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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1970 volume:

1970 . yr . 26 January 3-4 February J 17 February " ' ■ 22 February-4 March 8-11 March 15-19 March 23-30 March 1 April 5 April 8-9 April 13-14 April I ) San Diego Pearl Harbor Guam Subic Bay, Philippines Vietnam Subic Bay Okinawa Keelung, Taiwan Vietnam Exercise 15-25 April 28-29 April 1-4 May 8-18 May 22-23 May -.- v, x 25-28 Way-J . 3 June ' " 5-10 June 13-20 June 24-30 June 8-13 July 17-22 July 26 July-2 August 5-7 August 10 August 14-25 August " 5 September ■ 15 September ( A ■t--™ Subic Bay Okinawa Golden Dragon Okinawa Keelung Subic Bay Vietnam Bangkok, Thailand Yankee Station Hong Kong Subic Bay Okinawa Subic Bay Vietnam Subic Bay Kaohsiung, Taiwan Okinawa Yokosuka, Japan Pearl Harbor " " San Diego TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE 1 DEPLOYMENT SCHEDULE 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 COMMANDING OFFICER 5 COMMANDER AMPHIBIOUS GROUP ONE 6 COMMANDER AMPHIBIOUS GROUP THREE 7 SHIP ' S COMPANY 9 ADMIN 10 COMMUNICATIONS 13 DECK 22 ENGINEERING 31 MEDICAL 42 NAVIGATION 45 OPERATIONS 48 SUPPLY 53 MARCOMMDET 60 HELO DETACHMENT 63 PORTS OF CALL 67 HAWAII 68 PHILIPPINE ISLANDS 70 TAIWAN 72 THAILAND 74 HONG KONG 76 OKINAWA 78 JAPAN 80 VIETNAM 82 SPECIAL EVENTS 85 EXERCISE GOLDEN DRAGON 86 PEOPLE TO PEOPLE 88 CHURCH SERVICES 90 DRY DOCK 91 COOK OUTS 92 HOMEWARD BOUND 94 CRUISE BOOK STAFF 96 b The Head Gator Commanding Officer E. ROYCE WILLIAMS CAPTAIN USN JAMES H. CONNELLY, JR. COMMANDER USN Executive Officer , ■ » . y M. ■• ' - ' ...y VICTOR A. DYBDAL RADM USN Chief of Staff Commander Amphibious Group One REUBEN G. ROGERSON CAPTAIN USN DAVID M. RUBEL RADM USN Chief of Staff Commander Amphibious Group Three JOHN W. O ' NEILL CAPTAIN USN VADM M. F. Weisner, Commander Seventh Fleet. •a rv 1 Sideboys for BGEN L. E. Fribourg. RADM Rubel RADM Dybdal Honors and Ceremonies Entertaining honored guests in Kaohsiung. s H I P S c o M P A N Y LTJG R. M. KANE LEGAL OFFICER LCDR G. F. BOTT CHAPLAIN A D M I N I S T R A T I O LTJG P. W. LOVE SAFETY OFFICER CWO T. C. WEBBER PERSONNEL OFFICER N 10 SN Manley X Division SN Bauer BACK ROW: LTJG R. M. Kane, YNC C. J. Bryson, SN R. D. Bauer, LIl J. C. Martin, PNl R. L. Levasseur, SN V. F. Nelson, SN W. P. Kafka, RD2 J. C. Edwards, MAA, BM2 G. W. Carver, MAA, SMI C. L. Williams, MAA, LTJC P. W. Love. FRONT ROW: CW02 T. C. Webber, SN A. Navarro, YNSN H. Hoshizaki, SN A. Esparza, PN3 D. C. Coetz, PN3 R. D. Nash, SN L. W. Manley, PCS R. Berry, QMl J. E. Smith, MAA, ENCM W. C. Braham, CMAA- LTJG Kane PN3 Goetz J fflE SN Navarro PNl Levasseur PCS Berry PN3 Nash SN Esparza LCDR J. R. GILHULY COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER ■•••tj, LTJG J. A. FAWCETT ASST. COMM. OFFICER LTJG