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,, 1444! ,. ' J Q1 , f M QMLM 1 C ff fifffg I f' XJ , f ' 'JM MVC' 5 C J KLA- bfi ft ku W M jjj M x X. wg Q A fl ,J 7 Q' ' 4 f 'J U f ZIV X I ubjaj 5 . fW"xf! 'M 7 , A , V if 1vaL,i L, Nj! if , , Ifiyfv' UK U A Z fllif 'I' J Q lf.. ' ,-I -' I XMVIAJI V 4641. 2 IJ 'yxyf 2 fx, ff f if ,ij , ,, ' I 0 L7 4 .7 , ' L . 'I4 if h I, 4 ' ' I v W J -if ' fl ' X' A' 2 L-" Mjiffgylfffv A ,jf I X Y1344"XdMc9M?11i LQD 'L' m t 1 ,' A XX D 'M 5 W fb W 44, U S ff , M I . if 'V L,,ff? ffm k L' i , 0 ' ' 1 0 7, Q Q lfcfkify, -Cf'b'zV ' .. WL, KN, 'LV' f 5 . an 'T .9 ,tal V XYJ ' , 4 Q y 291' is I J' :VND , V . 1 U, 6 ,, . I M15 ' .1 A , f f My 'J ,W U f W ,iw , g!fL'L 5 ,U 1 J L , ' by " I X' K " Q X f U M7 ' ' g JUAA, A fl' mf- fax fl ' ., ' "L J' J J' 1 f . 'M ,JPN 57,5 l JXVJJ ni ff Mryl F A 9J,y4J LfN L, . EW K l I ' ' jijlliililjy 4 VN J In JPJLL, JU I f T' "Q 'bbw x ' I 1 GJ K lx K fi K ij ,W W' X' if X 1 Af JV! Us fu, IJ r LAN M 'dy I xx J fx , KUw:l!,L,f ly lm. UV ,V if W .K I' xx J jf- ' X 0 K V rm J 1 QS xx. ' ' J R 1 K 3 -. f . , X, ' 'X X , Q Xwfx xf' NVQ X X x I f, I I X , f , ' , X L ' , If Y. ,r 1. ' i I ,, I! n A I rx ff I I 1 . Ui! K Y 1 I ? r v I A . lj ' 1 JI lx pfjjjrfjjf ,hx J LUi!y Q RW MEP , if 0 V if ' L VJ , X D f U X XXX fl IJK I If X Lil 1, X, , KFY - V x wrkfm ,ff V W3 W Mix the Van eve building. Iuly 1908 as 'QQ 0" - - --X-gy M ff, NM E, Vw GEM f f 11. X . K K1 , El Jfffj i if 'gf is 4 1 Urx fm Through 50 Years of E. T. H. S. by T. Leo Dodd The Eldorado Township High School is more than a high school-it is the expression of a community idea. The people of Eldorado did not have a high school forced upon them. The law of the State of Illinois did not require the people to provide secondary education for their children in the first decade of the 20th Century. The privilege of providing such educational advantage was made available and it was up to the expressed choice of the people as to whether or not a high school should be. Thus it is that the Eldorado Town- ship High School is a monument to the abiding ambition of the people of this community to provide the best within their means for their children. Prior to 1908 the only opportunity avail- able for those in the community who sought formal education beyond the 8th grade was in the Eldorado Public School system which provided only two years of high school train- ing or in one of the very few four year high First Board of Education. Standing: D. L. Wood, L. J. Wise, R. F. Jones. Seated: J. A. Watson, J. C. Dodd. schools in Southern Illinois. The need for a high school to accommodate the rapidly in- creasing population of the Eldorado commun- 4 ity was sensed by many local citizens. ln the spring of 1907, a vote was taken in Eldorado Township to establish a high school district, and was carried by a large majority. A high school board of education was elec- ted, consisting of five members: I. A. Watson, President, I. C. Dodd, Secretary, D. L. Wood, R. F, lones, and L. F. Wise. An election to issue bonds, December 14, 1907, and to select a site, April 1908, re- sulted in the issue of bonds and the selec- tion of the present site which was donated by Henry David Westbrook. This area near the High School came to be called College Heights because many people referred to the new school as a college. M. T. Van Cleve First Principal, 1908-1914 Van Cleve Building erected 1908, This is the way it appeared before the addition of the Dodd Building. On May 30, 1908 the Board of Education employed lvl. T. Van Cleve as principal, and authorized him to confer with them in the selecting of teachers and the selecting and purchasing of equipment. He was also to visit the schools of the township and examine the pupils to determine who was qualified to enter the high school. It was determined that the number of pupils ready to enter high school would be rather small. Acordingly, an arrangement was Physics class scene in 1910-1911. made with the Eldorado Public School Board of Education to provide classes for the 8th grade, since the school facilities in Eldorado were inadequate to provide room and teachers for the rapidly increasing school population. 1. Marshall Peer and Bess Pemberton were employed as teachers and on Monday, Sep- tember 29, 1908 the school opened in the Methodist Church of Eldorado, since the new building was not ready for occupancy, There The graduating class of 1912 was the first class to attend all four years at E.T.H.S. Standing: Ralph Adams, Clyde Kane, Pearl Roberts, George Shaw, T. Leo Dodd. Seated: Neil Martin, Mary Shafer, Effie- Beare, Angeline Baugh, Freda Farmer. were 80 pupils enrolled in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades, none in the 12th, and 47 in the 8th grade. For a few days classes were conducted in the Methodist and Baptist churches and then in the high school barn which had been con- structed to shelter the horses driven by the pupils from the rural area. The janitor's dwell- ing, which was fitted for temporary school quarters, was used for that purpose until De- cember 6, 1908, when the new building was completed. By this time the enrollment had reached 129 pupils, and Zola Green was em- ployed as a fourth member of the teaching staff. Basketball Squad of 1913. Standing: Coach Putnam, John David Upchurch, Leslie Stinson, Henry Kirkland, Hubert Bramlet, Seated: George Wilson, Cecil Simp- son, Louis Beasley. The new high school was soon fully accredited by the University of Illinois which enabled graduates from the school to be ad- mitted to the University without examination. Courses of study offered in the first year of the new school included: English, History, Draw- ing, Manual Training, Geometry, Zoology, Bo- tany, Modern and Medieval History, German, Bookkeeping, Agriculture, Physics, American History, Civics, and Arithmetic, all in addi- tion to the courses offered for the 8th grade. The close of the first year was marked, not by graduation from high school since there were no pupils in the twelfth grade that year, but by graduation of the eighth grade pupils, and their promotion to high school. The en- rollment in high school increased constantly until it reached its highest point in 1933 with 650 pupils enrolled. The first class to graduate with the full four-year course from the Eldorado Township High School was the class of 1910, with seven members, two boys and five girls. The class of 1911 had only two members, both girls, The 5 U1 r, . M ,2 al w 1. : m-vc. ' "W n TY fn..-7. 4: M., 1 ' ! mn if 5 1... X U' rf Football Squad of 1912, Back Row: Coach Put- nam Cecil Murphy Henry Kirkland, Ray Wiggins, Homer Bramlet, Frank Sutton, ,'Vlidd'e Row: Hubert Bramlet, Cecil Simpson, McKinley Hicks Hal Burnett. Front Row: George Wilson, Louis Beasley Earl Simp, son, Simon Sutton, John Cox first'class to graduate, having had all its training in the new school was the class ot 1912, with e1e'ven members, three boys and eight girls From that time the size of gradua- ting classes increased untzl 1942, when the Baseball Team of 1912. Baseball was resumed at E.T,H S. in 1958 number of graduates reached 147 The en- rcllment of the school has usually reflected the economic candit1ons, not only in the com- munity, but in the country in general When unemployrnent has been great, greater num- bers have attended the school, due in part to pasrtions being filled by adults, and in ig The first gymnasium erected 1914. part by the fact that young families employed away from Eldorado returned to live here during periods oi unemployment. As rapidly as they could be provided, considering room, revenue, and demands for the new courses, the curriculum was expanded to include a well-rounded course of instruc- tion. Vocational Agriculture was added in 1919. Manual Training, or Industrial Arts, has been enlarged. Home Economics, Band, Or- chestra7 Chorus, a lull commercial course, Lan- guages, including at times, Latin, French, Ger- man, and Spanish, have been offered. Instruc- tion in Health, including Drivers Training, has been offered for several years, The first picture of the entire student body taken in 1910-1911. . 3. . l .K ' .Nw - , 1? .f K7 I - if .Lf lt - - il T' ' - 'Y iff v-n The Raibourn Building erected 1922. Cafeteria facilities were provided in a small way in about 1925 and enlarged and constant- ly improved from that time until at the present all pupils and teachers who desire, may be accommodated with a hot noon day meal of well-balanced selections under the supervision of the School Lunch Program. The Athletic Department has always oc- cupied the proper place in the school program Jneither predominate, nor obscure. Since 1910 there have been track, basketball and football teams engaging in competition with other schools. Eldorado Township High School has always enjoyed the respect of its citizens and of schools with which its teams have com- peted for sportmanship and prowess. From the beginning, pupils from without the district have attended the school in great numbers. Additions to the geographical boun- daries have been made from time to time by petition, and 'at the present the district which was originally only East Eldorado Township, 36 square miles, has been extended to in- clude parts of adjoining townships and reach- es into Hamilton and Gallatin counties. The buildings constructed to meet the de- mands of the growing school population re- flect not only the growth of the community, but also the enrichment of facilities for always keeping pace and often taking the lead in secondary education. Buildings added to the plant, with approximate dates of completion are: frame gymnasium, 1914, Raibourn build- ing, 1922g Westbrook gymnasium, l93Og Dodd building, 1943, Vocational Department addi- tion to the Westbrook gymnasium, and the new gymnasium, 1957. At first there were no facilities for indoor basketball. An outdoor court was set up and used when weather would permit. The walls of classrooms on the first floor of the Van Cleve building still bear the marks of basketball goals attached for improvised quarters. No games with other schools were ever played in these quarters, however. The history of gymnasiums is very color- ful. lt was the dream of those most interested in the school in its early years that there should be a gymnasium. However, the tax and bond burden was so great that it seemed im- possible to achieve. Quite in keeping with the spirit of Eldorado -then and now - "where there is a will, there is a way," the late C. O DuBois, an educator and a landowner, donat- ed all the lumber necessary for the construc- tion of a frame gymnasium in 1912, provided the people would cut the timber from his pro- The Westbrook Gymnasium erected 1930. perty. The coach and manual training teacher, I. Marshall Peer, led the work with the result that within two years a large frame gym- nasium was ready for occupancy. The Board of Education was in a position to complete the interior of the building in 1918. This was the first gymnasium in the area. In 1929 this building was destroyed by fire. Again there was a heavy bonded indebtedness, due to the recent construction of the Raibourn building, and again the "will and the way" teamed up for a new gymnasium. Local deal- ers expressed a willingness to furnish build- ing materials on long term credit. Labor was paid for in part by current funds and part by anticipation warrants. The result was that The Dodd Building erected 1943. again the high school boasted the best gym- nasium in the area Within the next few years the program of Physical Education and of Health was enriched to such extent that more facilities were needed for these courses and for the expanding Athletics, lnaustrial Arts, Music, and Agriculture, This time, for the first Our new gymnasiurn erected l957. time, there was not only a need but also available funds for the construction of needed facilities ln l957 the present spacious and beautiful gymnasium