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 - Class of 1963

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J , j 1 U . . I 'V' fl: ' 'ff' . V 1 9 A B L, 3' , . . . k , . I . f A ' 5 -4 ZZ ' r. J X .xy ' , ,Q Gdd and Country I " The cry h the ages and vents throug d rn Elba Y ell of the mo e C0111 Dcwvafivn gf All hail our Alma Mater! To you we ., iveour deepest gratitudejforall you have taught us. The very essence of democracy ' deeply embedded within, your walls and gives each of us an equal opportunity to ful - his talent. You have trained our minds to be diligent and responsible. You hav taught that strength comes through faith, wisdom through understanding, and greatness hrough humility. You have helped us to set our goal high, you are the foundation by which we shall climb. Your foundation has been ! made strong by the character of thosgwho put forth timeless effort to make each indi- vidual all he is capable of being. is broadened by the ceaseless toil to inspire the e ng. W mind to go on to greater achievern Our hearts swell with pride as we look at you for you are an important part of our Mist, ourpresent, and outfuture. To you, our Alrna Mater, Class of 1963 dedicates this Revue., .,, lf? if if 'L W . , ,,,y,y4wm W , X X if ,.. V, - -, .c - , : , 4 , ,s 1 3 ' V :' Q in 4 L L , R. TOWNSEND D. ALLEN G. CLARK T, GAVEL l6'mrd of ffducatiofz Mr. John Swartz, President Floyd Ames, Mr. Laverne Shukenecht, Clerk L. C. Edgerton Mr. Edward Baldwin, Mr. Anson Speed. ,fvglj if' Eb K E:,:! ,'i X X LA ,, 'Avg' FT . c"1- A QN I ' J .xxx hxxi X' x" . EE3'lf'f44 V 2 yi-lllt ' 5 as A fl m We 4 i BOARD OF EDUCATION "It is circumstances which show what men are. " Epictetus District Principal h education here will create a desire and a way for a fuller and It is my hope t at your more rewarding life to come. L. H. Benton flzyh Selma! Primival Let your life be guided by "A Quixotic sense of the honorable - of the chivalrous. " Samuel F. Giansante -' 'f fear- 'rv Mrs. A. Sherwood, Mrs. M. Johnson, Mrs. B. Bargay, Mrs. E. Wigton Ofice Staff Mrs. H. Boyce, Mrs. M. Lonnen, Mrs. C. Booher, Mrs. J. Merrick, Mrs. O. Dutton, Mrs. R Smowm Hafcteria Staff G. Calkins, A. Hayes, D. Bridge, F. Geissler Kusfodians l6'z1.s' Drivers TOP: L. Horton, A. Pridmore, G. Kreger, H. Rohan, G. Coughlin. ROW 1: L. Steenburg F. Lakusky, G. Rowcliffe. 6 "52- The rose and thorn, the treasure an OI16 d dragon, joy and sorrow, all mingle into Saadi . . WT.. --vw--4-W--.-Y, 555. N 5, M... .. 5, - " ' ' . "i1!,.Kf f v-... yi! 5 ' -'wr + ' - ' 5 . V L - 1.121534 if Name: VINCENT GEORGE Nickname: Vince Ambition: College Class President-3, 45 Class Treasurer-25 National Honor Society-3, 45 Yearbook Staff-45 Science Club-35 Chess Club-15 Senior Band-15 Adventures in Knowledge-2, 3, 45 Model Con- gress-1, 2, 3, 45 Speaking Con- test-45 Jun-ior Play-35 Senior Play-45 Football -35 Intramurals- 2, 3,4. seaJii "Z'7M Name: PETER BEZON Nickname: Pete Ambition: College Class Vice President-45 Year book Staff-45 Play Committee- 3- Football-2 3- Basketball-1 2, 3,4 Tennis 1,2,3,4. Name: JO ANN NETI-I Nickname: Jo Ambition: Medical Secretary Class Treasurer-45 National Honor Society-3, 45 Student Council-85 Yearbook Staff, Business Editor-45 Future Teach- ers' Club-2, 3, Treasurer-35 Future Nurses' Club-2, 3, 4, Vice