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Eldora Consolidated High School - Eldorian Yearbook (Eldora, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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ELDonmn ELDORA CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL Eldora, Iowa ofoicflTion We, the Senior Class of 1951, do hereby dedicate our Eldorian to world publish this annual with the sin- that our classmates shall not be to give up their lives in another ELDOHIfM STAFF Editor Nancy Jones Ass ' t. Editor Orlan Mitchell Business Manager Gordon Dickinson Ass ' t. Business Manager, Mary Lu Heslop Art Editor Beverly Bauer Ass ' t. Art Editor Pat Irwin Sports Editor Rita Jacobs Ass ' t. Sports Editor Edwin Anderson Photography Editor Marlin Kirkdorffer Ass ' t. Photography Editor Pat Holcomb Photography Adviser Kenneth Dalldorf Production Manager Aletha Kebschull Ass ' t. Production Manager Mary Farmer Literature Editor Ruth Guenther Ass ' t. Literature Editor Mary Jo Short Activity Editor Verlene Huehn Ass ' t. Activity Editor Pat Follett Social Editor Betty Willig Ass ' t. Social Editor Kay Tomman This page sponsored by THE ELDORA NEWSPAPERS EpW F. K. SCHMIDT Superintendent BOARD OF EDUCATION LEFT TO RIGHT: F. K. Schmidt, L. Maltby. F. Sheldon, G. Jones. D. Dickinson, J. Heslop, H. Swasand. MR. CAMP MISS WHADE MR. PURCELL oO »o oO MR. AURAND MISS LANDON MR. De VAULT MR. BAUER MR. BRITSCH MR. HUEHN OO SO oO oO MR. McLERAN MR. PIERSALL, MISS ERNWINE MR. HOAG OO °t oo °Ci MISS MIELIKEN °o we eppfitcieif SCHOOL DOCTOR Dr. W. H. Van Tiger CAFETERIA WORKERS Mrs. Bergess, Mrs. Raska, Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Heard. oc o a o 8 Co. b JANITORS Earl Messer, Glen Say lor °o o OFFICE SECRETARY Hazel Swasand DEBATE SEATED: G. Fagg, S. Bailey, B. Bateson, D. Piper, Mr. Hoag. STANDING: O. Mitchell, I. Allbee, K. Huehn, S. Follett, T. Irwin. 6 DELEGATES TO NATIONAL f. f. A. COIlVfATIOn ft b b °6 b R. Rash, K. Steinfeldt, W. Wehrman, Mt. Purcell. fc 10 QUAD- SCI STANDING: Miss Milliken, T. Irwin, R. Rash, C. Crandall, G. Button, D. Scott, K. Huehn, G. Gaede, D. Smith, J. Crosser, Mr. Huehn. SEATED: J. Granzow, J. Balvanz, D. Dixon,,K. Dalldorf. K. Bahr, Y. Estes. PROJECTORS CLUB " 0 t STANDING: Mr. Huehn, K. Dalldorf, T. Irwin, C. Crandall, K. Bahr, G. Button. SEATED- J. Crosser, K. Huehn, J. Short, G. Gaede. This page sponsored by W. G. LESLIE --Optometrist and SMITH MOTORS «0 0 oO " oO °° oC °0 at d O „c? o o ° aO " ° ' O " O aO " ° 11 dV urn renin BACK ROW: K. Sapp, D. Piper, I. Albee, M. Smith, T. Tietz, M. Montz, G. Button, D. Bittner, F. Valde, G. Soli. SECOND ROW: C. Walters, M. Broer, G. Perkins, D. Callahan, G. Lamb. J. Hubbard, G. Parker, G. Murty, K. Wagner. FIRST ROW: G. Fagg, D. Butler, R. Harrington, J. Lyman, E. Anderson, O. Mitchell, W. Wehrman. HI-LITK BACK ROW: I. Albee, W. Wehrman, J. Shaw, D. Bright, G. Lamb, E. Hoyt, E. Hoyt, N. Loehr, V. Reist, B. Bateson. SECOND ROW: F. Nowasell, B. Cleveland, M. Farmer, N. Burns, J. Wood, M. Tresemer, B. Minteer, D. Scott, A. Clemons, M. Greene, S. Holt, R. Jacobs, D. Dixon. FIRST ROW: J. Lee, R. Guenther, M. Heslop, O. Mitchell, R. Essig, J. Winters, M. Short, P. Holcomb. 