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W0 dd W W, Sine 74 02 if S, ND 1 y D141 .nf 1 00 'nf " bm N :X Wy S59 X 1 IDS Qa 'w M ' av Sgg 6515 567 Elfman Wag! Sedan! Zllww Wlwaw j Q 0 S4 E C I' 93.95 ,"' 'Q ' S 1 4-f..h,fff 1 1 ' Vg! ., ' , 9, Z ,'f',v'7' S n ' 54 KX K. ,ff 'A A x Mp! ff? MW A ' i' 1 xs'Ys0 Xqi- 4 'lifffgfff SSS? . R X K f . Wkxi :fl y eh .Q as X X I xox X S - V ..-1-.5 :'-G-'A H f 2"- i- ?hn Zedldcmfcaa i 'T ln M 1.3-- ii 'tm 4,1 'ini ll iig ilQ C1 If an inn MQ 'itil can ii -I 1 Ui '11 13 Cl T i il 4. '1- r. .z is WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1956 RESPECTFULLY DEDICATE THIS YEAR BOOK TO OUR BELOVED PARENTS WHOSE UNTIRING EFFORTS HAVE NOT BEEN UNRECOGNIZED DURING THESE MANY YEARS THEY HAVE FAITHFULLY GUIDED US THROUGH OUR MANY JOYS FEARS DOUBTS AND SUCCESSES AS WE ASSUME THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF LIFE WE SHALL BECOME EVEN MORE APPRECIATIVE OF THEIR LOVE AND PATIENCE AND OF THEIR PROVISIONS OF TRAINING AND EDUCATION FOR OUR FUTURE SECURITY AND HAPPINESS H. 'g 4 " -51551 fcmelcmd N 564441 Daewoo! 302 mae and De fa!! ELBURN HIGH SCHOOL Q' BOARD OF EDUCATION DONALDM STEVENSON Presrdent H F LANDIS Supermrenclem Elbum Ilhnor Kanevllle Illmols ARTHUR HARTMANN CLINTON B GARBE M1pleP.ark III1no1s RR No 3 Aurora Illmoxs E G, SIEBENS EVARA ERICKSON Maple Park Illmols Elbum Illmols EVERETT S WHILDIN, Secretary RUSSELL E FLANDERS Sugar Grove, Ilhnorb Elbum 111111015 3 I lvl' . . Y allfll- . 5 ' S" Y A I O in Y. lui' 4 l 0 I I 7, ' ' X f ,gf 1 ' A " 1 ' Lf-Q L L 1 ' , I' S M-Qs W xt h K Y E A A ik L ,Li A 1 OBJ. S ., ou. ,is ' SM Ir Fl g?44X Q Au S xiwvw w, I JOHN H JOHANSEN Prtncrpal B S Northern Illtnors State Teacher College M A Northwestern Umverslty RUTH BANCROFT Home Economtcs B S Umversrty of IIIIDOIS Post degree Unrverslty of Chrcago Un1vers1ty of Wyomrng Unrversrty of Arkansas BRUCE S PETERSON Socral Studres B S llhnors State Normal Unrversrty MARY KATHERINE ROEDER Lat1n Enghsh A B Carthage College Northern lllrnors State Teachers College lllrnors State Normal Umversrty Umversrty of Wrsconsrn Unrverstty of Illrnots ROBERT L STARK Scrence B S Northern Ilhnors State Teachers College ALICE KAIN English Northern Illrnots State Teachers College A E FOSTER Vocatronal Agrrculture Untversrty of Illrnots BARBARA RIDOLPH Physrcal Educatron Northern Illrnots State Teachers College WILLIAM F EBENEZER Mathematrcs Phystcal Educatron Coachtng Northem l111no1s State Teachers College FLORENCE PLAGGE Commercral B S M A Northwestern Unrversrty summer sessrons Umversuy of Iowa Whrtewater Wrsconsrn Northwestern Unrversrty Umverstty of Colorado . M,, 7 - ,Alt " "i ds 'N 'lx .7 'fl N - if I ag '1 L- " ,,,f S ,A 'a,'.I"I',,' 5: tl. 1 ' ' I M11 ' " I J , .il lk ab , ' ' S , B.E.-- ' ' . Els-U . . . . , B.s.-- ' ' s.s.-- n' ' ' 4 TROJAN STAFF D1ane Haase Jerry Chnstensen Dmane N1chols Helen Souders Margaret Olson Karln Wagner Delores Hewltt Norrls Gould and Dav1d Bateman ASSISTANTS Darryl R1ssman Ilene Hamblen Albert W1l1yard Howard Anderson 11son Roger Buehler .Tackle Lockwood Morse Meyers Sharon W 5 o If I . MA O 4, o , A Semaw 'bd ag 553 X EQ, MW QQ i ix ff 4 'FUJI YZ Four years ago our "Crew" first sailed the good ship, E. H. S. We looked into the future with only a slight idea of what it held for us. Now that we are approaching the end of our high school "sailing" days and looking forward to commencement, we recall the highlights of these memorable years. The V members of our class, individually and collective- .,-, ly, -are indebted to those persons who have helped us in achieving our goal--commencement to adult ..,,, living. nn As we came aboard in our Freshman year U52- '53l we were fascinated by the upperclassmen, who looked so old to us. We had the privilege of electing officers and taking part in most E. H. S. activities. N""S" 5.1, We chose class officers as follows: President, Lois s...,2"'i,,..- Willyard: Vice-President, Morse Meyers: Secretary Y-4 Treasurer, Sharon Wilson: and Student Council, Kaye Rombout and Jerry Christensen. We chose "Dee" Hewitt and Jerry Christensen for our Queen and King Candidates. Mr. Foster and Miss Bancroft were our class advisors, and guided us thru this "green" year. We landed on the Sophomore Island in the year '53-'54, We again elected Jerry as a class officer--this year his capacity was President. Working with him were Vice-President, DuWayne Edwards: Secretary, Kaye Rombout: Treasurer, Robert Carlson: and Student Council, Delores Hewitt and Morse Meyers. Our Queen and King Candidates were Jodeen Adair and Howard Anderson. We initiated the Freshmen and had a wonderful time doing it. We decorated the Christmas tree: had a Sophomore Party: took part in the Stunt Night. We were thankful for Mrs. Morris, who helped us this year as our advisor. The Junior Class of '54-'55 elected the following officers: President, Sharon Wilson: Vice-President, David Bateman: Secretary-Treasurer, Diane Nichols: and Student Council, Margaret Olson and Jerry Christensen. In September we