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Elders Ridge High School - Hi Lites Yearbook (Elders Ridge, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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3 ,. E E F 95 if 5 '92 5 E as E F ,s a H! 3 5 2 5 5: 59 5 2 '.F'ih..1k A , f ,F 332 f L' A , u Q A , 1, x Na. v. 2 1.1. " 4' ' ,, .Y in .F ,h Q .Vw .Z wg X Qt a -NA, I, XA f N v , 1 'ii Q mv 3 Y . , e - 31,1543 , , if 45" , .4 -v .4 .. Q, .-nl Bl N b U 1 Vw I if w M, 1 W sa 1 :, 3 A . A me. 7.-H JV ,, A W' z' il K A A fUFQ.01m? ff" .wi V M, R -A IA A. I g5f,'f.g,.'g .9 :Q 5-"I . iv , ayhnwilf, gsqpg-'xxf-, wg, 'P A ' H fm., 2 if ' ,: . gg.:Vx:,3r i.:Q'x,l,!:, 1. . A V I w5aAz.Rixf.'.i-I P , j.. ES, if. ' .X . . 1 A, 1-,3!g,:i31i2.,'1'2w 1' If -Q. A ' - M 1 ' f' A AA asv, A M A. H we-1 l ,w:?gQw.muAf A. W .s ,ggegjffzh 'g"kg:,'f:Z1 v:. v' Q 'wQ5l?Q,:EQY1L?'7fli..X"'51f,il ' Xu-1' - 2 -41-IMI L. .QAyA5yX 5 -N x '- ,. Awzbfzb,-Vafe.frg ' A My' W ' N33 , - 2, M . V fQ""Tf ' 1' F - Y. :A x X ' -' A f ' ' " ' '. A' it? , . ' A14-V" ' SE' "f fa A ' Q .: "f ' 5- ., f"'f?. iff' " ' +- W wf- '2g'ef!AP-"P-rf' 1: zlfd Maas 7' H - Asif mrwprl - . Y-W,, K v, ' Y WA., VA 4, f- ,jg A A , , wg, A ,, Y 1 AA A A , f,-1, - V.: X N: 1 MQ. s2'fLC?QAgw ffl 1 'W' 'A w'1'1fw44f' fY 1' I L-s'j?3..fT-V' 'vm , , .-f'Aj'3c. .Aj',,-,.12g:5:-fpzvfaafx,KA-.u 53 MTW? X' X. rife? :AL A .r T:-513 35' ,452-,521-"FP:f1--'f?f'f ' - A M2 V, A, ,A W- - Y' A,-kgs, l,fQg:'..:Qg?,,, N A, 'A pi , ' ' wfflq' I Q q G - . W- w4A: agg' ,fi-f'm , ,Aw A , 4. if 43 1 - - ws A, A-A - ' W . AL, 4 . 7 -1 . W ,M K ' A W E ' ' v 4 at J A , 1 ,N D AN, .A A. ,A :H ,Y , ,pb nk M .H , r- ' - W... A ..,1I, ,mm mm 'lim Q " " 1 ' A: H . .Q 4 ' ' ,- l Y , v V . in 1, ' . , ., ,I - A i 1, .4 L Q ' ' Jfiwlh M Q A Qu .:..,4gkhf A45 fy 1 ,, 3 1 V 1 J 4 'K' A ,A-, BAA! ' "k v ' Qgizj 4 ' , ' ii . ' w , 53 .,' ' . . 4 ' GC' ' fi 11- . ' I ' . ' 'K' f ,,. 1 F X vz 'C Q L f .Wi , M: 'lr "I 5 . 13.1. ,. ,,. . ..., , wx iv, ,vffi ' 'V H -' '-X g, .HW lsiyg V ' .iffy . 1 . ,. ' h H A 2 Q qt x 5 3. I. ,G Vi 54-P, 'Z v , ,,, , - , , k ., H , 'If fwibff- '-fQf3,?f W' : G-"I irq if" f' s ff'-U 1 -- N Q. ff iiffu-L V- fy- - " , ,f ' ' F mg: ff' , A 1- ' ,. 1 1,-. ,- A 3, w' . -- uf-",g1q'm 1-w w ,. wa fs-.nwif Km mfg- - .1322 r ,lpn-1L,3f5,w-.f' , -V , .- . If Vg.. 1 Y. Mffhy f ,,,.. , Y 4 -. mr, f- ' ' . - ,r.-ig5,ge.- , mf . '- ' - cuff 2553 , ' A ' 1 'Y f",f1'i5fQ .ii3'f?I- 1. Q f I , ., , " . - .. , 7 - 'ifji-J',s-354-iz. ' ' N ' .4 - N-1-2 - - X' f" ESQ , Q-Ijvgf'.t,i.,3q ' ' .K .V - 5 - 'va av' .g 'N 5' .f v.r'A -iff ' I - . ' -K I vw 41,212 'L-13321 'g E . 4:55. L' '- JM ia ,:..., y4f, . , h B f3,i:V557' 1'5::,3'j.e . ' - Sq. :-. 1 I mg?-I hi. - X . .h : F 4 -'11, 135 ,F . ' S' A h . - . ,fem I - - sf: ' ' " af -255 ,T H31 .fl ' ' - 5' 3" 'La ' A fff. 'ff ,, m ff . ' L' if " ' r 1 f,-. .-5 'wt V ' - f .,! Y ' : 3-g3,:'4kL ' . gf Y 157 V' " .W 3 Q"- 1 fi r, v . , if ' -, , 5. '-ELM lm :Y-1-:ff ' " yi - ' ' 1' V -M: , ' - , Vg ,Z "' TWV 'A-g.,' '-if -J. -33. f - c 1 ' 'F .. .. .1 .7 . W -i , ,ge u ,ww L, ' - A . V ' - pp. .::,Q,, , -L '31 . u, Q. . 3' 1 1, --1 . i M f ah. -1 N I .-- - ,A. :'f,',Q4..'A , , V, , X, ,J 1 'FT' Jails J -N,-f' :Qs 1 ' .x , . THE ELDIGE Published by the Senior Class of IQ!-L6 ELDERS RIDGE HIGI-I SCHOOL THE FLEET IS IN ..-all 2 Ig. A TRIBUTE miibeu is A L L. Ca , Our principal is a fellow who believes in square shooting and does his best to enforce that rule around school. Under his excellent supervision, We have pro- gressed in every Way. "Jeff" may be seen around the school at most any time helping to untangle some knotty problem. A truly right guy who handles a big job with in- telligent tactics! ' -:al 3 Ih- Aniond, S. J. Holstein, Mrs. T. C. Hood, C. C. Allshouse, Mrs. J. A lianke, l'l. M. Smith, K. Coffman. in Left to right: Christine Filippini, School Secretary, Mr. Heard, Assistant Principal Mr. Campbell, Principal. Those Who Guide Our School.. The Board of Education Svatcd, left to right: H. M. Standing: A. ll. Gray, W. Mc- Awley, M. Collins, W. H. Cfeniniell. Absent: S. Deenicr, R. N. Patter- son, C. M. Millen, l'. lily:-itone, L D. Kuntz. Luis FACULTY My 'ym .. Y .. - - - - , 1, -7 . ' , r . 4 aw. Uwfcrllg, Miss Brown Mrs. Coulter Miss Fun' M'rs. Frye Miss Gensbigrler 'Miss Gessler Mrs, Hzidden Miss Hess ' Mr. Heard Mr. Manner Miss McClintock Miss Notareschi Mrs. Pollock Mr. Smeziton Mr. Sutton Mrs. Swast Mr. Weister Mr. Fuszek Guiding us through our four years at Elders Ridge stand our faculty. They have acted as leaders to us in all we have undertakeng they have been our friends and guides. They have proved their sincere interest in our wel- fare not only by teaching us technical material in our books and studies but 'also by showing us how to get the best out of life and how to achieve and maintain intelligent citizenship in this advancing civilization. So, hats off to our faculty for their fine attitudes, shining ideals, active encouragement, Wonderful examples, and outstanding abilities as they carry on in 1946. , -ff,',5v ra 'fuxy sw Q. f ,,,. no flu' Wffo' lm xlr 55 21.1, f ly LU 1 ,fig mag ..