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Elders Ridge High School - Hi Lites Yearbook (Elders Ridge, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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W? 1' ,X RIDGE HI-LITES PUBLISIIICIJ HY THE CLASS OF 1947 Iilm-iles Rllmcm klmxwx Illull SVIIUUI if 'A' if ir 'A' In-an Pride . . Editor-in-Chief Stow Nloleslqy . . Husinuss Nlrmngcr BUS DRIVERS Left to right: R. Baker, A. Gemmel, K. Harvey, B. Baker, T. Debrosky. J. Harvey, J. Harvey, R. Wilson, B Thomas, B. Spear, B. Spear. ir AND THEIR BUSES ir ir 4 4 4 4 DEDICATIO UQ, Me senior fffaxs of Efdezfx Ridge fligh Sfhouf, If6'SjjZ6ff'Zl!fj' rlevlimlev this zfofzwze of Me lfiffgc Hi-L iffy 10 aff f0l'l7Z6'If sImie1zTz's of our school who gave fhflflf firms in lfze service of Meir cofmflfy zfzzrizzg A Worfd War ff. IQENNETH BARVLAY RXLBERT CARLIG DAVE CROSBIAN NRK GRAVT CLAIR HEBIPH1I,l, PAUL 1'iOW,-XRD QXLBERT Nl,-XCRO STANLEY MADAY JOHN NIOLESKV H,XRRX' PAINTER NIETRO 1'ERsOs14v TONY RELLICK CARL ROSENSTEEL FRANK STANO KENNY' XYOODLE ir 'A' if 'lr 4 4 4 4 . iii- Sitting, left to right: NV. ll. Gcmmell, VV. NIcAinlcy, A. B. Gray, C. C. Allshouse, li. NI. Smith, O. B. Harvey Collins Standing: C. M. Miller. L. D. Kuntz, S. Deenxer, H. N. Amond, ll. Blystone. ir BOARD OF EDUCATION M742 zujxh in ffzazzff the jolilzil bomffi of erimra- liofz who 50 fczifhfffffy 5877167111 om' 560001 Zhzfozfgfz M6 years. VVQ afso wish io expzfemx' our jrersozzal flffllfgliillfillll for aff Me ihizzgx Mix g1f07lf has done io zzzakff jiossibfe our gmzflzzatiofz from ZIOXKIZEIQS' Ieirfge. N xv' +- 05 x YW ADMINISTRATION It is nut the I-any IIIIIIQS in life llmt munl must. It is ilu- lmzxrcler knocks in life- lllzll build L'hilI'1lClCl'. Anyone can drift with the current but it lnkus great strength :xml l'HLIl'11Q'C to fight ngfninst currents thnt nm' Llc-trilucntnll to 1.111'selu-s rn' uthers. IRIXKIIXI Nllx Sll,XlI,Ib, Sli! R lC'l'.X R Y, I R HNF ffln-XXYSUN l 45 FACULTY ll'n'zff Om' XYARREN ,JRANNQJN linglish, Ilistory, Biology Mus, IIERYI, BRQWN Home liconomivs MRS. :XIJP1I.All1li CUI'li'l'lQR llnmc lfcmmmics 'ir Korn Trim MRS. Wu.1,1Ax1 lflH5II'NDS Commercial Ed. ROHERTA FAIR linglish -lOSliI'll li. FVSZPIK Boys' Vliysical lid. 'A' li'n'zu Th rm" Mus. REMLLTA Ihnlmx Social Studies W. I. IIEARD Science-Mathematics MRS. PHYLLIS I,nl1sER'r Xlusic ,, gg f ws 3 W . 3- X M,fx, 'Vu S 1 I .. ii K QM , l f ' - ,mi L , w A ww? . 1 5? H l.iy , L '1 ' 111 1. ll f ' , K' ' V . 7' 45. 251' ,, ,I - 5,-fy Q Lg'-Y , ' 'N MV 61' 47' Q h if V.-Q I rx - 1 l . 9 Q My x , ,X 1 , L -1 fr l wi .mr 'G 'EL Q,-,-,.. 5 ff. www V- f-'- , DQR if YW- QL., W, p Q f FACULTY Row 0115 j. A. BI.-XNNER I.atin-Algebra MRS. 'IAM-1 A. Xhxxxuks Ilrxme Iffmwmmmifs I. A STUFENINO linglish U 'A' Kofi' Two ICVGENIQ R. Sl"I"I'UN Srwviul Sludics Iixm. li. 'l'nx'sslrgR 1'11y5m1 lid. KlzYN1i'I'H W. NYEISTER Yoraticmal .-Xgriculture 'A' kms Thrui Nlus, IJUNALIH Wmmux Science-Klath. I-Z1,1z.xm3'ru nl. Woomux Science . KXL15 XYORK Music . H1-iikfgu 1E42e z?s ?35fr'f.:i.7- ar Us -8 'ia 54 Q S . Q BfMM?'?eif':55',e I. z .'l. 7 ' e'lS7"M,f?E5 15 fvfwfw- ff-2723 i 1 4- w w x 1 1 sv K fx oz Q A is sf W L 2 ,, 1 Q V 4. w-M-wvv1Qz?w,,,M,'5z:--f- Q 5554257,1?'?7sQn?ef??.551efiY,ZI97kz1?i5Ea3E?554z:PszzzAfmz-:ejgxg fr' Ml aQ?Z4iY'Vi5f i A A vw qs7M'jJ J . A, , 1 lx El S12 rw ,UQS SENKHiCLASSIHSTORY Four years ago, while VVorld VVar ll was at its height of ferocity, the class of '47 began its high school career at Elders Ridge. We made our share of usual freshman mistakes, most of them trivial, until some- how when we had finished the year much of the haze had disappeared. Like all sophomores we came back in September 1044, eagerly anticipating seeing the new class of freshmen make the same mistakes. Like the proverbial sophomore, we were probably "silly," but we didn't think so. jane Chakan was our president that year. lncidentally our classmates began to excel in sports. The happiest news of the year came just before the end of school when we learned that the war with Germany was over. Before school began for us as juniors, total victory had been pro- claimed to a weary world. Vtle were thankful that many members of our families and some of our classmates would be returning home. Our whole theme for that year was "Peace-it's wonderful." XVith many restrictions lifted we could look forward to a normal school career. ln fact, we began with a great deal of zest by raising money to take the class of '46 to Kennywood for the annual junior-senior outing which had been prohibited during war time. Then came the fourth and Hnal year with many of us anxious for the year to come to a close so that we could try our wings in a world at peace. But to many, a kind of nostalgia for days that soon would be past filled our last wear. Wle made new friends that year and saw many new faces on the faculty and soon-almost before we realized it-the last test was over, the last bell had rung, and we were graduates of Elders Ridge High School, diplomas in hand, saying good-bye to all the days that we had grown to enjoy. t CLASS lXIo'l"ro: Tonight aff famzrbq where Sha!! we anchor? CLASS CoLoks: Navy Hue and whiff CLASS FI.ownk: Rose t OFFICERS President ..,. . ..... ...., . .. PAUL BLvsToNr: Vice President ,.....,.,,, . ROBERT l'lRANl'ISl'0 Secretary-Treasurer. ...., ............ v IOHN LOVIS.-X Adviser. ,.,, .,...,,,, ,.... ,.,, , M R s, HADDRN t 1, f iVlARY jofw ANGELINI 0111-Vf'f' jennie is a lass who is liked by all. -lennie was an active student in the Chorus during her sevond year. She participated in the Dramatic lflub. ller ambition is to be an air hostess. 