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ff Z A Q iffy aff '17 --3 A 1, 4 Cf f ff' Lfzff. J Lf ,f 5 FOREWORD This T959 edition of the El-Hi-An has been published with but one obiective: to cap- ture a year between its covers. While we know that lite at Elderton High School is a multitude of realities which are too intangible to be re- lated in black and white, perhaps in some small way we can preserve the friendships which we all hold so dearly. If this book will serve to bridge the past and bring to mind the priceless memories ot ioy and pleasures ot the year just gone, it will have served its purpose. There are those without whose efforts this book would not have been possible. The statt would like to thank all ot you. With these thoughts, we proudly pre- sent to you, the students, your 1959 El-Hi-An. X 'l ALMA MATER Elderton, Oh Alma Mater, Elderton, our Alma Mater, Sing we now thy name to uphold. Gloriously we sing, Praise her name, and win her fame, All Hail to thee with love and honor, With hearts so strong and bold. Evermore we'll cling. THE SENIOR CLASS OF PRESENTS THE 2 V: . .Zigi I ,gf-E il l! -NC 'P' f K 4' Q vt 'WG el . P NX N S A X if f - '65 'A 1.1 1951 , 7 RPM-i D TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword Page Title Pages Page 2 Dedication . Page School Board Page Administration Page Faculty Page Cafeteria Workers Page il Yearbook Staff Page 13 Athletics Page 15 Music Page 27 Activities Page 39 Underclassmen Page 53 Seniors Page 67 Ads Page 86 S Af S ff QQ, Q1 OJ fi Cf ELDERTON IOINT HIGH SCHOOL 1959 EL-HI-AN 3 , 21i.' D iL1"" if yi, ,?iQE3'!b 'tis .f V, ,f X r iffri fi 1-A vi' wif? f j QQ O 'f' 'i DEDIC T 0 --4 g if it . if E-if We, the senior class, wish to dedicate this book, the 1959 El-Hi-An, to our parents. Words cannot ex- press the gratitude we owe to you. Many times we have neglected to thank you when you praised us, guided us, and understood us during these years in high school. You have given us one of the greatest gifts of living-the opportunity of an education. From our teacher we have acquired knowledge, from our school we have made many friends, but from you, our parents, we have learned to live, to love, and to under- stand all that we have been given. You have been our friend, our teacher, and our ideal. What we are we owe to you. We are ready now to close this chap- ter of our life, and go into our many different direc- tions. lt is our wish that wherever we may go, what- ever we may do, we may give to others the love, kind- ness and understanding you have given us. 'I' iii YE lf! - - 6 K ,gs 1 , f ff f ff- CHGGL BO RD Seated: Mr. Gray, Mr. Kimmel Standing: Mr. Fleming, Mr. Smith Seated: Mrs. Kimmel, Mr. Say Standing: Mr. Cribbs, Mr. Zeisler The students cmd faculty of Elderton are grateful for the fine people of our community who give freely of their time and eftort to serve on our school board. Our board has implemented our growth, and continues to do so with the pro- posed completion of the building program. Seated: Mr. Geidel, Mr. Adams Standing: Mr. Hileman, Mr. Rupp, Mr. Cornish 5 Seated: Mr. Frailey, Mr. Wells Standing: Mr. McNeeley, Mr. Hawk, M Gamble DMINISTR T10 To: Senior Class From: Mr. Paul W. Claypool You came into seventh grade six years ago L with the tools of learning to do high school work, As each one applied himself to the task of learn- ing you have shown leadership, character, and determination to advance. These qualities will determine success in your future lives. To: Senior Class From: Mr. Alex J. Kunkle Class of l959, our hope is that the faculty, books and associations at your Alma Mater will have made so deep an impression on you that you will be more able to meet the difficult situa- tions in modern life. We wish you success in the years ahead. fs.. . .ny L41-cahk Q! . if Q Mr. Alex J. Kunkle Mr. Paul W. Claypool i 0 C265 :."o Z' 3 , Mrs. Frantz Mr. Curtis L. Rohm MVS- EUWGf1iClK Secretary to Mr. Kunkle Guidance Counselor Secretary to Miss Mulholland Miss Rearick Miss Weaver Secretary Secretary 6 S X Mr. George E. Kerr, Jr., reccived his B,S. degree at Indiana State Teachers College. He teaches bookkeeping, shorthand, typing and office practice. Miss Bernice Klingensmith attended the University ot Pittsburgh. She has a B,A. degree. She teaches English and is our Spanish profesora. fi '5' Mrs, Mary P. Denning holds the tart in civics and Pennsylvania history, American history and general science. An alumna of l.S.T.C., she holds a B,S. degree from there. Mr. Herman E. Rupert teaches biology and is our calm and cool driver ed teacher. He attended l.S.T.C. and Pennsylvania State University. He holds a B.S. degree. QQIQ ULTY Mr. Allen Stevenson presides over P.O.D., senior English, and world history classes. He is a graduate ot l.S.T.C. and holds a B.S. degree from there. Mr. C. Arthur Wilson teaches business law and mathematics, English, science and geography, bookkeeping, and business survey, He has a B.S. degree from I.S.T.C. l Mr. Russell A. Brumbaugh attended Clarion S.T.C. He holds o B.S. degree from there. He teaches English, speech and driver ed. He also is the sponsor ofthe EL-HI-AN. Mr. Curtis L, Rohm holds a B.A. degree from Washington and Jefferson College and a M.Ed, from the University of Pittsburgh, He is our guidance counselor and chemistry teacher. Mr. Richard Kaufman attended California S.T.C. and earned his B.S. degree. He is our capable industrial arts teacher. - A E .....,.-W.. s lllfi . . --1 sr. . 9 - 3 - Qi ssi ' . - X ess' .- I - 1 J -y I M eiikiei, Miss Frances Sellers is our stylish home economics teacher. She claims Penn State University as her Alma Mater and holds a B.S. degree from there. Mr. John Deemer teaches mathe- matics, science, geography, and guides our Student Council. He is an alumnus of I.S.T.C. and holds a B.S. degree from there. gwmnwm--on Mr. Joseph Debsky, our instrumen- tal director, earned his B.S. and M.Ed. degrees in music education from California S.T.C., lndiana S.T.C., and Pennsylvania State Uni- versity. Mrs. Jesse Colgan teaches history to our Junior high students. She holds a B.S. degree from Indiana Siat Q T e Teachers College. Mr. Jack Quinn has charge of boys' physical education and the athletic program. He holds a B.S. from Slippery Rock S.T.C, and a M.Ed. from Pennsylvania State University. Miss June Gosnell received a B.S. degree from Slippery Rock S.T,C. She is our energetic teacher of girls' physical education. V N r 1 r w OUR GG - ANDLER 9, --i....- 5 V 'B is , 5 H I ev 1 ...-.,,, .. E-,ex ,. ,. .Q x. uf, ,'.. l 1 Q . 'vs' ff - .x- if Y 1 , .LH 3 " -'cw' ' ' ' S, . .vi - .1'v 4, . ' 2 ., gy? Florence Freehling, Gladys Cravener fHead Cookj, Geraldine Cessna, Charlotte Cessna, Lida Cessna, Rose Wood. Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Celery and Carrot Strips Hard Roll Butter Apple Crisp Milk ll Sloppy Joes Potato Chips Pickles Jello Salad Milk MN ,Q -.1-.,-.. . .... ,. , . PEECH THERAPIST - MISS CCPETAS Miss Copetas, Armstrong County Speech Therapist, has been coming to our school for three winters. This year she spent each Monday morning helping students who have speech problems. Miss Copetas is from Pittsburgh. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with both a Bachelor's and Master's degree. She worked in the Children's Hospital and the Industrial Home for Crippled Children. She then worked for three years with Dr. Earl R. Carlson, Cerebral Palsy Spe- cialist, in New York and Florida. It was then that she came to Apollo to help organize a clinic for cerebral palsy. Miss Copetas now lives in Apollo. She handles both the Apollo and Elderton districts. She visited ten schools a week and taught 300 students this winter. She had 18 students in our school this winter, and in the three winters she has been here, she has had 60 students. Five students came to her of their own accord to ask for her help in solving their speech problems. 12 Seated: Patti Bush, Kcuye Fronlz, Kathy Cravener, Standing: Jayne Williams, Kay Hcriman, Marge Kc1lhyBo:len Reorick, Kolhy Altman, Tom Klingensmith, Mr. Brumbouglw Mr 'ff X X X X Co-Eclilor Co-Edifor Kathy Borlen Kofhy Crczvener 13 YEARBOOK L. to R.: Margie Rearick, Kaye Frantz, Jayne Williams, Janet Schrecengost, Kay Hartman, Patti Bush, Kathy Altman, Tom Klingensmith. Seated: Co-Editors, Kathy Cravener, Kathy Baden. Seated: Kaye Frantz, Patti Bush, Business Managers. Standing: Janet Schrecengost, Kay Hart- man, Secretary, Artist. fx' 1 ' 14 l. to R.: Jayne Williams, Liter ary, Kathy Altman, Clubs, Mar gie Reariclx, Music, Tom Klin gensmith, Sports. AX X J KN L51 vb ,Q fk A fx! GK fy XZ Qfmm JS! MDIXU A fy X A gjw Wynford Johnson Ken Baker Glenn Kimmel 6' 3V2" Jim M. cider 5' 11" Forresi Burkett 5, 5,, Bill Brown 5, 9,, Buck Row: M. Miller, G. Kimmel, Mr. Quinn. Third Row: G. Cumber- ledge, J. Gillespie, J. Gidel. Second Row: R. Wood, K. Boker, B. Brown. First Row: F. Burkett, M, Sleose, W. Johnson. VARSITY EHS East Brody EHS Worthington EHS Marion Center EHS Purchose Line EHS Worthington EHS East Brody EHS Marion Center EHS Korns City EHS Washington Twp. EHS Apollo EHS Soltsburg EHS Dayton EHS Bell Avon EHS Elders Riclge EHS Shcmnock EHS Washington Twp. EHS Apollo EHS Sultsburg EHS Dayton EHS Bell Avon EHS Elders Ridge EHS Shannock VARSITY ASKETB LI Mr. Quinn Mr. Brumbauglw EHS 30 East Brady EHS 39 Worthington EHS , .27 Marion Center EHS 28 Purchase Line EHS 23 Worthington EHS 32 East Brady EHS 26 Marion Center , EHS 25 Kcrns City EHS 31 Washinglon Twp. EHS 32 Apollo , EHS 35 Soltsburg . EHS ,30 Dayton , EHS 23 Bell Avon EHS, . 22 Elders Ridge ,. . EHS . 