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. I 1 , N ,Q 1 1 W 1 7 Q, Jw xy . xi if up 1-'xx .- Xa P- ,IN fm? Q , N35 LQ NJN? by px? Mak I X XJ Ny , ' ' F' I X. Lb BJ qlJ XX X J YQ N U ri? Q MF fp P Qvwx . x X - L1 , f--N Y' V , ,J X ,U X J I ,N KJ .A X ,, .Q X xv X jXUw'5XP35vbJ3if JPL R F gf! X . 1 ,V AK Na, Qi 6 , A W Q L32-lysblxkll ' x xr L' V ,V f A tv if CNLUU QQ, HN? gksgkxl 4 MN MQWWTZQQ WMM df my Nw? WS N 46 W s e.0.J1',?L!!'x'f W ,- WWW ' W W ww 'ff fffjwf X fWZ5fVV fjw' iyxifwxg if 2 .1 L fi! 5 yiwiwy, is wwf? t bf 2 WJ A gqlwfw iw? M V W J fvvejjl A ,fxfpf M frm ,Jl Sywkbd ,WSW ,JH5.H5f'J ,' NQJZSFE wifi! WM ,ww W,-42 W if f MM ww I Jw! Wg a'Jf4j . fm iifxfwg 353 W si HM Jfisigiffi If . , 3 1: .3 Q U A ' ' is wb 5 9 if A 4 N +1 4 3 73 Q31 Jw Xi Q gf? 17 kong? QA 4 ,P'.n,n 43? -nag Q? , QV? phd, yo 'D . 9 WT' If af? 06 x 94129 Th, 91, Eg N99 xjgmii? 83 5w jw,W W W :Q C if W ?ff: g wwifff wVf Of3 MHfWWj Wb my M 010' K , W Q W iii? OC ,MQ ,W J ,Q Hy K L V ffiifj 229: dad jf A. 'fb 7 051 ARMSTRONG SCHOOL DISTRICT Elderlon High School The Senior Class of T968 Presenfs EL-Hl-AN TABLE of CONTENTS: Faculty and Aclminisfralion Seniors Underclassmen Acfivifies Music Sporfs In Memoriam DONALD CRAVENER BORN: September 6, 1953 DEATH: August 29, 1967 2 I A DEDICATION TO OUR PARENTS For They Dedicated Their Lives To Us The years have come and changed us, but somehow they never touched you. They never touched the life which you give so freely - - a constant dedicated life. And they never touched your hopes for us - - your high and wonderful hopes. Yes, the years cannot change you because you are immortal, immortal in our hearts. 4 Behind the scenes in our school one finds the hard-working secretary. This unsung hero of accounts and files is a major asset of the school. Without her nobody would know which files are which and whose funds are wlio's. Every club and class would falter without her treasureris reports. Even the administration would be lost in a mountain of paper- work. Yes, the secretary is an asset, an indispensable one. Mrs. Crownover is just such an example of this indispensability. With pride and respect for her and an appreciation ol' her secretarial qualities, we, the class of 1968, dedicate this yearbook. DEDICATION MRS. CROWNOVER With Proficiency .ext .,.,.-v' I I 67 To the fruits of the earth do not move obviously require labor and cultivation to prepare them for our tence, than our faculties tion and regulation in us to become upright and bers of society, useful to py ourselves. .WH-, 4-A . , ' ' 'ik . V. 'H 1 'lS':,L'-! -IF' .XF 4 kjssg. , 1. ."lf 1' 1 . lfs.,.,.1,3gk .tt H 'Il rapt . 'i Mr. C. Nicely Hanner Superintendent ARMSTRONG SCHOOL DISTRICT ADMINISTRATORS Armstrong School District Administration SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE Your time as a student of the public school system has drawn to a close. Some of you will continue your formal education for a few more short years. As a stu- dent, you have received the benefits of a free society. As you assume your place in the adult world, you will be called upon many times to help make decisions concerning the educational welfare of future genera- tions. We are living in a world of rapid change. We are told that we are educating children to assume jobs that do not yet exist. This makes your task of planning for the future very difficult. Do not hesitate to plan for change-whatever position in life you may choose. C. N. Harmer, Superintendent Armstrong School District i 3 w""'x, ROW 1, SEATED: Leonard L. Holt, Dr. Schumaker, Wade C. Hall, James S. Porter. ROW 2, STANDING: Valen- tine G. Zcllcrs, Richard E. Moffitt, Leroy Smith, John H. McCoy. ARMSTRONG SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD MEMBERS L- 'S ROW 1: W. Morgan, Mrs. Frank McNutt, A. Bauer, D. Minteer. ROW 2: E. White, R. Shaffer, J. Sherbume, J. Russo, J. McClainc. Elderfon High School Administration Ze 'Hip ' Mr. Beitsch I congratulate this senior class for its many accomplishments in all areas of the curricu- lum. By many excellent examples you have taught your underclassmen, and you will continue after graduation, to make Elderton High School a happy place to teach and learn. Example is not the best way to teach: it is the only way. You can exemplify your- selves honestly and consistently only as what- ever human being you are. F'- in - W in -J-' n Mrs. Mabon Mr Stewart Miss Dohmen Miss Zahradnik Eg Elderfon High School Foculfy l"'f"4 i Mr. Brumbaugh nr-, ' w rw ' '- ' Y. -Q .gn f . . ig!! I xii? , Nd ' Y F V fy .gf I W '15 FTW? f ' " Y Mrs. Denbblg A Mr. Brown on M,-S. Degio ML wilson A '- ,,, ,NK JW Q IA? L I MV ' s,,1"L lxxl Lf I M 1 2 S1 Y Mr. Sasala Mr. Quinn ff' - .,.n L i l "' ' ? M ' , V ' 5" 1,2 MK , ' 4 n "- n ' K 1 ' uf 2 - Z Q: 9' -. A Mrs. Clepper Mrs. Smith 'Mrs. Leisenring MI- Kaufman 9 m w T W ' R dy 7 A Mr. Peden Mrs. Ray Mr Rupert Miss Tootell Elderfon High School Foculfy Mrs. Kipp Mr. Longwell Mrs. Ensley MIS C0lgHIl Mr Shaffer Mr. Kerr Mrs. Frazier Mr. Stevenson 10 Mrs. Fulton Mr. Deemer Mr. Torrance ,gm 54 32' ,ga 5 2 Gm " 1 xg t eh u NF, fi x .r ,zz giwf hi EV' JY M ,........:. VV as h .,' :,: .., ..,... F W 5 ., ' , :Is ,' 1 g gf ,ss , 3 STUDENT TEACHERS V-'fYf f. H E f V K . , I, In E v I Z? f - - A C T NL., Wliv Y 4'.: .nh WP nv VV me-Z A ',g ,T -lg", K . 2 f QQ-339 Mi - "?i'?f".1 , ' A S '+b,?3if-Lag. u wlzfjlt .FLBQQX Mrs. Bezilla Mr. Sgarlata Mr, Lambert Q7 ' 1 png X . 1 - W L. Mr. McConville Mr. Dubois Mr. Young OUR HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARY Mrs. Crownover 1 2 MAINTENANCE 8. PROTECTION Kough Mr. Kimmel - Mr. Schecengost Mr. Miller ' 1 BUS DRIVERS 1 ,1-q.g j,:z-4r.y- ----- , wg A j-f I X Eg., Z , m W, .Q VHJ : , .yl ild-5,,. , : - A ' uni 4- .. A K iv! Il.:-5 .mf Tgheiafg? , wg f --mug,-nv-4 .., -Z """ --w-mv-.flfvfcgv . 1--1. 'K-bf' -f- b ."" . 1,0 121-5 Z "f' 1 ' -,A-'1 '11-tr' '7'q'.'Wl'. '5.,gH..-wg?" l . -A up Vu.- W, -Q "a --- '--3'?lv --5 ' W., "" .'!P',. ' nn. Y ' r v A 1 4 1 -.. an J, W .I i, . . ,, J' t, , ,...'.gg ... - ,Ht-ggi 1 Jr sv 'M '-- 4' 1.41 1 '.,1'-'l ,2':i. :igfal-A 1 f ,,, Mr. and Miss Se "'-' '55 . ' 1 . wg I U vs x 'H 1.. 8 x f- A P 4 4 4 f P, 'ki W , A il 'ri 1 f L I ' I I x Q. f .X V' ' 1 ' L "Qu' -9.4 .' Queen 4:17 C. 'inf' K 56" ' . if 7 z Y' 8 I 4 r I i WIS Class Motto Ask not what your class can do for youg ask what you can do for your class. S E N I and S S E P N O I N O S R O R Room 16 Mr. Stevenson O R Junior Class Play "A Pennant for the Kremlin" Senior Class Play: "Thunder on Sycamore Street" LEFT TO RIGHT: President-Alfred Kimmelg Treasurer- Janicc Brumbaughq Vice President-Bernard Kapling Secre- tary --Linda Scrips Miss Zahradnik E Room 18 I I I s s I E P I N O 1 l N 0 S R O R 17 Class Colors: Navy blue and white CIass:Flower: Ageratum -"Blue Blazer" O F F I C E R S Junior PIQEIIENN "Castle di Golden Dreams" Senior Prorii: Japanese' Gardens A Mgarlene Ant, 9 Louise B, I what 446, at 395 -rp. . ug ll Q , inf "Lynn" General Activities: F.H.A., Pep Club, Art Club, Yearbook Staff, and F.H.A. President in Junior year. Friends: Von, Sandy, Mary, Betty, and everyone. Hobbies: Listening to records and going to races at Marion Center. Favorite Subject: Art and Home Ee. Favorite Foods: French fries, coke, hoagies, and straw- berry sundaes. Pet Peeve: People who lie about other people. Hair: Light Black. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: December 24, 1950. Future Plans: Get a job, and later marriage. in-40 "Mary" General Activities: Art Club, F.H.A., and Yearbook Staff. Friends: Sandy U., Janice, Nancy, Linda D., Bonnie, Linda, Sandy, and anyone who wants to be. Hobbies: Sewing, Favorite Subjects: Home Ec. Favorite Foods: Hamburgers, french fries, and pizza. Favorite Expression: "You better believe it." Pet Peeve: People who brag about themselves. Hair: Dark Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: August 5, 1950. Future Plans: Nursing. john X3 Y B ef 4900 . doo fi J I 'uf' , -cur' "Stush" Academic Activities: Basketball, Baseball, Band Drum Major, Varsity club. Friends: Peggy, Chuck, Bern, Rich, Al, and just about everyone else. Hobbies: Girls, sports, playing my guitar, and just goofing off. Favorite Subjects: Physics, Trig., and English. Favorite Foods: Steak, french fries, and milkshakes. Favorite Expression: ul have to go home now." Pet Peeve: People who think they know it all, Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday May 17, 1950. Future Plans: College, Business administration. tren . -1 3 e Blefe .963 Ex een B tl Y' ...pai fi! 'LBiersie" Academic Activities: Art Club, Girls' Basketball, Yearbook Staff, Pep Club, French Club, and Bobcatanna. Friends: Sandy J., Vicki, Georgie, Molly, Janet, Patty, Linda B., Carol, Alfie, Bern, and anyone who wants to be my friend. Hobbies: Horseback rid- ing, going to the drags, reading and washing cars. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Foods: Anything edible. Favorite Expression: "Sorry about that gang!" Pet Peeve: People who run Chevys down. Hair: Reddish Blonde. Eyes: Light Green. i ' n i -il "Bittinger" Secretarial Activities: Sr. Tri-H-Y Treasurer, Art Club. Friends: LaRue, Linda, Gail, Nancy, Janice, Judy, Pam, and everyone else. Hobbies: Listening to radio, watching TV, Sewing. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping and typing. Favorite Foods: Almost anything. Pet Peeve: People who think and act like they are better than others. l-lair: Brown. Eyes: Hazel. Birthday: Sept. 9, 1950. Future Plans: Get a good job. 63 or 1 "Bothell" Secretarial Activities: Band, Sr. Tri-H-Y, Art Club, Dramatics Club. Friends: Gail, LaRue, Linda B., Shirley, Nancy, Vicki, Molly, Pat, .ludy and anyone else who wants to be my friend. Hobbies: Listening to the radio, and goofing off. Favorite Subject: Typing, Bookkeeping. Favorite Foods: Steak,Ham- burgers, french fries. Favorite Expression: t'Sorry about That." '- Blain Louise BOMB, 49096 e Boyer I 1 s 'Z Q ', .. W " ry I '13 V Q! "Huck" Agriculture Activities: F.F.A. Friends: Judy, Spit, Tweedy, Ed, Roger, and everyone who wants to be friends. Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, and being with the other guys. Favorite Subject: Business Math and ag. Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, hamburgers, pizza, pepsi, french fries, and french fried shrimp. Favorite Expression: "ls that so." Pet Peeve: Grouchy people. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Gray. Birthday: February 5, 1949. Future Pet Peeve: People who make fun of other people. Hair: Red. Eyes: Green. Birthday: Oct 6, 1950. Future Plans: Geta job or possibly go on to school. Plans: Get a job and go with a certain girl. aine B avoir fulhb l i 9 6 8 "Jan" Secretarial Activities: President of Art Club, Treasurer of Senior Class, Secretary for a certain teacher, yearbook staff. Friends: Judy, Patty, and everyone else. Hobbies: Dancing,Swimming, llunting, Cooking, and attending Kittanning Beauty School. Favorite Subject: English, Bookkeeping. Favorite Foods: Anything. Pet Peeve: Those who think of only themselves. Favorite Expression: 'lYou're a doll." l-lair: Light Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: August 8, 1950. el Nxalie Bfulhb Qcks Michaef Bu 0 fb FA. -- f gf soic 042 Qs , t" H . H Q, 3-1' x .fvv-f' 'A L- :"' A. -ov'-Q ' -. Z" f E . . tg "Mike" General "Hillbilly" Clerical Activities: Dramatics Club. Friends: Sally, Sandy, Betty Linda, Lewis P., Nancy, Janice and everyone. Hobbies: Read: ing, and watching Baseball. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Favorite Foods: Pizza, pop and just about anything. Favorite Expression: "You Gotta be kidding". Pet Peeve: Two faced people. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Hazel Green. Birthday: Novem- ber 21, 1950. Future Plans: To get a job. Activities: IA. Friends Den, Bob, Ron. Hobbies: Hunting and horseback riding. Favorite Subject: Shop. Favorite Foods: Pizza. Favorite Expression: "lf you miss today, you may not have tomorrow to make up." Hair: Black. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: Oct. 21, 1950. Future Plans: Trade School and Jr. College. ew 'OK "3" "LaRue" Secretarial Activities: Band, Tri-Hi-Y, and Yearbook Staff. Friends: Linda, Linda, Gail, Vicki, Molly, Nancy, and just about everyone else. Hobbies: Reading, running around, and listening to the radio. Favorite Subjects: Office Practice and Band. Favorite Foods: Hoagies, pizza, milkshakes, and fried chicken. Favorite Expression: "Hey, Man!" Pet Peeve: People who run down Chevys. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: February 20, 1950. Future Plans: Obtain a good job, possibly asa Secretary. ,ga Q0 S E N I 0 R S LaRue Bunfell Xbox, Louise Co X6 John C0 116' 'F "Lynn" Academic Activities: Art Club Sec., Dramatics Club, Bobcatanna Treasur- er, Class Play, yearbook. Friends: Allen, Deb, Janet, Kov, and Lin. Hobbies: Going to the races at Blanket Hill and Butler. Favorite Subject: Art, Favorite Foods: Veal Parmesan, and pizza. Favorite Expression: "Sorry about that." Pet Peeve: Stupidity. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: April 13, 1950. Future Plans: College. 11 am? V' I1 -gf" -X "Spit" Agriculture Activities: Ag. Friends: Steve, Ed, Tweety, and Floyd. Hob- bies: Sports and cars. Favorite Subjects: Study Hall. Favorite Foods: Big Winks. Favorite Expression: "You said a mouth full'l' Pet Peeve: Chev Il, and people standing around looking stupid. Hair: Black. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: August 23, 1949. Future Plans: Get a job or the Air Force. ta lean Coral. 9613 Elaine .rg S C1- J' C99 6? "Barb" Cosmetology Activities: Music Appreciation Club, Head of color guard, Band, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y President, Sr. Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer. Friends: Everyone. Hobbies: Water skiing, ice skating, playing the piano and organ. Favorite Subjects: Cosmetology. Favorite Foods: Shrimp. Favorite Expression: "Ya, Goose," Pet Peeve: A di-ffl' car, Hair: Dark Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: February 24, 1950. Future Plans: Stylist for Elizabeth Arden, Kauf- nan's Pittsburgh. 20 'b' "Sandy', Clerical Activities: Tri-Hi-Y Secretary, Yearbook Staff, Bobcatanna. Friends: Linda, Nancy, Nancy, Barb, and everyone else Hobbies: Bowling, swimming, and dancing. Favorite Sub- jects: Office Practice and Typing. Favorite Foods: Steak, spaghetti, and french fries. Pet Peeve: People who pretend to be your friend. Hair: Dark Blonde. Eyes: Green. Birthday: October 7, 1949. Future Plans: Receptionist. on Harold C - - 'J' QL 2, Nfggngie "Rod" Agriculture Activities: F.F.A. Friends: Bill, Ken, John, Bob, Joe, Ron, Judy, Sue, Pam and most anyone else. Hobbies: Hunting. Favorite Subjects: Agriculture. Favorite Foods: Chicken, Ham, and T-Bone Steaks. Favorite Expression: "Censored" Pet Peeve: My Chevy. l-lair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday:August 14. Future Plans: Go see Uncle Sam or get a job. "Chuck" General Activities: Varsity Club, and Band. Friends: Everyone. Hob- bies: Sports. Favorite Subject: Trigonometry. Favorite Foods: Steak. Favorite Expression: 'KRight, Me!" Pet Peeve:People who are late. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: March 6, 1950. Future Plans: Business School. bzxx Btyan Dapllp 9 see' ' "B, D." Industrial Arts Activities: I-li-Y, Varsity Club, Wrestling Team and Baseball. Friends: Roy, Dave, Dan, Bernie, Greg, and Alfie. Hobbies: Girl watching. Favorite Subjects: Study Hall. Favorite Foods: Anything edible. Favorite Expression: "I have enough work to do now without . . . " Pet Peeve: Any one who says I can't do something I can. Hair: Red. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: January 13, 1951. Future Plans: To be a draftsman. 05 losepf, D .pa Kay Du Tweety Agriculture Friends: Spit, Floyd, Pam, Judy, and anyone else. Hobbies: Taking cars apart. Favorite Subject: Study hall, Gym and ag. Favorite Foods: Anything. Pet Peeve: Fords. Hair:,Brown. Birthday: September 12, 1948. Future Plans: Farming. "Patty" Academic Activities: National Honor Society Corresponding Secretary, Dramatics Club, and Business Manager of Yearbook. Friends: Greg, Janet, Vicki, and Everyone. Hobbies: Collecting rec- ords, dancing, playing piano, and driving a 63 Buick. Favorite Subject: Composition: Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, Cheese- burgers, and Chocolate milkshakes. Favorite Expression: ' Ho- ly Fright". Pet Peeve: having gym class 7th period. Hair: Dark Brown. Eyes: Hazel. K Ray Ellen obert Fa,-Ste r We ste' "Tiny" Machine Shop Friends: Gary, Dusty, Butch, Dave, George, Beansy, and Ears. Hobbies: Eating. Favorite Subjects: Shop, Favorite Foods: Just about anything. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Green. Birthday: June 15, 1950. Future Plans: Navy. "Bob" General Activities: Hi-Y, Art Club, Varsity Club, and F.F.A. Friends: Nancy, Joe, Rock, Ron, Rod, and everyone else. Hobbies: Cars and going down to a certain girl's house. Favorite Subjects: Gym and study hall. Favorite Foods: Anything :.lible. Favorite Expression: "Censored" Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: March 22, 1950. Future Plans: Ajob and marriage. Carol F lic. ci ki' 066 "Nancy" Secretarial Activities: Sr. Tri-Hi-Y. Friends: Bob, Pat, Pam, Sam, Nancy, Lin, Barb, and everyone. Hobbies: All sports and learning how to drive a 62 Chevy. Favorite Subject: English, Typing, and Office Practice. Favorite Foods: Pizza, Spaghetti, Ravioli, and all Italian foods. Favorite Expression: "Hey, Man!" Pet Peeve: People who always believe what they hear. Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Green. Birthday: July 28, 1950. Future Plans: Further schooling and marriage. xdguise F0 oi Key Clair F, "Nancy,' Commercial Activities: Tri-Hi-Y. Friends: I've met a lot of nice kids here, and I like to consider them all my friends. Hobbies: Reading, sewing, and horseback riding. Favorite Subject: Economics, and typing. Favorite Foods: Roast beef, and pizza. Favorite Expression: "Holy Cow? Pet Peeve: People who try to make you think they are something they aren't. Hair: Auburn. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: February 9, 1950. Future Plans: Receptionist or Secretary. 3 17 0 J' "Sparkle" Agriculture Activities: F.F.A. Friends: Bill, Ken, John, and Nelson. Hob- bies: Hunting, fishing, and swimming. Favorite Subject: Art and Agriculture. Favorite Foods: Sundaes, banana splits. and venison. Pet Peeve: People who think they are better than anyone else. Hair: Dark Brown. Eyes: Green. Birthday: August 22, 1949. Future Plans: Taxidermist. Sevh A. Gear ei Mae Ceo' ge 'Q it mul "Joe" Industrial Arts Activities: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hi-Y, Varsity Club, and Art Club. Friends: Bob, Roger, Marv, and Pete. Hobbies: All sports and goofing off. Favorite Subject: Gym and Study halls. Favorite Foods: French fries with gravy, and ham- burgers. Favorite Expression: "You silly rabbit." Pet Peeve: Crabby teachers. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: June 19, 1950. Future Plans: Get a job. "Janet,' Academic Activities: Band, Majorette, National Honor Society Secretary, Dramatics Club, Yearbook staff. Friends: Chris, Patty, Linda C., Debbie, Georgann, and all friendly people. Hobbies: 'LYel1ing" at my brothers, playing gold, and cooking. Favorite Subject: .Study hall. Favorite Foods: Turkey and all the fixings. Favorite Expression: "Oh, Pickle!" Pet Peeve: Girls that chase other girls, boyfriends. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: January 22, 1951. Future Plans: Teaching ele- mentary school. W ayne G xoxyn faff "Graff" Electronics Friends: Rich, Wart, Dave, Doug, Jim and Bruce. Hobbies Electronics. Favorite Subject: Electronics. Favorite Foods Poorboy,'French fries, and a large Coke. Favorite Expression "She's Dead. Hair: Black. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: January 14. Future Plans: Technical Institute. 'I 9 6 8 Hagofsky A gtephen Hank , F up 5, yrtaff If I ,QC GJ, l ff J.. ' D ,LA 4 I ' f df iQV'f'W7' ., k ., , . V., ,, i A .f2L,fe-'ffpvgox ff , A ,, ,f.M3CQ,f, ' ,J 1:4 jeff ' .I ,ff n . Q r l Ll 6efi?zf?j " ML "Reg" Agriculture "Ted" Academic Activities: F.F.A., and Hi-Y. Friends: Ron, Bob, and Floyd. Hobbies: Bowling, and running around. Favorite Subject Ag., Gym, and Math. Favorite Foods: French fries, ham- burgers, and milkshakes. Favorite Expression: "Not Printable." Pct Peeve: People who think they are better than others. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: February 10, 1950. Future Plans: Get a job or join the service. Activities: Yearbook, Band, Science Club, Dramatics Club, Bobcatanna Staff, National Honor Society, and French Club, and Student Council. Friends: Deb, Bill Joe, Patty, Nancy Connie, and Kova. Hobbies: Bowling, Fool, and Coin-col: lecting. Favorite Subject: Trrgonometry. Favorite Foods Ham, roast beef, and cherry delight. Favorite Expression: "Putrid." Pet Peeve: People who don't want to learn. Hair: DarkvBrown. Eyes: Dark Brown. r ve H31-Irie 3 I' fe 2. 'N' f 'iff f . . 1 ' 'V . V. 'U il 1 2- , . L 'Arlene" Cosmetology Activities: Lenape Scout, Music Appreciation, Girls' Basket- ball, Pep Club, and Art Club. Friends: Debby, Linda, Connie, Jeanne, Gloria, Kathy, and anyone else who's friendly. Hob- bies: Being with my friends and going to the Cadet. Favorite Subject: English. Favorite Foods: Pizza, Poor boy, Pepsi. Pet Peeve: Being told I'm a farmer because I go to schoolin Elderton. Hair: Blonde mostly. Eyes: Green. Birthday: June 24, 1950. Future Plans: Be a beautician or maybe join Vista. lrene J ' Mae J . Axcis! 31111800 "Vicki" Academic Activities: Tri-Hi-Y, Yearbook Staff, and Bobcatanna Staff. Friends: Ron, Molly, Lynn, Linda, Gail, Sandy, LaRue, Janet, Patty, and everyone. Hobbies: Bowling, reading, sew- ing, and being with a certain someone. Favorite Subject: Composition. Favorite Foods: Fried chicken, pizza, and chocolate milkshakes. Pet Peeve: People who think they are smarter than they really are. Hair: Light Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: April 18, 1950. Future Plans: Going to college or becoming an airline stewardess. S E N I O R S Sa-QCY 0606, Nr "Nancy" Secretarial Activities: Band, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Bobcatanna, Class Queen - tenth, Vice President of tenth grade, Student Council representative, Head majorette. Friends: Linda, Sandy, Georg- ann, Barb, Nancy, and everyone else. Hobbies: Cheering, going to pajama parties, and going to the Cadet. Favorite Subject: Typing, Office Practice. Favorite Foods: French fries with gravy and pizza. Pet Peeve: People who pretend to be friends. I-lair: Dark Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: November 18, 1950. Future Plans: Business School. ieioty F ' 10,10 D. efnard Kap ' "Greg" Academic Activities: Varsity Club, Baseball, and Safety -Patrol. Friends: Only the best. Hobbies: Chess, reading, listening to music, and almost any sport. Favorite Subject: Gym or P.O.D. Favorite Foods: Almost any food. Pet Peeve: No-where persons who think they're somebody. General world con- ditions. Nosy People. Hair: Light Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: July 28, 1950. Future Plans:,Be a significant person. "Kap" Academic Activities: Soccer, Baseball, Varsity Club, Science Club, Band, Safety Patrol, and Bobcatanna. Friends: Al, Greg, Ritty, Rich, Chuck, and Stan. Hobbies: Watching girls, and riding Ne1son's go-kart. Favorite Subject: Gym. Favorite Foods: Chow Mein. Favorite Expression: "Yippy Skippy." Pet Peeve: Nosy individuals. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: October 30, 1950. Future Plans: College. X565 Harlin Kizhw otgxngljiflkacops Y' N' --.. ,N fv cf "' 'fix' ' 4 rf, i-sh n Il an .skxlq F' .f as "Alfie', Academic "Kova" Academic Activities: Soccer, Dramatics Club, Band,Wrestling, President of Senior Class, Sec. of Junior Class. Friends: Boys and Girls. Hobbies: Water Skiing, lce Skating, Collecting Bill Cosby albums. Favorite Subject: Physics. Favorite Foods: Animals and vegetables. Favorite Expression: " . . . And you're ugly too." Pet Peeve: Somebody asking me what my Pet Peeve is! Hair: Black. Eyes: Hazel. Birthday: August 30, 1950. Future Plans: College and Veterinary Medicine. Activities: Cheerleader, Majorette, Band, National Honor So- ciety President, and Yearbook Staff. Friends: Anyone who likes to goof off. Hobbies: Flying, Organ, Horseback riding, and Ice skating. Favorite Subject: Physics Class, and Com- position. Favorite Foods: F O O D ! ! ! ! Favorite Expression: "Oh, Boy." Pet Peeve: Dislikes people who brag. Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: November 18, 1950. Future Plans: Recreational Leader. - wb Avanel ,I 4""'7 geS L' Kunk SP0 E A fe . ,in Y it fl 1 l i, 'iff , A , ' 1 ' - V . I Y A ' . , ' . qui W X I "Jay" Clerical Activities: Yearbook Staff, Art Club, FHA, Pep Club, Chorus and Tri-Hi-Y. Friends. Mary, Nancy, Sally, Sandy, Betty, and everyone. Hobbies: Riding horses and writing. Favorite Sub- ject: English. Favorite Expression: "Suffer". Pet Peeve: Any- one who calls me Jimmy. Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: July 7, 1950. Future Plans: A happy life. le L 8016 '31 co ,een Eugene L ei' "Mal" Academic Activities: National Honor Society, Band, and Bobcatanna. Friends: Rich, Vicki, Linda, LaRue, and everyone else. Hob- bies: Rich, Sax, Piano, Flute, composing and arranging music. Favorite Subject: Band. Favorite Foods: Pizza, french fries, and Irish Stew. Favorite Expression: "What'?" Pet Peeve: P.O.D. and Gym. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: October 17, 1950. Future Plans: Music Education. "Lefty Machine Shop Friends: Butch, Randy, Beansy, Punk, Ears, Coffin, Peabody, and Doc. Hobbies: Working on my car. Favorite Subjects: Shop. Favorite Foods: Fried lobster. Hair: Black. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: August 17, 1950. Future Plans: Navy. ,nw-" - F . ' G Xwosfws L 64411116 ,GMA e 0 rg e 41-an 'S J' vi 300 QM fi ' L fr VI ." . ,V-' X "Tom" Industrial Arts Activities: I.A. Club, and Art Club. Friends: John, Dave, Larry, and Ed. Hobbies: Drawing, horseback riding, and swimming. Favorite Subject: Art and Shop. Favorite Foods: Anything that is worth eating. Favorite Expression: "Hi." Pet Peeve: Stuck up people. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: February 7, 1949. Future Plans: To get rich. K' i fy' 7 scwllirnpsa Friends: Alice, Darwin, Bill, Rod, Jolms Dan, and Don. I-lobbies: Playing guitars and working on my 60 Ford. Favorite Subject: Lunch, and study hall. Favorite Foods: French fries, milkshakes, and pizza. Favorite Expression: "You Dog." Pet Peeve: Stuck up girls and Chevys. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: November 27, 1948. Future Plans: Go to the Navy and then get married. S E N I O R S X0 Yxgw ard Mcola K9 'J' el, -S Q, 'i - w I.- ilwiuyii Activities: Soccer. Friends: Rod, Bob, Dan, and anyone who wants to be my friend. Hobbies: Coon hunting. Favorite Sub- ject: Gym. Favorite Foods: Chili, and spaghetti. Favorite Expression: "Get Lost." Pet Peeve: Getting kicked out of the restroom. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Green. Birthday: May 25, 1949. Future Plans: Truck driver. arl mine M ,GAY C Mclnfy sox E eclfll 9' 'C' U5 Y 1 if.,+- :- V . 'A 7 k 1 A xv 'Y' - 91 "Mac" Technical School 'LMCCKN AC2ld0miC Activities: Industrial Arts. Friends: Bob, Butch, Marvin, Barb, Alfred, and everyone else. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, and riding my Honda. Favorite Subject: Machine shop. Favorite Foods: Potatoes, deer meat, and almost anything except cheese. Pet Peeve: Kids who drop out of Tech School. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: November 23,1950. Future Plans: To become a machinist. Activities: Pep Club, Dramatic Club, and Band. Friends: Georgann, Linda S., Nancy, Janet, Pat D., Judy, and Deb. Hobbies: Drying cars at A 8z. K. Favorite Subjects: Advanced Composition. Favorite Foods: Steak, ice tea, and french fries. Favorite Expression: "There ain't no way." Pet Peeve: My temper. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: January 17, 1951. Future Plans: Gym teacher, and later marriage. sow Diann Miki? Home , .xsgixx MII, III' ll "Shorty" Secretarial Activities: Art Club, Church Choir, and Chorus. Friends: Floyd, Janice, Pam, Gail, Linda, Linda B., Nancy, Gret, and everybody else. Hobbies: Cooking, sewing, and being with Floyd. Favorite Subjects: Bookkeeping, and Shorthand. Favor- ite Foods: Pizza, French fries, shrimp, Pepsi, Ham Bar-B-Q's and Pedahui. Favorite Expression: "Oh, how nice!" Pet Peeve: t'Ed" General Activities: I.A., Hi-Y. Hobbies: Mechanic. Favorite Subject: Art, shop, and math. Favorite Foods: Pizza. Hair: Brown Eyes: Dark Brown. Birthday: August 31,l948.FuturePlans Service and a job. People who grit their teeth. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birth- day: May 30, 1950. Future Plans: Get ajob and marriage. se' xoxxgx W ?yinie "Thresher" Industrial Activities: Gym, I.A., and Art. Friends: Tom, Bob, Joe, and Al. Hobbies: Fishing and hunting. Favorite Subject: I.A. and Art. Favorite Foods: Anything that's edible. Favorite Ex- pression: "Oh, my." Pet Peeve: Stuck up girls and loud mouth little boys. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: June 27, 1950. Future Plans: Service and then a job. sin Dale Milf It uoodw 0 Lynn M176 "Marv" Industrial Arts Activities: Soccer and Baseball. Friends: Greg, Joe, Rich, Randy, and everyone else. Hobbies: Hunting, Skiing, and Baseball. Favorite Subject: Industrial Arts. Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, and pizza. Favorite Expression: "Is that right." Pet Peeve: Noisy people. Hair: Red. Eyes: Green. Birthday: September 14, 1949. Future Plans: Either a job or Service. "Tim" Data Processing Activities: Weight Lifting Club. Friends: Susie, Fuzz, Rich, and any Female. Hobbies: Girls and cars. Favorite Subject: Gym. Favorite Foods: Poor Boys and french fries with gravy, Favorite Expression: "Sure is neat." Pet Peeve: Stuck up. females. Hair: Dark Brown. Eyes: Green. Birthday: September 11, 1950. Future Plans: Service, and a good job. o.M0nr Charl an gOlhe'Jf -ecxvard p es Mum? Q- J L F "Sally" Clerical Friends: Paul, Kathie, Bob, Joyce, Janice, Betty, Sandy, Doug, and everyone. Hobbies: Writing to Paul, and talking onthe phone. Favorite Subjects: Home Ec. Favorite Foods: Cheese- burgers, french fries, and Pepsi. Favorite Expression: "You like it." Pet Peeve: Snobbish people. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Green. Birthday: March 8, 1949. Future Plans: Get a job and later marriage. I A Samuej "Rich" Academic Activities: Student Council, National Honor Society, Soccer, Varsity Club, Science Club, Hi-Y, and Safety Patrol. Friends: Fuzz, Chuck, Bern, Al, Stan, Greg, and aLmost anyone. Hobbies: Swimming, ice skating, model rocketry, collecting books, and messing around. Favorite Subjects: History, Fav- orite Foods: Ice cream, roast beef, and pizza. Favorite Expression: "Well, sport, live and learn." Pet Peeve: Those who lack a sense of humor. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: December 15, 1949. Future Plans: College. 1-nbii' N660 o "Fuzz" Electronics Technology Activities: Molly, Automobile rebuilding, rockets, water sports, and electronics. Friends: Molly, Rich, Alfred, Chuck, Bernie, Stan, Greg, Tim, John, and everyone else who smiles. Hob- bies: Automobile rebuilding, rockets, and electronics. Favorite Subjects: Math, Science, and Lunch. Favorite Foods: Steak, apple pie, and anything else edible. Favorite Expression: "How's your mother?" Pet Peeve: People who don't use common sense. Hair: Dark Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: April 24, 1950. 5 Charles ma Lee 0 96 1- A 1 Q' Olhe General Activities: Wrestling. Friends: Larry, Mike, Tweedy, Sandy, Lynn, and Floyd. Hobbies: Swimming, sports, and girl watch- ing. Favorite Subjects: Bookkeeping, Math, and Gym.Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, pizza, and french fries. Favorite Expression: "Not you again." Pet Peeve: Stuck up girls. Hair: Light brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: February 8, 1949. Future Plans: Service and then a job. "Debby" Academic Activities: Pep Club, Dramatics Club, and Bobcatanna. Friends: Linda, George, Janet, Arlene, Patty, Carol, Alfred, Bemie, and everybody. Hobbies: Reading, riding horses, and watching T.V. Favorite Subject: History. Favorite Foods: Cheeseburgers and French fries. Favorite Expression: "Brilliant", Pet Peeve: Stuck-up people. Hair: Dark Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: October 6, 1950. Future plans: College. vdswplier R. Pe vow-as Clark Pete Q' of Q '-P If .A Y Y Q W i r ... FN if ' P ,L ' elf - .A-lui K H .1 L ' .f 41 "Chris" General "Pierre" Machine Shop Activities: Varsity Club, Wrestling, and Band. Friends: Janet, Greg, Joe, Bob, and anyone who wants to be friends' Hobbies: Working on cars, T. V. and Radios. Favorite Subject:Gym, Band, Study hall, and Lunch. Favorite Foods: Hamburgers, milkshakes, french fries, and steak sandwiches. Favorite Expression: "I'll drink to that!!!" Pet Peeve: Teachers that eat onions and breathe on the students who sit in the front seats. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: July 20, 1950. Future Plans: To get a good job and try to lead a good life. .MM Activities: Auto Club. Friends: Anyone that can put up with me. Hobbies: Firearms. Favorite Subject: Blueprint Reading. Favorite Foods: Steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, and Sugar Crisps! Favorite Expression: "Beauty is in the eyes of the be- holderf' Pet Peeve: My laziness. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown Birthday: March 29, 1949. Future Plans: Diesel mechanic. ae Rea I . . ly an "Linda" General Activities: Art Club. Friends: Shirley, Pat, Pam, Sally, Gail, and Linda B. Hobbies: Listening to records and sewing. Favorite Subject: Home Ec. and Art. Favorite Foods: Pepsi, trench fries, hot roast beef sandwiches. Favorite Expression: "Big Deal". Pet Peeve: People who think they're better than others. Hair: Dark Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: October 28, 1950. Future Plans: Get a job. ew Jeanne R . 33 Ann Rear 19 Car - xghc xx 104. Q0 'C' Sq? "Pam" Clerical Activities: Art Club, and President of F.H.A. Friends: Pat, Judy, Sue, Nancy F., Dee, and mostly everyone else. Hob- bies: Listening to a certain band, and dancing. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping, Favorite Foods: Steak, french fries and gravy, fish sandwiches, and Root Beer. Favorite Expression: "Huh???" Pet Peeve: My "57" Ford. Hair: Black. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: June 28, 1950. Future Plans: To become a bookkeeper and later marriage. "Pat" General Activities: Student Council, Vice-Pres. of Art Club, and F.H.A. Friends: Butch, Pam, Nancy, Shirley, and Linda. Hobbies: Writing to Butch, Swimming, and Sewing. Favorite Subject: World Geography. Favorite Foods: French fries, Spanish Rice, ASLW Rootbeer, and Oreo cookies. Favorite Expression: "Curseds." Pet Peeve: Vulgar talk, and talking to someone who isn't paying attention. Hair: Brown. Birthday: January 14, 1951. d Roy l n R' , CXXIAY Rear- Q e Killa' Q9 '04 og' ,, f dab Q- , 4' ., o 1 V .-gall' X " 1 "Butch" Machine Shop f-Rocky" Industrial Friends: Bob, Bud, Mac, and Doc. Hobbies: Goofing off, working on cars, and going to races. Favorite Subject: Shop. Favorite Foods: Steak, french fries, and Pepsi. Pet Peeve: Getting out of bed. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Green. Birthday: March 4, 1950. Future Plans: Get ajob. Activities: Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Hi-Y, and Varsity Club. Friends: Deb, Darl, Joe, Bob, and everybody elsc. Hobbies: Girl watching. Favorite Subject: Study hall and gym. Favorite Foods: Steak and mushrooms. Favorite Expression: "You save stamps Man." Pct Peeve: People who nag you. Hair: Black. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: October 18, 1950. Future plans: Engineer training. S Xander Ros Pxe :Lk 6,16 E s V Ge, Q V M' .fn ,. N Q ' " Eh l 7,1 W if I 0 N3 fx " it R is ' S . D i'Rosie" Business Activities: Science Club. Friends: Tom, David, and Delone. Hobbies: Shortwave radio. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Favorite Foods: Steak, and french fries. Favorite Expression: "Oh, my." Pet Peeve: Jealous kids. Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: September 26, 1950. Future Plans: Go onto school. Kxejxieen Ro,-,IW vmcnael San, fb G! 'Nr if -i ? gr Ipe "Gail" Secretarial Activities: Tri-Hi-Y, Art Club, Chorus, Church Choir. Friends: Linda, Vickie, LaRue, Judy and everyone else. Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Sewing, and Singing. Favorite Subject: Shorthand and English. Favorite Foods: Fried chicken,pizza, hoagies, and milkshakes. Favorite Expression: "Heavens!" Pet Peeve: People who tease constantly. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue-green. Birthday: July 9, 1950. Future Plans: Secretary or go on to business college. "Mike" General Activities: Wrestling, Safety Patrol, Stuco Treasurer, Stuco Rep., Conservation Club. Friends. Everyone esp. girls. Hob- bies: Fishing, Hunting, Cars, Girls, Favorite Subject: Book- keeping. Favorite Foods: Pizza, Pepsi, French Fries, Milk- shakes. Favorite Expression: "You figure it out." Pet Peeve: Girls and parents. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: Decem- ber 8, 1950. Future Plans: Become a millionaire. lrene S Eileen cY C5 . ye? Sc +90 aff qv' 400 A-"il W 'wifi' ' F jf, P5 ,l"!m'a54.4 Q. 4 fi N B N x 0- 41. 'ind' it "Nancy" General "Shirley" Clerical Activities: Yearbook Staff, Art Club, and Dramatics, Club. Friends: Mary, Jay, Carol, Pam, Dale, Gary, Bill,Ted and everyone who wants to be friendly. Hobbies: Goofing oft' with Valerie, watching baseball games, listening to the radio, and just having fun. Favorite Subject: Any free time that I might have. Favorite Foods: Shrimp, milkshakes, French fries with gravy. Favorite Expression: "Listen Sweets." Pet Peeve: Days that don't just go right. Hair: Light Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: April 26, 1949. Future Plans: Get a job. Activities: Art Club. Friends: Linda, Patty, Pam, Gail, and Linda B. Hobbies: Horseback-riding, drawing, and listening to records. Favorite Subject: Art, Favorite Foods: Pizza, steak, hoagies, and sodas. Favorite Expression: "Sorry about that, that's tough." Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Hair: Light Brown. Eyes: Blue. Birthday: January 4, 1951. Future Plans: A career in commercial art. Lee SClIrec 'B 6 ei 'Qu Sean Schreceq X55 go 01 '90 iii. ik "Betts" General Activities: F.H.A., Pep Club, Art Club, and Yearbook Staff. Friends: Dick, Carol, Bill, Rog, Sandy, Janice, Sally, and everyone else. Hobbies: Being with Dick, Favorite Subject: Art, and Home Ee. Favorite Foods: French fries, hamburger, and milkshakes. Favorite Expression: "It doesn't matter to me". Pet Peeve: People who think they are better than anyone else. Hair: Dark Brown. Eyes: Green. Birthday: November 24, 1948. Future Plans: Being a good beautician and getting married. esta Ann Ser if Sandy" General Activities: F.H.A. Friends: Roger, Lynn, Janice, Betty, and Dick. Hobbies: Being with Rog. Favorite Subject: Home Ec. and Art. Favorite Foods: French fries, chicken. pizza, milkshakes, and everything except beans. Pet Peeve: The name Sandra. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Green. Birthday: August 11. 1950. Future Plans: Marriage. "Lin" Secretarial Activities: Cheerleader, Pep Club, Yearbook, and Bobcatanna. Friends: Nancy, Sandy, Nancy, Susie, Georgann, Barb, and everyone else. Hobbies: Cheering, going to the Cadet, a.nd going to pajarna parties. Favorite Subject: Typing and Office Practice. Favorite Foods: French fries with gravy, and stuffed pork chops. Favorite Expression: "Big Deal." Pet Peeve: People who pretend to be friends. Hair: Dark Blonde. Eyes: Blue. V1 illiilm St Irvin T 436 A V ut31b cX90e holy, QW .90 Q GJ. "vt 1 M ' . by I I flax V , S Jr' '45, 1 - A L'Dave" Vocational Agriculture "Delone" Agriculture Activities: F .F.A. and wrestling. Friends: Everyone, especially Sue. Hobbies: Swimming. Favorite Subject: Gym. Favorite Foods: Ice cream, pizza, and French fries. Favorite Expres- sion: "What is this madness?" Pet Peeve: 59 Fords. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: March 31, 1950. UAW Lee 7-Oy N .App p Z V Y I o A 1 R 5 . QQ! .1 1 . F bs at sages Rx I 'S lx at ' Q i . it if "Friday" Industrial Arts Activities: Basketball, Soccer, Varsity Club. Friends: Chuck, Alfie, Stan, Roy, Al, Bern, and girls. Hobbies: Hunting and watching girls. Favorite Subjects: Gym. Favorite Foods: Choc- olate milkshakes, steak and chicken. Favorite Expression: "That's good, Hairy." Pet Peeve: Girls who think their clothes are in style. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: April 22, 1950. Future Plans: Further education. tzen Wa 55 60 F Y Ugaol Q-0 I P' 'io Ex? Gy-Y ,UH ' . , ty I "Waug" Industrial Arts Activities: Pres. of Chorus, Pres. of Hi-Y, Volleyball, Varsity Club. Friends: Chuck, Rich, Fuzz, Gary, Stan, Bern, Allie, and everyone. Hobbies: Hunting, working on cars. Favorite Subject: Business Math. Favorite Foods: Chicken, steak. Fav- orite Expression: "Ah Andy." Pet Peeve: Fords. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: October 22, 1950. Future Plans: Frgther education. Activities: FFA. Friends: Dave, Dan, and Larry. Hobbies: Fishing and hunting. Favorite Subject: Ag, Study hall. Favorite Foods: Hoagies, spaghetti, French fries, pizza, and milkshakes. Favorite Expression: "What do you want?" Pet Peeve: Boys who think they are rulers of everything. Hair: Black. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: February 6, 1949. Future Plans: To enlist in the U. S. Army. W altenb el Hu se' 96 l 9 6 +-- 8 K i ujann Activities: None. Friends: Sally, Betty, Sandy, Linda, and everyone else. Hobbies: Sewing and listening to the radio.Fav- orite Foods: French fries, pizza, chocolate milkshakes. Pet Peeve: People who think they are better than others. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Birthday: September 20, 1948. Future Plans: Get a job. pbxen Ray You .- X .a i W F. j :ui J, E I "Bud" Industrial Arts Activities: Band, Industrial Arts, Hi-Y, President of Hi-Y, President of Industrial Arts, President of the Band, and Student Council Representative. Friends: Babs, Rich and Daryl. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing and watching girls. Favorite Subjects: Industrial Arts. Favorite Foods: Poor boys, pizza, chicken, milkshakes. Favorite Expression: "Yeah,and you're ugly too!" Pet Peeve: Babs. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Hazel. Birth- day: April 9, 1950. Days of Yesfer-year if 'lk N ,, f X- .X 33 S E N I O R 0 fb , . 9' 'X f-iz GSW I A, Y 5900 qfiiq f ,I 1:5 Mix! ,Q MOST ATTRACTIVE BEST PERSONALITIES MOST POPULAR BEST LEADERS BEST DRESSED S21 Sb , N r -Q CF? PRETTIEST EYES PRE'I'TIEST HAIR PRETTIEST SMILE 34 ez' Q-x MOST ATHLETIC BEST DANCERS Mm of Tb gg. ' K.. ' Rfk: ' E' i MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED dh. "' 1 RM fig KN P-,., Q MOST HUMOROUS MOST TALENTED 35 Sa A on , -I -4 Se 1' if K I 'L if S ff Oz :gig S: A "1 f ::: 51 X iff ,sag S 'f J my ,Ai A . .J P E R S O N A L I T I E MOST INTELLECTUAL MOST TALKATIVE S L A 3' 4 AQIL.-.X YQ MOST STUDIOUS CLASS OF 1968 HISTORY A rather disheveled, ragged, and completely confused crew of seventh graders entered those long, dark, and mysterious halls of Elderton High School six long years ago. Although we all were quite certain the first day that we would all getlost and most of us did, we were also positive that that day would be remembered for many years. lt was. We had the pleasure of having for our seventh grade advisors Mr. Brumbaugh, Mr. Carley, and Mr. Zambotti, even if they weren't exactly pleased with having us in homeroom. To lead us we elected Stanley Berdell as President. Seventh Grade soon passed, but not before we learned how to open those nasty lockers and how to get to class on time. We were compelled to enter the eighth grade the next yearg a plan not totally distasteful to us. We chose asour able leaders Pat Dunmire, Presidentg Sharon Caylor, Vice Presidentg Robert lfarster, Secretaryg Linda Scrips, Treasurer, Eighth grade homeroom responsibilities were taken by Mr. Brumbaugh, Mr. Carley, and Mr. Zambotti. Eighth grade did show us that experience counts: everyone of us could open our locks the first day on the first try. Onward and upward was our motto, though, for ninth grade awaited us. Ninth grade saw a new challenging frontier for us as our seniority in the class ranks increased. ln the class elections that year we freshmen somehow lost our senses and elected a despot named Richard Murray as president. l-lowcver, backing him up on the administrative end were such competent people as Linda Scrips, Vice President, Barb Cornish, Seerctaryg and Richard "Fuzz" Nelson, the keeper of the funds. Our first class queen was Barb Cornish. The lfenways played at our tremendous Freshman dance, which was, to say the least, a huge success. To guide us through the perils of homeroom life that year was Mr. Zambotti, Miss Zahradnik, and Mr. Saunders. As luck would have it, we advanced to our sophomore year. Besides, we weren't allowed to stay in ninth grade another year. The advisors who put up with us were Mr. Nemick, Mr. Johnston, and Mr. Peden. To lead us through the trying times of our sophomore year we chose Barb Cornish as President I a better choice than last yearjg Nancy Johns, Vice PresidentgGeorgann Kovacovsky, Secretaryg Bernard Kaplin, Treasurer. Our class queen was Nancy Johns. Although our class did many things that year, none can forget the Sophomore Assembly. We had such greats as Richard Nelson, Tim Mills, and Richard Murray singing "Try to Remember? Rich Nelson, Al Kimmel, and Tim Mills did a surgeon's skit that year that kept the audience guessing. The Sophomore Assembly also saw the introduction of Big Twang and his gang. We all had great fun, and put on quite an assembly besides. But, alas! As all good times must end, so must our sophomore year. We looked ahead to our Junior year and the responsibilities ot' a Prom. Junior Year in high school. Our junior year would prove the most frustrating and irritating times ot our school experience. To bear the burden of junior frustrations and irritations we chose Georgann Kovacovsky C'Georgie"j as our President, Pat Dunmire as Vice Presidentg Alfred Kimmel as Secretary and Linda Collar as miser of our hard earned cash. As treasurer, Linda's poeketbook was checked pretty closely that year to see that it didn't get too fat! The class queen for the Junior year was Janet George.Class advisors that year were Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Ray, and Mrs. Townsend. We put on as our play "Pennant for the Krernlinfstarring a cast of thousands plus one unexpected Star. Anyone for an old hotdog bun and - - - a mouse? We were also proud to have many of our fellow classmates in Elderton High School's 1967 Gym Show, the Fantasy of Color. We can't forget either the fun at the old junior dunking booth at the School Fair. Why did Fuzzy have to crack the tank open? We