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THE HI-VIEW Volume I Number III 1951 1952 ELBERT, COLORADO df ELBERT HIGH SCHOOL f ? If 4 Thus Annual Is Dedzcated To W W Q2 ERI D' PIX lin' Wlrkrg-"W We ded1cate th1S th1rd number, Volume I to Mr and Mrs Albert Varley It has been our pleasure to have them as high school teachers the past year Mr and Mrs Varley have been very CODSCl9Dt10US 1D thelr t8HCDlHg asslgnments and have done thelr best to make ours a better school We w1sn to thank Mrs Varley for maklng a band posslble at our school The school 1S lndeed happy about thelr marr1age and W1Sh9S them much happ1ness and success 1n 11te 0 o 0 O J. mi A V if ,, , Wm, t wi X T A , J., if z wana 5532 2 ' V J ga TQ it , V, Z-W 'Q Q ' 3 Miz , f 2 "mt W, A f t,,,,,r. ,rv 1 til , ,., A S tu C iff a ' ww if 9 " UQ 5 1 V ' 3 I ra dw ' t 'f' , iwff ,,wf.,,,a f , ' ff 3 N' If , P... -' w.-',.f..r,B .1 V ' . ,v 1 'i 'Jy.g,w.gxffrnv A fy , nf A Fill '. iw! -at-:.:'-H 'mf::z., 'E . f .-,..-,...a..-.wan-....., -+--M , - ' 2 ,M 9 'M . . . . . . . I p,..... AIBIRT L VARILY Coloxado Stale College Nebraska State College Cnabron hebraska M3Lh6m3llCQ and SCIQHLC 05 2 LOUIS A LORPWIPN Colorado State College Intermedxate Teacher wp. Fa cult -l HARRPN A BOSTROM Superlntcndent and Coach Colorado Stale College Sonlal SLUUICQ and Ed Ad J 13 'Y fr .f me MRS HELEN SHARP Colorado Unlversxty State Teachers College Maryvxlle lxssouri Colorado State College Pr1nc1pal of Elementary School JUHIOF Hxgh Teacher 1 HAIPI XAR Coloxado State College wUS1L Lommxlga and Bxnd is Q W LLIZABETH COFFELT Colorado State College Pzlmarv Teacher an 44 9 C ": F: AA Bm M. A, 4 f Q 4 ms. .2 3, ' LILY 3 ,gif ' 'E 7 ' Al f V2 Ly , '. 1 gg yfl? M 'K :Z fb ,4 fl A. B ' ' 'Q Y il I V 3. ,Q E. ' x 1 1 ,. , I V 'V' ' 1 A 'wff 3 ,-, ,jf J ,. 'utnn x A 5 S. S A ff' f LL -LQ' -4, KENT DE PRIEST Athletics Junlor Senior Play Student Councxl Operetta Cantata Newspaper Chorus Annual ELOISE CARNAHAN Pep Club Chorus Cantata Annual Newspaper Mlnstrel Show Junlor Senlor Play Actxvitxes Student Councxl Operetta 12 Our Graduates I VARLEY Sponsor LOXS BURGESS Pep Club Cheerleader Chorus Cantata Annual Newspaper M1nstrel Show Junlor Senxor Play ACt1V1t1eS Student Council Operetta JACKIE WARD Pep Club Cheerleader Chorus Cantata Annual Newspaper Minstrel Show Jun1or Senxor Play Act1v1t1es Student Councxl Operetta 'U 17 Pl "'.I" , , f- 2 A .1 5' Q , ky 4 , ,J - f ' ------- l-2-3-4 ---. ----1-2- ' --3'4 ........ - ' ------- 4 --..... ---1-2- --------------1 ---------1-2- -----------1-3-4 -------------- -------------2 , ---------2- ------------1-3-4 ------- - -w--Vk---- ----' 4 . - . -- . , ------1-2- K, J rv.. 9 --------1-2 --------1-2-3-4 ,-,----2 ----------l-2-3-4 ----------1-2- -5 --------- 2-3-Z -.,-..... 1-2 ------------'--- ------------2 S --------- 2-3-4 ........ -- ' --------f l ...... - ' - ' --3-4 ' - ' -- ' ' ---7--1-2-3-4 ' ' ' ------1-2- -------3 ' ---2- --------------1 U----,,,,,, s,e ,1 ' W .J 5 I , Q J M E MARGARET TIFT Pep Club Annual Chorus Cantata Newspaper MIHSYYQI Snow Junlor Senior Play Actxvltles Operetta Our Graduates w4Y ALLEN GREbHAM Xthletxce Chorus Cantata Annual Senxor Play 5tudent Councll Operetta IOHCP MULIINXX Pep Club Chorus Cantata Annual SGUIOF Play Att1vxt1es Student Coun L1brar1an CARL VANDERVOORT Athletlcs 2 Chorus Newspaper Senior Play Student Councll 'V ,I M 3 V if I I l 1 af ORIS BLADNIN Athletxcs Chorus Cantata Junxor Senior Play Mxnstrel Show Student Councxl 4 Operetta l Annual 2 3 4 Nelspaper l DALE ROYSTON Athletlcs Jun1or Senxor Play 3 Annual Newspaper '-1 13 Y , --------1-2-3-4 , ,,-----------1-2 7 Q-Q-,fQQ1,2-3, """"""----2 ' f--r------------1 '-----4----1-2-3- ----------1-2-3-4 f --------,---e,-1 A---,Y-Y-Y---3, "'------1-2-3-4 . -----A----------4 . ---f--,-,------- ' , ""' """' '? Newspaper ------------- 2 Newspaper --..fY ---2-3- ' . , "" ""' ' ----------- 4 L ' -------- --- . .'. "3-4 X E """'3 " 4 f- ----- 1-2-3- -'----1-2-3-4 ---A----------1 p11-----,- - ----- ------ - -1 A .... ..... 2 ,3- gk 1 'N . f' X E? .ff CN 1 ff if - ' ------- 1- -3-4 ----------------4 . ---------2, ---------2-3-4 , - --3 ' """"" 4 ---- -------- 2-3 A -- ----- 4 ---- ------. - ' ------- 1-2-3-4 --------------1-4 -------------1-4 - ' - --3-4 ,' , ' .' --------- 1 Class History CLASS OF 1952 In September of 1948, thirteen Freshmen entered Elbert High School to begin their high school education. They were, Mavis Hitchcock, Eloise Carnahan, Jackie Ward, Dorothy Wills, Lois Burgess, Margaret Tift, Kent De Priest, Oris Baldwin, Dale Royston, Allen Gresham, Mickey Bush, Arvis Dykes, and Billy Bolejack. As we started our Sophomore year we found our ranks decreased to ten as Billy Bolejack, Arvis Dykes, and at the first of the first semester, from Otis, Colorado, and lost Allen Mickey Bush had left us. We gained, Joyce Mullenax who had come to Elbert Gresham as he quit school This still left our number at ten In 1950 as we again walked up the lost Dorothy Wills when she married Hitchcock when she moved to Sedalia, steps to E H S we found we had during the summer and Mavis Colorado This decreased the remaining part of us in number to eight I 51 52 we again Joined at E H S to start and finish our last year of high school Vandervoort as Allen Carl plans to take a As Juniors we gave well' and send off hs we all start to to leave good old E dear old alma mater, We found that we had gained Allen Gresham and Carl took summer courses and has caught up with us and course this summer to finish school the Seniors a banquet at the Olin Hotel as a Hlare into the future drift toward our ports of harbor we regret having H S and all the good t1mes we have had at our and the many things we have learned But we all know good things must come to an end so we bid farewell to our many schoolmates, friends, faculty and high school, wishing them happy days in the years to come Annual Staff Editor in Chief Donna Mae Burgess Feature Editor Bonnie Tift Sports Editor Oris Baldwin Layout Editor Kent De Priest