chose the pattern for our class rings. The magazine drive began in October--we received a trophy for our success in sell- ing. We sold refreshments at all of the basketball games--Diane Nichols, as Treasurer had a big job to do. We sponsored the Christmas Dance, "White Christmas" in December. Margaret Olson and Dewey Edwards, Candidates for Queen and King of the Homecoming. We held our Prom on May 21, for which we spent all of two months in planning. We ushered for the Baccalaureate and the Commencement. Mr. Peterson put in many long hours in working with us as our advisor. S m Ahoy--our Senior year at last! We again chose Jerry as President: Vice-President, Sharon Wilson: Secretary- Treasurer, Diane Haase: and Student Council, David Bateman and Margaret Olson as the holdover. Our class officers chose our capable TROJAN STAFF. We chose Karin Wagner and Morse Meyers as King and Queen of the Homecoming. We presented the Senior Class Play. Margaret Olson and David Bateman were selected to take the National Merit Scholarship Exam. We are now very nervously awaiting Baccalaureate and Commence- ment, which will be the final events for us in high school. We pause to thank the people to whom we are deeply indebted, Miss Plagge and Mr. Johansen, our advisors. We shall never forget our days aboard the good ship E. H. s. OFFICERS President, Jerry Christensen Vice-President, Sharon Wilson Secretary-Treasurer, Diane Haase 7 A A lx A h iv ix 5 5. Q ln m Du D fn. lx lv is sf f- 44-1 'hr' N .f-...Q v-'F' endow DUWAYNE EDWARDS "Dewey" "The curly red head" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 4, Baseball 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, King of Class 3. Favorite saying "Sorry" MERRIL EDWARDS "Merle" "The silent taxidriver" Football 2, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Red Cross 1, 2, 3. Favorite saying "Bite me" NORRIS GOULD "Norrie" "Well, here I am girls" Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, Red Cross 2, 3, TROJAN STAFF, Sales 4. Favorite saying "Live it up" DIANE HAASE "DiZ" "E1burn's version of Marilyn Monroe" CARDINAL 1, 2, 3, Editor 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 4, Secretary-Treasurer, TROJAN STAFF- Assistant Editor 4, Red Cross 1, 2, 3. Favorite saying "Imagine that" ILENE HAMBLEN "A big grin for all" Pep Club 1,2, 3,4, CARDINAL 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Favorite saying "What do you think of that" DELORES HEWITT "Dee" "Pretty eyes, pep friendliness" Chorus 1, Queen ofClass 1, Red Cross 1, 2,3, Cheer- leader 2, Student Council 2, TROJAN STAFF, Head of Typists 4, Pep Club 1, 2, Officer Worker 1, 2, 3. Favorite saying "l've done done my do" IACQUELIN LOCKWOOD "Jocko" "A good sense of humor" Pep Club 1, 2, Chorus 1, Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Student Librarian 2. Favorite saying "Man-o-man!" MARILYN MEYERS "Jeannie" "A girl with a word for eyeryone" Pep Club 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Favorite saying "oh1'- MORSE MEYERS "Skinhead" "A lot of fun to have around" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 3, Baseball 2, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, King of Homecoming 4, Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 4, Chorus 1, Class Officer, Vice President 1, Student Council 2. Favorite saying "Gee, Dad. " -AJ 21' If L '50 'TE' is' -arf' 11' -L.: '65 DIANE NICHOLS "Dine" "Her smile goes all the way around and buttons in the back" Chorus 1, 2, 3, CARDINAL 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Student Librarian 2, Red Cross 1, 2,3, TROJAN STAFF, Business Manager 4. Favorite saying "Honestly" MARGARET OLSON irviuggs as An-- "One who will go places" Grand Forks, North Dakota 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Clarinet Quartet 3, 4, CARDINAL 2, 3,4, Editor 3, 4, TROJAN STAFF, Head of Write-Ups 4, Class Officer, Student Council 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4, Queen of Class 3, Girls State 3, National Scholarship Exam Selectee 4. Favorite saying "What's a teacher without pay, that's Muggs without Ray, " DARRYL RISSMAN "Mighty nice guy to know" F. F. A. 1, 2, 3,4, Basketball 2, Track 2, 3, 4. Favorite saying "Hello, John" HELEN SOUDERS "Hajji" "Sparkling cyes and sweet personality" Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 3, TROJAN STAFF, Head of Art 4. Favorite saying "oh, Fudge" figs,- O' J CAROL THODE "Toad" "A friend in need, is a friend indeed" West High, Aurora 1, 2, Chorus 1, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 3, Red Cross 1, 2, 3. Favorite saying "l think we should hang them" KARIN WAGNER "Wag" "Sweet Seventeen" Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, President 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, District Music Contests 1,2,3, 4, TROJAN STAFF- Layouts 4, Queen of Homecoming 4. Favorite saying "No kiddin' P" ALBERT WILLYARD "Al" "A guy with a mind of his own" Football 1, 2, Red CrOSS 1, 2,3. Favorite saying "Scrounge" SHARON WILSON "Share" "Likeable