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Elders Ridge High School - Hi Lites Yearbook (Elders Ridge, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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5 4 x 54 . ' 74 ,K . ,, 5161?- 5 1a : . -1.43 9' ill: . X 115' if ik. 'fl-:...J5Q .Li 5932 7 If J , P' ' Q .Lf L Lx 4-':.":F5QF,Q 313 5? ,k g-4 .i-4HQ2?T' f' y,g.1lA - "' ,. .-"TT . -. .vw spina ,Q Editor-in-Chief A A Associate Editor Business Manager Art Editor. AA A Photographs Printing xl-ff-' :'o "L i P' OI'- ' ' "J'll""U 1---g".i'ii"s 5 1 :I nl f '69, O O1 4 'QQ A 9 n .904 19,94 i ,I ', gi .S Q3Qt: :Sgt gtg. s s9sS5g5zss's's2b" 'Y Siea filo" ,r . - 6 f . 4 x . . h s 'st I' L..-I 6 1 1 ' Z , 5 Y I ' 5:2 5' Af .591 Al Q' ' v' f' 0' ' A " ,I Al 4535226 , 1956! Eggs "',3'?"'g'9I'W??s'Wf:59 'MVQXS s O t A Nm A 7 Q. " AA EVELYN Rmsxcxow LYMAN ROBERTS .CHARLES KAITO AAAAAAAAAAANORMA GRAY GONTHER Srumo CRAFTSMEN-ZIEGLER Co. Q RIDGE HI-LITES OF 1951 'Q Na Our Prmczpal MR C F SHAULIS BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS From Kxsklmmetas Townshlp From West Lebanon C C ALLSHOUSE MR J O CAMPBELL R BLACK R M COLLINS R P T BLYSTONE R S J HOLSTEIN H FOSTER R A B GRAY R G KING R C M MILLEN SECRETARY to the JOINT BOARD MRS T C HOOD H IS Secretary From Young Townshlp R M BENDIS R P BLAKELY R J CANNAZZARI R S DEEMER R F FALLAT MISS GLORIA CIOCCA 1 R' --5. gf. , ,nm v 'Y' ,' A' n L i If l I V: I ,A V 4' I wg, 4 ' V' J - I . . T X 1 n n MR. . . . . . M . . MR. . M . . M . . .. 4.- rf. fi: 12, 3:6 C23 B L2 -IB + Cl! el Jw i 'QC ing i fa? 7 LEMMON RALSTON t Science - Social Studies EUGENE R. SUTTON Driver Education - Social Studies KENNE TH W, WEISTER Vocational Agriculture RAYMOND PHILLIPS Driver Education - Mathematics VIRGINIA ,IOLL Home Economics O. .l A" I 1 F sv., L .1 L 1- ', v ' ' w W ' ff I : QI' - t JI' 4 , F' . 'A' 4 1 W 'Q 5 Q' V C t , ff? X I .I I 5 . tw, I , 'H' 1 -su .. 0 ' is T. 5 . int. xx. ' 1 ' 4 09 ft V A IRQ! 4 If 4 JACK A STEFFENINO 'D English - Public speaking '25 21321 4 ,Q s U s 0 X Q? S r , 4-41,5 DEDICATION We. the Senior Class of 1951. dedicate our Annual to those who so richly deserve our gratitude. our teachers. Through their efforts we are prepared to face the future with greater confidence. equipped with the courage, knowledge, and foresight they have fostered in our hears and minds. By their continuous striving for our fuller, broader education and their willingness to help us, our instructors have set an example we would do well to follow. They have been our guides through these halls of learningvour advisers-our friends. We humbly express our appreciation. Q FY' JOSEPH J. DUTKOSKY Commercial Education DOROTHY E. ROSE Girls' Physical Education WARREV ' .ANNON E Q5 "sh - Social Studies S "' 'Wt - ,' if VF WDW .uw-., Q ff: 'Vx S BILL B. WOLFE Industrial Arts HOBART MANN Boys' Physical Edu GEORGE W. PYLE Vocational Agricult ' , F Q X THE SENIORS In the fall of 1947 a group of shy hugh school freshmen sxgned up for a tour which was to take four years to complete One hundred and thirty mne strong we set out on our excursxon with hxgh Ideals and great hopes We chose as our home room leaders the follow mg Marshall Cahforma room nme Charles Kalto room three Jenme Redescaldx room eleven, and Patty Byrne room fourteen Although our number dwmdled slrghtly new enthusiasts Joined the group of tounsts for the second year and we prepared for another happy year of xtnneratnng We elected new officers who were presx kow secretary Betty Valyo treasurer Elsie Morgan and wxth Mr Ralston dxrectmg our tour we felt "up rn the axr as sophisticated sophomores We chose as our class colors blue and sxlver When we gathered 1n the fall several new ad dmons were made to our party and we contmued m the thnrd lap of our tour Our guides for the Jumor year of travelmg were presxdent jean Wass vxce president Dorothy Clawson, secretary Olga Boyko treasurer Margie Stano Under the dnrectxon of Mr Phxllxps we set out w1th determmatxon to make thls year one of the hlghlxghts of our tour Immedxately we were confronted w1th plans for the annual Jumor Prom and the tnp to Kennywood Many were the problems that arose but we met each challenge wxth renewed vim and vigor At long last came the final curve m the road we had been traveling and we found ourselves dlgmfied semors Our group faded to erghty-exght We chose as our class flower the red rosebud and our motto The Past Forever Gone The Future Stlll Our Own We presxdent Betty Valyo secretary Norma Gray treas urer Elsie Morgan Now as we walt for June when our names will be called and our diplomas glven out we look hack at the happy four years and come to the reallzatxon that what we once consxdered dxfficult we now understand were challenges whuch we had t meet for the development of our character and m tellect C nm w , 'ei v 2? iii +f , . . . : . . , . 5 . , , . g . ., I . . I I ' ' l 7 Y 4 . . ll I Y 7 . . . . .- . ,, . . , . dent, Dorothy Clawson vice-president, Evelyn Rabic- elected as our officers: president, Charles Kaitog vice- 9 , : , ' 5 ' , 3 , : - . g 1 . . , y . U . v . . ,, ,, . . ,, . . . - , 1 . ' . Y ' . . . . y . . , . . . 0 . : . y S . - Q ' , ' , 9 JESSE ANDREW ABER - Abe "Why study P. O. D. il you're not a government agent?" AMELIA ANN ABRAMOVICH - Babe "Progress comes with effort." Dramatic Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y 15 Home Room Treasurer 15 Chorus 25 Basketball 15 Cheerleader 25 Home Room President 15 Operetta 1. 6- August 7 'S May 7 ,- JOSEPHINE ANGELA AMMON -Jo April 18 "A gleeful laugh is the best home music." . A ,.,, vw- - i WILLIAM MERLE ANDERSON-Fat August 13 'When time brings you a resting place, lie down."' F. F. A. 4. Av- ' JOHN RAYMOND ANTONIAK-Russian June 27 "A great inventor walks forth into an industrial world." Basketball 15 Home Room Secretary 15 Track 1. ROBERT LEE BAER-1MO0S6 june 5 "Marriage is the punishment lor llirtingf' Hi-Y 35 Hi-Y President 15 Football 2. HENRY EDWARD BANANTO - Hen J uly 6 "Live to see what lite hands you." Football 45 Baseball 45 Student Council 1. HENRY AUGUST BEIYFINO - Hen April 25 "Man is perhaps more 'solid' than brilliant." F. F. A. 45 Hi-Y 35 F. F. A. Treasurer 35 Hi-Y Treasurer 25 Chorus 25 Operetta 25 Track 35 Yearbook 15 Varsity "R" Club 15 Varsity "R" Club Treasurer 1. GLORIA ANN BIEDA - Peanuts June 10 "Memory is like the perfume of flowers." Tri-Hi-Y 3. HERMAN DEAN BIER-Herm November 1 ,gf .3 "Yesterday was ours,' tomorrow is mine." Football 43 Hi-Y 13 F. F. A. 13 Baseball lg Student Council 13 Junior Red Cross 1. CHRISTOPHER EUGENE BOYER, JR.-Bence May 24 "To move with dispatch is the only safety." Chorus 33 Yearbook 13 Track 33 F. F. A. 33 Varsity "R" Club 13 Basketball 13 Operetta 23 Home Room Vice President li Varsity "R" Secretary 13 Band lg Drum Major 1. SZ' Q 'EY OLGA BOYKO - Olg October 14 x "Great athletes live on contented salaries." Basketball 23 Chorus 23 Newspaper Staff 13 junior Red Cross 13 Drum Majorette 13 junior Class Secretary3 Home Room Secretary 1. .f -..a ..-. Tm . '. 