach Quinn was very proud of the team and she felt it was a good year because the girls showed a lot of promise for the future. They played well and have a lot of talent. As for next year, she feels the teams future looks brighter and brighter. l98 SPORTS s Brenda Thomas, Janice Cook, Patricia Washington. Bottom row l-r- Manager Deetra Glass, Denise Hall, Sarah Skeen, 'WF il -' 'JE BASKETBALL H: .4041 he 4 WJ P. ish'-w I ,,,, x -xAf K K 2 v v....,, Top Left, The Team looks on as Coach Quinn gives the instruc- tions. Top Right, Coach Quinn gives the girls a pep talk, Middle right, Brenda Thomas attempts to make a Basket. SPORTS 199 1. V. GIRLS BASKETBALL i 'QU' i 2 ---J'--' Row ifl Laura Graves, Valerie Tripp, Beverly Kent, Ann Washington, l-lauoli DeCaires. Row 932 Shelly Pacheco, Suzanne Garland, Brenda Gay, Margaret Green. Row 43 Managers Hollie Lund, Sandy Akins. Right hand side Coach Ms. Bright, Lett hand side Coach Ms. Quinn. Eldorado J.V. basketball team played a great season this year. They won ten out ot eleven games. They lost to Rancho High School. They all did a great job. They're number one and they know it. The team showed style and aggressiveness. They were very good players this year. They will prove to be very good candidates next year. When you see these J.V. players let them know that you are proud of them. 200 SPORTS 'Xxx g, .5 all 5' -. s. , if r,,,,. J K ., . -i11f,,'f- . .Mi-1-' 1 dh i ,rg . , Q .-. if 'KK ix zh' A' E ,, x A ...db Top left hand side - Girls play tough. Bottom Lett hand side - Suzanne Garland waits tor someone to pass herthe ball. Top right hand side-Valeria Trippe tries to get the ball, Bottom right hand side - Shelley Pacheco tries to be very careful where she is going and still not let the other team get the ball from her. SPORTS 2Ol fv 3'-- if. fvX 'V ELDORADO CROSS COU TRY TEAM ,S ' A ff, ..., , A ' f 'Q 1 v, 3 H'-4 - ' f-Y'-ts' 202 SPORTS .1 3, ,uw R , :X-, KE E V Mi? ,. , . . ' ',7f 4 " is g i 40 Q 2 fs Top Left: Sandy Dawson, Top Right: Carol Boyd, Center: Standing, Left to Right, Sandy Dawson, Cooch Ried, Jackie Love, Sitting, Left to Right, Cathy Felts, Debbie King, Bottom Left: Leslie Bedotto, Bottom Center, Nevada State Cham- pionship Medal, Bottom Right: Mory Nelson hx V EX? DEPE DING CHAMPS TAKE STATE QCL I . Top: Standing, lon Cherry, Andre Woods, Mike Brooks, Mario Dominguez, Billy Tait, Sitting, Tony Patton, Robert Nixon, Rich DeLacy, Son- ny James, Ralph Berrallazze, Very Front: Couch Reid. Middle: Eldorado Cross Country comes across to another victory. Bottom Left: Mario Dominguez shows his talent in running. Bottom Right: Coach Ried shows off his trophies that the Cross Country Team won. SPORTS 203 ELDORADO GIRLS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL 4-ig' if Top row: Ruth Woolman, Bonnie Sims, Christy Searles, Gayla Styles, De De Williams, Cindy Monje, Pat Brown, Mrs. Bright. Bottom row: Susie Dessaints, Cathy Amelburu, Janice Cook, Phyllis Garcia, Hauoli Decaries, Renee Turner. l98O-8l was a very exciting year for Girl's Varsity Volleyball. The girls had a record ot 3 and 3, and the future looks brighter and brighter for them. Mrs. Bright, felt that all ot her team had a lot ot talent. She telt that her best hitters were Janice Cook and Gayla Styles, and that her best setters were Cathy Amelburu and Hauoli De- caries. Mrs. Bright felt her best all around player was Susie Dessaints. There were no team captains this year, because Mrs. Bright wanted all the senior girls to have the experience ot leadership. Coach Ellis, comes from Myrtle Tate Elementary School to ' assist Mrs. Bright. The Drill Team gives the team cheerleading support, the girls wished to thank them and Coach Ellis for all their support. 204 SPORTS ILINIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Top row left-right - Coach Ellis, Terry Balash, Cindy Monje, Jeanette Lee, Sonja Cook, Tracy Lewis, Kim Schiller. Bottom row Ieft-right- Gwen Schiller, Cindy Morman, Leslie Vedotto, Renee Moloney, Lisa Amerson, and Krystal Schjang. Junior Varisty Volleyball suprised everyone. Mrs. Brights strongest players were Lisa Amerson, Leslie Vedotto, Cindy Manje, Terry Balash, and Cindy Mormon.'These girls were very good players and put forth a lot of effort during every game. The girls had a lot of talent and members of the team are being promoted to Varsity level. The girls coach, Mrs. Bright, was very proud of them be- cause they had a record of 7 wins and 2 losses, and the girls were the first place J.V. team in town. Coach Ellis assists Mrs. Bright, as he does in Varsi- ty Volleyball, andthe team wished to thank him for all his help. 206 SPORTS E7 L, 5 E.H.S. BOWLI G TEAM Girls JV lL-Rl Coach Jan Webb, Diana Folk, Simone Dalfonzo, Crystal Grand- BOYS JV lL-Rl John Bldckmon, David Trushaw, Robert Shorey, Richard Wand- jean, tke, Tom Reece. Bowling has been a part of Eldorado's athletic competition ever since the doors first opened. This year was no different. As usual our bowling team did very well. The most memorable accomplishment was on Nov. 4. Senior, Russell Hunt bowled a 680 series, l2l 0, 233, 2371, against West- ern High. This is the highest series in E.H.S. history. Also, we should give recognition to the other bowlers that bowled 200 games. They were, David Eicher, 231, 245, and 230, Charlie Bouley, 202 and 205, Mike Sayce, 201, Richard Wand- tke, 2l2, 2l4, and Marjorie Mickens, 20l. Girls Varsity lL-RJ Donna Rush, Marjorie Mickens, Barbara Bouley, Wanda Perkins, Coach -Jan Webb. Boys Varsity CL-Rl David Eicher, Charlie Bouley, Russell Hunt, Mike Sayce, Shawn Wilcox. SPORTS 207 SO VARSITY TAKES A SHOT AT UNITY ELUUH Members of the l98O Bl Varsity Basketball team were Ctop rowi Coach Farnsworth Antonio l-lildreth EC Adams, Prathey LeFear, Bruce Wilcox, Mike Schnieder Kenny Hopkins Coach Kasdorf lBottom rowl Benny Washington Otis Page David Holloway Craig Richards, Tony Richardson, Mark Brown, and Although the Sundevils had prob- lems, including height, they man- aged to enjoy a few winning games. They added excitement to many games even though they lacked intensity at times. Over the Christmas vacation they traveled to Calfornia and finished a prom- ising third in the Nogales Tourna- ment. The most outstanding player was Craig Richards who led the league in scoring through- out the majority of the season with a 26 point average. The Sun- devils overall record was l and 3. Opposite page - top left - Craig Richards shoots for two. Top Right - Craig prepares to pass the ball. Bottom Left - Otis Page attempts to make a basket. Bottom Right - Bruce Wilcox fights for control ofthe ball. This page - Bottom - Coach Farnsworth, Coach Kasdorf, and the team get psyched up for the game. SPORTS 209 Top Left - EC. Adams goes for o loyup. Bottom Left - Opposing ployer blocks Davids Jump shot, Top Rightf Sundevils hope to toke odvontoge of Jump Boil, Bottom Right - Ottis attempts o rebound, 1702 A 5 21 O SPORTS ELDORADO POWERLIPTI G CLUB President: Coach Trujillo also Powerlifting chairman for the state of Nevada. Powerlifting is a different form of weightlifting which incorporates lifting movement which tests a lifters sheer strength rather than speed and technique. There are three events in powerlifting, The Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. Each lifter is allowed three attempts in each event, and final places are determined by total- ing the best completed attempt in each event. The Eldorado Powerlifting Club has been in existence for three years under the direction of Coach Trujillo, who is also a competi- tive powerlifter. The club has brought not only national but inter- national recognition some of the accomplishments thus far: Three State High School Powerlifting Championships. Thirty eight State High School records. One hundred and six Powerlifting trophies. Rancho Classic Powerlifting Championships. Clark County School Powerlifting Championship, Two powerlifters currently ranked in the top twenty in the U.S. top right: Dean Pickle attemps to squat at 3l5. middle, Larry Rigo Deadlifts The l98l-i982 Powerlifters were, Kelly Cook, Lance Press, George Cook. 2nd row Brian Mick Renee Alcaraz Dean Pickle Mike Holloway David Sample Coach Trujillo. 