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JW' ztfafcw 1 v N f'-. . 3 E, xx "J . H- xi!! 'N ' 'V,X ATX", J fx W , A., 1 ,I ,xy X ' 2, f R ga, Av ., -M j " N" lf. 'f ' 'R' L Q 1' . 4 , ' X. , . A xy X , ., X X . ,N . 9 Lkf x LJ 5 ' ' N Q' le, 'V gf, X .X i 'nn P .nn-1 X K j . f X K MX, J LX. 1' X TT-5 . S3 f h' 'fx fl 1 xii.,-"xr I VX 'I jj wif- YE! fx "-1 u , ' A I X L x J" - .' -X 4 a xd , . .f , , M I 2 1 , - ,- ' ,X , ' - f x. M! .I ff x N Q X W1 K1 VR. XJ X 5 n Q 2 5 X I 1 X . , 33- , Q f- x if . WV M1 1 .fx , Af' KX , 2 'Q AV' A- fx 'eg-Z 'ff x w WJ! , 'V ,X 52 WJ CV 1413, V2 . 5, . X Y u N ., 1 ' 2 g' 4 ' V -5.4 t. ' w Qx V51 RX 4' x J k , . , -57,4 ' A XJ U1-. ff' 1 , z M." K I X 'x 1 ' ' ' 3 3-f Jr-xE'i, J -. , ' Q X'-X X 1 XXX R 'Nt I U ' , fxglyf ' 1' ' ,I H Raj' ,E J A .ALJ ,A .X iv J X ' R Jw 1. . P, 2 Lf 4 . - Q J f'- ' ' .LJ v 'F X 4 J , M 'L K EN I , . 1 f , 1 f . , a' 5 . 5, '. ig A, 1 'EQ-' 'v ' Y . N11 i ak K gy 2 X . . f 1' . 'Ex 1' W, ,xi W I 'XV J .X X! ,. V Jiri Q45 rf Xzbx op, X 5 Q19 6 C ' 5665 QU! Q6 N NP' mlb 01' 'X O fab, ix of NG? xbox Q0 0 O SOX 6 VQANNX GL KN V50 Ex Lklxlxccgpo 4 Suv vb B0 bbcl E O' Qropy-L WJX O' X00-5 v 49? y X f x' 5x QQ 0 ' 'XXJP My LJ b O S w D - 4giOEQ'c? 5 529 E so Q C 4,6 Q5 QE DK 93 131 Q' ogg Q 8 QQ? Q55 Q Q Q al 14 NQBQEQQJQZ 5 l 3 - f gg . J 4 , . :' .V D ,f r v 9 V fx 1 555- 'W' so - ...uni I ., 1 ' J. ' , l ' q .-0. ' :ai ', +C? b----4'3'lA-'--'w-- -' f . 6' v'. . . .Il- Y P , ,A 3 , ,J 9 ii - if z . no ' ' 1 - - - , x M, 3334, F . - 1 ,. , Vx ,. ,gangs ,......11..,,4.,..,.f..Jt.'ffui. 1 -a K- 3 1 :' -' 1 -Lgvv A Q I 4 sf.. NU, I-it , " , I . ' I V. f -v.- - .I , ' ' ' " . ' K ' . 'V 1- I 3 - ' ' 51' ' 'T-1 ,If---in-:4"X""-""f'zf-xx v ,v 4 nd, xx 5 s ll . - -f " "' ' - KA'-LTt'fg.'fY"-' vsQ -oi, fn-1Hfr""1'V" An F' 7'Ti"L- - F a . -f I . . , NX N r'6 V! x- ' . - X' ' H '. vi I ' -pw 1 vu UCF: ,.,, 'a V" 'f -' 'f . . . 'x si . 1 x. ' . - - f fw-as-af - ' . 1 -,- ' . tide- Q...-.,..,. ,v , '41-'-4 .....-.-.J V ' ' .J""w..,,s branched out 1 Un, N ,V 1, - A: K . ..,,sxxv, savf-'ef iii' ' " ' ' ix' ,, ,,,,- -V .,. L-,Y. 4 - hge- . J: '1 I f I 'iris lored our own lndlvlduallty X x , . 'Q w. Y . 1 A Q -if ,,. , , . fr ' ' ' YQ ' ,Y Y , ' , f' ' M , i7 - ' f fl ' A , 44' ,. . . lg? , 2 rf f 'iw 'G'-AQ, -. 'NNE' 4 E, Q1 VXI 'VST ' N ir' if l , I if .gf 4 5 YK f I 4 1. Q is X X IM . A, 31, xg .,, U xg" V ' 5 J X, 9 l We assembled for a common cause I I f A ' I ' 9 , Ad 4 l 1 'Sf ,gf , . , , -1- . .V Af, L '23 1 ' wd'Q"f- :' ,'4 ' ' .uplil J !'tk:jT"l?'3xf-'fag .z ' 7 f' 15.4-.1 .H+ , ,, ,Q Q " A. J' , ' 'Kris' . 'kr' ' a.l,m:g hz: s- Q '., ', lk I' ,"- z Q, Hg fl QE' V 3 'fa '- - w -EQ . .,aff,,fa-iPf'- Q P we -3 J' -2 3: -. ,J QB, "'?3: .J 1 Alf " W T' 'Q L.,, - . 'gf ff '.ff ' P f Em. W .... .U V , f, -X, ff :Ii bulb ,W 'hawf 1 xl Q. J.. :- .Qw- . - nw --fd, 4 12 422 '-L5 ,ln 1 F Y 5 4 X , 5 Z M-Bib? ' X7 " " ,xl I .i-3gd"2i 1 J, J I x , ., , .W f 1 , .S .1. We celebrated life I I ,419 fx, EH?- M i B' -A rw-Y v-mn n K i X '. x n P J 'gr'-A Q 'g:W'37J"?' gf. -' F 1 1 1-1.42 ' - V ,b ,K..gu,g. I' gm- w 4 ' 'V 4 x 1 :Aft -- f Wx.. ,J M , ., Y? ' Q ,'f"',,. 1 L b , v 'H M F M. W- ' Q o:"f'- ,,.,, 1 ., -1- - - . 4 ' 'Q "f - "" 'E fr fi.. YQ, .. V H . , ' j-"lF'f,7g3'- .iii Atlffs - - lung' E 'S xx 'ge 3 p2 in ' 'x ' ' I n . - ws. ' C' - Q 1- . A w Mi i. 6' Q, , 4- I I ,KA . N I vi in iq: A lf, . "'+ ,. -,, -f ' ' :I ., , -,,.., 11- 'T' Y.. I . . , .NLYQ ' ,1 w.,kf-,gg , "Bf1'm.: V-bu faq J ,, ,1H,g!,f44.,, W X 11- X, 14, , , J, .,'. ,J vm. dill 3 ft gum Jig? gi lv. "Rags x H - www w' K -, kv r:?J'Q??3i4fQEfgy 'iI,'5Nr.,.X,Ii 'QL M56 v'ff2'1iff' .fi QQQQ 1,,s'ggL"fS:e'ff:y " Q .Wg ' ' f 'f'fi 2:5 V" ' :fig ' .Wa Q' ,. -1 .59 Wfy: -A Q- y '55 V .Af .df Pr I x i. 4 Rf- ,x X 'W' IW.: 1.0 .1 I 9 fl. F, sf YV . . X K. 1 S X1 1 -1 4 i IJ ., ,'.. --,- . .5 A .V K, ., ., .X w'.,,r-"iv, '- ', v ' , ff-.'. . - w , Q 4 lr 1 ' wx," I -- Y fi- .. W : .v Ve, 1. 1" ' gl'l i1gil1g it a! l bac A A . .5 x n gn.. Q -." ' ... L 4 4, - - , V - 1, 1 Q' 2. ,lf 4 V 0,-qt' . 7 -.L 1 E: . 5 G Q 'A Avh '- 'hs , , .O Q ., ' JH ' , 'Q u-3 13 MY ,MVN . - , ,A QV- nf 1 . 1' we , " :',,g,""' JY. Q ' Q QC S. - . ' . , 5 X' N181 5" . m, .Sn .W .0 ine . H-si-4-1'41..' ' A p' 313' 1 A ' 'tm ul, - -f wifi' ' , - - 1 '., ' , rl: - x -'-- su . Ji.1'i.'?.'o- 1 '-' V ' 'ini' 17 1.' .- ix! 3 -wiv Q ik"-- 5-a.Lv1.n:,' P'-.3 -Q." VX sg nl: ' ' xi-- I' ,-o-.fE.Q4bx -Q-M1 r A r - :N ', fb ! .Q r - K N t 0 O I1 MWA owl 'MJ' Huge! rl n n g a C 3 KPUKAA !'if'66-'N - 'Lf ,ibn C"-'wx sQf3q,g,CQdQ,,QNj' pygmy :MJ Q-'X Jj,,1sr,-BX Q-5,133 ,ll N 3wl0,t!,:,x CX 41 Q I V ., lff 5? 1 Lifes' we Q 4 L1JNlfvwM 'IJUN lhzqx-2 LV-its ? 42 Y QMAL ,Uh ALL 49 do ' 'DEQ , f Q lx Luk Luz 'il ZA X ,X A xy ,. .J,.,,. Qfdmk lil if 55- fv, if L. 55 X 3 J Us L I D X f X sw ,eg 'l7?fm'ffs so 4 filed ' on A-N555 .XA honors I9 people l times 200 challenges 2l9 Q Mi f' .. Q, yr' -avi . , . 5 C5 I , A 0' Cf W! 5 5 gx 6 ' O5 'f L Rxfx Wax i 121 CX GJ XPC, J X W 03 59' Q ., K X XXX-P? -'xgfb C ,. 54 5 Y . CU O YK ww 5 ,, Y' X V QVC' RWD -9 6 W 5 W GPS Na 0 O5 xqghxb V OBXCXOCB L Cv XOQLCV 'OCJU-9 SLD, gp , , C . CP .XS XC 160, OJ b -x ' 'N Z gilfxodv OVQ ' N696 C XM ' , gf QN fc , xx 8 .- NK 4-0 J U L U . C .21 0 O, X X YN x Q I by I C XL X7 XL bv OO .Lb ' 'N O' KN rj YN- Q E W V W ' 1 0 gov in fo N1 . x Q 6 LJL, . C? NOV gf' A900 h w XP K0 xolfe X VJ .K .- CV N09 I X39 Y K0 Ya X R, 5 QV Q w gy YN X Wfpb foo WOO ff O-f XX - . ' CN 1 P X XO Xgxfxyb 6 OJXKJB Cjbx Qx of X ei xx SO xcx X0 4 Y f 'fp CF 63, A66 .lux X Uv I 5 5' X C J 2' f JZ" 1. dx x Xi 0 , x, wr YO Q 6 QQ L N PC AO Q! Cf a YO QV 320 W AOS? AX XSL X X 036 0 L C' X O Us wx 50 eb b CX Og V U NVQ Nbdxy. OV- C5 x J -N65 0 cb ' K fX 5 X X 5, E 47 N QIXX Ojfxf X 053 xr x V O 1 0 x4 VK OJ J Q' ,JT Cf N' 0' , N w mob' XX Sf XXL' ,X Vw of fx v X X O GROUP XX Ov' XQQLJX Q XX x CDL eip N VJ - . J Q0 Qfix C x 599i Cobb . .exe so Xogpcxzquj XO SY? 50,13 X C1000 X ww K U , 'L ed if x K f W U X, LO- XXL of Q' 'bg lb XX f XX AO rNX ' ,, P ,' x B 1 . XL-'X x 0 L ESQ? vt' xy x h QQLQ icy 'Xe' 'u It Q0 'S X2 n ' W ga 6 X ' , xv OJ CDO! . Sq U 4 Styx! -vi Q00 lx x Q Cwfdx , Q lbjv ACKQ fofgv Q' fo WJ D si Q xr, " ' t.: 'R ' 6 fx XS - I 1 4 ' . JE' , sip' , Q 2 8 - so . - I . .. A Y 5, . Q .QM x ,, . n ef ogl N005 , IQ, COM QL 6 on C Q dx, Q5 Jr gd' 0 of U obs K HQNORS Lit? llviv vvllv Wllvv YYIIU YYIIUB WIIU WIIUB W ho's Who Who s Who ho's Who Who s Who ho's WhoWho s Who ho's Who Who s Who ho's Who Who s Who Leslie Hill Golden Band It Golden Eagle Marching Band- !Symphonic 2,3,4t National Honor Society 3.4: Treasurer 44 Speech Team la Cross Country l 3 Golf 1.3.4: House oi' Representatives 4: Freshmen Fo- rum I a Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4x Thespians 4. Tacy Norwood National Honor Society 3.4: House of Representa- tives 3.4a Thespians 3.4: President 4. Ken Zimmerman Golden Eagle Marching Bandl'Symphonic 2.3: Wind Ensemble 3.4tNational Honor Society 3.4: Soccer l,2.3.41 Track 2.3.45 Staten 3.4: N.C.T.E. Finalist 3. Gloria King Apathy Club 41 Liason Committee 2: East Area Advisory Committee l.3t Softball 1.2: Senate l,2.3,4a House of Representatives l,2.3.4: Home- coming Chairman 3: Homecoming Vice-Chairman 4. State Proiect Chairman 4: Central District Stu' dent Council 41 EHS Leadership Workshop 2.4: APS Leadership Workshop 2: NMASC Summer Leadership Workshop 2.4. Traffic Safety Task Force Chairman 3.4: NMASC State Convention. Senate 2.3: Signal Team 2.3.4: Birthday Fiesta Gang 3.-is 20 Who's Who 3 W' W 'lv 5 W IIS' 'U ll? OV ll IIS? ii Ili! V ii :lv ' Who. ho's Who o' Who Who's Who o' Who Who's Who o' Who Who's Who o's Who Who's Who Cheryl Matherly National Forensic League l.2.3,4a National Honor Society 3,44 National Junior Honor Society L21 Speech Team l.2.3,4r l-louse of Representatives li Staters 3.4: Young Life 3,41 Girls Nation 4: Staters 3.4: Treasurer 41 National Speech Toumament Qualifer 35 Speech Team Treasurer 2: Vice-Presi- dent 3: Rresident 4. Ronald Dixon Chess Club 2.3.4: Martial Arts Club 2: National Honor Society 3.4: R. O. T. C. l.2.3.4. .loy Taylor Soccer I.2.3,4. Teri Burch Golden Eagles Marching Band l,2.3,4: Screamin' Eagles I.2,3,4: Wind Ensemble l,2.3.4: Golor Guard 2i Gold Rush 2.3,4: French Club It National Honor Society 3.4g National .lunior Honor Society l,2f All State Band l',3,4: All State Chorus l.3.4: Drumaior 3,4. You re An Ea le Vho's Who ---ur v- nur may vu uv- t v vw uni? ho's Who Who'sIWho ho's Who Who's Who ho's WhoWho's Who ho's Who Who's Who ho's Who Who's Whof ho's Who Who's Who' Who's Who it Ili 3' CC -FY -I I-Y Y 7' V r v A t I v y yj eek A Level Of Success Julie Chavez F.C.A. 3.4t Key Club 2: National Honor Society 4i National Junior Honor Society 2.3t Queen 34 Court 3: Ski Club 2a Basketball lt Senate 3,44 Class President 4: Class Vice-President 2.3: Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 43 Traffic Safety Task Force 2.3.4. ' Alan Lee . Golden Eagle Marching Band! Symphonic l.2.3.4a Screamin' Eagles 4t Wind Ensemble 2,3.4: Nation- al Forensic League 2: National Honor Society 3,4: Wind National Junior Honor Society 23: Speech Team 2: Volleyball l,2t Staters 3,4. Amy Taylor Girls Ensemble it Basketball lt Soccer 23.4 Jerome Gomez F.C.A. 3.4: National Honor Society 3,44 National Junior Honor Society 2,31 Prom Court 3: Home- coming King 4x Baseball l.2.3,4t Basketball la Football I ,2.3.4: Senate 2.3,4t House of Represen- tatives I.2.3.4: Student Body President 4: Fresh- men Forum lt Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: Inter-Club 3.4: Rotary Club Leadership Workshop 3: UNM Mathematics Conf test Finals 3: NM Association of Student Councils Executive Committee it Vice-President 3.4: Dele- gate--Central District Student Council 2,3.4x Del- egate-New Mexico Association of State Student Councils State Convention 2.3.4: Eldorado Lead- ership Workshop 2,3t Vice-Chairman of Student Senate 31 Traffic Safety Task Force SA: 4: National Association ot' Student Councils Convention 4. 22 Who's Who .ae 4 ,,4q, -A . gt ,. fx ' 2 n 'I' or 40" . . mlm-P 3.2, y 'fr -a ", V I I I I T' UW DIY? H W Q H if ho'sJWho Who's Who ho's Who Who's Who ho's W o Who's Who ho's Who Who's Who ho's Who Who's Who o's Who Who's Who ho's Who Who's Who Beyond Th Common Gras fi"?' H.. A-I . ' Wm K. J v ii A ,Ll 11, eg. v ' K at K t bex 54 4 ' , L. 'li Q. U x, ,i Mx. 3 'tr g , ' v it ' .249 f X. -1 ,rf Q' Hae Jung Lee National Honor Society 3.4t National Junior Hon- or Society l.2: Chamber Orchestra l.3.4a Strolling Strings l.3.4r Albuquerque Youth Symphony, Al- buquerque Youth Symphony Concerto Winner 41 Rob Kujath F.C.A. 2.3,4s National Honor Society 3.4: Ski Club 3.4a Spanish National Honor Society 3.4: Football 2.3.41 Track 3,4: Wrestling 3.4. y John Skelton Eagle Spirit 2,3.4t Fantasy Club If Key Club I: National Honor Society 3.41 National Junior Hon- or Society l.2.3z Science Fiction Club I: Spanish National Honor Society 3.4: Staters 3.4: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4x String Orchestra li Symphony Orchestra 21 Eagle Spirit Feature Editor 2.3: Eagle Spirit Managing Editor 4: Sandia Lab- s!APS Summer Science Program 2. 'Seana Moore 'El Aguila 4. Editor 4. GARP s,lnranmianai Club 3 National Honor Society 3 4 President 3 41 Na- tional Spantsh Honor Society 2 3 4 Senate 2,41 House of Representatives 23 Staters 3 41 Liaison Committee 2 Curriculum Committee 34: East Area Student Advisory 41 Class Secretary it Fresh- men Forum I Sophomore Board It Junior House 3 Senior Cabinet 41 Inter Club 4 Student Body Secretary 21 Golden Rhythm Dance Team I. W I 3 ,:?i'55 'EET ' 2335 . ' . Wh0'S Who 23 rw Ill? V 'll IIS' Il ,llll V 1' ll? YY IIS' 5 W nv V' 3 W X!ho's Who Who's5Who I ho's Who Who's Who I X!ho's Who Who's Who I X!ho's Who Who's Who I 4 ho's Who Who's Who 4 E ho's Who eWho's Who ' I ho's Who Who's Who ' 5 Karen Caldwell National Forensic league l.2,3.4t National Honor Society 3.44 National Junior Honor Society 2.3: Princess 34 Spanish National Honor Society 3.4t Speech Team I .2,3,4f Golf 41 Soccer 2.3.41 House of Representatives 3.41 Junior House 34 Senior Cabinet 4r President of National Junior Honor So- ciety 2.3r Most Valuable Player-Soccer. Donald O'Neill F.C.A. 2.3.41 Key Club 2: National Honor Society 3.4: National Junior Honor Society l.2.3,4t Span- ish National Honor Society 3.4: Football l.2.3.4: Track 25 Wrestling 2.3: Staters 3,43 Junior House 3x Senior Cabinet 4: Young life l. Gavin Gonzales F.C.A. 3,44 National Honor Society 3,43 National Junior Honor Society l.2r Ski Club 3,4r Spanish National Honor Society l.2r Baseball 1.23.44 Bas- ketball l.2: Football l,2.3.4. Z ' 1 1 O O O f Larnle Keslrn t f Apathy Club 3.4: Key Club 3: National Forensic League 3.4: National Honor Society 3.4. Ski Club 34 Spanish National Honor Society 3.4: Speech Team 3.4: Senate 31 House of Representatives 3: Staters 33 Junior House 3:-Senior Cabinet 43 State Debate Champ 3: Girls Nation 3: Debate Nationals .. V A f 6 Q T. 3. . rfifiitl S A . .T ' . EA 1 'X if ' ' E f - 3 VI n That akes You A Leader. a W .lv Y' ll? P Y' Ill! VV ll!! 0' li IIB' Il ll? Y Il Inwf ,Q if Mrs. Mclntire Sherry Mclntire. along with the student she spon- sored who won a Presidential Scholarship, was invit- ed to Washington last year by the President of the United States. This is the same Sherry Mclntire who stopped traffic in Kansas City when she wandered around town dressed for her role as the witch ln Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. These two incidents attest to why Sherry's students love her classes. She is challenging and she is fun. Sherry received a B.S. degree from the University of Kansas and has completed over 45 hours of graduate study at the University of New Mexico. A member of the faculty at Eldorado since I97 I , she currently teaches English and Theater courses. Sherry has also sponsored the current junior class since its freshman year and has been a member of the School Improve- ment Team and the Honors Committee for several Iyears. In addition to the presidential invitation above. Sherry has recived several other honors. She was se- lected by the National Endowment for the Humanities to participate in a summer seminar to study theater in New York City last year. She also won distinction when she guided a student through an award winning paper that eamed him a Westinghouse Science Schol- arship. 'A vi 3 . , . gf gg' T -if fc ' z ' ' ' ' " "'--"' T l l I , r I to T li?-'sit -. ,s inf A ,. ,. l'f X' f: - Qian-n ' 'F-its 1: 3 -V 4, . I Mr. Evans Scott Evans, a Magna Cum Laude Graduaterof Man- kato State University in Minnesota and a i968 NCAA CD All-American Wrestling Team Member. sets high standards for his students and the members ,of the Eldorado Wrestling Team. Last year he was chosen as the Wrestling Coach of the Year by the New Mexico High School Coaches Association. In addition to the B.S. degree he received from Mankato State University. Scott also eamed a Master of Science degree from the University of New Mexico. He was an Assistant Wrestling Coach and taught Physical Education Courses at the University of New Mexico. Scott is the Chairman of the Physical Educa- tion Department and the Head Wrestling Coach at Eldorado. He has led the Eldorado Wrestling Team to a magnificent record over the years. They won state in l983. ' ln addition to teaching and coaching, Scott finds time to write and publish. Last year he authored a section of Ideas ll for Secondary School Physical Edu- cation and wrote a book of his own. Concepts in Coaching Wrestling. Scott is married to Pam Evans who also teaches physical education at Eldorado and sponsors the award winning drill team. They have a son and a daughter, Todd LeCesne, ty, Jerome Gomez Were All Around Eagles ' The proiects of Student Senate, the major legislative organization of the student body, echoed the yearlong theme, "Yes, We Canl" In addition to the year's big productions, homecoming and the senior awards assembly, senators excelled in spirit and service. They stressed theme assem- blies, starting the year on a wave of Olympic patriotism with the fall sports assembly. The winter sports assembly had a game show format featuring "Family Feud" between the girls and the boys and "l.et's Make a DeaI." In addition, Mike Smith spoke at an American Assembly before Thanksgiving. The yearlong theme originated in an assembly designed to acknowledge Eldorado superstars. The students reacted to staged assemblies positively, "they were more fun, had a mood." Fundraising was extremely emphasized, computer dating and spook-o-grams created money for the club. Also, money weeks, copper drives, election day, bake sales and a wheelchair day were held to support the Shirley Taylor Equipment Bank. Student cooperation and participation was excellent. "Whenever they find someone needs something, Eldorado students always come together to heIp," observed senator Gloria King. As an organization dedicated to the representation of Eldorado, senate takes communication and student involvement seriously. Senators personally visited homerooms on Fridays to inform students of upcoming events and to directly receive student and faculty reaction and insights. ln addition, to reward students, teachers, administrators and parents who contribute to the school through service, positive attitude, cooperation, dependability, initiative and leadership, the Student Senate commenced The Golden Talon Club. The Student Senate also interacted with groups outside. Eldorado Sena- tors served at the New Mexico Association of Student Council, 7, Central District Student Council and East Area Student Ad- 9 . visory. Jerome Gomez was the First Vice President of the state organization. Eldorado hosted a Central District meeting .lanuary 30, .,' inviting senators from all Al- buquerque schools. 64 7 Belen, Los Lunas and Mor- ' 9 ...Lode ga 'CX . YQG ' xwgb ome1'- wafixv Ol' gov ,ua gn - uv" NW' tow can" ' meta -553 , Cro 306 vac' el' Nw . :V Ytong 10912, owxskelklbn-LaW1" X190 Y Aus fx we . 3V aYt3' . gag bgia 1161 30 Senate ,-,o1:3Sgo,,,.:1:Wa Yszrea, more o e ' 'G vie Swaecltoole' gif" Carols nos vx tw geina son an 195' 1196 yowx ga 9 03919 and 6x0 col' Q . mi wil" ,.. ' 'grail Novo' txt Cfownsx-iowa gore-vm C u tscc+"':1ie"':,:i.s11"N 1066 ,sv-'U' wx sQ'e-L' 260 Non' I ,xxxli 361910 CCN " 515' ,vh Blu ez- 2? Senior Senators Senators Took Action Cl' Julie Chavez Dawn Johnson Todd LeCesne C? Jerome Gomez Gloria King Seana Moore I I , ,,.-wr nu ,, z 9 ' .vrpifffiff K if K ' we - :' ,1 It HL: lf. Q' J I f -..Q f. we .- ,.,,-- is-1. J. Kristy Cole Matt Gomez Barbara McCollister Traci Reinhar! Junior Senators Tirzah Gonzalez Melissa Mills Paul Self phomore Senators Bruce Welton Holly Bronson Laurie Brown Kim Cole Beth Collins Andrea Dalia 'XJ' Lynn Filusch Carmen Martinez Brian Moore Greg Williams 1 ar 1 Cari Porter Ron Upshaw .lill Vasquez Freshmen Senators Members of the National Honor Society were: Theran Adamson. Amy Allpass, Denise An- derson. Jane Arnold, Jennifer Baker, Kristin Ann Bauer, Susann Benjamin, Hope Bigelow, Becky Bishop, Barbara Bueck, Teri Burch, Wes- ley Burgess, Sabrina Busico. Karen Caldwell, Becki Canaday, Thomas Casias, Julie Chavez, Paula Clevenger, Karen Darsey, Renee Davis. Elizabeth Dettmer, Ron Dixson, Robert Doo- len. Tom Eckert. John Engels. Anthony Gomez, Micki Cline. Gavin Gonzalez, Fran Gottlieb, Cheryl Guenther. Tracy Hathoot. Vanessa Hawker. Leslie Hill. Michelle Jeffery. Betsy Jones. Brian Jones. Stephanie Kaup, Lainie Keslin. Robert Kuiath. Kimberly Lastra, Alan Lee. Hae-Jung Lee, Kelly Long, Cheryl Mather- . ly. Eric McCarson, Mary McKinley, Ron Me- line, Kristin Michels, Elizabeth Minana, Seana Moore. Erin Nicolls, Tacy Nomood, Donald 0'NeilI. Mike Parrish. Larisa Pedroncelli. Mi- chelle Peeples, Rocky Ray, Veronica Reiking, Thomas Riney, Stephen Rozum. Marigene Sa- lazar, Denise Scibior. Steve Sheldon. Timothy Shultz, John Skelton. Shari Smith, Brett Sny- der, Amy Spear. Stephen Stocking, Suzanne Strong. Kim Struve. Shelle Van Etten, Laura Vogel, Sarah Wardlaw. Barbara White. Robin Williams, Vanessa Willock and Ken Zimmer- man. Societies rank as one of the oldest and most prestigious organizations for high school stu- dents. The National Spanish Honor Society was no exception. Although the society was a highly social organization, throughout the school year, candy sales and other fund rais- ers were conducted to award a scholarship or aid for students going abroad. Membership requirements were three semester A's in a Spanish class. In this way the most fluent stu- dents were able to come together to broaden their knowledge of the Spanish culture. The students discovered Spanish was a vibrant and invigorating language. The biggest activity the National Honor So- ciety faced was the induction of new members in the spring. Leadership. scholarship, service and character were the four qualties that a NHS member had to have in order to be in- ducted into the organization. All members had to maintain a 3.5 grade point average throughout the year. Eldorado was proud to support the NHS and NSHS. 30 Pride Showed Through National Honor Society V . 5, h IZ ., V4.4 National Spanish Honor Soci Members of the National Spanish Honor Society were: Beth Harrington. Senora Paclenza Bertha Heather Fenstermaker. Robin Ohar. Karen Darcy, Jane Arnold. Fran Gottlieb. Tim Shultz Kathy S Seana Moore, Kelly Long. Karen Caldwell, Julie Lambros, John Skelton. John Mickey and Larry as-fsfftse 'Euler fiominatiaras . Eldorado Introduced Golden Talon Club The Golden Talon Club is an organization to reward students, teach- ers. administrators, and parents who work "above and beyond the call of duty" for Eldorado High School. You can be part of selecting members of the Golden Talon Club by nominating special people for membership. Membership in the Golden Talon Club is based on: SERVICE - People who volunteer their time to work on special pro- jects or committees POSITIVE ATTITUDE - People who generate positive feelings about Eldorado through the things they do or say COOPERATION - People who pitch in and work with others always maintaining a cooperative attitude DEPENDABILITY - People who can be counted on to complete a project by putting forth their best effort INITIATIVE - People who perform positive acts without being asked or expecting to be rewarded LEADERSHIP- People who are willing to assume the responsibility of a leadership role at Eldorado or in community organiza- tions or projects A UNIQUE CONTRIBUTION TO EHS OR COMMUNITY - through time, talent, or resources 3I Thespi n E pressed Great talent. The International Thespian Society was a world wide organization of drama stu- dents. Only the most talented and dedi- cated theatre students were honored with membership. Each student must have devoted at least one hundred hours before becoming eligible for membership. Eldorado's Troupe 272 was formed in I976 by ten members. This year, there were over two hundred members, twenty-one of which were current students. This year's Thespians played a large role not only in school productions such as the annual Thespian Variety Show. but also in city and state festivals. They received excellent reviews from profes- sional critics at the Albuquerque Public Schools Festival, University of New Mexico Festival and Eastern New Mexi- co University Festival. Their motto was "Act well your part, there all honor Iies." 32 fl,.f :Q Thespian Troupe 272 consisted of: Theran Adamson. Rick Bassan, Kimberly Broxterman, Mile Covington, Pat Diamond, Brendon Dougherty. Scott Frye, Rob Hagen, Vanessa Hawker. Leslie Hill, Bobby Hlnnen. Shelly Johnson. Tacy Norwood, Chris Raey, David Rivera, Jory Rosen. Lauriann Sikora, laura Smith, Melissa Suber. Danielle Sumers and James Walton. -T Antigone Returned Heroic Ideal l The Beauty Part Received Raving Ovation The cast of The Beauty Part was: Cin order of appearanceb Lisa Dungan, Chris Reay, Scott Frye, Michael Covington, Leslie Upshaw, Lauriann Sikora, Rick Bassan, James Walton, David A. Rivera, Chuck Martin, Tacy Nonlvood, Theran Adamson, Maureen Roskin, Jory Rosen, Pat Diamond, Robert Hinnen, Kelly Covington, Nancy Davis, Maria Rivera, Ann Brass, Becky McCollister, Laura Smith, Kim Broxterman, Mike Harris, Holley Bronson, Vanessa Hawker and Leslie Hill. The cast of Antigone was: fin order of appearancej Leslie Hill, Vanessa Hawker, Lisa Dungan, Kelly Covington, Jory Rosen, Scott Frye, Becky McCollister, Laura Smith, Rick Bassan. Maureen Roskem, Kim Broxterman. Tacy Norwood, Ann Brass, Nancy Davis, Holley Bronson, Mike Harris, Robert Hagen, Bobby Hinnen, James Walton, David A. Rivera, Chuck Martin, Chris Reay, Michael Covington, Theran Adamson, Leslie Upshaw, Pat Diamond, Ann Brass and Jonathon Sawyer. 33 Shakespeare's A Hit On February I2-I5, the Eldorado Drama Club performed the Shakespearean play Comedy of Errors. The cast included Chuck Martin, Chris Reay, Scott Frye, Rick Bassan, Rob Hagen, Pat Dia- mond, Lisa Dungan, Kelly Covington. Leslie Upshaw, Lauriann Si- kora, Anne Brass, Leslie Hill, Mike Harris, James Walton, Maureen Roskom, Becky McCollister and Paulete Thomas. It was directed by Mr. Nason, and the assistant director was Maria Rivera. This perfor- mance was unique because not all of the profits went to Eldorado. The proceeds from the first night went to the African Relief Fund through the United World Churches. Proceeds from the other three performances went into the EIdorado's theater production fund. as usual. The four performances were enjoyed by many and proved to be a hit. 34 15.15 f Q 3 e 14 fi' 's Eldorado Plays Were Successes Gif? Q' A "'Kpnl2 2 :ik ag Y Q 3 Little Mary Sunshine 'ld M 7 9 HY Annual Play Azimgthon A B-12f5 iff:- Angela Clement Runar Karlsen Patrick Orban Anna Laurila Germany Norway Sweden Finland Qlgreatlv liniceif Q .zu f Front Row: Runar Karlsen, Gabriela Mendoza and Angela Clement: Back Rowx Erika Connley, Anne Spranger, Isaac Fernadez, Jochem Katthaus. Stefan Gebhard, Harald Thommersen, Ann Laurila, Andy Galanos, Mika Reinikainin. Anke Muller. Anders Blom, Patrick Orban and Lotta Sahlen. Foreigner Beca e Eagles Foreign exchange students have been a part of Eldorado ever since Eldorado first opened. This year there was a record numbers eighteen foreign exchange students enrolled at Eldorado: six juniors, eleven seniors and one freshman. These students arrived in the U.S. in July and August and stayed for three months or all year. All of these students were very positive and found school in the U.S. different. There was a different choice of classes, and school was a more social environment. Many of these students found Albuquerque very different than expected. as some of them didn't even know where it was. One student from Australia replied with a prominent accent, "I was expecting to have a siesta at 3 p.m." When they were asked to describe the United States, here was what some of them had to say . . . 36 rs.. -1 vii? Andy Galanos Mika Reinikainen Anne Spranger Greece Finland Australia "indescribable" "friendly" Ci Jochum Kotthaus Anke Muller-Solger Kees Kat Germany Germany Netherlands av I cj Harald Thommersen Erica Connley Anders Blom Norway Australia Sweden "big" "different" 4 V fx j, tx W9 Gabriela Mendoza Isaac Fernandez Lotta Sahlen Stefan Gebhard Mexico Spain Sweden Germany "amazing" "different" Eag es Excelled Academically l984 and I985 proved to be honorable for Eldorado students. Eagles earned awards in both group and individual competitions. The most widely recognized and prestigious honor sought by the college-bound remained the National Merit Scholarship Program. Initiated in the iunior year by taking the PSATXNMSQT, hopefuls with percentile ranking of ninety-nine were selected as semi-finalists. New Mexico exhibited ninety-five semifinalists, nine from Eldorado. Receiving this distinction were Roy Arnett, Ron Dixson, John Engels, Todd Hassan, Alan Lee, Sean Purcell, Brian Russell, Denise Scibior and John Skelton. Then, after many forms, recommendations and other information, finalists were selected. Eldorado was proud of Timothy Bolek, Ron Dixson, John Engles, Todd Hassan, Alan Lee, Denise Scibior, and John Skelton for this achievement. For those inclined to writing, the National Council of Teachers of English sponsored its writing awards program. Nominated by their iunior English teachers, students wrote on an assigned topic. The top five writers became school finalists. This year, Hal Richardson, Da- vid Stichman, Paul Jones, Robin Davis and Larry Brown represented Eldorado. In addition, three Eagles were selected as winners out of the five from New Mexico: Ken Zimmerman, Sarah Wardlaw. and Tim Schultz. All wrote short stories, finding them more interesting than essays. Ken described a half mile race at a track meet: Sarah narrated how she met her friends: Tim told the troubles of a "slow" ten-year-old boy. They each were delighted with the honor. However, Eldorado students didn't limit themselves to the achievements gained through national academic programs. They branched into leadership, artistic talent, and drama. Kristy Cole attended the International Hugh O'Brien Youth Seminar in Boston. Massachusetts, as one of the two delegates from New Mexico. Greg Williams was selected as the Eldorado Hugh O'Brien Outstanding Sophomore. He attended the state seminar in the Spring. Gloria King and Jerome Gomez were featured in the Albuquerque .lournal's Bill Bell Salute to Excellence for their achievements in student government. Susie Strong represented Eldorado in the New Mexico Junior Miss Pageant in January. Lainie Keslin and Cheryl Matherly met President Reagan while attending Girls Nation in Washington, D.C. These vivacious and vocal girls were picked as national delegates at Girls State by their impromptu speeches and delightful characters. Two members of the drama department were recognized for their all star performances in the APS Drama Festival. Leslie Hill and David Rivera. as Lady Bracknell and the butler in The Importance of Being Ernest captured the attention of the audience and judges. The drama department also gave a strong perfor- mance at the UNM Drama Festival. On Novem- ber 3. the ROTC captured the overall winner title of the West Texas State University Drill Competi- tion. In addition, they received the Commanders Trophy, first in regulation drill. second in exhibi- tion drill, and Don Maddox obtained the first in individual performance. Consequently Eldorado students emerged with flying colors as Eagles. Tim Schultz Sarah Wardlaw Ken Zimmerman fl rm: . -Hill ,. . Q---ffx ROTC Drill Team NOTE School Nominees weret David Stichman, Robin Davis, Paul Jones. Hal Richardson and, not pictured. Larry Brown. 38 Drama Festiyal honored Leslie Hill and David Rivera. Tim Bolek Ronald Dixson ia x- , John Engels Todd Hassan National Merit Finalists Alan Lee . K, vfiwf Sean Purcell Denise Scibior John Skelton Q:-'J 1 . X A fb ,W x,- 1,1 Merit Semifinalists included: Brian Russell. Alan Lee. Sean Purcell, Ron Dixson. Girls Nation delegates were: Cheryl Matherly and lainie Keslin. Denise Scibior, John Engles. John Skelton and, not pictured, Todd Hassan and Tim Bolek. 39 OEA competitors werex Front Rowx Edie Hamilton. Accounting Il, Kristie Mar- tin, Data Processing Computert Lorri Howe, Data Processing Computer: Ju- lie Maull, General Clerical ll and Diane Probst. Accounting ll. Back Rowx Jenni- fer Clark, Receptionist: Beth Byers, Pro- motional Display: .lack Henderson, State President Candidate: Stacy Evans, Typing III and Michelle Hise. Chapter Scrapbook. GE Knew Their Bu in ss Mathlete , ed ly ToPP f Xi 4 ,Q ' t ai f ' T ff Conte t vi ,f Q Kevin Hole Sarang Gupta Ken Zimmerman First Place Second Place Third Place Deca's Score Added J 7'5f,a, DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. Mrs. Johns is their sponsor. DECA is a program designed to provide a greater understanding of our free enterprise system and to devel- op leadership characteristics. DECA is an integral part of the class, land students compete at the District, State and National levels. Leadership training is also stressed. Nationals will be held in San Francisco this year, and many Eldorado students were expected to qualify. Another education association at Eldorado is OEA which stands for Office Education Association. This club provides recog- nition of individual members and chapters for involvement in a variety of programs designed to develop personal leadership and office skills. The competitive events program provides Regional, State and National Competition for events which measure office skills, speaking abilities and job interview skills. Up... mu DECA competitors were: Front Row. Beth Minana. General Marketing: Earl Moore. General Mer- chandise: Carmen Sweeney, Food Marketing: Marilee Alvarez, General Marketing: Jennifer Pike. General Merchandise: Ellen Thornton, Ad- vertising Services and Mark Sanchez. Restaurant Marketing. Middle Row: Vince Rubin, General Marketing: Jaris Cawthon, General Merchandise: Suzanne Arnold, Apparel and Accessories: Scott Dodson, General Marketing: Lynn Guernesey, Fi- nance and Credit: Lewis Allen, General Marketing and Rick Anderson, Finance and Credit. Back Row: James Rogers, Service Station Retailing: Jeff Woodward, General Merchandise: John Hobkirk, Food Marketing: Darrell Argaud, Service Station Retailing: Geneen Madlock. Apparel and Acces- sories: Sam Watkins, Restaurant Marketing: Ran- dy Dobbs, Service Station Marketing and Mrs. Johns. Darla Bazzell "Success in life is . . . Smiling any- way." l984 Grad Recognized In l985 Darla was inadvertently omitted from the I983-84 El Aguila. Eldorado had many outstanding athletes this year. The girls basketball team broke their old record of seventy victories. and USA Today put Eldorado Girls Basketball into their national ratings. Eldorado also had many superior individual athletes. Alison Kleven was all-state, all-district and all-city for the volleyball team. Teri Florence received an honorable mention for all-state and made all-district and all-city. She was also featured in USA Today as one of the two top athletes in New Mexico. Pat French and Jerome Gomez were selected for all-state first team in football. Carolyn Gallagher qualified for all-state, all-district and all-city in cross country track. In addition, Carmen Richardson and Deedee Bazan were all-district and all-city for the cross country team. Tom Eckert made all-state for the boys cross country team and placed 20th out of 70 runners in the state meet. Eldorado was lucky to have such great athletes. Athletes Showed Their Best Teri Florence and Alison Kleven Girls Varsity Basketball Team Tom Eckert Pat French Jerome Gomez R 4 5 Q! 1 9' , 1 'i - '25 ' ' - j a,l X J a ' A 3 tiwx f htbk Y If J I , li 3 KK! 'T' V U A ' 19 lg T is K1 F ve ig .. ' 'T ' Caroline Gallagher Carmen Richarson Deedee Bazan " Cross Country Track Team irls Soccer Ranked State Champs v l., F EK Jeff Collins Ken Zimmerman F,i1..,..f x. .. op photo: Clayton Brown, Third swimmer in tate. Bottom photo: Charlie Dotson. Top wrestler State. The Girls Eagle Soccer All-Staters included! First Teamx ' Brigitte Sparlin, Laura Vogel. Karen Caldwell and Beth Hin- 'L kle. Second Team: Cherly Guenther, Amy Taylor and Amy y W Baver. Honorable Mentions: Becky Wright. Micki Cline and -T Stephanie Talpas. Pat Coulie Eagles Sported Gold The Eldorado Athletics Program was highly commended for its excellence in sports. Girls Varsity Soccer exemplified this pursuit of greatness. In addition to taking the state title, many girls received individual honors. Some were named APS- Godfathers Athletes of the Week: Laura Vogel for September 25. Amy Taylor for October 30 and Karen Caldwell for October 9 and November I3. A record number made the All-State Team. Brigitte Sparlin, Laura Vogel, Karen Caldwell and Beth Hinkle played on the first team. The second team contained Cheryl Guenther, Amy Taylor and Annie Bauer. Becky Wright, Micki Cline and Stephanie Talpas held honorable mentions. Obviously, the Eagle soccer program triumphed. Three mem- bers ofthe Boys Varsity Soccer Team obtained honorable All-State mentions also. They were Jeff Collins. Ken Zimmerman and Pat Coulie. Yet soccer was not the only game to sport state champ status. For the second year, sophomore Charlie Dotson wrestled his way to be state champ in the I I2 weight level wrestling. He was also city champion. Marc Davy placed as state runner up. City runners up were Marc Davy, Kyle Metz. and Rob Smith. Swimmer, Clayton Brown, emerged third in the state meet. Conse- quently, Eldorado was well represented in the sports arena. 43 Forty Eldorado students have been recognized as some of the finest student musicians in New Mexico. These students were chosen at special auditions by a team of University professors to participate in the All- State Music Festival. The festival consists of three main sections: Band, Symphony Orchestra and Cho- rus. Only the top percentage of musicians from each high school in the state were chosen, Eldorado was fortunate to have been represented in each of these Eagle Harmon All State Orchestra also includedt Sumiko Corley. Tammy Sauressig. Robert Hohlfelder and Bob Carlton. A Y The All State Band included: Front Row: Kelly Long. Teri Burch, Margaret Martinez and Erin Nicolls. Middle Row! Russ Parker. Heidi Wengert, Larisa Pedroncelli, Chan- dra Bennett, Tammy Robertson. LeeAnn Young and Jim Williams. Top Row: Scott Thompson, Shelle VanEtten. Tanya Rivers, Edie Hamilton, Debra Williams and Eric Hammer. 44 The All State Band included: Front Row: Mark Candelaria, Mark Williams Thad Porcl Hal Richardson. Jason Owen, Robin Davis and Matt Armstrong Front Row: White. Kim Struve, Nyleen Troxel. Tony Navarrette. Kim Cole and Scott ,JUNIP The All State Orchestra members were: Front Row: Valerie Mora and Hae Jung Top Row: Chris Gassler, Trent Whiteside, John Kim and Tim Demmre .. gf, L P' 51 l lair Hae Jung Lee Mr. Lipka Individuals played a prominent role in the distinctive Eldor- ado music program. Mr. Lipka was giyen the Distinguished Teacher Award for his outstanding dedication and discipline towards the Eldorado band students. He has directed New Mexico high school musicians for twenty-six years and has been playing musical instruments since he was nine. Musical talent ran in his family. Alan Lee, a senior at Eldorado, was chosen to be a member of the McDonalds All American High School Band. Alan has played instruments since the fifth grade. According to Alan, "Musicians are a breed apart." Hae-Jung Lee was a member of the Eldorado String Chorus, Albuquerque Youth Symphony and the All State Symphony Orchestra. Hae- Jung has played the violin for nine years. She was selected this year to perform a solo concerto on the AYS tour to California. Thus, each musician strived for his or her harmonic dreams. Made Our Day ts .41 N Alan Lee Eldorado Formally Discovered Paradi e Lady Lady Julie Chavez Francoise Lemieux Queen Vanessa Nielson r f -1 I Princess Princess Melanie McAllister Carmen Richardson f Lady Lady Rhonda Castillo Jennifer lnlow Lady Lady Dawn Johnson Tiffany Nelson fl - lpn, az ,.,,, -l Lady Kendy Kampfe Karen Ortega Lady Lady 5hHl"3 I-0P91 Mary McKinley Adam Powell Gavin Gonzalez Sir Sir Sir Robert Kujalh Jay Thornton Darin Bllfivll Brian Buckley w ' 4 Donald O'NeilI Y ' 'T t K f Igf x I Sheldon Stanhope Prince Prince Rusty Ray Todd LeCesne King Jerome Gomez a es Enjoyed Homecomin e Date: September IO, I984 e Place: Eldorado High School Gymnasium e Time, 8:00 p.m. Everyone patiently awaited for the announcing of EIdorado's new homecoming queen and king. As the tension mounted, the wd grew silent. "The new 84-85 queen and king were . . . Vanessa Nielson and Jerome Gomez." The crowd clapped wildly in a nding ovation. All eyes were on Eldorado's homecoming queen and king. This was Eldorado's annual homecoming night coronation. According to Kristy Cole, Homecoming Chairman, this was the best ed part of homecoming. "An exciting mood was created, and everyone wanted to see the crowning of the king and queen." said isty. But, this was only one of the many activities associated with homecoming. During homecoming week many exciting events ok place. Dress up days. pep assemblies, the school carnival, the homecoming football game and the homecoming dance made these homecoming events. Kristy Cole was in charge of these exciting activities. Her difficult job included making deadlines, ing assignments and getting committees together. Vanessa Nielson, our homecoming queen. has lived in Albuquerque all of her life. Her hobbies include being a member of drill m, waterskiing, learning to snow ski and getting out. Vanessa enioyed the coronation most about homecoming. When owned, Vanessa remembers feeling, "happy and really excited." Our king, Jerome Gomez has lived in Albuquerque for nine years. Jerome doesn't have a lot of time for hobbies, but when he es. he enjoys hiking, camping and spending time with his family. Because Jerome wants more people to try out for homecoming urt, he offered to take the first step and signed up. His favorite part of homecoming was also the coronation and the football me. When crowned, he recalled he was, "excited and will never forget it." With a lot of hard work, this year, Eldorado's homecoming echoed great success. 49 IE,N3bvLXX1QJ nv XM EXW! 5 ENN Q59 ff f A Tg f f 3? xg? X F N 9535 Z vgv' ZJ Km N319 LQ QF V V W , ' 5 5914573 fy LQANXJXHWQGEQWJ BN M ww? Mx f 1 Vw Edit, ax? n 1' 4 Q .. 4. s ' J Q XY - ua ' I ' li: J ,U X Ni ,Q 0 fl ' , .' , . ,xjx J - , Q' 5 3 2 Q . 0 ' al I 1. ,A if y f ' Q0 . f 4. . -, 1 Y if , x - J Q1 at " I' A. wf PEO PLE N f Class of I985 lt can't be done, lt was never clone before, Therefore, we will do it. Flower: Forget-me-not Songz "l'm Free" 52 f X ff' Among the bustle of college applications, essay tests and graduation preparations, seniors made time to reach outward. On September l5, the lights of the University of Albuquerque ballroom sparkled off the silver tinsel and white balloon decorations of the i984 Homecoming dance. Used to the Convention Center as the site of the annual event, Eldorado students found the ballroom crowded. Yet, the excitement of a united school could not be suppressed. Sponsored by Senior Cabinet, the dance proved to be an "evening in paradise." In addition, the Senior Cabinet, by majority vote in a class meeting, presented the class song, flower and motto. Reverberating the optimism and sentimentality, the Forget-me-not was elected class flower. As a highly motivated class, it reached forward, leaving the words, "lt can't be done, It was never done beforea Therefore, "we will do it." Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Farrell, class spon- sors, prophesied the "class of '85 . . . will achieve success." Having grown together, the senior class, although comprised of over 700 students, seemed family. Dawn Johnson, class secretary, summed, "There is not a greater experience than to experience the unity of the senior class." United, the Senior Cla s Stood Senior Class Officers were: Vive-president: Shara AI bert, Presidentx Julie Chavez, Sponsor Mrs. Fackrell and Secretaryx Dawn Johnson. Second Row: Treasur en Jim Williams, and Sponsor Mr. Thomas. -Z, if of Senior Cabinet included: Vice-President: Shara Albert, Amy Allpass, Jennifer Baker, President: Chavez, John Engels, Leslie Hill, Secretary: Dawn Johnson. Barbara Kashinski. Francoise Lemieux. McKinley. Seana Moore. Erin Sanderson. Judy Shuman, John Skelton, Sarah Wardlaw, Barbara White Treasurer: Jim Williams. 53 Theran Adamson . . . "lfl had it all to do again. I wouIdn't have time. Nobody is perfick. Thanks to all and to all a good life." Shara Albert . . . "Forever in my memories B. Maute. You'lI be part of my day if only in my thoughts. Remembering everyone. Thanx 4th. K.G. Remember BST's. , N01 -gn Audrey Aday . . . Katherine Aeby . . . "Wasting time is killing success." "The highest sign of friendship is that of giving another the privilege of shar- ing your inner thought. Thank you. DMDl But Ociffer . .. " in 1' ' Julie Aicher . . . "Thank God for fun times, great bud- dies and Cuadrillal Hold on to memo- ries. Thanks D, l love youl Living in the limelight-the universal dream." Clinton Alberts . . , Russell Alexanderson . . . "THANKS to allthose who were helpful "To all Horndogs-l salute you! T.E., and caring." T.R.. DJ., M.H.. D.H. Heck Morty. I have this one dead even!" ny.. -at Jeff Alford . . . 'T Andrea Allen . . . Fritz Allen . . . Amy Allpass . . . Denise Anderson . . . "Time is our only obstacle. and like all "It's a cruel summer! Thanks T.G., C.A.. "Open your eyes and see the world that things. it too will pass. Our dreams C.S., C.M.. T.M. and the Young Life stands before you now. Thanks to WILL come true, Craig. Thanx LG., Boys-Creal clotheslj CAH S the gang- "ya'lI" the "Booze Brothers and T.H.. K.W. and C.C.!" love yal" Thursdays l ll never forget Eldorado X Xl X Xl X Xl N 2 ii-111 fi. Anderson . . , Leslie Andrews . , . paths you can go by. but "We think we have it all. but more is the long run, there's still time to coming. Looking forward to it all. Glad road you're on. l LUV U you were all there: C.Ll.. D.l.., KJ.. J.W.. SJ." Ted Arana . . . "Thanks for all the good times Charles Aron. It was fun Wendy. "Don't do that". never forget the look and with Steve and your house." .7 Arias . . . Cathy Armijo , . . and use things: don't love "lt may be those who do most, dream use people! Now to make my most." ome true. Sweden here l 4.-'ff Roy Arnett . . . "Get it now and enjoy it while you can because "Alcohol, Hashish. Prussic Acid Strychine are weak dilutions. The surest poison is time." -Emerson." Darrell Argaud . . . "Give to the world the best you have. and the best will come back to you." Jane Arnold . . . i Q3 ' 'i mleen Arredondo . . . Erica Ashe . . . Susan Ashfield-Salter . , . Ray Aycox . . . Kiss today goodbye and point me to- "Time comes and goes. but memories "Thanks K.H.. S.B., L.D., K.T., T.M.. "Four long years of hard work, slaving ards tomorrow. Thanks A.K., T.F.. last foreverl Thanks everyone. espe- LH.. R.l., B.B., and L.M. for being great over books and putting up with teach- B and R.K., for the Best Times . . . cially M.G.and S.K. for allthose memo- friends. Good luck Mikel" ers. Good thing l had T.L.C." ries!" fl! ll! ll! I Lisa Bacon . . . "Hey K.R.. D.D., and Pee-Wee: get ready to pop the corks and celebrate! We've finally done it! P.S. Momma bull- frog lives!" Lloyd Baird . . . i N Kevin Baker . . . Stephanie Baker . . , "Bond . . . James Bond. Hey Kenz., Tim "Thanks for what? School No Way!! S. 5 Steve B. that P.O.H. is up and ri- Thanks D.S., J.B., L.D., EJ.. M.S.. Spe- Sin'." cial Thanks to Cassie Morrison. Steph loves K.W." :ff Ed Bardzik . . . David Barnes . . . Lynn Barringer . . . X -.av Jennifer Baker . . . "Thanks to my best friends for all good times and great memories. guys are the best! B.D.