Laugh" Band 1, 2, 3.4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading Camp 4, Cheerleading Clinic 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer, Secretary-Treasurer 1, President 3, Vice-President 4, Student Council Vice President 4. Favorite saying "Oh No!" if if ,I 'S' 'WW JUNIOR WM. "' ACTIVITIES ffl u"ll.5 JUNIOR GIRI..'S PARTY -i -'r'Y':gx 116 'T 1 11 I I ' 411' Z ,Q QV ff f-y-.f'4 When they say th1s 15 a terr1f1c and busy year they're not luddmg' Altho for the most part, 1t'S really been what you'd call "smooth Salllng F1TSt 1n our log was elect1on of off1cers Led by Captaln Beverly Boyer pres1dent worlung w1th her were Jack Walters, v1ce presldent Sylvla Shepard secretary treasurer and Kay WISE and Doug Samuelson, student counc11 representatwes H1ghsalesmanVandy Bland won the watch 1n the annual magaz1ne dr1ve The class topped the record set by last year s Junlor class W1th th1s bank account we expect a f1ne Prom and "Super" next yearbook Kay W1se represented our class on the cheerlead1ng squad and we th1nk that she dxd a fme Job Our cho1ce for the Homecorrnng Royalty was petlte Kay W1se and he red head Fred Faber Our Jun1or Sen1or Prom held the 'top sa1l1ng" pos1t1on 1n May Now as we look forward to our last year we stop to thank Mr Peterson our adv1sor for all the help he has glven us Th1s has been a year we w1ll long remember' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jack Walters V1ce Pres1dent Beverly Boyer Pres1dent Sylv1a Shepard Secy Treasurer 12 ' ' I ff' 0,1 0 1' O I ' I af- ,S 1 af ff 1' -. ff! l av ix QC. V , . I , . U . . . - . 9 9 " 3 Q . , . . . D . ' . . , . t , . . - . , .. .. . l ! ' I l ' 3 Q., --.. 11 J. Andries l. Arnold B. Baldridge . 7, Na -4 Q i f? , Q 'R T 27152 "' 6 v I 0- TN V 9' ' 'X -.0 J' Q ' ""'-f 'Sv , ,., . ' -if 1 'W' . ll 1 R. Caldwell E. Capes F. Dieter F. Faber vi 1... 'I '..,'k Q fn 4, nf., . "" W , -,. 4 yi I il ..... f I. Hamblen M. I-Iankes M. Herbert N. Howard I k ,1 b 'R 5' 2 11:-w - Cs' T - ' -N 0 I H ' J --K, 'Q Q--f J "" f Q. A f W. Keck D. Kimpan J- Koehler M. Lye X X X " 'f . K -5 ' .L 'Q' S' '-9 ,H .1 'fl' , 'dxf' 1 ,Y if . '53 Qf. It A et.. ,AC P. Sanderson W. Schaben R. Schroeder S. Sears '40 -Q ,J 2 -Q Q.- i Y J Absent L. Corrigan J. Williams A :L ,F K . Wise 1? V. Bland B. Boyer 1,49 we '? " .K X Q2 '17 I' 4- 2 iv Q M. Gates M. Gordon M. Greer .4 2 Qi . G2 .,, .. rg O4 1 " 1 Q C. Hughes D. Johnson B. Jones R : Y wa!-S., T- -2: A . 1 -- 1- , fi' "' , ' . .1 2 o . 'S x ' , -v f ,., V 127' 4"' .ll sk R. Mason B. Nelson D. Samuelson . ... .af- SNP. .. ,. . 7 S. Shepard H. Swift J. Walters iv' ,, Q -bi 5 Absent R. Wolf R. Carlson 1 iglqg Q m in ll 'QQ Q Z- "S-ff'x-4"'g-,"k..-'i We sophomore "land lubbers" had our frrst chance to prove ourselves when we elected our class off1cers We chose Mar1lyn Hardt as Presrdent Jerry Mell V1ce Pres1dent D1anne W1lson Secretary Treasurer Mary Lou W1tt and R1chard Enkkson were voted to represent us on the Student Counc1l As we page thru the log of past events we come across some of the h1ghl1ghts of our second year 1n h1gh school do1ng so Myron Lye acted as Master of Ceremomes Jack Shouba and R1chard Er1kkson spent a lot of valuable t1me 1n master mmdmg the stunts The next event on the school calendar was the Homecomlng celebra t1on Mary Lou W1tt and Jerry Mell were chosen to re1gn as Sophomore attendants Marrlyn Hardt Mary Lou W1tt and Dranne Wllson were on the cheer lead1ng squad represent1ng our class We all gave our whole hearted support to the E H S teams and helped cheer them on to v1ctory In December we sponsored a 'Soc Hop , wh1ch was a huge success True to the Sophomore trad1t1on, we tr1mmed the school Chr1stmas tree Under the able d1rect1on of Mr Stark as adv1sor the sophomore year was a successful one W1th much enthus1asm we are about to embark for Jumor Shores wh1ch we hear are crowded w1th act1v1t1es and much fun along w1th the years' work SOPHOMOREI CLASS OFFICERS Jerry Mell V1ce Pres1dent Mar1lyn Hardt Preslden D1anne W1lson Secy Treasurer 14 an xi 4 4 'lu i nn I .cg Ili S e ' We initiated the freshmen in high style and had a wonderful time . . - 1 Q ll. - - . " I ll ' ' ' I I . . ' t Q 1 Bolly Boon ,J 4 Gordon Hardt 9 i Q' Keuleber Klng 'E 'S 1---, Q... S Mell M Paulson if I Q ' T M Andenon , wa , Vw D fi 5. D Brummett 'Q-4 51 C Harter ....., E Klrmowskl Xav- Probst "VX V I Stouffer Thomas a 1,- t-nr I1 IIE: 5 Q- Bulhngton P Herbert -P, E A f"-P' Read T Walters -E X an: ,lp fag ju- .7-., x" C Baldrrdee v-uv' R Carroll C Huntoon i 4:5 L x Le 6- if Reeser Benson Cornerls wa.. R Jahns 'Q 6' A"'4 gr? I Doy le Errckson D James .li 'St Q Qu- gr'- 'OX G Kanstrup 2 C Maxer G Marer Y ev M R1ssman J Shouba C 1- R Wxlhams D W11son M L Wm F MCC annon R Smrth 5 on I in Sophomore Activities C H R I S T P17 D A N C E 'Q 5s,,,ax PRM W 0 Us 3 Q N- I l-X' i . Q x 9909 Z O .