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SUNBURST ELDORADO HIGH SCHOOL LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 1973-74 A VOLUME I Table of Contents Lqfe Organizations A thletics Communigf Mentors Advertising Index 4 2 W ? i?f?m.. lwgfX"'L 0 4 .,,, M W, W I .ss wmfvmeuw ,aww If W W , . L V AV 3 J31.,.,L1L:W ,W , . 2 6, f,b- LOOK TO THIS DAY FOR IT IS LIFE, THE VERY LIFE OF LIFE at -W IN ITS BRIEF COURSE LIE ALL THE VERITIESAND REALITIES OF YOUR EXISTENCE as . W v S A Q . K r 1. ! '11, I .5 Q, I 'fifq if ,LL., 'Z if L 'W-1. f-rl? .V., V U My THE BLISS OF GROWTH I .v .n"""' QW? V 9 THE GLORY OFACTION , , E 1 " X xv N X X Viivt 1 A as LQ - LLV. f.l -if rv 1 ,. we L I I , 1 'Binary 3 EM, Ei T? X. .14-""','4f 46145 -'iff -w M 9 Q 'iw Q ff L ' if iff' f 'Q,kVE A gh M 'iiiffi , Q Q H h X gf X 3 H .351 ,xi ,A ' QL 3 we M X - ff' N. SN ' ,E Q 'WK N .if X, ,TX N ff ffl V," Mx K f-wiv' , V .1 XJQ - , , axffif A, ,-X' S-fizbfr' if I ,L A N. N N X K ,' I 2 , SE , ' 1 '.1i , 1 xx A R If .Am THE SPLENDOR OF BEAU TY 'XV' 'W i J .. I' 4 Af .1 Iiifk-au' 'Q ' f Q'f'?'n0n.i-5.6. .U ,JI 4.- 8 -,-4 FOR YESTERDA YIS BUTA DREAM AND TOMORROWIS ONLYA VISION ff S w 1 it-...Q . BUT TODAY WELL LIVED MAKES EVERY YESTERDAY! A DREAM OF HAPPINESS, AND EVERY TOMORROW A VISION OF HOPE. LOOK WELL, THEREFORE, TO THIS DAY L 'K 5 Q n Q .Aan V ,pi i N sagflggv -1 wi? '::f 4 Ncswxw Qfk -x wr, S my 1'n?ftW!sif2- :fQiigQa?i-iii? K :gi- f - e.,..mmM.H,5,wgqq, Y ,, x - A . A .TSQL-Q53 ,ig f fkjg la, Ah- I 18 Lge and Organizations 53 5 . Xb. 1, d...i.x-A '4 4 ,-f- I ... I-.,.1,b 'Wing 1 1 A v , .6 Q 'L ggi ix' H 1 JI First Play Per ormed at Eldorado The Little Theater at Eldorado was chris- tened with the presentation of a mystery play, "The Mousetrap," written by Agatha Christie. The play, directed by our drama teacher, Mr. Neil Early, was the story of a murder which takes place in England. The part of Mollie Ralston was performed by jackie Trego. Dale Walters was her hus- band, Giles. Mark Simon engagingly por- trayed an eccentric young man, Christopher Wren. Twilia Kay Erb acted the part of an irritating older woman who becomes the mur- der victim, Mrs, Boyle. Major Metcalf was portrayed by Robert Layne. Miss Casewell was acted by Afton Koontz. David I-Iollowell did a fine job of creating the character of Mr. Paravicini and the part of Detective Sergeant Trotter, the murderer in disguise, was performed by jeff Ramey. Snow Surprises Las Vegans Left: Mr. Rosenow helps drafting student, Bruce Groff, in preparing his miniature house. Below "The sweep of easy wind and downy flake" transformed the desert overnight! . P, 3sr2r'E.L :"""' Right: Having had nograduates at Eldorado, Eldorado students were surprised at "Homecoming" activities which included crowning of a queen, Miss Bamestine Ferrario. Below Left: Contestants Robinjohnson and Polly Autxey had fun participating in the student-sponsoted mlcnt show. Below Right: Eldondo's first DonkeyBasketballgnmewasdelightfultoallwhoviewedit.SceveDeNoy: occupiedapmcadousperchwhileuyingtomgchissmbbomdmkeydowndae court to the basket. The Negro History assembly climaxed a week of activities for the Soul Club. The assembly was presented in two sections. The first part depicted the history of the Ameri- can Negro and the second part showed some of the aspects of African culture. Other activities during the week included a fashion show, a "Soul Food" feast, and the election of a black King and Queen. Left: King, Tony Gaines, and Queen, Gwen Reddig, dis- play colorful robes and scepter of their reign. Below: The woman faculty's basketball team was defeated by the girl's varsity basketball team in a hilari- ous game. .., . Clubs Start Year With Vi gor Top Left: The Photography Club's biggest event this year was the sale of Devil Valentine Pictures. Students standing behind a brightly colored Devil were photographed in February by the club. The club was directed by Mrs. Morris. Club officers are fLeft to rightj Cindy George, Sergeant at Arms, jean Large, Secretary, Carolyn Reeder, President, Sue Althenberg, Vice-President. Top Right: The Art Guild provided teachers with special art work and visual aids as a service and as a money-making project. john Tolas, Secretary, Greg Ferrell, Treasurer, Lynn Turner, President and joey Wfilkerson, Vice President, provided leadership for the club under the direction of Miss Richey, Club Advisor. Club officers are pictured left to right as identified with the exception of joey Wilkerson, Bottom: The Human Relations Club headed by Mr. Ramirez and Mr, Catanese had the sole purpose of trying to bring together people of all races and creeds. Club members were fLef t to rightj Patricia Marshall, Cynthia Graybeal, Elean Rivera, Mary Lloyd, Sandii Fleming, and Mark Curtis. i ff , 'gt fix, f'-fee' a "law Varsigf Quiz Team Beats Vegas 70 - 47 1 The Varsity Quiz Team started slow but made a startling comeback with a victory of 70-47 over well-established school, Las Vegas High. The team is sponsored by Mrs. Har- rington, pictured at right with team members fleft to rightj Standing: Randy Harris and Lynn Turner. Seated: james Baver, Dan Pesiletes, Tom Fitch, Robert Graham, Team Captain, Mike Carey, Dave-Jacks, Kwan Mcffomas, Brad Helmeth. Below: Boasting a complete television studio equipped with the latest machines and controls, the Audio-Visual Club was able to tape assem- blies and special activities, pipe in FM music to classrooms upon request, and produce record- ings. Mrs. Dermie sponsored club members: Front Row: fleft to rightj Robert Swan, Mike Lovy, Thomas Lilley, Debbie Click. Back row: Mrs. Dennie,john Provenzano, Kevin Camp- bell, james Provenzano,jay Craddock, Ray McKey, Dale Walters. 73, A I - N pk L N .Q ' ' R -. ,..' iw. - " 'ti --K -13 t, - fx . in 1- 'f 4 ' 5 t L ' Q ' Q A fy' ,1 W ff. gi' KN p a 1 vi UUT' we- ,, - In .f'8.!AW,. . ,.. t, .7 ,rt :. Outfitted with new, quality instruments and bright maroon uni- forms with gold overlays, the Sun- Devil Band performed at concerts, festivals, assemblies and ball games. Right: Percussion section, Back Row: flcftnorightjKznenKincrnan,Dolma Schell,Joe1 Suephenshkff McDonald, Gene Homer, Milf: Front Row: Rick Nichols, Carl Coleman, David Suddeth, Bob Showalter. Below: The SunDcvi.l Band in formation with twirlcrs Sherri Purdy, Kim Huffman, Kim Colunan,JoAnn Ryder. SunDevil Band Explores the Splendors of Sound Top Left: fleft to rightj High brass, Mike Lopez, Rich- ard Tanksley, Mike Travis, Paul Laplante, David Hollo- well, Scott Baringer, Mike Codile, Bob Cain, Steve Kenna, james Tate, Tony Stevers, Mike Alsbrook, Anselma Fresquez. Middle: Woodwinds, Back Row: Bef nard Lewis, Pat Fisher, Doris Western, Debbie Blue, Veronica Lowy, Debbie Cochran, lx:-Deane Stewart,jody Smith, Phyllis Large, Richard Wellington, Sam Remil- lard, Eric johnson, Corrine Wilken,joyce Nielson, Kay Unsworth, Yvonne Everett. Middle Row: Debbie War- ren, Bev McWeeney, Kim Broderick, Edy Gainer, Candy Gee. Front Row: Robin Williams, Marco Hall, Candy Callahan. Bottom Left: Steve Holaday, Dan Gilbert, Kim Broderick, Greg Peterson, Marcus Hardin, Reggie Holloway, Keith Nelson, Richard Whitlock, Cedric Nel- son, Steve DeNoya, Larry Horeiter, David Warren, Kevin Campbell, Louis Rezzetti, Ralph McDonald, Ed Rush, Glane Brode. Bottom Right: Low brass, Kievan Zohner, Brian Schroder, Ed Slagle, Brian Howser, Charles McMannis, Glen Gahn. JZ The Chorus this year has been a very hard-working group. They learned several difficult pieces of music that many thought couldn't be learned. Top Right: Mrs. Jensen leads the Select chorus in a number during the Christmas assembly. Bormm: StudentsinSe1ectChoirvmrkhardonancwpiece. Top Row: flefr no righrj Faron Madden-a, Larry Spencer, Sandy Umerbaek, Teresa Brown, Maureen Hewart. Middle Row: Danny Crandell, Richard Fessler, Robin Hamilnon, Pat Blouin, Holly Childers, Nanerue Plumb. Bomom Row: Van Henry, Elvin Sanchez, Debbie Marshall, Tami Trimrn, Debbie Goetz, and Karen Keith. orus Groups Work to Develop ControL to Build Range, to Produce Sweet Sounds Yi Above: The Bass section concentrates on a diffi- cult passage. Those pictured am, Top Row: Marv Weadmerholu, Ed Slagle, Eric Norried. Bottom Row: Wade Hymer, Danny Crandell, Richard Fessler. Right: The Madrigals were the nucleus of all the groups. Those pictured are: First Row: jackie Van Hook, Randy Rawling, Kim Broder- ick, Van Henry, Connie jewett, Becky Bergquist, Mary Dubro. Second Row: Marianne York, Rosemary Beck, David Mumford, Eric Nozriod, Faron Maddem, Annaliese Fullmer, Nancy Stinchfield, Kim Purdy. Third Row: jerry Wat- son, David Hollowell, Dale Walters, Yvonne Everett, Pat Blouin. 29 The Sunburst Freezes Time Yearbook staff members worked hard throughout the year to achieve their final accomplishment, the Sunburst. Trying to meet deadlines strained the first-year staff, but hard work, and long hours after school provided the solutions to most problems. With all the glory and action, the staff made the Sunburst a splendor of beauty. Right: Cleft to rightj Linda Dobruslry, Editor in Chief, Theresa McWeeney, Community Editor, Carolyn Reeder, Life Editor, Sandii Fleming, Business Manager. Below: Back Row deft no rightj, Scott Dobnisky, Bill Mack, Brian Howser, Gina Bruneau, J. Beckstead, Advisor, Theresa McWeeney,john Littleiohn. Front Row: Carolyn Reeder, Linda Dobrusky, Donna Koon, Sandii Fleming, Cindy Merrill, Cynthia Haynes,julie Dobson, Kobbie Murray, Mary jolovich, Randy 1-xmas, Ricky Quinn, Jaime Pa-mt aw picmmap Louise Duncan, Ted Lopez, David Rosboqgh, Nancy Young, Kimberly Day, Miguel Salemo. and Richard Armstrong. 30 SunDeviI's Advocate Records First Year Events, ,em xl' 31 -'j Provides Forum or Student Opznzon The first task of the newspaper staff was to choose a name for the paper which would be ade- quate for future years. The second chore was to learn the skills necessary to write, edit, and lay- out the paper so that it would bring approval to Eldorado. A third job was to provide financing. In varying degrees the challenges were met and matched and Eldorado's newspaper grew from a junior high news sheet into a real newspaper. Left: Editors and backbone of the Advocate, fleft to rightj Dan Njegomir, News Editor, Steve Randall, Sports Editor, Phillip Abbott, Editor-in- Chief, Pam Carrico, Activities Edi- tor, Bmce Childress, Business Manager. Below: First Semes- ter Staff, Cleft to rightj Terri Smith, Steve Randall, Terri Flores, Yvonne May, Donna Gunther, Bruce Childress, Nanq' Reeder, Phillip Abbott, Kathy Davis, Rober Wells, Dan Njegomir and Pam Gan-ico. Not pictured: Second Semester staff members: Fred Anderson, Tom Blackmon, Donald Ferrell, Monica Freeman, joe Gurganus, Ame Jack- son, Gregory Sanchez, Pete Shields, Advisor, J. Beckstead. he Science Club Never Sits Still The Science Club kept members busy on field trips throughout the year. The first joumey took students to the Environmental Protection Agency. Later in the year, the club saw stars at . V it UNLV where they observed Kohoutek , A A, through telescopes. A' ' The long Presidentis Day weekend 2' V, : , ' ii in February provided an opportunity K for a three day exploration of Death ' ' .mf .tt fs is ,, e,g5,,, In the Spring students visited the San Diego Zoo and Sea World, and Marineland and various museums in Los Angeles iii ' ' ' ' in ' Top Left: Science club officers and advisors pose in front of the school: Cleft to rightj, Mr. Hood its Advisor, Milan Njegomir, Treasurer, Ame jackson, Vice President, Charles Garner, President, Mr. Williams, Advisor. Top Right: David Tettleton and Chuck Garner test the strength of the wind on top of Ubehebe Crater. Bottom Right: Science club members take a break on a hike through Desolation Canyon during the trip to Death Valley. fFrom left to rightj, Back Row: Robert Adams, David Tettleton, Nick Lombardy, David George, Dave i -- Hill, Charles Mr:Manis, Cindy George. Front Row: Frank Hill, Ame jackson, Chuck Garner, il Mike King, jackie Burch, Mr. Williams, Richard s1'1 George. 32 .pf ,,V Q . .Q 'V' , 4 v ,, 45 .. 53- . sq, Radio Club Stresses Gaining Skills for Avocation Now and Vocation Later on. F The Eldorado Radio Club's purpose is to aid students in obtaining an Amateur Radio License and to promote ham radio as a hobby. David Craven, president, is planning on being a communica- tions officer in the service. Tom Fitch, vice president, has been interested in the hobby for some years. Keith Nelson, secretary treasurer, really enjoys radio as a hobby. Charles McManis is looking forward to operating phone so he can talk to his dad when he is overseas. West Welsh, Mike Riggs, Rodney Wil- liams, and Richard Tanksley, not only enjoy radio, but the field trips to SARCO, Bell Telephone and TV Channel 13. Top Left: Mike Riggs and David Craven search for calls coming on the the receiver. Top Right: Officers of the radio club, fleft to rightj, v. Pres., Tom Fitch, Advisor, Mrs. Burford, Pres., David Craven and Secretary-Treasurer, Keith Nelson. Bottom Right: Radio club members at work on antenna on the roof at Eldorado have a good view of the city. 33 Gymkhanas Display Riding, Training Skills of Eldorado Students fi Q --'k -"k X ,, .wx M K The Eldorado Rodeo Club sponsored four gyrnk- hanas featuring Keyhole, Polebending, Flags, .Bar- rels, and Goat Tie events. Many Eldorado students such as Richard Armstrong, Corwin Phipps, Robin Roberts, Linette Leavitt, Kelly Forsman, lviichelle Winger, Linda Scurlock, Gail Perry, and Diane Mil- lette, made excellent scores and captured awards in several areas. Opposite Page Top: Gary Welsh, Mike Hoff, and Debbie Hedger relax between arena chores during the january gymk- hana. Middle: Corwin Phipps struggles to make good time on a goat tie. Bottom: Checking entry arrangement during the windy, dusty, November gymkhana are, Qleft to rightj, Steve Cnmk, Butch Telfer, Mr. Hollingsworth, Rodeo Club advisor, john Hollingsworth, and Russel Christy. Top: Richard Armstrong and Gail Perry perform in the rescue race, an exciting event, at one of the gymkhanas the Rodeo Club sponsored. Bottom: Rodeo Club members pose on Eldorado front steps: Back Row: fleft to rightj Corwin Phipps, Russel Christy, Nancy Bundy, Steve Runion,' David Stewart, Butch Telfer, Linda Scurlock, Michelle Kava- naugh, Greg Moore, Calvan Hissing, Mike Manor, Steve Holla- day, Diane Bundy, Mack Baker. Third Row: jessie Stewart, Scott Wade, Diane Millete,janet Cuda.hy, Susan Henderson, Vickie Records, Tammie Harris, Gary Welsh, Brian Dudley, Leo Mil- lite, Steve Crunlt. Second Row: Pam Roth, Kellyjense, Bobby Gibson, Danny Thompson, Gary Bowman, jeff Brown, Mike Snow, jimmy Mason, Mary Vela, Bill Smith, Starla Rayon, Deb- bie Berlin. Front Row: Dawn Macaroy, Rhonda Bentz, Gala Sims, Luann Hughes, Candy Hollingsworth, Pam Frayer, Mic- helle Winger, Gail Perry, Linette Ievitte, Mike Hoff, Wade I-ledger, Mark Simons, Sonny Clary. 