32 Shannock EHS 40 Washington Twp. EHS 27 Apollo EHS 45 Saltsburg EHS 29 Dayton EHS 25 Bell Avon .. EHS 53 Elders Ridge EHS 28 Shannork UNIOR VARSITY l.to R.: Monty Miller, Chris Kimmel, Doyle Cribbs, Wally Artman, Lester Rishel, Richard Schaffer Fred Wood Eddie Flemming Tom Cribbs, Mr. Zambotti fcocchi. 18 26 21 56 56 2? 44 64 54 25 57 'I9 51 43 33 35 29 26 39 65 30 57 40 MANAGERS Tom Klingensmirh Bob Clepper Don Townse S KERR'S KIDS 19 4-uQ.,M ...L CHEERLE DER Lorem: Jane Barb Carrol Q. 20 A L li? Jayne Kay . MM1 Pcmi I K A, 5 l if AW l E A L - 'J E Charlie CHEERLEADER M-'-me Phyllis Carolyn Morgue 5 L. to R.: Mr. Quinn, R. Wingard, E. Boyer, R. Miller, J. Gidel, Front Row: C. Schrecengost, B. Schull, F. Burkett, W. Johnson, R. Smith. THE OLLEYBALL TE M 9 xr The Volleyball team did very well last year by winning the trophy you see at the left of this page. This trophy was given to the winners of the W.E.D.S. Conference which consisted of Worthing- ton, Elclerton, Dayton, and Shannock Valley, respectively. 23 THE BASEB LL TEAM .95 Q: L I' Qi., L. to R.: Mr. Quinn, J. Alfmeyer, J. Gidel, L. Erdley, G. Cumberledge, D. Peroffi, B. Espey, G. Smiih, R. Smlfh T Kllngensmlfh Front Row: B. Reurick, F. Burkefi, B. Geolrhurf, M. Slecise, B. Scholl, R. Smith, J. Freehling, B. Brown, K. Boker C Schrecengosf E.H.S. 2 4 3 'I 4 5 SCORES Dayion Dayton Elders Ridge M Marion Center Elders Ridge .. Marion Center Opp. 0 5 2 4 .. .,.,3 8 Mr. Quinn V K O .f fhfn J 4 Q? V N Q Wg W fx fN QSQJQ QQ R D O SE IOR BAN Gif ..--,. Ak.. Kathleen Boden William Brown Patricia Bush Kaye Frantz Nancy Freehling Diane Lias Charlesetta Miller Nancy Moore Seniors Mariorie Rearick Terry Rearick Patricia Rupp Dianne Rupert Mary A. Schrecengost Lisle Schrecengost Jayne Williams Carolyn Wingard Wayne Yount Juniors Pauline Boyer Kaye Clark Mazie Fleming Jane Frazier Ronald Gearhart Peter Hankey Judson Kimmel Phyllis Kunkle Michael Slease Mern Williams Sophomores Sandra Altman Nancy Airgood Gail Bush Carrol Clark Jane Claypool Robert Clepper Loretta Cravener Glenn Cumberledge Merle Dunbar Bill Espey Ed Fleming Richard Gamble Joe Gillespie James Hankey Michael Heny Chris Kimmel Linda Kovacovsky Jerry Longwell Joe Miller Donna Rearick Monty Miller Olivia Rosborough JoAnne Rowley Bill Rupp Linda Schaeffer Jane Schrecengost Loretta Thomas Gregory Waterson Beverly Wells The smart green and white uniforms of the Senior Band are familiar sights at numerous firemen and community parades. Under the capable direction of Mr. Joseph Debsky, the band has won prizes at most of the parades they attended this past summer. This year the band is planning to appear in the Lions Parade in New York City, a great honor for us. The band gratefully receives the support given them by the Lions, Band Mothers, school board, administration, and towns- people in this and other proiects. The band held its annual concert on March 20th, featuring all types of music. We were proud to have representatives at county, district, and state music festivals. Monty Miller is drum major. Our officers are Mary Alice Schrecengost, presi- dent, Patti Rupp, vice-president, Charlesetta Miller, secretary-treasurer, Bill Rupp, librarian. 28 MAIORETT Fi .J 'ix Llo R.: Fay Clepper, Jayne Williams, Sue Fulmer, lorefla Cravener, Charlesella Miller, Carol Clark, Gail Bush, Patti Rupp, Carolyn Wingard, Kay Clark. Kneeling: Mary Alice Schrecengosf. COLOR C ARDN Martha Silvis, Diane Lias, Nancy Freehling, Phyllis Kunkle. 29 ANNER C RRIER WF' Nancy Moore Diane Rupert UN IOR BAN S 'qi 'C M -i A 4' L Q Q A - S Freshmen Bonnie Altman Janet Longstreth Walter Boyer Shirley Miller Fay Clepper Newton Rosborough Kay Clepper Jill Schall Sue Fulmer Richard Shatter Robert Lockhart Barbara Smay Brenda Wells Eighth Grade Larry Brown Gerald Elgin Karen Jo Frantz Joyce Johnson James Lockhart Arlene Longwell Patricia Porter Linda Reariclu Vivian Rearick Norma Reefer Seventh Grade Jean Airgood Joan Airgood Allen Adams Florence Cashdollar Larry Christy Donna Cunningham Sandra Dingledine Donald Fleming Patricia Graham Janet Haney Grant Schrecengost Linda Hileman Martha Silvis Ruth Kimmel Jack Kinnard Jacqueline Kinnard Karol Kovacovsky linda McNeely Asa Miller Pauline Miller James Mills David Scanlon Susan Schall Richard Slease Karen Smith Nancy Stitt Donald Stubrick Ramona Townsend James Uptegraph Gail Waterson Vaughn Wood James Rupp The Elderton Joint Junior High Band is made up of seventh, eighth, and ninth graders. Although some of these students appear with the senior marching band and concert band, they are a band in themselves. They prepare and present their own annual concert and other programs. The Junior Band performs standard junior band music which prepares its members for more advanced band work. The ofticers are: Shirley Miller, President, Sue Fulmer, Vice-President, Bonnie Altman, Secretary-Treasurer, Vivian Rearick and Karol Kovacovsky are the librarians. 30 DA CE BAN Q i Back Row: Richard Gamble, Mern Williams, Bill Brown. Second Row: Mike Slecse, Jud Kimmel, Loretta Thomas, Jayne Williams. First Row: Charlesetta Miller, Pete Hankey, Patti Bush, Margie Rearick. The Elderton Joint High School Dance Band has become an important feature in the Elderton High School music program since it was organized by Mr. Debsky two years ago. Already it has appeared at school and community dances, service club programs, radio broadcasts and a dinner dance. The dance band rehearses outside of regular school hours. Its membership is limited to the top students ofthe concert band and it serves as a supplementary musical activity for those students who have the time and ability to take advan- tage of it. Mr. Debsky thinks that the dance band provides an excellent means of improving musicianship, and it also provides additional musical experience for the most outstanding members of the concert band. 31 I fi " Q SENIOR M IORETTE 5 X R. Q :L ,gh , K f Z' I5 :P L- 1 F V .' Q l 'O - li I , a 451 3 5 ' " ,A-W 6 . , SES 11 X Charleseifa Millerg Jayne Willigmsp Mcury Alice Schrecengost, Head Majorettep Party Ruppp Carolyn Wingard. 5 i s we www . NSE MBLE 1 P B se: D J Qt 'Q J 'I Q X X X .X . B -Q, Lio R.: J. Williams, M. Schrecengosf, P, Rupp, P, Bush, M. Reuriclc, C. Miller, N. Freelwling. SE IOR CHOR S wer . "Qin t fi . , frm Back Row, L. Io R.: Mrs. Leisenring, M. Schrecengosi, C, Wingcard, L. Kovocousky, B. Brown, J. Kimmel, L, Schrecengost N Moore, M. Reorick. Second Row: P. Rupp, P, Kunkle, C. Miller, D. Miller, P. Hunkey, W. Yount, D, Rupert, D. Lius N Freehling. First Row: J. Rowley, P. Bush, J. Williams, P. Wright, B, Moore, B. Miller, E, Boker, J. Clczypool, L. Thomas 33 x'Y Ls g th GRADE GIRL CHORUS Bork Row: K. Smith, J, Airgood, B. Troutman, M, Cogley, J. Snyder, E. Hanlcey, J. Thomas, J. Honey, F. Cashdollor, J. George B. Williams, C. Forester, S. Brockett, J. Kinnard, S. Smith, M. McCullough, A. Turner. Third Row: D. Townsend, J. Georhart C. Balmer, E. Fry, S. Woltenbargh, N. Leightly, S. Hallett, l.. Wilhelm, R. Townsend, M. Beck, B. Eldridge, L. McNeoly, J. Air good, C. Wood, P. Kimmel, S. Stitt. Second Row: H. Reefer, D. Cunningham, S. Elclin, N, Beers, D. Stutzrnan, J. Shellhammer R. Kimmel, B. Smith, B. Slystone, S. Scholl, N. Stitt, S. Dinglesine, R. Stitt. First Row: l.. Hileman, B. Troutman, K, Kova covslxy, G. Waterson, P. Graham. This chorus is composed of fifty-one seventh grade girls. They were com- bined with the other three junior high choral groups for the Christmas program. Participants in the play were Eleanor Hankey, Donna Stutzman, Barb Troutman and Beverly Troutman as angels, and Carol Forester as Mary. The ofificers for this year were: Karol Kovacovsky, President, Linda Hileman, Vice-President, Gail Waterson, Secretary, Barb Troutman and Patricia Graham, Librarians. 34 9th GR DE BOY CHORUS 'a ai Back Row: J. Dunmire, C. Miller, W. Graham, D, C. Miller, F. Woods, R. Montgomery, R. Meyer. Second Row: R Lockhart H. Schrecengost, R. Townsend, D. Scott, P, George, S. Campbell, R. Frailey. First Row: G. Gearhart, L. Rishel, R Shaffer L. Rea rick. Another of the four junior high choral groups is made up of ninth-grade boys. The Christmas Program, taken from the "SlNGING TEENAGERS," was composed of these songs: "O Come, All Ye Faithful," "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel," "Silent Night," "What Child is This?," "The First Noel," "We Three Kings Of Orient Are," and "O Little Town of Bethlehem." John Dunrnire portrayed Joseph in the play. The ofticers are: Richard Shaffer, President, Glendon Gearhart, Secretary, Lester Rishel and Larry Rearick, Librarians. 35 9th GRADE GIRL CHCRU . . if it 5 ' S to fl ' 'fi' N f ,A,. i ' Q 'FM yf t 'r -"' S Jr Back Row: A. Sheasley, D. Blaney, D. Wright, M. Hartman, J. Longstreth, J. Forrest, B. Smay, M. Altmeyer, S. Fulmer, S. Mil Ier, D. Wilhelm. Third Row: A. Wright, M. Sloan, S. Reefer, L. Claypool, N. Reefer, B. Wells, B. Altman, J. Schall, G. McEl hattan, D. Schall, L. Smail. Second Row: S. McKinney, D. Stutzman. P. Williams, E. Davis, F. Clepper, K. Clepper, M. Town send, R. Blose. First Row: S. Perry, C. Johnson, B. Silvis, S. Cessna. This is the ninth-grade girls chorus. These girls sang in the Christmas Pro- gram and for the baccalaureate service. The narrators for the Christmas Pro- gram were Marlene Sloan, Maxine Reefer, Roberta Blose, and Duanda Stutzman. There is also a ninth-grade ensemble made up of Barbara Smay, Marie Alt- meyer, Sue Fulmer, and Shirley Miller. They sang in the Christmas Program and for a P.T.A. meeting. The officers are: Sandy Perry, President, Joyce Forrest, Vice-President, Carol Johnson, Secretary, Beverly Silvis and Sandra Cessna, Librarians. 