1 QQ 2- V ia ANTHONY BUTEKOFF - Toni October 18 "Love purifies the hearty I buy 'Never Fail Woman Catcher' perfume." Baseball 33 Newspaper Staff 13 Hi-Y 1. PATRICIA LEE BYRNE - Pat April 20 "Economy is the good genius whose presence guides our footsteps." Home Room President 13 Student Council 13 Tri-Hi-Y 23 Home Room Secretary 13 Yearbook Stall 23 Majorette 13 Chorus 23 Operetta 2. FRANKLIN DUANE CALHOUN - Cal "Prayer is the key to day and the bolt to lessons." Hi-Y 23 Newspaper 2. LOUIS MARIO CALVETTI - Bugs "So what! We can't all give DiMaggio competition." Baseball 33 Basketball 43 Track 3. "X . f f 'X I' 5 ff .LJ April 22 July 25 ht? HAROLD RAY COLEMAN -Ice Wagon "Labor, either ol the head or the hand, is a Hi-Y 35 F. F. A 3 Student Council 2. JANE ELEANOR COLLINS- Janie "Punctuality is indeed an obligatory virtue." Chorus 15 Tri-Hi-Y 35 F. H. A. 15 O CLAIR EUGENE CRAVENER - Katy "He who enters upon any study is not sane." F. F. A. 2. GAYNAL ARLENE CRowNovER-Sis "A person's faults will show through the densest atmosphere." junior Red Cross 15 Librarian 25 F. Stal? 35 Newspaper Staff 25 National Honor Society 2. VALENTINO ALBERT CHAIBAI - Tino October 27 f " e who lives for anything less than life is mean." Chorus 35 Football 45 Operetta 25 Baseball Manager 2. BERNICE CECILIA CHECKI-Cl'16Clti July 7 "Everyone carries within the key to success or failure." Dramatic Club 15 F. H. A. 15 Home Room Secretary 15 Chorus 15 Operetta 15 Librarian 1. DANIEL ARTHUR CIOCCA - Dan September 29 "Your many lriends are due to your pleasing personality." Band 1. DOROTHY EILEEN CLAWSON - Zeke October 2 1 "A soul of mirth makes a better personality." Basketball 25 Yearbook StaiT 25 Home Room Officer 25 Chorus 35 Operetta 25 Sophomore Class President5 junior Class Vice President: Majorette 1. I December 13 X' lot ol humility." get 'sv' November 1 peretta 1. October 3 ES December 1 H. A. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Yearbook 1 5 .5 fag, HELEN MAXINE DUNMIRE - Max September 14 "Charm will blend the links ot prosperity and friendship." Tri-Hi-Y 3g Tri-Hi-Y President 1g Home Room President lg Chorus 13 Operetta 1. DELoREs JANE FASENMYER - Dee "The rainbow ol hope is lorever visible in the future." February 3 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Chorus 15 Operetta lg Home Room Treasurer 2. JOHN FEDOR - johnny "Laziness leads to an early retirement policy." Track 1. ROBERT JOSEPH FEDOR --Ozark "Happiness is a single thing and I'm unmarried." SARA DARLENE FERGUSON --Ferg July 3 "Mental force is only acquired as a result ol long and patient exertion." F. H. A. 4g Tri-Hi-Y 3g F. H. A. Treasurer lg Tri-Hi-Y Secretary lg Yearbook Staff 35 Newspaper Staff 29 National Honor Society 2g Librarian 23 Quill and Scroll 1. ROBERT CLAIR FISHER -- Bobo December 11 "Things are always a bit better where "Bobo" comes from." Home Room Vice President 1. REBECCA BELLE Foy - Becky "Bashiulness is your main virtue." F. H. A. 3g Tri-Hi-Y 1. HARRY CLARK FRICK - Harry "Ii things can't be done watch Harry F. F. A. judging Team 2. do them." July 29 A -x September 6 February 7 1? Q? June 2 x "tio ONARENA GusTxNE GAIs-Rena June 14 "Friendship is the sweetest collection in life." Tri-Hi-Y 35 Yearbook Staff 15 Dramatic Club 1. X ESTHER IRENE GAvDos-Chee-chee April 13 "Life was lent for noble deeds." Junior Red Cross 2g Chorus 2: Home Room Secretary lg Newspaper Staff 13 Dramatic Club 13 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Librarian lg Operetta 1. HAROLD KEITH GEIGER-Nuts March 1 "To falter is to be lost, but I love it." F. F. A. 49 Hi-Y 2. NORMA LEE GRAY -Slug January 14 "The soul ol every great achievement is energy." Tri-Hi-Y 3g Tri-Hi-Y Vice President lg Yearbook Staff 29 Home Room Vice President 13 Dramatic Club lg Senior Class Secretary. Quill and Scroll 1. Qi xx, f Football 35 Track 1. al!! l .X x X 1 VERNA CATHERINE HENKEL - Vern "Tenacity is an excellent measurement ol character." Basketball 25 Cheerleader 25 Librarian 1. J AMES EARL I-IILTY - Jim "Men have ruled well who could not define intelligence." CHARLES KAITO - Chuck "Mankind owes real happiness to this humble inventor." Yearbook Staff 35 Newspaper Staff lg Projectionist Ss' ,,,, ROBERT WALTER KANICK - Dopey "Because women bother me l don't have to bother them." April 19 February 14 April 26 1. July 14 WILLIAM CLARK KELLY-Bill December 30 "Memory has a strange power ol' crowding school into farming." .r.fV Track 23 Student Council 33 Student Council President lg Varsity "R" Club 15 Varsity "R" Club Vice President 19 F. F. A. 2. JAMES JUNIOR KLINGENSMITH- jim March 6 "All that happens in the world is directly brought about by my hope." F. F. A. 4. DOROTHY MARGARET KNOPIC - Dot August 27 "No soul of high estate will take delight in slander." Chorus lg Dramatic Club 15 Home Room Treasurer 1. ROBERT WARREN McKEEvER -Bob March 7 "Deep thinking and practical talents require keenness of mind." ...,, I . A W A Ge fi l. ROBERT JOSEPH MANCABELLI-Bob 1 March 7 "Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think."' Chorus 25 Football Manager 35 Baseball Manager 35 Track Manager 39 Operetta 25 Junior Red Cross 1. LOIS JEAN MARSHALL-Lois July 10 "The shores ot fortune are covered with wreckage ot abilities." F. H. A. 4g Tri-Hi-Y 3. J osEPHINE MARIE 1VIONTALI-- jo March 29 "Words possess a power beyond calculation." F. H. A. 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3. ELSIE PATRICIA MORGAN-El March 28 "AH1iC1i0ng Supported by patience produce unity in living." Basketball 13 Dramatic Club 1. FRANK JOSEPI-l MOUSER- Quatro Track 25 Baseball 3. "Graceful figures of youth are messengers o v A if HELEN MARIE PISCH - Hel Y' Vw VERNA ROSALINKD POLLACK - Vern L Dramatic Club lg Chorus lg Operett f 3.4 March 2 1 "I counsel the government not to expect too much from P. O. D." HELEN BERNADETTE OLEXA - Olexa I love." Dramatic Club 15 Chorus lg Operetta lg Librarian 2. "Concentration aliords a safeguard against exhaustion." May 15 March 4 Home Room Treasurer lg Dramatic Club 13 Tri-Hi-Y lg Chorus 1. "Il silence were golden Verna would be rich." a 15 Librarian 2. August 24 ELVIRA MARIE PONTOLI - Vieve August 5 "A quiet person never tramples on others." F. H. A. 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3. IDA LoU1sE PRENNI - Cochie March 9 "As the snow gathers so are our habits formed." EVELYN NANCY RABICKOW-Nan March 6 "Loveliness of spirit is woman's scepter and sword." F. H. A. 43 F. H. A. President 23 F. H. A. Vice President 13 Tri-I-Ii-Y L 33 Tri-Hi-Y Secretary lg Yearbook Staff 3: Editor-in-Chief 19 News- paper Staff 25 Editor-in-Chief lg National Honor Society 25 Librarian 25 Junior Red Cross 1: Home Room President 35 Sophomore Class Vice Presidentg Quill and Scroll 1. JENNIE CELESTA REDESCALDI-Genotta April 21 "Character is the solid lood of life, reputation the dessert." F. H. A. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Tri-Hi-Y Vice President 13 Student Council - 15 Librarian 25 Dramatic Club 1. B- 'ND' its 1 Q5 4 AILEEN SHANNON - Shanty "The triumph of mind is shown in various ways." THOMAS EDWARD SI-IOEMAI-:ER - Tom "Man must dream as well as work." F. F. A. 45 Hi-Y 25 Yearbook EMILY BELMA SI-IUPE - Emily "True friendship can only be molded F. H. A. 33 Tri-Hi-Y 1. PHILLIP JAMES SHUPE- Phil "Why go to school when it comes to F. F. A. 34 Hi-Y 3. Staff 1. by the test of time." you." LYMAN WILBERT ROBERTS-Beans February 9 "The mariner has his chart,' I have my plans." F. F. A. 4g F. F. A. Officer 33 Chorus 15 Yearbook Staff 3 Yearbook Oflicer 15 Operetta 25 Quill and Scroll 1. MAX EUGENE Runnocx-Slapsie November 13 "M ax is always ready to answer the call of the wild." Hunting and Fishing Club 1. MICHAEL SEICI-I, JR.-Mike December 18 "There is nothing more to be admired than a manly man." F. F. A. 4g Chorus 29 Yearbook Staff lg Newspaper Staff 1 Track 2 Junior Red Cross 2. BETTY MARIE SESOCK- Tush August 12 "Il your conscience bothers you, speak up."' Tri-Hi-Y lg Dramatic Club lg Chorus 29 Home Room Treasurer 1 August 3 1 A May 21 -3 January 4 june 5 f il? CATHERINE ANN SOSNlCK- Cush July 24 "Blest with a kindly laculty to blunt adverse circumstances." Basketball 1. DOROTHY FRANCINE SOSNlCK-- Do-Do January 17 "The lile of every lady is as a well spring of a stream." Librarian lg Home Room Secretary 1. RICHARD ROBERT SPERANZA -Rich March 27 "A taint heart never won a lady." F. F. A. 45 junior Red Cross 1g Student Council 1. im? K MARGARET VERONICA STANo -Margie April 12 "Succeed and you will be honoredf shrink and you will be despised." Cheerleader 43 Dramatic Club 15 Newspaper Staff 1, Chorus 2. ff' 'S VICTOR JOSEPH STANo, JR.