Advisors High School Faculty Staff Jackie Ward, Joyce Orin Joyce Mullenax, Jerome Ehlers Eloise Carnahan Business Manager Calvin Vhndervoort Photographer Dale Royston Assistant Allen Gresham U , -, . , . . I i .. I II ' Il ' . - Class Editor---- ----- - ------- Lois Burgess Class Wlll We the class of 1952 in sound m1nd and healthy physique, do make th1s our last w1l1 and testament Each article here described is bequeathed to the below mentioned lndividuals accordlng to the terms of this will and testament We hereby declare all prev1ous promises to pay.w1lls and testaments made by th1s class as null We the class of 52 will to the Freshman They may Kent De Priest w1lls Jerome Ehlers and void our old books, penc1l stubs and erasers need them before they make the grade his old worn out tardy slips to Or1s Baldw1n w1lls his height to Ronnie Brazclton Dale Royston w1lls h1s bashfulness to anyone who wants lt Lo1s Burgess w1lls her old typewriter to Bonn1e Tlft Elo1se Carnahan w1lls her Gong blonde hair to E1S1e Rubeck Jackie Ward wills her freckles to Sh1rley Tweedy Margaret Tift W111S her glggle to Bernadlne Summers Joyce Mullenax w1lls her hard used books to Robb1e Kent Kent De Prlest w1lls h1s easy going d1spos1t1on to Wanda Ardrey Or1s Baldwln w1lls h1s good behav1or to Larry Tweedy Dale Royston w1lls h1S ab1l1ty to get along w1th the teachers to J1mm1e W111S Lols Burgess w1lls her ab1l1ty to get stra1ght A's to Blng D1etr1ch Elo1se Carnahan w1lls her desk, Donna Mae Burgess Jackle Ward w1lls her shortness Margaret T1ft w1lls her ab1l1ty Class Joyce Mullenax w1lls her 'rlght Carl Vandervoort w1lls h1s wavy books penclls and erasers to Joy Kent to pull pranks to the Junior hook to anyone who needs lt ha1r to Mr Bostrom Allen Gresham W111S h1S orner1ness to Richard Homer Carl Vandervoort w1lls h1S loud shlrts to Mlckey Bush Allen Gresham w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to get along w1th the girls to D1ck Bolegack C 7 . . . , . . ' 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . , to . . ' Y ' ll ' . . . . , . . . . . Class Prophecy As we cl1mb upon our Mag1C Carpet wh1ch 1S tak1ng us to parts unknown group of trees come 1nto v1ew somewhere 1D South Am6r1Ca Here we see Joyce Mullenax worklng bus1ly as a lumbergack try1ng desperately to fall one of the rubber trees wh1ch 1S determ1ned to Sprlng back up as soon as lt falls SIHC8 arr1V1Dg there she has marr1ed one of the nat1ves As we leave Joyce we dr1ft towards a sc1ence laboratory 1D Wash1ngton D C where we f1nd Elo1se Carnahan, as a laboratory t6ChD1C1aD, p1Ck1D up the pieces as one of her exper1ments fa1led to co operate Wlfh her As we return to our m3g1C carpet and fly towards Europe where we see Lo1s Burgess madly try1ng to f1gure out some of her shorthand so she can f1n1Sh the letter she 1S typ1ng We stop and talk to her and f1nd she 1S W0rk1Dg as secretary to the b1g shot of the B1g Shot O11 Company 1n South Arab1a Leaalng her to her troubles we gaze across the w1de PaC1f1C and see