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f,.,KTwx-,55-7-TF.,-vf1fY,r.,..-nw KY, Y iii..- .V , . , . , V V ,, Q V , V, , 1 , 141:11 " vw-r1.1uc.maQ.-211+ ' J, "J f 1 " 'fe12:1 H' kiwi: i.,:11':s-af' 4 1" TSTIQC1??'li:":r1a5f5asf"-31' iiiij' E,-'T-" NAME CLASS DATE Efllmf Asslstmt Eclztwr Sdleg Nlanagef BuSmeSS Manager JACK REARICK RAYMOND SCHALL Faculty Adx Ors MISS THELMA CERUTTI Mr' JAMES FAULKNER WAYNE MEYERS N.kNCY RICHARDSON PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ELDERTON JOINT HIGH SCHOOL UNITED STAND EL- WE , 1+ gg ,Nj X TQ X21 'D ,Dlx NNRSN M' K -is 'S-S. Mx, -.,j K. Hx:X- - 5 DIVIDED WE FALL fm' Olllflllllf EDUCATED WE WOULD BE I! ,M ff v-W' gnii All of 115 CLIHYL' I0 school 111121 the M5116 to lazrzz, I0 III6'VL'l0lD, I0 3111111 kzzow- Z lcuflgv. Altlyozggfa we f01111'l1'1111'5 had Iflilllifb' ULD!! of 5b0w111LQ 12111 111.711, 1111 of is 115 Lf! lvvflvr 1q11WJ1u' I0 111111 tba WUVH f ES UIZZ . q Q,, , V k k I L CLASSES - LABS - STUD ES FOREWORD Gone forever are the days of 1951 and 1952 days of fun and laughter of learnmg and development Yet long will thelr mfluence remam wlth us We begxn to reahze that Elderton JOlHt Hxgh School has become a part of us even as we have been a part of E J H S Conscrously or unconscxously we have assrmllated some of the finer xntangxble thmgs that xts hlgh school lxfe offers It 1S our hope rn pLlb11Sh1l'1g thls annual that lt wxll always prove a store house of memorles for you THE STAFF FAMILIAR HAUNTS 6 CONTENTS Administration Seniors Classes Athletics Activities Features DEDICATION s.-f' 'bv JAMES L FAULKNER It IS dlflicult for the semor class of 1952 to express thexr apprecxatlon to Mr Faulkner for h1s work m publxshmg th1s the 1952 El H1 An H1s tlmely suggestlons and rdeas steered us over many rough places We would all do well to follow h1s example for fellowshlp and all around leadershlp m our later l1ves 8 . LX A 1 x A e 3 ' 1 we . um A f V 'lI.","7 No '95 .f'Wb0fQ,. ai. M X xl! EL HI AN SPONSORS is L- xg' . , 4 - tx 5 A -ix I kv.,--'J'-'-52. ,, Q . N Y ' f- f'-W-+ . 'f 'V V ' ,lu 5 Iva Y . M K1 'r L. R' 'N 'rr' JJ 4 ff I A , x ," ' t kt 5 ' . ' ADMINISTRATION AMESSAGE FROM MR. KUNKLE 'V' YQ? ALEX J KUNKLE Supervxsmg Prmczpal Elderton jomt School Congratulatlons to the Class of 1952 It IS dlfficult for me as a representatwe of your teachers to g1ve you any partmg advlce Many tlmes durmg the few brxef years we have been together as puplls and teachers you have been compelled to hsten to our advxce perhaps sometunes rather reluctantly and dlsmnterestedly The past IS no longer w1th us Your school records have been made From now our paths w1ll cross only occasxonally but I assure you we w1l1 not forget you and we w1ll always be m terested 1n each of you and your success We also hope that each of us has contrlbuted some thmg worthwhxle 1n educatlon to each of you Do your best always not because your work 1S worth lt but because you are Half hearted work never brought success or happ1ness to anyone Our best wrsh goes wxth you 10 lx . M' ,s X I- .ps ff: 9 , . s y ' 1 9 - ' BOARD OF EDUCATICN Seated left to right Charles Everhart Harry Burkett Harlan Smeltzer Secretary Delone Wood Presxdent Mrs Vlxldred Schall Vlce Presldent Mr D E Rupert Standing Ross Wxlson Clalr Muller Wxllnam Altman C H Rupp--Treasurer James Smxth John Wllson Burton Townsend IN APPRECIATION Far too many of us take the adm1n1strat1on of our school for granted We walk away wlth our diplomas and never gmve a thought to those men d1rectly responslble for our own educatlon al mstltutlon Few people reahze the v1tal1mportance of the pubhcly elected Board of Educa t1on However 1n contrast to th1s popular notxon that school affalrs manage themselves we find th1s small body work1ng d1l1gently for the proper mamtenance and betterment of our school system Our school board has done a great deal to provlde us wlth a good educatxonal background so necessary for the proper type of c1t1zen m our democracy These gentlemen of the board have gnven the1r txme generously to the advancement of our local school system The present board 1S to be commended on the1r wlsely declsloned bulldmg program a program whxch has rece1ved wlde recogmtxon by our state educators leadmg newspapers and trade and profess1onal maga zmes We deeply apprec1ate the excellent work of th1s group IN MEMORIAM Elderton suffered a loss when Mr D E Rupert passed away on November 28 1951 He served for several years on the Board of Educatnon and was actlve 1n many commum ty projects ll i , 1 f 5 . A 49 S V . . , I 1 xv gi 5 Aj f Z' R. D. Howard, Wilbert Rearick, J. O. Farester, Russel Geidel. Absent: Charles Green, J. L. Hawk, Glen Elgin, . , 7 . . . . , 7 7 I - . . . , . ALEX J KUNKLE AB MEd Superwsmg Prmczpal CLAIRE E RUPERT Hxgh School Secretary 1 EARL M RUPERT School Custodzan ADMINISTRATION I1- C PAUL CLARK BS MEd High School Principal MARY P DENNING CECELIA B ZEISLER BETTY L HEIMBERGER DOROTHY A BUETTNER THELMA M CERUTTI JESSIE J COLOAN J CLARENCE SHAFFER JOSEPH DEBSKY PAUL R FLEMING JOHN DEEMER H FRANKLIN LONGWELL C PAUL CLARK LAVERNE S JOHNSON RAYMOND V DUNMIRE HERMAN E RUPERT JAMES L FAULKNER II If I 1, .-, Iv- Q I - M . . ..,. if it f ul A I I ,X xi . K -. , C ,-. ' 1- . 1' -X Q, A a A .JJ - G I I A- I I 1 -f- , N , FC.,-- . f - .,"". , 9 - ' J I " 40, , , , 1. .- 4 K , . . - I I is . ' Q I ' Xu , . I I 3 1 2 C-. . Q61 Ba1NG 'N X I f come BG' X PT'-1 5 f-,ff f ,ij -fl 'Y 1-3?-,,l' L! as ,,,.,... ' ' --T1 il -" J ff iz sr cK He"e! -52 I jpg' 'L CJ 1 A US" x I-L' f V ' Xa J"""' N Z flu X' ff G Q59 if f L b l - 'J f 'A 'N ,I 'WI Dorothy A. Buettner Spanish, English Mary P Dennmg Social Studxes FACULTY Thelma M. Cerutti Commercial C Paul Clark Science Mathematics Jessie J Colgan junior High School kia Joseph Debsky Music John Deemer jumor Hzgh School 1 O Raymond V Dunmlre Librarian James L Faulkner Englzsh FACULTY Paul R Flemmg Industrial Arts Betty L He1mberger Mathematics Laverne S Johnson Physical Education H Franklm Longvxell Vocational Agriculture Herman E Rupert Sczence Cecelia B. Zeisler Home Economics L... J. Clarence Shaffer junior High School A Y i4KxQNS',f X 1 Q58 X K N XXW Uwfii, ffff ff jg F. V 6 Whig! w L 4 MQ X K KR Y Rx X XS? W z""l fi-' ff".-. 'lumamlb' 117 ffl Q, Q Lg v V X xi X .. Q 4' 5 wr + + J X Q uf v' ' X ' I ' W a. I , , 'fi f x 1 M J 1, s U ff' ! 3, I J 4 - flip-J 1, , X MQW.-fKIWl'iiW 1 friffaxw, V51 + Yx .X HM' Nix. 3 A x kfxx., MVXN' M wixki. Lg N is 9 NN 'N' J Er 'Ei A WXQSEW' ywpfofw , f Q fwWWW Wx 'Wf' yM ' W M ' r 1 u +2 5 'AI M' My ' W L'uM:gf k N V . ffy !3 , 'HI MNNX W' If K M A lr 1 ff vfi' 1- H7119 Wm Q M! .Ur f - 1' ll HN! " Y Wp a llwll f M! wllw wj FY 'Aqdxg N A N N 'A E x xx Z-5 4 J ,W dl' 3 , 1 ' X H K f V. 'I 1 ' , A x lnfymwf wwfwll i Q MMM VX ,rl Nl QL 41 Q Wm Qiuuusns ll 4MalwI""" -Q-""-' gy?-'f MISS NANC Y RICHARD SON Sponsor of Se mor Class . , A- ke Vygiw ,,.l. ,W ' ' gm , A ig 1, SA is l , Q- X A f - 9 4 O f Q ' I K , sy 17 SENIOR CLASS Front: Paul Simmons, President. Back: Ruth Sheasley, Secretaryq Geraldine Claypool, Treas- urer: Don Wingard, Vice President. CLASS COLORS CLASS Morro CLASS FLOWER Blue and Gold "United We Stand" Yellow Rose "Divided We Fall" Great masterminds. A tight squeeze. Human? Theory before the Cake- New Cheerleaders' uniforms. Relaxation in room 2. fs., 1 S' v- mf' VJ ,...,.. 'is 1 - , if! rw- I Ili f 1' f SENIOR!- 9 SENIORS -1 Gi WILLIAM EDWARD ALTMEYER-"Bill" Went three years to Kittanning H. S .... Chorus 4 . . . favorite Q foods are chicken and ice cream . . . Hi-Y 4 . . . "One Wild Night" 4 . . . works at Flynn's Dept. Store, Ford City . . . varsity basketball . . . hopes to become a veterinarian. ROBERT BOYER-HBObn Band 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Boys' Chorus 3, 4 . . . J. V. Basketball 1 . . . Varsity 2, 3, 4 . . . Baseball 1, 2 . . . "Good Night Ladies" 3 . . . "One Wild Night" 4 . . . Student Council 3, 4 . . . Orchestra 1, 2 . . . Hi-View 3 . . . Movie Club 3 . . . Hi-Y 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . can really choke the spaghetti down. L GERALDINE CI.AvPooI.-"Deanie" Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 . . . F. H. A. 1 . . . Hi-View 3, 4 . . . Class Treasurer 4... El-Hi-An 4 . . . "Good Night Ladies" 3 . . . Student Council 3 . . . enjoys typing . . . loves that Italian spaghetti . . . ambition is to become a secretary. RUTH COLEMAN-UCOIBITISIF' F. H. A. 1, 3, 4 . . . F. H. A. Historian 4 . . . Tri-Hi-Y 1, 3, 4 . . . Girls' Chorus 1, 3, 4 . . . Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 4 . . . J. V. Cheerleader 3 . . . Varsity Cheerleader 4 . . . junior Play 3 . . . "One Wild Night" 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . likes to play rough basketball . . . "Which shall I be, a Physical Ed. or an English teacher?" EDITH HARKLEROAD-"Shorty" Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . F. H. A. 1 . . . Tri-Hi-Y 4 . . . Hi-View 3, 4 . . . likes that spaghetti . . . ambition is to be a telephone operator. FRANCES JEAN HARTMAN-"Jeanie" Attended Kittanning High for three years . . . Tri-Hi-Y 4 N ht, N... ,. xr-- XE.. . . . Mixed Chorus 4 . . . Visual Education 3 . . . enjoys square dancing. JUDY HEILMAN-'iMUSCl8S,, Chorus 1,2,3,4...Band 1,2,3,4...F.H.A.1..."Good Night Ladies" 3 . . . 'AOne Wild Night" 4 . . . J. V. Cheerleader 3 . . . Varsity Cheerleader 4 . . . El-Hi-An Staff 4 . . . Hi-View 2, 3 . . . enjoys chocolate ice cream . . . wants to be a Physical Ed. teacher. GARY JOHNSTON-"Gary" jr. Varsity Basketball 1, 3 . . . Varsity Basketball 2, 4 . . Band 1 . . . Chorus 3, 4 . . . Student Council 1, 4 . . . F.F.A.2,3,4...HiView3...El-Hi-AnStai'f4... "One Wild Night" 4 . . . Hi-Y 4 . . . can really eat the chicken . . . intends to be a pilot. Lois KELLYiK'TOOtS,, Chorus 2, 3, 4 . . . Hi View 4 . . . "One Wild Night" 4 . . . ambition is to be a telephone operator . . . enjoys eating cherry pie. LAWRENCE KEPPLE-"junior" F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 . . . F. F. A. Reporter 2 . . . F. F. A. Treas- SENIORS urer 3 . . . Class Reporter 2 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Hi-Y 4 . . . drives a yellow Willy's truck . . . ambition is to become a truck driver. RAY KIMPEL-"Ray" Attended Kittanning Hi h the first three ears g y . . . , . . . Boys' Chorus 4 . . . Mixed Chorus 4 . . . enjoys eating chicken . . . ambition is to get through school. FLORENCE Kouol-I-"Flon F. H. A. 1, 2 . . . Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 . . . Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . likes skating . . . ambition is to become a seamstress. I Rifle Club 1 2 RUTH LEIGHTLEY-"Dimples" Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Mixed Chorus 1, 2, "Good Ni ht Ladies" 3 Hi View 3 4 3,4...F.H.A. 1 als with Ruth, . . . g . . . , . . . p Edith and Geraldine . . . ambition is to become a nurse. JANE LEIGHTNER-"Janie" Student Council 1 . . . F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . F. H. A. Treasurer 3 . . . Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 . . . Tri-Hi-Y Secretary 4 . . . Orchestra 1, 2 . . . Band 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . . . "One Wild Night" 4 . . . J. V. Cheerleader 3 . . . Varsity Cheerleader 4 . . . enjoys roller skating . . . ambition is to become a secretary. . Yearbook Staff 4 ERWOOD MEYER-"Woody" Varsity and J. V. Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Movie Club 3 . . . Hi-Y 4 . . . enjoys eating ice cream . . . hopes to enter Army Airborne. WAYNE MEYERS-"Meyers" Baseball 1, 2 . . . Student Council 2, 4 . . . J. V. Basket- ball 1 . . . Varsit Basketball 2 3 4 y , , . . . . . . Hi View 3, 4 . . . "Good Night Ladies" 3 . . . "One Wild Night" 4 . . . Movie Club 3 . . . . . . President Hi-Y 4 . . . one of our basketball stars . . . ambition is to play professional baseball. Class President 3 Yearbook Editor 4 owe. boi 1 . v c e ,E 4 1 x M51 31 ' 74 X 'SQC7' SENIORS JANICE E. MCGAUGHEY--"Jan" F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . F. H. A. Secretary 2 . . . Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 . . . Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Band 2, 3, 4 . . . jr. Varsity Cheerleader 3 . . . Varsity Cheerleader 4 . . . El-Hi-An Staff 4 . . . "One Wild Night" 4 . . . enjoys eating banana splits and barbecues . . . wishes to be a beautician. SHIRLEY ORR-"Shirl" F. H. A. 1, 2 . . . Vice President 3 . . . Secretary 4 . . . Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 . . . Hi-View Staff 3 . . . Class President 1 . . . Class Secretary 2 . . . Class Treasurer 3 . . . Band 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Orchestra 1, 2 . . . Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . jr. Varsity Cheerleader 3 . . . Varsity Cheerleader 4 . . . El-Hi-An Staff 4 . . . "Good Night Ladies" 3 . . . "One Wild Night" 4 . . . spaghetti is her favorite dish . . . intends to be her father's secretary. e 5 4 M in it Q 9, LYNN PARKS-"Lynn" ' F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 . . . Hi-Y 4 . . . enjoys eating beef steak and pie . . . headed for the Army. MARJORIE PASTERIKi-"M8fg6,, Q ' N "Good Night Ladies" 3 . . . A'One Wild Night" 4 . . . besides '91 ' 1- the boys, this blond likes spaghetti . . . ambition is to be- ?" come a history teacher. JACK REARICK-"jack" Band 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Boys' Chorus 3, 4 . . . Mixed Chorus 3, 4 . . . F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 . . . jr. Varsity Basketball 2, 3 . . . Baseball 2 . . . "Good Night Ladies" 3 . . . "One Wild Night" 4 . . . El-Hi-An 4 . . . pet peeve is Detension Hall . . . his desire is to be a business man. NANCY RICHARDSON-"Nancy" F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . F. H. A. President 3 . . . Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 . . . Class Vice President 1 . . . Class Treasurer 2 . . . Class Secretary 3 . . . Band 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Orchestra 1, 2 . . . Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 3 . . . Varsity Cheerleader 4 . . . Student Council Vice President 3 and Treasurer 4 . . . Hi-View 3 . . . Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3 . . . Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 . . . "Good Night Ladies" 3 . . . "One Wild Night" 4 . . . El-Hi-An Staff 4 . . . likes dancing . . . wants to become a secretary. RACHELLEE Ronocxiza-"Rodocker" Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . F. H. A. 2 . . . Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4 . . . Hi-View 3, 4 . . . likes to eat French fried potatoes . . . ambition is to become a clerk in a store. RAYMOND SCHALL--uSCl'l3ll,, Jr. Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3 . . . Varsity Basketball 4 . . . Secretary of Class 1 . . . Student Council 2, 3, 4 . . . Treas- urer of Student Council 2 . . . President of Student Council 4 . . . Hi-View 2, 3 . . . Baseball 1, 2 . . . Band 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Orchestra 1, 2 . . . County Band 2, 3 . . . District Band 2, 4, President of Band 4 . . . Movie Club 3 . . . El-Hi-An Staff 4 . . . Hi-Y 4 . . . enjoys eating spaghetti . . . will probably be a Physical Ed teacher . . . "Good Night Ladies" 3 . . . "One Wild Night" 4. RUTH SHEASLEY-"Blondie" Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 . . , F. H. A. 2 . . . Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Hi-View 3, 4 . . . "One Wild Night" 4 . . . Secretary of Class 4 . . . likes to eat chocolate cake . . . expects to become a housewife. Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4 . . . Baseball 1, 2 . . . Chorus 3 ...F.F.A.2,3,4...Hi-Y4...enjoys eatingfish... S E N I O R S ALVIN SILVIS-uL86,, lover Of all sports . . . will probably be a truck driver. - PAUL SIMMONS-"Simmons" 3 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Chorus 2, 3, 4 . . . El-Hi-An 4 . . . President of Class 4 . . . Hi-Y 4 . . . A'One Wild Night" 4 . . . apple pie and ice cream is this lad's eating enjoyment . . . ambition is to in join the Air Corps. F. F. A. 3, 4 . . . Hi-Y 4 . . . likes to eat sundaes . . . wants to join the navy . . . right now his ambition is to graduate. . X sa 'N Er , 2 Ya' if GC JEROME STRONG? jerry" DONALD WINGARD-"Don" Student Council 4 . . . Vice President of Class 3, 4 . . . Hi-View Staff 3 . . . Movie Club 3 . . . "Good Night Ladies" 3 . . . "One Wild Night" 4 . . . Jr, Varsity Basketball 1, 2 . . . Varsity Basket- ball 3, 4 . . . Hi-Y 4 . . . Boys' Chorus 3, 4 . . . Mixed Chorus 3, 4 . . . Track 3 . . . Baseball 1, 2 . . . El-Hi-An 4 . . . enjoys eating apple pie a la mode . . . ambition is to play professional baseball. 1595 a ine - Edi th TS S ,Q . 'fx 1, 'K-A 'R-.35 1 Put Aix Bob .- "J Judj E.. Mar-ge H La-rrence t P J . -. V Pngf , ' 1 SE .-.1 0, -v., ff? U 4. Q. f 4 Y. H' 7- N ,, M., mv ' Nfncx I f :.'.- , 4 js 9 ffqfiif . , 3 .- N - W fi'!?f:z1f + A, Pfam. ' . 4 R. , .L Y P je , Nix i ,, , A" Jean . :Thi .V N, K ez-'MW :mg K-V' ' I . v ' nv fav.-, ,ls 'f ,ff , -A -f-m'yaviQs ix ill d iff ff . dyne v-,-vffri Lola S E N I O R S A HISTORY OF WHAT WE DID AND How WE DID IT In the fall of 1948 a large group of boys and glrls wlth starched frocks and scrubbed faces entered the halls of knowledge at E H S That year these future semors were to be known as the Green Freshmen Durmg the Week of 1n1t1at1on we really lrved up to our nlckname At the end of th1s horrlble ordeal all the klck me slgns were battered to pleces We were up to thls txme the largest class ever to enter E H S Our class officers were as follows Presldent Shlrley Orr V1ce Pres1 dent Nancy RlChafdSOU Secretary Raymond Schall Treasurer Marbelle Boyer We were represented 1n the Student COUHCII by Jane Lelghtner and Gary Johnston To the J V basketball team we contrlbuted seven freshman boys These players were Raymond Schall Gary Johnston Kenneth Smay Bob Boyer Donald Wmgard Jxm Stro ka and Wayne Meyers It was a brg event when we were moved up to the rank of sophomores ln the fall of 1949 We added a new student Lo1s Kelly from Ind1ana Hlgh School However we were very old Farster Albert Brxnk Margaret Erb Am ber Farrman Gale Kenmurr Mary Jane Km nan Gayle Mclntxre Jlm Stroka and Donald Young The class leaders were presldent Jlm Stro ka v1ce presldent Amber Falrman secretary Shxrley Orr treasurer Nancy Rrchardson Our act1v1ty for our tenth year was one square dance featurmg the Stephens Famlly We sold magazlnes and recexved a n1ce sum of money for our class treasury We closed our books and locked the doors to EHS on May 25 1950 and went home for a three months vacatron After a very n1ce vacatlon we agam re turned to the old pen and started a new semester as Jumors We recelved another new student Paul Slmmons from Elders Rldge H S We dldnt gam 1n number however as Kenneth Smay left us We elected the followmg class officers Presrdent Wayne Meyers V1ce Presxdent Don Wmgard Secretary Nancy Rxchardson Treasurer Shlrley Orr The student councll members were Bob Boyer and Raymond Schall Thrs year Wayne Meyers Erwood Meyer Lee S1lv1s and Bob Boyer earned Varsxty basketball posltlons Raymond Schall and Gary Johnston were stlll members of the JV team Our act1v1t1es mcluded a square dance fea turmg the Nrght Hawks We also sponsored the Jumor and Semor Prom m the sprmg Next year would be our last year at E H S and many txmes thrs thought passed through our mmds durmg our summer vacatlon T1me sped on and before we knew rt we were plunged head long mto our semor year Krttannmg Hlgh School sent us four students They were Jean Hartman John Crownover B111 Altmeyer and Ray Krmpel Before the year was very far along though four of our boys fell along the way s1de John Crownover B111 McInt1re Paul Gxllesple and Don Lm senblgler were the four who dxsappomted us Our semor ofhxcers were Presldent Paul Slmmons V1ce Presldent Donald Wmgard Secretary Ruth Sheasley Treasurer Geral dme Claypool ThlS was really a bxg year for us As semors we sponsored a square dance to start thmgs off The Tune TW1St6fS played for our success ful dance Next came the Semor Play which everyone enjoyed And the next thing we knew we were ln Rural Valley gettmg our pxctures taken Th1s year the class attended a Career Day Conference at the Kxttanmng Hlgh School Our class was proud to xnxtlate th1s pohcy at EH S The last 8CtlVlty of the year was the J umor and Semor Prom It was a gay affaxr 1n whnch everyone had a wonderful tlme Now came the final act when we must leave good old E H S forever Then out we go mto the world and proceed on our own It IS no wonder that as the last few weeks of our school year faded away we looked back over our happy school memorxes wxth rnlsty eyes , ' , ' 9 , ' : , . H 77 ' . - . . . - l , , . . , it '. 