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Eldora Consolidated High School - Eldorian Yearbook (Eldora, IA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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I I I edicatioi 3 In honorable tribute to Mr. Polley ' s 38 years of skilled, cooperative, and faithful engineering serv- ices; and in appreciative recognition of Mr. Pierce ' s twenty-four years of deligent labor we hereby ded- icate this annual to Mr. Charles Policy and to Mr. Howard Pierce Contents faculty Seniors Undercldssmen Activities Features Advertisement °r T Zduclt? emherS of the Bn , gratefm fo ; w f are de eply f ICSS they ha 6 ■ !- ! 21 organized 8 ?£ f ay h ve In achieve J? 10 ? sy steffl . ;P«t »uchVt he S - the h s f a f ti f ey the ;r ° tiaa al2 at E.!. -edit f 0r ° „ The school ° W ° f fi -e X rd Consists Ho son, Dr. „£ R yan, p. E S c - °- ' ' oo ; Ellsworth i. ' frs E v ■ LS Measurer. 5, ' vi » " ran. P ,„ ' - «.••: •SL.r- " - ■• ■■ • « SCfi 0OL BOARD ' •••rth, Dr. M. " • s ooobroofc, Mr «- 0e»„ Facttli F. K. Schmidt Superintendent, Agriculture and Com. Law. Anna B. Cape lien Principal, Psychology, Normal Traini ng, Gustav Wiesner Assistant Principal Mathematics. Agnes Ernwine Am. History, Latin Economics, Civics B. L. Woodcock Manual Training Asst. Track Coach Mary Yocun Typing, Shorthand Hi-Lites Milo Myers Instrumental Music Marian Trost Dramatics English, Speech K.L. Clatterbaugh Physics, Phys. Ed. Gen. Math. Gen. Science Mildred Luce Vooal Music Haldor Hove World History- English, Journalism Lucy Neaaham Home Economics V Blanche Mar quart Biol. Phys. Ed. Geog. Phys. Soc. Glen Livengood Bookkeeping Hazel Dawson Secy. Superintendent ANNUAL STAFF Top Row, B e tty Oldenburg, Arlah Mitchell, Mildred Mossnan, Arleene Mitchell, Arlene Up- ton, Lois Mi I ler. Second Roe, Virgil Reea, Patricia Pri», Loi» Whorrall, Betty Crippen, Jeanne Stewart, Mar- garet Vigara, Kenneth Schneider Third Row, Mr. Hove, Patricia Johnson, Joanne Ooan, Robert Soper, Gladys Ziesaan, Marion Schultz, Miss Trost, Mr. Woodcock. Botto» Row, Howard Cllnger»an, George eiie, Jr. Bill Tieti, John Starr, Mervon Babcock, John Yarwood. Editor-in-chief Bob Soper Make-up editors .... Margaret Vigars, John Yarwood Typists Lois Miller, Marion Schultz Arlah Mitchell, Patricia Prim Art Editors . . . .Patricia Johnson, George Weise,Jr« Business Manager. •••••«.... .Mervon Babcock Circulation .... Arleene Mitchell, Mildred Mossman Photographer. John Starr Photos • Arlene Upton Athletic Reporters . . . Betty Oldenburg, Virgil Rees Activities JoAnne Doan, Betty Crippen Advertising Bill Tietz, Lois rVhorrall Jokes Gladys Ziesman, Howard Clingerman Literary Editor Jeanne Stewart Senior Reporter Kenneth Schneider ClJTtf ? n MILES ALBRIGHT Track 3, Glee Club 2,?, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4, Seal I vocal group 4, Operotta 2, x ,k V. Pres. Soph. Clm. BETTY CRIPPEN Basketball 1,2,3,4, G.A.A. 2, J, l), Band ' Qiao Club 1,4, Oparetta and Concert 1,4, Declaaatory 3, Plays 2,3, Thespian Club 3, N.T. Club 4, Pres. N.T. Club 4, Hoae Rooa Officer l,3,H, Hi Lites 4, Annual 8taff 4, Intraaiurala 1,2,3. MERVON BABCOCK Football },k, Basketball 4, Track ,5,k. Band, 6lee Club, each, 1,2,3,4, Mixed Chorua 4, Operetta 1,2,3, " E " Club 2,3,4 Hose Boo Officer 4, Student Council 4, Annual Staff 4, Nat ' I Honor Society 4, Wrestling 1,2, Baseball 2, Senior Claaa Play. ELEANOR BALVANZ G.A.A. 2,4, N.T. Club 3, ». IIm Devi w !A ' no, Mlu 0.1,1 fall dent 2,r. Fir,, .... lab HESTER GREEN G.A.A. 2,4, Band 1,2,3, Orchestra 1,2,3, Woodeind quintette 3, Glee Club 2,3,4, Operetta 2,3,4, Plays I, Hoae Rooa Offi- cer 4, Hi Litea and Librarian each 3,4, Band Secretary 3 HOWARD CLIUGERMAN Baeketball 3, Track 2,3, Glee Club 1,3,4, Mixed Chorua 3,4, Operetta and Concert 1 5,4, Saall vocal group 3, Hoae Rooa Officer 3,4, Senior Claes Officer, Annusl Staff. I IRENE BALVANZ 6.A.A. 2,1;, N.T. Club 3,4. ROBERT COWELL Trick 3,4, Band l»2,?, J, 0rchestra2,3,4, Brass Sextet 2,3,4, Cornet Solo 3, 4, Glee Club l,?,3,4,Miwed Chorus 2,3,»», Operetta and Concert 1 ,2,3,4,PUye 2,3,«E« ' Club 4, Hose Roo» Officer 2, Hi -Li tea 2, Band Business and Property Manager I ,2,3,U, Senior Class Play. JOANNE DOAN Glee Club, Orchestra, Pitno Accompanist, Operetta, and Concert, each, I, T, 3, , Band, ? »?» u » p ' £ " ' ' ' ' Solo, 1, 3, 4, Bassoon Solo, 2, 3,4, Woodwind Quintette, 2,3,4, Woodwind Trio, 4, N.T. Club, 3,1;, N.T. Club Sec- reUry, 4, Thesplar Club, J, G.A.A. 2, O.A.R. Essay Contest Pinner,!, Plays, 2, Annual Staff, 4, Band Librarian, 4, Stu- dent Council, 4, Natl. Honor Sccioty, 2, 2 yr. Prescott Band Award, Senior Clue Play. CARL GOETZ Intradural 2,?. KENNETH HUFFMAN Glee Club 2,3,4, Mixed Chorus and Concert l,3»4, Plays I. PATRICIA JOHNSON Band, Clarinet Solo, Glee Club and Concert, each, I, 2, 3, 4, G Band, Orchestra, ' oodeind Quin 2,?,L;, Mixed Clarinet Cuartett wind Trio, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3» 2,3, Thespinn Club, 3, Nation Society, 4, Annual Staff, it, Ass net Teacher, Asst. Director, Prescott Band Award, Senior CI 4, Operetta , Operetta, .A. A. Pep tette,eaeh e,4, Wood- 4, Plays, a I Honor t. Clarl- 4 year ass Play. x: ORRIS JULIAN Football 2,3, ' 4,Basketbal I 1,3, Glee Club 1,2, Mixed Chorus 1,2, Operetta 1,2, " E» Club U, Hone Room Officer U. ANITA MAE HARY OOD Basketball, 1,2,3, G.A.A. It, Glee Club I, Hone Roan Officer U, Intramural 9, Kittenball, BAdmlnton, Volley Ball and Handball, 2,3,N. WALLACE JULIAN Football 2,3, Basketball l,Glee Club 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Operetta and Concert 3, It, " E " Club 3,l|, Intramurals 2,3- MARY JANE HARYJOOD Basketball l,2, », Manager 3, G.A.A. 2, it, Glee Club 2,3, t, Mixed Chorus 2,3, 4, Plays 1,2,3, Operetta and Concert I, 2,3, Intramurals, Kittenball. ARL