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 - Class of 1980

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H1 SLINEURST ELDORADG HIGH SCHOQL LAS VEGAS, NEVADA VOLUME V11 1979-1990 aww JW Qszn, rm om kann. QQNW fy Me Jcwre Ofwzlfyel wa awww. Eve M0110 coflzymkfoboz, 40yA on Me ?!6bQ0fy QW! on fa om-W Jf114zJ 65 yum Mxouw Oyfffa wwf 00640 QE? Q Q95maQw! WWW Q'Bf,A.f.f.f 2 THEME . ilu' Cigna Mm Omen? 0720 qgnff f'j211nQufA Rube M0417 ruwm nn Mlfefyff GZ! 410 1111 Mnwwfoufa Qgfiofm 640 IIIPJQWW Wl'6 al 0562401150 C-M1ufn014h QQ! Aofzw fum! JWVIIJNJ fl-1430, Ogre we Mya, CMIYIZ QAM ?4,m,,Q af gwwfeozh 74 .. cfdmm Qgpfpffk ..... . aw, .,.. . fjnk .... . . 3 UM ...M ...55 . 70 774 772 220 242 256' 276' THEE3 WF L nilrzwr -,V -Q A-gp 'in 4 Q , MG - J Q4- Qs' -'x -rs- xera: .fgg qv... A .,,, 1 ,, - 1- mg, ,. f -- -1 A ,. w,LMr -Q--,.-e - :my . 1 ' b V ,..:n.f-, A L. , ' - ' w"' Wi6A f"" ' '- r " ' "'-1'-Q:'5354iff'seLf"'H'f'- ' """"'i" " M ' Nf l' -. ' ' N - ' H fh a- 5 -7 ..,-.-, Wi' fr? N -...........- M 5i'f'?jSi:'2f,5W H'--"'4'-' ' - -11'-ff "-f - 1,-az 1- -Q vga' fgiiciif? 1, Tr'-I i . 4. -- Y" Y ' " 1113- :',::LL ::t'f' 1 .1-L ,Q-. l f ,gn : f f -5 f' ' " 'M' 'W M gzrfi 7 "I , Q- , ,T W ,Z hyl, ,-,, ,, ...- --'----T"' 'Hu is 51.-. ,V-T ' 51 , ,,-'3'ff A .,,, V Ai S V, ,V l lfif-2Q,AQ?f'f-'Q , -WM Y .V 4 'Q9f?'7f,l5'-1-1, -1 " ' :aff 3'f "T1ff 1 319. zj-,529 4, any .. Mm' 'f' F" ' " gl' , - . 5..-3 ,,ff4i. W- - 1 , . ' J 'ff -1 55, N A ,525-i nffFf:i,vfiP ww. 4 r?' , gk, Asgv w . - 'M ' V- -, 2 xe-V .. ai-.pw v.,.,.l:---21. ,,.-rsfsf ' fL?5fM f" ' " 'Z ' " 'Q ' , ,wMfsw.w , , W . ,srswxf '1,"1vfffV7".f'fwn, Ifir vw-4 4 ,f-11 .MANS ' ,, , f ' -533 V A vig.. , ww-y f.N W H 'Wk r T'-r ., ,f..l,2:Q , A 11. 4, b THEME 5 M5 5 Mp. W, L V 6 THEME A Cx.QL3wwa,QJwff Jlejwmwfww qjsmuykffayou. Qf'3mcmQoflw4ww Aowww, mm. i E 6520406 Wwwd 3 Figs lv THEME 9 IO THEME jikwmekofuwd 41' in af4wzy kU60Nd4bi7AZb4 M M EMA ' JQWQW ', MMM QW. Ehuhnvbmgsf af, 'A A .fW.www,. Q, f.-, M M..q,.,.4...n...,.-M.f.wm, Wwfpwmwmw-,..WM, f, 54 J" .hw uw 'W Y 1. 3 S Q, Fw M-any F 1. QN why W1 If 8515555 - ti . NVQ- , , , . 552.3 W' JS' QQ, 4 my :A-:X 5ki'I7Hf - I2 THEME RMS? ' 'L Q4 f gm' mg: A , - v vs W--,,,aF- . sf-'v f, ,V gy' 1, , M ,MAL S, -, ,f Q , A wy,f,lg,,- K . Q X f. X .. ff - IH,'!, f ' 5 kr . I ' W 4 , 'a ' ' , , 5,51 f Q i fe! 'gif' 4: 2.5: h 1 'Al . 1 rw ? ' r , If ""f'P-i 'um 1' if. M W A. , . A , M. , ., A mf. J f .' ,',f-1.:5f"" 1 . , hw H ,.,,. ,, QQISK "1'f,T7ugQfi,'-ff':3 X ,L"ff,f',M' 'Y'-2? QVQQQ f,'7x . ,-- - 2- -www-Q V r , ,,' ,Ag-, :, 1 : f.,-., 'm ' 'Q '14 ..- gf 1-r , -x -.T c f-'a."-kwfiwhs, W - "' nk ff?" G?-r. Afih-5"3i2.w.-'nv T' ,.. -- 45,4 '- ax. -.W ' 'f 40, K 'W g-.1 GN: ,ff 15" -4, A ,.x-.,.,-,mu is-,.f -.N ' ik-H x f..., , ,-,W - ,453-,.QYf.Errfe.f4, g7f"',51lff3yw'Qw'gg5N1+ -,.-Lil'7fhM.-354f3.:::1,-giggggg 5ff:gf'34Tf,gng- p .-W f .X-., A-...wg NEPBVE g--.V - Q 'Ya-if W-L1 :'-f-if f 1:5 3.-:NP S,v'f.--fsfilfnznzz Lbs? Q titffv.-N!.Fr.2vas1-.E-M. 4. 0-Y?'33gw::sz.i3.inxilZaff5'k-, ffgifffbll iw. 25' , W 5, 3 W. un 3W,, , 4831- pw ' . fb gmvwwww- ,f'f"- '-1131, W .1255 X . Eu: 1 fwfffww W , . ' ' ff ., 1ff,.Qf':f-, ,-x my 331 5+ kf z f gk . I ' 'ifi X ,Sigh QW - Fi if E 3 i 5? fe ?ffMf'i5 Qi wg THEME I3 ,:, W f i ia ' YY33.A5,Jf"f11i,QEAf.H151 gfzf V ,W w v f . A ff ' -' . J I g m: Q ,N ,, , ., ,Af , wi. , V . wg N , -' fgillgv - ' ie,-:a':t1f1L --:--4: ,,.. :Ilan , ff:-L-' M Q: - rg- ' - Q - W -W-'- .. ..,i 'f1v -.W wr ' -' -agp Q W :W 5' :ara . ' A , f f ' Y '. 5-Q - , -1-1.--:fi . - ' Yw:,,.1gff-Afgiggd-,l u x Vg-qw gg if ,, 25g? AQ ., gi 0,8 553 5 V 7. Y' "I:,5i5! , 4,3' wr 4, ,, -f,' 3-yww'fa243i'f"'aiMM x5W,3,m!,5k, : .K:- - ', f ag? fr, ,, A , A , f M 'A 'Jw ww, 4, f im--ffzzm Hier.. . . f If Ag,-M. " Af - .:.:.:1- f 1' I .A " us, 'Wh' M-WM wr' A rf- .14 5 '42 ' ' , M " 'Wigs,fw' l""'7ff2-6 Q 0 ,,' M .9 -, V J7,w.'..s:f '- M E , 1,5 'gil '5. '. -. fwf , ,, zg1l'3"""':i"fha-'i"E-ww - "-: x, :.1i1.E- :iss ,.,,.. 'H ,' 1' W ' 'vzwf ' Q -'f'fsfiQ.fzf Lg, , " :,' '4 ff . A nw ' - 'HA r ' ' Q ff W . vw ,rf 'ax . "4 A fc' f - - ,M .3 ' ff " r' 1 '4f -x ff: vs .':rf'2x'tf' ff a -M-fi ' v w" " ' ' " " "w r ' Pi" I A ' - 1. f . gf' -, M 'W QL. 1: 'Y U " h wf q , , 4 Q 2' K W 5 I -L i ' K A ' ' . Y g .. 4 , ' V " L, W ' ' " A " ' ' ' A ' ' ' . 'li' . mm , . , . . 5' , 'f' -if Q ' i ,S l , - ' " 'W' ' ' 'FW' ' 3 'X f x2 , . - 'i g Q2 'Q ' ,, Wm ,.-.A , J gf? ,A '1ifF',5ifw- wi, , - , , -wg s:"ff fd " i Q J . , ' JL , , wb' 51 Bi 3 W M ,. K . ff f i ,V , 1 ,Rag 'Y L, , JSE? k ' . , A Q . v f .,gNE'. V . 4 THEME J ' w ' ' 2 ' J - M W gig Q W F M. ugh? Mgsiewisisi ...X My .. ' ia, -be was Q' fi 1 Q' 'E' li ,,. 5' . - I E V . 1- ' K, . 3: : f 5,111 al ,, ' ' . -HQ ,Le 4 ' , ? wh M , 4, " M! X X wp . M 5 W A M, wi 2 M , ww ki - if 5' 3 2 3 'l 4 :ctw 1 3 w v V ' WF may Za, E f 1 mx - . FF "" I S N 'ka 3 L W 4 -9. 4' 161 SENIORS S 3 ez-mrs - fs ?i 1.4 -IMF' .WT1 Ania? V Q 'Q' f wffA-Fii wr 'M '4 Wa Q v H-' Q 4i if-Q gf "w g sig' 1 :w+-QS W 3 by ,C 3 fu.. Z H wg' gk 'Ei if if! , ' . i gr I iff Mg,,f5tl all . f S X 5 f , fm A 1 , M P, mi wwwk3?M my , , , -'N 0 of ' l i , 4 4 is . 5 S -nw ff ff 3 Y gag' f 4 ' J G, H qi., mx 19 QU? 101 1 w V ,Y ww ann- 509:29 .-.1 SA M' 'E me 3 an lr' an lynn 3 SG 1 4-fu P7944- '23 v ' gs mask Ml" ' W ..i HW we-fu' . ,df Q! Will! +0 I 2 The Student Body Officers were: back row: Lynn Best, Treasurer, Tammy Deon, Vice-President, "Herbie", advisor, Tomi Boss, Presi- dent, Joyne Cook, secretory, front row: Morinetto Anderson, Sergeant-of-Arms, ond Chorlo Johnson, Historian. r k 1? rrh W .ar af V wrt, u ,hir-W Q ,Y -, wr, K wx ,, , Mimi . ,J- ,sb .mv 7 ' 'rv up-, M 1 1 ' j '12 , f Y ' Q , . u,w.x - . fn- rw- , 1 . r ,gvx . , ,b 5, , sw.. Lf. - V, 1 kk , . ,. X QF- -"' i 'XX' X 1' r 2 ar - -154'-Q, -N ' M -A rr - . 9 S. f ."sz.v, rx ffm A we f, -4 --J STUDENT BODY OFFICERS WORK HARD IN LINITING ELDORADO HIGH SCHOOL ,.,. 9.-az' 51:5 S J' ft Top left: Charla and Lynn take time out to smile at the camera. Left: Ms. Herbst, advisor, gives Tami some last minute into rmotion to discuss during formal meeting. Above: Tammy helps Jayne put on her apparel for an Antique Pictu re. This was one of the many activities sponsored by the Student Body Officers, Eldorado's Student Body officers for l979 had a busy year. lt is their task to turn Student Coun- cil's and Eldorado student's ideas into exciting and stimulating events. This is a difficult task requiring planning, caution and foresight. Your officers accomplished these things through many projects. During the summer they began plans for our Homecoming celebration which was a smashing success. They sponsored two Blood Drives and The Great American Smoke Out as Community service projects. These offi- cers also held a Teacher Appreciation Week in support of our faculty. The Winter Carnival was another successful school project. These student leaders were always busy throughout the school year. SENIORS 2l E A N i ig.: 3r..D': i 3,53 - 'ii ' 3Yb.i'M 'W' -2 '. i 4, if ,Q is K w Q, A msgs ! Q 382 'I V 'K 'f 'fi , A i. 5 EEF 'l J' l V' .2 ii duly, U -13,1 , ' mm s i 2457 - s,.fii.,1 , :Bs S., f F 'I 3 3 1 , if , 27 , U., S i 'Q-K We L. av 5 ai Yi, i 1 ', Vi V L53 in X 4 0+-, ft' ...is v,,-- ' il M. gl flue Senior Class Officers who lead the Class of '80 in vurious in livitiffa are Debbie Coates, Treosurerg Kim Styles, Preiirlmrg Hu-iiflu Klingonsmith, Class Activities Choirmqnj Tiny Sciivms, Vi: 4- Prusidentg ond Bridget Moten, Secretory. vii:-2,3 . f i"' Y if My ' A if is LS . s JSE?-,Ev S 1?-f ff., 5 , a ,,K :'A.nSs .-, , i 'Mt,.,,' .X gi' i ,K 1 3 f L Q, vi i i I 3 3 l l --1:5 l 5 s 2 2 5 Z 7 1 1 l Q MLW , . fi , , 1 1 SENIOR GEEICERS LEAD SUPER YEAR Alexander, David Anderson, Marnetta Babcock, Sharon Baker, Barry Banks, Debra 5 l - so Fl ,, LN , , , ,,,,. M... , Q r , age- C Z . A ,wif Q , , ,N x i Barnett, Teri Belic, Sharon Bischoff, Robert Brittingham, Brittina Buckley, Sherri Bartlett, Craig Berg, John Borja, LeVenne Brown, Catherine Bugher, Troy Bass, Tami Berrelleza, Ruben Bowerman, Adam Brown, Robert Bushong, Corbin Bates, Veronica Best, Lynn Brim, Jay Brunnell, Michele Buys, Clayton Beckstead, David Best, Robert Brittingham, Britt Bryner, Mike Cain, Micheal 4. f a . A ll li SENIORS 23 VARIED MOODS REFLECT 24 SENIORS M... 1 In Top left: l-leather ond Jill display their "better-side"? Top right: lden- tical twins? Bottom left: Charla and Doug: The perfect duds! Bottom right: Marci flirts with the cameraman. Opposite page: Top left: Kim and Shawn pose in disco clothes. Center: Brenda and Liz prove that seniors stick together. Top right: Willie grins for the camera on Crazy Hot Day. Bottom left: Kelli, NeNe, and Karen capture atten- tion on 50's day. Bottom right: Lani and Virginia show their stuff dur- ing spirit week. SENIQR PERSONALITIES D LIRIN SENIQRS HHGLD THE KEY" T0 0:0 nt" , ,may as i 4 lv ti ul. 'tx , , ll ll L Cannon, Anthony Carroll, Keith Clemons, Teresia Colbert, Kim Cook, Tammy Croninger, Linda Carbullido, Keith Clark, William Clover, Cheryl Colbert, Lisa Coulston, Tony Crowder, Vickie Cardinal, Randy Clarke, Michael Coates, Debra Coleman, Dennis Coyne, Mike Cryts, Virginia Collins, Vickie Crane, Lance Curcio, Kathy Cook, Jayne Cree, David Currier, Linda Jackie Key smiles at the camera while working in the Counselors office, 26 SENIORS THEIR FUTURE AFTER HIGH SCHQOL '-L .IVY r .ij J . Dabney, Bridget Dean, Tammy Daniel, Mike Defelice, Chris Daniel, Lana Delisle, Lisa Darling, Tammy Dessaints, Charlene Davis, Kim Diedrich, Laura Dillion, Shari Dintlemin, Robin Dopyera, Gladyne Dowler, Todd Drummond, David l Ealy, Sanford Empey, Lonnie Finly, Pam Edmunds, Jessica Everett, Herman Fisher, JoAnne Elkin, Marie Everett, Terri Flores, Dolores Tony Quarles gives the photographer a nice, masculine smile. SENIORS 27 SPECIAL MOMENTS l cc secggg cg are i J cesc rrcccgrc r i 5 Q ist., in Q C X If if .E., . 53" A wwz L V A K Above: Eric Ray thinks before throwing a pass. Top right: Elsa and Tracy sing "Lead Me On" at the Homecoming Dance. Below: Kelly Johnson poises joyfully for the camera. Right: Elsa enjoys one of the greatest moments in a girl's life with Mark. Bottom right: Special Moments also mean Special Friendships for Sheri Buckley and Tammy Cook. QNX WN if " l illz i T 'I - ki rii 28 SENIORS Q , N no Left: Merlin's Cleat finally returns home. Center: A special friendship is shared between Eric and Maria. Below: Home- coming King, Mark Kiser, shows his happiness to last year's queen, Pam Huffman, as Queen Elsa Sanchez looks on. Bot- tom Left: A very special moment is shared between Elsa and Mark. Bottom right: Tim Reed shows "We're Number One" as he completes a touchdown. Hua ENTHLISIASTIC SENIOR CROWDS PROMUTE 4 'Q iw -- ,, iaafmsme- Floyd, Tonia Fobar, Robyn Ford, Danielle Furton, Kathy Gaines, Valerie 30 SENlORS Galtney, Lois Gutierrez, Max Hall, Sam Hamrick, Michael Heclcathorn, William Gamage, James Hafen, Scott Hamblin, Christopher Hanlon, Angie Henderson, Patty Gauthier, Joe Haire, Charles Hammond, Vanessa Harrington, Lee Hewing, Gary Gress, David Harris, Terri Hewing, Ronitta Gura, Tino Heath, Nancy Hicks, Patricia Dolores, Donna, and Brenda run to the goal post after one of the many touchdowns during the Homecoming game. SLINDEVIL SPIRITAT GAMES A D ASSEMBLIES Hobbs, Jeffery Hogan, Joe Holladay, Barbie Holloway, Janice Holm, Gary l Holmes, Matthew Hughes, David Hurtado, Al Holmstrom, Robert Hunt, Diane Hymer, Courtney Houghton, Diane Hunt, Donna Jackson, Cliff Housner, Ka ren Howarth, Ray Super Senior Spirit is displayed during Homecoming Assembly. Jay, Cynthia Johnson, Tim Johnson, Chorla Johnston, Karen Johnson Dawn Jones, David Johnson Rick Jopes, Robert Johnson Rochelle Jordan, Jerry SENIORS 31 . . .: ., 7,4 5 Q W :VM Homecoming '79 was indeed a special time for all seniors. A week full of activities kept everyone going. Besides spirit week, there was the lighting of the "E", royalty, pep assembly, returning alumni, pre-game show, float contest, the dance, and ofcourse . . .the big game! Above: The offensive line prepares for action as quarterback, Eric Ray, gives signals, Right: Lynn Best shows her spirit while cheering for the Number One Team! 32 SENIORS HOMECOMI G WAS A SPECIAL DAY SHARED BY ALL SENIURS L L E-N T I K ' 5' Q5 ' ff! - 1 , sr ' '11 X -C. Top left: Kim and Gary patiently wait for the results of Royalty. Top right: The theme for Homecoming '79 was "Lead Me On." Bottom left: The typical graduate, as illustrated on the top ofthe senior float. Bottom right: Mark being crowned by last years queen, Pam. SENIORS 33 P -A Z, X 'Q-My N, 'sr SENIORS SPE D TIME A D ENERGYI ws' QQ' gee 11 f-fe" Jose, Princinela Kaplan, Nichol Kelliher, Harold Key, Jackie Kilgore, Richard 34 SENIORS 'xg 5, sg, A 3 " 4 . . 4 gigs y M if . i J, - , ff ,, ,i af Q Y. 'li ty s S.. ii- av-" J yi. 1 3 Q i an-'f Q King, Donya Klingonsmith, Brenda Kurth, Mark Lackinger, Kurt Lauria, Vincent Kinney, Jackie Klockow, Diana Kuzemka, Kristine Lamb, Paul Lawrence, Ty Kiser, Mark Kuhn, Barbara Kyle, Julie Landeros, Maria Leathers, Heather Larsen, Jackie Leavitt, Douglas Laub, Annette Lee, Marydean "Ready or not, here l ami", says Lisa on '5O's day! 1 'P W ,...1: M M., , 3 43:-' E E? fa -nd. "uw, if , gs ,. A A ' fat? ,W WE uw" ...f e, EE. Q if . J ,ff ..-K. I' M '--w-.aqaEis'!'W"" funn' ...r 5 SE df-'P f ,Q ,,':f,.fgff" W' u V jpg: A is NS .ww-5' 1' 1 QS. ft QQQW x u x .N as 'g N 1. 114 1: It , 'o gx 3 his t Q K xv, mx F we YE'-H Y, qv, f Us 1 F ' , W ,,,, N- x., A f , , .Ag , I x A1-q Silk J t, ,bf .,,-q""19'1f"" ,w""'Mw if xg' f K q N 'z- . - K 1, Q gf , V VVl Y L S Q Q X, . vs! tb Q, 9: Y W Q - ti .L Q f 1 S Y 8 Q it Q I 'i.f"""", gs, , ta Q Y Q Q, c Q gr, 4 a c Q Q tg IAQ r' -, X Q g at 5 Q- ll Q, 5 ll 'ij Q W X 'L-.,., Y Q tx :tx 5 S e r Ts' i 9 .I R Most Likely to Succeed Most Humorous Most Intelligent Most Talented Most Friendly Most Reliable Most Attractive Most Conceited Most Spirited Best Figure lPhysiquel Best Dressed Biggest Flirts Biggest Gossipers Quietest Senior Be Back Next Year Tami Bass Charlene Dessaints Shawna Morris Elsa Sanchez Kim Styles Brenda Klingonsmith Liz Schoenfield Jill Zohner Dolores Flores Tammy Cook Barbara Smith Martha Weber Marci Merring Patty Henderson lvonne Monfred Randy Cardnial Steve Small Paul Lamb Herman Everett Jerry Rodriguez Tiny Scrivens Mark Kiser Carl Lyons Tim Morrill Keith Carroll Lee Harington Max Gutierez Mike Pequeen Tony Quarels David Cree area can SENIORS PLAY IMPORTA T RULE McGuinness, Pat McKiel, Ken McMillan, Steve McRae, Tammy McWeeney, Laura 38 SENIORS Meeks, Jerry Mering, Marcie Merryman, Michelle Miller, Lisa Miller, Ricky 4 l l . f Y . - . -. , .. - W 'Vt " -' . we . -' .. lil' - 5 'ii -neg.-i-J-S , --+1--'l' mi -frHW1 lm. .lfiiv-'W'-lf'fllwz"?" s ,W mu .W . f - wg-4--v Wil QL,..war,,,-- .iii Lgmizj--hA.y.,.i i N-e--Xbgf 1 ff V:1fe,gv1'2f-- ' -4 12-mf 1 - . - - V if ,Ve ' n - L. .. V g .1 gn , . . ' 4 -4, - k , s - . f 5 .1 - ' f. . V, . .-. . , , .3 N-. . 'f gf- .. 1 - . 6 , , . ...eel , A feet., V . 1 0 t' y ' ' ' A . -Q Q --i Q .I -. . wi ,, , I X 'Kr ...N B ' 'fr 'I I -N " ' ' 5 ' '9 " 1 MW Am 5. Y. , M. ,-. ...l L N Q L ., , N . 1 W - f'-- - ' .5 ,. - K. ' 1,5 1 W .V x 1. ,N . , 3 ., -7- LMT' . ' f1?'.,ll'H M ' -t-, "ill-. f- N Wg, 'N - Z2 --. . " '. - ' "' - W L nf' r M- ,, f ' "' A.,-, I lf.--4" 5 'TZ' 'J 'Wm Q ..l - ' f i i , ,fd ,ga--, M X X - jqk i, V Y -W. ., , 1 if T - - ,gi g 'QS 5-,mgfsig - ., W'r-ffm-f", ' sr. K .wh '- ' . t' - -"Sr- ',"'E' ' 'i , wx ' R ' i ff-f - , .. L , ., fi A ,.. , , . , I , ,. .. Jer., . vu lv -4 - ls -- ' I .-A ' -al" A. ' 1 ,'..."? r 'VH -- - 7 5' ' -- ' ' - -' ' - 1 E. . - -ga --i 1 , V -ii "- 1 - .. ., - f... F' ,:- :T f - ..., l t. V , . , ,gf ,ig , - . - , -, . - -- l X .3-if ,R f, iii- , . , ,ifs .1,,--g.--- .1 I 3 V --- - - - if K Me-Ser-2r'f+-i-L-'ff-.l.f"-'53f'--Q 4 . M .. . 1 , ,. .4 - ,. , gg, 4- xx 353- :ff - - ., 1 2 ,. A-A vi f is ' - . 5 -feta: Age---1', fl .5..."f'f,-get' fz,fN'.'- - if 'l ' L Q24 ' ' -E e ' fifcxfr gags? -. -,Y'-Jia?-Q,1g,3'4.-f - ee -Q if' . A ..a.- I ' if-1 - '- ft .. - --he ,evff-gfsf-'d -.-- ,-xifqt. .4 .4 -w :1ife't5'gfsf . ef A2 'tif -A ,-T -7 : gi' .- we -. 5--ff ---er eyvf-as-.f ' W, K 'fwj'.f'- ' -, - ,Fm-'H f . w 3 ,S V . V V le , ,tv.Q'45g,,Y,, .-cigar. Q. -- , s . A - .L . , V . V 5 - fi-45, - Q--5 :KQ1 , -4 .,, ps-iw-,sk .- PQ- ww, jls . K . . 2 sw.. , ,jg-,ij egflgg-1 or j"1',x-bfi-fLgj".i-f' . Fir?--,rrF1ffrT'. l1,J'3f z'Sf?,,l,e--ir?"-" -ff"3'f flh.f3f.xdfsvQ'if4H- 55-1225's-5. ie:-:Sw if..vzr1?wf.:5..4wfli""- 14" jfs .ie-Ti? f Milner, Lewis Mitchell, Melissa Monfrecl, lvonne is-S.-Q Q.. Moore, Penny Moreland, Charles Morgan, Marci Morrill, Tim Myers, Mary Morris, Shauna Nauarro, Lorena Moten, Bridgette Neff, Donna The Varsity Band performs during half-time of Homecoming Game. IN SUNDEVIL MARCHI G BA D l ,M-0' Neidermyer, Tammy O'Connor, Debbie Orozco, Lisa Owen, Don Nelson, Vertonya Oestman, David Olney, Steve Payne, Walter Norman, Jamice Oliver, John Outlaw, Angela Pearce, William esiefial 7 O if 3, -,1 WW mn. Pendry, Donna Perkins, Darlene Perkins, Glenn Petersen, Jeanne Peterson, Diane Peterson, Jeff Pequeen, Mike Petrica, Mary Piazza, Karen Pickett, Dale SENIORS 39 U3 v-4 U3 U3 LG Q4 LU SENIOR ,,,..m. 1-it xfi ff? Y fi X' fl J t Q.. Y Q .if we or 10 SENIORS f A, , L: L . 1 S3 . ,dag -Q. s .X Q Left: Donna Whitaker displays the many expressions of a senior. Upper right: Jayme Lippard enjoys a book of senior memories. Middle right: Cathy Brown expresses one of the more pleasurable expressions in the lunch room. Bottom right: These seniors are demonstrating some of the more interesting but less intelligent senior expressions. Upper left: Keith Carroll expresses the agony of defeat. Left center: Randy Milroy, the expression of a star. Right Center: Kathy Curcio expresses displeasure with the lunch fare. Lower left: Sharron Babcock expresses joy with her art project. Center: Have you ever had a day when you were in the dog house? Center bottom: Barry Baker expresses joy at his new photo assignment, Lower right: Robyn, Marcie, and Danielle are seniors just han- gin' around. . ..stt i SENIORS WORK HARD TO PRODUCE ,d Price, Janice Prince, Elizabeth Provenzano, Paul Quarles, Tony Quinlan, Nannette 42 SENIORS it 2 11. A 5 -it . U ,. , . Y gi, it , Q QM a, r .57 'ga ' V . - A 1. V ,I see. , . A - .