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is fa V W i Y as Q, ww W f wif' ga ag wa- Es ag? is ji 4, Y' K E5 Wt wgixwi 3 F Wu X I' w p L I Q 19' MQ? M gg, gi 5 A F' , e 1 'r ali' N 7 If 2 . 13 XS-1' Q :tn i. 'f"'3'i???i mvlfgi 'T , 234. 3, y ,4 3' 4' f? Ss sig! rn, Y K ff A if-,rr Q vu ' a F- 4' if ,fp-A . 4' 'Ii .L 1' S. A . I 32,-:va "' lf' 11" u L lx lily' l'll4l la-- El i' yu f,f" 'ff im... f x alkf' .f - X LIFE IS A PUZZLE . . . AT ELDER ELDER HIGH SCHOOL WE LEARN TO PIECE IT TOGETHER STAFF Joseph Neyer Thomas Bamdehburq T John Mar IH Anfhony Sen ferr John Merms Walfer Hauseoeh James WaNsh ' i .V , ' s TABLE OF CONTENTS FACULTY ADMINISTRATION Our Teachers show us The way Through The puzzle oT IITe We learn where The pIeces go how nnaTh and scIence The cIassIc:s and good gov ernmenT TIT InTo Gods plan Tor happIness on earTh and In heaven CLASSES The boys wITh whom we ve prayed and worked played and sTudIed wITh whom we com peTed wITh whom we became men Page I5 ATHLETICS Our Teams are known ThroughouT The CITY and ThroughouT The sTaTe Tor TheIr ruggedness Tor TheIr sporTsmanshIp Our Tans are Icnown Tor TheIr enThusIasn'T Tor TheIr Page ACTIVITIES ACTIVE IS The word Tor our days aT Elder puTTIng INTO prac TIce whaT we learned In The class room puTTIng our Tree TIme To con sTrucTIve use Page 85 Page I27 SPONSORS ADVERTISERS wIThouT whom ThIs yearbook would have been In'IpossIbIe Page I75 1-MMA, uadrahc eguahons honor roll Caesars ba++les dances slandmg rn lane homeworlc ls a puzzle And where do we go from here +o a brgger pu le lo alom bombs and segregahon lo rnghl lo worlc and Income lax T spulnnlcs and lhe Unnled Nahons lo lhe problems ol a lranhc world The hechc evenls ol hugh school days somehow dud ln looelher Our parenls our paslors our leachers showed us design ID lhe lurmonl Jrhe desugn ol lhe Crealor made lsnown lhrough l-hs Chrrch These pages record how a porhon ol The pu zle hls +o gelher 'rhe vmporlanl ll++le plece Wllh God s help 'rhe b1goer pneces wlll hl logelher also --. ...I . - zz: . -- ,O J ..,. I '7 . - s. 4. J . If ,H in 1 ...-W.. ,. 'H 1 yr. f eqto' z 3 In QAVR. M ,Q .1 F 1 N. at ll ,K x , 1 K A,.w 'I nl 0 x , mlm l .i' ,fr ,Q 40 K.. x 1, nv Q, , .A . X V uv-V. ' -'R Q vr .. 1' U xx ,Lv Any 4 1-1 :L W: yah .I 2 - x R 4 3 TYR?- g, Iifitgrzj, N K 9 YY lfifgi. jf MAL. -'sy f""" xxdi Q54-s,B 4 V1 5 rsgsiue 4 3 If X-T"'-sp 3 f an' v' mlb :N J gl I4 l 1 sl f, kfn ca E If .fa A fri, of S Y -ll vi sa EUGENIO PACELLI 187 8 1' 4' X 5 X ff, 2 v J- DEDICATION TO PIUS XII A MIGHTY PILLAR Cardinals frle pas? Yhe body of Plus Xll IU Sam? Pelers al Rome lReprrn+ed by Permlsslon of Life copyrlglnr Trme Incl To Prus XII we lulhngly dedncale llus Elderado l-le If anyone made specnfuc for us God s plan for a puzzlung world Following a consnslrenl pallw lrlwrouglmoul his ponlnfr Cale of nearly lwenly years, he avoided a policy ol mere neqalnve proresl' and name callxng l-lns enhre career was permealed by a conslrucfrve vuslon of a world un1+ed an lusluce, law and love, a full recoqnnluon ol flue dugnuly of each rndrvrdual, no mailer bow humble, accordnng 'ro 'rlwe leaclung of has lvlasler, Jesus Clwrnsl Fnnally, he marked a clear pallw lor +l'1e cornung years, upon wlwrcln his succes sors wall undoubledly busld. as he bulllr upon 'rlne mnqhly loundalrons lard by Sannl Plus X before lmm H- Q. ',,5f:1.'13'I,sgfg'ff1 . f :V A xx - . ,A ,.,, N ,J fb, All.. il M- f .H - I ,fff fx ' 1 ,. , ,A-,4'.-7: V' --Q3 ', . -, ' . , ' g " . ' - 3, fJ"'fl' '.!l'Jl :. 'if 2' "- 1 ' '- Q' 1.71: - I-I iircv HZ! V--se,'J4'tlQJ:- .,V : 5.15. iii-?Q'xJvf.I , ,H 7 'V 0, ' lx -lx-QV j LIC- TQ. -I .-I-fu-?.:S'-b',,Aj-:::ygx.: I X. , I I J VI!! xt -.33 -- :Sf-'f . . r, ' ": , , ..',- - -.-' y" in -...'-' -. -, ws . 5 ,if 5 ' ' su . '3'1J"' 'Z' "WL 'QF' N 'fit ' -5 f N - 1. 3' we . , , - 'T -- ' '-J. -ga--'M " 'fi-??f"Y ivQkQ-1' Hfra A FN. e f l A ,. I. .,.xs. .Q-rj: . ,'- - 'rl V".-V--,fx pd, V y 1 ,..'.' e Xxx- l.'lf -D S.,,' L,.. ,P X 2, -is A - a- fl ' r"f.4f. af-:fn ' or - u ex- I' 'S:,.-.:j'.A.- H- . . 4, ',, xvix 1- YQ. . Y' 1 . .- L -- ' ' ' ff , ., I . " ' ' 5 .-- 'Y lp" :f1,!',K,.,. 1 . " ' ' " . - P, Q' . ' .' :f 1491 , - ' '- P , ?' 'QU' , 'F is ill' If YY ' ' ' 4, I I ", .,- .."' ' N I-ff " --1 If-1, -- . V ff - I -vzyiilffp' .' ,, i: ff--' bm: f I 'H Til if A ' f :,.','l."5 '?a'?'I' 7:3 l aff '- ' 'K' - ' 53.21 ' -f- will gif rw- , '. 1,-. - - -5 ,-'59 A Lu' U. L, 1, 4-.I , , L , . V. , .ls J ' 4-, , -.P-J, f p. vt , -I f-L ' -, , .- him 55, .r -aff 157. A -, :Aff I- . U, 1 Hin, "1 ,. ' .. ,Q"w-" -' ' L" 'J 75.71 ' rf- tw' '- '. 1 ." .7 -1 W " .',- I., 5,-..1,f 'H x -up V - Ji, J Q . I - fl " , .L.,.-f f 5' Y- ' -- -4. . , , 1 . E I-fry. .-, 1 - ' ' J" ' ' - ,' .n g j l .Q ., - '- I Q. ' 2.,.:' L L -gg' :XQFI Y- 4 Y . 'f rl' s' , S .,7-iii," itll.. ' A .'j. , : - X ff' , - .fy 5-1,-H f .' sy I 'fl " 'M . :QQ J. - . f Jia-'fag "2 'f .- ff ' uf, ,..l I ' f f' .,f l 1' " ' .:'-1 .4 , A .Tr ' - A .W X ' -1:i, , laf,.,- Y,-,:, .r 4 lv-'.s - I-.f, .' I ,,.. 1 LK ' iff' ' V 115 I f , - fl I 6-195 X ,. f 445 f .J I W- Lf .1' ' I ' ' 1' Il 2, I ',,. 1' fr. ' f - I ' I . . , . . ii 5 a 3 www V., .gags lr d' 1' 1' ! ,X 9 'V 1' 'rx 41w'E,4f - ,V r . Ei. 69: gf T' 4 155: .1 'EV F155 U, , Mx. We a+e our soup, sandwiches, and po- fefo chips on The run. We had fo, 'rhe cafeferia became a sfudy hall IO minufes hafer. "H's no? hard"-'Firs+ spin H 'rhree Hmes +0 +he righf. in School dances were always crowded - buf no one really minded. l 1 l l "Tl1ird Joyful Mysfery-The Nativ- i+y." We prayed al lunch lime during Odober and May. pf, sive re-.fer v.cL'd Take are d 'a if s Five-Hundred of us wen? fo Chillicoihe Through 'rhe leadership and lhe inspiralion ol l-lis Grace. Archbishop Karl J. Aller, 'rhe educalional facililies a+ Elder are lileral-ly being doubled. The expansion ol Elder's physical planl is iusl anofher example of our fXrchbishop's unliring elfforls for Jrhe bellerrnenl of our Calholic Educaiional Syslem and his lceen insighl inlo Jrhe needs of presenl day Chrislian Educalion. Wilh sincere confidence lherelore do we loolc lo Archbishop Al+er's con+inued leadership and guidance in lhis puzzling world of adull lile we are soon io enrer. I2 WX W Milli iiiiigiiiif CARITAS URGETHE sisss A S' 'iii 2 I v XY YN kllflhhk Tlllill I The auxiliary bishop ol Cincinnali Paul F. Leibold consecraled lasl June, conlinues lhe high srandard of leadership eslablished by +he prelafes of lhe Arc:hdioce-e. As Chancellor ol lhe Archdiocese Bishop Leibold's associalions wilh Elder were lreguenl and always valuable. As a mem- ber ol lhe building commission he was vilally inferesled in lhe progress ol 'rhe new addilion. Bishop Leibold is a living example ol his mollo CARITAS IN HUHILITATE Y ? I 8 Hcharily founded upon humililyf' 'JUN A i U -.fi .4-RL N - u . 1 in lil .K-II r N.,,,,.. J -w 'ff 3 ' C- -ss 'Q C 4 25 xi 4 r , My ,X 1 X, a.' ' 'Q .fr 'Q ' 1 1 D ' 1 , v fxyw, Y , Q , fr 57 . N Q 3 ff' Q wh-, ' " 1 '33 VM :Mo C M,-A4 u . AJ ' Un A x :gf- -5 "f, U. - A - A' ' .qi-ft., :.'. "AHA, agp! . L 1 " YU, S V " N - S. 4 NX g IJ. A ev ihsgrt yi: sl ' D Q.: ., 1-',z5EgF 'r' "' :ldv z f RW IAN' .il sxxti six sE X XX 'ii V' N lk, '-.jggxxj-i -il iN N qs lT IS DIFFICULT +o ascerfain Falher Urban Sl'ang's mosl' significanf confribuiion during his 'lweniy years of service 'lo Elder High School. fifieen years of which have been as principal. The building of +he new wing, The in'rroduc'rion of fhe advanced slanding course. have all oc- curred during Falher S'rang's adminisfraiion. The greaiesf and leasf recognized coniribuiion of our principal however, has been fhe preser- va'rion of 'rhe Elder spiri'r when increased enrollmenf could have easily marred 'rhis 'rreasured fradilion. Faiher Slang will leave a lasfing mark upon Elder-a high s+andard of excellence in i'he Training of Cafholic leaders for iomorrow. FATHER PAUL GRUBER'S personaliiy as well as his educafional background makes him mosf compeien+ in his iask of Assisian'r Principal. His is fhe Task of mainiaining discipline. seeing +o rhe regular airendance of fhe sfudenl body. and overseeing ihe myriad of deiails 'rhai makes for 'rhe smoorh running of 'rhe' school. His ambiiious schedule also includes fhe running of converf classes and bingo games ai' Blessed Sacrameni Parish where he is assis+an+ pasror. A greai amouni' of rhanks is due our secre- raries, Miss Kolde and Mrs. Averbeck. Their cheerful yer compefeni manner of performing exaciing fasks reilecis 'rheir devofion 'ro Elder and insures iis efficienr operaiion. i 0 REV. PAUL GRUBER, Assirani Pfincioel nf!! ' QU , Q- A X N x K A x it V x ,g na c fr. 'f ai Miss KOLDE Mas. AVERBECK F xC"f-'i:'. 9' iw , 1 Q.. fl, QQ tl 3.,,., pe-f' 5 uf' 'if' -1' REV. wmmm smcxme- REV. STEPHEN CALME REV- JESSE LONSWAY REV EDWARD WPPLE R'25ff5'OU 'V Reb?--f 'H Rang on EV IM Rdgisn I Cadefs for Chrisf BMS L4ICLj5,G+,, 6,fdav:e 3 75 - V W Q? g li . ?' MM mam ,cw -A fit J! I . i ,xqmm ! ' , C -- 34- gnder fs Sad me AJR' rf e Pzmedge. K 9 in 'hr N REV KENNETH HENZ 'f 'ff .-M' L , 5 Q 75 QQ3.. .7 1, X REV, VINCENT SCHNEIDER 120 111 1 Lu? X3 g- H FOUR YEARS cf 'e1'c :us Ymfrucficf are p'ere':4.'.'Te for C"id:.5'f'-n f':i"' F VSNGJI-'X fi..g.f-e- ive ze ' 'Q FEEEE eng' ETL,3S"'T: 1 " my 571 71' P" 'X ie :U fv fren' 'fir fx wi V7 1 fella "L "eV: f :cr-1 LY . 3 in We efuuwf ' 'ff fig? :Vw X We-V---f,?e+Fe' sezufaf cr re' lfcxfgfi !"'1GdffGLl Q. SA , We Ref'Qf:' ff'eQef'Ne" Vee pfcwfrjeg "af, 'pg ails ?Qf Ve ,Q-"1 'ZPEQPTCT CfI.'I"'L'x-'IE' C145 :gf CMV thx e if a 'e-w. E05 yew Q: ' ueezaefg 'fe e'.gef+ fb L fvfegiie V: Caffcx' PRATT ,,l,,,, 31315 'n "" ,I ,,:3s :, , 1 - Afg sfyg fvzwf, Q I A wjifl w""" ' - ' 'Wil ?'?if 1 i ' A 3 ' Vs . - -v 3""" ..,..,,. eu 2 1? xvsannnpb... ,1 f FQVG' Gulf 56-fs Mess af I LT. cpevhwg of scboc , " ' Sf- 'L ' 11:74 , il , sm aw: S frwffw- ' ' 'Qf Xu.. q.,-,,f R:V RALPH BANGE QEV THOMAC DUESWG REV MARK G-RATSCH DEV. JOHN 'JATTSCHECK -. haw eovref' f Q11 , ., V 6 1 mx ,,,f MATH HAS ALWAYS beew a basic sub- Qecf a+ Efder, H5 pcrpose 'e noi orwiy +o Imam mecHarwicaN SWS bw fo develop real sonivg poweri for use W oieer Fieids of science as we-U as In We busiress world. The mafiwemafics curricdurn af Eder Km' cloes "ree bask ceases. Tre advanced sfamdfnq program cordders Nqebra 1 aed Ii, Plane and SCH Georrefqy Trigonom- erry, Analytica! Geornefry. evo Caicefos. We Comege Preoaraforf Course Efwcludes fre above courses 'WMM 're exiepfiov of We colNeqe mark. A rrwird course for aru- GSPYS no? wieofg 4-3 freer 7' rvafr cowo- Algeora 1 acu Ware Qeorwefry. Piare Georwesr' :C"'W6'1f faocrf in The f 7 , Jfc' year 'off 'aago' 'r We Socra- feore ',ear-a craroe rece"-wevded be- came of qrea4er erfrradz befrfg placed poor A cebra 'A 'ore' "aw, Efsef 2'-:e"2 ca.e 5 fray, eve effre're'y we fo QC'YAC,"5+"Av'5 F"C'?9"'Ti'.1E exarra- ":':+a "bye "3 'ce f: a"', 3: Mao? oeaorfrg Q' of "e::. DW C , cu 1 -sl 1 .ln 1 1 1 ,' 1 , -. ' - , Q E ' 4, ni' f's" '1 Trigofxomefry 47 Advanced shanding Sophomores bdng 'rheir projeds fo Frher Bange's mafh dass wiflw pride. Z N -A NQJV ' l A 'Q 5. 1 fix, i 2 , Rev. ROBERT SCHAEFER L h , :!1:L' ,Algebra II - ' I i.- ' Q Q 1 5 'A '1 Y 'il SY Z!! W 1 I 7553, fkyezf bf . 1 D U N14 lv-,N, ww . . af' .w .V 5, U I XIX: 4 1 1 ' , W UN AWQ "NJ 1' . A 5 rs e cr-5+ 5+ 5"-9-fgfnq 'Q efgfgf- We Nvlzffgs ci We s5Ide ruWe. K- I gy' ivvf. f L- Q'-rv! Us g ' 4 ' ., Nw, , twig Q E gf",-, 4 A -4 V REV. FRANCES SAHLFELD REV, BERNARD HUITINK V CHem7C'w Phyizii max Darwer and Dcepier s'udy We N:fHw'fk as Fnfbef Wi+fe decks fo see ius+ wha? Ccffey Ts d's+7'5'r'c ' ' ,, -'A 4 ,Y--v,f-nf ..f ,....!.. '1 N514 'f .:, :"::Q'J 5 5ee'4n' vii a iw".-.Hrgj be 2:5 "Q ea"'g Time' 'Pie f.:'.'fi FP 'ifd e '62, EJ T AQ- -PQ Mei' 2.2 Faure' SaV:e'd, V - v- vcis, B l fe 1 Head Foolbali Cfdill .Jn-Q13 yy? OFFERING THE FOUR basic lwiglm sclwool scierice courses, Elders Science Deparlmeml gives an infro- duclion lo llie vasl field ol nafural scieoce ard pre- pares llwe sludenl for more speclalizecl sludles iw College. Biology, Clwemislry, and Physics are ol- lered sludenls in llrie Advapced Slarwdirwg Course. College Prep sluderils and General Course slu- denfs can also include General Science in llieir schedule. Science lacililies will be oreally ex acded cexl - , p year al' Elder willw 'rlwe conslruclicr ol +rree new laboralories. Tlwe Biology lab will be especially wel- come as well as 'He new Cliefwisfrly lab-bo+l were inadeguale lor llwe number ol s+uder+s regiderirg for flue courses. Tlwe sludy ol science io ligli screol 'S of oreel benelil in developing frlelleclua' prowess ard Mos? cerlairily leads fo a lnroffledge of We Crews' ' ils laws. M x A ik t Q x X 4 '- X lx J' Q N. I Y y N ., kr., N --pf' .....,f' wi' MR. RAY DIERINGER REV. JAMES EVSENHAUER REV. MALCOLM GRAD REV. FRANCYS NIEHAUS Busfess AFSTMWELQC T'fD:'Q E'35'7'T:35 BC'3UP9D5'5 Head Bagkefbgi C5555 BsCUee::4'c 69'9Vii Bus"'e5s Traihffq 1 WWY4 1 -...ef S Fafher Poeppelman explains fo Cummlnqs w'1ere Hue 'YZ' yrcke is on his Underwood. 'IQ Q "" -fax Goefz pufs 'Fe Vna! 'fc.:1'es PW Vs drew! o ci aw awcmcb' e dfffer- A ' v "VE WC- 4'3" I' '5'5"5" enfiaf. 24 1. .. Q L- xx , V , ' 1 w- ' X 710,cz':, Lani? YE REV PAUL POEPP LM H19 vii' ha. e J A -i Q, lr' x'5 T'f,4gv .fff VI, EW' RFV, ROBERT PUTNICK 1 rr 1. flw l' , v -Q R x ,fJx Anil Q . A - .Q e .WA , , -P' N "Now Brel Harre wrfwle abcuf llle in fre wild Wesl , . l' ltlpvq' DURING HIS FOUR YEARS ol Erqflsh al Elder flue sludenl is lauglwl llrme under-slandinq and appreclaion of good liferarure, llfe slills of clear and corred ex- pression, +l1e vasl +reasury ol qocd bools, and is moll- vafed lo become arllculale Ze We exmressierw of Clwrls- Han ideals as perfalwlnq 'lo llfe rrmdere world. ln lwis llrsl lwo years llwe sluclerwl ls lnlV9llllC9fLl lo lllerary forms and varylvg arrlolgnis OF crar-wmar. The llrird and lourllw years lrefv emlielly 0a.'slar'i'eq everwsles Ol American and Fsqliqll Wfefalure, Special courses are offered sludeels Mwg Hawe special needs-basic: English In llwe Flrsl year and busfeess Eng-- llsll an 'rlwe Senor year Every Ervglislw class lwas as Els Heal lie lralnlvq ol llwe . ., . 1.- sludersl +0 grasp ideas :r wrwee are val Frame and lo express llwose ideas correQ'iy. at ini an ,X Q29 -rx 5-,pf REV. CHARLFS KOVERMAN F-1"fL lll E 45 , ,Q Fifi? Y' S ' x fl x flla y DJ he wl'n'e lrearl ln 'Perl EP-d"Q rf F""""CjF'l' . ..s, , .., .. new . .. 5' '-'ve MUS '35-Si dw-T - . Vg ku J .,,,x' A, l,w,x . v t 1' ' I J PEM AEER' 5Qi+ff1 QF- FUSED' iv. uf- wi firm- PE' EARL -.AEYZ xo-31. U. 1 .1'H?'?2iil g X' wifi I 4- 4 'fi 3 five? f' . '14-. ,H 5 M .9 5 L u 5 ' L 2' 5 af A 7:5 w r g :Sy 'T JL.: , ? 1 ,,- A' fi : ' ' ' . iw? f A ,' we 5. , , . K K 'Q , W 6 Li Q x, T 1 E 94.64 H ,y , , ,i Q A -Y RE-I LANRFNCE ZNEGLER ANA fx' I I gi fl: ' 9 r 1 1 hiv ' -,fs il' REV- ERWIN BERTKE REV- RlCl'lARD KLUG REV. DONALD ROBY REV. ROBERT STRASSELL US. Hisfory Civics World Hisfory World Hislory Alhlelic Director Sociology English I 9 if 11a-it fi i 'N i 19 jizfrivi , R ' ii 5' 'Y x 'E if . . V 1 if ' q 2 , ,Q in l MR. ROGER BERTOIA U.S, Hislory HISTORY-bolh U.S. and World are required credifs for gradualion of every Elder sludenl. World l-lislory slimulales in Sophomore-s a lcnowl- edge of The origin and The growlh of civilizalion. American lflislory for Juniors inlroduces lhe sludenlr fo a sludy of his herilage and lo 'rhe principles upon which our counlry is founded. Civics presenls fhe lundannenlals of democra+ic qovernmenl fo Seniors. Addiiional reading in hislory is expecled of ads ,fenced Sly: rg zlcderls. Er. Berlfe serves ee head ol: lhe decarlrnenl. rg Q35 - -1. ' ,ay I I -AR ' Kg "Q - 'iv' 12- ........-- x i JOSEPH BRUENW3 E 3. 1:21. X 1,- --1, -' REV. LA STRITTMATTER La"n H Efg SL 1 gi REV RICHARD P'E'.'Z R51 ST.-1NLER'LUEHRMA.r Sta' f ' -'f" ' 1' Rc- i ' R- ,g ' 5 FOUR YEARS 05 Late, fwo years of Spaaid sr Qerma' afe offered s?1,ce'fs vNTS""'Q fc rrvafzr in languages. Four years of Lafim are a feouisE+e for the aduawced s+and9'q course. Col'eqe Prep sfudemfs mas? 'ra1e fwo years O7 a Wawguage. Lafh frairws "He e?uden+ fo Hia? ceariy. pref pafes PM fc' a bef'e' 1,.VTfi8'STdVJT'Q if We fwa+Eve +oPqL.e as well as o+Fef modem Yap guages, and gkfes FEM an "'S4QLTf Evo a :J?u'e which has CC7T+FibLJfGd much To our way of life. Meier' 'wgaages afe befefffaf 53' a beifef undersfanoirtg of mocxem society, ,1. N.. nr .QA JJ P. '.'aN, r4 JEY x Q ' w, .l uw' .G fe: C' Lev . 