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-ll' 5 fgx .5 . 1 ?g4Q2rl V -W . ,UCL L bww 5 , ,gggfwg M . 1 f 'ffl Ei 'IJ f N 'Q :g ' . 1 . XX 1 Z. Jig , 4- -M , gg - 1' fy ag "X i ' 1 fi NN-,V 'Q .f gg- FJWI "wg EV? 3 S.-fflfh W. if ' a 'Q -A 5 ,wi1q1:",a-,Ag we 'gQg'f21f f in 'E .'fgf2.Nqr',,1. - " f 5 , ' "fp1L2,', w ww 1 .yhhgl . .AA ,- , U i -ggi? 'Y Wi! f ' ' 1 RIDGE HI-LITES 4SNNN fm X 'gf- gin: 't ELDERS RIDG IGH SCHOOL . ,,,,,g.,f - E, ,, J. In x ,.!Ik".mm LiZ:.'gy,,,3K11..us,.,"'q"1Q1i..4' W5 94 ' A 1 as W, ,y v 1 'Q A We WWWK Q' iffy ' ,T Program '-1 4f The year 1955-56 Time: Place g Edri, Pennsylvania Setting: Elders Ridge High School Prologue: ' The setting Directors: Administration and Faculty As the scene opens, the events of the school year, as seen by the eye of the camera, and as recorded for us, live once more. ACTONE.. ..ASWEWI-IRE W 1 A Y wf J, he gf nl Scene I We Were In Senior High Scene II We Were ln junior High Z' ,, 'S-1 ,Y i K V 'x N K. x x x ACT TWO . . . AS WE WORKED AND PLAYED Scene I We Had Our Activities fi! I X Scene II We Had Our Sports I Nw Intermission A Q Between Acts Behind the Scenes ACT THREE . . . . . AS WE DEPARTED Baccaulaureate Commencement Senior Activities PATRONS 'x -q. t 4 A V r nag? jiri-K ' A ve. f bfi?- ' 3 it 4. VE ::ZfQ:'., V ' A M Q W '-iflgsitii A W et. Q: dz, .gifgtgq ,J Aiuiwllan' 'Q ii ,jx 5: '4 1, 4 16 'Q , li' l ff 'F Y, X . X ,f fi , , " 1 . ' . , ef' .Q 134 1' kj' ,J -gsgzizwim " amine sa f Lg, , YV' "G'a.5i "fii'Q ri iw 'Wiz . PN! 3.-. ,wg ,iff A 1- 55: .M Ag i 4 f ,ff - 'ii-'K 'iff 5. 'Q-5-Q X, S1 Q , .W ., .W I .' 'SX 5 'DB , in E , Q5 ix, A ni? is ,W .xg .tt I Prologue - The Setting THE JUNIOR HIGH BUILDING 4 THII SLNIOR HIGH BUILDING Directors - - Administration and Faculty Principal . . . Mr. Ernest Sell We teachers and you pupils shared many well-'spent hours in the classroom this term. They were hours of elation and sometimes disappointments. Let your school hours re- mind you that through life, no matter where you go, these hours will profit you. Supervising Principal . . Mr. Calvin F. Shaulis As your supervising principal I have come in contact with each and every one of you at one time or another, in many dif- ferent situations. But in each one of you, I saw some school spirit. This same spirit throughout life will help make our world a better place in which to live. Bfiiss Gloriu Ciocco, . secretory. Faculty gg W., aa- .. W. . u f x 13 is p....,,....-..-.-- MARGARET ALLSHOUSE IEANNE BRUNER NANCY CAMPBELL B. A. , Hood College . . . M. Ed. , B. S. , S1ipperyRockState Teachers B. S. , Indiana State Teachers University of Pittsburgh . . . Math, College . . . Physical Education College . . . Librarian, Library English, Algebra I. and Health Science. NN? f Y 5 sb? 9 if-f WILLIAM CASSADY CALVIN COOPER DONALD DESIMONE B. S. , Penn State . n . Agricultmc. B. S. , SlipperyRockState Teachers B. S., Duquesne University . College. . . M. Ed., Westminister Instrumental, VOca1MuSiC' . . . Health, Physical Ed., Social Studies. 11 Facu NTS wr 5 -I X ' fx I In I . ,, ,ts :Y HAROLD EGELSKY ROBERTA FAIR JANE FARREN B.A., Lenior Rhync College, N. C. B. S., Indiana State Teachers B. S., Indiana State Teachers . . . Business Survey, Physical College . . . English, Latin, l College. . . Art. Education. Spanish. 5 'C MILDRED FUSCEK REBECCA HADDEN WILLIAM HEARD B. S. , Indiana State Teachers B' 5. , University of Pittsburgh , , B. S. , Indiana State Teachers College . . . EngliSh, Music- Health Physical Ed. College . . . M. Ed., University of Pittsburgh . . . Penn State . . . Case Institute . . . Algebra II, Chemistry, Physics, Trig. Faculty ELSIE KENDALL JOHN KOONTZ MARIORIE MQCREIGHT B. 5. , MC11'iC1I1Sbl1Ig College, B. S. , Indiana State Teachers Cafeteria Management TennCSSCC . . . B. S. , Indiflflll College . . . Slippery Rock State State Teachers College . . . Teachers College . . . Math. General Science, Home Ec. 7 iw -. , A ,, , ,, .M J, Y, .E . ..,, . 3. , 15.3 , h.,L , R' img A if R ? If K ' VKX WM' my f .. .,: ."' ,K A B ' RUTH MILLER ESTHER MOORE LEMMON RALSTON B., S., Indiana State Teachers R.N. , Columbia Scl1oolofNurQing B., S. , Indiana State Teachers College . . . Ari . . . School Nurxe College . . . University of Pitts- burgh . . . Biology, General Science, Senior Science. 8 fax gg N Faculty ERNEST SELL JACK STEFFININO PAUL STUCHELL B- 5- 1 Indiana State TCUCIWTS B- A- , University of Virginia . . . Indiana State Teachers College . . Collvgv -A . . M. Ed., Urqvofsll-V M. Ed., University of Pittsburgh Science, Geography. of Pittsburgh . . . Plant' Gcomctry, , , , English, Industrial Arts. Cffgl EUGENE SUTTON ISABEL TIDD XDHN WATTA B. S., Indiana State Teachers B. A., Westminster . . . M. Ed. B. S., Indiana State Teachers College . . . P.O.D., American UnivcrsityofPittsbu.rgh. . . Civics, College . . . M.Lit., University Hihtory, Driver Ed. Pennsylvania History, Guidance. of Pittsburgh . . . English, World History. 9 Faculty JEAN WEAN EVERETT WETZEL B- S-1 Indiana State Teachers B. S., Indiana State Teachers College - ' ' Home Economics' College . . . History. STUDENT TEACHERS Five of our student teachers . . . may they ful- fill in the years to come as much as they promised when they were with us here at the Ridge. Xeanof somone h Mrs. M017 Ann Cotter Mi-'S Elaine E MASS E . . Vw an yfwfke ? Act I As we were I Scene I We Were in Senior High Seniors OFFICERS President Tom Heard Class Motto: Hands that work, Vice President Larry Marafka brains that think, and Secretary Diana Tomei hearts that love. Treasurer John Gordish Class Flower: Yellow Roses Advisor Miss Roberta Fair Class Colors: Yellow and Black Another school year is over for this class, and don't look now but it was their fourth in high school. Some have regrets that it is over, but most are happy to be on their own at last. They know that at the end of six years of grade school and six of high school, their compulsory education has been completed. And whether of not they go on for further schooling, they are, as it has been said, cast out into the sea of life in a boat of their own making. Looking back over the last years, each boy and girl can visulize once more the times they con- sidered the best. Their freshmen year was the same as any year that freshmen have spent in any school. This was the last year at the school that there were separate boy and girl classes and homerooms. In their sophomore year their big event was a semi-formal dance which brought in quite a net profit and started them off on the right foot for the events of the junior year. But of course, the biggest event of all was their own "Pink Mist Prom", in their junior year. So now they have relived the past and are living the present but the biggest thrills they will get henceforth will be in the flllllfe- Good luck and Bon Voyage to the seniors from all of us. fi'- VU" , "N -W- +21 nr ALOISE, JOSEPH -- Our shot-put charhpion of long standing will be going in for other activities soon. We wish our curly-haired "Italiano" all the luck that a clever brain can bring. BLASIN, ANGELINE--A sporty girl, that's "Ang". And in more ways than one. She's good in sports, is a good sport, and sports quite a bit of talent in twirling. BLYSTONE, TI-IEINIA -- "Tootie" is a charmer. She's another of our majorettes, in whose ranks she marches with head held high. Dig- nity, a keynote of her personality make her one of our most liked girls. BOLO, BARBARA--This fum-loving miss will make a very stable nurse when the time comes. But we doubt that this tame profession will dull her bright eye, or crimp her dancing style. BROWN, CLARK--The pride of the Keystone State. One of our Key- stone Farmers, Clark chose a profit- able hobby, and stuck to it. The F. F. A. basketball team has a crack forward in this boy. BURKETT, CAROL -- Carol's an- other of our redheads, but her tem- per doesn't match her fiery hair. She's real cool! Her future home economics students will gain a teacher and companion CHAKAN, DONNA -- The Com- mercial Course holds quite a charm for Donna, who is a good worker with lots of charm herself. Could it be that she plans to follow up the course by becoming a secretary? DURAND, JAMES --jim's interest in Ag. leads him to the Ag. shop to tinker with the machinery there. This will profit him later, for a farmer must know how to repair the machinery used on his farm. 14 .NNW 1' "Nr ik' If K" 2 Q X 'Wg fs C7 GARRY, BARBARA--The piquant face seen in the halls of ERHS now, will soon brighten the campus of ISTC. She'll make a very pretty red-haired teacher, won't she? GARTLEY, SHERRY -- A slender, petite lass, with a winning smile and many friends, Sherry is always ready to do a good turn for