12 THE spinns STANDING, BACK ROW: P. Irwin, R. Guenther, D. Luglan, V. Huehn, P. Holcomb, N. Jones. SECOND ROW: K. Sapp, G. Gaede, K. Bahr, K. Dolldorf, G. Fagg, O. Mitchell, D. Piper, Mr. Hoag. SEATED: V. Reist, A. Kebschull, G. Dickinson, R. Essig, R. Jacobs. STANDING: Mi. Purcell, D. Mi nteer, V. McAllister, D. Lloyd, R. Roll, H. Crippen, E, Panthen, L. Hollings- worth, M. Priske, L. Vieman, R. Rash, J. R. Aiken. SEATED: M. Kirkdorffer, B. Rash, K. Steinfeldt, W. Wehrman, K. Dolldorf, K. Bahr. 13 b b £ EC. COUHCIL 6 (5 6 b Q STANDING: B. Langland, M. Schultz, Miss Whade, P. Estes, M. Eggleston. SEATED: S. Follett, D. Stone, B. Granzow, K. Frazer, G. Dickenson, B. Baker. b o ° " " o " °«, % - t7 " ° - ? Qii? oC7 aC? qo a O »o nflTionflLHonoflsociny o 5 Op d b STANDING: O. Mitchell, Mr. Harmon, E. Anderson, F. Nowasell. SEATED: R. Jacobs, J. Wood, R. Essig, M. Heslop, N. Jones. This page sponsored by EIJDORA IDEAL LAUNDRY and JOHNSON MOTOR CO. 14 6 6 o o fc 6 V STMT COUHCIL STANDING: F. Nowasell, J. Lee, A. Kebschull, B. Bateson, Mr. Harmon, K. Dalldort, S. Follett, K. Bahr, N. Jones. SEATED: R. Jacobs, V. Huehn, E. Anderson, O. Mitchell, M. Heslop, D. Butler. a o 6 o •o The student council of Eldora High School was es- tablished in 1935. The council consists of representa- tives from each class and organization. The real object of the council is to establish democracy and a wholesome spirit in Eldora High School. It aims to foster social activities and relations of the school, and to promote ideas of good citizenship upon every occasion. »0 d O aO This page sponsored by DR. C. G. GOULD-- Optometrist and BLANKENSHIP MOTOR SUPPLY w ° « o " O , oO s O n okJ oQ oO o«-J 15 rsAsifctr ,o ' This page sponsored by MITCHELL-BROWN-HODGE and WEST END GROCERY 16 JUniOft HIGH CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Vinton; M. Butler, C. Harrington, P. McNertney, N. Heslop. JUniOR HIGH BASKETBALL TOP ROW: J. Balvanz, B. Hobson, D. Dickinson, J. Hagen, B. Choates, S. Warren, B. Bateson, S. Arkland, MIDDLE ROW: Coach Jacobs, M. Butler, J. Guenther, N. Heslop, P. McNertney, K. Griffell, J. Hagen, S. Barnett. FRONT ROW J. Bockes, P. Brown, J. Armstrong, M. Beach, C. Harrington, D. Zielske, T. Crosley. aO o •o •o This page sponsored by COMMUNITY FOOD MARKET FIDELITY ABSTRACT TILE CO. o aO 17 -O «o •o •o 0 o ►■4 ui CO .