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Eldora Consolidated High School - Eldorian Yearbook (Eldora, IA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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« I ! i ♦ Published bej Senior CLass of ELdora Hicjh SchooL Pictures b Tt-ocj- M a.ck Cotu-tesu of f- a.rdrn Cou.n+cj Tndex - i tg J I 3 i g [ | i i j i Is I § 5 B flraiiVi ,Vi Vi " i ' TiT " ' " ' eldcria:: staff Standi] : Ml D ■ . .. .- " icus, P. Jackson, . Mu , I. Larson, 5. Dole, B. Clark, D. A. Seim, M. Relber, ::. Freed, T. Stilley, D. Mac Rae , R. Rose. . L , ■ ' ■ Maltby, D. Schaa, B. Petty, C. Anderson, J. Schmidt, H. Jewett. . Anderson , Editor Janet Schmidt Assi Editor P v - hy Ec itor Beverly Petty Art Editor Deal F Sports Editor Don Schaa Publicity Manager ;tt Business M ltby Assistant Business lit nager We, bhi rs of the Eldorian staff, in order to forn: a more perfect . t ittees, Insured your two dollars vorth, rovine;. for all classes and activities, promoted the general memory of our clas to you studei . to osterity, do ordain and establish this 19 9 annual for the El- dorr School. Th Staff. Doris Dui .. p 1 1 3 ■ . I and II Miss Dueeker, faculty advisor for the I4.9 Eldorian, Is a Cornell graduTte in her first year of -teach.- i np, at E.H.S . wxmmwwM -ELDORIAN «4 U E E N- % | 1 B I I Mies Shirley Fleoue g % g 8 Shirley Flscus, chosen to reign as Eldorlan vjuecn, was selected for her charm, poise, beauty, friendliness. Intelligence and all— round popularity. Shirley Is an outstanding example of youth today, with her radiant smile, willingness to cooperate and Industry beyond the call of duty. Her high Ideals and standards will always create an atmosphere of queonllness wherever she may be. PAT JACKSON CAROLYN ANDERSON : I i ELDORIAN QUEEN ATTENDANTS POPULARITY BEAUTY CHARM NILVA FREED ■ JANET SCHMIDT ft MARGARET LUNDY W!BWW ' 4WJ,Vt A ' -Kj ) I r Harmon Principal Schmidt Superintendent Zlmmtrman Principal, Jr. High I t Evelyn Bachman Assistant Principal Ann Bender Grade Principal SCHOOL BQABI Schmidt, Kaltby, Dickinson, Pres., SwasanA, Sheldon, Jones, Heslop. i irltch ( Vocal Uus g S I I i g ! i £ i ■ i lc) Jungen (Art) Jacobs (Olrls B.B.) Iholm (Agriculture) Ernvrine (Latin, Civics . story) IT.. 1 ech, Spanish Dramatics, Eng) 3 s i ' uehn ( Science) Prledle (Home Ec) Dunn ( Inst music] GiUorsl ove (Ind Arts) Van Houten (Commercial) Hadar (Boys Athletics History) ■ - ■ - - -rmsmrr; ., . «vr. ' .« ' Viv« ' «sfl «w I i 3 i ! i I g : | I t .: ;: 1 E I i I iaM„V »Yq Jnr. itor3 E. Messer,H. Pierce, E. Kllnrernan 01 doctor Dr. ' .7. ft. Van Tifer B ' XVf . VUMiJXWfmi.Wil.!! .: - . tl« % i «. % 1 ! ! l a i s i m W WW «KUB« ! .1!.II| ! i jfljlLu ' iJ Decern l vjkbuj .V Si a ie Hes op v c e - • G I en Dole amwawmmwjy mmi ■ I } I ! 6 G C Y e t a id P afvul " Kuan 9 Poufc OctckbOH 1» i s § i ! 5 I 3 ! I ;: B U cJrvS ba.v-Q e.v ' 3 Don Coe-n ,. L ? £s ■ Dean GroenvG-ld : OD tldo rl- ; 0o a Scott. 