3rd row, Danny Scott, Ken Mayeda, Gary Myers, Larry Riga and Steve Carter I. V. BASKETBALL FIGHT M, ii ., s 3 we . , Z 3 Z Q ,, ig UH! s mQHl WQHY igk gKHy M xk QAH4 WUQI i lFirst Rowl Coach Stevens, Mike Wilson, Leland Brandon, Verso Anderson, Rod Plummber, George McCabe, Shawn Brandon, Bill Nicosia Qndl Row- Keith l Turner, Cory Sorencen, James Grey, Mike Washington, Carl Ford, Richard Cannon, Mike Lightfoot, Coach Mitchell. A . K... N .i Bottom Right - Both teams wait to see if basket is made. Bottom Lett- No. lO dribbles to basket but opposing team defends him so No, lO con't make the basket. V-.1 212 SPORTS FOR THE FUTURE The 1980-81 J.V. Basketball Team proved to be a successful team for its future of our Varsity, in the coming years. They were known for having great spirit and great sportsmanship. ln the future years the J.V. Basketball team seems to have great potential for a State Championship. Top Right - Sundevil waits for an open team mate. Top Left - Sundevils shoot for o basket. Bottom Left - Rod shoots for a basket. Bottom Right - Shawn goes tor a jump throw. SPORTS 213 - ..-f,..ft: . .t WM- 2---H M Y k-w.. t .t-A mmm . R. .,. : 1 , ' -- - - of-f f 1, . ,us - X M . . R , W SUNDEVILS GO FORWARD , ,- ookt' huufu-nd' Nui Muni t Nall it WA Q--if .,. JK A , The i980-8l Freshmen bosketboll teom: Rop row, l to rg Ferores Reid, Andrew Love, Wolter Corter, Jett English, Rick Kelly, Oscor Morelond. Bottom row Ito r Alphonso Brown, Demetrius Lockhart, Adrion Dickens, Jeff Keorns, Rodney Perkins. Bottom right picture: Rod- ney Perkins on rebound shot. Bottom left picture: Oscor Morelon bottles ogoinst Bosic ployer to score. 214 SPORTS A I., X1 ii ite Q 4.-fu fx ,, . .qv 'Y 1-,e' flif! "la ,If 'mf ff 5 F3 f , W ' , ,ff GOLF at ELDORADO? ? ? Q .. Sk. T5 iw.. mg' ., E... Q ,Av Vi T MT . T Left to Right: Joe Neff, Mike Eicher, Gerald Bonetti, Bill Hanlon, Coach Fitch, John Honer, Steve Vornberg, and Charles Bouley. Not pictured: Howard Durler and Michael Rigsby. 'if' 4 f Left to Right: Coach Fitch, Minnie Dodge, Cherie Chaffee, Vickie Floris, Debra Braun, Marjorie Mickens and Zoonne Warren. Not pictured: Down Foulk. "x-.- The Eldorado Golf Teams has put out much effort this year to defeat opposing golf teams. They supported our school and displayed spirit on the course. We had strong teams that strived for victory. They learned and carried pride and supported our school well. The teams attitude is great and their ability seems to be as good as ever, therefore, the players encouraged one another to get a good year in. The teams worked hard and had determina- tion. They have developed very good skills and patience. The l98O-8l Golf Teams had quite a season. lt was very challeng- ing and in return every player showed that they had excellent sportsmanship, power, pride and spirit. The golf teams have tl ' d ' l t . grea yimprove since as year SPORTS 215 SUCCER PLAYERS PROVE THEMSELVES The l98O-8l Varsity Soccer, top row: I to r, Brian Johnson, Greg Schiller, Jeff Harris, Eddie Rodriques, Josue Saenz, Bosls Ossowski Robert Mine Coach Raynor. Middle row: lto r, Stacy Wells, Alvin Custard, Brian Cuellar, Glen Reiman, Ralph Berrelleza, George Hernandez, Martin Eric Howser Bottom row Bruce Morrill, Jose Henrique. '- f. 1 ffl ff' T5- 57 ...VTWTL-Fai. .,,.., . 'M i W.. t.W, A...-...,.,f-' - 3, H . . , N The Eldorado high school soccer team, coached by Ivan Raynor, showed their talent as a team this year. Not only did they work well as a team but each player showed his own talent exceptionally well. Through determination and hard hours at practice, the team exhi- bited devotion and spirit to Eldorado high school. 2l6 SPORTS he V .N I-sm-, DURING TOUGH SEASON f f.. X I f , W, fx f 4 5 4 1 ,M ,WWW , W M, M.. , Jw f 'M' ,ff . 1 5 'P X r "' 4? 'x 90, ' s ?-1" 'r J-.0 m'5'7Q"T" , i i , g i ,5 ll " V ax 'Vt in g y 05 g z K .af SPORTS 217 IU IOR VARSITY SOCCER ' l gli f u.xA z ' Team Members: L to R bottom row: R. Sanders, P. Mclntyre, middle row, B. Alicia, T. McDowell, J. Flojd, B. Craig, P. Susseck, D. Gregg, top row: J. Valland, A. Pirata, D. Fesselor, M. Veiso, M. Gary, J. Neff, D. Aaron, T. Bouley, S. Resign, M. Cherry, A. Artega, J. Carbullido. The JV Soccer Team of Eldorado High School is training and learning skills daily in Competition. Through-out the season, the team has performed in an aggressively manner on the field of battle. The total support of the school has given spirit to the players on the field. During the l98O-8l season we watched as the team performed with alot of enthusiasm. The total dedication and long hard hours of work of each team member and Coach Reynor deserves nothing less then a hearty "Congradulations" from the entire student body on a job well done. We can all look ahead with ease to the upcom- ing season knowing that the lessons we've learned on the playing field today with our Junior Varisty Team, will be applied on the very some playing field tomorrow as our JV Team becomes the future Varsity Soccer Team. 218 SPORTS .lx -i 3,3 I HGV' V. ,,qp"f""g 1 :. ' Q ' I . ,M ww, ww, . .aw 4 in N , L.. new L 8 ' -- Wnymf ' --- W:4k,,.w-,--5---f--' Lf? - -M,-5 L, 4 W 1 ...,,. 1 , ' f w zzz:--wh Jffweivn-aanvge 9-' 'T X ANU , , LL S . L' H. , K-"fa -ffm ,iff i'L..Z Q Lf'-v g"5f'Eigyq:fQL: jk L.f!i,Q Q L' rf" Lf' "5 4 W " - xf-'Ks :L ,'--X-'4fV3wiXf'3i sg?- . P "P MAF' IL W w -. kr, . ,1-4 Qc k5,,7i'12g5yg,.2ygJl3:1 :f255Q'ff!jg'f M41 Kg 1' . 'aaf-uG"Nk f ","w?T5'f 1 W R , ,gl A 5' f wi . " 'D"V'i.'Sivf7iX2.'5'5?i5'J5'fif'S pw w. -A yi f'jfzy?L,,,i. f ,. 1 .k , L f-Mig--L L ' .ah :'g,ggQ.3gaw,11y,' ig ,Qu :L TQ gr- , 'g3zf,,i.L.,g1 av., M-V'-Q,q'fqY:'1"1f'3ai,,:fM , -P L f1 fi'l f ffsY'5kH hs ' Q5 N Q - 'f ,rv ffa- gg:-QQ .-yqksyq,-,a,k,,:f,LNg,' 3.9 igymgfgi- , .. 1'-, wx '+wL'1 ' 4' -wb-A A M tiziffwfnv I , J ,,,.. L....wf' E3 7' r V,-W.. gg W , N, .lf , . vw' N 1,-,pf , L "N'W"Y' Q f J ww Wx wwwswk' 'K L uf... L Q. LL L '11 .W A 3 f Yi. Nw, N. Lx , Q ai " ,--L ' fx' f.'5f,,Aj,,:,, L swf.. fr -L, vw , - ' W ..-. ,uw , L 1 .af ,A V - X "" ' ' nv f H F, ....-vfubgzn Wi I , 1 -9 X V, L, , WMM VQQQMJUUYL Q Wiyxf, W. sw T..Q "N' AL- W V, fy., Waugh .ni--Q ,L pw, jm W - wc? V' 4- w.. -- :M LL M, ,L , "' ,L - Q:'Mf'1H w - '-' .2 f 'Ha-L 'LL - -a-Q -"ws, 1 ' M - ag l i . A f V W L,-A LLL " ' 5 Si? , - L mL ... L K ' Mc. 4? ff-' W ' .... ww W, ...M , . ,L H m iii W ,LL LL V i ,M W LL L n 6 L Q , L ,L " ' A L -ff' . X . ,Q L- ' , L w.f........a,.l... -3 g L A rw' lm SPORTS 219 VARSITY WRESTLERS K OW K .,.k xxx U , fi we The l98O-8l Varsity Wrestling team members were: Coach May, Coach Gutowski, Bubba Barnes, Robby Craddock, Gordon Washington, Stanley Kline, James Cook, Mike Holloway, Coach Vespe, Coach Sallee. Bottom row: Ron Pacheco, Don Scorsdole, Robby Stomper, David Broun, Shawn Dreistler, Sonny James. 195359 5- Q Nik The l98O-8l Varsity wrestling team was o powerful bunch ot winners. Coach Moy led the awesome Varsity team through the season with the help of three assistant coaches, Cecil Sollee, Mike Gutowski and Steve Vespe. This years team had tive returning state champions and several "rookies" The new- comers to the Varsity team worked extra hard. Because ot the unity and ettort donated by all the team members, the Sundevil 220 SPORTS Varsity Wrestlers displayed alarming power at dual meets os well as tournaments. lt is evident that discipline, sacrifice, train- ing, ond "making weight" helped our wrestlers to do the out- standing job that they did. l98O SOUTHERN ZONE CHAMPlONS lst Eldorado 2l8 lb pts. - 2nd Chaparrel l24 V2 pts. l98O NEVADA STATE CHAMPIONS lst Eldorado l4l V2 pts. - 2nd Choporrel 90 V2 pts. 4' ALL THE MOVES -It x . f ffl -IU 'fl' ji lf"-33 I""'1" ...xl ,...., I N ing: ' J-'-."'illu ?lal3 'fs Na TTr',I.:".