- t 1.. J" ,rw A pls ,mg , ng- , 4,3-3 1. ta ?4f-JIM'-My-J Q. '-1 .JI 5 IH- AROUND SCHOOL ME ...q-nw ii W , Wgww iw First row: It isn't funny! -- Any mail? 7 Direct hit! Third row: Rs-rl Fross Givls 7 'l'e-uchc-r's: team 4 Thi- Thinks-rs Sc-uonrl row: The- suhstitutm- -- Lv1's 1:0 home Fourth row: Whvrv from? --- Jamie - Hi! -biblic- SENICJRS OFFICERS President . George Bezik V. President . .. .... Jane White Secretary errr, Kathleen McKee Treasurer erer,,, Marcella Poydock Advisor . , rrrrsr Miss Notareschi Sophia Angelini Alice Anthony Clara Jenn Anthony Charles Ashbaugh sf-E35 Sophia Angelini . . . Dependable miss from Room 1. She constantly works, daily increasing her speed in short- handg usually seen in the company of Esther. Alice Anthony .... A lice is always fair and square with everyone. Although quiet she always has a smile and a good Word ready for her friends. Clara Jean Anthony . . . Clara Jean has a Winsome smile and sparkling brown eyes. She is sincere and friend- ly. Where you see Alice you see Clara Jean. Charles Ashbaugh . . . t'Chad" keeps his classes alive with his tricks and jokesg continually playing pranks on someoneg a friend to all. -QI 8 Ig.. 8 x. Thomas Bananto . . . A cute smile and sparkling blue eyes make "Tom" a likeable chap. He has a grand sense of humor and is always ready with a helping hand. Bernice Bence . . . Fun loving and carefree can best describe "Bernie," She is friendly and always cheerfulg likes dancing, and is partial to the Merchant Marines. George Bezik . . . Intelligent and easygoing lad with many friendsg a pal to all he knowsg one of the stars in football, basketball, and track. ' Mary Alice Boden . . . A very quiet ambitious belle. She is very neat and likes to sew. Steffie Boyko . . . An attractive young lady with a winning smile. Takes basketball seriouslyg does a good job as forward on the team. V ' 1 ,l Sophia Burtyk . . . "So.ph" is a shy lass with very little to say. Likes sportsg played three years on girl's varsity team. -J" . , . V 44" I 'Nt ve' ' I fi. in-fl , ' ' I Irene Clawson . . . Mix a grea personality, an abundance of ability, season with a cupful of ambition, add a pinch of industriousness and you have Irene. Clarence Coleman. . . A tall lanky lad with very little to say. Gets his work done without bothering the next guy. Jean Coleman . . . Blond, cheerful lass with a lasting smile. Always full of pep and ready to go. Ray Cramer . . . Ray is a very quiet and easygoing lad. Has a ready smile for everyone. 'SKI Q ll:- x 2 N .olifll I . Thomas Bananto George Bezik Steffie Boyko Irene Clawson Jean Coleman Bernice Bence Mary Alice Boden Sophia Burtyk Clarence Coleman Ray Cramer f Knthleen Davis Richard Ditch Enis Finotti Vernie Garrv June' Golflinge-l' Lois Davis James English Joseph Fulton Genevieve Gartley Mary Lou Grant Kathleen Davis . . . A small girl full of energy. t'Kathie" likes dancing, both round and square. She is quiet but friendly. Lois Davis . . . An easygoing gal who wears a ring on her left hand and has decided on marriage as her career. Richard Ditch . . . "Sonny" is tall, handsome, and liked by all. Takes part in all sportsg a regular varsity boy in football, basketball, and track. James English . . . To tease the girls is Jim's delight. His blonde, wavy hair is the envy of all. Ever ready with some prank. Enis Finotti . . . Enis is an enjoyable and cheery companiong always ready with a joke and a smile. Joseph Fulton . . . Joe is one of our tall handsome boys, who has a friendly dispositiong always cooking up some mischief. Vernie Garry . . . Vernie is the girl with the dark twinkling eyes. She has plenty of pep, vim, and vitality. Her smile will outshine any. Genevieve Gartley . . . A cheerful girl with a smile and a pat on the back ready for any who pass by. Her ambition is to become a nurse. June Goldinger . . . "Junie" is another of our dainty chicks. Her gay laughter is heard through the halls every day. She is a wonderful seamstress. Mary Lou Grant . . . Shy! Yes, but let her smile and she's your friend. She is studious and wants to be an ef- ficient a'nd capablgsecretary. -. . - J " g'v, .A-1, 41 'al IO Ia- Elmer Halutick . . . "Moe" is a quiet sort of fellow except when he is with Tom. Spends a good deal of his time playing in Gus Burtig's orchestra. Has not a worry in the world. Harry Heasley . . . A pleasant friendly fellow who enjoys his school life. Square dancing is his favorite pas- time. LaRue