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acres cama MOR Basis rt neh “iY “wm wi ——— POMEL ELL OOP EER ERE Pe ESE 0 9 Spain re See ERP Pt OR eee Spt BY 08 goer ae a aqabpting say filler High SHEN Care Ohio é Cate ae oleadership DI Doe é lL Cah Ope R ee fion Give Us Wis Day Father Cornwell............ Opening Mass, 1956 Most Reverend Karl Joseph Alter Archbishop of Cincinnati Right Reverend Carl J. Ryan Superintendent of Schools Most Reverend: Clarence G. Issemann Auxiliary Bishop of Cincinnati Reverend Urban J. Stang Principal of Elder High School cwcevssmmnamemmllitt tlm oe ae ay ne 6 aaa Ai. W ewe al. e a Father Dirr, Assistant Principal. Chex Ab Gee nsptres alone } : | ; ' Se Yu 2 O - v G x bky uv c 3 of Sg 3 iS deg a v 3 a ee v G te 3 By op a= ad = Y . v a tet 3 my gion U Ke eh J i rough O ove Father McCarthy and Father Vocke. “Io Know God Father Schneider and Father Trippel Father Sahfeld, Father Andres, and Father Huitink. Siar Helps wi Shaan Unde iinel ae bell ee U, Father Calme and Father Duesing nL Se SY; ie UTS ee PO al Fi ce aeaona es Father Ziegler, Father Putnick, and Father Schoenig ap lez, Father Bischoff OFF ieee Heritage Father Koverman UE at ueprin bs of Whe Se Father Flanagan and Father Eisenhauer ractice See eee) Mr. Brockhoff Mr. Dieringer 4 hice Training Father Bertke and Father Strassel Yn Life Un folds Father Niehaus SY, Pal ern ise: Father Hentz, Father Blome, and Father Bruening. Blaha erman seh Sp gain. ane ales 23 ee cc gt TRIANGLES ¢ Vis Ang es Father Gratsch anda rather Mattscheck an Father Bange and Father Ries | | a | riang e ce CE IOUS a cies AA 2 SALA PLD Father Schaefer and Father Klug rluing apa Soot ted as ecrelaries Cle igh Seieer Aeration i i i i : i | Rev. Aloysius Grimmelsman, President BOARD OF PASTORS MosteReva Clarences |e) Isseninan iy ee eee St. Peter in Chains Cathedral Rev. Raymond Backus xorg eee St. John—Harrison } Rev John) Bernina 22m 22 ee Our Lady of Perpetual Help Very Rev- Stanley “Bertke. 2-2, ee St. Jude Rev. Fredericks Biene= = eee hit AS ee eee Our Lady of Grace Rev. Francis: Buddelmeicn: gamete ee Our Lady of Presentation Rev. Clement:@.. Busemeyer.2... 2 St. Joseph | Rev. Geratd Evers). 3 St. Anthony Rev. Carl) FY Goeckler: 22225 eee St. Antoninus Rev: Aloysius Grimmelsman) (ee St. Dominic Rey.aGlarence’ Grafy oe Ae ee St. Aloysius—Bridgetown Rev. Josephs Higgins ». 2.2.0 noe ne St. Bernard Rev; (Charles: Ex Hoctor 23.c5 cite St. Leo Rev Henrys BK riece eee eee ee Jods 2 oe eee Blessed Sacrament Rev.) Albert: Kou = ise 20s cae os et ws St. Martin Ret Rev.s Jobn’ Ho: Kruabrty ge ec, ast ee Holy Family Reva Cletus sAs1K un zoe eee eee ee Our Lady of Victory Revs, George Ne Lamotte: 2x20 eee ee ce Our Lady of Lourdes Revs Robett® Ge LEUSErs ee eee St. Joseph—North Bend Rev. John? O'Connor (2c ee St. Michael Re-Revs Francis " AS Reardon. er eee St. William Rev. Edwatd Richter 23 sscccecc tere eee eee ee St. Aloysius—Delhi Rew Reve Walter As) Rodd y sg ye re eer ne St. Catherine ReysHeénry As Schactterea ce este re eee ee St. Vincent De Paul Rev. Leander Schweitzer seyret ee St. Edward—St. Ann Rey. Roger’ Co Straub: (cies Resurrection Revie Leonatd | a VondeeBrit ka aise Our Lady of Visitation Rt.sRevs Ri Marcellus: W acme re ec eee St. Lawrence Give Us wh Day emo ee Se ob r | | resenting our Leo Baarlaer, Glenn Honkomp, Father Gruber, James Feie and Donald Ruehl. WOW. | ear Wool: Staff Donald Ruehl, Ronald Keller, Jack Karches, Paul Grogan | SEATED: James Heisel, Henry Maifield, Ronald Maifeld, Paul Trefzger, John Adam, Thomas Borcherding. STANDING: John McWilliams, Richard Bley, Stephen Deger, James Downton, Jerome Stieg- ler, and Father Gratsch. P urple Oil Staff Thomas Bandenburg | Thomas Bissmeyer STANDING: J. Walsh, J. Dobelhoff, D. Kent, Wm. Jostworth, and Father Luehrman. SEATED: R. Scheper, A. Pantle, M. Nolan, C. O’Donnell and J. Neyer. The Purple Quill is a quarterly paper that has been issued by the students under the faculty advisors since 1931. Members of the Quill have enjoyed their work and had fun gathering news and editing it . . . besides learning the fundamentals of journalism. Gee Cl “ab en Sits Sato FIRST ROW: E. Kreimer, J. Millward, J. Schroeder, C. Klug, C. Fehr. SECOND ROW: J. Block, R. Auel, J. Dumont, R. Rosen, G. Kist. THIRD ROW: J. Kunkel, L. Buchanan, R. Dasenbrock, S. Focht, L. Baarlaer. Our young “photographers”, under the leadership of Mr. Kuley, spend many hours in the fascinating pastime of getting the “right” light and shot of the subject. Needless to say, their efforts are very satisfactory as some of the candid shots of our book disclose! OS marten pt a) Ay = u = = = B Carol Culman Marilyn Beck Margaret Buttelwerth Gayle Guetle Mary Isler Jackie Geis FIRST ROW: C. Culman, M. Isler, J. Geis, C. Axt, D. Hogan, E. Morris, D. Doyle, H. Groen. SECOND ROW: L. Haas, W. Beiting, J. Noehring, G. Becker, T. Miller. THIRD ROW: W. Hoerst, J. Klug, C. Middendorf, J. McCoy. FOURTH ROW: R. Hoffman, D. Rahe, A. Witt- rock, D. Morgan, Wm. Baker. FIFTH ROW: J. Kathman, L. Bauer, T. Murphy, P. Meehan, W. Buerger, Father Hentz—moderator. Elder FIRST ROW: M. Buttelwerth, G. Guetle, M. Beck, R. Berte, J. Mondary, R. Weidinger, K. Graves, S. Kain. SECOND ROW: M. Harmeyer, C. Norton, C. Klug, M. Schlomer, R. Keller, R. Pfalz, W. Krumpe. THIRD ROW: M. Connelly, L. Larkins, T. Lengerich, E. Prater, E. Boeh, W. Moll, J. Brockhoff, R. Gaupel, R. Rahe. FOURTH ROW: D. Farrell, J. Wegman, A. Bross, G. Bennett, W. Schrader. FIFTH ROW: D. Kammer, D. Brinker, R. Waller, D. Enginger, A. Spinelli, Father Calme—moderator. Wlarching dsand oneaam sate shasAagahhasannhi aRALAs ee asm GIVE US A SONG and happy the man humming at his work . . . music scores and melodies have made the Glee Club a continuous happy group for the past four- teen years. Each spring the Glee Club concert makes the corridors ring with arias and chants... a real expression of the Song of youth. This year the Glee Club is under the direction of Herbert Huebner, and again, an excellent program of harmony and music was presented for the enjoyment of all. Chub ROW ONE, Left to right: Bill O’Neill, Paul Trefzger, Tom Thinness, Paul Umberg, Thomas Borcherding, Charles Blum. SECOND ROW: Bill Reynolds, Robert Farrell, Ron Telger, Terry Meehan, David Kunkel, Gerald Binder, and Mr. Huebener, director. THIRD ROW: Wendel Maegley, Denny Linneman, Jim Niehaus, Joe Niemann, Don Walters, Edward Wenz. Ne Ohi Bi ites soaps SO eas T. Seiwert, R. Wherle, T. DeGolyer, J. Adam, P. McGowan. Ges ea lors DEAR P. Quinn, M. Molengraft, P. Imholte, M. Seiwert, P. Robinson, J. Feist. a Vigilantes The upper classmen compose the Vigilantes, who help the stu- dent body stay in line and obey the rules and regulations. We are proud of our Vigilantes and respect their help. FIRST ROW: R. Weidinger, R. Ginzinger, T. Rogers, W. Quatkemeyer, C. Bishop, J. Finley, N. Noelker, J. Brown. SECOND ROW: F. Baurichter, J. Feie, R. Birri, D. Wittrock, W. Frondorf, C. Blum, J. Funk, R. Brose. THIRD ROW: J. Karches, K. Miller, E. Macke, E. Houston, T. Eppinghoff, G. Binder, M. Klopfstein, R. Keller. FOURTH ROW: G. Bennett, T. Hughes, G. Zumwalde, J. Bross, J. Halloran, T. Haley, L. Foltz. FIRST ROW: Harry Renken, Larry Buchanan, Chas. Richardson, Eugene Medl, Robert Glandorf, Tom Bungenstock, Norbert Mueller, Roger Sonderman. SECOND ROW: Robert Boehm, Ray- mond Reuss, James Reinhart, Lawrence Weinheimer, Glenn Kist, Mike Brennan, Thomas Grove. USHERS FIRST ROW: Ray Mullins, Lawrence Maifeld, Tim Serey, J. Schroeder, Henry Maifeld, Tom Drees, Dale Rothert. SECOND ROW: Larry Kreimer, K. Keller, Jerome Holtel, Lawrence Weinheimer, William Deitzer, Thomas Hogue. ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE The Activities Committee under the supervision of Father Put- nick, are the maintenance and strong arms of special events, props for the shows, posters and pep meetings for games, and all the million and one little jobs around school needed to promote good spirit! FIRST ROW: P. Uhlenbrock, P. Trefzger, T. Rogers, F. Flick, D. Wittrock, T. Borcherding, B. Espelage, J. Feie, F. Baurichter. SECOND ROW: Father Putnick, R. Birri, R. Weidinger, D. Mesch, M. Klopfstein, T. Eppinghoff, G. Sieve, D. Walters, B. Wurtz, R. Maifeld, J. Schaffer. THIRD ROW: J. Middendorf, J. Nieszel, T. Tieman, J. Weber, L. Elfers, G. Ahlrichs, H. Merz, F. Koehne, D. Brunner, H. Meyer. clivilies J. Morano, D. Stacey, W. Buerger, A. Spinelli, J. Monnig, J. Stiegler, D. Bonhaus, D. Fry, Dan Mesch, T. Borcherding. The Transportation Vigilantes go into action before and after school . . . to keep order and a watchful eye on the bus rides to and from school. ransportation Vigilantes LEI L LOE IL LEE LOL ELE LEE IE ELC OFFICERS OF C.S. M.C. P. Trefzger, D. Bushman, Fr. McCarthy, K. Lob- ring, F. Baurichter. All of our boys are members of the Catholic Student Mission Crusade, and each year the students work harder to assist in the home and foreign mission work so vital to this progressive world. FIRST ROW: M. Sieve, M. Durkin, T. O’Brien, D. Wittrock, R. Rogers, J. Crushman, F. Baurichter. SECOND ROW: Fr. McCarthy, W. O'Neill, R. Brose, W. Frondorf, G. Sieve, T. Borcherding, L. Foltz, J. Schlinkert. THIRD ROW: G. Neville, E. Macke, M. Klopfstein, R. Buelterman, W. Westendorf, T. Eppinghoff, J. Weber. FIRST ROW: Anthony Martini, LawrenceWeinheimer, Frank Bussman, Thomas R. Hughes, Charles Schiller, Richard Averbeck, Bill Lampe. SECOND ROW: Charles Fehr, John Moore, Tom Ludwig, Ken Beard, William Buschur, Ray Buelterman, Tom Price, Richard Cunningham. Cafeteria phon Tom Price and Earl Bauck — FIRST ROW: Tom Aylward, Ed. Avey, Ronald Jorg, Donald Ames, Wm. Cain, Jerry Ford. SECOND ROW: Joe Murphy, Philip Bergelt, Dan Bradford, Dan Hughes, Lawrence Mai- feld, Frank Lauck. : ‘wy - C a | ae ¥ j Se i x wy 4 of FIRST ROW: William Wiesner, Harry Renken, Dave Schroer, Ronald Stenger, Tom Klett, Ron Pelzel, Joe Grote, Daniel Pelzel. SECOND ROW: Daryl Graff, Jerome Henz, Jack Busche, Donald Kolde, Mike Brennan, Robert Scheper, Gary Bush, Robert Barry, Jerry Carle. Be eo! | ti Pe gamer: %.. seg FIRST ROW: Stephen Martini, Thomas Fortman, Jerry Martini, Dennis Fox, Jerry Neiheisel. SECOND ROW: Tom Reynolds, Anthony Gilligan, Don McElroy, Thomas Stockelman, James Lyon. ESL RODE ASR MEN IS i RRS ig 5 vt ne Father Huitink and the young chemists in the Lab. CHEMISTRY CLUB Given a chemistry teacher like Father Huitink who is interested in all the world about him, the Chemistry Club flourishes and delights in knowing the whys and wherefores. And, science becomes fun and very interesting to our boys and each problem a challenge to the group. Each boy who has studied under the scientific eye of Father Sahl- feld has found the work most consuming and fascinating . . . for the “jet” and “rocket” group have been discovering the many new wonders of the age. Father Sahlfeld and his boys make a “test run”... FIRST ROW: T. Naegele, D. Kemen, P. Trefzger, L. Buchanan, L. Haas, K. Hamberg, J. Imholte, R. Rahe. SECOND ROW: Fr. Putnick, T. Bandenburg, T. Borcherding, G. Sieve, J. Stiegler, J. Depenbrock, C. Kern, R. Geigle, T. Seiwert. THIRD ROW: D. Schneider, J. Middendorf, T. Bungenstock, G. Sparke, P. Robinette, L. Elfers, P. Lambert, R. Glandorf. FOURTH ROW: F. Osterhues, F. Baurichter, T. Haley, D. Mesch, R. Birri, J. Buschle, D. Wittrock, D. Walters, M. Nolan. ramatic Chil Every member of the Dramatic Club will vouch for the training and