6' V I BOARD or PASTORS , . V, Rf' ef! '-I ' na'- First row, Ieff Qc right IN - X L M: 'Tr'-y Howws F"arvC:aW Sczfsraryi Ed f' f' V Mf 1 If Y, Sf- '1 . Uker S'a'g Vcesxmev. Second rowp '4 ' feew 'Ji Serge N'e"'b"'l, Cswespfring 'g "f, '. :EEL 'i"'C'1"':' Third row: 3 SlLf 'law e Wah Drive" Cen' L,kl'..' , ELDER WELFARE ASSOCIATKDN 'f1JC:' 11' I "lf "el,'. 'Z ff "'Qfff1 rv W' ,." 1 'ETC T59 "'1i ':: E1 a'c Parry and Sooal Con"m"'ee-From row ieff vo r ,-.h f,.' ,H ,, 'nd row: ' : , f,'d'1 5 -. v rf 3 I z fd 4! i i .,4,5,. Tia W 'Y K'-u ai i-Q LQSQ " ,as-"" - s-"f ' . . 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CLASS OF 59 WILLIAM W BEITING rs- THOMAS A BISSMEYER """"'I PHILIP R BERGELT PAUL J BLASCH THOMAS P BLEH RICHARD E BODE ROBERT C BOEHM JOSEPH A BOLLIN DALE F BONHAUS 673 Fu ROBERT E BRAUN BRUCE S BRETHAUER CLARENCE B BRINKER WILLIAM F BORGMAN JAN P BROCKHOFF . . r. . .V .. . Kr Wd ,-L 'I ,QS ff-1-A 1-T P- 5 ,-1-.f fp, Sn- DS ,. 1,5 Scf 1-fl, nge. CLASS OF '5 9 l uv-or TIMOTHY BROGAN RICHARD P BUECHLER PAUL J BUHRMANN arg 'lr KENNETH BUZEK 'f' FRED BRUMFIELD LAWRENCE BARRY F BUCHER BUCHANAN 1' RAYMOND L BUELTERMAN ENT? 13 48 T wav 'Q 'C'-H .46"" FRANK H BUSSMAN Z1 "' 7' hyun-pf' l WILLIAM H CAIN DANIEL C CAPPEL FRANK J CAPPEL af I "' I v I J av V Q, , ff? ' .4 r I .. . - " I I A A I i if zty f , 'Q A za 1 . IQ -, "- ,V xx' wg Vg I V -H, ,,.i L x , ' ' T Lg W ig. if, I 1, I ' -A ' ' . . We won? see I+. V N .. L T f K V. , W L57 ij I M- x. I I I X A X O' I ' Q . I I SI 2' ii -:Q 'C' C"" f-es 'P 1225: 12' J TIMOTHY DENNIS J CASEY TERRENCE W PAUL L CHALK CARRIGAN CAVANAUGH fy? in-A RONALD W CLARK MICHAEL F CLORE 'Af ,am My O CLARENCE R ROBERT J CONNELLY COLEGATE 'Q M, , sec. ks 1 ' i ' . Q L- AX-Q ML JOHN T CUMMINGS ROBERT M DANNER RAYMOND J GEORGE T DASENBROCK DAUBENMERKL CLASS OF 59 WILLIAM F DEITZER X JW JOHN W DIRKSING 'K' xx JEROME F DOHERTY ff-ra 4... JAMES DORAN Na- I THOMAS E DELLER M 'iw 4 5 :sims JOHN P DOBELHOFF 19' MICHAEL P DOHERTY DENNIS J DOYLE pix 1 Q- ff! THOMAS R DESCHU THOMAS H DINSMORE Q5- Vx I-lbf RONALD B DOEPKER ROBERT P DOERFLEIN GERALD B DOLAN EUGENE P DOLL IU! fig 1 u. T4 'Q' if I MARTIN T DUCHENY URBAN G EBERT 1 7- I '1 as J -4' V,-is .T 'Uh V1 . ' , 1 S- ' X K 1 xg ,,, Il N V V , J , IIA 1,19 4 1A n Il A ' IIIII A '- ' I k ks Y I I 42 .QPA P 33? i f B v I . 3 I f I I F5 I 2.1. ,lf-it n -K, if B ffxn - 42 'I' PADI? 'I' I ' I I'iLg I j I -ff 5 I is f??E?fQ 2 - as .' I , A Q 'I-s ' I "I, L ' Ll I I 4 ' I I I I' Y 4 L X i ,..L,1 S 5---' I K' .. EI' ff 6-if T51 ANTHONY C. ELSAESSER THOMAS J FAETH RICHARD J FROESE GERALD R GOEBEL 'K R THOMAS C. ERHART GEORGE R FAY J PATRICK FROHN 49" MICHAEL C GRACE .. Ek A I MZ . Suk, Q-117 1 ,z ...f . 'Wi ' . , 4 Af! F N r.. . f ,N . . V P , -L 1.4 I I g f mag .zu . . mi" . '-af ' f ' I 7352 FRANK C. EVANS 1 J FRANK A FIORINO DANIEL C FRONDORF JAMES J GRADY M ,. J J A ROBERT J. FAECHER STEPHEN C FOCHT THOMAS GERHARDT K 5 Q DONALD J GRAF ' 4' 5 r ' 'P . ,fs , X X, . ,- ,SA A V . ,s,,if-jf.-3 .. .LQ - Enix X L . it Qs. SMI 3 fqfnyl. A' 'J " v , ' f I '. , f , 1 - 4, 41 Q ' 1: I Q ' X I I EQ A 13--ff I xl I X X I x ,-V , , ' A T Q i,X .,, I 'fix' I CLASS OF 59 5 .nv JOSEPH B GRIFFIN THOMAS J HALPIN WILLIAM C HARTIG WILLIAM L HASENMUELLER Q, x WI NORBERT J GUETLE ROGER E HAARMEYER L. PATRICK M HALPIN 'muy YW? it-uv' PATRICK M HANNA W MICHAEL THOMAS F HARPER HARMEYER svn-a Nffeiihwlz 4'-lliigg w : Dug fhose crazy socks A RICHARD G HAUCK 'X Q- 'lv ir- RICHARD H HENRY GMS JOHN J HAYES -...ss JON P HERNADI -Q-f GERALD J HEENEY ig-5 ffiliir -'war 'ilu' WILLIAM M HERRON www fy -E 777 Q ROBERT J HEHEMAN -Fi ROBERT C HEUERMAN g 'Tuul' JAMES J HEY H MARK HILGEFORT I 'Q f , x J, - V 1 fr 5- J I K If. I 153' ,- Q 4, 2 ff . , - W ' I. H, I,,s A AL- , -Q t . 2 Q --l f 4 I - ' ' Q 74 ,, , QVIW- fy? K, II I :Il .5 I I 1 , I f- If z , J . I IQ A , 1- f - 1 1--4 A ,.Y ' . f -if .J I , I eg- 1 x I 'eo' I If ,QI I 5 . qi, Q W if . LY 1 ,V GI . ' 7 I' -5' - ..f' f' -715 18' 'bfi fm 4 ' YD' , i , - 4 V, J Q I Y ,E f K J ! : ' .I lr 5 ..- X . I 1, I as l an J I . CLASS OF 59 JAMES E HILVERT e h Sc PAUL B HINTON ROBERT W HOFFMAN 'Z-R 5' 'Z JAMES C. HOLT .. -'--',.- K ' .- -- ...M :- . I -. "1 F WILLIAM H HOFFMAN . g- -5 'Sc fr: .-365' x.. Q... RONALD C. HOLTKAMP "1 :ga-'Z' 'i ruff---Aw , . -,gag 95- DENNIS M HOGAN DAVID W HOLLSTEGGE self' XJ JOHN R. HUBER GEORGE J. HUBERT ALFRED C HUSEMAN ROBERT V JANSEN f"k.- Q 'Q' 41-1 Rfk 6146 LAWRENCE A IHLE JOSEPH H JANSEN RICHARD R JANSEN WILBUR J A d fc JANSZEN JR QA RALPH E JERG-ER JOSEPH T JOHNSON JOHN M JONES ROBERT W JORDEN I , K G' .R 'R si , 1 R Q 'QV wsu r 1 - fl hlkx-,., fc L-K EIT' .till ll, I - H Tl , Q Q21 . Q - L . 6, K 2- A Q ' 4 L 'C 'R if 1 XX X A ,J A 0 A ' A f . 1 X f .- 1- J F ff is . .. rw uf rv's5oe'ed'r1 TPB se::'d cafaj S L." A Y g 57 .X ' xv V -:nf - 'S I! L CLASS OF '59 ino- L RONALD c Jorze- WILUAM L 'Ti- .,.... JOSTWORTH P KARL KELLER FRANK R KERLEY 1-Q 'EZ ROBERT L KELLER Qs JAY P KIEN , f -:M L LAWRENCE E. WILBUR E. KLINGENBECK KLOSTERMAN '16 STANLEY G JUERGENS if M 4 DONALD L KEMEN '10-a....., GLENN J KIST fx J C7 1' JOSEPH A KAISER lx DENNIS E KENT 225071 i f BERNARD J KLAENE CHARLES A. KLUG DONALD G. KORMAN N Qt- , , an S I -qs- lgss 'W I Qwx ,J JOSEPH G. KRABBE 'ffm It GARY KRUMMEN LAWRENCE M. KREIMER THOMAS C LAGALY JAMES A. KREKELER .dmy pw 'said EDWARD T LAMEIER 'Mu' ic: 'v3 THOMAS J LANGE ROBERT W LANG-EN ALAN L LARKINS Gam, 46- Q1 ,Q N 1 ...fv -. f X 1 .F Q , MICHAEL R. KRUMDICK 441'-'S F I EDWIN W LAMEIER 'I I JERALD R LEACH W Fx 6, 'Qs .H Lx 9 1' A-rf -uv' WILLIAM J LEER THQMA5 J DANIEL A LENT2 GILES J LEONARD LENGERICH CLASS OF 59 tr www DONALD R LIETZ ROBERT C LUEBBERING K1-fy JEROME R LINNEMAN THOMAS R MALEY ANTHONY L. JOHN W. MARTINI MARTINI N. 'V xfx , J 1? . I , aan I I L I if STEPHEN E. MARTINI FRED R. MATTHES nk! WILLIAM E EUGENE P LUCKEY LOHMAN JEROME C MARLMAN HORST E MARSCHALL 3'a,"g fy :y p:fe"s a' C4"z"faf Tfdpwv A -M J, , 'Sa' J JOHN J McCOY s ode!777 G MCMANUS 477' EUGENE E MEDL JOHN R MERCER JOHN J MERRISS 5 DONALD J McELROY JOHN E McMICHAEL GERALD L MEYER 3-x I I g m, ua JOSEPH A ALBERT F MILLER ROBERT J CHARLES D MOHR MIDDENDORF MIRLENBRINK , , I Q . Q - . ... E , I X l g, F ... , . I 3 J IK Who we flwe m . . . . . Q -sv x ' f, I A u iz - f . N ' 51 'ik' S ' Q p 1 M' '1" f'W g- ' " f ' 3 V 3 ? ' " I 3 ' sb ' A "' A V . - Q . ,. A - 'V 1 A 1 ' 4 5 9 A 'Sf , ' V' . f -""- : L f 3,2-if , L , 1 4 ' - fir- ' 224- 35 '31 v' M7 f, :Q 5.9, ,Wf ., . it fr X v .V f jf , M Q ',A E - ku , J J -A f f ig' 1.4 E ,Q , ,' K l. ll ' X 1 in Eff, 'L ' '. . 1 1 -LQ' -"','- k1,- "-f CLASS OF 59 l Q'- f"" lbw QQ...- WI Wur- FRED A MOHR NICHOLAS G GERALD F JOHN NEU MUELLER NEIHEISEL xkk 'I' 1 Y ' if ,xi pal 'fd ,.-af' -,,,,..-f- G eb anaqe ords a m ufe uw- A' ,AG i WILLIAM J NEYER KENNETH J JOSEPH P NIEHAUS JAMES M NODLER NIEDERBAUMER 7 VV j I ' Q 55 e Q - 'I . - I , V I 5 , ,A I I W gil? , H 1 lit ' H'v ' 2 rs I W ,LV -- , nic nun" ",,,1 L ' - ' W r Q f I f Q f ng 1 A ri 'T - W xi ' I W QI, -- , 2 W - X, , . .. A 8 I II ' 'I'-.6 in 4' ' iv, .awww . "'- ' I WM, I, .M ,,,,,,,,l I ' 2 lv if f' F I . .Q 1 Q . ' ff ' ""IfIR I bn C , ' "EL, I-T' v -pf - f wi I I Q - - f- - I 2 f I I -4 I K ' Q, ,Ak P J, iam I' I I ' WM ML..-f ' , ,L Y I Cummings and o elm I5 w in . 'SQ I 3 N v V ' 33 ' ' N . s mf! 'sf- I ,W yi ,. ,Z 3 Q 1 I' I X -28 lu Aix JOSEPH J NOEHRING MICHAEL J NOLAN KENNETH J NOLL RCNALD W NUSEKABEL i' GEORGE J. OBER M- '3 WX .9f+':Tlf Look M 65. X F:-6' 'Z' -,.1 CHARLES M. TERENCE M. OLEARY JAMES R. OLIVER O'DONNELL CLASS OF '59 L FRANK J OSTERHUES FL 1 MICHAEL J PASCHKA W W be? THOMAS E PFALZ PAUL K QUATMAN lib x KT' DONALD L OTT WILLIAM R OTTEN DANIEL R PAFF -'Q -4? 'gan fi. JAMES C PEET DANIEL C PELZEL GERALD H PETERS A JOHN PIENING EDWARD A POSTEL J WILLIAM PROCACCINO 3 I DENIS J RAHE THOMAS E RAKER JAMES F REDER I -T . ,, Q-,I 65 I 1 , 6 I gig" , 'ii'ifjg5N '? 'LQ U ' I - Wg '," 1 hy "5 I flgsf-gy., . 3,.Ts?m n al - ,., , IILLM f f n I If , I 1 A A 1- vw " M A I 2525- - , - ', -I If fn, .1 55 1 ' T I In K, X A I 1 . I S fa,-f A, .. v , 1 .W Q W, 7 'Aga U14 I ,Q 'x Ki I .4 ' as , , I '52 H 'fi .4254 1m,3'5'V I I L' I ,:g1..'.',ff l:lf V, 'g ,pffai I I 'a Af '51 I S V F I - I 5 W I ' Q -4 C:-G. Q:-V Bur MARK J REINERT THOMAS R REYNOLDS ROBERT W RING GERALD R RISCH l JOHN C ROBINSON RONALDJ ROBINSON 5- I CTM 3- WILLIAM F ROGERS A JOHN RUSH 45' I ix... PAUL A RIDDER EDWARD RIEDER W gif' PAUL J ROBINETTE JAMES L ROBINSON 5, I WILLARD J LAWRENCE J ROGERS ROEDERSHEIMER Q RICHARD A SALTER GERALD L SCHAERER 1 C ,C U J I f' N , M 'Ar' ' 5 Y I 'I I S 4 , f- G- if 0 q E G- ,N WE ' I Ox I A I I XI il 'F , Q. , 5' I X 1 Q E ' LI .I.. ff Q 1 :lx - rx 1, , ., V IIII w f , A 3, I ' I X CLASS OF 59 '-. 'XG' ,.pil""4 Nt' DONALDJ SCHAFFER JOHN L SCHEIDT A-ge-v KENNETH R SCHNUR EDWARD A SCHULTE JOHN SCHULTE New Md M sg. '4W" 1' X ,ali N ROBERTJ SCHEPER DAVID E SCHNEIDER an-U., Nz. PAUL S SCHOENING VICTOR A SCHRAND HAROLD L SCHROER fm ddendof v 'I We r damsfh s al We C' r4s+mas Dame 1 PQQU. 'A ' ' 6-.I FF' . M-Q ::. ' If 514,-I, 'A - ? 5 ,I,, , .pk, 7 I Q I I L 5 ' , if I fr.. .' 2,5 KS, 4' F Vi I '-m.,J"Zf . 1 A if 'rl L 'f X I gr v S: ' "5 I I , LAWRENCE W SCHULTEN Q1 AI' STANLEY S SEGER ANTHONY J SEIWERT 'RN Qt- MICHAEL J. SIEVE ,G 95' Q-sw ROBERT A SCHUSTER DANIEL H SCHUTTE JOHN F SCULLY gg 5 i 'dd CO PA? 'V' Us GERALD W. SMITH VAL H. SMITH RODGER W. SONDERMAN CLASS OF '59 JAMES W SPARKE DONALD B STEWART G- 1 THOMAS A STEWART JOSEPH C STRICKER l DAVID M STEVENS MICHAEL R STEWART W ROBERT J STITZEL EDWARD A TEPE THOMAS THOMPSON JAMES B TIGHE S Q wx .AQJ A 1 A ,S A T T V 4 1 I 1 2 i , 5 A ' ,yyy E I J V I A 1 E-V r j .M , 5 1 S . . Pqgefif' afd Dwarf eh aHfa,5 vale We Hffi' Rc". J 45, ,JZ 43 F51 - 1 f Q X A Elf, f 1 if 11 J X JOHN TIMMERS RONAL TOEPFERT JOSEPH A TREINEN FRED W VILLANI ROBERT J VINCENT CARL C VITT GILBERT R VOELKER WILLIAM G VON HOLLE -uc:-' -f P PHILIP H VORHERR JAMES P WADE A """'T M 1 E 1 TERRY M WAINSCOTT JAMES J WALSH CLASS OF '59 ,f gn,- 'Q-. JAMES J WALTER THOMAS J WEBER -194 KENNETH R CARL A WITSKEN WILZBACH 4,11 DANIEL G WOOD ROBERT C WYNN JOHN YUNKER PAUL J ZLOBA JOHN R ZWICK ...Q L 'ful' fi . v ' - . . , , 5 S , jj X ,, . . J Jfx 3? 3 I 4 6 . 1 P . O rx U- Q. 1' ff' Q12 L , ,Q 'v E ' ' U -- f' ,gif Row I: W . U ,, y Q 1 W. r G. G' key 6' G.- YQP - r W-up . fx T. G1i"'Lf? 'X 'f Q 'R - 7 . C? , T5 Qu fs. .... H S.-.-35-A-1. -CFA S and Larry RAQC FQ S e. .i' sr ,. wr or, ' , Lab. L f'Le"'if J. CC 'f FJ. Cove , F. Cwwf 'fr R. f.r'rw'gVar 9. Deja, F. fafs R. Dada, D. Day: Row 2. 4 .L fV?:if:'5cL C. 73?-'rica E. E . - J. fiirlf' V' D'-DV" D' ff 3 D fad T. Dfifo. Row 3: T. Dfees E UH 1-r' P50 NV Evgivausof D, En-jrwger L Fzefn 3. Fw C. Row 4: T. F':r3L13ir', T. F3fn'f3A, J. :LGTTTCGV ur 3 :Ci R. F:'res'c' D. F:r?'v1ar', D, F S Pix. Row 5: R. Freerrav H. Hy G. GQLLO, J. Gevif, D. 69459 D. Graff, P. Srerrarn H. Gramke, M fn :- .-. ., G. T rv ,I K , 3 0 ' x 'v f s .f X ' -,':- E by . ...w . X A 3?:'f?'ff ' . ' I AQ. if 1 Q-U ' ut. sa-V X ."' 4 . Sf 2.1512 .- 11- fs A LI xl " z. N l.LX Q , V' A fl L K 'L I L11 ' H f i ' in 'R c fr- E3 QL 6 x , J. 9 . NT 9' !. '-.wr PM f hp- O 9 I I. '47 X F . 40' x 5' 3 ,- ,,. - xx X A . 'I L .V I lx 1. ' . ,sq ' Q27 5 4 '5 I.. QSX CLASS OF '60 fafbzr VVWL ' Sci wfcves brefv. Am wg... in 47 ic- J - Wu X, Row I: K. Graves, R. Grawe. Row 2: J. Greefee, R. Grefmef, Row 3: J. GVQMEQH M, Gfrwfm. Row 4: ? J L. Groom, T. Grove, Row 5: D. Gumer, R. Gjekmsi Row 6: L. GL1fzwTNer, L. Haas, M. Haihran W. Hamfaberw J. HCJdCVYT5C', E, Helrres J. Herz T. Hmverf, W. Hccfsf T. Hague. Row 7: R. Ha- loway R. Hdmes, W. Homes R. Hofawede. K. HTF, J. Hcrfcr E. Hubert. J. Hursllrwg J. Nmfdfe, sa 'wh A. Khsfefman C. K ug, J, K skeep. Row 8: M. Jacobs, A. Jaisle R, Jerez T. Jamfmg M. Jzsepf M. Jwfp J. Ka r, GDDGS, J. Kafnmar, C, Kayfhcd. Row 9: W. Keewa' R. Keiam J. Kelger, H. Ker1r'ed',', T. Klrc V- 5 Q Z3 l 19: 15, , Q ,D 5 , q- .5 . an . K. '5 , 0 1 ,. 3 ' , I . J , ,Y , g Q ' ,. ' - , 'Sh 4- Y' F hw q, - fb aw X N ' . . .ax - . 4- N CN dal K Q. ' .t' , 1.1 I I A l Ss w I K Kmsman, R. Kmelp. Row 2: T. Kcfzbauer, D, Krabacker. Row 3: J, Krechfimg E Kreme w 4 L Kre mer, N. Krscgen Row 5: D. Kumpf, D. Lal-camp. Row 6: J. Lamber L Lar 5 f ,fi L E Laws G. Lirk R. Lcje, K. Luzkey, R. LL.dwfg, J, Luebbers, T. Lusfcnberqer Row wFe'd, V. MaL?r,, VJ. MQHW G. Marx. E. LNA5S'7"'?"SlC', J. McNa"y D eeL'an. Row 8: L. Me R. Mer:er, J. MerkL'c+'e', R. Mefsdv, J. Mefz' r D Me 3' ca , eyer T. M r R. Nezzef. Row 9: C. M4dde'dQrf T. M7'er, W. M?Ler J M fy 1 7 . ' A 'em W. M39 'em J. Mfalam J. Mcfda 5' 'x L 5 . ,L Q.. C' fgx 7' A ilk I 2250.1 . 1 f.F'Lx-2' "M Ui S . ji- S . f 3 nm 1 ' 1 'lay Q-Q 4 x , . I . - F- :r - 3 tn 1' , Q . Y r 'N x I ' ' Q-, Q, F'-14:-' V nf asf ' an 0'?tSC' . .. T.-. :Y " 'V ye' Kawf-" -1 "ass ' 3 5 " 1' Row I: .W N' 'x . A , Mirza" Q 'V C. M..Cler?eEde. V. Muni T. Nm.-:Q K NQVQEQ N, .we 'Glo' D M F Row 2: D. 'xl 'V '. 'Xie' K' f 'f ' T. Civ P. Ofor, C, UW M. CTW.-.g1. ,. Chefs fl. Pa , Row 3: Pi Fifa: D F ' VY. E ' 9 3: V3 , T. Pfie fx, Pres' M. Fusf. . G, Rncgknf' Row 4: R. Pa., J. Pe., W R es M. P5-'i'rf1"' ' 3-"Va" E. 3'-"'-5'-avr 3, 9 'Q-' F, R9..si D, Re-vefmaf, P. RL1:ed92. Row 5. R. ?'c4a'dsC' L, R:L.:b"'s, R T. Raed-ersw 'wen R, R: :es J, Qcief T. P:.:e'c f. E, Rcffe, J. Ruff, J. Rmensdwroer 6 A R -. 0 '55 'z-gif Q , -.- , ' . ' 9 64 Q 1' Q L ' . K Y ' ' 1' uf I ' f if -f ,ffizf ff?'Y-A 1 -we 'ff , . ' z .f t .A 15? 1 'I X A 7 f K x f s 1 'I 5. 5- ? . -Q 5 -I bv B Q . 9- 'Q QRQ 'Q . 'X :ln ...-...-vu'-01'-wf""""""""' v s- ,ff ,X vfi of 1 1 JJ, gi Famor 575605 expfams Wwe fine prim? . .. Row I: J. Sm 3'-1: VX. 5 rl. Sv f 51' TJ. Schper J. Sckeref T. S:HN9r. T. Szh VTk6'f M, Sdfrver, E. ScPm3df, VV. Sdneider. Row 2: J. S+? " fx. S . 33. S'L"5ili' 3. Sclrfdi' T. Sircof, F. Szlufz 9. Siliui D. Simmer H. SC:"L'L'2 J. SCFJH2. Row 31 9. Siiwzib T. Q rf-fr T. Safe, D. SHVRQA, W. Swan: D. Siemer, J. Soiwmer. R. Sc cmcn R. Sfacey. Row 4: G. Sfaf F. S+. Charles, T. STQQWT T. S' -' " . C chef J, Sndffrvar J, Swcevey, D. Tekuwc, C. Tape, F, Werfes. Row 5: D. Thcurer, J. Thiemam, M. Threm, 5. Vfnfwsyw P, J'D:Cf l,T-"1Qf R. U' wbrgcn C VarDeRy+. A. Venemam, N. Wagner, 'E "J J-v ze x -ri 5' ' , A , - w 4 'Q . 5 s4. vw Sf 45 AF 1 '4-35 . .1 thv e ,., fo- 1 336 g,X -ark Tai C-3-N it, 4, ,,,, , an.. A QQ i' i. p vs r -f X 2 xl Q. ,n td cv. 1h..' . 'ie fvhffb J", ' 151 QW, QQ fir' 1. 9.1 .L f .. .,,.,,,, 1. 1 - - ac-- f Aihfi-I i , . I ' r n- 7' 7' 'TL' .J ...M T A ,. i Nall kiwf' 5- 'E7 QL Q .if 9 IX Q' . K 9 9 kv 1r"'Y wr! K.-Q. vw-wi' Boyf Are Wcse sfafrs crcwdedfm? Row I: T. Wddron T, Web J. Wai J. We SF. J. Weigh E.Wa'f1 C. Weber. J. Weber, J. Weber. Row 2: R, Weberd'nq E. Weqman J. Wegrvan W, Wegman. J. Weinlcam, E. WeT'LeJ, F. Wba'en, N. Wick. W. Wiesner, B. Wilkinson. Row 3: G. WiWwfamson T, Win+erhaHer G. Wvsken. J. Wifson. R. WiHers?ae++er, W. Wi++'ch R. Wbolfrom M. Wuesf. R. YeazeU, C. Zuber 9 J,w 6 I SOPHOMORES H I +L I I 1'-7' 4449 e '4 I I y 4. ' f Q, ...fi 4' 4 , hmjjq A ff.- 'r,f . N f Q1 9 vas C T V- V M 9 ei YW if T 1' !k F- 9, ,Q--Q. vs- J 1 2 L . yi .. L. nf W .fa "'1. 1 . Q, 3 CLASS OF '61 Yea, and +ha+ averages Row I: R. Alrgilbers, T. Apke, R. AusHng, J. Baier, J. Basf. Row 2: D. Baumgarfner, P. Beck, R. Beck, L. Becker, R. Becker. Row 3: C. Beekley, J. Behrens, E. Beifing, D. Belbor, R. Belcher. Row 4: T. Benne+'r, D. Berning, P. Beringer, J. Ber+sch, E. Berwanger. Row 5: R. Bessfer, L. Beulne, E. Bierman, T. Bley, F. Bloemker. Row 6: J. Bockensfefre, G. Bode, M. Bohman, D. Boller, C. Bon- apTeL Row 7: J. Borclwerdinq, E. Borgemenke, F. Bosken, L. Bossrnan, R. Brabender. Row 8: G. Braunsfein, T. Brennan, G. Brodbeck, L. Bross, M. Brown. Row 9: R. Brown, W. BruenTng, D. Buelferman, W. Buelferman, T. Bushman. Row I0: J. Carrer, T. Casey, J. Cavanaugh, R. Chrisfen, W. Cnrlsfensen. ouf +0 65f'2. Row Row Row Row Row E.- Row Row Row Row Row G Iv . J U65 ,. J N"' -. : Oarlr M. Cc'cc'a' L. Criss G. Cuefc, J. Cummings. 