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Q I 'TR- fr W 'Rb .5 31' U .A .Elan fi:-L+ E E' - 5 ff l l l + 1 l l Ill 'fa - 1+ 5 ' '-57 1 A ' III ll E? I 152 5 4 'S' 44 - 3' ,E as su l l in - ff 'I H 'ff 4 'R E' N af vm gag mf f f ::::- iEH.gll:lH H ,f ' X ' lm- In .2 f i 1i'7'-'r-- V A , A lg' i . YJ P -Q 4, X X . D HKK , A A J' Jg,... y ,JL ., A f Jvnefl 1 Xi- Q I 1 .'r. 2 Q! ' 14. 4 f"-u .3 H , Ab, ' e lil!!! QI IV ,MY 'VN Bl! 2 azaiii f g llilll A H Q I -g , ll" E E Q, xg XS X Q- ff, ff - XC l . 4? 4 M. Erdley, T. Williams, Mr. Han- key, M. Shcaslcy, J. Fleming fnot shownj. F. Rcarick, L. Schall, J. Hart- man, C. Heilman, D. Brown, D. McVay, R. Kunklc, J. Shaclfcr Knot shownb. EL-HI-AN STAFF 1 Jane Miller, D. Williams, D Sheasley, D. Kunkle, A. Smith, S Campbell, Joan Miller, C. Ever- hart Knot shownl. ELDERTON JOINT HIGH SCHOOL In slightly more than a hundred years, the little town of Elderton, Pennsylvania, -has been the site of three institutions of advanced education. In the early 1850's the first Elderton Academy was erected by a public-spirited citizen of the village. The second Academy was erected in the 1860's and formed the educational center for the immediate community and the surrounding sections. The present High School began as a three year institution. It opened its doors on September 7, 1914, with an enrollment of twenty. During the first ten years there were 96 enrolled, and 64 graduated. In 1951, the present jointure came into being. Students from Elderton Borough, Plumcreek Township, Kittanning Township, and South Bend Township came together to get acquainted and to graduate together. We've passed through these doors many times and as we seniors pass through them for the last time as students, we are proud to know that we are graduates of Elderton Joint High School. 2 F5 ji 'S - 1 'H FOREWORD Movws have mvanl mul h to u.s as a waw u Pntprtammvnl, edu: alum, and Ps: ape rom u ordly fares through the yPar.s We havv lrwd lu rapture and rvcnrd Slllllp 0 1,19 llllfltlfgpnll lllfllflellli rlflll flllr grades rum sc revn wel to stardom Von, srl bark, relax, and have enum reel vnjcwmvnl refapturmg tha daze 0 youth THE STAFF Xv! I is r Qui 3 'Z . - Q f JQYIC' l- I 4 I , , n ' 0 I 4 f . ' I ' - ' K A 1 , . I ' ' f X 8 -I l I l I sn I ' ' - . . . . , 0 1. , f A M Q . I 1 l 5 n ,. A , . 1 ' U . ' .- A f, , - a ,, a , . high school years. Here we display our 0 . .. . I I I ' C. ' f . . Ci 99 ' ' SS 5, Q a f . 1 1 ' I l I l I . . . Y I I QI Q gm u .5 4: 's U O O l o l , I wk . f I x ' 'Qi - I I ' , fb h . : I 1 ' : 4 M' ' 9 DEDICATION To You-Mr. William Rineer A smile, a cheery hello, a corny joke on a dark, dreary day. These things alone can make a person live within one's mind. But, when you combine with these an untiring patience, undying service, and unbiased friendliness, you have a person who will live in one's heart. We, the Senior Class of 1955, feel that you, Mr. Rineer, possess these and many other fine qualities. In recognition of the help you have given us as a class, we would like to dedicate to you this, our 1955 El-Hi-An Yearbook. Because of the help given us as individuals, we thank youg for the service to others and to the school, we honor you. 4 C 0lI'bBl11:S QR F Pliffffry Q EW AF Ulf fo -0 If 4000 If 'P , P Q 453- bg + MUSIC ff EL-HI-AN SPONSORS Sylvia Bowser - Junior Jane Shall - Sophomore Donna Anderson - Freshman Eileen Hankey - Senior Aczjgfvts GW 0762-C lllJ,,g,Lly BC, SLL xvunff :wife f 5 fvx 7, A U MU 3 7 U . . DU j if U zffGf,,ww W' y. fp Q5 i U Z' ' JM iniffra Tiouv A " . r' fhupqfz- Q yr SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAI Alex J. Kunkle Paul W. Claypool , A lf' . MJ: ELEMENTARY SUPERVISOR - Miss DOI'0ll1y MLlllh0llaIld SECRETARY TO SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARY Mrs. Edna Frantz lseatedl Miss Dolores Shaffer ASSISTANT SECRETARY Mrs. Julia Kimmel BOARD OF EDUCATION f M ex... Back Row-Mr. Heilman, Mr. Elgin, Mr. Howard, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Kimmel. Seated-Mr. Hawk, Mrs. Kimmel, Mr. Geidel, Mrs. Schall, Mr. Smeltzer, Mr. Bowser, Mr. Boarts, Mr. Smith. President Non-lVlemher Secretary Trezls ure r ELDERTON BOROUGH R. D. Howard Wayne Smith G. V. Elgin Harvey Gamble SOUTH BEND TOWNSHIP Burton Townsend Frank Bortz Mrs, Evelyn Kimmel Clifford Say John Wilson Mrs. lVlil1lrv1l Sc-hull Hurlin Sim-llzer J. L. Hawk PLUMCREEK TOWNSHIP Eugene Johnston George Bowser Clair Miller James Smith Myers Kimmel KITTANNING TOWNSHIP Russell Geidel Vernon Adams George B. Heilman Ward Bush ,,,.4.......-y-- i 1 X ',213,5"44-Q S- r 6 FACULTY I1 ESTER DI-IBSKY Vocal Music, Chorus. Puhlic Speaking California Stats- Teachers Collcec. BS tMusic Education. Enulishr Indiana Statl- 'I'eaclit'rs Collvtzv. ,I IIERMAN RPPERT Sclencc. llrlvcr Traininlz BS fSCil'llCl'l Indiana State Teachers Coll:-uc. Pt-nnsylvania State UlliVL'I'NllY. IK- ll. FRANKLIN I,0NGWEI.l, Vocational Agriculture BS. MS tVocational Agriculture' Penn- sylvania State University. University nl Pittsburgh. K'l.ARI'INl'l'I SIIAFFI-IR Junior Iliszh School Subjects BS in Education tElt-int-nlaryu Indiana State 'l't-achcrs Crvllvazc. 5- CIIRISTINIZ YANITY lflntzlish, Business Law and Arithmctic, and Tynim: BS in Education 4Busnicss Education' Indiana Stall' Tcachvrs Collvuv. l'lIlI.ll' BRINVN Mathematics Kcyrtonc EIlu1Ilt't'I'lliLl School tllvtail iJl'Zli'lllll-ll, BS in Education 4Malln'inaticsv Indiana State 'l't'acln'i's Cullman-. Pvnnsyl- vania Statc University. IIC- l'2l.lZABlCTll l"RAZll'IK linszlish. l'rohlems of Democracy, lllstory. and Junior lllxh School ti- VVILLIAM RINEER Business Education Subjects BS 4Busincss Education! Indiana Start- Tt-achcrs Colleue. MEd tBusint-ss Educa- tionr University of Pittsburgh. Pcnnsyl- vania State- University ,- KENNETH IIAYDUN Industrial Arts Indiana State Tcachers Collcuc, BS in Education tSe-condary. Busim-ssl. MEd tAdnnnistrationv University of Houston, Pennsylvania State University. K- JOSEPII DEBSKY Instrumental Music California State 'I't-achvrs Collcuc. BS liVillS1C Educationr Indiana Statf- Teachers College. MEd Pcnnsylvania State Univer- sity. fl- .IACK QUINN Boys' Health and Physical Education. And Athletics B. S, in Education tHealth and Phy- sical Educationl Slippcry Rock Statm- Teachcrs College. I0- VVILLIAM PANCIERA Library, History BS in Education tLibrary, English, Soc- ial Studies! Clarion State Teachers Col- lego. II- HELEN HENDERSON Home Economics BS tl-Iome Economicsr Union C0iitxL5f'. Barbourville. Kentucky BS in Education tEnulish. Ga-ouraphy, l-Iistoryr Indiana Stalc Teachers Collcuv. Il- MARY P. IDICNNING Illstory, Social Studies, General Sci:-nce BS 4Sncial Studies, Science' Indiana State' 'I'4'achcrs Cnllvuv. l3-- .IOIIN Ill'Il'IMlCR Math. Science, Iii-ourzuiliy BS tlntcrinvdiatt- Educatinnr Indiana Slate' Tt'aclit'i's Colleuv. Ili- ULYIIIC IIANKICY l'lni.:llsh, Spanish BA. MA 4Enulishr Univcrsny of Pitts- burgh. lVlA tltinuuisticsr UlliVt'l'SllY ut Michigan. IT-- JICSSIIC l'0I,IiAN .Iunior lllL:h School Suhjn-cts BS in Education tElcnientaryI Indiana Slate 'I't'acln-rs Coll:-uv. IX- .IOIIN GALLO Art BS tArt Education! Indiana Slatc 'l'caclici's Collvuv. I!!- BI-IVERLY SIIACIKOSKI Girls' Health and Physical Education BS in Education tl-Iealth and Physical Educationr Slippery Rock S-tate Tm-aclicrs Colle-sc. "THE EGG AND I" Sample Menu Tossed Salad Hard Roll Butter Fruit Milk MISS MARY FLORENCE ELGIN Head Cook X Spaghetti and Meatballs S , fi gf 1' i....W.,.. l, .M i..,i. Www , ,W..,x..m..,.v.,n Mrs. Clark, Miss Elgin, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Cessna, Mrs. Allen 12 Q ! R ff PS7 X viii, x X FS: X QM me-if , W X 5 EW X T7 2 IES? iq! W YY GREAT EXPECTATIONS "Out of nothing, nothing is made? States an evident truth we know. In fear of being nothing we live. By hope of being something we grow. The worth of education now Is really still to us unknown. We hope for others to note our "success" When our knowledge and wisdom become full-grown. High school, four years' work and play, Trial and error, losing and winning, Prepares us for life. Learning's not doneg Wisdom for us is only beginning. -Marlene Erdley 14 X Shining Stars of '55 GB QV Robert .Salinger SENIOR CLASS CFFICERS REARICK - SCHALL -- SHEASLEY - MILLER President Frances Rearick , Vice President S S S Luella Sellall Sevretary S Margaret Sheasley Treasurer ,Ioan Miller Class Sponsor S Eileen Hankey Class Flower S Yellow Rose Class Colors S Blue and Gold Class Motto 460m of nothing, nothing is made" 16 ,V 'iff' K Q LOIS ANDERSON "Andy" Our true blond . . . al- ways cheerful . . , Chorus 1-2-3-4: PHA 2-3-4: Tri-Hi- Y 1-2-3-4 .. . will make a certain somebody a good housewife -G LYLE BAKER "Jake" Well-liked fellow . . . likes shop work . . . IA Club 2- 3-4... good job. hoDes to secure a A :iii ,X ff, 35 ,Q f Egg.. ,A if EVELYN BEERE "Beerle" A cute little blond Junior Play Committee Chorus 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 1- 2-3-4: FHA 3-4 . , . one of our livewires . . . wan be a secretary. ts to MARY BAKER "Mary Ellen" Has a dramatic aDDear- ance . . . liked by everyone . . . Junior Play Committee . , . Chorus 2-3-4: FHA 3-4: Tri-H1-Y 1-2-3-4. Q ALFRED BEERS "Skeeter" Quiet, calm and easy-go- ing . . . IA Club 2-3-4 . . . wants to find a job. Q FAYE BOYER "Faye" Friendly Girl from Mt. Un- ion always busy attends many meetings . . . Chorus 3: FHA 2-3: Art C'lub 3. Q- LOIS BOYER "Boyer" A pretty smile . . . Dlays in the band . . . FHA 2-3-4: Song leader 4: Tri-Hi-Y 1- 2-3-4: Art Club 3: Chorus I 1-2-3-4: Band 1-2-3-4 Plans to become a beautie- ian. L -G DELORES BROWN "Delores" A very nice girl . . . lovely naturally curly hair . . . Chorus 1-2: Tri-Hi-Y 1-2- 3-43 El-Hi-An 4 plans to be a typist. C SANDRA CAMPBELL "Sandra" A good friend of all . . . heir main interest is Bob . . . Junior Play-Mrs. Rat- chet . . . Majorette 1-2-3-4: Chorus 1-2-3-4, vice presi- dent 3: FHA 2-3-4, treasurer 4: Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3-41 Hi- View 1: El-Hi-An 4: Senior Play Committee . . . will make a good secretary. SHIRLEY CLEVER "Shirl" The midget of our class . . . has a. smile for every- one . . . Junior Play Com- mittee: Chorus 1-2-3-4: FHA 2-3-4: Band 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi- Y 1-2-3-4 . . . wants to be a secretary. C MARLENE ERDLEY "Rene" A smart girl and also very 2 . WILLIAM FORRINGER -Q- CHARLES EVERHART "Chuck" well- A great clown . . . liked . . . Junior Play-Buzz ...FFA1:Hi-Y 2: IA Club 2-3-4: El-Hi-An 4: JV bas- ketball 1-2: Baseball 2-3: Class vice president 2 . .. wants to Join the Armed Forces. JAMES FLEMING ..