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 - Class of 1935

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fi Q I3-,i '. , ' 1- Qkli lj 5 :FN . ' L I 'Eff if 'V 1' Q ll rv" . .ff 1 f , .. ,W qw! ,vtw QTL, cj" I 7 5 ',,..fgZ 4 +23 . , ' N1 f I 14 ' LY gg: . f" 5 ' I' 4-Q at ' f is ' I J 4 4 - '4 . 15.- ,gi 1: , , x V 'H Q o 5 54 ff' in Q 17, 1 pai F1 Am' 1 I ,Q if A 115 7 1 .1 , 1 . if 1 ,g X e I 4 ' l f l ' 4 , L ' :Q 3 fa gl fm .fy ,LL Ni al 5 3 H ,ix bl ,S sg A 9 E! 1 .1 l X V,-in "'5V'Z.1? 5' . rFf'r"f"'P"'!5'1T?.TCl'rN H:va-::-fevgwvw-evuq-gv'v'l:.v51r-331-rg,-gvvwrm-1-w-3-gvgp, , , , 'V 5111? y Q ff F ' ' 1 pi' MM . Q 2 Y F ' Q mmm M ---., ..' . " -4::...Q,g,1.2:.,4,..,A- .N ,,,,,, ,, ,,,, ,,, , , , 1 - 'swf O I I I I ELDERADQ PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS h' ELDER HIGH SCHOOL PRICE HILL, CINCINNATI, OHIO 7 - -VYV 3. Y Y IN DEDICATION TO THOSE WHO BY THEIR GENEROUS SACRIFICES HAVE MADE' OUR PAST HAPPY AND OUR FUTURE HOPEFUL Table of Contents Annual Sfaff Lisl' of Pafrons I. Aclminisfralion . Classes . ln Prospecl and Refrospecl' . Organizalion and Acfivifies . Alhlefics Miscellaneous ral s , I ANNUAL STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Joseph W. Brown . BUSINESS MANAGERS Francis Schroeder VincenI' Riegler Guilberi Voelker CLASS HISTORIAN ' AIberI' Schoenig PROPHECY AND OATH RoberI' Groneman RoberI' Terbrueggen ACTIVITIES Raymond Hengehold Herman Foken Edwin Klumb John Yunker ATHLETICS Erwin Ber'Ike John Roedersheimer STAFF ARTIST Harry Mohr WIT AND HUMOR Carl Lengerich Roberi' Kuhn STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHY Roberi' SuI"l'hoFf FACULTY ADVISORS Rev. A. J. Kramer Mr. Jos. A. Kuley I4I Patrons and Patronesses Angela Beauly Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. George Aug, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John Bennelrl, Daylon, Ghio Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Bernens Rev. John Berning Biedinger Delicalessen Rev. Joseph E. Bosch J. J. Bradley BraH's Dry Cleaning Rev. Francis J. Bredesrege Mr. and Mrs. Thos. E. Brown Louis J. Busse Davoran's Qualily Shop Rev. Louis Evers Rev. J. Paul Fogarfy Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Folcen A. J. Fraiz, D. D.S. Friends A Friend A Friend Frank Fussner Clarence J. Garlrmann . R+. Rev. George l-l. Geers Rev. Carl F. Goeclceler Mr. and Mrs. George J. Groneman Mrs. Lillie Gro+e Rev. Francis C. Grusenmeyer Rev. Basil A. l-laneberg I-lar+ung's Cafe Rev. Oflo J. I-lerrmann Rev. Joseph Higgins Rev. William T. l-lilverl' Rev. M. l-linssen Rev. James T. Hurley Edward lmbus Janszen Molor Company Charles Koeble Rev. Urban R. Koenig Mildred Kolde Rev. Auguslr J. Kramer Francis Kramer. M. D. Rev. James L. Krusling l-lenry F. Kulle, M. D. i5l l i l Patrons. and Pafronesses Rev. Francis Kunnecke Rev. George N. LamoH Mr. and Mrs. Edw. J. Laws Rev. Henry J. Lehman Daniel Leussing LiHle Frui'r Markel M. 8: M. Garage Rev. Edward H. Macke Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Marzheuser Harry Mause Rev. Alberl Melz Rev. J. H. Melzdorf Al Meyer. Grocer Rev. N. J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mohr Rev. Joseph B. Mueller Rev. Charles Murphy Mrs. Elizabelh Oker Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Overbeck Penn's Barber Shop Rev. Arlhur Powers L. B. Rallerman George Roedersheimer Rev. F. A. Rolh Fred W. Rulander, M. D. R+. Rev. Msgr. Geo. X. Schmidl Rev. Wiliam Schmill Rev. P. ... Schnuck Charles Schoenig I Rev. Car Schreibeis Solalec 'Club I Rev. Car Sleinbicker Rev. Allred G. Slrilch George -iellmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tuchlarber Rev. F. B. Veil Rev. Leonard Vonder Brink Rev. Roberl J. Von Kaenel Edward N. Waldvogel -B Frank G. Wellman, M. D. Wenz's Bakery Jos. F. Wilsken Leonard J. Wuesl, M. D. lbl .. rf' 'A,,"""'? Q x 5' 5-A f I. Administration iff' M675 U. 5. V 'QQ H .P -X I I .E . .1 Most Rev. John T. McNicholas O. P., S. T. M. "Uri" ' H 1' ,3 MC, 1' XMIM!! NLS .- wefm .g . 1' Pis- 'f-i5',ll- Y Most Rev. Joseph I-I Albers D. D., J. C To The Pastors You, our paslors, have borne Jrhe burden of supporr- ing us Jrhroughiour high school career, a burden 'rhal' has become especially heavy during Jrhese years of depression. Neverlheless, you have willingly borne i'r +o provide for us lhe advanrage of a higher Cafholic educa+ion. Undoubfedly The besr eitiorfs of our parenls and Jreachers would have failed had il noi been for your slreinuous eiiiorls in our behalf. You have Jrherev fore our mosr sincere Thanks, and if Jrhis li1'He Token of our gralrilude adds 'ro your salisfaclion. we gladly give il. l12l ToThe Faculty When in a reTlecTive mood we glance over our Tour years' sTay aT Elder, we Teel we have been mosT abundanTly blessed inhaving been under The TuTelage oT such a compeTenT body oT proTessors during our high school career. We ThirsTed Tor knowledge: you insTrucTed us and handed over as much of The accumulaTed inheriTance of The ages as our minds could digesT, in a manner ThaT Told oT much sTudy. paTience and preparaTion on your parT. You so Tempered TheoreTical insTrucTion wiTh pracTical lessons ThaT we now enTer The world oT experience wiTh confidence. We asked Tor direcTion and guidance: you poinTed ouT Tor us The way To God and eTernal happiness, noT only by precepT buT also by example. You are The paTTerns upon which we shall model our own lives We look back wlTh saTlsTacTlon To The many happy momenTs while in associaTion wiTh you in The classroom or on The campus. True, you were obliged To curb, aT Times perhaps severely, our misdirecTed youThTul exuberance. Some oT us aT Times did noT seem suTTicienTly appreciaTive oT your,eTTorTs. Now, however, on The eve oT deparTure we express our admiraTion Tor you as Teachers and as men. WiTh graTeTul Teelings we shall always remember you, and The besT prooT oT our graTiTude is a resolve so To conducT our lives ThaT They always will be an honor To you and Elder. AbiTuri vos saluTamusl 13 Rev. Francis J. Breclestege B. S. C., Ph. D., S. T. L. Principal Rev. Basil A. I-laneberg, A. B. Assistant Principal Rev.. Urioan R. Koenig, A. B. . 135 William T. I-iilveri. A. B. Rev. George N. LarnoH, A. B. Rev. Leonard J. Vonderbrink, A. OA Rev. Augusi J. Kramer, A. B. Rev. Alioeri H. Meiz, A. B., B. Sc. in Ed. , ' i16i L ,SWT JI, lg .md . W ' 5 . 5 1 1 '. W 51.1 325: - lag A ly. V '.I T -, I. - Hujg, 'A ' af ,ff":'.?4 95 'H ' .. 'fu . ' Mu: P3 T 'nf' 1 ' 5 Wink gl . H M 3 aj Q' 'sr 2 if v "1 , I -'fm 1' FM 51 1. '. 4- Q4 H L 3 31155 ' .. .gig -1 ucv.-is 1 . A . H U1 ' ff . . .I , ls. .1 i ... .1::gH', J. - - 4',j'fIr W.. if-j r -2. 'HR- H LQ?-:ri M- rw.:-r . 5112- 3:15531 - -F - ,' . ,5 ,Ii - Q , ln. Rev. James L. Krusling, A. B. Rev. Arfhur J. Powers, A. B. Rev. Joseph E.. Bosch. A. B. X Rev. Charlesllz. Murphy, Ph. B. Rev. Urban A. Wimmers, A. B. lQ171 '35 1 Rev. Harry T. lmbus, A: W i A. B., LL. B sw-1. I .V x '- W Ll! 1 .A 1.1 'nj' TEA ' Ms. :fr- . L .WHT , :YRQII X ipfl-i '1 rib V: X .-Li.-. F' -Q' A QW,- efr rr - 1 'lrvliiff' H- ,qisi P+' li' .9-.3-1 I if .ff N Mir!! r-hm 'gig I he I 'ji ' i X ' n- . '-TL 'z lv 1 55 J. L .. I ' lf' 1 J, v , .HQ 1 ' 5 .. ! 1, Z4 f Y A Fell. r' - , ,V 1.3.4-Y ' 33 . g.',?:FV sim 1 1511. i 115-iv: . 'Q f. "Y esxao fm Q" Q 2fifL..?'g,,f51X'-j' ...L U. ip l 1 .-fffe:.e4'r"'ff . ix W-242 .195 -' P Rev. Edward J. Hamann, A. B. '35 F W, , I Rev. Joseph P. Higgins, A. B. ' Rev. Norber+ J. Miller, A. B. RGV- Charles Schreibeis- A- B , V 1 Rev' Francis J. Kunneckeu Rev. Carl Slreinbicker, A. B. A. B., Iv1.A., S.T. B. A U81 Rev. John Berning, A. B. 4 I 1 . Wane- J. Baf+le++, A. B. MISS Wdfed Koldex SeA9fe+afv Mr. Joseph A. Kuley, B. Sc. in Ed. Mr. Joseph H. Neyer, IV1.E. H91 A To The C-raduaTes As you sTand upon The Threshold oT C5raduaTion, iT is our duTy To bid you a Tond Tarewell. Fond, because during These Tour years we have waTched you grow Trom ThoughTless and immaTure youThTulness inTo inTelligenT and sTouT-hearTed manhood, and have come To admire The earnesTness and sinceriTy in your school life. IT is our sincere wish ThaT no maTTer whaT course oT liTe you have mapped ouT Tor yourselves, success may accompany your every eTTorT. In This wish Tor success is conTained our prayer ThaT, no maTTer where you go, you will always remember ThaT you are a producT oT a CaTholic l-ligh School: ThaT you will always be True To The ideals which should be yours: ThaT The world shall be able To poinT you ouT as honesT, uprighT CaTholic genTlemen, and an honor To Elder High. THE FACULTY. T201 wi w H.. w I lv K 'AMP 3:5 Q 35' QMS nw "fn law Wffifgi 1'S'ra' ' nj in J,-.M 1' M? 'H MM: Y: 'V' Veil F .,, f',fRm I! ' Mi Wwigfbi :rg-1 "I YlL12 9 f Qfugf f 1:1131 xml 'JU YUM Sw fr WI I 15 frififx ' 1 -1. u IW "WI ,I ,, ,pt-,EIU A 'WMP w mi 'M Vw ,2'f"' E .r-,- WA. I Tlwk Q 'aff V'-j il- QQ i'f"'w EMA 9f , A'-' . ' ?l,1,'- l H flag, lk ,X , , , I .ln wfm.y:t.,.i 4 w - ! QV- 551, r ,M ':g:,4!-1 -'-FM lv H , 'FQ 2-s ,Q ikAIq1L,i !:,.wrf2' NW 113. ?I2 1'QMt1 ?. 'rEfifi 1i'f!1,f13 :Nfl-3-ll M55-ifaf pri,-wi' 5?-I1, ' fi'S"J4."? ':'.-,Wi WV- fl wi'ii k'f ql: ,- 'Ni W 'Q :WE 'r hw Faw1. ml, J W1 HM 1,fY"U J 'QWXVN JW 7 znhlwi 'Nh W WM:U.Qa U. rw: W- MV.-1 . Ag K- , KJ, X Q., in :gy 4' 55lif351 fJ' 1fW I .I.g q r . Q - U 'f11,,,-i JN. 4,1 1 V ,ir '31 i"T.Q '. 1 Mi? ,f,w:'y QLW' lf ,EW JI 12:-,uf 511'-M M' 'gilffr :Ai3e?f,l.9 'Wfff' iw-fr:-vi Jw s fry Nl ,M WA me QM 15" U i3'i'1r mea yum'-X : U My UE QW ilu,-'W' ysgfraix my 1 I glsify -IESHI, if vl "'1 LN nf, ff, -A YEFQW QVFTQQQ54 I-fl-I, X Fw R' L Mit" ii P1 fi' 1 ly 5 is Lg ,M I F nu. .xi tt!!- sf H . 3yfr'?:E " 1 flgju W f M 1 :J f.. 'IH 6 ., M A x '1. ,g. , -I up Yhif qi UM 'Mfglszl W Sv , il N i nn. f. 1 Ur", Eilwlnf N!-xflilillq 1 V f!,:H Wifi NEWS 1 ingyldl. gvfiiiei Hrgzfu' li'-'-NI. 12' gil mm" fl"fm gr' .2 fjiluw all-If .7.5Afi1li' V515 1' 'I' "1 x lk 1? ' A' 2 ,QWUN A' X" 'JL fiimii M1 miflimf P4 1 :Him .fafwi :wg 5,5 3 :LQlf,'!1f jw3,il,11 20-35' I1':l Ffh 'uf '. -,f1'.':f Q' ffm? 5? H a1l'j1,,1f 7W1:5 H, , 1521: yztlgifil 'L'..'1 yi 11 X U .1 g1', .QI Tf,'V,Qy:g1 ' --vm' lfq?wl vi,g . Y WI! ful xmvfriiz E I . X X yi. Q"'?f:':,13 v'Jf'.," Y 'I il 'NNT Ezifuniji 'igQ1':Q,g 31,44 gg: J 3 Y' 5 Evil.. . 5:1 :lv- ?'s fm. I:1ri3f"'2 '11 1 ,Lv , ffiiwifxi My , ,V JM Wg' 'Uw- q sfilvk W' I P , SW Jw 4 W: , j I1 QQ ew, lzqffnf www N :,-'Jia 41 LQ Ei?" lk fi1v'Z 1Meg.' 'f'!nl,1l1AY ' "A mi 631 M gli? 1 if wa is ig 3 H Zip?-'I 21311: I ,- " Nl IP W Maw fnj:H'f,.Li. s,,, 4j if ' ' V fx " -9 n. 4, Qi, A 5J"1l:':'g GRADUATION When on This day of parfing and farewell To school and friends I say my Iasf good-bye: When now in anxious mood I seek fo fell My fafe fhaf hid in I:ufure's Iap does Iie: A pain is in my hearf fhis day of cheer, And lumps which choke my fhroaf wifh doleful grief Make joy a fhing which I musf surely fear. The world will foss me like fhe aufumn Ieaf Which winds convey fhrough sfreefs wifh grime replefe Yef one fond hope reassures my wav'ring soul- SfiII brighf and cheerful ways fhe leaf will meef, Along fhe devious road fo ifs desfined goal. I falfer nof, for Graduafion's hour Is fhe commencemenf of manhood in full fIow'r. ' -George Eismann, '35. I22I II. Classes METAMORPHOSIS The bud did fling ifs infanf fenderness To air, and blossomed in fragranf purify: The ugly worm became a fhing of grace, A bufferfly in lovely young mafurify: A rough-hewn sfone in sculpfor's hands assumed The god Apollo's perfecf, virile frame: The sfudenf groped fhrough four long years of foil To graduafe a man, 'mid loud acclaim. -Daniel Lynn, '35, l24l 1 Seniors H :Haw X X X SY X11 . x,., A XXX . sky .X X. .V X M Xmggqlrk . 2, .X ff' X QXX-X's.? . .X X Y. 'N 2.-fi. ,wx K - SRX Q- X: it X.Xr .XX .Q Xi WX... XX.. xi XX. w -ibm.. . .ix 'Q lx 'S ' X- X. 2 'X . X SSE? Q CS XXX.. :XXX-X X X.: XX XX X X P X X XgsXX.+ X-XXX dffgi. -X -2 Xg: . X9 .X 5 Xi wx X XX- gl XX .L if X xii' 'wifi Rf 5Q?Sfx.sX 'sfsiiu . S? x - 1 'Y f :.wY3Xesfw rw- vaf 'Q' 1 5 XX X if . X-XXXs. . XX . X.. XX ,- m.XXXXX-. -. xg Q. X X55 BXXNA - . :XFXX Y G X N' Aw-PQW ,-X ' XXX-' 1 .Xilg QNQPLX' 'Qi if-Q1 'RX x X :gf 'f W fi w:zX'f-ex. X Xl X . X X 'Eff fi I gxkf: - . XX.. X, ff Q. 5 ..,., . SS L X X . 1 1 - f : X NN WX Lgggfi J .1Fi.XX:'WQg 1, Q. XR v -X X X T TX , k K l 1: W 'f Hs -- ZF ESQ XX X, 'L-Q Tliwz "lZ'?Y?I'i: '5' "H, r. K 1 X5 ffiff NXQNKX -N4 XX- qw X XNXXX xx Nxxk XX N X X X X Y X x Nw, X 3 X N XXXNW X X XQXX AMN Xw XX X H N X X X x X XXX XRS XX X NX " 1X Xx x XX Q 'Wx XX x SRX X YW X X12 X X x xxx Q X XX X QS XXXE XX X XXXX X NQxx XXX A X 'WT' X5 X . Tj 5 X X X X .. fx . xx as ' 5' Hifi, Q .... x V . XX Q, Nsxk ,W . + . , TX- X N X x .. X.. ,X - XR X . - 45X QA N F1 . 1.2: X 9. 5-- 0 Fsfii XQ3 X ri K 5,1 1 X X- X X, XX R XQ Y' A SX X . xv .WS f XXX N"- if - 5 X i X 5+ .,.- Y f- ,if X X Mgfx f X X I-.X fa. Nx X - :: X . .JN S X Xxx N X I X., 5 'X V K Q Q-fam-gg 1: ' flgxi . P N ' A Svfljx . if X 'az SX 513 V S :ON - XFX: v .XSS ax fi ,Q wx -x :- -X gm i 3- XXX XR, 5 Q.: Xwxff - ,QT s A-, SQ :rx 'Y as RYA X x X 53 5 L" S X5 Xyiwil T' S Xiibx 5 vim X1 'w Qv 'Q 5 iv Y XM sqm- , X- ax SQQXQQX: x 54362 1 S NMR? W 3'imYXY Smgaz. ENNGqXwgyu-w,Xg RX if-NX T X-X X-'folk 34 .X XXLXX XX. Slum ' XXNQSQJR ,WX-X X Tix Q P XXb.,XA X,.X X . X XX.. Ni -k1fXwXwQsSx ff-GKQXXSI1 :X ,XG X: wi: Qi N QA,XQMQN,QNX-.fXiv:XXXQ,gywqw N QXX '5fx jQS5 XSQ.lNTQSf, Aggi..-'X' fn lk' W1 is L X: s XXXg5.xX,XX H XX, kqXX,w.NgXx: -X3X,tX5x- Q, :XX 4 ex XM Avg.-. TX, X: X Xxydgxbigawx -- XA wx-QXXwixfm M rX mem,-XQX bww I X. QXXXX . QXX X Xxx? , X wmv X Ng, N -1w, .I:E ':55525ErE5"5i EEE-:r-::5?':Z ' X f ' 1 'PKK ' M K" W X1 A NXXMX ,xx fx .iw , M V ' X - i's' f .g'1 k - ..f , X. ' ,XXQSQ -N2 :m b-Y-wg. X Ya., .XX5 X ' ' X xy X L M ' f X 1 X X .. :-gif?-,X X M E X Nw Nsbxsx, iix Wk X mr hx . k 5 Y X Nxgki . W . NQ A X N X N I-A XY XX X X S s Q N X X. H ,xv 45 QE? , :xv L 0 X .IHQXX A L xgx lx X N .xv wmxwox NNN Mx Xxx gQM,.,. 1,- . f fwg. z 2 , x 5' S X f We? 5255550 W VV fr f 2. , - Q . . ......:.,: . :,,f , Z, -. .,, ,. , 33,-5: -:,:,,.. I .. 1 '5" N ' -: x ,. , V M , x - as Sv A X, .f N , .awzsxN.,3.., . S , -qw b .:.::.:::::z- 3? ex R ,,.. , . f1:,-..saa.- VQNWY' .,f Y gk kg. 2 Q SX :saas52fsii' ' ,' .-.:. . V.: W.. wg f 4 Q 'Sv-w fig if Q S 1 xi 1, S v ,X Q, 2 K fig 5 5 3 - 1 ii -:...:.:-.,, .. :sa-gs, if gig A-'S Q E.: ' Q .112 A 'X X 5 xx X X 'twig S X -X X.. i 2 .,,.,.:: .X xx tif QQN P: S x :QXQ ix A :t k N Y YXX Y N X M . X Xt X ,X Xxx SW jXX A fikww N ,XX N : ix A .X f is X X fsfive a X' 'WT"XliXXsXx,ifs QQ Sf! ,XXX.X,X1XXXXQx ,, XM ,X ,W Q xy TFTW 2' FENG , is xr Q iv XXXXXXX :NYSA -Q Q5 iw 2 X :X Nwff 5Sx.:wK'f5 QW 5255 Ax sl Xilxgx. ,nl guxw X: X X ti N: X, X: as ww xx X ' . XXX, X3 :Q-XfXXXmX1f,xXf . . XX ,X ,Xl X.:Xg5XkSSX1 :Xq XXXXLA Sim XX sr. K' S Qgx Xwx N Mx Q XFXN wvsggw x 573285555 ' X X X Nx XX X Xwx Nw X XX W XXX ,XA XX! XXXXXX Xi X iN L X W N S wx x ls Nt X if XXX XX. XX, QX X 1-XXXQXX NF X 1 xx' x NSS: X S XX X X QQ X XX X X X X s sw 5' ' XQQXXXX-XX -X XXX -X1 X XX X X X X , ,X 1fX. XXX Xxx XXX: X X Xt Q' XX ,N 'Q NXXX V ff ' XLX ....., I XXX -X X, ,XXXXX..a- ...., X X X MAX. X W M Xm X X X x XX X Q X X X X X X ,XX ,XXX X Q XXXx e ri X 4 Q 1 K"' 5 X XS. ' X X X ' X X X X . SN x N A 1 A 4 1 X Q X 352255, L my w 53 :22 :I - " . : . xx xxx N X X Q1 R X X 0 R 5 x X X X X X - 11qS 5 Q :,M X. 3 tr- . 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' v.p.:: ,il .-.::.,:+2- ' ' :'Z:E:z.I'fir.r:-ali' -: ? 1 ,qxl 2 gfiliv' , X .X A XX XX .X S- X I X X X X X X L 0 X fliifg XX NX N X -X 4 Xx XXX 1 XXX X x NS QXXQ Wx X N- .1,, ,. xxx Xf X X YXX XX X X X X X6 QQ X .X ,X FX A - R. X X? X X XXNX XX S XXX, V S X XQXQX X XX 1 QRXXX -5..X SN NX SeN1iifliXxX XXX X EX X X X XXXXXXXXX N wx KS XXXXX I - X X QS? Q xi N NSN ii? :X -X'-.X X . , XXX :::.:,....: X .X -- xXx 1'-45:1-::-:: N 35- X if- .X::.-Xe... l XX - N. An- A wxips-E:I'.:3:..,:.:'-X. X X X X X Q X X W i N vie f X .:, 'X 'Q N we XX 'www XX XXXXX x SSXSXQN3- ms uf 'XX xx ' -swf X X 'PW' I QX x ' N6 XX X X X XX-3kgXfX:X. XXXE. W X NX X XX X XXX XX X3 X X QXXX KF X NN X X 5 K Q N Sli WX Xe U X f X fi XX I XY Rival X X XX - 'X gig, X'gXg,:.X- M 'S if s:::.,,, , 3 ,SAX X :sm X ,. Qs 2 ' Xa . .-:gm-H::.:,.::::::,:.:. :,:k:::::-am .... X 1 1 f ' Q'1?'51'.' 42..-'- a:Esasfsa. , xv - " X 2 . ,.ffiT:s 5:3419 fKv,,X"'5Q5 , ,, f' 'V-55 5 . rg -, X 1- 5 WWW M , Q2 X 3222 5 : -53 2 f 31. .55 Y? 5.: 'Z' J' A X 2 ' X, A-vi ,zywff 5 .. , 1 . Nga M 5 X R fX X X X X , X .3 X2 X X X X X e X X - X y To The Third Year Class Three years ago There came To This school a group oT wide-eyed, naive boys. Some were shy, some were brazen--mosT were noisy. Sfill imbued wiTh Their grade-school Treedom Trom resTrainT. They were persecuTed by The Sophomores. ridiculed by The Juniors. and Trigidly ignored by The loTTy Seniors--inTellecTual gianTs. Soon, however, They were insTilled wiTh new manliness, which reTlecTed iTselT in Their graver demeanor The nexT year. As Sophomores, They Took more parT in school acTiviTies, and relieved oT Their inferior sTaTus, They Torged ahead, wiTh Their eyes on Their nexT year, The anTi-climax To Their year oT graduaTion. This year They became Juniors! We see Them, sTriding abouT wiTh a manly air, deTermined'To be "cum laude" graduaTes nexT year. "IT The Freshmen are The Twigs, The Sophomores The buds, and The Seniors The TruiT, Then we are The Tull-blooming Tlowers," say The Juniors. They are proud oT Their class, and iusTly so. Hail To The Juniors! lvlay you achieve success and seT new sTandards when Elder presenTs you To The world in l936! T481 Juniors 1 11511111- gf, Pr. 1 1' J I' Y '15,-'yf' 1 ,.i1,,1 ls,-' 'Q , lf L1 if V1 ,fix 11 1111, 11 1- F5 wi I 1.7 fly' ji' ua . il - Q . , 1 E if 11, 159-1 z X 1 151, 11, 4 - 1' EX X2-I. ' 1 ..11hvf. S I 1 1 1 1 ' . lv . : .Y:7.'