J. W. MCCOWN CWO LTJG T. J. WEST CR DIVISION OFFICER LTJG J. A. SANDERS RPS CUSTODIAN LTJG D. MACGILLIVRAY ELECTRONIC MATERIAL OFFICER LTJG R. H. CALLAHAN CS DIVISION OFFICER CWO R. L. ANDERSON ASST. EMO 13 ETR2 Spry SN Crawford and ETN2 Prage BACK ROW: ETN2 J. M. Harbert, ETN3 R. J. Taylor, ETN2 S. M. Prage, ETR2 J. L. DeBenedetti, ETR3 F. J. Miller, ETN3 J. L. Mayer, Jr., ETR3 G. P. McKelvey, SN V. T. Crawford, ETNSN P. H. Medenwaldt, LTJG D. MacGillivray. MIDDLE ROW: ETC C. E. Atwood, ETR2 E. A. Marino, ETR2 L. L. Belli, ETNSN J. B. Mock, ETR2 F. H. Marxen, SN M. J. Miller, ETN3 E. L. Fitzgerald. ETN2 W. F. Tumulty, ETR2 C. M. Spry. FRONT ROW: ETN2H. R. Brooks, SN L. A. Custer, ETR2 K. D. Friel, ETN2 J. M. Quinones, ETN2 S. C. Stoker. ETN2 Harbert and ETR3 McKelvey 14 ETNSN Medenwaldt and ETN2 Stoker Division ETR2 Belli ET training session. i RM3 Jackson Cpl Laird, RMS Chapman, RMS Sullens and RMS Cartright Comm Officer p FRONT ROW: RMCS J. R. Nickerson, RMS J. A. Chapman, RMC P. W. Thornburg. BACK ROW: RMS B. E. Bassett, RMS L. L. Orchard. RMS A. Wenko, RMS J. H. Johnson, RMSN T. D. Hunt, CYNS R. B. Benfield, LTJG T. J. West. FRONT ROW: RMS L. D. Curry, RM2 D. R. Richards, RMS T. M. Green, CYNS J. L. Brandon, RMS L. S. Glasco, CYNSN R. A. Anderson, RMS F. Foster, RMS D. R. Mishler. BACK ROW: RMS J. L. Cartright, SN D. D. Corbin, RM2 C. B. Woolley, RMS W. R. Sullens, RMS F. L. Weber, RMl L. L. Mitchell, RMl E. D. Back, RMl P. R. Cotting, RMSN S. D. Esty. " K -.. ,% Main Comm at work. RU3 Wenko and CYN3 Benfield RM2 Woolley aniririfffi RMSN Hunt and RM3 Bassett (JM i:i)i 1) « ' •• -U n , II . H K (FH ftrr. X 1 1 K V J M W X -. CYN3 Ben field RMS Glasco RMCS Nickerson SM3 Bryson and SN Jenkins C S Division FRONT ROW: LTJG R. H. Callahan, SMI G. A. Slaughter, SN R. L. Bowermaster , SMSN B. E. Couch, SN B. W. Fick, SMSN D. M. Snyder. BACK ROW: SMS A. Gonzales, SMS E. Morales, SN B. T. Jenkins, SM2 T. M. Tunetall, SMS G. Y. Bryson, SN J. A. May, SMCS F. W. Greer. 20 tj »« SUB Tun stall, SMCS Greer and SU3 Morales SN Fick and SN Bowermaster " I m V|||jj ».ii 1 m nV " } hwQ ■ii ri --- ' 1 1 1 Hl 1 1% SN May SM3 Bryson F- .1, n 1 1 ( ULL 1 -» - --- 1 . B -. , IE v Ki b a H 1 LCDR W. R. H. SMITH FIRST LIEUTENANT D E C K LTJG J. J. MAHONEY, III SECOND DIVISION OFFICER « . LTJG T. L. WITTMER GUNNERY OFFICER " -i LTJG R. A. MOORE SECOND DIVISION OFFICER LTJG T. M. RYAN FIRST DIVISION OFFICER ENS R. S. LACOE LTJG G. R. PIERSON ASST. FIRST DIVISION OFFICER ASST. FIRST DIVISION OFFICEi 22 Ji n IT III i I 0 BACK ROW: SN B. E. Mcintosh, SN J. A. Collins, SN D. L. Funk, SN M. L. McDonald, SN W. Z. Harris, SN B. W. Cyphers, SN W. Billy, LTJG T. M. Ryan. FRONT ROW: BM2 R. L. Brisbois, SN K. L. Woods, SN R. Lee, SN L. S. Hogue, SN R. A. Maksin, SN R. S. Snyder, SN R. W. Gerstenberger, SN