-'img Lots of fun Dlays a good basketball game . . . Junior PlayfTick Tok . . . Senior Play . . . Band 1-2- 3-4, librarian 2-4: Hi-Y 2- 3-4. treasurer 2: El-Hi-An 4: Baslketball 1-2-3-4: Baseball 1-2-3 wants to play Professional baseball. friendly . . . Junior Play- Shalimar . . . Chorus 1-2-3- 4: FHA 2-4: Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3- 4. secretary Student Coun- cil 3: Hi-View 1-2-3-4: E'l- Hi-An editor 4: Class secre- tary 1-2, president 3 . . . ambition is to become an English and history teacher. EILEEN HANKEY "Hank" Pretty girl with a very pleasant personality . . . Chorus 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 1- 2-3-4 secretary 4: Class sponsor 4 . . , wants to ao to collcee. "Bill" Quite a livewire in Ens- lish class . . . ask Mr. Hankey for reference . . IA Club 2-3-4. 'N -Q- JAMES FRAZIER uhm.. Don't let his Quiet nature fool you . . . gets around in his blue Ford . . . Junior Play . . . Band 1-2-3-4: FFA 1-2-3-4. Sentinel 3. president 4: Hi-Y 2-3-4: Student Coun- cil 2-3. vice president 31 Basketball 1-3: Baseball 3: Class treasurer 1 . . . he will go far in electronics. -G RICHARD FRYE nnlck.. Knows all about cars . . . has a special interest in the sophomore class . . . Junior Play . . . Band 1-2-3-4: FFA 1: Hi-Y 2: IA Club 2- 3-4: Basketball 1. manager 2 . . . wants to invade the world of aviation. WQE N , a .-,e 4. ' , . Mg, x. L M.. I Q- I EULA HANKEY I "I-Zulu" One of the few Quiet sen- ior girls likes square dancing . . . Chorus 2-3-43 FHA 3-4, Historian 4: Tri- Hi-Y 1-2-3-4. I Q I JOAN HARTMAN ..-lo., Beautiful black locks . . easy to get along with . . . Junior Play . , . Senior Play Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3-4: FHA 2-4: Art, Club 3: Student Council 3: El-Hi-An 4 .. . one of ofur engaged set. C CAROLYN I-IEILMAN "Carolyn" Pleasing personality . . . many friends . . . Junior Play Student Director . . . Senior Play . . . Chorus 1- 2-3-4: Band 1-2-3-4: FHA 2-3: Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3-4. pres- ident 1: Student Council 4: Hi-View 1: Cheerleader 2- 3-4: Class Sponsor 1: Class president 1: Art Club 3: El- Hi-An 4 . . . wants to go to college. C TI-IELMA I-IAWKINS "Thelma" Personality Dlus . . . friend of everyone . . . likes Home Ec. class . . . Tri-Hi-Y 4 wants to be a book- keeper. Q BETTY HECKMAN "I-leckie" Seen with Mac and Mim . . . frequents Girty Grange . . . likes square dancing . . . Chorus 1-2-3-43 'ITri-Hi- Y 2-3-4: FHA 2-4: Art Club 3 . . . wants to be an X-ray technician. G ARNOLD JOHNSTON "Greasy" Drives a blue Fond . . . magnetic Pull towards Eld- ers Ridge . .. likes Agri- culture . . . Junior Play . . Senior Play . . . FFA 1-2-3- 4: Hi-Y 2: wants to be a mechanic. -G RONALD JOHNSON ..Ron,. The newest member of our clasvs . . . arrived from New Kensington . . . friendly and lots of fun . . . Activities at New Kensington: Science Club 3-4: College Club 4: Football 2-3: Track 2 Activities at E'lderton: Hi-Y 4: Basketball 4 wants to eo to college or the Air Force. DONNA KUNKLE "Kunkle" One link of the noisy trio ., . Joe's dreamboat . , a cowboy on the road . . . Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3-4: Cheerlead- ei' 2-3-4: Chorus 1-2-3-4: FHA 2-3-4. secretary 4: Art Club 3: Hi-View 3-4: Junior Play-Midge . . . Senior Play -Jill: E'l-Hi-An 4 , . . wants to travel, 9' C CHARLES KANZLEMAR "Chuck" Champion boxer .. . well liked . .. Senior Play .. Hi-Y 3-4: IA Club, president 4: Hi-View 4 . . . Plans to be a radar electronics tech- nician. ROBERT KUNKLE .inobn Our future geologist . . . quiet but friendly . . . Stu- dent Council 1-2: Hi-Y 2- 3-4: Banld 2-3-4: Chorus 2- 3-4: IA Club 2: Basketball 1: Junior Play stage mana- Eer: Senior Play: El-Hi-An 4. C NORITA MclNTlRE ..Mac.. Our dark haired beauty . .. likes to square dance at Girty . , . Chorus 1-2-3-4: Art Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y 1-2- 3-4: FHA 4: Majorette 1 . . . wants to be a dentql tech- nician. ' DORIS MCVAY "Doris" A charminir Derson has many friends . . . Tri- Hi-Y 1-2-3-4, chaplain 3: vice president 4: Junior Play Committee: Senior Play Stu- dent Director: Hi-View Co- Editor 3-4. 'Q' f 4 , - , 3 3 . .lf Q JANET M nllucyn ODE of OUT sh EYER. y, Well-liked girls Chorus 1-2-3-4: FHA 3: 'Bri-Hi-Y 2-3-49 wishes to b8C0 phone 0D8X'iif,OI'. me a tele- Q- DALE MILLER "Miller" H a i 1 s from Kittannlng Township . . . doesn't care much for girls . . . IA Club 2-3 . . . hopes to find a satisfactory job in the near future, -Q- JANE MILLER "Cynthia" Main interest is the Air Force , . . Joan's twin . . Junior Play . .. Chorus 1- 2-3-4: FHA 2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y: Band 3-4: Student Council l: Art Club 3: Cheerleader 3: Class vice presildent 1: El-Hi-An 4 . . . plans to be a beautician or a secretary. LOUISE MEYER "Lu-wee-gee" Friendly and quiet likes to eat . . . Tri-I-li-Y 1-2-3-4 . . . hopes to be- come a teleph-one operator. MYRl'I'l"l'A MONTGOMERY "Men" A cute little uirl who likes to hear bells , . . wedding, that is . . . Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4: Chorus 2-3-4: FHA 4: Jun- ior Play Committee: Senior Play Committee . . . wants to be zz housewife. 'Q' JOAN MILLER ".loa.nie Lee" Everybody's friend . .. likes cheese . . . Jane's twin . , . Junior Play . . . Senior Play-Hildegarde . . . Chor- us 1-2-3-4: FHA 2-3-4. vice Dresident 3: Student Coun- cil secretary 2: Hi-View 1- 2-3-4: El-Hi-An 4: Class sponsor 2: Art Club presi- dent 3: Class treasurer 4: Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3-4: secretary 1, vice president 3 . . . she wants to become an art teacher. SARAH PAINTER "Skin" A uuiet miss with beauti- ful natural curls . . . usual- ly seen with Shirley . . . Trl-Hi-Y 1-2-3-4 . . . a fu- ture airline stewardess. 9' 4 EDITH RISHELL "Blondie" Friendly, but very quiet . . . Chorus 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi- Y 1-2-3-4 . . . wants to be- come a telephone operator. RONALD PARKS "Ron" Well-liked by everyone . . voted most quiet . . . FFA l-2-3-4: Sentinel 3-4 . . . ambition -- to get out of school. -Q- DAVID PETERMAN "Pete" Well liked by everyone lespecizllly at junior! , , , FFA 1-2-3-4. treasurer 4: Band 1 . . . plans to join a branch of the service. Q- FRANCES REARICK "Shady" Toiiy's "steady" one of our mischief-makers . . . Junior Play . . . Senior Play . . . Chorus 1-3: FHA 2-3. Dresildent 4: Student Coun- cil 3-4: Hi-View l-2-32 E1- Hi-An 4: Cheerleader 4: Majorette 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3-4, treasurer 4: Class secretary 3, president 4 . . . will someday be a nurse. -Q- SAVILLA RODOCKER --sis" A good basketball player quiet. but lots of fun to be around Ch-orus 3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: FHA 3 . . . wants to be an airline host- CSS. LUELLA SCHALL "Luella" Very friendly . . , comes from way out the road . . . Assistant Student Director of Junior Play: Art Club 3: Senior Play: Chorus 1-2-4: FHA 2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4: Hi-View 2-3: El-Hi-An 4: Majorette 1-2-3-4: C l a s s Sponsor 3: Class vice presi- dent 4 . .. wants to be a nurse. MIRIAM SCHALL l-Mim.. One of the neatest. jol- liest girls in our class . . . likes to eat . . . Senior Play , . . Chorus 1-2-3-41 Tri-Hi- Y 1-2-3-4: FHA 4: Art Club 3: Student Council 4: Hi- View 4 . . . wants to become a secretary, JUNE SHAEFFER "Junie Lou" The second link of the noisy trio her world revolves around a guy nam- ed Jim . . . Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3- 4, treasurer 1: Student Coun- cil 1: FHA 2-3-4: Chorus 1-2-3-4: Hi-View 3-4: Junior Play Committee: Senior Play Committee: El-Hi-An 4 . . . intends to be a comptom- eter operator. 1 S 3. -Q Q LORETTA SCHALL "Loretta" Very tall and quiet , . has a lot of friends . . . Chorus 1-2: Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3- 4 , , , wants to be a secre- tary, DAISY SHEASLE1 "Dizzy" A good friend of everyone . . . likes to laugh in Eng- lish class .. . Junior Play . . . Chorus 2-3: FHA 1: Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3-4, Chaplain 4: Hi-View 3-4: El-Hi-An 4 . . . her future is in nursing. 4' Q- MARGARET SHEASLEY ,,Maggie,, ROBERT SOLINGER - "Ethel" A pretty brunette and a A I good majorette , . . Tri-Hi- Our girl-shy star basket- Y 1-2-3-4: Majorette 1-2-3-4: ball player , , I IA Club 2. Head majorette 2-3-4: Band 3-4. Baseball 1-2. Basket- . t 3: Ch l d 2- ' ' ' were ary eer ea er ball 1-2-3-4: Band 1-2-3-4, 3-4. captain 4: Clmorus 2-3- 4: FHA 2-3-4: Hi-View 3-4: El-Hi-An 4: Art Club vice president 3: May Court at- tendant 3 . . . Junior Play . . . Senior Play . . . ambi- tion is to be an RN. ARLENE SMITH "Smitty" The third link of the noisy trio . . . often seen lookin! in the window of Room 11 . . . Senior Dlay-Sally . . . Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3-4: Cheerlead- er 4: Chorus 1-3-4: FHA 2- 3-4: Art Club 3: Junior Play Committee: El-Hi-An 4 . . . also plans to be a comp- tometer operator. C W JOHN SMAY "Johnnie" A quiet boy who likes the girls , . . Junior Play . . . Senior Play . . . FFA 1-2- 3-4, vice president 4: Hi-Y 2-3-4 wants to be a farmer. WILLIAM wamusn "Bill" A popular boy , .. IA Club 2-3-4: Basketball 1. manager 3: Hi-Y 2-3-4 . . . has achieved the first Dart of his ambition by Joinina the Air Force. librarian 3: Class president 2 ambition is to play baseball. I EUGENE WIEGAND ilcenen Quiet, but friendly to ev- eryone IA Club 2-3-4 . . . Ambition Y to become either a carpenter or a mechanic. 'Q' -Q- , Q . . """""" Z HP RICHARD WILLIAMS ' 'Dick ' ' A friendly fellow . . . has Dretty, naturally curly hair . . . FFA 1-2-3-42 Student Council 2: Basketball, JV 1, Varsity 2-3-4: El-Hi-An 4 . . . wants to be a Dara- trooper. THOMAS WILLIAMS nurolnu A popular senior . . . has many friends . . . Hi-Y 2-3- 41 IA 2-3: Student Council Dresident 4: Basketball 1-21 Band 1-2-3-4. president 4g Junior Play: Class treasur- er 3: El-Hi-An editor 4 . . . ambition-to become a civil engineer. I Q EUGENE WISSINGER ruronyu One of our fine basketball Dlayers ..: has many friends . . . IA Club 2-3-4: Baseball 1-2-4: Hi-Y 1: Class treasurer 2, vice Dres- ident 3 . . . ambition is to become a newspaper editor. I X ly? .5 3, My m is a", i Q Q, W I. E.-f'l'MV.fLX K If 7 ., 1 X, 4,7123 , X J Q' If N .--" lun!" V . No!! Si U-91 ff J s 'Wx Q ,B M 'B rw. all if 955i Lyn Us Q My UP' n ft 0!""o of 'qfvg DONNRX cg'RHoJ CHU-95 ac Quinn And JOHN '19 , '44 5 ers Q ,ffgv """'lu. "'-ov" E A "'liii4-ii' .:-f :f es P547 Q? JI' 5 Q -" Mf -J a S' 5 2 0 Q.. F 'AX Q :i I - . . . - - 4. f . Z. i k - . . . . - 'F Q lr ' ' " " H , R s Q . :idx 5 Q I' 3 0 l A ss ' ew Q' D H N CHQ' E :ri , W9 4 .EQ hx ff C5 L I v Most Pitta? XX " fa P. fix if .Y U ' r H 82 A V5 ry . X M ,X 5 zfr KL -fa " 5 Q , fb 7 'M fb f Q' i -Pix cc' 994:68 0.r,,p 0-v."t I 4 JCE fxigxj Opulng 'Z'-of-oh 3 , 4 E 4' . C' 1 will L Q , X f gf J 2 f7 f-:N .,... WJ V , . -Q X if 7 2 1 4? A S 3 Jrmer 5 I 5 1 7a ' , 5' 5112, 5 ' 'fy Q VUJI1 exe 9.91: Qoffe A -Q vf'T"'5 ' "Mo M THE SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Sitting here and discussing the future we are reminded of the movie I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS and wonder if the Seniors of '55 will have completely fulfilled their dreams and our dreams of them. Through a misty haze we can read the names SOLINGER, FLEMING, and WILLIAMS, Inc., and realize that BOB, JIM, and TOM have fulfilled their dreams of having their own chain stores. Although we know that DALE MILLER, LYLE BAKER, and BILL FORRINGER are good friends of these wealthy merchants, we know their high positions in the firm are due to their working ability and not just the long friendship. Sitting here reminiscing, we catch a glimpse of FRANCES REARICK, advertising manager for the WISSINGER GAZETTE. She seems to be discussing TONY'S Fall advertisements with EVE- LYN BEERE, who is Business Manager of the H. H. B. Co. for EILEEN HANKEY, EULA HANKEY and MARY ELLEN BAKER. While dreaming of future events I see a black and blue cloud and emerging from it is CHARLES KANZLEMAR, the great boxer of 1965, followed by his cute manager, DORIS McVAY. After every rain there is a rainbow and after much study JOAN MILLER finds the end of her rainbow at E. J. H. S. where she is teaching art. I can visualize a very bright cloud and know that it is the lights from JUNE SHAEFFERIS restaurant at Blue Run. . Instead of riders in the sky it is dancers in the sky and we see MARGARET SHEASLEY leading her class of young dancers in a few routines. The white clouds of the sky seem to represent the fulfillment of the dreams of LUELLA SCHALL and DAISY SHEASLEY, for both are nurses now. The brown cloud of the army seems to have captured a few of the boys. JIM FRAZIER is head of the aeronautics at Fort Meade. DICK WILLIAMS, CHUCK EVERHART, and BILL WALKER are now in the paratroopers and doing very well. I can almost hear the sound waves going through the air when secretaries ARLENE SMITH, SANDRA CAMPBELL, LORETTA SCHALL, and BETTY HECKMAN start talking with telephone operators SAVILLA RODOCKER, SHIRLEY CLEVER, FAYE BOYER, and JANET MEYER-and during office hours, too! They had better watch what they are saying because two honest linesmen, ALFRED BEER and EUGENE WIEGAND, are listening in on their conversation. While thinking of secretaries I think of DONNA KUNKLE and LOIS BOYER, who were going to be secretaries, too. It seems their husbands changed the girls' minds. Speaking of husbands, THELMA HAWKINS, SARAH PAINTER, and LOIS ANDERSON are getting along very well with theirs. While JANE MILLER, MIRIAM SCHALL, and NORITA MCINTIRE are doing very well in their beauty shop at Elderton, MARLENE ERDLEY and JOAN HARTMAN have decided to close theirs in favor of their husbands. It looks as if RON PARKS has overcome his shyness because he has taken over the English Department at Elderton. After the dust cloud had fallen on the race track I knew that four E. J. H. S. boys had fulfilled their dreams. DICK FRYE, RON JOHNSON, ARNOLD JOHNSTON, and DAVE PETERMAN are very proud of their souped-up jalopies. It seems that two school chums, EDITH RISHELL and LOUISE MEYER are keeping their friendship alive in their joint trailer camp for tourists. Through the gray mist of the morning we can see JOHN SMAY leading his dairy cows out to pasture and we know that his Agriculture from school has helped to make his dream a reality. For some reason three of our seniors just can't stay away from Elderton High, they are CAR- OLYN HEILMAN fmusicjg DELORES BROWN Chome ec.Jg and our Principal, BOB KUNKLE. There is one cute girl left in our senior class to dream about-MYRETTA MONTGOMERY- and we are sure that she and Red are doing very nicely together. Well, here are our dreams for the class of '55 from E. J. H. S., and we sincerely hope that each dream of each senior comes to life exactly as it should. Donna Kunkle Daisy Sheasley 30 - 1- - ,pw--vw TH RCUGH THE YEARS Glancing through some films on the class of '55 we found this important information about our past. THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES started when we entered Elderton Joint High School as freshmen. Our cast consisted of seventy-three members known as the Green Freshmen. As directors of our cast that year, we had President Carolyn Heilman, Vice President Jane Mil- ler, Secretary Marlene Erdley, Treasurer Jim Frazier. To represent us in the governing group of our school we chose Errol Frailey and June Shaeffer. Our managers this year were Miss Cerutti, Mr. Dunmire, and Mr. Fleming. We earned our Academy Award by our winning float in the Hallo- ween Parade. It was known as the "Ninth Grade Angels." We chose our Class Motto: "Out of Nothing, Nothing is Made"g our colors, Blue and Goldg and our liower, Yellow Rose--all of which we kept in the following years. Cast as majorettes were Sandra Campbell, Donna Kunkle, Frances Rear- ick, Luella Schall, and Margaret Sheasley. Our moved props this year were: Delores Ashbaugh, Ray Humble, Betty Fredrick, Donald Smith, and Lorraine Uplinger. When we started our Sophomore year with a cast of sixty-four OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY. We were managed by Mrs. Denning and Mr. Rupert and directed by President Bob Sol- inger, Vice President Chuck Everhart, Secretary Marlene Erdley, and Treasurer Eugene Wissinger. The cheerleaders for our pep section were Carolyn Heilman, Donna Kunkle, and Margaret Sheasley. We fattened the production fund with a square dance and a skating party. In this year's student council scene were Joan Miller, Jim Frazier, and Dick Williams. Our cast lost seven members this year: Janet Hankey, Gloria Leard, Carrie George, Dorothy Reefer, Dwight Shupe, James Shupe, and Nelson Schrecengost. We rolled into action our Junior year with a cast of fifty-eight members and Mr. Johnson and Mr. Rineer as our managers. Our directors were President Marlene Erdley, Vice President Eu- gene Wissinger, Secretary Frances Rearick, and Treasurer Tom Williams. The players representing us in the governing group of our school were Joan Miller, Frances Rearick, Marlene Erdley, and Jim Frazier. Jane Miller joined our peppy cheering squad this year. Our cast presented one of the greatest shows of our time, when we produced the play "No More Homework." For money- making projects to help our cast along in future years, we had an ice cream festival, square dance, and a booth at the Halloween Fair. One of our most beautiful and important roles of the year was the annual Junior-Senior Prom with the theme of "Evening in Paris." Three of our cast members left for other settings: Faye Espey, Evelyn Kough, and Kenneth George. With the coming of summer our cast departed for vacation, ready to return the following fall for the last time. We started our Senior year looking forward only to graduation day, with our theme as CAS- ANOVA'S BIG NIGHT. Our play producers were Mr. Brown and Mr. Longwell. Our directors were President Frances Rearick, Vice President Luella Schall, Secretary Margaret Sheasley, and Treasurer Joan Miller. Those governing and setting our programs were President Tom Williams, Vice President Carolyn Heilman, and Miriam Schall, who were all members of the student council. Added to our cheering section were