-thanks for erything." Pamela Baiuk . , . "A friend is someone who understands your past. believes in your future and accepts you today just the way you are." fif, . Dennis Banning . , . James Barber . . . "Thanks, PJ for all your help. l'II never forget you To M.H., S.B., P.D.. M.D.. and everyone in H-8. Has anybody seen my keys?" :lin Q-M Michael Barthel "Be happy and live life to its fullest. Thanks for everything J.K., A.P., S.W.. K.M.. and T.C." XIX YNY YN Stephen Bartlett . . . "Californians are cool. Smile surfer style. Surfer hang ten better." fs C9 Ronald Barychkn . . . "Chains don't make a wall. and dreams lay where they fall. Dark is never night when dreams make up the light. M.H.. remember Justin Sane." 3 Anny Bauer . . , Keith Beal . . "We've survived our high school years. "Tough times never last but tough On to bigger and better things. Thanks people dol-Jim Johns S.E., K.Z., M.E., LB. and mean Mcma- hon." 'HNIQ Chandra Bennett . Cynthia Beller . . . Elsa Benavides . . . Susann Benjamin . . . "Failing ls Never Final And Failure "What it is? Hey T.F.. R.O.. and Roya- "Rob-l lived my first I5 years for oth- "Sing unto the Lord a new song Never Fatal. lt's Courage That Counts!" lette Girls! Thanks for all the good ers. the last two for myself: sweetheart, right KJ.. S.V.E., L P T B K L 7 times. There are many memories never to be forgotten: Don't Quit!" is A Bobby Bertelle . . . "l got a drink in my hands, got my toes in the sand and all I really need is a woman. Understand! Goodbye J.H." fl! Joe Bicknell . . . "Material Girl in the Spiritual World- C. remember Elmo THE Nooner in Phoe- nix? Yah POLICE! J-Orange Rabbit? XTC! XTCl" fl! l'm saving the next 90 for you." Nth- 1 -vs Hope Bigelow . . . Robert Bla , , , "qLinda- you're a great friend- I'II miss you., I made it!" efll I X X X XX XX 'MTX Anders Blom . . . w..-Q. ig Karen Boles . . . Lisa Boles . . . Sam Boren . , . "EHS is the best school everl Thanx for "Thanks J.L. for all the hugs. Thank you "The time has come to say goodbye. everything Bubbles 8 S.H. Remember Steve for the best thing I will ever have. Just remember, it's only hello . . . Hey Homecoming. Hey S.H. remember the Thank you for the love you gave me." SJ.. I've got my mind made upl P.S. red light. Ted. CEC was funny." North parking lot, "Laterl" ,S Heidi Borgmeyer . . , Steve Brawley , . . "Thanks Richard, Kevin, Tim. Ken, Ted- dy and POH for being good friends. Mostly. thank you Lisa for showing me what love really is." X Brian Bowers . . . Kate Boyer . . . "Well, Oru it looks like Ranger Rick "While living for today. we make our made it. BitchinlIThanks U.M. S.K., T.P. memories for tomorrow. God bless all Don't worry "Wolf" The Blazer is my friends. especially R.D. Hey Cua- Terry Brader . , . "I got one good thing out of this year. I think she knows who she is. Oh ya. thanks for the "Great Season", Coach rad!! Vergial." drilla- Clean your shoesl" Hall." 'Q 'VY X. Saville Bray . . . Stacy Brey , . , Michelle Brodd . . . "Well, Virgil, we made it through one heck ofa partying year and pretty much stayed in troublell Remember B.8., SJ., R.C., C.M.. P.C." XI N XI X XI X N 1 Brodsky . . . 'pears to be the end may really a new beginning. Thanks for four t years Eldorado and especially for CuadriIIa." w-I Kevin Brookie . , , Robert Brothers . . . "Do not set your goals by your past "To make it through the needles eye, achievements but by your future you just can't live a Iie"- Kansas. dreams." Thanks M.C.. R.B., T.B.. S.M., K.K., and ,.,-W' Brown . , . mini Rebecca Brown , . . "I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. Thanks for the memories Robin. Bethkins, Ben and Sarah." K.S. Brad Buck , , . "I wouIdn't be where I am today if my teachers hadn't passed the buck." . . . you're the funny one!" ,B "TP Teri Burch . . . Wes Burgess . . . Janet Burkholder . . . "Friends are friends forever. if the "I can do all things through Christ who "lt's not reality: its just a fantasy. Later Lord's the Lord of them." I CouIdn't strengthens me." K.C.l Thanks for everything C.A. 5 D.T. have done it without my drive-in bud- Better luck next time D.F. S C.M." dies. Kim. Missi. and especially KeIIy." Rebecca Brower . . , "Remember Susanne and Karen cars wf 0 gas, sprinklers in parks and guysl Re- member busses and giggles. T.D. 8 K.B.l Love ya alll Brian Buckley . , , "Hey M.C., remember K.G. at T.W. and trashbags at 7:00 in the arctic. Hey Wes. remember the art hanging in the Media Center . . . Cronan Lives!" LEGO V'.'.!F' P Darin Burton . , , "An accomplishment is only as big as the effort put into it." Pro Baseball. here I comel I love you Joleenl D.S.D.W.W.B.M." I fl! Ill Ill qi' Q", Sabrina Busico . . . Peter Bustos . . . James Butterbaugh , . . Jennifer Buzan . . , "Life is too wonderful to sit back and "They say that life's a carousel, spin- "Life is a game made for more than two let it pass you by. so get out there and ning fast. You better ride it well. Good players, so invite yourfriends and enjoy try! Try! Try! You shall succeed." daze to 'the Dudes'. P.F.. I I-98 Crap itll Hey J.A., E.A. Remember the Pick- Check 97. LUV YA KATHY!" les? 85 Kicks!" '79 Beth Byers . . , "The one thing I have learned is no matter what the situation is, you have to remember your dreams and make them come true." Michael Byers . . . 1' Lisa C De Baca . . . Karen Caldwell . . . "Life opens up new doors for us, w but the ones l have already opened my friends will never be Thanks L.H., HJL. S.M." Becki Canaday . . . Timothy Candelaria . . . Cheryl Cardmon . . , Rgbgrl Cafpgmgr , , , "Don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow "To all my good friends. R.B., R.B., J.F., "God bless NATIVE CALIFORNIANS "Fly on your way like an eagle. fly tl1 ... Thank you A.W.. C.K., A.S.. N.L.. T.B., and yes, even K,S. EHS Band Will and white Labrador retrievers! Belgium gun-Iron Maiden-l,L,M,l T.K.. J.A. for being so special. A.S., see love you, Barbara!! Beauty, Beautyl!" and Huntington Beach forever! Thanks ,W,A,C,T,'I',T,l,M,L,T,T,'' you Down Under in I990!" Jeff." xi gl x xl xr gl x 1 rg, I I Carpenter . . , Wendy Carr . . . Thomas Casias . . . Rhonda Castillo . . . live the Thrash Patrol! And that "Eldorado, it's been great! Luv ya J.M., "You owe me one D.D., P.H.. H.G., and "Thanks V-6 for a great year! and to ants will always infest the party J.P. and especially T.A.. Ooh, you have M.S.l" Don O'NeilI-You light up my lile and all ,-of once is enough!" THE LOOK!" T r T -qi Catanach . , . James Cates , . . .laris Cawthon . , . only live once, but if you live "Ending school, beginning life . . . adi- "Thanks goes to the Lord, my family, gg," J.H.. D.R.. and U2 ffor 'Drowning Man'j. The real battle has begun to claim the victory Jesus won." I NIJ' Chavez . . . bounty is as boundless as the sea as deep, the more I give to thee. more I have, for both are infinite- fl! Dx no QX Q.. Michael Chavez . . . Renee Chavez . . . "lt's been reall Thanks for all the "Where the sun sets, l will follow. memories, good and bad. We finally Thanks for the good times: R.L., D.V.. made it B.B." CU., C.S.. and E.F. A special thanks to D.D." fl! af!! my dreams. l love you. V-6 Remember Nikkl" Julie Chavez . . . "Thanks for the great times, Dawn! Our fun has only just begun! l'll always re- member you J.G.. S,V., G.G.. D.O.l God bless you!" 1. Julie Christensen , , . f in Peter Ciurczak . . . Christy Clark . . . Jennifer Clark . . . "Thanks to Scott. Jon and the Little "Hard work. good times. great memo- "A woman asked her husband: what is Kingsal made itl You're very special E.S. ries. A.P.: wish they all could be Albu- happiness? He said nothing but just Long Live Rockll" querque guys. K.K.: Christmas lights. took her hand in his and walked by her 85 drill team Kicksl I luv u A.B." Chris Clawson . . . Paula Clevenger . . . "There is no failure except in no longer trying. I'lI never forget ya Nise. I.H.. K.B.. L.D., J.B., A.K.: I love ya'III side. Thanks Danny." Mark Cline . , . "As they leave a desolate land. the thrashpatrol enters a new land where soon it too will be a desolate land, then on to another." qv" Michele Cobb . . . Sean Coffey . . . "Keep it between the ditches and stay away from the witches." X XIX Barry Cole . . . XIX Michael Clark . . . "Hey K.B. remember the old days. naby Jones. Let's do it over again: are finally out!" Mary Cline . . . "Accept me as I am-only then discover each other." will Cathryn Collins . . . "A lifetime is not too long to li friends. Thanks LGD. KDS. ALA. and everyone else. Hey Leslie. do we meet?" XIX VB fs. Vv 21' we Jeff Collins . . . Kevin Colvin . . . Ronald Cook , . . "And until we meet again, May God "Never turn away a chance to succeed. "Hey Kendy, what's up?" hold you in the palm of His hand." Whatever it takes. J.L. destroyl Filthy. Later R.B.l" ll l ll! ll! Debra Cooke . , . "lf you see a person without a smile, give them yours. Take care S.V.l" 1 -"iii i 1 1 I l I Daniel Cooney . . , Rosalind Coronado . . . Kevin Cottrell , . . Patrick Coulie . . . "I'm one in a million. I've learned to dream, love and grow. both mentally and spiritually. Be crazy R.T., C.G.. M.G., H.L.. J.S.. U.R. m!dl" "Don't live to remember: remember to live. Party and get ahead .. . in life!" 9. Heidi Cox . . , David Crow . . . "Thanks S,S., G.S., N.S.. D.B.. and T.P. for being such great friendslll Cuadrilla ifl-iso is Lance Atenciolly' Michael Covington . , . f II I ll I ll Mary Anne Crow , . . "l'd like to try to do nothing. which is impossible. l'll see ifl can handle it . .. Ric Ocasek." I Charles Cumber . . . Stacy Dalen . , . Lisa Dankert , . . "I'lI never forget all the wild times we've had and the laughs we've shared. Thanks S.K., E.A.. M.G., LG., and espe- cially S.L. Q? Deborah Dasilva , . Diana Dater . . . Leslie Davidson , . . Karen Darsey . , . "Memories fade: dreams die. Live for the present-that's where the action isl Thanks Arnold, for always being there!" Jennifer Davis , . , "One's friends are that part of the hu- "This Bud's for you class of "85".y man race with which one can be hu- Here's to you North Parking Lot. We man. Cathryn. we meet down therel I had a good time!" love you StevelIl" X Xl X Xl X Xl s XX XX Michael Davis . . . Renee Davis , . . Marc Davy . . . "God, Friends and Family make it all "He who is a friend is always a friend. "I was the only one of three to make it. happen. Now just tive more years and and a brother is born for the time of All of my gratitude goes to athletics l'll be making some bucks. Thanks for stress! Proverbs l7:I7 Love you Katel and Coach Evans for pushing me in everything." Remember Nikki V-G." wrestling." X XIX XIX XX X r John Day . . . "Pete, don't kill king bug, and Mr. Far- rar, don't let our fence fall. "85" It's big gulp time!" Y X l M Della Longa . . . Di Grazia . . . you love something. set it free: if it back, it's yours. If it doesn't, it was." I love you Bob and Kath." 1" .5 Joanna Demaree . . . "There was a bull . . . Look guys I made it, but I couIdn't have done it without you. Bye to my B-lunch buddies and my fellow jobbiesf' 1' I Robert Dennis . , . Elizabeth L Dettmer . , . "ChargelIl" Bruce Dillon . . . "Hey you. standing in the aisles with itchy feet and fading smiles: can you hear me?" Dixson . . . strive. to seek, to find and not to fl! Daphne Dobecki . . , "Macho Woman Iivesl Love you C.S. and S.H.! Nice apartment E.S.l Hey Thrash Patrol, where's the moose? Par- ty forever!" fl! -ni Vernon Dinelli . . . nl:- Kristi Dirks . , . "Are we having fun yet . . . 7 We may not wini just have strength and courage in the attempt. I love ya Scott Dodson . . . -f If April Donahoo . , , 65 f A 4 3 Tom Eckert . . . Charles Emmons . . . "You only go around once. so make it the best. Horndogs Foreverl .. . Miss ou all. Kaducking. sk riink. l love you Igheryll Take care. God Bless." T Q 'W-. Bobby Erickson . . . "Thanks to all my friends who made me feel welcome." Problems? . . . let me tell you about problems." "CiboIa can't beat us until they beat us." Engles , . . .61 ILUVUII Angels of Mercyl" f ll I ll Esquibel , . . Stacy Evans . . . Darlene Fisher . . . "Thanx T..l., B.T., and L.P. You showed me what friends really are. And thanx R.S. for showing me how to love. Steve Engel . . . "Long live the Beast! Long live you Rock-n-Roll Dogs! Long live Wild Tur- key. Long live Beer: l'll be gone next yearl Take it easy!" Mark Erickson . , . "High School is the foundation for life. security. and . . . prosperity. Thanks EI- dorado. Henderson, work . . . M.M.. V.W.'s. Patty Engle . . . "DearIy Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life." James Espey . . . "High SchooI's over . . . But life goes on. and I'm going with it. Hasta" fV fl! Erin Fitzpatrick . . . f Kristin Fietland . . . "Rise above the ordinary and achieve what's best for you. Thanks for the best of times!" K.R., P.P., M.R.. L.H., C.S.. T.B.. and especially David! --'V Patrick French . . . Danny Frew Donald A Frlas Wendy Fronterhouse Scott Frye . . . Darren Fulcher Andreas Galanos "And now for something completely Thanks for all the great times to K different If it wasn't for B.U,. LL. ,lrmmy Jake Robert and the I90 S.H. oh and I.T.. I wouldn't have Thrash Patrol and the Hugh Lrfe and made it," especially my 1-il DORKU X ,W '422'iu, ,,, f 1 'x F., 1 Valley and Highland chicksl" Jacob Glover . . . "Thrash Patrol in The High Life .l.G.. LB.. M.C., M.V.. T.C., R.D., S.M., R.R.. What a Fry John." Lisa Goff . . . Leslie Goggans . , , Anthony Gomez . . . "Hold on to your dreams: don't ever "Thanks Joe L., Frank M., Glenn give in. If you keep on trying. you're Jennifer L., Mike W., Bryan G.. going to win. Hold onto your dreams W., Nancy L., Black Diamond lil' . . . though they seem far away." rockin" Paul S.. Gene S., Pete C., '4i' -1: sc, x' R' I Jerome Gomez . . . Rita Gonzales , . . Gavin Gonzales . . . Fran Gottlieb . . . "SS-22: Now that's going in style. Nev- "Hey C.S. Remember bugging Ralph? "I'm coming back to the reunion in a "Within me lies the power to seize er forget your special friends and the How's about invisible turtles? Lifes a black Porsche 9l I Carrera-Turbo. hour and live my dreams." great times you shared. Hey Dennis. 'X,C5E"3Q Thanx for always listening, DFMJOYK' Viva la Roja." Y' Moe. Have a good one." at S W .go Ginger Goujon . . , Tamela Gover . . , Sharon Green , . . Steven l.. Green , . . "Unicorns are forever. Good Luck J.G.. "This is it: the choice is ours to make. "CRUZER" Mud Bogs J.S., T.W., M.H.. and H.B. Remember there is al- Realize your fantasy and live your B.M., T.B. 4X4 Club Toyota ways a silver lining. Laters EldoradoIl" dream. 85' forever." cruisers Forever! Manzano. yx YN, YN Kristen Greenstreel . . . "Those who love beyond the world cannot be separated by it . .. thanks P.S.. D.A.. for giving me what l've al- ways wanted-a true friend." Cheryl Guenther . . . "These are truly the best of times. Thanks soccer buddies, Horn Dogs, and especially C.R., Y.S.. and P.S. Glad you were there partner, K.C.." Lynn Guernsey . . . Steven Gulick . . . "l thank Eldorado for two things: Misty Moffit and my freedom". ' J, fb Michael Guthals , , . Evelyn Gutierrez . . . Ron Gutierrez . . . "Thanks to all my friends. lt couldn't "God Bless California Girls. Long live have been better. Memories " Huntington Beach and Newport Beach." i Brian Hall . . . "Hey Bud. Thanks K.W., D.K., C.C.. D.P.. for all the good times. Hey C.L., 'It it don't fit. torch it!" fl! -.-.3 psf' to I Qty- Q KA, 'X Michael Haight . , , "l Guess it's time to move on. But l will never forget the great times with my friends. Remember. hi turn long and straight. Horn Dogs." April Hamadey . , , I ll Edie Hamilton , , . "What lies behind us and what lies be- fore us are small." fl! John Hansen . . , "Watch out Jaco, Geddy and Stan cause here comes the manl Thank you Father for J.C. and D.R. 'What does maybe mean'. My Love Lasts Forever" I 'N--er N -I Crisahn Hanson . . . "Revolution starts at home. in your heart. in your refusal to compromise your beliefs and your values."-Bono Vox." Loretta A. Hare . . . Susanne M. Harland . . . "Thanks B86 for the redlights. parks. sprinklers, and animals, the bucketl. Stay out from under the tables: use the crowbar." lan F. Harmon . . . "Thanks to the Boys and Girls Cross- Country team. you guys are the best. R.B.. T.E.. S.S. l'll always love you Beth. Horn Dogs!" Q' Randall 5. Harger . . . "There are two paths to go by. but in "Tyrone gives mamone. A hutll the long run, there's still time to on! Dar baby. hey. Mark. Roland N. Harger . . . change the road you're on.-Coke Pewther liveslll" Adds Life- F.u.g.i.m.o." si Fianna L. Harrington . . . Lisa Hartsfield . . . Robert R. Harvey . . . 72 N. HX tug-5 1 Todd W. Hassan . . . "M.L.. too bad about WWIII. Atari rules forever, V.M. M.l.T. here I come. Re- member. V.H., M.C., T.S.. D.L.. A.R.. Rush. Kelly and Ratt." Nl X Kimberley G. Harris . . . "Eldorado has been fum but my life has just begun. Thanks Chris son for helping when I was down.l always love you." Tracy L. Hathoot . . . "Almost everything that is great been done by youthl P.S. Thanks Owl and Pee Wee Herman - you're much - C.O.. A.K., D.T.. L.W.l XIX hr ,f- Sol Vanessa K. Hawker . . . Sarah K. Hawkins . . . Carla R. Heath . . . Charles R. Hellier . "Oh no! McNeill test today? Look out "Go confidentlyin the direction ofyour "Remember yesterday: think of today: "Again, T.T. and P., I m sorry Long lrve world, here I camel - I think. LUVYA dreams. You're terrific H-J.L., K.S.. and and look forward towards the future. the T.T.P." K.K., T.N.. D.R., T.P., L.H.. L.U.. and all T.W." Thanx RJ., G.V., Best wishes L.P.. V.A.. Play Pro. Keep SmiIin'l" especially, here's to you P.C.l" KV can ,A 434 Mark Hendricks . . . Mike Henningsen . . . Michael F. Henry . . . Donna M. Herman "I CAN'T DRIVE SSI Thanks for the "TO BIG K.R.A. AND WIERD AL - "The year we make contact. Thanks "Thanks to everyone at the retarded times Darren, Robert, George and Jake. N.F.C., LITTLE KINGS FOREVER. SURF Cathryn and Andrea. '85 has pride." wall and in English for all the laughsll J.I.M.I. was here." TO LIVE - LIVE TO SURF. SURF PUNKS ARE RAD: GEDDY IS GOD." T37 -40" Isaac Hernandez . . . Shawn D. Herrera . . . f ll f Il Q5 Lynda Herrick . . . "If I ride the morning's winds to the farthest oceans. even there your hand will guide me, your strength will sup- port me.-Psalms I39:9" Ill Stacey I. Higgins . . I SQ. T "xr Leslie Hill . . . Philip Hill . . . Derek Hilland . , . Robert Hinnen . . . "Cast Qin order of appearancej: H.L.. "It was the best of times: it was the "T.R., M.C. never forget summer '84, K.C., Ms. M.. M.M.. S.M., Mr. N., M.Y.. worst of times." horndogs. II pointsl Top that R.L.l Mrs. K., and L.S.-Thanks for a great 'Forever, Together, that's what I'm show." dreamin of.' l'Il always luvya Kel." I Michelle Hise . . . John Hobkirk . . . "A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today, just the way you are. Thank you. Eric!" Jason Hodges . . . THANX EVERYONE!" l 11' Y-'xr I Kenneth Holmquist . . . Johnathan Hoover . . . James Howard , . . l.orri Howe . . . "Looking back on all the years, it has "I'Il never forget you. Maynard. Good "Thanks Ria. And especially thank been fun: looking forward it's yet to luck with your future and remember Marc for all your love . . . Gravy's G come. Thanks, J.l.. J.C., J.N., D.M.. "SS" kicks BUTT!" Goodbye CS, BG, JH. RR. MK, and all D.G.. P.C., M.H.. and everyone." my OEA members." X Nl X Nl X Xl N "The story of life is quicker than the "We grumble because God put winkofan eyezthestoryoflove is Hello with roses: wouldn't it be better and Goodbye until we meet again. thank God that he put roses Caroline Hofferth . . . thorns-." H I' X. Huffman . , , ll Michelle Hunt . , . Ronald Hunt , . . "l've loved and lost, but learned through it all. To the UNM football players who cared for mei Frank. Donny. Scott and Billy. J.D. MBFV' KV KV B 1- !8 HUHBIIIIOW - . J Jennifer lnlow , , . Joann lntogna . . . is as fun as you want it to be. "Thanx for all the good times-K.H., "Strive to be the best, to have the best D.K., K.W.. D.P.. B.H.. C.L.. Julio. T.N.. A.M.. P.H. SMYS-dis- ofthings. the best oflife, and let no one H.B., and B.B. Have fun '85." pIays!feeIx?! Happy B-Jethl Sherlock or thing stand in your way." Holmquist: Z4FANTASY-. . . I Christopher Huntley , . . "Remember all the great times Class of 851 Thanks for everything Vanessa: you're the best. Ski the Rockies!" I Randy Irwin . . . "The desire of knowledge is like the thirst of riches, it increases ever with the acquisition of it.' Here I come Hip- pocrates oath. Victoryl" David Jackson . . , Brian Jacobsen . . . Michael Jaramillo . . . Michelle Jeffrey . . . "Accordingly let us go out to Him out- "No goal is too high if we climb with side the camp. bearing His reproach: care and confidence. We can make il Hebrews I3:l3. To the horn dogs." Class of BS." fl! ll! Ill I 75 4 A -5' 'C' Karen Jensen . . . Tiffany Jeler , . . Georgeanne Jewell . . . Lesley Johns . . . "Tomorrow l'll build my dreams. Re- "Thank you, S.E.. B.T. and L.P. for being "Those who wait for the Lord will gain "We're young, wild and freer catch th member the good times-J.W.. CJ.. such good friends! Thanks N.C. and strength: They'II mount up like eagles, 'magic power' of the music in we. N23 SJ.. T.P., L.A., B.D., T.S., A.A.. and L.P. M.D. for all the love. Angels of Mercy they'll run and not tire. they'Il walk and fly class of '85: we got the key. Reme Sit on a happy face! Hey Sister Smith!!" Rock." not become weary. -Isaiah 40:3 I " ber the memories. I love you Scottyl' sv S at I 43. !, Dawn Johnson . , . Gaylynn Johnson , , , Kelly Johnson , . . Kent Johnson . . . "Julie Chavez, you're the best. Europe, "Beautiful people are not always good. "WH always l1aV2 to remember that WS LA.. Mom. Dad, friends and FCA. too. but good people are always beautiful. UP I0 US-W6'I'0 U12 OMS who have to Thanks for all: l love you! A.P.. l will Thanks MJ., M.M., P.M.. K.M.. T.R.. PUSl1 U12 clouds HWBY- Thanks D-l-J remember you always." Kristin. Always remember the Gang." R-G-J 55- and D-H-" X XIX XIX XIX X X X X X X X Mickeal Johnson . . . Shelley Johnson . . . Brian Jones . . . Elizabeth Jones , . . "AlI the world's a stage and all the men "Contrariwise. if it was so. it might be: "It's not the end of my rainbow: it's ju and women merely players. They have andif it were so, it would beg but as it the beginning." their entrances and their exits." isn't, it ain't. That's logic." 76 X XIX XIX XIX ' ll ll ll Kristi .lanes . . . Paula .lanes , . . Peter Jones . . , "And in the end the love you take is "I have learned it: known who burned equal to the love you make." me. Avatar has warmed my feet. Take me with you: let me see you. Time and life can meet." 3. ., FT? Jones . . . Christina Jordan , . . Janine Jorgensen . . . Patrol: Remember the road "Eldorado, it has been a great four "Graduation sounds just fine. but turn- and the bus. Thanks for keeping yearsl Decades were the best!" ing ll sounds absolutely divinel May during the assemblies. We we be friends forever. Heidi!" busy uphold the thrash tradition." W? Kendy Kampfe . . . Michael Kaplan . . . Michelle Karns . . . "Live each day: never forget itll I leave "Come on you boy child, you winner "Thanks C.S.. B.G., R.R.. and LH.. for V-6 my greatest thanks Cremember and loser. Come on you miner for truth the best years of my life. Take care. i 1 Sheldon Jones , . . "I can't drive 55." Susan Junker . , , "Hey woman 32, we did it! Killer eh? Sam remember: 'Heaven'. 'Still loving you'? M.V. runll A.D. and R.R.. Yumml Paditle, Ga-tchal" qo- Barb Kashinski . . . "lt has never been done before. It can't be done, therefore we will do itlll Thanks B.L., SJ., K.M., S.M. and A.L.B. I Nikkij. To all the best times, may we and delusion and shinel" Thanks Mr. Storey and Mr. Haase for never forget them." the fun." for a great year." f ll f ll ,f ll ss Stephanie Kaup . . . Deanna Kays . . . Kat Kees . . . Leslie M. Kemm . . . "Thanks Tiffany for all the good "When you respond to me solfeel spe- laughs. I love you. Paki . . . see you at cial, it makes up for those, who during Swensen'sl JINXV' the day, have passed me up without David Kennedy . , . "Hey K.W., B.H.. C.L.. D.P., M.H.: Sometimes you iust have to say, "What the HECK" or words to that effect. Slam Dance. new wave forever." seeing me." 1. Bob Kenney . . . "Thanx M.B. and M.Q.. two good friends. Back to So. Cal.. wind. surf. sun, and sand. See you later Howie A. But really mom . .. " Lainie Keslin . . . "So this is the Land of Enchantment? Culture test 36-KM-. Practice D.A.'s A.D.l Love W.C. Butch." .S Alisha King . . , Gloria King . . . Eric Klammer . . . "To achieve all that is possible, we "You have reached the pinnacle of suc- "Look what is best-that best I wish in must attempt the impossible - To be cess as soon as you become uninterest- thee. This wish I have. then ten times as much as we can be. we must dream ed in money, compliments or publicity, happy mel" of being more." X B.F.G. And S.T. Forever. Thanks K.C." ,Y X XIX wld Kristin Killgore . . . "I have total Faith and Confidence I will always be in the right place at right time ... ,.. here l am!" Alison Kleven . , . "Almost anything you do will be insig niticant. but it is very important tha you do it." - Mohandas K. Gandhi. HX iq ' ey' .X 3' Vi Kraft . . , A Rflillne Kllhftldf . . . "Hey C.8., remember the night with J.C. and S.R. Squeekl Squeekl V.H., Wanna take the carl K.B., pass by the open window!" fl! 5-X Q--v Knaack . - . Kristen Knutson . , , Jerry Kourkaumelis , . . Leslie Koury . . . EA.. M.G.. remember K-Bu MB.. "Roman, can Mari, Bob, and I be mem- "Success is nothing. unless you're hap- "I cherish my dreams of today and Pupps. Thanks E-A-. M-G-. LM-. bers of the Thrash Patrol? You lied. py in what you succeed." those of tomorrow. I.L.Y.E.T.S. Good G.L., G.D., B.B., for the memories. Eric, only three more years, have fun. I luck K.D." uber F.K.,-Lizards! love you AfshinI" Michael Kraus . . . Jason Krajeck . . . "Hey guys, remember Labor Day? I "It's almost over. I hope I make it don't." through this year." Robert Kujath . . . Lynda Kurts , . , "Delight thyself in the Lord. and he will "We all have had many great times. but give thee the desires ofthine heart. But the best are yet to come! Don't forget I thought Billy killed Claggart. Prob- our plans for Cal. Stephl I won'tIl" lems eh? G.G." fl! Ill Hunter Krenz . . , 7-f 1 if Kelly LaBonte . . . "If endings symbolize beginnings, shouldn't goodbyes be easier to say? Life is not always logical . . . I love you Mikel" I w-.X Laura Lacey . . . Julie Lambros . . . "Someday, soon, we'll stop to ponder "I only have begun to dream of what is. what on earth's this spell we're under. what may be and what will be." We made the grade: still we wonder who the heck we are!" Anna Laurila . . . Kerry Lawlor . . . "Kiitos niista kaikista hymyista. kaun- "Ain't it funny how time flies when the "Find your limits and exceed them. iista sanoista ja ystavallisyydesta joita best is yet to come. Remember the rab- Dream and make your dreams come olette minulle antaneetf' bit and summer of '83 S.P. I love yo Eddie!" Alan Lee , . . Chris Lee . . . "l'd rather look around me.composea "Hey Budl D.K., B.L., K.W., C.P.: R Todd Landretti . . . Gene Latham . . . "l've got one short chance on this plan- "lt's like I got an outboard motor in my et. but I'Il carve my message deep into bloodstream." the wall. Take it easy DJ., E.V.. F.M.. and P.R." Todd LeCesne , . , "Say, not too popular a plac brothers'? But. no, I believe l can out wit' you fellas for a while! who??" Debbie Leach . . . e with u true. Thanks KJ.. R.G., S.S.. and C.M.l" at ol ' 'Y QQ" Hae-Jung Lee . . . James Lehner . , . "lf time will allow, we will judge all 9. better song, for that's a truer measure member all the good times?l Thank who came in the wake ofour new age to of my worth." God for friends, PA.S. Hey B.H., if don't fit, hammer it." N, XIX it stand for the frail." XI N, Y X ,vi-K. ' 39 4' , Sf' lacy Leighton . . , Francoise Lemieux , . . Jennifer Lilly . , . Stan Liverman . . . hanks E.H. It's been great! Keep be- "The best years of my life are yet to "Its been wonderfull flove those SKSJ ving in yourself B.F. because I will! come! Bye Bake E Barf, no more Mr. Govn'r - ROCK -N- ROLL, .l.D. tachio's even C.B. Hey Les, 'I dont tumbleweeds Qwhewlj Bye 4thl Thanx Thanks for understanding. And Deb - ow' " S.T. S V.G.! UR.i'fI," just thanks." ll I ill ll! I I I I I I I 1 Sharla Lopez . . . Todd Lovell . . , Daniel Lowther . . . Nancy Lucero . , , "Be not hasty to judge another: it takes "Bang your head against the stage like a lifetime to know yourself. Thanks you never did before: make it ring. make it bleed. make it really sore." 8I fl! fl! afll f T ' Y J Denise Luiso . . . "Thanks to Carolyn and Jim for our times in accounting. The song called Denise: to Pam the Crue, Steve in guitar and Rockers everywhere. Later" XIX Brian Lundberg , . . "For God so loved the world that gave his only begotten son, er believes in Him should not perish have everlasting Iife." XIX X X X Stephen Lux Monica Lyons . , . Eric Maass , . . "Thanks Mom. Here's to the us usual T.T,l Now I'm buying my stainuay to X X heaven." Dan Maddox Kimberly Maes . . . Joyce Mahoney . . . "What do I look like? A microwave? "Thanx to MES and MKB for bei P.S. W.D. and T.S. are cuties." there and being the most wonderful XIX XIX XIX Kristine Macallisrer . . . "S.V-What's his name? What are doing next Halloween? F.M. Beans. red ribbons. Dream 4 Thanks 4 being my friends-l love U." Daniel Mainzer . . . vw . is I T71 Anthony Mares . . . Mark Mares , . . "Fly, on your way. like an eagle.-Fly as "The sky is green: the grass is blue. I "Hey Dude, Iet's party!" high as the son. fMaidenJ I did Friday made it through High School. thanks to night! Savage, K.B., D.M., P.R. No fat you. M.M. R.H. S.E. R.H. S.B. D,M. S.W. chicks." T.M. M.Q. J.H. E.S. A H ut." Kelly Markham . , . lil "YP Marra . , . Jesus is my light into the world. Re- the special times. D.O., R.D.. W.B., T.N., S.S.. A.P., M.R. Thanks Johns for everything." Martinez . . . want to walk in your park cause I'm I want to walk in your heart . . . All my love Schel. Golda ee. Jinny, especially. forever. Billy." fl! Kristie Martin . . , Antoinette Martinez . , , "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:l3." Bradley Martinez . . . "M.W. Whatch ya bout! Terrence. what's up? .l.S. Remember the tranny coolerl Thanx everyone who helped me pass Spanish!" Vx Q. Joann Martinez . . , Katrina Martinez . . . Olita Martinez . . , "I'm going to miss you guys. Keep in "Love me somebody . .. Take me for touch V.R., J.I., B.O.. R.G. Remember what I'm worth: By bad company." TAKE mANQuEs." I ll f Il 83 I Paul Martine Cheryl Malherly . . . David Matts Urmbbamp Prrncess JLWJGP ll1flllliY "Hey World, l'm Ready!! Thanks AA ES SB SE RH RH MM CT TM MQ Eternity Thanks Naphthall Sprke S BD, KM. BH, PJ. You were there when l JH SW and DM for this eleven gradu Steamroller A M M0rSkIS and BIOS! needed you. Look out world here I atlon partys gonna be heaven QEHS ly Joey!TNR for food fun and follc came!" thanks for Kalhyj ,mix Errc Maxon Michael Mayor . . . Melanie McAllister Lisa McBride x , Maureen McCallum . . . "To: DM. BU. MM, ER, AP, KM Are we having fun yet? MM XI X sk, Kelli McDonald . . . "Seems like only yesterday we would sit and talk of dreams all night: dreams of youth and simple truths. Now we're all so involved with life." McClure . , . Becky McCollister . . , Moe foe. Love the assemblies. Es- "Believing is the beginning of a dream Pumpkins. X-mas trees and coming true." Right on Thrash Patroll Joel car is an animal." A 47' we- '-'TY .l J' - McKeever . . , Mary McKinley . . . Lisa McPhee . . . A true friend is the best possession. "Every profession demands effort, "Love a Nurse PRN." remember that wherever you go. heart and practice: every knowledge you are. Kim, remember SG? Love comes by these three." Medlock . , . Mark Meloche . . . Christine Meyer . , . "To dream ofthe person you would like to be is to waste the person you are. So be yourself." f ll I ll of ll Maura McGuill . . . "Bob, believe in me as l believe in you, and together I know we can overcome any problems this life may offer. P.S. Colorado or bustl" Michael Mc5hane . . . "Whoooa . . . Alol1all" Stace Meyer . . . 85 I 3 E, .41 'Q :A 'Q ,ff , M X 31 T' - v ', - gg fl 1. ' , , fi vi xx v N, ,Y Q Moore . , . is not measured by passing years by what one does. . . what one feels and what one achieves, Thanks to parents, Lynise and Andy Y""P .J l I... 4 Elizabeth Moreno . . . "May all of your dreams and ambis- sions become a reality. Thanks A.S., K.L.. E.S.. D.L., and K.E," Tyron Morgan . . . "Well Alger Hiss-The boys finally graduated none to soonl 'The events'- football, Rock House. Colt 45fughJ. Garage Jam. Vietnemize?" Crescentia Morris . . . "D.L. remember 'nana whips. windows to the world. and the summer of '83. Poofer died?l Hey Oatmeal face-don't stand in the rain-you'll shrinkl" Morrison . , . Lesley Moss . . . Victor Mott . . . .lana Mueller , . . is fragile. Do that that makes you "Its been real, and it's been fun. but it "The Thrash Patrol will take control in Thanks for all the memories." hasn't been real funll" the year of '85'." D "Heyl V-6 - Ain't no stoppin' usl Thanx RDSMKKRCMRI Remember Nikkis GI l love you Jesus Christl DV and DS. l love you, ll Q x M.. if Q57 Evelyn Munoz . . . Greg Murch . . . Evelyn Myers . . . Matthew Myers . . , I thank all my friends for being there "Always look for an opening even ifit's "Thanks for making my last year so fun when I needed them and hope they will just a crackl Eat the rich! Kill with pow- A.M.. S.B.. M.M,. L.P., L.S. Skiing was always be there in the future." er. thrashers." great this season, don't you think??ll" fl! ill ,Ill 87 1 'ref Eric Nelson . . . Peter Nelson . , , "We made it 'Pee, 'Thanks, Time to pick up 'Good Vibrationsf We've had 'Fun, Fun, Fun.' Look out Santa Cruz, here we come." Tiffany Nelson . . , "May there be iust enough clouds in your life to make a beautiful sunset. Special Thanx to 'Gummer.' 'Wake me up before you go-gol' " tk Tim Nenninger . . . "If God simply handed us we want. He'd be taking from us greatest prize joy of accc ment." f 'QP 'QR'- Y'-ey' Erin Ni Nicolls . . . Vanessa Nielson , . , Danielle Nims . . . , Christina Noftsker . . . "There are friends who pretend to be "Dreams about your life don't always "High school sure went by fastl friends. but there is a friend who sticks come true: strive for those dreams and Eldorado for all the great memories closer than a brother. Proverbs l8:24.' those dreams become you. Thanks for Friends are friends forever!" making my dreams come true. Chris!" iq-e ,. ' -49" 3 , Tin, Nolan , , , Tacy Norwood , , , Timothy O'Brien . . , Terry O'Mara . . . "God knows Wyre gggd, LPN B,B,l "The grades are not as important if you "I hear the sound in a metal way. Thankg DR., G,N, Thgfgs old wave, got something out of the class. Thank only one thing sets me free . . . The.-gs new wave, And the.-eg David you Amy Hubert for caring and making metal loud as it can be . . . keep 88 Bonney" this year fun." ing thrashersll" x XIX XIX Nix Y Y 43, ,es -ff few- O Neill . , , Michael O'Toole . . . Alison Oates . . . Jeffrey Oliveira . . . feel a lot better with hair. IUC thank "Thank God it's over: il's about time. "Sticks and stones may break my "Thanks to all my Rat friends lmadelt Do the best you can, then a bit B.C. I luv ya." U. Johns?" 1, CW , J 1"'1Y C' ' I x for sharing your love and life. Re- P.S. Later days Chad, Luis and Mike." bones. but whips and chains excite mel P.S. The A stands for Atrlcaan A Deborah Onischuk , , , Lisa Oppedahl "Thanks for all the good times-S.S.. LR., C.M., P.C., 6 S.T.l M.G., you're the coolest 'iunior' I know! And remember C.K., I Luv youl Olson , . . Carla Oney . . . used to be disgusted, but now I'm amused. Long live PINKlll" fl, .B As I I Oppedahl , . . Patrick Orban , , . Brenda Ortega . . . Karen Ortega , , . "Bona bra men hemma hast." "I made it. Remember life is in the fast lane. And fast is fun." f ll I ll ,l ll I xv f ,- xg 'W lt' al ,Q . m.fff"mf A 1 is .4-Q. if 2 V5 , ...s . ,A -f '1. ,iw 5 ll ll ngela Perkins Tracey Phares . . . Anne Piasecki , . . John Pierce . , , "Hey G.S.I Remember all the good "It's been fun C.C. Remember tamaron times we had in the "Pany Bus"l Thank Hand JV. Kansas stretch and Mutt, AI- you-T.C.. D.D. and H.G. I love ya!" buquerque Guys? I luv u B.D. The end. 'nxt Andrea Pistone , . . "lt has come time to say good-bye. l.et's not forget the good times that we shared and the best times that are about to begin." I ll Let's Party!" .J '-:sr 5- ..-r' 4 Lorraine Pohl . . . Sandra Poortvliet . . . "l'll never forget anything . . . at least "Thanks QC. for a great two years. But not the things I rememberl?l Love ya Shotsinger. the dog. ate my license. Everl Bulla Bulla. Doc foreverl Bwamp- and and and l'm almost I8." bwamp. Jiwahl" I If I I Christopher Porter Laurene Poulin . . . If I could do it all again I would "Time will change me, but I can't change everything Well almost ev change time. You'lI always be in my erythmg heart S.E.. TJ., D.G. "Asti E.H.S." fl! Ill I I 1 Adam Powell , . . Johanna Preiser , . . "Faith is being sure of what we hope for "Thanks for everything Lord! Val fEeIJ- and certain of what we do not see. remember Paris, sign Language, flying Good-day Rob. Shell, Don. Mock, Rep- "C"I BF-Buddies . . . Displays? P.S. per. Beauty. eh?" Blond senoritas share everything!" fl! I Diane Probst . . . Lisa Pruitt . . . "l asked for all things. that I might en- "Well, it's finally over! Now the hard joy life: I was given life. that I might part starts. Thanks for all the memories enjoy all things. I love you Keith." Cuadrilla, L.O. and B.M. I LUV YOU C.D.l Sean Purcell , . . "Let the truth of love be lighted: Let the love of truth shine clear with the heart and mind united in a single perfect sphere." we-:Y Lynn Quinlan . . . Michael Ouirk . . . Kirsten Rasmussen . . . "Hey Pee Wee, Lets party! What's a Pee Wee Bowl? The moose is loose in Ma- zatlan L.B. and D.D.l Watch out world: here we comel I love you Eric!" Rusty Ray , . . "Don't walk in front of me: I may not follow. Don't walk behind me: I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend." Lisa Reardon , . . Chris Reay , . , Roman Rede . . , "Hey, if you can't dazzle them with "Good times come, bad times go. and "Really ociffer, l've only Chicj had a few yourintelligence. baffle them with your first times help to make it so these P.S. The Thrash Patrol Lives." buIl'ii?l Freds. Amazons. Chris. By could be the best years of our lives!" Buddies- ThanksI" N, qx XIX Steve Rea . . . Tim Reed . . . "A dreaming poetic guitarist: until D.W., G.J.. J.A. Thanks Pablo: my Paul. "Matthew 6:2I" God Bless.' XIX 'x Q' Reith . . , X -5' Rees . . . Randall Reichenbach . . . Veronica Reiking , , . Mika Reinikainen . . . "Times up . . . on your mark. get set, "lf life is for the taking, how come it is "Mina en sano mitaan. kirfottakaa mila Go!" Philippians 4:l3" so expensive? Love to B.G.. C.S., G.G., tahdottel" M.K., and L.H. You made it all worth- while," v Dawn Rennels , . . Jeff Rethmel , . . l ve got that feeling once again: "This school year has opened a whole "lt's been a hard twelve years. I've had must be the beginning because it's new door to my life: thanks to everyone a lot of heartaches and shed many the end." who has helped." tears. BAMA will always be a part of me Reyes Chris Richards . . . like a long lost friend, the band "To all the parties at Todd's that made the move again. Got a million to play. we'll come your way." fl! it possible to meet a few cool people. and last, but not least. the police OC- ClFERS." ll! for years and years to come." Carman Richardson . , . "Thanks Y.S. and C.G. for all the great times we've hadl Special thanks to Shell, whose become a very special part in my life. P.S. l.L.Y." fl! Charlotte Relhy . . . Rhonda Rickert . . . "Thanks Ginl "L.S. don't forget the har- leys. and sorry you weren't here for "my year"l" Hey mom and Lanie. l fi- nally made itl Love Roni." I Kevin Rider . . . Faye Ridesatthedor , . . Deborah Risberg . . . David Rivera . . . "Finally I understand the Feelings of "lf the dam breaks many years to soon, "To the late J.L., P.M.. G.H., and R.S. I the Few-ashes and diamonds- Foe and If the band starts playing different wish the gang was still together. and to Friend - we were all equal in the end. tunes, l'll see you on the Dark Side of my friends, l'll miss you very much!" I'lI miss you. Kel." the Moon" Larry Riffe II . . , Thomas Riney . . , "Look and wonder, don't look and "Nature has formed you, desire touch. cause if you do, you might need trained you, fortune has preserved a crutch, Thanks to B.K., E.M., S.P., and for this insanity. Once a Horndog R.R." ways a Horndog, Parts is Parts." Laurie Roberts . . . "These were the good years. the are yet to come! D.V.. never forget memories of "Bob", "Big AI", and the W" Remember our wild days. Lucia Rivera . . , Y- Q. Tammy Robinson Brett Rocheleau Ray Rocky Steven Romero Live your own Life Don t let others live it for you TAKE CONTROL Luv Ya EN G PB. THE BOY FOREVERII Alan, you're rad!" X XIX - XIX XIX ory Rosen . . . Dance is the universal language. the Heck did I take French! Hey. we made itl" 'IW 1 Rudolph . . . for the best at whatever you do. for all my wonderful friends. I you all Don't forget Nikki. Q2 3 6 .X f f.. .,, fl Micheal Royce . . . U- Stephen Rozum . . . "Nothing ever becomes real till it is ex- perienced - even a proverb is no prov- erb to you till your life has illustrated it." Vincent Rubio . . . "Set your goals, reach them and make it reality. Take a tranque and get a trip on lifel" Cheryl Sahd . . . " 'NO COMMENT' seriously . . . These few words could never express the things we've learned and the way we feel." sf Lotta Sahlen . . . "Tack alla vanner for att ni giir detta ett underbart ar. Thanks to all my friends who made this a wonderful year." Kimberly Sais . . . "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path' Psalm I l91l05 Thanks A.S.. B.U.. R.Y. and the 'gang' past and present I Thess 5xl6" Salazar , . . Deed is Done!" fl! Jennifer Salo . , . "Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain. Hitting on the moonshine. rocking in the grain. All my love to you. John. LATERSl" Ill Christine Salyer . . . "l'm leaving you' - Scorpions. lt's been real Mimi. Lisil and Rocky. Don't forget - Catch a real wave dude. Thanx for the good timesll" ill 15 1. Jim Salyer . . , "S.G.. Cruisers and bogging all the way. B.M.. we made it Cl thinkj. R.A.. S.Gls Cruiser is better: at least it doesn't get stuckll" I Lg. WW' Q, , mu- m . V ' 'fb 'S 'tw 'B X 42 CQ, 'I gf? X f X I L 5 K ,, A' M ,Pr X 'EZ x X I J , wp. ix Y f w 'D' 4.5 e . Y 'K MX: 'S """"v K. 1 Judith Shuman . . . Lynne Silvestra , , . John Skelton . . . "Live through the bad times. laugh with "Thanks to all my friends for being "l'm off on my journey down the road the good times and love for a lifetime there through the good times and the less traveled. P.S. Can someone give me . . . fThanx M.B. and T.K.j." bad. Life has just begun, let's live it to the lecture notes? I think l fell asleep the limit." again ... l.S.I.N,M.T.ll" Cathy Smith . . , Chad Smith . . . Gina Smith , , . "All the world's a stage. and we are "Remember the Party Bus T.P., N.S.. merely players- Rush." H.C.. D.B.? Thank you Tracey P. for be- ing a great friend! l.W.Y.T.B.l 84-85 La Cuadrilla itll" John Smatana . , . "Thanks Scott and Pete for being and making it wild. Where's University? I think l'Il go therell I luv Kim." 'N .-gg 'NB- Kymberly Smith , . . Laura Smith . . , Leslie Smith . . . Maria Smith . . . "lt was the best of times. lt was the "To the guy I love and for the best year worst of times." and three months we've had. l love you Leifl And Stacy, l don't know." 98 X XIX XIX Shari Smith . , . Y X ll' ll ll I Smith Brett Snyder . , . Julie Soto . . . the keg tilt the glass 85 kicks "To the true winner, there's no finish l? ll Thanx Eldorado forthe memo line. Thanks for the weird times B.H.. S H R O R B D O and L R TOE. T. DJ.. P.S., T.R.. D.H., and M.H. Horn Dogs l985." 'Y Craig Spooner . . . "l finally made it. Thanks Brigitte G.. and J.H., M.C., R.R. l love you . Brigitte. Take care. We sure did have a lot of laughs." Sheldon Stanhope . . . "Friends have to be the best." "BeIlies in the grass are gonna kick your -." Christine Sottoway . . . "DYV Baby 0, R.L., Tam and all. we sure made some wild times together. l'll never forget you all and always take care. Thanks for Kenny." Kelly Spring . . . Michael St. George . . . -1' vw? Garland Stansbury . . . "Hey l.H., is it so hard to find a locker? Cl0th and Ilthj Oh well. we made it E.H.S.F.B.. remember Billy Idol." "The R.H.: later E.H.S." Brew Crew." "Luv Ya Carmen!" 99 f If I L. ",'::.,-v Gregory Sterasky . , . Daniel Stih . . . Shannon Stiley . . . Stephen Stocking . , . "ltisalife ofwonderment-enjoy-share- "Nothing in the real world is grow-for it will only be as you make it." CC-HD-SS." X XIX XIX XIX X X X X X X X Kevin Suber . . . Barbara Surber . . . Ann Tabor . , . Stephanie Talpas . . . "lt's the friendship in life that make our "Thanks for the special times M.A. rainbows shine from rainbow to rain- l..A.V.. M.M.C., S.L.B.. l leave you wi bow. You're golden LS., M.D., and C.R. great memories and an imponant pla log Thanks for being there!" in my heartl EHS Soccer iilll" Xe Xl X Xl X, Xl X 'IN ns 3 gi X' ly R. oz Timothy Tracy . . . Darla Tresise . , . Scott Trotter , . . "We'II know for the first time, if we're "Life is but a merry-g-round, and we evil or divine: we're the last in line. RJD are merely horses getting dizzy. Hiccu- I love you, Shanil Aim high." paluc, Cool Dad, AHHHHHl" X Xl X XIX 2 I , ri, A Dennis Trujillo . . . "Destiny is not to be waited for: it's be achieved. With the Lord. I achievel Thanks to all my friends. cially Jerome and Todd!" XI X X X X X X X Lisa Trujillo . . . Leslie Upshaw . . . Carolyn Urish . , . Shelle Vanftten . . . i Michelle Varkalis . . . "Psht. What kind of crab crawls around in the shower Kelly? Hide the 'll Best friends-Mariell Words and Promises- B.P. Hee Hee, l'm laughin'l" ,,,.,. Daphne Varoz . . . Evawn Velasquez . , . "Women iil-2-Prom, so tired, Killer "To all the fond memories of EHS. "The gang will live forever. So will our "Experience all you canl All that touch and all that you see is all your will ever be. Bunky loves Tee!" so Edward Verkin . . . .. U i tonesda, eh? Unoiwhat I dont care. Thanks Lorl Best ofluck. and God bless friendship. Lorraine. Remember all the Never surrender. Spread your w and fly. . . Thanks for the good time l Mom, Dad, Jimmy,- I Luv Ul Rad! wom- K.S., L.M., D.A., K.G., LB., and P.S." good timesl Bula, BuIal" EHS-DJ., J.W.. T.L. Anchors Awa en. Let's Partyl LLLATERSV' xi Xl X Nl xy Xl X 1 ggixw k . 