with large addition to the existing gymnasium was completed, used during the basketball season, and dedicated to the youth of our community These are structures of which the people of Eldorado Community are justly proud The fine tradition of willingness to furnish the best within our means for the educational advantage of the young people of Eldorado has been main- tained, Through the years the Board of Education has been careful to select and employ a staff of men and women suited to the performance ot duties to which they have been assigned, with reference only to aualifications in terms of character, training, and the desire to be of service. The instructors have numbered from the small staff of three at the beginning to a staff of over thirty at times, including principal, teachers, custodians, cafeteria employees, and bus drivers, Many graduates of the school have returned to join the teaching staff, in- cluding T. Leo Dodd and I. Ward Barnes who have served as principals. na , a A v -f x James E Raubourn Pruncupal J Lester Buford Prmcupal T Leo Dodd Pruncupal 1932 19161930 19301932 1' Ted Shoberg Prnncupal 1949 1951 glnnmg Wlth terms of servrce are M T Van Cleve 19081914 A O Barr 19141916 Iames E Rarbourn 19161930 I Lester Buford 19301932 T Leo Dodd 19321949 Ted Shoberg 1949 l95l Wm A Knoop 1951 1957 I Ward Barnes 1957 1949 Wllllam A Knoop Prlncupal 1951 57 Dur1ng the 50 years of exrstence of the Eldorado Townshlp Hlgh School 3439 young men and women have graduated and other thousands have secured the advantage of partral secondary educatron IH thrs outstand mg lnstrtutron Progress and servrce have been Watchwords May the school contmue to sur v1ve as an rmportant means of benefxttlng the people of th1s and other cornrnunltles by tram lng young people to take therr places 1n the hte of our natlon We salute you dear E T 9 4' V x X f tx 3 The principals of the school since its be- 1 A ' H. S. A '51 ' 4 Kunz: 1 .Q M vlmrkw V, ww! 1 in 'nw r- , H, , -N, 1 -.nu as L :0."4 , Ms", . , , 5 ef 45 .Vg :J J wwf K qi 5 9 ...Q ,mv xy, , v L . ' ' ' .4 1 . ,, f g z V V, 'inf 2141 GE? - - W . A 7 .....-,.... . ' -,,. ,FA . .... .,, MM..- -M ,-,,,Q, . ...M 1 ry 910 Q: Mi f . ,N f I J. Ward Barnes, Principal. I Mr. Barnes Becomes Principal Mr. I. Ward Barnes became principal 'ol E. T. H. S. this year, alter serving as assistant principal for several years. A native of Raleigh, he received a B. Ed. from Southern Illinois University, M. S. from the University of lllinois, and attended Vanderbilt University and George Peabody Teachers College. Besides serving as principal, he teaches American History and sponsors the Senior Class. Mr. Barnes made an important change in the admin- istrative organization ol the school, Instead of having an assistant principal, an executive council was appointed to help plan and carry out school policies. Mr. Barnes acts as chairman of the council, Mr. Adams serves in the capacity ot athletics director and Dean ot Boys, Mrs, Camp is charge ot school publicity and is Dean of Girls, Mr. Leonard serves as director of math-science curriculum study and is director of attendance, Mr. Baker acts as director of school property, buildings and groundsg and Mr. Bishop is director of vocational educa- tion and transportation. xvkj M2417 , If v V kjfi Qfiffl All il Q! ,ry-. Q I Wilma English, School Secretary. Mrs. English capably performs her many duties. l Z, f WP' I f t ' wi g -Ari? ha , , ' 2 ' if' . , ,gl '95 ,rs - V 45, L7h,ggw,g,,,gy.' iw ,Q , g,.',,'fwft,.f, 1, 1 I My., W 44 ff , - ' "if, 4 iii-'Kw",lQgi'Q ' ' , ' fr ' " 37 7, T4i'if"-f? ' '- ?"'M w A-'F ' 25 '1 "2'?M't'x'3f 3 "xii .lf rf 'MQKQ " 'fl ' S. X" f 'A 'n,,:vf.-:',,.. gr' -'gag-,mi -dwgzgzfl :'ff'Ma:?,w.: 2 ' N ' ' " ' f . Ya ':1u':YiEf'w2.,fff A A' ij? 4' 'Q 0 Q Q S tix' 5 f A tl 5 J F G 'U A XA -df s -. T' 1 . . . A .J' am, ' .4. 4 55 .A vm- Q . f 1 'ff 'W fc ,Wg gif ig-w. ,. , ' ,N V . 5 wg 'ff , nz" ' ' V 1 f ,1 M ' 'f-'.- ' -,A , ff 'aff M . ,g ,Wig 'T fl. ? " ek A I ' ' 1 22:22 3 , , 21,4 ., ,mhzgfff uf. is ,gkfyasffv V 'f ' .si E, 31 , V f 32 N Y V5 5 WM, ,M : fk 4 1,- , , fmyfq , v na W -In 555, A. wp, , if Mk? 7 we W -f.v , 41 . - . 51245 4 .rfwrdw 5"'w'3 1,,,..,', ,MMQ 3,7501 g,"F?N'1 Sm: wfy , 0: W' 'rf . I l In-a,,,,. . www w , - K Miz, L I N. atv, Tx-.XXV-5' , , W ,, 7 G-" .,.-'TW 4 0' " ,x A j eq, I , , 0 w r ,.-' 1 1 2? ,V+ 3' 1 .. 1: X? , .1 o I ' , 5 I 4, a, -n 1 I 4 v Wy' K 1 In i 1 .135 N "9 Disecting frogs is an interesting part of our study in biology. Alfred O. Adams Eldorado, University of Illinois B.S., Southern Illinois University, Physi- cal Education, Orientation, Coach, Athletics Director, Sponsors: E Club. Von L. Baker Raleigh, Southern Illinois University B. Ed., University of Wisconsin M.S., Civics, American History, Sponsors: Yearbook, Photography Club, Helen Barnes Broughton, Southern Illinois Univer- sity, George Peabody College, Li- brarian, Sponsors: Library Club. H. C. Bishop Karnak, University of Illinois B.S., M.S., Vocational Agriculture, Spon- sors F.F.A., Young and Adult Farm- ers Evening School. Obe O. Bond McLeansboro, Southern Illinois Uni- versity B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed., Bookkeeping I, General Business, Clerical Office Practice, Sponsors: Freshman Class, Commercial Club. Doris Camp Eldorado, Southern Illinois Univer- sity B. Ed., Advanced Algebra, Ge- ometry, Business Arithmetic, Spon- sors- National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Sophomore Class. Faculty The library provides ample re erence material for outside as signments, PK. PM -19 'C -5?-of lun- . .A 5 X C D1 .psi 4 K ,L 'C H3113 ,Ek 3. P' :- cg ,B W 'MM V ' A 1 L .wi if f Q' ml ,,, l ff- ,Lx ,V X Nsxlx X. ,......h my 4 'Q Faculty A q A I I Mary Rose Colombo Herrin, Southern Illinois University B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed., University of Illinois, Personel Typing, Short- hand I and ll, Business Typing, Sec- retarial Office Practice, Sponsors: Adult Education Program. Aileen Gates Eldorado, Southern Illinois Univer- sity B.S., Colorado State College, Home Economics, Sponsors, F.H.A. Charles E. Greer I Broughton, Washington University B.S. in Ed., Southern illinois Univer- sity M.S. in Ed., English I, Econom- ics, Sponsors: Hi-Y, Student Coun- cil. Fred Harris Grand Chain, Southern Illinois Uni- versity B.S., Driver Education, Elec- trical Shop, Coach, Sponsors, Radio Club. Robin F. Ledbetter Herod, Southern Illinois University B.S., University of Illinois M.S., Phy- sics, General Science, Algebra, Guidance Director, Sponsors, Sci- ence Club. Charles R. Leonard Paducah, Kentucky, Murray State College B.S., Tufts College, South- ern Illinois University M.S. in Ed., Chemistry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Sponsors: Science Club, Sophmore Class, Mu Alpha Theta. Laura McDermott Harrisburg, MacMurray College A.B,, World History, English ll, Sponsors: National Honor Society. Dorthy Pemberton McNeill Eldorado, Southern Illinois Univer- sity B. in Ed., English ll, Ill, and IV. Felicia Kay Menkosky Galatia, Southern Illinois University B.S. in Ed., Physical Education, American History, Sponsors: G.A.A., Cheerleaders, Junior Class. he physics class studies simple machines. Miss Colombo's typing class learns to acquire speed and accuracy. Fl 'Nil .Qin-.. ghilb ' :lb-n X ,I 5 'I 5 Jim Redden West Frankfort, Murray State, Mc- Kendree A.B., Southern Illinois Uni- versity, Mathematics, Physical Ed- i ucation, Assistant Coach, Sponsors: E Club. Gene Rhine Eldorado, Southern Illinois Univer- sity B.S. in Ed., English III and IV, Sponsors: Junior Class, Junior and Senior Class Plays, National Thes- pian Society. Charles Bryan Robertson Rensselaer, Missouri, Northeast Mis- souri State B.S., Southern Illinois University, Urbana University, ln- dustrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing, Sponsors, lnliustrial Arts Club. Earl Vogelpohl St. Louis, Missouri, St. Louis Insti- tute of Music, Washington Univer- sity B. Mus. Ed, Band, Glee Club, Sponsors: Music Club. Celestine Hemphill Wood Eldorado, Illinois College A.B., French I and II, English I, Sponsors: French Club, Freshman Class. Interesting expressions are register- ed as we read plays in Junior En- glish. Faculty Our workbooks provide a good study guide for us in Civics. I f I Jn My XV, Ufj 1 -I fu ? l ,S I. F I Brienlf C ,W li ' f U Par s, Indiana State University B,S. 'Xl-N-I BioIOQY: Sponsors, Biology Club: ACTIVITIES lah to right: Earl Simpson, Leland Ashley, Simon Simpson, Ray Wiggins, Cecil Simpson, Paul Phillips. 92135 f V, -,.. MQ, . ff 1 I X , WW?" A: V5 V, ,y 1 V, Q, I V. "' ' ?: : w, f ff 33:45 61' ,M x ' mu, 'Vp 'L ,492 Q 5, 2 W? , Av wg Wm ' L qw! 4' 7211, H P 'ff-Q ' f . " 1 52, My f, .V ,MY V . , I ' 5 ' , ff ', W -,,-4 V, , M. j, , x , wg . f- IL g 5 A A . ,M . A f . pq'f,: My QW , My ,yf,'7n,V , 'C' lzff 'az' H1 -1 255 ff f ,M 2 f W Aiilhf ' NV f 9 f . , ,W 1: BQ' AL '- W , V.A , I i, x ,A ' 5 ,Q bf f" ,Q . ,' Tfxi V 2313, Z 4, 4 Nw, 1- 5 was K Sf M Q 4 if. if ' Ja 1' ,f., - I . ,f , 4 4 , f 1 W M ti ff gliyf' if ,f . 'W hysr ' 1 r . -'LN 3 fi-'K - 14 .5 2 , Wg Q, Ai :af -, ,, ,. ' 155' ',,,"' A ,, 'cs' af" M , W3 .A- . . s , N ,.f,.. . . S , y X " Q, "' 5 S X, 1. Y. -uf 3 V -, BUS DRIVERS: Maurice Gasaway, Everett Erkman, Claude Miller. Service Staff Assists ACt1V1t1eS A vital part of our activities are our bus drivers, custodians, and cooks. Our bus drivers, besides bringing us to school, provide transportation tor club lield trips and to all athletic events. Our cooks are always ready to prepare for banquets as well as noon day meals, Our custodians, in addition to keeping the school clean and comfortable, are on duty at all extra-curricular activities. Q SY ' , ' 'a ' JA . , fu I- Q: Q i MI - ' 1 ' x, 'MU 1 A -4, ly . E AN, E' ? Q 3 - . 3 ' Q, -Q.: . . 1 3,1 -A' 1 fit f , C- -t 5 Z iff, , YJ' 1 Q L .f ."?j25S3?c-1l 1.fi 7 f '.:+-1-qu. sniff"-'i"Q -54 'vi' ' vf- --vw' x AX'- gt, ,x,,a 1 X X A 5 1 r,.1-.-.- .-..-.-1 H i 'VCI' S fl "?p',f b V, 0 M "'.rf' "'A'5if3i I 'V . NW' . 'ef 1 . , .L 0 '.-4 , ... Q.-Q 'J X ,'A- 9" H"" unix.. 1: .'. X HI' gp f x..L 1417 ,vii-if Q 'affix I '....' L L., 1 '- 'I' X Aff s' 'QQ 4 :A .y .K .I lguk Y Lf, . Am .1 f tim, Q ,, ,Q-rf? Y -nd' - 'KIT ,, ' ,ggryf 1 , , 'J-e 1 xx R 5 Q3 X ""fiQ.. . Q' fm, W if ,, .kiss I 4 , 4 - .nilglixlqgif , v In :Law ' N wa- SC-145 1. ' "f .1-A K , ' 4' . 'Xfls V F' 1 X ' ' A ' I 'Q' "2'-, J , ' ,W . -W f - XX . - X 5. 1,7 a "P, .W - ' B MTI- yn 1,1 f ' ', - v -...5.yf.w- ,fb . 1 5? lu fx 1,-F , .--N ,IRA rv nh fy.. sl-viii 4 ,x'Qn,, A 'Hf .12 g. Q-x J' ".v c, - 4b,,1+ Y L-w,,. X f 1 f I 1 V f ' 'Ma . -TIF ' -4 -' x 1 ,h 'tn NK idk' ix 'f - ', Q, - 1 . X K I li .f 1. - mv fx.: f1f1?.f4 J " " "1" . xg- as '---M'--:A ,p,, -, ,Qi .N bL..4,-W UA ,-, N. .Q 5 ,AR T: . - -, Y ,. ,. f A , , , gk ,. A - 1.1.1. , 'A 'lc 1 . -- ,,' , 1 ,,, 1, f ,ff .,,,. f,.,,'. m , ., ,, . P, L , l,., X, - 'QV x .r .,' if lf' X sx '.., xg --1 , - y . Y K' J ' 'i n' v tx . ' 1 , - , ,.. - H - K' f , , J '- 1 ' - O i' ' --' gli "H" 'I ' ,L . "itil xffi, M -'ft' a-,Vx L 1 ' 'P wx 4 , 4. :,. n .. 4.9 ,- - ,Q f sw .J.'Q':,','.1" Q " X " - ' A V - Qi! -1 -- ' s.. - ' I ., 'Q Ig a ,, -- N - - ' ' ' 4'-5 2- if 99. ' N V" L ' ' D ' FC' . - ' -1" " . -.4 r 'X ,V 1 HJ.. Jkt? :VS ' "'f. vp'-""f's"X 5 'Y - x 2 - :YN .. ix t f I y 4. . , tx tri: Ai-.. H .- -4 .gy Q, 14, 5. N. -1 , , apex: is 1 I x 1. 1 x w 'I 1 V X A , 5 ' '- f f . '1 c f X f I T A2 ,. 7 1+ Q arf' ' " x 'nf X 'g 5 '.- Q 'X any Q Zh: 4' '34 'ss ,I . . x X -- - 1 ' qt'-:fc WJAJW' - X. -" .' , , 1 ' , ,A N . . 