-; m = H -; a a: u sa . c " ■a o 2 in ca 3 o 2 d 3] 5 c - 2 ■J O 2 o c CTJ s CO C l o 2 Q Q CO 00 j n « s Q U H -J c s 5 a. H X o 3 a) XI CO 2 H 3 CO J3 U cq j CO o 1) 2 CQ H CO 00 a 8 CO U o 0} H co q5 c 2 2 CO c Li- w r-J ' H O =3 LU d " a -3 CO a, o C c i -i u E u op ci u — CO nj ca H Q 1 S H pa E o XI 3 Q 3 2 1 VI vt O c 5 • cu — a " Z -a c o s N E m ca a) o 2 Q ■ X CO c CJ o JJ O B ul CO CO i? O ca oa U U u CO u 9) DO C3 S ctj it CD H 33 OJ =1 XJ J£ O o § tj pa c O CO co o 13 H o- U bo 2 o H cu a. 2 CO CJ CO CO d a. S LL. -J C S3 u ■ EL. - s " 3 o c c: ca E -j B □ to JO 5 CO d 2 O CD 2 m a 0) CO CQ CO 5; c oc Z G U cu 00 c ca u • ' 3 ■a a- c£ a [U a 35 U H d 8 a, 2 2 S o ca -J u; 00 5 ii o CO 18 2 O a. (j g D ■=! » HU. ij Z U 5 J 00 u X Bi -5 J E J »-i O M 5 D Z . • " a. -S S " s 5 „■ X c 5 2 LU — . 2 2 g o H H X J 13 2 X ?2 6 Q j x Q u • Si " CO -7, U3 8 s " £ g o « eg cri H H " LU O hh .—. r » - " - - - S ' iasi .a £32 J Hi n X h a [1 ™ - o E £ 5 O ■= 2 OJ I u J o M - 3 § ra D 2 m j X j oogj v-l-J ..- E- 1 3 - 2 -; o a: p - ■5 a J o E fc: 3 4 2 X H CO H x ™ ca • .2 . e U 2 3 ul 60 •- 1 U J oo - pa xl -; s B 2 . " g " 4 - D. H g U i- 2 . 3 a, 5 03 XI « J £ xT x 3 2 C 5 o J H u. XI UJ « - U H X O 2 o H § 2 g ■§3 S 3 u- 2 O (J W . CO CO 1 i X • O Q 2 u J u ca X 2 2 08 X ™ OO ccrci: V-l i This page sponsored by GUY W. JONES and MOSER LUMBER CO. 22 FOOTBfl LL TEflm fli tt V-VW 4 i i!» f , f THIRD ROW: D. DeVault, D. Camp, L. Draper, R. Rash, G. Button, J. Foster, J. Short, D. Lloyd, G. Soli, D. Bittner, Coach McLearn. SECOND ROW: J. Crosser, D. Piper, L. Prosser, T. Teitz, D. Callahan, W. Wehrman, K. Huehn, C. Crandall, H. Crippen, G. Parker, M. Priske, K. Sapp, R. Oldenburg. FIRST ROW: E. Anderson, R. Harrington, D. Stone, M. Broer, O. Mitchell, G. Fagg, M. Montz, J. Lyman, J. Hubbard, K. Wagner, I. Albee. SEASON ' S RECORD Eldora 13 Iowa Falls Eldora 18 La Porte 7 Eldora T. C. 14 Eldora 13 Training Sch. 7 Eldora 7 Reinbeck 7 Eldora 7 Grundy Center 14 Eldora 13 Ackley 6 Eldora 7 Traer 12 Totals Wins 4 Losses - -3 Tie 1 % " » o 2 aO © O oO GD 23 OCT? HomtcommG queer RITA JACOBS This page sponsored by PEIRSON MILLING CO. and LARGE ' S UPHOLSTERING CO. ' •O oO «o •° oO°° 24 25 SERiOR GRIDDERS Jim Lyman Orlan Mitchell Willard Wehrman This page sponsored by SCHAA PRODUCE CO. MALTBY THE WELDER 26 Edwin Anderson Marvin Broer O oO QO oo°° « GIRLS ' BASKETBALL STANDING: Coach Camp, Ass ' t Mgr. R. Ware, D. Bright, D. Zielske, P. McNertney, S. Steckler, D. Luglan, A. Kadolph, D. Crosley, B. Holcomb, N. Leohr, Mgr. J. Shaw. SEATED: B. Willig, J. Lee, A. Kebschull, B. Bauer, P. Holcomb, P. Follett. SEASON ' S RECORD Eldora 32 Colo 43 Eldora 32 New Providence 43 Eldora 49 Albion 34 Eldora 34 Radcliffe 49 Eldora 47 Conrad 30 Eldora 57 Colfax 38 Eldora 42 Reinbeck 38 Eldora 28 West Des Moines 41 Eldora 46 Lis comb 16 Eldora 51 Geneva 36 Eldora 29 Steamboat 36 Eldora 34 Colfax 36 Eldora 34 Union 53 Eldora 42 Dunbar 63 Eldora 46 Reinbeck 44 Eldora 62 