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Elders Ridge High School - Hi Lites Yearbook (Elders Ridge, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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E5 . gm A W , M gg way, f . ,, gr - :1 5. 1 Q gfrgiiigirll .X :ji-1 31 ? V' , ' , x,,L . .. YH 121, f"' fr Q M 51 15 it ' fY,PJ5fiU Z, 4 ff-we :Aix-1 A , L P? ff X Lili .1 "Ridge Hi - Lites" The Elders Ridge High School The lElders Ridoo Junior High School Building The Elders Ridge Senior High School Building .oi N, ,. "' -W - M o l, V. Administration and Faculty Administration Calvin F. Shaulis, Supervising Principal Dear Sfudenfs: Thelcey of life is fhe lcey of faifh, faifh in Gocl, i yourself, and fhe people abouf you. Turn fhe key an open fhe door of faifh, especially when fears and cloubf arise. Then, peace 'ancl securify will enfer info yo earf. WMM! Ernesf D. Sell, Principal Dear Sfuclenfs: The relafionship befween pupil and principal has long been fhoughf one of sfricf aloofnessg fhe principal venfuring info fhe realm of fhe sfudenfs only fo chasfise. ln our small school if has been differenf. We have been in furn pleased and angry wifh one anofher. l hope we may sfarf each new year wifh a clean school slafe, reacly for any experience fo be wriffen up. Gloria Ciocca, Office Secrelary Esfher Moore, School Nurse 4 Faculty MARGARET ALLSHOUSE JANE BOLINGER Li'H'le lady-big hearl ........ B.A., S+uden+'s ideal: popular leacher, Hood College: M- Ed-1 Univer- popular class ........ B.S., Slippery sily of Pillsburgh ............ Mdlh. Rock S. T. C ......... Heallh, Physi- English, Algebra l. cal Educalion. CALVIN COOPER Model leacherg quiel humorisl' B.S., Slippery Rock S. T. C ....... . M. Ed. Weslminsler ........ Healfh Physical Educafion, Social Slud les. - WILLIAM CULP HAROLD EGELSKY Jusl like "one of +he boys." ln- X"Where 5 your pass?" ....,.., B,A,I diana Sl'a+e Teachers College .... Lenior Rhyne College' N, C ,,,,,,.,, --..GUlCl6f1C6. Civics. HiS+0fy- Business Survey, lnduslrial Arls, Physical Educalion. ROBERTA FAIR Offers a haven For +hir+y-lhree seniors ........ B.S., Indiana S. T.C .......English, Lalin, Spanish. Faculty I i MILDRED FUSZEK WILLIAM HEARD Versalile abililyg liked by all ,.,. A lwo-dollar word for iovialily. B.S., Indiana S. T. C .....,.. .M. Ed., Universily of Pilfsburglw ..,... Penn ....B.S., Indiana S. T. C......,..Eng- Iish, Music. Slale ...,.... Case Ins+i+u+e .....,.. AI- gebra II, Chemisfry, Physics, Trigonomelry. JOHN KOONTZ CHARLES MESSNER ELSIE KENDALL SI1e Iamed a roomful of girls B.S., Mariansburg College, Tenn essee ...i..., B.S., Indiana S. T. C ........GeneraI Science, Home Ec- onomics. MARJORIE McCREIGHT Lale excuses nol' accepled. ........ Runs a plane every day ........ B.S., Giveg 5 million IOU'5, C.3fe+e5-ia B.S., Indiana S- T- C --4-.-A4- SHP- California S. T. C ..... Penn Slale, Management pery Rock S- T- C ....-..-. M 6 I I1. Universiiy of Pillsburgh ........ In- Science-Geography. duslrial Arls. 6 Faculty ANN MICHELOTTI The energelic arlisl' from lOl ..., ..,.B.S., Indiana S. T. C.......,.Arl Educalion. fmc EMILY PRUSACK To lype or no'l lo 'lype idele-r mines lhe gradel ..,..... B.S., Uni versily of Pillsburgh ..,...., Com mercial Educalion, World Hisl- ory. 1 WILFRED LEMMON RALSTON "Have l 'lold lhis class?" ...... . B.S., Indiana S. T. C .......,. Univer- sily of Pillsburgh ......,. Biology General Science, Senior Science 5.1 ii N 34 ' ' kid' L. .M i EDMUND RIZZUTO His able balon has led many a song ...,.... B.S., Duquesne Univer- sily ........ Vocal and lnslrumenlal Music. 4 HARRIET STAPLETON JACK STEFFININO Her 'favorile class? Sludy Hall. "A college preparalory course." B.S., Kulzlown S. T. C ......... Li- B.A., Universify of Virginia ....... . brarian, Library Science. M.Ed., Universily of Pillsburgh ......English, Hislory. 7 Faculty PAUL STUCHELL EUGENE SUTTCN ISABEL TIDD He Ioyally mei' H19 need- indiana He has a million siories .,...... B.S., "Fifi-y.5even" was her diamond S- T- C --------- English- Wofid Hisi' indiana 5- T- C -AAA ----- P env S+a+e year ..,...,. B.A., Wesiminsier ,...... . OFY- Universiiyi ....-..- P-O-D-. American M.Ed., Universiiy of Pi++sburgi1 Hisfory. ........ Civics, Pa. Hisfory, Guid- ance. vi ,f f ,:,i E .i.. if ks K - UIQ 435 ., A - W 1 ,Si Li f i 5, JEAN WEAN DONALD WEISTER EVERET1' WETZEL Her iob? Preparing 'fui' u re Guiding ligh+ of our agricuH'ur- Lucky driver' HE 991-5 a new brideS -....---. B-S-. indiana S-T- C- alis+s ..,...., Penn S+a+e Universiiy Ford every Year -l4'-. B.S.I Indiana ........Home Economics. ........Voca'Honal Agriculfure. S. T' CNW'-.Hi5+ory, 8 Elders Ridge Joi-nt High School Board Silling: llefl lo righll Frank Carlelli, Liberly Berlilino, Julius' Zamberlan, Paul Kepple, Ralph Black, Mrs. T. C. Hood, Perry Walker, John Pounds, George Les- neskie, Mrs. Mary Grimm, Herod C. Burl: ell. , Sfandingz Mike Bendis, John McQuilkan, Glenn King, James Lamberl, John D. Campbell, Glenn Coleman, Geno Aloise. Seniors Seniors 2... SENIOR OFFICERS Affer fhe combaf, fhe crown Presiydenf ............. ............ M arie Lamberi' Class Moffo: Apres le la couronne. Vice Presidenl' ................ George Chelednick Secrefary ............. ................ J ane Pafrick Class fF'oWe': Red Camallon Treasurer ....... .,....... P af Rosensfeel Class Colors: Maroon and Gray Advisor ..,.... ......, M iss Roberfa Fair V The seniors fhis year had bofh unforeseen and foreseen evenfs wifh which fo confend. The prognoses which came frue were fhe inevifable dlifficulfy wifh, "H.amle+", "Macbe+h", and fhe surprising and very inferesfing "Taming of fhe Shrew". Unforeseen were fhe amazing dis- coveries fhaf physics was fofally unlike chemisfry. and frigonomefry wasn'f af all difficulf. Mini-afure filing oabinefs and leffers were a pleasanf way fo sfudy office pracfice. The lone meefing and banquef of fh-e Aesfhefic Club was a culfural aspecf of fheir search for knowledge .and experience. Paradoxically, affer fhey had finally seffled info fhe year, if was nearly over, and evenfs such as fhe Jr.-Sr. Prom, Spring Concerf, All-Counfy Chorus and Band. and fhe Kenny- wood frip became parf of fhe pasf. So, finally, fheir formal e-ducafion was af an end, and fhey were a parf of fhe sfruggle for exisfence in a world of grownups. As each walked across fhe sfage and received fhe covefed sheepskin, a whole new visfa opened up before fheir eyes. Hs. arf' NAOMI AIKENS - Edmon Naomi has a fufure in fhe make ing .... homemaking. She is quife versafile af many fhings and will prove fo be a very good house- wife. MARY ALLSHOUSE - Avonmore Oufsfanding abouf Mary is her sweef smile, wifh which she fav- ors all. A fufure in nursing will be a profifable one for our equ- able Florence Nighfingale. BETTE DEANE ASHBAUGH - Edri Knowing Befs, we know fhaf she will succeed af her aspirafion for fhe near fu+ure, college. Friends wifh all, she will un- doubfedly keep on making friends. HERMAN BLAKELY -- Parkwood Herman is a downrighf brighf boy. Success in farming and sfock-raising is inevifable for fhe young redhead, who will help feed fhe fufure cifizens. GEORGE CHELEDNICK -V lselin "Quincie" has led fhe Ridge foofball and baskefball feams fo many vicfories in fhe lasf four years. He's and all-round re- cord-breaker. ROSE COLOSI - Kenf A bil' of old-fashioned shyness combined wifh .a d-ash of mis- chief help fo make Rose a very remarkable girl. Her flashing dark eyes melf all hearfs. SUSAN DILICK - Shady Plain She's a lass wifh long, brown fresses and brown eyes ........ cer- fainly a dreamy combinafion. Looks, poise and charm make her fhe sfudenfs' ideal. JOHN DITCH -- lselin John is quief and usually hasn"l' much fo say, buf has learned early 'rhe arf of facf. He is an all-round assef fo fhe school. Us 1 JOSEPH FELLO -- Iselin Tanned deep-brown by Ihe sun, Joe is Ihe Iypical nexl-door afh- Ie+e, wi+l1 a smile Ihal could win a prize. Someday he'II be a sailor. BUHL GARTLEY -- Edmon Buhl is a carefree lad wilh mis- chief in his eyes and a sparkling personalily. He is liked by all, and surely cooks up a mean mix- 'lure in chemisfry class. DON GAYDOS - Mclnlyre Who can 'fell whal' Yunyo is go- ing 'Io do nexl? The happy-go- lucky Hungarian burns u all eighl cylinders on his Ford? ca- rousing Ihe counlryside. PATRICIA GOSS - Iselin Pal' has a philosophical oullook on life, which permils her 'lo en- ioy il' 'Io Ihe hiI'I'. We're sure she'll also enioy any occupalion she chooses for 'rhe fulure. NICHOLAS HALUTICK -- Mclnlyre Tall, dark, and rarely silenl'--a descriplive phrase which fi+s our Kocho lo a "T". He's gol a fu- fure mapped oui' which may well include a hiich in fhe Army, JOSEPH HEARD - Iselin Joe, 'Ihe modern "CoIussus of Rhodes", is iusl as sfolid. Slurd- ily buiI+ Joe has a smooih, deep voice, when he uses i+, Ihai is. He can also be very persuasive. TERRANCE HECKMAN - Spring Church This genfleman wifh dark, curly hair surprised everyone afler coming from Apollo, by becom- ing a fop Irack man. He also run slraighf info +he business field. CHARLOTTE JAKOSH - Iselin This a'IhIe+ic young woman, who loves sporls, also likes Ihe com- mercial side of school. If bas- ke+baII and Iyping can be com- pgned, Suzie will have a happy i e. MICHAEL KALAFSKY - Clune Once called "fhe Dale Long of Elders Ridge", Mike is a sfand- o uf baseball and baskefball player. A brighf lad, he ho es fo succeed in college in his cho- sen field, engineering. STANLEY KANICK - Clune When yo.u see "S+an" you may also see a blue moforcycle, pro- bably because he owns one. This, couplled wifh a greaf abil- ify on fhe clarinef, makes him a dually falenfed young man. EUGENE KERCHENSKY - Brownsfown "The Greek Adonis" of o u r school-fhis is "Q7BaII". We can only hope he succeeds in his chosen careef as well as helsuc- ceeded in' breaking records in sporfs here. ROBERT KEYS - Brownsfown The profession of mefallurgy will one day welcome Bob, as he plans fo make fhis his Iife's work. His ambifious nafure and all fhaf gray maffer will couple fo m-ake him a good employer. ELEANOR KING - Edmon Tall, slender' "EI" will make a. perfecf wife. Her soff voice, charming blue e es, and fair hair sef off her polife and digni- fied manner perfecfly. MARIE LAMBERT - Iselin Marie possesses fhe polished de- meanor of a lady and equally p o I i s h e d falenfs, whefher in class, cheering fhe Rams fo vic- 'I'ory, or faking care of yearbook finances. MARY MACK - Avonmore Always acfive in fhe school do- ings, Mary also finds'fime fo pursue a musical hobby. She does well scholasfically, foo, and you couIdn'f find a sweefer gir . BARBARA MAKO - Iselin "Barb" is our confribufion fo fhe na+ion's pulchrifude. Her fair hair is a sfandouf, jusf as she is on fhe cheering squad. She lends fhe arfisfic fouch fo fhe yearbook. DOLORES MARAFKA - Iselin WiI'h venerable digni'I'y a'Hribu'I'- ed Io self-confidence, and a dislincldiclion in her favor, Do- lores nabs our nominalion for The firsl woman presidenf, FRED MARAFKA - Iselin We Ihinlc of Fred wi+h Ihe +ypi- cal warm+h reserved for fhe boyfriend-nex'r-door, mechanic wilh Ihe smuclged smile, and 'Ihe clever chap, all in one. PATRICIA MARAFKA - Iselin Palsy hasraclcled wil and charm Io all ga+herings of which she is a parf. The nex+ Ihing on her lisl is a iob, which shouldn'l' be hard for her 'fo acquire. WILLIAM MCGEE - Clarlcsburg, RD. The smile of 'rhe Irish, 'rhe mus- cled slfafure of +he Greek, and 'Ihe haunling eyes of Ihe lI'alian make Bill a veritable All-Ameri- can. His niceness is unequal- led. WILLIAM MOORE - Tall, blonde, and powerful, Bill is a man of few words. He has been seen bolsiering 'rhe Ram eleven's defense, and guards his Iulure ralher closely, also. EDWARD MOUSER - Mclnlyre An elf wilh a croolced smile, and a clownrighl good guy, Shelow loves life. a qualify which will see him 'rhrough any+hing. JOSEPH NAGG -- Clune Joe has a 'Iongue-in-cheelc hum- or which is hard Io resis'I. This irresislable 'Fellow was an inle- gnal parl' of +l1e doings in our school. PATRICIA PARKER - Iselin The li++le girl wi+h 'Ihe big eyes and perl smile is going 'Io make her main aHribu+es pay off. which will resull in anolher fine cilizen, iusl anolher proof fhal: Ihere are +arrQ Ieenagers. JANE PATRICK -- Iselin Rosy and neal, Janie has lhe makings of a fine nurse, one whQ will cheer 'rhe palienls wilh her dark eyes, pleasing smile, and glib +ongue. She's a iiilerbug genious., PATRICIA PUGLIESE - Spring Church Looking for a a frivolous, fasl- whirling lime? Then Pal's your gal lo see. She also has quile a clever mind-clever enough +o make herself pay off in The fu- 'I'ure. DONNA REED - Lewisville "LiH'Ie Donna", 'Ihe gal who did such a bang-up iob as Angie, lhe maid in 'I'he Senior Class Play, will be a beller homemaker 'rhan her counlerparl was. JOHN RIDENOUR - Brownslown Jack and lhe Physics class have fond memories for each o+her. A 'lechnician in all he does, lhe Air Force will welcome him as one of i'ls skilled men. EDWINA-LOUISE ROSENSTEEL Eclri Carrol'-lopped Eddie-Lou likes +o raise cain al l'he mosl solumn momenls. Fulure business scho- Iars will find her iusl as lively as we did, we'II bel. PATRICIA ROSENSTEEL - Edri My, 'rha+ Pal' has a clever pair of hands, whelher she's wriling anolher prize-winning essay or sporling her +wirIing aloilily as drum maiorelle on lhe foolball field. MILDRED ROSTIS -- Mclnfyre A living example of a modern leenager, give Millie a be-bop record and a coke and she's hap- py. Slippery Rock S. T. C. will welcome 'rhis pinl-sized sweeI'- heart JEAN SABGLOVICH - Clune A lover of dancing, slender Jean whirls al' all hops, scholaslic or olherwise. She does much for 'I'he morale of our players as she enlhusiaslrically cheers al lhe games. xy .XY I PATRICIA SABOLOVICH - Clune Talk aboul' your giddy girls? We feel 'lhal our Pal will give any of rhem a run for lheir mon- ey. Her whimsical a'Hi'lude ro. ward life is indeed hard lo re- sisl. EAU-IERINE SHAFFER - R.D. 4-E3, Apollo The sweel' no'l'e of a humming, b i r d somehow resembles 'ihe singing of Cafherine. This rosy- cheeked miss has many aclivih ies included future-wise. WESLEY SHUPE -. R.D. ii:3, Apollo Whizzing along 'lhe highway in a Ford wilh a rock-and-roll re- cord spliHing lhe air sounds like fun lo Wes. Sideburns of long slanding grace his face. JOSEPH SLANSKY - Clune Joe has a pleasing personalily wilh a ha py-go-lucky slanl. l+'s sludenls like Jo-Jo who make a +eacher's day considerably more lively, if nor harassed. GEORGE SPONDIKE - lselin A 'lypical sileni parlner, George has gone parlners wirh lhe whole 'lrack feam and has spur- red lhem on lo vicfory. He didn'-l 'ralk much bul boy did he run! NELLIE STEVENSO-N - lselin Nellie may someday read her own success sfory and see a pic- 'lure of a cure bruneHe leacher looking al' her from lhe news- papr of 'lhe school where she'll e leaching. MONA STIVER - Wesr Lebanon Mona is our conlriburion lo +he graceful arf of horsemanship. Whalever her field, she'll pur- sue ii' wilh 'rhe same quiel friendliness fhal she's always had. DONNA STYFURAK - Clune Tall and slim, Donna walks wifh a delicale air, and 'talks as if conversariion was only one of her many +alen+s. Anorher sec- rerary, and, we'll venlure 'ro say, a "darned good one". DIANA SURRA - Mclniyre "Di" someday hopes 'io lransfer some of +ha+ abili+y of hers +o her fulure s'l'uclen+s of Ma+h and Science. She is living proof of a busy person's reliabili+y. ROBERT TANNER - Brownslown Give ihis boy a gun or a fishing rod and you've go+ an agile hun+er and an alerl' fisherman. He also has a craving for aulos, and will join fh-e Armed, Forces soon.. . STANLEY TOWNSEND -, Maysville "Our boy llal'-lop" has clone every+hing in his power 'lo keep lhe class amused during our four years here. His roving eyei gives a hinl' of his flirfaiious, bu? pleasing, nafure. EDWARD VALYO - Kent The life of any parly, Ed assum- es, +he 'rifle of "crazy casanova". His appearance describes him, "real gone", and he's iusi "crazy-nu+s" aboul' cars and 'rhei running! of fhem. ELIZABETH ZONA -- , Lewisville Slafuesque Bell someday will make modelling her career. Do models sing, foo? She really shouldn'-I' deprive fufure aud- iences of .a real 'lreal on radio and ielevision. M W K fl ww fedex Wvxhlx lltt i in ' X .,,5V YY ,Mx V ,yy V I I yr A! f y- l i l ll' 1 f- fe.