COm1Dg 1nto V1eW, a shlp LOOk1Dg closer we see Kent De Prlest 1D Command of the shlp as he went 1DtO the Navy as soon as school was out W1sh1ng h1m luck we aga1n started on our Jounney As we see land COm1Dg 1nto v1ew we f1nd we are 1D Hollywood, Cal1forn1a and hear1ng a band play1ng 1D the d1stance, we go to 1nvest1gate Here we f1nd Jack1e Ward playing f1ercely on her sax 1n an all g1rl band Havlng found her a husband 1n Hollywood she leaves h1m fa1thfully at home ho 'baby Slt wh1le she 1S out br1ng1ng 1n the dough 1ng up before us We see Mademo1selle Margaret T1ft 1D a Par1s creat1on tentat1vely going about her work as a hair Sty11St At the present moment she 1S trylng to flgure out how a poodle would look w1th a horse ta1l' ha1r do As we beg1n to get warmer and warmer we d1SCOV8r we are near1ng Australla Here we see Dale Royston bus1ly try1ng to photograph the h1p' and hop of the kangaroo We f1nd he 1S mak1ng no or l1ttle progress so we cl1mb back to our carpet and cont1nue Flylng back toward C1V111Zat10D aga1n a plane zooms by us As lt goes by we f6COgD1Z8 Allen Gresham as pllot, so we follow h1m to h1s deSt1na t1OH and as soon as he arr1ves there he tells us that after enter1ng the A1r Force back 1n 1952 he has become very 1Dt9PeSted 1D planes Along w1th that he'll go to the moon 1D 30 seconds As we hear that, we aga1n go back to our mag1C carpet Fly1ng over huge wheat farms we look down and see Carl Vandervoort 1D the m1ddle of harvest Stopp1ng awh1le to talk to h1m we f1nd h1m happ1ly marr1ed and the owner of several large farms Slowly drifting toward H3Wa11 we see OFIS Baldw1n am1dst the tall trees p1Ck1Dg coconuts off of them We stop and V1Slt w1th h1m and f1nd that he 1S the tallest person they could f1nd and was gett1ng pa1d S5 50 an hour by the nat1ves of HRWBI1 We all agree that Or1s 1S nearly the 1UCk19St of all Just 1iV1ng the l1fe of ease among the sw1ng and sway of the HaWa11aD mus1c and gettlng pa1d for lt too' Aga1n we start to dr1ft and suddenly we land w1th such force that lt bP1HgS us back to reality We f1nd we are back at good old E H S We s1ncerely w1sh these graduates of 1952 all the luck and success p0SS1b1e and hope they atta1n whatever goals they are str1v1ng toward , . . . 1 , O . . . . . N . g N . . - . . 'V 1 ' V' . . 1 . . . , . . u " V' . Q . I ' VI ' ' ' ' ' H ll Continuing across the U. S. and still farther we see Paris, France loom- u - v . . " - . , . ' ' H ' V H H 1 """"'-uvw-..,.,,.,,.,,.... 'N li .SS-i-QQ? L fair Q 'X Qw ky ,ff 7' 43' I Junior Class ,y ql.? , --J Q 4'-??'ga V'- Q5 , lf. ' pf Y JO vb 'f' x ,m 4, S P +9 15 V1 'bs W V, 1 be 1-G 47, ees Q10 Sol -ff 'xlib' ff 4 9 ix Qt V CP 14' ,pf JEROII EHLERS WANDA ARDREY Representatlve Secretary Treasurer X x +V' xx 6 9 9 'Z 95 o 6'Q i 9 . I, JJ 7 13' V 'I l 4'j . in ev V 'QW E gb, 4 1 8. l .W , K X X ' X Q, ff X5 ,OV 43 0 . X' YQ o 'O fo 7' e GO:- OV ef' N QQ X M11 e Yu' I I xx Sophomore Class JOYCE ORIN Presxdent ,- F 4 if BONNIE TIFT Secretary Treasurer 5 1 wb 3 1 e::enY'twe ge9' MRS VARLEY Sponsor rv. nw ani! 