77 ' ' . v a ' . , , ' . . y S 1 .... 3 , - ' . . ., , . . , , , - . . v v 1 ' - - - , . ! ! . . , . ' 9 1 3 7 ' l - , I ' I , . . , . . , . 1 sorry to lose the followmg mne students: Har- - - - 9 I r 1 " 7 1 ' : 9 , Y , . 3 . . , . 3 ' 9 S 7 ' : . , . - . 3 , Z , ' ' , ' 3 7 ' ' 9 - ' ' 9 ' ' ' 7 7 . . . . 9 ' . 7 9 . . . , . 1 1 ' D I 1 -' , . Q . , . . . I .. 25 .- CLASS WILL We the Senior Class of 1952 of Elderton Joint High School who have now received the goal which we have so longed for have many possesslons which we cannot take with us such as thumb tacks chewing gum books and teachers We would like to leave these cherished items to the deserving few We have for the last time discarded all other wllls and declare this our last will and testament SECTION I First, we wish to remember our senior year teachers We do bequeath to Mrs Zeisler All headaches of teaching us Home Eco nomics mamly cooking and sewing Mr Faulkner Our appreciation for helping so efficiently with the 1952 El Hi An Mr Flemmg All flat tires and dmged fenders Mr Johnson An up and coming basketball team and hopes of first place in the league Mr Longwell All blue ribbons and prize stock Miss Cerutti Our compliments for supervrsing the publi cation of the H1 View so well Miss Buettner Our thanks for directing the senior play and helping to make it a great success Miss I-Ieimberger All our tough problems in Mathematics Mr Clark All our illegal and tardy excuses Mr Rupert All the explosions in the Chemistry room Mr Debsky All unpolished instruments and broken ear drums Mr Kunkle All telephone calls and school supplies SECTION II Many were called but few were chosen Those few are hereby recognized by our individual SEDIOYS Marjorie Pasterik leaves her height to Lee Smeltzer Lynn Parks leaves his uiet manners to Au Geraldme Claypool leaves her abillty to play basketball to Wilda Johns Jack Rearick leaves his funny faces to James Peterman Florence Kough leaves her ability to carry on in study hall to Ronald D Miller Donald Wmgard leaves his good manners to Frank SllVlS Lois Kelly leaves her temper to any other red head Wayne Meyers leaves his basketball ability to Milford Wagner Ruth Coleman leaves her athletic ability to Betty Frederick Nancy Richardson leaves her neatness to all who need it Lee S1lv1s leaves his baseball ability to Virgil Rearick Shirley Orr leaves her good looks to anyone who needs it Ruth Sheasley leaves her ability as a Hitt to VlV1aH Grinder Bill Altmeyer leaves his wavy hair to Carrie George Judy Hellman leaves herself to Bob Lasher Lawrence Kepple leaves his guitar playing to Wayne Baker to Edna Boyer Raymond Schall leaves his ability to play a trumpet to Gary Wood Jean Hartman leaves her smgmg ability to Peg Stitt Ray Kimpel leaves his football ability to the future football team Rachellee Rodocker leaves herself to Apollo Gary Johnston leaves his good sense of humor to Vernon Parks Edith Harkleroad leaves herself to Richard Craig Jerome Strong leaves his bright colored hats to Frank Bortz Ruth Leightley leaves her typing ability to Laurabell Rishell Jane Lelghtner leaves herself to Cicero s Rol lercade Erwood Meyer leaves himself to be the future manager of the P1ttsburgh Pirates Paul Simmons leaves his sore throats from being class presldent to any other president Bob Boyer leaves Anna Mae Adams to Bob Hankey This our last will and testament has been witnessed by the twenty nine members of our class this 29th day of May 1952 and signed by Paul Simmons Class President, and Donald Wingard Vice President . q . - c drey Yount. Janice McGaughey leaves her driving ability - 26 - CLASS PROPHECY Boy, what a swell day' You know, I feel as though I slept for almost ten years Impossible but I guess Ill find out Ill see whats on the radlo Thls IS ER I D , and now five mlnutes of the la e world news Bob Boyer reportlng CBob who IS also a great slnger IS dolng very well ln hls radlo career He hopes to start hls own radlo statlon ln Shelocta very soon J Flash' Jerry Strong has just won the tourna ment of the auto races ln Indlanapolls Indiana Now our commercial Furnlture to move? See the Mayflower Moving Vans, owned and operated by Lawrence Kepple Oh Oh there goes the telephone just a mlnute I ll have to turn the radlo off Hello-Oh hello Ruth No Im not busy What' You say Edlth Harkle road was appolnted Dean of the new Sororlty House over on jefferson Street Elderton really has pros pered ln the last few years hasnt It Ruth? O K Well Ill be seelng you bye That was my old school pal, the former Ruth Lelghtley She and her husband own the super market ln Elderton Well I feel klnd of famlshed I guess Ill eat my breakfast before I dle of starvation But first I ll see lf the mllkman came yet Yes, here lt IS Oh' Good mornlng Erwood I see you have a letter for me sectlon of town I heard that he and hlS wlfe have just bought the blg house on the corner of Maln and Oak Street Wlth those four boys they certalnly need a large house Let's see, thls letter IS from jean Hart man Incldently she IS now a nurse ln the Whltesburg HOSPIIHI She graduated from Rockvllle Tralnlng School for Nurses Now whlle I m eatlng my oreakfast Ill read the momlng paper You have probably heard that Don Wlngard IS now edltor of thls paper the Elderton Tlmes My he really was the ambltlous one of our class He advanced from dltch dlgglng to edltlng a newspaper ln just these ten years Well heres an lnterestlng ltem Florence Kough had a bouncing baby boy last nlght Thls makes her fifth one Her husband operates a dalry farm lh Shelocta" Rachelle Rodocker wrltes a comic strlp that IS publlshed ln the Tlmes Last summer she won fame and fortune by swlmmlng the Engllsh Channel Tlme now for me to watch Marjorie Pasterlk on her televlslon show She conducts a program of ln terest malnly for women, conslstlng of household hlnts, TGCIPSS and ltems of general lnterest to the housewlfe What a colncldence' Today her guest IS Lynn Parks now a famous opera slnger And just thlnk he was always such a qulet boy ln school Ill certalnly have to hurry lf I want to catch that next bus down town' There now the door 15 locked and I m on my way And here comes the bus just on time Schall they call hlm Raymond now operates the Schall bus llnes Hello Ray Of course you remember Ray Klmpel He IS one of the bus drlvers He hopes someday to have a bus llne of hls own ln Shay He and hls fiancee a clerk ln the local FIVE and Ten are plannlng a June weddlng Thls IS the corner where I get off and just a few steps from the McGaughey Beauty Shoppe Hello JSIIICG I hope I m not late for my appointment " After graduatlng from Apollo Beauty School Janlce set up her own shop on 10th Street Well look who just came ln Lee SllVlS a cosmetlc salesman' He travels throughout Pennsylvanla selling equlpment to varlous beauty shops Thank you JZIIICB I ll have to be runnlng along Hum m m here s Lols Kelly s dress shop I thlnk I ll go IH and see lf her shipment of the latest dress styles IS ln yet Lols has been dolng very well wlth her shop the past elght years Remember Wayne Meyers who was always cuttlng up ln school? Well he 15 now cuttlng up ln hls barber shop just across the street I am to meet Shlrley Orr at the Altmeyer Rest aurant Blll owns the new restaurant on 8th Street ln Elderton Belng such a wonderful cook he went lnto the restaurant buslness and now serves the best Oh' Here comes Shlrley now just returnlng from a buslness trlp As you know she IS employed by the Floyd Orr Corporatlon 726 North East Boulevard Elderton Pennsylvanla Later Feels so good to be back home Knock knock That was two of my former class mates Ruth Coleman and Nancy Rlchardson both teachers at the Elderton Hlgh School Ruth IS the Physical Education teacher and Nancy teaches Home Economics They both enjoy teachlng very much Well I must get dlnner started guests tonlght Two former classmates Ruth Sheasley and jane Lelghtner jane wlnner of roller skatlng tournaments IS now teachlng roller skatmg at the Lelghtner Roller Rlnk Ruth Sheasley owns the beautlful fifty acre flower farm just out of town Her maln flowers are the orchld and the petunla Gary Johnston a licensed pllot operates her flower farm I ll have to hurry to get down town and take ln the last shovx starrlng Judy Hellman and jack Rearlck Judy s theatre career started through one of her best friends Jane Russell And jack well h was just born an actor It belng so late I had better take a IGXI home We all know Paul Slmmons a very fine lad who owns and operates the Slmmons IGXI servlce The prophecy of the class of 1952 was wrltten by Geraldlne Claypool, who IS undoubtedly a syndl cate gossip columnlst ln Hollywood Callfornla J ' 71 ' ' ' ll Y, , , . , . 1 1 1 ' L ' ' H ' ' . . . .' l I st ' . I . ,, . . . . . , . , . , 1 ' ' -:C . - . . I , . . - If ' - . n ' 1 1 'T' . , : 1 . . , . . , . 'Q 1, . ,, . , . ' Y Y - 1, , Y . K5 , . ' l - - T 1 - 1 - , . . - ' , . . . . , . -h I . , . . . . , Y - 1, - 1 1 T - . . . . . , o 1 ' 1 I - . . , I n 1 a Q T-at I . , . today."-Erwood Meyer is the new postman in our lunches and dinners m town' . . . , - ' - . 1 1 . . . . , . ' I ' l ' ' ' 1 A 1 . . . . H ' ' y 1 . H . A . ' . . G ' , . . . . . . . , - .. . . y . I , . . v Y ' ' ' F-t If . 