35 Rodeo Club Boasts Large, Active M embershp A X il 7:1 5 L e Z ,Q f i ,.,- 5 1" if , , Q -2 .xg ful ., Eldorado riders participane as strong contestants in rodcos held in Southcm Utah and Southem Nevada, often winning top honors. Top: Richard Madrill displays courage and skill in Bull-riding. Bottom Left: Patti Manis rides guide horse as Scott Wade bull-dogs the steer. Bottom Right: Arlynn Taylor and Connie Wade make points in Team-roping. Left: Patti Manis demonstrates the skill which has brought her first place awards in Pole Bending. Top Right: Rodeo Club members plan future activities and attempt to solve inter-club problems during a February meeting. Bottom Right: Rodeo Club officers are fleft to rightj Mr. Hollingsworth, Advisor, Debbie Hedger, Secretary, Richard Madrill, Vice President, Arlynn Taylor, President, Connie Wade, Treasurer. C X IP . 4. ... ,asf ut 37 Spit and Polish and Daibf Drill are New Experiences or Eldorado Students Retired Naval Officers Captain Clyde Lee and Chief Herbert Goodland taught NJROTC at Eldorado High School Elective or science credit was earned by students in courses designed to develop citizenship, leadership, teamwork, and high standard of personal conduct and appearance. NJROTC students engaged in a variety of activities during the year such as flag ceremonies at the beginning of assemblies and at ball games. Field trips were taken to Nellis Air Base, to San Diego' for bootcamp training, to several parades in Las Vegas and other communities in the area. Top: CFrom left to rightj Ensign T. Nixon, Admin., Lieutenant,I,G.B. Coltman, 3 Plt. Ldr., Lieutenantj.G.M. Hartman, Op. S., Lieutenant R. Kineman, XO,, Lieutenant Commander D. Walters, CO., Lieutenant,I.G.S. McAllister, 1 Plt. Ldr., Lieutenant ,I.G.C. Cvamage, 2 Plt, Ldr., Ensign M. Campbell, Supply, Ensign S, Randall, 1 Ph.Asst. Bottom: Every Friday the flag is retired for the weekend at 2:00 P.M. by the entire company. .,., W. ,, ..., W K, -avr " W E W is i i at A F1 Wbef ,-ffff L-Qsaagfataeffz-rw X 7 tllfhn H :r g.iw,,Ww,i1, -M . Q V: W .... .... ,I S L 'EM '1' " l'll"f'l' Pep Club Strikes Up Enthusiasm excitement and enthusiasm. poms to the student body. Left: llef t to rightj Wendy Robins, Treasurer, judy Baker, Secretary- Treasurer, Cathy jones, Vice President, Juanita Fleming, President, Eva jones, Secretary, Miss Pearson, Advisor. Bottom: Club members show off A-mf new jumpers. Back Row: QFrom left to rightj Linda Odorizzi, Kim Theus, Wendy Robins, Donna Barnee, Eva Jones, Theresa Howard, Che- ryl Marvin, Judy Baker, Cathy jones,juanita Fleming, Sonya jones, Miss Pearson: Front Row: Theresa Mcweeney, Gloria Almanza, Billie Almanza, Alexis Wells, Linda jones, Lisa Fields. H ---wr. 'Eff .mk- v Pep Club members did exactly what the name implies. They helped to add pep to games and assemblies as well as To eam money to pay for uniforms they sold pom- LE TTERMA N 'S Club Brzngs Athlete s Together The Letterman's Club was open to all men who lettered in varsity sports. It brought school athletics together and created comradeship among the athletes. The club made a good start with thirty- five members at the end of football season and added more members after the winter sports season ended. Above Left: Lettermen officers, Ralph Ray, President, Mike Groff, Vice President, Carl Coleman, Secretary, Richard Whitlock, Treasurer. Above Right: Back Row fleft to rightj: Coach Leavitt, Advisor, Gus Hale, Frank Brown, David Hollingsworth, Ed Romero, Dan Pope, Maurice Washington, Mike Hartman, Ellsworth Whinery. Middle Row: Carol Coleman, Faron Madderra, Ron Kineman, Mike Kepler, Ralph Ray, Mike Groff, Harry Kepler, Pete White, Bruce Childress. Front Row: john Knight, Robbie Murray, Richard Whitlock, john Gaines, Eric Norried, Ray Perry, Dave Thompson. 40 af 5 -uw W Q. . ,Q-., 4 2 5 ll , .. ., , , 1, i if . -, , ... . f '--- -W m y w as n,,,i,f'L-aw W"w f--w ,gfNi'+f','f '-M xp ,, ' W, lfsfgz. - H fx '31 9. L, -. Lf . -, '-LL f 41 D.H.B.P.N.P.TIE C. Members Put Their Troubles Aside on the Trail Have you ever had sore feet, holes in your shoes, and a sunbum? Worse than that, have you ever had them all at the same time? If you were a member of the hiking club, you would be very familiar with all of these, and not with- out good reason. A hike through the Grand Canyon isn't easy. To lead up to this final event, smaller hikes were undertaken to get people in shape. These included a con- quest of Ringbolt Rapids, Death Valley, and Havasupi Falls. The club was organized to provide students with fun through the sport of hiking and to bring their lives into closer harmony with nature. To help pay for some of their out-of-state trips, hikers held a candy sale. In March, as a change of pace from their usually strenu- ous activities, the club ioumeyed to Disneyland. Advisors for the hiking club are Robert Prince, larry Duncan and Dorothy Clark. Top: Hikers strike out during October trip no North Pinto Valley. Bottom Left: The motto of the hiking club is "Leave only your footprints." Bottom Right: Robert Titus, Hiking Club President, shoulders his pack with ease, setting an example for less experienced hikers. 42 Skiers Soar, SpilL Scramble, Soar Again Waiting for the bus was a major activity for Ski Club members. Nevertheless, they did make it to the slopes. Several trips to Lee's Canyon and an ovemight trip to Brianhead provided opportu- nity for beginners to take lessons and for experi- enced skiers to pit their skills against the slopes. Ski Club officers, Dave Fullman, President, Bryan Schroder, Vice President, Chris Mol, Sec- retary, and Cynthia Haynes, Treasurer, helped plan the skiing excursions. Club members are JoAnn Bransted, Bert Brodes, Craig Brunell, Gary Burton, Craig Faile, David Gale, Kelly Helms, Kim Huffman, Gary justice, Michelle Kavanaugh, Skip Kelley, Steve Kilgore, Ted Lopez, Mark Martinez, Richard McKinney, Sherri Purdy, Ricardo Quinn, Sam Remillard, Debbie Reynolds, David Rosbor- ough, Wayne Shafer, Cindy Shammo, Denis Sims, Donald Sims, and Maria Talavera. Top Left: Gary Burton and Cynthia Haynes stoke up the engines with Fritos and chips before donning their skis. Top Right: Craig Faile, Steve Kilgore, and Sam Remillard try a little yodeling in the canyons of Mt. Charleston. Left: Miss Grewal and Ski Club members discuss plans for the day's activities at Lee's Canyon. Bottom: Skiers wait impatiently to begin the first skiing outing of the year. S. The Goldusters of Eldorado have grown in spirit and skill. The twenty- four member precision dance group performed to such tunes as "Amos Moses" and "Superstition" They sold purses to raise money for their uniforms in addition to spon- soring two dances and holding two car washes. The Goldusters won the Key Club's first annual "Ugly Man" contest. Slumber parties, pizza dinners, trips to Circus Circus, and performances kept the girls together along with the daily hour-long practices. Top Right: Drill team officers fleft to rightj, Gail Lehr, Treasurer, Winnie Romero, Vice President,june Fleming, Secretary, Samrnie McGraw, President. Below: In happy formation Cleft to rightj Back Row: Carol jones, Kathy King, june Fleming, Amy Messenger, Patty Howard, Bev Payne, Janice Davey. Middle Row: Winnie Romero, Debbie Cook, Pam Oirrioo, Toni Watson, Anita Cline, Gail Lehr, Linda Barr. Front Row: Aunda Richmond, Maggie Chacon, Sammie McCraw, Susie Nate, Andrea Cariker, Kelly Helms. Opposite Page, Top: In hot pants outfit, girls strut to "Amos Moses." Bottom Left: Goldusters start high kicks at the stadium during half-time of the game with Chaparral. Bottom Right: Miss Soule gives last minute instructions before a performance. Miss Soule and Miss Murphy were the advisors. Goldusters Put in Many Hard Hours to Add Glitter to Haqtime Shows and Assemblies s s V, s-. h ---1" 2 --'- L f I V 'I' Young Spirit Leaders Add Color to the Excitement of Heated Contests 4 The cheerleaders were found boosting spirit at all eighth and ninth grade basketball games. Chants and cheers created enthusiasm not i only throughout the crowd, but within the teams. They performed at all games, both home and away. Bake sales helped to provide money i to pay for uniforms. The eighth graders were advised by Mrs. Christensen, and Mrs. johnson provided guidance and advice for the ninth graders. I 1 l 1 Q B 1 Ninth Grade Cheerleaders CFrom left no rightj Back Row: Linda Youngblood, Vickie Bden, Diane Benevidea Front Row: Barbara Loveland, Kathy Bilyeu and Candy Callihan. r ps Three of the eighth grade cheerleaders get ready to spur the team onward. Bottom: Back row: flcft to rightj Lisa Stiles, Tami imm, Shawn Cardinal. Front Row: Ellie Brooks and Connie jeweh. if -ls r .1 l SupportingandchecringonEldorado'swrestlcrsisthcmzinjoboftheSunSpots.'I11eyfurnishcdsigt1sforthematchcs.'I'hcyltcptsoorcarn'l astimekcepcrsatallhomcwrestlingmztchcs.Inadditionnothescduties,theSunSpotsfoundtimctomakcthcirownuniformsanelmch:aft constitution fortheuscof theorganizationinfuturcycars. ThcDia.mondett:cs scorebaseballgammkncpstatisticsforthccoachcgactasbatkeepcrsandpnovidealittleaddedcolorandcxcitcmcntnothu nurnbetonespringsportf Top Left: Kathy Franco and Stacy Sanders hang posters in the gym in preparation for a wrestling match. Top Middle: Gina Nowell and Kim Day rush to catch the bus for the Wrestlers and Sun Spot trip to San Diego. Top Right: SunSpots discuss scoring techniques. QFrom left to righth Susie Henderson, Stacy Sanders, Cindy Haynes, Elke I-lerbrechtsmeirhlo Fleming and Kim Day, Bottom: Diamondettes discuss plans for uniforms and ways to make the baseball season at Eldorado more lively. fFrom left to rightj Becky Bergquist, Kim Purdy, Patty Howard, Yvonne May, Amy Messenger, Sandii Fleming, Brenda Alsbrooks, Gail Lehr, Debbie Cook, Andrea Carikcr and Janice Davey. 4 S on gleaders Boost Pep any f M - V L,,:,., f . 5 T fr 1 T l ssls T , ? f Brenda Alsbrook Mary ,Iolovich Susan Parker Robin Russell Diana Scarsdale Sheree Thomas Songleaders began the year with enthusiasm and vitality. In Santa Bar- bara, California they won a Superior award in competition. The songleaders aided cheerleaders throughout the year in keeping spirits high at Eldorado. Money was earned by holding car washes, selling spirit buttons, and helping with popsicle sales to purchase uniforms. Songleadqrs' enthusiasm will last for many years to come. The head songleader is Mary jolo- vich. The other girls are Brenda Als- brook, Susan Parker, Robin Russell, Diana Scarsdale and Sheree Thomas. The songleader advisor is S. Daniels. ,Jacque Loveland Nancy Reeder Donna Smith Arlynn Taylor Spirit and Stamina Characterize J. V Cheerleaders Becky Bergquist Pepsi Boswell Debe Irish fi 1 E fieirr ai l lg? Top: Debe Irish, Pepsi Boswell, Becky Bergquist. Bottom: Nancy Reeder, Jacque Loveland, Donna Smith, Arlynn Taylor. The junior Varsity Cheerleaders worked year round to inspire the ,I.V. football and basketball teams. Performing at games is not the only duty required of a cheerleader. Cheerleading also requires hard work and practice. The -I.V. cheerleaders practiced especially hard hoping that next year they might become Varsity cheerleaders. The j.V. cheerleaders sold candy, held car washes, and bake sales in order to buy uniforms. Arlynn Taylor headed the girls: Becky Bergquist, Pepsi Boswell, Debe Irish, Jacque Loveland, Nancy Reeder and Donna Smith. Their advisor is P. Synold. Left: Debe Irish, Nancy Reeder and .Iacque Loveland try out new formation. Below Left: Donna Smith practices an exuberant jump. Below Right: Skill and caution are taken as Becky Bergquist and Arylnn Taylor perform this stunt. Varszgf Cheerleaders Enliven Eldorado The Varsity Cheerleaders helped Eldorado cre- ate traditions of enthusiasm and unified effort by always being there with optimism, smiles, and confidence in themselves and the team. The con- fidence in themselves was achieved from long hours of strenuous and sometimes toilsome prac- tice. They not only showed spirit as cheerleaders but also helped support the Student Body. They raised money by selling popsicles and spirit but- tons, The head Varsity cheerleader is Terri Smith. The other girls are: Louise Duncan, Kim Purdy, Linda Stinchfield, Nancy Stinchfield, and Mic- helle Winger. Advising the Varsity cheerleaders was S. Dan- ibels. Right: With the wind in their face and the hope of victory in their souls cheerleaders return for the climax of the game. Below: Cheerleaders lead chant for victory. 01' " ff Nw iiii i iff! ' f-f- .E X ...mus t WARE nf' 4 f , . 1, , QQ ,-, ,, .,1 , Louise Duncan Kim Purdy Terri Smith 5 ws, , is if f no 3 Q ld- 2 J xl Ss.. 5 2 P 'll 5 U : ,iz ii 2 FK. Q f 1 Linda Stinchfield Nancy Stinchficlcl Michelle Winger 'f fi., 5, J A 1. Top: Louise Duncan, Linda Stinchfield, Michelle Winger. Bottom: Terri Smith, Kim Purdy, Nancy Stinchfield. 119' Athletics X -S 'M 'Q 'I -ls if i 1 . I ,N We 11 -L ,. W Y Y' l l l i Eldorado Wins in Yards Gained and First Downs in -40 HS. 4th row: fLcft to Righty Steve Queen, David Hollingsworth, Mike Hardman, Frank Brown, Brian Kingham, Steve DeNoya, Milton Linn, Harry Kepler, Dennis McAullife, Maurice Washi Madrll, Faron Maderra, Anthony Coleman, Richard Whitlock, john Gaines, Clayton lamoya, Manuel Almanza, Steve Romero, Mike Groff. lst row: jonathan Knight, Bobby Chavez, Tomm Achieved Despite Final Scores ton, Adrian Hill. 3rd row: Dan Pope, Miguel Salemo, Keith Lucas, Carl Coleman, Pete White, Bruce Childress, Dave Thompson, Ron Kineman, Richard Swan. 2nd row: Mike Kepler, Richard Ellis, Ray Perry, Ralph Ray, Sam Richardson, Eric Norried, Robbie Murray, Victor Myers, Tony Gaines. Tension, Turmoil, Tell Football Story A Upper Right: Coaches Varrato, Valine and Ferrario, and Richard Whitlock, Number 80, watch with mounting tension the progress of the game. Middle: SunDevils dig in against Chaparral. Lower Right: john Gaines goes in for the touchdown. ,R tiis R 3 l Us 5' init: l l, SJ! -S W.