'f f SHARON HERMANSON Vice Presxdent 1- R 8 Popte:WF56S DICK BOLEJACK MICKEY BUSH 'V -ff' ff.. K. " W A I my X ggi 'f :V 1f'2?f L 1, . 1 Q4 f - ri ,, yu 4 , .. ,bus W , , I 3 i DQNN A ul S4145 I .4 U! . :xii I 5 'o. ig 3 , ' + fp 'f 'M .I Q 3 5. , YJ, ROBBIE KENT PFGSIGGDI ,Q fo RONNIE BRAZELTOR BERNADINE SUMMERS l RICHARD HOMLR Freshman DORRIS WATSON Vxee Pres1dent LARRY TWEEDY Representative P' V' ANNP BFNTON Class BING DIETRICH SHIRLEY TWEEDY Treasurer Secretary s if HRS VARLEY Sponsor Ll... JERRY HARRISON ELSIE RUBECK Es- ' ' 1, is s A J. A J --'f , ,449 ,f R fs f F , 4, ,.- 1 I Q Q ' I I ,ff 14 0 V L gl: :'. gh A, - -'if 'FS .Q ,,,. 5 ' if ' A -zj 3 Q - gzfz .' ft, 6 ' , I :dai x 5 ' 3 f fy, W, AI., . I .f 5 , ,il .g1, i "!L" X Z, Y . ' ' z I L A , 7th and 8th Grades ,Q 4-.,, BACK ROW Norman Baldwin Johnnie Hermanson Eldon Harper Wayne Peterson Billy Ardrev Robert Archer CENTER ROW Ann Gresham, Jeanette Downing, Georgia Lea Hoffman Joan Mullenax FRONT ROW Jac Kay near Elanor Fortman Jane Orin Anita Peterson if Bobbie Beaman Dickie Ronnie Harper Nancy Zion, Barbara Ellsworth Leona Summers Phyllis Cauling Aldene McCau1ly Maylois Mundy. Cathy Hermes Diane Muller, Lorien Hermanson. 4 -'Q J 4th Sth and 6th Grades Dwaine Donnie Authur Victor Donald Anita Ardrey Bobbie Simmons Dorothy Harper Billie Mae Summers Sharon Tweedy Rosalie Brazelton Marie Hermanson Karen Kear Marion Royston Pnmary Af, fx Classes GENERAL SI IENC E WORLD H I STORY BOOKKEEP ING ENGLISH II Classes ENGLISH IV GENERAL BUSINESS GEOIETRY CIVICS TYPING II Classes con't. TYP ING I ALGEBRA SOC IAL PROBLEMS CHEMISTRY - Band FRONT ROW SECOND ROW BACK ROW Bernadine Summers, Betty Kunze, Anita Peterson, Jackie Ward, Joy Kent Nancy Zion, Joan lullenax, Joyce Orin Jeaneffe Dowrinv Wavne Peterson, B1111e Summers, Clyde Hoffman, B111 Ellsworth, Donna Burgess Buster Jones, Larry Tweedy, Calvin Vandervoort Russell Squires, Georgia Lea Hoffman Irs Vnrley Director 'ILO 7 Q 1 BACK ROW FRONT ROW Chorus Dorrls Watson, Bonnie Tlft, Shirley Tweedy, Elsle Rubeck Kent DePriest Blng Dietrich Oris B31d'1D, Joy Kent, Joyce Orin Bernadxne Summers Sharon Hermanson, Luann Benton Joyce Mullenax, Wanda Ardrey, Robbie Kent, Donna Burgess Larry Tweedy, Calvin Vandervoort, Carl Vandervoort, Eloise Carnahan Lo1s Burgess Margaret Tift, Jackie Ward, Mrs Varley ,, ,W, 95,54 4 if f . I X, J 1 1 nw 1 ' 1 , , Z . . . , 1 1 1 7 1 1 1 L Pep Club QQ BACK ROW Margaret Tmft Lo1s Burgess Joyce Mullenax E1S16 Rubeck E101S6 Carnahan Joyce Or1n, Mrs Varley 4 FRONT ROW Dorr1s Watson Bonnxe Tlft Sharon Hermanson Bernadlne Summers, Joy Kent SUBSTITUTE CHEERLEADERS Sh1r1ey Tweedy Robbie Kent Donna Mae Burgess Pancake Da iq- an yy. Ll C jL.m 5 Q 'K N A lux L Z8 i"'u-. .Sf PANCAKE QUEEN SHIRLEY TTEEDY -.gn o ,..f -1: ,Q qc 1 CHEERLEADERS JACKIE WARD DONNA BURGESS Anmji S Vice President Secretary Treasurer Freshman Representative Sophomore Representative Junior Representative Senior Representative Representative at large Advisor Bulldog Staff Editor --------------------------------- .