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 - Class of 1951

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Eldorado High School - Golden E Yearbook (Eldorado, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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ew wp 19' mia' Hx- ,S 'B' 5 .4 ... 5!'5'!-QFQN xmywki-in 8, if N 5 fain www' ,Q xx 'Q 'Q an Wx Egg' 'iv R qs vm fsff' NNN ,Ms x nm i' 'WN X 4-gd v9 WX M 3, Q? 154. av X xxiw Ki if YE ya Aviv' we 512 ,xi is 'v'5v-.4-325' .-new . W fix .13 4' 'LA ,Tagging A 1 V , is 5 ie F, . , 2, ww 'Q gm 3 sf Qiv - W 1 fm 9,11 1 MRQ 4-- wx, Har , , W fl X- is uf- a ,P LD 4 is Wm eg? ,t is ' A ,Fig 4 'Q Effggwgn ,W r flu F, 'Q R ' 1 .' , Qgpmix K ' ' z 'uk' '! ,Q f k , , as 'l 4 .. p . J, .f-,V ""' W .041 's-N!! "., , A." 1 "x'G"51 .fi ' M' fy X 'V' ' 4 ' Aff In .L 7" ' U - I c . .,, .s x 1 M ' -44'X, tl ' " 2 ' ', . Q nv 'f I :ML ".,-E, 'f-,gfffr V ' h 779: y""' fS-'A . ,. ' A . ' ,E fy 64", ' ' l 6 . YFJ. S 1 fi .1 5 ,' sf fffrhvif S . : ,Ftp .WL .,- . fl Rd QA A f all is Y, . ' ,' s ,' ,,.3?,u, .Kyra - I 14 in . .,,. -5 ,Nt'ay:, Q , VS 'k! Q ,ppl ' ' navlvg 4v'!. ' dw- " f ' "5 'rf-,I 'Jr idea:-avafv 'y ' fx 5 fi," fa, lr ins, ,fl i 'iik.LM4::11.iV4u .H--V.-an Q 'l ' "" Y 9: - ' 3' 1 ' ' f -. 5 . . A-mf ,, .'?1,g9, ,,,. mul YJ! +L A i kgL,,., ,x av, 2' , Y... , Y . A 1 2 --of , W , I ,. . f. , . 1 ,A ., ,gg , A Q ' 'QW --!v 4, "4-4 ' , "' . 2 L 'W -Sv ' 1 Y . z . 9-fr. ' ' - -if, f?Q: S, li 0 Y jg -' Y Q x A ' ." ' 4 N . 'W K A -mx.. 'v-, , 1 4.1 7 A 1-fn' xt," ' ' ' 'A -'fl' .A 2 2 Q . . V ,M M M V ff ff'fff,2 f',,AQ,4g. Q' QE," F ' Z ' , ' M "xg f ., lr' ,' 24. 3, an t Aw W ' 'Q 1: , f . ' if ' . ' 'J' -,ey " 1-"1 ' G., M Q Q Q f w??,, 'K 4- 7,1 :anim RS, to , i M .K , , , km V , 4 . i , - dyhsfl L My K .5 til- 'if 8 f 5 5.3 , ' , 0 fo P- A , , W 8 . sg. N .MA Y s I M.. 5 x . V f 5 ,Q Qwfi' 2 .wg V , fu V s 1 '7 s '2-' may 'ii .Y 1 Li b fbi iz 2 Ns. 'R 'N. lil' Ji. 5-5, llllll OWNSHIP H IGH SCHOOL ORADO T ILLINOIS ELD ELDORADO KJ! . N "'a . ,I os I 1 . N .l' . 5 .yt 593' - 's N .D rf "- V E . -, -1 Q'-. . ,' 'vw .-I ng, Tl ,M 3.14 - gy 'li a f risk' ' ,. "' x '-'Q -,.-:wx-4 9 'U-2 W' .vffff .-. ,lr 7 1 lb ' 'r - wi Q 1 -4 441' illiufi- ,c',5,',. .1 ,vs in V . X S 5, 4 .'-li M ...S ,.- "'f'4'v-1,-u.,RwNR M- ' ilu-uw,.,, J, Rf, V f 'Y f"1, ,Q4 4 1' K 'HEY Hlli W l ..i.,,...--w rf 'Wi wmfy X--L . K f ,F R an M., b f "1f Q 3-I 1 .-.. v - lasts: 6 limi . f M ,Y 4.41 - ... 4 Z I A if V-A' it lly - 15, 55 ' " 1' V ' 3 'M' """ "f 'i"' ' '-Q"'fwa-Q-e-'www f--: F L5 L. 4 k W V f'f"'TTi1',"t'.i', ' , --,- f Y 'v ' 'N - 4 '5T",l , 1 W X Q , , A .. 4 ' ,A I ti' ' -W-' , f V . llll nn n V 1 any MG llll llll Ill K is Masfg, llll llll lu b A ,, 5 5, . . A',' -QWQ. f 4 . f N. fi ml ha l T 1 ,',2 m-35? J- fra! : ff'5.A M,m,,,z , , 3 - b ,c2,yKi'H4 'Q' .5 fl' Z, 'V ggi HH IH HISIIRI 'W 'U' ' 5 4' 'Xu SIIIIIIIIIIS SHIIHNIS 9 . .-Q awe J., Ln clad for be-2 kr ,,4 5 4' 1 H DI Y 1 J . 1 ' 1 A41 2 , f - 2 5 X IQ I ,Qi 1 t I 1 4. is at xg? ' WMM, 3 ' A -s . . Q I' AIIMI ISIRATIII L , "9 q4 .lp i 4 L - flf We Q 4 E 1 --..-......... 3 ? F Q'-4n.,W ,.,........-..,. I Q n I 4 .. isgfsili 2' 53543. -Li ,..,, P RINC IP AL Mr T C Shoberg a former res1 dent of Ch1cago Ill1no1s rece1ved h1s A B at Monmouth College andh1s M A at Loyola Un1vers1ty Dur1ng the years 1940 41 he was a successful coach and teacher at Murphysboro Ill1no1s Later he took up Industr1al Eng1neer1ng and was w1th the Sherw1n W1ll1ams De fense Corporatmn and the Brown Shoe Company 1n St Louls MISSOUTI That br1ngs us up to date We all know h1m as our pr1nc1pal Th1s 1S h1s second year atE T H S S1nce he has been here we have had many mmprovements hers and the new among them the bleac Sho 11ght1ng on berg has no t1me for a real hobby but 15 and en an enthus1ast1c sports spectator Joys read1ng Firm, 'Ns' 'S 'K' ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr J WardBarnes OUTASS1Stant Rale1gh Il11no1s H PTIDCIPHI 15 from B Ed at Southern Il11no1s rece1ved h1s S at the Un1ver Un1vers1ty and h1s M He 15 1n the offlce four Slty of Il11no1s w1th the prob per1ods a day ass1st1ng e he also has charge of lems that arxs h cafeter1a Mr the management of t e Barnes teaches Amer1can I-I1story and Pol1t1cal Geography He enjoys takmg am p1ctures w1th h1s movlng p1cture c CTE. 9 ' 2 ' , ' .fo ' ' our football field. Mr. - l . . , . . , . . 'n ie "" I KQV . . . . . - - ' 9 . .W--H-tqA.ui...Ms...w2,. A M, Ljnw Q IW HAEHHIS This year we have in our midst five new teachers. They are from left to right: Mr. Charles Greer from Broughton, Illinoisg Miss Betty Gene Brewner from Eldorado, Illinoisg Miss D. J. Murrellfrom Billings, Montanag Mr. Milton Cox from Parchman, Mississippig and Mr. La Verne Orton from Newark, Illinois. We wish to welcome them to E. T. H. S. 10 Mr Harry Bramlet an 1mplement dealer has been on the board s1nce 1947 Dr H C Holdoway a member smce 1945 IS a local dent1st Dr John Cholsser the pres1dent of the board anda local doctor has served s1nce 1948 Mr Fred Cho1sser a druggxst has been a member of the board s1nce 1932 Mr T C Shoberg our pr1nc1pa1 Mr Charles Hausser secretary of the board and a Kroger em ployee has served s1nce 1946 BHARII IH HHICAIIU SCHOOL SECRETARY Mrs Wmlma Engllsh a nat1ve of Eldorado probably knows more students than any other person atE T H S As Mr Shoberg's secre tary she personally contacts nearly every mem ber of the student body Mrs Engllsh does her many tasks accurately and efhcxently Her favor1te past1me 1S read1ng 11 ln- if we Wig- 3 fl" N' QQ rio- sr" R nav" ai np- dr" bv QV' '-' x O -.DA MRS GREEK CHOISSER our football coach teaches health physical education and co sponsors the sophomore class and the E club Ile is from Eldorado and receix ed his B S at the Uni xtrsitx of Illinois Golf hunting and fishing are his faxorite hobbies jiMES VON L BAKER, who teaches cixics and freshman geography sponsors the photographs club and the yearbook He received his B Ed at Southern Illinois University and his M S at Wisconsin University Mr Baker from Raleigh Illinois has as his hobby photography and landscape gardening. MRS . HELEN BARNES MR. is our capable librarian. She attended school at South- ern Illinois University and Peabody. Her hometown is Broughton, Illinois, and true to form our librarian likes to read when she has time. ll. C. BISHOP has for his hobby, horses. This seems to be quite natural since he is our VocationalAgriculture teacher and spon- sor of the F. F. A. He was born at Karnak, Illinois, and received his B. S. at the University of Illinois. MISS BETTY GENE BREWNER , who teaches Home Economics I, II, and Ill, re- ceived her B. S. in Ed. at NorthernIllinoisState Teach- ers College. ller hometown is Eldorado, Illinois, her hobby, sewing. She sponsors the Senior Class, Hi Tri, and the F. H. A. M R R who originally comes from Evansville, Indiana, likes antiques She received her A. B. at Alabama Univer- sity She teaches world history English land lll, and co sponsors the Hi Tri and the Sophomore class. MILTON COX received his B. S. at Union and his M. A. atPeabody. He teaches typing I business arithmetic, and practical mathematics and sponsors the Senior class and the Hi Y club Mr. Cox is from Parchman Mississippi. He is a baseball fan. ED MELVIN CREEK from Harrisburg Illinois received his B. S. at the Uni- versity of Illinois. He teaches bookkeeping, band and Glee Club, and sponsors the Choral Club. Mr. Creek likes to read in his spare time. R. CHARLES R. GARDNER is from Eldorado. He received his B. S. Ed. at South- ern Illinois University. He enjoys baseball and fishing Mr. Gardner teaches health, physical education, and is our basketball coach and assistant football coach. He is a sponsor of the Boys'Athletic Association and co-sponsor of the E. Club. MR. CHA RLES GREER 12 received his B. S. Ed. at Washington University. He is one of our English I and ll teachersg he also sponsors the student council and the Model Airplane Club. Mr. Greer, who is from Broughton, Illinois, enjoys photog- raphy as a pastime. .ff Q Q sf' N I .l 4 te. we i uv 5 bl' I ' ,If A I - w 5 , 5 If rtijf f- P . I ... - fe-w. pas: Lil-" 'Wh' 'P' 3' , 1.9, X . ,I ,fm .A djs, K ,xxx fQ 1' "DY4Vn f. 1 if "' , . 3 'A k up I .t ,. . ' ,,.- I f 4 at .