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Eldora Consolidated High School - Eldorian Yearbook (Eldora, IA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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' ,cv-,-w '57 ' "ff -,",,- ,H+ "3,1'g"'- " ijg1..q' 1 all V :gg Vx " Pri: i, iq:-Y E J ' " -Hfjj' 1.9! '.u'.1"'f:.. P' - as A w.r'?2g -aw if fa: ., f ,..- w:+wf e- Q ' ' ' ' jf- ' H '1 v' '.QI-"'1. - Q .il-. ,. g'1"1E:.z-1:1-,S .n .ft-.V A-, -wr-xp N 'kv-'iff' ' '34, gf .T 2 S. l , xvr' I .,t,.. . L. ve- K f' NW-xj"1 , -. I ,,...s' x ,..,, ..- , , - 7' fx.- ,...j .. iQ'W'v' '. 4.31.-,r-a',1', U.. 1 .xi .4 -- -11, . LM- . . WM . ' f ., 54 . px Q ' , . -M J. ',3'5L'f"1 2 jj? ' "" N 4-.apiiiliv n 7 . :jf fn If . ' A' fo gy 53 fff ,Pj - .QQCX Q2 1' ral' f ' rim? --'1 , .',! 1 ' . f' f , Q21 5 W ' ,l,,,,l ffwf . J'-' ll fi gjjbf I J !! . My My 1 'KA-Ivyl' ff 32235, '. Wy, f 'E' ,V ' Jx 1 ' ' L f! K' -'N f ff' V' 1' ' A . , Wh. ffg i- 17 rr X G!! , - f mimi-2-GN 'H' " . f-44 J -9 1 - 'WHY f "2 I D f I ' ' ' 2 ' ' , . T' Q1-I UL Q if J' ff '-'A - ' '5' T f -2 'VX' '--Iii: . ' .- ' Q:-i...T .N55?:f,g'fgl..3 f,::i-,km A 0 V -' , ., my A -V i ,X X3 X ' fi tuliifjiv . , 5 A ' 9R3,fff?5-if ff' 0 Q X. My A M g mb' h'WA 4' ,,, 2 I arf, JJ!! bjjlwp UW AW 'W W nd rints of iwflymfha p V776 f QLD 62, Juni, f do QJPZQL Mjvel 0541 2715 Q'07Qj'w7'2vJ.L1J f jf- Eldora High School, Eldora, Ibwa fx ,pw ' wwfm' 'A OM ,WJ - x SWK 7 V' A J qw J E Zfrxi 1 VN I x A , 0 s ds, ,jfv'KQki,TXgf fl .,j"LkqU www Q MMA dl nfl ' , KJV ' Sa 1 ,X " xjjl.xG' ,Lfvbj .QQ-JAM ,,,.,y-J' UJK' AJ VQX'-1 10 E V? -N. bw F ll jp! 8' l" ffq,1-f'N'W- 'X JY' , at . ,. w.1,,vs School days, school days . . . good old golden EHS days. Remember the first time we viewed the school with all the questions we wanted answered and all the new experiences we knew were waiting inside. Then, in a brief span of four years, our high school days culminated in graduation . . . ll iii' T' I W if Mfr? ,M ' ,WN , A' - N1 J, ' -' Vx MM! M 'WM fi, E K -filkilt! V -, J A j Cxgifxglgfoict W9 'Ty 5 f Li vv W M 5 CMN' QLIJCVJ ' Q M A' JLJYUILL' 5 Q QXX - M103 , fa if-'Lf N D5 QJVLLTML J f fgfvf bi fff ' Y 1 QM Wafv AN W Ly. f0jL,f,f0 JILL! 4 PA iz? 3,12 N . My 'W L'L,L5 mwiL ., Jblgep U M, by 'KLM , ,fx My XQQUMI-ffv' -A, bw 3 !U,2,JULL1L,L ' Q1 yjmlffiflff W 6" yup' ,' , J 3,w4?M'j fg,yf7"Lf5M'9! ML,zwf Milky wk, M ww .,mf O5 2. ' 1: vw X332 ff 5 h QA" K:-ANS ' ,".f: A ' 0. 41 . jiri ia -I ll! , " M . N' 'P ru? I L' 1 ' 1 ' 1' Y . W ' ' ix Y.. w J: 4. A X55 ,MZ I 1 Hr 1114-H' "I . , -.. f- f- - -. ,, K, XX w 1, ix, .sf .412 ., fq,.- H. . ' x ' , im rx , EL X X . ' Y f , .N ,, 3 v -. I ,gg ' ..v -- .Q . . AJ- . .M , . -xii -'rn-. 1. .,'f,J,1 .-Q L , ,C-f. -1--V ' ' , L., - -V ',-,-' ' w '11 fx f. 'I . 1 -1 -, -Xi--, I. . . ,., -, - -. X . 'fi 'f -fig ,g. , .' ,. mf ' ' - - - JP . -A' -, F H.-1: ,li 5.1: Q .wg H Mat 5 ., -Ai .- - -N .ww . 5 lv, L-, , E " wf .,-Q-:1,'5.' 1 . A .gh I -5 Y Ah yes the hours spent vrewmg the countrys1de from the wmdows of the old yellow bus Our da1ly Journeys m and around the school w11l often be remembered and held dear to us the creekmg bamster on the starrs the crowded halls the trme worn wooden lockers, and the old study hall wluch was replaced by a brand new one our semor year These memorles wrll never be forgotten and wrll remzun wrth us always OUR PRINCIPAL Mr. Marsden, our principal, always endeavors to keep our school functioning properly. It is his goal to create the best possible atmosphere for learning, and through much effort he has made the school an enjoyable place for us to develop our knowledge. L iiiiii iiiiwi -. OUR SECRETARY One may always find Ruth in her office. She is kept busy by the constant work that would be required of a school secretary. Ruth is always on hand in an emergency whether it be to find someone to drive the pep bus or to sell tickets at a basketball game. Her work is very important to students and teachers and it is greatly appreciated by everyone. OUR SUPERI TE DE T fin 'Q"!7v -A - Mr. Simons is the man behind the scenes. He is constantly working to improve the W1 standards of our schools. More important than this is his an .-.- effort to help us all to become first class citizens. What he has accomplished deserves much of our appreciation. Wm as-'IF' i -i BOARD OF EDUCATIO X s 1. 1' u-. Mr. Simons, Superintendentg Mr. Cakerice, Mrs. Guenther, Secretaryg Mr. Strother, Presidentg Mr. Vigars, Mrs. Thmssel, and Mr. Clark. 5 FRANK ELLINGTON WILLIAM ASI-IBY Music Mathematics :lf .asf LUIS MACIAS WALLACE BISHOP Spanish Guidance Counselor "CHRIS" CHRISTIANSON CURTIS CORWIN Girls' Phys. Ed.--Athletics Industrial Arts 6 FACULTY RUSSELL I-IEIN ARDELLA CULLEN Mathematics Music RICHARD FISHER IRVING HAWK Commercial Vocational Agriculture ROBERT BARNES BILL WILLIAMS Science--Athletics Social Studies--Phys. Ed.--Athletics 7 LUELLA SEDIVY DORA YOUNG English English LUCILLE ANDERSON RUTH McDONALD Art Home Economics fn.. 47' HARLYN RIEKENA GERTRUDE HOFFMAN ARVIN HAYWOOD Science Librarian Social Studies 8 SENIGRS 5. "-11 -03 J AMES ROLING WENDELL PRIMUS President CHARLOTTE ZIESMAN Vice President Secretary ROBERT LATCH DONNA TAYLOR Treasurer Student Council KAY BOWMAN 'Nadi' ROBERT ALBIN JAMES BROWN 10 I EILEEN BUTLER I-IARLAN BUNGER CANDY CABLE ALBERT CARPENTER ALLAN CLEMONS JANE CORBIN A PATRICIA DAVIS X is 1 1 JACK DAVI SON JUDY DICKENSON KAY EGGLESTON DAVID DIMMLICH " "" Y Y " 'fxf' H' 'T ROBERT ERBES JOHN GETHMAN NORRIS FOLKERTS 'Z' I.aVERNE FREED 12 BARBARA HARRISON BEVERLY HARRI SON CA ROLYN HAWK ,415 JANIS HIGAR DENI SE HICGASON BARBARA HINSHAW RONALD HOLDER Y --a STEVE HUSTON A PATRICIA KOSANKE 13 JANE LARSON L l U, LINDA MALTBY mr! r T NEIL LINDSEY DENNIS MAI RS DAVID MCCALL :sl DAVID MITCHELL CRAIG NOLTING DAN OPPOLD 14 MILLIE PALMER 7 at H . Fix MICHAEL REED I VIVIAN PLATTS 'R IKE ROOKS ROBERT SHORTLEY PHY LLIS ROSI NE Fw SI-IERRY SLATER ELQI SE SMITH 15 SHIRLEY STEINFELDT BARBARA TOMB D ARLA TRAVIS 'gin - 3? 