-B W l J, J' if V15 I , XX I ,,..f ff F , MM in ff"L11f1f ' Upper Left: Milton Linn, Robbie Murray, Dave Thompson and Greg Knight hustle to their positions. Lower Left: Dave Thompson pounds john Gaines on the back in glee over the touchdown. Varsizy Fights Frustrationg Finds Success Upper Right: "It was a hard season, but the kids came a long wayf, said Coaches Kennedy, Valine and Varrato, Middle: john Gaines looks on grimly as Chaparral completes a pass. . sss- ' Nm' f--,..f- : A H s , ' -3' ss,-s. 52 s - From-Left to Right: Singled out for special awards are Eldorado players john Gaines, Honorable Mention All Conference Running Backg Clayton Lamoya Second Team All Conference Line Backer, Honorable Mention Offensive Backg john Knight, Player of the Week in Southern Nevada. a J. V Team Puts Forth Outstanding E jfort e , ' 2 mfs Top: Dennis Botsford carries the ball through Chaparral's line. Left: Coach Omelaz and Coach Hill decide team strategy, Above: Coach Omelaz accepts trophy presented by the Nellis Athletic Association forj.V. team 11516, ii is ltle Val gi I J. V Squad Sinks Nellis All-Stars and Spring Mountain li - SiiS i7ii iiiii iiiii iiiiii iiii nfl E iSSii ' il i niii ' 1 Siiinii 1Si i1Si S Siililinn 4th row: Qleft to Rightj Invell Jolley, Phil Lagana, Richard Lanier, Brad Iea.r,jeff Childress, Don Ferrell, David Schell, Ieejones, Ronnie Stdngfellow, Gene Whitdngton. 3rd row: Craig Brunell, Dennis Botsford, james Provenzano, Pete Shields, Randy Marchello,juan Cliaeon, Bruce Groff, David Rogers, Scott Webb, Kerry Norton, jim WiHcerson. 2nd row: jim Phillips, ' ' , ,, ,, ,,,,,L f :" Mi . Kirk Schnackenberg, Ricky Gibson, David Fullman, Skip Kel1ey,john Levitt, jay Craddock, Brent Groff, Mike Norred. Front row: Robert Swan, Don XVoodcock, Ray Yrizarris, Mitchell jones, Sam White, Mike Hoff, Chris Perry, Abel Montano, Bill Stanley. l . Hard Work, Team E jjfort, Good Coaching Win Victories for Young, Seniorless Team Top Right: Richard Whitlock takes careful aim. Top Left: jim Thomas jumps from the foul line to make two points against ' R ' Chaparral. Right: At the beginning of the season the SunDevils had to play in borrowed Clark jerseys because Eldorado had -Q-ww, not yet received their uniforms. Willy jones attempts to score with a lay-up wearing a Clark uniform. Ah gg. W WJ Wm 'NWN-My-:1mNw:N. , Left: Willie jones flies high for a shot. Below: Coach Leavitt and Coach Gordon take time to pose with the team and team manager. SunDevi!s Beat ChaparraL V0-Tech, Basic, Surprise Sports Predictors - ,,,,,,,,,, M2 Varsity Basketball Team: fI.ef t to Rightj Coach Gordon, David Hollingsworth, Robbie Murray, Richard Whitlock, Frank Brown, jimmy Thomas, Kevin Carlson, Willie jones, Reggie Sellers, Bob Beilke, Van Rowley, Mike Wigfall, john Gaines, and Coach Leavitt. CFrontJ: Manager, Albert Page. Above Left: David Hollingsworth leaps for a shot while opponent from Valley tries to deflect it, Above Right: jimmy Thomas snatches a rebound. il """?.. """'i..lJ IWW , Sify Above: jimmy Thomas stops the shot while David Hollingsworth looks on. T op: Reggie Sellers, part kangaroo, goes up to score 2 points for the SunDcvils. Bottom: Getting a rebound is as good as getting a shot. Girl is Varsigf Basketball Team Plays With Enthusiasm Front row: QLeft to Rightj joycelyn I-lall, Connie Wade, Terri Halen, Terri West. Back row: Victoria Records fManagcrj, Nancy Bundy, Jacqueline Winters, Candice Gee, Nuria Carrasco, Sandra McCormick, Sondra Phillips, Vonda Quinn, fCoachj. OPPONENT HOME 36 NAIA Las Vegas 46 55 Basic 36 51 Rancho 8 54 Western 34 24 Gorman Clark 23 44 Boulder City 37 26 Vo-Tech 61 50 Valley 30 35 Chaparral 37 36 Las Vegas 51 62 Basic 38 56 Rancho 42 52 Western 33 Top Left: Sondra Phillips, Terri West and Terri Hafen battle Boulder City girls. Top Right: Connie Wade follows the play. Bottom: Candi Gee, Terri West, Connie Wade and Sandra McCormick use body English to help the ball up and over the rim, nmweon-inn The J. V Team Gave Their Best, But the Scores Weren't Kind in eeee .ee,e in Le, - R eeeee ' TRTTT From left to right, fBack Rowj: Eric Heine, Richard Madril,Joe Wdght, Curt Cantrei, Norman Newlett, Gregoryjolly, Coach johnson. CFL-ont Rowj: Kevin Roch, Adrian Hill, Ronnie Suingfellowhleff McDonald, Anthony Coleman, james Quiggle. Top: jeff McDonald takes 2 pass as Norman Hewlett and Richard Madril seek to outmancuver the defense. 70 F' it .H WW A y- rm- VN! 'V rn WH i V V i T 'H h H i 'rv ,H ,x ' w ,MUN M4 "M Mum 14,7 OVW , f W My V WW! Af ..,,,,m U t 'Q at 'ii' x W! 'at R ,M 4n....f' M""'r..., L"h Left: Ronnie Stringfellow fires a jump shot, Top Right: Kurt Cantrel passes to Ronnie Stringfellow during the disastcrous game with Valley. Bottom Right: Coach johnson provides strategy during the game with Cha- parral. De Spirit Characterizea' The Ninth Grade Team dicalion and Team mf Billy Thomas drives down y 1 ,,,i N if w G ,V L ff' We 'f',': - T Eff? B From Left to Right CBack CFront rowj: Sam White, we If the home court during 3 hard fought Coma-Sf, james Wilkerson goes high for the rebound as Benny Sorensen and Billy Thomas set position for the play. Z i i All rowj: Coach Plawski, Dennis Roth, David Forsyth, Benny Sorensen, Mike Kaminskihlohn jones, Henry Romero, and team manager, john Maples. james Wilkerson, Cedric Nelson, Brian Evans, and Billy Thomas. Ninth grade basketball players put in a long day with practice starting at 6:00 a.m, Eighth Grade Team Captures First Eldorado Championshtp From Left to Right, C Back rowj: Coach Kennedy, Ken Titus, Travis Newberry, Norman Adams, Larry Wfooten, Vince Ignatowicz, Eddie Rodriguez. fFront rowj: Scott Dobrusky, David Seekford, Don Thomas, Larry Klein, Robert Martin, Mike Riggs. K, , ,,,. .. ,,,, ,..L:,,, .rwf, L mu ,V ,,,,i Left: Larry Wooten shoots the free throw as Norman Adams and Vince Ignatowicz set up for a rebound. Above: Donny Sims streaks down the floor with the ball. The 8th grade team ended the season with a 9-2 record, capturing the Eastern Zone 2nd place position, then went on to defeat Vlfoodbury in the Championship game, 40-39. Determination Does Not Always Confer Volleyball Team D Victory, iscovers Above Left:.Ioyce Nielson, Candice Gee, and Nan Goss practice the bump shot. Above Right: Sandra McCormack and Diane Whitlock get set for the ball. Right: Coach Sattei-field gives last minute instructions to the team. Left to Right, CStandingJ : Joyce Nielson, Nan Goss, Sandra McCormack, Tanya Washington, Corinne Wilken, Marge Nelson, Cindy Graebeal, Diane Whitlock, Kathy jones, fKneelingJ: Candice Gee, Tammy Laub. fSittingJ : janet Loveland, Terri Hafen. Firfs Varsigf Tennis Team Faces a Disappointing Season YE i s M.. Abovc: C Back rowj: Lynn Turner, Sherry Tillcry, Dolly Rush, Billy Dodge, Mrs. Long, Advisor. fFront rowj: Sherri Purdy, Kim Huffman, Debbie O'Mallcy. Far Left: One of the doubles teams, Dolly Rush and Billy Dodge, wait for the serve. Left: Kim Huffman is set for the ball. Varsigf Tennis Gains Experience, Development from Yearis' Effort 1 I A Top: From Left to Right CBack rowj: David Rosborough, Mitch Kobler, Terry Isom, Steve Nesvacil, Coach Portillo. fFront rowj : joey Gardner, Mark Martinez. Bottom Left: Steve Nesvacil stans a serve. Bottom Right: Bill Coltman goes low for a shot. Tennis and Swimming Open the Sports Season at Eldorado With Eighth Grade Competitors Q is as The Eldorado Swimming team placed ninth out of sixteen teams by scor- ing eleven points in the Clark County Swimming Meet. From Left to Right, CStandingj: Karl Laekingenjames McGraw, Ken I-Iuger, Guy Shields, fSittingj: Rodger Schell, Donna Schell, Linda jones, Gary jus- tice, Steve Crandall coached Eldorado swimmers , :Y Y is sf S ' 1 oach Misenor poses with the eighth grade tennis team. From Left to Right Above fBack rowj: Ronald Misenor, Scott Dobruskyi, Darryl cwart, Don Muns, Edward Pollack. fFront rowb: Monica Ontiveroshloey Wilkerson, Dale Henry, Debra Pollard, Kim Coltman. Right: arryl Stewart pauses to catch a breath during a tiring match. ,tml X mp iweigk From Left to Right f Back rowj: Ralph Ray, Pete Mims, Albeno Carrasco, Steve Hall, Ray Perry, Dennis Botsford, Danny Shipcro, Randy Harris, Brad Iarscn, Clayton Lamoya. f Front rowjz Ron Kincrrian, Bruce Munger, Manuel Almalnza, Glen Kestcr, Mike Byrom, Philippe Ludero,juan Chacon, Greg Ferrell, Brian Hows-er. fFron0: Goalie, Eric Norried, fNot picturedj: Miguel Salcmo. Brian Howser contests for the ball. Danny Shapiro sprints in for a head shot. 78 Speeal A giligf Provide Soccer Team Triumphs Soccer, as most of the other teams at Eldorado, was handicapped by the inexperience and youth of the players. Yet the Soccer team made a good record overall, winning many games. The victories were not the only reason for the pleasure of Coach Raynor with his team. He felt that they had learned many skills and had achieved team spirit. Next year should produce a State Championship team for Eldorado in soccer. Above: Ralph Ray, Dennis Botsford, and Brian Howser watch as Clayton Lamoya jockeys for possession of the ball. A leaping trio goes into the air for the ball. juan Chacon, and Pete Mims fly with a Valley opponent as Ralph Ray takes in the Coach Raynor looks grim as a goal try is repelled by opposing play, team. J. V Soccer Team Drives Hari Strives for Winning Position QS l Q l ii eeee lr? , n Top Right: Bruce Munger and Bruce Messenger fight determined Chaparral player for kick attempt. Middle: ,I.V. Soccer team. From Left to Right, fBack rowj: Coach Raynor, Coach Feldmen, Bob Chavez, Bryant Schroder, jeff Childers, Victor Myers, Alberto Carrasco, Brian Connelly, Dave Patton, Coach Lunt, Coach Parker. fFront rowj: Chris Perry, Rudy Rodriguez, Bruce Messengerhloe Chacon, Mike Norried, Scott Hill, Ray Yrizarris, Bruce Munger. Bottom Left: Bob Chavez slides in for a chance at a strike. Dave Rogers, Scott Hill and Clayton Lamoya mix it up with Chaparral Cowboys. 80 NNW 1 : Y A etst l1 ii M l : t iita l iLQ ?l .'1.' -"l to iiy A LL,LL,A V,:L, . W : ll2 E1 " V 2i V -- "" ' J I 3 Z , B :S ,,,,,,. - f ' 'A V . . , :', f K:', 'W' i gi - C, J l , Q, T m ,,y, t iW 1 ,S y i Y f Q, 1' H, I , A' 5 , S ,,. , .L,, see i f - , i, V If my M ' : zi' Y B elllsa H 7' K ' ee The Sim Devil bowlers used College Park lanes as their home area during the 1974 season. Top left: Cleft to rightj The Boys' Varsity Team: Ricky Quinn, Brad Lear, Bryan King- ham, Mike Schroeder, Ted jones. Top right: Boys'junior Varsity Bowlers: Mike Curtis, larry Hohreiter, Dan McEntirc, Bob Showalter, Art Blouin. Left middle: Girls'Va.rsity Team: Vickie Lister, Pat Blouin, Sue Powers, Pam Carrico, Vickie McGraw. Right mid- dle: Larry l-lohreitet uses body English to encourage the ball straight down the middle of the lane. Lower right middle: Girls' junior Varsity: jean Hamilton, Libby Mogush,-Jodi Joeclrlc,judy McEntire. Bottom left: Ron Theobald,-James McGraw, Mike Curtis, Ken Spooner, Terry Howard, Bill Bosewellhlulie Tyson. Gov Requires the Utmost in Concentration ana' Skill From the Individual Player Top left: Miss Satterfielfi, girls'golfing coach, gives last minute instructions to Joyce Nielson and Tammy Laub. Top right: Tammy Iaub concentrates on her shot. Bottom left: Kathy Davis tees off. Bottom right: Eldoi-ado's girl golfers reflect on a bleak season. Back row ff rom left to rightj: Phyliss Montes, Tammy Iaub, Kathy Davis. Front row: Vicki Jamison and Joyce Nielson. Goqers Practice .pg , l Q i . . D eller rnlnedqy to Lower Scores ' fee Top left: Sun Devil Golfers pose for a team picture before one of their early matches. Back row: Cfrom left to rightj Coach Pete johnson, Gene Howard, Eric Heine, Middle row: Mike McKenna, Tim Murray. Front row: John Propps, Terry Clark. Top right: Terry Clark takes a high full back swing. Bottom left: Gene Howard swings a fairway iron. Bottom right: "Head down, eyes on the ball, left arm straight, follow through." Mike McKenna mumbles his golfing catechism. S r. Miss Quinn Directs Spirited J. K Volleyball Team The j.V. Volleyball team was an active group throughout the season, tying the varsity team, and providing excellent examples of sportsman- ship. Team members were: Sherri Williams, Linda Odorizzi, Kathy Bauer, Sharlene Hill, Eva jones, Darlene Rash, Gayla Sims, janet Smith, Tina Van Hook, Mary Heath, Jean Hamilton, Kathleen Hoover, Bonnie Finley, Shawn Hens- ley, Terri West. Top left: Cathy Bauers shows good form in serving the ball. Top right: Eldorado girls get ready to set the ball back over the net. Pictured are Dally Rush, 54, Sherry Williams, 3, Eva jones, 23, Charlene Hill, 5, Linda Odorizzi, 13. Bottom: Eva jones returns the ball as Charlene Hill and Dally Rush provide back-up. 25, 1 t 2 Q A Master Wrestler Is a Man Who Can Control His Mind and Body to Accomplish Certain Goals Wrestlers on the junior varsity team tasted the salt of sweat and tears this year in what was the first wrestling competition for most of them. Many of the wrestlers showed promise and will progress next year or the year following to the varsity squad. For others, the rigors of the training were too much, and the -I.V. team experienced a great turn-over in personnel. Coach Bill Hollingsworth is excited about prospects for wrestling at Eldorado in the future, however, and feels that a lot of growth took place this year. Top: Doug Taylor struggles to regain the top position in a county competition held at Chaparral during the Christmas holidays. Bottom left and right: Bruce Gi-off strains to establish a decisive hold during the same meet. Wrestlers Serve Notice That Their Apprenticeshp Is Over Top: Reggie Holloway struggles for the pin. Right: jay Craddock battles his opponent. Wrestling takes hard work, con- centration, time and dedication. It takes a lot out of an athlete, and he may have to lose weight. On the mat, a wrestler can only depend on himself, his conditioning, and his training. Sun Devil Wrestlers stuck together more than any other group of athletes. They understood, instead of criticized, when a team- mate lost. Mohawks and shaved heads were the startling results when the wres- tlers united to win bets, to the dis- may of the Sun