can never forget our Junior effort on the Prom. Chosen for the theme was uC2lSUC0fG0ldeI'lDfC21mS". For those on the Prom Committee it could only be said that it was a year of hard work, confusion, and whole bunches of fun. Amid all this emerged what we thought was a good Prom. Sad as we were to see our junior year pass, we were destined to become the Senior Classof Elderton, 1967-68. So be it. At last came our senior year. Most of us felt we had really achieved a lot by making it this far. We were rewarded, however by expert homeroom advisors, Mr. Allen Stevenson and Miss Joyce Zahradnik. There are those of us seniors who feel, everything considered, that room 18 advisor, Miss Zahradnik, did show more concerned interest in molding the characters of her homeroom students. For the leaders of this senior class we chose as head of state, Allred Kimmel C'Alfie"Jg second on the helm, Bernard Kapling recorder of meetings, deeds, wills, dog licenses, Linda Scripsg and as counter of the loot, Janice Brumbaugh. Our class queen was Pat Reariek. Our class activities included our Senior class play, "Thunder on Sycamore Street," a drama that we felt pointed out a poignant flaw in society today. Of course, our senior class trip to New York was quite an experience. Our senior dance in the spring was really something of a novelty to our school. Naturally, one of our most difficult activities in our senior year was graduating. The graduating class of 1968 has had many things to remember in our stay at Elderton. We have done things together--organizing dances, putting up a Prom, getting out a yearbook. going on a class trip. We will look back upon these years, 1962 - 1968, with a certain fondness in our minds and hearts for what we did, but we will look to the future for our strength. These words explain only a brief six year history of our lives, and even then it cannot cover all we did. They cannot express the personal feelings of frustration,joy, success, and failure that each of us at one time or another experienced.They do not pointout our shortcomings or our mistakes. They cannot convey behind the scenes decisions and consultations that formed our transient history. They do not reflect for the most part individual achievements that our fellow class members strived for and procured. They cannot in any way denote our sense of well-being derived from having been enrolled at Elderton High School: they cannot reveal the appreciation we have for those who have guided us. For these reasons this history is shallow and inadequate. ltleaves more unsaid than said. It is rather for those who knew us and lived and worked with us tojudge us by their own standards and place that memory in their hearts to recall us and our deeds. Therein lies the purpose of this history. Seniors-Acf Ncn'urol??? L+?- Fi. , ,h .t 4. H , w wlllq Thunder Q Ted Hankey . . Nancy Johns . Georgann Kovacovsky Molly Lambing Richard Murray Stan Berdell . . Linda Collar . . Charles Cumberledge Roy Waugamzm Alfred Kimmel Debbie Orr . . Carol Mechling Richard Nelson Patty Dunmire Linda Bierer . . Bryan Davis . . Linda Scrips . . Janet George Leslie Kaufman Seniors .... ' 'gal .1 ' -."U!?fsi more Sfreef . Arthur Hayes . Phyllis Hayes Caroline Hayes Mrs. McAllister Bill McAllister Frank Morrison Clarice Morrison Roger Morrison Chris Morrison . Joseph Blake . . Anna Blake . . Judy Blake Charlie Denton . Grace Denton . Mrs. Harkness . . . . . . . Mac Irma . . Mrs. Carson .....Ginny Mob lk 1 YK f. Y. , . av? N.. 39 I A X N K V O Nish go no is " - 'g.s 5. - 5 J.,9c.., , 4, f . V. KA' 'L ""1lW? I .WW fi:W.'fg'? -' .J-' I 3 'fg , ,"'H- I f, 'T5e4Q,19f9m Q A Peg - L - ' Q1' iffy f1'Q?.5K-1-1 ' g ' A '-' . 40' ufR Smemb I' 1 Underclassmen 3' 951135 f Youth is the time for the adventures of the body, but age for the trlumphs of the m1nd Logan Pearsall Smith 42 Junior Class Queen V T V 1 J , K V it W., -l- -'LIUL , , 1 , 'Nl .uQfl'Egvj fir? n- g 4 -ww m M .-1, I, , , r,-:fi x :fl . we 'Mi' Q' ' ' 4 . , -' ,, f- ff ' ' A ., 1 A 4. J , ef V I 1 , 6, ' 2 5 .x 4 I 1. ' i as t Q M In f v 1 , 4 1 - , 1 hw. M L xr.. . T Q ' ' N1 ' s 1 5' Ks' Q Q O Us s C It st I Q 1 4 r 1 J , 11 A r X "' i' " V 4 'S 'J :Q " -f I . 'J ne w Suron f Q I?-.4 . '4 st .4 .414-f' 1 ' J CLASS OFFICERS President .... . . Roger Hooks Secretary . , . . .Cindy Eckman Vice President. . . . . Susan Cravener Treasurer . . . . .Sandy Graham 43 Q Aikens, P. ' Y , Altman, S. X E Q'-. Muff' ,ei r Beard, D. , ' f - -,xg f' , Beer, J. ' A V fn 'I' 1 ' "ff, Berdell, J. " ,. 1 l"t ' . . , . ,,.',, , Blystone, C. fEE5if'2af :-,.. iw in Q, Bonner, D. , Bonnett, J. 3 . 'K Boyer, W. 1 . ,7- M '4. " ' gi: 'T' H Branan, G. E I " V L 1' ' ,fz,,, l ' Cockroft, K. . .7 ' 3 1 ff A. U -.Xb V7 at k Cravener, S. A I 5 AW, I, X' ' . Y Cravener, S. i, I - Crownover, A kg, la, 3 .3 ff .7 ' F Crownover, B. K 'it 0 . ' - ,' Cupec, D. J "' 'If S' ' Wim Dixon C ag, A-. 3-iff., T Q 'J 'f Eckman, C. ljgf .1 . ' ' memiE1,'v'5.4tJGf?1ifx1yf. ' S., Y , . ' K. Lifjigigilqvg.-, 4.42151-'f A -- Elgin, J. I Ellenberger, J. I ' ' , ,gl ,Q , P. . .. . Faber, P. ' f' " N 2 , , ! A Ac, Fleming, K. X ' ffm' Flickinger, J. ' ,N T , 'QF' I "'. A ' 'i . f-.2 N 1 mf .XY Fornwalt, P. V ' f in in - .V K I4 ' Frailey, R. . LF' by- fo Q., ,. J ' Q' 13 , Frai1ey,S. Q wmv, 'I Y,-,X Q x -1 27' Fry, D. ' , Y , . . 4 5' . A Gearhart, J. 'W' M .J . S. . --U, . Gillespie. K- H ' Qlfff " ' - f.1.h::.':":..- . '1 5. 2333-QM la y 5 ,.l- - 4 Graff, D. p A Graff, E. x . ,- j P X 1, Graham, S. ri ,E J. Y j Q T' f X U 1.11 I V A Gratzmiller, G. ms' QQ V, A L: Hazlett, D. g I A , I 1. " N., ,-" Heffeltinger, C. ff' X-"'a5..g. kr., mqgfgyf., 1 ,.. '. . H fi J , S ' 1 w of.4'?5g5Z.1f 'IW A ' Heilman, D. ' K , . 'l . ' I . Hooks, R. .5 '-nf.: rg, -l"' 75" . I2 f ' ' , '17 'pg avr Hoovert, K. , ' "" Q3 . ' ' J ' Howard, G. S113 7 A y V ,A 3, , D is Howard, J. . g il , A Q 7,5 iw! r ' Isel, W. Ci.: U , ,lx Gig...-3 5 . .I h 'N 5 Johns, G. , V it Kaufman, G. 'fl ' 1 'S ff," Kimmel, G. ! - I ., lvl 1' V 5 . , x K. 44 ' V: 1, T '- Miner, J. ' I k f x 1 I mt ' - I -' . X "' pee x, Lightbody, G. Mangus, A. Matson, J. McClafferty, J McNutt, D. Miller, J. Miner, R. , E F, ,Q Moody, L. " " ' -. ' Omasta, R. JS ll '- ' ff' , Orr, K. V -- A , ' LN ij, Orr, B. has .R . . ' 'Z 'x fl ' . 4 , Paquet, D. li T. .J --. . Paquet, R. . ' ' -' ' '5 ' ' . W 'R' P 'tt L. L E T1 , ' if ' K ' .ii . Ramer, G. V AA . S I 1, I' ., 'K T. 1' Rearick, T. ff .KA -1. ,', . f I im- F' wr-.3 Y V, ReedY, me mv-v . Q-fe 4 5. , K Y ' . . A Fw Reigh, B.. J . .K Rishel, T. 1, 'VIWV , , Rumbarger, C. . M ' - L, , 5' Rupert, P. X I 'Y -X " W ' "' 'f?,f! "W-' Schott, C. , A ' A 1' f Schrekengost, S. 1 5 V - - " ' .AMW X . , Seich, K. ' 7 M , - Shaffer, K. ,HN mlm "LQ 5 W ,V - A , Shearer, M. -'- 5' f ' 2.1 -1' A -" ' Smeltzer, L. N , M ' ' .4 " 'Q 4" ' Smeltzer, W. R ku Smxth, W. Speer, A. - , . b Spencer, M. '. I qiv f w 1... ,E I, ,-fa, Suran, S. 1 2' '- 41,7 an Wi ' V ' f A Thomas, B. K '- f I 'Sf .Q i ' A' f Thomas, R. 1 w "L. , ' , ' . jf Troutman, T.. 7' 1 ' ,ly.Q.,3. X ' J, ,K XA. JAM , "" " un .Ju-D L ' 'ow ' - 'W Van Horn, N. :rj 4' Jak Walker, E. 63, fi, 1 Wofford, R. V- ty- ," . -- ' Wood, M. ' X, H -' ,ka , 7 Wood, P. . ,QU ' ,. Wright, B. wx W ai Young, D. ,V . Zahniser, J. I N . .V Lasher, J. 7'-f -'V' J' . ' "' ' . 1 45 . X ...X , Real Learning Situations 46 Sophomore Class Queen ,.i. -hiss! Peggy A CLASS OFFICERS President ....... .... P enny Brown Secretary .... .... C arol Adams Vice President .... . . . Chester Schall Treasurer . . .... Leigh Kimmel 47 I Y, Aaron, P. M Q -Q M If E is Adams, C. in fs . rv 9, - Ai' , Afiams, V. ,vo - . .., "" 'M' Amsworth, M ' fs by . .l ' V . ' M i Altmeyer, D. Q, W in " J' I Baker, D. N 1 , V , Baker, D. ,nl . N 4 BCH, C. b as ' 1 ' v Huge. H- f -Q ., 0- Q. . . 1, '- Blystone, R. ij, " ,Y "jf L. .TL , BOYGI, B- lr I 4- ' N I F - I ' BOYCI, G. f .1 . 1 'W 3' , fr., V' X " f- M 4: V' X. A EX '-f'MfZ"Q?f '1 iii? .4 . r 4 A Branan, K. A 1 , ,k i 1 Brown, P. f"'Qj9 , V' ' V an Af' ' 1. gy X Burdge, S. M .4-,' ip? N K 1,. . e Burkett, J. " " . MS. .- f . R 4 ' Busch G. r. .5-.-. W., ' . + '. " ' ,, , ' 2 ,' " N, X I F 'Y W CRIHCQ, N. ' . w . N , Cashdollar, J. Clepper, D. Af Ag., Cleveland, L. 'L - eff . il r . if - ,Q Scum, 3- -'Y A B - . -1 Onn, . MW 'r N M .L ' I comeu, R. ' 41' SQ L. ' k, Sfk V W A B ' ' -ew? ' ..s.r. .4x..r. , P, Crispens, M. V N , A Crownover, M "' ' 9 U 5 " J" . Lf' - T5 K , Crownover, R 2- 1 " R ,' H-,ff Daughtry, D. R, 5 -w .J " "M 'Q A jg Demish, v. , , . 'WP Q . -:lf -i'23?::f. ...,-r--. 1,1 -. . Q A Dias, N. . .ef1'Yhf--efkr " ' l u ezzeaavc-:22?:32., ra. W -'M Drumm, D. f , ,I X Dunmire, E. - Q Q, ,H 'N Euan, L. Q Q- - rf ' I ' ' X". . ' , j L Fennell, F. . ' YQ F ,,, D ,-W V Q ' . jj. V' Q7 Forrest S. 2 Y' D ' A 'vc .- F- f ' Free, B. 'J A ' - .gp I , I ' s -. -w W N 1 Rv x Vx ., x W IEEE-, . 5' FK George, L. ,' x . -, Graff, B. 1 Mi' . . n B. 3 - -. ' Graff, B. u P ,ll ' ' X C " Gfaff, V Y ,X re V , 1 . X Gratzmiller, T " ' 4 Q:x.,,,..i55ff D .- Z lj-V x Haney, N. ,Z :Ny -T. -Ha I .X . A, W ' Qi a3:ff?f.?F4.-Elia., J 5. .hu J' .L Vg . 'i P if Hankey, P. rx - 48 Ha.rtman,'D. , . P Heilman, D. ff' , F- 1 Wvju 4 Q ' "" 1 Heilman, S. -' , ' , lx Heny, J. ' X , V 5 Hooks, D. . ff- 2 1 1 I '- g-,H ' Jones, S. F' .. Yi" f V ' -6 Kaufman, H. V A Kimmel, L. , D. Q . f Lambing, J. 'LI' , ' H, L .yn -m LSUSICI, L. '-' ' 5 gf 1 Q-,X ' 1:1 1 Martin, J. k , ' ' 1, ' . ' 1 g McWilliams, M -DT " e' 7 fri ' f ' Q ' f , J 5 Miller, C. A T . , -IU J' V 3 Miller, R. fig J V, I, " 1- kg q Mills, R. if Q1 ,f .QL at Ilzmer, g, -7 '. .. . ,J ' 1 1 et' ' Y . , . . . , sf, 1 - Perry, G. . ' - 1 N ? Peters, T. , f' X' , N Print, w , , I M A 1. 1 Pugliese, R. 5, n M Q, Ag 0 at J A '1 3 , Quinn, B- 5.1 I- - N .H xy- . I I J., I Richardson, J. I ' 1 I .Q . ' 'Lk 11 ,fd Rupert, G. J X . N Rum A Us ' ' , g 4 I ..4Aii.g. LH Salsgiver, R. Schall, C. - , 1 vs ax- L al' Schall, J. ' if " Q' ' 'iff Schall, M. ty fy ' A Schott, G. J ff' , ' ' ' L , Schrecengost, ., K 1 r ' Sheasley, A. Q, , X Smith, s. 1' - A ,, . , on W- ,I Spangler, T- 1' "A T 5 K! fi W 'C' J ., S L" Stanton, V. ' ' 'N 'W -' V- ' -- 1' Stitt, B. 3 D f E Hqv ' . Stull, C. , ' ' A -.Q 1 A, SL.-, 1' 'j' 'T A 'bfi 2 5 '-'-' X -'Lf jrxjlwi ' A ' Townsend, S. Q Uplinger, R. vw- 'Y ' L' -1 H waminviue, J. ' .fi it 1-- .L Wood, J. ,, V, ' , 3 .f Woodside, A. ' V 7 ' Wyant, D. I f ' Yount, M. 49 K X Here and There l 50 f'1'9"" 1 5 L M W ' ' . . ee? Vicki Bowser CLASS OFFICERS President ........ . . . Randy Walker Secretary . . . . . . . . Vice President ..... . . . Philip Kimmel Treasurer . . . . . . 51 Freshman Class Queen Bobby Rupert Gary Cravener , k f . . ,Q A I Atherton, K A - f A .- .Q . L Baker, B. , I - Q . . P C 'x .V .' Beers, D. ' va v L l ff V ' cz 3:-l Berry, W. ' .- ,A H. ' I 1- A Birge, R. X A D--. .QXQLN-X Blystone, G. Bowser, V. Burkett, D. Lg, T V A Bussard, P. W' 9' '- ' 4 'T' Carney, N. I ,B Casses, C. 5 V Q V , X N ' Christy, R. ,f i R , , Q, ' tk " Kas, Q 33 sf-'lf - C 9. ,, X Cockroft, S. J Q. . 'Q Y 'A -. Cornish, R. -' . Q 7 P' , . --: , Cravener, G. - 9 ' A ' ...Qs-L L if Cravener, M. X 'Av ,X ' , " ' ' ' 'J Crispens, P. ...i'fs,,,1j In ., A. A ,gg fl.-, Davis, A. 2 '-- - L .fl lil' . A A ' Dickman, A. ' Euler, L. ' Q X , Faber, E. . , '43 f. '47 Fhckmger, M. E, V 2 C..- Forrest, A. N J, . . '-f Frailey, L. ,A 2 , ' A X 'X . 4 Y X - a-A ...fin-.'.Av '-'Y'-F. .JK 'i7'...11X Y N Geidel, Z. A Graff, D. " Q . , L , D 1 L" Graff, R. ., 4, RL, I f Graham, L. ,, ,, 1 A , 'V' C ,I Graham, L. . 1- fm. s 'sf' - ' Griff'th, L. as 'KA " fi S H 1 , . Harkleroad, E. l ' A ' Heffelfmger, L. . Q , N 7 I . Heffelilnger, R. " L 4, 'gf I N 15 L , Henderson, G. . T?"fJ Hooks, R. ' an ' A ' f Howard, P. X A A .. - A ' r . - ' ..4 . I Johns, C. - - - L' Johns, J. . ' . gg: .. if -5 - Johns, T. fs .gf ' ' ,. - Johnson, L. " 'JK ' D ' ,.,,, Kelley, R. ,f . fx! 