1 CWNA J D"lr"a' ' VTE" L D'+"'1a" A D f'e'r' . L., 4 . - J. .J . :, 'u - 1 'swan fnvmnf- .,- N CEN' D. D-, -, R. D., 1, , T. D, a .9 J, D:'5'ue J. Der ,J-e, ' .Brice S, .Cnr E.cHFcfd. J P Q J nf G- 4 Q.D.v,..5,L, I 'Ei NJES 'JV QEcYad'T Q. 'L -9 V 'vc-:Lwf f a.:.Xf:f ,- Q Q-V. J - .., 5 . A 5-,J -. r f-Af D FR-nw T si P ,n. , 41 ' 'w - 7 9. .. . - ,. V.. -wh... Law - ,. 'E'f, J E :ce J, ?'i:1i"':? A. Gaia" M. G f f- ,- . ,. ef' n I0 N Gzzffe-,f E. -Lula J,.,, . F . fl x v ss G' J 8 Q- , 'N -1 1 Q 3. 5,5 ss s,s F ' x X G 'I 1 'S' , A,-ta X Y A wi 6 .X 1 . x 5 vw 9 ' XA' 5 N 1 .ev w,. S 4 f, I Q., c GJ Ak I 6' A K . Wifi fra AL 67- 5-' Q. g. f4f. 4 A 4 I Y ig I 1. . x ibn Q- 5-'. ' 9 f X If I 1 - "riff N G13 q Q E . 9 is Row Row Row Row Row 3 f . l-. cl ' 5 - 31 ae. . ,f x 'N 5 a J . 'T R I qv R 5-' w Q L, V It Q . -x , fry. 5 5 x.'cSfg 4 ,S . YV V, N .- 4 Y W . ff 1 5 I YW! Q W 5 A 46.1 4-V -,1. . ' if fi , fr- ,QQ use F' f v . 2... . J. H 'K . . K . X uw I , V g fj, Ik , V. af A L t ' at . if ,cf e 1 1 6- 5. . 1 E . J cv U . . - ., A QQ, '- 1 1 X. .' ' 'R x, "E 755' 'Q HW' V ' . I . ht .. T1 5 ..V- vi 1 V ., I I fi: H '- V Xxxl f J' 554.33 Q5 S UL E' N 1 A In Ee 1 Q4 E, 5. Q. GY' F- J -f 'ff' g- " ' N . .,,, , ' I 1 f . Y X , L 'iakxf Q ,. , I W . Q I . IM ' X f X BX x 4 I. R. Goefflce R. Graveff, P. Grinfer A. Grofe, K, Grofnaus. I.. Gundmrn R. Gunn, D. Haas F. Haas, M. HaWpIn. 2. J. HalpIn M. Ha'p'n W, Hargreaves J. Hasseff, J. Haier. G. Hausmar D. Hayes T. Hays M, Heavey, D. Hebauf 3. C. Heclrnan D. Hendy, H. He'i, R. Hennelcea, W. Herman, R. Hefrz' T. Herzig, D. HESSdfJCVg9V B. Hesfer, R. Hewaxd. 4. T. Heyob, N. H, geforf, G. Hiverf P. Heck D. Hoeficer, W, HQUQ1, C. Hmfchldss, K. Hqrnperf, M. Husf, R. Hufln. 5. J. Jaennen, J. Jennings R. Jcnnscn R. Jonas, G. Josfwcrfln, K. Jc5+wi.rU', C. Kaeser J. Kaeser, T. KaHe, N. Kalser. M 5 Qc XJ -2 -5 4-Ln I fa . Q 9 - Q Q x f ' 1 9 9.5 FA E v T A Q f " 'F' JS , fb 0 " F f T ' 1 1- f K 'vw -. J- n T T ge -5. . 6- i. . , Y f t T E ld x A t , my .,Zi5'2 ii' ju gr 3 -E GP' T E 1" , 5 . v s. ' .. 3.55. 4 1 x S . , - f-'?fr.: . F2 N T 'Q' YK x xy 1? ZT, .T -1- 1 Row I: J. Kawfrfeue' T. Ke ef, J. KeT,y, T. Kenney G. Kessler. R. K., nge' J. King G. Kirsdmer, J, Kemfanlc, T, K rgenbeclc. Row 2 K'f'effw.er M. K,.vwan LJ. Kne sp T. Kexcp, R Km? P, Koo? R. Kciake, J. Kshis, G, Koiks, D. Krelmer. Row 3: R. Krceg r D K"'5er T. LaFTe..' T, Lake W. Law, C. LeCcun' G, Lee, P. Lfpps J. Logan, D. Looney, Row 4: R. Lucas, P. Luclcey, M. LyncT1,G. J. LABTLQ R. Map" J. Maffrf R. Maffeew L. M:Car'Lwy. W. MCG:-war. Row 5: T. McG'i'H, D. MQKTm'xe',f L, Me"'Lard'. W. Me' an R. Mah, 5, Mews' J. M'cide-"der: R. Mfddevdorf E. MTITer, G. MT'er. 24-CLASS OF '61 'A Zi "1 Il p,,,..., 3 A ,, 5, S.,-.,h, ,yirggv 1 ., , m,7y,v ,1 ff , 4 .fi :gm .fy 'ff fmfiff' , E -gQi77?H5'fff'91z,gg:wf'591'fQ Hz. , A W fa ,4f5LLgT1,3Q4H' L fa fag? af. 3 0 M 425522 ' 1? 'f5?Wf mf: I fi , 3, , Miz larwgy nf VT 'Z 1 ,411 ' sf ba? f nf ffh WJ? Jw Z gf 1 1 wavy! mm-, Y , V f, , . - .fi 'wwf' HM' ' , ' 'f f f ' . f' f f hifi 322 5' '7 :Q .44 Q3 4 5 , ' aj .. ' 5 L, K ' W Wk? , ' ' 5z,,7'J L A . I' . i D? 1. M sw ' V 0' .R R .ww H 1 my MAI' Sf. b, F' u ' . va-fxf it 33 1- Q- S x if-' I I 'Y A1 X 1? 2 A x U ' s O Q ,1 U .' ,v l GV Y f L - ff . .fn xi . fr f f : 4 I . -ug I: J. Rpwe, R. Sahnd, W. Sappe, T. Schaaf, R. Schaefer X 1.3 .A ft N Row Row 2: R. ScFaibWe, L. Sc?e'd+, R. Scherer, D. SCRWGVDEY R S'f"'75"UEV. Row 3: N. Sciirid W. SC'V7A"jf C. Scfvweider, J. Schneider, F Sffrfdefz. Row U. Row Row Row Row S. Row S. Row S, 4: ,. Scfcemwg D. Scfcrkif R Sc'ra'd G SCN:-eder Sixewev 5: E. S:',': J. Sr, :Z v. Sdfvarbc R. Self T R. Selby 6: J. Seven H. Seqkawp T. SRf1d"' J SVe'ds J. Smorw 7: J. Ske y C. Sr"fF D. S'wAfP' D. Scemcer, T Sp muelier 8: E. Sink" J, Sfavfcn D. Sfeuss R. S+e noeck, J 9:'GQ. S'-.-'ge D. R. S N. 2 D S Aaf' H :of 5. svefef D. S'-'mf W. svi-My Q. may W. Ara". w . T E x Q Row Row Row Row W T Row Row I: R 2: J 3: K 4: T f"TbC 5: C 6: A Surderman, S. Tensl, L. Tepe, O. Thompson, T. Treinen Trcehler, T. Trcmey, T. Turner, F. Umberg T. Vance Voeler R. Vor'1efr, R. Wagner, G. Wah! A. Wefgand WeXsF, J. Werrke J, VVesfendcr+', D. Wesferlcamp, R FQ, Wflzs R. WfndT": T1 P. Wiffe C. Wofferfnq, D. Wriqhf Wufz D. NN,f'z R. WMf'z A.Z'frMermaf1. if CLASS OF '61 "f We UFHCE .gn 'Fw-f 2' Aa V .rp 'M s. - 42. Q. .J A QF... Q ..,, 5 FJ , ' r",' 'are' Ha, -3 seize 1 e ccrrmcrs. rs, ,. s.-, 4 K L raffcfd, R. Hank T. S+S'P'Y'5V". K - 1 X Fafher Kfug supervises We Book-Une Q Y v.- n Q I+ L ,Ss,.,.f.,-'Se V ,,1, , X 'x.,M,,,,.'1 x 1 'affkr A-Q-.,,. .f.af,,,v,J 1 n D' E -. 1 x -. E-5 W 4 1, 1.'9a "2""""'U X ....'1 - ml av - .41 - Row I: R. Aichele, D. Aisenbray, T. Ames, T. Ammann, R. Anderson. Row 2: R. Aismus, D. Aug. G. Bachman. J. Backs. J. Backscheider. Row 3: P. Backscheider, W. Bardua, W. Barry. R. Bauer, J. Bazeley. Row 4: R. Beasley. R. Beck. P. Beeler, W. Berra, R. Befhel Row 5: T. Biedenhorn. E. Blake, P. Block, R. Bode, H. Boeing. Row 6: W. Boller, W. Bonapfel, J. Bono, R. Boofh, L. Borgelf. CLASS OF '62 Row 7: R. Borgman, M. Brady. D. Braun, K. Brewer, M. Brinker. Row 8: J. Brofff, D. Brook, W. Bruns, D. Buchanan, R. Bucherf, Row 9: D. Budde, T. Burnside, R. Busch, T. Cahill, J. Cain. Row IO: E. Cappel, E. Carmosino, W. Carfer, T. Cavanaugh. W. Chapman. 77 wa' ow I W r s Q f 7, lf:':i:f5 G. Gafdfef R. Ge Q R w 2 T 3 R Q M 'R aze, L. 31? F Suck G. Smit, 9 T Hee Q ow LA n.. ' sad R. Ae"n A Helrfes, R, HSl"AE3 T ra Q rf Row H wa C Y-' W 1 a'm' L 'avyr W 'rcs' Q M R :.., ,Q .V . .f.,J- Sl' NV, KGXQVTVSF, M, KG- '73, K K 3 :J I Q . R v 1 it , s R 4' ' Ve 'Q A fb- 1 Qu- , q 3 Us ' H- X f is 'H sv fx C9 1-f C 4.5. x .,. fm T I . f .fd ff' v Y' K F 5, G' bu Qi 6 G, E 4 f s I J 'vi sza Row eger D uc r' J Laacx La M Laub in C , v Q., F' X L 'K 5' 1 mn . S , fs' nam A ih If ' ' s y 5 xx v J i' J K' 17' N 4 'JP3 I as S E E Q Q F 'X , -1 M 9 , I if , x 1 5 hy' 2 P J v5 C iQ ,x X K' ftp sf Q N ,. S f F: 'ml I ' 4 Hrs. .f gl -S: 5- 7 x, In Q- ,s , u- , X K . ' -of x A Row FZ. Row W Row VV Row Row l.,.-,kP,Te' 1 T cj? QT 'T 5 fs . v ,,, A , ,, H M. 'K w"f::'3 'V f J f I w LN V44 A 5'-,wi-Q A 'F ' . .. I ,I , f 5 A" fi 1' f'.::',"-2.1" Q ' -3 .3 -.- ':,-j .. ,'. , N. 4. on . :,..., . I N bLS.,'c,j'.g-l,.,' A. , . s". '--T, wig-xg-s rag X- , f IJ .l,.- .r" f' I A I QQ ,f"" . 44. N,'1'.f MR. LEE TRAUTH, Band Direcior THE MARCHING MEN OF ELDER To Eider's marching men we owe a deep friburez a fribuie 'ro fheir direcior, 'ro fhe spirii of fhe band members, ro Fafher Calme, Band Moderafor, and +o +he school auihor- Vries whose cooperaiion mafched fhe enfhusiasm of fhe music deparfmenf. Winner of ihe American Legion Trophy for +he hai?-iime show a+ ihe double header 'Foofbail game, rhe band in ihe iirsi year of Mr. Trauih's direciion gave us per- formances +ha+ we boasfed of fo ihe whoie ciiy. New Uniforms, new marching songs, new iormafions, new arrangemenrs-newness was The iheme of Jrhe year- 'rhe gre-afesi year for The band in Elders his+ory. MMM ,g?,l.ygfHfi ,zz .5 V qw.. W 'W . , , fiat Mfg!" ,I fi Z f 3 4 ' ', ' y 1 x.1 ' V giig g i ...1 Lia . ..,-. fi if A , ' F 3.5-f!f.,f f 'W 4, . M ' 4 , ' EV . -am' ra X! .Q " -Z. pgtffagg-5, 4 tj? T' W. 5 Jw 11 -2 f . 'Wiz' 1' - '- If ff w z' -' x 44 ,fx bf' sg.. 'bf ... V 1 V , A , if gy., 5 , ""2"5 , ,V-,5,,,,.,A,, 4 W ! ,nv 9 '-W Y 'a 1' M 4 gl . Y' V.,,, R all ' , Q.. I I W' . Lf Z . fuagq.-lf. vfysf J '. ' -H ' : -' ,1tj0. : ' ',,, me -W 4, 1. .Mn 4' ' L I-yur. . Sf, r- M I M , ,vf -A. I -' 1' A -wg. r s , 1 4' I , I 0 A , x : 1 I 1 'I ' fl-A. af 'V o aa 9 3? 1,3 9 JF p. . 2 .1 5. A , , lx ' ' l 3 1 X. Q Ygx 'L x ? ' Q' ll lu 3 . I, T v WWA? 'Q "Jw . I r f s 1 -' f y" K. Q I an ' ' ff!-- I i v c F 6 Q! 1. ii snag in Q' 'Q f' 4 ' X, K. N, K at ,un A D. OTT R. KELLER D. BOYLE M. SIEVE 4 D. RAHE J. BROCKHOFF R. HOFFMAN Me'vbe's of f'e 1958-59 Eder Marsifrwg Ba-cl afe ef' 'Q ffgei 'rs' rar: D. Effvker, T. Murphy. M. SCF Crier. D. Morgar, D. Enginger. P. Tepe P. K'e'p. Se::'d few: T. Sh ze R. Hcgma' D. Qaee 5. S':', G. Zefcl J. Djfy, J. Re'fma'. Thkd vcd: C. Mfddendcrf, R. Saupe. 6. B: 'ge' C. Ncrfc' A. Rauf. Fzgrfh raw: J. K',g G. S:V'eAde', T. Scecewy R. ScLab'e7r', R. KeTYer, R. Lcwremen. Flffh row: H. Teei G. J:s'f.5"L' G. Beckef, J. Krfzsa, C. Paffsn. SY? ren: D. RaLe T. ScL'frve' T. C5'Y3PG-Q:?' D. Bew"ger"e'. T. Wefsk, R. Tenbrinlc. Serene ':f.: L. Gwef' A. He mes D. Of' E. WI Pe M. Weber P. N'e'abe' L. Fees. EQUV ry.: R. Berle M. Sefe K. Graves, J. Car'er, R. J:L's:' 52. Feffemad G-. See: D. Dc','e. NF" few: R. P?a'z M. Cbe'd"g, T. Ka'L"'e" C. K',g M. C:'1e"',', J, Brcclrheff. Tenfh f:ff: G. K's:L'e' P. V-fw'z D. Wufgz J. Ke'da1 D. CV? J. M' 'er wr wal' M 5 Q J I u EE' G VO 5 s I 5 8 Top: R. Hague. Middle: T. Hoque, J. Neyer. BoHom: A. Seiwerf, J. Piening, L. Buclvanan. 92 '91, +A ' L+. C Se':r afa Mzve' :' Mefc, VT Q7 Svc: e'e, Deck few ro Ka, Kee' :.i"-E Drama". Fry-+ r N: Pa? Rci-Iris" P Cheerieaders and Drum Maforeffes from oun good-neighbor schools-Seron and Mercy- added rmch Lo Lhe soarlie of Foorbai! games and hal?-Time performances. The Drum Ma- iorefies piayed a rrennendcos par+ in The bands winning of ihe American Legion Tro- phy a+ fhe Ca+hoiic League Doubie Header. The Cheerieaders did rnuch foward rnaling our Fars fhe noiiesc in +he ieague. The Drum Maiorefes are ircr' 'o back: M. Beck S. Kziagg, J J. Moore, S. Piagernan, and J. Cassiere. R. DUGGINS, Zrff Mac' ANNUAL STAFF X, A: Q . V Ai tnggfi Q. 2 6 Y W M My 1 ' A i . 5 iffwz, , 'Mk -Q ww- . ' A A x , .123 A ' A ' A . . 44" J "ww as Nm ,.A. .J-f-' S NNN' Nm-NN ff!! i, .Q-'W' " ,lab s N SX V' 5 1 Q ir fmgw .KM , V QA8 I QP. ,-. 'W L.: MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB A-1 -xxx fl" fu ff 4 'MI' 'CN gym , ,, 3 I . N I Ffiiii H 4 I f 'Nix-' .Q Q I sg V 2 4 33:3 I I 2 .ff ' . Q S , I 4 ,.i.' :Hx 'L,',f ' . "Q Q Xihgs in lg A' Q Y Q ' d T or 5 6 P Sv, 994 X .1 Q "Q Q' Q e' xib X' Sicwff Q 9 WU? 15 Sf? QV: fcvf-T2!?x1, 1, 2' xOi"'X9 wma 5313? EF mai mg pam 9 J "ik r 5' . ks E010 4 ' ' . t.EXder ' uhy memoeri A on thxs after re- eekly Q ' ' By E Wd H ld Elder F r' wnn 'nf gh :-cho0X agree And Parents fho visiw a rewuew oi me student Re Iames D Upon spouse to the advanced stand R Oran Hgu. yes alph Ra ' Shown A ' ing tourses inaugurated qi PCri0d ns? of the Elcfbox in September. Such an "HQ, Q, Several Cf f cderated program has been "d""'Q weeks use at EXder in math masse four years but it was 'dude omer academic JPL e . Ne 5ff'-w Y9'- Cf, 'e5b- ' 5:1- - .' Him. L-err-3, ' 'fl Grd - E Pos? and Tiri'rnSSf5r-v,n es., ' Dowd , A ar. er 4.6 ,, ' ' W 5Dafe'N . - J ' Qwe. C' ' W 5 r9C6n f T 1 F5+LD 'L .yr SOVM ' ' , V 'f WC NW a we ,Nr.ftD:Ua++er Combi, .L " My f fl' Wm . -,Cay ,K 5 5 'S BWI Br el "V, - , ', V Um . Cu, S ii' i Q On "INN A T CA - f , - ' S9"e A: Pie- M- u , VH, ,, sl ,rp in K , ,Q-Y-, V Y-eh' F wq F D , V f Q. , 6 gn ,yr ,W CJ fn ,C J Q.,Q1 were , 9 ' Cifls, -F JSQNC, 4 539, . igajex C-f H 97 FM' T',4't j"1 I E Q q WN es- qi Q I 1 ' l b N " Ng , H! ' .0 W' 'FJ - ,f,,, P ,Q , 9' A 3'r",,7 gg? if o. 541133 'AW ff fwfyfga Eiders Cha:'er of rhe Caihoiic Siu- denfs Mission Crusade is one of +he oidesr as new as one oi rhe mos? ac- five, The C.S.M.C. program rhis year irciuded We sqopori' or rnission oar- ishes in fhe Scurheasferr oar? of 'rhe Uniied Srares, 'rhe sponsoring of Cafh- oiic Youfh Week, a four of i'NoAPriesf- Land" in Kenrucicy, a visir ro +he Trap- pis+ Monasiery ai Geihsenfiani, semi- nars on fhe Cornnwnisf nnenace, and rhe orqanizaiion of rhe s+uden+s' re- +rea+. The Crusades rnoffo of "Prayer, work, siudy, and sacrifice For fhe missions" is a surnrnafion of ihe work of our chapier a+ Elder. l+'s ihe spirif which Jrhe Moderaior, Fr. Luehrrnann, and rhe officers afrempf io insfiil in 'Phe sfu- den+s. UM' rnc e 's one of' lhe rnan avocas Co ,rg '1 y i i -Y VM-5 of CSM C Ii' r .fi e ,..,C'C6S. A 'kU!,,,,, N. "' H- an 'G' it -.'-.y STADIUM USHERS-Froni row: H. Martini, R. Bode, Weber, K. Keller, D. Wesferkamp, W. Wiesner. Back row: L. Maifeld, G. Bachman, W. Welsh, R. Gerwel, John Doe. W. Beifing, J. Schroeder, F. Haas, R. Millendorf, E. G. Bode, R. Cushing. E. Blake. Middle row: C. Clausing, Beiling. J. Wiefhe, H. Robbin, J. Einhaus, D. Schmerber. R. Lohbeclc, D. Slewarf, J. Schneider, G. Kessler, W. Wiesner, Luslenberger, Schroeder ana Maiield making plans for nexf year. Handling a crowd of l0,000 ai a foolball game is a 'redious 'faslc even for experls. Our Elderaide s+adium ushers do an admirable iob sealing im- palienl' speclalors, reserving room for lhe lacully and The band, operaling lhe concession slands, and defending lhe goal posls from lhe ravages of speclalors aller a parlicularly glorious viclory. Under lhe direcfion of Mr. Bill Kollcmeyer, lhe Ushers succeeded in lceeping The sladium +idy, lhe field in good condilion, and lhe rampages of loolball fans 'ro a minimum. Rendering a much needed service fo fhe sludenls and supplying The aclivilies lund wifh a small amoun+ of income, lhe supply slore is fhe source of lexlboolcs, pens., pencils, elc., and fhe losf and found deparlmenl. Under The direciion of Bob Fosnol, 'rhe shorlcomings ol 'rhe slore are as fabled as ils conveniences. There's always a laclc of graph paper when algebra leachers go on The rampage and an oversupply of inlc when everyone has ball-poin+s. Ye? 'lhe appearance of a los+ Lalin grammar is a welcome sighl' a+ lhe slore when someone's "gonna be iuggedu if he doesn'+ gel' one quiclc. This line was never so orderly-shows wha? a phofographer can do. Fosno+ has plenfy of paper for doing homework. Q , 'Gigs Jerger finds boolrs. a place for physics work - r x I l U5 . el. f fr Vigilanies are, froni row: R. Jerger, B. Kenan, C. Klug, L. Bac row S Juergens T Maley J Sunderman P Pien g Buchanan, T. Harper, T. Lagaly, H. Schrorer, L. Barlaar. Middle Seger row: G. Doll. J. Kain, E. Schulle, J. Sparlce, J. Hayes, A. Larkin. Policernen are always unpopular in The eyes ol offenders and Vigilanles al Elder do lheir police aclivilies aware lhal lhis is lrue even of lhenn. They have lhe lash of supervising 'rhe order in lounges, palrollinq lhe grounds for carelessness in lhe use ol wasle conlainers, and eyeing lhe halls during lunch lime. lvloderaled by Fr. Bischoff, The Viq's have been hindered in 'rheir elforis by The crowded condilions-il's hard lo checlc lor paper on a floor lhal can'l be seen because ol a iam of human beings. The Viqilanle, while ollenlirnes unpop- ular in lhe line ol duly, learns much in lhe conlrolling of a crowd and lhe handling ol mer. Vigs Fa-,es and Herne cas a'e B b c 9 f ccr. Laga 1 eps 'he s s a CHESS CLUB I' 1 X , PURP M Km XS 5? 'I is 1 LE QUILL ' Wwe-an-g.. 4 gl Q NY A ll Wm-4-...p 'K ' wfwff-ww., V , V ,M gf -J 0 ww.-.-. I It t ' I' 1 K I . 76" if , Tx, , 1-'FW lm' ' v - - ,J ri "W 1 , I A R W1 K" N I . :'5, , f J-f"'2' , ' xi:-:df ,i 'Rx 3 W, J., , 'M M , t 5" ,Q I A , ' 5, f ' 1 '7' fi A ' M' mr ,I-ff, W 'W 4' rpg f N H Irff 'ri k V ' W V ' 'I ' L cas' 5295. ,. .,, W W., ,W ,W ,.w""-,K 3. ., ,N My 1 L xy ' f'i":gf W L iw" W ' " .f . 3' M "'f Q- N, X ,, 4, H ' W ,. V , ,J 4 -1 ,, ,L fx 3, x ' , 4 V 42 if Af, ,, , MM12i9f 7 5' ' f ,-if f 2 A K Z? V" ,W x fm mg , - J? A ' Y FWZ! f , , , , 11, Mm , , ,Wm Y, M 1 ' t f A , R 74, 4 - ,M 1 - Mn., L K f 'AY Q 1 The Purole Quill, Elders sfudenl' rewspaper, published rhrouqhouf fhe school year, pre- senrs lhe news and views of and aboul Elder sfudenls. Forced our of ils quarlers in lhe lower by rhe expanded enrollmenl, 'rhe slall had lo meer in a class room aller school or al Sain? Johns Church Dry Ridge in lhe evening, Neverfheless six issues were published even lhouqh deadlines were ollen missed. Edilor Joe Neyes was chiefly responsible for lhe crealive ideas in The Quill, Tom Bandenburg was lealure edilor, Jim Walsh ably handled lhe sporfs seclion. Relurnished quarlers in 'rhe Tower nexf year will enable lhe Quill 'ro be even more sparlcling and wilh 'rhe possibilily of a iournalism class nexl year, 'rhe qualify of lhe wrilinq should be even beller. -.X Sfalfers John Marfiei and Tcrn Banderburg check ccoy. ll -1-pu-I -11 -an- '- ,.