-:X , , ' ,J K: ,Q-e: .4 i -C"'+ Quinn, Lani Reed, Tim Richards, Richard Romero, Melba Rutledge, Cecila Ray, Eric Reveleas, Maria Ritzke, Mary Ruesch, Karla Rutter, Nancy Reed, Jeff Reynolds, Roy Ritzke, Theresa Ruesch, Ma rk Rutter, Shawn Rushawitz, Cheryl Saenz, Gonzalo Russell, Tracey Salerno, .lay The Class of '8O's first-place float! LIMBER ONE HOMECOMI G FLOAT M:,..,., -49" -ar l I Sanchez, Elsa Sanchez, Leo ' Sanders, Tanner Sandoval, Brenda Schloss, Sherry Schoenfield, Liz Scott, Lee Seegmiller, Greg Sexton, Christina Shah, Vickie Shanor, Debra Skarda, Kathie Smith, Barbara Sheperd, Glenda Sloan, John Smith, Gareth Shepherd, Larry Small, Steve Smith, Laura Tiny Scrivens and David Stroffe hard at work on the Senior float. Smith, Ramona Smith, William Snyder, Denise Snyder, Robin Spock, Lori we SENlORS 43 SENIOR LIFE. . . Top left: Tommy Deon ond Chorlo Johnson enjoy the thrill of the olden doys Bottom left: Spirit Livesl Top right: Vicki Shah gives her opinion of the food Bottom right: Oh! You sl'1ouldn't have! Excloirns Marlo Wore. Q. 14 I l S :li af 4 EXCITI G A fi rl S X Cl. D i NJ 5655655 ! Top left: Hot's off to seniors ot E.H.S. Bottom left: "Anyone seen my hook?" soys Chorlo, Below: Tim Morrill prepores for finol shock! Bottom right: Senior guys woiting to be seated. ads 'x -5 up ,.w3 ,,,, ,5L WL5e,,w Spray, Steve Starr, Walter Steele, Stacey Stephenson, Debbie Stiglitz, Tania 46 SENIORS THRQUGH HOURS OP HARD WORK aun..w. 'J' 4-sf i 'W is W ,N , ivl1..... i - , if Stott, Jody Taylor, Michelle Thurston, Margaret Tripp, Blane Turner, Tricia Strossner, Mark Taylor, Renate Tippetts, Mike Tucker, Amy Varala, Dominique Styles, Kim Taylor, Rita Tracy, William Turner, Mike Varala, Monica Sutton, Timothy Thomas, Gwen Switzer, Linda Thomas, Shelia Chalermpol Sutthisanong makes use ofthe school library. SENIORS REACH THEIR SCI-IOLASTIC GOALS Wulf' wh... if si Vela, Thomas Velez, Humberto Verplank, Donald Wade, Kelly Wade, Trudy 'Ti Q"'-r Wagner, Brenda Waldron, Debra Waller, Gary Warburton, Lori Ware, Marla Warner, Shelley Whitaker, Donna Wilkerson, Jerry Young, Charlotte Washington, JoAnne White, Shannon Williams, Rosemary Zeh, Jeff Weber, Martha Willars, Terri Woodwork, Mike Zohner, Jill Wehneyer, Dana Wells, Pamela Lee Scott studies diligently l?l along with other senior classmates. SENIORS 47 48 HONORS L f 2 0 110 1' !0 ff , 1 T W.4 if I TOP HONORS CJUFIFICI OFFIS VALADI C TORIAN AND SAL LITATORIAN Chorlo Johnson ELDORADO HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OP 80 TOP TWENTY SHAUNNA MORRIS CI-IARLA JOHNSON JACKIE KEY DALE PICKETT KIM DAVIS LYNN BEST JANICE PRICE BRENDA KLINGONSMITH RANDY CARDINAL STACEY STEELE ANGELA OUTLAW MIKE PEQUEEN JILL ZOHNER MICHELLE TAYLOR JOANNE FISHER DIANE HUNT DAVID BECKSTEAD SHERRI BUCKLEY LISA LIANCE LANA DANIEL HONORS 51 ELDORADO HIGH SCHOOL'S CHAPTER OF I . ' I ff HO OR SOCIETY c X HONORS Eldorado's chapter of Honor Society is a member the National Association of Honor Society. The purpose and symbols of honor society and its members are Service, Scholarship, Leadership, and Character. The activities and projects ot Eldorado's chapter of Na- tional Honor Society are geared and centered around these qualities. They have helped many community organizations in accomplishing these goals. They also participated in Homecoming Activities and re- ceived top honors with their decorated sundevil truck! i979-80 Honor Society Officers are Brenda Klingonsmith, Trea- surer, Rick Miller, Sgt, at Arms, Shaunna Morris, Secretary, Jackie Key, Vice-President, Charla Johnson, Historian, and Lynn Best, President. The I979-80 Honor Society members are Shaunna Morris, Mike PeQueen, Rick Miller, Barry Seaver, Brucke Wilcox, Dawn Nuckles, Jamie Daniel, Lynn Best, Angie Outlaw, Charla Johnson, Lillian Baldwen, Liberty Pasquel, Crystal Grandgeen, Diane Folk, Brenda Klingonsmith, Marleen Haskell, DeAnne Williams, Don Bracknille, Russell Hunt, David Icer, and Jackie Key 2 HC NCI!! I ,552 'l' lik HO ORS Wwxii KJ.. 1 'j iw V ZZ., . R .1 k,,. V, rs- X ' , ,X Y 556,12 Q ,S-j f .K I , 'N' claim I 9 gs , SN' ,... i 54 HONORS 74: J- il . " wC4f ' E Q L, Jockie Key English Veronico Bates English 5535 .X E T sggr Q E at W... .J Shounno Morris English, Moth, Science Moth Jeff Peterson ', li Pofty Henderson Kim Dgvig MOTl1 English, Science L 'Y .. 'iss- fi Vicki Show Music Y? Lono Doniel Business 'Q gffg. Le .. 535' ii Brendo Klingonsmith Business, Yeo rbook Ni' 427, ,, Q , 1 N E' i i I Ci, ,Sq Barry Baker Photography Ben Ortiz Photography Ma rk McCa rthy Phofog raphy f Us I 5 e ,tgiz ,, ,O 'ii 1' 'fi . - i XP! nf, ki , K V, 4, - ,-V, , ,N . 3 A f wif if ,K rl Richa rd Graft Art asv: i . 14 - F . Sharon LeMasters Art Dave Oestman Art Kim Styles Steve Small Tina Holeman Yearbook Newspaper Newspaper HONORS 55 Kurt Lackenger Robin S nyde r Drama Drama Tim Morrill Drama 56 HONORS Elsa Sanchez Tracey Russell David Beckstead Music Music Band Scott Hafen Richard Andreg Ruben Berrelieza Music Music Band za!! Tony Quorells Footboll 1' SQN X mmm: . ... 1 1 ll Jerry Wilkerson Soccer John Little Soccer Tim Reed Football :M 'iw if oft 7 iN!N 1 J Do rycil Toylor Wrestling Tiny Sc rivens Wrestling HONORS 57 58 ACADEMICS 5-V X 1 K, V I 1,4 ' 17 . if iff ,l V i113-,sh-.f.Vj E .JN . V ' 'X !1 V 1 4? ' f V' mf J' 15 7.14 ' L. 'V - - ,"if:?'5i'f,', ' ' V . ' U- " ,, f . "'w?"'i5Sf-f4Qg1,V V 'f V. 921+ f" - wr-r'--V V V , W if .Gi '4, , fa , lf U ,,,jf , V' ,V 'K ,y Q V, .v , if ' 4 .' . "- J lf' J 1' 'lv' V ' J ,.f . i" , , f , V 4fv1'iZ2ww , 1 Vw V 1 T . f 1' f ' , . V' 1 -" 1, 1 ,lv -1' M: 121 fm. IB ' V , .A ,ff 2,1 if V' .. f f 'Ve 1' " iii 15? V VV? ' Qfffl' f':ff2f-' f '!.f'f3i' ' F, VVf'V4.Vif' 4514" V -f V ' ' ' : .7 " 7 4 .' 9 ,gf ,g 'C 52' .'-rxQ"L'.3.- -'ff -T23 V 1' If ,M A .Vi F""i.'fji?3e 535 . ,Va -V V rp ' -- w--1. 4 1 ff ff 'V ., ' . f my -ft Jw.: f' .ff 1 , Q . s..,. .Nh ,- V V -5 .4--, -'.J,,5.V rf.. Q ff' , ,.f-if -- . ,gift . 'r V 1 A ,:pf".,Q -, 4, - ,, '12, U ' 5 . K ' g .gsm iw mligf gf' ' ' -1'Pag7h1"', J' gf'.V'f.,1g,j ij..-rv i 1,4 .N 5 ,xg f u ff. - ,V -' 'ffl 1 S . gf' : fair ' .fafigf-, Q NVVQX1 . 'V rf A V 1 .-Q'?i'QYf - V 1 QV-5.-5 V ,, fa? T"-'-,VV 5Q!1.I1"'n, 'Qfu:"fx'i "1 1 ETFQ -. LA'Va::VzfzVfVA ' 1,1r,H.f V Qi! A , -' viii' ' 4 ' rw. -.V f- ,, Q' '- , ls" yi-- -5 'L ,- LA ' V, 4,:,,j,x ' V Way ' ' , 'SJ ' ,mf- . K . sa. 222 - -' q 'ini A V"L': jf"-i '55 '. - fm' -wr 1 , x I V 5,,,Mi""f 5' A l l if nf? sg! 'i,, L' f7f W A 4'-L. Eldorado High School has demonstrated a great interest and involvement in The Arts. From the very beginning of this school, Eldorado students have had a wide course offering available to them. In oddition to the customary art and crafts, Eldorado offers additional art classes to give the interested art student a wide variety of art experi- ences. Eldorado offers basic design, design crafts, textiles, art metals, jewelry, painting, and commercial art. The art faculty of Eldorado are enthusiastic and devote a great deal of time and effort to improving the program at Eldorado and advancing the skills of the student. if P' . :WW ,wh sq -fm fl 60 ACADEMICS ..A i ii, ,Q if b . Y vit.. 4 f y uhm 1 f. M L? F1 K 4 THE ARTS ff'59: ,JY-N, 'Q-unpn.,,,, . WA W.: '- . I . .MQ g -up gf .-in ,wypwmn ,--f if "' K k, .- .,z. r,., -' 'I "' ' V N . 9 K',- ill' " R, In U' k:" , 2 ,, - A,.., "5 1 .,, bv Q 'lj . ACADEMICS 61 PERFORMING ARTS au. eq,-n The Performing Arts are a key ingredient to the success of Eldorado High School. Eldorado has always had enthusiastic participation in the Sundevil Band, Jazz Choir, Concert Choir, Girls Glee, Sounds of the Sun, Stage Band, and Drama. Being involved in the Eldorado Performing Arts guaran- tees the students that they will spend many long hours rehearsing and practicing for that great moment: the performance. Eldorado performers are the best at what they do as we have an excellent involved faculty and enthusiastice involved student body. l LA GLIAGE AND SOCIAL SCIENCES if as Communication skills are the most significant and basic skills taught in any high school. The ability to read and write effectively is the most common skill that can be applied to all careers and future learning. Great strides have been made at Eldorado High School in improving the individual skills of students, making it possible for all persons to successfully compete in a language oriented world. Social studies are the skills necessary for the individual to under- stand his environment and his place in history. To maintain a nation that allows great personal freedoms, tomorrow's leaders must know how we got them, and what it takes to keep them. MATHEMATICS in-.... 64 ACADEMICS Eldorado High School is equipped with o great mathematic de partment It is centered around the needs and capabilities of the individual student A great variety of classes are offered which teach the basic mathem,atic procedures. Students are encouroged to enroll in a four year math study program. After the basic classes and algebra and geometry students may continue with triginometry onalasis and probabilities. Special classes are also offered in accounting and computer science. X by L M V , ,,,. . ...,Nv,9t,tz.,f::izf-- SCIENCES Science can be defined as the knowledge of facts, laws, phenomena, and causes gained and verified by exact observation, organizes experiment, and exact thinking. The science depart- ment at Eldorado High School has a wide variety of classes geared in various areas of scientific learning. Some courses are life science, earth science, environmental science, and agricul- tural science. Through these prog rams students probe the secrets of chemicals and elements. There are also other courses which require much more time and attention from students in order to comprehend. These include biology, chemistry, and physics. - x Xanga! vw 1 .gr 1'-:tr-U31 ffl. ' .. .. , si-5 new ' HEALTH A D PHYSICAL EDUCATIO ...., wi A --s...,.,,Am4.QM-M-M 4 t .K L is 2, ,X K . t , ' I X . . In H K A . ,. ,, 1 . ,. 9 A Education is not a process that deals only with the mind. The educa- tion ofthe body is an entregal part of a total education. The mind and body must learn together and grow together. At Eldorado High School, diversified skills are taught to round out the physical educa- tion of our students. In addition to the better know skills, such as, basketball, and volleyball, such exotic skills as archery, gymnastics, weight lifting, and rhythmetics are participated in. Another area of study at Eldorado High School is health. All high school students are required to take a semester of health. This is to ensure that all people who go through public schools have at least some basic personal hygene education. 66 ACADEMICS ,MLWM BUSINESS 7 Over the past few years, Eldorado High School's Business department has grown immensely. Instead of just the regular courses of typing, shorthand and office machines, the pro- gram has grown to include date processing, computer pro- graming, and secreta ry procedures. This area also includes a special course, Office Simulation, which prepares students for working in an office. There have been many additions of com- puters and office machines including, cash registers, memory typewriters, and selectric typewriters, which students may learn to operate to help in the business world. 081 7, ACADEMICS 67 68 ACADEMICS ' , ,L f 5 H, I V ,ir V'-A V Q 5 , , X71 an W is , W " 5 ag 52 cf , f 2 5 . i 1 VOCATIO AL H - : - tsaqg. g ll , g W fs ,S ' x s ,,.,,.,.,.....---+ The Vocational areas at Eldorado High School are de- signed to train students to walk out of High School and enter the world of work. In years past when vocational education was mentioned everyone immediately thought of wood, metal, or auto shop, however, this is no longer true. Vocational education now encompasses such areas as Home Economics, Agriculture, Business, Photography, and Television Production. One of the goals of Eldorado High School is to expand the vocational offerings even further to encompass as many other vocational areas as students can find employment. Next school year, El- dorado will offer the first vocational photography pro- gram ever offered anywhere in the state of Nevada. ACADEMICS 69 70 ORGANIZATIONS A 55515 A ,qv'.. ' 9: 'INF 5 ffvuflljlr-1,f N -, -,. t, gf, xqsigcls Q.: .- 'Qi 1 -, y 1 ,A-' .T'r-1-" 9 1 w .lljgl , 1 ,- ' K V it V A , - -, ' " Q, 41,1 J. p uf, my f gg, -X -, , za: .Qaf'f?-.xfw5f'g- ,f J W V - -' - - ' --f53-:5:Zg,fiI'l,,,- fs ' - V f N'2P:,1n.,-:., 2 - P Q - Q V A ,K ,X P 5fm'.,-fi-736. " fx I C 1 ',l.,.-3 ,1 ,,?l'5v WH" .- 3, . "NFPA . 6 A v-'- ",-C' ' - ,. 45- -I ff- A"'2?a'i1"' P F L,-L" I .-I'i'wf.i115 4, F' J fr- If-f Q' -vf"',,' l -'L '7 ' ft- T353 Qi.-1' ,,f f "- Nfzqqn I-h H 'I' Ar, , - gr "- -,, Y ' fi ' " 1'--'fN'Z,Tvf ' '. 1, f-:f,:'f39f 'Q ' -1 ji in -' ' , ,Ag 4 . ,... 1 5.7 by . r L .sv 1--" f Q.. tk. ... Ann. A Ln.. l ' ' l .- VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The Varsity Cheerleaders traveled to Santa Barbara this summer and attended USA camp. They brought home with them a superior trophey and four blue ribbons. The varsity cheerleaders spon- sored the Hello Dance at the begining of the year which was a great success. They also sponsored Homecoming Week and were in charge of all the super pep as- semblies! The I979-80 Varsity Cheerleaders were: lopposite pagel Brenda Klingonsmith, heady Liz Prince, co-heady Kim Stylesj Janice Cookg Alice Quinng Camille Pupag Valerie Scotty and Donna Kearns. Top: Liz and Sharon take a moment out to watch the excitement ot the game. Left: The Varsity Cheerleaders do their thing! Bottom left: Brenda leads the crowd at one ofthe many pep assemblies. Middle Bottom: Mascot, Dolores Flores shows off her sexy devil suit. Bottom Right: Camille cheers the team to victory! E.. 4 r--JJ I' The Junior Varsity Squad worked extra hard in promoting "Soph- omore Spirit." They also worked A hard in earning money for their new uniforms. The l979-80 JV, Cheerleaders are lopposite pagel Janice Walkerg Trina Blazekg Jody Danielg Robin Marting Tammy Goodrichg Cheryl Muellerg Sylvia Salazar, co-headg and Diana Villanueva, head. Top left: J.V.'s show their smiles. Top right: Sylvia says: "Oh dear! Did l make another mistake?" Left center: Janice and Robin give the look of "Another picture?" Right center: Tammy looks off in disgust. Right: Diana gives the : "One more time!" 74 ORGANIZATIONS J 1. -V . 1-111-4, - -sf . .W.., - Q . ,,., .Nw X - fa CHEERLEADERS "T ' . '- -" 11 ,- E 1,0 , ' iii' 'A g 4 - jwefwf ' .ff z , l X, Q I W1- " , , f if. " + . wif , w ww L. Q' - ' ' - Lff wi ,. ,-rr" 2 ' 4 fy-fn, H ' ,gf 13.-.:Q++v . .. A ., , j 'wifi-. ' - f . H' "' ' M H E ,, . 2 ' V, if nw' f .P . "55'f 'lf 72,1 V ' "5 ,-f lk 59 2 5 ' 'Hl'fN?:"L ann,-I . Q' ' f-1 T1 , . .V ,. Q: ff'-'I' -, ' .: u. Mig, ,f',,'3f.gff:.fi .2 I ' 5' ,- 5 .4 jg,,:41', Q fi 415 - kiwi E ff H' " 'wi rl as '- - a g E f " EEE: 3 If W: 13-Y '.-. 5 P 'R' --...x The i979-80 Freshman Cheerleaders are Copposite pagel Mindy Neidermyer, heady Gloria Haley Kelly Tabbg Judy Danielg Gretchen Zobristg Yvonne Villag Christa Danielg and Janet Scott. The Frosh Cheerleaders smile pretty for the camera man. Left Center: Mindy gives a smirk at the camera. Right Center: Freshman show off their talents. Bottom right: Kelly looks enthusiastic as she tries to activate her crowd. Bottom right: Gretchen laughs at the possibility of another touchdown. Above: The Varsity Songleaders pose pretty for the photographer. Right: Looks like Michelle and Lani are telling dirty jokes! Be- low: Marinetta wonders: "Am l doing this right?" Bottom right: Songleaders dazzle! g , . W- 'df 1, ,k2,3.?1 K Ai , . . 4. VARSITY The Varsity Songleaders attended camp this sum- mer and traveled home with a superior trophey. They worked hard with car washes and candy sales to earn money for their new uniforms. The songleaders were also the winners ofthe Hall Con- test which took place during Homecoming Week. The i979-80 Varsity Songleaders were topposite pagel Lynn Best, headg Marinetta Anderson, ca- headg Glenda Sheppardg Lani Quinny Renee Foosheeg and Michelle Small. 78 ORGANIZATIONS sr- I . N SONGLEADERS Us A PHOTOGRAPHERS DO ITI THE DARK BETTER' The Eldorado Photography Club, which began the year the school opened, con- tinues to be one of the most active clubs on the campus. For the last seven yea rs, the club members have actively partici- pated in all of the competitions in our state. During all of these years, Eldorado has dominated the prizes and awards for these photo competitions. These students have brought great pride and respect to Eldorado as a result of their superior con- tributions. Each year, the club sponsors several photographic field trips to such places as the Armagosa Sand Dunes and the various Hollywood motion picture and television studios. The club officers are: Pres. Cheryl Ruskowitz, and Sec. 8. Tres. Sandy Cheney. The Photography Club members are: Bottom row: Vadeana Plummer Sandy Cheney Daniell McGuiness Mike Cain Middle row Teryl Williams Jessica Garner Trina Blazek, Diane Villanueva, Cheryl Muellar, Judi Hutchens Cheryl Ruskowltz Tina Shammo Back row Maria Leavlt Dana Wehmyer Tammy Neidimyer, Julie Hutchens, James Johnson, Jill Garner, Tina Bailey ORGANIZATIONS "The Advocate", A newspaper on the move. The Eldorado High School newspaper staff is better than ever this year. Spark- led with a new advisor Mr. Fleming and a fairly new staff, they helped out with many confusing issues surrounding El- dorado High School. Kirk Long is demostrating his skills for the E.l-l.S. "Advocate" Newspaper. 1, -1 4 Q ,, 4 . ,Wu X Q I' 5 A . t :W Sherri Nolen looks with disgust at a fellow workers work A Wwe! Above: The 79-80 Advocate staff, Left to Right: Mr. Fleming, Kirk Lang, Christina Johnson, Richard Foremaster, John Ethridge. Front Row: Glorie Ringwelski, Sherri Nolen, Tino Holemon, Gretchen Walker, Tina Lang. Not Pictured: Teresia Clemons. ORGANIZATIONS 8l STAFF CREATES A YEARBUOK T57 N 24'a"f35 Ns 'fr or N.,'2xfQ Top left: Brandy, Kim and Brenda search the newly developed pictures for the best print. Top right: Ben prepares to 'rake "the perfect picture." Bottom left: Robin and Marci still offer a smile after the long, hard hours of work, Bottom right: The photog- raphers were: Kirt Lang, Ben Ortiz, Tim Web, Mark McCarthy, Pat McGuiness, Jay Overman, Dana Wehmeyer and James Johnson. 82 ORGANIZATIONS gftf f ,, 4 m , ., Eggs' Q so 4 W- barge : N, WI, 2 N WITH LASTI G MEMORIES Clubs, activities, sports, and friends make up the year and make memories. A yearbook keeps those memories fresh and close. This is the reason that the Sunburst and it's staff are so impor- tant to the school. The inexperienced staff learned quickly to draw layouts and meet deadlines. However, the staff found time to have fun and still put out the best yearbook ever. K3 .Q y, JW., K 'I . A L f . ,, ag- jf 1 i , 'litem-f5f,,45'1. New ,K Y vw . . V - 4 - 'f2f5f,fi ,fs 2 as, Wa' ,V 'ffl V i V. K "ff ,.. M . - it Top left: The section editors for the Sunburst were: Row 1: Dana Wehmeyer, Susan Reed, Gayla Styles, Glayene Dopyera, Maria Reveles, Diana Villanueva. Row 2: Kim Styles, Brenda Klingonsmith, Marci Morgan and Debbie Stephenson. Top right: Debbie, Maria and Holly discuss the pictures and layout for "Sounds of the Sun." Bottom: The l979-80 yearbook staff was: Row 1: Shawn McCullum, Kim Colbert, Cherie Cochran, Lori Bergman, Holly Howard, Susan Reed, Ginger Lee, Tammy Howard, Lisa Liance, Mark McCarthy, Dano Wehmeyer. Row 2: Virginia Crytes, Marci Morgan, Maria Leavitt, Debbie Stephenson, Diane Houghton, Yolanda Carbullido, Gayla Styles, Gladene Dopyera, Adriana Martinez, Jari Allred, Maria Reveles, Diana Vil- lanueva, Kim Styles, Liz Prince, James Johnson. Row 3: Ben Ortiz, Tim Web, Pat McGuiness, Jay Overman, Brandy Younger, Colette Hill, Lisa Liance, Kirt Lang, Brenda Klingonsmith, Walter Payne. ORGANlZATlONS 83 ART GUILD PAINTS SUN DEVIL MLIRAL cz QP!