-f ' f' mj yn , V. . v A 1 1 .1 5 3 . V W4 ,L azz... ar 1 I 'V 1' I v 2 . fjg' yi f 1 ., Q my lu. ffiegg wi in Dl llk lwrqmagilye g, yy: 1 1 l l' tx 1 fill l f li? lil, 2 0 ' llll: gl S 'i,',q4QQ5gQ:gig?-A , I1 W' ll? ll ill el l lil' f i . -X , . tl, N 4, I, X 2 l I ff r, 1' 1 f ni H l E Junior - Senior Prom wi W l lllll l S Y 1 N . e .-- iq The newly-crowned king and queen Their Maiesfies, Darlene Cocovich, flanked by 'rheir courf. and crown-bearer, Celesle Micheloilir Courl' Donna Reed Barbara Mako Marie Lambert Paf Rosensieel Mildred Rosiis Jean Sabolovich ,4- K, ,ve - ...44 A radianl queen, a handsome king. Courl Joe Fello Don Gaydos Nick Haluiick Herman Blakely Eugene Kerchensky Slanley Townsend The 'dancers whirl 'lo music by Johnny Douglas. A rear view of fhe long-awailed Grand March. Mos? Flirfafiousf Ngcesf Smile Barbara Mako, Sfanley Townsend Mosf Talkafive Mosr Humorous Mildred Rosfis, Don Gaydos K, S I 1 sf Par Rosensfeel, Joe Fello I a Semor Mosi' Pleasing Personaliiy Jane Pahick, Jean Sabolovich, ' Ed Mouser Bob Keys ' Mosl lnlelligenl' Mosl Likely To Succeed e le fl 4 S , , - bu , , w 3? -,., ,L... -, 3, , , I A , ffl? A g- XA 1 x A . xf Y 1 Mos? Dignified Diana Surra, Marie Lamberl, Nick Halu+ick Herman Blakely Personalities MQS1- Baghful Mosf Afhlelic Eleanor Kung, Sfanley Kanick Palfy Parker, Charlofie Jalcoslw, George Spondike George Chelednick Play Angie flue maid slands in awed silence as l1er A l'Y'n9 momenf as Della felales her llle l"l5'l0"Y sophislicaled guesis arrive +0 Jack- Thorougl-ily disgusied Mrs Herring-I'on le+s go Hooley fhe framp, doesn'l coHon lo air inside Mrs. Laura Morlon .... Grampa ........................ Hooley ............... 'Belly Sliadduclc Kip Shadduclc Jack Norwood ...... ..... Jane Woods ...... Miss Drusilla ..... Mrs. Harringlon Della Harfinglon Grogan, flue cop Dolores Maraflca .. Mike Kalafslcy Don Gayclos . Marie Lamberl' .. Nick Halulidlc .. Sfanley Kanick Barbara Mako Diana Surra Jean Sabolovicli Be++y Zona Joe Slansky Undergraduates 'Juniors ,-W 19' Officers Presideni' .................. Darlene Cocovich Vice Presiden+ ........ Darlene Lesneslcie Secre+ary ............. ........ J im Goiiardi Treasurer ........................,... Janef Salva Advisor ...... , ....., Mrs. Harriel' Sfapleion The iuniors, from 'lheir very en+rance info +l'1e halls of ivy in l956, were faced wiih a burdening responsibili+y, +l'1a+ of making money. The money was io be used, of course, for fhe Jr.-Sr. Prom, and +he annual irip +o Kennywood Park for +he seniors and fhemselves. Their fund-raising campaign included a junior dance, 'lhe annual magazine and Chris'l'mas card sales, and The class amaieur show. By lhese various schemes, fhey man- aged 'ro go over The lop, and provide ihe "Orien+al Holiday" prom, and 'rhe +rip. Everyone had a whale of a 'rime achieving boih +he end and +he meansl Us F 1' L A LVVV a i I Y A Q., I., J r xy r r ,ak all rg 1' , f . 4 .ts , V :,7 Nts V gut! I it I 1 4 A I y A chi ral r 1 f 1 i he S Z J X J AA' S gif Z' - - ' i Row I: Row 2: Row 3: in John Behung Jean Bendis: John Bevilacquag Joan Bo'r+iglioneg Harold Burkerrg Bill Carney: Darlene Cocovich. John Condor: Joyce Ann Connor: Paul Rearickg Cecila Frye: Shirley Gales: Edward Gaydosh: Eugene Gemmell. Marrin Ghiarclig Gloria Gordishg Nancy Gordishg Jim Gorrardig Carol Gray: Harold Haddeng Lorraine Haag. 2 c. . eh , A Q. if ' li . ' Er '1 f f y , x I 3 K 1 . J X g Sk Row I: Row 2: Row 3: 'H Q 'X Dolores Henlcleg Evelyn Knopiclcg Jean Kubalag Bob Langham: Frances Leaiherwoodg Joyce Lenizg Darlene Lesneslcie. Alice Leksellg Sianley Madeyg Tom Maraflcag Shirley McCullough: Joan McCreigh+g James McGee: Fred Millen. Joe Naggq David Pairiclcg Donald Procopchukp Gloria Prymalcg Rufh Quick: Ronald Quickg Gloria Rogel. J . y Q. ,V . -. ,L Q. :F gg . -' il! Z. . iv kg? F 1 A Q cj Y -M Q ., , K A wi SX 3 I S M 032'-..."'islQ', 'si . 1' th' A 4 1, 11 7 'QQ' L I ' h . X i mzfgrfr 'S ,XX ,X .K K AAL , V ,., , I ' R Q? s 4. if .., I I ng, pg f- Ylfilwxk 4 ll Row I: Ka+l1erine Rosensfeelg Mary Jane Rosensieelg Janei' Ruscieky: Janel Salvag Mike Savage: Veronica Seflockg Geraldine Shirley. Row 2: Mary Allen Sibley Danny Sm ers: Joe Spellaneg PaHy Sfifflerg Darlene Sliver: PaH'y Tanner: Linda ilomei. Row 3: Carol Tresslerg Linda Tresslerg Eugene Zaffufog Ida Zuchelli. Tl1e picfures below were 'iaken by slaff pl'1o+ograpl1ers al' +l':e sile of lhe Army's guided missiles,"Nike". S+uden+ represeniaiives Diana Surra and Ken- nefh Delal1un'l'y aHended +l'le demons1'ra'rion a+ PiH'sburgl1 on March 20, I957 and reporfed back fheir findings. A missile being raised from Hs pil. A fog-enveloped purview of a "Nike Sophomores , . 2 5 S 1 2 as ls, I Officers Presidenl' .......................... Janel Broslco Vice Presiclenl' .......... Sam l-lockenberry Secrelary ......... ........... T om Chalcan Treasurer ...,. ................ F rank Turlcali Advisor ...... .... M r. Lemmon Ralslon The "I956-57" sophomores received, as olher previous cl-asses did, a firsl' fasie of life in The senior high. The sophs found such life qui+e fo fheir liking excep+ for such irrelevanf maHers as six classes a day. Under lhe capable heading of Mr. Rals+on, They hi+ +he school wirh a barrage of beanies and sfaged fwo successful dances, one being fhe +radi+ional sophomore dance. The knowledge fhey gained will permir 'rhem +o meel 'rhe iunior year wifh an op- fimisfic, if nof brillianf, oulloolc. - I' I v ,N . 'Vs I ' 1 .. 1 :N 6 sc ,rn 3 f' I in K W ii l ri il 4, X x 2 sf I 5 . I W . f Z ?1 i Row I: Ronald Aikenus: John Allshouse: Teresa Andrews: M Ih B h ' J ar a e un, anef BeviIacqua:Rlchard' Blankenship: Leland Blysione. Row 2: Joyce Bowman: Donald Boyko: Janef Brosko: Thomas Brown: Thomas Chakan: Frances Colosi: Roberi Colfri. Row 3: Eugene Condor: Kenne+h DeIahun+y: Carol Dickey: Gerald Diich: Raymond Dubrosky: Ruih Dowden: Carol Fello. sf I I a I Fi 'Y' I L I ,J : , .E," ,:. K ' ' fill I I a , ' F r '1': I I i G I - g :f . I is ,l,. jg y is I ' I 4 . 5 K ' sr i is I ' ri : -2.. if I I is , ,,: 3 ' Q is sccll :L : 6' x ' g 1 or ,:,. -" 'I K- 'I X .assalla ,M ,A , I, I lvl:-LX 1 XQXXKVL gl, ,H I , f I if :' . f. i f- . A , Q fi 7' le we i G I ,V L , fri: N-.L ' ' ,. 3, K 4 Z 2 ' y f- f! ggmwgjkf gg , Row I: Carol Garrley: Carol George: Ernes+ Gepperi: Jane'r Gray: William Hancock: Karen Harvilla: Sam Hockenberry. Row 2: PaH'y Hollern: Ted Hoover: Pairicia Janes: Virginia KaiI'o: Edward Kerchensky: Rosemary Keys: Bill King. Row 3: James Lamberi: Caiherine Lauren+i: Bill Madey: Kenne+h Maryai: EI ' mer Morgan, Chesfer Nagg. 5 W 1 I 1 in s 1 5? l' . S i J S Y S 5 1 X f is " - Q J ' if f is ir ' li A 2'i 2 , ",, "A i 5, W Q 5' Q ,, 5 , J E ' S 5 .,, 1 i f :Q M1211 ' - X KV . Q Wife-" "," W' ' s M, , it 1 K ' . Z S si 1 E J 7 'Q 'ff 2 er in ' J Qs, S f hifi, l . 1 X., I wa A .K Row I: Lore'H'a Pisch: Jean Pless: S'l'eve Ploslcunalc: LaRue Pollack: William Ramer: Roberi' Rami: Judy Rearick. Row 2: Emma Jean Roberis: Richard Rosensieel: Dean Rumbaugh: Faye Schrecengosl: Charles Sinnamond: Ralph Sinnamond: Forresi' Shaffer. Row 3: Roberi' Shellhammer: Reber? Shields: David Sloan: Charles Shupe: Shelby Siraw: Gordan Smyers: Jimalee Taylor. , fi 'I , I v ' 4 E ,i f ii 5 K.: fi R J v i J f' R i "' 4 M in if 2 i 2 U Row I: Margarei' To+h: Sianley Travis: Frank Turlcali: Margarel Walls: Darla Weiss: Raylene Williams: David Work. Row 2: Carol Wrighf: Marlene Wrighl: Nancy Zaffuio: 'Carol Zalof: Riia Zanolli. A Freshmen Officers Presidenf .................,...... Alberf Ghiardi Vice Presidenf ............ Sally Campbell Secrefary ........... .,......... C arol Mako Treasurer ........................ 'Nancy Reuffer Advisors ........ Miss Margare-I' Allshouse and Mr. William Heard The "greenies" fhis year again were organized under fhe supervision of Miss Allshouse and Mr. Heard. Under lhis capable heading fhe freshmen sef a precedence af fhe Ridge. They performed a Freshmen Class Play on M-ay Ibfh. Everyone agrees fhaf if was a wonderful year, bofh for working and playing. ' ' W 1 V my 'K j , N LW,V , yi ,". y A .2 vk, H . KHXVKA. - Q K . . .,.: ' I , i my ' ' 4 E Q A A 1 Vi Q i mf My K A H .za H 3 J J ri C Nl r Q 6 'fzff ' lr' ' ' 52 y X 1 'J if l I Wx K I er X K . . o X K E yy X ,. J, Q A i X' - I ' :Mughal f M N H 11 'Q' .ww I ag g 0 Q ii A A J Q - ':-- ' I in ' . X '. 