---Lois Burgess Feature Editor ---------------------------- Wanda Ardrey Associate Editor ------------------------ Joyce Mullenax Sports Editor ----------------------- Calvin Vandervoort Business and Circulation Manager ------------ Joyce Orin Ad and Cover Artist ------------------ Donna Mae Burgess Picture Page Artist ---------------------- Robert Archer Reporters ------------- Miss Coffelt, Karen Kear, Marion Royston, Jeannette Downing, Jane Orin, Eloise Carnahan, Bonnie Tift, Donna Mae Burgess, Joyce Orin Typists Lois Burgess, Joyce Mullenax Eloise Carnahan limeographer Carl Vandervoort Sponsor Mr Bostrom Student Counczl Jackie Ward Oris Baldwin Larry Tweedy Jimmie Wills Jerome Ehlers Joyce Mullenax Kent De Priest lr Bostrom 29 O W , Q 1' l,., ,pf ' s President ---------- -------- - ---- ---Lois Burgess g . - . ---------------------- . gg 4 1 i,,,-,11,,ti-1 ' 4, T U! T-. lt ---,,--,,-,-- o A Q . . . . LA ' U . """""' 1 , , ------------- I ff' - '..fQ Imtzatwn Day 1951 52 If INITIATION On the Zbth, 27th, and 28th of September, the Sen1ors 1n1t1ated the Freshmen There were eleven Freshmen, one Jun1or, one Sophomore and one Sen1or 1n1t1ated There were all sorts of cos tumes and some very comlcal ones at that On the nlght of the 28th they gave them a party wh1ch con sisted of a scavenger hunt, walk1ng 1D starch, feathers, and then sand Bolled eye balls, sk1nned beetles, and worms The H1gh School engoyed the whole evenlng After the part reireshments of SandW1Ch9S, potato chips, clkt, je11o,and kool a1d were served by the Senlors 1: x it IC V .., Marrled Thus Year SOD VARLEY WEDDING The Montvlew Boulevard Presbyterlan Church was the settlng for the late December wedd1ng of M1ss Hazel Sod only daughter of Mr and Mrs Louls Sod of Denver, to Albert Varley, a son of Mr and Mrs Albert G Varley of Angora, Nebraska The Doctor Arthur M1ller offlclated at the double r1ng ceremony before a background of w1nter greenery and bouquets of wh1te carnatlons and glad1o1as Mrs Cla1re Ste1n, a roommate of the br1de at college, who was matron of honor was attired 1n a gown of dusty p1nk and carr1ed a bouquet of whlte carnatlons The two br1desma1ds, Miss Georgla Gray and MISS Rose Worth were both attlred 1D yellow gowns w1th matchlng CaFnat10D bouquets L1ttle Mlss Nancy Gr1ff1n acted as flower g1rl She wore an aqua The Brlde selected a gown of whlte satln Wlth lace lnsets and wore a flngertlp ve1l and carried a bouquet of white CarDat1ODS Assumlng dut1es of ushers were John Garvin and Louis Sod a brother U1 the br1de John M1llar of Martln South Dakota was best man The br1de' mother, Mrs Sod, was dressed 1U a gray dress w1th an overlay of pink lace and blue assessor1es and wore a plnk carnatlon corsage The groom' mother, Mrs Varley, was dressed 1n gray w1th black 3CCeSSOr19S and also wore a corsage of p1nk carnatlons A recept1on was held immed1ately followlng the ceremony in the church parlor The br1de followed the trad1tion of somethlng old new, borrowed, and blue 1D the followlng manner Her handkerchief was borrowed, her pearls a glft of the groom were new, her sl1p was old and of course she wore the trad1t1onal blue garter and had a penny in her shoe O 0 . . , . . . taffeta and net dress and carried a basket of sweetheart roses. . . , . I . . , . . S . 