Spots. Eldorado's wrestling coaches were Bill Hollingsworth and jim Drietzler. ,,.,,1 " Q! ,,,.N,, .,,, . ., ,, 'KM iii I -A-AM s' zvii , ,, ,, ""'7l'i 'W 7 "'iii H is - c M , ,,...,,, he ,..,,r,-, ,t,s,. V -'f1-'fA .A f' ,, ,,,,, , Top left: Opponents battle each other in a match of strength. Top right: Bruce Groff and Carl Suvaco anxiously await the bus which will take the wrestlers on their San Diego trip. Bottoma Eldorado's wrestlers were novices this year, yet many of them qualified to participate in the zone tournament. Coach Dreitzler expects the experience of this year to pay off in wins in coming seasons. fFrom left to rightj Back row: Curtis Gamer, Fred Anderson, Faron Maddera, johnny Everett, jay Craddock, and Mike Hartman. Front row: Vidal Ianderoshlimmy Wimery, Reggie Holloway, Bill Stanley, Kevin Wlinn, Mike Snow, Maurice Washington, and Carl Suvaco. Baseball Gets Enthusiastio Support at Eldorado Top left: Bob Showalter, third baseman, stretches for the ball, too late. Top middle 1 Richard Whitlock hurls the pitch during the opening game of the season against Gorman Gordon are varsity baseballteam members: ffrom left to rightj Bob Bielke, donning catching gear, Frank Brown, Terry Isom, Eric Norricd, Richard Whitlxk, Reggie Charles Gamer, Ray Perry, Duane Eldred, Mike Kepler, David Schell and team manager, Alfred Rawthon. High Brooks, Top right: A grimacing David Hollingsworth goes hard for a hit. Bottom: Lined up on thc bench in the dugout listening to last minute instructions from Coaches Lloyd Mann and Gary ,I0h11S0n, Jimmy XVilkcrson, Dron Kinsman, David Hollingsworth, Milton Linn, Dave Thompson, Bob Showalter, Rick Quinn, Harry Kepler, Carl Coleman. Not pictured: Brian Howscr, J' Junior Varsigf Baseball Score Satisfactory Season Almost before the uniforms had been passed out, the game schedule was upon the junior varsity team. Their first game was played against Clark on the home field. Coaches Michael Omalez and Steve Crandall had an energetic group of players who put forth their best efforts. Top right: Stan Mclntoshl first baseman, goes into the air to catch a high ball. Top left: Taking a practice swing is Don Wmdcock. Steve Nesvacil acts as catcher during the practice session. Bottom: The j.V. team displays their maroon and gold uniforms. Back row: Cfrom left to rightj Dennis Roth, Tony Molina, Benny Sorenson, Stan Mclntosh, Sam White, Brad Lear, Randy Brees. Middle row: Tom Thompson, Cedric Nelson, Henry Romero, Don Woodcock, Lane Mogush, Bill Stanley, Mitch jones, Mike King. Front row: Dave Rogers,joey Gardner, Curtis Gamer, Mike Cozart, Bobby Weber, Steve Nesvacil, Dennis Botsford. sf . , ..... ..... 1417. . . . ,..... ,Wt ..,.. -e --s , . ..... ,t .,... . , L ni -1- 'i:":'Z i '- .W 2 ,I rl 'EQQ5' i -lf Q SoftbalL Eighth Grade and Girls' Varsity, Succeed at Eldorado in Setting Records, Winning Games The eighth grade softball team upheld the repu- tation established by the basketball players. They won ever game in the early part of the season. Games were played on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Coached by Bill Hollingsworth, team members were: james Bayles, Guy Bowers, Buck Anderson, Arlie Danielhleffrey Dance, Scott Dobrusky, Keith Hefner, Gary justice, Larry Klein, jerry Larsen, john Lighthill, Billy Marker, james McGraw, Ben Mclntosh, Travis Newberryhlerry O'Neil, Tim Peutz, Dennis Parker, Steve Sampson, jeffrey Smith, Aaron Stivers, jay Stivers, Scooter Stone, joey Wilk- erson. Top left: joey Wilkerson swings hard at the ball in a game played against Roy Martin on March 12th. Bottom left: Girls' softball, coached by Miss Satterfield, featured the following play- ers. Back row: fleft to rightj Terri Hafen, Kim Theus, Valerie Wells, Peggy Longee, Donna Smith, Connie Wade. Middle row: Monica Freeman, Cindy Graybeal, Marilyn Anderson,,Caroline Hall. Front row: Tanya Washington, Cathy jones, Candice Gee, jackie Winters, Vickie Eclden, Wanda Lewis. Kneeling: Mary Collins, Sandra McCormack. Bottom right: Caroline Hall releases a pitch. 91 Track has a split season. Cross country, headed by Mr. Dave Williams, was held in the fall. Most of the track and field events were held in the spring. Some of the major state meets were held at Eldorado during this first track season because of the unique track facility, the finest in the state. Top left: Track coaches, Ed P1awski,john Morgan, Dave Varatto and Don Kennedy, are pictured at a March intramural meet held on the Eldorado field. Top middle: Richard Armstrong scratched. Though he made good distance on his broad jump, he had crossed over the line on his take off. Top right: Gary Burton clears the hurdle by a good foot. CNo pxm intendedj. Bottom left: Aided by his height, Steve DeNoya clears the high jump bar with a Fosbury Flop. Bottom right: Randy Harris sets a steady pace during a cross country meet held at Fantasy Park early in the school year. ,,.,,.,....,--0---HH 'HM l S K S e S ' 1 MH .,e.,,... as- ss is ,-e,,,e.0 5 ...inf ..s ,,s., .,.., . 11' M iev. is so sg .Q , . . - .3 J Ea gerness Proves an Asset or Eldorado s F zrst Year Track and F zeld Top left: "X" marks the spot as Dave Stewart sails smoothly over the bar in the pole vault. Top right: Lining up for an intramural long dis- tance run arc fleft to righty Richard Madrill, Randy Harris, Bruce Groff, john Francos, Brent Groff. Bottom: jeff Davis scoops up the tape on the 220 dash. Watching in the back- ground are Coach Kenncdyhlohn Oliver and john Francos. 93 Communigf J!! il .5 B .ly-S Y 1 ,147- Zi O lx. ADO llx'1'. 'ii gt Al v 01n", '.. 'Clin' cog ,"4 .'..'l .Ui . PAPA" .l.l.,' :gig 'lik' 94. 1, lg'l" F UBI., lil. ons' 0",, gl! '..o'.. U.l"., ,NI .ll Q . 10.3 ,'fil . Q... Q. .,,.','." ' l'.'p' go' 1' ' Quin' I' ' Q , gl 9 ' 0 If Q',. o'g I Q .ng lA,'P. Y "-.Qbvsl Otanhxjg X A wh L w"'f,L 'Q SK? ' "wg I vyfa','gl"2 N' x " Q -'N M E XA A ' av - , my .. .mf . f , L S XM S wiki s fin Jw J UNI ORS Face The Realities Of Their Existance A t A New, Untried School 45 riff? Becky Bergquist relaxes between cheers. V di" Fred Anderson Marilyn Anderson Don Annablc Richard Armstrong jeff Baker Linda Barr David Bartlett JHITICS BHUCI Gary Beaglcs Janice Beard r Jodi Hiatt mms to respond to a friend. I ?if? Robert Bcilkc john Bell 3 C3 Hang it up, Chaparral! Dolores Benoit Becky Bergquist Debra Bethea Mike Blackmon Harold Blair Patricia Blouin Frank Brown Icanna Bowman john Brown Trassie Brown Gina Bruneau Dennis Burkhart Lola Baza Patty Busby Shelly Cain janet Callier Kevin Campbell Lance Carey Kevin Carlson David Carney Pamela Carrico Chuck Carroll Georgia Carson Margaret Chacon Robert Chamberlin Randy Chambers Elaine Chavez Robert Chavez Holly Childers Bruce Childress Vera Clay Carl Coleman Annette Collins Mary Collins jack Coons Bev Cooper Larry Cree Karen Crunk Jennie Dailey Kevin Dailey Linda Damiani Kathy Davis Terry Daugherty Kim Day Steve DeNoya Charisse Deyo Linda Dobrusky julie Dobson Cheola Douglas john Dunn Leonard Ealy Robin Eikleberry 'ff l My K X + X s 1 X X S I W ,,.,..-- 1 9" -WZ dh, ll .1 ,,:- VY' V G V K Ia 1"""D W , F A a, 4 ,,,,, f 3 r X - x Opposite Page: Eldorado students stand proud at an assembly. 1 1 ww. was wif Above: "If I have one more assignment.today," groans Kim Kline, "I'll need a mule to carry all my books home!" :W ,fix Duane Eldred Richard Enright Jody Erb Pamela Favela Debra Fessler june Fleming Mark Flores Richard Foster Kathy Freeman Pat Frontera Kelly Fullerton David Gale Charles Gamage Ronnie Grant Charles Garner Debra George Nan Goss Robert Graham Mary Gralish Mike Grof f Harold Hale Caroline Hall Leisa Hall Jeannie Harris Larry Harris Randall Harris Randy Harris Wayne Harris Mike Hartman Anita Haverly Brad Helmuth Elke Herbrechtsmeier Sharing, ana' H ehying Each Other, Juniors Prepare rin: r x ..,gif,f.5 i 1: it iz aaaa rr.. af? . , ., .. . " S132 In if 3 , ,,. ,,-. Q -- ,F if Ml - - -A A. ,f ,gf 2 5 Qin . .Nw ,,,.Mm,.rfnN.:,,:,M,,s.:.f' 15, .ggi 'qw Jody Hiatt Robin Hill Mary Hohrcitcr Donna Holbrook David Hollingsworth David Hollowell Lisa Hoppcs Candy Horton Patty Howard Brian Howser LuAnn Hughes David jacks Emic jackson joe jcttcr Kim johnson Vicki johnson Will johnson Cardel jones jr. Michael Kavajecz Harry Kepler jackie Ketus Ronald Kineman Kathy King Bryan Kingham Chuck Klimer Kim Kline Barry Kyle Chuck Lane Arthur Lanier Terri Layns Ellen Lee Milton Linn john Littlejohn Mike Lopez Donna Ludwig Faron Madderra Karen Maki Patti Manis Juniors Try To Put Down Roots With Little if ,,,- :HV . A Ah Time For Them T0 Be N urtured if, ' Q. 325212 a L 'fy in ' .fy ' . ,L fi slag? Q if . up ,k:, 6 ff' ff J 'W'-aus 4""""'P 2' Q .Jil eleeyy 'Ryu ,X... IQV3 AIN? "-Me g 4 M 1 'ad f -,hz A ,,L,, Y lunge Carolyn Reeder points out somc- thing new. Shirley Martin Connie Masters Dale Matz Yvonne May Ricky McAnally Tami McClain Kwan McComas Sammie McCraw Polly McDermott Karen McDougald Kathleen McKenna 7 Richard McKinney Michael Medina Marianne Medlock Mark Meredith Patty Meredith Clay Merricks Amy Messenger Joyce Minor Libby Mogush Kathy Montes Victory Moulton Ray Moulton Yolanda Moyer Bruce Munger David Mumford Robbie Murray Students Look for Any Diversion to Relieve - "" I i" f I 1 X -,, K-sf:.'gsa:rggg,,, W L A .. HQ "Don,t let that biology teacher see you." W-M' -f --- -- - Monotony -r"'? -J fr Rx x my F 5 5 Y , M Q QQ I , ,X Q ,tl if i ' X 1 f "PP P ,.h. H Margie Nelson Barbara Newberry Teresa Norman Eddie Obando Jimmie Oliver Barbara Osborne Albert Page Janette Parent Beverly Payne Kenny Phillips Nanette Plumb Terri Poche ,, ,mmmwk-WWW' Jennie Pollock Dan Pope Debby Proctor Lee LeFarsc Proctor john Provenzano Kim Purdy Ricky Quinn Steve Randall Bryan Raney Par Raney Randy Rawling Ralph Ray Ransom Reddig Carolyn Reeder Debbie Reynolds Samuel Richardson Kathy Riggs Edward Romero Winnie Romero jock Rouzaud Van Rowley Cindy Ryder Miguel Salerno Diana Scarsdale Harry Scott Robert Scott Leonard Shoemaker Steve Shores Robert Showalter Mike Singleton Gary Skougard Theresa Smith Paul Sneath Mary Snider Dan Synder Gale Snyder Mary Southall Pam Spence Eugene Spendlove Pauline Spiess Susan Stage Suzanne Stephanicles Leo Steward Nancy Stinchfield jesse Stouard Manaun Straight Kathie Sullivan Carl Suvaco Roxanne Sweitzer Myrtle Tate Arlynn Taylor Juniors Exercise Talents and Skzlls ff,-Z fflm . - H fx' UU if W ml rant! ,-., Q H' iii Im ' if fl Colorful display by the art department attracts attention. If: .. Q Doug Taylor Butch Tclfer Dan Terry David Thompson Shercc Thomas Sherry Tillery Robert Titus Richard Trenklc Eugene Tubbs Mayra Tunidor Miriam Tunidor Lynn Turner Maria Vela Wessel Vermy Scott Wade Deanna Walker Dale Walters Maurice Washington Tanya Washington Tonia Watson Marvin Weatherholtz Barry Whitfield Cynthia Whitman james Whittington Michael Wigfall Corrine Wilken Ronnie Williams Debra Wilson Crises and Problems A re A bundant for Juniors, but A re Met With Pride and Determination is ssss. ts.sr ,s.rs A A nm, QWJWW F L A 'iiilil at ' z we S gig if 4 E 1 J , E ,gf M Students gather in preparation for an assembly. v 'Sf Q Y "TNQ ii L 'O . 1 .1 1 1,4 y , Y , E --i ---' fi , x t 'gf l i S rl xlY"4.tV 352 f i f i -1 ' . 1 1' K, 'G .,, 5 ' Qi. ' -iff' -- f. f ' F . ,Jil if V - ff- if-nil Qi - K . n f ' Y ' e , 5' L1 X ' Id' -r - g 'wg I K .9 , 2, ,g. is 5,4 A 'X Lg -.' .0 A .ri 'f I Mary Lloyd prepares to vote for the candidate of her choice. Y V ' exssssexfzfsfffn' , . Q: , . r , . , :j1g4QQrgiMgrj ii ' ' ..xx vi ,,.f4 1 0'-so ' -1 - 1- .fwfr iff' Vicki Wilson Michelle Winger Jayne Vlooley MaryAnn Yorke Foxy Young Karen Young E Sophomores are Second in Command at Eldorado W Fffwmw Phill Abbot: Robert Allen Mark Allison Gloria Almanza ll' Q6 ,Av ., My W ty My , " A ' H .dld .ff 'sf , E715 ' , ' Q VITVEE? f N3 Brenda Alsbrooks Sue Altenburg Tammic Anderson 'K Val Anderson 3 ...J Pattie Annable Laura Baker ..,f..-"W 'W W A091 Mack Baker Left: Maryjolovich sparks school spirit as a songleader, 7 Scott Barnum Scott Barringer Donna Bartee Lynn Barrels Rosemary Beck Julie Becker Carolyn Bell Debc ' Berlin Tom Blackmon Teresa Blue Carol Booth Driver's Education, Compostion, and Fine Times are Requirements for S ophomores 'ii Pepsi Boswell Dennis Botsford Lorraine Bowman Tim Bowman A -. il ' Vi-s Lori Boyce I t i,i" Gretchen Breitwieser Keith Brewer ' Ron Broadhead Kim Brodrick Daniel Brooks Tina Brunitti Steve Buckland "Who is that cool dude bearing down on mc?" worries john Gaines Sophomores Enter into Spirit of the F ities B Cheryl Bucy Nancy Bundy Cecil Bunn Donna Bunn Candy Buzit Mike Byrom Robert Cain Cammie Callihan Kurt Cantrell Andrea Cariker jerry Carr Cathy Cassels Al Cawthon juan Chacon Eric Chandler Sandy Charsha ' '1: 'A nd' Fifties day was celebrated in the afcreria too. Dave Rosbumugh sports a smw han ln. R l if 1 i wwf .W,,,, , Egg Q M4 M x 4 g i' as Q 1. . :Amr M il i z S 15 i ,mms mm ,,,j"1l1 fgfw Q 1 a Russel Christie joyce Clay Anita Cline Brandy Cline john Cochran Tina Coggins Gwen Colbert Anthony Coleman Josephine Coleman William C. Coltman Debbie Cook Becki Covington Mike Cozart David Craven Sandy Crooks jef fcry Crowel janet Cudahy Nancy Curcio john Dace Kathy Daugherty janice Davey Timothy Davis Charles Deakins john Denning These Are The Days That We Will Always NX: xxx , QS-- nai D N 1 lv Q We E52 Kg ani 3? l QE ww Q-...,.m,v if' 4-4 Daniel Desilets Pamela DeVore Bruce Dinsman if I 1 awili as L V2.3 E .. ,,l.. .,c..,,m, , E ..... ,,... ,,..a..e,. Z -ffm Q i is W ,K A ,. X -K .A ii! Karen Keith, Margie Nelson, Kathy Long, Karen Maki and Nancy Young line up to use the phone. Dawn D1-CW james Dudley Louise Duncan Rick Dunn Remember If f i eeee . ' If '11 AQ 2 fij Q1 M, 'WX 'lk If I ja, lu 55 Ji nd' lb Kip Durm Karen Dyrof f julie Edmundson Cliff Edwards .Ioni Erskine Yvonne Everett Mike Feeney Rickey Felkins Donald Ferrell Richard Fessler Randy Finch Mike Finley I Lhyy wb, Chgfleg Finnegan Th0m35 Fitch After a long hike, a hard rock feels mighty good. Juanita Fleming Sandra Fleming Pamela Frayer Monica Freeman Anneliese Fullmer David Fullman Rebecca Gahn john Gaines Tony Gaines Sharon Gamage Ray Gamble Robin Garner Alex Garza Candice Gee Linda Gentry Richard George Alex Georgiathis Cheryl Gibson Patty Gibson Gary Glass Debbie Goetz Dianna Greene Many Extra-Curricular Activites are Supported by S ophomores rj? -if "' ff? if i K S M 1 ,2n! "'.39l '-si iP'..