Arlene Smith and Frances Rearick. We were glad to wel- come to our large cast Ronald Johnston, making our total 55. Another great production by our cast was "We Shook the Family Tree." As a friendly get-together we had a Sadie Hawkins Dance on October 22, 1954. We certainly felt honored this year as the Junior-Senior Prom was given for us by the Juniors. The first step of graduation started with Class Night, which was held on May 20, 1955, immediately followed by Baccalaureate on May 22, 1955. Then the last night we will ever walk together: May 24, 1955-our Commencement Ceremony. And with this last we will have completed our most important cycle toward success in the future. Arlene Smith jane Miller 31 'f3"?'l1"?7RW'lTf'1ff 'W THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT To Whom It May Concern: We, the Senior Class of 1955, do FROM HERE T0 ETERNITY bequeath, in this state of mind, our talent for breaking rules, irritating the faculty, and just naturally causing confusion. In case you should forget us, you will always remember this class as the frontiersmen of Elderton Joint High School because everything that came our way we changed to suit our taste or ability. We do hereby will the following: The Senior Class leaves to the Principal a little bit of peace and all our sympathy for the years he has had to put up with this big class of headaches. To the Faculty, WE LEAVE, and these words should be music to their ears. To the oncoming Seniors we leave our love for fun, our melancholy ways, and our lack of love for work. We, as individuals, leave the following: I, MARY ELLEN BAKER, leave my devilish grin to Dorothy McGaughey. We, the Three Stooges, CDONNA KUNKLE, LOIS BOYER, and ARLENE SMITHJ leave our comic scripts and fun to any old sour puss. See you in the added attractions. I, EVELYN BEERE, will my shy grin to Mary Rupert. I, JOAN HARTMAN, will my high neck dresses to Marianne Elder. We, MIRIAM SCHALL and JANE MILLER, will our love for buzzing around and generally having a gay time-but on second thought we believe we will hang on to it. I, THELMA HAWKINS, leave my motherly love to Mr. Rineer Cfatherh. I, DELORES BROWN, will my sweetheart pillow case to anyone who can find one where mine came from. I, SANDRA CAMPBELL, will my love for secretarial work to someone who doesn't appreciate this type of work. No, I'll take that back because I'll need every ounce of love, ability, and all else connected with secretarial work in the next few years. I, SHIRLEY CLEVER, will my likeable personality to Barbara Townsend. I, EILEEN HANKEY, will my position on the Senior Class Sponsor page to the lucky new Senior Sponsor of 1955-56. I, EULA HANKEY, leave my position in the right front seat of Mr. Hankey's Pontiac, going from school, to any other poor relative. I, MYRETTA MONTGOMERY, will my love for every other color but Red fwhich I intend to keep foreverh. I, DAVID PETERMAN, will a ball and chain to this school to be placed on Suzy Williams so she'll do no wanderini I, BOB SOLINGER, leave my dislike for girls to anyone anywhere Che'll have to pretty soon if he doesn't want to be a bachelorj. I, BILL WALKER, will be glad to get out of here. We, CHUCK KANZLEMAR and DORIS McVAY will our seats in study hall to anyone else interested in HOMEwork. 32 THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, JANET MEYER, LOUISE MEYER, EDITH RISHELL, and SAVILLA RODOCKER, will our quiet dispositions to Dick Jordan. He'll need every bit of them! I, DAISY SHEASLEY, will nothin' because I ain't got nothin' to will and I wouldn't will nothin' if I had it to will. I, JOAN MILLER, will my love for fighting with my sister to any calm family. 4Maybe there'll be some peace around our home now.J I, LUELLA SCHALL, will all my early morning hours because they say the early bird catches the worm and I don't want the worm! I, FAYE BOYER, will my singing ability to the girls' chorus. I, JIM FLEMING, will my height to Bob Cashdollar. I, BILL FORRINGER, will my lean figure to anyone overweight. I, JIM FRAZIER, will my place of being a teacher's son to my brother Jack. I, BETTY HECKMAN, will my tiny writing to Linda Forringer. I, CAROLYN HEILMAN, will my intelligence to Virgil Rearick. I, NORITA MCINTIRE, will my figure for tight skirts to Betty Ann Altman. I, MARGARET SHEASLEY, will my twirling ability to Mary Alice Schrecengost. I, LORETTA SCHALL, will my secretarial ability to Ruth Wingard. I, RONALD JOHNSON, will to the Sophomore Class my ability to make friends very easily. We, MARLENE ERDLEY and TOM WILLIAMS, gladly leave our positions as year- book editors to Janet Peterman and Judy Brown. I, DICK WILLIAMS, will my ability to skip school and get away with it to Dale Fleming. I, DALE MILLER, will my freckles to Carol Thompson. I, RONALD PARKS, will my quiet ways to the new Seniors. We, ARNOLD JOHNSTON and RICHARD FRYE, will our faithful old puddle jumpers tcarsl to the oncoming speed demons. We, FRANCES REARICK and TONY WISSINGER, will our ability to fight over the sinallest things to all the peaceful couples here. fGuess welll have to take it a ong.J I, LOIS ANDERSON, will leave this Joint to go to Harold. I, BOB KUNKLE, leave my sleepy disposition and head rest Cdeskj to any other night owl. I, JOHN SMAY, will my piles of imaginary money to Ron Wray. I, EUGENE WIEGAND, will my quiet manners to Ronnie Weight. I, SARA PAINTER, will my naturally curly hair to Ted Brown. I, LYLE BAKER, will my quiet disposition to Gerald Kunkle. I, CHUCK EVERHART, will my mischievous and devilish stunts to Larry Reefer. I, ALFRED BEERE, will my ability for getting Dad's car all the time to any poor kid that can't. ' I, JUNE SHAEFFER, was going to will Jim to someone else, but on second thought I decided I'd like to keep him myself. We do hereby end the will and testimony of our class. Our belongings are few and far between, but we willed what we had to will. We do promise to keep our romises forever. SANDRA CAMPBELL JOAN MILLER P 33 4' ba,'f5 0 my J 0 M Q A! D'f'iCLfiL52 NV K 3. Z ag Q- 'Q Q X JUNICR CLASS OFFICERS SMITH, PETERMAN, MCGAUGHEY, POWELL President Vive President Seeretary Treasurer C Andy Smith Blair Peterman Dorothy Mc-Gaughey Daniel Powell Class Sponsor Sylvia Bowser Class Flower Yellow Rose Class Colors Crimson and Gold Class Motto 64Onward with the future and away witll the past" 35 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS KUNKLE, WOOD, BRUCE, CRAVENOR President , Leonard Cravenor Vive President oo Sevretary C Donald Bruce Loretta Wood Treasurer Gerald Kunkle Class Sponsor ,lane Shall Class Flower Yellow Rose Class Colors Purple and Cold Class Motto Wfhe elevator to sueeess is not runningg use the stair:-7' 37 SOPHOMORES Row 1-E. Heilman, Simon Cochran, E. Young, R. Sheasley, A. Mosbaugher, L. Craft B. Weaver, J. Amick. Row 2-L. Rearic, E. Keeler, G. Ball, T. Townsend, R. Townsend, B. Altman, R. Stepp S. Fisher. Row 3--C. Wingard, E. Niehenke, L. Reefer, M. George, D. Fleming, N. E. Miller P. George, J. Altman. Not Shown-A. Graham, L. Frye, L. Cravener, J. Johnston, G. Longstreth. 38 SOPHCMORES Top Row-S. Rearick, B. Heny, M. Coleman, M. Elder, A. Hollobough, J. Schall C. Thompson. Middle Row-S. Montgomery, M. Blair, E. Jamison, E. Townsend, P. Bobrosky, D Harkleroad, S. Gearhart. Bottom Row-D. McLaughlin, L. Baker, M. Blaney, L. A. Turner, J. Miller, V. Cessna S. Yount. Not Pictured-M. Scott, E. Walker, B. Meyers, P. Miller, E, Perotti. 39 SOPHOMORES Top Row-L. Mechling, R. Miller, B. Mechling, B. Boyer, D. Bruce, J. Mauk, W. Crofutt, G. Kunkle. Middle Row-J. Airgood, T. Brown, C. Jones, K. Miller, M. Erdley, P. Montgomery D, Wood, S. Cockran. Bottom Row-L. Miller, B. Moore, M. Rupert, N. J. Miller, D. Schrecengost, J. Stitt L. Wood, C. Free. Not Pictured-S. L. Kanouff, N. Shaffer, D. Jorden, L. Forringer, K. Burkett. 40 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS 5 4' L4 P MILLER, KIMMEL, ALTMAN, SHAFFER President 'S S Richard Miller Vice President eeee Kathleen Kimmel Secretary S S SSSSS SS Carole Altman Treasurer S Jeanine Shaffer Class Sponsor Class Flower Class Colors Class Motto S 41 S Donna Anderson White Carnation Red and White Wfoday we followg tomorrow we lead" FRESHMEN Row Row Row Row 1-C. Rearick, D. Cessna, A. Wiegand, D. Cumberledge, E. Free, Lois Meyer, M. A, Johns, G. Dilick, B. Townsend. K. Kimmel, E. Fleming, M. Schrecengost, D. Frailey, G. Wright, Baker. 2-J. Freehling, R. Gearhart, S. Mclntire, M. Bowser, W. Lange, C. Silvis, R. Schall, V. Grinder, 3-J. Meyer, D. Ralph Smith, J. Johnston. 4-D. Geidel, J. Rearick, C. Altman, W. Schall, D. Boyer, C. Schrecengost, Loulla Meyer, E. Cravener. 42 FRESHMEN Row 1-S. Mills, R. Wingard, N. Slease, M. Johnston, H. Boyer, W. Crownovcr, R Williams, P. Campbell. Row 2-L. Miller, N. Popp, Raymond Smith, J. Shaffer, J. Altmeyer, D. Anderson R. Crihbs, R. McVay. Row 3-B. Schaeffer, A. Clark, G. Brown, E. Boyer, R. Reefer, J. Hartman, R. Baker D. Stewart, R. Miller. Not Shown-E. George, D. Hagarty, D. Leightly, P. Hornberger, E. Miller, P. Miller T. Waltenbaugh, W. Painter, D. Perotte, H. Rishell, R. Smeltzer, R. Wray, V Yount. 