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E JW x -2.-r. .-...'. - , ,,.- v-V, f 4 Q- fx-. Z 3, ' ,Y . E, . L, . a . .. . '.5Qf'Tn . x fi-,fr . --.+'.f' Q . W sf? Ji , Fe ng: IU' EDJ 3 F9 ' X . , 4.5 ' L - A ' 1, ,. .il 4 gr . is , hx , sg., i . i . Qi' A ' Yf ev. 'T 5, . -L: 1 7 3' h ' V, . f, - , 1 I V' . 3 N, p. V . X "U- '.-Q 21 'xv ' 5 . ' - ., - 4 ll ,Iii ' .v.- . 'ii - - 'W .wr ef pb., 1- ' V -' 27' : .rs Z: 5 -- ' ww . ' I. W -0, ,V . K . 4 'w V1 - I 1 ... - L LA 4... '54, -, 1 i- A A iw J' F X V .L L' IP M 14 1' , w - f Q13 - lf x ,lf :iff '51, QL. N'-s. 51.3 4 f .:' X. .- .F X 5-H dr " ' 14. ws ' 1 3' SUI' '4-f ' if :- is ,Q LE ' Tix ELDERTON IOINT HIGH SCHOOL EL' I-I I 'AN lytic SENIORS of 1949 VOLUME II ELDERTON IOINT HIGH SCI-IOOI, ELDERTON, PENNSYLVANIA DEDICATION We, the Seniors of 1949, dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Glenna Mae Wood. former teacher, whose guidance and encouragement have given impetus to our desires of achieving success. BOARD OF EDUCATION Sitting: Dr. Heilman, Rev. Brown, Mrs. Lloyd Rupert, Mrs. Wilber Henderson, Harlin Smeltzer, Charles Green. Standing: Harry Burkett, Wilber Rearick, Delone VVoOd, Lester Hawk, R. D. Howard. William Altman, Ross Wil- son. Carl Williams, Ir., Miles Rupp. ELDERTON BOROUGH PLLIMCREEK TOXVNSHIP SouTH BEND TONVNSHIP Rev. I. Brown, President Charles Green Dr. H. C. Heilman I. L. Hawk R. D. Howard William Altman Miles Rupp Delone Wood Harry Burkett Carl Williams, I -3.- Mrs. Anna Rupert, Treasurer Harlin Smeltzer, Secretary Mrs. Alice Henderson Wilbert. Rearick Ross Wilson ADMINISTRATION ' CLAIRE E. CLARK, Secretary ALEX I. KUNKLE, Supervising Principal PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS Seniors, we extend to you our sincere congratulations for your scholastic achievements during the last four years. We are sure that your fine school spirit and exemplary conduct will serve as inspiration for the forthcoming classes in the future. The teachers under whom you have studied, have challenged you to excel, and have given you the key that will unlock various rooms in the store house of knowledge where you may find golden opportunities if you are diligent. It has been your privilege to belong to one of the finest student bodies we have known. As a group, you have maintained high standards of conduct among your fellow students, and revealed to them a practical philosophy of life. A world of service is waiting for you. It will bring you pleasures and toils-joys and sorrows. The training and guidance you have received here will aid you in adjusting to each of these future situations. As you leave us to enter upon an enlarged program of life. we have confidence in your eventual success as contributing citizens in this great land of ours. 14... I FACULTY PATRICIA A. DENNING JEAN L. RUPERT J 'ln Indiana, Pennsylvania Elderton, Pennsylvania to ' State Teachers College State Teachers College ' . Indiana--B. S. Indiana'-B. S. 95' V., Science, Social Studies Business Education Q IUNE S. EMIGH IANE G. SPICHER MARIANNA P. CoLoNNA penn Run' pennsylvania Indiana, Pennsylvania Kittanning, Pennsylvania . . . . . Allegheny College State Teachers College, umggrslty of Cgmgmatl State Teachers College Indiana, Pennsylvania mcmnau' ' ' Indiana-B, S. Band, Orchestra, Chorus English Home Economics Mzzsic in the Grades IOHN I-IERCEG IAMES B. KANE New Kensington, Pennsylvania Kane, Pennsylvania State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Slippery Rock'-B. S. Pittsburgh-B. S. Social Studies, Mathematics Physical Education PHILLIP S. BROWN Elderton, Pennsylvania Iohnson Bible College Keystone School Incorp. State Teachers College, Indiana, Pennsylvania Industrial Arts - 5 E . ' 4' -F ExPlam,h16' some Pf.1,fw 9'-'m"'f '5 fm " M' QSP1-lv-I1 Dorff J1's'f'arb.51'.u.J9H?N Us fear, darn? 5 My 4L,, .W p 1' 'xx f lf , The Mu-:vc 7ae,f' wanna' ana! 'ramad U lx , UGCB-fl'Kf5 dfinos bare Speed + I7CCu.v-acc, 12 ggfggvencj If xegs-6 - Comlfra up. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS HELEN Sci-IALI. "Helen" Comes here by bus . . . Mixed Chorus 2, 4: Cvirl's Chorus 4: Science Club 2: F. H. A. 4: Basketball 3, 4: Class President 4: Student Council 3: Hi-View Staff 4: HLove ls Too Much Trouble" 4: wants to be an airplane hostess. RUBY KIMMEL 'Ruby' Likes Ice cream . . . Mixed Chorus l. 2, 4: Girls' Chorus 4: Science Club 2: Yearbook Staff 4: Vice President of F. H, A. 4: Class Vice President 3: Class Secretary 2: Pres. Student Council 4: Hi- View Staff 2, 3, 4: "Love ls Too Much Trouble" 4: wants to be a teacher. DONAI.D RUPERT "Don" Enjoys all sports . . . Mixed Chorus l. 2. 4: Boys' Chorus 4: All County Chorus 4: Basketball l, 2. 3, 4: Class Secretary 3: Science Club 3: Class Vice Pres. 4: i'For Pete's Sake" 3: "Love ls Too Much Trouble" 4: Hi-View Staff 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Baseball 2, 3: wants to be a mechanic. RONALD SHAEFFER "Shaeffer" Plays on the basketball team . . , Class Vice Presi- dent l, 2: Class Secretary 4: V. Basketball 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Secretary of Student Coun- cil 2: Science Club 2: "For Pete's Sake" 3: "Love ls Too Much Trouble" 4: Baseball 3: Hi-View Staff 2. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 4: Boys' Chorus 4: Wants to be a farmer. GLENNA MAE Woon "Toots" One of our cheerleaders . . . likes eating spaghetti . . , I. V. Cheerleader 2: Varsity cheerleaders 3. 4: Basketball l. 2. 3, 4: Clwss Treasurer 3. 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 4: Girls' Chorus 4: Science Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y. 4: F. H. A. 4: Hi-View 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Student Council 2: "Love ls Too Much Trouble" 4: wants to be a stenographer. -7- SENIORS WILLIAM ANDERSON "Bill" handy with the hammer . . . Ridge Echo Staff l: Ridge Class President lg Hi View Staff 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Mixed Chorus 'lg "Love ls Too Much Trouble" 43 wants to be a designer. GLADYS Ruru CRIBBS 'Cribbs likes hamburgers . . . Student Council 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 4: Girls' Chorus 4: Science Club 2: F. H. A. 4: wants to be a stenographer. VIRGINIA BARI4 'Barkn quiet . . . Mixed Chorus l, 2. 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 4: Science Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 4: F. H. A, 4: Basketball 3: wants to be a secretary. FADRA FLIc:IcINGER "Flick" always late . . . Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4: Girls' Chorus 4: F. H. A. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Science Club 2: "Love ls Too Much 'l'rouble" 4: wants to be a service mans wife. GLADYS RuTH CLARK "Gladys" Came from Apollo . , . Mixed Chorus l. 2, 4: Girls' Chorus 4: G. A. A. l: Science Club 2: wants to he a store clerk. SENIORS WII.DA GEARHART "Willy" always with an answer-Science Club 2: Basketball 2, 3, 4: F. H. A, 4: "For Petc's Sake" 3: Senior Play 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 4: Girls' Chorus 4: Yearbook Staff 4: wants to be a typist. DONALD LAVVTON "Abbie" I. V, Basketball 2: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Student Council 4: Vice President Stu- dent Council 3: Basketball l: 2: 3: Mixed Chorus l, 4: Boys' Chorus 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Science Club 2: Band 4: Orches- tra 4: Class Secretary l: Wziiits to be a truck driver, MARY IANE GREEN "Green" Mixed Chorus l, 2. 4: Student Council l: Basketball l, 2, 3: F, H. A. 4: Hi-View Staff 2, 4: Tri-Hi-Y President 4: Senior Play 4: Science Club 2: l. V. Cheerleader 3: Varsity Cheerleader 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Cvirls' Chorus 4: Wants to be a nurse. BEVERLY MAE I.,EIGHTI,EY "Bev" Quite serious about Clair. Mixed Chorus l, 2. 