Heckman . . . A pretty little lady . . . very friendly with an ever ready smile. One of the songbirds of the senior class. Elizabeth Henkel . . . A very shy and petite lass. Betty is quiet in every way and will be remembered long for her quiet ways. Blair Howard . . . Blair is quiet on the surface, but very friendly when you get to know him. His favorite hangout is Thompson's. Joseph Johngarlo . . . A handsome boy, popular with the girls: he is a football player with a will to win. Plays the accord'an in his spare time. Jean Kier . . . A shy, industrious studentg her motto, "to be seen and not heard." Always gets her work done in plenty of time. Norma Kooser . . . Norma is one of our blonde bomb- shells. Favorite pastime is cruising around in her dad's car--when she can buy gas. John Langham . . . "Judge" has as many friends as a wealthy bachelor, and not all males. He has an inex- haustable supply of good humor and pep. John Learn . . . John is a likeable chap, never in a hurry, always telllng witty jokes. Enjoys teasing people. X l M i K ' , , ,V .5 A JL lvxx . . Elmer Hzxlutick Harry Hensley LaRue Heckmzm Elizabeth Henkel Blair Howard Joseph Johnyrarlo Jean Kiel' Norma Kooser John Lzinghzmh John Learn 7 I ix in ' f .QI II Clara Mae Little . . . Clara is a conscientious lass, whose aim is to become an efficient secretary. She is al- ways willing to lend a helping hand. Edward Lorenzi . . . "Eddie" is a shy lad with very little to say. A happy-go-lucky boy with a winning smile. Zollie Lumberger . . . An all-round athlete, partici- pating in football, track, and basketball. "Moose" has won many friends with his flashing smile. Leo Machak . . . Leo is one of our quiet senior boys, but even h's shy manner has made him well liked among his fellow students. Margaret Maudie 1 . . Margaret has a ready chatter and a laugh never to be forgotten. She is usually with her sidekick "Lizzie" and together they are a jolly duo. li Donna Jean McCormick . . . "Donnie" is a good student, better than average in her school work. She is al- ways friendly and has a smile for everyone. Aleta McCullough . . . A friendly lass w'th a ring on her left hand. She is a likeable student and has many loyal friends. Kathleen McKee . . . "Kitty" is a pretty and ener- getic senior, whose ringing laughter can be heard through- out the schoolg likes skating and dancing. Gertrude Melissa . . . "Trudy" has the alto voice of an angel. She's working hard now, because someday she wants to be a school teacher. Joseph Miller . . . Joe is a serious lad whose curly hair makes him quite popular with the girls. pastime is driving around in his dad's Buick. His favorite CQ'-Jn it 'I Qi Clara Mae Little Edward Lorenzi Zollie Lumberirer Leo Machak Margzwet Maudie Donna Jean McCormick Aleta McCullouL!h Kathleen McKee Gertrude Melissa Joseph Miller o ,. 3 f 120.0 Y 06095 A .' ,Q f A ,gl I2 Ig. Km' tx dr I Thelma Miller . . . The girl with the beautiful hands. Not very talkative, but always ready with a friendly smile. Mildred Modery . . . Mildred is very quiet except when she's with her friend Angelineg shy but freindly. Theodore Myzwinski . . . A tall lanky boy is he. A friend to all. A smile, a laugh, a pat on the back, that's Ted. v f Susan Olexa . . . Blonde hair, blue eyes, and lots of vim and vigor. Always ready for a good basketball game, a guard on the Girl's Varsity. 4 P Elizabeth Patrick . . . A pleasant reserved girl. All ways ready with a pleasing smile. One of our. Home Economics girls. , ' -i V . ' r fy ff if ,V 3 I Ray Patterson . . . Ray is quiet on the surface, but very friendly when you get to know him. Enjoys driving to school with a certain someone for company. Angeline Pedrini . . . Angeline has a winsome smile and cute dim.ples. Can't be separated from her pal Mild- red. Marcella Poydock . . . "Telly" combines intelligence with charm and friendliness. She likes to peck at a type- writer and jot downshorthand. Esther Prenni . . . Sparkling brown eyes and pearl white teeth are her attractive features, is the answer to a teacher's prayer-quiet and cooperative. William Pride . . . "Bill" is a friend of everyone, al- ways cooking up some mischief. He's a happy-go-lucky lad with no worries. '3 lp- f . Thelma Miller Theodore Myzwinski Elizabeth Patrick Angeline Peclrini Ether Prenni Mildred Modrey Susan Olexa Ray Patterson Marcella Poydock William Pride K' Pete Prokopchuk Daniel Remziley ltlary Rhea Nziomi Rosenstm- Jack Setlock l 1 l Betty Pugh Florence Rhea Ann Rokoszue-ski Donna Jean Rupert Virginia Shaffer 9 . Pete Prokopchuk . . . Pete always liked to use the school as a place to catch up on his sleep. A cute smile and a shy manner make him popular. Betty Pugh . . . "Lassie" is a very pretty small- featured brunette. Always willing to help. Will make an