2"" f 14' A. F Q X. ff-9" N .J l .fi Q 4, -f v "' fk JN' Qi .5 , .Q 'J , . ry, -fx 4 s vu 6 : f, 'rf Q A Q W - l 5 I 4. "i5b'N 'fx K F' .1 , . . y x . fd '44 -Q. 5,1 L 4, x K f If . Y 'ix' ix, V .f Q ,ff 3 S. Q 'Q an 'mis Rv x Y , , V 9: .QP X 46" Q' 0,0 I x J A I f .,. , T' I-1 xi .AERA Y: emmys as Eldorado? best actor and ac- K9 Eagle Spirit 6 Kendall Kampfe and Paul Strauss wer K cheered for having the most spirit. IOS se' Best Smiles l Sharla Lopez and Gavin Gonzales warmed hearts with their smiles. Actors Leslie Hill and Theran Adamson won tress. tudious People Barbara White and Alan Lee were given A's for their hard studying. 4. L N . ? ' 3 x K e JJ . Nicest Car Kelly Sanchez and Mark Vigil rolled into honors for having the nicest car. 924 .. up N-up-X F557 Athletic People Yvonne Sanchez and Pat Harrington bounced into the polls with the best athlete awards. Heartbreakers Tiffany Nelson and Adam Powell broke re- cords at breaking hearts. Wendy Carr and Todd LeCesne sacked the best dressed award. Successful Julie Chavez and Jerome Game ed in capturing success. .JY e Class of 'S Huggable Ea Mueller and Sheldon Stanhope eezed by winning most huggable. Prettiest Eyes Francoise Lemieux and Gavin Gonzalez sighted prettiest eyes. Popular Vanessa Nielson and Jerome Gomez were popped into the most popular spot. X M ...AXA With the American spirit of justice, the senior class saluted the greatest of I985. As an alternative to grades and test scores, seniors presented awards to players bound for Broadway, clowns destined for the circus and smiles made for toothpaste commercials. ln addition, they prophesied the success and remembrance of four of their fellow class mmembers. There was also the unspoken super-late'ive award. Many seniors qualified, offer- ing the teachers the excuse, "I don't feel tardy." The fifteen honors were elected by fill-in ballot through senior English classes. Each superlative consisted of a male and female member. The choices were given considerable consideration, and the nominations were tallied carefully. The winners deserved the awards. Eldorado's Eagle rendi- tion of the Oscar. Consequently, the l984- l 985 school year proved outstanding, and the year most likely to be remembered by the senior class. Award winners were not pictured twice when they won in one or more catagories: Jana Mueller and Sheldon Stanhope joked as class clowns. Kendall Kampfe and Jerome Gomez waved into being the friendliest. Vanessa Neilson and Jerome Gomez remained the two most likely to be remembered. Katherine Aeby Ski Club 4: Soccer 2. 3, 4: Meals On Wheels 3. Julie Aicher Cheerleader I. 2: La Cuadrilla 3. 4. Theran Adamson National Forensic League I, 2: National Honor Society 3. 4: Speech Team I, 2: Thespians 2. 3, 4. Shara Albert Cheerleader I: Ski Club 4: Senate 3: House of Representatives I, 2, 3, 4: Class Vice President 4: Class Treasurer 3: Freshman Forum I: Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: East Area Student Advisory 4. Andrea Allen French Club 4: Young Life 2, 3, 4. Amy Allpass National Honor Society 4: Basketball I: Track 2, 3. 4: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: Young Life 3, 4. Denise Anderson EI Aguila 2, Assistant Editor 2: French Club 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: National Junior Honor Society I, 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: NACEL Summer Exchange Student to France 3. Ted Arana Golden Image I: Baseball I: Football I. 2, 3, 4: Young Life I, 2, 3. Darrell Argaud D. E. C. A. 3.4. Cathy ArmUo Roy Arnett D. E. C. A. 3, 4: Eagle Spirit 2, 3. Jane Arnold II2 Sharing Activitie United Class of 'S . . National Honor Society 3, 4: National Spanish Honor Society 3, 4: Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: Young Life I. Cathleeen Arredondo Golden Band I: F. H. A. X H. E. R. O. 2: Cross Country 2, 3, 4: Swimming and Diving 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Young Life 4: All City Track 2: All City Cross Country 3: All District Cross Country 3. Erica Ashe Cheerleader 3. Pamela Baiuk Golden Band I: Key Club 3: O. E. A. 4. Jennifer Baker National Honor Society 3. 4: National Junior Honor Society I, 2: Spanish National Honor Society 2: Junior House 3. Kevin Baker Chamber Orchestra I, 2. 3, 4: Strolling Strings 3, 4: Soccer I, 3: Track 2, 3, 4. Dennis Banning National Forensic League I, 2, 3. 4: Speech Team I. 2, 3, 4. Edward Bardzik David Barnes Computer Club 2: Ski Club 4: Chi Eta 3, 4. Lynn Barringer Girls Chorus I: Gymnastics 2: Sophomore Board 2: Senior Cabinet 4: Young Life 4. Mike Barthel Volleyball I, 2. 3, 4. Anny Bauer National Honor Society 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Senior Cabinet 4. Keith Beal Football I, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling I. Cindy Beller O. E. A. 4: Golf I, 2. 3, 4: Swimming and Diving 2: Senior Cabinet 4: Youn Life I. 2. 3, 4. Susann Benjamin Golden Eagle Marching Band 2: Colo Guard 2: Key Club 2: National Honor Society 4: Prom Court 3: Speech Tea 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: R W. Club 3. 4. Chandra Bennett Gold Rush 2, 3. 4: Concert Choir I, 2 3. 4: All State Chorus I, 2. 3, 4: Who' Who Among American High School Students 4. Bob Bertelle Golden Band I: Golden Eagle Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Science Fictio Club I, 2, 3. 4: Golf 4: Track 3, 4. Hope Bigelow Key Club 2: National Honor Society 3 Chamber Orchestra 2: Strolling String I, 2: Spanish National Honor Society 3 Robert Blea Brian Bowers Ski Club I: Gymnastics 3, 4. Kate Boyer F. C. A. 3, 4: Key Club I: La Cuadrill 4: Ski Club 2: Swimming And Diving I 2, 3. Terry Brader Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Football 2. 3. 4. Steve Brawley Football I, 2, 3. 4: Track I, 2, 3. 4. Donna Brodsky Eldorado Dance Team 2: La Cuadrilla 3. 4: National Junior Honor Society I 2, 3: Spanish Club I, 2: Spanish ational Honor Society I. 2. 3. 4: wimming and Diving I. evin Brookie olden Eagle Marching Band I. 2. 3, 4: creamin' Eagles 4: Wind Ensemble 4: rench Club I, 2: Ski Club I, 2. 4: ross Country I, 2. ob Brothers olden Eagle Marching Band I. 2. 3. : Screamin' Eagles 4: Golden Image 3: ind Ensemble 3. 4: Football I: wimming and Diving 4: Track I: olidarnose 3, 4. rad Buck acquetball Club 4: Ski Club 4. rian Buckley . C. A. 4: Baseball I. 2, 3. 4: Football . 4: Young Life I. 2. 3, 4. eri Burch olden Eagles Marching Band I. 2. 3. : Screamin' Eagles I. 2, 3. 4: Wind nsemble I. 2, 3, 4: Color Guard 2: old Rush 2, 3. 4: French Club 2: ational Honor Society 3. 4: National unior Honor Society I. 2: All State and I. 3. 4: All State Chorus I, 3. 4: rum Major 3. 4. esley Burgess . C. A. 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. :Football I. 2. 3.4. arin Burton olden Eagle Marching Band I. 2, 3: . C. A. 3. 4: Prom Court 3: Baseball I . 3, 4: House of Representatives 4: oung Life I. 2, 4. abrina Busico ational Honor Society 3: Spanish ational Honor Society 3. ete Bustos . C. A. 3. 4: Football I. 2, 3. 4: restling I. 2. ames Butterbaugh ey Club I, 2. 3, 4. eth Byers ike Byery aren Caldwell National Forensic League I. 2. 3. 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: National Junior Honor Society 2. 3: Princess 3: Spanish National Honor Society 3. 4: Speech Team I, 2. 3, 4: Golf 4: Soccer 2. 3. 4: House of Representatives 3. 4: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: President of National Junior Honor Society 2. 3: Most Valuable Player- Soccer. Becki Canaday National Honor Society 3. 4: Spanish National Honor Society 3: El Aguila fassistant editorj 4: Young Life 3: F.C.A. 4. Marc Candelaria Golden Eagle Marching Band! Symphonic I. 2. 3: Screaming Eagles 4: Golden Image I, 2, 3: Wind Ensemble 4: Young Life I. 2, 3, 4: Solidarnose 3, 4. Cheryl Diane Cardmon Octagon Club 3: Ski Club 3, 4. Ted Carpenter Wendy Lee Carr Fantasy Club 3. 4: French Club 3: International Club 3: Key Club 3. 4: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4. Tom Casias National Honor Society 3. 4: Basketball I, 2, 3. 4: Golf I. Rhonda Castillo Cheerleader 4. James Cates Concert Choir 3: Mixed chorus 3: International Club 2. 3. .laris Cawthon D.E.C.A. 3. 4: Media aide I. Julie Chavez F.C.A. 3, 4: Key Club 2: National Honor Society 4: National Junior Honor Society 2. 3: Queen 3: Court 3: Ski Club 2: Basketball I: Senate 3. 4: Class President 4: Class Vice President 2. 3: Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: Traffic Safety Task Force 2, 3. 4. Karen Chavez Ski Club I: Track I. 2. Mike Chavez F.C.A. 3. 4: Baseball I. 2. 3. 4: Football I, 2. 3, 4: Young Life I. 2. 3. 4. Renee Chavez D.E.C.A. 3. Peter Ciurczak Screaming Eagles 4: Golden Image 3: Chamber Orchestra I. 2, 3. 4: Strolling Strings 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 2: Track 2: Allstate Orchestra 2. 3. 4: A.Y.S. 4: Solo 5 Ensemble I, 2, 3. 4: Best Bass Soloist-West Mesa Jazz Festival 3. Christie Clark Concert Choir 2, 3: Girl's Ensemble I: La Caudrilla 3. 4: Ski Club I. 2. 3. 4: Soccer 2. Michael Clark Football I. 2. 3. 4. Chris Clawson Wrestling 2. Paula Clevenger National Honor Society 3. 4: National Junior Honor Society I. 2: Spanish National Honor Society 3. 4: Orchestra I. 2. Micki Cline G.A.R.P. 3: Key Club I. 2: National Honor Society 3: National Junior Honor Society I: Soccer I. 2, 3, 4. Michele Cobb Concert Choir 3: Girl's Ensemble 2: Girl's Chorus I: Court 3: Ski Club I, 2. 3, 4: Speech Team 2: Track I, 2: Freshman Forum I: Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3. Senior Cabinet 4: F.C.A. I. 2, 3, 4. Sean Coffey Barry Cole Football 4. Cathryn L. Collins Softball I. .leff Collins F.C.A. 4: Ski Club I, 2. 3, 4: Soccer I, II3 2, 3, 4: Soccer Captain 4: Track I. Kevin Colvin Track 2, 4: Wrestling I. Ronald S. Cook Swimming and Diving I, 2, 3, 4. Debbie Cooke Rosalind Coronado D.E.C.A. 3: Eldorado Dance Team I: F.H.A.!H.E.R.O. 2. Kevin Cottrell Patrick Coulie French Club 3: Basketball I, 2: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Young Life I, 2. Mike Covington Ski Club 4: Speech Team I, 2: Wrestling I, 2: Class Vice President I: Freshman Forum I: Thesbians 3, 4. Heidi Cox La Cuadrilla 3, 4: National Honor Roll 4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. Charles Cumbers Football 3, 4. Karen Darsey F. C. A. 4: National Honor Society: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2. 3, 4: House of Representatives I: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4. Deborah DaSilva Color Guard 3, 4. Leslie Davidson Yearbook 2. Michael Davis Wrestling I. Renee Davis Cheerleader 3. 4: F. C. A. 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Prom Court 3: John Della Longa D. E. C. A. 2, 3, 4: Baseball l. Joanna Demaree Golden Band I, 2. Elizabeth Dettmer National Honor Society 3, 4: National Junior Honor Society 2: Cross Country I. 2: Track I: House of Representatives II4 3: Staters 3, 4: Vice President 3, 4. Dina DiGrazia Basketball I: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4. Bruce Dillon Kristi Dirks Basketball l: Softball I, 2, 3. Ronald Dixson Chess Club 2, 3, 4: Martial Arts Club 2: National Honor Society 3, 4: R. O. T. C. I, 2. 3, 4. Daphne Dobecki Apathy Club 3: D. E. C. A. 3, 4: Key Club 2, 3. 4: Gymnastics I, 2: Sophomore Board 2. Scott Dodson D. E. C. A. 3, 4. April Donahoo Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Spanish National hhonor Society 3. Jenni Donovan Golden Band I: Golden Eagle Marching BandfSymphonic 2, 3. Robert Doolen National Honor Society 3, 4: Ski Club 2, 4: Football l: Staters 3. 4. Kelly Downs F. H. A. XHERO 3, 4: Key Club 3. Richard Doyon Football Manager 3, 4. Aaron Dye Football 3, 4. Tom Eckert G. A. R. P. 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Speech Team 4: Cross Country 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Staters 3, 4. John Engels Golden Eagle Marching Band! Symphonic: Wind Ensemble 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Staters 3, 4. Steve Engel Golden Band I: Golden Image 2: Football 2: V. I. C. A. 3. Mark Erickson Chess Club 3. 4: D. E. C. A. 3, 4. James Espey Ski Club 3, 4: Baseball I: Football 2, 3, 4. Alma Esquibel Golden Band I: Golden Eagle Marching Band!Symphonic 2, 3, 4. Stacey Evans Golden Band I. Robin Fiarcia Golden Band I. Darlene Fisher Kris Fjetland Golden Eagle Marching Band! Symphonic 2: D. E. C. A. 3: Ski Club 2. 3, 4. Terrian Florence Black Student Union I, 2: D. E. C. A. 3 Key Club 3: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Young Life I, 2, 3, 4. Patrick French Football 3, 4. Danny Frew House of Representatives 2, 3: Young Life I, 2, 3, 4: Campagners 2, 3, 4. Donald Frias R. O. T. C. l. Wendy Fronterhouse Scott Frye Thesbians 3, 4. Darren Fulcher National Honor Society 4: Spanish Honor Society 3, 4: Football I. Michelle Galbreath Girl's Ensemble I, 2. 3,: G. A. R. P. 3: Key Club I. Deborah Gallegos Eldorado Dance Team I: Mock Trial Team I, 2, 3: Swimming and Diving I, 2, 3, 4: House of Representatives l: Young Life I. Ramona Garcia Cheerleader 3, 4: F. C. A. 3, 4: Ski Club 4. Jake Glover Football I. Lisa Goff Golden Band I: Golden Eagle arching Band!Symphonic 2, 3, 4: ind Ensemble 4: Mock Trial Team 4. erome Gomez . C. A. 3, 4: National Honor Society 3. : National Junior Honor Society I, 2: rom Court 3: Homecoming King 4: aseball I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball I: ootball I, 2, 3, 4: Senate 2, 3, 4: ouse of representatives I, 2, 3, 4: tudent Body President 4: Freshman orum I: Sophomore Board 2: Junior ouse 3: Senior Cabinet 4: Inter-Club . 4: Rotary Club Leadership orkshop 3: UNM Mathematics ontest, Final Round Qualifier 3: State mbassador to Hugh O'Brian ternational Leadership Seminar 2: utstanding Freshman Award from Idorado Civitan Club I: New Mexico ssociation of Student Councils xecutive Committee Vice President 3, : Delegate to Albuquerque United ity Council I, 2, 3, 4: Delegate to entral District Student Council 2, 3, : Delegate to New Mexico Association fStudent Council State Convention 2, , 4: Albuquerque Public Schools' eadership Workshop 2, 3: Eldorado eadership Workshop I, 3: Vice hairman of Student Student Senate 3: hairman of Student Senate 2: Traffic afety Task Force 3, 4: New Mexico ssociation of Student Councils ummer Workshop 4: National ssociation of Student Councils onvention 4. ony Gomez ational Honor Society 3, 4: Eldorado epresentative at KAFB's "Proiect plift" 3: Attended Minority Student nrichment Program at the College of anta Fe 4. avin Gonzalez CA 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: ational Junior Honor Society I, 2: Ski lub 3, 4: Spanish National Honor Society I, 2: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2: Football I, 2, 3, 4. Fran Gottlieb Color Guard 4: Key Club I: National Honor Society 4: National Junior Honor Society 2, 3: Spanish National Honor Society 4: Senior Cabinet 4: Who's Who in American High School Students 4. Sharon Green Golden Band. Steve Green Football I: Swimming and Diving 4. Kristen Greenstreet Cheerleader I, 2: F.C.A. 2, 4: Senior Cabinet 4. Cheryl Guenther National Honor Society 3, 4: Basketball I, 2: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Track I. 2, 3, 4: Young Life 2, 3. Lynn Guernsey D.E.C.A. 3, 4: F.H.A.!Hero 3: Key Club I, 2, 3: Volleyball 4. Steve Gulick Golden Image 2, 3: Soccer 3. Ron Gutierrez Ski Club 3. Michael Haight Baseball 3, 4. April Hamadey Golden Band I: Golden Eagle Marching Band!Symphonic 2, 3, 4: Eldorado Dance Team I: French Club 3. Edie Hamilton Concert Choir 2, 3, 4: GirI's Ensemble I. Roland Harger Football I, 2. Susanne Harland French Club I. 2: Speech Team 2: Senate 3, 4. lan Harmon Cross Country 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2, 4. Fionna Harrington Kim Harris Mixed Chorus I: F.H.A.!H.E.R.O. 3, 4: R.O.T.C. I: Young Life I, 2, 3, 4. Lisa Hartsfield Robert Harvey Todd Hassan Chess Club 3, 4. ,Tracy Hathoot National Honor Society 3: Raquetball Club I: Softball I, 2, 3, 4: Young Life I, 2, 3, 4. Vanessa Hawker Mixed Chorus 2: Girl's Chorus I: French Club 3: National Honor Society 3, 4: Sandia Laboratory Summer School Science Program 2, 3: House of Representatives I, 2: Freshman Forum I: Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3: Math Team I, 2, 3, 4: Theatre Trip to London England 3. Sarah Hawkins Chamber Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4: Strolling Strings I, 2, 3, 4. Carla Heath Charles Hellier Math Team I, 2: English Team 2. Mark Hendricks EI Aguila 2: Senate I, 2. Mike Henningsen Cross Country 2, 4: Science Fair I. Donna Herman F.H.A. !H.E.R.O. 2. Shawn Herrera Leslie Hill Golden Band I: Golden Eagle Marching Band!Symphonic 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Speech Team I: Cross Country I: Golf 2, 3, 4: House of Representatives 4: Freshman Forum I: Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: Thesbians 4. Derek Hilland Screamin' Eagles 4: Golden Image 2, 3: Ski Club 4: Track I, 2. Jason Hodges Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: House of II5 Representatives 4. Caroline Hofferth F. C. A. 3, 4: La Cuadrilla 3. 4: Young Life I, 2. Ken Holmquist F. C. A. 4: Ski Club 3, 4: Soccer 3, 4: Swimming and Diving I, 2, 3. 4: Young Life 4. Lorri Howe O. E. A. Kenneth Huffman Soccer I, 2, 3.4. Michelle Hunt Girl's Ensemble I: El Aguila 2: Ski Club I, 2, 3. 4: Swimming and diving: House of Representatives 2. Ronald Hunt Football I: Golf I. 2, 3, 4. Chris Huntley F. C. A. 4: Baseball I, 2, 3. 4: Football I. George Huttenhow Swimming and Diving 3. Joann lntogna D. E. C. A. 3, 4: Key Club 2. Randy Irwin Gymnastics 2. David Jackson Track I. Brian Jacobsen Mike Jaramillo Michelle Jeffrey National Honor Society 3, 4: National Junior Honor Society I, 2: Chamber Orchestra I. 2. 3: Strolling Strings I, 2, 3: Cross Country 2. 3: Track I, 2. Tiffany Jetter Sheldon Jones Cycling Club 3, 4: Basketball 3. 4: Tennis 4. Lesley Johns Golden Band I: Softball I. Dawn Johnson F. C. A. 4: F. H. A.!Hero 3. 4: International Club 3, 4: Key Club 2, 3. 4: Prom Court 3: F. H. A.!Hero State lI6 Officer 4: Ski Club 2. 4: Senate 4: House of Representatives 2, 4: Class Secretary 2, 3. 4: Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4. Gaylynn Johnson Mixed Chorus I: F. H. A.!Hero 2: Cross Country 2: Track I, 2, 3, 4. Kelly Johnson Apathy Club I, 2, 3, 4: International Club 4: Ski Club 2. 4: Senior Cabinet 4. Kent Johnson Football I, 2, 3, 4. Michael Johnson Shelley Johnson Thesbians 4. Brian Jones Eagle Spirit 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: National Junior Honor Society I, 2. Elizabeth Jones Garp 3: Key Club I: National Honor Society 4: Volleyball I, 2. Kristi Jones Gold Rush 2, 3, 4: Concert Choir I. 2, 3, 4: All-State. Paula Jones Girl's Chorus 2. Stephen Jones Ski Club I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2. Susan Junker F. H. A.!Hero 3. Kendall Kampfe Golden Eagle Marching Band! Symphonic I. 2. 3: Color Guard I. 2, 3: cheerleader 4: National Junior Honor Society I. 2: Co-captain Color Guard 2: Captain Color Guard 3. Michelle Karns Barbara Kashinski Apathy Club 3, 4: El Aguila 3. 4. Stephanie Kaup National Honor Society 3: Junior House 3. David Kennedy National Forensic League I, 2, 3, 4: Speech Team I, 2, 3, 4: Martial Arts Club 2. 4. Lainie Keslin Apathy Club 3, 4: Key Club 3: National Forensic League 3. 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Ski Club 3: Spanish National Honor Society 3. 4: Speech Team 3. 4: Senate 3: House Of Representatives 3: Staters 3: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: State Debate Champ 3: Girls Nation 3: Debate Nationals 3. Alisha King Basketball I. 2: Cross Country 3. 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4. Gloria King Apathy Club 4: Liason Committee 2: East Area Advisory Committee I, 3: Softball I, 2: Senate I. 2, 3. 4: House off Representatives I, 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Chairman 3: Homecoming Vice-Chairman 4: State Project Chairman 4: Central District Student Council 4: E. H. S. Leadership Workshop 2. 4: A. P. S. Leadership Workshop 2: N. M. A. S. C. Summer Leadership Workshop 2. 4: Traffic Safety Task Force Chariman 3, 4: N. M. A. S. C. State Convention: Lettered Senate 2. 3: Signal Team 2. 3. 4: Birthday Fiesta Gang 3, 4. Eric Klammer Golden Band I: Golden Eagle Marching Band!Symphonic 2. 3. 4: Gold Rush 3, 4: Concert Choir I, 2. 3. 4: Albuquerque Youth Orchestra 2, 3. 4: All-State Chorus 2. 3, 4. Alison Kleven Softball I, 2, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3. 4: All-State Volleyball 3: College of Santa Fe's Minority Student Enrichment Program 3. Susan Knack F. H. A. !Hero 2. 3: Young Life I. Jerry Kourboumeln Leslie Koury Hunter Krenz ristine Kuhfeldt ob Kujath CA 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3. : Ski Club 3, 4: Spanish National onor Society 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: rack 3. 4: Wrestling 3, 4. aura Lacey . H. A.!H.E.R.O. 2: French Club 3, 4: hamber Orchestra I, 2. ulie Lambros panish National Honor Society 3. odd Landretti olleyball I. ene Latham .C. Anahilation Club 4. ebbie Leach olden Band I: House of epresentatives I, 2: Freshman Forum : Sophomore Board 2: Senior Cabinet odd LeCesne ki Club 3, 4: Football 2. 3, 4: Track 2. . 4: Senate 4: Student Body Vice resident 4: Homecoming Court. rince 4. lan Lee olden Eagle Marching Band! mphonic I, 2, 3. 4: Screamin' Eagles : Wind Ensemble 2, 3, 4: National orensic League 2: National Honor ciety 3. 4: National Junior Honor ciety 2, 3: Speech Team 2: olleyball I, 2: Staters 3, 4. hris Lee olden Band I: Track I: Young Life 2. ae-.lung Lee ational Honor Society 3, 4: National nior Honor Society l, 2: Chamber rchestra I, 3, 4: Strolling Strings I. 3, acy Leighton sketball I, 2, 3, 4. ancoise Lemieux i Club 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Board 2: nior Cabinet 4: Homecoming Court 4. Jennifer Lilly Ski Club 2: Apathy Club 4. Scott Lockwood Kelly Long Gold Rush 3, 4: Concert Choir I, 2. 3, 4: Eldorado Dance Team 2: National Honor Society 4: National Junior Honor Society 3, 4: Chorus Secretary 4: Spanish National Honor Society 3, 4: House of Representatives I: Chorus All State 2, 3, 4. .loe Lopez Martial Arts Club 2, 4: National Forensic League 2, 3, 4: Speech Team 2, 3, 4. Todd Lovell Dan Lowther Golden Band I: Swimming and Diving 2, 4: Young Life 3, 4. Randy Lucero Richard Lullie Track 2. Brian Lundberg Young Life I. 2, 3, 4. Eric Maass Football 3. 4. Kristine Macallister House of Representatives I, 2, 3. Joyce Mahoney Chamber Orchestra I, 2. Mark Mares Football I. Mike Marra F.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Football I. 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2: Young Life I. Kristie Martin Golden Band I: FHA!HERO 3: OEA 4. Antoinette Martinez Brad Martinez Science Fiction Club 2, 3, 4: Basketball I. JoAnn Martinez DECA 3, 4: FHAXHERO 2. 3: Key Club I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2. Katrina Martinez Eldorado Dance Team I: La Cuadrilla 4. Paul Martinez Track I. 2. Cheryl Matherly National Forensic League I, 2, 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4: National Junior Honor Society I, 2: Speech Team I, 2, 3, 4: House of Representatives I: Staters 3, 4: Young Life 3, 4: Girls Nation 4: Staters Treasurer 3, 4: National Speech Tournament Qualifier 3: Speech Team. Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, President 4 David Matts DECA 3: Football I: ICT 4. .lulie Maull Eric Maxon Computer Club I: Eagle Spirit I: Ski Club I, 2, 3.4. Melanie McAllister Color Guard 2. 3: Concert Choir 2. 3. 4: Mixed Chorus I: French Club 3, 4: Track 3, 4. Lisa McBride Key Club 4: Concert Choir 3: Girl's Ensemble 2: Mixed Chorus I: SAVE, President 4: Swimming and Diving I, 2. 3, 4: Track I, 2. Maureen McCallum Eric McCarson Golden Band I: Golden Image 2: Chess Club 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: ROTC 2, 3. 4: Volleyball 3, 4. Becky McCollister French 3, 4: Key Club I: Ski Club 4: Track I: House of Representatives I, 2. 3, 4: Freshman Forum I: Senior Cabinet 4: Inter-Club 3. Kelli McDonald Golden Eagle Marching Band! Symphonic I, 2: Golden Image 3: Ski Club 3. Mary McKinley II7 Golden Band I: Golden Eagle Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4: Symphonic Band 2: Wind Ensemble 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: National Junior Honor Society I, 2: Prom Court 3: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I. Kristin McKeever Golden Band I: Key Club I: National Forensic League 3: National Junior Honor Society I, 2: Speech Team 3: House of Representatives 3: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: Young Life I, 2. Michael Mc5hane Basketball 3, 4. Lisa McPhee Mark Meloche Christine Meyer Octagon Club 3: Color Guard 4. Stace Meyer Kristin Michels Girls Ensemble 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Key Club 4: National Honor Society 4: Gymnastics I. 2, 3, 4. House of Representatives 3. .leff Mikatarian Ski Club 4: Cross Country 2. Frank Miller Shannon Miller Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4: FCA 3, 4: French Club 3: Key Club 4. Lisa Mistretta Cross Country I: Softball I, 2, 3. 4: Volleyball 3. Marjorie Mitchell French Club 3, 4: Spanish Club I, 2: Track I: House of Representatives I, 2, 4: Freshman Forum I: Senior Cabinet 4. 4. Tina Montano Golden Band I: Golden Eagle Marching Band!Symphonic 2, 3. Earl Moore DECA 3, 4. Tammy Moore Golden Band I: Golden Eagle II8 Marching Band!Symphonic 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 4. Seana Moore El Aguila 4: Editor 4: GARP 3: International Club 3: National Honor Society 3. 4: President 3, 4: National Spanish Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Senate 2, 4: House of Representatives 2: Staters 3, 4: Liaison Committee 2: Curriculum Committee 3, 4: East Area Student Advisory 4: Class Secretary I: Freshman Forum I: Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: lnterclub 4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3, 4: Student Body Secretary 2: Golden Rhythm Dance Team I. Elizabeth Moreno FHAXHERO I: Ski Club 3: Junior House 3. Tyron Morgan Close-Up Eldorado 3: Cycling Club I: Fantasy Club 3: Football I, 2: Wrestling I: House of Representatives I, 2: Weightlifting I, 2. Crescentia Morris Ski Club 2. 3, 4: Basketball I: Swimming and Diving 2, 3: Young Life 2, 3, 4. Cassandra Morrison OEA 4: Ski Club 4. Jana Mueller Cheerleader 2, 4: FCA 4: OEA 3, 4: House of Representatives I, 3: Senior Cabinet 4: Eagle Mascot 3. Evelyn Munoz Greg Murch DECA 3: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling I, 2. 3, 4. Eric Nelson Ski Club 3, 4. Tiffany Nelson FCA 3. 4: French Club 3, 4: La Cuadrilla 3, 4: OEA 3: Court 3: Science Fiction Club 3, 4: House of Representatives 2, 3: Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3. Erin Nicolls Concert Choir 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: International Club 3, 4: National Hono Society 4. Vanessa Nielson Cheerleader I, 2: FCA 3, 4: La Cuadrilla 3, 4: Princess 3: House of Representatives I: Homecoming Queen 4. Tim Nolan Tacy Norwood National Honor Society 3.4: House of Representatives 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: President 4. Kim Olson Nursing Program 3, 4. Terry A. O'Mara Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: All State 2, 3. Donald O'NeiII FCA 2, 3, 4: Key Club 2: National Honor Society 3. 4: National Junior Honor Society I, 2, 3, 4: Spanish National Honor Society 3, 4: Football I, 2, 3, 4: Track 2: Wrestling 2, 3: Staters 3, 4: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: Young Life I. Carla M. Oney Softball I, 2, 3, 4. Lisa Oppedahl Golden Band I. Sue Oppedahl Golden Band I. Karen Ortega Key Club 2: La Cuadrilla 3, 4: Co- captain 3: Ski Club 2: Senior Cabinet Young Life 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Cou 4. Kim Oswald Tennis I: VICA 3, 4. Lynette Paciulle Terrell Page Todd Parker Intermediate Orchestra I. 2: Soccer I 3. Chris Payton olf 3, 4: Chi Eta 2, 3, 4. arisa Maria Pedroncelli old Rush 2, 3. 4: Concert Choir 2, 3. : Mixed Chorus I: French Club 3, 4: ational Honor Society 4: All-State horus 2, 3, 4. racey Phares I Aguila 2: FCA 4: La Cuadrilla 4. hristopher C. Porter ECA 3: French Club 2: ROTC 2: ouse of Representatives 3: Civil Air atrol 2. 3, 4. V dam Powell CA 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3. 4: asketball I, 2: Football I. 2, 3, 4: ouse of Representatives I, 2, 3. 4: omecoming Court 4. ohanna Preiser pathy Club 3. 4: FCA 4: French Club : Ski Club 4: Senior Cabinet 4: Young ife I. 2, 3, 4: Campaigners 2, 3, 4. iane Probst EA 4: Ski Club 4: Track I, 2. ean Purcell omputer Club I, 2: Fantasy Club I, 2: cience Club I, 2. usty Ray olden Eagle Marching Band! ymphonic I, 2, 3: Wind Ensemble 4: old Rush I, 2, 3, 4: Concert Choir I. : Track I, 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Court teve Rea ootball I, 2, 3, 4: FCA 4. isa Reardon olor Guard 3, 4: Octagon Club I, 2, hris Reay oman Rede andall Reichenbach Veronica Reiking ARP 3: National Honor Society 3, 4: EA 4. eff Rethmel ki Club 3, 4: Football 2. 3, 4: restling 2: Senate 3. Charlotte Rethy Dan Reyes Golden Band I: Football I: Wrestling I. Rhonda Rickert Larry G. Riffe ll Tom Riney Baseball I, 2, 3: Football I: Staters QPresidentj 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Young Life 4. Debbie Risberg Swimming and Diving 2: House of Representatives 2. David A. Rivera Wrestling Manager I, 2: Thespians 3, 4: Thespian Officer. Lucia Rivera La Cuadrilla 4: Ski Club 3, 4. Laurie Roberts FHAXHERO 2: Sophomore Board 2. Tammy Robinson Concert Choir 3, 4: GirI's Ensemble 2: GirI's Chorus I: Chi Eta 2, 3. Brett Rocheleau Steven Romero Mixed Chorus I. .lory Rosen Science Fiction Club I: Thespians 3, 4. Michael D. Royce FCA 4: Baseball 3, 4: Football 3, 4. Vincent Charles Rubio DECA 3, 4: Key Club I, 2, 3, 4: Key Club Vice President 2: Key Club President 3: Key Club Secretary 4: House of Representatives I, 2, 3. Meg Rudolph Cheerleader 3, 4: Mixed Chorus I: Eldorado Dance Team I, 2: FCA 3, 4. Cheryl Sahd DECA 3: Key Club 4: Track I: House of Representatives I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Cabinet 4: Young Life 3, 4: Beautification Project I. Lotta Sahlen Ski Club 4: International Club 4: FCA 4: Yearbook 4: Track 4. Kimberly Sais Concert Choir 4: Girl's Ensemble I, 3: Mixed Chorus 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4. Randy Salazar Chris Salyer Eddie Sanchez Ski Club I: Wrestling I. Kelly Sanchez FCA 3. Matthew Eric Sanchez Cross Country 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 3. Yvonne Sanchez FCA 3. 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4. Erin Sanderson Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4. Ethan Savage Football I . Mike Sauer Golden Eagle Marching Band! Symphonic 3, 4: Screamin' Eagles 2, 3, 4: Golden Image I: Wind Ensemble 3, 4: Gold Rush 2. 3, 4: Chamber Orchestra I: Strolling Strings I: Morning Song 3: Aria 3, 4. Kathy Schlichting FCA 4: Spanish National Honor Society 3, 4: Volleyball 3, 4: EI Aguila 4. Cindy Schmidt Track I. Marie Schnetzer Chamber Orchestra I, 2: Young Life 3. Nancy Schwed La Cuadrilla 3, 4: Ski Club I, 2, 3: Gymnastics 2: House of Representatives I, 2: Class Secretary 2: Freshman Forum I: Sophomore Board 2. Denise M. Scibior National Honor Society 4: National Junior Honor Society I: Cross Country 2: Track 2: Band I. Cindy Scott Athletic Trainers I. Desiree Scott II9 Kathy Scott Lenna Sego Barbara Seuber Eagle Spirit 2, 3. Mary Shafto Eldorado Dance Team I: OEA 4. Steven Sheldon National Honor Society 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. Pam Short La Cuadrilla 4: Soccer I, 2, 3: Track I. Tim Shultz Spanish National Honor Society 3, 4: Soccer 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. 4: Track 2, 3, 4. .ludith Ann Shuman Color Guard I, 2, 3, 4: Color Guard Vice President 3. Lynne Silvestro .lohn Skelton Eagle Spirit 2, 3. 4: Fantasy Club I: Key Club I: National Honor Society 3, 4: National Junior Honor Society I, 2, 3: Science Fiction Club I: Spanish National Honor Society 3, 4: Stater 3, 4: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: String Orchestra I: Symphony Orchestra 2: Eagle Spirit Features Editor 2, 3: Eagle Spirit Managing Editor 4: Sandia Labs!APS Summer Science Program 2. John Smatana Ski Club 4: Football I: Track I. Cathy Smith Key Club 4: La Cuadrilla 4: Ski Club 3. 4. Chad Smith Laura Smith Golden Eagle Symphonic Band 2: Thesbians 3, 4. Leslie Smith Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I. Gina Smith Cheerleader 3: FCA 3, 4: La Cuadrilla 4: Court 3: House of Representatives 2. Shari Smith I2O Girls Chorus I. 2: National Honor Society 3, 4: Chamber Orchestra I: Leadership Club 3. Staci Smith Brett Snyder National Honor Society 3, 4: National Junior Honor Society I, 2: Cross Country I, 2, 3: Soccer 4: Track I, 2: Staters 4. Christine Sottoway Apathy Club I, 2, 3, 4: DECA 3, 4: Eldorado Dance Team 2, 3, 4: Fantasy Club I, 2, 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: E.P.A. I 2, 3, 4: E.G.U. I, 2, 3, 4. Amy Spear FCA 4: French Club I, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Ski Club 2, 3, 4: Swimming and Diving 2, 3, 4: Staters 3. 4: Senior Cabinet 4. Kelly Spring Softball I, 2, 3: Volleyball 2, 3. Dave Stabley Computer Club I, 2, 3, 4: Martial Arts Club 2, 4: Wrestling 3: Photography 3. 4. Sheldon Stanhope FCA 3, 4: Football I, 2, 3, 4. Barbara Stanley Golden Band I, 2: Golden Eagle Marching Band!Symphonic 3, 4. Greg Sterosky Ski Club I. 2, 4. Paul Strauss National Forensic League I, 2, 3, 4: National Junior Honor Society I, 2, 3: Speech Team I, 2, 3. 4: Young Life 3. Suzanne Strong Girl's Ensemble I, 2: Eldorado Dance Team I, 2: FCA 3, 4: La Cuadrilla 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4. Ann Tabor Concert Choir 3: Girl's Ensemble 2: OEA 4: Chamber Orchestra I: Strolling Strings I. Stephanie Talpas Golden Band I: Soccer 2, 3, 4. Amy Taylor Girl's Ensemble I: Basketball I: 2, 3, 4. Dolly Taylor Soccer Cheerleader I: Concert Choir 3: GirI's Ensemble 2: Mixed Chorus I: El dorado Dance Team I: La Cuadrilla 3. 4: Ski Club 3: Sophomore Board 2: Th C Society of Distinguished American High School Students 3, 4. Joy Taylor Soccer I, 2, 3, 4. Scott Thomas Football I, 2. 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3. 4. Jay Thornton Football I, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling I. Scott Thurber Cross Country 2. Mark Torpdor Chess Club 2, 3, 4: ROTC I, 2, Scott Trotter 2, 3. 4. 3. Baseball I, 3, 4: Football I, 2, 3. 4: Track 2: Wrestling I. Leslie Upshaw Softball I. Shelle VanEtten Gold Rush 2, 3, 4: Concert Cho 3. 4: National Honor Society 4: Life 3, 4. Michelle Varkalis Golden Eagle Marching Band! Symphonic I, 2, 3. Daphne Varoz FHAXHERO 2: Volleyball 2. Evawn Velasquez Nursing 3. Ed Verkin Golden Band l: Golden Eagle ir I . 2. Young Marching Band!Symphonic 2. 3. 4: Key Club I. James Vermillion Ski Club 3, 4: Track I. Dan Vinson Football 4. Denise Viscardi pathy Club I, 2, 3, 4: DECA 3, 4: Idorado Dance Team 2, 3, 4: Fantasy lub l, 2, 3, 4: Key Club 3. 4: Ski Club , 2, 3, 4: House of Representatives 3: reshman Forum l: Sophomore Board : Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4. ichael Vittitow panish National Honor Society 3: asketball I, 2, 3: Soccer I, 2. aura Vogel olden Band l: Soccer 2, 3, 4: National onor Society 3. ara Elaine Wadell HAXHERO 3, 4: Key Club 3: Ski Club : Golf I. 2, 3: FHAXHERO Chapter ecretary 3: FHAXHERO State Officer ames Walton nter-Club I, 2, 3, 4. arah Wardlaw ational Junior Honor Society 2: ational Honor Society 3, 4: National erit Commended Student 3: Junior ouse 3: Senior Cabinet 4: NCTE Semi- inalist 3. my Wasko olden Band I: Golden Eagle arching Band!Symphonic 2, 3, 4. athy Watson pathy Club 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Key lub Treasurer 3: Key Club Vice- resident 4: Senior Cabinet 4: VICA 4. teve Watts eith Webb rack 2, 3, 4. ason Welch olden Eagle Marching Band! ymphonic I, 2, 3, 4: Track 4. ohn Welp arbara White olden Band l: Golden Eagle arching Band!Symphonic 2, 3, 4: olden Image 2, 3, 4: French Club 3: ey Club l: National Junior Honor ociety l. 2: National Honor Society 3, : Ski Club 4: Senior Cabinet 4: All- State Band 2, 3. 4. Jeff Whiting Young Life I, 2, 3, 4: Campaigners 2, 3. 4. Wendi Whitmore Doma Wilder Cross Country I, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2. Susan Wilhelm DECA 4: OEA 4. James Williams Apathy Club I, 2, 3, 4: Golden Eagle Marching BandfSymphonic 3, 4: Gold Rush 3. 4: Concert Choir 3, 4: National Forensic League 3, 4: Curad 2: Speech Team 2, 3, 4: Senate I, 2, 3, 4: House of Representatives I, 2, 3, 4: Class Treasurer 4: Freshman Forum I: Sophomore Board 2: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4: Central District Student Council I, 2, 3, 4: New Mexico Association of Student Councils I, 2, 3, 4. Kristi Williams Golden Band I: Golden Eagle Marching Band!Symphonic 2, 3. 4: Wind Ensemble 2, 3, 4: FHAXHERO 2. Robin Williams Golden Band I: Golden Eagle Marching Band!Symphonic 2, 3. 4: Close-up Eldorado 3: French Club 2, 3, 4: International Club 2: National Junior Honor Society I, 2: National Honor Society 3, 4: Athletic Trainers I, 2: Cross Country I: House of Representatives I, 3: Junior House 3: Senior Cabinet 4. Vanessa Willock Golden Band l: Golden Eagle Marching Band!Symphonic 2, 3, 4: Wind Ensemble 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: National Junior Honor Society I, 2: Spanish National Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Basketball I. Terry Lee Wilson Curt Wise ROTC I, 2, 3, 4: Commanding Officer ROTC 4: ROTC Drill Team l, 2, 3, 4. Lisa Wonder Concert Choir 3: Girl's Ensemble I, 2 Eldorado Dance Team I: La Cuadrilla 3, 4: Sophomore Board 2. Scott Young Ski Club I, 2: Soccer 3, 4. Maria Yuricic Suzanne Zillman Gymnastics 2. Kenneth Zimmerman Golden Eagle Marching Band! Symphonic I, 2: Wind Ensemble 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Soccer I 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Staters 3, 4: N.C.T.E. Finalist 3. l2l F . miie ' -v- lu Mrs. "D's" studentsiand collages. Freshmen Were Filled With Expectations lg' S l Left: Claudia Ortega, Anthony Yanez. Terri Royce. y The class of I988 started the first of their four years with motivation and great expectations, The Freshmen Forum managed get more students actively participating in fund raisers and class functions. Class President. Anthony Yanez, stated. "l'm hopin to get freshmen more involved in school spirit." The Forum grew in size throughout the year with the dedication of recruiting Fo rum members. Members honored fellow students and presented Coronado gift certificates to the homecoming King and Queen. To suppo special school functions, the group participated in several fund raisers. Their first candy sale, alone. increased the treasury fro l00 to almost 600. ln October their dedicated sponsor. Kathleen Church, left. leaving the group on their own until a new sponsor could be found This did not discourage the group as they completed one of the best freshmen years ever. l22 Freshmen lass of lsss f ,J ,f Left side: Tanya Rivers. Lisa Gill and Jill Vasquez. Middle: Lyssa Robertson. Nadia Gobin, Erica Winy and Linda Hobbs. Right side: Colleen O'Neil, Dawn Stiley, Stacy Higgins, Carmen Martinez, Jeanie Stringer and Cari Porter. M Y J '-Wade, l If Sponsor: Mrs. Kathleen Church who served the first 9 weeks before being named Assistant Principal at San- dia High School. Freshmen l23 'Cynthia Azby 1 . Barbara Andaman A Liu Aragon 1 'Marc Bzbock ' A Keily Baxter L Eric'Ahney i ' Carrie Ahayles Brett Adams - . , Gary Adam ,Andrea Adkilgs Amber Alderman David Anderson f, Nannelle Archukla Aquina Baca Michaela Baxter Bobby Alderson i Jennifar Angkncrr g V ' Sarah Ammo' , Craig Barbra., L Diana Bama ' sam-5 Alford Ju Anderson L cymhi.-Aman A tammy Baird June smnu -Stephanie Allen I -L Sanlgcgh Anderson Jerry Armlip L Denalecker A omg Mimi svynhAnam, ' f ' Mme Arndondo L Uianna sau T Tina Ahurver Jon Aragon Laurd Avery Stephen Bell' ' ,q,, XV" 11' v Qs ah 4.-s 3 1 M U X A, 1 . ' , Brian Berman Dyann Bolden Robert Brace Liz Brodsky Ked Buck Lori Berry , Shannon Bond Tlllony Brader. , f Cary Broolnsi , Cathleen Bueck . Yvonne Berube ' Stacy Berea Stacey Bradley Keith Brown ' Christa Burrage Scarlette Bessel: Dan Bosworth Tracey Bradley .lon Bray Bin Burton Marc Bessent Brian Bower Mike Brand . lara Brunlt David Burton Eric Blekel Alan Bowman Karen Brannock' K vi Mac Brunner Kriglin Butler I Tanya Blalrley Dan Boyer Tim Brengman t ' K Meredith Bryden Scott Butterhaugh 4 I ew V5 r x, Julie Byers Mitch Calhoun L cm calmer Kevln Campbell Mary Carlson .Q 4 ' "7 'af-fit +" f Lf' X - 49 S. if Q.,-" ,... ,,,. pln ' 'mu H, yr M ,1 . ,,. . ,f l26 2 Q w X mi dvi -f-, .. C Cynthia cum. Hamm: ami C ssleiidnuyhi fi Fofrgsi Carmody Ricci Carr Patricia Catroll Troy Castillo V Meghan Cavg 4 W Chula Cerutli 4- Ty Chamberlin Michelle Clary Jeff Cool JoAnne Chance Angela Clement - Steve Cook- K , - Frank canm Krii Crm, Y '1 Dbqma C 'hw Chavez C Jifffoben i ' 7 A Cope Travis Christensen 5 Mat! Colbert ' ' Chili Carhalis sem cm L ' sam cpm' V C8161 cmqw V 715399, PPV' 41 A Q7 A J- Q .V,, , fn , N . ' ' 1 C, W V ' 3: ' f fu, k -q CEM :wi John Davis 7 Gina Devlnccnlls Steven Dirlss l.esIlekDooliltle Tracey Durham John Davis Willlarn Devlin Greg Dlxson Kevin Dorff y Melanie Dye Laura Davis Daniel Derwent James Donnna Michael Dougher Brian Ebert Janene Dellalonga Tony Dlax .lanell Donahoo Jeff Doyle 1 Monlque Esker John Delarian Leslie Dlckmn Jeffrey Donovan Darren Dresser Tony Ecker Tim Demmie ' George Dietrich Milne Donovan ' Melinda Duncan ' Edward Eddie' David Dennis Dina Dlnelll Suzanne Doolcrr ABUQIII Dunn Paul Edmunds :X va 5:-.f v as as Todd Edwards Tracy Edwards John Elias Michael Engels Christian Enmetl Jerry Each 7 , . L l l28 James Farmer Joseph Fclten Angela Fitzgerald Jeff Francis Bryon Gabel Jenny Fell Tari Field ' Kathy Fitzgerald 'Jennifer Franklin ' ' Deanna Galaviz Erin Fensmjmaker A Valerie field , I Valerie Fieluth Mark Freeherg K g Pally Galindo Dana Ferguson Lynn Fllusclv laura Finland K J Dennis Friedland K Carolyn Gallagher Kristi Ferguson F -Jason Flne he y Erica Fox Thcgesa Fuentes -K Dion Gallant Shawn Fernandez Lance Heller Amy Foy! Dionne Fulcllel 'Jennifer Garda Greg Ferrer! K K Glen Fitch -1 Ty Ffaley ' K Bryon Gabel Q Scot! Garcia Michael Espinosa Michael Esplnosa K Amy Etler Kathy Evans Mike Evans Tray ivan:-land 4,5 2 33 . ,N . Q ' y Xi. y f' f: ,,, P ellen -V- , ie-V J , fly nf by A . , p - if! 71 K V V 'ff F Dorothy Garnand Usa Gebler lisa Gill Johnny Gonzales Scott Greenway Butch Garner Mall Geneczko Steve Gish Mike Gonzales . Ellego Griego Tiffany Garretli Max German Andrea Gleicher Salvador Gonzales Theresa Griffln Glori Garrison , lawana Gibbs Nadeeyah Gobin Harvey Goss Valerie Grover Pamela Gaylord Gavin Gibson Traci Goff Mara Golllleb Doug Gruer Wendy Gaylord Bryce Gilbert Bryan Gomez Amber Graves Joanne Gutierrez Mike Gaynor Tarrl Gilbert Cindy Gomulka Jason Greene Marvin Gutierrez ' ' 'ii fl 1. .fu I f ' -- an ' 553 . ' 'si J., ' 1 fri, T: le3,!,'.- " " ' G if ":. e 'km ,. rg, 'Xl .Q EJNY f lv',l.1'f Q' - ',..f-.f A -w , -R- 3' A , 'iff '. as v- 'Y Jlrn Gulllals Teri Hadley Stacy Hadsall Beth Hagen Krlx Hagenbuelx Jennifer Hahn 0 Z Scotlliareland ' Tracy Hart ' Robert Hawley' W Joel Hill Rdhert Horner Gregory Harland Stefanie Hanhafger , Margo! Head K Stacy Hilton K John Hopkins Chritlna Harper Tracy Hartman Jael: Heath I K Julie l-lirslrlield J Claris Hom ' Bill Harrington Kristin Hash y Kelly ,I-lershberger Tqm lllrsbmqn I I Jeff Horne Michael I-larrls Stott Hamm Bryan Hemein Cindy Hobson Jlll Horney Erlc Marstad - - Scott Haugland 'Phil Hickey Adam Hockey hnya Horwathk Jason Han Mike Hawkins Blake HI!! Ann Holmes Robln Hudgins Christine Hagengrubcr Cmlrerine Hain Jenny Hansen Melina Hansen Joey lhrbinson Catherine Harcourt 'x ov . , E I A Ifgu - If f in 44. O' vv4 vs Jennifer Huffman Mary lnlogna Richard Jenson Elizabeth Johnson Michele Jones Tim Huffman Jessica Irwin Jason Jepson Jessica Johnson Shelbi Jones Laura Hughes Brian lrler Bobby Jewell Marla Johnson Jeff Jump Jared Huskey Carol Jameson James Jimenez Robin Johnson Karen Kala! Bryan Huslcisson Martin Jararnillo Chris Johnson Shelile Johnson Jeanine Kass: Mall Ingalls gggyg Jgnkim Christy Johnson Robert Jolley Michelle Kays Lorie Ingram Slacey Jennings Clinton Johnson' Chris Jones Janne: Keller C',: ' " , S 1 44.5, Inv ' qw- J 'QD rx A , r J im 1, J'Jif,,f S ffs"N-:ai J ,- st -Q ,ar V' 'S A f XL? A ' K A 5. ev- i1 ff' X 4 rs. S , -"'.. x 1 .' 1 1 .3- , n ,s ' lffo J, L Tracy Ketner Genie Kim Kash King Shawn Kingery Michael Kinnard Milre Kinnunen nv A Trisha Kose! Holly Layrznge Man' lewis James lillell Mark lopez Kim Klammer Kevin Kniglllou Eric Knulsan ,Peter Koenlgsherg Donnie Kalek' Jeff Kalman Debbie Kraus Brian Ledmer Robert Lzyba Bill Lltllelon Tom Lopez Donnie Kuhl Mike Lelmer Crystal Lcyva Tracy Lim Angela Lovell Klex Kuhn Mllre Leon I K Yavene llelahalser Shawn Lockwood Gabe lurch Donald Laila Jeff Leporl y Ray lindsey l Stephanie Long lricia Lynch Kam Lang ' 'Carfi Lewis A Craig Llnn Lesley Lohgstlcel .lack Mabry Kimberly Lanka Jason Lewis Susan Llnncrooth Adrian lopez James Mabry ey. no 'gr 1- ' x ,.