36 th GR DE BOY CHORUS X Buck Row: R. Schall, R. Kanouff, R. Popp, J. Dickman, G. Gearhart, L. Hankey, J. Rupp, C. Fennell, T. Smith. Third Row: V. Wood, R. McEIhattan, D. Scanlon, F. Wofford, J. Oliver, R. Brown, J. Uptegraph, M. George, D. Stubrick, A. Miller. Second Row: R. Johnson, J. Little, R. Rearick, G. Johnston, E. Blose, R. Cessna, T. Cockroft, D. VanHorn, J. Kinnard, L. Bierer, T. Dc- brosky. First Row: D. Slease, A. Adams, J. Mills, R. Smith. These boys are seventh-graders and make up the last iunior high choral group. In the Christmas program James Little, Garry Johnston, Don Stubrick, Ed Blose, Richard Schall, and Garry Gearhart participated as shepherds and wise men. The officers for this year are: Allen Adams, President, Dick Slease, Vice- President, Jim Mills and Roger Smith, Librarians. 37 1 SE IDR CHORU' OFFICERS Phyllis Kunkle, Librariang Jud Kimmel, Co-President, Pete Hanlxey, Librarian, Dianne Rupert, Ca-President Elaine Baker, Secretai y-Treasurer. The Senior Chorus is composed of sophomore, junior, and senior students who enioy singing. The chorus sends delegates to the various choral festivals in the area. This year a Christmas Cantata and a Spring Minstrel Show were pre- sented tothe public. The proceeds were used in paying for the choir robes pur- chased earlier in the fall. We are grateful to Mrs. Shirley Leisenring, our director, for the guidance she has given us, The oflficers for this year were: Diane Rupert and Jud Kimmel, Co-Presidents, Elaine Baker, Secretary-Treasurer, and Phyllis Kunkle and Pete Hankey, Librarians, 38 r ACTIVITIES un MI W 'I may-.5 -il- A 9 II oc fX J ji s02zgQ,, 7I' 'A I x I 9 Q QA CMV - X fx X xk 1 42- , if Z' 39 STUDE T COUNCIL X A L, W ,,, 5 . L. to R., Back Row: L. Kovacousky, J. Forrest, J. Weaver, W. Johnson, J. Gidel, J. Kimmel, N. Rosborough. Middle Row: J. Weight, J. Schrecengost, N. Frye, J. Williams, J, Rishel, L. Wood, S. Altman, Mr. Deemer. Front Row: L. Brown, D. Lasher, S. Schall, B. Schrecengost, K. Clepper, J. Gearhart, J. Waterson. The Student Council is the student government of Elderton High. Member- ship includes: class presidents, four representatives elected in the homeroom ofthe Senior High classes, and three representatives from the Junior High classes. The purpose of this organization is to work in co-operation with the ad- ministration in promoting school citizenship. The student council sponsors the assembly cards, the annual Amateur Show, and a spectator bus to some of the basketball games. l.to R.: Linda Wood, Corresponding secretary, Jud Kimmel, Vice President, Jayne Williams, President, Judy Rishel, Treasurer, Norma Fry, Secretary. 40 SENIOR TRI-HI-Y The first Tri-Hi-Y Club was organized in 1930, as a unit of the State Y. M. C. A. Tri-stands for the threefold purpose of the Y. M. C. A., Hi- exemplified by high school girls, and Y- affiliation with the Y. M. C. A. The Tri-Hi-Y has many service projects such as giving Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to needy families in the community, obtaining items for our school, and giving toys to orphan homes at Christmas. ln order to carry on these projects, we sell Christmas cards and magazine subscriptions. The Tri-Hi-Y gives each year to a worthy mem- ber of the club, S100 to help finance her college education. The Tri-Hi-Y code, very religious and inspiring, should be followed by everyone: To build a better world, Ready I must be, In the place where life doth find me, Holding fast, yet pushing on into glorious ad- venture, You-and l-and God. 'QWQX , Y L l Front Row N Airgood J Frazer P Reed M Leonard P. Kunkle, D. Rearick, S. Altman, L, Cravener, G. Bush, B. Wells S Claypoole M Schrecengost K Van Horne L Wood J. Weight, K. McKiney. Second Row: O. Rosborough, D. Mclntyre P Bush L Thomas N Frye M Flemming M Fralley L Schaffer, R. Cole, J, Rishel, M. Frick, D. Clever, K. Boden, P. Boyer J Williams K Altman J Reed C Clark Third Row C Miller, M. Rearick, B. Blaney, L, Kovackosky, K. Frantz, S. George M Schellhammer I Scheasley N Freehllng E Hoover C. Rishel, B. Anderson, J. Claypoole, J. Parks, K. Clark, C. Win- 41 UNIOR TRI- HI-Y ...c l ,s. , Back Row, L. to R.: B. Smay, S. Fulmer, L. Beere, M. Hartman, D. Reefer, E. Sowers, B. Blaney, N. Baker, J. Forrest, J. Hankey, M. Gearhart, E, Klingensmith, K, Frantz, C, Dickman, M. Altmeyer, S. Miller, S. Matson. Third Row: B. Schrecengost, P. Porter, K. Altman, B. Silvis, S. Karns, G. McElhattan, B. Altman, B. Wells, J, Schall, J. Smeltzer, N. Reefer, T. Smeltzer, S. Perry, V. Reariclc, L. Rearick. Second Row: R. Lukehart, P, Williams, P. Hartman, R, Rosenberger, M. Reefer, R. Blose, C. Johnson, A. Johnson, E. Boyer, E. Blose, S. Cessna, M. Silvis, K. Clepper, F. Clepper, First Row: Mrs. Frazier fadvisori, S. McKinney, E. Blystone, D. Lasher, J. Johnson, J. Rosenberger, N, Ditmore, The Junior Tri-Hi-Y is an organiza- tion for girls of 8th and 9th grade. The purpose of our organization is to create, maintain and extend through- out the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. We believe in Clean Living, Speech, Athletics, Scholarship. It is our hope that the Junior Tri- Hi-Y will help the girls achieve a more Christian way of living by developing self discipline and a growing sense of responsibility, by maintaining a high standard of values, by perform- ing useful community service, by co- operating with other groups of young people to achieve these obiectives. . JF' Back Row, L. to R.: Kay Clepper, President, Sue Fulmer, Secretary Joyce Forrest, V. President. First Row: Fay Clepper, Treasurer, Carol Johnson, Song Leader, Shirley McKinny, Chaplain, 42 HI-Y CLUB X Froni Row: J. Hcxnlxey, W. Espey, F. Burketl, L. Bowser, P. Honlcey, Mr. Pcmciero. Second Row: J. Longwell, D. Beck, W. Johnson, W. Youni, L. Schrecengost, G. Woterson, D. Kcznouff, Third Row: W, Crownover, T. Klingensmifh, G. Kimmel, l. Wright, J. Miller, W. Rupp, J. Gidel, J. Kimmel. HI-Y QFFICER W gg -1 left lo righi: Treos. Wynford Johnson, Pres, Tom Klingensmith, Chop. Glenn Kimmel, V. Pres. .lomes Gidel, Sec. Forrest Burkett. 43 L F. H. A. Q ' Buck Row: S. George, M, Shellhammer, C. Jackson, N. Vermillion, N. Freehling, J. Boyer, D. Rupert, N. Moore, D. Lias, V. Johnson, I. Sheasley, C. Rishel. Middle Row: Miss Sellers, B, Rupert, D. Clever, S. Weaver, K. Forrester, R. Cole, K. Frantz, S. Brown, D. Hartman, J. Rishel, B. Vermillion, S. Smith, E. Baker. First Row: M. Miller, K. McKinney, J. Weight, K. Alt- man, D. Miller, B. Miller, D. Boyer, P. Wright, C. Miller, N. Crytzer, L. Wood, V, Rearick. Kathy Altman, Treasurer, Kathy McKinney, Secretary, Diane Rupert, V. President, Judy Rishel, President, Carol Rishel, Historian. 44 The F. H. A. is the national organiza- tion of girls studying homemoking in high school. The gool is learning to live better today in order thot the home- making pupils' lives and those of their families may be better tomorrow. The motto of our club is: "Toward New Horizons," with on red rose cus our flower, ond Red and White as our colors. Activities for 1959: visit to the County Home at Christmas, spaghetti supper for new members, and we sell candy to the students at lunch time. F. F. A. The Future Farmers of America is the na- tional organization of, by and for boys study- ing vocational agriculture in public secondary schools under the National Vocational Educa- tional Acts. There are five degrees that a Future Farmer may win: THE GREEN HAND DEGREE, THE CHAPTER FARMER DEGREE, THE TRI- COUNTY DEGREE, THE KEYSTONE FARMER DEGREE, AND THE AMERICAN FARMER DE- GREE. The club colors are National Blue and Corn Gold. Motto: Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve. The Elderton Chapter of the F. F. A. has 50 members. All members take the Vocational Agricultural Course. Some of the activities that the boys take part in are: KU Participat- ing in the Lions Fair, Qt Having an lce Cream Party at Christmas time with the F. H. A. Girls, C31 Attending the Pennsylvania State Farm Show in JClr1UGI'y, fill H0lClil'tg the F, F, A, Ban- L. to R.: Don Coleman, Sentinel, Jim Townsend, Treas., Neil Schrecen gost, V. Pres., David Boyer, Sec., Ed Lange, Chaplain, David Sheasley Pres., Mr. Longwell, Adviser. quet with each member bringing his parents, 155 Judging at the Tri-County Judging Con- tests, Cob Going to the F. F. A. Week Activities at State College in June. All Vocational Agriculture students are re- quired to have a farming program as part of vocational agriculture course. Back Row, L. to R.: Mr. Longwell ladvisorl, L. Johnson, D. Sheasley, G. Townsend, B. Brown, K. Wingard, D. Boyer, N. Schrecengost, G. Kimmel, D. Davis, R. Forester, J. Townsend, R, Crowe, H. Doland, T. Rybarik, W. Johnson, R. Schrecengost, Second Row: E. Townsend, R. Mclntire, T. Rearick, H. Mangus, K. McCutcheon, J. Altman, D. Gearhart, M. Clark, E. Jones, R. Walker, B. Smith, D. Cochran, J. Reefer, D, Silvis, J. Reefer. First Row: B. Townsend, D. Meyer, R. Cravener, P. Fiscus, R. Rearick, J. Townsend, J. Longwell, E. Yount, P. Scholl, G. Smith, J, Frailey, D. E, Miller, L, Rearick, D. Coleman, R. Frailey. 