- S1 ,.,.:-.1 xp- WM L , 55553 , -1- -QM .iw ,,c,,,,,s..cf.....c. M...-M, M5 K i ORGANIZATIONS XX K - Mwse:-sm-g++ 'X- -M-...N X .n,k X Ti A l K M, X --1 EIdorodo's Art Guild hod 0 successful ol- though very busy yeor. They mode ond sold spirit buttons, ond then they pointed o lorge sun devil murol to go neor the gym oreo. TOP: Art Guild members ore Liberty Poscucil, Goylo Stiles, Tim Johnson, Mike lsselin, Mike Eicher, Tino Cose, ond Mrs. Bartholemew, advisor. Not Pictured: Bill Huish, ond Mory Myers. LEFT: Art GuiId's president, Mike lsselin mokes o sketch of his drawing, THE ELDORADG VICA CLUB Eldorado's VICA Club is an af- filiate chapter of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, a national club structure devoted to the advancement of voca- tional training. VICA is not just one club but a club cluster with vatiour groups representing other trade areas. Besides the metal, wood, and auto shops, VICA chapters can come from electronics, graphis arts, cos- y motology, or photography, to 1 mention only a few. Mr. Mundt, .,,.,, .,,. f Wiz-:S the club advisor, hopes to con- tinue to expand the club each 1 year adding chapters from other . vocational areas. These new chapters can expand the clubs' competative potential in the X ' state and national VlCA compet- itions. VICA Club Left to Right: Willie Roupe, Tanner Sanders, Rick Smith, Steven Lo, and Mr. Mundt. PHA LUOKS TO THE FUTURE The Future Homemakers of America i979-l98O State Theme is "The Future Holds More Than We Can See". El- dorado FHA students have al- ready discovered this to be true. PW iss? FHA Club Bottom row: Left to Right: Mary Meyers, Elaine Knapp, Jackie Jordan, Ebonne Evanobb, Carla Archelletta, Shari Gozikowski, Debbie Tolas. Middle Row: Pam Wiggins, Julie Jones, Janice Bates, Renee Matke, Brenda Lee Roy, Debbie Phillips, Laverns Weathers, Stacey Jackson. Top Row: Cheryl Merholtz, Gerrie Gallegos, Starr Weiner, Cherie Cochran, Carmen Clemons, Marci Taylor, Paule Van Noy, Margaret Hillon. ORGANIZATIONS ELDORADO 1979-1980 SOUL CLUB 4 R 'U Kew Q .. 'S Top row: Mr, Thomas, Cassandra Amerison, Tanny Owens, Wilfred Williams, John Lightfoot, Antonio Hildreth, Eric Ray, Linda Sargent, Mr. Payne. Middle Row: Deetra Glass, Tami Bass, Marinetta Anderson, Romona Smith, Beverly Hodge, Sandy Dawson, Jessica Edmund, Glenda Sheppard. Bottom row: Micheal Hall, Sheila Meeks, Marsha Glass, Serryl Sargent, Debbie Edmund, Krystal Schyang, Sonya Richardson, and Nicole Robertson. A The i979-80 Soul Club members have examplitied both unity and leadership. Students organized many activities and are dedicated young adults striving for excellence in and out of class. "The future of tomorrow is built upon leadership of today." The achievement of the Soul Club will serve as a springboard in the future for greater achievements. 86 ORGANIZATIONS THE E.H.S. SKU G CLUB The 79-80 SKI CLUB is: 'Ist Row: Jeff Peterson, Kim Davis, David Beckstead, Tim Morrill, Kim Kizer, Debbie Walden, Bruce Morill, Jrgen Dechant, Scoct Glimp. 2nd Row: Chris Soderling, Lynn Best, Susi Vallard, Peggy Munsun, Jackie Kizer, Liz Rodriques, Devon Flint, Carey Leavit, Richard Houghlin. 3rd Row: Lance Press, Sylvia Salaza, Eana Apodoca, Thesesa Patterson, Laura McWeeney, Glenn Justice. 4th Row: Brenda Troop, Cheryl Mueller, Yvonne Jesko, Mary Meyer, Tina Holeman, Jon Schaffer, David Roland. Kneeling: Mark McCarthy, Scott Undergust. THE 79-80 KI CLUB OFFICERS: David Roland - Pres., Cl'19"Yl Muller - Vice-Pres., Sylvia Salaza - Tres., Deveon Flint - Sec., Helen Henson - Sponsor. 'T 1 Ji. CLUBS 87 Bruce Morill - Sgt. at Arms., Glenn Justice - Attendence Officer, ELDORADCTS N. 1.12 o T C 1 5 NU lJlES f JE V5 ty ,w G ',,',, This yeor the R.O.T.C. unit ot E.H.S. performed ot mony school func- tions, ossemblies, homecoming, open-house, ond other events. The R.O.T.C. is 0 progrom thot is mode to help dll students for their militory future. Members of the R.O.T.C. ore very proud of this yeors ochievements, their morching techniques, their drilling obilities ond skills. Upper left: Taking down the flog is o doily rituol. Center left: Members of the N.J.R.O.T.C. proudly morch down "Fremont Street." Upper Right: R.O.T.C. displays o voriety of tlogs during o pep ossembly, Center right: Members of the R.O,T.C. stand proud ot homecoming events, Bottom right: N.J.R.O.T.C. morches during homecoming porode. 88 ORGANIZATIONS Fi 'D rj, 's"'gwifLt ,UMEQQ vttfii Q, '19 it TN H PARTICIPATES IN A VARIETY OE EVENTS. 32-'..fl,i, 'xx ,K f-3 ' ' My 35, ' r S i Upper left: The R.O.T.C. squad members skillfully march down the streets of "Las Vegas." Center left' R O T C practices until everyone gets if right 3 Bottom left: Marching through the city makes it all worth while. Center right: N.J.R,O,T.C. livens up the pep assemblies through out the year. Bottom right: N.J.R.O.T.C. show their skills To the students af ELDORADO. 14, iirllllllllll 2' 'ye '1 ! N, E if uulltrrttll ORGANIZATIONS 89 R.O.T.C. ACTIVE THROUGH OUT THIS YEAR Upper left: Football and Marching don't mix. Center left: Lisa and Robert laugh ha rtily at their fellow members jake, Bottom left: There is also a pleasure to military life. Upper right: Halloween parties give the R.O,T,C. a chance to show their true cha racters. Center right: This is the easy military life. Bottom right: There is some excitement in R.O,T.C. Fi K W .W N fx: A K - - L, 4 ' A , .. . A , My i ,, 0' v,.h he ' - . W AMX it h p .gal N -li , . J i'r- , 5 gpg-ee' - .1 mr? 5515 if L v Hdrilflrefg ' gl. -it s u ng T Y? ,f ,, T, +A mf K V ge' , I 3 .., ' " 'K k 'ly in . F-,tg + A .1 .5 .KsL. Y A,.V N VL , mi Y , ' ' A -jf i - ' T iFW?f7' 5 'Q ge 0 to v . fs c , i J' : ':,Q?:.3,'fk 'f ,K ' i ' '1 ' ij. - ' . 'Wi--A-:""f we ' r--we ,fig N.. T is 'sls - oiis T ' - Q it 1-l .fevqii .lb L4'?'1ZW?!fmIYaQw ' I tmiilllll ,iivifll I-IIKES AND RAMBLES PLANNED POR HIKING CLLIB The hiking club at Eldorado are those students who enjoy carrying backpacks on trails and mountain sides for 20 to 25 miles. Some of the hikes have been at Rainbolt Rapids, Zion, Death Valley, and Grand Can- yon. They enjoy the world ot nature through exploring. Members at the hiking club are: De- anne Williams, John Sherard, Gary Scott, Mr. Mustafa, advisor, Cheryl Grandjean, Peggy Williams, Sandy Folk, Lance Crane, Crystal Grand- jean, Dianna Folk, Steven Magee, Mary Ritzke, and Vincent Appeal, 'vs x CAVE CRAWLERS DO IT WITH PLASHLIGI-ITS!! z E 5 . s l I . i V . x ' , , l i g j S The cave crawlers are an active club at Eldorado who enjoy exploring caves. They have had C.P.R. Train- ing and Repelling Training which helps on their adventures. Their exploring has taken them to the Gyp- sian Caves, Redrock Caves, Calurnn Caves, and the Penical Cave. Members of the cave-crawlers are: Jerry Scott, Bill Huish, Jean Lund, Ricky Miller, Debbie Coates, Mark Strasner, Gareth Smith, Katerina Pol- Iiandro, Mrs. Young, advisor, Dawn Outlaw, Patty Denton, and Roy Woulett. ORGANIZATIONS 9l ELDORADO RUDEO CLUB if nwixatdwaipsifxi Front row: Richard Burkett, John Brown, Bernie Vela, Penny Coyne, Richie Sanders, Tommy Vela, Robert Brown, Greg Stevens, Laurie Warburton, Todd Fraley, Michelle Cooley, Kurt Orensword, Susan Scurlock, Rhonda Torres. Back row: Jerry Wilkerson, Tanner Sanders, Brenda Libke, Kelly Wade, Greg Martinovich, Louisa Thurston, Kelly Coyne, Robin Whitney, Kim Owens. 5 3 5 Bottom left: Bronc riding takes a lot of skill and balance as demonstrated here. f Bottom right: A barrel racer must have a well trained horse and be in control at all times. 7 go. Q Y an .:.,,f:Z 'Nbr 92 ORGANIZATIONS The Eldorado High School Rodeo Club has as their main function the teaching to students of rodeo skills and tradi- tions. As one of the original clubs formed at Eldorado when the school opened, the rodeo club has always been one of the most popular and active clubs in our school. Each year the Eldorado Rodeo Club sponsors several rodeo and horsemanship events. Included are, high school competition rodeo's and gymkhana's, which teach skills and allow members the opportunity to compete and raise funds to support the clubs many activities. Top left: Kim Owens rounds a pole with precise timing. Center: Bull riding is dangerous and requires excellent balance as shown here by rodeo club member. Bottom left: Oh no, here I go! is what this bronc rider seems to be thinking. .......k-...,..........,,. m?'Ml'i"M' ORGANIZATIONS 93 .Eta . LETTERMENS CLUB BACKED BY PRIDE During the I979-80 school year, the Letter- men's Club was very active. Even after a late start, they traveled to California, where, among other things, they went to Magic Mountain. Later in the year, they also went to Reno to attend the State Baseball Competition. All in all the Lettermen's Club was very successful. su:-wr' lv ' - K N .Av Top: Lettermen's Club Officers. Middle: Senior club members. Bottom: Members of the Lettermen's Club were: Bottom: Matthew Holmes, Scott Bailey Keith Carroll, Tony Espinoza, Dean Pickle, John Berg, John Little. Middle: Gary Hewing, Tony Quarles, Ricky Starr, Nick Boyer, Gary Waller, Billy Tracy Carl Lyons, Dieter Stiglitz. Top: Coach Ferrario, Richard Kilgore, Jeff Bell, Richard Richards, Mitch Swalley, Ricky Smith, Scott Styles, Pete Magdos. 94 ORGANIZATIONS PEP CLUB BOOSTED SPIRIT P 55 f-N qfvq c ,av QQ, we -mfr-we-tt K ,lv lx 'K '. 'S 3 , . ' nigga' Er, if 'fr - P U I I979-80 Pep Club, row one left to right: Karin Meyer, Alice Quinn, Veronica Consonary, Brenda Ray, Patricia Finley, Krystal Schjange, Lani Quinn, row two left fo right: Darcy Blain, Holly Howard, Judy Manning, Marsha Glass, Angela Levi, Selli Mosier, Cheryl Seargent, Brenda Troop, Donna Kearns, Mr. Payne. I979-80 Pep Club Officers: Judy Manning - presi- dent, Marsha Glass - vice president, Angela Levi - secretary, Lani Quinn - treasurer. ...f ORGANIZATIONS 95 THE ELDORADO SUNDEVIL MARCHI G BA D 'Q 3 X t The Eldorado Sundevil Band is the greatest contributing force for school spirit. Every aspect of Eldorado Spirit is aided by our bands contributions. The band attends all of our pep assem- bilies and can be seen playing and rooting in the stands at all home games in basketball and football. The marching band has admirably performed in numerous half-time shows during El- dorado home games. The Sundevil Band competes each year in the district half-time review competition, and each year El- dorado shows their Superiority by scoring at the top of the rat- ing scale. Our superior band is a tribute to the students and conductor, Mr. Cameron's superior efforts. The Eldorado Varsity Band, Left to right, Row one: Arnette Magdos, Decall Thomas, Gary Francis, Clarke Paris, Mark Dabney, Dennis Cordova, Pam Hartman, Anne McManis, Danny Stover, Jeff Zeh, Kevin Jones, Marty Calahan, Brigette Burright. Row Two: Vickie Flores, Nancy Passintion, Sharon Flaisman, Cynthia Normam, Ronda McLain, Flo Lapin, Chantell Casey, Rapheal Nelson, James Kelly, Lisa Dornack, Patty Tillery, Chris Schiller, Rigina Floyd, Cassandra Shults, Karen Provencher. Row Three: Lisa Parrish, Sherry Kenedy, Betty Wil- liams, Starla Booth, Kevin Campbell, Yulinda Martinez, Gretta Moors, Robert Moress, Burton Tiongson, Letitia Strickland, Marjorie Mickens, Tami Gordon, Wanda Perkins, Mary Ritzke. Row Four: Rose Fernandez, Debbie Bittman, John Gray, Jim Schaffner, Dean Sunberg, Suzy Tallard, Frank Greathouse, Eric Ashley, David Alexander, Ruben Berrelleza, Darrell Richardson, Marion Hop- pen, Dawna Banks. Row Five: Steve Polvelko, Mike Balaun, Don Kieffer, David Westcott, Preston Raitt, Joe Dunn, Joe Wells, Liz Broserner, Scott Glimp, Richard Haughiin, Darrin Thomas, Paul Lowy, Danny Papp. Row Six: Roy Bis- chaff, Devin Thomas, Andrew Jones, Andres Mendez, John Burgess, Ralph Trushaw, Eric Hallet, Clayton Shawor, Brian Smith, Danny McDonald, Glen Justice, Jeannette Pinotti, Kerby Bowers, Robert Mercer, Robert Nixon. Top Right Picture: Arnette Magdos conducting the Eldorado Band at Homecoming. 96 ORGANIZATIONS THE SUNDEVIL BANDS, DO IT - TO IT! ,f Ea ,T-19.4 e 3 5 2 E if g,,.,,::,.,..-ff s M: 'X Top Right: The Sundevil Pep Band per- forming at a Basketball game. Top Left: Joe Dunn and John Burgess show off their talents. ' , fx Q rt . 9 :- , ' 1 1 A :S rt, L, n -if :F 'I Center: The Eldorado Sundevil Bond Council. Bottom: The Sundevil Marching Band performing at Homecoming. ORGANIZATIONS 97 THE BA D SHOWS ALL!!!! R .L fr ' X'-o Top Right: The Eldorado Band in Action. Top Left: Playing it like it is. Bottom: The Eldorado Stage Band, Row One, Right to Left: Decall Thomas, Joe Gauthier, Jett Zeh, Devin Thomas, Robert Mercer, Robert Fobbs. Row Two: David Westfall, Darrin Thomas, John Burgess, David Longoria, David Garcia, David Beckstead, Roy Bischoff, David Flores, Liz Brosemer, Scott Glimp, Steve Polvelko. Row Three: Lisa Parrish, Ruben Berrelleza, David Alexander, Don Kieffer, Jim Shaffer, Frank Greathouse, Kai Leidtke, Eric Nallet, Brain Smith, Staria Booth, Debbie Bittman, Mike Shore. t This ai?2,- MG x 13 STAGE BA D PROVES TO BE THE BEST Top right: Stage bond gets excited! Center right: Susie Tdllcrd gets G little help from c friend. Center left: The Eldorado Bond shows their shields! Bottom right: The Sundevll horn section toke command, Bottom left: Anne McMonis gives it all she's got. 3 , ,.., ,.,, . W .i.,i.gg ' T T 4 iis TIII llzi txl B ,.t I e A is ,lr Fi-E , N, ORGANIZATIONS 99 THESPIANS The Thespians, a newly organized club, under the direction of Jack Schneep, has had it's hands full. The Thespians is an international organization for the promotion of Drama. The fifteen or so members will be initiated by the Boulder City Chapter, throughout the year they have put on many plays such as, Of Mice and Men, The Miracle Worker, The Valiant, The Crucible, and the Devil and Daniel Webster. The members are, left to right, row l, Chris Schiller, Donna Whittiker, Steve Small, Kurt Lackingger, Jaime Daniel, David Roland, Tim Morril, Mike lcelandaand, Laura Burns. row 2, Robin Snyder, Leslie Mick, Linda Blevins, Lani Quinn, Cathy Mattson, and Tony Col- ston. El Q. J . ,vc Ol?GANlZATIONS v it , t ,,,, DIAMO DETTES PLAY THE GAME WITH STYLE. President - Terry Barnett V. Pres. - Jari Allred, Sec. - Maria Reveles Tres. - Carol Pickett, Hist. - Jackie Kiser Q Kim Kiser, Barbara Smith, Trina Blazek, Liz Rodriguez, Jackie Kiser, Terry Mance, Cindy Anderson, Carol Pickett, Heidi Robinette, Patty Morlatt, Maria Reveles, Lisa Baseel, Jami Richard, Sharon Pipkins, Peggy Munson, Dawn Nuckles, .lari Allred, Terry Barnett, Laid Kekahuna, Debbie Tolas, Francessca Manco ri. Debbie Tolas looks skeptical at Kim Kiser's work. Diamondettes learn the hard way. ORGANIZATIONS lOl ELDORADO SUNSPOTS SHOW THEY The l979-80 school year proved to be quite a challenge for Sunspots. El- dorado had its first tournament and Sunspots kept score, time, and ran a very successful concession stand. They also had a number of car washes throughout the summer to raise enough, money to go to Peoria, Arizona and to the State Championship in Reno. Right: Sunspots showed that "Thunderation" was one of their favorite cheers. The I979-80 Sunspot officers are Charla Johnson President Tina Bailey Vice President Judi Hutchens Secretary Colette Hill Treasurer, Brenda Wagner, l-listorian!Sergeant at arms lO2 ORGANIZATIONS HAVE SPIRIT A D PRIDE In wmv , 1 , , V, A -u g , S , 1 ' - fr 4 . F gn t ,. 'T . I, Top: Back row: Vivian Garcia, Theresa Phillips, Cathy Crow- der, Judi Hutchens, Lisa Brandt, Brandy Younger, Jill Garner, Debbie Stephenson, Debbie Waldron, Leslie Finnegan, Lisa Barney, Julie Hutchens, Patty Henderson, Terry Barnett, Col- ette Hill, Crystal Kastel, Heidi Henry, Middle row: Juanita Chavez, Brenda Wagner, Cheryl Ruskowitz. Front row: Tina Bailey, Renee Rich, Charla Johnson. Not pictured: Ardyth Eliason, Terry Balash, and Tammy Howard. Left: Brenda takes time out for rest, while Heidi and Juanita keep on cheering. ORGANlZATlONS lO3 SOUNDS OE THE SU SHINE LIKE STARS .----"W , ,V ,gf 1 S is t . ' , M ,tA, J,, ,. my . , ,. "' we 'M' .. "Y vw The rhythm section consisted of Richard Richards, Joe Gauthier, Lee Scott, John Shore, Robert Fobbs, and Chris Mahoney. Ktop leftl The horn section consisted of ftopl Ronny McAnally, Frank Greothouse and Darren Thomas fmiddlel Mike Shore, Kai Liedke, fbottoml Roy Bischoff, Liz Brosemer, and Don Ver Plank. i979-80 Sounds of the Sun: Row 'lz Danielle Ford, Elsa Sanchez, Denise Mclilfresh, Susie Dessaints, Lee Scott, Charles Smith, Austim Bryant, Tammy Dean, Evonne Smith, Brenda Culp. Row 2: Herman Everett, Trina Blazic, Scott Hafen, Dale Hayden, Mrs. Jensen, Robert Fobbs, Ronny McAnaIIy, Frank Greathouse, Don Ver Plank, Mike Shore, Vickie Shah. Row 3: John Shore, Joe Gauthier, Courtney Hymer, Richard Richards, Kai Liedke, Roy Bischoff, Randy Potter, Clemon Potter, Gordon Washington, Liz Brosemer, David Hancock, Chris Mahoney, Greg Schiller, Tammy Bass, Mornetta Anderson, and Joanne Fisher. ORGANIZATIONS EIdorado's great "Sounds of the Sun" was a alfl group again this year. ln their new denim outfits they were flashy 81 enthusiastic. They traveled to Califor- nia and also performed for many audi- ences here in Las Vegas. The fairly new group did an outstanding job of holding up the old "Sounds ofthe Sun" reputation. Lee Scott sings labovel while the rest of the group Boogies to the music. Kleft shotsl ORGANIZATIONS 105 THE ELDORADO CONCERT CHOIR The Concert Choir works very hard throughout the year to achieve many music goals. The students must first learn correct vocal techniques and then train and prepare to perform as a group. Each year the choir performs several concerts in compet- ition for ratings with other high school choirs. The most signifi- cant performances are the Christmas Concert, The Spring Fes- tival, and tinally Graduation, Left: Choir Officers with advisor Mrs. Jensen. Right: The Senior Members of Concert Choir. Choir Members: Front Row: Connie Splittgerber, Tammy Switzer, Tammy Bolton, Marchelle Densley, Laura Smith, Eric Kent, Tom Lavotto, John Rawlings, Susan Fluharty, Cathy Brown, Carol Pickett, Diane Minutoli. 2nd Row: Yvonne Smith, Brenda Culp, Vickie Shaw, Cindy Lee, Rachelle McAllister, Patti Kenny, Yolanda DeBiase, Charles Smith, Alice Quinn, Susy Tallard, Marla Ware, Tina LaRue, Sandy Keck, Stacey Bouchard. 3rd Row: Corina Rysavy, Denise Darnell, Lydia Kekahuna, Michelle Young, Rochelle Johnson, Herman Everett, Austin Bryant, Cindy Wallach, Edward Adams, Darren Parvin, Peggy Munson, Nancy Rutter, Brenda Wagner, Emma Newman, Mrs. Jensen. 