222' ' BARBARA TROUT CAROL VINTON DALE VINTON .,,M'f?i"Hs 1 Wm .I , . .M-M Lf- Ui-2.--ul-if - . 44,121 L ' - JOYCE WARD SUSAN WILLIG JENNIFER YOUNG 5. L ws LI DERCLASSM N . . 445-1, . ,- 'E-X' gn. ,L f , I ,5Ju, 2" V H 2 Mu! Um ww, ,1 H1 ET' - :- ww, H H ' 1 M H H H ' H " M m W : . 1,5 m M - 'H :E N ,, ww , , m : 2'5" f JUNIORS-THIS YEAR - V. f- I ,,.,Q A 11. - 1 . Eric Erickson . , fit' -.W : Vice-president, Dave Penceg President, Joe Kramerg Secretary, Shirley Clarke, Treasurer, Kent Barnard. X 1 59' X an 'JQlN, sq . 4451" ,xv 1 vewewf I, ' L ES' . Virginia Aswegan, Elaine Balvanz, Kent Barnard, Melvin Barz, Barbara Burke. .Mig W 5 4' eg-if y f il , r Y :WE 11' , g', f3DQ, Xi 'FE' k Myrna Cakerice, James Carpenter, Delia Clarke, Shirley Clarke, Margaret Clemons. few' af ,, Jolm Cobb, Steve Daggs, John Dagit, Linda Daleske, Kathy De Cook. . 18 ff. A-if 5 f Y m l x ,Q John Feeley .iff Y ' 121' "' rf! xl' ' iff if Nason Folkerts n . if 'ef -3 C ,X A Larry Freed Annie Griffel ECOND BE T 2 As ...A-9 --f ,nam 'FF WW J E' Pamela Kadolph Kathleen Kelly Joan Kernry Cheryl Kmg Duane Kukdorffer Joe Kramer M11ton Kramer Lmda Lawless John Lawless Guy Lauser Greg Lyman Ke1th McCorm1ck Henry Grobe Robert Funderson Allen Hallett Rlck Hamm Fred Heard J eff Henmng Br1 an Hobson Nancy Holder Scott Hootman LuAn.n Hurd Doug Jackson Susan Johnson '-M 9' 1"? QF' 'Y' V Y ff? rig, k TM Hu ' SE f 1 Q Kenny Newby Larry Newby Joe Otto ' Ron Owings Cheri Palmitier Linda Patterson David Pence Jerry Pence Terry Portz Carol Purvis Jim Readel Robert Riggert EXT YE R Janet McCrea John McDowell David Mairs Alan Meeker Linda. Meeker Dale Meyer Tony Milian Dick Modlin Bill Mueller Monroe Murphy David Myers Pat Neuhaus 332- , I THE BEST m.y75T 4 I J! I ,f 4 lr Q Vickii Sdhwarck, Gary Seggerman, Ron Steinfeldt, Marcia Stewart, Richard Stewart Lyle Rohlfsen , . , N' Q .5 "Q-'Y Q - ,Q g - I- Jody Stonebraker, Kathy Swaggart, Karen Tasa, Virginia Teske, Steve Thompson . Denny Roling Dianna Rolph Junior Money Making Campaign ' Q SL Denny Roupe 2 1 Leona Tordoff, Anne Van Derveer, Ed Weisner, Sharon Westerhausen, Linda Ziesman . SOPHOMORES an Rf q-id? W rv l . P? ,, , A-ef ' X' ' f lfgiif L' EFI "1 J, 7 9933? L l V-ww M .,- X" ? J' ' W ,1 1 .1 1, , , , ali g.'f,L-2:35 X gf 'pgs x 111-5 .. gs: 21, w , ff , M .- ' 1. J 'Zara wb Terry Arkland, Kathy Ball, Jane Boyd, Ann Brinkmeyer, John Buchanan, Allan Bunger. 'Ek ii lx N Randy Carr, Don Christie, Carol Cordes, Sherry Creps, Wanda Ellington, Ronald Evens. lk Barbara Holder Neth AQ a Folkerts, Judy Foster, Steven Gast, Pam Gates, Stanley Hansen, Pat Hirt. J oyrene Huehn President, Alan Lindseyg Secretary-Treasurer, Ann Brinkmeyerg Vice- President, Linda VanPatterg Student Council, Doug I.aVe1le. 22 HALF WAY TH RCLIGH ' ilsfqiv 9' r ' ' fl 1 Isjfi 4 1 . , .,A. S W 6 L ' N w f' ' gli Q have n, 'G' Vg , Auf? of Q M fb, Q71 f frfwezrs Tasha Huen, Peggy K1ng, Joyce Klettke, Karla Korte, Paul Kosanke, Jeff Kramer 16? Doug LaVe11e, Patnck Lawler, James Lawless, Deborah L1eser, Alan Lmdsey, Sus1e LEWIS :fb Jane Longenecker, Steve Marsden, Larry Marske, Susan Mossman, Arthur Munslnger, Jerry Neymeyer Denms OW1l'1gS Sophomore b1ology students learn the art of d1sect1on 23 wb-4' -g' R. ff ff Q' 'fffz M1ke Pence f 1 r IIA I ! ll l 'YW 11' Alf 1 H ' um ' X Humming . ' 'ww N mag HM U W E H X H! HHH H! w fr- ' 1 " J l ' 'N k AL R' I , V :H 5 Z ,, W 1 1 , A A - Mm " va , X ,ff A W fl f 5 5 I I' QQ vi S, b fi - ' L l w .5fAQ'T'5ll5l5' f lfuilaffl' W THE BEST IS YET TO CCME David Polley Kay Rash Rick Rolph Anita Rosine 1? Valerie Starr Bill Steinfeldt Jerry Swaim Judy Travis Linda Va.nPat:ter Terry Rho ades aaaa T T Sy': ' - , v xg 4 N Anas" -- -ff' - L T' ale! 2-Tv'p,q , 4 -' w .- I .':-1522?-.4 1, -V L Sandra Schroeder L Harris Steinfeldt .F f .f1'1Jj T -T' Jan Tietz We "3 T P A Jim Vigars Margaret Roetrnan fix -fx? f sir' ' ' E ML' ,v Wi I bf gm . ' 'ZA Dale Seaton mm-I' A ' f , . Mr... ff ' T H W I, 'Jul wi ,' l ' -4 J , f Cinda Struck f " A ., ' .3 55" ,141 if - 'ei Trffii' 1 :Fili- "'f-Tivfi-7' " s'p'75?-' 2212551 1-35923 ,.,,,.,, . A . 1, fwgrpfq '5'r.-Zinn ,Je :JP .SA u ..- Judy Roling if my Curtis Smith T., ,A E T" if . Ag Q 1. I, - - x ' i:2f'5fT Randall Studie Diane Tj aden Ed Wikert Carolyn Zeltman v FRESHME 7 . 9 JJT-SLK ' "' P Q 'Ffa' r " ,auf-U' ,-5539 N. am .. :rf-I' I. r s . 9, NV Q l T' 11 my ti Betty Albright, Tim Anderson, Susanne Ball, Nancy Balvanz, Robert Bloudek, Chuck Bowman. V F Ta i -'-2' I Marty Brown Secretary, Sara Riemenschneiderg President, Don Harmony Vice- President, Tim DeCook5 Treasurer, Bill Stewart. 12251 v 'Sk' John Cain, Becky Carter, Tom Catlin, Cathy Clarke, Mary Clary, Ronald Clock. Lon Cakerice Steven Cordes, Susie Crosser, Mike Davis, Tim DeCook, Gary Doud, Larry Farmer. 