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mf' i , , 1 1 gm '23-af M 1.. 'P -Q 'ia ,. lu N . 'fm 32 4 y V5 Q N A ' 1? V, - M V .e A f , X it 11--:L ,K gm .gg X . 31 ':,l ,..2. .fy5'L.gPg J' Q . x , 1 . ,ll 5: 'xr 1 .WA, V, ,, V . . ,u1'f, , 1, ,mmf 52,92 115' P. 5-.7mlQ"El5. 1 .1 4 G Q N124 1, ,, A, Upm, A 1 f , V .Vw 4 'wug A, ,ty -.wk , l Q , . '- xv . . . " , - .Si .wx '- J?Q,w Ji. Q .AV Af W Myw AMW, , '23 ..,. ' :,y,.' ' . 1 Y I' 1'-, ' ' M A .Q . M. N fi. ws -. aywyn new 'r' -Pf Q Sf X 4 '-. :FN 11 A ' :fa 1' ' 1" " f. ,, -Lf, G , is 'lf' 'Q' f A vi. 'ga ,U,Wg 411, .N 4 ' . ., .- ,. WA F-' V' Qdwfxm ,. .,k , J , Qgfw ff , A ,,,,, uv., L11fE2.w..2,1:i-ig, m M , A A - Lf .b v JA iff V Cf. .fe E Q' Rf, We W ,, , -3 wr , Qklfm . School Administration Town ,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,,.,,,,,,....,,..,............................ ........ E l berfeld Township ..... ........... G reer County ...,,,, ..,...... W arrick State ,..... ,,,,,,...,, ....... ........... I 1 1 diana Year ....,.,....,.........,,,,,,..,...,,,, ................................... 1 950 County Superintendent ....... ........ H arvey Hendrickson Township Trustee ................................................................ Adrian Butcher School Advisory Board ........ Clyde Holder, Elmer Graper, William Koch Principal ........... .......,..................... . . Mathematics ........................... History and Physical Ed ......... English and Latin ................. Home Ec. and Biology ......... .........Wllllam Baker .......VVilliam Baker .......Williarn Dauby .........Martin Blesch .........Ruby Bertram Music, 7th and 8th .........,....... ............... E dmund Mootz Commercial, 7th and 8th ............ .......... J ames Montgomery Industrial Arts, 7th and Sth .......... ............ W ilburn Kifer Physical Ed., 7th and 8th ........... ............ R uby Bertram 5th and 6th ............................. .......... W ilford Wheaton 3rd and 4th ........ 2nd and 3rd .......... First ....................... School Janitor .......... ............Mary Colvin .......D0lly Hcbbelci' .........Bertha Morris ..........Martin Thene Editor ............... Staff ........Royce Speicher Art Editor ................. ..................... P atsy Vaught Business Manager ...................... .......... H arold Hollingsworth Assistant Business Manager ....... .............. C larence Baughn Class History .............................. School Calendar ........ Class Prophecy ......... Class Will ......................... Class Characteristics ......... Society Editor .............. Class Degrees ........ Sports Editor ........ Sponsor ............ ..........Irma Gene Oeth .......-Marilene Thene .........Janice Duffy .........Doris Arendell .........Pearl Sellers .........Pat Thompson ........Pearl Sellers .......Royce Speicher Baker Acknowledgements Our thanks go to Spieth Studios of Olney, Illinois, who took the pictures, provided the covers, and put the annuals together. To Swinney Printing Company for printing our annuals. Also to Mr. Baker for the time and effort he gave us in helping pro- duce this annual. l"'xN 3 ow "Y '24 dl. Hdkez' Q 'Nd' FA E ULTY I :"lr.+1 lizffrazz iv 14.41 aff!! lflefak 1 Q 5 U mf' fffaafz G- f7fIr' Yzijfzz' X Our Teachers WILLIAM A. BAKER graduated from Mackey High School in 1921. He attended Oakland City College, Indiana State Teachers College and returned to Oakland City College where he received the A. B. Degree in 1927 and the B. S. Degree in 1928. He received the A. M. Degree from Indiana University in 1933 and did a year of graduate work on a Ph D. Degree at Indiana University since then. He also did one summer's Work on a Ph. D. Degree at Leland Stanford University. Mr Baker has taught for 21 years. He began his teaching career in Gibson County, his home county, after which he served as assistant principal and basketball coach at Bowling Green Gndianaj High School for two years and principal for one year. He was principal ot' the Almo High School QMontgomery Countyj for six years, principal at Kingman fFountain Countyj one year after which he returned to Mont- gomery County and served as principal of the Linden High School for two years. He decided then to return to his native county a11d served as principal of the Ft. Branch High School for three years. He also served as visiting instructor in the Graduate School of Education at Indiana State Teachers College for four consecutive summers. This is Mr. Baker 's second year as Principal of the Elberfeld High School. Latin and English MARTIN BLESCH graduated from Elberfeld High School in 1922. He graduated from Oakland City College in 1933 with a B. S. Degree. He has done all his teaching in Greer Township. He has tought for 21 years. He has coached the grade team and high school team during his teaching career. Manual Training and 7 th Sz Sth Grade WILBURN KIFER graduated from Elberfeld High School in 1918. He attended the Central Normal College at Danville, Indiana, for one year. He received his B. S. Degree from the Indiana State Teachers College, Terre Haute, Indiana. He has taught for twenty-one years, five years in Vanderburgh County, one year at Mackey and the remainder at Elberfeld School. He has coached the grade team for the last four vears. CIVICS WILLIAM DAUBY graduated from Enfield Community High School, Enfield, Illinois, in 1925. He received his A. B. Degree from Southern Illinois University in 1929, and received his B. S. Degree in University, Illinois, in 1932. In 1933 he attended Old Post Coaching School, Vincennes, Indiana. Mr. Dauby has taught for eighteen years, ten years in Illinois, two years as official in C. C. C. Work, one year in Grandview, Indiana, four years in Cannelton, Indiana, one year at Orleans, Indiana, and two years in Elberfeld. This is Mr. Dauby's second year of coaching at Elberfeld. Commercial and '7th 8z 8th Grade JAMES P. MONTGOMERY graduated from WVinsloW High School in 1938. Mr. Montgomery attended a number of schools during his seven years service in the U. S. Army. He graduated from Oakland City College in 1949 with an A. B. Degree and is teaching his first year at Elberfeld. E Home Ec and 7th 8z Sth Grade RUBY BERTRAM graduated from Elberfeld High School in 1927. She attended Purdue University for 2 years. After transferring Was graduated from Indiana State Teachers College, Terre Haute, Indiana in 1932 with a B. B. Degree. Mrs. Bertram had previously taught 14 years in the Elberfeld High School. Music and 7th 8x Sth Grade EDMUND P. MOOTZ graduated from Notre Dame Academy, South Bend, Indiana, and received an A. B. Degree from Notre Dame Univer- sity in 1934. After teaching social studies for several years, with music as a side ine. Hel attended Vandercook School of Music, ,Chicago Illinois, several summers, receiving a Masters Degree in Music Educa- tion in 1945, after which he spent several years in teaching music only. Here at Elberfeld he teaches Music to all the students from the 1st grade through high school, and teaches 7th and 8th grade English and 8th grade reading. Mr. Mootz has taught sixteen years and has covered a great deal of territory in that time. He has taught in Mass., California, Illinois, Texas, and Indiana. This is his first year at Elberfeld. MOTTO: DO NOT DRIFT BUT ROLL. Class Officers President: Royce Speicher Vice President: Mary Parton Secretary: Patsy Vaught Treasurer: Janice Duify Sponsor: Mr. Baker FLOWER: Blue Carnations COLORS: Blue and White ff-V" 11 Rdyce' SPEIUHER Maky PHRTON Parsy v4u6H7' pnfgfasmr wee- Pefsfasmr sscecrfmy SEUIDRS dfifvfcf DLIFFY ULHKENDE BHUHHN W?f,95UR5f? Renae nm xr k FEMA .CELLERS Jaws V4u5H7' A A V..,.,.N ,,'1 k wa- Q Wfieg ,, A. .H , -, ik, nga .1 M 1-rf ffgqggggg 'L f4v:E'1A:, n ' ff5f,1.igg ,UW 'X M f - 1. . .