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Elderton High School - El Hy An Yearbook (Elderton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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2 .. J G 5 I- , f Ill ll EL-HI-AN ELDERTON IOINT HIGH SCHOOL ELDERTON, PENNSYLVANIA Tlaif annual lil' ol presentation of the Clan 0f1950 J EL-H I-AN STAFF Editor ......,, . .. ,,...,. CREA CLARK Photography ,o,,. .oo.,. ...oo.. ......... . C R EA CLARK Arrirtant Editor . ,,,,,, . ..,,., HENRY HECKART Advertiring Manager ...... ,..., . .. o........A....... ...JOHN KNESS Sportr .. . DONNA SMITH, JIM SHEASLEY Arr Edizor ..... .... . .. . ........ MARJORIE WALKER Burinerr Manager . . ...... .. ........... .... M AX SMITH LITERARY STAFF TYPISTS ANNA MARY SOLINGER ANNA MARTHA KIMMEL DOLORES WINGARD ANNA MARY SOLINGER CARL RICHARDSON FLORENCE WINGARD WYVONNE RUPERT DOLORES WINGARD MERLE JAMISON IRENE BAKER LEROY BURKE'1'r BETTY BROWN BETTY BROWN Lols REEFER SPONSORS MR. FAULKNER, MRS. RUPERT, MR. BROWN Firrt Row: Marjorie Walker, Anna Martha Kimmel, Florence Wingard, Irene Baker, Lois Reefer, Wyvonne Rupert. Second Row: Leroy Burkett, Merle Jamison, Jim Sheasley, Max Smith, Carl Richardson, Henry Hec- kart, Crea Clark. Third Row: Mr. Brown, Anna Mary Solinger, Betty Brown, Mrs. Rupert, Dolores W'in- gard Donna Smith Mr Faulkner. 'pri'- 1 ERECTED - 1949 Q THIS NEW BUILDING WAS ERECTED DURING THE SUMMER MONTHS OF 1949 AND READY FOR OCCUPANCY WHEN THE FALL TERM BEGAN ON AUGUST 29. THE NEW BUILDING CONSISTS OF A SHOP AND FIVE CLASS ROOMS. COMMERCIAL, AGRICULTURE, SHOP, DRIVER EDUCATION, AND ALL THE SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE SUBJECTS, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF PHYS- ICAL EDUCATION AND MUSIC ARE TAUGHT IN THIS BUILDING. A DEDICATION TO MR IOHN HERCEG ? q 2.-HI-AN -4-. 115 ,R V "Bait"-If this won't catch her nothing will. Did you say you're cold? O. K., I'l1 open the window Understand??? Well, you'd better, because it's in tomorrow's "Quiz," -5.. X X. GUR SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL "r QXW' Congmtulatzom T 0 T he Clan 0 1950 Semors when you were sophomores I greatly enyoyed reachmg your classes m Blology H1srory and Enghsh I have m1ssed IhlS close Contact wxth you You have my best wxshes for your success IH the new hfe that awants you after graduauon ALEX J KUNKLE 6 ' I :ff 1 ly! X I X. J A ' ff! 1' - x, L f in ,Q Y 1 f A, A H-- ,f e ,1 BGARD OF EDUCATION 'zr-f w-Iv lv '1- -PQL Rowl Left to Right Burton Townsend Wnllxam Altman Harry Burkett D E Rupert John Wxlson Harlm Smeltzer Row 2 J L Hawk R D Howard WIlben Rearnck james Smlth Charles Green Glenn Elgm OFFICERS Ross WILSON Prendenz MRS ANNA M RUPERT Treaxurer, Non Member HARLIN SMELTZER Secretary MEMBERS WILLIAM ALTMAN HARRY BURKETT DELONE WOOD CLAIR MILLER JAMES SMITH J L HAWK GLENN ELGIN JOI-IN WILSON 7 CHARLES GREEN R D HOWARD D E RUPERT Ross WILSON BURTON TOWNSEND HARLIN SMELTZER WILBERT REARICK Q- if I I I- A ., In . I R e 0 I I R- R. D. HOWARD ......,..,....... .,... ,,.,...., ....,,. . ..... ...................., ,......... I.,,,.. , , V i c e Prexident M512 CMU U7 -U x E qu :- S 3 NH 3 1 l 'P I iw? 0444 ,ww UC, XZ MR PHILLIP BROWN Carrxck Hugh School johnson Bxble College Keystone School Incorp Indxana State Teachers College Drner Educatlon Industrxal Arts MRS JESSIE COLCAN BS Marlon Center H13,h School Indxana State Teachers College Seventh Exchth Nmrh Grade Arr Elghth Grade Subjects dffjfwhj flaw! IS ARIANNA P COLONNA Krttanmng I-hgh School Ind1ana State Teachers College Muslc MR. JOHN DEEMER B.S, Elclerton High School Indiana State Teachers College Seventh and Eighth Grade Subjects -9- 19 .9 QB lWlRS. PATRICIA DENNING, B.S. Ebensburg High School lndxana State Teachers College Sclence Socnal Studies MR JAMES L FAULKNER, B S T1onesta Hxgh School Maryvtlle College Clanon State Teachers College Engllsh MR JOHN HERCEG, BS New Kensmgton Hxgh School Slnppery Rock State Teachers College Unnverslty of Pxttsburgh Mathematncs Socxal Stuclxes MR JAMES B KANE, BS Mr jewert Hlgh School Umverslty of Pntsburgh Athleuc Coach Health Physlcal Educatlon FRANKLIN LONGWELL, B S M ED Green Twp Hngh School Pennsylvama State College Admmxstrauve Assxstant Agnculture is nav" MRS JEAN RUPERT BS Elclerton I-hgh School Indxana State Teachers College Busmess Educatnon 11 QW M, MR CLARENCE SHAFFER BS Marlon Center Hxgh School Indxana State Teachers College Sewenth and Exghth Grade Subyects MRS JANE G SPICHER, BS Indxana I-hgh School Allegheny College Home Economlcs MRS CLAIRE RUPERT Our Secretary MR EARL RUPERT Our janitor Indiana State Teachers College ,X H yy VM .. 12 - YN XO? MA, SE IORS randi Q' 'Sf' Ze mwafwy CREA CLARK AAU flf""V!"-J Crea Sclence Club l Class Treasurer 1 Class Presrdent 3 4 Mrxed Chorus 1 3 4 Boys Chorus 3 4 All County Chorus 3 4 Drstrrct Chorus 3 jr Varsrtyl Varsrty Z Manager 3 4 Baseballl 2 4 Student Coun e113 1-11V1evs Staffl 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff 3 4 Plays 2 3 4 Yearbook Edrtor DONNA DEANE SMITH Calmmfy afze F H A 3 4 Tr1H1Y 3 Scrence Club l Class Secretary 1 Class Vrce Pres 2 4 F H A Song Leader 3 4 Mixed Chorus l 1 Girls Chorus 3 4 All County Chorus 3 4 D1strlct Chorus 3 Band 4 Orchestra 3 H1V1ew Staff 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Cheerleaderl 3 4 Plays 2 3 4 WYVONNE RUPERT Vonne 3 Science Club l Tr1H1Y 3 F H A 3 4 Class Asst Secretary 3 Class Treasurer 4 Tr1H1Y Sec 3 F H A Vrce Pres 4 Mnxed Chor us 1 3 4 Grrls Chorus 3 4 All County Chorus 4 Orchestra 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 H1V1ew Staff 2 3 4 Play 3 Burn' BROWN Ambntron to become a nurse "Br0u n ' Scrente Club 1, 1' H A 4 Trl H1 Y 3, Class President l, Class Treas urcr 7 Class betretary 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 4, Gxrls Chorus 3, 4, All County Chorus 3, 4, Basketball l, 7, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, H1 Vxevs 1, 7, 3, 4, Yearbook Stan' 4, Play 2, 4 Ambmon to be an xnterror decorator 14 f- - , , - f I, ' 1 . M If if - f . . J ' F J - , . ' ' f . 3 4 f, , f X., . V K1 fr J! 52 ' 1 Q , 9 ,, an A , Q - , Q 5 M ff, 5 I .Q ' 3 , L , , 9 - 11177 , 1 ' ' , , , 1 , Z s , Q 9 4 ' . 