4: Hi-View Staff 4: Basketball 2, 3. 4: Girls' Chorus 4: F, H. A. 4: Science Club 2: Wants to become a housewife. Lois HENDERSON "Lois" New this year, formerly from Elders Ridge . . , Tri-Hi-Y 4: Mixed Chorus 3: 4: Girls' Chorus 3: 4: Yearbook Staff 4: F. H. A. 4. Wants to be a Telephone Operator. SENIORS IANET LUCILLE REARICK "Dimples" very serious about Don-Mixed Chorus l, 2, 4: Girls' Chorus 4: Hi-View Staff 3, 4, Science Club 23 Class treasurer 2, Student council 4: F. H. A. Historian 4: wants to be a housewife. ARLENE MCINTIRE "Mac" likes milkshakes . . . Mixed chorus l, 2, 4: Girls' Chorus 43 Student Council 2, 3: Hi-View Staff 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3: F. H. A. 45 Yearbook Staff 4. Tri-Hi-Y 4: "Love Is Too Much Trouble" 4: wants to he a secretary. WILLIAM REEFER "Bill" woman hater . . . Mixed Chorus 4: Boys' Chorus 4: Science Club 2: wants to be a mechanic. ELINOR IOANNE MCINTIRE "Mac" hails from Girty . . . Class Vice President lg Class Secretary 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3: Commercial Club 3: President of F. H. A. 45 Student Council 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Girls' Chorus 2, 4, Yearbook staff 4: Senior Play 4: wants to be a telephone operator. EARL RUPERT i'Earl" the Romeo of the class . . . I. V. Basket- Mixed Chorus l. 2. 4: i'For Pete's Sake' 3: Senior Play 4: Hi-View staff 2: All- county chorus 4: wants to be a husband. ball l: Varsity 2, 3: Class President 22 SENIORS LUCILLE SILVIS "Lucy' Ioined us this year from the Ridge . . . Mixed chorus 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 3, 4: Dramatic Club 3: F. H. A, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Ambition: telephone operator. LEROY RUPERT "Scoots" Quite a wolf . . . V. Basketball 2, 3: Varsity basketball 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 4: Baseball 3: Science Club 2: wants to be a diesel mechanic. DAN SMITH "Dan" Likes the girls . . . Mixed Chorus 1, 4: Class President 3: Science Club 2: Year- book Editor 4: "For Pete's Sake" 3: "Love ls Too Much Trouble" 4: wants to be a farmer. IOANNE SCHALL "Io" Enjoys roller skating . . . Class Presi- dent l: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 4: Cvirls' Chorus 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: All County Chorus 4: V. Cheerleader 2: Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4: Science Club 2: Hi-View Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Treasurer of F. H. A. 4: School photo- grapher 3. 4: "For Pete's Sake" 3: "Love ls Too Much Trouble" 4: Assistant Edi- tor of Yearbook 4: Orchestra 4: wants to be a beautician. EILEEN WRAY "Fuss" Wears a diamond . . . Mixed Chorus l, 2, 4: Girls' Chorus 4: Class Treasurer l: Tri-Hi-Y 4: F. H. A. 4: Science- Club 2: wants to be a housewife. f VllDV WIFI lf!! , 51 il 5 :K Q 3231 'Vx A ,ig 1, Lf,.s,. ,sw ,. - 11, i .gif ., i .. .. is if: Wf"- Vg 17' . -ki: , i Q ? . l Glemva'ffu.UonJ Lucille Silvis GI-aaiys Criblws Ioaydc Sal-,all Lain l-laralevsofv Eflggy Xqlrgj Fadra flkavmflilyff Qlaiys Clark hlilfln 6-earkarf rlfffnlf lk' LVfi"5 x S William llndevsou Vfrjirlia Bavki Beverly Legglnfliy Wag :Taye Green' 'll E1 mor l'la:L1771d 8walJ SAACPPCV Jamal Kearicl' l'le.le:v Schqfl R ui! A711016 l "LOVE IS TOO MUCH TROUBLE" The Senior Class Play "Love Is Too Much Trouble," took place at a college dive called the "Poison Pot," where the students met to discuss their love troubles, and where neutraliza- tion pills, which render people unconscious, accidentally get spilled into food, and are innocent- ly used as aspirin. The Board of Health gave notice to close the 'Poison Pot" and the band leader, who had been frozen, was defrosted. There trouble was just beginning. Police thought the laundry truck was stolen: Monica talked too much at the wrong time, Shirley and Sugar Lou were furious: Toastys customers drop like flies when they accidentally got some of Oggys pills: Dean Ross fainted: and President Pillsy expelled everyone. Only when Mrs. Bates praised the school and offered financial help did Dr. Pillsy re- lent. and everybody's world begins to turn right side up. PLAY CAST Ioe Burke, always in trouble ........ Earl Rupert Sugar Lou, his girl ,.,.,,.......... Arlene Mclntire Pinky Hamilton, always cooking up a deal Donald Rupert Shirley Bradford, his girl, belle of the campus Ioanne Schall Connie Ashton, working her way through college .......,..,....................,.,.. .Helen Schall Ogden McClosky, scientific student Ronald Shaeffer Ebb and Flo, sisters ,,.. Mary lane Green and Fadra Flickinger Moncia Bates, visiting high school senior Glenna Mae Wood Mrs. Worthington Bates, her mother Ruby Kimmel Dr. Pillsy, the college President ,... Dan Smith Miss Ross, Dean of the Women Wilda Gearhart l'Toasty," proprietor of the college hangout Elinor Mclntire Cliff Hayward, a well meaning visitor Bill Anderson EL-HI-AN STAFF Row One: Glenna Mae Wood, Ioanne Schall. Donald Lawton, Donald Rupert, Ronald Shaeffer, William Ander- son, Mary lane Green, Arlene Mclntire. Row Two: Mrs. Rupert, Elinor Mclntire, Ruby Kimmel, Dan Smith, Mr. Brown, Wilcla Gearhart, Lois Hender- son, Miss Emigh. The El-Hi-An staff of the class of 1949 leave this yearbook as a reminder of the four happy years we have spent in E. H. S. We hope as you look through this book it will bring back memories of your school days. We hope you will enjoy our yearbook as much as we have in the planning and constructing of it. THE STAFF Editor ................,., .,...,r... D an Smith Assistant Editor .r...,.. ...,.... I oanne Schall Business Manager ............,.,.... .............,..V...........,,..Y..,...,.,....,... D on Lawton Literary Staff .... . .,.. . .... . .... . ............ . ..., Ruby Kimmel, Mary lane Green, Elinor Mclntire, Wilda Gearhart, Arlene Mclntire Photography ....,,. .............,.w.a...........,....,........ C rea Clark, Ioanne Schall Sports ............................., ......v, G lenna Mae Wood, Donald Rupert Advertising Managers ,,.a. ..a.... , .Ronald Shaeffer, Lois Henderson, William Anderson Sponsors ....... ....... M iss Emigh, Mrs. Rupert, Mr. Brown .. 14 - I CLASS HISTORY On September 4, 1945, our present Senior Class entered the doors of E. H. S. to begin a four year course of study, fun and headaches due to books which were loaded upon us. This future "Class of 49" consisted of the follow- ing members: Virginia Bark, james Blystone, Dale Boyer, Gladys Cribbs. Fadra Flickinger, Wilda Gearhart, Mary jane Green, Sarah Harkleroad, Ruby Kimmel, Don- ald Lawton, Secretary: Beverly Leightley. james Mar- shall, Arlene Mclntire, Robert McClelland, Anna Mae Peterman, janet Rearick, William Reefer, Donald Ru- pert, Earl Rupert, Leroy Rupert, Helen Schall, joanne Schall, President: Charles Shupe, William Silvis, Dan Smith. La Rue Stewart, Ronald Shaeffer, Vice Presi- dent: Glenna Mae Wood, Eileen Wray, Treasurer: and Kenneth Wesner. Our subjects were General Math, General Science, English, Geography, and Pennsylvania History. We also had Home Economics for nine weeks. Our teachers were Mr. Heckart, Mrs. Wood, Mr. Smith and Miss Austin to whom we are indebted for their patience and consideration in this, our first year of high school. In October came that never to be forgotten initiation when we did as our upper classmen said, or else-well they had some big paddles with them that night. Following initiation a party was held for us by the other members of the school. During