-I Edifor Joe Neyer and Spcrls Edilor Jim Walsh plan February! issue of fhe Purple Quill was .,......s.. .Jager Fr. Gruber is charmed by Den Szhrverlzeris inlerview, I05 Greek Club members are, from row: T. Bigsmeyer, M. Hllqeforl J Marflm T Halpln Back row G Klsl R Dasenbroclc Fallwer Hussey R Barnhorsl. Sclwool aullworilles lwesilaled al lirsl lo permll The eslabllslwmenl ol a Greek Club al Elder for fear Tlwal +lwe only lnleresled sludenlrs would be llwose lm llwe advanced slarwdlmq course wlwo already lwave plemly lo do wllr lluelr sludies. Fr. Husseyk wlslwes lwowever prevalled and lwe reporls llmal a sewlrar on Greelc once a weelc for sluderwls ol We Qlasslcs ls acfually ea7oyf able lo rlwe Members ol lre club. Tlwe sludy ol Sree? evables We sluderul lo ap- preclale lwls lizlorf and lwls Lalln more as well as olvlro lwlrf af 'mslqlrwl lmlo a cullure ard larfiuafge 'ral Trfllerced our own lo a fremerdoe' decree. llie G'65Y Club rg,-J ffifonz wlllw llwe lull blessmqs o' lre o"lce-aulncrllles agree ll Qerlorwe a .aluable eeffie +9 We Sludevls. l"' P 2 'Luc 1 'fir' 3 if Cveel. Chemislry cub m mbers are fro + Ducheny F vars Doeriein R Danner, J. Jansen, D. Lenlz, G. Kisl, J. Walsh. Middle row arhr sen ue e g l-l Barade T Be R Ba r W Barfl' Baclc row: Er. Huilinlc, J. Sparlce, E. Schulle, S. Juerq Budding Chemisis, who abound al Elder, have an opporluniiy lo perform noi only during class periods in chemislry, bul' also in more special- ized srudies alfer school in ihe chemislry club. Members represenf Elder in science Fairs lhrouqhoul lhe area, go or lield Trips lo in- duslrial planls and laboralories, visil milifary ins+alla+ions and municipal Facililies. Always a very popular aclivily al Elder, fhe cherrisiry club loolrs forward lo even more de- railed sludies made possible by lhe expanded laboraiory lacililies nexi year. 5: ,, ,Y fmmf Wilhoul lhe help ol: our Flderaides under Fr. Bange's direclion, 'rhe operaiion ol 'rhe cafeleria wilh reason- able food prices would be impossible. The Elderaides perform 'rhe invaluable bul unpleasanl funclions of washing dishes, collecling garbage, lceeping order and fl- cleaning up. Our cafeleria is one which will long be remembered- il' converls 'From a siudy hall lo a dining room in 30 seconds, and lhen aller lhe lunch period io a library- sludy hall, spic and span, once again, all 'lhe worlc of The Elderaides. The ladies employed in Jrhe cafeleria loolc upon Their "liHle helpers" wilh pride, even lhough once in a while, 'lhe crash of a Falling dish or an overlurned refuse con- 'lainer dims lhe harmony usually 'found in +he lcilchen. Dave Gunier, Tom Luslenberger, and Tom Klell' have dishpan hands fo worry aboul. Rogers, R, Rings, L. Maifeld, J. Kaiser, J. Schroeder, J. Busche, R. Averbeclc Elderaides piclured below are, fronf row: R. Cunningham, L. J. Thieman, J. Braun. Second row: A. Weigand, J. Sleinker, D. Schrnerber, Third row: F. Lauch, L. Cross, J. Henz, R. Delfenclahl, G. Bush, L. Tfepe, F. Umberg, J. Farrell. Fourlh row: L. Scheiclf, J Reder, D. Gunler, T. Klell, R. Scherer, T. Price, F. Bussman ..--. 'gh--. X ...S 'illlnl W. Weisner, P. Cummings, J. Thieman, R. Davis, R. Nuselcabel, R. Pelzel , P. Bergell. Fifth row: R. Jorg, Fr. Gralsch, D. Frondorl, Fr. Banqe, A. Marfini I . R. x 41 5 f A5 0 v gs f- A - '13-'M ' ff-, 0 lov ALUMNI ASSOCIATION . , N , f 4 . . 25' . R A Wa? 'I I I 'T ' l 125 1 f A' 4 . Tfif-1 5 'lf A I 2 ff 7 fn K I ' 1-F x wi, 2 3 JY' 1 .4 QQQ 2? 1.y"W 3,5 ,vw 3 DE S FOR CHRIS fr PET RV3 FR SICKING Modenalor Cadels for Clwrusl a spxrxlual organnzalnon found ed lasl year by Fallner Srclcung lnas prospered beyond expeclaluons Selrmg for ns goal llwe personal sanclufucalnon ol lls members lne group also expecls acluye parllclpallon In corporal worlcs of mercy Prolecls ol llne Cadels of Clnrusl 'rlwls year were Colleclung and dlslrubulung lood lo llne poor lnelpung care 'lor pallenls IH lwospulals and ylsll r llwe suck ln llmelr lnom Tlne Cadels lwaye llmree degrees ol membersnlp We lmglwes degree demands daily mass ang Communion ol Hrs members an lmour of labor oye r cnarly each wee dauly rosary an a weelfly ollerlng lo llve poor Parenls are e pe clally pl ed llw llwe lnllLence ol llne orgar la n o new m n sal er sons arrples lwa e enfouraoed 'rlwem lo alle rn ss more o'ler 1 ws Y er a :- smsr raronze: xx nd CL, SLCOND Dion:-:E vm, ana c THIRD DEGREE Kal Mau and C b D-ny Ron y c Offer 3 to the poo ti Ont hour of llbcr of week I PROMISE T0 FULFILL THE CONDITIONS OF A Tr-'Vi CADET OF CHR!bT cruuu or PWW5 .4..--ff Q r-9 rl: 5n15 lCrrsl' I X L I Q, 6, o A . . ryzliw-lj , f ' l ' . I I I I - .nf M. .us-...sawn mm-15 more u an zz, gan, ef Y . . 'Ames Ln the nm.-1 and he wuz, nf ,er me I I I I l:I',f,,msaw mf mf.,.,.fm rufpuan 1,1 me sf ammo, 1 , , I ...ln X mf Mas , fl xak a afmf part .fl :.. .ll ' , . ' ' ' ' ' Th f r mf.-r .le-gnc, .sf mr-nmu-mp ln ar C. -f-:ffm 1-mimr ff.,...f.smmf rr M razlwu I A - -1 -. A513 Fl1Y1!uh11l,'A 1, - . , I I I -' - . ummumon ww .,.X I I I - Qmmamnk .,,, X .l . r , 4 1 ' f . ' 1 y m Us f .. . . ' ' ' ' ' ' " 1 C ..4. I . ll l g es. I A . 4 1 1 vii- ln ,I , ,f,. I I ' ES ol l 1 lf ' lc, , , d l 1 - ' l 5 I b ' . S A Q l, 2 A J eas WI 1 , 1- ," ' , I . . . . I , , , Z Mo n l ' sonsf a y d ln , s I. ere A g . , I I ,, -, , , 1 - 1 l e 1 , Pedg sg C1 b. meme- , cf 'be C df Q ' ' ,J :F -. so 50 3 AX 3 ,O sf Camefa Cub "veffb-e'f afe Lin? fgh. M. lefgae S. He,s-:e' Q 3 355 E. Z:"1f G. -'A fm ' G, T-ggy J, VVeI'L5"' W. C ,:1e. Vice 'if-' 72, fhe Y S:":"-e Q' VJ, fan' 3 ZCLI5 ft , W. Ede'rfa" D. L-45.5. Bai-f 'th f 'Came' 3. V41 T :":e T Stf'-e' 5 Be':e' G fi' Une of Efders oWdes+ orqaffzafiofs and one 'G+ is Mosf Fffoorfae' 'Q 'Fe pL,bfVca+ie" ef e successful ,eafoecf 'S We cafveefa CLD. VOGSVGLGC cw Fr Duesfwq, "e iemefa dub bales 7'LT?'l yeaf We Covaffof of a new 6'X:i'QS' evo ofher eouipmenf by We Nufrwf Qrqanizafbe. Scecfaf fo'QCe 75 due Wal'er Hausede' av Endeimiqace anger beg, who Es Qr4ef1y rewofsbe ic' "e z1ua'?'y of "e Qfzfes Ye WIS efwaf We ef'?re CGWEJB sub is fo oe eucec :cf Their onA+He-spo' Covefaqe of SQHOOW event We enfire year. , , Q.- x, I" 5 , f.A,,, -.K H3 l U Bill l-ldrnes rurns on llne cliarrn fer n's dale al ine Clvisfrnas Dance. lvlirdlul ol our srudies, our 'obs our spirilual life, we didn? lorgel llie ladies in cur lile al Elder. Dances If arprrg were loc inlrequenl-rnaybe 'fnafls wny we enioyed lnenn so nnuclw. 'lne Prorn, lne Clvrfalnnas Dance, 'rne dances aller llie loolball games are a parl ol car lwiqn school days llwal were sure we will wanl 'ro live over. Borrowing Dad 9 car, safinq for a corsaqe or a lux, qefling oil early irorn Worr were all par' cf a be darce. Ana fel if was all worln il- lne dance was always grear. ' Q li Tlie Bunny hop was a ,.,.,.M 'uf -ff- ,' ' :qf ? " Hg' QM -.'Q.'4c-wld writ iii, Suv" 5, 'fb 33 0 5 I V 0 2 Q. 5 ,559 fi 5 !! fl irc .S ,fl I' Q53 A ':. .- ,4 . II6 aa 5 -- 9 fi 4 I X .. 1, n Sa A ATM ,. 4 3.34 ar' I + e c or 5 rn cr + e merzcama evun re earses a wrl arf 'ws a re D6 me r' JB frerf Barr Sun Phqem an e AMe ,Q Pwe P , e Q f e 0 We-af Ca! re N480 ner re Cr J f W re W N Pfam N 1 J PL Tmmqf, Jer mg rp 4 f eff by F3+4"PV' Ce wp Nm Q We ea e Q D 4 Q C pf, FF-D 5 r n 1: f-Q F 'Tnn . Mnaxkqmmmimmum night. 'iw if K x , . 3 - If y , ' J i fo rlqhl are: Gary Beckef, JGPICQ CdSS48'9 Tom NVa'dfof' JaCVe Ge-'s Ke' Hmvberf Mar Beck, and JON Bock. xo f X2 9 ' of Q , - Qc x ,Y ' s f '95, VPDC7 .U if ' ' 1 4 X 0 K R' ' R 'fx , lx ,Sp ial ankgare due The Pgsforgl, 'I' of hQH1r pafbhes who permif- ,3 fed ui' fo pracfice in 'fhxbgr audi- Ypriums. Tb Mrs. 25995 reds fhe c rus owe a pecia. nofe 0 5 lndqecfw an Sisiefs of C rify Qgchool who-hav coogeffaiivegrn he Qse offffigiyjf fQli1ies 'af fh irpyefgpowgx 0 new 5ex'r cial!! lyk ,V 5 H XII Z f'Qj,fff4r 3 Pad' of 9 Qwibffckina Rkvue feafweri , TrombOD6 xi ,lx AMERICANA REVUE Rahe wafches We cameraman n:+ Mm Tfauth during refearsak af Sa?r+ Maw?" a d":r'um. i 1 H 1 2 x K 4 1 1 K v ilk. yu, B,m+fA, F. ft! Q -Q 1 1 -if u A 4 1 5 1 Ken Graves fakes a relaxed pose 'Fe phd: x L 3 ,-Vi, . .1 '25 if ef 9 s 5 ,. s fi 1 14, ff C . . lx 'U 3. "'.-TY X. qfapher-You ougL+ K 1, fp + eVr"a' I YQ 'Fr 8'A: Aff' '41 ,,, ff' I gfifbx , y, ?4vf4f X541 ' ,v4-ff' '9 , 4555, 3? Q' M' , ffl' F, 5, 1 '5-1 ,lf if 2 . X I3 Wrww. f X 'TQI .I Ilia: 1581 ak Eg ll- Al! ll , q,f+J fi Y ,N Q .W Q I I ..... ,W Q M., V' ? f i VW ' -HQ? n 4 ,ary Wm 'QM 'fx fr . I 7 'V M , , , V: 251 4 X Q I , 1 f P Q f I 1 -A ! A A U . ' 1 ' L X fn, f , j ": ' Q A A :H 5 Q 1 ' , L W5'JQ,s3??8W135'5 ffl wnvdf- r JJ' 1 2 1 sh -,, Seniors and Juniors offend Mass a+ Sainf William's as perl' of lheir Triduum for 'rheir parenfs al Chrisfmas lime. Elder High School was founded upon 'rhe be- lief lhal' educafion should be God cenrered To prepare a man for a God cenlered life. The reireai, a special lime of prayer, was held rhe second weelc of Easier. For +hree days ihe siudenis were guided by Fafher Rene Hayes, of 'rhe Order of Mary Immaculare, discussing "school, a prepararion for larer life." The reireal is ihe highlighi of spirirual pro- grams Jrhroughouf ihe year-ranking from ihe opening of school wirh Mass 'ro ihe Marian Day Services ai lhe close of +he school year. Sludenfs will remember all +heir religious ex- ercises ai school as 'limes of special prayers wi+h iheir classmaies. They will remember fheir reireafs as special limes of grace-a Jrime of Thoughfful prayer 'fhar did much +o help fhem find iheir vocarion in life. Fa+her Sfang says Mass a+ fhe Case of' lhe Refreal For ihe Siudenis' inienfions. i 25'- M " Y '51 'iw Q ff A an W - " V 2 'iw' r ' 'A Q" .' if., - A A Q 'ab' 4' M- , 5,-f , .7 M - QQM I Q, Mw.-4'!r'f-- -fu., if ,. Q fav 45 V ,fl-,, ,pw -3"H 'qv 'PH ,1 'ini' 'Adv - ' "" N. 5- H' if . '3 4' ' 1 i sl g, X, .:'? I -,WY xx I xv: L V' , 'C . . . M-Q I 4 . . ' 'ju' , - K X 1-4-gg:', , ' , . ., 4-. ,v E- . - g Q d n Q yu ,E 3' n f' vt: Q QA lv v V . W ' 4 .gn 1 . - ' w 5 . Q I ' SQ-Ee' ' -V vm x ' gl l N" - +. vu 1 KM L ' A V A Q . x ' ' N . ix t y 1 L A-2 rf' 'fi X . Ask anyone: aThleTics is a big parT of The puzzle we're Trying To puT TogeTher aT Elder. I+ s The exTracurric:ular acTiviTy ThaT appeals To r'nosT sTudenTs. lT's The acTiviTy ThaT enTails more work, more Time, more glory, and more disappoinTrnenT Than any oTher. lT's The one exTracurricular acTiviTy ThaT is oTTen called upon To defend iTselT as Talcing Too much of The sTudenTs' Time. ReguirernenTs Tor parTicipaTion in aThleTics aT Elder are: passing grades, normal healTh, abiliTy To learn To Tollow insTrucTions, abiliTy To geT along "wiTh The Team," and a desire To win. These are reguirernenTs Tor success in any of liTe's endeavors. The Elder spiriT is perhaps besT rnaniTesTed in iTs aThleTic deparTrnenT-in iTs aThleTic Teams. There's a loyalTy, a devo- Tion, an inTeresT, a love, ThaT can be explained only by Tra- diTions oT grealrness. Mx Meow REV. ERWIN BERTKE, AThleTic Diredor MR. VIRGIL SCARDINA Head FooTball Coach so , ,A Y , .yi x if MR. BILL KOLKMEYER Business Manager i"' I Mr. Scardina walks back off' fhe fIeNd affer a dismai momenf in the Wesf HI Game. I . MR, ROGER BERTOIA MR. RAY DIERINGER Reserve Fcmba' Coax' Feed BGSHYEHIS ' Ccez' at-, E, ' Ti' u-a 9512: I N tid 22 .?,f'1 '5',W: 9, :I-D xffl. wie, J f fp if 1, W fu- nt GJ I J, ,L- ff ' M ,, 5' Iii Mm qs- U7 'T 'H' GJ L H1391 1-1 ' - ID " m 1+ Faq-I 0.51 'Veg , nm 1'!'1f'1'ff?3e' ms-' 'PS 7? 1 , -- I-ff rn ,I?""5'Ix U1 M ll! figs '- N mg E-:Q 9i?n-1 051 Tn S , -1 fu 'Q STARTING LINE-UP E "" 'nm B Q TOM LAGALY GEORGE LINK MIKE PASCHKA JOE PEDOTA JERRY PETERS Defensive Haiiback Oiiensive i-iawbacic Oxensive Ffibacic Offensive Ta:ir'e De-fe-rs've Rigiff Oifensive Quarierbacic Deiensive ljnebacker D5-fengfve Tagiqie JACK SCHULTE HOWARD SCHUTTE FRANK ST. CHARLES TERRY WAINSCOTT DeFers'-,fe Rigiwf End Defensive Taclc'e Defensive Cenier O5+'e's've Haiiback Offensive Gpard Fay fakes cne in 'riie Xavier Game. Laqaiy is abcuf io fees ene in 'five Wes? Hi Game MRA ,MX .1 5? c BARRY BUCHER GENE DOLL GEORGE FAY BILL BELBOT Offensive Riqhf End Ogensive Fwback Offensive Leff End Defemswe Linebackef ,tffwg Y,-15, DIQK BUECHLER O"-EFS .9 CVE' Dflfefsle Tad? g.'.-"'l'- -,- 3' 4 ' 4 L TERRY WAI NSCOTT .' A it -lx. 'il' 1-w.'v-39'-L O as-.Q Ha 'mein L 6.11-' LOM HARPER JACK SCHULTE Quefi f- P-H-haf. Cf'-2 efe Rfq' Eu -W X CSN 1:5 , Xl' 1 nf ' '- xx 'K ' JIM HILVERT Capfafm MIKE KRUMDICK Defensuve End 44 ly ,- 4? MIKE PASCHKA TOM LAGALY . Yfffhaff --4-s:we1'1:cQ JOHN HAYES Ouewswe Guafd JERRY PETERS Offensuve Guard De HSV Leff End ww! FRANK FIORINO WILBUR KLOSTERMAN V x-,, -,wr '1 ,' QUN1' ' 'Q 1, wfe Ye ,rn - QR, . I . E ,, ab -I rn . ' .4 'M-."' " 'P ., '. 'U - 'R QQN1 ,y ' !,""1. if E 1 'v"K 'mf-fb. ...- ff"-53 - .9 ,,'.. ' ,Q - Q-1-'I ' 5 X-,363 .M V L Tr,:.:f-13. . .---va -1. Q::e"i'.e 5, had Q55efg',g Pa :sad CCE' -f- CA"G'biC9 :i':f"1 f:T-i"J 37 HAMILTON The Pan+hers opened Ihe season wilh a 42-26 loss Io Ihe Big Blue of l'IanniI+on al Elder Siadiune, A9 Ier spelling Hannillon Iwo Iouch- downs, due nnoslly Io Iirsl-game iiflers Franl Fiorino Found Ihe range and Ihrew Tour Touchdown passes Io lell end George hay. The Panlher defense, however, cou'd"+ slop Ihe Big Blue screen basses and Bradbury, Iheir ace halfbaclf. WITHROW Elder came baclc slrong in Ihe nexl game and roared Io a 26-8 viclory over The Wilhrow Tigers. I-Ield scoreless in The Iirs+ ouarler, Elders "BuIch" Bedinghaus brole loose lor Iwo guiclc scores rhrough Ihe line. Quarlerbaclc Tom Lagaly added The olher Iwo Iouchdowns on runs of 20 and I3 yards around le'lI end. The defensive line showed signs of brilliance, holding Wilhe row Io only 97 yards rushing. II loolced lilce Ihe Panlhers were on Ihe move! CHILLICOTHE Elders Panlhers invaded Chiili- colhe and defealed a good Cava lier Ieann I4-O. Jerry Pelers sel up Elders Tirsl rouchdown by recov- ering a Tumble on The Chillicofhe 33 yard line. Franlc lziorino Iossed a 30 yard pass Io hallback Bufeh Bedinghaus Ior The score. The Pan- lhers didn? score again unlil she laslr guarler when Frank Fiorino snealed ofer Ironn The one ,ard line Clirnaxing a 7l yard drife. Gere Dol playing in his Iirsl garne of Lhe season gained 74 ,arci in II iarnes, The Panlhers were rollirgl DAYTON COLONEL WHITE The Ci vel Wri'e Cougar: :af inc in Elder sladiurn Ter 'n T r A T w :UTD SF 1.,, QQ 'vt 1.44. -. '..f ,, .pv- 'Q 9.1, . 'N I I Q A , n "" A 4' u . - 4, tw, , A wi If 9 1-if ' 4 131 01.5, Qggua kc,-1 . f I.. v U- A ,' pk 5' F' ' bb H 5 if K ' f v 3 4 ffl-f -Sw , X' ' s 4 V ,' , g P,-.fs Q- ,lk wx A' Addon in Hwe Porfsmouih game Fuoruno eludes a HamuHon Taclcl , , J 'Q A 3 ' 1 1 47' "' 'W ,4, " If L 4' 1 Q! 1. 1 M:L': K, 4. .ilk f L, ya, M 'I 'J 4 f'-'ff' ' 3 :iii ,ws ',s ' '. . f' ' .146 ' 1 w'4f'?4iff' fgtu? 'J '- - S 3 W-fi?-fffwf'l' f We-,+2""2H fm ... 