'vi Kevple, W- Kimmel, P. ?ng1l1A'M 'I' l' ' - L' '? l un e, . sg -LV -Ny. ,N 1 I 1 ,N Leightley, R. 'para ' .s N -, 11,1 Little, C. - ,Q 1, , Mmm, J. L 'Q 1 s . N.'+.,m K j f 4 Q . 'L' McCullough, G. ii! C+' McElroy, P. gg- ". .gif NL- A -.- QL . "Q i l 52 . . - . 1 ., - McKinney, G Q ' N Mechung, D. y . X - , ' K ,f 1 ' 5 .' ' AQ -7' 12' Meyer, G. ,SJ ' '.....Lt, N V -ff? I Q -f-A! J I Newsom, E. . h , V 'N Q Q - I XIX -V I 1 . Oliver, D. W. - M . f .iq lv' J V. ig vm ' -kk 564: - W ,Z Li ga Orr, T. r -r ' N M XFX . 2. fil vifffr ' Peck, D. Quinn, T. , K . Q . Rearick, D. .fl Qu , ,r l .3 r., far '-A:. R6al'iCk, nhl. twig? 'Ii ' L Rearick, K. ' 1 , vi , Richardson, D fs- Q , , ,, , ini ,, -fe Aj fifwf -e - 5: . -' , 5,255 Rishel, G. wi 1, A Rosborough, B .A 'Ari A 'QQ X QS.: Rosenberger, J I ' ,527 R5 U- i, X Rumbarger, R t V, V "U . Rupert, B. X . hs 'S , K - tb Rupert, D. . '- , Lx! 'Y K.. Rupert, G. Q r H Rupert, S. F A N A A Rupp, S. , , r q. L ,SI 5: Scanlon, P. be .Ji-',N " " Schreckengost, R. - " . ' ' 9, , 7 . N Scrips. 1. J- ffff ' fr... A ' 1- . 1- ' 1 rfx ' ' HX F:-"sw .1.:...'L'5'i mXm.urr1. Q Liu? 133' ' ' ' Shaffer, D. ' 2' Shea, E. Q. , i f . Shea, J. L- cg, Y A f -,Q '5 f 5 .- mf . Sheasley, K. T? .. A R , f ' "' f Silvis, J. t 'L . ' lr I - LW Smail, R. gk k 4 xf A 1 I .f Smeltzer, J. h V , -,, Smith, D. dp.. A V Smith, R. ,i D, , , wi . if . 4 smith, R. fy , ,cv W! Snyder, D. , ' I ,f Snyder, V. up .K ' 43431, X r A 3' " A, F, Spangler, L. .rf ' - Stewart, J. I ' 1- , -- ,V f ,I-1 V ig, A , Stewart, M. 1 is ' 4, , L, " fgj Sritf, R. K 'sf . 1-. If' . 'Z . 1 'f' Van Horn, M f -Y' - ' 1 1' . X 1 W ...f 'N L L" walker' R' ": -A-L' -E f. S69 "-' .. Rik-. H . . Waltenbaugh, W. Waugaman, W. f I Wood. B. 5 '. f Q ,- ' Woodside, D. ' ' ,L 'Q I Yoder, N. -V . , V? p 4 Young, B. . . fr gy. Q' . 3, A 45 'R f V, . .. Young, R. "' fi ' Yount, D. , ','-XY.. . F V X ' l 53 - ' - iw . Y. I .- . v , -, " ' - if ,fl I , ..- I 'Burr ' .3 M ' 'XL 'Q--xy ,, i. , L-Q Ik ,I f Y, img? 'L' we L, 1. g'?U'L'i-if ef: . L .x is QIRRQYE2 42355. -:N 1. " 1' ' Bouch, E. Boyer, L. 7, Branan, K. ax, 6213. Brumbaugh, C. ' Cessna, K. 'Q ' " Clawson, C. fs Jai- 'Q Q -f "' Q Se- ' f.- ' fd , -cf' 1:1 vw? --ri L 1 ' .f . 1 IL.. .L Dawson, B. Decker, J. Dixon, W. f - X .. Drumm, R. V-imp-J Ellenberger, F. , ,ll . Faber, R. , W' f 4 K' - -' 2 -. U 2 .33 .ag , ' - A, '3v,..' ww, .' ,mf 1 5.3 C7 '11 'ii J ff., A ,. .4537 , ...':,' V - q-.r ' 1 ' ff VXJAN-asf? X V ,- -. . wi- " V . ln. g 'nr . ,NJ 4. -Q' in A 2 'ly ' . .gg ' ,. J ., . ,, ,J ' 1' A' Q., , I hy.. , 'l . . ' W. , if V .ii X ar V '-41", J li, E i A - . J iw U' i l '- . V' V 'vrtlr ' x, .- In-gn' K V 'Qxgv . Gfaff, R. I , ' Graham, D. fy. -I 1 X Heath, B. ,L - ,Ai ' 9. Harkleroad, B. . ' "1 b Heffelfinger, M. A N ., , "El Heilman, B. '1T"' N- - . xi J? 1 We me JSM 53913 , V , , ' "fi" L' M M . JA: fqs jij '5 Y' I . 'IL N eff :Lf . N 1 -fl-X," . "L, LA' f'4""X fl ir", Kough, D. ' ' .. V Kuhn, F. V gy N i Leightley, D. '-217 fb' Q ' . P ,ff " esijs' i. L A is ' ., Lookabaugh, D. J ..j' 1 'a 1 Q xQ.zfm -. 54' Ackerson, R. Ackerson, W Altman, D. Altmeyer, W Bark, K. Bittinger, D. ,. , X ,I Claypool, P. Cravenor, D. Cravenor, R. Crissman, B. Crownover, M Davis, L. Fornwalt, S. Frailey, J. Free, R. Gearhart, D. Gehly, D. George, H. Hooks, D Jamison, C. Jamison, R. Johns, J. Kaplin, W. Keeler, T. ! .1 f ,, .H K Marshall, R. " Q . , McCormic, S. , 'VJ . -w "' if A ' W v ' McManus, J. I Q". 5' ,ggj .Lf -" f il McWilliams, R. 4 . V V , .1 ff' M, Meyer, R. X -N.- , I " -- if Q ul EMM " 1' FS: . , Miner' S' Moore, K. A Moorehead, L. '- Moyer, J. 1 s V ' f - L- Fw Newsom, D. f , f-5 wfff Norris, P. A . ' F 4 V: Omasta, G. I E ' X x.. .Ir in , k N Agp ' Orr, P. Af A 5 41 , L, 3 ! A , Pestonatto, A. ' ' 5 , ' 'Q -, " U , H ,Q 4 Peters, L. I Q A ---f an -jf ,..f ll1le5i1's,GR. IDL A X4 F ,. 1 .5" I .fi A Y! ' ., F, ., I fini!-.n,. . XJ 'x L5 1 4 AX - Pughese, M. Reefer, L. 4 1 Q Reigh, A. A -4 -1 A Q, -. Richards, M. 5, Pg- ' ' 4 . Q . ff Rishex, J. 'ffl ' W ,I it W .2 iz Rosenbergcr, M. - 2' 1 " ' ' 'V L., . 1, sq, Rupert, N. G W 'f I " 'IQ M N ...U Salsgiver, S. 5 5.4 'ri 15515 "tif" -I '5 F4 - L", l" gzmlgokgngost, P 'in ,f Q, A-f -T31 Shaffer, C. ' , A Q' - . . Shane: C. -- A I X 'Ll -. V, V V ' , I 1 1 P, Z , X Q small, R. Smay, J. SITICIIZCI, C. ' :H ' Q V x Smeltzer, W. X l ' - 'ij' v K X Smith, B. ,gy ' Spencer, L. .V 'K ' " .ff U N In .X swbnch, D. ' P , .gf '1 . M , . ,I Y , Stutzman, D. . ' Swank, V. "DAT 1 " is by Tosi, D. ' .' ' -L-, '--K, A 'v nf' Townsend, K. .Y sm' I' Townsend, L. ,gmt I 1 W. , f .IR lu Xxx Unger, C. Uh N.' ' R' 'Q' xx v O X 'fx AER Br waldenvine, B. ' I L 1 1 Wells, H. n ,JL . fr L 7 - .. Wood, J. , , ,p . L Q- .gg i Wright, B. "",' - ' 1 "ff ' at "tails, A, f' f' :li -4244 Q V I xv 1. 415 ' J 'Y -.. . ,gl Wyant, W. . , LS, V. -Swv . A he 55 4 2 ju. .N L- 3 V :mr "' ' 533.7 , Adams D. Aikens . Altmeyer , I N W "'+. - - W f- .2 'D ' K D . 1 Hg- . eo., W- 1 - ""' ' Anderson, D. f -.,, 1' XX... f N x r A ! , N Q'- I XTX-, .Jil R I B 2 Y. . f.,,r' -' Baker J. s ' " - , G Bell E. Birge, G. Q ' Blystone, L. 5 4 , U V " . V A Blystone, D. V 'F X H , ' " ' 5- AJ' Boarts, D. X' ,Qty ' ' ' -ff' 'L' , 9,7 B0a.1'tS, I x X . , ,s ' , 1. V f , Bonnett, R. 5 ' L7 '5 -- L F ' ' 5 ff' -3- '7.,17ff.+ 1 N' -X ' " xx , 1 ' L 1 "ln, ',-j f: . 1, - . . 1 ',,-- Boyer, A. mf an N 4' ' Boyer, A. 2.4. - fm +L. L Boyer, L. , wiv . iii, Q ' '. V-if! Boyer, W. A,,,,,:Lk3Q,- , .mx , ' r X Q ' Brumbaugh, M ' ' "tv .. ' I P-ff L - :' --l A . X , .X i X .. , .X v-:,'-N-QE? ,A ayik S Brumbaugh, R. Buggy, N. fx n Bungard, L. 'JT' 'l x . . . Burdett, D. . 'U ., ' X - " . ' ' . a -H Chauyaux, B. " Tj' 'iff ' ,,, 'J V .f ' ' Claypool, L. - , E ,I L ' Y ,, N- '37 Conn, W. 5, X ' N ' X it - . ' . nw . L .+.- . N., ,.,.,. , Cornett, C. - - , Cosgrove, B. gl . H' , , Cribbs, J. ' I ' ' X ' , ,lfw ' 'if Crownover, D. fx-y y, , -. ' . nw f. l- au y, . lb. n A Hx --. . 54 5 ,- N , v , . Davis, B. i . Dickman, P . M Duchon, s. . ,., fn ,, V T. ' F, 1, Elder, D. 3, w t , Q KU, 2-J Erdley, D. - ,xv ' ' ' ,b ' Ar". - , . Everhart, R ". -. V ' 5 ,, V' A' V - ' 4 . V A L S MS. xififbkax J , 94.41 2 ? I Faber, G. . V ' h I, A - ,lx lbw, Frailey, W. 'is ' ,L l JU . AL at ff Gearhart, L. J, .Q , S' jf f . 222123, N . ' 5" .,..- - Gilliland, S. ali ' W ' QW !"-7"P "FS-Vi' 1 ' . Ti:-15 rn fe.- Graff, D. Hagofsky, R. 1 Haney, J. F" " 1 I . -1. . ' 2' " . , ' Hankey, D. at '- li' ffj. fi ' I Q' , Y. Heath, S. A f , ,, 1 , ' ., , Hooks' G' ff: Y" aa, A D TX-'Y fn . if I ' f ' Ks b.. ' ' " ' . A , ' x - 5 ' ' Jamxson, K. -V 4- ' I , in Johnson, R. fi, 'qs " Q' , U ,1 . f ' 4 A 3, ' ,I Jones, G. N1 'C Q-Qfj U ,if Y ' Kaufman, R. f A W " .- .. ' Keuey. P. H, ff. Q ' -W '1 ffqf - 54. King, D. . . V . P x S QP 5 A V Klingensmith, E. b J ' ' A ' Klingensmith, R. IA K - , Marshau, R. 1 - ,f ri af V -- Tj McC1afferty, J. v' 'iw' ' 1 W ' McClafferty, E. v it . 2 ' I KVAA, u V fx 3 1244. - ' - 5 ' .li iw LQAM. ka , X, McClafferty, E. -' 3 an McE1hattan, W. ,, , 5 . "' ' - " I McGregor, W. , :gf xg, ty Q5 h 2.1! ming, Big. 5' ., 3 I X I Ming: P.' 'N A 'N F - Q-Y. ig aim.. ' Ir a Miller, V. f" Morgan, B. , Olinger, D. 'lf K . ' ' L M- " 'rx 4 ' gg Olillgef, err -' iz: ' gi? U On., B' I -5, " -If' V - ' 1 I 4 - -in '. ' .A . . .. 'Q V OH, E. S:'RX'Dh:ffx N A Kg . - 4 '- x Orr, I. , Q ' M , Painter, W. L- ' " " ,L 1 1 .7 v. " Q Q.. Peck, J. eff 'S 1 . "" Petho, R. ' "' I aj ft, , 'F " X I Klhl . ' Petrovich, T. ' r PW W ' -R.. -wh.. 'ye Pughese' J' Pugliese, J. . .V Rearick, D. , Es ' ' I , :.L f Reedy, T. ' N W, ' ,vw X B . .-, if fx A -. gf Reish, w. --if iifj 5 S ,v - ' ij' TN ' 'J Rennow, H. J KE- A - ' ,Y .,g Rennow, H. - ' A j EX , .gh -.fl I 4 x S .mf x-...L T., ni. 5. 1fQ:1.z. X- gr' . f F , I Rosenburger, D D F. :I -L B Rosenburger, R 2: ' , 5,7 ' 'N La!! A Supa-:rt,DP. ... H' ' ' I. ,-.J .fri upp, . ' n -'Q , in , Schall, D Shaner, P. m Shaw, N. ' , I w- ' 1 Shugart, C. 'qi' N ", ". . r 1 - -- sims, D. . 5-5 ge, 0 , .gg W Q1-F ,figj H' smaii, L. . 'X ' . ,, . ' . Smeltzer, G. ' 6'-"g n Q x . I . , f Smith, B. N' ' 'I .W . Smith, C. 0 .L V '14 , Wi rg, , fy' Spangler, S. ,jg-j "U .- C7 ' .-17 Spencer, L. . i .f' A T. . I Spencer, T. -. rw.. fi .. in '. -- - Q ,QPXX . I 1'-2 -1.-X .6 . K ' Stewart, W. . r -l , .l':!i1 Sim, S. A Stivison, D. ,,. 5 Q Q srubrich, K. .. "1 '7 ii. ' r .Q Thomas, D. --' Q-573 V -.131 'fi' '71, ' .1 Townsend, M. 5' V y , A X ' " , 1' , Unger, L. V - '. . " ..,, 1.51 ,IX A ' Lgx. i r iw:s.f.ii.. fs . . , mgyxx , Wilhelm, L. M D Wilson, R. 'L' L J I 1 qi.: Wingalfi, B. ,. r, ., I, ' - .T 1 Woodside, S. ' ' 'ff' A o 1, A Q Woodside, S. ' ' A f ' : P Woodside, W. its K rx -rf. -f1eiNxX 'JW ,'l5.42ig. , Wright D Young C Yount ,L 7 1 ' ' . -- .. a - 3 . , S. 1 , T' . .fwf v ,' .' N.. V' ,, - 1 ,- . 1 '39 -. . Q' W 'rf 1 , -'fs-"' ',-f ,A ff ,,--V, 'Z,,..,'-4' ,W ,..-f ..-.- 1 'f- ,,f.-f :rher f, , A-. .,- if Ae, --., ....-- ,- -1 ,tim ,Apu . bf -.., A+ 1 Q 5' 'M - ,f-..-, . 3, , "hoe- ""' , s as wr' " '4 ' I 4 w ,Q , v ' 'AAA ,ig . 1. El-Hi-An ji, STAFF MEMBERS ROW 1: Nancy Johns, Carol Mechling, San- dy Cribbs. ROW 2: Roger Richardson, Debra Orr, Patty Dunmire, Roy Waugaman. ROW 3: Georgann Kovacovsky, Linda Bicrer, Ted I-lankey, Linda Collar, Linda Scrips. ROW 4: Alfred Kimmel, Betty Schreckengost, Linda Anthony, Bryan Da- vis. ROW 5: Janet George. x, f -1.. Nil, 1 -. f l' N Je X 'u r I Janice Kunkle, Mary Baker, Nancy Schall. I 5 O 'n 'ag' 6 'p:'r ' X, 4i"""' X f' H. R. REPRESENTATIVES SPECIALTHANKS TO THE HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES: Linda Scrips, Vicki Jamison, Terry Troutman, Kay Orr, Patri- cia Aikens, Barbara Stitt, Bonita Free, Deborah Clepper, Barbara Wood, Taylor Orr, Larry Graham, Norene Rupert, Kim Moore, Connie Brumbaugh, Larry Unger, Cheryl Gehly, Glen Daughtry. Sfudenf Council l , gr L.. . 1, 49" Il ROW 1: Bill McElhatton, Larry Unger, Tom Spencer, Mark Pugliese, Sponsor: Mr. Torrance. ROW 2: William Altmeycr, Patty Wood, Donna Lookabaugh, Sandi Suran, Patty Rearick, Bernice Cosgrove, Susie Cravener. ROW 3: Georgann Kovacovsky, Penny Brown, Richard Murray, Larry Graham, June Cashdollar, Janet Miller, Larry Spangler, Randy Walker. ROW 4: Chuck Cumberledge, John Beers, Glen Gratzmiller, Dan Peck, Alfred Kimmel, Roger Hooks, Susan Forrest. OFFICERS President-Richard Murray, Vice-President- Susie Cravener, Secretary-Patty Wood, Trea- surer-Janct Miller. 1:7 PRES. AT WORK 60 Nofionol Honor Society NATIONAL HOPQS SOSETY A will 'Z Q' - 'Q ROW 1: Ted Hankey, Richard Murray, Richard Nelson, Patty Dunmire, Sponsor: Mrs. Mabon, Janet George, Molly Lambing, Georgann Kovacovsky. , if N M , f"P-ep egg' ,afar 3 Co-editors: Richard Murray and Molly Lambing. , Bobcofonno 5 - .ifir une: ROW 1: Georgann Kovacovsky, Bill Woodside, Delbert Graff, Glen Daughtry, Linda Scrips, Deloris Rupp, Karen Aikens, Sponsor: Miss Zahradnik. ROW 2: Debra Erdlcy, Deb Rupert, Rosalie Pugliese, Sandy Cribbs, Carol Mechling, Richard Rumbarger, Patty Rupert. ROW 3: Molly Lambing, Debra Orr, Maxine Wood, Linda Collar, Patty Dunmire, Kaye Sheasley, Janet George, Linda Bierer. ROW 4: Richard Murray, Ted Hankey, Greg Johnson, Stan Berdell, Alfred Kimmel, Terry Troutman, Bernard Kaplin. 