V. L. Fulcher. SN Cyphers, SN Jensen and BM3 Edmiston First SN Collins and SN Bradford Comradeship (?) Division SN Owens FRONT ROW: BMl G. L Sey SN A C L Z ' .f . iT ' " ' ' " S CD. Kelly. Miller, BM3 S. M. Schwan, SN P R Kakas SNJFlen.Jt ' ?m i fJ u ' - - ' " ' " ' - ■ F. E. Mitchell. ' ' ' ■ - • ' " en, SN J. W. Herrera, SN R. P. Whitney, SN 24 SN Jensen and SA Hughes 25 26 SN Goodnight, SN Lanni and SN Baudion FRONT ROW: SN B. D. Rinehart, SN B. Cheatle, SN W. R. Johnson, SN J. U. Nieto, SA D. A. Luna, SN L. B. Amici, SA J. E. Clark, SN C. R. Leport. BACK ROW: SN J. W. Slater, SN R. N. DroUinger, SN M. E. Cunningham, SN A. Ruiz, SN R. A. Baudion, SN D. H. Thompson, BM2 B. J. Donegan, SN S. A. Farnsley, LTJG R. A. Moore. Security watch in DaNang. h Second SNWoo d t tl FRONT ROW: SN L. L. McKinley, SN A. B. Crumpton, BM3 D. Neroes, SN G. Hightower, SN B. A. Armstrong, SN K. R. Anderson, SN H. Adams, SN L. E. Busey, SN D. E. Lanni. BACK ROW: BUI V. J. Neuhart, BM2 R. J. Sosnoski, SN C. R. Gray, SN B. R. Knight, SN D. L. Hawk, SN R. M. Harst, SN K. E. Guthrie, SN R. C. Walker, SN S. G. Lyneis. 28 m .r- .C-E- " ' " bo „ ' « X Ids. tgsn G- Mielke Division SA? Mayberry and FTG2 Hoover checking the armory. 29 Mount 51 gun crew. July 4th Gun Salute. GUG2 Viets and FTG3 Mirra SN Reed and SN Fowler GMGSN Olson LTJG G. L. YORK MAIN PROPULSION ASSISTANT LTJG L. E. HOFFMAN A DIVISION OFFICER LCDR R. D. GEARHART ENGINEERING OFFICER E N G I N E E CWO W. G. NABER DAMAGE CONTROL ASSISTANT R I N G »«% CWO R. L. PREVATTE ELECTRICAL OFFICER 31 FN O ' Keefe FN Drake, EN2 Rodgers and FN Pierce The Evaporator Gang ■PPH I H pr £ -. ' ■i ■-- .li ' wsai ■. i . B MB BL I H ' " " :. B Bttii k .ivT 9L ■jl ■ 1 11 fV-- F lU ■ K 1 1 h V i i Onion Heads ENS Inman A Division FRONT ROW: FN H. D. O ' Keefe, MU2 D. L. Wagner, MRS D. M. Fisk, MRS K. E. Freimuth, ENS W. 0. Inman, MMS D. S. Matthews, FN R. E. Maples, FN J. Del Rio. BACK ROW: FN W. P. Collins, EN2 R. W. Rodgers, FN A. L. Pierce, FN C. W. Drake, FN J. S. Ramsay, FN C. E. Burpee, FN B. E. Moore, FR L. J. Wilson, LTJG L. E. Hoffman. MRS Freimutli FN McGrady 33 IC3 McFee EMS Smith IC3 Greer Manning the watch. 1C3 Brubaker E Division IC3 Phillips FRONT ROW: IC3 T. A. Brubaker, IC3 T. A. McFee, 1C3 J. L. Ross, EM2 M. S. Henderson, EMI B. B. Delos Santos. MIDDLE ROW: EMCS B. R. Bolen, 1C3 R. W. Straten, IC3 R. W. McEachern, IC3 L. A. Wheeler, FN P. A. Tripp, EMFN R. G. Cessna, EM3 J. A. Smith, EMFN P. N. Dahlke, EM2 R. J. Steven, CW02 R. L. Prevatte. BACK ROW: EMS A. R. Olson, EM2 M. J. Kelco, EM2 L. G. Young, 1C3 J. R. Greer, EMS D. L. Worlein, EMS R. C. Lowry, FN H. N. Schmidt, FN R. D. Smith, EM3 L. D. Plew, ICC R. F. Clinton. 