- rg, N111 . 111 I BQ " 11' l. 1 1 1 .1 I 1 Lf., 5 ' ' 'M w 1' I AQ -A: 'i 1, Y, 1. . A -QL Q! 11,1-if-3, "L 21111 3 115, Ni 12, 124- 1 111 .1 . . 1 rf ,' 1 1 .. 'IV " ' lx Qs 1 ,1. ,Q . -1 , tiiihb gk 1 w 'Xxx i 1 1, lx 1 ' '1:'n.!-5 ' iffy yr my H1 filxz I 1 rig XXX V. 1 4 if ,, 11 - 14 4 1111, , I 1fr.Q'k I 1'11'1f11mii111gf1 E .ff T 'ff' fl 21 if wx 7-' X .vi 1 Q. ' w I A N51 - 1392 M19 2,251 nf , ,M-1. F 1 ,M Q1 ii L NSR III B 1 go cfm .11 S51 141 5' xg N 1 4 X. ., X . E11 ,311 11 Q! ' 1.x :N 1 ,f, T' - ,. 1. Q 1 l X 3. 2 . '1 N35 IV x 1: ,ff 1 1 1 V 11 ,P If 1,5 2 r?!'I if fifyfmflf lv fi T:-','Q-'V 1 M1111 qv-XI 1 A: Ji If fu ' , , ' 4-K' 1-jf 'A , vjffgiif V, X ,Al-, . 5 1 mX'1'.xa'.1 1 wg, X xl I 1' 1" -1 1 ,gf ' ffl 1 4, 'AM-11 11 NT1 ., W .9 1 X5'11'11 8311 1 , ,X ,W W1 ,Y 117' , ,X gQ1",f1 1'ri1'1 .W'f-11 .1 .4 L1 "' 1,31 1-,1 , ,H -Ml 1 111 11' 1 '11 '15 fRf'Q '1 4111 ,E 1 ,11'f1f 1 'Q 1 ' J1sf,1!1. ' R 'mf 1 X5 -13 N1 ,YA 1 ' S1 , , ,ff 1 1 I T, 1 f'V"1 ,A -,V IVE! 1 'K '1L.., Q., -X yn'--91 Q11 N 'M .III-A Bollom Row -- Roloeri Menninger, Charles Waldvogel, James Mono- han, Raymond Neyer. Roberi Jennings, Edwin Meyer, George Myers. Second Row-Peier Willing, .Paul Dufiey, Louis Keller. Eugene Wiemeyer, Richard Alf, John Slunieloeclc. . Third Row-John Silloernagel, Michael Sieve. John Deiers, Milford Haier. Eugene Schlank. Alfred Bohman, Paul Zimmer. Fourih Row-Daniel McGra+h, Jerome Walsh, Joseph Kramer, Gordon Gugel, William Regan, Joseph Thesing. Fii+h Row-Joseph Greeley, Bernard Molnar, John Scholl, Roberi .Weil, Earl Neggerman. Top Row-l-larry Sloeber, Paul Neumann. James Weber, Jerome Tieiimeyer. ' 1 Ill-B Boiiom Row-Edward Bauer, l-larold Chaslang, Waller Grannen. Joseph Wessel, Lesier Brunner. Second Row-Pele Caianzaro, Donald Dewar, Francis Friisch, William Donnelly, James Bill. Q Third Row-Paul Clausing, Bernard Bauman, Edward Woeliel, John E. Crowe. Top Row-Carroll Bonfield, Charles Kemper, Paul Broxierman. James Windgassen, Howard Boeing. l51l i III C E III-D III-C c Bollom Row-Roberl Carlisle, Frank Anle. Norberf Gales. Harry Kenning, William Gales, Salvalore Rizzo, Ray Weigel. Second Row-Ray Laumann, Ray Boclcers+eHe, Edward Schoener. Roberl lmholl, Roberl Rulh, John Conly. Third Row-Alloerl Bill, Paul Gruber, John Marlini, Franlc Lulcen, Roberl Berling, Paul Meisenhelder. Fourlh Row-Howard Kinney, John Tomlinson, Harry Kemen, Arlhur Weidman, Roberl Maly, John Kealring. Fiffh Row-William Hoffman, Andrew Huber, William lvlinnery, Roy Schaumlellfel, Roloerl Wessel, Carl Rechsleiner. Top Row- Earl Thompson. James Dwyer, Roberl Reins+a'rler, Richard Traulh, Leonard Bernens. BoHom Row--Roberl Dinsmore, Thomas Schaible, Lee Myers. Leonard Grimm, Daniel Kernen. Second Row-Waller Baclcherms. Roberl' Berning, Bernard Herbe. Henry Wachsmulh, Ralph Plagge. Third Row-Arlhur Robinson, Joseph Dacey, Roberl Pealcer, Joseph Kern. Roberl Harpenau. Top Row-Elmer Krulhaup, William Lulcen, George lvienqes, John Keilholz. ISSJ To The Second Year Class Two down! Two To go! Growing up! We are no longer The lowly and despised Freshmen: we are now emerging Trom our Sophomore year. We are The embryonic Seniors, The TlaunTed Junior Class, gradually ascending The ladder of scholasTic success, deTermined To reach The Top in due, Time. S'epTember is a Trying monTh Tor all Sophomores. ThaT liTTle sophisTicaTion acquired in our TirsT year has grown and we are beginning To pride ourselves as Tull-Tledged ElderiTes. WiTh a will To conquer. we plunge wholehearTedly inTo our sTudies. Elder's Tair TooTball season, wiTh iTs exciTing games. serves only as a momenTary disTracTion To our work. The Novena, iusT previous To The ChrisTmas holidays, is sTaunchly supporTed by The Sophomores. Then we go home Tor our well-deserved vacaTion. The January exams come Thick and TasT, buT They are successfully over- come. Even we. The sluggish Sophomores, are aroused To admiraTion by The wonderTul showing oT our baskeTball Team. During LenT our scholarship increases because The absTinence Trom nocTurnal amusemenTs leaves more Time Tor sTudy. The honor roll looks' like a Sophomore convenTion. The pro- Tessors double The work, and during The long nighTs Julius Caesar, wiTh his Gallic Wars in his righT hand, is a Tamiliar bed-Tellow. ATTer The EasTer vacaTion. as The year draws To a close, we begin To have serious ThoughTs as To whaT has been accomplished in The pasT year and resolve, as The Juniors oT '36. To seT beTore all coming classes The highesT sTandard oT sporTsmanship, scholarship and ciTizenship. T541 Sophomores i f if' 1. ,1 L' 'N v'. A Q, t A df ,gi gf, Qi! 5- ji i-51 fqflk in ir: 'XR N. .1 F' . QNIH2 3I,,5y" ' Q ,WI yi ff? ui Mix ,AQ P2 -V' fy-, F.- -1 , W .-fy QL law Sl fx " 1? N 5' Us 'X '1 1 X- N W Lvl' fb. LQ l -.wiaf ,rf , 1 '1-h 1 I , 1.1 1 '1F1rg1'Tx . Eillblf gg F4 'Xxx 5 Jn 1: , H1 .1 . FL, , 1 viz' 1 1 GJ, ' ff' '1 N66 Q'3: 'Viz ? iii" b 3 , E5 El. 1 w .Pl II 1, N Y w I '-. .x Aff 3 E I l mtg: In ff, -i - W x 5 , 1 . .- 1 - A,-11 5 Jim 1 ' -F Q, ,J 11 ,, .fr Qffffffif s,. ,L far if -lffiklfl , ' wchg. 14 -': 4' 3 u ,x 4 ,X , il' 4 VTE: if :Mi ,uf raging N, "w ., v1 Pl' ' 5 M , ,ff iw -vixldgifia 1 '-.21 f 0 .sg Z' gy? '11 4- '.iifi1m Y :,'f , b Y M Q f mf ggf qfke ,Q J . A M, . . uf' 1 if . ' ,ifw ,, ' f in .fj,,f"K 'ft Sixlh Row-Joseph Schachleirer, William Thompson, Oliver Over- II-A Bollom Row-Paul Gries, Lawrence l-leim, John Nauerl, Paul Men- ninger, Francis McDonough, Charles Schnieder, Roberl Kenning. Second Row-Charles Boeing, John Gilkey, Rolland Schopmeyer. Roberi Klumb, Richard Leibel, Elmer l-loesl, Leroy Meyers, Arrhur Brunck. Third Row-John Kelley, William Shaughnessy, Paul Robben, Paul Wolfer, Joseph Penno, Alfred Schehl, Emmef Koiz. Four+h Row-Alfred l-lock, John King, Anlhony Raabe, Charles Groene, William Miller, John lv1cCroskey. Norberr Luebbers, Roberl Rarlermann. Fifrh Row-Eugene Fornefeld, Omer Bassman, l-loward Rolhring, Frank Wellingholif. Sranley Keller, William O'Connor. beck. II-B T Bolfom Row-John Brogan, Gilberlr Srumpf, Edward Biederman, Roberl Merle, Edward Andres, Clarence Jelen, Roberlr lv1cNamee. Second Row-John Hurst Roberl Weigel, George Schus+er, Roberlr Meiser, Francis Macke, Roberr Rorlenberger. Third Row-Anlhony Lobono, James Sailer, Frank Wuebbling, Fred Schmidt.. Donald Schawann. Fourrh Row--Joseph l-lughes, Gerard Kaufhold, Peler Oswald, rAn'rhony Mangold, Roberf Bunker. Fif+h Row-Richard Sullivan, l-loward Rosenfeld, Thomas Mangold, Myles Beresford. T571 1 V R J H79 ,f'1f'fm Q-gf' Mx 2' .K I ,EN 6. A-PQI Rf 'gf' 0.542 nv . rf 5,1-N' if wg .e, '. aff , agfk. Ei 'I' Hai Q -31 aff V, y sg.. if N :if . Q xp A3 W nr iq V If ,pig ,fl I1 1, ,A af f me , E L li! fl 'rf ' '1 ? ' R 41 1 .ff M ss r-J, -N J! HRV.. EM 25 V"-., fi? "gf fl V .. .5 .W -' k if K U vf ' r F!! , 'Zi It 1 . Ng v.5 1"3wI'l ' Y .I ,PI ,rflni , fi"-51.-1" Vi P ' rf ff F . X -Tl, fix , 4 N ,- ' ,- ..-F 'N -E , -, Ng I 5 .f'if':' w, g Aj H! N N, fy., M, V 1:5 Wx L? E4 M X IID .W W uf ?L,,,mrAf , iw- ?'3krf J'14i 13 ' 'diff-'41 if Weil 1e w I i ,FQ K, if My 0 :VE 1 253 ,ff Liu 1 ,.,,, V" 34.1 : , 551 R134 if if 1 w 4 : In ,f 1?-, fl!! nf' ffl' , 'ukvtw 3, , mf ' fs in Ng Ui : f',-i?'3 4 ff If W., lip' fr A .A H fl IS? "V Q2f,,fj.ff-5 P1sNN - - :z T xlij 'xg 955 faiiiii Fas?" f' '.'f "' '- z 'g L1 ru? A ,W 1 V Q 3? E' e' 31 L21 ,fish ,E if fe 'p .Q .4 films? '-1 vi f . 1' A ,, - '25 V wp ap Q, 1 'gb 14 ff," 5 4, ,ff xx' Qu ff Boilom Row-Bernard Laselce. Richard Weber, Arihur Bode, Glenn O'Dell, Howard Mendel, Joseph Wenclc, Alberl' Kunnen. Second Row--Joseph Paluzzi, Alberl Schnieder, Lee Wensirup, George Riehle, Bernard Kalhman, Edward Kersling. Third Row--Edward Herbers, Waller Marlin, Roberl Conrad, Frank Treinen, William Bigner, Roberlr Bange. Fourlh Row-Paul Brungs,.Edward l-lalpin, Richard Miller, George Cook, l-lerberl Schrand, Edward l-laulman. Fif+h Row-Roger Schulle, William Raihman, Melvin Vogel, James Luebbe, Louis Welle. Bo+'rom Row-William Friedman, Norberl Bosken, Raymond Li'r+el- man, Raymond While, Donald Burns,. Joseph Zicolai, William Deller. A ' Second Row-Frank Niehaus, Roy l-luwel. Roberl Schuman, Roberl Young, Roberl Savas, Paul Burlcharlz G Third Row-Harold Lambers, -Theodore Kruessel, Lawrence Geis, Frank Mause, Laurence Cappel, Rober+ Marlin. ' Fourlh Row-Joseph Fehring, Gilberf Baih, Paul lnderhees, Paul Dabloeli, Thomas Mangold, Norloerl Vonderhaar. 5 . Fiflh Row-Jerome Jansing, Waller' Ro+h, Kennelh Lepper+, l-lerberl Meyer, Louis Prosl. e Sixlh Row-Charles Voss, Norberl Doeplcer, Roloerl Downing, Paul Vonderhaar. ' T591 To The First Year Class High School always looms big on The horizon oT every grade- school graduaTe. For us, l-ligh School meanT Elder. and we began To look Torward To The day when iTs doors would open Tor us. SepTember came, and as The TirsT day oT school passed, we realized a new liTe in a new world began Tor us. WhaT sTruck us mosT was The increased amounT oT responsibiliTy placed on our shoulders. We knew Then we had sTepped on To The highway oT manhood. We were aT TirsT awed by The mysTeries oT LaTin, German, Spanish, English, science, algebra: buT soon we noTed wiTh pleasure ThaT diTTiculTies began To disappear as we learned how To concenTraTe and sTudy. Even as The TuTure seemed brighT one year ago, so .we look Tor- ward To The coming years aT Elder wiTh equal eagerness. Much. we know, is in sTore Tor us. AT The end oT The Trail we see ourselves grasping The diploma, The visible Token oT Tour years of achievemenT. Even Then, we are sure, we shall Turn our ThoughTs To ThaT evenTTul Freshman year, The happy prelude To The crowning glory of gradu- a+ion. T601 Freshmen H 3 EIB 'QF H fi' fl, Vw . 1 1, 1 fs xy fm '59 L11 ' 51. J W- 1' , 'A' V! "tg W R H X351 fl I IH ' , ,A P1 r" :fi Lygj ig, X TSVN 9: Qugpu , : ww ,4 Y Gu, ,-.fm V? N 35 f . w :J 1: ' ' ' .ff .4 ' 'SX-. , 1 Y, Xu 3 , LJ 1 ,4 I ,! .-I I 31 'hiv li, K' 41" 1 1 ,l ,J ' W , 1. X' . 1 .f - 1,3 I , rj! N. YS: Hu H1 , :S7i,:i4? 'if 5. K 4: v,g'AgQ,'A'gl wx X. N -4.-ff S x 'Cl .L 'ki Q 1 If 11 ,,f' 1. YQ Q! ,. ., Y e -i' I ' ' 'u 'I ,H fn J LTA" A61 ' . , V .X ..,, 1 Lug Q 7 ng 3 J' ff' r ,, ,, +1 . yffw,--fxqf' 4.2, n N 1' Ya, W In - fm 'fl ' 41: Ll- , - bi ? ii 'fi V3 x,-I X V : if ws M W J if if ,, 1 X' L 'Agri J iz" X' 7. E Niki i N I-A Borrom Row--John Flaspohler, Emmerr Berns, Joseph Fay, Adam Nicolai, Ralph Meyer, Frank Zier, An+hony lvlallio. Second Row-Roberr Schoenig, Francis Dacey, Thomas Overbeclc. Roy Liedhegner, Alberr Murnan, John Gleason. Third Row-Thomas Hurh, John Puls, Edward Schneider. James Bradley. Edward Weigel. T Top Row-Maurice Murray, Roberr Daugherry, Arrhur Kromme, Roberr Kaslce, Joseph McNair, Joseph Ellig. BoHom Row Richard Schulrz. Henry Schulrz. Roberr Volker, Ray- mond Ell, Hugh Flaherly, Orville Gibbs. Fred Delaney. Second Row-Sranley Carrol, Zeno Dabbell, Thomas Maloney, Thomas Haley, Roberr Lemlcer. William Bardon. Third Row-Alloerl Gander, Joseph Feisl, Joseph Leinisch, Roberr Hoh, Charles Meyer, Elmer Koch. 1 Fourrh Row-John Panhorsl, Howard Nieman, George McNair, Louis Roedersheimer, Roberr Mosrer. Fif+h Row-Ray Feldhaus, Emeran Hahn, Charles Hocror. Raymond Harer. Harry Tierney. Top Row-Ray Bachus, Harry- Schlef, Roberr Brinkmann. Roberr Herfurr. l63l .-L .-mf 5v"' - , , V-.V l 1 IC V ' ' N 1D 65' ,-.J ,,,,. I-C BoHom Row-John Vale, Alberl Kenney, Melvin Summe, Franlc Schrauder, Vincenl Pail, Virgil Pafi, Thomas Taggart Second Row --Joseph McGra+h, Paul Doyle, Cle'rus Robinson. Thomas Graveff, Roberl Brunner, Edward Bohman, Rober+ J. Murphy. Third Row-Walier Reinslenberg, William l-lummel. James l'-leld, Woodrow Sharie. James Miller, Roloer+ A. Murphyp John Burns. Fourrh Row--James Wendi, Maurice Weslrich, Ray Spilzmueller, Eugene Weber. Joseph Bessler. Paul Bange. E ' Top Row-Bernard Morman, Rober+ Meinerding, Bernard Berling, Louis Zeiser. Joseph Huebner, Paul Jesse. BoHom Row l-larry Kenney, John Sievering, Ralph Braun, Roberi' Rady, Gail Logan. Roberi Marfin, Roloerf Brockschmidt Second Row-7 Bernard Scheve, Augusi Caruso, Wilfred Krummen, William Siuehrman, Melvin Meyer, Elmer Go+'rmann. Third Row-John l-lauclc, Roberl Slevens, George Berlrram, James Scallan, Earl Golrmann, James Maloney. T Fourfh Row-Roberf Scheclc, Wilbur l-labig, Michael Bai+z, Richard Wilrerslaeller, William Krusling. Top Row-l-larry Leesman, Roberi Fey, Alberi Kluener, l-larry Son- derman. - T651 W n Q T E 3 1: 1 I-F I-E Bo++om Row--George LoH, John Conilli, Louis Gardner, James Smilh, Roloerf Slockelman, Leo Luggen. Lesler Berlke. Second Row-William Wandslralh, Joseph Huser, Michael l-lensler. Roloerf Grannen, James Donohue, Foresl Knapp, Carl Lind. Third Row-Roberl Schuckmann, George Graman, James Hollen- kamp, William l-laferrepe, Paul Bosken, Bernard Saffer. Fourlh Row-Roberi Schloemer, Roloerl Griflilhs, Roberr Klingler, John Leverone. Roloerl Rack. Top Row-Norloerf Schuckmann. Joseph Michels, William Monnig. BoHom Row-John l-lalpin, James Eby, Edwin Guelhlein, Richard Wes+rich., Frank Kopp, Paul l-leidel. Second Row-John Slreicher, Frank Gubser, Paul Kolz, Eugene Rowe, Clifford Schmidt Roberl l-leilhaus. Third Row-Leo Robinson, Paul Ankenbauer, Frederick Meyer, Roloerl Connelly. Roberl Drennan. ' Top Row-Roberl Lueloloe, Clark Finnerly, Roloerl McKenna, Ralph Wuebbling. l67l I I I I. Prospect and Retrospect Ii-1lSl AVE ATQUE VALE I The novelty of it all affected us mightily. As we embarked on the ship which would sail through the sea of knowledge, we wondered how well we would weather the tempests of science, the gales of mathematics, and the tumultuous waves of language. The realization that our in- tellectual acumen was quite limited, motivated us in our determination to grasp eagerly every iota of knowledge that would be contained in the pages of our textbooks, and that would flow from the lips of our teachers. Yes, we were dreamers, just youngsters who did not comprehend the responsibilities which would be placed on our shoulders as soon as we crossed the threshold of our Alma Mater. Some of us thought ourselves quite able to win the struggle, while others wallowed in a slough of uncertainty. One glance at the Seniors and an inferiority complex assailed us. Yet, in spite of it all, there existed within us splendid potentialities which could not remain dormant. It remained for the Faculty of this great institution to arouse in us these capacities, and to make them fruitful of a long list of achieve- ments in the physical, intellectual, and moral field. O Since high school methods of instruction differ materially from those employed in the grade school, quite some time was spent in adjusting ourselves. The Faculty considered us men, not children, and we made honest and sincere efforts to live up to their expectations. As we gradually accustomed ourselves to the classrooms and to each other, our enthusiasm was augmented con- siderably, and when the recreational facilities were placed at our disposal, the setting was com- plete. Knowledge was being accumulated, we were making new friends, our sacerdotal Faculty was moulding our characters, and the world of sport was unfolding itself before our eyes. ln short, true men were in the making. What more could our hearts desire? As the year leisurely wended its way, we realized a revolution had taken place within ourselves. We were no longer hero-worshippers, although we did admit the fact that the Senior class had climbed many more rungs on the ladder of knowledge than we had. But time flies and it was not long before we had completed our first year, a year of hard work 70 and of general accomplishment. We lost our in- feriority complex and substituted self-assurance in its stead. 