- , 73 -- . '11 .Q S Q A..fRfgrM r - .FEIS Hllllllll MR. JACK LARGE, who likes tennis and softball, was born in West Frankfort. He received his B. S, at Northwestern, Mr,Large teach- es algebra, advanced mathematics, and physics, and co-sponsors the Science club. MR. CHA RLES LEONARD received his B. S. at Murray State. He teaches practical mathematics, business arithmetic, geometry, chemis- try, and sponsors the Science club. He is from Melber, Kentucky, and enjoys all sports. MISS OPHIE LEE MILLER, who is from Lynn Grove, Kentucky, likes to do hand- work, She received her B. S. at Murray State. Besides her secretarial work in the office, she teaches short- hand I and II, typing II, and office practice, MISS D. I. MURRELL teaches physical education, English I, and III, and spon- sors the Social club and the G. A. A. She is from Bill- ings, Montana, and received her B. S. at Mac Murray, She likes to play golf and write. LA VERNE ORTON, from Newark, Illinois, received his B, Ed, at Northern Illinois State Teachers College and his M. A. at North- western. He teaches business arithmetic, practical mathematics, and English III, and sponsors the Junior class. In his spare time he enjoys reading. Mr. Orton has charge of a Guidance Work program established this year at E. T. H. S. MR. HARRY PUNTNEY received his B. Ed. at Southern Illinois University. He is our biology and senior science teacher. The Nature Club is sponsored by Mr. Puntney. He enjoys gardening at home in Carmi. GENE RHINE has charge of dramatics at E. T. H. S. which include the Junior and Senior class plays and the Dramatics club. He is a native of Eldorado and received his B. Ed. at Southern Illinois University. He teaches English III and IV, Business English, and collects coins and photog- raphy.. C. E. ROBERTSON who is from Rensselaer, Missouri, received his B. S. in Ed. at Northwest Missouri State Teachers College. He teaches Indusuial Arts and when the season is right likes to go hunting. MISS GLADYS WA KEFORD is from Norris City, Illinois. She received her A. B. at Western Kentucky Teachers College and her M. A. at Peabody. She teaches English I and II, Latin I, and sponsors the Latin club. Miss Wakeford likes to collect different things. MRS . CELESTINE WOOD received her A. B. at Illinois College, at Jacksonville, She teaches English Il. French land II, and sponsors the Hi Tri, French Club, and the Junior class. Mrs. Wood, is from Eldorado, Illinois, enjoys Art Exhibits and Light Opera. f xl CUSTODIANS Mr. Robert Baker Mr. George Cox Mr, Clem Nash Mr. J-rim Viers BUS DRIVLRS H T L1 L Mr C1dUdLM1l1LI COOKS Mrs Verla Hall Mrs Ous Hedge: Mrs Mary IUSIICE ugh HASSIS CLASS OFFICERS P1 es1dent Bob Tlerney V1ce Pres1dent Norman Colbert Secretary Treasurer Mac Butler W1th the photographer s sm1le now and a bhndlngflash we the class of 51 looked d1rectly 1nto the camera s eye There we saw not ourselves but memorles of four years of work fun and frnends lfour years whlch have swlftly come to an end It all began 1n the autumn of the year 1947 when a group of students known as "green freshmen started themr f1rst f four years of learn1ngatE T H S That year we elected as off1cers Edd1e Mlller Pres1dent Bob T1erney Vlce Presl dent Nancy Burnett Secretary Joanne Wasson Treasurer These plus the ca pable adv1ce of our sponsors Mr H Blshop and Mrs J W Barnes led us through an eventful year teachmg us the ways of h1gh school l1fe We returned our sophomore year w1th the saucy assurance that all s1lly soph HISHIRY omores seem to possess Though Smal ler m number we were larger 1n deter m1nat1on to make our class the best yet To galn th1s a1m we chose as class Offl cers Henry Frohock Pres1dent Law rence Kelly V1cePres1dent B111 Berkel Treasurer and Mrs Gene Cho1sser and M1ss Melba Lou Cook as class spon sors There was never a Jolher or more hardworkmg class of Junmors than ours under our competent class off1cers Nor man Colbert Pres1dent Nancy Burnett V1ce Pres1dent Joann Latham Secre tary George Cochran Treasurer Wlth the wmse adv1ce of our class sponsors Mrs Cec1lWoodandMr HarryPuntney we chose for our Junlor Senlor Prom an Hawauan theme We were very proud of our success wlth the Prom and looked for wardw1th br1ght hopes to our Sen1or Year ' I vv ' lv gy - . . I , , J 1 x 7 " - - , . . J x . 0 , "' l ' -- . . 9 . . -- 3 , ' ll ' ' O ' ' . , . . , , - -- -- . .- -- . 3 -- 1 -- ' ' 3 -- - -- I , S F- I ' , 0 l l ' ' I u l , . . . , , - , H - - . . . 16 S S BERNIE ALLEN French Club 3 VICC Presrdent 4 H1 Y 2 3 B A A 4 R lll 2 3 HISIOIY Student Co Award 3 HENRY AMES H1 A A 4 unc1lPres1dent4 Honor o Y I 2 Sctence Club4 B EUNICE ANDERSON Kelvyn Park H1gh School Ch1cago I Latrn Club I 2 French Club 3 Presrdent 4 Dramat1cs Club 4 Glee Club Band I 3 4 Letter 4 H1 Tr1 I 2 3 4 Ceremon1al 3 4 r Roll 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff 3 Iunror Class Play 3 Hono 4 Htgh Magazrne Salesman 3 4 CHARLENE BAKER H1 Tr1 r 2 3 4 Jun aI1CS Club 4 Choral Club 4 ror Play Usher 3 Dram WANDA GRACE BAKER Teasurer3 GA A I2 34 et Latrn Club I 2 3 4 r ter I 2,3 Socral Club 4 H1 Tr1 I 2 3 Treasurer 4 Ceremon1al4 Honor Roll 1 2 3 LUDENE BARKER al 3 4 Vrce Presrdent 4 H1 Tr1I 2 3 4 Cetemonr F H A 4 Dramaucs Club4 Iunror Class GAA 23 P1ay3 BERNARD BARNARD Nature Club 4 H1 Y 1 2 PAT BARNES 1 2 3 4 Group Offrcer Class Treasurer 2 H1 Tr1 al 2 G A A I 4 Lat1nC1ubI 2 French Club Ceremonr 3 Honor Roll I GRACE BEAN Hi-Tri I, 2, 3,4, ' - A. I, Treasurer 2 Vice-President 3, 4. WAYNE BEAN Nature Club 4. Ceremomal 4, F. H. Compliments of CRAGGS 8: DEVILLEZ ,J V wi H fn... YC' Q--s if sal' 'Vi' DONNA M CLARK Club 2 GEORGE COC HRAN Ierseyvrlle Townshlp I-hgh School I Class Treasurer 3 E Club 2 3 4 Hr Y 2 3 Latrn Club 2 3 4 Dramatrcsfllub 4 Annual Staff Assrstant Edrror 3 Edrtor 4 Honor Roll I 2 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Capra1n4 Tracl-r3 4 NORMAN COLBERT Class Presrdent 3 Class V1ce Presrdent 4 E Club 3 4 Hr Y I 2 Annual Salesman 3 4 Football I 2 3 Co Caprarn 4 Track 2 3 4 Honor Roll I 2 A LICE COLLINS A FHA I23Treasure H T 2 Ceremomal 4 Choral Club 4 Socral Club 4 Sl IIIRS RUTH EVELYN BENNETT Dramatics Club 45 Hi-Tri I, 2, 3, 45 Choral Club 4. A 5 ' BILL BERKE1. Class Secretary 25 B.A.A. Treasurer 45 Hi-Y l, 25 E Club 3,45 Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Caprain 45 Basketball I5 Track PEGGY BLACK Harrrsburgl 2 3 Hr Trl 4 Dramatrcs Club 4 HENRIETTA BROWN F H A I 2 3 4 H1 Tr14 Dramatlcs Club 4 NANCY BURNETT G A A I 2 3 4 H1 Trrl 2 Group Offrcer 3 Accom pan1st4 French Clubz 3 4 Vrce Presrdem 3 Dramatrcs Club 4 Class Secretary I Vrce Presrdent 3 Glee Club Accompan1st4 Laun Clubl Band I 2 Home Comrng Queen 4 Annual Staff 4 MAC BUTLER Class Treasurer 4 H1 Y I F F A 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Vrce Presrdent 4 Parlramenrary Team 2 3 ludgrng Team 2 3 F H A Show 3 Nauonal Conventron 4 Leadershrp Trarnrng School 3 4 F H A Offrcers Camp 4 Scrence Club 4 Junror Class Play 3 'ft' fig ' Xa I,3,4 N jus ffpg , f' 4 , n 3 " a . . . . . . . 6. A . "' +I' 5- Hi-Trl I, 2, 3,45 Choral Club 45 Dramarics Club 45 Glee W . .3. : . . . 1 ' : . - , 5 1 5 G.A. .15 . . . , . , r45 i- rlr, ,3,4, 1 S S MARY CATHERINE COX Rxdgway Hrgh School I F H A I 2 4 Choral C1ub4 H1 Trl 2 3 4 Soc1al Club4 MURL EDDY London Ontarro Canada I 2 3 Band 4 Fust Place Tal ent Show 4 Nature Club 4 LONA EGGEMEYER Rock Jumor Hlgh I East St Lou1sJr Hrgh 2 Chora1Club 4 Soclal Club 4 H1 Tr1 3 4 GARY ELDER Nature Club 4 H1 Y I 2 Football I 2 4 Track 2 3 WILLIAM R ENGLISH HI Y I 2 Nature Club4 HENRY FROHOCK Class Presrclent 2 H1 Y I 2 Scrence Club 4 Jumor Class Play 3 B A A 4 Annual Salesman 2 Track I IV' 'Nd' EUGENE GASS French Club I 2 H1 YI 2 Honor Roll I DONALD GATES F F A Secuonal Lrvestock Show DuQuo1n I 2 3 Sec t1onal Lrvestock Harrxsburg 4 H1 Y I 2 E Club 3 4 Football I 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 ROSALIE GRANT H1 Tr1 I 2 3 4 Ceremonral 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 F H A 4 Dramat1cs Club Presrdent 4 GEORGE GRISHAM A Y if 4' ,ix ng: I as X F I 'nfs ml f Sv ' , 'Nl' Y RAY HARBISON F F A l 2 3 4 Assrstanr Offlcerl Reporter 2 Pres ldent 3 4 Exhxbrted 2 3 4 Parliamentary Team 2 3 4 Chatrman 3 4 Speech Contest 3 4 State Delegate 2 4 Nat1ona1Delegate3 F F A Campt 3 4 EClub4 Band I 2 H1 Y I 2 Football 2 4 Track 2 3 4 President Na ture Club 4 C HEDGER RUBY JEAN HOOVER 3 rl 1 JERRY JUSTICE ub34BAA HYl2Footb 34 ketball 2, 3 4 Track I 2 Sl IIIRS RAY GRISHAM Science Club Secretary-Treasurer 4g Junior Class Play 3g Honor Roll I, 2, 3. GEORGE HAGAN E Club 3,43 F.F.A. Ig Hi-Y I,2g Honor Roll 1,25 Foot- ball 1, 2,3,4g Track 2, 3.4. MELVIN HALL Track 4. MARY HAM Hi -Tri I 2 3 4 Group Officer 1 2 4- Social Club 4- Dramatics Club Secretary 4- Junior Class Play 3. BESSIE HAMILTON Trl I 2 3 4 Dramatlcs Club 4 JESSIE HAMILTON Y 1 2 Nature Club Treasurer 4 Dramatlcs Club 4 Basketball 1 2 4 Track I .pf 'Q M2-if 4, K 20 1 Q 5, .., . . . . . . . . O f' L . 3 PM K- ' 6' 'J Hi' ' . . . 9 ' - 1 'V he 4 1. 7 , 7 Hi' -1 1 ' 1 .4 t . . 9 - sf O 3 . , - i - - - . . . . . . L 0 , ' . . . . . . '12, 'xr Y - . , :mm A . . .. . . . . . . 5 43 if J. . M I 1 3, 3, . J 1 ' G.A.A. ,4g Hi-T' ,z,3,44 F.H.A. 4. I ECI , Q . . . 44 i- , , all 2, , gaas- ' ' ' ' 'Q t L . S S ELEANOR KANE 2 4 Ceremon1al4 LatInC1ubI 2 3 Treas H1 Trl I 3 urer 2 3 French Club 4 Photography Club 4 Glee Club 3 4 Jtuuor Class Play 3 Honor Roll I 2 3 4 ANN LAT!-IAM Student Councll VICE Tr1 I 2 3 4 Ceremon1al 4 Group Off1cer I G A A I 2 3 4 Vrce Pres1dent4 Latrn Club 1 2 3 Vlce Pres D 1dent 2 Presldent 3 Dramatlcs Club 4 Band I 2 3 15 trlct Contest 3 MaJorette I 2 3 Iunlor Class Play 3 Honor Roll I 4 Annual staff 3 4 Presldent 4 Class Secretary 3 H1 IACK LONG Band I 2 3 4 4 French Club 3 H1 Y I 2 Football 2 Junror Class Play Letter 3 4 Choral Club 4 Dramat1csClub MILDRED LYNCH A A I 2 3 Letterl Lat1n Club I 2 H1 TIII 2 4 Soc1a1 Club 4 Dramattcs Club 4 PRESTON MARTIN ChoralClub 4 Dramat1csC1ub 4 I-'renchC1ub I H1 Y Junror Class Play 3 Football I 2 Annual staff I MARILYNN IO MERTZ McLeansboro I G A A 2 3 Pres1dent4 Latln Club 2 3 H1 Tr1 2 3 4 Soc1alClub 4 Annual Staff4 Lettergrrl 3 B Team Cheerleader 3 Pew jr-.,, fit 01,55 fi Hrs EDDIE MILLER Class Presldent I Latln Club I Band I Glee Club 2 H1 JOE MOSBY FFAI234Watc og4 gg HIY hd Jud In Team 3 4 Track SAMMIE NASH H1 Trl I, 2, 3, 4, Ceremomal 4, Annual Staff4, Latm Club Dramaucs Club I,2,3, French Club 3.4, G.A.A. I,2, 3, 4 EDITH NICHOLS G.A.A I,2,3, Glee u 3, , , , , Club 4,Dramat1cs Club 4, Iuruor Class Play 3, Letter Glrl 3, Drstnct Choral Contest 3 Compnments of MARTIN 81 MCGILL MOTOR CO. Cl b H1 Trl I 2 3 4 SOCIBI 'NN Q- 1' LEONARD POOLE Latln Club I 2 4 Photography Club 4 Jumor Class Play 3 Football 3 4 LOUISE ROBERTS H1 Trl I 2 3 Secretary 4 Ceremonxal 4 F H A 4 Dramatrcs Club 4 Annual Staff 4 .Iumor Class Play 3 VICTOR W ROBERTS Footballx 2 34 FFA I EClub3 4 H1 Y2 4 Sec rerary Treasurer 4 BARBARA ANN ROBERTSON G.A.A. I, Choral Club 4, H1 Tn I,2,3,4, Latm Club 1, French Club 2, 3.4, Band 1, 2, 3,4 Sl RS CAROLE OGLESBY A I234FHA 123 Pres1dent4 l-l1T 2 3 4 Pres1dent 4 Ceremonral 3 4 East Bay Camp Delegate4 Homecom1ngQueenArtendant 4 Jumor Class Play 3 JACK PACK FOOIDBIII 2 3 4 Basketball I 2 3 4 Track 1 2 Yl2 EC1ub234 BAA DAVID PERRY Physlcs Club 4 Dramaucs Club 4 H1 Y I GLEN PHELPS F F A I 2 3 4 Parlramenrary Procedure 2 Gram Show 2 Track 2 MARIE PHELPS F H A 1 2 H1 Trl I 2 3 4 Socral Club4 Dramaucs Club 4 FLOY SUE PIKE A 4 G A 4 Let H 2 Group Offxcer 4 Ceremonlal 4 Junror Class Play3 Honor Roll 4 ,f G.A. . . . . , . . . . . . ' 1 '- ru. , ,:-. 