'ldizonoier A N'roNIA K This is another of our "vets" who returned to school. Ile is a senior who helped manage the basketball team. This tall, friendly lad is "'l'ed." li.XTI-IERINE .-XN'roNUc'c'1o If one has eaten lunch in the cafeteria he will agree that "Katie" is a "good Cook if there ever was one." She enjoys spending time listen- mg to the radio THELMA Bam Combine blue eyes, blonde hair, a pleasing personality and admiration for Johnnie. and you have Timmy. She was manager of the girls, basketball team during her senior year. lll'TI,lCN lXBU'l"l'I ller dark eyes, long black hair and neatuess make llelen attractive to those who look at her. She hopes to become a sucressful beauticiau. 1 l lNllliE iAtHRAlXIUVlK'li Mike is a tall senior boy from Nlclntyre. Mikes motto seems to be "enjoy life when and how you ran." Mike was a member of the varsity squad. ...W g w e PAUL BLvs'I'oNE "Skip", as he is known to all, is active in all school activities, He was a member of the football squad. Paul was the senior class president. PHILIP BURTVK Philip is a small, quiet lad. Ile played on the j. V. squad. lle also enjoys other sports. Philip is known to some as "Yophia." H,-XNNAH BEIGHLEY Hannah, an honor student, takes great inter- est in Home Economics. She was a member of the "Ridge Echo" staff, a member of the girls' chorus, and was librarian. She wishes to become a housewife. SALLY BEITEL G14 !Cl0 Sally is a very cheerful, happy senior. She took part in the Dramatic Club. Sally was also a member of the gym exhibition and the chorus. 6 JULIA BETKO Julia is one of our quiet seniors. Julia is also very neat in appearance. She has shown interest in commercial work. She hopes to become a suc- cessful secretary. MARY BETKO Mary is a senior girl who has learned the necessity of neatness. This neatness has won many friends for her. A wish of Mary's is to en- joy a career as a successful telephone operator. 1 1 LAmr1cl,,x L ivitlnx This dark-vyvcl miss has at friendly word to companions, "Cai'ms" hubby is dancing and lis- tening tn the radio. llci' great vompanion is jean. ,XM.l1.l,lNP. K llIt1.X ".fX11g", ll top stuclvnt. has many frii-mls. She' took part in lln' t'nllnwing llt'llYllit'S1'yl'llI'llUUl-C staff. "Ridge liclicf' staff and tht- llramutit' Vlulr. She wants tru he Ll sccretziry. .'xR'l'Hl'R L'll'RI.XNY h,'xl'Clllt'H is :L ft-lluw with 21 plvasing prrsmi- ality. The folluwing aw thc activities in which hr took part: haskvthzlll. football, :intl trark. Inn: Cu1,mi.xN Dale is a quiet but likable fe-llow. lla- is Il member ut' thc I". I". A. Ilah-'s clark. wavy hair attracts many girl uclniirt-rs. JANE CHAKAN jane has a pleasant smilc for all. She- spt-mls muuh of her spare time dancing, Sin- also t-njnys music. jane has planned tn he a hmmkkccprr. LAWRRNQF CHPIVK1 "l,ai'ry" is a good-lrmking fn-lluw frsnn Vaal Kun. Ile is well-liked hy all his fellow studi-nts. "Larry" is always cai'ct'i'ce and happy. ,l V axe:- fi:-1 'fum ' , HARRY IJEMIER llarry is a lad with blond hair. He comes from Oruhard llills. He is a member of the F, F. A. l'lR,-XNFIS llEMVAN One of our happy-go-lucky seniors is t'Skintsf' Ile was a football manager. He also played basketball during his senior year. IYORTS GENE CONNRR Div 25 You'll have to go quite a long away before you can find one as good-natured as Doris Gene. She hopes to become a beautician. l"lVELYN JUNE CROSBY june is a very attractive girl who hopes to be a model and to carry the traditional band box. ller very favorite pastime is dancing, CilFIlX'I.-X Dauaoss A happy-go-lucky lass who is always ready with a smile is Gema. Gema is partial to Kiski Prep. ller dream is to become a veterinarian. BETTY lj.-XNKO Betty is a senior who has personality plus. She was a Red Cross representative and on the Stud- ent Council. She is one of our best writers. Nokma JEAN IJUNMHQP: "jeanie" has a smile that will outshine any. ",Ieanie" was a cook in the cafeteria. She hopes to be a success as a secretary. RKJNALD Dwvuk "Ron" is a quiet lad with very little to say. "R0n's" quietness is the answer to a teacher's prayer. A wish of his is to he an engineer. ciUlCRINU l'llN0'l"l'l t "Reno" is our Htarzann of track, basketball. and football. Ile likes dancing. VYe know he will be a success as a coach. S1flYl"I' lJoUos Scott, a tall senior. has a cheerful word for all. llc was very active during football season. Scott could be seen helping when one of our boys was injured. X' V V ,, , - cf- Hizmzx IJUNAIIR11: A l1WW'1Y 7 Oh! to have her beautiful curly hair. She loves music and also enjoys sewing. She dreams of someday becoming a musician. IJoRoTHv I"l,mr1Nc: lf'-U9-W Do you hear anyone laughing? Thats A'De De." There is never a dull moment while she is around. She seems to have a supply of energy that never runs low. 'tDe De" was on the girls' varsity. NORMA HECKMAN Norma is a jewel if it is true that Hgood things come in small packages." She was in the chorus. She hopes to earn a living by a typewriter and dictation pad. I MARo,xRr:'1' HPZNKEL l'l0.l0 jean, easygoing and carefree, is always very willing to play basketball-played on the girls' varsity. jean also did excellent work for the "Ridge Echo." ROBERT FRANCISCO Bob is our "Cornell VYilde'l of the Ridge. Ile was on the track. basketball. and football squads. He was Student Council president and senior class vice president. flied XYILLIAM GAR'rI.Ev Bill is a tall lad who is eager at any time, to leave a classroom. Bill played on the football team. He plans to be a pilot. LoUisE f.iR.