tuiit U Dim litii Intra JAI die Play: LOIS KILLER Band, Violin and Oboe Solo, Piano Accom- panist, Glee Club, Operetta and Concert, each 1,2,3, , Orchestra, 1,2,3, Woodwind Quintette 2,3, Woodwind Trio, 4, Home Room Officer, 3,4, Hi Lites 4, Nat»l. Honor Society 4, Annual Staff 4, Ass ' t. Band Director 3» Band President, 3, Senior CI ass Play. THEODORE LIVENGOOD Football 4, Manager 1,2,3,4, " E " Club 4, Home Room Officer 2, Intramurals 2,3 HELEN CUMMIN GS G.A.A. 2,M, Declamatory t, N.T.Club l,k, tlhraritr l». WALTER MELTON Football 3,»», 8aeketbell 2,3, , Track I, Band 1,2, Glee Club l,£,3,b,Hix d Chorus 3, 1 " , Operetta and Concert l,2,3,b, Plays 2, " E " Club 3,1;, Hoae Rooie Officer 1,2, Baseball 2,3. ARLAH MITCHELL Basketball, l,2,3, u , G.A.A. 2,81 «e Club, 1,2, Operetta, 1,2, PUye, 1,2,5, He e Room Officer, 1,2, Class Officer, 3,M- Lltts, Annual Staff, k, Librarian, 2,?, f, Intrumuralo, 2,3, Senior Class Play. JAY MILLER Glee Club l,2,3» l !» Mixed Chorus 3, ), Plays 2,Home Room Officer 2, Hl-ytes 3. CARROLL MITCHELL Track 3, Band and Pep Band, each, l,?,3,U Brass Sextet 2,3, ' », Glee Club l,2,3,»», Mixed Chorus 2,3,»(, Operetta and Concert , » ' »3 l ' » Home Rooa President 4. ARLEENE MITCHELL Basketball, 1,2,3,1}, G.A.A.2, Glee Club, l Operetta and Concert, l,2,3,M, Home Rooa Officer, ;, Annual Staff, It, Librarian, J,l-. CLARENCE PRISKE Track 2, Band I, Glee Club I,?,?, 1 , Plays I, 2, Operetta I,?, Wrest I ing 2,lntramurals 1,2,5, Baaebal I 1,2. MILDRED MOSSMAN 6. A. A. 2, t, Plays 1,2,7, N.T. Club 5,4, Vica Pres. N.T. Club 4, Home Room Officer I ? ? 1 Annual Staff 4, Intranuml s. HAROLD MOORE Football 2, Basketball 2, Glee Club I, Dec I amatory I, Baseball 1,5. PATRICIA PRIMM Glee Club, Operetta and Concert, each, I, 2,5, It, 6.A.A. 2,5, Band, 5.4, Orchestra, l», Mixed Clarinet Quartet, 4, Pep Band,4, Piano Accompanftt,5,4, Declamatory, 2,5» 4, Plays, 2,5. Thespian Club, 3» Home Room Officer, 5»4, Class Officer,!, Hi Lites, 4, Annual Staff, 4, Librarian, 2, Clarinet Quartette, 4. MARION GCHULTZ Basketball 1,2, Manager l i, Cheer Leader 1,2, Glee Club 1,2,5.4, Mixed Chorus 4, Operetta and Concert l,2,5» Home Room Officer 4, Hi Lites 5»4, Annual Staff 4. ARTHUR OPGELL Glee Club 1,2,5,4, Mixed Chorus 1,2,5, Operetta and Concert l,2,5»4, " E " Club 5,4, Baseball 2,5. I BETTY OLDFMJURG Basketball 1,2,3, 4, G.A.A. •»2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3, Concert 1,2,3,4, Plsys I, Club 3, Student Council I, 1, 2,3, 4, Qui 1 1 and Scrol I of Qui I I and Scroll U, Nat I Annuel Staff k, D.A.R. Ess D.A.R. Citizenship Contest Senior Class Play, Preside DALLAS KAAB Football 4, Plays 2. 2, 3, Glee Club 4, Operetta and .2,3, Thespian 2,3,4,Hi-Utes 3, 4, President Honor Society ay Contest I, 4,lntramurals nt Glee ClubU. •V. ulri, !« ,», IK III II, t, ELIZABETH LAST G.A.A. 2,4, N.T. Club 3,4. KENNETH SCHNEIDER Football 1,2,3,4, Baaketbal I 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,4, Operetta and Concert 1,2,3,4, Tenor Solo 2,3, Small Vocal Group 4, Thespian Club 3, " E " Club 3,4, Home Room President 4, Sophomore Class President 2, Student Council 3,4, V. Pres. Student Counoil 4, Hi-Litos 3,4, Quill snd Scroll 4, Natl. Honor Society 3,4, Annual Staff 4, Sen- tor Class Play, Golf 1,2,3,4, Tennis. ROBERT SO PER Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 3,4, Golf 2,3,4, Manager 2, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Operetta and Con- cert 1,2,3,4, Tenor Solo 2, 3, 4, Small vo- cal Group 2,3,4, Plays I, " E " Club 2,3,4 Home Room Officer 4, Junior Class Pres- ident 3, Student Council Pres. 4, Hi- Lites 1,2,3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Natl. Honor Society 3,4, Annual Staff 4, Tennis I, Press Conference 2,3. WILMA VISMAN N.T. Club 3,4, Librarian 3. .£= VIRGIL REES Football 2,3,M, Track 3, Cheerleader 1,2 Glse Club l,2,3,M, Mixed Chorus l,2,5,S Operetta and Concert 1 ,2, 3, 4. PI ays »2,3 " E " Club 3, ' 4, Hoiae Room Officer, Vice President Seni sr Class, Pres. Freshman Class, Annual Staff M, President of Glee Club 3, Senior Class Play. EDITH HUFF Orchestra, 1,3, Glee Club 1,2,3, Operetta 2,3, Librarian I, 1 . JOHN STARR Glee Club 1,2,3, Band I. LOIS V. ' HORRALL Cheer Leader 2, Band 1,2, Orchestra I, Woodwind Quintet I, Piano Accompanist 3, Glee Club I, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus2, 3, Operetta 1,2,3, Declamatory 2,3,PI ys 2, Thespian Club 3, Hone Roost Officer 2,3, ' Class Officer 2, Annual Staff l», Librarian 4. MARGARET VIGARS G.A.A.2,W,Glee Club I ,2,3, ' 4,Mi ed Chorus 2, 3, Operetta and Concert I ,2,3, M, PI ays, 2,3, Hoxe Rooa Officer 2,3, »Nat«i Honor Society, Class Officer 2, Annua! Staff M Librarian 2,»4. ESTHER NICHOLS G.A.A. 2, Glee Club, 2,3r » Operetta 3, Hi Litis 3. I MET A BALVANZ G.A.A. 2,3, ' , Glee Club 2,3, 4, Operetta and Concert I »2,3» t » N.T. Club 3,1 . WILLIAM TIETZ Basketball l,S,3, , Manager 3, Band 1,2, },• , Orchestra 2,3, Pep Band 1,2,3, Glee Club l,2,3, , Mixed Chorus I ,2,3, , Oper- etta and Concert I ,2,3, 4, Snail Vocal Gr»up 3,l», Plays I, " E " Club l|, Vice President 1,3, Hi Lites 1,2,3, ' , Annual Staff I , Band President • , Druo Major 3, 1 , Wrestling I. •tJi ritti Willi .Ill y.ARJ OKIE MCDONALD G.A.A. 2, ' , Play 2, Ho»e Roo« Officer, 2 Librarian 3» ' » Orchestra I. GEORGE WIESE Jh. Football 3, ' 4, Basketball 3, Track 3, ' , Man- ager M, Band l,2,3, t »» Orchestra 3, 1 , Snail Inst. Group 2,k, Trumpet solo 2, Pep Band 3, 4, Glee Club 1 ,2,3, ■ , Operetta and Concert 1,2,3, ' , Home Room President 1 , Annual Stiff U, Band Property Mana- ger and Wrestling each, 2, Play U. i. LORRAINE THOMAS 6.A.A. 2,1 , Band 3, 1 , Glee Club 1, 2,3, ' , Operetta and Concert 2,3, , Declamatory, 3,1 , N.T. Club 3,1 , Hone Roo« Officer 3, Student Council U. JEANNE STEWART G.A.A. 2, Glee Club 