President-45 Leaders' Club 3, 45 Pep Band-2, 3, 45 Senior Band-1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band-45 Speaking Contest-35 Class Play- M? ...Ar 5 ,1f'6'l'5 .1 li'xZf7lcW,aeMz1.zy 76 41' ame: GEORGIA CAROL SLADE Nickname: George Ambition: Elementary Teacher Class Secretary-45 Student Council-1, 25 Yearbook Editor- 45 D. A. R. Good Citizen-45 Future Teachers' Club-2, 3, 4, Secretary-25 Science Club-2, 3, 4, Chairman-45 G. A. A. -1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-35 Leaders' Club-3, 45 Concert Club-3, 45 Pep Band-1, 25 Senior Band-1, 2, 3, 4, President-45 Senior Cho- rus-1, 2, 3, 45 County Band-1, 3,45 Science Fair-2, 3, 45 Ad- ventures in Knowledge-3. 45 Model Congress-2, 3, 45 Speak- ing Contest-45 Class Play-3, 45 Dance Committee-3, 45 Play Committee-3, 45 Cheerleader- 3, 45 Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 4 .. 3, 45 Magazine Drive Chairman- 45 ance Committee-3. ' fvffazifffifwaw Wweve T' - Seniors Name: THOMAS DICKES Nickname: Dix Ambition: Undecided Model Congress-3, 4: Play Committee-3, 4: Dance Com- mittee-3g Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 4. Name: REGINALD GLOVER Nickname: Reggie Ambition: College Yearbook Staff-4: Model Con- gress-2, 3: Junior Play Stage Manager-35 Magazine Drive-1, 2: Football-2, 3: Basketball-1, 2: Baseball-1,2: Intramurals- 1 2 3 4 Name: CHARLES RUSSELL RUDOLPH Nickname: Chip Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer Pep Band-3: Senior Band-1, 2, 3,43 County Band-lg Senior Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4: County Cho- rus-2, 3, 4: Science Congress- 2: Junior Play Stage Manager- 3: Senior Play Stage Manager- 4: Dance Committee-43 Mag- azine Drive Homeroom Cap- :am-4: Foorbaii-2, Basketban- 1 2- Intramurals- aaafwy 327542 Name: SUE ANN MASON Nickname: Sue Ambition: Elementary Teacher Yearbook Staff-3, 4: Future Teachers' Club-1, 2, 3, 4, Pres- ident-4: Science Club-1, 25 G. A. A. -1, 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Club-45 Concert Club-25 Pep Band-2, 3, 4: Senior Band-1, 2, 3, 4: County Band-1, 2, 3, 4: Adventures in Knowledge-3: Class Play-3, 4, Assistant Di- rector-4: Magazine Drive Horner om Ca tain-3 2 P ,law -1-15? rf Name: PETER BALONEK Nickname: Pete Ambition: College Class Vice President-3: Student Council Representative-4: Year book Staff-4: Science Club-35 Junior Play-3: Tennis-2, 3, 4: I tramurals 1 2 3 4 Qtftif-df Name: l,w',1,'l-IIE JANE Towust .D Nickname: U- .f- Arnbition: Stenographer Student Council Representative- 4, Alternate-lg G. A. A. -1, 2, 3. 4g Leaders' Club-3, 49 PCP Band' 45 County Band-lg Senior Cho- rus-1 2 3,4g County Chorus-33 f- 'lv-,T-f.-,-1-.-ff-' L.,-1 .. Name: ROBERT CARL WOHLFQTIL Nickname: Butch Ambition: Industrial Arts Senior Chorus-3, 4, Football- 2, 3,45 Basketball-lg Baseball- 1'2' M' 2 :af Speaking Contest-3: Junior PMY' 35 Senior Play'4: Dance Com' mittee-3. 49 I1'1U3muZ515'4' wmjlf' ?9u76.Mbfj26L-'27 WW Name: FRANK ZAMBITO Nickname: Frank Ambition: College Class Treasurer-lg Student Council-2, 33 Yearbook Staff- 3, 4, Advertising Editor-45 Model Congress-2, 3, 45 Foot- ball-1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball-1, 2, 3, 472 , My 7 if Name: BRENDA JEAN DORMAN Nickname: Brandy Ambition: To Dance Byron Bergen Central School-lg Class Secretary-2, 33 C1355 Treasurer-lg National Honor 50CiCfY'3. 