35 r fa " I " Ji M ' I it II 1 FRONT ROW: MMC W. L. Ballinger, FN K. E. Scott, MM3 J. R. Morrison, MM3 T. R. Payne, MM3 J- S. Hawkins, MM3 J. V. Roybal, MM2 R. L. Moorehead, MM2 A. E. Mclntire, MM3 B. F. Fields. BACK ROW: FA D. T. Stellman, FA D. N. Bagby, FN T. L. Boettcher, FA P. J. Turner, MM2 T. L. Rainbolt, FN J. R. Del Femine, MM2 K. P. Edwards, MMl R. J. Scheble, LTJG G. L. York. FN Johnson, BT3 Fuzz and BT2 Osborne t The Oil King. 36 Chief Engineer Division FRONT ROW: BTC D. L. Bailey, FN J. M. Travel, BT2 T. E. Griggs, FN B. J. Zani, BT2 C. L. Staudenmair, BT3 P. E. Titchenell, BT2 L. P. Nelson. BACK ROW: BT3 W. H. Zecher, BT3 J. D. Barton, FN S. L. Richards, BT3 T. Fuss, BT2 D. L. Osborne, FN H. U. Johnson, FN R. J. Crosby, LTJG G. L. York. • r ' I ; ?T r 37 Meeting ot the minds. MM3 Payne BT3 Titchenell 38 y MM2 Moorehead and FN Bagby MM3 Roybal FN Boettcher and FN Scott Chief Johnson FN Bagby and MM2 Mclntire 39 r 1 1 I I Bi4CK ROW: FN L. G. Reynolds, DC2 J. L. Rogers, FN F. D. Moorehead, FN T. E. Reynolds, DC2 R. J. Burden, SF3 D. D. Phillips, DCFN M. F. Lucibello, SFC M. E. Matel. FRONT ROW: DCl B. J. White, SFFN G. L. Heib, SF3 P. P. Walker, FN G. Sanchez, SF3 L. G. Moore, SF3 C. C. Kemp, SF3 A. S. Olivarez. R Division DCFN Lucibello and DC2 Burdett SFC Matel ' k DCl White SF3 French, SFC Matel and SF3 Olivarez SF3 Phillips, DC2 Burdett and SF3 French DC2 Burdett DC3 Hamm and SF3 Moore FN Sanchez LCDR M. E. BOLES DENTAL OFFICER LT P. J. FIERKE MEDICAL OFFICER LT R. E. SCHULTZ MEDICAL OFFICER 42 Mti B lCif ROW: LT R. E. Schultz, MC , HM3 P. V. Totten, HM3 G. R. Bridges, HN B. J. Watkins, SN R. E. Helldoerfer, SN W. L. Matlock, LCDR U. E. Boles, DC. FRONT ROW: HM3 T. B. Schachner, HN R. W. McLaughlin, HM3 E. Dadis, HM3 R. A. Bullock, HM2 A. A. Manlutac, HMl B. F. Jones. HM3 Totten Open a little wider. jLi2«£1IITi 6t %nMSe ' ' i k r i 1 ( ff 5 ' J?Sf ' K. ' S?i ' .WW Dr. Fierke and HMC Canis 44 LTJG M. B. MC CLELLAN NAVIGATOR I V I G A T I O N 45 Plotting a star fix. Shooting the stars. QM2 Craig QM2 Delmar Navigator instructing a lookout. QMC Carroll and LTJG UcClellan Wish we ' d run out of paint. Division FRONT ROW: QMC V. D. Carroll, QMl J. E. Smith, QMl F. N. Castro, QM2 J. W. Craig, QMSN L. J. Little . BACK ROW: SN S. R. Herrmann, SN T. J. Lueken, QMS S. E. Berger, QM2 J. R. Green, QMS M. L. Delmar, LTJG M. B. McClellan. ij. LTJG E. D. BAKER PMS COORDINATOR LTJG R. R. BURNETT CICWO LCDR A. G. SKINNER OPERATIONS OFFICER LTJG D. R. SCATENA CIC OFFICER LTJG E. D. JOHNSON OA DIVISION OFFICER ' z v LTJG D. R. SPIVACK 01 DIVISION OFFICER 48 CWO F. 0. STUTLER ELECTRONIC WARFARE OFFICER .V ft J t Vl fi| ti BACK ROW; RD2R. B. Wells, RDSN L. R. Smith, RD3 L. D. Jenkins, RD3 R. D. Baunsgard, RDSN G. D. Garden, RD3 P. R. Covert, RD2 T. S. Hajek, RDl J. J. Shiverdaker, LTJG D. R. Spivack. FRONT ROW: RDG G. G. Campbell, RD3 A. R. Stebner, RD3 G. R. Huff, SN S. C. Leverette, RD3 R. Dominquez, Jr., RDSN