-I 49' ,-Jr i 'L Q .. i g tGit,Zyt G i y ,wi rf rj -vi M5 Nb l"Can Mrs. Jensen really expect me to hir a note that low?,' won- ders Diane McKinney. Le l 1, .T g Qbyr f"W -5 " I of KJ? 1131 'Q W I F 2 A wha IA ,ar Shane Greenfield Laura Gress Linda Gunn Terri Hafen Stephen Hall Robin Hamilton Larry Hardy Guy Harris Par Harris Harold Harvey Wade Hedger Eric Heine Pat Hennessy Kelly Helms Van Henry Norman Hewlett Adrian Hill Clint Hill David Hill Calvin Hissung Bob Hodges Steve Holaday KanDee Hollingsworth Reginald Holloway Shannon Hoover Warren Houghtaling Fred Howard Kim Huffman Out of Crowds my ,'f.-- ,ra Neem ? all I -'Mundi' , ,ds nf? 4,- 4? f"-we 414 ffl? J ara if 22.1 , Ian Humphry Samuel Hupp Debbie Hurst Debbie Irish Debbie Irwin Terry Isom Bob james Michelle james Faye Janes Mary Jay Ritra jecter Allen johnson john john son Kim john son Robyn johnson Mary ,Iolovich Lee jone Debra jones Debra E. jones Gina Kaplan Linda Kastel Robert Kavajecz Valerie Keene Karen Keith Mike Kepler Gina Kight Elmer King Sherri Klein Janna Kneer Mickee Kneer jonathan Knight Mitchell Kolber Sophomores Create Their Own Brzght W-nad' QF f eff? fi, im.. ,, The sun sets on a well-spent day. Horizons ,5,,,.... 9, 1 ,,..,., ff ' A 1 vp 1' Ross Kurk Mary Lafferty Clayton Lamoya Richard Lanier Keith Laplante Phyllis Large Tammy Laub Laura Layton Linette Leavitt Gail Lehr Larry Lester Wanda Lewis ,Iacqulyn Lighthill Bobby Lindsey Vicki Lister Debbie Logan Peggy Longee Nick Lombardi Ted Lopez Jacque Loveland Tamara Loy Karen Lucas Keith Lucas Denise Lynch Afton Koontz Mike Kos Judy Krug William Mack DeeAnn Madderra Richard Madril Mike Mantor Randy Marchello Sophomores Reach Out for New Relationshps ww Uncle Sam Wants Afton Koontz. llc... "Uh, look. You might not know my name, but I sit two seats behind you in history. Are you busy tonight?" asks Doug Taylor. yyyi V .,,. i yuyy ikkixt ' ' it'111 uyy, iyytt 51 , - ' , , ff f v Debbie Marshall Patricia Marshall Dennis Martin Mark Martinez Frank McAllister Patricia McAllister Steve McAllister Sandra McCormick Sallie McCoy Billy McCulloch jefferon McDonald Tamara McDonough Dan McEntire Vicki McGraw Mike McIntyre Teresa McKenna jim McKenzie joe McLeod William McManigal Cindy McManmon Theresa McXVeeney jim Melville Sharon Mertins Armando Meza Wlallace Miles joan Miller Tim Miller Diane Millette Eileen Mitchell Tony Molina Kathy Monte juan M. Montes Phyllis Montes Kim Monville -mvgeq ik vi if With kisses and coursages football players reward Cheerleaders and Miss Daniels if .A-.rt W-' Af'-mi ,rN, Diane Moody Greg Moore Vicki Morris Bernadette Morse Kathy Murphy Eddie Myers Susie Nate Mike Neely Steve Nesvacil Joyce Nielson jerry Olivarez Toni Ortega Elizabeth Ortiz Susan Parker Willaim Patton Garen Pearson Charity Pearson Anna Perez Ray Perry Ron Perry Mark Peterson Terry Peterson Helen Petraglia james Phillips Sue Powers Positive Attitudes Provide Happy Hours JJ iit YQ v""',9' Pam Carrico lights a room with her smile. "How can Pam Carrico feel like smiling all the time?" 'ty I-.G af' ,awww ., M --4 A . Anthony Pupa 1 r' + f-11 james Provenzano 99' 1 i ' f A -N3 . ,w w ' 1 - A .Ma r f .- K EE .Q .1 if H45 l --ww R HW" 'F i 5 Gene Purdy Sherrie Purdy Steve Queen james Quiggle Marguerite Quimby Mitchell Quinn Bobbie Ramey Gloria Ramirez Brent Rawling Vicky Records Gwen Reddie Nancy Reeder Alfred Reid Sam Remillard Judi Rico Robin Roberts Ramon Rodriguez David Rogers David Rosborough Kevin Roth Kevin Ruesch Steve Runyon Eddie Rush Robin Russell I.cDon Sacksteder Elvia Sanchez Greg Sanchez Reyes Sandoval Nicky Santamaria Dauntless Energy Manifests I lseQ' a , 435 :W 16 af R f if -i'. I A . z R saz 3 'f,,, , x f Q Q fue Q 1541 1 :ye S szss Q. No matter how hard In School Spirit f lf ff f ,Z ff 1 7 4541 V r ,ff r J-7 My ff, f f fjfffiif Q , fir 47 ,,,,,.,, r . i" I , J 1 K - 'fwwi I. rx 'W J' l ' LV f.w" V . ,' , 2 7 V'g:'f' ,,, , Jii 1,, 1 l- 212 llna l i,.,,,..u lx the team tries, the breaks always go against them," moans Louise Duncan. fi Andra Saunders David Schell Lisa Schlinke Kirk Schnackenberg james Schrader jeff Scott Linda Scurlock Shahan Lewis Steve Sheppard Pere Shields Cindy Shores Donny Simons Sandy Sims Contemplation Leads To A Thorough Understanding of Lyfe EL 1 iiii .fn David Rogers and Ruth Gonzales sh Nancy Reeder fforegroundj and Donna Gunther work on their articles for the school newspaper. lex Lucinda Skeary Edward Slagle Bill Smith Donna Smith Mike Snow Dale Snyder Stanley Snyder Sharon Sorensen Robert Soult Dale Speaker David Spencer Larry Spencer Trina Spicer Kenneth Spooner Dee Dee Staggs Craig Stanley Bobby Stapleton jeff Stephens Geroge Stewart LeDcane Stewart Linda Stinchfield David Stouard Ronnie Stringfellow Richard Swan Nita Sylvester Tony Sylvester Chris Taggart Bart Tanner ez ., WA ,aw firm, Teachers Strive to Provide Variegf in was rpg? A4 I f 4 f 2543516 ffl' ' I 5. wg v 2 ia: I r if ...H ,441 Q 2 Nui if ' ii X , :Wim ,purer -.aa ar-"0 LuAnn Hughes provides background information on mare and foal used as life subjects in Miss Young's art class. K . , .af ' ' - , :H Anita Terrill Nancy Thiede Ben Thomas Richard Tracy Don Trenkle Lena Trumper Ann Tucker Mike Van Blaricon jackie Van Hook john Van Hook Ron Van Patten Israel Vela Connie Wade Mike Wade Ronald Wade Tracy Wainwright Sandra Walker Mike Ward David Warren Roger Wells joe Wescoat Albert Wharton Mike Whidden Ellsworth Whinery Lorri White Pete White Richard Whitlock Melissa Whitt Barbara Whittington Lulu Willis Paul Willis Steve Wilson Jackie Winters judi Wooley joseph Wright Lois Wylie Nancy Young Tammie York Debbie Warren First Year School 21,32 if A ,L .QR sm B. .ov-,fi ,,,,.,v-ov Klexis Wells Leonardo Wells Karen Ziemba Kendall Zobrist Kifviln ZOhr1Cr I'm dancing, not hitchhiking!" explains Brenda Alsbrooks. Left to Right: Sec., Marcijarvis, V 'Lg Dmnnz Freshmen Lead School in Pep and Enthusiasm .ovegywn r ' , wr, Q M r 4 4 4 H-fa 'fi ' " W, ws, 'fa va' t WW f Hai f s . s. f i -ani 4l""fY '-J' ffl fd ,mua- W Who said thcj V s should play powder puff football," queries Coach Omclaz. t Christine Aguilera Pamela Allen Tim Allred Manuel Almanza Luz Alvares Charles Apodaca Robin Archambault Madeline Arellano Mike Arellano Randy Armstrong Leland Askins Kevin Asmus Michael Babcock Judy Baker Randy Baker Alicia Banks Cindy Barlett Tom Barry Terry Bates Kathleen Bauer Dianna Benavides Steve Berg Lori Bergquist Kathy Bilyeu Geri Bischoff Nora Bitoni Melinda Bloodgood Arthur Blouin William Boswell Pamela Botsford Tim Bovee Garry Bowen Paul Boyce Patricia Boyles Channa Bredsguard Randy Brees Rhonda Brees Glane Brode Bert Brooks Craig Brunell Rita Brunetti Diana Bundy S "im V iz , A ' ' Ziff it A K' gs 5 A: , gl liar my 5 . ,fa 'iz I A fuk! f ,ry ,,,, W. I 12219 ., 454 VIHA K 1 9 1 : :vf??!2z17Psf'S5Vsw5, lfwsfvr aw Bruce Groff shows disgust as Chaparral moves to the lead at showdown football game, 1' ff V W ':-fif7fErE!:2ar! Q vi., ... - "ii ar , T It X 3 v-Sy Hwmgi X A , Fw J 3 .as K 8 X n , l llrl ff B I iii I di s isccta , caii .L t atst rr gr if -rv 4 li mm fig? 3 'L' 1- if . ,, Q' ft.. - gg aft . M, ff! t Hrs. to ff f A ,wma Freshmen Aajust to H i gh School Level it Q r to eeeee i fi. '- -. ' .fr fi " ' 'i 'ff 'k" ii ' 7 -' , - e' r' C M F wr, F e,,e it K .1 A :V L I5 ,,,N ,Q I 1 ' 'kf 'F "h: M , W , ' t "' Vkyy 1 . . 5 wa s i N K W--- f ' , . i ' ' "-, 5 ' C ,, t l l , s X -is 'S E, . r -w ,gi 'I 5' L:- s at v A ,:,,A, e.,e: .T,e,, . , ,. ..., Jlk 5 krr. S I ,'-" y r . MH 1 , .N ,Ah,, L y ffl N ll y M i t ., -L K . , r .,.. 'AA ee W'A' Q' , . - ,-,,,, - " ",' ' fu f ' f"f' f '.k' 2' i W if ' L 1 ',ee C rs A it H ,. t -' .. N V , ,,L . -... K' :xlfwgf .. - 8'-f - I 3. fi L r "m-, ' s ehee r .:. . R' kkr , K-,ob K L Q ,, H A ,RTV ng if lx J 2 Students take long and strenuous I.Q. tests. ., :,,g1,5,51st.,:w ,ft w. ::w:a..ta1:Q,--:-.: ,-,,, 1 -,:-.f'.:::f..:-1:11 -- .A - A :lf V . -- 513251--'z -1+ -. rr..t,ww U' tr- ...h ,,,. , L. A ..... t .. ,,... a --,--- 4' ""'h ' ' or s 1 - - si re: - a R ' - C t t Q s ,W .,,..t. N5 I i x-.Mfg K David Burgess Debbie Burkett Gary Burton Laura Byrd Robert Calkins Candy Callahan Chris Callard Kim Campbell Scott Cannon Mike Cariker Patricia Carr Alberto Carrasco Bill Carter Ruth Carter jeff Childers Walter Childers Terry Clark Rose Clark Mike Clarkson Wade Clodfelter Gretta Cola Mike Cammarata Dora Colbert David Colehour jerry Collins Debbie Comen Sue Cook jim Cottrell jay Craddock Danny Crandell Steve Crawford Debbie Dailey john Darrah Patty Davis Stephana Day April Denny Chris Devore Shirley Dickson Richard Dimon Dwaine Dimond Billie Dodge Cheryl Donnell Sandra Douglas Teresa Downey Chuck Downing Pam Drefke Peggy Dubro Marcy Dudley Pamela Dufort William Durfee Cheryl Dyroff Freshmen Become Involved in Extra-Curricular Activities """e- 'fi ,t i -05 K as s"N3 if MN fl Ei ....-5 rrrt N J A 'c ili 1 W: fe C A QL'1',.. ff' ,Q-Q Q K . 553515, gg Nz it ie tags? O of li ,Q I ,.,,,:'W 5 I I it ik . Qi n if X i t N . sf ffl nlsll LL 75 Q' -all V: fv If ali V? i QE Q-we Q vvtee e be i S-ff e V 'K si t . it 4...if+P 'I fa Q- ty. ,lil 5 A i, . ?1 'F .:l- I , , 'r 'C 'N is it it .r p 49 N sg V, as "".7 itil H X Qt tx a. dx it Q! r R P X Y i' l vi 1 " X fe'-5 . Y 5 t X 6' ,C-as D? w L 1,5 D Q iqg g is 1 Ready! And a one, and a two." Mr. Cameron rehearses the band. r' w v Nb? 3 ,Wk . i 4 , -sg 7 4 1 A , 2 , K "Q, X 741' A., 4 O4 w-. S 1. JJ, 5 1 7..- 'g,.', ' F . g F g fm if f ii v i if 44 F, .f"""V Nj F -ef ...wr na. F ' 4? 1 '65 My w reist iif -ani 1' m Que xy 'F ,- . Q-.. r 1, V f -u Y A, " ' -,-Li Q " " 'Ft 'Ji 2, fr- .V F " -TV Qi" J ' T A A L, ' 'fF. W V W 1 --' F I H4 F rrt F will I -of -d"""!' Vickie Edden Mike Edwards Bart Eliason jeff Ellis jim Engelson Greg England Twilia Erb Rommie Eubanks Brian Evans Darren Everett john Everett Sherri Fant Kathy Fanty ,Iayneen Farmer Ricky Ferguson Greg Ferrell Rob Finnegan jo Fleming Steven Fleming Ricky Flores Teri Flores Nancy Folkersen David Forsyth Catherine Fortney jessica Foster Daniel Fowler Kathy Franco David Frehner Anselmo Fresquez judi Frey Kelly Frost Richard Fuller AL fn 4-r '. -rv li Tw, . " fre-S 9' - To the Ninth Grader The World Is Sometimes eeeeee F 1 . i .M .af we G l"'h F -W -uf . as al' ,f d ' 'Q ,af-'2- if 19 -nv Ah i -ww? 1-M I 4-df 1 I, Q3 3 '1 E 5 A IK r-gr Glen Gahn . - f ii Edyth Gainer g .f - G ...ai Xt LaDeana Gamble "Q " " " 'K l is mtV ,,tt joey Gardner s g G G V . Nj ff' eeaa Curtis Garner . ,iv 13,3 g g - --.. " R Cindy George ' x N g . -f"" an ,W 5 1 -as , 1 Q V "l" A. V "r-f Debbie George Shelly Gerling Richard Gibson i I t,g , 'i i 5 x "F.gad," says Richard Kyle, "my Hershey Bar is melted." a Confusing Place -fa ,P it i l st ss , e' , 'V fi sssll' a , ' 4 at g y A a ss H 4' A ' f as I Q A+ jx 2, , A Z. ,g at . f -fy 'l ev "5 . y- W My , I ,iff el Ea xx X A All if x by lg.. , ffyfgggggz .QVI ,',,' 1 ff ' "k- ' i:fllf7EfQ55': 'WVAT'-T' . i l 1 A V: 'ia A' "'d,,.'i'2 - f 5 m , i 'Q W Q-..-1 I M 'd , I . 1 ,,,,, gg, A A I x n X .5 W 5 ' if 17 y H A is A P l i V 2 l 3" 'A Q i , 3 , ' N 3 V .',A E1 ' ., Aa if M ,y H 1 l ,K 'mg ,V 3 '-nu it t I' r ,... 5 5 1 '- fan J 'x ,. 'cfs' Qi: W .. ,, ,,,. ,.. y e ",,,if ' at , , ,. 11 Qs, H ol S 'Il W is lc -Liz. - 4 -if-is sw ,M s,s a s l 'V ' 44 , A 4 as ae H- i 1, , Mt R Q? ., no. WK., ' fw, n ' .,LL r A' if 5 xiii Gig' A K' ii M i l fr , eil X 5 We s -i ., . A: 1 be X 1 N H VV ,V ,rf firm' ., ' l - ,.f G m ' ,, an gtg h s ywgl ii f np., VV ve V E ,Q K - ,M , H , r K 75 , K K , ,Ianice Gieske Billy Gigante Dan Gilbert Marsha Gilbert Reginald Glass jerry Goddard Virgil Goe Lee Goergen Janice Goodland Peggy Gralish Cindy Graybeal james Griffin Mike Griess Brent Grof f Bruce Groff jim Grover Dale Gulbranscn Steve Gulbransen joe Gurganus ,Joyce Hall joscelyn Hall Robert Hall Zack Hale jean Hamilton Robin Hampton Marcus Hardin Lynda Harmon Bob Harvey Rhonda Hastings Cynthia Haynes Lynda Heath Mary Heath Debbie Hedger Mary Hedrick Gerald Heigel Susie Henderson Vickie Henderson Karen Heyer Kathie Hilliard Kenny Hilliard Debra Hitchens Mark Hodge Stewart Hodgson Mike Hoff Larry Hohrieter Blane Holley Kathi Hollingsworth Stephanie Housewright Arthur Howard Gene Howard Mike Howse Kenne Huber Susan Huber Marie Hudson Frosh Escape Initiation By N at Being The Youngest Class we H ' M f s . A ,.,. I Nr at ffm! v I .uw 1 X 1 5' 'pf X. I . .A H, I 5 J 'P E' 4: 1-aa -u-X 1 E, 5. it I I . ,I 1, ,g 117 h .5 :' - D W.-... 5: M t - 1 : ,, .uf I Q 5 I Mfg . -I ,, Q e for ,fyfg X ,Q K -'- 1' Q -8 , A - .al ,f 19 1' 1 ' AQ , U N .. K - 3. i 3 , . ' i A H Q X, 1 . s at . 5 1 gf I, X -',1-.... -11-', - - a 1f'.1 Q . r N-'gy in I 5 at . -4,.t,.-1, Sf t. to A ' D i r'-4 in D 1 E wr' 2 A ev f if 1 " f W P ssse G ,, W .t xx fi e t't' if he X tea 'J Ai i 4, ,,, s t eft X t e elm ,rl as t Pete White watches Van Henry during ping pong tourna- ment. if by-'vt 1 X 1 'QA Q., 1-, if K. vw,-r ,1,-47' ."06 fn? W5 - 'L fr: Q if niiin J ofef .av is ff 3 -ii s:fm1q,.1Gw, fi. f 0 Q s ccsn n .c " - -K . , K - 1.11: ssa j at J1 c so n ., , I. kk' I A .if I ' P K it 1 K: Si M" - fhszyw i : x. J m kk 1 A - . . ' 'fi -V I ni 'sg . - .. ,1.:. I, - s-A V ix' it--I bb N , J J ,Rig , , Ma- .2 it W V erm X A, nas- K 'Q' fs J '11 ,sd ' if , . J 1 l,V 7 . . , ' . . i ' J , J gg s' x Q . 3 'rbi fo . 'an' Qwffgi n 'n .51 Q .""I i. -54 .. if n i K 9' M .1 in K' Gary Hulon Kenny Hurst Margaret Hurtado Vcnius Hurtado Alan Hymcr Jeanell Jacobs Veda Jacobs Sonya James Vickie Jamison Marci Jarvis Debra Jep sen Jodi Joeckle Mark Johnson Pres ton Johnson Rickey Johnson Susie Johnson Susie Johnson Cathy Jones Carol Jones Eva Jones John Jones Jolynn Jones Mitchell Jones, Ted Jones Linda Jordon Mike Kaminske Michelle Kavanaugh Skip Kelley Scott Kilbourn Mike King Tarnie King Deloise Kline Math Kline Gay Klingonsmith DeEvra Knight Keith Knight Richard Kyle Karl Lackinger Mike Lagana Phil Lagana Vidal Landeros Terry Lang Le W 'hi , , -N aa,, .. R , X... ' .. QR., 1 ,, .cg Y., 4. 