--' ff- r, , .gf-veal H A .g,f' 1' Ufi DORIS HPENDEL L fi'-Q SEUIURE IQSO X X X 'Q' 46' S lg, 7": Q -E Xf- in UHHRLES POILES Bae v0y4 55 MIIWLENE THEME PHT 7'HOMP50N IRMH 057W A A I HHFUL D HOLL lN55W0f?7f5' Senior Class History In September of '46 eighteen "Green Freshies" entered old E. H. S. wondering where to go next. In a few days we were straightened out and settled down to our high school days. The eighteen "Green Freshies" were: Doris Arendell, Irma Ceth, Pearl Sellers, Janice Duffy, Myrtle Casper, Janie Vaught, Patsy Vaught, Marilene Thene, Bonnie Richardson, Jeanette Kiegel, Royce Speicher, Charles Poiles, Harold Hollingsworth, Clarence Baughn, Johnny Ohning, Edward Rentschler, Kermit Miles, and Robert Voyles, We entered our Sophomore year with twenty students having gained three new members. They were Patsy Thompson, Dorothy Hruby, and Robert Padgett. VVe had lost two of our former members, Edward Rentschler and Jeanette Kiegel, who had quit school. During our Sophomore year we lost two more members, Dorothy Hruby and Johnny Ohning, who moved to Evansville, leaving us a total of seven- teen members. We returned with sixteen "Jolly Juniors" having lost one member, Bonnie Richardson, who was married during the summer. During the year we gained one new member, Mary Parton, who came here from Reitzg but we also lost one member, Kermit Miles, who moved to Evans- ville and is attending Reitz. This gave us a total of sixteen "Jolly Juniors". Our Junior year was filled with new experiences such as giving a class play, selling magazines, and giving the Junior-Senior banquet, which we all enjoyed very much. Now we are "Dignified Seniors". We began our Senior year with sixteen members but lost two, Myrtle Casper, who got married and Robert Padgett, who quit school, leaving us with fourteen members to graduate. They are: Doris Arendell, Marilene Thene, Mary Parton, Janie Vaught, Patsy Vaught, Pearl Sellers, Janice Duffy, Patsy Thomp- son, Irma Oeth, Royce Speicher, Charles Poiles, Harold Hollingsworth, Robert Voyles, and Clarence Baughn. Clarence Baughn, who met all the requirements to graduate at the end of the Hrst semester, withdrew February 27, to accept a job at Servel. He is still considered a member of our class and will return for graduation exercises. We are proud to say that seven of our members have completed all twelve years of school at E. H. S. together. They are Pearl Sellers, Doris Arendell, Marilene Thene, Irma Oeth, Royce Speicher, Charles Poiles, and Harold Hollingsworth. Now the time has come for us to bid E. H. S. a fond farewell. We have all enjoyed the years we have spent here together and we hope that all other classes enjoy their years here as much as we have. So to all the students and teachers we say HFAREWELL AND BEST WISHES3' Senior Class Play The Senior class presented their play, "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane", March 31, 1950, in the school gym. Their sponsor was Mrs. Ruby Bertram. The cast of characters were as follows: ' Jane Jasper ........................................................................................ Irma Ceth Miranda Jasper ........ ............... J anice Duffy Grace Jasper ................ ........... P atsy Thompson Ollie Dinklebury ......,... ............... P earl Sellers N ola Miller ................ ......... P atsy Vaught Crystal Cluett ........... ................ J anie Vaught Schuyler Pell ......., ................. R oyce Speicher Toby Simpkins ......... ......... H arold Hollingsworth Jason Gouch .......... ......................... B ob Voyles Douglas Smith .......... ............... C harles Poiles Marion Marsh .................,...,.................................................... Marilene Thene Junior and Senior Banquet The Junior and Senior Banquet was held on April 28, 1950, at thc Vendome Hotel in the Empire Room at Evansville. Baccalaureate The Baccalaureate Services were held in the Zions Evangelical and Reformed Church on April 30, 1950. The speaker was Reverend Harry Ring. Commencement The Commencement Exercises were held in the school gymnasium on May 5, 1950. The speaker was Reverend Carl Scherzer. The awards were given for the best scholar in high school and for the best sportsmanship in basketball. Biographies Harold Hollingsworth, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Hollingsworth, was born on August 12, 1932, at Elberfeld, Indiana. He has lived at Elberfeld his entire life, and received his complete education there. Harold has played basketball five years, excluding his Senior year. He has taken part in the operetta, "Top of The World", and in the minstrel, "Georgia Jubilee". He also took part in the Junior play, "Dear Papa", and in the Senior play "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane". Harold was Business Manager of the "Voice", and also of the 1950 year book. Ik ll' ll' Ik ik lk if Patsy R. Vaught, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Vaught, was born in Louisville, Kentucky, January 3, 1931. She then moved to Evansville and began her school career. She attended four Evansville grade schools, and then moved to Elberfeld in the last part of the eighth grade, and has completed all of her high school career here. She played in the Band and Orchestra for two years, and sang in Glee Club four years. She also took part in "Georgia Jubilee", "Beauty Contest", and had the part of Lucinda 'Carr in the Junior class play, Dear Papa", and the part of Nola in the Senior play "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane". She was Secretary of her class, Art Editor of the "Voice", and Art Editor of the Annual in her Senior year. if Sk 41 Ik lk lk ll' Doris Jean Arendell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Preston Arendell, was born on September 14, 1932 in the small town of Elberfeld. Doris has completed all twelve years of her schooling here at Elberfeld. She has been in the Glee Club and Sunshine Society for four years. She took part in "Georgia Jubilee" and "The Beauty Contest". During her Senior year she was Sunshine Reporter of the "Voice", and made out the Class Will for the annual. if lk if 4' 4 lk lk Mary Parton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brady Parton, was born at Evansville Indiana, on March 29 1932. Mary received her first eight years of school at a small country school near Evansville. She attended Reitz High School for two and a half years, where she belonged to different clubs. She entered Elberfeld in the last part of her Junior year. She has been a member of the Sunshine Club for 1 year and member of the Glee Club for 2 years. She took part in the "Georgia Jubilee" minstrel, in her Junior year. Mary was Vice-President of her class during her Senior year, she was also High School Reporter and a typist for the "Voice", Biographies, Cont'd. Pearl Catheirn Sellers, daughter ,of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sellers, was born on April 19, 1932, six miles northwest of Elberfeld. She received her twelve long years at Elberfeld High School. Pearl has been a member of the Sunshine Society and Glee Club for four years. She took part in the Junior play, "Dear Papa", and she also took part in the Senior play, "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane". Pearl was in the minstrel "Georgia Jubilee", and in the operetta, "The Beauty Contest". Pearl was candidate for queen in her Freshman year, Vice-President of the Sunshine Society in her Junior year, and P. T. A. Reporter and Music Reporter of the "Voice" during her Senior year. if Ii Ik IF 1 'll 1 Clarence Baughn, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Baughn, was born in the year 1931 on September 16, Evansville, Indiana. He started to school at Fulton in Evansville where he graduated from grade school and went to Central High School on January 23, 1946. The following spring he moved to a farm southeast of Elberfeld. He has completed his high school career here at Elberfeld. He took part in the "Georgia Jubilee" minstrel, the Junior play, "Dear Papa", and played basketball on the second team. lk if lk if il ill if Royce Speicher, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Speicher, was born on May 22, 1932 on a farm two miles northeast of Mackey, Indiana. Royce has received his entire twelve years of schooling here at Elberfeld. He has been active in sports for six years. He played for two years while in grade school and continued during his high school career. Royce was a member of the Glee Club for two years. He also took part in the Junior play, "Dear Papa", and the Senior play, "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane". He was Vice President of his class during his Sophomore year, President during his Senior year, Sports Editor of the "Voice" and Editor of the Annual. lk lk lk Ill If ll' lk Marilene Thene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Thene, was borned on January 15, 1932 in Elberfeld. She received all twelve years of her education at Elberfeld. She has been a member of the Glee Club and Sunshine Club for four years. Marilene played the role of Mickie Strong in the Junior play, "Dear Papa".