25 Q Eoow xy I ,-1 K Y 1 , fgK "lla ff All E UNL Richard Fggtgr Connie Fuller, Glenda Gates, Barb Groenveld, Leslie Hansen. Q2 'CSV' Don Harmon, Bruce Harvey, Andrew Hauser, Ron Hawk, Harry Haywood. low David Heard, Pat Hinshaw, Mark Hobson, Larry Hoelscher, Cheryl Hughes, Karen Huston. -ee' Mary J aspers, Larry Jones, Cheryl Kinder, Susie King, Linda Kinney. 4' 5 gf ,Huqxsix I J 1 9 X3 L5 Karl Korte Gary Kramer, Linda Kramer, Linda Kusserow, Terry Lalviasters THREE ORE SEM 3 ,,. ' 1.9 ,J J a , Q -r W-9" E f,.fft'! 192' -f "ll . ' 1 'UF'-'? --, Af aa: Virginia Lange, Jim Lawler, Joe Lawler, D. J. Lawless. Mary Beth Lawless -ff' , 'QA ' IQ ,,,,, N ' Rebecca Lieser, Carol McGaughey, Duane Meyer, Betty Meeker, Donald Mooney. f x ' wa.. Y! If M J YY ' .M ' if XR 'f"'F' , fri' Don Myers, Angela Nehring, Jill Nehring, Don Orgel, Martha Ose, Marsha Ose, are .fZ',.FYL' J Q A-"E ,JB Y.- x E . ag .ang ,f-.qt 1 yu- Levi Pence, Claudette Pfander, Tom Pierson, Robert Purvis, David Reagan. fs' -,ov lk Mfg ,- Sara Riemenschneider, Ed Roetman, Jim Rose, Susan Ryerson Ron Sapp TO GO 'iv :Q- 1-rf. Patty' SCHS-21 Jim Schelling Jan Schwarck Rae Jean Schwarck Beth Shore Elaine Steinfeldt .w, ' I tx lil QA!!! 1700-OL Jade T --frUf""E,, , 1 VNJ M f Al X Patty Steinfeldt Bill Stewart The freshmen finished their magazine sales with Don Mooney high salesman. 2 U 4. X, 2 W , f or Steve Stonebrook Kris Tasa Mary Thomas Linda Thompson Ronald Travis Martha Van Derveer 43' Ted Voll Terry Wehrman Cammie Wiesner Doug Winger Linda Wood 28 ORGANIZATIONS STUDE T COUNCIL President Vice -President Secretary A Q 'E' as ' J. Brown D. Jackson 5, Wiuig v, -U2 -i I uf' ' "asa- 7 .V A af' 'L FIRST ROW: B. Burke, Mr. Marsden, D. Jackson, J. Brown, S. Willig, C. Cable, SECOND ROW: L. Marske, T. Catlin, J. Kramer, G. Seggerman, D. LaVelle, B. Harrison, K. Barnard, C. Hawk, D. Taylor, P. Rosine, B. Hinshaw, A. Brinkmeyer, C. Ziesman, K. Kelly. The Student Council takes a major part in the functions of E.H.S. Each year it plans the activities of Homecoming, the Christmas program, and all special assemblies. In the last three years, it has initiated a student-teacher day, held annually in the Spring. Each Friday at E.I-I.S. is designated as dress-up day. Once a year the Student Council is responsible for the selection of a best dressed boy and girl on an unannounced Friday. This year we have placed a suggestion box in the study hall. This has helped to update some of the Student Council and school practices. The Student Council is proud of its place in the halls of E.H.S., and we hope we have added to the betterment of our school. 30 "E" CLUB , .1 Q M ill . aw ,.. - V. A .--Q nas-: 1...' 4 , .,. 57,1 Hit , President: LaVeme Freed Vice President: Robert Albin Secretary-Treasurer: Doug Jackson Student Council: Kent Barnard A Hootenanny was held for the first time by the E Club at the New Grand Theater to raise money to film games and to purchase other necessary equipment. Much fun was had by all who participated and attended. A movie was shown following the I-lootenanny. H o Q O T . E N A N N Y 31 PEP CLUB President: Donna Taylor, Vice Pres.: Dianna Rolph, Secretary: Sara Riemnschneider, Treasurerg Kathleen Kelly, Student Council: Barb Harrison, Sponsors: Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Fisher. GIRLS' LETTERWINNERS FRONT ROW, L. to R.: C. Hawk, J. McCrea, C. Cordes, J. Ward, L. VanPatter, Bev Harrison, S. Willig, SEC- OND ROW: S. Slater, D. Rolph, B. Burke, J. Corbin, Barb Harrison, D. Tjaden, D. Taylor. THIRD ROW: K. Kelly, S. Westerhausen, S. Clarke, N. Holder, K. Swaggart, C. Cable, A. Griffel. 32 SCIENCE AND M TH LUB LJ President, Wendell Primusg Vice President, Steven Marsdeng Secretary-Treasurer, Steven Gastg Student Council, Gary Seggermang Sponsors, Mr. Riekena, Mr. Hein, Mr. Barnes. LIBR RY CLUB President, Harry Haywoodg Magazine Chairman, Ed Wickertg Secretary-Treasurer, Gary Doudg Student Council, Phyllis Rosineg Art Chairman, Kay Bowman. 33 Treasurer raw .. 4: -r' ' ' A Elaine Balvanz FUTURE HQME AKERS OF AMERICA Vice Pres ff iw. -. fn N 1 X -rw .LN .AP 4 I xx Y I. Carolyn Hawk Secretary A A . Fl A President xiii ' P Joyce ,Q Ward Kay Eggleston Dist. Rep. li- luli - ...- Myrna Cakerice MP-H133 We are the Future Homemakers of America K f We face the future with warm courage v f And high hope. 'ob .1 34 4 I x NEW 00? . L ' - gov' Q, 5 ' 2 Em ' 1 , 44,0 1,0 FUTURE FAR ERS OF AMERICA Treasurer Reporter V V Vice-Pres. Secretary A lax: p ' 1f"Ll.3"- , A b J ,. F I President 4 f l A K A f' N IF' I ' 3 ' wi Neil " 47 Dave Lindsey v44 N - ,A 5 Mm in-3 Brian N f Fred Hobson l . Heard Steve Thompson Sentinel .ff ,. .ix 6 Bill Steinfeldt iff 1. A ' . 21' 9, lwif , cf . 35 Student Council Ku if AL . Larry Marske TIGER TRACKS Co-editor Ass. editor Candy Cable LuAnn Hurd Keith McCormick Annie Griffel Kathleen Kelly Pat Nuehaus Carol Purvis Shirley Clarke Cheri Palmitier i , 6' jf Co - editor Lind a M altby Wendell Primus Charlotte Ziesman Pat Kosanke Barb Hinshaw Pat Davis Sherry Creps Jane Longnecker Judy Foster iii IH ,,,. 'ark 36 g AroundEI-IS ' B TAFI: Organizations , . as -Ia a .