9.41 , Us W V I+ -N M s + 4 Q ' , X X f 1 ai 2 11- am sn. M Q X WH' fl r , 4 . , Freshmen Experiment With New Freedoms wif' -,e W rr.. X r,,. we L M mf 3' N 5 . Q- .. M, A ,. L ii +9 xx .,. ina X wx N Q X2 XXX if W X Q, A xi as? K S ...,,, W MY 1? - Q. e-a -4- W iii i M ' M' ' M relhi X i X .A 5, fr , ig ,, -k:.i Q, L X a,i' .'ee . Af vm- gf it he 3 4+ Ame an "You take a pinch of this and a pinch of that. Ir's easy to cook." Allowed in H igh School Setting fa. X 1 5 w ' if 3 2 if lo1,.o,l 'lgzi , Vk Vr, . kr H . l ll L oo, Q o o L olll Q X - "P lf'llf ii l'l B ql ?N.Aff ttAQSL.nJlf LQ V lll l V V f iii .. o x ' Tiy t s rl ., i 'MPN X . it Q H ,W ,zgy It kigyy NN A WW tnjyyg ,, ..,, QQQQ if Savane re s 1 wm .a 'dftlWLHn ai 1 1 H9 , as , X , X e 'Qt 3 lo.l L oo.l is as W ,, Hx, . iff' it V,,,. ,J-IQ1 fi: ., , .Sadr ,K .. , ,Q 1, - , P t Q b , U o,o.. aeww1 eawg ,. wil' .l.,- L 'M' in I-i sf f N 'V.., 1 i x Lk kk K ., 1 J Q 'M' " fl ' 'Viifififff ,,,,,.. i, .- : r , , v :tm ool' oo " ' , W, llll I f If gwmaunv-sg, Paul LaPlante Gene Large Robert Layns Brad Lear johathan Leavitt Raylene Lee Vicky Lefebvre Kevin Lehr David Lemen Frank Lewis Mary Lloyd Janice Lomax Dennis Lopez Richard Lopez Barbara Loveland janet Loveland Michael Lowy Randy Lucas Bonnie Lucey Billy MacGonegal Ruth Manning ,Ion Maples Delton Marcrum Nancy Marker james Martin Charles Marty jimmy Mason Robert E. Mathews Dennis McAuliffe Shawn McClure Terri McCormick jerry McDougald Dawn McElfresh ,Iudy McEntire Melvin McIlwain Stan McIntosh Jeffery McKee Mike McKenna Edward McKenzie Lloyd McKey Gary McKinley Sally McKinnon Sandra McManigal Karen McManmon Judith McMinton Beverly McWeeney Bob Meadows Keith Miles Dan Miller Monique Miller Freshmen Support Fun and Games Such As ,li 'V '17 --...ai y Carolyn Soule, Lois Ferrell, and Kathy Murphy lead an amused crowd in cheers for the donkey basketball players, or was it the donkeys? ' at -A if A 2' 7 "'-ld Q-'Wil 1 ,- wr' ,wr f' ,,.. , '--447 14" , 'V+ 'QUT rf as 'Li U , 'Nw - gf' ,---Q is N R, 3 f i 1, I ll 5 .- ..-i . lf Z E at Donkey Basketball 'QFD . by i C '31, 45: C X 'N 1 gig N M V A X K 5 ,I A 2 g I-'sv lx Q 41' 'Iarry Kepler can kick as high as the donkey. X li I , ,ou """"' 'FS . 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'T BCH , 4 is . sf' , '--'.'I'1T'- -'. F A lsftlxafxlr - "Hey Jody," says Brian Howser, "If you'll ioin me in the display case I'll give you a trophy gr: t-1 , era? 4, 6 is ggi? " A at ,it ,f gr- at I :Q 2 'O - V' g. - A l Q J 3 'FQ' , 3 J .. 4 Q , , Y T ,Q V --Q. Ek - P 'iii if X 3.5: ,wf Y' ll . . ,-In 5 If '-115 W., X 35,4 i HS X 4 l ' S E 1 Grammar ana' Orientation Are Required of A ll Ninth Graders W ,,,, t,,, ...., ...,.t,, ,,... ..,,. Wing l l . ...,. . l sy - ' f,.:, M Christopher Perry R R k "i H , J R f , iit . , if. m e . p , W , N t, M Gall Perry - 1 ... ' P X - . ' , Brad Peterso ffl' -H as if R R -f H i M M ' r as Z .x n p p X - Gregory Peterson X iff- 'id f A W' "' P- V Robin Peterson f y i s - K' K K I A .twain Ky, v wh 5 wwwmu K2-f M,,.n , E, ,bl K . nf Mi . 5 3 3 ,,.twfw..it. .. Um, - N Q f P 6 . P Karla Petraglia Corwin Phipps Sondra Phillips KN' W 2 , Kay Pope . 493- 't 3 fl :Qf... Y p Sara Powell J' 5 X QP X E ' X EW viiss Murphy, Kelly Helms and Debbie Reynolds inspect newly arrived drill team rom-poms. up Ac, grip. james Prictor Toshiko Primrose Bernadette Provenzano M, David Purdy ,N ,iis ff' Corita Quihuiz S P A Victoria Ralston f George Range .r...,. p 3 i iiii Q W' P J , Erland Raugust Randy Redding Rhonda Redding R . M N gf enee Reiger Q 'X P 631 e.,x tx t iljfi Hai X i -94 , P p l X A ii il' MIN' M1 P .".- '-:1f R ilai i r l iiiiii li"ii" 5 5 W ,,, -- I.. ii , A fi, ,, e Q M, ..,, ' . ., ,. x ... . , Louis Rezzetti Claudia Rich Lisa Richards John Richardson Darrell Richardson Ricky Richardson Aunda Richmond Elizabeth Rivera William Rivera Shelly Rivero Wendy Robbins Karen Robertson Henry Romero Rose Sabrena Dennis Roth Linton Rous jim Rowland JoAnn Roy Darlene Rush Calley Russell JoAnn Ryder Erin Sacksteder Clay Sampson Stacey Sanders john Schamp Rodger Schell Kathy Schipper Bryan Schroder Reggie Sellers Wallace Sherman Frosh Follow Example of Upperclassmen ' .,,, . S TR es R me af su- K r, s :JV J' 3 :L asf, ww- Wa:-:fgrff-s.. 'ffsf-::,Q,f,f:f-:::, 'wisrfwffsifgsf ' ' ' a-Mfr ' .3 , ss ., sizfm-.. 5 M-M-- --xaww-mfs- -K ,. - X NF . , . .:.t.. I .r.. , t . ..r. .. M - All .K kkyy A A aa,. , if M! gs , ,,,,, W i, f X ,if f s A rf' ,s 5 L H, . - ' 3 S ' ., 5 K- J' '- ,: . Ss' ,tj L. . 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Q-4' s El S on to of lf- All iiii S liiii as iiiiiii " iiii iiii f .S h mhii ,,.e :gif :I si ,, . .,.: S in I if y iiii i ' l S S e ee l J . A -.kV L kkr L I ::s j '1 R i S Q iiii 1 'N f 655s Q Marleen Shipley james Shreve Pat Silipo Renita Simons Gayla Sims Paul Skeary Gloria Slaton Sally Smart Curtis Smith Gayla Smith janet Smith jim D. Smith Sandra Smith Theresa Snouffer Benny Sorensen Rebecca Soult Owen Southall,jr Karen Sparks Robert Sparks Patty Spence Rosalie Spencer Dave Spendlove Bill Stanley Lori Stapleton Sylvia Stephens Lloyd Stevens Ruthie Stewart jeffrey Stobaugh George Sullivan Steven Sutton Robert Swan Cassey Taylor David Tettleton Ron Theobald Nae Theus Billy Thomas Greg Thomas Tommy Thompson jackie Thornton Dan Tow Mike Travis Mary Tucker Robert Tudor Kathy Undergust Kay Unsworth Diana VanBlaricon Beverly VanHook Sonney VanPatton Pamela Vaughan Ginina Verzani john Villani 9 Freshmen Will Be First Graduates tc Q. Mags X M541 'xx wg. Q Q.. it . ate. , X X fr m Q.. X 1 , '- 1 2 R - 1 5 1 N 55 5. . EQX Nl iii Ti 2 . f iiiiiiiiii t i -, t ' is S 5 tl A if .Str Q S X' :tt is F is tt S siii is Q if' , ',:i ' Est f S. f Q' ,r t... r ii-i AQ. 'S T T r ts . rrsj f S J - f t--' I -1 I' L f I 5 ii i S 5f5ff5fg5sfffE5jgQl1 yt I m Tlq m i i t ,di s ... . NS r wQwi.wi""4" Ju S14 A W Q t . .g 'mst ,, K .,,.:: it fftf 111:11 ,:1"' :rt :fa at k:J,,..:..LkL. fx X K SE. 1. -in eng- as Q , ,f is x X- ff n,tt r Q gl x Q .Q S-'1..3Z:P .' 1EiI A T i 1 Rx f iii H ave Spent All Their H i gh School Years at Eldorado V 'X 1 '54 v ..., K l 2 i f Vx .s I ff' P E mf? uf' a t.,,,. "N . av ink, CA is Q 5 f xl "' 'D ,QQ :ai if-Q -.5 f I . . if 'W 1 xx.. ,xr Q ' .al 'A ti rag . f . X at s K b "" e hhoh D hhhh ii is r .rd X e he gi t - A X l, no ,s I fx A t g ,,.f W Q . ai. X' ,f-an Q v 'Ns Samberlee Wacker Rhonda Walkup Mike Wardle Kevin Waters Belinda Watson Lonnie Webb Scott Webb Gary Welch Richard Wellington Valerie Wells West Welsh Ricky Wescout john Wheeler jeff White Sam White Diane Whitlock Orlando Whitmore Gene Whittington jimmy Wilkerson Debbie Williams Debbie Williams Sheri Williams judy Wilson Ken Winn Mark Witzel William Woods Don Woodcock Mark Work William Yada Chamese Yarbrough Betsy Yazzie Bill Young julie Young Linda Youngblood Miguel Yrizarris Ricky Zimmerman Mary Ziskouslcy julie Zobrist Future Smiles on Freshmen 1 c . . 1 as., eefo c y gs . s o si X O3 Q M l -sq! li . -2 V+ Mr X Q. Q 'G X, as K. e ,Q Wa. ' sw"-V ar 4 A fx Q f fa " A .fl s ., V1 -1.1 1 3? .,eW,f,,, my .. M. , E 1 X Q I , f-fI ww 1, XM Sometimes the best part of a class comes when the teacher says, "Okay you can have the last five minutes NK ,4 FV?-2 1 :ful Q' '1 K . - -. V, 1,15 wf w, -: Piw . x , ..-k 1. E-.g1,1-Xggwpb :J I L , f -1, za, , .A 1 K., . E- ,..a.fx1 5. z Lfz,fg Q Miifgldgewz X I ' 'Wt . S u- . Norman Adams Wayne Adams Kathy Adkins David Alderink Yvetta Alderson Barbara Allen Billie Almanza Mike Alsbrooks Terry Anderson Von Anderson Carmen Aquilar Ruth Armour jamie Arnesen Laura Ash Pam Ashcraft Polly Autrey Janna Bailey Melody Baker Monique Banks Billy Barnum f. iw :Na . K Eighth Graders Bezng J unzor H 1 gh A ge But Enrolled we "N Q iii ' .-f N v- . I ssnlv J' ...Ns is ,A E " 4-Q Q 1 V I Sw' is fl. 2 -"M 5 L frm 6 ws . i -.ar Q, as vfas 3 ig , 5 as In a H i gh School Face Many Problems ana' Challenges - . SP' S ' "-L B iifilfjii el B we if F B B NJ 1 -if it B eee ii , r ,Pei B M M, lea B 3 " 1 I? ' Pfvn N03 .af-sv v ft ,, af' VX A G' FM xi. qi S XM 1 ,. E -1- B .a as B if it c ,Q ,, A , m e 1 -3 A 'x ,L N4 -Q.. 3 so 'I' ,, ' , .lll ell Q S l afia' fi it 115 1 , l' -:wif 'B lll lee ,, W Sf if f N I li f Nia N , g r if ff .1 3 .MQ si xc 5- if W.. 4- -W--p I I 1 li' ic X ,f .yy e fa? K , i s 'A"'ll 'l',, f ff'ffffffif' ll". fffi S it N a-...Si M .ol , P' 2 .-A wo ' e.,, - J' X like , ri Russell Brice Gordon Brinkhursr Kay Brodrick Ellie Brooks Gordon Barlow Richard Barnes Vivien Bass Richard Bartee Denise Bates jill Bartlett Kathy Bauer joey Baza Peter Baza Robert Belter DeVetra Bennett Raymond Benoit Rhonda Bentz Matt Bitoni Karen Blair Kenneth Blanch Becky Blevins Lori Blevins Dawn Blue Cheryl Bolten Guy Bower Cindy Bowman Ty Brackeen john Bray Teri Bredsguard Philip Brosky Billy Brown jeff Brown Kellie Brown Ricky Brown Robert Brown Bonnie Bruneau -Iaci Burch Kim Burke Steven Burkhart Jose Camacho Troy Campbell Wayne Cape Shawn Cardinal Melissa Cariker Mike Carlile Rena Carlson Susan Carney jennifer Carr Carroll Rossye Shelia Carroll Srenthia Carter Eleanor Castro Ricky Cates joe Chacon Scott Chamberlin Sheri Chapman Donald Charley Steven Childers Cheryl Childress Eighth Graders Are Last, But Not Forgotten iS ..' "'I' 'l', , . " ' V ' VV . tif' hhtt 12,5 rrrt A S S 'BII B J, '.-,"- SS 'iii ' Vw S 1 S . , S . S L in K: it ' A 'f iff" iiii B' r' tttt ttaa A V S ji 'Sify fm , Ab VV 4 V ttt SS ,.. f1jffVV ff, ' ' r rr hase S at , ai S 2 ttir - SS f S VV 1 ia S r,, V V i 'eeee r esrr ii a a ' is ' 5 f W .Veg 4 A r i,,. by ' "" . H ,ppJ,t,,, K Q S 5 - S S R SS, S S ,,h,..,, e " I V S tti htfatt V S i I A LLLV L j I H . an rhii yy I wh V, ,,r.,, W S bi: ,' w -J ' C V V- -af 'S r 'SIM , J ,,.ap V .. A fi V " M V S thrt VV V a r S r Q , iiieiii 5k S - et st ' , S 'li f ', ,.,' E: we A CVVC ' SS eeerr " t f. 3. " -' S S S 'lt S C' V- SS f e V 4' is S M i fa S "gf W' A I y ypyzg 3 F A ."Vx V- I SS f at CV C SS V ei 3 S re il S H' e K S -S v S iS is S S SS in 1 if 4' iigp S vw' fl SSS V , S V SS 2 VS,: S A pi, MM ,yawn at W 1 r f Si X 5 49 i xiii! 1 AAIQ ii -all s0""'v lxml J f Y e g 5 13 ,... C 1 ' - .-""' 4,,k K u,,, ,.,..,, . ,..,, ,fm-f.1H ? , ,,,,, V ,V , L,., ..,, ,, f, K I H kk,,. agaqasyxsmsxseef ,C rw my C -1721 f"'H"'l . 5 h C of i ff' D ' I 'ik y C 'Q C ff C 553 ' 1 4 ' l F f 55.3 .1k,,, I I Ilgr A tytyytytgt y tyyt MQ y tttya , A Z M' fs - C - f .J f f a W W g X Q at y fii -ff'-d mai I 7: yy Callan Choate Sonny Clary Regina Clay Douglas Clemons Debbie Cochran Chris Colson Kim Coltman Daniel Connelly Brian Connolly Ramon Cooper Tommy Cordova Vincent Corker David Corley Mike Corrier Donny Corwin Richard Covington Danny Cozart Tommy Craner William Crowley Jeffery Dance Arlie Daniel Natalie Darnell Robin Davey james Davis Patricia Davis Steven Davis Debora Dawson Linda Denning Denise Dessaints Cheryl Devore Lewis Dickson Melony Dillon Scott Dobrusky George Dodge Sondra Douglas john Downey Patty Dubro Bram Dudley Linda Dufort Sandy DuVan jeff Eaves Brenda Estes Gary Eubanks Craig Faile Eddie Fant Gary Favcla Lisa Fields Bonnie Finley Patty Fisher Carmen Fortney Terri Foster LeRoy Fountain Raymond Fraley Frank Fresquez Sometime Eighth Graders Wonder Whether , ,ii. 5 'N V we 4 sr 'R x ff se 5 . ., gg 5 E ee if' G e""' or - E ,-,. .Q 5 as S ip 'F X - ,living it up for Spirit Week are Eric Norried and Kim i i Purdy .. I 1 f- 1 ,N f-N XR s 0130 5 'V 'V' ' 5 'B to it ytyt 2 Na at A. so i 'A' 'S 1 aged. E Z e b 3 K. ,R Q L e ege R , t s E ., - fl':- s Q 5 3 si s -Q' X NQ X Donna Gamble Bob Gardecki David George Dorothy Gholz Martin Gieske Roxane Ginter Kurt Girard Karen Goetz Tehseeah Goldsberry David Gonzales joe Gonzales Ruth Gonzales Donny Gray jackie Gray Randy Grossman Debbie Groves Roy Hale Barron Hall Denise Hanna Alvia Harris Kathy Harris Kathy Harris Wayne Harris Lawana Heckard Keith Hefner Linda Henderson Achrned Henry Dale Henry Rebecca Herrera Vernan Hewing Kenneth Heyer David Hickey,-Ir. Frank Hill Sharlene Hill Brenda Hoagland Tom Holland Mike Hollingsworth Kathy Hoover Stephen Houghtaling Gene Houser Veronica Housewright Lonnie Howard Teresa Howard Dean Howser Valeri Hughes james Hunt Ted Hunt janet Hurst Vince Ignatowicz Randy Irwin Deejacks 5 N 'R iff", -.Q yy, K xi' .I "WNV H i gh School Is Expensive for Eighth Graders ' A' . 8 V,-r N ,Q 'VK ' fl! ,. uw., .. at 'in E ss 5 Q . , Eg . L .., fn 1 ' ttttt i ,.. X .. 1. ,Q 1 Q' is xt. lf x QE Q t ff- ? -ad' f Af' ' if f V fi' -. 'M is ff,-nf" hh. : f u 6 1' K A l it V- ' ff irrrr f ir'is Q 5 .kgs ,, K SS 7...,, i X I 3 'i hd '-1:9 Qwx Sir -: air' pr Q T ' ASQ! sfo. f ti In Both Money and Energy 99' . 0' 'K Ft f' 5 3' G 5 5 A l , -'L gr ' "lW1 W ufztsmtfsx-i -1 ,alt In ,x.... .aa E X AJ, K ,,,,,5 . y.. ,,, q - -rains 90? ef"'ws' .tg . Q, f 5 A- H-52 X 'av S 'ge - :gi rm --f-- ' ff 'ff 1. W e t Q -wen 1 Si f -hi 1, 5 .,,.,. Q' x Y x 1 X EQ x l s N 'Q 1 'S e sf Eighth grade answer to Super Fly, Randy Starks. r :Q X f api at 4 5 N4 :i l - ,1.,: 'J ll .fuk i 3' , '-...JP fi ft Q '5 fv .ff W -N ' 1 wx' Mb I., Q LH ,ui 14 f. W 2 Jilsnu, 1, ,Q 'Sem 135 Mya ui, ,ggm , ,. f t. . 0 P' 'VK f N W :-Hn'1F'5fs?fH I mffzbiivggfi - - V ff.1isfvff5ssf! 'I r 'QF X16 jx li A 'S i ! . L a t to f f' A-'fi Vg U st ann 5 inf 1 -,,, A 5 ni 1 I A ' . Q Y Z' -f . . K' fi 1- -J Rx' Cathy jackson William jackson Cindy james Robert jenkins Kelley jen sen Connie jeweh DaVera jex Bill johnson Eric johnson Mary johnson Lavell jolly jeffrey jones Kenneth jones Linda jones Nathaniel jones Sonya jones Debra jordan Debbie jones Anthony julian Gary justice Wendy Karkut Steve Kemna Roy Kight Steve Kilgore 17 4 Karen Kineman Patti King Larry Klein Rury Kurk Kathaleen Lang Lisa Lanier Ricky Lapriore jerry Larsen Keith Laws Pat Leathers Richard LeFebvre Tammy Leonard Bernard Lewis Loyce Lewis john Lighthill Thomas Lilley Susan Lima Rosemary Littlepage james Lockman Veronica Lowy Tamara Loy Steven Loyd Carrie Lucas Richard Lund Duncan MacRae Lisa Madole Debbie Maples Billy Marker Lydia Martin Robert Martin Foundations Are Built Now for the Future if , , K . L -was ' WRX! ' 'i . L R L A - 'K ii L 'L W' in f, t 'L t L f e 3 , 'ml -.mf 5 as i ' A f ' ff Q a ff , ' r W" X ' . ..1 yykyy ,L f S ,, S K K ' .N t L r t -f r. .nt AL. L sa r -.a tv 1 n Q .,,. ff' U Us 4.90 I I f"3s .v-wi' , . . ' . . 'Q P ,"!g, Ar 45, Q K 1559 X wi gf 85 Al - a XJ Wx X kt. --'ff-f aays A , 3 X, fi 'N l . 6,0 ,Q-6 I sw ye A 3 Q Ak in 9 s S 'ns Nb x P me . L Q m 1?f ,.-., i R R 2 if s l fx Q X r s'f?2.a2R X Y :SF H XX t. . 