43 EIGHTH AND SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS WINGARD, REARICK, REED, WILLIAMS ANDERSON, GEARHART, RISHELL, KIMMEL 44 President .,,,,,., .,... J ane Williams Vice President ,.... ,,,,.,...... J udy Reed Secretary w,,e, w,,e,e, ll larjorie Rearick Treasurer ,,,.... ..,... C arolyn Wingard President . ...,w,e .. ,i...,., Judson Kimmel Vice President ......, ,YY,.. J udy Rishell Secretary ,,,,. ,YY.,., D ale Gearhart Treasurer ,,.,... ....,, B arbara Anderson EIGHTH GRADE First Ruw-R. Ccsmm, F, Burkflt, C. Ge-orze, J. Geidvl. J. Bartz. D. Dilick, K. Baker, J, Allman, V. Frznlvy. V. Hollis. K AlLm:an. P. Bush. S. Clalypool. E, Baker. Second Row-W. Brown. M, Clark. W, Crownover, R. Crow, K, Cribbs, L, Erdlcy, D, Crave-nvr, J. Gvidvl, G. Kimmel. V. J Johnston, C. Jackwon, J. Forrinrzer, B. Hoover. P. Cockrolt, K. Frantz, Third Row-Misr. Yunity. T. Klnmensmith, C. Dnland, C. Claypool. R. Kimmel, R. Altman, R. Bortz. D, Davis, D, Bortz M. Gruva-r, K. Crawcnm-r. S, George, N. Free-lilinu, M. Baker. O. Blanc-y. E. Hoovefr, P. Brown, K. Hartman, K. Bod:-n Mrs. Pr.izivi'. X5 L ,B RDMWIE '- First Row-B, Wfdllllll, G. 'I'ownsm-nd, B. Smith. R. Walker, R. Mclntire. B. Miller. N, Sclmll. Second Ruw-Mr. Dormer. J. SCOLL, J, Weaver, T, Rearick. B. Miller, D. Millvr. P. Wright, C, Winuurd. M. Rf-urick. M. A. Sclirvcengosl. J, Williams, H. McElhal.Ien. L. Schrecengosl., D. Sfheasley, D, SIIl?1LZf'l'. B. Townsend. Third Row-J. Townsend, B. Townsend, E. Snyder. V. Wingard, N. Vermillion, N. Moore, P. Rupp. J, SChI'E'CC1'lLl0St. C. EI. Miller, J. Rwd, J. Millvr. D. Mclntirv, I. Vvrmillon, E. Jones. Fourth Row-E. Rossnberler. C. McAfoose. W. Stewart. B. Peterman, N, Schrecenfgost, K. Schull, G. WPk1Y'f'I', W. Ynunt. K. Wingurd. H. Slaule. C. Montgomery, W, Mangus, D. Lias. D. Rupert, L. Shaasley, J. Younl. 45 SEVENTH GRADE Front Row-R. Snyder. D. Sllvls. E. Snyder. J. Townsend. V, R1-arick, M, Williams, J, Reefer. J, Shalfer. G, Yonnl. S, Weaver L, Shaffer. B. Moore. B. Rupert. L. Wood. Second Raw-E Schrefcenuost, J, Walker, R. Rearick, R, Schrecengost. P. Porotti, J, Sluxrfer, C Rishell, M, Shellhummer M. Wingarcl. R.. Wood. B, Lcighlley. J. Kimmel. I. Sheasley, R, Cexsnu, D, Genrlmrt, D. Cribbs. Third Row-R, Sheusloy, R, Yount, R. Pcterman. W. Wagner, M. Slease. T, Popp. R, Studtmiller. J, Rishell, W. Schall W, McLaughlin. B. Anderson, J. Rishell. H, Smeltzer. D. Cockran, L. Shellhummer, J, Porter, M. Shellhzxmxner. Front Row-H, Elder. P, Hankey, S. Dillck, K. McCutcheon. P, Boyer. K. McKinney. P. Kunkle, H. Marxqus. J. Altman, E. Lange. ' Second Row-R, Gearhart. IVI. Fleming. B. Blaney, J. Baker, S, Kilgore, R. Crow. M. A. Miller, M. Cessna, B. Jamison. Mrs. Colgan. Third Row-J. Frazier, M. Frick. K, Clark, R. Cessna. M. Lambing. D. McCombie. R. Forester, S. Brown, D Flicl-ringer. B, J. Kaufman. D. Brumbaugh. M. Fleming. 46 .-.a PATROL BOYS Rear: Jim Rearick, R. Wray, R. Smcltzer, C. Schrecengost, Mr. Claypool Middle: T. Rearick, R. Townsend, K. Baker, W. Crownover Front: E. Free, K. Cribbs, J. Townsend Buses come and go Without worrying us, for danger is at a minimum as the Safely Patrol docs its line job of guiding traffic and guarding us. 47 bw clk J N xi xes .zfzibyf FRAIIER, POWEIL BROWN QIVIITH KNUDGEN MR. WIIIIAM PAINCIERA AdvlS0r Rick Knudsen Andy Smith Dan Powcll ,, Jack Frazier Philip Brown Back Row R Mciausland R Sheasley F Townsend C. Kanzlcmar, D Bruce L Lldy pool C Lrollut B Ictermdn K Hoovgr R Jordan, E. Wiegancl Qecond Row T Willixms R Moore J Iframer L Free, F. Shaffer C Kunklc R Front Row T Brown F Knudsen A Smith D Powell, J. Frazier L lpurhirt SENIOR TRI-HI-Y BROWN, MCVAY, HANKEY, MCGAUGHEY, SHEASLEY, HEILMAN MRS. MARY P. DENNING, Advisor President .......,..... ,,,,,, J udy Brown Vice President ..,..,. ,,,,, D oris McVay Secretary ...i...i.. ..i,.,,,,,. E ileen Hankey Treasurer .i,... w.... D orothy McGaughey Chaplain ........... ,ii,,,, D aisy Sheasley Song Leader ......,, ....... C arolyn Heilman TRI-HI-Y PRAYER We praise Thee, O God, for our Tri-Hi-Y girls and cousellors. For their desire to be of service to this world. We seek to build. May our love for Thee awaken in us An overflowing love for all Thy creatures. May our spirit of adventure lead us only In the trail once blazed by Thee. For this, give us Thy help. -Amen SENIOR TRI-HI-Y lrnnt Ron-S. C11 V4-. D. Kunklv. A. Smilh, L. Schull. F. Rvzuicl-1. M. Vvllllkllllm e-fund Run-P. Cvssuu. L. Blow. L. Aivy' 1'. Painter. J. Weaver, E, B1-vrv. YI. E'1'cll1'5', M, Slwrlslmy. J. Sl1zu'fl'm'1'. I.. AllKll'l'Mlll N. Mclmirc- M. Schull. Jams- Milli-1: L, Boys-r. B. NIi11l'l'.C.vi'l'lHllllUll, lhird Row-E. Rlshcll. T. Hawkins. S. Rodockvr, J. Mcyvr. M. Banker. D, Brown. L. Sf'llllll. J. Pm-In-x'1ml1x. D. Czumplmvll. M Kolluh. J. F'I'xxilvy. C. Crownovm-1'. L. Cs-ssnu, J, Brown. S. Buwse-V. Buck Rum-D. Shvzxsls-y. Jlllxll Millvr. C, I-Ivilmam. J. H2il'lIl12lll. S. Ckllllllbilll, D, McVuy, Ellawn Hilllk1'Y. Eulu Iinnlu-y, A1 Mnlxrumm-ry. B. Hvckmau D. VlcGzlm:lxs'y. S. Buyrr. A. Clzxypool. R. Wlll22ll'Cl, E, Schull, L. SClll'l'!'lll-WWI, G. Crlssxnun. ll ...L lruut Kur-L Jour-s. A. M. Hl3l1Ob2lllLLh. K. Nlillcr, S. COChl'klll. B. Hvlly. J. All'L-lOUd. S, Rvzxrick, 'l', 'I'0WllSQ'llCl. P. Mom uoxmry, S, Flhhll. C. TINDIIIDSUII. J. Schull, N91-und Raw-M. Errllry. L. Woucl. G. Lonustrx-th. S, Yolml, M. Colvlmnrl. L. A, Tlll'llt'l'. E. H1-ilnxzm. IU Wulkz-r. D. H.x1'km-l1'o.1rl F. Kh:11'l1:u'r. M. Blum-y. B. Allman. P. Dobmfsky. B. xVl'2lVl'l'. M. G-,'o1'ul'. E. J.lllll1'S0ll. lin:-k Run-J. Slut. M. Rupm-rl. L. Mills-11 S. K2lll0llH. E. Kvvlc-x'. J. Altman, M, Bluir. J. Amzck. D. .N1L'L.lll!llllll. C. Mmm! llfxlmlry. E. Ymmu. E. Nivlwcuke-. J. Millvr. N. E. Mille-1'. M. Svott. A. lllcrklnxllrlme-l'. 51 JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y PAUP, WILLIAMS, WRIGHT, BUSH, KIMMEL MISS BEVERLY SHACIKOSKI, Advisor President Y,,,,,,,,,, ,A.,, K athlecn Kimmel Vice President .,Y,,,, ,,,,, P atty Lee Bush Secretary ,,,,.i.... ,.Y,, G ail Wright Treasurer ...... Nancy Paup Chaplain ,.... ,,e,, J ane Williams TRI-HI-Y CODE To build a better world Ready I must be In the place where life doth find me Holding fast-yet pushing on Into glorious adventure You-and-I-and-God. TRI-HI-Y PURPOSE "To create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school and community, high standards of Christian character." T?"UK'7f7""f1 ' "' P' JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y Front Row-C. Jvckmn. V. Wlniznrd, B. Hoove-r, S. Clzxypool. D. Mclnlirv. I, VL-rmillmn. D. Miller, P. Bush. J. Furrinuvr P, Wriuhl. C, E. Mills-r. J. Miller. N. Schull, EJ. Baker, B, Milli-r, Sem-und Row-K, Frantz. P. Rupp. W, Manans V. Hollis. J. S'ul11'e-cengosl. N, V1-rmillion. I-1. Allman. P. Cn:'krul't. V, Frullc-y J. Revd. E, Snyder. M. R4-arick. C, Wingurd. J. Williams. N, Ivloorl-. M, A. Schrecvnuost. Third RUW1-P, Brown. B, FIAZIIIPY, C, Bodrn. M. Baker. C. Montuomory. N. Frechlinu. S, Gvoruv. K. Hartmann. V. J. John stun, M. Gruver, E. Hoover. O. Blarney. K, Cruvl-ner. D. Lim, J. Yfblllll, L. Sln-zlslcyv D. Runvrl. 3- lfrunt Row-C. Ruurick, A. Wiegand, L. Meyer, D. Cumbc-irlvsfc, J. Johnson, B. Townsend, G. Wright. R. McVuy, M. A Johns. H, Boyvr. M. Bowser, N, Sle-asc. J. Meyer. Second Row-V. Grinder. R. Williams. S. Baker. N. PODD, J, ShaHer, S. Mills. K. Kimmvl. M. Schrecemzost, D, Boyer, D Gm-icirl. B, A. Shuvffer. C, Allman. D. Ste-wart, J. Hartman. G. Brown. 53 A FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA MISS HELEN HENDERSON Advisor Back Row: Boyer, Hankey Front Row: Schall, Rearick, Campbell, Kunkle President ,....,,.,,, Vice President ....... Secretary .,,,,,,,.,, Treasurer - Historian ..i..... Song Leader ., 54 Frances Kearick . , Luella Schall ,, Donna Kunkle Sandra Campbell Eula Hankey Lois Boyer FUTURE HCMEMAKERS 0F AMERICA Front Row-L. Blose, E. Beere, S. Clever, A. M. Hollobaugh, L. Schall, F. Rearick. Second Row-E. Reefer, N. Mclntire, B. Heckman, M. Sheasley, M. Schall, F. Boyer, M. Williams, B. Miller, D. Campbell, J. Peterman, L. Schrecengost, A. Smith, D. Kunkle, Miss Henderson. Back Row-M. Meters, S. McCullough, E. Schall, J. Weaver, Jane Miller, J. Frailey, Joan Miller, J. Hartman, S. Campbell, M. Erdley, M. Montgomery, M. Baker, Eula Hankey, Eileen Hankey, C. Crownover, L. Wood, E. Young. Colors-Red and White. Flower-Red Rose . . . symbolic of vibrant, glowing health . . . a necessary attribute for happiness and efficiency in home and group life. Motto-'Toward New Horizons" . . . expresses the purpose of the organization . . . learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. 55 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA CLAYPOOL, SMAY, SCHALL, PETERIVIAN, CASHDOLLAR, FRAZIER MR. H. F. LONGWELL, Advisor President .,...,,,AAA Vice President Secretary ,,,,A.,.. Treasurer , .... , Chaplain .7,,,r Reporter ,r.... Jim Frazier John Smay .. Leroy Claypoole . David Peterman Robert Cashdollar Dari Schall FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Front Row-D. Wood, L. Frye, P. George, W. Crownover, J. Smay, D. Schall, L. Clay- poole, R. Cashdollar, D. Peterman, J. Frazier, W. Lange, R. Smith, D. Mclntire, V. Yount. Second Row-Mr. Longwell, R. Townsend, R. Baker, R. Parks, R. Williams, E. Knud- sen, N. Shaffer, R. Meyers, G. Kunkle, W. Painter, H. Rishell, R. Cribbs, B. Schall, R. Wingard, R. Reefer, V. Cessna, S. Cochran. Back Row-G. Crofutt, D. Fleming, A. Johnston, A. Graham, W. Croffut, D. Sheasley, R. Smeltzer, R. Wray, E. Boyer, E. Fleming, R. Weight, J. Shaffer, R. Coleman, R. Cribbs, M. Weigand, J. Mauk, E. Townsend. Colors-National Blue and Corn Gold. Motto-Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve. Emblem-The FFA emblem is made up of five symbols: the owl, the plow, and the rising sun, within the cross section of an ear of corn, which is surmounted by the American eagle. Upon the face of the emblem appear also the words "Vocational Agriculture" and the letters HF. F. A." 57 ART CLUB President ........ ,... Vic-v President Secretary ,...... 