-.aaafa-7. ,,-, www!! ' In II- - ., II Charlotte Ziesman Eileen Butler Judy Dickenson Carol Vinton, Bus. Mgr. Sports X Editor ' Barb I Hinshaw Carol Hawk I I I Jenny Young Kay Eggleston XX Mr. Bishop, Advisor Music 8: Dram atics Pat Kosanke Sherry Slater The class of '64 has left its handprints firmly im- Darla Travis Verne Freed printed on the pages of this book. With much hard Barb Harrison Jim Brown work and the use of imagination, we have Pat Davis attempted to make the 1964 edition of the Eldorian the best ever. 37 TH ESPIANS we-3 '38 la l President Pat Kosanke The purpose of the National Thespian Society shall be the advancement and improvement of the program of the dramatic arts in secondary schools. Eldora Troup 433 sponsored the fall and spring plays, and two one act plays. DEBATE The debate team this year consists of Wendell Primus, Andy Hauser, Ron Owings, LuAn.n Hurd, Bill Mueller Danny Oppols, Allan Lindsey, Duane Kirkdorffer, Steve Cast, Harry Haywood, and Mr. Haywood. The question they dealt with was: Resolved that the Federal government promote medical care for the aged under the Social Security Program. 7 O E ACT PLAYS Thespian Troop 433 presented an evening of enter- tainment, which consisted of three one -act plays. 1 To the left is "The Running Tide" directed by Joyce Ward. The cast is John Dagit, Karen Tasa, Ron Travis, and Cheryl Kinder. "The Running Tide" is a drama set in an isolated light house. This play deals with death at the -hands of the sea. The first play ofthe evening was the Contest play, "The Clod." The second at the right is "The Ugly Duckling." The farce comedy star- Q red: Ed Roetman, Linda Wood, Millie Palmer fnot presentj, Harry Haywood, Bob Shortly, Les Hanson, and Pat Davis. It was under the direction of Linda Maltby. Myrna Cakerice was stage manager for the three one-acts. ,f A ex 39 MEET E IN ST. LOUIS 4 f xl l F 1 The hush of an empty theater . . . The anguish of casting . . . rehearsal . . . and staging is over. Make-up is on and the cast waits anxiously for the audience to arrive. A month of hard work is only successful after this one performance. It is over now . . . until the next play. We have worked hard for this applause! I CV 7 5 D7 iff? X W' - , Cast: Harry Haywood, Jan McCrea, Cheryl Kinder, Bob Shortley, Chuck Bowman, Karen Tasa, Myrna Cakerice, Kenny Newby, Joyce Klettke, Mike Reed, Linda Maltby, Wendell Primus, Richard Steward, Charlotte Ziesman, John Dagit, Linda Wood, and Pat Kosanke. 40 THE DEATH AND LIFE A OF LARRY BENSON The curtain rose on a Reginald Rose drama, May 15, 1964 on the E.H.S. stage. As the play opens, the stage is set for the arrival of Larry Benson, who was reported missing in combat three years prior From the moment the returned boy steps on the stage, rt 1S evident tl at something is wrong This boy knows every thing Larry Benson ever knew, but he IS NOT LARRY BENSON' The remainder of the play deals with discovering this boys rdentrty IM Inqurrmg neighbors come to see this strange boy J :a CAST STANDING, K Tasa P Kosanke R Travis, J Ttetz G Lauser, A Hauser, QSEATEDQ H Haywood, S R1emenschne1der,C Kinder, J Foster D Trav1s,L Wood, L Hansen, K Newby recognize him Larry's sister is the first to accept him His name 1S Danny Holms and he was Larry's best friend wh11e rn the army He buried Larry with his bare hands, and some how, in hrs mmd, he swltched his identity w1th Larry : . , . , . ' . , . . . . . . , . . ITMEZEDE VD' A E E 'Eff 'E7EI 'f' 3 E E , Q. 1' l L it i 1- Z L ' H , pp, Z E A I ' ' A qv, 1 -aw .u ! r n f - . Id I A I He kissed his mother and she asked "Who are you?" Even his fiancee who is now re-engaged does not 1 1 L ,, ' " . : ' 3 :Ez fi if I ' ' ' 1 , 1554" I 1 ' 1 gl, ., , 'f A Shi' I I Q ' I SPEECH CONTESTS , . 'Z DISTRICT CONTESTANTS STATE CONTESTANTS L. Wood, Kris Tasa, Karen Tasa, C. Purvis, R Riggert, L. Cakerice, P, Kosanke, K, Swaggart. Absent: Andrew Hauser. . L. Hurd, C. Kinder, M. Brown, J. Buchanan, J. McCrea, H. Haywood, S. Hootman, J. Foster, J. Lawless, L. Maltby, V. Schwarck, C. Ziesman. M O H A W K I I.. Hurd, C. Kinder, P. Prosine, P. Kosanke, V. Schwarck, G. Gates, C. Purvis, Kris Tasa, Karen Tasa, R. Stewart. Time, tolerance, and talent, are traits found in all speech contestants. Time to practice . . . Tolerance to take criticism . . . and Talent to perform. Contestants entered in the State Speech Ass. contests are eliminated on three levels: Home elimination, district contest, and state contest. Three students, Linda Wood, Kris Tasa, and Karen Tasa received I ratings. Eldora's.entries were in the areas of original oratory, story telling, radio speaking, declamation, and interpretation. THE CLOD - Pat Kosanke Wendell Primus Richard Stewart Chuck Bowman Steve Soballe f 1 ATHLETICS FOOTB LL -X1 ntl s W l - A Q Q A - ROW 1: Otto, Cobb, Huston, Portz, Stonebraker, Barnard, Davison, White, Rocks, Freed, Albin, Vinton, J. Brown, Neuhaus. ROW 2: Coach Wil- liams, Cain, Korte, Bowman, Harvey, M. Brown, DeCook, Farmer, Rolph, Harmon, Stnoebrook, Catlin, Hanson, Kosanke Cakerice Stewart Hauser, Purvis, MYSYS, Head Coach ChTiS'fiaI1S0n. ROW 3: Coach Barnes, Owings, Nolting, Dagit, Jackson, Pence Lindsey: B Steinfleldt Mansden Modlin, Meeker, Kramer, R. Stienfeldt. , , ' l 7-Ai -it QFFENS N .1 l A If 54 514 51 f- . ' ' 1' "ff-1' 1, "': E Q X . 14 -Him G ' ' -1 , L . 1 - qu E 5, F 1, l , R ' 'ff s -vb if J xum 'A tim gg ' ' vlaixga. F K, , W- .A x , 5 ' Y my 2 X - .-,f 4 , vu f ' , . . , g , , , ,, H ,, A I .xx In - up fx In-V I, V r T -,fl 4 :Q , ' A " ,,, ' A V 5 x ' ""i"'r N, r '1 -K: .ff"f+fA""" i V . 1 4 , 1' hx 4 ,mu 1 - " ' X 5 ff 'xqg U, . ig 1 iw 'z ' 1 . ' 1 J ' 7 .. , U V X -wh .,. , 1 .U 45 A P: HIGHLITES .