61 Industrial Arts at P N-0 ROW 1: Lemon Frailey, Larry Smeltzer, Bob Leightley, Alan Davis, Richard Crownover, Sponsor: Mr. Kaufman. ROW 2: Don Paquet, Allen Yount, Tom Rearick, Tom Leightley, Michael Buggy, Mike Schall, Greg Perry. ROW 3: Stan Graff, Floyd Fennel, Gary Kauf- man, John Miller, Ed Dunmire, David Richardson, Bob Paquet, Ed Miller. ROW 4: Jim Burkett, John Beers, Glen Gratzmiller, Al Crownover, Daryl McNutt, Dan Heilman, Ron Schrecengost. OFFICERS: Treasurer-Tom Rearick, Ser- geant of Arms-Glen Gratzmiller, Vice Presi- dent-Dan Heilman, President-Allen Yount, Secretary-Greg Perry. First Place Alan Henderson - Bill Heilman - Dan Heilman - Table and C Ed Dunmire - Second Place Gary Toy - Alan Carl Henderson won second prize of S50 in the second national Scholarship Contest sponsored by the Stan- ley Works Division. He was one of ten finalists. His project was an Early American Hutch Cupboard. WINNERS AT KAUFMANS Second Place Cfiffee Table Glen Gratzmiller - Gun Cabinet Bob Leightley aptains Chairs Wood Lathe Third Place Michael Buggy Gary Kaufman Wall Plaque Bill Bgyef Desk Clock Table Desk Table x Ql Vice-President-Pat Rearick Treasurer- Linda Bicrer Secretary - Lin da Collar President-Janice Brumbaugh ROW 1: Richard Rumbarger, Barb Thomas, Judy Mikita, Alice Speer, Pat Rearick, Deb- bic Wyant, Linda Anthony, Carol Dixon. ROW 2: Sponsor-Mrs. Kipp, Betty Schre- ccngost, Gail Rothwell, Linda Rearick, Judy Flickinger, William Dixon, Bob Leightly, Linda Biercr, Janice Brumbaugh. ROW 3: Pam Rearick, Gary McCullough, Tom Leight- ly, Edison Miller, John Richardson, Linda Collar, Taylor Orr, Shirley Schall. ROW 4: Ron Uplinger, June Cashdollar, Roger Richardson, Gary Palmer, Joe Gearhart, Bob Farstcr, John Miller, Pam Rupert. I, FX, Z:,...1.-if la' - . J , . . . . ,.,,: , - . , -H5 Q- ,J ppu if fff TF .i F nfi i' ' ' , Il lr'-15' ' N 'mul' w. v, -' 7 :."'1- 'E'E??i .- '- I . Wi !.g.l. 1? -, ., me' - , f V 'il rf Q35 92.31,-'a"2I5gl 3 I l V W ----- nie. gi wiv, ' 'J -'JF V - 3 , f 1 ff- it J- ' "T" ., J -ff ' 1 Q JJ- -21,11 3 'fzzzz 1 "V A 5' -'M izirr: fx f 15 'J-has J. .,.. a 13, fain- , , '?r-.1 :::q:: l iii: 1954-5 wi.: : 2.1 ' ' '35, -. 1 - - '51 V V 'J .. an . V V . l .. . .- , .' .. ' ' 1 ' ' If ji-L -:.L!2L'fLf,g nfl- .JI Q W .. 63 Dromofics Club ROW 1: Patty Wood, Susie Cravener, Karen Fleming, Sandy Graham, Cindy Eckman, Roberta Frailey, Joyce Brumbaugh, Alice Speer, Kathy Seieh, Julie Zalmizer, Sponsor: Mrs. Smith. ROW 2: David I-lazlett, Carla Heffelfinger, Carol Mechling, Sandy Schrecengost, Debbie Young, Carol Rumbarger, Judy Gearhart, Sandi Suran, Patty Aikens, Georgann Kovacovsky. ROW 3: Janet George, JoAnn Berdell, Kathy Gillespie, Maxine Wood, Beverly Reigh, Debbie Orr, Darlene Fry, Patty Elliot, Roxanne Miller, Mary Lou Shearer, Nancy Van Horn. ROW 4: Kay Orr, Janet Miller, Bill Smith, Roger Hooks, Alfred Kimmel, Terry Troutman, Ted Hankey, Pam Ru- pert, Patty Dunmire, Linda Collar. OFFICERS: Vice President-Terry Troutman, Trea- surer-Patty Aikens, Secretary-Janet George, Pre- sident-Linda Collar. .i ze A Captain Alfred Kimmel Safely Patrol 0 T--r-:-'r-'T"'1' viy- ' J' " "' r' i ' ' ' ' i f :gr -ivt-me , 11,1-Q' 7flfi?"l. ' ' 1 ' X - Q ?':l'l'TJF1T'V E it 1 V 'r 'K-'-:iv H r . TTL it-r'rj3--1-A L . 3,1 Il 1 iiqfgg , f f ' . i - 0 ROW 1: Gary Schott, Bernie Kaplin, Richard Murray, Roy Waugaman, Jim Wood, Vernon Adams. ROW 2: Sponsor: Mr. Deemer, Sam Burdge, Greg Johnson, Jeff Elgin, Terry Troutman, Bryan Davis. ROW 3: Rick Collar, Tom Gratzmiller, John Heny, Alfred Kimmel. 64 Sr. Tri-Hi-Y ROW 1: Dixie Daughtry, Susan Smith, Susan Jones, Sandy Townsend, Helen Kaufman, Bonnie Free, LaRue Bur- kett, Lynda George. ROW 2: Debbie Painter, Diana Baker, Linda Bittinger, Diana Altmeycr, Gail Rothwell, San- dy Cribbs, Nancy Fornwalt, Margie Yount, Debby Wyant. ROW 3: Kathy Scl1rccengost,Barb Still, Joann Schall, Debbie Clepper, Blythe Quinn, Cassie Stull, Nancy Haney, Bonnie Boyer, Sponsor-Mrs. Denning. ROW 4: Leigh Kimmel, Pam Hankey, Lillian Cleve- land, Linda Bothell, Mona McWil- liams, Nancy Flickinger, Darlene Fry, Diana Hartman, Peggy Arron. OFFICERS: President-Kaye Shcaslcy, Treasurer-Debby Rupert, Chaplin-Roscmaria Stitt, Song Leader-Marilyn Richards, Vice-President- Ruthie Cravcner. J Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 6 TOP ROW: Bonnie Boyer-Song leader, Debbie Clepper-President, Linda Bittinger-Treasurer. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Haney-Vice-President, Mona McWilliams-Devotional leader, Cassie Stull-Secretary. ROW 1: Karen Cessna, Connie Brum- baugh, Rose Ann Ackerson, Debra Kough, Beverly Ruppert, Susie Sals- giver, Sandy Rupp, Donna Cravener, Linda Peters, Darlene Stutzman, Su- sie Fornwalt, Sponsor: Mrs. Clepper. ROW 2: Marilyn Richoids, Debbie Gearhart, Linda Morrehead, Janice Frailey, Rosemarie Stitt, Pam Orr, Marlene Kunkle, Peggy McElroy, Vic- kie Bowser, Ruthann Cravener. ROW 3: Darlene Newsom,Jackie Smay, Deb- bie Yount, Beverly Smith, Anna Dick- man, Patty Claypool, Bonnie Baker, Sherry Cockroff, Debbie Ruppert, Pam Schrecengost. ROW 4: Cindy Clawson, Debbie Decker, Lyneen Johnson, Patty Crispens, Linda Hef- flefinger, Elizabeth Bouch, Linda Da- vis, Parn Scanlon, Kaye Sheasley, Pam Howard, Beverly Crissman. Varsity Club President- Bernard Kaplin Vice-President- Roger Richardson Secretary- Gregory Johnson Treasurer- Jerry Kimmel ROW 1: Lemon Frailey, Gary Cravener, Dale Beers, Tom Quinn, David Hazlett, Gary Henderson, Joe Scrips, Mike Cravener, Greg Rosborough, Dave Oliver, Larry Smeltzer, Mike Fliekinger, Gary Rupert. ROW 2: Greg Perry, Jack Silvis, Dave Bonner, Tom Rearick, Chet Schall, Larry Spangler, Don Smith, Larry Elder, Mike Schall, Marvin Miller, Bill McClaffcrty, Don Paquet, Randy Walker. ROW 3: Sponsor: Mr. Quinn, Richard Thomas, Roy Waugaman, Bernie Kaplin, Steve Rupert, Richard Murray, Terry Johns, Bud Orr, Phil Kimmel, Larry Graham, Robert Kelley, John Richardson, Jerry Matson, Joe Martin, Sponsor: Mr. Pedcn. ROW 4: Bryan Davis, Roger Richardson, Gary Lightbody, Bill Waugaman, Floyd Fennel, Chris Peck, David Richardson, Chuck Miller, Vernon Demisch, Rick Mills, Ed Dunmire, Joe Gearhart, Bob Farster, Ron Condrick. ROW 5: Dave Graff, Terry Troutman, Jeff Elgin, Ron Schrecengost, Dick Mechling, Jerry Howard, Richard Collar, Dan Heilman, John Beers, Alfred Kimmel, Chuck Cumberledgc, Gary Johns, Mike Spencer, Tom Spangler, Roger Hooks. ROW 6: Greg Johnson, Roger Cornish, Dale Hooks, Stan Berdell, Gerry Kimmel, Daryl McNutt, Dan Peck, John Heny, A1 Crownover, Gary Toy, Gary Palmer, Gary Busch, Tom Gratzmiller, Glen Gratzmiller. ROW 1: Larry Smail, Gary Smeltzer, Bill Cupec, Susie Stitt, Sylvis Yount, Sue Ann Woodside, Richard Bennett, Timothy Reedy, Dale Sehall, Bill Woodside, Sponsor: Miss Tootell. ROW 2: Patti Kelley, Marcia Townsend, Bev Rupert, Sandy Rupp, Elaine Shea, Twila Petrovich, Barb Morgan, Deloris Rosenberger, Marlene Rosenberger, Debbie Woodside, Brenda Wingard, Patty Miller, Karen Aikens. ROW 3: Vicki Bowser, Barb Wood, Bonita Free, Lu Ann Spencer, Debbie Erdley, Barbie Orr, Cheryl Gehly, Jerry Cribbs, Ken Stubrick, Patti Rupert, Bernice Cosgrove, Debbie Elder, Deloris Rupp, Rosetta Roscnberger. ROW 4: Mona Stewart, Glenna Ris- hel, Susie Cravener, Julie Zahniser, Kathy Seich, Debby Painter, Janet Bennett, Karen Fleming, Patty Wood, Linda Serips, Betty Sch- recengost, Debbie Rupert, Nancy Buggy. ROW 5: Brenda Wright, Cindy Eckman, Bobbie Frailey, Patty Aikcns, Rosalie Pugliese, Judy Gearhart, Nancy Johns, Kaye Sheasley, Blythe Quinn, Pam Bussard, Carol Mechling, Georgann Kovacevsky, Alice Speer, Sandy Graham. ROW 6: Debbie Young, Sandy Sehrecengost, Jo Ann Berdell, Kathy Gillespie, Darlene Fry, Kay Orr, Pam Rupert, Debby Orr, Roxanne Miller, Sandi Suran, Janet Miller, Carla Heffeliinger, Nancy Van Horn. Viee-President- A - - - - - - Patty Wood President- Linda Scrips Secretary- Barb Wood Treasurer- Rosalie Pugliese the tr? -f 4 'S '-ii -5 -V fi ., l .. I- Q-1 1' -. ' .viii V ' 1 I A" Pep Club Science Club ROW l: Sponsor: Mr. Stewart, Wayne Kepple, Gary Cravener, Darl Rearick, Gary Schott, Dennis Rearick, Vernon Ad- ams, Dixie Daughtry. ROW 2: Vicki Bowser, David Hazlett, Deb Rupert, Greg Perry, Jim Wood, Llewelyn Griffith, Barb Wood. ROW 3: Pam Bussard, Penny Brown, Larry Elder, Ab- by Forrest, Carol Adams, Lil- lian Cleveland, Bernie Kaplin, Kaye Sheasley. ROW 4: Rich- ard Murray, Sam Burdge, Ted Hankey, Dick Mechling, John Heny, Larry Rosenberger, John Ellenberger, Denny Drumm, Susan Forrest. .5 'T -Q . -1 "" ix VI---'AQ Al T' V. L I i .1' A- " 4' ki . ' - C" , 6 6 , . " . fic .,i " fe' f , N' "j" 'TL 5. - ' . 4 a f' 1 L v , f ,- -Af 4. , ix -' " . vw, . 5. , 1 2 X cf L Qt -,Lex lr 4 'f M3 "M 4 0 4 . - .i ,X V .' G r 'z . Il 5 ' " P 5.4: OFFICERS: President-Ted Hankey, Treasurer- OFFICERS: Vice President-Ed Walker, Treasurer-Tom Quinn, Abby Forrest, Secretary-Susan Forrest, Vice Pre- President-Dennis Beard, Secretary-Bob McWilliams. sident-Vernon Adams. Conservation Club ROW 1: Russel Peters, Gerald Pritt, Gary Rupert, Robert Graff, Robert Birch, Greg Omas- ta, Sponsor: Mr. Rupert. ROW 2: Arthur King, Gary Blystone, Allan Boyer, Dave Oliver, Alan Davis, Tom Quinn. ROW 3: Jack Silvis, Jack McManus, John Smeltzer, Kelly Atherton, Don Smith, Douglass Leightlcy, Bill Waugaman. ROW 4: Bill Smelt- zer, Bob McWilliams, Eugene Newsom, Denny Beard, Ron Schrecengost, Randy Hooks, Ed Walker, Richard Thomas. C3593 N -X Future Homemokers of America -has . ,, U President Vice-President- Sarah Frailc y Pam Rearick Secretary-Sandy Schrecengost V .X Treasurer-Betty Schrecengost A Historian-Carol Dixon ROW 1: Linda Anthony, Barbara Thomas, Nancy Fornwalt, Judy Mikita, Carol Dixon. ROW 2: Sandy Schrecengost, Betty Schrecengost, Linda Moody, Sarah Frailey, Sponsor: Mrs. Ray. ROW A 3: Mary Jane Crispens, Peggy Fornwalt, Sue Altman, Patty Crispens, Pam Rearick. TOP ROW: Reporter-Ray Do- land, President-Ron Condrick, Vice-President-Floyd Boyer, Chaplin-Ed Graff. BOTTOM ROW: Treasurer-Gary Branan, Sentinel-Ed Walker, Secreta- ry-Gerald Ramer. ROW 1: Larry Elkin, Robert Graff, Ralph Smail, Jim Johns, Henry Birge, Arthur King, Robert Birge, Sponsor: Mr. Longwell. ROW 2: Ervin Faber, Ronald Blystone, John Smeltzer, Gerald Ra- mer, Robert Farster, Rodney Crytzer, Ronald Condrick, David Conn, Dennis Synder, Ken Branan. ROW 3: Kelly Atherton, Paul Faber, Richard Thomas, Denny Drumn, Delonc Thomas, Roger Hagofsky, Bernard Graff, Ed Walkcr, Bill Smeltzer, Eugene Newson, Jim Shea. ROW 4: Ed Graff, Dan Frailey, Bob Miller, Dennis Beard, Floyd Boyer, Dan Heilman, Sam Heilman, Gary Branan, Randy Hooks, Ray Doland. Future Farmers of America 68 Secretary-Carol Adams Vice-President-June Cashdollar President-Susan Forrest Treasurer- Lillian Cleveland French Club l w ROW 1: Sponsor: Miss Doman, Beverly Ruppert, Gary Cravener, Gary Schott, Debby Wyant, Vernon Adams, Dixie Daughtry. ROW 2: Debbie Yount, John Stewart, Judy Miller, Penny Brown, Barbara Stitt, Jim Wood, Butch Griffith. ROW 3: Christine Schott, Cassie Stull, Jo Ann Martin, Jeanne Lasher, Pam Scanlon, Debbie Shaffer, Bonnie Baker, Anna Dickman. ROW 4: Bill Isel, Carol Adams, Susan Forrest, Dick Mechling, June Cashdollar, Abby Forrest, Lillian Cleveland. ROW 1: Sponsor: Mr. Brumbaugh, Vernon Adams, Jim Wood, Larry Smeltzer, Gary Schott. ROW 2: Greg Perry, Edison Miller, Brian Davis, Roy Waugamen, Allen Yount, Mike Schall. ROW 3: Roger Hagofsky, Bob Paquct, Roger Richardson, Gary Painter, Sam Burdge. ROW 4: .Joe Gear- hart, Tom Gratzmillcr, John Hcny, Daryl McNutt, Vernon Demich, Bob Farster. Hi-Y Club Treasurer-Brian Davis President-Roy Waugamen Secretary-Daryl McNutt Vice-President-Mike Schall CASTLE OF ! fm. 2 fx GOLDEN DREAMS - - if """gLgS Awl-1 M - W ..- V If You Musf Wrife ipifmifw if 1? ,E V ' M GOA LR is VW MM fp N f NK if fi Q QR W M, Q3 kk me E ff!! ,f9fg?bW A ii? W5 WW QQ fjv Mfffnfffi Right Here Up jf? W rd My fi M M 'sw li L , ' EMM 13 D N 5253 QR N X W 'fi XT - . A T .,,- Q I Q' 1 5' . U, ,p Fra lx A 31.1 ,JL 'YE I 1 L IX!! 1 K4 6 . 9 L.. ! Q 4 -Nix Y . lj V-F4 , i 1' I-'Q I xxx srl? TA' il T3 fi QL J, I haf v5""T? . x - vb X 9' ,I ' , ,F,..qr,Pf Fx - ' J, 'Y 'f ' 1 ,,'1-1-iv-,l'E , 4 - - - ""':' ,q,Q,K.,,,, ., .,:' 1--M. -3.5 ,rn . ,, o. --JG- "fy - -2+-ess ,. .,. .U , . 'N -.1-, M - J, d f Y go ', ... F . P ,, f- pl, -..vn- ,-Nl" ' " - : v-nv, ,,,,T. ,fv- Bear' Goes On 75 Color Guard Leaders Of The Band lf? MM YM, fwv 32 r. Kay Cockroft, NancyVanHom, Linda Lauster Mr. Sasala Banner Carriers gi. ln A- ,. . hr Carol Mechling Kathy Gillespie Forward March wifi, . 