some- one. Some day when she's a house- wife, she'll make a good neighbor. GAYDOSH, GRACE--"Gracie" as her special friends have called her, is another of the Ridgers more "quiet ones".. She can, however, raise a storm in Chemistry class .... take it any way you like! GFPPERT, DOROTHY -- "Dot", with her boyish haircut, hardly looks worth anything at all, if we were measuring in pounds. Fortunately, we are not. She is an able worker and has petite charm that pleases. GORDISH, JOHN -- "jughead's" favorite pastime in his four years at the Ridge seems to have been basketball, a pastime well spent, for he was a star center. This could well be due to his six feet two inches of muscle and power. GUELLA, LOUIS -- "The Sideburn Kid" --this is what Louie has been called, He has also been called bombshell for his activity in sports. There is never a dull moment when he's near--he's a smoothy. HANCOCK, ANNA MARIE--Here is our jolly, red-cheeked miss, who proves to be a value to anything she undertakes. The student Coun- cil got itself a real secretary in Anna. HEARD, THOMAS -- Colleges are constantly on the lookout for bright youth, and in Tom you find just that. Our "Dusty" will soon tread the campus of ISTC and bowl every- one over with his twinkling hazel eyes. 15 A X Inv -qv' I KAITO, JOSEPH -- "Elders Ridg's Johnny Ray" as he is called, un- fortunately doesn't include singing in his future plans. His cheerful nonchalance never ceases to amaze his friends. KEEIJEY, SAM--"Buzz" is the Ridges example of a "Tall Texan" with a bashful grin and a great interest in farming. This is not his only inter- est. He also holds an office in the F. F. A. KINTER, PATRICIA --Petite Fig- ure, ready smile, neat grooming: This discription accurately fits our "Patsy". This lass has a very won- derful future mapped out. KLINGENSMITH, BRENDA-Checry laughter combined with real ability in typing result in a rosy future for Brenda. Stately self assurance makes her a noticeable figure in a crowd. KNEPSHIELD, R. LEWIS-Tal1slim- ness accentuated by a friendly grin is a characteristic which make Louie so appealing. This young man is a Future Farmer with a real future in farming. KNOPICK, WILLIAM --Bill's easy- going manner puts everyone at his ease except his opponent on the bas- ket-ball court. He's some guard! LAIVLBERT, JANE--janie's hair is a key to her personality- -smooth. Her infectious laughter usually starts a chain reaction and she adds a lot to any class she attends. She's a bright ISTC scholarship winner. LANGHAM, ELLEN -- A sparkling personality with wit added makes "Honey" a favorite among the Ridgers. This will, in all proba- bility, make her a wonderful nurse. 16 Wahl' if 1... his f LENTZ, JANE --Everyone who has seen an ERHS football game has seen jane strutting at the head of the band at the half. The band has a very talented head in Janie. What's more she is a star forward on the girls' basketball team, LENTZ, RONALD--Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Ronnie can be seen each spring working out on the track. He is especially good at running the mile, which was shown when he came in second in the state meet. Good, isn't he? MACHAK, ARTHUR-Popular with the ladies, friends with the boys-- that's Art, our "boy with the dia- mond personality." We feel that in whatever he attempts he's sure to succeed. MADAY, SAMUEL--A happy-go- lucky teenager is Sam, whose brown eyes show a sparkle that's hard to beat. l-Ie's another one with "per- sonality plus" and is also a very well-dressed lad. MARAFKA, JOHN --"Roxie" likes to joke, buthe's notjokingwhen it comes to basketball or to future plans. The machinist's union will welcome him into their ranks come graduation day. MARAF KA, LARRY -- Bright- eyed Larry has great possibilities as a college student. ISTC will have a hand in developing those possibili- ties. Besides doing excellent work in school, he is a good worker both alone and on the basketball court. MARTIN, BETTY -- With a digni- fied air about her, Betty can be seen roaming the halls and going to classes with quite a few good friends. Dignity doesn't make her snobbish, however, for she is a most friendly lass. MORGAN, JAMES - -Brown-haired, brown-eyed jim is Elders Ridge's answer to the perfect dream guy. Easy going, humorous, and good natured, jim's traits will help him in his future. 17 A 43 egg .,, .,., . ..,,1,f.f, ,Q we -- s Q we A s 1 qi'-Er QW I :QM ' "' NAGG, ANDREW--"In the Army Now" will be this nice lad's theme song in the not-too-distant future. And will trade four years of his time for 'all the benefits an army hitch can give. NELSON, RICHARD -- No future planned yet, but we think a clever lad like Rich will think of' some- thing. Meanwhile he manages to derive enjoyment wherever he can, which is a useful accomplishment. ORGOVAN, JOSEPH -- "P enner" maintains C1 manner of quiet humor about him that makes him an easy person to like and get along with. But speed, not humor is his motto on the foot-ball and baseball teams, PENNINGTON, LOIS -- Lois is a "lass with the delicate air", with a future in mind. Meanwhile, she contents herself with being a girl who makes her friends eyes sparkle with laughter. PLISKA, JOSEPH--"Kuba" as he is known to everyone must like the colors blue and white, for upon leaving the "Alma Mater" he will enter the Navy blue and whites. PODOLAN, MARTHA -- Bright, brown eyes that twinkle when she laughs, makes Marthaavery plea- sant companion. Her smile charms young and old alike and she Ere- quently uses it to gain friends. POLOFF, PAULINE--Our "Halls of Ivy" will be devoid of one of the quivtest misses who ever roamed them when Pauline leaves. This quietness is not to be confused with shyness though. She is one of our most friendly lasses. POYDENCE, CHARLES -- "Chuck" has already had a taste of the salt, sea, which must have had a humor- ing effect on him for he is as even- tempered a man as any employer would hire on the spot. 1 o e e Y M . Qs, Kg l If 4,2 Q 4" sg, ,Z V e.'.w',,1 f-.M-gwf, aw. A fift y wlsifelr' ll 'ff 'lfis .M , S". 1 cpl.: ,5 'kg my ,XR Agmw' ' af-ff' 15' 5 R' PRIDE, JAMES--Everyone's friend oflong standing, "Archie", is cer- tain to make a success of himself in the outside world just as he did at the Ridge in management of business, RUSH, MARLENE--"Sally" is fre- quently seen behind the wheel of her green and cream "Chevy". A very likeable girl, she walks to classes and roams at noon with Cl happy twinkle and a winning grin. SALVA, JACK--Jack is the clean- cut, boy-next-door type. Perhaps that is why he is popular with every- one.. That, along with his charac- ter, will make him a fine college Candidate. SHIRLEY, TWILA -- "Twi" has achieved fame for her pony tail and for her sweet smile. This is one girl with a definite future in mind. Could it be marriage? She can be seen roaming the roads in a blue Ford. SLANSKY, EDMUND-Good-natup ed "Smokey" is quiteaguy the kids agree, and he's quite a football player and track man agree the coaches. Need anymore be said? He's an all-round guy. TAMSKI, ELAINE-Humor unlimit- ed seems to be the motto of our "Coffa". Her laugh has been heard by all-weven those who have merely seen her--which shows she has a constant supply of it. TAMSKI, JAMES-That laugh down the hall was only Jim sounding off again. He is usually the life of the party wherever he is and we bet he even peps up the football team, on which he has played for three years. TOMEI, DIANA -- Diana's a good little managerm-both of business and her own affairs. What better qualifications could be found for a future business teacher? All this and a beautiful smile, too? 2- fi x "Fe -fig A s, fn, s-Pr TRESSLER, NANCY--Perhaps the shortest girl in the class, Nancy is by no means the shortest in temper or brains. The science and home ecomornics departments are bright- ened by her presence in them. WALTERS, FREDA--A chatter-box with green eyes and almost-red hair, Freda maintains the old adage, "Laugh and the world laughs with you. " Her strong alto is heard in the chorus. WRIGHT, HARVEY--Another pro- duct of the Keystone State's F. F. A. He has out-standing ability for agri- culture and pursues this field avidly. He includes this in his future plans, also. SKOVENSKI, ELEANOR--As a grad of 1955, "El's" picture was omitted from its rightfulplace, withher own classmates. We were very sorry to have done this., However, she is a perky lass and was the belle of the ball in high school and still is, though she has left her place in the old "Alma Mater. " The graduates will remember the concession stand at one of their last track meets Juniors -. fu. ww 3 5 T F 4 a T A I r 1 L A A 1 X,,.Q OFFICERS President Bettl' Zona Vice President Mildred R0555 Sec!