good comradeship found in the work and art of the theatre. With the guidance of Father Putnick and his great knowledge of “Show” business, the group have just completed a terrific and excellent adapa- tion of “The Lute Song.” By ELDER AND SETON DRAMATIC GROUPS irected by Father Putnick famous New York production Costumes and d Sh S oN ee. a a ° Dr Th ae ao! ea 5 Qe © i) a oe 5S hUe peas fled a. SEATED: Mrs. Raker, Mr. Guetle, Mrs. Peet. STANDING: Father Stang and Mr. Jansen. CLs Wie Asecubae | ALUMNI OFFICERS 1957 | LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Driehaus, Recording Secretary; Art Komme, President; Ben Loech- : tenfeld, Vice President; Anthony Mataccia, Financial Secretary. | umn ee goretion Give LU, he Day Otee 7 Thomas F. Ackemyer John H. Adam W. Gary Ahlrichs Our Lady of Visitation St. Martin St. Teresa Donald E. Backs Carl Joseph Axt St. Leo St. Lawrence Joseph James Bartlett Edwin G. Bath Leonard R. Bauer St. William St. Martin Resurrection Fred. X. Baurichter Our Lady of Visttation James A. Beckenhaupt St. Domanic Robert L. Beckermann Our Lady of Grace Thomas J. Beerman St. Martin Edward F. Behne St. William Thomas J. Behne St. Willtam Thomas J. Behrens St. Aloysius Gonzaga Gene F. Bennett St. Martin py James J. Berkemeier St. Aloysius Gonzaga Walter A. Berthold St. James Theodore A. Biere St. Dominic Gerald M. J. Binder Our Lady of Victory Robert P. Birri St. Aloysius Gonzaga Charles W. Bishop Holy Family Charles L. Blum. St. Leo Kenneth R. Bode St. Dominic ie Edward R. Boeh Thomas E. Borcherding Owen James Borman Holy Family St. Catherine Our Lady of Lourdes Dennis R. Braun Paul V. Brogan Russell R. Brose St. Bernard St. Teresa St. William Joseph A. Bross St. Aloysius Gonzaga Jerome T. Brown Our Lady of Lourdes Robert Brown St. Dominic Dale R. Brunner St. Teresa Donald L. Budde Our Lady of Lourdes James Budde St. William Robert L. Buelterman St. Dominic William R. Buerger St. Martin Jerome Buschle Holy Family Donald C. Bushman St. William John W. Byrne St. Lawrence Russell A. Carmosino St. Jude Thomas J. Ciampone Holy Family Robert T. Claus St. Lawrence Gerald H. Cook | Holy Family Gerald J. Crusham : Our Lady of Lourdes } James A Cupito Our Lady of Grace Gerald Day St. Martin es Robert J. Dresmann St. Teresa Paul A. Dressing St. Teresa Gerald J. Drew St. Dominic William L. Duwel St. Teresa Stephen C. Deger Holy Family Robert L. Doll St. William William J. Doll Si. William James Carl Downton St. Dominic Richard E. Dwenger Holy Family Bruce E. Espelage St. Aloysius Gonzaga Frank L. Ejichstadt St. Lawrence Lawrence E. Elfers St. Aloysius Gonzaga Thomas B. Eppinghoff St. Jude John Faecher St. Theresa Lawrence Anthony Elfers St. Dominic Edwin A. Fehr St. Dominic James H. Feie Holy Family ¢ James P. Finley Ht St. Lawrence Edward W. Flick St. Lawrence Frederick C. Flick Our Lady of Lourdes Lynn P. Foltz St. Teresa John A. Forrester St. Teresa Thomas P. Fortman Blessed Sacrament Daniel K. Fox St. Lawrence Paul Frey Holy Family Richard C. Frey St. William Richard J. Frey St. Peter William F. Frondorf Our Lady of Visitation Dennis P. Fry Our Lady of Lourdes Thomas L. Fuller St. Aloysius Gonzaga John P. Funk St. William Thomas E. Geckle St. Catherine Thomas J. Gerde Holy Family Robert C. Gerth LO il St. William Rie oe Ronald F. Ginzinger St. Lawrence Wi - | th ye Gerald C. Gottmann 12 ‘ug fee St. William | ] : it | Thomas E. Haley St. William iI ) ' gpa | 3 | | Jerome J. Haller : , (BN St. William . | | James J. Halloran St. Domanic . John R. Hart St. Catherine Robert E. Hauser St. Teresa Fred G. Helmes Our Lady of Lourdes James Patrick Hennessy Joseph William Herbert Raymond F. Herzog Resurrection St. Leo St. Dominic Ernest H. Hilmer James J. Hoetker Paul J. Holtmeier St. William St. Teresa St. Lawrence Glenn A. Honkomp Our Lady of Visttation Earl J. Houston St. Leo Thomas Richard Hughes St. Lawrence a Jerry J. Imsicke St. Jude Thomas A. Jones Holy Family Thomas C. Jones ) ) St. William | . | Donald C. Kammer St. Catherine John D. Kappes Holy Family Bernard Francis Klaus St. William Michael Joseph Klopfstein St. Martin Frank Koehne Resurrection John Arthur Kohler Our Lady of Lourdes John V. Karches St. Martin Ronald J. Keller St. Antoninus Thomas J. Kindt Holy Family James E. King St. Lawrence Thomas Kroger Si. Catherine Kenneth Laib ‘ Our Lady of Grace 7 @ at Mere me Joseph J. Kolks Richard F. Lambers St. Willtam Our Lady of Lourdes | Bernard J. Koo Patrick D. J. Lambert | St. William | Our Lady of Visitation Philip P. Krauser William R. Lampe Holv Family Our Lady of Lourdes Charles L. Laumann St. Teresa Robert H. Litmer St. Aloysius Gonzaga A Thomas J. Lindsay St. Catherine Robert Linnemann Our Lady of Victory Kenneth J. Lobring St. Leo Edward D. Linneman St. William Bruce A. Lucas St. Aloysius Gonzaga Jerome Luebbering Our Lady of Lourdes Kenneth W. Lynn St. Aloysius Gonzaga Erncst H. Macke Holy Family Ronald E. Maifeld St. Catherine Matthew P Maley Our Lady of Victory Charles William Marck St. Martin James E. Martin St. Martin John L. Marx St. Dominic if ln. ihe ; ‘yl h Robert F. McCafferty Our Lady of Lourdes Brendan McWilliams Our Lady of Grace George L. Meinhardt St. Dominic Herbert A. Merz St. Aloysius, Delhi Daniel L. Mesch St. Catherine Harry Meyer St. Teresa William A. Meyer John H. Middendorf Kenneth G. Miller i St. Catherine St. Alovsius Gonzaga Our Lady of Lourdes James A. Mullen | St. Teresa James A. Morano St. Leo Patrick James Mullen Gary W. Neville Joseph G. Niemann St. William St. William St. Dominic John P. Nieszel Resurrection Norbert L. Noelker St. William Patrick J. O’Brien Our Lady of Lourdes Urban J. Offutt | St. Patrick | William T. O'Neill Resurrection Roger W. Ortwein St. William Lawrence W. Paff Our Lady of Victory David A. Peters Our Lady of Visttation Robert L. Peters St. Dominic Joseph Arthur Reid St. Anthony Louis A. Pfeifer St. Wailltam Joseph E. Pope St. Ann William H. Quatkemeyer Our Lady of Grace Ronald A. Reisz St. Catherine Donald R. Polking St. Jude James A. Rieder . St. Martin SS a a —— Ralph J. Robbe Our Lady of Lourdes Timothy H. Rogers St. William William G. Rohe St. William Donald E. Ruehl Our Lady of Visitation Richard A. Sander St. Leo Jerry J. Schaffer St. Teresa Ray Schaffer St. Martin James J. Schlinkert St. Teresa ee Thomas F. Schoenung St. Dominic Gary J. Schroeder St. Jude Edward J. Schutte St. Dominic Richard A. Seeger Donald E. Seifert St. Martin St. Leo Gerald D. Sieve Louis Ralph Steele Ronald J. Stenger St. William Resurrection Our Lady of Visitation Donald C. Sweeney Holy Family John R. Tekulve St. Jude Ronald W. Telger Resurrection William H. Tenhundfeld St. William Albert F. Tewes St. Aloystus Gonzaga Frank B. Thesing St. Teresa Paul A. Trefzger St. Catherine Timothy R. Tieman ’ Holy Family Edwin Paul Uhlenbrock Resurrection Frederick Vossler Resurrection Gerald J. Weber Resurrection Wilbur L. Weber St. William David Austin Voelker Our Lady of Visitation Ronald S. Wainscott Resurrection John F. Vornhagen St. Willtam Donald J. Walters St. Jude a il + Robert James Weidinger Our Lady of Lourdes Lawrence A. Weinheimer Our Lady of Lourdes Edward F. Wenz St. Lawrence William H. Westendorf Resurrection David Wm. Wittrock St. Catherine James E. Wohlfrom St. Leo Robert J. Wurtz St. William Robert B. Zeiser Our Lady of Perpetual Help Gerald Zumwalde St. Lawrence GIVE US the future full of challenge and adventure GIVE US the memories of Elder and education and school days GIVE US the gratitude | to thank our parents and teachers for their untiring help GIVE US the faith and leadership to be givers tomorrow! P. Busch R. Cox J. Busche R. Cranert E. Cummings J. Dehler R. Christen E. Aug H. Ausdenmoore T. Aylward A. Babey L. Bacon W. Becker G. Beckmann J. Beckmeyer K. Beckstedt U. Besl W. Birkenheuer R. Bley H. Boesing G. Boland H. Brooks R. Brunsman N. Bucher T. Bugenstock D. Burns G. Burns meh : Ye = ee — ee A ® ‘y E. Conlon K. Cook : : oe er os x i me R. Diers W. Ejichold i R. Eisele E. Emmerling D. Farrell R. Farrell T. Feist D. Feldhaus R. Fern gaa em we ied — mone am So o@f Bes a r » Bud) J. Flanagan T. Flanagan G. Ford R. Frederick M. Gavin J. Geiger R. Giegle L. Glandorf | K. Gleason “ CS — | T. Goetz So B. Goins «lie ie R. Gregory - ae. | VW i aA » J. Gresham ig » J. Greve Fae F T.Griffin . : J. Grote . K. Hamberg ‘ . y T , x Wh W. Harms | L. Hausman J. Heisel W. Helmes | R. Herzog . W. Heyob R. Holscher J. Holtel J. Holtel A. ‘Holzschuh (Bz J. Humbert . Humbert J. Iacobucci D. Jeanmougin L. Jones E. Jostworth D. Juengling J. Juergens S. Kain L. Jump W. Kallschmidt | N. Kappen E. Keller | J. Kathman T. Kelly ii R. Kenan K. Kleeman W. Kiefer W. Klein A. Kleinberg R. Koeninger T. Klusman R. Kohake Ni Ps “mga a Bote, R. Kopp R. Korn C. Kreimer J. Kreimer W. Krumpe D. Kunkel D. Lally A. Langebahn R. Leuenberger W. Liscomb T. Lonneman J. Ludwig J. Luebbe T. Luebbering t T. Lynch E. Maas | J. Lyons W. Maegley | ] | J. Maher J. Malone . H. Maifeld 'T. Maloney | | G. Martini J. McDonald | W. McCarthy D. McElroy | P. McGowan J. McWilliams T. McMahon T. Meehan G. Menke E. Meyer J. Miller P. Minneci C. Mock W. Moll E. Morris N. Mueller R. Mueller F. Nemann G. Neumann J. Nevins R. Neyer D. Niehaus J. Niehaus L. Niehaus M. O’Brien J. Ohmer A. Orlando P. Ostmann C. Ottaway J. Owens R. Pelzel E. Prater J. Rack H. Rahm B. Reckers W. Reichrath D. Reinhart T. Reinstatler W. Reynolds W. Ridder T. Roa J. Robbe P. Robben E. Robinson W. Roddy P. Rosen D. Rothert R. Ruehl P. Runnebaum P. Ryan W. Saba G. Sauer C. Schafer A. Schaller D. Schlinkert R. Schnee J. Schoenung W. Schrader Ud ih R. Schroeder D. Schroer C. Schwab “ { ‘ é = ‘ | 4% “ me a j : Asn 7 bFmuz nh Ndi a I. Seitz R. Seitzer T. Shannon K. Shriver J. Sinnard D. Smith | | — =u Sin - TR yep , a ‘ a Sa --” os heir | e? a | — v i | G. Sparke A. Spinelli D. Stacey J. Stiegler J. Strassell R. Szempruch V. Temke A. Tenhundfeld P. Terefenke T. Thinnes D. Thueneman eset = yar ™ — “ ch W. Vaught G. Ventre R. Vogel R. Vogeler G. Vorholt R. Vuotto R. Waller ; D. Wegman K. Weldele D. Wempe P. Weron R. Wherle J. Wittich A. Wittrock | a = com eT A. Worst . et owe R. Zimmerman | J. Leahy J. Schath R. Sanders K Wt nl | pe VANES EEE Fee tlt tell il al ala MT nene OD Oy CO, me ely OO: ce CO Cy lp FS : . palisthidaly Ls aaleamadamt ee ee eee | tT FF Oa uP Yy eae esosen D. Bonhaus R. Borgman E. Ammann D. Anderson E. Arnold E. Avey L. Baarlaer J. Bachmann J. Bandenberg D. Barber H. Barlage R. Barnhorst W. Barth E. Bauersfeld W. Beiting W. Belbot T. Bell P. Bergelt T. Bissmeyer P. Blasch T. Bleh R. Bode C. Brinker J. Brockhoff T. Brogan A. Bross F. Brumfield L. Buchaan B. Bucher R. Buechler R. Buelterman P. Buhrmann F. Bussman K. Buzek W. Cain D. Cappel F. Cappel J. Carrigan P. Catanzaro T. Cavanaugh P. Chalk R. Clark SF ha C. Colegate R.Connelly A. Damico — -— rm : %, z R. Dasenbrock G. Daubenmerkl W. Deitzer T. Deller T. Deschu T. Dinsmore J. Dirksing J. Dobelhoff J. Doherty R. Doerflein M. Doherty G. Dolan N. Donegan | E. Doll J. Doran D. Doyle M. Ducheny D. Dresch U. Ebert A. Elsaesser F. Evans T. Erhart R. Faecher T. Faeth G. Fay F. Fiorino B. Flynn S. Focht R. Froese ‘ iia! «aw €22 y — dee : ‘= age oe | f P. Frohn D. Frondorf J. Gaynor F. Gerde T. Gerhardt D. ae : | ; 2 a 4 = N. Guetle J. Griffin » — wh i - , R. Haarmeyer P. Hanna W. Harmeyer Le Harper . || : a : W. Hasenmueller W. Hartig @ Oo : ) ‘ R. Hauck R. Heheman P. Hernadi R. Heuerman J. Hey H. Hilgefort J. Hilvert P. Hinton R. Hoffman D. Hogan D. Hollstegge J. Holt R. Holtkamp T. Horner D. Houston J. Huber G. Hubert A. Huseman L. Ihle A. Jackson J. Jansen R. Jansen R. Jansen it vA | | b . @ R. Jerger R. Jesse J. Johnson J. Jones J. Jones R. Jorden a i d oe J . | ’ : i Seid ee fe | ra rare ; © maa - : dima”) = of R. Jorg W. Jotsworth S. Juergens J. Kaiser ad. B. Klaene + MiMi ok am K. Kleeman L. Klingenbeck W. Klosterman V. Knue R. Kozlowicz J. Krabbe L. Kreimer M. Krumdick J. Krummen T. Lagaly E. Lake E. Lameier E. Lameier T. Lange R. Langen A. Larkins J. Leach W. Leer T. Lengerich D. Lentz G. Leonard D. Lietz J. Linneman W. Lohman E. Luckey R. Luebbering J. Marlman H. Marschall S. Martini F. Matthes we” ae vw Cc we —- eee’ ee ‘™ , a i aes : a Wm - de ar. i J. McCoy D. McElroy L. McManus J. McMichael J. McPhillips i E. Medl J. Mercer i J. Merriss I i G. Meyer i J. Middendorf ‘ A. Miller om@y he ct ike x é is i A ¥ a T. Miller R. Mirlenbrink F. Mohr N. Mueller J. Neiheisel . ge % | i. ee 4 ie | : ‘6 a cee og ahh | ae | mA J. Neu K. Niederbaumer J. Niehaus J. Noehring M. Nolan K. Noll | j . : : : { ‘ " i - ox : Y Z a i 4 2 : BS : eee it = y 4 a . . . 