1 an """. " NM 'pic .f FW-+ A-9' ...mm-, N L , H Q 1 A , Sorority s listen alumni as e offer them a new car Hell week is a tedious time for new pled s of t Queen Soror y-1 Sen1or Play Take Care Oi My L1ttle Glrl A Sohre On College Sorority Life Mrs Bellows Grace Mother Apple Merry Thelma Justine Pol y Casey Dallas Marge Alice Silent moment of suspense as Liz t ar- '21 QE, tts? n lr? Judy Barker Glenda Hardesty Marilyn Sursa Judy Lanham Olene Leek Naomi Hall Teresa Collins Linda Tison Linda Raley Madeline Sutton Deanna Forrester returns Chads fraternity pin. Marie Adelaide x Becky oe June Marilyn Tom Chad Expressman Director Virginia Potts Rae Hill Myra Cox Joella Harper Gary Reasons Beverly Hall Sue Quick Jerry Rains Bob Holman Bill Smith Mr Rhine S fr ig, 5 :ln-mtg Iunior Play. "The Family Nobody Wanted" An Episode in the Life of an Unusual Family ln final scene, Reverend Doss reads the Christmas story when reconciliations are made. Donny Doss .... Diane .............. Timmy ............. Mrs. Doss .....,. Alex ............. Mr. Doss ......... Laura ............ Rita ................. Miss ' Bill ..........,....... Nan .......,... Ted .............. Mrs. Mrs. Cast Reilly ......... Allen ......... Hardy .........,.. Mrs. Parkinson ......... Mr. Johnson .... Mrs. Johnson.. Director ...... Bob Barker Susan Scribner Gary Bray .......Pa1 Johnson ......James Whyte .......David Reeves ......Donna Hicks Rose Miller Lynda lrvin Jon Boczkiewicz Judy Gingrich Phillip Stinson Violet Wright Judy Broadhursf Shirley Cochran David Duncan Rebecca Weftaw Mr. Rhine Members of the stage crew add finishing touches to the scenery. The Queen's Court at the Homecoming Game. -l-in -I -vi H 1 ,.. ff -4. my Members of the cast helped the stage crew refinish the scenery. Homecoming Homecoming was an important event, for this year marked the 50th anniversary of E. T, H. S. Homecoming activities began Friday night with the senior play directed by Mr. Rhine, which proved to be a big success. Following the play came the corona- tion of the queen in which Miss Myra Cox was crowned Homecoming Queen of 1957. Saturday dawned dark and rainy, but failed to daunt our spirits. The Homecoming Parade went along as planned despite the weather, and first place went to the float of the F. F. A. There were many other floats carrying out the theme of our 5Oth anniversary. A triumphant climax of the day came when ou r invincible Eagles came through with a 32-0 Victory over Ben- ton. Following the game came the Homecoming dance, which was attend- ed not only by the student body, but many alumni as well. Thus ended-a grand weekend of Homecoming activi- ties. The F.F.A. prize-winning float. fn' We danced and danced after Homecoming Victory. Feuquay scores against Ben- ton on a muddy field. Sipping cider be- tween the dances Football Coronation Cn the eyenina of November lst, Miss Myra Cox was cro'.'.'r.ed Home- coming Queen of l957. Football Cape tain lames Woods unfortunately was hospitalized, b u t co - captain Lester Feuquay crowned the queen in a very impressive ceremony. The Royal Court consisted of Misses ludy Brarnlet, lan- ice Sutton, Linda Flannigan, and Susan Scribner. Mike Mangrurn was soloist, accompanied by Miss Linda Tison. The Queen was then presented a gilt and a lovely bouquet ol red roses. The King and Queen retire from the Court. D4 O nf The Royal Court from left to right: Bob Holman, Ronnie Reasonsg Second Lady-in-Waiting, Linda Flannigang Ber- nard Goodleyg Princess Royal, Judy Bramletg Train-bearer, Dale Choisserg Queen Myra Coxg Lester Feuquay, First Lady-in-Waiting, Susan Scribner, Crown-bearer, Luanne McNeilg Fred Poolg Third Lady-in-Waiting, Janice Suttong Carl Justiceg and Jerry Rains. 'lr f if + 1 ir -p in z i ' T' fr 1,1 wi li' is ,Y V+ wk ir + 'l' T is O " 'I' K . 1+ ' af- x A f .' i' Q if 1 4 ' ' in-if I-V f +V " nr f-af. na- T i -.vw , - f I I if E. TQ , ljf Ly N '-,X',. X4 I Q.-l ys,, ,. rv T. 'X K If I E7 fag X if gf 4 1 X - f ' I , 1 . I V . fift, 1 , 2 , R Qg 'I' fx! i I I E Her Maiesty the Queen lovely Miss Myra Cox 'DG 3 L i i A X131 "' 't ' , AL 1 : V ' A 21 , 22" 'jf X iq , , W AK . . . . .di-av, away I I 5 'f CA Q f fs ' . Q 'Q N ll gnvv-Q v il-x.. ' F ' F " .,- . , 4 0 " 'K I , -.ell ' +1-puma '1 .. I - b va, Q ' .9 H 6 5 A s'x-f"f , , ' - K f J k 'xx fzf f 5 gl 1, N -Al . -V f X ' ry , fl gg is W F m "z W z . 'W Yi Me, , Q . ,, . , Y lf 1 x 1 P , W Xa ""Sxf"4" 1' xx bw n. L43 I 4 f ' v 1 f g"gi4T-,Y x ,A 4- . xx i 7 P ,:t,,':i?Es,u4 X' ' M, Nr- .W.-'h,2Q , 4- In EAGLES MAKE HISTORY WITH PERFECT RECORD For the first time in thirty-three years the Eagles completed an undefeated, un- tied season. These were truly the 'Colden Eagles" as they set a new Southern lllinois scoring record and joined the exclusive i400 Club" by scoring 432 points They also led Southern Illinois in defense by holding their opponents to a mere 32 points in nine games, 'The Golden Eagles" also won the first Southern lllini Conference Champion- ship. They scored 2l9 points while hold- ing the conference opponents scoreless, The team was led by their co-cap- tains Iames Woods and Lester Feuguay. Lester set a new Illinois prep scoring record by scoring 222 points. The graduating lettermen are: Iames Woods, Lester Feuguay, Ierry Rains, Bere nard Goodley, Fred Pool, Bob Holman, Carl Iustice, Parvin Koker, Gary Reasons, and Leonard Willis. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. left to right: Trudy Gidcurnb, Rena Hodge, Marilyn Stearns, Joyce Schmitt, Bonnie Johnson, Sandra Busler. VARSITY SQUAD WE THEY MARION 34 6 MCLEANSBORO 58 0 RIARRISEURC 56 6 IOHNSTON CITY 66 0 NORRIS CITY 61 0 WEST ERANKEORT 26 20 BENTON 32 0 METRGPOLIS 34 0 CAIRO 65 0 FRESHMEN-SOPHOMORE SQUAD WE THEY BENTON 26 20 MCLEANSBORO 26 6 HARRISBURG 0 13 IOHNSTON CITY 20 27 WEST ERANKFORT 7 0 CARMI 0 33 MARION 13 54 NORRIS CITY 28 0 METRGPOLIS 14 13 Chuck McCallister gets away for a 75 yard touchdown run. FRESH-SOPHOMORE SQUAD lConference Co-Champs! Arflack, Barnett, Barrowman, D. Barton, G. Barton, Bertino, Bramlet, Broadhurst, Cox, Dalton, Dardeen, Davenport, Falk, Farkas, Fuller, Hafford, Hall, Harris, Hatfield, Hedger, Holman, James, Johnston, Kelly, Koval, Lane, Lovellette, McGowan, Mangrum, Miller Muckley, Newton, Nunley, Overton, Pinnell, Prince, Poole, Rice, Rider, Robinson, Rogers, Shelton, Smith, Sursa, Viers, Wesley, Wettaw, Whitlock, B. Wilson, C. Wilson, Coach Harris. -3. 42 lie' Q2 Ig tl af 9 S5 0 A fe" 6 3 IF A large crowd iourney- v - . -9 46' J Z I 1" TH ,, I f , 4 y V7 ? CS, , J 'r.. f in - "1 if -""'.' f r t 5, 7' A ,,i iff, V 'iff ' s i- 46? I ' x ras , , 4 r X l if fb if L, l' 4 4' ' ' 1 N 'V-v ed to Cairo to see our team complete its per- fect season. This beautiful 37 inch trophy, honoring this year's undefeated foot- ball team, was present- ed by a group ot inte' ested businessmen. 1 ' Q ,,.- 'ilu' fn-- W- Football Season Officially Ends With Banquet On December l6, our undefeated Eagles were honored with one ot the largest and most elaborate football ban- quets in many years. There were approxi- mately 25O people present. Representa- tives trom two colleges were guest speakers for the evening. After Coach Harris presented the Freshmen and Soph- omore players with their letters, Coach Adams awarded twenty-tive letters to varsity players. The boys were also pre- sented a beautiful trophy by the "Quar- terback Club." Lively conversation preceded the program. I I I 1 2 P r s it 1 5 , .af ' Q Af fs! 'ft' tl' f .Q ,Q 4 Q KL, 'Aja Basketball Coronation On the evening of February 28th, after the presentation of the lunior Play, Miss Ianice Sutton was crowned Basketball Queen by Captain Lenard Willis in a very impressive ceremony directed by Mrs. McNeill, Mr Led- better, and narrated by Mrs. Wood. The Royal Court consisted of the Prine cess Royal Miss Susan Scribner, Misses Linda Tison, Linda Mosby, and ludy Lanham. lamie Kaye Redden, daughter 34 of Mr, and Mrs, lim Redden, was crown bearer, and Wayne Willis, son of Mr. and Mrs, Virgil Willis, was train- bearer. Gentlemen of the court were Lenard Willis, Carl lustice, Mike McMahon, Bernard Goodley, lames Woods, Larry Miller, and lack Fowler. The Royal Court and soloist David Reeves were accompanied by pianist Pat lohnson. +'i."W N1' 5 Lovely, Lovable, Adorable, A Real Queen - Her Majesty, Queen Janice Sutton. .l l,s2, 5 ' 1 -I First Lady-in-Waiting, Slender, Blue Eyes, Dimpled Chin, A Dream Come True - Miss Linda Tison, I Princess Royal, Tiny, Graceful, dx. Pretty, A Fairy Princess Reincar- nated - Miss Susan Scribner. -w an , K in X5 I 0 - v ff 5 MVK v I l xx 4 , 4' .x .L 4 4 'hi f N 1 A U 1 If 1 ,, 1 ik ,I ft Q - rt 'sh A - , , I I W ix , P -, .1 I. 6' .. A 53 4' A J ' X ti . V , Q Q. 2 ,sg A as x is" V ' 2 iaulili-Q ix, X Second Lady-inWaiting, Charming Vivacious, Youth Personified - Miss . Linda Mosby. X Third Lady-inWaiting, Lovely, Spark- . ling Eyes, A Real Beauty - Miss X Judy Lanham. ' The Royal Court M Bernard Goodley, Linda E Mosby, Mike McMahon, Susan Scribner, X Jack Fowler, Wayne Willis, Train-bearer, ' Queen Janice Sutton, Jamie Kaye Redden, ,X Crown-bearer, Leonard Willis, Larry Miller, Linda Tison, Carl Justice, Judy Lanham, James Woods. i , X , ., ,f Sv ' X .. : f- ':p:A"x'..:3 -A f 4 ' i tl' Q , 'si Q 7 " '-, vl ' ft 1 A , ii -. J- W -. in 5- an P I Q' i X 5 I, . fi- L at A l , Y A l I ' '1 l nw Al X s "I 4 UW digg 1 VARSITY Kneeling: Coach Adams and Assistant Coach Redden. Seated: Jack Fowler, Larry Miller, Leonard Willis, Mike McMahon, James Woods. Standing: Steve Prince, Mike Mangrurn, Dwight Laftoon, Carl Justice, Kent Robinson, Bernard Goodley, Jack Muckley, Les- ter Feuquay. JUNIOR VARSITY Seated: Steve Prince, Dwight Laftoon, Kent Robin- son, Mike Mangrom, Jack Muckley. Standing: Richard Bramlet, Jerry Wesley, Ronnie Hatfield, Brian Dav- enport, Mike Viers, Coach Redden. 36 SEASON S RECORD Marion . ..v..,,.,,w.. ., Ridgway ,.,., , Harrisburg ,,,r,.r, Johnston City McLeansboro ..,. Galatia ..,..,,.,,,,., Carrier Mills w,,,.. Anna-Ionesboro Metropolis ,,,,.,,,,, West Frankfort , lohnston City i, Metropolis ,,o..,iio Norris City i,i.. Galatia ,.,w..i.... Benton ,,,........,. ,C Mclseansboro ..oo Harrisburg .,o,,.,, Norris City .,,svs,,. Carrier Mills ,,,,, Harrisburg Holiday Tournament Carbondale ...ii,i Saline County Tournament Galatia ..v...,,ii.... Harrisburg ,, Regional Tournament Harrisburg .,,,,,,i FRESHMAN SQUAD Standing: Coach Harris Mike Viers Jerry Wesley Jack Lane, Gary McGowan .lack Muckley Brian Davenport, Richard Bramlet Second row Guthrie Willis, Larry Broadhurst Mickey Bertino Charles Wilson, Donald Watson James Barnett Bob Mil ler. Kneeling: Pete Bertino Basketball in our New Gymnasium Fowler drives in for 2 points in the Metrop- Willis exhibits his ball-handling skill while olis game. playing Galatia. ,-an-.g Coach Adams had one returning letter winner in Leonard Willis plus a team of underclassmen that were big losers their sophomore year. The team was so short of experienced players that Adams was forced to play one freshman and two or three sophomores on the varsity squad. The bright spot of the season was the sensational playing of Captain Leonard Willis who averaged twenty points per garne. The underclassmen, lack Muckley, Dwight Lattoon, and Mike Mangrum, with another year's experience, should develop into line ball players, This group along with luniors Larry Miller, lack Fow- ler, and Mike McMahon should mean more success next season. We also ex- pect to inherit some fine talent from the Washington Grade School team that should put Eldorado back in basketball business. McMahon scores with a jump shot against Johnston City. Mcflalluster works on his hurdling form. Eagle Track Squad Has Successful Season The Eagle track and field squad, due to a shortage of athletes, was un- able to participate in any dual meets, but several members of the squad made good showings at the larger meets. The distance medley team, com- posed of Leonard Willis, Lester Feu- quay, Tom Baugher, and David Reeves won this event at two of the largest meets. Six varsity letters were awarded. Willis, distance medley, mile, hall-mile, Kingery, high hurdles, Feuquay, dis- tance medley, pole vault, quarter mile, varsity relay, and sprints, Reeves, dis- tance medley, v a r sity relay, and sprintsg Baugher, distance medley, hall-mile, McCallister, low hurdles and