- r - s I 4 bv 11' V A 9? ' X, g N .,, V v 'f ,..f ' S., ' X 'lm - s. -iig "'vs v. 1 if 1,- . rsf , A Sara Macaulay Robert Mailra Ryan Marks' Veronica Martinez Mike McBride Pam MacMiIIian Heather Malcolm Michelle Marlin . Sheri Mastin Chuck McCaffrey Colleen MacNab Carina Maldonaldo Carmen Martinez . Jennifer Maqderly , , Daniel McCloskey , Stephanie Maddox Leslie Mangan Ramona Martinez Douglas May Mark McCoIlister Monica Mae: Kallxrine Mann Renee Martinez K MikekMay I , I g A Srian McConnell Cone Magee Ja-Ann Margo Richard Martinez John Mayor Grace McCrea Francine Maher Dean Marie Todd Martinez Loma McBride , Brian McClllcheon - v vl K bex 'X-K r V K 1 " . , N x' ' 1 .v an ! , v 1 X an la! .YV I I V rx . .. 4 f . , Aw! if Shawn Mcllefroll Hope McDonald Cam McFadden Mike McGee 7 Michael Mcfieorge Wendy Mcfiinnes l33 luke Mcwhirter Scott Michakcheck Jeff Mllchell John Montoya Brian Morga Bonnie McGregor Brian Mclieever Rob'McKinley Eric McNeill Jerimy Mb Rae Aaron McVay L Jeremy Mcdlocls Jason Miles Y K Mm Mobevg loseph Montoya Vicki Morgan Mlchaeline Melcndcz Crystal Milla Merrilee Moenerk Mark Montoya K Marlin Morris Kimberly Melzer Jana Miller John Molina Karey Moon Melissa Morris Malls: Mendez Peyton Miller Alan Monnin Craig Moore Shelley Morris Brian Mellzr Shannon Miller Karric Monlielh Patrick Moore Jeff Morrow Dawn Meyer Amy Minero Eileen Montoya Scott Moore Mehnle Mummen .5 M 1-Q., rv' , ,-, Q. ' .J'5'e- 'Q "f!'.qr . , JG vig X . M . Y, . 1. . ! P7 'we' 4 ,V o WY , J . X. Kenneth Munzlinger Gwen Nicolls Keith Oliveira Jodee Ortega Lisa Park Donny Myers Michael Nimme Debbie Olson Juan Ortega Russell Parker Nancy Nagel Kahrl Noll Bill ONeal Romeo Ortiz Mark Parra Gigi Narris Cathy Novicki Colleen 0Neill Brian Ovellelre Jodi Pate Martin Nash Mary Nunley Matt ONeill Lori Overton Kristina Pate Mark Nelscn Erin 0Bryan Dallas Orrrdorff Wendy Pabiclr Kathleen Patrick Matt Nicltols Dan OConnof Ap .7 is ,IJ . Zifl. , X'-1 - M V Claudia Ortega Mahesh Pant Brandon Patlerwn Q- -. .- S, ,- L ,X 3 I , sg 1 A legkfl Michele Patterson Amy Pauley Jenny Pearce Stacy Pederson Paul Pedroncelll Leroy Peer i 5 l xv G . T' 1 U- ,gl V. , v. e +1 ISS l36 Tim Pierce 'Jodilliado ' ' Cristina Duesada A ' lvdrie Raipbll ' f Dave Reynolds Dan Pionkoski Andre: Prelser K Scot! Qulring lisa Raillfl Randy Rhodes Sarah Pixton ' Mlchelle Prentice Aaron kabb Greg Rene, A , Lisa Rica Angel Poltras Kelly Price Jill Raey Lynda Reed Jennifer Rich Linda Pollock Christiana Pringle Pal Rapagnanl Shelly Reed K Ray Rlchmound Carl Porter K 'Leonard Prlzanl K David Rasinski Giles llegile Lira Rienke Dede Polenza Lori Guam Lois Radu Ken Reiss Robert Riley Jeanne Pellet Wendy Pendleton Randy Perea Danielle Perry , V David Peter Suntalee Peverlcy V X., ' ' Y 4 f , , , .. y 1 X i ,I :W Q i K Y , 6-v , T , , l, V' A M A , I ' 'e Syl H CL- V 1 . l 'X ' Y. X . W L" a . 3 r 4, , ,Y Q19 " Todd Riley Quinn Robertson Paul Rosen Jeff Ryder Jane Sallie Cindy Rlordan Melanie Robinson K Jason Rouswell Seth Salter Eric Sanchez K Tracy Risberg Keith Rohr Christina Rowlette Gabe Salazer V Kim Sanders lavni Ritter Patrick Roman Teri Royce John Salazar Jennifer Santana Sandy Rivera LeeAnn Romero Karl Rude ' Paul Salazar John Sanur! ' Tanya Rivers Gregg Rose Greg Russell Tom Salazar Jennifer Satan Lyna Robertson Wes Rose Patrick Ryan K-19- . Q-if . . Amy Salge Shelly Sarhaln ev. Q-0' X, K David Sawyer Ken Schaberg - Mike Schaefer. Brad Schafer John Schllchtlng Chris Schultz L.. . f lvy Schumer John Sharp Lara Siegenlhalev Carl Smart Alfredo Soriano Rob Slamnl Cristy Scllwanlce Missy Sehwerin Alben Seeger: Rob Sellecerri C hris Seymour s.. f'1-. Rob Shaver Todd Silberman Dwayne Smllh Juan Souler Susan Sleckbauer Joel Shearer Bealrice Silva Jennifer Smith Jennifer Spalding Jlm Stephens Leslie Shelton Lisa Silva , Jimmy Smith Lynn Spencer lee Slephenson Jerrod Shiplel Jennifer Simonds Larry Smith Tammy Spring Georgia Stevens Leslie Shufofd .llm Simpson Tracee Smith Don Slabley Michelle Stevens David Shulh Waller Sloan Viclov Smilh Joel Sladllandef Amy Stlchman R' 1 In 'Q- S fx -if x-, -Q - J l38 Y ev. 4,4 Brian Slone Steve Stremslerfer H. 4 . H1 .1 -vigil W up 1 I, 2 Mike Turin Kersli Tyson Craig Vancll Jill Vasquez Phillip Vlllella Ed Tuma David Ulla: Patrick Van Hom K Thomas Vcilch Kimberly Viscaldi Rob Twietmeycr Ron llpxhaw Sltpllth Van Worley Slacl Veiiz Richard Vltlow Brigel Tyson Jana Van Blaricom Lisa Vsrgo Liu Vigil Julie Vulk .lell Truby Beth Tmcksa Steve Tnxdo ,M slr, 'F "' . . fgk ' X ' - 'Seibel W' lf, 1. f Nays, I 'lie' l Autograph Jim Vleck Kristel Wadell Leah Walker Dustin Wauer Cathy Welp Matthew Voorhees Greg Wagner Tanya Walton Heather Webber Peter Wenger! Nick Voorhis Brian Walker Cameron Ward Erica Welngarler Kristi Whaley Michelle Wade Krista Walker William Ward Sally Wharton -A. ... 4 A Q 1 4. -- 5.1 ,4 I V I Dean Whlxenhurll Dan White K Kevin Weir . ,,.,,,, i .1 up vw Autograph Diana wan HeatherWllloclr Mmwalmn' rg.. worm: W V L Robert Wiibqandun Angela Wilson Mlclnelleywilson Stephanie Wolimon Michael Wrighl Chris Wilder Frank Wilson ' ' Shelley Wlngerl 'K Brian Wonder Anlhoney Yanez Kirsten Williams Jeff Wllson Neil Winters Charles Wong Stephanie Yeager Robert Williams lohn Wilson K joel Wirth Tonyq Wood A Jason Young , Scott Williams Kyle Wilson Jeff Wilkowslzl Greg Wright Melina Zellner Garner Willis Marc Wilson Erika Witte Jeffery Wrlghl Kevin Zlnk Warren White Lance Whllewoll Mike Wick ' Nikki Wldner Jennifer Wlegandi . , I ve , 'A, , ' 3' A 0' SX W l 5' X Q- X..,.. 0.5 i N, V N, K I . ., I.. xf, , , 1 1 'lm - W ' 545 ,p , N K vf v l, l x 5 ,f Of fe ,Mig ff M141-jyzf 'film K 1 jj I 55: I 1:19 im-ni 2499 mm Sophomores Were Outgoing And Smart Slit e, i iilm lv . "OK, Wherek my next clan?" Brian Moore led the Sophomore Class as President this year. The class of i987 officers also included Greg Wil- liams as Vice President, Michael James as Treasurer and Kim Cole. Secretary. Mr. Dixon served as the class spon- sor. The year began with the super homecoming reception sponsored by the class of I987 and continued with a fun raiser and a fantastic dance. Brian enioyed sewing a President and especially liked working with his Sopho more class members. The Sophomore class is outgoin and smart, and their years ahead at Eldorado will b great! K -F-VF.. -4 K Z Ml ,,....., lefl to Rlghl: Mrs. Dells Bowen, Brian Moore, Kim Cole. Greg Williams. Michael James and Mr. David Dixun. sf .aixl 1 op Row! Shirley Arellano, Lisa Thomas. Tanya Florence, Berth Ti , K IC a en am ox. and Michelle Meisen. Middle Rows Ann Denny. Ondi Ashe. fudl Baker, d V' le V I n sc ie ni ion. Botiom Row: Doug Stalgren. Don Weaver. lzurk Brown. Beth Collins. and Laura King. Class of I9S7 Sophomores l45 Duane Abeyla Eric Adams Mark Aguilar Cindy Albright Michelle Alderelu I46 Angela Allre Teresa Anzar Kill Austin - A James Bale! K K Scott Bauer Lisa Allen Marguerite Archibeck Jason Babb Stefanie Barkhum Debra Buzell Jennifer Andean Jim Archulela , Deana Baca . Kirk Barnes Brian Beal Jack! Anderson Andrew Arellan' Elena Baca ' Michael Barnes Kim Beal Jimmy Anderson Shirley Arellano Sean Baiuk Kristi Barrel! Rick Beattie ' Seen Andrews ' Qndlllshe ' ' Judi Baker Peggle Bates Barbara Beavers Tracy Andrews Dynel Austin Trevor Baldocla Suzanne Bauer Kristin Beckman fn 3 Janelle Algire ia A 4lj','.! . xl 5 I I 'Q l' ' r 4' f 'X fr K' X I I 'L W 1 N-1' PVD ...- N ..a 3.-I AK sv. Jeremy Beel Marcle Berger Joel Holden Trey Brader Jeffrey Brookovzt Kami Bccrnarr Rilf Beske Tamara Bolek Candie Bragben Hendrik Brower Lori Benavidez Bill Bice ' Sieve Borrowdale K Doug Brane Clayton Brown Cheryl Bennet! Scoll Bigelow Christie Bouffard Traci Brannon Kem Brown Brandy Bemz Jon Blaine Scott Bowen David Briggs Laurie Brown Panic Benz: Julie Boehnker Erica Bowman Ted Broach Sean Brown Heather Berg Robert Boer: Susie Boyce Hollye Bronson Buffie Bmbach is ,- 4- 'r-. if Q4 -vu- ! B JJ an -.1 ,I 1, Ak "' an X qv Chris Brusseau Brad Bryan Kendra Bubp Barbara Huffington Jason Burke Lance Burke ...af l48 Michael Caffery Ricky Carley J Charles Cates Chris Clark Tamie Cline , Jason Cameron Brian Carr Bryan Cemak Fudd Clarke Todd Coberly John Canaday K Kirsten Cartwright Tony Cessar Jason Clawson John Coen Claude Canive Kevin Canaria Angel Chavez Indra Clawson Kimberly Cole Carie Cannedy Paul Case Darrell Choddorow Carol Clevenger Beth Collins ' Jackie Carey K Slraronyfaslerk J ' DlnalClpullone J Christine Cline Donald Collins Bob Carleton Kristin Calanach Margarex Cisneros Paula Cllne David Connerley Holly Burton Phillip Bustamante I Cindy Bustos Suzi Burens , Clay Byington Jennilor Byrne 1.4- v . 3 K Q 'v 'K C7 f, 3' ' 943' 11' J x . 1 '-J 'ik -g Kristen Cook Joe Crelier Barbara Daflilva Renae Decker Wayne Dillon Tracy Coolnsy ' Jennifer Crenner Robert Da-Silva Darcl Dedrlck Ted Dimas Tracy Canksy Peter Crook Ken Davlsk Pamela Del Palacio y V Samantha D6Pfima Janet Corlesi Leaf Crossman Kevin Davis ' Ann Denny Stacie Dobbs Beth Coursey John Curl Susan Davis Sonja deVargzs Brian Doherty Kami Cox Craig Culhberl Tammy Davis I Pal Diamond Elizabeth Doherty Shelley Creager Wendy Dare IQIX - l v., 3- ,-. -0 Chris Day ' Mark Dickson Donahon Charlie Dolson Greg Dotson Christina Doyle Danlel Driggs Ken Dunfee kk Mark Dunltcson -D 1 y ' ff- , D l -la 2 X 4 ' 'frfr l 'a , if , .4 V I 1 Q ZJL .l -s -lv. 4-o ISO Lisa Dunn Kerry Dutton K Charlet Dye r Annette Eaton Hearher Eaton Heather Eby Lance Eclroli f ' Kai Enberg Larry Fairchild V John Ferrara Kelly Fisher Tracy Eckert Susan Engl Elena farmer Sean Flclnner Party Fitzgerald Mehran Eghhalleh Sam Enloe Charles Farr l-leather Field Randy Fierland Erick Eklund Kacie Erickson ' K Jenny Farrell Scott Fincher ' Sean Flanagan I Rick Elkins Jason Errett Marie Fuln Tammy Fink Tanya Florence Eric Elmer , Paler Escue Heather Fenxtermaker Flint Fisher Richard Foam Ill Cathy- Emmons n Greg Fackler , Melissa Fernandez, Karen Fisher Ashley Franklin as K kv Qu- gl 2 X " 5 , 'ev 4. ,A .4- vibes. 1 Q k ik! 4 J f 1 4 .. J a, i 1 S., ,1 Mark Franz Roberta Gallegos John! Gerace ' Emily Gough ' 141 Grayson David Frteburg Jennifer Garcia Terri Geyer lerry Graff Tracy Griffin Debbie Friar Lisa Garcia , Michael Giacomo Troy Graff I Linda Grlndmlf Jodi Furaus Teresa Garcia ' laura Gilpin' K Brenda Graham Jeff Groihauc Reid Galey Beverly Gavaldon Tylzi Glover I Chris Graham laura Grualle Felicia Gallegos Gordon Gebman K Alice Gluesing 1 Y f Michael Gray Matt Gulnn Joe Gallegos Ryan Geiger Mark Goldblum Russ Gray Michelle Gulirlr ,f 'OL L. fi , 5 on. up ,... , -.v A I , , Q? - 1 ,- X! fr- xvgvl ff N Sarang Gupta Andy Guslaveson A Georgian: Gullenez Tracy Guymon Amy Haha Kristin' Hahn' .4 L 2 ISI Sherry Hampton Tim Hart I Bill l-lay Kirsten Henny I Tricia Miner Cindy Hankins Traci Hart Mary Hays Beih Herrington Kim Hodges Lisa Hanson Mary Jo Harlsell 'Bernard l-lehl ,lennller Hlckox , Robert Hohlfelder Brett Harger .lay Hasche Amy Henderson Angle Hill Alan Hollingsworth Caroline Harland Michele Hash , Missl Hendemm K Louis Mille Katrina Holme: Charles Harmon Wendy Hanan Ivacy Hendlrclss Celina I-lime Wendy Hoolsland John Harris K John Hausa I Michael Henk: Paul Hire Kelly Hum Jason Hall K Lori Hill Randy Hall Salma I-lzlndl Chris Hamm John Hammonds X ' 1 if . ,, 1: ' x sv csv vy z 9 - an Rn , , e y ,nr ,V ue- sv - Holly Hoxretler Scott Hutchinson Polly Jacobs Danielle Jeffrey Holly Jones Sean Home Catherine Hultenhow Krls Jacobsen Shelley Jensen Mike Jones K Charlyn Hudson Colleen Hyman Micheal James K Cameron Johnson Karen Janice Jeff Hughes Laura lmrnel Timothy .lancar Jeff Johnson Mike Jordan hndi Hummel Julia lnsley Rhonda Jaramlllo' K Lance Johnson Chris Kakos Mitch Huntsman Patricia Jackson Eric Jarvlea Robert Johnson Kristi Kalen Ken Huppen Robert Jackson Teri Jeansome Colton Jones Kim Kamm ' , -8 'br -1.- ix .ml- , A , cr .- ,jr , 1 LA , , Q J.. A I . r use gx- -.A ' A 'D . 'V ji hu A L' J A, ,vt u cr Nxt 'lf 4' se K as ' J , , . Z . Vicki Karl Tiffany Keellng Rick Kehuver James Keller Robert Kem Doug Key 45- v l54 Laura King 7 Stephan King Tara King Craig Kinsey Andy' Kipp Janis Kirby Elaine Kleven Barbie Kraus Shari Lawrence Rod Linn 7 SLU: Lopez Chris Knacluledt Jusiin Kuzemka Lori Layton V Inu Lisle Marla Lon Mibhellc Knight Chris Lamb ' I K ' Jeffery Lglqcllner ' - Sean lloyd A Chris Loughllnr Eric Knutson Jason Lambert Krista lent Ken Lockhart Angela Lovell ' Evan Koffer Victoria Landcllx Chip Leonard Doug Lohr Reylynoe Lucero Alicia Kama, lainie Larsen .Tracy Leonard Sloan Lorne ' Victor Lucero Eileen Koury Scott Latham John lines ' Kalin Lopez ' Diana Lulan .p s 1' X 4- .f 1 gli "Al If -'fy A Nia' ,, sl 4 Carrie Luna Ted Maes Sherry Mark Tom Martin David Mayor Sheryl Lundberg Robert Mahar Lisa Marks Daniel Martinez Ton! McAtee Scot! Maass Carelyn Mallnewski Julie Mana James Martinez K Bridget McBride Kellie MacGilllvray Gaetana Mangano Jeff Marsh Jeff Martinez Melina McCall Angelique Mack Roger Mangum John Martin Nancy Martinez Grant McCarson Marty MacMillan Louis Marchese Keith Martin f Patricia Martinez kfay McCarty g n Geoff Madole Michelle Mares Leslie Martin Rick Marlinezf Scott M:Carty -as we ab 'O 'xx .5 rv -v K l .lm -v. ..- r I 8.404 , Kelly McCloskey Michelle McCoy Christie McGee Blake McGill- Erlc McGovern Leslie McGrath BN Ai 4 I l55 l56 Deran Mckeen Kimberly Mclilnley Eric McKnight - Catherine Meanza Karin Medina Vern Meese Michele Meisen Lora Migllzccio Lawrence Monroe Mark Morris George Nall Adam Mcndelzon lawn Merrell Stephanie Merrett Greg Mewhinney Michael Meyer Don Mickey legs v- Dwayne Miller Blythe Moore Mark Morris Susan Nash Tracie Mills Brian Moore Jeff Mon Anthony Navavelte Todd Minnick Leiter MDM! Michael Morey Kathleen Nelson Margo Mitchell Steve Moore Shawn Mulligan Ronnie Nelson Stephanie Mitchell Valerie Mora Mike Mundlng Marla Nelzger Steve Monnin Rvbrri Mvllfl Kiehelle Murrell ' Melissa Nielson -.41 13 ,Q-an 3 .,.. '. 'J I t , 1 IL., 'Q AGT ,tx ya --. gp' ya J , Q- 5 fn.. it ,, -v. Ham Plate Stephanie Plymale Garth POHQIBI Michelle Poles! ,.. wm- .JA X , 1,- A 17 I L l58 Iennller Purcell, Todd Rhodes f K Erick Robinson l K Thomas Rosson ' Q Eric Saberhageh K Mike Prater John Preston' Sean Price Beth Frocltazlsa Jeffrey Puariea , Tony Puma Debbie Put: Kathy Richardson Michael Rocha Mike Rowson Jill Saberlragen Kurt Quick I Mike Richardson, Mike Rodrigues ",' Dan jtoyce 1 i A Sally Saeco Joey Rascon David Rider David Roe Kiemen Rubin Jaumlne Safier Scott Reardon Stephen Riley ' Michelle Roetling Kurt Krusell Todd Sala Alec Reber Damian Roberts - Kenneth Romero - William Rutisell ' Melissa Sail Jennifer Rees John Roberts K Penelope Romero lame: Saavedn Rlchard Szlas 'Y 5- Q, I . p, , K i A -3 - .v 5, --1 sh' ct- 5- -h -up 'V 2 L 1 K 4- 1 Mike Samosom Gretchen Sauer I Paula Schniuler K Leslie Sena lfrtslan Shipp Jeremy Sanchez Heidi Sauer Leigh Schurzberger Allan Shanupine Erlc'Shopteese ' Melissa Sanchez Jenna Says tori Schweighardt In Rod Shampine Christine Sisneros Steve Sanchez K Pal Scahtll Melissa Scibtor Brian Sharkey ' Tanya Sisneros Jill Sandell Troy Schlegel Damon Scott Crystalin Sheldon Luellen Skllsa Erica Sanderson S Brian Schmidt .lolm Scott Karen Shenk Tami Skinner Dennis Saran Shelley Schmidt Kim Seegen Rlcls Sherwood Lesa Sludu 'Q ' -fr lv' gl. I ' E Y rf ' A fi 1 , K 4 l 1. - - l f ' 'V ' 1 I 1 . . V , 9' I K- s' 4 . , I . 4 eff. qv, --V v es Q-- 7 'sv -.2 Joel Smallwood Scott Smisel Angela Smith Greg Smith lisa Smith Michelle Smith -n Fr I- l60 Troy Smith f Todd Snyder James Soto Brigetie Sparlen Bob Spear David Splnlss Joseph Sposalo Kimin Slerosky Ellen Stout James Tahel Blake Thla Dan Stafford Todd Sul: Ricky Stratton Leona Tanaglia lisa Thomas Doug Slalgren John Stiles . Sheila Suoluacker Carole Tate Robert Thomas Heather Staller Peter Stilwell Melissa Suber Beck! Tawney April Thompson Alexis Slanlek Leanne Stinson Tory Sullivan Michelle Taylor Chris Thompson Mona Steed Annie Slofae Mall Supemky Bob Tennyson , Mllse Thompson Dawn Sled: Shane Stone Josh Sulin David Thelandu Ronafhompson YY I-A A Q T f. 'wel T "X 'x W If n T" 6 ? wr-r 1 . ,-.4 xl " lla!-Y V ,, Scott Thompson Jeff Towne Alex Trujillo 7 , Robert Vandenlice Susie Vogel Cheryl Thornton Barry Townsend Lisa lllnltoffer Y ' Vicki Vasilipnt - Sharon Voss Bertha Tien Manh Tran Sharon: Utterback Kelly Vasquez K Allcla Wade Todd Tilghman Vu Tran Pattle Vacirca Melissa Vasquez. August Wainwright Mike Tipping Laurie Trissel Ken Valdez Julle Verdeja Kimberly Wallace Clrrlsle Trotter Michelle Valdez , Christine Verkln Clinton Watkins Cassie Tolbertx Marla Tomlinson' David Trucksa Jeff Vance T Jenniier Vogel K Andrea Watts ,,- .-pu J 1' C4 'Av ,fn ab ..f va Ma, , Don Weaver Amada Webb Cathy Weber Dirk Weddle Eric Wclnmasler Clara Wenle -a Pam Wldner Greg Williams - l ' Rmiell Winters K Becky Wright V - Karl Werner Bert Wesco!! - Stephanie Whltenez Kristen Whitfield Kim Wilkinson Colin Williamson Monlca Wlntheisu Greg Wright Casal Willett Tara Wllltngham Dawn Wine Suxen Ybarra Steve Young Claarmelle Williams Seth Willli ' Mau Wiselcy L Michelle Veamn Robert Yunko Christina Williams Barry Wilt laura Wolf Jolm Young Tim Zagat Clay William: Joey Wlmnler Scott Woodwaid Kelly Young K Connie Zerl f Eryne Williams Luttdy Windecls Amy Wright Michael Young K Ruth Zimmetmati U, Y xt ,J T5 ,f XX ,f 7 gtg, f , Q' 'ji , I 'N Nl, lt 4 'TY ,hz X! -if ,Eu , A'HlL,,,f' 4 v xr -Q- vt ,71 cf sez .K - ., A J' . Hx Y -um. 9 1 aiu lK'p" -1 4... 64 N M 1 41' .TK df!! . Ig m y rlr 4-I if Juniors Experienced Triumph: Class of l64 Juniors i986 and Strugg K will , J Kristin Van Veen and Robin Rape. Third Row. Tirza Gonzales Paul Self. Karina Van Veen and Bee Sprins. Fourth Rowx Linda Gautreau, Tracy Rernhart, Matt Gomez and Katie White. Far Right Row: . . H Far Left Row, John Kim. Sue Arnold, Joey Dye, Angie Stewart. Second Row: Jamie Pickens, Valarie ' ' - , ' ky Barnet. Myles Monroe. Danny Holten, Renee Owen and Nyleen Troxell, and this is your Junior ouse The year of l984- I985 was a good one for the Junior Class. he class of l986. They began the year typically by suffering a mancial loss at the Homecoming Carnival, but a fun time was ad by all. "Just how many bubble gum balls were in that jar?" risty Cole, president of the Junior class, joked concerning heir booth. Other events within the year's agenda included ponsoring the showing of the infamous film version of Mac- ethQ hosting a successful Graham dance, selling Valentine arnation messages and peddling box after box of candy. Prom, most important event on the Junior House's calendar, was the planning stages months in advance. lt was successfully at the State Fair Grounds for the first time in Eldorado's The Junior year brought triumphs as well as struggles. two years of not being able to spell it. the Juniors found a victory in being able to finally say their cheer: 'J-J-Jun-l- JUN-IOR, JUNlORS RULEI' All Juniors can consider their almost complete after struggling through dreaded exams and learning endless Ll.S. history dates. But. out Eldorado! The members of the class of I986 are SENIORSI "I want to go home. too." 1 op Row: Barbara McCollister and Angela Gover, Bottom Rows Kristy Cole and eth Schiffer. Us -, J' f f ,' f bv- - Q r.. Rob Mangold and Sherry Mc lntire share the sponsorship of "the" class. Juniors l65 Marilee Alvarez , Jef! Arbnn A Dain Babb l Sherri Barren Sherrie Bell Conrad Abt Kenneth Adams . Steve Aguilar Sherry Albrychl William Allan Lcuix Allen I .ido- f': F. 55 Xa 'Y' t fc, 55. ,16 . . t 4419 I66 1a Jeff Anastasia Bobby Arclwlela Charlie Bannister Cherise Barlow Joellen Belle: Nalalle Anderson Man Armstrong . Lisa Bang lllck Bassan Trina Belkuini Rick Anderson Susie Arnold John Barner Kathy liazen ' Ronald Bender Tom Anderson larry Ashby lisa Bama Lisa Becker Jeanne Benze Joan Ansloan ' Jamesirivery A Sarah Baron Karen Beezhold Brandon Berman Megan Anthony Shannon Ayala Diana Baron Kevin Belcoff Kimberly Berry ibn - iq' f , I V , . 31 , fn ey wr j sz: V Q ,Q,,. I -53 ,2 S1 I ff I L f I.. .. , 'rx X 5' n Q25 A , 'S V vs Q, 13 W6 x , ui' K5 , .V f e ' l .,. A 4 I. sf tv TN x an Ns- gMlkz Berry ' - -Yomllisop Sconloilig I Anne Bran , . y Williamiroome Richard Besgrove Robert Bitte I Dpn Bontril Steven Bren! larry Brown Ian Beaten Allen Bivem Susanjlory I Clark Breslin K llndarllroxvln L caan Blbkelman ' A Siacey Blakemore ' ' Alesnndralouchard - Claris Bray f 7 Michael Brovnr Bryan Biedscheld Mary Bleaclm David Bowman Kelly Bright Kimberly Bxoxtemsan Bill Blrchlu 7 Amy Blomstranr Tndd Brader 1 I -I q , :Keith-Brodiel , Chriziophcr Bryan f Becky Bishop Sherri Bloom Kevin Brannon - Christopher Brooks Julie Bryan ' A au, , 4' ..,-.- 1 - 4-,, ' 3-S' sf YY lui, 1 12' , J ' - i 3 , -3 N I Y' L X ja. ai . RJ? 1. . wo 1-,. , num Buckley Dorothy Buell K ' Vrillcrtl Burchitih Shannon Burgess A Rabin' Butler ' r Slephihie Byrd' og 415 X 5 John Cannedy Doug Cash Melissa Cline Jack Coraci Heath Crabtree Becky Cain Cathy Caldwell Cindy Calhoun Mike Calhoun Thomas Callandzr Jennifer Cambell Jeff Cannon Sherri Celnik Lisa Clute Mlckie Cordova Diane Craig Kathy Carlow lawrence Chalin Kristy Cole Sumilco Corley Tim Crompton Kathy Carmichael David Chavez Susan Conley Monte Corona Jana Cranfill Leroy Carrillo Louise Ciarlotta Erica Connley Robert Coronado Larry Crosby Maria Carrillo Lisa Clark Sean Connors Christy Coulslon Mary Anne Crow Kyra Cartwright Leslie Clarke Molly Cooney Kelly Covington Bemadztta Csanyi . ul' 4.- gf, ' 4. l68 s - nv, in vu. r ,.....+. N v 30. W wo- Terry Culpepper Robin Davis Julie Ditucci Melissa Dotson Jennifer Dunham 4 Sharon Cunt Austin Deaver Darren Divine Y Lisa Douglas K Chris Dunkeson - Dora Dalton ' - Scott Delap ' ' Randy Dobbs K K Theresa Dove ' ' ' Andy Dunn ' Brenda Darnell K Bryan Dennis Brian Dodge Peter Dowling Tony Duran Lesley Davies Angie Derden Brendan Doherty Llnnes Dueker Ed Duval I Nancy Davis Q Chris DeVries Shaunalee Donovan ' Joseph Dillke . . Joey Dye kk Robert Davis Christina Diaz ' Wlm Dons Lisa Dungan Reanna Eadex .,. 1 L ., f. A - - ' , , ..- 7' 1- 1, .. . an N , 1 ,, 4 Y, 4 -1-Q., ,fi x ae. V , - Iv x K . ,N -.. ' Y V s. 75- ."' .", ' 41:- .1 r, Qi-vw we ,422 Q-. i K- :mid . , I tins! .2 jf' L5 N Y ,gh . ' 1' , P17 "' 5 ' , - - 6' A ' if g - - . i ' ? Q. 155 if K I K " y v 'X yi' I ' 1 Kathleen Eaton Karl Elil Christy Elebario t Thomas Engelke Bl'llllV,El'I'!ll ' . Nancy Evans Tracy Farrell Yvonne Fauselle Joey Fazio Daniel Feder keith Ferrell Katherine Fletzher Valerie Gage Tim Garcia Steven Getz Dawn Feuerstein Gavin Flury Daniel Gaillour Stacey Gamer Bella Gender Kelly Filkins Ben Fool Kevin Gallegos Chris Gauler Herb Ginsberg Rabin Finch Robert Frazzini Pam Gallegos Jeff Gauthier Gary Goldblum Monique Fine Wendie Freeburn John Garbin Linda Gautreau Man Gomez Mike Fisher Mark Furaus Pat Garcia Michele Gaylord Sandy Gomulka Greg Feliz Tonya Ferguson Rick Fisher an x 1-L. NQ if ir 7 N" '- J M l70 1 ,ffl - I , Nicole Gnbel -.ff 'H is is Regina Garcia Joe German Cardena Gonzales vs sa Q. - .x 'gf' -v -nf Patncra Gonzales Sandy Graybeal Kathleen Grigsby Mrchelle Guuerrez Mtchael Harcourt Rey Gonzales Jeff Green Robert Gromek Rob Hagen Ken Harm Ttrzah Gonzalez Michele Greenwood Bill Grubb Dawn Halvorson Maurah Harmon Brad Goodman Ronda Grenemyzr Vaunda Gruger Jeff Hansen lefl Hamid Angela Gover Danna Gnego Susan Guenther Laryl Hansen Elnzabeth Hattler Boll Gragg Jamie Gnlfis Kenny Gutierrez Jeff Hanson Andrea Head Brad Gnllilh Martha Gutierrez James Harblnson Scot! Heck C' , Q4 ' s. s as Ip Q 1 7 D , ,H kj ? Y . , ff' ,f ,f ' J 1 ' .' . K- 3 4 . ,, , X, . 535,79 h 1524 ' - . if 1 V A Ihr? Q ' f n IL, Shanna Hicks - Karen Hoffman Dannykl-Iollon Kurt Hughes Jo Ann Jankowski Ron Hlldalgo Tiffany Hoffmann K Jane Hoppe' ' W Kenneih Hulern 'Christina Jaynei Charlie Hlll Kevin Hole Cindy Hoppman Michael Hutchinson lim Jeansonne Tim Hlll , Lisa Holman J K K Charlene Homer Lindsay Hyer Melinda Jeffers Beth Hinkle Charlotte Holmes ' Lesa Hovenga Rob Irwin K Todd Jenkins Nicole Hodgson Jasmin Holmes Wray Howard Julie Jackson Craig Johnson Katie Hoganson Mike Holmquial - Steve Hueler , ,Monica Jackson Jonny Johnson Eileen Henk: . Julie Henning Joseph I-lenlon V Richard Hernandez , I Marie Herrera Marlo Herrera N ,f 1- 4 T' O 1. , -... 5 X , 1 wr' I72 - y '73 - 5 ' ,.'W Y 'ia V '- Q , ' 4 ' Y x'p. V1 'f N if , 'Z ' f 1 1 nib' .- ,gg Q K r Q , 1. A' . 1... h f -, ,. J. nl Q Q. Q Q r f V Af , ,Q Sui v f .- Pg x Q ' -1 xv 4. 1. 4'1- B- Q J J 2 1 I' -1 r ai -.Y I 5' v '. 'Q u In .-4 ,xP.-,di-' -af" William Jahmon Tammy Karl Juli Kim Mall Kochi: Pder Koury Eric Jones Runar Karlsen Diane Klmlaall - Kerry Kqeniguberg I Steve Krause -L Paul Jones - Neil Katz K Camille King Mary Kohlman - Sherry Kraveiz. Paul Jones Dorothy Kauffman .lennller Kipp Amy Korlhank Noel Kunz Ilan ,lunker David Kay: Christie Klever Jochem Kotlaus Christopher Knmlad! Bnrlqn Kahler Tripp Killin Christian Klingbeli , Ynnl Kntzen i ,Kelly Lampnrt Norman Kala! Joon Kim Brian Knighlon Jonathan Kouacs Gary land w-.1 9- T ,K ,tr in F7 K K 'iw 'V I 1 . X ,M "me T54 p .QVA - . f A - .'-'I YV. . In: 1 f - . ve 'un A I is f Y I I 4 im . ,1- af' I A ff? 5 ll X Q1 Jail yr tl. 1. sf Air lv w--Q Pamela Landis Jennifer Lange Jimmy Lara Darrell Lalloche Erlka Larson Duane Lawrence . I Michael Lavigne Heather Lawrence laura Lazazxzra Robert larch Teri lelz Angie lilley Dawson List Darlene lopei K Michele Ludwiklr ' ,. . John Mau . ' Michelle Mann . Nancy Llule Rosalee Lopez Kim Lunnra Liz Magee Greg Mmnlx Rick Littlelord , Kym Loulhan . Kimberly Mac Curdy I Tlmmap Mahon Michele Mannlx, 'lim Liu Jeff Lowell ' Merrie Mack Pal Mahoney L Anthony Mans Dino Lodato Patrick Lowery Ross Mac Millan John Malcolm Carol Margo Gilbert Laera M Alben' Lucero Tammy Madrid , ' Renae Mangarfo Erlc Marlena ' Robert Longslreel Peter Lucero Dominic Mazslax Greg Marsh Jenny Marks I -1- 5-- iz , -H fr A rl T' - R- i . R ' 7 " ,-3 , 'IZ E '4' Q ,l 1 'L , r I f A J ru' A ' A . -S' ps fu. l.. . fy r r 1' an fi ll X , " '-xl ss- Wfl, 'A x, ' E411 1! . - 1 .4 fk"'Ar 5 . v N I74 in Q 'BX - X Rf 'fl ,CrymILMasoncup. A . V , Anna Mc!-nally, " Dian Mutiny L y ' , Greg Mc Beth - Kristi Maszlr - l Ma!! Mc Cllnlock, , y y Laurie Mauderly. , , K Brent Mc Clwey Debbie May . Q Barbara Mc Colliner Lindi Mayo V K Debbie Mc Coy I ' Darrell Mc Alllslir W Denlse Mc Eachifnf 'sf . ,-' - -Q A 4 V4 39" YQQV ' , 1 J: ,W . .W ..f. I KF, x .' '- v, 'N v x. 1 1- , 4 A g n f kPhilMcndelsolpn A K Bobbi Mendoza f Kyli Metz 3 . i ,Elie Michelson" K Jalan Mickey ' ' Mali Miles I 5 Mmm Mm, A f' , 'Fudd Mllls l sam Manu Sean Moinlellh l 'mmm mafia v . y Terri Morris . l'?""" Nw f 411' bl . My ,. - . Q ,f5""+ I nh ' L- Q. ss l76 ' Carole Navidson Brad Niggel Renee' Ortega Tony Padilla Yolanda Parsons Scott Neilson Christina Nottsker Anthony Ortiz Tammy Pndrlck Mike Passman Scott Nelson ' Dean Nollcer Anthony Otero Mellssa Paglla Steve Pate Steve Nelson Robert Nuccl Jason Owen John Parker Neal Pederson Davld Nevets Joe Nunley - Renee Owen Tim Parks Michelle Peeples Hlen Nga Nlarni Oberkampl' Jane Owens Israel Parraz y Scott Pendleton Milm Nguyen Thomas O'NeIlI Scott Oyler Roby Parrlrh K Lisa Perez Nancy Montoyz Natalie Montoya Richard Montoya r Jeff Moulder Kristy Moyer Darrel Nlumrrsert fs VN .aa if 1 it , F ,s -Nb' fx .,, 'ri 35. S.. ,wg 'L ',' Q Q P 1 w 'J Renee Perry Jennifer Pike Jennifer Powers Terri Quesada John Regensberg Brenda Peterson Laura Pixxon Michelle Prado Alex Raab Deborah Reich LP. Peterson Robert Plarnondon Wendy Preston Robert Raia Traci Reinhart Kevin Petic K David Plan Kim Prinzing K Suzanne Rapagnani Andrea Reilan Griffin Pickard Craig Flyer Linda Proctor Jerry Ray Joanna Renick James Pickens Tono Pomerleau Tom Pry Lora Ray Valerie Reyes MaryAnne Pierce Laura Porter Cynlhia Guam Amy Reed Jenni Richards -v- , f 1--f -ef 4 v Cf Q.. nv, v-v is se- , 7' "v i " R ,H 6' be 4 1 'i 71iL.,Zj Q'-3 1 Q . - .L r f .il wer "" 1 .j's Na L Vt' 'X v ' . 4-:',- 'rf 4"a g . I r Hai Richardson Teresa Ridenour Ricky Ridens Maria Rivera Mal! Rivera Monaco Robertson Q vw N, as v Q Man Rodrigues James Rogers Mark Romero Michelle Rose Robin Rupe Mark Sanchez Rick Schnabel Lisa Simon Mid'-123 5lNill1 Maureen Roskon Pal Royce Lara Ryeman Natalie Sanchez Bren Schreyer lilleen Sims VMI!! 5121501 Mlchael Sahisch hy Sanner Shannon Seabom leslle Sim: Rob smllll Thomas Salge Joann Santangelo Guy Sears Monllu Slngletury SCD!! Sfllllll Stacy Sala 'lamee Saueressig Paul Sell Richard Skelton Hlllllff 5"Y5lf Christine Sanchez Missy Savage .lack Shoemaker Lisa Slater Mill SPIUUUYY Debbie Sanchez S l I xv" A -. - .a, 'N' 1 ' .R M .. 1 'Q - Jw' I e Q gf? 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A A Paul Thompson ' Kurt Therion Erik Tlmnberg Brett Tldler Kelley Tobin Usa loops uv' Janet Towne Jacob 'lraub Nyleen 'lroxel 'I ye., Q M Ji", 4 'L 4' ef all 1 4- A 3' sf . f. , ,, , ,V 1 Q V A 2 fl - Q i' . ' li?- .- ,,,. - -- urg e - - - 3 r , W W PM Jason Tmpin Kristin VanVeen Clif! Villa Kyle Walls Heidi Wenger! Deanna Tuschhaff K Antoinette Valencia Scot! Vlllane Brill Wealhm Wendy West Milne Ulmer Valerie Vibrock Vicky Viniroe Sean Weavers Kevrn Weslad Lisa Urhanlk John Vierra Craig Wall Deanna Webb .lon Whitaker Staci Warwick Bruce Welton hug Winn 5 . K I T- I ffl? 1 L .L-3, 4, fix - Autograph Dcbble Wiliiams Dana Wilson Jeff Wise Cindy Workman , 4 Kelly-While. Mark Williams' Daniclleiililson - S L: - Jasdn Wolf . . , . Brian Wright .. Sam Whllehdd' sean Williams ' Mad-su wnm Metimia Wolff Amy Wyman Trent Wlmexide f Steve Williams Brian Wimberly David Wall laura Vary ' .Laura Wildmank K fConnIe Nilliamsogs Mike Wingfigld i K Rob Woodside ' Shari Yeazell ' ' 28 p., , "" A 5 ' S 4 9 .1- 5 w- ' gs , .1 A ' V" au' .- ..MPV I ,,,,, ku, ,, 4 QF . -WS . 7634 . 1' A . Jil' ff ' --a. ., " V ' y ff , ' mi V " ,Il ' H , XL , , 'Aw- Autogra p h t Lee Ann Ypung Chuck Zaffery I MMI: Zbylut V K A H D 1'- r 9 41 lc Wi 12.1 Reid Took Over After lacking a principal for the first two months during the l984-85 school year, Eldorado ex' claimed, "Habemus principaIuml" We have a new principall" Mr. Reid, who played the role of acting principal. became the new. proud and busy principal of Eldorado High School! He was a principal for five years at West Mesa and an assistant principal at Del Norte for more than four years. He has also worked at Eldorado for five years. and it's where he wants to be. He is very excited and proud about his new position of guiding and directing the education of some three thousand young adults and won't take it lightly. With Mr. Reid as our new principal. there will come some subtle changes. He expects the best from the students. and in turn, promises the best will be attempted by the administration and faculty. To fill the vacancy left by Mr. Reid as eleventh grade assistant principal, Eldorado welcomed Gloria Vigil who was named the acting assistant principal for this school year. Secretaries From left to right: Deanne Gilpin. Sharon Fisher. Donna Allison, Nancy Escue, Saundre Cunningham. Linda Brookover. Peggy Roach and Eula Emory. Seated: Anita Broderick and Linda Stansbury. Counselors From left to right: Christine lsselhard. Dean Crouse. lola Harding, Ralph Rodriguez, David Muth. David Salazar. Marge Kadlec and secretary Deanne Gilpin. Not pictured: Beth Marinsek Left picture from left to right: Curtis Ballinger, Richard Street, Dennis Sanchez, David Wester- field, David Mercer and Jim Murdoch. Front row: Ellen Harvey. Mary Ellen Higgins and .lane Casey. Bottom picture from left to right, Lindi Dreibelbis, Karl Menher, Jimmie Roybal, Marie Levy and Mari Holmquist. Front row: Ernestine Arndt, Elena Justiz, Luz Ruiz. and Marianna Pacienza. I fl ef. Summer Excites One of the most exciting and worthwhile programs available to students this year is the Teen-Age Study Tours. This year the tour will extend through England, France. Switzerland, Italy and Greece, after w i an optional seven day cruise is available. The cruise extends the tour through Egypt, Israel and Turkey. High School or college credit is available for interested students for their twenty-four day fthirty-one day with cruisej tour through Europe. In addition, students ready themselves for their European experiences through nine weeks of evening classes which fully prepare them for the trip. These classes teach the students the basic knowledge of European codes of dress and etiquette. There are four teachers who are primarily involved with this tour. Mrs. Mary Ellen Higgins, Mr. Tom Farrar. Mr. Richard Street and Mr. David Mercer are the devoted teachers who chaperone a group of over one hundred students from all over the city and state. Although the tour provides a structured schedule to follow, students will find plenty of free time in which to enioy themselves. Restaurants. plays and concerts are very popular places to spend free time. Benefits from this tour range from school credits, fun and learning to the less obvious gains of an increased sense of responsibility, acceptance and toleration of other peoples and a real appreciation of the United States. The tours also provide an excellent enviroment in which students can expand their knowledge of foreign languages and the framework of other societies. , ealth Rose Eldorado s Health Department rs a ded: cated and caring group of teachers whose mam purpose IS . to create a general awareness of health li They strive to teach students to make the correct health decr sions when they are necessary The health department also emphasizes safety and rs getting students Involved with the national health and safety trends Through such areas as mental health death and dying sulcrde diseases environment nutrition physical fitness drugs sexuality and general safety students learn a lot about life and themselves CPR an important skull necessary for reaction In emergencies as the mam unit taught rn health This gives the student an opportunity to be more emergency conscious and to become a certified Irfesaver The health department IS pleased to see that students are taking time to learn about themselves and are showing a terrific Interest rn advanced first and Top Picture: Kathryn Meloy and Pat Sutton. Above: Left to Right: Gil Storey, Loretta Huenefeld. Cin- dy Chavez and Don Mundell. On the table: Sydney Farrell. Left to Right: Karen Po- Ian, Kathleen Isaacs. Kay Olglesby, Dolores Bor- land. Paul Swanson, Stephanie Halama, Jim Thomas, Melody Groves. Worth Narath. Robin Butzier, Cecelie Bodman and Caroll Allen. Seated left to Right: Mitzi King. Ron Shoemaker and Mi- , as ' , ll N 22 f "' , xlfjx' Q S ...- .A k. X' A is l , ' K i 'H 'l 3 T I V . V 1 'r , , N 'Vg ' T -N 4. ' H 1 It c ' ,af - " ' A 1 . X I I ' L V, . nf' , I ff P g V ' . . ' it , ,,. O . ! . . Y D 1 ' 1 . . 7 . I l . 1 . 4 I O 0 1 l IS7 Franklin Promotes Excellence Major Franklin has been with Eldorado High School for four years. He's married and has two daughters. He enjoys teaching ROTC because he enjoys being with the kids. They are fun to be with. He liked the trips they went on. He's interested in the military because he grew up in El Paso, near Fort Bliss and was mostly around military people. He promotes the Military as a career choice. lt is a different Profession. which provides the opportunity to see and do things that some people don't even know about. For instance. he enjoys traveling to foreign countries. meeting new people, and learning to adjust to new cultures. Mr. Franklin meant a lot and played a big part in the lives of the ROTC students who are planning to lead exciting, adventurous lives in the future. From left to right: Ron Lipka, David Aslin, Stuart Fessinger, Wayne Thelander and George Nason. Mr. Lipka is Applauded The dedication and hard work of Mr. Lipka, one of Eldorado's band directors. payed off. The proof was receiving the Albuquerque Distinguished Teacher Award. i His students were pleased that he was awarded the Distinguished Teacher title and they think he's the best! He's married and has a daughter and a son. Mr. Lipka had been teaching at Eldorado for fourteen years out of his twenty six years of directing New Mexico High School musicians. "He expected a lot from his students, but he was willing to put the time in for them," said Eldorado senior Jerome Gomez, president of the schooI's student body. He can play all band instruments, but his speciality is the trumpet. He likes jazz and said he would someday like to lead his own jazz band after he retires from teaching. As director of the five Eldorado bands, he has inspired greatness. For example, the Golden Eagle Marching Band was the best performer in the Pageant of the Bands, held in October. He puts a lot of long hours in his career, and this is vitally important. It is not unusual for him to put in a twenty-hour day. ' Eldorado applaudes Mr. Lipka on his well deserved award. Left: Lauren l.eder: Performing Arts Q Q ...I ll! Industrial Arts Os Below. from lefi to righh Pete Fitzpa- trick, Susan Carpenter and Tom Farrar. Above. from left lo right: Philip Frolin, Max Forrest, Danny Moon, Richard Haase, Wiley 'leel and Rob Mangold. Hard ork Pays Gff For the last few years, the Eldorado Math Department has sponsored extensive and necessary fundraisers in hopes of acquiring enough money to update the computer room. This year their dream finally came true. With the money from candy sales, paper drives, can collecting and other miscelan- eous fundraising, the Math Department was able to purchase twelve new IBM PC computers for their use in Computer Science classes. Previously, the department had a card feeder and a total of two terminals. They, thus, had twice as many terminals than could be found in the rest of the APS high schools. The computers weren't exactly a dream come true. Now the Math Department has found itself troubled by lack of space. The computer room, today. contains about fourteen terminals and lecture seating for about thirty people. Unfortunately. the room provided lacks this space, and the students found themselves bottled in. There were several solutions for this space problem. but none seemed without compromise. Possibly. the most promising was waiting until the new high school opens in l986 Top Row from left to right: Glenden Casteel, Ed Bisetti. Sandra Matthews. Susan Marquez, .lim Griscom. Susan Herrera and Doris Bowen. Middle Row: Mike Sandry, Scout Veitch. Sandra Radigan, Sally Marquez. Neil McBeth and Susan Letzkus. Front Row: Frances Kapka. Harriet Barner and John Masoncup. Fore- ground: Roger Mikeal and Jim Kohr.' and expanding into the space created by a drop in enrollment. ln I 986. a computer course will be part of the re- quired curriculum. The Math Department will be di- vided, and a new Computer Department will be created. Then, computer courses will no longer grant math credit but will be a necessary and separate credit. This year, the Home Eco- nomics Department also purchased computers. They bought a total of thirty Ap- ple lles for use in a computer literacy program. This pro- gram is designed to teach students the basics of BASIC and other computer func- tions and will begin in l986. Richart Gruette Carol Koblinski 45. Mathematics This Office Activates The Activities Office might be called the hub of student life at Eldorado. Dr. Pat Renken, Activities Director. and her secretary, Nancy Escue direct the activities from their office in the cafeteria. The daily announcements and scholarship information are available in the office. Students also come to the Activities Office for locker assignments and locker problems, for new students l.D.'s bus schedules and also for lost and found items. The student government is a very big part of the activities program. At Eldorado there is a student president: the l984-85 school year president is Jerome Gomez, and his vice-president is Todd LeCesne. Also there are two legisla- tive groups. First, there is the Student Senate. the major . y voice of the student body, and secondly. there is the House of Representatives. The House is made up of elected students from each homeroom. Also each grade xf level has four elected stu- dents who are that grade level's class officers. There are lots of things to be done TZ17' in the Activities Office throughout the year. and Mrs. Renken and Mrs. Escue don't have many quiet mo- ments. 9 Q Above, from left to right: Pat Renkin and Nancy Escue. UYSBS '57 Above. from left to right: Ju- dith Meyners. R.N. and Cherry Gullick. Right, from left to right: Top Row: Eddie Encines, Mark Mitchener. Joe Guitierrez. Brian Mitchener and Johnny Akins. Bottom Row: San- tiago Anaya, Charlie Val- quez. Roland Garcia. Daniel Benevidez and Louie San- chez. f f , . ' X ff I, X O 4 N XI, , 's lv'-. nuirf' Discover the Missin Teacher English D e P a m e n t Franklin Acree Kathleen Cox BeVe"g':'?:'Ze' Joanne Bond XI! XI! Larry Jordan Wana Deverman Patty Fleming Elaine Greenspan Lucy Gutierrez Peggy Jaynes W Alice Brice Jerrett Koenigsberg Meredith Kopald Sherry Mclntyre Nancy Moreno Barbara Osborne Carol Piper Maiel Powell Lynne Rehder Oleta Saunders Elizabeth Sleeter Pamela Velgnen Special Education 4 00105, 5 7 'mr .6 '71 01605 u,:5,,0'52l:,,wf,,. J rms! Le imp! f 'f"'f final, 7.17855 Jpfftftie vii: Inu! Bill Robertson ffldll JFTIAJE had fovzcllfd Qrv A Left, Geegee Wilcox 'V' English Skills are Stressed EIdorado's English department consists of twenty-four dedicated instructors. Teaching at every level of ability. the department works toward knowledge of grammar. writing. reading. and speech skills. Ninth grade English introduces the skills of reading and writing necessary for future study. Tenth grade English teachers work as a team to introduce genre, which includes short stories. drama, novels. poetry. and a great emphasis on writing. These areas are based upon and introduces by familiar Sophomore Lectures. Eleventh grade English teaches about American writers and the history of American literature. American Human- ities, the pasfteam-thought program, is a special two hour class offered to eleventh graders. This class deals with art, music. literature and indepth history. The four American Humanities teachers of this col- lege-prep program help students prepare for the American College Test and the Scholastic Aptitude test. Using various novels, test structure and ideas, the elev' enth grade English is important in prepar- ing college bound students. Twelfth grade English is a continuation of perfecting learning skills, escpecially for college- bound students. Note taking. test taking academic papers and reading all takes a large part in educating the twelfth graders. All in all, the teachers in the English department feel that, through the various English programs offered each student leaves Eldorado with knowledge of all as- pects of English. Top Row: Margie Schwaner. Marci Krone Bottom: Ruth Monteverdi. Karen Cooper Program Special Keeps Eldorado Safe School T.0.C. iesxBbF AdyLl ' M a M V 0utC D dR Athletic Trainer: Don Mundell. Athletics Director: Lanny Winters. Physical Education: Top Row, left to rightz Don Flanagan, Carol Knauber and Scott Evans. Bottom Row: Marge Keeler. Duward Stell and Pam Evans. N.. .4 XV. Jerry Hall F If Ed on X I X X' '. K, ' A Eag iw G et Physical From Left to Right. Bottom Row: David Dixon, Pat Bodwell, Miriam Munck. Cindy Miller, Middle Row: Cathy Everhart. Jane Kelson. Sarah Emmons, Lanny Winters. Mr. Skeleton falias Richard Pokorskij, Ron Rhinehart, Back Row: Lenord Wiercovek, Ann Daniels, Bruce Miller fNo No! Miss Millers husband.J. Demosthenes Melarelis. Richard Pokorski. I98 They re Here This year at Eldorado you saw some BRIGHT and CHEERY new faces. That is because Eldor- ado has seventeen new teachers. The teachers include Virginia Wall of the English Department. and two teachers in the Foreign Language De- partment, Luz RuisFabrega and Marie Levy. Ms. Levy was once a student at Eldorado. Others include, from the Health Department, Loretta Hunefeld and Cindy Chavez who is also a teach- er of Physical Education here at Eldorado. Fran- ces Kapka. Susan Letzkus and Sally Marquez, who is a girls basketball for Eldorado, are all from the Math Department. New teachers in the Science Department are Elizabeth Daniels, De- mosthenes Metarelis, Cynthia Miller and Lenord Wieczorek. .lane Kelson and Jane Casey are new in the Social Studies Department. Finally, the new Special Education teachers are Cecelie Bod- man, JoAnn Bond and Carol Allen. Of the teach- ers who spoke with us, they said that they liked Eldorado. Sally Marquez said, "I really enjoy teaching and coaching at Eldorado. The faculty and students are a 'joy' to work with. l wouldn't want to be working at any other school in the APS sys- tem." Marie Levy said, "l have a very warm feeling working at the school where I was once a student." Excel- lent new teachers are avail- able in all of EIdorado's De- partments, and Eldorado should be grateful for hav- ing such Excellence as these teachers provided. From Left to Right: Ms. Florela Salas, Mrs. Molly Romero. Mrs. Lorraine Benavidez, Mrs. Mary Ray Pompa Hall, Mrs. Mary Lou Schwab, Department Chairmwoman and Mrs. Lee Ann Johns. Seated: Ms, Anna Marie Farina. I99 QQ f ? x f fn . -..Y 3 . . yt B 3' - v 1' ..,.. W A " 34-4. -an . ' A Qfligi ' ' 4 4 aww" ' 4 M," I f Q y 1, 'as-M . SN A, , , ,, Qs X U-A 'f F f-Q F5 fixgll' A K 69 LAM 54, 75? pk I NK Wwe , s E' re W JZ' K Q 'it 1 . 'H 1 '. ", r f X.. f Y K5 mph ls V. K 4 A1 , . X are 4 'J' Y K WWI" 'L :CIWTV G wmggg 1 ,,,,,..,,,N.N ,,,,,.W, M fgfL,fff.i,jZf,,. V415 W, ,,, . 'jflgsm V, V' . W, ,, I. Y, 'K :M ,.k, ,K F wi ,Y WJ' L-, ,,,f57, A A. ,A , .1 Nfl, Q gd , , g.,, ,f ggi? , ,. M.. -un, ,gan .fs 1 - -W, Q. - 1 4 iv W me ' H' . 'figfif A .Q f L " W kk L1 LX I. '. . In Qi QQ "4-..,... is --fiafl, 5 14' muff H 'K 41+ 14:9 'Q - . 4 ? 'lx v ,T 'Q-. O DL. -Mvxvi 'P' viva' . sf .SJ 'Fai wi fe-f vf . 1 , 5' . Z? 1 'FI' .1 yn ...td ff? . 1 171.1 K5 I i 157 , 4 ' 13 ' Z7 ,.-Lgfgfw ,dmfxf ,gi - U V f . J H 0 ,ff71QfU43.fL ,bffrfgqblf L!f" ,'ff'V'?f4"Z-2! ' , H - JH 1 4 WN N.14f'g 4 :xl"-0561114 , ,ffwd F if ,Vw ' ,f 1 fa . ' , " 1 1 14. Y i If -JL-L Cd- 1 Q ri. I 1,4 ,XM . ffwy ffwfvvb-.. In ,f6fm44 ,fl4f'22w1...4yc4,4-ef I f,O-hx, 11,3 Q by f 7 NLE J 1,1 . ' ' f'UWmiN!'1f 7 V , fk'1, c-cf-1,41 Mfqf, .f2,,.A3 g ,5L z L,-fL--'fl I, I ' V W fx, - QQ' Ng,,.J If I V ,LUTU5 Qu l,u:a.f2,,4,iZ-np PQ ,,1fFN- 'Lfiu .'L,Ai-fifkf.. A I , . ,- f J, rx ff ,Y 1 f , A W Q 5 A I 1 L J "'4"fA'U 96.6 x,.- , Lili 4. L.. ' - 7, I -xl lf: K, - Jflmm? mm. N412 , Aijczfuwxd-QJ f,5l,5,444f,q.kf6!' ,F 'lf 4 1 N 1 1 f , , K A ' ffl, J,f V., xfixiiffific - fx ,,,,. wait:-Lia Cmbvifixf J yf X ' , n ,' f . .A f 1 " S ,VM X f71f1f-'v1'if ' ,,A' L! 14, X - .w,k,z,M,jfpq,4 QV M, M I , bg n 4 7 J V ' V V Q V, i if Vfixmg LfIf'C:1Xf KQQJJJ . , Lgjryki J A!:'Q4:2Q.