4 , ' ae i sii aa J. Oliver F. Osterhues R. Nusekabel C. O'Donnell T. O'Leary G. Peters T. Pfalz R. Pfeiffer A. Piening E. Postel J. Procaccino P. Quatman P. Ridder T. Reynolds C. Richardson i} ies - Cece erin eM = fom’ | , = a om f J. Robinson J. Robinson R. Robinson W. Roedersheimer L. Rogers T. Ruehl A. Rush R. Salter D. Sander G. Schaerer D. Schaffer J. Schaumloeffel J. Scheidt R. Scheper D. Schneider K. Schnur P. Schoenig J. Schramm V. Schrand H. Schroer E. Schulte J. Schulte L. Schuulten R. Schuster D. Schute J. Scully S. Seger A. Seiwert M. Sieve G. Smith a Ss - “— aes na i r nn etn f ‘ a et ‘ wr | wT V. Smith R. Sonderman D. Stevens D. Stewart M. Stewart T. Stewart R. Stitzel J. Stricker E. Tepe T. Thompson C. Tieman J. Tighe J. Timmers R. Toepfert M. Traynor J. Treinen R. Vaughan F. Villani R. Vincent C. Vitt G. Voelker J. Voisen W. Von Holle P. Vorherr T. Wainscott J. Whitaker J. Wilhelm W. Wilke K. Wilzbach C. Witsken H. Witsken D. Wolfer D. Wood B. Wrublewski R. Wynn J. Yunker P. Zloba J. Zwick W. Hoffman W. Neyer J. Cummings J. Krekeler A. Ludwig Calling 1960 R. Averbeck J. Bain P. Barwick R. Barry K. Beard G. Becker H. Bedinghaus W. Behrman D. Berryman Ya M. Adolf “mihi i G. Agee R. Biedenhorn 7 D. Ames H. Binder D. Birkenheuer A. Augustine D. Blake B. Austing W. Baker D. Bareswilt R. Bassett J. Baum R. Beckmeyer R. Beckner C. Bemerer J. Berninger E. Bley Py G. Bollinger D. Bradford J. Brater B. Brauch D. Brinker M. Brennan Fn a “a , - F [ £ P. Brogan M. Brosnan 7 ae . ee J. Broxterman T. Brown — ; 1 : 4 J. Busche W. Buschur G. Bush R. Cassiere é “ Ug fee rhs r sh SR M. Chessey C. Catanzaro nm : : ot r ; P. Chouteau “aa es a ae V. Chouteau C. Cirrincione J. Coleman J. Collins M. Connelly R. Cranert P. Cummings | — , a oy 4 A : ‘ a { ys . ; én . R. Cunningham R. Curry F. Davis D. Day T. DeGolyer M. Dellaposta f | eam c ou %, - = er % AS = —f Kony =; | at : “ 7 gee” ‘ ” ‘ “ g | rt et a Ae R. Dellbrugge J. Depenbrock J. Determan C. Dietrich E. Disken | | | | J. Doepker W. Doepker T. Dolan R. Dorn } | T. Doyle | T. Drees M. Durkin J. Dumont | E. Elsaesser J. Engel W. Enghauser D. Enginger th ii! L. Essen R. Fabing R. Farlow C. Fehr J. Flanigan F. Flick J. Florence hi we et B. Fluegeman P. Foltz R. Forrester R. Freeman “ee Re gag yy ave 6s Gm A. Gilligan D. Graff P. Gramann H. Gramke R. Grawe K. Graves J. Greenlee J. Greulich L. Griffiths L. Groen T. Grove D. Grzanke D. Gunter R. Gutekunst L. Gutzwiller L. Haas a aaa a tx, te sp % id wy - cm { 5a M. Halloran J. Heheman J. Heideman E. Helmes N. Helmes J. Henz T. Hilvert } 1 Ae oa am er ‘enti th a | @a W. Hoerst T. Hogue R. Holloway R. Holmes W. Holmes R. Holwadel K. Horn J. Horton | E. Hubert D. Hughes | J. Hursting o J. Imholte | . scent W. Inskeep | ¥ | i a | L. Iori M. Jacobs T. Jansing . Pi }. wn = dr ¢ | | M. Joseph M. Jump J. Kain T. Kappes J. Kathman C. Kaufhold W. Keenan e = f ty — " “of a 4 sae — , : Sel ‘ te Ae ane - er ae vl ‘ } . 4. ANGE PRE J. Klug K. Klusman P. Kneip D. Kohake D. Kolde T. Kotzbauer D. Krabacher G. Krauser J. Krechting E. Kreimer L. Kreimer N. Kroeger J. Lambert F. Lauck P. Louis K. Luckey R. Ludwig T. Ludwig J. Luebbers R. Luegering T. Lustenberger D. Lynch T. Lyons W. Lyons L. Maifeld R. Manz W. Martin | G. Marx | E. Masminster | J. Masur L. McElroy re McGough J. McNally D. McRae Ve | — a 4 | J. McSorley P. Meehan L. Mees J. Merkhofer R. Metsch TEMecle D. Meyer L. Meyer R. Mercer T. Meyer T. Meyer C. Middendorf T. Miller W. Miller J. Millward C. Minneci J. Moeller W. Moeller G. Monahan J. Mondary G. Monnig J. Monnig J. Moore D. Morgan J. Moorman C. Muckerheide J. Naegele T. Naegele K. Neiheisel N. Neiheisel D. Niehoff D. Nolte C. Norton R. Ober T. O’Brien N. O’Connor T. Oker P. Oliver C. Ott M. Ottaway J. Owens A. Pantle J. Pedoto R. Pfalz D. Pinger W. Pitchford R. Poland M. Powell A. Prost M. Pursiful G. Raeckers R. Rahe ‘ M. Reichrath J. Reinhart R. Renner R. Rentschler R. Reuss D. Reverman R. Rhoades R. Richardson : 4 L. Robbins R. Roberto E. Robinson Ly J. Rutenschroer J. Saalfeld W. Sander C. Schiller E. Schindler T. Schlinkert M. Schlomer E. Schmidt J. Schoch D. Schorsch R. Schrage G. Schroeder T. Schroot F. Schulz D. Schuman H. Schutte J. Schutte R. Schwab T. Seger J. Seibert T. Serey D. Sharkey W. Shaw S. Rodgers K. Schachleiter T. Roedersheimer N. Scheper T. Rosfelder J. Scherer D. Siemer J. Simpson R. Soloman R. Stacey G. Stalf Frank St. Charles T. Stiens T. Stockelman P. Stoeberl ] T. Sullivan | J. Sunderman J. Sweeney D. Tekulve C. Tepe F. Thernes | D. Theurer J. Thieman | M. Threm | T. Tiettmeyer | P. Topicz | C. Traurig L. Turner R. Uhlenbrock A. Veneman N. Wagner E. Waltz C. Weber J. Weber J. Weber R. Weberding E. Wegman J. Wegman W. Wegman D. Wehby E. Wetzel F. Whalen N. Wick W. Wiesner B. Wilkenson G. Williamson J. Windholtz T. Winterhalter G. Witsken J. Witson R. Witterstaetter W. Wittich R. Wohlfrom R. Wuebbling R. Yeazell C. Zuber H. Renken 'y wes as @ ” ” r ae he =e a ti al } en vo 2 . aes wi” | : y | = | 4 “ a j es ‘ s ar. ' : q i W 1 4 , a | R. Davis R. Rosen P. Schultz N. Scheper J. Ray { E. Rielly R. Scheper L. Moorman T. Renneker V. Maltry owen ln ae eel Jill: non i et S . a : YAN. S. Wahl, R. Scheper, R. Doepker, C. Van de Ryt Give Us oy Day a lion Kecre e407 ‘dha PFA CNoown s 3 WS, Father Bertke, Mr. Dieringer, Mr. Brockhoff, Mr. Scardina. Ah bic epartmen f Kolkmeyer, Business Manager — SS ore pr Smee ee 1956 Varsity ee oe ae RENO DRG SEROTEC RTI ACPO EA AOE LG SLE LEED SEL LGD AS APR ERLE NRG EER GE AE OEE SEE Et scctgrnib sees sca Si AR RR 8 DERE I a eran mee esha tncommssmmpsinii sen phere actrees nemesis ane sera tmnesta mest ” engeteeenecemenetettiraetneeal ; ill Sic Rms tan Si: il RCMB MERCI SN BOC 8 RICE NCEE ENED ALE EGA LEBER ROMO ALBERT LGA ENS LON EE BRE EEE Li WOE NE LE Ry Ri BE : i | a dicots scibsummemtesniee ee vsti aes altosticnnsncne oa ant i prin ious msec gia ae RRC ca RRNA RR A aR ENIAC SOE HB Be EE NE SOULE GENE BEES SE BE TE EE RE ES CIERRA IE, Tr é ROW ONE: J. Vogt, R. Wainscott, D. Bushman, W. Westendorf, J. Mullen ROW TWO: R. Reisz, R. Brown, D. Linnemann, K. Lobring, J. Halloran. ROW THREE: F. Nemann, P. Terefinko, D. Specht, T. Klusman, J. Lud- wig. ROW FOUR: J. Niehaus, E. Aug, W. Maegley, P. Weron, G. Walters, R. Farrell. ROW FIVE: R. Lally. my ihall earyrt ROW ONE: F. Koehne, R. Herzog, R. Carmasino, D. Wittrock, W. O’- Neill. ROW TWO: J. Marx, G. Wegman, J. Drew, K. Laib. ROW THREE: D. Turner, P. Umberg, R. Eisele, C. Dell, T. Cummings. ROW FOUR: T. Flanigan, T. Reinstatler, R. Vuotto, R. Leuenberger, J. Ventre. ROW FIVE: P. Ostmann. oo magne —ae eT J. Mullen, co-captain R. Brown entor G. Drew F. Koehne R. Reisz D. Wittrock . = er’ 3 4 G. Wegman N W. O'Neill, co-captain D. Bushman et termen ELDER GREATER CINCINNATI (CATHOLIC) LEAGUE CHAMPS Virg Scardina has done it again! .. and our boys have done it again! For the second time in three years the Elder Football team has taken the title. And, all of us are justly proud of the many champion teams our school has produced . . . they were great and are leaders in teamwork and cooperation. After losses to teams like Massillon, Hamilton and Portsmouth, skeptics had to be shown and Scardina’s faith and “know-how” of his team made everyone beam when the defense shone. thru and the Purple and White came out victors. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Elder Withrow Elder Hamilton Elder Woodward Elder Massillon Elder Dayton Fairview Elder Portsmouth Elder Roger Bacon Elder St. Xavier Elder Purcell Elder Western Hills N if 6 0 7 0 6 7 6 6 0 nO FIRST ROW: J. Hilvert, J. Peters, T. Wainscott, T. Weber, D. Buechler, L. Krummen, J. Hayes, S. Doll, J. McCoy, J. Schulte. SECOND ROW: R. Bodler, F. Fiorina, T. Griffin, J. McElroy, M. Clore, S. Seger, R. Fulton, T. Lagaly, D. Hogan, M. Paschka, F. Cappel. THIRD ROW: T. Lengerich, F. Kerley, R. Heuerman, C. Witsken, M. Schnur, F. Evans, B. Bucher, M. Traynor, T. Harper, C. O'Donnell. FOURTH ROW: W. Klosterman, B. Wrubleski, W. Belbot, L. Leach, R. Hauck, A. Danner, E. Luckey, A. Piening, V. Smith, J. Johnson, F. Tepe. TOP: Mr. Brockhoff—coach. RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM RESERVE FOOTBALL SCORES 1956 Roger Bacon Purcell Xavier Roger Bacon Purcell Xavier Withrow Hamilton Public Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder NNNDNANNSN ete. Hf eft ale an ame — cat ce a EES cen ch a A I A A ER EI a a WA gaerweowrog Ws, = ac ad FIRST ROW: D. Braun, D. Mesch, P. Frey, J. Drew, S. Seger, G. Ahlrichs. SECOND ROW: R. Buelterman, R. Herzog, J. Martin, J. Schultes)s THIRD ROW: N. Niehaus, E. Meyer, J. Schath, J. Hilvert, W. Kiefer, Ray Dieringer—Coach. Varsity WSaskethall SOUTHWESTERN OHIO DISTRICT CLASS AA CHAMPS and Runners-up in the Ohio Regional group . . . these are some mighty big words, but our Basketball team, under the training of coach Dieringer made a very great showing in the city and state tournaments this year. Each player is important to a great team and each member of the champion team played the best basketball and all the games were contests. In the regional playoff, the game between Chillicothe and Elder was terrific and each player made a brilliant showing . thinking. . . fine examples of giving and taking and quick We are proud of THE CHAMPION BASKETBALL TEAM and, hope Ray Dieringer continues the fine work with our boys he has shown in his first year at Elder. MeNicholas Nosed Out by 50-47 Se . Leads Elder: By GAVIN DANCE ee | Ask any + basketball player about his best Seah nok 7 answer without hesitation. But when the subject of their| 77 worst game comes up-—dead silence is often the retort. 59 we nntnnennnininnnnemmre | 58 a Paul Frey had just such a ed 38 bad game last December) ‘he last 21 seconds e “ie 54 hon Rides was topuled from edged these same McNicholas| 66 when PP Rockets, 50-47, for their first| 68 in early season unbeaten district title since 1943. o perch by McNicholas, 5046.) IMMEDIATELY after the, $8 FREY IS ONE of the top|game, McNicholas statisticians; 173 suards in the city. But theland coach Bill Cady. could! anther cocaptain hit for two only look at their game charts 8 from thefl oor last night. and blink their eyes. 74 Ithough it took some| Rocket charts showed 26-13) 60 hree months to get even, the|rebounding edge for McNich- on lender sparkplug did it Sat-|olas in the last half. And what) 59 id it meant a was | more perplexing, Me- rst year at Elder.