- 5, 4... ., , , .,,,.,,,.,,. , A Top left: Gordon, Robby, and Bubba psyche up before their matches, Top right: Jeff checks out the score board before pinning his man. Middle: Mike works hard to de- feat this Cowboy wrestler. Bottom left: Jeff tries hard to turn another Chapparral wrest- ler on his back to "show him the lights." Bottom right: This Chapparral wrestler is just another one to "bite the dust." STATE INDIVIDUAL PLACES Robby Craddock lst Gordon Washington lst Jett Swan 2nd David Braun 2nd Stanley Kline 2nd Robby Stomper 3rd Frank Vespe 3rd Mike Holloway 3rd James Cook 3rd Dan Scarsdale 4th Gerald Barnes 4th 1. x 5 Qlav SPORTS 221 -.49 Wu A. Top row: Coach May, Coach Gutowski Eddie Shoemaker John Spendlove Robert Wright Tyrone Laphen Brett Carlson John Hollinsworth Eric Kent Coach Sallee, Coach Vespe. Bottom row Alan Guthrie James Smith Dovid Gognan Harold Coleman Dean Pickle The l98O-8l future Varsity wrestlers gave a superb per- formance in dual meets and tournments. These J.V. wrestlers showed that de- dication and hard work were the key to their goals. These wrestlers were strong conten- ders and they supported our school well this year. Mem- bers ot the squad are looking forward to the Varsity spot next year. Right: Lorin Spendlove waits for the right moment to start wrestling. 222 SPORTS SPIRIT A D PRIDE x'l'x"":: I ,. A .. , Q f TOP LEFT: Eldorado takes down his opponent. MIDDLE LEFT: John Springer wrestles his man, TOP RIGHT: This wrestler shows his wreatling abilities, BOTTOM LEFT: Eldorado's wrestler quickly attempts to get on his feet. BOTTOM RIGHT: Eldorado goes for a pm. w, 3 I if '7':'tsi E SPORTS 223 VARSITY BASEBALL QR .J , . V .. .A -,., e zymf'L.f.' s-f1?n'fL2f?2g'1f-Q" 1 ' - ' -- - 1 " - ' ' -..., 11.151 -zaffswf.-i,7Jfrf1:ff1-it fl?-'ffflx . 'i 'Vi df it A ff , . , r ,Fl . , ,,,.,,1,.L5.f,2, ,-l.. n3.lf-'g,,H::.mk,A F ,,fxg,NlW2QA,r M 1.-t-pa. i,iixM.,,.,A4.'ix!,, ., LA N ,A .- -. --is-2--'-1s-4' f f-1-3,593-'.1' :.-f'."v,.-" ,err f.-.rf f- ,1 A fi..g,f,fs:A-215'-Q4-F5 W, .4114 "?5bi,,4-1.45 -' --Q-gs . .- 1 M f T 'f L T '.,f,.1g..-.f t'i'5've,'g 1' :iffy fF'232'1ff:.-f l:'i- zf.-.f-cribs-:ff , . -Q -- - , . T ' Q 3951 lf.-'if 'iifl -. lfr1Q'4'lAs.LQ1fg1' "5'5l,""59EIfii3-191 1 -,ravi - ",t3,'f" f ' , ' - - , , 1 , ,oz .Y tlZfL5..l,., Q'Q,.f.L:,,:LVa,,y , ,, W 5 I ,ggawt 9.t,.'vL cr, -I , .fQg,f,.-- Inf- ,W ,', y .1 y 1 K ,13x..:'4 wma ."1' 'f : 5:2 i5Qw1f2'Xw,!'af 5'-" AFTQ. T ' ' 1: L N ' STANDING l. TO R: Derek Nielson, Torn Jackson, Coach Skroback, Coach Clarkson, Coach Roy, John Moher, Bobby Romero, Nick Boyer, Bobby l-leckathorn. MIDDLE: Jack Crane, Ron Mills, Rudy Reveles, Donnie Lupori, Michael Griffith, Dorin Porvin. KNEELING: Ricky Starr, Rusty King, Frank Vespe, Tony D'Ambra, Willis Sylva, Ricky Tatunn, Luis Arnelburu. 0 25" A q M 2 1' 2 edw- W I, , i XL. t 'l I - , ,,'R , T . - . if - f' ' ff ef fix' V' 'XT'-I 5 D 'Y .-- as Q - ' LH . SPORTS S. Eldorado l98O-8l had an exciting and at tremendously improved Sundevil Base- l' ball team. The returning lettermen gave S us experience and leadership. Our athletes were a year older, stronger, and wiser. Much of the success ot l98O-8l season was due to the enthusiasm and E.. positive attitudes ofthe baseball players and coaches. ' FP? .xg -Q - S . 1 .wwf ---Q' - . . ...w.ws-wa' OPPOSITE PAGE: Bottom lefty Luis hits for a run. Bottom rightg Frank, looking beautifull! THIS PAGE: Top lettp Eldorado hits another. Top rightg Tom is pitching to the losers. Middle lefty Rudy is hitting the ball during practice. Middle rightp The players are arguing with the umpire. Bottomg Baseball initiations were funnier than ever. SPORTS 225 .vwv....w.ww.-Nc... ---W -- - -we-au.-w..........uv..u-..,....,a.s..un Q 23' A ii if .4 , ...L-My-- 'Syd .W X' .- ff.nI6n'5Vi' if' gl' -- wx 'Q Standing: Coach Stanley, Bill Heidger, Roger McLemore, Kevin Makowski, Trig Myklubust, Marcos Reveles, Torn Lapkin, Carl Forsythe, Mike Verso, Steve Waller. Kneeling: Ricky Wilson, Kevin Jones, Grant Henderson, Andy Cordova, Lance Watson, Brian Nechaliks, Shawn Malloy, Joe Verso, Kevin Harrington, John Bartee. :3..Q, . V' , .pw Center left - Steve Waller gets ready to bat. i' i "' Center right- Tom Lapkin pitches during practice. S f Bottom right - Steve Waller slides into Carl Forsythe. t 'S -Ha " ' ,. ,.,:-. , - - Q N " ,"'Y"' i' 33' L l if-' A L 5 -fri - ,fi . . -.csrf,..'i 226 SPORTS Q 'ga-if-f'1' 1 mg -S-'+evw1"""' Q 53" 'J in N915 -an - 'V ,,, .....- -'W - J V I ,..,,.... c. ,.s. .,., 'r""r""""" f K A 6 f -ew' kv A K Taq It V: s Q fa.. , .. T - ,- vis... ' ' 'lv 1, ft-' - 'Fit rf 1, ,,. Whisk! ,,.. uvr"""' xx BASEBALL X Q I X W .2 V fl Q ' A' , ' NW' M' - -V ' ,,,' ' 4.1, , -.-- -- v- -,-V, - f all A 3' -f . .A T f 'f ,Q all ,Q A7 " V s Q "TN"""" 'X " s"""f""" "" ,4-gg VV ?Ak - I f ,t '12, , W . Q, ., R, , -, 'lymph K V ,,,kL M: X A :V xxK't'L,, X' 4' Ll 'nf u'vc,s.:.... A :AL N y L.xA K I A K li Favs 415 - 'Q Q I V W- V ,Q M, f 1, 5 2.,,,i or Q. T ,,,,+sm+Qfsr "Y'W'r- 3 ff. ,w r ' . -.J J ."' T A ' ' ' It" Li i f .af f Q A T 4 N5 .gay-, - I W . . ' 5 I-Aadfe ' 'V Xl? A T T t e ' T' lt f.,:51's.s.fq, A f' T . - gg' A ' A , ..,.,- 1 - 1- 'N' -' ' W4 M.,-! f .' " ' ' . A, ' ' W V L H ,T ,"' N L ff "MT" "'ivv"" 4 ' - -- " ' T . T' f' c' ' f'M- it F7 " 'T ' T 'll ,fy ' , ' A . WTQ N7 fr, . ""d'g' iTff7" - 1 T 5 My T., 'lf rf N .. , "' ' -Surf' A 4' 2 "" 0 we A K fr - . R' Y fn ',"'f'wWt?ff'L'fi ' -V f-r , ' Vi,"' wwf.. ' f ' 'K 'L 'W' 'L V ' .' ' iff ff ', 7 V1 t c Vp "" T P T' T , , W c my swf' as ' A '- 1 f, ff, ' ' " ,. I , , , - T -.H ,gg - ' 'PMT ,' ' . f . ff' ' - w' '1 K' - 111 2 T "",' fi 7' , ,, ' 5 1 'T fi. we ' - W.. .. J., ,tt , f' ' The lO8O-Sl Junior VarsitY T we s. T , c T , g Baseball team had a very re- 4 KN 1, 7 N' fir S- is 3" . aaae is-rw, tif.. W wording season. The per- sfs Q. formance of the players was valuable material needed for next years Varsity team. The gf support of the Varsity squad . and coaches helped them "" pull through many rough -. mm on NTT' swim ff, ff games. Top: Kevin Harrington exibits his strength as he rips the ball. Center leftg Grant Henderson goes for a homerun. Center right: Tom Lapkin pitches a fast one. Bottomg Members ofthe team prac- tice for a game. SPORTS VARSITY SOFTBALLERS SHI E ON l The l98O-Bl Sundevil Varsity Softball team is: 'Ist Row il to rl, Manager Laura Dominguez Trinetter Lemair Krystal Schiang Carol Ferger Theresa Bowes and Suzanne Garland. 2nd Row, Manager Melinda Mazza, Sylvia Salazar, Chris Booze Shelly Pacheco Lori Bradfield and Angela Levi 3rd Row Manager Mary Strong, Margaret Green, Traci Lewis, Hauoli Decaires, Renee Magee and Manager Melinda 4th Row Valerie Scott Coach V Quinn and Sarah Skeen Sth Row, Susie Magdos and Cathy Amelburu. 1 . A . . ., ' s.-RAM .. ...L F -ti - K " P K sf K1 ,L ,Q 1: . S was - .frog L ,C .K 1 X A gi A if . S .Ng-g, ,sg Q Q t 4 kv j . -- - Top Left: Cathy Amelburu shows her stuff while Krystal Schiang watches. Top Right: Susie Garland holds it up! Bottom: Sylvia Salazar trys to steal home but is tagged out by catcher Hauoli Decaires. This years Varsity Softball Team has seven returning Letter- men, four of which are seniors. The seniors include: Susie Dessaints at Third Base, Sarah Skeen at Center Field, Cathy Amelburu at Left Field and Valerie Scott at Pitcher. The team has great potential for a successful season. For the past two years Eldorado Softball teams have been in contention for the Sunrise title. This highly talented team should prove to be no different. 228 SPORTS u-,1 ,.al- "' . assi! X I. V. I-IAS HIGH GOALS 9.0 The l98O-Sl LV. Softball players: Bottom to top CL to Rl First Row - Michele Bennett, Lee Lussier, Lulu Kinsey, Nina Allred, Debbie Morgan, Brenda Mann Second Row - Lisa Garcia, Andeen Rose, Rhonda Newman, Erin Gilmore, Gwen Schiller, Ms. Bright iCoachl Third Row - Dionne Wiggins, Tina Schjang, Jeannette Lee, Kim Schiller Fourth Row - Tina Meeks, Teressa Turner, Sheme Jordan 1 ' , . '-5'-ve A . r Qi 'N' Sy 1,1 fy1g,.s,i-vi M , Q ,, 'T . Qu'-A 15,31 -V .versa . - J -i 1 www. 1 f- , -' , K. . - L, L. We L., , A ann-.,......g-.,,.., l A x A ., I , . I IV s. ,iA...A I ,f ps ..,'1'1-11-1"1-1-v-w-A ..,-qjvn , .. , , . 1 Jw-1' 2 vwjiil I ai LV? Igg' it -1 Y' '- l J' . - 4' K . .,?:? fi? ' ' l ' 251:51 13423211 .5 , 1 ww ,r A-'.1'fgqf,,,W.wliA. A 3 ni ah V .. . .. ,Q - x As---if i , c ' S 1' Q -f it-...J.f,..M.mj Q . l -i . , , . L VM.. ' V .It ' , -11 ,- , My ,V . ,454-'Wg S , , , Aff-f '-"Q,.s.' . 