-fgfvfp Cx- f 1' , ' L' ff' Cfkl !fJ4f1f1'7Nf1f7'L4ZPf'L-V , ,fz,.J'1fC' lLQf"i4iB j--Z if , . J " f' X , f' - 9 fi f f N J.'lVc,zlifI ,mb ,fggfvffvfffk . MQ,,7Q -- BN-1' 3 5 Vu C,'5VL?" ,"7'LQ -k f'UJ4fL.f ..,A bus 419-AL11'1"'1.. ' , . -fl' J 1,-Y ij ggfnm ,g,mUf..4 fx M ' J, f . 7 J 1C7,:.,jj,Li.f1fZR MTW - If A J? o J 4 , 1 1 5 u 3 3 ui '. ' . 4 0 a I U I- f , A, I - ' -A Q , ' v . k- J ' ' .x 3 ' 0 . 'Q' I : . l p L Y I x v f 0- . E Q ' . 9 0 ' . t of Y 3, U - X . - . , 1 J. Q , Of X u 'D B Q I i z sf ! 1 0 9 Q ' Q l U. I x ' 7 0 " 5 t 1 u 0 ai an S ' ' .f -Q, vin' . , , 1 A I I I , s A 5 0 A ' .ar ' if ' I X ...V fi 6 yr' ,w" -I ..- wi ,U yn S , ,, ard, H .1 f I Mu, 'za X , A .. . . - s ',, cl n f' O uma'-f-.-Qu, .. ' -,4:.::,- - ,- -,Sim 1i. 83 mu,-umamg TIMES 9 'E 3 fb. f. :B 5611? mmf A ,wi 3 2? P. ? i I Q? 1. z A 3 I x 1 u i li: A QQ. ugli- ,.., .- ,WK 4 M 5 J A L , -4--.P A- -s K :P:E3:2:l. V- l .l 5 New Year Brought Change in Eagle's Style l T The l984-85 school year was in full swing once again. The most noticeable change was th of things. The Homecoming dresses were calf length, the pants were calf length r was short. The bright flourescent colors of Cyhdiflauper and Madonna's lace half gloves tintillated our senses. Motley Crlie started guys wearing eye liner, and parachute pants came into being. Guess set the new leans trend. but 50Is will never fade out. Another major change this year was dances. They were held in the gym as sock hops. The opinions of the change varied, but most people agreed with Dorothy Buell in saying. They re cooI.' Along with the new things came the revival of the traditional things. There were the student elections and clubs and organizations setting new goals and objectives. The return of sports once again made Eldorado complete. The students were spirit oriented and enthusiastic. mSwi -Q, A, .-- ,,i 4a -e udent's Fun beat the morning bathroom rush, Don Mickey put on the final touches of his Halloween if wearing lipstick, pantyhose and a miniskirt didn't win him the homeroom competition found it a way to have fun and express themselves in ways unsurpassable during the Thisiself-expression is a form of the spirit which unites the student body. fail at t,yee.n' i ' V 'fvou know, I just can't stress this enough. Go out and get involved in sports or other activities. You'll really and meet other people," said Math teacher Neil McBeth in an August lecture to his 2nd period calculus iiiii Tiff T f .Uther fteaichers gave similar lectures earlier this year. and by October, their affects had filtered into the student Q ' 'i gf' Clubs were plump with membership, and the fall sports had shifted into full swing. Week after week boxes of K5-in-lg i y catalogs flooded the classrooms as the active students strove for an important goal of many ,- as affix gf f A Q-,rm ' l , le kj' , L, ? K , 'F 'N , 35,4 SW 4 . ff. i I". it f .1- 2 5:4 , ..,,, it 4' 'K .5 sg, 'L, . ,.1,,.gs-,gf c ' W f' 'stones for the students to succeed throughout the remaining year. . f 'UH el A1 eltpectations. Whether it was "jamming" on a test or racking up another score, seniors and There weresso many plans to make and so much work to do with so little time in which to do it. From staying around campus after school hours to missing a class or two, students lived I rise above. Goals were set, and the year was laid out to achieve them. The great achievements of ,gf f s f ,. 7 ll N xi is Gibsmwnus was e X: ,e,fef,ursllB-ww x 41 dr, 'wi A r ,K ,fx ,Q A M. fx Xa. . A ig lilifxfff' ' ' Tb Qyize,-gg 1 vk ,-iv ' v S -.f-My-af'-my-swf-xpfvtfv Q .Q A ar MN ibx , .A Ax A 5-,1.S'aiL32i. 5 Q A -f f Lg QFQQYN . X '- N V , Q J P 1 2 ,vp .. Wx s 59' , .IA 7 W 1 ,sw sw Q 55? .gg f V? ..-A X- 5 . 'if , :MJ Uv-v .rf Q., f -fab., 15 .xg W L 5:1 Q jx sf. Q. L 1 gg.3fL1,:?-Q A .Q A .. . x B ,N , .- -7' in 3' , x ht: 'Fr Q A f- I .mx ,L ..,.-:'5i. 21' g,,,ei"'.'?k'iYV? " N - ffm- M ,, f 5. ..v. 1: 4 4 A ,K .... , S E ! 3:4 . .2 A an as if 2':'72 'S 'f '2 3 4 5 W v f J X w I , y 1 -f + ,.,.'i A S - E . 3, K A 'T S I, A ' 5 ff ...Z v--+4 , A . Qff Q ' Xl L, lf 4.1,f-W L gms, Q3 ,.., -. 1 I . - Q W g f var .... . . .w......4 -0 ...-- - mu, Y, , ,,bm,...,. - f.wQ?f5.ww'1we25- in Kun. ' p ., . X x Ag-N. N? ., K ,. Q.,.f, .. . Y., A - . . G .Q , 1 f ' 1 ' 4 -buff xg 'A -lf. I'9T1,4 'x QQ- if ' K . af, K4 9 f ---1 , . N K 5, fifmfgf at 'i " .f i K 5' .W bl " wx N ' 1 ,J QQ- , W , ,ff Y f N , " a ' 'xx A Q -A W . 1. , .mx- , . v I In-H x 1., , A 'A I J- 1 1' ' I 4 l X, , . ' gg 7 P ,QQ V .Q N 'LW Y .. -f. x- .Wx- 4 0 K .X . K A y ., A y . - -A , zkfemie.. .. . x, -.,. . . f.:X:D1,f?w, .. ., .... ' - nf.. .2 ,. nf... -K . K Q-wgjxiigi 3. 4 Lv if -A W Q 5 ..-g.,-.nxt .,N,1,S.l xi , 1, 1, i -., ., Lim -el 4 x K x . -' ' F Wiz-Q V- ' 1, M .Q . . 'h , -' ,V J, ' A Q . J., Gam . , V. . 'fin- . . A , Q . - .fy -" 'J' 'Af 2, x m ' 7' i iff" ' , k -Q ,:3'?Q"'?g 'M "aw 1 Sa: - 1 .Q I Q . Y: 3' k p. as ,Q - '-,. X -W Qwpff- 7 Xlfnzsgsggg ?,w2.y,3.1'1zKlY4U'A'K'.:, . f34f"'- f:-EK-2 f -3 -ff-+1 f X, - H trgfmw , . 'N A ,f -iggfgw-5-.-,'f.N K if .4 Q, 1 ,bw f A - Q Q. .L .Q .., hz.-4. mg-Q .71 255 .1Ag,S3,jAA b , 3 A '- JA , ,uv 'bus 5 Was showed ugppor walked Clf you were on timel Y OU attention. Then yo started "twenty 'l around you. and iust nodded a'lot as rang again. and you were Sree for ten a day in l984, as well as in"f984. were broadcast ovehthe Telenounce throughout the entire nation of again as the bell rangoncc Tannouncement speakers"J. The day's, or week's a war Qgamey tonight against Manzania. We've always "two minutes spirit." Go to the war Manzania. What's that? An assembly during really began. This job. of course. was to fill out words, information and! or senseless doo- a "Dear Beth." You assembled them into notebooks which them "Physicist.!,f- "English Notes," and our technology hadn t advanced to speakwntes so could put Holes Qwaste basketsj. writing had to the hard way. Bells ran the day. and you went to your at your 8 m assigned ti e your assigned teacher. You 1... The decor of eyes. displayed y the feeling that If you were a look for QV Eagle" wa The final bell rang. You were cast back into was still aroundj, started your car fif you could could figure out which way it wasj. You had 4 M. your-assigned work. was of large birds with form possible, eve s ocationalj, Mininoiz fMusicJ. and finally Minisouth QSouth 'Y you? have been along iMedia Centerj, Qlngsoc ,ye s s 'A ' fs 513"2'r' f: ? Q it - 5' 'x"'?ff5:" ' .-651, 3 .. 41 .,v rr, , i wx . g . Q 1 . f x Xwhy 1' vm. nr ,VN I u -V A .1 ,MQ I 2 Vx. wl Cf L - il !1, ,, , , , . ' 'qw ,iii ,.. '. I f:.,'U 'W'N"' ' "" x- 21153 A ,..:1-Msg ff -4217:-1.-m'wfr 1 Yi , " ., ' -we -N'g,562:--s' fyegfiif f , - i vw' ' gi: , .. , , , 6 . ,.,., ,, E,,.::,2 A M, . .-.A .,,, ,A W. v. P35 -1 ,f.,-, up ..4 2 :k,,.,, mv-1. ,Q-.., , ,L., any QL, Ai H NIA. , ' 5-at-.4-W, 'N---3 . ' . f Q- Q J 2,'."'4Jf f . W' m Y J Q ' .4 "QM , 'r. F'f,f ,.-EL' 27 ? ' i3'.?5' '5"- ,Pfam-'AZ Q 17- T? L, 'ff f' . X X 1? ' ,. . L. A . LW' H2563-f '35 2' 1 ,Q J jniu 2 o I f-nn, c- , 1-QQ 's '-'- - iff? 'Y .WV 7 "Q f MTW, 3 X 7' , X ,.Xs,C W ,, we, , . . SLNIUH EUUHIDUWN ll dull murmur of accomplrshment which wa had that feelmg at one pomt IIEW realize that at was worth nt tat but luke Phnl Mayer Vlslons down the slopes at reco luke never before She knew could do lt. As she crossed t on top ofa table In the Let s face it most of hystencally mmds were on the New Year The beginning the start new dreams and asplratlons of posslblythe cuterglrl or your 251m for qurte some trme We resolved never to let chances get hy us We now llooks way to achieving ourdreams and rheysdrdnxubecazus Jr usage r , fu T .M ,. ft W 7 . ,W f Zx 0 if rv 9 PA. 4 upid truck Again Romance. Love. Did I spark some interest there? Love, the universal system of turmoil and chaos. If you understood it then you ere one up on the rest of us. Let's face it, everyone got curious and read "Dear Abby" just in case there was some advice on love. nd what about all those magazines you bought? Did you buy them for the recipes? Magazine articles were always telling you to ake eye contact. Impossible!! The other person never looked up at the right moment to see your intense passionate stare, but our friends did. After that, you never heard the end of it. So much for eye contactl Everyone had their own style or approach to love and romance. Cool, obsessive, secretive or shy, just to name a few. There were ust a few universal rules though. When you were near the object of your affection, you probably avoided hazards such as stairs nd revolving doors. Chances were that you would have either tripped or gotton "knocked" in the face. lf you took your camera to chool to sneak a picture ofthat person you were secretly admiring and he caught you taking the picture, you didn't tell him it was he last picture and you had to waste it on something. Did you? Well, it might just have given him the wrong idea. If you followed hose rules, then you probably saved yourself a lot of trouble. When we thought of love it brought a lot of things to mind. What would love have been yyitltoutdaydreaming?,Howsnlagytintves you sitting in class "thinking" when the teacher called on you? ' . ' , A ' jlff' ' .iumm D . . H r .kgg K V I 4 Vqk, 3 CBuzzj "l'm sorry, that is incorrect." It's just a little embarrassing! Another thing .gsg letters but other things as well, such as those permanently established initials carved on ifi d iwhatiabolltlithose n 0 f ,f f. . , .'kk.k- " ' Q , . 7 .5 , ,QQDQ1 . conventlently placed in bathroom stalls lt must have been a pretty safe place to write things After all the people who of dates. Remember all of the worrying you went through? How about the time you asked yoltrlittle brother how you and he told you that you looked like a gremlin in a blender. Voila', instant anxiety attack. 'V The day in February that caused the most commotion was Valentine's Day. A lot of lovelettersiand assorted anonymous ecards stuffed up through locker vents. It made for a lot of serious fun that we'll never forget! Someday we'll look back and say. "l re- when . . . " .4 Q: ffjfjww Q i there obviously had better things to do than read the walls. It goes without saying f.-t hat VJIJQQWCillgllghl,0fg!QIl1BlIGB,-.WB , 2 4? ' ,J N, -nv-'WL 'A 1, if 511, aww SVN rw S "W .gpwvwxy What "spring break Everyone March? I thought you Spring break provided a school moments were Students had fun in many for Spring Break, a "nine ever important Lotta Sahlen for A 4.9 -nv? Chorus: lt's an dventure "The day starts out when we have fights over chairs," said one student, Jim Williams. Chairs? Did he mean who was better than whom in voice quality? No! He referred to the obsession people had in the beginning of class: Who gets to sit in the chairs? lf a knock-down-drag-out fight hadn't started by then, the students again tempted fate as they organized themselves for "warm-ups." This was when they got into smaller groups to work on songs or parts of songs. "Warm-up" had a reputation of be- ing extremely rowdy. ! Finally, towards the end of class. the stu- 5 dents wereassembled for group songs. They practiced not only the range and quality of their voices, but formations and movements which, when taken together, presented outstanding performances. 'This year the ...M E Idorado choruses held many performances. On February I5 they sang with the UNM Symphony Chorus. They produced. a musical in April, and in March the Swing' Choir went to the State 3 festival. it 'Y T" - K A ' -,WY M M , -M . M412 ' 1 ,ff --MQ 1 I-"Xxx, I f x Q, ,N ,X f we A 5 . K ',,,4l W A l 5 s ' 5 I 5 . Q 5 l i.: Sgr, Q t -N, 5! .5 S sn g ' 1 1 ' 1 it fy :g F-' ' 1 '5 1? N g Y ,' J'-w,f, sq ng Av, Q, if . 1 -' V . ! f yf' .1 ff A ' x . fs" , J.. ' '- A -5 ,, 'f r -1- - ,ff .......' -'N I W v "5 '. 'vc - ' 1 f A "VN V I 1, ., 4 kg . Q 5 l. ,f' Q 5 ' A W , 5 . 1' ' J fl " , ,,, tx 5 1 A . , v .. ' V vf -. 4 S in-in ' t ' mg M , 5 I, l I AW, ,I - W .N , ' 1 ,- 4 . v' 1 ' ,f X 43-1. T ' X55 ri' Nl V 0 P , N ,. 5 u W U N I - ,',,3....-'--Q., . I 1 n . ' 'Y - v ""0-X, -' A?.1!.ng1f5'vM-Lf':11'f'f- 'fig ' . 455, V " ,- ,, X, ,x 1, ,Y , . Q, Q k ,, V M . ,, vga, , ' ' ' '. M . ' f 1 a g ' , x M QA ' " 4. "aff-Ml.,.6Zv'4 f M m wg. ' Taka'-"""'Q5' " V' ' 'H ., N N L X ,Q-7' in U5 1, .,-,11+m5.'9'mIfH M f..f - if? an ' ' , 5, H N '15 g .xL, Y , .Ang 21,1 1.47312-,, A L.N,yL3 f an x ' 2: f. --4 74 ' -Q 1 Lxx, -" if af ,J 2 Us -f A I L' QQ , L' ' 4" "N" ..Y Lx :gg ' - . I 244 A' ,f 'f V Q' J 9 .. ,F 4, Z. , .4 L . . - . G . 'Q -H,..m 425, '. A. L Qi,f,,'Wff1i?3,,1,:Q, ive' ., L,,, . - fl -'M , Y ""'fg 4-ff sw, " "' " 'A' A N., ,fs1,'0:--' K Y figigye 1 ' ii., ' 2 KL i nf LL K ' g f gg -' if! , v lggx ,' 'iff Q C' X 1-i,i,f,. f , ,xl -5 -,A sf AT ,T M A fffx? -' ' 3 gf? L , G? 2 ' .f , ' .-...-hu-.. .-...--f,.Q.g,.5--....1..f-' . 4 ,M gk - gp, f 429. ' - ' ' ,'AifQ,g,fv I,u I f Wx . ,V 1 ,A , .w, 3,. ,, ,g X x - x x x -rg, .f M -.Y g . Q , fl. y - f -5 3381 . . -x - W . ,f ,,g,Egi'g3'11 1, 3.2 x i' ' ' , K QA -f.,g,:x,xi7kA:,. 35, 1 A .- . .akin-.-.Annnmf-An'-iff! 2 iXQS.l.---.lin--... x -x.4.-,....g,,..2i,..f.f'-"..4.A '..-.-W..---... f J 112-Sv ' ,fm xg mi: ,, .. nv, t ,M ,mug-B h 1544-4...-.2-1. 41,-uguu -...g41.-A-.- a.sn.u,.unn4-, . . ' 1-ffm? ., Mx K'-Q ' f-WN-, kg- . - ,-M-, , -YEFY5-25+ -.. Maw A K war' f QU" ?f'9'FSf'f - 5,2 ppl. .. . I - .....- - ..f. ,- . , ...., -.,...: ieu-ik Q1 ...vu-,g. ..-A .., .. Q ffiftjwif 0 A W ,, , X ,. -.... - . . N , M'-f1'tfi,',f ' . . ' ' ' --.M-A -A,AAA,,',g,-,5f,- ,Qxlflii W..-:A ,-,3gEgg.f ,A-g'giQig--'.,,, , --., ' 5 - . .- A Q5 . ' X, , , ,vwg.i . Q WW W Qf."5:v":-wiihff .. ., , pw. Q. W,-F. .Ash . . 1.-,aw U. - .-- ---- - ..-.- -.. .- -.- --.- .1... -. . --44.g.---....,....- ....-... - .L .L11ag111:1:f.g:.- ,- -'.1.-....- ...-.,,----.-.. "' 'W ., 5. 11,43 'V'-fab5,fff" 5 , in... WL. 4 V ' I 1 xml us, I ? ' V I Q ' ff 1 A I 2'? 5'5 , J .W Syl W ' xii , 4- ' .. ff? X 'I V ' T 'r V 4 "' 5 Q ' , A ,I ' '.S,1f "1 I ,' M A ,.. ,, . , v F X ' A I f ,JL .i 'Y .. , 154: X - L 5 4:,1,'f, .V - - mV . 'f.4,.:-I. .1 Ig , , .,., 1 if ,..Qm?El'Q:., , ir' M. 4 ' .a'F-- Cl, f ' '-" .... ' -v W X5 is I V A .Qs , . ' Q hkxl 1 Vx v was ff ly' In l-4 gl, ' v -im-, -2 .Qla "-. .f 1 PAA, A I-'L' I v A "' '4,1. Abel.-i7..,f' - ' V I, W LJ,-wi. nnfw ,745 'DI' -. L98 Things of l985! The Presidential Election 0 Geraldine Ferraro - Summer Olympics ' 49'ers won the Super Bowl 0 cherry kool-aid - "He-Man" ' Paradise Wendy's - football ' baseball ' basketball - Nikes ' pizza ' candy McDonalds ' ROTC ' flag corps 0 I984 George Orwell - prom Senioritas ' crushed pumpkins 0 Arby's ' TP in the courtyard Gremlins ' "Hall 8 Oats-H2O" ' Tree Planting ' watering your trees - M.A.D.D. - Pennys Day Apple II ' Dr. Who - Monty Python - "Dune" "IO I 0" - Arms Talks - Plays f College - friends ' Taco Bell ' Van Halen ' ' Levi's ' "Yearbook" ' "Mountain song" Martial Arts Club ' Roses ' - Burger King 0 Mustangs' Tom Select- Bo Derek 0 Four songs 0 unicorns - rainbows - bubble gum - "Purple Rain" ' Prince Chicago - crop length pants ' florescent colors 1 Cindy Lauper ' green Trek" ' Royalty ' stickers 0 care-bears ' transformers ' freshman Corvette ' Lake Ontario - robots - Garfield rings chicken pox s fur coats ' the flu sock pin-ups ' posters ' pictures ' snow new wave ' Wrangler s Tom Christie Brinkley 0 Elton John - Billy Q- l06 - Sunny 93 - girlfriends s traveling ' Band Aid they know its Christmas?" v nugget wars ' senior hot stuffed potatoes ' showers - french fries - nutra sweet ' Calviljltline ' Camaro ' Trans-Am ' hockey - water polo - heavy metal 'lShakespeare.'lfTWhy Be Normal?" - letter jackets - volleyball - soccer - golf7lteni3isgiiVCR ' rent-a-movie 5 pumps 5 I P E preppies v jazzercise - The General Store' skiingggghippendales 5 T.O,C. - concerts ' Double TI'0Ubl2 finger prinig'5gp1ifq3lgg 93134-g aigitfggis . pupQfgkis.':l3igliana Jones andithe Temple of mittens purple mascara leg warmers pm strips dances initials i U I-. ,.., 4,k, 2 ,.k. ty. greg , .Q -5 H , . In E Doom ,it. Zia,Cmnpetitiqn,V,gLBatlorg'fiesta 0 Frankie says ReIax,Q ,Don t Do ITI Duran 3 Feed the giWorld,y1Clovess iftrench coats - assemblies MU'PhY ' Motley Retton - Bart Connon Cuadrilla goesnlazz 0 Girls Soccer hhllllii '-Cabbage Patch Stand - W ggiollegiate Dictioii kf sixtyzgnes denim ifffkffs ' ,?9e"a ' Penn, f fefbsads ' excha Dixon pvpcnrni' Mars ' Juvilsf ' """0f' BOW Wow 0 Wearlltfiilaclifioles - aiiti Notes W teddy bean ' fffii5li?1irfi1ii?f einibv 5 Q' T tt.ss S' flbfftos ' nerds v ff' ltiittitrucks ' P0fSChEwk9Q.P,RihEH5yd :build theitgi if-t"lsiit guna wane of time" - blue 0 ZoHl5iegTg?"Born in1tlieElQl,S.A." - Bruce sprzngsiigghasgrswiiigy- ",i Q fini' - National Lsmpoon - bullEl0nl3l153'fds - typewriteifs Saul? 'li lniglg,t5if'The Far Side" 0'-Bill theCai'?9slC?P ' Dions - buses - Monco khe CD hfdiligiiljgeat fcressoints - 'school days - stampers - stati y penst0siwist'?afl5eadvi'iittlianssuihomasicovenant ' il'3iI1S ' planes ' Angeles 0 track - Snoopy.n.Mickey Mouse - Electric Dreams - Refl .. ,v.s fgdglvsbeavelrs ' Pr5eflSaT2:WgP'ewo'k - suntains ' MTV - Mr. Bill - "Saturday Night Live" ' cops ' hospitals f broken bones 0 fights 0 "Days of Our Lives" ' Santa Barbara" ' Dynasty" ' "Dallas" f "All My Children" ' "General Hospital" - "Ryan's Hope" ' Hot Wheels 0 4x4s v Big Foot ' roller skates ' ice skates ' "Search for Tomorrow" ' "Another World" 0 "Young and the Restless" - "Falcon Crest" - Christmas Day ' New Years Day 0 Valentines Day - Mistakes ' Halloween ' Red Baron ' Thanksgiving ' hearts 0 bumper stickers - plums ' oranges - apples - milk shakes - peanut butter - hubcaps ' Cupid - Greece v Paris ' Rome ' London ' Ireland - Scotland ' Hawaii ' Germany - Mexico I Persia - Sweden ' China ' Russia 0 Heath ' bars ' Snickers - Mars Bars - Almond Joy ' Mounds ' Kit Kats ' Hershey with almonds ' Whatchamacallit - peanuts ' York Peppermint Patties - Reeces Cups ' 3 Musketeers - Babe Ruth ' Swizlers - Milky Way ' Pay Day 0 Fig Newtons ' Life Savers ' Summits s jelly beans ' Certs ' Dentyne ' Russell Stover Candy ' Iockets ' candles ' book markers - rings 0 watches v potato chips f whistles - tooth paste ' hair spray 0 pencils ' pens ' red pens - black pens 0 lighters 0 razors ' cards 0 envelopes s report cards 0 Coke 0 Pepsi v Dr. Pepper ' Sprite ' Tab ' meetings ' phone numbers - birds ' bees ' straws - Allsups ' Tramway ' salad bars ' croutons ' hunting ' fishing ' hiking s innertubing - cruising ' horse back riding ' honey ' Mexican Food ' pickles ' bubble baths - bubbles 0 blow driers ' curling irons f wallets ' hair colorings ' perms ' crayons ' batteries ' backpacks - smelly sweat socks ' sneakers ' pine cones - head bands - quotes 0 swimming pools ' toyland ' chipmunks ' "Knight Rider" ' sleeping bags ' Hardy ' Dr, Seuss ' Stan Laurel ' Edgar Bergen ' Howdy Doody ' Bozo the "Cat in the Hat" ' Lorax ' Grinch 'telescope ' walkie talkie ' scrabble ' electronic trains ' ' owls ' rubic cube ' ' "Thats Entertainment" ' UNO ' Donkey Kong Jr. ' ' globes ' electronic pencil sharpeners motorcycles ' Blackstar ' United Quiz Trivia Adventure TV Guide TV 's Believe lt or Not" ' People ' Rock Trivia 'fall and Mardi Gras ' Passover ' Easter ' Arbor Armed Forces Day ' Day ' Victoria Day ' Memorial Day ' Statehood Day ' Jefferson Davis' Kamehameha I Day ' Robert M. laFollette Day ' Flag Day ' Father's ' Bunker Hill Day ' Juneteenth ' West Virginia Day ' Dominion Day ' Indepen- Day ' Pioneer Day ' American Family Day ' Colorado Day ' Victory Day ' Battle Day - Lyndon B. Johnson's birthday ' Labor Day' Admission Day Day ' "Twilight Zone" ' American Indian Day ' Frances Willard Day ' Day ' Pioneers Day ' Alaska Day ' United Nations Day ' Nevada Day ' Day ' Veterans Day ' Sadie Hawkins Day ' Wyoming Day ' Bill of Rights Wright Brothers Day ' Forefathers Day ' Pepperidge Farm ' english muffins ' cheese ' Rocky Mountains ' Great Lakes ' New England ' Piedmont' Deep Great Plains 'INXS ' g.p.a. ' who? ' taff ' rock candy ' buses ' Thompson Twins when? ' -why? ' how? ' Betty Boop ' spazzing out ' quarters ' memories ' desk grafitti ' smiley faces ' Grandparents Day ' over-worked ' forms ' life cycles ' tornados ' blob ' milkshakes ' playing cards ' post office ' .3 ' papefclips ' liolepunchers ' copy machines ' leather 'l egg nog ' paper ' salad dressing ' parachute ' pay phone 'triplicate ' baseball glove ' doubt night' Tuesday night' Wednesday night' Thursday night' Friday night ' night ' zippers ' snaps ' "Party Hardy" ' "l Want a New Drug" ' lace ' gn' "The dog ate itll" ' flats 'tidal waves ' "Jaws" ' second story ' compact' laser disk ' decaffeinated life guard ' helicopter ' plane crashes ' odor eaters ' hang-man ' hair clips ' vcalculator wat '45's"'l Can't Drive 55l!"- tl' Jesse Jackson y Fae ' neighborhood watch VI-TVI-APS coaliation ' salellite television - pink ' marketplace ' Donald Duck's 50th birthday ' Shirley Taylor Equipment 'A-Team" 'jean jackets ' Germer's commercials ' high tops ' Dmitri Ustinov instant breakfast ' "No Sex Please We're British" ' Armand Hammer Art lection ' "parts is parts" ' hip belts ' l040 EZ ' nail polish pen ' hair mousse ' ine ' prayer in schools - Chernenko ' Bill the Cat' Fiero ' Vanessa Williams ' Lennon ' Detroit Tigers ' "Yes, we canl" ' "The Beauty Part" ' "Comedy of Indira Gandhi ' Carl Rogers ' national deficit ' subway vigi resurl of patriotism ' "Knot's Landing" ' Donald Regan ' Ethoiopia ' romance ' lyrics ' humor ' keys ' time zones ' eastern standard time ' mountain time ' central standard time ' pacific standard time' platinum ' mind over ' psychics ' dimples ' kleenex ' leg wanners ' volcanoes - bird cages ' ruffles ' Tootsie Rolls ' sleeping bags ' bonfires 'lakes " rivers ' rafting ' ' Golden Gate Bridge ' Empire State Building ' tag ' hot ' cold ' celebrate ' yucca bush ' sage tree ' tumble weeds" globe ' fire hydrant ' April' May 'June'JuIy' August' September ' October December ' biology ' chemistry ' physics ' geology ' English - pre- ' algebra-Il ' trig ' math analysis ' geometry ' Orion - Spanish ' ccounting ' crisis 'island ' vertical file - diamond ' rest rooms ' u.f.o. ' Minnie Mouse ' Goofy ' Pluto ' Prince Charming - Nessy ' kilts ' stilts ' pogostick ' marionettes ' goal posts ' bases ' archery ' 'infomation ' please? - ping pong ' Cheers ' Night Court ' Duck' toy soldiersfb pinky rings - rulers ' theaters ' plays ' hu iusn cience ' gym ' PAC' Administration ' hot and iuicy ans ' flute ' harmonicas ' zebras ' Big Mac ' Fillet O'Fish ' Quarter Pounder - s ' fishes ' yogurt ' cotton candy ' hot dogs ' scarves 'tie tac ' tuxes ' Europa - her' Ursa Major ' weekends ' evenings ' muppets ' "l'm Free" ' rubber plants ' and gowns ' missiles ' Ursa Minor ' Voyager ' Stephen King ' George Lucas ' ywood ' Walk of me ' Triggers ' RinTinTin ' signs ' walk ' run ' belts ' klingon ' n games ' tube socks ' dinosaurs ' race cars ' problems ' Iurkey ' doctors ' Lobos M ' N,M. State ' Broadway ' Goldwaters ' "Taxi" ' Carlsbad ' Las Cruces ' ales ' Las Vegas ' Raton ' Santa Fe ' Hobbs ' 4 Corners ' Bernalillo County ' birthday' Day ' Thomas Jefferson's birthday ' Fast Day ' May Day ' Harry S. Truman's popsicles ' Bosque Farms ' Clines Corners ' Corrales ' Edgewood ' Estancia ' Foothillls ' Cadillac ' lsleta ' Pueblo ' Los Chavez ' Los Lunas ' Los Ranchos ' Mclntosh ' Meadow Lake ' Moriarty ' Mountain air ' Pena Blanca ' Placitas ' Rio Rancho ' Sandoval County ' Tijeras ' Tome-Adelino ' Valencia-El Cerro ' operators ' long distance ' Cibola H.S. ' Del Norte H.S. ' Eldorado H.S. ' Freedom H.S. ' !HighIand H.S. ' Manzano H.S. ' Rio Grande H.S. ' Sandia H.S. ' Valley H.S. ' West Mesa H.S. ' U of A ' yellow pages ' PSA ' Southwest ' American ' United ' Western ' Delta ' Eastern ' Contential ' Frontier ' Republic ' Greyhound Bus ' Trailways Bus ' Japanese Kitchen ' The Cooperage ' Roxy ' Seagull Street' La Posada ' Territorial House ' Prime House ' Sirloin Shockade ' Cornucopia ' Valentinos ' K-Bobs ' The Regents ' The Shanty ' La Hacienda ' Stufy's!b Goody's Panchos - Ogelvies ' Pelicans ' Papa Totis ' Pizza Hu ' Pistol Pete's ' Round Table Pizza ' Schlotzsky ' Swensens ' business offices ' papermate pens ' birthdays - Bic Pens ' grandparents ' nurses ' White Pages ' Red Lobster ' attendance ' Liquid Assets ' High Finance ' life ' first aide ' CPR ' frizzys 'test tube babies 'twins ' Big Mac ' The Enquirer ' "V" ' "V- the Final Battle" - "Miami Vice" ' Mr. Rogers ' "Friday I3th" - "Friday I3th-2" ' "Friday I 3th-3" ' kinky ' b.o. ' "Saturday the l4th" ' b.b. ' body language ' embarrasing moments ' cowboy hats ' baseball ' hate ' postcards ' 206 ' stamps ' meters ' liters ' quarts ' gallons ' ounces ' pounds ' grams ' newtons ' coupons ' lotion ' Aunt Jemima ' bisquick ' blueberry muffins' laws' french toast' pancakes ' rolls ' National Geographic ' Herff Jones ' KSAF-2" KOB-4 - KNME-5 - CBS - Cable Network' WTBS-I 7-Atlanta ' Religion- I 9 ' USA 'CNN Headline News ' Community Cable Channel' Lifetime 'Nickelodeon ' AEE ' EducationaI!UNM City Government ' Video Hits ' One ' Men at Work ' Madame Tussaud's ' Red Skelton ' "Amityville" ' boarding School 'g"Porky's" ' "ChiIdren of the Corn" ' "Pet Semetary" ' Christine ' Historyiofthe World ' History of the Worlds! ' Lady in Red ' "Oh, Godl" ' "Oh. 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' filmstrips ' seaweed ' library fines ' Panama ' expository ' bumps ' art ' careers ' journalism ' Maynard ' T-shirts ' Alan Alda ' Sally ' Groucho Marx ' The McKenzies 'I say "Hey Man" ' juggling ' Thespians ' scripts ' short stories ' novels ' lectures ' Iolly pops ' Intelevision ' Dragon's Lair ' Show Biz ' Walgreens ' Duffs ' margaritas ' Speech Team ' cows ' elbows ' Brrrrr ' drafts ' lo ' Honors Assemblies ' GRADUATION of the Class of I985. KMQQ My Wy i' UylyJfNj eil yy 3 svQKH5L V gf,. l, FJ jg? Jw- xf gyyw wyibh ff wx' M .Q 6 s- , xv - X4 " f' A ' ' U ' . ah J 0x53 V 4. ,Q 2. 1, nl E " Y S 1 'Z O , A 'i X I x Z ALLENGES u Eldorado hosted chapters of many non-profit vocational organizations. These clubs were co-curricular. they required a past or concurrent enrollment in a class to be a member. All encouraged personal growth and leadership through training in a practical vo- cation. ln addition, they sought community involvement to provide actual jobs for their members. Future Homemakers of America!Home Economics Related Occupations centered on opportunities in domestic arts. This year's chapter boasted two state officers, Laura Wadell and Dawn Johnson. The two contributed new ideas for the group that they learned at a national meeting in Chicago held last summer. They prepared for the annual leadership camp in Glorieta. The Office Education Association inspired interest in the American business system and competency in office occupations. All members were required to have taken an office education course. They competed in a regional competition of written exams and in- terviews in February. The first, second, and third place winners entered the State Competition. By living their roles as leaders. members developed a sense of responsibility. Distributive Education Club of America attracted young people to careers in marketing, merchandising and management: its members sold posters. food and other paraphernalia as a primary exercise of their purpose. They also sold to provide funds to send members to district competition in January, state in March and nationals in May. Members of the Vocational Industrial Club of America enrolled in Industrial Cooperative Training class for two periods. They then gained credit working in actual jobs as dental assistants, printers. carpenters and auto mechanics. In addition, they sold gift checks and candy to provide transportation to skill competitions. they competed in a competition in Texas. This year the group won best overall armed, first place regulation and second exhibition. I October, they ran in the Turkey Trot, taking first. They also hiked in a winter survival program at Angel Fire, and they also acted a the local level. They had basketball and softball teams to play against other corps. In addition. they acted as road guards during Al- buquerque marathons. The impact of ROTC was felt most strongly at Eldorado. They presented the colors at assemblies and hom games. Its drill teams also performed. The ROTC represented respect and patriotism to Eldorado. The Reserve Officer Training Corp participated in activities which brought recognition to themselves and Eldorado. In November. n I e Thus, Eldorado students enjoyed a wide variety of vocational programs. Flight into Future Careers Presented Challenges The members of V.l.C.A. were: Ron Barychko, Ed Bogie, Saville Bray. Steve Engel. Mr. Phil Fro- lin. Kenny Gutierrez. Ronald Harger. David Matts, Jenny Richards, Lara Ryzman, Kathy Watson. Wendi Whitmore, Dana Wilson and Melinna Wolff. The members of the Office Education Association were: Below: Julie Aicher. Andrea Allen, Amy Allpass, Cathy Armiio, Pam Bajuk, Cindy Beller, Joellen Beller, Beth Byers. Jennifer Cambell, Jennifer Clark Nice pres.J. Dina DiGrazia. Julie DiTucci. Michelle Eaton. Patty Engle, Bob Erickson. Stacy Evans Qkeporterj, Robin Finch, Robert Garcia, Michelle Gerzon, Kristy Greenstreet, Lynn Guernsey. Edie Hamilton, Jack Henderson, Michele Hise, Lorri Howe QPres.J, Julie Kim, Debbie Leach, Dan Lowther. Kristie Martin, Julie Maull, Arlene Michalscheck, Beth Moreno, Cassandra Morrison, Kristy Moyer, Jana Mueller, Carla Oney, Kristine Ortiz fSecretaryj. Tammy Padrich. Andrea Pistone, Diane Probst, Veronica Reiking Ureasurerj, Fay Ridesatthedoor. Scott Smith, Mary Shafto, Christy Sottoway, Kelly Spring. Roseann Tabor, Stephanie Talpas, Daphne Varoz, Denise Viscardi. Kelia White and, Susan Wilhelm. 1i1"'i'f?'5f The Future Homemakers of America were: Suzie Boyce. Kelly Downs CHistorianJ, Cathy Hain Nice pres.j. Ms. Loretta Huen- efeld, Leslie Joggins, Dawn Johnson QState officerj. Susan Knaack QPres.J, Hope Mc- Donald CSec.J. Lara Wadell CState officerj, Ms. Pat Sutton, Leona Tartaglia fTres.J. The members of DECA were, Front Row: Jaris Cawthon. Christy Sottoway, Lynn Couernsey, Minh Hoa Nguyen, Louis Allen. Rick Anderson, Kermit Pearman, Robert Coronado, Vince Rubio. Joe Kassa and Mark Sanchez. Middle Row: Scott Dodson, Ricky Ridens. Jeff Woodward, Denene Colton, Daphne Dobecki, Carmen Sweeney, Beth Minana. Jennifer Powers. Jennifer Pike, Lisa Holman. Marilee Alvarez, L Joann Intogna, Dino Lodato, Deanna Webb, Cri- sahn Hanson, Mrs. Johns, Micky Cordova. and Rob Irwin. Back Rows John Hobkirk, Darrell Arguad, Sam Watkins, Roy Arnett, Earl Moore. Greg Stout. George Johnson, Christy Moyer. Christy Elbario. Kelly Tobin. Susan Arnold, Lisa Perez and Jennifer Langley. 22' . . Ye' we c. V The people involved in Eldorado's MCJROTC this year were: Privates: Jeff Anastasio. Mike Arredondo, Joe Bar- boa, Dan Dewent. Stacy Blakemore. Phil Bryant, Ben Con- treras. Tony Diaz. Jim Farmer, Naydeeyah Gobin, Mike Gray, Stacy Hadsall. Shawn Hamilton, Mike Henke. Bryan Herzstein, Zack Hollar. Tanya Howvath. Sherry Jackson. Shelbi Jones. Scott Kinnard. Rick Knutson, Jeff Lepori, Craig Linn, Shawn Lockwood. Angel Mack, Merrie Mack. Bob Majka, Craig Moore. Pat Moore. Steve Moore, Dan Pionkoski, Bob Raia. Todd Riley. Paul Rosen. Jeff Ryder, Dave Ullom. Nick Voorhis, Heather Webber. Dean Whi- senhunt. Bob Wiibrandus, Chris Wilder. Jason Young and Steve Young. Corporals: Eric Adams, Bob Carleton. Kelly Fisher, Michelle Knight, Eric McGovern, Rob Moran, Mike Munding, Mike Rodri- gues and Greg Wright. Privates First Class: Angela Lovell and Bert Wescott. Staff Sergeantst Darryl Green, Jon Ko- vacs. Pete Lucero, Eric McCarson, Dave Platt and Dave Savage. First Lieutenant: x Tom Dixon. Cadet First Sergeant: Chris- tine Crawford. Sergeants: Ashley Franklin, Joe Gallegos, Bev Gavaldon. Kristi Kalen, Dan Martinez, Grant McCarson, Dwayne Miller, Lisa UI- shoffer, Dawn Wise and John Young. Captain: Curt Wise-Cadet Command- er. Gunnery Sargeantst Conrad Abt, John Parker, Matt Rodrigues, Andrea Standing and Jeff Wise. Second Lieu- tenants: Platoon Leaders-Donnie Mad- dox. Liz Magee and Kevin Rider, is A. 'x '..,f 222 ...Q -KW , r ' f . .- 7' s Pr 'L ". K W. The Members ofthe Eldorado Eagle Spirit Newspaper were: Jennifer Baker. Kris Cook, Molly Cooney, Brian Jones, Mike Kaplan. Kate Kuligowski. Lisa O'Brien, Lynn Quilan. Denise Rhea, Michelle Rose, Barbara Sanchez, Kory Simmons, John Skelton. Greg Williams, Amy Wright and Advisor Jerrett Koenigsburg. 1. sf' ll Media Fa cinated As communications became increasingly impor- tant in this fast-paced world, Eldorado students kept one step ahead. Whether written or oral, Eagle views could not be stifled. Producing Eldorado's newspaper, the Eagle Spir- it, was a yearround job. Brian Jones, editor, along with other members of the staff, worked in seasonal heat to produce the summer issue. Mr. Koenigs- burg. the sponsor, claimed the best Eagle consis- tently. "More news topics are being covered." Amidst the bustle and pressure of publishing a newspaper, often an Eagle journalist exclaimed, "The deadline was yesterday, turkeyl" Yet, the Ea- gle Spirit was catching. For the fifth consecutive year, the Eldorado Speech Team sent delegates to the national speech tournament. As first in the city, this talkative group competed in over sixteen tournaments across the state. During the year the team held carwashes, auctions and sold candy to pay for the tournaments. Mrs. Jaynes, the coach, felt lucky to work with such vivacious students. As a result, Eldorado students remained well informed and well represented. The Members oftlle Speech Team were: Sean Bajuk, Dennis Banning. Clark Braslin. Mike Browen, Mike Caffery. Claud Canive. Sumico Conley, Andrea Dalia, Wendy Dare. Nancy Davis. Peter Dowling. Mark Dunkerson. Peter Es- cue, Dan Fedre, Lynn Filusch, Lisa Gar- cia, Brad Gutiennez, Brad Griffith, Wendy Hassen, Bill Hay. Mario Her- rera. Paul Jones. Kristin Kellgone, Dave Kennedy, Kate Kuligouski. Joe Lopez, Cheryl Matherly. Kam Melzer, Cathy Menza. Pam McMillian, Susan Nash, Wendy Pabick. John Pacuilli. Angel Poitras, Jill Reay, Allan Shampine. Lauriann Sikora. Tory Sullivan. Mike Turk. Bridget Tyson and Coach Peggy Jaynes. As an alternative to TV watching and homework, Eldorado sponsored recreational clubs. Students could learn to ride in the Cycling Club. Shelly Schmidt, president, ex- claimed, "People of all skill levels go on trips to have fun." In addition, members maintained their own bikes. Because of the energy crisis a few years ago, they actively promoted bicycling as an alternative to other transportation. The Martial Arts Team enjoyed it's activity not only as a means of defense but also as a pleasurable sport. During the l984-I985 school year the Martial Arts Team performed with "The Black Knights," the Army's Martial Arts Team. Its members also competed in Karate, Judo and Kung-Fu. This year showed the greatest membership for the Ski Club. which provided the financial and transportational opportunity to ski distant slopes. They planned to travel to Purgatory. Taos and Telluride. "Ski Club gives me a chance to ski and go places I normally wouldn't," exclaimed Karina Van Veen. Consequently. Eldorado students had varied yet organized recreational activities. o 0 Eag es En joyed L I ure The Cycling Club consisted ot? Bryan Andreas. Cheryl Bennett, Jeff Brookover. Robbie Buckly. M.. Kevin Cambell. Tom Carlow, Steve Cook, Heather Field, Tirzah Gonzalez, Tom Hirschman. Norman Kalat, Todd Klein. Brian Lechner, Sean Lloyd, Tom Lopez. Kelly McCloskey. Dwayne Miller. Carlos Monyoya, David Morris, Shawn Mulligan, Dallas Orndorff, Mike Passman, Robert Raia. Debbie Ris- V, X berg. Tracy Risberg, James Rogers. Shelly 1 Schmidtqpresidentj. Rob Shayer, Briget Tyson. ' Kersti Tyson. Craig Vancil. Bruse Welton and Matt g Wilson. T 224 A , iv 7 be W is E The Martial Arts Team consisted oh Brian Carr, Sumiko Corley, Eleana Farmer. Felicia Gallegos, Kathy Grigsby. lola Harding, Kristi Kalen. David Kennedy Qlnstructorj. Joe Lopez. Steven Lopez. Melissa Osterland, Jim Perry. David Platt. Kevin Rider, Mike Rodriquez. Reanna Sader. David Stabley Qlnstructorj and Colin Williams. The Backpacking Club consisted ot? Bob Dennis, Moni- que Fine, Michael Harcourt. Rod Shampine and Chris Smiset. The Ski Club consisted ol? Mona Abeyta, Kathy Aeby. Clint Alberts. Matalie Anderson. Bryn Andres, James Archuleta, Erica Ashe, Judi Baker. Charles Bannister. David arnes, John Barner. Jeremy Beel, Cheryl Bennett. Marcie Berger, Brandon Berman, Brian Berman, Anders Blom. Brad Buck, Janet Burkholder, Will Cabaniss, Cathy Caldwell. Zheryl Cardmon, Cynthia Chafin, Christy Clark. Lisa Clark, Kristy Cole, Jeff Collins, Molly Cooney, Kami Cox, Andy Craig, Larry Crosby, Jason Dahlman.'Diana Dater, Tim lekker, Ann Denny, Daniel Dewent, Darren Divine, Robert Doolen. Suzanne Doolen. Darren Dresser. Jennifer Dunham. Paul Edmunds, Seam Fichtner, Randy Fietland. Ty raley, Wendie Freeburn, Jodi Furaus, Mark Furaus, Valerie Gage, Andy Galanos, Mona Garcia, Dan Gardenswartz. Linda Gautreau, Mike Gaynor, Nadeeyah Gobin, Gavin -ionzalez, Tirzah, Gonzalez. JeffGrayson. Jason Greene, Robert Gromek, Ron Gutierrez, Jeth Harbinson. Eric Harstad, Jeff Harstad, Mike Hawkins, Rob Hawley. Jack Henderson. ill Hendricks, Julie Henning, Shanna Hicks, Charlie Hill, Julie Hirshtield, Tiffany Hoffman, Ken Holmquist, Mike Holmquist, Jennifer lnlow, Dawn Johnson. Kelly Johnson. teve Jones, Runar Karlsen. Dorothy Kauffman, Rick Kefeuver, Tripp Killin, Steven King, Scott Kinnard, Jeff Kolman, Alicia Kotzen. Toni Kotzen, Kate Kuligowski, Chris Lamb. Uarrel Lakoche, Gene Latham, Anna Laurila, Todd Le Cesne, Francoise Lemieux, Mike Leon, Terri Letz. Nancy Little, Stefanie Long, David Lux, Steven Lux, Pam MacMillan. Geoff vladole, Pat Mahoney, Jenny Marks, Denny Marquez, Mike Marra. Julie Marra. Jennifer Martin, John Martin, Brad Martinez, Eric Maxon, Lisa McBride. Kelly McCloskey, arbara McColIister, Mark McCollister. Kelli McDonald, Leslie McGrath, Kim McKinley, Michele Meisen, Jason Merrell. Kristin Michels, Jeff Mikatarian, Earl Moore. Martin orris, Craig Moyers, Tim Nenninger, Brandon Oberkamph, Shannon Oestreicher, Tom O'Neill. Patrick Orban. Neal Pederson. Stacy Pederson, James Pickens. Mary Anne ff 'sf . ff-I ,,,.,,.,, Pierce. Karen Pitts, Johanna Preiser, Kim iii ll 5 ,fx Prinzing, Lora Ray, Todd Rein. Traci Rein- ! is - i - hart Jeff Rethmel Sally Sacco Cheryl Sahd Lotta Sahlen Kelly Sanchez Jenna Saya, Beth Schiffer, Troy Schlegel, Christy Schwanke. John Scott, Rob Shaver, Kristan Shipp, Todd Silberman, Monica Single- terry. Lisa Silva, Tami Skinner, Sylvia Smith. Amy Spear, Doug Stalgren. Michelle Ste- vens, Annie Stofac, Jeannie Stringer, Julie Strohacker. Troy Sullivan, James Tabet. Lisa Thomas. Harold Thommessen. Scott Thompson. Erik Thunberg, Kurt Thunherg, Bret Tidler. Bertha Tien, Jon Trepanier, Lisa Llrbasslk. Jeff Vance, Karina Van Veen, Kristin Van Veen, Jim Vleck. James Ver- million. Mark Vigil, Joe Ward, Steve Watts, Don Weaver, Cathy Weber, Dirk Weddle, Heidi Wengert, Jon Whitaker. Dan White. Christina Williams. Erin Williams, Amy Wright and Mark Zbylut. lla-4. 225 Eldorado students triumphed over despair by help- ing others on the state. local and school levels. Action was the motto for Students in Action Valuing the Environment. A picnic and hike at the years start set the pace. The members of S.A.V.E. participated along with Volunteers for Out of Doors in a construc- tion project on the Elena Gallegos land grant. They also spent weekends on their rock garden by the Cafe' teria and Administration Building. Their major project was campus landscaping. The Traffic Safety Task Force tackled the important, difficult job of alerting teens to seatbelt safety. It also hoped to show teens that putting on a seatbelt takes only a few seconds. seconds that could save a life. They distributed free french fries coupons to seatbelt wearers in Eldorado's carparks. On campus, Athletic Trainers sought the preven- tion, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. They diminished on athlete's risk of serious injury. They also spent many hours on duty at athletic events. Consequently, Eldorado students reached out. with time to share, and touched the lives of many. Eagle Helped The members of the Key Club for the l984-85 school year were: Lisa Barnes. Bryan Biedscheid. Ureasurerj, Anne Brass. Kendra Bubp, Kevin Casaus. Sharon Curzi. Sean Fichtner, Tanya Florence, Teri Florence, Lisa Garcia, Jack Genderson 1Presidentj. Julie Hen- ning. Todd Kelin, Camille King, Jenny Marks. Brian Knighton, Lisa McBride. Fay McCarty. Patrick Orban. Lisa Pate. Joanna Renick. Robin Rupe. Vince Ru- bio fSecretaryj. Kelly Sanchez. Karen Shenk, Mike Smith. Carmen Sweeney and Kathy Watson fVice Presidentj. 226 ' . Y r . ,fy X ' Web" N The Student Athletic Trainers were: Left to Right: Stephanie Whitener. Nicole Gabel, Todd Sais. Scott Villane and Trainer Don Mundell. X The members of5.A, V,E, were: Becky Brown. Eric Klammer. Lisa McBride Lorna McBride. Larisa Pedroncelli. Greg Sterosky and Sponsor Ms. Levy. If cV',x l,'x. glx ii . . ol ,QNX .' Q xnx "5ADD members were: Front Row: Traci Hart, Denise Rhea, Nyleen Troxel, Kristin Van Veen, Monnie Corona, and Nancy Moreno. Sec- ond Row: Brian Sharkey, Katrina Van Veen, LeAnne Moore, and Scott Thompson. Back Row: Ron Dixson, Leona Tartaglia, and Dawn Johnson." The Members of the Traffic Safety Task Force were: Kristy Cole. Andrea Dalia. Tirzah Gonzalez, Gloria King, Laura King and Sponsor Mrs. Farell. Eldorado, a democratic school, prided itself on its involvement in government. Students served as officers, set up a mock government system or viewed the United States government in action. This year the House of Representatives strived to involve the maximum number of students. It held a monthly forum meeting to in form those interested of its projects and serve as a speakers bureau. ln addition, the House sponsored decorating contests during Homecoming, Halloween and the winter holidays. Their campus cleanup program allowed homerooms to express their pride in Eldorado. lt also collected Procter 8 Gamble proofs-of-purchase to earn a free IBM PC jr, Computer System for the school The House of Representatives was an active involved organization. Each year Eldorado sends eight boys and six girls to Boys State and Girls State. These are week-long events which allow the delegates to run for city, state and legislative offices. Delegates to Boys' Nation and Girls' Nation in Washington, DC were Eagles Cheryl Matherly and Lainie Keslin. During their senior year, Staters motivated students to vote and manned the polls for student gov ernment and homecoming elections. Since I984 was an election year, Staters also presented a mock presidential election Close-Up Eldorado consisted of students and a teacher-sponsor who traveled to Washington, DC in February, I985 for a week long study program. They met with influential government officials and discussed aspects and possible solutions of current issues Consequently, the students of Eldorado did not allow government to control them: they activated the government Eagles Got Bird Eye View Cf Government ILLU AUU Belletini Laurie Brown Barbara Buffington Cathy Caldwell Mike Chavez Julie Christensen, Kimberly Cole Kristy Cole Beth Collins Molly C JarietCortesi Heath Crabtree Terry Culpepper Andrea Dalia Samantha DiPnma Beth Doherty Brendon Doherty Lisa Dunn. John Engels Jerry Kathy Evans Jenny Farrell Kelly Filkms Lynn Frlusch Tanya Florence Ashley Franklin Jerome Gomez Matt Gomez Sal Gonzales Terry Gray Hadsall Kris Hagenbuck Ayme Henderson Mark Hendricks Linda Hobbs Robin Hudgins. Dawn Johnson, Doug Key, Gloria King Lalnle Larsen To l.eCesne. Jeff Lepore, Doug Lincoln, Kristine Macallister, Liz Magee, Julie Marra. Lori Martinez, Fay McCarty, Barbara McCollister Cyd McFadde Stephanie Merrett. Melissa Mills. Pat Molina. Brian Moore. Earl Moore, Susan Nash, Patrick Orban, James Pickens. Kim Prinzing, lvette Raspall Rus Ray, Traci Reingart, Joanna Renick. Kathy Richardson. Lyssa Robertson. Cheryl Sahd, Jennifer Saran, Jenna Saya. Beth Schiffer. Paul Self Rob Shav Lisa Silva. Christine Sisneros, John Skelton. Tracee Smith, Terrance Stith, Jay Thorton. Dennis Trujillo, Lisa Vargo, Jill Vasquez, Scott Villane Kr Viscardi, Britt Wethers. Bruct Welton, Sally Wharton, Jon Whitacker. Katie White. Greg Williams, Marc Wilson and Michele Yeaman Members of the House of Representatives were: Ted Arana, Natalie Anderson. Traci Andrews, Mike Arredondo. Kathy Bazan. Rick Beattie , ' . , ' , ' , ' ' ' ' , d n 1 e 228 L, P 'Q 'I lk gt- ,' , ' "W -.rf A .J Close Up Eldorado Members were: Sponsor J.W. Harrison, Jon Blaine, Julie Di Tucci, Lisa McBride, Jane Owens and Kelly San- chez. The Stalers' Club consisted ot? President Tom Riney, Vice President Beth Dettmer. Secretary Karen Caldwell. Treasurer Cheryl Malherly, Robert Doolen, Ron Dixon. Tom Eckert. John Engels. Lainie Keslin, Alan Lee. Seana Moore. Tacy Norwood, Don O'NeiII. John Skelton. Brett Snyder, Amy Spear, Kim Struve and Ken Zimmerman. 229 Members of French Club were: President Valerie Gage. Vice-President Johanna Preiser. Treasurer Tracy Andrews. Secretary Amy Spear. Andrea Aller, Denise Anderson. Buffy Bruback. Kimberly Cole. Michelle Decker, Sonia de Varges, Alysa Dietz. Missy Dotson, Monique Fine. Andrea Head. Charlotte Holmes. Monica Jackson, Chris Jones. Laura King. Craig Kinsey, Kelly Lanport. Jennifer Lange. Holly Laurence. Francoise Lemieux. Nancy Little. Eric Marietta, Sherry Marks. Julie Marra, Linda Mayo. Bridget McBride. Melissa McCall, Melanie McCallister. Barbara McCoIlidter. Mary McKinley, Dylan Midkiff. Mariie Mitchell. Melissa Morris, Devin Moss, Tiffany Nelson, Erin Nicolls, Mike Passman, Rebecca Passman. l Larisa Pedroneclli, Sarah Pixton, Joe Pro German, Jill Saberhagen. Doug Stalgren. Heather Staller, Michelle Stevens, Julie Straus. Tory Sullivan. Michelle Taylor. Shelle Van Etten, Krista Walker, Heidi Wengert. Barbara White. Katie White and Robin Williams. Members of the Minority Student Union were: Bottom Row: Michael Gray. Patty Vacirca. Bernard Pearman and Sponsor Iola Harding. Second Row: Jessica Johnson, Deana Williams and Treasurer Tanya Florence. Third Row: Diane Gachupin, Sec- retary Bernadette Csanyi, Terri Florence and President Jasmin Holmes. Fourth Row: Anthony Padilla. Rona Thompson and Kermit Pearman. Not pictured arex Stacy Blakemore. Bryan Hartsfield. Lisa Hartsfield and Tina Ouesade. --if-1'-f I Kg - ,t .. .,1,a.rff--4' A T' ,4.,.,-WLL1 aA,....