4g Yearbook Staff- 3-41 G- A-A '1- 2. 3. 43 Concert Cl'-1b"39 M3jO1'ette-3g Senior- BaHd'2' 3, 4: County Band-25 Senior Chorus-2, 3, 43 Adven- tures in K1'lOW16dge-3: C1355 Play-3, 45 Cheerleader-31 In- Name: MICHAEL TERENCE RIGGS Nickname: Terry Ambition: Mechanical Engineer Yearbook Staff-4g Future Farm.. ers-1, 23 Play Committee-3, 4: F3w'2,3,4. K JZ? a Name: WILLIE WILLIAMS, IR. Nickname: Will Ambition: Physical Education Teacher Science Club-lg Speaking Contest-3, 43 Football-2, 3, 4: Baseball-1, 2, 3, 4. Name: RUSSELL CHAPELL Nickname: Rusty Ambition: Undecided Tennis -2, 3: Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 4. Name: DIXIE LEE STOKES Nickname: Dix Ambition: Bookkeeper Future I-iomemakers-1, 2: G. A. A. -1, 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Club-3, 49 Senior Chorus-2, 3, 45 Junior Chorus-lg County Chorus-2, 3, 4: Science Con- gress-1, 25 Junior Play Prompter- 3: Senior Play Prompter-4: Dance Committee-4: Intra- murals-414 Name: DAVID HAROLD- WATSON Nickname: Dave Ambition: College Class Vice President-1: Student Council-2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff- 3g Science Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Audio-Visual Club-1: Concert Club-1, 2: Senior Band-1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Chorus-1, 2: Science Congress-1, 2: Class Play-3, 4: Football-1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball-3, 43 Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 4: Track- l . . ,Aire-ff - ,,, Qfcildf Name: CHERYL ANN COUGHLIN Nickname: Cherie Ambition: Secretary Future Teachers' Club-1, 2: Science Club-2: G. A. A. -1, 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Club-3, 4: Pep Band-45 Senior Band-1, 2, 3, 4: Speaking Contest-3, 45 Class Play-3, 4: Play Committee-3, 4: Dance Committee-3: Cheer- leader-2: Girls' Track-1,25 In- tramurals-1, 2, ,3, 4. I Jain! ?Z7yZfw-4.7 Yz"""f. ..-,ygrl QM, .1 ,rg , Name: JAMES FITE Nickname: Iim Ambition: College Class Treasurer-3: National Honor Society-3, 4, President-4: Yearbook Staff-3, 4. Literary Editor-4: Science Club-3: Chess Club-23 Adventures in Knowledge-3, 4: Model Con- gress-2, 3: Magazine Drive High Salesman-2: Intramurals- 3 4 -25 QQ JAM' FMDV mttwwx QW ' , QWMJJ Name: SHARON MAURINE DEAN Nickname: Fritz Ambition: Airline Stewardess Yearbook Staff-4: Future Nurses' Club-1, 2, 3, 4, President-4: Future Homemakers -2, 3: G. A.A. -3,4g Leaders' Club-1, 2, 3, 4g Concert Club-3: Senior Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4: Speaking Con- test-3, 4: Junior Play-3: Senior Play-4g Dance Committee-3, 4: Cheerleader-4: Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Track-1, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y-3, Secretary-3. Name: RONALD REAK Nickname: Ronnie Ambition: To Enjoy Life to the Fullest Science Club-1, 2, 3, Vice Pres- ident-2, Secretary-Treasurer-lg Chess Club-1, 2, 3: Audio-Visual Club-1, 2: Concert Club-2, 3, Vice President-2: Pep Band-35 Senior Band-1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4: County Cho- rus-2,4g Football-1,2, 3: Bas-, ketball-1, 2: Tennis-2, 3, 4: Volleyball-4: Intramurals-1, 2, 3 4. . -' 1-44.0-3 -if ., ' H is +A if karl: eng: . ,t .. -Hlw .Ly up -' .4 'dmf:1 .' Name: KAY STRCUL Nickname: Mag' Ambition: Floral Q' H