- EN Albin A Freed? Special Recognition went to: lst Team All-Territory 1st Team All-Conference LaVerne Freed 2nd Team All-Territory Ike Rooks 3rd Team All-Conference Ike Rooks Jim Brown 4' Designates captain Brown? D avi son The "Tiger" is given to that player who performs above and beyond the second effort achievement. Many things are considered: tackling, blocking, passing, running, leadership, and loyalty. It is his performance that counts. With it comes a certificate, a "tiger decal" for his helmet, a ceremony, and an oath. Wearing the decal symbolizes his achievement and carries with it his duty to lead by performance. leg!!- Manager Bob Erbes V 46 OF I963 llf. , .1 Sf.- Huston The following b given at EHS: Steve Huston Jim Brown La Verne Freed Ike Rooks Jack Davison Bob Albin oys received die first Tiger Awards Mike Reed Kent Barnard Jody Stonebraker John Cobb Joe Otto Coaches: Bames, Christianson, Williams. Reed Rooksfk SEASON S RECORD Iowa Falls Jesup Reinbeck T1-aer Grundy Center LaPorte City State College Ackley West Marshall 11,1 Conference honors were bestowed upon senior tri- captains: Denny Mairs, Dave Mitchell, and Jim Brown. Denny Mairs was selected to the all- conference first team by unanimous vote of all coaches in the conference. Dave Mitchell received a berth on the all conference second team, and Jim Brown gained honorable mention. Managers Scott I-Iootman Jim Vigars SECGND TEA 2-. 'i' f , 111 J 5 1 ..:. ',., ,- V.--, ,W--, ,mg pi'-T-' :if .5113-1 . 5f.ii.1, v.'- 1 V' t., , -N-444.53 Z 1 ' X. ' ' P' -3. V, ,V i A 2' N ROW 1: Sapp, Pierson, Cakerice, Korte, Stewart. ROW 2: Stonebrook, Harmon, Marsden, Myers, Brown 48 49 VARSITY X550 N' lst ROW: J. Cobb, K. Barnard, D. LaVelle, D. Jackson, R. Steinfeldt, R. Holder. 2nd ROW: B. Shortley, D. Mairs, B. Erbes, J. Otto, J. Brown, D. Mitchell. SEASON'S RECORD They Story City 70 39 Traer 49 41 Dike 69 46 Jesup 70 39 Ackley 58 65 Reinbeck 69- 59 South Hamilton 62 70 SCI High 38 84 Iowa Falls 69 55 LaPorte City 55 44 Grundy Center 57 85 Roland 54 65 Reinbeck 73 85 i Ackley 70 62 l SCI High 41 62 Jesup 57 56 Traer 60 44 District Tournament Nevada 65 97 Coach Williams Asst. Coach Chadwick 50 VARSITY lst ROW: S . Willig, S. Slater, B. Harrison, B. Burke, C. Cordes. 2nd ROW: L. VanPatter, K. Swaggart, C. Palmitier, N. Holder, J. Ward, C. Hawk, D. Taylor. - SEASON'S RECORD We Alden 45 Wellsburg 47 Story City 50 Traer-Clutier 50 Dike 67 Union -Whitten 64 Nevada 54 West DesMoines 61 Reinbeck 5 8 South Hamilton 47 CAL Community 7 1 Northe ast Hamilton 7 8 Hampton -Hansell 69 Twin Rivers 63 Steamboat Rock 43 Garrison 5 8 Roland 63 Re inbe ck 57 Boone 65 Se ctional Tournament Steamboat Rock 60 Hubbard 37 Union -Whitten 5 1 They 52 76 56 57 43 76 56 76 71 70 78 51 57 61 56 62 81 81 73 51 57 66 51 Coach Christiansen Asst. Coach Barnes Captain D onna T aylor During her senior year, Donna Taylor set a scoring record for the new gym by hitting 51 points in the Dike Eldora game. Donna accumulated in four years of girls' basketball a total of 2108 points, which is also a new record at Eldora. Sue Willig had the honor of placing second in the sec- tional and district free throw contests and represented Eldora at the state tournaments. Yi 4 X X zz: Managers ffffi' Jan Tietz 1 Diane Tjaden qi' 52 SECOND TE M S Nx ' 5 5 350020300 X 0. QW: gg Q 090631 J 141 Q 5 909623 - if J 1 6,991 ' ai x ., H 5 ll' 'ZQOQAQYUQ I" ' G '5 0 . Q wo r' '90 G I. -. 791 J 53 CH EERLEADERS F O O T B A L L Annie Griffel, Jan Tietz, Donna Taylor, Barb Burke, Dianna Rolph Barb Harrison, Jane Corbin, Sharon Westerhausen, Kathleen Kelly, Shirley Clarke. B K E T A L L Linda Wood, Cheryl Kinder, Virginia Aswegan, Martha Van Derveer 54 A S B TRACK ri ' :gg 3 991 - i , W'-1 ,- Q -N tr "' '?3-'gl33-i53 :rK:-.- 2. ,.r A ' K ' L " .n . , X 4- - . is ,- . 1 1 . 5 -:Yay - 1, 1 , W , V V: K assi-,QQLX V -.. E5-L L ' Q.:-m . , Ihlfthe ' 'gba t -17 "rf 3 jifiilli ,,vf'f.., 4- - Q ' U ,fg 91 2 41747 ,, . 'L7'-..- '- ,Y 5' ggi tk ' ""'N "i - 'QQ-IQ" rx- f f-S " , X X. Nw ' Q -". , yi Q NFL -'13, 'V - '-Wi: , ' ,A ' , ' ' '1'fff "f -a' -,ll-.,' "' -. - ,f n 0 '1 ' 4 -, . iufxipny . Liv' -if Q gee Q- X fe- 3 -A ' ' g.g,4 N- frm , 1 - x H ir , - L' -V its - I F 3,1 pri 3 ,ex- I aka' I T q - n r . .-v,- ,, ..T V A -5 A . rl- s ri N lf- V , A .f-I .- '-'Tc' in 4 ' - J - e- E fa-,.Q -' Q i W as-t r- 1 rg 1 V Q iii. ' li, rrif ', '-,E v,:1. ,Q 7,35-vm 1 . ., H -W .' f I 4 i F., ... , ., g si: i x'--:Llf Q,-K . f' ""'f- , . '4 lg' 51,1 3' 3 r. rfflffxf., ff' - ,naw .. we Qui Q ' - ' - ' 1 t . ww- as n i so if 5 Hs . , V-A ' -,gr Hel--' i ' i E- A -s t... , . i A -eva, FZ it :swf J,-Fbgilrqqgf",:2.:.v:J'-kings. 1-ii fbxm Qdyhin-x, l--- , ji :j1bv.:,..:,sg'ff.'ia,f' V' I, ,iqz-:lv . lk 1134!-1-v, 4:6 V' f2:ew:atm., Ig A f ' , ' 5 i' , , wi, ti , -5""t. ' ,f . ,ji ,W K ,. as A., ,K 4 ,P J, Vg. A ,fr "I ' ' s .X 1' - :V I . I , K ,- ' lea: ..:. Arms, 1 V, i L-H Q , i -1' 2 K K g l Q 1 H W 55551: fiifale- ' - ' .f1,.x1r 2 f ':55"'7LL1: "RNS, .A rx- 3: 1, , 1 N ' . I ., F' 5 - 5' + E ,?'?T1'ffs2f WF' ' ' fHh'5'5"f fri- ,air .1-'-vfjs L-,af ., , Q gf: " Zgi' ' ' " A X fi' N5 The boys' track squad progressed steadily throughout the '64 ' fy.. season, starting with a second place finish in the conference ' indoor and being climaxed by the first place district finish and the trip to State. The interim period was filled with is meets against larger schools and greater competition, bringing Q our boys to their pe ak performances during the district and state meets. 