efficient secretary. Rather quiet until you really get to know her. M Qfclfaj Znpcff Daniel Remaley . . . One of our quiet boys without a nickname. Does a good job as art editor of the Ridge Echo. Florence Rhea . . . "Silence is golden," and so is her hair. "Flossy" is a demure lass with a ready smile. Mary Rhea . . . One of those fortunate girls who pos- sesses wavy hair. Is a good sport and ever willing to help the next fellow. Ann Rokoszueski . . . "Pretty is as pretty d0es"w- thats' why everyone likes "Noosh." A smile is always wait- ing for those who need it. Naomi Rosensteel . . . Dark eyes and a bright smile eet those who look on Naomi. Can usually be seen in the company of the Davis girls. Dona Jean Rupert . . . "Rusty" is a very popular and attractive young girl. Participates in a great many school activities and is a good leaderg :member of the Student Council two years. Jack Setlock . . . t'Vern" is our own 'tswoon croon- er." Is really "hep" and has some of "Frankie's" quali- ties. Plays the trombone in his spare t Virginia Shaffer. . . "Ginny" has the most spark- ling blue eyes in the senior class and a right pert dimple goes with her ever-ready laugh. -211 lu Ii:- Alice Jane Shawley . . . t'Squirti' is our class cutie. Blonde hair and blue eyes make a very pleasing combina- tion, and the recipe she was made over turned out to be a tasty dish. Edward Sledzik . . . The girls all like "Ed" and he delights in teasing them. "Getting around" is his ambi- tion, Walter Smith . . . "Walt" is a serious lad who al- ways has his work up to dateg intelligence plus makes him a friend of all. Jean Smyers . . . One of the Home Economics De- partment's most energetic students. Her career as a seam- stress is well on its way. A sweet girl who enjoys work- ing. Mary Sosnick . . . Two blue eyes, pretty blonde hair, and a merry laugh bring "Fuzzy" very much into demand. Likes to roller skate. Donna Stear . . . We like 'em dainty, and our Donna is really a doll. Jitterbugging is right up her alleyg con- siders sailors good dancers. Clarence Stewart . . . "Tinky" is definitely the vim and vigor type. He takes a great interest in sports of all kinds. We juniors really had a president who was "hep." Martha Stiver . . . "Flossy" is a quiet lass. She was always ready to serve in the library. Eleanor Teyssier . . . Combine brown eyes, dark hair, dainty features-add a bright mind, lots of ambition and a will to get ahead-that's Eleanor. John Turk . . . Johnny is the Gene Kelly of Elders Ridge. Sm-oo-th is the word! That wavy hair catches every gIrl's eyeg his smile is always ready. ueyfsl- -C'N-4,-wh 1 . If YW .if Alice June Shnwloy Edward Sledzik Walter Smith Jean Smycrs Mary Sosnick Donna Ste-:xr Clarence Stewart Martha Stiver Elezmor Te-yssior John Turk -xi , . 4 ' 'N' if 4 1 ' n J S Ry 5 -vi I5 Ie my ik, Duane Wagner . . . Hubba-Hubba is the right word for this boy. Twinkling blue eyes and a delightful pastime of teasing girls gets Duane in some tough situations. Richard Walters . . . It's not only the men who pre- fer blondes, especially when that smile goes with it. t'Rich" is an ardent sports fan. Evelyn Wilson . . . "Evie" is a lass with a cheerful smile. 'She is a sincere friend and very reliable in all she is asked to do. Anna Jane White . . . "Janie" has more pep than a bowl of cerealg very active in sports and games. Her smiles will outshine any. Annabel White . . . "Annie" is one of our best-loved students. Tiny, though full of spirit, she's in on every- thing that counts. Nancy White . . . Doo-ing! That's the exclamation we hear when "Nan" steps on a basketball court. A good sense of humor and a will not to laugh at her own jokes make her everyone's favorite. Joseph Yatzkanic . . . Basketball, football, track! Joe is an all-round athlete. Big broad shoulders and a hand- some grin make him always welcome. William Zalot . . . Blonde hair, blue eyes, and ready to laugh is a delightful combination especially mingled to make our Bill. when Carl Ziegmond . . . Smiling is one of "Ziggies" most becoming virtues. His quietness adds another charm. Note that wavy hair, please! . . ,XM 1 ef ms-.ai not - if Milf ' W A Dunne Wagner Richard Walters Evelyn Wilson Anna Jane White Annabel White Nancy White Joseph Yatzkanic William Zzilnt Carl Ziegmond i -4116110 and PXCTNYUE S CL PXSSES JUNIORS i 1 . N K First row, lm-ft 10 right: J. Hx-nlwl. M. Mouiw-. A. Atiilin, K, .-Xniumlc vm, J. Le-snr-skin. M. Kints-V. Il. Kzisimn. S. Hurmon. Svwmrl row: S. Iivilr-l, A. Mvilwzuin. 'l', I.n:'4-n i. IP. Flriminif. 'l'. Iiznil H. Ilunmire, l'. Cir-mln, J. l'h:1k:ln. H. Alvlmlii. V. Milli-r, .X. Inmlxzvlmuiuh, II Hs-ighle-y. N. Hvvkmzm. J. f'n'0sIwy. Third row: E. 