5:19 ,IE Q n 9 v r ' 1 1 . ' Q A., ' 55 ' . I 2323 F s g, . . . : . . . a . .3.4: 1555? Hb ,, ,,,...+ ' fab . Q. , . . . I 1 Q ' . 4 . igl ,ml .1 -,'l 'A -.'- X 5 ' ' T I I I I I I v F.H. . g . .A. l,2,3, , rer 24 i-Tri 1, ,3,4, 6 sr M X . ' 1 : ' . I A .X A Sl IIIIIS DONALD SETEN F F A I2 3 4 Gram Show 2 3 4 Stock Show4 Parlramentary Procedure 3 4 Choral Club 4 H1 Y I 4 Football 4 LEONARD FRANK SHORT IR BAA 4 H1YI2 Basketballl 23 DANA SHROYER Tr1 I 2 3 4 Ceremon1al4 F H A I Secretary 2 3 G A A I 2 Camp 3 4 Letter l 2 3 4 Socxal Club EVA MAE SHROYER Broughton I H1 Tn 2 3 4 F H A 2 Choral Club 4 DENVER SMITH A 3 4 H1 ROBERT SPAHR V x 2 Q 'Na 1-'wx -FW' lla-Q 'ag- ir-'ef 17 N HILDA STOKES Glee Club 2 3 4 Dramatrcs Club 4 H1 Trr I 2 3 4 Ceremonral 4 Choral Club 4 HENRIETTA STOUT T11 I 2 3 4 F WLLMA NELL STRICKLIN Photography Club 4 H1 Trr 1 2 3 4 Socral Club 4 BETTY JOAN STURAM Photography Club 4 Choral Club 4 H1 Tn I 2 3 4 Complxments of MAE S DRESS SHOP , I 1 ., ,,.. I . f ' I ' U 1 I 1 l 1 I 1 6 I ' . : : " .2. I., I - Q 'f ' kj , . 0 1 0 2 I' n F n n ' , Vgmgrb I I 1 S. Of A T' " ' . ' ' ' , Y 2:94 . HI- l 9 u u I U 1 Q u u I: : - - - . . . . . . . : ' ' '- , ,., X A 4' 9 at 4 'C' 3 " 4 . , : . . - : . S - -, r :S I fi . 1 . ' 'tv V F.F. . I,2, , 5 -YI. K Y I .1 F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. ,f ',,V W Q at - ' I I ' ii , 'Q' I V 1. 15: ix I Y - 1 - ' I -4' ' if A n 1 P ' I I I 0, . I 4, . o . I ,., . - , ' 0 -' . ' , 1 f HI- , , , 5 .H.A. I. , If 4 5 M521 . ' A M LT 5 LL ,, M H' 4 : '- ' . . . : ' - 43,4 - I ' A I I " ' 0 n n ' yt: Q .1fa:N1F,1fTvf. I I 213: Q?" ,' Y. I I, I -if . . DONA LD TYLER H1 Y I 2 4 Sclence Club 4 MARY JO VINYARD H1 Trl I 2 3 4 Ceremon1al4 F H A I 2 3 Hrstorran 4 Band I 2 3 4 State Contest 3 Letter 3 Honor Roll 3 Illrtu Grrls State Annual Staff 4 FRANCES JOAN WALLACE G A A I 2 Letter I Photography Club 4 C,horalClub 1 Tr1 I BILLY WALTZ Photography Club 4 Compliments of THE DAILY JOURNAL W' 24 Sl S JARRELL RAY SUTTON Football I Soc1alClub4 H1 Y 2 F F A 2 3 4 Reporter 4 Parlramentary Procedure 3 4 Stock Show 3 4 JOHN THORNE F F A I Choral C1ub4 BOBBY LEE TIERNEY E Club 3 4 B A A Presrdent 4 H1 Y I 2 Class V1ce Presrdent I Class Pres1dent4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Track 1 Annual Staff 3 4 JIM BOB TISON Scrence Club V1ce Presrdent H1 Y 4 I Dramat1cs Club 4 Juntor Class Play 3 Basketball I JANET TRIGG G A A I 2 3 French Club I 2 3 4 Secretary4 Dra matrcs Club 4 Annual Salesman I 2 3 4 H1 Tn I 2 3 4 Ceremonral 4 Junror Class Play 3 Annual Staff 3 4 LILLIAN TURNER A A I2 I 2 3 4 Majorette 2 3 St 4 ate Band Contest 3 Letter 3 Honor Roll H1 Tn I 2 3 4 Ceremontal 3 4 Socral Club 4 Dramat1cs Club 4 Band 4 l -fir A I I I I' I o o - r 1 v l - I I f ' I ll 6 4 A ' . . , 5 at 1"f ' ' I Vi J J l I 9 I 7, 4 5 ' , ga f I E 1 .- I -A5 f , l - - - . . 1 . . . . 2 ' ' C 3 ' : . . . 1 " ' . . . if 5,3 . ' I ' I . . G- - - . . . : ' 1 ' : 1 I I I I I I I I I ' 9 : " ' . . . . ' - . ,IRA Pi I' u a I I ' , I . I' . v r 9 l I I 0 I 0 1 n 1 - I 2 n 1 a v u 3 3 . 3 I N I Q . . U ' ' v I 2 I 45 H" V f 21 3.4- Sl IIS BOBBY WALTZ Sclence Club 4 JOHN WARGEL F F A I 2 3 4 Off1cer 3 Judgmg Contest 3 H1 YI LILLIAN WARGEL F H A I 2 4 Choral Club4 Socral Club 4 H1 Tr1 I 2 3 4 ANNE WASSON Class Treasurer I Dramatrcs Club 4 Soc1alC1ub4 F H A 3 G A A 1 3 4 H1 Tr11 2 4 Jun1orClass Play3 J L W1-urs, JR. I-larnsburg Townshrp I-hgh School I Choral Club 4 Cheerleader 3 Dramatrcs Club 4 JACK WHITLOCK E Club 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 ...AQ 3 At last, 1n the autumn of 1950, we attamed the rank of soph1st1cated sen 1ors Our class off1cers for th1s, our most 1mportant year, were Bob T1erney Pres1dent, Norman Colbert V1cePres1 dent, Mac Butler Secretary Treasurer For class sponsors we were happy to have M1ss Betty Brewner and Mr M11 ton Cox The class worked hard to ra1se the money for our annual, one of the most lmportant accomphshrnents rn the four years spent here. 61 'iq 4 552:31 M WANDA LEE WILSON Dramatxcs Club 4 H1 Trl I 2 3 4 Group Off1cer2 3 4 Ceremon1al4 French Club I Vlce Presrdent 2 Iun1or Class Play DONALD GLEN YOUNGER B A A Vrce Pres1dent 4 E Club 3 4 Latm Club I Basketball I 2 Football l 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 H1 2 Now 15 the tlme for us to gather up our four years of preparat1on and follow those who have gone before us The future rests on the result of th1s prep arat1on Many w11l pass before the eyes of the cameras of Success and Fame, Whlle others may pass only 1n front of the local photographer s camera s eye Let us only hope that each w111 f1nd suc cess and happrness 1n hrs own way over the tr1als and respons1b111t1es wh1ch the future seems to hold for all .ll n 0 ' ' 1 u 1 1 . n l I I' - A - - - . . : : ' : " ' . 3 ' - f I I 0 1 U I A' . n l 30 : I , ' I I sacs r ' llltt ' A 'all fl? . lctf 1 ' ' ' . 2: : 1 A K- 0 . : . . . - 5 - . 4 3 ,H if gf Y I, ,3. ' oc - ' - ' . ,, . . O C I I 1 Q Q Q I I IIHIIIHIS Presmdent Charles Slsk V1ce Presldent Mary Renshaw Secretary Treasurer Joann Long SPONSORS Mrs Celestxne Wood Mr La Verne Orton Although we are not yet Sophlstlcat ed Sezuors we have reached one goal. we are upperclassrnenl In 1948, w1th the help of our offxcers Charles Slsk, President Bob Brlddlck, Vlce Presldent Patsy Ratley, Secre rary Beva Nell Sutton, Treasurer and our sponsors Mrs Barnes and Mr Blshop, we made a good begmnmg for our high school careers The next year under the leadershlp of Charles Sxsk Presldent Harold Fm nle, Vxce Presxdent Shxrley Sutton, Sec Mxss Mxller and Mlss Mann, Sponsors we contlnued our good work Thxs year we had our flrst really blg Jobs The Iumor Class Play Rest As sured, and the .Tumor Semor Prom Wxth hard work byeveryone, and the ad vlce of our sponsors, Mrs Wood and Mr Orton, both were very successful Complunents of MCKINNEY APPLIANCE CO G E Applxances 1703 Locust of all high school students this year--- retaryg Bob Briddick, Treasurer: and Z6 Franklin Allen Donald Ande Louise Auten Virginia Back Jack Bagby Bennie Baird Barbara Baker Rance Barker Barbara Barnes Charles Barton Marian Barton Nina Bertino Jack Bonnell Carroll Bowling Carolyn Bowling Bob Briddick Frances Brown Hal Burnett Jerry Carr Judy Carter Jack Chandler Elizabeth Clark Jane Coffey Nancy Crickman Joyce Dagley David Davidson Danny Dean Gary Donley Miona Endicott Herman Erkman Stanley Evans Harold Finnie Richard Fitzsimmons Paul Forester James Funkhouser James Gholson William Gholson Barbara Gibson Joyce Goessman Margaret Greer . Aa . JU IIIIIS ,ai 'V yzfgr Q f f '20 ' ii 1 ,V li. nv w 4' iwxg fit M 1af,,,,., S - f' ww, 4.16 fm f 9 fy 4, A, 5 ,YJ A Sllx JI .4 5. J , gi IQ K fx 1 o 4 X , ,fr-.f-AA- wh' Xi K . I -as .V-if l i liiii, J 'LY gy - ""? M.. f 99 fin ' f I, L if .. ,adn 44 gp . fx xxx -QI!" -12' .am Z .Q- fu VC! rf 40 k f rl' . -121- 1 Y ,.l6 'Q I "'-4 'P 4"'e,, M f- .sf 5 ff Inns v 3 -an , .qv 1 X, All , -9 1 v3 T J " , 2 ii I I uw -J , ,gs ' as i Q M A V 49 H 19- J ,', 7 I .Q :.,1 ' 64 A 15:2 .f!f'?+ .els -f W' it ,Wy -0 infix Dorothy Grimes Stanley Grisham Jack Gunter Lavern Hammond Lonnie Hammond Jane Harrawood Ralph Hausser Jack Hedger Ernest Heltsley Wayne Hicks James Hill Teny Hill Shirley Holbrook Barbara Horn Harold Irvin Roma Irvin Billy Johnson James Johnson Roy Johnson Darlene Jones Barbara Kendall Mildred Klaffer Jerry Lane Joann Long Terry Long Robert Lovellette Ann McDaniel Margene McVay Joe Mackovjak Bill Martin Harold Mitchell Susan Mitchell Patricia Moore Peggy Sue Morris Donald Nave Helen Omohundro D. A. Phelps Bill Raley , Charles Reeder Mary Renshaw H. G. Robertson .Toe Ruphard Melba Lou Shelton Phyllis Shounk Marleen Simpson Charles Sisk Robert Smith I ack Stafford Donna Stephenson Don Stovall Velma Stovall Benita Sturam Rosalie Sullivan Shirley Sutton Veva Nell Sutton William Taylor J' ack Tolbert Betty Turner Edith Unthank Robert Utley Mary Vangampler Billie Watson Edward Watson Earl Whitler Jackie Wiggins Barbara Woolard Eugene Wooldridge ,fa W., 'Cl ,.-df ...o ., "' i " Ha' no E S X A X ' .J X in A ...S Anal- ,ef f ff iq! 7 ,f?'f C ompliments of SJC? ffl tag, if W 2 ,Q W -l . 1 ,W Yi ff, rf' iw N SJ E-19 kr 1. Q' . 6 . A H' Ig , . 3 xlsggf I ug, if 4 K ,aa - THE ELDORADO EXAMINER A good education is the foundation for good citizenship Z9 'X K4 1 g W 'il' ' 'W an u 3 ' W ii 9 W I A '4 Y J ' Q. '31 ' f 'TSW 3 , , Q i . ,, ,naval i .::::" ' .'- --Arfi. 2-. . X lrX C ompliments of CLARENCE ADAMS SUPHUM 0 R is Insurance and Real Estate Q ,'a.L' fu M 'f 'G iii ua- 5' ,af QA 1 at Q CLASS OFFICERS David Porter President Arthur Herron Vice-President Janet Farris Secretary Dorman Lane Treasurer SPONSORS Mrs. Eugene Choisser Mr, Alfred Adams Dottie Adams Helen Allen Shirley Allen Virginia Ande Martha Anderson Teddy Baker Freddie Ballard Rosalea Barker Carl Barnes Neva Bennett John Billman Ernest Blue Mary Bonnell Margaret Brewer Mabel Briddick Richard Brown Bliss Caraway James Carter Dorothea Chamberlain Tommy Chandler Betty Chapman .Tame s Chapman Warren Chapman Jame s C offey Cathe rine C ollins Donna Cox Johnnie Cox Thomas Craig Pat Cummins Shirley Cummins June Cuthbertson Carl Davenport Billy Davis Evelyn Davis Jackie Dean Dewana Denny Norma Dodd Kenneth Douthitt Carol Downey Donald Elder Donna Elder Janet Farris Mayme Feuquay Mary Ann Flanders Ruth Garner Phyllis Gasaway Mary Beth Gass John Ed Gates Barbara Gibbs Sue Gibbs Donald Goldman Ruby Goss Dale Grant Joe Grisham Nellie Hale Edward Hall Willard Hall Shirley Hamilton Delores Hammond Rex Harbison Wadie Hedger Arthur Herron Tyler Hess Shirley Higgins Beulah Holland -If '.l , I . A tb , 1F J ,,., y SIIPHIIMIIIHS 'aan 2, "7 1 -47 f.. F , ks XJ 4 si . ., M "'x:'r A 23 Z Z A , -mr ' ' Ap 1 V tls r J :. " f ' J , 'I 3 A2 Q J. 1 L+ r,li'f'f -A- 59 I-Q, - fig I ' f xx X. SIIPHIIMURIS " 9 ii' Q .J 1 5 ,tif ,Q - 1 f , H T f M 1' . ,vi eg 'Xa-fm? W ,, rm" , - -. 