- She also took part in the "Georgia Jubilee" minstrel and "The Beauty Contest". She had the part of Marion Marsh in the Senior play "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane". During her Senior year she was Society Reporter for the "Voice". Biographies, Cont'd. Norma Jane Vaught, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Vaught, was born at Evans- ville, Indiana on July 1, 1932. Janie attended Emma Roach, Columbia, White and Wheeler grade schools in Evansville. She enrolled at Elberfeld in the last half of the eighth grade, completing her grade school and high school here at Elberfeld. Janie has been a member of the S. S. Society for four years. She served as President of the S. S. S. in her Senior year. Janie was Secretary off her class in her Freshman year, and President of her class in her Sophomore year. Janie has been in the Glee Club for 4 years. She played the drums in her Sophomore year. She played the role of Janet Roden in the Junior Class play, "Dear Papa", and also played the role of Crystal Cluett in the Senior play, "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane". She also took part in the "Georgia Jubilee" minstrel, and the operetta "The Beauty Contest. She was Humor Editor of the "Voice" during her Senior year. She was in the Girls Sextette in her Freshman, Sophomore and Junior, years. She was also Cheer Leader for the school in her Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years. Ill li lk lk lk ik lk Charles Poiles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Poiles, was horned on February 7, 1931 at Evansville, Indiana. Charles has received his entire twelve years of education here at Elberfeld. He has been active in sports for six years. He played basketball two years on the grade school team and was a member of the first tive in his Junior and Senior years. Charlie has been a member of the Glee Club for two years, during this time he took part in the operetta "Top Of The World", and the minstrel "Georgia Jubilee". He also took part in the Junior play, "Dear Papa", and the Senior play, "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane". Charlie was President of his class in his Freshman year, and Editor of the "Voice" during his Senior year. 'lf if lk li 4' lk lk Patsy Jean Thompson, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Thompson, was born near Princeton, Kentucky on September 4, 1932. She started to school in Detroit, Michigan, but since then she has gone to school in Evansville, Indiana and Princeton, Kentucky. Most of her high school was spent at Elberfeld, since she came here as a Sophomore. She was Secretary of her class in her Sophomore year, Treasurer of her class in her Junior year, and Vice President of the Sunshine Society in her Senior year. Pat has taken Glee Club for 4 years, and has taken part in "Georgia Jubilee", "Beauty Contest", and took part in the Junior play, "Dear Papa", and also the Senior play, "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane". She was a typist of the "Voice" during her Senior year, and Society Editor of the annual. Biographies Cont'd. Irma Gene Oeth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Oeth, was born February 29, 1932, at Evansville, Indiana. Her parents then moved to a farm 1 mile south of Elber- feld. At the age of 6, Irma began her school career at Elberfeld where she completed all 12 years of her schooling. Irma Gene has been a member of the orchestra for 6 years, and of the Girls Glee Club for 4 years. She took part in the operettas, "Red Candles", Beauty Contest" and minstrel "Georgia Jubilee". She was Mrs. Carr in the Junior play, "Dear Papa", and Jane Jasper in the Senior play "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane". Irma has also been a member of the Sunshine Society for 4 years. During her Senior year she was Secretary, and typist for the "Voice", She was awarded the Kiwanis Scholarship Award in her Freshman and Junior years. 'll lil if if il If ll Janice Irene Duffy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Duffy, was born at Buckskin, Indiana on January 16, 1933. She began her school career at the age of five, and completed three and a half years of grade school at Buckskin. She enrolled at Elberfeld in the latter part of her fourth year and has completed her last eight years of education here at Elberfeld. Janice has been a member of the Sunshine Society for four years. In her Senior year she held the office of Treasurer. She was also Secretary of her class in her Junior year and Treasurer of her class in her Senior year. She has been a member of the Glee Club for four years and she was in the Girls Sextette her Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years. Janice took part in the Operetta "Beauty Contest" and the "Georgia Jubilee" minstrel". She played the part of Carol Ruth Carr in the Junior class play "Dear Papa" and she had one of the leading roles as Miranda Jasper in the Senior play "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane". Janice has been Cheer Leader for three years, one year in grade school, and two in high school and she was also typist for the "Voice". lk lk Ik IF Sk Bk lk Robert D. Voyles, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Voyles, was born on January 21, 1933 in Cairo, Illinois. He started to school at the age of five at the St. Paul School in Cairo.. His second year of school was spent in a small country school 13 miles south of Cairo. He later moved back to Cairo and went to Salford School for two years. After the end of his fourth year of school he moved to Mt. Vernon, Indiana for one year of school. After two and a half years of school in Evansville he moved 6 miles east of Elberfeld to finish the last semester of the Eighth grade and all of his high school there. In his high school years at Elberfeld he participated in two class plays, "Dear Papa" and "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane". Bob played basketball for two years on the second team and he was also printer for the "Voice". Class Prophecy It had been a very busy day at school and I was exhausted. The whole senior class as well as myself can hardly find' time anymore to even catch our breath. These last few weeks of school activities really keep us on our tocs. There is the annual to get ready for printing, pictures to be taken, a senior play to be given, a Junior-Senior banquet to attend, planning the baccalaureate and commencement exercises, and numerous other things that come to seniors at graduation time. I came home from school with the intention of getting my lessons for the next day, but sitting by the warm fire in a comfortable chair it was easy to fall fast asleep. I found myself dreaming about my own class, the seniors of 1950, only I visualized what they would be doing in the year of 1960. This is the dream I had and I would like to tell all of you readers about it. First, I was in New York City at Carnegie Hall. There was beautiful piano music being played. I wonder who the pretty young lady is that is playing such wonderful music? Now she is taking her bow and I find myself going backstage to congratulate her. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it was one of my classmates Pat Thompson. Her husband, Kermit Miles, was there giving her a beautiful spray of roses. It was wonderful to see that Pat was making a success of being a wife as well as a great concert pianist. Then I dreamed I was speeding down the highway in one of those new 1960 "Rocket" cars. There seems to be something wrong with the motor so I'll just stop at this big garage up ahead. Now that mechanic sure looks very familiar. No wonder he does, that's Royce Speicher another of my classmates. I remember reading a few years back where he was one of the star basketball players on the Evansville College team and was taking a course in mechanics. As I chat with Royce he tells me after graduating from college, he was lucky enough to get to buy his own garage and start right into business. It was sure nice to see Royce was getting to fulfill his desire of being a mechanic, and a good one too, he has my car fixed already. Then I was on my way again and because it was such a hot day I kept getting thirstier by the mile. I finally decided to stop at a big farnr house just up ahead and ask for a cold drink of water. The sign in front tells me it's a turkey farm and such a nice big one. As I see the young lady coming out of the house to greet me I notice how familiar her walk is. When she gets closer I see it's Patsy Vaught, of all people. I knew she was married to Vernon Tevault, but I had no idea: they owned a turkey farm. As she gives me a glass of water she tells me she likes the farm very much and she gives me a good sales talk on buying a turkey. I cart see she is very happy and I'm glad to see her eyes light up when she talks about Vernon and the turkeys. As I whizzed on down the highway again, I turned on the radio to listen to some music and I heard one of the most mellow and smoothest voices I had ever heard. When the announcer gave the name Charles fEddy Arnoldl Poiles the bobby sockers "Idol" of the air waves, I knew right away it was another of my classmates Charlie Poiles. Just listen to the bobby sockers swoon. He sure deserves' all the clapping and praise, for he sure can do things with his voice. , Class Prophecy, Cont'd. Next I dreamed I was in the