-KH.-XM itll o'f'313' Classes could not be dull if Louise sat near you. She always seems to be telling a joke. She was in the chorus and also the Dramatic Club. illi-XRIO GUIDO This dark-haired ex G. I. is Mario. He came to Elders Ridge after serving with the lf. S. Navy. Before entering the service he attended Bell Township High School. Zuni Hoknrirl, Zane, a quiet lad, was on the football squad. Ile also was on the track team. Zane hopes to be- come a detective. M.xRr:,xRr:'l' AIAHQ "Nlarg's" blond hair, blue eyes, and friendly smile attracts all those who look at her. She was very active in intramural sports. She also was in the Dramatic Cluh. l"R.xNc"Rs KANNIQ If music' is in demand see Frances. She en- joys playing the accordion which she does very well. She has a bright smile and a joke for all her friends. She is also a star haskethall player. M .uw Lot' IQINTER Mary Lou, very attractive and friendly, has a cheerful smile for all. She seems to he in partic- ular demand with all those who enjoy a pleasing personality. died Romzki' HRNRV Roh is a very popular lad with the girls. Ile plans to attend State Vollege. Ile is well-liked hy his friends. XYn,I.1.xxr HENRY Bill is a tall fellow who talks very little. lle plans to stay home and work on the farm. JULIA LEsNEsKIE lllllllfi-fm julia is always in demand for the fun she carries with her. If you attended any of our dances you know that she is a "whiz" as a thespian. FI,oRENc'E Loc'K,xRn If silence is golden then so is Florence, She listens very carefully in the classroom. She wants to clerk in a department store. QXLBERT KOCHER Albert must have been the "Blond Sailor" everyone sang about. He is a 'tvet" who is a football fan. Albert will go to college. PETE KOVALIC Pete, a handsome lad, was president of room 8. l'ete's dark, wavy hair is an asset. He played excellent football for two years. O1.c:A KUzvsHVN A mixture of pleasure and work and you have Olga. She was a right hand girl in the cooking department. ll0LORES LEONE "Laugh and the world will laugh with you." This seems to be "D's" motto. When she smiles you will see her very attractive dimples. She was a yearbook staff member. ujlfih 1 JOHN Lov1sA "Boom Boom" is a lad from Mcintyre. lIe's a Ridge star in football. basketball, and track. john was also a good student. jack MAcHAK Jack is a senior boy from Coal Run. He shows much interest in baseball. Ile will show his talent as a pitcher for the big league. ll PZNRY Ni.-XIJAY lf you want to laugh, see Henry. His tricks for finding something to laugh about never cease. Ile wants to be a barber. llenry wants to be the person who will Cut l'ete Kavolic's son's hair. CQEURGE MARSHALL George, a very quiet lad, is from Livermore. Ile likes all sports. George plans to join the Air Corps. ALTHEA LOOKAISAUGH kjaffd A-very tall girl from Orchard Illlls is Altheu. As a member of the girls' chorus, she was a great success. '1'HEREsA LORENZI You can find Theresa anywhere there is fun- a-plenty. IIer cheery smile awaits all. Theresa is a good friend and companion. M ICHAEL NIENDALOFF Mike is an easy-going lad who certainly can get around the girls. Mike is anxiously awaiting the day when his name can be seen in lights. CL.-XIR lVilI.I-ER "Dip" is a pal to all who know him. One of his favorite sports seems to be football. He was on the Student Council for two years. R LEROV MARTIN Leroy is a tall, slim lad who lives in Apollo. He belongs to the F. F. A. lle is planning for a position as a radio technician. Avis MQTILWAIN Avis was a top basketball player. She was advertising manager of the "Ridge Echo." She was also in the Dramatic Club and the chorus. JOHN MeQUiLK1N johnny is our class flirt who is always teasing girls. Ile is very active in sports. johnny enjoys bowling and he hopes to be an engineer. ROBERT NIELISSA This tall lad from Iselin is Bob. Ile was a basketball and football star. He wants to be an artist. Im Mom Jw 1 he M3-.ia Ida, a friendly lass, has long, black hair. She was a member of the chorus and the Commercial Club. She enjoys dancing. Her ambition is to be an expert seamstress. LRICRT Nt ITARICSQ 'HI NYhen "'l'umsey" tiashes his smile, the atmos- phere suddenly changes. Ile was on the basketball team and also was a yearbook staff member. KIOVVI-1 PARsoN v Joyce, a friendly senior, is fond of ice skat- ing. She was a member of the Dramatic Vlub and the yearbook staff. Her ambition is to be an air hostess. BETTY PARSELI, "Rusty" is the new senior who came to our school after attending Oxnard High School in California. ller favorite class is typing. STEVE Momisxv Yes, you know him. Ile is 'tl"uun'ho," a lad from room l. l,ook at his bright smile and you can see that he is willing to be a friend to everyone, llc- was Ll member of the Student tfoun- cil. MAR4:ARti'l' Moons This pretty lass is known to all as "Margie.,' Her red hair is one of her many good features. She was always an active participant in intra- mural sports. She wishes to beeome a housewife. f 1. -,v.- -I : ...ff 2. .Q ROBERT REFINE Robert is a fellow who is carefree and happy. Bob was a very active participant of the F. F. A. Nl.