5 .:3::"Sf4f??fM,QJ221-f Lip, g Sf' Fiorino sfraighfarms a boy from Chillicofhe. Wainscoff fakes one over his head field goal by Jack Green defeafed Elder 9-6. EIder's lone fouchdown came on a specfacular ol yard punf refurn by Tom Lagaly. EIder's defense held Sf. Xavier fo a rneasly 24 yards rushing. Mike Paschka picked up 7I yards as fhe Panfhers again dorninafed sfafisfics. WESTERN HILLS Twelve fhousand fans iannrned Elder Sfadiurn fo wafch fhe Musfangs defeaf fhe Panfhers 3I-I4 in fhe fradifional Thanksgiving Day garne. Wesfern I-Iills scored firsf, on a 40 yard pass play, buf fhe Panfhers came righf back wifh guife a play of fheir own. Mike Paschka fook fhe kickoff ard wenf 90 yards fo fie fhe score af 8 all, This was as close as fhe Panfhers gof, Their lasf score carne in fhe fourfn ouarfer when Doll ran I0 yards, around leff end. Elder moved fhe ball, buf furnbles and infercepfed passes psf fhe sropper on four Panfher drives. FOOTBALL STATISTICS Pirsf Downs Yards Rushing Yards Passing Passes Affempfed Passes Connplefed Punf Average Fumbles Losf Yards Penalized Tofal Yards , . Elder I03 I269 837 I59 66 32 I2 468 299I Opposifion 78 I5I3 607 75 33 3I I I 350 2772 Fronf row: G. Miller, T. Bushman, K. Goe'fTl:-e, M. Klusman, J. STenger, R. Hafner, R. Miller, J. SeTTers. Second row: H. STowe, T. Heyob. R. Willenborg, J. Logan, J. BerTscl'1, J. Hennelces, G. CueTo, P. Berninger, T. Wenz. Third row: J. Frede, M. ReinerT, J. Cummings, L. RaTerman, L. Reiring, M. HusT, G.Jos+wor1h, B. HesTer, L. Cross, H. Elsaesser: Fourih row: W. Sullivan, J. Donahue, T. Rogers, T. Brennen, M. Lynch, T. Herzog, J. Diers, F. Boslcen, J. WesTendorT, K. Humperf, E. STanTon. Fifth row: R. Sahnd, D. Hendy, B. SchulTz, J. Troehler, T. Casey, G. Suder, R. Mollner, S. Tensi, R. GoeTTlce, J, HasseTT, D. HessdorTer. SporTing a 9-l-I record, Coach Roger BerToia's Reserve EooTball Team achieved one oT The besT seasons in Elder hisTory Through Team spiriT, hard work, individual abiliTy, and ouTsTanding coaching eTTorTs. Elder opened iTs season by deTeaTing ST. Xavier 8-6 on an 80 yard pass play Tronn STeve Tensi To Jim HasseTT. Terry Rogers scored Twice in The Reserves' 24-I4 deTeaT OT Roger Bacon. Bushman and Elsaesser were also ouT- sTanding in This game. A 70 yard pass play Trom Bushman To HasseTT high'ighTed The 22-8 deTeaT oT Purcell. Elsaesser scored Twice in This conTesT. Mickey Lyrch, Larry Cross and Jim HasseTT all scored Touchdowns when Elder nexT deTeaTed SairT RiTa s 20-B. The second game wiTh SainT Xafier ended in an 88 Tie. Elders score came or a oass Trom Tersi To HasseTT. WesTern Hills was beaTen 28420 in a Thrilng rerewal OT The Tradmeral rwalr.. Old Ea:Tl-TU Harry Esaesser I40 scored Twice, HasseTT and Lynch each scored once, Roger Bacon upseT Elder in The Reserves' TirsT nighT game 20-I2 beTore a crowd oT l,200. Bushman and Tensi each scored once. Arch rival HamilTon Public was beaTen 26-I2. Cross scored Twice, HasseT and Tensi once. In anoTher nighT game Purcell's highly ranlced Cavaliers were beaTen I4-6. A iourney To HamilTon saw The Reserves deTeaT The LiTTle Blue 22-6, HasseTT, Bushman, and Tensi scored. Hughes, public high champions, were deTeaTed in The 'asT game oT The season 22-I4. Hughes led I4-O aT The halT buT was crushed in The closing momenTs oT The game on a pass Trom Bushman To Rogers. Tom Brernen was Chosen mosl' valuable lineman, Terry Rogers The mosT imorowed c'a'yer, and Harry Eisaessef. The -'nosT valuable bacl. 4 I A I I I v' '1 Fronf row, Iefl lo rigluf: R. Morunig, N, Laulerubaclu, W. Sclumeider. J. Eorresfer, R. Early, R. Sfuarl. R. Hafner, J. Dalfilo. Second row: R. Derriclc, R. Gasdorf, T. Fern, J. Scluullen, R. Beasley, E. Cappel, D. Aug. M. Brinlcer, L. Masrruinsfer. Third row: G. Quifler, W. Berra, G. Polroffre, M. Yunlcer, D. Palrnisano, T. Wenz, W. Reinslaller, J. Seluer, J. Purcell, K. Lobring. Fourflu row: M. Ralum, J. Corcoran, A. Weaver, M. Quinn, J. Willel, A. Egloff, J. Mueller, J. Defzel, M. Kolleclc. Fifllu row: D. Zang, T. Erondorf. T. Luebbe, H. Teefz, T. Kaflwman, R. Mc- Kenna, E. King, J. Menlcluaus. ELDER I6 - PURCELL 6 Tlue Froslu scored firsl on a pass from Hafner lo Dallilo who wenf all llue way for llue score, Dallilo Ialer in llue game wenl around end for a 45 yard TD. ELDER 6 - SAINT XAVIER 0 Bulclw Kolleclc scored on a line plunge in llue lluird guarler. A Sl. X drive in flue 4llu slanza was repulsed by oulslarud- ing Elder line play. ROGER BACON Ib - ELDER I4 Exlra poinls were flue difference. Tlue Eroslu luad a drive going in llue 4llu guarler lo win, buf lime ran oul. ELDER 20 - HOLMES 0 Everybody gol info lluis game. Dallilo scored lwice, Mon- ruig, once. Besl Back Award - Jim Dallilo Besf Defensive Player Award - Bob Belluel Besf Offensive Blocking Award - Jim King ELDER 22 - MCNICHOLAS I6 Defense oulscored llue offense, Werz and Kalluman inler- cepled passes and werul all llue way. Junker scored in flue 4+Iu guarler on an end run. ELDER 24 - PURCELL I4 Milne Junker scored lwice and Bulch Kolleclc once for flue second win over IIIG "HacIcberry Assassins." ELDER 30 - SAINT XAVIER I4 Andy Egloff gol irulo flue scoring in a rouf of flue Bombers. Tluird-slringers played rruuclu of flue game. ROGER BACON 20 - ELDER I2 Elder blew ils one loucludowru lead in llue 4llu quarler. Tlue game was marred by iniuries. I4I . ' I iftf' 'le Trophy winners Jack Hayes, Dick Buechler, Jim Hilverl, and Frank Fiorino flank Harold Mr. Scardina dislribules Varsily lellers af Bedinghaus and Frank Sl. Charles, co-caplains of lhe l959 Foolball leam. foolball banquel. Harold Bedinghaus and Frank S+. Charles were named co- Mos? Valuable Player award wenl lo Dick Buechler. Frank caplains of 'rhe I959 loolball leam ar 'rhe foolball ban- Fiorino and Jack Hayes received rrophies for lhe besl quel held ar Jrhe Sinlon Ballroom, December 7. back and lhe besl' lineman respeclively. Caplain Jim Hilyerl received a special Trophy for Jream Principal speaker al lhe banquet sponsored by The alum- leadership and gpg,-H3 ni, was Arl Hauser, slar lineman ol 'lhe Los Angeles Rams. Ar? Hauser was principal speaker to an over? ow audience af 'rhe foolball banquet ii 1 1 i l l Q Q 5 l 12 il L 53 BASKETBALL " 6 C' ' 1 1- I I.,- e 'Q ,-5 kk! - 1 I ' Y . 2, W D 5 ! Q,-A T 2 SQ vo? QE EU 1959 VARSITY RC' ?fc?a'd:2' J " HT .Ori :rd Tam Bushman were absen? when Me pmwre was iaken, Roaekr JORDEN DENNIS cAsEY STANLEY seein K 4 5 E JOSEPH KAISER THOMAS WEBER Jack ScI1uHe, anofher Senior Lefferman, was absenf when the picfures were faken. A WINNING SEASON MARRED BY INJURIES C2329 RG: D'G"'Se' L53 c' W hopes fc' a sszcessfa SKGLIZCEIIE vf 5'.e oT 'asT vear's varsiTy sTarTers reTurr7rg, The season crossed a facie-ss w"h I2 WFS and 6 Iosses. buT we cid 'oT have The specTacQar Team evervoce expe-cTed, The season sTarTed impress'veIv wiTh Tive sTraighT wins, The GCI. comoe-TiT'o'i resumed in EIders 'osing Ther TirsT game 'n an overTi"e To Perce, The' misTorTure sTrucI. ScoTT',' Seger, 'he Tearrfs Ieadrg scorer, a.e'aging I8 po'rTs per game, puIIed a 'fgamenT in Vs Inee Torcing his re"reme-'T Tor The remainder oT The season. Se-gers acciderT comoiIed wi'h Jim I-I7'ver' s L.'TorT,- naTe iIIness saw Two oT The PanTherIs Ieadicg scorers Trorn IasT year ouT oT com- peTiTion. NewporT CaThoIic was easiIv deTeaTed and Roger Bacon, a GCI.. opponenT, was beaTen in an overTime. A doub'e overTime Msudden deaTh" pIavoTT saw EIder win again over SainT Xavier. ExTending Their record To 9 and I, The IocaI papers raTed EIder 22nd in The sTaTe. This honor was enioved brieTIv-EIder IosT Three sTraighT To I'IamiITon Public, LexingTon LaFayeTTe, and PurceII. Ron Richardson, anoTher sTarTer, Then broIce his anIcIe To be The Third TirsTfsTringer ouT oT acTion Tor The season. NOT To be IcepT down, The PanThers roared bacIc To deTeaT SainT Xavier once again. John KrecIaTing Tied The score wiTh a sensaTionaI shoT in The TinaI second oT The game and The PanThers wenT on To win in an overTime. TavIor and Roger Bacon proved Too sTrong Tor The PanThers, buT The TinaI Two games oT The season were ThriIIing wiTh wins over I-IoIv Cross and Arch RivaI WesTern I-IiIIs. The WesT I-Iigh game saw The PanThers come back Trom a I2 poinT deTiciT in The TirsT guarTer To a 62-47 win. John KrechTing piIoTed The Pan- Thers wTih I9 poinTs. Tom Weber had I8. NoT The "Big OI'-iusT our own Richardson. Kre:I'T'Pg geTs a sT':T in We Sa"T J:h"s game as 'Weber wakhes CEL' fa? 1. .nf ' 1 Y , .. 0 , -Q4 40 Q i wo D 1 1 V,--4 Larry Faelh Bill Sullivan Ronald Schrnerber Bob Roncker Bob Sahnd Alan Wurfz Sieve Gunn Tom Pfliegel Jim Slanlon Coach Virgil Scardina's Reserve baslcelball learn came up wi'rh a ll-4 record. The defear ol Ham, illon Public by The Reserves rnarlced lhe firsl lime in years any Elder baskerball learn has bealen The Blue, Big or Lillle. The season was speclacular in lighl of lhe lac? +ha+ five of Jrhe bellrer Sophomore players were on lhe varsify squad. The ream splil even in lhe league, losing once each 'ro Bacon, Purcell, and Sainf Xavier. The olher loss was +o lvlchlicholas. Jim S+anl'on's long ser shols were highlighls of lhe season. l-le also excelled in lhe Tree Throw deparfmenl averaging 58 per cenl. Mr. Scardina especially praised rhe +eam's efforf and hard worlc, which more Than made up for any laclc of abilily. Their record porlends greal 'rhings +o come. S? . 1. WJ S. Top row: G. Scherer, J. Menkhaus, T, Middle row: M. Quinn, B. Seiberf, J. Fronf row: T. Heffernan, H. S+rIe+, J. Sporiing a weallli of 'ralen+, Hue Freshman loaslcelball Jrearn Jrurnecl in a I642 record. Coaclwed by Mr. Roger Berlroia, llne Freshmen showed signs of greainess, winning flie G.C.L. championship. Scoring averages of 'rlne firsl Jrearn were: Biedenlnorn 13, Braun 9, Scherer 9, Heffernan 6, Egloff 5.5. l52 Biedenlnorn, J. King, D. Braun, K. Lobring. Willei, A. Egloff, B. Wifslcen, B. Drernan. Kenlcel D. Monnig, J. Fern, B. Lieber. Wins were over Covingion Holmes, Oak Hills, Newporl Caliiolic, McNiclnolas, Roger Bacon, Norwood, Purcell, Deporres, Covingfon Callwolic, Deer Parlc, and Newpori Public during Jrlie regular season. Egg? 'A I' 2 5 1 .Q B ,... , ,rd :Un .A 5 , 1524 ,W TRACK Y . 5 O! l Q f W fi 446 ,Y7 97 ' VWWW' , Wf- If vi' 553' LU' ,lr 'ra 'U Af. Qifu wif? alll' url. . 1 QE z.....,.W,M ,N ,wr 4555 Q-v 4 3 f- '?'if Q, gif-la -I 27 ,. Mr ifzgf -4 ...- MJ.:-v xfi' AR ' 2 gs-A 55 J .P lx if' Agiv '.is.f'5?ff 1-P+, , . ... 4 ..QL: x . 'wqv' .,w '-:YF -U 3 QI' 'W ,N X 3 V W.n.4v' ff + q.W Az I v "K 4, I '3'a 9 1'-v, GARQ' .' abit. 1 A - . , 1' "Y Pg' an rv -L 4:37. if r Q 38 I 5' -f"7q'r.. Ln-4 K if i . J ' my 74 ' 0 K , - V. '- Qs' ' O 'Q gil 1 'fa S .ww ni-'J 4, 45, f fl uf' .1 4 55: xg- an 1 buf 'R Q. 9 'rig I959 TRACK TEAM-Top row. -. K Second row: -. x-'e'Qe' l. if: ix? row: ,. . row: E 1'1" ' -.Q'l1 .. :."""j1 , L.-?'!lCl'. BoY+om row: 'if-. - ' ' 1 4, E 9 4 i Y Q u . .r,,,,.,.,.-msn J 1 X ' F' th row: ,. .4A,,,.. Fourfh r N: u i 5' Z it f -. J. 4 :, v. ,Hare Third row: E. Q' .,L.7' , X- N, . Y, .1 ,.,, .vv . V, .f,.-v P - --, rf. 1-5 Nin+h row: A",T9f1fh row: Y, .1 T ... Seven+h Eigbfh row: ,, Eetiwi' Q. '-N N-Ar! Y f V .A wc " 1... w, ,.. , V,-,f.f.Y ..4 "V J. IEC F ' 'SM 'I 6 Y A 4 -4 QQSFM' ja' .- ' 2' w 9 . 1 . 5 ,W K - V 3 A A "f :ir .. V V ff M, .1 , 4 'TA W + x , V V f , . ,gluizfn gf ' 'asf-.g i fm , 'gli ' if W 4 ff 2 2 fe N WL' f ' 16 W 'XL cf v 4. an ,,,,' r .7 ,hwy .f , 6,57 ,ay D, K 'S K 4 , K -! A1 1' . Y K f k .,.-, M-,H , ,, If ,, " wwf 'f 4 4 ,V Jo' . , . Q.. 5 ua, 5 'M . I A , V ,W .V . U. mm fyk . jx xx -9' A f ,gh hi - V q,,, , , I K ,,,,,-wuavffmmafkww ,wa 'www M .dw Ms- wb.-1. ww-rwmvvv iw E V ,M .,, kmmanf'fu4 Us 2 if wa .QQ 1 W., f -1 1 Q 3' ki'-'V AN 2 4 1 w A 2 ,X ., . ' , Q , fr if y 5 'Mx k r Q 9 5 32 cg- ! A 2 ug 'e , iii we-uqg: as 1-W5 1,,,.,, , , A . , K ,. 1 , Q , K ' L via' , , A f Q n ' . , .M ,V -'ff' 'L -, l . L -. . ...V .qu . I . 2 I 'Tl V J, :M A .. f j X ' HIS , "' v, 1. I ,J J V 1,-xr if "'f?"," Q . , , 'W-,f"i' ik' 'RVN ,-7 , 'v.'1,fX' A , ' 44 4 . I I' 1 I t-3, ' Q 1 '4 N' . ""' A .f. ' if .' uf ' 4 ' f., '44 W !g.t".-',- 1 1' yi? s V -r f, Q f' N 'Y ' . .V I , ,ga ,ff . ,.a ,1- .ff --A Il' I . Q 1 if f' a Q 4 -' A Q -c 4 .R r x n I' Q ff .L. 'ine - , Q r .1 . 'V-. s- - W? , ll' . 4 ' ,I JJ 1 ' ' 4-Y" W -- . 1 . M I' ' Mx ff-:rem A f f N . 0 , 1' . I "':.5A'3v 1 . . . 5. VI v-v y..,."V , . A . 1' Nfli' - ll 1 L "'w.'. 1 xr." 'A a . a , - 1 . ' BASEBALL Q . in if , N xl K 'W .K 25 wi' in z ,v f ,Q L pw w xi.. E ' 4 - S Q f iaygm Q gp. ,K Y H O' by l V aw no A .W M g s L N,-v., -..NW If 4 , , F 1 H K Mawr 5 gf ,aa ,, " "Y ,L- 'V' 551150 ,,. H i W K 1 K , - ., Q k.,,.,M ,ylvif 3 4 ,r A 1. ,G .fe ,LY ' wr- A ., , A Q ,O f , - L ,Q A -I ,Q K 'Q , L f ".x1, V3 ' ' xt ' 1' 1 ' Q 5' , , ' .L , M- 4' I A - FY, 4' A 9 I 4 f fly 'Qi' 47" ," w-JM ' -, QA 1 , ,, ,,,' 1' 'Q 'V' I w qu 'if 'I "' A 7' h 'Q 4 V 'N4v'f'f , -159122, uf 'ffi . .5 4- ,N wi . ' - , V ' :gem S' ,lv M , i , F Q y ' .r . K 'KA if Lf" H .e,.4 M ,1L xwvvw- ks Q, 1' 5, , .lr .L .Q ,,l'.L4,k' ' . 1 '- , . 1 QQ . X P -V . . 4,V4 . .I ,V 'x' ' -' A , ' 'Z-.fr MM? . T113 - , W A - . ' ,7.,,, ,p',,,Mm. M, L. H' ' " ' ' ' " 'ARP fl -.4 .f--f' ., .'Ah. W ,un-w' v I-. if s - -. Q, ,.4.-,Q X Z . x ' , ff- W . in - b 1 I , ' '- ,O ,E Q. 3' 'J' '71 'Wi E K - . I fb, , L 42- Z , I fi ' A ,iff ff, ' 4 A , lg . -. ,.,f,,K,3,4 . i,,.,,A8:, -1 . -r ':'Q"4fff',Uqk, 1 v '31, va' 'ff'1. 1: -,a'g,v5aigsf . '- A 1- . -V . vi "'3f'?,-' 74.1-'i"1fq-1,.-h A 1 , ., ., ,E ,A wk., , y ','1.f,','.,f,E5Q-,gm ' 1 Q , 5 if 1 ' N 1 , J . -- Q--ff, -. v. ,-,vw Qty- '1 .1-...L , . ,,.' 4 ' . 9 .I A , .L V . .1 5 , . - A , . . - y .1 ' ' '- f . ,- 9 ' -. if..-ve, 'K-.11 31. 'iv , 1 A "uw, -,'.g0 ,pk-. , "-. 4' ,.Xa ' .MQ - ' -,. A lx '. Lqf' f J! ,4 A -Q1 ' 15 'f . ' , 1 A ' , , gf, 1. - .N f ' f , Ag.. , A . .4.4 ,A ff U3 -1944 , 4 A , v r , ,fig vi ,,i 1 ,V . fp ' .. 4. , . E' ' , V 1 Y' , .' X , ',,:f1,, Izf, .QQ ' I 3. 4 - K v f4 H E 3 fs. A M , " lg . , , V.:-' V372 14, .2 ' 4 new V A9 I ofa: 1 " 'J' .4 ,, 1-4' V K if f . . .- 1 ,- ' 0 A4 A 1 L, L. .. ' 5' .' - . ' v4-A .5 ,jg . As -it ' lah 1 ' anag- YVUQ1 LU-Sp X,3UE,p -sign WW' .. nn 'Pi 'U-:q!.4J if Ms." ., in -4-Q4 I959 BASEBALL TEAM-Front row: - fa ' :. 99 'setr T. 'Wece' S. 2: J. Syrah Second row: J. P150 E. Tape J. Mew S. Sagem C 4 :z Q H,:-31 Third row: 5. L'::1 ', 5: :ge . ,i'-e"'-' Q. Y'i2l:e, . mei.. Fourflw row: T. :1gf" '. F .ey . -Q V. 5'2" '. 1 5 C K 5 Fiffh row: ' S" " . ' 1 S'.1ni' v, lege' v Lf. Sixfh row: -. 5-3 ' A5 'f 'e je v. :"':": Q. Ldkg 2. E'g"ge'. Back row: ' - -- ' ' ' ' " 4 ' P Q 'f W ' -:,,il,, ...r-.,,, ., ,, ..L,- - , - .1-MAH i --. .1 -5,-if I59 NV, 1. if Nia' XV? N, ii? N 'TV-13 -fig, ' 1. , I 2 -Q Qiff WN 4 . Q . ilksxyl 1 'O Q:-.. I n-. DC! - Jlfgik haf un.,- M fa.. V' , ,A P M if -Ir' Q . 1 -1- s . 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A -Lg elif Mrs.: Lime Grofe, Mae Downard, Gvace S+eqman, Florence Raeckers, Corinne Ebert Ka+herine Lenser and CFC Merida, SENIOR DIRECTORY AMMANN EDWARD Ed I636 E1rs+ Avenue Resurrechon Parish C S M C ANDERSON DENNIS Andy 789 Delhr Afenue Our Lady 0+ Perpe+uaI Help C S M C ARNOLD EDWARD Ed 4657 Mayhew Avenue S+ Domumc C S M C AVEY EDWARD Ed Ave 6682 Jersey Avenue S+ Aloyslus Delhi C S M C Ca+e+erIa Elde aloe I 2 3 BAARLAER LEO Cleo 387I Ta++ Avenue S+ Marhn Preslden+ C S M C Honor Le++er 2 V1o1Ian+e 4 Honor Pun 2 Camera Club I 2 3 4 Presuden+ Camera Club 3 4 WhI+e Eversharp3 Annual S+a++ 2 BACHMANN JOHN Johnny 3972 School Sechon Road S+ Aloyslus Gonzaga C S M C BANDENBURG THOMAS Bandy 3905 Elorence Avenue S+ Aloyslus Gonzaga C MC EdI+orIn ChIe+ o+ Annual Purole II I 2 3 4 D 'I sl 2 3 4 BARBER DAVID Dave 3I43 Hanna Avenue S+ Ca+herme C S M C BARLAGE HARRY Hank I I I I Rosemon+ Avenue S+ Wllllam C S M C ChemIs+ry Club 4 Track Team 3 BARNHORST RICHARD Barney I65I A+son Lane S+ Lawrence C S M C Honor Le++er 2 Eoo+baII I Greek Club 4 BARTH WILLIAM Wlllue I2 I4 Blanchard Avenue Our Lady 0+ Grace C S M C Honor Le++er 3 Honor Pun 3 Chemrs+ry Club 4 Chess Club 4 CSMC BEITING WILLIAM B II 747 Sedan S+ree+ Our Lady o+ Perpe+uaI Help MC Jher3 4 and I BELBOT WILLIAM Bo+s 3727 Hardnng Avenue S+ Mar+ln C S M C Honor Le++er 2 Eoo+baII 2 3 4 BELL THOMAS Tom 3675 Herber+ Avenue S+ Mar+rn C S M C Che-mls+ry Club 4 BERGELT PHILIP Phrl I855 Oueen Cl+y Avenue S+ Bonaven+ura C S M C Ca+e+erva Elderarde I 2 3 4 Chess CIub3 4 BISSEMEYER THOMAS Tom 4823 Eehr Road S+ Domlnuc C S M C Purple Ounll I 2 3 Honor Le++er I 2 Tennrs I Greek CIub4 BLASCH PAUL Paul 37I3 Erancns Avenue S+ Mar+m C S M C Chemvs+rv Club 4 BLEH THOMAS Jap I258 E1rs+ Avenue Resurrec+lon CSMC Honor Pun 3 BODE RICHARD Bu+ch 3666 BoudIno+ Avenue S+ Mar+ln C S M C Eoo+baII I BOEHM ROBERT Pancho 905 Fairbanks Avenue S+ Lawrence M C U her I 2 Trac BOLLIN JOSEPH Joe I232 Beech Avenue S+ Lawrence C S M C BONHAUS DALE Dale 8266 Brrdge+own Road S+ Joseph Norfh Bend C M C Honor P n I BORGMAN WILLIAM BIII 3090 Rrver Roao Our Lady of Perpefual Help C S M C Honor P n 3 .S. , ' Y- - ' : Oul , . , :Irama ic' , , , . BAUERSEELD, EDWARD "Professor" 5224 Boomer Road S+. Igna+ius I ll E II C.S. . .-I s , 7 I3 , 2. cs . .- S . f r3,4. ' .S. .I .