windy city of Chicago, in a building with rooms and rooms of people dancing and such big, smooth, shining floors to dance on too. I wonder who the smooth and graceful dancer is in this room giving instructions? She is so graceful that the complicated dance looks almost simple to do. Now that couldn't be Janie Vaught could it? Why yes it is. Janie tells me she is the head dancing instructor here at this Arthur Murray school for dancing. I must say all of Janie's dancing she done back home sure is coming in handy. She says her work is just what she likes io do best and she's working toward owning her own school. Then as I dreamed on I heard noise and a lot of commotion going on across the street. Listen fire trucks! There must be a fire going on in that big building. As I hurry over, there is already a large crowd of people and policemen and reporters everywhere. Speaking of reporters, look at that news reporter up there in front right by the firemen. She should be careful that's some fire. My goodness thats Marilene Thene and she's writing a mile a minute. When the fire had calmed down I went over to say a few words to her and Marilene tells me she liked the newspaper work so well when she was just delivering papers back home, that she decided to choose the news- paper business as a career. Now she is the star reporter for the "Chicago Tribune". She must be a very good reporter as brave and daring as she is. I find myself walking on down these windy Chicago streets and on the corner I see a large self-service grocery store. As I look in the big window of the store, I see an attractive business woman with flaming red hair telling a salesman where to get off at. You can tell she is very angry and her temper fits that red hair just perfect. When I walk in she is sending the salesman on his way and I see it is none other than Doris Arendell, another senior from my class. Doris tells me, as we chat together, that she had worked her self up from way back when she first started working at Roy Nichol- son's store back home. She is now manager of this big store and you can tell she has a good business head on her as you look around and see every thing running so smoothly. How I wish I had her red hair, that alone would give you courage to keep things going. Then as I fell deeper into dreamland I found myself standing before good old E. H. S. When I walked in I could hear they were having music on the stage and as I entered onto the stage I heard a sweet, clear, soprano voice singing above the group of singers. The voice did sound familiar and it was much to my surprise when I saw the voice belonged to Irma Gene Oeth, now a music teacher at Elberfeld High School. When she passed the class I went over and congratulated her on her beautiful singing. She then told me she was not only a music teacher, but also the wife of Walter Karch and they were living in a big brick home on Oakhill Road. She seemed to be very happy and her wonderful ability for music sure wasn't being wasted. Dreaming on, I found myself out on the familiar streets of town and decided togo down main street and see if there were any changes. I hadn't walked more than a block when a big Cadillac with, a pretty young lady driving it stopped and asked me to ride down town. Of all people, Pearl Sellers, probably by now her name is Pearl Strott. Sure enough Pearl tells me she is married to Paul and that she owns and operates one of the largest Beauty Shops in Southern Indiana. She is still the same talkative Pearl, but it's good to see she's still her same sweet self. You can see she's very happy especially when she talks of Paul and their son Larry Paul. Class Prophecy, Cont'd. As my dream goes on, I see myself getting out of th ecar and waving goodbye to Pearl. Not watching where I was going, I turned, and ran into someone dressed all in blue. When I looked up into his familiar blue eyes and saw red hair flaming from beneath a sailor hatg I could see it was none other than Harold Hollingsworth. He seems to have grown two inches taller and his chest is thrown out proudly. He has something to be proud about too, for he tells me he has just been made an Admiral of the United States Navy. He is home now on a two weeks leave and he goes on to tell me he is going to make the Navy his career. I must say he makes a handsome sailor as well as a successful one. Next my dream seems to take me to a train station and in my hand is a ticket that says Washington, D. C. There is the train that's leaving for there and as I board it, I see I will have to share seats with a very serious looking young man. When I sat down and glanced over at the man who do you suppose it was? Bob Voyles, another former senior of '50, I find Bob is a very successful traveling salesman and I know he would be with his easy going manner and determination. Bob tells me he is also married and has twin sons. That surprised me for he never had much use for the girls in high school, but then you never could under estimate the powers of a woman. After arriving in Washington I found myself making way to the Capitol Building. When I reached there I saw a guide getting ready to take a group of people through the building on a tour. It should be interesting so I'll just go along too. The rooms were big and beautiful with marble floors that glistened. Then I heard voices in the next room and looking in I saw the President, and he was dictating letters to his secretary. She was a very attractive, poised secretary and as she turned her head to leave I saw it was Mary Parton. So she is the secretary to the President of the United States? What a great honor to be capable of holding that position. I don't know of anyone who would make a better secretary for she was always known for her person- ality and dependability. As the dream goes on, I left after the tour and going down the street I saw a very familiar person coming toward me. He looks ver ydistinguished dressed in a gray suit and carrying a brief case. When he gets closer I see it is Clarence Baughn, another of my classmates. When I stopped to talk to him he tells me he is a very busy man these days. His job is very secretive for he is now one of the great scientists on the "H-BOMB". I wasn't very surprised to hear he was doing such intelligence work for he always did have brains that I was always wishing I had. Then as my dream continued on, I seemed to decide to take an airplane back home to get there quicker. It was nice and peaceful riding along in one of these new speedy planes. And then as I looked down the aisle I was very startled, for coming towards me was an Airline Stewardess. Who do you suppose it was? Yes, you guessed it, it was myself, Janice Duffy. About that time I awoke, and jumped straight up. Was that ever shocking seeing yourself ten years from now. Oh! what a joy it was to be awake and know that I was still a Senior of 1950, and that I could go to school tomorrow and see all of my classmates still roaming the halls of good old E. H. S. I do hope that each and everyone of my classmates will be as successful ten years from now as I dreamed they were. If I know my classmates I won't have to worry much. J. D. Flirtiest Girl ........ Flirtiest Boy ......... Neatest Girl .......... Neatest Boy ......... Shortest Girl ........ Shortest Boy ........ Friendliest Girl ....... Friendliest Boy .......... Most Athletic Girl ......... Most Athletic Boy ......... Shyest Girl .................. Shyest Boy ......... Smartest Girl ........ Smartest Boy ........... Most Tardy Girl ......... Most Tardy Boy ............. Most Likely to Succeed .......... Best Singer, Girl ................... Best Singer, Boy ....,.... Nosiest Girl .......... Nosiest Boy .......... Quietest Girl ......... Quietest Boy ......,,........ Loudest Mouth Boy ....... Cutest Girl ................... Cutest Boy ........ Silliest Girl ........ Silliest Boy ...................... Best Personality Girl ........ Best Personality Boy .......... Best Dancing Girl .......... Best Dancing Boy ......... Most Unserious Girl ...... Most Unserious Boy. ...... .. Stubbornest Girl ............. Stubbornest Boy ......... Dreamiest Girl ........ Dreamiest Boy ......... Class Degrees ........Janice Duffy ........Charlie Poiles ........Pat Thompson ..........Royce Speicher ............Patsy Vaught ..........Clarence Baughn ............Marilene Thene Harold Hollingsworth .................Pearl Sellers ..........Royce Speicher ........Doris Arendell .......Royce Speicher ...............Irma Oeth .......Clarence Baughn ......................Janice Duffy .Harold Hollingsworth ..................Janice Duffy ............Irma Oeth .........Charlie Poiles .........Marilene Thene ..........Clarence Baughn Parton Voyles .Harold Hollingsworth ..............Pat Thompson .........Royce Speicher ..........Pear1 Sellers .......Clarence Baughn Parton ..........Royce Speicher ................Janie Vaught ........Harold Hollingsworth ..............Doris Arendell ..............Bob Voyles ............Patsy Vaught ..........Clarence Baughn anice Duffy ..........Bob Voyles Class Characteristics NAME SAYING NOTED FOR Doris "I don't know" Red Hair Mary "Well" Personality Marilene "0h! boy" Meanness Janie "Too bad" Dancing Patsy "O'Sharty" Temper Pat T. "I don't know" Neatness Irma "Oh Crazy" Singing Pearl "Hey! Watch that" Sillyness Janice "La-de-da" Her Hair Royce "I'll tell you" Good Looks Clarence "Want me tell you" Stubbornness Charlie "Ze! Gosh dang" Singing Harold "Aw Harry" Being Late Bob ' "Yeah you bet" Quietness NAME LIKELY TO BE NICKNAME Doris Arendell Mary Parton Marilene Thene Janie Vaught Patsy Vaught Pat Thompson Irma Oeth Pearl Sellers Janice Duffy Royce Speicher Clarence Baughn Charlie Poiles Harold Hollingsworth Bob Voyles Miss America Queen of Siam Glamor Girl News Reporter Vernon's Wife Housewife Music. Teacher Wife of Paul S. Chorus Girl Teacher Pilot Tim will tell Gob Hot Rod Jockey "Twin Tub" curubbyn "Blondie" uAcren ULucy7Y tl Pat!! "Irmie" "Pearly" "Duff" "fI'ooty" "Tootsie" L4Burp!I HRedl! "Delano" AMBITION To be an old maid Secretary Beautician Career Girl To have two boys Secretary Housewife Beautician Air Line Hostess Mechanic Ain't got none Getting out of school To be married To own a farm PASTIME Thinking of Haubstadt Day Dreaming Eating Telling Jokes Driving Vernon's Car Talking Thinking of Pete Acting Silly Dreaming Talking to Girls Sleeping Sleeping Going to 0. L. C. Sleeping Class Will We the class of 1950 of the city of Elberfeld of Warrick County, and State of Ind-anna, being of sound mind U1 and memory fexcept at test timej do hereby publish and declare this to be our last will and testment made by us as classmates of this "fine" school. First we will to our teachers: Mr. Baker, our principal, never to have to sponsor another class like us. Mrs. Bertram to have two new electric sewing machines next year. Mr Blesch to have a subscription to a correspondence joke telling course. Mr. Dauby to have a better American Government class next year. Mr. Kifer to have a larger Industrial Arts Shop. , Mr. Montgomery to have a more co-operative Office Practice class next year. Mr. Mootz to have a better and larger Glee Club and Orchestra. Second we will to the classes: First, we will to the Freshman class more girl's next year. To the Sophomore class we will a better basketball team in the class tourney next year. To the Junior class we will the right to win the class tourney again next year. Last, but not least, we the class of 1950 will the' following: I, Doris Jean Arendell, will my ability to get dates to Nigra Lea Roberts. I, Mary Parton, will a burglar alarm safe to my little brother Kenny, to keep his belongings in lespecially his pencilsl. I, Pearl Sellers, will my sillyness to Margaret Besing. I, Patsy Thompson, will my thinness to "Humphrey". I, Patsy Vaught, will my long finger nails to Juanita Arendell, I, Marilene Thene, will my blonde hair to Doris Walker. I, Irma Gene Oeth, will my place on the Honor Roll to Franklin Campbell. I, Charles Poiles, will my right to set off the fire-alarm in my Sophomore year to Roy Voyles. I, Harold Hollingsworth, will my ability to box to Warren Roettger. I, Robert Voyles, will my right to sleep in the study hall to Derral Byers. I, Royce Speicher, will my right to be Editor of the "51" year book to Roscoe Sellers. 1, Clarence Baughn will my beard to Ronald Oster. I, Janice Duffy, will my natural curly hair to Angella Aigner. I, Janie Vaught, will my ability to get Yell-Leader to Bonnie Whitsel. Not only do we wish to leave our wills, but we also wish to leave our many Thanks to everyone that we have had contact with. We would like to close with these few words: Thanks to Elberfeld And all of its crew, But most of all our Thanks goes to YOU! Fall Festival The annual Fall Festival was given by the P. T. A., on October 28, 1949. The high- light of the evening was the crowning of the king and queen, Roscoe Sellers and Sue Colbert. The candidates from each class attended the king and queen. I . 394 53155 ML 6:14 l 5.11 nf 4 M4 IQ a , ,J main Ll Senior Class First row, left to right: Patsy Vaught, Mary Parton, Janie Vaught, Doris Arendell, Marilene Thene, Irma Oeth. Second row: Pat Thompson, Robert Voyles, Clarence Baughn, Harold Hollingsworth, Charles Poiles, Royce Speicher, Pearl Sellers, Mr. Baker. Junior Class First row, left to right: Joyce Padgett, Jackie Peach, Juanita Arendell, Rosemary Menke, Beulah Johns, Patsy Poiles. Second row: Mr. Blesch, Lonnie Langford, Jeanene Morris, Janice Besing, Margaret Besing, Sue Colbert, Clayborne Simpkins. 'Ihird row: Harlan Karn, Derral Byers, Tommy Barnett, Warren Kohlmeyer, John Reeb, Roscoe Sellers, Clenneth Kohlmeyer. rw X Sophomore Class First row, left to right: Gyneath Gwaltney, Barbara Arendell, Sharon Deneke, Delores Campbell, Doris Walker. Second row: Mr. Mootz, Clyde Strattman, Jimmy Anderson, Gorden Glenn, Dewey Colbert, Gerald Thene. Third row: Bill Hurt, Ronald Oster, Eugene Green, Jimmy Miller, Donnie Sellers, Jess Butcher. Freshman Class First row, left to right: Nigra Lee Roberts, Bonnie Whitsell, Angella Aigner, Sharon Poiles, Janice Kost. Second row: Mr. Montgomery, Eugene Wheaton, Clenneth Besing, Roy Voyles, Derral Skelton, Warren Wretcher, Edward Keigel, Donnie Thene. Junior Class History The Juniors entered the upper halls of E. H. S. as "Green Freshies" in 1947. There were twenty-two of them. They were: Derral Byers, Roscoe Sellers, Jeanene Morris, Margaret Besing, Warren Kohlmeyer, Sue Colbert, Rosemary Menke, Matilda Harris, Juanita Arendell, John Reeb, Joyce Padgett, Harlan Karn, Janice Besing, Clenneth Kohlmeyer, Patty Harris, Patsy Poiles, Louetta York, Louis Ward, Lonnie Langford, Beulah Johns, Tommy Barnett, and Donald Fisher. During the year they lost two members, Donald Fisher and Louis Ward, who moved away. They gained one member, Jean Ambrose, who moved here from Boonville. They returned in their Sophomore year with twenty-two members. Jean Ambrose had moved back to Boonville and Claybourne Simpkins and Duane Walmer had moved here. Louetta York was married in December of '48 and Matilda Harris began attend- ing school at Boonville, leaving twenty members in the class. This, their Junior year, they returned with nineteen members. During the summer Patty Harris had moved to Henderson, Kentucky, and Duane Walmer had moved to Defiance, Ohio. Jackie Peach, from Bosse, had started to school here leaving the class with a total of nine boys and ten girls. Sophomore Class History We began our Freshman year with twenty students. During the year we lost three students, Nellie Houghton, who quit, and Barbara Hadfield and Betty Miles, who are now attending Reitz. We gained one student, Belvia Scott, who came here from Central. At the beginning of our Sophomore year we had eighteen students who were with us in our Freshman year and one new student, Max Mikell. During our Sophomore year we lost three students, Jim Enlow, Max Mikell, and Belvia Scott, who quit. We gained two new students, Betty Hurt from Central and Barbara Holmes from Bosse, We now have eighteen students who are as follows: James Anderson, Barbara Arendell, Jess Butcher, Dolores Campbell, Dewey Bill Colbert, Sharon Deneke, Eugene Green, Gyneath Gwaltney, Barbara Holmes, Betty Hurt, Bill Hurt, -Gorden Limp, James Miller, Ronald Oster, Donald Sellers, Clyde Stratman, Gerald Thene, Doris Walker. Freshman Class History When school started September 6, 1949, there were thirteen "Green Freshies". They are as follows: Angella Aigner, Janice Kost, Donnie Thene, Nigra Lea Roberts, Bonnie Whitsell, Gilbert Humphrey, Edward Kiegel, Doris Skelton, Darrell Skelton, Roy Voyles, Eugene Wheaton, Clenneth Besing, and Warren Roettger. We gained one new member, Sharon Poiles, who entered two weeks after school started. During the year we lost one member, Gilbert Humphrey, who moved to Evansville and is now attend- ing Central. Junior Class Play The Junior class gave their play, "Marrying Margaret", on November 10, 1949, in the school gym. Their sponsor was Mr. Martin Blesch. . The cast of characters were: 1 HARRISON HUNTER ......... WINIFRED HUNTER .......... LEILA HUNTER ...,........... MARGARET HUNTER ....... HARRIETT HUNTER .......... LEONA HUNTER ......... LEONARD HUNTER ........ LEO STATTON .............,..... MARJORIE TUCKER .......... NOEL THOMAS .........A... AMELIA GARDNER ........ ROSS VAN BUREN ...,..... ETHEL .......................... LORIN GILBERT ................................... PROFESSOR MAXWELL DEVINE ......... IGNATIUS WILBUR WELLINGTON ......... .......Warren Kohlmeyer .........Juanita Arendell ........Jeanene Morris ..........Janice Besing ........Jackie Peach .......Beulah Johns ........Derral Byers ,...........,....John Reeb ......Margaret Besing Clenneth Kohlmeyer ...............Sue Colbert ..........Tommy Barnett ........Rosemary Menke ........Harlan Karn .........Roscoe Sellers ........Lonnie Langford f , Eff - 2 JF 4 J X 1.f' .', ..f- W. "P, 4' L:Qz-4 r . X , liz. - , ng v, x ' " Qi ' ' A' 7.152 ':IZ 'f'f 1' 5.56 1' Q X wif , 'gpg ff:-N Y, f n . xr, A ,x ,. Q I 'im V J I . YVQ5-l,,s.'7,1i,,1,Ml . sf f K. , , , - af -a, , K 4 K.,-1-zkgv Q, 1 ,, , X - , L f , up-vga! qw, in 45 L . A-, P . V f , 4 - -,Lf qw- , ,q . , !1:3,?,'FL, lf? A ' 44559. A ' . 1 iff! ' . aim' v A ' i f Q ' 5:,p, , Q.g:?'iAff. , I wr li , .511 Z N ' If -V. .. ,. - , A . .-f .V "hipp- Q - ' j' . ,Q evfi 1 J: "5qn"?' ' ,N - , .MH ' 'I' ,jjg g, 'E - 11, 3,1 J , L. 1 514' , L 1' , . ,. ig Vf1L'ffA',41"":i ,, K' -tri, 1 f 4 sh- 1 ,442-L A j' J iw ' F " I A, if Lv J -"1z3f2 3 -v R' ' .4 11 ' y- wi: f I I 5-C, .j:' -.IP .1fv,' ' ' ,ann rw, Q-1. M, T gk' , i, ff ,. , .f . .,,' v . 1, ' FWF . f ,?'iw??'f igo,e? ' ,- 1 'TU ' r'3,.w,:f1,1-p :- , 'M ,V Q . Af . nr, V ,IN :J M: f- ' - AM' 4 . , -:J I . wi -9 an I ,JH-rw f' , " T 5 14-gg-2 f T515 ' ' ' 5 ,Q A fargqf ff . ' 'zaqfy-uv '- xy K 'egg vi' , - " V ., V p ' "'f'--- "VY - - V' ' Q U .,.. .1 .Q 12 v I . . .uk -X 3 if .V . " " xf 4-'-. ' N -'-1 , - 21. 1" ' ' f iff? gf 5-wi Q, W- 1 11:1 fl' 1 . ' 2124!-if ' V-"ff-N QT"m'.ffw1f'4-"'Vk"f " ' :1 7, . X 'r V a-Lrg.,:- 35. -' N H" X ' ffigl r. .-'Q-ff" 7 - " t f , ' - ' '.,,, F.. .A . X ' f ." . ,g :': "Af.p,g::w,U :Q , 4 A 5 '-,574 , ' ' K' , "Tiff .X ' 'lf' ,Q 1 'E - - - ' -V T ., " I-' . r ,- Nl '. ' A x . A L'- K? E i Q 8th Grade First row, left to right: Ruth Ann Kuhlenschmidt, Mildred Butcher, Rose Barnett, Sarah Lockhardt, Arlene Hawles, Jackie Nicholson. Second row: Mr. Kifer, Larry Clemmons, Harriet Peach, Betty Blythe, Gayle Williams, Shirley Ann Thene, Tommy Derrington. Third row: Johnny Hammel, Bob Oster, Richard Johns, Adrian Gwaltney, Kenneth Parton, Jerry Buggs. 7th Grade First row, left to right: Dallas Peck, Carol Thene, Margaret Mabrey, Janet Sietz, Faye Butcher, Carol Taylor, Claraice Lockhardt. Second row: Mr. Montgomery, Floyd Miller, Russel Menke, Billy Buttram, Dallas Fleener, Franklin Campbell, Lois Houghton. Third row: Richard Lochmueller, William Cutteridge, Doral Daub, Alfred Tapper, Ralph Walker, Earl Johns. 5th and 6th Grades First row, left to right: Charles Houghton, Clarence Barnett, Downey Thene, Curtis Simpkins, Jerry Poiles, Roger Strunk. Second row: Marie Ellerbrook, Norita Oster, Anna Mae Kiegel, Elaine Sharp, Luann Nicholson, Sylvia Goehlich, Virginia Enlow, Phyllis Thompson, Norma Gocker, Retta Ramage. Third row: Mary Jo Johns, Frances Harris, Lois Ring, Robert Simpkins, Gary Silke, Don Moore, Melvin Garbers, Norbert Blesch, Ronald Simpson. Fourth row: Lillian Mills, Shirley Whitsell, Georgiana. Cutteridge, Charles Scott, Phyllis Sharp, Patricia Inkenhaus, Billy Deneke, Donald Dayvolt. Fifth row: Ronald Blesch, Donald Rhinebrecht, Larry Holtz, Wilford Fleming, Louis Kost, Billy Schultz, Raymond Menke. 2 ! I 3 Ay 3 S52 'Q-'L' '- I ,UQ 1 x Q ' Q 'wt .'.v J Y?-. sf f I 5 5 Q, ! . E-2 . 1 7 n ,,-f Q' UQ" 3rd and 4th Grade First row, left to right: Jimmy Duffy, Lawrence Weyerbacher, Tommy Cutteridge, James Goerges, Donald Miller, Virgil Thompson, Vernon Butcher, Bennie Menke. Second row: Rosaline Dauby, Maureen Sharp, Shirley Highsmith, Darlene Stucky, Mary Ann Sussott, Mary Alice Alderson, Thelsan Volkman, Deloyce Glordon, Janice Voyles, Linda Lochmueller. Third row: Mrs. Colvin, Shirley Simpson, Marilyn Schepman, Imogene Mills, Beverley Derrington, Corina Rankin, Ruth Kost, Marcia Morris, Doris Grimm, Priscilla Hurt, Peggy Lockhart, Bettye Schultz. Fourth row: Marvin Schultz, Henry Vaught, Martin Vaught, Vincent Gwaltney, Thomas Houchens, Gale Whalen, Carl Nicholson, Kenneth Simpson, Charles Englehart. 2nd and 3rd Grade First row, left to right: Donald Feistel, Robert Butrum, Billy Harris, Robert Eller- brook, Cecil Welborn, Marvis Bass, Larry Corne, Lonnie Bass, Bobbie Burns. Second row: Shirley Poiles, Evelyn Garbers, Doris Houghton, Billy Blythe, Roger Kohlmeyer, Roy Chumley, Arthur Schultz, Charlotte Pepper, Jerry Whalen, Linda Inkenhaus, Gloria Smith. Third row: Lowell Hurt, Donna McCoy, Priscilla Moore, Brenda Harris, Mary Lou Ring, Jennifer Lee, Judith Ketcham, Millicent Schepman, Gail Arendell, Linda Parker, Brenda Deneke. Fourth row: Catherine Angermeier, Betty Fleming, Darryl Clendenen, Ray Chumley, Sharon Holtz, Sharon Georges, Marianne Menke, James Bond, Roger Gwaltney, Robert Vaught, Norman Walker, Dollie Hebbeler. lst Grade First row, left to right: Marylee Seitz, Ruth Graper, Bonnie Keeker, Donna Houghton, Barbara Hartley, Anita Kost, Madonna Thompson, Deanna Butcher, Barbara Goerges. X Second row: Ronald Enlow, Janet Cook, Curtis Harris, David Mabrey, Jack Feldbusch, James Woodruif, Jerry Mabrey, Alan Ahrens. Third row: Dian McCoy, Marian Campbell, Carole Ann Judkins, John Enlow, David Moore Verlius Simpson, Norma Susott, Alice Kuhlenschmidt, Robert Glordan. gin 94 3. 73, 9g 7'-a 3: Q, S 11 QW?-g'7' N- . ,, . K' MPP' W vi A3 M?-ZF 13 fr? 5 1 Sunshine Society First row, left to right: Janie Vaught M P , ary arton, Patsy Vaught, Pearl Sellers, Pat Thompson, Irma Oeth, Doris Arendell, Marilene Thene. Second row: Mrs. Bertram, Sharon Poiles, Nigra Lea Roberts, Janice Kost, Bonnie Whitsell, Angella Aigner, Barbara Arendell, Rosemary Menke, Doris Walker, Margaret Besing, Delores Campbell. Third row: Beulah Johns, Sue Colbert, Sharon Deneke, Patsy Poiles, Jeanene Morris, Janice Besing, Juanita Arendell, Jackie Peach, Joyce Padgett. Girls Chorus First row, left to right: Janice Besing, Jeanene Morris, Sharon Deneke, Sue Colbert, Beulah Johns, Patsy Poiles, Joyce Padgett, Juanita Arendell, Jackie Peach. Second row:Mr. Mootz, Gyneath Gwaltney, Nigra Lea Roberts, Sharon Poiles, Janice Kost, Bonnie Whitsell, Angella Aigner, Barbara Arendell, Rosemary Menke, Doris Walker, Margaret Besing, Lelores Campbell. Third row:Janie Vaught, Mary Parton, Irma Oeth, Doris Arendell, Pearl Sellers, Pat Thompson, Marilene Thene, Patsy Vaught. Mixed Chorus First row, left to right: Janice Besing, Jeanene Morris, Sharon Deneke, Sue Colbert, Beulah Johns, Patsy Poiles, Joyce Padgett, Juanita Arendell, Jackie Peach. Second row: Mr. Mootz, Donnie Thene, Gyneath Gwaltney, Nigra Lea Roberts, Sharon Poiles, Janice Kost, Bonnie Whitsell, Angella Aigner, Barbara Arendell, Rosemary Menke, Doris Walker, Margaret Besing, Delores Campbell, Derral Byers . Third row: Janie Vaught, Mary Parton, Irma Oeth, Doris Arendell, Pearl Sellers, Pat Thompson, Marilene Thene, Patsy Vaught. Fourth row: Clarence Baughn, Jimmy Miller, Clyde Strattman, Dewey Colbert, Harold Hollingsworth, Clayborne Simpkins. l I 1 6 ai f-QQ 2- 5 . if 3235.125 r ' Y SN Q YQ E .-gh' 'X 35.-Vi . X' 2 ' ..1. ..- 1-. N, .. ,A J m5,,,,:k 3 4 E N ' '- 35'-r.4Q?d.,,,,,, .,., PMS' Ww- ..f K his 4 423.4 A f N E '35 D ' 11 'Q a 5 v- V. x W 'A 56 E 1 0 'gig ' Orchestra First row, left to right: Irma Oeth, Arlene Halwes, Negra Lea Roberts, Derral Byers. Second row:Juanita Arendell, Sharon Deneke, Mr. Mootz, director. 7th and 8th Grade Basketball Team Ralph Walker Alfred Walker Kenneth Parton Billy Butrum Richard Johns Lowell Bethe Russell Menke Charles Scott Yell Leaders Arlene Halwes Gayle Williams Dallas Flener and coach Wilburn Kifer Jackie Nicholson School Calendar September: 6-First day of school. 9-Bob Padgett's 18th birthday. 12-First P. T. A. Meeting. ' 14-Doris Arendell's 17th birthday. 16-Clarence Baughn's 18th birthday. 28-Seniors ordered caps and gowns. 29--Sophomores had a hay ride. 30-First issue of school paper due. October: 4-Bob Voyles slept 18 hours. 5-Seniors ordered Commencement Announcements and name cards. 7-Election of yell leaders-Janice Duffy, Janie Vaught and Margaret Besing. 10-Juniors were assigned parts in class play. 11-Seniors got out first issue of paper. 11-Sophomores ordered class rings. 12-School library opened. 13-Fiie Ifrevention Week. Play was given by the students of Boonville High Sc oo . 14-Myrtle Casper came to school wearing a diamond. 17-Election day for king and queen candidates. 19-Received our first six week period report cards. 26-Found out who king and queen are. They are Sue Colbert and Roscoe Sellers representing the Junior class. 27-Teacher's Institute today and tomorrow. NO SCHOOL! 28-P. T. A. Fall Festival. 31-Halloween. November: 1-First ball game. Elberfeld 49-Otwell 38 . 4-Played Tennyson here. Elberfeld 39-Tennyson 32. 7-Second issue of school paper put out. 9-Bob Voyles, Mvrtle Casper, and Mary Parton received their name cards. 10-Junior class play. 10-Junior girls received class sweaters. 