1 v 1 , . - Y . - I . I , . ' I lf ' YY . , , . . . . . , ' ' . ' - ' , . . . , , e , . 1 , . l a ' Y y A Y ' ' , . . . '- Y , . . .- , . . . . . . . , . - 31 - 0 X W ,E a X mx x ssmen Tag x X X X X -X'-Y- Y W- - N' . . W R b I :: x X A n, fff H. X E 1 fx vi .Zi ,O Q 1 2 Q 9 3 , 1 ,VX 'mf -wuaiiif' MISS EDNA BOYER Sponsor of jumor Class 33 ji , 1 K ,,.Qa s .s sQ ,? ' 64 4 . sb h I 3 L ss s s 14. JUNIOR CLASS Jacqueline Powell, Vice President: Anna Mae Adams, Secretaryg Kenneth Wissinger, President: Missing, Arlene Sheasley, Treasurer. CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER CLASS Morro Blue and Gold Orchid "A winner never quits and a quitter never wins." "Oh! Frankie." "Pretty Boy." "Wow." "Ain't Love Grand." wwf 'ill ' " "Nw: T '51 "' ts 2 di ff! ' - :L ', .54 -' k mp ,-' , 3 , lP"ti'Xf:"'-:L il ' 191- i f X ' 52 ,Af fa- kmxv A . . V K We -., if-A V 'l JUNIOR GIRLS First row: Vivian Grinder, Donna Cravener, Shirley Ellenberger, Anna Mae Adams, Marguerite Stitt, Joyce Ashbaugh, Laura Belle Rishell. Sec- ond row: Grace Gearhart, Wilda Johns, Peggy Varner, Beverly Wil- liams, Jackie Powell, Arlene Sheasley, Ethel Miller. Third row: Edna Boyer, Glenna Lou Wingard, Joanne Hooks, Edna Kimmel, Miss I-Ieimberger. JUNIOR BOYS First row: Kenneth Wissinger, Mil- ford Wagner, Jay Kunkle, Franklin Silvis, Don Elder, Earl Wissinger, Lloyd Schrecengost. Second row: Ron- ald D. Miller, Eddie Fiscus, Jim Peter- man, Wayne Shaeffer, Harold John- ston, Bob Hankey, John Fleming, Frank Bortz. Third row: Vernon Parks, Ronald C. Miller, Lee Smelt- zer, Stanley Rupert, Fred Ridenour, Mr. Rupert. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY When the Class of "SIS" entered Elderton High this year they received some new members from Kittanning Township, who were very much welcomed. At the annual Halloween parade, sponsored by the Lions, the juniors entered their Hoat in the parade. The theme of the float was a "funeral," which was represented by the corpse, his wife, some friends, a ghost, an angel, and satan. The float won first prize. The class also had a fortune teller at the fair. On November 30, the class sponsored a square dance. The "Tune Twisters" played for the dance. Although the juniors were divided into two homerooms, they managed to have class meetings at which they planned their activities. One of their undertakings was the Junior-Senior Prom. The prom was held in the High School auditorium on May 9. The great "dramatists" of the junior class presented a three act comedy for the public, entitled "The Darling Bratsf' The cast was selected by Mr. Faulkner, the director of our play. The junior class leaves E.H.S. this spring with the hope that all of us can return as seniors this fall and graduate. Vacation time Typing I. Betty wants a new hat X U xnxx'-wx. MISS THELDA FARSTER Sponsor of Sophomore Class 5, SOPHOMORE CLASS ,fi A .A 13631 fm if 3' 1,-,ik " A 447 Q9 ,if fx! f - M 'XX in-' Thelda Farster, Treasurer: Nancy Yount, Vice Presidentg Lois Elgin, Secretaryg Don Kunkle, President. CLASS COLORS CLASS MOTTO CLASS FLOWER Green and Gold "Pick your peak and climb." White Rose "Grace Darling" Jean and Nancy "In a Trance" "Hey, Hey, Good Lookin" SOPHOMORE CLASS SECTION A First row: Ruth Ann Johnson, Betty I-Iollobaugh, Bette Thompson, Delor- es Mclntire, Nancy Yount, Betty Mills, Janice Harding, Betty Uplinger, Pauline Painter, Lorraine Henderson, Shirley Hartman. Second row: Mrs. Denning, Mary Reefer, Ruth Young, Helen Peterman, Ruth Elaine Law- ton, Gloria Silvis, Marion Wright, George Huselton, Annabelle Prugh. Third row: Jack Wood, Eddie Schall, Jean Hollobaugh, Eleanor McCul- lough, Joanne Stewart, James Mc- Pherson. Fourth row: Don Kunkle, Lois Jamison, Audrey Yount, Joe Kanzlemar, Reed Schrecengost, Har- lin Fairman, Stanley Klingensmith, Bob Lasher. SECTION B First row: Wayne Baker, Lois Elgin, Grace Cribbs, Veda Clark, Pearl Erb. Second row: Thelda Farster, Evelyn Boyer, Betty Bowser, Wayne Cessna. Third row: Wilma Boyer, Ronald Blose, Wilbert Craft, Walter Boyer, Mr. Rupert. SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY There are fifty-four pupils in our class, but I will just briefly mention a few of them who seem to stand out at this moment. Ronald Blose and Audrey Yount make with the jokes and laughs. Ruth Lawton seems to be the cleverest, and she wiggles out of everything she gets into Cespecially her difficulties in Mr. Long- well's study hallj. Don Kunkle is the brainiest of the many intel- ligent ones of our class. Grace Cribbs appears to be the out- standing girl in basketball. Our class had a Christmas party on December 2 1, 1951. We exchanged gifts and had candy, pop, potato chips, and cookies for our lunch. Everyone had a good time but we were anxious for our vacation to start. We sponsored a square dance on March 7, 1952. Music was furnished by the "Star Dusters" from Saxonburg. We had a cake walk and sold refreshments. We had a large crowd and they had a wonderful time. We have a junior Varsity cheerleader in our class. She is Bette Thompson. We hope for more next year. We have three boys from our class who are on the Junior Varsity basketball team. They are as follows: Don Kunkle, Jim McPherson, and jack Woods. GIRLS! WE HARDLY HAVE ANY BOYS! ., 3 an WW . I I B il 'g , ,,,s Tv MISS CAROLYN HEILMAN Sponsor of Freshman Class 41 FRESHMAN CLASS Carolyn Heilman, Presidentg CLASS COLORS Blue and Gold mmm- A. 5 james Frazier, Treasurerg Marlene Erdley, Secretary jane Mxller Vlce President CLASS MoT'ro CLASS FLOWER "Out of nothing, nothing Yellow Rose WHERE J, 1, , .'g,C." ,, . l K A g l,,,y,,515df . , ,. K f E31 'SM ,A la KQV?" 'N '5- is made." ARE THE BOYS? r ? sfo if FRESHMAN CLASS SECTION A First row: Gloria Hartman, Frances Rearick, Luella Schall, Marlene Erd- ley, Donna Kunkle, Janet Hankey, Loretta Henderson, Delores Ashbaugh, Evelyn Beere, Janet Meyer, Shirley Clever, Carolyn Heilman. Second row: Betty Heckman, Thelma Hawkins, Mary Baker, Eileen Hankey, Daisy Sheasley, Carrie George, Evelyn Kough, June Shaffer, Dorothy Reefer. Third row: Lois Anderson, Faye Es- pey, Margaret Sheasley, Eula Hankey, Doris McVay, Miriam Schall, Norita McIntyre, Arlene Smith. Fourth row: Lois Boyer, Delores Brown, Jane Mill- er, Gloria Leard, Sandra Campbell, Joan Miller, Mr. Dunmire. SECTION B First row: Louise Meyer, Thelma George, Savilla Rodocker, Edith Rish- ell, Betty Frederick, Lorraine Up- linger, Sarah Painter, Faye Boyer. Second row: Dale Miller, Richard Fry, Robert Kunkle, Errol Frailey, William Forringer, Charles Everhart, Eugene Wissinger, Ray Humbel, Charles Kanzlemar, Eugene Wiegand. Third row-: Miss Cerutti, jim Flem- ing, james Frazier, Bob Solinger, Tom Williams, Earl Prugh, Dick Williams, Lyle Baker, Bill Walker. Fourth row: Arnold Johnston, Jim Shupe, Ken George, Nelson Schrecengost, Dwight Shupe, David Peterman, Mr. Fleming. FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY "We Mode History Every Day!" The lively freshman class of 1951-52 consisted of pupils from four districts: Elderton Borough, Kittanning Township, South Bend Township, and Plum- creek Township. In the "lost and found department" during the first semester, we "lost" Delores Ashbaugh and "found" Myretta Montgomery. The report room teachers were Mr. Dunmire, who had charge of thirty-five girls. QI-Ie is to be praised rather than pitied.j Miss Cerutti had charge of four- teen boys and live girls. Mr. Fleming had thirteen boys and four girls. The distribution of the students was due to the Home Economics course. "Mr. Dunmire, in case nobody told you, that is why you were stuck with thirty- five headaches!" The freshman courses offered were: Civics, History of Pennsylvania, Gen- eral Mathematics, General Science, English, Art, Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Music. Chorus, Physical Education, Agriculture, and Driver Training. The ninth grade participated in many activities. We had five members on the Hi-View Staff, thirty-one members in chorus, thirty-five members in the Jun- ior Tri-Hi-Y, eight band members, six members on the Junior Varsity basketball squad, and six majorettes. There were four Csometimes fivej boys in some of the "thirty-live girl" classes from Mr. Dunmire's room. The poor boys took a great deal of joking from all these girls but the authorities think they thoroughly enjoyed it. Who wouldn't? The remaining students had classes together. The freshman class had a variety show for the assembly, held on February twenty-seventh. Among the attractions were tap dancing, a one-act comedy, instrumental and vocal numbers, and a majorette routine. On completing our freshman year at E.H.S., we realize that we carry with us one bit of knowledge, we now know why these are called "The best years of our lives." Gloria A Winner Candlelight Service SECTION A First row: Dale Sheasley, Jack Fra- zier, Homer Schrecengost, jim Gran- ny, Buddy Brown, Gary Wood, Rob- ert Smeltzer, Robert Coleman, Rich- ard Cribbs, Marlin Weigand. Second row: Randall Mechling, Alvin Miller, Dale Boarts, Kenneth Lukehart, Wayne Altman, Ed Ruffner, Ralph Hoover, Earl Prugh, Charles Gillespie. Third row: Ellen Jean Schall, Lois McAfoose, Marylin Williams, janet Peterman, Dorothy jean McGaughey, Marjorie Kough, Helen Thomas, Shir- ley Bruce, Pearl Cessna, Lucille Blose, Cleolla Vermillion, Mr. Deemer. Fourth row: jean Frailey, Shirley Meyer, Genevieve Crissman, Alma Claypool, Roberta Silvis, Sylvia Bow- ser, Lois Boyer. President ,, ., Vice President . Treasurer . Secretary . SECTION B First row: Vergil Rearick, Bob Meyer, Eddie Kanzlemar, Russell Baker, Donald Lukehart, Dan Powell, Fred Shaffer. Second row: Ronnie Mc- Causland, Delone Boyer, Glenn Cro- futt, Harold Wingard, Gerald Silvis, Leroy Claypool, Clair Blystone, jer- ry Costanzo, Harry Hankinson, Ray- mond George, Richard Uplinger, Blair Peterman. Third row: Miss Buettner, Saragaye Boyer, Lois Schrec- engost, Anna Marie