5 h°r t eu V°e man I i :, l ' ■s. ;. a ,r i« . " •.:• m? m m w wn iav «e nmam frmm 0 " n Tvj 1 J Don f a E SK. jjL ' ln " ■ ;- g a ! i E Ilo Larson - m m J ! HW MfttHW AlW TCTr ! 3 ? f ? .» ' ■ J Doucj HacRae John F eeman. 1 " u c Vj( v V PevVtins ! • ; Nancu H?cKi " " v W- LclT cx TbvTaK " t lira w ww «y.-.v. w k Mij W!i)MWSJ H ShTrl u FTsculs ' WWW. I i II I I I f. ■.!i. t).i . iii.a.wm mmmwikam- x nn rs. GerWart fAulnl6f «. W ML- iQj or rr ?ouael 5 J -g:?, v?. -a-g. - -■gr:Ta » , ' ., a , ' ■■ .v. , « « ■ a .?» -. -a vryrayra n-?- T ' Dee. SchloLde , A:f r a Se,?ry V IXHIucl. Frc.e.d s I . ) £v£5S Z3 O eatn hai C i C " » L , 1 ii ' « ■ - Don Scn x x. 3 : AKA» V JJ: 7 1 I I i 5 i « : i i fec u Pe,tt 3 1 y CcxrpJ r» ftnde.r50A r- O a v v e, " t, S c K m d t 1 I I | i " | I M i ' l I " v i ; I i I y i I ' l M ill | | ill M l ' iVMtXtit ryr¥i r t s i ■ -e= s P g I I " bob .S i-f s — £ i J i f U 04c! Or tppe.rv e-v r ar d TV » " : Ke n a t u r al ' V ' ' ' i ' i t ' t v i ' ' rav pr t y m t r r Hl i i % -jMt Xa Phyllis NoLocu-sell Harriet S aiaion fe BeAtjj GkrK ! h i wuiiiimju mm mm wHTTr I 5 I ! -J - P x,u Lanqe,Kou K r. : C J — ) o v) v n Aa.lt.b J MJjimWL S5 — . ' A! (i M t ' -SJ 1! IP !K i I I i 7 Ml Codhur- WTWoox ELIIe-n Dctjeske, m 7 ■ t I r. I % £n rf f ++ Armstrong Babcock Balvanz Blair Button Dettbarn Eraper Eckel Follett Halasey Hobson Hoyt Jondahl Juchems Kadalnh u N i o R s I i i I I i Meirs Noubauer Perkins ® ® -ersons ettigrew Pinske Ri sse Rosenberger Ruby- Sanders Steinfeldt Vaughn u N I R S 3 4 i I when nlcture was taken — Marlin Sanders , I.I 1., i.i v., hi, 1 i i i ■ujYiWi fiTfi ' il - - Irwin Jscobs Jones Kebscnull Kebschull -lirkdorf f •e Lyman Mitchell Minteer Murty Murty Owens Reece Reist Shaw s p H M R E S s Swasand Wherman Willig Muhlena i iii i Jj Mjg £ lg cx Albee - toer Bri, Brock rns Coen Cakerice Cordes Crank Dixon Fafg Fiscus Hammer Johnson F R E S H M E N •r I 5 ■I ' M ' - ■ i I § i ■4 r Krejci Lamasters La rat Larson ■■ - sen F 1 Lyman R 1 Luglan Mathews Mont 2 S! H Moats Newell Nowasell Mi El Panthen Parker N ) p ersons p iner Grosser . 1 Rash - Beist Row Ruby Sackett Stone Tietz Trout Valde Ware Warren Wilson Winters Short I Tresemer Walters F R E S H M E N § g ;: Wood I i j I 3 l Hi ' 1 iN ' WP " ■ Hi . . ., ' i i, v V . T ' : » •■! V.M -MV »£ ««!»!. " • « i fl. ' .y mvwumvH.muvir mmy. «Mi unuuu mJliM ! tsimz I J g i i s I i I i I l 6 A O m 6 B 7 A a 1 s I ! i s I ; 1 i I I 3 5 7TT .-■■■.■■■ r ■ ; ' , ' u innvw E ' j mwisw m m® w W i i I i ! i I i £ i . ' ■ ' ■v.-v I i g i t i i = i -HOMECOMING QUEEN- and attendantB -DEE SCHLADER- Carolyn Anderson Margaret Lundy ij ' g; i-yfi ' -sra ?r.v. I £ C I I I i I ;:i « -•■»• The . . . l " -- r -l9 footba 1 crew pj ave . . ra its T.ost successful record since 1941 by against two lcses. J : First row; Max Uontz, Gary " ar er, Bob Larson Ives allbe , - c Bowman, Ed Andersen, Bob . ' arren, David Piper, George Fa-p, and Willard TJehrman. Second row; Don May, Carrel Walters, Don Sc ' -aa, Harvey Jewett, Jamie Keslop, Orlan Mitchell, Jerry Jondahl, Paul Lanrehough, Ma ' ley Draper, Jim Lyman and Carrol Vaughn. Third row; Bernard Priske . ' i r :d Robert ' ' erkins, rs; Lale DeVault, line coac!