5 - sf .na 4? ,,.-1 ff , .3 .A v--4V ,R -M' All fri, 5 tzewrijlr 1' ' J I -1 P-J Anna Hrecko Billy Hurd Ronnie Ingram Evelyn Irvin Opal Irvin Yvonne Irvin Shirley Justice Willia Bea Kingston Connie Kreuter Joyce Kuhn Dorman Lane Fred Lloyd Sue Lockhart John Lynch Dan McCairns Earl McDonald Velma McGill Charles Malone Charles Maloney June Mathieu Bob Miller Annette Miner Nita Molinarolo Robert Moore Doris Ann Morris Ronald Lee Morris Beverly Moseley Bennie Myers Frederick Nass Mary Kay Nalley Maxine Nation Nadine Nation John Ogle sby Donna Overton Pauline Partain James Phillips David Porter Imogene Potts Johnnie Pritchett Martha Pryor Linda Quisenberry Ann Ramsey Carl Ramsey .Tack Randolph Robert Reed Laura Reeder Eugene Roberts JoAnn Ruphard Bill Russell Ray Sapp Lindell Schimp Carl Seagraves Cleta Mae Shaw .Timmy Sinks Phyllis Skelton Donald Smith Beverley Sontra Mary Ellen Spence Betty Stefane Ioan Stefane Ioan Steinbrook June Steinbrook Barbara Stout Mary Thorn Marilynn Towle Sammy Turner Phyllis Tyler Emily Wargel Kenneth Watson Helen Watson Jackie Weir Emily White Loretta Whitledge Kenneth Whitler .Toyce Whitlock Carolyn Whyte Shirley Wiggins Eddie Williams Kenneth Yates Terry Younger 4 -il ,4-M N4 -,L 'Q 'QM an f' an 4' 1. 1 at '3 K dk X 1 . ' 4" SIIPHIIMIIIHS : an.. x n Aw. X gal Q r-,b 'P it if 1 ,J"' y? 4. nl 4? ? HHSHME Compliments of BAKER FURNITURE CO. Eldorado's Oldest 81 Largest" r,-3 2 9 n fn 5, fx In " x JPAA x .1- QA ..- -O- .-""f2f ff 10' " M' f CLASS OFFICERS Jackie Reese President James Cochran Vice-President Mary Ann Smith Secretary Treasurer SPONSORS Miss D. J. Murrell Mr. Harry Puntney Louise Allen Barbara Anderson James Aud Shirley Baker Richard Banks R John Barnes Joyce Bean Novena Bean .A is P e A ns. ' Joyce Barton Harvey Bishop Billie Blackwell Jimmie B radley Henry B ramlet Joan B ramlet Ln,-:y James Brann Bob Brown Donnie Brown gf' ly Margaret Brown I 1 John Burkhart f n D? Mary Burklow ' 1' 99 Mary Burroughs J Gary Butler I iw A73 Q all Martha Carter I James Cochran ' N J 1' it Dwain Coffee ' "" ' X -:.V 1, - gg, Nina Rose Cowan . h B jg ' 'F' E Gloria S. Cowsert "J xy 'G ,fx Gerald Cox Ruth Craig , e J I HIESIIIVIE Byrl Curry Donald Dagley Norma Davis J Hazel Beth Deen AQ? Darris Denny Donald Dillard i W J e . r at ' d p Jackie Doah A 'V' m W y 'A 9 Harry Dorman ' i 3 "FW 4' Robert Duckworth ., J aff? i X Donald Durham Marrianne Edwards 4 June Endicott gr rar' ' y M Sue Etherton 'jhpl i gglk J it- Mitzie Evans rr gf IVAI - , ug ara g i? h if Doris Farris ' X ' y A Martin Feges V , A Billy F rohock 'T , 1 Billy Gaines in .B B-7 if ' J " 3 Sammy Gaines , Q ' 3 ' at yuyy -'wi .. J Q uf' i ' f i J J ,,,.,: ' - -:' 1 bi V' 4 A Teddie Garner U h 'yi ,V K if yy K ' Bobby Gasaway Barbara Gass Paul Gass Helen Gibson I "--fi' ,fi-.4 ml Y V' Nu Q A H .F V4 Af :ii N X If I ., ' x K p Ml W S J yr M64 ,pg V i 11:52 v u. J 2 ' l "' fin' lffiiif 5 ,y IA?" MF' 4 rs- 't A A 1 ' arm 1 3 v ' y V" X ' -V .Q I .f i , , v V . K A N x hifi A L . 3 x J GK .1 -"1 jr' ' 1- in I ,M J S' J J A 1: is , ,Sul kV,. K 4 N - A .f WU? Q 4 it , K I '-.v 'Q Ld. . 9 l Q F F 3- Y . '3 if-Y' - 'J A Q' J -3 p ' -,.. f ,1,"2 f V A .4 ii W - L 4 r y 1 Wm 9 Q 0 ' N, 4' , - , Q r , , J-vi ' I . .dv A gg , Z I X if I ' A 'L' V Q 5 y may 1 .1 . - J vii "L M " 3. - - i vw l Q pf ' fn? W -ff ,- Dwain Goss Frankie Hafford Jackie Harrelson David Harris Florence Harvie James Hoover Joanne Hopkins Rita Hudgins Ralph Ingram Wanda Lou Irvin Alma Johnson Jane Johnson Willadean Johnson Clarence Jones Frank Joyner Kyrle Iustinn Larry Lane Donnie Leibenguth Glen Littrell Rex Long Vonnell Long Donald Lynch Jim McClusky Myra McGill Bob McKnight Ronnie McRoy Paul Mackovjak Billy Miller Darla Mills Robert Mills George Mitchell Judith Ann Moore Eddy Mosby Jerry Mosby Bill Murphy Nell Murphy Joanne Nass Henrietta Nennig James Omohundro Leroy Pack Billy Phelps Bennie Pool Beverly Potts Paul Prather Virginia Prather Alice Price Leroy Pritchett Carolyn Purcell Jackie Reese Lee Richardson Jack Ross Io Ann Ross Vada Shroyer Gene Sims Floyd Smith Mary Ann Smith Mary Louise Smith Norman Smith Ronald Smith Karl Snedecor Margaret Spahr Gene Stagner Laura Ann Stark Wilma Sue Stevens George Taylor Donald Thornberry Tony Totaro Mary Unthank Donald Utley Glen Vangampler Marilyn Vaught Bob Vickers Betty Whitlock Carletta Whitsell Donna Willis Donald Wilson Kenneth Wood Betty Woolard Katherine Wright Terry York .fy F' 4 ' gl -At Th -la 2 1 V , I ai vm I A SQ, , ra, 'J , I 'Y ? ,L ': " xi , x X xiii! r - fr ,M 4 P , I A 7 A fo u' 45 if 'Q 4 'Fi . Q , eq ff " fm P' 4. g "K ,V - ' ' rcyt 'gy K t , , 2,41 y I I. Q D 7 4, 'Q ff.. 0, 4' 11 an , ,J-.. W I' "' . z d vc" 4 - N. A n' I 5' A 7 . A .AQ - . , A - D If V W , A was 'gy A -'tak 'Y X T31 X I A L X 5 . fy' Q I.: , .a- : 'S 'AL ' ' '-I4 sl -mi M" x ' ' , 'ff -4 xxx xi X X ii' -'N N --'H df xxx X. 3 1 x V f lf Mx X I "". 2421 a. ., , 4- .- .- 5 2 'Ep-ff, A "' . , .4 -'51 'X X - Y .,- A lc CAMERA BUCKS M Busy young draftsmen Future sc1ent1sts at work Supervlsed study by Mr Greer "Wal Cornplirnents of BURNETT'S LUNLBER CO. 38 if. NY' IIANIIRA IIHIZKS 'iiluqg-,, Sklll practxce or a game of hockey Galrnng knowl edge through a blology f1e1d trzp Compliments ofSUTTON ELECTRIC 39 L earrung farm mechanlcs -'LJ Q :1,g'M-'G'-' , '. ,QwssanaAc1lvl1lf M , 2. S W4 M ,U , W swim ,. 2 HM 1 'f jg 5?A7v'3Q'Q CBI"""? 9 -'Xa' Y " Q"fQg?gf5a'f3 V2Q,g4'3 -fir F-4.5 QG,,53 Q' g2fl .g'g- 1.-. 2 i . -4.. Q S?f :?.1 ,J Q- sf. Q 9 ,Q if - f Y, l gf' ,9' 'A QW., I -Q if ' V' '--f Q. m 'xx 1-.fa .,,,,A ' M, -5 -21 5 ,., W 'SL A 4f?55 ??f i1le,-. Q A pf , lf ii7.'2?f-- 59 mfg an ' Y 1' ' 5' f uw, lg! if wig' ug ig 311:51 'gf' gaib Q A -M, A 2?i3Qg1 edgy VE ,NA x rf! 51: ,f 7 . 7 3 4 5 9'Q"'?l-' 4 ,f ,xi rd '- ' xJ' 'W' W - 5 ' X , . - Q ,' r '32 f' , A if Q ,, -gy if 4 1. . 6 A k 'Q X W 'wiv 'V ' 1 ' 3 ff' A? nf" W Wa' ' Hlllllll HUNIHVIAKHIS IH AMERICA Pres1dent Carole Oglesby Vlce Presldent Veva Sutton Secretary Mary Ann Thorn Tre-1S111'e1' Alxce Colllns Parllamentaman Evelyn I1-V111 H1stor1an Mary .To Vmyard Reporter Ruth Garner Sponsor Mlss Brewner Chapter Mother Mrs James Garner Toward New I-Ionzons LS the theme for th1s year s Future Homemakers Club The alms and purposes are as follows 1 To promote a growmg apprec1at1on of the Joys and satlsfactlon of homerrlakmg Z To emphalze the xmportance of worthy home membershlp 3 To encourage democracy ln home and commumty hfe 4 To work for good home and fanuly lxfe for a 5 To promote mternatlonal good wmll 6 To foster the development of creatlve leadershxp m home and commumty hfe and l W r 42. M ' n ' ' 1 0 0 ll. 5. HIHIRI FARMERS IH AMERICA Presldent Ray Harb1son Vlce Presxdent MHC Butler Secretary Treasurer Bob Lovellette Watchdog Joe Mosby He rman Erkman Reporter Jarrell Sutton Sponsor Mr Bxshop The prlmary alm of the F F A lS the development of agr1cu1tural leaderslup cooperatlon and c1t1zensh1p The specxfxc purposes for whlch thls orgamzatlon was formed are as follows 1 Todevelop competent aggressxve rural and agrxcultural 1eadersh1p Z To create and nurture a love of country llfe 3 To strengthen the confldence of farm boys and young men m themselves and the1r work 4 To create more lnterest Ln the lntel hgent cho1ce of farmlng occupatlons 5 To encourage members ln the develop ment of 1nd1v1dualfarm1ng programs and estabhshment 1n farmmg 6 To encourage members to lmprove the farm home and xts surroundmgs llllii 1, S . I if '4 u 7 To partlclpate Ln worthy undertak1.ngs for the 1mp1-ovement of agrlculture 8 To develop character tra1n for useful cxtlzenshlp and foster patrlotlsm 9 To partlclpate Ln cooperatlve effort 10 To encourage and practlce thrlft 11 To encourage lmprovement Ln scholar ship 12 To provlde and encourage the develop ment of organ1zed rural recreatlonalactwl tles A... mail ' . . . . . . . ' A . ,OAR I , V. , ,., , ' - ' . -9 ' . . 1 Q ll. Q "'l. 'L- I I I I , H I I I I K I I I I X' A 0 1 . .gi 4 Q . 1 . , :Yi A M Y J , . . O ' . . . . V A 9 A , . . . . . . 5 0 1 9 1 . . O . . . . . . . n 0 . U . , I . , . 0. - . . . . . . , . . . . . - . . . - A l . . I . . 1 . . . . . ' . 1 " w,v-- M- 7 -3: f ' ' Ev'-fem: 3 K , " Nw.. to - -If ' "1 1 ' .1 , ' 2 , v , , J, I ,' !, ' HRM W. 1 I .1 A ei ,,,, n 1 'yp 'Lf A A , "ii ' - ' f f 1 Y -1 . J A I J. ' fy fr 1 ,x , ' ' ' f . on ,I I I Y, , gg ' , J fy' R .Dv I ,,4' 1 .,. A - 'R M .,,..... ' Iv . 'N- I 1. .3114 v.t...l... ax .4-nn..44,..t.. 1..