-XRYBEI. PATTERSON Marybel is a quiet senior with a friendly dis- position, Marybel was a forward on the girls' basketball team. She was an honor student. PATRICIA l,RESCO'l"l' "Pat'J, a top cheerleader, was a member of the Dramatic Club. the girls' chorus. and the girls' basketball squad. She also was editor-in-chief of the "Ridge Echo." ,- l K. X JEAN PRIDE LCEYJQWLFJ .lean is an honor student. jean is known to r 1 LoinsE REE Louise has brown hair and blue eyes. She has a housewifely nature that makes her want mar- riage as a career. her friends as "hed," She was editor of the year- book. Jean was also feature editor of the "Ridge Echo." Rov REARICK Roy is a small fellow who is always full of excitement and jokes. He enjoys sports of all kinds. He belonged to the F. F. A. JOHN ROGEL Rogel, a lad from Room 1, is usually found teasing the girls. He wants to become a mechanic. L1LL1AN RUDDOCK Lillian is another of our dainty chicks. She takes an interest in her studies plus being good in sports. VVe'll someday see her as an excel- lent nurse. ELSIE SABALOVICH S!-Vnfeoilzf "El" is one of our enjoyable and cheery pals - always ready with a friendly smile. She is always looking on the bright side of life and will do a favor for anyone. BILL RIDENOUR Bill is a quiet, friendly lad from Browns- town. He was active in intramural sports. This boy is liked because of his pleasing personality. GOLDIE RIGGLE This quiet girl who has a bright smile for everyone is Goldie. She has a supply of friend- liness lying beneath a very quiet exterior. Goldie hopes to be a housewife. 'Q HENRY SAXION This lad hails from Kiski and is known to all his pals as M"Sax." He wishes to be a pilot Li Q Mr- L P, ri"'.ljf X vis-Qi! Q .e ' 4 4 . f .. . A -H sv v ,A . f, . , . 1-4 . ., Q f H,Qv.i4.m3.v. I ' , 'L' K ' swf' 'uv' ,'k."." -g N' ' 'rn "4 i N IRHNE 5Hm'KEY . mfiflwt lrene is one of our small seniors. She was one of the members of the girls' chorus for several years. Beautician work is tops in her mind for her future. B1-1R'1'HA L1-:iz 5HO'l"l'S "Bert" is always ready to tlash her friendly smile for all those she meets. "Bert" was a mem- ber of the Dramatic Club. JOHN SERRIAN This happy gentleman with a warm smile for everyone is john. Ile hopes to be a successful businessman. LJORIS SHAFFER Doris takes much interest in her studies. She is very friendly. Doris is a member of the Commercial Club. BE'l"l'Y ANN SHARON Betty, a pretty brunette, is from lselin. She is very friendly. Betty shows great interest in beautician work. RENA SHELLHABIRIER l1Q'ixOix'3x' ft! Wav. Rena's pleasing personality brings her many friends. She was in the girls' Chorus for two years. ller ambition is to be a housewife. HOW.,XRIJ SHUUP Howard, a lad with brown, Curly hair, seeinvcl to always be studying. Because of his studying, he passed safely, ,fwe 115 I . iff' 'Q-. MARGARET SILVIS Margaret is known best by her cart-free dis- position and friendly smile. She took an interest in sports and was a member of the chorus. -IRAN W'oI,oWRIc'KI jean, an active member in all sports, wishes to become a dress designer. She was a forward of the girls' varsity, lVlARY YURACK 'Q 'Mb Cbifl, Mary is a very quiet lass from room l. She was a Home Economics student. To be an air hostess is her desire, EMU. 'l'EYsslRR This lad with smart ideas is known to all his pals as 'fTish.', He was president of the Junior Class. Ilis ambition is to play tiddlywinks. He was a member of the newspaper and year book staffs. HELEN TRRssI,ER llelen is a senior who was a member of the f'Ridge Echo" for three years. She wishes to be- come a housewife. MARY VV.-XLTFRS Mary is a very alert girl who is interested in sports. She was in the girls' chorus for two years. She wants to be a secretary. JEAN XVILSON 4Ulgiy?6'n5'fnill1 Jean, a girl who is never seen without a smile, was in the Dramatic Club. She also was in the gym exhibition. 9 MAm:.xRm' Ziixxiisizizi..-xx .X little Nliss fivun Room l is Xlzirgaret l Sli 'l' l'lCTllRlCIl lVllltllAliI, liiisljlx XV.XI.'I'lZR liizxi-zsiu' , joiix NTISURIJA e enjoys till sports. Nlargarefs favorite sport is hztsketbzill. LENA Zaxoiii Lena who seems tn be very quiet at the tirst glance is the opposite when you get to know het' very well. She was a Home lieunuinics student. lin' CtlN'l'0l,.-X ,-X lad with black luiii' and lvlttck eyes is Pat. l'i'ei'i0us to coming to liltlers Ridge he went for three years to high school at Saltsburg. llc was active in many activities at Saltsburg. 4 Lila, - - f3,,,,.r au- , QQ' N6 L 'Cry 1 Sgr P - i .,,. r ff.. F57 -,A' 5 'A f if ' LI'g 2' " ,fi , I 1 , ' is 1 , gf, .i 'FQ f i A. ai S ysti W-,QE K--'- t -LVV , X., , 3352 A Q 3' Q Paul lilystone Angeline Ciocca Reno Finotti john Lovisa limit 'lieyssier Klarybel Patterson Patricia Prescott -lean Pridn- SENIOR PERSONALITIES .'XNGlCl,INlC CIUCCJX Nlvmber of llouor Soriety. B'lt'lIll7Cl ol' Coniint-rcial Vlub, Typist fm Yearbook, litlitor of Newspapcr. l','XlTL l3LYS'l'ONlf Mc-inbcr of llonor Society, l'rvsi- dent nl' Svnior Vlass, 4 yva.rs uf football, l yn-ar ul' baseball. Y Y lClVllL 'PICYSSIIQR .WH5 LUX I5-X Nlembcr of llonor Society. l'rt-si- Guard on Basketball Squad, Secre- . l,l'2ilH2ltlC Club, Member of Nsws- paper Stall, 4 years of football. 4 years of trark, Forward on Basket- ball Team. tary of Senior Class, Vice-President of -lunior Class. 4 years of foot- ball. l year of basvball. dent of junior Class, Nleniber of RENO FINO'l"l'I llallback on Football Tefam, 3 years of basketball, 4 years of track, Vatulier for liaseball Team. M.XRYl5l'lL PA'l"l'l'lRSON Humber of llonor Srxricty. Nlcm- ber of Girls' Chorus, President of Cmnmercial Club, Assistant Editor of Yearbook, Forward on the Girls' Varsity. ljgylllilfll l'Rl'ISCO'l"ll kIl+1,XN'l'RllJli Vhesrleadrr for 4 years, l"urwarcl Xlt-mber ui' llunor Suvirty. Xlvmbcr on Girls' Varsity, liditor ut' the uf lilramatics Club, l'residc-ut of Nc-wspapc-r, Vice-l'rcsitlrnt of Girls' l'l1ural Club, Editor ul' Yr-arlmuk. l'h0rus, Treasurer of Dramatic Vlub. lil-atura lialitor of Newspaper. f -f -- WW fx X CUXSSL 3 JUNIOR CLASS mf Knew, fwfr tn rfyhf: lf. ffl11'm1nski. li, Horner, .