4 . - L 1 Q 45 HI- IEW First Row, l. to R.: F. Clepper, K. Clepper, P. Boyer, M. Miller. Second Row: P. Reed, J. Reed, K. Altman, J. Frazer, P Rupp, P, Bush, D. Mclntyre, N, Frye, C, Dickman. Third Row: C, Rishel, K. Clark, V. Johnson, J, Forest, N. Moore, K. Hart man, K. Frantz, S. George, R, Cole. Fourth Row: W, Johnson, J, Kimmel, R, Scholl, T, Klingensrnith, L. Schrecengost, The Hi-View, our school paper, is published monthly by the Hi-View stat? consisting of two editors, two junior editors, and reporters from the various clubs and organizations in the school. News of happenings and special recognition of students in the school are only some of the items that are in the paper. The commercial teacher, Mr. Kerr, is sponsor of our Hi-View. L. to R.: K. Frantz, D. Mclntyre, J. Reed, N. Frye, R. Cole. 46 INDUSTRIAL ART CL B I.. to R., Back Row: L, Wright, M. Dunbar, J. Miller, W. Rupp, M. Miller, D. Cravener, C, Kimmel, J. Scott. Third Row: M. Williams, W. Yount, B. Scholl, C. George, R. Hankey, P, Miller, Mr. Kaufman. Second Row: D. Beck, G. Waterson, L. Schrecengost, F. Hooks, R. Clepper, T. Wagner. First Row: R. Gearhart, D, Cribbs, L. Mechling, R. Gamble, E. Fleming, R. Reatick. L. to R.: Ken Baker, V. Pres., Lisle Schrecengost, Pres., Mr. Kaufman, Spon- sorp D. Cribbs, Sec. 8. Treas. 47 INDUSTRIAL ART CLUB The purposes of the Industrial Arts Club are to work together cooperatively, to deve- lop citizenship and good character traits, to become fully aware of the importance of in- dustry in modern life, to encourage high standard cf workmanship, to better acquaint the parents with the activities of the school. To make money they sell cedar chests. Each spring the club sponsors an open house at the shop. At this time products made by Industrial Arts students from all grades are put on display. SPANISH CLUB E l. to R.: Kathy Boden, President, Jim M. Gidel, Vice President, Kay Clark, Secretary: Kathy Cravener, Treasurer. El Circulo Espanol is very helpful in learning Spanish customs and culture. Last year the club subscribed to a Spanish magazine and records. This year the Spanish Club is presenting an assembly. El Circulo Espanol is made up of Spanish one and two students and all others who have completed two years of Spanish. The club sponsor is Senorita Klingensmith. She is very charming and helpful in all club activities. l. to R., Back Row: P. Hankey, P. Perotti, M. Slease, J. Hankef, D, Kanouff, J. Kimmel, R. Wood, T. Klingensmith. Second Row: K. VanHorn, L. Thomas, B. Wells, P. Veahman, K. Boden, G. Bush, K. Cravener, K. Clark. First Row: Miss Klingen- smith, N. Schall, P. Boyer, J. Frazier, J. Schrecengost, C. Clark 48 RT CL B atlfy. v T. L. to R., Back Row: Mrs. Ghrist, P. Wright, D. Lias, K. Cravener, R. Schrecengost, J. Mechling, J. Altman, J. Giedel, N. Vermillion. Second Row: D. Miller, S, Smith, V. Johnson, J. Schrecengost, C. Jackson, M. Scott. Front Row: B. Miller, N, Stitt, B. Hoover, H. Smeltzer, B. Moore. RT CL B The Art Club, made up of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who are in- terested in art, has for the post two years taken a trip to Pittsburgh. There we visited the Carnegie Museum and various other points of interest. The club Christmas Party and the annual fund raising event are also a part of the club year. The club meets monthly in the Art room. ln these meetings we arrange such things as the last year's Spring Exhibit of the students' work. The work is done by the students with the advice of their advisor, Mr. Ghrist. Pres. Donna Miller, V. Pres. Barbara Miller, Sec. Janet Schrecengost, Treas. Diane Lias. 49 .of FUN Q X , X . l 'D Front Row: E. Flemming, F. Wood, R. Erdley, R. Schaffer, W. Difmore, G. Smith, M, Sleose, F. Burkett R. Recxrick. Second Row: K. Kimmel, W. Brown, D. Cribbs, N. Rosborough, R. Wood, R. Clepper, L Johnson. Third Row: M. Miller, G. Kimmel, G. Cumberledge, D. Turner, J. Townsend, W. Johnson Fourih Row: Mr. Quinn, J. Gidel, J. Gillespie, K. Boker, T. Klingensmith, L. Erdley. OFFICER Left to right: Pres. Jim Townsend, Sec. Tom Klingensmith, V. Pres. Jim Gidel, Treos. Forrest Burkett. 50 'K i, FETY P TROL i r I 9" i , E . l Z Front Row: F. Wood, R. Schaffer, L, Rishel, B. McGaughy, W. Boyer. Back Row: H. Schrecengost, J. Wiegend, E. Wright, R. Lochart, . Townsend, J. Potter, Mr. Schaffer. The Safety Patrol of Elderton Joint High School was organized in 1952. Since then we have had an amazing safety record. Each patrol member is pledged to: Report for duty on time, Perform his duties faithfully, Strive to prevent accidents, Set CI good example himself, Obey the teachers and officers of the patrol, Report dangerous practices of students, and Strive to earn respect of fellow students. We are not to attempt to direct vehicular traffic, but to allow students to cross intersections when it is safe. Each year we have a county wide meeting with all patrols of Armstrong County. We also make a trip to Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh. 51 SNAPS ' . if 1 ff. , A 1 it Susan Schull President th Barbara Troufmun Vice President if J K-f xl , gd . .. ' :.-, : ,yk 2 9 W lf sf? Q I r A A , .,,.. X rp. ,gfivgii k FJ ' - C GRADE Lindo McNeely Secretary n lx il ag Wi 'isis H, eg ggi, Wifi C' 1 f x , v- x m -J. s..?'vi'14 vi 'if' ug lg 'I ,A 4 xi L Lis 'W' Hur 7 I . ggggis ' V 15535215 ' if V - '- iwgwg, x ry Jacqueline Kinnard Treasurer 7th GR DE First Row: Allen Adams, Jean Airgood, .loan Airgood, Connie Baker, Margie Beck, Nancy Beers. Second Row: Pete Beere, Edward Blose, Beverly Blystone, John Bowser, Susan Brocket, Richard Brown. Third Row: Florence Cashdollar, Richard Cessna, Leonard Hankey, Larry Christy, Tim Cockroft, Mary Cogley. Fourth Row: Donna Cunningham, Joe Dickman, Sandy Dingledine, Terry Dobrosky, Bernice Eldridge, Sara Elkin. Fifth Row: Clifford Fennel, Donnie Flemming, Carol Forester, Ester Fry, Gary Gearhart, Janet Gearhart. Sixth Row: Joanna George, Marvin George, Bill George, Patricia Graham, Janet Haney, Eleanor Hankey. Seventh Row: Shirley Hazlet, Linda Hileman, Gary Johnson, Robert Johnson, Roger Kanoli, Ruth Kimmel. Eighth Row: Jack Kinnard, Karol Kovacousky, Nellie Leightley, James Little, Russell Livengood, Robert McEIhatten. Ninth Row: David Meyer, Asa Miller, Pauline Miller, Jimmy Mills, Jimmy Rupp, James Oliver. Tenth Row: Roger Peck, Patty Peters, Robert Popp, Richard Rearick, Helen Reefer, Fred Richards. Eleventh Row: Carol Kimmel, David Scanlon, Richard Schall, Larry Scott, Dick Slease, Betty Smith. Twelfth Row: Karen Smith, Roger Smith, Sharon Smith, Judy Snyder, Nancy Stitt, Ruby Stitt. Thirteenth Row: Susan Stitt, Donnie Stubrick, Donna Stutzman, Judy Thomas, Doris Townsend, Romana Townsend. Fourteenth Row: Beverly Troutman, Arlene Turner, James Uptograph, Dorsey VanHorn, Shirley Waltenbaugh, Gail Waterson. Fifteenth Row: Loretta Wilhelm, Barbara Wil- liams, Dennis Wingard, Frank Wofford, Connie Wood, Larry Wood. Sixteenth Row: Von Wood, Susan Yount. 55 Larry Brown President 8th GRADE Nancy Difmore Jackie Potter Vice President Segrefgry . 1130 ? 4,2 Eff H ff pf vw is X. 'RL L43 f fs WTR," + H W .c 5 M., S L 'Q , .r is A, -,:::. :G , - -E.: , x X E :L A Nm ...,,-,..,,. .f fi-. . Q an Q f A J gf Q WN Y S t .Xi S ef K wx r' ri ' 5 X ' . ririi f V' " ' W ix X A f Y fx , ir i f ix , X A Q , 9' , E 'iri,i S 56 in mxxlx' Myrna Geurhcarf Treasurer 8th GRADE First Row, L. to R.: Kay Altman, Nancy Baker, Linda Beer, Eileen Blose, Ilene Blystone, Paul Bly- stone. Second Row: Allen Boyer, Ellen Boyer, David Brown, Gene Brown, Jane Brown, Charlotte Cessna. Third Row: Phyllis Cessna, Kathleen Claypool, Lee Clever, Barbara Davis, Carol Dick- mon, Bonnie Dunmire. Fourth Row: Gerald Elgin, Tom Forester, Karen Frantz, Harvey Fry, Arnold George, Paulette Hagofsky. Fifth Row: Judy Hankey, Charles Harkleroad, Patty Hart- man, Melvin Heffellinger, Audrey Johnson, Joyce Johnson. Sixth Row! Elva Klingensmith, Kerry Knudsen, Ruth Lange, Delores Lasher, Mary Leightley, James Lockhart. Seventh Row: Arlene Longwell, Regina Lukehart, Diane Matson, Connie McAfoose, Mary McCullough, Donald McCut- cheon. Eighth Row: Don McGrady, Dale Meyer, Floyd Meyer, Larry Meyer, Merle Meyer, Paul Meyer. Ninth Row: Sandra Meyer, Larry Moore, Rose Painter, Paul Peppler, Joyce Porter, Linda Rearick. Tenth Row: Vivian Rearick, Clair Reefer, Dorothy Reefer, Norma Sue Reefer, Joseph Richard, Arlene Rishel. Eleventh Row: Judy Rosenberger, Roberta Rosenberger, Jerry Schall, James Scholl, Betty Schrecengost, Grant Schrecengost. Twelfth Row: Lloyd Schrecengost, Bill Scott, Judy Scott, Cheryl Seich, Martha Silvis, Jean Smeltzer. Thirteenth Row: Eleanor Sowers, Gary Stewart, Delthea Stutzman, John Wiegand, Ben Wood, Donna Yount. Fourteenth Row: Rosalene Yount. 57 X5 Rv. is N 3355. . -V-miw .. ..,., . 3' m. Q 5 ff ,Ru M I H gf ., . 9th GRADE President Newton Rosborough 1 is Vice Presideni Secrefory Sondra Perry Gladys McElhaHc:n sa :ft sf a ev s 4 af -Aft?" J V5 5 X 'rr' in .,Wa,..?! jf, -if QL U K' fi' ,fy Na . . .k. b . , f - 'H Fiii. , , eere ,Q 'X Q f:- .. ' - iviix- YN S . iriwr 0 ' Am'k Z 3 ' Q 'J ' - 'fi ' al f' . ' .gf K W 3 - . hr M 1 H r' X r .. s. r - 9 - i ki 4440! 1 1 "ff A fi if e sis? ri ,ri 1 5 - .4 e i . e S 4 ' if ,Q ' ii C I xg Qs S AX it: .1 1 M x I K 3 x XX . -fe' r fQQ' e 1 M M , N pg - - J' 5 1 6 A , .. ' + i?'w.