|final period and sung one, al or. “Hans” climaxed a] short jump by Bill MeDonald,| 60 1956-57 BASKETBALL SCORES Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Reading Woodward Walnut Hills McNicholas Newport Public as FANTEO EA SIN L 1) Caen aan 54 Hamilton Cath. St. Xavier Roger Bacon Taylor Purcell St. Xavier Western Hills Govingetons Cath eee 52 Roger Bacon 64 INew ports Cat hae 68 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Elder Elder Elder Elder Elder Deer Park Colerain Norwood Roger Bacon McNicholas REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Elder pee Chillicothe Middletown iing streak in the © ie Friday at the e Middies copped district. ‘TIN’S Lockland hers (19-5) came n City Alder (21- lle district win- Class A drawing fobart Arena in will meet at 7 . The 8:30 p. m. ill have Gratis 1 District champ, d (19-8), Spring- der. both “regionale Saturday at the with the state : yr the following 1 its|week end in Columbus. — entor Vw J. Drew, co-captain He | J. Martin R. Buelterman | Regional - P. Frey, co-captain R. Herzog D. Mesch G. Ahlrichs Lam Champions RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES Elders Read in pee een ees 38 Elder WOOd wal ca 40 51 Elder IMGNicholas =n 30 51 Elder Hamilton Cath. 29 32 Elder Purcel eee oe eee 34 42 Elder Sta Xavier seer cee 47 39 Elder Taylor eee 33 40 Elder Roger Bacon 2. ee 46 40 Elder Purcell eee seer 23 35 Elder Covington Cath. 222 44 57 Elder St Xavietpen ee eee 66 48 Elder Newport Cath, eee 50 41 Elder Rogers: bacon 2S 37 Elder Westetn Hills ... 44 Elder Monroe ye ee ses ener ee ane . . wus Bo eee Se bila 8 aN men we Sait Ce SEE Ns TOP ROW, left to right: D. Braun, T. Deller, D. Wall, T. Flanigan, L. Niehaus, T. Tiettmeyer, Mr. Dieringer—Coach. SECOND ROW: W. Huber, R. Beckerman, T. Kelly, S. Seger, M. Pascha, T. Weber, E. Tepe, J. Pope—manager. BOTTOM ROW: R. Ruehl, R. Luenberger, R. Vogel, D. Bushman, F. Flick, P. Umberg, R. Birri, J. Faecher, W. Kiefer—manager. | CG, TS ainee Yee A Woman’s Most Important Accessory .. . WE MEN WANT TO KEEP THE WOMEN HAPPY AND ORLIK’S IS THE PLACE TO DO IT. PAUL UMBERG and ROBERT FARRELL are seen having GIL ORLIK help them make the correct selection. Visit Our Ivy League Department... It’s for YOU. WESTERN HILLS PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER NEW MEMBERS OF OUR STAFF Mr. Brockhof, Rev. Albert Schoenig, Mr. Dieringer, Rev. Thomas Duesing, Rev. Albert Bischoff. That great taste of Coke makes life more fun (So delicious even the bubbles taste better) Gives a bright little lift to everyone (So refreshing you can feel the difference when it’s Coca-Cola) “Coke” is a registered trade-mark. “SERVING THE WESTERN HILLS FOR OVER 40 YEARS” H. MAUSE DAIRY Fine Dairy Products 4442 Glenway Avenue Call WA 1-0265 CINCINNATI, OHIO Follow The Panthers In The WESTERN HILLS PRESS Your Home Newspaper $2.50 per year.... By Mail COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE OFFSET OR LETTER PRESS Save more with LES (Redman) Redman Furniture Company Serving the Western Hills over thirty years 3620 Harrison Avenue, MO 1-3740 Your Portrait Is a Graceful Way of Acknowledging True Friendship YOUNG and CARL STUDIO Seventh and Vine Cincinnati, PA 1-2277 For the Finest in Dry Cleaning JUST CALL PHILLIPS CLEANERS 4917-19 GLENWAY AVENUE WABASH 1-2202 The Central- Fairmount Building AND Loan Company 1944 Harrison Avenue 3616 Harrison Avenue CINCINNATI 14, OHIO MENKE MOTOR SALES “YOUR WESTERN HILLS MERCURY DEALER” 3500 Harrison Avenue CHEVIOT MO 1-8100 MONTCLAIR CONVERTIBLE SS a SS I — — SSS SSS — — Se == — ee a = —-—- 3000 Harrison Avenue The LICK RUN SAVINGS LOAN COMPANY Bridgetown Eyrich Roads A E BUTSCHA COMPANY 3720 Spaeth Street EAGLE SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY 6018 Glenway Avenue BOTEFF’S RESTAURANT 3349 Glenmore Avenue HITCHING POST 5259 Glenway Avenue PASQUALE’S 8th and Overlook Avenue ALICH’S JEWELRY STORE HILL BROS. PAINT AND WALLPAPER 2019 Ferguson Road COSTON RADIO TELEVISION 2345 Ferguson Road GLENWAY TIRE SHOP | 4033 Glenway Avenue KELLER NEIDHARD 1217-19 Rulison Avenue | J. HARRY MOORE, Realtor | 4900 Cleves Pike | Congratulations and Best Wishes to the GRADUATING CLASS of 1957 ELDER HIGH SCHOOL WELFARE ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Mr. Norbert Guetle President Mr. Wilbur Janszen Vice President Mrs. James Peet Recording Secretary Mrs. Bert Cook Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Ed. Raker Financial Secretary Rey. Treasurer BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. Ernest McMahan Mr. Paul Brogan Dr. Joseph Jansen Mr. Paul Lynch Mr. John Baum Mr. August Haverkamp COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Mr. Tom Kain Program Mrs. Harold Bennett Membership Mr. Wm. Jostworth Publicity Mr. Harold Bennett Refreshments Mrs. Virginia Mulvey There is no Reason why every Parent of an Elder Student and every Graduate should not belong to the Welfare Association. Dues Only $1.00 Per Year In the Twenty-seventh Year of its existence, the Association has given Elder High School over $17,500.00 worth of Permanent Improvements. $17,500.00 WORTH OF SUPPLEMENTARY FUNDS FOR ACTIVITIES. TED FOLZ SUPER SERVICE 5029 Glenway at Ferguson OSTERHUES GROCERY 5516 Bridgetown Road | | i LILIES PHARMACY li | N.E. corner Glenmore and : i Montana Ave. wh | HH] il i a I i | J. E. TELSCHER MEATS | | 3111 Glenmore Avenue — SS - = TE IS SS ee = eee LUTZ FLORAL COMPANY 2417 White Street a EE WERK-WAY SHELL 5991 Glenway Avenue % %, ae BERT JUNG’S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 5838 Glenway Avenue PA-PA GINO’S 2411 Boudinot Avenue JOHN F. SCHOENY PRICE HILL HOBBY SHOP 415 Plum Street 4937 Glenway Avenue CINCINNATI ATHLETIC GOODS COMPANY 110 West 4th Street BUCHER DELICATESSEN GLENWOOD REALTY SERVICE 3600 Warsaw Avenue 5329 Glenway Avenue RITZ AMERICAN ICE CREAM COMPANY 560 West 6th Street ONE STOP SHOPPING C. A. SQUERI AND COMPANY Western Hills Plaza 133 Broadway GILKEY ELECTRIC COMPANY CHARLES L. EPPINGHOFF, Advertising 5209 Crookshank Road 439 Race Street Congratulations to THE CLASS OF 1957 from your TELEPHONE COMPANY “A GOOD PLACE TO WORK” ree as yd Zz ) ra VU NY Stanton ii ll Del a O eunOBeO% MPTTESSS ten AL SMITH, PAINT and WALLPAPER SHOPPE 5515 Bridgetown Road BIGNER T.V. INC. 2213 Central Parkway CONEY ISLAND, INC. 205 E. Sixth Street J. C. HOCKETT CO., Jewelers 3633 Harrison Avenue HENTZMAN’S PHARMACY 3722 Harrison Avenue SHRIVER’S DRUG STORE 4905 Glenway Avenue UNGER MEATS 3512 Harrison Avenue ROHE PHARMACY Harrison and Glenmore Aves. GUIDARA’S CAMELLIA ROOM 3721 Harrison Avenue " b os pte, THE HANDY WINDOW SHADE COMPANY 905 Vine Street PRICE HILL ELECTRIC AND RADIO SHOP 3529 Warsaw Avenue BUEKER’S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES 4910 Glenway Avenue Always at your Service THE WESTERN HILLS LOAN and DEPOSIT COMPANY INSURED SAVINGS . . . CURRENT RATE 3% Open Daily 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. Wednesday to 8:30 P.M. 2006 FERGUSON ROAD GR 1-5873 Congratulations the CLASS OF 1957 SEARS IN PRICE HILL Price Hill’s Most Complete Department Store 4220 Glenway Avenue WA 1-8800 SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Cincinnati 5, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF McALPIN’S WESTERN HILLS SHOPPING CENTER lieth al coe a) ain q == . @ imp al Fg hee Vea te wey 128 I Siliin ae = mee THE RICHTER CONCRETE CORPORATION ) For the Best in Ready Mixed Concrete —- call PA 1-7020 | | For Excavating and Hauling Service — call CH 1-2930 ii MAIN OFFICE: 1249 West 7th Street CINCINNATI 3, OHIO TOM’S AUTO SERVICE 3110 Harrison Avenue LEUENBERGER’S MEATS 4906 Glenway Avenue HOINKE’S GLENWAY BOWLING LANES 3920 Glenway Avenue OVERLOOK BOWLING LANES 4904 Glenway Avenue HARRY MEYER AND SONS 4989 Glenway Avenue THE BEATRICE FOODS COMPANY 943 Carr Street KUNKEL AUTO REPAIR 1565 Harrison Avenue MITCHELL’S PHARMACY 4857 Delhi Road MOSKOWITZ BROS. 1103 Budd Street JAKE TENNENBAUM COMPANY 210 W. 5th Street ees peer THE DORST COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF CLASS RINGS AND PINS COLLEGE AND SOCIETY JEWELRY SPORT CHARMS - PLAQUES - STATUETTES oo Special Attention Given To Local School Club and Fraternity Pins ONG We Invite Your Suggestions DESIGNS FURNISHED ON REQUEST 2100 Reading Road Cincinnati, Ohio Phone PArkway 1-3360 STETTER WINE COMPANY 510 Carlisle Avenue WARSAW PONY KEG 3455 Warsaw Avenue FRANK’S AUTO SERVICE 1846 Baltimore Avenue THE WESTERHAUS CORP. 3726 Kessen Avenue FANGER AND RAMPE, INC. 520 Broadway Street KITCHEN by TOM HUGHES 324 East 4th Street WIEBELL JEWELERS 3637 Warsaw Avenue LU EBBE SHOE STORE St. Lawrence Cornér HUBER’S DEPARTMENT STORE 3611 Warsaw Avenue GLENWAY CHEVROLET 4225 Glenway Avenue ONE HOUR “Matinizing’” DRY CLEANERS 4014 Glenway Avenue J. B. SHAFF COMPANY 2175 Spring Grove Avenue MARMER’S SHOES Glenway at Gilsey and Western Plaza Shopping Center “FINE SHOES” Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to 9 P.M. Open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to 9 P.M. mYo CY) i0-) a DUT Finest Furniture and Appliances at lowest Possible Prices 3621 Glenmore — HU 1-9600 5951 Hamilton Ave. — KI 1-7814 COMPLIMENTS OF STRATHMORE PRESS 717 SYCAMORE STREET CINCINNATI 2, OHIO Compliments Hudepohl Brewing Company KEMPER’S PHARMACY 3016 Harrison Avenue JEAN’S FOOD SHOP 3213 Harrison Avenue FRED, THE TAILOR 3109 Harrison Avenue WESTERN HILLS GLASS COMPANY 3515 Glenmore Avenue FOCKE BLACK TOP HAULING CO. 5617 Harrison Avenue LYONS INSURANCE 3710 Harrison Avenue PLAZA MUSIC CENTER, INC. Western Hills Shopping Center SONTAG CLEANERS, INC. 3006 Harrison Avenue FROM A FRIEND AUFDEMKAMPE HARDWARE COMPANY 1012-20 Freeman Avenue HANOVER BUILDING ASSN. COMPANY 4529 W. 8th Street PAUL WHITE POULTRY COMPANY 113 W. Elder Street | FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN. 3301 Warsaw Avenue BACKHERM’S MEATS MEYER’S JEWELRY 4927 Glenway Avenue Glenway and Guerley Road ST. LAWRENCE DRY CLEANERS M. DEGARO COMPANY 3652 Warsaw Avenue 62 Plum Street R. KREIMER PARKVIEW MARKET 3701 Carson Ave., Cheviot, Ohio FRISCH’S BIG. BOY 4047 Harrison Ave. MODEL SHOE STORES 726 Main St. AMERICAN OFFICE MACHINE CO. 3506 Harrison Ave. AMMON’S PHARMACY 3342 Harrison Ave., Cheviot, Ohio GILLIGAN-SIEFKE 3671 Warsaw Ave. HELEN’S BRIDAL SHOP 4911 Glenway Ave. CUNNINGHAM’S DELICATESSEN 1975 Harrison Ave. SCHIFF’S SHOE STORE Western Hills Plaza HANN SHOE REPAIR 3604 Warsaw Ave. JENNINGS DRAYAGE 1013 W. 8th St. CARTERS RESTAURANT, INC. 6020 Glenway Ave. KARL’S BEVERAGE SERVICE 3101 Glenmore Ave. WESTOVER CLEANERS 5486 Glenway Ave. CLIFFORD H. RATTERMAN CO. 4904 Heuwerth Ave. QUALITY T V 2923 Harrison Ave. GAY 90’s CAFE 3611 Harrison Ave. DELHI HARDWARE 4861 Delhi Road MILDRED DROPPELMAN 1253 Iliff Avenue CHEVIOT TEXACO Kessen and Glenmore Ave. STAN AND BEN, Barbers 3707 Harrison Ave. HARVEY’S BAKE SHOP 3863 Glenmore Ave. JOSEPH A. ALBERS, Realtor 3629 Glenmore Ave. L. W. PHIPPS BARBER SHOP 3030 Harrison Ave. HADER ROOFING AND FURNACE CO. 3230 Harrison Ave. MIXING BOWL GRILLE 2957 Montanna Ave. 3326 Glenmore SINGER SEWING CENTER Western Hills Plaza J. J. MAXI, Shoe Craft 2017 Ferguson Road BRIGHT MOTOR COMPANY 230 S. Miami Ave., Cleves, Ohio DUGAN’S PHARMACY 3101 Warsaw Avenue COLUMBIA MOTORS 5th and Sycamore Sts. BOB MILLER’S TEXACO 3091 Glenmore Ave. DAN DEE POULTRY MEATS 5203 Glenway Ave. GLENGATE DELICATESSEN 3389 Glenmore Ave. GLENMORE SHELL SERVICE 3415 Glenmore Ave. ACME TREE SERVICE 5155 Crookshank Road Faculty irectory Reve CID ali jon stall een tres eres eee 2 ser eee eee eee aeons Principal RCV AME LEL@Cm it lmmeenee nents set Sere Bh oe sessce cat, ace-22 Vice-Principal IRC VA ATE DOL Va OGL eS gee te ne Meee tte r ere et eres ceo Biology IME, ATTA) Ded SENOS oe ceo aly li ene ek ie Pr pee Mathematics REVEL W 108 DOTLK Came en serene estes fees rate ---2.2 -2. FAISCOLY IRE eA DELUeEs ISChOt hameeeee ween wes, ieee ree re oe ee ees English BL yom fl ta fra ws) ORR pees tees eR 8 Pecos ace ccna cece Language IV Cas URES ES LOCK TIO! f rere trans ate oP ete ws hen sn ocean: Commercial AN Cvemy OSC DI SLUG DEE) penne ee Geet ee fede cea tes erences Language INR. 