4th Row: Linda Croninger, Gordan Washington, Randy Potter, Cleman Potter, Debbie Waldren, Michael Brooks, Dale Hayden, Richard Andregg, Chris Mahoney, Donald Randolf, Jack Crane, John Blackman, Gary Mills, Tammy Priestley, Kathy Kienam, Maria Reveles, Sharon Pipkins. GIRLS' GLEE TUNES IN A SO G ...vo WNWQ . Under the supervision of Mrs. Jensen, Girls' Glee has proved to be an outstanding choral group at Eldorado High. Although they are mainly beginners, they have shown themselves to be in competition with the more advanced choirs. This year Girls' Glee performed at the Christmas concert and their traditional open house concert, in which they showed their singing talents. By accomplishing these singing techniques, they will be prepared for their future singing careers, Bottom row: Patty Kuen, Laura Smith, Star Winner, Marni Parker, Katha- leen Dawson, Teresa l-lewey, Sharon Dawson, Sheila Meeks, Veronica Consoma ry, Christine Young. Row 2: Terry Dean, Patty Swalley, Stephanie Davis, Wendy Hermon, Teresa Orr, Betty Bushong, Laura West, Sherry Schatfy, Teresa Hileman, Tina La Roue, Nancy Rutter, Sherry Adams, Tammy Priestly, Kathy Kinum, Margie Brown, Lisa Scoggins, Margie Brown. Third Row: Beverly Hodge, Lucio Corral, Deetra Glass, Joyce Sgro, Yolanda DeBiase, Renee Scoggins, Maria Corso, Renee Galvin, Suzanne Garland, Vedenna Plumber, Sandy Cheney, Diana Kelly, Karen Mosher. ORGANIZATIONS IO7 IAZZ CHOIR SAYS IT WITH A SONG! EIdorado's Jazz Choir has proved to be the best singing organization since the history of Eldorado. They have per- formed at many local schools and in a variety of events. One of their high lights of the year was the outstanding Open House performance in which they showed their sing- ing talents. This years Jazz Choir will establish the greatest standards for many years to come. Top Center Photo: Bottom row: Elsa Sanchez, Laura Smith, Susan Pick, Tracy Russell, Cathy Brown, Susan Fluharty. Second row: Brenda Culp, Vicki Shah, Tammi Dean, Daniel Ford, Patty Henderson, Rachel McAllister, Michealle Young. Third row: Tommy Lavato, Oustin Bryant, Gorden Washington, Scott Hafen, Chaz Morlen, Chris Mohoney. Fourth row: Clement Potter, Don VerPlank, Cortney Hymer, Steve Ludwig, John Blackmen, John Shore. Seniors Take Their Places. Bottom row: Elsa Sanchez, Laura Smith, Daniel Ford, Tracy Russell, Susan Fluha rty. Second row: Brenda Culp, Vicki Shah, Patty Henderson, Cathy Brown. Third row: Don Verplank, Tammi Dean, Scott Hafen, Chaz Morlen. IO8 ORGANIZATIONS CQMPLITER CLUB Members of the Eldorado Computer Club are Top row: Don Hauglin, Wil- liam Huish, James Grey. Middle row: Chris Riccella, Tony Bridges, Charles Haire. Bottom row: Vuong Ngayen. CHESS CLUB , mmm Chess club members.Gary Scott and Mike Shore enioyp game of chess. James Thomas sets up a good competition for Gordon Shememauer ELDORADO FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA . ,.k, f . The F.F.A. is a fairly new club at Eldorado, hav- ing only been active for the last two years. Through the active direction of Mr. Thann Han- chett, the club advisor, the FEA. has been mak- ing giant strides toward the learning of modern agricultural methods. This club has become the natural off-shoot of the popular animal- husbandry and vocational-agriculture classes of- fered at Eldorado High School. The major inter- est of the students has been toward the handling and care of horses. The club has therefore re- volved many of their activities around horseman- ship. The Eldorado F.F.A. has sponsored Gym- kanas as pa rt of their activities. Rhonda Torres is doing a figure-8 around the poles. 5 I I I I I I I I in Ds...,,,,N E . Back Row: Mr. Hanchett, Mike Coyne, Samantha Fitebugh, Irene James, Walter Sta r, Steve Leonard, Cathy Thomas, Richard Barry, Don English, 8. Monica Lackinger. Front Row: Laurie Jones, Holly Vandeusen, Lee Lussier, Arenette Magdoes, 81 Terry Boyer. I IO ORGANIZATIONS P.F.A. GYMKHA A Upper: Regina Esaw rides down on the poles racing for speed and accuracy. Middle Left: Cathy Thomas races around the pylon going for the flag in a flag race. Lower Left: Regina is on the straight leg run between the barrels in a barrel race. Lower Right: Cathy is grabbing the flag in her portion of the flag race while representing the Eldorado F.F,A. ORGANIZATIONS SUNBEAMS DO IT WITH BALA TCE! 49" l I2 ORGANIZATIONS .,' . The Sunbeams are a new com- petitive gymnastic's group re- cently formed at Eldorado. Their purpose is to compete in gym- nastics with the other schools in the district. Low Bar L-R: Diana Folk, Donna Rush, Kim Johnston, Bridgette Burright, High Bar L-R: Perina Roberts, Kim Bradt, Crys- tal Grandjean, Wanda Perkins, Peggy Munson. E LDORADO VARSITY QUIZ Varsity Quiz Members: Front Row: Richard Delacy, Karen Provencher, Jennifer Kaniewski, Lisa Dornak, Cas- sandra Schultz, Becky Fortney, Mike Eicher, and Steve Small Knot pictu redi. Top Row: Tony Bridges, Mike Gibson, Mark Strassner, Chris Riccella, Brian Smith, and Mr. Parker. SCIENCE CLUB Eldorado Varsity Quiz competes each year with other schools in I the district in academic debate. The school district televises these debates for local viewing. The students study and memorize many subjects to ena- ble them to compete success- fully. Eldorado's Varsity Quiz has always been very successful in competition and have brought great distinction to Eldorado. The Eldorado Science Club was formed to provide students specialized types of science ex- periences not usually available in the regular classroom. One of the projects this year has Deanne Williams working with Ms. Hood in the Environmental Monitoring Project, began at Eldorado last year. This year, the club planned a field trip to Oregon Pipe Desert to do a comparitive desert study, and to Kitts Peak Observatory to view the heavens through a solar scope. ' t 3. . .f Science Club Members: Front Row: Liberty Pascual, Lillian Baldwin, and Angela Outlaw. Back Row: Greg Schiller, Mark Strassner, Chris DeFelice, Tina Morrill, Shaunna Morris, Deanne Williams, and Mr. Hood, Advisor. ORGANIZATIONS ll3 114 UN DE RCLASSMEN ,, 5. - Q. 1 .."v ,.,,, V 'x,, ,Q . , Q: .' .'z-- - 13 - '.l'h':y. , of .2-iv.'f,y -1 'f ' ' L4 s ..,: . W ' . Nw ' ,pw xi-,f V f ' s, ' ' A31 i - , , W. 45. , 1 .. if 'w .ff ' A -' f. f ' I J 'V t . . 5. - 5--A i.wA,:,: if , .N f-11-:L ' A . 4 -- V , . , 5, . .f , .3A:i1 lk- -,C v31g.3qf Q- , . ' , 5-I-.Q' -iff fif3'E9Gf'f."4'Qg-Q5-.-' 1: W. Eg '-,ee4:,, ,- 1, v -"V -x ,103 "'1', 'x X' V. k.,,.',:'.,1:'..E5g,H+1'w.a 'Lili nf. - ' - 1, x:"15':'g1Z f":- L.-1' ,iw fy. 5212?-..i' '4.:f'f749i:-z-:- -' -'1 - fx gy, ,,:":,-,,5- ..,', .1 f..-my.. ,L-2 ,,--15 1-"-'j1-:':-'fk:,j'-- 'Q w,':.:4., 3' , . 'Lf 'li'-H f' -'E'Q,2:r,4 .- -syn, ' ', -rQ,." n',f'..:j 5, -'Q - . -.,, r"-fx,-V.-1 .V .if . 1 .' u. fs- xf'-1 -'I 'Eqivfif . . - , Lai,-.'f1'.'sj'.'.13-x q--..g,fyg- '- Aw- :y1,..x-11,-Q-'1,p.3.3 ,W -1 4 . ,. ' - T. 4 1 1 -' 1- :. 1 , -f- f, ' -- H.-yi 1, .13-4, -.57 3 .Z If il yi, 'Z .Y nw:--,-JV... A ,Q H ,rg .'. , - ' fy-i , .-jx, ,. .,. f , 31,1 - ' HL 1.4. ,J L 43.1 ,, . 1 - , ,f.lf.., . y livin. .,. - JG.,- : - 1 - ' "'33'fz?::w-f - '3 1, ,, - , .-Q: 1 N ' Q5 ,f-Q, . .. M J. . h. 'iw V.--14. , , 2 ,.-f,i.Qfi- A.-, V, ,M -' 'T' -1 -, ' I -,xl V331 . - ,'.4' ..r , ,. .- 1 .,. . , :. "Km ff , r-- ' '.'1'x., - ,"'l , ,N 41151 WV ' Mig-N . V Q- . h 5,1-.Jkt u- C 4. -iq: "-'- Y M U. ,ffl-:E ' ' ... Y 'X-j1 ,Lg f . r Q S1 S . X .I K' 5' .P L ...-,,:' ' - , I 6' .x.:'- ' ., jim . : .-ff-49, in -. 1 1 ! A 5 V 1 501011 I . ,, b '--xi. Mgw, :V f. .M A - vs, M ,,: . w ... 1 w f 1 K 5 if N 'ii if , 111- + si - 1, "" i r -fv...,,, VKKAV' s .V We ,l l V N . . .hx f -is 234' 6. L ?i.fQSf N, ig, gr, xg. .,, ij! 'P 1. 5 ,sv-1' ....'5' I i " f fvwf, ff 'i 'K.- 2 , 4- A 5 P S , K fi 6 ' F' The 1979-80 Junior closs officers ore, lefffo right, Sherry Kolosky - Sec., Ardyth Eliason - V. Pres., Potty Morlott - Activities Chairman Cheryl V '1 4 Schroeder - Pres, and Down Nuckies - Tres. WH A l W N X Q Y X .,'gsLaQi' Z '4 HV'-' 4 'sv gl ' ' xi? 'ln in lil" V' iff, ' ,Z i'T4iYk?x 'vi Xi . hs .A i X". Ni gxf 'T Wi-i.'ii N U ' , 3 isffiiiii -L A 1 gf X "fy ,J ' . i"i.?'. L' .'hi'N' ' sw" ' .f 4' fu W 3 il Sv iwgigf 4 fx ii' N' fwsfli? H' NA nfs ,. ' 10' 'ig e Ani- ui bs X Y' "1 Nr ,, A s fi. 5" ' X .Xi K , K f:s. f Wu' 5,-if +1 f Ss Q yi Y .. if . . A-i f , 3 he ii xii. I F iii? .S i. 'xx ,'iii3ii.,v5K XS JVQS ii New I P f S K , J fs 1 5 .4 ,Lal if agar? 2: jg e ,Na - yywb A. g 5 A XQQ5 ts Us x IU IOR GIRLS LEAD THE WAY -'Q Cm WJ J ff " , 'X :HV , ",.V,, 'Q -my if- 4. . , Cl. Nm- Winn.-if iw' if-I 'GSW '9""4Kln' m, t-' 41 I , fit if ll ,X W-X J , A x in Susie Abbott John Aitchison Rene Alcaraz Stacy Alexander Jori Allred ff, Xu' 1 Sandro Alvarado Cathy Amelburu Scott Anton Robert Applegate Armando Archuleta Eric Ashley David Ayers David Bagy Curtis Baker Todd Balosh ,Q ,yn ,I I nuff? I ,Vi 7,7 gift Q Lillian Baldwin Gerald Barnes Philip Barnett Lisa Barney Julie Bellingar Ronald Berry John Biazioni Deanna Bingham Roy Bischoff John Blackmon Devon Blair Bryant Bojers Tammy Bolton Charlene Borja Mike Boss N ,X 't JUNIORS ll7 MEMORIES WILL UT BE MQ, Bl aiiggf' 1 4 'Q ..Q, vi 2 , 'YH . .vga JAG X I E li' l f xr 6 Tammy Boucher Bonnie Boudreau Charles Bouley Valerie Bousley Kirby Bower Debbie Winn wishes l l8 JUNIORS ug Nick Boyer Donald Brackbill Jeff Brandez David Braun Kim Brim she had Shawna Ludlow's pie. Emi ly Brinkerhoff Vivian Brown Pam Brownlie Charmaine Buzit David Cannon Austin Bryant Marty Callahan Yolanda Carbullido FGRGOTTE Byfu IQRS f-sw C if' yuan! A 'K Q Wi-6 x .W ' l X Tim Carroll Gary Casper Jennifer Clampit Kathleen Clarke Troy Clayton Charles Cook Danita Carter Brad Childress John Clark Michael Claborn Carmen Clemons Janice Cook Wayne Coggins Lisa Cooper Lynn Colehour Anna Cosse James Combs Roy Cox And Shawna says, "Fat Chance." JUNIQRS 119 MAKI G PR115 DS CA w"'N 4, for lib! we ,sn l U 4 or new pw, 'f' xl' ll una -1 ' Y Q , ' N ' r Y QM b"- ar F- Kelly Coyne Debbie Culley Tom Cumpston Ricky Curtis Mark Dabney Jamie Daniel Elena Davis Karen DeFelice Greigg Denller Denise Darnell Kathleen Dawson Richard DeLacy Susie Dessaints Sandra Alvarado takes time out to smile. l2O JUNlORS Q . 1 Linda Deihl Joe Dinglasan Carlos Dominquez Kyra Douglas Allen Dozier MAKE THE DIEEERE CE F it N -IOM ,QA Muff- '-, , if M 411, J 5 , 'fs '-:iv .. -1 " ' 1 . ' H wig! W' ijgdgvwz ,,,,"Z',,nf, yr Charles Dozier Joe Dunn Debbie Edmunds David Eicher Ardyth Eliason Jack Elliot Rick Elliot Regina Esau Anthony Espinoza Ebone Evanoft 5 A9 Anita Evans Elizabeth Farkas Amy Farnham Regina Feaster Duane Fields Marc Ferguson Leslie Finnegan Stacy Ferguson Kristi Fluharty David smirks after being interrupted from .775 Q, ,fi ,, . W Keith Fobbs James Fogg Dianna Folk his daydream. , Wt, J, , r 1 V JUNIORS l2l EW I-IORIZONS OPE E T X 'L il 5 iw i R Xa'- Q X X ,fx Y Viz. . ,J "'. ' J Q , 3' Ns ways? 'Wir' Robert Foremaster Renee Galvin Michael Glass Crystal Grandjean JOl'1r1 Grey l3lC1ke l'l0lVerSOr1 Richard Farernaster Robert Garcia Jeb Goff Mary Gress Jeff Gross James Hamilton Todd Fraley Jessica Garner David Gogian Gary Francis Jill Garner Debi Goodrich Gerrie Gallegos Marsha Glass Shari Gozikowski "You've got to be kidding", says Justine Rayment l22 JUNIORS , . K in-, - .1 sv-5 ' 'F 4 if Ni 1' ss A if A . i ,us up T0 IU IQRS Ka ren Hamilton Jody Hammond David Hancock David Hancock if el 41" V fu n?-" J ,,'k' f we-'b'2el:. f, V , . -Y L zVA ,A :M , V V it l v X V 4 'N ,V 1 , rw , - me 11 X .N 1" 'll X., I 254 A M A' M 4 l ' ' . H l 'QE M H iii fglf gggff-fs , , -- , W i 1 , ,. '- 13' We .LN V f at ccc - if 1 ,wx if , . V L ' i.-rw we fx Carl Hansen Lisa Harden Cheryl Hanshew Jeff Harkins Marlene Haskell Bobby Haskin Pat Henderson fu C0 Jerry Henry Antonio Hildreth Colette Hill Juanita Hill Michael Hill One of the many students in drafting catches up on Michael Hill Susan Hill Tammy Hill David Holloway Kenny Hopkins his homework. JUNIORS l23 THE CLASS OP '81' l , 1-5' f " ,., iw" ii f Q gf -fe A, vayy I '1 J . vyfz P9 95' 'mfr . f N, -+1-M, www 2 f , w Marion Hoppen William Huish Julie Hutchens Mike lsselin Joanne Jenner Christina Johnson Carina Horst Greg Hunt Lisa Hutt Kathy Janssen Janice Jetter Dorothy Johnson Roberta Hostetter Russell Hunt Terry Houghton Karen Hurlbert Holly Howard Judi Hutchens Susie, Ebonne, and Cathy slap one on. JUNIORS l. l IS NUMBER 1 Jackie Johnson san Johnson Su Ma rshica Jones Ric Ile hard Jones ne Jordan 4X .ff y lil Glenn Justice Lori Kahre Bert Kalsinski Donna Kearns Lydia Kekohuna may M H nt. l Randy Kendrick Stacy Kimmel Laurel King Rusty King Stanley Kline Joe Kolasky Sherry Kolasky Bonnie Kopsa Tina Lang Maria Leavitt dv ,aging , Ricky Star seems to be thinking, "This isn't my "l wouldn't be here if I didn't have to be," says Tony Espinoza JUNIORS i25 IU 10125 ARE ew xi J- Cindy Lee Prathey Lefear Linda Lemasters Kai Liedtke Jonathon Lightfoot Joey shows June the 126 JUNIORS 40 kj' ,-gym. fs 16' f- in-of '49 mr .xx I. rl --v Latonia Lomax Shawna Ludlow Gene Lund Chris Mahoney Francesca Mancan Derrick Lucero Stephen Ludwig David Lussier Theresa Majinska Jong Manley homework assignment Judy Manning John Manzer Terri Martin ' LOUKI 'FI E QQQ R7 N.. 5.6-M' Yulinda Martinez Shawn McAllister Rhonda McClain Donna McCullurn Eiko McEntire Jghn MCKQy Robert Meyn Mike McKearn Jeff Michaelis Anne McManis Cheryl Merholtz Debby Mericle John Miller Gary Mills Billy Eddy makes Joan Minick Wade Mitchell an etching in design crafts. -r ' i . I Ron Manfred Susan Montana Gail Moreland Patty Morlatt Bruce Morrill JUNIORS 127 IU IQRS CLEAR THE WAY ,gy '06-' IV' We Robert Morss David Nelson Mike Nelson Robert Nixon Sherry Nolen Mark Sylveste l28 JUNIORS ,,,,,,,.....fw-M Vi Dawn Nuckels Linda Nuffer Katya O'Brien r thinks, "What in the . . . . ll Q19 Ax: ,Q M 1 L .-,g.,v,,- ' ' Ay ,gg Y 4 swf 1 Y' , ky' Richard Osborn Dawn Outlaw Julie Owens Mike Paquin Margaret Parker ---I Kevin Parkins Lisa Parrish Liberty Pascual Mike Patronik Theresa Patterson POR SOPI-IOMCJRES Xmdjf ws., 2 ,,:,.:3 8 1 , ar: in ,-' ' Luis Paulo Donna Pendry Rod Perry Thelonis Phillips Anthony Piazzo Julie shows incre X pf' Deon Pickle Tina Pinotti Sharon Pipkins dible speed in typing. s.,.,v William Pipkins Lisa Price Tammy Priestly Alice Quinn Clemon Potter George Polson Preston Raitt Rflndy POTTGI' Brenda Pruitt Alan Ray David Braun displays his talent in woods. JUNIORS 129 GETTI G I VOLVED IS WHAT i v HMV. 'Qc' 541 Romona Redic Susan Reed Lawrence Rego Leah Renfrow Rudy Reveles Clemon Potter wor i30 JUNIORS Justine Reyment Renee Rich ks hard in the Library. Jami Richard Glorie Ringwelski Nego Roberts Craig Richards Ephraim Rivera A,-legen Robie I L 4 Heidi Robinette Linda Robinson Jerry Rodriquez Liz Rodriquez Petra Rodriquez SCHOOL IS ALL ABOUT. has f i l Ml X 1 '1- nffI,4fn.9,, ,I XJ' Bryant Rogers William Ryder Greg Schiller Cheryl Schroder Sheila Scott Barry Seaver Bobby Romero Tommy Sandefur Michael Schneider Kimberly Schroter Valerie Scott Donald See Brendolee Roy Dan Scarsdale Sheronda Shaw Robert Rudolphi Victoria Schacker Edward Shoemaker Jerry Ryan Jon Schaffner Jonathan Shore Dorothy takes a peak. JUNIORS l3l fu 10115 WQRK HARD TO 1 V If f' ' Y 1 P 4 M 1? 4 'wi' or , f JJ' 'ith 'ZS-I va., X-'Ji 1 f 3 is 93 ii we ? S 1 LLi' 1 lx H+.:-'rn W Q i Edward Shorey Bonnie Sims Brenda Smith Brian Sickles Kent Simpson Christine Jefferson works on her basket. l32 JUNIORS 'Cv' 6421- r?'VTT , arg Darlene Smith Robert Smith Karl Smith Jackie Smythe Mary Smith Carmen Solorio Stacy, Alana, and Jennifer smile pretty for , 'tg syyy,r ., Z xll f Gary Sorensen Guy Sprangler Lorin Spendlove the camera. ACI-IIEVE THEIR GQALS Jonnie Sproul Alana Stanton Ricky Starr Mu !f"""""-'."!-I'-.N 4-.TV Tony Statom Virginia Stephens Maury Stevens in g E A Gayla Stiles Mitchell Swalley Marcus Sylester Danny Stover Jeff Swan Billy Tait Karen Stroboch Willis Sylva Marci Taylor Curtis Boker tells Jerry Ryan about Saturday night. Gwendolyn Thomas Cynthia Thompson Pamelita Threats Weezy Thurston Charles Tinsley JUNIORS 133 E MORE YEAR FOR IU IORS xx. Debbie Tolas Ralph Trushaw Scott Underwood ,,- Karen Valdez Timothy Vansant Rarnon Varela li Lily Vargas Cecilia Viray Anthony Virtuoso Judi and Julie Hutchens show that Juniors have talent. 134 JUNIORS 9' -wane' 11 E ii.. Steve Vornberg Gretchen Walker James Walton Gail Watson Susan Weaver Tim Webb Starr Weiner Christine Welling TOT! Cindy Wenzler Edith Whales Eric Wilbert Bruce Wilcox Shawn Wilcox fd? -vm. ql. fs 1 K 2' X if f rim W ffw '67 459 Danny Wilder Bleu Williams DeAnn Williams Jean Williams Wilfred Williams Jackie Willis Jeff Wilson Deborah Winn Charlotte Woods Eddie Wilson Reginald Winbush Ray Woods Tonya Woods Juniors support Homecoming Assembly. Ruth Woolman Donna Yarbrough Charlohe Young Kimberli Young Brandy Younger JLJNIORS sv .ff"'W'M f ,Q "I-!f 9 , ya gp "tgps Vg? if'QMg53 I hy! x .5 v:.fH2 ii . 64 fLy6s!: ' ffl A M622 1 SS ff . , mc, 4' in SOPHOMORE PPICERS LEAD THE WAY! i Q A L 5 ' an 1 Y- 0 ,sync Mui-, . . 9 ,. -Kvfg r Z, yt, V Q4 Abitia, Steve Allred, Steve Amelburu, Luis Amerson, Lisa Anderson, Cindy Anderson, Danny Anderson, Lorra Anderson, Monica Anticola, Ed Aragon, Mavis W. A , eiii in 2 xr, .-ui' 'war 'W www ,M Baeza, Maria Bally, Kelle Bailey, Scott Baker, Kimberly Balash, Terri Banks, Dawna Barnes, Greg Bartee, John Baseel, Lisa Beckstead, Matt Bedotto, Leslie Bishoft, Mindy Bennett, Darrel Blevins, Linda Bennett, Jimmy Blomgren, Nick Bennington, Kimberly Booth, Starla Bingham, John Borla, Theresa SOPHOMORES 137 SOPHOMORES PARTICIPATE f- avian! pil, 3-ff 1-I pun 1i'?"Z' 4 0:4 iii' liaarya ,ff-We , , Boss, Diane Bowley, Barbara Bradt, Kim Briesacher, Maria Bossi, Regina Booze, Christine Breeden, Danny Brooks, Michael Bowes, Theresa Bradfield, Lori Brickey, Pam Brooks, Russel Brosemer, Elizabeth Susie Tallard prepares to take a picture. Brown, Dawn l38 SOPHOMORES Brown, Mark Burkett, Richard Burns, Laura Burright, Brigitte Bushang, Betty A-,Z Cape, Sheila Comacho, Lupe Cambell, Kevin Cannon, Marvin Carbullido, John ur I ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES me - - - - J- f if 'Wu YJ ,.,. M' QW' X.: Ny' bww' LJ K , H , z , ,f . I ,s 6 M Xl 'Wiki it 17 I i ,f W T Q 'i ' .. k . , Case, Tim Cash, Johnny Castagno, Tony Chavez, Elizabeth Chaves, Kim Cheney, Sandra Choinere, John Clampits, Mike Clark, Victor Clory, Michael Coggins, Danny Cook, Norman Connel, John Casper, Desiree Collins, Chris Cooper, Mark Cordova, Dennis Countryman, Lisa Collins, Danny Consentino, Ruthann Corral, Lucia Cowan, James Cook, George Cook, James Jeff Noel stops for a picture on the way to class. SOPHOMORES I39 SOP!-IOMORES FACE NEW If - P 'A"L'L .,,- Sym' is g fl ""' ' . : iff A l -- .,-k , WM, " Q1 gg V if V . gi f ' Q .I ., .Avi L .Vg Q . 'g"' --' i f-' it Mag, .' sf ,ei s ,,. 'ZX K Coyne, Penny Crowder, Cathy Cunningham, Chuck Crew, Donna Crowther, Dennis Curtis, Rhonda Sue Henley takes time out of her studing to look at the cameraman. 140 SOPHOMORE i f A . 4+ C172 1 49 X ,- W 4. 3" 04. , ' .. 