- 1 . ' ' BRAUN ROBERT Bob 4025 W Luberry S+reeI Resurrechon C S M C CI1emnsIry CIub 4 Camera CIub I BRETI-IAUER BRUCE Bruce 3025 So I-Ieqry CrrcIe Our Lady of Lourdes CSMC BRINKER CLARENCE Clancy 84I Fanrbanks Avenue Holy Famlly C S M C SIudenI AIIwIeIlQ Manager I BROCKI-IOFF JAN Bear 3727 WIImar Druve S+ Mar'I'm M C B nd I BROGAN TIMOTHY Head I4I5CovedaIe Avenue SI' Teresa C S M C Dramahcs 3 BRUMFIELD FRED Bug Fred IOI I Neeb Road Our Lady of Vlcfory C S M C BUCI-IANAN LAWRENCE Lar 477 OreenweII Road S+ Domlmc CSMC Drarnahcs 2 3 4 Usher I 2 CI1eerIeader3 4 VrqIIanIe u I BUCI-IER BARRY Bear 3087 Ne1seI Avenue Our Lady of Lourdes C M C Foo'rI3aII 2 3 4 BUECI-ILER RICI-IARD Buec 370I I-Iarrrson Avenue S+ Marhn MC F o'rbaII I 2 3 4 Track BUELTERMAN RAYMOND Ray 920 WeIIs SIreeI SI' Lawrence CS M C CaIeIer1a EIderalde I 2 3 Band I BUI-IRMANN PAUL EauI I043 Rurledge Avenue S+ WlIIlam C S M C 4 Camera CS M C I-Ionor Lerrer I 3 Caferena EIderande I 2 3 4 I-Ionor Pun I BUZEK KENNETI-I Zek II99 Neeb Road S+ Anfonlnus C S M C CAIN WILLIAM Sug 5206 Rapnd Run Road Our Lady of Vlcfory CS M C Cafererua Elderaude I 2 3 Usher I 2 VlglIanIe4 I-Ionor CAPPEL DANIEL Dan 4944 CIeves Warsaw Pike S+ Teresa C S M C CAPPEL FRANK Frank 4418 WesI'8II1SIreeI S+ WlIIlam C S M C I-Ionor Pin 2 FooIbaII 2 CARRIGAN TIMOTI-IY Too'I'I1 4588 Fenr Road S+ Domlnlc C S M C CASEY DENNIS Case 3044 Dayrona Avenue S+ CaI'I1erme C MC I-Ionor Le+IerI 3 BasIce+baIII 2 3 4 CAVANAUGI-I TERRENCE Terry 370I Francis Avenue S+ Marhn C S M C I-Ionor Lerrer I CI-IALK PAUL Paul II32 Seron Avenue SI' Lawrence C S M C CLARK RONALD Ron 3255 Ebenezer Road Our Lady of VlslI'a'non C S M C CLORE MICI"IAEL Mike 3263 Van ZandI' Drive S+ Ca'I'herlne C S M C FooIbaII 2 COLEGATE CLARENCE Bu'I'cI1 3974 RyboII' Road S+ Jude C S M C CONNELLY ROBERT Cons 5354 Meadowwood Courf Our Lady of Vuc+ory CSMC I-Ionor Prn 2 C.S. . ,L 5 ,2, 3, 4. ' CIB.,2i " 'I ' .sf .- , , . C.S. .I .- o , , , 7 374. I BUSSMAN, FRANK "Bussy" 3645 I-IiIIside Avenue S+. Vincen+ de PauI I. . . .- ' ' , 7 7 , 7 ' ' 7 Pin I. .S . .- , 1 , , . .' CUMMINOS JOHN Frogey 4893 Nor n Oferook Afenue S+ Teresa M C E o our DANNER ROBERT Red 2996 BoudIro+ A e L6 Our Lady o+ Lourdes M C D irnwnc 3 4 Cnefnmc ry C UID 4 E o ow DASENBROCK RAYMOND Smokey 627 Tre 'I Ave LQ S+ W,ll,am MAC CIIeere1 e no Ceo 4 Cwnnc 1 Club 2 O ee Cb DAUBENMERKL GEORGE a z 4W I e D e S+ Ter CSMC DEITZER WILLIAM Del+z 2326 Hwrrm o A e e S+ Ca+I1er ne M C er ER THOMAS om ee S+ Dominic M C H nor Le DESCHU THOMAS Desh IB79 Bal re Afe S+ Leo M C H ror Le er 2 DINSIVORE THOMAS Ins Reo e L6 S+ Lawrence C S M C DIRKSINO JOHN Jaclc I752 Oellenbe S re Resurrechon M C Dr man DOBELHOEE JOHN Dulo 3009 Mon+a 3 A e ue S+ Ca+I'lerrne MC Purple II 2 3 Honor e+e Honor IH DOEPKER RONALD Dep 52B Rosemon+A enue S+ William C S M C DOERELEIN ROBERT Zeke 5792 Nor+I1OIen S+ Jude C S M C Honor Le++er I 4 VnquIan+e 4 Clne-rnIs+ry Club 4 WBI+e Everslmrp 3 C S M C VIquIan+e 4 Eoo+I::aII 4 BaseoaII3 DOHERTY MICHAEL Goal: 3I9 Glenroy Avenue S+ Domnnlc C S M C DOLAN GERALD Frl+z 42I4 Wes+ 8+Iw S+ree+ S+ William C S M C DOLL EUGENE Sonny IO3I Underwood Place Our Lady of Grace M C o+oa I DORAN JAMES Jim 4053 We + 8+Iw S+ eer S+ Wnllnam M C I-I e DOYLE DENNIS Denny 284I Weloe La Our Lady of Lourdes Iv' C DUCHENY MARTIN Mar+y Ca D e S+ WI: C MC H e C C o4 WIm+e EBERT URBAN Son G 5+ WI I I MC U e ELSAESSER ANTHONY on BI9 Ro e o +Ave ue S+ WI I m C S M C ERHART THOMAS Bro 5600 DeIEI Ro Our Lady o+ Vnc+ory M C H IO EVANS FRANK Wlnlc 3386 Rob n D e Our Lady of LOurd9S M C H e I O A FAECEER ROBEQT ob Bef S+ Teresa C MC H o ll ll LI X l I X I C.S. . .- o +' QI' I, 2, 3. CS, . ,- re f ' 3 , 7 I , fi' I 6 +' QII 2. C554 . I 10 " Ho. r Pin 3' Cnenoklj I ' II- 1 'fi 7 f I . HY 'I I' SI2 II ' L 'Iv , ega V' I .. ... Q .gn ,vm . i CS. . .--Uzn I, 2, 3. DELL I, I "T " 451 Or wwe! R313 . ' ' CS. . .-- o Tfef I, 2, 3. L I I " " Q Wrno ' we . . . "D' " 1028 AMA, W. , C.S. I. .-- a 'os I. I TI I VI CS. . I.-4 QUI I, , 7 L +3 FIITU I. DOHERTY, JEROME "Jerum" 33 I4 Lelnman Road Our Lady of Grace os. . .-ro ' II 2 3.4TD5ISGLDi1II2,3 4, QSQ . .- .onor Lef r I. I A CS. I. .-Bam I. 2 4. I 1 T , ' , , " " 4365 o,oeI . 'II'am .S. . .- ono' Le? r 2. 3, 4' IIEWISIFA, Ia ' ' Evefsrafe 3. , , " " 585 Soofn Delnoqe Driv . 'II'an CS. , .4 in r I. Y "T Y" 5 rn '1 I VT . osf . .4 or r PM 3. I X W ll ' II X 3 CS.. . .f onor L Per 7CIneMfs+rj,f C Q P TGC? I. 2- ' 1 , . "B " IO7I zA.e',e . S. . .- oror R' 2' E o+ba'I I. FAETH THOMAS Tom 3529 RosecIn++ Drnve Holy Famlly C S M C Purple OuuII3 Drarna+lcs 3 4 FAY GEORGE Ya+z 38I7S+ Lawrence Avenue S+ Lawrence CS MC Foo+baII I 2 3 4 Baske+baIl I Tennns I Track 3 FIORINO FRANK Albo 3326 McLeIIand Avenue S+ Mar+m M C E o+baII I 2 3 4 Baske+baII I FOCHT STEPHEN Chuck 4I I6 S+ Mar+rn Place S+ Mar+ln C S M C Chennls+ry Club 4 Camera Club I 2 FROESE RICHARD Duck 4537 Clearvnew Avenue S+ Wlllram C S M C Band I FROHN PATRICK Mor+ 4773 Glenway Avenue S+ Teresa C S M C FRONDORF DANIEL BIQTOOI 6750 Kuldare Drlve Our Lady of Vlsu+a+lon C S M C Ca+e+erla 4 GERHARDT THOMAS Gooch 3088 Brookvrew Drrve Our Lady of Lourdes C S M C GOEBEL GERALD George 4040 McFarran Avenue S+ Mar+m C S M C GRACE MICHAEL Mike IOI2 Rapucl Avenue S+ Lawrence C S M C GRADY JAMES S+ud 26I7 Wes+ 8+h S+ree+ Holy Famnly C S M C GRAF DONALD Don 55I3 Marne Avenue S+ Aloyslus Gonzaga C S M C VlgxIan+e 3 Chemls+ry Club 4 C S M C Honor Le++er I Foo+baII 2 Chess Club 3 GUETLE NORBERT Nobby 3072 Wes+ Tower Avenue Our Lady o+ Lourdes C S M C HAARMEYER ROGER Rog 3230 Day Cour+ Our Lady of Lourdes C S M C HALPIN PATRICK Pa+ 47l Pedre++n Avenue S+ Domnmc C S M C HALPIN THOMAS Hap 44I Ku++y Lane S+ Domlnlc CS M C Honor Le++er I 2 3 4 Ora+orncaI Wnnner 2 Greek Club 4 Wh1+e Eversharp 3 HANNA PATRICK Pa+ 4772 Raprcl Run Puke S+ Teresa C S M C HARMEYER WILLIAM Peaches 4I44 Hullsude Avenue S+ Vmcen+ de Paul CSMC Band I 2 3 Chess Club 3 HARPER THOMAS Harps 3648 Warsaw Avenue S+ Lawrence C S M C Drama+lcs 3 VugrIan+e 4 Foo+baII 2 3 4 HARTIG WILLIAM B II IO44 Regnna Avenue S+ Lawrence C S M C HASENMUELLER WILLIAM Hase 4l20 Wes+ Lnber+y S+ree+ Resurrec+lon C S M C HAUCK RICHARD Duck 3535 Hnlda Avenue S+ Mar+m C S M C HAYES JOHN Gabby 303 Pedre++1 Avenue S+ Domunlc CSMC Honor Le++er 2 Vng1Ian+e 4 Foo+baII I 2 3 4 BasIce+baII I BasebaII4 c.s.'..-O ,2. ' GRIFFIN, JOSEPH "Maverick" 2023-C SuH'er Avenue Our Lady o+ Presen+a+ion I ll i ll ' . HEENEY GERALD Beasf 935 Harrrs Avenue S+ Wllllam C S M C HEHEMAN ROBERT Hemo 825 Selon Avenue S+ Wvlllam C S M C HENRY RICHARD Hen 555 Grand Avenue Holy Family C S M C Honor Pun 3 Baslcelball I HERNADI JON Hern 3035 Glenrnore Avenue Our Lady of Lourdes C S M C HERRON WILLIAM Mllre 927 Clwaleau Avenue Holy Family C S M C HEUERMAN ROBERT Bob 3448 Alla Vfsla Avenue S+ Marhn C S M C Vrgrlanre 4 Foolball 2 HEY JAMES Bo Bo 5743 Wrndsor I-IIIIS Drnve Our Lady of Lourdes C S M C HILGEFORT H MARK Hllgo 583 Judy Lane S+ Domumc C S M C Dramallcs I Honor Leller I 2 3 Honor Pun I Greek Club 4 HILVERT JAMES Hllv 3934 Norlln Clerose Circle S+ Wllllam CSMC AnnuaIS+aII Foolball I 2 3 4 Baslcelball I 2 3 BasebalI4 HINTON PAUL Par+y Doll I6I4 Pulle Slreel SI' Leo C S M C HOFFMAN ROBERT Bob 5949 Glenway Avenue Our Lady of Lourdes CSMC DramaI'rcs3 4 Band I 2 3 4 HOFFMAN WILLIAM Bu+cl1 4926 MI Alverno Road S+ Domnmc C S M C Vuqrlanle 4 HOGAN DENNIS Hoages 32IO Werlc Road Our Lady of Lourdes HOLLSTEGGE DAVID Hole 4820 Glenway Avenue S+ Teresa CSMC Foolball I Baslcelball I Baseball I SIudenIAlI'1Ie+vc Manager Vugu Ianle 4 HOLT JAMES Rai' 2836 Ruberq Avenue Sl' Cafherlne M C T nnus I HOLTKAMP RONALD Ron 3525 Werlc Road Our Lady of Lourdes C S M C HUBER JOHN Hub 4756 Clevesdale Drive S+ Teresa MC Purple II 3 B ball I 2 HUBERT GEORGE Bu+cI1 2365 IroIIAvenue S'I' Leo C S M C HUSEMAN ALFRED Alf 3749 Darwnn Avenue SI' Marlin C S M C Honor Leller I Honor Pun I IHLE LAWRENCE Ilre 27I Ilwle Drnve SI' Domlmc C S M C JANSEN JOSEPH Troll 506 Menlola Avenue SI' Wllllam C S M C Clnemlslry Club 4 Foolball I 2 JANSEN RICHARD Dlclr I993 FaycresIDr1ve S+ Afnonlnus C S M C Honor Leller I Honor Pun I Chemnslry Club 4 JANSEN ROBERT Bob I734 Munlon Avenue Resurrechon C S M C Honor Leller I 2 Honor Pun I 2 JANSZEN WILBUR Janlz 2655 Harrnson Avenue S+ Cafhernne C S M C Vngxlanle 4 Baslcelball I Baseball 4 C.S.M.C.-Foolball 27 Tennis I, 2. cfs. . .- e ' , 2. I . .- Oui 1 ase , , 3, 4. I JERGER RALPH Buddy I025 Underwood Place Holy Famlly C S M C Vrgllanle 4 JOHNSON JOSEPH Joe 5759 Cleves Warsaw Pnke S+ Anfonlnus CS M C Dramahcs 3 Band I 2 Whnre Eversharp 3 Sludenr Alhlellc: Man aqer 2 JONES JOHN Jonesy 820 Acaderny Avenue S+ Wllllam C S M C JORDEN ROBERT Bob 3I3 Anderson Ferry Road Our Lady of VICIOFY C S M C Baskelball 2 3 4 JORG RONALD Moose 6250 Gracely Drive S+ Aloyslus Delhi C S M C Calelerra Elderaude I Usher I V1qlIan+e4 Foolball I 2 Baskelball I JOSTWORTH WILLIAM Jos 3330 Koenig Avenue S+ Calherlne C S M C Purple uull 2 3 Honor Leller 2 Honor Pun 2 JUERGENS STANLEY Sian 5246 Sidney Road S+ Anlomnus C S M C Vngllanle 4 Chernuslry Club 4 Scrence Club 3 Camera Club I 2 3 4 KAISER JOSEPH Joe 596 Judy Lane S+ Domlnlc CS M C Baskelball I 3 4 Baseball 4 KELLER KARL Pinky 3825 Roswell Avenue S+ Aloysuus Gonzaga M C U her I KELLER ROBERT Klller 430I Cappel Drnve S+ Wllllam CS M C Drama+lcs3 4 Band I 2 3 4 Greek Club 4 Chess Club 3 Whnle Eversharp 3 CSMC Drarnahcs I 2 3 4 Honor Lellerl 2 3 Vlg1lanle4 Chess Club4 Whnlre Eversharp 3 KENT DENNIS Zorro 4407 Carnahon Avenue Sl' Wllllam C S M C Purple uull 2 3 Annual Slaff 3 KERLEY FRANK Kerl I5I9 Beech Avenue Resurrechon MC F olball I 2 KIEN JAY Ween dowl 3088 Nensel Avenue Our Lady of Lourdes C S M C Foolball I 2 KIST GLENN Glenn 4732 Dale Avenue S+ Teresa CS MC Honor LeH'er 2 3 Usher I 2 3 Honor Pun 2 Camera Club I Greek Club 4 Chess Club 3 4 Whure Eversharp 3 KLAENE BERNARD Ben I255 Dewey Avenue Resurrechon C S M C KLINGENBECK LAWRENCE Lar 625 Burns Slreel Sl' Michael C S M C Honor Lerler I KLOSTERMAN WILBUR Tmy 4922 Cleves Warsaw Pike S+ Lawrence MC F olball I 2 3 4 Baskerball I KLUG CHARLES MuH 9 I 7 Grand Avenue Holy Famlly C S M C Vuqnlanle 4 Foofball I KORMAN DONALD Kor 47l Sarnohf Rndge Road S+ Domlnlc C S M C Foolball I Baskelball I KRABBE JOSEPH Joe 3456 Muddy Creek Road Our Lady of Lourdes C S M C KREIMER LAWRENCE Fuzz 907 Selon Avenue S+ Lawrence C S M C KREKELER JAMES Krek I023 Carson Avenue S+ Lawrence C S M C Science Club 3 . . . Q- Q ' . 7 1 ' Cs. . .- S ,2, 3, 4, ' ' KEMEN, DONALD "Don" 2655 Foran Drive Our Lady of.Lourdes I. . . .- O ' . : . . .- o , , 3. I . . . .- , 7 , , I: ' 1 . 2: C.S...4o ,2. ' KRUMDICK, MICHAEL "Crum" 3I I9 Ramona Avenue Our Lady 0+ Lourdes C.S.M.C.-CInernIs+ry Club 4: l:oo+baII 4. KRUMMEN, JOSEPH "Dog" 3924 Elorence Averue C.S.M.C.-ViqiIan+e 4: Eoo+baII I, 2, 3. LAGALY, THOMAS "Legs" 3030 Glenvvay Avenue C,S.M.C.-Honor Le++er If VIgIIan+e 47 Eoo'baII I, era Club I'TracIc I, 2.3.4. S+. Aloysius, Gonzaga Our Lady of Grace 2, 3, 46 BasLe+baII I, 27 LAMEIER EDWARD Luce 57 I 7 GIe'1vvayAvenL,e C.S.M.C LAMEIER EDWIN Ed I807 Pa+rIcIc Drrve Our Lady 0+ Grace C S M C Our Lady o+ Lourdes LANGE THOMAS Slags I8II EIrs+ Aver e Resurrechon C S M C LANGEN ROBERT Bob 4220 Wes+ 8+Iw S+ree+ S+ Wllllam C S M C LARKINS ALAN Al 4077 Wes+ 8+Iw S+ree+ S+ Wllllam C S M C VIguIan+e 4 LEACH JERALD Roolcy II39 Beaclnmeadow Lane S+ An+omnus C MC I:oo+baII I 2 LEER WILLIAM King 4I7 Grand Avenue Holy Family C S M C LENGERICH THOMAS Sleepy 468 Morrvue Dnve Our Lady of Vlc+ory MC Bndl 2 3 Eoo+ all LENTZ DANIEL Dan 5292 Sidney Road S+ An+onmus C S M C Honor Pin 2 CI'Iemls+ry Club 4 Camera Club I LEONARD GILES Grllzs 2994 Blue Haven Terrace S+ Ca+l'1erlne CSMC Honor Le++er I 2 Vnce Mayor of CInclnna+I Boys Weelc S Councul Represen+a+uve LIETZ DONALD Run+ 3306 Slrannope Avenue S+ Mar+ln C MC Tennrsl LINNEMAN JEROME Lmny 402I Andrew Avenue S+ Wllluam C S M C VIqnIan+e4 Eoo+I9aII I BasIce+baII I 3 LOHMAN WILLIAM B II 969 Neeb Road Our Lady of Vlc+ory C S M C LUCKEY EUGENE Luclr 4739 Lore++a Avenue S+ Teresa MC Eo+baII2 3 TacIc3 LUEBBERING ROBERT Bob 56I8 Karen Avenue S+ Aloyslus Gonzaga C S M C CIIernIs+ry 4 CSIVIC VlqlIan+e 4 MARLMAN JEROME Jerry I208 Covedale Averue S+ Teresa CSMC Honor Pln I MARSCHALL HORST Jaclc 4273 Harrrso Aferue S+ Aloyslus Gonzaga MC H nor Le+e 2 VroIan+e4 H o Rm MARTINI ANTHONf Red I54 Marrd an S ee+ S+ Aloyslus Delhu C S M C Ca+e+era Eldera de I 2 3 4 MARTINI JOHN Alnbl I6I5 Devrls Baclco e Road Our Lady of Vuc+ory M C Purple 4 A a a C 4 Ho or Le rcr r r orvca on+es+ Wrr e e o e Greel Club 4 Clwes CIub3 Wlw e E e a o 3 Carn- a+e+y S. . .- , , I os. . f- 6 , . 1 b 2. IUS. I .T ' . I . I ll i ll O os' . .-O ,-,V ,4. ' MALEY, THOMAS "Tom" 5436 Foley Road Our Lady of Vic+ory C.S. . o + r ' 'JE 7 on' r I, 2. i I . . . .- I I , , , I. I I C.S.I . .- QUIII 7 nnu I S+ 5+ Drama'I S 7 V' 'Ter I, 2, 3? Ho. PI. I7 O aI' ' I C I. . ' n r' ca mEs+ry Clu' 4' Sieve Club 3? ' .. 3 'V ' If v ref r . MARTINI STEPHEN S+eve 6207 Gracely Drnve S+ Aloyslus Delhl C S M C Ca+e+erla Elderaude I 2 3 MATTHES FRED Commando 3773 Herber+ Avenue S+ Mar+m C S M C Ca+e+ena Elderaude I MCCOY JOHN Mac 292I Kllng Avenue S+ Ca+herme MC B ncl I l:oo+baII I 2 3 Trac MCELROY DONALD McGee 2200 Townhnll Drnve Our Lady of Lourdes CS M C Ca+e+erla Elderasde I 2 Eoo+baII I 2 3 WCMANUS LAWRENCE Larry 2642 Harrxson Avenue S+ Ca+herlne CS M C Honor Pun 3 4cMICHAEL JOHN Mac 6356 Upper Road Our Lady o+ Vlc+ory C S M C vlEDL EUGENE Gene 3998 Kenkel Avenue S+ Aloyslus Gonzaga C S M C Usher I 2 Honor Pun 2 MERCER JOHN Ll++le John I80I Pa+rlclc Drive Our Lady o+ Grace C S M C Eoo+l:zaII I MERRISS JOHN Jay 753 Well S+ree+ Holy Family CS MC P rple ulll 2 I:oo+loaII I MEYER GERALD J D 3386 Meyer Place S+ Ca+herlne C S M C MIDDENDORF JOSEPH Mu++s 4064 Homelawn Avenue S+ Aloysnus Gonzaga C S M C Pu ple Qu1II4 Vlgllan+e 2 3 MILLER ALBERT Mills 3742 Erondor+ Avenue S+ Aloyslus Gonzaga C S M C MIRLENBRINK ROBERT Murl 3905 N Clerose Curcle S+ Wllluam C S M C Tennis I Camera Club I MOHR CHARLES Chas 3397 May+a1r Avenue S+ Mar+m CS M C Dramahcs I Eoo+ball I MOHR FRED Bu+ch I906 Knox S+ree+ S+ Bonaven+ura C S M C Treasurer 0+ C S M C Eoo+ball I MUELLER NICHOLAS Nucl: 7l8 Delhi Avenue Our Lady 0+ Perpe+ual Help C S M C NEIHEISEL GERALD Jerry 3934 Trevor Avenue S+ Mar+m C S M C Ca+e+er1a Elderaude I 2 3 NEU JOHN Jaclc 34I 6 Enddlers Green Road Our Lady 0+ Vlsu+a+lon C S M C Usher I Chemns+ry Club 4 NEYER WILLIAM Joe 6885 Dove Hull Lane Our Lady o+Vlsl+a+lon CSMC Co Assls+an+ Edn+or Annual Purple II I 2 3 4 Honor Le++e I 2 3 CheerIeader3 4 Tennnsl 2 NIEDERBAUMER KENNETH Ken 30I6 Cres+moor Lane Our Lady o+ Lourdes C S M C Camera Club I NIEHAUS JOSEPH Nles 3232 Bra+er Avenue Our Lady 0+ Lourdes C S M C NODLER JAMES Noodles 35I2 Meadow Avenue S+ Mar+m M C E 6+baII I 2 Tennls I NOEHRING JOSEPH Sleepy 3322 Gamble Avenue S+ Marh MC Band I NOLAN MICHAEL Mllre 726 Elberon Avenue Holy Famlly CSMC Prple ll234Dram+cs234 C.Sl . .- a .21 . , I Ic3,4. . .I . .- u O' 3 . . . . .- r ' 2 ' ' , . I I .I. . .- - ' ' 7 Oui , . . 1 r C.S.I . .- o . 7 ' ,2, 3, 4. I os. Q- ,z. ' . . .- u Qui , , 3 ai , , . NOLL KENNETH Ken 2630 Cora Avenue S+ Ca+herme C S M C NUSEKABEL RONALD Ron S544 Racevwew Avenue S+ AIoyslus Gonzaga C S M C Ca+e+erIa EIderaIde 3 4 OBER GEORGE Obe I7I9 FIrs+ Avenue Resurrechon C M C Honor Le++er I 2 3 BasI4e+baII I O DONNELL CHARLES O Dlnkle I I36 III++ Avenue Blessed Sacramen+ C MC P rpIe II2 Eo IbaII2 Ter IS I 2 O LEARY TERENCE Red SIOS DeIhI Road S+ Domlnlc C S M C OLIVER JAMES OIIle 65I0 Home CI+y Avenue S+ Aloyslus Delhi C S M C OSTERHUES FRANK Ozzle 36I4DarwIn Avenue S+ Mar+m M C D amahcs I 2 OTT DONALD Spoolle 35I2 GambIe Avenue S+ Mar+ln C S M C Band 2 4 OTTEN WILLIAM WlIIy 8 I3 Summ + Avenue Holy FamlIy C S M C PAEE DANIEL Dan I747 Ebenezer Road Our Lady of Vlc+ory C S M C Honor Le++er I PASCHKA MICHAEL Harvey I642 Ouebec Road S+ Lawrence CSMC VIgnIan+e4 Foo+baII I 2 4 I3asebaII2 3 4 PEET JAMES Tex 3632 Harrison Avenue S+ Marhn C S M C Honor Le++er I 2 Whu+e Eversharp 3 PELZEL DANIEL PeIz IO022 Pnppun Road S+ John IDry Ridge PETERS GERALD Pe+e 3009 I3aIIey Avenue Our Lady of Lourdes CS M C Drama+Ics3 Eoo+baII I 2 3 4 BasIce+baII I PEALZ THOMAS SqulrIey I752 EaIrmoun+ Avenue S+ Leo C S M C Usher 4 Eoo+baII I PIENING ARTHUR Pe+e 822 WoodIawn Avenue S+ Lawrence C S M C CheerIeader 2 3 4 VIguIan+e 4 Eoo+baII 2 Camera CIub I POSTEL EDWARD Wheels I I56 Anderson Eerry Road S+ An+omnus C S M C Eoo+baII I PROCACCINO J WILLIAM Proc I800 Anderson Eerry S+ An+omnus C S M C Camera CIuI3 I UATMAN PAUL Qua+s 3I I8 Marnung Avenue S+ Mar+1n C S M C RAHE DENIS Den 4I3 PIum S+ree+ S+ Dominic M C B nd I 4 T I Trac RAKER THOMAS Tom 649 Overlook Avenue S+ WlIIlam C S M C Ca+e+er:a EIderaIde I 2 3 4 VIgIIan+e 4 REDER JAMES Breeds 4I9 Consndnne Avenue Holy Famnly C S M C Ca+e+erua EIderaIde 3 4 Usher I 2 REINERT MARK Rhino 3I52 Veazey Avenue Our Lady of Lourdes C M C Hono Pwn 3 REYNOLDS THOMAS Punch I69 R c away Avenue S+ Aloyslus Delhl C S M C Ca+e+er a EIderaIde I 2 3 I.S. . .- , , 1 . .S . u Oui 7 o ' .n' , . os. . f- I ' , ,3,4. ' CIS.M.C.-Cafeferia Eldefaiae I, 2, 3, 4. ' I Q V ll ll yy' I . ' I cfs. . .- a ,2, 3, I IennIs 2 -Ic 3. .SJ . .