-- Q Q ln past years, American X teens had acquired the image of selfish students unaware of and I 0 indifferent to the world. However. Eldor- ex ado students shattered this with their involve- Q ment in clubs which unite Americans and other ethnic 5? students in mutual understanding. The International Club sought to exchange cultures among American 0 students and those from various foreign Nations. Through festivities like Q Sweden's Saint Lucia's Day and England's Guy Fawkes Day, members made welcom 56 foreign students as well as learning from them. They also held a halloween party, 6 American style. Thus, the members of the International Club discerned the immense differ- ences and startling similarities among cultures in a fun, social environment. QS 230 The French Club blasted into the l984-i985 year with fundraisers. They had a carnival booth, sold candy and sent French messages during French Week. The money raised provided scholarships for a weekend at Glorieta. he sponsor. Ms. Roybal, was extremely proud of the club which also caroled during he holidays and accomplished two service proiects this year. This year. the Minority Student Union boasted doubling its number of members. The lub faced problems in the community. In addition, it was planning a large-group trip o the Bahamas. Thus. the club served to integrate different peoples. As technology propelled the world to become smaller. people found the need to now those from other backgrounds. Eldorado students were a powerful force in this OVBMEIII. Members of the International Club were: Stephanie Arias. Suzanne Baurer, Bryan Bieds- cheid. Anders Blom. Larry Brown, Laurie Brown, Dorothy Buell. Karen Caldwell, Julie Chavez. Angela Clement, Kristy Cole. Erica Connley. Monie Corona. Kami Cox. Jennifer Crenner, Sonia de Varges. Milissa Dotson, Andy Galanos. Robin Garcia, Isaac Hernandez. Yvonne Herrera. Christina Jaynes, Melinda Jeffers. Runar Karken. Kees Kat. Christian Klinghol, Jochem Kotthaus. Anna Laurila. Debbie Leach. Nancy Little. Gabriela fllobbij Mendoza. Anke Muller-Solger. Erin Nicolls, Christina Noftsker, Tacy Norwood, Patrick Or- ban, Yolanda Parsons. Craig Plyer. Linda Proc- tor, Mika Reinikainen. Tracy Risby, Maureen Roskom, Lotta Sahlen, Anne Spranger. Saan- non Stiley. Annie Stofac, Sheila Strohacker. Harald Thommessen, Bertha Tien, Kersti Ty- son, Shelle Van Veen, Kristin Van Veen, Shar- on Voss and Sally Wharton. 23l The Golden Eagle Marching Band for the i984-85 school year was: Flutes: Lisa Goff, Penny Romero, Sharon Curzi. Kristen Beckmann, Holly Jones. Lisa Barnes, Diana Dater, Cherise Bart, Chris Jones. Monie Corona, Julie Henning. Lisa Simon, Vanessa Willock. April Hamadey, Barb McCoIlister, Cathy Huttenhow. Tara Bessen. Andrea Head, Lori Hall, Alma Esquibel. Laura lmmel, Nyleen Troxyl, Barb Stanley, Mitch Mann, Jennifer Hockox, Kim Lunstra, Barbara White and Sammy Teachout. Clarinets: Scott Woodward, Anissa Pearce. Chris Cline. Kim Struve, Matt lngells. Michelle Creager, Paula Smith, Steve Rozum. Angela Fitzgerald, Vicky Vittitoe, Tamela Gover. Cynthia Armiio. Jason Owen. Matthew Chavez, Mike Holmquist, Julie Byers, Tammy Moore, Jenny Pike, Kim Cole, Michelle Gaylord. Beth Prochazka, Heather Willock, Jennifer Byrne, Linda Grindstaff, Tina Montano, Richelle Murrell, Thad Pourch, Rusty Ray and Diana Wifall. Tuba: Alan Lee. Matt Armstrong. Eddie Verkkin and Zach Holler. Percussion: Ruth Zimmerman, Mike Sauer, Trey Stiles. Rick Belknap. Jim Archuletta, Mark Willaims. Tim Henningson, Dan Stouffer, Phil Mendelsohn. Mary Anne Crow, Linda Brown. Hal Richardson, Becky Brown, Jim Willaims, Robin Williams. Christie Conlster and Tim Demmie. Low Brass and Sax: Suzanne Doolan. Jahn Engels. Scott Pendelton. Chelly Teachout. Peter Crook. T. Payton, Mary McKinley. Mark Candelaria. Leslie Hill. John Molina. Bob Bertelle. Scott Oyler. James Payette, Chris Gassler, Kim Klammer. Missy Henderson, Greg Potson, Steve Monnin, Ron Render. Shannon Seaborn, Eric Klammer, Clay Williams, Robert Yusko, Cristy Williams, Allen Stanley, Pat Molina, Rick Fisher, Rick Stratton, Mike Emerine, Eric Elsner, Greg Rose, Tripp Killin and Richard Faust. Trumpets: Peter Stilwell, Randy Hall. Allen Bivens, Scott McCarty, Tono Pomerleau, Mike Fisher, Robert Bitto, Scott Williams, Scott Maass, Tony Navarette. Greg Harland, Ken Zimmerman, Alec Peber, Mark Woods. Brent Dunn, Kevin Broolie, Brett Tidler, Kelly Horn, Jason Welch. Jill Sandell. Chuck Hermon and Jeff Donovan. Drum Majors, Terri Burch and Robin Davis. Directors: Mr. Fessinger, Mr. Aslin and Mr. Lipka. 'alll L if I " I em ,t -- . . ...n y, , ....... --ae-c -.. 5 1-' .. IIFI 'K 'rx The directors were: Stuart Fessinger and David Aslin. l 0 I The Drum Majors were: Teri Burch 232 and Robin Davis. Golden Music Echoed Honors As the sun first peeked at the new day, the dedicated members of the Golden Eagle Marching Band stretched, donned their instruments and head- ed out to the field. lt was seven o'clock. The musicians stood at attention. The drum majors, Teri and Robin raised their arms. The show began!!! To prepare for marching competitions and halftime shows at football games. Eagle musicians spent each morning and Thursday afternoons in seemingly endless practice drills. ln addition, two weeks of t their time in August was dedicated to band camp. They realized that hard work, together with talent, provided the winning formula. Indeed, their perseverence was well rewarded. On October 20, The Golden Eagle Marching Band strutted onto the University of New Mexico Stadium field as the best in the Pageant of Bands! In addition to recieving best overall, they emerged with the outstanding brass section and outstanding percussion. Mark Woods took the title of outstanding soloist. They also placed fifth in the biggest marching competition of the season. the Zia Marching Band Festival, which included bands form Texas, Illinois, and Colorado. The Marching Band also opened the first day of the Balloon Fiesta. Consequently, the band provided unique opportunities for its members. They could compete for individual honors as well as group. Many tried for a place in All-State. Eldorado had record recipients of this honor. Alan Lee, a senior tuba player, performed in the McDonald's All-American Marching Band, an honor sought by musicians nationally. The drum major summed band opportunities as, "probably the best experience at Eldorado as a lead- er!" 233 Eldorado's bands strived for the best, Being a band member was not easy. lt took years of experience with the instrument and many hours of practice, The Symphonic Band was known for its superb performing abili- ty and was one of the largest bands at Eldorado. Again this year, Eldorado's Wind Ensemble. specializing in for- mal concerts. was considered outstanding. keeping up Eldorado's image as a superior band. The Screamin' Eagles provided entertainment during special assemblies and concerts. Their reputation as an excellent iazz band was known throughout the state. Golden Image combined with the Screamin' Eagles and per- formed at many different functions throughout the school year. No one person can make up a bands it is a combined effort. As Mr. Lipka says, "There is not one outstanding band member be- cause they are all outstanding." Th Band Strived For Unit L ll .1 HLA-Jn Icy- A , A ' qrilif , The members ofthe Symphonic Band were: Jim Archuleta, Cynthia Armijo, Lisa Barnes, Cherise Bartow, Kristen Beckman, Rick Belknap. Ron Bender. Bobby Bertelli, Robert Bitto. Liz Brodsky. Julie Byers, Jennifer Byrne, Mary Carlson, Matthew Chavez, Monie Corona. Christy Coulston, Peter Crook, Sharon Curzi, Barbara DaSilva, Debbei DaSilva, Jeff Donovan. Suzanne Doolen, Greg Dotson, Brent Dunn, John Elias, Eric Elsner, Mike Emarine, Alma Esquibel, Mike Fisher. Rick Fisher. Fitzgerald. Richard Foust. Dionne Fulcher. Michele Gaylord. Fran Gottlieb. Angela Gover. Lori Hall, Randy Hall. April Hamadey. Chuck Harmon. Andrea Head. Margot Head, Missy Henderson. Julie Henning, Jennifer Hickox, Zach Hollar. Mike Holmquist. Kelly Horn. Cathy Huttenhow, Laura lmmel. Matt Ingals, Jessica Irwin. Greg Harland, Chris Jones, Holly Jones, Tim Henningson, Tiffany Keeling, Kim Klammer. Angie Lilley. Kim Lunstra, Scott Maass. Scott Mccarty. Chris Meyer, John Molina, Steve Monnin, Tina Montano, Sonia Moore, Tammy Moore, Richelle Murrell. Tim O'Brien, Scott Oyler. James Payette. T. Payton, Anissa Pearce, Lichele Peete. David Peter. Jenny Pike, Lisa Reardon. Alec Reber. Penny Ronero. Greg Rose. Jill Sandell, Judy Shuman, Paula Smith, Allen Stanley, Barbara Stanley, Joetta Stilwell. Peter Stilwell, Dan Stouffer, Kari Struve. Chelly Teachout, Sammy Teachout, Bret Tidler. Chris Verkin. Eddie Verkin, Vicky Vittitoe, Jason Welch, Diana Wifall, Clay Williams, Heather Willock. Mark Woods. Scott Woodward, and Robert Yusko. Kalin Lopez. 234 he members of the Golden Image band were: John Elias. Mike Emarine, Jeff Francis, Chris Gassler, Randy Hall, John Hansen, alin Lopez. Scott Oyler. Jodi Pate, James Payette, T. Payton, Kara Peterson, Tono Pomerleau, Thad Porch. Jerry Ray, Dan Reves. G S k T St'l . Brett Tidler, Jason Welch. and Clay Williams. reg Rose, reg teros y, rey ies 'M---..g:... , Q ry, Pancho Romero The members of the Screamin " Eagles Jazz Band were Matt Armstrong. Allen Bivens, Kevin Brookie. Rob Brothers, Tei Burch. Mark Candelaria, Peter Ciurczak, Robin Davis, Joey Fazio. Derek Hilland, Alan Lee. Phil Mendelsohn, Pat Molina, Tony Navar- rette. Beth Prochazka. Mike Sauer. Shan- non Seaborn, Peter Stillwell, Rick Stratton. Mark Williams, and Mark Woods. 235 'fr P- YQ nfffll The members ofEldorado's Wind Ensemble were: Matthew Armstrong, Tara Bessen, Allen Bivens, Kevin Brookie, Rob Brothers, Becky Brown, Brown, Teri Burch. Mark Candelaria, Chris Cline. Kim Cole, Shelly Creager, Mary Ann Crow. Diana Dater. Robin Davis, Tim Demmie. John Engles. Fazio, Chris Gassler, Lisa Goff. Tamela Gover, Linda Grindstaff, Maurah Harrison, Leslie Hill, Eric Klammer, Allen Lee. Mitch Mann, McCoIlister, Mary McKinley, Patrick Molina, Tony Navarrette, Jason Owen, Scott Pendleton, Tono Pomerleau, Thad Porch, Beht Prochazka. Rusty Hal Richardson. Steve Rozum, Mike Sauer, Shannon Seaborn, Lisa Simon. Trey Stiles. Rick Stratton, Kim Struve. Nyleen Troxyl. Barbara White, Williams, Kristi Williams, Mark Williams, Scott Williams, Robin Williams, Vanessa Willock, Ken Zimmerman and Ruth Zimmerman. he bi The B nd Exaltedm l.':.l.U5Jl"1ADCJ he me fa :gg -------eff --- ..... . mbers of the Eldorado Golden Band were: Joseph Anderson, Kelly Baxter, Riff Beske, Scarlette Bessen, Julie Boehnker, Dyann Bolden, y, Lance Burke. Kevin Campbell. Ricci Carr. Patricia Carrol, Troy Castillo. Travis Christensen. Lisa Coronado. William Devlin, Kevin Sorff, Doyle, Tony Ecker. Michael Espinosa. Tari Field, Ty Fraley, Dennis Friedland, Jennifer Fume, Patty Galindo, Wendy Gaylord, Cathy Scott Hassan, Joel Hill. Jill I-lorney, Brian Isler, Jessica Johnson. Shelbi Jones, Michael Lehner. Susan Linnerooth, Mark Lopez. Chris Jack Mabry, Heather Malcolm. Veronica Martinez. Michael McBride. Chuck McCaffery. Wendy McCginnes. Grace McCrea. Shannon Carlos Montoya, Vicki Morgan. Matt Nichols. Gwewn Nicolls. Betsy Overberg, Jodi Pate, Katy Patrick, Stacy Pederson. Chris Pringle. Raab, Greg Raece, Joey Rascon, Amy Salge, Eric Sanchez, Todd Silberman, Beatrice Silva, Robert Stamm, Lisa Stuart, Michelle Temple. Vanderslice. Kristel Wadell, Catherine Welp, Kristen Williams. Robert Williams and Joel Wirth. filly-,,, lf.-'nth v ,4-v 'j 5 ' '1'- 1' .-.A A EN ll?" AGL iii "May the Flags Forever Fl " The excitement rose as the music began. One-two . . . One-two . . . always in step with the beat, the Eldorado flag corp provided visual entertainment for the specta- tors. In perfect synchronization, its members twirled, tossed and caught in various formations. Flag corp re- quired stamina, dedication and a positive attitude in all of its members. But as they began performing, they found the hard work was well worth it. "I have found that despite the hard work, flags has been the most fun I have had," Chris Meyer, the captain, stated. Actually, the flag corp had two separate seasons.. Dur- ing marching season, the corp performed at football games and competed in statewide competition. The win- tergaurd formed later in the year. At this time, the group learned one routine to a mixture of pop and rock music. This show was performed at assemblies. Thus, the flag corp entertained throughout the year. lt was a vital complement to the marching band and a cre- ative performing group. The Guard Members were: Liz Brodsky, Barbara DaSiIva, Debbie DaSiIva. Mindy Duncan, Diane - Fulcher, Fran Gottlieb, Margot Head, Jessica Inuin. Tiffany Keeling, Angie Lilley. Chris Meyer. Sonja Moore. Li- chele Peete. Lisa Reardon, Judy Shu- mann, Joetta Stillwell, Kari Struve, Darla Tresise and Chris Verkin. 239 The choral Department enjoyed the status as one of the largest and most prestigious in school music. Eldorado students had tremendous opportunities to learn vocal music. lf being part of a large group was a priority, a student could enroll in mixed chorus or concert choir. Concert choir required an audition, but mixed chorus maintained an open admission. ln April, the choirs attended the Spring Festival. Eldorado also had the Treble Chorus and Treble Ensemble for girls. These groups, along with other choruses, raised money through the sale of calendars and, during Christmas. sausage and cheese. Both girls choirs attended the District Seven Festival in the spring. For those dedicated to voice, Eldorado offered Gold Rush, the award winning swing choir. This opportunity, opened only to sophomores, juniors and seniors. incorporated lively music with upbeat choreography. Gold Rush participated in Solo and Ensemble Festival and the Spring Choir Festival. This year, they were asked to perform at the Governor's Award Banquet. ln addition, they performed at nursing homes during the holiday season. Each member of a chorus could compete for a place in the All-State Music Clinic on January I0 thru I2 at the University of New Mexico. Consequently. the Eldorado Choral Department integrated the talent of individuals and presented it in harmony. horuses Satisfied Eldorado's Re "choir"ment for Excellence The members of Gold Rush were: Tracy Andrews, Megan Anthony, Diana Barott, Chandra Bennett. Larry Brown, Dorothy Buell. Teri Burch, Bob Dennis. Julie Dir. Ken Dunfee. Monique Fine, Joe Ger- man. Chris Graham, Micheal Har- court. Johnathan Hoover, Kristi Jones, Eric Clammer. Kevin Knighton, Kelly Long. Margaret Martinez. Lori Parker. Scott Pascale. Larisa Pedroncelli, James Pickens. Rusty Ray. Hall Richardson, Kelly Sanchez. Rod Shampine, Scott Smiset. Scott Thompson, Shelle Van Etten. Heidi Wenger! and Jim Wil- liams. 'f at 240 The members of Mixed Chorus were: Lynda Craig, Tracy Eckert, Pam Gallegos, Traci Goff. Mary lntogna. Kristin Michels, Sonia Moore, Jodee Ortega, Diane Pearce. Jodi Prado. Lisa Reinke, Lisa Ricci. Debbie Velasquez. Keila White and Michele Yeaman. i l UCKNETQ mbers ofthe Concert Chorus were Tracy Andrews, Sade Baron, Sherrie Bell, Chandra Bennett, Kendra Bubp, Buell Robert Carpenter James Cates Jana Cranfill, Darren Divine, Joe German, Edie Hamilton, Laryl Cindy Hoppman Holly Hostetler Laura lmmel. Tara King, Eric Klammer, Shari Lawrence, Kelly Long, Jeff Margaret Martinez Fay McCarty Matt Miles, Margo Mitchele, Anke Miiller-Folger, Erin Nicolls. Jennifer Lon Parker Russ Parker Scott Pascale Jaco Pastorius. Larisa Pedroncelli, Tammy Robinson, Mark Romero. Sars Marka Stephens Scott Thompson Shelle Van Etten. Julie Verdeia, Craig Wall, Debora Williams, Jim 24I The members of the Treble Chorus were: Jennifer Anderegg. Lisa Barg. Karen Beezhold, Barbara Buffington, Stacie Dobbs, Jennifer Hansen. Catherine Harcourt, Tracy Hartman. Cyn- thia Hobson, Stacey Jennings, Sabrina Knauer. Cauna Mal- denado. Antanya Sisnerso, Veronica Talley and Kim Wilkin- SOII. The members of the Treble Ensemble were: Colette Barott, Kathy Bazan. Heather Berg. Kimberly Berry, Tanya Blakely. Jennifer U51 il Crenner, Jenny Farrel, Erica Fox, Alice Gluesing, Michele Greenwood, Eileen Henke. Elizabeth Herrington, Robin Hud- gins, Jessica Irwin, Elizabeth Johnson. Amy Korthand, Tacy Leonard. Sheryl Lund- berg, Katherine Mann, Patricia Martinez, Lorna McBride, Melanie Mummert, Alison Oates, Colleen O'NeilI, Maria Quesada, Monoca Robertson, Theresa Royce, Dan- ette Saxey, Michelle Taylor and Deanna Tuschhoff. 242 Eag Played with Strin s Attached December I2 and March I4 through l6 were impor- tant dates for the musical environment of Eldorado. On these days, the Eldorado Orchestra performed mu- sic spanning ages. From Mozart and Bach through Beethoven to Handel and Rossini, the Orchestra weaved a harmony of emotions rich in talent. The Eldorado Orchestra was one of the premier string orchestras in New Mexico. Many of its members also played in the Albuquerque Youth Symphony and Albuquerque Youth Orchestra. In addition, many were part of the All-State Orchestra. The highlight of the year was the orchestra's trip to Dallas in May. There it competed in the Six Flags Festival. Selected members of the Eldorado Orchestra were chosen to be part of the Strolling Strings. This group performed throughout the city in civic and social events. Recently. they have played to royal audiences and for Govenor Anaya and the State Legislature. This year they inspired music in Junior League's Holiday OIe', the Council of Great Cities Convention and cho- sen nursing homes The Strolling Strings transversed types of music. They played Kenny Rogers next to the Beatles and intergrated Bluegrass and movie themes. 243 The members ofthe Chamber Orchestra were: Kevin Baker. Heather Berg, Hope Bigelow. Bob Carleton. Ja SOD Chavez, Peter. Ciurczak, Sumiko Corley. Tim Demmie. Missy Dolson, Ken Dunfee, Monique Fine. Dawn Halvorson, Melissa Hansen. Sarah Hawkins, Robert Hohlfelder, Jim Howard. Melinda Jeffers, John Kim. Hae-Jung lee. Tr Lynch. Kim Maes, Dominic Maeslas, Valerie Mora, Sean Munzlinger. Michelle Prentice, Erick Robinson, Jenn Saran, Tammy Saueressig. Rod Shampine. Eileen Sims. Lisa Toops. Anne Whitaker and Trent Whiteside, nd! r'l , ., lg. , 11 e Q icia ifer "If Music Be the Food of Life, Play Cn." X. fl K 5 v 'X x N RX x X X K X I x X 4 U xw I W 246 Q W A 1 OX x Ex 8 X74-4 Ulf' G , X 'x L 472 0 mf VJ if N U N I K X M QQ x x3 Y 5 I K k :M Q 8 NM 3YwY QW? 5162154 Aww Qmb H ix EX QW sa? Q xhbg WSW MW myqy WM Nik 4, igi X SQ E M2 QNX X SHQSQ iHmN5 x ,K QSXQ Q +A mix S ygmgbk NXXQSF xxxm Q XXX heers Drilled Students with Spirit '. 4 gd' , . ' I -K v' -Y, 23' 1. Eagle spirit soared because of the determination and eagerness of spirit teams at Eldorado. Both the drill team and cheerleading quads strived to exhibit pride in Eldorado. "La Quadrilla" consisted of thirty-nine members working in harmony to entertain students with award winning routines. This as how the girls got their kicks! They also supported athletics throughout the year. Each member was "hard working, eager to earn and put out one hundred percent." The Varsity Cheerleading Squad portrayed the qualities which won them the Unity Award at the USA Camp held during the ummer. This honor rated them as the friendliest squad at the competition. ln addition, Renee Davis was one chosen out of three undred to be asked to instruct. The Varsity Cadet Squad ranked four out of seventy-five squads at the National Cheerleading Association Camp this summer. aving no designated sports to support, Varsity Cadet cheered at girls' sporting events. .lunior Varsity cheerleaders were graduated freshmen cheerleaders except for newcomer Nancy Martinez. This squad strived to evelop discipline. confidence and responsibility. "Would you like to buy an egg?" As strange as it sounds. the freshmen cheerleaders sold eggs to raise money for equipment nd uniforms. They also learned new cheers at the National Cheerleader Association Clinic and Rocky Mountain Cheerleader ssociation Clinic. All agree "Unity was much stronger this year." This togetherness, along with their enthusiasm. helped the cheerleaders and rill team raise money, unify the school and carry out the honor of being chosen for their "team." f"7'f,?.4'r": ,ff Z ff' .a?4f' AAK2'-' ,7 Mfffff' 21' dxfpsf' 7--,ffff ,f?4..4Af" 75 fgffgf' 541 .7 Ljgpfcf "7"" ,ifvgp yy' 1A,f4,-"Zi, X715 55272 ix:-3' '47 mai 1' -7222, 19 sfefeig,--fxfcje 7"Ls2fCz'pb-44 1,fvff71-4 fsffs' 45?-525 AFS 5, fvkb 11729,-54:-' ffycfgjpgcafv' 4,4ff7'77f AXAS .412-e?4fCs Si, fxfe:-2 I ,-L 265' fda, 6 de Aff, 1-722,-:Qaf clciifl- ,QMQE f51'f:'7l.f.f"w Q4 yzfgf 24 fyfgw? 72:9 :S 7'4,'-f f-f'A?f4 , kin-ffdl-VN! 44?-47 .f92wCD keine? 775-:2?7'7f' 4,4f'?23' 2"-f'9.L4.J2Vi5 c::C.zf' cf 64fV' qgsfryg' f"fc"' 167- 4544 v-L D,v T f4,.,,7-791 X 4757457-4f'VC5 4ff'95Q X 5' "f'47, fvQ:s.fv'5' f 7' Q43 '-f7X!'!,'?47 G.-yv 1"f1Cfg,452g7 civxf 2422, Mascot Monica Singlelerry 'tl' Rhonda Castillo Jana Mueller Meg Rudolph Renee Davis The Varsity Cheerleaders were: Front Row: Renee Davis. Meg Rudolph and Rhonda Castillo: Back Row! Kendall Kampfe, Shannon Miller and Jana Mueller. 248 x. N. Q Kendall Kampfe Shannon Miller Var ity and Var ity Cadet Got Spirits Brewing The Varsity Cadet Cheerleaders were: Front Row: Wendy Preston: Second Row: Pagliaz Third Row: Sherri Bloom. Kim Prinzing and Traci Reinharh Back Kym Louthan. bm .nfl ,,44?x9'g ' 'wi www 15: D V 1 V' f y I . Sherri Bloom E rs Q Traci Reinhart vuntkv' I Kym Louthan fe""'Qu5- kr wmv-.. ,, ' ., 3 new L Missy Paglia .... A 9 . Kim Prinzing r.-AV' Y Wendy Preston 249 .l.V. and Fre hm n Jumped for .lo ix'- f' Y Karri Beeman Nancy Martinez nhl, Kursten Sterosky Kelly Young Stephanie Merrett The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders were: Front Row: Kjirsten Ruben, Stephanie Merrett and Kelly Young. Back Row: Kirsten Sterosky, Karri Beeman and Nancy Kyrsten Ruben Martinez' wi? M fy Q qw, r --I ,l , fl, W Pix r Claudia Ortega Lee Ann Romero The Freshman Cheerleaders were: Top Row: Jill Vasquez, Middle Row: Michelle Wade, and Lee Ann Romero. Bottom Row: Claudia Ortega, Linda Hobbs and Kathy Evans, 17 J. K Kathy Evans Linda Hobbs Jill Vasquez Michelle Wade The two Junior Varsity soccer teams at Eldorado exhibited outstanding records. Although the teams were considered organizations because they did not have faculty sponsors, they were extremely proud to represent their school in sports competitions. This year they proved this with seven wins for the girls and ten for the boys. Each team lost and tied only one game. The boys lost to Highland High QI-OD and Rio Grande defeated the girls 13- lj. Over the entire l984 season, the girls outscored their opponents 32 to I 2, and the boys outscored theirs 7 I to I 5. The two teams received tremendous par- ent support which boosted their morale greatly. The girls coach, Bill Oberkampf, and the boys coach, David Huskissen. were very pleased with the efforts and results of the teams. Soccer Kicked for Hi h Goals The members of the J. V. L ' A girls team were: Natalie Anderson Lizzie Bauer Kelly Baxter Kathy Carlow Kristen Catanach Beth Doherty Suzanne Doolen Linnea Dueker Stacey Garner Dawn Halvorson Ann Holmes Leslie Mcgrath Marni Oberkampf Kathy Richardson Tami Skinner Anne Spranger Susie Vogel Coach-Bill Oberkampf Asst. Coach- Jeff Greyson The members of the .LM boys team were: John Canaday Jay Dahlman Brian Dodge ' Terry Gray .y" a Joey Harbinson , 1 fl Chuck Harmon y 45 A 'A Jeff Harstad V A A 'T 'r Jay Hasche 1 lp ' 1 , ,v Chris Hom , ' : in .- Bryan Huskissen A N , ' N K5 W l Q" - M Bob Kerns II 'XY . f 4 ' . Ax ' ' X ' f" .iw Eric Knutson ' 2 , f ' 11 girly C F' - h L Steve Patterson , N 4 l gy- 5 5 X f , Y 17 Q Dan Pearce l ' Q- l-T NP 1 1 5 A h Z' ' ' ' U David Peters 1 A X Q ' fi ' A X 1 . i Mike Prater ' L E' A it . 1 1 . . Q . lr L l' 'lr A Rob Romac F, G-W ' A 1 H 'A - -. ', 1 Q ' Y! Kurt Russell' I 'f I A . X " ' Q '- GabeSalazar Qty 1 x xv , . 'f5.,w. .N ,wg V. .M David SI----1 C, 1 ...e - """'i""" A l 5" 5:iW c'4i' 2' il "ze-.. 5 4- ll. fr i' Q . 4 ' 252 -9 wk-- 'rv 4 11" X EHS vs HHS si-zo F. EHS vs VHS "Y- , 28-0 EHS vs ,X SHS l9-7 M i 1 The Varsit Season . . . The Varsity Football Team, led by Coach Hall, started their year with a victory game against Sandia. The Homecoming game followed soon after and resulted in a 3 I -20 victory against Highland. This year was one of the few years that the Eldor- ado Varsity Football Team did not make State or District. Though the season did not go as well as hoped for, the team ended the season with a win against Manzano. An unusual quality of the football team was that there was not a captain or co-captain. Each player was given the opportunity to fill these positions. 254 Q, gh, .' f -... 'f a 1 5" f" Q wi., . . Ended in ictor ELDOHADO ,Y members ofthe Varisty Football Team were: First Row: Jeff Rethmel, Dan Vinson, Kevin Brannon, Gavin Gonzalez, Todd Brader, Ted and Barry Cole. Second Row: Jerry Ray, Mike Royce, Eric Maass. Wes Burgess. Jon Whitaker. Keith Beal, Steve Rea, and Jerome Third Row: James Espey, Kent Johnson. Jeff Wise. Don Mundell fTrainerJ, Jerry Dave CCoachj, Pat Mosier fCoachJ. Jerry Hall Ed Bisetti 1CoachJ, Jim Johns QCoachJ, Paul Zaprelli QCoachJ, Bill Grubb and Aaron Dye. Fourth Row: Jay Thorton, Sheldon Pete Bustos. Bobby Erickson, Brian Buckley, Dennis Trujillo, Mike Chavez, Todd LeCesne and Joe Padilla. Fifth Row: Dee Mike Mana. Steve Brawley, Rob Smith, Gilbert Loera. Gavin Flury, Adam Powell and Pat Royce. Top Row: Tim Garcia, Rob Kuiath. Andrews, Terry Brader. Ray Aycox. Mike Clark, Charles Cumber, Pat French and Don O'Neill. -,.,.,, 14. unlu- 255 The JV Football Team had an excellent season with a 7-I record. They made All-City and tied for lst place. The team was noted for having a very strong running back which contributed to their successful season. The defensive secondary. otherwise known as the Smurfs. were small but very effective. Freshmen Eagles got their taste of competition this year and it proved to be rewarding. Hopefully the experience of being on Freshmen Football will encourage them to continue playing football throughout high school. Made All-City Honors The J. V. Football team was: Front Row: Jeff Martinez. Rick Stults, Richard Salas. Darrell Mummert. Paul Self. Charley Dotson, Steve Williams and Jason Turpin. Second Row: Danny Holton. Kent Brown. Paul Zamprelli Qcoachb, Jerry Dare fcoachj, Jerry Hall Ccoachj. Ed Bi- setti fcoachj, Jim Johns fcoachb. Pat Mosier fcoachj, Todd Rhodes, Rob Lerch, and Don Weaver. Third Row: Jason Babb. Rick Elkins. Steve Spinks, Dan Royce, Scott Andrews, Mike Meyer. Colton Jones. Tim Zagger, Todd Tilghmany and Law- rence Chafin. Fourth Row: John Ste- phens. Troy Hamby. Eric Weinmas- ter, Brian Wright. Mark Morris. Bri- an Moore. Chris Kakos and James Sots. Top Row: David Trucksa, Mike Young. Dirk Weddle, David Roe. Trey Brader, Greg Fackler. Scott Latham. Eric Michelson. Craig Cuthbert and Mike Giacomo. .....- N i 256 if . - .-. --.i V. Fre hm n Eag s Charged to Victor -4 19.121 ELDOHA The Freshmen Football Team was: Front Row: Jim Vleck, Troy Castillo and John Salazar. Second Rowx Jeff Cook, Eric Toledo, Mark Montoya. Mark Lewis. Mike Schaefer, Jared Huskey. Mac Brunner and Jason Roswell. Third Rowx Forest Carmody, Chris Stott, Jerome Medlock, Karo Long, Jason Jepson. Matt Schaefer, Monoco Maez, Frank Tomlinson. Bill Talley and Chris Ehmett. Fourth Row: Mark Walker. Rob Brace. Clint Correa. Cash King. Chris Seymour. John Salazar, David Reynolds, Tony Villalobos and Brian Ouellette. Fifth Row, Blake Hill. Donald Lafler, Rob McKinley. Tracey Ketner. Jeff Jump. Adrain Lopez. Joel Worth. Mike Brand and Rob Hawley. Sixth Rowx Pat Ryan, Alex Kuhn, Pat, David Sawyer. Anthony Yanez. Ron Upshaw, Eric Bickel, Scott Quiring and David Burton. 257 -8 Boy's Varsity Soccer began the I 984 season with a new coach and seven returning letter- men. Coach Larry Knutson led the Eagle squad to the State Tournament with a 4-2 District record and an overall record of 8-4- I . The Eagles were defeated by the District 2 Champ Highland Hornets at State. but Cap- tain Jeff Collins felt it was a real team effort and that the Eldorado Soccer program was really flying high! Midfielder Ken Zimmerman placed in the All-District second Team as Midfielder Jeth Harbinson. Defender Jeff Collins and Goal- keeper Pat Coulie also received All-District honors. All-Staters included Jeff Collins, Pat Coulie and Ken Zimmerman. Their spirit was shown with this chant: Zigga, Zigga. Zigga Eu, Eu, Eu, Zigga. Zigga, Zigga Eu, Eu, Eu, Zigga. Zigga, Zigga Eu, Eu. Eu, Linke Seite. Rechte Seite. Mittlae Seite Tor! Eagle Pride EHS vs EHs vs EHS vs EHS vs EHS vs EHS vs AHS EHS vs tx - EHS vs EHS vs 'K QEHS vs ms. vs ' EHS ' vs EHS 4 4 sus vs HHS o-1 A' -. :wx-i ' L if a The Boys Soccer Team was: Front Row: Brett Snyder, Jeth Harbinson, Terry O'Mara, Pat Coulie. Jeff Collins. Mike Holmquist and Hans Plate. Second Row: Scott Young. Ken Holmquist. Tom Carlow, Consultant- Afshin Ehsafdaran, Coach-Larry Knutson. Ken Zimmerman, Tim Shultz and David McGirk. Not Pictured: Dan Gardenswartz. John Huffman. Mike Mayor. Tom O'Neil and Trent Whiteside. 7-S .4 " -M is . . mimi'-HN 0 'F . Boys Varsit Soccer Kicked The Girls Varsity Soccer team came through with flying colors. They took state Talpas. y Girls Varsity Soccer Hands Down . ,y. The Girls Soccer Team was: Front Row: Karen Caldwell. Stephanie Talpas. Micki Cline and Brigitte Sparlin. Second Row: Marla Tomlinson. Monique Ecker. Amy Taylor. Milissa Cline. Joy Taylor. Anny Bauer and Ruth Zimmerman. Top Row: Coach Sara Emmons. Sheri Burchett, Anita Dugan. Becky Wright. Beth Hinkle, Cheryl Guenther. laura Vogel. Dina Digrazia and Adrea Reitan. out from under Los Alamos' feet in a 2-l victory at the Sports Stadium. Eagle Coach, Sarah Emmons. said the girls played like they knew they couldl Captain Laura Vogel was the state's leading scorer and was selected for the All-State First Team. Other First Team All-Staters were Brigitte Sparlin, Karen Caldwell and Beth Hinkle: Second Team included Cheryl Guenther, Amy Taylor. and Amy Bauer: and Honorable Mention went to Micki Cline and Stephanie All-District honors went to Brigitte Sparlin, Laura Vogel. Amy Taylor, Karen Caldwell, Anny Bauer, Cheryl Guenther, Joy Taylor, Becky Wright. Anita Dugan. Beth Hinkle, Micki Cline, and Stephanie Talpas. On, sus ys ,Mus 9-I sus vspsrus 9-2 E towns 9-2 v WG ,-0 ' EH s .1- ,, EHS LA fs-o""' uh' HH -I4-l r--.e EHS' Bums 144: ms v ms s.: ms vs Al-is 15-aug ,fin EHS vs syrnsfffgsilsp EHS 'S VHS "fl l , 3- ,EHS vs zilggj' ' ..'iL'Y , ' ' U :g'ff"2:,fi5' y4Y".""""' ,sf 'Ga EHS B iffy rf mga f -jx'-' K f 'I s a,- V 51 te rm, . LL QWM. . r - V , gl sfiiflflfili K f .321 259 Varsity Volleyball Soared . The Varsity Volleyball Team had some struggles during the season. After a mid-season letdown. the team fought back hard and won the District Tournament, playing six- teen games in two days. The girls defeated Hobbs in the first round of the State Tournament. The Varsity Eagles also played in competition for over three hours, the long- est game in the state's history, in the second round but came up a little short. Coach Chavez said, "l'm really proud of the team. They played hard and deserved to be District Champs." 260 - pi 1 I -X' D 'X AC' The Varsity Volleyball Team was: Front Row: Coach Chavez and Tanya Florence. Back Row: Suzanne Rapagnani. Jennifer Kipp. Christie Kleven. Alison Kleven, Georgie Jewell, Laura Porter. Teri Florence, Kathy Schlichling. Elaine Kleven and Sandy Graybeal. 46 ali lf EHS X EHS EHS MHS CHS ..'Fo State The l984-85 .l.V. Volleyball Team had a very frustrating season. Coach Garcia felt the team's win-lose record did not adequately re- flect the team's performance. "They play just as well as the opposing teams. but they just didn't come out on top," said Coach Garcia. The key accomplishment was that the girls learned how to play "volleyball" the way it should be played. O O Spiked Into Action The members all. V. included: Front Row: Coach Garcia. Back Row: Brenda Gutierrez, Michelle Mellos. Lisa Allen. Laura Karen Beezhold. Amy Blomstrom. Trina Bellettini, Cindy Riordan, Paula Schnitzler. Nikki Widner, Tracy Smith and Kara Shukis. 262 C-Team P ssed Court In pection -45 T of Q 2 use The C-team was: Front Row: Jo Ann Chance and Coach Box. Back Rowx Tricia Martinez. Shelly Morris, Tiffany Brader. Theresa Anzar, Christina Harper, Rona Thompson. Tandi Hummel, Melissa Nielson, Julie Hirschfield, Cassie Tolbert and Celina Hime. Not pictured: Michelle Smith, Becky Tawney and Tara Willingham. "The main objective of the C-Team was to learn the basic skills of volleyball and to have fun," said Coach Box. Though the season did not turn out as anticipated, it was still enjoyable as well as a good learning exper- ience. 263 Varsily members were: Front Row: Robert Coronado, Norman Kalat. Todd Klein and Chip Leonard. Back Row: Mike Reinikainen, Steve Stocking, Tom Eckert, Robbie Buckly and lan Harmon. Q? . 6.6 I ' . 'ggi 4, X .3 v .. r G 5 .f ' . NY as X ' 'Q 'ff ' Q2v'21,41, -- - . n - K - gr , in X 1 . ANJ df I' 2 r " f . 'Q -.Q M, I 'A ' ' f f y, , I ' T .- Lil-A I 5 1' Vx in I tw 'ff -S ---r ' ff I za' S Q--' F s ' .X A Y, H , r ES fix, 'P 'fix - v ' V " f F. , I ' 're ' , ffjigygz, Nunn, Htijffi Mesa Invitational meet 2nd Invitational Invitational Invitational 1 my ,531 , I - x ' J f X in f .l.V. members were: Front Row: Phillip Hickey and Mike Arrendondo. Middle Row: Steve Dirks. Dennis Friedland, Chris Laughlin, Greg Dotson, Peter Koenigsberg and Eric Sanchez. Back Row: Greg Dixon, Chris Knackstedt, Scott Harland. Coach Victor Moore. Tory Sullivan. Joel Shearer and Chris Lamb. Kee "Track" Cf Boys Cross Countr Getting on Eldorado's cross country team wasn't the easiest thing to do. It took hard work, long hours of practice, endurance and a lot of self motivation. Cross country was not only an individual sport but also a team sport. Boys Cross Country had a great season with the help of Coach Victor Moore training, preparing and guiding them. The team ended their season with finesse: they came in third for district. Tom Eckert qualified for State and Robert Coronado was twentieth in the state of New Mexico. Great jobl 264 oach Victor Moore and Coach Carol Knauber ere proud. sv' S 1 L 1 l , ffv' 'Q ,. , 1 ul 'M The interest in Cross Country steadily increased with the interest in physical fitness, running and a growing interest in marathon running. Team spirit and a strong interest was what made EIdorado's team stand out above the rest. From August through Novem- ber, Girls Cross Country practiced for one of their best seasons yet. They took first in city and district and third in State. Carolyn Gallagher recieved first place honors as an individual in district and second in State. Girls Cross Country ended their season with flying colors. Outstanding! Girls Cross Countr a. Crossed To ictor fx- ,s F X Mesa lnvi T d J- Meet ,K Inviational 2nd S' Invitational Ist . a Meet lst 2 lnvitationa stt- lnvi tional 3rd lx! The Girls Cross Country Team was: Front Row! Carolyn Gallagher, Donna Wilder, Dee Dee Bazan. Tara King. Cathy Arredondo and Alisha King. Sec- ond Row: Kathy Patrick, Michelle Hash. Karin Madina. Jenny Pearce. Karen Ka- lat. Christine Pierce and Jennifer Huff- man. Back Row: Coach Knauber, Kim Sanders. Michelle Poteat, Janet Cor- tesi, Carmen Richardson, Brenda Gra- ham, Valirie Field and Melissa Scibior. 265 The Eldorado GirI's Varsity Basketball team turned out an outstanding record and had the longest winning streak in the nation. USA Today ranked the team seventeenth in the nation. ln one word. the girls were invincible. They were a proud and hard working group. Most of the girls had been working to be on the team for several years. Coach Flanagan demanded dedication, hard work and enthusiasm from his team. The most memorable game of the season was against St. Pius. After four quarters and three overtimes, the excited team finally pulled through to win the game. Because of their terrific performance, the Girl's Varsity Basketball team would not be soon forgotten. GirI's Basketball Reached For . . A619 Hi h Goals Front Row! Beth Geuder. Coach Flanagan and Antoinette Valencia. Back Row: Karen Darsey, Joanie Ansloan, Stacy Leighton, Leslie Smith, Mary McKinley. Yvonne Sanchez. Shauna Donovan and Becky Spring. Girl J. . Hooped for Victor MHS 268 2, K 5...- -of 71497 The members ofthe Girls J. V. Basketball Team were: Front Row: Krista Lent, Manlee Mangano, Sue Engl. Melissa Mills. Danielle Jeffrey, and Monique Ecker. Bottom Row! Dawn Sterk, Coach Flanagan and Laura Wolf. I, 2 mul They may not have had standing room only at their games, but junior varsity and C-team basketball remained very important to the girls program. Led by two new coaches. Sally Marquez, for .I.V., and Ed Wyant, for C-team, the teams heightened season records. The hard working and well disciplined girls were asked to "strive for IOOM at all times, both on the floor and off, during practice and in the classroom." The girls fulfilled their responsibility with dedica- tion, perserverence and pride. C-Team Rebounclecl i ' aw I gd M 4 A ' GLU!! of the Girls C-Team Basketball were, Front Row: Jodi Pate. Kris Hagenbuck, Tammy Spring, Valerie Grover. lynn Filusch. and Joanne Gutierrez. Bottom Row: Dyann Bolder, Teri Royce. Stacy Veitz. and Lisa Vigil. 269 Eagle Varsit Basketball Laid-Up Front Rows Tom Casias, Valeria Reyes: manager. Head Coach Dave Romo, Assistant Coach Trini Salas and Pat Royce. Second Row: Jeff Graysom manager Griffin Pickard, Dave Dorcas, Bobby Spear, Mark Smith, Russel Winters, Jason Hodges, Pat Uhe Vanilla Gorillaj Harrington, Heath Gee. Brent Cannedy and Mike Eldorado's Varsity Basketball team had a slow start going into the l984- l985 season. ln January, going into the APS City Tourney, the Golden Ea- gles had a one and four mark in Dis- trict play and a three and seven mark overall. The team consisted of Seniors Pat Harrington, Jason Hodges, Tom Ca- sias, Mike McShane, Heath Gee, and Dave Dorcas. Juniors were Pat Royce and Griffin Pickard. Sophomores were Bobby Spear, Russel Winters and Jessie Lisle. The team's statistics showed that Pat Harrington scored sixteen points a game. Jason Hodges scored eleven. Bobby Spear also had eleven, Tom Casias scored eight, Heath Gee scored six and a half points a game and Russel Winters hit .5 points per game. Although the Eagles had problems with the loss of two key players, the Eagles made the best of the l984- I985 season. McShane. Not Pictured Assistant Coach Joe Cantou. ' ll! Sli V II llillll 3 fw 'lic- 3- l mm v ng 1 A ,A 1 , - Q tl' iw x , ng, 'HNF ' w S we 3 een The Boys Junior Varsity, C-Team and Freshman ketball teams had good seasons following in the steps of past seasons. The boys had hard sched practicing from 2-3 hours a day and giving up me their social lives. But being on basketball team many rewards for the players, such as learning effort, keeping in good shape, making good fril learning how to budget their time and cooper with other people. The rewards for the coaches in ed being able to see the players develop as the' better and better. The players and coaches also many responsibilities like being representatives c school and showing sportsmanship. The coaches to set examples, discipline the players, motivate and "psych" them up for games. This was dor individual pep talks and building up a desire to The goals for the teams were to learn, have fun win. .IV Sl10l F4 Winning Seasc The members of the J.V. boys basketball team were: Front Rowx Kevin Westad. David Rider, Coach Tri Salas. Manager Valerie Reyes and Chris Kakos. Second Row: Manager Jeff Grayson, Brian Dodge. Bre Cannedy, Bob Spear, Bruce Welton. Mark Smith, Russel Winters, Jesse Lisle. Tim Hart, Griffen Pickard a Manager Karen Boles. Team and eshman 'ere Sky Hi h The members of the Freshman boys basketball team werex Front Row: Paul Pedroncelli. Pele Koenigsburg. Coach Dave Rogers. Manager Dean Marie. Charles Cerutti and Bobby Jewel. Second Row: John Hopkins, Jason lewis, Malt Wilson. Bill Littleton, Jim Farmer, Ryan Marks, Andy Craig and Joel Shearer. 273 The boys team did as expected, well. They were ranked sixth in the state. Being on the team involved an incredible amount of discipline and deter- mination which they had. Many qualified for state. These included. Clay- ton Brown, John Martin, Cliff Nail, Ron Cook, and Mike Passman and Jeff Leischner who were divers. All of their skill and determination payed off in the end. Boys Swimming Sunk the Competitio .ii 6. ' 9 J' -of , , K 'M 3 X- e-.. .N Ah 4'-ww Front Row. Mike Passman. Chad Swaeyden. Peter Wengert. Matt O'Neill, Quin Robertson, Ron Cook and Rob Second Row: George Huttenhow, Ken Holmquist. Steve Cook. Jeff Leischner. Kris Jacobsen, Keith Martin, Issac and Mike Fisher. Third Row: Jeremy Beel. Clayton Brown, Scott Reardon. Mike Holmquist. Russell Bare, Hendrick 274 Todd Clark. Jack Henderson, Cliff Nail and Coach Ron Reinhart. 'I V Q49 swf sri. This year, Eldorado's Girls Swimming did very well. They had many qualifiers for the state competition. They were: Susie Guenther, Barbara Beavers, Carol Tate. Debbie Gallegos. Joellen Beller. Michelle Rose, Pam Gaylord, Wendy Gaylord and DeeDee Potenza. According to their coach, Ron Reinhart, the team did very well, and because of the large amount of underclassman was predicted to do well in the next few years. They were ranked third in the state. All of their discipline and hard work helped them to do very well this year. Girls Drowned Enemi Row: Wendy Gaylord, Heather Fenstermaker. Pam Gaylord, Lorna McBride, Teresa Fuenthas and DeeDee Second Row: Jass Satier. Jennifer Smith: manager. Barbara Beavers, Vickie Landells. Debbie Gallegos. Lisa Michele Gaylord, Amy Spear and Leslie Clark. Third Rowx Lisa Sluder, Becky Brower, Carol Tate, Kristin Natalie Anderson, Susie Guenther. Melissa Scibior. Michelle Rose and Coach Ron Reinhart. 275 One of the less followed sports here at Eldorado was any- thing but a nonexciting spectator sport. The seventeen athletes of the I984-85 Boys Gymnastics Team had an attitude that gave them spirit. This team, coached by Pete Egan, had no need for a captain or leader: They considered everyone to be equal and no one person ruled over another. Spending two to three hours, five to six days a week, they would practice various stunts such as the planche on the rings. These long hours were used to perfect a well developed routine in performing at var- ious meets throughout their schedule. Their skills were con- stantly tested by the tough compeitition present throughout the state. F ings! -'Boys Gymnastics Schedule X EH t' vs RGHS g T N cHs Mixed T is at CHS .,,, ,, as-.,,A ,T Saftdiiillilitational pk Y . S ' vs T Hg S vs A N S PS City Meet ks S vs ,,, ESH HS v T istrict Mget T Stateshegi 1 . --..a..i ' ix S 2 ' 1 A A A W 1 it s Ms.-. 'm......, ....... ......... :- Boys G mnastics Swung with Spirit Front row: Will Cabaniss. Tom Salage and Jason Wolf. Second row: Scott Delap, Stacey Whitehead. Mike Davis. Coach Pete Egan Rusty Todd Hatch and Mark Furas. Third rowx Ricky Littleford. David Dennis. Terry Grey, Tom Lopez, Russ Parker. Kermit Pearman. Ray Richmond Chuck Zaffery. 276 W , uv' T -K , .f 1 if -.-LJ Q, v V ,Tl 'itz . . K . ,L R N N' , f . 'wif Q ' '15, - " . Hg? y , Y qu..- I, r 3. -x is 'N 1. R x K .E 'nv I i n lW'1m:,.r mwcg? lm!" "wiki an-. BS . -U . M E iraq 4 gap Z ' A XA 1, 's if 9 V, Q 1:1 :gg ,N , 'S I ,A 50001, 5 1 '-,I A - MJF . -A1213 1' aa..f1if23"'W"Zl QBURA 277 The members of the Varsity Gymnastics Team were: Front Row: Suntalee Peverley Robin Hudgins, Amy Henderson and Kristin Michels. Second Row! Bea Dambrmo Karin Shenk and Tricia Kiser. Third Rowx Holly Lawrence. Renee Perry and Shannon Oestrelcher J-'s's 7 x 4:1 J i in 4-f.. Had a Flying Start. Gymnastics was a sport which required poise, grace and amplitude. The members of the EHS girls gymnastics team competed in four events: the balance beam, floor exercise, the horse and uneven bars. Each of these events took hours of practice and determination. They started practicing early in the year and worked out from 3:00 to 6:00. It took a lot of hard work and precision by each member of the gymnastics team to make it to the top. 278 Girls G mnastics . . . + 'Qin 7 If .ps s p 1-3-1 A v 341 XTLQ, ' .X 'YS' u2sa.wAi2mf.e:ss.mu....- ,, NT-HU--' , - -' s X xx Ill, . 'il We .T 'J 'cf EET .un The members of the Junior Varsity Gymnastics Team were: Front Row. Lisa Ricci, Tiffany Carina Maldonado and Julie Verdeja. Second Row: Dana Fergusan, Laura Fietland Andrea Adkins. Third Rowx Lisa Stuwert and Robin Johnson. Q, J ' I J .l,, , ' we J, W ,ss Girlgiflymnalic I .Yr Schedule f , f asus E iq., A U' ' A' ,- yn ' , A' ' A -ly, 279 X , ' t xx H ,x A 1 S ak N """' 'E- Varsity Wrestlers Threw Gpponents Varsity Eagle wrestlers had an excellent season, with one of their biggest thrills being the win against Rio Grande, 37-I 7. Having one returning state placewinner, Charlie Dotson, compared to Rio Grande's six, the team was pleased with their own ability to compete under pressure. Coach Evans described the boys as hardworking, young, having only two seniors on the team, competitive athletes, who enjoyed the unknown outcomes in their matches. They used each competitive experience as a base for further improvements. The boys were inspired throughout the entire season by a chart known to them as the "Golden Eagle Wrestling Blue". This chart referred to their goal of winning the blue state championship trophy. 280 Front Rowx Chris Day, Jeff Grothaus. Charlie Dotson. Matt Guinn and Den- nis Freedome. Middle Row: John Ger- ace, Jay Thornton, Steve Spinks. Kyle Metz and Robert Elrick. Back Row: Coach Evans. Justin Kuzenka, Marc Davy. Todd Brader and Coach Meryweiler. 28I 12" 'We Golden Wre tlin Pinned It Again This years Junior Varsity wrestling team had an extremely good year. They were especially proud of their 72-0 defeat of Highland High School and their 6l-6 de- feat of Albuquerque High. These victories proved their teams potential. They were all top-notch athletes who always try to im- prove. One thing that makes them different from other teams is that they had a fresh- man, Mark Walker, in the upper weights. 