1 . . . S V . U . . 1 1 . . , ,-all ,rvvuhf lx Q2-Q V Y .Tumor Hugh Basketball Our Commander m Clue 0 0 1 LEFT T0 RIGHT: Authur Watson Russell Squires Donnie Ardrey Wayne Pe R 1 B 1 B 11 A d y J R C ' . CC ' ' ff! Basketball Squad BACK ROW Mickey Bush Or1s Baldvun, Dale Royston, Kent De Priest SECOND ROW Larry Tweedy, Jimmie Wills Bing Dletrlch, Ca1v1n Vandervoort FRONT ROW Dick Bolegack, Billie Ardrey, Managers, Ronnie Brazelton, Carl Vandervoort Boys Basketball Hz Lltes Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs Bulldogs LEAGUE GAMES KIOWZ Parker E11zabeth Klowa Parker E11zabeth TOURNAMENT GAMES PRACTICE Ellzabeth Klowa Penrose GAMES Byers Calhan Agate Byers Agate Klowa 1 PT'f: g5t"9' o g: ,Q nf 4' QQQS' INDIVIDUAL SCORING POINTS Orls Baldwln 212 Kent De PP19St 165 Dale Royston Mlckey Bush Jerome Ehlers Ca1v1n Vandervoort J1m W11lS Larry Tweedy AVERAGES 0 53 0 28 , O 0 i -------------25 ' -----------------30 -------------31 ----------------57 -------------44 ' -------------73 -------------52 ' -----------------67 -------------43 ----------------66 ---1 --------- 35 ' ------------ -70 -------------21 ' -------------71 -------------47 ' -----------------50 -------------31 ---------------60 -------------31 -----------------43 -------------31 ----------------42 -------------22 -----------------77 -------------23 -----------------45 Bulldogs ------------- 31 Kiowa ----------------- 47 -------------41 -----------------80 -------------48 ' -----------------53 Ab , 'NY . K ' j 1 : ,, ie X -A 'N Q! ' ' -------------------- ------------ 13.3 ' ------------------ ------------ 10.4 ---------------------66-------------4.l ' ---------------------- 58 ------------- 3.6 --------------------23-------------2.0 ' --------------- 21 ------------- 1.4 . . ----------- .------------- 8 -----------N . ----------------------4------------ . if 1 NN www wg wx Sense and onsense JUST ONE OF THOSE YOU NAME IT"' SENIORS" x f 'x IT WALKS, IT TALKS LQVE BUG ITCH WHAT IS IT????????? THREE OF A KIND AIN'T LOVE GRAND??????????? 4! 8 BUS NES Dlb? 'wfi' 1 f A K . 1 VE N ZONE YUU TC FRT ' 'Q- I JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS 3 Q 1 N , xy! 43:WAnE C, ,L Q31 xmas!! 1 'l rg' 4 x Q ww 4 ,i' lwlxx M I V ,V 5 fy T5 ' r 52' L 1: . . A L, , fa , I ? . W W i , S ,J qv I Sense and onsense LN" P lla 6 UNAWARE , HIGH CLASSNI SENIDRS LEGS AH HA hi Qqnlal YP up SUPERIBTENDENT OUR SCHOOL JUST PLAIN LOVEY DOVEY FFWF nl' ?r'f Q24 ', . x ' fr 4. UEQI l ' 1 fam A A I Ag , g A ' 4 V' ' If ' H1111 4 ,. . .1 t Aff' A V .. V. . . . You BASHFUL, B1NG??? Avg '-" 7-',' "A'j ""f ..... W A H I ls? I Ej?4- ? 3 I ' , ffnwfgfxfwqk ,4-4-"""" -nil' ':::-.