'fqjle .. yt ,V 1 f mn, ' AlkwQi11"'.w'i,eMi,'lv- T ,T 'mf W 1 "WiZ?'f?f7f-Q4 wr WN 1' ,Y , , i ,,,i , . 141: A The l98O-8l J.V. Softball team were outstanding in their record. They have good ability towards Varsity for the coming year. The coach, whois Ms. Bright, has put her effort and skills into making her J.V. players good, and she had great success. Middle Lett - Andeen waits for the pitch. Bottom Left - Andeen misses the ball when it reaches her. Middle Right- Lulu shows her stuff by hitting the ball at hitting practice. SPORTS 229 The boy's track team for l98O-8l had a very successful year despite the fact that it's basi- cally a team for the future. They participated in several meets including the Eisenhower ln- vitational in Rialto, Calif., Dixie Relays in St. George, Utah. wk it W f !""' .fl ...L r Rf ' "' it - ' 'lr .. - ,, c . . c i . V y yg I' Q , Q X , ' as' , 5 402- 'W . . ,Wits-ts .- - ws ...W X .. 4 -we . -...f . .V ,W A ca,, .T . , - .. ......., Q. H f VARSITY TRACK TEAM Top row: Tyrone Lathan, Tony Patton, Eric Ashley, Andre Woods, David Helton, Ivan Hammond Bernie Vela, John Hollingsworth, Victor Clark, Michael Washington, Richard Cannon, Jeff Holmes 1 fi! W v :U ,,... QQ gli Q f. s L-A . . . " M 'i W i ' r 4 - K f D W Q 4 ' xv ,Ja W A w " - - N . fr-" 's if . . i 'rr . . . . rw . ,K vi : ' ' ,L we x ,.,.-. Q 'Q W , ,,, f .A K .. -n I -W Q t -N ,IQ - K ,,, ' -f " l ' mi: QM , "A ,. . 'D ll' "fl ' J . Q 2: .r .A M intvgl-VQ J ,. ? Y, " Q' f 5.1- -T. 4-55'--QF' twp, . " ffm' G ' 5' . . - -' ,- , , - .3 . 3- M- .. , .- , N- 5 .K gg ,1' .: . gg. ' .. . QQ.. . g.Npg.f54v-A-gtge -. , . ,. V 'r K -. - is f'-"' . Q . '- ' ' STG- ' i. -wg? ffl? ffff f -. TP 5 -sg 1 , Q nw'?5J5?,. A s. 4.52. " "W" . 45 .-.X Darryl Berryhill, Elliot Gibson, Gary Meyers, Greg Barnes, Eric Hallet, David Holloway. Bottom row Q mm '-wb...,,,,, m:wy,,,,m tit x 'i QM-M 4 I ', Q. , 'f f. ' A X f'.' W P5 .v . .. ' iz iif fl A 'ii D fir 2 LL V -. f , 44.1, f ,G 'W . ., 1 1 " ' V I ' 5 , . ilfrr-v-E... ,Mt VI. .. Zigi 1 la I P' tw . Ah ' A M" ' " f-ae?'.u.i2:,,,7.,,g,M ,gr 1 ,"x ' 7 f Q -L .p,g:c.yLj,:--3--il-Q' ll 1 if :M - ...,.,,:.l,. ., fav-15. xy . A I A I W 5 ' V Ex 'rx l,fg5i.f,j,'.,, A , A it 1 ' Q A . , ,i,, 425 . 5 Upper left: One track member warms up with the discus. Ffh? ' - I 1 ' V . .1.,e.ef ' gl is . r i ' ' , , 'Ml-tw . if "W 4, H, H, Q... , ...-. .., , ,V W' Middle left: Eldorado track team runs laps to keep in 'LL If 1 ' A ,,,,, Q - f I . I A . I -wwgdq KL' . 7 H b f , 'qi I L I vig .W W I ,i V , .. I shape. Middle right. Thistrack member shows his skilland .gl 5 I. 2 I .3 Q ,f-1.. , my M fm style to the fascinated onlookers. Bottom right: And A A V V 'N H they're off and over the first hurdle. f ' M 2 in g -,nf ,Mg I 'A yqfff-rzfxis E+ 230 sPoRTs .,, .., ' " 1' . my W, - -fs. ,, i... Western Relays, Bengal ABC Invitational, Sundevil Classic, Clark Meter Meet. Coaches Sallee, Thomas and Richardson led the team to victory several times throughout the season making other schools sit up and take notice. s E l l Middle left: This track member practices the long jump. Bottom left: This track "star" shows his stuff at the long jump. Middle right: This expert displays his expertice at pole vaulting. Bottom right: Gary Meyers tosses the shot- put showing, "lt's nothing!" SPORTS 231 GIRLS TRACK as 'NM , X,, The l98O-8l girl's track team had a very successful year. There were many outstanding individual achieve- ments in the various track events. Some of the events participated in in- cluded: discus, shotput, hurdles, the 440, the 880, and the mile run. Next year's Eldorado track team will have many returning people, so they should have another successful year. Bottom row: Valerie Tripp, Michele Griffith, Lisa Stephney, Micheal Anne Hall, Kim Davis, Kim Houston, Brenda Thomas. Top row: Jackie Love, Margret Gasperino, Denise Hall, Nina Abram, DeeDee Williams, Janice Cook, Cynthia Moemon, Joe Warren. TRACKE TTS The E.H.S. Tracketts for l98O-8l were a great help to the girls track team. They kept scores and times, and had alot of fun raising money for the team. The Track- etts put in a lot of extra time and effort to support the team. WE? Qswrw q5srf,,,,k :S A K mm .J7S3iW-fm - " ' Bottom row: Deshon Johnson, Beverly Hodge, Renee Mays, Karen Carroll, Debbie Edmunds. Top Row: Evelyn Lamancusa, Sonja Stinnett, Jeanine Edmunds, Deetra Glass, Dawn Howarth. 232 SPORTS This year's swim team did an excellent job for a first year team. They showed a lot of sports- manshipthroughatough season. The swim team put in a lot of effort and hard workg they spent much of their free time practicing. Their im- mense show of team work means that Eldor- ado's swim team has potential to be an out- standing team in the fu- ture, is "Q SPORTS 233 ELDORADO BOYS TENNIS -n-n-Q ' is ,,w2,, , an ,V fi' 5 w,.ff"" ,J s x 234 SPORTS ,,...v"" l . ...fa-6-1 ' .. -- 8 eff' 'i n Team Picture: CL-Rl John Gasperino, Steve Abitia, Dan Sisseck, Jeff Somko, Kurtis Rosborough, Eric Howser. 2nd row: James Buckley, Gale Ward, Boris Ossowski, Greg Schiller, Troy Messina, Doug Brackbill, Jude Mondonedo, Steve Vornberg, Coach Mundt. Not Pictured: Jim Kelley, Mark Case, and Terry Clark. The Eldorado Boy's tennis team finished oft the 80-8l season with a 3-7 record. Their sea- son highlights were victories over Basic, Gor- man, and Boulder City. The most valuable player: Steve Vornberg, the most improved player: James Buckley, and Team Captain: Steve Abitia. Center left: Kurtis takes a flying leap to return the ball. Bottom left: John makes a mad dash to get the ball on the other side ofthe court. Bottom right: Jett sends the ball back slow and steady. t Team picture KL-Rl Sandy Folk, Kim Schil- ler, Gwen Schiller, Nancy Lindler, Patty Morlatt, Traci Lewis. Back row IL-Rl Coach Mundt, Margaret Gasperino, Linda Nuffer, Dawn Nuckles, Tammy Nutfer. Not Pictured: Carmen Clemmons, Cathy Amelburo, and Susie Dessaints. The 80-8l girl's tennis team finished off the season with a l-9 record. The season highlight was the victory over Las Vegas High. The most valuable player: Traci Lewis, Most Improved: Lillian Baldwin. Far left: After she serves, Patty watches the ball. Center left: Dawn and Patty try their skills at doubles. Below: Tra- ci and Margaret take time out to take a little bit of instruction from Coach Mundt. ing-: -V+' 4.. ,cw .,,.., SPORTS 235 236 FACU LTY f-4"" :W --AD' v il 33 , manual 1 - A, 3 5- . .f 1 , ' 'N I 4 '-gnnnlllil HI 1 L n , x J FACU LTY CLARK COUNTY SCHGOL DISTRICT Dr. James Lyman President BQARD OF SCHOGL TRUSTEES Robert Forbuss Mr. Shirley Holst Lucille Lusk Vice President Clerk Member 49- NWS to Thomas Semmens Donald R. Faiss Mrs. Virginia Brewster Member Member Member 238 FACULTY Dr. Claude Perkins Superintendent CCSD Principal Dr. Niles Bayles Asst. Principal Asst. Principal Asst, Principal GeorgeAnn Rice Mr. Ken Bowers Evans Rutledge Councelor Councelor Councelor Councelor Sal Catanese Linda Crawford Larry Duncan Arlene Parkinson FACULTY 239 Q.. WAP rv' 33,1 ,.,, ...,.. ., .,,. i Xi -- .Q is 'W an I wld miiijfr f f "I 25N fe :is ll? X :ZF QXZ7' V W QM ,,,,,,, 'Y . gr, 'We-V id' '-or-m,,,,.., in Secretary Laura Bennion Secretary Jan Edgeworth Secretary Joan Friedman Banker Barbara Pugsley 240 FACU LTY jf? I 4 r ft lf 'FM Secretary Martha Shafer Secretary Kay Willis Library Aide Sharon Hody Teachers Aide Karen Motola Teachers Aide Jane Neiderst Teachers Aide Roxie Newton Teachers Aide Janie Ross Teachers Aide Lafern Vestal .pw Aide Jacqueline Musler Custonian Thomas Liggins Custodian Annie Marie Write Cafeteria Hattie Dearing Cafeteria Katherine Folk Head Manager Arlene Tolas Cafeteria Malbia Terry wg. l fs-. .vv I Cafeteria -25 i l 'vs l - ' 1 s .r 43-9 '51 QV wrlxx ts qgw' fd X f N ,fe 1 5 5, ' td QU ft IU? 