1, ,ip Z ,,,.,,. N . I TX, ie Y xv' Dalfonzo, Simone Daniel, Jody D'Ambra, Tony Darling, Calvin Davis, Becky dk M, Davis, Chuck Dean, Terri Debiase,Anthony Debiase, Yolanda Dechant, Jurgen Deitch, Laura Deluca, Joe Delacy, Richard Denney, Leslie Dennis, Christina CHALLE GES IN 1980 -A-a """i 'wif vw Denton, Patricia Dietrich, Beth Dodge, Minnie Y Dominguez, Ma rio Dozler, Vickie Durn, Joe Edwards, Cynthia Eicher, Mike Elliot, Gene Ellis, Merle Ellis, Patricia Erwin, Gary Empey, Bret Farkas, Reuben England, Barbara Fa rnham, Tony Linda Moldovan gives us one of her looks. '-6 i A Ficklin, Prentis Finley, Latricia Fitzwater, Robin Flores, David Folar, Rich Fooshee, Renee Ford, Louanna Foryth, Carl Franco, John Frederickson, John SOPHOMORES I 41 CLASS OF '82 .rf Z. fx ,. .. N ,A so . gs, "' 1 'K l my 1 sqm U A K..n3 Fuller, Millie Furushiro, Antinette Garcia, Danny Garcia, Phyllis SOPHOMORES 1-4 Garcia, Vivian Garza, Tony Gibson, Michael Glimp, Scott Goodrich, Tamara Gordon, Tami Greenland, Suzan Grant, Edward Greterman, James Gray, Lyndon Guarino, Tracy vi 'J' I xii Guy, Terri Hafen, Paul Hagen, Julie N X, Mike Solorio studies hard, not unusual for him. v X if Hale, Tami Hallett, Eric Hallock, Terry PREPARES FOR THE FUTURE '22 -,lf 'iii f .1 a 1 ,fi X a it V i A,,,,, 5 R ,V ' J mi ' V W , 'gy' Xl , V " .:,w"h,,L fi 5' LL ', V ll, i3" ng, " I f ,-, A-.J of N '- " "'f ' r a Nw.. Halverson, Richard Hammond, Ivan Haney, Terri Hanlon, Bill Harris, Jeff f I Hartman, Pam Haskin, Sheila Hauglin, Robert Hausner, Joe Haynes, Jean ,Q 1 ,6 2 Ni lll rf' we w Z 55? if 5 Ha' M if W is 1 , A , 5 ,,, ? ' gif I ll of' S? wb Heath, Thomas Heckathorn, Robert Henley, Susan Henry, Heidi Hinger, Thomas Holly, Randy Herman, Ronda Hoefert, Malinda Holmstrom, John Hileman, Teresa Hoeg, Dawn Holtz, Michael Peggy Munson learns how to roll film. SOPHOMORE I43 SOPHGMORES INTERESTED -it 5 .5 X le-ei at X , at X X ,f 5 ii 4 f it F Q 'ak' af 5' W , . X - . 7. L E av ,J ZF Q -W .. Q H ,V .1 sg- -vs , f .4 s , l' 5 R , 'X x -.,-lin. l i Qt if X X ' as He N., pf is l ,xl '- ff gel Q , I .QR .1 9 X l I 1 f ' Qi Houston, Penny Howard, Ed Huff, Machaelle Huish, William Irene, James l44 SOPHOMORE xx, wh ,K lglff Johnson, Sam Jones, Janice Jones, Jock Geneva Smith working on her assignment. JOFIES, Kevin Keck, Sqndy Kalpinski, Steve Kelley, James Kaufmann, Jane Kelly, Darlene x, is -l i 'QPU' ii f A x Kent, Eric Kerekes, Cindy Kersey, Tammy Kieffer, Don Killian, Penny N NEW IDEAS i."'7i" ff' i zx,:.:gz, . - f - gg Y, ivir vffi ' Q ,on-.W KW my , . ,f,,,,f it .,,,,. fy. ' :ww-if Ai- ,LL Avi, fffiiw 5 1-' it - if A V wh 1 '- 2 ' pc" vgwi - ' I xr -ff J' gh , ill 1 -Li-, 'MQW Kimble, Jeff King, Valerie Kinney, Beverly Kinum, Kathy Kiser, Elizabeth Kiser, Jackie Kline, Jaime Krieger, Gayle Kuhn, Patricia Lablance, Lori N 1 ,N . Lablanc, Terry Lara, John Laub, CGSSY Lackinger, Monica Larue, Waltina Lawrence, LOTCIHYO Landeros, Sergio Laswell, Greg Leavitt, ROQGV Ann Stalker smiles at the camera. ,1 X i Leavitt, Cary Lee, Ricky Leonard, Steven Levi, Angela Lilley, Mary fy SOPHOMORE 145 OTHI G BUT THE BEST WILL , v , -:nan 'Hifi ,tp ea , N,N 1 . :.,f cv Longoria, David Longoria, Richard Lopez, Ricky Danny and Sylvia I46 SOPHOMORE Liifii ,V ii ffm Q Ap- 21 Lovett, George Luna, Lawrence Mackey, Rebecca Mvffifn Robin MCAWOHYI GOWN Lowy, Paul Lund, Raymond Magdos, Arnetfe Martinez' Adriano M'-7Ci90VIYf Bili Lucas, Scott Lyman, James Magee, Stephen MOSSOWI R00 McCormick, DOUGH Mapes, Jqmes Maftke, Renee McCraw, Ronda Mqjinskgl Mike Mayor, Roberta McGee, Kimberly pose for a picture. DO FOR THE CLASS OP "82". 'Q' 'lL7xCIl" ws. ww" 1 N ' ' G,,L 'd' X, Q7 4' ar at , 5 5 McGuire, Steve Mclntyre, John McKenzie, Maggie McKinley, Toni McMillan, Vick'y Meadows, Angie Meeks, Tracy Meeks, Veronica Mercer, Robert V, RW' Merryman, Opal Mick, Leslie Mills, Ron Messina, Troy Miller, Cindy Minutoli, Diane Meyer, Karin Miller, Irene Moldovan, Lynda Luis, John, Jimmy, and Maria sit quietly as they wait for class to begin. Monje, Cynthia Morre, Gretta Moreland, Pamela SOPHOMORE 147 G STUDYL G IS A PART 10' 6 ,,, WN. K . I QM my .-f' x I, ,Q 9. Moreland, Terri Morss, Robert Moten, Debra This sophomore I48 SOPHOMORE Moudy, Lee Mueller, Ruth Mudery, Steve Munson, Peggy Mueller, Cheryl Myers, Gary bites her nail, while thinking of the test she has next period. i v , ,gk .mf N - f N Nelson, Paula Nelson, Raphael Nelson, Derek Nevarez, Johnny Newman, Emma of 'Sly WQAEV ul Newton, Johnny Noel, Jeff Nutfer, Tommy Oeser, Deborah Ogden, Kyle X ,mf ""Cl-iv' Oliphant, Teresa Overmoen, Joy Owen, Kelly Owen, Mike Pacheco, Ron 1-5 2 OP SOPI-ICJMORE DAILY ROLITINE WM Ee fe 'sw s ,vig Page, Ramona Popp, Joann Parsons, Denise Parkins, Tracy Paris, Clarke Parvin, Darin Patronik, Paul Patton, Tony Payne, Linda Peat, Antoinette Pereira, Richard Perkins, Wanda Peters, Willa rd Peterson, Susan Phillips, Gwendolyn N X fiw Phillips, Theresa PlCl4, SUS-Un Piazza, Jge Pickle, Todd Pickatt, Carolyn Plummer, Vedeone Heidi Henry stops and smiles on the way to class. Y'4I'g'i'C1' Powell, Guy Preston, Carolyn Prieto, Guillermo SOPHOMORE l-49 SOPHOMORES YELL THEIR WAY TU ,,,, fir ,, 1,415 Yf"Y' .,.,.,' fx via .ffix Y. ,.,o, WU n.,,,,f Quinlan, Rebecca Ramirez, Juan Randolph, Donald Randolph, Ronald Ray, Ricky l5O SOPHOMORE Rayburn, Richard Reed, Randy Reynolds, Brenda Riggle, John Riley, Richard X. Robins, Brian Robertson, Tammi Rodriguez, David Rogers, Monica Roland, David Rosborough, Larry Rose, Robert Rost, Gregory Ruiz, Richard Ruesch, Lefiie Rush, Donna Rysavy, Korennia Rush, Lisa Salazar, Sylvia Spirited Sophomores win Homecoming spirit stick. VICTORY AT I-IOMECCDMI G ASSEMBLY. ,Q if ,af msgid' was . If ta, Wav' 'tiff-rx fi .xv I, eq 5 L ,O R' -tt ,.1V I ,gf ' N V, A A , ,ft . 2 . "M.,'f7 l, Sanchez, Mary Jo Sanderlin, Ray Sargeant, Linda Sanchez, Rocco Sargeant, Cheryl Savage, Evie Schafer, Jim Schemenauer, Gordon Schiller, Christine Schiang, Krystal Schneider, Angie Schultz, Tammy Scoggins, Renne Scott, Gary 1' K-f Scott, Jeff Scott, Williams Scurlock, Susan Searles, Cristy Seegmiller, Kay Sg ro, Joyce Shammo, Tina Sharbach, Steve Shock, Terri Sirnerdla, Chris SOPHOMORE l5l SUPHOMORES WORK TOGETHER TU . K1-'l W'L' Q 4". ,':h l my A' S ..2ff ' Wig, fbi' ,ffl nl ., QL . Q A-frm 'Am S . ,is in ..,,,wmxM Shore, Michael Shipley, Kathi Shorey, Sheri Cheryl Mueller l 52 SOPHOMORES Simpson, Kent Sisseck, Daniel Small, Michele looking through old yearbooks. Skarda, Kelli Smith, Anthony Snyder, David Snyder, Norman Solomon, Carolyn Solorio, Michael Stanley, Michael Stegaier, Debbie Spencer, Andwre Staubs, Billi Stovall, Paula Solittgerber, Connie Stebritz, Debbie Strouse, Jeff Springer, Clarence Stalker, Ann Trina Blazek doing her homework at the last minute MAKE THEIR CLASS THE BEST. 420' ,J , gg if N. I Stouse, Steve Stumpf, Doug Sundberg, Everstt Switzer, Tammy Sword, Kimberly f4f"'Q5 4.44 Q., M i' fl Tallard, Susette Thomas, Decall Thangtoku, Atchoia Tiongson, Burton Townsend, Donald Thomas, Brenda Thomas, James Tiliery, Maria Toole, Terrence Trushaw, David Thomas, Darrin Thompson, Ronnie Tingley, James Torres, Rhonda Turner, Renee Vanblaricon, Cathy Steve Abitia and Sergio Landeros enjoying spanish class. SOPHOMORE 153 SQPHOMORES LUOK Ki? re .i li .,,,v-Y' l--fx i ,n 4' Tv W X 'wr-13 Veach, Bonnie Vela, Bernie Verde, Margaret Villanueva, Diana Walker, Garry 154 SOPHOMORES ix Walker, Janice Walker, Teresa Walls, Simone J.V. Cheerleaders ..,,g s ,f . ,,ll I x I' f, A, 4 ' '-L' . 12if"v'w i iffiilzf as ,i , .4 'll . -K JY ff: f X is l l 64' L ' 1- Wegley, Elaine Wells, Joel Wess, Laura TOWARDS THE FUTURE Mn ,, M, N., 4,,' ii? -ind . , X, Whipple, Lori Whitney, Robin Williams, Betty Willis, Debbie Wilson, Stephanie Wright, Calvin White, Daniel Wilcox, Mark Williams, Donnette Windows, Fred Wright, Chuck White, Marcus Wilkerson, Jeffrey Williams, Terri Wolf, Debbie This Sophomore listens to the teacher as she finishes her work. Are YOU seeming double? SOPHOMORE l55 x Q 1 'ag 156 FRESHMAN l...,,,,,,,,. 4 - Q ,Q 'Q 2 M VP '- K. 41 ...M 1' 4 ,.. T ... .AW ,XQA . ,,,, , i S my ww L eff Gene PRESHMAN SCHOOL SPIRIT IS SKY-HIGH! Ad, tr fn' Y' -Z' Av ,, i. 4 5 Accocella, Frank Adams, Edwin Adams, Torri Aitchison, Jimmy Akins, Sandy -d' . gif! "X I f w W 'isa "7 . " N9 ,Ml "f VV -V . ,QL if. Alipio, Mildred Allred, Nino Altmannsberger, Robert Anderson, Linda Anderson, Lynn Anderson, Versa Arteogo, Able Bacchella, Steve Bailey, Theresa Balaun, Mike Barnes, Daryl Beaks, Sung Becker, Roberto Bedwell, Juli Belden, Carolyn Belkoffer, Donna Benavides, Marcie Benitez, Eugene Bennett, Michele Berrelleza, Alan Best W , il ' Bigham, Tim my , ,W 41 ham Bittman, Deborah Blain, Dorcey Blomgren, James FRESHMAN l57 B 'iii r 655 lm A31 f-:,,, f J 'x , Mfr , I N 12,1 FB-ff' ff' FRESHMA TALE T ul ,Q B 41" vi' 'sry' "-' Blower, Pamela Bolien, Jim Brogan, Matt Boeckrnon, Troylynn Bolden, Jarvis 158 FRESHMAN Bowers, Rod Boyer, Terri Branscum, Terri Bridges, Anthony Brooks, Chuck Brown, John Brown, Margie Brown, Sondra Burcharn, Steven Calvillo, Corolino Callahan, Mathew Callahan, Michelle Callahan, Rhonda Connon, Richard Carbonoro, Philip Being a freshman is a chance to grow. 5 'WA Carlson, Brett Cannal, Edwin Cuff, Lionett Carter, Steve Carrasco, Jeannette Casey, Chantell - ll LIMITED W' twigs 'Yuri YTM7' If .N rung ' W., ,ff x ,L X sr, f' A "g,Ql' ,ft , M. W' lf We-0' 4-Q..--. 'il My Castro, Jeanette Chaves, Juanita Chastoney, Kim Clark, Patricia Chaves, Jeff Cline, Kathy Cline, Kim Cogburn, Randi Collins, Micheal Cook, Sonia Cooley, Michele Cooper, Randey Cooper, Richard Cooper, Steve Cosse, Gene Couch, Jackie Crane, Jack Crew, Joe Crytz, Richard Cuellar, Bryan Cummins, Debbie af, X if 1 Q"'W'kz Daniel, Christa Daniel, Judy Davis, Anthony Davis, Stephanie Dawson, Sharon FRESHMAN l59 PRESHMA Pl DNEW wwf VU' -vu:-P' NGN 3.0-in iff' X -'rl MC w...,,:r "LX YQ? iiii - fffltr: Z ' is Day, Curtis Diehl, Monica Dodge, Paul Defelice, Dana Divoni, Cheryl Dominguez, Laura Delavega, Gabriel Dobos, Stephanie Dornak, Lisa Deweese, Danny Dickson, Vereen 160 FRESHMAN Drefke, Maureen Duff, Steve Durler, Howard Edmunds, Janine Eicher, Lorie Freshman can make it happen. We-H Elkins, Frank Empey, Bret English, Donald Escobar, Aurora Espinosa, Laninela - N Essary, Bill Everett, Carolyn Petting, Jayme Fitzhugh, Samantha Flaisman, Sharon CHALLE GES IN 1980. if wi, fi -4 f"? -H-N... Folk, Sanda Fortney, Rebecca Foulke, Dawn Franklin, Stephanie Furton, Laura Flint, Devon Flores, Victoria Floyd, Regina Fogg, Sean Foley, Darla Here we sit broken Yonai 3. 'ii if 'Star 19 -A01 'Q ' if g . . , 4 Gage, Regina Giggs, Steve Galin, Bill Gilbreath, Richard Gamboa, Grullemo Ginger, David Garcia, Lisa Garland, Suzanne hearted .... what a trip we've only started. Goade, Mike Goegren, Elizabeth Grandjean, Cheryl Gray, Gregory Green, Thomas Griffith, Micheal Griffith, Michelle Grimm, Agnes FRESHMAN l6l FRESHMAN FI D THAT EDLICATIO Y 'WNV W7 ff vuzvl Y. --+V L-Q , H ,Q f. X , in K A kl- "A1'1 V' Gutowski, Danny Hall, Michaelann Hankins, Karen Harrington, Kevin Hale, Gloria Hamilton, Terry Hanks, Sheri Harris, Sharon Hall, Michael Hancock, Teresa Handy, Malissa Harris, Sharon Hartley, Seana Heisler, Debbie , N T11 Kwai Hendry, Shawn Herman, Wendy Hernandez, Lisa Hernandez, Yauter Hicks, Cody l62 FRESHMAN Freshman Look Forward To Becoming Upperclassmen. Hileman, Melanice Hill, Alvin Hodge, Beverly Holmes, Geoffrey Holmes, Jennifer IS A LIFE SENTENCE. N.. 7' Aa.,-f ,4't., Q' hm ,Hg nw 4' mf , J: X V .cs fs ,Ar '-fx ...fn . 1 if Hoover, Brion Horst, Henry Hovater, Juanita Howorth, Down Howell, Bruce -J 49.41 it i ii K ., Howser Eric Hrouse, David Humenski, Mike Hunk, Karen Hurst, Ronald Freshman face new 519' ,fx f' Inzunza, Rigo Jackson, Jockie Jeska, Annette Jensen, Russel! Jenkins, Modena experiences. "" if-js-fi ,TY Y gary ,N F: 1 -121 Johnson, David Johnson, Suson Jones, Andrew Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Pamela Jones, Lorraine Johnson, Kirk Johnston, Kim Kaniewski, Jennifer FRESHMAN 163 PRESHMA fl My X 2, k Q 1 if . E W Jr 'X ,I ' I K Egg , , Hr, V, I 2. , Iwi ., , if ,el ,li ' ,i,lNf,lli GQ wg 4,-A-at I , E f if ARE PROUD TO BE 'hw' 'wb 'Q s. ,w YW NJ?" -'flffi 'S 'Lili' - lu King, Debbie Klaumenzer, Mark Kline, Shirley Knight, Donna Kruhalsi, Jeffery Lapin, Florince Lapin, Tom LaPlant, Diane Lernasters, Brenda Lamancusa, Evelyn Lanl, Maryette Kastel, Crystal Keck, Deanna Keffer, Keith Kerr, Tommy Kiser, Kim Freshman find new life at Eldorado. 164 FRESHMAN Laub, Debbie Lenehan, Joseph Leanard, Mike Leavitt, Staci Lightfoot, Michael f , I Linder, Nancy Lippard, James Long, Marla Long, Paula Lopez, Antonia THE CLASS OP 83. , rf! , I ,, ,H -,ff . - ,W -f ,W:g,,:g,,,,?, OC' ti p 4' FV Q .,X, Whkil Q f.f ,.. N - " ssss s Q A A Y -., - K, X' X, nb Love, Jackueline Lowe, Roby Lund, Hollie Lussier, Lee May, Oscar Magee, Renee Mapes, Patty Mazza, Melinda Mailoy, Shawn Moreno, Christinez McAnalIy, Greg Manganello, Mark Mathews, Brian McCabe, George Mantie, Jennifer Mayeda, Kenneth McCulloch, Ronald Manzer, DeeDee Freshman study attentively. C ,J-N., McCurdy, Tony McDonald, Danny Mclntyre, James McKinnon, Teresa McWeeny, Barbara fmt? ' ' rryr 'x Meeds, Tina Mickens, Marjori Mills, Heather Montana, John Morrelann, Terri FRESHMAN 165 PRESHMAN LIFE EXCITI G I MA ,-" A-" I - P P I -"" ' 'H A iw " ' swf' I-f,,i,f -V fb 'MEI' P Lg P '-JF" v f..- Q- n V ' -'Wi Qff ., M .1 , MN, P Q , W, ,X H, X M , ,, V . . ,,, , If iw- H? lik, W , WV kc, , 41 X Mr v' W 'KX f 41- gobw 'U W 'Obi' A-sv-A My-f ft-, Q iixx P X X Aix A x Morgan, Terri Mormon, Cinthia Morino, Christine Moore, Dortheo Mooris, Scott l66 FRESHMAN x 1 'fi' Xf-"""! x,, i Z. '45!5:a1L' Mudery, Brian Oliver, Bill Paige, Ottis Parks, Bill Mykleburst, Trygue Owen, Kimberly Popp, Daniel Parsons, Traci Neidermyer, Mindy Paddock, Darren Parker, Marnie Passantino, Nanci Neurauter, Roddy Patterson, Pat Newman, Rhonda Pearson, Lorri Freshman working toward Career in life. Pena, Patricia Perallo, Alvin Pettit, .lim Peterson, Rod Pick, Louis WAYS, "83" IS THE WAY TO BE!! F H, 'M www' -4999- .xl l. V ff .Q FB ,.,.,...f' C R f"'x , ,f,,,, Piesce, Darrell Pinatti, Jeannett Plant, Johnny Plummer, Roderich Poliandro, Caterina ,Q ,Tai Poniervoz, Wade Povelko, Stephen Pratt, Ernest Press, Lance Provenzano, Peter 'X Rasmussen, Shirley Regan, Richard Ricella, Christopher Rayburn, Richard Reitz, Tony Roberts, Melvin Reaser, Debbie Reyon, Kathy Roberts, Mercedes Freshman studying the shape of his future. Rodriguez, Lucia Rodwender, Scott Rojas, Liliana Romero, Cindy lf'N,f Rosbo rough, Ku rtis Rose, Andeen Ross, Paul FRESHMAN l67 FRESI-IMA LDQK AHEAD AY ,ff ,fx Rumsey, Hollie Rutter, Wes Ryan, Glen Saggio, Andrea Salyer, Dana 168 FRESHMAN J at g A X' ii . ,.,A gf-y , nz! ff A S X W" Qi ., ,, ,M WH, ,,,, if "' me M1 ,L,, .ffeeigzfih -gzk -D fi-fe., ' :. it ' J eers Sama, Gary Schroter, Debbie Scoggins, Lisa Samantha, Fitzhugh Scott, Janet Settles, Kraig Samples, David Scott, Steve Shanon, Clayton Sands, Melissa Schjang, Denise Freshman year going by in a flash! d4J""l'l' . - i x, iyik K, -. ,- N f .f s 'QQ . ' J . ff ,tt wr In T 'iirhsv I , A 'grlqhz ,K K Mm,fj,g- .E, W, A - if .. , Wy, 'W-ff--.Q V i Shark, Jeff Shepard, David Sherard, John Sherard, Gary Sheridan, Janine Shorey, Robert Sheer, Mike Shultz, Cassandra Sickles, Gary Sisseck, Tina i i TO THEIR SOPHOMORE YEAR. l 'S ,',. Vw H f W., - W M H , ,,. Q :,:f:' H fl' r 1 'f K ww, ,IS 'S-. 2 5 it , I x A Skinner, Leonard Skougard, Mark Smith, Brian Smith, Candy Smith, Joyce 'M 1 x, My -if Snipes, Denell Snyder, Maryanne Soderling, Carol Soliz, Christina Splitzerber, Jill ri L if www-f' xr ,,,, .fy Stalker, David Stankey, Dean Staton, Karen .mfs Staubs, Ricky Steckes, Helen Stephaniedes, Karen Freshman show upper-classmen howto do it right. Stewart, Lisa Stone-besges, David Stott, Gary Strong, Kenneth Strouse, David Sullivan, Lisa Sundberg, Tony Swalley, Patricia Tabb, Kelly Teninty, Linda FRESHMAN 169 V PRESHMAN SAY O I l I I , ""f' 'gf mf Su- xy ' Thorns, Pete Tripp, Valerie Valles, Joe Vickers, Dawn Walken Cl'leVYle Thayer, Paul Troop, Brenda Von Desun, Holly Villa, Yvonne Waller, Steve Thomas, Milton Turner, Teresso Vaughan, Faithann Waldrip, Darwin WGHOY1, SCOTT Tille ry, Trich Tochhorn, Sullivan Gossip brings freshman closer together. l7O FRESHMAN Rx 5 Ward, Barry Warren, Troy Washington, Gertrude Washington, Patricia Watkins, Evans "WATCH QUT" - "WE'RE COM'I ". -wgwpw 5 ww "C""f 9 A 4 Q .X M, , -1 . -1 1 "vm f M ' ' Wescott, Brian Wells, Bianca Wesley, Marc Wharram, Ben White, Robert 'S N. Www Whitlock, Cindy Whitt, Richard Widick, Kathy Wilder, Lynette Williams, Linda Williams, Luann Williams, Peggy Wilson, Michael Williams, Terryl Wilson, Todd Williamson, Donna Freshman problems .... No problem. Winn, Herb Wisnigwski, Mike Wollin, Brian Wolverton, Mary Worley, Tammy Woolston, Cecice Wright, Amber Young, Kim Zobrist, Gretchen FRESHMAN l7l 172 SPORTS .wk- , 1 - W' fjfff' , A 1 . 1 -, :LI xl ' .,-,',": V' Q gs x N ...,,.. gx ,rj -I4 'lg if Lf' ' . V1 5 ,fx 4"'L -Jw-CW ' V, '. . Assy- - -a. ' F . ,Af ff Bn ' ,,-,H M fic' 5 x us ,X .-5 .V ,Q .555 L ,,,u'5-'-is-j,- ,Y L"'n . ' , ',,J .. 'p.r,: r.. ' ,hiv , ,I SWF., .rr 11'- LW. K,,, .,.. .wfvifg ,, F-fjg-,fjifj .WH 1: ,SX 1 .. .. 'V"', :' H ,f 5:2 , 17g:1f5'!'.,f4-5.14" Q: -if W.,--.i.,4 V- ..Q "'-,.'1-'.6Q'.-'::'W'w-- - -. ,.za.,.,-5 xv, . ., .. ,. - , M, A Q-"' .L "3 . -',g+.W5"ka, AQ- ' .Q atfglgi l W' , ,N . dn., Q g,,. L1 ,V ,g ""ifi. f1.,,,',s:' ,, .q f, : V '.',4,, ,wi Q! iff.-'-' 4,4 .:, Imp I 33. 'fJ'f'l' .,-423.5 . L A ' .- . .Y 551 h X -A ..V.,, , ,gf 15' XA 1,555 f 0 4 , . X N 1 , 1 Us 'U' 1 ,4, ,ai ELDORADO VARSITY FOOTBALL Upper Left: Coach Cary Mitchell, with his assistant coaches, Gutowski and Truijillo, watch as the varsity march down the field to their homecoming win. Bottom Left: The team effort is aided by the managers, Heather Leathers, Robert Foremaster, and Stacy Ferguson. Bottom Right: Eldorado quarterback, Eric Ray, runs a sweep right formation, SPORTS TAKES A LEAP A D WINS THE CLEAT! ROW 'l. L-R Willis Sylva, Gary Casper, Scott Styles, Dieter Stiglitz, Mike Holloway, Prather LeFear, Tanner Sanders, Rene Algtaz, Swaney Hewing, Keith Carroll, Bobby Meyn, Ken Reed. ROW 2. L-R Tony Esponoza, Pete Magdos, Nick Boyer, Mike Glass, Billy Tracy, Willferead Williams, Gary Waller, Mike Shark, Eric Ray, Mark Ferguson, Steve McMillan, Tim Morrill, Rick Smith, Billy Eddy, Ricky Curtis, Leo Sanchez, Gerald Barnes, Brad Chilsress, Jerry Rod rigez. The Eldorado Varsity Football Team achieved great successes this year. Eldorado's varsity beat teams that have never beaten before in the history of our school. The highlight, and most significant victory of the i979-80 season, was the thrilling sudden-death overtime victory over Chapparel High School. This victory was our first time ever football win over our cross-town rival. To the victor goes the trophy, and our win over Chapparel allowed Eldorado to gain possession of Merlin's Cleat for the first time since this tradition and trophy were instituted between our two schools. SPORTS i75 176 SPORTS Number -- 80 Steve McMillan, 33 Tim Reed, 5l Tanner Sanders, 88 Swaney Hewing, 44 Billy Tracy, I0 Eric Ray, Number - 50 Tony Quarles, 24 Ken Reed, 77 Leo San- chez, 7l Tim Morrill, 61 Rick Smith, 52 Keith Carroll. The Eldorado Varsity Sundevils were contenders for the con- ference title right up to the last two weeks of the season. Even after it was clear that Eldorado was not going to win the division title, our team showed their class by beating the divi- sion champion, Las Vegas High School during the last game of the season. The team's success can be directly attributed to the excellent coaching efforts of l-lead Coach Mitchell and all of his assistants. Eldorado is developing a football tradition of excellence and we are looking ahead to our first state cham- pionship. X pnqaoliivvunv 1g A A Wg Anna-snow J.