3235 l 33 N' X 'lbs E I X X :H X X A 21 -A K 1 f 'F as X Q 5 R L, i R it wri st S 5331? ,,....f N by if 5 l r was ii i F Nancy Bundy and Vickie Records share disappointment as football team misses a If you ll Just be patient a moment and let me dig a little deeper, I know I will find my homework assignment Robin Williams assures the teacher, David Martinez Cheryl Marvin Mary Mason Machael Mathews Tyrone Mathis Michael Mayhood Sandra Mayor joe Mazza Lee Greg McAllister Richard McCleai'y joseph McDade james McGraw Ei ghth Grade Students Participate in AI! Actzvztzes Melissa Cariker and ,Iody joeckle practice their secretarial duties. Ben McIntosh Susan McIntosh Paul McKinley Vincent McKinnon Lynnettc McKnight Sharon McLeod Charles McManis joe Mead Tanya Merritt jeffrey Miles Dennis Mitchell Barbara Mohan Eddie Molina Penny Montgomery Barbara Moody Rheajean Moore Mike Morgan Sandra Moten joseph Muckelroy Pamela Muckelroy i I 1 s A' I - - , 42 Y h v, 'vu 9 L 7 M 0 ll he A' .JIU S ' b 1 Q g r ' A 55 X 1 - fl 5 f s 484 if H ' -'N-is X iv 'sd ,of ' ,mm 'rp-, V lim J' z ,,,.. ,,,, Z W 1 L. f is I 5 ' ,-.23 ii ,f ,,. M, ,, 5 ,, Z Phi' X A yi Sf' if WTB' ' , ' ' I " , . :. A i 53 P at '1' ' f r . 1 ' r ,.1 - r P ' P y t .: yyer M P ., it A e C fu QWMYF ff? l aeiel .., , WVVL as risr C , . ,,-, - ' "f'i' Brian Munger Paul Munger Donald Muns Dwane Myers Richard Mynatt Keith Nelson Travis Newberry Rick Nichols Dan N jegomir Courtney Norman William Nowack Richard M. Nowicld, jr. Maida O'Brien Linda Odorizzi Chris Olson jerry O,Neal Monica Ontoveros Richardo Ostolaza Robert Owen Cecilia Page Cathy Palmer Lawone Parish Debbie Parker Dennis Parker Laura Paxton Tina Payan Floyd Payne Robert Pearce Pat Pequeen Paul Perry I77 Brian Peterson Robbie Peterson Vickie Peterson Leslie Plumb Debbie Pollard Eddie Pollack Valerie Porter David Powell Kim Powers Patty Purdy jeff Ramey Joey Ramsey Torn Randall Dale Raney Eugene Raugust Michael Riggs Minalee Ritchie Roberto Rodriguez Eddie Rodriguez john Roland Pam Roth Andy Russell Vickie Russell Ron Rutter Karen Saavedra Paul Samowski Steve Sampson Harvey Sandoval Helen Santos Andra Saunders Eighth Graders Prove Themselves in a New School amp. ' - -f'- U "'- , V- " fr 5 , V V I .,,,v,,.,,,.. 'fte' V U H r V . r gag- ,N f K ,,,iL, V. v J X 5 V, V a I " ., .V 'll'i 'P s ff' V 1 Y W V as -' s . , Y, , , 4 K K t ' I V l. P fr I 1' rr- We l" 'R 4 iiii P it. . si, -,vu i""' 3 ,.ZlZ,A5,5 ,. - 4 f i ,, , P , .I V a V .5 f ' , '13 I J.: ff: X i' ' f, M ffjs If i l i ii X A7 ft , N fx g -P ' pg A " ,aww I- i f-""' :bf I . ':V,,1 t i S at ,,,,,sti trerr rtrlt P sg g x V sse, M Dix A 5 K ' an ' V as yi K 'D vs W Z 1 - . 1 - L, X 5 U 'E W 5, ,W M tcc,, I . ? I E . z , 2 R L 'A W I I it-'e1l"r: R XS, H 'S WT., ,f A M .4 g gfwf A i s Y H, I rf ' , 14 """ pw 6' ff ' 'WF ,ac we ' q a P' "W SAW' i Q H ,,W. V sr K My Q 1, 6 F - 5.12 H 2 12 , V K ' 'wwf 'tir . E K . 1 -t A W w 4 Donna Schell David Seekford Marty Sepulveda Wayne Shafer john Shahan Cindy Shammo Ray Shaw Mike Shealy Ruth Sheets Robyn Shelton Guy Shields Paul Shields Richard Showalter Mark Simons Dennis Sims Donald Sims Darrell Singleton Terry Slavin Barbara Smith Dianne Smith Jeffery Smith Sam Smith fV' Sharon Smith J S' t Y - 1 i ' f E-I G, f itt ' y S i t hh r I , Robert Snouf fer Bonnie Snyder Connie Sorensen john Souva Laura Sparks Nora Sparks Keith Sprinkle Donnie Stafford Randy Starks Cheryl Stark Cynthia Steele Leslie Stein jimmy Stephens joel Stephens Anthony Stever Darryl Stewart Maureen Stewart Lisa Stiles jay Stiver A I-rfb-f"'49 . frm -t"7 it yell A-'nw f 4 A .S-H- ' f ik- "Put your little foot, put your littlc foot." Mr. Varrato practices z new dance step il f W ""4?vs --.s ,wi lm n fisamrm W gi Q ,. VJ rg XA ,,tr ,ti, MJ iiii' ' J tty. ' :tf if - f r y yy 2 l.l?".v Livebf Spirits Are Sometimes Hard to Contain 3 3, Q A,h' ,--"""- --" 2 V kkyy H t S ' S tt,iii RE' 'Hi fm ,lii f x -3 fa' It T af- , .... , -ii t 3 N Q i ix Q 4 . S if 'Fl 41.35 . Siffe 11. z , 1 - rf- YNY A .MLS W iii.ii as ts? ' ii T- Q i " lifter . it , ,I H , it "r o f t 1' sz.. . my . Q .. .,,,, K 'Ci 'Q ,..91' the teacher you feel at ease in her class," Peter Baza advises Vincent McKinnon. f QP 1 -sw swf-.ta wf::1et. '.l-. X We 5 Gabe Stivers Scooter Stone Terry Stringfellow David Sudduth Clayton Sullivan Brad Swain Mike Taggart Maria Talavera Richard Tanksley Brett Tanner james Tate Monty Travis Sheila Taylor Don Thomas Cindy Thompson Denise Tieman Sheba Tillery Donna Tingley Susan Titlow Ken Titus Michael Todd john Tolas Hiram Triana Tami Trim julie Tyson Scott Undergust Sandy Utterback Tina Van Hook Scharlotte Vaugh Patty Vaughn Tracy Vaughn Hank Vermy Richard Villani Todd Wainwright Renee Walden Darcy Waldrip jack Walker Paul Walker Yvonne Walker Debbie Walace Bridgett Washington Tina Weatherholtz Lavista Weaver Kimberly Weiss Sharon Wells Twila West Doris Western Allen White janet White Roy Whitfield Rex Whitfield ' ' " ,. lilffkw-163' f I I... so y T 94 lr 3 71635 ,.,, .. IWW' sf - "1 J g 4 ,,, T 'L A l," hifi? gg X ,A s ff, If JZ f a T ' T fm ' ' A Q L y ffL1iA, fy 'if V, , ,M ' . ti A V? V ID ,vvli 'f '-V Eighth Graders Grow From Opportunitzes t ' ,, 5 V A mf K 'ft' 'urg- N V, XV .asa , Q as - W , A , L Q' Q", Q is If , X Vg , , lx D4 I I, .T I ,-:,.a 3.1 T 5 sirr ,M S t V 'TTY g,' 'N me , 11 Q! I ,r,srt ,W is I . ,Y If ',,, K J W ff? 39' ii ii E , -rzb ,U , ii t'ii X' W' HL , V W N 4 . V ' A . t,f- W 1 iw Q- . B W1 All M, vi 40-9 ,ide X Q lk It 'Wk ,pl- he Presented to Them l we W ' ee , :.h V V K l , l X Q : ,,i,,. -" , 1? 3 X- T 516:- tf ' if lx if-rs i E Q SS-Qin ami-5 i X is ii is E E W 4 l 1 l 2 Nswm-wwmmw joey Wilkerson Dewey Williams Michael Williams Robin Williams Rodney Williams Scott Williams Sonia Williams Theresa Wilson Tracey Wilson Barbara Winn Daureen Winslow Juanita Wolverton Tyra Woods Larry Wooten Sharon Young james Youngblood Brenda A. Zee Florence Zelewski Rhonda Zetocha james Zobrist Eldorado students put the new blacktop basketball courts to good use. ME TOR ,V -w ,xl .l 1 .1 , 15 .r ' 4 1 J A ". l. ELDORADO19 ADMINISTRA TION PM xx ' L , 2 1.. f ' if -:MM if gag ! i-Tw x S ,- NILS BAYLES Principal JOHN C. MARCH School Officer GEORGEANN RICE Vice-Principal LEON HOLLINGSHEAD Dean of Boys 5 sf A s 4 , L H as KENNY BOWERS Vice-Principal NIKI HOWARD of IIAN A . V h C. Dean of Girls A Y A s-5 M .X:. N ,I X is as JOAN N DYCK Counselor LARRY DUNCAN Counselor CHERYL PEARSON Counselor SAL CATANESE Couselor JESSE RAMIREZ Counselor SARAH SMITH Head Librarian BARBARA JOHNSON MARGARET REEDER Secretary Secretary BARBARA PUGSLEY SHARON HODY Banker Library Aide NITA PERRY BENNIE DEN NIE Graphic Arts Secretary Audio-Visual Aide X? X 1 gg' x X X , S ...r,, EWS if 'R sl 'Sul :E L ici: -, - gi 'fiiiiif aaaaa ,E z Vi X wif gr A -dvi?" VICKY EDWARDS Registrar LOIS FERRELL Attendance Secretary ANN SPLITTGERBER Attendance Secretary ENGLISHAND FOREIGN LANG UA GE MARY CATHERINE BLISS DOROTHY CLARK Spanish, English Spanish I""'N. gt- . .f zz . 4 v 7 . e ' ' ,E I G I 4 v Q' M' , , A 'vi , x CAROL GREWAL French, English LORE RIBAS German Enghsh P-Y T... ELEANOR HARRINGTON English American Literature jg MABEL' MITCHELL English IQKTI-IY MURPHY Composition Practical English BEN PORTILLO S Creative Writing English SALLIE AIWOHI if A at .rn 1 ii CAROLYN SOULE English JEAN BECKSTEAD Composition Language Arts journalism Publications Language Arts NEAL EARLY Literature Drama Speech PATTY SYNOLD Language Arts RONALD ACREE World History U.S. History LAWRENCE BRAY Consumer Education DEBRA GAUGEL Ofiemon H I S TOR YAN D Psychology LINDA CRAWFORD Orientation Compostion DON KENNEDY U.S. History LLOYD MANN Government U.S. History 5 MIKE ORNELAZ Current Events Social Studies PATRICIA ROBESON U.S. History STEVE WEBB U.S. History PUSINESS SIMMIE DANIEL Shorthand Twins DAN HEITMANN Typing Introduction to Business MARGARET JOHNSON Bookkeeping Data Processing Typing DIANE WEILAND T wing Business Machines Record Keeping BARBARA BURFORD NVILLIAM Physical Science HOLLINGSWORTH Earth Science Biology Agricultural Science MA THAND SCIENCE EUGENE HOOD Life Science Biology HELEN LONG Earth Science DAVID WILLIAMS Biology Chemistry Health DELORES CHRISTENSEN Math Trigonometry Computer Science STEVE CRANDALL Career Math Math PETE JOHNSON Pre-Algebra Algebra RONALD MISENOR Introductory Algebra Math GARY PEARSON Pre-Algebra Advanced Algebra ED PLAWSKI ROBERT PRINCE Algebra Geometry Contemporary Math Pre-Algebra INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND HOME ECONOMICS JACK KISSLER Auto Mechanics ELDON QUINNEY Industrial Arts Industrial Crafts Auto Mechanics JAMES REEVES Woods Carpentry f Cabinets DAVID ROSENOW Industrial Arts Drafting .- E A K fr... IDA ALVEY Home Economics Home Furnishings Clothing JOAN GOODELL Bachelor Survival Child Development Home Economics Foods PETE CAMERON Beginning Band Concert Band Beginning Guitar Music Theory J OCELYN JEN SEN Girls Glee Mixed Glee Select Concert Choir Madrigals Composition ',1"i 1 - A I ,Jfikj . A ,f, Lkrk V, VV 'b5,f,,,,,,1J,m,. . ,, . - , f ARTAND MUSIC KAREN MORRIS Basic Design Drawing! Painting CYNTHIA RICHEY Arts and Crafts Crafts PAMELA YOUNG Arts Crafts QR, ,,,v Nw 95 .- ., .kvA- , 51 ERNEST FERRARIO Boys P.E. Health ,4qw-wwow f dw-W' I P.E. AND HEALTH KH . - A ' 2 K . ikf k k ,. GARY GORDON DAVID VARRATO Boys P.E. Boys P.E. HOWARD LEAVITT JACKIE HYATT Boys P.E. Girls P.E. 5 1 5 SANDY SATFERFIELD Girls P.E. VONDA QUINN Girls P.E. ' ' l'ki'7fiJ',f1,L5i 53 -5 ' ,,, ,,A ' V -,,v " " f4iZ?ff4,.fgfpg - .M W ! Q ,J if 4, , lb if 5? i 9 . ROTCAND .HHKIALEDUTMTHWV JILL BUSSELL Special Education JAMES DREITZLER Special Education JAMES HILL Special Education wa WW! E W iw iJ M f aMEt mm HERBERT GOODLAND CLYDE LEE NJROTC NJROTC ZUUVERS EDUTHTRNV JAMES ALEXANDER Driver's Education Kiwi 5 ff sm? up MELBA TERRY Lunchetcria ARLENE TOLAS Lunchctcria CATHERINE HOUGHTALING CAROL WINN Lunchcteria Luncheteria LAURA MacDOWELL Luncheteria LINDA ROUSSEAU Luncheteria if i L UN CH E TERIA ,i I LARETTA HUTCHISON LOUISE CRADDOCK Food Service Manager I-Ur1ChCfCri2 WILMA HARKEY Luncheteria 198 5 h ,,L AND CUSTODIANS -A m' ' C -:2:,, , e n a i ai nit f RICHARD RINGLER FRANKLIN THOMAS Custodian Custodian 1 , f l l Q. nntti n JERRY STEPHENS JOHN THCRNTON L Q Maintenance CUSIOCHRH J BOYD Not Pictured: Gilbert Brewer, lewis Pepkins, Mary Stewart, Custodlan Ronnie Willimns PHILLIP MOSLEY Custodian RONALD POLHAMUS Custodian VERN SMITH Head Custodian I' En-xo Flslml-f.l1iPS I I fain V4, . here I am, world!" In tomorrow's super-supersonic age, it will take a good education to get ahead. It you want more than "just a living" in the years to come, accept the challenge. The future is unlimited for those who learn. Happy landings! 'lllllll li I . BIDS NEVADA PDWER BUMPANY HOTEL 'G' TRAN6Ml66l0N ll 1.33" 1 I' u A 'Y ' mug: fflli' l.', 6 ONE MAIN STREET LAS VEGAS. NEVADA 89101 HOTEL I CASINO osx OUR GOLDMINE 0F GOOD . Foov' Q A Rz'v1z'u':lo11mv,4z QM O A. W Elms Hmmm CONTRACTORS! EOUIPM ENT We care abouf you RENTALS SERVICE Eas+ern and Owens Avenue SALES PARTS THE DISCOUNT FOOD PEOPLE 277I Soufh Indusirlal Road 734 799I Aulhorlzed Sales 8: Service Execuhve Remmgion Shavers 8: Appliances Grffware RICHARD M C N E E L McNeeI has a volce +ha'I wall be heard' Ed Luboff 3540 Maryland Parkway Las Vegas Nevada 89I09 734 I 770 1 I I - Il D -K R B FURNITURE C H EV ROLET 2625 Soufh Maryland Parkway Las Vegas Nevada 89l09 lmlm ml FLETCHER JONES CHEVROLET Your Friendly Chevrolel' Dealer Where Chevrolefs Cosi' Less 2 l40 Las Vegas Boulevard Nor+h 444 Sou+h Decvfur Borllevagd Nor'I'h Las Vegas, Nevada l-as e9aS- eva a Phone: 642-9494 Phone: 8709444 SHOE AND SHEAR, INC. 3486 Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, Nevada 89l09 l702l 734-2460 Wesl' Hills 66 CLANCY RIAL Phillips 66 Charlesfon a+ Decarur 878-3352 Special Thanks To Our Generous Sponsors Mrs. Sallie Aiwohi Mr. Lawrence H. Bray Civic Center Texaco Mr. and Mrs. Clark Darrah Clyde T. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. john W. Dungan The Head Shop Harrie F. Hess PH.D. Major and Mrs. Len Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Arvin J. Kuemmerlin Captain Clyde -I. Lee Lucas and Son john W. Novak Monte Phelps Poodle Spa Purple Sage Barbershop Silver State Mobile Home Park Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Sprott Theatre Arts Society Inc. M' El' lib L rf so Mm, NP Sal, A, 24, 187 A wifi ii Sl' si i "L 34 Cudahy, 14, 122 168 122 Mfff-1 120 so Q 24 168 1 A 2 120 5 D 441.101 ',-' ,1 g .- NP " i 169 J . - "" ss, s f 1 1 T,49,52. irrns i fin, f 169 126 . ..,h-' "-- ' , ,,... N , 5980, ' 101 ' 101 2151461411421 10.11 . 1 .MQ Ann, 28, 101 1 Q 148 44, 48, 122 169 Davis, P mvtrkmssffslw 147 2 - . 2 ilgQ11LQ 4'Bfuce,31,41. 56, 101 m,'k ' ' ue A is NP -f .1 ' '1., 169 iiis 19 rn . NP siss 1 1 rfz 1 -:., 1L'- 'LLW' '69 .,:: E21 48 102 ' ' 1 b 1 1 25, 137 141' . . 169 1 25 11 1 169, 191 169, 207 1 sssni l f GI - "" ""' A9155 'f-I 1 ii?-il - -'-.- . 1 ' ,. 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GrrgQry.f1:11?1 1 7 1,l1' Q Enrishrr ' Brb,J0dy.103.1'iEiiQfli1fi255iiEff'ff L Erb, Twilia V149i Erskine,joni,123 ,ff 'R Espinoza, Helen, NP Espinoza, Raymond, NP Espinoza, Arthur, NP Estes, Brenda Kay, 170 Estes, Gregory, NP Eubanks, Gary, 170 Eubanks, Rommie, 149 Evans, Brian, 72, 149 Everett, Darren, 149 Everetthlohn, 149 Everett, Yvonne, 27, 29, 123 - F FISH' Dtvidr - ,1-,. Flilfr Fannin. f Fant, may, 170' l,,ie f Fant, Sherri, 1 149 :ff Fanty, Kathy, 149i 1 r , Farmer, Guylene, NP Farmer, jaynoe, 149 Favela, Gary, 170 Favela, Pamela, 103 Feeney, Michael, 123 Felkins, Rickey, 123 Ferguson, Ricky, 149 Ferrario, Ernest, T, 22, 58, 196 Ferrell, Donald, 10, 31, 62, 123 Ferrell, Greg, 24, 78, 149 Lois, C, 187 Dfbffn 105 - 2 1 Rmlmrdiigyigs' 123 971 f iff? 2 Fishergyiiririn, 25,17Q,yfg - 2 r1renQfl?1rnrnrr,zsgi5a,i12s Ellen, 48,149 7 Fleming,ju.ne, 44, 105 llglii 1 5 - Fleming, Sandra, 24:30, 48, Fleming, 5 K Flores,Cat1, ikh gl,g,f.,s,,- - 123, 124, 204 Flores -31 i ,G Forler, Diana, ,NP-ilff' Q ii H 5 gg ,M ,F0fS'wfKffiY ' Foffvfhn iii 5 F0f"'CYf Fffffncvf Ferrer, Fovflsff w FHICY' ..,1 ii,. ' - is ,,,,, 1, 2 e ,,,.. aff 2 ' " 1 11, 77f' FnunrerQiAwif ":'i iil Yi 1 iii A Gm' Glen' 27' H0 is ,,,1 1 RtbCff'2124 ' -f is 1 p 'M' 27' 150 125:-S-221: I- P f 1' f "' ' . ..1 I sfz if - f is 919 3, 'fi Ei' f"' if 1'-F ,11.fiS ..ivs527fi1'5 21e!'f71!"l!