2,3, Operetta and Concert 2, 3, ' , Plays 2, 3, Thespian Club 3, Hone Roo» Officer M, HI -Li tea 3,1 , Annual Staff . STANLEY Y. ' OGSN Football U, Track 5,4, Gl e Club l,3, t, Mixed Chorus I, " E " Club 4, Student Coun- cil U, Wrestling 1,2,3- ARLEEN UPTON G.A.A. 2,4, Glee Club I, Operetta I, Plays 3, N.T. Club 5,4, Hone Rooa Officer 1,5, Annual Staff 4, Librarian 3, Natl. Honor Society, Senior Class Play. JOHN YARV. ' OOD Track 5. Cheerleader 5,4, Glee Club 1,2, 5,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Operetta Concert and Declinatory each 1,2,3,4, Play 3, Annual Staff 4, Thespian Club 5 President Senior Class. GLADYS ZIESMAN Basketball 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3, Glee Club 1,2,4, Operetta 2, Plays 1,2,3, Thespian Club 3, Class Officer I, Hi Lites 5,4, Annual Staff 4, Librarian 3, Pep Club 3, Intramural s 1,2,3, Concert 4. LORRAINE GREEN Basketball 2, G.A.A. 2,4, Band I, Pep Band I, Hone Room Officer I, It, Hi Lites 4, Pep Club 3. SENIOR WHOSE PICTURE DID NOT APPEAR DEAN PRICE I I,- ' . Conttrt i s. t 3, H Club litiplin ii ),K Club !, Edward Clay Frances Adams Howard Fauerby Elma Babcock Gene Foster Bonnie Burgess Wade Hensley Doro thy Campbell Wayn 3 Huffman Jean Davidson Marv Ln Johns Jean Do an Bob Julian Minnie Doss Robert Kennedy Dorothy Dyer Dana Kolling Alice Emmert Carlton Marks Delpha Graham William Marske Hazel Hansen Leonard Mason Verona Hesse Herbert Moore Ethel Mae Idso Evard Mossman Wathena Jackson Lester Olson Julie Jensen Neil Pearce Wilma Johnson Thomas Price Katherine Kramer John Rapp Eathel Marlenee Maynard Re id Leona Price Donald Soli Marjorie Price Donald Y. ' ehman Mary Jane Prothcroe Russell Whitney Mary Risse Dale Y illig Shirley Roupe Kenneth Allbee Marjorie Schaa Robert Allen Beth Schlampp Raleigh King Bette Tietz Charles Mason Alyce Tordoff Mildred Vigars Lucille Walters Elaine Wehrman Lorraine Cowell Phyllis El sham Arlene Higgason Helen Saint Pearl Sword Juniors Whose Pictures Did Not Appear Helen Rolph Darlene Wilcox Isabel T ' acRae Bessie Zeltman 5? ■ ■ ' i SOPHOMORE CLASS Bick Row, Donald Spees, Harold Glbleon, Junior Hi Her, Roaaine French, Jiaaie Hauaer, Ar- tie Salth, Wayne Allen, Wayne Vieetan, Leslie Huff, Bob Freriohs, Rayaond Gibleon. Fourth Row, Bob Ziesaan, Arthur Balvanz, Wilbur Jackson, Ernest Ban, Max VanDerveer, Bob Schneider, Jaaes D av |s, Donald Roaine, Merle Kadolph, Ogal Sapp, Harold Laaasters. Third Row, Charles Price, Wayne Lepley, Joe Hubbard, George Peisen, Howell Boyd, Berdena Freerksen, Anna Luiken, Mildred Wehraan, Maris Guiles, Laura Balvanz, Clara Elzig. Second Row, Faye Willig, Charles Monroe, Keith VanPatter, Junior Albright, Bob Schmidt, Bob Wehraan, Viola Balvanz, Beatrice Upton, Arvella Priske, Frienda Vol I, Betty Rosine. First Row, Marie Daleske, Dorothy Vigairs, Verla VanPatter, Barbara Moser.Fern Olson, Mil- dred Northrup, Ruth Balvanz, Sherlotta s app, A r |«„e Saith, Bernice Last, Darlene Hutzel. CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1937 some 55 green freshmen entered Eldora ' s school of higher learning. We felt from the beginning that we were des- tined to carve the largest niche in minds of the overseers of this institution. With a bang we started out by being prominent in all activities. Our athletes showed the varsity how things should be done, our musicians were outstanding in band and glee club, and we were a great help in producing the school newspaper. From here we advanced to our second year in high school, winning even more laurels in the aforementioned events. Outstanding from the beginning, we intend to be the best remember- ed class to graduate from E.H.S. — — George Peisen FRESHMAN CLASS Sixth Row, Wayne Blankensh i p, Kenneth Bar2, Donald Bachwan, Junior Cockerha., Jay S.ith, Darwin Davis, John Robertson, Donald Olson, George Harks, Kenneth Laater, Darwin R epp. Fifth Row, Phyllis Schultz, Archie Forbes, John B a ker, Margaret MacRae,Ruth Saint, Betty Harlenee, Shirley Kadolph, Patty Kelley, Jean Schu.acher, e illie Lundy, Helen Yarwood, Neva Mae Nehring, Vernelle R ees. Fourth Row, Mr. Myers, Elizabeth Gray, Ellen Van Tiger, Patty " olcott, Ruth Barz, Eva Mae Teske, Geraldine Kewatt, Dorothy Raab, Joan Pagel, Mary Allen, Hazel R aab, Muriel Aaes, Har- ry Price. Third Row, Miss Capellen, Richard Zieleske, Bill Nowasell, Del war H aden, John food, Marion Upton, Gordon Vcher, Gerald Rutherford, Ora Adaais, Jack Balvanz, Dale " ay, Bob Jess. Second Row, Miss Yocun, Betty Kelley, Meta Fauerby, Lucille Wogen, Betty Riese, I vene Mo- Kay, Alice " aaon, Ella Warren, Doris Vinton, Lois May, Adeline Zieleske, Dorothy Freeze, Ja- queline Jones, Gerald Kewatt. First Row, Winifred Junker, Frankie Filbrandt, Carl Myers, Wendell Clark, Lowell Granzow, Carl Orgell, Junior Myers, Ivan Fpericks, Richard Elzig, Donald " yera. HISTORY Last fall a new crew embarked on the Freshman Ship and sailing over the eighth grade horizon found ourselves in strange, new waters known as the High School Sea. It was rough going until we got our course charted. Three years from now we will come to port. Until then we shall en- deavor to steer our course in the best channels letting the crew bring honor and fame to the school to which we pledged " For E.H.S. I Will. " —Elizabeth Gray GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Top Row, Coach Blanche M ar quart, M,ry Jane Harwood, Gladys Zlesaan, Verona Hesse, Doro- thy Dyer, Manager Marion Schultz. Middle Row, Arleene Mitchell, Betty Crippen, Betty Oldenburg, Barbara Moser.Arlsh Mitch- oil. Bottoa Row, Vernelle R ees, Elaa Babcock, athena Jackson. Coach Blanche Marquart stirred the girls ' basketball team to 8 victories out of 11 starts, 7 of which were home games. The second team defeated Reinbeck 30 to 28. The girls won their way through the finals of the