'fi . 'V f .k':: . . f 5 y gf: v AF? y 41,2 y in K 0 y T. no ,fi Q in J -. "' ifvwv-.mf -f iifglfiif-1 1,--A.-i xl Row I: Row 2: Arlene Aloise: Jane'l' Arduini: Kenne+l1 Arduini: Harry Barclay: Belly Blysione: Nancy Broslco: Nancy Bukosky. Sally Campbell: James Clwelednick: Jim Clinger: Roberf Crawford: . . k Frank Daugherry: Jennie Durand: Owen Fllc enger. : QQ ,Q rraay ii , J l J: 'Qa. fa y 2 i .al 'fr+ i i lll N my N N if , an J: ,ii . r'l- o in rfra if '. - J Jla- - y rakyrrra av QQ f Q l . l- y, A Ji J J J ,. M . J do ,h ,Q c ' A ' J, J enlal , ,2, J JJJJ f i ' xl A Row l Row 2: Row 3: Roberi Heasley: Eugene Horn: Barbara Horrell: Jim lseman: Judy Jakosh: David King: Judy King. Susan King: Wayne Lafferfy: Margarel' Lesneski: Rose Ann Lorenii: Richard Madey: Carol Mako: Elizabelln Maraflca. I Bob McCullough: Carolyn Morgan: Julius Nagg: Eileen Pafrick: Norma Jean Pairick: Carolyn Pliska. , E K g y A 5 A -Q VLZV N AIA MQ a j ,az rpm fi: x r 4 P M -. K 4 W 'L ws x I' Y A in 'Mg i 1 P ,QD f if . aa we 1 x , I I 5 5 , Y ' , ,,: ' gg 'L , l Ayby 'gil' ' v- ' if l j ST! g. N ' if z:L f r e - Q r M 2 ' R ' X xN f L . 1 .," '- 4 r f ' f L x ' f 1 K + ri- or Aff Row l: Dolores Ponlolig Ronald Puglieseg Mary Quick: Ted Rearickg Nancy ReuHerg John Rice: Helen Rosenburger. Row 2: Monica Rosensfeelg Bonnie Rumbaughg Lesfer Rush: Irene Seflockg Dennis Shaffer: Muriel Shellhammerp Ronald Shirley. Row 3: Bob Shupeg Carolyn Slanskyg Dennis Sloan: Nancy Smyers: George Sosnickg Richard Sfevensg Roger Sfiffler. 'mf l i K ' , 4 SA i , ll i A ig ' ,i 'dey xox' V I H.. M . -I J Tilly, 1 .1 N i1. "" " ',.J, X L Li in f x , J x ' C Q 1,7 , V my A Row I: Naomi Sirongg Frank Sryfurakg Arlhur Swarhg Ronald Tolfdig Richard Turk: Ronald Uplegraphg Carol Vuckovich. Row 2: Ronald Walfersg Jim Wargog Bill Zagrodnichekq Chauncey Zimmerman. Eighth Grade if I I as :Dfw T B lea- ' l -:rg 'f I I lm- Q I I I .I , KA J t, - V I- Q I ,-4. I ...w " - ' 5-I f all lf 'N Q 4, ar A ' I I3 rf 5 JY' 'P"i I l.T'4 Q ll I '+- , I , A. In J 4 .xl N I 'K .. x .Q f 6 I h L R q R 6 y A ,,, A .2 . . I V ' V I K s ' , I -Row I: Louis Aloise: Larry Barclay: Richard Beida: Marie Beighley: Jerry Bendis: John Bogdanski: David Bowman. Row 2: Jean Boyle: ,Frank Byers: Irene Chakan: Richard Chronoslci: Richard Cheleclnick: James Dowden: Jim Dunmire. I Q YQ , I fi I I " f -1 ' I ' I aw " I I I ' : K M H. t V 5 I. X Y I f A Q 1 X i"Y':h ' XX :L ,, I X MRI, f v X -I2-MB-V -fwA-- ' i A I . ll-, '- 1, : if-V2 . WN, I if-. fx-X1 'I 'rl X Row I: Ronald Gordish: June Haag: Richard Haag: Suzanne He-ard: Dennis Hollern: Bernacleffe Hoover: Pamela Hosiclc. Row 2: Jeffry Iseman: John vLamIoer+: Harold Lelcsell: John McCullougl'l: William Livengood: David Marlin, A 3 l srea 5? A -K Y 1. ' .L 4 ' 'E R '-'l V is 1 ,W B Q . ya K N , 5 K ' 'fl A X , ' M A R fx 1 5 4955 . X W J .J . 4 gf 4 + Q' , ' R is J . -"Rl J ik iv 5 1- J J i R 'Riff -f+ 31 X- X . N . ' ...J ' 7 -J W J - a J llc? J 1 5 42' 'ave if ' PM vw. 1 ve QL, ,4 S e A K ,s W ' JL, 1'-J 'fe Q fn' 6- .J I 4 RX? il x ' R f sm, ' xp , - HX W J xii-:fe Row l: 'Carolyn Maudie: Evelyn McCracken: Lena Meckley: Marlha Myers: CharloHe Parker: Virgil Pe+i+'r: Joyce Pless. Row 2: Georgia Ploskunak: Donna Polofl: James Prymak: Pa'f+y Prymak: Eva Mae Ramer: Roberl' Rearick: Richard Relliclc. Row 3: Ra mond Riker: Belly Romiclc: Ronald Sabaline: Donna Schiralo: Merle Sclirecongosf: James Shirley: Richard Shirley. 'x f -' '-X -1 :J X I-. 'W' iii 1 " I ,L 1- f 7 X ,, ui , XX' i al I' A M. V Q- 4 9 s I lil' if is L f 'V' f - 1 ,L ws.. Xa , ,:.:.ix,lLJ X u N , glut pw V .Nw--were if P3 -A 1 Row l: Roberl' Shirley: Louise Shroclcman: Phyllis Shupe: Bonnie Sinniamond: Claire Smi+h: Richard Tamslci: Dan Turkali. Row 2: Bill Turnbull: John Velesig: Buddy Williams: Kennelh Weiss: Sandra Wrighl: Michael Zanick. Seventh Grade .i, P Q - l Y I F ii 'Q A i K A A,,, A VA N W ' L25 , W y y K is i n f 15? ' ' if ii? " , if J' , E 1 i :.1 in ,J I 2 Kris ' Leigh ' X sa X V fx QM if i,L?W, Q y , ' i L ' " u J s A 1: . - X X, iil R 53:2 y 1 g Xa . : yy :am W V V E :,,.,. by x I , EE? A nz: x F a FA 1443 X- r in ia l f M? K V an wr L: ,ve . fx nl-ry ' nfl 5 Qi? . l 7 J J J Y 0 I l J ,,h. 1 ,I is f l e is l ii F Row I: Row 2 Row 3: ? Teresa Aloisi: Glenda Alrman: Frank Andrews: James Ashbauglw: Larry Askins: Donald Barclay: Nancy Boyle. Janice Clwakan: John Chakan: Margarel' Dunmire: Morris Dunmire: Geraldine Dunn: Dennis Durand. r Rufh Durand: Frank Flack: ihomas Garry:jvKenny Gemmell: Mary Gepperr: Barbara Ghiarcli: Jucly Gliha. ' V ' :ea V a. , J 4 Q sz, . 'Q..,,x N A Z. Q Y F, . X Vx yxug-f 1 K ,A -. iii' , J no 5 J, J ,J J if r .W J 4, 1 Q .. , A Y AVLAV K X - ' A ii" A we :lm , , J ku if 5 , l F Y fm wifi Elk ii' , V y Row I: James Gordislv Donna Goss' Holly Green' Barbara Haclden' James Row 2: Hadden: Bobby' Hazle++. I I i Linda Horrell: Frank Kairo: Mary Ellen Kaifo: Ronald Kalafsky: Parricia Kaskan: Marsha King. . 5 If V, K' :V , i V a Q, J' l f i' 'Q' ,K 2f?,L:sN ' - iii, . A D i l , ,, lg -7 if fi X My M T . Arif : . L ix , A a f ,VL L 5 L' y : sl L Zgglkrffe rl , A l l y ,,, 4? . ff A ah' i W l Row I: Sally Lamberl: Sara Lelcsell: William Lillle: Carol Ann Louis: Charles Lucas: Dravid Lumberger: Donald Mack. Row 2: Richard Marafka: Judy Miller: Bill Morgan: Donald Myers: Lucille Nagg: Sleve Nagg: Keilh Parson. -Row 3: Michael Prymalc: Glenda Reed: Marlene Richey: Pal Richey: David Rice: Marlea Roschella: Melissa Rosensleel. ,, if . G a lr L y r , r 'i 7 til - '- ' " . :"i 5 f -.., 1 l :QQ :,: ,K Row l: Donald Rush: Diana Servenli: Edward Sellock: Yvonne Shaller: Richard Shields: Carol Sinnamond. Row 2: Cecilia Sklar: Arnold Slraw: Anna Taylor: Arlene! Travis: Aloysius Walls: Daniel While. x4-r ta at rf' R Activities Senior Chorus Row I: llefl lo righll Veronica Selloclc, Rila Zanolli, Pa++y Janes, Margie Tolh, Frances Lealherwood, JoAnn Mccreighl, Jeanne Benclis, Carol Garlley, Joann Bo++iglione, Helen Palriclc, Pa+'ly Hollern. Row 2: Linda Tomei, lda Zuchelli, Lo'H'ie Pisch, Mona S+iver, Margarel Walls, LaRue Pollaclc, Gloria Prymalc, Gloria Gorclish, Dolores Maralka, Calherine Shaffer, Diana Surra, Calherine Laurenli, Faye Schrecengosl, Darla Weiss, Marie Lamberl. Row 3: Carol Tressler, Karen Harvilla, Eddie Rosensleel, Mary Allshouse, Mary Mack, Carole Fello, Mary Jane Rosensleel, Cecilia Frye, Carol Gray. Par'l'y Sliffler, Janel Broslco, Evelyn Knopiclc, Barbara Mako, Jean Sabolovich. Row 4: PaH'y Tanner, Janel Ruscielcy, Ki? Rosensleel, Belly Zona, Marlha Behun, Teresa Andrews, Car- ol Zalol, Alice Leksell, Pal Rosensleel, Nellie Slevenson, Donna Reed. The all-girls' chorus performed for lhe usual fu'nc'l'ions again This year. They carolled 'lhe grade schools al Chrislmas, which was a pleasanl holiday occupalion. Some of fhe girls were chosen 'lo a'H'end 'lhe All- Counly Music Fesiival. Al' 'lhe annual Spring Music Feslival, 'l'hey sang some beauliful seleclions, lhus proving l'ha'l' an all girls' chorus can be successful. Junior Chorus Row l: llell lo righll l'lolly Green, Nancy Reull er, Marsha King, Mary Ellen Kailo, Pally Prymalc, Carolyn Maudie, Bonnie Sinnamond, Judy Miller, Eileen Palrick, Marlea Roschella. Row 2: Sally Campbell, Linda Gryczulc, Sharon Garlalc, Joyce Pless, Monica Rosensleel, Jennie Durand. Mary Ellen Fello, Lorraine Garry, Kalhleen Davis, Sally Lamberl. Row 3: Judy Gliha, Glenda Allman, Bonnie Sklar, Norma Jean Palriclc, Barbara Reynolds, Carol Malmo, Melissa Rosensleel, Nancy Bukosky, Georgia Lee Ploskunak, Susan.King. Row 4: Edward Selloclc, Michael Prymalc, Harold Lelcsell, Michael Zaniclc, Richard Beida, John Lam- berl, Ronald Kalafsky, David King, David Lumberger, Jim Prymak, Richard Relliclc, Tommy Garry, Dennis Durand. labsenl from piclure, Mrs. Mildred Fuszek, direclor.l The Junior Chorus was organized al l'he beginning of lhe second semesler, and had lime only lo parlici- pale in 'lhe Spring Music ,Feslival in April. However. l'l1ey made an impression on many people wilh lheir fresh, clear lhree-parl harmony. 