Kimmel, Shirley Altmeyer, Shirley McCullough, Flor- ence Blystone, Joan Weaver, Ella Mae Reefer, Maxine Meyers, Barbara Miller, Shirley Cochran, Donna jean Campbell, Lola Leightley, Ruth Win- gard, Lola Cessna. SECTION A Alone, left to right: Blaine Meyers, Neale Shaffer. First row: Ronald Weight, Larry Mechling, James George, Edward Perotti, Leonard Cravener, james Granny, Darrel Leightley, Lloyd Craft, Herbert Rish- ell, Veryl Cessna. Second row: Leroy Baker, Charles Free, Ralph Miller, Elbert Graham, Donald Bruce, Mar- lin Gillespie, Harry Smith, Victor Fiscus, johnny Keeler, Stuart Fair- man, Bernard Boyer, Frank Mangus. Third row: Carol Thompson, Linda Forringer, Carol Ashbaugh, Margaret Erdley, Mary Blaney, Loretta Wood, Anna Mae Hollob ugh, Betty Altman, Suzanne Heckart, Jane Schall, Susan Rearick. Fourth row: Elaine Walker, Marlene Blair, June Stitt, janet Mill- er, Linda Miller, Marie Humble, Em- ma Niehenke, Nancy Miller, Sally Yount, Patricia Dobrosky, Elaine Jamison, Mr. Shaffer. SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS President ,, Vice President Treasurer . ...... , ,, Secretary . SECTION B First row: Simon Cochran, Robert Townsend, Dick Wood, Darien Hag- erty, Leonard Fry, Ted Brown, Dale Fleming, Larry Reefer, Kenneth Burkett, Richard Sheasley, Gary Ball, Pat George. Second row: Gaynelle James, Marianne Elder, Lucinda Jones, Shelby Gearhart, Irma Luke- hart, Janice Altman, Donna Mc- Laughlin, Marion Scott, Willovene Frailey, Beverly Weaver, Annabelle Mosbaugher, Martha Coleman, Thel- ma Townsend. Third row: James Boy- er, Eleanor Young, Elizabeth Heil- man, Lee Anne Turner, Nancy Miller, Mary Rupert, Marsha George, Mary Ann Doland, Jeanette Amick, Eliza- beth Heny, Mrs. Colgan. Fourth row: Edward Fleming, Wayne Crofutt, Darrel Schrecengost, Bernard Mech- ling, Charles Thomas, john Mauk, Harold Meyer, Paul Miller, Robert Moore, Gerald Kunkle, Delbert Frail- ey, Richard George. Harry Smith . ,...Eleanor Young ..........,Lucinda Jones Leonard Cravener W Q I TLT 2 :QQ etlcg 4.9 9 " 5 'i 3 Q Q 1 0 -Q I f X I fx , Q Varsity Basketball The 1951-52 edition of the Bobcats showed only four returning lettermen and they were all seniors. However, a host of promising underclassmen re- ported for the first practice. After intensive drills and hard scrimmages, led by our new coach, Lavern Johnson, who replaced James Kane, the Green and White was ready for a grueling sixteen game schedule. Elderton was again assigned to Section 21, WPIAL competition, playing with Apollo, Dayton, Elders Ridge, Shannock Valley, Washington and Saltsburg. Elderton defeated Elders Ridge 47-45 in a league game tussle. It was the first time that we had beaten Elders Ridge in five years. The Elderton Bobcats will lose seven seniors by graduation this spring: Bob Boyer, Lee Silvis, Don Wingard, Wayne Meyers, Gary Johnston, Ray- mond Schall, and Bill Altmeyer. They will be great- ly missed by the team next year. OUR COACH Mr. Johnson, our new coach this year, took over the basketball program from Mr. Kane, whose three years of coaching at Elderton were not very K, Aa. i LAVERNE JOHNSON, Coach E.H.S E.H.S E.H.S E.H.S E.H.S 195 1-52 SCHEDULE 25 . ,... ., .,,, , ,..i. Worthington 57 32 H , ,.,,. ... Worthington 72 29. ,, ,. ,.... Apollo 41 47 . . . Elders Ridge 45 32 ,. ., ., Saltsburg 60 Successful. E.H.S 33 Shannock Valley 43 E.H.S 33 . .. . . Dayton 50 Mr. Johnson's home is in Wilcox, Pennsylvania. E.H.S 42 uquv A Angu Washington 51 He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. EHS 45 Bell 72 This is his first year in the coaching game, as Elder- ' ' ""' ' t"' ton is the first school at which he has taught. How- EHS' 26 -'----- -A A '--" Apollo 48 ever, we believe that he will produce a winning ball E-H-S. 39 -.------.- - Elders Ridge 74 team within a year or two. E.H.S. 36 . ,.....,.... ...,. .,., . S altsburg 57 Mr. Johnson teaches health, and coaches all E'H'S' 41 ' " """" Shannock Valley 73 sports in the school. If you ever have any problems, EHS' 60 ' ""' ' ' ' ' Dayton 81 you will find that he is a very kind and sympathetic E-H-S 42 --'-i,'A- -- - - WaShiUgt0n 63 person to take them to. E.H.S 31 .. ....., , ,, Bell 52 Score can't be too bad. Dr. Heilman checks a "ticker." Rear row: Coach Johnson, L. Silvis, Altmeyer, Rupert, Boyer, Meyers, Manager, E. Meyer. Front row: Schall, Wingard, H. Johnston, F. Silvis, G. Johnston, Peterman. X 4. ...f X? R E l 72 a 5. I X l-NLM. TIS CDW ' VFJFY ln VARSITY BASKETBALL BILL ALTMEYER B111 Guard Semor who xs full of fight good set shot never quxts plays hxs best all the txme BOB BOYER Bob Forward Another fast breaking aggressxve forward a semor who IS full of fight good rebounder a around player HAROLD JOHNSTON Harold Forward Another athletlc junior plays hxs best all the tlme never quits has another year on the varsity squad GARY JOHNSTON GHYY Guard Forward A hard dnvmg semor especxally good set shot plays hard good rebounder and play maker WAYNE MEYERS Wayne Center A semor who IS full of fight good rebounder exceptionally good pivot man plays his best all the tlme hxgh scorer this year JIM PETERMAN 1m Guard Good set shot smooth court man has great thmgs ln store for hxs semor year w1ll be one of the team leaders next year STANLEY RUPERT 50311 Guard Another one of those athletic Jun lors IS a good ball handler never qults should be outstandmg hls semor year 50 LEE SILVIS Lee Guard Good on a set shot aggressnve and smooth rehable m a tzght spot full of iight handy fel low to have around FRANK SILVIS Frank Forward Fast breaking aggresslve forward a Jumor who IS full of fight set shot artlst good rebounder has another year on the varslty squad RAYMOND SCHALL Ray Forward Most accurate shot on the team set shot artxst fast and trlcky IS small but very elusive plays hxs best all the tlme DONALD WINGARD Don Guard Forward Rangy forward full of pep and light IS good ball handler never quits another grand semor 5 . A K, , ,A rx K Y Y .' f, 5' K . ' x ri V, L ' l , 1 -in w 'fr f rn . !' ' XVV! T-A . Lai 'Vi v S l fm- K, LQFTFV7 fi' lv' l :l - 1 f 1 af- . .,-.,l.- Ml 1.1. .. J Fi-,xy n ' ' T, .XJ K l , L ,Q I ., , Q, W L 1 . -CQ 1' Q V --r--afar, . . LJIJWLAH - , lv l 'Q V1 ' 1 l' " f Bllsdo J . ll 'll if JP '.. Q . ... " " ... ' If Pl - . . ' 4 ,,, xr n . I I lu- u ' , ' KK ll . . "' ' . . . . U U 'l' . ll I7 ..' ' I ' ...a JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 5' T 2 l-5 ii K tx I ullfmn umm xwvffw lnvfwwuf W" First row: Wood, Solinger, Fleming, Kunkle, Everhart. Second row: Williams, Shaeffer, Ridenour, D. Kunkle, McPherson. Third row: Coach, johnson, Frye, Frailey, Frazier, Williams, J. Kunkle, E. Wissinger, Manager, Miller. just for practice. 1951-52 JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE E.H.S E.H.S E.H.S. E.H.S E.H.S E.H.S E.H.S E.H.S. E.H.S. E.H.S. E.H.S. E.H.S E.H.S E.H.S. E.H.S. E.H.S. Worthington Worthington Apollo Elders Ridge Saltsburg Shannock Dayton Washington Twp. Bell Twp. Apollo Elders Ridge Saltsburg Shannock Dayton Washington Twp. Bell Twp. Time out. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL Thns IS the first year that EHS has sponsored orgamzed jumor Hlgh basketball The program was under the superv1s1on of Mr Faulkner and was en thuslastlcally recelved by the boys of the seventh and erghth grades Approxlmately twenty boys attended practice regularly throughout the season Most of the prac t1ce sessnons were used drxllmg on fundamentals of the game However, a few practxce games were played thxs year and next year the plans are to ex pand the program and play some scheduled games wrth the nearby schools Ted Brown Larry Reefer Leonard Frye Dxck Wood Dale Fleming Verg1lRearlck james Granny Robert Smeltzer Blame Meyers Jack Frazier Fred Shaffer, Ed Ruffner, Harold Wmgard, Bernard BOYGY, B111 Wllkeff Jlm GFSHDY, Ge,-,ld Sm,-,sy Blau- pete,-man Leonard Cravenor, Ronald McCausland , - 35" ,pf ,Y L is L L E S J ' I ' Y ' , L l l I . , J FV , LW M, -J' .fi egg? T' 6 .A is I .X ef: T ifklpa ,t -,, I Iwi Kg. in ,EFS L-1' l 543,03 .IX J. V. CHEERLEADERS ANNA MAE ADAMS SHIRLEY ELLENBERGER BEVERLY WILLIAMS GLENNA LOU WINGARD DONNA CRAVENER EDNA BOYER BETTE THOMPSON The junior Varsity consists of sev- en peppy girls who practice long and hard to devise new cheers and im- prove the old ones. Five of these girls were among the twelve chosen by the student body to lead the cheering next year. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS SHIRLEY oRR NANCY RICHARDSON JANE LEIGHTNER JUDY HEILMAN JANICE MCGAUGHEY RUTH COLEMAN Hats OH to the Varsity Cheerlead- ers! These six girls were chosen in their sophomore year. They have worked hard to create a better feeling of school spirit among the students of E.H.S. They have done a very good job of leading cheers at the basket- ball games and pep rallies. Miss Cerutti is the coach of both cheerleading squads, and she deserves much of the credit for our cheerlead- ers being ranked with the best in the section. Miss Cerutti was also greatly responsible for the new uniforms ob- tained for the girls this year. 1 '55-E wi E. Q 03.3 tj fn 54 5 N Wifgs 19 'S ff 'X M, mf N w W MW mffwfmw M fmwwfw 1 V ctzvzfzes 1 f,,f - F X!! F- Y nl J T- S X IAM . 1 X N .S ,fm ,wwf X . f N jj 'Q V K- L ' -J X' if 1-,,... U ' N 1 Q .. X s fs X I, . Q fc I! ... . X 5 bu by 'tmiffffvl W Lx A S Q X K , X - cr 5 x, f X If N . I 1 5551- ,, Q. Sf' f V 1 V X ' x X. 4 dwg V ' .v f M X MA Y sa ' A , X W i X :S 1 h 1 XX ' fm V WX a ' 0 0 I .