-,Q-'fXpga.la fzeaimea fee .. Z' gh -3' R I luxumua Ahoy' Our f1rst b1g year 1n h1gh school' What an exper1ence th1s has been' Our f1rst Job was to elect our class off1cers Lead1ng the way for a successful year were F1rst Mate B111 Hartman Pres1dent and the deck hands Ann Mueller V1ce Pres1dent Pr1sc1lla Seymour Secretary Treasurer and Carol Mercer and Fred Holbert Student Be1ng able to take part 1n the act1v1t1es that E H S offers was our b1ggest thr1ll The event that was our own was the annual Freshman In1t1at1on where we all had a wh1rl" Blue eyed blond Carol Mercer and o so hkeable Fred Holbert were elected to re1gn dur1ng the Homecom1ng fest1v1t1es Pr1sc1lla Seymour represented us on the cheerlead1ng squad Cheerlng 'OUR' teams on to v1ctory was a lot of fun too Everythmg th1s year has proved to be new and d1fferent A our Freshman year comes to a close we pause to thank Mr Ebenezer and Mr Foster our wonderful advlsors who helped us learn the 'ropes We are hop1ng the Sophomore shores w1ll be as enjoyable next year FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Pr1sc1lla Seymour Secy Treasurer Ann Mueller V1ce Pres1dent B111 Hartman Pres1dent 18 qt E-N. 'F Fgf ,, - . :I x, Q' '-x:.?' X ' 554 -qv E. 'wp fr um x , I Council representatives. I 1 . Q -- . u . . . . . S 10 5 D Anderson M Andrres M Baltar S Baltar L Benson Bolly S Bowers B Q 0-Q R Carlson L1- Franrz Gould oepner Holbert C Mercer A Meyers J Nanrz D Paulson Convrlle R Cornerls Qs! Greer Hoyt Breedlove Dodd V Edwards L Fabrrs J Feece D Frogness if P Johnson Hambhn Harter Hartman K Herbert -5 K Koehler R Koehllng M Lawrence Love G Love E' Mlller D MOIIIOI J Motz Mueller B Musson K Myers ws, P Ph1l11ps R Phlllrps Reeser D Rrssman P Seymour G Skow 'NY 3 M Smrth J Soderberg A Swan A Thode J Thryselrus K WIIRISOU S Wxlkxson Absent Sanderson J Q, 10: Q- Ln ' Qu, , v s - S. cr .. . . ' . . . I. . . ?a , lf.. s, , I ,A V . I .EA A : 4 5 4 f li I. 5 . . - J 5 , ' I ' ' L " 1 Xvs. 4 - -av C x I Ig. . D. ' . ' S. . . ' . . af - 5 D' ' ' S y' '85, RJ 4 -xx y O 'hr xr t r C. D. D. . R. ' J. B. . 4' ' , Q X W f - ,J ' 4 f - xg I X 9 5 ':M1 .f::,. 'A ,N . S. H F. R. , , ' . E. . lm I , I HZ A, W. jews ' ' 5 ' f A ,Q 4 - - . . T. A . ' . A. . . ' 1, .J - isis A V 1' Try' H .1 fy ,y ga . 5- , .i . W 'ivy ...X QI' . - A V '11 I' Mi W r , , . . K. ' ' . ' ' P. . I . . x . 'Q 7- i. .. . I ' T' ' -, we o 5 o O F Q SWQ'-wfelwlc MJOW4 Qi M LEFT TO RIGHT ROW 1 Davrd Bateman Sharon Wrlson Margaret Olson Kay WISE ROW 2 Jack Walters Douglas Samuelson Mary Lou Wm Carol Mercer Fred Holbert Rrchard Erlksson Student Councll could well be called the "Vo1ce of Democracy' at E H S Two representat1ves from each class plus the vrce pres1dents from the .Tumor and Senror classes make up the 'vo1ce" of the student body These representatlves brrng the problems of the students before the councrl and report the result of the rneet1ngs to the classes All members must ma1nta1n a "C 1n scholast1c average Each year some representat1ves are sent to the Student Councll conventrons Margaret Olson and Doug Samuelson attended the State Student Counc1l Conventron whlch was held 1n Peorla Off1cers for th1s year were Margaret Olson presr dent Sharon Wrlson, v1ce presrdent and Kay Wrse secretary treasurer Mr Johansen 1S adv1sor for the group Some of the successful act1v1t1es that have been sponsored by the Student Councrl are Thanksgwmg Ml. Johansen and Chrrstmas assembhes, Faculty vs Vars1ty Basket ball game record dances and fund rarsrng dr1ves for assocratrons such as the March of Drrnes and Red Cross Ad visor A u - iff at O 1 z", . A ly 4 O B ' 0 n ' 0 4 K 0 I 5 Q 1 " a " ll B I . :X X. js 1 V .ft S- ' , . . , . 'I - I . and eleefzfeaafew The Elburn I-hgh School Pep Club cons1sts of all students lnterested rn cheerlng for the teams and backrng the cheerleaders The capable Pres1dent, Bexerly Boyer was amded thru the year by Beverly Jones X rce Presrdent and Mary Anderson Secretary Treasurer Last summer the Pep Club sent two delegates Sharon Wxlson and Kay Wrse to the Cheerleadrng Camp whrch was held on the campus of llllnors State Normal near Bloommgton The glrls have beneflted rn the past year from the1r week at the Camp The Spectator Bus IS usually found enroute to all out of town games frlled wrth these actrve Pep Club members Sa- LEFT TO RIGHT ROWI D Wrlson M L Wm K Wlse M Anderson B Boyer B Jones P Seymour M Hardt S W1lson ROW2 Baltar J Motz J lrV1ll13I'HS D James M Paulson J Bulhngton C Thode J Stouffer ROW4 A Bowers S Wllk1SOH D Paulson B Baldrrdge M Herbert P Sanderson I Hamblen D Krmpan M Gates J Arnold S Shepard ROW5J Bolly A Mueller K Plnllrps C Mercer S Cornells D Andnes J Reeser M Meyers M Gordon C Maler ROW6J Sanderson K Herbert K lVllklSOf1 S Balrar L Benson S Hoepner C Hughes C Harrer M Rrssman P Herbert Here are the s1x EHS cheer leaders rn the1r football garb LEFT TO RIGHT Sharon Wrlson Captarn Dranne Wrlson Marrlyn Hardt Mary Lou Wm Pnscrlla Seymour and Kay Wlse Y Y Y - I xi ,- A 3 X ' I 4 'U ' J . 'I f Y A . x, t Q A Can J 5" - EI - ' l 1 A . f , N " I V wr ' x f 'J l S "1 J. Soderburg, P. Johnson, l. Hamblen, P. Reeser, D. Nichols, D. Haase, R. Williams, G. Kansrrup, D. Thomas. ROW 35 S. Dood, M. A .. 