- Yuxie July 30 "No calqfnity can produce such a paralysis as a report card." Football 23 Basketball Manager 1, ' JOHN CHARLES STERCHOL-'Ohh I July 15 "To do anything worth doing, don't stand on the bank, jump in."' Band 13 Chorus 35 Hunting and Fishing Club lg Basketball 1. Lols JEAN STIFFLER-Jeannie August 13 "Give to all a hearty grasp and sunny smile." Tri-Hi-Y 35 F. H. A. 2. JOSEPH ROBERT STYEURAK - joe September 7 "Admiration is constantly speared by Cupid's arrow." Track 23 Chorus 35 Home Room Vice President 1. ROBERTA EMELINE TAMSKI -Bobbie "Our happiness lies within another's appreciation." MARY CASILDA TOMEI -Mar "A lriendly disposition is welcome in all trends ol lite." Basketball 13 Librarian 1 Chorus 23 Tri-Hi-Y 13 DF8mHiiC Club li Newspaper Staff 1. MARILYN STELLA TREssLER - Chickie "No one can recognize a hero until some crisis F. H. A. 49 Home Room Secretary 1. LAWRENCE ADDISON UMBAUGH - Larry "So what! Bashtulness never created a war." F. F. A. 39 F. F. A. Oflicer 23 Track 35 Newspaper Staff 1' F. F. A. Basketball lg Home Room Officer 2. , 1 :4 a i . A H IALA, L 1 y K A 221.gif . f lg A se, W1 December 26 July 16 June 11 brings about a test." August 1 IRENE MARIE VALUCHUCK-DOIIY April 12 "A lolty mind always thinks lottily." Chorus 1. BETTY TI-IERESA VALYO-Val January 27 "Betty's smile wins more friends than enemies." Girls' Basketball Manager 33 Dramatic Club lg Home Room Secre- tary 23 Class Treasurer lg Tri-Hi-Y lg Senior Class Vice President. CLARA MARIE VERSINO-lsha October 15 "For the busiest day some duty waits." Basketball 15 F. H. A. lg Tri-Hi-Y 1. RICHARD STEVE VYKA - jimmy "Learning is healthtulness ot the mind when it proves success." Football 15 Basketball l. ,, Jian ,f Q 453. ROBERT FRANKLIN YA1'zxANIc- Yatz July 20 "Troubles and sorrows are in store lor everyone and l'm one ol them." Track 35 Football 15 Baseball 3. wx ROBERT CHARLES ZALOTTZBIS-Y April 23 "Oh Romeo! A mouse is quiet when making a catch." Newspaper Staff 15 Hi-Y 25 Band 13 Student Council 15 Chorus 4. AMELIA RosE ZoNA -- Amy "An honor roll achievement will always lloor me." Chorus 1. CLARA JOSEPHINE ZUCHELLI - Cee "Popularity and personality go hand in hand." Basketball 23 Chorus 13 Dramatic Club 13 Operetta 15 Librarian 1. JEAN ANNETTE WASS - Jeanne November 10 "A virtuous lady is a portrait of goodness." Basketball 25 Chorus 2g Newspaper Staff lg Dramatic Club lg Junior Class President. EVELYN GRACE WATTERSON - Eve January 2 1 "The ripest soul gains success by learning to labor and to wait." P1-wLL1s IRENE WILSON - Phil September 2 1 "AIlability is a real ornamentg guard it well."' F. H. A. 4g Tri-Hi-Y 35 Chorus 23 Operetta 25 Junior Red Cross 13 Home Room Secretary 23 F. H. A. Vice President 1. MARY ANN YAKsE'r1c1-I - Shortie October 2 1 "Babies may say the nicest words but Mary says the most." Tri-Hi-Y 23 Chorus 2g Dramatic Club 19 Newspaper Staff lg Oper- etta 1. ' i january 26 August 16 S MOST AFFABLE X x ff MOST TALKATIVE E TS P ffLl.TLQ -M M MOST PLEASING PERSONALITY J XIXTT IJTNATOZ i Q4 xx S 1 N f-x.s.zX? MOST HUMOROUS SENIOR HALL -X,..X U,-M,-X, fr fyfjx -K! Fi af f' L m..iff1 5 iQ vw xy WJ ux J gy, S L x SX QQTN Ev gl 2- as X J NL , L T O Qu X1 Qf E91 - tw N szSQ XSS, SMS inf? iss if E f 234 T L ,S . mx iw' T' OTS W' X-X X 'nj VY X-X E IN 6 'S' N3 O- , A- f-5 K W I is N S ' fx fy 'hx ff ! , 'Q 1 E ,J J" Y '1 'N "'f' " ' 4" I' J" 'MN ,xx KX MN Q T N JV dx,-fsfef.-fxXffQ-fb,-f'Xx,xf' 'L,,ijx XJ S fs, .,-SA x,-Wi xfvfvfvnsfkfxvnvxfaifl e2fS fA gif? 7ATTVO Ji X ' I1 , fx J Y f f Xwfxyfflx A ' , A SHN M W X X , fl! fffx ,fxvv NX N uf , gi QT SL, cf X ww Q y 'XX X 5,1 F S O is nf ' mf Q T XX E -S-1, -I 'Si ,E Xi' L, 'WY lm x 5 ff X 4 if + ug O T ' Fx L 2 sf 'T fw 'mf ij Lf11W1Wfx1 MOST DIGNIFIED 1 1 1 1-11 1 1 X Twkfwvw SX 1 1 1 MOST ATHLETIC WMV 1111 ,JQ1 gf MOST BASHFUL NICEST SMILE OF FAME 1 : rv. V T' A"'X"AYfAA""""' -' W 1 X 1 ' 1 1 X ' 1 , X 1 S -lW'111l.W"M ' W1 .XM E: ? l11 1f1lJIl1l111 Q 111111 111 XX T , -ee ,M 1 XX K 11 I 52 1 1 E NLE 121 -i S 17+ 1 ix 11 11 S .Q ,ii Y 11' 1 :--NK V 1 1,1 1' Q 1 4 if i 1 V 5 1 Si ' .Z 11S.,1i Q 4,1 11 21 C 1+ Q: in 11 1 11 Q 11 x 11 1 -- 11 3 A 11 I1 , 1"-il 1 11' '11gf 1 S 1f I 1 ' 1 11 1M111:11111111 1 1111111111111 1 F Q 11"'11'f11 111111"11111g11111'11111 ' ffl 1 1 S11 1111 1111 'Vx '1 ,,f!1! 1 11! AQ 1 X V-xl ' Of' Li ,1g::-lg-f1,3--ifzzrzgifliifli 16X-"'X4'-,z'g,- X 3 ry WX , 11! N. J11,, 1 ,1 3 1 1 ', ' 1 1 105 1. 1 15 hl1111l1fff1'11'f1111111111'11J'111111111'1111111,,11111111': 11:1 11111111X111111111111 1111111111,11111111111.'1 11111111 11? ff S 1 111 fx 1 f? 51 V 'M -4- Omnm 1' S 11,11 V Q4 TQ' , 111 1- 11 F 'f 1 ' 1 1I41N O 11 A I f 1x 1 lg ' 1 61 ll, Y xg 1:11 13 Q MIX, K 18 In ff rl O N141 Q1 fi if S1 91 11 T " ' 1,1 141 1 11 X 1:5 j4 .1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 L- X A - ,X - , 1 M If MOST INTELLIGENT O TMNT MOST LIKELY TO SUCCE ED XXTIIK wif A MOST BOASTFUL MOST FLIRTATIOUS F Sf--"x"v--1" ' "X- x-'fvA- N 1 mg M5',,,I ,,1'lwNf H " V. ,,l.1f".,', I 1.5 f ff 'M W 5 1 D W IS f fl T 2 - L is nh: 1 ,g 1, , U is 1? S 59 L? 1,6 fj 'ii N, 4 V K Sq' 2 1 N ll 1 X 4' 21 K6 9 L1:g,:,,4,,g.ggi1,lffLi XV, l X W I nwffxw1,N1!1ff,fv,-m:Li'f i,h1Ml,Y X K Iyfllw Wfffl,flmUUWffm5vW MVN 1X5 gg T .ip X32-i E if , "ig E 'Y V ' -fi fir Y LT N f ,I E7"fr,!WWf!l'0'I" 'fb qElffffl11JJJwU1f:h?V X N 1 M , M X ,N,,X,- Zi'M! Li ::lX:1,,' -J-:Y V T 1, 'fizvf-vin T Xl-V! 'NK-wi! X-'N ,X l x'. ,' l xii T S 5 , X, ga - T 5 QL E . 5 f v QT ,Q S V' VX, I J 1, f' OFFICERS 'M MAC HINER President PAULINE KAUFFMAN Vice President HELEN BENDIS Secretary LORRAINE GLIHA . Treasurer Miss Ross . , . .. Adviser THE JUNIORS With silver and maroon banners flying, the class of 1952 has just completed its most active year. There were roller skating parties, Friday afternoon dances, Christmas card sales, magazine sales, the Valentine Dance, "The Ghost Birdj' the Prom, and the grand finale-the Kennywood trip. All these glorious memories, together with the shiny new class ring, make the juniors feel for the first time that valuable sense of oneness with his fellows. ROOM 4-First row: D. Ramer, L. Steele, B. Shank, E. Hartman, G. Dilick, J. Clever, L. George, B. Clawson. Second row: Mrs. Harris, E. Matson, Y. Kepple, A. Shaffer, B. Kerr, M.. Blystone, P. Kauffman, V. Geer, J. McIlwain. Third row: R. Altman, W. Blystone, E. Hartman, R. Fulton, W. Madison, T. Lambing, J. California, C. Dunmire, J. Fulton. . ...,.i...sv- ,.- V . s .