'sg ff L V Q ' F 1 ,ysr , , - . A-'i 'A' y K ,Q 1, q -- V ,ii U ' J 75 - - 9 '- - Q 1 1 . , ,.4- ., , , , , ' ' f. ' . ' ' . . x v - x A 1 ' x 3, 4 L - , , 5 1 7 " . . s v s 1 s y s s s - NN , R i 3' H U 7 -I -I v ' ' ' Y 3 I ' A 7 L - - - Q - . . - 3 - , , L , 1 - . L 1 t, , , 1 1 - , , 5 . . . Z . ' ' 'l rb- SE IORS egwf' J FLORENCE WINGARD Wmgard Sclence Club I TrxH1Y 3 F H A 3 4 Class Treasurer3 Class Asst Secretary 4 F H A Treasurer 4 Mxxed Chorusl 3 4 Grrls Chorus 3 4 All County Chorus 4 Orchestra 3 Band 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 HxV1ew Staff 3 4 Student Councnl 2 Yearbook Staff 4 Ambltxon to become a store clerk flffftllllfw IRENE BAKER Irene Scnence Club 1 Tr1H1Y 3 Asst Class Secretary I Student Councnl Treasurer 3 Mrxed Chorus 3 4 Girls Chorus3 4 All County Chor us4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 HnV1ew Staff 1 3 4 H1 Vlew Editor rn Chxef 3 4 Plays 2 3 4 Year book Staff 4 m bmon to become a stenographer l HENRY HECKART Herb Sclence Club 1 Class Vxce President 1 Student Council President 4 Student Councrl Secretary 2 Student Councxl 2 3 4 jr Varsxty Bas ketballl Varsrty Basketball 2 3 Baseballl 2 3 Mnxed Choru 1 H1V1ew Staff 1 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Plays 2 3 4 Ambmon to study forestry 15 LEROY BURKE'rr Pee Wee Scxence Club 1 Band 3 Orchestra 3 Play 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Ambxtlon to be an excellent farmer SE IORS ANNA MARTHA KIMMEL Marry Scxence Club l Tr1HlY 3 F H A 3 4 Class Secretary 2 Class Ass t Secretary 3 Trl Hx Y Vlce Presldent 3 Student Councll l Mrxed Chorus l 3 4 Gxrls Chorus 3 4 All County Chorus 4 Dnstrnct Chorus 3 Orchestra 3 Basketball l 2 3 4 H1 Vnew Staff 3 4 Year book Staff 4 Ambmon to become a Home Economrcs teacher I MERLE JAMISON Clyde F F A 1 2 Student Councxl 4 Plays 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Varslty Basketball 3 Ambxtxon to become a carpenter Q JOHN KNESS johnny Student Councnl Vxce Presrclent 4 Mlxed Chorus 1 Play 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Ambxtxon to become a mechamc wfyljxl! Lois REEFER Lou Scxence Club 1 Tn H1 Y 0 4 l' H A Club 3 Mrxed Chorus 1 3 Grrls Chorus 3 Basketball l 7 n 4 HlV1ew Stat? 7 4 Yea book Staff 4 Ambrtnon to become a stenographer -15- has SENIORS CARL RICHARDSON Rmb Scxence Club 1 Class Vlce Presxdent 3 Student Councxl 3 4 Year book Staff 4 Ambntnon to become a radlo techmcxan 1 5 w fii JAMES SHEASLEY 1m SCICHCC Club 1 F F A 4 F F A Presrdent 4 jr Varsity Basketball 1 2 Varsity Basketball 3 4 Baseballl 2 3 4 Play 3 Band 3 Or chestra 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Ambxtxon To become a test pxlot lf MAX SMITH Smzzzy F F A 1 H1V1ew Staff 4 Plays 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Ambrtxon to be a busmess man ANNA MARY SOLINGER o Scxence Club l F H A 3 4 Tr1H1Y 3 Mnxed Chorus 1 3 4 Gxrls Chorus3 4 Basketball 1 2 9 4 Student Councrl 1 4 H1 Vxew Staffl 4 Plays 3 4 Cheerleading 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Ambltxon to work m her dad s store 17 . J fr ' ,U ' 5 I D' ' L A t f , 49 - u ' Q! 4' - 1 HJ' H N 6 , If ' Aw' Kg sl ll ? HS ll! SE IORS 3 MARJORIE WALK: R Marge ScIence Club l l' H A 5 TrI HI Y 5 I Sec Of TrI HI Y 4 l3ilXCd Chorusl 5 GlflS Chorus 1 Basketball l 2 5 4 Yearbook Staff -I HI V1ew Staff 2 5 -I Cheerleader l 7 5 4 HI Vnew Art EdItOr 2 5 4 Student CouncIl 2 Plays 7 3 4 AmhItIon to be a stenographer P Er. itz :sz- 1' DOLORES WINGARD Dee ScIenCe Club 1 TrI HI Y 5 F H A 3 4 F H A Secretary 5 Class Presldent 2 Basketballl 2 5 4 Cheerleader 5 4 MIxed h C orus 1 5 4 GIrls Chorusl 5 4 HI VICW Staff 2 5 4 Plays 5 4 Yearbook Staff 4 AmbItIon to become a secretary CLASS MOTTO PICK YOUR PEAK AND CLIMB' CLASS FLOWER WHITE ROSE CLASS COLORS BLUE AND WHITE TO THE BOYER STUDIO FOR THEIR 'IIME AND IFFORT, TO THE FACL LTY AND STUDENTS EOR 'I HEIR COOPERATION, 'IO THF ADVERTISERS AND PATRONS FOR FINJANTIAL ASSISTANI E, WE FXPRESS OLR SINLERE APPRECIATION THE STAFF I8 f 'IJ XX X I SI X I 5 , I ' ' 11 , If ,I . Y ' ' - , v - - v A v ' ' ' I A V l 7. . ff. 4. 1 I I V w I 1-I R 1 u ' v 1 A ,' H , 4g g ' -, , z . ' -A R. F ' - ' Ni:-. .. 5 V132 , S :T Z, 1' 7' "I ," Qihi 11434 :"f'- - ,g!!:. . 952553-- . .c-L' I: II: "" - 1' ll I ' ' I - - - I I - - - Q I I I I 1 I 1 I .I 1 I I 1 ' I I I I I ' emo? Q55 Qciwzej ID., D. 5 H1 I K NAKBK lun-n.ahnamul BWB rv fvz. i n ma,5.:,, an zl Quia 1 w 'VA ' ' J 7 N Crea Cigyfk nna anc 'F K 4 I . 1' v.., ix 'v-' . rs-ff ff f' .ff Uf5a1?'W 1-nf-532 M ff' v-cm.iBa er RWM 2 1"""'! . C NWN , ere rmsarw I . If 4 ' "na 'Q 'Y Lguonvne ' -. Q Q L , ff Q I 9 ' ' Ll! Her-ence Uh-18arJ 77 LAO'-25 .W 1 , ' , ffl' Iust Ducky The Sen1or Class play just Ducky took place rn the Maxwell home where the center of attractron was Betty Lou Maxwell and Bernardme Smrth a couple of quesnons and problems rolled xnto two Papa Maxwell was chosen as the new head of the cmzens commrttee Why? Because he had one of the frnest and most understandmg famrlres rn the er trre communrty Betty Lou and Bernardrne were rnterested nn readxng Vester Blaynes love lorn column rn the local newspaper and they decxded to wrlte her a letter and make up a problem of therr own It went some thmg lrke th1s a gxrl fourteen years of age was 1n love wrth a marrred man who had three chrldren the problem letter really was a sender When Mr Moore charrman of the crnzens comrttee and Del Marshall a newspaper reporter called on Mr Maxwell the gxrls hstened rn on the conversatxon and overheard the word marxball whxch they decrded must refer to an officer of the law that had come for Betty Lou Here we go agaxn rnto another huddle Betty and Bernardrne wrth the help of Bettys brother Wrl but declded to plead rnsanxty They even go so far as to prove the ennre fam1ly ns nuts However everythrng turns out fine and Papa Maxwell remams the new head of the cmzens com mmttee CAST Mr Maxwell the bead of tbe boure Mrs Maxwell alJo bead of tbe boure Betty Lou-daughter fourteen gear: o age Bernardme Betty Lour bert rzend Wilbur Jon tbrrteen year old atom bomb Connle-daughter xeventeen year: 0 age Crarg Moore Conmef boy rzend Mr Moore-Cratg J father Del Marshall a neurpaper reporter Aunt Mary Mrs Maxwell: aunt Mlss Blayne-edrtor o the love lorn column 20 CREA CLARK DONNA SMITH Barn' BROWN IRENE BAKER MAX SMITH DOLORES WINGARD JOHN KNESS MERLE JAMISOIN LEROY BURKETI' MAR JORIE WALKER ANNA MARY SOLINGER i ,- CC 79 . , ,, . ,,, h . ' , D . , . r ' ' I 9 1 'T' ' ! . I ' l . 7 9 Y ' ' ' ' fl JJ ' l ' 7 5 l ' 9 s ' 1 I 9 l I I ' ' , K f . . .. . ' - ' f ' . , Hercules-Wilbufr borom pal . R , , .,,, . ..,.,..,,,........,,..,., . ....HENRY HECKART ' , f .. ,r.l ,. ......,..,l.l. ,. ' - ' ' f A . ,.... . l . , Q l 7 . . .. . ..... . . . 1 W l , ..... .. , ,i 1 ' ' f - . , ..., . . , IUNIOR CLASS PLAY OF 1949 Adorable Imp Bettx lou Gordon s mother Pamela vs1ll stop at nothmg to keep her age 1 secret-even to d1SgLl1Sll'lg her own daughter to look hke rn elexen year old lt seems Pamela has qutte 1 few admxrers who want a young xufe malnly her old svxeethexrt Brtln Barelay and vxeilthy Dxlvlorrh Pxckrell who suffers vuth lysptpsx Plmcll IHXIYCS Dil hls cousin Ross XX tldron hxs bflfldflflllf Wlnstcxn 1nd WIUSIIJHS ward lmo gene Vln Ry ndon to spend the weekend it her place Thxs brlnbs forth a llll1I'l0US tangle of laugh sltua UOHS Thus play was presented ln the hugh sthool tudt tortum on Mareh nl and Aprll 1 1949 wth the I , , , t ' 1 ' '. . t ' ' vi I 1 , 'f ' y yr ' v ' v' , . . , . , L L' ' a. 1 1 ' . - A , 71 r , 4 , - , .2 1. Y . . L . -A , , 1 C , K K- .' t Y ' Q - . N , . , v, ' - 1 1 J ,r ' 1 of 4' , , ' ' .X , v-4 1,, . r ..,. .. ., . . ' ' 5' ,A J W V , Y - L L an as ar V 7 . 1 ' ' - 1 ' r . 