Sectional Tournament but were defeated in the se- cond and third rounds of the dis- trict tournament at Wellsburg.Six seniors, all letter-winner s,gr ad- Eldora Opponents uate this year. 55 56 lows Fsils 51 26 Ha up ton l II Sheffield 2k 13 p ling tan 16 U6 Thoapson ' s 1»5 16 Reinbeck l»0 26 Acklay 27 55 l»wa Falls 30 19 Ackloy 30 28 Reinbeck 23 21 Owsss Sectional Tournaaent 58 29 51 50 29 19 9 20 19 Liberty Cons New Providence Conrad District Tournsaent 20 51 25 La Moills Walker Rcl Isburg (••I Il ' I SENIOR CLASS PLAY Top Row, Miss Trost, Joanne Doan, Patricia Johnson, Arlah Mitchell, Lois Miller, Arleene Mitchell. Middle Ron, Jay Miller, Howard Clingerman, Bill Tietz, George ffeise Jr. Walter Melton Lorraine Thoaas, Mildred Mossaan. Bottoa Row, Mervon Babcock, Virgil Rees, Kenneth Schneider, Betty Oldenburg, Arlene Up- ton, Robert Cowell, Orris Julian. Cast of " Smilin ' Through " .Virgil Rees John Carteret Young. .. ..Bob Cowell old., Dr. Owen Harding Young Orris Julian old Mervon Babcock Ellen Young Arlah Mitchell old Lois Miller Kathleen Dungannon Betty Oldenburg Willie Ainley Billy Tietz Kenneth Wayne .Kenneth Schneider Jeremiah Wayne .Howard Clingerman Moonyeen Claire Arlene Upton The Prologue Sarah Wayne Jo Anne Doan Mary Claire •• .Patricia Johnson Wedding Guests Mildred Mossman George Wiese Jr. Lorraine Thomas Jay Miller Arleene Mitchell Walter Melton NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Top Row, Robert Sopor, Margaret Vigars, Uorvon Bibcock. Middle Row, Elaine Wehraan, Patricia Johnson, Kenneth Schneider, Verona H e sse, Joanne Doan. Bottoa Row, Betty Oldenburg, Lois Miller, Arlene Upton, Beth chlawpp. QUILL AND SCROLL Top Row, Robert Soper, Mr. Hove, Miss Yocua, Kenneth Schneider, Donald Soli. Bottoa Row, Frances Adaas, Betty Oldenburg, Mary Risse, Verona Hesse, Beth Schlaapp. .Am zx c. m STUDENT COUNCIL Top Ron, Marvin Johns, George Piesen, St«nley togen, Hervon Babcock, Kenneth Schneider. Second Ro«, Robert Soper, Miss Capellen, Wilbur Jackson. 8ottom Ro«, Betty Oldenburg, Wathena Jackson, Lorraine Thosias, Elizabeth Ann Gray, Jo- anne Doan. Officers President Robert Soper Vice President Kenneth Schneider Secretary and Treasurer Betty Oldenburg The governing body of E. H. S., the Student Council, is made up of a representative from each organization in the school. The various committees include; the assembly department, which with the faculty, arranges programs and secures speakers for special occasions; the publicity committee which publicizes all high school events, social committee which arranges class parties, school dances, and other social gatherings, an athletic committee coop- erating with the high school athletic department. A com- mittee in charge of the lib- rary which arranges clean-up campaigns and librarian meet- ings; the citizenship commit- tee which supervises honor rolls. " Messages of Merit, " and the sending of cards to teachers and pupils, who are absent because of illness. " T air HI-LITES Top Row, Robert Schneider, Max VanDerveer, Bill Tietz, Kenneth Schneider, Junior Albright, Robert Soper, Miss Yocua. Second Ro , Jeanne Stewart, Mary Jane Protheroe. Third Row, Betty Crippen, Hester Green, Lucille falters, Delpha Grahaa, Alyce Tordoff, Hel- en Yarwood, Evelyn Soballe, Verne! I • Roes, Betty Risse. Fourth Row, Mr. Hove, Lorraine Green, Marjorie Schaa, Phyllis Elshaa, Patricia Priam, Lois Miller, Frances Adaas, Fern Olson, Beth Schlaapp, Julie Jensen, Dorothy Vigars. Fifth Row, Arlah Mitchell, Marion Schultz, Betty Oldenburg, Katherine Kraaer, Mary Risse, Gladys Ziesman, Dorothy Dyer, Verona Hesse, Betty Tietz, Elaine Wehraan, Mildred Vigars. Bottoa Row, Donald Soli, Howard Fauerby, Robert Kennedy, Carleton Marks, George Marks, Ora Adaas, John Wood, Marvin Johns, Robert Schaidt. The publication of HI-LITES was started six years ago by Miss Yo- cum. It has constantly gained popularity and is now considered an indispensable feature of E. H. S. The staff consists of forty-eight efficient members who have been successful in their aim to give us an outstanding School Paper. The staff, headed by the Editor-in-chief Bob Soper , is divided into three parts) the editorial, business, and Make-up departments. The work of all of these staff members is directed by the managing editor Verona Hesse and the Make-up editor, Gla- dys Ziesman. In 1939, HI-LITES won the ALL AMERICAN AWARD the only one in its class, which is awarded only to papers that are outstanding in all ways. GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB Top Row, Phyllis Elshan, Patricia Prim, Margaret Vigars, Meta Bal vanz,Mi I dred Vigars.Jean Doan, Miss Luce. Second Row, Accoapanist Joanne Ooan, Patricia Johnson, Mary Risse, Frances Adams, Helen Saint, Marion Schultz, Betty Oldenburg. Third Row, Mary Jane Protheroe, Bonnie Burgess, Elaine Wehraan, Ju I ie Jensen, Hester Green, Katherine Kroner, Beth Schlaapp. Bottom Row, Batte Tietz, Verona Hesse, P ' adys Ziesaan, Barbara Moser, Verla Van Patter, Fern Olson, Dorothy Vigars. The Girls ' Glee Club is composed of twenty-eifrht girls, under the leadership of Miss Mildred Luoe. They wor superior -ating at the Sub-district music contest, and excellent ratxiig at the district contest vdth their two selections, a folk song, " The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies, " and " The Prayer from Hansel and Gretel " by Humperdink. Weekly practices are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the fourth periode The sub-district music contest was held in El- dora on March 23 and 24. The district was held on April 13, 14, 15 at Eagle Grove. BOYS ' GLEE CLUB Back Row, Carleton Marks, Bob Kennedy, John Yarwood, Howard Clingeraan, Hi lea Albright, Leonard Mason, John Rapp, Arthur Oxgall, George Riese, Jay Miller. Second Row, Miss L u oe, 8 b