'L S -A S To . ' I .JL I , f ,' l . 'C N' LEFT TO RIGHT ROWI J Chrrstensen M Gordon A E Foster Advrsor D Bateman R Mason D Rrssman ROW2 C Huntoon D Edwards R Cornerls D th ROW D Gould K Probst W Kererleber Brummett D Johnson H Swlft R Sml 3 M Smrth M Edwards L Fabrrs B Musson E Klrmowskr ROW4 J Read M Greer E Capes H Anderson D Samuelson I Harter V Bower ROW5 R Buehler M Hankes R Wolf G Marer J Feece C Baldrrdge N Gould D Bolly ROW 1 D. Bateman, Pres. H. Anderson, Vrce pres., ROW 2 J. Chrrstensen, Sec,, A E Foster, Advrsor, D. Bolly, Treas. ROW 3 C. Huntoon, Rep ,R, Wolf, Senunel. 22 n sr ELBURN FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Elburn Chapter of the F F A ts headed byA E Foster There were thrrty etght members tn the F F A thxs year The marn act1v1t1es of the F F A were as follows Q11 sellmg of refreshments at home basketball games, Q21 the sellrng of V1ta.11ty Garden seeds Q31 and the sellmg of subscrrptrons to the Farm Magazme. Srnce they dtd so well last year rn thelr sellrng, the chapter patd for a frshtng trtp to Watoma, Wrsconstn dur-mg the summer .. , 7 ,, s .i LV I I 4 ' 1 n 4 , ' . K . S. 'ff 3 I - ,tl-,, , . ' ' N ,-f A A nl 4 I sr ' ' 44 , ,V . , 'A 'l w I: f' 1 ri 1 . J U 9 , . 1' ,. . I 9 4? 'Y' bl " fx' . sg " 5 K 4 ' 'N .!. , ,, .. , , V a x X 4 4' ft vi f 1 V . EIA , : . , , . , . . , ' 5 . , , . , . ' . : . , . , . ' , . . . , . ' , . ' . : . , . , . ' , - ' . - . - ', . , . ' '. : . , . 1 ' 1 ' n ' 1 - 1 - 1 1 I 1 - , . , - , , - , . . , . , - . Al? ,. 2 -a dr I I 0 . I I . . - - . . . X . , . . . I .a X 9 4 A . . . Y .pr The CARDI AL LEFT TO RIGHT Kay Wtse Dranne Wrlson Margaret Olson and Ilene Hamblen Mlss Plagge The CARDINAL staff IS composed of students who are tnterested 1n comp111ng news and wr1t1ng articles for publtcatlon The staff meets each Tuesday Intervlews, descr1pt1ons edttormals, events, act1v1t1es, and humorus toptcs about school are dtscussed and wrttten, wtth the able asststance of M1ss Plagge, advtsor A record rs kept of the accepted art1c1es each member wrttes for pubhcatton Letter work contr1buted Under the ed1torsh1p of Margaret Olson and Ilene Hamblen for the f1rst semester, and Kay Wtse and Dtanne Wtlson for the second semester, the CARDINAL staff succeeded ln producmg an 1ssue a week for publlcatlon as a part of the Elburn Herald In add1t1on, the staff also edrted and pubhshed DIBTICS for the E H S students LEFT TO RIGHT ROW 1 Btll Schaben Ilene Hamblen Rxchard Caldwell Margaret Olson Robert Hoyt ROW 2 Manlyn Baltar Carol Maier Mary Anderson Jean Motz Susan Baltar ROW 3 Kay Wtse Sandra Dodd Joyce Sanderson Sharon Wrlluson Pnsctlla Seymour ROW 4 Karen Wrlktson Pat Herbert Judy Reeser Betty Baldndge Dtanne Wilson Dorothy Paulson Z3 l , ' v' awards are given at the end of the year as an indication of the amount and quality of the und D , Paul B, Morris Director HQ -ee' 3' v X, -L H ROW 1: C. Hughes, M, Baltar, C. Mercer, F. Holbert, D. Johnson. ROW 2: M. Olson, D. Paulson, D, Benson, D. Anderson, G. Capes, T. Walters, H. Anderson, V. Bower, S, Hoepner, R, Benson. ROW 3: D. Conville, K. Wilkison, P. Johnson, M. Smith, B, Nelson, J. Motz, R. Hoyt, P. Sander- son, S, Sears, S, Shepard, S. Wilson. ROW 4: B, Boyer, N, Howard, I. Mell. nd Contestants r ,f .t rt , , ,,,,V, . Ji. hx , , ., hz' ff ' X V ,ef 3201 -- M ss' . . 'fi ,, .L 1-,f w B. Hoyt , 2 , s."L,, v ,.g -'a"l D. Johnson H. Anderson, G. Capes, V. Bower B. Benson, T, Walters, a., V 1 f- Li D. Benson, D, Paulson, M. Olson, D. Anderson. 'i -J ,gf E' G5 Q 4 -. 9- i W 4 W -4 1 I r s 47 W i p l it , P. Sanderson, S. Sears, S, Wilson, S. Shepard. :Xi T . iv A ry , 4 '. 1 g Q1 Al gil? h I -if L' A Wacal 7704464 f ' -. 6 2. 8 '2 s H I .' iq . Q it Z4 4 15 f ,: 'I 7 Y. 4 . .T A - it .,f ii 6 fi' -. ri-14-ii" .41-" ' :QF4 fb 0 A 'li ,QW X :ig .l' : ig X IQ. Q J , ' iii!! fx 'E' The vocal music department at E. H, S. is handled by Mrs. Helene Ing. lt consists of A Cappella Choir and Girls Chorus. The three most important occasions for the two groups are: The Kaneland Music Festival, which was held November Z0 at Sugar Groveg the Christmas Choir Concert, which was held December 183 and Commencement. For the Kaneland Music Festival, the A Cappella Choir and Girls Chorus combined with Maple Park under the direction of Mrs. Ing and Miss Keenan. A candlelight Processional and Recessional opened and closed the Christmas Choir Concert. The A Cappella Choir and Girls Chorus played an important part and the following were soloists: Karin Wagner, Ardythe Bowers, David Bateman, Fred Faber, and Mary Anderson. Susan and Marilyn Baltar sang a duet for the program. There were two trios--one, Karin Wagner, Carol Thode, and Gaye Bullington, the other, the Andries sisters, Margaret, Dixie, and Juanita. . 4 ' isa Ya' gi oi, fx ag, 'fa ,, .1 fx ff 0 5.3 .rw A , i va T v' -7 Mrs. Helene Ing, Director IA The Accompanisrs, Beverly Boyer, Richard Eriksson, and Carolyn Hughes. -A sg., K A I! .4 - J Y Q cz - D If Y 7- Klux .S ef 1 P. fm uv.. 9:- v 's g. f a 'S S." 