'X :M 4 James Alexander Drivers Ed. Ida Alvey Home Economics Lesley Ballew Math Rebecca Bartholomew Fine Arts Jane Bearden Social Studies Jean Beckstead English Susan Bruesh Performing Arts lBandJ Dorothy Clark Foreign Lang. 81 Social Studies S A S - .1 rf Marianne Dalley English Jeanette Drechsler English Ernest Ferrario Weight Tr., Drivers William Fisher Auto Ed. X l Jim Fitch Carol Grewal PE., Weight Tr., l-lealth Linda Gutierrez Foreign Lang. Charles Fleming Social Studies, Journalism Sharon Gegg Mike Gutowski Math Social Studies Joan Goodell Kitty Haire Home Economics Social Studies w.. ,. J K V 4. ll ll .X . 1 A K 1 1' A fa E A ' . ,J ." ,s , ' Q j' - 'ti' 5 ' i , I' 5 Q ' ,r do 1 Foreign Lang. 81 English FACULTY 24l f ? Jana Porter Fine-Arts Roben Prince Math Samuel Richardson Science David Rollins Science, Physics 242 FACU LTY EXE! ts., Carmen Ross Science Cecil Sallee Woods Jan Saxton English .lack Schnepp Drama, History lik i Lynette Sibo Richard Stanley English Math Keith Skroback Gary Stephens Social Studies Social Studies Elaine Fleming Smith Ken Trujillo English Health, Weight Training Sarah Smith Edward Turek Teachers Aide Social Studies, T.V., Married Lite Henry Vecchioni Special Ed Jill Walker Special Ed Jan Webb Business Diana Weiland Business 'a..,.nvz QT", 'Y' Wnweasw-x .40 H, I 'hrwf' www, "vw:-f J X Bill Hanlon Moth Robert Haynes English June Helms Business Helen Henson Science tffwlxwslf l l i A X Randall Hoffman Math William Hollingsworth Science Barbara Hood Science Eugene Hood Science Jackie Hyatt P,E. Arlo Jensen NJROTC Jocelyn Jenson Performing Art Ron Kasdorf English s fMusicl Bonnie Loeffler English, Phsycology Elizabeth Martin English Donna Minser Math Mike Mundt Drafting, Architexture ig Muin Mustafa Math Fran Osburn Business George Paine Metals James Pomeroy Fine-Arts-Yearbook Staff FACULTY 243 qaiaL,fFRNgi Q9 0 3- AZ A AWA SA KN iw AGS? ONDA Oo U g,V7S'iOgO om nf 11 wah K4WAS4KlXX W :- LAS vrcafx fvrwlm vom ass farm H 'v xg ONDA , ORPORA-I-'ON A C SUMM U7 5 e 2 0, Oo O67 75 wx foo X A+ A5355 s 3 'M 'B I Q OF LAS Vlff' ' Q 4305 BOULDER SQ if ,sas KAWASAKNX wil HONDA if I o urviat-. I 3 1EEX'5 'WE X:Wgi3:. -125555: KXTQXQSR' X 1 N 02 244 ADS ADS - INDEX CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ELDORADO HIGH SCHOOL GRADLIATING CLASS OF 1981 FROM THE CLASS OF 1983 N ROLLER SKATES CUSTOM T-SHIRTS SALES SERVICE AND SKATE DESIGNS AND ACCESSOR1ES BY "OZ" Get On-Skates f H ,K f X ' ' 'f Co e ciol Center L , TEE SHIRTERY T"eRO"e'PG'f'Ce S ' RANDY Las Vegas Nev. 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A m-ki aw ana llth ll8 Clements t Coggins 9th l56 Coleman th Colen, Collins 8 203 Collins Collins Cook, Cook, Cookson Davis Davis Davis Davis DesRosier, Patty 9th, 157 DeWeese, Daniel 10th, 139 DiBiase, Lisa 10th, 139 Dickens, Adrian C. 9th, 158 Dickerson, Clarence H. 10th, 139 Diedrich, Beth 11th, 74, 120 Dobos, Stephanie 10th, 100, 139 Dockery, Chevelle 10th, 139 Dockery, Tammy 10th, 139 Dodge, Minnie 11th, 77, 121 Dodge, Paul A. 10th, 139 Dodge, Phillip J. 9th, 81, 158 Dominguez, Laura 10th, 139 Dominguez, Mario 11th, 203 Dominguez, Rene 11th, 75, 121 Darnak, Lisa 10th, 78, 139 Dovs, Ernest 10th, 139 Drawantz, Kay E. 10th, 139 Drayer, Peyton B. 10th, 121 Drefke, Maureen A. 10th, 139 Dreitzler, Shawn M. 9th, 158, 220 Driskell, David A. 9th, 158 Dryer, Julie 10th, 139 Dudley, Penny L. 10th, 139 Duke, David 9th, 158 Dunaway, Brian 9th, 158 Dunn, Joesph F. lirn, 121 Durigg, Katrina 10th, NP ' Duvall, Joyce 10th, 139 . f Dyreng, Gloria 11th, 121 Dysart, Kelly W. 10th, 139 Earls, Toni L. 9th, 158 Eostley, Jackie 10th, 139 Edmunds, Janine 10th, 139 Edwards, Dawn 9th, 158 Edwards, Elaine 9th, 158 Egbert, Patti 1 1th, 80, 120 Eicher, Lorie 10th, 139 Eicher, Nichael 11th, 121 Elias, Karey L. 9th, 158 Ellis, Amy 9th, 158 Ellis, Zelda J. 9th, 158 Empey, Bret D. 11th, 121 Endsley, Laura L. 9th, 158 Enge, Nancy 10th, 139 English, Donald M. 10th, 139 English, Jeff 9th, 158 Ermi, Mike 9th, 158 Ernandes, Maria 11th, 121 Erwin, Gary 11th, 120 Escobar, Aurora 10th, 139 Espinoza, Laninela 10th, 139 Essary, Bill 10th, 139, 194 Eustace, Christine L. 10th, 139 Evans, Theresa A. 11th, 121 Everett, Carolyn 10th, 139 Faber, Kimberly D. 10th, 139 Fahl, Clifford 9th, 158 Faress, Shari 9th, 158 Farnham, Tony L. 1 1th, 121 Favela, Tracy A. 10th, 139 Felts, Kathy 9th, 158, 202 Ferger, Carol 10th 140 Ferigmo, Lou 10th, 140 Fernandez, Ralph 1 1th, 121 Fessler, David D. 9th, 159, 218 Fetzer, Laura 1 1th, 121 Finley, Latricia 11th, 121 Fiscus, Lynda 9th, 159 Flagg, Roberta 10th, 140 Flaisrnan, Sharon 10th, 140 Flatt, Jason 10th, 140 Flores, Amy M. 9th, 159 Flores, Gregorio C. 9th, 159 Flores, Martha 11th, 121 Flores, Victoria 10th, 140 Floyd, John C. 9th, 159, 218 Floyd, Regina 10th, 91, 140 Folk, Kevin R. 9th, 159 264 lNDEX Folk, sandy iorh, ai, 140, 235 Folkhard, Wendy 96 Fonner, Jody 10th, 140 Ford, Bryant 10th, 94, 95, 140, 194 Ford, Carl 10th, 140, 212 Ford, Lou Anna 11th, 121 Formica, Danette 10th, 140 Forsyth, Carl J. 11th, 121 Fortney, Rebecca 10th, 140 Fosmo, Cherie J. 9th, 159 Foulke, Dawn 10th, 1401 Foulkrad, Charlotte 9th,, 159 Fox, William M. 1 1th,'1.21' 'V Frame, Steven 10th, 140 . Franco, John R. 11th, 121 Franklin, Stephanie 10th, 140 Frederickson, Darin B. 9th, 159 Frederickson, John 11th, 121 Freeman, Tonya 9th, 159 Freid man, Tanya 9th, 101 Fullerton, Gloria B. 9th, 159 Furushiro, Naomi 11th, 121 Gaeb, Michelle D. 9th, 159 Gage, Regina 10th,. 140 Galloway, Susan 9th, 159 Galvin, Edward 10th, 140 Galvin, Bill 10th, 194 Garnboa, Guillermo, 10th, 140 Garcia, Carlos 1 1th, 121 Garcia, Donny llth, 121 Garcia, Lisa 10th, 72,140 , ' Garcia, Phyllis 204 ' Garland, Susie 10th, 95, 140, 200 Garner, Jennifer 10th, 72 Garri ck, David 10th, 140 Garza, Tony 11th, 121, 190 Gasperino, John 234 Gasperino, Margaret 10th, 140, 235 Gatewood, Jerry 10th, 140 Gay, Brenda 200 Geige, Regina 100 George, Mike 11th, 121 Getz, Eric R. 9th, 159 Gibbons, Robert T. 9th, 159 Gibbs, Steven 10th, 140 3 Gibson, Linda 11th, 121 , Gibson, Michael 11th, 78, 121 Gilbreath, Richard 10th, 140 Gilmore, Erin 9th, 159 Glass, Perta 10th, 140, 198 Glendinning, Jeri L. 9th, 159 Glimp, Scott W. 11th, 122, 190 Glitch, Kim 9th, 65, 160 Goalen, Darryl 9th, 160 Goergen, Elizabeth 10th, 140 Good, Jim 10th, 141 Goodwin, Marques 10th, 141 Goodrich, Tami 1 1th, 77, 122 Gord Gran Gran Grav on, Tino 11th, 101,122 djean, Cheryl 10th, 81, 141 t, Edward 11th, 122 es, Laura 200 1 Gray, Brenda C. 9th, 160 1 ,V ' Gray, James 10th, 141, 194, 212 Gray, Lyndon 11th, 122 Gray, Renee 11th, 122 Gray Gray Gray , Tammy 10th, 141 , Yvette 11th, 75 es, Laura 9th, 160 Gregg, Daniel R. 9th, 160, 218 Green, Margaret 11th, 122, 200 Green, Susan 10th, 96, 141 Griego, Francine 10th, 141, 145 Griffith, Michael 10th, 141 Griffith, Michelle 10th, 141 Grogan, Beth 68 Grosberger, Bert 10th, 141 Grosberger, Denise 11th, 122 Gross, Shirley L. 9th, 160 Gross,.Concly 11th, 122 Grouse, Genevieve llth, 122 Guarino, Tracy E. 11th, 122 Guinn, Terry 10th, 141 Gengher, David iorh, 141 Guthrie,AIan B. 160, 222 Gutierrez, Logie 10th, 141 Gutierrez,.Marie 11th, 122 Guy,gBobby 11th, 122 Guy,'Tf-211719 '1l1'1'i1, 75, 1 22 Hofen,fPr3iul R. 11th, 122 Hogengi nna J. .9th, 1 60 Hagen,QJu1ie,,.A. 1 ith, 122 Haisell, Leslie 10111, , 1441 Hale, Gloria, 10th, 63, 95, 141 Hole, iuiaeiorh, '141 Hole, Tamara iifh, 122 Halferman, Jacque 11th, 123 Hallett, Eric 11th, 122 Hall, Denise 198 Hall, Jeffery 10th, 81, 141 Hall, Michael 10th, 141 Hall, Michaelann 10th, 141 Halverson, Greg W. 9th, 160 Halverson, Richard 1 ith, 123 l-lamodock, Bryan 9th, 160 Hamilton, Terry 10th, 141 '1f'1dtfnr7ri6nidfr.lY0r1 11th, 123, 190 Hanciock, Gary 9th, 160 Hancock, Theresa. 