-em,-y Iane Patrick Treasurer DOD-na Swfufak Advisor Mrs. Nancy Campbell The juniors, like countless junior classes through the years at E. R. H. S, , had the biggest problem that would confront them in their high school days: financing the trip to Kennywood Park and, of course, their own fiom, of which the theme was "The Song of the Islands. " To raise money, the imaginative class, along with the new junior class advisor, Mrs. Campbell, racked their brains for new and old pro- jects. They came up with several good ideas, After much prodding and pushing, enough money was raised for both projects. The juniors look forward eagerly to their next year, and knowing that will be their last at E. R. H. S many of them will try hard to improve themselves during their remaining year in high school. f A lr A X, my . 4' L 5 if U N Q M "WT Q ', A' ' ' Q L "'L"Jf L 25 jf wg' . 1 rf K 1 ' Q ' ' A , , L. L f' A L, Tb , , W, L , ,, L. L L . , ,M ra gi-Thslufqsg ff r f 'MTX 11 fl . fem A 'ra do -' -:naw M M X x 4-X-rf' - A Mary Allshouseg Naomi Aikensg Bette Deane Ashbaughg Herman Blakclyg George Chelednikg Rose Colosig Jim Cramer. Alice Daughertyg Helen Dickeyg Agnes Dilickg Susan Dilickg john Ditchg joe Fellog Buhl Gartley. Don Gaydosg Harry Georgeg Patty Gossg Nick I-Ialutickg Terry Heckmang Charlotte Jakoshg Mike Kalnfsky. .vi -"lex, ,,,, L ,,A Q x B L L VL BL, LKB, if Q. if 3 'fe V -I J, ' , 'x 4 ' 'W 'w firm r .fee 43,3 R ,Lg LZ N I ' ffff, F, A 7 x 1 Q X A Nm X A X, fr 1 L , ' N k, 1 V XJ I , x 4,-I YL, an L7 ai L , X i Llk: III, K 5 Stanley Kanickg Eugene Kerchenskyg Bob Keysg Eleanor Kingg Marie Lambertg Mary Mackg Patty Maday. Barbara Makog Dolores Marafkag Fred Marafkag Patsy Marafkag Gloria Mc- Cormickg Ronnie McCullough5 Bill McGee. l..arryMelvingBi1l Moore5Eddie Mouserg Joe Nagg3Theresc1Naggg John Neighleyg Patty Parker. 1 I 4 ' I N ff .gy 4 - V ,V X L i?? 1 l q x, V, ga Row 1: Jane Putrickg Pat Puglieseg Clifford Rearickg Donna Reedg John Ridenourg Eddie Lou Rosensteclg Pat Rosensteel. Row 2: Mildred Rostisg Down Rumbaughg jeanSabolovich5 Pc1ttySc1bolovich5 Catherine Shafferg Lincoln Shcmfferg Wesley Shupe. - - -ebg 223255 L 'Y' A . , Q, YT? i 'fi' ' " Row 1: Joe Slcmskyg George Spondikeg Nellie Stevensong Mona Stiverg Donna Styfurakg Diana Surrag Bob Tanner. Row 2: Stanley Townsendg Kenny Turnbullg Bob Turnbullg Ed Valyog Betty Zona. 1,7 l ' f , R 1 l f I Sophomores Officers President Kit Rosensteel Vice President Darlene Cocovich Secretary Darlene Lesneskie Treasurer Evelyn Knopick Advisor Mr. Lemmon Ralston The sophomore class, since leaving the junior high school, has gained more prestige in the school than before. Naturally they tried to live up to their reputation. Less silliness and more dignity marked this promotion. Finally they were there. The new sophomores got busy immediately and elected a crackerjack group of officers. With them and their advisor, Mr. Ralston, the class had different money-making projects. They sold blue and white Elders Ridge caps. Their biggest event however, was a joint dance with the junior class, with the imaginative theme of "Hearts in Rhythm. " This was a memorable beginning for their first year in senior high. I-v ,Q . J ..f . ' Pl 1 . , . A 1 X 'S 9 ' 1' - ' w " J J - i -.1 A X ' 'X Q 5 3 Q: 0 9 5 A. J . rf f: Z W N 'D W. 'J in lx 'fi . 1 Q 1 : il: -V -xv ' f A- I I M 1 3 - 'H an X 1' 'Suk X 1 A TJ I 1. I ' , ! K h K Sixfg emi, Y 4? . Row 1: James Barrg John Bchung Jean Bendisg John Bevilacquag Joann Bottiglioneg Harold Burkettg Bill Carney. Row 2: Bob Chelednikg Darlene Cocovichg Joyce Connerg Cecilia Fryeg Shirley Gatesg Eddie Gaydoshg Eugene Gemmell. Row 3: Martin Ghiardig Gloria Gordishg Nancy Gordishg Jim Gottardig Carol Grayg Lorraine Haggg Harold Hadden. uf J ' 'N ,A J f 2,3 Q A w'r 3' in K I K' 43 '. , V T Ka -if-w J 'fi' Y 1-21 5 2 2' f . 4 'v J' ' 3 I ' ' 1 7 A Y 'Ei -9 J 4 Q 4 , " - ' 5 hg, ,Q A i ,- M - , x xl is R ,Q X X Q Q, 7,1 7 L. Q V I if ' If k 1. ' Q ' K A 4 we 'I ,. ' n- ' . x tx 5 ,f-A if Y -K li E if -33?-7 " 4 Q ,rxt K-Q ii. lm 1 In 4 It lg All V I '-G 1' 5 ' J A " A . , J J 1 ,5 '- 7? 4 ,J . 1, or n 3 gg il ,X ji! X e In J if i.,y D D N o M B, D J ' " ' ' ' ' J 1 ' ' , irair if ' , 1 v Row 1: Norman Hooverg Dick Johnsong John Kaitog Dolores Henkelg Marlin Keeleyg John Kerchenskyg Evelyn Knopick. Row 2: Jean Kubalag Ronnie Lamannag Bob Langhamg Alice Leksellg Joyce Lentzg Darlene Lesneskieg Stanley Madey. Row 3: Tom Marafka5JoAnn McCreightg Jim McGee5Fred Milleng Jim Nagg5Joe Naggg David Patrick. 26 a ' w A -- ' Q' ' :.' , W Ml' S gm ykk ll i l N lk n . Az .-N -f' ,l X f' 3 L al K- f l Q , 3 7 i LL. .. I ' .. V - f L L ? an l Row 1: Don Procopchukg Ronald Quickg Ruth Quickg Paul Rearickg Leonard Riccg Lysle Rigglcg Gloria Rogel. Row 2: Kit Rosensteelg Mary Jane Rosensteelg John Rougemucg Janet Rusciekyg Janet Salvug Mike SClVClgCj Veronica Setlock.. we ,, l 43 l Q fi lx, ,.. N ll gi ll ral!! Sub X X ll XF' WS 4 1 ff ' , 'Y ., .1 In .-1' 1 if : f ' lull 1 'L l w K5 1 we 1' if Q - fa f Row 1: Bill Shcrbong Geraldine Shirlvyg 'vlary Ellen Slblcg Dan Smyvrxg jov Spcllwnc Dcmrlcnc' Stivorg Patty Tannen Row 2: Linda Tomcig Carol Trcsxlvrg Linda Trcwlerg Ted Wallcorg Ida Zuchvlli. Intermission Some posed . . . somcwcrc caught off guard . . . but Lhcy'rc still the sumo Ridgcrs L? Nmrgf- Tricky bu,- . . tOd0Yv 51110 Ixnyfhlng naw ss' iSn'r fr? Rcvcrcnd Wulkcr at nsscmbly Alberta Shaffer at the piano X JL 'A 0" ff Xhor box? Chu-rlcudurs show their stuff. QT Freshmen T 2 2 f 5 r 5 , 5 OFFICERS President Loretta Pisch Vice President Richard Finotti SPC-1'9iCl1'Y Iimalee Taylor Treasurer Raymond Dubrosky Advisors Miss Margaret Allshouse 8 Mr. William Heard The freshmen can congratulate themselves on being one of the first Freshman classes to be so active at the Ridge. Instead of waiting till their sophomore or junior years to start raising money to finance their junior Prom, they decided tl1ey'd begin early. Among the projects they planned was a Freshman Class Play and cn class dance. Aside from the money-making projects they had many other interesting experiences. The Freshman boys may remember the junior F. H. A. party they were invited to. As an interesting variation to the party, a king and queen were chosen. The Freshmen agree that it was certainly an interesting year for them. K , HR i 1 - , , . as f X '31, 4 gg M 4, Q. .li i t gf' Q Q, 3 Q Q-K 'Q mi. ,,. 3 L a! 3 K K pt, 5 l I fm y-...wg--M Row 1: Ronc1ldAikcnsg John Allshouscg Tcrcsa Andrcwsg Martha Bvhung Janet Bl-vilacquag Richard Blclnkcnshipg Carl Blystone, Row 2: Lcland Blystoncg Donald Boykog Robert Boylcg Janct Broskog Tommy Browng Tommy Chcxkcmg Bobby Coltri. Row 3: Eugene Condorg Kenny Delahuntyg Carol Dickcyg Jerry Ditchg Ruth Dowdcng Raymond Dubroskyg Carolu Fcllo. '-'S' al 1' 6 I Q xn ' 7 1 K . l 5 si J 55? ' S is lb ll x gig L K , ' 6 F iff fi-fl' 'F Ji R r N gigrii ig, :U 7 V K K V 1 I 1'1- M' 'vi - 1. Yi . I ' at . 'nazi r 1 R it if Row 1: Richard Finottig Carol Garllcyg Carol GL-orgcg Ernuxt Gt-ppl-rtg janet Grayg Norman Grayg Bill Hancocls. Row 2: Row 3: Karen Harvillag Sam Hockcnburryg Patty Hollcrng Ted Hoovcrg Patty janvsg Virginia Kaitog Eddie Kurclwnslxy. Rose Mary Kcysg Bill Kingg Catherine Luui'cnti5 Ianct Lcntfg Charlotte Lutcg Jim Larnbcrtg Shirlvy Lute. lmao,- K S x if 4 x 6 9 , ga ! l ......., ' ' , -S V? Flaw! : . ,Q AA. i . 4- M 4' lf . V V r by S If ir, ' X l xl xx Vffk y X 1' 1' 53,5 x ' fl xg 1 5 Q gl at-4 X - l ..4.l - 'fr ,, A H 3i oz- l If LY ni 1- r ll Q Q s 4 . 3, L ai y 1 r V I X M, Row 1: Kcn Mclryoig Elmcr Morgang Chester Nuggg Mcu'yOrgovf1n5 Hola-nPc1t.rick5 Lottie: Pisch3 Icon Ph-ss. Row 2: Stovv Ploskuncukg Lnruc Pollclckg Bill Romcrg Bob Rnmig Judy Rcnrickg Emma Robcrtsg Larry Rosclwllu. Row 3: Richard Roscnstccl3Dcc1n Rumbnugh3Fc1y0 Schrccongostg Forrmt Shuffcrg Robert Shcllhammcrg Bob Shicldsg Charles Sinnclmond. x K ,, '4- , . -, , W, :ra ,va 1 fl or X X 3 ll if ,, . 