-.,-pp. --q'uua-nun AS TI-IE 1979-80 YEAR PROGRESSED, THE if 1, 5 Q I , in SN J J ' J if , A E. R a riff 51 1 ' R' A ti 5 2'rl 3 f , r in Sift .Q f A 1 935 . 1 ' ,J P ff. it e G .gyda ., Q 9: A fi' ,Htl X -5 ff. U J t . ,Y 4 - E K I K, I 8, I . A ' 0' W f v ' "M r A . . 4 W.-'f 1 , .. - . ,c ,... '--. 'A 1 ,gf f ' . --, N ' . .. -.X 5' ,,,.., '- , ,-Jjx wmv, - L U 'J 1. ,, . Aw, - J t A- -'Y--,, .,g..A-. 'fry fm. if' ,' ,- ,. .' N. 'f s , -:,0 ',, ' , " ff '1' J xjw- :.wQx.:'--,Q fchilg. 'f.R'fff. -s,'7gf,'W"'fT'w , f ' rw- " vw if. A, f, V . A . , . , :. ,f WW. .L 3 V -I V , ,kj -kr JAM- ,A.Af.?,,7,A4,i13,q-:X,.f'i?,L,,..?:,1vi. .. raw!-V Q, ,,v,.L...: .dy L LVWQM, ,tcm K ,MQ-.gt X 4 5. l, YV 1 X + w L if A . ' 1 42, Q' pw ,wwf ff J ' V+ f. .A -, wt ' -' --,rl -P'-n'...f H, if if-N14 "-Xisflf-1 W V if-be 'f , ,P f...,,.,r:.api-.f'efw'2"., 1. ,- we iw ' , Q' 3' 'lr t J K. 1-,wg Q' -"gilt 0 'rw.,. wg if ,W E' f , ' ,M ,-.,W,, --Men. Q- , , if W, .1 ge. -5 Ty, 11,3 f'x3"37W a,""':1Wf'- ' 'W .Quail Y"-X1T.T'-'-il.-,Ex-.,,g, Sqft?-1,3'..Qf"r.TQ k K. --i".,5'f,".r2 437, . :mf ,.v,gyv Q -ui 'Q ' 4 was-,'f'iQi "IM-1,Q!xi,1'k s.J,gk4,.u,gflx5g.43. "",,tf? A-Wie.,-3u'fn-gfsylki, Ui w,""X'o,, ' we-fu J . 1 J of-. fm- rv- -1 , g. .,-5.:.f95Yf. tif. . .fy ..+..:io-J .V Y. . wpw-. .tc Q :fi i'a:w.'l-vhs.-vs: if ROW 'I. John Bartee, Jeff Harris, Ivan Hammond, Jimmy Bennett, Mark Brown, Ricky Lee, Tony Garza, Richard Sander, Erik Kent, ROW 2. Richard Ruiz, Roger Leavitt, John Riggle, Victor Clark, Garry Walker, Steve Magee, Chuck Wright, Danny Breeden, Richard Pereia, Mark Cooper, ROW 3. Gale Word John Lara, Grey Barnes, Marty Walsh, Ed Howard, Bernie Vela, Eric Hallett, Dean Sandberg, Edward Grant, Richard Burrkett, Greg Laswell, Brian Rodin Pat Stinnett. 178 SPORTS Q4 v df' v. ,e .XM xxx! f? iv. T S . J ' 3' kssiik , ,I X 5 S s K, o ' A 1 . 'X ,I .gt . X . if .W ' 1 f V iii.-P l f H E K 3 3151... . VV . .f 4' - A in C :dur sg is.. by 5 A was-. V 'greg S FOOTBALL TEAM HAD GREAT SUCCESS. V-fy . Vu, E.. V. J 'A ' J' "VF ' VVll 1r"'f?"fIi'f',ff , - ' ' '. " . V 'w - f QV Q' W.. V N., 4 V . W f' V+ E " ' " 'Eff ' ' . "" .Vw ' . , 1" "vu L. WMVVWVM V-Q Vf -rw-w, ..:i1,,mg-,V V - . 1 W... .3 .xmf A ,. A' hw, L ,iL,,g,jja.,: Vglgi QV '2 , ,MW -Y , .ivtw rw- . .,- . . .- -r . ,f,, ' www , i"V-A--ur -, V, ' -VWff,w,,.L ' f 5 , V V' 3. IV. hi' 'E iff-if VV - lv VH1"A?f" ,Q 'if H ' JMEVF' "' ' t V l HA, '- kfqlfifiilf ' ' ' ' -- L .B ffw!iE'Q9"' 74' HEX:-wif ,Zz 2 '- ., 0' V. .V 1-ws, All' 54 23'"',VH-mQ'lZ4Vx1f:rfdqZ1' my ,, f. , . ,,.- -,, ,,-VH Vt-Vvm-,mfr V- 'Vrmw - V. ,M .,V..,W1-'1- 'ww W ff, lb, ,Jn . .V . ' . ff. ' ' 'V . Y! ' V H A .T Q ,,,, -W V- V ' . A ' l ' ' . -.V mi' ' 'rf-'hi M.. .1-' . ,N Jr'-u.i'? ' . ' -z I' bf, V. 'z . 1. , ,Qf sy J i5iffi"frf'.i..- V, . .4ff-..- pw V. e' ,-:w.gf""" Q- , V "'E Q... f 1 ff? . V"" QW , .VV ' 'W f i? - fff " ' . Tig 4T 2'f'i -5592? ' , M fy 3' J ' 2' f 3' Vi M- , I " 'Q V . . fi Vw- in .. .V ,,,- ..V':i. 'r'i?Wf.V.1f,d 2f : V- -J. 'lf ffl ff? -T f2fF',.5':3'V"?w1'f?'sat-?2'fi" -VV-:ff 15, "H": ', Q-e"q4ir,gf,--g.iV,.,, W, r . ,:. sz. 'ff .V W -'iyqf 'V ,,,, , 5 . " ' , ' Z " 1 157 M VP 5 The Eldorado Junior Varsity Football team has had a very successful year. The team members have played well to- gether and helped one another toward their victories. The J.V. team finished up their season with a flourish, beating Rancho and Las Vegas High Schools in the final two games. The Eldorado J.V. Football Team worked very hard to be number one. We know that the future holds the title of Number One for our J.V. team. Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Gorman Clark Valley Western Basic Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Eldorado Chaparral O Bonanza 32 Rancho O L.V.H.S. O SPORTS l79 ELDURADO PRESI-IMA . A f' iAi xl.L R K .. i - ' V '..1 ,- rf , 'H my L, . v tzcsft 1 . , , I i A ,hwy 1 .,,.. . .t ,,,.. - - r um , .f ,S at 4 if ,Q f.tg'f"!' in ,A - ,J W R R ,W-fy f f? M First Row: L-R: Pete Thorns, Brian Wollin, Nelson Serrano, Steve Carter, Luis Pick, Mike Winshiewski, Lance Press, Mark Manganello, Jim Aitchison, Steve Waller, Rigo Inzunza, Howard Duraler, Darrel Barnes, Brian Mudery. Second Row: Joe Flores, Kevin Harrington, Rod Bowers, Ricky Staubs, Bill Gamboa, David Samplers, Bryant Ford, .loe Versai, Shawn Malloy, Richard Cannon, Brian Voegell, Michael Collins, Herb Winn, .left Hall. Third Row: Bill Galvin, Jeff Holmes, Brett Carlson, Jett Shark, Rocky Heidt, Wendell Baker, Ricky Wilson, Tony Sundberg, Darren Paddock, Bill Parks, Cody Hicks, Tyrone Lathaw, Bill Best, Danny McDonald, Twiggy Cooper, ' f M-tw-ffm...,mx , r , .,fr.1t-mit,,..,,,,1':::,1,,., 1 T T T r c,,,, .,,,,,,c . S, ,P y y y trii . g ,V- fif T 180 SPORTS FOOTBALL TEAM ' xr , T 'E -E X g E N W . . ix . For Left: Sundivel Freshman line up on offense. Bottom Left: Eldorado defense stands ready to defend. Upper Right: Coach Farnsworth looks on as his team marches down the field. Bottom Right: Freshman football teom huddles to plan Stratagy. i a V i This years Freshman Teams enthusiasm was refresh- ing to all of us. Their spirit has proven their great endurance and willingness to put all efforts towards making Eldorado High the winning team for the next three years. Excellent coaching and enthusiastic par- ticipation on the part ofthe Freshman will make them part of the future Eldorado proud football tradition. SPORTS 181 ELDORADO GIRLS VARSITY A PERENNIAL First Row: L. to R., Valerie Gaines, Brenda Thomas Patty Dawson Gwen Thomas Shelly Warner Second Row L to R Coach Vonda Quinn Janice Cook Sara Skeen, Sandra Amerson. This yea r, during the Girls Varsity Bas- ketball season the Eldorado Varsity Girls finished in First Place in the Sun- rise Division, tied with a lO and 3 record. ln the Zone Playoffs, the var- sity cagers battled their way to a 3rd place berth, and earned their way to a state playoff position. This years M.V.P. was Gwen Thompson, who av- eraged l7.l points per game. The team's all around success can be attri- buted to the all-around hustle of Val- erie Gaines, Party Dawson, who was the tough guard running the game's of- fense, and the improvement of Sara Steen. This years Eldorado Girls Var- sity Basketball Team played like the champions that they are. l82 SPORTS POWER-HOUSE, GOES TO STATE AGAIN! J v Q on wr Cr in V 4 ,je In K . M .5 Upper Left: Shelly Warner goes for a layup. Upper Right: Coach Quinn talks to her team during a crucial time-out. Left: Gwen Thomas advances the ball against Bonanza during zone playoffs. Lower Left: Shelly gets the rebound while the Sundevils jockey for position. Lower Right: Quick jump-shots like this one by Shelly Warner made the Sundevil Girls tough at state. SPO RTS 183 I. V. GIRLS BASKETBALL Q 5 i 1 4 1 T FIRST ROW: Coach Paine, Valerie Tripp, Renee Turner. TOP ROW: DeDee Washington, Janice Price, Angie Levi. -cf .ff , ,. Valerie Tripp practiced her dribbiing with Pattie Dawson. Renee Turner goes for a layup, while Valerie Gaines guards. 184 SPORTS GO 6-6 POR 1979-80 J.V. GIRLS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Eldorado Western Eldorado Clark Eldorado Vegas Eldorado Western Eldorado Basic Eldorado Vegas Eldorado Chaparral Eldorado Basic Eldorado Rancho Eldorado Rancho Eldorado Valley Eldorado Bonanza The Eldorado Girls Junior Varsity team played a full sched- ule ot l2 games, competing against every other high school in the county. Coached by Mr. Paine, they beat Western, Clark, Basic, and Bonanza. The J.V. team has as its main responsibility, the job at teaching fundamental basketball skills. Through their participation in the J.V. program, the girls have learned well, the basics of basketball. This is a tribute to the excellent coaching job done by Coach Paine. Sara Skeen hits the ball as Dedee Washington tries to recover the ball. fi SP3 rf Janice Price and Shelly Warner are practising for the jump. .ri ...J Angie Levi and Sara Skeen both go up for a jump. Mahi? SPORTS l85 ELDQRADG BOYS TENNIS Top left to right: Greg Seegmiller, Greg Schiller, Jeff Peter- son, Coach Mundt. Bottom left to right: Dan Sisseck, Steve Vornberg. Not Pictured: Steve Abitia, Eric Hauser, Kurtis Rosborough, David Gigian, The Boys Tennis Team for i979-80 had a very challenging year. This years team record was l-IO. The most valuable players were Greg Schiller and Steve Vornberg. Steve Vornberg was also the team captain. The most improved Sundevil tennis player was Dan Sisseck. The season had many highlights. The Sundevil had a win over Vo-Teck, and the i979-80 season ended with the doubles team of Greg Schiller and Steve Vornberg winning I8 out of 28 matches, and advancing to the second round in the AAA Southern Nevada Zone Tournament. ELDORADO GIRLS TENNIS Top left to right: Nancy Linder, Linda Diehl, Car- mon Clemons, Patty Morlatt, Stacy Alexander. Bot- tom left to right: Annette Jeska, Rhonda Curtis, Tammy Cook, Susie Dessaints, Cathy Amelburo. Not Pictured: Jessica Garner, Linda Nuffer. The Girls Tennis Team of i979-80 has significantly improved since last year. This years team record was 2-9. The most valuable girls tennis player is Linda Diehl, and the team captain is Tammy Cook. The most improved Sundevil tennis player is Patty Morlatt. The season had many highlights. The sundevils had a last minute win over Bonanaza with a tie- breaker. The i979-80 season ended with Linda Diehl and Tammy Cook advancing to the third round in the AAA Southern Nevada Zone Tournament. l86 SPORTS , , , . 5 it r X , . K 3 a f I I 2 5--...,,.,.-' 1 I ELDURADO GOLF .IA . , eq! nw' .lil,:..aa'l ',.-Qxh PJ I 15 , . ,,. Q, Yung, , H , ' f"'ji.iv rg ,I f wmv, Standing I-r. Coach Fitch, Greg Schiller, Dave Beckstead, Jeff Peterson, John Little. Kneeling I-r. Vornberg susan ..-.....-.?,.. -4:64 the game. son's swing, Bill Hanlon, Charles 4 r Y ff? X , no "M my-M-1, Q l i ffi'5,:"-5' Bouley, Howard Durller, Steve -... ..,..,..,.........-...won flew Bottom left - Charles Bouley warming up before Bottom right - Coach Fitch balancing Jeff Peter- SPORTS l87 GOALS SET HIGH FOR x 1 H. Ifri 5 rr Q Front row: l.illian Baldwin, Susie Dessaints, Cathy Amelburu, Brenda Thomas, Valerie Gaines. Bock row: Janice Cook, Susan Scurlock, Lorena Navarro, Gayla Stiles, Elaine Wegley, Cassandra Amierson, Mrs. Bright. Bottom left: Valerie Gaines goes low for the volley. Bottom right: Susie Dessaints gets a good hit. l88 SPORTS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM The l979 Varsity Volleyball team had a very successful year. This years ultimate goal was to become the state champions. The team worked hard and with their hard work came unity, pride and dedication among the team members. Eldorado should be proud of this team and give them more support as they support all of Eldorado with victory after victory. Bottom right: Cassandra demonstrates a good volley. Top left: Brenda warming up for the game. Bottom left: Valerie getting ready to hit the ball. SPORTS 189 l.V.'S SHOW STRENGTH ' ., ,,, f l9O SPORTS The l979-80 J.V. Volleyball team had quite a season. lt was very challenging and in return every player showed that they had excellent sportsmanship, power, pride, and spirit. THIS PAGE: Top: Sitting: Renee Turner, Leslie Bedotto. Middle row: Cindy Mormon, Patricia Washington, Michele Griffith, Crystal Shang, Lisa Amerson, Jennifer Holmes. Bock row: Coach Hyatt, Veronica Mapes, Laura Burns, Ko rina Rysaby, Cheryl Sargent, Dee Dee Williams, Tory Adams, Cynthia Monje, Kim Brodt, Monica Diekl, Terry Balash, Cynthia Sargent. Left: Eldorado volleys the ball back to Gorman, but Gorman fails to return the ball. OPPOSITE PAGE: Top left: Lisa Amerson shows everyone she knows how to handle the ball. Top right: Cindy Morman demonstrates how to bump! Bottom left: The ball clears the net, then goes for o spike. Bottom right: Cindy Mormon returns the ball promptly. r 115 MJ Q M-'ai SPORTS 191 THE E.H.S. BOWLING TEAMS 'iQ,,.7 ,," Q, ' 'eh ,I L V, ,,-.. The E.H.S. Varsity Bowling Team showed great skill this year. With a almost perfect record. They showed other schools how to bowl. lt turned out to be a super year! The E.H.S. Varsity Bowling team Left to Right, Back Row: Chorley Bouley, Shawn Wil- cox, Russell Hunt, David Eicher, Ralph Feran- dez, Front Row: Terry Barnett, Rosa Fernan- dez, Linda Blevins, Marjorie Michens, and Wanda Perins. The E.H.S. J.V. Bowling Team Left to Right, Back Row: Jim Shaffer, Larry Paket, John Blackman, Dave Oestman, Guy Spanger. Front Row: Mike Solorio, Leak Penfrow, Simone Daltonzo, Linda Lemasters And Rod Peterson. 192 SPORTS dx., THE WEIGHTLIETI G TEAM SETS HIGH GOALS. c F 3 3: :,.f,- fs I , in The E.l-l.S. Weightlifting team was rated 5th in the U.S. last year. They were the Nevada State Champs, they plan to defend their title this year. There are four meets scheduled for this year. Three of the team mem- bers are currently planning to attend and compete in the teenage nation- als which are held in Chicago. Dean Pickle is in the top 20 in the U.S. Front row: Ken Mayeda, Mike Wisnieski, Ralph Curry, Dean Pickle, Mike Spear, Rigo lnzunza. Middle row: Coach Trujillo, Chauncey Smith, Gary Myers, Steve Carter, Bob Rose, Ivan Hammond, Doug Leavitt, Charles Mongeon. Back row: Darren Paddock, Tony Sundberg, Joe Flores, Tim Morrill, Willie Morland. THE ELDORADO HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS GOLF. The Girls Golf team had an improv- ing year. Even though the team didn't do as well as expected, many valu- able lessons were learned which will be used next year. The team was composed of four freshman and two sophomores, so the future looks real bright. The team is looking forward to next year. Front row - Minnie Dodge, Evelyn Loman- cusa. Back row - Zoeann Warren, Monica Diehl, Agnes Grimm. T? S SPORTS 193 ng the offence. Top right: Mlchoel Schnevder goes for 0 VARSITY STARTS THE SEASQN SLOW i i WITH HOPES OP ENDI The Varsity Basketball team started off the season slow, with hopes of ending as a strong team. The team, although short in height compared to the other teams in the district, were a fast running, quick shooting team that gave our school many ex- citing basketball moments. The l979-8O team is, from left to right, front row: Coach Farnsworth, Tanny Owens, Bruce Wilcox, AI l-lurtado, Craig Richards, Kenny Hopkins, Mike Gloss, and Coach Kasdort, back row: David Smith, Robert Hill, Anthony Cannon, Michael Schneider, Antonio Hildreth, Eric Ray, and Prathey Lefeor. G STRO G. Top left: Al Hurtado makes a lay-up. Top right: Coach Farnsworth and Kasdorf discuss plays with team, Bottom right: Bruce Wilcox blocks the opponents basket, SPORTS 195 V ELDORADO BOYS CROSS COUNTRY WINS FIRST BOYS SCHOOL STATE TITLE. After running a combined, grand total of over lOOO miles, the Eldorado Cross Country team ranked first in their division and first in state. The phenominal season ended with every team member owning a fine record. M I yy GR y We 405 fl? ,lwss cowfwif 'tx .r1- ff 4 W 7 'Ii" First row R-L: Billy Taite, Andrew Woods, Tony Patton. Second row: Patrick Gray, Mr. Reidlinger, Mario Dominqez, Lance Crain, Mike Gibson, not pictured. SPORTS I97 I.V. BASKETBALL TEAM STRLIT THEIR STU 1' 'QUQ Above: The Super-great J.V. Basketball team is: Bottom Row: Matt Beckstead, Marvin Cannon, Ken Woods, Mark Brown, Scott Bailey, Ronald Randolph, and Edward Calls. Top Row: Coach Mitchell, Jock Jones, Mark Wilcox, Marvin Norwood, Danny Collins, Benny Washington, Adrian Brown, and Donald Randolf. " 311 ft' The Eldorado J.V. Basketball started the season with a big non-league win over Chappa ral 68-66. ' They are looking forward to conference. The T team's leading scorers to date are Bennie Washington and floor leader E.C. Adams. Players also doing well are Jock Jones and Mark Brown. The players are looking forward to a winning season this year. As the J.V. Team continues to improve and win games, they continue to prepare to become a great Varsity Team for the tutu re. FW Coach Mitchel outlines team strategy during a time out. S PO RTS l FRESHMA BASKETBALL TEAM if if M ,gut 8 's 31" 5 Q 'O I, XUF , U7 Top: Number 42 shoots for o high one and gets it. Bottom: With Eldorado on the offence, our Freshman goes up for the jumper. Top: Eldorado Frosh get o turn ot the free throw line SPORTS HAS HIGH IDEALS The Freshman Basketball team are from bottom left to right: Mike Lightfoot, Lane Cannon, Richy Wilson, Mike Wilson, Ottis Page, John Gray, Louis Pick, and Steve Cooper. and Jimmy. Top left to right: Sulivan Lockhea rt, Above: Eldorado Freshman gets a tough lay-up against Bonanza. Bottom right: Sundevils go for the shot in a winning cause. i l io' I Q SPORTS 201 x A f f -1 Q if f Q ,jj u . 5 ,gf J ., X, Q XZ! ...I VARSITY SOCCER BRINGS 1 X. , .. sew-,af . .. , f pe S- A , . M: . u. A The I979-80 Varsity Soccer Team: laying down: Joe Henriquez. row 1: left to right, Steve Waller, Joe Valles, Eric Hauser, Alvin Piralta, Brian Cuellar, Jeff Harris, row 2: Coach Raynor, John Little, Jerry Wilkerson, David Flores, Ron Mills, Jean Lunt, Bobby Meyn, Pat Steinett, Greg Shiller. The I979-80 Sundevil Varsity Soccer Team worked very hard this year to obtain their goals. We had a strong team that strived for victory and success. The team carried pride and supported our school well. Hustle and desire were the key traits of this year's varsity soccer team. 202 SPORTS -- . fs. .W , H, k . K Eldorado trys to take over the ball. TALE T TO ELDORADO ,QVUV my f Mi. ig, ..,, A Top Left: Steve Waller and Jeff Harris try o difficult move. Top Right: Eric Houser looks quite pleased os he T, A A moves in. Bottom Right: Greg Schiller and Dovid Flores 1 ,-:J w V ,, show teom effort. Bottom Left: Rusty King kicks for o ,I gooll .K H ,,I S , ' " '?'fTil3'QQi' I' 'H 'T 5 ' ' N. Q. ,Q " ' I! '--f J. if . A 2 - , A . - Mew' swell-1', W ,Aff T T i3L,..g l T T ' i f I l-ir . cl V - 1 ---' ' ' i To ' V J 1 -' 'L - ' 'lsifffvi 1 ,f.fH,1i-W, w ww , , , , . ,. . ,. 'K K ,H T, K f assi, L- . 2 'lzeif' "5"" ii ' " ' " 'I ,..,, ii fr-W ifwui' 3 '?'T Yffei:w,1ff,,w -'sew' . . ' " :fifee5l,,,E?,f owfl"'im,., g,iq,,.5:, flamfzg . A " . , . ,ig5Qgggf 'W 1 i fi ' K SPORTS 1.v. soccER IMPROVES The Eldorado Junior Varsity soccer team has put out much effort this year to defeat opposing soccer teams. They sup- W port our school and display spirit on the field. Their coach, Mr. Reynor, has done a tremendous job coaching the J.V. SOCCGF l'eOI'Tl. me my i Right picture, Dan Sisseck heads the ball across the field. .,,,,,,, ,1-ww - K mi: . . W cm? 1.gJki57,i xg K , - . . 