- ; Frank Crinnen, bus driver; Duane Babcock, John l.obson, Georpe Murty, Bob Sifrit, Jim Ti Dick tone, Jim Papel, Gerhar ena, Dick Pettigrew, Marlyr Sanders, David Lorenzen and Coach Al Hadar. TKL ?4 Iowa Falls-6 45 Dows-C 13 Story City-? 13 Grundy Cen ' V Teachers Ki.ph-6 Ackley-?6 13 Reinbeck-14 - Tra - Eldora 15? noints s 67 Do ' nts Higblites of the " 49 ' ers " seasun included the fir triumoh over Iowa Falls since 193? ar-.d a close homecon win over Grundy Center. In their North Ce ar League carr.a- naipn the battling Bengals took third place with a 3-? record Absent wh - n t! is cicture was taken were Brb Way, Lear. May, and Lean Ruby. - " T m ' ( ' ? ' ■ I ' . ' . I )a i , 1 , 1 ■I . iu ..i iii u u ; ; iere Our cheerleaders were eo clever p:;a witiy, - rt. , Hu« Ldtie m-mat:. vatwm mumaiui i I ; 2 j £ Girls Basketball Here is your 1948-49 girls ' basketball outfit which compiled a nine win--ten loss final record. Fro.ii left to right the squad members ai FIRST ROW: Nilva Freed, Patty Jackson, Kathryn Reece, Betty Pinske, Betty .Villig and Nancy Kicks. SBC ONE KO ' .V: Coach Al Ja Lta Jacobs, Joanne ns, Veronica McCarty, Joy Lee, aletba Kebsc Lou £a Patty Holconb, Gloria Ruby, Patty Follett anc Shirley manager. In their regular season encounters the girls split even 16 games. The Tigerettes were victorious over Y. ' illiams, 35-34, in their first sectional tournament game at Hubbard, but lost in the semifinals to Stear.boat Rock and dropped their consolation tilt tc Radcliffe. Although their win-loss record was on the wrong sice of the ledger, their total scoring wasn ' t as they tallied 727 points to their opponents 682. High-ncorer for the locals was soDhotnore pivot forward, Betty ' .Villig, wiU 324 points for a seventeen point average. " Kit Reece hit 216 markers with senior forward Nilva Freed scoring 63 points, Veronica McCarty scored 57 points. The three seniors who Dlayeo their last high school basket- ball in the Tigerettes ' final contest with Boone were: co-captair.s Nilva Freed ana Patty Jackson; and Nancy Kicks. B«amiiiftn 1 I I I CO-CAPTAIN PATTY JACKSON One of the three seniors on the basketball squad, this girl played at a regular guard position for her Junior and Senior years. During her first two years in high school she played ng e forward. NANCY HICKS A transfer student froa laraont, Naney Hlcka was another csonble guard, Nancy had previously been a regular at Laaont and started in most of the locale ' contests, CO-CAPTAIN NILVA FEE; D Nllva Freed completed her four years of first team basketoall, winning her fourth basketDall letter. Previously a guard, Nilva played in both th» front and back courts her senior year. j i § i § ; S l ; Boys 3asketball Here is the " 