varsity relay. Honors Ruth Ann Durham Valedictorian and D.A.R. Award Myra Cox Salutatorian Junior-Senior Honor Roll First row: Rose Miller, Shir- ley Cochran, Lynda Irvin, Jane Barnett, Donna Hicks, Pat Johnson, Judy Broadhurst, Su- san Scribner, Janet Wesley, Rosale Cowsert, Brenda Chaf- fin. Second row: Mary Ellen Dillard, Beverly Hall, Carolyn Porter, David Reeves, Connie Pemberton, Hal King, Connie Ramsey, Mary Ann Ingram, Glenda Hardesty, Marilyn Sursa. Third row: Joyce Hirst, Ruth Ann Durham, Margaret Wentzel, Deanna Forrester, Linda Baldwin, Louise Joyner, Judy Bramlet, Myra Cox, Lin- da Tison, Madeline Sutton. Fourth row: Jon Boczkiewicz, Neil Jones, David Duncan, Ronnie Hall, Ralph Adams, Ira Wheeler, Hugh Wilson, Kent Baird, Leonard Smith, James Whyte. Not pictured: Linda Cowsert. Freshman-Sophomore Honor Roll First row: Judith Forrester Shirley Bruce, Janet Bixler, Nancy Hardesty, Carolyn Bean, Erma Everett, Sandra Cooper, Faye Tison, Jane Pulliam. Second rowi Virginia Maloney, Marva Gwaltney, Bonnie Johnson, Linda Bruce, Marilyn Stearns, C y n t h i a Baker. Carol Jones, Brenda Rhine, Trudy Gidcumb. Third row: Richard Wettaw, Helen Spencer, Alice Wilson, Bar- bara Miller, Pamela Jamer- son, Marilyn Turner, Karen White, Joyce Schmitt, Mike Hammersley. Fourth row: Ron- nie Cantrell, Bobby Farkas, Jared Baker, Jack Muckley, Tom Pinnell, Mike Koval, Jerry Woolard, Gary Tosh, Thomas Cowsert, Ronnie Wat- son. Not pictured: Dav'd ir- vin, Donald Arflack, Jerry Weslev Hob Nob In order to raise money for a score board for the new gymnasium, the Hob Nob was revived this year. This was something new to the present student body at E.T.l'l.S. because it had been ten years since our last Hob Nob. Each class and organization sponsored a money-making concession which was located in the Dodd and VanCleve Buildings. At the close of these festivi- ties everyone went to the auditorium for the GAA. style show followed by the Coronation of the Hob Nob Qifeen, Marilyn Stearns. ifw A T' Janice Sutton models in G.A.A. style show. 4 Real carnival atmosphere was present in the corridors of the Dodd and VanCleve Buildings. Hob Nob Coronation Trudy Gidcumb, Jean Griswold, Joyce Schmitt, Brinda Flannigan, Faye Tison, Rae Hill, Mark Smith, Queen Marilyn Stearns, James Woods, Gayla Camp, Connie Pember- ton, Sue Quick, Kay Williams, Janice Sutton, Joyce Fink. Melvin Hosch, Midwest Director of U.S. Department of Health, Ed- ucation, and Welfare, was the prin cipal speaker at our dedication cere- mony. The interior ot ou cious new gym. 1 r spa- Dedication Day On Saturday, February 15, dedication services were held for the new buildings of the Eldorado Township High School. The activities included an open house for visitors to see the new Music, Voca- tional Agriculture, Industrial Arts, and Girls' Athle- tic Departments, in addition to the new gym. Preceding the Harrisburg-Eldorado basketball game, formal dedication services were held. The principal speaker was Mr. Melvin 1-losch, Midwest Director of the U, S. Department ot Health, Educa- tion and Welfare. Albert Willis, Executive Secretary of the Illinois High School Association and a gradu- ate of this high school, also spoke. During the halt-time ol the gome, a basketball exibition was put on by the team ot 1912, which is composed ot several Eldorado business men. Mr Bishop shows vis: tors the new vocational agriculture department Lester Feuquay and n e Lovelette t e their football ierseys in a ceremony at half time intermission A view ot our beautiful new band room 5.-. ,W 4., Aw ,, ,, . -..,,,,. N-.,., ..-.. 5 5 Q 1 E ' s 5 ..-...W ,,,A..M.-. -N-A ',,14w6f,. -- if N. A-n-10" QQQL-3'?'f ,-4,9. 153-45456- FWS: :gg .74 Nw 'rv-345 ..g,..,q,,,qi -1-Q-34,17 -F-3--3 -9-7-'39-QQ 'FT 1-J-I-'S' 'Q-if-Fi 21 'I sail' -1 ORGANIZATICNS 1'- ! Judy Bramlet.,.Editor David Reeves., Assistant Editor Von L. Baker... Sponsor EDITORS Seated: Linda Tison, Typist, Myra Cox, Faculty, Rae Hill, Clubs, Ruth Ann Durham, Senior, Judy Ingram, Copy, Madeline Sutton, History. Stand- ing: Lester Feuquay, Sports, Linda Raley, Activities, Beverly Hall, Calendar. SALESMEN Seated, Janice Sutton, Sue Quick, Susan Scribner, Connie Pemberton, Trudy Gidcumb, Cynthia Baker, Judy Barker and Pat Watson, Co-Business Man- agers. Standing, Mike Vessell, Gary Reasons, Rena Hodge, Mike Mangrum, Jack Fowler, Karen White, Phillip Stinson, Larry D. Phelps, and Richard Bramlet. 46 ANNUAL STAFF The staff of the 58 Golden E feels privileged to present the 50th anniversary annual. Althoughiwe had many problems in acquiring old pictures and information about the history of our school, it was very interesting and often a lot of fun, T. Leo Dodd, who was connected with our school from l908 to l949, was a valuable source of information. To him and to all others who contributed in any Way to our annual, we express our appreciation. We, the sponsor, the editors, and the staff present this book with the anticipa- tion that it will hold and unfold to you the memorable events of the past of Eldorado High School, Student Council The Student Council is an organizaf tion consisting of 4 representatives from each class, two boys and two girls, electe ed their freshman year to serve on the council for 4 years. The purpose ot the council is to give the student body an opportunity to voice their opinions in the operation of the school. This year the Student Council, under the direction of Mr. Greer, sponsored assembly programs, planned school cafe- teria menus, and met from time to time with the principal to discuss various prob- lems. lt also sponsored a recreation room with music to be used during the noon hour, cumb, Joyce Schmitt, Jack Lane, Richard Brarnlet, Soph- mores: Marilyn Stea rns, Dwight Laffoon, Ronnie Can- trell. Juniors: Rose Miller, Shirley Cochran, .lack Fowler, David Reeves, Seniors: Myra Cox, Judy Bramlet, Gary Rea- sons, Lester Feuquay. This committee works on plans for a student hand- book. Lester Feuquay, ,President Myra Cox , ,Vice-President Shirley Cochran. Secretary David Reeves, ,.Treasurer 1 s Council Freshmen: Trudy Gid- Try outs are held for the Honor Society Play. Members: Standing: David Reeves, Mrs. Camp, Mrs, Mc- Dermott. First row: Connie Pemberton, Janet Bixler, Ju- dith Forrester, Nancy Hard- esty, Carolyn Bean, Madeline Sutton, Pat Watson. Second 'row: Helen Spencer, Carol Jones, Bonnie Johnson, Neil Jones, Jared Baker, Joyce Hirst, Ruth Ann Durham, Judy Bramlet, Linda Tison. Third row: Susan Scribner, Linda Bruce, Marilyn Stearns, Judy Broadhurst, Lynda lrvin, Shir' ley Cochran, Cynthia Baker, Beverly Hall. Not Pictured: Shirley Bruce, Myra Cox, Vio- let Wright. David Reeves ........,,, President Ruth Ann Durham .,,, Vice-President Connie Pemberton,,,Secretary Susan Scribner. ,. :,,Treasurer Nat1onal Honor SOC16tY The Natronal Honor Socrety 1S com posed ol students who rnalntarn a 45 grade average with no grade below a C and possess the qual1t1es of servrce leadershlp and character ln December the actwe members ot the club enioyed an all day educat1onal trrp to historical points of interest rn Southern lll1no1s Other actrvrtles 1nc1uded sellrng hot chocolate at tootbal games a Homecoming float a Hob Nob oncessron and a one act play presented r efore the student body l-lrghlights of the year were the annual installation banquet, April l3, and the trip to Nashville, April 18. A ,--,..., Le Cercle Francais 1. 'ii ii M F Le Cercle Francais, an organization for present and former French students, participates in many 1-:orth while activi- ties. lts purpose is to encourage interest in the French language and culture through guest speakers and other educa- tional programs. Activities for this year included a Homecoming Float, a Hob Nob conces- sion, and a Valentine Dance. These were in addition to the annual projects ot pro- viding clothing tor needy children at Christmas, participation in the National French Examination and membership in the Societe Honoraire De Francais. -1 -nl 1 v-Q, tl KV, Y A Q in o ,. f ,-,, .,,,..,,.,- ,, ,1 5. A -...,... 1 x " r' Monsieur X, . Larry Miller Mademoiselle X..l.inda Raley Each year the club mem- bers select two students on a basis of participation in club activities, personal popularity and photogenic qualities to represent them as Monsieur and Mademoiselle X, The boys in this years' in- itiation of new members wore prison stripes', observed strict rules of behavior, and underwent frequent inspec- tion. Gary Reasons, , ,President Jack Fowlern ,, ,Vice-President Pat Watson ..,,, ,,,Secretary Shirley Cochran Treasurer 49 x +- R 'A Installation of officers: Neil Jones. ..President Pat Watson ,..t,,. Vice President Judy Bramlet ,.,. Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Camp ..... .Sponsors Mr. Leonard Charter members received their charters in an impres- sive ceremony. Members: First Row: Helen Spencer, Neil Jones, Judy Bramlet, Pat Watson, Susan Scribner, Da- vid Reeves, Connie Pember- ton, Violet Wright, Madeline Sutton. Second Row: Mr, Leo- nard, Mrs. Camp, Doc Feu- quay, Tom Baugher, Jared Baker, and Jon Boczkiewicz. 50 Mu Alpha Theta Math Club The Math Club is a newly charter- ed organization this year under the direction of Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Camp. It is affiliated with the National Association ot High School and lunior College Mathematics clubs. To be eligible for membership a student must have a B plus average in mathematics and a B average in all other subjects. Purposes of the club are: To en- courage greater interest in mathema- tics, to develop sound scholarship in the subiectg and to promote enjoyment of mathematics among high school students. The club's most important project was a Math Study Room to be used by students needing assistance in mathematics. The study room was supervised by club members. l 4 l F. H. A. The Future Homemakers of Amer- ica is a national organization which furthers interest in homemaking, offers opportunities for development of lead- ership, and provides experience in solving problems through its projects. The club is limited to those who have had or are taking Home Economics. To keep busy during the year the F. H. A. girls served at many banquets and operated a hot dog and coffee concession stand at all the football games. At Christmas time the chapter presented several needy families With a large basket of food and several other gifts. FHA. girls receive Home-fEc pins after completing a se- mester of Home Economics. We held our regular meeting in the auditorium. During the Regional Basket- ball Tournaments, we operat- ed a hot dog and coffee con- cession. 51 David Reeves, . President Bob Barker A,,,,,,,,,,... Vice-President Carl Horn ..,,,,,,,, ,,,. S ecretary Lenwood Chandler.,Treasurer Richard Pool ,,,,,, ,,,,, C haplain Kenny Russell ,,,,. Sgt-at-arms Mr. Greer ,,..,, ..,,s. , Sponsor Our modern concession stand in the new gym enabled us to serve customers more ef- ficiently. Dr. Yost spoke to us on the six basic human needs. V Q-b"s yryaqz A W I' vi' 4-if YY I 1:6 +1-4 -w-n'fi'iE27" gc? if 'frk L 5, ,V .5 ,r., 1 .5 . H1Y The Hi-Y is a member of the National Organization of Young Mens Christian Association better known as the Y.M.C. A. lt is a Christian organization and is composed of boys of all faiths. Our pur- pose is "To create maintain and extend th.oughout home school and community high standards of Christian character, Our platform is Clean Speech Clean Sportsmanship Clean Scholarship Clean Living. The club operated a concession stand during the football and basketball seasons to finance its p ojects such as baskets of food for a needy family and the nursing homes at Christmas. G. A. A. The GAA. was re-organized this year under the sponsorship of our new PE, teacher, Miss Menlcoslcy. The main purpose of this organization is to stimu- late interest and participation in Girls' Athletics. Our tirst activity was the initiation of new members followed by a trail hike and chili supper at Karel Park. Other activities such as: our Hob Nob style show, Basketball Clinic at S.I.U., GAA. tournaments, and a Mother and Daughter Banquet kept us very busy. Our Play Day, which was held on May lU, was a day when GAA. dele- gations from about ten neighboring schools were invited to our school to par- ticipate in many activities and contests. 