Coaell, Walter Melton, Carroll Mitchell, Howell Boyd, Bill Tietz Kenneth Schneider, Virgil Rees, Bob Soper, Marvin Johns, " on oli, Ted Liveng ood. First Row, Evard Mossnan, Mervon Babcock, Bob Schsiidt, Bob Wehraan, Lois M|Mer accompanist, Junior Albright, Bob Schneider, ilbur Jackson, Jiaay Hauser. The Boys ' Glee Club is composed of twenty-eight members and is under the leadership of Miss Mildred Luce. They won superior rating at the sub-district and district music contests with their two numbers, " Sword of Ferrara " , and " Hail Bright Abode. " The sub-district was held at Eldora on March 23, 24. On April 13, 14, 15, the district contest was held at Eagle Grove. The boys will travel to the State Contest at Iowa City on May 5, to compete for a superior rating. This is the fourth consecutive year that the club has gone to compete in the State Contest at Iowa City, receiving a superior rating two out of the three times. This does not include this year ' s Compe- tition. CONCERT BAND Top Row, Frank Filbrant, Bob Jess, Lorraine Thoaas, Marvin Johns. 5th Row, Darlene Wilcox, Bernlce Creson, Floyd Hi laan, Csrrol I Mitchell, Howell Boyd, Leon- ard Mason, Darwin Rapp, John Rapp. »tth Row, Bob Cowell, Richard Zelieke, Ted Doss, Marjorie Dickson, Jia Hauser, Joanne Doan, Marjoriti Schaa, Jean Doan. 5rd Row, Elaine " ehraan, George Wiese, Darwin Davis, Junior Miller, Mildred Northrup, Mary Jean Allbee, Phyllis Elshasi, Mathew G reensweig, Gerald Rutherford, Lois Miller, Mr. Meyers (Band Director) 2nd Row, Dick Rubow, Evard Mosssisn, Kenney Lasier, Shirley Roupe, Patricia Johnson, Dorothy Dyer, ttaynard Re id. Bob Schaidt. 1st Row, Lois Larson, Helen Yarwood, Mary Ann »ood, Marjorie Herrald, Bill Tietz, Ver I a Van Patter, Patricia Prla, Keith Kleaae, Harry Marks, Dale Miller. Front Row, Don Spees, Arthur Bslvanz. During the year the members of the concert band have many opportuni- ties to broadcast from nearby towns. Some of these were, broadcasting over station K. F. J. B. at Marshalltown, and again from the Dairy Cattle Congress at Waterloo last fall. On May 15, the band will play at the Tall Corn Expo- sition for the third con- secutive year. At the sub-district music contest, held in Eldora on March 23 and 24 the band re- ceived first division. Dur- ing the district contest at Eagle Grove they received a second. I ft r MARCHING BAND Left Front Diagonally to Back, Elaine ehr»an, Evard Mosaaan, Bob Conell, Patricia Johnson, Helen Yareood, Dick Ruboa, Harjorie Schaa, Maynard Reid, Bob Schaidt, Richard Zielske, Frank Fjlbrant, Donald Spees, Dorothy Dyer, Dale Miller, Kenney Laser, Marvin Johns, Mary Jean All- bee, Art Balvanz, Shirley Roupe, Marjorle Herrald, George iese, John Repp, Carroll Mitchell, Marjorle Dickson, Patricia Prim, Harry Marks Jr., °ar»in Davis, °ar»in Rapp, Bernice Creson, Mathe Greeneeelg, Phyllis Elehaa, Keith Kleane, Ted Doss, Floyd Hillaan, Junior Miller, Ver- la Van Patter, Jin Hauser, Darlene Wilcox, Bob Jess, Betty Tietz, Howell B yd,Lorrai ne Thomas Barbara Moaer, Leonard Mason. Front Roa, Mr. Meyers, Beth Schlaapp, Billy Tletz. The marching band is composed of approximately 35 members. The num- ber varies from year to year and sometimes reaches 40. This included two baton twirlers, Beth Schlampp and Barbara Moser, and the drum ma- jor, Bill Tietz. The band was not entered in contest this year, but received second rating in a special contest for marching bands last spring at Eagle Grove. They were invited to the Register and Tribune Con- vention at Des Moines last summer, and marched in a two mile parade through the streets of Des Moines. They were asked to march at the Tallcorn Exposition last year and will go again this year on May 15» This group of musicians is under the instruction of Mr. Milo Myers. BOYS ' QUARTET Left to right, Kenneth Schneider, Robert Soper, Miles Albright, John Rapp ORCHESTRA Left to right, Front Row, Bonnie Burgess, Frances Adaas, Bernice Creson, Patricia Johnson, Patricia Priam, Evard Mosanan, Jean Doan, Robert Co ell, Elaine Hehraan. Left to right, Second Ro , Mary fhi te, Luci I le fogen, Buster MacCrae, Ruth Starns, Darlene Wilcox, Junior Miller, Leonard Mason, Joanne Doan, George Wiese, Jr. Standing, Left to right, Mr. Myers, Lorraine Thoaas, Frank Filbrandt, Arthur Balvanz. s I Left to right, GIRLS 1 SEXTET Bonnie Burgess, Frances Adaas, Bath Schlaapp, Batta Tiatz, Mildred Vigara, and Jaan Dean. MIXED CHORUS Top Row, Carroll Mitchell, Walter Melton, Mi lea Albright, Leonard Mason, John Rapp, Howard Clingeraan, Virgil Rees, Kenneth Schneider, Bill Tietz, Mervon Babcock. Second Row, Robert Wehraan, Marion Schultz, Betty Oldenburg, Margaret Vigara, Verona Hesse, Mary Risae, Mildred Vigara, Jean Doan, Lorraine Conell, Robert Cowell. Third Row, Mias Luce, Bette Tietz, Barbara Moser, Bonnie Burgess, Elaine Wehraan, Frances Adaas, Mary Jane Hamood, Patricia Johnson, Helen Saint, Beth Schlaapp, John Yarwood. Bottoa Row, Wilbur Jackson, Jay Miller, Robert Kennedy, Robert Schneider, Junior Albright, Donald Soli, Robert Soper. BRASS SEXTET Back Row, Jin Hauser, Marvin Johns, Carroll Mitchell, Leonard Mason. Front Row, Elaine Wehrnan, Robert Cowell. CLARINET QUARTET Patricia Priaa, Phyllis Elshan, Gerald Rutherford, Patricia Johnson NORMAL TRAINING CLUB Top Row, Helen Saint, Dorothy Campbell, Lorraine Thomas, Elinor Balvanz, Elizabeth Last, Mi I dred Mossrean Second Row, Betty Crtppen, Arlene Upton, Frances Adams, Joanne Ooao, Irene Bal vanz, Minnie OosSc Bottom Row, Helen Cummings, Meta Balvanz, Miss Capellen, Leona Price, " u ' »a Vieman, DECLAMATORY Left to right, Jackie Jones, John Yarwood, Ellen Van Tiger. JUNIOR PLAY CAST Back Row, Mildred Vigars, Evard Mossman, Lorraine Cowell, Elna Babcock, Miss Trost. Front Row, Don Soli, Kay Kramer, Marvin Johns, Frances Adams, Bob Kennedy, Elaine