'l'rc-asurer ..,...., Chaplain . ....... . Assistant Secretary . Delnnc Buyer MR. GALLO, Advisor Bernard Mechlinfr Donna Anderson Ron Wray .... Shirley Meyer Carolyn Win Hard Front Row-P. Kunkle, R. Cessna, M. Frick, K. McCuLcheon. Se-cond Row-J, Townsend, B, Brown, K. Clark, J, Frazier. V. Frailey. L. Schrecengosl, N. Moore. P Rupp. M, Schrecengost. C. Wingard, P. Hornberger, D. Anderson, J. Altmeyer, K. Baker. Back Row-Mr. Gallo, B. Mechling, D. Boyer, B. Anderson, S. Meyers. F'. Boyer. W. Yount, K. Crav- e-ner, E. Rosenberger, D. Powell, B. Smeltzer, R. Wray, R. Slmeltzer, W. Stewart. L. Mechling. 58 STUDENT COUNCIL runl 1 171111111 R11111 N1c'V11y. L111c1z1 S1 1111 111 V1c111l111 111s 111 1111 N1 Fl'Ll1llTl'5 R1-111'11-K. C11111 11 '-1111111111 J1111 1 1111 11k 1 111l1lN Allfly S11111l1, Hz11'111 ll 1 11 1 1111 B11 Il S 1 llXl1 llllllx Cvllllflil L111114sI1'1't11. .. Tom Willlams Carolyn llellman Marilyn lvllllams Harold Winzard INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB ...L--f 3 ..,,.s..-.- ..,.. ""'1 ,lvvf N-. President ..,, ,,,, . . . ,,,,.,,,,, Charles Kanzlemar Mr. Haydon, Advisor, Confers With Chuck Vice President Y,., YYY.,. B lair Peterman Secretary .. .. Blaine Meyers Treasurer .. Ed Kanzlemar Front Row-L. Baker. K. Burkem. D. Sheasley, J, Fleming, L. Craft. D. Jordan, G. Ball. K. Craft. Second Row-P, Miller. H. Schrecengost. R. Frye. C. Free. D. Schrecengost. E. Wissingcr. C. Everhari. B. Walker. B. Meyers. Back Row-R. Hoover, Ed Kanzlemar. E. Perotti, B. Forriuaer. A. Smith, V. Rearick. F. Shaffer. H. Wingzxrd. L. Mechling. B. Mechliug. B. Solingcr, C. Kanziemar. 60 EVE IN ig! J-wmnbvw H311 Q-N.-A su LEE 'gt SQ . si ,.-:MR .,., ,V M, , X. N. X 5-Q1 a Cf' n - r, " ' 'JIS '..': E , 5 W' ,,....,... W. ,W........mQ 5 Qi A gn HI-VIEW lfroul Row-D. Klllllil1'. D. S-lxinxslvy. L. SL'l1z1ll. J. Millwr. M. Schull. S. Czllulllxvll. L. Boyvr, Sc-r1.nrI Rlllliln. Lllll!IlH'I'll'fl1ll', Eflllil Ha111lu'y. E. Bl-11111. C. H1'1l111z111. M. NIf111t4o111111'y. PC1111 1 ID. Mc:V.1y, 'IK I-I11v1'ki11x. P. Cn-xs11a1, J. I"1'1wiv1'. Third RU11-A1'lv11v Slllllll. FI. S111-uslvy. Andy S1111tl1. C. Ka111zlm'111u1', J. Milll-1' E.K11llris1'11 N11 llllll liavk Run-D. G4-lfivl, S. Y111111I. P. Rumx R. McV:.y. J, B1'0w11, P. B1'r111'11. 17. P11111-ll. P Kllllnl S.v'.1w. ,XI. bl EDITOR Doris MCVay ASSISTANT EDITOR Philip l'II'0WII BUSINESS MANAGER Sumlrza flZ1Il1DlD0ll 111151-. W. Schull CANIPRELI., BROVVN, IIICYAY 63 EL-HI-AN Co-Editors MARLENE ERDLEY TOM WILLIAMS JIM FLEMING Advisors MR. CLYDE HANKEY MR. JOHN GALLO MR. CLYDE HANKEY Art CAROLYN HEILMAN FRANCES REARICK 64 MARLENE ERDLEY Sports DICK WILLIAMS CHUCK EVERHART Art ' JOAN HARTMAN Will JOAN MILLER SANDRA CAMPBELL TOM WILLIAMS History ARLENE SMITH JANE MILLER Advertising BOB KUNKLE Prophecy DAISY SHEASLEY DONNA KUNKLE EL-HI-AN Sales DORIS MCVAY DELORES BROWN MR. JOHN GALLO Literary LUELLA SCHALL JUNE SHAEFFER 65 Business Managers MARGARET SHEASLEY JIM FLEMING MARGARET SHEASLEY I NO no RC HDMBUGRI JOHN HEBNYDERSON CA ST JoauMIllER Dnzsg SHIZASIII1 sl 0AN HRR7HAN Jnncs FRHZIER Anmlp Jonsson Tuonnswxllxgns JANE M1U.F.B JOHN SHAH FnAncf:sRsAnrcn Camus Evznucmv F1 ARLE Ns ERDLLLI D UNNA K ILNKLE Rlcunnnfnqg N Ancnnar Sl-lznsuan, fuoaueblsssxuszn SANDRA C A1-ypafll JAMES FLsnuvc Ji D1RecfEDB3 T M135 was CLASSU JOAN 'VIIll.EI? CHARLESMANZLEM JOHN Svlfwj ARNoLDJonNSoN luelfn SCHAU FRANCES REARICK ARLENE SMITH DONNA KMNKLE P'lA1?cAnar SHEASLE7 l?oBERrl4uNf4Le JAP4ES FEEIWMIRIG MIR1AFaSCHALl il CLASS sisffb-H'S 1357? Qc no Q, Q . sm of O Qc, 00 F154 199 QE v-OUXL INV' TR V199 YP Jiwwfw J7 MAS. FRA ZFER ,..1- 5532 Pun F "f" ' V. l hr .ff t SENIOR AND JUNIOR BAND OFFICERS President, .,....AA,, ,,,,,,,.,,..... ,.,, T 0 m Williams Secretary ,,,,,,,. . .,..i ,,,,,,, , Philip Brown Vice President ., ,,,,Y,,,,.....,..,,.,,,,, Andy Smith Treasurer .....,,,,,,,,,.,,.......,.,,,,,,,. Jim Fleming FLEMING, BROWN, SMITH, WILLIAMS "ti'f!lll,llIIQ V , I H' NYY www W Y ,,,v E:-sq., :,,, ,,, f. Y Y WY Y , I Y .Y , W X E 5 Yun, W in N ,MNT KW, A Nmtxff. S , F K ' ' ' s...............4 , AUM ,, ........a,-Y..,--...... MY YY .4 .....--71e.. -.Y ....... ....., , ,,.,,T....a, .--... ,.- , I Z Q , . 3 A -,l,,,,.-e,,s is , S, S.4,..l-....i....... 4 L,,..1,-e.i ,S ,el ,e..iet,,w4w-1.. I..-..............-.T.-....s. 53 FQ? . .fl i f-I-3 ar Q SCHRECENGOST, KIMMEL, ALTMAN, MCVAY President ,, ,,.,, ,, ,,,.,.,, Kathleen Kimmel Secretary-Treasurer ,, ,.... Ruth McVay Vice President ,...,.. ., .t,t,,,.... Carole Altman Librarian .... ,,,.,..,, C lair Schreeengost 71 I3 f x5 RM 1 X , , 1 5 if 'W 5' W W 1? ffl 1 Y Q5 1-F f N y 'wh Q 3 R XS? . Q V Sf' '1Qsif . N NH f ' f 1 1 Y . - '4 f A 5 A '55 UK, A LN x ae wr, ig . X 7 ' . ' :N S ' X ' -TEC ' K 5 " Mfg '-' '3"" 1 ' ' vga awk Q R H 'A XJ., A f. W jg 1 3 jf g V N R L f ,., ?,Si X 2,2 X 'N 5 fNw if S LE 4 "' i 'X ' .Q ,, Q Q .,-,-:.--as-g-,H-,'.-:,',-. --f 0 LE' g w sw :lui-' '-9: " 5 'lv' 1' "' "' 4-Q9 MAJORETTES 4 XX . la W- Mew DONNA KUNKLE LUELLA SCHALL MARGARET SHEASLEY FRANCES REARICK SANDRA CAMPBELL The majorettes and the Elderton Joint High School Band came out in full array this year. Participating in the Apollo, Worthington, Saxonburg, Indiana 1Home Com- ingj, and other parades, they made our school very proud. Tribute must be paid for the performances given at Penn State on Band Day when ours was one of sixty-one bands present. '73 BANNER CARRIERS AND MAJORETTES ARLENE SMITH SHIRLEY MCCULLUUGH N? Nm DONNA KIQNKLE. FRANCES REARICK, LUELIA SCHALL Nl.-XRGARE'l' SHEASLEY SANDRA i'AMPBEl,l, 74 Girls' IQIISPIHIIIP .loan Miller Norita Melntire Lois Anderson Mary Florence Elgin Mrs. Joseph Debsky, Director Carolyn Heilman Betty Heekman Lois Boyer Kathleen Kimmel. Pianist Typing to Music' Elderton High School felt quite honored as a group of eleven typ- lsts and their able instructor. Mr William Rineer ave a erform- , S X ' Pl ance of typing over Station WQED Pittsburgh, on February 4, 1955. Philip Brown Sandra Campbell Duane Cumberleflge Jack Frazier Eileen Hankey Doris McVay Barbara Ann Miller Loretta Schall Miriam Schall Margaret Sheasley Carolyn Hellman tnot picturedh EXTRA- CURRICU LAR GROUPS Male Quartet Andy Smith Eric Knuclsen Harold Wingard Philip Brown SENIOR AND JUNIOR CHORUS OFFICERS President .,,,Y,,,,,, ,,.,... E ric Knudsen Vice President ,YY,,,, ..,., J ane Miller Secretary ..,,... ,Y,,,,,. A ndy Smith Treasurer ,,,,,,, ,.,,, L ixrolyn Heilman SMITH, KNUDSEN, MILLER, HEILMAN President ,,,YY,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,, R uth McVay Vice President Y,.,,.,.,, Kathleen Kimmel Secretary-Treasurer ,,,Y,,,, Carole Altman MCVAY, KIMMEL, ALTMAN 76 qv,---...--Q i . v an nvuwuuv Vwwfwaumx Munn-M liii-'MitvWf:s9w'4!'V?A 1 91133 'kv fm. , -5 ,WM 4,4-ww, vw-'f N ' iiiihwmi Ffflikiffre ft siillllunlw A M M., .. Li' 1 5.15, ., 5'Tf"'7 Mmm Q CD LLI U7 'ft : 7' I-Li A SJ T-I -4 4 Q2 CI C71 'TQ Q .0 D. - : '35 J cu .CI Q V7 -. A 1.1 an 1.11 nf cd ,.4 QU Cl.. 52 .-1 K 5 I : 4 Z 5 5 H L: Q r. 'vw -4 Q ,-4 f. CJ ac 2: I 53 :J LC. f. 5 H Z 5 .. C .:. 4 .4 4 5 c Af n-4 'Eg Q 55 2 "F .C .., ,... C: U1 :J C Q1 5-4 'ff J :J H rs Q1 -C U1 .- A :.l Q Q TJ 14 If nf D11 Ll Qu E. A J :J o s: 3-4 3 P' If Q .-4 r. :J C1 ra D3 s-4 A :Z .2 E 'C '1 L-1 Q -C :I 3 ra .2 ll: I4 A fri .-I 6 d 71 - : .. 'ff 'S 95 NJ F: DQ G CJ sc c U 4: ,E z hi 5 ,. 2 Lf 'fi lm cp ra r-4 Lv-4 H 'IJ' - - 0 5 Q v-4 ,ri 4-1 9 Z' 'l. 21, C 4 n-4 . Q v si 75 rf C .- 'ff C-2 si 75 ,- : gc LJ CJ -... .... :rl Q. Q gc : 575 'T' H CI CJ 11 Ld ,I s Q nc 'C S-4 F Ld E7 : 5 .3 ... .Li .. ,.4 - : vm If. E 'ff d CJ 1. 'U : c Ld ui 7: :Z Q1 Sm .,,,..4 ,.,.-. cfiil Ei as 713 .-. mi-C Lv-171 255 W.. ,xx vc 33 ILC. QE. Q W4 -2 Un z-L D37 Lx-lf. -E H. mf :Z C52 'NJ 'a vi! ,-CJ BVI -'C -E 6, if If L. ,... Lf- c. US-4 391 ,,. ,Ca ..-. A4 da GI F:- Mr jfs QQ: W- E c Q Q S J :J lr-I .., 9' 92 L 75 ... A vs -F s.J an H cf Z C'-4 f- C .C E-4 V 5 Ld 321 if r ui A Cla E E Q P-4 TQ 5 .: 'ff H ii vs s.. -if. if Q :li Q Q QJ 11 C-C I, 3 I A C 11 ": a C5 H C 'a H H LJ Q gc :: Ld CT. Q N ..- 3.1 f- C CIT YQ Cz 214 rv v-4 i ,-4 C L' .1 53 H. -4 :rf .2 5 o 31 vi .-5 5-4 ITS .c 5-4 KJ Q .. NJ ui d 7 CI z 'S -5 Q5 5-4 Q1 Cb C3 bi L1 au Q u Q w ,I 5 o it -a 4- - C 5-4 i4 LJ CJ 'TJ s.. lu CL 5 L4 15 -.4 6 75 .E LJ JI A :J 2-4 Q: C H LJ H 4 K E F 17 E fn Q .-.4 lf .LC -A ,C Q A -. .-C L Q1 :A S -A .I K L4 c ... U 14 L4 A ... Q F : - : : Ca Q, E LC lv ll 4- - L- -a JUNIOR CHCRUS "Q-me . ,Q Front Row-V. Hollis, N. Freehling, R. Williams, K. Altman, N. Moore, M. Shellhammer, C. Rishell, C. Jackson, K. Frantz, V. Johnston. Second Row-P. Boyer, S. Smith, G. Yount, R. Cessna, M. Fleming, L. Wood, C. Rearick, J. Shaffer, J. Reefer, K. McCutcheon, E. Snyder. R. Snyder, B. Jamieson, V. Kaufman, S. Weaver. P. Bush, P. Brown, M. Schrecengost, S. Claypool. Third Row-V. Grinder, D. Cumberlege, L. Cessna, V. Rearick, M. Frick, L. Miller, S. Kilgore, B. Townsend, J. Altman, R. Rearick, J. Rishell, R. Gearhart, M. Williams, B. Blaney, P. Hornburger, J. Hartman, S. Claypool, D. Hartman, K. Clark, C. Miller, M. Rearick, C. Wingard, J. Reed. Back Row-M. Johns, J. Frazier, L. Meyers, D. Miller, J. Forringer, J. Schrecengost, K. Hartman, J. Rishell, M. Slease, R. Wood, T. Popp, B. Schrecengost, K. Kimmel, D. Geidel, M. Schrecengost, M. Fleming, E. Miller, S. Brown, D. Brumbaugh, B. Frailey, R. McVay, W. Crownover, N. Popp, K Boden, D. Lias, B. Anderson, J. Rishell, C. Altman, B. Shaffer, O. Blaney, S. George, N. Slease, D. McCombie, D. Gearhart, J. Kimmel, R. Stadtmiller, T. Waltenbaugh, P. Cockroft, J. Shaifer, D. Anderson, A. Wiegand, G. Wright, P. Rupp, L. Shaffer, J. Rishell, B. Rupert, V. Frailey. The Chorus has worked hard this year, giving performances that showed much evidence of precision and hard work. Under the able leadership of the director, Mrs. Esther Debsky, a Christmas Cantata and an Easter Pageant were offered for public enjoyment. The programs consisted of singing, religious selections and music from the light side of the holidays, special group singing, and dramatic scenes presented by the public speaking class-also under the direction of Mrs. Debsky, '78 CT Q X X, as K Nm 43" ' Q 'W M VARSITY Men 5 F , rv x . -- VgA 4 . ,fx M - . . 