0 Our Freshmen days having come and gone, we looked forward with enthusiasm to our Sophomore and Junior years. No longer were we the under- dogs. We had gained considerable yardage in our offensive. We huddled, decided our next play, and turned on the pressure. For, dangling from the crossbars of that goal post was not only a diploma but our ultimate position in life. These added incentives inspired us to augment our efforts, and thus we were unlike the ship without a rudder, we knew where we should land, how we should get there, and why we were attempt- ing to reach that port. Our countenances reflected naught but confidence, and a spirit of conquest pervaded us. This feeling was somewhat checked when we attempted to wrest from geometric theorems their latent proof and to convert an oration of Cicero into intelligible English. These difficult subjects perplexed us to almost certain despair, but many who had counted themselves as sure flunks survived the contest with flying colors. Yet, although they entailed a good deal ot work, the years spent in pursuing them were rendered enjoyable by other factors. We made new ac- quaintances among our schoolmates and the Faculty by means of changed curricula and the reorganization of classes. Our physical powers became more developed, so that we were as a whole able to undergo the training and intense strain which accompanies participation in any branch of athletics. But most of all our mental faculties were expanded by our extensive studies. Young men we were, strengthened and grown in mind and body. Besides this, we were shaping our characters and succeeding in the acquisition of numerous good habits. But as time wore on we realized that we were nearing the final mile- stone-the Senior year-and that in a short time we would become the envied class of the school. We further determined that we would set a good example for the next class of Freshmen. Realizing that the responsibilities of a Senior class are not by nature related to levity, we resolved to bear them in a creditable manner. O The curtain is removed to enable us to view the last act of this powerful drama. We pranced about the school with a regal air, we were the Hitlers and Mussolinis of the school. Did we not spend three successive years in attempting to reach the final rung of the ladder? And now we were to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Our work, although in volume the same as that of previous years, was alleviated by light hearts and merry feelings. Our memories were accumulating a wealth of information, and our intellects had been developing to an extent where we were quite able to reason out the correct answer to our indi- vidual problems not only in school but also in later life. Many men of our graduating class could. display their "E" to show that they were not only scholastic successes, but also had won honors in athletic endeavors. Any school can train in these fields, but here at Elder, steeped as we were in the Christian atmosphere and under the direction of a priestly faculty, with Crucifixes hanging before our eyes in each class-room, with our annual retreats and other spiritual exercises fortifying us, we slowly neared the ideal of Catho- lic young gentlemen. We were to issue forth into a world teeming with ideas and institutions which at times contradict the teachings implanted in i 71 our hearts in twelve years of Catholic education. Ours was to be the task of upholding our Chris- tian ideals And were ment? The strongly to before the world for scorn or praise. we capable of handling the assign- general consensus of opinion tended the affirmative. But these last days at Elder were filled with genuine sorrow, sorrow caused by the parting of ways. Each one of us was to bid farewell to the other and to Elder, all of us were to tread different paths in the uncer- tain journeys of life, and the thought that a more or less complete separation was imminent moved us to melancholy. Many ties of friendship we had formed during our four years' sojourn were to be severed by graduation. We found that the finals was not the pleasant one we had conceived. But time is no respecter of feelings. The curtain began to lower, our high school careers were slowly terminating. As we ascended the stage for our diplomas we realized that difficulties in high school were mere bubbles, and that the diploma was only a new challenge to us in the more serious and personal struggle to come. We ac- cepted the challenge while the words of that eminent American seaman, John Paul Jones, re- echoed in our minds: "We have just began to fight!" DAY BY DAY SEPTEMBER 3 - I just can't wait! 4 - Registration Day. 10 - Conditional exams. Many sweat. 11- Father Bredestege starts reading rules and regulations. 12 - Father Bredestege still reading. ' 13 - Bell rings at 10:10, when faculty member leans on button. 14 - Only 27 days to first holiday. 17 - Seniors demand N. R. A. hours. 18 - Budde steps on a Freshman. y 19 - Father Hilvert digs out history notes. Sells them at 60 cents a copy. What a racket! 20 - Yellow paper makes first appearance. 21 - Elder plays first game: Middletown, 27, Elder, 0. 24 - Freshmen begin to groan under strain. 25 - Where are the Seniors' privileges? 26 - First pep meeting of year. Father Krusling asks for co-operation. 27 - Woodward, 0, Elder, 0. Father Kramer's Vigilance Committee makes first appearance. 28 - Columbus Day now only 13 days away! O C T O B E R 1 - Law of Gravitation explained to Father Lamott as brick falls through the roof of his car. 2 - Fencing purchased for campus. 3 - Father Kramer springs surprise test. 4 - Mr. Kuley: "Now to start the book reports . . . " 5 - Hughes, 6, Elder, 0. Elder's cheers drown "Big Reds' " murmurs. 8 - Freshie asks what a pep meeting is! 9 - Glee Club organized. Sound-proof doors installed. 10 - Kain brings home a book! 11 - Covington, 6,Elder, 0. First six-weeks' tests end. 12 - Columbus Day. Free! ! ! 15 - Fire drill held. Freshies try to get out of Windows. 16 - Candy samples given out in Lunch Room. Schroeder's pockets sag! 17 - No night work, it's "ToWn Hall Tonight!" 18 - Just think, 1108 days ago we were Freshmen. 19 - Ring question arises. And how! 22 - After careful inquiry we discover that there are 2514 Luebbes in the school. 23 - Father Powers almost mispronounces a word. 24 - Eilerman opens prayer with meeting! 25 - McCoy hunts for nail-file. Tch, tch, Mac! 29 - Something wrong here. Certain prof. wins his own raffle. 30 - 4-A and 4-B lead in C. S. M. C. drive. 31 - Hallowe'en. Some buy masks, others wash faces. If 721 DAY BY DAY Klontinuedl NOVEMBER - All Saints Day. Freel - That racket you hear is only band practice. ml-I 3 - Roger Bacon, 0, Elder, O. Ties are becoming a habit. 5 - Beckman does not come latel As a matter oi tact, he doesn't come! 6 - Latin class becomes impatient waiting tor Father Powers not to come. 7 - Freshie pushes arm through window. What-a-manl 8 - Hill informs school that there are now three stores in Delhi. - Plogsted twins are still baffling some of the profs. 10 - .lust another tie: Purcell, 13, Elder, 13. 12 - We celebrate Armistice-a date late. 13 - Seniors still hunting tor their "privileges." 14 - Physical examinations. Everybody O.K.-we hope. 15 -'Luebbe and Bugganer gain a halt-pound between them. 'O 16 - Riegler conspicuous by his absence. 17 - Steele, 7, Elder, 0. 19 - First snow falls. Freshie brings sled to school. 20 - Snow turns into slush. Poor Freshiel 21 - Father Murphy gives a Freshman 2000 words-printed. 22 - Innocent Freshman types his penalty lesson. 23 - Same Freshman absent. 26 - Traut toots trombone twice today. 27 - Junior manager takes shower-at hands ot varsity. 28 - Pow-wow postponed-rain. Father Kramer takes charge ot pep meeting in gym. 29 - Thanksgiving Dayl Elder, 0, Western Hills, 0. 30 - Thanksgiving recess. DECEMBER 3 - Basketball practice begins. Prospects look good. 4 - Bertke thinks baskets should be bigger. 5 - Eilerman's oration will long be remembered-by Eilerman. 6 - Elder's on the radio iAmateur Nightl. 7 - Ten degrees above zero, but Honerkamp still playing tennis. 10 - Voelker breaks all-time record. Simonizes five hundredth car. 11 - Sutthoff receives otter to substitute for "Parkyakarkus." 12 - Rotert hibernates tor winter. 14 - Elder, 53, Automotive, 10. Slight massacre! 17 - Oker sends a note to Santy. 18 - Vicar and Wesseling are early! I I 19 - Student body hears vocational talk by Father Sherry. 20 - Elder, 28, Ludlow, 24. 21 - Solemn close ot Novena. Elder, 15, Woodward, 28. 22 - Christmas vacation begins. 28 - Elder, 27, Hamilton Catholic, 20. It 731 DAY BY DAY !Confinuec!! JANUARY 1 - Happy New Year! 2 - Classes resume-oh, yeah! 3 - Seniors discuss plans for Annual. 7 - Father Kramer gives pep talk onfll-Erinual. 8 - Elder, 22, Withrow, 16." ' 'I As" Y 5' 8 - Seniors get half-day offltorget ads for Annual. 10 - C. S. M. C. dance at Sinton. 11 - Elder, 32, Roger Bacon, 26. 14 - Semi-annuals begin. 15 - Student Spiritual Council theatre party. 16 - Schoenig falters-but only for a second. 17 - Budde gives special version of the "Continental". 18 - Elder, 22, Purcell, 37. 21 - Retreat begins. Quiet, please. 22 - Still retreating. 23 - Father Walsh talks to Seniors-privately. 24 - Underclassman, "What'd he tell you?" 28 - Back to work-and how! 29 - Elder, 21, Roger Bacon, 18. Wow! What a game! 30 - Father Haneberg Wrong again on score. 31 - Budde removed to have 6' 7" opponent on Oxford. FEBRUARY 1 - Elder, 30, Oxford, 28. Elmer's opponent only 6 ft. tall. 4 - Elderites drink punch at Seton's tea dance. 5 - Prospective golfers receive first lesson. 6 - School gets bill for one hundred golf clubs lbroken!! 7 - Father Haneberg now public enemy number one. 8 - Elder, 30, Xavier, 15. 11 - Groneman and Sutthoff have a debate in Lou Holtz's "Rooshian." 12 - Steele, 30, Elder, 25. No school-thanks, Abe! 13 - Biology Class's skeleton suffers broken bones. 14 - Valentine dance given for benefit of Annual. George denounces "slockers 15 - Meet the Champs! Elder, 28, Purcell, 15. 18 - Chemistry class makes chlorine, underclasses make complaint. 19 - Bertke misses his daily Nestle's bar. 20 - Father Hilvert explains Supreme Court Gold Decision-Seniors in a daze. 21 - Elder, 45, Western Hills, 30. Faculty, 23, Seniors, 24. 22 - Free day. Faculty team needs the rest. 25 - Six-weeks' tests approach. Seniors laugh at Father Hilvert's jokesl?!. 26 - Senior All-Stars, 30, Junior All-Stars, 29. 27 - Mr. Deters's trophy now adorns case on first floor. 28 - Lunch room has new kind of soup, students have doubts. l74! L f' ,fl K' I' DA BY DAYI lConfinuedl M A R C H 1 - Elder, 28, Wilmington, 9. "In like a 1ion." 4 - Seniors frolic on lawn-play horse back. Tsk! Tsk! 5 - Seniors warned about possible lack of credits. 6 - Latin IV. works overtime on test. 7 - College girls see how things are run at Elder. 8 - Lockland, 25, Elder, 22. No trip to Dayton. 11 - Classrooms decorated. Classical art adorns walls. 12 - Seniors debate on co-education in Civics Class. Girls ,stay at Seton. 13 - Solatec Club pays dues with pennies-legal tender? 14 - Better late than never. Interclass games start. 15 - What! Mr. Kuley absent? 18 - Alumni return for annual game. Alumni, 42, Elder, 23. 19 - Chemistry and Physics Classes given illustrated lecture through courtesy of W. T. Wagner Co. - 20 - Annual work gets under way. 21 - "In the spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of ----- baseball practice." 22 - Lutmer seen minus the sweatshirt. 26 - Literary Society members practice speeches for Oratorical Contest. 27 - First outdoor practice begins. I 28 - Seniors' pictures arrive. Some good-others natural. 29 - Chemistry Class surprises Father Lamott when they know the answers. APRIL 1 - Seniors interviewed by Father Hogue of Xavier University. 2 - "Pink Slip" repealed by Congress, but still used by "Mil." 3 - Terbrueggen gets a haircut-and how! 4 - Commencement announcements selected. 5 - Groneman has new racket-tennis. 8 - Six-weeks' tests again. 9 - Mr. Kuley still collecting pennies for post-cards. 10 - Welfare meeting. ' 11 - Mil's new motto: "Lafayette, I am here." 12 - First Annual material sent to printers. 15 - Oh, me! Reports. 16 - Preliminaries held for oratorical contest. 17 - Easter vacation. 23 - Finals held in oratorical contest. 24 - Father Wimmers's car sports a shine. 26 - Brenner makes mud pies for Father Kramer. If75l DAY BY DAY fCon+inuedl MAY 3 - Elder, 4, Purcell, 3. 5 - Elder Players present "Nothing But the Truth." 8 - Second performance ot the play. 14 - Athletic Association boat ride. 15 - Lutmer absent - seasick! 16 - Athletic Banquet. 17 - Why all the absentees? 19 - Cramming begins. 20 - Final exams begin. - 25 - May Day-Elder visits Seton. 27 - Seniors hope and pray. 28 - The suspense is terrific! Will I graduate??? 29 - Class Day: Annuals, reports and medals distributed. JUNE 3 - Seniors rehearse for Graduation. 4 - Commencement exercises at Music Hall. f FINIS CORONAT opus l76l WhaT's in a Name?? g I Wifh dragging sTeps a man Toiled over a I-IILL ThaT had Turned BROWN under The wifhering rays of a hoT sun. Descending The parched slope, he aT leng+h paused by a wooded GROVE. and was welcomed by The raucous call of a BIRD, evidenTIy a CROWE. Wearily he enTered The haven. drew a folded RACK from his shoulders, and prepared To piTch a small TenT on The I-IY-LAND beside a clear, cold brook. When The TenT seemed saTisfacToriIy arranged. he brushed The SUTT-OFF his Travel-sTained cIoThes. and KLUMB To a rock over- hanging The sfream. Balancing on The BRINK-ER edge of This miniafure precipice, he dipped his face inTo The waTer and cooled his parched LIPPS. AfTer com- pIeTing This frugal BATH, he looked Ten years YUNKER Than before: indeed. he could aImosT be Taken for a MINOR. BuT a searching gaze mighT show ThaT This LITTLE-MAN was a KING among his own, and would undoubfedly be unafraid even of LYONS. Probably he would MOCK aT Them. and prove The foolhardi- ness of BRAUN againsT brains. I-Iowever, having sufTicienTIy ALTI-IERRED his appearance, he repaired To The camp-siTe for MOI-IR work before eafing his well-earned supper. WiTh WILLING fingers he opened his pack, and found The SCI-IELL of a buIIeT. which conTained his supply of fish hooks. These he baiTed and fasTened To a line. Then, iusT as The OrienTaI PFEIFER hypnoTizes a cobra. so did he wiTh The fish, unTiI a sTring of TRAUT Iay beside him. LaTer, on his way back To camp, wiTh The fishing line bringing up The VAN. he BANGed againsf a Tree, and raised an ugly WELTE. Even Though iT luckily proved of IiTTIe conse- quence, he would have welcomed a KAIN. Wifh buT a IiTTIe difficuITy, he buiI+ a fire and HELD The fish above The coals in iusT The same way as sTeaks AI-IR seared. Following a plenfiful meal and a shorT period of siIenT resTfuIness, he Iaid ouT blankefs on The small LOTT and Threw himself down for The nighT's resT. The sun, long since down, casT fanciful shadows of purple, gold and OKER over The ground. WiTh The darkness came sTrange sounds. A MAUSE rusTIed by The dying fire. The man sIepT. I77I THE DIARY OF A 1935 SENICDR- FIFTEEN YEARS HENCE Let us assume that our author is a newspaper 111311 and a graduate of Elder in the year 1935. In his daily quest for news he meets many people, among them some of his old classmates. The man- ner in which he meets tl1en1 and the 'occupations they are engaged i11, form important entries in his personal diary. Let us scan a few of the most interesting pages. he ae :xc Monday, March 18, 1950. I am writing this entry while seated in thegallery of the United States Senate Chamber here in Xvashington. I arrived yesterday on a polit- icali assigmnent. No sooner hadil entered the lobby of my hotel than I met Bob Eiler- man. Fifteen years havenst changed hiln a bit. I almost forgot to mention the fact that Bob is now Senator from Ohio. As I pe11 these sentences he is speaking before the Senate, and as his words ring out, my mind flashes back to a little roo111 where Bob is speaking, not to the United States Senate, but to the Lit- erary Society of Elder High School. It seems hard to realize that fifteen years have flown by since then. I wonder what has become of all my old friends. I'll be on the lookout for them. a ae Pk Thursday, June 5, 1950. VVas present today at the opening of the new super- bridge spanning the Ohio River. The engineer is an- other member of the class of 1935 who has succeeded in the world. The fellow I'm talk- ing about is Francis Schroe- der. He,s still the same old "'Schrots"g never lnisses an Elder game if he can possibly attend. VVhen I asked him if he knew what happened to any of the other fellows, he told me that Leo Honerkamp, Tom Hyland, and George Grove were practicing law out on the Coast. Today's ball game between the Beds and the Giants was a real thriller. Manager Cyril Pfeifer's boys hand e. d the Giants another defeat. Homers by Art Harbstreit and Rob Ranz did the trick. John Roedersheimer was covering the game for the Star. l78l Tuesday, July 11, 1950. Saw by the papers that Bob Hill, who is now Secretary of Agriculture, plans to offer govermnent aid to drought- stricken farmers at Sayler Park Ellld vicinity. Spent an enjoyable evening at the theater observing Tom Lyons' latest jungle film. Bob T erbrueggen, the a u t h o r , plans to accompany Tom 011 his next expedition to Africa. Arriving home from the theater, I turned on the radio, settled down in an easy chair, and spent a solid hour listen- ing to what, in my opinion, are. the best performers on the air. The program marked tl1e dedication of Vincent Riegleris new station, W BW. The wonderful singing of Harry Mohr, combined with the smooth and tuneful music of the orchestras of Bob Kuhn and Ray Hengehold, made the program one of the best that I have ever heard. The comedy was supplied by the funniest comedian on tl1e air, Bob Sutt- hoff. His dialect jokes would cause the Sphinx to laugh. :sua we Wednesday, Sept. 4, 1950. Ran down to the City Li- THE DIARY oF A 1935 SENIOR-FIFTEEN YEARS HENCE fContinuedj brary to interview VVill Schell today. He has just been ap- pointed City Librarian. VVhen I asked him the standard ques- tion, "To what do you owe your success ?" he replied, "The training I received while working in Elderis library started me on the road to success? Old friends whose names appear in the nation,s sport pages are Tom Kain, Joe F ieler, and Vern Messer. Tom, who now coaches the. famous Notre DZIIIIC team, contem- plates a successful season. Joe F ieler is known wherever golf is played. Betwe.en tourna- ments he finds time to coach the Elder golf team. Vern Messer of Madison Square Garden is famous the world over for his wrestling promo- tion. :ze as Monday, Sept. 29, 1950. Among the members of' the National Council of Business Men, which met today at the Netherland, were old friends who have imade their mark in the business world: Erv Bertke, Tom Lutmer, Linus Le Tang, James Hassett, and George Brenner. Those swell covers for the Saturday Evening Post are painted by none other than Carl Lengerich. Francis Rens- ing is also in the art field. He is a nationally known illus- trator. :jc :k :k Saturday, Nov. 5, 1950. Saw Elder win the Greater Cincinnati League Champion- ship this afternoon at Cor- coran Field. I met many old friends, and general hand- shaking was the order of the afternoon. Among those I met were: Dan Lynn. who is now a famous poet and lit- erary criticg Bill McCoy, editor of the Bugle, Larry Rack, who has just shattered the coast- to-coast air record, John Minor Zllld Arthur Utrecht, who are world famous doc- tors, Al Schoenig, who has just been appointed a mem- ber of the President's brain trust, Guilhert Voelker, who is an undertakerg and Dr. John Rulander, who is famous for his books on dietetics. 