this year we lost Charles Shupe. We think initiation must have been too much for him. Later on. Bob McClelland and La Rue Stewart also withdrew. Almost before any of u-s realized it, vacation had rolled around and soon we were back in school study- ing all the time,---well-most of the time. Our class voted as: Earl Rupert, President: Ronald Shaeffer, Vice President: Ruby Kimmel, Secretary: and janet Rearick, Treasurer. This year our teachers were Mr. Heckart, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Fox and Mr. Smith, and our subjects were World History, Biology, Plane Geometry: Health and English. During the year we lost several of our members. Dale Boyer to Elders Rid e and Sarah Harkleroad to Indiana. We also lost Anna Mae Peterman and james Marshall. We were very glad when Gladys Clark from Apollo High School joined us. Our class planned to have a party at the ball field but rain chased us in to the gray walls of the auditorium, which we had hoped we could leave for a while. This year a science club, the "Si Bi Chi" was or- ganized and directed by Mr. Smith. In February the club had an exhibit, displaying scientific projects such as model airplanes, different kinds of lights, a machine that made electricity and numerous other interesting devices. The following night a round and square dance was held in the auditorium. lt wasn't long until june came and we left old E. H. S, and all her books, only to return the follow- ing autumn to begin our junior year. Officers of our class this year were: Dan Smith, President: Ruby Kimmel, Vice President: Donald Ru- pert, Secretary: and Glenna Mae Wood, Treasurer. This year Commercial was added to our curricu- lum and in the second semester Home Economics also became a part of our course of Study. Faculty members were Mrs. Rupert, Mr. Curry, Mr. Kunkle, Mr. Brown, and Mrs. Spicher. We lost three of our members this year. William Silvis quit school, Kenneth Wesner to the service. and james Blystone to find himself a wife. We really were proud of our members in the bas- ketball team this year-Donald Lawton, Donald Ru- pert, Earl Rupert, Ronald Shaeffer and james Bly- stone. joanne Schall and Glenna Mae Wood were Ehosen as two of the cheerleaders to help support our oys. We sponsored a square dance during the year to replenish our Treasury. Pete Lazzeri and his boys played and called for it, The Student Council sponsored a Spring play, "For Pete's Sake!" Members of our class who helped present the play were Wilda Gearhart, Donald Rupert. Ronald Shaeffer, Dan Smith, joanne Schall and Earl Rupert. On August 30, 1948, another vacation had ended and we were back in school again. Finally as Seniors! Class officers this year were: Helen Schall, Presi- dent: Donald Rupert, Vice President: Ronald Shaef- fer, Secretary: and Glenna Mae Wood, Treasurer. Four new members from Elders Ridge joined us. They were Lois Henderson, Elinor Mclntire, Lucille Silvis and William Anderson. We had almost a complete new staff of faculty members this year, Mr. Kunkle, Mr. Brown. Mrs. Den- ning, Mrs. Spicher. Mrs. Rupert. Miss Colonna, Mr. Herceg, Mr. Kane and Miss Emigh. Our subjects were Home Ec., Shorthand. Typing, Bookkeeping, Algebra, P. O. D., Industrial Arts, Eng- lish Literature, Chemistry, Health and Music. Members of our class on the basketball team this year were Donald Rupert, Donald Lawton, Leroy Rupert and Ronald Shaeffer. Members of the cheeri-in squad were joanne Schall, Glenna Mae Wood and Mary jane Green. ln November we sponsored a round and square Elance. Scotty and his Mountaineers played and called or it. In january our class presented a play entitled "Love ls Too Much Trouble." It was directed by Miss Emigh and Mr. Brown. The play was a farce-comedy in three acts. We chose as our class motto-"Forward Ever, Backward Never. ' ' For our class colors we chose blue and gold and the yellow rose was our class flower. On May 12, we celebrated one of the big events of the year-the Senior Prom which was semi-formal. May 20, was Class Day which was our time for fun and laughter. Next came Baccalaureate with us capped and gowned realizing just 'how wonderful had been our days at dear old E. H. S. May 25, 1949, found us with tears and heart- aches, bidding goodby to our teachers. friends and class mates as we left our Alma Mater to take our various places in the world. TIS... CLASS WILL We, the members of the Class of 1949, of Elclerton Ioint High School, having completed our wanderings of four years through the land of knowledge, and having reached the end with a reason- able amount of common sense, memories, and treasures. Hnd wc have certain items such as boots. erasers, paper wads, bubble gum that we would like to leave behind us. We, therefore, in order to dispose of such items, declare this our last will and testament. SECTION I To our parents we extend our love and ap- preciation for all their efforts which made it possible for us to attend sclhool. SECTION II To our principal, Mr. Kunkle, we leave our appreciation for making it possible for us to have music and shop. We leave to Mrs. Spicher our thanks in teaching us Home Economics which prepares us for future tasks of better home-making. Miss Emigh and Mr. Brown receive our thanks for making our yearbook and senior play possible. The chemistry students leave to Mrs. Den- ning their thanks for giving them their first knowledge of chemistry. We bequeath to Miss Colonna our thanks for the time and energy she has put forth to give us a larger knowledge of music. To Mrs. Rupert we leave our thanks for spending so much time and energy to make our Hi-View a success and for instructing us in the fundamentals of business education. To Miss Clark we leave our gratitude for the friendliness she has shown to us. To Mr. Kane we extend our appreciation in enabling us to achieve clean sportsmanship. We thank Mr. Herceg for increasing our knowledge of mathematics, and making it, prac- tical for every day living. SECTION III Iuniors, we leave our profound intelligence and wide experience. Sophomores, we leave to you our wise use of study halls. Freshmen, we leave to you our matured conduct. SECTION IV Virginia Bark leaves her quiet manners to lack Rearick. l Donald Lawton wishes to leave his sleek hair-do to Gale Kenmuir. Ioanne Schall bestows her secret to cap- ture fellows to Wyvonne Rupert. Earl Rupert leaves his ability to flirt to Am- ber Fairman. Helen Schall bestows her dramatic ability to Carl Richardson. Dan Smith leaves his way with the girls to Merle Iamison. Donald Rupert just leaves himself to Betty Brown. Ianet Rearick bestows her good looks upon anyone in E. H. S. that might need them. Elinor Mclntire wills her patience and lead- ership to the next President of F. H. A. Ronald Shaeffer gladly gives to the Seniors next year his ability to make high marks. Beverly Leightley grants her spirit of co- operation in school activities to Lee Silvis. Leroy Rupert leaves his mechanical ability to Herk Heckert. Bill Reefer's art ability is given t,o Della Peternlan. Bill Anderson leaves his liking to talk to the girls during study hall to Iames Henderson. Ethel Niehenke receives Wilda Gearhart's secret in keeping slim. Eileen Wray wishes to leave all her fel- lows to Anna Mary Solinger. Lucille Silvis wills her dexterity in driving to Iames Sheasley. Lois Henderson relinquishes to Ianice Mc- Gaughey her love for the name Bob. Fadra Flickinger leaves her technique in making it to school on time to Irene Baker. Arlene Mclntire wills her "southern accent" to Marjorie Walker. , Glenna Mae Wood bestows her ability to dance to all boys in E. H. S. To Velma