39 Band Row I: lleil 'ro righll Slanley Kaniclc, Don Gayclos, Eugene Gemmell, Joyce Conner, Mona Sliver Mary Allshouse, Teresa Andrews, Faye Schrecengosi, Darla Weiss, Arlene Travis. Row 2: Harold BurlceH, Ronald Kalafsky, Richard Beida, Carol Gar+ley, Mary Mack, Nellie Slevenson Jennie Durand, Marlha Myers, Glenda Reed, Sally Lamberl, Mr. Edmund Rizzulo, direcfor. Row 3: Tommy Garry, Michael Zaniclc, Slanley Flaclc, Edward Selloclc, John Allshouse, Merle Schrecen gosl, John Velesig, Eddie Lou Rosensleel. Row 4: Michael Savage, Franlc Siyfuralc, Edward Gaydosh, John Lamb-erf, Jim Dunmire, Kennelh Dela hunfy, Sfanley Travis, Richard Rellick. The Elders Ridge Band parlicipaled in many musical even+s l'his year. Under +he direclion of a new 'I'eacher, +hey +ook parl' in half-+ime aclivifies al lhe foolball games, a Tri-School Concerf on May blh, and lhe annual Spring Music Feslival on April 26. Once again on Memorial Day, +he musicians marched in a parade fhrough Spring Church. The year was indeed an aciive one! Cle ff Dwelilers Officers 5 3 5 X The organizalion for musicians was inaciive during 'rhe +erm, bu+ succeeded in purchasing a J a funing device for +he band, and iaclce+s for +he seniors. Annual awards for +he mos+ improved musicians and mosl' valuable member were pre- g sen+ed, which helped encourage members +o- ward more yearly sfudy. i Presideni, Stanley Kanickg Treasurer, Mary Alls house: Secreiary, Nellie Sievensong Vice Presi denf, Eddie Gaydoshg Advisor, Mr. Edmond Riz zuio. " ' T Firsl' Row -- Jenny Durand, Eddie Lou Rosens+eel, Mona S+iver, Mary Alls- house, Joyce Connor, Faye Schrecengosi, Teresa Andrews, Carol Gar+ley, Richard Rellick, Michael Zanick. Second Row - Darla Weiss, Mary Mack, Marfha Myers, Bonnie Sinnamond, Nellie S+evenson, Harold BurkeH, Jimmy Dunmireg John Allshouse, Richard Beidi. John Velesig, John Bogdanslci, Sfanley Flack: Advisor, Mr. Edmond Rizzuio. Third Row - David' Worlc, Gene Gemmel, Michael Savage, S+anley Kanick, Jim Lamberl, Fr-ank Slyfurak, Eddie Gaydosh, Don Gaydos, John Lamberi, Merril Schrecengoslz Student Council iii' Row l: lLei"l 'ro righfl Carol Wrighl, Karen Harvilla, Lincla Tomei, Gloria Rogel, Marlea Roschella, Donna Poloff, Mrs. Bolinger. Row 2: Beil Blysfone, Pa++y Richey, June Hagg, S-ally Campbell, Virgil Peliii, Kenneih Arciluini, Nick Haluiick, Terry Heckman. Officers Gloria Rogel, Secreliary-Treasurer: Mrs. Bolinger, Ad- visor: Linda Tomei, Vice Presidenh Nick Halulick, President The Elders Ridge House of Repre- senlafives was aclive during lhe year in approving school ac'livi'l'ies and con- duc+ing a clean-up campaign. The cho- sen boys and girls had experience in learning responsibilily and adminislra-. lion. National Honor Society Row I: llefl' 'ro rigl1+l Linda Tomei, Donna Reed, Kil Rosensleel, Jim Gollardi. Row 2: Jean Sabolovich, Barbara Mako, Mr. Cooper, Advisor, Marie Lamberl, Diana Surra. I I I Librarians Row I: llefl +o rigl'1'rl Rila Zanolli, Pa'Hy Janes, Joann Bolliglione, Helen Palriclc, Janel Bevilacqua, Cafherine Laurenli, Linda Tomei, Janel Salva. Row 2: Frances Colosi, Bonnie Sinnamond, Marllwa Myers, Georgia Ploslcunalc, Sandra Gaydosh, Joyce Pless, Louise Shrockmlan, Darlene Cocovich, Ru+l1 Durand, Mrs. Slapleron, Advisor. Row 3: Karen Harvilla, LoreH'a'Piscl1, Sara Collins, Barbara Ghiardi, Nancy Broslco, Marglarel' Lesneski, Carolyn Morgan, Dolores Ponloli, Suzanne Heard, Jean Pless, Lena Meckley. Red Cross Row I: lleff fo righfl William Zagrodnichelc, Pafsy Maraflca, Mildred Rosfis, Teresa Aloise, Sandra Gaydosh, Jimalee Taylor. Row 2: Edward Seflock, Nancy Gepperf, Lorraine Garry, Gloria Prymalc, Mrs. Moore, Joann Boffiglione, Paf Janes, Holly Green. Row 3: Sfeve Nagg, Joe Spellane, Bill Moore, Don Gaydos, Don Boylco, Jim Gor- dish. Richard Tamski. The Junior Red Cross was indeed acfive fhis year. Working foward fheir aims fo fosfer good infernafional rela- fionship and +o help ofhers, fhe group's acfivifies included fixing holiday boxes for homebound children, planning an in- fernafional album, and enferfaining fhe Williard Home children. 44 Officers Joann Boffiglione, Presidenfg Mildred Rosfis, Vice President Paffy Janes Secrefaryp Mrs. Moore, Advisor. Ridge Echo Staff Ediiors P The siudeni iournalisis on lhe riews- f paper siaff pui' ouf .a newspaper a mon+h, plus an exira April Fool issue. They combined honesi' effor+ wiih enjoy- meni and came up wilh admirable re- sul+s. Their proiecf was fin-anced by ' pairon adveriisers and fhe sale of Cl-uris+mas ornamenfs. A Pi'H'sburgl1 'hip was a pleasani deviafion. 'Row I: Mary Mack, Mary Allshouse,, Exchange Ediiorsp Diana Surra, Copyreaderg Nellie S+evenson, Donna Reed, Co-Ediiorsg Pai Pugliese, Business Manager. Row 2: Miss Fair, Advisor: Ken Delahun'l'y, Sporisg Jim Gofiardi, Phofographerg John Allshouse, CircuIa+ion Manager. - .... ...f V . A . In k Q gftfki Row I: llefi' 'ro righil L. Shrockman, E. Pairick, A. Aloise, L. Tomei, L. Garry, L. Gryczuk, D. Reed, E. King, S. Heard, D. Surra. Row 2: D. Miller, J. Pless, J. Durand, N. Pa+riclc, C. Vuclcovich, R. Lorenzi, M. Maclc, M. Allshouse, P. Pugliese, J. Sabolovich, G. Ploslcunalc, Miss Fair. Row 3: D. Mack, J. Allshouse, J. Pairiclc, P. Parker, N. Sievenson, K. Delahunfy, J. Goifardi, P. Goss, C. Jakosh, R. Colosi, D. Sfyfurak, B. Zona, E. Seilock. 45 "mage Hi- Lifes" Edifors Aciiviiies of +l1e sfaff encompassed a greal' deal of co-operafion from lhe Edifor-in-Chief down +o fhe lasf sfaff member. Early in November, siaff pa- fron solicifors flooded fhe counfryside, and in May The en+ire group enjoyed - a frip fo Piffsburglm, in coniuncfion wifh 'Phe newspaper sfaff. Conqrafs go lo fhe siaff for -a iob well clone. Nellie Slevenson, Sporfsg Barbara Mako, Ari: Marie Lamberf, Business Manager: Diana Surra, Edi+or-in-Chief, Kenny Delahunly, Ass'f Edifor. Row I: llefi' 'lo rigl1+l J. BoH'iglione, L. Tomei, D. Surra, B. Mako, M. Lamberl, J. Sabolovich, N. Sfevenson, P. Tanner, P. Pugliese, L. Tressler, E. Pafrick, M. Gales, F. Lealherwood. 4 Row 2: K. Delal1un'l'y, J. Allsl1ouse, A. Aloise, P. Janes, J. Salva, P. Rosensieel, J. Bevilacqua, C. Zalof, K. Rosensieel, H. Pa'l'rick,P. Hollern, M. Tofh, J. Ruscielcy, M. Sliver, J. Pless, H. BurkeH'. Row 3: D. Weiss, .F Colosi, K. Harvilla, R. -Zanolli, L. Pisch, J'. Marafka, C. Slanslcy, N. Smyers, B. Horrell, C. Laurenfi, N. King, C. Vuckovich, B. Zona, C. Shaffer, D. Pon- ioli, N. Brosko, N. Pairick. 46 ' Science Proiectionist Lung Row I: llefl lo righll Bob HazleH', Alber+ Ghiardi, Donald Mack, Ronnie Uple- graph, Roger S+i'ifler, Ken Gord-ish, Chauncey Zimmerman, Jim Ashbaugh. P Row 2: Frank Daugher+y, Mike Savage, Richard Rosensleel, Eugene Gemmell, Jim Gofrardi, Mike Kalafsky, Don Gaydos, Richard FinoHi, Mr. William Heard. Officers Don Gaydos, Vice Presidenlg E G ll P 'd . J- fardi, Secrelaryg Mr. Heard, Aduvgfolrj emme I res' enl' lm Go This ambifious group is indirecily responsible for a good percenlage of 'lhe school's enlertainmenf. Selling up chairs and lowering blinds have become a par? of lheir Friday curriculum, and who knows, lwo or 'rhree may even lurn info legilimafe scienlisls! 47 Bible Club Row l: llefl 'lo righll Rulh Durand, Lorraine Hagg, S-ara Collins, Bonnie Sinna- mond, Eva Mae Ramer. Jean Boyle, June Hagg, Cheryl George. Row 2: Clara Smi'l'h, Margarel Dunmire, Archie Shupe, David King, James Shirley, Richard Shirley, Lena Meckley. Miss Allshouse. This grou of sludenls has for ils main molive 'lhe sludy and learning of 'lhe Bible. Lack of lime hindered meel- ings, bul' lhe Thanksgiving and Easier programs provided an excellenl' opporl- unify lo pursueylheir aims. as many members parlicipaled in lhose pro- grams. 48, Officers ' il if H J 5 Lorraine Hagg, Presidenlg Bonnie Sinnamond, Secrelary-Treasurer Miss Allshouse, Advisor. Commercial Club Officers Susan Diliclc, Treasurer, Rose Colosi, Seorelaryg Pally Goss, Presidenl. This organizalion lor girls had much lo do lhis year. Al lhe onsel, lhe elecled a group ol officers, under which lhey held a dance. They used lhis mon- ey lo purchase iackels lor lhe senior members. Their purpose is lo group lo- gelher all business-minded young ladies. M-feb!! Row I: llell lo righll Belly Zona, Palsy Marafka, Pally Goss, Charlolle Jakosh, Pally Parker, Eleanor King, Mildred Roslis. Row 2: Kalherine Shaffer, Pally Sabolovich, Rose Colosi, Donna Slyluralc, Jane Palrick, Mona Sliver, Susan Dilick, Naomi Aikens. 