--x..L,:.......,. ., ....,.... A....vf, V I ,Q I Q lan x..u. AUT f-'45 2 ,QW 'S s ,J ,Mt V i ' -- .,.n MSB 55 R HC First row: D. DeNino, N. Reese, R. Dunmire, G. Dilick, D. Reed, R. Hineman, W. Scott. Second row: B. Brown, M. Martin, J. George, D. Kepple, C. Riggle, L. Rupple, B. Walters, M. Guido. Third row: S. Bertino, J. California, V. Flic- kinger, B. Lookabaugh, L. Yerger, B. Frain, D. Kepple, R. Klingensmith, Mr. Rafston. Fourth row: W. Bara, R. Miller, A. Sikora, S. Riggle, J. Knepshield, T. Kier, G. Daugherty, R. Rumbaugh, A. Shellhammer. THESOPHOMORES The sophomores flushed with the victory of completing the first year of their high school career, reported in September to rooms two, five, and fifteen to begin anew. For many this year brought success and a new sense of accomplishments. The band, chorus, F. F. A., football team, basketball team, newspaper staff, as well as other organizations, felt keenly the impact of many sophomore personalities. The first and most important all-class activity was the choosing of colors. Under the supervision of Mr. Ralston, -green and white were finally selected, and a pennant of this combination was proudly, yet humbly, added to the long row on the rear wall of the gym. OFFICERS ' Lois JEAN YERGER President RICHARD ZUCHELLI . , Vice President BARBARA BENDIS , Secretary JAMES FALLAT .. Treasurer MR. RAx.s1'oN - , , Adviser I l N F5- First row: R. Politano, J. Bottlone, R. Repine, R. Bietel, W. Pomposini, B. Tamski, B. Turkall, E. Work. Second row: P. Geynes, J. McCool, J. Henry, J. Tomei, B. Goss, R. Flack, P. Bogdanski, E. Yuha, D. Weister, W. Giffen. Third row: E. Brunetta, R. Marafka, L. Hiner, J. Turnbull, R. Carney, F. Plahs, K. Shields, S. Wrights, F. Enciso. Fourth row: C. Knopic, C. Stiver, L. Pustay, R. Lucas, B. Jack, R. Hancock, T. Richardson, C. Parker, D. Machak, W. Corri- doni, J. Turk. . THE FRESHMEN Out of numerous buses students piled intermittently among the confused babble which announced the first day of school. Remarkably outstanding in the groups that thronged about were the "greenies," some timid and bewildered, others sure and bold, but the mark was on them. Already their future was slated. Although the upperclassmen teased them they soon found they were a part of the school too. Shyness and false bravery wearing away, they took their places. Representatives of the Student Council and class officers were elected, clubs were A joined, sports participated in, chorus and X band given serious thought, majorettes and cheerleaders tried out, and assembly pro- 'L' grams given careful attention. Yes, recov- ered almost fully by mid-term, they were ui ' ' "' keeping step with the best We must not forget to mention those noble souls who made those first days bear- able, so to our principal, teachers, upper- classmen, and class adviser, Mr. Heard, we give our deepest gratitude. HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS MR. HEARD ,. . ..... Adviser JACKBAER., . . . . . Room 9 BARBARA BRAESEKER , .. Room 14 DONALD WEISTER ,. .,..,..,... ,.., R oom 3 .lu-Q. 7 SAY IT WITH THE KEYS WHAT'LL YOU HAVE? J 1 le 13 ,il IS IT HAM SALAD? ALL RIGHT. NAIL IT! CENTERED AT LAST! BETTER BE GOOD YOUR TEMPERATURES NORMAL was mnaf H1655 XX DUAL con fy LSTUDENT rmfu...fQ NOW WATCH THAT! MQ 1 QM! NRYI' X? . 6 4 nl XX Hfgg e "f eff 1 Q. hgffi Eg, 4 I f 'ff 'EN ' -E . s ,. if -s is rv 'L 5. .uhm I Tv' M- ,. A I , ...., 3 bl , '-fl NL. 1 r' I f X. Q9 L .x.' 7 Q3 Tl 0 Ao, sig 0 aCu Y j, L- 90 N ATIONAL A9157 45 R : C W4--Z' 'ill' -' ,ff-'fl ' M. rg ' . 197.5 ,,J"' . , 3 ' .rx 5" ef. . .530 .H J" AK 4 QQDRIIH W ,Q Q -new - ,ff 1 xx Q ' .A 4 af' Y 0 4. 1 '5 -it . X 'fx In -.Q-vm U' 7 . r -- , . f ,mg fggfuii 24,9 , . . ,v Hmmm K W ,. , 3- Y' Ov v 6' .J-Q,- First row: J. McCool, D. Calhoun, G. Casello, C. Kaito. Second row: B. Valyo, J. Clever, M. Smyers, F. Ashbaugh, L. Gliha, D. Clawson, C. Crosby. Third row: Miss Fair, G. Crownover, P. Kauffman, G. Dudash, B. Kerr, L. Yerger, D. Ferguson, E. Rabickow. NEWSPAPER STAFF The RIDGE ECHO is the monthly paper for which students scramble as each issue comes from the press. The hard working students that are members of the pub- lication staff are those taking the course in journalism and others who are interested in work on the publication staff. There is a point system whereby each member strives to score as high as possible. For each ten words written he receives one point. Those who solicit adver- tisements get an additional five points per one-inch column ad. Each is required to maintain twenty-five points per issue to remain on the newspaper staff. A few students reach the thousand point bracket. OFFICERS Sports Editor CHARES KAITO Editor EVELYN RABICKOW Circulation Manager DUANE CALHOUN Adviser MISS FAIR Advertising Manager DARLENE FERGUSON Exchange Editor GAYNAL CROWNOVER Girls' Sports Editor BETTY VALYO ,. A newspaper selling contest is sponsored during the year. This year ten monthly issues were published in- cluding an April Fool's edition. Our RIDGE ECHO has received a second award rating in the Pennsylvania School Press Association for the fourth consecutive year. We are eagerly looking forward to the day when we will receive a first award rating, and with the continuing fine work of the staff it is pos- sible. We are truly proud of our highly rated newspaper, whose adviser, Miss Fair, deserves so much credit. ' - flush-ads YEARBOOK STAFF Associate Editor LYMAN ROBERTS Editor EVELYN Rmarcxow Business Manager CHARLES KAITO Adviser Miz. BRANNON In September of 1950 a group of individuals met in room 5 with one object in mind-to produce a year- book. The majority of the group were veterans of the preceding year. The first assignment was to solicit adver- tisements. After a day of using the shoe-leather method, these solicitors returned to school, footsore and weary. Hmm, seven ads! Not bad. Better luck next time! Three months pass. Over one-hundred ads were gath- ered Cand a dozen pair of shoes worn outl. Hurrah! We topped last year's record. In the meantime other assignments were distributed among the staff. A date was set in which they had to be completed. It arrived and passed. A few, very few, mem- bers had finished theirs on time. After weeks of constant reprimands, the officers be- came discouraged, and said nothing for a few days. CThey had laryngitisl. Acquiring nothing by all this bally-ho, they tried the more peaceful way-to plead. 1,- ,,- 'Y With a sweet voice and eyes of steel, day after day they reminded the forgetful ones to hand in the assign- ments. This method had more voltage and the spark finally reached the gas, exploding it into a mass of black lines--the write-up. After weeks of writing and revising the material, the dummy was completed and sent to press. Our sincere gratitude and appreciation go to our capable adviser, Mr. Warren Brannon, and the students that were not members of the staff who helped in pre- paring the material for the yearbook. A Mako, H Bendis Mr Brannon C Kaito, M Shaulis, J Lynn, N Gray G Crownover, D Ferguson, J Yerger, O Gais, E Rabickow T Butekoff E Boyer, M Seich L Roberts, T Shoemaker A... ' , - -q6-ng.- - r. Xfiff, XM ff' ff' '47 Xl 1 EVELYN RABICKOW DARLENE FERGUSON LYMAN ROBERTS NORMA GRAY GAYNAL CROWNOVER NATIONAL HONOR SOCETY wif MR. MANN, Adviser GAYNAL CRowNovER DARLENE FERGUSON EVELYN Rmalcxow if . A .F .'f EW' :ak First row: R. Fulton, M. Setlock, M. Lessig, J. Henry, C. Parson, G. Ondrizek, D. Bier. Second row: T. Fello, M. Mahard, Mr. Shaulis, R. Zalot, W. Kelly. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an advisory gov- erning body of our high school whose mem- bers are elected by the student body. Each homeroom elects one student as a member of the organization to represent them each Wednesday during the fifth period meeting. Among their various projects is the su- pervision of a flower fund. They purchase an arrangement of flowers for any deceased person in the immediate families of the student body and faculty of Elders Ridge. This group is led by Mr. Shaulis, the school's principal, and its student officers. OFFICERS DEAN BIER President WILLIAM KELLY Vice President GAIL ONDRIZEK Secretary-Treasurer MR. SHAULIS Adviser at 90 Q-nf vo? Wx T 3' 0 DFNT co xl 1. r X ,V X 4 -lsill XX imflflll y el if Mm an ml ii .X gd, M I 'rf' W 0 ev I MR. PYLE MR. WEISTER OFFICERS President J. MCILLWAIN Vice President R. SPERANZA Secretary L. UMBAUGH Treasurer H. BERTINO Sentinel J. KLINGENSMITH Reporter L. ROBERTS Assistant Reporter R. ALTMAN Advisers ieag O ,Qi FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers of America, or "FFA" as it is commonly known, is a national organization of, by, and for boys studying vocational agriculture in public secondary schools. It is a non-profit, non-political, farm youth organization of voluntary membership, designed to take its place along with other agencies striving for the development of leadership, the