55 +-sa I AKA- wf 'ri X The boys' team: Eric Ericson, Jim 3 if ., W t b,- ic 5 GOLF As district runner-up, the girls' team placed twelfth at state. Jan McCrea, district medalist runner-up, led Sue Willig, Carol Cordes, Linda VanPatter Carolyn Hawk, and Myrna Cakerice to a season's record of seven wins and one loss. Brown, Robert Riggert, Doug Jackson, and Marty Brown, placed third in district play and rallied a season's record of six wins and four losses. At one of the season's home meets, medalist Eric broke par by two with a thrity-three. 56 , BASEBALL Q. we i V I , ,, if Qu! pa " ' ,aff if ' f El-P eCELifU'fL EEUU' 'fix-MH QQLDUH IVQQQR , . ,, 'V ,JI--.7 xx ,, fl',, .-ff. SCUF ' 1' ...-ea' "' 'f- "2-3 , , -Q 5 if ' s aaee 4 ' 5 N H , . W f , -W I " J? ' 1' ., ... M , ,vs 'M X df it , x g . -, T9 ,V-1' Q 5 1fTQsG14f1 Wfafw -22. aw C f 1. a, , Letterwinners: R. Steinfeldt, J. Brown, J. Cobb, T. Catlin, B. Stewart, absent, D. Mairs. ap. --.1-2' Ri'531':: likrg 'P' Coach Williams JD .C ,. X 5 .5 Q .i rl ah M- - 5 -- ' 2. Aqfafmk n.'.A-J. L . '-.. Q .V .': ' , 2' W ,gf I .- ,QQA-, ff ,. . Q.. Q .ff'f'-Lifi' x X k GPM? 4 Nm! I , '- I, . it ,. ' -' -I r, 1 Y xx ru N fx ' 7 r' X , v we . f C Va .,.,..iQg , NE L -J N-L 'N .fx lg 8 .. N . Y- 6 1 'l,v' ...R X . n ' Z- -' "' CA" U ' . it L35 C' " 'A fa, ffff: W l I Q. Et- x H - I 1' Q - I V- v " .-,WO -A X X3 V A-I 7 K fb .LW X time f-"H L if A IA 'fs' ...a-ffm?-Q , , 1 4 . gn ROW 1: R. Sapp, K. Korte, L. Cakerice, M. Brown, E. Roetman, ROW 2: T. Milian, L. Hansen, L. Jones, K. Barnard, S. Stonebrook. 57 FOOTB LL DEBS ROW 1: J. Young, J. Travis, P. Davis, L. Meeker, S. Westerhausen, C. Kinder, ROW 2: D. Travis, Student Director, J. Huehn, P. Gates, V. Aswegzm, K. Tasa, C. Pfander, K. Tasa, S. Riemenschneider, M. Ose, L. Wood, N. Folkerts, B. Harrison, Drummer. BASKETBALL DEBS 5,1 ROW 1: P. King, J. Travis, N. Folkerts, S. Riemenschneider, M. Ose, L. Ziesman, D. Travis, L. Meeker, ROW 2: A. Brinkmeyer, Drummer, G. Gates, C. Purvis, E. Balvnz, K. Tasa, S. King, P. Gates, V. Schwarck, C. Ziesman. 58 MUSIC STAGE BANDS CGMBO 61 CONCERT Linda Maltby Peggy King Elaine Balvanz Jane Longenecker Carnmie Wiesner Barb Hinshaw Susan Mossman Karen Huston Jane Boyd Pat Hirt Marcia Stewart Carol Vinton Myrna Cakerice Margaret Roetman Linda Daleske Jan Schwarck Judy Foster Pat Kosanke Linda Ziesrnan Barb Tomb Darla Travis Jim Brown Bill Stewart Jodee Kramer Denny Roupe Lon Cakerice Sue Johnson Richard Foster Larry Farmer Bonnie Granzow Sue Willig 62 John Lawless Ronnie Evens Brian Hobson Karl Korte Charlotte Ziesman Jan Tietz Tim DeCook Barb Burke Wanda Wllington Ann Brinkmeyer Virginia Teske Shirley Clarke Sherry Slater Kathy Kelly 'F AND 366 Kristine Nolting Cathy Clark , Kathy Swaggart Martha VanDerveer Debby Lieser Susie King Sherry Creps Mary Jaspers Cheri Palmitier Carolyn Hawk Duane Kirkdorffer Cheryl King P Steve Huston Eric Erickson Robert Rigger!! Tom Catlin Karla Korte Ed Roetman Mel Ban Susan O'Neal J an McCrea Fred Heard Mr. Ellington Barb Harrison Joyce Ward Susie Crosser John Buchanan Bev Harrison Gary Seggerman 63 "The Richest Child Is Poor Without A Musical Education." SMALL Div. I Woodwind Trio: C. Ziesman, B. Burke, B. Div. I Woodwind Quintet: L. Maltby, C. Ziesman, Hinshaw, B. Burke, C. Clarke, B. Hinshaw. Div. I Soloistsz T. DeCook. QC? .rg ,,,- 'lil' ""' Q' wzw ggi' E52 . Lv A 5 Lkllv ,ld D1v II Brass Sextet S Clarke C Kmg, R Evens, D Roupe, J Kramer 3, T?- ia "P 722121 'fi' bsjabi S K J. Boyd, T. Wehrman, C. Ziesman, A Huston Div. II Sax. Sextet: M. Palmer, M. Van Derveer, T. DeCook, C. Hawk, C. Palmitier, Sherry Creps. 9 11-State Charlotte Ziesman GRCUPS Div. II Trumpet Quartet: B. Stewart, J. Brown, J. Div' H French Quartet: S. Clarke, K. Clark, K, Kramer, D. Roupe. Kel-IY, K- Swaggert. .. . . , . J ' 1' . J N ? 1' J T 5 . . 5 "' ,,.'.', , .33 ...y u 'ILT fx - Z A ,ff-: 14 o?,K':,l j- me ,YV ygliiik. wif' V ' fi, ' .. -. J '52, if-'f' ' fr.: -Q J QE .Y-. ,,.,eL, . .ik ,J ' 5 7' ' B . 4e , , . ,xf ffffe we re " ' J fi:-ef 1 is fi w 'dvi .h ' V 4-9 .Wi J it ix. b l i mf I Div. II Soloists Vf H Div. II Baritone Quartet: D. Kirkdorffer, C. King, J. McCrea, B. Hobson. Div. II Percussion Ensemble: G. Segger- man, J. Ward, B. Harri- son, B. Harrison, J. Buchan an, A. Brinkmeyer. 65 K 1 1 1 Div. II, Trumpet Quartet B. Granzow, R. Foster, L. Farmer, L. Cakerice. I. i f ,,, wi ' Q 'fi H 1 ' 1 i Q , fx .sr V. I V . 0' 45 2 2 5 5 ii . v, 1-. AV.. i O :x 1 iw if 1 F ' 1 . M ai. A! ff s 1 -V rf s. 3 4 S ' aaa 'Y u 1 , I T' 5 -R ev, A - D R I G A L L 4 c Hc AH Mo Bl ER R P o P s cz R o u P 68 SMALL GROUP Div. I Boys' Quartet: K. Newby, T. Voll, J. Roling, D. Kirkdorffer. Div. II Soloistsz K. Bowman, C. Zeltman, S. Slate L. Daleske. Div. II Quartet: S. King, C. Zeltman, P. Hitt, K. rv egg Div. II Sextet: K. Rash, K. 311, C. Zeltman, P. Hirt, W. Ellington, K. Korte. Div. II Mixed Quartet: D. Kirkdorffer, K. Newby, Ball. S. Slater, C. Zeltman. Freshman Mixed Chorus RQLI D EH un , ml M lm ' any r ATTEN DANT LINDA MALTBY ATTEN DANT DONNA TAYLOR A f W 322525 E5 mi ir ' ,c?Eq, HARVEST B LL xi i f w as H uw m , uv www mu 5 .l'.'- ,3:,:. N lvx - ,. 'FG . 5, 15 1 - 07" '75 if 5 c ml w,-1 f, -I5 X' Q, v "' Ii,, nw W my f iii 74 1 HA X-Y FFA Semor 'Q-.5 wa' Davzd Malrs Barbara H1HShHW Jumor ,Q Joyce Ward Freshman Tom Cathn HARVEST BALL Jodee Kramer TTEN DAN TS Fre shrn an Sophomore Ji? 'wi Jan Schwarck Doug LaVe1le . 75 'QM na,- Pam Gates H 1 N1 M M N M' ,JfW,. " ' :gf ' 5" W ' H Y' is 5 H E - Ya: 2 V ix -K I J 72 N 5 w ' , IQ54 ELDQRIAN' Q UEE X V ' l . , , , W 1 Y ' 5 1' 95" H ' ,. ,. - L A . 