'T , N l " S 1 r KHQA K fl l l . ' X A l 'i l i 1 ftxfw I -81 lxl ' 4 -- r'rf- .. g'f-3 , rf' , l , P g wiv Q "5 1 :ffm .I 1. V' IQ' 0' .3 ew, -e , , , Row 1: Rmllplx Sll'1l'1ilIllOl'lLljIDClV.lLi Slounc5Gordon Smycrsg Shvlby Strgrwgjimcllco Tuylorg Murgic Tothg Stfmlcy Travis. Row 2: Frank TLU"l4Clll?lVlClI'gt1I'L't WntLs5Dm'Iu WL-is55Dovid Workg Curol WrightgMurlcnc Wriglxtg Nancy Zuffulo. Rom 3: Carole Zulotg Rita Zcmollig Bill Mfznlcy. Eighth Grade l ,,, . I . K5 W .'3' 2 wg- A K B 1 W3 at "Q K 5 il y 1, B 'ao ,cliffs 24 t A du'ni Kenn Arduini Charlvs Barclayg Harry Barclayg Row 1: Arlene Aloiseg Jane 1' 1 3 y f 9 Betty Blystoneg Nancy Brosko. Row 2: Nc1ncyBukosl-cyg Sally Campbellg Jim ChelcdnikgDon Colcmang Frank Daugherty Jennie Durandg Lorraine Garry. Row 3: Mary Gates5Albert Ghiardig Lucille Goodrichglicnny Gordishg Ronnie Gordishg Linda Gryczukg Frank Gularski. .Q 5 AV .iw I t xx , , fi, ii 3 S 5 M M Qi' 5 fii ' R - ff i 'll f 5 L ..'L: X il :V kkyk V JJ-L f X 5-. , X f V, or-ff B of Q if 3 .,g. L V S is Y , V Akin J' A Xf " in M-gg 'ir if .1 y 'B T.. by N B . Lf , ' 2 5 1 4 - lv BWWEF Q 1 K xt Row 1: Robert Heaslcyg Eugene Horng Barbara I-Iorrcllg Jim Iscmangjudy Jakoshg David Kingg Judy King. Row 2: Susan King5Rose Ann LorcnzigRichard Madayg Carol Makog Elizabeth Marafkag Marian Marting Bob McCullough. Row 3: Carolyn Morgang Julius Naggg Eilcen Patrickg Norma Patrickg Carolyn Pliskag John Pollackg Jim Poloff. hi B1 BJ , lwffltilys ' K ' or 1' V' ' "' at + f . , x X4 g V' , all , ,Q 1- wx! I I i I M. , Uh ,V I7 . . Y - 'W A f ,v K PN' , ,yy -. . 41: iv 'AQ , ' ' 5 41 i, N ni , , 1 .I 1 V fm ,1 . .An X 1 D 3 . ii y 1 .rig D if .Ai R , ' ,211 I - xf .Z I - H , . ,, rl, Ti- if M 45' . f i 1 ' f R it , f a N, i .- X 3,3 xl' 5- ,H f X ' 1 K' Q 4? ' 'fi , x X 5: uf ' E ' 'N 'f . J' P' I ' . D. N ' Sze 1 Y 'Y' 1 L1 5 'Q' f y V Ll Row 1: Dolores Pontolig Mary Quickg Ted Reafickg john Riceg Nancy Reutterg Gloria Romickg Monica Rosensteel. Row 2: Irene Setlockg Dennis Shafferg Ronald Shirleyg Robert Shupeg Carolyn Slanskyg Nancy Smyersg George Sosnick. Row 3: Dick Stevensg Roger Stifflerg Naomi Strong Frank Styfurakg Arthur Swartzg Ronald Toldig Richard Turk. Row 4: Margaret Lesneskieg Ronnie Uptegraphg Carol Vuckovichg Ronnie Waltersg jim Wargog Billy Zagrodnichekg Chauncey Zimmerman. EQ , 4- 5 1 S 5 2 Seventh Grade 2,5 .,A. A WW 5 lf' fe ,a , . 1 .. .rEs::45f ' L' ' 1 W V'D ,. M .,,. e,.,.x ,W , , W.....,,-.. I X sa: Q, 2 Y -K ff M .- K H 7 Q Y f, V, , .argl l ' e we ' r eeee 2 l - 5' if .VVV fl 'K K W i r I ive.. ,:g,,.w. x 4 A , - FK. ?' ii. H .ggizggfy H rr I I X ffm e 1 ft' il -43 X P e ' e ee Q. aa. I 2 if , fl Row 1: Louis Aloiscg Larry Barclayg Richard Bcidag Maric Bcighlcyg Ir-rry Bvndisg John Bogdanskig Joan Boylc. Row 2: Frank Bycrsg lrcnc Cllakang Richard Chronosklg Richard Clrclcdnlkg janrcs Row 3 Clawsong james Dowdcng jim Dunmirc. Hclcn Eckunrodcg Donna Leo Fcllog Mary Ellen Fcllog Sandra Gaydowhg Churyl Gcorgcg Nancy Gcppcrtg Roberta Goodrich. A i Y . ,L W is .. , V 39 , Aq,,. . 1 ,r X, M ff :wg ,, l l ll i R .I 2 . LL " we . VL I hw 7 . ,age S , . M y 1 4 L Z K Q Q ie r. -ff ng , 6 3 r r f e -B-5'2'S!i1'1 fl y fi , jg' gw X r if QE Z 1: K A :1.. 4 X , H V V 1, .--In E K D r - . :Sr y a 9 in yl r ' rr., li A rl , 3 Row 1 : Ronald Gordishg Juno Haagg Richard I-Iaagg Suvannc Hcardg Dvnnis Hollcrng Bernadette I-looverg Pamela Hosick. Row 2: Robert Lutcg jcffry Iwmang Donald jolmsong Bcvcrly Kully john Lamburtg Harold Lcl-cscllg john McCullough. Row 3: William Livcngooag David Martin3 Carolyn Maudiug luvclyn NlcC'racl4un. I l L A ' - 7 i -1 . :R V 0 i fx, s R 4- X 5, X W R as YQ 4' ll e if , 1 l ii ' A N 3 zli EQ , A e Y ? , ml l .:..Qh'z I 1 ' 5 fb -, .: nf 5 3 1 J in I, 5: - . ,Vm 1 , y my R O I V V- .em :M ' R A e. Q 'aff ' 1 A il " . 1,4 V - Row 1: Lcmx Mccklcyg Murtlm Myvrsg Charlotte Purkcrg Virgillbctittg Joyce Plvssg Gcorgiu Lcu Ploslaunulsi Frcml-Q Pollack. Row 2: Donna Poloffg jimmy Prymukg Patty Prymukg Evo Moc Rczmcrg Robert Rcariclq Richard Rcllickg Betty Romick. Row 3: Ronald Sabalineg Donna Schiratog Merle Schrecongostg james Shirleyg Richard Shirleyg Robert Shirleyg Louise Shrockman. JA if e ' '65 ,. w l i i i ,,, N .,.. i 4 l A?l MX A Y 2 ,-me . ev XX 5 . , 5.49 7 255:-r w 1 1 3 ij- ' 77 f ' -v Y A Al y JT 1 eg Q r l A 1 . ,eei i it iff-l - Atv 'fly 1 Row 1: Phyllis Sl'1l1PUQBOTlI1lL' Sinnflmondg Claire Smithg Alice Sosnick5Richc1rd Tumskig Dcinicl Turkullg Billy Turnbull. Row 2: Iolm Vclesigg Kenny Wcisg Sondra: Wrightg Michael Znnickg Donna Zciter. ix ' 4 ill I 1 Act II X As X ,-.,g -1 We Worked wi.- Played 3 ' 1 i X 4 Student Council 4 l f 4. N' Q Qu... NXQYOQ . gnrbafo . Of, - 5 -ni: dvib Nloroflsw YY 6203 Haddon' A , Uirfil Relic y , Mrs. S BCYQYOY . dcnu QCOCXA' - Q PYCSX Anna Maile EZLCY 10001 VN . rg 'Y 020515 C At the end of last year the officers of the Student Council were elected by an all school election, the first time such a thing has been done at E.R.H.S. At their regular meetings the opinions and problems of their classmates are discussed. The Student Council must give its permission for dances to be held, cmd for other social events. Their big event of the year was an all-school clean up month in March, which served to better the school. . i E ' f 2 1 Q E y 5 First Row - Left to right, Patty Poloff, Carol Fcllo, Diana Surra, Chauncey Zimmerman, joe Nagg, Stanley Kanicla, Joyce Pless, Barbara Mako, Anna Hancock. Second Row - Jane Lambert, Darlene Lesneski, Patty Tanner, Som Maday, Larry Marafka, Ellen Langham, Betty Zona, Dolores I-lenkle, Mrs.. Hadden. "Ridge Hi- Lifes" it T 3 gi s ix i First Row - Left to right, Watta, Joan Bottiglione, Carol Second Row - Jim Pride, Theresa Nagg, Catherine Shaffer, Linda Tomei, Patty Hollern, Margie Toth, He1QnPf1f1fiCkf Mfr Trcssler, Putty Sqbglovich, Jdnct Rl1SCiCl4y, NCUICY TI'C5S1C1'- Nellie Stevenson, Pat Pugliese, E11911 I-Clflghflma Anna Hancock, Diana Surra, Tom Heard. Edit that story! Count those words! Copyread that material! Those are familiar words signifying that the editor had gone to work.. The typists became every- one's helpers for they were always ready to type and re- -vw-.,.:h , Bfditorxjn Spusin USS M Chief o Q11 flrt Us Edfto Qgef Ed- 1' no Xlffvlzs-or P type copy. This book is the largest we have ever pro- duced. The staff will be very happy, in the future years, of your school life adds to your memories of happy days F gone by. rigs opjqnf' 1013 Q Nellie Str' Tome, 9 1 M -Bqrbqrq 22118011 r. fo1,n Wagfo Q "Ridge Echo" Xl t Lambcf 1 spore Ediiors Mmm, Tom Heard, m CO.EditOY3 'glib Langhil 7 nshgusca ' LQ T. to T1 IEXXCU Xxn A F5151 ROW YhoiOZ'aPhcr, C Edilom so Miss Robetga sim pride, Exghaflg C pxftcadeisi a TO,-991, -Ediiou - , 1gesSleY, , -on 0 , - Dian ir. Co it Sports Ednotow - Nancy Nellie Sfevtm. dbg, Managbt, rtisiniswanagb ASS ' SCCOUCXR - na Slum' 't Ptdvcrmxsurxaeti, have . Dia ASS ' or N nagefs NQXSOU, , VCE?-Y gusiness 133505 Richarlzwxs, Sports E650 ' To increase school spirit and cooperation, an pair, A C,aYYYv X to develope higher scholastic standards, the purpose c the Ridge Echo, was quite evident in the monthly pub lication. New and interesting articles, a completel new face, and eo-operation of the staff helped empha size the importance of this publication. Tvvmagafbam ,L 1 .1 .. a , . . ,r . . e ,Y,,.. ... .- , First Row - Left to right, Thelma Blystone, Barbara Carry, Jane Lambert, Larry Marafka, Jim Pride, Richard Nelson, Tom Heard, Diana Tomei, Carol Vuckovieh, Marie Lambert. Second Row - Miss Fair, Diana Surra, Mary Mack, Nellie Stevenson, Mary Allshouse, Carol Burkett, Ellen Langham, Betty Zona, Sandra Gaydosh, Brenda Klingensmith, John Allshouse, 'Third Row - Jean Sabolovich, Jennie Durand, Sandra Wright, Lena Meckley, Darla Weiss, Janet Lentz, Rose Ann Lorenzi, Eileen Patrick, Lorraine Garry, Linda Gruczuk, Nancy Tressler, Twila Shirley. 41 Junior Red Cross ,M 41? . T 0111611 . Diana ' dent-1 P1651 B rbaia Garry, . ta, 8' dvisqjfa Vice Presideg ge: Moore, A , guna, , Mrs. 5 Diana TYQASHI ef 7 S Q cgetarv Though it was inactive for most years, the Red Cross aims to promote good citizenship in school and home and to help others, was evident in all its members. Af Che first of the year quite a large sum was collected for en- rollment in the Indiana County Chapter, which was very edifying. First Row - Left to right, Joann Bottiglione, Diana Tomei, Barbara Garry, Margaret Lesneskie 1 Mrs. Moore, Bonnie Sinnamond, Betty Romick, Judy King, Janet Gray. Second Row - Ellen Langham, Anna Hancock, Diana Surra, Ann Pesci, Helen Patrick, Gloria G d. h P . . . . or 1S , atty Strffler, Cecelia Frye, E1leenPatI1ck, Dolores Marafka, Evelyn Knopick. Third Row - Richard Chelednik Jerr B d' F 42 , y en is, rank Pollack, Don Boyko, Don Coleman, Ted Walker, Larry Roschella. National Honor Society Left to right - Marie Lambert, Mary Allshouse, Diana Surra, Barbara Mako, Tom Heard, Larry Marailsa, Jane Lambert, Barbara Garry, Nancy Tressler, Mr. Calvin Cooper, Advisor. Librarians First Row - Left to right, Bonnie Sinnamond, Roberta Goodrich, Lena Mecll-cey, Lorraine Garry, Linda Grycfuk, Carolyn Slansky, Margaret Lesneskie, Arlene Aloise, Susanne Heard, Nancy Tressler, Second Row - Patty Tanner, Freda Walters, Patsy Kinter, Ellen Langham, Lois Pennington, Shelby Straw, Carolyn Plislaa, Eileen Patrick, Monica Rosensteel, Nancy Smyers, Darla Weiss, Carol Wright. Third Row - Mrs. Nancy Campbell, Darlene Cocovich, Mary Mack, Rita Zanolli, Margie Toth, Carol Zalot, Patty I-lollern, Helen Patrick, Carol Vuckovich, Dolores Pontoli, ,Iimalee Taylor, Janet Lentv. Junior Chorus Senior Chorus First row, fleft to rightj - E. McCracken, S. Campbell, L. Gryczuk, N. Reutter, K. Weiss, D. Hollern, R. Rellick, L. Garry, G. Romick, Mrs. Mildred Fuszek Second Row - R. Keys, R. Zanoli, P. Janes, I. Chakan, R. Walters, R. Uptegraph, R. Beida, M. Zanick, R. Lorenzi, E. Patrick, J. Durand. Third Row - J. Pless, B. Sinnamond, C. Mako, C. Harvilla, K. Delahunty, J. Prymak, j. Allshouse, D. Work, D. Weiss, F. Schrecongost, M. Myers, S. King, L. Pisch. Fourth Row - K. Laurenti, M. Rosensteel, D. Fello, H. Patrick, N. Patrick, C. Zalot, D. Shaffer, J. Lambert, J. Lambert, J. Bevilacqua, C. Cartley, C. Maudie, J. Brosko, C. Fello, P. Hollern. umm.. - .