build- ing of more permanent agriculture, and the improve- ment of country life. Our chapter participated in many judging contests and livestock shows that occurred at different inter- vals throughout the year. A few of these were the Indiana-Cambria Bi-County Judging Contest, FFA week at Penn State College, Pittsburgh Hog Show, Pittsburgh Baby Beef Show, Harrisburg Farm Show, and the Indiana and Cambria County Fairs. Under the capable and ingenious leadership of Mr. Weister and Mr. Pyle, the club became a success- ful group functioning consistently throughout the year. As our leaders we chose: John McIlwain, presi- dent, Richard Speranza, vice president, Lawrence Umbaugh, secretary, Henry Bertino, treasurerg and Lyman Roberts, reporter. First row: R. Smith, F. Lockard, J. Ramer, J. Davis, G. Hilty, D. Deemer, R. Bietel, P. Gyenes, R. Repine, H. Riggle, T. Felgar. Second row: H. Tanner, R. Shank, J. Chioldi, R. Crawford D. Shellhammer W. Umbau h G. Casello A Montali, T. Richardson, R. Carney, B. Miller, E. Styver, F. Miller, D. Reed, D. McCreight, H. Kepple, A. Shellhammer, Ilwain, T. Kier, R. Rumbaugh, G. Daugherty, R. Altman. J. California, W. Madison, T. Lambing, D. Egley, E. Boyer Coleman, F. Ashbaugh, R. Sperana, W. Kelly, L. Roberts y y E v 1 - Plahs, J. Henry, D. Weister. Third row: Mr. Weister, B. S. Bertino, J. Knepshield, D. Kepple, J. California, J. Mc- Fourth row: M. Seich, R. Shearer, C. Dunmire, W. Blystone, , H. Bertino, C. Cravener, H. Geiger, J. Klingensmith, H. , T. Shoemaker. kv vlx HUNTING AND FISHING CLUB FFA JUDGHCIG TEAM D. McCreight, M. Seich. H. Geiger, J. McIlwain, J. Klin- gensmith, L. Roberts, R. Speranza, C. Cravener, E. Boyer, H. Bertino, Mr. Weis- ter. This year Elders Ridge welcomed the Hunting and Fishing Club as a new organization. Spon- sored by Mr. Steffenino and Mr. Ralston, the club has as its purpose the maintaining of competitive sportsmanship among the student hunters and fishermen. . ' As its major activity for the year, the club sponsored a contest wherein prizes were awarded for the most game Qsmallj bagged, and for the largest animal shot in big game hunting. Each member received an emblem to show his membership in the organization. First row: Mr. Steffenino, G. Beighley, D. Moore, J. McCool, S. Deemer, A. Montali, J. McIlwain, Mr. Ralston. Second row: J. Turnbull, W. Umbaugh, W. Kelly, A. Sikora, W. Madison, L. Umbaugh, H. Tanner. OFFICERS AND ADVISOI First row: D. Fasenmyer, G. Bieda, L. Yerger, B. Kerr, E. Rabickow, D. Thompson, B. Ditch. Second row: O. Gais, E. Stiles, M. Bietel, G. Marshall, M. Shaulis, M. Dunmire, B. Shank, J. Redescaldi, E. Pontoli, M. Seich, P. Wilson. Third row: Mrs. Fuszek L. Marshall, L. Stiffler, E. Gaydos, M. Lessig, J. Lynn, M. Hazlette, G. Crownover, N. Gray, D. Ferguson, L. Ruppel, J. Collins. TRI The purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian charac- ter? The aims include the promotion of better racial relationships, better citizenship, better health, better education, recreational facilities, and the application of Christian philosophy to home and school problems. During 1950-51, the Elders Ridge Tri-Hi-Y sponsored many activities. To begin the year, 'Q I-Y an induction service was held for fifteen new members. In October the club, together with the Hi-Y, F. H. A. and F. F. A., held a Halloween party. Pennsylvania Week found the combined Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y on the stage of the auditor- ium in a program fashioned as a studio broad- cast. A Christmas party climaxed the first sem- ester activities. The major project of the year was the Teen- Talk Study Group which met once each week for seven weeks. The guiding hands for the year were: Max- ine Dunmire, president, Jennie Redescaldi, vice president, Evelyn Rabickow, secretary, Jane Collins, treasurer, and Mrs. Fuszek, adviser. OFFICERS MAXINE DUNMIRE President JENN112 REDESCALDI Vice President EVELYN RABICKOW Secretary JANE COLLINS Treasurer MRs.FUszEK , .. Adviser OFFICERS ROBERT BAER , . . . , . President DUANE CALHOUN , ,Vice President JACK BAER . , . ..,V Secretary , HENRY BERTINO . , Treasurer N-R Y TOM SHOEMAKER Sergeant-at-Arms MR. SHIRLEY , Adviser HI-Y The Hi-Y, made up of a group of high school boys, is a branch of the Young Men's Christian Association. The purpose of this worthwhile organization is to promote and maintain high standards of Christian character throughout the School effCl Cemmllfllfy- Hi-Y members have the a Tri-Hi-Y, Hi-Y Conference in the First Metho- equal Pf1V1legeS Of the Y- M- C- A- members- dist Church in Indiana. During the second sem- This club was born in 1948, during the past ester the Hi-Y enrolled in a Teen Talk Study few months of school under the stimulus of Mr. Group which continued for seven weeks. After Robert Traugh, district secretary of the Y. M. the course was completed each member was C. A. Thus originated the Elders Ridge Hi-Y given a test. Club with Mr. Robert Shirley as its loyal adviser. If the achievement in this test is high enough . The Hl'Y has llvefl e Pfeffllneflt life Cluflng a banner is awarded by the state-wide organiza- 1fS fhfee years Of gf0Wtl'1 at Elders Ridge- tion. Since the HI-LITES goes to press before the With the Tri- Hi- Y they have sponsored results of this test can be obtained-we can not many entertaining programs, parties, and dances. report whether this year's group has followed They represented their school club in many their predecessors of 1949-50 by winning this regional meetings. One of the first this year was coveted award. First row: C. Lentz, D. Moore, J. Baer, W. Giffen, J. Baer, N. Reese, J. McCool. Second row: Mr. Shirley, T. Shoe- maker, J. McIlwain, H. Bertino, H. Coleman, R. Zalot, D. Calhoun, D. McCreight. . T -, . .End A ,WW i -- 9 ...V - 9 ., K , oFF1cERs 6o.ienAkf,,.s ii Q W EVELYN RABICKOW ....,..4,.A.......... President gf QA-gs I PHYLLIS WILSON ...,.,...,,., Vice President 55 'ij JUNE LYNN .,..............,..,.,....,....,.i,.. Secretary "- mi' E A Q .. X .LQ 5 4, DONNA THOMPSON ,i.,............ Treasurer 2 N'-i gr' V' GAYNAL CROWNOVER ......... .,.Historian 90 " O99 R Q, , 5 T' A Miss WEAN .........,..., ,.,.,..., ...i,,.... A d viser NW HON' FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America is an organization for girls interested in the principles and views of home economics. Any girl who has taken home eco- nomics or is enrolled in that course is eligible for entrance in- to this club. This year interested freshmen and other classmen First row: V. Keeley, M. Cy- phert, S. Nelson, F. Tressler, D. Clawson, G. Ondrizek, B. Shank, B. Kerr, Y. Kepple. Second row: E. Stiles, B Clawson, J. Lynn, G. Crown over, D. Thompson, P. Wil son, E. Rabickow, J. Redes caldi, L. Yerger. Third row P. Harrison, D. Ferguson, C Riggle, B. Brown, M. Lessig D. Turkall, L. Marshall, R Stiles, L. Ruppel, L. Steele Miss Wean. Fourth row: M. Baker, S. Miller, S. Klingen- smith, L. Bier, B. Little, R Blasin, C. Renwich, M. Tres- sler, D. Strong. F P joined with the older members to increase the enrollment to forty- eight. We are proud to say that our new members were active, thus we can boast a successful year. Throughout the year we were en- gaged in many projects. We sold bundles of ribbon of numerous colors, sizes, and textures. Several of our club members participated in a miniature kitchen planning contest. Two of our Ridge girls won a second regional prize of fifteen dollars for their entry. To add the proper holiday touch to the Xmas season the FHA set up a beautiful Christmas tree in the upper hall near the office. The club members held a combined Christmas grab-bag exchange and a party which proved a complete success. Our club was represented at several state and local meet- ings and enjoyed