1- ,F 1' ,iii A ff ,. Aff H f, ' :'-NN " " v w WS- J ,M wQ'5ifE'15a,1N.N,o.m A,wwfQuJ'""'f,wgqi?3,Nm..N"MlCm wwWi11!IGeggMm W' ' Hamsg HM ww' ,,h'1,uwaw, w wo , 'N Wg: m m 'H utfsi 'um mu' 3 11 1. N, Kg ' Eg ' ,S 'QR LS -Yi gg 1 .1 wugfxgggggivwu HW WQgggigsiqiiiuwNWN.xx,!.!?.. E3,I!,!!,-XY, M mL,,, E , M V 5 mr E Q H W V ml wax, H Jw- Y Q V f ff: ii wM22f x--M f H 5l ?9 6 2f E KING 77 ATTEN DANT suE WILLIG 5 - ATTEN DANT CHARLOTTE ZIESMAN ful' ATTENDANT JIM ROLING ATTEN DANT RQBERT ALBIN Rm OMECOMING I963 Who had the matches? What are they all looking at? Our Queen C? xg V f .Z Great Expectations Q Q34 - v Z' E, R Attendant Presenting Royalty . . . Attendant as HARVEST BALL f Ns W W1 , -2? Queen Vickii King Ike " 1fU+f fZf! 1964 King and Queen Dig for the Oyster W Who's Date is This? 81 Charge! Us in CLASS DAY I963 i 1 c 5 I ,germ LJ ..f Qi? Sharon Farmer and Jon Mossman were crowned as E1 donan royalty Therr attendants were Anne Longnecker, Susan Kmg, Dann Goode, and Melvln Pence Semors 1n1t1ated rnto the Nat1ona1 Honor Socrety were Barbara Maddy, Conme Meeker, Nancy Harmon, and Vernon Balvanz Lon Brrght and Barbara Chr1st1anson re cerved full membershrp Pat Kosanke and Jrm Brown rece1ved aff111ate rnemberslup Wir V .5 QQ 0 SH 'Li 3 u,-f 3 jj! 83 JU IOR SENIOR PRCDM I964 L -' f in W . ma . Y, V , W, , l, . 1 ' PL S :J ba-, 'M 44' .3 j, ,1 xi L' , CLASS DAY I 964 sq ELDORIAN ROYALTY Attendants Robert Albin, Charlotte Ziesman, Queen Millie Palmer, King LaVerne Freed Attendants Sue W11l1g, Jim Rolmg AFFILIATES VALEDICTORIAN PRECEPTORS J Kramer J McCrea, K Swaggart, Charlotte Ziesman K Ball, P H1rt,J Tletl, L Van D Kirkdorffer SALUTATORIAN Patter, A Brinkrneyer Wendell Primus NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SEATED: Pat Kosanke, Jim Brown, STANDING: Kay Eggleston, Sue W1111g, Carolyn Hawk, Wendell Primus Charlotte Ziesman, Phyllis Rosme, Barbara Hmsahw Membership into the National Honor Society is the highest honor bestowed on a student. 570 of the junior class receive affiliate membership and 157k of the graduating class are installed into full membership. The preceptors explain the basis for selection: leadership, scholarship, character, and service. 85 w w I GRADUATIO In that cap and gown you're wearing, At you now with pride they're staring. Theirs the joy While they are living You alone have power of giving. ff Day of day! On you depending, Your commencementg theirs the ending. ILJQL, - Is my cap on straight? H, H Y ' M. M H L?" Color: Air force blue and wine Flower: Q I deep red 1 YA rose ix 1 Hurry up! You're out of step. The time is near. 86 TIME Even in your cradle sleeping, You had this day in your ke eping, Now from school as you're departing, And the tasks of life are starting, Give them joy and fail them never, Keep their pride in you forever. ,AY J X Dr. Leonard Murray, Director of the State Department of Health and Education, delivered the address, "False Values." M J, ,J ,mi F X 1-", ,J M Anticip ation Congratulations ! It is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich. 87 SNAPS 88 ,Q 4-if id In .. A . I 'K Axif JAMES R. BROWN Student Body Pre sident 1963 -64 Wearing Univer sity Styled Clothing from Sr,!:2 lldTnlNG .. -2, i I I Q Q ' 'Rx n '- at 9 0 P -9 .D IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT E. POWER 858-2241 rmhps Phillips tp Distributor of Phillips Products oa1u'S 'ter' Selzvace Complete Tank Wagon Service Phone: 858-2882 f wmieffwffbbawj UWLZMW3 alfwgfe Qwkgd emo RA m.AwYelzg jiiiX,'s,, MA. WM ' WJ'-IARDIN COUNTY 'KW MQW Szxvmcag BANK M' 359 my xx' Complete Banking Service Member i BEN FRANKLIN "10qf: to 31.00" Congratulations 1964 Seniors Eldora, Iowa Congratulations tothe 1964 Seniors wa-uma oszooucri Manufacturer of Nationally Distributed Home Cleaning and Hair Care Products Phone UL 8-2445 Eldora, Iowa BROWN INSURANCE AGENCY R. R. Brown R. R. Hurst Hardin County Savings Bank Building Good Luck to the 1964 Seniors Phone UL 8-3661 Eldora, Iowa emzug grmomzo Complete Car Service Atlas Tires and Batteries Minor Tune Up Brake Service Prop . Earl Campbell UL 8-2802--Home Phone UL 8-2112--Business Phone Mmzucg oszueg Prescription Specialists Gifts for All Occasions Gibson Greeting Cards Whiteman's Candy Fountain Service NEW UNITED room STORE "Where Prices are Lower" Groceries Meats The Store of Cheerful Service Bud Ketels, Manager We Give S gl H Green Stamps Free Delivery School Supplies Phone 858 '3340 Eudora, Iowa Phone 858 -298 l Fogrewg Eldora, Iowa oolzmgmxcn Lumselz co. Building Materials Paint Hardware Coal Phone 858-2760 Elclora, Iowa INTERNATIONAL SUPPLY Central Iowa Feed Speclallsts Blg New Plant to Serve You Better Eagle Feeds Bulk Mola s se s Custom Mlxmg Phone 858 3222 Eldora Iowa JACK AND Jlu. Sum MARKET We Make Shopplng Pleasant Good Luck to the l964 Senlors Phone 858 274l Eldora Iowa mmwgelr coMPANY, INC D1v1s1on of Dunhlll Internatlonal Inc Manufacturer of Natlonally Known Infanseat Congratulates the 1964 Senlors Phone 858 2242 Eldora Iowa C ORDES DX SERVICE Eldora ' Iowa O NEIL S LIVESTOCK Eldora s Hog Buymg Statlon Auctlon Sales Every Saturday' LIVE stock Trucklng Phone 858 3435 Eldora Iowa , I O'BRYON CHEVROLET- -OLDS "After We Sell We Service" Member G Guaranteed Warranty W Used Car Warranty Plan Phone 858-2520 t ' Eldora, Iowa "The Most Complete Farm Supply Store in the Middle West." CROSLEY FARM STORE Phone: 858-2184 Eldora LaVELLE OIL COMPANY T K I 3 9 , w 1, , xx A 6 4 i Z 6 ' ' 4 I- is WZQ' 2 A A 9 