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Elderton High School - El Hy An Yearbook (Elderton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Lf W Aff r J 24 J P f fl LM FI ZH Z Q IAIMIX 9 D Q? I I w if 0UoxA LJ QL vw 40 umm QQ C: 'MIN Wee JQ iN K L? ,I XI I lj ' f 4. Ulf f ' T if . ,cf 'ICTJBJ I , ULAM -5 f 40 QD ,- J ' 'MW . J" f V ' I 13 I ,, f ' .1 -Lf! ,f,i"' Q Y llij, VI in I, V5 " 'I v 5' f IQ 1 ' ff A Q t W J 1 l I , ' f x , xi x ry H' 'N X T 1 ix .1 ,R J ' :J ? A: ' A g . E AI 'IX S ,," X l '3 4 1 . - ' xx b 'VC ' N , to Q ' NX. 'x1A J iff an Q' - K f 'lk X' J fx, , STA ,gd Q w E c-" ' Q' Q 4 LJ SU if fy if Ax Q -ix SV 7 'z Lu X QW Q . QV ev f I If re O41 , Q Q ' J if A N9 I- E VD Qi? h? ,J LI 0 E Q xl CJ Q f 0 i ,ie if 5 1.1 L' 1:1 Q 5, 3 ' 3 GE' QQ L Q, XXWN o, ,E 65 E .Q 91413553 X Age.. MW I N N X Q WNW L Jff Vgdf if ff ljjjkj gb WX? X933 f' ,yy l 7 WLM' ff f ,ff ff ffm VLAN! MW w ,ZLL MMM fffbb N Aw Q? TA 'TJ xl CX' VN 4 ik AMS Vu K' 411045 rf! so NOUOLXN 'MIN NA fav QB E Qaao 4 Nr, We x ,Q UF' Qi 'K JW' J 43" X Axixyxo AKA , W .N w If xf ' VX, I 4 'X' bv 4 . , 5. " Jw '- f 5! 'J 1' F f- fn v 'V ' UU of t X "M 65 W Q! L ' . Xiu y Q fr, K! 1,1 7.7 74 L 1 fy ,L vig A fl L J 4" 'V 1 IU XZ 'X QL: I , 1 V ,L . , 0 V VJ if 1 K. i- V- 1-J N ' X Ju' ' I ' . ff Y ' x fo , ,, 1, . ' I C x 1 fl "" f' 'fc Xa 'xt ' A fx' . VC A 'N mfdit nm, jyhlfl ' ,V X xl' s 1 A I W X K D I I , V. L X , 1 X S A , K 1 VL 5 I N X I ,' Q ' ,f I V XX A- if Q ' K? J 3 0 F 51 E ww- I If fy N U 'Y xii bib, A I ,7 Q Y , , V 0 ' J J I ' f , 5 . XL Ny " ff . if J 'Ng S Fx F A , K 3 A71 I NV, X ' Xfyb Q bl , 4 .. X x 1 X MX, x ' 41 X' Q J L' ' f 6 S 2 ,Q ' W, , tk, U QI S.: Ll 7 'I , J, Nm S D634 T . Q' T Je rr Q' 7 v 0 bb 5 J 7 k si 'L .Sv 'G ilu X45 S evo O41 P 1.1 QQ rl' 5 L 154, L' O in A J I my D? 5' Q f fu L' IJ lu l' Q I G fr 'Q' 2 fo Q36 gg, Qs O. WQ I remember the beauty and mystery ot the ships And the magic of the sea And the voice of that wayward song ls singing and saylng st1ll A boy s will is the wind s w1ll And the thoughts of youth are long long thoughts Longfellow EL HI AN STAFF CO Edltors 1 Lois Iamieson Business Managers Sales Managers I iterary Staff Sports Historians Wi ,, Prophecy Donald Kunkle Marion Wright 2Bette Thompson Nancy Yount Eleanor McCullough Annabelle Prugh Dolores Mclntire lean Longstreth Wilma Boyer lack Wood Bob Lasher Ruth Ann Iohnston Iirn McPherson Betty Mills Ruth Elaine Lawton Thelda Farster Helen Peterrnan Faculty Advisor A... Mrs. Wood Faculty Art Advisor Mr. Freshcorn Art Art Club 'N Nffsfx I..--4. 4.4 4.4 4, L ""'N -4 ELDERTON JOINT HIGH SCHOOL X... X X 5. X, ' 2 21:1 ,-- fxwffif XX..-.... N.........2 xhumq 3... 51- 5-1- fbwsiffi --QA...-.,.., ,.1..4.4....-na.. L... nf'-f ,gf ""fv f !'Q?"'?'M'f14r 'Hungr- 'Ns 1-2 fzfw J '-I-v-as A-an-... ?""1'? 'Vl"5 if Hi H X- X' . Xq Hf H ' - -in 'H - - N Ng X f , f , A uf - . 'Mx X XX AA' 'R vl ' 't - 'ifx' , f N. J! ' -f s f Q " 'u 4 A , . .-, , . -. -Q . - - x N ,X 'XA X , , ' KN f i is r , , Q 1 ... K w , X4 - g f . 2 9 f , I I I f Q I f I f 1 Q A- ' . e f ' ' I Q ' X t 5 1 ' I O ' g - - 2 xx - 4 X 1 - . ,M ,Y ...- . - . V 1 x -I , l 1.4, -M 3 . . l A-WM Q in I A- x ' ' H X A Q. ff 'Q WJ. . O - W 1 ' b F . -- X I , x X V . A B O, , . 4- A K 1 f-4 . X 'f f 5, - :,,,,, XX X - f-- 5' . --. L... M- ' " E M .. N 9 L . x ' ,., x 1 . . . . V ,. , N .. , N A AK --N- f ,W 4 Qf 5 ' K . Q A A N K - N ""'x . ' X ---X i 1- -v , . , N .,., X ....- ,. , - ,-m. ' L X .. ,.,--,,.--. , W . ,- .. , . , , ,XXV . ...X .I M! ,,, , X M .,,.. 1 A, A M H , W ..-HX W MX M W- . . I H mg.. ....V N , - ,- "xx M NX .. ---H --V L ----W X, VM L... .W -QQ, ' E. - ,. A M W N - . X A WX. v--Q4 - - -' V 5 ...M + 'Q . -M R 4 1 M 4 nl 4 ' ' - '-V N-, .,,,,, V. W. f l -. . , , , NN-4--M, 5 ' ' N-1..,,M. ,N M H Vt ,... . , , ,,,,, ? ' 'NH---uf ... ff .W 5 , , ..-- -n.'-,,,,, ,sl -. 5 ., M L, WM: E., -- 2 - - i"'.','- i" ,J - 1--vo--- I -W .iw .- , 4 ' 4- ,,' A . , - - 4.41 'K ' ' 4. sagem' I . , ' , - 1' ' J . - K A 4 ,M by 4 .V L , . 4 A 4+ V A ,Ov-A , A - N' 4 . . y. 'W' W 'A,, " O Y . 4 . -I , ,Q YA '- J - f'w,..'f'70 ' .f -- 4 wg- k A 1 ,HT ,, M nw-my I H' x -, 's , -lm 1 if Q I A Mn' -' ' ' ' -......-.. A ,,a- ,, , , I. yy I 'ia 'wx .,Z , fm gd ' .5 M A . M N -. ' 1' - -M A .-1. '1 ' , .,' 'EI'-e"'m - ' ., ' ' " ' - A M--4.-....- ...ff ,. 4" ' 'Y ' " -r. 4 Q,-ag 1' , , . , , . ,. W ,Al , - ,ga j 5. I . I ' ,gn 1 ' iw? . -V . , . ,V , , , 1. -e 1-M ,Q M4M l WV wr , O . A F . - O ..H:l,, EL HI AN SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 ELDERTON IOINT HIGH SCHOOL ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA FGREWGRD With the pulalzmtzon of Ilan tlaf 1954 EL HI AN we of the EL HIAN Itzqff ban attemptzd to mptun Ilya kappa 11 zngf 0 Eldvrton 01111 Hzglo jfbool and Ifpfcullb 0 tlyzf ya: I Qmdu lg jour zlppnfultzon I 1111194 fu lun yan tbzf book lnnnqf bappj nzunomf 0 19,34 our 4 or! bar bcuz fuyzllza' and na bam lm 71 npmd . . . ., I - - - , 7 - - K' ating clzmi Uur Iucaw if 1l'lL7lJIflI'tYl' Y ' . ' , - H U A V. .Q , f f 1 ff I 1, . 1 If I1 :y D -O as 0. G ax Lu KG! 5,1 X C Q5 .qs vqr' EL HI AN SPONSORS ,- Z' QS -.4 i' 7-Q, if ,af DEDICATION The paramount achrevement of a person of boundless en ergy and enthuslasm seems to be the knack that she has of d1 rectly transm1tt1ng these qualltres to the people wrth whom she comes rn contact No better example can be found of such a person than Mrs Denn1ng Dxscouragement seems to be a vs ord wh1ch has never even been mcluded rn her vocabulary Urgrng us forward 1n our sophomore year she helped us to our fmancral success To show our apprec1at1on for all she has done for the stu dents of Elderton lomt Hrgh School we humbly ded1cate th1s the 1954 EL HI AN to Mrs Denn1ng Wx! I5 tx E IN JN lx i, I, Nl I wt' IF If N XR I ADMINISTRATION x il 'L' """" No community enterprise is so important as the education of the future generation. When interest and cooperation have in- creased to the extent that the necessary facilities have been provided, then the com- munity can be satisfied that it is giving its best effort toward an adequate educational opportunity for its youth. We are now in the midst of such a program Cwith the need for additional building space a major issuel, and the administrators of the school join with their students and citizens in the hope that the ideals shared now may soon be the reality of tomorrow. If ALEX I. KUNKLE Supervising Principal K a V! QW t I x 3 EDNA FRANTZ DELORES SHAPPEB ' -19 Secretary to SeCretCrry to Mr. Kunkle Mr. Claypool 25M Q -I' . ,4 PAUL W. CLAYPOOL Principal BO BRD OE' E-DUCPJYXGN is 'fm od Pxesxdent 1-loxhn Smehzex Secxekaxy frank Boone. Mndied Schuh Vxce Ptesxdent GXen YAqxn DeXone o k Treasurer Yust xow Lxei ko nq 0 Second xow odes Gteen esker ow d Bush Buxton Townsend Busseh Gex eX Wayne Srmxb Xcxxnes Snmh ax 'Yhxxd row Kohn Wnson 'N 'N NfAfN 9 fl - 1 1 gil: I W I 1- I K x '-.I - , ,E ' x ' n 1 W . ' 1 ' . 1 . :Ch .L H . 1 ' . ' ' 1 ' W . . 'd . 'X if K 1 X l R F 4' A -Q f S 4 P' x 3 2' Xkxxgf , ff X' F nn. 5' 'F"Zff'f f ix jf 5' f 5 .Z l, v f ..-X l 411' -5 i 9 f X 1 r - E t . ..4 L- hx A . 4-5, Q FACULTY 15- at ,QA Q' vi 1. I., 'T' sf- f PHILLIP S BROWN IESSIE I COLGAN IOS H DEBSKY Mathematics Iumor Hxqh School Musxc M ig- 121 IOHN DEEMER MARY P DENNING PAUL R FLEMMING Iumor Hxgh School Socml Studxes Indusmal Args 9 Qt rggg ... NORMAN FRESHCORN LAVERNE IOHNSON H FRANKLIN LONGWELL Art Physxcal Educatxon VOCGIIOIICII Aqnculture FACULTY -an, WN xx x4""" MAHIORIE H MH-I-EH DOROTHY MULLHOLLAND w1LL1AM 1 PANCIERA Home Economxcs Hom d 3 h 1 V Wm WILLIAM A RINEER Commercxcl nil' 1 jen Ax ff e cm C oo lsltor Llbwnqn 'ags gsm Kun- HERMAN E RUPERT BEVERLY A SHACIKOSKI Scxence Physical Education Ak 9' i.. ,Q-5 I CLARENCE SHAFFER NANCY A WEST GLENNA MAE WOOD Iun or Hxgh School Spcxmsh Enghsh Enghsh L! , P 4, if ,L . 5' s ,Q X .V I7 A ff,1 f ,SN in fl. X u L. D A Y mum!-" KL ' L XL xx! X 3 xx QW ' Jw J , - A XIV Q P. N-x A' X ff I' f I ' . Q' f A ' , aw A A of ' DW L QW t v lfffj . ' gg xx 1 ' Ex " 1 L .1 'H L I! lg' 'V A' X .nn . y N . -4 .- I A Y ,A I .- o Y f . , " 'ET' yy A Y N . L X W 4A L A A SCHOOL PERSONQ A new addmon to our school th1s year our cafetena has proved to be a great asset both to the school and to the stu dents We are extremely proud of 1t and of the way 1t has made our soc1al hfe here so much more fun From year to year Dr and Mrs Sedw1ck have observed the dental health of our stu dents We are grateful to them for the mterest and k1ndness they have shown HowardC He1lman M D has 0f'f1C1Gled as school doctor for us s1nce we entered Elderton Un der hrs efflcrent and watchful eye we have grown 1nto the fme phys1ca1 spec1mens that we now are Sul Mrs McCo1l1m Mrs Cessna Mxss Elqm fhead cook? Mrs Wo --1:11 ,Q-l""' Dr and Mrs lobe H Sedwxck LoRene Lerch tMed1cal Assxstantl Dr H C Hellman tSchool Doctor! Arlene Fulton RN tSchool Nurse? fl H U . . 1 I I ,A ' , ' his , 3 A x- -1 F A l LQ! s . I - I 'P' f 4 I . . 