- can-4. A . A " ' .4e'snvKm1lw.p., 43 I lAlI ClUB i' 5 President, Edward Watson: Vice President, Donna Coxg Secretary, Joyce Dagleyg T r e a s u r e r , Martha Pryorg Sponsor, Miss Wakeford, Membership in the Latin Club is offered to former Latin students and to those who are enrolled in the subject at the present time. It is the purpose of the programs to supplement the classroom work and to provide an op- portunity to learn more about the Ro- mans and their civilization. Our motto is---" optima deligamusf' vw A ' x ' A K fimmwya FRI CH CIUB President, Eunice Andersong Vice President, Bernie Alleng Secretary, Phyllis Skelton, Treasurer, Louise Auteng Sponsor, Mrs. Wood, The purpose of this organization is to encourage both present and former students to participate in events re- quiring some use of French. Cultural aspects of Frenchcivilization are em- phasized in the reports. Compliments of- -P Y GOLDEN RULE DRUG COMPANY v I lllllli ul-v P r e s i d e nt , Harold Finnieg Vice President, J' e r ry L aneg Secretary, Edward Watsong Treasurer, Vickie Robertsg Sponsor, Mr. Cox, The purpose for this organization is to create , maintain, and extend through- out the school and community high standards of Christian character Platform: Sponsors, Mr. Adams and Mr. Gardner. The "E" club aims to further ath- letics at high school, to teach better sportsmanship and conduct among ath- letes participating, and to Ca1'I'Y on the winning tradition of former teams. 1, To maintain clean sportsmanship. Compliments of 2- T0 maintain Clean Speech- TURNER'S FRIENDLY SERVICE 3. To maintain clean scholarship. 4. To maintain clean living, Locust 8: Fourth Miuinu AI'RPlA l President, Iames Cart- erg Vice President, Kenneth Woodg Sec. and Treasurer, Rex Harbisong Sponsor, Mr, Greer. This organization aims to promote interest in model airplane building. LPHIHUISRAPHY cum President, Charles Siskg Vice President, Richard Smithg Sec, and Treasurer, Roma Lee Irving Spon- sor, Mr. Baker. The "Shutterbugs" are brought together in this club to further their interests and skills in photog- raphy through discussions and demonstrations. SCH lil Clllll President, Stanley Evansg Vice President, Jim Bob Tisong Sec. and Treasurer,Ray Grish- am: Sponsors, Mr. Large and Mr. Leonard. The purpose of this organi- zation is to create interest and work in the field of science. Compliments of R. and T. MARKET PRESIDENT, Carole Oglesbyg VICE-PRESIDENT, Ludene Barker, SECRETARY, Louise Roberts, TREASURER, Wanda Baker. GROUP OFFICERS: SENIORS: Floy Pike, Mary Ham, Wanda Wilson. IUNIORS: Marian Barton, Jane Harrawood, Carolyn Bowling. SOPHOMORES: Connie Kreuter, Phyllis Skelton, Dewanna Denny. SPONSORS: Mrs. Choisser, Mrs. Wood, Miss Brewner. The fundamental aim of the Hi-Tri League, an organization for all the girls, is the development of strong, unselfish c ha r a c te r . Emphasis is placed on Loyalty, Friendship, Pleas- ure , Courtesy, and Character, qualities that lead to Success. The calendar of social activities for the year includes a Ceremonial Tea, a Mother - Daughter Banquet, Heart Week for new girls, and one or more joint activities with the Hi-Y. In addi- tion to these functions, the 1950 -51 officers and several others attended the Older Girls' Conference at Benton and entered the prize-winning float in the Homecoming Parade. .J Lrg -. r 5 , 32 I .g 11,5 , P 1 4 w "5-ik if ,pg 4, X Q 93.11 Lie? ix K N. 1 3 1 s X 1 g ' 1 W 1. -'A , N-, 2 Z ' S 9. QYW 'ax 1 31 RM 'i Y Q.,,g ,Q,. ir M , 'A 9 ,M , 'lk K' ' . 5 H17 x Q W in rd Q. ma wi' W 7339? wx aiu 1,3 Q. ai ' u 5 , Y vs, ' W ' H3 -"9 m t ' g., - , Q 2 I gi gn Q. 6 x I P A "M X' B X ,M V QS 'VN V K" ' ff , A K' v '. x Q 1 8"yE"' A fi, I 22443 ' . ' v X L V ,yy Q AV H, ' 1 mf.: 55' 'lf-if ,Q ' NAM ' Q ? V 'fri' 'Ji W 1 4 'O f M A ,tv xg? ,. 4 , , f W V ' ah 7 Q.. mil -I 24,, s+s. M., 5 1 1 3 XM PQ .1 . 4 ,U , 1 , , 5 , ' 1. I I ,fg h ge 3 Q3 , gli wk 7, , 4 Q 3 , ' Pres1dent Harb1son calls the F F A to order xv 9 oax2:Zm1avo N1 160 'ive C, we AIIIIVIIIIS LA nd the Lamp Went Out ' The presentatwn of the H1 Y Charter These glrls sw 50 he school by storm EDIT ORIAL STAFF Editor, George Cochran Assistant Editor, Barbara Barnes Art Editor, Eunice Anderson Faculty Editor, Sammie Nasu Typist, Nancy Burnett Typist, Eunice Anderson Senior Editor, Marilynn Mertz Calendar Editor, Louise Roberts Clubs Editor, Mary J0 Vinyard Sports Editor, Bob Tierney Advisor, Von L. Baker BUS! !SS SIA!! Bus. Mgrs. Janet Trigg Jo Ann Latham Asst. Bus. Mgrs. H. G. Robertson Hal Burnett SENIOR SALESMEN Bob Tierney Janet Triggx Jo Ann Lat am JUNIOR SALESMEN Hal Burnett Teny Hill H. G. Robertson Ann McDaniel SOPHOMORE SALESMEN David Porter Carl Davenport Beverly Sontra Connie Kreuter , FRESHMAN SALESMEN Beth Dean Kenneth Wood James Cochran June Ross Compliments of PUTNAM'S JEWELRY STORE GU!!! ! SIA!! Through the "Cami:ra's eye" we have tried to record for you limpses of the high lights of the year at T.H.S. We have devoted a maximum amount of space to pictures. The Duotonepicture cover is the first major change in cover design on the Golden E for many years. The editors and sponsor wish to thank the many members ofthe faculty and stu- dent body whose cooperation has made this book possible. We especially wish to thank the business and professional men whose advertisements contributed to the financial success of this Golden E. The pictures of the night football games were furnished by Stricklin Studios. RESI ASSURIDM Mr. Morlock fHal Burnett, is a fidgety, nervous, grouchy old goat who doesn't like anything but money an never does anything but workand gripe about his pains. He even brings his assistant, George Plew fH.G. Robertsonj, and his secretary, Miss Akers fBarbara Barnesl, home to work. He won't let his daughter, Mary fJerry Carrl, be- come engaged to Joe LanconifCharles Siskl because Joe's papa is poor. So when Joe's papa Luigi fDavid Davidsonl, comes over to talk for Joe, the old fellows startafeud worse than the Hatfields and the McCoys. Luigi has a bad heart and can't take it. He dies at the hospital . This should end every- thing, but it doesn't. Luigi gets permission to haunt Mr. Morlockuntil he gives his per- mission for the wedding. The family, es- pecially 13-year-old Jessica QBarbara Bak- erj, thinks Morlock has lost his few re- maining marbles. Morlock accidently takes too many sleeping pills, and he kicks the bucket, too. Both Morlockand Luigi re- fuse to leave until thin s are settled.Luigi's wife, Martha fJudy garter?-2 comes down from Heaven after Luigi. ucifer fRance Barkerl, the rounder-upper of lost souls from "down below" comes up for Morlock. Mrs. Schmaltz fCaro1 n Bowlingj comes by on her way down and, looks around for a likely-looking Husband No . 15 fher other 14 died and, don't tell anybody But shepoi- soned 13 of theml. Mr. Morlock sees the undertaker, Mr. Black fEarl Whittlerl, KWQW5 N! come after his body and watches a happier life go on without him in the Morlock home. Mary gets ready for the wedding: Jessica prepares to start her wrestling careerg and Mrs. Morlock fMarian Bartonl is actually smiling again. Right in front of the deceased Mr. Morlock, Dr. Brown fHarold Irvinl, the family doctor, actually holds her hand and hints at matrimony. MorlockseesJake, the newsboy fCharles Reederj, and Mrs. Finch, the washer woman fMildred Klaf- ferl, come in to tell Joe what a wonderful man Luigi was. Mr. Morlockfinally realizes what a heel he's been. If only he had an- other chance. Just then Mildred the maid fShirle Holbrookl awakens him. He had spent the ni ht on the sofa. It was all a bad dream. He cidnt' die and neither did Luigi. A very reformed Mr. Morlockrnakes vast promises, okays the wedding, and peace inally reigns at the Morlock's. COMMITTEES Student director - -L ouice Auten. Stage man- gers--Earl Whitler, Harold Irvin. Make- up--Veva Nell Sutton, Shirle Sutton .Pro- perty--Mildred Klaffer, Barlbara Kendall Publicity--Margaret G reer , Phyllis Shounk, Melba Lou Shelton. House-Margar- et Greer, Phyllis Shounk, Rosalie Sullivan Varbara Woolard, Donna Stephenson, Joann Long, Darlene Jones. ' Compliments of 52 ELDORADO DEPARTMENT STORE JU IDR ClASS Sl IUR ClASS NO FITS ALLOWED pw- This was a play with a different twist. It was laid in the waiting room of asrnall way- sidi railroad station on a dark and stormy ni t. qhfhat a stran e and conglomerate mixture of people was tghrown together when a fast train was derailed and the passengers came inside to wait for arelieftrain. Among them were three peppy and attractive college girls, Flickie Nelson--U0 Ann Lathaml, etty Phillips--fMary Jo Vinyardl, Joan Parker--fNancyBurnettQ, who were on their wayback to school, the en a ed couple, Eva- lina Bumpass--QWanda galgerl, fli hty and domineering, and Willie Woods on--gPreston Martinl, henpecked but mana ing to escape her clutches now and then. Silas Dobbins-- fGeorge Cochranl, the handyman around the station, keeps the others laughing with his native wit. The crowd was throwninto apandemonium when Mrs. Vanderventer--fEdith Nicholsj, discovered that her 510, 000 stringofpearls was missing. Miss Pidgie MacDougal, the nosy old maid--QEunice Andersonj, with her natural tendency for sleuthin , finds them in the lunch basket of Mrs. Suarino--QHilda Stokesl, a fat middleaged, Italian woman. Her lump little daughter Antonia was played by Mrarilynn Mertz. In spite of the evidence against Mrs. Guarino, Bill Lindsay--Uack NHPF IHE IHACKH Longj, the prospective lawyer, is convinced that she was innocent and cleared her in a very clever manner. The station agent, Mr. Morgan--Uim Bob Tisonl, was glad to have the whole matter cleared up. As the play ended, Miss Pidgie found, to her dismay, what Mr. Posenby-- fHenry Frohockl, carried in his secretive bag-- white mice. C OMMIT TEES Student director--Elenor Kane. Stage man- ger--Mac Butler, J. L. White, Leonard oole. Publicity Committee--Ludene Bar- ker, Louise Roberts Ruth Bennett. Pro- perty Committee--Sammie Nash, Melvin Hall, Mildred Lynch, RubyHoover, Barbara Robertson. Make-up Committee--Wanda Wilson, Louise Roberts, Rosalie Grant. Ushers - -Ruth Bennett, Ludene Barker,Wanda Wilson, Ruby Hoover, Barbara Robertson. Announcer-J Charlene Baker.Prompters-- Mildred Lynch, Floy Sue Pike, Carole Ogles- Sound Effects--Melvin Hall, Leonard