-X. Blasin, I". Ileasley. A. Gaukor, li. M1 X XIF1clllL,h1Il fL'SSl121. Ia. Nlfmrmre. .Nn'm1'flVnwI Ii. lluumirc. l. Iicdivk, ,I, Shutls. P. Zalut. I.. Russ, Y. Saxo 1 tl chrsrm. Thiwz' A'w:v: XI. Stifflcr, NI. Iidder. I". Sabatinc. C, jamisrm. NI. Baker, NI. Ilalutivk XI XIUUNCI X foleman XI. Kavulivlm. li. Nlfmlmaillglwv. 'lf Nlrllwain. l"n1n'rl1 mmf: A. Zuflwlli. I.. Kline. Cl. lfrick. lm NIL son Ilohlox w W XI. liicr, I". Vo Prcsiclcllt. .,.. . Vice l'residcnt S6C1'l'l2lI'j' . '1,1'C2lSlIl'CI' . . Adviscl' ..., -k OFFICERS . . ...Bl-1'l"l'v N1k'1I,W.XlN ,.Lo1:1sr: 1'.x'1"l'1cl4suN .. Amxsx S'rr:v1cxsux . BLAIR Nloskxlffzlluk .. N'lRs.XN'r:I.1.EN JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY The junior class started its career in August, 1044. The one hundred-eighty students assembled in rooms 3, 12, and 13. In their sophomore year they selected their colors for thet banner, blue and white. Their officers were as follows: president. Betty Ellen Mcllwaing vice president, Russel l.entzg secretary, Blair Mosbaugherg treasurer, Mary liayulich, and Mrs. XVellen, adviser, This year the juniors, now eighty-nine in number, worked hard to raise money for the Kennywood excursion, under the supervision of Mrs. Wlellen. The many campaigns were: selling magazines, Christmas cards and wrappings, and by sponsoring skating parties. The year closed with the juniors anxiously looking forward to September and their senior year. n Firm! ll'0'm, left fn righiz tl. Kauffman, li. Mcllwain, NI. Stevens, ll. Poydock. IC. Olexa, I,. Patterson, V. Stalin, V Swalgo, I. liatisig, IJ, Yacenerk..S'n'm1rflx'mu:G. Speranza, li. Gallager, nl. Knopic, Y. Gordish, Nl. Schwan. M Brosko, D. Miller, E. Slupe, NI. Taylor, I. Shearer, Il, Stiver. Third Hmm: F. Vicero. li. Facemyer, A. Stevenson R, I.entz, Ii. Sklar, jaroszewski, I. Turnbull, XY. Stanoik, Ii. Stiles. N. Se-sock, S. liertolino. IS, Vlawson, XY Stiffler, li. Dwyer. SOPHOMORE CLASS -ir OFFICERS President , W . W LEONARD MADAY Vice President, . W , .,,, Nick TVIALE1' Secretary ,,,,,, W LO'I"l'IlC SKQWENSKI Treasurer . , CATHi:iuNn SE'I'I.Ol'K Adviser ,,,, MR. SUTTON W " T . , l"ir.vl Nmcf, Ia!! to ri,qhf:i'PR, Barnett, VI. Naryai, H, Shumay, G. Chakan, I.. Cart:-lli, A. liatistig, H. Cicola, B. Fal- lrit, IJ, llarvot, ll. Howard. Swnvzd lfwzu: NI. Silvis, B, Ziegmond, II. Valuchuck, V. Fulton, I.. Stockdale, D. John Qurlo, P. Ditch, IS. Uunniire, H. Fasenmyer, H. Blonar. Third Row: j. Batik, S. Demyan, T. Henry, Ii. Thompson Xl. Antonuvcio. I.. Lenlz, G. ZIldt'I'IiViC.f'x01Il'lh Raw: I.. Maday, R. Ilanick, T. Pallone, II. Stiffler. N. Malec, B Nluudie. Nlclntyru. ll. Hetku. S. lidder. ll. Cup, li. Nlrmrellcacl, lf. Ilm'um'. IJ. C'1'mvl10x'c1'. R. xlL'f.lCH2llllI. D. Iluhns. li, Ku delsmm, ll. Rhea. fum-lh lx'n'zu: gl. Ondrizek. R. Chesnick, j. Zona. NY. Hilty. R, Dlolmsun, UI, Little. li, Iicirlzl VIUIIIISUII. Fizzvl Now, Inf! fo riglzf? S. Little, A. Remaley. J. BllC1'l2:l.ll2i.ll, j. Nloshaugher, li. Moore, Ii Rupp, Y. Brown Vamski, IJ. XYhite. .Skfwzfl mmf: li, Means. G. Iilystone. BI, Vhambers. E. Anderson, L. Kunklc, li. llockenbewy Xltmire. 7'hf1-111-fm: II. Sullivan, I.. Fulton. K. 1-'legm-, A, Goldingcr, XY. Beatty, IQ. Beatty. If, Iilystumz R. Nli f'0lII'lh FUTUI U, Nlallsfield, lilwuod. -I. Shirley, D. Anderson, G. Hiller. K. Uwwdish, ll. Slcdzik. fqlflf A,17TU, Inf! ru righli lj. Cincra. R. fiiilllflllll. BI. Vcssna, I.. Ilellclersoll. IS. Uaugllcrly, li, Slliratu, K, Setlvwk ly Smith. .5'n'n1nI Kfmv: L. Zona. Bl. liwing. KI. Silvis, IC, Geoorgc, A. llorncr. A. Visch, A, Zumbcrlan, Third Ahmf Firxt row, Zeff lo right: D. McIlwain, J. Prescott, J. Rosensteel, II. Hughes, Y. Rupp, R. Palmer, L. Tressler, H Madison. Sammi Row: R. Stiffler, j. Edder. M. Betko, P. VVa1ters, T. Rhea, A. Stango, M. Burtyk, D. Rupple, R Townshend, R. Mansfield. Third row: R. Kauffman, A, Bolen, A. Almes, E. Wray, B. McCormick, R. Hughes Fourth row: E. Pretlow, R. Silvis, R. Silvis, A. Haas, A. Rodnicki, J. Cup, M. Riffer, P. Madison, L. Pesci, I White, P. Taylor. i' FRESHMAN CLASS ir HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS Room 14 ...... ,,,,.... D OROTHV GALLO Room 9 ...,,. ..,.... D ONALD BLYSTONE Room 12 .,v,,. .... M ARGARET HENDERSON Room 3 .,,,,v. ,,,,,,,,,.,.,., P AUL TAYLOR lfirsf mmf, fwfr In righl: R. Ditch, B. Yates, Nl. Nagg. ll, Vllmslysluixi, A. Slmffc1'..S'n'm1n' rfmf: A. llulutick, Nl llrmlui-smi, li. Sniyers, IJ. Gallo, I, Nogu, VI. Nlillen. FI. lirosku, Cl. Iiunmire, ll. Smith, F. Cliclsclxiik. R. Flzluk, R Nladay. ll. llanzmto, X. l'ellu. Thfrd mmf: UI. llivcla, li. l'is:li, .X. Nluku, .X. Ilziiwn-y, .X. Sliuulis. -I, Cole-iiiziii, O. Pm rliuk, Nl. Aslilmugli, R. llarvul, NY, lim-nclis, Xl. Nlu1'l1sz:u'k. 1 Fizzrf mmf, Ilfft fn right: li. Kiev, ID. Lukeliart, Nl, Ondrizek, .-X. Politnno, R, lilystmw, Ii. llenry, 1,. Coleman, Nl I uk , eliart, Nl, Lllkcliart, Nl, Jamison. Sm'm1dz'n7af: li. Kauffman, Nl. liukor, L. Rive, 'lf liortz, l,. Foy, K. Amlcrson ll. Fclgnr, B. Shirley, I,. 'llresslriz Thin! ww: ll, Barkley, D. Strong, l". Allmire. Fnnrfh raw: S. l'l'0YYlli'7YCl'. J Iluumirc, 'lf Vnleiiinii, ll. lilystwnr, -I. 1'11lifm'iii1x, l.. Kunklc, I". llavis, .l. Sliirlry, ll. NIcl.augliin, ll, XYussm-r, II K:-igli. -4 fd 5 fd. ,.L Aw W5 - u Q vs, Haiti . Am ., gy, 'fl' i t . W fp ' " ' 7 K, , "' 4 ,A ,A . , 1 2 . A ' I I f A., viwrrfkxk QA gZ"QTm , " f ' AQW' if Q 1" ,4 A W X ' .gif "" .4 Q, fy Q , , is S isa., 5 f 4 ,wg Q ZA-:.h NNY Ea 'sig 'Ei .J 3 . v. , f :NV 'M ,il 1' Tia?