- -1 First Row- C. Burkett, I. Zuchelli, M. Rostis, J. Lentz, D. Surra, E. Knopick, J. Sabolovich, T. Blystone, B. Mako, D. Tornei, B. Bolo, B. Garry, L. Tomei, I. Bendis, Mr. Donald DeSimone. Second Row - G. Prymak, E. Rosensteel, E. Langham, N. Stevenson, S. Maday, W. Shupe R. McCulloughf S. Kanick, J. Bottiglione, G. Rogel, R. Reed, V. Setlock. Third Row -1. McCreight, G. Gordish, J. Lambert, M. Lambert, A. Pesci, Rosensteel, E. Gaydosh, F. Millen, 'M. Savage, H. Burkett, C. Frye, P. Kinger, A. Daugherty, M. Stiver, C. Tressler. Fourth Row - L. Pennington, D. Styfurak, P. Rosensteel, P. Stifflcr, P. Tanner, J. Gottardi, J. Neighley, E. Gemmel, R. Nelson, M. Rosensteel, T. Nagg, C. Shaffer, C. Gray, D Henkel, M. Allshouse. ! B. Zona, K. Junior Band Q, gg Y A15 "'3- a-T sl? 2 S if Q First Row - fleft to rightj - B. Hazlctt, D. Oswalt, G. Yakal, R. Henderson, S..Lambert M. Roschella, E. Setlock, R. Kalafsky, M. Prymak. Second Row - S.Travis, J. Farren, D. Balue, B. Shaulis, T. Garry, I. Kubala, J. Aslgbaugh, C. Recd, H. Chelednick, I. Gordish, S. Rosensteel, D. Heard. Third Row - H. Hadden, Mr. Donald DeSimone, I. Yard, I. Travis, R. Shearer, C. Dunn, B. Little, K. Gemmel, D. Weiss, J. Lentz, I. Rostis, R. Harvilla, M. Zzinick, J. Dlirand. Senior Band First Row - J. Dunmire, H. Burkett, M. Stivcr, M. Allshouse, C. Zalot, C. Gartley, T. Andrews, N. Stevenson, M. Savage, C. Burkett, F. Schrecongost, S. Kanick. Second Row - li. Langham, J. Pride, R. Beida, F. Styfurak, D. Work, N. Halutick, M. Kalafsky, D. Gaydosh, R. Rellick, E. Rosensteel, M. Mack, J. Conner, Mr. Donald DeSimone. Third Row -1. Neighley, E. Cernmel, K. Del:1hunty,J. Lambert, M. Zanick, J. Durand, M. Myers, J. Velesig. THE MUSICIANS IN ACTION The junior Chorus sings at Christmas. Newly-formed junior Band in action. 46 The Senior Chorus warms up before the program Student conductor leads at Spring Concert. Cleff Dwellers 'Y' , sham' . nt3 Ellen Lan vue preside esident nicks X, pyidea YY Swnlev Ka dVisOi3 lim it, Secretafxla esimonea A Catoxgurke Donald The C1effDwellers purpose, to instill and maintain Treasuiemwx' an interest in music and it's alied arts, is one that is important to the school and individual. Awards were given to two members 5 one to the student who made the most progress in music, and one to the club member doing the most for the club. The club is presenting this award annually, First Row - Mona Stiver, Alice Daugherty, jim Dunmire, John Allshouse, Richard Beida, John Velesig, lssichard Rellick, Bonnie Sinnamond, Second Flow - Stan Kanick, Eddie Lou Rosenstecl, Mary Mack, Mary Allshouse, Joyce Conner, Ellen Langham, Carol Burkett, Nellie Stevenson, Carol Zalot, Teresa Andrews, Jim Lambery, Mr. Donald DeSimmone. Third Row - Dave Work, Merle Schrecongost, Charles Shupe, Mike Savage, Gene Gemmell, Jim Pride, Frank Styfurak, Hamm Burkett, Framcaydosh. 47 Bible Club 553 U in First Row - Left to right, Lorraine Haag, Bonnie Sinnamond, Sandra Wright, Beverly Kelly, Pamela Hosick, Miss Allshouse, june Haag, Suzanne Heard, Lena Meckley., Second Row - Larry Barclay, Richard Shirley, James Dowden, Clara Smith, Darlene Stiver, Phyllis Shupe, Georgia Lee Ploskunak, Donna Schirato, Betty Romick, Eva May Ramer, Martha Myers. The Bible Club has been formed by students having an interest in and appreciation of the Bible. The club dis- cusses all the problems presented to them. The main idea is to develop a better interpretation ofthe Bible. Main topics discussed with students were the life of jesus and the Hebrew customs and life. It has achieved its goal quite well during the year. Bonnie X Sinn Mar amend: Se garet Allshousg Adcreta1'Y-Treasurer L ' Visor 5 orrajne l g, Pi-esid ent! Miss Hobby Club s l 'Q ' ' it Vice President? 1 h, Vuckgvlc feta Carol dvisof- tawjreasu bn KOOWA A Secre I Mt. jo Caroliln Sxanswh President' . . . . Lofenl s This club consists of students who are interested 1n a n R05e An favorite pursuit. It helps give inspiration of hobbies that may be of some help to them later in life. The students were all very cooperative in this organimtion. They put on a very interesting hobby show for the student body, which included a puppet show. Everything was made or collected by the students. First Row - Left to right, Richard Shirley, Sandra Wright, Lena Meckley, Nancy Smyers, Carolyn Slansky, Margaret Lesneskie, Nancy Brosko, Carolyn Morgan, Nancy Reutter, Kenny Weiss. Second Row - Mr. Koontz, Rose Ann Lorenzi, Carol Vuckovich, Carol Mako, Sandra Gaydosh, Carolyn Maudie. Third Row - Frank Byers, Harold Leksell, Ron Shirley, Roger Stiffler, Ronnie Gordish, David 49 Shirley, James Shirley, Commercial Club V C,raCe Qgcsidcn , dvisoi- , pl X 51096, vXSkY7 Thelma BNZY Hawld Egg' - 13 . CY3 ' . Yreslden Treawf na Chaliam Xgltfyarbaw Bow, D00 SC CYQU1 l .h, Gaxldos The Commercial Club was undcr a new sponsor this year. Made up of girls taking thc commercial course, the club sponsored a dance in April, which was enjoyed by all and provided a healthy outlet of cncrgy stored up during the Lenten season. Thr- girls had much fun and gained valuable experience by being memborg of 1155 organization. First Row - Left to right, Diana Tomei, Barbara Garry, Thelma Blystonc, Pauline Poloff, Freda Walters, Donna Chakn, Brenda Klingensmith, Lois Pennington, Patsy Kinter. Second Row - Barbara Bolo, Ann Pesci, Angic Blasin, jane Luntx, Graco Gaydosh, Anna Hancock, Twila Shirley, Mr. Egclsky. G. A. A. First Row -- Loft to right, Thelma Blystonc, Barbara Garry, Angie Blasin, Jane Lentz, Freda Walters, Gloria Gordish, Mildrcd Rontis, Jimalcc Taylor, Janet Gray, Janet LL-ntv, Sccond Row - Ianct Salva, Hclen Dickey, Darla Weiss, Mary Gates, Patty Stiffler, Joyce Connur, Patsy Marafka, Joan Kubala, Mrs. Haddon. Third Row - Barbara Bolo, Pat Puglicsc, Rose Colosi, Donna Styfural-4, Kit Roscnstecl, Betty Zona, Eleanor King, janv Patrick, Patty Madcy, Patty Sabolovich. T110 G. A. A. is made up of girls from 9th through 12th grade under the supervision of thcir new adviaor, Miss Bruner, Certain girls were selcctvd each day to rcfcrcc intramural basketball games. The girls gained added experience and benefited from their own ambition. Jan 6 L P . . QUE, rfslde 5 PTH-i Ht: D ' df,-nt Onna 1 11 S v1 , tyfura-lf, 71? ci B'I,lfS'l'0h ., 0 I'u1.Sl11-013 EvISL'C,.etary F3 j K. ' Reb IIR UCQQ OSU!! , Had btlivl dvn " Vic J A i 0 dll-wr. 51 Future Homemakers of America First Row - Left to right, Mona Stiver, Cecelia Frye, Pat Pugliese, Alice Daugherty, Carol Tressler, JoAnn McCrcight, Jean Bendis, Linda Tressler, Nancy Tressler, Second Row - Miss Wean, Betty Zona, Carol Burkett, Ellen Langham, Donna Reed, Nellie Stevenson, Gloria Prymak, Carol Gray, Bette Deane Ashbaugh. The words "Better homes for America's future", can be heard coming from the home economics room where the F.l-LA. holds its meetings, The girls worked hard for their club and its purpose. They sent delegates to the regional and state meets where they learned many good ideas for improving their club. They have succeeded in making their club a good one. Xa , Miss . Q, ygesxden SXGY: .denh Nancy TTCS 'K teasuxem 51 'ma V' ce me raw' new Carol Graxlk Txtqssler, iicijdam Ellen La W ' . caro 15 Y: 3351 Ro dvisot , V cnsoxh p, . gre W eanv N ellie lean AROW ' add- 5ecO'f1 Y, Songxe 52 GXOYWYH a , Junilor Future Homemakers of America Sal . P lprosldcnti A rjil, Treawrer-N AdVis01-. A ine Alojs , . anCVReu Iycam b C It . 