ff Future Nurses' Cir f 'ture Homemakers-1 'T ers Club-35 Tri-Hif' ' . '0- Name: FRANK MICKEY Nickname: Frank Ambition: Farmer F. F. A. -1, 2, 3, 4. O -.wage , ' ffXC,z age? Name: GARY MOWERS Nickname: Mouse Ambition: Advertising Career Science Club-1, 2, 3: Audio- Visual Club-2: Chess Club-1, 2, 3: Football-3: Tennis-3, 4: Name: WILLEEN WILLIAMS Nickname: Willeen Ambition: Beautician Future Nurses' Club-4: Future Homemakers-4: G. A, A. -4: Leaders' Club-1: Intramurals- 2: Girls' Track-1: Tri-Hi-Y-2. Name: KATHLEEN KARAS Nickname: Kath Ambition: Psychology Class President-2: National Honor Society-3, 4: Student Council-1, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff- 2: Future Teachers' Club-1, 2: Science Club-2, 3: Leader's Club-3, 4: Majorette-1: Senior Band-1, 2, 3, 4: County Band-3, 4: Senior Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4: Ad- ventures in Knowledge-3, 4: Model Congress-2, 3, 4: Speak- ing Contest-3, 4: Class Play-3, 4: Cheerleader-2, 3.. Name: KAREN WALLACE Nickname: Wally Ambition: To Be Happy Yearbook Staff-4: Future Nurses' Club Secretary-Treasurer-2: Science Club-3: G. A. A. -3, 4: Senior Chorus-1, 2, 3: Play Committee-3, 4: Dance Com- mittee-3, 4: Intramurals-3, 4. Name: ANN LYNN SCHULER Nickname: Ann Ambition: College Class Secretary-1: Student Council Secretary-2, Repre- sentative-4: G. A. A. -1, 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Club-3, 4: Majorette- l,2, 3, 4: Pep Band-4: Senior Band-1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Chorus- 1, 2, 3, 4: Speaking Contest-3. 4: Junior Play-3: Senior Play- 4: Dance Committee-3: Intra- murals-l,2, 3, 4: Girls' Track-3 Q?,vJar:k.f-A! fmdcgi FLM Qzfwr Name: JON RANDAL BURROWS Nickname: Randy Ambition: Dairy Farmer Student Council President-4, Vice President-3: Future Farm- ers-l, 2, 3, 4, President-4, Vice President-2: Science Club-3: Senior Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4: Model Congress-3: Speaking Contest- 3g Class Play-3,4: Football-1, 2 3 4 Ca tain 3 Name: SHARON LEE TOTTEN Nickname: Sharon Ambition: Practical Nurse Yearbook Staff-4: Future Nurses Club-1, 2, 3, 4: Future Home- makers-l, 2, 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent-4: Senior Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Play-3: Senior Play- 4: Dance Committee-4: Intra- murals-l, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y-3, 4, President-3, Vice President-4 Name: THOMAS J. GAVEL Nickname: Tom Ambition: College Yearbook Staff-4: Future Farm- ers-1, 2, Secretary-2: Science Club-2, 3: Art Club-2: Concert Club-l,2: Color Guard-3, 4: Senior Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4: Speak- ing Contest-3: Class Play-3, 4: Play Committee-3, 4: Dance Committee-3. 4: Football-1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals-1, 2, 3. 4: Track-1, 2, 3, 4. Name: DAVID KUEHL Nickname: Clyde Ambition: To Mate time H-3PPY Holley Central 1 ' I In Rochester East ' J3- book Staff-Q 2, 3: Schoc Photograr f -iii Name: BRENDA LEE BARNEY Nickname: Brenda Ambition: To Be Happy Oakfield-Alabama Central School-1, 2: Future Nurses' Club-4: Future Homemakers- 1, 2, 3, President-4: Speaking Contest-1, 3, 4: Intramurals -2? Girls ' Track-3. - 1 ,.,:- 151'-.fe 1 : : 4 i- i 1.13. .