Wehraan. SOPHOMORE PLAY CAST Back Row, Bob Schneider, Mr. Hove, Fern Olson, Bob Wehrsian, Bob 2 i asaan. Front Row, Viola Balvanz, Marie Oaleske, Verla Van Patter, Dorothy Vigars, Mildred Northrop. SUB-DISTRICT SOLO CONTEST WINNERS Back Row, Bob Soper, Joanne Doan, John Rapp, Jean Doan, Patricia Johnson First Row, Barbara Moser, Frances Adams, Marvin Johns, Bonnie Burgess CHEER LEADERS John Yarwood, Fern Olson, Verla Van Patter, Evelyn Soballe, Dorothy Vigars, Don Soli. FOOTBALL Back Row, Coach CI atterbaugh, Max Van Derveer, Jay Smith, D- ' » Willig, Bob Soper, Mervon Babcoeli, Kenneth Schneider, Virgil fees, Orris Julian, Irvin Meyers, Junior Meyers, Bob Allen, Roy Peterson, George Wiese, Wilbur Jackson, Wayne B l ank«»nahi p, Biily Denning. Second Row, Joe Doud, Turk Van Derveer, (Mascot) Walt Melton, Winifred Junker, Maynard Reid, George Piesen, Ted Livengood, Dale May, Dallas Raab, Frank Fi]br» t, Wayne Huffman. First Row, Ton Price, Wallace Julian, Bob Julian, Howard Fauerby, Raleigh King, c arleton Marks, Eamet Fouts, Stan oger ,Bob W e tvrnan, Front, Buddy Jackson. The Eldora Tigers football team, under Coah Kenneth Clatterb-.ugh an- nexed second place in the Iowa Cedar League c onference by defeating T. C. High, Reinbeck and Traer, and losing to Ackley and Grundy Center. In the traditional senior, underclassmen gridiron battle, the Sen- iors were victorious by a score of 19-0 Eldora Opponents 7 13 Colo 15 20 Nevada 33 Iowa Fal 1 • IS Reinbeck 7 6 Teachers High 20 Aldtn 12 33 Grundy Center 6 7 Ackley 13 7 Traer TRACK Back Row, Charles Mason, Neil Pearce, Kenneth Huffman, Frat k Filbrant, Darwin Davis, Carroll Mitchell, Don Olson, Lester Olson, Faye WilMg, «i x Van Derveer. Third Row, Mr. Woodcock, Robert Kennedy, Carleton Marki ,G«ne Foster, Charles Price, Wini- fred Junker, Bob Cowell, Evard Mossnan, Coach CI atterbaugh. Second Row, Bill Marske, Kenneth Schneider, Walter Melton, Stan Wogen, Joseph Hubbard, George Marks, Kenneth Later, Junior Cockerhan, Howard Clingeraan. first R-«, Jay S ith, Bob Schneider, Darwin Rapp, Dale Willig, Donald Wehraan, Keith- Van- Patter, Mervon Babcock, absent. Coach Kenneth Clatterbaugh reports favorable prospects of a success- ful track team this year. Thirty- tv-o boys report for practice every evening after school. Schneider, Babcock, Cowell, Melton and Wogen will teave the team this year through graduation. Scheduled track events in- clude the track meet at Cedar Falls on April 26. The Train- ing School and Marshalltown competed with Eldora on April 27 at the Training School. The biggest event is the Drake Relays. The Eldora boys will be entered on Friday. c-M ent BOYS ' BASKETBALL Top Row, Coach Lawrence McDonald, Robert Wehrnan, Manager George Weise, Jr. Mervon Bab- cock, Coach Kenneth CI atterbaugh. Middle Row, Winifred Juncker, Kenneth Schneider, Walter Melton, Bill Msrske,Gene Foster. Bottom Row, Dale illig, Bill Tietz, Robert Soper. Coach Kenneth Clatterbaugh ' s basketball team placed 5th in the Iowa Cedar League conference by winning 3 leagu° o mes and losing 5. In the first round of the sectional tournament, Eldora after winning over Ackley twice in the regular playing season, was defeated 24 to 23 in a thrilling battle. Eldora Opponents 10 26 Iowa Fal la 56 15 Sheffield lit 56 Traer 2U 22 Teacher High 6 21 Reinbeek 27 17 Ackley IB 56 Iowa Fal la 18 uo Traer 29 18 Ackley 2U 27 Cedar Falls m 51 Reinbeek Sectl onal Tournament 25 21. Ackley mm mWr Mm ■■■■ V " WBF " v- ' - •■■■■■■ m AmmmM u Mwmmll " E CLUB Top Row, Coach K. Cl atterbaugh, Robert Cowel), Russell Whitney, Car! Meyers, Waitece Jul- ian, Virgil Rees, Dale Willig, Robert Juliana Middle Row, Howard Fauerby, Mervon Babcock, Raleigh King, Gene Foster Walter Melton, Theodore Livengood, Bill Marske, Robert Scper. Botton Row, Kenneth Schneider, Carleton Marks, Stanley Wagen, Pobert Wehrmar., Donald Oiser. Bill Tietz, Donald Soli, Orris Julian. u. H.. A Top Row, Lucille Walters, Lorraine Thomas, Marjorie Schaa, Jean Davidsor, Lois May, Ft la Warren, Phyllis Schultz, Wilma Johnson, Alyce Tordoff, Mary Allen, Joan Pagel, Arler.e Up- ton, Geratdine Kewatt. Middle Row, Marie Guiles, Meta Fauerby, Helen Yarwood,Eve lyn Soballe, Betty Kelley, Lor- raine Cowell, Phyllis Elshan, Meta Balvanz, Wathena Jackson, 8ette Tietz, Mary Jane Prjth- eroe, Laura Balvanz, Fva Mae Teske. Botton Row, Mary Jane Harnood, Patty Kelley, Jacqueline Jones, Vernelle Rees, Ver a Van- Patter, Marjorie Price, Katherine Kramer, Elaine Wehraian, Beth Schlampp, Dorothy Vigars, Fern Olson, Patricia Johnson, Anna Mae Harwood. v » % - ' jr air m% m ' . Me, Myself and I Mascot for a day 8. JO Bus Chi Id Labor Wiggle Waggle Majestic Annie Over Concentrat ion Headless Ghost Coae and get It Mot Oscar Waldorf High, wide And Handsoae Enthusi astic Phena Stag Line Styles Zeke Working (?) n fl I y i P — - m r Comfortable c. H. S. Merv at the lithe Spring is here And ho are you, Ktnney? Rook 6 — Music Contest Recess Nat 1 I (inner ' 38 Easy Everyday Uvin 9 Never grow up Do you aee hi», Loia? Ragtime at Halftiaa. Claaa in Sol id Geometry. Focusing on the kO yd. I ine Teachers off-guard Drinking out of a bottle Posing A fair lady sews A fine seais Hit the nigger Co-Captains ' 39-40 He i I , He i I , . ' . tarr ' s there Carrol I Concentrates Take your High-bal I graceful Sunset and Evening Bel I an M umd Graceful F««t Eve I yn Sling looked down upon Domestic Seen Luc goaa to achool ■inter scene in the Spring Harold Scrapes 3 sets of sisters Good Ole Sunaertiaie 19 Firata Not a J«» Session Face the camera Hester. 