B. M. Moon, RD2 J. C. Taylor, RD3 B. F. Herman, Jr., SN R. A. Christensen. OI Division Combat Information Center RD2 Taylor 49 RD3 Herman Hey, Fleet RDSN Curcio RDC CampbeU, LTJG Scatena and LTJG Johnson 50 AG2 Iseminger LIS Yareff OA Division BACK ROW: AN F. B. Harness, DM3 M. W. Baum, LISN R. S. Wasser, AG AN S. D. Hanger. SN R. L. Foreman, LIS C. A. Miller, LIS R. P. Yareff, LTJG E. D. Johnson. FRONT ROW: AGl H. E. Farmer, PH2 J. C. Campbell, LISN C. P. Johnson, AN J. E. Thomas, PH3 J. P. Arciniega, AGAN J. M. Burns, SN C. P. Bigler, SN R. E. Wesley. 51 PH2 Hulsbizer PH2 Campbell What do we do next? DM3 Dillon and SN Foreman AGS Turner rt JhlB M LCDR E. S. EATON SUPPLY OFFICER ft LTJG G. W. CONKLIN SHIP ' S STORES OFFICER . •— LTJG R. BRADFIELD SHIP ' S STORES OFFICER ENS W. B. NICHOLS DISBURSING OFFICER S u p p L Y 53 CS2 Curtius FRONT ROW: SKC D. E. Mix, SKI R. S. Caguiat, SN R. U. Cabling, SN H. R. Harding, SN J. R. Wright. BACK ROW: SK2 P. W. Strawn, SK3 G. A. Loers, SN W. D. Amerson, SN D. A. Petker, SK2 R. R. Lefevbre, LTJG R. Bradfield. FRONT ROW: SHC N. B. Robinson, SN L. Robinson, SHI M. G. Lineberger, SA K. B. Shepherd, SA N. M. Darr, SN J. J. Goldenberg, SN M. L. Hartline, SH3 W. K. Aldridge, SH3 M. F. Martinez. BACK ROW: SHSN D. M. Bauman, SN B. R. Parker, SH3 P. 0. Baker, SN L. C. Berzat, SN L. C. Carr, SN A. J. Davis, SN W. F. Haney, SN R. Estrada, SN R. E. Newens, LTJG R. Bradfield. ■ " i-lr.-ji-lt;: CSl Hughes » FRONT ROW: Ens. W. B. Nichols, TN D. S. Flandez, DKSN L. L. Chase, DKSN D. A. Dixon, SD3 E. G. Monteclaro, DKCS R. F. Bianconi. Chief Cook upholding a tradition. I ill r ii! m ) MAKE A Hoi-E WOT STUFF f FRONT ROW: CSl F. R. Krall, CS2 T. H. Stevens, CSS B. L. Curtius, CSSN A. E. Christian, CSS T. 0. Clear, TN J. V. Lobrin, CSl J. L. Pierce. BACK ROW: SN G. E. Laessig, SN A. N. Shaffer, CS2 C. R. Hughes, CSl C. W. Hughes, SKS R. Solo, SN J. L. Mixon, SN F. W. Thiel, CSC J. G. Enriquez. w mmimm ' m I FRONT ROW: CSC J. G. Enriquez, FA A. F. Voiles, SA R. M. Blackburn, FN D. A. Nycz, SN J. M. Nieto, SN C. E. Button, SA G. W. Mattery, SMSN D. M. Snyder, SN S. R. Herrmann, SH2 J. M. Sinlao. BACK ROW: LCpl T. M. Schlechty, FN H. D. Peterson, Jr., SA J . A. Manzi, SN L. W. Goodnight, ENFN P. M. Dahlke, SN N. A. Acordi, lU, RMSN 0. L. Canto, Jr., FN L. G. Reynolds, RDSN J. E. Booher, Ens. W. B. Nichols. CSl Hughes i ( uliiilil ' jA SK2 Lefevbre SN Amerson SHI Lineberger and SHC Robinson 56 SA Shepherd SN Davis and the ship ' s fountain. SK2 Strawn j- iiP T HQ L ' " S y- — i ST H ¥m ' i y| 1 n 1 SAT Mixon CSl Krall 57 S5 Division FRONT ROW: SDC E. F. Caecum, SD2 E. L. Gawaran, TN A. E. Galace, TN A. C. Cabotate, SD3 F. V. Surio, TN W. A. Somera, TN L. S. Sicat, TN A. R. Curat, SD2 A. H. Hernandez, TN D. D. Ferrer. BACK ROW: TN H. P. Poblete, TN