'sv-lr W 0 I . 5. ,N M, ' '-'QSS' Hawk Ron--Eri Ruffuvr. Ellyn-ne' XNl5Blll!lE'l', Bc1'1mx'd Boyur Blair P'L'llxl'I'I1ill1. Harold XVinu1xrci. Dick Wxllmmf lfrunt Run'-Jun Fl'ilZ1l'!'. Ronald Johnson. Jlm Fla-lninu, Andy Smith. Bull Sulinuvlt I'0.N'll JACK QPINN AND HIS SENKOR BUYS HOB SMELTZER, RICHARD MILI PR JACK FRAZIER - Managers 80 EN IDR S . ' x. , H! 1 ? I 1 'Ronqu X W Ugllli Bos S :X OUR SCHEDULES AND SCORES Varsity Schedule November 26, 1954 December 7, 1954- December 13, 1954 December 14, 1954 December 17, 1954 December 21, 1954 December 30, 1954 January 4, 1955- January 7, 1955- January 11, January 14, January 18, January 21, January 25, February 1, February 4, 1955- 1955- 1955- 1955- 1955- 1955- 1955- February 8, 1955- February 11, 1955- February 15, 1955 February 18, 1955- February 22, 1955- Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Pine Twp. Worthington Clymer Worthington Clymer Pine Twp. Worthington Apollo Elders Ridge Saltsburg Shannock V. Dayton Washington Bell Avon Apollo Elders Ridge Saltsburg Shannock V. Dayton Washington Bell Avon Junior Varsity Schedule December 7, 1954- December 13, December 14 December 17 December 21 December 30 1 1 1954- 1954- 1954- 1954- 1954- January 4, 1955- January 7, 1955- January 11, 1955- January 14, 1955- January 18, 1955- January 21, 1955- January 25, 1955- February 1, 1955- February 4, 1955- February February February February February 8, 1955- 11, 1955- 15, 1955- 18, 1955- 22, 1955- Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Elderton Clymer Pine Twp. Washington Clymer Pine Twp. Worthington Apollo Elders Ridge Saltsburg Shannock V. Dayton Washington Bell Avon Apollo Elders Ridge Saltsburg Shannock V. Dayton Washington Bell Avon 38 49 38 36 43 42 54 62 2 1 41 38 25 53 41 51 39 43 29 32 48 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL II ll SJ? BACK ROW-R. Baker, G. Kunkle, L. Reefer, E. Boyer, E. Kanzlemar, I.. Cravc-nor and C. Free. FRONT ROW-T. Brown, R. Gearhart, C. Schrcccngost, D. Wood, J. From-hling. OUR OUTSIDE RASKETBALL COURT 83 BASKETBALL ACTION SHOTS J VAR SITY REASON To vw 'P N54 4 XM xx AS M 8 Wo .H O 0 G "'f":mvl-I Swag CHEERLEADERS E' co I ig fm gig, . if me-,Q?,' xi A ..,. ,,,,, 0, " if 4 ,QQ J .. V . K ,.,k...-f-M Y, 8 il Q Q -gm 0 V 0 ww . . ,EB . .. ., ww gmy - 4 QQ if wr , . IW, ..M1.m., mann-A - ,,,,,,,wanwlP'A- : ww: WM-w-Wwwo g -,sible wifi.: Nh we In a movie, we see the hero, the heroine, and the supporting cast but there are those behind the scenes we don't see who really made the movie. So it is with our yearbook. Without these competent "pro ducersj' Hcameramenj' and "directors" this book would not have been possible. To these we express our most hearty appreciation: Mr. Clyde Hankey Mr. John Gallo eceecec Mr. Lawrence Boyer e,ee Mr. Milo Zinunerman Mr. Tom Andrews eee, Kurtz Brothers Mr. Philip Brown , Mr. H. F. Longwell .- Advisor Art Supervisor , Photographer Engraver ,- ..cc, ce,r P rinter Covers and Binding -, Senior Sponsor . Senior Sponsor Also we wish to thank everyone else who helped make this book 3 SUCCESS. Please patronize our advertisers. They financed this book. EL-HI-AN PATRCNS Petroleum Salesii Jackson Variety Store Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bradish H. C. Kunkle Capitol Restaurant The H0110 James L. Jack, Jr. Shumaker Chevrolet Coil: Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Sheasley Indiana Hardwareii Mr. and Mrs. Quinter Boyer Blaine Richardson Jesse E. Mulberger ' Mr. and Mrs. George P. McVay Capone's Johnny The Tailorii Domnick Loffreto Fisher, Roddock 8z Simpson A Friend Dr. and Mrs. William S. Merwin Campus Grill and Sweet Shop Margaret R. Prugh Mrs. Della Colemary James Shirey Bielski Grocery J. W. Orr J. E. Wolfe Plumville Dry Cleaning? Friedland's Mr. and Mrs. William Rose John Kimmel J. M. Stewart and COP: Harold Uptegraph Owens Food Market William J. Hoey Jageman's Heatingii Dr. Bernard C. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. James Smithi: R. W. Dunmire Mary Solinger Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cashdollar Mr. and Mrs. Nevin Rupert Medissa Kunkle Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Stiffler Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wells and Family Mr. and Mrs. John Kough Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rosborough Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bortz Mr. and Mrs. Clair Cravenor Donald E. Smail Mr. and Mrs. Ward Bush Mr. and Mrs. Roy Schall Walter Rupert Harvey R. Gamble Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Howard Raymond and Virginia Stewarti: Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Sheasley Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mulberger Mr. and Mrs. Neal Clark and Family Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Ankeny Paul F. Klingensmith Mrs. Mildred Peppler Mr. and Mrs. Owen C. Boyer Mrs. Craig Richardson Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. Walter McCausland John Hawk W. A. Clark John Wiggins J. R. Henderson Floyd Orr William C. Grau B. F. and Alex Blaney Rose Shopif: Dr. Blackii Bender's Studio Mr. and Mrs. William Rosborough Frank J. Mulberger Mr. Paul Claypool William F. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Rankin Mr. and Mrs. John Deemer Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Longwell Mrs. Margaret Rupert Mack's Little Store Hess Brothers Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Edward Denning Rev. Paul Beatty Dr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs Stanley Schall Jack Quinn George McPherson W. C. Rupert Gerald Kimmel Mrs. Kenneth Rearick Mr. and Mrs. Alouis Steiner and Daughter J. C. Williams Mr. and Mrs. D. C. George Dom's Service Station Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Rosenberger Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kinard Two and three dollar contributions signified by Compliments of G. C. MURPHY CO. Kittanning, Pa. Compliments of TI-IE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF KITTANNING, P Member F. D. I. C. Federal Reserve System Compliments of ANNE'S Flower 8: Gift Shoppe Fifth Avenue, Ford City, Pa. Dial 62-4152 Flowers for All Occasions A. Think of CALDERONE for KEPPLE'S 0Utal'i0 Drill CRAFT'S SERVICE STATION iales - Service -.Parts Mobile Gas and Groceries ractors - Farm Equipment General Far ff ' m ..uDDl1es f Truckiniz Roofing . v Paints - Fencing Amo co Products Apollo 72-2912 R. D. 1, Kittanning, Pa. Tires - Recapping - Batteries CO d . . . r new Tire Distributors 152 Sherman Vandergrift, Pa WIDDOWSON'S JEWELERS 704 Philadelphia Street Indiana, Pa. WILLIAM E. WISSINGER General Merchandise Gasoline Sz Oil South Bend, Pa. Phone: Apollo 72-7441 APOLLO INSURANCE AGENCY Anna F. Armitage, Agent 115 No. Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. Your Clothier . . . THE BUCHMAN CO. 701 Philadelphia Street Indiana, Pa. Compliments of EARL'S JEWELRY Leechburg, Pa. FARMERS NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Kittanning, Pa. Best Wishes to the Graduating ASH SHOE CO- A HART MOTORS INC Class of 1955 "A Fit for Every Foot" ' ' ' BOYER STUDIO A St I f E T t Ford Sales and Service " y e or very as e" R PT03el?522P I dn P Saltsburg, Pa. ura a ey, a. n Iana, a. LUxENBEItG's T' H' MILLER' BRODYS , , HEATING so PLUMBING Ind1ana's Leading Jewelry Store Kittanning, pa' Indiana Pa Spring Church, Pa. ' Apollo 72-2881 Sl-IAFFERS RESTAURANT , ,sz GARAGE Compliments of V I BROWN S BOOT SHOP Official Inspection Station WEBSTESTZREWELRY Illdiana, PH- All Tygsg cgeriifsssorles Market Street Home Cooked Meals Klttanmng' Pa' klahoma 3120 C 1- t f INDIANA EVENING GAZETTE Ph0He 0 WILLIS Hem'-:,ISEJ:Il:N0AGENCY Member of Fennsylvania Newspaper Ass'n WEST APOLLO SLAUGHTER and Audit Bureau of Circulatlovns HOUSE GEORGE W- STIVANSON Pun Leased Associated Press wire Service we wholesale Mellon Bank Building N. E. H. and King Feature Service BEEF - VEAL - PORK - COLD MEATS Kittanning pa, Circulation 13,800 Indiana, Pa. We MSO CUSLOH1 Kill ' ' Plant at West Apollo Calllpare Bros. 89 WALT'S SUNOCO STATION Route 422 Shelocta, Pa. Tires and Accessories Phone: Elderton 2752 CLARENCE P. CLARK Funeral Home Elderton, Pa. Phone 2694 WAXLER'S Indiana's Leading Men's Store Indiana, Pa. RALPH MOORHEAD Radio - T. V. Indiana 5-6131 1750 9th, Indiana, Pa. Compliments of BIG OAKS Ed 8: Edna Campbell D. L. DUFF AGENCY Insurance - Real Estate Ford City 62-4661 BOYD'S Diamonds - Wedding Rings Expert Watch Repairing Indiana, Pa. JULIAN'S DRUG STORE Phone 3-2260 Saltsburg, Pa. KIMCO FARMS Breeders of Registered Holstein Cattle Harry O. Kimmel, Owner Phone: Elderton 3926 Shelocta, Pa. Compliments of ROBERT L. EVERHART General Hauling Kittanning, Pa. Phone 43-6111 HARRY A. ARNOLD AGENCY INSURANCE Colwell-Arnold Building Kittanning, Pa. Phone 42-3131 SMITH'S Jewelry and Gift Shop 716 Philadelphia Street Indiana, Pa. THE ARMSTRONG COUNTY TRUST COMPANY Complete Banking Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Kittanning, Pa. H. M. 8: W. H. KIMMEL Poultry and Beef Cattle Shelocta, Pa. Compliments of TOPPER CHEVROLET Saltsburg, Pa. For Your New Dodge or Plymouth C. BAKER AND SON Saltsburg, Pa. Phone 33880 'tEnjoy the Best" COUP'S PIE Sz COOKIE BOX 658 Philadelphia Street Phone 5-6731 T DEAN'S