55- tiff ' ff .0 5 , ., A T' Q 'I I Q 4 "0 .. ' I g. r ' . ' ' A ' 1 7 ' 2 1 g A , 0' , l -,fl W 2- N UPON Tyr K-X f 99' 'Ye- qp-'9 'jd 3 f QQA dh ff' 2? fm 2 N K . Q' .. ffm. 11 PFX3-HRX S 1 ffm , 'B M14 nr "K," 'I ff- MR AND MISS SENIOR BOB LASHER cmd RUTH ANN ICDHNSTON 'GMX "UC" '29-5 'WW H Yfffl ,pu 'B' viii ffl? f 1? aw Z 25557 49 g 5 W 3 Z Helen Petenncrn Leo Heilmcm Bette Thompson Annabelle Prugh PRUGH HEILMAN THOMPSON PETERMAN A DAY WITH THE SENIORS 'll A 6 xxodoov 0 sefw 2: 6.51 q 'X rs bets CXXOYW5 Mem xx xx 'Z' 1 1 may 529-' O X6 9 xc, eff' ge, O UFO A DAY WITH THE SENIORS econ Q How ,fa-" "" I I 1 Vocational Agriculture messes Hxsmwa ,- Fmimcfp Typing II - 19 - N! SXXOQ A DAY WITH THE SENIOBS Senior Bond Members Problems of Democracy SENIOBS WAYNE BAKER Baker Chorus 2 4 Bandl 2 3 4 HxY 2 3 I A Club 3 4 Camera Club 3 Safety Patrol 3 Hillbilly Weddm 3 Rest Assured 4 likes to eat ice cream wants to be an industrial arts RONALD BLOSE- Ron F F A 1 Z Sentinel 3 Vice Pres rdent 4 Chorus 1 H1Y 4 Student Council 3 President 4 Hillbilly Weddxn 3 Rest Assured 4 In tramural Champ 3 Basketb ll teacher wants to go to college by J? .1 EVELYN BOYER Evelyn Chorus l 2 4 H1V1ew Business it 1 7 Manager 4 ambition is to become a secretary WILMA BOYER Wllma Corusl34 TnHxY234 F H A 4 Play Committee 3 4 El H1 An likes to eat hot dogs ambition is to become a stenogra pher Qs GQ V1 E WALTER BOYER Walt 2 4 3 porter 4 Camera Club 3 Play Corn mittee 3 Rest Assured 4 plans to Join Uncle Sams Navy WAYNE CESSNA Cessna F F A12 Chapla1n3 4 H1Y 2 Student Council 2 Camera Club 3 Hillbilly Weddm 3 likes to eat cake and ice cream wishes to raise beef cattle WNX-.. X, ., VEDA CLARK-"Veda" Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, -1: "Hillbilly Weddin' " 3: enjoys eating sloppy Ioes: to be an airline stew- ardess is her ambition. .4 l WILBERT CRAFT-"Bill" Hi-Y 2, 3. 4: l. A. Club 3. 4: Play Committee 3, 4: likes to eat spaghet- ti and meat balls: plans to be a fac- tory worker. 39 Sf' uv-- SENIORS A viii? GRACE CRIBBS Gabby PEARLE ERB Babe :Y 1 2 3 4 4 Chorus 1 3 4 Hxllbxlly Wed dm 3 Rest Assured 4 lrkes to eat rce cream and cake wants to become a wartress Chorusl 2 3 4 Tn HrY 2 hkes to eat spaghettr and meat balls am brhon rs to be a Lady Marme a-.1 Nn5g T!-IELDA FARSTER Farster C orus13 4 TnH1Y 2 3 4 Class Vrce Presrdent 1 Treasurer 2 ElHr An Sponsor 2 E11-Ir An Hrllbllly Weddm 3 Rest As sured 4 lrkes to eat rce cream and potato chrps to be a stenographer rs her ambrtron SHIRLEY r-mnrmzm smney , Q Q H1Y 1 2 3 4 F H A 4 Dance Clubl H1V1ew 4 Play Commrttee 3 4 would hke to go to busmess college FREDA HANKINSON Freda Chorus l 2 3 4 enyoys spaghettr and meat balls marrred lde appeals to her LEONARD HEILMAN Leo H1Y 2 3 Treasurer 4 I A Sec retary 3 Treasurer 4 Camera Club Presrdent 3 Chorus 3 4 Lrbranan 3 Basketballl Z 3 Baseball 2 3 4 Football Z Class Vrce Presrdent 4 Hrllbrlly Weddm 3 Rest As sured 4 lrkes to eat graham crack er pre BETTY HOLLOBAUGH Betty IEAN HOLLOBAUGH 1931110 ChoruslFHA34wants FHA34Ch0l'l-15341059 become q geqeggyy a clerk rn a grocery store rs her li ambrtron 1,3 5 gp-0 SENIORS GEORGE HUSELTON George F F A 1 Sent1nel 2 3 Treasurer 4 H1Y 3 4 Chorus 1 Camera Club 3 H111b1l1y Weddm 3 Hes! As sured 4 enjoys eatmg spaghettr and meat balls LOIS I AMIESON lamreson orus 1 2 3 4 Band Z 3 H1Y 1 2 3 A 4 dent Councrl 2 H1V1ew 4 Class Treasurer 3 El H1 An Edrtor H111 bxlly Wedd1n 3 Rest Assured wants to become a stenographer RUTH ANN IOHNSTON Shorty Tr1H1Y1 2 Treasurer 3 4 F H A 1 Z P1'9S1deHl3 4 Chorusl 2 3 4 Bandl 2 3 4 H1llb1l1y Wed d1n 3 Rest Assured 4 E H1 An 4 H1 V1ew 4 Student Councxl Secretary 4 Class V1ce Pres1dent 3 Majorette 1 2 3 Secretary 4 MISS Sen1or enjoys eatmg spaghettr and meat balls hopes to become an ac countant DONALD KUNKLE-- Don F F A 1 Treasurer 2 Secretary 3 Pres1dent 4 H1Y Secretary 2 3 Pres1dent4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Band 2 3 Pres1dent 4 Drum Major Student Counc11 2 4 H1 Vlew 2 3 Camera Club V1ce Presldent 3 Class Pres1dentZ 3 Baseball 3 4 H111 b111y Weddm 3 Rest Assured 4 El H1 An Edrtor ambttron IS to be a pro football player loves to aw 16- if .tv- nf- 'S C' lbw hr- STANLEY KLINGENSMITH Stan F F A 1 2 3 Secretary 4 H1Y 2 4 Camera Club 3 plans to be come a radxo and televxsron tech nrcxan BOB LHSHER Bob Chorus Presxdent 4 H1Y 2 3 4 I A Club 3 4 H1l1b1l1y Wedd1n 3 Rest Assured 4 Varsxty Basket bal13 4 Baseball 3 4 lrkes spa ghettr and meat balls also chocolate cake wants to be a brrcklayer eat shnmp 5 RUTH ELAINE LAWTON Lawton Tr1 H1Y 1 2 Secretary 3 4 F H A 1 2 Treasurer 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 H1V1ew Z 4 E1H1An Play IEAN LONGSTRETH Mattie Chorus 3 Tn H1 Y 3 4 F H A 3 4 Hrllbrlly Wedd1n 3 Rest Assured 4 E1 H1 An Banner Car ommrttee 3 4 enjoys spaghetti and meat balls would 11ke to become a beautrcran ner 3 4 H1 Vxew 4 Gtrls Athletrc Assocratxon 1 2 hkes hot dogs wxth :zmons ambxtron IS to be a secretary IAMES McPHERSON Mlckie SENIORS ELEAN OR MCCULLOUGH Sllm Tr1H1 Y 1 2 3 Assrstant Chaplaln A 1 2 3 Hxstonan Chorus 1 2 3 Student Councrl 3 Treasurer 4 El H1 An Play Com mrttee 3 4 Art Club 4 lrkes to eat cherry pre a la mode desxres to be a physrcal educatron teacher DOLORES MclN'1'IRE- Dee Tn H1Y1 2 Chaplam 3 4 F H C Ma1orette 1 2 Pres1dent3 4 H new 2 4 ElHxAn 4 F F Chapter Sweetheart 3 Class Sponsor 4 Play Commxttee 3 Rest Assured enjoys xce cream and cake wrsh es to be a beautrcnan Z6- Bandl 2 3 4 Chorusl 4 as lc tball 1 2 3 4 Hrllbrlly Wed m3 i' 'Q 'na J fl Og has av- 'll' "N-Q f J' -an PAULINE PAINTER Betts Chorus 1 2 3 4 lxkes to square dance aspues to make someone a good housewxie Qt' Q--. CQ? eff X Q A Q4 xml ANNABELLE PHUGH Pruqh xY 1 2 A Class Treasurer 4 Marorette 1 Cho- rusl 2 3 4 ElH1An Play Corn mrttee 3 4 Hrllbrlly Weddm hkes to eat cherry pre vnth ace cream to be an arrlme hostess 15 her ambrtron EDWARD SCHALL Schull BETTY MILLS Mills H1Y 1 2 A Corus12 3 4 Band2 3 4 Hi Vrew 4 EIHI An Hillbilly Wed dm 3 Rest Assured 4 rkes spaghettr and meat balls wants to become a beautrcran HELEN PETERMAN Pete F H A 1 2 Treasurer 3 4 H1 Vrew 3 Tr1H1Y1 2 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Band23 4 Stu Councrl 1 2 Presrdent 3 Class Pres1dent4 Hrllbrlly Weddm Stu dent Drrector 3 Rest Assured Stu dent Director 4 F P A Chapter Sweetheart 4 El H1 An enjoys eatmg rce cream wants to be an axrlme hostess F F A 12 3 4 CcxmeraClub3 H1Y 2 wants to be a truck dnver ts QQ 1, SENIORS REED SCHRECENGOST-"Schrec" I. A. Club 1, 4: F. F. A. 2: Camera Club 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4: "Hillbilly Weddin' " 3: "Rest As- sured 4 likes to eat spaghetti and meat balls desires to become a car penter GLORIA SILVIS- Red 1Yl 2 3 4 Chorusl 2 4 ice cream and cake head her food list plans to study nursing CLYDE WEIGHT Weight FAl234Chorusl 2 Camera Club 3 wants to be a contractor r3"' Sr! U NOVOLINE SHAFFER-"Nov" Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2: b' enjoys spaghetti and meat balls: 'V .- . wishes to be a housewife. BETTE THOMPSON Thompson H1Y 1 Z 3 QQ Histonan 3 4 Chorus 1 Secretary 4 HxV1ew 3 4 Hall 1 We dm 3 Rest Assured Class President 1 Sponsor 3 Secre tary 4 EIHI An Banner Carrier 3 4 lxkes to eat tce cream and cake washes to become a dietman he IACK WOOD Woodle F F A12 3 4 CameraClub3 H1V1ew 3 EIH1 An HtY 2 Basketball l 2 3 4 plans to be a truck driver MARION WRIGHT Wright rY l 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 Chorus 1 2 Secretary 3 Treasurer 4 Student Council 1 H1 View 2 4 Hillbilly Weddrn Student Director 3 El Hi An Rest Assured Commrttee enloys spa ghetti wants to be a nurse NANCY YOUNT Yount Tn H1Y 1 Vxce President 2 Song Leader 3 President 4 F H A l 2 3 Secretary 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Dance Club 1 El H1 An Hillbilly Weddin 3 Rest Assurei 4 I-I View Reporter 2 Business Manager 3 Editor 4 1 CF! :Y I, I , N, .. ,. V' J .. Tri-H1 . . . 1 , ,a. Q. rn- 1 . . .41 F.H.A. 1.2. ' '1 ' . h - 2.3, " , 'ifuy sv d-'H 11- 1' 41 Q l any i.. - .U .1 1 . 1 A ' ' I :. I ' , .. : j f I I. V 'V l 'H ' " 'R' 1 an if ,. 'H " F ....,, 1 11-Ii-Y Q W I H I 1 ' I 1 M. k ' 1 I' :' 1 ' 1 .sf -Q I .' ' , x 4 I N N Q . V '1 as -a 1 , .-f'.. S -.. .. -.. .. x - rn-Hr , . . :F.H.A. 1, 2.3, '. 1 , ' ' , I ' ' I f x I 1- -25- WILMA VEDA FREDA DOLO N . ,X rl iv, Z 1 H841 . RES WE STARTED YOUNG .1 x 1 r ,, A 4' . , 4, N I V. . Q , S ,J 1 , JEAN M v GLORIA BETTY M. 'jg' Y 7"'."+-, Lois P - 4 - :A f,- ' In r ,, WAYNE . ,Q '- l in I ,. PEARLE L, .,.,.,, Y ' GEORGE -4- MARION 5 I 'I 'o ., ' , , lr 9 LEO REED HON fa Y ,4g,,, u ' THELDA 4 , V 1 WAYNE HM WILBERT if -1 J - U W IEAN H DON Q WE STARTED YQUNG 5 V - V' V f -V 3 s X ' ANNABELLE 55. , M J . 1 , , , U i Q EVELYN NOVOLINE an ' , 1 X.. 'vw , f', I , I-,ng ff 4' "ww Mg ,, ,4 W. ., PAULINE V ,nmwqy 4' ? . 1 GRACE '?,,,5 o if . RUTH ANN BETTY H. - ,K BETTE .f 4- f., ,if X Q40 .'-if. HELEN WALTER 'S'-if 2-Q' ' K NANCY RUTH ELAINE SENIOR PERSON ALITIES t 4 i STAR ATHLETES Bob cmd Iecxn 3 FANCY STEPPEHS 1 PERSONALITV KIDS Mcmon cmd George NICEST SMII ES Reed and Theldcr Don and I..O1S SENIOR PERSONALITIES MUSIC MAKERS hm and Helen MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Bette cmd Wayne C CLOWNS Tack and Grace THE SHY ONES W1lbert -:Ind Novohne 9 THE sTUD1oUs ONES ' ' A A I Q Q , si I I . SENIORS! THEY NEVER KNEVV WHAT HAPPENED Vi Ha I 21455 Ma Us :S J ll "fig, 'iw 51 A' QQ?-'3+wsfQ I WT Sr 4 5 W S i-, Q M7 In ffl 'EEN' Paulme Pamter Look for the Stlver Ltnmg Freda Mae Hankrnson Heartbreakrng Waltz Nancy Yount Annabelle Prugh Iean Longstreth Grace Crtbbs Novolxne Shatter Shrrley Hartman Wrth Thrs Rmg IustShopp1n Around Deep From the Heart of Texas One Ktss Vaya Con Dros P S ILove You Pearle Erb Let Me Be the One Wayne Baker Make Beheve Wayne Cessna Im Lrttle But Im Loud Eleanor McCullough Shes My Ball of Ftre Ruth Ann lohnston Secret Love Bette Thompson Brrght Eyed Doll Marlon Wrxght Ill See You m My Dreams Dolores Mclnttre Heart of My Heart Betty Mrlls Dont Fence Me In Ruth Elame Lawton I Forgot More Than Youll Eve Know Thelda Farster Changmg Partners Helen Peterman My One and Only Heart Bob Lasher lm rn Love Wrth You Honey Reed Schrecengost Good Ntqht Irene CI mean Mar lenel Stanley Kltngensmtth One Alone Clyde Werght Bzmlso lack Wood Woodxe Woodpecker Ed Schall Some Enchanted Evenrng Lots Iamreson Don Kunkle Ronald Blose Sea Walter Boyer Wrlbur Craft Glorta Srlvrs Cant Help Lovm That Man of Mme Its Been So Long Between the Devrl and the Deep Blue Somewhere Over the Ratnbow Pretend Rrcochet lean Hollobouqh Im Walkrnq Behrnd You Betty Hollobouqh Weddxnq Bells Wrlma Boyer Ftve Foot Two Eyes of Blue Evelyn Boyer Doqgone It Baby Im rn Love Leonard Herlman Crazy Man Crazy Veda Clark Oh' So Many Tlmes George Huselton Beautriul Beautrful Brown Eyes Irm McPherson Rovm Krnd Cowboy dnvers of E I H S Ghost Rtders m the Sky Cafeterra lme Mule Tram Graduatlon Oh' Happy Day Sentor Class A Lxttle Bxt Independent Bus After a Ball Game Sleepy Town Express Last Day of School So Long' It s Been Good to Know You . . .. , . . . .. .. . . . .. .. . . .. .. .