-ner-"' MH, ?? -ig 'E --M"'-'f-'P-. RD RE RD! X Ng- ll ELKHORN CAFE POOL HALL MEALS LUNCHES SPECIAL STEAK DINNERS MALTS AND ICE CREAM POOL AND CARD GAMES N W COOK PHONE 18 ELBERT COLORADO BEER -- SOFT DRINKS -- CANDIES Olsen Realty Company SAYS CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS REMEMBER US ON YOUR INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE NEEDS 129 EAST PIKES PEAK COLORADO SPRINGS COLORADO MaH's Cafe MATTZ ZAGAR Proprletor ELI7ABETH COLORADO COURTESY - QUALITY - SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF Elizabeth Locker Plant HAROLD AND CELES HUNDLEY PHONE 9 ELIZABETH COLORADO Davis Typewriter Co, Inc ALL STANDARD MAKES OF PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS EASY TERMS OFFICE MACHINES OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT MAIN 95 105 NORTH TEJON STREET COLORADO SPRINGS COLORADO ' I I O I I X 1 Elbert Transfer Co Intrastate Interstate 'J ELIERT Tkllsftnco. Colorado Puc 322 3221 Lwestock Farm Produce Coal Homer Jessup Pres1dent Frances Jessup Secretary The Elbert County Abstract 81 Tltle Co Klowa Colorado Lrcensed And Bonded Complete Set Of Abstract Books For Elbert County Colorado Res1dent Agent For TITLE GUARANTY INSURANCE COMPANY Denver Colorado Ownershlp Means Evldence Of Tltle It Is Dangerous To Buy Or Own Property Regardless Of Value Wlthout Evrdence Of T1tle Member Of Amerrcan T1t1e Assoc1at1on And Colorado Tmtle Assoc1at1on CASTLE CAFE AND HOTEL The Place To Eat Here And At Home Paul I. Youngclaus, Propmetor - U - ., V . , 'ou 'an l , , ' H. Merle Jessup, Vice-President I O I 3 Y I , . . . . . . - . 5 . . . KENNY S SERVICE STATION Gas O1 T1res Batter1es Accessor1es T1re Repa1r Grease Jobs Shorty and Kenny McReynoIds Owners Phone 15 Elbert Colorado ELBERT A G FOOD MARKET Grocer1es And Frankhn SCTVICC B1sh1p Tappro Propr1etor Mr and Ivirs Frank Tweedy Managers ELSNE FARM EQUIPMENT STORE Headquarters For Internauonal Harvester Equlpment And Se rv1ce Phone 50 Elbert Colorado VOGUE DRIVE IN CLEANERS Howard M Gray Propr1etor We G1ve S And H Green Stamps 2340 East Platte Avenue Colorado Sprmgs Colorado - .1 - . 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Suggestions in the Elbert High School - Hi View Yearbook (Elbert, CO) collection:

Elbert High School - Hi View Yearbook (Elbert, CO) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Elbert High School - Hi View Yearbook (Elbert, CO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 5

1952, pg 5

Elbert High School - Hi View Yearbook (Elbert, CO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 24

1952, pg 24

Elbert High School - Hi View Yearbook (Elbert, CO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 26

1952, pg 26

Elbert High School - Hi View Yearbook (Elbert, CO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 23

1952, pg 23

Elbert High School - Hi View Yearbook (Elbert, CO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 29

1952, pg 29

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