Cribbs, Mary lane Green leaves her liking for red heads. Gladys Cribbs gives her quiet attractive smile to Ronald Rearick. Luella Ankeny receives Gladys Clark's nat- ural curly hair. Ruby Kimmel leaves her tallness to Ruth Coleman. This will has been duly witnessed and signed by the 25 members of the Senior Class this 24th day of May, 1949. -15, CLASS PROPHECY One cold day last winter as I sat before the fire reading a book, I fell asleepzzzzzzzz and as I slept I had the most wonderful dream, a dream that took me twenty years into the future. The title of the book I was reading was "The 1959 Class of Elderton Ioint High School," and strange to say I found myself in Elderton Ioint City. I had just landed from a plane whose pilot was none other than my old schoolmate Bill Anderson. He told me that after graduating from Elderton Ioint High School he decided to take up flying. He learned to pilot a plane at one of the training schools in Shelocta and is now working for the United Nations Transport Company. Elinor Mclntire and Helen Schall were so glad they had studied P. O. D. at Elderton Ioint High School, since they are the chief rep- resentatives of Elderton Ioint City. I decided I would go and see my old friends Glenna Mae Wood and Ioanne Schall who are appearing every week at the Metropolitan Opera House on Elderton Avenue. Oh! Yes, you are all invited back to Lucille Silvis and William Reefer's wedding in Iune. Mary Iane Green is a newspaper reporter for "Elderton City Tribune," and she expects to have a big write-up of Lucille and William's wedding in Iune. After seeing Mary lane, I took a bus over to one of the department stores and found the head managers to be Beverly Leightley and Fadra Flickinger. Don Rupert has done very well for him- self. He is chief-of-staff at the Iohn Hopkins Hospital on 92nd Street in Girty. I saw someone coming down the street and found it to be Lois Henderson. She was off-duty just then. You see she has graduated from South Bend School of Nursing. I went to the Art Gallery on Gastown Boulevard and saw many paintings the most beautiful of which was called "Winter Time" and was a view of Elderton Ioint City, painted from the school grounds during the great snow of 1949. As I stood looking at the painting, I became aware of the name plate in the corner of it which said-Ianet Rearick. I visited the motion picture studios in Elder- ton Ioint City and four of the most famous stars were Don Lawton, Ruby Kimmel, Gladys Cribbs, and Virginia Bark. I am not surprised to hear that Ronald Shaeffer and Earl Rupert are giving private les- sons of Algebra at Elderton Ioint High School, since they were both very good in Algebra. Dan Smith is being suggested as Secre- tary of Agriculture for Elderton Ioint City and the other cities surrounding it. Wilda Gearhart and Arlene Mclntire have started one of the largest homes for cats and dogs in Whitesburg Valley. Eileen Wray and Gladys Clark are travel- ing sales ladies for Elderton Evening Post, and Girty's Home Gardening Magazines. On Elderton Boulevard is an ice cream fac- tory owned and run by Leroy Rupert. My dream ended and that is all I can re- member because I heard Mother calling me for dinner. SENIOR CLASS POEM We are the senior class of forty-nine, And l think surely we have done just fine. Of course I'm really not to blame, Since Wilda Gearhart is my name. Virginia Barks comes first upon my list, Followed by others I hope not to miss. And next in line comes friendly Gladys Clark, When you mention basketball she has lots of spark. And now there's Gladys Cribbs who is my pal, To others she is just a plain old gal. Eadra Flickinger has only one gait, It seems to me she is always late. MaryEIane Green is another bright scholar, But dd wouldn't sell her for many a dollar. Lois Henderson is a long old name. Although she is cute just the same. Since books to us are a pain in the neck, You'll find Ruby Kimmel is right on deck. Gilbert Frailey has a very nice car, And Arlene Mclntire has seen that far. l think Elinor Mclntire once more has a date, . Gearhart is the name, and he is never late. Lucille Silvis is new this year, When she is driving she forgets low gear. foanne Schall can stand on' her head, But there are other reasons she can't get to bed. Ianet Rearick has a very nice smile, And it stays with her all. the while. Beverly Leightley is getting engaged, And l think Clair Iamison has her paged. The President of our class is Helen Schall, If you want to find her, look in the hall. One of our cheerleaders is Glenna Mae Wood, And l think she is very good. Eileen Wray you will find drives a car like a whizz, But don't get too close to her old tin lizz. Since Bill Anderson drives an Olds, He has a heater that never gets cold. Dan Smith proves to be very kind, As he never leaves the girls behind. Leroy Rupert has brown curly hair, He is one that doesn 't give a care. Donald Lawton drives a blue truck, And I hope it brings him lots of luck. Donald Rupert is surely no Bing, This is a fact when you hear him sing. As Ronald Shaeffer is a ladies man, He sits with them whenever he can. Bill Reefer' is the brains of our class, Which seems to mean he is going to pass. Earl Rupert surely likes Claire, Some day they will make a very fine pair. Mr. Herceg is our home room teacher, Sometimes you would think he was a preacher. .-,,.. W N.-. -18- 'hw v Sw! y. 7 9, 2' ,. , ,ix 1, wifi? -. Mail A 5 Wk .f .ll Q5 in . Q1 ' me www . is Y '95 ra' r My - Q gy X JUNIORS Row One: Carl Richardson, Anna Martha Kimmel, Florence Wingard, Wyvonne Rupert. Marjorie Walker. Lois Reefer, Elizabeth Marshall, Merle Iamison. Row Two: Crea Clark, Irene Baker, Anna Mary Solinger. Betty Brown, Dolores Wingard, Donna Deane Smith, Leroy Burkett. Row Three: Mrs. Rupert, Iames Sheasley, Max Smith, Iohn Kness. Henry Heckart. CLASS OFFICERS President ....... ......,..,.. C rea Clark Vice President ,.... ....... C arl Richardson Secretary .,...... ....... W yvonne Rupert Treasurer ..... ...... F lorence Wingard SOPHOMORES Row One: Bernard Boyer, Bernice Boyer, Peggy Silvis, Louise Crownover. Velma Cribbs, Eleanor Rearick, Luella Ankeny, Ianice Heilman, Mrs. Denning. Row Two: Robert Rearick, Doris Westlake, Pat Emert, Mabel Frailey, Frances Wingard, Donna Smeltzer, Mar- jorie Shaffer, Guy Reefer. Row Three: Donald Farster, Floyd Smail, Louise Rupert, Della Peterman, Vivian Smith, Wayne Frailey, Ronald Rearick. Row Four: Gerald Howard, Donald Freehling, Delone Wingard, Iames Flickinger, Blair Bleakney, lim Hender- son, Floyd Sheasley. CLASS OFFICERS President ...........,. ..,.,.. R onald Rearick Vice President ,.,.,.. ......,. G uy Reefer Secretary .......,,. ....... I anice Heilman Treasurer ....... .,...... I ames Flickinger FRESHMEN Row Row Row Row Row One: Raymond Schall. Marjorie Pasterik, Ruth Coleman, Marbell Boyer, Shirley Orr, Nancy Richardson, Ruth Sheasley, Edith Harkleroad. Ethel Niehenke. Two: Lawrence Kepple, Gayle Mclntire, Ianice McGaughey. Florence Kough, Ruth Leightley, Lois Reigh, Gary Iohnson. Lynn Parks. Three: Delores Sadler, Geraldine Claypool, Amber Fairman, fudy Heilman. Margaret Erb, Rachellze Rodocker. Four: Bobby Boyer, Beryl Kaufman. Kenneth Smay. Gale Kenmuir, Billy Mclntire, Iames Stroka. Don Linsenbigler. Five: Mr. Kane, Harold Farster. Donald Wingard, Wayne Meyer, Donald Young, Albert Brink. CLASS OFFICERS President ....,... ......,.,...... S hirley Orr Vice President ..i., ,..... N ancy Richardson Secretary ...., ....... R aymond Schall Treasurer .... ....... M arbell Boyer -- 22 L. STUDENT COUNCIL Row One: Gary Iohnson, Ianet Rearick, Elinor Mclntire, Ruby Kimmel, Gladys Cribbs, Della Peterman, Irene Baker. Row Two: Mr. Kunkle, Gerald Howard, Delone Wingard, Henry Heckart, Crea Clark. Donald Lawton, Carl Richardson. President ...,.., ........ R uby Kimmel Vice President ,.... ........ D onald Lawton Secretary ......... ..... D ella Peterman Treasurer ...., ......... I rene Baker SENIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES IuNIoR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Ianet Rearick, Elinor Mclntire, Ruby Kimmel, Irene Baker, Henry Heckart, Crea Clark, Donald Lawton, Gladys Cribbs Carl Richardson SOPHOMORE CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Della Peterman Gerald Howard Delone Wingard FRESHMEN CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Iane Leightner Gary Iohnson ALL COUNTY CHORUS - 2 s at ,ra is 33 E. i E f ki,A Row One: Wyvonne Rupert, Betty Brown, Ioanne Schall, Donna Deane Smith, Glenna Mae Wood, Row Two: Crea Clark, Donald Rupert, Florence Wingard, Dolores Wingard, Anna Martha Kimmel, Irene Baker, Earl Rupert, Miss Colonna. BOYS' CHORUS Row One: Donald Lawton, Gerald Howard, Miss Colanna, Bill Anderson, lames Flickinger, Row Two: Earl Rupert, Leroy Rupert, Blair Bleakncy, Donald Rupert. Row Three: Ronald Rearick, Ronald Shaeffer, Crea Clark. -24- GIRLS' CHORUS Row Row Row Row Row Row One: Gladys Cribbs. Betty Brown, Glenna Mae Wood, loanne Schall, Miss Colonna, Miss Emigh, Beverly Leightley, Marjorie Walker, Wilda Gearhart, Arlene Mclntire. Two: Ruth Coleman, Peggy Silvis, Ruth Sheasley, Louise Crownover, Shirley Orr, Nancy Richardson, Ber- nice Boyer, Elizabeth Marshall, Lois Henderson, Wyvonne Rupert, Marbell Boyer. Three: Ianet Rearick, Irene Baker, Florence Kough, Donna Smeltzer, Iudy Heilman, Virginia Bark, Ianice McGaughey, Lois Reefer, Edith Harkleroad. Ethel Niehenke. Four: Rachellee Rodocker, Gayle Mclntire, Gladys Clark, Helen Schall, Lucille Silvis, Anna Mary Solinger. Eleanor Rearick, Ruth Leightley. Five: Louise Rupert, Dolores Wingard. Anna Martha Kimmel, Florence Wingard, Frances Wingard. Mabel Frailey, Mary lane Green, Fadra Flickinger, Geraldine Claypoole. Six: Eileen Wray, Donna Deane Smith, Ruby Kimmel, Elinor Mclntire, Vivian Smith, Doris Westlake. The Chorus, under the direction of Miss Colonna, was a very active group this year. They presented a Candlelight serv- ice program for Christmas, A group of girls participated in all all County Chorus at Dayton in November. Activities were culminated at the Baccalaureate Service and the Commencement program. 125.- MIXED CHORUS Row One: lgonald Lawton, Donald Rupert, Crea Clark, William Anderson, Earl Rupert. Leroy Rupert, Ronald Shae er. Row Two: Gladys Cribbs, Betty Brown, Glenna Mae Wood. Ioanne Schall, Miss Colonna, Miss Emigh, Beverly Leightley, Marjorie Walker, Wilda Gearhart, Arlene Mclntire. Row Two: Ruth Coleman. Peggy Silvis, Ruth Sheasley, Louise Crownover, Shirley Orr, Nancy Richardson, Ber- nice Boyer, Elizabeth Marshall, Lois Henderson, Wyvonne Rupert, Marbell Boyer. Row Three: Iames Flickinger. Ianet Rearick, Irene Baker, Florence Kough, Donna Smeltzer, Iudy Heilman, Virginia Bark, Ianice McGaughey. Lois Reefer. Edith Harkleroad, Ethel Niehenke, Ronald Rearick, Row Four: Rachellee Rodocker, Gayle Mclntire, Gladys Clark, Helen Schall, Lucille Silvis, Anna Mary Solinger. Eleanor Rearick, Ruth Leightley. Row Five: Louise Rupert. Dolores Wingard. Anna Martha Kimmel, Florence Wingard. Frances Wingard, Mabel Frailey, Mary lane Green, Fadra Flickinger, Geraldine Claypoole. Row Six: Eileen Wray, Donna Deane Smith, Ruby Kimmel, Elinor Mclntire. Vivian Smith, Doris Westlake. The Mixed Chorus, under the direction of Miss Colonna, was a very active group this year. A beautiful candlelight serv- ice was held on the evening of December 20, for which event the Mixed Chorus took an active part.. BAND Row One: Miss Colonna, Dan Smith, Frank Bortz, Florence Wingard, Louise Rupert, lanice Heilman. Iames Flickinger, Sara Clever, Donna Cravener, Doris McCausland, Iudy l-leilman, Gerald Silvis, Luella Ankeny, Nancy Richardson. Shirley Orr. lane Leightner, Harold Iohnson, Gary Iohnson. Robert Kunkle, David Pet- erman, Robert Solinger, Donald Lawton. Raymond Schall, Donald Freehling, Donna Smeltzer. Robert Boyer. Row Two: Robert Smeltzer, Thomas Williams, Iames Peterman, Alex Kunkle, Carolyn Heilman, Marie Hanna. Floyd Sheasley, lack Rearick, Stanley Rupert, Leroy Burkett, Donna Deane Smith, Iames Sheasley, Gerald Howard, Lee Smeltzer, Iames McPherson, Ronald McCausland. Wayne Baker, Iames Fleming. The Elderton Band is made up of students from 5th grade through 12th. They will give an annual Concert each Spring, and will play during Basketball games. The band was organized by Miss Colonna. T27- ORCHESTRA Row One: Wyvonne Rupert. Anna Martha Kimmel, Vivian Smith, Dan Smith, Luella Ankney, Louise Rupert, Ianice Heilman, Iames Flickinger, Iudy Heilman, Floyd Sheasley. Florence Wingard. Nancy Richardson, Shirley Orr, lane Leightner, Donald Lawton, Raym and Schall, Gary Iohnson, Donna Smeltzer, Robert Boyer. Row Two: Miss Colonna, Ioanne Schall, lack Rearick. Leroy Burkett, Donna Deane Smith, Iames Sheasley, Gerald Howard. The High School Orchestra is composed of high school students only, and it will make its appearances, at Class plays, Baccalaureate Services and Commencement Exercises. -25- HI-VIEW STAFF Row One: Wyvonne Rupert, Mary lane Green. Helen Schall, Ruby Kimmel, Irene Baker. Marjorie Walker Donna Deane Smith, Frances Wingard, Anna Martha Kimmel. Row Two: Beverly Leightley, Glenna Mae Wood, Ianice Heilman, loanne Schall. Betty Brown, Florence Win- gard, Della Peterman, Ianet Rearick, Arlene Mclntire, Miss Emigh. Row Three: Crea Clark. Gerald Howard. Donald Rupert, Ronald Shaeffer, Blair Bleakney. William Anderson Iames Flickinger. Donald Freehling, Mrs. Rupert. The school newspaper this year has been very busy, since we published a paper every month except September. Many of the members of the staff were new in their jobs but with the help of Miss Emigh and Mrs. Rupert as advisors we feel safe in saying it was a successful undertaking. STAFF Editor-in-Chief ...... ..t,......,.,,.., ,,,,,,, l r ene Baker Ass't Editor ....... ........... D onna Smith News Editor ..... ...... W yvonne Rupert Art Editor ..... ,,..,, M ariorie Walker Sports Editor ....... Feature Editor ...,. Business Manager Ago.. .....Donald Rupert ,......Ruby Kimmel Donald Freehling l TRI-HI-Y Row Row Row Row Row One: Beverly Leightley. Arlene Mclntire. Patricia Emert, Mabel Frailey, Frances Wingard, Doris Westlake Della Peterman, Ioanne Schall, Gladys Cribbs. Two: Ruth Coleman, Florence Kough, Bernice Boyer, Peggy Silvis, Louise Crownover, Velma Cribbs, Elea- nor Rearick, Lois Henderson. Wyvonne Rupert, Ianice Heilman. Three: Ruth Sheasley, Ruth Leightley. Florence Wingard, Betty Brown, Marjorie Walker, Lucille Silvis, Marjorie Shaeffer, Donna Smeltzer, Anna Mary Solinger, Glenna Mae Wood. Four: Louise Rupert. Dolores Wingard, Amber Fairman, Eileen Wray, Anna Martha Kimmel, Irene Baker Donna Deane Smith, Mrs. Denning. Five: Virginia Bark, Mary lane Green, Fadra Flickinger, Lois Reefer, Vivian Smith, Luella Ankeny. The Tri-Hi-Y club of Elderton Ioint High School was or- ganized in November. The purpose of the club is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout, the 'school and community, high standards of Christian character. CLUB OFFICERS President ........... .,..................................,,,,... M ary lane Green Vice President .... ....... A nna Martha Kimmel Secretary ........ .......... W yvonne Rupert Treasurer ...,. ,,.,.. L uella Ankeny -30- F. H. A. CLUB 1 Row One: Gladys Cribbs. Glenna Mae Wood, Dolores Wingard. Ioanne Schall, Elinor Mclntire. Ruby Kimmel, Ianet Rearick, Donna Deane Smith, Beverly Leightley. Row Two: Ruth Coleman, Shirley Orr, Nancy Richardson, Louise Crownover, Florence Kough, Bernice Boyer. Lois Henderson, Wyvonne Rupert. Elizabeth Marshall. Row Three: Peggy Silvis. Ruth Sheasley. Ethel Niehenke, Mabel Frailey, Rachellee Rodocher, Frances Wingzird. Wilda Gearhart Anna Mary Solinger, Marjorie Walker. Row Four: Ruth Leightley. Margaret Erb, Iudy Heilman, Lucille Silvis. Louise Rupert, Florence Wingard. Lois Reefer, Anna Martha Kimmel. Row Fgve: Arlene Mclntire, Virginia Bark, Donna Smeltzer, Ianice Heilman, Pat Emert, Luella Ankeny, Vivian mith. Row Six: Mrs. Spicher, Helen Schall. Mary lane Green, Fadra Flickinger. This Club was organized on October 18, 1948. The Future Homemakers of America brings together state groups interested in, and working toward better home and family living, pro- vides opportunities to share in solving problems important to home life, and sponsors group projects, local, state and national in scope: it increases opportunities for the development of lead- ership and intelligent participation so much needed in a demo- cratic society. I CLUB OFFICERS President ......,....., ..,,.....,..,.........,,.,..,.........,..... E linor Mclntire Vice President ,...... ......,........ R uby Kimmel Secretary ............. ,....... D olores Wingard Treasurer ....... .......,..,... I oanne Schall Song Leader .... ....... D onna Dean Smith Historian .....,.. .,.,,.......... I anet Rearick CHEERLEADERS Mary lane Green. Betty Brown, Ioanne Schall, Glenna Mae Wood. "WE WANT TO WIN BOYSUI was the pep song that the cheerleaders of 48-49 led through the season. The cheerleaders were: Mary lane Green-fAGreen"-very lively from the Senior Class-brown hair-blue eyes-5 feet, 8 inchesg Betty Brown--MBrown"-plenty of vig- or-blond hair-blue eyes-5 feet, 4 inches-she comes from the Iunior Class. Ioanne Schall-- NIO"-pert and lively-from the Mighty Senior Class - brown hair - brown eyes - 5 feet, 5 inches: Glenna Mae Wood-"Toots"-who also has plenty of pep-and she comes from the Mighty Senior Class-brown hair-blue eyes-and just a mere 5 feet, 2 inches. The Iayvees this year were Dolores Wingard-Anna Mary Solinger-Marjorie Walker -Irene Baker-Donna Smith-All coming from the Iunior Class. Both groups are under the direction of Miss Colonna this year. Dolores Wingard, Anna Mary Solinger, Marjorie Walker, Irene Baker, Donna Smith. - 32 - James B, Kane Code H . v ,,'- iv Blalrr Blealfne ef BASKETBALL Row One: Merle Iamison, Gerald Howard. Row Two: Mr. Kunkle, Donald Lawton, Henry Heckart, Max Smith, Leroy Rupert. Blair Bleakney, Ronald Shaef- fer, Donald Rupert. Coach Kane. Crea Clark. Basketball practice was called Nov. 15, under our new coach, Iames B. Kane, with thirty boys turning out for practice. At end of the first week the squad was reduced to nineteen, which consisted of four Seniors: Donald Rupert, the only returning letter man, Leroy Rupert, at guard, Shaeffer at center, and Lawton at forward-four Iuniors: Iim Sheasley and Iamison at guard, Heckart and Smith at forward-two Sophomores: Howard and Bleakney: to round out the varsity. The Varsity has not been very successful to date having dropped their first six games, but with the experience in back of them, and ten more games to play we hope to climb into the Winners Column. BASKETBALL SQUAD RONALD SHAEFFER-Center of the Varsity. Good on a pivot shot. A senior. Second year on the Varsity. DONALD LAWTON-Forward on the Varsity. Very good on hook shot. A senior. Second year on Varsity. LEROY RUPERT-Sub guard. Good defense man. A senior. First year on Varsity. DONALD RUPERT-Guard on the Varsity. Good defense man. Third year on Varsity. A senior. HENRY HECKART-Forward on the Varsity. Set shot artist. Second year on Varsity. A junior. MERLE IAMISON-Sub-guard. Willing to try. First year on Varsity. A junior. MAX SMITH-Sub-forward. One hand push shot artist. First year on Varsity. A junior. BLAIR BLEAKNEY-Sub-center. Good on pivot shot. First year on Varsity. A sophomore. GERALD HOWARD-Guard on the Varsity. Good on set shot. First year on the Varsity. A sopho- more. IAMES SHEASLEY-Sub-guard. Good defense man. A junior. First year on the Varsity. IUNIOR VARSITY The V. who are novice to basketball make up for it, in their height, speed, and aggressiveness. They have come a long way in their playing and with more season- ing should make plenty of trouble for the op- position in the next few years. The squad includes, Sophomores: Freeh- ling and Ronald Rearick at guard: Freshmen, Schall, johnson, Boyer, Wingard at forward, Meyers and Smay at center, and lim Stroka at guard. Left to right: Raymond Schall, Gary Iohnson, Donald Freehling, Kenneth Smay, Bob Boyer, Ronald Rearick, lim Stroka, Donald Wingard, Wayne Meyer, Coach Kane. ..35.. GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Row One: Donna Deane Smith, Anna Mary Solinger, Wilda Gearhart, Helen Schall, Gladys Cribbs, Betty Brown, Ioanne Schall, Glenna Mae Wood. Row Two: Bernice Boyer, Beverly Leightley, Gayle Mclntire, Mabel Frailey, Patricia Emert, Louise Rupert, Vivian Smith, Donna Smeltzer, Anna Martha Kimmel, Mr. Kane. TIGERS-Row One: Ioanne Schall. Glenna Mae Wood. Row Two: Gladys Cribbs, Helen Schall, Wilda Gear- hart, Beverly Leightley. BOBCATS-Row One: Luella An- keny, Bernice Boyer. Row Two: Ianice Heilman, Donna Smeltzer, Louise Ru- pert, Vivian Smith. HOT SHOTS-Row One: Velma Cribbs, Eleanor Rearick. Row Two: Della Peterman, Patricia Emert, Frances Wingard, Marjorie Shaffer, Mabel Frailey. ,.,f T-fl liner ,.mm.,swa.,.sw, iQnmm1e,r ELDERTON EIGHTH GRADE Row One: Laurabelle Rishell, Donna Cravener, Kenneth Wissinger, Iva McElhattan, Milford Wagner. Donna lean Marshall, Larmar Altman, Harry Gibson. Row Two: Anna Mae Adams, Donald Elder, Darl Meyer, Wayne Shaeffer, Grace Gearhart, Arlene Sheasley, Edna Boyer. Freda Mae Hankinson. Row Three: Glenna Lou Wingard, Dorothy Hadden, Connie Kimmel, Wilda Iohns, Grace Boyer, Edna Kimmel, Harold Wilhelm. Row Four: Iames Pcterman, Russell Boyer, lohn Fleming, Vernon Parks, Charles Smeltzer, Wayne Kough, Earl McCullough, Mr. Schall. OLIVET SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Row One: Stanley Klingensmith, Alex Kunkle, Nelson Schrecengost, Donald Shupe, Franklin Silvis, Ross Clark, Edward Schall, William Henderson. Row Two: Iames Varner, Wallace Shoupe. Clifford Harding, Donald Kunkle, Stanley Rupert, Blaine King, Lee Smeltzer, Harlin Fairman. Row Three: Wayne Cessna, lanice Harding, Gladys Boyer, Elaine Grinder, Veda Clark, Lorraine Henderson, Ioyce Ashbaugh. Edna Beighley. Row Four: Shirley Ellenberger, Betty Thompson, Patricia Scich, Peggy Varner, Vivian Grinder. Row Five: Mr. Thomas, Betty Heckman. Ruth Young, Ioanne Cricks, Marie Hanna, Rachel Reefer, Audrey Yount. Eugene Bortz. BOYER SEVENTH GRADE E E. E EE .. V :K I nj, .xgx Q is, Row One: lack Wood, Clyde Weight, Pearl Erb, Marion Wright. Ruth Ann Iohnston, Betty Hollohough, Arlene Smeltzer, Gladys Gunter. Row Two: Wayne Baker, Arnold Iohnston, Walter Boyer, Ronald Leightlev, George lrlusselton, Iames McPher- son, Mary Reefer, Betty Bierer, Dorothy Reefer, Annabelle Prugh, Delores Mclntire. Row Three: Robert Blystone, Thomas McEl'hattan. Charles Graham, lean Hollobough, Eleanor McCullough, Evelyn Boyer, Aldean McGarrity, Donald Blystone, Gloria Silvis, Ruth Elaine Lawton, Mrs. Colgan. Row Four: Ioe Kinnan. Ronald Blose, lack Bleakney, Marlene Sadler, Paulene lackson, Helen Peterman, The-lda Faraster. Grace Cribbs. Doris McCausland. MCINTOSH SIXTH GRADE Q S ' s g, Y it I F' e.. ' 'W' ,ES .i A V' X7 Avrhh N A, .. 