N. M. Francisco, TN W. 0. Acab, TN S. L. Adona, TN C. D. Castillo, TN R. L. McMullen, TN R. L. Gawaran, SD3 A. P. Ocampo, TN L. M. Rosita, TN J. U. Rodriguez, TN B. P. Angkico. TN Galace TN Curat I Cooks in the galley. TN McMullen SD2 Gawaran Preparing (or lunch. cf I SDC Agbulos ' , ' Wf trtp juu a an m v5fT?awK c trK fviKuvtvh ' nn .aw m CAPTAIN W. W. JEFFREY CO, MARCOMMDET I LCpl Smith Target Practice. MARCOMMDET FRONT ROW: SSgt M. C. Fish, Cpl W. E. Morey, Sgt A. L. Romero, Cpl J. H. Laird, Cpl H. L. Griffiths, Cpl J. C. Lydon, Sgt S. M. Patterson. BACK ROW: LCpl T. U. Schlechty, Cpl G. K. Palea, Jr., LCpl W. P. Rogers, Cpl P. E. Mason, Jr., Cpl R. A. Brewer, LCpl J. F. Castel, LCpl H. G. Smith, Capt W. W. Jeffrey. 61 Sgt Patterson instructing the troops. SSgt Fish The Fleet Marine That looks good. 1-2-3-4 Sgt Romero «i»»ggiw«B»«M nMiM « j i« i B a vai n iii » ia a» H0iawM« t»»wf HCT3WT;njgaap LT C. E. LAW PILOT IN CHARGE LT 0. R. SCRIVENER PILOT IN CHARGE H 1 o n a LTJG J. P. O ' BRIEN CO-PILOT m ' a •- • LTJG E. P. RYBAR, JR. CO-PILOT 63 luaama AD J 3 Gulp AMS3 Gentry c V Tango Delta 04 FRONT ROW: ADJ3 R. B. Gulp, Jr., AMS3 H. W. Gentry, ADR 2 J. A. Aldridge and ADJ3 G. D. Pennington. BAGK ROW: AEl M. L. Johnson, AMS3 R. J. Frank, LT C. E. Law, AN S. R. Gotton, LTJG E. P. Rybar, Jr., LTJG J. P. O ' Brien and ATR2 T. L. Huff. Fuel for the Bird. FRONT ROW: SN F. Harvey, BT3 A. L. Morris, BRl J. D. Fuhr. Stragglers For those WEST PACers whose picture is missing - draw here. 66 yHM fHBneiBi HiiffFinwiJifiiiiMi niuinfiiVtmAVfv fWHwr r la-wtixv T9jrjHPg TiiM»iiTiy ' uwwnma 67 nii«iaiMa«MrmiiriHiifmr ™ ' ' " ' 5g " 8Bs i Blow Hole. rita Kamehameha I, first ruler of Hawaii. Punch Bowl Memorial Cemetary. M iiMiiMii igyw«nw f t M WBTB wwBiW ' W fa ' gw m: llr nr v%fvy ' t X1Sivw 5B J xas•2 ' yavfa%i 9s H A w A I I Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. Scenic View from Pali Lookout. f|lii»r Tr -.1 1 Fun at Grande Island Alongside Alava Pier, Naval Station, Subic Bay. Columban College students performing native dances aboard Eldorado. University ot Santo Tomas, Manila. The ' ' Mayor of Olongapo. n Subic Bay. ' ' Certain Sounds " perform in Kaohsiung. % Local restaurant in Taipei City. Sailors on tour in Taiwan. T TV I N Fountain at Yangmingshan Park on Grass Mountain near Taipei City. %f ' n The Golden Buddha. Eldorado sailors enteririg the Chao Sam Phraya Museum near Ayudhya, ancient capital of Siam. Thai Boxing. BM3 Donegan at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Tim Land Native delivery system. — " -n ' finrTir[iii " ' riiii m ' ' miiiP ' - ' ' ™ " ' ' ' ' ' tii Sailors at the King ' s Summer Palace. 