'I's-yssivr, F, K'inir'lx, U. Kuzysliyu, IZ. Ilunlm. .I. Ihin mire-. P, I!lys'unm-. Z. IsIm'1'f'll. I.. fir'1h'vm. F. Inwlizxrel. V. Millvr. Il. Vrmlwl Ii. Ewing. Fourth row: R, Ilwyvr, M. Alnwlmovic-h, Il. C'ul1-mam. I., Uiin-viii, S Iloulls, Ii. Gzirtlvy. G. Msirshuli. I.. Mzirtin. VV. Htl:-s:1l'fl. H. ilu-mi-l', Pi. I.u!l'5Ul X Filnilnv 'lk' 'a ', J. IVICQQIII 'm. Fifth row: J. Luviszi, F, Ih-myzm. P. Kuvznliv. I'. Ilurfvli. I.. ICQI1-y, I' Fsiilzut, .I. Misurrhl. M. Iiusiju, R, I4'l':m1'isr-fr. R, Finntti. VV. K1-in-sky. First row, lvfl In riwfht: Pi. Trvsslm-i', IP. I4-mu-. Ii. Siivm-iismi. IJ Sh:li'Iivl', M. B4-tku, M. PHttt'l'fUII. J. Pride, J. Iivtko, M. Yurzlrk. S4-vonrl row: I. Shosks-y. R. She-llhzsmmvr. J. VVil un. I.. Swlzxr. Ii Zzlnolli, A. Ficrcmi. E, Siholovivh. P. Pre-svntt, I. Mori, .I. I':-Vsrm. IX. Shzurrm M, Angle-lini, M. Zzumberlzm. M. .Inf-lc Third Vow: IS. Shutts. M. Wallin-rs, I. Silvis. I.. Rmlilm-ix, G. Iiimrle .I. Wolowivcki. L. Rim-. M. Wells. Fourth VONVI F. Stuvhvll, M. M1-lirlzllnff, R. Mrflissn. VV. Kiflvnmir, VV H1-nry, II. Szlxirm. J. Iirlylvl. Ii. I-In-nry. J. Svi'i'inn. A. Nntziiw-sc-hi, II. Mziflziy. .QI OFFICERS President . , E. Teyssiei' V. President . , J. Lovisa Secretary-'I'i'easui'e1' . R. Finotti Advisor' . Miss McClintock I 8 Ii:- zxukn-r, Ii. Millm-r, A. Iilnsln, 1 OFFICERS President , V. President eee,, Secretary . A Treasurer . Advisor B. McIlwain R. Lentz Mosbaugher M. Kavulicll I Miss Hess First row, left to rlsxhlz V. Gorcllsh, M. Mnchzxk, H. H4.-ncll-rson ezxslcy, M. I5:11'101', E. Cfhronoslxi, E. Moore-. M. McI.nug'hlIn, J. Iilzxsln. I. Iizxtistipf, Second row: G. Knopic, M. Kuvulich, V. Coleman, I. liedich, M, Dun mire, M. I-Izxlluiuli, E. Hnrnm-r, A. Ilugzuz II. Foy, M. Mouser, li. McIlwnin. Third row: IC. Klltkowski, I". Cireyn, E. Jzlruszewski, R. Lentz, I' Gl'in1lcI', T. llolwualiy, G. Frluk. M. I".li1mini, L. Kline, R. f'l:1w.un. Ii. Ilwyc-r J L 1. IJ I lr-0x',"L-, . f'lny1vuo I-. I'lULII'IlI row: P. lim-zlli, .I I.uL-us, IVI. lloyko. F. Mzxnnur, E. I4':Iserxme'yn'1' M. Hzllwr, U. Jnmisun, T. ML-Ilwnin, S. Iflm-pllzlss. J. M1-:Inn-Q, M. Hier, Ii. Mos I luyrller. I". Conn, I, Henry. l"i1'st row. ls-It to right: G. Scln'e1cwz1g'uf.t, C. Rs-rlwick, li. Poyclock, Ross, E. OIL-xal. M. Stevens, G. Spf-x'nn,:n, M. Yvrgn-1', V. Szmion, V. Stezxr, zulu-rson, II. Milla-r, M. Srlxwznn. Second row: E. Sklar, N. S4-sock, IP. IXIEIMH, ll. Stiver, M. Nznrg, 7.1lnt, M. Ilrusko, V. Swnlgxu, A. Ilroflwo, E. Slum-Ii, A. Spernnzzl. Third row: A. Stevvnzon, J. Shotts, I. Slu-url-r, IJ. Yzlcc-nlch, zxllzxgha-l', R. Wzxgrxy-l', R. Rimlvnour. Fourth row: W. Stnnonllx. I. Turnlmll. II. Stzxrlun. E. Stiles, Lnrskie, A. Shumuy. I". Szxlmtirm, A. Zuchs-Ill. SOPHOMORES -:II I 9 II:- FRESHMEN 4 l s First Vow, lf-ft. to right: H. Ke-mule-. I.. Kunlilv, G. lilyslonn-, A lialistig, ll, lIo1'k4-nbc-Vry, V. lirown, li. lfallat. ll, Johngrarlo, F, f'ir-4-ro, E Tam:-ski. Svvonrl Vow: J, liurfhanan. J. lVloxlxaimhm'. ll. Moors-, P. Rupp, S Littlo, D. Harvot. lVl. Clhamlxl-rs, ll. l4'i'ys-V, F. Rr-fail., P. llitvh, D. Whit:-. S Hocki-nberry, B. Martin. Third row: M, Ant,onuc'r'io, A, R+-male-y, L. Varzitf-lli. M. lluranrl, B Blonar, E. Anderson, E. Means, E. Gr-org:-, li, Fass-nmvyi-r. M, llanko, H Howard, H. Dunmire, L. Lvntz, G. Lovisa, J. Shirloy, li. l'iv-ola. Fourth row: G. Mansllm-ld, VV. Br-atty, R. Altmira-, V, Ilotts, S IM-myan, H. Machali, J. Elwood, H. Sullivan, l'. llitvh, R. lioalty. IJ. Abel' T. Henry, R. Miller, G. Mills-r, IJ. Johns, F. T1'vsslm'. Fifth row: ll. Amonrl. A. Buratti, F. Politano, R. Gordish, J. Batik J. Kenesky. H. Kanivlx. W. Lllmlu-11:1-i'. E, Jonc-s. F, Horonzy, A. ,Golflingrer I7. Anderson, R. Fvlgrar, L. Fulton. First row. le-ft to right: L. Hemlvrson. M. O-ssna. G. Ciovr-a, E. Mc- Intyre-, J. Maryai, H. Valuuhuvk, R. Calhoun, B. Zimrmonrl, H. Shumay, B. Svhirato. M. Misurrla, lVl. Ewing. Second Vow: H. lil-tko, M. Ron1,54-rs, V. Sz-tloc-k. I.. Slovrlnski, M. Harklf-roacl, L. Silvis, A. Pisr-h. L, Zona, A. Hoi'n+-V, A. Zamberlan, P. Oswalt. L. Stockdale-, V. Fulton, ll. Thompson, B. Moorhead, D. Ewing. Third row: R. liiefla, R. Anm-lini, H. Cup. M. Silvis. R. Barnette E. Anderson, E. Horn:-r, F. Vyka, J. Prenni, IP. Urnwnover. H, Rhea., R. Johnson. Fourth row: N. Mall-r, W, Vlawson. L. Marlay, N, Wasylyshyn, T. Stiles, D. Mills-1', J. Little-, E. Mulik, J. Undrizek, R. Ililty, S. Masrhak, J. Shaffer, Fifth row: H. Sli-dzik, J. Kelly, W. Andi-rson, H. St:-ffvnino, B. Mauclie, M. Shutka, E. Blystons-, H. Stifflvr. J. Yuravk. R. Vhvsnivk, J. Zona, C. Zarl1':u'ar-, ll. Johnson. W, Hilty. HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Room Three .,.,. ,,,. , ,. W. Anderson Room Nine L. Fulton Room Twelve ,..,. . L. Stockdale Room Fourteen .,.. B. Dunmire 20 Ig. v - Left to right: Janie White, Ted Myzwinski, Betty Pugh, Miss N41tHTESlfhl, lrene Clawson. Dona Jean Rupert, Absent. THE