11-Armistice Day. Magic show was given in the gym. 14-Junior boys received class jackets. 15-Ball game. Elberfeld 58-Newburgh 42. 22-Lynnville beat us 35-39. First loss of the season. 24 81 25-Thanksgiving Holidays. 28-Third issue of school paper. 30-Second six weeks grading period report cards. December: 2-Played Mackey hereg Elberfeld 24, Mackey 36. -Myrtle quit school. 8-Myrtle got married. 9-Played Chrisney there. Elberfeld 50, Chrisney 34. 12-Got individual pictures. Sunshine Club had Xmas party and went caroling. 14-Alfelgrieiegntative from Evansville College talked to the Seniors. Beat Posey- V1 e - . 21-Richland beat Elberfeld. 23-Senior girls gave a Xmas program for school. Fourth issue of the Voice was handed out. Played Haubstadt there, got beat 54-50. CHRISTMAS VACATION. School Calendar. Cont'd. January: 2-Back to school after holidays. Senior girls got Sunshine pins. Kermit Miles, Pat Rankin, Dorothy K. visited school. 3-Patsy Vaught's 19th birthday. Juniors started selling magazines. Bob Padgett quit school. 5-Semester exams. 6-No school. Wadesville beat Elberfeld. - 11-Myrtle visited school. 13-Elberfeld defeated Lynnville 47-45. 16-Janice Duffy's 17th birthday. 17-Elberfeld beat Stendal 43-42. 27-28--County Tourney. Elberfeld was defeated in the finals by Boonville by one point, 43-42. February: . 1-Cynthiana journeyed to Elberfeld to be defeated 51-24. 3--The Senior class of Lynnville gave their play at Elberfeld. 7-Started selling ads for the Annual. My what a day! Rain, Rain, Rain, and more Rain. 9-A big day. The Seniors had their individual pictures taken. The annual pic- tures were also taken. 10-Elberfeld was defeated by Newburgh 44-39. 13-Two new girls entered school. Betty Hurt from Central and Barbara Holmes from Bosse. Vice president of Lockyear's Business College talked to Seniors. 14-Elberfeld was defeated by Spurgeon by small margin of 35-34. 16-Pictures for the annual arrived. 17-We played our last ball game with Chandler and was defeated by five points. 20-Last day for annual ads. 21--Sectional tickets were put on sale. 23-24-School was out early for sectional. 27-Senior play books came. 28--Class tourney drawings. Sophomores vs. Seniors. Juniors vs. Freshmen. Irma Oeth's 18th birthday. March : 2-The Seniors defeated the Sophomores. 3-The Juniors defeated the Seniors by nine points. 6-Representatives from the three Evansville Hospitals gave us a talk and showed a movie on nursing. 7-Mrs. Bramwell talked to the Seniors. Senior's first play practice. 9-Took pictures for the annual. 10-Seniors cook for the party given in honor of the basketball players. 17-St. Patrick's Day. Everybody in green. 21-Senior play practice at night. 29-Mary Parton's 18th birthday. 30-Put out another issue of the "Voice". 31-Big night! Seniors give their class play "Sunbonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane". April: 1-April fools day. 17-Dress revue and tea for P. T. A. 19-Pearl Seller's 18th birthday. 28-Junior and Senior Banquet at Vendome Hotel. 29-Seniors go to Breakfast Club. Baccalaureate. May : 1-Senior week starts. 5-Commencement Cv 46.55 POILES Baa von E5 R054-of 551. Lays ,qgycg 5p5,g,.,5,q EMWO Fvkvwkv Folwsko - cam: Faawnfvo ? O--' i JIM ,4fVDif?50N WILLIHM Dnuly WIRYEN KOHL MEyER C 4' N 754 00061 CIW!! Y X- K guy- - W W 'Q A Lcwwe uwarano Dofwvfe' SELLERS Jofw R555 HiRL5f:mf'0RN 54,943 Fan wma' 6Uf7HD 6 Basketball The Elites won eleven of the twenty-two games that were played this year. Although most of the teams that we played outclassed us with their height, we managed to win half of our games. All the members of the team showed good sportsmanship, good shooting ability, and good team work. We wish the best of luck to future basketball teams of Elberfeld High School and to our coach, Mr. Dauby. Royce Speicher ....... Lonnie Langford .......... ........ Roscoe Sellers ....... Warren Kohlmeyer ......,., ........ Charles Poiles ....... James Anderson ....... ........ Donnie Sellers ....,., Harlan Karn .......... Robert Voyles ....... John Reeb ....... Could score from almost any spot on the fioor. A Senior, scored a total of 220 points for the Elites. A good guard and good shot around the foul circle. A Junior, scored 205 points, will be back next year. A hard driver and dangerous scorer. Plays a good game around the basket. A Junior, scored 139 points. A Junior who has a dangerous left hand shot and scored a total of 127 points. Will be back next year. A good defensive player and a good long shot. He scored 116 points. Charlie is a Senior. A good pivot man and handy at taking them off the back board. A Sophomore who has 92 points to his credit. Always to give his best and also has a good shot. Donnie is a Sophomore who scored 51 points for the Elites. Nearly always scores when in the game any length of time. Harlan scored 42 points. He is a Junior. Didn't have much experience but did a remarkable job for the Reserves this year. Bob is a Senior. A Junior who holds top scoring honors for the Reserves. John will be back again next year. Teams Played Otwell ........... Tennyson ........ Newburgh ...... Lynnville ........ Mackey ...... Chrisney .... Poseyville ...... Millersburg ....... Richland .... Haubstadt ...... Wadesville .... Lynnville ........ Stendal ...... Chandler .... Selvin .......... Tennyson ...... Boonville ........ Cynthiana ...... Newburgh ...... Spurgeon ........ Chandler .... Newburgh ..... Varsity Scores We They Winners 49 38 Elberfeld 39 32 Elberfeld 58 42 Elberfeld ..L .... 35 39 ...... ..... L ynnville 24 36 Mackey 50 34 Elberfeld 62 45 Elberfeld 55 33 Elberfeld 20 50 Richland 50 54 Haubstadt 46 55 Wadesville 47 45 Elberfeld 43 42 Elberfeld 33 53 Chandler COUNTY TOURNAMENT 56 36 Elberfeld 68 48 Elberfeld 42 43 Boonville 51 24 Elberfeld 39 24 Newburgh 34 35 Spurgeon 35 40 Chandler SECTIONAL 53 57 Newburgh QVHRSITY namwy UHNIE VHUGHI' x JHNICE DUFFY MHl?6'f1REr BESIN6' 'YELL LEADERS0 Y ' Vncromous ReseRvs, 0 Reserves The Reserves had a very good season this year, losing only two of the eighteen games that were played. The starting five changed throughout the season, but here are the ones that usually started: Robert Voyles, Senior, Clenneeth Besing, Freshmang Eugene Green, Sophomore, John Reeb, Junior, Doris Skelton, Freshman, Darrel Skelton, Freshman. Teams Played We Otwell ...... ........ 2 7 Tennyson ...... ........ 6 0 Newburgh ........ ........ 2 6 Lynnville ...... ........ 3 0 Mackey .... ..... 3 4 Chrisney ...... ........ 2 5 Poseyville .... ........ 2 8 Millersburg ...... ........ 4 2 Richland ...... ........ 2 1 Haubstadt ........ ........ 3 7 Wadesville ...... ..... 2 6 Lynnville ...... ........ 2 3 Stendal ..... ........ 2 9 Chandler ...... ........ 2 3 Cynthiana .... ........ 3 8 Newburgh ........ ..... 7 Spurgeon ...... ........ 3 4 Chandler ...... ........ 2 5 They Winners 1 6 .....l.. ...... E lberfeld 25 .......4 ...... E lberfeld 24 ........ ...... E lberfeld 22 ........ ...... E lberfeld 25 ........ ...... E lberfeld 1 9 ........ ...... E lberfeld 1 7 ........ ...... E lberfeld 1 5 ........ ...... E lberfeld 20 ........ ...... E lberfeld 38 ......... ....... H aubstadt 1 7 ........ ...... E lberfeld 21 ........ ...... E lberfeld 28 ........ ...... E lberfeld 19 ........ ...... E lberfeld 16 ........ ...... E lberfeld 35 ........ ........ N ewburgh 25 ........ ...... E lberfeld 24 ........ ...... E lberfeld Statistics on the Elites No. Years Name Played Height Weight Class Robert Voyles 1 10" Senior Charles Poiles 4 1016" Sel'li0l' Royce Speicher 4 8" Senior Warren Kohlmeyer 2 11" Junior Roscoe Sellers 3 11" Junior Lonnie Langford 2 7" Junior John Reeb 1 8" Junior Harlan Karn 1 7" Junior Donnie Sellers 1 9" Sophomore James Anderson 1 3" Sophomore Can You Imagine The Senior Class of "50" really getting this annual completed. Marilene Thene with long, black hair. Irma Oeth being 5' 8" tall. The Junior girls not talking about boys. The Senior boys not going to Boonville at least twice a week. Pearl Sellers keeping quiet two minutes. Pat Vaught living on a turkey farm. Janie Vaught not wanting to go to a dance. Nita Mae with long fingernails. Pat Thompson not writing letters to Kermit. Humphrey weighing 96 pounds and Angella Aigner weighing 200 pounds. Franklin Campbell being an angel. Harold Hollingsworth getting to school on time. Mary Parton with blue eyes. Jeanene Morris not giggling. Mr. Baker without eating ice cream at noon and ELBERFELD WITH A NEW AND MODERN SCHOOL BUILDING. URN! TDRS - C bojfs OUR CHAMPS CLHSS OFFICERS HNNUHL S THFF Jmig ae 5'Uf'lDf"5e Ll5rafQm5 1565 HH! HA! . E W X 'A ff' BE w 1 gf-K E- - . 'sf , . . ' I :I .S'fa,ofl.f CVOWNS M9fv050M 2 I H ,III YsQ?2. ', ...Q Q Dbot .g "ff QW' 4t""' 3f'v X 4- " L, V+ f g ' -TW " ' 156019055 5-VU BHK .A 4-F L-Q , ' ri wg r ' A -. fav-Q4 ,. ' - v , M + 1' 1 ' ri' I Q ,,- in N BUS D'?'V5Qs ,I , -A f ' 7'0fQf71 fjafe rf' "' .