'c :lc : Tuesday, Nov. 30, 1950. Ran out to Price Hill this morning to see how the work on the new Elder High School is progressing. Bob Windgas- sen, the architect, told me the building would be ready for occupancy by next December. t79l Ray Morgan is now associ- ated with the First National Bank. Art Deters is a prom- inent Cincinnati jeweler. John Vicar is the National Bowling Congress champion for the third time in three yea1's. Cliff Luebbe, "The C ro o nin g Chemistf' may be heard twice weekly over WRW. A 34 X 21 VVednesday, Dec. 3, 1950. At the City Council meet- ing yesterday Councilmen Ed- win Klumb and Joseph Brown were especially noticed by their wonderful speeches. Mayor Elmer Budde ad- dressed the Alumni Club last night. "Everything For Sportv says the ad of the sporting goods store of 0'Connor and Bocklageg and, believe me, they have everything from a marble to a motorboat. Local lads who 111ade good in the big city include: VVa1ter Kemper, the automobile man- ufacturer, Herman Foken and Bob Traut, chemistsg Norb Mangold, owner of a chain of drug stores, Tom Kunnen and VVil1iam Lott, accountantsg Bob Groneman, columnist on the New York Worldg and John Drennan and Rich Hug, swimming coaches of the U.S. Olympic tealn. ,,,, I I I, . H 'I I' 4 I II'I 4II I. I III, It II LJ 'If iII III II. "'IIII,I a II I II II ll III'II I. Il., fIj'II II Q. I I. ,,I . 'I I , - .I II III- II II, ,L , III IIIII I 'I' I' I. .J I IIN I ffl. I'- III III I ' I Ii! I :IM ,III ' II? III? 5II I., ,C Il' I I I ' II 1 I I Vi. I, . I II' III ,I ?II III .I M I -K -n ,IN .I I II. I III' L ,IT ,I I ,I. Q, II 1.9, I .I ll III I1 'I IMI Ij' If I ,I 'I ,QWIFII III ,lyk 'III I, 4I I . II vII,I V I' I I I. III 1 III I -'Dug IEI in I-.II I II IIIII II IIIII , 'III I I 'I .M ' I II III I ISI I' II I II , ,I J' II I - I III AE I III' IIII II .Il , I III I -5 I I I I 'n ' I -I If . I I .II 'III I I I I .II In II . I II I II I I I In I 'Ig I I I, N II ,II III Ir. I ,I . II II I "III I I HS I IQEII XII-I I I IIIJ IJH I IIII I l'If ,,yII III'-'IIIII . , Ii m7 I I I I I I 4 ,I'I1I III, 'III I-if I' 5-, ,5l' 'I IIII III II I II III III IIIII III II I III I WI Iwi I I' III I I PIII IFIQIII ,I-. ,,,.n,I .V I: Il, IIIIII III MII, I 'IIIIII . .VII I I III: ,, -'II-A I I QI YI ,I IIIIII ,. I IIIII I 'Q II II I , I I II II I- ' II' III! II IIN 'IIII I .N 1, II I III IIII I. I ,'I:- I III ,IPM I II , I nj III , W IFI' ,I I 1 I I If I IIQIVI ' f'I ' .,I I- I , n I 'III 1 IIIII IIEII' IIIIIIIII IJIIIg'.I -II ' I'-II I " III I IIIFIINI IIT' 5'IE':fIII III, IQIIII ',I'-III IIII, ' IIZVI IIIZII H53 I I I I I I EIEIEIE I IIIWI II I' :I 'III III' I I.l'I I II I .WI I K. II I I III I QI I.I ' IIII UIIIQI' I I IIIII III I III? IIJIIIIQ CHARACTER OF A HAPPY WARRIOR Who is lhe happy warrior? Who is he Thar every man in arms should wish lo be? -I+ is 'fhe generous spirit who, when broughl Among +he Tasks of real life, halh wroughl Upon 'rhe plan Jrhal pleased his boyish Jrhoughl: Whose high endeavors are an inward lighl Thai makes 'rhe palh before him always bright Who, wi+h a nalural inslincl 'ro discern Whal knowledge can perform, is diligenl To learn Abidles by 'rhis resolve, and slops nol There, Bul makes his moral being his prime care. -W. Wordsworlh. l 821 i IV. Crganizations and Activities i BOTTOM ROW-Rev. Leonard Vonderbrink, Rev. August J. Kramer, Rev. Carl Steinbiclcer. Rev. Urban Koenig. TOP ROW-Guilbert Voellcer. Robert lmholt, Raymond Ell, Robert Downing. i"T 5 lr tk, i , ,JW ,If ,- ,,, I 1.,,.,fQ,.f as V, tra li' ., fs ,ff T :fy .t f . its c ,. l l it it li l l l ,lx 9 i -ry J .5 , -.7 44" r -1 ttf lt iwN ,. -. '-is i' y,:57'j ,t l i1lflf' tts, D tw..g:"'s,gV .. l' c -f. 37 , , .fbi ll'1,it""i'ff,i if i . ifs qkxiiit-x V.. Tisftifs l I 1 i i H i ,i il 1, L, li ll iil 5. 3. .sw X f 1, ,, A , ti ' -'fi -- ii pf! A -7 P' stef 7 .-x il W lists i, - wifi.- .i gy ,f jf E" N ll i xg . i i .. l 'X its... FF- Ffa 'MN .,f f N.. inf" Ill , V i iX,iiN, I if- N it ,f .J fi 7 A ij. .af If i 2, in tts, it fl i l i 'i 'i 4. it f' li, li is li 'il il ti' rp The Students' Spiritual Council The Students' Spiritual Council, composed ot the entire student body, was reorganized anew tor the year 1934-l935. To intuse a true Catholic spirit in the student body, to develop leaders and detenders ot the taith among the students ot Elder: to imbue them with Christian ideals, so that they can live, think and act with Christ-these are the purposes ot the Students' Spiritual Council. With this in mind, every student takes a personal part in all the activities which the Council undertakes and thereby shows that religion is not mere theory, but a vital tactor which plays a prominent part in every situation and circumstance ot our daily lite. With this as an aim, a spiritual bulletin, published twice a weelc, treats ot religious and practical problems ot the day. Through it the directors ot the Council try to stimulate the students to a more conscientious tultillment ot their duties to God, the Church, parents and their tellow-students. It also serves as a medium through which the students may aslc prayers tor whatever intention they have in mind. ln order to detray the expenses which were naturally incurred as a result ot these bulletins a successtul theater party was sponsored in the early part ot January by the students. The spiritual Christmas gitt to the parents has become a tradition ot the Council. lt takes the torm ot a Novena, and was concluded the past year with a Solemn l-ligh Mass and a general l-loly Communion at St. William's Church. Atter the semi-annual examinations in January the students began their Annual Retreat, with Rev. Leo lvl. Walsh as retreat master. The three days ot prayer and recollection presented the needed tonic atter the strain and worries ot the examinations. ln addition to the list ot activities this year, a contessional was introduced in the school. At certain times any student who so desired could avail himselt ot the opportunity ot clearing his conscience with God. Not content to contine itselt to the spiritual side ot the students' lite, the Council was also responsible tor the purchase ot masterpieces ot art, which were hung in the classrooms to serve as an inspiration to the student-body. To the taculty, and especially to the religion protessors, Father Kramer, Father Koenig, Father VonderBrinlc and Father Steinbiclcer, the student-body gives a gote ot gratitude tor their guidance. lt is due to their co-operation that the tudents Spiritual Council is the directing torce ot the most important phase ot the students' education in character at Elder. l84l ,.v- .. M ROW-Joseph Brown, Rev. Urban R. Koenig lModeratorl. Robert Eilerman - SECOND ROW- Lester Brunner, Robert lmholt. OP ROW Vincent Riegler. The Catholic Students' Mission Crusade The Elder Unit ot the Students' Mission Crusade was reorganized under the direction ot Father Koenig. Moderator, with 360 members enrolled The otticers elected were: Vincent Riegler, President: Robert lmholt, Vice-President, and Lester Brunner, Secretary and Treasurer. Joseph Brown was delegate-at-large. The annual C. S. M. C. dance and card party was attended by many members ot the Elder Unit, the delegate ot the unit being a member ot the dance com- mittee. second dance tor the benetit ot each school was held at the Netherland Plaza. Each school received ninety per cent ot the money which they had gathered trom the sale ot tickets. i In the Spring, a Lenten Denial Fund was raised among the members tor a double purpose: to aid the Negro Missions in Cincinnati and to tinance the trip ot the delegates to the National Convention ot the C. S. M. C. at Dubuque, Iowa, to be held August 6-9. This will be the tirst year in which the local unit will have sent delegates to a distant city. It a deep interest in the home and toreign missions is evidence ot tervent Catholicity, then the Elder Unit deservedly prides itselt on its activities towards intensitying the Catholic spirit in Elder. T851 ,ll....sN BOTTOM ROW-VincenT Riegler, Joseph Brown, Rev. ArThur J. Powers lModer- aTor Edwin Klumb, AlberT Schoenig. SECOND ROW-William Schell, Erwin BerTke, Herman Eoken, RoberT TrauT, STanley Espelage. THIRD ROW Edwin Ruwe, John Yunker, Richard Hug, John Roedersheimer, AlberT AlTherr. FOURTH ROW-William Oker, Ray Hengehold, Harold Simon, RoberT Marz- heuser Edward Wesseling. Solatec Club The SolaTec is one socieTy aT Elder which is reserved Tor Those Seniors only who are Taking TourTh year LaTin. Founded in The year l927 by Rev. P. J. Schnuck, The club has conTinued iTs exisTence under The guidance oT EaTher Gregory Miller, EaTher CleTus Kunz and FaTher Edward KoTTer during The suc- ceeding years. AT presenT Rev. ArThur J. Powers is The ModeraTor. The name SolaTec, derived Trom The Three LaTin words, "SocieTas LaTinae EcclesiasTicae," means: "The SocieTy oT EcclesiasTical l.aTin." The purpose oT The club is To encourage The sTudy oT EcclesiasTical l.aTin in order ThaT The sTudenT may beTTer undersTand and appreciaTe The inspired liTeraTure oT The Church. Besides This, The club also annually sponsors The Elder's LaTin ConTesT in The laTTer parT oT April and awards The prizes on Class Day. The meeTings, held every Wednesday during The regular class period, are conducTed according To parliamenTary law. AT each meeTing one or more oT The members assigned To The Task The week beTore leads The group in giving TirsT a liTeral, Then a TluenT TranslaTion oT a LaTin prayer, hymn or religious work, preceded by a brieT hisTory oT The subiecT maTTer or iTs auThor. A regular TexT- book oT ecclesiasTical LaTin is Tollowed. ATTenTion This year has also been given To developing an acquainTance wiTh modern and conversaTional LaTin according To The laTesT and approved TexT-books. The SolaTec oT l934-35 Teels ThaT iT has successTully carried on The work oT iTs organizaTion and conscienTiously upheld iTs ideals and TradiTions. These iT passes on wiTh iTs good wishes To The oncoming SolaTec oT l935-36. The Tollowing is a lisT of The oTTicers oT The club: Rev. ArThur J. Powers .................... lvloderaTor Joseph Brown ........, ....... P residenT Edwin Klumb ,....... . . .Vice-PresidenT VincenT Riegler . . . .... SecreTary AlberT Schoenig ....... .... T reasurer l86l T l BOTTOM ROW--Joseph Brown. GuilberT Voelker, RoberT Eilerman, William Regan, Erwin BerTke. Francis Schroeder. Jerome Walsh. SECOND ROW--Harry Kenning, Lee Myers, Henry WachsmuTh, Edwin Klumb. Jack KeaTing. Daniel Lynn, Raymond Weigel, RoberT Dinsmore. THIRD ROW - RoberT Groneman, AlberT Bill, John Yunker, Vernon Messer, Joseph Schaller, Thomas LuTmer, STanley Espelage. FOURTH ROW-RoberT ReinsTaTler. AlberT Schoenig, RoberT lmholT, ArThur UTrechT, Thomas Hyland. Richard Hug. Joseph Kern. FIFTH ROW-Carl RechsTeiner. George SmiTh, RoberT Peaker. Carl Lengerich, RoberT Kuhn, Frank Luken. TOP ROW-Rev. Francis Kunnecke lModeraTorl, Howard Bosken, John Minor, VincenT Riegler. Leo Honerkamp, RoberT TrauT. X T X T-X X . X l S T T' , X K x T y Literary Society T T Because of The deparTure oT FaTher STriTch, lasT year's ModeraTor, The LiTerary T SocieTy was placed in The hands oT FaTher Kunnecke, whose unTiring eTTorTs 5 ' resulTed in The reorganizaTion oT one oT Elder's TradiTional socieTies. x lc XJ The TirsT weekly meeTing was TeaTured by The nominaTion and elecTion oT yy oTTicers. AT This meeTing iT was agreed ThaT The members choose a chairman Trom T The Senior Class and a Vice-Chairman Trom The Junior Class. RoberT Eilerman Oxy T was unanimously chosen as Chairman, while William Regan was The vicTor in The 1 Xl race Tor The Vice-Chairmanship. Erwin BerTke was chosen as S'ecreTary. AT The Tollowing meeTing The LiTerary SocieTy was divided inTo Tive minor is uniTs: OraTory, DebaTe, ElocuTion, Journalism and AdverTising. T During The remainder oT The year The ModeraTor and The members discussed 5 my in inTormal debaTe some inTeresTing subiecTs, among which The mosT prominenT lfx were: "The Old Age Pension," '1UnemploymenT Insurance," Married Men Are T EnTiTled To a GreaTer ReTurn From ProducTion Than Single Men," "The Encyclical T A oT Pope Pius Xl on Labor," and "FaTher Coughlin." , AT The conclusion oT This series oT Talks The announcemenT was made ThaT The - KX OraTorical ConTesT, sponsored by The LiTerary SocieTy, would be held on April 23. ,s 'x x T x T N T T T871 Ti T. T X 1 Ni T 51 Vw ff ilkk. ll 4 ,f Thiel-'.:T" ,fill gi: li! ,,"' l 1 gil! 1 is .i MLN M7-3 FQNT !"'.f ii .314 ff' sk ii xl." rl -T Q. T" gtk X :Q 1--H 'H TT El? fl ,f '1 :Alf . 4. Q, if 3-'Disk Ali ul, .A . ii, .sl 47? ui fi Fl' v f -' ii Q, lvl VE' li llfqc T VWQXT 5.1-F I .1-f" .qi l' -bf" f' T i ff' 9 . , E, ff ik. ii 'X .rs T A. '5 X '.' ',fx,g 'K .Q 52215 iwaofi .ff IT U E in If f f YN. iv .11 X. Vi fr T . '- E3 :Q-QQ l 5 XPXX l, i li T' f MZT l T ,wx .. xx f . as 'T -It ,xxx XX . - yank LL. . . ...ff ll BOTTOM ROW-RoberT Dinsmore, RoberT Brunner, RoberT Eilerman. Ralph Braun, Joseph Brown, Paul Vonderhaar. TOP ROW- Richard WiTTersTaeTTer. Roy Liedhegner, Francis Schroeder. RoberT BrockschmidT, Ray Weigel. Dra maTics "NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH" The annual perTormance-oT The Elder Players, direcTed by The Reverend FaTher Kunnecke, was given in The SeTon High School AudiTorium on The evenings oT May 5Th and 8Th. A maTinee was given on May 5Th Tor The children oT The elemenTary parish schools. The impersonaTion oT Teminine characTers was well carried ouT by six oT The all-male casT oT eleven. This clever acTing broughT on TumulTuous applause ThroughouT The enTire perTormance. , The players' repuTaTion was esTablished aT The TirsT rendiTion. Their acTing was crediTed wiTh being one oT The mosT sTerling' aTTempTs ever made by The Elder Players. The earnesTness and sinceriTy oT The enTire casT made iT possible To puT on The play in an unusually shorT Time. The players are To be commended Tor Their sponTaneous enThusiasm in Their work. Casi' of CharacTers RoberT BenneTT .... E. M. RalsTon ....., Dick Donnelly ,.... .....JosephBrown . ..... RoberT Eilerman , . . ..... Francis Schroeder . , . . . . .Raymond Weigel Bishop Doran ........ .... R ichard WiTTersTaeTTer Gwendolyn RalsTon. Mrs. E. M. RalsTon . Clarence Van Dusen .... .. ........... Ralph Braun . . . .....,. RoberT Brunner EThel Clark ......,.. .... R oy Liedhegner Mabel Jackson .... .... Paul Vonderhaar Sabel Jackson. . . . . . . . .RoberT Dinsmore . . . .. . . . . RoberT BrockschmidT l88l MarTha ......, --'- M - BOTTOM ROW- Herman Foken, RoberT Groneman, Joseph Dacey. Edwin Klumb. SECOND ROW--Willard Boclclage, John Yunker, Jerome Walsh, Jaclc KeaTing, Raymond Weigel. TOP ROW-Joseph Brown, VincenT Riegler, RoberT SuTThoTT, Paul Gruber. -fy . r i . . .ul llw, , 'll' n. - ' L f, .T .y ,fir .' QT' i ii T' i prix ,Q I "b f . J is V T if-V gd? Q T ,Z 'if . A 3 : V A .gijfa ET ' To 5 Q QPNTTPH-5. ' Ti5'r"y:f Tl' fp T f T The Elderado The ELDERADO made a beIaTed appearance This year, The TirsT issue being disTribuTed in December. Financial diTTiculTies made iT seem ThaT all hope oT iTs conTinuance was losT. l-lowever, The ExecuTive Board oT The school suggesTed ThaT This diTTiculTy was only oT a secondary imporTance, and The Men's SocieTy oT ResurrecTion Parish came To The TronT by Tinancing The TirsT issue. ST. Lawrence, ST. William and ST. CaTherine Parishes generously Tollowed The example by Tinancing The Tollowing issues. The ELDERADO is composed OT eighT pages, Tree oT all adverTisemenTs. and is disTribuTed Tree To all The sTudenTs. IT is wriTTen co-operaTively by The sTudenTs and The TaculTy. The sTudenT sTaTT is composed oT Juniors and Seniors, buT maTerial is accepTed Trom any oT The sTudenTs. lnsTead oT being issued every monTh as in Tormer years, The ELDERADO appeared every six weeks, aTTer The TesTs, and conTained a lisT oT The names oT Those boys who had achieved The disTincTion oT being on The honor roll. AnoTher change was The widening oT The Tield oT iTs deparTmenTs. IT was made more general and conTained many inTeresT- ing and varied arTicles. While The chronicle relaTed all imporTanT evenTs, The reporTs oT The school achievemenTs gave The reader a Teeling oT pride Tor Elder. A TreaTise on "The Raven," Poe's mosT Tamous poem, was highly engaging and insTrucTive. The arTicles conTribuTecl by The sTudenTs were very inTeresTing and educaTional, and ranged Trom an amusing disserTaTion on The Tollies oT playing golT To an inTeresT- ing arTicle on The sTrucTure oT The aTom. The ediTorials inTerpreTed The evenTs oT The six-weeks' period and guided The sTudenTs by noTeworThy commenTs and suggesTions. Q, , , .