- E ' Name: DANIEL BRAGG Nickname: Big Dan Ambition: Physical Education Teacher Science Club-1, 2, 3, 4g Art Club-2, 3, Senior Chorus-lg Football-3, 4, Tennis-2g Track 3, 4. N Name: PAMELA JANE SALWAY Nickname: Pam Ambition: Registered Nurse Future Nurses' Club-3, 45 Fu- ture Homemakers-l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club-3, G. A. A. -1, 2, 3, 43 Leaders' Club-35 Senior Chorus-2, 3, 4, Intramurals-2, 3, 4g Tri-Hi-Y-3, 4. Name: LAWRENCE MUNGER Nickname: Larry Ambition: Air Force Career Future Teachers' Club-2, Sci- ence Club-1, 2, 3, 45 Art Club- 2, 3, 43 Audio-Visual Club-3, Science Fair-1, 2, 3g Magazine Drive-3, Football-1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball-1, 25 Baseball-3, 4g Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 4g Track- 1 2 3 Name: IUDITH ANN SHERWOOD Nickname: Judy Ambition: Business Teacher Future Teachers' Club-2, 33 G. A. A. -1, 3, Concert Club-2, 3, 45 Pep Band-3, 4, Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Band-1, 25 Sen- ior Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Assistant Director-3, Play Com- mittee-3, 4, Dance Committee- 3, 4, Intramurals-2, 3. Name: Alviro Ramirez Nickname: Al Foreign Exchange Student Colegio Berchmans Cali, Colombia Soccer-1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball-1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball-3, 4g Chess- 3, 4. Name: DENNIS COUGHLIN Nickname: Clancy Ambition: Undecided Future Farmers-1, 2, 3, 4g Pep Band-2, 3g Senior Band-1, 2, 3 County Band-25 Junior Play-3 Football-2g Intramurals-1, 2, 3, 4. v 1 15' -ww - V- -,,- gr, 2 ftiryrtz I, .,-2. - 1 p .4 fat? tt -wiv. rj' Q 5 ' , g .,,.g:-,,.Q:-' ,.' -ig. 32,4 . . ', ,' ' s -, .. -4, . 34, -. , J I nv jvfffgg r, A 4 Af, 1 'mpg .rt A ,ILS ,.h,:L,l, i v ,3,,j '-'1 - " .sf-.h i fi-r WX. ,1cqI1+2f-' 1, -' '- .1 Luk I. px, 4 N- .rx Ywiix I . , , 'sf Q .1 KTN . 2- ,. gf- 'Liss " . .A J Q ' Jw vu ,, ,M . 4- 1' , 'I ,- w .v A, ,Mir ,li .ll iw ll f .Iss A ' Q 3 1 ff .,, ,, .r m"1 4 "Pam is sitting pretty" , ' V ' -I 3 Y ,gl fly-V If A I - ,V H . i.v,Ri: H!.1', u V sf 5. r 1 - . f'J'Tf ,fn " Pe-.11 74 I ff 'W Q! ,'A- - wt' t W1 3 ' ww 'f?1,'f"'4,' Z., '?ff1QE'f " 1. ' , ,f . - , '71 Wm. -mx, r ,f - f ' ,, V '-fpzwfg r fuk . . 1, M. , Q.,6'4'f',54ZZZz "If it rains, Sharon's ready. " 4 ,Y IV f"5.,,. wif- if f' N "But Brenda, the grass ' 3 1 - ' A , "Krazy Kathy is dog-gone cold. " isn't that high. " , "Cur1y Cheryl shore is cute, " Sun Bonnet Sue" "Dixie and dishes don't mix. junivrs of TOP: L. Milward, I. Bridge, S. Swartz, F. Hartley, C. Keller, D. Printup, C. Norstrand, P Augello, G. Allen, J. Richenberg, R. Townsend, G. Clark, L. Bateman, D. Stokes ROW 3: I. Lacey, S. Hubbard, K. Sherwood, K. Porter, J. Carver, T. Hall, P. Kuhn, C. Augello, D. Allen, A. Park, I. Dorman, M. Niedzialek, M. Campbell ROW 2: B. Shultz, B. Watson, S. Albee, D. Snell, A. Armbrewster, I. Dorf, R. Doward, M Reisdorf, I. Pflaumer, V. Dorman, S. Hoover, I. Printup, E. Shepard ROW 1: Mrs. Torrey, B. Hayes, E. Brown, D. Homer, C. Dewey, S. Rudolph, S. Toal, A. Barniak, I. Bird, S. Keller, C. Hall, Miss Coughlin JUNIOR CLASS A OFFICERS: President: Larry Bateman Vice-President: Gary Clark Secretary: Ellen Brown Treasurer: F Kathleen Sherwood g Student Council Representatives: Recy Dow ard Susan Hoover X Mary Kay Campbell 1 aw Student Council Alternate: HY Q M "'5"" . David Allen Tw 