1 arol Mako, SE, Historians Suer, V1C9PreSid ng Leader san King, Se ent, Carol Vu k Creta . C Ovich 'V Mr : S. Kenda II: This year these girls are independent of the Senior F. H. A. Their club is contributing its services to the school by helping to raise money to purchase new equipment for the Home EC. Department. This was done by vending candy, and a few other projects. They are looking forward to attending the farm show at Harrisburg next year. First Row - Left to right, Lena Meckley, Clara Smith, Bernadette Hoover, Sumnne Heard, Gloria Romiclf., Roberta Goodrich, Bonnie Sinnamond, Sally Campbell, Nancy Reutter, Georgia Lee Ploskunak. Second Row - Mrs. Kendall, Carolyn Slansky, Carol Mako, Irene Setlock, Dolores Pontoli, Patty Prymak, Nancy Smyers, Rose Ann Lorenzi, Nancy Bukosky. Third Row - Carolyn Pliskag Sandra Wright, Lucille Goodrich, Arlene Aloise, Carolyn Maudie, Susan King, Carol Vuckovich, Judy King, Linda Gryczuk, Margaret Lesneskie. Future Farmers of America akelYa . Presidcnu ghxuam s Duianda vxcegwn, YXQPOYUY , ideniy same. er. CHYKBT Wsithl, V195 , Tfeasur , Harvey . Sam Keexuh The vocational agriculture course is taken by our Secremw' dvisor. Future Farmers of America. Some of the boys attained Cassidy' A the coveted Keystone Farmers degree by much hard work and effort. The things the club learns will help them in later years when they are actual farmers. It was not all work though, for they included social func- tions in their activities. First Row - Left to right Fred Millen D , 1 - , jim urand, Ron Lentx, Herman Blakely, Gordon Smyers, John Allshouse, Ray Dubrosky, Terry Heckman, Marlin Keeley, Louis Knepshield, Second Row - jim Morgan, Dan Smyers, Robert Shellhammer, Clark Brown, William Carney, Bill McGee, Arthur Rupert, Ted Walker, Sam Keeley, Mr. Cassady. Third Row - Charles Shupe, Martin Ghiardi Jim M G , c ee, Dean Rumbaugh, Forrest Shaffer, Bill Hancock. Harrv George. Ronald Ouick. Harvev Wriohf. Paul Reariek. Euoene Condor. Future Nurses Club at f for First Row -- Lois Pennington, Patsy Kinter, Ellen Langham, Freda Walters, jean Bendis, JoAnn McCreight, Joyce Conner, Mary Allshouse, Jane Patrick. U1 'J 0 O 3 C. 77 O E I in O O "1 vo O 95 v-1 O r- C7 Fl N 'S W4 W 'ii CT' 93 P1 FJ W O n- VO E' C1 G I" Q IJ I4 .5 JP II UQ H . FU CD 1-1 N m . ,JB O ,- O E. FJ E 91 jf' Cecelia Frye. C Wi The Future Nu.rses.Club is just what its name implies. Newly formed this year, the c1ub's young hopefuls were introduced to the duties of nursing by the following pro- jects: a trip to Torrance State Hospital, giving shots, and learning many things about nursing from a genuine nurse - their sponsor, Mrs. Moore. 1 fam ' Pair. P1'oA.iq, H 10111, Vi 'mi M C" 'Dr ' H-, 4"-if, s f.hl11L.,,Alg: 11I,Ff-pda M, On- algo -' .- . 11' 1 clvlmr. S: Svcs TFPJ S, llrpri F 1 -119,1 L Qhshaml 55 Majorette Club Thelma Blystone, Treasurer, Kit Rosensteel, Vice President, janet Brosko, Secretary, Mrs. Nancy Campbell, Advisor, Jane Lentz, President. The majorettes also had a new sponsor this year. Mrs. Campbell organized a new and different type of club this year, which included only the active majorettes. Under her guidance, the majorettes club held dances after a few basketball games, and planned new routines. First Row - Left to right, Pat Rosensteel, janet Salva, Pat Maday, Gloria Gordish, Patty Stiffler, Bette Deane Ashbaugh. Second Row - Ivlrs. Campbell, Janet Brosko, Jane Patrick, Kit Rosensteel, jane Lentz, Angie Blasin. Thelma Blvstone, Varsity Cheerleaders l,r-ft to right - lvvlyn Knopic, Manic Lambcrt, Barbara Mako, Mildrcd Rostis, Joycv Lcntz, Juan Sdlmoloviclm, Darlene Cucovich. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Luft to right e- Iurly Ialaosvll, Iinmlcu Taylor, Jzmct Bm-vilacqun, Sully Campbcll, Catherine Lrrurcuti, Nancy Broslao. Science Proiectionist Club .lim P P. Hea, We Tr ci A d . easurer VISQI- I Eu - ge fab ne Gemm Sent fr S11 Om Picql lC'fPr 1' 9-Yi G . de f J hp. 1171 Gott J. MF. The Science-Projectionist Club is one of the most 31111, Pr llliam useful clubs in the school. This club aids the other esldenfl clubs in their projects such as Variety Shows, etc. by taking care of lighting effects. It also shows the movies which bring enjoyment to the whole school. One pro- ject that the club completed during the year was putting on a Science Demonstration Show, which was enjoyed by all. First Row - Richard Finotti, Chauncy Zimmerman, Rodger Stiffler, Albert Ghiardi, Frank Daugherty, Ronald Uptegraph, Ronald Gordish, Mr. Heard. Second Row - Tom Heard, Jim Pride, Eugene Gemmell, Don Gaydos, Richard Rosensteel, 58 Raymond Dobrosky, Joe Heard. Varsity " " 'VX First Row - George Chelednik, Sam Maday, jim Corgan, Lou Guella, Ed Slansky, Art Machak, Bill Knopick, john Marafka. Second Row - Mr. Calvin Cooper, Advisorg Jack Ridenour, John Kaito, Mike Kalafsky, Tom Heard, Don Gaydos, Jim Tamski, john Gordish. Third Row - Leonard Rice, john Condor, Bill Moore, Larry Marafka, Eugene Kerchensky, David Patrick. The Varsity "R" made up of boys who have earned one letter or more during their years in sports. Their annual project, selling fruit and nut Easter eggs, ful- filled all expectations of earnings. All the boys worked hard and deserve credit for their integrity. So, fellow students, we have presented the useful organizations and activities to you on the last few pages. These activities are not something to survey and envy. They are for you--they are made up of people like you. You had a part in them and they were a part of you. "Not for a chosen few, but for all who want to participate:" this could well be a motto for each of these clubs. Clubs provide a healthy outlet for talents, emotions, and energies. They have a large hand in developing you socially and mentally. Your personality is developed by social contacts and your mental facilities are developed by your being kept on your toes and helping to make projects suc- cessful. This is especially true of the first "useful" organizations. Let's all get behind these extracurricular activities, now that we have all the facts about them before us, but for heaven's sake fas we've been told many timcsl don't let them interfer with school work! F7 J Varsity Football 1 4 31 A , . -.5-2.1.1 . Row 1: joe Spellane, jack Ridenour, George Chelednik, John Gordish, Arthur Machak, john Marafka, David Patrick, john Condor. Row 2: Ass't. Coach, Calvin Cooper, Martin Ghiardi, Bill Moore, Joe Orgovan, Jim Tamski, Eugene Kerchensky, Bob Chelednik, DonProkopchuk, Louis Guella, Coach, Harold Egelsky. Row 3: john Ditch, Joe Fello, Joe Aloise, Carl Blystone, John Behun, Don Gaydos, jack Salva, Donald Boyko. Row 4: Danny Srnyers, jim McGee, Gordon Smyers, John Kaito, Ed Mouser, Henry Carney, Mike Kalafsky, Dick Blankenship. The fighting Rams finished the football season with three wins and six losses. The team fought hard and many of the games were lost by a very small margin. Y r 13 United Ioint 6 18 Saltsburg 6 O Purchase Line 13 O Shannock Valley 19 26 Washington Twp. 6 0 East Deer 27 0 Sewickley Twp. 21 6 Homer City 19 13 Bell-Avon 14 Q , i 1 l Coaches Egelsky and Cooper Row 1: Row 2: Eugene Kerchensky, quarterback, George Chelednick, centerg Bob Chelednick, guard Bill Moore, guardg Dave Patrick, halfback X93-f,.f is 5 K B: ,.,,, . 1' .am 1' . Ignkr , :,, 4N,: Row 3 jack Ridenour, endg Jim Tamski, guardg john Gordish, tackle x- f N x S 4 I De, X -Q. we, N X,t?,l-,V -4 Row 1 : john Condor, fullbackg john Marafka, half- back Middle: Arthur Machak, tackle Row 3: Joe Orgovan, halfbackgjoe Spellane, center john Condor once again has possession In this game everybody gets into the act Varsity Basketball First Row - fLeft to rightj - jack Behun, Guella, Larry Marafka, John Ditch. Second Row - Don Gaydos, Bill Knopick, Coach Calvin Cooper. The fighting Rams finished the season with twelve wins and eight losses. This was much better than last year, and the boys can be proud of their accomplishment during the 1955-56 basketball season. Every player eagerly awaits the rebound. Herman Blakely, john Marafka, Lou Guella, Larry john Gordish, George Cheledniclc, George Spondike, R o 55 Franklin Twp. 51 Marion Center 49 Horner City 63 Marion Center 63 Homer City 38 Washington Twp. 72 Elderton 48 Apollo 46 Bell 49 Shannock Valley 53 Saltsburg 61 Dayton 47 Purchase Line 37 Washington Twp. 56 Elderton 53 Apollo 36 Bell 43 Shannock Valley 60 Saltsburg 53 Dayton Junior Varsity Basketball First Row - fLeft to rightj - Dick Blankenship, Tom Chakan, Bob Chelednick, John Kaito, Stanley Maday, john Rougeaux, Tom Brown. Second Row - Coach Eugene Sutton, Richard Rosensteel, Don Boyko, jerry Ditch, Jim Lambert, Don Prokopchuk, Steve Ploskunak, Ken Maryai. R 31 Marion Center 11 32 Keith 25 38 Keith 43 40 Homer City 43 34 Marion Center 40 45 Horner City 21 46 Washington Twp. 25 39 Elderton 29 38 Apollo 30 39 Bell Avon 66 44 Keith 21 52 Keith 47 36 Shannock Valley 57 39 Saltsburg 23 28 Purchase Line 45 34 Washington Twp. 41 57 Elderton 26 44 Apollo 39 16 Shannock Valley 53 41 Saltsburg 39 SO Dayton 43 The record speaks for itself in showing the accomplishments of the j. V. team. The "Little Rams" wound up the season with a 13-8 record. A suspense-filled moment. i . Varsity Baseball gf F H X f Q it X " H .W ,G l jk Dali--Cm!!! Geo! S a H q , QA H F 1 Q: ge Spondike- -G und 1 gf 5 al? N' 17' com, cam.. cmpn 5 Y 2, .f t "'L'f" -'.. 