1, Z :si ii Drum Drum Major Mojoreffe s , aggx Stan Berdell Nancy Johns Q I Bonme Boyer Judy Gearhart v W "N M ff, QB Maxine Wood I x Peggy Aaron . Mcporeffes Sandy Graham Sandy Schrecengast .:T GEO koi, Leigh Kimmel Janet Miller X W 'Q i R ' Joann Berdell LE Viaioreffes Sandy Suran Debbie Clepper Patty Wood Georgann K. Janet G., Nancy J. EN THEY PLAY SWEET Senior Concert Bond x - ' Q1 . ' "Q, 'Z f' f . "V QL' , , 1 .r I -Q . I, ., nfff' ,613 'H , J . CFO L ,eg -. .,,, .15 Q , t tf ,rt , e,,w f. - .Y .1 -- I J . tg. ., ,. J, 3, sf... ,,, - . W4 ' - Ql f 'L ' S" 'J Cf 5- QM- 7 - .-if Q . - .1 f ,u s,.tQ,g'P V J B t -J 'Q--ni, .- "42.'I'. ef' f J 'R f L' , A- J as-.9 ii-J A . if' N "vw N, in wry 'QR V' E F' "X 'g li ' V-J", ' 4+ A ' A Il! A. - L H' 'Li E.. J- 'v' :N I A ' N 'AI 'J VM, Y I . -- .- ..- ,, , .,n,, 4. H' 1 1 nn ur 'I -m Y .. ROW 1: Berdell, S., Bonnet, J., Woodside, D., Miller, S., Kimmel, L., Martin, J., Geidel, Z., Shaffer, D., Boyer, B., Aaron, M., Free B., Schrecengost, K., Kovacovsky, G., Gearhart, J., Quinn, B. ROW 2: Bothel, L., Johns, N., Bark, K., Burkett, L., Mechling, C., Peck C., Janet, G., Gillespie, K., Fleming, K., Frailey, R., Cockroft, K., Crownover, R., Ackins, P., Schott, G., Suran, S., Boyer, W., Free B., Buzzard, P., Clepper, D., Van Horn, M., Schott, C., Graham, S., Berdell, J., Lambing. M. ROW 3: Wood, P., Schrencengost, S. Shea, E., Lauster, L., Stull, C., Young, B., Cornish, R., Hankey, T., Elgin, J., Wood, M., Troutman, T., Walker, R., Graff, D., Jamison R.,Tosi, D.,Wells, H., Oliver, D., Smith, D., Smail, R., Hooks, R., McNutt, D., Heilman, S., Quinn, T., Smeltzer, L.: Griffith, L., Wood B., l-Ianey, N. ROW 4: Ellenberger, J., Hazlett, D., Keeler, T., Van Horn, N., Miller, J., Kaplin, B., Burdge, S., Scrips, J., Mr. Sasala Mechling, D.,Crovener, G.,Graham, L., Christy, R., Adams, V., Wood, J., Perry, G., Yount, A., Cumberledge, C., Stewart, J., Kimmel, P., Spencer, M., Heny, J., Smith, W., Rupert, S., Hellman, D., Young, R., Johns, T., Moyer, J., Peck, D., Kimmel, A., Kimmel, G. C .lumor Con cert Bond ROW 1: Miller, S., Cravener, R., Bark, K., Smay, J., Claypool, P., Cessna, K., Towsend, L., Haney, J., Richards,M.. ROW 2: Davis, L., Gearhart, D.,Shughart, C., Crissman, B., Woodside, S., Unger, C., Klingcnsmith, E., McWilliams, R., Aikens, K., Omasta, G.,.Graff, R., Braumbaugh, C., Boarts, J., Erdley, D. ROW 3: McCormic, S., Graff, D., Morgan, B., Frailey, W., Stivison, D., Wells, H.,Tos1, D., Kee- ler,T.,Jamison, R., Free, B., Spenser, L., Recdy, T., Klingensmith, R., Hankey, D., Kaplm, B., Unger, L., Altman, D., Moyer, J., Spen- ser, T., Crownover, D., Spenser, L., Mr. Sasalag Spangler, S., Schall, D., Dickman, P., Smcltzer, G., Hooks, D., Small, R., Ellenberger, T. 80 J l Boy What o Record -i ...i l N ., .:W"f'fi"'5?f 'ra ,r . - if 1 L-' 'Q mit' ' f,'-lm-','g21-f'gWife?-f5!3.if 'A A if 1' " ' ' ' "I f ,"- J pf.. 4: .--ff g Homer City lst place Worthington lst place xl Punxsutawney lst place .,, -.s Saxonburg 2nd place .1 r jff' Clearfield 3rd place fi 1 Tarentum lst place New Bethlehem Parade lst place A fBand Competitionj 2nd place ,ff ,l E.. , . 1 -.p, Q pg 3. . , - laargwx,-lL In ' 'if 'N 1. Hr.. e "" Y':-'fifzu . ' Q '-'f'1' !,. , , , 'At'--, V. ' . ' fri: 4 f " '.ff'F,r. iN:1?':iQ:'-4 4 .- . j' W 15. "'af3.'-LQ ' ' ' 1-'If-., .... This year our band represented our school at Dayton Fair on August 18. There they played several numbers be- tween races and intermission. Also the band was invited to the Indiana Fair. Along with twenty-five other bands we marched proudly past the grandstand as the spectators applauded the fine exhibitions. Afterward all the bands got together and played two great marches "Them Bases" and "America Forever." 81 THE ENJOYMENT OF MUSIC Senior Chorus ROW 1 - Daughty, D., Shea, E., Bowser, V., Ruppert, D., Kunkle, M., Yount, D., Stewart, M., Geidel, Z. Rupp, S., Mrs. Leisenring. ROW 2 - Braumbaugh, J., Clepper, D., Bussard, P., Crownover, R., Hazlctt, D. Waugaman, R., Oliver, D., Martin, J., Baker, B., Rothwell, G, ROW 3: Ruppert, D., Scanlon, P., Orr, D., Smith, B., Ellenberger, J., Heilman, D., Troutman, T., Rearick, K., Wood, M., Dickman, A., Rishel, B. Time Will Tell Junior Chorus eee e e i lezalll ROW 1 - Woodside, S., Stitt, S., Ackerson, R., Aikerrs, J., Smail, L., Boyer, L., Bittinger, D., Rupp, D., Peters, L. Brumbaugh, C., Yount, S. ROW 2 - McCormick, S., Moore, K., Gaily, C., Rupert, N., Stubrick, K., Unger, L. Spencer, T., Cracener, R., Orr, J., Haney, J., Salsgiver, S. ROW 3 - Richards, M., Erdley, D., Spencer, L Rishel, J., Altmire, B., Daughtry, G., l-leilman, B., Drumm, R., Orr, P., Rupert, P., Frailey, J., Spencer L. ROW 4 - Norris, P., Chrisman, B., Davis, L., Kaplin, B., Leightly, C., Ellenberger, T., McManars, J., Jamison, R., Bouche, E., Clawson, C., Klingensmith, B. 82 ll QI C' X 'Q . sv: W I1 Bond Chorus Officers Officers P. Wood,J.Gezu'hart,A.Yount,S.Berdell Martin, 1,3 ,Cleppeg D,g Wood, M Daughty, D.g Waughaman, R. Mrs. Leisenring CHORUS DIRECTORESS E510 if 3 sf Bond ,Lo Chorus . hr SENIORS . Semors Sen lors 83 ,,,.-, 113 .4---any.-v Q, -f--Sf-fa' - ft. 5 ,gif sf'A' 'SJ -',," , T -il 5. " A if , . . 5 V 41 ..-43 uf , :Av 4. -we .N-J f. .O Soccer Team H, 2 at 'Ari ROW 1: Howard, J., Johns, G., Hellman, D., Gearhart, J., Kimmel, A., Collar, R., Gratzmiller, G., Kimmel, J., Gratzmiller, T., Busch, Gz, Toy, G. ROW 2: Coach Mr. Olson, Orr, B., Elgin, J., Miller, C., Farster, R., Richardson, R., Demisch, V., Kaplin, B., Murray, R., Schall, C., Schall, M. ROW 3: Hooks, R.: Rearick, T., McC1affcrty, B., Matson, J., Miller, M., Walker, R., Elder, L., Henderson, G., Coach Mr. Quinn. ROW 4: Frailcy, L., Bccrs, D., Flickingcr, M., Quinn, T., Rosborough, G., Ruppert, S., Comish, R., Mechling, D., Graham, L., Silvis, J., Johns, T. C- D 'C' " . CO-CAPTAINS A , . ' 4 -vf""' ' +1-viii-F--F k'1-is it , 1 f . 'I -L pf. 4, inxu I , .. V if 'I . I Al' ' 4 i -. My . wpll ' Ln. .75 .YF Q li f' 95515 V E I fl: COACH QUINN COACH OLSEN GEARHART KIMMEL SENIORS ON THE TEAM -4.11 ROW 1: Richardson, R., ROW 2: Miller, M., Mm-- Gearhart, J., Kimmel, A., ray, R., Toy, G., McClaf- Kaplin, B. ferty, B., Farster, B. 85 Go Team Varsify Baskefball M Cumberledge, C. Berdell, S. Toy, G. Kimmel, G. Howard, G. Spangler, T. Gearhart, J. Richardson, R. MANAGERS MR. PEDEN ,R V 3 GT if 1. nl . 1 . Troutman, Hazlett, Spencer Cumberledge SENIORS Richardson Gearhart Toy Berdell 86' .l. V. Basketball Team LEFT TO RIGHT: ROW I - Quinn, T.g Silvis, .Lg Schall, M.g Scrips, J.g Mr. Brown fcoachj. ROW II - Schall, C.g Spangler, L.g Schrecengost R.g Richardson D.: Johns T.g Walker R.g ROW Ill - Mechling D.g Busch G.g Heny J.g Gratzmiller T.g Waugaman B. Junior High Basketball Team 'k.,l LEFT TO RIGHT: ROW I - Klingcnsmith R.g Schall D.g Graff D.g Woodside B.g Smeltzer G. ROW I1 - Boyer L.g Dickman P.g Heilman B.: Spencer T. ROW III - Kaplin B.g Hankey D.: Boyer A.g Wood J.g Shaffer C. 87 Wresfling eWE"'04 uma 58704 r TW, MUICS 0' K! N. 'S Qi qi 'x ETIC? 1 if flkiwwi ER70 1 ' 'Ry , ,warg 00 4 , r 1. Qfwrmzncsl 4 AMWCSQ 35135224 9-DER704' RBEIM4 Gaim' .QERTO .mins - W , ' mimics WS' v mum 5 :mmm my fl , in it iffiwfjl or ,ff-.4 ,Q -ii x is '-L. X A Warn 145' V V? 'l iw gqww- 4 gf I - 1 i -of --l rr' .f . H -3 I :: l ' l ' 1 W . I l Q 1' 7 1 - ' 1 ' - ' ' 7 Fi " if new I .. 5 ig.--L ei 1-'-A - I ul . Pritt J.g Rennow H. ROW Il - McWilliams R.g Young R.g Graham L.g Cravener G.g Smcltzer L.g Oliver T.g King A.g Flickenger M. Kimmel P.g Young B.g Smith D. ROW III - Perry G.g Bonner D.g Omasta R.g Richardson .l.gOrr B.g Fennel F.g Snyder D.g Martin J.g Matso J-3RC2IiCk T-ROWIV - Burdge S.g Hooks R.g Collar R.: Palmer G.g Peck D.g Crownover A.g Gratzmiller G.gJohns G.g Peck C SENIOR COACH SENIOR qw ' 5" S Chris Peck Mr. Stewart Tom Oliver VARSITY ROSTER 88 G. Cravener 138 F. Fennel 95 M. Flickinger 145 C. Peck 103 G. Perry 154 G. Gratzmiller 112 K. Branan 165 L. Graham 120 T, Rearick 180 R. Hooks 127 G. Johns Unl. R. Collar 133 J. Matson 88 ' LEFT TO RIGHT: ROW I - Mr. Stewart fCoachJg Pugliese M.g Wilson R.g Oliver D.g Orr T.g Rosborough B.g Griffith L.g McGregor W.g Volleyball Teom LEFT T0 RIGHT: ROW I - Managers: CSpencer M.g Troutman T.gJ Popp D.g Waugaman R,g Kimmel G.g Howard J.g Young R Lightbody G.g Richardson R.g Spencer D.g Coach: Mr. Quinn. ROW II - Schall C.g Hooks R.g Shannon B.gC1ark C.g Gratzmiller G Elgin J.g Hooks D.: Beers J.g Orr B. Seniors On The Teom 1 fi 4 I I , ' Mr. Quinn ' ' ' ' Coach "' 17, fx I . ' r Q 5 r Q Chuck I ' Rocky if .Q H Q X, ar' ' , -f 5 7 I .V r u- f , ,X Alf' 4 Stan Roy 89 Girls' Varsity Basketball Team V1 f If W I-.: I N2 ROW I: Orr K.: Brumbaugh J.: Schott C.: Smith S. ROW II: Rupert P.: Wood M.: Hoovert K. ROW III: Stull C.: Orr D.g Bierer L Cockroft K. I fn, ZYIXQ- . Managers: Zahniser J.: Young D.: Coach: Miss Tootell Girls' JV Basketball Team gsm W x I . 'Y uh: Y 1, V ' I ' S L, I LEFT TO RIGHT: Rupp S.: McElroy P,g Heffelfinger L.: Cleveland T.C.: Hartman D.: Hankey P.: Cockroft S.: Shea E.: Waldenville J. 90 ,qw . .s. .... - Kaplin Miller Gearhart Condrick f' -' - " 9. I 12' . I f R fx 'I ff I I - . A .N ,L .. r I , I. mv- Jffffffg fl I 'A - .33 r .aff 5, as ,Hg -f-E.. , ' -... . Y-23 fgk' A . ig .4 : - 1- 53-ro, "' ua f Baseball Team fBrown 's Boyslj J J' 2' I X , ROW I: Corncll B.g Popp D.: Richardson R.: Gearhart J.g Condrick R.g Berdell S.g Gratzmiller G.g Spencer D.g Kaplin B. ROW II Walker R.g Lightbody G.g Beers J.g McWilliams L.g McNutt D.g Johnson G.g Thomas R.g Davis B.g Schall C.g Coach Brown. RiChzlrdS0n Berdell Johnson Davis X9 4 ' ,x 4 5, - Y , A " Q K L f LI... - -, , 32" ' I , . - 1 . 'Lf .-L-jg..-I Q b- - - .....-.n,-. If ,L 3 .' ,.,, -6 ' 'Iii "" LT, , ,I -rf, V ' fl" n - X ' 'I'-"iw ' -. -. - ,I . ,IF " V N . X 'J' -'ff I ,ffziq -Aa-1.-"'.w A " V' 4 2733 -, ?"'11i9.-rss ' I M I ' 4-Ai., V5--'7' I --15"-.41 fb W- l If -. V ' , .. Jef- 2 9 -'-l"' A -' LP In-:g'.q,.4I . 'L-' A 1 K Q, X Z"f-:g1.f'- .fo I A ggiipef' 5411- .Q I 1 -V I . ew . '- 1 ' r- C: ' 1 ' ,I HRX . . mf . viii?-'14 'Q 1 A 95' -f ' --'A . H PY! ' .,.:V iw., ,533 ff 1 , ,Ng bf-'S iff-1 H.. 5394 ,," Tf.f'5g , 'Sig'-I. ,am-., E'1'f:Tf'i1.L'LZ.'15i',:L'f5'f I -. . ' 91 J. V. Cheerleaders Rupert B. CCaptainJg Bowser V.5 Free B.g Sheasley K.g Bussard P.g Woodside D.g Wood B. Jumor Hugh Cheerleaders Stitt S.g Spencer L.g Bark K.g Gearhart D. CCaptainJg Cravener R.g Erdley D.: Brumbaugh C.g Peters L 92 '1...4.s...l eQV'9 'gfiq . . WV" ', f A A 1 A' Georgann ' L ,L ' " K. . . . 1 X If I. l P Y .J A .4aL..l'LT.HAr' X Alice , , h S, y ' u S S Sf' , yi' A ,1 u , -ff LQ. U J V .4 Puny W. . l ' ' , X, .. S E N I O R S Linda - Nancy Carol I Georgann 1' ,sun 1 nf 5 -W.. - y ,. N x X1 . .A 'll , .v af! Judy Nancy Q l H x I ,, 3 1 I Vrlx 'QS 1, ,I v H: , ,fb I Ll' , . W ,HL l ,G UN, ,u L+ X. 3 ev E ' E Wx ' 'xfr Linda S. SPONSOR Blythe Q. L3 ggi . Mrs. Clepper QFNT HMO X x '51 1, , 7. . rnjk th LZ is R'-an . ng ,A , .. , , 1 , ff i 4 : "QE ff 5:14 i eff lr al. tt :K Ill' I 5,1-sill . j,,4r-an A 'gift' wifi. I1- F l li WTJWW fs Us , 'xy-J' '61 N5 CQCTGQDKVXX 'Pifbygyf 2,2 Q wmxfw Q19 Q-lc-:Lag .Q V dibqgpyyy' Sim hi lmug K QPF? . h, . Q.nfQn+fTA"Xf 2 PW W 01 f SWR 'LXLN42 +3 W' iw W il 5? of 45 . 'l, xg M ' gmkpx S 9- q5?O,f0 MMM dfwfv .W QM WQWQ ffgdjyj WMWWJQQ J W?f'N ff'd,w AWWQMWWWQ EMfWMWWWf V X . P QMQQ, Xfvijgxwf RM, WH PQQ Tx up H" My cmd 'm3"'Ymx S X91 Hp? W Wywm U, XQSQYQQQ WWWJW QM WM 55 N L ' M like, QD-fvvvvwchfv 1614 Mg mw M2 :1:1122TWQf??z2 H Ww33Wm w"5f'S 2Q Vf1j3f3bgZ 6 55?j?3g ig?ff?? SJ gl 3 222 f W1 5 it V fQ???xy2 92543 VK 6,43 E EQ Qi 2 ff J ,KX fi , fg " Qi 3 5-A D5 , ,fx W N 250223 3 If 14 U! we L QgiffHf?ff-f TS QW ,Y ,L .V ' Y - i i . 1 r I 1 z . 1 5 1 N 1 o L Q 4 i 1 i Q E . V 1 x 5 1 , . Y f . 1 I 1 1 L V

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