49 Future Farmers bf Americas Officers The rough inifialion proceedings, inler-F. .F. A. baskerball games, and working foward Keysfone Farmer De- grees composed' a frui+ful and inleresl- ing year for lhe boys. They a'Hemp+ed 'lo live up +o 'lhe emblem of good farm- ing which rhey wear on Blue Qorclurouy- jackefs. Herman Blakely, Presidenh Terry Heckman, Vice Presidenh Bill McGee Secrelaryg Fred Millen, Treasurer. T Row l: T lleff 1-o righll Ronald Quick, Alberl' Ghiardi, Dennis Sloane, Melvin Black- burn, Wayne Lafferfy, Ronald Shirley, Frank Daugherfy, Ronald Pugliese. - Row 2: Paul Rearick, Terry Heckman, Herman Blakely, Bill McGee, Fred Millen, Jim McGee, Ronald Rush, Dick Sfevens. 50 Future Homemakers Of America X999-5 H MAKEQ AM E RICA Firsf Row' Francis Leafherw d B H A hb h - . . D I R d, N ll' S , Jean Bendis, Joanne Mccreighf, gloria ePr3malc. aug anna ee e le fevenson Second Row: Carol Tressler, Li da T I , C l' F C I Z I 1' P H T . ner. Carol Gray, Miss Jean Wean. n less er ece la rye' are a O I a Y an Officers The year's highlighfs for 'lhese young ladies included a Halloween dance and selling iewelry al' Chrisfmas. They con+ribu+ed lo l'he sfafe F. H. A. scholarship fund, and helped pack a box' for ihe Crossnore orphanage. Repre- seniafives weni' +o ihe sfafe convenfion af Penn Sfafe Universify. Firsl' Row: Belle Ashbaugh, Secrefaryg Joanne McCreighl, His loriang Donna Reed, Presidenfg Jean Bendis, Treasurer. Second Row: Gloria Prymak, Vice Presidenh Miss Wean, Ad visorg Nellie Stevenson, Song Leader. 51 W Junior Future Homemukers vf America J Row I: ILef-I' Io righI'l B. Sklar, S. Wrigh+, M. Myers, B. Sinniamond, G. L. Ploslcunalc N. Reu+er, S. Lamber+, G. Reed, J. Kaskin, R. Durand, E. McCracken. Row 2: Mrs. Kendall, C. Maudie, D. Schirafo, I. Chakan, L. Shroclcman, B. Hoover, T. Aloise, K. Dudash, M. Rochella, N. Bukoslcy, H. Green, M. King, I. Seilock, M. Rosens+eeI A. Travis. Row 3: P. Hosick, L. Shupe, S. Campbell, P. Prymaclc, J. Miller, S. Collins, B. Ghardi J. Glihi, D. Fello, D. Ponfoli, S. King, J. King, J. Chakan, C. Lewis, C. Mako. Officers i 4 The purpose of Ihis organiza+ion is Io learn fo live be'H'er foday in order fhal' everyone may live beffer fomorrow. Co-operafing wifh each oiher on six commiH'ees helped Io accom lish fhis. The girls held a special Mo'IIier's Day program for +heir moihers, collecfed clorhing for Crossnore, and succeeded very well. Row I: Carol Malco, Treasurer: Sally Campbell, Vice Presidenh Carolyn Maudie, Presidenfg Georgia L. Ploskunak, Hisiorian. Row 2: Nancy Reu+er, Secretary: Judy King, Song Leader, Mrs. Kendall, Advisor. - - . 52 A Future Nurses Club Ollicers ry , , , Es s D F The F. N. A. seeks 'ro losler an in- 'leresl in llie career of nursing. The girls learned of academic re uiremenls, 'Fundamenlals of nursing, andclwome nurs- ing. They senl a delegale lo lhe Fulure Nurses rally in April, and made a hospi- l'al four, also in April. Pal' Sliffler, Treasurer: Jo Ann McCreigl1+, Vice Presidenlg Jane Palriclc, Presiclenlg Jean Sabolovich, Secrelaryg Mrs. Moore, Advisor. f Kneeling: lLeH 'lo riglill Carol Tressler, Jo Ann McCreigl1+, Jean Bendis, Gloria Gordish. Row I: Helen Palriclc, Mary Allshouse, Joyce Conner, Cecelia Frye, Mary Rosen- sleel, Joann Bolliglione, Frances Lea+l1erwoo'd, Carol Tressler, Jane Pafrick, Jean Sabo- lovich, Veronica Selloclc. Row 2: Pally Hollern, Margie Tolh. Rila Zanolli, Pal Janes, Teresa Andrews, Carol Zalor, Janel' Rusiecky, Nancy Gordish, Pal Slilfler, Carol Gray, Mary E. Sible, Alice Leksell, Ida Zuchelli, Janel Salva, Mrs. Moore. 53 G.A. A. Row I: llefi fo righ+l M. Ros+is, J. Pai'- riclc, P. Goss, C. Jakosh, A. Aloise, E. Pairick, M. Rosensieel, A. Leksell. Row 2: J. Bo++iglione, L. Tomei, L. Garry, R. Lorenzi, L. Gryczuk, K. Rosens+eel, H. Pai- riclc, P. Hollern, M. To+h, C. Slansky, E. Marai- ka, C. Frye. Row 3: B. Zona, J. Ruscieky, G. Rogel, P. Pugliese, F. Leaiherwood, M. Rosens+eel, S. King, C. Vuckovich, J. Bevilacqua, C. Laurenfi, M. Sible, N. Gordish, N. S+rong, J. Conner, F. Schrecongos+, Mrs. Bolinger. Row 4: P. Marafka, E. King, R. Colosi, D. Sfyfuralc, N. Bukosky, J. Durand, J. Arduini, N. Brosko, M. Lesneskie, C. Morgan, D. Pon+oli, N. Parrick, N. Smyers, B. Horrell, B. Blysfone, J. Jakosh. Officers i The G.A.A. sei' a high goal of spread- ing good sporfsmanship 'lhroughoui' 'I'he school, and 'lhey feel ius+ified in lheir e'Ffor+s. They boughf iackeis for 'lhe senior members, raising money for fhis by holding ra bake sale in December, a parcel pos? sale in March, and by mem- bership dues. Charloffe Jalcosh, Presidenh Pa'H'y Hollern, Vice'Presiden+g Mrs. Boling- er, Advisor, KH Rosensfeel, Treasurer: Donna Siyfurak, Secreiary. 54 Varsity Maiorettes A , Lef+ io rigid: Pa+ Rosensfeel, Drum Maior- eifeg Ki+ Rosensreel, Lead: Janei Salvag Jane Pairick, Leadg Gloria Gordishg Darlene Les- neskie. Junior Varsity Lef+ +o right Linda Tomeig Margare+ Waiisg Janei Broskop BeHe Deane Ashbaughg Pa++y Hollerng PaHy Sriffler. Varsity Cheerleaders Lefl lo righl: Marie Lamberl, Caplain: Bar- bara Mako: Jean Sabolovich: Darlene Coco- vicli: Evelyn Knopiclc: Joyce Lenlz: Mildred Roslis. Junior Varsity . .,,: ,-JMQ ll ' - 1' me Lell' lo rigl1+: Judy Jalcoslm: Sally Campbell: Lorraine Garry: Linda Gryczuk: Rose Ann Lorenzie, Caplain. Sports Varsity "R" . Q manila: Row I: lleff 'lo righil Joe Fello, Don Gayclos, Jack Riclenour, Joe Spellane, Mike Kalafsky, Bill Moore, Terry Heckman, Don Procopchuck, Bob Lang- ham. Row 2: Mr. Cooper, Dave Pairick, John Kairo, George Cheleclniclc, Sianley Maclay, Len Rice, Bob Cheledniclc, Eddie Mouser, Bob Rami, Eugene Ker- chensky, George Sponclilce, John Conclor. The a+hle+es of 'rhe school have co- operared wifh one anofher +o vend pop- corn made by fhemselves. Their annual sale of Easier eggs again broughf a ris- ing sum +o fheir funds, which was used fo purchase swea+ers for +he senior boys and.Ie++ers for all 'rhose qualifying. Coaches Egelsky ancl Cooper map our sfrafegy for +he leam Football Row l: John Kailo, George Chelednick, Eu- gene Kerchenslcy, Ed Mouser, Joe Fello, Bill Moore, Bob Chelednick, Dave Palrick, Bob Lan ham. Row 2: John Behun, Bob Rami, Riciard Rosen- sI'eel, John Condor, Don Boylco, John Dilch, Eugene Condor, Louis Aloisi. Row 3: Coach, Harold Egelsky, John Ridenour, Gordon Smyers, Leonard Rice, Raymond Dobrosky, Danny Smyers, John Rice, Jim Chelednick, Coach, Calvin Cooper. Row 4: Ed Kerchenslcy, Jim lseman, Dick Slep- hen, Frank Kailo, Paul Marafka. The I956-57 season will go down as one of 'lhe mosl' successful in years for +he Elders Ridge Rams. The Rams had a 5-3-I record for lhe year giving lhem lhe Lillle "7" championship for 'lhe firsl' lime in lheir hislory. The poinl' syslem eliminaled Elders Ridge from compeling for lhe WPIAL class "B" championship. Uniled Joinl' 20 Sallsburg I3 Purchase Line 0 Shannock Valley 2I 0 I9 0 26 I2 2I I3 2I I8 Washinglon Twp. 7 Easl' Pillsburgh 6 Sleubenville Calholic 35 Homer Cily 26 Bell Avon I3 .IW Afxwmaw John Condor - Halfback .Z s X-S XX-im -3 Jack Riclenour End Ed Mouser - Guapd I WIUCIUI ' .. ' :im Lf , ' ffl - A ' ,-l -l ...