3 Egg a at 1 . 1, , ,, X N ikf . 'I ,Q Q. .V K T 5? ' 5 f 1. uc u c rd 5 V H man uxamy--F :fa fig a 2 sg, Varsity Baseball 1 a : 113 g 4 42 -.n xg J h fkn.. I C 'ff' George Cbelednick--Guard Track First Row fleft to rightj - David Work, Thomas Brown, Robert Chelednick, David Patrick, joe Orgovan, Louis Guella, Andy Nagg, Sam Maday, Ed Mouser, John Condor, Gordon Smyers. Second Row - Coach jack Steffinino, Terry Heckman, Donald Boyko, joe Nagg, Joe Spellane, George Chelednick, john Gordish, Coach Harold Egelsky, Bill Knopick, Ioe Aloise, George Spondike, Joe Fello, Coach Lemmon Ralston. The ERI-IS thinclads won the Class B championship for the second consecutive time. The highlights of the track season were the breaking of two records. Ed Slansky broke the ClassB discus record and George Chelednick broke the long-standing high-jump record. One Ridger, George Chelednick, qualified for the State meet. Q .Q 5 ,L W George Chelednick clears the bar A Ridge winner in the 440 2, X. ilu U 1, q 3 - H .. '-',,, I : X8 it ' V .L va Mya .:.k:.Qk!:-1 5 xt' 1 kj f ,4,, -xx-.vs ' '-" ' my ,.:..,, .. ,.,. a X A Ridgcrs pass in the 880-relay Record-setting discus champ Ridge broad-jumper ff-.W as mn N 'llililll 3,1 A ,swgifh i I in v -. . Hifi 1 K 3 .,, K -K .pw , 3 RQ M 'S ' .. Wfhvi. ,Q 7 ': , 5 lj - . ski -' ' 'f ' " ' ,." . 1 'N .,,, 1 , .i.. Qi-1' ,k,' ' K K --..,..: N . V- . --f' - I : 54 it,-Q , ,YM-,g,i ' f. knit' .sim ,ligigq I L . fs., ,, ,, N i.q,w.r:57..5 ' ff. cv-N .fffhf "" I fi L L 70 Patrick clears the first low hurdle With blurring speed a pole-vaultcr jumps. Baseball First Row Qleft to right, - Larry Marafka, John Gordish, Jim Morgan, John Marafka, Edmund Slansky, Louis Guella, Mike Kalafsky, Sam Maday, Ed Valyo. Second Row - Flichard Maday, Coach Bill Heard, Tom Heard, Stanley Madey, Don Gaydos, Herman Blakely, Don Procopcliuk, Joe Orgovan, Steve Ploskunak. Third Row - Kenny Gordish, Chauncy Zimmerman, Raymond Dubrosky, john Ditch, Fred Maralka, Bill Turk, I-fe Heard, john Kaito, Coach Calvin Cooper. STATISTICS Coach Bill Heard's "fighting nine" finished another season of unparallcd baseball. As this goes to press, the Rams have won their first WPIAL play- off game. This is the fourth consecutive year that they have won the sec- tional championship. They have also come in second twice. 14 Bell-Avon 4 7 Penns Manor 1 11 Washington Twp. 4 12 Franklin 6 9 Apollo 3 7 Homer City 6 11 Bell-Avon I 8 9 Washington Twp. 2 17 Franklin Twp. 1 i Sm Maddy, Sammi B536 mike Kalzfsky, Don ,f 5 Larry Marafka, ff -.HM 'L ' :sf ig A S ff Joe Ox-gona, Xix John Gprdish, First Base Jim Morgan, ,Pitcher samuna sxansky, tatchef Johnmmnm, ..sk Sum Mndcy ron11uCLs for Ll hmm-run loc Orgovun crosses homv plate 'h""'i' Q ' s 5 NX Thu clmmpionwhip tu-:am Caught Off guard -.X ,,...w-Q. b.2,.i,, ,. VL'lC1'LlI1 l3I.1YL'l4, Larry Nxllfllfkll disphyx him batting stLznCC. john ?xl111'.xfk.1 S1 it-. his tm-th in an uIi'o1'L to comm-Ct xx ill: tl ball. 74 I 5 if BEHIND TH J , X X M N 'N la nl y f + L I 2 , Q, XXELN' I 5 4 3 Nas-QNX J ' Q Qin: N f ' 1 + Xtaiziil W1 LX M eiigiitz ff 191 Nl li .' IR'uf xN 4 iii? ' 'v' , gn? X , x N! 5 , y 0164 M N f 9' i I Q, X E scen Z XZ X X I Z7 ff X F fr f' N X Z ' N uf' Z' 6 Q, .. 4 ..,... , ..- WA.. King. . . . John Gordis Junior Senior Prom i h Queen ..... Thelma Blystone -.-1 V1 The King and Queen and their Court Music by Don DeS imone's orchestra COURT jane Lentz Diana Tomci Jane Lambert Carol Burkett Barbara Garry Ellen Langham Their Majesties COURT Sam Maday Louis Guella john Marafka Larry Marafka Arthur Machak William Knopick H' hl' ht f the evenin . . . Grand March Dancers waltz to "Song of the Islands. " 1812 0 S Senior Class Play u My C 'U The cast of "Cyclone Sally" takes a bow Hy 1-HCS Off the handle and Shows Why She was ,The cast waits with bated breath as they watch for cknamed "Cyclone, " Jim's next move. .c characters discuss their many problems--each Omg ls his own, , P V Cyclone Sally G Sue Bascom jack Webster Reggie Manners Willie Clump Vivian Vernon Jim Ierkin Ruth Thatcher Jennie Thatcher Effie Vardon Jane Lambert Larry Marafka Tom Heard Richard Nelson Barbara Garry Sam Maddy Diana Tomci Anna Hancock Carol Burkett l f I 2 '14 irc Q fl' V7 0 L Rfmef fl xl 2 G4fF0 O Most Pleasing Personality--- Ellen Langham-Arthur Machak Most lntelligent--- Larry Marafka-Jane Lambert Most AthletiC--- Angeline Blasin-Jolm Gordish MostfDignified--- Clark Brown-Thelma Blystone Most Talkative--- Joseph Pliska-Donna Chakan Nicest Smile--- Sam Maday-Diana Tomei Must Likely To Succeed-- Iim Pride-Nancy Tresslcr Most Hum orous--- Elaine Tamski-Bill Knopick Most Bashi'ul--- Pauline Poloff-Andy Nagg Most FIirt2.tious--- Barbara Garry-Ronnie Lcntz l 2 i x If fb .is i ii w,LA5.i, 'QM S4-if , W'- XXIKX S XX K I 5 'X - ,, , f i w X af' . A l N.. . V- , 175 i - , .. 5 ' v1 ,Nw:2Y!- ' X .WM .x '-"' Lyslg-.L get MH, 'wr' f X PQ'-N A xx 'sr'-Q.. 79 BEHIND THE SCENES The three groups shown on the following two pages perform what you might call "behind the scenes duties. " With the exception of the Joint Board, all of these men are seen every day of the school year, serving the school and taxpayers of two townships. The joint Board is the lawmaking body of the school, which is to be compared with the House of Repre- sentatives in Congress. All important school issues must pass the joint Board for approval. Members are elected from Young Township, West Lebanon Independent, and Kiski Townships. The janitors' duties are well known. It is they who keep the school in good condition. The bus drivers, besides actually driving the busses, must do many other things. Mediating quarrels, and being policemen and fathers to the children who ride their busses, these few men play a very important part in the school, for without their help, the school would have fewer students, but these would be leg- weary. Left to right: john O. Campbell, Harold C. Burkett, Meade Millen, Glenn Coleman, Perry Walker, Mrs. T. C. Hood, Mr. Shaulis, Glenn King, President, Mike Bendis, Paul Kepple, John McQui1ken, Liberty Bertolino, Ralph Black. Building Custodians Q? NX? XX 4. ku' L A- i A X' V ?, fm 51:1 A O. B. Harvey, C. O. Boyer, A. D. Stevenson Bus Drivers -11? 5 X Kncciing: Uuft to right, john Kliml-.los, Bruno Thomas, Robcrt Fulton Slzuiding : Sam Currizm, KsnuyH41rvcy, Chnrlus Aloisc, Art Gcmmcll, Stcclc Bcll Clurcncv ' 81 A . t,.A-4L x ii N 'S 5 . X 5.2 3 3331 " ' 1- i 1 Act Ill A5 We . 'rm 'lf Y, I M13 ff' Q Zh' I f 1. 16' ,K ,. . as A " ,gi g 'sw wr 4, iq, 3gI,V'1f, f 133 2.5 -v',.g' ,:"ff gg 4, ,Jf sn 1 5, Q 1 X ,y 1'-1195! Departed """ yr -QA 5 ' . F. :gl J., figs 9. .Y K sf A J' " s -N! --x Baccalaureate I a It is a solemn occasion for the class he Senior Class of Elders Ridge marches to strains of "Largo", The invocation, by Rev. Dickenson 84 Reverend john Sieczkowski of McIntyre, guest speaker. . y.- fp 1 wi L ,141 f A . Y4 I 3 ff.- 4 .,,, 35,3 w iw 35456 I isfiti Fi- 1 ' 5. w gf- ' Mm in QW 'Z f 1 ,,. ,Ewa . Qi Sl. f 9' ig 'iii P14- Whwv Senior Activities ALOISE, JOSEPH. . .Football 1, Track 4, Hunting and Fishing 2, Fireman 3, Archery Club 13 BLA- SIN, ANGELINE. . .F.H.A. 1, Librarian 2, G.A.A. 2, Chorus 1, Basketball 1, Majorette 1, Major- ette Club 1, Commercial Club 13 BLYSTONE, THELMA. . .F.H.A. 