- ,g ,I V, , ., The ELDERADO has TulTilled a greaT wanT in The school and is TasT becoming a TradiTion oT The school. Through iTs columns The sTudenTs are drawn closer To The school acTiviTies and given a means oT expression. Since pasT numbers OT The EIDERADO have clearly shown ThaT There is much iournalisTic abiliTy presenT among The sTudenTs. iT is expecTed ThaT nexT year The ELDERADO will become a school newspaper and ThaT The responsibiliTy Tor iTs publicaTion will be assumed principally by The sTudenTs. The graduaTing class oT T935 hopes ThaT This sug- gesTion will Take hold in The minds OT The class oT i936 and ThaT The ELDERADO will rise To new heighTs among The TradiTions oT Elder. T891 BOTTOM ROW-Herman Folcen, Francis Schroeder, Joseph Brown, GuilberT Voellcer Harry Mohr. SECOND ROW-RoberT Groneman, RoberT Kuhn, Erwin BerTlce, RoberT SuTThoTT. RoberT Terbrueggen, Edwin Klumb. THIRD ROW John Yunlcer. Mr. Joseph Kuley, John Roedersheimer, Raymond' l-lengehold Carl Lengerich. Rev. AugusT J. Kramer. TOP ROW AlberT Schoenig, Rev. Francis J. BredesTege, VincenT Riegler. Elderado Annual Staff Early in January The Seniors were called TogeTher in The gym. The assembly was summoned To deTermine The advisabiliTy oT again producing The school Annual, The Elderado. In previous years The Annual had proved a financial burden To The school. and in order ThaT This year's Annual would be properly Tinanced, a plan was proposed whereby The Seniors would raise The sum needed before work on The Annual was begun. The Senior class pledged iTselT To The underTalcing wiTh a hwill, and under The eTTicienT guidance oT EaTher Kramer, worlc was immediarely begun. ATTer The assigned quoTa was secured, The Annual STaTT was selecTed. WiTh The capable assisTance oT Mr. Kuley, The ar+icIes and TeaTures were wriTTen and ediTed. The business end oT The Annual was Talcen care oT by anoTher secTion OT The sTaTF under The leadership oT FaTher Kramer. The enTire proiecT was supervised by FaTher BredesTege. Y, A NOT only The Annual STaTT, buT also The oTher members oT The Senior class. The enTire srudenr body, and The FaculTy are To be complimenTed Tor Their excellenT co-operaTion in helping To make This year's Elderado Truly repre- senTaTive oT The besT ThaT is in Elder. l90l BOTTOM ROW-Paul Woller, William Gales, Anlhony Mangold, William Fried- man lBandmaslerl, Waller Baclcherms, James Dwyer, Roberl Traul. SECOND ROW- Bernard Scheve, Paul Gruber, Gordon Gugel, Raymond Henge- hold, Richard Schullz, Paul Zimmer, Roberl Berling. THIRD ROW-William Minnery, Roberr Brunner, Gerard Kaulhold, Leonard Bernens. Roberl Carlisle. Lawrence Geis, James Held, Joseph Lienisch. Roberl Marlin, Francis Dacey, Slanley Keller. TOP ROW-John Yunlcer, Edward Schoener, Melvin Vogel, Mr. Augusl' Jung lDirecl'orl, William Mangold, Thomas Mangold. The Band During I934-l935 The Elder l-ligh School Band has conlinuecl lailhfully ils inspiralional service for lhe sludenls. No high school is complele wilhoul a band: lo add zesl, variely, color, lo various school aclivilies is ils funclion. Elder's Band has assumed ils responsibilily, and year aller year has sel lhe sludenls' hearls aslir wilh ils marlial slrains. No sludenl can resisl being inflamed lo lhe highesl pilch of loyally for his Alma Maler, as 'rhe band slrilces up 'rhe slirring noles of The familiar Elder Song, and he ioins in lhe chorus: "Elder l-ligh, our Alma Maler, We will always love lhy name, And loday we sland a body Ready lo proclaim 'rhy fame." l91l BAND - lConTinuedl Besides iTs cusTomary parTicipaTion in The TooTball games, Elder's Band was pressed inTo service Tor oTher school. social and civic TuncTions. AT The l-loly Name parade, Sunday, OcTober 7Th. iT graced This religious occasion by a briIIian+ display oT musical TalenT. TogeTher wiTh The Orch'esTra. The Band co-operaTed in presenTing a musical program aT The ParenT-Son NighT, Novem- ber 8Th. On Tuesday, December 4Th. iT Took parT in The parade which pre- ceded The elecTion oT oTFicers of The Price Hill Civic and Business lvlen's Club. IT also parTicipaTed in The solemnclosing oT boTh SeTon and Elder High Schools, May 24Th, and in The Class Day celebraTion aT Elder, May 29Th. The band's Tinal appearance of The school year was made aT The Memorial Day parade, lvlay 3OTh. i To lvlr. AugusT Jung Tor his capable and eTTicienT direcTiong To The Welfare AssociaTion Tor iTs Tinancial aid: To The members oT The band Tor Their devoTion To Their Taslc-To These Elder expresses iTs appreciaTion oT Their eTlorTs in behalf oT The Band. Were Orpheus on earTh Today, WiTh his sweeT pipes of Pan. l-le'd have To pipe some classy lay, To beaT our Elder Band. T l92l BOTTOM ROW-Vernon Messer, Norberi Brinkman, Roberf Groneman, Alberf Schoenig. Guilberi Voellcer, Harry Mohr. Roberf Rack, Erwin Berilce, Carl 5, Lengerich. Robe-rl Ranz, Edwin Klumb. Roberl Griiclilhs. SECOND ROW--Edgar Weber. William Regan. Raymond Bachus, Roberi Brink- man. Francis Maclce, Melvin Vogel, Leo Honerlcamp, Linus Le Tang, Alberi Kluener, Arfhur Uirechl, Vincenf Riegler. Q THIRD ROW-James Hollenlcamp, John Yunlcer, Charles Meyers. Roberl' Kuhn, Roberi Weigel, Joseph Fieler, William Wandsiraih. Leo Luggen. Harry Tierney, Roloeri Broclcschmidi, Joseph Luimer, John Nauerl. William O'Connor, John Panhorsi. Roberi Nieman. Joseph Feisi, Roberi Scheclc, Carl Lind. BACK ROW-Gail Logan, Fred Delaney, Ralph Braun, Richard Schuliz, John Sievering, William Bardon. Clee Club The Elder Glee Club, recenily organized, endeavors lo creale an appreciaiion for choral singing among Elder siudenis. H broadcasl ihe "Elder School Song" over The radio in conneciion wiih a program of 'rhe alhlelic deparimeni, and again sang a+ Jrhe annual Novena Mass. l93l Joseph Dacey. Roy l-luwel, Joseph Kern, Francis Rensing, Roberl Traul, Paul Woller, Rev. Urban Wimmers lDirec'rorl. Paul Gruber, Slanley Keller. Bernard Gugel. Roberf Schoener, Raymond l-lengehold, Roberl' l-luellemeier, Gerard Ka ulholcl. Crchestra The Elder High School Orcheslra was organized in l933. H has 'furnished incidenlal music for +he annual plays of +he Liferary Socie+y. In spile of a limiled personnel, The orcheslra has played music from rhe scenes of lighl operas, demons'rra+ing The Technique and balance possible wi'rh a small ensemble. l94l , -,,. ,pg- 1 f, .. 4 ,lg WS V. Athletics BOTTOM ROW -Harry Mohr, Francis Schroeder, Joseph Thesing. SECOND ROW-Walter J. Bartlett, Rev. James L. Krusling. Athletic Association The Athletic Association is made up ot the student-body, trom which repre- sentatives ot each class are chosen to elect the otticers ot the association. These otticers are under the able guidance ot our Athletic Director, Father Krusling. The purpose ot the Athletic Association is to sponsor and encourage athletics, as well as to inculcate sportsmanship into the students at Elder. It endeavors through class representatives to have every student participate in some line ot athletics-intra-mural baseball and basketball, and all other torms ot reserve and varsity sports. ln order to tinance these athletic activities, the nominal sum ot two dollars is requested ot each student able to pay. This payment automatically entitles him to a pass-boolc tor all school games and permits him to ioin all intra-class sports. The Vigilance Committee, a branch ot the association, was tormed by volun- teer Seniors to take in tickets at all school games and keep order among the spectators. The association may be credited tor the enthusiastic display ot school spirit manitested by the student-body throughout the whole year. Especially was this noticed in the pep meetings which were held during the year. T981 BOTTOM ROW- Rev. James L. Krusling lA1'hle+ic Direcforl, B. Bauman J. Thesing, R. Monnig, E. Thompson, F. Schroeder, R. Morgan. C. Bonfield Waller Barflelf lCoachl. SECOND ROW--J. Wellinghoff, W. Herman, E. Woelfel, H. Keman. W. McCoy. W. DiMuzio, P. Ca+anzaro, P. Aciio. THIRD ROW-T. Kain, A. Defers, E. Wiemeyer, G. Eismann, M. Haier. R. Ranz. R. Eilerman. TOP ROW- N. O'Connor lS1'uden+ Managerl, J. Vicar, P. Guelrhlein, E. Schlank G. O'Dell lS+uden+ Managerl. Football Aulumn breezes, leaves falling, lhe lhud of lhe pigskin as il leaves lhe lciclcer's +oe, 'rhe s+riden'r cry of The quarlerbaclc --all infallible signs Jrhal King Foolball has ascended 'rhe 'rhrone of Sporldom al Elder. In response 'ro Coach Bar+leH's call for malarial, filly candidales endeavored lo win a ber'rh on Jrhe leam. From Jrhis group a squad of Jrwenly-five players was selecled 'ro uphold The fine lradilions of Elder's foolball leams. Allhough un- usually lighr. Jrhey presenled a well-balanced eleven, despile lhe almosl irrepar- able loss of Bob Plagge, who had suffered a broken leg in Jrhe lirs+ scrimmage of l99l FOOTBALL - lConTinuedT The year. Led by CapTain Francis Schroeder, They ToughT valianTly in every conTesT. The peak oT The season was reached when in The Tinal Tive minuTes oT The Thrilling game wiTh Purcell They scored I3 poinTs To Tie The Cavaliers. Special menTion should be given The Seniors, who by Their spiriTed play gave The inspira- Tion necessary To The inexperienced members oT The varsiTy. ELDER 0- MIDDLETOWN 26 ln The TirsT game oT The season, Elder journeyed To lvliddleTown To meeT The highly TouTed lvliddies oT ThaT ciTy. Because oT The lack oT experience, The squad suTTered iTs TirsT seTback oT The season. lvliddleTown showed a deTermined oTTense. wiTh which The lighTer boys Trom Elder could noT cope. The playing oT CapTain Schroeder and Ray Morgan TeaTured Tor The PanThers. ELDER 0-WOODWARD 0 S+iII smarTing under The deTeaT handed Them by lvliddleTown, The Team meT Woodward in The TirsT home game oT The season. AT The end oT Tour guarTers oT Turious TighTing The score sTood aT O-O. Elder had The superior Team. as is evi- denced by The number oT TirsT downs The PanThers scored. Woodward scored only one, while The PanThers scored Ten. The sensaTional punTing oT Eilerman TeaTured The conTesT. The Team as a whole TuncTioned much more smooThly Than in The previous game. ELDER 0-HUGHES 6 BeTore a crowd oT Three Thousand people T-lughes Big Red played hosT To The Elder PanThers in one oT The mosT Thrilling conTesTs oT The year. The highly Tavored l-lughes Team was ToughT To a sTandsTill by The greaTly ouTweighed PanThers. A lax pass deTense spelled deTeaT Tor The Team. The courageous playing oT Bill McCoy was The high lighT oT The encounTer. ELDER 0 - COVINGTON 6 AnTicipaTing an easy vicTory, I-lolmes l-ligh oT CovingTon, one oT The sTrongesT Teams in KenTucky, meT Elder. l-lowever, They barely managed To eke ouT a 6-poinT vicTory, scoring in The Tinal Tew minuTes oT play. The heavier weighT oT The CovingTon boys Told, and alThough The TighT oT The PanThers was in evidence, iT was noT suTTicienT To sTem The Tide. Vicar and Kemen showed well Tor The Team. ELDER 6-ST. XAVIER 6 The TirsT hearT-breaker oT The season! Elder led ThroughouT The game, only To have vicTory snaTched Trom iTs grasp in The lasT minuTe oT play. The honor oT scoring The TirsT Touchdown OT The season wenT To Tommy Kain, who Topped a sensaTional drive oT sevenTy yards by plunging over Trom The one-yard line. Bob Eilerman esTablished himselT as one oT The ToremosT kickers in high school ranks by his consisTenT punTing. A ELDER 0-ROGER BACON 0 In The annual double-header aT Crosley Field, Elder meT The defending cham- pions oT The GreaTer CincinnaTi High School League, Roger Bacon. UndaunTed by The repuTaTion oT The SparTans. Elder wenT inTo This conTesT wiTh a grim deTer- minaTion To uphold The honor oT The school. Time and again The PanThers swepT down The Tield, and only The sTaunch deTense oT Roger Bacon prevenTed our Team Trom scoring. CapTain Schroeder played The besT game oT his high school career. I-le was in every play, breaking up inTerTerence, blocking and Tackling wiTh deadly precision and skill. ln The backTield Kain and Eilerman TeaTured. CrediT should be given To The enTire Team Tor Their spiriTed play. ' Uooj FOOTBALL -- lConTinuedl ELDER I3 - PURCELL I3 Once again The PanThers meT The Cavaliers of Purcell aT Corcoran Field in The final league game of The season. The Cavaliers were The overwhelming favoriTes, according To The predicTions of every sporTs wriTer in The ciTy. For Three quarTers and mosT of The final period The Crimson and Gold ran rampanT and piled up a score of I3-O. Then The PanThers sTruck. WiTh five minuTes of play remaining, The Purple and WhiTe Turned loose a devasTaTing passing aTTack. The firsT Touchdown resulTed when Tommy Kain plunged over from The Two-yard line, climaxing a series of beauTiTul passes Trom Thesing To I-lerman. Thesing Then kicked The exTra poinT-The firsT scored by an Elder Team -in several years- To make The score I3-7. ShorTly afTer The kick-off Elder Took The ball from Purcell on The Cavaliers' forTy-five-yard line. Once again The pass combinaTion of Thesing To I-lerman proved Too much for The boys from Purcell, and Elder marched The ball To The Ten-yard line. WiTh buT a minuTe of play remaining, Thesing again compleTed a pass To T-lerman, This Time for a Touchdown, which Tied The score aT I3 all. The aTTempTed kick for The exTra poinT was blocked. Once again Elder had shown The fighT which characTerized all The Elder fooTball Teams. In This game Joe Thesing esfablished himself as one of The greaTesT backs ever Turned ouT aT Elder. l-lerman and Kain also disTinguished Themselves by Their heads-up play. ' ELDER 0- DAYTON STEELE 7 For Two periods asdeTermined Elder held a supposedly superior S'Teele Team scoreless. In facT, The lighfer Elder Team compleTely ouTplayed The heavier opposiTion. In The Third period, because of a blocked punT, The S+eeIey+eam Took The ball on The PanThers' ThirTy-Three-yard line and scored a Tew plays laTer. This decided The game, alThough Elder had Two Touchdowns called back for various reasons. Vicar and Thesing showed well for Elder. ELDER 0-WESTERN HILLS 0 The big game of The season! Before The largesT crowd of The season Elder meT WesTern I-Iills in The annual Thanksgiving Day conTesT. Elder exhibiTed a dazzling oTfense, Time and again sweeping down The field, only To have Their eTforTs wasTed by a Turn of faTe. The PanThers gained 320 yards Trom scrimmage while scoring eleven firsT downs To The Ivlaroons' one. Thesing's brillianT line- plunging and passing, coupled wiTh The remarkable playing of Rob Eilerman, had much To do wiTh The brilliancy of Elder's play. The defensive eTliorTs oT Francis Schroeder were again in evidence. Playing in Their final game for The PanThers were The following Seniors: CapTain Francis Schroeder, Ray Morgan, Bill lvlcCoy, Bill Herman, ArT DeTers, Tommy Kain, Rob Eilerman, John Vicar, PeTe AciTo, George Eismann, Bob Ranz and Bob Ivlonnig. Ii101l I FIRST ROW-Edward Wesseling. Joseph Thesing, James Weber, Elmer Budde. John Bugganer, Erwin Berlice. SECOND ROW--Ralph Timmers, Harry Sloeber, Earl Thompson, Jerome Tierr- meyer. Raymond Boclcerslefle. TOP ROW-Neil O'Connor lS+uden'l Managerl, Vincenl Riegler lS'fudenl i lvlanagerl, Mr. Waller J. Barllell lcoachl, Richard Traurh, Willard Boclclage lS+uden+ Managerl. Basket Ball Owing lo rhe relurn ol five lelrer men from las+ year's second-place leam. Elder gave promise of having one of 'rhe slrongesl leams in The hislory of Jrhe school. The 'ream had The heighl, weighl and aggressiveness necessary for lhe successful complelion of lhe diiificull schedule which il faced. Composed of Thesing, Bugganer, Tiellmeyer, Traul, Boclcerslelle and Timmers al forward: Budde and Weber a+ cenlerg and Berrlce, Sloeber, Thompson and Wesseling a+ guard: rhe squad enjoyed one ol lhe mosl successful seasons ever experienced by U02 A assi' rrri- -J. A ,f, ,i rn. K ,,v 'Q ,V-,M . wif I, xg?-IL ff iQ! X, rr fl? il " iff J . 'H j f i ' 1 T Q i ,i .J i T j 'ng ,T ,-ri W V 1 P ,- I ri iw i fui ffill yi ,ff - ,fl J' BASKETBALL - lConTinuedl a Team aT Elder. Among The accomplishmenTs were The winning ol: GreaTer CincinnaTi I-Iigh School League championship and The vicTory over OxTord STewarT, which had been deTeaTed only once in TwenTy-Two games. The deTeaT oT The Maroons Trom WesTern I-Iills was also a pIeasanT evenT To The Tollowers oT The Purple. ELDER 53 -AUTOMOTIVE I0 The small AuTomoTive Team was no maTch Tor The smooThly TuncTioning oTTense oT The PanThers. SToeber and Bugganer led The aTTaclc, while The deTensive worlc oT Thesing was superb. ELDER za - LUDLOW 24 In The second game oT The season, Elder meT The sTrong Ludlow Team and was Torced inTo an overTime To deTeaT The boys Trom KenTuclcy. Budde and TieTTmeyer loolced besT Tor The Purple and WhiTe. ELDER I5-WOODWARD 28 Elder suTTered one oT The Tew losses oT The season on accounT oT The Iis+Iess play oT The enTire Team during The Tinal halT. i ELDER 26-+HAMILTON CATHOLIC 20 Elder snapped ouT oT iTs leThargy by deTeaTing a sTrong I-IamilTon CaThoIic Team in one of The besT games oT The season. Bugganer led The oTTensive drive, while BerTlce, in his TirsT appearance oT The season. worked well on The deTense. ELDER 26 - ST. XAVIER I7 In The TirsT league game oT The season, Elder handily Trimmed The Con- querors oT ST. Xavier. ATTer jumping oTT To a big lead, The PanThers were never headed. SToeber by his accuraTe "bunny" shooTing led The scorers ELDER 32 -WITHROW 26 RaTed as underdogs, The PanThers puT up a marvelous exhibiTion oT basIceTball To deTeaT The Tigers Trom WiThrow. The worlc oT The enTire Team was deserving oT praise. ELDER 32-ROGER BACON 26 The SparTans oT Roger Bacon, raTed as one oT The besT Teams in The ciTy, Tell before The mighTy prowess oT The PanThers. Elder overcame an early lead and showed by Tar The besT Torm oT The season To ThaT daTe. Led by TieTTmeyer and BerTlce, The PanThers proved Themselves To be in The Thick oT The TighT Tor The League championship. ELDER 22 - PuRcEu. 