- ' ' 1 M 1 6 4' I -f W V - H M a Ima HMT 'Yam , L ' A' """"'f" "VyQ1 I ,yank ' .- w ' 27 xy e 'v ' ' 'P '-: A .. 4, 8 R, 5, f 1 -6 UU mwUmmwyHW EWW QQGQI T' V ' r '. 7? In g . 4A ' ' wmdy 'FRIMP UW LN zn jlgx P-A , g 3 . 1 H' X N Y.: ' "' ZHSFOTTS W R . . ,J-5,g,,xMi TWEL V5 V556 wwf :a , I ' .fniofy LQQQD Df?y .cv 3, I New ,eil QV M A , V 'if "9 "3-Q, g ,:'.' j'-L gx Q ' WL- 5. .11 JN Il l56 Sbfapv , .SZ-'Alfgpg .Ya I id 5MxL5S ,v 4. 5 TO P L UC!! ge: '7kgg',Qf Z 0120 B' OF Sfwaps ...sm-. K - 1 llfvffe Bflck buiw Vffjfor' -'P' 'A ' ' I A ' KING 5 QUEEN Wm flN6 Xffl N 'un "'F?"""""f' - "' " ' 'W "' 4 '1 nr HBS 475' 4- -4- 4- 4- 85 Mmerifem Sli:-amiitfe Benn Enmerfelxl, Indiana LARGE ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU STRONG ENOUGH TO PROTECT YOU and SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU ' Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Member FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM So 4 COME IN and SEE US 331 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- gg HES 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- if 4 RALPH NEWMASTER BASEMENTS - CISTERNS - DAMS GRADING - LOADING TRUCKS - PONDS UNDER HOUSE BASEMENTS + Phone Elberfeld 12 R. R. 8, EVANSVILLE 'I' WARRICK IMPLEMENT STORE + YOUR JOHN DEERE DEALER Sales - Service - Repairs Phone 28 BOONVILLE, INDIANA 'U' ROY M. HULLET 85 SON + OLDSMOBILE - GM AND AC FARM EQUIPMENT BOONVILLE INDIANA + Compliments of AME ek EARL MURRAY WEST SIDE GROCERY Q ELBERFELD INDIANA ,agp 4-A 4- 4- 4- 445, gg 581 4- Sf . Compliments of INGLE COAL CORPORATION 'I' and DITNEY HILL MINE STORE Elberfeld, Indiana ll' 'I' 'D- 'I' 'I' -I' fe: 4- -an mg ESS 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- Ii? 'l' Compliments of HERRMAN N 'S DAIRY 1 Phone 2-2230 EVANSVILLE, INDIANA + U!- HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES REGISTER NOW FOR JUNE SUMMER SESSION FULL REGISTRATION EXPECTED - DO NOT DELAY FOR FULL DETAILS WRITE TO Q BRAMWELL'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 318 s. E. First Street Phone 4-9843 EVANSVILLE, INDIANA 'I' 'D' . LOMAX 85 NICHOLSON SPORTING GOODS Q ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT - RECREATION SUPPLIES 126 Locust Street Phone 5-9411 EVANSVILLE 8, INDIANA 'l- 'IF BERGDOLT GENERAL STORE 'Q OLIVER FARM MACHINERY R. R. No. 3, Oak Hill Road EVANSVILLE, INDIANA + ,egg 4- 4- 4- 4- -ee. ge VE -e- -e- -0- -:- -o- -o- H '41- 'I' I Serve Yourself and Save at 'U' ff JJ "' SEE O C. Nlcholson Store ., 4' ELBERFELD'S ONLY COMPLETE MODERN SELESERVIOE STORE ROY O. NIOHOLSON, Prop. 4 'I' ELBERFELD INDIANA -n- -u' -u- 'UT Moms Lunch ROOm I- -n- PLATE LUNCHES SANDWICHES - ICE CREAM A -u- + ELBERFELD INDIANA 'U' -u- gg -:P -e- -o- I -:- -e- 4- gg 525 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- ZS? 'D' ' B ' C ll Lockgear s usmess 0 age 'D- Fifty-two pay checks each year, vacations with pay, uniform work week, pleasant surroundings, excellent opportunity for advancement-that is what business offers to the ambitious young man or woman. For fifty-five years Lockyears has prepared young men and women for the better office jobs. Let us tell you, without obligation what the business 'I' world has to offer and what training is necessary for the better places. "A Professional School of Accountancy, Business, and Secretarial Science." ln' EVANSVILLE INDIANA 'D' 'D' say PEPSI P o l + .1 epsz- o a More Bounce to the Ounce 0 -ll' gg-FL 4- 4-s4- 4- 4- gg 525 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 255 'D' 'U' ,, Elberfeld Car 8 Tractor 4' 'U' 'U' WRECK R1-:BU1LD1NG PAINTING lu- We Use Genuine Ford Parts 'U' 4- 'D' -u- 'ui 4 Chas. A. Morris, Agent + INSURANCE AND BONDS 0 ELBERFELD INDIANA -u- 4- 4' 531 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- gg His 44- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- E5 'D- 'U' DINNER BELL WEST SIDE SQUARE Phone 126 'ul BooNvILLE INDIANA lu' Lu- -D- Compliments of WINDMILL GOTTAG-ES, INC. Q 'U' SANDWICHES SODAS - MALTS Highways 41 and 57 -II- -U- GERHARD AI-IRENS -U- 'Uf GENERAL MERCHANDISE ELBEEFELD INDIANA 'D' 41 CLARA MAE'S BEAUTY SHOP 'I- + Tuesday thru Saturday PERMANENTS - MANICURES - sHAMPoos Phone-Elberfeld Exchange 70 al + ELBERFELD INDIANA Q 'lik 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- gg 581 4- 4- 4- A 4- A 4- 4- 15 'I' 0 . I R. H. Wllson Lumber Co. wb 'D' LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS SHEET METAL SHOP WARM AIR FURNACES 'D' FAIRBANKS-MORSE COAL STOKERS FAIRBANKS-MORSE PUMPS AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES ELBERFELD INDIANA 'I' 'U' 'U' 'U' 'U' "7 V , LKMAN 4 'U' I3 U N E QA I. l-I CD M S AMBULANCE SERVICE Telephone 54 Elberfeld 4, + ELBERFELD INDIANA 'U' 'P Q +P 'O' 'O' I 'Q' 'Q' 4' R R55 4- -4-- 4- 4- 4- IB? Farmers Everywhere Prefer Ford Farming In Warrick County It's ROTH MOTORS, INC. CROSLEY APPLIANCES - DUO THERM HOME HEATERS Over 30 Years of Courteous Service Phone 511-J W. Main St. BOONVILLE, INDIANA WILSON'S CLEANERS Successor to Gracie's CLEANING THAT "SATISFIES" BOONVILLE INDIANA OSTER'S CORNER Eat Here - Die Happy SERVICE STATION WHEATONVILLE INDIANA Compliments of BILL'S BARBER SHOP ELBERFELD INDIANA 3,4 4- 4- 4- 4- 4-, gg 4-If H3 4- 4- 4- 4- - 4- 'U' 'U' INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FARM MACHINES AND TRACTORS + 4' INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER REFRIGERATION HOME FREEZERS H. IIE. MHETZ 4 'U' PURINA FEEDS AND sAN1TAT1oNs Phone 360 'U' 4. BOONVILLE INDIANA 'U' 'U' 'U' '57 Higgins Motors, Inc. 'U' 4- "YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER" 'U' 'U' Phone 439 BOONVILLE INDIANA , 'U' 'U' gg 4-4 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- gg E35 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- H Where Old Friends Meet and Make New Ones JOE AND JANE'S STEAK AND CHOP HOUSE SANDWICHES COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE BOONVILLE INDIANA THE MODEL DEPARTMENT STORE CORNER 3RD AND MAIN STREETS BOONVILLE INDIANA RAY'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION Car WIBII. Lubrication Tires Batteries Gas RAY OETH, Prop. ELBERFELD INDIANA LEMMONS AUTO SERVICE Wreck Rebuilding on Any Car Sun Test Equipment Motor Diagnosis Wholesale and Retail Phone: McCutchanville DAYLIGHT INDIANA gg 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- gg in 4- 4- 44- -4- 4- 4-185 'I' -n- 'I' " HARRIS TRUCKING coMPANY + fu- ELBERFELD INDIANA -u- -u- 'U- -u- -u- 4. COMPLIMENTS OF 452111021 65155 -:- -n- of 1950 DORIS ARENDELL IRMA OETH MARY PARTON CHARLES POILES + 0 MARILENE THENE ROYCE SPEICHER PEARL SELLERS BOB VOYLES JANIE VAUGHT HAROLD HOLLINGSWORTH JANICE DUFFY CLARENCE BAUGHN PAT THOMPSON PATSY VAUGHT 0 -u- 533 4-1 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- gg 525 4- 4- 4- + 'G' 'I' + N Compliments of DELUXE CLEANERS FRAN Z BOOK STORE ANDY FRANZ, Prop. Oiice and School Supplies South First Street Wan Paper 4- BOONVU-LE INDIANA BOONVILLE INDIANA 'D' Compliments of C0mP1imentS of STRATTMAN HARDWARE 4. STORE HERSCHEL MILLER ELBERFELD INDIANA 'D- Compliments of Compliments of BRADENIS FRED DAGES 4- SERVICE STATION TRUCK BODY SHOP Highway 57 Body Repairing and Welding DAYLIGIIT INDIANA 'U' EMMONUS CAFE Compliments of PLATE LUNCIIES THE FRIENDLY CAFE CANDY - SOFT DRINKS HA O TOBACCO - MAGAZINES CHAS' RBIS N' Prop' 4 LYNNVILLE INDIANA LYNNVILLE INDIANA 5,32 4- 4- A 4- 4- 4- 4- gg 1- vw- . .J 325 4- 4- I 4- 4- 4- 4- Q6 -I' 4 7 Vaugbt s 9 " PIT-BAR-B-Q HOT MEXICAN CHILI 4 SANDWICHES - som DRINKS 'U' A CANDY - ICE CREAM TOBACCO Complete Fountain Service -D- + ELBERFELD INDIANA- 4- 'D' -n- -u- ' CCMPLIMENTS OF 4- + Bud and Herb's - Marathon Service Station 'I' 4, ELBERFELD INDIANA I 'I' 4 ,Q 4-' 4- 4- D 4- 4- 4- gg WWW '.:i1.L:-ZQQW' 1-w--Y--'--ww -' his 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 65 4, JARRETTS MEN'S STORE D0-NUT snor uwhere Styles Come From" Hi-way 41 North and Oregon St. 212 S- 3rd Sf- EVANSVILLE INDIANA + BOONVILLE, INDIANA 'ul See BUD SHUEY'S BOONVILLE IMPLEMENT COMPANY SERVICE STATION F -Cu TIRES Hardware or Furnaces NOTIONS Seeds Stoves IDEAS Paints Roofing Fumishings Phil-Gas Ranges Junction of 57 and 68 Fumiflllf and H0050 Phone 133 BOONVILLE, INDIANA 'll' Compliments of Compliments of W. C. STOVER M. D. ' G. W. HELMBACK, D. D. S. + PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON 219 W L t . ocus ' 12554: S. Second BOONVILLE INDIANA Phone 137 BOONVILLE, INDIANA Compliments of 4 Compliments of POWELL , S True Value Store S th' F th Je le is Always KINDERMANN'S me mg sfgxthifg 532457 HARDWARE Your Friendly Jewelers 'I' BOONVILLE INDIANA BOONVILLE INDIANA Q 'if 'Q' 4' I 'G' 'D' 'Q'

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