't I al ,',','f l rr 'f,kr 531, , .., , . . 'ff ...aj ..a'.+ A- f '...' ,,.,'..,. Judy Bramlet. ..President Rae Hall ............. Vice-President Janie Barnett ..... Secretary Pat Watson ........ Treasurer Miss Menkosky..Sponsor First row lett to rtght Con rite Pemberton cyamra Gray Donna Hrrks Judy Broadtwrsr lady Gingrich ima., Mosby Beyefy Hall Kay Henan. Karen Ewan Mas Menuasuy Second rc-yy Linda Cowsert Jeana Byoee Pat Wargel De lores Vtacnoyrak Par Jot-mson Sosaf' Scrnner, Carolyn Port er Lars Hanley Naomi Hall rare row Banda Prana gan Rebecca Wettaw Myra Cor- Teresa Colns Lrrrda Flannr gan Sue Scott Carolyn Horn Linda Baowrn Fourth row Vlolet wrgnr Jean orrsyyala Jane Berrrro Frances Dalton Linda Maze Lynda lryrn Rose Mille, lady Braryrler var Watson Frrst row lett to rrgnr Jo Ann Brown, Sue Graves Carol Jones Marrlyn Stearns Pat Skelton Martha Verkeam mari, Barbara Ecklarwd Bon nre Johnson Barbara l-tale field Ce:.r a Sm rr Pegqy Dlllard Sasarw Sorsa Judy Brarrller Second row Pena t-4 o :1 g e Penelope rngram St- rley mag -5 AM Murphy Brenda Gu r c Care yr' Ho' 'on Bevefy Gr..oos Sue Pryor Sandra vcxers Nanir Ewar- 'e rd rea .eorta Owe' Carol Barge' Ca'olyr' p'atl"er, .vida Ballot' Wanda Nea' Margaret wfgr' Jane' Burnett. P-lber'a Har'-away Elizabeth D llard Carolyn Genet Hazel Stone Brenda Rhrr-e Focrth row Sandra Cooper E zabetrr Stow Mar garet Halford Janet Gt-clson Judy Red Sharon Coffee Sarah Naye Path Aw- Hat ford Ann Blanc?-ard Gal' Blanchard Pamela Jarnerson Sosa-r Lee Fifth row Sarah wrgg ns Jll Maargarnery Nrck. Roberts Jane Pvllarn Barbara Mller 5na'on Km gery Joyce Schrvwtt Colleen Reed Trudy Grdcarnt: Mar. lyrr turner Janet Lyons Karen W' te Pat Wr!Son 53 F. F. A. ln i958 the Eldorado EEA. Chapter has been given state wide recognitgon as the Bronze Emblem Chapter, Th1s accomplishment was ach1e1'ed for the chapters completed work li eggnt major areas: Leadership, Comrnurxty Service, Superxisea Earming, Cooperative Activi- ties, Conduct of Meetings, Earnings and Savings, Recreation and Scholarship. This award was presented at the annual EEA. Parent and Son Banquet held on March 20, l958. The Eldorado EEA. sponsored a community wide "Safe Harvest Cam- paign" this year which resulted in "No" accidents reported for 1957-58 harvest. This record speaks well tor our EEA. Community Service Program, and for the farmers who followed our recommenda- tions. This year has shown the greatest success and improvement for our Voca- tional Agriculture Department in the history of the Eldorado Township High School, 1??f, f if " Lg, Q3 The Eldorado F.F,A, has been awarded one of the highest awards which an F.F.A. chapter can re- ceive, the "Ten Year Illinois Bankers' Award." This coveted award was presented to the chapter for having the most progressive and complete program of work over a ten year period. For receiving this traveling annual award six out of the ten years of competition, the Eldorado Chapter will be able to keep the trophy. .X ww' i-..,.,,,. fi-v David Etienne . President Jim Whyte. . . . Vice-President Paul Molinarolo. , Secretary Joe Unthank. Treasurer Kent Baird .,,, .. . Reporter Paul Hines .,,,,,,, . Sentinel H. C. Bishop ,.,...,. , Adviser i Farm shop safety is one of the cardinal rules in the Farm Shop Course. Mr Bishop is giving instructions in saftey in the use of the new radial saw to a group of Agriculture ll students, Ability to use this saw safely must be demonstrated by each student before he is permitted to use it in building his protects. Adult and Young Farmer Education Agricultural Advisory Council , . . This council has been very active and helpful to the success and operation of the Adult and Young Farmer Evening School Program. They have had an integral part in the selection of classes to be taught, and in the enrollment of class membership. These key class members assist in welcoming new members and seeing that they are made comfortable. The Council members are: Troy Hicks, Roy Cook, Lawrence Porter, Phillip Anderson, George Pemberton, Sherman Bramlet, Raymond McConnell, Lee Roy Smith, Lowell Tison, Glenn Elder, Norman Sutton and Harry Hines. tiff' I IJ -ui nth? 5:15- ASLI.: k 1'-g.C'S!q1V 4, I, c,,N.s,. A 'Ji .- 'if?-if Shop benches are being constructed by our Advanced These four tractors were repaired in the Adult Welding Classes. Shown are: Roy Cook, Charles Ho- Evening Class in tractor repairing, overhauling, and gan, David Edmister, and Finnis Williams, instructor adiusting. All tractors were cleaned and painted be- They were also responsible for the construction ot fore leaving the farm shop, This course was conducted our welding booths. by Robert Duckworth. Thesplan SOC19tY The National Thespian Society is an educational honor and service organization established for the advancement of drarnatic arts in secondary schools. MWG COX- A--- - - Pfesideftf The aiiii of the society is to establish higher stand- Madelme Sutton A-ff - tvlcepfesldem ards and create active interest drarnatics among Ruth Ann Durham ,,,,,,, Secretary high School Students' Cynthia Baker ,,,...,.i,,,, Treasurer ' Linda Tison i,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,r C Ierk Mr. Rhine ,,..... , ,,,,., .Sponsor 4 ff? sf, it 1 l fifth A 1 ,ff Dwight Latfoon i,ii President Ronnie Mitchell ,,.. Vice'President Jimmy Johnston, Secretaryireasurer V y y I ' Mr. Hams YKKKK gponsor under the direction of Mr. Harris. lts purpose is to study the fundamentals of radio and electricity and to acquaint rnernbers with new devices in elec- I tronics. B.ad1O An unusual project of the club was an electrical map indicating participants in the regional tourna- 'llhe Radio Club was re-organized this year 56 rnent. The purpose ot the Library Club is to create an interest in literature and to teach the members how to use the library. Any student interested in library worlc may join. The club participates in several activities during the year. Ann White .,,,,,,.....,,,,,, Claire Mathias ........,.t Library Club President ..Vice-President Margaret Wenfzel ........ Secretary Mike Viers .............i.... Treasurer Mrs. Barnes ..,.............. Sponsor Iliff James Woods ,...... President Lester Feuquay ,,,,, Secretary-Treasurer Teaching better sportsmanship and coricluct M" Adams and among athletes and carrying on the winning tradi- Mr' Redden """"" Cosponsors tion of former teams, are the purposes of the E Club. Boys who have earned varsity letters in any sport may become members. E 57 Photography Club Linda Mosby.. . . . President Paul French ,.,, . Vice-President Parvin Koker.. .. ,. .Secretary Ronnie Feuquay. ,,., .Treasurer Mr. Baker ..,,,,,...,...,..,. Sponsor The Photography Club is for those who are in- terested in improving their picture taking ability. Members have the opportunity to learn about the use of different kinds of equipment and materials through discussions and demonstrations. Those who wish may learn to print their own pictures. David Reeves ,,,, .President Mike Vessell.. .Vice President Madeline Sutton Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Ledbetter Mr. Leonard oooi.uo Sponsors Science Club Any student who has had or is taking chemistry or physics may further his interest in the scientific field by joining the Science Club. Some of the club's activities included field trips, guest speakers, indi- vidual projects, demonstrations, and movies. The lndustrial Arts department directs the ln- dustrial Arts Club with membership being restricted to those who have taken or are taking shop or mechanical drawing. The club's purposes are study- ing parliamentary rules and creating further interest in woodwork. Industrial Arts Club Fred Robinson.. .,,,i,.. .. Larry Neal .,.,., David Davis .,.. - ,.,.,,.i,,, Delbert Tosh... ....... Mr. Robinson ........,.,,,, President Vice'President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor rr bs' qs b A Louis Bertino ,.,.,,....,.... President Bobby Farkas... ..,....... Vice-President Kent Robinson. ........,.. Secretary The aim and purpose ot the Biology Club is to PQQQY ,Balker """"'A"" Treasure' . . . . . Mrs. O Brien...- ......,... .Sponsor create and extend interests in biological science. Present or former students of biology may become members. Biology Club 59 The Music Club is newly Commerce Club First Semester Second Semester Ruth Arm DUrham,,,Janet Wesley Vlce-Preslderti .,.,,.. ....... L illie Phelps ,,,.,,,,,,,, Deanna Forrester Reva Funkhouser ..... Rosalie Cowsert Geraldine Owen .,,.. Geraldine Owen Delores Rider ..,,..,... Ruth Ann Durham Connie Ramsey ,......, Lillie Phelps President ..,,.....,..,,, ,..... Secretary ............ ....,. Treasurer ....................,.,. Reporter .....................i.,, Recreational Chairman ,ss. Sponsor .,.....,....,......,....... Mr. Bond The Commerce Club, a part of the business education department, is a newly organized club this year. The purpose of the club is to create in- terest in, and supplement the regular business cur- riculum. The organization strives to help develop competent, aggressive business leadersg to develop character and train for useiul citizenship, and to encourage improvement in scholarship. 'r ,,a Q- 1 W , T is , 4 ,Q rg W NAV, President .,..,,.,..., ...... V irginia Potts Vice-President ........... Gary McGowan Secretary .,,..,...Y.....,... Neva McGill rm 'W' 'attire at' 5 4 D fi 2 'i organized this year Treasurer .i..,,,,,. ...... C arole Burrell Music Club for students who are interested in music. During meetings, small groups demonstrate different musie cal instruments, listen to and evaluate recorded music, and sing. - s. Q, - v, pf- , .. I- ., .J S' Hr ,M x?'q life 1-3: I 'S gk if 4 .. X A 1 ' . ' 1 - 1, 5' S' Whig' A 4 I 14? iff? 'fm 1 1 ,' V Lv Q V1 I Q gm! 5 ' g ' 1 t ghd . 1 1 I 1 f 5 h i 9 X ' .' 1 4 ,bg ' 51" s Zz ' 34 U , KJ-LW xx M AA,-.T ,is lg. - ,K fem A . Q , ,QM 'L ' Ns' gi ', ' X Lj yi' . v Band Moves into New Quarters The highlight of the year for us was our moving into the new band room which is one of the most modern in acous- tical design and arrangement in the area. Basketball games took us to the new gym where we had a special section assigned to us, This was a great improve- rnent over the old gym "bandstand." Be- sides leading the Homecoming parade, the band led several pep parades and participated in the S,l.U. Homecoming. T ,lblvf-xl, , 2, lx ' 1 ,FW , ,:ff,,, . . 4 ,M . P,.,,..r,. .,4a, rf , ' Drum maiorette Judy Barker led the band in its marching formations, half-time performances, and downtown parades. 7 ,:,1.j4f.,w., 2' my ' . 54-1 f F 1 ps- ,- xy 1'-7 5 Y I ,fs ,P if cyl, 'f r U p . I ' A , ai k""L . '4 , 5 Q.--' . ' ., ff qi1""L-h-'-- ' A 'Z ,f Sw -1 - uilkzzg , , M .x Q. D - . f - f , - , ,-r P . , - , LST A v- I l ' , X ' 'P'-dx.. . '- X - - 4 cb J - , X ' n. , """'+- - - 'T' 'fx ' - ' nv , - ' ' 'G'-5 ' F -env' , A, X A .QQ .IAP thnx , XX. A M 1 A A 1.7! -R ' ' H ' '- bl. " .Qxy . Q, 3 . g 3 AA f abr,- .XN X qu---1 A W ' -. N .lm v fa I1 . Q' Hg: 5, -.I R -..,,f- .K - 1 Q. - BYEAI ELDOPADQ 'H4n- CLASSES A portion of the first picture taken of the entire student body in 1910 David Angelly Donald Arflack Deon Arnold James Barnett Dwain Barrett Tom Barrowman Delman Barton Mickey Bertino Pete Bertino Sam Blackman Gail Blanchard Robert Bradley Richard Bramlet Larry Broadhurst JoAnn Brown Donna Casteel Earl Christie Sharon Coffee Carolyn Collins Thomas Cowsert Joyce Cox Teddy Cox Lindell Dalton Brian Davenport Jim Davenport David Davis Elizabeth Dillard Peggy Dillard Clara Edwards Ronnie Ego Judy Everett Fred Ewan Nancy Ewan Buddy Flynn Jesse Fuller Ralph Gass Freshmen RICHARD BRAMLET President JACK MUCKLEY Vice-President TRUDY GIDCUMB Secretary JOYCE SCHMITT Treasurer MRS. WOOD MR. BOND Sponsors ,7'm Af 'as' urn" '3'G't KQJ' je- 'i' ti.: ,fl E it .. ' - T-r -- cv y - -:Y-' I ,. V 5 , -I m "' the fi!!