282 eolugvnsm we 5 Front Row: Eric McKnight. Marc Lewis. Steve Riley. Wayne Dillon, Todd Sais. Steve Mollin. Troy Smith and Dwayne Smith. Second Row: TJ. Hauser, Todd Rhodes, Damian Roberts, Todd Tilghman, Jim Perry. Mark Walker, Ted Broach. Rod Cinn and Greg Dotson. Third Row: Phillip Marler. Kory Simmons, Mark Morris, Dan Royce. Coach: Tim Merzweiler, Shawn Mulligan. Steve Borrowdale, David Roe and Gilbert Loera. Front Rowx John Mayor. Jason Chavez, Tom Hirschman. Mark Montoya, Dwayne Smith, Brett Adams, Eddie Reynolds and Troy Castillo. Second Row: Bart Burton, Shannon Miller, Mike May, Steve Gish, Allan Gregory, JeffCook, Mike Leone, Richard Covington and Byron Gabel. Third Row: John Davis, Brian McKeever. Robert Brace, Joel Wirth. Brian Oullette. Coach: Mike Day, Ron Upshaw. Adrian Lopez, Brian Morga, Scott Moore, Keith Brown and Jerry Armiio. seousussm ff memes XflfWlES?'UlL-.ULUGE as l 6 ,J X Luk -' -'EqS'vs"GlS 8-4l This years freshman wrestling team was described as a group of hard-working young men. The mem- bers always realized where there was room for improvement. After work- ing hard all year, they had what they described as a fair to good season. They were invited to the city invita- tional at the end of the season. CHS Sys. E vs EHS vs. MHS 3 283 Girl Tenni Swung Into Action MHS f' EHS fnlvsqhd MHS fDistrictj sa. There were many new experiences for the people involved in Tennis, l985. Both of the coaches, Coach Porkorski for the Boys Tennis Team and Coach Neeld for the Girls Tennis Team, were newcomer coaches. Also, about half of the players on the girls team were new because a major number of members from last year's team had graduated. The new exper- ience for the boys team was a new coach! During the '85 season there were approxi- mately eight varsity Iettermen and not as many newcomers. During the tryouts, both coaches looked for sportsmanship, skill and agressiveness. Out of the fourteen to sixteen people from all four grade levels who tried out, ten students made each team. The tryouts started the first week of February and lasted approximately one month. 284 uni E P95 ln-nal FEL .... . 31. M ,. 4 . .4 it .,. ..,. . The members of the Girls Tennis Team were! Front Row: Judy Shuman and Beth Hinkle. Back Rowx Angela Smith, Vanessa Willock, Christina Noftsker. Heather Snyder, Tirsa Gonzales, Charlyn Hud- son, Monica Wintheiser. Kelly Baxter and Michelle Smith. Not shown Jamie McCassery and Heidi Wengert. The members of the Boys Tennis Team were: Front Row! Wes Rose, Jeff Perry. Christian Klingbeil. Anders Blom. Troy Graff, Terry Graff and Martin Morris. Back Row: Mark Dunkenson. Mark Vigil, Daniel Mainzer, John Kim. Matt Gomez. Myles Monroe, Don Weaver and Coach Porkorski. ,V-2 525 N I X - ps W Mb r T fi :Qu by .I I f 's Y , i Boys Tenn: Was Willin Q! 9? To Serve ln I985, Boys' and Girls' Golf became a more popular sport than ever because many new people from out of town and quite a few freshmen tried out. This generated more energy to both the boys' and girls' teams. Each team consisted of experienced golfers. therefore the potential to win was tremendous. Competition from other schools in- cluding Sandia, Highland, Cibola, and Socorro was abundant, but both teams came Boys' Golf wun Through out fighting strong! ELDQHAD . Q Front Row: Bryan Dennis. John Coen. Chad Swayden. Karl Werner and Phillip Busta- mante. Back Row: Andy Gustaueson, Terry Gray. Scott Heck, Ron Hunt, Chris Payton. Brian Wright. John Hammonds and Coach Winters. 286 , fs . X '- ,pl ' Cr f ' 71- . .,, .fj?- 19, 1.,.. X . Y' 3 4'.. --. sl' ' ,' c ,,, ,X IP' LV: . I iff., ' 1 1 A lx: l A 0: ll!! as? GULF Front Rowx Casey Wiseman. Kathy Ba- zan and Patty Galindo. Back Row: Cindy Beller, Alicia Kotzen, Toni Kotzen. Tracy Eckert and Coach Keeler. Girl ' Golf Was Suited To A Tee 'f-.1' S-f - x,.t .,-, ,f . 6 ,.r ,. le . ,jf M: . W, N, rv,H A. . - A . ,. , fa. Y , , J-P53 x gal", 'x l 287 Girl Played Everythin ' e-----..........'i ""' ..:.:4i.,:g1 fa... ln Eldorado's athletic program the competi- tive spirit was no more evident than in girl's softball. Pulling talented girls from different softball leagues around Eldorado's area pro- vided the Eagles with one of the strongest teams in the city. They had the positive atti- tude that had been present in the teams of the past three seasons, which helped them to achieve an impressive accumulative win re- cord of 49 wins and I5 losses. Head Coach Durward Stell asked but one thing of the girls on his team, "to give IOOM, maximum in prac- tice, in games and in attitudes." This one re- quest seemed to be the right motivation that certainly proved to be the winning recipe for this year's team and of future teams. 288 6irl's Varsity Softball members were: Front Row: Joan Ansloan. Lisa Allen. Tracy Hathoot, Michele Greenwood. Carla Oney, Laura Wildman and Melissa Mills. Back Row: Coach Ray Pompa. Kristi Dirks, Lisa Mistretta, Michelle Gutierrez. Yvonne Sanchez, Alison Kelven. Elsa Benavides. Andrea Reitan and Coach Durward Stell. But "Soft"balI '54 , Q , -...-Q.. 7 k df ,wa A Tl if - 1 Z9 GirI's J. V. Softball members were: Front Row: Laura Migliaccio, Wendy Dare, Stacey Veitz, Christa Lent and Antionette Valencia. Second Row: Ramona Martinez, Lisa Vigil, Suzanne Rapagnani, Christine Whitefield. Missy Archibeck, Sandy Bennett and Renee Mangano. Back Row: Sherry Barrett, Rhonda Grendmeyer, Val Grover. Coach Gil Story. Tammy Spring, Christie Barrett and Joanne Gutierrez. J.V. Schedule EHSA ,vs HHS E e Al-ls ' of ?"3i,VCHS :.L isrns EHAIH 1 DNHS EHS vs RGHS EHS vs EHS vs EHS vs EHS vs RGHS or HHS l.CHS This year was not used for rebuilding the baseball team, because CHS the team was already loaded with twelve seniors. There was one WMHS junior and one sophomore, these were the only two non-seniors on the team. Not only were they good baseball players. but their aca- demic accomplishments were outstanding. One of the key players this year was Jerome Gomez. He put in a lot of time last season as a designated hitter. Other players who were counted on were Gavin Gonzales. Brian Buckley. Steve Sheldon and Dennis Trujillo. Coach Moon was pleased with the team and believed shortstop Gavin Gon- zales was one of the best shortstops in the state this year. I . . , . EHS Varsity Baseball Reloaded with . . . DLE UW'-5 1,xuLl w I SLE 3 The Varsity Baseball Team was: Front Row: Brian Buckley, Scott Trotter, Steve Sheldon. Jerome Gomez and Mike Royce. Second Row: Coach Jim Johns. Mike Haight. Darin Burton. Gavin Gonzalez. Steve Hueter and Coach Bill Piskorski. Third Rowx Coach Danny Moon. Bobby Erickson. Russ Alexanderson, Craig Cuthbert. Tom Rihey, Dennis Trujillo and Coach Chris Corey. 290 Determined Pride JV A , vHs- K--J sHS sr 5 V A , . S- f H H AHS x as S - DMH5 T. Q . foggqg i ' L., ., .S T I H. . 22.5 A-'-EHS-gf vs C 1, EHS- vsAf,Q W S J "' EH sys 'f' SHS few S " .rw no N 5E as uciyyf, so Y MHS ,Tl ,fs S 7 EH N f".'awf" 'ff SXVMI-ff? A 1 ' h - miayk fe ' --"f" "k -. f a ,ef Y "'f 'ef wL'?-,55 ' I ea .S S ns ' f vw. . f ,A iv. 'Rb Ae I H -' 1 6"-1 Q, r -Q Qe., 1 1, iibwf' ,wsfwiikflgr-.S--Ng. arrays 3, -fag, " , N,-,"""",f1ikr1 A' 'ef k'k' 3 Q . .S ,Q ,Q HQ H S p :fair T ee-'2-9' x ff 'igfifw . M -L ' . .L 'X 11 'P- . - , 1 . ,. 1.4, 2 'fi'-xv-A 'f ff N ,,....,, gif . 2, T .--fa-l . fa fs' - . -NTT -'Sw 4 sl1!X,...:v :.f:sir f.,.,5: Ba eball Batted A Good One! Tl. The JV Baseball Team is: First Rowx Jason Babb. Mike Prader, Rick Stulls, Lawerence Chaffen, Pat Garcia. David Spinks and Eric Winemasler. Second Row: Coach Thomas, Mark Morris, Greg Smith, Scott Nelson. Kurt Hudges, Matt Wisely. Thomas Sanchez and Paul Self. The Freshmen Baseball Team IS First Row Rob Woods Bret Coreland, Frank Thomlisn. Brad Schefer, Greg Russle. Scott Quiring and Kash dy Craig Alex Kuhn, Jeff Wilson. David Burton. Joel Schearer and Coach Corey. i X "' "' " ' ' I ,!r I Freshmen Baseball Ran It Gut. The .l.V. Baseball Team was supported by fourteen enthusiastic players this year and led by Coach Thomas. The team had many returning players. The iuniors provided the needed leadership for the sophomores who found them- selves on their first year of J.V. baseball. Lawerence Chaffen was an outstanding team member who incredibly played for both JV and Varsity. When enthusiastic attitudes, hard working coaches and ambitious players were combined. a good team was formed. Coach Corey guided fourteen freshmen through their first year of high school baseball. The team put a lot of pressure on their opponents with their aggressive playing. The boys tried hard and had a rewarding season, both physically and emotionally. 293 Front Rowx Dan Holten. Billy Fudge. Steve Aguilar. Darrell Mummert. Robbie Bockie and Kevin Baker. Second Row. Steve Stocking. Chris Lamb. Dan Royce. Jason Welch. Sheldon Stanhope. Todd LeCesne and Rusty Ray. Third Row: Coach Neal. Ken Zimmerman. Steve Brawley. Tom Eckert. Jim lehner. Bob Benelle and Robert Harvey. Back Row. Andy Gallanos. R.J. Coronado. Keith Webb. Larry Crosby, David Bowman. Todd Klein. Scott Latham. Duane Sinclair. Coach Pace and Coach Neibauer. in Y Y i31'.d.-1m I A -'-r - ' . Boys Track Ran Well "es EHS vs g X Al-ls, c' , DNHS asus. wmus A I X. - During the early days of Spring, the Eldorado Boys Track Team was found on the field, practicing for both track and field events. Hours of practice in pole vaulting. long jump- ing. sprinting and long distance run- ...D ning led to a successful season for ' the team. Although the runners com- peted against the clock, an air of to- getherness was seen at the Spring Sports Assembly. Each member of the team was striving for the same goal. to form the best track team in the state. Coaches Neibaur. Neal and Pace were proud of this year's hard , .fr LX'- working team. ln one word. as stated .,,s b , , Front row: Jeff Mitchell. Phil Dickeys, Scott Greenway. Larry Fairchild. Mark McCollister, Dwayne Smith. Jason Y lumor' Danny Holton' the team Greene and Alan Casaus, Jay Dahlma, Sean House and Doug Lohr. Third row. Doug Stalgren. Jeff Vance. Dallas was udedicatedfn Orndorff. Joe Gallegos, Phillip Molar. Heath Crabtree. Dion Gallant. Sean Brown, Joe Crelser and Eric Bickel. Back row: Coach Neibauer. Terrence Stith. Mike McBride. Ty Fraley. Mark Goldblum. Dirk Weddle. Shawn Mulligan. Micheal James Rogers, Eric Saberhagen and Rob Shaver. 294 Lili! .G Members were: Front Row: Tara King. Dee Dee Bazan, Monique Ecker. Michelle Kay. Jennifer Franklin. Beth Doherty. Marie Schmidt, Anna Lauria. Kristen Wil- liams, Lois Raska, Katie Patrick and Angela Johnson. Second Row: Gay- lynn Johnson, Shelly Schmidt, Lisa Gill, Jennifer Huffman, Beth Col- lins, Laura Wolf, Jenny Farrel. Tan- ya Florance. Dawn Halvorson, Ali- sha King, Lotta Salen, Kim Lunstra, Lori Ray and Lori Ingram. Third Row: Christine Harper, Rosie Coro- nado, Christina Williams, Dawn Sterk, Bridgette Sparlin, Michelle Poteat, Teri Florence, Cheryl Guenther, Lisa Barns, Karen Pitts and Cheryl Bennett. Fourth Row: Tracy Risberg, Teri Hadley, Mi- chelle Hash. Valerie Field. Kim Saunders. Melissa Vasquez. Brenda Gutierrez, Celina Hime. Elizabeth Jonson, Jenny Furne and Kahri Noll. Eagl Girl R n Away With It 5' FV C..-M3255 T - f, -Adqw.. gf V i F . M. ' '- f ' .a fe 5 W ' S 1-.1 f T, . V l 4. 7 , ' -41 4 I .Fla J ...af .J-QQ: . . ' The l984-85 Eldorado Girls Track Team started their season out very competitively by taking first place at the Indoor State Invitational. The head coach was Jim Knob, and the assistants were Sally Marquez, Sherri Teeter and Sue Qualls. Last year the team finished second in state and missed first by two and a half points. The '84-'85 season was very promis- ing said coach Knob. There were sev- eral returning State Champions and or top returning individuals. Returning were Teri Florence in the IOO-200m run and the long jump champions Cheryl Guenther. the 300m hurdle qualifier: Alshia King. the 300m hurdler and I600m qualifi- er: Tanya Florence, relays and I0Om run: and Carmen Richardson ran the ISOO, l600 and the 3000m relay. Also, Carolyn Johnson and Bridgette Sparlin ran the relays, and the 400m and long jump. Coach Knob, as well as the track teams throughout the New Mexico School System, viewed the Eldorado runners as extremely competitive. 295 l V 5 i r ., 2, I 00,92 2 I 9 I xl, D 1 10263 Caught In Action Acree. Frank I94 Aklns, Johnny I92 Allen, Caroll IIT Alllson. Donna IIS Anaya. Santlago II2 Anderson. Howard IIS Amdt. Emestlne IIS Aslln. David III,232 Ballinger. Curtls IIS Barnet, Harlet l90 Bass, Martl IIS Benavidez. Lorraine I99 Benevidez. Danlel l92 Benla. Sarn Blsetti. Ed I90.2S5.256 Bodman. Cecelle IIT Bodwell. Patrlcla I99 Bond. JoAnn I94 Borland, Dolores IIT Bowen. Doris I4S.l90 Brice. Alice l94 Btodertck. Anlta II5 Brookover. Llnda IIS Butzler. Robin IIT Carpenter. Susan I90 Casey. Jane IIS Casteel. Glenden I90 Chavez. Cindy lIT.250 Church, Kathleen I22.I23 Conningham. Saundre IIS Cooper. Karen I94 Cox. Kathleen l94 Crouse. Dean IIS Danlels. Elizabeth l99 Davles. Beverly IB4 Deverman. Wona 320 Dixon, Davld l44,I45.l99 Drelbelbls. Llndl IIS Emmons. Sarah l99,259 Emory. Eula II5.320 Enctnes. Eddie I92 Escue, Nancy IIS.l92.320 Esquibel, Ollvla Evans. Pam IBB Evans. Scott 2I0 Everhart. Cathy I99 Farina. Anna Maria I99 Farrar, Tom I90 Fanell. Sydney l8T,22T Fessinger. Stuart III.232 Flsher. Sharon II5 Fitzpatrick, Peter I90 Flanagan. Don I96,26G.25I Fleming, Patty l94 Foote. Bob N6 Forrest. Max IBO Franklin. George III Frolin. Phlllp I90,220 Fuller. Mlchal IIT Garcia. Roland I92 Gllpln. Deanne IIS Greenspan. Elaine l94 Griscom, Jlm I90 Groves. Melody IIT Gruette. Rlchard IBO Guiterrez, Lucy l94 Gultlerrez, Joe l92 Gulllck. Cherry l92 Haase. Richard l90 Halarna. Stephanie IST Hall. Jerry I96.255.2S6 Hall, Mary l99 Harding, lola IIS.22S.230 Harrison, Judy 229 Harvey. Ellen II6 Herrera. Susan I90 Hlgglns. Mary Ellen lI6 Holmqulst. Mari IIE Huenefeld, Loretta IIT.220 Isaacs. Kathleen IIT Isselhard, Chrlstlne IIS Jaynes. Peggy I94.223 Johns. Jlm 290,255.2S6 Johns. Lee Ann 4l.l99.22l Jordan. Larry l94 Justlz, Elena II6 Juztlz, Marla Kadlek. Marge II5 Kapka. Frances l90 Keeler. Marge l96,2I6 Kelly. Brlan Kelson. Jane IBS Kenney, Mlchael Klng. Mltzl Knauber. Carol I9I.26S Kobllnskl. Carol Koenigsberg. Jerrett I94.223 Kogler, Mart Kohr. Jlm I90 Kopald, Meredlth I94 Krone, Marcl I94 Lane. Martha Brin in back theN 88 Leder. Lauren III Lee. Ruth Letxkus. Susan IIO Levy. Marle II6.22T Llpka. Ron 45.III Livermore, Carol Mangold. Rob I6S,I90 Marlnsek, Betty II5 Marquez, Sally l90 Marquez, Susan I90.26I Masoncup. John I90 Matthews. Sandra I90 Mclleth. Neil l90.320 Mclntlre, Sherry I6S.l94 Mehner. Karl II6 Meloy. Kathryn IIT Mercer. David ll6 Metarells. Demosthenes l99 Meyners, Judy I92 Mlkeal, Roger l90 Mlller. Bnrce I99 Miller, Cynthla IW Mltchener, Brlan l92 Mltchener. Mark I92 Monteverdl. Ruth l94 Moon. Danny I90,290 Moreno. Nancy l94 Moya, Maurice IB6 Munck. Mlrlam I99 Mundell, Don lIT.l95.25S Murdoch, Jlm III Muth, Davld IIS Narath. Worth IIT Nason. George 34.III Olglesby. Kay IIT Osbome, Barbara l94 Paclenza. Marlanna 30.II6 Pardue. Kathy Parrish. Carolyn Plper, Carol I94 Pokorskl. Richard l99,290.2I4 Polan, Karen IIT Pompa. Ray l99,2II Powell. Maiel I94 Pumper. Bemadette Radlgan. Sandra l90 Rehder. Lynne II4 Reid. William lI5,320 Renken. Pat I92.320 Rhlnehart. Ron l99.2T5 Rlchards, Nancy Roach. Peggy ISS Robert.son, Blll IS4 Rodriguez. Ralph IIS Romero. Molly l99 Romo, Davld l96.2T0 Roybal, Jlmmle II6 Ruiz-Fabrega. Luz IIS Salas, Florela l99,2T0 Salazar. Davld II5 Sanchez, Dennls II6 Sanchez. Louie l92 Sandry. Mlke I90 Saunders, Oleta I94 Schwab. Mary Lou I99 Schwaner, Margle I94 Shoemaker. Ron IIT Sleeter. Betty II4 Stansbury, Llnda IIS Stebbins. Jack Stell, Durward l96.2II Stewart. Otls l96 Storey, Gil IIT.2II Street. Richard IIS Sutton, Pat llT.220 Swanson. Paul IIT Teel, Wlley l90 Thelander. Wayne III Thomas. Jlm IIT.293 Ilrtlaga, Andy IIS Valquex. Charlle I92 Veitch. Scout IIO Verstynen, Pam II4 Vlgll. Gloria II5 Walter. Marvel Westerfleld. Dald IIE Whltworth. James lI5 Wlectorek, Leonard IW Wllcox, Geraldlne I94 Winters, Lanny I96.I99.2I6 Abeyta. Duane l46 Abeyta. Ramona 224 Abney. James I24 Aboytes. Carrie I24 Abraham, Richard Abraham, Theresa Abt. Conrad lB6,222 Adams, Brett l24.2I2 Adams. Erlc l46,222 Adams, Gary I24 Adams. Kenneth I66 Adamson. Theran 30.33.S4,IOI,3I2 Aday. Audrey 54 Adkins, Andrea I24.2TI Aeby. Cynthla I24 Aeby. Katherlne 54.224 Aguilar. Mark l46 Aguilar. Steven l66.294 Ahem. Sean Alcher, Julle 54.220 Alken, Mlchael Albert. Shara 53.54 Alben. Cllnton 54.224 Albright, Cindy I46 Albrycht. Sherry IBS Alderette. Mlchelle l46 Alderson. Amber I24 Alderson Ill, Robert I24 Alexanderson. Russel 54.290 Alford. Jeff S4 Alford, Steven I24 Algire. Josette l46 Allre. Angela l46 Allan. Wllllarn I66 Allen. Andrea 54,220,230 Allen. Fritz 54 Allen. l.lsa I46.2B2.2Il Allen, Louls 4I,I66,22l Allen. Stephanie I24 Allpass. Amy 30.53.54,220 Allpass. Doug I24 Alter. Joel Alturver, Tlna Marle I24 Alvarez. Marllee 4l,I66.22I Amato. Sarah I24 Ambler. Sandra Anastaslo. Jeffrey l66.222 Anderegg, Jennlfer I46.242 Anderrnan. Barbara I24 Anderson. Davld l24.2S6 Anderson. Denlse 30.54.230 Anderson. Dlane S5 Anderson. Jackl l46 Anderson. Jennifer I24 Anderson, Jlmmy I46 Anderson, Joe I24.236 Anderson. Natalle I66.224.22l.253.2TS Anderson, Richard 4I.l60.22l Anderson. Robert Anderson. Sarabeth I24 Anderson, Suste Anderson. Thomas I66 Andreas. Bryn I24.224,225 Andrews, James 255 Andrews. Leslle 55 Andrews. Scott l46 Andrews, Tracy l46.22I,230.240.24l Ansloan. Joan I66.266.2Il Antltony. Megan l66,240 Anzar. Teresa l46,262 Apodaca. Karen Aragon. Jonathan I24 Aragon. Jose Aragon. Lisa I24 Aragon, Mark Arsna, Theodore SS,22I.255 Arbon. Jeffrey ISI Archlbeck, Marguerite I46,2lI Archuleta, Bobby IBB Archulsta. James l46.224,232.235 Areltulete. Nannette I24 Arellan, Andrew I46 Arellan. Shirley I44.I4B Argaud. Darrell 4l,5S.22I Argaud. Dianna Arlas. Stephanle S5,23I Armllo. Catallna 55,220 Armllo, Cynthla I24.232.235 Annllo. Jerry l24.2I2 Armstrong. Matt 44. IBB, 232. 235. 237.304 Amer. Mlchael Amett. Roy 3l.S5.22I Amold, Jane 30,55 Amold, Susan 4l.I64.l6B.22l Arredondo. Cathleen 55.265 AMES Arredondo. Michael I24.222,22I.264 Ashby, Lawrence I66 Ashe. Emil Ashe. Erica 55,224 Ashe. Ondl l44.I4B Ashfield-Salt. Susan 55 Ashley, Kimberley Atchison. Scott Atwood. Laura Austln. Chrlstlan Austin. Dynel l46 Austln. Rlll l46 Austln. Wllllam Avery. James I66 Avery, Laurel I24 Ayala. Ken Ayala. Shannon l6B Aycox. Ray 55.255 Babb. Daln I66 Babb. Jason l46.2S6.293 Babcock, Marc I24 Baca. Angela Baca. Aqulna I24 Baca. Deana l4B Baca, Elena H6 Baca, Kevln Bacon. Llsa 56 Baehr, Cralg I24 Bahus, Brlan Baird. Lloyd 56 Balrd. Tammy I24 Bajuk. Pamela 56,220 Baiuk, Terence I45,222 Baker. Davld Baker. Jennifer 30.53.56,223 Baker, Judi I44.I46.224.3II.320 Baker. Kent I24 Baker, Kevln S6,242.245.294 Baker. Stephanle 55 Baldock. Trevor l46 Baldoni. Jerry Bales. James l46 Ballew, Mlchele Bannlng. Dennis 56,222 Bannister, Charles I66.224 Barber. James 56 Barboa. Joseph 222 Bardzlk. Ed 56 Bare. Russell 275 Barg, Llsa l66,242 Barkhurst, Stepfanle I46 Barnet. John l54.lG6,224 Barnes, David 56.224 Barnes. Kirk l46 Barnes. Llsa I6I.232,23S,2TS.295 Barnes. Mlchael I46 Barney, Sue Barnhlll. Anthony Baron, Roben I24 Baron, Sarah l66,24l Barott, Colette 242 Barott. Diana I66,240 Barrett, Krlstl l46.2IB Barrett. Sherri I66.2II Banlnger. Lynn 56 Blrthel, Michael 58 Bartlett, Stephen 57 Barton, Donna Bartow. Cherlse I66,232.23S Baryehko, Ronald ST,220 Bassan, Rlchard 33.34.I66 Bates, Peggy l46 Battagllnl, Richard Bauer. Elizabeth l24,2S3 Bauer, Kristin 30.42.57 Bauer, Sutanne I46.230,259 Baxter. Kelly I 24,236.2S3.2I4 Baxter, Michella I24 Baxter, Scott I46 Baxan. Dlana 42,I24,26S.295 Bazan, Kathetlne l6I.22l.242,2IB Bazzell. Debra 4I.I46 Beal. Brlan I46 Beal, Ketth 57.255 Beal. Klmberly I4B Beattle. Richard l46.22I Beavers. Barbara I46.2TS Becentl. June I24 Becerra. Gerardo Becker. Dena I24 Becker. Lisa l6B Beckmann. Krlstln I46,232.235.2TS Beel. Jeremy I4T,224,2T5 Beeman, Kaml I4T,250 Beezhald, Karen I66.242,262 Beldscheld, Bryan IBT.230 Belcoff. Kevln I6B Belknap II. Rlchard 232.235 Bell. Deanna I24 Bell. Sherrie l66.24I Bell. Spence Bell. Stephen I24 Beller. Cynthla ST.220.2I6 Beller. Joellen l66.220,2T5 Bellettlnl. Trina I66.22I,262 Belmont, Linda Benavldes. Elsa ST,2II Benavldez. Lorl l4T Bender. Ronald I66.232.23S Benham. Bryan Beniamln, Susann 30,57 Bennett. Chandra 44.ST.240.24I Bennett. Cheryl l4T.224.22S.295 Bennett. Sandra 2II Bentx, Brandy I4T Benze, Jeanne l6B Benze, Patrlcla I4T Berg, Heather l4T.242,I45 Berger. Marcella l4T,224 Berman. Brandon l60.224 Berman, Brlan I25,224 Berry. Brandy Berry. Kimberly lB6.242 Berry. Lorl I25 Berry. Mlchael l6T Bertelle. Bobby 5T.232.23S,294 Berube, Yvonne I25 Besgrove. Richard IBT Beske, Rlff W l4T.236 Bessen. Scarlette I25,236 Bessen. Tara lBT.232.23T Bessen. Marc I25 Blce. Wllllam I4T Blckel, James l25.256,294 Blckelman. Carol I6T Blcknell. Jo 5T Bigelow. Hope 30.ST.242,24S Blgelow, Scott I4T Blrchler, Wllllam IBT Blshop. Becky 30,I61 Blshop. Courtney Blspo, Thomas IIT Bltto, Roben I6T.232,235 Blvens. Allen I6T,232.23S,23T Black, Debra Blalne. Jon I4T.229 Blalr. Gavin Blakely. Tanya 242 Blakemore, Stacey l6T,222.230 Blakley. Tanya I25 Blea, Robert ST Bleacher. Mary IBT Blom. B. Anders 36.3T,5I.224,23l.2I4 Blomstrom. Amy IBT,262 Bloom, Sherl I6T.24I Boehnker, Donald Boehnker, Julle l4T,23B Boers, Robert I4T Boggs. Daryl Bogle. Edward 220 Bolden. Dyann l25.23B,2BI Bolden. Joel I4T Bolduc, Andrew Bolek. Tamara I4T Bolek. Tlmothy 3I Boles, James Boles. Karen SI.2T2 Boles, Llsa SI Bolllg, Scott IBT Bond, Shannon I25 Bonnel. Dan IST Boren. Sam SI Boren. Stacy I25 Borgmeyer, Heidi SI Borrowdale. Steven l4T.2l2 Bory. Susan IBT Bosworth Jr.. Darrlel I25 Bouchard, Alesandra IST Bouffard. Chrlstle I4T Bowen. Scott I4T Bower, Brlan I25 Bower. Brlan SI Bower, Jeffrey Bowman, Alan l25,294 Bowman. Davld lBT.2I4 Bowman, Erlcs I4T Bowman, Kendall Box. Shannon Boyce, Susle I4T.220 Boyer. Danlel I25 Boyer. Kate Sl Brace. Robert l2S.2S6,2I2 Brader. Terryl 5I.2S5,25I Brader. Tlffany I25.2I2 Brader. Todd l6T,2SS,2I0 Brader. Trey I4T Bradley. Stacey I25 Bradley, Tracey I25 Bragben. Candle I47 Brand. Mlke I25.2S6 Brane. Douglas I47 Brannan. Tracl I47.320 Brannock. Karen I25 Brannon. Kevln I67,255 Braslln. Clark 222 Brass, Anne 33.34.I61 Brawley. Steven 5I,255.294 Bray. Jon 236 Bray, Savllle 56.220 Brazzell. Gregory Breldenbach, Davld Brengman. Tlm l25 Brent. Steven I67 Breslin. Clark I67 Brey. Chad Brey. Chris I67 Brey. Stacy 5I Briggs. Davld l47 Bright. Kelly l67 Broach III. Theodore I47,2I2 Brockmann. Kurt Brodd. Michelle 58 Brodle. Keith l67 Brodsky. Donna 59 Brodsky. Elizabeth I25.235.239 Brogden. Candle Bronson. Hollye 2G.2I,33.l41 Brookle. Kevin Brookover. Jeffrey I47,22S Brooks. Cary l2S Brooks. Christopher l67 Broome. Wllllam IG7 Brothers. Throbert 5I.235,237,2'I5 Brower. Hendrik l47.275 Brower. Rebecca 59.275 Brown. Clayton 42.I47.27S Brown. Kelth l25.2I2 Brown, Kent I47.25G.272 Brown. Klrk 59 Brown. Larry 30. 3I, I67. 23I. 240,3Il.320 Brown. Laurle 26.26.I44.I47.22l.23I Brown. llnda lG7.232.237 Brown, Mlchael I67.222 Brown. Rebecca 59.227,232,231 Brown. Sean l47,294 Brown. Thomas Broxterman. Kimberly 33,I61 Broy, Jon I25 Bnthach. Buffle l4'I.230 Brundlge. Bonnie Bntnk. Lara l25 Bntnner. Mac I2S.256 Brttsseau, Chrls l47 Bryan. Brad I47 Bryan. Christopher I67 Bryan. Julie l67 Bryan, Phllllp 222 Bryden. Meredlth I25 Bubp. Kendra l47.24l Buck. Bradley 59.224 Buck. Kerl l25 Buckley. Brian 4I. Buckley. Robert l67,225.264 Bueck. Barbara 30 Bueck. Cathleen I25 Buehler. Kell Buell. Dorothy l61.23I.240.24l llufflngton. Barbara I47,22I.242 Bulovr. James Bunnell. Danlel Burch. Teri 30. 44. 59. 232. 235. 237.240 Burchelt, Sherrl I67.259 Burdlck. James Burgess. Shannon I67 Burgess. Wesley 30.59.255 Burke. Amy Burke. Jason I47 Burke. lance l47.236 Burkholder. Janet 59.224 Bttrrage. Chrlsta I25 Burton. Darln 4I.59.290.3l3 Burton. David l25.256.293 Burton. Gary l25.2I2 Burton. Holly l4I Burton Il. Davld luslco. Sabrlna 30.60 Bustamante. luls Bustamante Phllllp I4I.2I6 Bustos. Clndy l4I Bustos. Peter 60.255 Butler. Kristen l25 Butler. Robln l67 Butterbaugh. James 60 Butterbaugh. Scott l25 Buvens. Suzl I4I Buzan. Jennlfer 60 Byers. Beth 40.60.220 Byers. Julle I25.232.235 Byers. Mlchael 60 Byington. Clay I4I Byrd. Stephanie I67 Byrne. Jennlfer l4I.232.235 Cabaniss. Will 224.276 Catfery. Michael I4I.223 Cain. Becky I68 Caldwell. Catherine I68.224.22U Caldwell. Karen 30. 43. 30.6I. 229. 23l.259 Calhoun. Clndy IGB Calhoun. Mike l6I Calhoun. Mltch I25 Callander. Cristin I25 Callantler. Thomas IGI Cameron. Jason I4l Camp. Kevln Campbell. Jennlfer I6I.220 Campbell. Kevln I25,225.236 Campos. Sltlrley Canadya. John I4B.253 Canaday. Rebecca 30.6I.320 Candelaria. Timothy 44.6l.232.235.237 Canlve, Claude l4I.223 Cannedy. Carle I4I Cannedy. John I6I.270.272 Cannon. Jeff l6I Cardmon. Cheryl 6I.224 Carey. Jacqueline 146 Carleton. Robert 44.l4l.222.245 Carley. Ricky l4I Carlow. Kathleen l6B.253 Carlow. Thomas 225.259 Carlson. Mary I25.235 Carmichael. Kathryn I6I Carmody. Forrest I26.256 Carpenter. Robert 60.24I Carpenter. Ted GI Carr. Brian I4l.224 Carr. Ricci l26.23G Carr. Wendy GI.l I0 Carrillo. Benjamin Carrillo. Leroy I66 Carrillo. Marla I6I Carroll. David Carroll. Jason Carroll. John Carroll. Patricia I26.236 Cartwright. Kirsten I4I Cartwright. Kyra l6I Casaus, Kevin I4l.294 Case. Paul I4I Cash. Douglas I66 Caslas. Thomas 30.6l.270 Caster. Sharon I4I Castillo. Rhonda 46.6I.24I.3I3 Castillo. Troy I26.236.256.2I2 Catanach. Krlstln I4I.253 Catanach. Marl 6I Cates. Charles I4B Cates. James 6I.24I Cave. Meghan I26 Cawthon. Jarlt 4I.6l.220 CdeBaca. Llsa GI Celnlk. Sherrl IGI Cernak. Bryan l4I Cerutti. Charles. I26.272 Cessac. Anthony l48 Chafln. Cynthla I26.224 Chafln. Lawrence I6B.293.256 Chamberlain. Patrlck I26 Champoux. Jean Andre Chance. Jo Anne I26.262 Chavez. Angel I4I Chavez. Davld l6I Chavez, Denlse Chavez. Frank I2G Chavez. Jason I26.245.2I2 Chavez. Julle 26. 26. 30.46, 53.6l. Il0.23I. 313 Chavez. Karen 6l Chavez. Lotl Chavez. Matthew 232.235 Chavez Michael 6I.22I.255 Chavez, Renee 6I Chesley. Fred Chodorow. Darrell I4I Christensen. Julle 6I.22I Christensen. Travls I26.236 Chrlstman. Joseph Clarlotta. Lee Clarlotta. Loulse IGI Clnn. Rod 2I2 Cipollone. Dlna I48 Clsneros. Margaret I4I Clurczak. Hooter 62.235.242,245 Clark. Christie 62.224 Clark. Christopher I4I Clark. Jennlfer 40.62.220 Clark. Leslle IGI.275 Clark. Llsa I6I.224 Clark. Michael 62.255 Clark. Shana l2G Clark. Todd 275 Clark. Wayne Clark. D l4l Clawson. Chrls 62 Clawson. Jason I4I Clawson. Laura I4I Claybaugh. Scott Cleary. Michael l26 Cleary. Mlchelle I26 Clement Angela 3G.31.l26.23l Clevenger. Carol I4I Clevenger. Paula 30.62 Cllne. Chrlsttne I4l.232.237 Cline. Krlstln I2G Cllne, Mark 62 Cline. Mary 30,43.62.259 Cline. Mellssa IGI.259 Cllne. Paula l4I Cllne. Tamara I4I Cloud. Jennlfer Clute. Llsa I6I Coad. Wendy Cobb. Mlchele 62 Coberly. Todd I4I Coen. Jon I4I.2I6 Coffey. Sean 62 Cohen. Jeffrey I26 Colbert. Matthew l26 Cole. Barron 62.255 Cole. Klmberly 26. 23.44. l45. I4I.22I. 230. 232.237 Cole. Krlstln 26. 2I. 3I.49. lG5. IGI, 224.227. 22l.23l.3l2 Colecchla. Gerard Colllns. Cathryn 62 Collins. Donald I4I Collins. Elizabeth 26. 2I. I44. I4l. 226. 295.320 Collins. Jeffrey Colson. Stephen l26 Colton. Denene 22I Colvin. Kevln 63 Coningham. David Conley. Elleen I26.223 Conley. Susan l6I Conlster. Chrlstle 232 Connerly. Davld l4I Connley. Erlca 36.37.l6I,23I Connors. Sean IGI Conrad. Mlchael Contreras. Beniamln 222 Cook, Jeff l2G.256.2l2 Cook. Krlsten I49.223 Cook. Laura Cook. Ronald 63.275 Cook. Stephen I26.225.275 Cook. Tlna Cook. Debra G3 Cook. Donna I26 Cooksy. Tracy I49 Cooney. Danlel 63 Cooney. Maureen l68.223.224.22S Copeland. Krlsten I26 Coracl. Jack I6I Corballs. Christopher I26 Cordova. John Cordova. Mlcaela IGI.22I Coreland. Bret 293 Corley. Beth l26 Corley. Rebecca Lynns IGI Corley. Sumlko 44.225,242.245 Corona. Ramona l6l.23l.232.235 Coronado. llsa 126.236 Coronado. Robert I6I.22l.264.294 Coronado. Rosalind 63.295 Correa. Cllnton I26.256 Cortesl. Janet l49.22I.265 Cottrell. Kevln G3 Coulie. Patrlck 42.63.259 Coulston. Christy l6I.235 Coursey. Elisabeth l49.22I Couzln. Laura l26.26I Couzln. Peter Covington. Kelly 33.34.l6I Covington. Mlchael 33.63 Covington. Richard I26,2I2 Cowdrey. Rlck l26 Cos. lleldl 63 Cox. Jesse I26 Cox. Kaml l44.l49.224.23l Crabtree. Mlchael l26 Crabtree. Rlchard l6I.22I.294 Cralg. Dlane l6I Cralg. Llnda I26.240 Craig. Marcus l26.224.272.293 Crampton. Tlmothy IGI Cranllll. Jana I6I.24l Crawford. Chrlstlne 222 Creager, Michelle l49.232.237 Creller. Joseph l49.294 Crenner. Jenniler l49.23l.242 Crespln. Monlea Cress. Paula I26 Cronlcan. John Crook. Peter I49.232.235 Crosby. larry l6I.224.294 Crossman. leaf I49 Crow, Davld 63 Crow. Mary lGI.63.232.237 Csanyl. Bemadetta I6I,230 Cuellar. Andrew Culpepper. Terry I69.22I Cumbers. Charles 64.255 Cumlns. James Cuomo. Mlchael Curb. Carla Curl. John I49 Cttrzl. Sharon I69.232.235 Cuthbert. Cralg I49.290.256 Cutter. Aprll l26 Da Sllra. Catherine Dahlgren. Eric Daltlman. Jason I26.224.253 Dalen. Stacy 64 Dalla. Andrea 26.2I.223,227,22I Dalton. Dora IGB Dambrlno. Beatrlce 27I Dankert. Llsa 64 Darden. Stacy I26 Dare. Wendy l49.223.2II Darrtell. Brenda l69 Darsey. Karen 30.64.266 Dasllva. Barbara l49.235.239 Dasllva. Deborah 64.235.239 Dasllva. Robert l49 Dater. Dlana 64,224,232.237 Datet. Valerie Davidson. Carol Davldson, Leslle 64 Davles. Lesley I69 Davls. Danlel Darls. Eric I26 Davls. Jennlfer 64 Davis. John 2l2 Davls, John I27 Davls. Kenneth I49 Davls. Kevln H9 Davls. laura I27 Davls. Mlchael 64,276 Davls. Nancy 33.I6B.223 Davls. Renee 30.64.246 Davls. Robln 3I.44.I69,232.235.237 Davls. Susan 149.320 Davis. Tammy I4B Davls Jr. Robert l69 Davy. Marc 42.64.2I0 Day. Christopher I49.2I0 Day. John 64 DeVargas. Sonia I49.230.23I Deaver. Austln l6B Decker. Mlchelle 230 Decker. Renee I4B Dedrlck, Darel l4B Deherrera. Anthony Dekker. Tlm 224 Delap. Scott l69.276 Dellalonga. Janene I27 Dellalonga. John 65 Delorlan. John I27 Delpalaclo. Pamela l49 Demaree. Joanna 65 Demmle. Paul 44. I27. 232. 237. 242. 245 Dennls. Davld I27. 276 Dennis. Robert 65,224,240 Dennle. W. Bryan l69.2I6 Denny. Ann I44.l49.224 Deples. Tlmothy Derden. Angelea I69 Dettmer. Elizabeth 30.65.229 Devlncerttls. Gina I27 Devlln. Wllllam l27.236 Devries. ll Christian I69 Dewent. Danlel I27.222.224 Diamond. Patrick 33.34.I49 Dlaz. Antonio I27.222 Diaz. Chrlsllna I69 Dickeys. Phll 294 Dlekson. Leslie I27 Dickson. Mark I49 Dletrleh lll. George I27 Dletz. Alysa. 230 Dlgratla. Dlna 65,220,259 Dlllon. Bruce 65 Dlllon Wayne I49.2I2 Dlmas. Theodore l49 Dlnelll. Bernadlne I27 Dinelli. Vernon 65 Dlonlslo. Lillana Dlprlma. Samantha l49.22I Dirks. Kristi 65.20 Dlrks. Steven I27.264 Dltuccl. Julie I59.220.229.240 Divlne. Darren I69.224.24I Dlsson. Gregory l27.2G4 Dixson. Ronald 30.3I.65.222.229 Dobbs. Randall 4l.l69 Dobbs. Stacle I49.242 Dobeckl. Daphne 65.22l Docherty. Matthew Dodge. Brian I69.253,272 Dodson. Dee G5 Dodson. Scott 4l.22l Doherty. Brendan 33.I69.22I Doherty. Brian I49 Doherty. Elizabeth I49.22l.253.295 Domlna. James I27 Donahoo. Aprll 65 Donahoo. Janell I27 Donahoo. Michael I49.272 Donaldson. Davld Donovan. Jeffrey I27.232.235 Donovan. Jennlfer 66 Donovan. Michael I27 Donovan. Shaunalee I69.266 Dons. Willem l69 Doolen. Roben 30.66.224,229 Doolen. Suzanne I27. Doolittle. Charles Doollttle. Leslle I27 Doolittle. Mark 6G Dorcas. David 66.270 Dorff. Gregory 66 Dorff. Kevin l27.236 Dotson. Charles 42.l49.256.2I0 Dotson. Gregory I49.235.264.2I2 Dotson. Mellssa I69.230.23l.242.245 Dougher. Elena Dougher. Michael I27 Douglas. Lisa I69 Dove. Theresa l69 Dowllng. Peter l69.223 Downs. Kelly 66.220 Doyle. Christina Doyle. Jeffrey l27.236 Doyon. Rlchard 66 Dresser. Darren I27.224 Drlggs. Danlel I49 Dudley. James Dueker. llnnea l6B.253 Dutf. Robert 66 Dugan. Anita 66.259 Duke. Joseph I69 Duncan. Melinda I27.239 Dunfee. Kenneth I49.240.242.245 Dungan. Llsa 33.34.I69 Dunham. Jennlfer I69.224 Dunkeson. Christopher I69.320 Dunkeson. Mark l49.223.2l4 Dunn. Andrew l69 Dunn. Brent I27.232.235 Dunn. Charles Dunn. llsa I50.226 Duran. Ray Anthony IG9 Durltam. Tracey I27 Dutton. Kerry I50 Duval. Ed l69 Duval. John Dye. Aaron 6G.255.3l3 Dye. Charles I50 Dye. Joey l64.I69 Dye. Melanle I27 Eades. Reanna I69 Eaton. Annette I50 Eaton. Davld 66 Eaton. Heather I50 Eaton. Kathleen l69 Eaton. Mlchelle 66.22l Ebert. Brlan I27 Eby. Heather I50 Eehols. Lance I50 Ecker. Monique l27,259.26I,295 Ecker. Tony l27.236 Ecker. Tom 30.42.67,229,264,294 Ecker. Tracy ISO.24 I ,236 Eddle, Edward I27 Edmunds, Paul l27,224 Edwards, Todd I27 Edsvards, Tracy I27 Eghballeh, Mehran ISO Ehl, Karl IG9 Emmett. Chrlstlan l27,2S6 Eklund. Erlek ISU Elebarlo. Chrlsty I69,22l Ellas. John I27,232,23S Elklns. Rlek ISO.2S6 Elrlck, Robert 2l0 Elsner. Erlc ISO.232.23S Emarlne, Mlchael 232,235 Emmons. Cathy ISO Emmons, Charles 67 Enberg. Kal ISO Engel, Steve 67.220 Engelke, Thomas Engels, John 30. 36. S3. 67. 223. 229, 232. 237 Engels, Mlehael I27 Engl, Susan lS0,26l Engle. Patty 67.22l Enloe, Sam ISO Erdman. Glna Erlekson. Bobby 67,22 I .2SS,290 Erlckson. Kacle ISO Erlckson. Mark 67 Errett, Brlan I69 Errett. Jason ISO Ervln, Yvette Esch. Jerry I27.22l,272 Escue. Peter ISO,223 Espey. James 67,255 Esplnosa, Mlchael l2l,236 Esqulbel. Alma 67,232,235 Etter, Amy l2l Evans. Kathy l28.22B.2S0 Evans. Mlke Ill Evans. Nancy l69 Evans. Stacy 40.67.22I Evans. Tamara Evans-land, Troy I2l Fackler. Greg ISO-2S6.272 Falrchlld, Larry l50,294 Farmer. Elena lS0.225 Farmer, James I2l.222.272 Farr, Charles ISD Farrell, Jenny ISO.22l.242.295 Farrell. Tracy I70 Fausette, Yvonne I69 Fazlo, Joey l70,232.23S,237 Fazlo. Marte ISO Feder. Danlel l70.223 Fell. Jenifer Fell. Jenny l2l Feltz. Greg I70 Fenstersnaker. Erln l2l Fenstermaker, Heather 30.lS0,27S. Ferguson. Dana l2l,27B Ferguson, Krlstl l2l Ferguson. Tonya I70 Fernandez. Mellssa ISO Fernandez, Sharon I2l Ferraro. John I50 Ferrell. Kelth I70 Ferrerl, Greg l2l Ferrlck, Nlkkl Fetsers. Joseph I2l Feuersteln. Dawn I70 Flehtner. Sean ISO.224 Fleld. Heather lS0.224 Fleld. Tart l2l.236 Fleld. Valerle I26.26S,29S Fllklns. Kelly I70,22l Fllusch. lynn 26.2l.I2l.223.22l.26l Flnch, Robln I70,22l Flneher. Scott ISO Flne. Jason I2l Flne, Monlque I70. 224, 230, 240, 242. 245 Flnk. Tammy ISO Flsher. Darlene 67 Flsher. Fllnt ISO Flsher. James Flsher. John Flsher. Karen ISO Flsher. Kelly lS0.222 Flsher. Lance I2l Flsher. Mlke I70.232.23S.275 Flsher. Rlek I70.232.23S Fltch. Glen l2l Fitzgerald. Angela l2l,232,23S Fltzgerald. Kathy l2l Fltzgerald. Patty ISO Fltzpatrlck. Erln 67 Flelseth, Valerie l2l Fletland, Krlstln 66 Fletland. laura I2l.27l Fletland. Randy ISO,224 Flake, Kevln Flanagan, Colleen Flanagan, Sean ISO,272 Fletcher. Katherlne I70 Florence. Tanya l4S. IS9. 22l. 230. 260. 295 Florence. Terrlan 42,69.230.260,295 Flury, Gavln l70.2S5 Flury, Lynlse 69 Foot. Ben I70 Foust, Rlchard I50,232.23S Fox. Chrlstlna Fox, Erlca I2l.242 Foyt. Amy l28 Fraley. Ty I2l,224,236.294 Francls. Jeff l2l.23S Frank. Kelly 69 Franklln. Ashley ISO,222,22l Franklln. Jennlfer I2l Franz. Mark ISI Franz. Mary Frazzlnl, Robert I70 Freeburg. Davld ISI Freeburg. Mark l2l Freebum. Wendle l70,224 Freer. James French, Patrlck 42.69.255 Frew. Danny 69 Frlas. Debble ISI Frlas. Donald 69 Frledland Datvn Frledland. Dennls l2l.236.264.230 Fronterhouse. Wendy 69 Frye. Scott 33.34.69 Fudge, BIII 294 Fuentes, Theresa I2l.27S Fuleher. Darren 69 Fulcher. Dlonne l2I.23S,239 Furaus. Jodl ISl,224.320 Furaus. Mark l70.224.276 Fume, Jennlfer 236.295 Gabel, Bryon I2l,2l2 Gabel, Nicole I70 Gachupln. Dlane 230 Gage, Valerie l64.I70,224 Galllour Danlel I70 Galanos. Andreas Galavlz, Deanna l28 Galhrealh. Mlchelle 69 Galey, Reld ISI Gallndo. Patty l2l.236,2l6 Gallagher. Carolyn 42.l2l.26S Gallant. Dlon I2l. 294 Gallegos. Deborah 68,275 Gallegos, Fellcla lSI.225 Gallegos. Joe lSl,222,294 Gallegos. Kevln I70 Gallegos. Pam l70.24l Gallegos. Robena ISI Gals, Erlk 6l Gals. Lance 6l Garlrln. John I70 Garela. Jennlfer ISI Garcla, Jennlfer I26 Garcla. Llsa Garcla. Llsa lSl.223 Garcia. Pat l7O,293 Garela. Ramona 66.224 Garcla. lleglna I70 Garcla Robert 6l.22I Garcla. Robin 6l,23I Garela. Ross Garela, Scott I2l Garcla. Teresa ISI Garcla. Tlm l70.2SS Garcla Tracy Gardenswartz. Dan 63,224,259 Garduno. Theresa 3Il.320 Garnand. Davld Gamand. Donna 66 Garnand, Dorothy I29 Gamer, Butch I29 Gamer. Stacey I70 Garrett, Tiffany l29.276 Garrlson, Glorl I29 Gassler. Chrls 44.I70.232.235.237 Gauthier, Jeff I70 Gautreau. llnda I64.I 70.224 Gavaldon. Beverly lSI.222 Gaylord. Mlcbele l70,232.235.275 Gaylord. Pamela l29.27S Gaylord. Wendy l29,236.275 Gaynor. Mlke l29.224 Gebauer. Stefan 36,37 Gebler. Llsa I29 Gebman. Brigitte 68 Gebman, Gordon ISI Gee. Jeffery 63.270 Gelger. Ryan ISI Geneczko. Matt l29 George. Cheryl 63 Geraee. John ISI.260 German. Joe I 70.230,240,24 I ,294 German. Max l29 Gerzon, Mlchelle 6l.22I Getz, Steven I70 Geuder. Beth I70.266 Geyer, Terrl ISI Ghlon. Jennlfer 63 Glacomo. Mlchael ISI.2S6 Glbbons. Jason Gibbs, Tawana l29 Glbson. Gavln I29 Glbson. Mark Gllbert. Bryce I29.293 Gilbert. Tarrl I29 Glll, Llsa I23,I29,295 Gilpin. Laura ISI Glnsberg. Herb I70 Glsh, Steve I29.2B2 Glelcher. Andrea I29 Glover. Jacob 70 Glover. Tybi ISI.320 Gluesing, Allce lSI.242 Gobln, Nadeeyah l23.I29.222.224 Golt. llsa 70,232,237 Goff. Tracl l29.24I Goggans. l.esIle 70 Goldblum. Gary I70 Goldblum, Mark l5I.294 Gomez. Anthony 30.70 Gomez. Bryan I29 Gomez. Jerome 26, 25. 38, 42, 4l. 49. I I0. 228. 255. 290. 3l3,3I4 Gomez. Matthew 26.2l,I64.l70,228.2l4 Gomulka. Clndy l29 Gomulka. Sandy I70 Gonzales. Cardena I70 Gonzales, Johnny l29 Gonzales, Mlke I29 Gonzales. Patrlcla I7I Gonzales. Rey I7I Gonzales, Rita 70 Gonzales. Salvador I29.22l Gonzales, Tlrza 26, 26. I64. 224, 225, 227,2l4 Gonzalez. Gavln 30, 43. 7I, IOS. Il0, 224. 2S5.290,3 I3 Goodman. Brad I7l Gornall. Wllllam Goss, Harvey I29 Gottlieb, Fran 30.70.23S.239 Gottlieb, Mara I29 Gough. Emily ISI Goulon. Glnger 70 Gover. Angela I6S.23S Gover. Tamela 70.231237 Gotvan. Sharon Graff, Terry ISI,2B4 Graff, Troy ISI,2l4 Gragg, Blll I7I Graham, Brenda ISI,26S Graham, Chrls ISI.240 Grass. James Graves, Amber I29 Gravley. David Gray, Michael Gray. Mlchael ISI.222.230 Gray, Russ lSl.276 Gray. Terry I7I.226.2S3.275.2l6 Graybeal. Sandy I7I.260 Grayson. Jeff I S I ,224,270,272 Green, Darryl 222 Green, James Green, Jeff l7l Green. Sharon 70 Green. Steven 70 Green. Jason I20.224.294 Greenstreet. Krlsten 7 I .22l Greenway, Scott l29,294 Greenwood. Michele I7I,242,2l! Gregory. Allan 282 Grenemyer. Ronda I7 I .2Bl Grlego, Danna I7I Grlego. Elfego l29 Griffin, Theresa I29 Grlffln, Tracy ISI Grlffls. Jamle l7I Grlfflth, Brad l7l,223 Grlgsby. Kathleen l7l.22S Grimes, Mlchael Grlndstaff, llnda IS I ,232.237 Gromek. Robert I7l.224 Grothaus, Jeff lSI.2l0 Grover. Valerie I29,268,2B8 Grubb. Bill I7I.2S5 Gruer. Doug l29 Gruette. laura I5l Gruger, Vaunda I7l Guenther, Cheryl 30.42,7 I ,2S9,29S Guenther, Rlchard Guenther. Susan I7I.27S Guernsey. Lynn 4I.7l,22I Gulllen, Melanle Gulnn. Matt I5I.2l0 Gullck, Mlchelle ISI Gullck. Steven 7I Gupta, Sarang 40.ISl Gustafson. Karn Gustaveson, Andy ISI.2l6 Guthals. Jlm l29 Guthals, Mlchael 7l Gutierrez. Brad 223 Gutlerrez. Brenda 262 Gutierrez, Evelyn 7l Gutierrez. Georglana ISI Gutierrez. Joanne I29,26B.2l8 Gullerrez. Kenny I7 I .220 Gutierrez. Martha l7l.29S Gutierrez. Marvin l29 Gutlerrez. Michelle l7l.2lB Gutlerrez, Ron 7l,224 Guymon, Tracy ISI Hacker, Davld Hadady. Erlc Hadley. Terl I29.295 Hadsall. Stacy l29,222,22l Hagen. Beth-Ann I29 Hagen. Robert 33.34.I7I Hagenbuck. Krlsten I29.22l.26l Hagengruber. Chrlstlne I30 Hahn, Amy ISl,3Il.320 Hahn, Jennlfer I29 Hahn, Krlsten ISI Halght, Haln. C Hale, A Michael 7 I .290 atherlne l30,220 ndretv Hall. Brian 7I Hall. Jason IS2 Hall. lorl IS2.232.23S Hall, Randy lS2.232,23S Halvorson, Dawn I7 I .242,24S.2S3.29S Hamadey. Aprll 7l,232,23S Hamby. Hamdi. Troy 256 Salma IS2 Hamllton, Edle 40.44,7l.22l.24I Hamllton, Jason Hamllton, Shawn 222 Hamm, Chrlstopher I S2 Hammonds. John IS2,2l6 Hampton. Sherry IS2 Hanklns. Laclnda IS2 Hansen. Jeff I7l Hansen. Jennlfer I30,242 Hansen Hansen Hansen .John 7l.23S . l.aryI I7I.24I , Mellsa I30,24S Hanson, Chrlstlna 72.22l Hanson. Jeffrey l7I Hanson. Llsa IS2 Harblnson. James l7l.224.2S9 Harblnson. Joey l30,2S3 Harcourt. Catherine l30.236.242 Harcourt, Mlchael I7 I ,224,240 Hare. loretta 72 Hareland. Scott I3O,264 Harger. Brett IS2 Harger. Randall 72 Harger. Roland 72.220 Harland. Carollne IS2 Harland. Gregory I30.232.23S Harland, Susanne 72 Harmon. Charles I52.232,23S.2S3 Harmon, lan 72,264 Harper, Chrlstlna l30,262,295 Harper. Rlchard Harper, Rodney Harrington. Blll I30 Harrington. Flonna 72 Harrington. Pat I09.270 Harris. Georgeanne Harrls. Jason Harrls. John IS2 Harrls. Ken I7I Harris. Kimberly 72 Harris, Mlchael 33.34.l30 Harrlson, Maurah I7I.237 Harstad. Erlc l30,224 Harstad. Jeff l7l.224.2S3 Hart. Jason I30 Hart, Tlm IS2.272 Hart. Tracl IS2 Hart. Traey I30 Hartbarger, Stefanle I30 Hartman. Tracy l30.242 Hartsell, Mary Jo IS2 Martsfleld. Bryan 230 Hart.sfleld. Llsa 72,230 Hartsfleld, Sharon Harvey. Roben 72.294 Hasche, Jay lS2,2S3 Hash. Krlstln I30 Hash. Mlchele l52,26S,29S Hassan. Scott I30.236 Hassan, Todd 36.72 Hassan. Wendy IS2.223 Hatch. Tadd 276 Hatfleld. Jennlfer Hathoot, Tracy 30.72.20 Hatten. Lelgh Hattler, Ellzabeth I7I Haugland. Scott Hauser, John IS2.2l2 Hawker. Vanessa 30.33.73 Hawklns. Mlke I30,224 Hawklns, Sarah 73.242.24S Hawland. Scott I30 Hawley. Robert I30.224,2S6 Hay, Bill IS2.223 Hay. Mary IS2 Head. Andrea l7I,230.232,23S Head. Margot l30.23S,239 Heath. Carla 73 Heath. Jack I30 Hebl. Bemard IS2 Heck, Scott I7l,2l6 Heldlebaugh, Brant l7I Helne. James Helne. Joe I7I Heller, Robert Helller. Charles 73 Helman. Mlchael I7l Henderson. Amy IS2.22l.27l Henderson, Heather I7I Henderson. Jack 40.l7I,22l,224,27S Henderson. Mlssl IS2,232.235 Hendrlcks. Jlll 224 Hendricks. Mark 73.223 Hendricks. Tracy IS2 Hendry. Dena l7I Henke, Elleen l72.242 Henke, Mlchael I52.222 Hennlng. Julle I72.224.232,23S Hennlngsen. Mlke 73 Hennlngsen. Timothy 232.235 Henny. Kirsten Henry, Mlchael 73 Henton. Joseph I72 Herman. Donna 73 Hernandez. Isaac Hernandez. Rlchard I72 Herrera, Marle I72 Herrera. Marlo I72.223 Henera. Shawn 73 Herrera. Yvonne 23I Herrington. Beth 30.IS2.242 Hershberger. Kelly I30 Herzsteln. Bryan 222 Herzteln. Bryan I30 Hetrlck. Lynda 73 Hlben. Erlc Hlckey, Phll I30.264 Hlckox. Jennller IS2,232.23S Hleks. Shanna I72,224 Hidalgo, Ron I72 Hlgglns, Stacey 73 Hlll. Angle IS2 HIII, Blake l30.256 Hlll, Charlie I72,224 Hlll, Joel l30.236 HIII. Leslle 30, 33. 34, 3l, S3, 74, l0l, 232.237 Hlll. Phlllp 74 Hlll. Tlm I72 Hllland, Derek Muff 74,235 Hllle. louls IS2 Hllton. Stacy I30 Hlme. Cellna IS2,2S2,29S Hinkle. Beth 42,l72.259.294 Hlnnen, Robert 33.74 Hirschman. Tom I3O.224.292 Hlrshfleld. Julle l30.224.262 Hise. Mlchelle 40.74.220 Hise. Paul IS2.272 Hise. Llsa Hise. Trlcla lS2.27l Hobbs. llnda I23,22l,250 Hobkirk. John 4I,'l4.22l Hobson. Clndy l3O,242 Hockey, Adam I30 Hodges. Jason 74.270 Hodges. Klm IS2 Hodgson. Nlcole I72 Hofferth. Caroline 74 Hoffman. Karen I72 Hoffman. Tlffany I72,224 Hogan, John Hoganson, Katle I72 Hohllelder, Robert 44,lS2.242.24S Hoile. Brlan Hole, Kevln 40,l72 Hollar. Zachary 3,I2.222.232.235 Hollinger, Erlc Hollingsworth. Alan IS2 Holman. lisa I72,22l Holmes, Ann l30.253 Holmes, Charlotte l72.230 Holmes, Davld Holmes. Jasmln 230 Holmes, Katrina I52 Holmquist, Kenneth 74.224.2S9.275 Holmqulst, Michael 224,232,235,2S9,275 Holton. Danlel I64,2S6,294 Homer, Robert l30 Hood, Alan Hookland, Wendy l52 Hoover. Johnathan 74.240 Hopkins, John I30,272 Hoppe, Jane I72 Hoppman, Cynthla 24I Horn. Chrls I30,2S3 Horn, Kelly I52,232.235 Horn, Jeff l30 Horney, Jlll I30.236 Horsman. Wannetta llonvath, Tanya l30.222 Hostetler, Holly lS3.24I House. Sean l53,294 House. Charlene I72 Hovenga. Lesa I72 Howard. James 74,242,245 Howard, Wray I72 Howe, Lorrl 40.74.220 Hubert. Colleen Hudglns, Robln I30.22I,242,27I lludson,Cl1arlyn l53.2I4 Hueter. Steve l72.290 lfuffman. Jennlfer l3l,265.29S Huffman. John 75,259 Huffman. Tlm I3I Hughes, Jeff l53 Hughes. Kurt 172.293 Hughes. Laura I3I Hulem. Kenneth l72 Hummel. Tandl l53.262 Hunt. Mlchelle 75 Hunt. Ronald 7S.2I6 Huntley. Christopher 75 Huntsman, Mitch IS3 Huppert, Ken IS3 Hurst. Abble Huskey. Jared l3l.256 Husklsson, Bryan I3l.253 Hutchinson, Mlchael l72 Hutchinson. Scott lS3.272 Huttenhow. Catherlne l52.232.23S Huttenhow. George 75.275 Hyer, Llnsay I72 Hyman. Colleen IS3 lmmel. Laura l53.232.235.24I Ingalls, Matt I3I.232,23S Ingram. Lorie l3l,295 Inlow, Jennlfer 46.75,224,3I3 Insley. Julie IS3 lntogna. Joann 7S.22l Insogna. Mary I3I.24I lrwln, Jessica I3I.235,239.242 Irwln. Randy 75 lrwln. Rob I72.22I Irler, lrlan I3I,236 Jackson. Davld 75 Jackson, Julle I72 Jackson, Monlca I72,230 Jackson, Patrlcla IS2 Jackson, Robert IS3 Jackson, Sherry 222 Jacobs. Christopher Jaeobs. Polly l53 Jacobsen. Brlan 75 Jacobsen, Krls IS3.27S James, Mlchael l44,l4S.IS3 Jameson. Carol I3I Jancar, Timothy IS3 Jankowskl. Jo Ann l72 Jaramlllo. Martln l3I Jaramlllo. Mlchael 75 Jaramlllo. Rhonda l53 Jarvles, Erlc IS3 Jaynes. Chrlstina l72,23I Jeansonne. Terl IS3 Jeansonne. Tlm I72 Jeffers, Mellnda I72.23I,242,245 Jeffrey, Danlelle I53.26I Jeffrey. Michelle 30.75 Jenklns. Steve l3l Jenklns, Todd l72 Jennlngs. Stacey I3I.242 Jensen, Corina Jensen. Karen 76 Jensen. Richard I3I Jensen, Shelley IS3 Jepson, Jason I3I Jeter. Tlffany 76 Jewell, Bobby I3I.272 Jewell. Georgeanne 76.260 Jimenex, Gina Jimenez. James l3I Jogglns, Leslie 220 Johns. Lesley 76 Johnson. Angela 295 Johnson. Cameron I53 Johnson. Chrls I3I Johnson. Christy l3I Johnson. Clinton l3l Johnson. Craig I72 Johnson. Dawn 26. 2I. 46, 53. 76. 220, 224, 223. 