Z earing 40 Eldora 37 Hubbard 63 Wins 8 Total Losses 28 9 o O d ° °oQ Aletha Kebschull Pat Holcomb Nettie Leohr Betty WiUig Pat Follett Joy Lee 29 Bev Bauer f g LET ' S .V N TDNIGH T BOyS ' BASKETBALL , 1 - V Uk n 4S ' JBfc IV r gm r ■ % ' i fl ] ir » - i m I .A ? A It i i ifi t lift ' BACK ROW: Coach McLeran, O. Mitchell, E. Anderson, R. Harrington, K. Wagner, M. Smith, I. Allbee, L. Doughty. FRONT ROW: J. Hubbard, T. Tietz, D. Butler, G. Lamb, G. Murty, F. Valde. SEASON ' S RECORD SECTIONAL TOURNAMENTS Eldora 36 New Providence 47 Eldora 32 Iowa Falls 31 Eldora 29 T. C. 30 Eldora 43 Traer 45 Eldora 43 La Porte 37 Eldora 34 Reinbeck 35 Eldora 23 Steamboat 43 Eldora 34 La Porte 42 Eldora 36 Ackley 34 Eldora 38 Grundy 55 Eldora 29 T. C. 42 Eldora 33 Traer 27 Eldora 40 Iowa Falls 39 Eldora 26 Reinbeck 42 Eldora 28 Ackley 38 Eldora 61 Radcliffe 53 Eldora 32 Grundy 50 Eldora 50 Iowa Training Sch. Eldora 49 Radcliffe 41 36 DISTRICT TOURNAMENTS Eldora 35 Hampton 53 Total Wins 9 Losses 12 31 N 5 o s 6 6 o Or lan Mitchell o George Murty Ed Anderson Marlin Smith OO 32 LITTLC TIGERS BASKETBALL UADEfEAKD JUNIOR HIGH GIIIDDERS TRACK FRONT ROW: I. Allbee, R. Harrington, D. Stone, B. Anderson, K. Wagner, G. Perkins, G. Button. SECOND ROW: Coach DeVault, W. Wehrman, M. Montz, G. Parker, J. Hubbard, F. Nowasell, D. Callahan, M. Priske, K. Sapp. THIRD ROW: R. Oldenberg, W. Kebschull, E. Seim, B. Cleveland, J. Foster, J. Foster, M. Broer, C. Crandell, J. Crosser. BASEBALL FRONT ROW: O. Mitchell. P. Bauer, G. Murty, G. Lamb. G. Fagg. SECOND ROW: L. Doughty, F. Valde, E. Anderson, K. Huehn, T. Tietz, 1. Allbee, Coach McLeran. 35 PRESIDENT Norma Jeske SECRETARY Jean Van Tiger VICE PRESIDENT Leone Bowers TREASURER Phil Bauer This page sponsored by WAY CHEVROLET CO. and TULL and PROBASCO Betty Baker 4 Ruby Barz V ■ , : dk Jl Viola Brock Mary Lou Brown ' y ka Jack Barnes Edward Butler Julia Clingerman Bill Cleveland mk h fr t °n e a .1 w Jack Dickenson 50 •o " ° .o • ry.o-o . .o , ?o ° -O «° 37 f s A I Lloyd Draper Sherrill Frazer f 8 A ' , Jerry Foster Barbara Granzo .CT- j» - »?r 7 Norman Hackney Tom Irwin Rollin Lightfield Betty Krommga -AS Dorothy May ° .O «° (l A3- Tl et A t tv Marilyn Mitchell cO .0 . «o .0 -° .0 .o ° .0 38 Irvin Lee Norman Marilyn Pinske Lorraine Shaw Vic Reist Bob Risse i LaDonna Teckenberg fil PW " 1 Dick Smith Sharon Vaughn Neale Trout •o c© °° . ° «0 »0 %0 This page sponsored by SERVICE PRINTING CO. and BARNARD IMP. CO. 40 This page sponsored by FARMERS CO-OP CREAMERY and GAMBLES 41 PRESIDENT Gary Button » f 9 ■j V s ,t VICE PRESIDENT Kempton Huehn SECRETARY Peg McNertney This page sponsored by HUBBARD IMPLEMENT CO. and LEUTHOLDS TREASURER Kenneth Steinfeldt J. R. Aiken Bob Bateson Joan Balvanz Danny Callahan Dixie Lee Crosely 1 { 4f mm- . Charles Crandall Yvonne Estes Donald Creson K ay Frazer Harold