1 l .Y Q . . A A 2 The umor C lass Elderton o1nt Hlgh Sehool I rc ruzlr ADORABLE IMP A remedy 171 lfvrce auf Marth ul April l Elderton Hlgll School Audxtornum followmg Last Hortense I-losretter Betty Lou Gordon Mrs Abby Sxmpklns Brlan Barnlay Maluna Barclay Pamela Gordon Clint Purdy lmobene Van Ryndon WIUSIOD Pmkrell DllYXOfIl1 Ptckrell Ross Wildron 21 MARJORIE VUAI lxER IRENF BAIXER ANNA lNlARY SOIINCFR l'lllNRY HhCkART WYVONINE RLPERT DONTNA SMITH MAY SMITH DOI oRrs XWIINGARD MER1E JAMISON JAMES SHEASLEH CREA CLARK CLASS HISTORY It was a brg day for many of us m the fall of forty stx when we entered Elderton Hrgh School We wandered through the halls lnke lost sheep not know mg where to go As the year slowly progressed we became acquarnted wrth our fellow classmates and had many good txmes together The future class of Fxfty consisted of the follow mg members Betty Brown Presrdent Henry Heck art V1cePres1dent Donna Smrth Secretary Irene Baker Asst Secretary Crea Clark Treasurer Leroy Burkett Louxse I-Iarkleroad Anna Martha Klmmel Elrzabeth Marshall Ida McCullough Dorothy Meyer Lols Reefer Carl Rrchardson Wyvonne Rupert ames Sheasley Anna Marv Solmger Maryorne Walker Do lores Wmgard and Florence Wmgard Anna Martha Kxmmel and Anna Mary Soltnger were the Student Councrl members our first year On December 2 1946 Lourse Harkleroad left school leavlng our class with a total of erghteen members Our classroom subyects were Englxsh Cxvrcs and Penna Hlstory General Math and General Scrence Our teachers were Mr Heckart Mr Smrth Mrs Fox and Mr Brown In October mltlatxon was held Some queer dressed people were found runnmg around the burldmg dur mg that week A party was held after the 1n1t1at1on On December 16 1946 we welcomed a new mem ber John Kness to our class from Knttanmng Hrgh School Before we realrzed what was happemng summer vacatxon was here and our books were put away for another year We started our second year w1th erghteen puptls losmg Ida McCullough durrng the summer vacatron Our Class officers were as follows Dolores Wxngard Presrdent Donna Smith Vnce Presndent Anna Martha Knmmel Secretary Wyvonne Rupert Asst Secretary Betty Brown Treasurer We had three student councrl members Maryorre Walker Florence Wmgard and Henry Heckart A Commercral Course and a Home Economncs course were added to our studtes thns year Englxsh Home Ec Bnology Geography Algebra and Hnstory were also loaded upon us Our teachers were M Kunkle Mr Curry Mr Brown Mrs Rupert Mrs Sprcher and Mrs Wood who was later replaced by Rev Bates On September '77 1947 we lost another member of our class Dorothy Meyer Aprrl 30 1948 our class held a square dance Musnc was furmshed by Pete Lrzmrx In May of thxs year a beauty contest was sponsored by the Amerncan Legxon Auxnlaxry One of our class members Betty Brown was chosen queen We started our thlrd year of school wrth nmeteen members obtammg two new ones Max Smnth and Merle jamnson from Elders Rndge These boys soon became feafllfe afIfaCUOnS IH Olll' Class Wnth our new teachers Mnss Emxgh Mrs Den nlng Mnss Colonna Mr Kane and Mr Herceg came the new courses of Band Orchestra Industrial Arts and Shop Our ofhcers for our jumor year were Presndent Crea Clark V1cePresndent Carl Rxchardson Secre tary Wyvonne Rupert Asst Secretary Anna Martha Kxmmel Treasurer Florence Wxngard To represent our class rn the Student Councnl we chose Crea Clark Henry Heckart Carl Rnchardson and Irene Baker To false money for our class we sold magazmes and cards A Square dance was also sponsored by our class wnth the Stephens Famrly provndmg the enter tamment The Jumor Class presented the play The Ador able Imp on March 31 and Aprrl 1 It was dnrected by Mrss Emxgh and proclanmed a great success The Amertcan Legxon sponsored a beauty contest agam thxs year and our class was so honored for the second consecutlve year when Marjorne Walker was selected to rengn as queen Representatnves from our class to the County Chorus held at Dayton Penna were Betty Brown Donna Smxth and Crea Clark Attendxng the Dnstrxct Chorus from our class were Anna Martha Klmmel We the Class of 1950 began our last year of school wrth one member Elnzabeth Marshall of last years class gone Our officers thns year were Crea Clark Ptesrdent Donna Smnth Vnce Presndent Betty Brown Secre tary Florence Wxngard Asst Secretary Wyvonne Rupert Treasurer Student counctl members were John Kness Merle amlson Henry Heckart Carl Rlchardson and Anna Mary Solmger Two new teachers were added th1s year Mr Faulk ner replaced Mxss Emxgh and Mr Longwell was our teacher of agnculture a new course thrs year Another dance was sponsored by our class nn No vember wlth the Melody Ramblers from Vandergrrft furmshmg the musxc Our class entered a float rn the Halloween parade and though nt ranked near the top nt falled to wm the prrze The Semor Class presented a play entrtled just Ducky on December 1 and 2 1949 The play was under the dxrectton of Mr Faulkner and Mr Brown Baccalaureate servnce was held on May 21 1950 rn the Umted Presbytenan Church The unnor and Semor Prom was held May 12 1950 wxth the Jumors sponsormg rt Commencement was held on May 75 1950 rn the Hrgh School Audxtornum a ' ' , . . . . - . , , . - - 1 9 - ' v v 9 a .. . U - . I . . Z 9 ' 9 F ' - ' ' - ' ' . ' . 7 , Y . t F Y l Y ' v Y 1 ' 7 s ' x 1 9 ' - ' - - a s ' , , . . . a v 1 f ' ' J 1 1 1 9 a v , 1 3 ' . , . a ' I ' ll 1 a , ' . . . U . ' I o 1 a . , . . , . , . , . - s '1 1 - a 9 s - - - - Donna Smnth and Crea Clark. Y F I l u 1 , ' ' 9 1 . ' a 3 . . . , - , 7 - 7 . ' ' . ' . I , 3 ' 7 - ' 1 . ' . , . Q s ' y , f ' . , J a s 1 - ' , ' v 9 ' ' 3 1 ' I . , . . , . ' 7 . . 'F , 9 , . 3 - . I f. ' 1 ' 9 ' 7 ' 1 ' 9 - s - - -- -, , Ol a ' 9 ' , Y . . . . ' 7 U - I - , Y Y ' Y ' -' 7 3 7 7 . CLASS WILL A ter four yeurr 0 rerrzce at Eldermrz High We leaze 11 mlb a tear and a ugh We haze mme porrerrzom ued lzke to full We also leare rome pormom to ll S0 lo Jou lmzmrr Sopbr and Frerbmen ue ray Herer u bat 11 le t do ruth zz ubat 3011 may FIRST We drrect that all our debts funeral expenses and costs of enterrng our estate be pard by our executor herernafter named Alex J Kunkle SECOND To the unror Class we bequeath the school key and wrshes for the best of luck rn therr clrmb up the aged and worn ladder of knowledge the top rung of whrch we have achreved TH IRD rn all classes 'lo the Sophomore Class we wrll our class reputatron vrhrch definrtely should prove an asset FOI RTI-I To tae Freshmen Class vue wrll our carefree manners and autographed desks wrth the chewrng gum underneath FIFTH To the Faculty we wrll orchrds and say Thanks for a job well done We offer thrs as a token of our apprecratron for all the trme effort and patrence they bestowed upon us To Mr Faulkner we leave all Englrsh Lrterature books and our deepest apprecratron for hrs play and yearbook drrectrng To Mr Kane we leave a case of asprrrn tablets and next year s teams To Mr Herceg we leave a POD class that knows all the answers To Mrs Dennrngs we leave all our broken test tubes To Mrss Colonna we leave our well worn song sheets and apprecratron for her competent musrc drrettrng To Mrs Rupert we leave a more rndustrrous class for next year To Mr Brown we leave our apprecratron for drrv ng rnstructron and hrs drrectrfrg of the senror p a To Mrs Sprcher we leave all our lrttle farlures rn cookrng especrally burned spaghettr To Mr Iongvsell we leave all old and rllegal excuses plus our appretratron for makrng our Hag poe Irene leaves herself to Krttannrng Carl Rrchardson vrrlls hrs quretness to Raymond Schall Crea leaves hrs hrgh IQ to the junror Class Marjorre Walker leaves her peroxrde to any other blonde Lors Reefer leaves her irretness to Luella An keny Donna Smrth leaves her wavy harr to m Flrckrnger Anna Mary leaves her love of the Arr Force to anyone who wants rt The Three Wolves namely john Herk and rm frnally decrded to leave Betty to Don Dolores Wrngard leaves her dressrng abrlrty and Betty Brown leaves her sense of humor and frrendly s'nrle to Eleanor Rearrck Florence Wrngard leaves her sewrng abrlrty to next years sewrng class Herk leases hrs abrlrty to crack jokes to Floyd Sheasley Wyvonne Rupert leaves her temper to anrce Herlman Anna Martha lxrmmel leaves 1 lrttle of her avorrdupors to Dorrs Westlake jrm Sheasley leaves hrs abrlrty to get that basket ball to Ronnre Rearrck Max Smrth leaves hrs drrvrng abrlrty to Don Young Merle jamrson leaves hrs devlrsh brown eyes to anyone who wants to get a grrl Leroy Burkett leaves hrs abrlrty to understand Chemrstry to next years class The Senror Cheerleaders wrll all therr pep to the squad of 51 f ' f " " ' V . V l, . . V. A I I ' I I7 p- . I . f I I. - I A an : ' , ' ' Q , a . , . Z , . I . , I . . f I l ' ' 1 . x I 2 . . , .. . . . . . , . I I . . . U . . K , Ji I . T - . D h . U . an y . V . . . J , . ' neatness to anyone who needs it. . ' . A ' l I . W r 4 . ' - - - , , l y. . J 4 I - . 