--..f The Student Councll of Elderton Hlgh was organxzed 1n 1947 for the purpose of gwmg the students a VOICE 1n the school government Student Councll IS made up of s1x semors, four JUHIOYS, three sophomores, two freshmen, two elghth graders and two seventh graders A meetmg IS held every Thursday STUDENT COUNCIL Frank Bortz Vxce President Mr Deemer Fac ulty Advxser Raymond Schall Presxdent Nan cy Rrchardson Treasurer Donna Cravener Secretary Some projects sponsored by the Student Councxl are the movles ln assembly brmgmg 1n commerclal entertalnment, ushermg stu dents 1nto assembly, assxstlng 1n the promo t1on of the sprmg play and cheerleaders un1 forms Flrst row Ielt to right Pearl Cessna Lols Jamlson Helen Peterman Ehzabeth Hellman Shxrley Ellenberger June Shaelfer Second row Gary Wood Donna Cravener Nancy Rlchardson Frank Bortz Donald Bruce Earl Johnston Robert Hanky Mr Deemer 55 .AT ,1 .Li IE Q , , V x . f I 7 , , . . , . Frailey, Raymond Schall. l'hird row: donald Wingard, Robert Boyer, Wayhe Meyers, donald Kunkle,'Gary , , . . t ' we-Iii -7' -1 'I ' a R -I , . - .. f I ' r I dll sly Q ,f Q J J ' l , s ' .. 55 ... X "J s . l HI-Y First row: Joe Kanzlemar, Wayne Baker, Kenny Wissinger, Jack Wood, Clyde Weight, George Husselton, Jim McPherson, Raymond Schall, Jay Kunkle. Second row: Ronald Miller, Harold Johnston, John Fleming, Earl Wissinger, Lawrence Kepple, Jim Peterman, Lynn Parks, Gary Johnston, William Mclntire, Erwood Meyer, Walter Boyer. Third row: Russell Boyer, Paul Gillespie, Frank Bortz, Fred Ridenour, Bill Altmeyer, Bob Lasher, Jack Rearick, Wayne Meyers, Bob Boyer, Don Kunkle, John Crownover. Fourth row: Eddie Fiscus, Wilbert Craft, Jerome Strong, Lee Silvis, Stanley Rupert, Lee Smeltzer, Wayne Shaffer, Ray Kimple, Frank Silvis, Don Wingard, Reed Schrecengost, Mr. Dunmire. OFFICERS President Vice President Treasurer Secretary WAYNE MEYERS JACK REARICK JOHN FLEMING DON KUNKLE The Hi-Y is a religious organization for the betterment of American boys. The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high stand- ards of Christian character. The club, under the leadership of Mr. Raymond Dunmire, was organized this year. The Hi-Y plans an induction service for its members in one of the local churches in the near future. A square dance was sponsored by the Hi-Y in the month of February. Waiting f0f 3 Sffeetfiaf- Graduation is near. Chivalrous seniors. D . L., 'KN Q' I SENIOR TRI-HI- bug Fzrst row Lols Elgin Shlrley Hartman Joyce Ashbaugh Glenna Lou Wmgard Edna Boyer Shirley Ellen berger Ethel Muller Jean Hartman Peggy Stltt Pearl Erb Helen Peterman Ednth Harkleroad Second row Laurabelle Rxshell Lois Jamxson Ruth Sheasley Thelda Farster VV1lma Boyer Ruth Lelghtley Nancy Rxch ardson Delores Mclntxre Ruth Ann Johnston Marxon Wrlght Bette Thompson Betty Uplmger Jane Lexght ner Janxce McGaughey Betty Mills Third row Mrs Denmng Nancy Yount Mary Reefer Rachellee Rodocker Ruth Young Veda Clark Beverly Williams Edna Ktmmel Shirley Orr Ruth Coleman Jamce Harding Arlene Sheasley Anna Mae Adams Donna Cravener Annabelle Prugh Fourth row Audrey Yount Glorxa Sxlvls Grace Cnbbs Eleanor McCullough Wllda Johns Ruth Elame Lawton Geraldine Claypool Joan Stewart Preszdent SHIRLEY ELLENBERGER Secretary JANE LEIGHTNER Vice Preszdent NANCY YOUNT Treasurer EDNA BOYER The Elderton Hlgh School Semor Trl H1 Y Club, under the superv1s1on of Mrs Denmng, has completed 1ts fourth year The club meets every Monday mornmg We have wxth us thls year forty mne members The purpose of the Trx H1 Y 1S To create, mamtaln, and extend throughout the school and community hxgh standards of Chrlstlan character The platform IS self xmprovement, Chr1st1an fellowsh1p, and umted servxce The emblem IS a pm which IS a small trxangle w1th Tr1 H1 Y m the corners and a torch mscrlbed m a clrcle m the center Slogan Pure words pure thoughts pure actlon Objectwes To seek, to find, to share Colors Red, whlte, and blue They exempllfy sacrxfice, purlty and loyalty A C T I V I T I E S Among the act1v1t1es for the year were Party for the new members, Thanksgxvmg and Chrlstmas baskets whlch went to the needy 1n the commumty, a Round, Square and Polka Dance, and a wxener roast to close out the year Our project for the year was sellmg Everyday Greetmg Cards 58 Y ... M, I , I , I H H1 'U .I ",,!a'5I i K ll I ' 'N' I C 4. Q, n ' 1 l 1 J , Ii U , OFFICERS NIOR TRI HI '5"---Q.. n' Ns. Frrst row Carolyn Hellman Betty Heckman Daxsy Sheasley June SheaHer Sarah Gaye Boyer, Cleolla Ver m1ll1on Delores Ashbaugh Frances Rearlck Loretta Henderson Shirley Clever Janet Hankey Donna Kunkle Second row Miss Helmberger Genevieve Cnssman Luella Schall Evelyn Beere Mary Baker Eileen Hankey Eula Hankey Carrie George Helen Thomas Janet Peterman Roberta S1lv1s Marylm Williams Lucille Blose Dons McVay Third row joan Hartman Shlrley Altmeyer Lols McAfoose Dorothy McGaughey Pearl Cessna Shlrley Bruce Lols J Boyer Lols Anderson Faye Espey joan Mlller Mmam Schall Fourth row Marlene Erd ley Arlene Smlth Margaret Sheasley Glorla Leard Delores Brown Jane Miller Lols Boyer Sylvia Bowser Alma Claypool Sandra Campbell Norxta Mclntlre OFFICERS Presrdent CAROLYN HEILMAN Vrce Presrdent JANE MILLER Treasurer JUNE SHEAFFER Secretary JOAN MILLER The newly orgamzed Jumor Trl H1 Y club has been a bxg success The club advrsor lS Mlss Betty He1mberger There are forty n1ne members, conslstmg of glrls from the eighth and nmth grades The purpose lS to create, mamtam, and extend throughout the home and commumty hlgh standards of Chrlstlan character As a money ra1s1ng aCt1Vlty the club sold basketball schedule pencxls this year A Thanksgxvmg and Christmas basket was also dehvered to a needy famxly of the communl ty by our organxzatlon 59 JU - -Y - S 1 52: :sr ga 1 Y- ,, Y s :H , Nl C ug. -I 4 lil: F f ' iii ' YK, 5:1 , 'Iii ..,3 wg ':' -31' ,fi f .-... ' J Q .C - -I Y 1 liti q ,Y D 7 N , - M srl l, u E 4 , " f x . x Na N ,K M 1, 1 . , 1 1' ,b ' 'b : 1 1 v I I ' Y I 1 Y Y Y . ' : Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 7 Y Y Y Y I ' Z Y 1 ' Y Y Y Q ' x 1 x 1 ' D : s ' Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y ' .. .. 6, ,, . . I V" Fxwvexwws wi ww ' we 'f' af Ar 'fs wr -V .JAY . "R 5 .vi Q Q . Edztors Rxchardson Meyers Edztor Wayne Meyers Asszstant Edztor Nancy Rlchardson Buszness Manager Raymond Schall Asst Busmess Manager Don Wmgard Photography Paul Slmmons, Bob Boyer Lzterary Staff Shlrley Orr Jamce McGaughey Jane Lelghtner, Geraldme Claypool Sales Manager Jack Rearlck Ass't to Sales Manager Lawrence Kepple Sports Gary Johnston, Ruth Coleman Hzstorzan Marjorle Pasterlk Art Judy Hexlman Marjorle Paster1k, Gary Johnston Prophecy Geraldme Claypool vwa'W H F LONGWELL Club Advisor OFFICERS H F Longwell Advisor Frank Bortz President John Fleming Vice President Frank Sxlvis Secretary Donald Kunkle Treasurer Jack Rear lck Reporter George Husselton Sentinel The Elderton Joint Chapter FFA was organized in September 1949 The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of, by, and for boys studying vocational agriculture in pub lic secondary schools F2153 First row: David Peterman, Dwight Shupe, Richard Frye, James Frazier, John Smay, Ray Humble, Wayne Cessna, Ronald Leightley, Dick Williams, Charles Everhart, Ronald Parks, Arnold Johnston, Ken George. Sec- ond row: George Husselton, Jack Wood, Clyde Weight, Don Kunkle, Walter Boyer, Ronald Blose, Jim McPher- son, Reed Schrecengost, Vernon Parks, Darl Meyer, Frankie Silvis, Frank Bortz, John Fleming, Russel Boyer, Milford Wagner. Third row: Eddie Schall, Lawrence Kepple, Gary Johnston, Billy Mclntire, John Crownover, Lee Smeltzer, Paul Gillespie, Lynn Parks, Jerome Strong, Jack Rearick, Lee Silvis, Eddie Fiscus, H. F. Longwell. .MGZT F. F. A. Mr. Longwell and F.F.A. boys with Mr. Mi1ler's prize sheep. One of the phases of the vocational agri- culture course is the home farming pro- gram. These boys raised steers as their project. Stanley Klingensmith won Reserve Champion of the Shorthorn breed with his steer shown at the left at the Baby Beef show and sale in Pittsburgh. Paul Simmons, Stanley Klingensmith, Ray Cashdollar and John Fleming with their steer projects at the Baby Beef round- up at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Stanley was second in his class and Ray placed fifth. Some of the projects of vocational agri- culture include the following: Swine Rais- ing, Poultry, Dairy, Sweet Corn, Field Corn, Vegetable Gardens, Truck Farming, and Small Grains. F. H. A. The F.H.A. is an organization of Senior High School girls. We are preparing to be good home makers of the future. Our organization gives us an appreciation of home making, furthers our interest in Home Economics, and promotes better family and community relations. OFFICERS President EDNA BOYER Vice President ANNA MAE ADAMs Secretary SHIRLEY ORR Treasurer RUTH ELAINE LAWTON MEMBERSHIP Anna Mae Adams, Edna Boyer, Ruth Coleman, Donna Cravener, Grace Cribbs, Lois Elgin, Shirley Ellenberger, Wilda johns, Ruth Ann Johnston, Shirley Hartman, Connie Kimmel, Edna Kimmel, Ruth Elaine Lawton, Jane Leightner, jean Longstreth, Eleanor McCullough, Janice McGaughey, Delores Mclntire, Ethel Miller, Shirley Orr, Helen Peterman, Nancy Richardson, Arlene Sheasley, Pauline Smith, Peg Stitt, Bette Thompson, Beverly Williams, Glenna Lou Wingard, Marion Wright, Audrey Yount, Nancy Yount. "What'S C00kir1'?" "Sewing is cheaper." 9703 'r of .ll X 1 y, ffffj f ' M' W ' 1 X ff M Ala 31 9 W -...AS K kv lx X Xxx -' Q 'JZ Q y ,ff ftr' f fl 4' 1 l v X , 'X 1' 1" 1 IU 'H X 9, , M 5 '- ZX I , , f Q G' , K Vafk, Q" M 133 w , ' "lx I I' I C: IJ ljbk x I U ' 4' N J 2 - xX ' ff, f' NV u,.! X ' M ' fr ' I ' Qf.,'T, if ll! "3 Algxj. U' 7 L L C .'1:f', H'l,y.L7:Cj I K A' IN X If If L in Q 4 V ff XL X ix xy X I eg: f 'QA Q qi R - V ff N A ' Ag? D N .,7f, ,TQ - ' , 6 AXQ: J Q' aff. f A f fl X -,anxi 5 ' X X J SW : ' 'fQ, f' 'V Var! EK! - 'V . A A , k AML Z 2w.'a , '-fx-.4,'. , xt' .fl if . -, , : ' 'I ,vb ' ffl 4? A v.v'vVfi6444 , .'. ...........,. ww-mn m-mf-rw mpwwq Q:-,mv-wa am .W --.. N.. .W 3-,--.Q pw 'rw'-1 ww 6- 1 -aa. f aww-m W .. We- ,..,.-,,.- Q ,,v. W fn--Nam, W F' "T Nh L M? fm"9!?3f?!Y?' "'.