many entertain- ing programs and parties during the year. Yes, we were a proud group and thanks to our adviser, Miss Wean, an energetic one. A part of our creed is-we face the future with warm courage and high hope for we have a clear consciousness of seeking old and precious values-which is some- thing we all deem important as the senior members step out into the future with a heavy sense of responsibility. fb, Q x,., T7 i"" ex LIBRARIANS S First row: C. Gunter, B. Checki, H. Olexa, V. Henkel, M. Tomei. Second row: B. Stewart, G. Weber, V. Pollack, M. Chiplock, J. Stercho, E. Rabickow, J. Redescaldi, D. Ferguson, B. Rostis, E. Gaydos, G. Crownover, Mrs. Fuszek. JUNIOR RED CROSS -3.37 - First row: R. Shumay, O. Boyko, C. Gunter, P. Sherbon, J. Stercho B. Gates. Second row: Mrs. Harris, J. Fedor, B. Clawson, B. Rostis, G Ondrizek, P. Wilson, B. Brown, M. Seich, G. Casello, E. Gaydos. Third row: T. Brunetta, R. Speranza, W. Madison, T. Richardson, J. Styfurak. K Nz OFFICERS ESTHER GAYDOS .... ., EUGENE CASELLO , PHYLLIS WILSON , JEAN STERCHO MIKE SEICH ,. MRS. HARRIS . . President Vice Pres. Secretary Treasurer Reporter Adviser ,vb wk'-xx, af 1 .f if 5'af V I Ulla mp W' -,fa , UF ' 1 . f KX: - - H ' T," 1 V It ' .1 13 S ' UA , A , . . E -'l'1'if54m2f-1 -ep- vf 4 5 -sy!-1 V 1 Q fz I A xl T' ' 1 I Y ' 0 U s RU v, . !- -2. S , , E J 'Vim eg 9 if if Q . '1 a' ' A f RW Jug . 'A A vw ' uw , - 5 1 . 6999! gy . 'I 'R First row: H. Bendis, P. Wilson, V. Dunmire, H. Olexa, B. Checki, O. Boyko, D. Clever, P. Byrne, M. Shaulis, D Fasenmyer, M. Yaksetich, M. Tomei, M. Dunmire, D. Knopic, B. Valyo. Second row: B. Sesock, D. Clawson, C. Zuch- elli, B. Bendis, V. Pollack, A. Abramovich, J. Wass, B. Kerr, M. Lessig, H. Pisch, P. Kauffman, L. Gliha, L. Ruppel, A Mako, M. Oswalt, B. Shank, J. Lynn, L. Yerger, G. Marshall. Third row: B. Lookabaugh, A. Shaffer, E. Gaydosh, D. Mc- Creight, R. Zalot, H. Bertino, H. Coleman, R. Fulton, R. Mancabelli, J. Styfurak, G. Styfurak, L. Roberts, L. Johnson, B. Little, L. Steele, Y. Kepple, D. Thompson. MIXED CHORUS To anyone traversing the hall during October and November of this year, a well blended harmony struck his ear. Under the superb direction of Mrs. Leone E Harris the chorus was wending its way through a choice bit of music. With the combined seventy-six voices rose the melodic strains of a piano ably played by Mrs. Mildred Fuszek. Preparation for the operetta, "The Saucy Hollandaisef' were underway. Having worked diligently they have displayed admirably the results of these efforts for it was a complete success. A lively comedy set in Holland, in the king's garden which realistic scenery had brought to life, gay Dutch costumes, royal gowns, and sea-faring blues, made a delightful mixture set off by the catchy tunes and the gay and graceful dances. After this royal entertainment plans were made for a Christmas program and a spring concert. As usual these songsters supplied the musical setting for both the Baccalaureate Service and the Commencement Exercises. fi X S fag. ll nz , J- , , - , y - S - J . J- . R. Sebastian, R. Kanick, D. Bier, W. DeMetro, C. DelVecchio, T. Kenesky, E. Madey, R. Yatzkanic, A. Caratelli, Brunetta, R. Chelednick. Third row: Coach Dutkosky, V. Chiabai, R. Zuchelli, P. Boyko, W. Corridoni, L. Hiner, . Shutka, J. Zuchelli, D. Corridoni, T. Shumay, R. Tamski, T. Felgar, B. Miller, H. Tanner, R. Carney, S. Bertino, Shellhammer, Coach Phillips. Fourth row: R. Mancabelli, Manager, E. Brunetta, J. Baer, K. Shields, W. Craig, Politano, M. Hiner, F. Gaydos, L. Johnson, A. Sikora, R. Chalkan, B. Frye, R. Crawford, W. Turkall, R. Marafka, Enciso, N. Reese. 'ffl 5 '1 o 5 3 W :J D W H 3 Q :s o. 9. 0 :U 37 5 5 '1 U U Q Z :1 O Q rn PY E' '1 U rr 0 0 O za Q. '1 Q 5 'fl E. 2 '4 s: :r D F U1 Q 3 :s F1?7?"-'?5 FOOTBALL TEAM The newly formed Boosters Club raised funds enough to send our football squad to Camp Se- quanata for two weeks of eat, sleep, and football. Mr. Phillips took the young inexperienced hopefuls and a few seasoned veterans and began to mould them into a team. The unveiling of the 1950 edition of the Elders Ridge Football Squad came on Septem- ber 9. The gridmen traveled to Coraopolis to engage that school's grid representatives. After an up-hill battle the Rams escaped with a 27-27 tie. With the experience gained in their first encounter they challenged Penn Township's vaunted team. This was their first home en- counter and the team gave its supporters some- thing to cheer about as they emerged from a tough scrap on the long end of a 19-18 count. Now the Rams really went on the prowl. They invaded the camp of Saltsburg's Trojans and returned with a smashing 32-6 victory. This win shifted the Ram attack into high gear as they engaged the Shannock Valley team. They sa? 465:23 'SEE 222 EW S9 S3 O -5 """"m:'l OQ,tn f-r mm 0.97 Q- 50 3.5m 2 7: 45- ""':! "' .HQ- pz..-1.-.' --1 ...-Irv +-Imax-1 5"-1-N woo ""'D'p---.212 550:-m :rg :rm N U':.On:m Unru 'qmnfbmmbm '4 an w ID'-+ 0 .-+ Oro Q- an Um 'w0 0 rv :s --"He o U' D Q 'Q - aifem M3 'f'-mmw-Sae'.a'Q 9955.0-.QSBMQQQai?-as,'a..ar..9 g'UF:"5"""'-1B53or'D"'UUQ ""ULTO 2. -SQOQQKWQOCSQ' ggsgjmgmxg' o"'E2Q'mFU'5-UE.'m5- m"'b.fUf,'4m350 -ic-Qomw'--Qwrnm -am-:S ,W 32 ZCa'3:"'a'3'o01"'8w 3.9. 2525023 g,2,,..2'L'gUgggg2 ...U 8,5555-Q. -OU'l0 H- O m "" 'U 'Q 29-0 momm 70-5 V' 9-MCU fb Qt- p-n ,...w O 'fo Dlfbf-D" e:.-is-vPU'o"' ,EFS Ex' Efwflaa' 3 we om0.'-lf' 0 "' :s"f+"o n-1 , v- 4 D' 01:1 Q54 Q-A Cm, Enom UD- O.-+ Q--imc,-0 'O,,,5- w-.-fs., ,542 -no ma- CN Q. QDCD ...,5'4 'J"g-D an D-mmf-+77 2, 5'-.,. S298 04 of g.,,P: -W 0 'M 322 e9,6'fD 225- 22 mgrfgm Z. f-+,.,m ......-- S O 5- 'UH' m :U 4 Q13 ,?,5f"Sg, FSE, E: 9:3-3.25 Z asf 5222 aah: as Egwwe Q' '-T.-'Fr' D'f""9. 80-'-" OE' f-f-aw'4 Q sara' if-QS' WV' .ia afafffi-9 vs. :Lim aagzcre .-:GS :rs ff?-Pmfc :r 3 D .U I A 906 L L3 rfv 23,0 H First row: L. Calvetti, G. Enciso, R. Chelednick, M. Hiner, H. Bananto, C. Malec. Second row: R. Vyka, D. Woodrow, R. Sebastian, M. Mahard, S. Horonzy, J. Styfurak, Mr. Mann. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM NMBOXSCORES The Elders Ridge Cagers opened practice sessions early in November in preparation for their December first inaugural. Mr. Mann, the new basketball mentor, inherited a very inexperi- enced squad. He had only one returning veteran, Richard Sebas- tian, and three reserves, Louis Calvetti, Henry Bananto, and Guido Enciso. This is all that remained of the team which won the Section XXV Title two years in a row. After their first few games it looks as if the Rams have uncovered another high scorer in the person of "Rich" Sebasian. In the first three games he tallied 58 points or better than 19 points per game. He is the third in a great line of high scorers begun by Herman Sledzik, then came "Bony" Ditch and now "Rich" Sebastian. The scheduled opener with Washington Township was snowed out. After the snow cleared the Rams invaded the lair of the Bell Township Tigers and absorbed a 40-32 shellacking although Richard Sebastian scored 17 points. The Hilltoppers opened their home schedule by entertain- ing the Homer City Poets. The encounter was a pulse quickener from beginning to end and the Rams emerged with a close 32-29 edge. Sebastian was on top again with 18 points. The Saltsburg Trojans were the next to engage the Hill- toppers. Although Sebastian scored 23 points they went down 44-32. Elders Ridge 32 . .. 32 32 39 32 30 . . 27 . 58 62 33 . 42 53 47 23 53 37 45. Oppone Bell Twp. Homer City Saltsburg Leechburg , Alumni Derry Boro Homer City Blairsville Dayton Bell Twp. Apollo Elderton Shannock Valley Derry Boro Blairsville Dayton Apollo I'1tS 40 29 44 58 38 69 43 56 49 61 47 43 74 60 59 47 38 Q P' i XR . ,- Or u -X: - ' n ff' 13. --ff 3 9 ui 46 Q' 1 Q' , Q f""5A,, N1 I 4, D 10:53-f'gi ,A QW, 'x f- , , if ? t... I C6 First row: G. Ciocca, J. Fallat, V. Chiabai, R. Mancabelli. Second row: E. Madey, J. Yuha, W. Bendis, J. White, H. Ba- nanto, D. Bananto, F. Altmire. Third row: Mr. Heard, V. Fello, J. Cup, J. Morgan, F. Mouser, A. Brunetta, L. Calvetti, R. Gliha, B. Ditch. 