-f sw YL 'X Rza 6 n Ivovx In lYy-YVJP1 A 7' N 'ii J if eff qs!! gf- L f W Jqe Fello Difch - Halflbacfc' ABIII Moore - Tackle J Q Junior Varsity Basketball Row l: llell lo righll Sleve Ploslcunalc, Rich- ard Finolli, Richard Blankenship. Row 2: Tom Brown, Jerry Dilch, Richard Rosen sleel, Ken Maryai, Sam Hoclcenberry, Coach Eugene Sullon. The Junior Varsify's record of four- leen wins and five losses is one 'fhey can be proud of 'rhis year. The polenlialily of lhis 'leam brighlens lhe Ridge's basl:- elball fulure. Marion Cenler Homer Cily Marion Cenler Blairsville l-lomer Cily Washinglon Twp. Elclerlon Apollo Bell Twp. Shannoclc Valley Sallsburg Daylon Washinglon Twp Elolerlon Apollo Bell -Avon Shannoclc Valley Sallsburg Daylon Junior Varsity Row l: llefl' fo righ+l John Di+ch, John Kai'l'o, Sranley Madey, Bob Chelednick, David Palrick. Row 2: Bill Turk, Donald Gayclos, George Che- lednick, Jim Gollardi, Don Prokopchuck, Mike Kalaf- sky, Coach Calvin Cooper. The Ridge cagers finished 'rhe season wifh eigh+ wins and +hir+een losses. Alfhough 'rhe final coun+ showed 'rhe Rams Trail- ing in ihe vicfory column, many of +he losses were close and exe cifing. R 32 ,W 46 46 62 46 4I 35 59 42 5I 36 66 50 40 48 52 37 46 54 l 44 44 Le+'s go!" Franklin Twp. Marion Cenfer Homer Cify Marion Cen+er Blairsville Homer Ci+y Washingfon Twp Elderlon Apollo Bell-Avon Shannock Valley Salfsburg Daylon Washingron Twp Elderfon Apollo Bell-Avon Shannock Valley Salfsburg Day+on Uniled Joini' Dave Pafrick, Forward Bob Chelednick, Forward Jim GoH'ardi, Cen+er George Chelednick, Guard Don Gaydos, Guard Junior High Basketball Row I: Richard Beida, Jim Cl1eleclniclc, Kenny Arclu- ini, Richard Maclay, David Lumberglwer. Row 2: Coach Harold Egelsky, John Lamberl, Frank Slylurak, Dick Slevens, Jim lseman, Ronald Sabaline. George Clieleclniclc 'ralces l'l1e ball across 'rl1e 'Floor during 'lournamenl play Track Row l: llefi +o righ+l Frank Turlcali ,Bob Cheledniclc, Leland Blyslone, John Condor, Sianley Ma- day, David Pairick. Row 2: Joe Spellane, Joe Nagg, Terry Heclcman, George Cheledniclc, Edward Mouser, Joe Fello, George Spondike, Tom Brown, manager. Row 3: Mr. Lemmon Ralsion, coach, Bill Moore, manager, Sam Hoclcenberryg Jim Wargog Don Boykog Dick Sfevensg Richard Rose'ns+eelg Mr. Jacx Sfeffenino, coach. The Ridge 'rhinclads Finished anofher slar-siudded season. Highlighrs of +he year includ- ed ihe winning of fhe "LiHle Seven" championship and 'rhe Indiana Counly Class B champion- ship. George Cheledniclc wenl' on +o cop firsi' place in +he Class B con+es+ al Penn S'I'a'l'e by high-jumping +0 a heighf of 5 fee'I', IOV2 inches., This made him The firsi gold medal winner ai Elders Ridge in eleven years. All 'fhe boys and fheir coaches, Mr. Jack Sfeffenino and Mr. Lemmon Ralsfon, deserve much credi+ for iheir hard work, good slralegy, and uH'ima+e a- chievemenfs during 'rhe I957 frack season. rw!-1..--M A , Track li George Chelednick displays excelleni' form in John Condor hurdles fhrough +he air in an a'r'I'emp'I' fo fhrowing +he shof. clear 'rhe bar. pr-k , Mr. Ralsion, assisi'an+ hack coach, observes .hack pracfice. Joe Nagg and Ed Mouser make a praciice Furl E'-Gene Ke"Chen5kY hands me bah?" +0 before fhe meer. relay anchor man, Chelednick. 67 Track Senior members of fhe squad line up For a workoui. George Chelednick, sfale gold medal winner. Cheledniclc, David Palriclc, and 'rhe coaches admire The Indiana Counfy Class B Championship Trophy 68 Baseball l Row I: llefl lo righll Raymond Dobrosky: Jim lseman: Richard Finolfi: John Dilch: Fred Marafka: Ron Uplegraph, manager. Row 2: Alberl Ghiardi, manager: Bobby Rami: Dave Palrick: Herman Blakely: Eugene Zaffu- 'lo: Slanley Maday: John Kerchensky: Bob Collri: Elmer Morgan: Bill Turk: John Behun. Row 3: Mr. William Heard, coach: Jack Ridenour: Sam Hockenberry: Ed Valyo: Jim Gol- lardi: Tom Marafka: Mike Kalafsky: John Rice: Don Gaydos: Sieve Ploskunak: Don Procop' chuk: Mr. Calvin Cooper, ass'l coach. ERHS Vis. l Marion Cenler 3 ll Penns Manor l I3 Homer Cily 3 8 4 Marion Cenler 2 23 Elderlon 3 5 Penns Manor 9 Homer Cily Coach Bill Heard's Rams compleled an- olher season lriumphanlly. The change in lea- gue didn'+ seem lo phase +he Ridge as lhey finished wilh a 6-I record, giving lhem lhe ln- diana Counly League championship. This is lhe lif+h year in succession lhal lhey have had a league championship leam. 69 Baseball Bill Turk -- Pilcher Herman Blakely - Second Base Coaches Heard and Cooper 1 Leonard Rice - Calcher Mike Kalafsky - Third Base Baseball David Pdff'iCk '-' Ouffield Fred Marafka 1 Ouffield .- 4. U- A , John Difch - Ouffield , -' .af , 5, an Eugene Zaffufo - Second Base Don Gayclos - Shorfsfop "Round The Ridge" rQP1f kwa "Hones'r, Mr. Sell, I clicln'1' ..,...... Wh0'5 Fin0Hi playing for? lnofe cap! BeHer gei some paper, coach! 72 DFSHGS! A woman's work is never done! Four o'clock P. M. - n'o+ a soul in sigfrl' " Round The Ridge " H' fakes concenfraiion 'l'o descend fhe siairsl Kalafsky and his public Off io fhe busses we gol Bac The sfrains of Handel's "Largo" creafe a solemn a+mosphere. lIl'2Gf2 v s- Reverend Harlon Miller speaks on "The Marks of Emo+ional Mafurify. Reverend Lee Hufhand conduc+s 'Phe vesper services for fhe class. 74' The Senior Girls' Chorus is direcied in a selec'rion. Commencement Valedicforian, Diana Surra Salu+a'rorian, Marie Lamberi' if ,H . W-K1 Guesi' speaker, Dr. Ralph Cordier A rifual is performed, ihe swihth of fassels Dean of lns+ruc+ion af l.S.T.C. from lefi' +o right The lasi' Alma Mafer ,....... as a group. Pomp and Circumsfance, and a solemn recessional 7 SENIOR ACTIVITIES AIKENS, NAOMI ........ Homeroom secrefary 2, Sfudenl' Council I, F.H.A. 2, Tri Hi Y I, Commercial Club I. ALLSHOUSE, MARY ........ .F.H.A. 2, Treasurer 2,,Cleff Dwellers 3, Treasurer 3, Chorus 2, Band 4, Nafional 'Honor Sociefy 2, Nurses Club 2, Newspaper 2, Ex- change Eclifor I. I ASHBAUGH, BETTE DEANE ........ F.H.A. 3, Officer I, G.A.A. 2, Maioreffe 3, Maioreffe Club. BLAKLEY, HERMAN ........ Baseball 4, Baskefball 2, F. F.A. 4, Officer 3. CHELEDNIK, GEORGE ........ Foofball 4, Baskefball 4, Track 4, Baseball I, Senior Class Vice Presidenf, Homeroom presidenf 2, Varsify R Club 4. COLOSI, ROSE ........ Commercial Club I, Secrefary I, G.A.A. 3, Newspaper 'Iypisf I, Archery Club I. DILICK, SUSAN ........ G.A.A. 2, Sfudenf Council I, Commercial Club I, Treasurer I. DITCH, JOHN ........ Foofball 2, Baseball 4, Varsify R Club l, Baskefball 4. . FELLO, JOE ......,. Foofball 3, Track 2, Varsify R Club 3, Baskefball I. GARTLEY, BUHL ........ Homeroom Officer 2. GAYDOS, DON ........ Foofball 2, Baskefball 4, Base- ball 4, Track 2, Senior Cass Play, Varsify R Club 3, Cleff Dwellers 3, Band 4, Red Cross I, Science-- Proiecfionisf Club 2, Vice Presidenf I. GOSS, PATTY ........ Archery Club I, G.A.A. 3, Baskef- ball I, Soffball 2, Newspaper fypisf I, Commercial Club I, Presidenf I. , HALUTICK, NICK ,....... Sfudenf Council 3, Presidenf I, Rod and Gun Club 2, Band 3, Senior Class Play. HEARD, JOE ........ Science-Proiecfionisf Club 4, Base- ball Mgr. 3. HECKMAN, TERRY ........ Track 4, Sfudenf Council I, F.F.A. 4, Secrefary 2. JAKOSH, CHARLOTTE ........ Archery I, G.A.A. 3, Presidenl' I, Vice Presidenf I, Homeroom Presidenl' I, Baskefball I, Soffball 2, Newspaper fypisf I, Com.- mercial Club I. ' KALAFSKY, MIKE ........ Baseball 3, Foofball 2, Varsify R Club 3, Band 4, Science-Proiecfionisf Club I, Bask- efball I. KANICK, STANLEY ........ Chorus 4, Band 4, Cleff Dwellers I, Presidenf I, Sfudenf Council I, Senior Class Play, Rod and Gun Club I. KERCHENSKY, EUGENE ..... 5:-Foofball 4, Varsify R Club 3, Rod and Gun Club I, Freshman Class Presi- denf, Sophomore Vice Presidenf. KEYS, BOB ........ Foofball manager 2, Red Cross I, Newspaper I, Chorus I. ' KING, ELEANOR ........ J.V. Cheerleader I, G.A.A. 3, Newspaper fypisl' I, Chorus I, Baskefball I, Com- mercial Club I. LAMBERT, MARIE ..,...,. Yearbook 3, Business Manager I, Newspaper fy isf I, Cheerleader 4, G.A.A. I, Class Officer 2, Chorus 4, Senior Class Play, Nafional Honor Sociefy 2. MACK, MARY ........ Band 4, Newspaper 2, Cleff Dwell- ers 3, F.F.A. 3, Chorus I. MAKO, BARBARA ........ Chorus 4, Yearbook 4, Ari'- Edifor 3, Cheerleader 4, Sfudenf Council I, Officer I, Class Officer 2, Homeroom Officer 2, Senior Class Play, Archery I, Nafional -Honor Sociefy 2. MARAFKA, DOLORES ........ Sfuden-I Council I, Home- room secrefary I, Hobby Club I, Senior Class Play. Red Cross I, Chorus I, Commercial Club I. MARAFKA, FRED ........ Baseball 3. MARAFKA, PATSY ........ Baskefball I, Soffball 2, Red Cross2, G.A.A. 3, Archery Club I, Commerical Club MCGEE, BILL ........ F.F.A. 4, Presid,en'I' I. MOORE, BILL ........ Foofball 4, Baskefball 3, Baseball 3, Varsify R Club 3, Policeman 2, Red Cross 2. MOUSER, EDDIE ........ Foofball 3, Track 2, Red Cross I. NAGG, JOE ........ Archery Club I, Sfudenf Council I. NElCgHLEY, JOHN ........ Chorus 4, Band 4, Cleff Dwell- ers . PARKER, PATRICIA ........ Archery Club I, Newspaper fypisf I, Commercial Club I. PATRICK, JANE ........ Commercial Club I, Nurses Club 2, Presidenf I, Secrefary I, Homeroom officer I, Senior Class Secrefary, Junior Class Secrefary, News- paper fypisf I, Yearbook I, Maioreffe Club 4, Mai- oreffe 2, G.A.A. 2. PUGLIESE, PAT ,....... G.A.A. 2, Yearbook 2, Newspap- 'I' er I, F.H.A. I, Chorus 2, Homeroom 'Officer 2, So - ball I, Manager I. REED, DONNA ........ F.H.A. 4, Chorus 4, Presidenl' I, Maioreffe Club I, Newspaper Copyreader I, Red Cross I, Homeroom officer I, Senior Class Play. RIDENOUR, JACK ........ Foofball 4, Varsify R Club. ROSENSTEEL. EDWINA ........ F.H.A. 2, Chorus 3, Band 2, T? Hi Y I, Newspaper I, Red Cross I, Cleff Dwell- ers . ROSENSTEEL, PAT ........ Maioreffe Club 4, Maioreffe 2, Yearbook 2, Tri 'Hi Y I, Chorus 4, Class Officer I, Homeroom Office-r I. ROSTIS, MILDRED ......., Cheerleader 4, Chorus 4, G. A.A. 3, Junior Class Vice Presidenf, Homeroom Of- ficer 2, Red Cross I,Officer I, Commercial Club I, Archery I, Baskefball I. ' SABOLOVICH, JEAN ........ Chorus 4, Cheerleader 4, Newspaper fypisf 2, Yearbook 3, Class Officer I. Homeroom Officer I, Nurses Club I, Secrefary I, Senior Class Play. SABOLOVICH, PATTY ........ G.A.A. 2, Homeroom Of- ficer I, Yearbook I, Newspaper I, Commercial Club I. SHAFFER, CATHERINE ........ Red Cross I, Tri Hi Y I, Yearbook 2, Archery I, Chorus 2, Nurses Club I. SHUPE, WESLEY ........ Band I, Chorus 4. SLANSKY, JOE ........ Baskefball 2, Chorus 2. SPONDIKE, GEORGE ........ Baskefball 4, Track 4, Var- sify R Club I. STEVENSON, NELLIE ........ Band 4, Cleff Dwellers 4, Officer 2, Cheerleader I, Yearbook 3, Sporfs Edifor 3, Newspapr 4, Edifor I, Copyreader 2, Sfudenf Council I, Class Officer I, Homeroom Officer I, Chorus 4' F.H.A. 2, Officer 2. STIVER, MONA ........ Band 4, Chorus I, F.H.A. I, Year- book I, Clef-E Dwellers 3. STYFURAK, ONNA ........ Baskefball I, Soffball I, G. A.A. 2, Secrefary I, Archery I, Newspaper fypisf I, Chorus 3, Class Officer I, Commercial Club I, G.A. A. Treasurer I. SURRA, DIANA ........ Band I, Chorus 4, Sfudenf Coun- cil 2, Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, All Counfy Chorus 3, Senior Class Play, Newspaper 4, Copyreader 3, Yearbook 3, Edifor 3. TANNER, BOB ........ Foofball manager I. TURNBULL, KENNY ........ Foofball 2, F.F.A. 2, Track I. TOWNSEND, STANLEY ........ Hmeroom Officer 3, F. F.A. 2, Hi Y 2, Archery Club I, Rod and Gun Club I. VALYO, ED ........ Baseball 3, Baskefball I. ZONA, BETTY ........ Commercial Club I, Senior Class Play, Newspaper 2, G.A.A. I, Class Officer I, Sfu- idenf Council I, Vice Presidenf I, All Counl' Choruj 3, F.H.A. 4, Presidenf I, Chorus 4, Baskefball I, Soff ball 3, Yearbook I. Building Custodians Slanding: llell' lo rigllll Emery Francisco, Clirislopher Boyer, O. B. Harvey. Bus Drivers g Q 'qw ' rrr , i xx ,, fi' 'H Q' Bwilgislfl- ., . Row I: llell' lo riglvll Bob Baker, John Klimlclos, Charles Alolse. Row 2: Ari Gemmell, Clarence Coleman, Sleele Bell, Kenne+l1 Harvey, Bruno Tlnomas A. Harl Molors, lncorporaled All American Barber Shop Allmire, William Insurance Allmire 81 Thompson Coal Company Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Ford Sales, Incorporaled Furnilure Company Insurance Agency News Sland Really Company Sleel Company Taxi Trusl Company A 8: P Tea Company Armilage. E. B. Ash Shoe Company Avonmore Hardware 81 Supply Baird Insurance Agency Barclay's Hardware Barlo's Slore Bash's Hardware Beally Brolhers Bender Sludio Bier's Service Slalion Boyd's Jewelry Slore Brock Molors, Dodge 81 Flymoulh Brady Service Slalion Brody Brolhers Brown's Bool Shop Brown's Reslauranl Buchman's Men's Slore Bussard's Slore Calderone Tire Dislribulors Calhoun's Service Slalion Campbell, John O. Campisano, Dr. Joseph T. Capilol Reslauranl Carnell Service Slalion Chuck's Soda Grill Condo Brolhers Corcelli Bakery Creslwood Daugherly Drug Slore De Vrus, Dr. H. J. Doss, Charles Edelson, B. M. Edwards, Dr. F, G. Elliol Eleclric Supply EveIyn's Beauly Shop Farmers Bank 81 Trusl Company Firsl Nalional Bank Firsl Nalional Bank Firsl Nalional Bank Filz-Marlin Buick Garage Fisher, Ruddock 8: Simpson FIeming's Service Slalion Gabrielson Super Markel George's Dry Cleaning Geno's Shoe Shop Gordon's Furnilure Slore CJur Sallsburg Sallsburg Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Sallsburg Apollo Indiana Avonmore Indiana Indiana Indiana Apollo Clarksburg Indiana Apollo Indiana Apollo Apollo Indiana Indiana Sallsburg Indiana Apollo Vandergrill' Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Orchard Hills Avonmore Vandergrill Apollo Apollo Indiana Indiana Sallsburg Apollo Indiana Apollo Apollo Indiana Avonmore Indiana Sallsburg Vandergrill Indiana Clarksburg Sallsburg Apollo Apollo Vandergrill' Patrons Gordon's Radio Gosser Tire Service Green Vase Floral Shop Gulhrie Aulo Colnpany Hadden, Dr. Thomas M. Harry's Place Hawks Radio Service HeIen's Qualily Shop Helwig Insurance Agency Henry, Fred Hollywood Barber Shop Hub Cale Indiana Apparel Merchanls Associalion Indiana Business College Indiana Evening Gazelle Indiana Hardware Company Indiana Music House Indiana Prinling and Publishing Company Jackson's Jewelry Shop Jackson 8: Russell, Men's Wear James M. Pallerson 8: Sons J. C. Moore Supply Company Jim's Barber Shop J. L. Harmon Insurance Agency John E. Wrighl 84 Sons John J. Walsh 8: Marvin O. Sanner, M.D.'s John's Jewelry and Gill Shop Johnslon's Service Slalion JuIian's Drug Slore Kepples Farm Supplies Kislaco Farm Koonlz 81 George Lanich Bus Lines I.eone 8: Saxipn Lew's Dairy Slore Lieb's Appliances Loberl's Dairy Bar Long 8: Rinn, Insurance Lorella's Beauly Sho Luxenberg's Jewelry Slore Maiersky Tire Service Manordale Service Slalion Margarel Harris Flowers McCauley Service Slalion McCuIlough's Five and Dime McIIwain's McLaughIin's Grocery Miller, Horace S., Jr. Mingrini Barber Shop Moorehead's Morgan's Markel Newingham's Markel News Record Publishing Company Orchard Hills Hardware Parnell, Cowher, Insurance Pallerson, J. M. PanIey's Drug Slore Peelor, Serene, Fee, Allorneys Peg 81 EImo's Diner Vandergrill' Vandergrill Indiana Apollo Sallsburg Apollo Indiana Avonmore Indiana Apollo Apollo Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Sallsburg Apollo Apollo Sallsburg Apollo Apollo Clarksburg Apollo Indiana Sallsburg Sallsburg Spring Church Apollo Indiana Clune Apollo Apollo Indiana Avonmore Indiana Acpollo In iana Apollo Sallsburg Indiana Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Sallsburg Apollo Indiana Avonmore Apollo Apollo Orchard Hills Indiana Apollo Apollo Indiana Apollo Penney's Penn Furni+ure Company Piper's Jewelry Preslon C. Grimm Pyrofax Gas Service Rearick, W. W. lCoal and building malerialsl Red and While Merkel' Red Kelly's Rellick's S+ore Rich's Service Sfafion Robinson Ly+le Funeral Home Rosens+eel's Corner Grocery Rossi Moior Company Rubin's Sfore Ruddock, W. M. Rufh Hall Shop Salfsburg Lumber and Supply Sanilary Barber Shop Savings and Trusf Company Shaffer's Esso Sfafion Shaffer's Sfudio Shanks Service Sfalion Sheplar's Markef Sl1oemaker's Markef Shus+er, R. S. Sloans Five and Dime Sloans Five and Ten Cenf Sfore, lnc. Smail's Clofhing Sfore Sievens Jewelry Sfeel, Ralph E. Sfewarl Hardware Company S+ewar+s Garage Taylor and Son Thomas Dairy Tony's Service Tri-Coun+y Typewrifer Company Upfegraph Barber Shop Valley Florisf Vandergrifl Savings and Trusf Company Verona, Henry A. Waddell Mofor Company Walker, R. A. Wards Au+o Wrecking Whillinger, J. Edgar Widdowson's Jewelry Sfore Wingers Service Yee's Laundry Y Reslaurani Zula Smi+h's Dress Shop Company Litho by A. G. Halldin, Indiana, Pl. lndiana lndiana Apollo Apollo lndiana Apollo Sallsburg Sal+sburg McIn+yre Salisburg Sallsburg Apollo Vandergriff Apollo lndiana Sal+sburg Salfsburg Apollo lndiana Apollo Apollo Apolna Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Sallsburg Avonmore Apollo Avonmore Indiana Roufe 80 Clarksburg Clarksburg Apollo Kilfanning Apollo Apollo Vandergrifi Salfsburg Apollo Salfsburg Apollo Apollo lndiana Spring Church lndiana Apollo Apollo Autographs v gffgmw Wwgd f Wim - . ,w- 'K 'L '4m,Y,g.

Suggestions in the Elders Ridge High School - Hi Lites Yearbook (Elders Ridge, PA) collection:

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