49 er " basketball squad. Although not blessed with a winning record like the football team, the hardcourt play- ers showed fight until the final buzzer. The team members are: FIRE . Bob Slfrit, n aul Langehough, Orlan Mitchell, Don schaa, Jamie Heslop and George Murty. SECOND ROW! :. ' .anager Bernard riske, Ed Anderson, Don Butler, Jim Tull, Carrol Vaughn, Jack Bowman and Frank Valde. THIRD ROW: Ives Allbee, Lick Stone, Jerry Jondahl, Carrol Walters, Ted Tietz and Ccach Al Hadar. The Tigers ' final record was three wins against fifteen, all hard losses. The victories included a Cedar League win over Traer and two triumphs over New Providence. The win over Traer put the locals into a tie for fifth tilace in the League. Seniors in the above oicture include: co-captains Schaa and Langehough; Heslop, Sifrit and Tull. Willi! MUjlHSiW Vyft-.v fT T 8 ;; 3 Paul Langehough Jim Tull mtai.,v wpmnm v n I i I i I 1 t I I ! i ; -?■ i.,.v. „, .;■ mmwrtii- mm 4 t 0 .0» 4 [ Th J 1-0 victor; seball he two 3 s s e s . Lloyd , George t.urt . Glerdcr. Button, G ike. tir . ffi-.y -» R-?!nF 5s»wM— m nrgraiffl at. m mwmy j ' ! TRACK Track was revived this spring on a small scale after an absence of two years. boys pictured above -ire: Xneelir ;j Jewett, Bob Sifrit, Jim Tull, Jim Pagel and Jerry Jondahl. Standing; Coach Dale LeVai.lt, Don May, Carrol Vaughn, George Murty, Dick Stone, Gerhart iiuhlena, Harold ves Allbee, and Kenneth Saop, Manager. The track squad prenared for the Cedar League track meet and other local meets. Pagel was the only previous track letterwinner on the squad. ttt?t . ' i iw mm xu ' W imw wnpiM w mKiM; :. ,. . , r . f .; i-w i i , i i-,j ri ,, ft:; .-:, ivr-T- : i ! g £ i ! f P a vn n -» Once again tae Student Council nas completed another c- .ssfiul year in directing various st ident activities. Among e are: selecting and adveptising lecture course numbers, sponsoring locker and desk inspection, and decorating the School Christmas trees. The election of t:ie Homecoming Queen and the sponserin of the Homecoming activities was a high- In the fall term, r students attended a con- ference on St ident Councils ,a. ;er the guidance of Mr. Huehn the Projectors Club has ta oys on ration of the ton mach- ine and trie speaker system. J. : :n, D. Groeneveld, 5. rlske, D. Schaa, G. Muhlena, K. Sapp }! W } mJp!! w:l ;nm vv}l);}Vv:r:r: ■ : ■ r.r :r: . !.! v.; . ' • II H | | ||| | | || H1|| 3 mrsr-A-!.; :, I i I I I 8 g P ck Ro ' Secon Roi J. Persons, M. Sanders, E. Perkins, K. Lu Ly, advisor, Miss Dueoker, A. Seirr., P. Irwin, P. Blair, J. scott, E. Daleske, D. Schlader, A. Laurltson. . l Van Koutor., 5. Larson, J- Follett, D. Ruby, C. Anderson, J- Juohems, J. lull, N. Freed, L. Ro S - r . Front Rov: N. Jones, W. Kebschull, L. Muhlena, H. Jac K. Hi-Lil as , the Btu ent ' s ' ibliBhed every two weeks. November LE and 19, four r-s of the staff, C rcl; erson, Lucille R rger, Ellen Dal Rub; , their sponsor, Mis Duecfe , C3 . ' 38, Bpone re by the Ess :. Li id Pril ♦P.3. Jennie Juc with up { i ! I l ffiffliYnvuVi . 