37 A bad TirsT halT caused The PanThers To lose This game and dropped Them To a Tie wiTh Roger Bacon and Purcell Tor The league leadership. The playing oT The Team was by Tar The worsT oT The season. I ELDER 2I -ROGER BACON I8 Once again The PanThers wenT 'inTo TirsT place, never To be headed. This game was one oT The mosT Thrilling ever played by an Elder Team and aTTracTed some TiTTeen hundred people To The spacious gymnasium oT The SparTans. The H031 BASKETBALL - iconianuedi ouTcome oT The conTesT was in doubT unTil The Tinal minuTe oT play, when Elder Torged inTo The lead and recapTured The lead in The league race. Thesing played The besT game oT his career, Time and again breaking up The plays oT The Bacon lads. ELDER 30-OXFORD STEWART 28 BoasTing a record oT TwenTy-Two sTraighT vicTories, The OxTord STewarT boys came inTo Town Tor whaT They ThoughT should be a "breaTher." Elder, however. had diTTerenT ideas on The subiecT. and beTore The TirsT halT was over The OxTord Team knew iT was in Tor one oT The closesT games oT The season. For Three guarTers The Teams played on even Terms, boTh showing a sTubborn deTense. ln The Tinal guarTer, however, The PanThers Tound The hoop wiTh much more regulariTy Than in The previous Three guarTers, and wenT inTo The lead. The Tinal score was 30-28 in Their Tavor. TieTTmeyer sTarred boTh on The oTTense and The deTense. ELDER' 20-ST. XAVIER I5 - Elder lengThened iTs lead in The league by dinT oT a vicTory over The Con- guerors. A much improved Xavier Team held The PanThers To The second lowesT number oT poinTs scored in one game. BerTlce by his brillianT playing led The Team To vicTory. . ELDER 25 -- STEELE ? AnoTher bad TirsT halT cosT The PanThers a close conTesT. Trailing by 20 poinTs aT halT Time, The Team came ouT wiTh grim deTerminaTion in The second halT, and Their spiriTed rally Tell iusT shorT oT The marlc. g ELDER 27 - ALUMNI 44 The older, more experienced Tellows, playing againsT The high school lads, had no Trouble in deTeaTing Them by a score oT 44-27. The size oT The Alumni Told in The Tinal counTing. The PanThers played Their usual good game, buT could noT cope wiTh The aTTacl4 oT such sTars as Carl AusTing. "Woody" Sander, Jack Burman, Virgil Lagaly and Lou Albers. Thesing sTarred Tor The Purple and WhiTe. ELDER 22 - LOCKLAND 25 Playing Their worsT gameoT The season, Elder was deTeaTed by Loclcland in The annual DisTricT TournamenT. IT was The ouTsTanding upseT oT The currenT season. The PanThers simply had one oT Their inTreguenT "oTT" nighTs. H041 BOTTOM ROW-William Thompson, I'-Iarry Leesrnan, George McNair, Jerome Jansing. SECOND ROW-Roberl Drennan, Fred Meyer, Fred De Laney. Roberl Klumb, Richard Wilfersfaefler. TOP ROW-John Kelley, Joseph Paluzzi, Roberl I-Ierlurl, Louis Roedersheimer. Basket Ball Reserves For Ihe second successive year EIder's reserve baskcfrlaall learn finished in second place in The Grealer Cincinnali I-Iigh School League. One of Ihe amusing Iacls evidenr in Ihe conlesrs in which The olher Calholic reserve reams from Ihe ciry were mer was Ihal in Delaney, Elder possessed Ihe smallesl player in Ihe League. while in I-Ierlurr Ihey had Ihe Iallesl player. Their season's scores were as follows: cer ..... I4 Ludlow .... 22 cer ..... IO der I2 E E E Eoer ..... 8 Wilhrow . . . 22 E cer ..... 2I Roger Bacon. .. .. . I6 E der ..... I5 Purcell .... 32 E oer ..... I3 Roger Bacon I5 Efoer ..... 26 8 Ecer ...,. 20 SI. Xavier . . I2 E cer ..... I8 Sleele ..... 22 E oer ..... I2 IB oer ..... I2 Weslern I-Iills .... . . . IO - der ..... I3 Colonels ...... . . . I2 E L ,X .5 N, ,. I. ,I ri I'? i, 1 'I I in I II ,II .1 W -m vi' ,v .1.-7 if is T Lv , I F ri ,I I A 'i X , II ' ax I xx It f Ii! Nf'Ei,,i', fl Q "f If 'I w In 0,5 I1s'r-cgi Xi ii ,ff IIB' i2'iLf'f III XNQW Iv 'XII If N' .UI I I gagfwy I IE Woodward . . , . . . I8 QT,:,f'fgefm' SI. Xavier . . . . . I I Iiikffiirlii Q: saw . . . . . XRQI III ,X if . . . , . Ifyysffjfmf Fl I' N "ij SI. Vincenl . . . . ,QI . . . . I-I ,fi Purcell ........ . . . Ilgficckxl my Ry 'jl II ' fl all ,A I? if II ,fi ' ' ,sg ' . 11 BOTTOM ROW- Edward Woeliel, XXfilliam Thompson, Roberl' Windgassen, Harry Sioeber, Jerome Tieilmeyer, Joseph Thesing. William McCoy. SECOND ROW-John Silbernagel, Harry Kemen, Louis Roedersheimer, Joseph Paluzzi. John Vicar, John Roedersheimer. Elder THIRD ROW-Roberi Ranz, Fred Meyer, Roberr Reinsfailer. Daniel McGral'h, " Edward Haulman. ' er TOP ROW-Vincenl Riegler lS+uden'r Managerl. Erwin Berilce, Waller J. Bari- Elder. . . lei? lCoachl. Cyril Plieifer, Willard Boclclage lSl'uden+ Managerl. Elder. U Elder. . Elder. . Elder. . Baseball Wilh lasi year's championship leam riddled by graduaiion, Coach Bar+le++ was faced wilh Jrhe Jraslc of rebuilding an almosl enlirely new leam. Bur wiih Jrhe six leHer-men who had relurned and Jrhe several promising prospecis, he has again formed a leam lhai is feared by all opponenis. The Grealer Cincinnali High School League lille has been lalcen by Jrhe Panlhers, and This praciically assures Elder of securing lhe Trophy. emblernalic of all-around aihleiic supremacy. Pieiier, Berike, Paluzzi and Sioeber in lhe infield: Roedersheimer, Thesing and Vicar in lhe ouliieldg Ranz caichingfiiellmeyer, Windgassen and Woeliel dividing Jfhe hurling labors-ihis line-up serves nolice To The oiher high school Teams Thai Jrhe Panlhers wil be ihe learn lo bear in lhe iorlhcoming dislrici lournameni. I5 8 S+. Xavier. . Woodward. Aulomoiive Louisville. . . Purcell .... Roger Bacon Purcell .... ,,.. , BOTTOM ROW-Thomas De Salvo, Gilberl' Balh, Paul Robben, Joseph Dacey, Roberl Bange. Arlhur Robinson. Eugene Schlanlc. SECOND ROW-Howard Kinney, Paul Meisenhelder, Paul Bange, Roberr Ra'Her- man, Donald Dewar, Carl Rechsieiner, Francis Dacey. George Myers. THIRD ROW-Henry Wachsmulh. Donald Schawann, Arfhur U+rech1', Harold Lambers, Earl Neggerman, Francis Frirsch, Salvarore Rizzo. FOURTH ROXXf-Charles Geier, Carroll Bonfield, Rev. James L. Krusling lA'rhle'ric Direcrorl, John Bugganer Pere Calanzaro. T r a Ck Purcell and l-lamillon I lrhree wayl Elder's lraclc learn, under The able leadership of Weslern l-Iills, l-lamillon and Woodward Falher Krusling, is looking forward lo a successful Hour wayl season and has scheduled meels wilh rhe following S+. Xavier schools: Roger Bacon League Meet Purcell Sl. Xavier H071 - 'Q Piiitxyai 5. ,,,. fr, V FQ? f ,f 5, V, bl ki -yf'-,X ' , " , ull ri 1 . px ' N J 1- uni' c l 3. YQ! 11 , 1 ' -TT. YQ-, . if . . , . 1 l I ." 1 'fr g e . , H li A E B "iq-T." . ':5-1 " EA , ,. ie A. li .. iii ,fl 1, l. . ,P ,vig BOTTOM ROW-Edwin Ruwe, Leo l-lonerkamp. Thomas Hyland, Roberl Grone man. SECOND ROW- Paul Wolfer, John Rulander, Fred Delaney. Tennis The lennis Team will compele wirh 'rhe following reams. and hope To enjoy a good year. The Teams lo be mel in Jrhe following order are: Purcell Purcell Sl: Xavier S+. Xavier Roger Bacon Roger Bacon H081 Harry Monnig, WalTer Grannen, William Lipps. RoberT Downing, Joseph Fieler Francis Maclce, Raymond Doyle. Paul Gries. Golf ln The only conTesT To daTe, The golfers oT Elder wenT down To deTeaT aT The hands oT The Roger Bacon boys. They are UndaunTed by Their loss, however, and promise To remedy This in The maTches remaining wiTh Purcell and ST. Xavier. l1o91 Earl Negaerman, Paul Meisenhelder, Roberf Bange. Carl Recl1s+einer, Francis Frifsch. Cross Country l11o1 P ' -rn - i. ,.-L FIRST ROW-John Scholl. Herman Folcen. Thomas Luimer, Roberi Reinsialler, John Drennan. SECOND ROW-Leo Luggen, Raymond Windgassen. James Held, Joseph Luimer. THIRD ROW-Raymond Haier, Myles Beresford, Raymond Rechsieiner llvlan- agerl, Roberi Bange. Harry Kenning. Swimming Under Jrhe direclion of Coach "Roe" Donohue, rhe swimming Team from Elder enjoyed one of ils mosr successful seasons. In Jrhe four-way meers wirh Jrhe orher Calholic High Schools of rhe ciry They finished second and Thereby secured Jrheir share of poinis roward ihe possession of rhe championship rrophy of +he Greaier Cincinnari High School League. In oiher dual meeis rhey coniesred wiih S+. Xavier, Purcell and Daylon Sieele. - Ii111iI gk, if " i lg TRN. N l ,i ,i i l 3 if i fi l ,' ,fy ' i 'i F' sf" ,e- fii f ,Q , ,fix , , -.Jw 'V-qw 5 'x Sui, 'll 'gl XJR l Mil 1' fr' gi ,M lldpi ,Ji -' i .4 . . . 1 ' 'Ml' HF? r 1, V '19 Rf 'i i 1 li' sv' ,fi ... uw' -f ,J 'ix l :X il. V sk 5, l ' i ' i il kiwi? sri iii ,gf iii li fi ' lf "i ffsin lu' li 'li .1 i gg? N 'li Y., lil ,JH iii ,A dig, ll fflffffi 5 iii ?lX!gHj.'i,1,Lx. I ' 'Q L al 'rf 'lf' lil Yxi rl 3" Wil' fi' of dj :fl 4f'i.,:flf,- ,ff lex.-y Jil 1 ,fu K XX mi, sl as "Hi i iwkffg -' ,451 'K Jbiixfil il J' wifi ,, K -,ifipa rin 'R-x.. Hr, , 114 ii: TK 'sis-r 1. lsl Rf?-2 li if ,il 5523, Vi nf, l 9 ll if V i if" Q. ,J mx , ll gil -1 ff' ,N all Jr?" ,bl l i ll 1, 'L .' BOTTOM ROW-James Eby, PeTer Glaug. John Brogan. George Riehle. TOP ROW-John E. Crowe. Joseph Dacey. Cheer Leaders UndoubTedly in an aThleTic conTesT The real heroes are The members oT The Team. IT They win, To Them principally belongs The glory oT vicTory. Various oTher TacTors. however, enTer inTo The winning oT a game. One oT These is The cheering which, because oT iTs psychological eTTecT, conTribuTes Towards The chances of vicTory by sTiTFening The morale oT boTh The Team and The sTudenT- body. And The individual responsible Tor making This cheering eTTecTive is The cheer leader. Elder's group oT cheer leaders deserves much crediT Tor The aThleTic laurels ThaT were Elder's loT Tor The year. To malce The enThusiasm Tor Elder vocal, To organize and uniTy iT, To have iT proclaimed To The Team-This was Their parT. IT The response To Their eTTorTs is a criTerion of Their success, Then anyone who waTched Elder's aThleTic conTesTs musT admiT ThaT Elder's cheer leaders were accomplished exponenTs of The cheer leader's arT. f112l f, 1 l 5 Q W 54 w 1 r 1 lu J 1 I ' 4 A i w 'x .1 l Wg x X! L51 A f 1 ,. l W 'K Q, U xl. 4 1 I A K A ii ,jaw F, YH L at-K -1 MI' Xrlglaz- 1 -im, ,N . tif? ,,?"s11 M-1' Q - , I ,gm 5,3141 3!S3,,.. ' "vi 'MW' 'L5?:5l4.i fffw' 1' V 'Y' 2'-QTEK, Rn up p1ge', ,f QM Qg,:22f ' .sf Xu 5 T- ' ,X W V Wi! 711. V1 'Z f 1, glut' Yu 'a xv-3 ' I si 527 g Q1 1 l :rf W5 'I Nl' , T ie ig A-s M '- 'x' N, ' -' u'-,3 6 .WA- H. IX :Q fy ' L ff N ,:- EAT! 1 if it 1" EEfri.1x"QE ' ' I' 5: gl, . MW li I I i W, - ' X EF 11 Iwi Q F-.Q is 425 - HN A i 1-N 1 -V gal, W. - . ,, wg QW ,z IH! , K ww .fx 44A : 'U' w, 4 I YZ' I XIV' ! m ,, I YHA' 5 9 15- '5 " ix z3W. 'fi! Nfl wi'2,xfgHl I ' is i-'rfl W my N' Jw! 5 FV WQQ3 ' 5 'FEI W +I! r ly N-1,5 W .'g,f"9 Q Q,1p:1H.k 3 I szgvgf-K' xg Uiwi hi 45P:1ggQ Lsf 1 , l V iv L1 gilujg Nj N-1193 Mr VH" F U A 1 f'i:?j5'Ff 15+ 1, ,MXIQ , QUM i'qI1E5f'l ,. , X, 1f1r:1'fE ' gfL4pgvjf. g !vSfj:,S X. If Us 111 IQ' sw.3fgT Wai? may , ,.. Mlqi W-am N'ig,QCliw ,.1 'W vid! ly U 421 if Mr, -L l- wif 5' We,-jk P Y 39- '. lf- QW 3 wig! wr,-N , N 5-,Q A13 L E mimi' 455 F fffif ' W1 !'?'E1,1:H i ELDER HIGH SCHOOL SONG wALTERWiiJi1ii1i.Aii1ixiEY a d Music by H J. ALF D C EHL JOHN MULVEYQ '33 RE S H CHORUS :f...-:.. . 5 E. F : au.. - - E 2 ffxo Y ' Q?" 'El '-it , A ,, I El- der High, our Al-ma Ma - ter, We will al - ways love thy . afar'-"L fi -A Y "fi y 'L ,I "1 Y. Pi .H :eg : ,V P y g . r 1 EEF e a Q V i name, ELDER SCHOOL SONG , D Y, . 3: Purple banners waving high, Hnii'-" Snow-while pennons, heaven-borne. ee 7 E E See our colors proudly fly, O' Royal hues which kings have worn. l When, in years +o come, we gaze 4 . Q Fondly back 'rhrough mem'ry's haze. H We shall rreasure lhoughls of days .lr-B-QR lu' " 1 e e 1' Which we spenl a+ Elder. E E - Chorus Re3d'Y t0 PTO-Cl? Elder High, our Alma lvlaler, 1'e10Y ' H1 to thy . V 1' We will always love lhy name, E Y ' E e And Jroday we s'rand a body, O Ready 'ro proclaim Jrhy fame. A l, We are loyal 'ro 'rhy colors, . To lhe Purple and lhe While: These reveal Jrhe Elder spirir, Teaching us wha+'s 'rrue and right x 3 l -1 col - ors, eg-H. I . ,xr V it ' ll fi sl Jr 1 .l I 3 I xy 9? i ' Q EZ .i-gil I I Y E " ii' E . AEI, ,Y . ae:-33-22:5 1 1:lf.7a:Eg:g::..57v...,.. -.1-5, .,, -3 fr. .- .:s':.,...,-Q: ' - -' 2: 3' ' v - "5 ' These re-veal the E1-der spir - it, Teach-i11gusHwl1at,s true o rigl1t.H E O i l '-'F i J j " j . j- 11141 VI. Miscellaneous Elder CraduaTe's Oath will endeavor To live 'up To The ideals Tormed Tor us during our sTa aT Elder will, To The besT of my abiIiTy, even aT The cosT oT my life, proTecT and deTend our CaThoIic FaiTh. I will never bring disgrace To Elder by any unlawTul acT. I . y . I I will always be an acTive CaTholic in The Tull meaning of The Term. I will, as a ciTizen oT The UniTed STaTes, Qomply wiTh iTs laws and consTiTuTion 'in The spiriT oT The civil Training received aT Elder. I will do my besT To arouse a True sense of responsibiliTy and honesTy in The business world. Thus, in all These ways, I will TransmiT The repuTaTion oT Elder. noT only as iT has been handed down by pasT graduaTes, buT I will en- deavor To make iT more glorious Than ever beTore. l116j 5555555555555 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5555555555555 59-. 573, 9-if 82,51 -DO -1-N40 oi., 20.0- 20' 2595 CDCO 3-91.2 -0107 53-5 mo: 555 mom 52" 85 525 5?-32 U70-4 -F-,CD CDj.7 4 2 CD0-T 31 35.2 Jkgg 230. CDLQ 533 co"" +33- 94+ 033' 3.33 Lo 39.2 3655655 242-9Qi55 5. -Q' 3- CD -4' Q1 an X- O 'FI 5. um -F 1 C O '21 O P QL 'F 3- CD fD :ll O -s -f' ua O -fi O E 1 -'P' CD CU 0 :- fD -1 cn 5 O 2 Q. T Q! 4 fD To The Parents admiT There is noThing in liTe more disenchanTing Than aTTainmenT. We swepT Through The years oT elemenTary and high school in a blaze oT glory and self-saTisTacTion, buT as The day of aTTainrnenT. gradua- Tion. approaches we begin To realize ThaT perhaps our parT was a minor one. We learned and advanced, noT because of choice buT because we were The willing vicTims oT happy circurnsTances. l-ligh in The lisT of Those who can Take much crediT Tor our success sTand you. our beloved parenTs. AlThough noT direcTly associaTed wiTh The TaculTy 3315? O0-- 3 O:.V73fD :Th SD 35,35 6" gQuaC 1 CD- is Q.-r-IQCDQ 52525: amrmz 3-T2-2:05, Q'g'cDgs4 O 522S3fLC -4 0""2 6360.00 Q.o:fDO'5 -har-HCDO. 25503 2:9295 '3'c.n cn gm swof 52? Q77- 2O'gk5' ffifvrffn s: 5fl'o'6"1 CDOO3'1 --4-wgcp -+-3"!.'.OV' 3"'fDO'T-O CDO.-wO Pgmkog +-?3,0- 5050.5 -1-SCCI N4-sLQ9l-CD og-I1'gg"' C H5' -,CLN4 Q.Cgg's-T Dfnw-+-CD wiTh us in The happiness oT This day oT graduaTion. 5iQS55a9QS5X29QS5529QS55a9QS5529QS5529Qs5529QS5529Qs55a9QS55295i l117l The Elder Welfare Association The Elder Welfare AssociaTion is a sociefy formed for The purpose' of financially aiding Elder High School. WiThouT iTs assisfance so generously given in The pasT, Elder High School, in some respecTs, would noT sTand on a par wiTh oTher public and CaThoIic High Schools. In The year I934-I935 new officers were insfalled in office. These officers were: lvlr. Harry DeTers, President Mr. George Groneman, Vice-PresidenT: lvlr. Thomas E. Brown, Recording Secrefary: Mr. William Blome. Financial SecreTary, and The Rev. Francis J. Bredesfege. Treasurer. The whole sTudenT- body feels deeply indebfed To The refiring officers: Mr. George Aug. Sr., Presidenfl Mr. George TieTTmeyer, Vice-PresidenT:lv1r.AnThony Kunz, Record- ing Secrefary: Mr. Edward H. Laws, Financial SecreTary, and The Rev. Francis J. BredesTege, Treasurer. Some of These men have been in office for five years. and iT is principally because of Their zeal ThaT ThesassociaTion has developed info an indispensable supporT of Elder. The Welfare Associafion in The pasf has spenT several Thousands of dollars for various needs of The school. During The currenT year iT has very graciously confinued To appropriaTe funds for needs as They arose, besides iTs annual paymenT of The music insTrucTor's salary and of The expenses of The aThleTic banqueT. This year iT has made The Annual possible by purchasing an ad, and by giving a card parTy and dance. The proceeds oT which wenT To The Annual fund. IT has, furThermore, sponsored a ParenT-Teacher nighT, when parenTs and Teachers gaThered To become acquainTed wiTh The problems oT Their sons. Each year The membership of The associafion has increased, and iT has corre- spondingly increased iTs scope of usefulness. Judging from iTs pasT record, The Welfare AssociaTion is bound To play an imporTanT role in The developmenT of Elder. 