0 K Row One: Thomas NVilliams, Ronald Parks, Richard Fry, William Walker, Frederick Shaeffer, Richard Williams. Row Two: Errol Frailey, Earl Prugh, Robert Solinger. Dale Sheasley, lack Fraizer. Iames Fleming, Iohn Smay, Francis Rearick. Row Three: David Peterman, Luella Schall, Iune Shaeffer, Shirley Clever, Faye Boyer, Thelma George, Ianet Hankie. Row Four: Donald Kaufman. Bonnie Bleakney, Sally Bruner, lane Miller, Marjorie Kough. Alma Claypool. Ioan Miller, Carolyn Heilman. Row Five: Kenneth George, Mr. Shaeffer. .. 39 - GIRTY FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Row One: Robert Smeltzer, Richard Cribbs, Robert Coleman. Dewayne Yount, Robert Kunkle, Iames Shoupe. Dewight Shupe, Kenneth Lukhart, Edward Porter, Donald Lukehart, Robert Meyer. Row Two: lean Cessna. Edna Beighley, Loretta Henderson, Dolores Ashbaugh, Pearl Cessna, Donna Kunkle, Louise Meyers, Dorothy Iean McGaughey, Lois Schrecengost, Charlotte Crownover. Row Three: Ioanne Weaver, Arlene Smith, lane Anderson, Miriam Schall, Savilla Rodocker, Faye Espey, Lois Boyer, Norita Mclntire, Shirley McCullough, Florence Blystone, Ianet Meyer, Mr. Deemer. WHITESBURG FIFTH GRADE Row One: Daniel Wadsworth, lack Frazier, Albert Graham, Robert Bruner, Ronald McCausland, Blair Peter- man, Delone Boyer, Dale Fleming, Virgil Rearick, Gary Wood. Row Two: Thomas McElhattan, Wayne Aikens, Clair Blystone, Harry Hankinson, Iimmy Granny, Wayne Alt- man, Iames Boyer, Glenn Crofutt. Edward Ruffner, Harold Wingard, Delbert Frailey, Ronald Weight. Row Three: Gerald Silvis, Ella Mae Reefer, Marylin Williams, Barbara Wadsworth, Shirley Meyer, Violet Gun- ter, Anna Marie Reefer. Lucille Blose, lean Frailey Saragaye Boyer, Lois Boyer, Maxine Meyer. Ruth Wingard, Roberta Silvis, Roberta Marshall. Buddy Brown. 1404 CONCORD FOURTH GRADE Row Row Row One: Mary lane Schall, Betty Ann Altman, Kenneth Burkett, Leonard Fry, Susan Rearick, Patricia Mar- shall, Neal Shaffer, Dick Wood, Simon Cochran, Gary Ball, Ted Brown. Two: Blaine Meyer, Ieanette Amick, Elizabeth Heilman, Emma Niehenke, Bernard Boyer, Bernard Pet- erman, Richard Kinnan, Darl Schrecengost, lack Mock, Iohnnie Keeler, Ianice Altman, Mary Blaney. Three: Pat George, Wayne Crofutt, Larry Reefer, Suzanne Heckart, Anna Mae Hollobaugh, Nancy Miller, Valjean Iohnston, Bob Bleakney, Donna McGlaughling. Iames Conn, Elaine Walker. Willovene Frailey. Loretta Wood, Charles Claypool, Mrs. Patrick. ZIONS VALLEY THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE Row Row Row Row One: Donald Cessna. Vernon Yount, Wendell Crownover, Gary Geer, Veryl Cessna. Larry Rearick, Iohn Porter, Allan Harding. Two: Emerson Townsend, Darian Hagerty, Iohn Kenmuir, Edward Perotti. Daniel Davis. Ronald Reefer. Alton Clark, Stuart Fairman, Ray Smeltzer, Harold Hadden, Edward Cravener, Gerald Kunkle. Three: Dorothy Davis, Barbara Townsend, Carol Silvis, Lois Meyer, Thelma Townsend, Carol Ashhaugh. Martha Coleman. Vaughn Spear, Kathleen Kimmel. Four: Erma Lukehart, Elva Spear, Violet Grinder, Louise Hadden, Patricia Debrosky, Marion Scott. Annabel Mosbaugher, Marsha George, Ioan Yount, Beverly Weaver, Eleanor Young, Elaine Iamison. Carol Thompson. Donna Anderson, Marie Martin. MT. UNION THIRD GRADE Front Row: Richard Cribbs. William Aikens, Robert Schall, lack Freeling. Richard Wingard, David Sheasley, Leonard Boyer, Raymond Smith, Donald Strong, Murray Johnston, Ronald Kimmel. Second Row: Hazel Boyer, Luella Meyer, Gail Wright, Ioan Meyers. Audrey Marshall, Ruth Williains, Betty Frailey, Ianet Iohnston, Russel Sheasley. Third Row: Larry Karalfo, Donna Boyer, Carol Altman, Myrtle Schrecengost, Barbara Shaefler, Nancy Popp, Richard Miller, Earl Boyer, Mrs. Herron. SOUTH BEND FIRST AND SECOND GRADE Row One: Burton Townsend, Bruce Townsend, Mack Clark, Iames Townsend, Ronald Yount, Keith Cribbs, Gary Townsend, Iunior Weaver, Iohn Scott, Terry Rearick, Charles Shoupe. Row Two: Dale Silvis, Iudson Kimmel, Ronald Cessna, Edward Townsend, Floyd Meyer, Iames Townsend, Egbert Cravener, Doyle Cribbs, David Flickinger, Peter Perotti, Iames Fulton, Iames Hadden. Iohn eaver. Row Three: Phyllis Kunkle, Sally Smith, Marie Beighley, Leora Henderson, Lois lean Kough, Donna lean Brum- baugh. Barbara Iamison. Diane Lias, Ruby Cessna. Kathleen Boden, Linda Shaeffer, Shirley George, Sara Weaver, Kay Girt, Geneva Yount, Barbara Anderson, Marian Martin, Lois Varner, Mrs. Rearick. ,..42..- TRUBY sEcoND GRADE Row One: Fred Aikens, Ralph Walker. Forest Burkett, Iudy Miller, Kathey Altman. Ronald Mclntire. Iames Rishel, Iames Altman, Barbara Miller, Larry Shaeffer, Ervin Yount. Row Two: Violet Frailey. Betty McElhattan. Glenn Kimmel. Walter Wadsworth, Olga Blaney, Shirley Walls. Georgia Gillespi, Bud McLaughlin. Neal Schrecengost, Valjean Kaufman, Richard Altman. Row Three: Miss Croyle. Ludy Ann Potts, Clarabelle Ia ckson. lane Williams, Donna Miller, Helen McElhattan, Billy Smith, Nancy reehling, Billy Miller, Ronald Stadtmiller, Kaye Frantz, Barry Weight. Venric Blose, Buddy Schall, Carolyn Wingard, Donald Smeltzer, Marjorie Rearick. ELDERTON FIRST GRADE Front Row: Pauline Boyer, Ioseph Potts. Linda Wood, Myrna Frick, Agnes Gunter, Kent McCutchcon. Eva Shaeffer, Richmond Walls, Iack Walker, Iack Altman, Iane Frazier, Vivian Rearick. Second Row: Iohn Reefer, Ronald Meyer, Barbara Lee Sadler, Raymond Strong, Raymond Peterman, Howard Kough, Mabel Fleming, Thomas Popp, Iames Reefer, Ronald Wood. Kay Clark. Third Row: Wayne Wagner. Ianice Shaeffer. Ianet Shaeffer. Dale Gearhart, Inez Sheasley, Albert Blystone, Eugene Frailey, Betty Bleaney, Eleanor Wall, Mazie Fleming, Earl Schrecengost, Virginia Stewart. PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Frank Altman Mr. Iohn Herceg Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rupert Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Ankeny Miss Betty Houser MF and MTS' W- C- R'-1P91'f Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Brown Mr. and Mrs. Iames Kane Mr' and MVS- D- E- RI-'Perf Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Buzzard Mr. and Mrs. Porter Miller mr' I' Edandlsrs S h H Rev. and Mrs. F. I. Byer Mr and Mrs. Myers Kimmel Mg' Sad BOE S101 Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Clark Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Kunkle Mr: and Mrsi Smeltzer Miss Claire Clark Mr. and Mrs. Walter McCaus- Mr. and Mrs. 0. N. Smeltzer Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cravenor 8 land Mr, and Mrs, M, B, Smeltzer Sons Mr. and Mrs. George Mc'Pher- Mr' and Mrs. Frank Smith Miss Marianna Colonna Son Miss Winafred Smith Mr. and Mrs. Edward Denning MV' and MPS- Frank Mulbefgef Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Spicher Mrs. Sara C. Emigh MP- and MrS.F1Oyd Off Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Stepp Miss Iune Emigh Dr. Morris Ramback Mr. and Mrs. Paul Templeton Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hawk Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Rupert Mr. and Mrs. Orv Wingard COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF , 0 Colonno s Music Store ALTMAN'S DRY Market Street KITTANNINC, PA. Musical Instruments Music-Musical Accessories CLEANERS ELDERTON, PA. BALL'S SERVICE STATION Sunoco Dynafuel and Sun Oils Weld i ng-Accessories Confections - Route 422 - ELDERTON, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF WEBSTERS Jewelry Store KITTANN I NG, PENNA. CHARLES F. 81 VICTOR E. SCHALL Specializing in FIRE AUTOMOBILE COMPENSATION We Welcome Your Inquiries 1441 COMPLIMENTS OF Kenf's Credit Jewelry KITTANNING, PA. SIoon's 5c to 51.00 Sfores IIO-I2I Warren Ave. APOLLO, PENNA. THE KAREN STUDIO 'A' 29 North 7th Street INDIANA, PENNA. Phone 2068 Buster Brown Shoes Tot to Teen Age C-rollman KITTANNINC, PENNA. COMPLIMENTS OF A. GREENBAUN 81 SON FORD CITY, PENNA. -GOOD FURNITURE- Wishing Success and Happiness to THE CLASS OF "49" Sacller's Atlantic Station and P Restaurant 3 Miles West of Elderton ROUTE 422 SHANK'S SERVICE Sterling Products Welding Repairing Apollo - Indiana Road Phone Apollo 2100-W CLARK'S HARDWARE HARDWARE, STovES TINWARE, PAINTS OILS, CARPETS PIPES and ELECTRIC PUMPS 'lr ELDERTON, PENNA. TYGENE T - B - A Shop Lee Tires - Amoco C-as 17 N. 5th St. Phone 2181 INDIANA, PENNA. 