'rug ..p , ,.f,, 4. if 'ar Q 1 "--':' ',,, , y , , ,f . . 'I' M my W Seymour VOCAL MUSIC Y r? GIRLS' TRIO ABOVE: A. Mueller, D, Paulson. MISSING: Wagner, G. Bullington 3 i' r,w,,.x M Rrssmarr K Myers, J. Stouffer, M. Baltar, C. Maier. MISSING: C. Mercer. DaVidBa'ema'1 SOLOISTS "Se Baltar Motz Koehler Thode Bowers Wagner Z6 x X 'S Q 0 C m 6 o m i n S . .xx The annual Homecoming Dance was held November ll. The Student Council sponsored the dance and the Band Parents provided the music of Dee Palmer. Jack Walters acted as Master of Ceremoniesg Mr. Johansen crowned the royalty. Morse Meyers and Karin Wagner were crowned King and Queen of the Homecoming. The attractive attendants were Kay Wise, Fred Faber, Mary Lou Witt, Jerry Mell, Carol Mercer, and Fred Holbert. X.. gi-4 6 . x fx aalfaii A 5 X gaaefmfi x X, 69 jg cl ,, . Z Q at Meade!! ' 'aka' T '24 The Trojans had very few out for baseball at the start of the season but managed o get along The team opened the season agamst Batavla and Batav1a won 7 6 After losmg th1s game the Trojans came back w1th a wm from Central Then the Trojans got back m the wmmng streak by defeatmg Marengo 9 0 The Trojans played Genoa Kmgston and won agam 16 6 The Trojans returned for a home game w1th Hampsh1re lt was a close one 4 3 After that game the Trojans traveled to Huntley and Elburn lost 4 3 For the fmal conference game Elburn agam journeyed to Klrkland where they won 7 2 to t1e the conference Elburn then went to St Charles to compete 1n the D1StT1Ct Tourney In the f1rst game of the D1str1ct Tournament Elburn lost 10 O to Elgln Z8 O e5 T With a 1-1 record, the Trojans went to Oswego where Elburn was defeated 8-5. 'e-is-5 - 9 '9 ' 1' ti N"'?,g my BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Edwards, D. Bateman, R. Buehler, M. Meyers, R. Carlson, H. Anderson. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Ebenezer, R. Caldwell, J. Walters, M. Lye, R. wolf, J. Mell, Manager, T. Walters. The 1955 football season saw the Elburn Trojans, Coached by William Ebenezer and Bruce Peterson, capture second place in the Rainbow Conference. The "Red and B1ack" had a glittering array of underclassmen and only six seniors out for the 1955 gridiron appearance. The Trojans opened the conference with a 23-O victory over Central. In the second game, slashing ball-carrying combined with timely passing brought the team victory over Genoa-Kingston. Next the Trojans played a hard fought game and scored over Kirk- land, 18-14. With a 3-O record the Elburn Trojans traveled for their first out of town game. Central defeated them 20-12. The team then went to Genoa and played a 33-33 tie. Then, Elburn journeyed to Kirkland where the Trojans lost 32-13. The final game was played at Richmond with an unfortunate score of 67-26! ! FROSH.-SOPH. FROSH-SOPH SEASON RECORD Elburn 13 Central 26 Elburn 20 Genoa-Kingston 26 Elburn 32 Kirkland O Elburn 13 Central 33 Elburn 32 Genoa-Kings ton 5-2 Elburn Default Kirkland Elburn 39 Richmond 2 5 ROW I, LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Edwards, D. Conville, W. Breedlove, E. Love, B. Boone. ROW 2, R. Koehling, M. Smith, J. Read, B. Hartman, J. Harter, D. Jahns, K. Probst. ROW 3, Bruce Peterson, Coach, A. Swan, C. Ba1dridge G. Maier, F. Holbert, T. Walters, Manager Passing Edwards Mell Meyers FINAL INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Rushing Attempts Yards Average Longest gain Meyers Walters Lye Anderson Edwards Carlson Probst Mell Attempts 42 33 6 99 1004 10 35 246 7 33 300 9 9 57 6 7 36 5 6 54 9 Z 5 Z Z 1 PASSING Complete Yard Z0 167 13 187 3 71 - . S 65 Z5 26 10 20 Z3 3 4 Longest gain 26 30 46 Z , 4, 30 -L Elburn Elburn Elburn Elburn Scoring Meyers Carlson Wolf Buehler Edwards Walters Faber J, Christensen C, Baldridge H. Anderson J, Walters D, Edwards R. Buehler make! K . f r x X - Plainfield 71 Waterman 70 Bativia eo Mooseheart 61 Genoa 71 Hinckley 75 Hampshire 79 Central 74 Oswego 52 HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT West Chicago 75 Mooseheart 67 Naperville 49 Genoa 69 Marmion 66 Somanouk 47 Big Rock 84 Hampshire 80 5466 5 - ' as S x i S S X X X X X XX X MR. EB EN EZ ER X X X X X x X X N X X N X X f X 1 XX X LITTLE EIGHT TOURNAMENT 68 Malta 56 84 Maple Park 67 68 Genoa 76 80 Maple Park 69 68 Earlville 90 101 Yorkville 84 77 Malta 56 75 Central 61 79 Huntley 55 Z5-E DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 63 Oswego 71 WINS LOSSES Li- I. Mell ll 1.55 W, Keck R, Wolf R. Carlson M, Lye Qt. 3511 4 V13 55V K get BILL EB EN EZ. ER Coach L, ROW 111. Christensen, H, Anderson, J. Mell, B. Carlson, I. Walters, ROW 2: R, Buehler, M, Lye, B, Keck, C. Baldridge, R. Wolf. V7 Q0 x BRUCE PETERSON Coach CHEERLEADERS M, Hardt, M. Witt, P. Seymour, D. Wilson, S. Wilson, and K. Wise. ROW 1: E. Love, D. Conville, B, Lye, T. Miller, B, Smith, D, Greer, ROW 2: D. Anderson, D, Gould, M. Smith, B. Breedlove, D, Molitor. ROW 3: T. Walters, Managerg R. Koehling, W. Hartman D. Bolly, G. Maiers. J. Feece, M. Lye, K, Probst. 34 Rex Wolf YLGO R1chard ,..