-E' -if ' f.. ' 0"Afi I 'Q " 2 L' """':' vs, 55,152 'ly A Cl' 4.14. -- .. 1. .. , -': fi-P 5,1 J, '55 . N , ,, J ' l T Q 1 -Q I-. - 4' Q. " - at v- X3 'K' 5 N ia- ,xq- K' X Q- -- -f 4 N, as J ,fp ,I ' y - .... . .. 'X ' , is x,'::'Ql -, ai. . g"J- n Q- L QQ 'N - . Q- '.:' Cgt. -. - If V 24- 6- e'lw5 R 1' f W an . 151 B , all , f N X0 vu. i QP .J as is :A , 3 1 ,' 1- sy fit J il Rall -f' , r ' ' 5 , V ' V Y 'U N ! api on ' ,, 3 4' ,' . in . ,W -N 'lf A y. ' :R ' ' 'ff 'T' 'I' W Lf ' V . F .- - ,,v. ,,f X ,lla 'Q ' E 1 ,Q -1 Freshmen Carolyn Genet Janet Gholson Trudy Gndcumb Dwaun Glascock Randell Goolsby James Gray Larry Grusham Beverly Grubbs Brenda Gulluc Marva Gwaltney Larry Hale Jack Hafford Ruth Hafford Mike Hammersley Ernest Hargrove Pat Hart Ken Harrns Alberta Hathaway Fhullup Hayter Ruchard Hedger Tom Herndon Emuly Heuver Carolyn Horton Shirley Hudglns Penelope Ingram David lrvnn Kenny James Pamela Jamerson f 1- ily r-01 '5 - MMD if ll ai 7 ! n gl Iv -:D v innate ,lv 'zig- ,I 5 if S Sk. jg! RN' a-'P 11 Ylwvrl A h , - fo- ,. .VI - Q Q ir ' x. wg- ' ' , E 5, I , ...- v-.,, 'T' :lx K if AQ ' I .. 5 -9 If Q' N I 2 I fl ' M, .' I -9 .,' A 1: . ' .,.: 4 Lt . ! ' , , I I. X 4' V lb ' 3. W 2- lg at ,E-, I 1 A f! -, . .I ' ' 1 Av l- 0 Q -I J 4 ,- ,V T.: cg-M ' V' C." Q Q. ' I ' MQ H -- ,. L ' V k , , " '- g':?i",'l' xfg4'4i?f:s L ' p . sl. K ,,,, A.: N45 4 ' if -29 -- l :- f . , - ' ' U X' , . '- 2 ' 7 l . O 7 1 ' ' L , v- 9' , L J Ru l s, , J . 5. ol V 5 a ,Q x 4 ' ' N 'L X' v fs X3 , Jimmy Johnston I., ' - X V v.. H so '9 S' 3' '29 G V A. ' F 9 5 J X - :Q . 1: P ' 2. Z f , ,t - L a t.-:X iii" t ' ' - .fllk if la t Last C H- K. x 1 3. 5' ni A 1 Q g- in :S Q n, Ly . , . Q 1 I K ' A " " fr ' ,, E71 ' :Il . L , f- , , A R, . Q 8 V. K, -J 9 F I' ' X "' fl' A .. ' 5' f 1' -1 Z! 'i, Cfsr' ' 1 V' . 'I "' '- :dl - 4 A-r f il 2 8 f -pl I? I. I 'Y' K S '- E' ge 14 CL I , 7 ' ,, x N " r ,, 0 1 1' ' ,. James Kelly Sharon Klngery Mnke Koval Susan Lee Jack Lane Ann Latham Barbara Littlefield Lyman Lovellette Janet Lyons Gary McGowan Jerry Mace Vlrgnma Maloney Georgette Martun Eddue Metten Barbara Muller Charles Muller Irene Muller Robert Muller Jnll Montgomery Allan Mosby Jack Muckley Ann Murphy Robert Nalley Sarah Nave Leona Owen Ml ,JL S' ll Z B S Q: I1 2 4' ik sk vw Q Adv 31-is anim' T 7-ABQ, T' Q ...W-1' N..- it lla I bc' -.15 Q 4 as N A xQ'L ii-if 3.3 .nav X Q17 'Cm 'S xt!! EM. 'il' 5 n.. Kaimfhu air' 0' 94 Q bi .I --, is z 3 -is JQ' KV' A 'A Freshmen Joy Palmer Mary Sue Parnsh Larry Phelps Ronnue Phelps Joan Plnnell Tommy Punnell Sue Pryor Jane Pulllam Colleen Reed Judy Reid Brenda Rhlne Gary Rnce Johnny Rnder Nlckl Roberts Dwayne Rogers Joyce Schmutt Cecllla Smlth Jerold Smlth Jerry Smnth Hazel Stone Betty Stoponu Larry Stout Randy Strtcklnn James Sursa Susan Sursa Harry Sutton Faye Tlson Marxlyn Turner Donald Unthank Ernest Vanzant Sandra Vnckers Mike Vlers Dale Ward Judy Watkuns Donald Watson Ronnie Watson Wayne Watson Jerry Wesley Alma Whnte Betty Whnte Karen Whnte Marlon Whnte Curtis Wlllls Alice Wnlson Ball Wulson Charles Wnlson Pat Wilson George Woolard Jerry Woolard fNot Ptcturedl Larry Bonnell Marlon Dally Helen Patrick Gary Tosh Guthrne Wnllls 1 .K 'W -1 I J if i- .5 ' .. so 4 H X X. l J - I C" "' ' . -NN. Qf, sl S My V, , . V, E, x l 1 J c n ' .. A A 2 a 4., A A j. WP' S sh Q- as- . . , -' Q- f ' 'Q " . lf. 33' l f eff- we 'S Tiff, ' r -Q fl tl.: 2. Z, N ,A - 3 .. f " "' 4 : . I Y .lm g.1's?7,'k f , by A. l I l x , yy H , . 3, 6, 1 S " I if l ,Q . . ku-.A 1. 4'-' Jia, ' Y ' ,' .., gi '4 ,gi ,cy ,' ' H , .QQ :TQ ' 1 .ll gl, ja I. aj ', A - " , '- by 'T ' ' ' 9 .fx ' ,. jf A , fl 2 - L' 1 42 Y lt.,.Q,1 . sf?" if X .: 5 lc: ,:. V. . - F ,, 1: '. - Y 1 Q' ' " ff. "IL ' ... -:rt LL .. j , x l -Pl. r 1 Q , J if -1 i. l ' t ' ' 'yy 45 3' , P Iv- " I -L J, jj, is t ,". qv t 4 4, x - X , 1- -- sq K A V r , - J l tt' l ' A "V if ,K V I .ts ' -- A all t .,4-I . . W 'W . N 1 , , jr V 5 A ,, 5 4 - L LJ I . E ff' 'C -3- , ' '-Y., f L .., ' . X ,il ' ' ' A . 1' - 4 Uk. Q , 4 W K , ts Q I ' I 1 , c. o 9 -' -N . 3 ' ,- ' ' ' S' x,' 0' -' J . .. I - 1. A 'L' " ' ft' Q- y l I L I ' or W' ,, , '- QQ: f., -s ,A . x. - ' 4 - . - 68 Sophomores MIKE MANGRUM President KENT ROBINSON Vice-President RENA HODGE Secretary PHILLIP NEWTON Treasurer MRS. CAMP MR. LEONARD Sponsors rn r V lik i c tak, .Q Pl A ' 6 sh iw" l A R Qs' -C ,. cr -cn, 1' ' l- fi R .Qi ,. ,L-f i F 4255: :fi ' ' I lil ' n , D K ,3 .ce :X , 8 sw 1 Q , I -ff ."' I Y ' N. N N5 ' X I n A . K g A ' L gr .lp -A K V - :,. 3, 5 -., vi f I f if 'N 1" l , , AJ!" f ' an ' ' '- L -s -. , 'QA ' 'R ' G' v - ,Q , X ' ? I K ' 'R ' Q-.niairfc 4.1, " A i - Darrell Arflack Tommy Arthur Craig Ashworth Cynthia Baker Jared Baker Carol Sue Barger Nick Barker Peggy Barker Gary Barton Carolyn Bean Janet Bixler Sandie Blackwell Elizabeth Ann Blanchard Linda Bruce Shirley Bruce Lynda Bullock Janet Burnett Sandra Busler Ronnie Cantrell Lynn Carpenter Aww if sf -qv' Judy Forrester J B Ga es Calvm Goodwnn Allce Sue Graves Margaret Hafford Gene Hall Nancy Hardesty Leota Harrawood Larry Harrelson Larry Harrus Ronme Hatfleld Sue Hathaway Dallas Hicks Rena Hodge Rex Holman Gerald Horn Bonnie Johnson Dallas Johnson Carole Johnston Betty Jones Wanda Jones Gerald Justrce Vick: Kasler Dwught Laffoon Pat Lasseter 70 91:- 'Us i KN if 5 Qi uv., 'EMM '36 7-E QI Sophomores Ronnie Carter Larry Coker Sandra Cooper Joelene Cowan Wnlllam Earl Darde Gerald Davis Ruthne Dnckerson Patsy Doerr Barbara Ecklund Donna Edwards Donald Etnenne Erma Everett Carl Lee Falk Bobble Farkas Joyce Funk 5, fl X rw MN .31- 6 Tx xx? vb 9' :ps F ,f - 3 I 7: , J? 'v ' ..-at -.. C- - f- ll . ' 'TG' 1' W V ., ,ex " ma! R' ,L l'l'P l 11 f nl QFQWQX Q V 5 V -. "- K .Y ,L 4 'sf' - ' q, 5' fl' 'M' NH' JN l V . Qi, D v P Q- uv :Rst 4 -A 4? S' " :N -' - ...I xg .: 5 r all L. ' , .r v N 1 .I G ' 1' . - A -W"'p' . 4-.' 4-' "' I iv-711' Q' " I v f X f W 'r' V J ,V - f, I l, I' ,v , J Lg 2, l , . . M., A , ir, 1' Q , 'E' X -4 4 f by Y H r V. xl.p,f'Y rig "r'As 2 ll E' l li f f .J ! l 4 x as 5 3 C . " ix' ' 'JA in ,., I.-4 --M ""' Q.. J ' I N N C 09 N' , ,. Y, x J az! 1 , I .M A l fl lf .L H 1 H- . . i A-.1 A N- ' J ' 3: , ' xp- ' 'I 4' I D ' 1 ' ' ll C' l I . y x . , . x 'K K Q 5 V . - .,, V A K I. 4 ' 'L' f::. 21 2- ' r xx .' ,V . df n .za X if - Lk . ' ILAA -- ' Sophomores LaDonna Lazaro Charles Lewus Walter Lowery Brenda McCIary Bully McCormack Mlke Mangrum Lea Muller Thomas Muller Leo Monroe Wanda Neal Phlllup Newton Sandy Nrchols Tommy Nuxon Gary Nunley Charles Oglesby Shlrley Orr Phlllp Overton Eddne Owen Charles Phelps Gene Ping Richard Pool Carolyn Prather Jlmmue Pruce Stephen Prunce Jerry Roblnson Kent Robnnson Bennue Sapp Rrchard Shelton James Srsk Pat Skelton Helen Spencer Marllyn Stearns Elizabeth Stout Vlrgnnua Stout John Tuttle Barbara Trusty Martha Verkamman James Wargel Ronald Watters Lynn Wemette Ruchard Wettaw Sarah Wngguns Kay Wrllnams Mary Wullnams Martha Womack Margaret Wrnght Nellre Wrung Not Pnctured Delbert Allen Clarence Hedger GF' "' 327 "5 Zi v " A I 'tt W7 in QC' x """ at. f -eg l ,-5 A if -5 ff. ff i 35- Nj' 'C' if fi ,,,- Al 'Lf 71 MIKE MCMAHON President JACK FOWLER Vice-President SUSAN SCRIBNER Secretary SHIRLEY COCHRAN Treasurer MISS MENKOSKY MR. RHINE Sponsors Iunlors Ralph Adams I ' Jim Anderson , , K, if W 4, 5 as 1 4 Keith Baird -T -s f xg K - 4 , -. , N. Kent Baird , N- N' A ,, 9 N- Bonnie Baker -'J .., f Q A at. 1 p, I 7' A , sd NA!!- f fy A IB ' -K Don Beechurn I June Bertino , , - ,, , Louis Bertino ,S -.. A ' 'X 3 Q - "' 1" J' 13 5 I Jon Boczkiewicz Q. 's' Q" N. James Bramlet 'T 'J alfa -' 4-- " 5' N' A A - I A .' I AIM. Jl I' Joan Baker Bob Barker Jane Barnett , s , A , Dean Barrowman F - v " 6' I ' -' Dv, I ' Tom Baugher S3 W S. "f ' . Q, I - ' f I Y Si' , t. 72 ni , , H Q Jw Iunlors ,f fur Gary Bray Judy Broadhursf Phullup Brown Carole Burrell Jeana Bybee 36- .if Barbara Carter Lrnwood Chandler Shurley Cochran Lnnda Cowsert Frances Dalton 3-E. 'im ,ff A vp' 4-...ak Davld Davus Lunda Dlllard Mary Ellen Dillard Davnd Duncan Karen Ewan raw-:':, 4 iii ... Betty Farues Jay Flanders Brlnda Flannngan Lxnda Flannugan Jack Fowler S- vy..,, X-sr nk .Abe """"'- I 4 abt Elizabeth Funkhouser Judy Gingrich Jean Ellen Grlswold 4 Cynthla Gray ' Q' Q Duane Hafford A AR' no M Ronnue Hall Bonnle Hargrove Phyllis Hayter Betty Hedger Kntty Hedger 35 " 36. nr' Kay Hendrlx Ernue Henson Donna Huclcs Bull Hopklns Jerry Hopkuns ',., w. zzz- 'K 45. g Y X t 1 "' Psy B- J Q' ' l , G 2 V4.4 be ' , ' t Q 9' M . . J . 1 Q! I x- y iw., . all J L 1 , J ' f fs C lv , . - q ' " J .. ' fc. - :E-. A T I LV N- .. ,Q W I M N.. ' ,i If sua, , ' '- ' n I GL ' A ' ' ' ' ' Q, . N . -V K , Yr .4 V I3 -va at A QW' ' - 3 . xh K, Q "' 'L' fr- ' ' , 1 ' f A , 19 3 ' - 2 t . . V' E Q 51' r JQT1-, Q 4 ' T ' I ' fs.. ' l .1--' ' , t . as G ', l lf i ,C Q -E lp . , V ' ,Q 10" 'IN I vi fy' v A 3 - I xx- n S-Nw, s. 'Z-X ' I X 4 I . ' 1 l "' I . ln 3 J 31- r - f.:- . .:... 5-I -, "L of 'B ll f - et- J 4 . 1 ,l '- . ' Q ,, ca 1 l D l -J K f Q. F' so Y . A : X Lx 4' " ' xl C 7 N' ,,. K 34? S mm ' gt 'aG' be is dim -A -Z K Jr J 'Q 'ik N' X ?'33 gg" W M 33 no mil? i '35- bzifx L4 A K AEA as lr' 'ag " 'af 5- :ep Q, ZW f Iumors Loretta Horton Lynda Irvan Pat Johnson Norma Joyner Hal Kung Harry Kungston Glendell Lovellette Charles McCallcster Sue McGowan Mnke McMahon Lunda Mace Dolores Mackovlak Kenneth Maloney Larry Muller Rose Muller Jam Mntchell Kelna Morris Dorothy Morton Jesse Murphy Martha Murphy Clarence Nalley Larry Neal Wanda Oldham Connre Pemberton Lunda Potts Ronnue Rams Connue Ramsey Gary Reeder David Reeves Dolores Rader Donald Ruphard Ronald Ruphard Elsne Russell Kenneth Russell 1" A M V f , A E - ,, 1 'Y - . ' cf. 1 rr- A :s. I N I X ' .. . I C' A U ' ' 'D 't tl 7 . -ff K " Q Q, 'V on fi y J .fl 1 ' F' . 5 f V a A D 1 5 N V my ' , g, F J R y ' P 'X Q ,sy lf! .W ,Q f... 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'X 0 3' - J x sl G" K Q' A wi gl ,921 1 - s Af' ' ' 4, N V , , wks J J j J' f ' , .3 ' ',':.'-',' a ,lx ' lm , ' 3 Y ,, I .f-ZfZ'Y5!5?5f I 3 P J J Q, 'J J 5' L ' P ' ur' 'N Q' 4-'- ' , Q Rv N, -...,,, - f , 5 . 