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Chorus 3, Band 1, Commercial Club 1, President 1, Basketball 3, Softball 3, Majorette 1, Newspaper 1, G.A.A. 4, President 1, French Club 1, Class Officer 1, Homeroom Officer 25 BOLO, BARBARA. . .Homeroom Officer 1, Majorette 1, Majorette Club 1, G.A.A. 3, Secretary 1, Basketball 2, Commercial Club 1, Treasurer 1, Archery Club 1, Softball 3, Dramatic Club 1, Chorus 3, Librarian 23 BROWN, CLARK . . .F.F.A. 3, BURKETT, CAROL. . .Band 4, Chorus 4, Newspaper 4, Student Council 2, F.H.A. 1, GlA.A. 1, Clef Dwellers 3, Homeroom Officer Ig CHAKAN, DONNA. . .Librarian 1, Commercial Club 1, Homeroom Officer 1, DURAND, JIM. . .F.F.A. 45 GARRY, BARBARA. . .National Honor Society 1, Newspaper 4, Cheerleader 1, Commercial Club 1, Red Cross 4, President 3, Yearbook 1, G.A.A. 3, Chorus 4, Dramatic Club 1, Basketball 1, Homeroom Officer 43 GARTLEY, SHERRY. . . G.A.A. 1, Basketball 13 GAYDOSH, GRACE. . .Newspaper 1, Librarian 1, Commercial Club 1, Sec- retary 1, GEPPERT, DOROTHY. . .G.A.A. 1, GORDISH, JOHN.. .Football 3, Baseball 4, Basket- ball 4, Track 4, Varsity R 3, Class Officer 2, Fireman 33 GUELLA, LOUIE. . .Track 4, Football 3, Baseball 4, Basketball 4, Varsity R 2, F.F.A. 1, Fireman 3, HANCOCK, ANNA MARIE. . .Tri-Hi- Y 1, Yearbook 3, Student Council 1, Secretary 1, Red Cross 1, Commercial Club 13 HEARD, THOMAS. . .Baseball Mgr. 4, Basketball 2, Yearbook 2, Newspaper 2, Sports Editor 2, Class Officer 2, Science-Projectionist -Club 4, Secretary 1, Rod and Gun Club 1, National Honor Society 2, Varsity R 1, Fireman 39 KAITO, JOE. . . Track 2, Basketball 2, Archery Club 1, Fireman 33 KEELEY, SAMUEL. . .F.F.A. 4, Treasurer 2g KINTER, PATRICIA.. .Cheerleader 1, G.A.A. 1, Librarian 3, Commercial Club 1, Chorus 1, Homeroom Officer 1: KNOPICK, BILL. . .Basketball 4, Track 4, Foot- ball 2, Varsity R 2, Fireman 3, Band 2, LENTZ, RON. . .F.F.A. 3, Track 3, Class Officer 1: KLING- ENSMITH, BRENDA. . .Yearbook 2, Newspaper 2, Basketball 1, Commercial Club 1, F.H.A. 3' KNEPSHIELD, LEE. . .F.F.A. 3, Red Cross 1, Hunting and Fishing 1, KNEPSHIELD, ROBERT. . . F.F.A. 4, Red Cross 1, LAMBERT, JANE. . .Newspaper 4, Co-Editor 2, Yearbook 2, Chorus 3, Student Council 2, County Teen Reporter 1, Dramatic Club 1, National Honor Society 2, LANG- HAM, ELLEN. . .Librarian 1, Homeroom Ofiicer 1, Class Officer 1, Clef Dwellers 1, Treasurer 1, Band 1, Chorus 2, Newspaper 3, Co-Editor 2, G.A.A. 1, Yearbook 1, Red Cross 1, F.H.A. 1, Treas- urer 1, Student Council 1: LENTZ, JANE. . .Majorette 2, Drum Majorette 2, Majorette Club 4, Officer 2, G.A.A. 3, Basketball 2, Softball Mgr. 1, Commercial Club 1, G.A.A. Officer 2, Homeroom Oflicer 13 MACHAK, ARTHUR. . .Football 2, Band 2, Homeroom Officer 1, Fire Chief 3, Varsity R 2g MADAY, SAM. . .Archery Club 1, Student Council 2, Baseball 4, Track 4, Basketball 2, Foot- ball 2, Chorus 1, Hunting and Fishing Club 1, Varsity R 4, Fireman 3, Homeroom Officer 1, Class Officer 13 MARAFKA, JOHN. . .Football 2, Baseball 4, Basketball 4, Varsity R 3, Track 43 MAR AFKA, JOHN. . .Baseball 4, Class Ofiicer 3, Basketball 4, National Honor Society 2, Varsity R 33 MORGAN, JIM. . .Baseball 4, Hunting and Fishing 2, Student Council 1, Red Cross 15 MARTIN, BETTY. . .G.A.A. 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Yearbook 2, Newspaper 2, F.H.A. 1, Librarian 1, NAGG, ANDY ...Track 4, Archery Club 1, Fireman 33 NELSON, RICHARD. . .Basketball Mgr. 2, Football 1, Track Mgr. 2, Chorus 1, Archery Club 1, Newspaper 1, Hunting and Fishing 2, Fireman 3: PEN- N IN GTON, LOIS. . .Tri-Hi-Y 1, G.A.A. 1, Librarian 1, Yearbook 1, Chorus 1, Commercial Club 1g PLISKA, JOE. . .Basketball 1, Archery Club 1, Rod and Gun Club 1, Band2g PODOLAN, MARTHA Red Cross 1, Student Council 1, POLOFF, PAULINE. . .Librarian 1, Commercial Club 1, G.A.A. 13 PRIDE, JIM. . .Basketball 1, Band 3, Sc7ence-Projectionist Club 3, Clef Dwellers 3, Yearbook 2, Newspaper 1, Fireman 3, RUSH, MARLENE. . .F.H.A. 1, G.A.A. 2, French Club 1: SALVA, JACK .. .Football 1, Basketball 1, Baseball 2, Track Mgr. 2, Hunting and Fishing 1, Fireman 3, Band 23 SHIRLEY, TWILA. . .Cheerleader 1, Newspaper 2, G.A.A. 1, Commercial 1, Archery Club 13 SLAN- SKY, ED. . .Basketball 3, Football 3, Baseball 4, Track 4, Varsity R 3, F.F.A. 1, Student Council 1g TAMSKI, ELAINE. . .Librarian 1, Commercial Club 1, Red Cross 1, G.A.A. 1, Softball 23 TAM- SKI, JIM. . .Football 3, F.F.A. 2, Hunting and Fishing 23 TOMEI, DIANA. . .Newspaper 4, Year- book 3, Cheerleader 1, Class Officer 1, Red Cross 1, Librarian 1, Chorus 3, Dramatic Club 1, Com- mercial Club 1, G.A.A. 1, TRESSLER, NANCY. . .Yearbook 2, Student Council 1, F.H.A. 4, Presi- dent 1, National Honor Society 2, Librarian 1, Newspaper 4, Nurses Club 13 WALTERS, FREDA . . .Cheerleader 1, Commercial Club 1, Librarian 2, G.A.A. 1, Chorus 2, WRIGHT, HARVEY. . A. 3, Homeroom Officer 1. 7 Litho by A. G. Halldin, Indiana, Pa. H. L. Cox H. Wilbur Black Indiana Hardware Co. lrma's Beauty Shop Jackson's Jewelry Store Iane's Furniture Store Jay J. Davis Iim's Barber Shope John Mingrino's Leon's Lew's Dairy Bar Lieb's Appliances Long 8 Rinn Insurance Lonnesti Barber Shop Ken Ne1son's Shoe Repair Kiski Nursery Majersky Car Service Mayfair McCullough's 5 6 10 McI1wain's McIlwain's Store Molly Ann Moorheads Mr. Long Mr. Luzio Pellegrine Orchard Hills Hardware Passarella Patrician Shop Peelor, Serene 8 Fee Att' Precision Aluminum Co. Rosensteel Market R. S. Shuster Russell Miller Sanitary Barber Shop Saxon's Store S'haffer's Station Shepler's Market Silvis Auto Service Skiuriut Restaurant Stephen Fondrk Steven's jewelry Thomas Service Thomas Television Tony's Station Town 8 Country United Cigar United Cleaners Ward's Auto Wrecking Waxler's Whitlingc-r's Market Wright's Electric Yee' Mon Laundry Apollo Indiana Indiana Apollo Saltsburg Indiana Apollo Apollo Apollo Indiana Apollo Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Saltsburg Apollo Indiana Apollo Shady Plain Shady Plain Indiana Indiana Apollo Apollo Orchard Hills Apollo Indiana Indiana Indiana Spring Church Saltsburg Apollo Apollo Apollo North Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Avonmore Apollo Clarksburg Clarksburg Apollo Indiana Indiana Apollo Apollo Indiana Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Ford Sales Inc. Apollo Trust Company Baird Insurance Agency First National Bank Harvt. ,f Welding Service J. C. Moore Supply Company, John LaMantia, R. GP. Coal Company Sloans 54: to Sl. O0 Store, Inc., West Disenfecting Company, Altmire Brothers Coal Company Apollo Furniture Company Apollo Insurance Agency Apollo Milling Company Apollo News Record Apollo News Stand Armitage's Hardware Ash Shoe Company Barclay's Hardware Beatty Brothers Hardware Bertolino Brothers Bill Rupert Blaine Rupert's Texaco Station Boyd's Jewelry Store Brody's Department Store Calderone Tire Distributors Dr. Shuster, C. R. Farmers Bank and Trust First National Bank First National Bank First Street Restaurant G. F. Buchanan Company Grady's Gulf Station Green Vase Floral Shop, Guthrie Auto Company Harmon's Insurance Agency Hart's Garage Helen's Quality Shop, Hi Point H. 1. Bucheit Indiana Evening Gazette Indiana Music House Indiana Watch Repair Shop Jackson 8 Russell James M. Patterson 8 Sons John O. Campbell Julian Drugs Kistaco Farm Martin Gordon Radio Martin Smith Lumber Company McCauley's Service Station McLaughlin's Groceries Pauley's Drug Store Piper's Jewelry, Robert S Reynolds Company R. Moorhead CJur Apollo Apollo Indiana S altsburg Indiana S altsburg Indiana Indiana S altsburg P hiladelphia Vandergrift Apollo Apollo Apollo. Apollo Apollo Apollo Indiana Indiana Clarksburg Route 80 S altsburg Apollo Indiana Indiana Vandergrift S altsburg Indiana Avonmore Indiana Apollo Indiana Apollo Indiana Apollo Apollo S altsbur g Avonmore S altsburg Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Apollo Apollo Indiana S altsburg Spring Church Vandergrift Avonmore Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Avonmore Indiana Patrons Rubin's Store Savings 8 Trust Company Shaffer's Studio Sloan's 5 S 10 The Y Restaurant Tri-County Typewriter Company, Tumial's Service Station Widdowson's Jewelry Store Wright, John E. S Sons, Zula Smith Dress Shop Apollo Boot Store Apollo Radio G T. V. Apollo Union House Arthur I. Kunkle Bash's Hardware Beamer's Cleaning Bence's Beatty's Beauty Shoppe Bollinger's Market Brown's Boot Shop Bu'-ketts' Flower Shop Bussard's Store Byer's Motor Capitol Restaurant Caratelli's Nash Service C. Baker S Son Charles M. Gardner 8 Co. Chi1dren's Shop Chl1ck's Grill Compliments of a Friend Corcetti's Bakery Crestwood Czitterburg Bros. Dairy Queen D. C. Smeltzer's Diamond Drug Store Dr. Bernard C. Lewine Dr. Shoemaker Dr. W. C. Grau Elliott Electric Elmer E. Buzzard Evelyn's Beauty Shop Foy's Bakery Fred Henry Garufi Nursery Gearhart's Geno's Shoe Service George's Dry Cleaning Giannetto's Market Gianta's Fruit Market Gorden Nelmes Grace's Flower Shop Harry's Place Held's Market Herman Bier Hollywood Barber Shop Apoll Indian Apoll Apoll Apoll Kittannin S altsbur Indian Clarksbur Apoll Apoll Apoll Apoll Apoll Avonmor Apoll Indian Indian S a ltsbur Indian Apoll Orchard Hill Apoll Indian Route 8: ' S altsbur S cranto: Indian: Avonmor Apoll: Spring Churci Apoll: North Apoll- Apoll: Indian: Indian: Saltsburg Indian: Vandergrif Apoll: Apoll: Apoll: Apoll: Apoll: Indian: Apoll: Apoll: Apoll: Apollc Saltsburg Avonmore Apoll: North Apollc Spring Churcl Apoll: , 1 1 f -'E 1 iw' 5, 4 if .ww N13 " 4117! V W. U' , jg, . jf L' 4' ' . lt 31' Q, '- nfl 5' :fi viii' I -1, . ' ': - f 51,-11 " " w . .13 I ' ' fu , 4 Q . 3, 1 , Q ,Q .gr ' fx 11: .,.-A , . ff 11, Y'. .,l.-,If 1315- . t ' rg 'zv . . . ,ay .l l Y L., , ,. , www A ,4 ., H U,g.qn ,wg-5.4, if Q ' . 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Suggestions in the Elderton High School - El Hy An Yearbook (Elderton, PA) collection:

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