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. .. .. .. .. . l. . . l. . . .. . .. .. . .. . .. . .. . , . . . A . . .. .. . . .. . . . . ,, .. . .. .. . .. .. . . . , , .. . . ,, - .. . . . .. ff .. .. avg- OUR LOG In the year of 1951 aboard the ocean ltner S S Elderton bound for parts unknown were 63 boys and g1r1s referred to as Freshmen a crew of xnexpen enced sallors It was our f1rst ocean tnp and on our faces one could see eager ness and the hope for adventure yet we knew because of the Korean War our boat had launched 1nto the sea of turmoll and rough waters As captaln we chose Bette Thompson wh1le Adm1IGlS Cerutt1 Dennlng and Flemmg were selected to QIVS the commands Cooperatton and hard work made posstble smooth sa1l1ng that year Soon a few months of vacatron were spent 1n the harbor of the Isle of Recreatlon Fmally 1n 52 after we were orderea to prepare our cargo for the second part of the voyage we docked at the Port of Sophomores Capta1n Don Kunkle and Adm1rals Dennlng and Longwell took charge th1s year Iean and Lzlen Longstreth jolned the crew and we lost 15 others makxng the number 50 A magazme sale brought our f1nanc1al status up from that of the poverty stncken to that of a nonnal plane of l1v1ng It was rough sa1l1ng and a few got seas1ck but we ltved through 1t even though at trmes the waves were hxgh and roared about us 1n a dlscouragrng manner 1953 found us be1ng transferred from the S S Elderton to the S S lohnson named after 1ts Admlral Laverne Iohnson Capta1n for lh1S year was Don Kunkle Under hrs gurdance and pat1ence we became one of the most energet1c and amb1t1ous crews on the Sea of Knowledge FIVE crew mem bers lost courage and here thexr educat1on stopped Those who sa1d good bye were Joanne Stewart Betty Uplmger Glen Longstreth Hay Cashdollar and neo Hellman who were well tramed sa1lors Be1ng now somewhat adap ed o the actrons of the sea and havtng greater courage we expenenced a bnghter and more cheerful tnp Two successful dances and our Iunror Play H1llb1lly Wedd1n helped pay for the Iumor Sen1or Prom held at the h1gh school gym Our sa1l1ng was smooth the sea calm and the sk1es blue In 54 we transferred agarn to our old sh1p S S Elderton and before we knew 1t our boat had dnfted mto the harbor of Future Dreams Admlral Brown and Capta1n Helen Peterrnan steered us to fame and fortune Three g1rls were chosen for the varslty cheerleadlng squad and flve senror boys made the var s1ty basketball team We sold bracelets and sponsored a square dance Our crew worked long t1nng hours 1n f1nanc1ng and producmg the EL HI AN of 54 Many leaves were cancelled so the practlces for the play could be held and Rest Assured was a great f1nanc1al success For some these four years of sa1l1ng were enloyable but for others 1t was drstress To those who were faltermg and dlscouraged the others gave a hand and helped them over the rocks The tr1p brought many soctal act1v1t1es and happy moments to all and each sa1lor was thankful for cont1nu1ng and master Jng the sea At last we salled mto the Harbor of Commencement w1th hght hearts to graduate and go our separate ways on the great Sea of L1fe To those who have yet to reach th1s destmatxon we say Bon Voyage RUTH ANN IOHNSTON IAMES MCPHERSON 32 q . . . . I . I I ll Il ' Ianice Harding. But we were lucky to add to our number Novoline Shaffer and , . - . . . Q t n I ' ll u . - 1 u . - - - - I . .. - . . . - - . , ll ll I ' . . ll I ll I I I ll ll . OUR LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the Class of 1954 of Elderton ln the County of Armstrong and the State of Pennsyl vama do make publrsh and declare thls Last W1l1 and Testament and 1n manner followmg that IS to say We the Senxors do leave to the Faculty the tape recordmg of all the norse we can make 11'1 CUSS YOU ITIISS US next YGQI' To the class of 1955 we the Sen1ors do w1ll and bequeath all our unpa1d debts We hope someone can pay them We the Class of 54 drrect that all our mtelhgence be glven to the class of 1956 To the class of 1957 we w1ll study hall and extra food 1n the cafetena We do hereby bequeath our numerous possessxons thusly I Wayne Baker bequeath my ab111ty to w1n raffles to Mr Claypool I Bon Blose leave my prtchfork to Chuck Everhart who can fulfrll the part of Lucrfer better than anyone I know I Evelyn Boyer gxve my basketball ab111ty to C1ndy lones I Walter Boyer bequeath my quretness to B111 Walker I Wayne Cessna w1ll my love for extra food to Ted Brown I Veda Clark bestow my natural curly ha1r to Mr Brown I Wxlbert Craft bequeath my ab111ty to skrp school successfully to Irm Flemrng I Grace Crrbbs bequeath my S1Ze shape and form to the sohd geometry class to serve as a model for future mathematrcrans I Pearle Erb leave my ab111ty to laugh and talk 1n study hall to Ellen Iean Schall I Thelda Farster bestow my actmg ab111ty I Freda Hankmson bequeath my shyness to Frances Heanck I Shrrley Hartman leave myself to be the future Mrs Wayne S1lv1s I Leo Hellman bequeath my love of teas 1ng to Drck Wood I Betty Hollobough bestow my ab111ty to master Practlcal Math to anyone who needs I lean Hollobough leave my love for Fords to anyone who has one I George Huselton bequeath my l1ttle blue Ford srttmg out along the road I couldnt seem to keep the darned thtng runnrng I Lo1s Iamreson bestow my ab111ty to master shorthand outlmes to Luella Schall I Ruth Ann Iohnston bequeath my ab111ty to talk all the trme to Mmam Schall Dont get mto too much trouble I Stanley Khngensmrth gracrously gxve my ab111ty to get along w1th the teachers to Davld Peterrnan I Don Kunkle lntended to bequeath my flaming red ha1r but then decrded I would look funny wrthout 1t I Bob Lasher leave my ab111ty to dnve a car 90 mlles per hour 1n second gear stop on a drme and get n1ne cents change and weave rn and out between telephone poles to Donna Kunkle who also gets my spare t1re w1ndsh1eld wlper blade glove compart ment door and one gas tank I Ruth Elame Lawton bestow my speed tests on the typewrlter to Tony Wtssmger I lean Longstreth bequeath my love to smrle to Sandra Campbell I Eleanor McCullough w1ll my fast mov 1ng pace to anyone who can keep up fCall 1ng all snarlsl Callmg all snaxlsll I Dolores Mclntrre bestow my yoke 1ntell1 gence to lane W1l11ams Stand up k1ds' They re go1ng over your heads I hm McPherson rntended to leave my musrcal talent but decxded 1t mlght prove useful so Im takrng 1t w1th me I Betty Mrlls leave my cheenng ab111ty to Margaret Sheasley I Paul1ne Pamter bestow my happy go I Helen Peterman bequeath my ab111ty of student Cl1I9CI1I1g to anyone who needs 1t I Ed Schall leave my flashy plard shrrts to Ilm Frazler 1 Annabelle Prugh bequeath my sk1ll rn shootmg baskets to Daxsy Sheasley I Reed Schrecengost bequeath Marlene Erdly but wxsh I could take her wrth me I Novollne Shaffer bestow my smgmg ab111ty to Lors Boyer I Glona S1lv1s leave my grggle but the faculty w1shes I would take lt wtth me I Bette Thompson bestow my pretty ha1r to Mary Rupert I Clyde Werght bequeath my love for women to Dlck W1l11ams I Iack Wood leave my comrc express1ons to b henceforth seen 1n Glenda Longstreth I Mar1on Wrlght bequeath my pos1t1on as bus ness manager of EL H1 AN wtth no re grets I Nancv Yount w1ll my secret of apply1nG the nng to the thrrd finger left hand to all you unattached glrls RUTH ELAINE LAWTCN BETTY MILLS 1 1 ' I I I I - 1 I ' ' ' 1 - 1 - - I I ' ' I ' to anyone who needs it in the Iunior Play. lucky" nature to Lola Leightley, it. I - I - - PROPHECY After four years of sa1l1ng around Elderton we graduated 1n 1954 Helen Peterrnan and Thelda Farster your reporters here are now work1ng for the Caprtal A1rl1nes After ten years of work1ng so hard we thought a lelsurely crurse down the MISSISSIPPI R1ver would be the 1deal vacatlon Our f1rst stop was at La Raga As we were tourrng the c1ty we went 1nto the Grand La Du Restaurant where Grace Cnbbs was the head wa1tress Grace told us to go and see the newly constructed Fordson H1gh School There we met Eleanor McCullough the phys1cal educatron teacher and Wayne Baker the 1ndustr1al arts teacher As we were go1ng down the hall we saw lean Longstreth com1ng out of the pr1nc1 pal s offrce lean IS now the secretary at Ford son Hlgh At 2 00 o clock 1n the afternoon we d6C1ded to buy our grocenes to take back to the yacht and to prepare our even1ng meal On 3rd Street we saw the name Hollobaugh s Market lean bought thzs market and went 1nto buslness for herself One of her steady customers 1S the former Freda Mae Hank1nson In our mce long chat Wllh lean she told where we could f1nd more of our old classmates As we were leav1ng the store we saw lack Wood delrvenng Armour Star Products Ed Schall was h1s helper on the truck That even1ng Wh1le we were sleeplng the capta1n started to cru1se towards TOSS1t Creek for our next stop We arr1ved early 1n the mornmg ate our breakfast and deC1ded to look up more of our classmates We h11'ed a tax1 for part of the day When the tax1 came we d1scovered the dnver was Walter Boyer who recently was drscharged from the Navy Walter told us that Leonard He1l