- r ' . RIDDER PAUL Tony 2325 Maryland Avenue S+ Michael C S M C Ca+e+erla Elderalde I 2 3 4 Usher I RIEDER EDWARD Gallo 3857 Delmar Avenue S+ Mar+m C S M C Honor Le++er I Cheerleader 3 Whl+e Eversharp 3 RING ROBERT Bob S+arr 2622 Linden S+reel S+ Leo CS M C Vvce Presudenlr CS M C Ca+e+erla Elderalde 3 4 U er I oo+ b 2 RISCH GERALD Frisch 4985 Duebber Drlve S+ Domunlc C S M C ROBINETTE PAUL Tubby 4385 Wes+ 8+h S+ree+ S+ William C S M C Dramahcs 2 Camera Club I 2 ROBINSON JAMES Robby II34 Carson Ave ue S+ Lawrence C S M C ROBINSON JOHN Robby 3959 Drew Avenue S+ Aloyslus Gonzaga C S M C Glee Club 3 Honor Pun 3 ROBINSON RONALD Robby 94I Seubel Lane S+ Teresa C S M C Baslce+ball 2 ROEDERSHEIMER WILLARD Roach 3284 Dunn Cour+ Our Lady 0+ Lourdes C S M C ROGERS LAWRENCE Goo+ 5I I4 Leona Drlve S+ An+onlnus C S M C Chemls+ry Club 4 Sclence Club 3 Camera Club I 2 ROGERS WILLIAM BII II9O Cherevulla Lane S+ Teresa C S M C Science Club 3 RUSH ALBERT AI 44I8 Harrlson Avenue S+ Aloyslus Gonzaga C S M C C S M C Dramahcs I SCHAERER GERALD Jerry 4962 M+ Alverno Road S+ Domlnlc C S M C SCHAEEER DONALD Don 3335 Augus+a Avenue S+ Mar+m C S M C SCHEIDT JOHN Llmpy 5400 Rapid Run Road Our Lady 0+ Vlc+ory C S M C SCHEPER ROBERT Bob 5569 Racevsew Avenue S+ Aloyslus Gonzaga C S M C Purple ulll 2 Honor Le++er I Ora+orlcal Con+es+ Winner SCHNEIDER DAVID Schnldes 563I Wynneburn Avenue S+ An+omnus C S M C Drannahcs I 2 SCHNUR KENNETH Lasher 2837 Carroll Drnve Our Lady 0+ Lourdes C S M C Foo+baII 2 SCHOENING PAUL Elvis 590 Neeb Road Our Lady 0+ Vuc+ory C S M C SCHRAND VICTOR Vlc 4229 S+ Mar+1n Place S+ Mar+ln C S M C Honor Le++er I 2 3 Honor P1n3 SCHROER HAROLD Hay 280 Anderson Eerry Road Our Lady of Vlc+ory C S M C Vug1lan+e 4 Honor Pun 3 SCHULTE EDWARD SchuI+z 5530 Nor+h Glen Road S+ Aloyslus Gonzaga C S M C Vlollan+e 4 Chemuslrrv Club 4 S uoen+ BasIce+balI Manager 4 SCHULTE JOHN SchuI+z IO5O Kress Lane S+ Wllllam M C o+baIl I 2 a ' 'I ' ,ish QE all . V ll ill ' . SALTER, RICHARD "Dick" I232 Denver Avenue Blessed Sacramen+ . . I. .- O ' : 7 ' ' Cs. f .-FO I .3444 Baske+b ll I, 2, all SCHULTEN LAWRENCE Comrade 42I I Ge e L8 Wllluam C S M C SCI-IUSTER ROBERT Scl-nus+ 5 3Or S+ Domumc C S M C SCHLITTE DANIEL Sc+au+ 3974 DeImarA e L6 S+ Marhn C S M C SCLILLY JOHN Slrull 566 Oreenwell Roao S+ Domlnlc MC H o e+er SEGER STANLEY Sco++ 4982 Relleum A enue S+ Teresa MC Vuowfa oo+oa as e a SEIWERT ANTHONY Bre+ 3837 DeImarA eme S+ Mar+ln M C A S a+ 4 Drama los Ho o Le er 2 3 CIweerIea er WIm+e E e a SIEVE MICHAEL Gougle IOII Glenna Drwve S+ Teresa CS M C Band I 3 4 CInemIs+ry CIub4 Tennvs 3 Camera Club I 4 SHITH GERALD Nea+ Guy 484 Cres+Iune Avenue Holy Famlly C S M C BasIce+baII I SMITH VAL Sm:++y 3767 S+rosc+1en Druve S+ Jude C S M C Eoo+oaII 2 SONDERMAN ROGER Vng 478I Ml' Alverno Road S+ Domlnlc C S M C Uslwer 2 3 VIq1Ian+e 4 SPARKE JAMES Spark I654 Oellenbeclc Resurrechon C M C Dra'na+Ics3 4 VIgIIan+e 4 CIwemus+ry Cluo 4 Eoo+baII 3 Traclc 3 STEVENS DAVID Dave 2I96 Sylved Lane Our Lady 0+ Lourdes C M C Uslwer I STEWART DONALD Hog 3370 Ka+l1y Lane Our Lady 0+ Lourdes M C GoI+ I STEWART MICHAEL Mllre 469 Cres+IIne Avenue Holy Family C S M C STEWART THOMAS S+u 469 Cres+Ilne Avenue Holy Family C S M C STITZEL ROBERT S+l+ I443 Bowman Averue Blessed Sacrameni' CSMC Honor Pm I CIwemIs+rv CIULJ4 STRICKER JOSEPH Joe 746 M+ Hope Road Holy Family C S M C TEPE EDWARD Tep 3399 Mavfalr Avenue S+ Marhn M C H or Le++e Baslc 2 THOMPSON THOMAS Tom 3652PuI1Ima Axe e S+ Mar+ln MC H TIGHE JAMES Ty IO22 McPIwerson Averue S+ Lawrence C S M C VIqIIan+e 4 TIMMERS JOHN Tum 725 Clanora Drive S+ William C S M C TOEPEERT RONAL Tep 5I85 WI'Ine+ Drwe S+ Teresa M C C e a C LO TREINEN JOSEPH Joe 4732 Raord Run Road S+ Teresa M C C e a I ll 'I I V-v'5v' Atv' 'Q I S+- Q u V y Il Tl 7 Xfyexhy . 0 u C.S.I . .- or r L +, I, 2, 3: Honor PII' I, 2,.3. os. . ,- n+e4-F .I II mfs wb II u.2f3.4'e5.ebarl2, 34. C.S.I . .- nfual + + 7 +' in If ++ ' I, , 7 d I 3, 4' ' v rslt rp 3. . .- I " , 7 ' ' 7 ' f I 7 7 . ,sf . .H . os. '. .- ,2. C.S. . .- on r I, 27 Honor Pin I7 Eoo+baII I, 27 e+baII I7 Base ball , 3, 4. C.S. . onor Pin I. II I . C.S. I. .- am r If I, 2. I I osf. .- sm f one I. ' VILLANI FRED Ra+ 2444 Rrver Road S+ Mnchael C S M C VINCENT ROBERT Vmce 696 Overloolc Avenue S+ Wllllam C S M C VITT CARL Carl 5077 Delhu Road S+ Dommuc C S M C Honor Le++er I 2 VOELKER JAMES Bun 3460 Mirror Lane S+ Jude C S M C VONHOLLE WILLIAM Wrllne 3434 Glenmore Avenue S+ Mar+m C S M C Chem1s+ry Club 4 VORHERR PHILIP Rocky 4205 Appleqalre Avenue S+ Aloyslus Gonzaga CSMC Honor Le++er I 2 VuguIan+e 3 Chem1s+ry Club 4 Chess Club 3 Whl+e Eversharp 3 WADE JAMES Glggle 3548 Nenhelsel Avenue S+ Jude C S M C Usher I WAINSCOTT TERRY Walny I702 Wyoming Avenue Resurrec+lon M C E o+balI I 2 WALSH JAMES Walshy 90I Rosemon+ Avenue S+ Wllllam CS M C Purple unll I 2 3 4 Co Assls+an+ Ed1+or Annual Honor P n Honor Le++er I 2 3 Chen'ns+ry Club 4 Baslce+ball I Baseball 4 WALTER JAMES Jlm 3609 Werlc Road Our Lady of Lourdes C S M C WEBER THOMAS The Ra+ 4338 S+ Mar+un Place S+ Mar+ln WHITAKER JAMES Slup 465l Shady Lawn Terrace S+ Domlnlc C S M C WILHELM JOSEPH Joe I062 Benz Avenue S+ Teresa C S M C Camera Club I WILZBACH KENNETH Ken 5305 Romance Lane Our Lady of Vlc+ory C S M C Honor Pun 2 WITSKEN CARL Whu+I'y 4980 Wes+ern Hulls Avenue S+ Teresa CSMC Eoo+baIl I 2 WITSKEN HOWARD Haus 4980 Wes+ern Halls Avenue S+ Teresa C S M C Chem1s+ry Club 4 Sclence Club 3 WOLEER DONALD Wolf 5650 Delhn Road Our Lady of Vlc+ory C S M C Honor Le++er I WOOD DANIEL Woody 5525 Sudney Road S+ An+onlnus C S M C Honor Le++er I 2 3 Whr+e Eversharp 3 WYNN ROBERT Gwynn I002 Delhi Avenue Our Lady of Perpe+ual Help C S M C Usher I YUNKER JOHN Yunlr 2607 Eoran Drive Our Lady o+ Lourdes C S M C VIgulan+e 4 Chemls+ry Club 4 Scuence Club 3 ZLOBA PAUL Mr Holiday 2930 Clavpole Avenue Our Lady o+ Grace C S M C Drarnahcs 4 Secre+ary o+ C S M C Eoo+ball 2 3 4 Tennus 2 Chess CIub3 4 Traclc 3 4 Coach Reserve Eoo+ball 4 ZWICK JOHN Wlclc 3703 Glenway Avenue S+ Lawrence C S M C C.S. . o , , 3, 4. .l..- Q',,.,-' 7 I i2,31 C,S.M.C.-Eoo+ball I, 27 Baslce+ball ll, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 4. b"'51l'iw ' J 14" .AX 'Q I , he 5 I WN i f ' 1 an -.gy , Mata 'Rhsuivf X COMPLIMENTS OF 4-F Spapk1eQZ3rQwed ,K K: X ' LIS" Q 5 2 gf!! 1 56u'lL Like it Liqhtf lbs 'X ff K X l fx! N 'X if J f X Y -X 2 I F, BURGER i n f lm ' '1"' 'wmnl ' 'E' ' , - M , L ' V, 4 ,-ig' I . S15 Q1 wr 1 H , L gf,f"" ' ffzargrfrr E S xkesl fo Joseph A. Alberfs, Realfor Mr. and Mrs. George Aug Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bachmann Dave Barber Fred E Befz Barry F Bucher Roberf Danner Ray Dasenbroclc Wm H Deddens Mr and Mrs Edward Deller Mr and Mrs Edgar Edelmann Anfhony Elsaesser Sfanley F Flannery Franks Grlll Vmcenf Gllday Ins Agency Mr and Mrs Norberf J Gue Jacob Haupfman Mark Hllgeforf Mrs Marguenfe Hoffmann George Huberf The Sfarhng Gafe Roberl W Jaspers Roberf Bar Paul Conners Alberf F Guefhle n lns Agency Walfer Hauslade Mr d Mrs Howard Hea ey Charles W Klug Pefer Kne p Greg N ehaus M d Mrs Roberf J N ehoff The Columb a Mofor Sales Co SPONSORS fle SPONSORS Rev. Michael F. Hussey John F. Joehnlc John Kemper Nafhias Kolleclc Joseph G Krabbe Lou Kroner 8: Sons Mrs Harry Krumdlck Mr and Mrs Edw Lelsgang Marne Marsh Roberl' A Mefz Mr and Mrs Law Mondary Michael J Nolan Kennefh Noll James R Ollver Wllly OH'en Pellerm Pony Keg John Scheldf Ron and Don Schmerber Fred Vlllanl Mr and Mrs Paul WiH'e Clifford Wollerlng Paul L Nlenaber Bob Rosenfeld Joseph E Russell M D W Sander Roberf Sch b Ralph G Schwarz Dan el S eme Norman W gne Mr and Mrs Ed Wohlfrom I 0 ' I s 'Y - ' Charles Cifcincione MT. and Mrs. RObel'l' Panfle , i . . , . . I1 . . an . V W6 i I I r i a r r. an . . l . . w. I . Alberros Puua Mr and Mrs Fred Asumus James Bauer Tom Bandeburg Wulluam Barry Paul Barwuck Dave Baumgarrner Ralph Bauer Roberl' R Beck Paul Beeler James Berrsch Bob and Chucs Servuce Mr and Mrs Paul Bohman Danuel Boller Wulluam Boller Charles F Bonupfel Mrs Rufh Boolh Muchael Brady Mr and Mrs P Braunsleun Wulluam Brennan Mr and Mrs Clarence Brunker Jerry Broffl Davud Brooks John Cuampone Muchael J Corcoran Roberl' Cushung John J Donahue James Duckman John Duers Roberr Durksung Lawrence Dufiman Dennus Dressler Duck Early Mr and Mrs J B Engelhardi Tom Espelage Davud Fuhgubbon Wulluam Fluehman Mr and Mrs A E Forresfer Roberl Fosnol Earl Franks Mr L Frazer Mr and Mrs Ralph Frede Bob Gasclorf Mr and Mrs Roberr Godfrey Kennerh Goe'Hke Aloysuus Grote Davud Haas Mr and Mrs Gerald Halpun Tum Halpun Hamad's Delucaressen Sueffrued Hausladen Davud Hayes Dennus Hebauf Davud Hessdoerfer Bernard Hesfer Robert Hewald SPONSORS Tom Heyob Phulup Hock Wulluam Holrel Ronald Hellman Roberl' J Holrmeuer Mr Charles Holzman Mr and Mrs Alfred L Huseman Muke Husf Bob Hulh Mr and Mrs Edw Jasper Danuel Jung James Kaeser Mr and Mrs Ed Keller Raymond C Kellerman Mr and Mrs Frank E Kelly George Kessler Mr and Mrs E J Kung Jum Kung Gerald Kurschner Joseph Kleunfank John N Klug Roger Klug Mr and Mrs G Kneupp Mr and Mrs L Kollmeyer Mrs Alma Knopp Paul Knue Lawrence Koh Mr and Mrs L J Kruzsa Terry LaFleur Ned Laurenbach Charles LeCounl' Ron Lehan Mr and Mrs Harry Lonneman Roberl' Lucas George Luers Bob Lunsford Davud LuH'erbeu Muck Lynch M 8: N Delucalessen Mr and Mrs C L Macke James Mardus Hulda Marhn Joseph Marlunu Mr and Mrs J W Malhevll Muchael E McAvoy Wulluam McGowan Donald McKunney Dale Menkhaus Joe Menkhaus Gary Menlrup Mr and Mrs Ralp Bauer Mrs Al Meyer Anrhony Meyer Joseph H Muddendorf Sylvesler Muller Alberi Moluque Mr and Mrs F Mollner Mr and Mrs A Mueller Thos F Mueller Mr and Mrs Edward Mulcahy Dan Murnan Mrs Mary Myers Mr and Mrs Ed Nucolau Muss Alma Nuehaus Dave Nlehaus Mr and Mrs S Nueheusel Muss Clara M Nuemeyer Eugene Oberlohann Anfhony Pagano Carl Parfon Paul Pedolo Mrs Angela Perers Tom Pfluegel Mr Joseph Puuo Jum Powell Ruchard Pros? Muke Quunn Alberf Rauf Ronald Reckers Carl Renneker Kennelh Renner Frank Rennuck Huberl J Ruesenbeck Fred Ruzzo Muchael Roberls Ruchard Roberfs Mr and Mrs O Robmelie Mr and Mrs Edw Rowekamp Bob Sahnd Danuel Salamone Theodore Schaaf K T Schachleuier Roberl' Schaefer Raymond Schauble Larry Scheldl' Duck Scheper Mr and Mrs Howard Schmufle Roberl' Schmurre Donald Schneuder George Schneider Mrs Schroeder Don Schuerman James Schuller Schwandner s Delucafessen Joseph Seher Paul Seuferl Mr and Mrs Roy Selby Mr and Mrs Ed Shune Jacob Sumon Mr and Mrs Harry Seurkamp Marion DaHilo -l5""95 Kohbauel' . Mr. and Mrs. Ed. L. Rickerl' John Kelly Clifford Smiih Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Smifh Roberf Sommer Jr. Jim S+an+on David Siauss Anfhony Sieimle Jerome Sieinlrer' David Sienger Jerry Sienger SPONSORS Leroy S+enger Jr. Bernard J. S+oll Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Siolze Mr. and Mrs. William Sfowe Joseph Theobald Ozzie Thompson Richard Toschlog Tropical Aquarium Dick Wenz Pasfry Shop Ed. Wessel Mr. and Mrs. Louis John Wie+he Edwin Wilhe Donald Wrighf John Yass Garage Donald Zang Pizza Tom Bushman Harmeyer Grocery il 1' ,M.,a?,. I don? lilce Hredll ' -W f', . ffyflylfwz . .My ' A" in WESTERN HILLS PLAZA O ebeck d fhe Ch + as sh ga+Olks Wonde f Sanfa as good +0 fhe 'ws zo Wm V 9 Lu 4 's Scoff Seger and Jack Huber, wifh Paf Eyman and Sue vr ,O ir rism wiin ri'. r , I w . 4 W N, 519 i CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES 'ro +he GRADUATING CLASS OF I959 ELDER WELFARE ASSOCIATION OFFICERS MR EDWARD DELLER Presndenr MR CARL WEBER Vuce Presndeni' MRS GERALD HALPIN Recordmg Secre'I'ary MRS G J MIRLENBRINK Correspondlng Secreiary MRS ANTHONY HELMES Fnnancual Secreiary REV URBAN J STANG Treasurer BOARD OF DIRECTORS RAY HILVERT MR NORBERT GUETLE CLARENCE WALTZ MR JOSEPH SCHERER COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN MR WALTER BASSETT Program MRS MILDRED PEET Membershlp MRS MARGARET HERZOG PubIlcrI'y WILLIAM WALL AND ELMER HARNIST Refreshmenfs MRS VIRGINIA MULVEY Delegafe io Ihe Federahon of Ca+hoIlc PTA There IS no reason why every parenf of an Elder s1'uden+ and every graduafe should no? beIong +o fhe Welfare Assoclahon Dues SI O0 Per Year In +he fwenfy nmfh year of rI's exlsfence 'I'he Assoclahon has given Elder Hugh School over S25 000 00 worfh of Permaneni' Improvemen'l's MR. CLEM MACKE .,.....,...................,...........,..,..................... MR. EDWARD MORRIS MR. ............................................,,,,...,.,.,........,....... . MR. ...........,..,............................................. . Firsf row, lofi 'ro righi: W. Herron, T. Walnscoff, C. Kluq. F. Cappel B. Robinson, R. Toepferf, G. Krummen, P. Quafman, J. Scully, C. Wlfsken. Second row: J. Holi, D. Schaeffer, S. Kean, T. Gerlwardf, R. Vrncenl, R. Seller, J. Weller, T. Thompson, L. Baarlaer, H. Schroer, F. Sonderrnan. Third row: J. Huber, T. Blen, J. Krelrler, A. Larklns, T. Lange, P. Chalk, R. Henry, R. Sclmusler, P. Sclwoening, R. Haarrneyer. Fourfh row: W. Janszen, N. Moeller, F. Mafflnes, T. Pfalh. J. Mercer, F. Mohr, S. Marhnn, S. Fochl, G h . Smi+ , A. Marlini. KT MW f'T5'24'f'f' .- OWS 45,4 if Bm m .DW MW MSM! W.. 315.0-vie my ol-may 5-' 'yy 'VF ' Tow, 19591, ki "ff,,gf-n A W 'je llll .filly Wil 7 2056, t 532, gxdfglll 15,0 . Me... Mm f W 5 ' ' .wjll T ' if-Af!! Je? M QSM WWW W will . 'T , JWVQW J T31 .3 ...ws , , Ss Al Gfillfwglw' M-el... T555 i Name Jim Wade Jim Whilaker Ken Wilzbach Bob Wynn Jack Schulle Joe Johnson Jim Voelker Fred Villani Mike Slewarl Mike Sieve Val Smilh Roberl Boehm F. Brumiield Frank Osierhues Dan Rahe Gene Doll Tom Reynolds Paul Robinelie Jerry Schaerer Ken Schnur Ken Noll Joe Slricker Mike Nolan Joe Krabbe Bob Hoffmann J. Hieheisel Jim Hey Denny Casey Dan Schulle Lawrence Brinker Terry Cavanaugh Joe Griiiin James Oliver Dennis Doyle Ed Lameier Jan Cappel John Hayes Charlies Mohr W. Klosierman Pal Frohn William Beiling Clarence Cogaie J. Bachmann R. Merleribrink Bob Langen Tim Brcgan Ray B-eile-rman Paul Balarmann William Hasenmueller I84 Nickname Jim Skip Wilzy Gwynn Schulz Joe Bun Rai Mike Gov-Gov Smiliy Poncho Big Fred Ozzie Den Sonny Punch Tubby Jer Fingers Ken Joe Mike Joe Bob Sniiz Bob-Bo Case Schul' Clancy Terry Joe Jim Den Big Ed Jan Gab Chas Tiny Mori' Wi'd BTI Burch John Merl Brogs Ray Paul Hase Likes Sporls Chevies Car and Rods Sporfs Sporls To Skip l4-K More Sfudy Sporls Ari Ponliacs Sporls l95O Mercury Girls Music Beauliiul Girls Sporls Food and Beer High Sign Food Fords Beer Sound of 2:45 Music Music Kenlucky Jane Ann Nick Beer Shirley Sandy Cards Beer Girls Homebrew Beer Foolball Nobody Foolball MP, Girls Gir's Cars Music Beer Cars Safurday Nighls Bear and Cards Cars Dislike Jug Hand Jive Jug Work School l5-2 Day alfer None School Weslern Movies Fasl Cars Jug Jug Working Jug Scags Beer Fords 4-A Teachers School School Room ll Wesferns Jug Cigars Girls Girls Cafeleria Opera Lunch Room Cheaiers School Bleached Blondes Sober People Movies Schullz Everybody Food Everybody Civics Card Shark Homework Bookkeeping Schoolwork Plane G. Sundays Homework Civics Ambifion Gel' ou+ of School A Failure To Pass School Gel our of School Pass Noi gel caughl Beer Sampler Be rich School Teacher Ari Direclor To Be lhe Blob Gambler Bum Vice Squad Chief Aufomobile Designer None None Owner of Frisch's Bum None Be Rich Gel our oi School Redecorale Cafeleria Gef Ahead Radio-TV Slar Be The Bean Lion Tamer Jockey Accounianf Plumber Lumber Jack Own Las Vegas Presidenf None Cello Player Race Driver Wild Hunler None Go 'ro Jail Die Young Engineer Be a Faiher Engineer Salesman Navy Engineer Faiure Success Success C. J. WOLFER BARBER SHOP 4o2a GLENWAY AVE. Wa I-98I2 Come On' genes E 8 'Io 6 Closed Wednesdays Jalougieg Awnings Windows GILLIGAN-SIEFKE SCHNEIDER FUNERAL HOME JOHN J. KUZMA, Res. Mgr. HOME EQUIPMENT COMPANY I939 Harrison Ave. Gr- I -6262 Awnings Slorm Windows Telephone: Gr I-0526 Your Insurance ConsulI'an'r Wi I-9832 Groceries MERGY'S DELICATESSEN 8: PONY KEG EMIL WURTZ Beer-Wine-Picnic Supplies Cir:gni+?+?I SSEO 6324 Gracely Dr. Cincinnali 33, Ohio ROHFS LuKEN's BAKERY Complele Prescriplion Quan-I-Y Baked good, PHARMACY Wedding and Parfy Calres Harrison and Glenmore 3406 Glenmore Ave. Mo-I-9892 Cheviof Mo l-0480 DICK-MIKE RIDDER'S GROCERY 0 660 New S+ KUNNEN BROS. X 0002 Wa I-9686 3406 Glenway Ave. H. J. DAVIS, INC. MARMER'S SHOES Excavafing Paying 4I02 Glenway Avenue DAY NIGHT and Br I-3655 Mo I.93l7 Wesfern Hills Plaza CORDREY CLEANERS Piolr-Up and Delivery 4737 DELHI AVE. Gr.I-8l95 Buy Your ICE al' +l'1e Green and Wl1iI'e Vendor HOME CITY ICE wa I-o34o FRISCH'S BIG BOY W 2 2 or CHEVIOT, INC, IG no 1. 