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AA te estas History IRE VABCODCEUMUILINIC K @esrtes ote geen tit ge Se se Dee ees English ICV AMRY ICCOL MR ICS eee eee ec he ert et peer: Mathematics evan CaiCISMOAL LEC lc mime saaree teens ete see fete cre aot ene shee cet Science VISE VALT OC EUS OCALC ITA Mereeee estes te sere ae esto nee History Reva ODCLEmOC ACL Crammer mene sc te see nce ere. 2 Mathematics IR GV ARVAEICOTI C BOC Ie Lapmann ene eee aac es eda cec tae Religion RWS, Te ereige Sal every evs oe et ent a le ey a ee English RG VMN NGAI BSIC KC 1) Ome res em ee See faa e eae scans Religion IR Gy ae ODELUMDELASSE LL Merete mere ne eee yc. 2 Soe ches Sac nee ieee History IM Pata ES UL Y Kei mememtare Mies teeny e ers ee eet ee ote cn Drawing Reva Wald mL tip) pe) me esemersereeeat (ooh 8208.2 n ec eens cae Religion eva OCK Cwemrierns ene nie te Py estia' +...) RELIZION ING Vaca W LEDGER Zi1CG LCL mmmper sere ee Pier SP oan 2858 reuse saseaen English ; b , Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Pp arents ae Sponsors and Mrs. Ralph Abrams and Mrs. Louise Ackemyer and Mrs. Jack Adam and Mrs. Elmer Adolf and Mrs. James Agee and Mrs. Wm. Ahlrichs and Mrs. James Ames and Mrs. Richard Ammann and Msr. Raymond Anderson Ann Arnold and Mrs. Philip Auel and Mrs. George Aug and Mrs. John Augustine and Mrs. Willia-» Ausdenmoore and Mrs. Joseph Austing Loretta Averbeck and Mrs. Chas. Avey and Mrs. Joseph Axt and Mrs. Paul Aylward and Mrs. Leo Baarlaer and Mrs. Albert Babey and Mrs. Leo Bachmann Ida Backs and Mrs. Edward Bacon and Mrs. Thomas Bain Charlotte Baker and Mrs. Anton Bandenburg and Mrs. John Barber and Mrs. Dan Bareswilt and Mrs. Harry Barlage and Mrs. Richard Barnhorst and Mrs. Edgar Barry and Mrs. Chas. Barth and Mrs. Jos. Bartlett and Mrs. George Barwick and Mrs. Richard Bassett and Mrs. Edwin Bath and Mrs. Charles Bauer and Mrs. Harold Bauersfeld and Mrs. John Baum and Mrs. Lowell Baurichter and Mrs. Albert Beard and Mrs. Clifford Beckenhaupt and Mrs. Harry Becker and Mrs. Ralph Becker and Mrs. Frank Beckermann and Mrs. Harold Beckmann and Mrs. John Beckmeyer and Mrs. Richard Beckner and Mrs. Carl Beckstedt and Mrs. Harold Bedinghaus and Mrs. Joseph Beerman and Mrs. Joseph Behne and Mrs. Joseph Behrens Jean Behrman William Beiting Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. William Belbot and Mrs. Chas. Bell and Mrs. Albert Bemerer and Mrs. Harold Bennett Mrs. H. Bergelt Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. William Berkemeiet and Mrs. Robt. Berninger and Mrs. George Berryman and Mrs. Neil Berte and Mrs. Ludwig Berthold and Mrs. Urban Besl and Mrs. Robert Biedenharn and Mrs. Paul Bien and Mrs. Theodore Biere and Mrs. Anthony Binder and Mrs. Simon Binder and Mrs. Joseph Binder and Mrs. William Birkenheuer and Mrs. Frank Birri and Mrs. Chas. Bishop and Mrs. Louis Bissmeyer and Mrs. Edward Bittner and Mrs. Herman Black and Mrs. E. Blake and Mrs. Earl Blasch and Mrs. Jerome Bleh and Mrs. William Bley and Mrs. Samuel Block and Mrs. Arthur Blum and Mrs. Edward Bode and Mrs. Harry Bode and Mrs. Ray. Bode and Mrs. Edward Boeh and Mrs. Harold Boehm and Mrs. Henry Boesing Mrs. Pauline Boland Mrs. Florence Bollin Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bollinger and Mrs. Wilbur Bonhaus and Mrs. Earl Borcherding and Mrs. Harry Borgman and Mrs. Owen Borman and Mrs. Earl Bouck and Mrs. Raymond Bradford and Mrs. Carl Brafford and Mrs. John Brater and Mrs. Louis Brauch and Mrs. Joseph Braun and Mrs. Clement Braun and Mrs. Robert Braun and Mrs. Wm. Brennan and Mrs. Andrew Brethauer and Mrs. Clarence Brinker and Mrs. Daniel Brinker and Mrs. J. Brockhoff and Mrs. Paul Brogan Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brooks and Mrs. John Brosnan and Mrs. A. Bross and Mrs. Albert Bross and Mrs. Bernard Brown and Mrs. Elmer Brown and Mrs. John Brown and Mrs. John Broxterman and Mrs. Edward Brunner and Mrs. Willard Brusman and Mrs. Robert Buchanan and Mrs. Frank Bucher and Mrs. Nicholas Bucher and Mrs. Louis Budde and Mrs. Erwin Budde and Mrs. Peter Buechler and Mrs. Louis Buelterman and Mrs. Carl Buelterman . and Mrs. William Buerger and Mrs. Fred Buhrmann and Mrs. Paul Bungenstock Alma Burns and Mrs. John Burns and Mrs. Edward Busch and Mrs. Frank Busche and Mrs. Robert Busche and Mrs. Robert Buschle and Mrs. William Buschur Henrietta Bush and Mrs. Ralph Bushman and Mrs. Frank Bussman and Mrs. Cecil Buzek and Mrs. John Byrne and Mrs. Harold Byrne and Mrs. Edw. Cain and Mrs. Robert Cain and Mrs. Frank Cappel and Mrs. Stanley Carle and Mrs. Alvin Carle and Mrs. Alex Carmosino and Mrs. Neil Carpenter and Mrs. John Carrigan Florence Casey and Mrs. John Casey and Mrs. Joseph Cassiere and Mrs. Frank Catanzaro and Mrs. Robert Cavanaugh and Mrs. Louis Chalk and Mrs. A. Chessey and Mrs. D. Chouteau and Mrs. Vernon Chouteau and Mrs. Frank Christen and Mrs. Vito Ciampone and Mrs. Chas. Cirrincione and Mrs. Wm. Clark and Mrs. Robert Claus Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mk. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Angela Clore and Mrs. Clarence Colegate and Mrs. James Coleman and Mrs. James Collins and Mrs. Edward Conlon and Mrs. Harry Connelly and Mrs. Robert Connelly and Mrs. Otto Cook and Mrs. Bert Cook and Mrs. William Cox and Mrs. Raymond Cranert and Mrs. John Crusham and Mrs. Edw. Cummings and Mrs. John Cummings and Mrs. Chas. Cummings and Mrs. Joseph Cupito and Mrs. Earl Curry and Mrs. Fred. Dagley and Mrs. Albert Damico and Mrs. Robert Danner and Mrs Raymond Dasenbrock and Mrs. Frank Daubenmerkl and Mrs. Fred. Davis and Mrs. James Davis and Mrs. William Day and Mrs. Arthur Day and Mrs. Alfred Deger and Mrs. Paul DeGolyer and Mrs. John Dehler and Mrs. Benjamin Deitzer and Mrs. Claude Dell and Mrs. Anthony Dellaposta and Mrs. Albert Dellbrugge and Mrs. Edward Deller Margaret Depenbrock and Mrs. Anthony Deschu and Mrs. George Determan and Mrs. Robert Diers and Mrs. Charles Dietrich and Mrs. Thomas Dinsmore and Mrs. Stanley Dirksing Marion Dobelhoff and Mrs. Werner Doepker Hedwig Doepker and Mrs. Arthur Doerflein and Mrs. Walter Doherty and Mrs. James Doherty and Mrs. Thomas Dolan and Mrs. Vincent Dolan and Mrs. Peter Doll and Mrs. Milton Doll and Mrs. Norbert Donegan and Mrs. James Doran and Mrs. Richard Dorn and Mrs. James Downton and Mrs. Harry Doyle and Mrs. James Doyle and Mrs. Jerome Drees and Mrs. Edward Dresch and Mrs. William Dresmann and Mrs. Albert Dressing Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. John Drew and Mrs. Clayton Ducheny and Mrs. Howard Dumont and Mrs. James J. Durkin and Mrs. Gilbert Duwel and Mrs. Fred Duwel and Mrs. Edward Dwenger and Mrs. Urban Ebert and Mrs. Louis Eichhold and Mrs. F. Eichstadt and Mrs. Richard Eisele and Mrs. Lawrence Elfers and Mrs. Wilbert Elfers and Mrs. Wm. Elsaesser and Mrs. Frank Elsaesser and Mrs. Edward Emmerling and Mrs. Darwin Engel and Mrs. George Enghauser and Mrs. Jos. Enginger and Mrs. Bernard Eppinghoff and Mrs. Thomas Erhart and Mrs. Martin Espelage and Mrs. Louis Essen and Mrs. Frank Evans and Mrs. Bernard R. Eyer and Mrs. Raymond Fabing and Mrs. John Faecher and Mrs. George Faeth and Mrs. Russell Farlow and Mrs. James Farrell and Mrs. Robert Farrell and Mrs. George Fay . and Mrs. Joseph Fehr and Mrs. Carl Fehr atid Mrs. Sylvester Feie and Mrs. Albert Feist and Mrs. Frank Feldhaus and Mrs. Raymond Fern and Mrs. Thomas Finley and Mrs. Anthony Fiorino and Mrs. John Flanagan and Mrs. Lyle Flanigan and Mrs. Edward Flick and Mrs. Victor Flick and Mrs. Frederick Flick and Mrs. Carl Florence and Mrs. Robert Fluegeman Mildred Flynn and Mrs. Stephen Focht and Mrs. Frank Foltz Mary Sue Ford and Mrs. Aylmer Forrester and Mrs. Louis Fortman and Mrs. Everett Fox . and Mrs. George Fox and Mrs. Howard Fox and Mrs. Carl Frey and Mrs. John Freeman and Mrs. Oscar Frey and Mrs. Anthony Frey and Mrs. John Frohn Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. George Froese William Frondorf Benjamin Fry . Harry Fry Louis Fuller William Fulton N. Funk and Mrs. Jaseph Gallo and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Adolph Gaupel Joseph Gavin John Gavin and Mrs. Edward Geckle and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. John Geiger . Robert Geigle Frederick Geiser and Mrs. Raymond Gerde and Mrs. Wm. Gerhardt and Mrs . Gordon Gerth and Mrs. James Gilkey and Mrs. R. Gilligan Elizabeth Ginzinger and Mrs. Lawrence Glandorf and Mrs. Cletus Gleason and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Paul Goebel Louis Goettke Frank Goetz . George Goins . Julius Gottmann James Grace Joseph Grady Roland Graf A. Graff and Mrs. Joseph Gramann | and Mrs. Harold Gramke and Mrs. Arthur Graves and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mrs Mrs and and Fred Grawe Kenneth Greenlee Stanley Gregory . James Gresham Ray Greulich Joseph Greve Joseph Griffin James G. Griffin Everett Griffith Louis Groen . A. Grote . Joseph Grove and Mrs. Louis Grzanke and Mrs. Norbert Guetle and Mrs Cecil Gunter and Mrs. Peter Gutekunst and Mrs. and Mrs. Amelia Louis Gutzwiller Elmer Haarmeyer Haas and Mrs. James Haley and Mrs. and Mrs. Carl Haller Edwin Halloran and Mrs. Joseph Halpin and Mrs. Edward Hamberg Mrs. Olga Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Harmeyer Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mr s. Werner Harms and Mrs. Elmer Harnist and Mrs. John Hart . and Mrs. Charles Hartig Charlotte Halpin and Mrs. Wm. Hasenmueller . and Mrs. Kenneth Hatfield and Mrs. R. Hauck . and Mrs. George Hauck Marie Hauser . and Mrs. George Hausman . and Mrs. Jack Hayes . and Mrs. Raymond Heeney . and Mrs. Elmer Heheman . and Mrs. Robert Heheman . and Mrs. John Heidemann . and Mrs. George Heisel . and Mrs. George Helmes . B. Helmes . and Mrs. Anthony Helmes . and. Mrs. James Hennessy . and Mrs. Ralph Henry . and Mrs. John Henz . and Mrs. Joseph Herbert . and Mrs. Robt. Hermeling . and Mrs. Anthony Hernadi . and Mrs. Wm. Herron . and Mrs. Ray Herzog and Mrs. Werner Herzog . and Mrs. Elmer Hessling . and Mrs. Carl Heuerman . and Mrs. Peter Hewald . and Mrs. Carl Hey . and Mrs. Walter Heyob . and Mrs. L. Hildebrand . and Mrs. Harry Hilgefort . and Mrs. Ernst Hilmer . and Mrs. Raymond Hilvert . and Mrs. Elmer Hilvert . and Mrs. Paul Hinton . and Mrs. William Hoerst . and Mrs. Albin Hoetker and Mrs. William Hoffman . and Mrs. Robert Hoffmann . and Mrs. Joseph Hogan -- and Mrs. Raymond Hogue . and Mrs. Robert Holloway . and Mrs. William Hollstegge . and Mrs. Jacob Holmes -. and Mrs. William Holmes ‘- and Mrs. Robert Holscher . and Mrs. Roy Holt . and Mrs. William Holtel . and Mrs. Clifford Holtkamp . and Mrs. Joseph Holtmeier . and Mrs. Elmer Holwadel ‘and Mrs. Albert Holzschuh and Mrs. Chas. Honkomp and Mrs. John Horn Raymond Horner and Mrs. Denver Horton Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mg. Mr. Mr. ‘. and Mrs. R. Hursting vir. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mtr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. James Houston and Mrs. John Huber and Mrs. George Hubert and Mrs. Henry Hughes and Mrs. George Hughes and Mrs. Richard Humbert and Mrs. Harry Humpert and Mrs. Alfred Huseman and Mrs. Louis Iacobucci and Mrs. Albert Ihle and Mrs. Joseph Imholte and Mrs. Elmer Imsicke and Mrs. William Inskeep and Mrs. Louis Iori and Mrs. Alvin Jackson and Mrs. Robert Jacobs and Mrs. Louis Jaisle and Mrs. Charles James and Mrs. Jos. Jansen and Mrs. Richard Jansen and Mrs. Victor Jansen and Mrs. Paul Jansing and Mrs. Wilbur Janszen and Mrs. R. Jeanmougin and Mrs. Raymond Jerger and Mrs. Robert Jesse Olga Johnson Helen Jones John W. Jones and Mrs. Leonard Jones and Mrs. Alfred Jones and Mrs. Robert Jorden and Mrs. Robert Jorg and Mrs. Ed. Joseph and Mrs. Earl Jostworth and Mrs. William Jostworth and Mrs. Charles Juengling and Mrs. O. Juergens and Mrs. Stanley Juergens and Mrs. Michael Jump and Mrs. John Kain and Mrs. Thomas Kain and Mrs. Joseph Kaiser and Mrs. William Kallschmidt and Mrs. Charles Kammer and Mrs. Herman Kappen and Mrs. John Kappes and Mrs. John Karches and Mrs. Edwin Kathman and Mrs. Chas. Kaufhold and Mrs. Chas. Keenan and Mrs. Robert Keinath and Mrs. John Keiner and Mrs. Edward Keller and Mrs. Alvin Keller and Mrs. Charles Keller and Mrs. John Keller and Mrs. Frank Kelly and Mrs. Leo Kemen ana Mrs. William Kenan Mr. Mr. Mtr. and Mrs. Hubert Kennedy and Mrs. Joseph Kenning and Mrs. Edward Kent Mrs. Margaret Kerley Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Kern and Mrs. William Kiefer and Mrs. James Kien and Mrs. James Kindt and Mrs. John King and Mrs. Milford Kist and Mrs. J.-Klaene and Mrs. Frank Klaus and Mrs. Anthony Kleeman and Mrs. Edward Klein and Mrs. August Kleinberg and Mrs. Lawrence Klingenbeck © and Mrs. Elmer Klett Michael Klopstein and Mrs. Elmer Klosterman and Mrs. Wilbur Klosterman and Mrs. Joseph Klug and Mrs. Andrew Klug and Mrs. Albert Klug and Mrs. George Klusman and Mrs. Edward Klusman and Mrs. Peter Kneip and Mrs. Harry Knue and Mrs. Frank Koehne and Mrs. Michael Koeninger and Mrs. Frank Kohake and Mrs. William Kohake and Mrs. Arthur Kohler Irma Kolde and Mrs. Joseph Kolks and Mrs. John Koo and Mrs. Geoge Kopp and Mrs. Frank Korn and Mrs. Joseph Kotzbauer Victoria Kozlowicz and Mrs. Edw. Krabacher and Mrs. Joseph Krabbe Phillip Krauser and Mrs. George ‘Krechting and Mrs. Herman Kreimer and Mrs. John Kreimer and Mrs. Richard Kreimer and Mrs. Edwin Krekeler and Mrs. Norbert Kroeger Eva Kroger and Mrs. Harry Krumdick and Mrs. Joseph Krummen and Mrs. William Krumpe and Mrs. Robert Kuhn and Mrs. Norman Kumpf and Mrs. Clarence Kunkel and Mrs. Paul Kunkel and Mrs. Edwin Lagaly and Mrs. Adolf Lager Frank Laib . and Mrs. Arthur Lakamp and Mrs. Earl Lake | | | | | Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lally and Mrs. Elmer Lambers Dr. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Maloney and Mrs. Frank Maltry Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Middendorf Mrs. Emma Miller Mrs. Margaret L. Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Henry Manz Mr. and Mrs. John Miller Mr. and Mrs. James Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Marck Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marlman Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lameier Mr. and Mrs. A. Marschall Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miller Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lameier Mr. and Mrs. James Martin Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Miller Mr. 2nd Mrs. Edward Lampe Mr. and Mrs. James C. Martin Mr. and Mrs. James Millward Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lange Mrs. Hilda Martin Mr. and Mrs. Ross Minneci Mrs. Ada Langen Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Martini Mr. and Mrs. George Mirlenbrink Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Langenbahn Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Martini Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mock Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lanter Mr. and Mrs. Albert Martini Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moeller Mr. and Mrs. Herman Larkins Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Martini Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mohr Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lasita Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Marx Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mohr Mr. Frank Lauck Mr. and Mrs. George Masminster Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moll Mr. and Mrs. Paul Laumann Mr. and Mrs. John Masur Mr. and Mrs. James Monahan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Laws Mrs. M. Matthes Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mondary Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Leach Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McCafferty Mr. and Mrs. Robert Monnig Mr. and Mrs. William Leahy Mr. and Mrs. John McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Monnig Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Leer Mr. and Mrs. John McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Moore Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lengerich Mr. and Mrs. Edward McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Moormann Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Lentz Mr. and Mrs. John McElroy Mrs. M. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Robert McElroy Mr. and Mrs. George Morano Mr. and Mrs. Walter Leuenberger Mr. and Mrs. Charles McElroy Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lietz Mr. and Mrs. Francis McGough Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morman Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. O. McGowan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Morris Mr. and Mrs. George Link Mr. and Mrs. E. McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Albert Muckerheide Mr. and Mrs. Edward Linneman Mr. and Mrs. L. McManus Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Richard Linnemann Mr. and Mrs. John McMichael Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mueller Mr. and Mrs. William Liscomb Mr. and Mrs. John McNolly Mr. and’ Mrs. Charles Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Litmer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McPhillips Mr. and Mrs. John Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lobring Mr. and Mrs. John McRae Mr. and Mrs. John Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lohman Mr. and Mrs. James McSorley Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mullins ) Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Lonneman Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. Edward Murphy Mr. and Mrs. W Louderback Mr. and Mrs. John McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. Louise Naegele Mr. and Mrs. Paul Louis Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Medl Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Naegele Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meehan Mr. and Mrs. George Nagel Mr. and Mrs. Paul Luckey Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mees Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Neiheisel Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. George Meinhardt Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Neiheisel Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Robert MendenHall Mr. and Mrs. Walter Neiheisel Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mendenhall Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nemann Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Harry Menke Mr. and Mrs. William Neu Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Luebbe Mr. and Mrs. John Mercer Mr. and Mrs. Rrichard Neumann Mr. and Mrs. Lester Luebbering Mr. and Mrs. Joha Merkhofer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nevins Mr. and Mrs. Albert Luebbering Mr. and Mrs. John Merriss Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Neyer Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Luebbering Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Merz Mr. and Mrs. William Neyer Mr. and Mrs. Harry Luegering Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mesch Mr. and Mrs. A. Niederbaumer Mr. and Mrs. David Lustenberger MenandeMreuR oe Metsch Mr. and Mrs. Robert Niehaus Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Metzler Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Niehaus Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lynch Mr. and Mrs. John Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Louis Niehaus Mr. and Mrs. William Lynn Mr. and Mrs. Ray Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Niehoff Mr. and Mrs. James Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Niemann Mr. and Mrs. William Lyons Mr. xnd Mrs. Jos. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. John Nieszel Mr. and Mrs. James Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Harry Meyer Mr. and Mrs. M. Nodler Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Maas Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Meyer Mr. and Mrs. John Noehring Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Macke Mr. and Mrs. Walter Meyer Mr. and Mrs. John Noelker Mr. and Mrs. W. Maegley Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maher Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Noll Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Maifeld Mr. William Meyer Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Noll Mr. and Mrs. Matt. Maley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Michels Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nolte Mr. and Mrs. John Malone Mr. and Mrs. Clement Middendort Mr. and Mrs. Henry Norton Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nusekabel and Mrs. George Ober and Mrs. Patrick O’Brien and Mrs. James O’Brien and Mrs. Neil O’Brien and Mrs. Neil O’Connor Mrs. C. O'Donnell Mrs Mr. Mr. ivir. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. . H. Ohmer and Mrs. John O’Hara and Mrs. Joseph Oker and Mrs. Paul O'Leary and Mrs. Raymond Oliver and Mrs. Douglas Oliver and Mrs. William O'Neill Angela Orlando and Mrs. Chas. Ortwein and Mrs. Frank Osterhues a nd Mrs. Clarence Ott and Mrs. D. Ott and Mrs. Edward Ottaway and Mrs. Richard Otten and Mrs. James Owens Joseph Paff and Mrs. Edward Pakola and Mrs. Robt. Pantle and Mrs. Harvey Paschka and Mrs. Anthony Pedoto Mildred Peet and Mrs. Elmer Pelzel and Mrs. John Peters and Mrs. Russell Peters and Mrs. Robert Peters and Mrs. Robert Pfalz and Mrs. Edgar Pfalz and Mrs. Louis Pfeifer Mary Pfeiffer and Mrs. August Piening and Mrs. Elmer Pinger and Mrs. William Pitchford and Mrs. Russell Poland and Mrs. Cliff Polking and Mrs. Joseph Pope and Mrs. William Postel and Mrs. Harry Powell and Mrs. Ernest Prater and Mrs. Kermit Price and Mrs. Wm. Procaccino and Mrs. Willard Prost and Mrs. Chas. Pursifull and Mrs. Harry Quatkemeyer and Mrs. Paul, Quatman and Mrs. Joseph Rack and Mrs. L. Raeckers and Mrs. Oscar Rahe and Mrs. Henry Rahm and Mrs. Edward Raker and Mrs. John Ray and Mrs. Bernard Reckers and Mrs. Wm. Reder and Mrs. G. Reichrath and Mrs. Arthur Reid . and Mrs. J. Reinert . and Mrs. William Reinhart . and Mrs. Anthony Reinstatler . and Mrs. Joseph Reis . and Mrs. . and Mrs. Frank Reisz . and Mrs. Raymond Renken Louis Reis Edna Rennekamp . and Mrs . and Mrs. John Renner . and Mrs . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs. . and Mrs . and Mrs. E. Richardson . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. David Rieder . and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs. . Robert Renneker . Elmer Rentschler Wm. Renzenkuper George Reuss Edward Reverman . Edward Reynolds . William Reynolds Richard Rhoades . M. Richardson Paul Ridder William Ridder . Karl Riedl . Donald Ring Raymond Risch Alfred Roa Joseph Robbe William Robbe . August Robben . Lawrence Robbins . Joseph Roberto Kyle Robinette Grace Robinson . and Mrs. . and Mrs. Wm. Robinson . and Mrs. . and Mrs. Edward Roddy . and Mrs. W. Roedersheimer . and Mrs. John Rogers . and Mrs. . and Mrs . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. Edward Ruehl . and Mrs. . ana Mrs. Jacob Ruehl . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. Edward Robinson Robert Robinson Leslie Rogers . Edwin Rogers August Rohe John Rosen Howard Rosfelder Joseph Ross Joseph Rothan John Rothert Virgil Rowley Louis Ruehl Chas. Ruff Howard Runnebaum Albert Rush Wesley Rutenschroer Allan Ryan Leo Saalfeld George Saba Herbert Sander W. Sander Wilburt Sanders Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Sauer and Mrs. Wm. Schachleiter and Mrs. Richard Schaerer and Mrs. Chas. Schafer and Mrs. John Schaffer and Mrs. Joseph Schaffer and Mrs. Raymond Schaffer and Mrs. A. Schaller and Mrs. O. Schaumloeffel and Mrs. Robert Scheidt and Mrs. Norbert Scheper and Mrs. Raymond Scheper and Mrs. Jack Scheper and Mrs. Jos. Scherer and Mrs. Chas. Schiller and Mrs. Edmund Schindler and Mrs. Alvin Schlinkert and Mrs. Thomas Schlinkert and Mrs. Melvin Schlomer Anna Schmidt and Mrs. Elmer Schnee and Mrs. John Schneider and Mrs. Frank Schnur and Mrs. Chas. Schoch and Mrs. Edward Schoening and Mrs. Thomas Schoenung and Mrs. Jos. Schorsch William Schrader and Mrs. Robert Schrage and Mrs. Herbert Schrand and Mrs. Frank Schroeder and Mrs. Vernon Schroeder and Mrs. Raymond Schroeder and Mrs. Harold Schroer and Mrs. Oliver Schroer and Mrs. Bernard Schroot and Mrs. Albert Schulte and Mrs. Henry Schulte and Mrs. Lawrence Schulten Lawrence Schultz and Mrs. Frank Schulz and Mrs. Paul Schulz and Mrs. C. Schuman and Mrs. Jos. Schuster and Mrs. A. Schutte and Mrs. Robert Schutte and Mrs. H. Schutte and Mrs. Clement Schwab and Mrs. Robert Schwab and Mrs. John Schwartz and Mrs. Arthur Seeger and Mrs. Harry Seger and Mrs. J. Seger and Mrs. Harold Seibert and Mrs. Edward Seifert and Mrs. I. Seitz and Mrs. Robert Seitzer and Mrs. A. Seiwert and Mrs. Stanley Serey and Mrs. T. Shannon and Mrs. Edward Sharkey . and Mrs. T. Shaw . and Mrs. L. Shriver Romilda Siemer . and Mrs. Michael Sieve Alma Simpson . and Mrs. R. Sinnard . and Mrs. Albert Smith . and Mrs. Jos Soete . and Mrs. A. Solomon . and Mrs. Wm. Sonderman . and Mrs. Geo. Sparke . and Mrs. Henry Specht . and Mrs. C. Spinelli . and Mrs. Chas. Stacey . and Mrs. Ralph Stalf . and Mrs. Chas St. Charles . and Mrs. Ralph Steele . and Mrs. O. Steigerwald . and Mrs. Robert Stenger . and Mrs. A. Stewart . and Mrs. Robt. Stewart . and Mrs. John Stiegler . and Mrs. Oliver Stiens Henrietta Stitzel . and Mrs. Elmer Stockelman . and Mrs. George Strassell . and Mrs. Joseph Stricker . and Mrs. Thos. Sullivan . and Mrs. Jos. Sunderman . and Mrs. Wm. Sweeney and Mrs. John Sweeney . and Mrs. Walter Szempruch . and Mrs. Chas. Swick . and Mrs. Raymond Tekulve . and Mrs. Walter Telger . and Mrs. V. Temke . and Mrs. A. Tenhundfeld . and Mrs. R. Tenhundfeld . and Mrs. Lawrence Tepe . and Mrs. Paul Tepe . and Mrs. P. Terefenko . and Mrs. Albert Tewes and Mrs. Frank Thernes . and Mrs. Frank Thesing . and Mrs. George Theurer . and Mrs. Richard Thieman . and Mrs. A. Thinnes . and Mrs. A. Thompson . and Mrs. Frank Threm . and Mrs. L. Tieman . and Mrs. Louis Tieman . and Mrs. Robert Tieman . and Mrs. L. Tiettmeyer . and Mrs. Harry Tighe Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dorothy Timmers and Mrs. Raymond Toepfert and Mrs. John Tolle and Mrs. Peter Topicz and Mrs. Chas. Traurig and Mrs. Edward Traynor and Mrs. H. Trefzger and Mrs. A. Treinen and Mrs. Robt. Tully and Mrs. Anderson Turner and Mrs. Lawrence Turner and Mrs. Edwin Uhlenbrock and Mrs. Raymond Umberg and Mrs. Richard Vanderyt Laura Vaughan and Mrs. Basil Vaught and Mrs. Arnold Veneman and Mrs. G. Ventre and Mrs. Robert Vincent and Mrs. Carl Vitt and Mrs. A. Voelker and Mrs. J. Voelker and Mrs. Jos. Vogel and Mrs. G. Vogeler and Mrs. Louis Voisen and Mrs. Frank Von Holle and Mrs. P. Vorherr and Mrs. Frank Vorholt and Mrs. U. Vornhagen and Mrs. G. Voss and Mrs. M. Vossler and Mrs. R. Vuotto and Mrs. Edwin Wade and Mrs. L. Wagner and Mrs. J. Wahl and Mrs. John Wahl and Mrs. C. Wainscott and Mrs. Wm. Wall and Mrs. A. Waller and Mrs. Jos. Walsh and Mrs. Vincent Walsh and Mrs. Walter Walsh and Mrs. A. Walter and Mrs. Wm. Walter and Mrs. Jos. Walters and Mrs. Clarence Waltz and Mrs. W. Wartman and Mrs. Carl Weber and Mrs. Raymond Weber and Mrs. Jos Weber and Mrs. Jos. Weber and Mrs. Joseph Weber and Mrs. Carl Weber and Mrs. Chas. Weberdi ng Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wegman and Mrs. Eugene Wegman Marie Wegman and Mrs. Jos. Wegman and Mrs. F. Wehby Margaret Weidinger and Mrs. H. Weinheimer and Mrs. A. Weldele and Mrs. Earl Wempe and Mrs. Edw. Wenz and Mrs. P. Weron and Mrs. Wm. Westendorf and Mrs. Frank Whalen and Mrs. L. Wherle and Mrs. John Whitaker and Mrs. Jos. Wick and Mrs. Wm. Wiesner and Mrs. Thos. Wilburn and Mrs. Jos. Wilhelm and Mrs. August Wilke and Mrs. Bernard Wilkinson and Mrs. Geo. Williamson and Mrs. F. Wilzbach and Mrs. John Windholtz and Mrs. R. Winterhalter and Mrs. Jos. Witsken and Mrs. Lawrence Witsken and Mrs. Jos. Witson and Mrs. R. Witterstaetter Agatha Wittich and Mrs. Paul Wittrock and Mrs. Norbert Wittrock and Mrs. Edward Wohlfrom and Mrs. Herbert Wolfer and Mrs. Jos. Wood and Mrs. Jos. Worst and Mrs. B. Wrublewski and Mrs. R. Wuebbling and Mrs. R. Wuest and Mrs. Emil Wurtz and Mrs. C. Wynn and Mrs. Curzon Yates and Mrs. Raymond Yeazell and Mrs. John Yunker and Mrs. R. Zeiser and Mrs. E. Zimmerman Paul Zloba H. Zolg and Mrs. A. Zuber and Mrs. N. Zumwalde and Mrs. J. Zwick SENIOR DIRECTORY 1997 Ackemeyer, Thomas F., 2540 South Road, Elderaide 1; Activity Comm. 4; Track 1,2. Adam, John H., 4341 St. Martins Place, Quill and Spokeman Staff 3,4; Chemistry Club 4; Activity Comm. 4; Honor Student 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Cheer Leader 2,3,4. Ahlrichs, W. Gary, 1121 Covedale Ave., Annual Staff 3; Activity Comm. 3,4; Basketball 1,2,- 3,4; Axt, Carl J., 3514 Warsaw Ave., Band 1,2,3,4; Honor Student 1,2,3,4; Elocution 2. Backs, Donald E., 2598 St. Leo Place, Elocution 2. Bartlett, Joseph J., 724 Hermosa Ave., Honor Student 1,2,3,4; Football 1. Bath, Edwin G., 3272 Daytona Ave., Elocution 1. Bauer, Leonard R., 1709 Gilsey Ave., Band 4. Baurichter, Fred X., Devils Backbone Rd., Glee Club 3; Elderaide 4; Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4; C.S.M.C. Officer 4; Football 1,2. Beckenhaupt, James A., 444 Samoht Ridge Rd., Activity Comm. 4; Honor Student 1,2,3. Beckermann, Robert L., 2720 Lehman Road, Honor Student 1,2; Football 2; Basketball 1. Beerman, Thomas J., 4220 St. Martin Place, Elderaide 1; Activity Comm. 4; Honor Student 223 ee ennism ls. Behne, Edward F., 1061 Rosemont Ave. Behne, Thomas J., 1061 Rosemont Ave., Vigilante. Behrens, Thomas J., 4124 Lora Ave., Quill and Spokesman Staff 3, Band 2,3. Bennett, Gene F., 3202 Hildreth Ave., Band 1,2,3,4. Berkemeier, James J., 3844 Church Lane, Vigilante 4. Berthold, Walter A., 3401 Fyffe Ave. Biere, Theodore A., 280 Pedretti Road. Binder, Gerald M., 5724 Faysell Drive, Glee Club 3,4; Vigilante 4; Baseball 4. Birri, Robert P., 4496 Bridgetown Rd., Elderaide 4; Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Dramatic Club 4; Activity Comm., 4; Baseball 2,3,4. Bishop, Charles W., 920 Hawthorne Ave., Elderaide 1; Activity Com. 4; Vigilante 4. Blum, Charles L., 2129 Weron Lane, Activity Comm. 4; Vigilante 4. Bode, Kenneth R., 412 Elm St. Boeh, Edward R., 921 Grand Ave., Band 1,2,3,4; Camera Club 1,2; Honor Student 1; Ist Honor Pin 1; 1st Honor Pin 2. Borcherding, Thomas E., 3038 Feltz Ave., Glee Club 3,4; Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Dra- matic Club 1,2,3,4; Chemistry Club 4; Activity Comm. 3,4; Honor Student 1,2,3,4; Ist Honor Pin 2; 2nd Honor Pin 3; Bus Vigilante 4; Tennis 2. Borman, Owen J., 2913 Welge Lane, Glee Club 3. Braun, Dennis R., 6046 Springdale Rd., Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 4. Brogan, Paul V., 1415 Covedale Ave., Annual Staff 3,4; Activity Comm. 3,4; Honor Student 1,2; 2nd Honor Pin 1. Brose, Russell R., 636 Overlook Ave., Elderaide 1,2,3; Activity Comm. 4; Vigilante 3,4. Bross, Joseph A., Lawrence Koad, Vigilante 4. Brown, Jerome T., 3087 Crestmoot Ln., Vigilante 4. Brown, Robert M., 4824 Fehr Road, Activity Comm. 4; Football 2,3,4; Baseball 4, Brunner, Dale R., 1171 Coronado Ave., Annual Staff 3; Activity Comm. 3,4. Basketball 1. Budde, Donald L., 3266 Pickbury Drive, Dramatic Club 4; Activity Comm. 4; Golf 2,4. Budde, James E., 4545 Clearview Ave. Buelterman, Robert L., 456 Wilke Dr., Activity Comm. 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4. Buerger, William, 3296 Buell Ave., Band 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Activity Comm. 4. Buschle, Jerome R.} 435 Purcell Ave., Glee Club 3; Dramatic Club 4; Activity Comm. 4. Bushman, Donald C., 918 Kreis Lane, Dramatic Club 1; Honor Student 1,2,3; C.S.M.C. Vice Pres. 