75 AGS Turner from atop Victoria Peak. em ca Downtown. Local water front. Tiger Balm Gardens. Produce stand. Rickshaws are plentiful. " ' ' ' - " ■ - 1 - • , n Children in standard school dress. Monument atop Mt. Mabuni at Suicide Cliffs, burial place of some of Japan ' s greatest military commanders. OKINAWA Local inhabitant bringing his goods to market. War Memorial Museum, Fort Buckner. " i mnii Tomb o[ the Virgins - place where 103 teachers and students of the second Okinawa Girls ' High School committed suicide. An ancient bell gets some attention. ' ' ' ' ffij Sailors on guided tour. Daibutsu Buddha at Kamakura. Toshiba-ihi Pavilion. FN Nelson, FN Ramsay, FN Del Femine, EN2 Rodgers having dinner Japanese style. Tractor of the future at the Kubota Pavilion. Expo 70. Mount Fuji. and FN Burpee Some R and R. DA NANG Tien Sha Landing, DaNang. CAM RA VIET PH3 Arciniega on the job. 82 HN BAY -09- 3. a J vi i z .-? ' ! I NAM Local Vietnamese woman wearing an Aho Dai dress. Murderer ' s Row (?) VUNG TAU Boat crew on lunch break during runs. 83 i.a3jww»v-iii-r ' . -.uv £C fl Vertical Replenishment. Escorting the USS Canon. v 85 EXERCISE Coxswain delivering his cargo. Korean LST beached while ' Eldorado waits off shore. Marines on the beach. ■m - Preparing for a vertical assault. 86 = Ki- ' I ■« jf w GOLDEN R A G O N Generals observe first wave hitting beach. 87 SN Ayers, SN Navarro and SN Bauer add finishing touches. MM- Columban College, Olongapo, gets fresh paint job from DKC Bernard. Goodwill party heading for St. Christopher ' s Home (Episcopal) in Hong Kong. Philippine Dancers demonstrate native folk dance. SN Busey, SN Herrera and SN McKinley promoting the cause. 88 Philippine students get special tour. Loading paint for a school house in Olongapo City, RPI. SN Jenkins and SN Armstrong with children at St. Christopher Ho me. Cake cutting ceremony for Boys Town, Olongapo. PEOPLE E TO PROJECTS L E 89 Catholic Mass. RELIGIOUS Chaplain (Capt) Glenn M. Stengel, USA, saying evening prayer over 1 MC. Protestant Services led by Chaplain Bott. SERVICES LDS Worship. 90 Alt Forward LTJG Fawcett, LTJG MacGillivray and LTJG Scatena aiding (?) in repairs. D R Y D O C K 91 I J 1 1 1 11 Our Relief - at last. Homeward Bound 94 EDITOR: LTJG D. R. Scatena PHOTOGRAPHERS: PH2 J. C. Campbell AN J. E. Thomas ARTISTS: RD2 T. S. Hajek RD2 A. Mohammed RD2J- C. Taylor SN L. E. Busey ADDITIONAL PHOTOS: LCDR A. G. Skinner LTJG J. A. Fawcett LTJG L. E. Hoffman RDC G. G. Campbell EN2 R- V . Rodgers PH2 J. W. Hulshizer AG3 J- D. Turner PH3 • P- Arciniega SN R. L. Foreman TIFFANY PUBLISHING COMPANY Norfolk, Virginia San Diego, California 96

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Eldorado (AGC 11) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Eldorado (AGC 11) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Eldorado (AGC 11) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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