- Y at r Q S rf 59 Treasurer Beverly Silvis rg A 9th GR DE ' hi First Row: Bonnie Altman, Marie Altmeyer, Doris Blaney, Roberta Blose, Walter Boyer, Gerald Campbell. Second Row: Sandra Cessna, Linda Claypool, Fay Clepper, Kay Clepper, Ben Craven- er, Robert Cravener. Third Row: Tom Cribbs, John Crytzer, Ellen Davis, John Dunmire, Joyce Forrest, James Fox. Fourth Row: Ron Frailey, Sue Fulmer, Glendon Gearhart, Paul George, Bill Graham, John Harkleroad. Fifth Row: Martha Hartman, Carol Johnson, Robert Lockhart, Janet longstreth, Sandra Matson, Blair McGaughey. Sixth Row: Larry Mclntyre, Shirley McKinney, Larry Mechling, Dennis Meyer, Ray Meyer, Dennis Miller. Seventh Row: Danny Miller, Shirley Miller, Sam Minteer, Bob Montgomery, Larry Rearick, Maxine Reefer. Eighth Row: Nadine Reefer, Russell Reefer, Sylvia Reefer, Lester Rishel, Tom Rybarik, Dorothy Schall, Ninth Row: Jill Schall, Harold Schrecengost, David Scott, Richard Schaffer, Alda Sheasley, Marlene Sloan. Tenth Row: Lois Smail, Barbara Smay, Thelma Smeltzer, Dorthea Stutzman, Don Townsend, Mary Townsend. Eleventh Row: Richard Townsend, Bob Townsend, Ronald Townsend, Bill Weaver, Brenda Wells. Twelfth Row: Phyllis Williams, Fred Woods, Alda Wright, Donna Wright, Earl Wright. Class Colors: Pink and Black 60 il! ,Nix .AA FH -. x N 5: if f I J aff? ia . ,mmA, eb -.K xt N D 41 2 in Z' 2 A WJ, if 9 rw H E., Me - L wlwgxvg X R at Q fm ,S if 3 ,.,,,WfQ. sw If ' ' 2 ' Q5 QF' am- Q ,K 'W ,V E'?WQ.,4y.2wQ35?L 3 ,gun X y 'W 1 . A, , Q President Lindo Kovucovslcy Vice President Secretary Carrol Clark Loretta Cravener Class Color: Light Blue and Silver Class Flower: Yellow Rose N x : 'wi .f Q Sk .fri x 1 Q X in . P ,Q ,L . Motto: "We take things for granted when we should take them with gratitude." X . T . , lx f s s A ii , gf 'Q ' 'I "' in s, 5 1 A is A A K 'X l ' ' it is W iV.1 m J X - 62 Treasurer Karen Van Horn 1 ,:..,,i:,.1 First Row: Nancy Airgood, Sandra Altman, Dale Beck, Lois Blystone, Loran Bowser, David Boyer. Second Row: Dora Boyer, Janet Boyer, Nancy Brown, Gail Bush, Albert Cessna, Carrol Clark. Third Row: Jane Claypool, Bob Clepper, Doreen Clever, Don Coleman, Loretta Cravener, Pat Crowe. Fourth Row: Phyllis Crownover, Nancy Crytzer, Glenn Cumberledge, Bill Ditmore, Bob Dobrosky, Harold Doland. Fifth Row: Meryle Dunbar, Bob Erdley, Bill Espey, Ed Fleming, Jim Frailey, Maxine Frailey. Sixth Row: Richard Gamble, Judy Geidel, Calvin George, .Joe Gillespie, Jim Hankey, Dick Hankey. Seventh Row: Floyd Hooks, Larry Johnson, Dennis Konoli, Chris Kim- mel, Mary Lou Klingensmith, Sondra Kough. Eighth Row: Linda Kovacovsky, Judy Lasher, Sam Leighley, .Jerry Longwell, Darlene Mangus, Eva Matson. Ninth Row: Bob Mayuric, Joan Mechling, Don Meyers, Judy Meyers, Joe Miller, Monty Miller. Tenth Row: Perry Miller, Janice Parks, Florence Perotti, Tom Popp, Joyce Porter. Eleventh Row: Donna Rearick, Bob Rearick, Patty Reed, Olivia Rosborough, .loAnn Rowley, Bill Rupp. Twelfth Row: Shirley Rybarik, Linda Shaffer, Paul Shall, Gloria Scott, Jane Schrecengost, Marian Scott. Thirteenth Row: George Smith, Loretta Thomas, Dennis Turner, Karen Van Horn, Paula Veahman, Beverly Vermillion. Fourteenth Row: Terry Wagner, Greg Waterson, Jim Weaver, Joy Weight, Beverly Wells, Laird Wright. Fifteenth Row: Pauline Wright, Ervin Yount. 63 JUNIOR C ASS ,i his A 1 53? J Q91 L 4235 K -F ,xi A w'f-.wifi g X gg.-X v Hx if . -A j 5 - 'Wm Q . A 'Q in Pig, . Q. 1 .g,,,Qg.:: f Si . fx ,,.X Q, W "af ' Q '1 Q '-vs, ' Y Y? F ' W .1-gf' A QS Renee Cole J' i A S 1'-bk 'ff if Vice President Judson Kimmel President Linda Wood First Row: Jack Altman, Barbara Anderson, Janet Baker, Betty Blaney, Pauline Boyer, Shirley Brown. Second Row: Kay Clark, Doyle Cribbs, Dick Crowe, Harold Elder, Lawrence Fennel, Mazie Fleming. Third Row: Mabel Fleming, Roy Forester, Myrna Frick, Norma Fry, Jane Frazier, Dale Gearhart. Fourth Row: Ronald Gearhart, Peter Hankey, Barbara Jamison, Judson Kimmel, Phyllis Kun- kle, Ed Lange. Fifth Row: Kent McCutcheon, Kathleen McKinney, Jane Mechling, Mary Ellen Miller, Roger Miller, Peter Perotti. Sixth Row: Ray Peterman, Ronald Reorick, Vivian Rearick, Jim Reefer, John Reefer, Carol Rishel. Seventh Row: Jim Rishel, Judy Rishel, Earl Schrecengost, Robert Schrecengost, lnez Sheasley, Dale Silvis. Eighth Row: Michael Slease, Hannah Smeltzer, Sally Smith, Ronald Snyder, Ronald Stadmiller, Nancy Stitt. Ninth Row: Jim Townsend, Wayne Wagner, Jack Walker, Sara Weaver, Mern Williams, Linda Wood. Tenth Row: Ron Wood, Geneva Yount, Ruby Cessna, Betty Lou Moore, Reene Cole, Dorthy Hartman. Secretary Kathleen McKinney Class Color: Lavender and White Flower: White Rose --N. vu v- - .M 5-8: -M? .. Treasurer Kay Clark ,M A. f,. ...a. A .J I 1 . , - ,231 f 55,4 , 4, r i ' .. '- 'iff ' ' A CS " F .. K. 1 B . ,.. gig, Q- A ,Wifi , . , :Kai-JE". . 5' ' -' f ' 7:1 , . Q ' T ' .gzfl . K: V Q . E - W 1 I qs' . X , 45,22-ii". ' I , 4 2 , J i . V T all . l x ' .1 , L51-,iss W Lf? M l . E H., 1 . r . 1- ,", , , ..,,. .....,. r ,.,.. . ., ct Q ty , . , ,V A-A x we s i g. . y, we 5 K Q 2 , . ,s,F'.: . ' 1, ' 5k:?2"q- ' - , ' , ' 5- l in fag, . .Q 3 R R Q' 2 1 , N . "J-1-T 1 1 f" ff 'J R R, jftsli zq , ', 1 X., T SJ ' Motto: "Mindful of God, grateful to man" 65 f' ' AUTOGRAPHS BLUE W H Fr E f SENIOR CLASS QUEEN SENIOR OFFICER , , W John Weaver, Vice-President, Wynford Johnson, President, Churlesetta Miller, Secretary, Jim Gidel, Treasurer. CLASS COLORS: Light blue and white MOTTO: "lt's nice to be handsome, but it's c great deal hcmdsomer to be nice." FLOWER: Pink cornotion 69 James William Altman Hum., Quiet senior likes to eat stuffed peppers and pigs-in- the-blanket . . . a fan of Abbie Neal and her Ranch Gals mostly seen with Jim Gidel or Gary plans to get a iob or ioin the service. Richard Altman "Dick" Doesn't like to come to school . . . pals with Jim, Ron, Bill .. . pet peeve is stuck-up girls relishes pizza .. . likes to listen to Ricky Nelson ... runs around in his Ford, his treasured pos- session ... will get a iob or see Uncle Sam. x Kenneth Baker "Kenneth" One of the basketball team most used expression: "Huh?" gets peeved when he goes hunting and sees nothing could live on mashed potatoes, gravy, and French fries .. treasures money the most .. plans to be a shop teacher. Kathleen Lucille Bod en "Kathy" One of the brains of the class, but don't let that fool you . .. always seen with Sam, Kaye, Kak, Patti, Jayne, Dee, Judy, or Janet . .. president of Spanish Club . . . plans to go to college next year treasures her friends the most but detests people who think they are always right. Olga Delle Blaney nolgun Dramatic appearance fav- orite foods are chicken and butter pecan ice cream seen with Judie, Delores, and Bill . . . pet peeve is clashing colors plans to get a secretarial iob and get married. William Henry Brown "Brown" Likes to dance . .. listens to Pat Boone treasures his friends the most can be heard say- ing "Holy Toledo!" .. . likes to eat anything eatable . . . plays a mean horn . .. pals with the gang will ioin the Navy and later, farm. 70 Norma Kathleen Altman uKo'hyu Twice FFA Sweetheart . . . fav- orite foods are turkey and oys- ters .. . dislikes waiting on people . . . treasures her friends .. . always dressed nicely, her talents include sew- ing ,. . is undecided about her future plans. Edith Elaine Baker "Bake" Possesses beautiful blue eyes friendly personality friends include Barb, Nancy, Blondie, and Albert treas- ures her diamond ring pet peeve is stuck-up people, and snobbishness listens to Pat Boone plans to get a good iob and get married. l . is fi Donald Dean Cravener noon., Tall, dark guy .. . favorite sing- er is Waine Rainey .. . likes ice cream and Mrs. Brown's pump- kin pie pals with Erdley .. . dislikes stuck-up people seen most of the time with Nancy wants to become a mechanic or tool die maker. Wayne Crownover "Shorty" Another of the quiet? ones . .. favorite singer is Conway Tweety likes to eat ham- burgers and ice cream pals with Luke, Don, Bill pet peeve is brown-nosers . . . "I guess" ... treasures money and girls . . . plans to ioin the Navy. Forrest Burkett "Harry" One of our college bound active in sports .. . really likes chicken . . . pet peeve is stupid people who are never wrong pals with Glenn, Jim, Tom, Wynford . .. "Wow!" is his favorite expression . .. nice personality . .. treasures life an awful lot. McKinley Clark "Mack" Camera shy senior likes to eat mashed potatoes and baked ham pals with Ed Jones, Ken Wingard, and Ralph Walker . . . pet peeve is teach- ers . .. future plans include getting a good paying iob treasures money the most. Kathleen Louise Cravener nKa'hYu One of the humorous members of our class always seen with Jan, Bobo, Shirl dis- likes unfaithful friends . . . "l'm having a ball!" . . . treasurer of Spanish Club and Co-editor of El-Hi-An future plans are to go to Clarion S.T.C. and become an elementary teacher. Daniel Boyd Davis "Deacon Dan" A senior who is planning to en- ter the ministry pals with Bob . .. favorite singer is George Beverly Shay favor- ite expression, "Some people cause happiness wherever they gog others whenever they go." . . . treasures his friends. 7'I Patricia lee Bush "Patti" Our most talented sweet personality . . . likes to eat piz- za high honor student treasures her friends and good times . .. pet peeve is grouches active in class and school functions plans to attend Indiana State Teachers College. Shirley Jean Claypoole "Shirley" Our most attractive always seen with Kak, Jan, Donna, and the gang goes around the Cadet in her Hot Six favorite singer is Ricky Nelson plans to be a housewife in the near future. t 1 I Y, James R. Giedel rfjimrr One of the quiet ones?? can be heard saying, "By George!" likes chocolate cake and hot dogs favorite singer is Tommy Sands treasures his life the most is everybody's friend plans to attend Clarion State Teach- ers College. James M. Gidel Hum., Tall, good looking senior active in sports eats ham- burgers and milkshakes .. . Mr. Senior pals with Forrest, Tom, Minnie, and Glenn listens to Jimmie Rodgers plans to attend Penn State in the physical education curricu- lum treasures his Ford Hb." 