6 G7 RSX 1 ,Q D-,v .cw ,f K. T 175- I " Mia 4047 Harr's n A Q. AMEIICNS MOST FAMOUS DOUILE-.DECK I O S HAMIUIGEI . THE OIIGINAI. BIG IO O BY PHONE "" "" ' ' Q AND TAKE 'EM HOME CHEVIOT II, OHIO SCHULTEN'S BEVERAGE STORE eer Wine Mixers Sof'I' Drinks Snacks Ice Cream Free Delivery Wa I-9946 42II GLENWAY AVENUE Arfhur Wise. Tom S+ocIr. Ronald ' ,I-'- PLAZA MUSIC CENTER Wesfern Hills Shopping Cenier - On fI1e Mall YOUR COMPLETE WESTERN HILLS RECORD STORE Greefing Cards ' Accessories HU I-5969 Meyer Specializing in WesI'ern Hills GLENWOOD REALTY SERVICE 5329 Glenway Avenue Hu-I-I I22 BOB ROTH '28 HERB DAUNER SINK TOPS VANITORIES Manufaciured by MAUEREDER l632 Gesl' S+. I4I Gr-I-2I22 CINCINNATI, OHIO EDW LEISGANG Hay Gram Feed and Seeds 4423 BRIDGETOWN ROAD Mo I2I20 BRIDGETOWN OHIO MCWILLIAMS 81 SCHULTE BOX 84 LUMBER CO I20I W Llberfy SI' Ma I 534I JONTOM S SPORTING GOODS WESTERN HILLS PLAZA Mo I 6I66 CompIimen+s and Besi' Wishes THE CHAMPION LION SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY CINCINNATI 5 OHIO I . . EV6I'YI'I1Ing 'FOI' 'I'I'le Spor+sman 4037 Glenway Ave. IAI Gilsey Ave.I C0 GRATULATIO TO THIS YEARS GRADUATES H MAUSE DAIRY Serving 'I'I1e Wesfern HlIIs for 40 Years 4442 GLENWAY AVE WAI 0265 CompIlmenIs Bes+ Wishes ,fy SCHRAGE BROS MARKET XV! 3636 WARSAW d A d We GREEN TOP MARKET n I00 COMET DEALERS 4209 W gn, STREET TRESLER OIL COMPANY ROBERT C. GIESKEN Builder of Qualify Homes Cusrom BuiII' on Your Lo'I' Free Planning Service 3400 BLUE ROCK ROAD CINCINNATI Ja 2 049I 39, OHIO I is o 0 I CQ ' 'I S5 ll l Q H j. R of an WESTERN BOWL WesI'ern I'IospI+aIlI'y ai' I'I1e MUSTANG ROOM In he 4033 35 Glenway Ave CINCINNATI 5 OHIO 32 Aufomafc B Ing L e GLENWAY AT LAWRENCE COWHANDS GEO P a d TOM MILLER -I-GIGPIIOFIG I PHONE MO Ia 22222 -I-I"I E RIS CompIlmen+s ERHART FOU N DRY MACHINE COMPANY McALPlN'S Gray Iron Cashngs TELEPHONE Ch I 6550 WESTERN HILLS SHOPPING CENTER I237 W 6+I1 ST CINCINNATI 3 OHIO ' I I I owi an sI Texas Sized CocIdaiIs a+ Roundup Time, 5-6:30 P.M. : . . n ' : n na - of ll 0 ll Keep II IeveI SAFEWAY CREDIT CORP. I36 E. Cour+ SI. CINCINNATI 2, OHIO Main I-2535 "Money When You Need I+." THE CRITCHELL'S ANTONIO SAVINGS AND LOAN OO. ' ' I Home Your Flnancla X QINSUR4 A C. G. TROMEY Home E IPZIIIEZZC Q Insured Loans Q5 Depouters Savings .AYQMBEP-. Ch I-0735 NETHERLAND HILTON I-:??IE1EVCFFI5CE BRL2CZETgWNl OIIQZICI: Ine . BITISOH . 55 W. 5+h S+. Cincinnafi lo, Ohio CincinnaIi ll, Ohio PA I-I458 MO I-766I OVERLOOK TEXACO SERVICE 8II OverIooIc STAN HARMON, Prop. Wa I-9655 STAN MEININGERS PHARMACY Prescrlphon SpeclaIls+s GIenmore and Moniana Mo I 28I0 R KREIMER PARKVIEW MARKET 370I Carson Avenue Mo I 7354 F P SCHNEIDER 81 SON Pamhng and Decorahng I522 MANSS AVE Wal 8808 SCH EVE HARDWARE 2I29 W 8'I'I1 SI Near SI'a'I'e Ave Wa I-0876 STATE AVENUE MOTORS Fred Bosken GR L 5692 905 S'I'aI'e Ave Gas and OII Aufomohve Repaurung Body and Fender WorIc Crnclnnah 4 Ohio SCHAFFER SERVICE STATIONS Gas OII-Beverages 3950 Nor'I'h Bend Rd CIICVIOI' OIUO Harrison and Grace Ave B"'d9eI0W"' OIH0 J DREYERS SONS MOELLERS GRILL 8: PONY KEG 530I GIenway Ave Wa I9628 PIumIDlng Homemade Chnl: and Tur'IIe Soup MO .2305 AII Kinds of Beverages 'Io Take Oui' Free ParIc ng RAUEN MEN 81 BOYS WEAR 4:04 GLENWAY Ave AT GILSEY MAUSE S GROCERY 8TH AND ENRIGHT Free Dell ery Wa I I520 PARAGON FIXIT SHOP Price Hull and Vucmlfy Aufomahc and Wrmger Type-AII Small Applnances-Vacuum Cleaners Rebulli' Washers for Sale Gr I 564I 4894 Guerley Rd A L SCHERER FLORIST 50l Greenwell Avenue DELHI HILLS CompIlmen+s of ED WISSEL OLDSMOBILE 2300 FERGUSON ROAD Mo I 7500 PARKLAND PHARMACY 658I GRACELY DRIVE WI I0440 I O on .- n Q .Q , . . . Q l ' U . , . . l . .. l , . . s .. . . I I I n 0 . Q .- . . I . . ..- e o I . . . . - . - O . C AND R FOOD MARKET 3028 Price Ave. Wa I-9757 WEL DELIVER GATEWAY COMPANY OF OHIO Building Specialfies Conshucfion Services 2836 Colerain Ave. Ki I-b5I7 Mr. Berioia and his iniended BARKLEY ELECTRIC COMPANY sr. BERNARD, oi-no PL I-20I0 Manager: CLESSON A. Fox THE H. MEYER 8: SONS DAIRY COMPANY PHONE: VALLEY Lone Be Smarf-Build Before a Boom NEYER WEBER COMPANY, INC. R. R. I, Shady Lane Rd. Norlh Bend, Ohio Residenfial and Lighi Commercial Consiruciion Wm. Neyer Mo 2-I460 J. Weber Wi I-2840 Wal-3666 C. E. KOESTER, FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions WESTERN HILLS-DELHI HILLS 6I9 Norih Greenwell Ave. Cincinnaii 38, Ohio LEUENBERGER'S MEATS 4906 GLENWAY AVENUE Wa L.-155.5 Bes+ Wishes NORVAL'S PHARMACY aol ELBERON AVE. Wa n-oo20 CHARLIES RUFF Gr-I2947 MOORE. REALTORS 4900 Cleves Warsaw Pike RICH. HAFT'S GULF STATION HARRISON s. MCHENRY Mo 1-9900 I Complimenis of ANSONIA COPPER AND IRON WORKS, INC. ROBERT J. BUCHERT LYONS' DEN 81 BEER GARDEN EIGHTH AND ENRIGHT AVENUES H. MOTZ 81 SON S+rucI'uraI and Ornamen'I'aI Iron WorIr C9mPIIme"'I'5 of Reinforcing S+eeI -IUNIORSI INC- 4522 GLENWAY AVE. CINCINNATI 5, OHIO CI-ASS OF I950 Wa I-6942 Wa I-I635 I'Iu I-967l EARL A. ZEISER Plumbing ConI'racI'or 846 KREIS LANE CINCINNATI 5, OHIO Complimenfs of GLENWAY DRY CLEANERS 4207 GLENWAY AVE. Wa I-9777 DELHI HARDWARE 496: Delhi Pike er I-3II5 I'IOERST'S QUALITY FOODS 3720 Woodbine ai' Trevor MOI-I080 CHEVIOT, CINCINNATI II, OHIO UNGER'S MEATS 35:2 HARRISON AVENUE A. J. WINDHOLTZ Large Scale Excava+ing Land Clearing and Grading Service Lalre and Road Building-Tree Removal PI1one: Gr I-8900 WARSAW PONY KEG 3449 Warsaw Ave. Wa- I -9950 CI'IEI:'S FAVORITE BREAD By +I'1e Uffelman Balring Co. Wholesale Bread and Buns Serving Resfauranfs, Hofels, Insfiiufions Exclusiveiy 939 YorIc Sf. Cincinnafi I4. Ohio Ma-I-0324 T. .f.,.g, gg' 'Vi "Q4"' :A ', Wlnai a carfull NABERHAUS GROCERY 4:54 WEST an-I sr. Wa I-9815 RON HILTON Painfing and DecoraI'ing 6244 TAYLOR ROAD Mo-I-84I9 ESTERKAMPS CAFE 29oI Jeff w I 464 COMMERCE GARAGE 32I RACE STREET MAIN I0799 AL WELDELE AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES 4329 FOLEY ROAD 20TH CENTURY AIR CONDITIONING CO RIERHe+g dA Cdin m c Ir I Re de 5 00 'I 23 Oh MACKES PARKVIEW FOOD MARKET 5059 GLENWAY AVENUE Shop a+ SCHOENYS QUALITY FOOD SHOP 339I GLENMORE I You Know Hs Besf SEALTEST SWEGMANS FOOD MARKET I en, + Co DI I W GI N EARL J HILVERS CATERING 2724 COLERAIN AVENUE I MI4 MI778 HEINTZMAN S PHARMACY 3722 HARRISON AVE cI-IEvIoT oI-IIo COMPIIMEHIS LAMEIERS DON LEE TAVERN 7I7 GI y A e BEER AND WINE FITZPATRICK PHARMACY GI G I-IERM WERNRE AND Boa BRINCK w Izess I erson Ave. . o -9 CAR a in , an ir on iio ing Com er ial, Indus ia, si n'I'iaI Mu I- 7 Cincinnai , io I I Mo- -I I00 I Free De iv o vedale, ehi Hill, if HIS Price Hill, Bridgefown, Cheviot Wesfwood Mea -Produce-Groceries Beer and ine 4408 enway I ear Carson School, . o- -I43 o- -9 I Mu -2I35 , , of I 5 enwa v . 4042 enway af IIsey I a . MARI-BETH BAKERY 3824 Nor+h Bend Road Mo-l-9794 4 STORES -ll: mul-' A CLOTH ING Ch vioz - Northside - Covington - Newport Wersi II2!'Ii!1I Complimenis of J. A. OSTERKAMP SERVICE STATION DEN:-IAM AND BEEKMAN srs. ROLFES SHOES Shoes fhe "Teens" Like 3705 HARRISON AVENUE Picnic Supplies Cafering Service Beer Wine Snacks OVERLOOK PONY KEG 8lO Overlook Ave. Free Delivery Wa.l-9644 R. and J. Albers NICKOSON SINK TOP COMPANY 35II Harrison Avenue Hu-I-7843 TOWERS CLUB, INC. 5508 Colerain Ave. WM. IBILLI DICKEY, Pres. THE WESTERHAUS CORPORATION 3726 Kessen Avenue Cheviof II, Ohio Mo I-5000 Ki' l'9843 Coin Operafed Food Vending Machines LACHER SONS OFFse+ Liihographer Prin'l'ers EDWARD W. WOLFF Die Cu'H'ing 44I3 Glenway Ave. Price Hill I9 E. 73rd S'l'ree'I' Wa-I-I236 Va. I-2275 Va I-3753 FAETH 'S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES I770 'Io I776 Wesiwood Ave. Gr. l-3530 Gr l-4433 Save Wifh Fae'I'h Lu. IU Complimenfs of DOMESTIC LAUNDRY I407 DENMAN sr. Ma.l-l42s OAK HILL SAVINGS AND LOAN CO Br dge'Io n d cI1 Roads Cncnnaf II Oho Mo I 2 Ins red Sav g Diamonds Wafches J C HOCKETT COMPANY Je eIe s 3633 Ha rson A en e E Me er Mgr I KELLER AND NEIDHARD IZI9 R Ison Ave W I0097 Gr I0432 HITCHING POST Famous for Frled Chicken PRICE HLL PLEASANT RIDGE DELHI HILLS GROESBECK Sfor Wndo s and Doors JaIo se Po ch E cIosu es Call Gr I7600 for F Esfm FROELICH CONSTRUCTION 8: SUPPLIES CO I925 Quee Cfy A e FAIRMOUNT HARDWARE CO I740 QUEEN CITY AVE Wa I 95 5 Valspar Pam+s DalIy Delivery Compllmenis DELFAIR BOWLING LANES A ders n Fe ry d D II1 Roads BI I 00 BRIDGETOWN MOBILGAS SERVICE 44I7 BRIDGETOWN ROAD CompIeI'e Road Service S'I'ereo-HI Fl BAUMER AND REDDERT 5904 Ham II n A e C IIege HII K I-4466 TV and Appluances HAND S PHARMACY Mam He gI1+s Area W I40II Compllmenfs A FRIEND HUBERS DEPARTMENT STORE 36II WARSAW AVENUE PRICE HILL CAMERA 4425 Glenway Avenue Wa I 004I J. SCHERER DAIRY PRODUCTS GR 14149 I w an EyrI W r I I I , I -662 ri V u Il O ll U "' S . I , . Mo.. .2515 ll U 0 ll ui . I a - - Aluminum Siding m I w , u I r n r I . - ree I a'res n I v . of n o r an e I , -38 I I o v . o I i i i I i - . I of FRESE SOHIO SERVICE a+h AND ELBERON Mo+or Tune-Up Road Service Wa I-9755 A. 8: E. BUTSCHA COMPANY Sheer Me+al Fabricafing A. J. BUTSCHA E. H. BUTSCHA CLASS '39 CLASS '40 "For Seller or Buyer Call Meyer" MEYER REALTY COMPANY Member of Wesfern Hills Phofo Service Comple+e Home OuHiHers Pa I-636I THE LEVINE FURNITURE COMPANY ll40 Main Sfreef 5669 Glenway Ave. Associafe . Hu l-3300 N. W. Scheper Open Evenings by Appomimenf SUMMER ART CLASSES Commercial AH Dev-Evening SCHACHLEITER FLOWERS Porfraif High School Landscape Siudenis Flowers Are Brigl1+er al' Schachleifer ART SCHOOL 4205 GLENWAY AT ROSEMONT Wa I-666I Wm. E. Gebhardh Associafe 228 E. 5'll1 Sf. Ch-I-9778 K'S GIFT MART "Gi'H's 'for Every Occasion" 4920 GLENWAY AVENUE Wa l-8763 WIEBELL JEWELERS 3637 WARSAW AVENUE Gr I-5027 CINCINNATI 5, OHIO HILLE'S MEATS 4004 GLENWAY AVENUE er-I4933 BILL DUGAN PHARMACY WARSAW AT HAWTHORNE Class I928 JAS. J. MCGRAW AGENCY General Insurance Gr-l-9886 Gr l-59l5 4900 CLEVES PIKE PAUL F. TEPE AND SONS Furni'rure-Uphols+ering 3306 GLENMORE AVE. Mo I-I905 Bu? Mr. Lagaly, you can? give Jug slips. Screen passes! GLENWAY SHEET METAL, INC. Specialisi' in Sheef Melal 3200 WARSAW AVE. CINCINNATI 5, OHIO Wa I-2200 M0 P5065 Evenings by E6 l'2384 Appoinfmeni' Jewelry-Giffs and Diamonds 3000 HARRISON AVE. BILL BROS. PAINT 81 WALLPAPER STORE 20l9 FERGUSON RD. AT GLENWAY Du Ponf: Du'I'ch Boy: Foy: Sherwin-Williams BRAUN AND VONDERHEIDE "Homes Wifh Personali+y" General Con+rac+ors and Builders FERD HAUSER PORK PRODUCTS WERK WAY SHELL Werlc and Glenway Aves. STAND lb Mo-I-8000 ee E9 Findlay Marlcel' womcs, INC. HOINKE WCTORY P"AT'NG GLENWAY LANES BOWLING Anodizing Elecfric-Polishing "Always af lfs Bes+" Aufomafic and Barrel We Teach You How io Bowl Zinc and Cadmium Manss and Glenway Cincinnali 5, Ohio 34I8 Harrison Ave. Mo-2-I420-I-2 BAUM'S PHARMACY 4741 DELHI WA l-oo3o ST. LAWRENCE DRY CLEANERS 3652 WARSAW AVENUE Gr I-l3I2 2 Hour Service SEHLHORST BROS. DRIVE-IN FLORIST 99l Neeb Road Wi-I-I320 Complimenfs of ERNIE'S BARBER SHOP 362I wARsAw AVENUE PRECISION PETER REBOLD AND SON CASTING COMPANY COVINGTON KENTUCKY CHEVIOT FAIRMOUNT TOM S AUTO SERVICE ude nm Ap L7 Zmwdwlhgnddwnmimwf 4 Ch Y I I HUDEPOHL BREWING COMPANY TOM J BYWATER PHILIP IBUDI AUEL Funeral Homes Aluminum Casfings, E'I'c. I if Plymoufh Cu . .T ', 1 '- 0, Ag X r ser Imperial Complimenls o Congra'ruIa'hons Class of I959 LUEBBE S SHOES SEARS IN PRICE HILL ST LAWRENCE CORNER 4220 GLENWAY AVENUE WA I 8800 Shop aI' Sears and Save CINCINNATI 5 OHIO Your Por+ral+ IS a Graceful Way of Acknowledging True Frlendshlp YOUNG AND CARL STUDIO SEVENTH AND VINE CINCINNATI, OHIO PA I 2277 I . . Price HiII's Mos'I' CompIeI'e Depar+menI' Sfore Ch is+ry Club inspeds Quehl Sign Company Complimenfs of THE PROVIDENT SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY KLUG BODY SHOP I053 EBENEZER ROAD 24 Hour Wrecker Servic Wi- I -4997 Wi I -4977 CongraI'uIa+ions +o 'rhe Graduaies From GI LKEY ELECTRIC COMPANY THE GFROERER RUG COMPANY, INC. Carpef Ins'raIIa'hon Res'I'auran'I or Commercial CH I 4209 CHAMBERLIN COMPANY OF AMERICA I243 Chase a+ Dane Cmclnnah 23 Ohio BUS MUIberry I67I0 Screens Aluminum and Flbreglas Awnings Jalousnes-Ornamen+aI Iron Wea+I1er S+rnppmg Rock Wool lnsuIahon Calkmg S+orm Wmdows and Doors Open 8 AM 'ro 8 PM 7 Days a Week I 5I AV I3630 USED AUTO PARTS TWO LOCATIONS We DeIlver HARRISON PIKE AND E MIAMI RIVER RD 3 I42 READING ROAD MIAMITOWN and AVONDALE OHIO WI-I- I - RES.: HU, I-27Q5 DlcK's AUTO PARTS - .I I I and I Leo Baarlaer empiies C.S.M.C. Shamroclx Opfical Co. Mo I-8334 HOWARD J. EGBERS Opiician 5979 Glenway Avenue, ai' Werll Cincinnafi 38, Ohio Daily 9:30 A.M. Io 5 P.M. Mon., Wed., Fri. Evenings SONTAG'S DRY CLEANERS 3006 Harrison Avenue Mo I-3230 "Beau+ify Your Home Wifh MarbIe" Cuffing and Polishing Window Sills-Table Tops-Novelfies-Manfels WITTICH MARBLE CO. AL. DENHART CANDIES I530-34 Race S'l'ree'I AL AND RAY CINCINNATI I0, OHIO WILLOW I-2565 795 Neeb- Road DELHI HILLS CINCINNATI 38, OHIO GEILER PLUMBING AND HEATING C . ompIImen+s 4 Emergency Plumbing and Sewer Service of CommerciaI-Residenfial-Indushial A 3228 Harrison Ave. Mo I-0025 CONRAD SEYFERTH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY er I-5377 BALTIMORE AVE. LOAN AND BLDG. CO. ALL Savings Guaranieed in Full Currenf Dividend 496 BUSINESS MACHINES, INC. 932 Curiis Sf. Peebles Corner Cincinnafi 6, Ohio "Where Service Begins." BAXTER CONCRETE PRODUCTS Pre-Casf Sfeps and Porches Pafio S+ones Curbs and Car Siops Free Esfimaies 909 E. Ross Ave. Re I-6I50 "Every+hing for +he Well Dressed Man" MILLER'S CLOTHES 3623 HARRISON Ave. CHEVIOT, OHIO Mo mess Lawn Mower Service WESTERN HILLS RADIO AND APPLIANCE SHOP Gr- I -4427 4924 Glenway Avenue HARRY GROEN SAYS:I'm Heading For McDONALD'S Big Thiclx Shake-2Oc Pure Beef Hamburger-I5c Golden French Fries-IOc 'For a AII for 45c There's a Good Reason Why We've Sold I20 Million Hamburgers McDONALD'S Norih Wesi' Corner of Norfh Bend and Wesl' Forlc Rds. M 81 S MACHINE 81 ENGINEERING CO. II64-66 Dayfon S+ree+ CINCINNATI I4, OHIO Tool-Dies-Fix+ures General Machining Tap and Drill Ex+rac+ing Pa I-3322 Compliments of the EDWARD T. HCNNERT AND SONS GENERAL BUILDING CCNTRACTORS The good times you'II always remember . . . How many of them include Coca-Cola! Ed Tepe Tom Weber William Osferhues Headquarfers for All Your Food Needs CDSTERHUES SUPER MARKET 55 I 6 BridgeI'own Road-Mo- I -6688 Open Every Evening Till 9 P.M. CompIe+e and Ivlodern Self-Service All Meafs Fresh Cui-Choice French Bauer Ice Cream and Dairy Produds Nourishing, Tas+y Fruifs and Vege'I'abIes Cold Beer and Wine We Show Every Couriesy Due Io Our Cusfomers. THE DORST COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF CLASS RINGS AND PINS COLLEGE AND SOCIETY JEWELRY SPORT CHARMS-PLAOUES-STATUETTES TSQD Speclal Affenhon Gwen fo Local School Club and Fra+ernrI'y Pms lfD DESIGNS FURNISHED ON REQUEST 2I00 Reading Road CIHCIDDBTI Ohlo Phone PArlrway l3360 We Invife Your Sugges'I'ions a FINAL Our Moderator, Rev. Marla Gratscla tO. Our Photography Supervisor, Rev. Bernard H uitinle Our Prznczpal, Rev Urban I Stang Our Vzce Prznczpal, Rev I Paul Gruber the entzre Faculty and our generous Patrons the entire 1959 Elderado staff Tom Brandenburg Edztor TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY I l Q . . I I I ' ' n 0 U ' I J, . N Q fi - 'il .H 1 V ' g 3 1 'M ' S617 ' A M" wi, -, -. wif-ft ' V , .fy QQ K ': 1 'ini 155 " ya 5' I , wr K , , n ,A 2 T2 3539.4 1 1 ,Z , N, 5 V- J ' Q . - . - 4 , , - li :Q I, Y MIA 1 x .Q ' N" J' Kenafifxvfljvq ' ' ' . -1' W , N. , . , 9 IR ' ' w y i' -1 ' I , ,, E' f? ws' '4' .xgf f . , 1 . . 1, i, ,Al . I Q C M, h, . Q, , , , Q s 1,1 .f'X 'V .' 'flag' - , , .NR A 'K YA . I V 1 , 'W 4 A... U 5 :Q ? ' hai A . 1 Y if " , 'Y' L. ' U ' -, 2 -, 'iq S h 8 'S 74 .W A 4 , IA ,I A 3.5 , -.wi A fix. fy.. MY 4.8 I 'K . ,1- 4 51 4 I xx V by N 4 it t I Wu. O 1' -341 Jus, 4 fy' 3' ',: VJ, lx sig 2,5 i 'JQTLL J ., . :vi G, I viii 2 if . 'I Q, 1.- E , i Eiga ? 5 fx 1' 'Wm 3 A 'w -if iz

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Elder High School - Elderado Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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