3e kind to an! ma I s Oldenburg Olson, flat on hit back. Daad Weight Four Horseaien Jack ie — whose clothes? Lay ' ea low Bare feetJ Now Pupl is wasn ' t a fast nan Hold that nan On a hill far sway Freddie Coach ' s Hone Room Pose No. I?5 L 9tM Bert Pet P. Z«k« Stan Bette a Bill MB Betty Loie H. Merv Mery Annie Mitch Hester Mitch 4 Mitch ■; ' J % fys o 7 . " vf. ' Ak 45 ) ff 5 r i 5 O ' ' - -! o „ ° ? „ " A , cy c 0 ■ ■ kT ?i o. C o., o7 s v ' i -ft- x ' j 3 v a v. « ■ O A ° y y X V , i; , ■ -Of- 0 fc q, c? v J i J -: o o o 5 , % -A- - 7 :%a. o 4v , , 7 0 C cj - % C 0 v J o , v {TOJ % X ) P : .v 6 Cv - iv «2$ ■ a« ' SS cJ Coming Attraction, £ Cj° T o t T 24 -High School ai 1 e l V cv °4» V 6 " e N Junior High faculty meeting f £ ?€ Apin2 ™ i01 High one-a A S Tol ol »««eeord atV B 5 pril 29— G. A. A. play day. - c£»y 4-5-6— State Music Fest , - - c» e Iowa City. Yll8t l ' W- c ' CV Vf . — Iowa-Cedar Leagi N V t. tft-teP " 1 - National Honor Sociel , Utv «d 9 e ° Y; . X ' 0 • o. ? - e N ational Honor Sociel S S ct f » ™ et - ith Ce . A V f ;. V% « wn and Menelay w.sS%®e:- ' o ' V • ' a o ot i. atf : s c et» ' aen ° Sitet w-SK tx vP tiQ vote „ v°- ve s S 1 XS t vC». a, lltown. % or-S e n i o r bar at Tall Cor town. t at Ceda , ' bit. Have You Heard? M wJML - Ir ?»!« what v5 c t - $c f 1 i 6 V V vocsmilir o v6. v ■ . •aN %of V -co inv t =. , es - the seniors all f 1 v xiP aN " ■. gc S. A0 - ne. Miss Neasham, and Mr f j V 1Te ki ?,f hard with the ( e £j 2SSP ' ' --«Qafl mEnters Trx-Mee A i Marshalltown and Eldora Meet Training School Tomorrow squad of twelve or «j len Will represent Elc Xool in the trlaoguln " nuiis: Mary I e e B ; X Is Aa " c tU wi° v U T ' » ep rshalltown anc wn. Alice v . " . Jean S A fcv, ' ulie 1 ' in Mary P 6 Lois Miller jean Stewart PROMINENT PERSONALITIES These six seniors were voted by their classmates as the most popular students in the Senior Class Bob Soper Kenny Halt Melton WE FINISH TO BEGIN CLASS COLORS CRIMSON and GOLD CLASS FL President John Yarwood WHITE TEA ROSE OFFICERS Vice-President Virgil Reea Secretary- Treasure Howard Clingerman dss toei FIRST CHAPTER And now, we ' ve turned twelve well worn leaves, Each filled with joys, and frowns, and tears: And Fate, the everlasting, sees ?.hat waits for us beyond these years. Fe come across a memory page, And here ' s one quite without a line; Our friends, portrayed, will last an age- Some space has been erased by Time. As each page ends, some lines are left, For footnotes sever right and wrong: Eut most of us too often guessed — To reason would have been too long. The book is not completed yet: We close this chapter, swiftly done, The ink is new, the pen is wet — V, ' e haven ' t finished — just begun. — Patricia Primm No Tax? The Dance ELDORIAN GOES TO A DANCE On Friday March 21, the second high school dance, sponsored by the Student Council, was held in the high school gymnasium. This is a new form of recreation being tried in high school this year, and it is proving to be very successful. Control Room Intermission Stag Line enior Stdt ic The Seniors Their Nicknames- Irene Balvanz (Lean) Squirming and Talkative People Teaching Virgil Rees (Virg) Girls " mho talk too much Aviation Jeanne Stewart (Flash) Boys who talk about fighting Beautician or Model Orris Julian (Joe) Screwy Dames and Fickle Girls Aviation Marjorie McDonald (Margie) Essays Clerk in a store Mary Jane Harwood (Skeeder) Popping Gum Radio John Starr (Skip) Bright red finger nail polish Press Photographer Betty Crippen (Crip) Old Jokes First Woman President Stanley Wogen (Stan) Stuck-up Women Horse Doctor (Vet) Marion Schultz (MB) Bearers of false tales Secretarial Work Mervon Babcock (Cork) People who talk out of turn Dairy Farming Esther Nichols (Toby) People who can ' t make up their minds Artist (Drawing) ■Pet Peeves- - Ambitions Theodore Livengood Talkative People Florist (Ted) Lorraine Thomas (Tommy) Boys who throw slams Teaching or Nursing Walter Melton Highbrows Coaching (Walt) Meta Balvanz (Cleo) Show off s and conceited people Costume Designer Kenneth Schneider Pessimism To Travel (Webster) Dean Price Adolescents with Superiority Complexes Mechanic Arleene Mitchell Poetry Beauty Culture (Mitch) Lois Whorrall (Berve) Ben Hur Perfume Deep Sea Diver Elizabeth Last Opera Singing Teaching (Lizzy) Arthur Orgell (Art) Waiting on people who can ' t read Major League ball player Gladys Zieeman (Zeke) Show off ' s and braggers Secretarial Work Kenneth Huffman (Ken) Show off ' s and too much Teasing Business executive or Magician Lois Miller (Speed) Missing a much talked about movie Concert Violinist, Symphony Director Wallace Julian Screwy Dames Aviation (Wally) Patricia Primm (Pat) Egotists Medicine Howard Clingerman (Bud) Show off ' s Run and own a poultry farm Arleen Upton (Duchess) Grouchy People Special field in Home Ec. Bob C owe 11 (Shadow) Musical eaters and goops Aviation Patricia Johnson (Patty) Yodeling English teacher in a college Carl Goetz (Chuck) Stuck-up people First Class Farmer Wilma Vieman Filing Nails Teaching (Billie) John Yarwood (Joy) Egotism A recognized accountant Margaret Vigars (Peg) Distrustful People Something in Home Ec. Field Dallas Raab (Dally) Stuck-up Women Dirt Track Driver Lorraine Green (Larry) Fingernails on a Blackboard Beauty Culture William Tietz (Bill) Salt-pepper-sugar mixeruppers Medicine Carroll Mit shell (Mitch) Show off ' s Engineering Elizabeth Oldenburg (Betty) Being disappointed Operate a Health Resort Arlah Mitchell (Mitchy) Fingernails on a Blackboard Beauty Culture Helen Cummings Fingernails on a Blackboard Psychologist Harold Moore (Shorty) Jitterbugs Business Man Anna Mae Harwood (Annie) Jitterbugs Nursing Hester Green (Hessie) Insincere People Designer or Beauty Operator Mildred Mossman (Mid) Unfriendly People Teaching Miles Albright Stuck-up Women Farmer Edith Huff Oysters Nursing Robert Soper (Joe) Procrastinators Ambassador Elinor Balvanz Inquisitive Bus Drivers Teaching Clarence Priske (Mike) Screwy Women Veterinarian Joanne Doan (jody) Barn Dance Frolic Program College Music