'B' lee Erdley "Luke" Our most attractive , .. fun-lov- ing favorite food is ham barbecues , .. can be seen with either Forrest, Don, or Mack . . . doesn't seem to like school too much . . . treasures money and lots of it .. . plans to join the U.S. Air Force. Diana Kaye Frantz ,,KqYe,, Cute redhead usually seen with Jayne, Sam, Patti, Dee, Kathy, and Bo-bo Senior Class Queen . .. loves spaghetti, piz- za, and potato chips ... adores listening to Ricky Nelson doesn't seem to dislike anything treasures her clriver's li- cense and friends plans to be an airline reservationist. Shirley George "Sammy" Fun-loving senior likes piz- za and salads friends in- clude Jayne and Kaye "We-l-l-l." pet peeve is bossy people favorite sing- er is Jayne Morgan treas- ures her friends and the fun they had ... plans to go to air- line or business school. Kay LaRue Hartman HKUYH A real friendly girl who dis- likes snobbish people the artist of the senior class favorite food is spaghetti and meat balls favorite singer is Pat Boone future plans are indefinite. 72 Judie Anne Forringer "Judie" Has the longest brown hair friends include Olga, Dee, Wayne, Richard likes poor- boys, French fries, and ice cream pet peeve is clash- ingcolors...treasures Wayne's picture left us to get married. Nancy Almeda Freeh'ing "Freehling" Always has a friendly smile for everyone . ,. favorite foods are hamburgers and pizza pet peeve is getting up in the morning well-known for her expression, "Huh?" most prized possession is her green and white rambler plans to become a nurse. X Ei Q ttf 1. G 1 ax I, . . s Valiean Johnston "Johnston" Treasures one special guy likes to eat French tries, ham- burgers, spaghetti and ice cream pet peeve is a cer- tain teacher special friend is Shirley McCullough .. . favor- ite singer is Sal Mineo . . . plans to get a iob . .. "Get with it." Glenn E. Kimmel "Kimmel" The towering center ot the bas- ketball team Senior class practical ioker it you hear someone saying "Oh my", it is probably Glenn goes for hamburgers and French tries detests women drivers usually seen with Wynford, Jim, Tom, and Forrest. Fi 1 . I Edwin A. Jones "Casey Jones" Favorite foods are steak and French tries doesn't have any pet peeves .. . friends are the students of Elderton High seen with a certain sopho- more girl future plans are to ioin one of the armed ser- vices .. . a real swell kid. Thomas C. Klingensmith if-I-ornn Serious?-minded senior the manager of our basketball team mostly seen with Jim, Glenn, Forrest, and Minnie loves to eat ravioli and hot roast beef sandwiches pet peeves are chemistry assign- ments and showoffs plans to attend Penn State. Betti Genevie Hoover nRedn Seen with Myrna and Verna ... treasures her diary, stuffed ani- mals, and class ring loves cranberry sauce and turkey sandwiches "My goodness, what in all git out?" gets peeved when she can't remem- ber where she put something . . . wants to travel. Clarabelle Jackson "Jack" Likes French fries, hamburgers, and ice cream teachers are her pet peeve a tan of the Teddy Bears . .. often heard saying, "Let's went." . .. plans for the future are her secret . . . wears her hair in becoming styles. E hel Irene Hoover "Effie Moe" Quiet?? . .. tavorite expression "Oh crurnb, yes!" seen with Myrna and Verna dislikes slurk-up people favorite foods include hamburgers, spa- ghetti and meatballs . .. treas- ures her class ring and sweet- heart necklace . . , plans to travel. Wynford Johnson HMinnieH He can really sing those pop tunes active in sports pals with Glenn, Tom, Harry, and Jim treasures his friends the most likes ham- burgers anrl milkshakes pet peeve is basketball officials friendly personality enlist- ing in the service. . .r X S s 5 s N. ' iii - its 73 rt . Charlesetta Lorraine Miller "Charlie" Our best personality seen with Carolyn, Pat, Mame and Marge dislikes stuck-up people listens to Tommy Edwards , . . plays the baritone sax in band treasures her diamond ring and wants to make Bob a good wife. Clarissa Montgomery "Chris" Always seen with Emma, Nan- cy and Olga pet peeve, tight skirts . .. favorite expres- sion "Hotsy Totsy" future plans-to work for awhile and then get married treasures most her class ring and boy- friend . . . favorite foods, pizza and chicken. Diane Boggs Lias "Lias" Dark-haired lass . . . likes to eat pizza dislikes stuck-up people listens to the Teddy Bears can be seen with Jack, Nora Gras, Freehling, and the Miller sisters . .. treas- ures her portable radio plans to be a beautician or get a bookkeeping fob. Ron Mclntire "Grunt" Our most popular favorite food is a poor boy listens to Ricky Nelson can be heard saying "That's the breaks." . .. pet peeve is stuck- up girls pals with Jim and Bill treasures his Big Six Chevy the most plans to ,-SS Donna Lee Miller "Donna" Our tiniest . . . never seen with- out Shirley and Diane dis- likes stuck-up people favor- ite foods include pizza . . . likes Pat Boone . . . future plans are to be a beautician treas- ures the guy in the Air Force. Nancy Anne Moore "Moore" Our best-dressed dislikes bossy people likes pizza, French fries, and onion rings friends include Elaine, Blon- die, Barb, and Patti likes Tommy Edwards' singing treasures a 1956 Kittanning class ring and class pin and of course, Tom. 74 farm. Dolores Jean Mclntyre Hbeeu The one with the prettiest hair .. . "Oh, crumb!" is her favor- ite expression co-editor of the Hi-View seen with Judy, Patti, and the rest of the crowd . .. pet peeve is boisterous girls treasures her friends plans to get a secretarial iob. Barbara Miller "Barb" One of our clowns her fav- orite foods are hamburgers and milkshakes likes Ricky Nel- son's singing dislikes stuck- up people .. . her most prized possessions are her driver's li- cense and her friends plans to become a beautician. Dianne Rupert "Blondie" Avid fan of Johnny Mathis bossy and stuck-up people bother her . . . when confronted with spaghetti and pizza, she would probably say "Holy smoke!" runs around with Barb, Nancy, Elaine and Pat . .. adores her little yellow teddy- bear hopes to find a good iob and get married. Delores Rybarik Hose.. Came to us from Kittanning . .. "Did I ever tell you about the time-you know what l mean." . . . treasures her diary and pearls seen with Nancy Lee and Jim, Floyd, Ray, Judie, Olga and Sandy would like to Havek Freda Peppler "Freda" Another camera shy senior . . . we really didn't get to know Freda too well, for she was only with us a short while . .. dark-haired, friendly girl. Terry Rearick ,,wib,, Treasures money the most favorite food is pizza . .. pals with Ron Mclntyre and .lim Townsend . . . favorite singer is Ricky Nelson future plans: wants to be a barber and will probably ga to the service . .. a real nice guy. Ma riorie .lean Rearick "Margie" The girl with the nicest smile likes to eat French fries, hamburgers and pizza us- ually seen with Mame, Pat, Charlie and Carolyn treas- ures her letters from a certain soldier plans to become a beautician likes to have fun. Judith Ann Reed Hjudyn Co-editor of the Hi-View . . . pet peeve, people who can't do anything for themselves a high honor student plans to have a secretarial iob can be heard saying "Oh sugar." could live on shrimp and French fries treasures Ed- die's ring. Patricia Ann Rupp MPM.. Our most humorous . . . nest . . . a whiz in the commercial classes dislikes conceited people favorite foods are pizza and hot chocolate seen with Carolyn, Charlie, Mame, and Margie .. . her dia- mond is her pride and ioy .. . plans to make Andy a good wife. Kenneth Schall usudu Another senior usually seen in the shop ... loves spaghetti ... likes to hear Fats Domino always seen with Bill, Barry, John, and Ron thinks a lot of his hot six doesn't seem to think much of school go- ing to be a truck driver. 75 w E LS l c 4 ls Roy Neil Schrecengost "Neil" A real nice guy who you can usually see buzzing around in his hot '5'l Chevy mostly seen with Bill, Ron, and Bud Neil's pet peeve is teachers one of the Ag boys plans to get a iob after gradu- ation. John Scott "Scotty" Our best dressed pals with Barry, Bud, Bill, and Ron pet peeve is teachers "Gone with the wind" is his most used expression likes Fats Dom- ino's music eats hot beef sandwiches treasures a sick six plans to get a iob?? if Nancy Joy Scholl HNGHCYH Well known for her knack for getting in and out of trouble in class . . . likes anything eatable listens ta Elvis Presley has naturally curly hair cloesn't like to get up in the mornings future plans are to visit Uncle Sam. Lisle Gerald Schrecengost "Schreck" Is one of our future architec- tural designers . .. always yell- ing "Hey Idiot!" teachers always like him has a nice quiet? personality . .. seen with Wayne and Zeke pet peeve is most girls treas- ures his guns . .. likes spaghetti . . . listens to the Kalen Twins. Janet lee Schrecengost njanu One of the class cutups . . . seen with Kak, Kay, and Shirl she and Kak are always seen at the Cadet in the Chrysler or the Olds favorite singers are the Teddy Bears, wonder why? on her way to col- lege. Mary Alice Schrecengost "Mame" Attractive senior our head maiorefte . . , favorite singer is Elvis . .. dislikes snobbish people . .. seen with Marge, Carolyn, Charlie, and Pat ... treasures her stuffed animals, especially Rusty seen with a certain guy when he's on leave. Dale Scott "Scott" Came to us from Elders Ridge . .. likes to eat pizza and cakes favorite singer is Ricky Nel- son could be heard say- ing, "Oh, pardon me." friends are Ed Lange, John Reefer, and Jim Reefer fu- ture plans are indefinite . . . treasures his life and his love. David Sheasley "Sheasley" The most talkative favorite singer is Elvis