10th, 141 Hancox, ,Jai'fiieg .v1 1th, 1 23 Hankins, Karen"i'Oth, 141 Hanks, Sherilynn 10th, 142 Hanley, Thomasena 10th, 142 Hanlon, Bill Nth, 123 Hansen, Ron 11th, 123 Hanshew, Kenneth 10th, 142 Hardy, Diane 9th, 160 Harmon, Glen 11th, 123 Horken, Lisa 10th, 96, 97, 142 Harper, Earl 10th, 142, 194 Harrington, Kevin 10th, 225 Harris, Desiree 9th, 160 Harris, Jeffery A. 11th, 123, 216 Harris, Sharon, 10th, 142 Hartley, Seana 10th, 142 Hartman, Pam 11th, 123 Haskin, Sheila 11th, 123 Hatefi, Chris 10th, 142 Hatcock, Robert L. 9th, 95, 160 Havsner, Joesph 11th, 123 Hawkins, Lori 10th, 142 Haynes, Jean. 1 1th, 123 Heath, Thomas J. 11th, 123 Heckathom, Robert 1 1th, 123 Heenan, Katie 10th, 142 Heidger, Bill 10th, 142 Heitt, David 11th, 124 Helton, David 9th, 160 Henderson, Grant 9th, 160 Henderson, Hope D. 9th, 160 Hendry, Christine 9th, 160 Henley, .Sigisany 1' ith, 123 Henriquei,'-.Jose ltlth, 123, 216 Henry, Annie 11th, 124 Henry, Heidi 11th, 72, 124 Herman, Ronda 11th, 72, 124 Herman, Wendy 10th, 96, 97, 98 Hernandez, George 10th, 142, 216 Hernandez, Xavier M. 10th, 142 Hicks, Cody 10th, 142 Higgins, Laurie 9th, 161 Hilemon, Melanie D. 10th, 142 Hileman, Teresa M. 11th, 96, 124 Hilford, Sue 9th, 161 Hill, Alvin L. 11th, 124 Hill, Daryl .190 Hoard, Beverly 1 1th, 124 Hodge-,,Bever1y S.. 10th, 142 Hodgson, David 1 1th, 124 Hoefert, Malinda 1 ith, 124 Hoerf, Brenda 10th, 142 Hogg, Donald 11th, 124 Holland, John 9th, 161 Hollingsworth, John 9th, 161, 222 Hoilingsworth, Melody 11th, 124 Hollowinski, Mark A. 10th, 142 Holly, Randall 11th, 124 Holmes, Jennifer A. 10th, 142 Holmes, Geoffrey W. 10th, 142, 194 Holmstrom, John 11th, 124 Hoover, Brion L. 10th, 143, 194 Horner, ,John 11 th, 190 Horst, S. 10th, 143 Houater, Juanita K. NP House, Lori 10th, 143 Houston, Kim 9th, 161 Houston, Penny 1 lth, 124 Howard, Dawn E. 9th, 83, 161 Howard, Edwin 11th, 124, 190 Howarth, Dawn 10th, 142 Howell, Sherri D. 10th, 143 Howser, Eric H. 216, 234 Huebert, Cory 9th, 161 Huff, Machelle 1 1th, 124 Hughes, Kathleen 9th, 161 Vs Hughes, Terri L. 9th, 161 Huish, Walliem iiih, 81,-1241 .4 Hull, Bill 11th, 124 1 Humenski, Mike 10th, 143 Hunt, Deborah J. 9th, 161 Hunt, Karen E. 10th, 143 1 Hurley, B111 11th, 124 , L Q, Hurst, Ronaid L. 10th, 143gl,Q,fii, Hyne1'te,Robin 96 ' " lnzunzo, Lupita 9th, 161 I ' lnzunzo, Riga 10th, 143, 194 lsabell, Anthony 10th, 143 1 Jackson, Bryan 9th, 161 , Jackson, .Joe 11th, 124 . 1 Jackson, LisofM. 9th, 161 Jackson, Phillip W. 9th, 161 1' Jackson, Jackson, Steve 9th, 161 Jackson, Thomas 11th, 124 Stacey l ith, 124 Jacobson, Ronald W. 10th, 143 James, Doug 10th, 143 James, Robert 1 1th, 1241 James, Sonny 203, 220 1 Jenkins, Deidre 11th, 81, 124 Jenkins, Modena 10th, 143 Jenner, Jerry D. 9th, 161 Jensen, Russell L. 10th, 143 Jervis, Shawn R. 10th, 143 Jeska, Annette S. 10th, 143 John, Bradley J. 10th, 143 Johnson, Brian 216 Johnson, Deshon 10th, 143 Johnson, Heather, 9th, 161 Johnson, Jeanette R. 10th, 143 Johnson, Jennifer 10th, 143 Johnson, 'Kirk 10th, 80, 143 JO1'inson,l'1Qai..ira 1 Oth, l 43 Johnson Lori 10th NP Johnson Z'Nelson 11th, 124 Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson 1 I r Pamela J. 10th, 143 Samuel 11th, 80 Sue 9th, 68, 161 Teresa 10th, 143 Zacuzy 10th, 143 Johnston, Kim L. 10th, 63, 144 Jones, Andrew M. 10th, 143 Jones, Angela 9th, 162 Jones, Donna 10th, 143 Jones, James P. 9th' 162 Jones, Jeff 9th, 162 Jones, Lorraine iOth, 143 Jones, Shellita 9th, 162 Jordan, Jacqueline 11th, -124 Jordan, Sheme 10th, 143 ' Jorjorian, Scott 10th, 194 Juniel, Tim 9th, 162 Kaniewski, Jennifer 10th, 144 Kalpinski, Steve 11th, 124 Karajohan, Salley 9th, 98, 162 Karatz, Mike R, 9th, 162 Kastell, Crystal R. 10th, 72, 144 Katz, Nathan 9th, 162 Kaufmann, Jane L. 11th, 21, 101, 124 Kaufman, Kris L. 9th, 162 Kazemzadeh, Dominique 9th, 162 Keck, Deanna 1.. 10111, 144 Keck, Sandra 1 1th, 95, 97, 124 Kelly, James L. 11th, 125 Kelliher, Mary K. 10th, 144 Kelloy, Jim J. 9th, 162 Kelly, Jacqueline 9th, 162 Kenny, Bryan 10th, 144 Kenny,.Richard 9th, 162 Kenny, Patricia 1 1th, 125 Kent, Beverly D. 9th, 162, 200 Kent, Eric D. 11th, 98, 125, 190, 222 Kerekes, Cindy 11th, 125 Kem, Jeff 9th, 162 Kerr, Thomas 10th, 144 Kersey,fCathy 9th, 162 Kersey, Tammy '10th, 144 Kesei, Chad 10th, 144 Khonsaven, Vongret 9th, 162 Khunsaven, Samphout 10th, 144 Kieffer, Donald 1 ith, 95, 125 Kilgore,,Moke R. 9th, 162. King, Qebbie 9th, 162, 202, . King, 'Deborah J. 1Oth' 97, 144 Kirby, Sherry L. 9th, 162 Kirkpatrick, Kenneth 10th, 144 Kiser, Jacque 1 1th, 69 Kiser, Kimberlee 1. 10th, 63, 75, 144 Klavmenzer, Mark 10th, 144 Kline, Danita 9th, 162 Knigge, Kris 9th, 162 ' ' Knight, Donna M. 10th, 144 Kotelly, Dawn M. 9th, 163 Krumm, Ray 11th, 125 Kyle, Belinda A. 9th, 163 Kyle, Bridget A. 9th, 163 LaBarron, Todd 9th, 78, 80, 162 Lackinger, Monica 1 ith, 125 Lafoilette, Don 10th, 144, 194 Lake, Earl 9th, 163 Lamoncusc, Evelyn 10th, 144 Larnpkin, Rosalind 11th, 125 Londeros, Victor G. 10th, 144 Lane, Valoree L. 9th, 83, 163 Lang, Marie 10th, 144 , Lapin, Florence 10th, 144 Lapin, Thomas G' 10th, 144 Laplante, Tamara 10th, 144 Lara, John F. 1 ith, 125 Larson, Jim 9th, 163 Larue, Waltina 1 1th, 97, 125 Laswell' Greg 1 ith, 125 Lathan, Tyrone A. 10th, 194, 222 Lathrop, Harold 9th, 163 Laub, Casey 11th, 125 Laub, Debrah 10th, 145 Laub, Phillip 11th, 125 Laub, Sandra D. 9th, 163 Lauby, Tonnine R. 10th, 145 Lawrence, Trina L. 9th, 163 Leavitt, Stacy 10th, 145 Leavitt, Theodore E. 10th, 145, 194 Leddon, Danice F. 10th, 145 Lee, Jeannette 9th, 163, 206 Lee, Jerry 10th, 145 Lee, Kelly 9th, 163 Lee, Ricky 11th, 125, 190 Leiker, Ray 9th, 163 Leis, Wendy 9th, 96, 97, 163 Lemasters, Brenda J. 10th, 100, 145 Lenehan, Joseph E. 10th, 145 Leonard, Steven 11th, 125 Levi, Angela 11th, 125, 198 Levine, Ken 10th, 145 1 Lewis, Lisa 10th, 68, 145 A Lewis, Traci, 9th, 163, 206, 235 Liance, Rachel 9th, 163 Lightfoot, Michael E. 10th, 145, 212 Lilley, Mary E. 11th, 125 Lindler, Nancy S, 10th, 121, 145, 235 Lippard, James L. 10th, 145 Logan, Janie 9th, 163 Lomax, Gwendolyn 9th, 163 Longoria, David 11th, 125 Lopez, Dawn 9th, 163 Lopez, Lisa 11th, 125 Lopez, Raymond E. 10th, 145 Lopez, Richard 11th, 125 Love, Andrew 9th, 163 Love, Jacqueline L. 10th, 145, 202 Lovely, Susan F. 10th, 77, 145 Lowe, Robert R. 10th, 145 Lowy, Paul 11th, 125 Luna, Jack 10th, 145 Luna, Lawrence 11th,. V Lund, Hallie A. 10141, 489, 145, 200 Lund, Raymond iith, 125 Lunt, Sandra 9th, 163 Lussier, Lee A. 10th, 145 Luster, Don 11th, 125 Lyman, James 11th, 75, 125 Lynn, Eric 10th, 75, 145 Lynn, Sally 11th, 125 Lysle, Dawn M. 9th, 163 Mac, Vinh 9th, 164 Machado, John F. 10th, 145 Mackelprong, Carolyn 9th, 164 Mackey, Rebecca 1 ith, 127 Maddoz, Julie A. 1Oth, 145 Magdos, Arennette 10th, 145 Magee, Nanette R. 10th, 145 Magee, Stephen 11th, 125 Mago, Mary 9th, 164 Mago, Tanclrio 9th, 164 Mojinska, Lynette 10th, 145 Maiinska, Michael 11th, 125 Makowski, Kevin 10th, 146 Maloney, Angela 10th, 146 Mallory, Mike 9th, 164 Maloney, Renee 9th, 164, 206 Manganello, Mark A. 10th, 146 Mansfield, John 9th, 164 Mantie, Jennifer 10th, 146 Manzar, Diana D. 10th, 1146 Mapes, Patricia J. 10th, 69, 146 Martin, Robin 11th, 61, 126 Martinez, Adrianna 1 1th, 94, 95, 126 Martinez, Susan 9th, 65, 164 Martinovics, Greg 11th, 126 Matthews, Brian H. 9th,. 164 Mattwig, Mike 10th, 146 Mattke, Renee 11th, 68, 126 Mayeda, Kenneth H. 10th, 146 Mayeda, Mark 1. 9th, 164 Mayor, Roberta 11th, 77, 126 McAllister, Michael 98 McAllister, Rachelle 11th, 126 McAnol1y, Garyn 11th, 126, 190 McAna1ly, Gregory 10th, 146, 194 McAnal1y, Kathi 9th, 72, 164 McCabe, George A. 10th, 146, 212 McClain, Kelly J. 9th, 164 McCleary, William llth, 95, 126 MCCOrmich, Donald 11th, 126 McCormick, Janice 9th, 164 McCraw, Ronda iith, 126 lNDEX 265 McCullucly, Joe 10th, 146 ' McDannald, Kathleen 10th, 146 McDonald, Leslie 9th, 164 McDonald Tina 76, 77 McE1fresh, Daleyn 9th, 164 McGee, Kimberly 11th, 126 . Mcintyre, Pat 10th, 146, 218 McKee, Trina 9th, 164 McKinnon, Robert J. 9th, 164 McLol1um, Tony 9th, 164 McMillian, Vicki 11th, 69, 126 Meadows, Angela 11th, 126 Meeks, Sheila G. 10th, 146 ' Meeks, Tino M. 10th, 146 Meeks, Veronica 11th, 126 Meikies, Tracy 9th, 165 Meiries, Russell. 