Crippen Jerry Crossen Carla Granzow Leon Doughty Jane Granzow Jim Foster Barbara HolcomD 43 Craig Froning Audrey Kadolph Glen Gaede Roger Harrington •O .o » o 6 i v - • . » ! A 6 Jim Hubbard f Cora Larson I Pat Krominga Jerry Hodgson Leroy Hollingworth Barbara Langland Duane Lloyd Roberta Meader . .» rf Verlin McAllister 6 vx Marvyl Priske 4. Dale Minteer Ronald Oldenberg P «o - -° -c «o «o ,o 44 •O • oO " w »0 Raymond Rash i o, Pat Priske Richard Roll Darrell Scott tfk Mary Ann Schultz Marvin Priske i -•»■ %» ) f f Erick Seim Jim Short Kenneth Wagner Sylva Steckler UM Thelma Vasey fS J» (Ci Lowell Vieman V ; r 7 Gary Soli Phyllis Williams Howard Cakerice Gordon Perkins 45 p miXED BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Anderson, T. Tietz, F. Nowasell, J. Lyman, G. Parker, B. Bateson, D. Wilson, G. Lamb. THIRD ROW: O. Mitchell, G. Soli, J. Short, L. Doughty, R. Oldenberg, D. Bittner, G. Gaede, D. Scott. SECOND ROW: D. Cros- ley, P. Irwin, M. Swasand, P. Holcomb, K. Frazer, M. Heslop, B. Willig, A. Keb- schull. FIRST ROW: M. Eggleston, B. Minteer, K. Tomman, J. Shaw, P. Follett, S. Follett, M. Mitchell. This page sponsored by CENTRAL STATES ELECTRIC CO. and BERG ICE CREAM oo oo «0 O c0 oQ ft0-0 -0 0 , oO°°oO ' ° .0 °°cO CO 48 iii . . . . i i» 3 oruS BACK ROW: J. Hubbard, G. Dickinson, J. Foster, R. Harrington, M. Kasischke, C. Walters, D. Callahan, M. Broer. THIRD ROW: K. Huehn, J. Hodgson, B. Cleveland, R. Kirkdoffer, W. Kebschull, W. Wehrman, C. Crandall, T. Irwin, K. Sapp. SECOND ROW: J. Lee, V. Reist, R. Guenther, S. Steckler, A. Clemons, M. Short, V. Huehn. V. Reist, S. Frazer. FIRST ROW: J. Wood, M. Farmer, R. Barz, R. Ware, N. Jones. R. Essig, R. Meader, R. Jacobs. This page sponsored by WOODWARDS and BEN FRANKLIN »o oO 0 0 o oO oO 49 oO J 0 GIRLS BL££ CLUB BACK ROW: R. Guenther, M. Heslop, V. Huehn, B. Willig, A. demons, J. Lee, V. Reist, B. Bauer, A. Kebschull, J. Van Tiger, D. Luglan, S. Steckler, P. McNertney, K. Frazer, P. Holcomb. THIRD ROW: R. Essig, D. Crosley, M. Farmer, R. Ware, M. Swasand, I. Wallis, L. Teckenburg, M. Short, V. Reist, P. Irwin, J. Wood, S. Frazer, M. Eggleston, C. Larson. SECOND ROW: J. Shaw, R. Saylor, B, Holcomb, S. Follett, P. Priske, L. Bowers, B. Langland, M. Mitchell, R. Barz, N. Jones, J. Persons, P. Follett, B. Cordes. FIRST ROW: D. Dixon, D. Bright, J. Granzow, B. Baker, E. Hoyt, E. Hoyt, R, Jacobs, B. Minteer, K. Toman, B. Larson, R. Meader. BACK ROW: J. Foster, B. Bateson, M. Kasischke, R. Harrington, G. Lamb, J. Foster, G. Dickinson, J. Hubbard, D. Wilson, B, Cleveland, R. Kirkdoffer, J. Hodgson, C. Walters. MIDDLE ROW: O. Mitchell, W. Kebschull, D. Scott, P. Bauer, G. Parker, J. Lyman, M. Broer, D. Callahan. F. Nowasell, C. Froning, J. Short, T. Tietz, E. Anderson. FRONT ROW: P. Witter, L. Doughty, W. Wehrman, G. Soli, J. Crosser, K. Huehn, D. Bittner, C. Crandall