Presley pet peeve is Ted Kimmel, wonder why? . . . likes to eat hot dogs with hot pepper . .. friends in- clude most eeveryone treas- ures his coon dog plans to ioin the Air Force. Nora Grace Vermillion "Nora Gras" A real friendly blonde who can usually be found walking the halls with Jack, l.ias, Freehling, and the Miller sisters has one pet peeve: Teachers plans to marry her steady, Jim, after graduation. George Weaver, Jr. "Junior" Tall senior with brown wavy hair likes to eat anything . .. favorite singer is Doris Day . .. pet peeve is snobbish peo- ple favorite expression is "Don't iudge a book by its cov- er" seen wifh Bruce and John plans to be a for- est ranger .. . treasures his Chevy six. William Smith "BilI" The guy who likes to sleep in POD class an Abbie Lane fan doesn't like women drivers likes to eat steak and mashed potatoes can usually be found with Bud, Ron, or Neil .. . future plans include getting a iob Bruce Townsend "Bruce" A most bashful but very nice guy favorite singer is Pat Boone his pet peeve is homework friends include George and John likes the expression "A man should think for himself" likes hamburgers and ice cream . . . plans to ioin the Army or Air Ralph Walker "Walker" Likes to run around on his mo- torcycle or Plymouth dis- likes stuck-up girls favorite food is fish likes to hear Ricky Nelson sing can be seen most of the time with Ken Wingard plans to go into farming. John Garry Weaver "Little John" A nice guy ambition is to own a Cadillac treasures his Ford iust now pet peeve is doing homework and slave drivers seen most of the time with Shirley pals with Bruce and George listens to Ricky Nelson plans to ioin the Air Force. Force. Emma Jane Snyder "Jane" The most bashful member of our class .. friends include Nancy Scholl and Clarissa Montgomery . . . favorite sing- er is Pat Boone could eat spaghetti and pizza anytime treasures her album plans to get a iob after gradu- ation. James Townsend njimn Good looking senior is seen with Terry, Ron, Wendell listens to Ricky Nelson fu- ture plans are to get a iob with the Gas Co. or ioin the Marines dislikes unsociable dames treasures his Merc and his drivers license, if he ever gets it back. .b I .9-"""i 5 I if is Barry Weight "Weight" The guy with a real sense of humor usually seen with John and Bud favorite ex- pression is"Go back to Russia" prizes his flintlock .. . plans to become an automobile me- chanic . . . a real nice guy. Carolyn June Wingard "Carolyn" Our most athletic listens to Johnny Mathis . . . pet peeve is snobbish people likes piz- za, spaghetti, French fries seen with Charlie, Pat, Mame and Margie treasures her diamond ring . . . future plan is to be a good wife for Jack. Verna Wingard "Vernie" Cute gal with dimples .. . could eat potato chips and drink pop anytime favorite singer is Gale Storm can be seen with Kay, Betty, Ethel, and Janet pet peeve is broth- ers treasures herself wants to be a secretary. Wayne Earl Yount "Yount" Senior guy usually seen in the shop likes sea food thinks Pat Boone is the great- est hates back slappers always saying "Did you get any on you?" close friends are Lisle, John, Elaine and Dianne treasures his Ford wants to become an auto- mobile mechanic. Patricia L. Wright "Patti" One of the tiny ones an- other of Ricky Nelson's fans . . . favorite foods are spaghetti, turkey, and ice cream .. . "Gee whiz" . . . plans to get a secre- tarial iob we didn't see much of her this year because of illness but we remember her. 78 Lois .lone Williams "Jayne" Bubbling personality treas- ures her friends and a good li- brary book ... pet peeve is pre- iudiced people likes to eat hot rolls and spaghetti .. . lis- tens to Shirley Jones plans to attend Indiana S. T.C. and become a teacher. Kenneth Wingard 'Kent' Can be seen driving his purple Merc which is his most prized possession pals with Ralph and Ed favorite food is hamburgers likes to listen to Johnnie Cash plans to get a iob after graduation. 4 Mos! lnfellectual Tom Klingensmilh Kathleen Boclen Prettiest Hair Delores Mclnfyre George Weaver lcomerc shyl Mosi Bcshful Bruce Townsend Emma Snyder Mos! Popular Jayne Williams Ron Mclntire E IOR John Scott Nancy Moore Most Likely To Succeed Beg' D"Me'S Forrest Burkett Judy Reed Nancy Freehling Wynford Johnson Most Attractive Lee Erdley Shirley Cloypoole 80 PERSONALITIE l Q-nf Prettiest Eyes Elaine Baker Jim Townsend Most Humorous Barry Weight Potty Rupp f i 8159 , Best Personalities Clwcirlesetto Miller Jim Gidel fl .. Q . ' 15?- Y " "" 'f'mE" Most Talented Bill Brown Pntti Bush f" Most Athletic Glenn Kimmel Carolyn Wingcircl '17 Prettiest Smiles Mcxrgiv Rvclviclc John Wvuvr-I i K: Most Tulliative Delores Rybmrik Dove Slweosley 81 Co-editors of the Yearbook Kathleen Crcivvnm Kcillwlven Bolle-n NIR. AND XIISS SICN IAYNE WIHIAMS AND JAMES M GIDEI UNIOR PLAY c 3 i 3, X fc , 4 ,...t CAST Mrs. Eleanor Endicott Margie Rearick Agnes Endicott Riccy En:l.cott Beryl Endicott Cicely Endicott Aunt Caroline Miss Mabbitt David Thompson Dan Donovan Mary Alice Schrecengost Tom Klingensrnith Kaye Frantz Janet Schrecengost Nancy Moore Kathy Cravenor Bill Brown Glenn Kimmel Miss MacLain Una Hagaman Lieutenant Clayton Faculty Director Student Directors Prompters Shirley George Barbara Miller Ken Baker Mr. Stevenson Jim R. Giedel Judy Reed Delores Mclntyre Kathy Boclen Diane Lias Forrest Burkett l l i M I9 84 1, gg. ' ,. x 2 xv H' .iw-gg. -- - N ng M - Qi gs. 'W M K Dr. Ralph E. Miller, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Yount Rubin's Store' Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wissinger' Kaye Sheasley Alan Sheasley Annabell Tarr Stewart's Marketk' Hiland Shopping Center Dr. John Watchko' Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Boden' Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Claypool Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Annie and Violet Miller Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Millerf Dr. and Mrs. Frank G. Edwardsk Kerr's Diner Beatty's Brothers Hardware Henry Gasperini Gus and Ray Barber Shop--Homer City, Pa. St. Clair's Esso Service-Center Hess Brother's Restaurant' Supinka's Pie and Cookie Box Indiana and Homer City, Pa. Book Shoe Store' Mr. Donald Bruce Spookie Sandwich Shop Mr. Rudy Feldman Miller's Hoagie Shopt' Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Schrecengost Boyer Funeral Home, Rural Valley Compliments of Fiori's Pharmacy, Leechburgh' Barbor 81 Musser, Indiana' Roppolo's Esso Station-R. D. :H:3, Leechburg Hilltop Grocery-Phone VI 2-0385 R. D. :lj:2, Box 24A, Leechburg White Front Cafe, West Leechburg Younghams Auto Parts, Vandergrift Dr. H. J. de Vries 620 Philadelphia St., Phone 5-2441 Dr.,B. C. Lewine, Optometrist' 2'l So. 7th St., Indiana PATRONS Andrew W. Smith, Jr. Hawk's Radio Service A Friend Mike Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rearick Thomas A. Hronadikt' Robert Boyer C. B. Shaw "Kittanning Auto Parts" Heckman Maytag and Television Service Mr. and Mrs. A Friendf' Mr. and Mrs Elderton Post Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Carlyle Dr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Harold Uptograph John Hepfl OFfice Ernest Potter Edgar Moyer Moyer C. B. Sleasek' Russell Cravener"" Hugh I. Stitt"" Eugene Hileman Dale Thomas George Gidel Lee Frailey George Hileman Robert Townsend Richard Lias W. Kenneth Rupp Merne Reed Russel Schrecengostw' Harold Thomas R. W. Dunmire Furniture Store, Vandergriftw' Kistaco Farms, Apollo R. D. 33" Gandino Religious Shop I34 Columbia Avenue Ed Rellick, College Lodge Road, Indiana Lieb's Appliances, Indiana Mr. Bert Coleman, Clarksburg Baird Insurance Agency, Indianaf' Bru no's Market, India na Capitol Restaurant Albert M. Cox, Justice of the Peace 620 Philadelphia St., Indiana ' 'S5.00 "'S3.00 DICKEY AND SGRO Compliments Of BUSSES AND MOVING H. E. BROSIUS COMPANY Box 'I35 Nu Mine, Pa. Drilling Tools - Industrial Supplies Phone SU 3-4221 Kittanning, Pa. Compliments Of MERVIS FURNITURE STORE SOI.INGER'S MARKET For Quality Food at Low Prices 1110.20 Orr Avenue Elderton Pennsylvania Routes 422 and 210 Kl""""l"9' PQ' VICTOR E. SCHALL Complete Insurance Service FARMERS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Automobile, Bonds, Fire-Compensation, Hospitalization Member Federal Reserve System Phone FL 4-2262 Elderton, Pa Member Federal Deposit lnsurcmce Corp' We Arrange For The Financing Of Automobiles And Trucks Indiana Pennsylvania BOYER STUDIO Best Wishes To The Graduating Class Of 1959 MEADOW Gow DAIRIES mc. Rural Valley, Pennsylvania Phone Sunset 3-3522 87 ARMITAGE SUPER MARKET 129 Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. Compliments Of FEDERAL LABORATORIES INC. Saltsburg, Pa. HOMER CITY STATE BANK "Your Friendly Bank" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Homer City, Pa. DOM ALLERA AUTO SALES Good Clean Used Cars We Buy And Sell All Makes Vandergrift-Apollo Road PL 1442-1 APOLLO TRUST COMPANY "Serving this area for over 85 years" 219 First Street GR 2-1551 Warren Ave. 81 N. Second St. GR 2-2081 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE SAVINGS 8. TRUST COMPANY Indiana, Pa. Complete Banking and Trust Service For Over Fifty Years Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments Of PEOPLE'S BANK OF WEST LEBANON West Lebanon, Pa. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments Of INDIANA APPAREL MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION Children's Shop Mayfair Shoppe Gearhart's Molly Ann Leon's Waxler's Town 81 Country WOODY'S HARDWARE Plumbing - Heating - Electric Wiring Elclerton, Pa. Phone FL 4-2201 SAY FARM EQUIPMENT Oliver Farm Machinery and Crawler Tractors Homelite Chain Saws and Jamesway Barn Equipment Delavel Milkers and Separators Corner of Walnut and Jefferson St. Ll 2-4771 Kittanning, Pa. AUDLEY B. LASHER GENERAL MERCHANDISE R. D. .735 Kittanning, Pa. Phone SU 3-3781 YOUNT'S GROCERY STORE Meats and Groceries-Gasoline and Oil Phone RO 2-0900 Shay, Pennsylvania EDWARD'S FUNERAL HOME 24-HOUR AMBULANCE sekvlcs SU 3-3301 .lOHNNIE'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Rural Valley, Pa. GOLDSTROM TIRE SERVICE Goodyear Tires and Tubes Sales-Electric Recaps-Service WHITES FARM SUPPLY Allis-Chalmers Machinery Parts and Repair Kittanning, Pa. SCHRECK'S ESSO STATION M. J. SCHRECENGOST Rural Valley, Pa. Phone SU 3-2541 CURLY MOORE CHEVROLET Sales 8- Service Rural Valley, Pa. Phone SU 3-3791 Compliments of RURAL VALLEY LUMBER COMPANY Rural Valley, Pa. Phone SU 3-2613 Compliments of THE Y RESTAURANT Phone 1436-A 1436-R 1476-A pina pie 124 East 15th St. Vandergrift, Pa. Harry H. Goldstrom William F. Goldstrom 510' Route APOIIPI PU- NEWS-RECORD PUBLISHING COMPANY 327 N. Fourth Street Apollo, Pa. Phone GR 2-3831 R. GORDON 8. SONS Square Deal Furniture Store Opposite Mill Office Phone 624 ' Vandergrift HILTY'S HOME FURNISHINGS Compliments Of COUNTRY FRUIT MARKET Exclusive But Not Expensive 2-I7 Hrs, SY. Apollo, pu. Intersection Route 66 8. Dime Road Phone GR 2-3911 R. D. -'33 Ford City, Pa. KERR LUMBER CO. PETROLEUM SALES COMPANY T , H bb L' , G'ft , Lumber- Millwork and Cys 0 dYNme? I ware '. Builders Supplies an Ove les 825 Fifth Avenue FORD CITY, PA. RO 2-3201 Ford City, Pa. CARSON FUNERAL HOME wRAY's MOBILE HOMES SALES 24 Hour Ambulance Service 3W Miles East on Route 422 Phone SU 3-2621 Rural Valley, Pa. KITTANNING, PA' ROY W. CARSON, Funeral Director Ll 2.8110 R U P P ' S DONALD G. BOYER Hlnsure and Be Sureu Appliances T.V. Furniture Kittanning Highlands LI 3-7101 Learner's Permits 81 Notary Work Elclerton, PCI.-Phone FL 4-2673 No'-TE CHEVROLET 332 Market St.-Kittanning Phone Ll 3'833l Liberty 3-1081 Kittanning, Pa. LAWRENCE .lEWELER'S BOYER POTATO CHIP CO. 116 Market St. Rural Valley, Pa. KITTANNING, PA. Compllmenls Of INDIANA MUSIC HOUSE Everything in Music and Musical Instruments B R O D Y ' S Reputable Band and Orchestral Instruments CRentals, Complete Repairs, Private lnstructionsl 36 N. 5th Street Phone HO 5-7134 Indiana, Pa. Indiana, Pa. HOMER CITY SERVICE STATION MAIN STREET SERVICE STATION Quaker State Products 228 Soush Main Sfreei Corner Elm and Main Phone 9-2241 Lubrication, Washing, Tune-up Homer City, Pa. Phone 9-8051 Homer City, Pa. 90 JORDAN 8. CLAYPOOLES s M o sz G A s B o R D Route 422 Kittanning, Pa. LEITER STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP Everything Photographic Kittanning, Pa. WEST KITTANNING LUMBER COMPANY For Complete Building Service Phone LI 2-2851 Kittanning, Pu LARRY COLLIN'S CITIES SERVICE Route 422 Kittanning, Pa Compliments of JORDANS SERVICE STATION LI 3-5145 R. D. Jil Kittanning, Pa WIDDOWSON'S .IEWELERS Indiana, Pa. GUIDO OLDSMOBILE COMPANY M. R. I0 Kittanning, Pa. MERLE E. WATERSON R, D, .ffl Kittanning, Pa. Phone LI 2-5112 Machine Work and Repairing EI.MER'S STERLING SERVICE Kittanning, Pa. Best Wishes FIRESTONE STORES 201 South Jefferson St. ll 2-2511 Compliments of HILL-CREST LUMBER Co. Kittanning Highlands LI 2-7042 SCOTT'S GREENHOUSE 8. FLORAL Flowers, Plants and Pottery Call FL 4-2242 HAROLD C. GRAHAM General Building Contractor Phone LI 3-0781 Kittcmnin 9 Compliments of H. M. AND W. I"I. KIMMEL Compliments Of EGER'S CREDIT JEWELERS VANDERGRIFT "Pay Eger Payday" BLY FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Monuments "Any Time"-"Any PIace" Phone CL 1-8512 Dayton, Pa YOUNG'S BARBER SHOP Compliments Of ANDY'S SUPERMARKET MCGRANN FORD CITY, PA. B 0 Y D ' S L. C. FLICK Diamonds -- Watches - Silverware HOME IMPROVEMENT SERVICE 20 S. 7th St. Indiana, Pa Ford City, Pa. Phone RO 2-3021 Plwne HO 5-8861 JOHN'S JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP VANDERGRIFT OFFICE PEoPLE's uNloN BANK AND must co. Member F. D. I. C. Member Federal Reserve System I'IELEN'S MARKET C0mPlimef'7S Of RlCHARDSON'S BARBER SHOP Meat and Groceries Gasoline and Oil Also GIRTY, PA. Dealer ln New and Used Guns E. E. SCHAEFFER CEMETERY MEMORIALS 433 Union Ave. Kittanning, Pa. Phone LI 3-0361 PAULOS SERVICE STATION "Lucky's Place" Route 66 R. D- 33 FORD CITY, PA. Entrance To Crooked Creek Dam A. C. HEYMER'S PENNZOIL HUTCHISON'S JEWELRY STORE SERVICE STATION Est. 1888 South Water Street KITTANNING, PA. 205 Market St. Kittanning, Pa TINY TOWN R. D. 412 Route 66-28 Kittanning, Pa. Phone Ll 5-1041 I - BLANEY'S SERVICE STATION LI 5-1276 KITTANNING, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Indiana, Pa, LUTHER DRY CLEANERS Homer City, Pa. Phone GR 9-8085 Saltsburg, Pa. Phone ME 5-1864 Avonmore, Pa. Phone MY 7-2335 RALPH MOORHEAD RADIO T.V. 716 South 9th Street Indiana, Pa. RAVOTTI MOTOR SALES MERCURY- EDSEL SALES AND senvice R. D, .111 Leechb urg McQUILKIN BARBER SHOP Indiana Theater Building INDIANA, PA. Compliments Of PENN FURNITURE CO. INDIANA, PA. MABON BROTHERS HARDWARE 33 North Sixth Street INDIANA, PA. Phone HO 5-7122 LA PRIMA Original Spaghetti House 11 North Sixth Street Indiana, Pa. FARMER'S DELIGHT DAIRY Co"'Pll"'e"'5 Of Quality Dairy Products LEE KING Victor 2-4091 LEECHBURG APOLLO, PA. PAULY'S DRUG STORE Dedicated to Your Family's Health 215 First Street APOLLO, PA. Compliments Of KISKI VALLEY DAIRY QUEEN River Road NORTH APOLLO, PA. WINGER'S SERVICECENTER Esso Products - Philco Appliances SPRING CHURCH, PA. WADDELI. MOTOR COMPANY FORD SALES AND senvlcs Vandergrift, Pa. - R. D. Q2 STALEY'S MOTEL KITTANNING, PA. Phone Ll 5-1040 Route 66 28 Compliments Of HIWAY HARDWARE AND APPLIANCES SNYDER'S IMPLEMENT STORE Formall Tractors-International Motcr Trucks RCA Whirlpool Refrigeration McCulloch Power Chain Saws 220 North Grant Ave. Phone Ll 2-1581 KITTANNING, PA. Compliments Of GREENBAUM FURNITURE Ford cny, Pa. RO 2.1001 Compliments Of DYKE AUTOMOTIVE STORES, INC. KITTANNING, PA. FOULIS DRY CLEANING CO. Sta Nu Process America's Finest E8.R TELEVISION Westinghouse - RCA - Whirlpool Magnavox T.V. 81 Hi-Fi Sales 8- Service LI 3-8701 307 Market St. KITTANNING, PA. SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. KITTANNING, PA. TRICOUNTY TYPEWRITER CO. R. E. couomer Ll 2-6543 Kittanning, Pa. BARCLAYS HARDWARE Houseware, Sporting Goods, Paint MCNUTT AGENCY 'NC' 520 Philadelphia sneer J. E. WOLFE Complete Insurance Service lndiona Pennsylvania FORD CITY, PA. CENTRAL SERVICE STATION Appliances 8- Auto Parts 900 Fifth Ave. Ford City, Pa. A. C. HEYMER'S PENNZOIL SERVICE STATION South Water Street KITTANNING, PA. R. L. DUNBAR'S AMOCO SERVICE Groceries and Confections Water Well Drilling-Electric Pumps Pipe 8- Fittings Route 422 East of Kittanning, Po. BANEY STUDIO KITTANNING, PA. Phone Ll 3-5493 Best Wishes Of The A.A.A. CLUB OF ARMSTRONG COUNTY WM. E. WISSINGER General Merchandise Gas and Oil Dial Ll 3-4232 South Bend Pennsylvania COACH 'N FOUR MOTEL 3 Miles Easton U. S. 422 KITTANNING, PA. F. G. RAESE, Prop. Room Phones Free T.V. Phone Ll 5-1011 THE VILLAGE SHOP G I F T S ELDERTON, PENNSYLVANIA WHITESBURG SALES AND SERVICE When You Dial Ll 2-6166 You Get The Best Service In Town PEOPLE'S NATIONAL BANK Complete Banking Services For You RURAL VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA PEOPLE'S BANK OF FORD CITY, PA. Offers Congratulations To The Class of 1959 Complete Banking Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation INDIANA EVENING GAZETTE Indiana Printing 81 Publishing Company Indiana, Pa. THE ARMSTRONG COUNTY TRUST CO. KITTANNING, PA. Complete Banking Service H. P. "TOMMY" THOMPSON u s E D c A R s 4 Miles East of Kittunning on U. S. 422 P. O. Box 452 LI 3-3340 KITTANNING, PA. WINGARD'S GULF SERVICE STATION Groceries, Briggs 8- Stratton Authorized Repair Service Route 422 4 Miles East of Kittanning Phone Ll 5-1376 H U N T E R ' S Proprietor MRS. JOHN WRAY Phone LI 3-4221 Route 422 KITTANNING, PA. Compliments Of THE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF KITTANNING, PA. Member F. D. l. C. FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN INDIANA With Offices In Indiana Plumville South Fork Ask about our free imprinting on your personal checks Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FRANK'S TOG AND SPORTS SHOP Men's Wear ond Sporting Goods 138 Columbia Ave. Vandergrift, Pa. Compliments of APOLLO NEWS STAND 222 North Warren Ave. Apollo, Pa. APOLLO FORD SALES INC. Cor Sales-Truck Service VALLEY FLORIST, RIVER ROAD Designs by Eula Burkett North Apollo, Po. Phone GR 2-8151 Compliments of THE CRESTWOOD Route 56 4 Miles East of Apollo Apollo, Pa. Compliments of ZULA SMlTH'S DRESS SHOPPE Ladies Apparel Hats by Fisk P. O. Box 296 First Street Ex. Phone 72.4351 GR 2-1241 Apollo, Pa. Apollo Trust Co. Bldg, Warren Ave. Apollo, Po. Qs KlNG'S DRUG STORE Prescription, Sickroom Supplies Phone SU 3-2601 Rural Valley, Pa. DUNMIRE MOTOR COMPANY Dodge - Plymouth Sales and Service Phone LI 3-1241 Kittanning, Pa. BRODY'S Market Street Kittanning, Pa. ARMSTRONG FARM BUREAU CO-OP ASSOCIATION West Shore of the Allegheny River North of U. S. 422 Phone LI 3-0951 Kittanning, Pa. Owned By Those It Serves Compliments of PAUL'S AUTO PARTS Kittanning, Pa. Ford City, Po. OBADE CANDY CO. Kittanning, Pa. Compliments of G. C. MURPHY COMPANY Kittanning, Pa. Compliments To A Fine Community With A Fine School JIM RUDOLPH USED CARS Kittanning, Po. --v--.-4aa,'-..1lX!h-1-'Xau1- f 11-.1 ::,:3'?7"' 1

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