1 , ,A T' f i"- I A 'W 7 Front row, Richie Sanders, Rusty King. Middle row, Renee Dominguez, Dan Sisseck, Louie Allmanburo, Lance Press, Alvin Piralta, Lerry Hamilton, Jeff Wilkerson. Back row, Guia Preito, Ruben Farkas, David Flores, John Mclntyre, Gary Sama, Bill Gamboa, Greg Martinovich, Pat Mclntyre. 204 SPORTS fl . I Y ,, .mi .LL 4' i L,'L L V . 551 . V ef ' .Q ..- ig Vhwz I V . .. ,.i. 55: ,... Q5 1 : xr' J -1 1 ,1 ' fxw .fif?i2?f?i"l"w5A' 'izf-W'M1'Y' H51 .,,.A 1 iff. A K :wall . 'C ,,,.- 54, 'U ' ard- f ' ,V - W im 'W' aw 4 In Hi, , 409' Top picture: Guio Preito kicks to make a goal. Picture two: E.H.S. tries to take over the ball. picture three: Goaly saves ball from making a goal. .,,5,l,7q,-,xi 4 ' . Qiihf' ' X' ' . e li H 4 . .-,. inf 2- ffl il is - jixgysf :Ax- . .,, 'Q' ' 'ff' s if - w ff: 1 Top picture: Gary Sama kicks the ball to another team mate. Bottom picture: passing the ball down the field. S PO RTS K ELDORADO VARSITY BASEBALL! K ff' ' ' fx A eyxif af f Q' The Edlorado Sundevil Baseball team strives to be the most outstanding baseball team in the district. Coach Clarkson feels that the team will have a very successful season, for their at- titude is great and their ability seems to be as good as ever. Therefore, the players will encourage one another, and total up a winning season. if , Top right: Coach Clarkson, Bottom picture: Top Row: Mitchell Swalley, Tony Quarels, Ron Jopes, John Oliver, Ricky Smith, Shawn Milky, Mike Woodward, Billy l-leckathorn. Center row: Derick Nelson, Lee Harrington, Nick Boyer, John Berg, Carl Lyons, Bottom row: John Mahre, Bobby Heckathorn, Ricky Tatum, Rudy Reveles, Ricky Starr, David Cree. 206 SPORTS Top left: John Berge skillfully reaches over the fence to Catch a fly ball. Top center: Woody makes his speedy throw to get the ball to home base on time. Top right: Carl Lyons leaps through the air as he catches the ball. Bottom left: Wa rm ups before the game seems to be when he does best. Bottom right: Lee Harrington swings with power while Nick Boyer awaits with patience. SPORTS 207 ELDQRADO l.V. BASEBALL SLLIGS ts. QQ!! 'NSG L fe we fl Basf'-Sl' ' ,find ' 'S-.aw Xxil . me " .,. eu 'xi - . .. ,P -- . r 1 T .hwy .ts . -- fs S A N ' A, mf. X . 1 We .Vi C C , l . - t T 4: ,., .4 -' '. 4, , - -' " -. 4 yf ... X A ff 'W ,ll . u::.v? -- 'X- The I979-80 J.V. Baseball Team: back row from left to right: Coach Stanley, Danny Coggins, Ron Mills, Jack Crane, Guie Prieto, Gary Samo, Micheal Griffith and Coach Hoffman. row 2: Kevin Harrington Scott Smith Darrin Pa rvin C I F Waller, Tony D'Ambra, Luis Amelburu, John Bartee. Bottom Right: J.V. Baseb Mr. Hoffman. The 1979-8OJ.V. B This can be attributed to the hard work and determina- tion h ' ' on t e teams behalf, and to the direction of their ped very good skills in all all coaches: Mr. Stanley and aseball team had a successful year. coaches. They have develo areas of baseball. The team hopes to achieve an even more successful season next year. 208 SPORTS , ar orsyth, Joe Verso. front row: Trygue M klebu t R . ,,.pt M 305. , . K 1 y s , usty King, Steve 62 VY '--. ' 4, f --QW' 'im' i st 5 l THEIR WAY TO STARDOM i 11 A 41 an Top: Gary Mills, 81 Gary Erwin practice a winning play. Center Right: Jim Greterman eyes the ball carefully. Bottom Right: Tony D'Ambra handles the big catch. Bottom Left: Jirn Greter- man prepares to throw. 9m,.:.5:' 'QV -' S 'R S N X.. iw gm-W . . , ,. , K V 'A S PO RTS 209 Girls track offers an opportunity for all girls to par- ticipate in a very highly physical fitness program. The events are individual for the main part, yet each per- son is o member of the team. This is Coach Sallee's first year as head coach of the girls track team. His moto is, "The Will to Win Comes From Within." Qvorpzfssxfr I Y M ,,.,.,.i,qVfjp.,y1',',:.g -' ' A -..wr -amy' Mig, I ...V +5 ...WM 'rf Q- .rm my ytttt G S. . . Wt mwrfieffvw f www-T L gl N ttytt Me, rrrrt , ..- rrsy ww SEX .-,, I ata-w - r. awww- ww A4 , Q'iQ 'KWH !"!,5:f::il" 1 Marv' r"frTw?:.: ':iT"""' if' 5'4""fy' ?i5T'l'W I M wfw-.nw 53. vu--4 Q 791, .1 ..r"'ve-:ue-.., I . GIRLS RU THEIR HEART vang sf 'S ' X y A T - f-gh .U W... . ' -f-' - ' Y,,,..,.Y Wu V, A Mm, .,,,, H ,345-pb Helix fr?" ... E!! qkllfllg Girls Track Row One: Renee Turner, Gail Morland, Veronica Consonsery, Cynthia Thompson, Cynthia Mormon, Cindy Wallach and Valerie Cript. Row Two: Coach Sallee, Cherie Dawson, Sonje Cook, Carrie Williams, Casandra Amerison, Shelly Warner, Zoe Ann Warren, Michele Griffin, Greta Jay, and Pattie Dawson. 2lO SPORTS unaqgu Top Left: Carrie Williams gets ready in the starting blocks. Top Right: Casandra Amerison and Shelly Warner at the starting line. Trackeffes: Bottom Row: Kim Johnson, Rosa Vargas, Evelyn Lamoncusa, Agnes Grimm, Renee Mathe, Michele Ann Hall, and Penny Coyne. Top Row: Melanie Hileman, Demetrus Scott, Sheranda Shaw, Debbie Edmunds, Karen Statom, Simone Walls, Sharon Sar- gent, Marsha Glass, Terri More- land, Antinette Gallegos, and Susie Johnson. SPORTS 211 E LDORADO BOYS TRACK Top Right: Scott Bailey rolls backwards over the bar in the high jump pit. Bottom: This years track team members are: Todd Pickle, Don Randolt, Scott Bailey, Gary Hewing, Willie Norland, Steve Lenard, Ray Riley, Eddie Wilson, Randy Cooper, Mike George. row 2: E.C. Adams, Rolf Berrelleza, Keith Fobbs, Rod Plummer, Lee Scott, Robert Nixon, Blain Trip. Qu-an ll 'KN 212 SPORTS ' ii' k if U43 f. i lllllllmlwl will in WJ 7 AMW eq x F' iwllllllllwll will 'll' 'Q l M lily llli ,Wi ll' lv Nm 3 " ,L .Mr ' ii Y , H .ill .W ...ec i B' -- t if i Top Left: Don Randolf, Keith Hobbs, Roy Riley break out ot the starting block. Top Right: Andre Woods and Billy Tate jog around the track. Middle Left: These track members stretch out to get prepared for competi- tion. Bottom Left: Scott Bailey and Robert Nixon race the low hurdles breaking for the tape. Bottom Right: Don, Keith, Ray, and Lee run the lOO yard dash. ,lv Q. ,. Y . et 1 5 Af Syl-i - . . , ""' , , , J- . M ' R' - -f i W- 4,-f ff' Z 'R ,.-xl .. .w1"2' s - ll a Y" if ' ""R ' A W: ogg, 4 f K 5 W K , J -.1--K '-"i' '-17'i5?i?lT.'.lQ f I f. iz. 1 SPORTS 2l3 VARSITY SOFTBALL LOUKI G GQODI 'ei E i Q ui-UUUUK H, f '!""--if 14254 This years Varsity Softball team for the l98O season are: lst row L to R - Shannon White, Cathy Amelburo, Susie Desaints, Gwen Thomas, Sara Skeen, Angie Levi, Crystal Schiang. 2nd row L to R - Ivonne Manfred, Brenda Walton, Janice Holloway, Pam Kinsey, Vickie Schoker, Renee Magee. 3rd row L to R - Mgr. Majorie Micke-ns, Sylvia Salazar, Lori Bradfield, Shelleye Pacheco, Valarie Scott and Coach Quinn. - A r-f11'?1q3g3gj.hl5ns1xl' if ,f -'f,j.,..4 A , - YW?" 1.. . 'f I - . ..-'rg-',j:,':, TT, 'r' . sl -f' , . .. R 'U--msg" Sara Skeen hits the ball as Cathy Amelburo gets ready to catch it during one of the Valarie Scott pitches the ball at most of the Varsity Softball games. Varsity Softball practices. This year's team should be one of Eldorado's best softball teams in the school's history. Last year the team finished in 2nd place in the Sunrise Division. There was a 3-way tie for first until the final game of the season. The team finished with a l2 and 4 S . ' ,. record in l979. We must add that last years team was very K ,Fung ri .. sl isyi 1 ',r.ti -4 rg, , L y, young. That left this years team with a lot of talent and experi- YQ ,je V. ..,t 'T -,foil ,hiastg A enced ball players. if tri The infielders that lettered last year and are back this year S are: 3rd base, Susie Desaints, 2nd base, Shelleye Pacheco, lst T L base, and all-conference player, Gwen Thomas, Catcher, Cathy I .42 T Muff lm Amelbu ro, and pitching, Valarie Scott, last year's most valuable player, finally, short-stop, Shannon White. Shannon was last year's leader in home-runs and steals. The returning outfielder L A ., L is Sara Skeen. , in S S N-c1l!"Si Susie Desaints trys for a steal with Short-Stop Lori Bradfield waiting for The Eldoffldo Soflbclll Team is l0OklnQ f0l'WC1fCl this Yeclr to Cl her. very successful year with the zone and state championships right around the corner. Ei!! GIRLS 1.V. SOFTBALL Coach Bright expects a very good season this year. All ofthe players are newcomers. There will be a lot expected from them. The team consists of Freshman and Sophomores that have a lot of ability. The team works very hard and they should have great success in the i979-80 season. Front: Lee Lusier, DeDe Manzer, Andeen Rose, Rhonda Newman, Jeany Shelton, Monica Rogers. Middle: Coach Bright, Kristy Searles, Tracy Obringer, LuLu Kinsy, Denise Shjang, Debbie Morgan, Tammy LaPlant, Trina Blasic. Buck: Lisa Garcia, Jennifer Homes, Devon Flint, Teresa Hancock, Margret Green, Lynn Anderson, Cindy Monge, Shelia Cape. SPORTS 2l5 SU DEVIL WRESTLERS ZIP Eldorado is rapidly making itself known in wrestling circles of Nevada and other parts of the South Western United States. Last year, Eldorado posted an i8-3 dual meet record, won the Southern Zone Tournament and finished 3rd in state. Jimmy May, the Sundevil's head wrestling coach believes more of the same is in store for this year. A new season begins and with it a new series of challenges for Coach May and assistant Coach Sallee. The I979-80 team has eleven returning lettermen with many promising new young wrestlers round- ing out the squad. Again in l98O, Eldorado will be finishing at the top of the heap, a pow- erhouse in wrestling. W J llsssf if lWr'::f'r" """-M it aware N si H'KsXt n.,..,..,. 9756" ll 5- lii The i979-80 Varsity Wrestling Team - front row: Sonny James, T iny Scriven, David Braun, Jeff Hobbs, Da ryal Taylor, Jeff Swan, Robbie Craddock. back row: Asst. coach Cecil Salle, Mike Holloway, Kenny Reed, Gary l-lewing, Todd Dowler, Mike Coyne, Gordon Washington, Stanley Cline, and Coach Jimmy May. 2l6 SPORTS ZONE AND SWEEP STATE ELDORADO SUNDEVIL WRESTLING TEAM RECORD VARSITY: Dual Meets 2I-O-O Tournaments Ist Eldorado Gold Ist Las Vegas Invitational Ist Peoria Invitational C32 Teamsl Ist Southern Nevada Zone Tournament Ist NEVADA STATE TOURNAMENT C7 individual Nevada State Champions, which is a , new state recordll I98O STATE CHAMPIONS: Tiny Scriven, David Braun, Daryal Taylor, Jeff Swan, Robbie Craddock, Stanley Cline, Gordon Washington. I f Top left - Coach gives final instructions before a match. Center left - David Braun prepares to pin. Bottom left - some of the wrestlers anticipate the moves of another wrestler. Top right - Jeff Swan warms up before a match. Bottom right - Stanley Kilne moves in for another pin. SPORTS 217 ELDORADO I.V. WRESTLERS ARE t 'Qlallildfi 3 tcm 1 . , V, i, 'Qrlglllifldz fvifiilitiii s. l WM if liillllflf' L Ybiiiiillfl I ww it w t , g g ' 5 , A U C . , I W g 'WX K S .J , L' sm! I 1 4 J T T UQ A P J 'lx A X N ' Sl ., I - k ,S il. .JL ,fly kyill ,"' 0 A Aki- M ..:Q- uf ' WWW. LIVM: M,..,M.W,,f-ff Him ' N ,kk,.., swf' if The I979-80 J.V. Wrestlers are from left to right: bottom row: Steve Becheta, Anthony Piazza, David Gogian, Dan Scarsdale, David Aires, Joseph Viary, Steve Allred, top row: Coach Sallee, Bob Holmstren, Carl Lomax, Gerald Barnes, Pete Magdos, James Cook, Richard Riley, and Coach May. 218 SPORTS W,.. : Steve Allred is on his way to another pin tor Eldorado. This years J.V. Wrestlers were strong contenders for division and zone titles. These matmen work hard to be where they are and supported our school well this year. Eldorado has a proud tradi- tion of being one of the dominant power-houses in high school wrestling. Our J.V. teams have al- ways placed well in the division, zone, and state competitions. These are the future state champi- ons, training to become the best, while supporting and representing our school with pride. JUNIOR VARSITY SEASON RECORD: Dual Meets l2-O-O Tournaments lst Eldorado Gold 2nd Boulder City Invitational CAII varsity tou rnamentl lst Southern Zone Junior Varsity in Upper Center: Joseph Viray takes the advan- tage over his opponent. Center Left: Eldorado trys for another victory as Bob Holmstrom makes the move. Center Right: Gerald Barnes expresses one of the more impressive wres- tling moves. Bottom Right: Bob Holmstrom trys to pin his Clark opponent. SPORTS 219 220 ACTIVITIES H-.,. ' ., ., ' .fwf 4 ' ,V , ' 'f rj-S22 pw, " ffl-4 -Q':'W" f X ?'2K'f.:" -ff - w i7'7Q'.i'3-1 1 1- V, - .ng , - ,, 1iy"igTQ"ff13'. 'C ,Y If K H' N -17 - "F - i X-3-7315 f, ff5f77'5Q 'vE"f'bfg-1. 1 , 3.-, 1 . ,gf 1,-K 1 L1 ' N L.i4:.3'f 975 If xf 'f'ifiF".Qff-157' , ,Sv ' 11 .11q'f.4as:,'. 4 gi.. kj, f mf-432 if .' ' wi' Li" - 'fi f .' T' - I"'i4-',',-,fha 1 . I-FT-5. 7 N , k'i??5"f"3 5.24135 Zzfgn'-Q' .' Q, 4 eg -gr-1.1 e-L.,-1 - - 12' vfcnffff-, ,1-,.: 1 V' 5:"1.'-.' ,151 - I 5 rv ,:e,4f:,M.f.Q'f,,:q f X5 . 'VL 5115.--1' 'P '- 1"'5f1 , -3 paw ' ' :.ygy,jgg:.v - w.. ,K X -,.! Y , .,' - I , ,, 4nijQ"l"'j'. ",f'- 'L Z. -2 X W 1 5-Y:'sQ,yf. -Q nik' - I ' A, 733 LJ, .,f l I .fi U v .3 ' 355 .' -TW , fi ff m3'w1L Ra? :,f'-V.-'ffl-5iz-gf . ' ,- -ww ' .ig,.9:s,- ,Qu g-j,-.191 . rftlfwz 3:53 .,.-54-E253 'Ll . 13.1 yepyyitv I "L,7f4. . A .:Qg5:kgEZ,kd,Q K, W, , A 4'.','. .,f'. '1:'12 hr 1.-,J f .14 , 314, " 'gy .- -rw. X ' ' ' 1 ' . P .-,guy-k. A . , 'A' ,. .ffffff . 'ff' bfi- V . 4,,w:,,, ,, A . 4, A - -we -at :w-2, A , 41523: f " . ,. J-fa. 5 ' f-V. '- T " "'f':29' 'X-J: r. . Zgfifiw' Q1'3f'fn2. 34-ir? ., 1. . 1 ' ' IES' -HJ, . .Z , ' J -L x D Eff gn 'W 5 x 1. o"9 'P' J ff' ,?.ff'31, , -lv ,A , ,, ., Z 222 ACTIVITIES W 1 V ,VY1 2 1, , ,,.,,, ,, . .Jug I ELDORADO PEP ASSEMBLIES SI-IOWED CLASS Pictured above - The Varsity Cheerleaders and Songleaders, did a great job in putting the Chaparral Cowboys to SHAME, during the Cleat Week assembly. Pictured below - The Classes competed against each other in the Centepede Race, Seniors were ahead by no surprise. or I' E Q23 Ea S . Some ofthe Junior Varsity football players show their stuff and "Come Alive." ELDO R In the yell out competition, the judges announce that Dawn Nuckels shall receive the honor. ACTIVITIES 223 I-IOMECOMI G PARTICIPATION SETS "I Picture on top left - Student Council dress-up goal posts for the long awaited Homecoming game. Picture on center right - Scott Underwood shows his spirit by dressing up during our Spirit Homecoming dress-up week. Picture on center left - Alumni try to out do under- classmen for the "Spirit Stick." 224 ACTIVITIES aww Homecoming Assembly makes memorable moment for nominated candidates. Pictured on bottom left - is Liz Prince and Keith Carroll who were also the third atten- dants. ELDORADO O A ALL TIME HIGH The Class of l98O's Homecoming float was of course, The winning float! g-ff?H Honor Society "lead the way" with a winning car. The prize winning Hall was decorated by our spirited Varsity Songleaders. ACTIVITIES 225 had an .nw . ' 2 ' - lip' , i M, , Am, , . L,. +1 4 1 2 r 2 226-A ACTIVI 1 , K . gmgw s 'L - ,V , X-ff f- kfff i H 1 D zzz? QW, .1653 I f fm? W , - , Jw? , ab. L. ,. .1 ..f , 1 A 1 Aw Q '12 52' ' in M Q 7379- 670 WWW 7M dm JW gym? WMC IX 3M 2w fyifgf Qlmmffj ACTIVITIES 22 BLOOD DRIVE AIDES THOSE IN NEED . wg Above: Lani Quinn grimly looks at the camera and shows her "l Tried" sign. Top right: Tina Holerman calmly pumps the blood out of her system. Center Right: Dracula tells Comm. Jensen: "l vount your bloodl" Bottom left: Lynn Best and Tammi Dean work hard in handling the blood. There's Brenda Klingonsmith, oops, l rnean Dracula! Students and faculty successfully donated l45 pints ot blood at the semi-annual blood drive. This blood is used through out Southern Nevada to all who are in need of blood. A special thanks from Student Council and the Red Cross is given to all who donated. 228 ACTIVITIES ELDORADO ATTEMPTS TO STOP SMOKI G N NATIONAL SMOKE OUT DAY Above: Gene solicits attention during the National Smoke Out Day. Top right: The gas mask gang assembles and tell the passer-lays "Kiss me, I don't smoke! Right: Cha rla Johnson stuffs her face with both gas mask and cookies. Bottom: A few students display as walking adver- tisements for Smoke Out Day. 1 .Q ., fwmkv Tk I 3 of 915- I The American Cancer Society sponsored another National Smoke Out day for Ameri- cans. Their goal was to get American people to stop smoking for a 24 hour period with the hope of continuation of stoppage. Eldorado was the only high school which participated and of course won top honors in their efforts. ACTIVITIES 229 COACHES AND LETTERMEN MAKE DONKEYS UF THEMSELVES " f f ,Wg ' um Fimllv' Ilia ,, ,ww 0 The Donkey Basketball game is put on annually by the Var- sity Lettermen's Club to entertain the student body as well as raise funds for the Lettermen's organization. The teams consisted of Varsity Lettermen and the opposing team was the Coaches. 230 ACTIVITIES VANDERMIEDE, THE MASTER HYP OTIST an 'QD is Top left: Richard Berry pets his shoe as he has been convinced it is his PUPPY- Top right: Jennifer Clampit sings as if she was Donna Summers. Bottom left: Jaime Daniels falls to the floor os she is put to sleep. Bottom right: Scott Styles tells Vandermiede that he is Burt Reynolds. 5. ACTIVITIES Girls and Boys State Delegates Honored if ig . "-- r These were Eldorado l-ligh School's Representatives to the annual Girl's and Boy's State conference ot l979-80. Boy's State delegates ot l979-80 were Tony Quarles, Ricky . M'll T' ' ll d P I L . The GirI's State delegates ot l979-80 were Kim Styles, Tami I er' my Scrwen' Steve Smo ' on OU Omb Bass, and Patty Henderson. 232 ACADEMICS S N YOUTH FORUM Vw x.... T., ,.:,,.. .,.. Top Row: Tony Quarles, Kurt Lackinger, Janice Price, Kim Davis, Mike Pequeen, Shaunno Morris, Paul Lamb, Mark Strassner, Ricky Miller, Debbie Coates, Deanne Locke, Marnetta Anderson, Patty Morlatt, Tim Morrill, Dawn Nuckels, Tami Bass, David Oestman, Brenda Klingonsmith. Bottom Row: Tony Coulston, Lani Quinn, Angela Outlaw, Cha rla Johnson, Chris DeFelice, Donno Hunt, Dianne Hunt, Steve Small, Tammi Dean, Michele Taylor, Patty Henderson, Melinda Lang, Lynn Best, Kim Styles. ticipants. Center Left: Brenda Klingonsmith shares her views with other high school students on major issues. Bottom Left: Tony Quarles, Lani Quinn and Ms. Bearden enjoyed lunch during a break in the days activities. Bottom Right: To conclude the day's ac- tivities Bill Cosby entertained Sun Youth Forum Par- ACTIVITIES 233 if --f,.:g1::1:zt:-fi-112: iffii ,':i:'1.5.' .:n .,:,f::, ,.-' f ' - : . ,,.. c ,,,,y , - 55555,--1,i:.,g . t., 234 ACTlVlTlES Sir. . , E xt K J QM Q -as is Q , X X 'viiflfifltiliiilivll mi" L ,.s.s t . - , -. " ll., fff, fflii? rsifssziiii..