DINER Day and Night he Best in Food and Servi Indiana, Pa. C6 LEISTER CAMERA SHOP Everything Photographic Photo Finishing View-Master Dealer Kittanning, Pa. INDIANA LUMBER 8: SUPPLY COMPANY Builders' Supplies - Cabinet Work Transit-Mixed Concrete Dupont Paints Phone 5-5616 Indiana, Pa. MARIO TAILORS Fine Tailor Made Clothes for Men and Women - 549.50 to 379.50 Pennsylvania's Largest Selection Maple Ave. at Otterman St. Greensburg, Pa. Phone 2126 Compliments of FITZGERALD'S JEWELRY Ford City, Pa. BOYER INSURANCE AGENCY All Kinds of Insurance Notary Public Phone 2673 Elderton, Pa Compliments of DIAMOND DRUG STORE Indiana, Pa. 90 BARRETT LUMBER R E Barrett Lumber Owner ANSLEY AND ZIMMERMAN SOLINGEWS MARKET Building Materials - Wholesale Pontiac - Chevrolet Sh0PP3toi01i12gff'S fnozcguality and Retail Plumvilla Pa' RZutZsa4220Zndr215 Box 228, Dayton, Pa. Off. Ph. 70-R-2 Res. Ph. 3-R-2 Phone 27 Elderton' Pa' RURAL VALLEY BAKERY co, VICTOR E' SCHALL INSURANCE Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 Home Of Quality Products 1 Fire - Automobile PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK Rural Valley Pa Hospitalization - Compensation ' Phone 2262 Eldertony Pa. Phone 2-121 Rural Valley, Pa. Compliments of Your One-Stop Apparel Shopping Center ABE N. COHEN Rural Valley, Pa. MARSHALUS GARAGE Pennzoil Gas and Oil Corduroy Tires Plumville, Pa. PETER'S SALES AND SERVICE Esso AAA Yatesboro, Pa. Day Phone 3-501 Night Phone 2-211 Compliments of EDWARDS FUNERAL HOME 24-Hour Ambulance Service Rural Valley, Pa. Phone 3-301 Compliments of WRAY'S DRIVING RANGE Stop and Sock Polar Whip, Sandwiches, Drinks and WRAY'S DAIRY STORE Ford City, Pa. RURAL VALLEY LUMBER COMPANY Lumber, Millwork, and Builders' Supplies Rural Valley, Pa. Phone 2-613 HOMER CITY SERVICE STATION Laird Nipps, Prop. Quaker State Products Corner Elm Sz Main-Phone 9-2241 Homer City, Pa. STANLEY JOHNSTON AND SON Plumbing and Heating 1500 Philadelphia Street Indiana, Pa. Phone 5-5721 BRUCE'S USED CARS Cream of the Crop Used Cars 1515 Philadelphia Street Phone 52361 Indiana, Pa STEWART'S MARKET Kittanning Highlands Shopping Center SCHAUB'S ESSO STATION "Always Reliable" West Kittanning, Pa. LA MODA SHOPPE 409-411 Ford Street Ford City, Pa. FRANCIS G. BEERE Lennox Heating System Sales and Service Ford City, Pa. Phone 62-2151 or 62-6802 Compliments of PEOPLES BANK OF FORD CITY, PENNA. Prompt, Efficient, Courteous Complete Banking Service Member F. D. I. C. Compliments of THE THOMAS FLYNN COMPANY Ford City, Pa. RADIO STATION WAVL Your Family Station 910 on Your Dial Phone 72-3921 RISING BROTHERS Goodyear Tires Sz Tubes Indiana, Pa. CHICKS BARBER Sl-IOP Rural Valley, Pa. 91 LASHER AND BISH MOTOR Willys Sales and Service 417 O'Conner Street Ford City, Pa. KING'S REXALL DRUG STORE Try Our Home Made Ice Cream Phone 2-601' Rural Valley, Pa. SHRECK'S ESSO STATION Front End Alignment Motor Tune-up - General Repairs Rural Valley, Pa. PIPER'S KAISER-FRAZER Sales 8: Service General Repairing 24-Hour Towing 407-411 10th St. Ford City, Pa. VALASEK BROTHERS Gas - Oil - Lubrication Accessories and General Auto Repairing Compliments of OWEN C. BOYER District Manager, Farm Bureau Insurance Companies Elderton, Pa. Compliments From ANTHONY'S Elderton, Pa. Phone 2393 Ask for Greiners Farm-Maid Bread Always Fresh GREINER'S BAKING CO., INC. Indiana, Pa. DICK MOTOR CO. DeSoto - Plymouth Homer City, Pa. Phone 9-8000 Compliments of WILLIAMS' SUPER MARKET Elderton, Pa. INDIANA MUSIC HOUSE Everything in Music Expert Repairs 36 North 5th Street Phone 5-7134 Indiana, Pa. DONALD K. ANKENY Feeds - Fertilizers - Seeds Farm Supplies and Products Coal and General Hauling Kennco Poultry Equipment Phone: Elderton 2-115 Compliments of PAUL'S AUTO PARTS Kittanning, Pa. Ford City, Pa. MATEER'S FURNITURE STORE "The House of Service" Kittanning, Pa. BRIGHTMEYER'S CROSSROADS SERVICE Friendly, Dependable Service Atlas Tires, Batteries, and Accessories TRIANGLE SERVICE STATION 'KCaruso Brothers" Steam Cleaning Quaker State Products 1706 5th Avenue Ford City, Pa. Phone 62-7413 MELLON NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Kittanning Office Kittanning, Pa. Member F. D. I. C. Member Federal Reserve System ZULA SMITH'S DRESS SHOPPE First National Bank Building Gage Handcraft Hats Ladies' Apparel - Gift Bar Phone 72-4851 Apollo, Pa. McHENRY AND PAINTER, INC. Insurance and Bonds 236 Market Street Kittanning, Pa. MYERS GARAGE Ford Sales and Service Homer City, Pa. Phone HO-98001 CLARK'S HARDWARE Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Paints Oils, Rugs, Etc. Elderton, Pa. HOFFMAN MOTOR COMPANY Car Truck FORD Sales Service Phone 2-R11 Dayton, Pa J. PAUL AND GERALD KIMMEL Caterpillar and Sheppard Diesel Tractors Phone 3991 Shelocta, Pa. HELM'S SUNOCO SERVICE Ford City, Pa. 92 J. C. PENNEY CO. 725 Philadelphia Street Indiana, Pa. R. C. THOMPSON General Contractor Bulldozing, Grading, Excavating R. D. 1, Shelocta, Pa. Phone: Elderton 2627 "Enjoy the Best" ARNER'S FLOWERS A Good Place to Buy Flowers for Your Wedding or Any Occasion Ford City, Pa. J. C. MOORE SUPPLY CO. Since 1888 - C l t f HARDWARE HUTCHISON'S Omp 'men S 0 Phone 3-2660 Saltsbllfg, Pa. Jewelry Store APOLLO TRUST CO. General Motors Frigidaire Amlliances 205 Market Street RCA Victor Television - Hoover Sweepers Apollo, Pa. Maytag Washers Kittanning, Pa. MABEL'S BEAUTY SALON Specializing in Permanent Waving and Hair Cutting Vernon Hotel Building Phone 42-0372 Kittanning, Pa. CROOKSHANK AUTO SUPPLY Leechburg, Pa. ELDERTON STATE BANK "Good Banking Facilities in Your Community" Member F. D. I. C. Elderton, Pa. Compliments of EARL'S JEWELRY Leechburg, Pa. TRI-COUNTY TYPEWRITER COMPANY Office and School Supplies Kittanning, Pa. BLACK'S FEED 8: SUPPLY 85 Washington Avenue Phone 933 Vandergrift, Pa. Kasco Feeds -- Fertilizer Baby Chicks 500,000 AAA Members In Pennsylvania "It Pays to Belong" Kittanning, Pa. RUBIN'S STORES Apollo, Vandergrift, and Leechburg, Pa. NEWS-RECORD PUBLISHING COMPANY Publishers of The Apollo News-Record EDWARDS BROS. Custom Millers 8z Feed Mixers Kasco 8: Ful-O-Pep Feeds Occildent dz Seal of Minnesota Flour Fertilizers and Groceries Phone: Plumville 30R2, Beyer, Pa. Compliments of COLONNA'S MUSIC STORE Instruments and Supplies Kittanning, Pa. SNYDER ELECTRIC SERVICE Electric Wiring Appliance Parts and Service 168 South Jefferson Street Kittanning, Pa. Compliments of J. G. RUDOLPH Kool-Vent Awnings 112 North Jefferson Street Kittanning, Pa. EINSTEIN AND CAMPBELL Botany 7500" Clothes Kittanning, Pa. ARCADE Compliments Kittanning, Pa. BROWN'S AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRIC SERVICE Generators, Starters, Regulators Lighting and Ignition Elderton, Pa. Compliments of KITTANNING NEW CAR AND TRUCK DEALERS ASSOCIATION Kittanning, Pa. 93 Compliments of BLAIR'S 7 Miles East of Kittanning Blanket Hill UNITED CLEANING CO. For Quality Cleaning Bring Your Clothes Plant Location - 190 Lincoln Avenue Stores in Vandergrift, Leechburg and Apollo MILLER'S ICE CREAM RESTAURANT Complete Meals, Short Orders . . . and . . . A Big Variety of Sandwiches Our Specialty - Freezer Fresh Ice Cream Ho-Made Flavors and Home Made Pie R. L. DUNBAR Water Well Drilling Sz Cleaning Submergible and All Kinds of Electrical SILVIS AUTO SERVICE Esso Products Compliments of McILWAlN'S STORE Pumps - Pipe and Fittings Repairing 1 Welding 4 Parts . Amoco Gas and on Route 56 East Spring Church, Pa. Phone 43-4234 Kittanning, Pa. Phone 72-1661 Apollo, Pa. JACK BROTHERS Wallpaper - Paint - and Window Shades Kittanning, Pa. Compliments of BLANEY'S SERVICE STATION R. D. 1, Kittanning, Pa. APOLLO MILLING CO. Feed - Flour - Grain Apollo, Pa. APOLLO REALTY CO. Auto 8a Fire Insurance Let Us Protect You DONALD A. STEVENS JEWELRY Diamonds - Watches Clocks - Jewelry Watch, Clock, Jewelry Repairing Phone 72-1341 Apollo, Pa. Compliments of CICERO'S ROLLERCADE Kittanning, Pa. Compliments of PEOPLES BANK OF WEST LEBANON West Lebanon, Pa. Member F. D. I. C. APOLLO NEWS STAND 222 Warren Avenue Apollo, Pa. Phone 72-1841 Compliments of JOE'S ARMY 8: NAVY STORE 115 South Jefferson Street Kittanning, Pa. W. F. PAULY Your Druggist Eastman Kodaks Old Spice Toiletries Johnston's Chocolates Apollo, Pa. GUTHRIE CHEVROLET CO. Sales - CHEVROLET - Service Apollo Vandergrift MAX HEILMAN TIRES Electric Capping f'All Work Guaranteed" Ford City 62-3241 McGrann, Pa. Water Well Drilling 8: Cleaning Test Holes - Pump Installation K. C. WISSINGER Kittanning, Pa., R. D. 1 Phone 43-5114 ADAMS JEWELERS H. H. Weylman Building Kittanning, Pa. Compliments of Jean and Burch, Proprietors of HUNTER'S RESTAURANT 7 Miles East of Kittanning BRODY'S Indiana, Pa. Indiana's Leading Department Store FAYE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Whitesburg, Pa. Phone: Kittanning 43-5114 Compliments of GREENWOOD CEMETERY Indiana, Pa. 94 ZIMMERMAN ENGRAVING COMPANY FINE PRINTING PLATES SyIcesviIIe, Pennsylvania 0 This typcsetting machine played a large part in producing your High School Annual. 0 This and other modern equip- ment, operated by capable crafts- men, produce all types of quality commercial printing in one of Western Pennsylvania's most com- pletely equipped printing plants. THE LEADER-VINDICATOR 435 Broad Street NEW BETHLEHEM, PA. 1 .vsm1 L S X-uv X 'QQ' dig 155. 3' '21 U .EY-C' '-Epi gg L . g gf, :Ill l l 6, 1' 1 - I -Il 1, , - -sf I-I IBI l " IDI ll 6 95 f S '3 I fi. 3 F f e rr 1 'Q :'Q'E':n- r anna.:-5:7 tn ID I alan E2 fy X 7 2:25 A EF P ' Li A -' mn Q F ' - E .. 'J A .nal f 'J , a X ,J A ff I "if " I Q 111. vt! 6 'ki - j E Ill! Q I Q 1 Q llml- ll--- an : ff , IGI.-M n , 4 A - av ?' f Q

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