10th, 146, 194 Menalek, Brian'9th, 165 Mercer, Robert E. 11th, 126 Merrell, Darryl R. 10th, 146 Merryman, Opal 11th, 126 Messina, Troy A. 1 1th, 126, 234 Meyeda, Ken 10th, 194 Mick, Brian E. 9th, 165 Mickens, Marjorie J. 10th, 101, 146, 207 Miiler, Cindy 11th, 98, 126 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Geraldine R. 10th, 146 .losephi10th, 146 ' Roy L. 10th, 89, 146 Steve 10th, 146 Miller, Tina M. 9th, 65, 165 Milligan, Shown M. 9th, 165 Mills, Ron 11th,i127 Minutoli, Diane 11th, 127 Moldovan, Pau19th, 165 Monahan, Sandra 9th, 81, 165 Mondonedo, Jude 1 1th, 127, 234 Manfred, Mark 9th, 165 5 cynfhau 11th, 127, 204, 206 Monje, Moore, Brandi, 11th, 127 Moore, Pamela S. 9th, 165 Moran, Dan 9th, 165 Moreiand, Oscar 9th, 165 Moreiand, Pamela 11th, 127 Moreland, Terri L. 10th, 146 Morgan, Debra 10th, 146 Morgan, Terri 10th, 146 Mormon, Cindy 10th, 146, 206 Morris, Scott 10th, 146 Morrow, Joseph 10th, 146 Morrow, Gabrielle 11th, 127 Morson, Debra 80 Morse, Bonni K. 9th, 165 Morss, Mark E. 9th, 165 Morss, Robert 11th, 127 Monschner, Stacy 10th, 146 Moss, Blake 10th, 146 Moxley, John 11th, 127 Mudery, Brian T. 10th, 147 Mueller, Cheryl 1 1th, 61, 127 Muller, Diana 10th, 147 Mungaray, Ed 11th, 127 Mungaray, Scott 9th, 165 Munson, Guy 10th, 147 Murphy, Cindy 77 Murphy, Kimberly S. 9th, 165 Myers, Gary L. 11th, 127, 190 Mykiebust, Trygue 10th, 147 Napuunoa, Kelly 83 Neal, Ernest 10th 147 Neal, Victor 11th, 127 Neff, Joseph A. 9th, 165, 218 Neidermeyer, Mindy 10th, 63, 147 Neilson, Brenda S. 9th, 165 Neilson, Derek 11th, 127 Neilson, James P. 9th, 165 Neilson, Lisa D. 10th, 147 Nelson, Mary L. 9th, 166, 202 Nelson, Paula 11th, 78, 127 266 INDEX Nelson, Raphael 11th, 127 Neurouter, Roddy 10th, 147 Newman, Rhonda L. 10th, 147 Nichols, John 9th, 166 Nicosia, William C. 10th, 147, 212 Nodstrom, Dave 9th, 166 Nolon,Denise 11th, 127 Noren, Esteieen Y. 9th, 166 Noriega, Silvia 10th, 147 Normand, Dawanda 1 1th, 128 Norris, Bryan 9th, 166 "Norris, Kassie 11th, 128 ' Norwood, Marvin 11th, 128 Nuffer, Tamara 11th, 235 Oaks, Julie M. 9th, 166 O'Bainger, Tracy 10th, 147 if-0'Dannell, Phiilip 9th, 166 Ogden, Kyle L. 11th, 128 Oglesbee, Darrin 9th, 166 O'Halloran, Shown 9th, 166 Oiiphant, Teresa 11th, 128 Oliver, William.R. 10th, 147, Ordohez, Nick 11th, 128 ' Ortega, Mario 9th, 1-66 Overmoen, Jay 11th, 75, 128 Owen, Elizabeth 11th, 128 Owen, Keily 11th, 128 Owen, Kim 10th, 147 it Owen, Mike 11th, 128 Owens, Danny 9th, 166 Pabst, Larry 11th, 128 Pacheco, Ron 11th, 128, 220 Pacheco, Shelley L. 1 1th, 200 Paddock, Darren 10th, 147, 194 Paddock, Yvonne Y. 9th, 69, 166 Page, Ramona 11th, 101, 128 Paige, Ottis 10th, 147, 209, 210 Popp, Daniel J. 10th, 147 Popp, Joann K. 10th, 147 Parks, William G. 10th, 147, 194 Parsons, Barth 9th, 166 Parsons, Traci D. 10th, 147 Parvin, Darin ,11th, 95, 98, ,128 Pascual, Fe 10th, 147 ' Passantino, Nancy 10th, 147 Patterson, Kimberly 10th, 147 Patton, Tony 1 lth, 128, 203 Payne, Annette I. 10th, 147 Payne, Lindo 11th, 128 Pearson, Ernest 9th, 166 Pearson, Lori L. 10th, 148 Pearson, Rita 10th, 148 Pena, Patricia 10th, 75, 77, 148 Peralta, Alvin C. 10th, 148 Perdomo, Fanny 10th, 148 Pereira, Jill 10th, 148 Pereira, Richard 11th, 129, 190 Perkins, Jeffery 9th, 166 Perkins, Rodney 9th, 166 Perkins, Wanda 1 1th, 70, 128, 207 Petcoff, Daniel J. 9th, 166 Peterson, Angela 11th, 129 Peterson, Martin 9th, 166 Peterson, Rodney 10th, 148 Peterson, Susan 11th, 129 Pettey, Tammy L. 10th, 148 Pettit, James S. 10th, 148 Pick, Louis M. 10th, 148 Pickett, Carol 1 1th, 69, 129 Pickle, Todd 11th, 129 Pinotti, Jeannette 10th, 83, 148 Pinotti, Shellie 9th, 83, 166 Plaisman, John 1 1th, 129 Plant, Johnny J. 10th, 148, 194 Plant, Monica B. 10th, 148 Plummer, Roderick 11th, 129, 212, 123 Plummer, Vedeana 1 1th, 75, 77, 129 Poe, Susan J. 11th, 129 Poet, Jerry 10th, 148 Poliandro, Kathleen 10th, 148 Polouite, Rick 9th, 166 Polwart, Shelly 10th, 148 Poniewaz, Wade 10th, 148 Portillo, Veronica 9th, 166 Potter, Julie 9th, 166 Povelko, Rhonda 10th, 148 Povelko, Steve 10th, 148 Powell, Richard 10th, 148 Pratt, Ernest 10th, 148 Pratt, Lisa 10th, 149 Pratt, Raymond 9th, 167 Press, Lance S. 10th, 149 Price, Jeffery 9th, 167 Prieta, Guiliermo, 11th, 129 Provenzano, Peter 10th, 149 Polovitz' Tracie' 1 ith, 129 Purrier, Darren 9th, 167 Quinlan, Rebecca 11th, 129 Rach, Lynne 10th, 149 Rada, Michelle 9th, 167 Ramirez, Juan 81 Ramirez, Morse 10th, 149 Randolph, Monica 10th, 149 Randolph, Ronald 11th, 95, 98 Rankin, Richard 10th, 149 Rawlings, John R. 10th, 149 Reaser, Debra 10th, 149 Redic, Sheila 10th, 149 Reece, Tom 207 Reed, Andrew P. 9th, 167 Reed, Holly 11th, 129 Regan, Richard 10th, 149 Regan, Tivy R. 9th, 167 Rego, Valerie 9th, 65, 167 Reid, Ferares H. 9th, 167 Reimann, Glenn 75, 216 Reveles, Marcos 9th, 167 Reynolds, Knute 10th, 149 Rezian, Shawn 9th, 167 Riccella, Christopher 10th, 78, Richard, Patrick R. 10th, 149, 1 Richardson., Tony 209 Richmond, Leah 9th, 167 Riggle, John 11th, 129 Riglioni, John 11th, 129 Riles, Tammy L. 10th, 149 Riley, Robert 9th, 167 Rines, Laurie 10th, 149 Ritter, Regina 9th, 167 Rivera, Eric 11th, 129 Rivera, Randy 10th, 149 Robbins, Brian 11th, 98, 129 Roberts, Chong 9th, 1671 Roberts, Mercedes 10th, 1149 Robie, Colleen 11th, 75 Robinson, Scott 9th, 167 Rockhill, Charlonn 9th, 167 Rodriquez, David 1 ith, 129 is Rodriguez, Eddie 9th, 167, 216 Rodriguez, Fidel 9th, 167 Rodriguez, Lucia 10th, 149 Rodriguez, Thomas 1 ith, 130 Roe, Paul G. 9th, 167 Rogers, Dennis 11th, 130 Rogers, Monica 1 1th, 130 Rogers, Traci 10th, 149 Rohweder, Scott C. 10th, 149 Roland, David 11th, 130 Romero, Cynthia A, 10th, 72, 137 149 Ronald, Donna L. 10th, 149 Rosborough, Kurtis M. 10th, 101 149 34 Rose, Andeen M. 10th, 149 Rose, Lynda J. 10th, 149 Rose, Robert 11th, 130 Ross, David 9th, 167 Ross, David 10th, 149 Rost, Gregory 1 1th, 130 Roundtree, Kelly 10th, 149 149 Routh, Clyde 11th, 130 Royster, Phyllis 11th, 130 Ruesch, Lettie 11th, 130 Ruiz, lvette l. 9th, 167 Ruiz, Richard 11th, 130, 190, 194 Rush, Donna E. 11th, 70, 130, 207 Rush, Tina M. 11th, 130 Rutter, Wes 10th, 149 Ryan, Donna M. 9th, 167 Ryan, Glen C. 10th, 149 Ryan, Robyn L, 9th, 168 Rysavy, Korennia 11th, 72, 97, 130 Saenz, Josue 9th, 168, 216 Saggio, Andrea E. 10th, 150 Saggio, Leann M. 9th, 83, 168 Salazar, Richard 9th, 168 Salazar, Sylvia 11th, 77, 130, 66 Soma, Gary E. 10th, 150 Samora, Jay 9th, 168 Samples, David M. 10th, 150, 194 Simms, Kathleen 10th, 150 Simpson, Kimberlee'9th, 169 Sisseck, Daniel 11th, 131, 234 Skougard, Mark W. 10th, 150 Slowinski, Kim M. 9th, 169 Small, Michele 11th, 131 Smith, Anthony 11th, 131 Smith, Brian 10th, 78, 95, 150 Smith, Candy J. 10th, 83, -1550 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Clarence 95 i Curtis 9th, 169 A Debra 9th, 169 Don 10th, 150 Donna 9th, 169 Smith, Geneva 11th, 131 Smith, James 222 Smith, Michael 10th, 150 Smith, Smith' Snider, Paula A. 9th, 169 Robert L. 9th, 169 Alice M. 9th, 169 Sanchez, Mark 10th, 150 Sanchez, MaryJo 11th, 130 Sanderlin, Ray 1 1th, 130 Sanders, Chandra 9th, 168 Sanders, Richard 10th, 150, 218 Savage, Eva 11th, 130 Sayce, Mike 207 Schaffer, David 11th, 130 Schemenauer, Gordon 1 1th, 80 Schiller, Chris 11th, 130 Schiller, Gwen M. 9th, 168, 206, 235 Schiller, Kim T. 9th, 168, 206, 235 Schang, Denise D. 9th, 168 Schjang, Krystal 10th, 150, 206 Schiang, Tina 9th, 168 Schroter, Carol 83 Schroter, Debby 10th, 150 Schultz, Robert10th, 150 Scoggins, Renee 11th, 96, 97, 130 Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, David 9th, 168 Jerry 11th, 81, 95 Janet M. 10th, 63, 150 Jeffery 11th, 130 Steven G. 10th, 150 William 11th, 130 Scrow, Joyce 97 Scurlock, Susan 11th, 130 Searles, Christy 1 1th, 130, 204, 205 See, Debbie 10th, 150 Seegmiller, Gayle 9th, 72, 168 Sena, Eddy 10th, 150 Sena, Phyllis 10th, 150 Serrano, Nelson D. 10th, 150 Shafer, Scott L. 10th, 150 Shatfar, David 11th, 130 Shatter, Deborah 10th, 150 Shaffer, Gary 9th, 168 Shatter, James N. 11th, 130 Shaft, Patti 70 Shalin, Lori 9th, 168 Shammo, Kathryn 9th, 168 Shammo, Tina 11th, 130 Shang, Mike 11th, 130 Shanor, Clayton 10th, 150 Sharback, Steven 11th, 130 Sharbach, Tammy 9th, 168 Shark, Jeff 10th, 194 Shaw, Sheri 9th, 168 Shepherd, David M. 10th, 150 Shipley, Kathi 11th, 131 Shore, Michael 11th, 131 Shores, Troy 9th, 168 Shorey, Robert 10th, 150, 207 Shorey, Sheri 1 1th, 75, 131 Short, Michael 11th, 131 Short, Susan 9th, 169 Shults, Cassandra A. 10th, 150 Sida, Carmen 9th, 169 S'rnerdla, Chris 11th, 70, 131 Snyder, Maryann 10th, 151 Snyder, Norman 11th, 131 Soderling, Chris 10th, 75, 151 Soliz, Christina R. 10th, 151 Solorio, Michael 11th, 95, 101, 131 Somko, Jeff 234 Song, Unho 9th, 169 A - Song, Yunho 11th, 131 Sorensen, Cory V. 10th, 151, 212 Sorensen, Hazel 9th, 169 Speakman, Joe 10th, 151 Spikes, Loetta D. 10th, 151 Splittgerber, Connie 1 1th, 97, 131 Splittgerber, Jill 10th, 151 Spock, William 9th, 169 Sproul, Jody 10th, 151 Springer, John 1 1th, 131, 223 Springer, Randy 9th, 169 Stallsworth, Jayrite 9th, 169 Stomper, Robert 11th, 220 Stanley, Lorenzo L. 10th, 151 Stantor, Mike 1 1th, 131 Statom, Karen A. 10th, 68, 151 Staubs, Belinda 11th, 75, 131 Steckes, Helen M. 10th, 151 Stefanides, Karen J. 10th, 151 Stephens, Berry W. 10th, 151 Stevens, Scott 9th, 169 Stevens, Tony 9th, 169 Stewart, Robert 10th, fi 51 Stiles, Wayrnon 9th, ' Stlnnett, Pat 1 1th, 95, 11311 ' Stinnett, Sonia G. 10th, 151 Stoneberger, Matt 9th, 170 Stott, Gary C. 10th, 151 Stovall, Paula 11th, 131 1 Stovall, Tim 10th, 151 Straley, Gene 9th, 170 Strickland, Letitia M. 10th, 151 Struzzeri, Joey 1 1th, 131 Stubritz, Debbie 11th, 68, 131 Stumpt, Doug 11th, 131 Suesse, Jay 11th, 131' i,-, . 