-'Vw' DYA"'M"' W1 fl M 4 I, 5 I , .Q f jxwdi QQ X E ,.. X A 'Vf W MQ Q QCTIVITIE First ww, lefl In righfi IJ. Klcllwain. ll. Strong. E. Olexa. L. Patterson. E. Moore. E liess e lxoss N lla R. Stevenson. Sumfzri 1-ma: J. Pride. Miss liiir, -I. Coleman, NI. Henderson. A. Shaullis NI x ox 5 x in Yerger, II. Keighley. Third raw: P. Prescott, Bl. Kavluich, A. Nlcllwain. C. Ditch,l llenke Shotts X Ciocca L. Foy, IJ. Conner. lfmzrlh raw: E. Teyssier, A. Stevenson, A. Zuchelli, R, Lentz, 5.13.1 ine S 1 ei Xlosliaugher, G. lfrick. RIDGE ECHO 'l'he Ridge Echo completed another successful year under editorship of Pit liestott ind Xn geline Ciocca. Each monthly issue brought news, gossip, editorial COIIIIHCHI and other feitures that proved interesting to faculty and students alike. Miss Pair is to be commended for her untiring ef forts in supervising the staff. FIRST SENIESTICR Editor, ..... . ,.., ,,,,,, , PAT l,R1jSl'U'l"l' Associate Editor W ., ,,.,jic,xN PRIDE Business Nlanager, ..., ,.,. G Eoieczii l'lRlt'K SECOND SEMESTER Editor, ..,. , ..., . ,... ....., , ....,,, , QXNGELINE Ciot't:A A ssociate Editor ,... U Business Nlanager .,,. 131 , .LARUE Ross ,AIR yltlSliAUGHER Firxl row, left rn right: Nlr, Brannon, adviser, A, Ciouca, Nl. Patterson, NI. Vvalters, J. Parson. Il. Leone, VI. Pride-, A, Nolareschi. .SKFOIIIZI row: li. Teyssier, Il. Blystnue, A. Cipriany, O. Kuzyshun. Nl, Angelini, l. Mori, S, Nlolesky. uk RIDGE HI-LITES Now that the Ridge llz'-Lila of 1947 is finally in the hands of the student body, we, the staff, can sincerely say that we have thoroughly enjoyed our lung and sometimes worried hours of work in preparing this volume for you. We trust that you will treasure it always as a means of bringing back pleasant memories of friends and events at Elders Ridge. 'lr Fluff row, Ieff In righf: J. California, ll. Lorenzi, J. Mosbaugliter, G. Speranza. Nl. Misurda Nl Ixaxulxch C Nlil ler, R. Nladay. Sffmzzz' row: S. Molesky, F. Conn, VV. Lumberger, Mr. Shaulis, R. Francisco ir ' STUDENT COUNCIL President ......,. Vice President ...,,.,, Secretary ,,..i,..,.,, Treasurer ,,,,, Adviser ,,,,,, 'k OFFICERS af ROBERT FRANCISCO .....,,STEVE NIOLESKY ...DMARV KAUVLICH A ..... ,Cmm NTILLER ....,..MR. SHAULIS The Student Council was very active this year. The major project xv as a hand book designed to help new students. A hall patrol to aid in controlling hall traffic was also initiated. First Kfmf, lefi rn right: li. Beatty. li. Beatty. A. Haas. J. Ilunniire. R. Coleman, A. llnlen, J. lfdder. -I. Shirley. R. Stiffler. IC. Ray, I.. Shirley. j. Vlihite, Mr. NYeister. Suvnfm' raw: G. Miller. R. Felgar, R. Silvis. G. McLaughlin. li. llorner, I". Davis. R. Altmire, G. Mansfield. R. Kauffman. D. Felgar, A. Rodnicki. M. Riffner. Thin! Raw: I.. Martin, VV. Buzzard, R. Henry. ll. Sullivan, R. Hughes, ll. Mansfield. S. Franover. li. Lukehurt, H. Mcformivk, l'. Miller. R. Anderson. li. Moshaugher. lfnm-th row: T. Coleman, DI. lilwood. V Doris. G. Kline. Fiffh A'fmf: l'. Madison. II. Deemer, li. jamison, IJ. Claypool, M. Biers,NY. Ilenry, 'l'. Dobrosky. HK' FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future F11I'lllC1'S of America is an urgaliizutiuli uf buys studying vucationzxl agriculture in public high schools throughout the country. Our Chapter re-organized in 19-14 is under the sponsorship of Mr. XVeister. OIVIVICICRS President ....... .. Yice President . .. Secretary ........... Treasurer .... A dviser IJICGRICICS Lnllvliffg ffl do Dllflfgf Z0 ffzlfll E1lI'llf1lg fo live L1'f'1'f1g tu .n'z'1'c 'A' .....'l'0Nv Iluzkosxv .,.,.ROBER'l' Rlmtzmivlz . . GENE IN'I.XNSFIlCI.D Nliircm: Huck .. MR. XYE1s'1'icR MOT'I'OlCS fril'c't'll llaml Flztlzff' fizII'llIr'l' Ayz'j'.s'flNlr' FrI7'1!le'I' .J 1115170111 Fflrllfef' First raw, leff fa righi: L. Patterson, B. Poydock, li. Olexa, NI. Patterson, J. Betko, ll. Dunniire, D. Shaffer, J. Burdick. Secami raw: J. Crosby, M. Yerger, N. lleckman, D. Miller, M. Bartoe, A. Gauker, A. Ciocca, Mrs. Ed- monds, adviser. Third row: B. Shotts, P. Zalot, I. Shotts, V. Saxon, A. Lookabaugh, M. Brosko, M. llalutick, F. lleasley, V. Coleman, ll. Henderson. 'ir COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club organized this year under the sponsorship of Mrs. Edmunds. The first meeting was held on November 21. 1946. Officers were elected and a constitution drawn up. The purpose of the Commercial Club is to do commercial work for the teachers of our school. This relieves the teachers of many duties. The Club is for juniors and seniors only. One must average a three or over to be eligible. There are twenty-six members. Meetings are held regularly. Aside from work, the members provided enjoyment for them- selves. Different activities were held during the year. including parties and initiation. Each member did his very best to make the Commercial Club a success which it really was. OFFICERS President. ,............ ........,................ M ARVBEL PATTERSON Vice President ,.,......... ........... D oR1s SHAFFER Secretary-Treasurer ....... .,... H ELEN DUNLHRE Adviser ......,.,,.,,,,...,,,,.,. ,...,., IN flies. EDMoNDs I First raw, left lo rigid: NI. Moore, N. Ileckman, D. Harvot, Ii. Tressler, E. Henry, Mrs. Lambert, J. Crosby, E Olexa. B. Daugherty. A. Remaley. .SvZL'0I1d'7'0'ZilI NI. Ashbaugh. j. Pride. B. jones, G. Dunmire, I". Heasley, J. Mil- Ien, IJ. Connor, T. Boarts, J. Kaufman, I.. Rice. Tlzini rnfu: Ii. IIorn, II. Dunmire, NI. NVaIters. R. Shellhamer B. Nlartiu, II. Cup, Ii. Shorts. Fuzzy-fh mmf: I., Graham, A. I,UUIi2l.I7L1llf.fIl, I.. Zona, A. IIarve-y, I.. Kunklc, NI.ZamI1e-r- Ian, 'l'. NYruy, NI. Kuvliuh, I., I.:-utz. 