-3. ' l l "' 2 ' " .rt fm 1' X if' L E of f Rn?1gS'X' Gaines, john, 56, 58, 59, 60, 66, Gaines, Tony, 23, 56, 124 Gale, David, 103 Galpin, Marion, NP Gamage, Charles, 38, 103 Gamage, Sharon, 124 Gamble, Donna, 171 Gamble, LaDeana, 150 ',-' , 1, Gamble, Raymond, 124, f,gfi'f7,f Gardecki, Robert, 171. i-.-i i if Gardncr,joey, 76, 150 '- Gatner, Charles, 52, 103 All Gamer, Curtis, 150 2 Gamer, Forest, NP Gamer, Robin, 124 Garza, Alex, 124 Gaugel, Debra, T, 190 1 19, 124, Gee, Candice, 11, 27, 68, 69, 74, 124 George, Cindy, 24, 32, 150 George, David, 32, 171 George, Debra, 103 George, Debra J., 150 George, Richard, 52, 124 Georgiathis, Alexander, 124 Gerling, Rochelle, 150 Gholz, Dorothy, 171 Gibson, Cheryl, 124 Gibson, Cindy, NP ' . , Gibson, Patricia, 124 H ,egg Gibson, Richard, 34, 62, 156 5557511 2 Gibson, Robert, NP 1 -if Gieskc, Janice, 15 1 K Gieskc, Martin, 1,71 Gigante, Billy, 151 Gilbert, Daniel, 27, 151 Ginter, Roxane, 171 Girard, Kurt, 171 Glass, Gary, 124 Glass, Reginald, 151 Glenn, Matthew, NP Goodard,-Jerry, 151 Gee, Virgil, 151 Goergen, Lce Ann, 151 1 Goetz, Debra Lynn, 28, 124 Goetz, Karen, 171 2 Goldsberry, Tehseeah, 171. i l 5 GOLDUSTERS, 44, 45 , K ik' ii Gonzales, David, 171' ff ,1'1f1sgj,g ,Gonnle5,-key, 171 ., Gonzales, Ruth, 138, 165, 1715 Goodellhloan, T, 194 Goodland, Janice, 15 1 Goodland, Herbert, T, ss, 197 Goodland, Lynn Ann, NP Goodman, Lorrene, NP Goodno, David, NP 1 Gordon, Ganz T, 19, 22, 65, 66, 196 Goss, Nan, 74, 104 Gossard, Michael, NP Graccffa, Angela,iNP Graham, 25, 104 Graham,-Rosemarie, NP Gralish, Mary, 104 ,, 2 2 :Gralish, PcggyAi'Ln, 151 Gray, Donny, 171 Gray,jackie, 171 , ' I Gray, Phyllis, Np , ,555 Graybcal, Cynthia, 24,ii74,i 2 Greene, Dianna, 124 Greene, jauell, NP Greenfield, Charles, 125 Gress, laura Ann, 128 Grewal, Carol, T, 43, 188 Grlffinhlames, 151 f 5 Gmff, Brent, 62, 151 A R Graff, Bruce, 21, 62, 146, 151 Groff, Michae1,40, 41, 56, 104 Grossman, Randy, 171 Grover, Edward, 151 Groves, Debbie Ann, 171 ' Gulfmfnr Dries wr- 1 isssfiisss ffa Hafen, Terri, 63, 69, 74, 125 Hager, Ken, 77 Hale, Hamid, 104 Hale, Roy, 171 Hale, Zack, 151 Hall, Barron, 171 Hall, Caroline, 104 Hall,joscelyn, 68, 151 Hall, Leisa, 104 Hall, Robert, 151 Hall, Stephen, 78, 125 Hamilton, Jean, 151 Hamilton, Rochelle, NP Hamilton, Robin, 28, 125 Hamilton, Rosie, NP Hampton, Robin, 151 Hanna, Denise, 171 Hardemon, Robert, NP Hardin, Marcus, 27, 151 Hardy, Larry, 125 .... . Harkey, Wilma, C, 198 rf- Harrington, Eleanor, T, Harris Alma, NP Harris, Alvin, 171 --', f' iQQfg Harris, Guy, 125 Harris, Kathleen, 171 Harris, Kathryn, 172 fi h Harris, Larry, 104 K K , Harris Harri s H arris, Harris, Randall H., 78, 104, 205 Harris, , Randy, O, 25, 30 , Reginald, NP Robert, 125 Tami, 34 Harris, Wayne, 172 Hartman, Michael, 58, 41, 56, 104 Hastings, Rhonda, 151 I Haverly, Anita, 164 T 1 zlpiavis, Lora, 172 ,,,, , :ii-Iaycock, Steven, NP :-, . -:Eff gg, Hynes Cvnfhin 20, 452 "Li4H?YnCS- Mifhffl- NP Tlefath, Lynda Kay, 152 ' L' iii' Heath, Mary, 152 ' Heckard, Lawana, 172 . ,gg Hedger, David, 54 V l-ledger, Debra Ann, i- Hedges, Terry, NP ' I Hedrick, Mary, 152 Hefner, Keith, 172 Heigel, Gerald, 152 Heine, Eric, 70, 125 5 Hcitrnan, Dan, T, 191 Helms, Kelly, 26, 44, 159 Helmurh, Brad, 25, 104 Henderson, Linda, 172 Henderson, Susan, 34, 48, 152 , nl Henderson, Vickie, 152 Z1-Iennessy, Patrick, 126 Achmed, 172 Dale, 77,172 I-1enry,Van,27,i28, 126, 152 Henslee, Shawn, 172 Hcrbrcchtsmcicr, Elkc, 48, 104 Herrera, Frank, NP Herrera, Rebecca, 172 Herrera, Teresa, NP Hersman, Phillip, NP Hester, Glen, 78 Hewing, Vernon, 172 Hewlett, Norman, 70, 126 Heyer, Karen, 152 Heyer, Kenneth, 172 Hiatr,jody, 105 Hickey, David, 172 Hildebrandt, jeff, NP Hildebrandt, joel, NP Hill, Adrian, 56, 70, 126 Hill, Clint, 126 Hill, David, 32, 126 Hill, Frank, 32, 172 Hill,jar'nes, T, 61, 197 Hill Robin 105 34, 57, 1-fr A - Hill, Susan, NP ' Hill, Scott, 80 Hilliard, Clyde, NP Hilliard, Karine Lee, isz Hilliard, Patricia, NP Hissung, Calvin, 34, 126 " Hitchins, Debra, 152 I, Hoagland, Brenda Kay, 172, Hodge, Mark, 152 Hodgson, Stewart, 152 f Hody, Sharon, C, 187 -R Hoff, Michael, 25, 62, 152 3 9 Hohreiter, Larry, 152 fiff Hohrciter, Mary, 105 9 A wndixr-nv--rrnkxzifrwfszzii r..1r.,5,,.,,,,,,s,s,1,,,., ws '-rnemrrs , r. mes, rsrgrsrns 1 ., ,gn 11 , .... fi., ,,,..,, , . ,.,,,,.., rsrrnrrr. "mn 1 sn ' 2 12 1 Holgdgy, Steven, 27, 34, 126 1 Holbrook, Donna Lynn, 105 Holland, Tommy, 172 2, Holley, Blanc, 152 . Hollingshead, Leon, A, 186 , , Hollingsworth, David, 41, Hollingsworth, Kathi, 152 1 2 1 Hollingsworth, Michael, 1, 1 Hollingsworth, Kandee, 544 ,,,, 5 Hollingsworth, William, T, ss, 192 1 1.,, ,,.,,r srrrr 1 1 Holloway, Reginald, 27, 126 'V Hollowell, David, 20, 25, 29, 105 Hood, Eugene, T, 32, 192 . 29 1 X 1 1 FN 21 1 l 1 .,... ,r 11 .,,,. 1 11,11 ----s M , -1,541 wg, "" xx -1 QL Q' L L5 Li -La -:L a H 3zL,ggL,LL--'- LLLL,LL2Lf-- Leg L "'h L ,L L WLL' LL ' 'L -LW ' L , L L N' ' ' S '.'v -L L W' L" L Q L---- - "-4'h L LL L 'L" ""- L LL .... , ,L ,..,,. ,.., io L ,,-, ,-., , L K L ,m,,L L 'L L L :L LL L- L - L 1 L' -.,... 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193795 fiE'f?7 5' E A i ' 445038896Gmdguviilliiaiifi235435 Rodnguez,Jose, iiil at w 30908091 Robfmf Rogers, David, 62, 156, 'f'lli Roland, john, 178 H I Romero, Edward, 41, 111 Romero, Henry, 160 Romero, Stara, 56 Romero, Wendy, 44, 111 Rosborough, David, 31, 156 Rose, Sabrena, 160 Rosenow, David, 21, 194 Roth, Dennis, 72, 160 Roth, Kevin, 70, 136 Roth, Pamela, 54, 178 Rous, Linton, 160 Rousseau, linda, C, 198 Rouzaud, jock, 1 1 1 Rowland, james, 160 Rowley, john, NP Rowley, Van, 66, 11 1 Rudy, Sherri, 75 Ruesch, Kevin, 136 Runyon, Steven, 156 Ruscetta, David, NP Rush, Darlene, 160 Rush, Edward, 136 Russell, Andrew, 27, 136, 178 Russell, Calley, 160 7 Russell, janet, NP , Russell, Robin, 49, 156 5 f,,, S Russell, Shari, K7 1. if Russell, ViClfi?Q7173i Russell, RY2!1zl55?5l?sil?llli1f am . Ryderffynthiag 71511111 If 2f'Q7,5h I Ryder, jo Ann, 26,' 17771 1 Saavedra,'Karen, 178 Sacksteder, Erin, 160 Sacksteder, Ledon, 136 , Salemo, Miguel, 18, 51, 78,97 samowski, Pau, 171174 iii 4 Sampson, Clay,-160 V Sampson, Steven, 178 Sanchez, Elvia, 156 Sanchez, Gregory, 31, 136 Sandefur, Cathy, NP Sanders, Stacey, 48, 160 Sandoral, Reyes Sandoval, Harvey, 178 Santamaria, Nicholas, 156 Santos, Helen, 178 Sarason, Robbie, NP Satterfield, Sandy, T, 23, 74, 190 Sauceda, Christopher, NP Saunders, Andrea, 137 Saulter,jerry, NP Scarsdale, Diana, 49, 11 1 Schamphlohn, 160 Schell, David, 137 Schell, Donna, 26, 77, 179 Schell, Roger, 62, 77, 160 Scheuner,iEdward, NP Schipper, Kathy, 160 75 77 I 7 Schll0Cl'FC?1l?CF85f 7 27 7 7 Scotthlefiery, 138 Scott, Robert, 111 Scullion,-lim, NP Scullion, Michael, NP Scurlock, Linda, 54, 138 Seekford, David, 75, 179 Sellers, Reginald, 66, 67, 160 Sepulveda, Martin, 179 Shafer, Wayne, 179 Shahan,john, 179 Shahan, Lewis, 138 Shammo, Cindy, 179 Sharpe, Terry, NP Shcaly, Michael, 179 Sheets, Ruth, 179 Sheppard, Steven, 138 Sherman, Wallace, 160 Shewman, Nancy, NP 'Y' ' Shields, Guy, 77, 179 Shields, Paul, 179 ,Shields,'1Peter, Gregory, 31, 62, 138 Shipero, Danny, 78 Marleen, 161 Shoernalter, Leonard, 111 Shores, cindy, iss Shores, Douglas, NP "Shores, Steven, 1 11 Showalter, Richard, 179 Showalter, Robert, 26, 111 Silipo, Pat, 161 a Simons, Donald, 138 Simons, Mark, 34, 179 Simons, Renita, 161 Sims, Dennis, 179 Sims, Donald, 75, 179 Sims, Gayla, 34, 161 Sims, Sandy, 138 Sims, Steven, NP Singeltary, Dianna, NP Singleton, Darrell, 179 Singleton, Michael, 111 Skeary, Lucinda, 159 Skeary, Paul, 161 Skougard, Gary, 11 1 Slagle, Edward, 27, 159 Slaton, Gloria, 161 Slavin, Terry, 179 Smart, Sally, 161 Smith, Barbara, 179 Smith, Curtis, 161 Smith, Daniel, NP Smith, Dianne, 179 Smith, Donna, 50, 51, 139 Smith, Gayla, 161 Smith, janet, 161 Smithhleffery, 179 Smith,jucly, 27 Smith, Lisa, NP Smith, Lerita, NP sininnsaninel, iso Smith, Sandra, 161 T, 187 Sl1iifh,,Shir9n, 1801 7 Si-nirli,fTl16ibsi,'a2, 52, ss, 112! Smith, Vern, C, 199 1 " Smith, William, 34, 159 Sheath, Paul, 112 Snider, Mary, 112 Snouffer, Robert, 180 Snouffet, Theresa, 161 Snow, Micheal, 34, 139 Snyder, Bonnie, 180 Snyder, Dale, 159 Snyder, Daniel, 112 Snyder, Gale, 1 12 Snyder, Stanley, 159 SOPHOMORES, 1 16- 143 Sorensen, Benny, 72, 161 Sorensen, Connie, 180 Sorensen, Sharon, 139 Soule, Carolyn, T, 44, 189 Soult, Rebecca, 161 Soult, Robert, 137 Southall, Mary, 112 Southall, Owen, 161 Souva,john, 180 Sparks, Laura, 180 Sparks, Nora, 180 Sparlts, Karen, 161 Sparlts, Robert, 161 Speaker, Dale, 159 Spence, Pam, 112 Spence, Patricia, 161 Spencer, David, 139 Spencer, l.arry, 28, 159 Spencer, Rosalie, 161 Spendlove, David, 162 Spendlove, Eugene, 112 V 7 Spensley, Elizabeth, NP Spicer, Cynthia, NP Spicer, Trina, 139 Spiess, Mary, NP Spiess, Pauline, 112 Spiess, Robert, NP Splittgerber, Ann, C, 187 Spooner, Kenneth, 139 Stafford, Donald, 180 Staggs, DeeDee, 140 Stang,-Jeffrey, NP stinlcy, William, 140 Stanley, William, 62, 16 Stapleton, Bobby, 140 Stapleton, Lori, 162 Stark, Cheryl, 180 Starks, Gregory, 173, 180 Steele, Cynthia, 180 Stefanides, Suzanne, 97, 104, 112 Stein, Leslie, 180 Stephens, james, 180 Stephens, jeffrey, 140 Stephens, jerry, C, 199 Stephenshjoe, 26, 180 Stephens, Sylvia, 162 Stevens, Lloyd, 162 Stever, Anthony, 25, 180 Steward, Everett, NP Steward, David, 34 Stewart, Darryl, 77, 180 Stewart, Jesse, 34 Stewart, George, 140 Stewart, LaDeana, 27, 140 Stewart, Margaret, NP Stewart, Mary, C, 185 Stewart, Maureen, 180 Stewart, Ruth, 162 Stiles, Lisa, 47, 180 Stinchfield, Linda, 52, 53, 116, 146 Stinchiield, Nancy, 29, 53, 96, 112 Stivers, Aaron, NP Stivers, Gabe, 180 Stivers,jay, 180 Stobaughhleffrey, 162 Stone, Fred, 181 Stouard, David, 140 Stouard,jesse, 112 Stringlellow, Ronald, 62, 70, 71, 140 Stringfellow, Terry, 181 Sturm, Keven, NP Sudduth, David, 26, 181 Sullivan, Clayton, 181 Sullivan, George, 162 Sullivan, Kathleen, 112 Sunburst, 30 ' Sunderland, Derrick, NP i SUNDEVIIJS ADVOCATE, 51 '17 ' 7 SUNSPOTS, 48 1 i Sutton, Steven, 162 ' ' ' Suvaco, Carl, 112 Swain, Bradley, 181 1 7 3 , 7 Swain, Richard, 56, 146 , 1,1 7 g Swan, Robert, 25, 62,5162 1 Sweitzer, Roxanne, 112 gg i Sylvester, Nita, 146 5 V 1' 7 Sylvastar, Tony, 140 , ,V I 0 Synold, Patty, T, 51, 54, 892 V' 'ii TM Taggart, Christopher, 140 77' Taggart, Michael, 181 Talavera, Maria, 181 7 Tanksley, Richard, 25, 181 ' i Tanner, Barton, 140 Tanner, Brett, 181 K Tate,,Iames, 25, 181 ' , Tate, Myrtle, 112 Tanim, Carrie, NP Tavis, Monty, 181 Taylor, Arlynn, 36, 57, 50, 51, 96, 112 Taylor, Casey, 162 Taylor, Douglas, 115 Taylor, Ricky, NP Taylor, Sheila, 181 Teller, Vincent, 34, 113 Tcniniy, Keith, NP Teninty, Kellie, NP Teninty, Kenneth, NP I Terrill, Anita, 141 Terry, Dan, 115 Terry, Melba, C, 198 Tettleton, David, 52, 162 Theobald, Ronald, 162 Theus, Kim, 39, 162 V Thicde, Nancy, 141 Thomas, Ben, 141 Thomas, Billie, 72, 167 Thomas, Don, 73, 181 Thomas, Franklin, C, 199 ' ' Thomas, Gregory, 162 Q ' ii Thomas,jimmie, 66, 67 Thomas, Sheree, 49, 113 Thompson, Cynthia, 181 Thompson, David, 41, 56, 5 Thompson, Donald, 34 Thompson, Kelly, NP Thompson, Patrick, NP Thompson, Tommy, 64, 162 Thomton,jacquelyn, 162 Thorton,,Iohn, C, 199 Tieman, Denise, 181 Tiffany, Gregory, NP Tifiith, Mattie, NP Tillery, Sheba, 181 Tillery, Sherry, 75, 113 Tingley, lnDonna, 181 Titlow, Susanne, 181 Titus, Kenneth, 73, 181 Titus, Robert, 42, 113 Todd, Michael, 181 Talas, Arlene, C, 198 Tolas,john, 24, 182 Tow, Dan, 162 Tracy, Mary, NP Tracy, Richard, 141 Travis, Michael, 25, 162 Tregohlackie, 20 Trego, Keith, NP Trego, Ramona, 162 Trenkle, Donald, 141 Trenkle, Richard, 113 Triana, Hiram, 182 Trimm, Tami, 28, 47, Trumper, Lena, 141 Tubbs, Eugene, 113 Tucker, Clara, 141 Tucker, Mary, 162 Tudor, Robert, 162 Tundiclor, Mayra, Turner, Donald, N Turner, Kenneti Turner, Lynn, 2- Tyson,Julie, 182 Undergust, Unsworth Utterback, S s M2 V Valcnzlcla, Ricardo, NP Valine,,Iim, C, 58, 60 Van Blaricon, Dianna, 162 Van Blaricon, Mike, 141 Van Hook, Beverly, 162 Van Hook, jacqualine, 27, 141 Van H0ok,john, 141 Van Hook, Tina, 182 Van Patten, lionney, 162 Van Patten, Ron, 141 Varrato, Dave, T, 58, 60, 196 VARSITY QUIZ, 25 Vaughan, Pamela, 162 Vaughn, Patricia, 182 Wardle, Michael, 163 Wares, Christopher, NP Wareshlefirey Wares, Pamela, NP Warren, David, 27, 141 Warren, Debbie, 27, 142 Washington, Bridgett, 182 Washington, Maurice, 41, 54, 5 Washington, Tanya, 74, 114 Waters, Kevin, 163 Watkin Veronica, NP 5, Watson, Belinda, 163 Watson ,jerry, NP Watson, Watson, Tonia Rene, 44, 114 Zethel, NP Whitfield, Barry, 114 Whitfield, Raymond, 182 Whitfield, Rex, 182 Whitlock, Diane, 74, 163 Whitlock, Richard, 27, 40, 41, 56, 64, 66, 142 Whittnan, Cynthia, 114 Whitmore, Orlando, 163 Whitt, Melissa, 142 Whittington, Barbara, 142 Whittington, Gene, 62, 163 Whittington,james, 114 Widick, David, NP Widick, Donna, NP Wigfall, Michael, 66, 114 Weatherford, Ronald, NP Weatherholtz, Marvin, 27, 114 Weatherholtz, Tina, 182 Weaver, Cassandra, 182 Levista, NP 62, 163 T. 190 T 191 27, 163 West West, Wilken, Corrinne, 27, 74, 114 Wilkersonhlames, 62, 72, 144, 163 Wilkersonhloseph, 24, 77, 165, 183 Williams, David, 31, 192 Williams, Debbie, 163 Williams, Debbie Kay, 163 Williams, Dewey, 183 Williams,-Ioseph, NP Williams, Mike, 26, 171 Williams, Robin, 27, 165, 175, 183 Williams, Rodney, 183 Williams, Sheri, 163 Williams, Scott, 183 Williams, Sonia, 183 Willis, Llewellyn, 142 Willis, Paul, 142 Wilson, Debra, 114 Wilson, Judith, isa Wilson, Judy, NP Wilson, Steven, 142 Wilson, Theresa, 183 Wilson, Tracey, 183 Wilson, Vicki, 115 Winger, Michelle, 34, 52, ss, its 4 Wo1venon,Juanita, 183 Woodcock, Don, 62, 163 Woods, Tyra, 183 Woods, William, 163 Wooley, Jayne, 115 Woo1ey,Judi, 142 Woorm, Larry, 73, 183 Word,joan, NP Work, Mark, 163 W1-ight,joseph, 70, 142 Wylie, Lois, 142 Y Yada, William, 163 Yarbough, Chamese, 163 Yazzie, Betsy, NP York, Rocky, 142 York, Tammie, 142 Yorke, Martin, NP Yorke, Mary, 27, 115 Young, julie, 163 Young, Karen, 1 15 Young, Nancy, 31, 142 Young, Pamela, 195 Young, Rosie, 115 Young, Sharon, 183 Young, William, 165 Youngbloodhlarnes, 183 Youngblood, linda, 46, 163 Yrizarris, Miguel, 163 Yrizarris, Ramon, 62, 80 Z Zawacki, Cheryl, NP Zee, Brenda, 183 Zelewski, Florence, 183 Zrmfhg Rhonda, 183 Ziernba, Karen, 143 Carol, C, 198 Zimmer, Stella, NP Zimmerman, Richard, 163 Ziskouslty, Mary, 163 Zobrist, james, 183 Zobrist,ju1ie, 48, 163 Zobrist, Kendall, I43 Brook, NP

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