1 '. ' 7' ' ' 7, ' ' . ' . . 1 q 4 V V Y I I 4 . Y 1 N. . . b . . . , - l . ' ' . v I Q . r I . . G . . CLASS PRGPHECY On May 25 1960 what wrll the rndrvrduals of the class of 50 be dorng' The answer to thrs questron can be found rn the followrng prophecy As the sun becomes brrghter and the day clearer we can see Florence Wrngard returnrng from early mornrng chores on her husbands farm near Van dergrrft Florence rs always very busy now that she has twrns to care for We now move to Indrana where we find Do lores Wrngard peckrng at a typewrrter typrng letters for her husband who rs the owner of a cham of servrce garages from Indrana to Sagamore Marjorre Walker besrdes berng full trme wrfe of Bobby rs now proudly harled as one of Erre s leadrng artrsts Marjorre rs also owner of the larg est art gallery on Marn Street Major Glenn Kness and hrs wrfe the former Anna Mary Solrnger are kept qurte busy enter tarnrng hrs fellow officers rn therr home at Fort Warren Wyomrng Max Smrth who was the leadrng play actor of our class now has hrs name rn lrghts from coast to coast Hrs latest prcture for Warner Brothers co stars hrs former sweetheart Elrzabeth Taylor wrth hrm The prcture rs belreved to be the best prcture of the year and rt rs rumored that Max wrll wrn the Academy Award for hrs outstandrng per formance Zoom' Here comes Donna Deane Smrth an arr lrne hostess for TWA Between Hrghts from San Francrsco to New York we can End Donna relax rng rn her penthouse apartment on Broadway wrth her husband and chrldren ames Sheasley who was never very studrous rn school rs now a famous lawyer rn St Lours Mrs sourr When rm rs not wrnnrng cases for hrs rrch clrents he rs polrtrcrng for Drstrrct Attorney of St Lours Wyvonne Rupert after graduatrng became a nurse at Indrana Trarnrng School for Nurses She rs now Superrntendent of Nurses at Rupert s Gen eral Hosprtal rn the suburbs of Grrty Carl Rrchardson who was not very rnterested rn sports at school rs now surprrsrng us all because he rs consrdered the best coach Notre Dame exer a Leroy Burkett who was the smallest student rn our class has made all hrs dreams come true Leroy now owns one of the most prosperous darry farms rn Armstrong County He rs very proud of the blue rrbbons that hrs herd of cows have won Betty Brown who always sand she would lrke to be an rnterror decorator has grven up her dreams to become the wrfe of Donald Bleakney Betty decrded that lrfe would be happrer rf she were decoratrng her own home rather than those of clrents Irene Baker never drd make up her mrnd as to whrch boy she wanted Irene rs now a sprnster school teacher who emphasrzes that her students Make hay whrle the sun shrnes In Iowa we frnd Lors Reefer rergnrng as the wrfe of a famous state executrve Lors was formerly employed as hrs stenographer john Kness the crooner of our class has really gone places rn thrs world He rs now competrng wrth Frank Srnatra If you wrsh to hear hrm tune rn on KDKA every evenrng at 6 45 PM Anna Martha Krmmel who attended Indrana State Teachers College after graduatrng rs certrfied to teach Home Economrcs When she rs not too busy teachrng her students how to bake cakes you can always hear her srngrng wrth the most popular orchestra of the month Merle Jamrson who was always rather quret rn school rs now the head foreman of hrs fathers prosperous coal mrnes near Grrty Merle rs also owner of the latest model Cadrllac Srnce Henry Heckart rs a great lover of dogs we are not at all surprrsed to learn that he rs now the owner of a large Beagle farm One room of Henry s house rs used as a trophy room for prrzes hrs dogs have won rn freld trrals all over the Unrted States Crea Clark who couldn t seem to get away from berng presrdent of our class rs now Pennsylvanras outstandrng governor However he strll frnds trme for sports and hrs favorrte musrcals I have now completed the prophecy of our class and as you are all wonderrng what a fantastrc tale I have told I ask you all to jorn me ten years from novs so you may know the truth of my prophecy 1 1 1 1. -y - - - - . , . . , . . ' 1 - 1 , Q . 1 , . 1- ,. . ' . Y , .1 - - n , . 3 . 1 1 , . . , . . ' 1 ' 9 ' 1 ' 1 1 - 1 1 , . . . , . . . , 1 ' ' I , , . , ' . . . ,, . . . ,, . . . . . 1 1 1 1 - 1 . . , . . . . I , 1 1 . . V Y . . 1 h d ' SENIOR CLASS POEM In nlneteen fifty we graduate Txll that day comes we can hardly vsatt Irene a charmrng lass Her name bexng Baker IS flrst rn our class Betty Brown who IS gay and full of lxfe W1ll make Don Bleakney a gracrous mfe Leroy Burkett our smallest boy Wrll alw ays be hrs parents prrde and joy Crea Clark really sounds lrke Como You can tell lf when he slngs a solo Henry Heckart a fine athlete A set shot artnst he can t be beat Merle jamrson drlves lxke a whxzz No one can pass hrs old t1n 11zz When Anna Martha Klmmel becomes a Co e We know educatlon wont go to her head ohn Kness 1S proud he can croon Hrs vorce makes all the grrls swoon Lots Reefer excels rn short hand Wants to be a typtst and get a man Has a dlSPOS1flOD that IS really pathetlc Max Smrth who jorned our class last year Performs any feat wrthout a fear Donna Smlth wrth short curly hart Wants to be a stewardess and fly through the arr To rm Sheasley books are a pam rn the neck He would rather prck potatoes by the peck Anna Mary Solrnger a cheerleader gay Can lead a new cheer any old day Marjorre Walker an artlst great Marryrng Bob w1ll be her fate Dolores Wrngard w1ll marry Roe For hrm she w1ll cook and sew Florence Wrngard has a very good mrnd She IS tlways fnendly congen al and kmd Wyw onne Rupert IS my name Berng a nurse wrll be my fame Mr Herceg IS our class advrser We dont thrnk there 15 any wrser 25 , , y 9 ! Y . 7 7 7 , Q I 9 4 1 . , . . , . l da J , 7 Carl Richardson who is not very energetic, Y I . J , 7 ! . I 4 1 4 I a 9 5 1 . , i ' , V I 3 QHZOT H5175 ...AAAI EEE Q5 Vg "4 ,,gssvn:,.-qi L Q5 'I tr- N -04" 41 Ofc-.b"'Sx'f. W? all ff u Q...