'k GIRLS' CHORUS uk Firxf ww, left In righl: R. Ditch, BI. Patterson, NI. Stevens. I.. Patterson, DI. Brosko, VI. Buchanan, KI. Iiwing, II Rupp. R. Palmer, B. INloore..S'ec1v1d mmf: NI. McLaughlin, B. Poydock, II. Beighlcy, G. Riggle, IC. Kaufmann, S Bietel, B. Jones, B. McIlwain, B. Miller. Third www: B. Blonar, I Schockey, I. Silvis, B. Moorehead, A. Shaulis, A NIcIIwain, I'. Prescott. Fnnrfh rfrzu: I.. Ifoy. A. Mako, I. Sodosky. E. Slupek. B. Lorenzi. G. Speranza. NI, Taylor ID. IIiIty, II. Nladison. Firsff TUTU, Iuff In righl: ll. A. Mcllwain, NI. McLaughlin, Il. Miller, A. Ilrosko, l". Ileasley, A. Gauker, Ii. Miller, AI. Kauffman. .Yefnmf row: NI. Bartoe, NI. I.. Yearger, I.. R. Ross, V. Coleman, C, Speranza. I.. Patterson, H. Hender- son. Third row: I". Conn, Il. alot, j. S. Shotts, V. Saxon, Ii. Gallagher, j. Knopic, V. Gordish, NI. Stiffler. 'A' DRAMATIC CLUB ir Firxt row, left fn rigfzf: NI. Moore, IC. Tressler, I.. Suclar, M. Jack, FI. Crosby, D. I. Conner, A. Mcllwain, Sammi row: D. Leone, j. Pride, j. VViIson, H, Beighley, M. I. Angeline, I.. Rice, I'. Prescott. Thin! row: I.. Graham, I. Shockey, A. Lookabaugh. li. Sabolovich. 1. Henkel, I. Mori, I. Parsons, A. Ciocca, 'I'. Bair. S. Bietel, T. Teyssier, f'fI1l7'Z'hf rnzcf: R. Repine, G. Nlarshall, S. Douds, B. Gartley, A, Kosher, R. Finotti, -I. NIcQnilkin, R. Francisco, A. Cipriany. - I Betty june Lorenzi, Beverly Thompson. jane Premcott. Pat Prescott, Lottie Skovenski Louise Patterson. CHEERLEADERS 'A' First Row, Zefl to righl: Elizabeth Olexa, Margaret Moore, june Nlosbaugher. Ruth Stevenson. Sammi Rauf: Virginia Saxon. Sally lieitel. Betty Moore. Tlzira' Rmvt 'lop' Siree Shotts. Xlary Kaxulich. Ilannah lieithley, Doris Con- ner. Fourth lfnw: Mrs. Iladden, Betty Gallagher, Olga Kuzyshyn, Ida Mori, jean llenkel. LABORATORY 'A' I'Y P I STS AT XYO R K SHOP if KITCHEN fn-S' UE HW' my '--en Ar ' ,A Y' X RH. ii' 9 A Q AVO ,W , Ev gg 15552551 Qu f Q T H L12 TI C S :lf cv .-4 ..-. ..a ED L11 .-T ,-. QJ 1 U : ... UI U 5 C 55 5 ni .. 1 X V :Li cf o .J .4 I: L. L5 of s C2 --1 v h-i sl :U I Pu 12 ed BJ JJ ,.. .1 s: : Ld .Z 6 an : Ri .. an Q 3 ii :Z 5 2' .2 -.- rn 5: cd -. A .4 V :E U .,.. ,- 5 A -+4 .c U C .Q Q2 N fl? 5 sl -.4 A E C Ne : 9 NS N V1 Z 12 U .H LJ FOOTBALL Although we didn't have a very successful football season we did have a good team Most of our defeats were to schools of a higher class. Lack of experience was the main difficulty the boys en countered. We started the season with a nine game schedule which was one of the hardest schedules in the county. On this schedule was a very highly rated school in Ohio At the end of the season we had five losses, three wins, and a tie. Elders Elders Elders Elders Elders Elders Elders Elders 'A' SEASON RECORD Ridge .,.,, Ridge Ridge Ridge Ridge Ridge c,,,,e , Ridge Ridge ...c 0 Sewickley Twp. . Blairsville , ,....,... ,. 0 -. ..... 6 Shadyside, Ohio 19 Ligonier Derry Boro Shannock Valley 18 0 Apollo ., Indiana ....... 7 Fi:-.rf lfnw, .i-ifrizzg: liniil leyssier, Reno lfinotti, Rudy Cordish, VYalter lienesky, I-'rancis Demyan, john Loyisa. Semzlrl koztf: Robert Francisco, Nlike lioyko, Nlike Abrarnovich. Larry Gliha, llerman Sledzik, Eugene Fasen- myer, Albert Notareschi. Third Row: Klr. Fuszek, Juhn liatick, Theotlore Antoniack. Leonard Nladay. VARSITY BASKETBALL 'l'he past basketball season proved a highly successful one. with the team winning tifteen out of twenty-three games. Of these games ten were league contests, 'l'he school played in Section 19. lY.l'.I.rX.L. this year and placed. in a tie with Plum Town- ship. for third place for league honors. In the county tournament the "Ridge" was beaten by In- diana in the preliminary contest for the Group I title. Coach lfuszek ably tutored the team and was well pleased with the season, although he would have liked to added a few trophies to the school trophy case. .'XltllOLlgIll no top honors were taken by the team as a whole. some of the boys received recogni- tion for their playing ability and sportsmanship. "Satan" 'l'eyssier was elected to the lirst string of the Section 19 All-Stars with johnny Loyisa and 'AI-Rolo" lfinotti being' listed with the players for honorable mention. Lovisa was placed on the Group l All-Stars of Indiana County: Finotti and 'l'eyssier receiving honorable mention. BOX SCORE Elders Ridge-A20 ,,, ,, , ..,.. lildertongl 3 lilders Ridge-31 W W Avonmore4-'21 Elders Ridge-32 ,. liell Township-30 tlilders Ridge--ZS ,,,,, Y ,W ,,,,,,,,,,,, Apollo-30 Elders Ridge-I0 ,W , liell 'l'ownsliip723 lilders Ridge-733 ,, ,,,, , W ,,,,,,,, Alunini727 Elders Ridge-34 , ,,r,,,, Avomnore-'2l tlilders Ridgeflil , , E. Ileer 'l'ownshipY45 lilders Ridge-714 ,,,,, Saltshtirgfhi lilders Ridge--33 , I , .Q Commodorc-725 Elders Kidge73l ,,,, ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,, l Clderton-25 Wilders liidge+37 H Y ,, ,,,, Plum 'l'ownShipf2S lilders Ridge-14 ,,,,,,,,Y, , ,,,., Allegheny-Sl tlilders Ridgeflql , , , Xllisliington Township-23 Wilders Ridgeflfl , ,,,, IC. lleer 'l'oWnship430 tlClders Ridgef--40 , VV. lleer 'l'ownsliipi27 lflders Ridgef-47 ..,,,,, Cfommodore-Z3 Ililders Ridge--ZS , , ,YYYY, Apollo--27 tlilders Ridge-27 ,, , l'lum 'l'ownship425 lilders Ridge--ZZ , lndiana726 Z' Elders Ridge-37 , ,,,,,, ,, VVashington 'l'ownshipv32 lilders Ridgef34 W , ,,,,,,,,,, ,,, SaltslJnrgg2-1 Wi 'lilders Ridgqefil , ,Y,,, NY. Deer Townsliip-34 t denotes league games. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Under tlle ellzlell. N111 Sutton. llle Alllllilll' Varsity sqllzld plzlyed eigllleell g2llllCS durillg llle Sk lxtlll Xxvllll eiglll of lllese QLIIIICS won. tlle lC2llll fell proud lmf its reerlrd. Nlalliy of the buys plzlyed lJl1SliLl lull' lllL' first tlllll wlllll l ll-w llzld llzld LXIJLIILHLK lllllll previous vezlla. VX llllllul .l lJl1lYR'l'S wlll be llle :lux uf llk'Xl Xtlll' s l llslll lildl-is Ridge lilders Ridge lildels Ridge lilders Ridge lilders Ridge lilders Ridge lilders Ridge lilders Ridge lilders Ridge lilclertllll l-Sl-ll 'l'wp. liell Twp. ,, S1lllSblll'g , l'llClC1'Ubll ,, lixlst lieer Cflllllilflflflft' llllllll 'l'wp. NYzlslii1lglllll lL'2llll la JU 9 38 2 -3 62 , ffl la wp .25 lildels Ridge lilders Ridge lClcle1's Ridge lilders Ridge lilders Ridge lilders Ridge lilders Ridge Iilders Ridge lilders Ridge Sllll5lllll'g XYesl lleel' .Xpullll lillsl lbeer Crnlllllllldlnre Plum 'l'wp. XN'flsliillg'tml West Deer ,Xprlllll duulul SCYL'l41ll of tl N wp ffm! Raflf, l'm'rfif1,q: Rivllard llallick, illOlll llt'I'll'f'. lll1Tl'j Stelll-llillrl, liull lilillzl. Rll55l'll lmlllz. liill lidllkllllll, xlei ard .'XlI1'llil't', .S'l'l'flf1fl rfltu, vtlzfflffflgg llwlm ClLlXY517l1. l'illjl6llL' l'l'etllm. llt'lll'f' K1lIlik'k. lfllgelle l'lLlSCIlllIj'Cl'. Xirli Sl-Llsllek, Vllllcll. l lx Sllllllll, First Row, lu-fl to right: Velma Coleman, Dorothy Fleming, Marybel Patterson. Louise Rice. jane Buchanan. Avis Mcllwain, Mary WVa1ters. .S'z4'oud Raw: Mr. Teyssier, Thelma Bair, Betty McIlwain. Dolly Nliller, Mary Brosko, Lillian Ruddock, Patricia Prescott, .lean Henkel, Mary Lynn Yerger, Mr. Steffenino. 'ir GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1946-47 season proved a losing battle for the girls' basketball team. Under the guidance of Coach Steffenino the girls learned all they Cou' . , , . . d worked hard and learned fast but to no accord. Their tirst battle was fought on the Avonmore score. The second game was played on the home Saltsburg belles out-scored them 22-15. 'The Ridge girls went to Saltsburg for their the score was 21-11. VVith their spirit still high they went into their But they found that though theirs was the will, it them another defeat with a score of 29-12. in the short time they had for practice. They court with the Ridge on the bottom of a 29-16 tloor. Another loss was marked when the third game and their third loss. This time fourth game with a will to outplay Avonmore. was not the way. The Avonmorettes handed The last game of the season proved another loss when the Alumni came out on top of a 16-15 score. The seasons record ended with five losses and no wins. Although the season lacked vic- tories. the girls showed good sportsmanship and enjoyed playing the games. Firsf row, leff io righ1:'l'. Nlcllwain, R. Francisco, C. Miller, Z. Horrel, N. Xlalec, G. Finotti, j. Rogcl, manager J. Lovisa. Sammi row: Mr. Heard and Mr. Fuszek, coaches. VV. Stanonik, A. Stevenson, NI. Hier, -I. Scrrian, man- ager. XY. Lumbcrger, VV. Ridenour. L. Gliha, Nlr. Steffenino. coach. T R A C K T E A M if BASEBALL TEAM Firm' rn'w,f1'fffn riyhl: J. CZ11ifOl'Ilid, R, Fl'C.lI1CiSCO. H. Nladay, R. Altmire, VV. Rich-nour, II. Aliltqlilk. .S'f-fnzzrl rms XII: FllSZt'k,L'0I1Ch, I'. Blystrune- N. Nlalec, F. Cic'v1'0. NY. Stanmlik. II. Sic-dzik, G. Finotti, J. lnvisa, NIV. II:-ard head coach. ' i E PATRONS AND ADVERTISERS ir Apollo Ford Service S S S Apollo Milling Co. SS SS E. Ii, Armitage-Szffnwf 1lla1fZ'vfSSSS lialier and II a1'vey'-ASf60of b,I!,VA'f',Y Iiarcleys Hardware llllll I5urkett's Flower Shop S llll llll S II. I'3ucIieit-Pyzfnfzza' Hoflfm' Cas ll,, S I3usSard,s Grocery: S lllll SS VV. XV. and N. R. Dickey llllll Carl I"Ieiiiiiig-Gazfzzgen SS Heber Geoi'gc-Growzf t2ontner's Studio Henry Hall-P1'Z1z!e'rSv ,l,, ,,,.,,l S S SS S Indiana Automobile Dealers, Association Indiana Evening Gazette S i,alil S SS S Indiana Printing and Publishing Co.SS Iinipshield's Hardware SS Light Cap Electric Co.SS Steve I.iboslci-Glrofiwc McIlwain's Store SS Mahoning Supply Co.SS S Rudolph Micholitti S iccci Molly Ann's Fashion ShopSSSSS NI. C. Moore Supply Co., Inc.SS Penn Furniture Co.SS S S Pierce's GrocerySSSSS iiic S Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Co. Margaret Rosenstcele-I'a.vf11zZ.v!1fav.vSS Savings and Trust Co ,,ccc c,,i S Shaffer's Photographic Studio ii,i SS Zula Sinith's Dress Shop S S S S SS Sinithcraft Manufacturing Stationers ccic Smith's jewelry and Gift Shop S S Strand and XVarner 'I'heatresS IISIIOINPSOHIS Service Station SS XVadding's Market iiii S XVinger's Service Center SS Apollo, SS Apollo, S Apollo SSSElders Ridge, SSSSSIndiana, SS Apol lo SS SS cc,,c SSSSSIndiana, Urchard Hills, Spring Church, , S i,ccc Clarksburg, VVest Lebanon. cccc Indiana, S SSSIndiana, SSSSSIndiana. Slndiana, SS S SSIndiana, SOrchard Hills, cccc Indiana. S ,,,, Nowrytoxvn. SS S Shady Plain, S SSIndiana, SSSSClarlcsburg. S Slndiana, S Saltsburg, SS SSSSSIndiana, Orchard Hills, SSSSIndiana, Spring Church, SSSIndiana, SSSSApollo, S SS SS S Apollo, Columbus junction, I SSIndiana. S ,,,,. - Xpollo, S S Elders Ridge, SS S SS Slndiana. SS Spring Church, Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. oxva Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa.

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