man was st1ll 1n the A1r Force He dec1ded to make lt h1s career As we were pass1ng the Penn way Hosprtal Walter told us to take a tour of the hosp1tal there we would f1nd more of our classmates On the fxrst floor we were surpnsed to f1nd Evelyn Boyer as the recept1on1st Evelyn gave us a card to go to see the fonner Paulme Painter who was ln the hosp1tal for append1c1t1s Paul1ne 15 now a housew1fe After com1ng back from seelng Paul1ne Eve lyn 1nv1ted us to supper There we met Bette Thompson the d1et1t1an of the Penn way Hos p1tal Manon Wnght and Glor1a S1lv1s are both head nurses there After supper we dec1ded to go to the football game Number 38 was qu1te a krcker and very famous to us for he was Donald Kunkle We enjoyed the football game very much We started sa1l1ng on down the nver When we stopped the next morn1ng for breakfast at Grewv1lle we saw a brllboard saymg there was go1ng to be a Chanty Dance that even1ng for the benefrt of cnppled ch11dren We dec1ded to go but had to have our ha1r done We found a Beauty Salon called The Three Musketeers on F1fth Avenue The Three Musketeers were Betty M1lls Ruth Ela1ne Lawton and Delores Mclntrre They sard they could do our ha1r that mornmg They are do1ng a f1ne busmess The dance was formal so we went to buy gowns We went 1nto the Hobart Dress Shop There we met Betty Hollobaugh and Novol1ne Shaffer They are owners of the store They are expectlng Pearle Erb who IS com1ng home on a furlough from the Mannes After we bought our gowns we were passrng the new Alum1num Plant wh1ch we learned Clyde We1ght had helped bu1ld He and W11 bert Craft are work1ng there now Ruth Ann Iohnston IS an accountant at the plant LOIS Iamreson and W1lma Boyer are also stenographers there At the dance we met Nancy Yount and Shu ley Hartman they are secretanes for the Pork and Bean Company Iames McPherson was the bandleader He was always a very good trombone player when he was 1n school and now has a band of h1s own Wayne Cessna was sellmg trckets at the dance He gave us an 1nv1tat1on to V1S1l h1s Beef Ranch the next day We accepted and the next day we met Ronald Blose who 1S now a vetennanan He had come to test the beef cat e After a very exc1t1ng clay We went back to our yacht and planned to sa1l the next day to Battleton Wh1le we were sa1l1ng we saw a new factory bemg bu1lt We wanted to know what k1nd of factory 1t was go1ng to be We anchored our yacht and went to look around Wh1le talkmg w1th the workmen we met Reed Schrecengost and George Huselton the carpen ters and Robert Lasher was one of the bnck layers They told us 1t was a new Televlsron and Radlo Factory Stanley Kl1ngensm1th was to be the manager After we found out all about the factory we went on to Barneyv1lle where we had a frne t1me Now seerng that 1t IS t1me for us to go back to our own Jobs we started for home When we got to our yobs at Caprtal A1rl1nes we met Annabelle Prugh and Veda Clark who had lust been hrred that momlng So we are go1ng to bnng our adventures to a close We are hop1ng we w1ll all go on sarhng forward 1 1 1 1 ' . . I' 11 1 1 I . .... . . 11 11 - 1 1 I . . 1 . 1 . - I 1 1 . , , , . . , ' 1 1 I 1 . . 11 1 - 11 ' - . . ' . . , 1 . . ' ' . . . . . . . . . I ' . . 1 1 , - . 1 ' 1 1 . I ' I - , . . , 1 1 ' , ' . 1 I - . , . , . 1 ' 1 1 . . f I ,z if P 1--" i' "' A 1 1 1. 1: i- 'X-11 7 - G Y "Qi -- s lf- '..-.11-...L ' mul' -so-' me ,155- - E iz -G E'-A-val ju Y.-.isa ns' F.. f Q 1. ' 'T'-1-: A rg- 'ar YZF - -4 v- 1 --i' -:Q L- .n- n- . LUELLA SCHALL Sponsor of the Iunior Class .pv-A di! X THE JUNIOR OFFICERS Presldent MARLENE ERDLEY VICE Presldent EUGENE WISSINGER Secretary FRANCES REARICK Treasurer TOM WILLIAMS REARICK WILLIAMS WISSINGER ERDLEY is ff' N 31 'N s"" , B X, KN -X '-, E . I . I - Nxxx w, sv ' 1 , --.,,,sxs xxx , i . , I M, . I -,. 1 Hs... "M N '- -. ,- 'WN Em--xx -xx V , ' .- -Q.. -,,,,, ' . , ' 1 , - "W -... ...N ' ,Y l """-Q. -,. kv-xii " , I ,, ....,..- ,h W- Y M 'u-'V WM ., .-- -- A -V V- ----f -- --"1 1 0- 0. .....--""",.k-I 1 -M-I - I ,. ' 'M A ,- ' ' S ' , +- 0 .,..- J'r,..-- xr' 7 1 ,st .wg , ' f' . Rv" ' Y. .-X", ' A , ' ' . - I W ' A . I K V M, V, ' . 4 ,A I X 5 in I 52: - . I , ' , x , , - ' , ' f x ,- ,f , I , I X ' , ' ' ,' 4 " ' ig - M 4 ' 1 I f, - 1 ' l 1 - - ,X S f , -x-'Q Q i f I f " L., I 1' , X I I ' Y If f - ,I x 'iff' I' . Xl' fw,,' Y . ,W 9 s-Q - E - ' f l, V I' I ff ' I ' . h f' 1 I . 1' .5 f ' . Vff! f' ' ', I i if I .5 1 V .Y . f ' 4 W., . 5. . x A, ' . N . . i ' I Q , I I IR .9 Q 2 . ,ox , ,f ,Q t A ..'- . , ' 5 - A, W 5 s 23-5 . I . ' -- .' ' - L , 1, . JUNIORS I ff! X I 38 Fxrst row Cleft to rxghtl E Beere T Hawkms E Rxshell M Montgomery L Schull Icme Mxller D Brown F Boyer M Schull Second row R Frye I Flemmg R Solmger C Everhart A Beer I Frazler T Wrlhams W Walker Thrrd row D Mrller W Forrmger I Smay C Kanzlemar E Wxeqand R Wrlhcxms R Kunkle Mr Iohnson Fourth row D Petermcm L Baker K George A Iohnston R Parks E WISSHIQEI Frrst row Cleft to nghtl I Meyer S Rodocker L Meyer F Reanck D Kunkle E Kough S Pamter E Craft S Clever Second row Eula Hankey L Anderson N Mc Intxre M Erdley C Hellman L Schall E1 leen Hankey D Sheasley Thrrd row I Hartman A Smlth I Shaeffer D McVay L Boyer F Espey Mrs Schner er Fourth row B Heckman M Sheasley M Bak er S Campbell Ioan Mrller L 4, 'T ff , N I . . mr,-. Q f , i 4 V XJ! ' I - 3: "KT JC' 55 I I . Xxxxv C '7Kfg, ef , . , . I fue L, , N Q S- , -.. . . . .. , , 1 Y , K , ,, ,,, . A .. ,..,, , 1 ...Wm-A -J . .'- -' 1 - - ' ' ' ' ' ' . . 0 0 A A JUNIOBS CAUGHT IN THE ACT l ' 1 13? ' 7 -Q Q W if E? A , 1 .kg 4 A ' ai.: , ,,,,,, .., Myfefq- wwzrlwwp . Hltifif w-su Q' ti- I I . gg 4 f 5 ui , M 1 n 3 . J "' 5, ' 1 ,qua ri' -- ,1,f w.- 3 v ' ,. Q ,Q figmv el' :rf 'L "Eii '?h'- i . 1 Lf 16 SHIRLEY MCCULLOUGH Sponsor of the Sophomore Clcxss 4"-' mr' 5-77' M226 'S- fm- X Q. it o ,J-if ,L 51" THE SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Presxdent PHILLIP BROWN Vxce Pres1dent ANDY SMITH Secretary PEARL CESSNA Treasurer HAROLD WINGARD CESSNA SMITH WINGARD BROWN 4: 1 41 SOPHOMGRES M..- 47 Frrst row tleft to rlghtr P Cessna S Boyer Campbell A Klmmel C Crownover M Kouqh L Blose L Cessna Second row I Fraxley I Brown A Claypool G Cnssman L Boyer S Bowser Thrrd row Mrs Denmng E Kanzlemar D Cumberledge W Altman P Brown Fourth row D Boyer E Knudsen R Baker R McCausland I Frazrer Prfth row R Hoover G Croiutt L Claypool C Gxllespxe Flrst row Kleft to rrghtl R Meyer R Myers D McGaughey C Vermrlhon M Wxlhams D Schull Second row L Scholl G Wood E Reefer S Meyer R Wmgard I Peterman H Schrec engost Thrrd row Mr Rupert R Smeltzer R Srlvrs B 'VI1l1er I Vleaxer M Wregand E Ruffner Fourth row D Powell D Sheasley M Meyers S McCullough L Schrecongost F Shaffer R Mechlxnq Frith row A Smrth E Prugh H Wmqard A Mtller B Peterman V Rearrck ,, -A g R -It in f Q, 'Sf ll xl . QE ,' ' f' is 4- '1 -- , ' . 2 , ' Iii " E . ... A . I Q '3 D. ,. ',. ", i td., - ,' 5 l " ' . v - ,Z eww ,' . , . D, . . . , 'lf , fi ' : . I . I I ' . :. ,. 3,4 X. af' T' K., - - mf . ,L . XJ' I A V xi t X1 ' l .X ll' - M . xl t U x ' K' xl L' tr. g ,ll l l fx, t x We fr f 1-x t I , +R I It ' , ti . fe. . ,IQ , I X fit ' ' 3. I. A 1' N W A .lin . A ' : . ,. ,. , .. ,. .. 1,0 SGPHOMORES CAUGHT UNAWARE .N9,3A CAROL THOMPSON Sponsor of the Freshman Class 1""""'s a 1,10 ,F x ff vm:- vw ga. A 5 3 v. 4. ,ffk k ZW 3583 fqiki My Q' ww, wmv gui:-?fxx1"g 'Ve' N INTH GRADE OFFICERS ' af' Presldent Vlce Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer SALLY YOUNT LUCINDA IONES ELIZABETH HEILMAN RIC UXRD SHEASLEY IONES SHEASLEY YOUNT HEILMAN '27 ,Q -15 H GBIXDE NXNT Yktst tow den xo ttqnu-. T. Townsend. X. Sc'noXX. B. Skepp, T. Btown. C Thompson, S. Reotkck. B. SneosXex1. Second tow: X. Sink, NX. Geotqe. NY. COXGWOYM E.. Yonnq, X. Pmtnon, C. Monxqomew. B. Weovet. Tnktd town L. Wood. E-. YNoXXcet. Y. NXOIXQHSV Y- Tntnet. NX. Bnpetk, L. Ctokx, Mt. Yoncketo. Youtvn town Mt. Lonqweh, X. Boqet, YK, Xotdon. B. NKec'nXXnq, X. Geotqe. Yxkxn tow: B. Boyet. G. Sxwxs, D. Btn . Beeket, X. Ctovenet. Y. NXXXXet, L. Boket. Yktsk tow Oeik ko tkqnw. G. Bch. L. Beottc. D. Wood, N. Shckket. V. Cessna, E. Townsend. B. Townsend. Second tow'. S. Cocnton. Y. Montqometq. XC. Mmet, B. Mtxnon, NX. Honey. L, Yotttnqet. L. Ft-fe. tow: Nts. Wood. E.. Xcxtmson, R. Geotnotx, Mckonqtnkn. X. Mntet. B Meqets. Pt. Gtd- ncteto. 'Unktd kck. D. hhnq. . Mt. Yo Debto- X. Pun Youtkkx tow: X.-. Nec botn. D. Hetnknq, C. Ytee. Ykktn tow: Pt. Mosbonqnet. NX. Scott, Y, sky, N. M1XXet. ,gy J . X y N, ,5 J if A .JA4 ' fab . VJ 5 J n Yktsk tow Qeik Ko tkqkmz E. Keeket, M, Ygqhey, B. Heny, S, Younk. X. Pxktqood. X.. Xones. K. Butken. Second town S. Cocnton. E. Hennxon, NX. Hdet. Pt Hokobonqh, E. Lnkehott, NX. Uokxnd, S. C. Lonqextevn. N X. Nou h thou, xqweXX. uki. NY H V-"t,-one Geo 'Ytntd tow: Mt, Lot Nxmet, L. NkXXet, S. Kano Youtvn KQWZ C. KUXXVXQ C, Vinmmzi. E. Vetokh, Nts., Wood. Ykhkx tow: NN. Ctohm, P. Ceomc, X Monk, MkXXet. l gf' ,af ar' I N IN TH GRADE EVIDENCE fi? QN F' 2: 5 I T. 5 . 'I E E I V Uil si., 12,35-E? 31' . f . New ff' ng iii!! W9 333337 EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Pres1dent BARBARA SHAEFFER Vlce Pres1dent CAROLE ALTMAN Secretary EDNA HEILMAN Treasurer IEANINE SHAFFEH HEILIVIAN ALTMAN SHAFFER SHAEFFER 56' X sk IN G91 BDE- EXGYX 'YYY no. B. Smmw. . n. NX. Xokx - mv: 'Aekx xo xxqhw. D. Cess B M01 o-1. E. Hexkno use, X. Skxokkex, . K Q Yxxsx nsend. . um. N. '5Xe ex. osx. . xx 'Yo-N V , Y o Yiee. Nxmeq hxecenq Cxo - sion. Second xovlz Y.. 909951. YNkXYxom-5, X. 'Hind iowa XM. Deemex, NX. Sc NYxXXet. K '5meX11.et. 9. Yidheq. NN. ovei, Y. Compbek, Nkss XN esk. Yoxmh :own YK. Geomcm, P-.. Ckcuk. 8. 