- L E lgy. api 3 5-. www-'lux ff- 9996 xxx Sa ff JU 1011 CLASS Row One Bernice Boyer Louise Crownover Eleanor Rearxck Velma Crlbbs Mabel Franley Della Peterrnan Donna Smeltzer Janice Hellman Luella Ankeny Peggy Sxlvxs Row Two Elrnxra Emert Frances Wrngard Ronald Rearlck Floyd Sheasley Blaxr Bleakney Gerald Howard Loulse Rupert Pat Emert Vrvnan Srmth Mr Faulkner Row Three james Flnckmger Donald Freehlmg Donald Farster Delone Wmgard Roger Ellenberger Bernard Boyer Floyd Small jrm Henderson u 6 M Ep WNW W CLASS OFFICERS GERALD HOWARD Vue President RONALD REARICK Secremry JANICE HEILMAN Tfeamfer LUELLA ANKENY 28 9 l ! Y . ' 4 : l . I ' 3 l .2 . , , - , , , , . , . N4 Et: .7 . ' .X ,. . Prerident ......,. . ...,..., ,r,...,. .,,... . , ,. .,. . .r.., .,....., r,,r.. , , . SOPHOMORE CLASS Row One Judy Hellman Nancy Rxchardson Gayle Mclntlre jane Lelghtner Amber Fanrman Geraldine Claypool Mary jane Kmnan Rachellee Rodocker Mrs Denmng Row Tao Edlth Harkleroad Ruth Sheasley Loxs Rengh Ruth Lelghtley Florence Kough jamce McGaughey Ruth Coleman Mar1ormePaster1k Row Three Donald Young Donald Wxngard Don Lmsenblgler Wayne Meyer james Stroka Paul Glllesple Lee SllVlS Bobby Boyer Harold Farster Row Four Erwood Meyer Gary johnson Lawrence Kepple jack Rearnck Albert Brmk Kenneth Smay Lynn Parks Bull Mclntrre Raymond Schall CLASS OFFICERS Prendem JAMES STROKA Secretary SHIRLEY ORR Tfedjufef NANCY RICHARDSON Z9 Vice Preridenzar. ..rl. ,. .rr, ., ,, . , AMBER FAIRMAN FRESH N CLASS Rou One Grace Gearharr Mane Hanna Edna Krmmel Rachel Reefer Connre Krmmel Grace Boyer Dorothy Had den Glenna Lou Wrngard Beverly Williams Arlene Sheasley Row Tu 0 Edna Benghley Vrvran Grinder Donna Cravener lva McElhatten Shrrley Ellenberger Edna Boyer Laurabelle Rrshell Peggy Varner Anna Mae Adams Mrs Rupert R011 Three James Peterman Darl Meyer Wayne Shaeffer Frank Bortz Lee Smeltzer Vernon Parks Stanley Rupert Russel Boyer Row Four Wlllram Henderson Harold Johnston Earl Wrssrnger Donald Elder Frank Srlvrs Alex Kunkle jr john Flemmg Ross Clark Kenneth Wlssrnger james Varner Mr Brown CLASS OFFICERS Vzce Prendent FRANK BORTZ Secremry DONNA CRAVENER Treamrer ANNA MAE ADAMS 30 - - ' 3 , , , ' , , , President, ..,.. ..r.r., ....... S S ,S S S S SSSSSS S S SSSWAYNE SHAEFFER EIGHTH GRADE Row One: Ruth Young, Grace Cribbs, Freda Hankison, Gloria Silvis, jean Hollobaugh, Eleanor McCullough, Audrey Yount, Patricia Seich, Doris McCausland, Betty Thompson, Thelcla Farster, Betty Bierer. Row Two: Ruth Ann johns- ron, Gladys Gunter, Marion Wright, Delores Mclntire, Aldean McGarrity, Edith Rishell, Annabelle Prugh, Pauline jackson, Dorothy Reefer, Janice Harding, Elaine Grinder, Helen Pererman. Row Three: Betty Hollobaugh, Lorraine Henderson, Mary Reefer, Donald Blystone, Don Kunkle, Robert Dolan, Clifford Harding, Nelson Schrecengost, Evelyn Boyer, Ruth Lawton, Wilma Boyer, Mr. Deemer. Row Four: Wayne Cessna, Wayne Baker, Clyde Weight, james Mc- Phearson, Ronald Blose, Arnold Johnson, Stanley Klingensmith, Clyde Wright, George Husselton, Edward Schall, Ronald Leightley, jack Wood, Mrs. Colgan. CLASS OFFICERS President ,............. ....,,:: .,., ....:.: B E Try BIERBR Vice President ::.,.. .....::.:: THBLDA FARSTBR Secretary ............... ,:.,.,.,. .......,. G RA CE CRIBBS Treafurer ...,,..... ....,,,,,.,: C LIFFORD HARDING ...Bl- SEVENTH GRADE Row One: Francis Rearick, Arlene Smith, Evelyn Kough, Noretta Mclntire, Miriam Schall, Betty Heckman, Jane Miller, Lois Boyer, Faye Espey, Joan Miller, Jane Anderson, Sally Bruner, june Shaeffer. Row Two: Loretta Henderson, Pearl Cessna, janet Meyers, Shirley Clever, Faye Boyer, Louella Schall, Carolyne Heilman, Savilla Rodocker, Thelma George, Donna Kunkle, Arlene Srneltzer, Janet Hankie, Mr. Shaeffer. Row Three: Ken George, Tom Williams, Dean Kline, James Shoupe, Dwight Shoupe, joe Kinnan, Richard Williams, Donald Shoupe, Ronald Parks, Earl Prugh, Fred Shaef- fer. Row Four: james Fleming, Robert Kunltle, Richard Fry, David Peterman, XX'illiam Walker, Eugene Wissinger, Errol Frailey, Robert Solinger, Dale Sheasley, jack Frazier, john Smay. CLASS OFFICERS Prefident ......... ........, . ,..., . ...SALLY BRUNER Vice Prerident .. .. :,.,:.... JANE MlLI.ER Secretary. ...... . . .. .. SHIRLEY CLEVER T reaiurer .,,. .. . . ...JUNE SHAEFFER ' 5 1 A T YPING II SOPHOMORE HOME EC LIBRARY PERIOD SOPHOMORE GIRLS' GYM CLASS SOPHMORE BOYS' SHOP 33 ll, ' -,, , ' n , 3 I , Q gif , if SENIOR CHEMISTRY CLASS JUNIOR AMERICAN LITERATURE -H DRIVER TRAINING CAR '84 ALGEBRA I AGRICL LTL RE CLASS 34 I G I ' v I I I I I I ..-- ' I 4 Vd,.. 1 rc- A I' 2 If .- A tv .9 ' 54 4 gr M f f W N Xl ! 6 9 x X 'fax g'y!AAAev 'IW' Q' ,S A, Z , N4 -' 2? 6 ' K X i X is XX L X Q Q." ,N Wg X XX Y , , Q30 Q Y3' . pxc N 47 ,Q Q X Row One: Thelda Farster, Anna Mary Solinger, Della Peterman, Carl Richardson, Vivian Smith, Marie Hanna, Gayle Mclntire, Frances Rearick. Row Tzm: Robert Kunkle, Raymond Schall, Donald Freehling, Merle Jamison, Henry Hec- kart, Delone Wingard, James McPherson, Kenneth Wissinger, Mr. Brown. STUDENT COUNCIL Pfefidenr ., HENRY HECKART Vice Prefidenz , JOHN KNESS Secrezary , , DELLA PETERMAN Trearurer V,.V , RAYMOND SCHALL SENIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES FRESHMAN CLASS REPRESENTATIVES ANNA MARY SOLINGER MARIE HANNA CARL RICHARDSON KENNETH WISSINGER MERLE JAMISON JOHN KNES5 JUNIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES HENRY HECKART DONALD FREEHLING DELONE WINGARD EIGHTH GRADE DELLA PETERMAN THELDA FARSTER VIVIAN SMITH JAMES MCPHERSON SOPHOMORE CLASS REPRESENTATIVES SEVENTH GRADE GAYLE MCINTIRE FRANCES REARICK RAYMOND SCHALL ROBERT KUNKLE 1 36 .- T R I-H I-Y Under the leadership of Mrs. Denning, the Tri-Hi-Y functioned this year with approximately eigh- teen members. The meetings were held the last Friday of every month. CLUB OFFICERS Preridenr ..,.4,...............4r ......,,.... V ELMA Camas Vice Preridenz .,..,. r..,, . i.,.,....,.,... ,.,, V 1 VIAN SMITH Secretary ,..............,,,. . MAR gonna WALKER Trearurer .,,.,.,.. ....., . .MARY JANE KINNAN Fin! Row: Glenna Wingard, Vivian Smith, Velma Crihbs, Mrs. Denning, Mary jane Kinnan, Louise Rupert. Second Row: Lois Reefer, Beverly Williams, Della Peterman, Donna Smeltzer, Marie Hanna, Eleanor Rearick, Marjorie Wal- ker. Third Row: Edna Beighley, Bernice Boyer, Shirley Ellenberger, Edna Boyer, Luella Ankeny, Laurabelle Rishell. F. H. A. The Future Homemakers of America functioned this year with thirty-three members under the guid- ance of Mrs. Spicher. The clubs projects were: Selling candy to buy a movie projector. A school milk program. A clothing drive. Selling Christmas cards. Christmas boxes were sent to children in Europe. The The purposes of the F.H.A. were: To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking. To emphasize the importance of worthy home community membership. To encourage democracy in home and community life. To promote international good will. To further interest in home economics. different activities of the club were: Initiation for new members. Square Dance. Ice Cream Party. Prerident .......,,..,... M' 'ffl jjj" M JVM' il ,Af iw Vice Prerident .........,., Secretary .....,,. Trearurer ............ Song Leader ...... H irtorian ...,.....,.. ,. BERNICE BOYER ,....,....WYvoNNE RUPERT JANICE MCGAUGHEY FLORENCE WINGARD .. ..... DONNA SMITH ,FRANCES WINGARD gjw M Firrt Row: Betty Brown, Anna Martha Kimmel, Dolores Wingatd, Arlene Sheasley, Marie Hanna, Donna Smeltzer, Florence Wingard, Frances Wingard, Elmira Emert, Mabel Frailey, Mrs. Spicher. Second Row: Louise Rupert, Connie Kimmel, Della Peterman, Beverly Williams, janice McGaughey, Wyvonne Rupert, Shirley Orr, Nancy Richardson, Viv- ian Smith. Third Row: Glenna Lou Wingard, Edna Kimmel, Anna Mae Adams, Peggy Silvis, Louise Crownover, Don- na Cravener, Edna Beighley, Bernice Boyer, Shirley Ellenbetger, Edna Boyer, Luella Ankeny, Janice Hellman, Rachel Reefer. Fifrt Row: Lee Silvis, Lawrence Kepple, jack Rearick, James Sheasley, james Stroka, Frank Bortz, jay Kunkle, Lee Smeltzer, Mr. Longwell. Second Row: Russell Boyer, Albert Brink, Vernon Parks, Paul Gillespie, Donald Linsenbigler, Roger Ellenberger, Donald Young, Delone Wingard, james Henderson. Third Row: William Henderson, Ross Clark, Frank Silvis, Gary johnson, William Mclntire, Bernard Boyer, Lynn Parks, Darl Meyer, john Fleming, james Varner. F.F.A. The Future Farmers of America, under the leadership of Mr. Longwell, was organized this year with twenty-seven members. The club project was: Selling garden seeds. Purposes of the F.F.A. were: To develop competent, aggressive, rural, and agricultural leadership. To create and nurture a love of country life. To strengthen the contidence of farm boys and young men in themselves and their work. To create more interest in the intelligent choice of farming occupations. To encourage members to improve the farm home and its surroundings. To participate in worthy undertakings for the improvement of agriculture. To develop character, train for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism, To participate in cooperative effort. Activities: Farm Show. Ice Cream Party. CLUB OFFICERS Pferidenrm, ......,,,.,. .. .4.. JAMES SHEASLBY Vice President ,,,.,. , ,......,., JAMES STROKA Secretary.. ..,. ...., ...,.,,.,.. J A CK REARICK Treasurer ...,....... ......... F RANK BORTZ 'T WEMWE 5 Page 4 December 20, 1949 Why does Donna look so happy on Mondays? Is it because she always spends Sunday evenings with John Bruce? Could it be that Roe really likes ba ketball games o it be that center ar name quit she 1 her sl night a hall The c What cha wolves af Why? The chest Don Christmas the wolf bla The Cmmlelight Service musthawebeen inspiring to a fe the boys, as off scho dav 1 and Jim seem w a lot about Who has a lon set that or do they all in the papers who plays Carl had h out if We hear he car h him like -nes H mfg v 11 te alfa 99-0 o s e -:lard ee x ex-0 G S S XG Yu 0 565493 Q VW Q-X Crea ge? fo. e ef fe x, e 9 x, ei X 901' b 1 an 6 Q09 3051 x -ge 591.6 S go L6 8.011 1, sewn 601'-an 0 ww W lon looking xxx 1- 'aa 9,19 Ye we h d b ee oy, We ge e eww ne a een run Q6 +568 Dorcas 0 wax 50 'L ever by a lawnmower 09 Or A x- of 6 2.60 'ASX-xv asf X-C' 83'-6 8 gs W ,X 9,10 50 1- QQ U xx? their veins 0 ma Xefgpzdggg dw9 lee There seen 1 0916 W E rise, N ve some an awful lot W'wvQww 35509 ld wrenches pany at Bakers fgxxfj, elm nere Could it be ben '60 saw leir new At least mechanic, certain fellow Herk, came to school Sherm is seen with with ablack eye which Irene so often he says was caused b or could it be that the barber fell asleep and accidently cut his hair that short Crea has decided to playthe field now. But instead of being with just one girl at a time he went with Most people g sick after the H days but poor Wyv'- had to be diffe and get sick be Christmas Florence says is a man hater b do not believe Especially since sits in the back HI VLEW STAFF The Hi View our high school paper lS read and enjoyed by all the tudents Above is the Hi View staff O 1 rkod hard to put ou elght coples of the paper under the directifn of Lrg, Rupert and I-ir. Faulkner. : Varsity cheer ers to get their tures taken Also is going to accom six girls to All ty Chorus y isit that Anna y seems so much 4-pier on some days . others? Could it ause she received room during studyh invent some serum that - etter from the Air and talks to the bqns would make him grow. Force. gllllllllllll U. H, gm mum ff II E E nn- IH 'Hn :liz z 9 5 ."' F k 5 ':. Q L- V " r P' ' L . L , ' Q' 0 9 , Y V. r . ,, 4 1- ' Q l V 2' T d .4 ' 4 - S - . f X +L '. " . , S I V b . - X. 'I for '- Qro - Vw ' ' ' 9 'L x Q50 e ' X4 . Q ,aw o L P , 3 X Teo 0 .Aly . e ' es ' Ox , ' A 9 ey o 96 - "' 5 X 9 g xo s .. Q Q? var , v s t. . X gazes 9 A , xo 9 r , J L gf 9 xo , Dr d X' '3 u t mg 'n R he ew? Y' . K O 9 0 ' I' . 9 . 9-'Ya . , Y' . Y 6 , 'S ,A , 0 N 0 + ' 0 an '58 , e U . aL . . 6 0 0 - ' o f . ' 0 ' -1 ' K S . Q o - ' o wh vo t ' A Row One J Kunkle J Hexlman L Rupert C Free J Reanck S Rupert D Freehlmg F Bortz J McGaughey D Cravener J He1lman T Wllllams Row Two L Ankeny J Amrck J Flrckmger R McCausland J McPherson L Smeltzer G Howard D Smxth W Baker R Frye J Flemmg K Burkett D McCausland F Wlngard Mxss Colon N Rxchardson H Johnston R Schall B Kunkle R Johnston BAN D The 1949 50 band conslsted of forty five puplls from the fifth through the twelfth grades They played for school and commumty affalrs Through the summer they partrcrpated rn the commun1ty pa rades and held a concert Durmg the school term a brass chomr pamcr pared 1n the Candlehght Servrce Two of the members attended Dxsrrrct Band at Punxsutawney, Pa m January County Band was held at Ford Cnty rn Aprrl and State Band was held at Hazelton Pa 1n February A sprmg concert was held 111 Mav 41 na. Rt2w,Tb'ree: C. I-leilman, B.,Smeltzer, Blfoodj B: Solingeri S..Orr, J. Leightner, V. Smlthl B. Boyer,,D. Smeltzer s, . H . . . , ., . - A '- H ' p cresc oco gl Bring out bass through uf Umm? Mule Tram By JOHNNY LAINGE HY HEATH FRED GLICKMAN Moderately Bnght H VOICE X xc, X65 'S Seqoaexxqo O eie' :bg 0 we in K A s e XS QCSQXQXQGQ x0 1 di CO 0 A 0 , x09 O X55 6,966 o X55 'bi Q00 16002 Q06 sb xixd' 29 0 9 xx 1- 6 M LE Y-0 we QM S1120 6 D M E C S 0 Q95 X X e so '59 206 S C9 6 'W o gl X-2 x9 f XZ oo TRAY' PAIN oo A N 00 00 - i Cl P1 ty Clx P1 ty C1 P1 ty EJ AA 'FLVV gl All x..Z gl 42 '9x'L3,Q:s3r' . 0 ' ,' b x Kg! C as -li . Y Ao 6 .. b 6 KS' j,fijILE QQ S Y I 49, 6.00 of-igyoi Q, Q oi J L ri K eo'Qg0sef:95fzuKe I 1 i V ' 664' 0 ry ' G -I S6 'woioo' V09 1 Q1 'J gil Sl J gil 4 'O QQ 0050 A. P? rs? 9? ' Q I 4 H 9 9 V lf T WT V . . .1,,-l,i... loo loo loo I loo loo lp- - TA ,iii loo loo I loo I loo 'p- '- TR I ,,,11.i loo loo loo loo l loo ,- ' 5 Q 1 J qi il 4 gal if J hi SL 'J qi il clop pm ver 111 c op pm' long the moun c op pm' through the wlnd an taln an plam Cham ram X.. Seems as Soon they They'l1 kee ral' 61.2715 O tus 0131163 V H clo , chp P1 c xp c 1 K2 fl at C eldatut mgrlls 3 OP 1301 4001110011 u O is' o bs 772111 er Us co cop C1 P y, C1 P1 Ya 'F mp We recflo C1 1' pat C101- Gd 1 'ZYGQI d ISS 1 I' Ol C' Hp C1 C1 7 -20741, 11 efsfb, S f gg B7 EE -,Z gl loo loo lon loo 1011 loo oo vo lo loo loo clop pm clop pm' cl p-pm' 00 00 00 Theres oo oo oo oo o oo oo loo TIIBICS SOIIIB oo oo oo oo oo The1'8S 3 P IM 060 i "F"FV X., H gy X.! 43 rar, gg r 5? fd +5 P 1 ji l . ' 'd J J 5 J 4 " P 1 r r 1 f E f 1, r J h 4 .l hi ,L J gag is hydvblli -9-W ', Q f " P ' f'fY ' ' f ,,, 'oo, 1 -p1-ty 1'-P'-Pi-fy S4 4. A, , nw ..,4 ' -6 S 'Kofi 57, 106, B i 1,t.r Aa 'Iso dycylf lA c p, clip-pl 'Te-" Hls3'5"Oz1d7e Q7 U .y, clip-pi-ty - lp, lip- Q-t PH '. .v qof ty 1:p-pi-ty- 1 , lp- -t n,. 