3I3 Johnson. Elizabeth I3I.242,29S Johnson. Fred Johnson. Gaylynn 75.295 Johnson. George 22I Johnson, Jeff IS3 Johnson, Jesslca I3I,230.236 Johnson. Johnny I72 Johnson, Kelly 75,224 Johnson. Kent 75.255 Johnson, Lance IS3 Johnson, Mark l3I Johnson. Mlkeal 78 Johnson. Robert IS3 Johnson. Robln I3I.27I Johnson. Shelley 76 Johnson. Shellle 33,l3I Johnson. William I73 Johnston. Brian Jolley, Robert l3l Jones, Brlan 30.76.223 Jones. Chrls l3I.230,232,235 Jones. Coltolt. l53,255 Jones. Ellxabeth 30.76 Jones. Erlc I73 Jones. Holly I53.232,23S Jones. Kristi 77,240 Jones. Michele ISI Jones. Mike IS3 Jones. Paul 3I.I73.223 Jones, Paul 77 Jones. Peter 77 Jones, Shelbl l3l,222.236 Jones, Sheldon 77 Jones, Stephen 77.224 Jonke. Karen IS3 Jordan, Chrlstlna 77 Jordan. Mlke IS3 Jorgensen. Janlne 77 Jump, Jeff I3I.2S6 Junker. Susan 77 Junker. Tlm I73 Kahler. Barton I73 Kakos. Chrls I53.272.256 Kalat, Karen l3l.26S Kalat. Norman l73.22S,264 Kalen. Krlstl l53.222.22S Kamm. Klm IS3 Kampfe. Kendy 46.77.l0I.I l0.24I.3l3 Kaplan. Mlchael 77,223 Karl. Tammy I73 Karl, Vlekl I53 Karlsen. Runar 36.37,l73,224,23I Karlsen. Klmberly Karns. Michelle 77 Kashlnskl. Barb 53,77.3ll.320 Kassa. Jeanine I3I Kassa, Joe 22I Kat, Comelis 7I,23I Katterman, Vlrglnla Katz. Nell l73 Kauffman. Dorothy I73.224 Kaup. Stephanle 30,79 Kays. Davld I73 Kays. Deanna 79 Kays. Mlchelle I3l,295 Keellng, Tlffany Keellng. Tlffany l53,23S,239 Kefauver. Rick IS3.224 Keller, James l3l.IS3 Kemm. Leslie 7I Kennedy. Davld 7l.223,225 Kenney. Bob Kenney. Robert 7I Keohane. Tlmothy Kern. Robert l53,253 Keslln. Lalnle 30,3l.7I.229,3I2 Ketelsen. Allan Ketner. Tracy I3I,2S6 Key, Doug l53,22I,272 Klllgore, Krlstln 7I,223 Kllln, Trlpp I73.224.232 Klm, Genle l3l Klm. Joon 44. I64. I73. 242. 245. 234 Kim. Julle l73.220 Klm, Voun Mee Klmball, Dlane I73 Klnberger, Christlan King. Allsha 78,265,295 Klng, Camllle l73,320 Klng. Glorla 26, 2l. 33. 78. 227, 22l,3l2 Klng. Kash l3I,2S6,293 King. Laura l4S.l54.227.29S Klng. Stephen IS4.224 Klng. Tara lS4.24I.26S,29S Klngery. Shatvn l3I Klnnard, Mlchael l3I,222,224 Klnnunen, Mlke l3l Klnsey. Craig IS4,230 Klpp. Andy IS4 Klpp. Jennlfer l73.200 Klrby. Janls I54 Klrsten. Henny l52 Klammer, Erlc 44, 7I. 227. 232.237, 240. 24I Klammer, Klm l32.232.235 Kleln. Todd 225,264,294 Kleven. Allson 42.7I.2Il,260 Kleven. Chrlstle l73.260 Kleven. Elalne lS4.260 Kllngbell, Chrlstlan I73.23I.2I4 Knaack. Susan 79,220 Knackstedt, Chrls I54,264 Knauer, Sabrlna 242 Knight. Darron Knlght. Mlchelle I54.222 Knlghton. Brian I73 Knlghton. Kevln I32.240 Knutson. Erlc I54 Knutson, Erle l32,222,253 Knutson, Krlsten 79 Kochls, Matt I73 Koenlgsberg, Kerry I73 Koenlgsberg. Peter l32.264,272 Koffler. Evan I54 Kohlman. Mary I73 Kolar. Klm Kolek. Donnle I32 Kolman, Jeff I32,224 Korthank. Amy l73.242 Kosel. Trlsha I32 Kotthaus, Jochem 36,37.I73.23l Kotzen. Allcla l54,224,2I6 Kotzen, Tonl I I l.320 Kouacs. Jonathan l73 Kourkomells. Jerry 79 Koury. Elleen I54 Koury. leslle 79 Koury. Peter I73 Kovacs. Jonathan 222 Kraft, Heldl 79 Kraleck. Jason 79 Krattlger. Krlstle Kraus, Barble I54 Kraus. Debble I32 Kraus, Mlcahel 79 Kraus, Steve I73 Kravetz. Sherry I73 Krenz, Hunter 79 Krenz. Noel I73 Krueger, Klra Kuhfeldt. Krlstlne 79 Kuhl. Donnie I32 Kuhn, Alex 293,256 Kulath, Robert 30.46,79.25S,3l3 Kullgotvskl. Kate 223.224 Kunstadt, Chrlstopher I73 Kurls. Lynda 79 Kuxemka. Justin IS4.2I0 Labonte. Kelly 79 Lacey. Karen Lacey, Laura I0 Lafler, Donald I32.256 lamb. Christopher lS4.224.264,294 Lamb. Janlce Lambert, Danlel Lambert. Jason I54 Lambros. Julle 30.I0 Lambros, Stephen Lamport. Kelly I73.230 land. Gary I73 Landells, Victoria lS4,275 Landis. Pamela I73 Landrettl, Todd I0 lands, Tammy lang. Karo I32 l.ang. Jennlfer I73,230 Langley, Jennlfer 22l lankes. Kimberly I32 Lara Jr. Jlmmy l73 laroche. Darrell I73.224 Larsen. Lalnle lS4.22I larson, Craig Larson, Erika I73 vlatham. Eugene I0.224 Latham, Scott I 54,256,294 Laurlla, Anna 36,37.I0.224,23I,295 Lavlgne, Glenn Lavigne, Michael I74 Lawlor. Kerry I0 latvrence, Duane I73 Lawrence. Heather I74 lawrence, Holly l32.230.27I Lawrence, Shari l54,24I layton. lorl I54 Lauuera. Laura I74 leach, Debra I0,220,23l LeCesne, Todd 26. 2I, 4l, I0. Il0. 224, 22l, 255, 294. 3I3 Lechner. Brian I32,225 Lee, Alan 39, 3I. 45, I0, I I0. 224. 223. 255. 294.3l3 Lechner. llrian l32.225 lee. Alan 30. SI, 45. I0. I09. 229. 232. 235.237 lee. Chrlstlan I0 Lee. lfae Jung 30,44.45,I0.242.245 lehner. James l0.294 lehner. Mlchael l32.236 Leighton. Stacey Il.266 Lelschner, Jeffrey I54,275 lemleux. Francolse 46.53.II.224,230.3I3 Lent, Krlsta lS4,26l,2II Leon. Efren l32.224.2I2 Leonard. CharIes.l54,264 Leonard. Tracy l54.242 Leporl. Jeffrey I32.222.22I Lerch. John Lerch. Robert l74,2S6 letz. Terl l74,224 levene, Todd Lewis. Carrle l32 Letvls. Jason l32 Letvls. Marc l32,256,2I2 Leyba, Robert I32 Leyva. Crystal I32 Liebhaber. Yavette I32 lllley. Angela l74.235.239 lllly, Jennlfer II.320 Llncoln. Douglas 22I Lindsey. Ray l32 Lines. John I54 Llnn, Cralg l32.222 Linn. Rodman I54 linnerooth. Susan I32.236 lippke. Christlna Llsle, Jessle lS4.272 Llst, Dawson. I74 Llttell. James I32 Little. Nancy I74. 224. 230 23I. 3II,320 Llttleford. Eric I74.276 Llttleford. Mlchael lltlleton. Wllliam l32.272 Lltts. Tracy l32 Llu. Tlm I74 llverman. Stan Il Lloyd. Sean l54.225 Lockhart. Kenneth I54 Lockwood, Scott Il Lockwood, Sltatvn l32,222 Lodato, Dlno l74.22I loera. Gllbert I74,2I2.244 logson, Mark Il Lohr. Douglas I54,294 Lohse, Sloan I54 long, Karo Long. Kelly 30,44.II,240,24l Long. Stefanie l32.224 Longstreet, lesley I32 Longstreet. Robert I74 Loomis, Vlncent Lopez. Adrlan l32,2S6,2I2 Lopez. Darlene I74 Lopez. Joe Il.223,225 Lopez, Kalln I54.232,235 Lopez, Mark I32.236 lopez. Rosalee I74 Lopez. Sharla 46.Il.IOI.3l3 Lopez. Steven I54,22S Lopez, Tomas l32.225.276 Lorenzo. John Loss, Mark IS4 lough, Heather loughlln. Christopher I54.236.264 Louthan, Klmberley I74,24l Love. Scott Lovell. Angela l32.l54.222 Lovell, Todd ll Lotve, Bryan Lotvell, Jeffrey I74 lovlery, Patrlck I74 lotvther, Danlel II,220 lucero. Alben I74 Lucero. Nancy II lueero. Peter l74.222 Lucero. Randy I2 Lucero, Reylynne I54 Lucero. Vletor I54 Ludvrlck. Mlchele I74 ludwlg, Wllllam Lulso. Denlse I2 Lulan. Dlana I54 Lullie, Rlchard I2 Luna. Carrle ISS Lundberg, Brlan I2 Lundberg, Sheryl l55.242 Lunstra, Klrnberly 39.l74.232.235.295 Lurch. Gabe I32 Lux. David 224 Lux. Stephen l2.224 Lynch, Trlcla I32.245 Lyons. Monlca I2 Maass, Erlc I2,2S5 Maass, Scott l55.232.235 Marbry Jaek 236 Mabry. James I32 Mabry. Ronald Mabry Jr., Jaek l32 Mac Gllllvray, Kellle ISS MacAlllsfer. Krlstlne l2.22I MacAuIay, Sara I33 MacCurdy, Kimberly I74 Mack. Angellque ISS,222 Mack. Merrle l74.222 MacMlllan, Marlln ISS MacMillan, Pamela l33.224 MacMllllan, Ross I74 MaeNab. Colleen I33 Madden. Mlchael Maddox, Donnie 3I.I2.222 Maddox, Stephanle 133 Madole, Geoffrey l55.224 Madrld. Tammy I74 Maes, Kimberly l2,242,24S Maes, Monlco IJ3 Maes, Theodore lSS,320 Maestas. Domlnlc I74,24S Maez. John I74 Magee. Ansel I33 Magee. Elizabeth I74.22.22l Mahar, Robert l55 Maher, Franclne I33 Mahon. Thomas I74 Mahoney. Joyce I2 Mahoney, Patrlck l74,224 Malnzer, Danlel I2.2I4 Malka. Robert l33.222 Malcolm. frederlek I3 Malcolm. Heather I33,236 Malcolm. John I74 Maldonado. Carlna l33.242.27l Mallnovrskl. Carolyn ISS Malley. James Mangan, Lesley I33 Mangan. Gaelano ISS Mangan, Renee I74,26I,2II Mangum, Roger l5S Mann, Katherlne I33,242 Mann, Mlchelle l74.232,237 Mannlx, Gregory I74 Mannlx, Mlehele I74 Mapes. Randy Marehese, Louls ISS Mares, Anthony I74 Mares, Anthony I3 Mares. Mark I2 Mares, Michelle ISS Mares, Rudy Margo, Carol I74 Margo. Jo l33 Marie, Dean l33,272 Marietta, Erlc I74,230 Markham, Kelly I3 Marks, Jennlfer l74,224 Marks. Llsa ISS Marks, Ryan l33.272 Marks, Sherry l5S.230 Marler, Phllllp 2I2,294 Marquex. Denny l74,224 Marra, Juliette l5S,224,22I,230 Marra, Mlchael I3,224,2SS Marsh, Gregory I74 Marsh, Jeff l55.24I Marlln, Amy l75 Marlln. Jennlfer l74,224 Martin. John 33,34.l74,224,275 Martln, John I5S Marlln. Kelth I55,27S Martln. Leslle ISS Marlln, Llsa Martln, Thomas l55 Martinez. Anne Martlnes, Anlolnette I3 Martinez. Bradley I3,224 Martlnez, Carmen 26.2l,l23,l33 Martinez. Danlel l55.222 Martlnez, Daryl I33 Martlnex. Elvlta I3 Martlnex, Gabrfel ISS Martinez. James Martlnez. Jeff l5S.2S6 Martinez. Joann I3 Martlnet. Katrtna I3 Martinez. Lollta I3 Martlnez. Lorl Ann l75.22I Martlnet. Margaret 44.l75.240.24l Martlnex. Nancy l55.250 Martlnez. Patrtcla l55.242.262 Martlnez. Paul I4 Martlnez. Ramona l33.2II Martlnex. Renee I33 Martlnet. Rlchard IS5 Martlnez. Rlchard I33 Martlnet. Ronald Martlnes. Sean Martlnel. Veronlca l33.23I Mason. Christopher l75 Masoncup. Crystal l75 Mastln. Kathryn lT5 Mastln. Sherl I33 Maszk. Krlstl l74 Matherly. Cheryl 30.3I.I4.223.229.3I2 Malta. Davls I4.220 Mauderly. Jennlfer I33 Mauderly. Laurie I74 Maull. Julle 4014.220 Maxon. Eric I4.224 May. Debra I75 May. Douglas I33 May. Mlchael l33.2I2 May. Llnda I75.230 Mayor. Davld I55 Mayor John l33.2I2 Mayor. Mlchael I4.25B Mc Eacherrt. Denlse l75 McAllister. Darren I74 McAlllster. Mclanle 4S.I4.230.3I3 McAnally. Anna I75 McAtee. Toni I55 MeBeth. Gregory ITS McBrIde. Brldget lS5.230 Mclrlde. Llsa l4.224.227.229 Mclrlde. Loma I33.227.242.275 Mclrlde. Mlchael I33.236.294 McCaffery. Charles I33.236 McCaffery. Jamera I4.2I4 McCall. Mellssa l55.230 McCallum. Maureen I4 McCarson. Erlc 30.I5.222 McCarson. Grant I55.222 McCarthy. Holly McCarty. Evelyn l55.22I.24I McCarty. Scott l55.232.235 McClaln. Sean McCllntlc. Mlchelle I5 McClIntock. Matthew l75 McCloskey. Danlel I33 McCloskey. Kelly t55.224.225 McClure, Brent ITS McClure. R Scott I5 McCoIIlster. Barbara 26. 2I. I65. I75. 224. 22I. 230. 232.237 McColIlster. Becky 33.34.I5 McColllster. Mark l33.224.294 McConnell.Brian l3! McCoy. Debra lT5 McCoy. Michelle I55 MeCrea. Grace I33.236 McCttrtaln. Andrea McCutcheon. Brian I33 McDermott. Shawn I33 McDonald. Burch McDonald. Hope l33.220 McDonald. Kelll I5.224 McFadden. Cameron I33 McFadden. Cydne I75.22I McGee. Christine I55 McGee. Mark l75 McGee. Mlke l33 McGeorge. Mlchael I33 McGlll. Gerald I55 McGlnnes. Wendy l33.236 McGlrk. Davld 259 McGlrk. Mlchael McGovern. Eric I55.222 McGrath. Leslie l55.224.253 McGrath. Timothy l75 McGregor. Bonnle I34 McGulIl. Maura I5 McHenry. Klm McKeen. Deran ISI McKeever. Brian l34.2I2 McKeever. Krlstln I5 McKlnIey. Charles l34.256 McKlnIey. Kimberly McLellan. Brian I75 McMlllan. Pam 223 McNamara. Larissa McNaughton. Carl McNellI. Eric I34 McPhee. Lisa I6 McPherson. Thomas McOuarie. Mlshel McRae. Bob McRae. Jeremy I34 McShane. Michael I5.270 McVay. Aaron I34 McWhIrter. Wllllarn I34 McWilliams. Jason ITS Meanza. Catherine l56.223 Medlna. Karin l56.265 Medlock. Geneen 4l.I5 Medlock. Jeremy l34.256 Meese. Vernon I56 Meirels. Butch Melsen. Michele l56.l45.224 Melendez. Mlchaellne I34 Mellne. Dan l75 Mellne. Ronald 30 Mellos. Mlchelle I75.262 Meloche, Mark I5 Melzer. Klmberly I34.223 Mendelsohn. Phllthrlll I75.232.235 Mendelzon. Adam I56 Mendez. Mallsa I34 Mendoza. Bobbl 36.37.I75,23I Merrell. Jason I56.224 Merrett. Stephanle l56.22I.250 Metler. Bryan I34 Metz. Kyle 42.l75.2I0 Mewhinney. Greg I56 Meyer. Christlne I6.235.239 Meyer. Davld Meyer. Dawn I34 Meyer. Mlchael lS6.256 Meyer. Stacy IG Mlchalscheck. Arlene I6.220 Mlchalscheck. Scott I34 Mlchels. Krlstln I6.224.24I.27I Michelson. Eric lT5.255 Mlcltey. Donald I56 Mlcltey. John 30.IT5 Mldklff. Peter 230 Mlgllaccio. Lora I56.262.2II Mlkatarlan. Jeffrey 36.224 Mlkus. Danlel Mllanovlch. Rudolph I6 Mlles. Jason I34 Mlles. Matthew l75.24l Mlller. Crystal I34 Mlller. Dwayne lS6.222.225 Mlller. Frank I6 Mlller. Jana I34 Mlller. Kimberly Mlller. Peyton I34 Mlller. Shannon I 34.236.24I.2I2 Mlller. Shannon I6 Mlller. Wllllam Mllls. Melissa 26.2I.l75.22I.268.2II Mllls. Mllus I75 Mllls. Tracie l56 Mlnana. Elizabeth 30.4I.22I Mlnero. Amy I34 Mlnnlclt. Todd I56 Mlstretta. Lisa I6.2lI Mitchell. Jeffrey l34.294 Mltchell. Margaret I56,24I Mitchell. Marlory I6.230 Mltchell. Stephanle I56 Mlekuslt. Robin Moberg. Matthew I34 Moesser. Merrllee I34 Moffltt. Misty Molde. Stacl l75 Mollna. John l34.232.235 Mollna, Patrlck I6.22I.232.235.237 Monnln. Alan I34 Monnln. Steven I56.232.235.2I2 Monroe. Lawrence I56 Monroe. Myles lI4.2I4 Monserrat. Glenn Montano. Chrlstlne l6.232.235 Montano. Chrlstlne IB.232.235 Montelth. Karrle I34 Montelth. Sean ITS Montoya. Elleen I34 Montoya. Joseph I34 Montoya. Natalle I76 Montoya. Richard I76 Moon. Karey I34 Moore. Brlan 2G.2I.l44.l45.22I.256 Moore. Cheryl Moore. Craig l34.222 Moore. Earl 4I,I6.22I.224.22I Moore. John Moore. Kathryn Moore. Lester I56 Moore. Patrick I34.222 Moore. Reian Moore. Scott I34.2I2 Moore. Seana 26. 2I. 30. 53. I7. 229,320 Moore. Sonia 235.239.24l Moore. Steven I56.222 Moore. Tammy I7.232.235 Mora. Valerle 44.I56.242.245 Morales. Martsela Moran. Robert 222 Moreno. Ellzabeth I7.220 Morga. Brlan l34.2I2 Morga. Tyron I7 Morga. Vlcltl l34.236 Morrls. Crescentla I7 Morrls. Davld I75.225 Morrls. Mark I56.256.2I2.293 Morrls. Mark I56 Morrls. Martin l34.224.2I4 Morrls. Melissa l34.230 Morrls. Shelley l34.262 Morrls. Terl l75 Morrison. Cassandra I7.220 Morrow. Jeffrey I34 Moss. Devln I75.230 Moss. Jeffrey l56 Moss. Lesley I7 Mott. Vlctor I7 Moulder. Jeffery I Moxey. Mlchael I56 Moyer. Cralg 224 Moyer. Krlstyl lT6.220.22I Mueller. Jana I7.I I I.220.24I Muenster. Jeffrey Muller-Solger. Anke 36.37.23I.24I Mulllgan. Shawn I56.225.2I2.294 Mummert. Darrel I76,25I.294 Mummert. Melanle l34.242 Mundlng. Christopher l56.222 Munlz. Davld Munoz. Evelyn I7 Munrllnger. Kenneth l35.242.245 Murch. Gregory I7 Murrell. Richelle l56.232.235 Myers. Evelyn I7 Myers. Mattltew I7 Myers. Valerle Myers ll. Donald l35 Nagel. Nancy l35 Nall. George l56.275 Narrls. Glgi l35 Nash. Martin I35 Nash. Susan l56.223.22I Navarrette. Anthony 44.I56.232.235.237 Navarro. Sherrl Navldson. Carole I76 Nafzger. Mark Neher. Cory Nelson. Davld Nelson. Eric II Nelson. Kathleen l56 Nelson. Kenneth Nelson. Mark l35 Nelson. Peter II Nelson. R Scott I76 Nelson, Ronald l56 Nelson. Steven ITG Nelson. Tlffany 46.II.l l0.230.3I3 Nennlnger. Tlmothy II.224 Nestor. Greg Netzger. Mark l56 Neuhaus. Mathew Nevels. Davld I76 Ngo. Hlen I76 Nguyen. Mlnh Hoa I75.22l Nlchols. Kristen 30 Nlchols. Matthew l35.236 Nlcolary. Paul Nlcolls. Erln 30.44.II.230.23 I .24I Nlggel. lrad I76 Nimmo. Michael I35 Nlms. Llsa II Noftsker. Chrlstlna Il.l7I.23I.2I4 Nolan. Tlmothy II Nolker. Dean I76 Noll, Kahrl I35.295 Norwood. Taey 30.33.II.229.23I Novlckl. Catherine l35 Nuccl. Robert ITB Nuccl. Rochelle I57 Nudl. Mlchelle I57.320 Nunley. Joseph I76 Nunley. Mary l35 O'BrIen. Llsa 223 Oates. Alleon I9.242 Oberholser. Eric I57 Oberltampf. Brandon I57.224 Oberkampf. Marnl l76.253 Olrlen. Maureen I57 OBrien. Tlmothy 0.232.235 OBryan. Erln l35 OConnor. Danny l35 Oestrelcher. Shannon l57.224.27I Ohar. Robln 30.I57 Oldham. Joel Ollvelra. Kelth l35 Ollvlera. Jeffrey I9 Olson. Deborah l35 Olson. Kimberly I9 OMara. Terry I9.259 ONeal. Wllllam I35 ONeIll. Colleen I23.I 35.242 ONelll. Donald 30.4I.l9.229.255.3l3 ONelll. Matthew I35.275 0Nelll. Patrlck ONellI. Thomas I76.224.259 Oney. Carla I9.220.2II Onlschuk. Deborah I9 Oppedahl. Llsa I9 Oppedahl. Sue I9 Orban. Patrlk 3I.37.I9.224.22I.23l Orndorff. Dallas l35.224 Ortega. Anthony Ortega. Brenda I9 Ortega. Claudla I22.I35.250 Ortega. Jodee l35.24I Ortega. Juan l35 Ortega. Karen 46.I9.3l3 Ortega. Mellsa I76 Ortega. Troy I57 Ortlz. Anthony I76 Ortlz. Krlstlne 90.220 Ortlz. Michael Ortlz Ill. Romeo I35 Osterland, Mellssa 225 Oswald. Klm 90 Otero. Robert I76 Otoole. Michael I9 Ouellette. Brian I35.256 Overberg. Elizabeth 236 Overton. Lorl l35 Owen. Brett I57 Owen. Jason 44.l76.232.237 Owen. Jennifer l57.24l Owen. Renee l64.l76 Owen. Jane l76.229 Oyler. Scott l16.235 Pablch. Wendy I35.223 Paclulll. John l57.223 Paclulll. Lynette 90 Padilla. Andrea I57 Padilla. Joseph 255 Padllla. Mark Antony l76,230 Padllla. Vincent 90 Padrlck. Tammy l76.220 Page. Terrell 90 Paglla. Mellssa l76.220 Pant. Mahesh l35 Park. Llsa I35 Parker. John l76.222 Parker. Laura 240 Parker. Lori I5T.24I Parker. Russell 44.l35.24l.276 Parker. Todd 90 Parkin. Joe Parks. 'llrn ITG Parra. Mark I35 Parra. Israel I76 Parrish. Mlchael 30 Parrlsh. Robert I76 Parsons. Yolanda I76.23I Pascale. David 90 Pate. Jodl I35.235.236.26I Pate. Kristina l35 Pate. Lisa I57 Pale. Steven I76 Patrick. Kathleen I Patterson. Andrew Patterson. Brandon I35 Patterson. Mlchele I35 Patterson. Steven 253 Patterson. Sylvia I57 Paul. Krlsten 90 Pauley. Amy I35 Paulsen. Chrls Payette. James I57.232.235 Payton. Chrlstopher 90.2I6 Payton. Garth Payton. Tlmothy I57.232.235 Pearce. Anlssa l57.232.235 Pearce. Danlel I57.253 Pearce. Dlane lS7.24l Pearce. Jennlfer l35.265 Pearman. Bernard I57.230 Pearman. Colln Pearman. Kermlt 22I.230.276 Pease. Todd Peck. Rhonda Pederson. Neal l76.224 Pederson. Stacy I35.224.236 Pedroncelli. Larisa 30. 44. 90. 227. 230. 240.24I Pedroncelll. Paul I35.272 Peeples. Michelle 30.I76 Peer. Leroy I35 Peete. Llchele l57.235.239 Pelzer. Jeanne l36 Pendleton. Scott 44.I76.232.237 Pendleton. Wendy l36 Pennebaker. Cltrlstopher 90 Peralta. Stephanle 90 Perea. Randal I36 Perex. Ana I57 Perez. Llsa I76 Perklns. Angela 9l Perrln. Tlffany I57 Perry. Danielle I36 Perry. James l57.225.2I2.2l4 Perry. Renee l77.27I Peter. Davld l36.232.235 Peter. Derek I57 Peter. Davld 253 Peterson. Brenda I77 Peterson. Jeffrey I77 Peterson. Kara I57.235 Petre. Kevln I77 Peverley. Suntalee l36.27I Phares. Tracey 9I Phelan. Christopher I57 Phlpps. Llsa I57 Plamondon. Steve I57 Plaseckl. Ann 9I Plckard. Horace IT7.270.2'l2 Pickens. James I64.I77.224.22I.240 Plerce. Chrlstlne 265 Pierce. John SI Plerce. Kary I57 Pierce. Maryanne l.224 Pierce. Sherl I57 Plerce. Teresa I51 Plerce. Timothy I36 Pierson. Sandra Plke. Jennlfer 4I.l77.22I.232.235 Plnkston. Paula 9I Pino. Danlel Pino. John Plonkosltl. Danlel l36.222 Plstone. Andrea 9l.220 Pltts. Karen l57.224.295 Plxton. Laura I77 Plxton. Sarah I36.230 Plamondon. Robert I17 Plamondon. Stephen Plate. Hans l57.259 Platt. Davld l77.222.225 Platt. Joe I57 Plyler. Cralg I77.23I Plymate. Stephanle I57 Pohl. Lorralne 9I Poltras. Angel I3I.223 Pollock. llnda l36 Pomerleau. Antony l77.232.235.237 Poortvllet. Sandra 9I Porch. Thad Porragas. Garth I57 Porter. Carl 26.I23.l36 155,114 Montoya. Juan Carlos Nlcolls. Gwen l35.236 Pascale. Scott l57.240.24l Porter. Cl"'l'lUPhf" 9' McKInley. Mary so. 46. ss. l34.2l5.235 Nielsen, Mensa 155.262 Pwmn- Michael "0""- LW" '77-350 ss. no. 131. 131. Montoya- Mark Nielsen. Donald nam I76-115-130-275 "Um" M"""" 255,313 I34,256.2I2 Nlelson. Vanessa Passman. Rebecca I57-155-195 McKnlght. Erlc ussasz Mvnwvr- N1-'cv ITS 46.49.II.llI.3I3.3l5 'WHO-ill-110 """"'- Dwi" '35375 Potenza. Mlchelle Potson, Greg 232 Poulln, Laurene 9l Powell, Adam 4I.9l.I I0.2S5,3l3 Powers. Jennlfer l77,22I Powers. Michael Prado, Jodi I36.24I Prado. Mlchelle l77 Prater, Mlchael ISI.2S3.293 Prelser, Andreas l36 Prelser. Johanna 9I.224 Prenllce. Mlchelle l36.242.245 Preston, John ISI Preston, Mlchael Preston. Wendy l77.24I Prlce. Kelly I36 Prlce, Sean ISI Prlngle, Chrlstlana l38.236 Pringle. Davld Prlnzlng. Klm I 77,224,22I,24l Pritchard. Gregory Prltchard. Mlchael Prlzont. Leonard l3I Probst, Dlane 40.92.220 Prochazlta. Beth ISI,232.23S.237 Proctor, Llnda l77.23I Prultt. Usa 92 Pry. Thomas I77 Puarlea, Jeffrey Puma. Tony ISI Purcell, Jennlfer ISI Purcell, Sean 3l,92 Putz. Deborah ISI Guam. Cynthia I77 Guam. Lorl l3I Guesada, Chrlstlna l36,230 Quesada, Marla l77.242 Quick. Kurt ISI Quinlan, Lynn 92.223 Qulrlng, Scott I36.2S6,293 Qulrk. Mlchael 92 Raab. Aaron I3I,236,293 Raab. Alexander I77 Raece. Gregory 236 Raey Pa. Jlll I36 Rala. Robert I77,222,225 Randolph Ill, Vlllllam Rapagnanl, Patrlclt I3I Rapagnanl. Suzanne l77,2II,260 Rascon. Joey lSl,23I Raslnskl, Davld l36 Raska. lols I36,29S Rasmussen, Klrsten 92 Raspall. Ivette I3622I Ratllff. Llsa I36 Ray. James 4I. 92, 22I. 232. 237. 249, 294.3I3 Ray, Jerry 235,255 Ray. Lora l77,224.295 Ray. Rocky 30.94 lay. Stanley I77 Rea, Steven 92.255 Reacc, Greg l36 Reardon, Llsa 92.235.239 Reardon. Scott lSI,27S Reay. Christopher 33.34.92 Reay. JIII 223 Reber, Alec lSI.232.23S Rede. Roman 92 Reed. Amy t77 Reed. Chris Reed, Edvrln Reed. Lorl Reed, Lynda l36 Reed. Shelly l36 Reed, Tlm 92 Reed. Todd Rees. Jennlfer ISI Rees. Paul 93 Reeves, Gerald Regehr, Klmberly Regensberg. John I17 Relch, Deborah I77 Relchenbach. Randal 93 Relff. Shane Relklng. Veronica 30.93.220 Reln. Todd 224 Relnhart. Leslle Relnhart, Tracl 26, 2I. I64. l77. 224. 22I.24I Relnlkalnen. Mllta M 36.37.93,23l.2I4 Relnke. Usa I36.24l Relss, Kenneth I36 Reltan. Andrea I77.259.2II Relth. Chrlstlne 93 Rel. Kelth Renlck, Joanna I77.22I Rennele, Dawn 93 Rethmel, Jeffrey 93,224,255 Rethy. Charlotte 93 Reyes. James 93,235 Reyes. Valerle l77,270,272 Reynolds. Edward 2I2 Reynolds, James I36,2S6 Rhea, Denise 223 Rhodes, Davld lSI,2S6,2I2 Rhodus. Mlchael Rlccl, Llsa l36.24I,27I Rlch, Jennlfer I36 Richard. Charles Richard. Christopher 93 Richard. Jennlfer I77.220 Rlchardson, Carmen 42.46,93.26S.29S.3 I3 Rlcahardson, Harold 3I.44.l77,232,237,240 Rlchardson, Katherine I5I.22l.2S3 Richardson. Mlchael ISI Rlchmond Jr.. Ray l36,276 Rlclrert. Rhonda 93 Rldenour. Teresa I77 Rldens. Ricard l77.22l Rlder. Davld ISI,272 Rlder. Kevln 94,222,225 Rldesatthedor, Faye 94.220 Rlffe II. Larry 94 Rlley. Robert l3I Rlley. Stephen I5I.2I2 Rlley. Todd I37,222.290 Rlney. Thomas 30.94.229 Rlordan, Cindy l37.262 Rlsberg. Deborah 94,225 Rlsberg. Tracy l37.22S.23l,295 Rltter, Launl I37 Rlvera, Dalvd 33.39.94 Rlvera, Joseph 94 Rlvera, Lucla 94 Rlvera. Marla 33,34,l77 Rlvera. Matthew I77 Rlvera, Sandy I37 Rlvers. Tanya 44,l23,l 37 Roberta, Damian l5I.2l2 Roberts, John ISI Roberts. Laurle 94 Roben.son. Dana Robertson. Lyssa I23.I37.22I Robertson, Monoca l77.242 Robertson. Quinn l37.27S Roblnson, Erick I5I,245 Robinson, Melanle I37 Robinson. Tammy 44.94,24l Rocha. Mlchael ISI Rocheleau, Brett 94 Rodrlgues. Matthew I7I.222 Rodrigues, Mlchael lS8,222 Rodriguez, Luls Rodrlguez. Mllte 225 Roe, Davld lSI,2S6,2I2 Roettlng. Mlchelle ISI Rogers, James 4I.l78,225.294 Rogers. Mlchael 294 Rohr, Keith I37 Rohr, Kevin Romac. Robert 253 Roman, Patrick I37 Romero. Amado Romero. Chlrstopher Romero, Davld Romero. Frances Romero. Kenneth ISI Romero, Lee Ann I37.2S0 Romero, Mark I7I.24l Romero. Penelope l5I,232.23S Romero, Steven 95 Rose, John 234 Rose, Mlchelle I78,223.132,27S Rose. William l37,235 Rose, Jory 33.9S,3l2 Rose, Paul I37.222 Roskom, Maureen 33.34.l7I,23I Ross. Palrlcla Ross. Alysa Rosson. Thomas ISI Roswell, Jason 255 Rouswell. Jason I37 Rowlette, Chrlstlna I37 Rowson, Mlchael ISI Royce. Danlel I5I.256,2l2,294 Royce, Mlchael 95,290,255 Royce. Patrlck I7I.25S,270 Royce. Terri I22.I37.242,26I Royle, James Rozum. Stephen 30.9S.232.237 Rubln, Klersten lSI.2S0 Rublo. Vlctor Rubio. Vincent 4I.9S.22I Rude. Erlc Rude. Karl I37 Rudgls, Kathy Rudolph, Meg 9S.24I Ruff. Bret Rupe, Robin I54.I7I Russell, Brlan 3I Russell, Gregory l37.293 Russell, Kurt ISI.2S3 Russell. Wllllam ISI Ryan, Patrlck l37,2S6 Ryder. Jeffery I37.222 Ryzman. Lara l7I.220 Saavedra. James ISI Saavedra. Richard Saberhagen, Erlc lSI.294 Saberhagen, Jlll lSI,230 Sablsch. Mlchael I7I Sacco, Sally ISI Sader. Reanna 225 Safler, Jassmine lSI,275 Safler. Seth I37 Sahd. Cheryl 95,224,228 Sahlen. lotta 36, 37, 95. 224. 23l. 295,320 Sala, Kimberly 9S,24I Sals, Todd ISI.282 Salz. Joseph Salz, Mellssa ISI Salas. Richard ISI.2S6 Salazar. Gabriel l37.253 Salazar. John I37,25I Salazar. Marigene 30 Salazar. Paul I37 Salazar. Randy 95 Salazar. Tommy I37 Salge, Amy l37.236 Salge, Thomas l7I.276 Sallie. Jane I37 Salo, Jennifer 95 Salo, Stacy I7I Salyer. Christine 95 Salyer. Jimmy 95 Samosom, Michael IS9 Sanchez, Barbara 223 Sanchez, Carolina Sanchez, Christine l78 Sanchez. Debra I7I Sanchez. Eddie 96 Sanchez. Erlc I37,236,264 Sanchez. Gary Sanchez. Jeremy IS9 Sanchez. Kelly 96.I09.224.229.240 Sanchez. Mark 4I,I7I.22l Sanchez, Matthew 96 Sanchez. Melltsa IS9 Sanchez. Natalle l78 Sanchez, Robert Sanchez, Roxann Sanchez. Stephan IS9 Sanchez. Thomas 293 Sanchez. Veronlca Sanchez. Yvonne 96.I09.2S6.2II Sandell. JIII IS9.232,23S Sanders. Klmberly I37.26S.295 Sanderson, Erica IS9 Sanderson, Erln 53,96 Sandlln. Stephen Sandoval, Brian Sandoval. John Sanner, Jay I7I Santana, Jennifer I37 Santangelo, Joanmn I7I Sanzarl. John I37 Saran. Dennls IS9 Saran. Jennlfer l37,22I.242.245 Sartaln. Shelly I37 Sauer. Gretchen IS9 Sauer. Heldl IS9 Sauer. Jeffery Sauer, Mlchael 96,235,237 Saueresslg, Tamatha 44.l7I,242,245 Saunders. Lynn Savage. Davld 222 Savage. Ethan 96 Savage. Mlssy I7I Sawyer. Davld I37.2S6 Saxey, Danette 242 Saya, Janet lS9,224,22I Sayles, Maynard 96 Scahlll. Patrlck IS9 Schaberg, Kenneth I37 Schaefer. Mlchael l37,2S5 Schafer. Bradley I37.293 Schecker. Robert Schiffer, Beth l65, I 7I.224.22I Schlather. Denise Schlegel, Troy lS9.224 Schlelsman. Donald 95 Schllchtlng. John I37 Schllchtlng, Kathy Schmldt. Brian IS9 Schmidt, Clndy 96 Schmidt, Louls Schmidt, Marie 295 Schmidt. Shelley lS9,22S.29S Schnabel. Rlck l7I Schnetzer, Marie 96 Schnltzler, Paula IS9.262 Schott, Mlchael Schreyer, Howard I7I Schultz. Brad 97 Schultz, Christopher II7 Schumer, Ivy I3I Schutxberger, Leigh IS9 Schwanke, Cristy I3I.224 Schwed. Nancy 97 Schwelghardt, Lorl IS9 Schwerln. Mellssa I3I Sclblor, Denlse 30.39.97 Sciblor. Mellssa l59.265,27S Scott, Clndy 97 Scott. Deslree 97 Scott. John IS9.222.224 Scott. Mary 97 Scott. Reno IS9 Seaborn, Shannon l7I,232,23S,237 Sears. Guy I7I Seegers. Alben I3I Seegers. Kimberly IS9 Sego, Lenna 97 Selgenthaler, Lara I3I Self, Paul 26. 29. IM. I7I, 22I. 256.293 Sells, Danlel Sena. Leslle IS9 Settecerrl, Robert I3I Seymour. Chrlstopher l3I,2S6 Shaffer, Davld Shafto. Mary 97.220 Shamplne, Allan lS9.223 Shamplne, Rod IS9,240,242.245 Sharkey, Brlan IS9 Sharp. John I3I Shaver. Robert I 3I.224,22S,22I,294 Shearer. Joel l3I,264.272.293 Sheldon, Crystalln IS9 Sheldon, Steve 30.97.290 Shelton, Leslle I3I Shelton, Mellssa Shenk, Karen l59,27I Sherman. Mark Sherwood. Rick IS9 Shlplel. Jerrod I3I Shlpp, Krlstan lS9,224 Shire. Karen Shlsler. Wllllam 97 Shomaker, Jack I79 Shopteese, Anthony IS9 Short, Pamela 97 Shuford. Leslle l3I Shultls, Kara 252 Shultz, Davld I3I.253 Shultz, Timothy 30,3I.97.2S9 Shumalter. Janet Shuman. Judith S3.9I.235.239,2I4 Slerra. Emesl Slltora, Lauriann 33,34.l7I,223 Sllbennan, Todd l3I.224.236 Silva, Beatrice I3I.236 Sllva. Lisa l3I,224.22I Sllvestro. Lynne 99 Slmmons. Kory 223.292 Slmon, Llsa l7I,232,237 Slmonds, Jennlfer l3I Slmpson, James I3I Slms. Elleen I7I.242,24S Slms, Leslle I7I Slnclalr, Duane 294 Slngleterry. Monika I7I.224 Slsneros. Antanya lS9.242 Slsneros. Chrlstlne IS9.22I Slsneros. Glllle Skelton. John 30,3I.S3.9I,223,22I, 229 Skelton. Rlchard I7I Sklba, Luellen IS9 Skinner, Taml l59,224.253 Slater, Llsa I7I Sloan. Walter I3I Sluder. Llsa lS9.27S Smallwood. Joel IS9 Smart. Carl I3I Smatana, John 9I Smlset. lrlan Smlset. Scott l59.240 Smlth, Angela IS9.2I4.320 Smlth, Catherlne 9I Smlth, Chad 93 Smlth, Dwayne I3I.2l2,294 Smlth, Erlc Smlth, Glna 9I Smith Gregory I59,293 Smlth, J l7I.220 Smlth, Jennlfer I3I,275 Smlth, Jlmmy l3I Smlth, Klmberly 9I Smlth, Larry I3I Smlth, Laura 33,9I Smlth, Leslle 9I,266 Smlth, llsa IS9 Smlth, Marla 9I Smlth, Mark I7I.270,272 Smlth, Mlchael Smlth, Mlchael I7I Smlth, Mlchael 3l3 Smlth, Mlchelle IS9.262.2I4.320 Smlth, Paula l7I,232,23S Smlth, Paul Smlth, Robert 42,l7I,22I.2S5 Smlth, Sharl 30.9l Smlth, Stacl 9I Smlth, Sylvla 224 Smlth, Tracy 22I.262 Smlth, Troy I60.2I2 Smlth, Vlctor I3I Snyder. Brett 30,9I.229.259 Snyder. Heather l7I.2I4 Snyder. Richard l60,272 Sommer. Anne Sommer. Erlk Sommer. Erln Soriano, Alfredo l3I Solo. James l60,256 Soto, Julle 99 Sottovray, Chrlstlne 99.220,22I Souter. Juan l3I Spalding, Jennlfer I3I Spalsbury. Matthew I7I Sparlln, lrlgltte 42.l60.2S9.29S Spear. Amy 30.99,224,229,275 Spear, Robert l60,270.272 Spencer. Madalene l3I Spencer. Richard I7I Splnks. Davld l60.293 Splnlts, Steve I79,2S6.2l0 Spooner. Cralg 99 Sposato, Joseph I60 Spottedwolf. Calavln Spranger, Anne 36, 37, I79, 23I, 253, 3lI.320 Sprlggs, Steve I79 Spring. Kelly 99.220 Spring. Rebecca l64.l 79.266 Spring. Tammy I3I.26I.2II St.George, Mlchael 99 Slabley. Davld 99,225 Stabley. Donald l3I Stadlander. Joel I3I Stafford, Danlel l60 Stafford. Guy Stalnton. Kevln Stalgren, Douglas l4S.l60.224.230.294 Staller, Heather I60.230 Stamm. Robert l3I,236 Standlng. Andrea 222 Stanhope. Sheldon 4I,99.l I l.2SS.294.3 I 3 Stanlelt, Alexis l60,320 Stanley. Barbara 99,232,235 Stanley Jr.. Allen I79. 232,235 Stansbury, Garland 99 Stapleton. Kelly I79 Starkey, Charles Steckbauer, Susan I39 Steed. Mona l60 Stephens, Anthony I79.24I Stephens, James I3I Stephens. Johnny l79,2S6 Stephenson. lee l3I Stepp, Melanle I79 Sterk. Dawn I60. 268.295 Sterosky. Gregory I00, 227,235 Steroslty. Klrstln l60.2S0 Stevens. Audra Stevens. Carrl Stevens, Georgia l3I Stevens Mlchelle l3I.224.230 Stewart. Angle l64 Stewart. Joseph Stlchman. Amy I3I Sllchman, Davld 3I,l 79 Stlgler. Wllllam l39 Stlh. Danlel l00 Stlh. Todd ISO Stiles III. John I60.232.235.237 Stlley, Dawn l23.l39 Stlley, Shannon l00,23l Stilwell. Joetta l79,235.239 Stllwell. Peter I60.232,23S Stinson. Leanne IBO Stlth, Terrence l39.272.294 Stock. Llnda l39 Stockebrand. Krlsta I79 Stocking. Kevln I39 Stocking, Stephen 30.I00.264.294 Stofac. lelgh l60.224.22I Stomp. Jennller l79 Stone. Brlan l39 Stone. Shane l60 Storer. Oulda l39 Stott. Chrlstopher I39.2S8 Stott. Steven I79 Stouffer. Danlel I39.232.25S Stouffcr. Laura I39 Stout. Ellen I60 Stout. Greg 22l Stout, Pamela I39 Strahan. Jena Strange. Laura l39 Strasser. Thomas Stratton. Rlchard I60.232.23S.23'I Strauch. Krlstln l79 Straus. Julle l79.230 Straus. Paul l00.l0i Streater. Davld IOO Stremsterfer. Stephen I39 Stringer. Jeannle l23.I39.224 Strohacker. Julle I39.224 Strohacker. Shella l60,23l Strong. Suzanne 30.!l.l00 Stoud. Natalle I79 Stroup. Anthony Struble. Audra Sturve. Karl I79.23S.239 Struve. Kimberley 50.44.I00.229.232.237 Stuart. Jeffrey I19 Stuart. llsa I39.236.27l Stuart. Mary I19 Stueven. Mark I79 Stukas. Mlchael I79 Stults. Erle l'l9. 256.293 Stuppy. John Stuyvesant. Jacob I79 Stuyvesant. Joshua I79 Suber. Kevln IOO Suber. Mellssa 33.I60 Sulllvan. Chrlstine H9 Sulllvan. Jacquellne Sulllvan. Tory l6O. Summers. Danelle J3.l79 Supensky. Matthew IBO Surber. Barbara IO0 Sutherland. Karl I79 Sutln. Joshua I60 Swayden. Chad I39.275.2l6 Sweeney. Carmen 4l.l'I9.22l Swels. Maled I39 Tabet. James I60.224 Tabor. Roseann I00.220 Tachlck. Dawn Tafoya. Stanley l79 Talley. Veronica I!9.242 Talley. Wllllam I!9.2S6 Talpas. Stephanie 42.IN.220.259 Tanen. Mltchell I39 Tartaglla. Dlanna I79 Tartaglla, Leona l80.220 Tate. Carole I60.2'lS Tawney. Rebecca I60,262 Taylor, Amy 42.IOI.259 Taylor. Christopher ISS Taylor. Davld I0l.25S Taylor. Jerrold Taylor, Joy I0l.259 Taylor. Melanle l0l Taylor. Mlchael IS9 Taylor. Mlchelle l60,230.242 Taylor. Tracey l0I Teachout. Mlchelle I39.232.235 Teachout. Samantha I39.232.23S Teltler. Bradley I0l Teller. Chrlstopher ISS Temple. Margaret ITB Temple. Mlchelle I39.236 Tennyson. Robert I60 Thelander. Davld I60 Thles. Blake I60 Thomas. Llsa I4S.l60.224 Thomas. Mlchael Thomas. Mlchael I79 Thomas, Paul 34.l0I Thomas. Roben ISO Thommessen. Harald i6.37.l0l.224.23I Thompson. Aprll I80 Thompson. Chrlstlna I60 Thompson. Kelley I19 Thompson. Michael ISO Thompson. Paul I79 Thompson. Rona I60.230.262 Thompson. Scott 44.I8I.224.240.24I Thomsen. Robert Thornhlll. John IBB Thomton. Cheryl IGI Thornton. Ellen 4l Thornton. Jay 4l. IOI, 22l. 2SS. 2l0.3I3 Thorson. Kurt l79 Threadgill. Davld I39 Thunberg. Erllt I79.224 Thunberg. Kurt I39.224 Thurber. Scott l0I Thurman. Sharon Tldler. Brett I79.224.232.23S Tlen. Bertha 30.l4S.I6I.224.23I Tllghman. Todd I6I.256.282 Tllley. Mlchael Tlpplng. Michael IGI Tobin. Kelly I19.22I Tolbert. Castle l6l.262 Toledo. Erlc I39.256 Tomllnson. Franklln I39.29! Tomllnson. Marla I6I.2S9 Tong. Allen ISS Tonks. Thomas H9 Toops. John I39 Toops. Llsa I7B.242,24S Torlna Jr.. Frank I39 Torres. Carlos l0l Torrez. Kenneth Towne. Janet Ill Towne. Jeffrey IGI Townsend. Bary IGI Townsend. Danette l0I Tracy. Tlmothy I02 Trahan John Tran. Manh IGI Tran. Vu IGI Traub. Jacob II2 Trepanler. Jonathan I39.224 Treslse. Darla l02.239 Trlano. Mellssa IS9 Trlssel. Laurle lil Trotter. Chrlstlne IGI Trotter. James l02.290 Troxel. Nyleen 44.l64.Il2.232.237 Truby. Jeffrey l40 Trucksa. Beth I40 Trucksa. Davld l6I.2S6 Trudo. Steven I40 Trullllo. Alex IGI Trujlllo. Anthony Trullllo. Dennls l02.22l.25S.290 Trullllo. Llsa IO2 Trullllo. Mark Tufts. Thomas Turk. Mlchael I40.223 Turner. Edward H0 Turpln. Jason ll2.2S6 Tuschhoff. Deanna I82.242 Twletmeyer. Robert l40 Tyson. Brlget l40.223.225 Tyson, Kerstl I40.225.23I Uher. Michael II2 Ullar. Davld I40 Llllom. Davld 222 Ulshoffer. Llsa I6l.222 Llpshaw. Leslle !3.l4.I02 llpshaw. Ronald 2l.I40.258.2l2 Urbassllt. Llsa Il2.224 Urlsh. Carolyn I02 Utterback. Sharon I6l Vaclrca. Pstrlcla l6I.230 Valdez. Kenneth IGI Valdez. Mlchelle IGI Valencla. Antoinette ll2.266.2ll Valencla. Mark Van Worley. Stephen l40 Vanblarlcom. Jana I40 Vance. Jeffrey I6I.224.294 Vanell. Cralg I40.225 Vandersllce. Robert I6I.236 Vanitten. Mary 30. 44. I02. 210. 23l. 240.24l Vanhom. Patrlck l40 Vanveen. Karlna I84.l82.224 Vanveen. Krlstln I64.I82.224.23I Vargo. Llsa l40.22l Varkalls. Mlchelle I02 Varoz. Daphne l02.220 Vaslllon, Vlctorla I4S.l6I.3Il.320 Vasquez. Jennller 26.2l.I23.I40.22l.2S0 Vasquez. Kelly Ann IGI Vasquez. Mellssa l6I.2SS Veltch. Thomas I40 Veltz. Stacl I40.26l.2ll Velasquez. Debra 24I Velasquez. Evawn l02 Venczel. John Verdela. Julle l6I.24l.27l Verlsln. Chrlstlne I6I.235.239 Verkln. Edward I02.232.23S Vermllllon. James I03.224 Vetter. Dlane Vlbrock. Valorle ll2 Vlerra. John II2 Vlgll. Llsa I40.26l.2ll Vlgll. Mark I03.l09.224.2l4 Vlgll. Randall II2 Vllla. Cllfford II2 Vlllalobos. Antonlo 256 Vlllane. Scott Il2.22l.320 Vlllella. Phllllp I40 Vlnson. Dan I03.25S Vlscardl. Denlse I03.220 Vlscardl. Klmberly I40.22l Vlttltoe. Vlctorla Il2.232,23S Vlttttow. Darren Vlttltow. Mlcheal IO! Vlttltow. Illchard I40 Vleck. James l4l.224.2S6 Vlk. Julle I40 Vogel. Jennlfer IGI Vogel. Laura J0.42.I03.2S9 Vogel. Susan I6l.2S3 Von Worley. Stephen Voorhees. Matthew I4I Voorhls. Nlcholas l4I.222 Voss. Sharon I6l.23I Wade. Allcia l6I Wade. Michelle l4l.2S0 Wadell. Krlstel I4I.236 Wadell. Lara I03.22I Wagner. Gregory I4I Walnwrlght, August IGI Walker. Brian l4I.2S6.2l2 Walker. Krlsta l4I.230 Walker. Leah I4I Wall. Craig lB2,24I Wallace. Kimberly l6l Walsh. Jack Walton. James 33.34.IOJ Walton. Tanya I4I Ward. Cameron I4l Ward. Sherri I03 Ward. William I4I.224 Wardlaw. Sarah 30.3l.53.l03 Warner, Davld IDS Warwick. Staci Il! Wasko. Amy IOS Watklns. Cllnton IGI Watklns. Samuel 4I.l04.22I Watson. Jami Watson. Jeffrey Watson. Kathy l04.224 Watts. Andrea ISI wms. Kyle II2 Watts. Steve l04.224 Wauer. Dustin l4l Waugh. Rene Weathers. Britt Il2.228 Weaver. Donald I45.IGI.224.256.2l4 Weaver. Sean ll2 Webb. Amada ISI Webb. Deanna Il2.22l Webb. Keith l04.294 Webber. Heather I4I.222 Weber. Catherine l6I .224 Webster. Eric Weddle. Dirk I6I.224.2S6.294 Weldner. Stephanle l4l Welgandt. Jennlfer I42 Welngartner. Erica l4I Weinleln. Kirt Welnmaster. Erle I6I.256.293 Welr. Kevln l4l Welch. Jason l04.232.23S.294 Welch. Klm I04 Wellons. Shannon Welp. Catherine I4I.236 Welp. John IO4 Welton. William 26.2l.ll2.22S.228.272 Wengert. Heldl 44 I82. 224. 230. 240. 2l4 Wengert. Peter l4l.275.294 Wente. Clara IGI Werden. Kathryn IO4 Werner. Karl I62.2l6 Werner. Willlam 242 Wescott. Cllfford I62 West. Wendy Ill Westad. Kevln ll2,272 Whaley. Karl I04 Whaley. Krlstl I4l Wharton. Matthew IO4 Wharton. Sally l4I.22!.23l Whlsenhunt. Harold I4l.222 Whitaker. Anne 242.245 Whltalter. Jon ll2.224.22l.2SS Whlte. Barbara 30. 44. 53. I04. l09. 230. 232.237 White. Bradley White. Danlel l4l.224 Whlte. Kella 24I White. Mary I64. II2. IIS. 220. 22l.230 White. Warren I42 Whitefield. Kristen I62.2i3 Whltehead, Stacy ll3.276 Whltener. Stephanle l62 Whiteside. Trent 44.Il3.242.24S.2S9 Whltewolf. Lance I42 Whltlng. Jeffrey l04 Whitmore. Wendy IOS.220 Whitney. Kenneth IOS Whitten. Jeffrey Wick, Mlchael I42 Wiclunan. John Widner. Nlcole l42.262 Wldner. Pamela l62 Wilall. Dlana l42.232.23S Wiibrandus. Robert I42.222 Wilder. Christopher l42.222 Wllder. Donna lO5,255 Wildman. Laura Il3.2l! Wilhelm. Susan IOS.220 Wilklnson, Kim I62.242 Willett. Cassandra I62 Wllllams. C Erin I62.224.225 Willlams. Charmelle I62 Willlams. Christina 224.295 Wllllams. Clay l62.232 Williams. Deana 230 Williams. Deborah 44,Il3,24I Williams. Gregory 26, 25. 38. I44. l4S. IS2. 223.228 Wllllams. Holly Williams. James 44. 53. IOS. 232. 237. 240. 24I. 3l2 Wllllams. Kirsten l42.235 Wllllams. Krlstl l0S. Wllllams. Michael IOS Williams. Robert l42.235 Willlams. Robin 30.l0S.230.232.23'l Wllllams. Scott I42,232 Williams. Scott. IB3.237 Wllliams. Steven ll3.256 Wllllams. Tooter 44.Il3.232.23S.237 Wllllamson. Colln l62 Wllliamson. Connle Il! Willingham. Tara l62.262 Wlllls. Garner I42 Wlllls. Seth I62 Wlllock. Heather I42.232.23S Willock. Vanessa 30.IOS.232.237.2l4 Wllson. Angela I42 Wllson. Dana IS! Wllson. Danielle ll3.220 Wllson. Frank I42 Wllson. Jeffrey I42,293 Wllson. John I42 Wllson. Kyle I42 Wllson. Marc I42.22l Wllson. Matt I42.22S.272 Wilson. Michael Wllson. Michael ll! Wllson. Mlchclle I42 Wllson. Terry E05 Wllt. Barry. l62 Wllt. James IOS Wimberly. Brian Il! Wlmmer. Joseph I62 Wlndeck. Lundy I62.3Il.320 Wlngert. D Michelle I42 Wlngfleld. Michael Il! Winters. Nlel I42 Wlnters. Russell l62.270.272 Wlnthelser. Monica l62.2l4.3lB.320 Wirth. Joel I42.2!6.2S6.2l2 Wlse. Curtls l04.222 Wlse. Dawn I62.222 Wlse. Jeff I83.222.25S Wiseley. Matthew I62.293 Wiseman. Casey 2l6 Wltczak. Richard IOS Wltkowskl. Jeffrey I42 Witte. Erika I23.I42 Wolcott. Thomas I42 Wolf. Jason ll3.276 Wolf. l.aura I62.2Gl.29S Wolf. Mellnna ll3.220 Woll. David 213 Woltmon. Stephanle I42 Wonder. Brlan I42 Wonder. Llsa I06 Wong. Charles I42 Wood. Jack I06 Wood. Tanya I42 Woodbury. Kelth Woods. Mark I06.232.23S Woodslde, Robert IIS Woodward. Jeff 4I.I06.22I Woodward. Robert I62,232.235.293 Workman. Cynthla IIS Wrlght. Amy I62.223.224 Wright. Brian ll3.256.2l6 Wrlght. Davld l06 Wrlght. Gregory l42.IG2.222 Wrlght. Jeffrey I42 Wright Mlehael I42 Wright. Rebecca 42.I62.2S9 Wyman. Amy lB3.3ll.320 Yanez. Anthony I12.I42.2S6. Yarasheskl. Erln Yarbrough. Mlchael Yates. Rlchard Yates. Shannan Ybarra. Susan I62 Yeager. Stephanle I42 Yeaman. Michele l62.22l.24l Yeary. laura ll! Yeazell. Sharl Il! Young. Jason l42.222 Young, John I62.222 Young. Kelly I62.2S0 Young. Lee 44.lB3.24I Young. Mlchael l62.2S6.272 Young. Scott l06.2S9 Young. Steven I62,222 Younger. Suzanne Yurlclc. Marla I06 Yusko. Robert I62.232.23S Zaffery. Phillip l83.276 Zagar. Tlmothy l62.25G Zarate. Valerle Zbylut. Mark Il3.224 Zellner. Mellssa I42 Zellner. Randal Zerl. Connle I82 Zlllman. Suzanne IN Zlmmennan. Kenneth 30. il. 40. 42. IOS. 229. 232, 237, 259.294 Zlmmerrnan. Ruth l62.232.237.2S9 Zlnk. Kevln l42,294 The El Aguila Staff thanks Matt Armstrong and Mcln- tosh for doing our indexing. 'BWI XXX KK eXX bac X ill" .1- -an Qf- I f Yi . rf . s. ' ,.- s, A '-' 'x X 1 . XM , . 1 . Y ,. x .n ui- ' l i .X ' . gn- .,. Q ,A ' 1' 2' " 3 , mx in - ,C ' lvffw Vo ,. , ' 1 , '1fp2?fw"3j T . 'rx L-"' ' 'W . ,fi X -o i- 4'Vb-'ifzwg --' V e We ,H ,ff ' A ., 1 ' A' , s, Q L... J.. ,VJ wh! 1 wbwli 'f Af' X 1 I-4? E.. 1' .QW-if' Y' if .iw x -If -M 1. ,- , A' ,. ' .ki . ' 4-,J Mm- . W A' 5 fx' A4 :PM .. ls- Y ,j 'H- n , " ' Y X X ,Y Us 0 x 1' , , , ak N v w I 'M .A ,K ,Q 4 1 x Q ya 534' 3' '- ily YQ W wif? If V, . 22950 L . 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Q-- , I . 5 - " U? ,fxihfs 55-Q-'95-x,2"'gVJi :QV Ms-.-ir., . N QQ! XR 2 fy . 5 , 1553"- giig 'lv' 3 5 1 , Oo - .F '- . 1 -' -'11 .. - . v ' -Q' -4 f -N4 1 , - . , , X5 W . 1 , ' ,Af , J' h L , V Q f 4, , f in i o ' Q i I .V" X ' I Xu 1 ,T ' Vi QW L t tt explore ettdifferent attitudes is ZR. , U ' 41 L 's ry f Q 'il' ,A ' N -:::I .R B., 2 .2 z-f wig rx ,.. N ii v FJ L. . S ' r J -rfk 1 If wp ' " A 'ff TQ- ' " - f -H " " 412 1. -' 5 ' , ' ' . X Q. +,,,, V, lg? Ai ,sig iw:-. - X4 Air, 'ga 1:11 K . 5 f"'qgA"Ir fir' Q v.,.f 1. M - W .wi , - Q . , A, rm ffm? ff" AE? +.."k , 'rr' ". l' WMM ., Hx! vs 3: .QP Q A-av 1 ZW ue. Q K'- - wa- .'- Q, 1 1, V 9 fi ,-gk. Akai p. 9 Ik.. ka-an 1 Y 1 A , 'z..7,.,l' A. .u R if 1 +V-A -ga X ,Q , 1-N - g fm, Ha, .-f .sir 1 f fa, ,LE lm, I , x , cb .: I wx .'M..,? 'D 1--, : a 4 J ' ' 1 1 - - 0 K 4 4 , X K we 1- 'X :4 E Je-, I 'twirl jpij,-, 1 f 1 v 1 I 1 w r l 5 :Af F41 "' 1f F .lx lag, ' 'Ln 'rw- Wav 'S H v, 9 M P1 v , . F Francoiseleniieux. Julie Chavez. Dawn Johnson. F -0 A f 'W-. 'Wo Ac -.-v . ", ' l Snr ' A ' fl ' eq uni activi- an entire' .I-U-Pl 4- .' ' TR ' .yv.mm,,,wG! wtf- if J Q' --.t,.. , Nelson and Sharlatlopez. Top Row: Donald 0 Nenll. Adam Powell. Brian Buckley, Jay Thomton. Todd l,eCefne.'Rusty Ray. Sheldon Stanhope. Robert Kuiath. Darln Burton. Gavin Gonzalez and Aaron Dye. Not Pictured: Mike Smith. X ' ' , , 7' of V s 4 . 1' 1 f r '41, -' 1, 4 ,, C' " W Q- , x 'E ' .31 f1- , , i' ,- ' , , A-' -f 2 A -tb. ' dk V V ' -' Rm' '3,eJgeq41fii1" W Q.-1 ,gi 4 .'i1.'1-,Q , , ,' . A ",'AN35,s, ':'3?!f'1'Z:f rr,-2' N-Qu. ,, n A' ., . .,,. , "' A ' fe ' 1 Ri ,gf-31:2 Q-5, 1 A wif, 'L-.1-.4 ' - V .1 ,.'-la-av. 31435 I lu- e rf, .'jm'.'g! 1 ' ' ' f inf' ' es. 'f ' ' ' - is P ' H ' , - i m-.-2' -'Q ' , ew. QQ . V, l . . D , ' V.. . , ,, V. h.: ,W V t T , 4 ,neg , 1 .f . I ,. ". ' , - , Mg. V N' . W- .,,. ' V , X el. yn X , , -:fp - -, if .' .Y - 1 Q a ' - . .' . , ' . ,V '- , . , ' .4 L- , 9 Jn nj-gr' -.g"i'3.'w+T"" l ' ' ' '.' vi' ' " " - pr' ..n ' . ' '- ' - Jw"--"'f'-if ':""A-i'4 fm A Q N , - , , . - 1 M V 3. ,Q . l swf ' ,Q f , X , ,, 1,1 ,gn 4. .'4,,gv ,M ,ati . ,, , A fa 1' x 3 , QQ. I A -N f -M , , . ,. ,Q . it A .2 melgz.-r.:l5a.'aP1N N ' A . - 4 'J ' 1 . ' L -Q ' 'S 'I S, ,rf , 11"ipQsi.Lin.:z....W'fE..1.i1 9' Lf A. nv 'X Mr i r A n 5 l r . ,,:3.jA'i53,4' V, Q Q, ' 0g?Z,f:f?3f5'f'?-6121 -15 'f . 4 , ',?xgVE7L,,"-iaaflil'iq' ' .gl,j,4iQ,lQglQgY,gf f 'X 1' , ' ,M,,E?,,,.Q,, N .g . ,X ,..,,,,4 ,134 mL,..,,, M , , . A ' ,491 '.z 'fm -JAY' -," I .15 v. ' q - mE,b,,AyKmH , ,. , , .1 ' ' - -' 5'w::'3v,MI-4' A' UL- 'f RQ ' f 1 'e4'3".1r3i'ff': V' ,Sf 'ffm 3 5 - Lf, waht, 19 ,b ,, . gl! - 1 V-v I' .- ,V VK h ,mt 1 . ,iw- H-kpwaxr 3. Wi, I if J V z" -4-Rn-ig--. lf 551, "fs 1 .F . N . J' Z Ma' .- il . V - as-Q. . W 1 . '. . fi ' W, ,, nr' 1 , , A A I - .. ,:"'? V . 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I- N, cb ' w " K v 1 smris 1, ' 'M ,Z 57 gs f,fb,,?2,V54-Q ,VVQ It E- ' A:U",wS'5M'-H 'UE 2? .f 3' . WE" ff,.1-"r.1f?vfhAn'-'g's. '-fn 5 w +211 M-'lzfr--.rpggv X fw if'QL'wF' Witte p Mx: Yearbook Staff Brings It All Back 'ga gfs Hulk H . ., I 0. ,I 1 V .v - N . M ',,g5 4-lift" ',-rags ' 'Tiff " rdf. N ',.,-'1' . Anne Springer. Rebecca Passman. Monica Wlntheiser. Vickie Vaallion. Nancy Lltlle. Larry Brown. Amy Wyman. Barb Kashinsld. Amy Hahn. Theresa Garduno. Toni Kotzen. and Lundy Wlndeck. Not Pictured: Judi Baker. 4 .-3":..fftf! LA 4 - " . ' ' ff ., fir?-. Q51 - . r 1 I "ij g fa: i 'I V. iw, Ros K-A fl 2 X 5 of f 2 1. ' ,sv A,,g A T , 1 , T - Qifront Row. Monica Wintheiaer. Jodi Furaus. Tybi Glover. Amy Wyman. Beck! Canaday, Senna Moore. Camille King. Amy Hahn. Lundy Wlndeck. Angela Smith. i'Micheile Smith. Kathy Schlichting. Theresa Garduno and Chris Dunkeson. Top Row: Anne Spranger. Rebeeca Passman. Susan Davis. Vickie Vasillon. Beth 1,ColIins. Alexis Staniek. Nancy little. Lotta Sahlen. Michelle Nudi. Traci Brannan, Toni Kotzen. Jennifer Lilly. Larry Brown. Barb Kashinaki and Scott Villane. Not gificturedx Ted Mae: and Judi Baker. 5: . . Q , A E. K I 4 I f Zn I C. A iw' 12 '-7' Editor F 1 Q .-.1- I I i l One day at a time. Editor: Seana Moore Assistant Editors: Becki Canaday and Camille King. Advisor: Wona Deverman Honors Editor: Judi Baker s Honors: Susan Davis. Jodi Furaus, Tybi Glover, and Alexis Staniek. Seniors Editors: Toni Kotzen and Rebecca Passman. ' Seniors: Amy Wyman, Anne Spranger. Michelle Nudi. Jennifer Lilly. Lotta Sahlen. and Barb Kashinski. llnderclass Editors: Amy Hahn and Vickie Vasilion. . Llnderclass: Ted Macs, Beth Collins, Scott Villane, Angela Smith. and Michelle Smith. Faculty Editor: Theresa Garduno . Faculty: Larry Brown. Traci Brannan. Nancy Little. and Ted Maes. Student Life Editor: Larry Brown Student Life: Jennifer Lilly, Barb Kashinski, Michelle Smith, Jodi Furaus, and Moni- ca Wintheiser. Organizations Editors: Barb Kashinski and Monica Wintheiser. Organizations: Vickie Vasilion. Traci Brannan. Alexis Staniek, Tybi Glover. Chris Dunkeson. Susan Davis. and Judi Baker. Boy's Sports Editors: Amy Wyman and Lundy Windeck. Boy's Sports: Beth Collins. Amy Hahn. Michelle Nudi. Rebecca Passman. Kathy Schlichting, and Angela Smith. Girl's Sports Editors: Nancy Little and Anne Spranger. Girl's Sports: Theresa Garduno. Toni Kotzen, Lotta Sahlen. Kathy Schlichting. Scott Villane. and Lundy Windeck. A ' Photoeraphers: Neil McBeth, Wona Deverman. Jer Deverman. Bill Bell Studios. and the El ,Aguila Staff. , . Herff Jones Representatives: Bill Smith and Campus Specialties. Artist: Pat Trujillo Special Credits: William Reid. Principal EHS Vice Principals ' Eula Emory, Bookkeeper A Pat Renken. Activities Director Nancy Escue. Activities Secretary A y y EHS Faculty and Students y U, ,y A b vf . ii s 4- ' LZVAQUY 41- Ti , ff! 1++'f1.:' if-ig '5FZL4fsfmZ."-' A ' ' Wah.-I-ui. In-1,9 My 1'ife,.-f.K..,3-43,'Ak5LQ.g,1,mLa-1hx..' 'Wlfv' ' N '- . fc.. -' 1" im mm 1. W. wk-w.ztix.....-n..gUpvza,.,,-H., . A? 5? -.rn fl A-af P417 v..- - 15? 313 ,lg 2 , nj ip.-A fi -A :fi . 255 UM, 9:4 ' .2 Qw H 'I 'Z Abi' iv-- 4 5 T! A 'Q 5 NQJL' ' mqjliwp mailed wa wui Uuh K'EQJ3i?3,'Gjs?.E REID ami , aw-X59 BM . I WEEK O 00-XX Xwmnwbxwwwf Mqifpm JOJLL Kvgwu mm,uLQ,Yw'f:NLJy Jammu- 504, VYNOJU5 Mfkc, V00 had fff'04' if by Wm W 1007-,M,Ef,'ffQ57! 5, 5Uf'f1Mf1f and f ff yi faifwf 291-317q nm --W I 'QMVLQ Eihlxpm VQOTY7 JAG Q mvifa Mme z,f,uDJw Q0 JWd,1,1,Q mme 12250 .Gam onafma LW f 35 Lo 'Hi ww, zap, , ,T A. l, A y fn. -K 19 ' , r. Ayr. ,v ,jv ,Jil- :,- , 5' "-1.w.g,,f '4 . , uv.. H 'T' ,f,,..u- . f w , wwf' rx ' 1 v .W 1 .f A .X .W e A W- -- , -15 , THA, , ...iff V r ., A 12 .A ,zw 1-,,,., ' . av -X ,,1,,,W . ff, ,' ' ,phyf ' f' if? ffm' V .' Mu , -:L ,'-n:'1:,?5w ,ff " , V I , 1 J m .U ' , x ' vu'- U ' 4 , . X 4 X .9 my ' n ,. , Y p , , .' WX, 4 v. A 1 x 4 f , 1 1 , A l --E .AW J fl. ia, ., 1 , 4. '-N .Q- 1 A A -fr -v.-, .-...4... I . 1 I 5 "lm , 4 V sn . .4 V .RJ . A , 1 ,., .'. ,' .1 - J.. ,I-.,, ,,,, --.-...f:. -f -1-1'-H A" . , fm- Iii-bmtrhuwf. MJ... -,41,.1.m, :un .VV. -.-E -- Ji. amen... 11.1. . v I ,X 1 Q. H. 1 1 V X 11 . '51 . 11 11' - - X ? 1' - 7 I . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I 15 T I . 1A R1 ' - 1 V.. 1 R 1 1 1 . ,. 51 '1 I 1, 1' N - 1 1K 1 I 11 -- l f 1 11 i 1 ,L A .- . W K K 11. 1 ' , F f 1 , f, .f I . ,A-1. , , V , 7:1 T 1'1'W'f'H:fE..,.7'1 V 1 , Q -if 1 1 .1 'f'f'51f,- ' - -. Y 1 1 il' 1 W1 4 1 3 ' 1 1 Y , . xi wa 1 5 ' ,gf Q . V, . A fu- , .'. -3 : -. , 'V w' 'f ' .1 v 1 -1 Sz- .1 -','w..3ig..4 1- 5 - Minas! f" -1:1 -me: fmiilfl:-Fr: 1 f? fw:'L5.f5Q'i2i 1 .-- . . -..-, ' . . 1 " , " fu '. -ff--11: - 5 .. '. . " W ,, ff 1 'L'i-.11 ,- if .-i .f ., L 1 NCQ 1,,:.,',g,.Q "1-.11 H,-. 'As , , 1 4 , 3 5 ,Mu A-1.11 rv xl ' -'--11-1-u.::...4 ,gn 1, v,- . - f.s..'--a-w ,-"f 'M--4-r-'1 - " I-Y ' ---+- -v ------'- --'- ---+ ' ' "' ' . V-wb-.,n,-vv---' A+ -- ' 1 , N . . X , .,.x 1 '--.'.,..,-.1-...... . ,an

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1985, pg 136

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