'Bee Y., knq. D, Yexom. Hem Xekx Ko xxqbw. X. Xokxnston, D. Gumbet- oxd. G. Wxkqhx, D. Beck. P-. ei. NX. Xokms. io-N K XN mq xkck. Neg new . eX A- Ykxsx Xedqe, B. Wxeqcmd. C. Bea ow: D. Ncknkqxe, X. Yxeewmq, YI-. Cuwe X1 . Giixxdet. Xl. Yfxxmb . son. B. Wm . Second 1 , We-gex. X. ' Nkss Wesx, ' x. D. P-ndex 1. X. Schoet- Hom L 'hind io-N. 5. NYxXXs. Y. Y5xXXe NX: . Deemex. wa C. Pxkmcm. B. Skxoekie cenqosx, L. tfieqex. Y. mx. at kb io Sckxxe bf You! kex, C. bexqet. I . . Yxxsx iovl Oekt xo rkqhtk S. Khqofe. C. Sxwks, T, Woxxenbouqu. tl. Bowser, YK. Boqex, R. Cxibbs. R. Sckxoh. Second xowz E. NYxXXex, 5. Bokex. YN. Yokxxex, D. Boqex, D. GekdeX, X.Beo1XcY.. B. Smikkx. imma mow: W. Deemex, D. Sxewou, YK. Bokex. , X. Y1c!Xmoxx. E, Geoxqe. D. Youm, Nkss West. '. G.B1ovm.E.Boqex. I Iv, . ' ve L rf If A 5. V K' V il L Younkx tow V .I hx v K- V .4 e a f .3 f. 1 Lrd ' AXIQLJL xg-' 'ff 3 . -.1 IANE WILLIAMS PATRICIA BUSH CAROLYN WINGARD KATHLEEN ALTMAN ALTMAN ?' WAX W EQRX MQ 7 ww Qflof W Ml 'af K .5 SENIOR PLAYERS BOB LASHER Forward 180 lbs Hard playmq Semor one of the best m the yump shot good bankboard player always full of ftqht DON KUNKLE IIM MCPHERSON Guard 162 lbs 5 Center 159 lbs Another athletxc Semor good set cmd jump shot Our hmgh sconnq Semor gets hxs share oi re play hard at all t1mes C1 swell basketball bounds Q good hook shot man plays an ex P1GV91' cellent qame V QQA 'QA MR IOHNSON Coach IACK WOOD RONALD BLOSE orward 125 lbs Guard 145 lbs A fast and trtckf Qemor excepttcnally swxft m A hard playlng Semor fxrst year on the squad tbblma can hcot from most any spot on the has cx mce set shot and dxd well wtth httle ex mall but mnqhty penence 53 4 , I 1 2 fl , O to ll , . . X f y ' ' , 5 i A , aw y xt N. 1 Q t J' . 6-2-1 t . 'lU" . 6'l' ff 1 ,O ,hwy , yu I ,lu I, i , NN' l I 1 X ' 4 1, ' L l . L I A x V X of t I X . . 5'6" . 5'5" ict .I .A. s S ' I . h . l n 1 l - Hai Mwst! VARSITY BASKETBALL IIM FRAZIER 14s lbs BLAIR PETERMAN Guard man m h1s Iumor year Forward 170 lbs An athletic Sophomore a good lump shot Another lust year plays hrs best at all tlmes should have two swell N- mce set shot has great possrbxlrtxes rn hrs Senior XC? year years ahead of hxm "' fs Manager BILL WALKER I IM FLEMING Nun A Guard 116 lbs A good ball handhng Iumor excels m a fast ld d well rn hrs Semor break and set shot shou o year 54 l DICK WILLIAMS G d 150 lbs uar A Iumor who puts everythmg mto a game . s e- ver slows up quick on crahzed m set shots ne bltes hrs .aemor year. the bankboard good possr un fl X - 1 . -I ,I F N I e. X1 lx ll ft' ' N x , ' lx , 3 5' g 4 , If P A I ' , P 4 . 5'1" . 5'1" 4 04 N , ,f Y ' X! -I XX V 1 phi. A . 5'1" I ' 5 ,f 4 - ' ' . . . I 1 ' I . f Ks , xx y hx l . 5'8" . . .. . - ' . P VARSITY BASKETBALL -Z is HAROLD WINGARD F5 BOB SOLINGER 5 0 Forward 145 lbs Fast movrng Iumor does well rn fast breaks l k r should good lay up shots really pushes hard has two very good set shot expert p ay ma e wonderful years ahead of h1m be outstandmg hrs Senror year ED RUFFNER Center 155 lbs Another Sophomore on the squad mce yump shot always wrllmq to do hrs best look for hum on the squad the next two years Manager IACK FRAZIER I 1 Q? , s , Q A ' S 'XX fe ,V , ,y. A , -s, 7 V we 1 ' xx .1 V , r J Y . 5 x XX I A t ! ' S , 1 Forward l37 lbs. 5'5" , ' ' ' . .. One more of our Sophomores . . . gets in many l Q- f, , , , I S , 'S ' 1 ,X . 6' VARSITY Fxrst row left to nght Ronald Blose Ed Ruflner Blaxr Petexman I1m McPherson I1m Frazxer Second row Bob Solmger lack Wood Dlck Wllhams Harold Wmgard Don Kunkle I1m Flemlng Thxrd low lack Frazxer Cmanaqe Mr Iohnson lcoachl B111 Walker Cmanagerl 56 E HS E HS E HS EIHS EIHS EIHS EIHS EIHS E HS E HS EIHS E HS EIHS E HS EIHS E HS E HS E HS VARSITY SCHEDULE Worthmgton Clymer Worthmgton Clymer Apollo Elders R1dge Saltsburg Shannock Valley Dayton Washmgton Twp Be Apollo Elders R1dge Saltsburg Shannock Valley Dayton Washmgton Twp e ' e , R xl Y X 1 I as ' I as I 40 ' 41 49 ' X 4 so ' , 1 I 1 34 . S as 4 I 39 I I 33 ' . -. 1 34 ll 1 I 42 4' 42 ' I aa 56 I 61 I I 49 ' . 1 ' I as Bll JAVEES First row left to right Blame Meyers Ken Burkett Andy Smith Ted Brown Russell Baker Second row Mr Freshcorn fcoachl Larry Reefer Verqil Reanck Bernard Boyer Leonard Cravener Gerald Kunkle Bob Smeltzer Cmanagerl EIHS EH-IS EIHS EIHS EH-IS EJHS ETHS EH-IS EIHS EIHS EIHS EIHS EIHS EIHS EIHS EIHS EIHS EIHS EIHS EIHS IAVEE SCHEDULE Ford City Ford Clty Worthington Clymer Worthington Clymer Apollo Elders Ridge Saltsburg Shannock Valley Dayton Washington Twp. Be Apollo Elders Ridge Saltsburg Shannock Valley Dayton Washington Twp. Be -57.- ff VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to rxght Bette Thompson Donna Kunkle Carolyn Hellman Betty M1lls Iean Longstreth Margaret Sheasley Iane Mrller Carolyn 1S the talented mus1c1an of our crew When 1t came to cheenng she knew what to do Donna 1S a Iunror and also a malorette In acrobatrcs and stunts she was a sure bet lean 1S our Sen1or voted most ath1et1c When shes gone well all regret 1t Betty M1lls IS our Charleston gal She was a le1'1l'f1C cheerleader and every one s pal Iane Mrller lS also a Iunror th1s year W1nn1ng or lostng she loved to cheer Magg1e IS our head malorette and a wonderful cheerleader She has pep and ab1l1ty 1lS hard to beat her We would ve been lost wrth out Bette our Captam 1n 54 Voted most lrkely to succeed she has fnends galore 59 mf ff NNfAfN x A I . 1 1 , f n 11 . . . 1 , . - - rr rl - - 1 . , . . . . , , . , . . . 1 H . , 1 I ' n - , . I Qs Thompson Mills e want SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Y fm-X Longstreth MISS SHACIKOSKI Faculty Advisor or Varsity - best of them all. or ambition - always in call. rooting' that was their job. departing Seniors - Sob! Sob! Sob! interest in all they do. three who are leaving "he squad and you. for the year we hate to end - all must confess. wish Longstreth, Mills, and Thompson all kinds of success J AVEE CHEERLEADERS Left to nght Ehzcxbeth Hellman Glenda Longstreth Maryhn Wzlhams Carol Thompson Beity Heny Nancy M111er 61 X ful,-4' 1-4"l---I X NU X4 ,ZX 22' fg- y Q., buf' l' S'- YT' 5 flw xI "I1.TT.i -7 Q Q f , 5 , 12,,, ,ii-' ' , 1 -x - 4-an is l' l T- --cr , ,,-. f' - - x-3-.-f -44' M446 'X' ? Z iii' ,,, .g, P 6 I ,z W1 . XXL Q. 5. ulivt -I 2 3 5 ,A 4-I 'A A I Of I' fi , l VI ,W ...ny V D tg gi 5 3 M ? I Twig? ff-'5 1. 4,157 .,,, ,A Qlwk' ' , ,A few 41 ' , 2 . :W ' "f?fFm ' 4 L ,,....aL N oifif FP! 1 X T 9 - V, I , Q , . 1 I 1 , 1, ,1, R G . ,L A i I ' ,. 1 : " 3' . eva or-, ' ,. - I VP" 'V , flil .1-1. , . N -2. . L "5 3 W ' New 1 f V' Q , -.329 FQ A .1 H .. l wus, 77:7 QA, nm ' - ,Q x Q. 'v if ' ,",K',3,:T: A 3151.1 ' 'Aw f-'J T ,Y ,f .xv fb., ,gay . , W ' ' 31 x .-W., T Q Y ' . -.1 .IA ' -L b ' , 3 gl , - .5 5 M. 4 ', Ai... ' W' "' ' Qf. , 7 3 W .il v- . , . 1 in 9, 1 vv. . ..-v f Q P - I ,-SW P ai' ie f z , ', , 4 : 3, , X1 I ' e .ff-r:'ff' ,,J 'A 4 3, 1' ' . ,A 4 , " :I 'riff .jg 4 X ' .u!,9?Kl I .A A .4 Q4 '51 ' ' " ' ' ' ' 'fm'--"' ' A N-xv .. sg 5. 4 f gf, T' Q YCY' i .. .Fi 4' 'frE,F",-."' .rf , A. 4 X' .Q 3:'i!,1' W- t I' ffm D 4 n "W-ell. ffl-Q if ff, , 'QLQL L .2 -wfiwyglj f Q R i R w E ,yi 4 ' ,N ,f 1 ' " v Q- fr nlyff ,171 . x , 'X J , I 'N lvl. ' k K' 0: ,T ' ' - - 'JMUEG' 1- -A wi- m L - -4-jg 1 x1' ' Q . - AQQ- 11 45, X' A' 419 -' f xr ' . 1. - A nal f' 1 . 'A' " l --- A S, .q , 4, ,- v .Q -kg 11, ii in " -, J 'Qu' -W ' X: 1 . hc wg, im' ,Q ,1 f gin 5 W - . .A . . N . ...f, 1 Q- , sy f 2 In lg-ft.v ' 3 k , V: -Q.. - 'V Al: ' .Ny ,K I dlppf E 0 . ' I h" . n ' X if? Q A ' z g I x f X lb' ' . . r 4 4 , :, Q .rf f .I H -' 'Lf ,. 1 7 x , X , V 1 ! - ELDEBTON JOINT HIGH SCHOOL BAND Frrst row left to rrght B Heny P Bush P Brown L Boyer F Espey E Knudsen R Solmger D Bruce Second row R Smeltzer L Iamreson S Clever I Amrck R Moore D McGaughey T Brown K Krmmel T Recmck R Smeltzer G Wood R Kumcle H Peterman Thrrd row K Burket B Iordan I Iohnston R Altman C Hellman T Wxllrams A Mosbaugher M Elder E Hellman R Schall C Schrecengost R Smrth R McCausland W Baker I Frazzer I Flem mg I McPherson Fourth row Mr Debsky I Mxller B Mrlls A Smnh C Free G Kunkle G Srlvls The Band compnsed of s1xty mstrumental 1SlS majorettes banner carners and color guards IS an organ1zat1on of wh1ch everyone 1n th1s comrnumty can be very proud When we see them march1ng down a street 1n the1r green and whrte umforrns we are aware that they have achreved thls perfecuon only through persrstent coachlng and trreless ei fort on the part of thelr conductor Mr Debsky The Band really serves a dual purpose Frrst 1t provrdes the necessary opportun1ty to the student of mstruments for ensemble play mg However the Band 1S best known for 1ts partrclpatron 1n school funcuons such as as semblles concerts pep rall1es and local as well as out of town commumty affalrs The hne record that th1s organxzatlon has made ln competltlon w1th other bands 1U.Sl1f1eS the pnde that surrounds them Th1S year a newly umformed color guard has added to the 1mpress1veness of the outfrt The perseverence of the Band Mothers Aux 1l1ary supplemented by the contnbutlons of other local organ1zat1ons has encouraged the band to uphold the h1gh standards whlch 1t now possesses 5. , 1 -5 3 ,I Y, Z vii I Q." js 1 z 1. W, .T . cg' P . . 1 , 1 t'-'is 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 I ' 1 1 1 v I ' I ' ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , - - . , . I I ' ' I - . 1 . , - ,64.. 4-0 !l'4 , 1 , i S 6 Y f MR. DEBSKY COLOR GUARD .X A WI ,. wilt? .- in fl' 'u . g ' R .' 5, Richard Cribbs, Harold Wingcrd. Larry Reefer, Homer Schrecengost uv1F'!"" www' SENIORS Mclntrre Kunkle Iohnston MAJ ORETTE S ,Nl 'N Nfnsfs Frrst row left to rrght Dolores Mclntrre Ruth Ann Iohnston Donncz Kunkle Frances Recmck Second row Sandra Campbell Margaret Sheasley Luellcx Schull Don Kunkle -cu-I' '3 66 a fn- if I . ii g ' E Q 1 , 1 f rr I Q V ' N r i ,.