1 Left to Ri Draper, J. lull, D. Ruby, I. Albee, sponsor, A. Paul. DEBATE Debate opened it ' s secorx. year at E.H.S. by atten - Discussion - at Teacher ' s College, November 12-13. During the year, they partic- ipated In fourteen debates, not counting the toumements, winning thirteen and losing or.e. ' i 1 % t I I E I g E I The hlghllf ht of the year i a the Brlndley Scholi c I ent in which top honors were bestowed on senior, Jin! Tull. Later on, the de " ; t on to Waukon and won a lace in the finals at lows City. School Election Audience I wwmwwv ww w«S5WB»v« » i , ' •■ « « » ,- « .v - v. -« »ss fi iv«i 4 ' Vwn rmff fiiNmmmiv, Bernard Priske speaking for Harry Truman of the Lenccratic Party I to ' -y w ' ,y ir. ' , ' v.MA ' f i k w:v i W)jmm ' v:w ' ■ ' ' • ' - ' ■- ' - • ■ ' - " - ' " " MPAi i tt - - -; ■ i . V« » Vf l» Front Row: Heslop, May, Dole, ' .Vay, Tull, Draper, Priske, Muhlena -econd Row: Jewett, Anderson, Dole, Bowman, Schaa, Button, Vaughn, Mitchell May, Langehough Back Row: Montz, Babcock, Sifrit, Crippen, Jondahl, Walters, Coach Radar, 3 apel Row:B.Lai . i-auritzpn, Miss Jungen, B.Larson, S.Fis M.Lundy, N.Burns, B.Cordes Back f ow:G.Gaede, C.teckler, A.Lauritzen, D.Stone, ' . g i mM», iku.-nr».w.t. mu .»i. rmmmmM I ■ fceft ti rj inson, J. tee, •-. Kirl ' orfer. J. Juchems, I ■ [uehn, lldor " , B; Larsor, D. Dixon, ' .. shull. U k D - S C I Essig, ,UL J -Sci, the EHS science clu . success the capable guidance r r p. -uehn. The overall to i lays Savings for Tomorrow ' s Wealth " . A conservation f »ild life, r, soil, nil T v e Bub; rounded ou1 disc n ii S i i ! I i s i It ' s mair fur e those chance I Ledge of the pc " -cience. i ! i r : i § 1 , 1 5 fell! ' " " . ' ' . ? ' - " , T " : ' . Fre . D. Schlader, J. Persons, R. Risse, G. Dickinson, Al F«ul, Lr, L. Rosenberger, E. Perkins. le: J. Bchmidt, J " , Maltby, U. Lundy, D. MacRae, C. Anderson, B. Petty r . Jac v son. Front: If. Draper, R. Jsco v s, G. Button. T :: E S P I A N S The 1 ' hespian pledge requires tha a me-ter meet al responsibilities promptly, whether i 4 - v e a role ir. a lay or a post on the production s t a i . A Thescian nrt orlv acts, but - ' ields the han-er, the paint brush, and csr-ies on various other duties as well. Nover.ber 11, 1 G 4?-, the troupe presented fo.r one-cct plays; A Psir lion, The Ghost Story, and The Sisters Mcintosh. n induction ceremony for n r -.- membc ■ leld in December. The Thespians also had a lar?e i a t in the Swine Show, presented ir ruary. A Thespian endeavors to live up to the motto 5 " Act well your part, there in the honor lies " . director and sponsor-- ! Faul President Dou ' las UacRae Vice President Carolyr Anderson Secr°tary Margaret L i dy ■ e r B»verly Pett Student Council J1t Maltby ' wwmvw-r z: ,it. ■;. •;. ■•■•..