21 exif- C ty 1p-px-ty- 1 efv- qf J qil QL J qi L gil QL L EL 1' J J vf - + ff -'P+ ff' -" a - g hr V lf JV loo T0 :V 1 I a M321 HZ 'fm 5 f fo 5 Z 1 v ,fff-ffiJJ ll i all 3 1-o a-if -4J"' '- J Q 4 43 wi sw UMEEIEICS ? I Qftf 1 0 'hike' 0.39.0 0 V' O 00: viwfh A I Qi' iQ'I 'fi rf Q gy Q' 4 QA Ag? X ix wk 'K GL 9 Nv- ,,n Bleak w iw Son Sm, O 'Rf Xxx 4 J Q12Y5 .Si v's 3' VARSITY BASKETBALL Row One left to nght Kane Clark Meyer Row Two left to rzght Freehlmg Johnson Henderson Sheasley Boy er Sxlvrs Howard Smrth Bleakney Manager CREA CLARK Name Donald Freehlrng Gary johnson james Henderson James Sheasley Robert Boyer Lee S1lv1s Gerald Howard Max Smrrh Blarr Bleakney Wayne Meyer C oacb JAMES B KANE Positron Guard Guard Forward Guard Forward Center Guard Forward Center Forward Herghr 5fr 5fr r r I I f I t 47 6 6 9 9 Om 1m 3 n Manager Ekwoon MEYER Welghr S S Class junror Sophomore Junlor Senror Sophomore umor Senror un1or Sophomore No. . . . . ' ..,,........,...................,,,. 5 ....,,,..,. ......,........... . in. ...,...,.., 140 lbs. .........,..,..,.........,.r... . , ' A ........................,.,,........ 8 .......n . ,....,... 1. 5 f. in ............. 135 lb. ,,..l...,,ll........,.....,..l... ' A 5f. in......,..4..,162 lbs. ' 5fr.10in.,........,..148 lbs. ..,,..,,...,.,...,....H............Sophomore ' ' .................,.r....,...,,.............,.,,....... 4 ..,..,,,... ......,,...r...... 5 f.1 ' ....,..,..... 150 lbs. ,. .......................... ' rr,.......,,,rr.,,.,,,......,.,.,.................. 10 ..........ll ............ 5 f.1 ' .,.,,........ 154 lbs. .........,,....,...,..,......... ., ' ' ,.,. ..,.,................................ 6 ,r...,, . ., .........r..,,.r.. 6f. i .....,l...... 155 lbs. ...........,.,..,.,,,........,.. ' THE VARSITY SQUAD The basketball squad started out thts season wxth only two holdovers from last years startmg fnve The remalnder of the team was made up chnefly of JLIHIOIS and Sophomores who gamed valuable expernence for a Wlflnlflg campargn next year The team jomed the WPIAL thus year for the first tlme and though they dld get off to a poor start we hope that m future years the team wxll be one of the best THE JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Row One-left to ngbt james Peterman Harold Johnston Coach Kane Raymond Schall Frankre Sxlvts Row Two- lefl to ngbt Crea Clark john Flemmg Ronald Reanck Floyd Sheasley Don Wtngard Stanley Rupert Wayne Shaef fer Erwood Meyer 48 . . 3 ' . " 'f C M Zxfiigt , Qt , . It ,, .. ' c -1 X 3 , Q 1 s - : , , , , , , - , . CHEERLEADERS 93? Your Pep' Your Pepf well they had nt th1s last season to lead thexr boys on They were Irene Baker Irene spntfire brown harr gray eyes 5 feet 3 lnches Marjorxe Walker Marge hep cat blonde harr blue eyes 5 feet 2 nnches Anna Mary Sohnger Sol full of pep brown harr blue eyes 5 feet 3 mches Dolores Wrngard Dee a very lnely httle g1rl brunette blue eyes 5 feet 31nches Donna Deane Smxth Freckles -on the ball brown ha1r green eyes 5 feet 4 xnches All Senlors All the cheerleaders thxs year are under the d1rect1on of Mlss Colonna The Junxor Varsrty thxs year are Fzfrt Rou Eleanor Rearrck, Loulse Crown over, Peggy Sxlvxs Second Rou Louxse Rupert, Vnv1an Smnth, Bermce Boyer 49 f H H 'I 6 I R . 4 ,V frk 'jk L P 1 sh "- . F' ' f D, ,, -. '12 E ' ' , y ' I v 'bd I A , , ' i f -- x , 2 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Under the supervrsxon of Mr Kane, nntramural basketball was played durmg the noon hours The teams were organrzed wrth players from the drlferenr gym classes Thus provrded recreauon and a noon hour acnvrty for many of the students erther as player or spec IKCOI' GIRLS INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL JUNIOR EAGLES Standmg Frances Wxngard Lourse Rupert Elmrra Emert Della Peterman Kneeling Pat Emert Vrvran Srmrh PAT EMERT CAPTAIN SHOOTING DAMES Standmg Velma Crxbbs Luella Ankeny Dolores Wxngard Donna Smrth Anna Mary Solmger Flor Irene Baker Wyvonne Rupert DONNA SMITH CAPTAIN BASHFUL SOPHOMORES Standing Ruth Sheasley Florence Kough Amber Fanrman Geraldme Claypool Ruth Lerghtley Gayle Mclntlre Kneeling Janrce McGaughey jane Lelght ner RUTH LEIGHTLEY CAPTAIN , - - Aw. .mit 1 - f h I t 3 I - I : 4- Y . , 2 ' . ' . ' ence Wrngard, Anna Martha Krmmel. Kneeling: . , . , K' L . I . y . . , b '. , . 2 , , . . I 1 , . ' . , v - , , . . : , - l .-50.- BOYS INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL HOT ROD INDIANS Standing: Bob Boyer, Ronald Rearick, Floyd Sheas- ley, Gerald Howard, Don Wingard. Kneeling: Don- ald Freehling, Raymond Schall. RAMBLERS Standing: James Peterman, john Fleming, Stanley Rupert, jack Rearick, Wayne Shaeffer. Kneeling: Max Smith, Blair Bleakney. TIGERS Standing: Henry Heckart, jim Sheasley, Merle jami- son, Jim Henderson, Leroy Burkett. GREEN HORN ETS Standing: Kenneth Smay, Donald Young, james Stroka, Frank Silvis, Gary johnson. . , 1' -. ' X L., .u I ' y V.. I BOYS INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL aw' . INDIANS Standing: Wayne Baker, Cliff Harding, Robert Dol- an, Donald Kunkle, Ronald Blose, jack Wood. Kneeling: James McPherson, George Hustleton. HOT SHOTS Standing: Way'ne Shaeffer, John Fleming, Stanley Rupert, Frank Silvis, james Peterson. Kneeling: Ken- neth Wissinger, Harold Johnston. IL-5 GOLDEN EAGLES Standing: Richard Frye, Bill Walker, Earl Prugh, Dean Kline, Errol Frailey, Eugene Wissinger. Kneel- ing: Robert Kunkle, Jim Frazer. PANTHERS Standing: Bob Solinger, Ronald Parks, Richard Wil- liams, Tom Williams. Kneeling: James Fleming Fred Shaffer. Virginia Bark Arlene Mclntire Lucille Silvis Gladys Clark Beverly Leightley janet Rearick. ..,l...... .. Ruby Kimmel ........,., Joanne Schall .........,..,. Unemployed at home Employed by Indiana Glove Factory Mrs Blaine Kepple Employed in Ohio Mrs Clair Jamison at home . ...Attending Indiana State Teachers College Graduate of Baun Beauty School Glenna Mae Wood ..........,....,,.......,...............,......,,................... ..... ..,...,.,... E m ployed by Elderton Post Office Lois Henderson. . Mary Jane Green.. . Fadra Flickinger .....l, Helen Schall .....,.....l,... Gladys Cribbs ..,.,,.4.....,......................,.. .......Employed in Willard Kimmel home Attending Nursing School at Phillipsburg Pa. by E. W. Williams ...,.,.................Employed by E. W. Williams .......Employed by Shaeffers Restaurant Eileen Wray ...................................,.....................................................,.......... ............................. . Unemployed at home Elinor Mclntire ..........................,............ ....... ....,..... William Anderson. Donald Lawton.. Dan Smith ........... .... . .. Ronald Shaeffer.. .. Earl Rupert. ..... LeRoy Rupert... Donald Rupert.. ....... . ..... ............,.. . .. ... William Reefer .... .. Kittanning Telephone Co. Mrs. Mason Gearhart ...........Apprentice Mason Employed as a truck driver .. . .United States Air Force Scott Field Ill. . ......,.. ................... . ................ ,........ ......Farming at home . .. . janitor of Elderton joint High School .. Carpenters Apprentice .. .. . ..Part time employment on turkey farm .. . .Employed by Wray F. Yount and Co. ALUMNI FRQM THE CLASS or 1949 Wg. Cg..g..... . V7 ff.ff.f2 ffiiif 7 E f g. eg.ei... STAPLETON'S RESTAURANT INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA HOME COOKING Free Parking Compliments of ELDERTON POST OFFICE J. F. Mulberger Postmaster FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Your Agent IS DONALD G. BOYER Phone: Elderton 2694 Co. Home Office, Columbus, Ohio HENRY HALL, INC. OFFICE s. SCHOOL SUPPLIES INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of VICTOR E. SCHALL FIRE 8- CASUALTY INSURANCE ELDERTON, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2262 H. E. SHAEFFER'S TRUCK STOP and RESTAURANT Home-Cooked Meals ELDERTON, PENNSYLVANIA FAYES BEAUTY SHOPPE wi-IITESBURG PENNSYLVANIA BALLS SUNOCO STATION ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA RICHARDSON S ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of ALTMAN S DRY CLEANERS ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2782 E W WILLIAMS GENERAL MERCHANDISE H899 I 493 ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA K C SCHALL GARAGE GAS and ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA DAVIS MOTORS SALES BUICK 3I2 Jacob Street KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Phone I45 CLARENCE P CLARK FUNERAL HOME ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2694 BRODY S KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Compl ments of INDIANA AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION Compl me ts of GRUSKINS KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Compl ents of F W WOOLWORTH KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA A GOOD PLACE BUY GOOD CLOTHING I K ttann ng O e 90 Yea EINSTEIN and CAMPBELL 245 Ma ket St eet MEN S and BOYS WEAR Compl ments of PEDLOW AND HEIDRICK STERLING SUPER SERVICE STATION Ma ket a d Wate Streets KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Pho e 67 Aunoiu. DRY CLEANERS P' P of na Nofhwo fensfeef IRUBIN s CLOTHING STORES PITTSBURGH 'LATE GLASS APOLLO PENNSYLVANIA Pho e I88 R APOLLO KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA VANDERGRIFT 54 I I I 9 O O I I - 9 I . I O i i n im I to r r " n I i V r rs" ' ' I' F1 I' 8, KITTANNING, PENNSYLVANIA ' I n W- ,SSS ,SSS L I , SLSML, LLL? Com imen r r r 1 ' I ' I I f H - I I I I SAFE DEPOSIT AND TITLE GUARANTY CO KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA KENT S JEWELRY KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA ZIMMER S KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA MATEERS SHOE SHOP QUALITY FOOTWEAR Dependable Servlce KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA ROHERS DRUG STORE KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA McHENRY 81 PAINTER INC INSURANCE BONDS 236 Market Street KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA THE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK 222 Mo ket St eet KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA KAMP S KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA LON H ODONNEL KTTANNING PENNSYLVANIA MAXINE S KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA QUALITY FARM PRODUCTS CO OP FEED SEED FERTILIZER Gas Oul Grease Farm F eezers KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Phone 662 Comphments of GRANNY S ESSO STATION Route 422 ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA THE COLLEGE SHOPPE INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA RUFFNER S Your Tlre and Farm Mach nery Headquarte s INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA INDIANA INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA ARMSTRONG AUTOMOTIVE PARTS KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA W F PAULY YOUR DRUGGIST APOLLO PENNSYLVANIA FORD CITY FRO Z N FOOD CENTER I622 F fth Avenue FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA Food Lockers Retal F ozen Foods McCONNELL WATTERSON HARDWARE KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Compl ents of TOWNSEND S DRUG STORE ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA ARMITAGE S SUPER MARKET APOLLO PENNSYLVANIA Compl ments of STUDEBAKER GARAGE KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Compl ments of TRI COUNTY TYPEWRITER COMPANY KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA Compl ments of COLONNAS MUSIC STORE KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA 55 I I . Q I I , Q O I I ' D - . . r r I . - I O i ' ' - - - r I ' i I7 South Ninth Street EVENING GAZETTE r i O ' - i r I .. im I U . i - I I - I ' 1 JAYCEE THEATRES O KITTANNING, PENNSYLVANIA H. M. 8. W. H. KIMMEL POULTRY - BEEF CATTLE - HOGS SHELOCTA, PENNSYLVANIA SEDWICK BROTHERS OLDSMOBILE SERVICE I505 Jefferson Street Phone IOO KITTANNING, PENNSYLVANIA MATEERS HARDWARE KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA MURPHY S KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA ARCADE KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA MARSHALL FARM EQUIPMENT Case and Ferguson Farm Machmery SALES and SERVICE Phone 397 I I5 North Jefferson Street KITTANNING PENNSYLVANIA ZULA SMITH S DRESS SHOPPE Evemng and Party Dresses I2O Warren Avenue APOLLO PENNSYLVANIA Complnments of McCULLOUGH 5 and 'IO APOLLO PENNSYLVANIA T E McCullough Prop Compl :ments of SOLINGER S STORE ELDERTON PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2202 THE EL HI AN STAFF wishes to thank all those who parhclpated In helping to make our yearbook a success MILLER FARM Porter Muller E Marne Muller Owners and Proprietors R I SHELOCTA PENNSYLVANIA Baby Chucks Hatchlng Eggs Breedmg Stock Poultry Supplles and Mrs Myers Knmmel and Mrs Clyde V Kness and Mrs Orv Wmgard Monroe Wagner and Mrs W A Cravener and Mrs R L Elgun and Mrs H J Sedwuck Muss Mary Florence Elgnn Mr and Mrs George Mclntnre Dr John Snyder Mrs Dora Long Rev and Mrs Byer Mr and Mrs Murray Ankeny Mass Ruth Rupert and Mrs V A Stepp and Mrs D L Rupert and Mrs P' J Kunkle Mlss Vuda Rupert and Mrs H B Mclntnre W E Rupert and Mrs W M Henderson Mrs Rena Rupert Leon De Hout Mr and Mrs FrankG Smuth PATRONS Mr and Mrs Lee Knmmel Mr and Mrs Donald Ankeny Mr and Mrs Lester Wnght Mnss Helen Baker and Mrs George Smuth and Mrs James Kane and Mrs J L Faulkner and Mrs H F Longwell and Mrs Charles Rosborough and Mrs P S Brown Mlss Marlanna Colonna and Mrs Alex J Kunkle and Mrs Herman Rupert and Mrs Arche Neale and Mrs Leslne Bnerer and Mrs Harry Shaffer and Mrs Joseph Frantz Hart B Daugherty and Mrs Claur Reefer Merle Stuchel C V McGaughey John Haney Mr and Mrs J R Jamison Mr and Mrs Gerald Knmmel Mrs Orson N Rntzman Elderton Garden Club Dr and Mrs Hellman Mr and Mrs Duane Flucklnger Mr and Mrs S Wayne Smlth Lawrence Burkett Lasher s Market Dale Lynds Bull Shrader Mrs Ray Campbell Mrs C A Huntmgton Harry Sparks Lnberty Confectuonery and Mrs Wade Wells and Mrs Paul Templeton and Mrs Raymond Stewart and Mrs Paul Rearuck and Mrs Spncher Josephnne Rowley Helen Burkett Mr and Mrs Andrew Ruffner Mr and Mrs Earl Rupert Rebecca Lodge 56 I I O O O I - - H. . - I . . I I . Mr. . ' . . ' . . ' Mr. . . . . Mr. . ' . . ' . . ' Mr. ' . . ' ' Mr. - - - Mr. . ' . . . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . Dr. . . . ' Mr. . . . ' ' ' Mr. . . . . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. and Mrs. Oris Boyer Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Spicher Aumo,-1'5 Mg.-keg . Mr. . . . , . . Mr, . . . . Mr, . ' ' ' Mr- ' Mr. . Mr. . . . Mr. . ' ' Mr- . Mr. . . . Mr. . Mr- , Mr. . . . Mr. . Mr A ' ' Mr. . ' ' A Mr. . . . ' Mr, . ' Mr' , ' Mr. . . Mr. . . . . .

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