-I , 4 e' r M- SENIOR CHCBUS 3' 5 'E E 9 f 9 The seventy-five members of the Mixed Chorus are from grades ten through twelve. This organization, un- der the capable leadership of Mr. Debsky, offers a fine opportunity for growth in musicianship through choral singing. Each year a spring concert, consisting of both secular and religious songs, is presented. On December 24, l953, the chorus presented a Christ- mas Cantata, "Music of Christmas." ,- .... . oe if A4 1 4 1 First row. left to right: S. Clever, W. Boyer, A. Prugh, T. Farster, G. Cribbs, L. Anderson, H. Peterman. E. Beere. Second row: I. Meyer, E. Boyer, V. Clark, D. McGaughey, A. Kimmel, M. Schall, N. Mclntire, E. Hankey. Third row: M, Williams. M. Baker, R. Silvis, D. Sheasley, S. Boyer, I. Miller. F. Boyer. Fourth row: Mr, Debsky, B. Heckman, F. Rearick, C. Heilman, I. Hollobauqh. G. Silvis. Fifth row: B, Kunkle, B. Walker, E. Knudsen, R. Smeltzer, G. Silvis. OFFICERS First row, left to right: P. Painter. E, Schall, F. Hankenson, A. Smith. L. Schall, D. Kunkle, B. Thompson. L. Icrmieson. Second row: E.Rishel1. P. Erb, E. Hankey, M. Montgomery. R. Lawton, N. Yount, K. Kimmel. R. Iohnston. Third row: E. Kouqh. S. Rhodocker, B. Mills, M. Sheasley. Mr. Debsky. Fourth row: F. Espey, L. Boyer, I. Miller, S. Campbell, M. Wright, D. Mclntire, I. Shcleffer. Filth row: A. Smith, L. Heilman, B. Lasher, I. McPherson, H. Wingard, P. Brown. JUNIQB CHORUS 1 S' 'li -Q Frrst row left to right C Montgomery M Elder B Altman E Iamrson M Blame M Coleman C Thompson Second row K Miller A Hollo baugh E Keeler M Erdley S Rearick I Airgood I Schall B Heny Third row E Walker G Longstreth L Wood M Blaney S Yount P Dobrosky L Mrller I Stxtt E Niehenke Fourth row E Young I Altman I Amxck B Weaver N Mrller E Hellman M Rupert L Turner M George A Mosbaugher Newly organized this year, the Iunior Chorus includes only girls from ninth grade. The organization made its debut in the Christmas program and will also appear with the Senior Chorus in the spring concert. -68- 3. N , 1 OFFICERS 'L MR. DEBSKY Director f H 2 ,X N, H 'MMA First row, left to right: F. Rearick, I. STUDENT COUNCIL T5 man, S. Boyer, M. Williams. Second row: Mr. Deemer, G. Wriqh R. Iohnston. N. Moore. Third row: R. Cribbs, L. Baker, I. Fra t, M. Blair, N. Miller, K. Boden zier, D. Kunkle, R. Blose, I. Geidel Hartman, E. McCullough, I. Peter- R. Schall. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President RONALD BLOSE ,QQ Vice President IAMES FRAZIER Secretary RUTH ANN IOHNSTON Treasurer ELEANOB MCCULLOUGH MCCULLOUGH. IOHNSTON, BLOSE. FRAZIER CLASS REPRESENTATIVES ' I 1 Seniors Iuniors S0Ph0m0feS Ronald Blose Ruth Ann Iohnston Don Kunkle Eleanor McCullough Ninth Grade Leroy Baker Marlene Blair Nancy Miller Iames Frazier Ioan Hartman Frances Rearick Eighth Grade Richard Cribbs Robert Schall Gail Wright Sara Gaye Boyer Ianet Peterman Marylin Williams Seventh Grade Kathleen Boden Iames Geidel Nancy Moore -70- J. af., MR. DEEMER Faculty Advisor ,,,,,p-ff HI VIFW ST AH fa -"ui fl HI' EL HI AN Q S- Q5 MRS WQQD LOIS IAMIESON Faculty Advlsor C0'Ed1f0Y M1115 Petermun McPherson Lawton Farster Johnston Boyer Longstreth Pfuqh Mclntire Q-"H EL-HI-AN 'fp -VG C' --Q f u DON KUNKLE NIR. FHESHCORN Ct-,Editor Faculty Art Advisor Co-Editors Lois Iamieson Business Managers Sales Managers Literary Staff Sports Historians Will Prophecy Faculty Advisor Faculty Art Advisor Art Thompson Yount Wright Mccuiiough 4 Donald Kunkle sjIMarion Wright 4lBette Thompson Nancy Yount ll Eleanor McCullough 'Annabelle Prugh 4'Do1ores Mclntire llean Longstreth 5Wi1ma Boyer ilack Wood lBob Lasher lRuth Ann Iohnston Llim McPherson 'Betty Mills lfluth Elaine Lawton f Thelda Farster U .Helen Peterrnan . Mrs. Wood Mr. Freshcorn Art Club fw 'X fg if 'S I5 sk. I A W -B ff? ,413 V m KN 2-X it 11 ffl- 1 if .6 fl f 1 1 1 Ilf- 1fNf1 , 1 11111 1 1 1,1 Il J 'I' ! . V 11 1 , ,f , 1 1' IEW If ll 1 C,-M4, fjj, r 74- S 411, M, 1 ff 471 11 Lfcvxf. V 7 C51 1:1111 '1 fl 1,11 1,1 fi 1 uf xo f ,f V1 111, ffl! S!!! ll f, 1111 I 1 sg, Y' 9 11 :I 1 7114 4f 304' 1 ww 1111 114' 7211 My ,J ,Ap M. N 41.1, 7114fs' 1 1 11111111 3 4 I I I Qc ,7 I ' 7.- Rf First row lleft to riqhtl: G. Cress- man. I. Brown. M. Erdle . D y . Kunkle, A. Smith. L. Anderson. S. Clever. E. Beere. Second row: P. Cessna, S. Boyer B. Miller, R. Silvis. L. Boyer, M Schall, N. Mclntire. R. Win qard. M. Kough. L. Cessna. Third row: Mrs. Denning, A. Kim mel, D. Campbell, C. Crown over, L. Schrecengost. I. Weav er. I. Hartman. D. Sheasley, L Blose. Fourth raw: M. Williams. S. Bow ser, D. McGaughey, B. Heck man. S. McCullough. I. Fraily First row Cleft to rightl: G. Silvis H. Lawton. B. Mills, v. Clark: E. McCullough, H. Peterman. A. Prugh, G. Cribbs. I. Long- streth. Second row: B. Thompson. R. Iohnston, D. Mclntire, M. Wright L. Iamieson, N. Yount. T. Farster, W. Boyer, F. Rear- iclc. Third row: D. McVay, I. Shaefier. F. Espey, C. Heilman, E. Han- key. E. Hankey, M. Montgom- ery. I. Meyers, Mrs. Denning. Fourth row: L. Schall, I. Miller, M. Sheasley, L. Boyer. S. Camp- bell. I. Miller, M. Baker, L Schall. D. Brown. SENIOR TRI-HI-Y lg . I Q ' 5 OFFICERS President NANCY YOUNT Vice President IOAN MILLER Secretary MARLENE ERDLEY ' Treasurer FRANCES REARICK Chaplain DORIS MCVAY Assistant Chaplain ELEANOR MCCULLOUGH Z76... JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain . E I ligl. OFFICERS Q0 'n ELIZABETH HEILMAN LUCINDA IONES MARGARET ERDLEY ELEANOR YOUNG BETTY ANN HENY 1 ,77- First row ileft to rightl: M. Bows- er, P. Miller, E. Miller, M. Blair M. Erclley, T. Townsend, B Heny, C. Thompson. Second row: M. Elder. N. Slease S. Mills, S. Cochran, L. For ringer, P. Montgomery, K. Mill- er, E. Keeler, N. Miller, I. Schall Third row: Miss Shacikoski. E Iamison, A. Shaffer, L. Wood S. Kanoriff, M. Scott, E. Young L. Miller, S. Rearick, G. Long streth, I. Miller. Fourth row: P. Dobrosky, L. Tur- ner, A. Mosbaugher, I. Altman E. Lukehart, M. Doland, G Brown, N. Miller, M. Erdley, B Gearhart. First row Ileft to rightl: T. Walten- baugh, R. McVay, S. Kilgore. C. Rearick, A. Wiegand, L. Boyer. I. Iohnston. C. Silvis. Second row: B. Townsend. D. Cumberledge, E. Heilman, G. Wright, M. Iohns, I. Airgood, I. Meyer, R. Williams, V. Grind- er, H. Boyer, S. Baker. S. Gear- hart, C. Iones. Third row: B. Altman, M. Cole- man, N. Popp, I. Shaffer, K. Kimmel, D. Anderson, M. George. M. Rupert, D. Geidel. E. Walker, C. Altman. Miss Shacikoski. Fourth row: C. Montgomery, I. Stitt. D. McLaughlin, I. Amick, S. Yount, I. Hartman, L. Mey ers. M. Schrecengost. D. Boyer, D. Stewart. HI-Y ,i t First row lleit to rightl: C. Kanzlemar, P. Brown, T. Williams, L. Heilman, D. Kunkle, R. Schrecengost, R. Smeltzer, E. Kanzlemar. Second row: Mr. Panciera, I. Fleming, G. Silvis, R. Baker, I. Frazier, W. Altman, W. Craft, D. Blose. Third row: W. Walker, A. Smith. H. Wingard, B. Peter- man, S. Klingensmith, W. Boyer. Fourth row: E. Knudsen, G. Croiutt, D. Powell, R. Mech- ling, R. Lasher, V. Rearick, G. Huselton. R. Hoover. L. Claypoole. D. Boyer. OFFICERS President . , DON KUNKLE Vice President REED SCHRECENGOST Secretary TOM WILLIAMS Treasurer . .,.,. LEO HEILMAN Chaplain . .. - PHILIP BROWN The Hi-Y is a club with high ideals. It is a member of the Central West District of the Y.M.C.A. Our purpose is simply stated but sometimes diffcult to live up to: To Create, Maintain and Extend through the Home, School. and Community high standards oi Christian character. Our platform is also a challenge to the intelligent boy: Clean Speech, Clean Sportsmanship, Clean Schol- arship, and Clean Living. Any boy who can cope with the challenges above is welcome. 4 I BROWN, HEILMAN, WILLIAMS, KUNKLE auhg x4""" MR. PANCIERA Faculty Advisor FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First row ileft to riqhtl: S. Clever. VV. Boyer, H. Petermon. A Prugh, I. Lonqstreth, L. Iomiee son, S. Rodocker. Second row: I. Meyers, T. Fors- ter, E. l-lcmkey, D. Mf:Couqhey A. Kimmel, N. Yount. Third row: B. Hollobouqh, F. Boy er, R. Siivis, B. Miller, I. Miller I. Froiley. Fourth rowt Mrs. Miller, D. Comp bell, M. Boker, E. McCi11louqh C. Cribbs. 'Zn First row 'left to rightf: R. Iohn- - Q sion, D. Mclntire, B. Thompson, if-W ' I, Hollobouqh, L. Anderson, D Kunkle, F. Recrrick. Second raw: Mrs. Miller, L. Boy er, F. Espey, A. Smith, D Shecsley, L. Scholl. Third row: C. Heilmcm, I. Shcrei- ier, M. Shecsley, M. Wright, R Lawton. Fourth row: B. Mills, S. Campbell, I. Miller, M. Erdley. as OFFICERS President RUTH ANN IOHNSTON Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian Song Leorder -79.- IOAN MILLER NANCY YOUNT MARION WRIGHT ELEANOR MCCULLOUGH CAROLYN HEILMAN FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA YF . 