6350555 CONGRATULATIONS I remember, I remember The years I spenf wiThin Dear EIder's plain buT hallowed walls. BeneaTh The discipline ThaT reigned supreme inside Those halls, I Throve as Thrives The bird ThaT merrily sings iTs life away, By NaTure's God besfirred. I remember, I remember Each classroom's long romance: How Fafhers Kramer, HilverT, Mefz Wifh zeal soughf To enhance Whaf seemed To us buf idle show. Their lessons now we prize, EsTeeming Them of priceless worfh In business enTerprise. FROM THE ALUMNI I remember, I remember How in sporTs our prowess grew: How baseball. fooTball, Tennis, Traclc, Baslcefball, and swimming, Too, Endowed our limbs wiTh vim and poise OTT our flag of Purple and WhiTe Was hoisfed by EIder's Braves As sign of champion fighf. I remember, I remember The youThfuI band of friends ThaT made our life in Elder High A paradise immense. IT was The sunrise of our lives: AT sunseT. The decree OT reunion. we all awaiT For eTerniTy. l118l GUR ADVERTISERS W We are pleased to be the official Photographer of the EIcIeracIoI I ll A We are grateful to the school and the Class of IIQ3 5 for their cofoper- ation in producing the photo work. Q vvw J. Albert Jones Studios Pl-loToeRAPl-:ER 429 RACE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO TELEPI-IONE, MAIN IO97 , XQ713 s C1525 L, The ElderHigh School L Welfare Association extends to the i Graduating lass 7 Of 35 its sincerest congratulations and best Wishes '25 Officers Mr. Harry VV. Deters President Mr. George Groneman Vice-President Mr. Thomas E. Brown Recording Secretary Mr. 'William Blome Financial Secretary i Rev. Francis J. Bredestege Treasurer W C J' V , 96 S73 e Q23 95 H231 125 'Ai :N -mv-nwwwmxxw Hg kizfci 1 :Eiii:!::'Ei5:'3::Ei:Y:i:E:I::Y::l'::!:i-:?::T::T:i:!::E:Ei:?'i::T:i!:i:f:5:i-i-iirriri:E:EiE:T:'iiii:'IEi-:T::T:ii3:ii'24 'H H4 :'Ei':E:E:7: 5F?5PFP Z A Issi A E 'H - - . - H' I REV. DENNIS F. BURNS, S. J., A. M., S. T. D., President K -H H- -H . H- 2 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES SCHOOL OF COMMERCE AND FINANCE E IE Courses leading to the degrees of Bachelor Courses leading I0 the degree Of Bachelor E IQ of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of ' of Selenee 111 Commerce K Q Philosophy, Bachelor of Literature --1 Q: ici: :PT I -- Full information about courses, entrance .H . r . . . H. .H Pre-Medlcal Course equxrements and other particulars will be H. 3 Pr D t 1 C Sent on request by THE REGISTRAR. Tele-- K .H e' CH 3 Curse phone JEfTerSon 3220. Address: Xavier H. 2 Pre-Legal QOUYSF University, Evanston Station, E :Q A Junior Engineering Course Cincinnati, Ohio. 3 'H ......... M ---- - ---- - ---- T I gr.. ,... H' 3 S X '-'- -ee-' SR I--A --e---- 355 ---h- 'TIS -Ai- Q - " .,,. ------- - ---- ----- --AR A ---- ---- :Q . S ----I- ----e- -HA---- E ' 5 "t' lf """' ""I" 3 . --E- . gg .I -.a- 11f?f3Tf51:5'l.-'EIS Tim "'."' "" """A' I ' - ""' . fs N S'f-T339 --- ,H "'- .'.. H. 'H lvn' if "" .-1-ii .--. ,.... . ...-.s..-. 1 ..,.. ..-. R... ...-...-. .... . ...-.., f . , H' .H ...,... . .... ...........,.., . . .,.,....,. . ,.,..........,. ..,.... . .,....... . .... . ........,.. .. .,.... .... .... . ..,... . . ..... .. .,...... . ...,. ..... . ,... , . .,,.. ...., . ......, , .,,., . , ..,..,.,,....,.. . . . , . ....,.. , ,,.,.,,.,,,V.,. ,,,.,,.......,,,,. . ..,,. f H' 'H , . H' 'H A MODERN UNIVERSITY WITH CATHOLIC IDEALS AND TRADITIONS H' 75,322 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H 'H DU DFT? tg, Ezkzkiriiii-ii:iiii::'E':f:Y::E:E:Y:i3g:E!c:Y:'3::Eii:i:!::T::E:E:Y::l'::iii:Ei:T::l-ri--3:i'i':!:5::T::E:E:Y::!::?:i:!::E:E3:5::1':i-ii!c:E:Y::E'i:Ei'24 DH , H4 E E H' :Y::E:!::Y:i::E:!::!::?::T::Y::Ei:kii 555515355-?3F255E5F5FFPl5-71: Service Beyond Price I Many times your telephone serves in ways that are priceless. It E quickly takes your call for any needed aid. It helps in building E E up all industries, and brings work and workers togetherg it keeps E R- if 35? friendships alive that are of mutual benefit. feefefime: I-4 o s: Pt P? EL CD fo D- o :s FD 5. ff rr CD f: E. 4 . FD H CD L CD FD H 4 CD :J ff DJ :I O. ff :r FD ET fb :S O. o PM FD 4 CD H '4 O . D SD Nunez THE CINCINNATI AND SUBURBAN if BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY arsrrwnalE2ErafualrwfwxacvealezveafHalalfawwvsrrlswEwrlezlasrsreswrEveafrnrrzacffnlrafs It 127 SI 1-il-1gl-l- - HUMOR Ulrechl: "I musl lake lime oul lo praclice a new loe hold." A Freshie: "Oh, are you going lo be a wresller?" Ulrechli "No: a chiropodislf' . Falher Sleinbicker: "Your lalher looks like a man who calls a spade a spade." A Freshman: "Yeah-unless he drops il on his corns." i...,.i-i- Groneman: "Hey, pop! How do you lind lhe leasl common denominalor?" Mr. Groneman: "WhalI Are lhey slill looking lor lhal? Il was missing when I was a boy." -1,-.ll 'Falher Hilverl: "Whal is a caucus?" Lulmer: "A dead horse." ,iiii-1 Herman lin dislricl ol Chevioll: "So you're lhe Chiel ol Police? Glad lo know you! I wonder il I could shake hands wilh lhe Fire Chiel?" Police Chiel: "Sure. Jusl wail lill I change hals." I Mr. Kuley: "Whal are lhe Harvard Classics?" Lengerich: "The loolball games wilh Yale and Army." Falher Berning: "Voelker, whal is lhe Sahara Deserl?" Voelker: "A nice sandy beach, Ioul il's loo lar lrom lhe ocean." ,l,,-lil Hengehold: "I hope you will excuse me. I haven'l played lhis clarinel since Ocloberf' Iylr. Jung: "Whal year?" Brenner: "I lhoughl your brolher was digging a well, Ray?" Habig: "He was, bul he gol down lilleen leel and il Ioecame loo wel." l,.il...--- Hassel: "Dad, I need an encyclopedia lor school." I Dad lgrulllyl: "Posilively noll You walk lo school like I did." ,ililii . Falher Wimmers: "Whal is lhe maller wilh your singing? You are simply screeching." Harry Mohr: "l'm only hilling on one lonsil." Ivlr. Kuley lenlering class-rooml: "Order, please!" Le Tang labsenl-mindedlylz "An egg sandwich and a cup ol colleef-' 1 l128l G l f l h h d """"-"'---- that makes one forget the cold, nasty, wintry weather outside. Thats what you want when you order fuel. . . call C H E R R Y 8 O 0 O . . . TO-DAY for HOT FIRE MEYER guaranteed HEAT. We have the fuel for your particular furnace to insure v your HEAT SATISFACTION .... I I I I I The ADAM F. MEYER COEII CO. : I I IIlIllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll: Q Richter Concrete Corporation 7' 2 QUALITY CONCRETE MODERN SERVICE 1249 W. Seventh St, A A A Cincinnati, Qllio H291 HEAT FoR SALE . I I ood o d com ortab e eat-t e kin : l HUMOR FaTher BredesTege: "We won'T have enough seaTs aT SeTon Tor The audience oT 'NoThing BuT The TruTh.' " Kuhn: "Well, FaTher, iT necessary, l'll ask FaTher Wimmers To have The orchesTra play 'The STar- Spangled Banner' all Through The performance." ProT.: "DeTine space." ' Senior laTTer sTammering and sTuTTeringl: "l have iT in my head, buT I can'T geT iT ouT." Freshman laT The booksTorel: "Do you keep sTa- Tionery here?" Groneman: "No, we keep moving." - Once more our Elder l-ligh enjoys ThaT ballad old and dear: "Where do we go Trom here, boys? Where do we go Trom here?" , FaTher Powers: "Give The principal parTs of pigeo." Yunker: "Pigeo, pigere, sguili, grunTus." Erv. BerTke: "WhaT is meanT by 'college bred'?" Joe Brown: "l'm Told ThaT iT means a Tour year loaT made oT papa's dough." Announcer: "The nexT number we will broadcasT will be George Brenner and his rubber band." ll Voelker ruining up The serversl: "Come on! Go ahead! STand sTill! All righT! Back up! Ready!" - Bob Oker: "WhaT are all These numbers on The dog's collar?" Eddie Klumb lThoroughly disgusTedl: "Don'T be silly. ThaT's his mileage!" -. l- FaTher Kramer: "Some men ThirsT aTTer Tame, some aTTer love, and some aTTer money." Tom Kain: "l know someThing They all ThirsT aTTer." l:aTher Kramer: "WhaT's ThaT?" Tommy: "SalTed peanuTs." Miss Kolde: "So you're laTe because you had your car overhauled." Wesseling: "Yes, by some smarT speed cop." Eilerman: "l Think Bob TrauT has a Tendency To leT Things slide." Schaller: "Why so?" Eilerman: "l-le plays The Trombone." H301 Q I 0 Phones : WAbasl1 0365 - 0366 f 4512 SOutl'1 0560 - 0561 TI-IE ISHN I. RADEL co. FUNERAL HOME IIII GLENWAY AND DEWEY AVENUES ' HENRY RADEL, President Q-0'?4"7+'+' , School Desks, Blackboarcls, Maps, Globes, 4 , and a Complete Line of School Supplies 4 Z S V Carried in Stock in Qur Warehouse 4 , The Acme School Supply Co. I 9 CDivision of The W. F. Hausman Co., I 2 118,120 WEST SECOND ST. 2 PHGNES: MAIN 19864987 CINCINNATI, oHIo it -4-4-4-0'9'9'9 t 11811 HUMOR Falher l-lilverl: "Name an imporlani dale in Roman his+ory." Terbrueggen: "Mark An+ony's wiih Cleopa+ra." ' Fafher lvleiz: '.'Wha+ are lhe Jrhree words used mosi by s+udenls?" Mock: "l don'+ know." Falher lvleizr "Qui+e correct" -lil., Fafher l-lamann:"'Do you know Lincoln's 'Ge++ys- burg Address'?" Wise Guy: "I didn'+ even know he lived +here?" Timid Freshie: "I-low do you suppose our fool- ball men ever gel clean?" Belligerenl Senior: "S'apl Whal do you lhink our scrub leam is for?" Hill: "The woman I marry musl be uprighl square and grand." Sulihofic "You're sure i+'s noi a piano you wan+'?" Rensing: "The lunch-room hor dogs make my head dull." ' Pfeiier: "Rub mus'rard on ii: 'rha'r'll make il smart" , lvlr. Kuley Ho classl: "Now, somebody give me some long words." Aliherrz "Procras+ina+ion." lvlr. Kuley: "Ano'rher." Ruwe: "ldiosyncrasies." lvlr. Kuley: "Good: ano+her." Schroeder: "Rubber," lvlr. Kuley: "ThaJr's noi long." Schrolesz "No, bui if can be s+re+ched." Lady lin lunchrooml' "Have ou ihe correcf . . y lime? l wanl +o boil some Jrhree-minu+e eggs, and my wafch is half an hour 'ias+." -ii... Junior Regan: "Wha+ is pro+oplasm?" Fafher Krusling: "l+'s Jrhe living mailer in a cell." Regan: "Oh, a iailbird, eh?" - Grove: "Do you like codfish balls?" Bird: "l never allended any." U32 1 X.:Y::E:i:E:!::!::Y:5::1'i-:I::!::Y::Ei:!:3::?:i::I:iii:E:!:i:i:!::!:i:!::E:Y::!::Y::T::E:Y::ki::iiiiiiiiiiiic:!::E-3:i:5::Y:i:ii:i:T::Ei:I::1:iii:Ei:Q4 M W M ' W M W 2 THE ELACH BROS. GRQCERY CC. 5 E PHCNE, MAIN 0415 SECOND AND VINE STREET E THE I-ICUSE OF QUALITY E: iiiiiiiiii IQTTI DISTRIBUTORS GF , Sun Shine and Lakeside Canned Vegetables , 'I' and Gold Coast Canned Eru1ts gg 2555?133535-13??5I3??l:?3523?3l33133P???3P-1:35333"5P?3f3?:F3F3:5'q::P?:F3:5Fl:?T5P:I:T3f"7l:3P3F?T?5P?:P?5F5f':F5Pl33P?5f?5P:F??:2' X EIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIk Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii E E 3 E 3 I gg E I I I I I 3 ll W . E OR GOOD RESULTS SJ :Q Congratulations E 'H - --l1I1--- --ii--1 'H , :EH U56 E E and best Wtshes E Q Eg E to tI1eQ'raduates E '-Q H' H E 'H H' .H H0 'H M 0 I-I AW K 'I' 'H H' 'H H' .H H' 'H H' .H H0 3 2 :Q HH! M W W Z1 PAINT at E t 3 51 221 'SZ 'H H' pH H' PRGDUCTS IH 53 Z K 'H H' pH H4 3 E1 E E .H ----Madeby-- H- II HQ E E E E SHA The lnderhees-Trarbach Co. E E from a Friend E.: 3 ICPILICENTRALAVENUE Q 25 E 53 E iT??f?FT?????f??f???????TT?????TTTfR iT??f?T??Tf??????f??????????f?????fR Eiiiitiiiiiiziiiiiiitiizftfzfiiiiiiiii3:ii':i:E:E:I:i:Y:i::I::I::I2:I::Ei:iti:E:1'::E':Ei:i':Y:'1:i:Y:5:i:Eii::!:i:i:E:Ei:i:I::E'a4c 3 I H E I I ' CLEAN - DUSTLESS gg SCOTLESS f SAFE E: E PRCTECT YCUR HEALTH With DEPENDABLE FUELS 4+ H- H W EE QUEEN CITY CQAL CU. EE E f JAS. A. REILLY, Vice-President I E E v PHCNE, MAin 5170 913 DIXIE TERMINAL V Q W X'f5E3lF?3PfE?15431:5P5E453E355E?3E5P47fF5Pl5l5?l5lI3??3F43f53555!-?5FFFPl:5E:5P35?35ii535457t5?3E3551335-5F3555P3!5fi5'I 'FfP3EF555F25fI5Q5l155!3'54 111331 I XiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiK ,H H4 'H E 'H R' iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii TTTT????E???????????????? Harry W. Deters f I Diamonds Watches CQ K 3 Jewelry E M N J W 2 53 W if T M W M f W M W Eiiiiiiiii H H M H W M W W M M M M H H H H .44 M M M M M M M M H M + + + + W 64 f????????? FIFTH FLOOR - WIGGINS BLOCK FIFTH AT VINE PARKWAY 6962 Ivlr. Kuley lsignaling hurriedlyl: "File out in order, boys." Olcer lin subdued tonel: "Last one out is a charcoal." Schoenig: "Phone someone long distance. The operator will intorm you when the three minutes are up." Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix - Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix H W M W M W H W iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii E Q. 0 '1 Q' U Q. C Q fl' 0 m U 1 0 ??????????????????? invited to Join .... Holy Familyfiym A Fully Equipped Athletic Club OPEN TO ALL M W H W LU Spacious Clubrooms E 2 Bowling Basketball E H . . . 2 Billiards Boxing Q 3 Lounge Volley Ball 3 -H O . I-I' Z Library Aerial Dart K 3 E 2 Locmisn AT K iiiiii m M M H M M H + M M M + + + + + +I + +I +I +I +I +I +I +I FH +I +I +I +I +I +I +I wi X??T??Tf PRICE AND GRAND AVENUES PRICE HILL xii OH GX gs ITU ' O. O N4 U5 QI F -I1 QJ -I' T fD :I Q. O fD m 3 -F -I' 3- OJ -I' CD .Q C 2. INT xx 4- -sz Father I-Ianeberg: "And, as plus M, equals i... Father Kunneclce: "Behold Nathan I-Iale at the scattold. Study his tace and tell me what he is dying tor." Clit? Luebbe: "I lcnow. A Camel." M W M W 3 5 2 Phone NVAbasl1 0175 Iliff and Glenway Aves., Price Hill K -H H- Li I ir' E E 4:5 HENRY H. GRUETER SL SON QQ vH I-I4 E FUNERAL DIRECTORS E IQ I 3 'H 5 E Courteous Sedans for Weddings and HH: 2 Ambulance Service Other Functions III CQ II-' 3 Il-' XTEXT!!!TT?FT?TTFTTTQFTTETTTTTTTQ??????T??????TT???????????????????T?????R I1341 fzhillil it i init itll it Shui! 1 li li i illil C 0:4 Q SIMON 'S QUALITY FOOD SHOP AND CAFE 1783-85 QUEEN CITY AVENUE 'lllil illillitlindii illinilliuiuiui lillilliv 0 291 I Uzhilll limi i it i '1 ll: in in ini ini llllil' 3 Vg' 'lillitlilliniuiuilliuiuillillillitlluillill MESSMAN-WENSTRUP QUALITY CLoTH1NG 611-613 MAIN STREET l:OIi0Q0l0Q if ii 1 MDM! MDM! il QllQ0,0l0Ql C illlbiibor STATIONERYG PRINTING G 523 MAIN STREET f 214 EAST EIGHTI-I STREET chilli lil init it L-lllilliuii illilli limi linilbvo 4.52020QITQUQUQDQ011IMUQUMOi1li0QOQ0l0i1 ! g ! 1 1 i sfo OVERLOOK CLUB .-012- ST. TERESA PARISH Recreational Facilities FOOTBALL BASEBALL BASKETBALL Fl0QDQ0Q0il ini llllifUQIl10iIlllYQOillQOQl o .0linliuinilliuinllllioillibuiuiuiuinli MOLLENKAMP FURNITURE CO. E U R N I T U R E A N D R U G S Telephone, CI-Ierry 8032 1306-1308 MAIN STREET Cincinnati, Ohio .0. efliuiui illillioiuiniuluioinl i li Q V 0.01 ! 5 illil it it illlllll it init illiui 111 Compliments of A FRIEND 1111 I . ini. Q' Di liui lil i li li li ini it it i lil i Q O:OlQ0 0Q0a 201 Mill! il T QI ,DQ 9 IQO 3 no 135 Compliments DR. H. R. CRAIG PROVIDENT BANK BUILDING 3640 WARSAW AVENUE WAbash 0332 IQUQ Q Q QUQI QI Q QI Q Q lil Q IQ! i Opllli ini li link lui: is i li linilli Compliments of MR. GEO. AUGA 1111 liniuilll lil 1 limi liuioilliniuil i TIIE PREMIER PRESS CO. PRINTERS - PUBLISHERS Advertising : : Broadsides : : Newspapers : : 219 East Eighth St.-Berning,Bldg. Phone, CHerry 6273 CINCINNATI, OHIO GETTING OUT AN ANNUAL Getting out an Annual is no picnic. A t we print iolces, tollcs say we are silly and wordly. t we don't, they say we are too serious. t we publish original matter, they say we laclc variety. twe publish things trom other papers, they say we are too lazy to write. twe are rustling news, we are not attending to business in our departments. - t we don't print contributions, we don't show proper consideration. twe do print them, the Annual is tilled with iunli. Like as not some tellow will say we swiped this trom another paper. Well, we did! Compliments ofthe olatec Club H361 WESTERN PLAZA THEATRE 1115 illiill i021 illi lll10Qlllll10i I- QOQUQI BRETCHER'S PHARMACY ST. LAWRENCE CORNER . For Prescriptions 0 init 71 :ini liuiuioi: i rlninini0inis0.0 The Home of -A - Wesco I Window Shades nl, Large Selections of WALL PAPER -' ---- MW Western Wall Paper 8: Sizzle-Co. HARRY KUHR, Manager 811 CENTRAL AVENUE PArkway 4106 initric:ini1rininiunisnilrinilliuiuinilllwzi GRAND PIANOS High Quality Low Prices RADIOS GROSS MUSIC HOUSE 1324 MAIN STREET CINCINNATI. OHIO iuioillinillicI1nillinltliuioinTlliuiuilbzi inic are 9 0.0 lliuiuiniuiniliilriniuillillillll 0.0 1 9:0 i 2 lioiuioininilliuiuiuiol'-Z 07010101 ,'. C Ozviuib i i lit li it i in lnilll ini iuilli ! g ' i i i E Say It Wz'th Flowers WABASH 0561 WABASH 0562 A R M S T R O N G CONFECTIONERY S C H O O L S U P P L I E S HOT AND COLD SANDWICHES Novelties - Beer 3006 HARRISON AVENUE WESTWOOD Ted Folz Service Station WABASH 44? UILS r Specialized Lubrication TIRES - BATTERIES - AUTO REPAIRING i 3 up GLENWAY AND FERGUSON AVENUES -iuloioi ui- vqxni - - 3uinoxs-:ininiuiuinini UxQlQClQ0l0lllQUlClllli iQ li bllliililil QOQUQ i 137 3 9.0 Used Musidaiis lnsllanfgrgsllers by ,Nl M 5 Leading Sold in Cincinnati by Fillmore Music House 528 ELM STREET Iilli ll 2010itIiililliililDiUl0Q0i0QUi4lQ SENIOR DIRECTORY Peler Acilo . , . Alloerl Allherr. Erwin Berlke. , . I 9 3 4- I 9 3 5 N A M E A D D R E s S . . . . I969 Harrison Avenue Raymond Ahr. . . .... 2030 Ballimore Avenue . . . I024 Winfield Avenue , . . ,885 Beech Avenue Ernesl Bird ...... ...2909 Warsaw Avenue Nairn Billrelmeyer. .. ..... 40I5 Andrews Avenue Willard Boclclage. ...Q I 62I Freeman Avenue I-loward Boslcen. . ..... 4990 Glenway Avenue George Brenner. .... 