ort. Complirnents of YOUNG'S HARDWARE .WEE 'E HEI 1ll Sill French Club Float First Prize Homecoming festivities began this year when a football skit was presented by Mrs. Barnes home room. This was followed by a rousing pep meeting, Then came the parade in which all the clubs were represented by colorful floats. Headed by the band in their new uniforms, the parade moved to town where the floats were judged. The Hi-Tri Float won first place and the French Club Float was judged second. That night the Eagles victory of 48-13 over Olney put everyone in a mood to enjoy the events which were to follow, I I .w,,1r-rv nvqvnwv HIIMHZIIMI G 'l-- . EK M ' Tl... Nancy Burnett Reigns as Queen Compliments of DR. .TOHN CHOISSER Q' "fl-wf Car load of Beauty A fitting climax to the celebration was the dance held after the game in the gyrnnasium which had been decorated by the F.H,A., F.F,A., and G.A,A. The highlight of the Homecoming was the ceremony in which Nancy Burnett was crowned Queen by football co-captains Bill Berkel and Norman Colbert. She had been chos- en by secret ballot of the entire student body. Her attendants were Jerry Carr, Veva Nell Sutton, Shirley Sutton, and Carole Oglesby. Janis Choisser was crown-bearer, and John C, Burnett, Ir., was train-bearer, """' 'Tv-'i"i 2 gl? . How proudly the band members marched 1nthe1r new blue un1forms VlV1dlY tlrmmed ln purple and gold Durlng the football season the E T H S band executed various forma tlons on the fleld, led the Homecom mg Parade and played at all games Under the d1rect1on of Mr Ed Creek Ir the band presented a con cert to the student body early ln the year Later ln November the band 'xiii Cornphments of SUTTON'S PLUMBING was one of th1rteen whxenpax-t1c1pat ed Ln a Mus1cal Festlval at Norrls Clty Each band was awarded a gold cup On March 31 and agaln on Apr11 7 our band wlth solos and ensembles entered a Conte st held at Corbondale In May the muslc department closed lts school year w1th aJo1nt band and choral concert . - . , . . . . ' I 0 0 9 o . ' : ' I I ' 'V a n H., V 0 c up - . . R1 . . s . . - lx I X ' X' . . . . , y ' I .R H . , no f ' . , 4 ,, K , O xl 1 A , l ,, Q Q1 ,W -MN i fV.!xfM,,,, ,-.-M-' N.,v""' 56 A Mr Ed Creekhas led the Glee Club ln a year oi school and c1v1c entertam ment as well as profltable lnstructxon Accomparued by Nancy Burnett the Glee Club and Madrlgals have enter tamed at several c1ty clubs dunng the season On November 4 and agaln 1n May they attended the Cl1n1c Festlval at Carbondale OnDecember Z0 they en tertalned the student body w1th a Chrxstmas Concert Several solos and ensembles entered the D1StTlCt Contest March 31, at Carbondale In May the Glee Club and Band Clunaxed thelr act1v1t1es w1th the annual sprxng con cert Y Blll lflllll Compliment's of MUCKLEY'S BEN FRANKLIN STORE X t A A xv f 2. is rf, F . V 1 - Q, Q' V 'imfsvy y , . . . . K 1 , Y O 2 0 9 ' O I 57 The 1950 Prom g1ven on May 5 was one of the most outstandlng events of last yea1 Everyone w11l long remem ber the unusual sett1ng beaut1ful Ha wan The huge murals drawn by Lou 1se Roberts EHHICC Anderson and Lu dene Barker st11l adorn the walls of the cafeter1a Other decorat1ons beau t1ful but not so last1ng were made by 1ndustr1ous members of the Jun1or class The Hawauan theme was also carr1ed out 1n the menu and 1n the cos tumes worn by the Sophornores who served Toastmaster Jlm Bob T1son cleverly presxded over the program wh1ch 1n cluded songs by Jo Ann Latham and Jack1e Long and a read1ng by Eun1ce Anderson Followmg the banquet every one proceded to the gymnas1urn whlch had been beaut1fully decorated w1th long flowmg varl colored stream ers In the center of the gym hung a net conta1n1ng many balloons The hlghhght of the evemng was the crownmg of Harry ' Corky" Melton and Mary Ann 'M1tz1" Cagle as K1ng and Queen of the Prom As they led every one cont1nued danc1ng to the sw1ng and sway mus1c of Jxmmy Hudson's orches tra Much of the credxt for the suc cess of thls Prom was due to the capable direction of the class sponsors Mrs Cec1l Wood and Mr Harry Puntney and the hard work of the student comm1ttee which consxsted of the class offlc ers and their many assistants is BOB HOLMAN MOTOR SALES "Your Fr1end1y Ford Dealer" 346' ATHHTIIIS The football team by wlnnlng elght games and loslng only one establlshed the best seasonal record for the past twenty f1VC years Because of the1r ball handllng ab1l1ty sound knowledge f fundamentals sp1r1t and teamwork Coach Adams cons1ders th1s team as one of h1s very best Although theyaveraged only 152 pounds 1n we1ght they estab l1shed one of the best scorlng records ln several years by p1l1ng up 232 polnts compared to the1r opponents 77 Th1s team was capta1ned by Norman Colbert cons1dered by many as one of the outstandlng tackles 1n Southern Ill 1no1s and B1lly Berkel a fleet footed half back w1tha lot of drlve and deter at1on who crossed the opponents goal l1ne many t1mes We had other outstand1ng playersonth1s champlonshxp squad V1c blocks made h1m one of the greatest tack les 1n the state Donald Younger one of the toughest l1ttle men ever to wear a foot ball umform Gary Elder a good l1ne backer and offenslve guard Jerry Tust1ce, George Hagan, and Iackre Pack, who pxcked Brlddrck s passes out of the au' and carrled them over the goal llne, and D A Phelps, who pxcked up those extra yards when needed wlth h1s flne puntmg and runn1ng ab111ty The sad part of th1s story 1S that e leven letter wmners w1ll graduate, leav 1ng a nucleus of only s1x letter w1nners to rebulld for 1951 A salute to the de nn Hn: f1nP :Quad . . . , O tor Roberts, whose terrific atackles and ' ' 3 . . . , n:a1-Hnn coninrc . ' ' , . Tune for "DAIRY QUEEN" In the Armistic Day game with Carml, the team displayed an offen sive which was a fitting climax for the season. Two touchdowns and a safety were scored in the first five minutes of play and 35 points were scored in the first half The team went on to win 49 7 after using every man in uniform T h e F r e s hm an Sophomore Squad coached by Raymond Gardner, also hada very successful season, win mg four games andlos man gridders looked better this year than they have for several seasons They should be of great value to the varsity in the next year or two We alsohad sev eral outstanding Sopho mores such as Daven port, Younger, Maloney, Malone, Gates, Hess Reed, and Carter The Cairo-Eldorado game was by far the most exciting game of the year The lead changed hands seven times during the contest, With only thirty seconds remaining to play, Bob Briddick hurled a fourth down pass into the end zone, which was picked out of the air by George Hagan ina spectacular catch giving Eldorado the victory, 22 21, ing only one. The Fresh- Compliments of CARTER 8: CHOISSER DRUGSTORE A 61 Vic Roberts Bob Briddick Don Younger O SEAS ON SCORES Anna Jonesboro . Harrisburg . . Metropolis. . . Albion ..... Christopher . . Olney .... Cairo . . . -Marion' . Carmi . . We They 13 6 0 12 47 6 14 13 13 0 48 12. 22 Z1 26 0 49 7 xvswgra it , Y A I ,4 an Charles B2-111011 Carroll Bowlin George Hagan Jerry Justice in U ' we Er, 'li 51. 'ff-'ff 3 2 ' ff.w"'if, 2 v 'ff' .f .- java 1 Wy. w ,fs 5 BASKllBAll The Eldorado Eagles 1950 51 comphed a record of 13 wlns and 7 losses 1n the1r re gular season of Z0 games Th1s year s team played a much stronger schedule than for mer ea le squads Probably the outstand1ng game 0 the year for the Eagles was ln Dec ember whenthe local team trounced the h1gh ly rated Mar1on Wxldcats The Eagle s of fenslve reached a new h1gh 1nFebruary when the Eagles scored 81 po1nts aga1nst the v1s1t mg Mt Carmel Aces Th1S year s squad used a press1ng defense to good advantage and found lt very effect1ve aga1nst most of then' opponents Th1S de fense was used to take advantage of thelr speed and shoot1ng ab111ty and to compensate for lack of he1ght The Eagles offenswe also reached a new total h1ghw1th 1272 reg1stered for the year Bob Txerneywas 1nd1v1dual h1gh scorer w1th 325 for the year Jack Pack was verypro f1c1ent from the free throw l1ne con.nect1ng on 78 out of 100 free throws George Coch ran semor center was one of the best re bounders 1nh1gh school clrcles for h1s SIZE and averaged ten poxnts per game T1erney Pack and Cochran w1ll be lost to next year s squad but 3Jun1ors Bob Br1d d1ck HaroldF1nn1e and Charles Slsk W1ll form a nucleus for next year s squad I..et's say Well done" for thxs year s purple and gold Eagles and look forward to another w1n nlng team rn 51 52 Comphments of FEDERAL WHOLESALE CORPORATION 64 ' 1 . . I 1, a n . , . A . ' - 1 9 ' a 9 , . . .- i v r . I Y ll ' I ' n SEASON'S Grayville . . Norris City . Benton . . . Marion - . . Harrisburg . Carmi . . . McI..eansboro Ridgway. . . Norris City . Galatia . . . Metropolis. . Carmi . . . Johnston City Carrier M 11s Harrisbu . Carbonda . Galatia . . E? U 'i We 62 54 49 54 53 49 73 71 57 38 66 47 53 59 41 74 64 -P 5' We Th Mt. Carmel . . . . 81 59 McLeansboro . . . 67 38 Fairfield . .... . . 60 59 WEST FRANKFORT HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT Christopher ...... 68 62. Mt. Vernon ...... 41 64 McLEANSBORO INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Norris City ...... 44 47 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Wayne City . . . . 45 33 Mt. Vernon . . . . 34 60 1- ..,, 'Nl-v ' 1 f George Cochran ,.,, 1 fCapta.inQ-Center BoblTie11n'ey L 6 ' Harold .Finnie . Jack Pack rdw- ii Guard " ' Gua YS. s x M g Q1 a ,y4 A, 'W Q y ff n Q 5 1 f ' 1 X 'W "bf 'Yin' ' H I vu In .ff ' ' .4 0 ", ...-4 .-4 1 , 1 S 42 N . .J Q. " Q-4 J 'Gnd' f . 