4 ' ' - -4' 1 I ,, nl , . " '.' L' .CY is 5 A -wavef- First row left to ri htl D Flemin K Geor e Frazier A Graham G Kunkle C g : . g, . g , I. , . , . . C. Free, E. Townsend, R. Townsend, R. Parks, A. Iohnston. Second row: I. Smay, W. Cessna, R. Williams. M. Wiegand, G. Silvis, D. Schall, C. Blystone, W. Crofutt, R. Moore, C. Weight, E. Scholl, D. Sheasley, Third row: R. Blose. I Wood, N. Shatter, R. Wood, L. Frye, V. Cessna, R. Meyer, P. George, D. Peter- man. Back row: H. F. Longwell, I. Mauk, G. Huselton, E. Prugh, W. Boyer, L. Claypool, R. Cashdollar, S. Klingensmith, E. Knudsen, G. Crofutt, A. Miller, D Kunkle. OFFICERS President ...., ,.....,. D ON KUNKLE Vice President , RONALD BLOSE Secretary , STANLEY KLINGENSMITH Treasurer GEORGE HUSELTON Watchdog IIM FRAZIER Reporter WALTER BOYER The Future Farmers of America is a national organ- ization of, by, and for boys studying vocational agricul- ture in public secondary schools. The Elderton Chapter Future Famiers of America was organized in September, 1949, with thirty-four members. At the present time we have a membership of fifty active members and four honorary future farmers. Four boys have received the Keystone Farmers de- gree the past two years. This is the highest honor that can be obtained on the state level. The F. F. A. have many activities. Some of these activities include the selling of vegetable seeds and Sweet Spanish onion plants, participation in the Lions fair, attending the Pennsylvania Farm Show, attending the Iudging contest and F. F. A. week activities at The Pennsylvania State University in Iune. The Future Farmers ot America must all carry home projects or supervised farming programs on their home farms in the summer. Records must be kept on all these projects and judged for competition in the state. YN .f-.1 "'!"' MR. LONGWELI. Faculty Advisor til I. Wax' W9 INDUSTRIAL ARTS ,QWU Img' I I Q I ' + f 2 I , . First row tlett to riqhtl: C. Wingard, K. Burkett, T. Brown, L. Reefer, R. Hoover, E. Kanzlemar, G. Wood, R. Solinger, I. Fleming. Second row: L, Heilman. L. Cravener, I. Boyer, R. Iordan, B. Walker, R, Frye, L. Craft, B. Boyer, D. Cumberledge, I. Frazier, Mr. Fleming. Third row: D. Schrecengost, R. Schrecengost, B. Lasher, W. Craft, F. Shaffer, A. Smith, H. Wingard, D. Bruce, E. Ruffner, T, Williams, C. Everhart, C. Kanzlemar. Fourth row: D. Boyer, R. McCausland, B. Meyers, B. Forringer, D. Miller, L. Baker, A. Beer, H. Schrecen- qost, R. Baker, R. Myers. R. Mechling, V. Rearick, E. Wiegand. OFFICERS President REED SCHRECENGOST Vice President , TOM WILLIAMS Secretary .. , HOMER SCHRECENGOST Treasurer LEONARD HEILMAN The Industrial Arts Club includes about sixty mem- bers in the senior high classes. This organizations ac- tivities are on the nature of hobby or craft basis. This last year, the members of the club have been working in their activity periods at repairing old furniture and making small projects as gifts. The club also sold cedar chests as a means of raising funds. Dues and funds in the club are used to finance field trips. In the future, the club hopes to work with plastics, art metal, ceramics, or leather work. The comprehensive general shop is the most econom- ical plan by which a small school district can provide an Industrial Arts program. There are many crucial, time-consuming situations in shop work, such as gluing. machine set-up, and finishing. The major consideration is one of safety, which can be best controlled by limit- ing the group size to the work station capacity of the shop. tal.-. .f SCHRECENGOST, WILLIAMS, SCHRECENGOST is ,Qauoi LA t. our k Q., I I ri L MR. FLEMMING Faculty Advisor Ml Flrst row left to rrght S Mrlls M Schrecengost P Rupp N Moore K Kxmmel K Cravener B Hoover I Reed A Wre gand Second row D Smeltzer L Schrecengost P Campbell M Clark I Altman K Baker I Boarts I Gldel I Townsend R Walker Thlrd row R Mc Intxre F Burkett C Mlller S Claypool I Wrllrams M Rear tck C Wmqard T Wagner K Crrbbs Fourth row K Burkett F Reanck D Sheas le D Kunkle D LIGS E Hellman O Blaney E Walker B Heny M Elder N Slease Frith row P Wrrqht K Altman P Bush I Schrecenqost V Hollrs S Reartck G Ball I Arrgoocl I Mtller B Town send E Baker Q41 F1rst row left to rxght L Turner B Weaver A Smrth L Boyer I Mxller L Schall M Schall M Sheasley K Hartman Second row K Boden M Baker L Sheasley D Rupert I Mlller B Heck man R Wray L Meyer C Dolland C Claypool Thxrd row Mr Freshcorn K Frantz C Hellman N Mclntrre P Hornberqer I Hartman E Hoover P Brown D Ander son S George Fourth row R Smeltzer, E. Kanzlemar. D. Powell D. Davis, D. Boyer R. Mechlinq, B. Peterman, B. Mecklinq, R. Hoover, B. Smelt- 291. 101.11 ART CLUB qt-V! ART CLUB OFFICERS Pres1dent loan Mlllef F 1rst VICE Pres1dent Margaret Sheasley Second VICG Pres1dent Ronald Wray Secretary Ralph Hoover ASSISIGHL Secretary Carolyn Hellman Correspondrng Secretary Danrel Powell Treasurer Luella Schall Transportatron Manager B1a1r Peterman 1 "- -gg.. SAFETY PATROL I 7 V143 4 54. -fl First row, left to right: Darien Hagerty, Ray Smeltzer, Mr. Claypool. lames Reariclc, Robert Gearhart. Second row: Paul Campbell, Robert Townsend, Gerald Kunkle, Clair Schrecengost, Ronald Wray. The Safety Patrol, which is organized and operated under the direction of the A.A.A. and the local police, is in its second year of operation at E.I.H.S. Its main duties consist of helping the children load and unload the buses, and especially are they helpful in assisting the younger children when it is necessary to transfer from one bus to another. Each year the state police speak to the boys urging them to practice safety to all the students as well as the community. During the past year the Lions Club of Elderton donated three raincoats and hats to the patrol. Officers for the year are: President, Gerald Kunkle: Secretary- Treasurer, Robert Gearhart: Faculty Advisor, Mr. Claypool. il' .4 ir , . Se 4' Q 4 1 10" P 4 MR. CLAYPOOL Faculty Advisor 7 w O Q 3 QC Ye ,Q S 'I and Mrs Velma Cribbs Maxine Schrecengost Mr and Mrs Charles W Longstreth The Earl Hershbergers Sloans 5c and IUC Store Apollo Boot Shop Liberty Contectioners Bergley s Market and Mrs Henry s Service Station Pete s Shoe Shop Burkett s Flower Shop Solennes Shoe Service Mr and Mrs Clarence Prugh Lew s Dairy Bar Frrst Street Restaurant Mrs Rena Rupert and Mrs Blame Kepple and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Eugene Sxlvis Philip Kunkle G C Drllman William Rose D C George Audrey Yount Wayne Blystone Wayne H Speer I D McLaughlin Vandergritt Motorcycle G Bicycle Bob Law The Store for Men R W Dunmrre Mary M Colmger Helen s Sunoco Station Caruso Bros Steam Cleaning and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Lester E Boyer Wrllram Iamieson Edison Fxscus Roy E Rearxck Lloyd Wmgard W M Mclntrre Medran Peterman Duane Wagner Herman Rupert Seibert Wood Charles L Miller William Mclntrre Miss Beverly Shacikoski Norman Mr and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Frances Mr and Mrs D Freshcorn Paul R Flemming Brice Mauk Hollobaugh G V Elgin Fadra Flickmger Mary Florence Elgin Mr Ioseph Debsky Mr and Mrs Williaml Panciera William S Merwm Mr and Mrs Laverne Iohnson Vaughn Wood and Mrs Iohn Deemer ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . . . . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . ' . . ' ' Mr. . ' ' . . Mr. . ' , . ' ' ' Mr. . ' . ' ' , Mr. . . ' ' ' A Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' . . Mr. . ' . . . ' ' Mr. . ' . . ' Mr. . ' ' . Mr. . ' Mr. . . . ' . Mr. . ' ' . . . ' Mr. . ' ' ' ' ' Mr. ...' , . . . ' Mr. . . . . - . ' . . ' . . . Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . ' ' , " " , , Mr. . , , ' I ' Mr. . E. 6. R. Television Rev. and Mrs. Amick Mr- Gnd Mrs. Nevin C. Rupert Mr. . . . . ' ' Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . - - . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . - - - Mr. . . ' Mr. . . - . Mr. . ' Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . . . ' B ' ' . ' Mr. . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' - . - ' Mr, , Mr. . Y Mr. . ' Mr. . . . . . , . . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . . . . ' ' ' Mr. . ' . . ' ' ' r. . . Mr. . ' ' ' . Mr. . ' ' . . . . Mr. . . ' ' ' . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' . . . and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Philrp Brown Herbert E Schnerder Porter Iohnston Ward Kanouft Shop PATRONS and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Delone Wood Leroy Boyer Frank Bleakney Myers Kimmel Wilmer Miller Wayne Miller Daniel Gallagher Frank E Kirk W A Beer Mr and Mrs Carl Anderson D W Gibson Mr and Mrs Alex Kunkle Mr and Mrs Harlm Smeltzer Albert C Varner Mrs Dale Meyer and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Lee Kimmel Lee Kimmel Perry Meyer Ierry Kimmel Galen Kimmel Franklin Longwell Edward Dennmg R M Hellman and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Ralph C Rankin William Free Earl Cravener Clair Kough and Family Don s Service Station Mr and Mrs Iames E Campbell Mr and Mrs Lawrence Thomas Carrie L Sharp H R Gamble Blaine Rrchardson I Frank Mulberger Dr and Mrs Sedwxck Helen A Burkett Laird Rosborough Mr and Mrs Lee Frailey Dr and Mrs Arch M Neale Gerald Kimmel Mr and Mrs Ruftner Hugh Freehlrng Rev and Mrs Iacob F Painter Mr and Mrs Iohn R Hawk Clair Cravener Florence M Sharp Iohn W Kimmel Robert Reed Robinson Mr and Mrs Howard M Kimmel Mr and Mrs D L Rupert Mr and Mrs Adam McCombxe and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Harold Mclntue Lester Rosborough Paul Flrckinger Owen Smeltzer R D Howard and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs ermce Oma and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Owen Boyer Dale Boyer Earl Schrecengost M B Smeltzer sta H L Emert Edwin Hankrnson Raymond Cashdollar I L Hawk Ronald Rearrck M T Schall Mrs Margaret Rupert Mrs Frank M Bortz Mr and Mrs W C Rupert Uber s Appliance Store I C Penny Co Dr C F Wolford Dr F G Edwards Beulah B Hastings Fisher Roddock 6. Simpson Long 6. Rinn Insurance Agency Dr and Mrs H Wilbur Black Indiana County Grange H A Stahlman DDS Capital Beauty 6 Barber Shop Penn Furniture Foreman s Service Station Mr and Mrs Wm L Sxlvis Mrs Maude McColl1m Mr and Mrs Gene Howard Owens Market Mr and Mrs S Wayne Smith Mr and Mrs O I Wmgard McGaughey Dry Cleaners Iohn E Fleming Kxmmel Coal Co Hunter s Faye s Beauty Shoppe Mr and Mrs Eugene Iohnston Eshelman s Sunoco Station O C Lytle Pete Moms 85 Bender Studro Kay s Dress Shop Dorothy s Beauty Shoppe Calhouns Service Station Tygers T B A Shop A Fnend Eastern States D I C Campbell Indiana News Co Mr Ora Bush Hartnett Vacuum Shop Uber s Market