4774 Lorella Avenue Norberl Brinlcer. . . . .3I30 Daylona Avenue I-larry Brinlcmann. . . Joseph Brown. . . Louis Bruemmer. . Elmer Budde .... John Bugganer. . Thomas De Salvo .... Arlhur Delers. . , James Doyle .... John Drennan. . . George Eismann. Roberl B. Eilerman. . Slanley Espelage. Joseph Fieler .... I-lerman Folcen. . . Peler Glaug ,.... Roberl Groneman George Grove. . . Paul Guelhlein. . I138I . . . . .753 Sedam Slreel . I256 Rulledge 962 Ivlcpherson .2766 lvlonlrana ....I2I4 Firsl Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue 4049 W. Eighlh Slreel . . .963 Enrighl I036 Considine 2629 Maryland ..5I06 Sumler . . . .805 Purcell 3820 Glenmore ..496l Relleum .528 Rosemonl . . . I968 Slale .302 Creslline I64I Kleemeier . .2770 Shalller Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue 101 it i li li Dil ini it 1 lit Z i li lin 502112134I4ztnmmNI3D4I'5II::v0d::n020111132031init! iniuluillillii illiuinlniuilliuillillih Q QI - Q YQ! Q0iUQOiUlliiUi 'iii 'illil' Wahl's Delicatessen CCJRNER EIC-HTH AND ROSEMONT PRICE HILL Phone WAbash 3586 Cincinnati, Ohio Home-Boiled Ham Home-Made Potato Salad 12 ll 1 11111131 can ull: riuiotbniiuiuillilllt PETER REBOLD 25 SON FUNERAL SERVICE 36 we CILENMORE AVENUE at Cheviot, Ohio WESTWOOD AVENUE at HARRISON Cincinnati, Ohio i it ini it CCIlinisxinit:inilllnlllllllrliltzl B. 25 H. MEYER, Inc. FUNERAL HOME There is no funeral cost lower than .Meyefs Comforting Services Amid Beautiful Surroundings Cost No More 3726 WARSAW AVENUE Phone: WABASH 01 17p 823 CHATEAU AVENUE Phone: WABASH 0228 ll Q QUQUQUQ FQOQUQOQUQUIIDSU1 ll lDilO:C lil ltlltlfilUQ1llUl010Q1llUil 1 M Q1 l0Q ,:. , PETER RIDDER GROCERIES AND DAILY MARKET Phone WAbash 2387 660 NEAVE STREET Free Delivery 11020 1' fu . Q O 5 I 9 U21 i any of 139 Ozhiutbllil O 5. DDQ Q iii - ilf Ozorinia 3 ini Q IQ: in a. l.v10i07- ii!ll!MllllllKlilliilllIiDllDQOQ010l4 PRODUCTS OF GENERAL MOTORS Ra Neidhard Motor Co. RAY EIDI-IARIjloprictor 'I fz.fC'C 3 41 HARRISON AVENUE Cincinnati, Ohio -Phones: MOntana 2201 - 351-5 3 540501 rinabumaui 1013 xxwxintpuinc qu3U301Uqz,:,1, IQI, E, BOEING GROCERIES - MEATS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES WABASII 5 68 3 WEST EICHTH STREET AND OVERLOOK W'e Deliver 5 9.01 31113011 30101 I1 1 ihllliililli ini The Western Hills Fuel and Supply Co. COAL - FERTILIZER -FEEDS Phone: MONTANA 0400 PRICE HILL CINCINNATI, OHIO 10151 Hllflliibillllwilliliiliil Cb: inxpoa 01030103 Q' as-puiui i :iz O 0.5 ! ! ! ! E 9 ! E ! E S I 0 D24 . g i v D00 . - o 0.0D0iOiUl0il 3 3 i iz 1 3 rind 3131 if 3' qggq St. Anthony Messenger The Popular Catholic Monthly Published by the Franciscan Fathers Supports Poor Boys Studying for the Priesthood SUBSCRIPTION - 33.00 PER YEAR 1615 REPUBLIC ST. - CINCINNATI, O. ' ri-xilllniuiniuliulnil iuitlioiuininioi iUQl '10i0QfUQUl0Z ll u nga nc: C l I Q ! O .0 Roy I-Iabiq ..A..... Arlhur I-Iarbslreil. . . Ralph I-Iarmeling.. . . James I-Iassell ..... Raymond I-Iengehold William I-Ierman .... Roberl I-Iill ...... Leo I-Ionerlqamp .... Richard I-Iuq ....... Thomas I-Iyland .... Norman Inderhees. . Thomas Kain ..,.. Waller Kemper .... Edwin Klumb ..... Melburn Kranemer. . . Richard Kramer .... Rollgerf, Kuhn . . . Thomas Kunnen. . Carl Lengerich ..... Lin'u.sMLeTang ...... William Lipps .... William LOII .i... . Clifford Luebbe .... J. I-Ierman Luebbe. . Thomas Lulmer ..... J . . D iel Lynn. . Thomas Lyons .... SENIOR DIRECTORY l934-I935 NAME ic.-m+anueai ADDRESS T140 ..308I I-Iarrison Avenue . . . .34-7I Leland Avenue .IOI4 Rosemonl Avenue . . . I22I Texas Avenue .3625 Glenway Avenue . IO22 McPherson Avenue 69I7 I-lome Cily Avenue . . . . .2822 Price Avenue . . . . . I IO8 Selon Avenue .4733 I-Iighridge Avenue . . .2937 Lischer Avenue I707 Queen Cily Avenue ......46I2 Joana Place . . . . IO45 Regina Avenue . , . .2873 Shaicler Avenue . . . I845 Denham Sjrreel .........9I5 Kreis Lane . .826 ConsidineAvenue . . . . IO3O Beech Avenue ..262I I-larrison Avenue . . . .Warsaw-Cleves Pilce ......I244 Firsl Avenue . .4224 C-Elenway Avenue . . . . IO48 Regina Avenue . . . .3046 Fellz Avenue . . . .2905 Lischer Avenue . .38I7 SI. Lawrence Avenue . . . . . . .756 Wells Slreel tl! lui itlilrivillainviuiniilinioficniu lQ0l1 SCHUERMAN THE OIL MAN I WABASH 2144 ,...,- i Dii lQOQODllQOQlPQOQOQOQ0lllQOQOQlDQOQ IHORST fd MORGAN PRICE HILL REAL ESTATE FIFTH-THIRD UNION TRUST BUILDING 4901 GLENWAY AVENUE WAbash 4887 - 4406 Q fl QUQUQQlQUilIQllQOQ4lQOQ0i1lQ I- Qllil ilIQIDQKPQOQ4lilIi!li'Vi0-llii7illQllQ0Q YQDQI LINDEMAN'S DRUG STORE 4903 GLENWAY AVENUE Free Prompt Del iuery rinluil iuilvilvinininiilillinitlitlii 1414020 QUQUQOHUQUQUQOQUQOQOQll1lbi0Q0llliClil .zo MAUSE GROCERY PHONES: WABASH 1520 WABASH 1521 EIGHTH AND ENRIGI-IT STREETS QCQUQUQOQQ lQHi0QUQOQflQOQOQOQOQ1 Qlflfzf 11.2, .:flQOQ0illQOQlIill1lD1lli in ! 9 1 9 1 g Compliments 2 I g i DR. JOHN J. MALONEY 5 i II ! i ! i !1 E 1 Ci 5 : g Follow THE PANTHERS in the - l ! 3 - 0 Q Western H1lls Press ' Your Home Newspaper G ! g 351.50 per year, delivered by mail i ' Complete Printing Service 5 i f .g.............,.,.,,,,,n-....n.,.......................n-....,..,. 2 i A E Compliments of 5 g A FRIEND I ! I Q 9 IIII ! A I 2 .s , 1,,e,e I I-, 4, A E0-ininioiari liliillilliliiilllli if i li :ini Q Q i Compliments i - i of the ! g 3 OVERLOOK 5 I T H E A T R E 9 .... ,---,-1-1---,,..1,-1,-,,..e 141 ill! illi l10QOQ SENICJR DIRECTCJRY NAME lCon+inuedl ADDRESS Norberl Mangold. ..543 Purcell Avenue Roberl l-l. Marzlweuser. . . .... 3634 Mozarl Avenue ause. . . Miclwael Mayer. , . R55efiTA7aCabe. . William McCoy. . Vernon Messer, . . Gilberl Meyer, , . Jol'1n Minor. . . l-lenry Mock .... Harry J. Molwr. .. l-larry Monnig. . . Roberl Monniq. . Raymond Morgan Carl Munlel ..... Neil O'Connor. . Roberl Ulcer .... Cyril Pfeiler .... Lawrence Plogsled ..... William Ploqslred i.... ...... l-loward Purcell .... Lawrence Raclc. . Roberl Ranz .... Francis Rensinq .... Vincenl Rieqler .... William Roddy. John Roederslweimer. Lawrence Rolwan .... ..740 Enriglwl Avenue 3226 Daylona Avenue . . .... l287 Rulledge Avenue ..3656 Lislon Avenue . .... 4955 Weslern l-lills Avenue . . . I933 Slale Avenue . . . I227 Ross Avenue .3925 Palrlison Avenue .4929 Relleum Avenue . . I647 Gilsey Avenue il254 Manss Avenue . . .4884 Guerley Road . . ..f. .927 Wells Slreel . . . . I657 Firsl Avenue .3600 Epworllw Avenue . . . .427 Grand Avenue . . . .4902 Cleves Pilce .4902 Cleves Pilce .2693 Slfialler Avenue , 364 I Epworllw Avenue . .2762 Shaffer Avenue . . . I24l Denver Avenue 735 Considine Avenue 2374 Wilder Avenue . . . . l023 Slale Avenue . . . .2524 Morrow Place iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiK 1+ W W W W W W W W H W W H 2 3' 2 Z W U 1, W W W W H W W W W W W W W H iiiifi?????????????????????????R 2 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii H H H M H M M M M + + M + + M H M + + M M M +1 M M 'M M + +1 M M Z X???T??????????????? AS. B. BOLGER CG L CO. CQAL CGKE 736 ENQUIRER BUILDING CHERRY 4815 i xbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiK iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 11Qx-gg ??????????ii?????T????????????T?????????T S E T High School M 2. Q -11 f'2 ni W F M A9 3 'H H- if iiifiix 11' H -IE :J W tD H W W Ii' H 9 H 1+ 2112 -.g 'DE 21 H 52 H H 01 9: H H iiiiiim 0 Z O . i,'U'U .. ......-...... c:: :xg ...-.. Z -T- . z ?EZ-'- r - -U7-I? -I Im?. T Qzz?- Q i+""-mm'-'-h J: O iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiii iiiiiii 4? ????????????????????????????? i i i M W M W E 1031-1039 Joi-IN STREET E + M W Niiiii + + + + +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 H +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1, X????T iiiiiig H H W H 1+ 1+ H' 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ H' 1+ H' ?T?????R i ? iiiiiiii ii ???T if CO fb 'Q Q fb O0 H? iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii E iii? ???????????fTTT?????????? Elder H igh School ? MERCA I FINE ICE CREAMS i ? E45 111 U15 45 ill Li: X +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 W +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 i?E?????????T?T??????????????T???F4R I-larry Rolerl .... John Rulander. . . Edwin Ruwe .....A Joseph M. Schaller. William Schell ..... Alberl Schoenig. . . Eugene Schroeder. . Francis Schroeder. . I-larold Simon. .. George Smilh ..... Edward Slanlon. . . Roberl Sullhorl .... Elmer Taplce i.... Bernard Telculve .,.. Roberl Terlorueggen Roberl Traul ...... Arlhur Ulrechl .... Herberl Van .... Norberl Vehr .... John Vicar ...,.. Guilberl Voellcer. . . Edwin J. Vogel .... Edgar Weber ....... Edward Wellingholl Edward Wesseling. . Roberl Willen ..... Roberl Windgassen John Yunlcer ..... SENIOR DIRECTORY I934-I935 NAME Iconnnuedi ADDRESS I144 ..40I7 Jameslown Avenue . . . . .7 I2 Enrighl Avenue ......40I8 Palos Avenue . . . .3330 I-larrison Avenue . . . I02I Delmonle Avenue A. . . I I77 Sherman Avenue . . . . I275 Slale Avenue ......40l9 Palos Avenue . . . I988 Ballimore Avenue ,.... . i433l Schulle Drive 4944 Weslern I-lills Avenue .... .42I I Midland Avenue . . . I2I7 Dewey Avenue . . . .4543 Midland Avenue ......I2l4 Slilcer Avenue . . .3842 Glenmore Avenue . . . I636 Kellywood Avenue . . . . . l026 Beech Avenue . . . I234 Manss Avenue . . . .95I Clinlon Avenue . . . . I03I Beech Avenue . . . .3473 Mayfair Avenue . . . . . .4030 Davis Avenue . . . I86I Ballimore Avenue . . . I429 Denman Slreel ....I7I7 Iliff Avenue .......4I II Lora Avenue .400I SI. Lawrence Avenue I I. -.I Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix LITTLEFCOCISDNY E ELSON iiiiiiiiiiii ???????????? saiiiieeiiini -H -H -H -H -H -H -H -H -H -H -H -H -H ii -H O 'H cn -H -H 5 'H 2 -H .H ru ,H 'R -H Q. 2 S :H 1+ -H IT! W CL M g . 'H rw 'H S5 'H 1- -H -- M Q Z I3 2' IZ' -H 2: 5 .H ni 3 57 -H M Q -H F2 Z 1-9- ,H 3 ,H fb H ,H 3 ,H !'l' -H -H -H -H -H -H -H -H -H -H -H -H E 2??I?T????II NEAVE BUILDING CINCINNATI, OHIO FOURTH AT RACE vaiiiiiiiafsaiiefiifrsfuizruiimuiffnx Hfufefafiaruuseiafreffzrifuiecinuiusf,-H -'H '55 3 53 E L E S5 UNIVERSITY UF DAYTON E2 -H S: :Ig CFormerly St. Mary Collegej E: :Ll 5: 3 Dayton, Ohio S: -H 3 I I E :Q A Boarding and Day School for Young Men Q: 2 B: E under the Direction of the Society of Mary. S: :Q Q :Q College of Liberal Arts and Science Q: .H E -H Liberal Arts H- IS H- 2 General Science if 2 G R 0 C E R Y SI :Q Commercial Science Q IQ I 5.3 2 College of Engineering HH: Q Ho IQ Chemical Electrical E 3 QI :Q Civil Mechanical HH: Z E :HQ Ere-Medical Course E 'H - re-Legal Course E gf EE Pre-Dental Course EQ pH - He vH l4Evening College Classes H- II HH: IQ 9'Summer Session Z 'H H' 'H College Preparatory H' m W M , W 3 Q :Q CL1mited Registrationj HH: :Q E 2 Reserve Officers' Training Corps EI E Telephones -Wabash 1730-31 Ez- Q: PlfOpen to Women-H Q,-' . -H ..-. H- E Warsaw and Fairbanks Avenue SI 3 REV, WALTER C, TREDTIN, S, My gg Q IZ Q PRESIDENT Q m W M W XT?I?????E????????4P???????T?T?????R X?????????T??T????4T??T?????T??????R Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw THE McWILLIAMS SL SCHULTE BOX AND LUMBER CO. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii E O' FD :a '4 S33 D I Q-: Og H f'f HO 5-O QU C . Ow P14 E Q'-4 Elf: D C D E? O ET O ????????????I?????5???4 X?T?IiTTi??Ti?????FF???????????????????????????????????????TT????????T??4R H451 L inIlui07llilli010luiuininillioillilliu ini: iuinil itlilhiuitlinitlilliulni aiu EQUIPMENT 'AND SUPPLIES FOR DRAETSMEN AND ARTISTS BLUE PRINTS AND PHOTOSTATS I H h I Highest Quality The EQERD. WACINER Co. Speedy Messenger Service 432 MAIN STREET inili inluilliniuiilinioini i i4l?0il0:O Compliments of Metzner's Grocery SUNSET and MIDLAND - PRICE HILL WAbash 1860 Free Delivery QUALITY GROCERIES MEATS, ERUITS and VEGETABLES illininiuininvininlinuiniuuiniuirnioini Q GET GOING to TOM 26 HUGHEY'S HARRISON AND RATTERMAN AVENUES IVIONTANA 3416 WARSAW AND ST. LAWRENCE AVENUES WABASH 1125 HARRISON AND KLINC1 AVENUES MONTANA 0185 ihiniui initliixlhiuilviniui iflii lt:-Dlx THE PRICE HILL ELECTRIC BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION WABASH 4725 3533 WARSAW AVENUE The XVay To Save ls To Begin Incorporated S10,000,000.00 in 0:4 lull M 1 lil 10l0QUill1 llbll itll! Mill Q4 .IQ 1-biniuininiubinvi ini-li is Qui' 14 ini: 9:4 i lil iuioiuiuiuiniuqinlu in-41111.11 in-ounlgzg i i C 5 2 ! ! I I ! ! ! ! O 9.0 ! O 5.0, ni iii iuin - .-, 3 U00 i i P2011-iii 1-rin10iuiui1ii iuininioini 14 ii "If It Stvims, I Have It" SHEVLIN'S Oyster and Chop House 27 EAST SIXTH ST. Czivloihiuiuilbioi li :ini lilbinilhinilbluil Expert Repairing MAin 4739 RAY LAMMERS MUSIC HOUSE ALL BAND AND O R C H E S T R A INSTRUMENTS 534 WALNUT STREET, NEAR SIXTH CINCINNATI, CHIO -ininiuioluiurinillioinilrilliltiuilbihll .i 3-:ini-ni ni--Q1-ni-.lui-.gn--in ini: ini 101 Hann Shoe Repairing We Call For and Deliver Free of Charge ' We Dye Shoes A11 Colors . 3.604 WARSAW AVENUE WABASH4285 .icuii-is ini: iuioiavioiniuqinui niuinini . 4.-this..1n--iniuiniul-17uiuinlnioi it i i I PHONES: WABASH 3990 - 3991 WEST END PRINTERY DEPENDABLE ' PRINTERS 917 - 919 STATE AVENUE 11019 ghinioin 146 1010lll7uilb1 51031 it iuluiuiu initbiniuluiniililliuluilli llbil Q Oi ol. 0:0 i 0.1 9 0.1 2 ..g. 9 1 1.0 lG0.0ChC0iI IQCIICC 0:0 miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix 'H r-4' 'H H' 'H H' 'H 7 H' MARMER S SHQE STURE H4 55. F 0 I ua I lf S 11 0 es E 'H E E JACK MARMER, Prop. 5 E 3626 WARSAW AVENUE 4036 GLENWAY AVENUE E Q WAbash 5937 ' WAbash 1305-W ?????????????T??????????????????????????????????????????T??????????TT?f?TZ Q51 Pl 71C 'Q D1 1 Y 101 Y ,015 P01 1111 JI lx... 9 F571 'ff' 101 iff? 101 701 ' 'Of' Y PU1- P0111 9 I I CCMPLIMENTS or 2 . . , 2 J Marius Grill FORD MARKET S You just know Q its good when 1 it Comes from S Q U I R E S X , A' ,, GLENWAY I5 2 AT BEECI-I ' Q I WWW' ST. LAWRENCE CORNER E 9 I 5 Q01 101 Q01 :Of 'WOKE 20' NK' 'UC N22 5-rtDs1rCJQ-rtlirilaaflirtls.-viDiaik.-.wig Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig 'H , H' I N K E E Congmtulatzons Graduates 3 E E A Tendered by A X -'C A E 'H THE BRUCKMANN COMPANY E BREWERS OF BRUCKIS BEER SINCE 1856 3 - H' E PHoNEg KIRBY 5230 CINCINNATI, OHIO 3 H4 'H H1 X???????F???????????????????5????????????T??????????????????????f?f??????R H471 I iu iultlinllllllil it i li i i :Tl ini it 10 illi ri! i D1 lit 3 i ll li IT li 1 1111 in ii13071rinvini0inviuininixliuvibuiuimini- Robert R. Fitzpatrick PRESCRIPTION S P E C I A L IS T GILSEY AND GLENWAY AVENUES PRICE HILL Phones: WAbash 1120 and 1121 iniuinil iniudbniulcnininxininiuiuialiabxt J. L. WANG FOODMARKET FRUITS-VEGETABLES Phone 1V1Ontana 1080 WOODBINE AND TREVOR AVES. CHEVIOT, QHIO il Plllll lihillil iQOQl Dill! lihillll Yi DQ! QI 'lla' WM. G. REHN'S SONS CHOICE MEATS 450 BANK STREET Phones: MAin 4450 - 4451 init ini xi! it iuivi lluininininit inita 0 QUQOH lQllllDQl illllbi ll Qllil i ll 1 blliil .5' MR. AND MRS. B. H. ROETTKER 1111 ,iuisa i lic 3 uinizviaviuiuiuioi si :Quin gtg . 3 ,. if 0:01in1nin1ui4x1cniu1o7naiuioioinninioiui 1 2 SIEVE 26 LANGE i DODGE - PLYMOUTH i -.1 . : Sales and Service ' -... i 3741 WARSAW AVENUE Q PHoNEs: WABASH 0008 - 0009 .,.,..,.,4......-..-.,-.,............-.-.,......,........- 2 I 1 S I E E K E g FUNERAL HoME i S 3 6 7 1 1 WARSAW i q AVENUE 031,112 1 Qllll10l1liUiU10i0i 113303 1 Compliments of 1 i DR. V. H. CHENOWETH s ! 1 1 I I I i i DENTIST 4900 GLENWAY AVENUE PRICE HILL 0:0-ini xiuiuiuioqbz co uilvuzpuusuir in 41 ioiui May Success Be Yours . THE LUNCH ROOM 1111 0:0 ini 1 1 xi: 1 ni Yl0QOQl ini is ini: ini l'148QI UllYl0ilYlllil!Q ill! Q QIIQIIQ llli QI if illilll i ifflllfl il lil QOH illQ i I Q ll D: YQ QI Sl H021 Q 2 QU GEO. BOSSE DAIRY 785 DELHI Q AVENUE inioi :ini lniniuin lllioiuicniarialibilbn Ql!l0QOQllQKli0QUilll0Q0i0QU1llilDQOil Q .:. The Good Samaritan Hospital Has Been One of Cincinnati's Greatest Charities ' Since I 8 5 2 il QI Q1 Q ll! 1 Q0illQ li ii IQ QI Q1 il QUQCOB . C. E. LOGAN H. is s. POGUE Co. III "Headquarters" For Young Men's Clothing of Distinction QOQUQOD010Q1lQ liUi0Ql!QllQ lilliitllli IQIOZO 0 Y f 0 0 D U 5 1 H Y 0 3 I QI O QI Q.l O le! ! ! ! I ! ! ! ! ! ! .fa ofa 9:0-luiuiniluioilliuioiuiuinicli-litiidvihl DUNKMAN-DALBERT F U NE R A L DIRECTORS WI-Xbash 4485 GLENWAY AND ROSEMONT AVENUES Ulu1011lioiuini0initiolniniclinitlllbl O.Q!Ql!l QUQKillOiillll101DQlli0l0l0llli0i The Aufdemkampe I-Iafdware Co. I 1012-1018 FREEMAN AVENUE Opposite Gest Street PArkway 8400 Cincinnati, Ohio O 'Q' li0llYi0Q!lllli0Q0l li lQ0i0QlllKYQOQ0f!!i Ozflalii I2 Q0lUHIIQIi10QOQUiDhllQUQ 7,021 Q A KRUSLING'S J. A. RICHTER, Prop. CANDY - ICE CREAM - CIGARS Cards for All Occasions Novelties - Magazines - Toys 3546 WARSAW AVENUE Phone WAbash 5693 DHDQI Q0iKllHQllQKlilliUQUQUQUQUHI Q Di Q Q iQ! 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IMBUS, Manager ROOFING FURINACE AND SHEET METAL WORK 420 HoME STREET Oflice Hours: MAin 1613 9 A.M. to 8:30 P. M. Sundays 9 to 12 A.M. DR. LOUIS POLLACK DENTIST 62nd FIOOO 522 VINE ST. Over Silver Grill Restaurant Opposite Grand Theatre CINCINNATI, 0. HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES who contemplate business education will find the individual instruction as given in the CAMPBELL COMMERCIAL SCHOOL a great advantage in making progress. Each pupil is taught individually. Visit the school and see hofw we train our students for business. Through our well-organized Employment Department, graduates are assisted in securing positions. DAY AND NIGHT SESSIONS BOOKKEEPING - SHORTHAND - TYPEWRITING ACCOUNTING - SECR'ETARlAL TRAINING Campbell Commercial School 31 East Fourth Street - Cincinnati, Ohio MAIN 1606 MAIN l607 Henry Ritter, President Edwin E. Winter, Treasurer L. E. Cuntrum, Vice-Pres. Adolph Rolle, Asst. Secy, L. J. Pfeiffer, Secretary Peter A. Elsen, Asst. Secy. The Glenway Loan and Deposit Co. Authorized Capital, s5,ooo,0oo.o0 GLENWAY AND WINFIELD AVENUES Meets Every Wednesday Evening CHQYFY 5390 . ' Phone: wxxbash 5505 Office Phone: WABASH 2380 Residence Phone: WABASH 5018-R B. 25 O. R. R. and Harrison Ave. Viaduct Giese Sand '55 Gravel Co. Sand, Gravel, Crushed Stone, Cement and Cinders Coal - Ready-Mixed Concrete I Asphalt Driveway Materials 25 ll ll 'X I +I ll ll IIN Ill llll IIII ll llll Illl Best Wishes to Graduating Class of 1935 Al M. Boex "Complete Insurance' Service" Associate 'General Agent Equitable Life Insur- ance Co. of Iowa 708 Dixie Terminal Bldg. Cincinnati, Ohio Q55 AUTOGRAPHS gig 11511 Q55 AUTOGRAPHS YD H521 ff' if .,. f ff s ' u i l 1 I 1 ' I I 1' . l 'I fx 35 -ia!! LH' ' we 1 'Z'-'S 3 ' , its . w 19 gif' M5 af' ' me-W kiw i ' E35 4 yy' A san 4,14-uv mi 'sf A s

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