-vital! ...., ..7...,,, W , 'xvmkuwmefwxl-Q'A wk .1--nam Qiv-wilt? if M- V. X Tw-.' k wk Q, - .MM-w...w..,..m..u - A 'ff 2 in ww ig. mwwW,ww...,.a W'-N-"r 'Z First row: Sandra Campbell, Gloria Leard, Margaret Sheasley, Delores Mclntire, Luella Schall, Donna Kunkle, Ruth Ann Johnston, Frances Rearick. Second row: Helen Peterman, Shirley Clever, Robert Smelt- zer, Donna Cravener, Jeanette Amick, Nancy Richardson, Jim Fleming, Shirley Orr, Raymond Schall, Gary Wood. Third row: Donald Kunkle, Lois Jamison, Carolyn Heilman, Elizabeth Heilman, Richard Frye, Robert Solinger, Wayne Baker, Robert Kunkle, Janice McGaughey, Mr. Debsky. Fourth row: Lois Boyer, Betty Mills, Jay Kunkle, Thomas Williams, Harold Johnston, Donald Bruce, Jane Leightner, James McPherson, Judy Heilman. Filth row: Robert Boyer, Stanley Rupert, Jack Rearick, Lee Smeltzer, Frank Bortz, John Fleming. Don Beginners' Band junior Band Frances Schalls Delores 'H , J X .54 T 1. -4" is """ ,rfyu Q 5' :F1'fx' l G fi f . s y - s ,Q an an F , - ff mix' may V tt, I x , , V F ,,.. ,g. K, . fig .. K gf -. I h K. I. 4- M., ' ' 1..'X ' 'ff . favsr 357-11" 2 4 L' OUR BAND Everyone loves an Elderton parade, the snappy green and white uniforms, the beat of the drums, the rhythmic step and the military air. Only four years ago the Elderton High School Band came into existence. Since that time they have worked hard to secure their beautiful green and white uniforms. They owe much cred- it to the Mothers Auxiliary and the Elderton Lions Club. Under the capable direction of Joseph Debsky, practice sessions came to order twice a week, Wednesday and Friday. This year their work featured the annual band concert, pep meetings, Halloween parade and Memorial Day parade. In addition to the Senior Band, Elderton boasts two other instrumental groups: the Junior Band, which was organized a little more than a year ago, and the Beginners' Band, a product of last fall. They include many elementary children and are used as feeder groups for the senior organization. .4 .5 1 Private instruction. HOIT16 WOfk- ,+ 'Q j . 'E Q .l CHORUS First row: Edith Harkleroad, Betty Uplinger, Ruth Sheasley, Lois Kelly, Francis Rearick, Ruth Ann Johnston, Rachelle Rodocker, Laura Belle Rishell, Lorraine Henderson, Vivian Grinder, Marion Wright. Second row: Eve- lyn Beere, Luella Schall, Helen Peterman, Delores Mclntire, Mary Reefer, Annabelle Prugh, Betty Mills, Lois Elgin, Bette Thompson, Lois Jamison, Shirley Hartman, Donna Kunkle, Shirley Clever. Third row: Janet Han- key, Janet Meyer, Shirley Ellenberger, Anna Mae Adams, Arlene Sheasley, Joanne Hartman, Joanne Hooks, Car- olyn Heilman, Marlene Erdley, Eileen Hankey, Daisy Sheasley, June Shaeffer, Margaret Sheasley, Mr. Debsky. Do, re, mi, fa, and so on up the music scale goes the Mixed Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Debsky. This group consists of ninety-five boys and girls taken from the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes. This body is the largest organization in the school. On the program this year was a beautiful Christmas Candlelight service. There was also a spring operetta in April. Candlelight Service MR JOSEPH DEBSKY ,..-al Y - f ' 'Q 4 - """f,Q1f'f.'1 I--'-jH"f '.,...' , -V Q-eq:-L""""" ..x,, , First row: Betty Heckman, Delores Brown, Evelyn Kough, Grace Gearhart, Freda Hankinson, Betty Bowser, Gloria Silvis, Norita Mclntire, Carrie George, Loretta Schall, Faye Espy. Second row: Eleanor McCullough, Ger- aldine Claypool, Audrey Yount, Ruth Young, Janice McGaughey, Jane Leightner, Nancy Yount, Ethel Miller, Wilda Johns, Grace Boyer, Ruth Elaine Lawton, Miriam Schall, Peggy Varner, Shirley Orr, Ruth Coleman. Third row: Beverly Williams, Jacqueline Powell, Pauline Smith, Glenna Lou Wingard, Sandra Campbell, Gloria Leard, Connie Kimmel, Jane Miller, Lois Boyer, Judy Heilman, Eula Hankey, Ruth Leightley, Florence Kough, Joan Miller, Arlene Smith, Lois Anderson, Mr. Debsky, all appreciate the fine results. mons, Wa ne Meyers, Jack Rearick, Bob Boyer. T... -'MX + W" 9 ,? liz Much credit must be given to Mr. Debsky for his fine organ ization of band and choruses. We all realize that he has put much hard work into the different concerts and programsg however, we Front row: Walter Boyer, Jay Kunkle, Don Wingard, Lloyd Schrecengost, Mr Debsky. Back row: Ray Kimpel, Bill Altmeyer, Stanley Rupert, Paul Sim Y MAJORETTES First row: Ruth Ann Johnston, Delores Mclntire, Frances Rearick. Second row: Luella Schall, Margaret Sheas- ley, Sandra Campbell, Gloria Leard, Donna Kunkle. Whenever the sound of drums is heard, all eyes look toward the glimmering batons and white boots of the majorettes. These girls work hard to obtain their snappy formations and twirling routines. Although this unit was organized only a year ago, it is already one of the outstanding organizations in the school. The majorettes perform at all pep meetings, parades and appear with the band at all public appearances. Since these pictures were taken, the majorettes have received new uniforms through the efforts of the Elderton Lions Club. QE!! C3 V ew ,fl 1 3. - MosT FLIRTATIOUS Lee, Ruth BEST ARTISTS Gary, Judy MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Ray, Florence MosT DIGNIFIED Lois WHO'S WH 'T x - fa 1 fp Q Q , ,fx I ' 'Jaw' E fe. O . ffk ' I , 'zf P . 27- M fig X 4 d!l CAL BRAINIEST Bill, Marge CRAZIEST Jack BEST SPORTS Paul, Edith BEST DANCERS Bob, Shirley Q, .EI 0 IN '52 .- ff' Sl A gg I 4, , 4 Q.: .' 'V '5v5S.r ai ' ..' BEST MUSICIANS Lawrence, Jane NICEST SMILES Ray, Ruth WISEST Jerry MosT TALKATIVE Erwood, Jean T73.. 1: --f , 4' ,,,, gm nf: iqqwf Q 1 K s f J ,AQ-:z,'3S "E-ex Y :if .incl -qv . I ' U ,, M PI J 'Axn ull ,., KQ- fi. MosT ATHLETIC Wayne, Ruth BEST PERSONALITIES Don, Geraldine QUIETEST Lynn, Rachellee BEST DRESSED Janice GIRLS PHYSICAL ED CLASS Mu. wi"'w 4.- X1 1- Look' No scratches' Squ1rt gets a check up AND ROUTINE SCIIOI I X Q 31 1 Tl af? 3355 t 'Z' ,v il. " is Q MRI f' gf'5'35'9'3i 135 E' - .wi rv' 'if .lf N44 'R OVW V f W PWWH GLW "SEQ clvertz sm g ifgy C25 G Mk 1 ff kgfgg Q' We , o 1 5 if i v ff 1' I l Q Compliments of E W WILLIAMS GENERAL MERCHANDISE ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of VICTOR E SCHALL Fire and Casualty Insurance IUSTICE OF PEACE ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of THOS FLYNN DEPARTMENT STORE FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA ELDERTON STATE BANK Good Bankxnq Facrlrtres In Your Commumty Member Federal Deposxt Insurance Corp ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA Comphments of GRANNY S SERVICE STATION ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA KLINGENSMITH MOTOR SALES DE SOTO PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Thxrd Avenue and Seventh Street Phone 62 2231 FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA SHUMAKER CHEVROLET CO Frith Avenue at Tenth Street Telephone 62 1971 FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA CROYLE S REFRIGERATION FORD CITY 62 3121 General Electnc Applrances Zenxth Televrslon Comphments FRANK L BUCKO nrmcnss or Form cmr Comphments of GEORGE WM GODDARD AGENCY FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA Comphments of the FIFTH AVE HOTEL FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA We Speciahxe In BANQUETS and WEDDINGS McNUTT AGENCY INC I E WOLFE MGR Complete Insurance Service McNutt Bldg FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA Dral S2 2961 THE NATIONAL BANK OF FORD CITY FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA Member Federal Reserve System Comphments PEOPLES BANK or FORD cm! PENNSYLVANIA Complete Banlnng Servxce They All Take Thexr Best Girl Fnend to the ROXY THEATRE WHITESELL RADIO ELECTRIC Norge Home Apphances RCA Televrslon Leechburg and Vandergrrit 165 Market St 177 Columbra Ave Ask lor GREINERS Farm Maud Bread Always Fresh GREINERS BAKING CO INC INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA INDIANA LUMBER 6. SUPPLY CO INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA Burlders Supplres Translt Mixed Concrete Cabrnet Work DuPont Paints CENTRAL SERVICE AUTO PARTS Rear Wheel Allqnment Brake and Carburetor Servxce Corner FIIth Avenue and Nmth Street Phone 62 3111 FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA L B CROOKSHANK PENN GLENN ou. woaxs LEECHBURG PENNSYLVANIA RICHARDSON S SERVICE STATION II o RICHARDSON PROP Esso Service and Lunch SHELOCTA PENNSYLVANIA INDIANA EVENING GAZETTE Member ot Pennsylvama Newspaper As socratron and Ahdrt Bureau oi Crrculatxons Full Leased Associated Press Wxre Servxce N E H and Kmg Feature Servrce INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA ANTHONY S SERVICE STATION Lubrxcation Accessones Coniectxons Sunoco Dynatuel and Sun Oxls Route 422 Phone 2393 ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA KING S DRUG STORE 'rr-II: Itr:xAI.L sronz Phone 2601 RURAL VALLEY PENNSYLVANIA 79 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Federal Deposit Corporation FORD CITY ROSSI MOTOR CO Oldsmobrle Sales and Servlce 108 Washmgton Avenue VANDERGRIFT PENNSYLVANIA EGER S Vandergntts Leadmg Iewelers 143 Grant Avenue H L YERTLY LUMBER COMPANY 181 Lrncoln Avenue Phone 12 VANDERGRIFT PENNSYLVANIA W F PAULY YOUR DEUGGIST APOLLO PENNSYLVANIA GUTHRIE CHEVROLET CO Sales CHEVROLET Servrce Apollo and Vandergnit PCI Comphments of DONGHIA BROS LUMBER CO 338 Walnut Street VANDERGRIFT PENNSYLVANIA RUBINS STORES APOLLO VANDERG RIFT LEECHBURG LON H ODONNELL IEWELER H H Weylman Bldg KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA ANSLEY 6. ZIMMERMAN PONTIAC CHEVROLET PLUMVILLE PENNSYLVANIA Plumvxlle 27 FARMERS NATIONAL BANK KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Established 1884 Member of Federal Reserve System A A A IT PAYS TO BELONG 339 Market Street ZIMMER S Ladies and Chxlclrens Fme Apparel 133 Market Street KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Telephone 42 4421 RD Complrments of STRONG S QUALITY COAL CO Phone Elderton 2 869 3 SHELOCTA PENNSYLVANIA Complxments of A 6. P SUPER MARKET INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA Complrments of DEAN S DINER INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA H E SHAI-'I-'ER S Truck Stop and Restaurant Home Cooked Meals ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA Comphments ot DAUGHERTY S DRUG STORE Where Prescnptrons Are I-'rlled They Should Be INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA DICK 6. GEORGE S SWEET SHOP 1302 Phrladelphra Street INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA Comphments oi SOLINGER S STORE ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2202 Fmest Qualrty Portrart and Commercral Photography LEISTER STUDIOS KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA ComplIments oi ASH SHOE COMPANY HOME or FINE SHOES Indrana and Vandergnft Pa BROWNS Automotxve Electrtc Service Generators Starters Regulators Lrqhtmq and Iqnrtxon ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA Comphments ALTA VISTA GUERNSEY DAIRY Clymer Road VISIT OUR DAIRY INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA Courteous Servrce RICHARDSON S BARBER SHOP ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA 80 Member of Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. KITTANNING, PENNSYLVANIA ' ' ' ' As PLUMVILLE DRY CLEANERS Qualxty Servrce and Dependabxlxty PLUMVILLE PENNSYLVANIA A B MILLER GENERAL INSURANCE and NOTARY PUBLIC PLUMVILLE PENNSYLVANIA Phone 1SR3 SUPERIOR PLANING MILL COMPANY Lumber Mill Work and Buxlders Supplxes RURAL VALLEY PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2613 Comphments DAIRY DELL KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA ARCADE KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA THE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK 222 Market Street KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Best Wishes THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK RURAL VALLEY PENNSYLVANIA Deposxt Your Money in the SAFE DEPOSIT AND TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY Member F D I Corporauon KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA DONALD A STEVENS Ieweler Diamonds Watches Clocks Iewelry Watch Clock and Iewelry Repalnng Fme Grits lor All Occasions 132 N Warren Ave Dlal 721341 ALTMIRE BROS COAL CO Lump Egg Stoker MIR VANDERGRIFT PENNSYLVANIA Phone 1257 A THE WRAY YOUNT CO Box 234 VANDERGRIFT PENNSYLVANIA Excavating Gradxng Pavxng CALDERONE SUPER SERVICE VANDERGRIFT PENNSYLVANIA BROCK MOTORS DODGE and PLYMOUTH Sales and Servxce VANDERGRIFT PENNSYLVANIA Comphments of HOLLAND FURNACE CO GAS OIL COAL FURNACES Clean and Repair INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA Comphments of WINGER S SERVICENTER SPRING CHURCH PENNSYLVANIA Karser Frazer Sales and Service Esso Products Phone 72 4911 Comphments WIDDOWSON S IEWELERS We Apprecxate Your Patronage INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA MURPHY S KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA MATEER S FURNITURE KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA SEDWICK BROTHERS OLDSMOBILE SERVICE 1505 Ieflerson Street KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Phone 42 3591 ALLEN S DRUG STORE 'II-IE I-'EIENDLY PHARMACY Corner Market and McKean Street KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Phone 8 EINSTEIN AND CAMPBELL MENS CLOTHING WEAR KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA APOLLO INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE 115 North Warren Avenue Anna F Armrtage Phone 72 4871 Cornplunents STEELE S HARDWARE AN rURNITURE COMPANY Your G E and Crosley Dealer Ioseph F Buccr Proprletor Vandergrrlt Pa Phone 8 Comphments oi D PETERS CHEVROLET YATESBORO PENNSYLVANIA SSR 81 . . - I 1 . I 0 . , . . - ' " ' Tires. Batteries, Oils and Greases , . . . . . I I I , 1 I . - E 4 . I Complxments of CLARENCE P CLARK FUNERAL HOME ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA Phone Elderton 2694 THE RINGGOLD CORP WHITE TRUCKS Sales and Servrce Kzttannmg Hxghlands Route 422 Phone 43 2311 Comphments of HARRY DENTON MARSHALL or ARMSTRONG COUNTY COMMISSIONER MICHAEL VONGREY INSURANCE Phone 43 7071 KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Complxments of ROBERT H POWERS REGISTER and RECORDER Complxments Irom THE SHERIFF S OFFICE ARMSTRONG FARM BUREAU CO OP ASSOCIATION Feed Seed Fertilizer Gas Ol Grease Farm Freezers Phone 43 0951 Klttannxng Pa MARSHALL FARM EQUIPMENT Cas Corbey Ferguson Farm Sales and Service Phone 42 1291 42 1201 ITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Best Wxshes HERBERT G GATES Best Wxshes E CLINTON STITT COUNTY CONTROLLER BOYER STUDIO PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY RURAL VALLEY PENNSYLVANIA Comphments of BUCHMAN S AND COMPANY For Fine Clothing Furnxshmgs 701 Phxladelphxa Street INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA FORD THEATRE Always a Good Show FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA Three Hour Service Phone 203 167 Columbus Avenue VANDERGRIFT PENNSYLVANIA CLARK S HARDWARE Stoves Tinware Paints Olls Carpets Etc Myers Electric Pumps ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA FLOYD ORR AGRICULTURE LIME Baled Hay Straw Coal General Hauling Phone Elderton 2351 ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA R GORDON 6: SONS The Square Deal Furniture Store 123 Washmgton Avenue Phone 624 VANDERGRIFT PENNSYLVANIA Complxments of ATLANTIC LUNCH WE SERVE LUNCHES AT ALL HOURS Famous Delicious Home-baked Ham Sandwiches INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA F OULIS DRY CLEANING Kntanmng and Ford Cnty Pa Complxments of TRI COUNTY TYPEWRITER COMPANY KITTANNIN G PENNSYLVANIA H M 6. W H KIMMEL POULTRY BEEF CATTLE 1-zoos SHELOCTA PENNSYLVANIA KISKI BOTTLING COMPANY Nesbitt Calttornla Orange and Krslrl Fine Flavors 194 Lmcoln Avenue VANDERGRIFT PENNSYLVANIA CAREY SEYBERT MOTOR SALES KAISER FRAZER 157 North Iefterson Street KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Phone 43 8131 CHRISTIAN BOOK 6' SUPPLY STORE Bibles Books Mottoes Sunday School and Church Supplies 344 Market Street KITTANN IN G PENNSYLVANIA 82 . . . f - .. 8 - - . T l -- I . . . ' . K -I 1 - Compliments of SWARTZ DRY CLEANERS ' THE ARMSTRONG COUNTY TRUST COMPANY KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Complete Banking Services Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Compliments oi HELEN S BEAUTY SHOP DERTON PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of F W WOOLWORTH KITTANNING. PENNSYLVANIA MILLER FARM H. Porter Miller E. Marie Miller Owners and Proprietors R. D. I SHELOCTA PENNSYLVANIA Baby Chicks - I-latching Eggs Breeding Stock - Poultry Supplies Compliments ABE N COHEN Reliable Family Outlitter RURAL VALLEY PENNSYLVANIA Compliments oi W F SNYDER RURAL VALLEY PENNSYLVANIA Phone 3891 IOE S ARMY 6. NAVY STORE Mfzrrs nmzss and wonx CLOTHES Kl'l'TANNING PENNSYLVANIA Compliments ol DON BOYER INSURANCE Fire Casualty ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA R L DUNBAR AMOCO GAS and OIL Water Well Drilling and Cleaning Electric Pumps and Pipe Telephone 43-4275 R. D. 1 KITTANNING, PENNSYLVANIA BUY UNITED STATES SAVINGS BONDS 83 EL , ' GENERAL INSURANCE Complimems of INDIANA DAIRY CO. BOYDIS IEWELERS I-Iomogenized Milk and Ice Cream EXPERT REPAIR WORK Z0 South Seventh Street Phone 395 INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of MASTERS' DRY CLEANERS INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA GREEN VASE FLORAL SHOPPE TROUTMAN 5 I-IALLMAIIK GREETING CARDS indium S MOS' Comvlete World Wxde Delrvery Servxce Delmflmenl SING Phone 37 I 587 Phxladelphla Street INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of INDIANA WATCH REPAIR SHOP Phone 2146 15 South Nmth Street INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA WOODIE S FLOWER SHOP WOOD BOWSER S KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA TIRE 5' RECAPPING SHOP Phone 43 1891 KITIANNING PENNSYLVANIA DEAN P WYANT nADIo TAXI Dral 42 141 1 KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA BARCLAY S HARDWARE 520 Phrladelphra Street Phone 1522 INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA MAXINE S KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA MCKEAN FLOOR COVERINGS 109 North Jefferson Street Phone 1392 L KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Arthur Ball H R Gamble Iohn Wrggms George McPherson D C George Wrlbert E Rearrck R W Dunmxre Mamfest Motor Co and Mrs Robert V Reanck Clark Lukehart and Mrs Wrllram Mclntrre and Mrs Lloyd Wmgard Esh s Servxce Statlon Luxenberg s Iewelry Mr and Mrs E R Wmgard Mr and Mrs Edwm Rearxck Anna Mary Solxnger Mr and Mrs Stanley Schall Papers K F Sales and Servxce Claypool Market Wray s Darry Store Albert Duzak Bruno s Market Mrs C D Haney Mr and Mrs Thomas McCully Mr and Mrs Charles Rosborough Delone Wmgard PATRONS Mr and Mrs R M Hellman Floyd Sheasley Daugherty S Lumber Co Dr I W Campbell Indrana Automoblle Assocratxon Stewart s Hardware N V Wood Lreb s Applrance Frank L Nefi Margaret Hams Flower Shoppe Kays Dress Shoppe Maylarr Shoppe Streamlme Market Barkley s Restaurant Hawk s Radro Shop Snyders Mr and Mrs Iohn Lerghtner Mr and Mrs A C Lerghtner Chxcken Pre Shoppe Seger s Grocery Mr and Mrs OrIs Boyer Clark Lukehart DentIc1 s Market Anman s Market Erwm Sheasley Arn Slov Store Grossman s Food Store 84 O T Taylor G Son Mr and Mrs Carl Strtt Edwln WIllIs McConnel G Watterson Co The Rose Shop Colonna s Musrc Store Faye s Beauty Shop Mr and Mrs W A Clark Mrs Clarence P Clark Mrs Howard Amlck and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs A M Neale Wayne Smrth G McLaughlIn Clyde Boyer D E Rupert Methodxst Church Mr and Mrs Vxctor Schall Mr and Mrs Iohn Kough Mr and Mrs Mrles Smxth Perrme Pharmacy Dr H C Hellman Mr and Mrs Raymond Cashdollar Stapelton s Restaurant I M Stewart Mr and Mrs G W Meyer Lewxs Restaurant Mr. . . . . , Mr. . ' . ' ' ' ' Mr. . . ' . . ' Mr. . . ' . . . Mr. . . ' Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wingard Carl Uber Mr. and Mrs. I. I.. Hawk Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . . . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' ' ' ' ' Mr. . . ' ' ' Mr. . . . . . ' ' ' Mr. . . .4- 1 x

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