-f g Charles Caldwell 'Q mm Bald r1d ge On Apr11 Z1 Oswego was host to Elburn on the1r Hlgh School f1e1d That Elburn won 67 213 to 56 113 Next the Trojans faced Batav1a and West Ch1cago 1n a trlangular meet at Batav1a West Chlcago won that meet Eugene Khmowskx wil? Then on May 5 Elburn traveled to DeKalb to part1c1pate IH the conference meet m wh1ch Elburn took f1fth place On May 16 the team went back to DeKalb for a tr1angu1ar meet w1th DeKalb and Genoa Elburn took second 1n th1s meet The f1na1 meet of the season saw Elburn travehng to Dundee Dundee won th1s contest 68 to 45 Me1v1n Lye 'KJ Roger Buehler Howard Anderson Darryl R1ssman Tom Walters Mr. Peterson all Jack Walters 7 755 The Lovehest N1ght of the Year was May ZZ 19 55 when the .Tumor Class presented the annual Prom The Juruor Sen1or Banquet was held at the Old Hmckory Farm House 1n Dundee Jerry Chmstensen acted as Master of Cere rnorues Later we danced to the rnus1c of the Dukes and the Duchess at the Elburn Hmgh School The h1ghl1ght ofthe decoratlons was a beaut 1fu1 w1sh1ng well trlmmed w1th roses Everyone had fun and as Mr Peterson our adv1sor says It took blood sweat and Dewey and Dlane tears to put 1t over .M-L Ib Around the Wlshmg Well The Petersons Our Adv1sor ViM+I3mm ei X-as :Li- A Toast to the Class of 56' Our Chaperones The Faculty ll ' ' ll K 1 l i . . - . Q - !,: ' x Q uf , . - J 'X r . . ' y V P . , ' l ' I I ' ll I I I , ' . vu 'Il 5, : , f . PS' , 5 Q v ' 5 , J V tx X Q' Q r 5 I T fs, I 1 -ff Q ,f wh K - L U A ' Ll- ..- M 5 .,x- 'J T 4d T 1 . , -4. 1:-n .. ,, K ' f 1' , 1 A K K' ' , g 36 , ga i af M56 The year is 1966. The biggest Alumni Homecoming Dance in the history of E. H. S. is in full swing. Ray Anthony's Band is playing for the occasion. JODEEN ADAIR and Dick Contino are sweeping in. Jodeen is his hair-dresser and gives accordion lessons on the side. HOWARD ANDERSON, supervising electrician for Handy Andy's Service Shop planned and executed the complicated and technical lighting for the dance. Now the spotlight is on DAVID BATEMAN, a rising opera star: he is under the manage- ment of the Johnson Agency of Broadway. All we can say is---"The Metropolitan Opera isn't what it used to be!" DONNA BENSON is analyzing people and taking notes in a little black book. She is writing a sequel to her first book--"How To Grow Tall." VERNON BOWER, a big game hunter, had to leave his rifle at the door. He came home two weeks ago from Africa where he has been hunting rhinoceros. Carolyn Hughes truly prophesied that ARDYTHE BOWERS would be Elburn's prima dona to replace Lili Palmer. She honored us with an aria. JERRY CHRISTENSEN and Joyce Koehler pooled their resources and developed the largest cattle ranch in Florida. DEWEY EDWARDS is studying anatomy in college to find out how to put himself back together from his last year of football. It is rumored that ROGER BUEHLER has a new job as a circus clown. Everyone is making up for lost time talking to NORRIS GOULD, who is now in the army as "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer." DIANE HAASE is dancing with her NEWEST husband. She tells us that Reno is quite a place for rectifying "mistakes. " We have a business woman in the crowd---ILENE HAMBLEN is head cattle buyer for the Elburn Packing Plant. Solo dancer, DELORES, a high light on the program, is also a business woman. Her vacuum cleaner, Do-It-With-A-HEWITT is a sweeping success. JACKIE LOCKWOOD couldn't join us tonight--she has indigestion from eating too many cheese crackers. She is head salesgirl at D 8.1 J's Super Market. MARILYN MEYERS flew in from New York where she owns a beauty salon. Her specialty is Davy Crockett crewcuts. The nursery business has captivated MORSE MEYERS. He still can't figure out how a seed becomes a big tree, but his dancing ability hasn't changed. And here she is ---- late as usual, DIANE NICHOLS, who has taken over the Jay M School of Modeling. Her business manager? Guess who? MARGARET KMUGGSD OLSON returned from Michigan in time for the dance---just a few minutes later than Diane. Muggs has been giving lectures on her latest book entitled "How To Be Patient While You Wait For Him." Man-about-town DARRYL RISSMAN arrived with his latest date-- -E. H. S. 's new Spanish teacher. Darryl's vocation is quite original---he specializes in straightening curly hair. Who are the Baileys? Oh, yes, that is HELEN having words with another dancing couple about who bumped into whom! A celebrity is entering now ---- CAROL THODE is one of Arthur Godfrey's stars who hasn't been fired. She is a jitter bugger who replaced Haliloki. Dr. KARIN WAGNER la successful psychologistj is having a terrific time autographing her latest book "How To Get Along With Men." The crowd is watching a film of ALBERT WILLYARD and MERRIL EDWARDS cele- brating their recent victory in the 500 mile Indianapolis race. Despite their grimy appear- ance, both were rewarded with a big hug and kiss from movie Queen BARBARA COX. SHARON WILSON is a busy gal, but she found time to come. She is supervising manager of a chain of well known dental laboratories. So on went the dance, and on went the lives of the Alumni---we wish for each of them good luck and happiness. 