G. Gaede, R. Oldenburg, T. Irwin, K. Sapp. Boys ' BL££ CLUB This page sponsored by WOOD AUTO COMPANY and HARRISON ' S 5£ 10£ to $1 STORE GIRLS ' TRIO Sylva Steckler, Accompanist; Mary Farmer, Ardyce demons. Irwin, GIRLS ' SEXTET Nancy Jones, ArdyceClemons, Mary Lu Heslop, Mary Farmer, Pat Irwin, Mary Swasand, Sylva Steckler, Accompanist. This page sponsored by SCHUMACHER GROCERY and ANDERSON REXALL DRUG MADRIGAL STANDING: Nancy Jones, Marvin Broer, Gordon Lamb. SEATED: Mary Swasand, Pat Irwin, Gordon Dickinson, Mary Farmer, Dave Wilson, Dixie Crosley, Accompanist. BOYS ' QUARTET Dixie Crosley, Accompanist; Gordon Lamb, Dave Wilson, Gordon Dickinson, Marvin Broer. ALL STATE CHORUS Sylva Steckler, Accompanist; Orlan Mitchell, Marilyn Eggleston, Mary Swasand, Ardyce Clemons, Pat Irwin, Marvin Broer, Bill Cleve- land, Edwin Anderson. This page sponsored by ELDORA BAKERY and R. R. BROWN INSURANCE AGENCY 52 mOflCHIIIG BflflD MAJORETTES: P. Holcomb, V. Huehn, D. Crosley. PERSONNEL: V. Reist, M. Eggleston, P. Follett, M. Schultz, E. Martin, R. Travis, D. Modlin, R. Meader, G. Lettow, D. McKibben, B. Bateson, J. Cleveland, S. Travis, B. Jones, M. Schultz, C. Goodell, D. Taylor, B. Hunt, S. Kusserow, D. Wilson, L. Doughty, V. Dobbrunz, D. Scott, R. Fiscus, J. Irwin, S. Follett, D. Scott, B. Bateson, L. Ziesman, D. Scholey, F. Broer, L. LaVelle, P. McNertney, L. Schultz, R. Pyle, L. Balvanz, J, Ramsell, K. Kebschull, L. Doughty, T, Crosley, A. Kadolph, T. Irwin, B. Smith, W. Eggleston, S. Priske, T. Flickenger, M. Dillavou, G. Gaede, J. Flickenger, J. Nuckolls, S. Bailey, R. Fiscus, G. Soli, C. Larson, J. Follett, D. Row. This page sponsored by HARDIN COUNTY SAVINGS BANK 00 «n3«O a0 °0 »0 o0 O •O oo OO (O 53 oO Oo O Qo Qo „ «D o •O «o concfRT TYMPANI: R. Oldenburg. DIRECTOR: Mr. Aurand. BACK ROW: D. McKibben, B. Bateson, J.Cleveland, S. Follett, D. Scott, B. Bateson, L. Ziesman, D. Scholey, F. Broer, L. LaVelle. MIDDLE ROW: R. Travis, R. Meader, G. Lettow, L. Schultz, P. McNertney. FIRST ROW: M. Eggleston, M. Schultz, E. Martin. This page sponsored by CROSLEY FARM STORE and CLEVELAND ' S ■O " ° .O •© 0O " ° «D " ° O ° oO ' ° oO ° .O ° oO «° -o 54 •O Bono BASE DRUM: P. McNertney. SNARES: C. Larson, G. Soli, S. Bailey. BACK ROW: L. Doughty, T. Crosley, A. Kadolph, B. Cleveland, K. Huehn, T. Irwin, O. Mitchell, M. Dillavau, J. Hubbard, G. Gaede. MIDDLE ROW: D. Modlin, J. Nuckolls, M. Heslop, D. Wilson, L. Doughty, P. Holcomb, D. Crosley. FIRST ROW: V. Reist, V. Huehn, P. Follett. »o •o 99 This page sponsored by MARKS DRUG •O »0 oO cO oO oO aO 55 SWING BAND Ronnie Oldenburg, Darrell Scott, Frank Nowasell, Dave Wilson, Gordon Lamb, Cleveland. Bob Bateson, Bill ALL STATE BAND Dave Wilson, Darrell Scott, Pat Follett, Verlee Reist, Shirley Follett. This page sponsored by GRAHAM DEPARTMENT STORE and HENRY J. JANSSEN SON 56 2 57 BRASS QUARTET B. Bateson, K. Huehn, P. McNertney, L. Zeisman. SOLOISTS P. Follett, M. Eggleston, V. Reist, V Gaede. D. Wilson, D. Scott. This page sponsored by ANWAY FLOWER GIFT SHOP and GUY BROWN 58 MIXED CLARINET QUARTET M. Eggleston, M. Shultz, V. Huehn, P. Follett PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE G. Soli, P. McNertney, C. Larson, R. Oldenberg. 