ELDIGE Now that the ELDIGE is in the hands of the student body, the Staff can look back with a chuckle upon the things that were definite worries a few months ago. , The Staff, with Betty Pugh, editorg Dona Jean Rupert, associate edi- torg and Miss Notareschi, advisor, set themselves to filling empty spaces on the dummy with pictures and words that would serve as a 'pictorial his- tory of the school year. The sports editors, Janie White and Ted Myzwin- skig and business manager, lrene Clawson, worked equally well and earnest- ly to produce a well-organized book. T: fur: as f 2' First row, left to right: G. Second row: P. Wells, E. Anfl- Thiril row: J. Langhzrm, R vlivsn IJ. Mclformic-lt, E. Tressle-r, erson, E, Means, ll. Conner, B. p.. r , .K U.. P21111-1':mi, E. 'l's'yssivl', V, Shnf- livrlce, N. White, N. Kooser, G. IIKIENTIMO' VL ind 'Tim' irohlln lsr. J. VVhitv, S, Ulm-vu, E. Wilson, Gnrtley, E. Prenni, M. Ye-rger, E. J' 5"tl"i'k' 'IA lurk- J- hllfllsh- I lVl. Gr'-nf. S. Angvliui, H, Pugh. Moore. H. Beiuhlvy, Miss Fair, lm:iVn.E. 'IH-yssie-1-,'l'. Nlyzwinslii l H1-nlwl. Advisor. THE RIDGE ECHO Under the direction of Miss Fair, the Ridge Echo staff Worked diligent- ly to produce an interesting and Well-organized paper. To them We owe credit for doing a good job! First, row, left to right: B. Second row: R. Biecla, P. Hezik, lmnko, A. Cioccn, M. Stevens, J. fl' MimSl-l,"'ld-,C- Miller- W4l5fnl'1'- White, J. Mnryzii, E. Teyssier. Myzwmbkh- J' Hunk' A' L' Campbell, Advisor. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council with Mr. Campbell as guide has been hard at work organizing activities and keeping the honor roll up-to-date. They are a hard-working and cooperative group who are efficient in all they do. -al 22 In Wziuner, W. HllSSHl'4l, R. Rvuriclx. First row. left to right: D. F. Fonn. L. Egley, R. Hi-nry. Second row: Mr. W'eiste-r, Afl- visnr. ll. C011-man. W. Henry. G. Sz'h1'c-ricm-nyrost, R. Pzittvrson, H. Hensley. Third row: L. Martin. l'. Full-- ITIIIII, R. Rvpiml, M. Hier. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers of America is a Vocational organization of farm th h t boys studying vocational agriculture in the public high schools roug ou the country. Our chapter of the F. F. A. was not active until Mr. Weister re-organ ized it in 1944. Since then several of the boys have won the R1-county Farmer Degree. Motto Degrees V Learning to do Green Hand Doing to learn Future Farmer Earning to live Keystone Farmer Living to serve American Farmer OFFICERS President , , . R. Patterson V. President , A . D 'M. Beir Secretary ...., iiii , W. Bussard Treasurer eeee L. Martin Reporter . , H. Heasley Advisor ,, , Mr. Weister 23 Ig.. Patterson, D. Leone, A. Attilio, S Olexu, D. Shaffer, K. Davis, B Bence, P. Prescott, B, Pugh. Second row: N. Kooser, H Dunmire, L. Zunolli, A. Cioccu. E Prenni, I. Mori. hammer, J. Henkel, E. Finotti, S Angelini, M. Grunt, I. Cluwson. Last row: Z. Lumberjzer, Z Horrel. R. Francisco, A. Cipriany. COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club is limited to members of the Commercial Depart- ment. Since the juniors must have an average of "3" to become eligible, the club encourages members to put forth their best efforts. Throughout the year the members have had various get-togethers. Among them were a Spaghetti Dinner, a Surprise Birthday Party followed by a movie, the Jun- ior Initiation Party, a Valentine Dance, and a Farewell Party for the sen- iors. The club is sponsored by Miss Notareschi. OFFICERS President ....... ......., B . Pugh V. President ...... ..... I . Clawson Secretary ....... ...... M . Poydock Treasurer ........................ M. Grant Advisor .... ...,,,. M iss Notareschi ,vw 'QI 24 Ile-- First row, left to right: M. Third row: C. Little. R. Shell- First row, left ot right: IJ Conner. J. Ki:-r, M. Stiver, A Shawley, S. Ole-Xa, A. Rokoszue-ski V. Shaffer. Second row: Mrs. Hadden Supervisor, N. Kooser, J. Wolfs- wiecki, A. Anthony, M. Henkel, G Gartley. M. Rhea. LIBRARIANS The Librarians, under the supervision of Mrs Hadden, work hard to keep the library in order and help anyone looking for the most exciting novel or the encyclopedia needed to do a history assignment We owe a lot to these friendly students who have rendered their services to us Seated, left to right: E. Wilson, A. Rokoszueski, V. Ste-ar. M. Mc Laughlin, M. Taylor, N. Heckman. I. Shockey, E. Teyssier, B. Pugh. Standing, left to right: L. Pat- terson, J. Kauffman, M. Stevens, H. Beighley, M. Yergzer, M. Poy- dock, L. Graham, V. Coleman, D Rupert. l GIRL'S CHORUS The chorus met this year every Wednesday third period under the d rection of Miss Gessler. Whether an assembly program, Commencement music, or Baccalaureate music, the chorus was always on the Job .oil 25 lg.. PERSONALITIES