Teacher, Symphony Member George Weise Jr. (Romeo) Show off ' s and smart alecks A ut jrapK E you h For A D Y E The etaff of the 1939 ELOORIAK are gltd to be able to present whit they consider one of the outstanding yearbooks in the history of the school. This book has cost double the amount which the stu- dent body has paid for its publication. The other fifty percent of the total oost is wade up by the concerns which carry advertising on the following pages. They are interested our high school, they are interested in you. The least you can do is to give then full consideration ir your buying. Show your appreciation of this 1939 EtDORIAN, by trading with the firsts that stake It possible. They are worthy of your patron- age, for they are truly your friends. LfRRHFimS Department Stores Bob A. " What ' s that bump you have on your fore- head? " Russell W. " That ' s where a thought struck me. " Select Your Gifts Here YE GYFTE SHOPPE Photos by R. V. ADAMS STUDIO Graduation Pictures CITY MEAT MARKET C. J. Wartchow - Prope Phone 7 Wally J. " Say,what ' s the idea of wearing my rain coat? " Bob J " You wouldn ' t want your suit to get wet. " SCHUMACHER GROCERY Monarch Finer Foods Phone 12 LYNN ELECTRIC SHOP ELECTRIC SUPPLIES For The Modern Home COMMUNITY HATCHERY 1441 - Washington St. Phone 600 R. M. Harrison Co. 5 - 10 to $1.00 Store The REXALL Drug Store GOOD SERVICE Dr. Norman Kunath OPTOMETRIST Eldora, Iowa Fine Eye Care I JACKSON ' S Jack Sprat Food-Store MARK ' S DRUG CO. ALWAYS THE BEST Ladies Accessories ALMIRA PHILLIPS SHOP Always Something New MARQUIERITES BEAUTY Complete Beauty Service Phone 185 Kay K. " You ' ll never get rich talking to yourself. " Marj P. " Eddie Bergen did. " HARDIN COUNTY INDEX Smith ' s Variety Gifts For All Occasions Fred Edgar Jewelry, Typewriters Music, Instruments Foodland of Eldora Bate son Building T. r ehrman and Andrle Furniture Store D-X Service Station Kenneth Cable Mgr. Phone 365 Modern Fashion Shop Latest Styles Blankenship Auto Parts Depot Citizens Savings Bank Lovell-Denniston Lumber Company Headquarters for Manual Training Lumber Pasteurized Milk and Cream Fagg ' s Dairy Outstanding Traits Most Friendly — George eiae Jr. Worst Case of Spring Fevei Stan Wogen Loudest Laugh Art Org II Best Boy Dancer Orris Julian Best Boy All-around Athlete Kenneth Schneider Phillips Service Station Davis Bur dwell Mgr. S B Shoes and Hosiery D E IN T I S T S 1 A. W. Adams Phone 634 Esther Nichols Biggest Bluff John Ysrwood Most Handsona Lad Walt Melton Best Doodler Jeanne Stewart Candid Cameraman John Starr Bob J. " Who is that man over there snapping his fingers? " Virg R. " That ' s a deaf- mute with the hiccups. " Dr. E. W. Burke Phone 104 Anna Mae Harwood Most Argumentative Bob Cowe 1 1 Busy Bee Tull Probasco Hardware De Baggio ' s Busy Bee Cafe Fountain Service Jr. F. H. Herrald Phone 119 Black Ideal Laundry Phone 142 Clothing Furnishings Shoes St. Clair Leuthold Eldora, Iowa Dr. J. W. Schlampp Phone 616 Fidelity Abstract Title Co. Theo. Swasand C. 0. Rubow Moser Lumber Co. Phone 137 Dr. H. V ! . Stonebrool Phone 585 Henry Jans sen John Deere Implements Auto Finance Co. Eldora Iowa Bowling Alley Bowl for your Health J. B. Smith Mgr. Dr. Steckler Osteopath Phone 560 Hardin County National Bank Owl Cafe Cigarettes - Meals Brown Mitchell Dry Cleaning We Call for Deliver 50 years Geo. Potgeter 1889 - 1939 A P Food Store Fruits Vegetables People ' s Store Men ' s Clothing Shoes for the family We sell for less because it costs us less to sell Those Noted For Chewing Gum — Miss Trost Reciting— — Pat Johnson Wade Hensely -Quietness-Maynard Reid Staying home— B. Julian Six feet two — W. Julian Raven hair— Gene Foster Dorothy Freeze Tardiness— —J. P. Starr Way Chev. Co. Sales Service Phone 74 Eldora Grain Co. Seeds, Grain, Coal, etc Phone 22 Greensweig Clothing Co. Stewart Son Standard Station Atlas Tires Batteries Gas Oil Stauffer Van Avery Hardware D O C T O R S Dr. R. E. Gray The Eldora Herald-Ledger Eldora Creamery Manufacturers of Soballe ' s Ice Cream Cottage Cheese Butter Dr. W. H. Van Tiger " I never bluff about my goods, " said the um- berella dealer. " I al- ways put up or shut up. ; Congratulations Seniors Winchester Hotel Coffee Shop Dr. J. R. Winnett Watch the Fords go by Wood Auto Co. South Side Marathon Harold Dettbarn Mgr. Dr. D. M. Nyquist Dr. R. Griff el Veterinarian Phone 443 Retail Fresh and Cured Meats Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Eldora Cold Storage ' Police " Wh at 1 s the trou- ble, sonny? " John S. " Please, sir have you seen a lady without a little boy who looks like me? " Lynk ' s Jack Sprat Food Store Phone 436 V. H. Vilmont Furniture Floor Coverings Latest Hair Styles Scurry ' s Beauty Parlor Phone 225 Dr. Soli, Chiropractor Natural, Drug less Methods Office at Residence Phone 72 Central States Electric Company Congratulations To the Class of 1939 Hunt Oil Co. A Feed For Every Feeding Purposes International Supply Phone 68 Eldora Bakery Best of Baked Goods Eldora Motor Company Phone 69 Farmers Cooperative Creamery Lawrence Weisner Mgr Elva ' s Cafe Meals Short Orders Outstanding Traits Host Chsracter ist ie F irmei Miles Albright Sweetest Dieposition Ml Idred Mossnsn Best Girl Athlete—- Betty Oldenburg Bluest B e «rd M e rvon Bibcock Reddest Hiii Ted Livengood Good Footbill Physique Virg Rees Contributed Congratulations to The Graduating Class New Grand Theatre Mgr. Leo F. Wolcott We Will Appreciate You as our Customer Duncan Sherbon Barter Shop Courtesy of Johnston Oil Co. Bill Johnston Hester G. " I want a dress to wear around the house. " Clerk " How big is your house? " King ' s Sinclair Service Station R. W. King Mgr. ELDORA ATTORNEYS Planographed by WATERLOO ENGRAVING SEBVICE COMPANY, Waterloo, Iowa.

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