37 lust Wlll and Testament JODEEN ADAIR HO WARD ANDERSON DAVID BATEMAN DONNA BENSON VERNON BOWER ARDYTHE BOWERS JERRY CHRIS TENSEN ROGER BUEHLER DuWAYNE EDWARDS MERRIL EDWARDS NORRIS GOULD DIANE HAASE ILENE HAMBLEN DELORES HEWITT JACKIE LOCKWOOD MARILYN MEYERS MORSE MEYERS DIANE NICHOLS MARGARET OLSON DARRYL RISS MAN HELEN SOUDERS CAROL THODE KARIN WAGNER ALBERT WILLYARD SHARON WILSON We the following do hereby Bequeath To DICK SCHROEDER my ability to stay out of trouble 1n a classes To BILL KECK my place in the Rim Toucher's Club To NELSON HOWARD my honored position as the oungest boy in the class with sincere hope that it does not go to is head To DALE JOHNSON my ability to find shop work to do during study hall hour To GENE CAPES my accumulated clarinet reeds to use in his alto saxophone To BEVERLY BOYER my ab1l1ty to stay calm and collected during an exc1t1ng ball game To RON MASON my habit of driving slowly and my use of good Judgment and care always To BETTY BALDRIDGE the privilege of wrapping sandwiches for hot lunches and to KAY WISE the mirror that I never put back in locker 44 To JACK WALTERS My skill in makmg the first five fouls 1n a basketball game To MERLYN GREER the honor of taklng Senior P E with the freshmen as I d1d To ROBERT CARLSON Mr Peterson's love for my ability of chewing gum To REX WOLF my aptitude at avoiding penalities when playing football To CAROLYN HUGHES my ab1l1ty to be conspicuous and make big noise She won't want it but I don't need it To FRED FABER the respons1b1l1ty of keeping the good old Red Headed Irlsh Spirit ahve in E H S sports To VANDY BLAND my cleverness in always managing to be on To HENRY SWIFT my position as center on the football team because I belleve that he is weighty enough to hold it down To MICHAEL HANKES my smile and good disposition To MARTHA GORDON my gift of talking a great deal and say1ng nothing at all To JOYCE KOEHLER my old roll of tape and two bottles of finger nail polish To JUDY ARNOLD my speech class ,utters To INELL HAMBLEN my place in alphabet m the Senior Class Roll To PHYLLIS SANDERSON my ability to never let there be a dull quiet moment at any party If she needs help I suggest DEANNA KIMPAN as her assistant To BETTY NELSON my knowledge of how to be a safe and sane driver I learned all about it by watching DOUG SAMUELSON To JUANITA ANDRIES all of my good resolutions and attempts at d1et1ng May she be more successful than I have ever been To MEL LYE my ability of pole vaultmg in hopes he may reach greater heights To SYLVIA SHEPARD the golden opportunity of boiling hot dogs at the Yearbook Staff Meetings To MARCIA GATES the know how to talk as well as type Q50 words a minute I To the JUNIOR CLASS I will everything I have fwhich 1sn't muchl except a certain someone in Michi an' To RICHARD CALDWELL my abiqity to get along with the teachers To JODEEN WILLIAMS my wonderful vocation as head of broom detail for cleaning up the parakeet cages To BEVERLY JONES a ring guard so she won't use up so much angora yarn To FAITH DEITER my booklet on "How To Cover Up Peroxide Hair " To LEO CORRIGAN my school locker which cannot be kept closed To STANLEY SEARS my very good habit of always being ahead of time To BILL SCHABEN my attempts at dieting from which I failed to get any results except extra pounds O I , 1 . . ' . : I . . , 5 Q 0 a 1 the winning side wlfen playing volleyball. 776644 ' fa- ' ' edzeaa Minnie Ima George McNulty Carrie PLAY CAST Sharon Wilson Ilene Hamblen David Bateman Darryl Rissman Donna Benson Student Director Prompter Sound Effects Music Karin Costumes Peggy Sue. Constable Bobby Ginger Margaret Olson Jackie Lockwood Albert Willyard Wagner, Carol Thode and Vernon Bower Ardythe Bowers Jodeen Adair and Marilyn Meyers Properties DuWay'ne Edwards Merril Edwards Howard Anderson and Roger Buehler Faculty Director Miss Mary Roeder 'filth Helen Souders Diane Nichols Norris Gould Morse Meyers Diane Haase Jackie . . Delores Hewitt Speed. . Jerry Christensen CUSTODIANS I MAINTENANCE OR "4'14'!...4 J N ld g ' .4 ., I N t , N V. Gree " C. Boyer D. Moore R. Jahns R. Stark D. Ha tman n N R. Jahns 5 . ierney 5 . lg! ,S .r . " I N -Y ' l. 2 9' A ,. -mf N, ff' I , A. B wers l 5 1 B. Ba rid ' ' K Mrs. Bower I ' L. Be 4 f. - . t H' N 1- ' a A . 7'7- n 1. N m Q.- 'Mzaagi 'Me azlflale 63"-7' ?J""ll Science u 41 Q, I . Q A -- U T 7, Q5 in .Q . nd 1 ' , - 65, 'f ' t ' 1 D . vtfx 'L , Y, 'f' X , . K , . I ' ' A:,!f'f, b VL V ' omcsasz R, Erikkson, J. Shouba, M, Olson, Mr. stark, Afmsor, 5 ' X 3 ,A . ia 'f, I 'Kav- ' l va' 'QL 0 """6lw ...rv-Q' I..- VW 'K W0 6' .ty -M-. fy A 1. ,',J'N,w' 4 Q 3 Mb: W 5 uf, Jeff' ' q 'sig ,.,. Q5 ,Q gm, Q iil ' ggi ' I xi, 'f 2 +5 , ' gl!! r,, " X! , 45 ,Q f 1 A 5' I, 'tw 'f' 5 A1 '- - 4 mln- F9 I - ,.. ,M , ,. Q. S ,R x . , - V -Y .4 ' " -f f !fE- -s Q fff fl 74" YEARBOOKS 1 If ' f' , af J if If .f,4J'.

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