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4. Byrne, John W., 1014 Wells Ave. Carmosin o, Russell, 3782 Starlite Court, Dramatic Club 3,4; Activity Comm. 3,4; Football 12,0, Ciampone, Thomas J., 437 Hawthorne Ave. Claus, Robert T., 720 Wells St., Honor Student 2. Cook, Gerald H., 401 Elberon Ave. Crusham, Gerald J., 5722 Glenway Ave., Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Honor Student 1. Cupito, James A., 2907 Lehman Rd., 2nd Honor Pin 1; Basketball 1,2,3. Day, Gerald A., 3628 Puhlman Ave., Chemistry Club 4; Honor Student 1,2,3,4; 2nd Honor Pin 1; Elderaide 1. Deger, Stephen, 913 Elberon Ave., Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Chemistry Club 4; Ho nor Student 1,2,3,4. Doll, Robert L., 555 So. Delridge Dr., Elderaide 1,2. Doll, William J., 555 So. Delridge Dr., Elderaide 1,2. Downton, James C., 489 Pedretti Rd., Elderaide 1; Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Cheer Leader 2. Dressmann, Robert J., 1146 Overlook Ave., Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Activity Comm. 4 Honor Student 3. Dressing, Paul A., 5014 Western Hills Ave., Chemistry Club 4; Honor Student 1,2,3,4. Drew, Gerald J., 466 Leath Rd., Honor Student 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3,4. Duwel, William L., 1070 Benz Ave., Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Activity Comm 4. Dwenger, Richard E., 2720 Price Ave., Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Activity Comm. 4. Football 2. Eichstadt, Frank L., 954 McPherson Ave. Elfers, Lawrence A., 311 Pedretti Rd., Dramatic Club 3,4; Activity Comm. 4. Elfers, Lawrence E., 4231 Harrison Rd., Glee Club 3; Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Dra- matics Club 4; Activity Comm. 4. Eppinghoff, Thos. B., 6454 Wesselman Rd., Activity Comm. 4; lst Honor Pin 2; Vigilante 4. Espelage, Bruce E., 3980 Ruth Lane, Activity Comm. 4. Faecher, John R., 1071 Benz Ave., Baseball 2,3. Fehr, Edwin A., 486 Greenwell Rd., Elderaide 1; Honor Student 1,2. Feie, James H., 582 Grand Ave., Annual Staff 4; Activity Comm. 4; lst Honor Pin 1; Vigi- lante 4. Finley, James P., 1230 First Ave., Activity Comm. 4; Vigilante 4. Flick, Edward W., 3611 Laclede Ave., Elderaide 1. Flick, Frederick C., 3311 Queen City Ave., Glee Club 3; Elderaide 4; Activity Comm. 4; Honor Student 1; Baseball 2,3,4. Foltz, Lynn P., 1236 Amanda Pl., Annual Staff 2; Activity Comm. 3,4; Vigilante 4. Forrester, John A., 839 Hermosa Ave. Fortman, Thomas P., 1648 State Ave., Elderaide 3,4. Fox, Daniel K., 1222 Carson Ave., 2nd Honor Pin 2. Frey, Paul J., 529 Hawthorne Ave., Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Activity Comm. 4; Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4; Track 2,4. Frey, Richard C., 1003 Sunset Ave., Football 1,2. Frey, Richard J., Point Pleasant, Ohio, Football 1,2. Frondorf, William F., 6750 Kildare Ave., Vigilante 4. Fry, Dennis P., 5721 Werk Road. Fuller, Thomas L., 4044 Race Road. Funk, John P., 3955 N. Clerose Cr., Vigilante 4. Geckle, Thomas E., 2630 Montana Ave., Chemistry Club 4; Honor Student 3; Librarian 2,3,4; Football 1,2. Gerde, Thomas J., 1016 Underwood PI. Gerth, Robert C., 1021 Rosemont Ave. Ginzingier, Ronald F., 974 Fairbanks Ave., Vigilante 4. Gottmann, Gerald C., 4078 Mardon Ave., Elderaide 1; Football 2. Haley, Thomas E., 907 Rutledge Ave., Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4; Activity Comm. 2; Vigilante 4. Haller, Jerome J., 3927 So. Clerose Cr., Camera Club 1; Honor Student 1,2,4; Ist Honor Pines: Halloran, James J., 473 Wilke Dr., Elderaide 4; Football 1,2,3,4. Hart, John R., 3323 Wunder Ave. Hauser, Robert E., 4757 Rapid Run Pk., Activity Comm. 4. Helmes, Fred G., 3319 Gerold Dr. Hennessy, James P., 1629 Gilsey Ave., Quill and Spokesman Staff, 4; Dramatic Club 4; Ac- tivity Comm. 3,4. Herbert, Joseph W., 3521 Fyffe Ave., Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Activity Comm. 4. Herzog, Raymond F., 492 Pedretti Rd., Activity Comm. 4; Honor Student 2,3; Football 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4. Hilmer, Ernest H., 714 Rosemont Ave., Chemistry Club 4; Elocution 1; Elderaide 1. Hoetker, James J., 5133 Sumter Ave., Elderaide 1; Chemistry Club 4. Holtmeier, Paul J., 1235 Ridlen Rd. Honkomp, Glenn A., 6599 Visitation Dr., Annual Staff 4; Chemistry Club 4; Honor Student 3. Houston, Earl J., 1833 Carll St., Band 1; Vigilante 4. ROL = — a SSR Hughes, Thomas R., 3748 St. Lawrence Ave., Elderaide 1,2,3,4; Concessions 1,2,3,4; Vigi- lante 4. Imsicke, Gerald J., 3583 Neiheisel Ave., Elderaide 1; Honor Student 1,2; lst Honor Pin 2. Jones, Thomas A., 573 Fairbanks Ave., Band 1,2. Jones, Thomas C., 1226 Rutledge Ave. Kammer, Donald C., 3087 Westwood No. Blvd., Band 1,2,3,4; Honor Student 1,2; Essay Con- test 2. Kappes, John D., 588 Grand Ave., Honor Student 1; 2nd Honor Pin 1. Karches, John V., 4039 Washington Ave., Honor Student 1,2,3; Football 1; Tennis 1,2. Keller, Ronald J., 5391 Julmar Dr., Activity Comm. 3, Football 1,2. Kindt, Thomas J., 418 Elberhorn Ave., Activity Comm. 4; Honor Student 1; 1st Honor Pin 1. King, James E., 1049 Woodlawn Ave. Klaus, Bernard F., 1228 McKeone Ave., Glee Club 3; Honor Student 2; 2nd Honor Pin 2; Football 2. Klopstein, Michael J., 3613 Herbert Ave., Vigilante 4. Koehne, Frank H., 1269 Iliff Ave., Glee Club 3; Dramatic Club 4; Activity Comm., 4; Honor Student 2) Football) 1) 233°4-5 rack. 2: Kohler, John A., 3257 Hanna Ave. Kolks, Joseph J., 622 Trenton Ave. Koo, Bernard J., 933 Suire Ave. Krauser, Philip P., 559 Purcell Ave., Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Activity Comm. 4; Football ABs Gah 2. Kroger, Thomas R., 2766 Montana Ave., Chemistry Club 4; Honor Pin 1,2. Laib, Kenneth B., 2848 Lehman Rd., Football 2,4. Lambers, Richard F., 3078 Neisel Ave., Honor Student 1. Lambert, Patrick D., 2763 South Rd., Quill and Spokesman Staff 4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4; Activity Comm. 4; Football 1,2. Lampe, William R., 3350 Hanna Ave., Elderaide 1,2,3,4. Lanter, Thomas A., 5657 Victory Dr. Laumann, Charles L., 1768 Tuxworth Ave. Lindsay, Thomas J., 3464 Cheviot Ave., Honor Student 1. Linneman, Edward D., 4021 Andrew Ave., Glee Club 3,4; Activity Comm. 4; Football 2,3,4. Linnemann, Robert F., 5649 Foley Rd., Activity Comm., 4; Cheer Leader 1 Litmer, Robert H., 5545 Raceview Ave., Activity Comm. 4; Football 1,2. Lobring, Kenneth J., 3053 Beekman St., Officer C.S.M.C. 4; Football 3,4; Honor Student 3,4. Lucas, Bruce A., 4407 Harrison Ave., Honor Student 1, 1st Honor Pin 1. Luebbering, Jerome A., 2996 Bailey Ave. Lynn, Kenneth W., 5573 Karen Ave., Elderaide 2; Activity Comm. 4; Honor Student 1. Macke, Ernst H., 3 Glenview Pl., Elderaide 1,2,3; Activity Comm. 4; Vigilante 4. Maifield, Ronald E., 2875 St. Catherine Pl., Band 4; Elderaide 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 3; Quill and Spokesman Staff 2,3,4; Activity Comm. 4; Representative to Cinti. Safety Council 3,4. Maley, Matthew P., 5436 Foley Rd., Chemistry Club 4. Marck, Charles W., 3629 St. Martin Pl. Martin, James E., 3805 St. Lawrence Ave., Basketball 4. Marx, John L., 527 Greenwell Ave., Honor Student 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3,4. McCafferty, Robert F., 2984 Bailey Ave. McDonald, Gerald W., 1079 Lockman Ave., Activity Comm. 4; Football 2,3. McWilliams, Brendan C., 3219 Lehman Rd. Meinhardt, George L., 446 Samoht Rd., Activity Comm. 4; Honor Student 3. Merz, Herbert A., 7035 Gracely Dr., Activity Comm. 4; Football 1. Mesch, Daniel L., 2873 Shaffer Ave., Glee Club 3; Chemistry Club 4; Dramatic Club 2,3,4; Activity Comm. 3,4; Honor Student 1,2,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4. Meyer, Henry J., 4989 Glenway Ave., Annual Staff 3; Activity Comm. 3,4; Honor Student 2 oe Hootballa2: Meyer, Roger V., 10056 Devils Backbone Rd. Meyer, William A., 2921 Queen City Ave., Football 1,2. Middendorf, John H., 4064 Homelawn Ave., Activity Comm. 4. Miller, Kenneth G., 3014 Glenmore Ave., Vigilante 4. Morano, James A., 2557 Trevor Place, Dramatic Club 3,4; Vigilante 4. Mullen, James A., 1019 Woodbriar Lane, Activity Comm. 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2; irackweie2s3.4s Mullen, Patrick J., 517 Rosemont Ave., Glee Club 3,4; Football 1,2. Neville, Gary W., 729 Rosemont Ave., Glee Club 3; Football 1,2. Niemann, Joseph G., 431 Kitty Lane, Glee Club 3,4. Nieszel, John P., 4131 Heyward Ave., Glee Club 4; Activity Comm. 4; Library 1,2; Foot- ballik2) Noelker, Norbert L., 1002 Fisk Ave., Elderaide 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 1,2; Golf 4. O’Brien, Patrick J., 3219 Buell Ave., Glee Club 3; Vigilante 4; Football 1. Offutt, Urban J., 4536 Chambers St., Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4; Activity Comm. 3,4; Football 2; Basketball 1. O’Neill, William T., 4008 Akochia Ave., Glee Club 4; Activity Comm. 4; Football 1,2,3,4. Ortwein, Roger W., 1015 Fisk Ave., Honor Student 3; 2nd Honor Pin 3. Paff, Lawrence W., 1584 Devils Backbone Rd., Dramatic Club 1,2,3. Peters, David A., 6268 Bridgetown Rd., Glee Club 3,4; Dramatic Club 1,3,4; Activity Comm. 4 Peters, Robert L., 529 Pedretti Rd., Honor Student 1,2,3; 2nd Honor Pin 1. Pfeifer, Louis A., 4619 Midland Ave., Quill and Spokesman Staff 4. Polking, Donald R., 5836 Filview Circle, Chemistry Club 4; Activity Comm. 4. Pope, Joseph E., 7580 Colerain Ave., Quill and Spokesman Staff 1,2,3; Activity Comm. 4; Scorekeeper; Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2,4; Football 1,2,4. Quatkemeyer, William H., 1218 Drott Ave., Elderaide 2,3; Vigilante 4. Reid, Joseph, A., 3060 Hackberry St., Honor Student 1. Reisz, Ronald A. 2631 Pancoast Ave., Activity Comm. 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. Rieder, James A., 3857 Delmar Ave. Robbe, Ralph J., 3016 Glenmore Ave. Rogers, Timothy J., 1261 Rutledge Ave., Elderaide 3,4; Dramatic Club 4; Activity Comm. 4; Football 1,2. Rohe, William G., 4304 St. Lawrence Ave., Elderaide 1; Quill Spokesman Staff 4; Ac- tivity Comm. 4. Ruehl, Donald E., 7141 Bridgetown Rd., Glee Club 3; Annual Staff 2,4; Chemistry Club 4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4; Activity Club 4. Sander, Richard A. 2554 St. Leo Pl., Honor Student 3; Ist Honor Pin 3. Schaffer, Jerry J., 1059 Coronado Ave., Annual Staff 3; Band 1,2; Activity Comm. 3,4. Schaffer, Raymond J., 3325 Augusta Ave. Schlinkert, James J., 1030 Woodbriar Ave., Track 3. Schoenung, Thomas F.. 4971 Delhi Ave. Schroeder, Gary J., 6221 Taylor Rd., Activity Comm. 4. Schutte, Edward J., 4829 Fehr Road, Elderaide 1. Seeger, Richard A., 3708 Francis Ave., Chemistry Club 4; Honor Student 1,2,3; 1st Honor Pin 1; Second Honor Pin 3. Seifert, Donald E., 1861 Denham St., Band 1,2. Sieve, Gerald D., 4119 Weber Lane, Glee Club 3,4; Quill Spokesman Staff 4; Chemistry Clmb 4; Science Club 4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4; Activity Comm. 2,3,4; Football 1. Steele, Louis R., 1244 Iliff Ave., Dramatic Club 1. Stenger, Ronald J., 2478 South Rd., Elderaide 2,3,4; Track 2. Sweeney, Donald C., 364 Elberon Ave. Tekulve, John R., 5802 N. Glen. Telger, Ronald W., 1350 Manss Ave., Glee Club 3,4. Tenhundfeld, William H., 1048 Sunset Ave., Science 3,4. Tewes, Albert F., 5597 Karen Ave., Elderaide 2; Science Club 1,2,3,4. | Teesing, Frank B., 1027 Coronado Ave. Tieman, Timothy R., 722 Woodlawn Ave., Activity Comm. 4; Football 2. Trefzger, Paul T., 3444 Cheviot Rd., Quill Spokesman Staff 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4; Activity Comm. 3,4; Oratorical 3; Quill Asst. Editor 3; Quill Editor 4; C.S.M.C. Sec’y 4; Swimming 2. Uhlenbrock, Edwin P., 1812 Wegman Ave., Glee Club 4; Activity Comm. 4. Voelker, David A., 6712 Menz Lane. Vornhagen, John F., 822 Academy Ave. Vossler, Fred A., 1662 Iliff Ave., Elderaide 1; Science Club 1,3. Wainscott, Ronald S., 1702 Wyoming Ave., 2nd Honor Pin 2; Football 1,2,3,4. Walters, Donald J., 3465 Ebenezer Rd., Glee Club 3,4; Chemistry Club 4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4; Activity Comm. 4; Football 2. Weber, Gerald J., 1231 Dewey Ave., Dramatic Club 4; Activity Comm. 4; Football 1. Weber, Wilbur L., 4215 W. 8th St. Wegman, George B., 4058 Akochia Ave., Football 1,2,3,4. Weidinger, Robert J., 2442 Ferguson Road, Band 1,2,3,4; Vigilante 4; Activity Comm. 4. Weinheimer, Lawrence A., 3213 Stanhope Rood, Elderaide 1,2,3,4. Wenz, Edward F., 1037 Delmonte Pl., Glee Club 3,4; Football 2. Westendorf, William H., 1416 Manss Ave., Dramatic Club 1; Honor Student 1,2,3,4; 2nd Honor Pin 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4. Wittrock, David W., 2815 Montana Ave., Dramatic Club 4; Activity Comm. 4; Football le 2pon em basketoallmle 2 mul rackwle2 5) Wohlfrom, James E., 1886 Baltimore Ave., Band 1,2,3. Wurtz, Robert J., 852 Kreis Lane, Elderaide 1,2; Activity Comm. 3,4. Zeiser, Robert B., 741 Delhi Ave. Zumwalde, N. Gerald, 3516 W. 8th St., Elderaide 1; Vigilante 4; Football 2,3. ri ae KANSAS CITY 6, MISSOURI Lithographed in U. S. A. by Yearbook House eo ss ae af cae Pie : ¥ ee pip. 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