5 gf , A , Y ' A F 4 I :Ll , 1 f Q . ' ,J 3. " 'N , 1 N Q 1 N 4 x il A 'N , . , 1 . ' E :fl X . I 5 M E, W ,vu v . . I7 sc, ar -K' Q 5 A ' ' - .l 1 ' 4 , A ,S , , , ' ' , I 3 Q s v' l . , 5. X Q. I . . XX? , l'b-Y' J k I x 4 , - f A A , 'T Q .f , nl J . , I f ' 65 ' X 1 'R ' A .3 y - an - - .,. . f 'Q' x l X. , Iy -.of I L 9 , "S ': 5 rimx A ' I ,' "Li lly l' V ,., .11 , - .1 Q. X '1 wg Bob Holman, Treasurer, Jerry Rains, Vice-President, Bernard Goodley, President, Lester Feuquay, Secretary: Mrs. and Mr. Barnes, Sponsors. Senior Class History Iust four short, exciting years ago, the present senior class of 1958 launched their first movement into a completely new world-high school. To the rest of the school, our class of "green freshmen" was not any differ- ent from the other classes who had also attended the wrong classes for several days without knowing the difference. Somehow though, we had the feeling that we were not just an ordinary class, and later proved our theory to be true. Our sophomore year was enjoyed by taking part in freshmen initiations and thriving on the idea that we were really professionals in the game now. Then came the big year when we became luniors. It was a rough year as far as studies were concerned, especially since everyone was struggling to conquer the pitfalls of American History. The lunior Class dramatic presentation of "Twelve Angry Men" proved exception- ally successful with the ever enduring patience of our director. In the Spring, a very lovely Prom entitled "The Festival of the Ethereal Butterfly" was given in honor of the departing seniors. When school opened again in the fall, we were thrilled to finally have earn- ed the title of Sophisticated Seniors. lt was in this year that everyone realized that we were an exception of the many previous classes of E.T.H.S. We had the esteemed honor of being the only class since l924 to produce an un- defeated football team. After a glorious football season, we christened our new, long-awaited-for, gymnasium. The years have slipped by quickly, but during that short period, we received the training and understanding that will make us better leaders of our country. We, the class of l958, will always remem- ber E.T.l'l,S. and we are sure it will never forget us. After much hard work, we thor- oughly enioyed our Junior Class Prom. Seniors Richard Auten Photography Club 4, Camera Club 4, Hob Nob 8. Homecoming Commettees linda Carol Baldwin GAA 2, 4, Award 2, FHA I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Degree 3, Vice-President 4, Honor Roll 2, Glee Club I Judy Barker Honor Roll I, Annual Salesman I, 2, 3, Annual Staff Business Manager 4, French I, 2, 3, National Thespian Society 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, Solo Contest 3, Madrtgals I, 3, State Contest 3 Band I, 2, 3, 4, Drum Maiorette 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Office Monitor 4, Prom Waitress 2, Prom Committee 3, Band Award 2. Bob Bramlet F,F.A I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, FFA Market Day 2, 3, 4, F.F,A, Grain Show 2, 3, 4, Leadership Training School 3, Na- tional F.F,A. Convention I, Livestock show 2, 3, 4, Parlrmentary Procedure Team 3, Livestock Judging I, 2, 3, Soil Judging 3, Grain Judgrng 2, 3, F,F.A Assistant Sec- retary 2, Junior Play Stage Manager, Pho tography Club 4. Judy Bramlet English Award I, Biology Award 2, Class Treasurer I, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tru I, 2, Talent Show 3, Student Council 3, 4, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Annual Salesman I, 2, Annual Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4, GA,A. Awards I, 2, 3, 4, Pres rdent 4, FHA. I, 2, Math Club 4, Secre- tary,Treasurer 4, French 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Mademoiselle X 3, National French So- ciety, Band I, 2, 3, Letter 2, Letter Girl 4, Prom Committee 3, Prom Waitress 2, Foot- ball Queen Candrdate 3, Basketball Queen Candidate 3, Football Qyeen Candidate 4, Polio Queen Candidate I, Commencement Marshall 3 Carolyn Dell lrewn F H A 4, Biology 2, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Award 2, Music Contest 2, Music Club 4 Brenda Kay Chaffin Music Contest Award 2, 3, Honor Roll 3 Hi-Tri l, 2, Library Club 3, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pianist 4, Talent Contest 2, 3, Music Club 4, Madrigals 3, 4 Teresa Collins GAA. I, 2, 4, F,H A. I, 3, Dramatucs 2, Brology 3, Library Club 4, Glee Club I, 2, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4 sv" 77 Seniors Resale Cowsert Honor Roll 3 A Lrbrary Club 2 3 Corn mera al Club 4. Myra Jane Cox Home Economrcs Award l, Band Award 2 Class Vrce-Presrdent 2, Treasurer 3, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Hr-Trl l, 2, Student Councrl l, 2, 3, A, Vtce-Presrdent 4, Nattonal l-tor: or Socvety 2, 3, 4, Annual Stat! Faculty Edrtor 4, GAA l, 2, 4, Award l 2 FHA l, 2, 3, Natnonal Thesoran Soclety 3, 4, Presudent 4, Glee Club l 2, 3 Mad' rrgals l, Contest l, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Twlr Img Contest l, 2, 3, 4, State Contest 2, 3 Junlor Play 3, Senror Play' 4, Otflce Mon- ttor 3, 4, Prom Cornrnuttee 3 Prorn Walt ress 2, Prom Speaker 3, Polro Queen Can drdate l, 2, 3, Basketball Queen Candl date 3, Football Queen 4, Class Rrng Corn mrtlee 3, Letter Gurl 4, Talent Show l, 2, 3, Commencement Marshall 3 Ruth Ann Durham Scholastlc Award 3, Engllsh Award 3, Per- fect Attendance Award l, Honor Roll l, 2. 3, 4: Natuonal Honor Socrety 2, 3, 4, Vlcef Presrdent 4, Annual Statt Sensor Editor 4 FHA I, 2, 3, Natuonal Thespran Soclety 3, 4, Secretary 4, Jun-or Play 3, Offrce Monrtor 3, Class Ring Commrttee 3, Com rnercual Club 4, President 4 William Darrell Erkrnln FFA, l, 2, 3, 4 David Etienne Basketball Letter l, Track 2, Honor Roll 2, F.F.A l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, Gram Show 2, 3, 4, FFA Leadershrp Tralnlng School 3, 4, FFA Carnp l 2, 3 Llyestock Show 2, Parllmentary Procedure Team 3, Soil .ludgung Team 2 John D. Ewan Basketball l, Football l, French Club l, 2, 3, 4, Scuence Club 3, 4, Prom Cornrnuttee 3, Perfect Attendance Award l, 2, 3 Aurby E. Falk Natronal Thespuan Socuety 4, Play Stage Crew 4, Natlonal Thespran Socuety Float Cornmrttee 4, Hob Nob Cornmnttee 4 James Farios 5 ,40 1- "wr 75 2 L1 bd' We studied punctuation and word usage in Mr. Rhine's English class. if P To climax the football season, we entered our new dressing room. Seniors 1x.,X at , ji 23, X-,I Q v"" 1 1 William Lester Fauquay Class Prestdent l, Class Treasurer 2, Class Prestdent 3, Class Secretary 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, 4, Co-Captatn 4, 3rd All Co State Team 4, Nomtnee All Amertcan Prep Football Team 4, Basketball I, Track 2, 3, 4, Letter 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, Natrona al Honor Soctery 2, 3, Vrce-Prestdent 3, Stu' dent Counctl 3, 4, Presldent 4, Annual Salesman I, 2, 3, Sports Edltor 4, French Club l, Dramatlcs Club l, Biology Club 2, Prestdent 2, Glee Club l, Band I, 3, .luntor Class Play 3, Prom Committee 3, E-Club 2, 3, 4, Ronald Eugana Feuquay Perfect Attendance Award l, Photography Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Library 4 Deanna louise Forrester Honor Roll 2, 4, National Thesptan So' ctety 3, B-ology Club 21 Juntor Play Usher 3, Sentor Play 4, Otftce Momtor 4, Com merctal Club 4 Paul Dee French Football 3 Photography Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vtce-Prestdent 3, 4, Senior Play Stage Crew 4, Photography Club Float Corn' mtttee 4 Riva Nell Funkhounr Honor Roll 2, FHA l, 2, 3, 4: Cornrner ctal Club 4, Secretary 4. Mary Goforth Honor Roll l 2 3, Nattonal Honor Soc-ery 2, Drarnatlcs Club l, 2, Glee Club 2, Muslc Contest 2 Perfect Attendance Award l Bernard Goodlcy Class Sec'e'ary l Class Prestdent 4 Foot bal' l 2 3 4, Letter 3 4, Basketball l, 2 3 Track l 2, 3. Btology Club 2, Radtc Club l Band 2 Class Rlng Con-mmlttee 3 "E" Club 3 4, Vlce Prestdent 3 Edra Kay Goodwin Seniors Wilbum Gnu lndustrual Arts Club 4, Jim Graves Fred M. Griswold Football l, 2, Letter 2, Basketball l, Track I, 2, Musrc Club 4, Senror Play Stage Man ager 4 Beverly Ann Hall Scholasttc Award l, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, A Ht-Tru l, Natrona! Honor Socrety 2, 3, A Annual Calendar Editor A, GA.A l, 2, A Award I, 2, French Club 2, Nattonal Tlwes plan Socuety 2, 3, 4, Chrustmas Play Student Dlrector 2, Junror Play Student Dlrector 3, Natuonal Thesplan Play Student Dtrector Sentor Play 4, Student Drrector, Naomi Ruth Hall Perfect Attendance Award l, 2, 3, G AA l, 2, 3, 4, Award l, 2, 3, FHA l, 2, 3, A, Parltarnentartan 4, National Thespran SO cnety 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, .lunlor Play Staff 3, Senior Play 4, Lois Hanley Ht-Tru I, 2, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Award l, 2 French Club 3, Photography Club 2, 3 Sclence Club l, Library Club 3, Glee Club l, 3, A, GA.A Float Committee 4, G AA lnltiatuon Committee 4, Glenda Hardesty Perfect Attendance Award l, Honor Roll l 2, 3, 4, Juntor Play Usher 3, Glee Club l 2, Sensor Play 4, Letter Girl 3, Mustr Con test 2, Blology Club 2 Joella Harper Honor Roll 2, GAA l, 2, 4, Award l 2 FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Presudent 4, Camp '3, French Club 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Award 3, Senior Play 4, Ol luce Monltor 3, Perfect Attendance Award l, 2, 3, Band Dlstrrct Contest 2, Talent Show l, 2, Style Show 2 Q' ai' ,Z K A 'S .rs- Deep concentration ensues as we take the National Merit Scholarship Exams. We accepted congratulations for the last time as football lettermen at E.T.H.S. Seniors i 'C' 4-F l .sn- J Ronnie Harrelson Jerry Lewis Helton Class Vice-President 3, Photography l, Bt- ology Club 2, 3, Radio Club l, 2, Library Club 4, Junior Play 3, Prom Committee 3 Class Ring Committee 3, PA System Op erator. Ru Hill Honor Roll l, 2, HtfTri l, 2, Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4, Letter l, 2, 3, 4, Annual Sales' man 3, Club Editor 4q G A A, l, 2, 4, Vice- President 4, Award l, 2, FHA, lg French Club 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Vice-President 2, Science Club 3, Glee Club l, 2, District Contest 2, Junior Play Production Staff 3, Senior Play 4, Office Monitor 3, Prom Waitress 2, Prom Committee 3, Hob Nob Queen Candidate 4, Talent Show 3 Paul Hinos Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, FF,A. l, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Reporter 2, Reporter 3, Sentenal 4, Grain Show 2, 3, 4, Market Day 2, 3, 4, Leadership Training School 3, 4, FFA Camp l, 2, 3 Livestock show 3, Grain Judging Team 2, 3, Livestock Judging Team 3, Soil Jodgfng Tearn 3. Photography Club 4 Joyce Ann Hint Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, French Club 2, Photography Club 3 Library Club 4 Junior Play Usher 3, Senior Play Usher 4, Librarian 4 Bob Holman, Jr. Football l, 2. 3, 4, letter 4, Track l, 2 3, Basketball l, 2, Class Treasurer 4, Biology Club 2, 3, Secretary 3, Radio Club l, 2, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Prom Corn- mittee 3, "E" Club 4, Music Club 4 Carl Horn Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Junior Play Stage Crew 3 Senior Play Stage Crew 4 Carolyn Juno Horn G.A,A l, 2, 4, Award lg FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Degree 3, Treasurer 4, Glee Club l, Junior Play Production Sta't 3 Sentor Play Production Staff 4 tw... Seniors Mary Ann Ingram Honor Roll 2 Glee Club l, 2 3 Corwce' cial Club 4 Judith Jane Ingram Post Graduate Student Honor Roll l 2, 3 Medal at Graduation, Annual Copy Editor 4, GAA l, French Club 2, 3, National French Contest 2, National Thespian So ciety 3, Glee Club l, Band l, Junior Play 3, Prom Committee 3 John W. Johnson Perfect Attendance Award 3, Industrial Arts Club 4, Band l, 2, 3. Barbara Jean JOHII GAA 2, 4 Neil Deaton Jonas English Award 2, Mathematics Award 2, 3 French Award 2, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4 National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Science Club 4, Radio C!ub l Mathematics Club President 4, Stare French Contest 2. Carl Justin Football l, 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, 4, Special Mention-All State 4, Basketball l, 2, Biol- ogy Club 2, Radio Club l, Prom Com mittee 3, "E" Club 3, 4. Parvin Kokor Perfect Attendance Award l, 2, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Letter 4, Track l, FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 4, Secretary 4 udy Lanham Honor Roll I, 2, National Honor Society 2, FH.A. l, French Club 2, 3, 4, National French Contest 2, National Thespian So- ciety 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Photography I, Secretary l, Band l, 2, District Contest l, 2, State Contest l, Letter 2, Christmas Play 2, 3, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Prom Waitress 2, Prom Committee 3, Football Queen Candidate 3, Basketball Queen Can- didate 3, Polio Queen Candidate 3, Letter Girl 3 5,5- 'Z' and' C9 .1995 Our nite club was one of the main attractions at the Hob Nob. Q ? 