1 Sullivan, Daniel J. 10th,, . Sullivan, Lisa M. 10th, Sundberg, Dean llth., 131,190 Sundberg, Tony 10th, 151,, 194 Sutton, Tron 9th, 170 Swalley, Patricia D. 10th, 151 Swanson, Karla 9th, 170 Sword, Kimberly J. 10th, 151 Tabb, Kelly J. 10th, 95, 151 Tacker, Denise 9th, 170 Tafoya, Tina 70 Tafoya, Tyre 74 Tallard, Susette 1 1th, 75 Tannern Brian P. 10th, 151 Tate, Joseph 10th, 15x Tatum, Cye 10th, 152 lNDEX 267 891 orres, Torres, Tracy Torren Tozier, T Tflpp, 204, 205 1-...if White mm! 10th 152 H h, iaz, wo rr 152 Vincent Walsh Martin 1 Walsh Patncua 1' affmeiff irssffzmiil' 'fyfeiffsxf p5,,Jw'ix,1'-j.1f,,f.fgg - 5713f5iIEZl2f'vf diffifsffef? ir , 1.1 , een-:Q -f r Word Worr 1' Ramona 1 It I Shawn Sondra I lth 9th, 1 fin ,,1- ,,lg 56 ' ' 'Hx L9 V1 L'-- -W S55 i . ..,,. , ,ff M, f fl - f V. w f W ' ' if Laura 1 L'-,:'..:l, 1 jf' All Robert 9th WWUW L AUTOGRAPHS X www.. W ............... I can tell by looking at that old clock on the wall that this is the end ofa long yearbook year. The yearbook year starts in March and carries through the summer, fall, winter, and on into March again. Few people realize that during the summer while most students are swimming and basking in the sun, the yearbook staff is already at work. The spring is filled with planning, designing, assigning, layout, and photographing. The summer is filled with photographing, going to seminars, and selling ads. With September, the yearbook effort becomes highly intense, with deadlines every three weeks and photographers working 16 hours a day, 6 days o week, for seven straight months. If everyone is on the ball, and not running late, then the staff won't have to give up part of their Christmas vacation. The job is long and hard but very rewarding and a labor of love for the dedicated yearbook staffer. Working with handful of hard-working dedicated yearbook students has been a joy and a privilege. I would like to take a few words to recognize a few of the outstanding students that made this yearbook possible. There were four outstanding photographers: Von Blair, Taylor Foremaster, Jon Schaffner, and Frank Vespe. These men gave unselfishly of their time and talents and made the book possible. There were several senior girls that are to be recognized also. Lori Bergman, Colette Hill, Brandy Younger, Valerie Scott, and the ever-humorous Camille Pupa provided immeasurable contributions. The person who worked the hardest on this year's book was Diana Villanueva. She put in long hours over the summer, after school on every deadline, and during Christmas vacation. She deserves special recognition for exemplary effort. Special thanks go also to the administration and faculty at Eldorado for their constant support in our effort. Special thanks are in order for the English teachers as they sacrifice the most in the yearbook cause. The day is over, and the year is done. lt has been a great year spent with great people. Next year will be great too. Will you be part of next year's great yearbook? Sunburst Advisor J.L. Pomeroy 270 ADVISOR S PAGE !...M Classes Edltors Sensor Colette Hull Junlor Sandy Cheney Vedeana Plummer Sophomore Patsy Pena Freshmen Camille Pupa Martha Florles Tam: Goodrlch Susan Cindy Pam Thorton Starr Werner Special Pages Edltor ln chlef, Diana Vlllanueva Brandy Younger Sunburst Advlsor Mr James Pomeroy Assrstant Editor Genlce Wooldrudge Section Editors Academics Genlce Wooldrudge Camllle Pupa Actlvltles Valerle Scott Advertlsxng Sylvla Salazar Faculty Mrnnse Dodge Roberta Mayor Honors Deana Vlllanueva Organizations Donna Kearns Index Colette Hlll Renee Rlch Photography Staff Von Blalr Trlna Blazek Sandra Cheney Richard Foremaster Terrle Guy Jacque Klser Davsd Lussler Adrlana Martlnez James Lyman Jay Overmoen Patsy Pena Jon Schaffner Sher: Shorey Blllle Staubs Susie Tallard Frank Vespe Tum Webb Vlrglnla Stephens Glen Relman Dlana Vlllanueva Contnbutlng Photographers Rlck Elllot Davld Hancock Cover Design Valerle Scott Vedeana Plummer Debble Schroter As we brlng to an end another year wlth lt we brnng forth another yearbook There are many memories packed wlthln these pages and alot of headaches too The Sunburst Staff and l are proud that we are able to brlng thus to you I would Ilke to thank all those people who contrlbuted In the production of thls book There are a few special people who must be recognized for there efforts Camllle Pupa who learned the yearbook routlne In no time at all and was always at my slde when l needed her Colette Hull who dld her best to put out a great Senior sectlon Valerue Scott for her creative talent In the design of our cover and the theme Idea Genlce Wooldrldge Sylvla Salazar Donna Kearns Renee Rlch Tuna McDonald and Lorl Bergman were other excellent staff members Thus years photographers were hard worklng and devoted Von Blalr Richard Foremaster Vlrglnla Stephens Jon Shaffner and Frank Vespe were this years outstanding photographers I would also luke to thank Bernhard and Wllllams for the super senior pictures our faculty for theur cooperation throughout the year Ron Nlelson and Hunter Publlshlng for helping us make the best yearbook ever and Brandy Younger for her asslstance during the year I would esp clally luke to glve a bug THANK YOU to Mr Pomeroy He helped us a great deal by belng patxent understanding and loving and thats what It takes to be a great advlsor The Sunburst staff and I hope that thus yearbook will capture the memories of the TIME we spent at Eldorado Dnana Villanueva Edltor In chlef Class of l982 I can t begun to say how much I enjoyed workrng with this years yearbook staff I would luke to thank them all for thelr dedncatlon patlence and hard work Alot of tzme and effort goes Into a yearbook The staff spent long hours and headaches stayxng after school There are some very special and outstanding people I want to thank Bernhard and Wllllams who dld a great job on our Senior pictures as well as dolng numerous other favors for us Ron Nielson our yearbook representative who was very patient wlth us and encouraged us all the way Val Scott whose great Ideas played a major role In making our book the best ever Colette Hall dld the entlre Senlor sectlon by herself and dld an excellent job Susan Reed who kept track of our negatives and helped me a great deal wlth everythlngl Dnana Villanueva a very hard worker without her help It would have been almost lmposslble to check everyone work by deadline tame I really enjoyed sharmg the job of Edltor with her Our photographers were great' Frank Vespe Von Blair and Jon Schaffner spent longer hours than anyone developing and prlntlng plctures Most of alll d luke to thank Pom for his unbellevable patlence wlth me especlally when It comes to my terrible layouts he s the greatest I am very sad to be leaving Eldorado and four years of memories It holds for me But In a very special way I m honored to take with me the best yearbook ever and IH It some very speclal Senior memorles Brandy Younger Editor IH chlef Class of I 981 f . 1 ,- , . .. ' 1 1 ' 1 . . , 1 - 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 . . . . , . ,, ,, . G . , . - 1 1 . . , 1 1 1 1 - r 1 1 , . . . . 1 . . . . . , AUTOGRAPHS

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