3 ggi? a1 fm, 5 MAJUREIIIS Conme Kreuter L1111an Turner Jerry Carr Mary Ann Flanders Beverly Sontra D onna Cox Sh1r1e y Cumm1 ns Comphrnents of DR PEPPER BOTTLING AND ICE COMPANY June Ste1nbrook Teny H111 Teddy Baker Joann Long Joan Steumbrook 2 4 , E ,aa a P if CHllRllAUlRS A i 'gat ' gg " P , Q i if 2 P 3 ' f ? f' f , 3 n u . . L . - 67 CeSf'n0 al H br br his XC 'fs 1' x ' N J 5 'L fa, -vi A Lv: y A . g la tel S N 1 'ggi , Q Q E X t I N, ' Ea: .5 0 ' 4" X I A I 0 '-'12 W ' 4, ' fx y L it by l Q ' Q p if 'Q a :ff ' C X at ' l al 4, .ks K ,. ' : ' ' ., ., ., up cl " up s o my . I n l950lRAlIK SIASIIN The following boys earned letters for their work on the 1950 cinder crew James Wiggins Sr Bob Wade Sr Carl Turner Sr Harry Reese Sr .Tack Pack .Tr George Coch ran .Tr D A Phelps Soph and Bob Briddick Soph These letter winners were consistent point winners in such meets as the Carml Invitational meet Herrin Relays West Frankfort Relays Harrisburg IohnstonC1ty and El Dorado Tri City meet Carmi Eldorado Dual meet West Frankfort Eldorado Dual meet and the Annual Southern Illinois District meet held at West Frankfort Bob Wade and James Wiggins were the milers The best time for this distance during the season was 4 57 James Wigguqs and .Tack Pack ran the half mile The best time was by Wiggins Z 07 George Cocharn ran the 440 yard dash time 55 seconds Bob Brlddick competed in the high Jump, 100 yard dash and the relay He was a reliable point winner and should im prove by next season. D. A. Phelps, who competed in the high and low hurdles, broad Jump, and relay, was probably the high point winner on the team. We expect him to earn the right to compete in the 'State Meet next season. -larry Reese and Carl Turner ran the dashes, hurdles, were members of the relay team. l W Compliments of i' MOQEE LODGE Q X 4. A Q 1. Luck ' ' N +--...,,N ,,...,,,, 'U e-"""""'aQ if .J he ff 4 1' .. U 1 kt, . Y--, ., if wwe 4. Mr Shob - efg Carves tU1'keY 7. Mr. Shoberg supervises y plgl at Thanksgiving dinner. p0St-h01e digging Z. Reward for hard work 5. Managers smile for their 8, They're just as good as Indians 3. Ouch! Watch that whip! pub1iC- 9. Game-winning plans in the 6. Preparing for the big-- making Homecoming. 10. What a contrast! A fig L9 3722? iii UV 130 'x C33 Us BASKHBAll IIA Cl The 1950-51 basketball season concluded with a dance, held in the gymnasium. A three peice band provided the music to which a good crowd of students danced. The gymnasium was beautifully decorated by the Student Council, which sponsored the dance, The dance was climaxed with the crowning of the queen who was chosenby the secret ballot of the entire student body. The Queen, Shirley Sut- ton was escorted to her throne and crowned by the basketball captain, George Cochran. Her attendants were Floy Sue Pike, Barbara Baker, .To Ann Latham, Jane Harrawood, and Janet Trigg. Their escorts were .TackPack, BobBrid- dick, Charles Sisk, Harold Finnie, and Bob Tier- ney. Little Janis Choisser was crownbearer, and Diana Tadlock carried the queen's bouquet. Compliments of DR. H. C. HOLDOWAY Saas-.fun-vf-ev-and mf SHI HIGH HONORS JUNIORS SENIORS Velma Stovall Mary Jo V1nyard Mary Ham Wanda Baker Wanda Wtlson Mar1lynn Mertz Eleanor Kane Barbara Kendall Joyce Goessman Floy Sue Prke L1ll1an Turner JoAr1n Latham Eunrce Anderson Barbara Barnes, Stanley Evans George Cochran Charles S1Sk Ray Grrsham NOT PICTURED Helen Slgnor FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES JoanneNaas Yvonne Irvrn Joyce Kuhn MaryAnn Flanders Betty Stefane Annette Mlnor Darla M1115 Davxd Porter Donna Cox, Ann Ramsey June Mathreu Martha Carter Joan Bramlet James Cochran NOT PICTURED Dale Grant HONORS Bernre Allen Vtrgrnia Ande Lourse Auten Barbara Baker, Charlene Baker Sh1r1ey Baker Freddre Ballard Pat Barnes, Joyce Barton, Marxan Barton, Joyce Bean, Ruth Bennett James Brann Margaret Brewer Nancy Burnett Mac Butler Jerry Carr Judy Carter Ruth Cra1g, Nancy Cr1ckman Carl Davenport B111 Dav1s Robert Duckworth Herman Erkman, Sue Etherton, Janet Farrls Lloyd Ford James Funkhouser Tedd1e Garner, Phyllls Gasaway Barbara Grbbs Rosalre Grant, Tyler Hess Shrrley Hrggms Joanne Hopklns, Evelyn lrvin Harold Irvrn Opal Irv1n Roma Irv1n Wanda Irvln, Jane Johnson Jerry Justrce, Glenn L1tr.rel1 Joann Long M1ldred Lynch B111 Mart1n, Eddle M1ller Nell Murphy Sammte Nash Henrletta Nenmg HelenOmohundro Donna Over ton Beverly Potts Lee Rrchardson H Robertson B111 Russell Cleta Shaw, Phyllrs Skelton Mary LOUISE Smrth Beverly Sontra Margaret Spahr Mary Ellen Spence Veva Nell Sutton, John Thorn Jrm Bob T1son Janet Tngg Betty Turner Mary Un thank Mary Vangampler, Bobby Waltz Joanne Wasson B1ll1e Watson, Edward Wat son Kenneth Watson Betty Whxtlock Carletta Wlutsell Joyce Wlutlock Katherrne Wrrght 7 1 C omp VALEDICT ORIAN Wanda Baker M. ff SALUTAT ORIAN Eleanor Kane D A R AWARD Mar-1lynn Mertz hments of BURNETT S BANK lf v ! - - x l - I w ' 1 ' - 1 . , A' 2 X 5 of 1 .3 A ' i, 'W Z ' s I yulv l'g?k'J':iq f 5 t as Q M J . .V 7 , 1, -ss, AY: ,inf ,, , ., - Y' 5 A 1 V ' I ' 31 A Q 1 . A , X , ' 3 , , ,. i if U-,, J ffff I 1 ' . if I if -- A ' I r fa 'fl 2 f U ., X 1 jtl, 1 Q ' 5 1 L A ,Mgm W -4 ,, MCMA U ., 'f.1'. I 7, 53,555 II 0 0 II Il E NIV S I 349' Ji :is ' 1 I . I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I ' 3 - ' 1 I . I I I I I I I I I I I ' 3 . ' . . , , ' ' . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I . I I I I I I I , I I I I I ' I 1 I ' I I I I I I I I I I I ' ' ' ' I I I ' I I I I I . . . ' lIAll DAR SEPTEMBER Vacatxon was over and everyone returned to school to frnd rt newly decorated We also found several new teachers added to our faculty They were Mrss Brewner Mr Cox Mr Greer Mrss Morrell and Mr Orton School got under way wrth all the classes meetmg today The representative of the Crowell Collrer Magazme Co was here today to open our annual magazrne sales campargn School was drsmrssed early today so everyone could have a good trme at the Fall Festrval The Semor Class elected therr offrcers and sponsors today The Sponsors elected were Mrss Brewner and Mr Cox Class offrcers were Bob Trerney Presrdent Mac Butler Vrce Presrdent Norma Colbert Secretary Treasurer The Junrors voted Charles Srsk Presrdent Mary Renshaw Vrce Presrdent Joann Long Secretary Treasurer and Mrs Wood and Mr Orton as sponsors Tryouts for the brg Job of cheerleadrng were held today tn the audttorrum The football team started the season off wrth a bang by defeatmg Anna Jonesboro I3 6 Norman Colbert and B1ll Berkel were elected co captarns for the year The student councrl was organrzed today The Class representatrves were Sen1ors Jo Ann Latham and Bern1eAllen Junrors Loutse Auten and Charles Srsk Sophomores Connre Kreuter and Davrd Porter Freshmen Joyce Barton and Jrmmy Cochran Faculty advrsors were Mr Cox and Mr Greer The cheerleaders chosen today were Joann Long, Teny Hrll Teddy Baker June and Joan Stetnbrook The magazrne sales campa1gn ended today We had a rousing pep meetrng but our football team was defeated by the Harrrsburg Bulldogs 12 O O woeful dayl Our new bleachers arrrved today The Harrlsburg Bullpups defeated the Eldorado Eaglets 25 0 The H1 Trl group offrcers were elected today There was a brg pep meeting outsrde on the new bleachers The frrst game of the season on the local grrdtronwas played Eldorado defeatrng Metropolrs 47 6 OCTOBER Merrrll Stncklrn a local photographer began maklng the Senror s prctures for the annual My how pretty everyone looked todayl We found the reason for the t1es and hau commg Queen candrdates today The clubs were orgamzed and met on schedule ur Eagles Journeyed to Albron to defeat them by the score I4 I3 Prospectrve G members were cenamly put to the test today as they were 1n1t1ated Our Freshman Sophomore team defeated Carmr 28 6 The F H A Held IIS annual rmtratton for brave freshmen T e football squad won another game! Thrs nme rt was at Chrrstopher I3 0 T e Eaglets defeated Chrrstopherm a home game 22 I3 New F F A members were 1n1t1ated today Tell us was thrs Mr Bishop s ldea of what farmers should look l1ke7 lll1no1s state wrde tests were grven to seniors and Juruors The clubs busted themselves rn decoraung their floats for parade competition which was held at three ln the afternoon, The floats of the Hi Trr and French Club won fust and second place respectively Thrs was a happy Homecomrng with the Eagles defeatrng Olney 48 I2 The Hcmecomrng Dance was held 1n the gym and mus1c was furnished by a school orchestra Nancy Burnett was crowned Queen by the Co cap taxns B111 Berkel and Norman Colbert The Queen s Attendants were Jerry Carr, Carole Oglesby Shirley Sutton, and Veva Nell Sutton The Eaglets defeated Johnston Crty ln a home game I3 7 The students had a holrday whrle the teachers attended an Insutute meet1ng The Eldorado Eagles defeated Carro rn a home game by the narrow margrn 22 21 NOVEMBER Our cheerleaders led us 1n a lively pep sessron before the game at Marxon whrch we won 26 0 It rarned and the Eagles certatnly had to brave that muddy fteld Now we know why we have a scrub team! We fllled out grade cards What pleasurel The Freshman Sophomore team de feated Marion 19-12 The followrng were elected as the Sophomore officers Davrd Porter President Arthur Herron Vtce Presrdent Janet Farris Secretary Dorman Lane Treasurer The Band and Glee Club presented a concert under the drrectlon of Mr Creek, Jo Ann Latham and Berrue Allen members of the Student Council gave speeches The Junior class presented the play Rest Assured whrch was directed by Mr Rhme The play was presented before the students at night to the publrc and be fore the Harrisburg H S Student body as a tremendous success 72 I . . . . 6 . , . , 4 , , A . V 7 ' I - . . 8 . . . I3 U. . . . : D I4 . . . . . . 1 I5 g D . I . C I9 . . I ' I . Q : , -- 21 ' I ' . 22 ' ' 25 ' . ' 29 .- . . U . . 2 . . . I I . . , . 