Davis Bros I M Stewart A Friend Margaret Hams Mrs C P Clark APPRECIATION We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the patrons and frrrns lrsted 1n our advertrsernent sectron These people have tarth rn our students and have been Wllllng to subscrrbe to the success ot th1s volume Your patronage ot these busrness establrsh ments wrll 1r1sure our future publrcatrons We also wrsh to thank the faculty for the1r co operatron and Mr Boyer our photographer for helprng to make th1s book a success THE STAFF Best Wrshes to 1 HEAT EQUIPMENT CO INC KITTANNING AUTO PARTS The G aduatmg Class of 1954 BOYER STUDIO Phone 3 522 RURAL VA LEY PENNA 650 North Grant Avenue KITTANNING PENNA Heatmg Arr Condrtronmq Sheet Metal Work Call 43 7741 Parts for All Cars and Trucks C B Show A F Hawk KITTANNING PENNA Phone 431791 SADLER AUTO WRECKERS See Sadler Before You Sell or Buy All Parts On Some Makes Phone 57163 or 54293 MERVIS FURNITURE STORE 111020 Orr Avenue KITTANNING PENNA Complrments of HAROLD C GRAHAM General Burldmq Contractor Phone 42 4761 KITTANNING PENNA IORDAN SERVICE STATION Grocenes Gas Meats Better Dalry Products 4 Mrles East of Krttannrnq Route 422 SNYDER S IMPLEMENT ELECTRIC PRINTERY Busmess Personal Statronery Farmall Tractors Ofhce and Factory Forms International Trucks Booklets Brochures Cards lnternatxonal Retnqerators weddmgs Printed Specmlhes P W D 1 43 0061 KITTANNING PENNA 'mason my lg KITTANNING PENNA Complrments EDWARDS FUNERAL HOME 24 Hour Ambulance Servlce Phone Rural Valley 3 305 N A S H NASH KITTANNING CO B R O D Y S North Grant at Campbell Complrments of KITTANNING PENNA KITTANNING PENNA RURAL VALLEY LUMBER COMPANY Lumber M111 Work and Bullders Supplxes RURAL VALLEY PENNA CRAFTSMEN ZIEGLER COMPANY PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING PHONE 74 743 Phone 2513 235 239 West Cunningham Street Butler Pennsylvomo 86 I ' I I t I Ol Q Y. t L. . 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Bauer Arr Sealed Bunal Vaults SInce 1922 KITTANNING PEN NA I PAUL AND GERALD KIMMEL Caterpillar and Sheppard Diesel Tractors SHELOCTA PENNA Phone Elderton 2711 RUFFNER S Authorued Hawkmson Tue Tread Servxce 1067 PhI1adelphIa Street INDIANA PENNA EINSTEIN AND CAMPBELL Botany 500 Clothes KITTANNING PENNA THE SAVINGS 6 TRUST COMPANY BOYD S INDIANA PENNA DIamonds Weddxnq Rxngs Complete Banking and Trust Service EXPN' watch Repcmnq Member Federal DEPOSII INDIANA PENNA Insurance CorporatIon WEST KITTANNING LUMBER CO For Complete Burldmg Service DEAN S DINER LUXENBURG S DAY and NIGHT Indxanas Leadmg Iewelry Store The Best In Food INDIANA PENNA 'md Sefme INDIANA PENNA H D FAIR STORE 436 North 4th Street INDIANA PENNA asa and New Holland Farm Machxnery Phone 5 4931 CompIIments of WIDDOWSONS IEWELERS INDIANA PENNA use 1928 Ask for GREINER S Farm Maxd Bread Always Fresh GREINER S BAKING CO NC INDIANA PENNA BLANEYS SERVICE STATION? 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I I I I . . 1 I I . . g Comphments of ALLIS CHALMERS POWER FARM EQUIPMENT SUPPLY Indlana 58371 GRUNDY s SPORT SHOP I Comphmems Qualxty Merchandxse E W WILLIAMS INDIANA PENNA GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 54240 ELDERTON PENNA BARCLAY S HARDWARE Phone 56031 INDIANA PENNA DICK S SWEET SHOP KING s REXALL DRUG s'roRE l302 Phxladelphxa Street INDIANA PENNA Try Our Home Made Ice Cream Phone 2 601 RURAL VALLEY PENNA ANSLEY AND ZIMMERMAN PONTIAC CHEVROLET PLUMVILLE PENNA Phone Plumvxlle 27 BROWNS BOOT SHOP INDIANA PENNA INDIANA EVENING GAZETTE Member oi Pennsylvama Newspaper As soczatron and Audxt Bureau of Ctrculahons Full Leased Assocrated Press Wxre Servxce N E H and Kmg Feature Servxce Cxrculahon I3 800 INDIANA PENNA Complrmentp Irom A N T H O N Y S Phone Elderton 2393 Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Ins C Farm Bureau Mutual Fire Ins Farm Bureau Lxfe Ins Co COLUMBUS I6 OHIO VACUUM CLEANER Smce 1933 R D I INDIANA PENNA ELDERTON PENNA DONALD G BOYER Insure and Be Sure Phone Kxttcmmng 43 8331 Resrclence Elderton 2673 GREEN VASE FLORAL SHOPPE Hallmark Cards Branded Member of Flonst Telegraph Delxvery Assoclatlon INDIANA PENNA INDIANA MUSIC HOUSE Everything m Muslc Expert Repairs 36 North 5th Street INDIANA PENNA Phone 5 7134 Complrments HELEN S BEAUTY SHOP ELDERTON PENNA Phone 2 661 ASH SHOE CO A Fnt for Every Foot A Style lor Every Taste INDIANA PENNA PHILIP I IUNKLE Heavy Duty Mechamc SPRING CHURCH PENNA Phone Apollo 72 7430 KIMCO FARMS Breeders of Registered HOLSTEIN CATTLE Harry O Klmmel Owner Phone Elderton 3926 SHELOCTA PENNA Complxments FARMERS BANK 6. TRUST CO INDIANA PENNA Member Federal Deposrt Insurance Corporatxon VICTOR E SCHALL INSURANCE Flre Automobxle HOSPIIGIIZUIIOH Compensatzon ELDERTON PENNA Phone 2262 H M 6 W H KIMMEL Poultry and Beef Cattle SHELOCTA PENNA Comphments ol CICERO S ROLLERCADE KITTANNING PENNA CLARK S HARDWARE Hardware Stoves Tmware Paints Oxl Flour Rugs Etc ELDERTON PENNA W C BENNETT FARM DELIVERY Servlce Statxon Bolk Paint Phone 53191 Petroleum Phone 5 4041 Phtladelphxa St 90 I l I of I . . I . . I I , I I X . . E I ' I - ' - - :I ' . - I ' ' . I A . cd. D' ' I I ' . . I I . I -I ' I ' I I G, A, WELTERQ1-H I332 Market St. Kittanninq, Pa. , . I I , . . I I I I of ' I I I . ., .. , I I - ' ' I I - . I - . ' . . X . ' of W - - I , . I Z - e I 5 . - f- . LAWTON BROS Truckrng Servxce Contract Haultng Builders Suppltes Wayne Feeds Phone Elderton 2863 R D I SHELOCTA PENNA DONALD K ANKENY Feeds Fertxllzer Seeds Farm Supphes and Products Coal and General Haulmg Keenco Poultry Equipment Phone Elderton 2115 HELEN S MARKET Meats and Grocenes Gas and Oxl ALTIMUS EXCAVATING CONTRACTORS INDIANA PENNA THE OUTSIDE INN Route 119 One Hall Mxle South of INDIANA PENNA T C TEMPLETON BARBER SHOP 45 Years of Servxce RURAL VALLEY PENNA X EDWARDS BROS MILLERS AND FEED MI Grocenes Kasco and Fu1lOPep BEYER PENNA Phone Plumvrlle 30 R 2 ERS McCORMICK FARM EQUIPMENT STORE Farmall Tractors McCormick Implements lnternattonal Refrtgeratron 422 South 13th Street Phone 5 6201 INDIANA PENNA INDIANA LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY Bullders Supphes Cabinet Work DuPont Paints Trans1tMxxed Concrete INDIANA PENNA SAYS FARM SUPPLY Olrver Cletrac Farm Equrpment Papec Snlage Harvester and Hammer M1115 Farquhar Sxom Age Farm Equtpment Delaval Mnlker and Deep Freezer Dtamond T Trucks 1215 Maple St Phone 54341 INDIANA PENNA SHIREMAN FLORIST Flowers of All Kmds PLUMVILLE PENNA Phone Rural Valley 3 829 W C ELGIN GENERAL REPAIRING Body and Fender Work Electric and Acetylene Welding Dral Indtana 5 7814 Route 119 North R D 2 INDIANA PENNA LIAS TIRES RECAPPING North Sth Street Extensron INDIANA PENNA Phone 5 6041 THE WILLIS FLOWER SHOP Phone 5 8621 916 Oakland Ave INDIANA PENNA MOORE S FOOD MARKET Meats Grocenes Produce Frozen Foods RURAL VALLEY PENNA MCCOLGAN TURKEY MARKET Frozen Foods Grocenes Fresh Fruxt Vegetables Locker Supplres Home Dressed Meats Phone Rural Valley 2 289 MILLER FARM Baby Chicks Hatchmg Eggs Breeding Stock Poultry Supplres R D I SHELOCTA PENNA Porter and Marte Muller Proprretcrs ADAMS IEWELERS H H Weylman Bldg KITTANNING PENNA Complrments oi F W WOOLWORTH KITTANNING PENNA Comphments ol DAILY LEADER TIMES Your Home County Darly Paper KITTANNING PENNA A A A It Pays to Belong 339 Market Street KITTANNING PENNA MARSHALL S GARAGE Pennzoxl Gas and O11 Corduroy Txres PLUMVILLE PENNA IIMS SERVICE STATION rms RECAPPING RURAL VALLEY PENNA LEISTER CAMERA SHOP Everything Photographic Photo Fmxshmg Vrew Master Dealer KITTANNING PENNA 9 ' ' I MY R'f' 'crease R M Erer R R I RprRR"'RM - aa A rRNraRri'RAA R A ' 3 l I I , W, .,,Wnn, Y Y Y i ,,,7,---MMi--M,,,,,,, , , 3 Y , , N77 A . Y VW ewm-Y- .. 1 - BILL FOX TIRE SERVICE General Txres Hawlnnson s Tread Goes a Long Way to Make Fnends KITTANNING PENNA Comphments of KITTANN ING BUILDERS SUPPLY KITTANNING PENNA MATEER FURNITURE STORE KITTANNING PENNA Comphments of IOES ARMY 61 NAVY STORE 115 South Iefterson Street KITTANNING PENNA I 61 N DINER Goon roon South Water Street KITIANNING PENNA MCHENRY 61 PAINTER INC Insurance and Bonds 236 Market Street KITTANNING PENNA Comphments of ALEXANDER 61 BOWSER Recappmq and Applxances KITTANNING PENNA Comphments of MERDITH SERVICE STATION Garrets Run Road Comphments of WILLIS H HEILMAN AGENCY Mellon Bank Bulldmg KITTANNING PENNA Comphments of WOODIE S FLOWER SHOP KITTANNING PENNA Comphments of F IRESTONE TIRE 6. RUBBER CO KITTANNING PENNA CHRISTIAN BOOK AND SUPPLY STORE Bibles Books Mottos Sunday School and Church Supplxes 344 Market Street KITTANNING PENNA FERGUSON S BODY SHOP Frame and Wheel Allgnment Body and Fender Work 24 Hour Towmg Servxce 3085 Water Street KITTANNING PENNA E 6. L CHEVROLET KITTANNING PENNA MELLON NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Krttanmng Office KITTANNING PENNA Comphments of OBADE CANDY CO KITTANNING PENNA Armstrong Countys Largest Chevrolet Dealer PATTERSON HEATING 6 PLUMBING Waterbury Furnaces acuu Pumps Law W t H tr son a er ea e s 163 South Ieflerson Street KITTANNING PENNA Phone 42 0745 QUINN S HARDWARE Monad Paxnt Sportmg Goods Hardware KITTANNIN G HILANDS WRAY GOLF DRIVING RANGE 4 Mlles East of Kxttanmng on Route 422 Shuifleboard Pop Candy Hot Dogs Comphments of PAULS AUTO PARTS KITTANNING PENNA FORD CITY PENNA Comphments oi KITTANNING NEW CAR AND TRUCK DEALERS ASSOCIATION Comphments of E O GOLDEN KITTANNING PENNA KENT S IEWELRY 116 Market Street KITTANNING PENNA Comphments of RUPP BROTHERS INC KITTANNING PENNA 92 . 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 1 - 1 . 1 - n 1 . 1 . I 1 1 1 , . 1 . , . 1 , . 1 s 1 . 1 . ' ' 1 1 . 1 . 1 . a I , , . , . 1 - ' Wlyfl 1 uw f JJ j Unix f !'f!f1,Ar W A LM FI P I0 L! Z S' -P- O C 3 L .N fm I- -A. 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