1950 BASEBALL TEAM Early last spring aspirants for the baseball squad began to work-out the kinks. Although time was at a premium due to inclement weather, Mr. Heard fielded a very formidable outfit for the season's inaugural with Bell Township's highly touted nine. Bell's Povlik pro- ceeded to let the Rams keep from exerting themselves, and handed them a 12-0 defeat. The weather began to be more agreeable and the Ridgers began to patch up the holes in their defense and sharpen up their batting eye. The Rams hit the win column on the good left arm of "Bugs" Calvetti. They scored so often that they were contemplating setting up a trolley line around the bases. When quitting time rolled around, the Ridgers were on the long end of a 16-0 count with Washington Township the loser. Morgan hit his stride as he slammed the door on Saltsburg, 15-O. The team seemed to be on its way to its third straight W. P. I. A. L. Sectional Title. The run-happy Rams slowed down although Victor Fello pitch- ed a brilliant two-hitter as Salts- bui'g's Trojans again failed to dent 1950 BOX SCORES Elders Ridge Opponents 0 Bell Twp. 12 16 VVashington Township 0 13 Saltsburg 0 1 Saltsburg 0 2 Bell Twp. 4 5 Washington Twp. 1 the run column. The Hilltoppers had a 1-0 shutout to their credit. Bell journeyed to the Ridge to encounter the home nine for the second time. The game was a thriller from the first to the last pitch. It was the first game of the season that the Ridgers and their opponents both hit the scoring column. Bell rang up a four to two victory as Povlick tamed the Rams the second time. "Bugs" Calvetti was the loser. The Rams closed out the season with Washington Township. Joe Morgan won his second game of the sea- son. The Ridgers closed the season with a six and two record, good enough for second place in their league. M -4. ,..:,'.-3 ' 4- - ill! ro X- i ,ff First row: Mr. Steffenino, R. Kauffman, P. Taylor, D. Bananto, R. Yatzkanic, M. Seich, B. McCormick, C. DelVecchio, Mr. Ralston. Second row: F. Mouser, J. Yuha, W. Bendis, S. Bertino, H. Stiles, J. Dunmire, A. Brunetta, J. Styfurak. Third row: Mr. Phillips, J. Dickey, E. Blakely, F. Altmire, R. Gliha, L. Calvetti, E. Boyer, E. Madey, K. Lafferty. 1950 TRACK TEAM Early last spring candidates for the track team began their season's training. Mr. Steffe- nion and his assistants, Mr. Ralston and Mr. Phillips, began to mold a very formidable squad. Eight returning veterans, along with several am- bitious newcomers, formed the nucleus. At first the weather was chilly, but it cleared and the coaches began to map their strategy for the oncoming campaign. The squad members began strenuous work in preparation for their third successive defense of the Indiana County Track and Field Championship. The Ridge Thinclads went into their first preliminary meet full of the winning spirit. They did not run away from the other competitors, however. After a gruelling grind the cindermen emerged with a tie with Homer City, while Blairsville placed second. I With the experience gained in the first con- test the squad began to round into a unit. The muscles were becoming more co-ordinated, the kinks were worked out, and the squad func- tioned smoothly. The second test came and ended with the Ridgers out-distancing Blairsville by 37 points in a dual meet. They captured 10 iirsts and enough seconds and thirds for an 80-43 advan- tage. Then came the big one, the County Track Meet. This year there were four teams in the class A division: I-Iomer City, Indiana, Blairs- ville, and Elders Ridge. The events were won by sheer strength. The running score veered crazily one way then another, but when the cinders cleared, the Ridgers were not on top, but in second place. 9-sf 5? 3 , I VARSITY "R" CLUB OFFICERS MAC HINER President WILLIAM KELLY Vice President EUGENE BovER Secretary HENRY BERTINO Treasurer MR. PHILLIPS Adviser The Varsity "R" Club is a new organization on the Elders Ridge High School campus. It consists only of boys that have earned the Varsity "R" letter. Under the advisership of Mr. Phillips, the club's main purpose is to raise enough money to purchase sweaters for the juniors and seniors who, through athletic participation, have earned these awards. New standards are being set up to keep the number of letters earned to a minimum-in other words, to increase the value of the letter to the person who has earned one. First row: L. Calvetti, J. Styfurak, D. Bier, H. Bananto, J. Yuha, H. Bertino, R. Chelednik, Mr. Phillips, adviser. Sec- ond row: J. Fallat, C. DelVecchio, E. Boyer, A. Caratelli, A. Brunetta, W. Kelly, R. Sebastian, T. Kenesky. A 'Q ,.- 1 fur- J O fi-L-. i4---,,-.,xu sbs 33 35 - wig, V, - ,it mi 'bbw This is our means of transportation to and from school. Through heat, snow, rain, and ice these drivers remain faithful and are always doing their best to arrive on schedule. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of these men who play an important part in our education. THE SCHOOL JANITOR-MR. HARVEY PATRONS AND ADVERTISERS ADAMS AND FRYE SERVICE STATION DONALD ANKENY Eastern States Representatlve Phone 2115 APOLLO DRESS SHOPPE Zula Smlth Prop Ladles Apparel Glfts 203 Warren Avenue APOLLO FORD SALES APOLLO FURNITURE COMPANY APOLLO HARDWARE Paxnts Sportmg Goods Applnances Phone 7212 APOLLO MILLING COMPANY APOLLO NEWS RECORD APOLLO NEWS STAND Papers Novels and Hallmark Cards 226 Warren Avenue APOLLO RADIO AND TELEVISION Sales and Servlce APOLLO REAL ESTATE APOLLO TRUST COMPANY Founded 1871 ARTLEYS APPAREL Dress Smartly Buy Artley' 140 Grant Avenue A 86 P SUPER MARKET A 86 P SUPER MARKET BARCLAY S HARDWARE BEATTY 61 HOFF Your Local Lennox Dealer Plumbmg and Heating BELL S ESSO STATION Gas O11 Tires and Accessor1es BLACKMORE FURNITURE CO Quallty Furniture for the Home LAIRD S BOARTS Dtstrlct Manager State Farm Insurance Co BOYD S JEWELRY BRODY S BROWN S BOOT SHOP BROWN S RESTAURANT ELMER E BUZZARD Funeral Dlrector Ambulance SCIVICC CLARENCE P CLARK FUNERAL HOME WILLIAM A CLARK HARDWARE Phone 2201 COMPTON S SERVICE STATION CRAFTSMEN ZIEGLER COMPANY Printing and Llthographlng CZITTERBURG BROTHERS SERVICE STATION DUFFS IRON CITY COLLEGE ELDERTON STATE BANK ELWOODS BOARDING KENNELS EGERS JEWELERS Phone 143 CARL FLEMING GARAGE Gas O11 Batterles Phone 508 CHARLES GABRIELSONS MARKET GARTMAN BAKING COMPANY GIAS TAVERN GONTNER S STUDIO GRADYS GULF SERVICE Warren Avenue and 6th Street PRESTON C GRIMM AND SON GUTHERIE AUTO COMPANY A HART MOTORS COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF HELEN S BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone 2661 D M HENRY General Merchandlse HENRY HALL COMPANY Prmters HIGH POINT SERVICE STATION G W HORREL TRANSPORTATION Route 80 Shortways HOTEL LEON We cater to specxal parties and orgamzatlons COMPLIMENTS OF HAR LU ACRES INDIANA FLOWER COMPANY INDIANA MUSIC HOUSE Everythlng in Muslc and Musical Instruments 34 36 North Flfth Street JACKSON 64 RUSSEL JONES BROTHERS Contractors KEPPLES Saltsburg Elderton Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Vandergrtft Apollo Incllana Indxana Apollo Vandergrxft Apollo Apollo Indiana Indiana Indlana Saltsburg Apollo Elderton Elderton Saltsburg Apollo Pittsburgh Elderton Apollo Vandergrlft Clarksburg Saltsburg Latrobe Nowrytown Indlana Apollo Apollo Apollo Saltsburg Elderton Clarksburg Indlana Saltsburg Saltsburg Apollo Somerset Indlana Indlana Apollo Apollo Shady Plam O A AA ..., ,.., A .... A A ..., ,,.,, A AA , Pa , ' - A A A ,.., A A , Pa AA A A A A , Pa A A A AA AA ,..,....,, A A A AA A A A , Pa AA A A A AA A AA A A , Pa - ' , ' , ' - - 21 A A AA AA.. A , Pa A AAAAA AAAAA AAAA A,,AA A A AA ,AAA A AAAA AA , Pa A A , Pa AA AAA,AAAAAAA.AAA A AAAA , Pa - ' AAA, AAAAA A AAAAA AAAAA A AAAA AAAAAAAA A A AA AA , Pa AAAAAA A AA AA AAAAA AAAAAA AAAA AAAAA A A A AA AA AA , Pa - A AAAAA A AAAA AAAA AA AAAAAAA AAAA A A A , Pa A AAAAAA AA A A ' , Pa AAA AA AAAAA A AAAA A AAAAAA AA AAAAA AAAA A A , Pa AAAAA AAAA A A AAAAAA AAAAA A AAAAAAA. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA A A A A A A AA ' , Pa ' AA AAAA AAAAA A AAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAA A A AA AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A ' , Pa -" "- ' ' A AAAAA AA AA , Pa , - , ', A ' AAAAA ' ,Pa A-" ' ' "A A , Pa . , ' ' , AA AAAAAAA AA AAAAAAA A A , C ' AA AAAAAAAA AA AA A AAAAA A AAAA AAAAA A A AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA AAAA A AAAAAAAAA AAAAAA A A AAAAAAAA AAAA A AA AA A ' , Pa ' AAAAAA AAAAAA A AAAAAAAA A A AA AAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAA A A A AAAAAAAAAAAAA A AAAAAAAAAA A AAAAAA A AAAAAAA AAAAAAAA A ' , Pa ' A AAAAAA AAAA AAAAAAAA AAAA AAAAAAAA A A A A AA AAAA AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAA AA ' , Pa ' A AAAAAAA A AA AAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA A A AAAAAAAA AA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA A A A A AA .AAAAAAAA A AA AA , Pa . , ' - ' A AAAAAA Af AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A AAAAAAAAAAAAAA A A AAAAAAAA AA , Pa . AA AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAA A A A AA A A AAAAAAA A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , Pa . AAAAA A AAAAA AA AAAAAAAAAAAA AA AA A AAAAAA A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , Pa ' A A AA AAAA AA A A , Pa - , - ' ' ' ' A AA A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA.AAAButler, Pa ' A AA AAAA AAAA AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA A A , Pa ' A A AA A A A AA ' , Pa A AA A A A AAAA AAAA AAAA A A AA AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA A AAAAAAA A A AAAA AAAAAA AAAA A A , Pa ' A AAAAAA A AAAAAA A AAAAAA AA A AAAAA , Pa l AAAA A AAAAAA A A AAAAAA A AA A AA A AA A ' , Pa - , ', ' - AA AAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAA A AA AA , Pa ' A AAAAAAA A AAAAAA AAAAA A A AAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA A A A AA AA AAAAAAA. A , Pa A AAAAAAA AAAAA A AAAA A A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA A AAAA A A A , Pa A A A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A A AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA A AA A AA AA AAAAAAAAA AA AA A , Pa ' AA AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA A A AA AA AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA AAAAAAA A A A AA A A A A A ' , Pa ' - A A A , Pa . AAAAA A A AAAAA A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA AAAAA AAAAAAAAAA. 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' - AA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAAAA A A A , Pa . . - ' A AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A AAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAAAA A AAAAAAAA A A AA A A AA AA , Pa - ' AA A AA A AAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAA AAAA AAAAAAAA A A AAAAAAAA A A A A AAAAAA A AA ' , Pa A AAAAAA A AA AAAA AAAA AAAA A A A AAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAAAAA A A A A AA AA , Pa , . - A AAAA A A AAAA AA .AAAA AAAAAAA A AAAA A , Pa -" ' ' ' ' " AA A A A AAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA A A AA , Pa - A AAAAAA .AAA A AA AA AAAAA AA A .A AA AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA A A , Pa AAA AA A A AA A A A A A AA AA AAAA AA ' , Pa - , ' AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A ' , Pa A A A AA AAAAAA A AAAAAAAAA A A AA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , Pa , A A AAAAAAAAA AA AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A AAAAAAAA A A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , Pa , AAAAAAAAA A AA A AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA A A A AA.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA A AAAAAAAAAAAAA A AAAAAAAAA AAAAAA A A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ' , Pa KING BROTHERS FUNERAL HOME KISKI VALLEY NATIONAL BANK Box 180 LIBERTY AND DELMGRE THEATRES Avonmore a LUXENBURG S-Jewelers MAHONING STORES INC MARTINS MARKET Phone 707 206 Lmcoln Avenue MARTIN S FEED STORE MASTER CLEANERS AND DYERS-Ross and DeGaetano KEN MCCAULEY Atlantic Servxce Statlon MCILWAIN S- Bng or llttle orders are welcome CHARLES A MILLER LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Supplies R D 3 MILLERS FARM Pedlgreed Whxte Leghorns Phone Elderton 2714 MOLLY ANNS- Famous for line fashions J C MOORE SUPPLY COMPANY MURPHY S 5 BL 10 STORE Apollo Vandergrxft nd Salrsburg Indxana Indxana Vanclergrlft Saltsburg Indlana Apollo Shady Plam Shelocta Shelocta Indiana Saltsburg Indlana D C GNDRIZEKS STORE-Grocerles O11 Gas General Supplles Phone 72 2824 Apollo HERBERT OWEN S FRUIT MARKET Indxana ORCHARD HILLS CASH HARDWARE Apollo Road Orchard Hills COMPLIMENTS OF J M PATTERSON 66 SON Apollo W F PAULY Your druggxst Congratulations Class of 1951 Apollo PEOPLES BANK OF WEST LEBANON West Lebanon QOMPLIMENTS OF PIPERS JEWELERS-313W Warren Avenue Apollo ROCHESTER AND PITTSBURGH COAL COMPANY Indlana RUBIN S DEPARTMENT STORE Apollo SALTSBURG DRUG COMPANY Your Rexall Store-Phone 100 Saltsburg SALTSBURG LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY Saltsburg SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatlon Indiana AUSTIN SAY 66 SON Olxver and Papec Farm Macnmery SAY S Farm Implements VICTOR C SCHALL Complete Insurance Servzce JOHN SETON AND COMPANY H E SHAFFER RESTAURANT AND GARAGE Phone 2641 SHAFFERS ESSO STATION Expert Lubrlcatxon Atlas Tires SHAFFER S STERLING SERVICE STATION At the budge SHAFFER S STUDIO For fme photographs SLOAN S MINE We load trucks M ton and up SLOANS 5 86 10 STAPLETON S RESTAURANT DONALD A STEVENS Jeweler STEWART S HARDWARE THOMPSONS SERVICE STATION AND RESTAURANT THRIFT MARKET Joe Flammo Prop TRI COUNTY TYPEWRITER COMPANY 339 Market Street TROUTMANS DEPARTMENT STORE MIKE VERONA AND COMPANY Wholesale Frult and Produce VITALI DRY CLEANERS WAVL Your friendly teen age statlon and Tubes WDAD Indlana Broadcastmg Company Inc 1450 on your 13 WEST APOLLO SLAUGHTER HOUSE We test and lull WINGER S SERVICENTER Kalser Frazer Sales and Servlce WYBIQ S PHARMACY COMPLIMENTS OF C R YERGER 64 Shelocta Indlana Elderton Chicago Elderton Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Saltsburg Indiana Apollo Indiana Elders Ridge Saltsburg Klttannmg Indiana Saltsburg Saltsburg Apollo Indiana Apollo Spring Church Apollo Sprmg Church 7 11 .... ...,as.. 1 ,,,...,...r.a,,,, 1 ....a 1 11 r,.... .........r... 1 11 ,,.r,..... ..r.....r. ...... 1 1 , T ,....... 11 ..v,. ....,...v.....4......,..,......... ......., ..,......,.....,,.......,,......,.. 1 , , 1 1 .r...,..r..,ar,.......r.. ,...... .,..,,,r..r.,,..A...... ...........,...r..,,.4,,,.,..,.., ....a,.,....,................r,............. ........,4..4,.r4 ,4,... , , .V...,.., .......A,.....r..4,..........,,...,A,A.........,........, ..,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,4 .a......,.r.r.... 1 1 ....... 1 1 1 1,1,1111,1 .... ,111111111111111 1 1 , 5 ' - 3 7 Q! 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'91 1 P' 1 'H f 'E' if t " it . 34 P I If A' ,f , . .4 1 J lf L WE QQ . f i' . ,"- A ,I W 13 A Q, ' G' ' "1 0, if bl - 14 , , ,,. 1...- ,ni A SP! ' 1' -IT' . z, f 5 ' .I .xl . . c 5, J .k' , I , 4 L5 . ' -6' I E-

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