--,.: - V: -- . L,:L 4- Q wi-.s The S.O.U.L. Club assembly culminated a week of activities on friday, February l5 with the crowning of Gary Thomas and Patty Dawson as King and Queen of "Black History Week." Elected to the royal court were Ricky Tatum, prince, Vivian Brown, princess, Michael Wilson, duke, Janet Scott, dutchess. Pam Finley and Gor- don Washington rendered a great performance in the skit, "Soul Gone Home" which depicted a poor black woman who had lost her child. Other activities during the week that exemplified the talents and unity of the organization, included a fashion show which featured casual and formal wear, an African braid contest, won by Pam Wells, African dress-up day, and a Black histori- cal quiz contest which was won by Oliver Doolit- tle. Black History week l98O turned out to be the most successful ever. 1 , Mei ,, 'Q A veg. 2v A X gs BLACK IHSTURY DWTEK Queen and King Patty Dawson and Gary Thomas ROYAL COURT Princess and Prince Dutchess and Duke Vivian Brown and Ricky Tatum Janet Scott and Mike Wilson , TW- - , ,. Q, ' i . it ai ,-wi rrr 'ff QQ .,t "' we ACTIVITIES 235 O wg Top Left: Dr. Bayles was the Principol ofthe ceremonies in which he pronounced Scott Underwood and Jill Zohner man and wife? Center Left: Scott attempts to toke off the garter without peeking. Center Right: Well, looks like it is time to bid the bride and groom fare well. Bottom Left: Being the ring bearer sure can build up an appetite. 236 ACTIVITIES -...gs -.-.... SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE 4 lift 5 Q. ff A 13 G?-' Q kb Q:-QT ii W ACTIVITIES PRIME TIME CRIME i i l Top Left: David James proclaims "now let's don't get hasty now, and lets calm down after all he's only your husband." Top Right: Borrota, seems to be disgusted with his girdle, and sighs, "that's show biz." Center Left: Are they workman or devils in disguise? Center Right: Ah, so Kane, have very sensitive ear, he hear a flea in distress. Bottom Right: my, my, my, what a place to leave an axe. 238 ACTIVITIES -4 Jfibdhi, I fv- 2 if --Wikim- , J vt M. .. Y ,Wi-,,..A , lf. . iiii iitii 3 'MN , 71 I, ii I 1 , .5 i iif , ,,, ,,,.,,,.,t 1112 : . 2,11. ' I SENIOR PLAY M ,Mk IIIIIQIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWI I I I I I I t I :II iii I - 4 I The Ist annual Senior Play "You Can't Take It With You" directed by Mrs. Osburn was a great success. We hope that the new tradition started by the class of "I 98O" will continue on and become the proud tradition for years to come. ACTIVITIES 239 THE GUNG SHOW f N V , ' jwfqa. , R 2.1.7, f I ' 'S ' I I 4 K I AV .,,: 1 ?' if VV , ' J K . . M A my f wzfg- , 1 A ' ' I A 'El"ff1...W, ' ' V ' f - ' 'ix 4: X5 "' 2 ff K 14 'QM x KVLE1: 1 A ,ff ,M IN MEMORY OP EDITH WHALES K J 242 FACULTY r ,Q f ,n -Q ffifzilg. , q.i,f3-Uj-'riff .Tia-"-. A vw'-Q Q ' f .:fJfi ?S:z?'f - ' f.U.g,-w M .3 -Q ,v , , .- a..,isff,n:i,"f4pfgJIi':g53 A V --5 S -ffgfzf? . 1 f:L?,5 , .,,,g,3-125,33-., 1, Q4 -K,-4-.f.gq,x-,. 1 V: lff, -gw 1 ' ' ...V-Q4 g3'fl3i3Y' ygjqiffii-.f-.,,g I. , " ' f 1111111 , iiliiilll nuns . tannins fauna 4 nnnnnnnn ,fffffff f iflffffff f gaaa 1 gina!!! iillili n nun!!! 1155 " 555555555 nn nun an an E ann nn nnngg , tina gg 3 2 a ' 51115 nun " ii 3 nf' X ' n '71 Qu 1 + . 1.-,wi CLARK COUNTY SCI-IUOL DISTRICT BOARD TRUSTEES X ,,,. . S! Dr, Jqmeg Lymgn Mrs. Janet Sobel President Vice President Mr. Thomas Semmems Member Mr. Robert Forbuss Mr. Donald Fiass Member Clerk T 744 FACU TY Mrs. Helen C. Cannon Dr. Cloud G. Perkins Mrs. Virginia Brooks Brewster Member Superintendent Member Dr. Niles Bayles Principal V 2 .L 5 A, J, R fy I E x,h. .t 2,,whf1g W A ' ,Q Mr. Ken Bowers Ge0rgeAnn Rice Asst- Pflf1CiDCIl Asst. Principal Y Evans Rutledge Asst. Principal Paul Wallace Matti Smith Dean of Students Dean of Students A , 'Q FACULTY 245 ff? 246 FACULTY Larry Duncan Councelor Arlene Parkinson Councelor Jackie Palmorozzo Switchboa rd Linda Crawford Sal Catanese Councelor Councelor Jane Williams Kay Willis Secretary Secretary to the Principal Joan Friedman Secretary Jean Fish Secretary Barbara Pugsely Banker Vicky Edwards Registrar Angela Paradiso Secretary Sharon Hady Library Aide La Fe rn Vestal Sec reta ry Ma rtha Shaffer Sec reta ry Elverta Chilson Sec retary Jane Neiderst A.V. Aide FACU LTY 247 248 FACULTY La Reta Hutchison Cafeteria Supervisor Hattie Dea ring Cafeteria Deanne Weathirigton Cafeteria A rlene Tolas Cafeteria Lau ra Felsinger Cafeteria Ma ry Moffatt Cafete ria .K ,,,w,,f' ei ,f' 'X Catherine Houhgta ling Cafeteria Eddria Odan Cafeteria Jan Manganello Cafeteria Ida Alvey Home Economics Jane Bea rden U .S. Government Phillip Daniel History ev- P 5 Lesley Ballew Math Jean Beckstead English Simrnle Daniel Typing Rebecca Bartholomew Arts 81 Crafts Dorothy Clark Spanish, History Jeanette Drechsler English FACULTY 249 BQ 1-i r, ,FR i is 1 ,jf ire. - b 1 ? L Susan Dugan Art Joan Goodell Home Economics Linda Gutierrez Spanish 250 FACU LTY Ernie Ferrario William Fisher Health, Weight Training Auto Herbert Goodland Carol Grewal NJROTC English, French Mike Gutowski Jill Hampton History English A , QQ William Hanlon Math Helen Henson Science Ba rba ra Hood Science X ' i I I 'law -ww . Robert Haynes June Helms English Business Betsy Herbst William Hollingsworth Social Studies Jackie Hyatt P.E., Health Science Jocelyn Jensen Performing Arts FACULTY 251 1 DU 2 252 FACULTY Mo rgo ret Johnson Business Jornes Kirk Science Solly Magnuson Special Ed sa: wwf, .. , ...M Ron Kosdorf English Bonnie Loeffler English Elizabeth Martin English Cindy Kennedy Aide Kittie Lyle Sociol Studies Donna Minser Moth Mike Mundf Architecture, Drafting George Paine Metals Ji P il Sei ,,,.. Muin Mustafa Fran Osburn ath Business Robert Parker Jerry Payne English Pickett Ed Plawski Science Math -in . FACULTY 253 254 FACULTY James Pomeroy T.V,, Photography David Rollins Math, Physics L5 - ,, 4 Robert Prince Math Marilyn Ross Title l Aide Richa rd Stanley Math it t Vonda Quinn Physical Education Keith Skroback History Ed Turek Social Studies Pam Young Social Studies Jill Walker Special Ed. Annie Wright Hall Monitor William Glasco Custodian David Williams Science John Wright Custodian Albert Davison Custodian FACULTY 255 256 ADS 31 I .. 'aff' W' Q ,,,p X ,W E . if ' jg ,,,1,T'. 2 ,W , Q rite., J-1 -wi' -. ,, in n :fa -f . -?'-- R Al '. 1 rm- J 42,17-1 , '-19!:,L:s.4.,:J- 'A -ffww 1 '- 4:.f,f--- V f , 155- H 1,11 5:13 "fif?w?'Qf5R, 212 -ik 1-sz -' 7',"'3".f 2KQ'.' Tix"-fa T. ' -' -tfi'.f. ' ."-.-.Fu "n A 'fuk-1? f-w...fg' ,Q 21.5. 5 5795? - - - sw 2:-x gf gf ' l'f :'ef1- ?' . J. -Y" 1 4 , X '..-151145f75g1?4-11'?- A Jfas,if.::?:ffs 1-Q:2ffL+ :. a -:'Liv?Tg.gfF'-ffff " " ' , Q-.,f Z.', ,1'f4"'fw:'S'1-1-,.-I' Ukh-' Q y Lg: 51,215-f1...: f If ,, , f,. ru, . W Af .x. , U,,, .i ,wxfg Yk -J 'A ., . 4, IN' - bk ' -1 -5 f 'gwlx ' Q, , gag, 1' '--V2 , 5, f.. 'JQFTTF fa.- rw? ,H X . X ,V ,iff , ,pf ' - T3-4 -,ith . ive. sum SQGYY5 nfs C595 761150 ,Zh-Y, -1, 536,-.Lf ' VLH - .Vw . 15-2.1-Q,-.h . g ,, .Un 3 ' .. . j in " 'fb-i':'.1'!-g,-, " X ,, '+4",'i .5 '. 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THE BEST WI-I-ZEL APPLIANCE SPANISH SPEAKING MOVIES SERVICE K J 3675 SOUTH HIGHLAND DRIVE ,-i f I" V ,rf - C-5 THE DAISY TREE A NEVADA COMPANY FOR ii BEAUTY SALON NEVADA PEOPLE Q ' S S , ' uite 5 NEVA?T,fxAEIE5V1fD-IEHRIFT Q. f Capri Center , , , ' f 'Z , WIllIam SDrarIQer SuDfVICe Pres. Ssvlghwf 3665 N. News Blvd. Telephone 4I9 WEST Clwflesfon LGS vegas, Nev. 891 IO 643-8225 Las Vegas, Nevada 89IO2 l702I 878-I I48 x ANITA'S GIFT 8. PARTY Sl'l0PS COn9'OIu'GIiO'IS Class of YOUR ONE STOP H8011 7f,5Q,4-QLEPARTY SHOP fs! ' X ,IFAST SERVICE ON WED- f I-If - . XDING INVITATIONS IM- O- XXXPRINTING ON NAPKINS a 3 Alfkgggix A156 "Everything For the MuzzleIoader" ' f I Mi-Pu DECORATIONS. X rfflif?-'r2p'gfg2E2Q'7 ' - TI-IE POSSlBLE'S BAG fir 'Y 452-4000 fl IIIIEQI.-ff? mn ' I""'Y SHUPS 2 I John Glenn 1 dM H C H P k M I d P k George Withers 302I E. 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FREE DELIVERY CONGRATULATIONS Oosed Sundays K5 mme IQCIIUSI CLASS OF "198O" N jk J f N f BEST WISHES 81 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "I98O" ELDORADO DAIRY NEVADA DENTURE BQQKEEER S E RVI CE 1710 SANTA PAULA DRIVE 2040 NO, NELLIS BLVD. 453-2668 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 731-6248 GOOD LUCK. . ."I9a0" SENIORS. BE TRUE TO YOUR TEETH OR THEY WILL BE FALSE TO YOU. jk J ADS 265 Nevada Security Patrol Car K N iilflk NEVADA SECURITY Guards andP t I BurglarAl Congrotulot 5 . f 1980 Police O Car NEVADA L V V SECLRITY J Y' N I TE RN Q5 P' AIRPORT A CF 4 S ' 'Y V S VESA s N9 We would like to dedicate this page to the Senior Class. Congratulations on your successes over the past four years We hope that your success in the future will be as great as your accomplishments here at Eldorado. We wish you continued progress in the future. Congratulations and Best Wishes George and Pat Boddie Nevada Security 81 Patrol K J WHAT ISA SHOE STOP QUALITY SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 4020 So. Maryland Pkwy. Mission Center 2I2I E. Lake Mead College Pork American Telegrams ,.,.A TELEGRAM, BELLVGRAM, STRIPPERGRAM A MONSTER GRAM on, BY LOCATED Ill CUMMEREIAL DENTER g FIAIICHISES AVAILABLE 24 MUUR HUT LINE 737-0688 ,ff O9 PAX SUNEKURST TANNING CENTER 'NWI 953 E SAHARA E-333 Work up 3 fefyjfic' C.W.1MERCIAl. CE'4TEif ODF A-ITE. gglden tan In Toww Pa mp just 20 visits! LAS VEGALS, NEVADAK BQIOLI Sunburst Tanning Centers CALL. 737w5896 I LUGGAGE. BELTS. WALLET! HANDBAGS. AND GOLF BAGS NEVADA LEATHER 81 LUGGAGE SALES AND REPAIR THE MATULICHS COMMERCIAL CENTER WEST 953 EAST SAHARA AVE. fD-I6-B EAS VEGAS. NV emo-1 702-731-4900 Portraits Weddings Commercial Anniversaries Ot T h Public Relations Q' - Tnofles JAMES POMEROY sf' 4388 East Hacienda Ave. l702I 451-5779 Las Vegas, Nevada 89120 Carla Mia McCaffrey Member AFA NEW AGE BOOK CENTER Complete Line of Astrology, Numerology 8. Metaphysical Books 735-5898 Commercial Center 953 E. Sahara Suite D-I6-A FINE ITALIAN FOOD f Where service is First CSYTTEQ CQYTTGQQ The Complete Photographic Store C702I 735-6666 Best Wishes to the class of "8O" Bob Blankley 953 East Sahara Ave. OwnerfMgr. Las Vegas, Nevada 89lO4 Student Discount K ADS 267 f W CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "I98O" SUMMA CORPORATION Nr, :Le Caifawaqi DESEKTJINN HOTEL num my S 'Q is gk Sanas SILVER HOTEL SLIPPER K J 1 .3.3,,,,.,mw..:zz,zmaw-zffc-Jrzw 1' ADS 269 f M J N f 0 Q:-:K--K- i:212g:si Le , ,.,-Y.- rj"fT.,'7f-Q Las Vegas SUN CGTNHCZRSIAJSEAS 522170 Nevada's most WE ARgg,g5fggf5g5 HAVE ll1fIUel1tiaI "eW5PaPe' STUDENT STORE Sponsor SUN Youth Forum For 26 yeo rs F N CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ELDORADO HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF "I98O" Del Webb's M I N Hotel 81 Casino TOO EAST EREMONT STREET, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89101 f702J 385-7440 K J 270 ADS N N Open a neyv line of communication Y ur own telephone. 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No Na, lwac Vegas, Nevada C1095 cw-4055 we Complete Service Fioad Service SERVE5 YOU RIGHT f X Jill Silverman We've a new gymnastics instructor her name - it is Jill her job - keep flaky students from a terrible spill In case that her lesson never really quite takes she keeps a handy yardstick to use on her "flakes" IO. N. LAMB CINSIDE VONS SHOPPING CENTERI OPEN lO:3O AM DAILY Any graduating student with a X 3.0 average or better. And brings proof will get a personalized cakette CONGRATULATIONS La Hacienda Bakery, Inc. 556 No. Eastern, Las Vegas, NV 89lOl 384-3361 Ubaldo and Leslie Sardinas J BOWMAN MASONRY 452-0599 -nli , ,.. -L,-X FIRKPLACII , .-' .- ,j- Anorrionn a 01-our nv, --:Fa4L,,,4t.V g 3:f2:L:g-"-L2-Qjifjgifrlc' GROOMING - DIPPING - BATHING ' 'i'?? ,f:'7:- "ALL BREEDSH ' -111:52 1-:-iizffrf-:ff H.:-:Q-'-' -' ' Frgfgfffg f, .. ERIC B78-4846 ' 2-ff , Laguna- BONUID KEN AND MICKEY ' N'..+f':.v3 'T-P ' ' - I 1 f 'T fr A 8' CMV L.:-iEg:4,5 , - . 1514-D NEi.i.is LAS VEGAS. 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E i A, 5, ' A 4 K 'www M A Af , .. '2f,'1E:m.:' , K .. f JNeIson, Nelson, Neuraut un' e Novo rez fNeH, Donna 12th Elko Peot Perao Pendry, Pequeen, Perolla, Alvin 9th, I66 Pereivo, Richard lOth, l Plummer, I INDEX 281 --1--Q. ., ,L ,- 131 mf M i A Royce Glo rigpe 10th 10th, 108, 150, 190 74, 87, 150 f' ' 1 1 10th, 151 11th, 132 Kenneth 10th Qoniel 10th, 1ofh,,A3 sfph wh, 182, ,pgs f , 2 W 'M on Timothy l2th 46 molley Mitchell l2th Swolly, Potrvccc 9th, Swcm, Jeffery l lth Switzer Lindo Switzer, T Sword Sy lvo, Irh 128 2th 9th l 69 lth l32 l2th 43 llth 32 2th OI'l Steve Oth th, 46 83 IO3 133, l lth, 133 l lth, 94 Tonya 12th, 46 Goylca l lth, 83, l Daniel l lth, 96, Sfovoll, Paulo l0th, l52 Strossner, Mark l Stroboch, Karen Strouse, Scott lOt l A Q2 1, ff f- ,,...i-1-ffmm.. INDEX 283 Washln Washm Wescot S fBrendd5l21l'1 102 47 Delnb Gretche Walker, Janlce Walker, Teresa Wallach, Cynthna ' Gary 12th Waller Steven 9th Walls Simone 10th Walsh Martme Waltonh flames 1 lt ira n, Laurie Barry 9th I Ward Gale 10th 1 Ware Marla 12th Warner, Shelley 12th 1 Worr Deliiza 10th 154 Warren, TroY 9th 170 Warren, Zoe 9th 193 Washm Washnn Washm Washm gton gton gfon gton M.......,,, gton gfon Terr: Sta r Laura Shaw Danny Ev the 'iqdvisors CPage , 3, 1. , . VI K . 3 ' 3 "W - 'gsm ' 1' , 1 L . We -Q' ' f .4 -V :QQ 4, K ff f A I ' . 'F if T - .- . E 4' , ' . f . ff A., Yfl , . With the Advisor's Page, we bring to an end another yearbook year. A yearbook is a very unique thing as there is nothing like it anywhere else in school. A class of from 2O to 40 people are asked to publish, on behalf of the rest of the student body, a book, 288 pages long, with text, photographs, and captains, all of which must captu re the essence or mood of an entire school. All of this must be accomplished in the space of six months, at a cost in excess of Sl 5,000, all of which the book itself must raise because yearbooks must be self-supporting. This job is a monumental task, successfully completed by long, tiring, unselfish hours, given by a handful, so that all may benefit. Occasionally a student may be heard to say that he doesn't like the yearbook, "it wasn't good enough." These are the comments of that individual who has no idea of what it takes to make a yearbook and usually contributes very little to the yearbook or school as a whole. Those of us who worked on this yea r's Sunburst know that we brought the students the finest book possible. We are proud of our work and feel that this is a great book! There are many people that l wish to thank for making the i979-80 Sunburst possible. First of all, l would like to express my appreciation to the Principal, Dr. Bayles, and all of the Vice-Principals for their constant support and aide, without which a yearbook is impossible. Teachers, thank you very much for your patience and constant cooperation. There never was a time that l needed a student that the teachers of Eldorado didn't support me. There were some very special staff members of the Sunburst that put in time and effort above and beyond the call of duty. They were Maria Reveles, Jari Allred, Marci Morgan, Robin Synder, Susan Reed, and especially Diana Villanueva. Our Art Staff this year was excellent. Gayla Stiles, Gladyne Dopyera, and Yolanda Carbuillido created our division pages and provided first class artistic services on other portions of the book. The yearbook photographers were a super bunch, putting in many long days and nights at activities and games to "get the picture" for the yearbook. lt was a team effort, with Ben Ortiz, Mark McCarthy, and Pat McGuiness, distinguishing themselves with the maior participation, while excellent services was also provided by Barry Baker, Jay Overmoen, and Dana Wehmeyer. We had two super outstanding editors on our staff this year. Kim Styles, the Editor-in-Chief, and Brenda Klingonsmith, the Assistant Editor-in-Chief, put in unbelievable hours and effort getting the yearbook off the ground and keeping it flying smoothly. This they did in addition to being active in Student Council, and active Varsity Cheerleaders. These girls have done so much that a simple thank you is just not enough. This has been a great year for me also. lt has been my privilege to work with some of the finest students that l have ever known. This working relationship with such a high caliber of people made this yearbook possible. lf the future years hold the same success that this year has held, all of our lives will be greatly enriched by the experiences. J.L. Pomeroy Sunbu rst Advisor THE ADVlSOR'S PAGE 285 Ae Ewan Editor-in-Chief - Kimberly Styles Assistant Editors - Brenda Klingonsmith Brandy Younger Academics - Brenda Klingonsmith Activities - Kim Styles Advertising - Robin Synder Business - Marci Morgan Honors - Brenda Klingonsmith Juniors - Cherie Cochran Sophomores - Diana Villanueva Freshmen - Maria Reveles Special Pages Special Pages Lori Bergman Kim Colbert Elizabeth Guthrie Colette Hill Diane Houghton Theme - Kim Styles Art Editor - Gayla Stiles Gladyne Dopyera Yolanda Carbuilido Photography Editor - Dana Wehmeyer Lab Technician - Barry Baker Photographers Mark McCarthy Pat McGuiness Diana Villanueva Holly Howard Ben Ortiz Index - Jari Allred Tummy Howard Jay Overmoen Organizations - Debbie Stephenson Maria Leavitt Tim Webb Sports -- Susan Reed Student Body Seniors - Brenda Klingonsmith Lisa Liance Adriana Martinez Shawn McCollum Camille Pupa Brenda Wagner Our Super Advisor - James Pomeroy Where do we begin? That was the question most of this year's Sunburst staff was asking. This year's staff consisted of 33 students with only 5 returning yearbook staff members and the rest "rookies" Even though a majority of our staff were new they seemed to learn the ropes quickly and helped prepare a successful yearbook. I would like to thank some very special people for their efforts which made this year's yearbook possible. Brenda Klingonsmith did a great job on the Senior section and really did an excellent job for being a "rookie"! Diana Villanueva who was also a "rookie", did a superb job on the Sophomore section and contributed many of her talents to other sections. There were three outstanding photographers' this year and they were Mark McCarthy, Ben Ortiz and Pat McGuiness they really did a super job with the photograhy in this year's yearbook. I can't begin to thank them for all their extra time and efforts. All our art for the division pages were supplied by the talents of Gayla Stiles, Gladyne Dopyera, and Yolanda Carbuilido. There are many people who we show great appreciation for their help and support throughout the year which without their support this yearbook may not have been possible. I wish to thank our GREAT faculty for their cooperation throughout the year. This year's seniors pictures were done by Bernhard 81 Williams, who seemed to help us whenever we needed a picture and also for their beautifual photography of our Seniors. The Sunburst staff wishes to thank Ron Neilson the Hunter publisher representative for all his time and effort devoted to our yearbook. And last but not least our "Super" advisor Mr. Pomeroy he really helped me as an editor to put things together and make this yearbook possible, he also looked out for me to numerous times to record. I would personally like to thank all the great people who were on the yearbook staff this yea r. We the Sunburst yearbook staff hope you the students of Eldorado enjoy the book! Kim Styles Editor-in-Chief , Class of i980 286 EDlTOR'S PAGE AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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