Goodyear Tires Phones: 858-3001--Res. 858-3562 Eldora, Iowa GEORGE'S PHARMACY Dependable Prescription Service Dietetic Supplies First Aid Needs Phone: 858-2604 Eldora, Iowa COMMUNITY FOOD MARKET Free Delivery Borden's Milk Groceries Eldora, Iowa VINTON CONSTRUCTION Builders of Fine Homes Phone: 858-3142 Eldora, Iowa ANWAY FLORIST Sl-IOP "Flowers for Every Occasion" :a..xf . rl I uwrlf l 'nr Llwul ' .4Yf"EGR"""f1o ff' TI- 4' Q I 9 5 JL A T '5"v -P fn 0 rn E -4 S u Fl 1 I ,sv- "'7'snH-0 , Member of F.T.D. Phone 858-2961 Eldora, Iowa WOOD AUTO CO. Ford Comet Falcon Mercury Eldora, Iowa LOVELL-DENNISTON LUMBER CO. ELDORA BOWL Lumber Building Material Coal Lunches Bowling Accessories 858-3580 8588143 MITCHELL HODGE BUCHANAN'S CAFE Plumbing Heating 858 -2311 Eldora, Iowa Eldora COAST TO COAST STORE KING'S CONOCO George W. Martin 858-3021 Eldora, Iowa Eldora, Iowa SERVICE PRINTING DOUD'S BARBER SHOP Commercial Printing "Service is Our First Thought" Office Supplies Wallie Ron Eldora, Iowa BEA,S LUNCH I CITIES SERVICE. ., . ,, Radiator Tires Serving Good Food . . ,, .. Repair Batterie s Homemade Donuts ACC . "Phone in Your Orders" essorles 858-2251 Eldora, Iowa 8586381 Eldon' Iowa RIGGERTS ' JANSSEN EQUIPMENT COMPANY Carpet s - -Paint - -Wallpaper Eldora, Iowa 858-2110 Eldora, Iowa FARMER BROS. WELDING SNO CREME DRIVE IN Welding Small Engine Service Don Ione Phone 858-2561 Eldora, Iowa Rosquist MCCARTHY I-IATCHERY AND SUPPLY Feed - -Chix - -Mixing Eldora, Iowa TROY'S STUDIO BEKEMEIER HARDWARE "We Service What We Sell" PINE LAKE BEAUTY SHOP Eldora, Iowa Phone: 858-2720 Shop: 858-2730 Home: 858-2521 DICK'S SPORT SHOP FARM BUREAU SERVICE CO. Sporting Goods Toys 1 "A Farmer Owned Service" Hobbies Phone: 858-3501 Eldora, Iowa 858-3220 Eldora, Iowa THE COFFEE CUP DAVISON BROTHERS Builders Supply Phone: 858-3782 Eldora, Iowa Complete Building Material Short A Good Headquarter s Orders Coffee 858-2403 Eldora, Iowa BOB'S AUTO SERVICE Auto Repair - -Body Work- -Painting Bob Henning PURVIS BODY SHOP Wrecks Rebuilt Complete Refinishing 858-3023 1421 14th St. Eldora Iowa ELDORA DENTISTS Dr. Hoyt W. Stonebrook Dr. Thomas E. Stonebrook Dr. Robert Shirley CORRELL 81 STIELOW Sinclair Products Station and Tank Wagon Service Dr. Eldon Burke 858-2460 Eldora, Iowa Red Wing THOMPSON Child Life ELDORA PLUMBING, HEATING at TV giffsilfgguare SHOES giijinate B. I. McCown Eldora Ban Band Jolene Eldora, Iowa DIAMOND'S TEXACO "When Ray Gets Through, META' S BEAUTY S.AL ON They Run Like New. " 858-3061 Complete Auto Service 858-3397 Eldora, Iowa Eldora HARMON'S STANDARD SERVICE AND WALT'S GROCERY Phone: 858-2781 Eldora, Iowa GAMBLE STORE Complete Line of Furniture 858-2670 Eldora, Iowa Q53 Above: A short step toward disarmament was taken with cautious optimism with U. S. Congressional leaders. Right photo: Red Chinese-Russian relations the signing if the limited nuclear test ban treagv in Moscow. Seated' Sec. of worsened during the year as they battled jor leadership if world communism. State Dean Rusk, Andrei Gromyko, LordHome. Premier Khrushchevstands be- This Moscow .meeting between Mikhail Suslov, 142, and Teng Hsaio-Peng an hind Lord Home next to LLM Secretag' General U Thant, Adlai Stevenson and August failed to produce accord. -',,,.,. An unidentified priest went to the aid of a wounded soldier during a revolt in Venezuela. For this picture Hector Rondon won the 1963 Pulitzer Prize for news photography. World Events in Review-1963 Pope Paul VI began his reign after the death ofPope John XXIII. Pope Paul re- convened the Ecumenical Council and at jear's end planned an unprecedentedjoumqy to the Hob' Land. Left, below: Dr. Helge Ingstazi veteran .Norwegian explorer jbund remains ofa 9- house Wking settlement in .Newfoundland dating 500 years bwre Columbus. Right: A huge landslide into Vaiont Reservoir in northern Itab sent a wall of water into the vallgv below destroying Longarone and killing some .2000 people. .Ky 1 5 -ggi-nw' . 1 .I Q 't q I :ai 'T-'Q'-1"f'f12m+ -r' "U"r'P"F'-e--'g'!"'5'r ":"', , .!ri7'1!fwE' 0 Y. ,j , , - ,. J, '19, 4151! -ff-1. -1-'sg' 1. ' if ' , , A A J .. , , s , , , ' r r . , . , s 1: w .-, wigs x ' - ' ' N wi: ' , 1 1 'L-' - .4-' . I in 'Nag .f -if XT- ' 'self 'f 3.35 Above: V ietnamcse lanks assaulted Presirlml Dicmiv palace during succesgizl November coup wlziclz rcsulled in Diemif deallz. Meanwlzile, fcalorj U.S. advisers constinued working willz Vietnamese troops in 'inconclusiuejiglzlirzg against Covnmunisl Viet Ccmg guerilla: suppliedj7'om Narllz Vie! Nam. jp A new islancl IN mile long and 130feeI lulgh, wus born :jf soullzern Iceland from an 'under- - water volcano. i . . , 1 Bri'taivz's 118111 prime mimlvter, Sir Alrc Douglas-Home, look Woe in East-1'Vest tension continued: lejlg Gen. Chong qfNorlh Korea levels a pistol at UJV. spokcmcn during discus- Noverizber, qfler scandals shook sions qfmmistice-violalirzg raids al Parzmunjom. Righty Russian allempls to comfrol Allied access 'Zo Berlin jhilcd Harold MaL'mz'lla1z's govmmzcnt. in llzcjzce -cfwcslcm unigf. This American convey: had been delryed 42 hours en 'route lo thu cigv.

Suggestions in the Eldora Consolidated High School - Eldorian Yearbook (Eldora, IA) collection:

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1964, pg 57

Eldora Consolidated High School - Eldorian Yearbook (Eldora, IA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 100

1964, pg 100

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