1 We were amazed by the liquid air demonstration. Seniors i .Qu-4 12:37 ul Olene leek r r 'na C u ee C ub I A y G , Cub Danny Frank McDonald Perfect Attendance Awx :J 2 Football I 2 A F F A Gr Show Judging Contest 2 Orval McGill Photography Club 4. Claire Mathias nor Roll 3, 4, Drarnat-cs Club l, 2, f tional Thespian Society 3, A Lbrary Club , ie-President 4, Glee Club l, 2, , Senior Play Production Stall 4, Girls O: tette 4 Ronnie Mitchell Football l Basketball l, Natronal Thespian new 3 lndu i Ar Cu l, Ra i ub i ii , 4 Junio Pla , PA System Operator 2, 3, 4 Paul John Molinarolo nor Roll 2, F F A , 2, 3, A, Secretar Vivian Geraldine Owen Perleqt Attendance Award 2 Honor Ro'l I, Commerc al Club 4 Treasurer 4 Lillie Phelps F H A l 2 3 Recreation Chairman 3 FHA Deiegates Meet ng 3 Perfect Av' lendance Award l Commercial Club A VicefPresident 4 Seniors Fred Pool Football 2 3 ll Lettered 3 A Natona Thespian Society 3 H Y l Bology Clurf 2 3, President 2, Glee Club l 3 Clwr s' mas Play 3, Junior Play 3, Prom Corn mrttee 3, "E" Club 3 4 Carolyn Ann Porter GAA 2, 3, 4, Bandl 2, 3 4 Lindell Ray Potts Basnetball I Virginia Potts Honor Roll 2, 4, French Club 3 4 Dra matcs Club 2 National Tnesoian Societ, -1 Cnlee Club l, 3, A Madrgals l, 3, 4, Dstrict Contest Award 3, Junior Play Pro duction Stall 3, Senior play .1 Business Manager 4 State Mus'c Contest Award 3 Spring Concert l, 2, Talent Snow 2 Let ter Girl 4, Baccalaureate Soloist 3 Girls Octette 4, Music Club 4, President 4 Sue Quick Honor Roll l, 2, Hi Tri l 2, Annual Sales man 4, GAA 1, FHA 1, 2 3, 4, Style Show 3, National Thespian Soclety 3, Photography Club l, Biology Club 2, L- brary Club 4, Band l, 2 Award 2 Dis trict Music Contest l, Senior Play 4, O' tice Monitor 4, Polio Queen Candidate 2, 3, 4, Hob Nob Queen Candidate 4, Class Ring Committee 3, Talent Sltow 3, 4 Jerry Rains Class Vice-President 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Band l, 3, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Prom Come mittee 3. linda lhley Honor Roll I, l-liTri l, 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Award 3, 4, Annual Activities Editor 4 GAA 2, 4, Award 2, FHA l, 2, Recre- ation Chairman 2, French Club 2, 3, A Drarnatlcs Club 2, Treasurer 2, National Thespian Society 3, Glee Club l, 3, Madri gals l, District Contest lg Band l, 2, 3, Award 2, District Contest l, 2, State Con- test l, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Prom Committee 3, Talent Contest 2, 3, Gary Ronald Rouen: Class Vice-President l, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, Student Coun Cil 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Industrial Arts Club l, 2, Science Club 3 4, Radio Club l, 2, Junior Play Production Staff 3, Senior Play 4, Prom Committee 3: Annual Salesman 4, National French Con test 2, E-Club 3, 4 44" Q 3' av" nd We were introduced one by one fore the play and e We nervously await for our first cue. Seniors IT I-'ls f Eddie Rico Fred Robinson Industrial Arts Club 4, President 4 Bill Smith Football i, 2, 3, 4, Letter 2, 4, Basketball i 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Radio We Club l, Treasurer l, Glee Club 2, 3, A, National Thespian Society Play 3, Prom Committee 3, Senior Play 4. Richard Paul Stricklin Photography Club l, Industrial Arts Club l, Radio Club l Marilyn Surla Science Award l, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, Flag Bearer 4, Senior Play 4, Junior Play Usher 3. Janice Ann Sutton Hi-Tri l, 2, Annual Salesman 4, GA,A 4. Style Show 4, F.H A. 2, 4, Style Show 2, Photography Club 3, Glee Club l, 3, Junior Play Production Staff 3, Office Mon itor 4, Football Queen Candidate 4, Hob Nob Queen Candidate 4, Letter Girl 3, Prom Waitress 2, Polio Queen Candidate 4 Madeline Edrniater Sutton Perfect Attendance Award l, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri l, 2, Talent Show 3, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Annual Hts' tory Editor 4, GAA l, French Club l, 2 3, National Thespian Society 4, Vtce-Pres- tdent 4, Biology Club 2, Science Club 4 Secretary-Treasurer 4, Glee Club l, 2, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Prom Com, mittee 3, Letter Girl 3, Mathematics Club 4 linda Sue Tlaon Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Ht-Tri l, 2, Cheer, leader 3, Talent Show l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Annual Typist 4, F.H,A 1, 2, 3, Pianist 2, French Club 2, 3, Dra- matics Club l, 2, National Thespian So- ciety 3, 4, Clerk 4, Library Club 4, Glee Club l, 3, Pianist 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4 Award 2, District Contest l 2 State Con test 1, District Twirling Contest I 2, 3 State Twirling Contest I, 2 3, Christmas Play 1, 3, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4 Office Monitor 4, Prom Watress 2, Class Ring Committee 3, Coronation Pianist 3, 4 Letter Girl 4 Baccalaureate Pianist 3 Graduation Pianist 3 85 Seniors Delbert Tosh Honor Roll I, Track I, Freshman Relay I Football 2, Industrial Arts l, 2, 4, Trea, surer 4, John W. Tucker Football I, Industrial Arts Club I, 2. .Ion Unthank Track I, 4, FF.A I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4. Chlrlu Michael Vnull Class Secretary 2, Class Secretary 3, Foot- ball I, 2, 3, Basketball I, Track I, 2, Hon- or Roll I, 2, National Honor Society 2, An- nual Salesman I, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Secretary 2, Science Club 4, Vice-President 4, Prom Waiter 2, Prom Committee 3, Class Ring Committee 3. Pat Watson Perfect Attendance Award 2, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Hi-Tri I, 2, Annual Staff Business Manager 4, G,A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Award I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, F. H. A, l, 2, French Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Mathematics Club 4, Vice-President 4, Band I, 2, 3, Award 2, Letter Girl 4, Twirler I, 2, 3, Junior Play Production Staff 3, Prom Committee 3. Ralph Eugen: Watson Honor Roll I, 2, National Honor Society 2, French Club I, 2, Biology Club 2, 3, Prom Committee 3. -av K'- ":3'? We tested our Trig proiects on cold and windy day, 4 M Juli'- Seniors In doing our outside assignments, we frequently use the library. J iii In 3 1' ix Margaret Ann Wontnl Perfect Attendance Award I, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Library Club 4, Secretary 4, Ol tice Monitor 4 Ann Whit! Honor Roll 2, 3, F,H,A I, Photography Club 3, Library Club 4, President 4, Junior Play Production Staff 3, Senior Play Pro- duction Staff 4, Glee Club l Leonard Willis Football 2, 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4, Basketball l, 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Let- tered 3, 4, Biology Club 3, Radio Club I, Glee Club A, Music Club 4, "E" Club 3, 4 Marilyn Winmln Pertect Attendance Award l, 3, GAA 2, F,H A. l, 2, 4, National Tlriespian Society 3, Glee Club l, 2, Junior Play Production Staff 3, Commercial Club 4 Jnmn Woods Class President 2, Football l 2, 3, 4 Lettered 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2 4, Lenered 4, Football Co-Captain 4 'EH Club 4, Pres tdem 4 Neva Jane McGill GAA l 2 3 FHA l 2 3 Photography Club 4 Glee Club l, 2 4 Musc Club -1 Secretary 4 Not Pictured: Bobby Mus Marion Nalley -IX Calendar Oi Important Events August 8- 30 Regnstratnon September School began We all say Hello Mnss Menkosky Mrs Gates and Mr Harrns The football season began We played Marnon and won 34 to 6 Great crowd We took 3 bus loads Magaznne sales campangn began Second football game second vnctory agannst McLeansboro Magaznne sales ended Naomn Hall was hngh salesman Clubs were organnzed Football game wnth that bng rnval Harrnsburg and we beat them 56 to 6 Sennors sponsored a dance after the game October Our fnrst vacatnonl County teachers meetnng at Harrnsburg Football game wnth Johnston Cnty we won 66 O Natnonal Honor Socnety organnzed Mrs Camp and Mrs McDermott sponsors At last' The gnrls moved nnto the remodeled Gym We played Norrns Cnty here and won 6l to O We played West Frankfort there and won the closest game of the season 16 to 20 Contestants nn the Sonl Conservatnon Contest took a tour of a farm GAA had nnntnatnon hnke to Karel Park and had Chnln supper Hn Y F H A and French Club had thenr nnntnatnons Teachers meetnng at Carbondale The Carno game was postponed because of the u G A A and F H A nnntnatnons November Sennors presented the play Take Care of My Lnttle Gnrl followed by the coronatnon of Mnss Myra Cox as Homecomnng Queen Homecomnng Parade and game there was mud and water on the fneld and a vnctory agannst Benton 32 to 0 Won another shut out agannst Metropolns 34 to 0 Last game of the season agannst Canro Doc Feu quay became the states hnghest scorer and the team set a new scornng record By the way we won another shutout 65 to O Vnctory Celebratnon for havnng an undefeated football season The Mayor spoke The Junnors took an aptntude test We had a Hob Nob what fun' Mnss Marnlyn Stearns was the rengnnng Queen Opened the Basketball season nn our New Gym and lost to Marnon 55 to Al GAA had a formal nnntnatnon Second Basketball game Played Rndgway and lost 66 to 46 Bng game wnth Harrnsburg Bng lose too 68 to 47 December End of Annual Sales Natnonal Honor Socnety took fall tour of Southern lllnnons Basketball game wnth Johnston Cnty lost Basketball game wnth Mclearnsboro lost Mr Bradley presented a program on lnqund anr for the benefnt of mentally retarded chnldren Junnor Class sponsored a talent show Football banquet Recenved a trophy from the Quarterback Club Basketball game wnth Galatna We fnnally won 70 to 59 Group snngnng and Glee Club program before the begnnnnng of Chrnstmas vacatnon Basketball game wnth Carrner Mnlls We lost agann Anna played here and won 26 28 Egyptnan Holnday Tournament January Back to the easy carefree Infe of school Started the year wnth a vnctory over Metropolns West Frankfort started thenr year wnth a vnctory too It was agannst us Johnston Cnty played here It was some game but they won 53 to 52 I5 I7 Semester exams Just half of a year left to go l8 Junnor and Sennor gnrls went to SIU to a basket ball clnnnc 20 Fnrst day of the second semester 24 8- 25 Salnne County Tourney We played Galatna lost the 24th Played Harrnsburg the 25 lost We won fourth place though A new face nn the offnce Hello Mrs Wnllnams Played Metropolns there and lost Played Norrns Cnty there and lost February Sennors went to SIU for Scholarshnp Exarnnnatnons Students got a shot nn the arm lt was the real thnng Played Galatna there and lost The Etnquette Club was formed Mnss Colombo and Mrs Gates were sponsors French Club had a dance for past and present members Ball game wnth Benton and lost Abraham Lnncoln was born and gave us a holnday McLeansboro played a sweetheart of a game be cause they won Open House nn the afternoon and the Dedncatlon nn the evennng We played Harrnsburg and lost Norrns Cnty played here and they won GAA gnrls had a slumber party Who slumb ered? Teachers meetnng at Harrnsburg and students holnday at Eldorado We ended our basketball season wnth a lose Carrner Mnlls T B tests Junnors presented a very good play The Famnly Nobody Wanted Mnss Jannce Sutton was crowned Queen March Regnonal Tournament here We played Harrns burg the Sth and lost The champnons were Carrner Mnlls Math students took an examnnatnon F F A speech contest Natnonal Honor Socnety gave the play Dnd You Say Mink? Mu Alpha Theta had nnntnatnon Another manor sport ns added Baseball practnce started today Aprnl Easter vacatnon Goody a rest Natnonal Honor Socnety had nnntnatnon Banquet Natnonal Honor Socnety took sprnng trnp to Nash VI e May I could have danced all nnght at the Junnor Sennor Prom G AA sponsored a Play Day GAA had a Mother Daughter Banquet Sennor Day' Yea' No school' 2729 Semester Exams Glad thats over June Baccalaureate Servnce Honor Day Graduatlorn Day' Congratulatnons Sennors 21. . H .t 2. , V n 3 . . . ' ' an . 4. - E ' V no. V ' . - 27A .' . V . . V 28. ' . an. ' ' I 1 I Q , 1 1 - r , , Q A . V ' 4. ' ' . 6. ' . . . A . ' 7, I V :J ' n2. ' ' .5 A . . .. . na . '. E ' ns. ' E ' H' . .. . ns. ' ' A . . . . . . . 20- V H H . I 21. ' ' A - ' ' ' " ' ' 22. ' ' to -' 25. . . . ' ' ' ' 28, ' -" ' - l ' 4.7. . '- . A . ' 27. E ' . ' . . 27. .. . . .' ' 28. ' ' " ' . N ' 28 I ' " . ... A an. ' ' . ' A ' V A ' ' ' 2-7. . . ns. ' A ' ' . 18. . . . A I nn. i ' - , 3 . - , " . .F - ' no. .A - . ns . - - , T na. , . . . " ' n . ' ' ' A , 2 . . . . g 2 . '

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