59 PRESIDENT David Wilson SECRETARY Joylyn Winters VICE PRESIDENT Ives Allbee TREASURER Norma Burns Carol Armstrong Mary Brock Duane Bittner Delores Bright Delores Dixen Richard Klettke Beverly Cordes Mary Jo CronK S Gor don L.ai " George Fagg " © G ° oO y.ober O t fc " ' ' " " fcaY lO °° 60 61 rej cv •O ,o «o »o «e» Phyllis Lyman Doris Lamasters ft Max Montz Bonnie Larson David Piper Janet Matthews ' SJli c e p e r s o« s C a ' arj -y p 5 er ' e e $ eist Ga e ub, This page sponsored by PINE LAKE MOTOR CO. and DRS. NYQUIST and SHURTS 62 ft- Kenneth Sapp Donna Saylor tLL Jerry Short Matilda Tresemer Dick Stone Bette Trout Ramona Ware Frank Valde Ted Tietz Eugene pa»then Absent when pictures were taken; Ronald Coen, LeRoy Cakerice •O Mary Jane Wood oO »C oo c O 9 Q »0 oC «0 .o »° O " ° Lou Johnson oO -0 ° 63 President Orlan Mitchell Orlan was an all-round guy, A success in most anything he ' d try. Vice President Ruth Guenther Ruth chose to be a nurse, you see, We ' re sure the patients won ' t disagree! Secretary Marilyn Eggleston Marilyn played first clarinet in the band-- The job she did was really grand. Treasurer Mary Jo Short Mary Jo could be seen on Friday nights, Proofreading the next issue of " Hi-Lites. " This page sponsored by HARMON SERVICE STATION and ANDRLE CREPS 65 V Student Council Edwin Anderson Football was Beep ' s favorite sport, But he was also a whiz on the basketball court. Patrica Irwin Loves to paint and draw and sing, Pat can do most anything ! Patrica Follett Basketball is a favorite sport for Pat, And speaking of band--she ' s good also at that ' Betty Minteer Betty is short, with hair of brown, Always wears a smile, and never a frown. This page sponsored by EAST SIDE MARATHON TOM BARNARD PRISKE and " Flowers for all occasions " ELDORA GREENHOUSE Phone 196 66 Nettie Leohr Nettie got married late in the fall, Which was a pleasant surprise to all. Marilyn Green Marilyn Green ' s a pretty blond, Of typing she is very fond. Jim Lyman Although he seemed a little shy, Jim was really one swell guy. Kay Tomman Kay was with us just one year, And we were glad that she was here. This page sponsored by ' C. J. PIPER and GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 67 Beverly Bauer Bev played guard on the basketball team, To go to state was always her dream. Ardyce Clemons Ardyce always had a guy, And over him she ' d always sigh. Gordon Dickinson Gordon was always " in the know, ' A suretime