■■, . i .. s lord on Dickinson, Janet Sc! " A I AIR OF LUNATICS " Lucille Roser.terrr-T-, Terry Stilley, Margaret Li " THE SISTERS : C INTC i . ' .V ii ' i ' I ' i ' n ' i : § ! ivn? : D. Ruby, Verle- Relst, Virginia Relet, . h, J. Heslop, D. Schsa, J. Tull, R. J • ■• • Jonee, i ? 9 I J W2J20E22ZHE 1 i .A . I " ft , ' iY VWWlTl . (lA (« ' . rt (IftvSi »V?«- SftS ;« . I l Mi W« iWftWV««iS «S 4N rt y« « «VV» w«Yf» I National ' onor Society Standing- D. Ruby, S. Fiscus, J. Maltby, Mr. Harmon, P. Blair, G. Button. Seated- C. Anderson, P. Jackson, J. [eslop, J. Schmidt. f o- ' s Tlee Club £J A P £% r Row- :. Croeneveld, J. Maltl , - T . Jondi , G. Dickenson, P. Lai J. Tull, J. Foster, A. Lauritson. Secoi Row: D. Wilson, L. Cskerlce, D. Pettlerrew, IN. . . T . L-mi I. Albee, J. Hesl ■ ■ ,i -r V - K. Sapp, G. Lam , B. Larson, D. Wilson, T. Still , 0. I . Brc i , . Hali 1 )WM)WM)mmmiijmwiiM]ifnm ' mn ' a tunMnw»w r TOT s i Girls Glee Club Front Row; B. Klnteer, K. Kc-ate, E, Hoyt, P. Holcorob, P. Irwin, J, Follott, N. Lundy, B. Petty, N. Jones, R. Jacobs. Second Row: B. Clark, R. Esslg, C. Anderson, L, Rosenberger, P, Jaokson, V. McCarty, !■:. Klerce, C. Willcox, h, Heglop, R. Ouenther. J. Schnldt, E. Dettbarn, D. Frein. Third Row; D. Murtjr, B. ' .Villlg, A. Kebschull, E, Perkins, K, Sanders. P, Blair, J, Eckel, S. Fiscus, V. Huehn, H. Swenson, A. Selm, D. Schlader, h. Swasand, Ji. Farmfr, R a Freed. I g 5 i x -c Mixed C ' r-irus Front Row: K. Moats, P. Irwin, B. Klnteer, P. Koloomb R, Jones, k. Farmer, K. Swasand, R, Jacobs. Second Row: B. Clark, K, Klenme, J. Follott, D. Sohlader, N. Freed, E. Perkins M, Sanders, P. Blair, S. Fiscus, V. Kuehn, k, Kesloo, R. Gue.nthsr, J. Schmidt, E. Dettbarn. Third Row: K. Sapp, W. Wehrman, B. Halasey, B. Larson, R. Esslg, C. Anderson, L. Rosenberger, V. McCarty, B. Petty, P. Jackson, J. h slop, D. KacRae, B. Way, I. Allbee. Fourth Row: G. Lamb, D. Groneveld, J. Foster, 0. Mitchell, T. Stilley, J. Pagel, D. Wilson, J. Maltby, G. Dickinson, J. Tull, G. Jondahl, B. Prlske, C. Walter, D. Pettigrew, P. Langehough, A. Lauritsen. i ' ,? ' .V -V r n w. n T. Stilley ; j. D E G. Jondahl 5 E. Dettbarn L, Rosenberper F. Jackson J. Schmidt s Sextet v « i-eCarty C. Anderson f T. Stflley E. Dettbarn | G. Dickinson i ' ix ' -d Quartet V. 1, ' cCnrty !: ! I I i g i B. Rainsbarger, D. Coen, J. Hobson, B. Prlske, D. Kadolf Delegates to Kansas This year, the local club sent six delegates to the national Convention at Kansas City where they learned about the workings ©f other chapters in all statas. G. Dole, J. Hobson, G. Button M. Draper Dairy Judges Three Judges were sent to the state Dairy Judging contest at the aterl©Qj Dairy Cattle Congress. This team was made up by Manly Dracer, Join robson and Glen Dole and earned the right to represent the state in the National Contest. ! i i ; i : :: Back Ro : ... : ' fer, W. :., K. B V Lor rn- ?on, J. HobRon, R. ?- . H. Dole, V.. Draper, K. aarz, ?.. Raeh. Row: ::r. Sandholm, D. Kaldolf, I , rs, B. Priske, L. Crip-oen, : , : ' r. Button, J. Lyman, D. Oroeneve . r, R. Kirkdcrff c r, D. Coen, M. Kasischke, K. rf, J. Free ran, E. Panthon. P.P.A. - Put rs of Amerlc in 19M n ' vea , it - nas ] n It no-.