Q -D Irene Clawson Senior cheerleader-known and liked by everyone-a very pretty and vivacious girl with a captivating smile-laughter and fun aplenty. . George Bezik We call him 'tMunky"-a tall handsome boy with a half-shy grin-makes friends easily- intelligent-president of senior class, forward on basketball team. jf? Zollie Lumberger Known to fellow students by "Moose" -friendly and cooperative-always ready with a surprising remark-quarterback on football team-very consistent guarding on basketball team-active participant in track. S PO RTS FOOTBALL lilders Elders Elders Elders Elders Elders if ,X v t fe SEASON RECORD Ridge, Ridge, Ridge, Ridge, Ridge, Ridge, U 27 27 18 12 12 Sept. 14 Blairsville, O Sept. 22 Homer City, U Oct. 13 Homer City, 0 Oct. 19 Kiski, 0 Oct. 2.6 Cowanshannock, 12 Nov. ZZ Our Coaches Apollo, 14 Mr. Heard , ,....., .. ,.,. ,...,. F ootball Varsity Basketball Mr. Sutton . .... ,, , ...... ., , Football Junior Varsity Basketball 4.71. f ei: . ,.,f:,. , le. ,. Way 1. A l ...... First row, left to right: J. Mc- Quilkin, Mzxmxger, H. Jones, M. Shutku. L. Zurskie, M. Hoyko, H. Steffenino, E. Skovenski. B. Muudie, H. I-Iezxsley, H. Snxion. P. Blystone. S+-cond Vow: F. Demyan, R. Fx-lgrair, R. Frzxnciseo, J. Johmrairlo, E. Lore-nzi. Z. Lumbergrer, E. 1 Teyssivr, N. Malec, A. Zuchelli, F. -:il za lic-- Subzitine, E. Horonzy, J. English, Mnnzuzer. Thirfl row: C. Miller, R. Altmirv. Fourth row: Mr. Heard, Couch, R. Finotti, J. Lovisn, G. Hezik. W. Stnnonik, T. Myzwinski, M. Busijn, P. Kovzxlic, W. Ke-nesky, W. Zalot, knnic, L. Fulton, J. Se-rrinn, Mr. Sutton, Couch. R. Ditch, A. Cipriziny, J. Yatz- First row, left to right: J. Mc- Quilkin. Manager, A. Cipriany, R. Francisco, E. Teyssier, R. Finotti. I. Turnbull, Asst. Manager. Second row: Z. Lumberger, J. Lovisa, VV. Stanonik. R. Melissa. G. Bezik, T. Myzwinski, R. Ditclc J, Yatzkanic, Mr. Heard, Coach, Joe Johngarlo, absent from picture. i Iv As a member of Section 21, W.P.I.A.L. SEASON League, the Elders Ridge basketball. squad Elders Ridge tailed Export and Bell Township in the Elders Ridge league race. Guided by Coach W. I. Heard, Elders Ridge the team came through with glorious victor- Elgefs gigge - - El ers i ge ies but also suffered devastating defeats. E1 ders Ridge l Elders Ridge In the County Tournament the Ridge de- St Elders Ridge feated Homer City in the first game, but in if Elders Ridge the final Class A playoff, the Ridgers were Elders Ridge defeated by Indiana, giving the Indiana boys Eggers gfgge the County Championship. Q- E1 fig: Ridgg Eld R'd The boys were not "champs", but We are I Eldiiz Ridgi proud of their good sportsmanship and of the L Elders Ridge season record. . f Elders Ridge Q' Elders Ridge The seniors leaving the squad this year 2335 are: Lumberger, Ditch, Yatzkanic, Myzwin- Elders Ridge ski, Johngarlo, and Bezik. gi? Elders Ridge 29 le RECORD Ex-GI's Homer City Commodore Clymer Homer City Elderton Commodore Ex-GI's Export Saltsburg Avonmore Alumni Elderton Washington Twp Bell Twp. Export Saltsburg Avonmore Washington Twp Franklin Twp Bell Twp. Franklin Twp Henkel, 5. Ole Brosko. GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Coachcd by E. G. Brown, who did a very good job, the girls team had a very shortseason. Playing the strong Saltsburg team first, they were defeated on January 8, 21-17. For the second game the t?am went to Avon- more by bus to down Avonmore 8-7. The game was very close all the way, with Avonmore leading at the half 6-3. Both teams played rough and fought hard. Playing host to the Alumni for the third game of the season, the team was handed its second setback 24-20. Bell Township took the next game from the girls 18-14. The Ridge went to Saltsburg for the re- turn game and was defeated again 16-12. Determined to beat the Ridge in the return game, Avonmore played rough and fast. Elders Ridge was equally determined to win and defeated the Avonmore girls 13-11. The last game of the season was played at the Ridge. Bell Township downed the Ridge 20-19. The season record shows 2 wins and 5 losses. Although the losses outnumbered the wins, the girls showed good sportsmanship and en- joyed playing the games. -:LI so lic-- First row, left t u right: A. White, J White, B. Bence, E. Wilson, Second row: T. Bair, A Mzinaizer, N. White, K. McKee, Boyko, F. Kanick, S. Burtyk, Knvulich, J. Wolowiecki, E. Tey sier, Manager, M Brown, Con h First row, left to rixzht: M. Boyko, R. Clawson, F. Demyan, L. Maday. P. Burtyk, E. Skove-nski. Second row: A. Zuchelli. E. Horonzy, R. Gordish, H. Sledzik. M. Busija, P. Bezik, E. Stiles, N. Malec. Mr. Sutton, Coach. First Row: A. Zuchelli, L. Ful ton, E. Stiles, R. Bierla, J. Ken- esky, C. Stewart, T. Myzwinski, J lVIcQuilkin, J. Batik, D. Claynool D. Abur, L. Madey. W. Lumbergei' Secnd Row: A. Shumay, L. Gliha M. Stiifler. C. Zadravac. E. Mulik B. Maudie, C. Jamison, T. MCII wain, F. Politano, J. M1-ans. S Demyan. Third Row: R, Gordish, N. Mal ec, B. Mosbauyrher, J. Machak, E Skovenski, S. Douds, G. Marshall M. Hier. J. Serrian, Z. Horrell, C Ziegmond. M. Busijja, Mr. Heard. Coach. Fourth Row: Mr. Fuszek, Coach A. Cipriany, H. Heasley, J. John garlo, R. Finotti, R. Ditch, G Bezik, B. Henry, J. Stelock, J Lovisa. R. Francisco, W. Ridenour E. Teyssior, Z. Lumberfxer, J Yatzkanic, Mr. Sutton, Coach. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL T ,yi TRACK TEAM Aftl 3 1 lb' at i --....,,, First Row:-fCls-:ming up! Hangout, Chrxw linv: Se-roncl Row: Applm- Orchzlrd, "Ve-Vnic-", Home Ea, Le-Us wulk: Third Row: Wh:xt's c0okin', "Thm- Czlmpbellls 2ll'1-' C0n1im:". --QI as Is- Here and There . . . ug... ge QL First Row: Puls! l'le-:xn-up hwy! M0nlufys'?'f Up on top: Second Row: Lassie-, Thx- Editor: Waiting: Third Row: Hvml cwvr. Tum fmrd nt' Emluczxtirmnl Mushlmll ummm-: Hr-r-r: Fourth Row: Faculty tc-um, Winter, Ann! Mzlrgxie :md 'I 34 L it JL JL JL 30. JC JC JL JL JL JL IL ll fu J fs TI-lOMPSON'S SERVICE STATION AUTO REPAIR SERVICE ACETYLENE WELDING x TIRES AND TUBES BATTERY CHARGING g ICE CREAM CANDY POP MOTOR TUNE UP AUTO PARTS 3 X Phone, Elders Ridge 19-R4 Elders Ridge, Pa 3 nc-ac we wc vc we ac 'sv wc nc 'sf wc we ml -4351+ JL JC JC JL QC JL JC JC JL JC JL JL lI I If You Dovft Know Where to Get It Ask Moores I Stores of I PRICE - QUALITY - SERVICE I in I Indiana - Armstrong - Jeerson Saltsburg, Indiana County, Pa. and Clearfield Counties Phone 140-J I ,, f X ,Y W ,WW1 ,,,, .WYYY,..n,, I , I F. P. BUSSARD S I Groceries, Meats, Gas and Oil ' Orchard Hills, Pa. GROCEEIES - MEAT C"mplimfg?ltISl It I PIERCFS GROCERY Nowrytown, Pennsylvania Florida Avenue Orchard Hills, Pa. S T LYONS w. W. AND N. R. DICKEY Groceries - Gas and Oil Gggiri gy liai-E311 Star Route Apollo' Pa' Phone 19-J-1 Spring Church, Pa I CYITTERBERGS H- D- STEER I MINE TIMBERS SERVICE STATION I Lumber Route 56 Phone 2029-R Spring Church, pa. at nr vc if sc ac sr 'ac ar uc we sc 'ac 'III tl,-Q1 ' 0? it bt N. it M it JL it M. Dt P q 1 N u ,1 , C0mplimeHi8 of N Best Wishes to the Class of U46 g jlnhiana Evening Climzetfe N Phones, 500-501 X N Clrculatlon 12 500 me Indiana Pa Phlladelphla Pa i x if x nv i Compliments of ..... if PEOPLES BANK OF WEST LEBANON g WEST LEBANON, PA. L Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporat1on :C K at vc 'xc 'sc 'sc we me 'ac 'sf we 'sc ac T ..,-gl 37 IQ.. 3158351 Bt Dt 4 Q65 X it it Al JC M. L A. L. HEINRICH Class Rings Invitations Personal Cards Diplomas Caps and Gowns Diamonds Watches Satisfaction guaranteed 1- X HEBER GEORGE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Flour and Feed Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Poultry - Meats Compliments of WlNGER'S SERVICE STATION BIER GARAGE Willy's Sales and Service Spring Church, Pa. West Lebanon Pa Compliments of MARGARET ROSENSTEELE Post-Mistress Spring Church, Pa. 6 'N 3? St' 56 if if QC 'JC W 'JC 'JC TDC Tl 38 pc.. 30. it JC. it 31. JL JL it it JL JL it ll. .ll 'U Compliments of . . . . MCINTYRE MOTOR COMPANY x MCINTYRE, PA. JI x Phone Parkwood 5 R 33 X x we x Complete Automotive Service X CARL FLEMING 12 Phone 17-R 21 xY 7YV V ir fr' , HEN RY S CLOVER FARM STORE 3 GENERAI6rlgIfEESSt-IANDISE Clarksburg, Pa. g MEAT GROCERIES Mclntyre, Pa- Compliments of X Phoue: Parkwood 5-'R-24 Farm Bureau Ins. Service Clarksburg, Pa. F-W 'K 'lf W 'K 'K 'N' 'K N' 'OC 7? 'lf i --Sl so If L JL it M. JL I IL M. M. .N JL M 30. JL J JA ?-'I X X J! X 2'- X J 'I X J n F., 4 Printing 4 School Supplies 4 Stationery 4 Office Equipment 4 Books I-IENRV I-IHLL INC. INDIQNQ PFIXINQ suwcsiwuese SERVING INDIANA COUNTY SINCE IB66 C 7? if 'N' 'IC 71' 'IC 'lf 70 'K 'IC 'K -SKI 40 IIC-' E .L DL DL JL DL JL JL DL 31. JL JL 30. 'JL J, - - Thanks, kids! May the future years bring you success and good fortune - - - It's been a pleasure help- ing to make your 1946 year book a success - - GONTNER STUDIO Farmers Bank Building, Philadelphia Street, Phone 1074 INDIANA, PA. GRADE "A" SKATELAND Route 80, Clarksburg, Pa. SKATING Monday through Friday - Special rates for Private Parties Tuesday and Thursday HEMOGENIZED MILK INDIANA DAIRY COMPANY CIPRIANY'S GROCERY GROCERIES GAS General Merchandise Clarksburg, Pa. Good Music Good Floor Manager, R. E. Michelotti Route 80 Clarksburg, Pa. Refreshments - Lunches fr -sc 'sc -ac uc -sc -ac we -sr uc we we 'sc 'III ul lg. QI :cj ac as JL' ae. .wc ac. ac an Q L H f as 1: 2 1 at Engravings for this Year Book r were furnished by The Conemaugh Engraving Co. +3 Johnstown, Perma. if sc gc nr sc sc sa- sv uc -me f sc or ac 'fl A2 Ip.. FROM 'ml Pnzss OF HENRY HALL. INC INDIANA, PENNA.

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