127 Grant Ave. Vandergritt, Pa. Vanderg rift Hardware Co. Electrical Appliances Hardware - Houseware Sherwin-Williams Paints Phone 95 THOS. FLYNN C0. FORD CITY, PENNA, - Department Store - 'K Shop at Flynn's for Electric Appliances Furniture - Floor Covering Women's and ChiIdren's Clothing Yard Coods - Accessories CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '49 Tri-County Typewriter Co 339 Market St. KITTANNING, PA. Phone: 543 O R. E. Coudriet KLINGENSMITH MOTOR SALES 3rd Ave. - 7tI'1 Sf. FORD CITY, PENNA. Phone 90 COMPLIMENTS OF Presfon G. Grimme 5 Son READY MIXED CONCRETE CONCRETE BLOCKS SAND AND CEMENT uk APOLLO, PENNA. PHONE I99 COMPLIMENTS OF Apollo Milling Company APOLLO, PA. Manufacturer of APOLLO'S BEST FEEDS CUSTOM GRINDING and MIXING NEW HOLLAND MACHINERY DUTCH BOY PAINT ROOFING and SUPPLIES PHONE APOLLO IO5 WE DELIVER ELDERTON STATE BANK GOOD BANKING FACILITIES IN YOUR COMMUNITY CHECKING ACCOUNTS- Cancelled checks are permanent receipts SAVINGS ACCOUNTS- Thriftiness means financial security LOANS- Convenient credit is a valuable asset - Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation T ELDERTON, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF YOC K EY'S HEI-EN'S FUNERAL BEAUTY H COME S H 0 P Dist:NcTigfEERxrliiCoEFEssioNAL X O AVONMORE, PENNA. ELDERTON, PA. .448- COMPLIMENTS OF ANDERSON'S SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY Opposite Court House INDIANA, PA. SMITH'S APPLIANCE RURAL VALLEY, PA. Philco Refrigerators Philco, R. C. A. and Motorola Radios -- RADIO SERVICE - Maytag and Easy Washers Tappan and Universal Ranges Open 8:30 A. M. - 9:30 P. M. COMPLIMENTS OF Joe's Army cmd Navy Store o I I5 South Jefferson Street KITTANNINC-, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF Eger's Leading Jewelers Authorized Home of Time Jewelry Expert Watch and Jewelry Repair PAY Eger Pay Day I43 C-rant Avenue VANDERC-RIFT, PA. COMPLIMENTS CF LIND HARDWARE Hardware Sporting Goods Housewares Paints I I I Market Street KITTANNINC, PA. Phone 83I YOUR COSMETIC CENTER RALPH A. KUHN Professional Pharmacist VANDERCRIFT, PA. BLAIR F. UBER RADIOS - APPLIANCES Over 50,000 Records Opposite Court House INDIANA, PA. SMAlL'S Avonrnore, Penna. 'A' BOSTONIAN SHOES ADAM HATS MARLBORO SHIRTS Deposit Your Money in the Safe Deposit 81 Title Guaranty Co. KITTANNING, PA. RlCHARDSON'S CONFECTIONERY HUNTING - FISHING AND TRAPPING SUPPLIES Barber Service ELDERTON, PA. DEAN'S NEW MODERN DINER and DINING ROOM Air Conditioned 533 Philadelphia St. INDIANA, PA. H. M. and W. H. Kimmel Shelocta, Penna., R. D. 3 Poultry - Hogs - Beet Cattle Phone Elderton Dial H. M. Kimmel- W. H. Kimmel COMPLIMENTS OF G U T H R I E C H E V R O L E T C O. Sales - CHEVROLET - Service APOLLO - VANDERGRIFT PA. Ford Sale's Used and New Cars ir Expert Mechanical Work Welding 'A' Apollo, Pa. - Kittanning, Pa. Phone 35 or 325 Phone 888W ALTMAN'S "A Store For Men and Boys" l29 Grant Ave. VANDERGRIFT, PENNA. Phone 7634 Czitterberg Brothers Service Station A to Z Lubrication Apollo-Spring Church Road o APOLLO, PENNA. Phone Apollo 2125.1 Mulvihill Service - Fleetwing Products - Washing COMPLIMENTS OF Shumcker Chevrolet Co. Lubrication Accessories Corner 5th Ave. at lOth St. Corner Philadelphia 84 5th St. Telephone 58 Indiana, Pa. Phone 9292 FORD CITY, PENNA. Green Vase Florol Shoppe FLOWERS Hallmark Greeting Cards 567 Philadelphia Street Phone 37-U Indiana, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF H. E. Shoetfer's Garage ELDERTON, PENNA. Gas, Oil and Sinclair Products Restaurant Home Cooked Meals Route 422 Truck Stop COMPLIMENTS OF Rubin's Clothing O. A. Duppstodt Registered Optometrist Eyes Tested - Glasses Fitted Frames - Lenses Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Stores Moderated Prices - Convenient Terms A APOLLO-vANDERcRiFT Guafanfees , Jewelers Vandergrift WINGER'S SERVICE CENTER if Kaiser - Frazer SALES and SERVICE 'lr SPRING CHURCH, PENNA. Phone Apollo I7-R-2 UBER'S MARKET NATIONAL - BRAND - STORE X- PHONE 7 S. FIFTH ST, INDIANA, PENNA. COMPLIMENTS u r from GENERAL HAULING A A A C L U B of 9 ARMSTRONG COUNTY 339 MARKET STREET KITTANNINC, PENNA. SOUTH BEND, PA. PHONE APOLLO I4R-3 COMPLIMENTS CF ARCADE KITTANNINC, PA. LUXEMBERG'S Indiana's Leading Jewelry Store O INDIANA, PA. McKecin's Furniture Store ir 120 N. Jefferson St. KITTANNINC, PA. For Authentic Styles At Popular Prices Visit ABE N. COHEN'S RURAL VALLEY, PA. "A Complete FamiIy" Allen's Drug Store "The Friendly Pharmacy" Where You Get the Best for Less KITTANNING, PA. We are happy to have the privilege of helping to make this yearbook possible. Moteer's Furniture Store KITTANNING, PA. Lon H. O'Donnell JEWELRY 'lr H. H. Weylman Bldg. KITTANNINC, PA. E. W. WILLIAMS QUALITY MDSE. ELDERTON, PA. Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. O Farm Bureau Mutual Fire Insurance Co. O Farm Bureau Lite Insurance Co. O Let Farm Bureau insurance-automobile, property fire, life, liability, accident and health-be your silent partner, helping you to protect yourself, your family and your farm. DONALD G. BOYER, Local Rep. Owen C. Boyer, District Manager Elderton, Pa. Phone 2391 Home Office - Columbus, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF F. W. WOOLWORTH'S KITTANNING, PA. OUR CONSTANT AIM IS TO SERVE YOU BETTER G. C. MURPHY CO. KITTANNINC, PA. SEDWICK BROTHERS OLDSMOBILE SALES and SERVICE' I5I South Jefferson Street KITTANNINC-, PA. MOLLY ANN FAMOUS FOR FINE FASHIONS 7IO Philadelphia St. Phone IOO INDIANA, PA. FRANK'S TOG 8. SHQP COMPLIMENTS OF MEN'S WEAR SPORTING GOODS I38 Columbia Ave. VANDERC-RIFT, PA. Phone 889-A ASH SHOE STORE INDIANA, PA. KINGFS REXALL DRUG "Rural Valley's Only Drug StOre" Phone 26Ol - Next to Post Office PRESCRIPTIONS Whitmans Refrigerated Candy Case Hallmark Greeting Cards Parker Sl Fountain Pens Visit Our Modern 24-Foot Soda Fountain SAVE TIME SAVE EFFORT SAVE MONEY Serve Yourself and Save at S O Ll N G E R' S GROCERIES MEATS SUNSIDE FEEDS 'A' ELDERTON, PENNA. I-IIOH QUALITY COMPLIMENTS PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL D U N M I R E PHOTOGRAPHY sINcEI9o5 LEISTER STUDIOS l27 N. McKean St. KITTANNINC, PA. S. Jefferson St. KlTTANNlNG, PA, Phone l24l 'A' , DODGE-PLYMOUTH Dodge Job-Rated Trucks COMPLIMENTS OF MAXINE'S I32 Market St. KITTANNINC, PA. Einstein, Campbell MEN'S CLOTHING I KITTANNINC, PA. - Phone II37 - George's Tire Service I67 S. Jefferson St. KITTANNING, PA. Ross and DeGaetano THE MASTER CLEANERS and DYERS 'A' 364 Philadelphia St. INDIANA, PA. Roger's Jewelry Store INDIANA, PA. Come in and see our line of watches for Graduation, on your own easy terms. Richardson Service Station Refreshments and Lunch Home Baked Pies ESSO SERVICE R. O. Richardson Shelocta, Pa. Established I928 JIMMIE MILLER'S I WIDDOWSONIS MOBILE STATION IO7O Philadelphia St. 704 PIIIIadeIpIIIa sf. 'NP'ANAf PA- INDIANA, PA, Phone 1689 ,- 4 3 1: fl 1 V. .aga- 'w ,. J. nJ53f? -. EH.. 1123 ' si Q ' v , . f B ' 2 f ...-9.. V: rg, -Q-4. V--.

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