-. ' t : ' -two. Q e . ' . Schmld ' , 0. wji m m m ap. at m |i w ;a vj a w -v ' v. ' a pr r ! T. Stillry G. Larb Brass Sextet 0. Kltchell B. lialaspy G. Jondahl J. Schmidt ■■b p i i n 1 1 nwnnwBBi im i ' ' i i £ 1 L JJSIW»l»«W« $ , Marching Band K.H.S. Band composed of over 50 musicians, has gained fame throughout the state as one of the fin n school marohlA| or- ganizations. It has taken top honors at the annual Veshia parade for the past two consecutive years. They also have exhibited fine performances between halves at tl v all games At pl.- no: D. Croslay Back Row! D. Mac Rae, K. Kennedy, T. Stilley, Mr. Dunn, S, Follett, H. Mason. Row: J. Maltby, D. Wilson, B. Clark, P. Howaeall. f Front k ' 9 i E I C r r.cer.t Flutes V. Reist V. Reist Oboe P. Holccmb ClarlriftU J. Maltby P. Nowasell B. Clark L. Jondahl J. Follett D. f. ' odlin M. Eggleston E. Martin M. Schultz J. Eckel B. Meader R. Travfs Bass Clarinet V. Huehn Alto Clarinet P. Follett Bassoon M. Heslop Saxaphones D. Wilson D. Bittner I. - . Moats A. Clenons cornets T. Stilley S. Follett J. Schmidt D. Scott R. Bateson nch Hojiaa. Q. Lamb D. Crosley P. 1 ' cNertney Baritones 0. Mitchell L. Rosenberger Trombones G. Jondahl L. Doughty A. Kadolph T. Crosley K. Huehn Basses B. Ealasey G. Gaede ?ercj8sliign D. MacRae G. Soli C. Larson P. McNertney R. Oldenberg Timpani P. Jackson The symphonic concert band which is very active presented a strictly " swing " concert in the fall, and also presents two other concerts, each In the winter and spring. Through the winter the band re- hearses feverishly for the contests in the early spring. a i 1 l 3 I Adu Uiyed MencJta+tdUe. " Star Clothing and % t Company SAM GREENSWEIG AND SON PHONE 6 ELDORA L£ITTJUlLfr8 CLOTHIERS SINCE 187S " AlutcufA. SotHetUUuj, A ew. ELDORA IOWA fijiVfLfliurs f ewebuf, (lec uh PHONE 246-BLACK I ELDORA IOWA WAY ' S i ! Soled Sesutice i ELDORA IOWA 5 s § i i i g i in .11 1.. . ■ i.i in •- « i i Anderson Drug Qood UealUt to all fyiam (letoall tifiiTn: ELDORA IOWA woodward ELDORA IOWA " .nr- Harrys ' Qroceri] PHONE 600 ELDORA IOWA G mlLy tf-GSwt State -Jnz —Jiaalna Poi.t or tns jaznz£.z " PHONE 208 ELDORA affB MUMLMJOTB! IOWA ■yunw m j m kj a, ' w way frrr OTDJD J- oxkxalt, CommEXciaL and c f£.iiaL ' Lpfiotogxah.nl) CongxatuLcitLons. J znlozs.! PHONE 611 ELDORA IOWA IDood Auto Co. PHONE 535 ELDORA IOWA ! mm mm 2 tc doa o¥a cLaa e PHONE 1 39 ELDORA IOWA h) ' A ' WW ' MJUMlSlimmMl HA Izexe Qualitu s.iani. uh.XEnzE ELDORA IOWA i •• ■. u is wmmjav ' s vs s r jju mmm i mmm PHONE 91 ELDORA IOWA ! m mmun JOHN STARR, proprietor : ! ! ELDORA i i IOWA r ' ' tfRRHHlH L. L. SCOTT, PiofixUtox ,M M srWir — ELDORA IOWA ELDORA IOWA GIgm. Motto. jDudd jo% dnaiactzi , J ok foi Jams QLsAl Calami jRiJl and nn ktz -- " Ikanki. to- £o £cVUo t jo Alt Walk ■IWSMM. DOSS .

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