future " B.T.O. " Mary Farmer Mary had a lovely voice, To study music was her choice. This page sponsored by BAUER ' S PAINT SHOP 68 Mary Swasand Mary ' s giggle, sweet and gay, Failed to scare the boys away. Aletha Kebschull Aletha ' s almost six feet tall, And loves the game of basketball. Joan Shaw On game nights, Joanie could be seen Feeding lemons to the basketball team. Martin Kasischke Handsome Martin wasn ' t shy, He kissed the girls, then said goodbye. 69 Betty Willig Betty took many a bruise and fall, But still she loves that basketball. Patrica Holcomb Poor Pat must stay at home alone, Because of that old saxophone. Verlene Huehn Verlene ' s a gal with lots of pep- As Cheerleader, she was really " hep! ' Donald Butler Donald had nice wavy hair, A hearty laugh, and ne ' er a care. 70 Kenneth Dalldorf Kenny with his camera box. Took a lot of swell annual shots. ,f7i St Rita Jacobs Little Rita, five feet tall, Had a friendly smile for all. Marlin Kirkdorffer Marlin was " George " in the senior play, He did a fine job, wouldn ' t you say? Shirley Holt Shirley really supported the team- She had lots of that good " pep " and " steam. 71 fc. J Joy Lee Joy was pretty, we all agreed, A sweeter smile she ' ll never need. Kenneth Bahr Electricity is the hobby of " Sparks. " We ' re sure it won ' t keep him " in the dark. Roberta Essig Roberta Essig our Hi-Lites did edit. For her hard work she deserves lots of credit. Marvin B roer " Big Nig, " when singing in the chorus, Would always do a solo for us. 72 NANCY JONES Nancy was yearbook editor for 1951, She deserves lots of credit for work well done. GEORGE MURTY Red-haired George, so slim and tall, Made lots of points in basketball. RITA SAYLOR Santa brought a diamond ring, Which Rita thought was just the thing. MARLIN SMITH Marlin always liked to drive, With a carload of kids at the games he ' d arrive 73 r .1 vk 1 J ELLA HOYT Which is which, and who is who? We couldn ' t tell them apart- -can you? EDNA HOYT WILLARD WEHRMAN Willie ' s favorite quip, it seems, Was " Come on, you guys, think of the team. " 74 VIRGINIA REIST MARY LU HESLOP In Home Ec, Virginia might be seen Ripping out a " crooked " seam- Mary Lu ' s dimples and twinkling eyes, Make her a favorite with all the guys. WILLIAM KEBSCHULL Willie Kebschull ' s a clever lad, He knows all the answers there are to be had. 75 76 „ ■ 77 ROyfIL BTTEflDflflTS v kss Motto I OOflH WE Tbt-LOu)-, I OK © 40W Wt L o o Ui Nf . c s f c v S Coi •° ocFlc dooo c0 OD .o oo 0D «O d .O «o You ' ve seen familiar sights and faces While looking through this book, But after working long and hard This is how we look. The Eldoraian Staff o o,, o° o° O Qo O ►OQOOQ Q q.o o°° 0 0 « V 80 0 " 0 - , ERS -i YEARBOOKS THE PACEMAKERS OF QUAUTV MYERS AND CO. INC. TOPEKA, KANSAS

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