4 I . . - bowsg the underclassmen had their pictures taken. The student body voted for Home- 5 ' - 6 O ' ' - . ' . A.A. ' ' ' ' . IO - ' - . I2 h i . . . . . . . I3 h ' ' ' ' , - . I7 h ' ' - . I9 . , . ' " . , ' , ' ' 21 . . 1 24 ' - . 27 . . . . l 3 ' . 1 . .' I . 6 ' . - 3 ' D L ' . ' : 9 V ' . ro D , " ' I 1 , CME IIAR The last football game of the season was played at home, we were victorious 49-7 over Carmi. The Senior Class of Harrisburg presented their play entitled "You Can't Take It With You", in the auditorium before the student body. Clubs met today and Mr. Baker took several club pictures for the annual The grade cards for the first nine-weeks were mailed to our parents today. The Senior Classwas invited to Carbondale to be the University 's guests on the camp- us. Several juniors attended the Press Conference at Carbondale. School was dismissed for Thanksgiving. Invitations were issued for the Hi-Tri Initation Ceremonial to be held Nov. 29. Our basketball five opened the season in a big way by defeating Grayville 62-49. The beautiful and impressive Hi-Tri Initiation Ceremonial was given in the Dodd Auditorium. After the Ceremonial, Tea was served in the cafeteria. Hi-Tri sponsors were Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Choisser, and Miss Brewner. A feature- length movie, "Canadian Pacific", was shown today. DECEMBER A rousing pep session was held in the auditorium. The Eagles traveled to Norris City and beat them 54-44. Our basketball team was victorious over Benton 49-32. Illinois State High School officials inspected the High School. In a home game we defeated Marion 54-45. The Eldorado Eagles lost to the Harrisburg Bulldogs by the score 59-53. At an assembly the 1951 Football Captains were announced: D.A. Phelps and Bob Briddick. The annual Football Banquet was held in the evening in the cafeteria. The Student Council presented a talent show today in the Dodd Auditorium. The winners were: Murl Eddy, playing the xylophoneg Jack Longg and David Davidson. Several club pictures were made. At a game at Carmi, the Eagles were defeated 60-49. The English IV classes published the first issue of the "Eagles Gazette. " A Christmas program was presented by the Glee Club, after which school was dis- missed for Christmas vacation. Eldorado was host to McLeansboro and defeated them 73-48. The Eldorado Eagles played the Christopher Bearcats in the West Frankfort Tourna- ment and were victorius 68-62. The Eagles lost to Mt. Vernon 64-41 in the Tournament. JANUARY School resumed today aftera two-weeks vacation. Everyone was so glad robe back.Q?l A pep meeting was held prior to the game played at Ridgway. We won 71-42. Today began Courtesy Week, sponsored by the G.A. A. The Freshman officers elected today were Jack Reese, Presidentg Jimmy Cochran, Vice- Presidentg Mary Ann Smith, Secretary-Treasurer. An amusing pantomime show- ing us how to be courteous was given by the G.A.A. ln a very exciting game with Norris City, we defeated them 56-55. Marilynn Mertz will receive the DAR award as announced today by the DAR. This is an honor given to an outstanding girl in the senior class. A very instructive Program on Parliamentary Prodecure was given today by the F. F. A The second issue of the Eagles Gazette was sold today. The Eagles played Galatia, and we won 38-34. The Basketball team journeyed to Metropolis, defeating them 66-58. 18 Semester exams were given and the whole school was busy pushing pencils fast and furiously. In a home game the Eagles lost to Carmi 66-47. At Johnston City we lost 54-53. A spirited pep meeting wa: held. The Basketball team played in the McLeansboro Tournament and lost to Norris City 47-44. Mr. Moulton, Secretary of Illinois Area YMCA, presented our chapter of the Hi-Y with a plaque. The Carrier Mills Wildcats barely defeated us, 61-59. A Talent Show was held for the benefit of the March of Dimes. Theres was a wide variety of talent. The five winners were: Murl Eddyg Eleanor Kane: Jack Longg The Andrews Sisters, Jamie Hill, Don Seten, Fred Lloyd, Barber Shop Quartette, Carroll Bowling, Jack I-ledger, David Davidson, H. G. Robertson. FEBRUARY Hurrah! No school today. The weather conflicted with busses. The Basketball team lost to Harrisburg 47-41. Several beautiful paintings were hung in the halls to help beautifuy the school. The Dramatics Club, under the direction of Mr. Rhine, presented a play, "Girls Are Just Like People, " and a Pantomlme, "The Lamp Went Out. " A movie on safe driving was shown. The Eldorado Eagles defeated the Carbondale Terriers 74- 44. 73 llllll HAR ro AtGa1atia our team was defeated 67-64. I4 Tryouts were held for the Senior Play. Because of bad roads, busses were unable to run today. I5 The Navo Indian Magician Show, sponsored by the Jtmior Class, was presented to the students and to visiting grade schools. Heap big crowdl I6 The characters and committees for the Senior Play, "Off The Track, "were chosen. I7 The Eagles defeated Mt. Carmel 81-59 in a home game. 22 A movie, "Last Date", was shovm as part of a safe driving program, Lindell rockwall, state policeman, presented the movie and gave a good talk concerning careless drivers. 23 The kiddies had a few extra winks of sleep. Today was "Teachers' Meeting." In a game at McLeansboro we were defeated 67- 38. 24 The Eagles journeyed to Fairfield to defeat them 60-59. This concluded the regular season. We are very proud of the team. 27 In the District Tournament at McLeansboro, we defeated Wayne City 48-36, MARCH I The clubs met today. A pep meeting was held before the game in the Tournament. We lost to the Mt. Vernon Rams 60- 34. 2 The candidates for Basketball Queen were chosen as follows: Barbara Baker, Jane Harrawood, Jo Ann Latham, Floy Sue Pike, Shirley Sutton, and ,Janet Trigg. 9 The big Basketball Dance was held in the gym. Shirley Sutton was crowned Basket- ball Queen, Music was furnished by Jack Long 's band. The dance was sponsored by the Student Council. The Eagles Gazette was published today. I5 The Student Council presented the motion picture, "How Green Was My Valley. " The F. H. A. girls entertained their fathers with a party. This was called "Daddy- Date Night. " 16 The G.A.A. sponsored the "Sock-hop" and a good time was had by all. Did you ever see so many big feet at once?" I7 The F. H. A. went to Carmi to attend a rally. 22 A motion picture was presented for the Barrett Lincoln Fund Program. 23,26 School was dismissed GoodFriday to give us a short Spring Vacation. 29 The Senior Play, "Off The Track", was presented in the afternoon to the student body and again at night to the public. It represented much work and time on the part of the Seniors and Mr. Rhine. 31 The band traveled to Carbondale to enter the District Contest. The Physics and Chemistry classes attended the High School Science Fair at Evansville. APRIL I You know you shouldn't have. fly Another Club activities day. Band and Glee Club journeyed again to Carbondale for a contest. I2 Vocational Agriculture Day. I9 The clubs met today. The F.F. A. entertained their parents with a banquet. 26 The whole school enjoyed the T. V.A. movie and a movie of 1950's football game between Eldorado and Carmi. MAY 3 The F. H. A. presented the Spring Style Show in the auditorium. to The American History Classes, under the direction of Mr. Bames, presented the Barrett Lincoln Ftutd Program. I7 Members of the F.H.A. welcomed the eighth grade graduates to our school. The Band and Glee Club climaxed their yea.r's activities by giving a Spring Concert. They gave the Concert in the aftemoon to the students, and then a formal Concert at night to the public. 'I'he annual Hi-Tri Mother-Daughter Banquet was held in the cafeteria, letter men serving. At this time the Hi- Tri officers for 1950-1953 were installed. 24 This was Honors Day. Outstanding students in the various departments of the school were given medals as rewards. The Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom was certainly the biggest event of the year- The Seniors were very much pleased by the efforts of the Junior Class and Sponsors Mrs. Wood and Mr. Orton. 25 Senior Day came at last. Can we describe the time we had? Just wait, your turn will come. 27 Baccalaureate Services were held this evening. I UNE 1 Graduation was held in the Dodd Auditorium this evening. Would you believe it? We are now E. T. H.S. Alumni! 74 .-ff. qu, ,M 1 , I 'rf- M 1' 'f niiihgz Ajisf !e vm 33 ,-55 ,,.'. 41 , , I L Q A 1 ihnldm Nvu 4101 'TQ DRAPER'S STORE FOR MEN The Home of Quahty Compliments of NUWAY Southern I111no1s' Largest Department Store Phone 141 si? in We are pleased to have done the portralt work for the 1951 Golden E STRICKLIN STUDIO f 0" REDFEARN'S JEWELRY Xl xlzlsfwlxs 5,7 SL? AS H I R KA Kms f X wf Marcus Amoco :Nc V K . 4 A . Oo 5, Cl 1- . ' loo:. ' ' " .. Ou , X NAU, 'Dong 4 ' . ,K 'Ying I 1 Ni? ' 0 !,. Q A I . tg O9 . ua. log... 0. Oog,... . . l0g,.. . Q ., eos. 'o 'fic Cu' 3 10 -My fs. Q . gg, ffm - Q . , HW l 54 '1 V Li . if iff? 14 Mi 'fb' i my l 1215 Q., ' Z, V, W9 fn-M - QM' .av J M . f 3 as , . ii ffi? , Q5 55:5 5 H , Je ff 2 K? A A M Q A sf . m 1 """"" ' LLYA 55. if ' i X ,gggw , k , I. wr Q in ,YS - 14 .. V , J, ' V . f K1 ,, - A, if Aff - Q - M 5 T in 1 4 ,, J . , E. ' " 7 H ' 'MH L, ' ,fs - I L, P 1 . L . fl, , - I 2N?5g1sW - ' . V 'Jw - 9 A, 'W . T"ig'1 ,r frm A , , W, wk 'll , ,' I gk 2 k k - .1 it vf,,'Nf':- , -11432, .Q 1-U. 'iff' K I LQ ,ff MW? www My . Wwwifg f W . . , , , M , V W M Z"fl"lf'5' 'PfE' '5?I - fuk- F' . 'i'+ "14 " '- C" ' T ' 4 'W il " 715' .-EY? 57"'ff ' "F ,5- ,atv -1 ..L ..,,4E 1 ' uf mv? , .13 0 In ,, -1. 44 -.ww 1, , 'Wg - 4 J-Jian.

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