1, wtf J TOP: Mr. Johns, K. Jackett, S. Smith, L. Volk, W. Hart, R. Dziuba, C. Zambito, M. Coughlin, N. Chamberlain, D. Mason, W. Cole, B. Horton, S. Smith, R. Zambito, I. Benton, D. Strollo ROW 3: B. Gavel, S. Berg, P. Zambito, G. Strobele, C. Story, D. Hough, J. Hodge, E. Armbrewster, D. Kreger, A. Green, G. Morrison, I. Argento, P. Burrouws, G. Warboys ROW 2: S. Burr, B. Vereecken, M. Chamberlain, R. Zambito, C. Miller, C. Steemburg, P. Starowitz, H. McGill, B. Totten, I. Slade, P. Lacey, B. Markwica, D. Caccamise ROW 1: Mr. Langley, P. Schad, I. Strabel, L. Balonek, L. Dorf, R. Whitcomb, K. Sulimowicz, N. Andrews, D. Gartley, L. Norton, S. Hartley, B. Geissler, A. Page, H. Calkins, Mr. Mark OFFICERS: President: Carolyn Story Vice-President: Richard Zambito Secretary: Susan Hartley Treasurer: Sybil Smith Student Council Representatives: Susan Smith Charles Zambito Brad Horton Student Council Alternate: Linda Balonek 4---l. l ?resl1mc11 TOP ROW: C. Roth, T. Bezon, T. Konieczka, K..Printup, V. Sharp, R. OSU'OWSk1 R Porter G. Dziuba, R. Ramsey, I. Coughlin, F. Kelly, R. Zipfel ROW 3: S. Whitcornb, L. Parker, C. Dutton, K. Mickey, S. Reisdorf, R. Hayes W Cham berlain, P. Reak, I. Austin, G. Ramsey, J. Dunlap, L. Stuart, A. Albee ROW 2: J. Barney, C. Munger, E. Ostrowski, C. Monachino, R. Doward, M McLaren P Wohlfeil, R. Stanton, B. Stokes, R. Bragg, A. Hoover ROW 1: Mrs. Weber, L. Naylor, R. Pflaurner, D. Iasinski, M. Saunders, D. Allen K John son, C. Coughlin, V. Milward, S. Bragg, L. Mickey, Mrs. Palmer N OFFICERS President: L. Mickey Vice-President: G. Dziuba Secretary: C. Monachino Treasurer: L. Stuart L. H. BENTON District Principal SAMUEL GIANSANTE High School Principal MRS. BLANCHE BARGAY Secretary MRS. ARLETTE SHERWOOD Office Typist MRS, NELLIE COUGHLIN Kindergarten MRS. ELEANOR SHUKNECHT Kindergarten MISS DELORES SCROGER First Grade MISS MILDRED SHEPHARD First Grade MRS. KATHRYN DROSENDAHL First Grade MRS, HAZEL SCHWAB Second Grade MRS. MAPJORIE CHRISTOPHER Second Grade MISS IOSEPHINE BAGLIO Second Grade MISS GWENDOLYN DORF Third Grade MRS. MARION WEST Third Grade MRS. MARTHA BAKER Fourth Grade MRS. NATALIE NORTON Fourth Grade MRS, DORTHY GAVEL Fifth Grade Zzculfy MRS. ANNA CLARK Fifth Grade MRS. HELEN KIRSCH Librarian MISS DOROTHY HOFMANN LYLE MARK Sixth Grade MRS. LUCILLE JAMES Sixth Grade GERALD DROSENDAHL Special Class CARROLL JOHNSON Junior High Social Studies MISS MARCIA ATKINSON Junior High English MRS. DELORIS WEBER English 9 and 10 RALPH WHEATON Junior High Mathematics ALAN ABRAMS Guidance MISS IOSEPHINE MACARI ,Art Supervisor MRS, VELMA BENTON School Nurse - Teacher Instrumental Music ROGER LANGLEY Social Studies RONALD JOHNS Social Studies MISS KATHLEEN O'SHEA French and Latin MRS. THELMA HAYES Vocal Music MRS. HELEN PALMER High School Mathematics DONALD PETOTE Commercial Subjects STAMFORD SHERWOOD Physical Education MISS JEAN LOVE Physical Education MRS. SOPHIA SMI-TH Commercial Subjects JOSEPH DERMODY LOUIS IANNI Agriculture Driver Education MISS DOROTHY.COUGl-ILIN MRS. MARY TORREY English 11 and 12 MRS. EVELYN GORDON Home Economics RUSSELL GLOWACKI Industrial Arts ROBERT SMITH I Junior High Science.and Earth Science Senior High Science MRS. GLADYS COCKRAM Dental Hygienist DR. JOHN OSTANSKI Psychologist MISS MAE D'ANGELO Speech Correction fzylzfh Grade TOP ROW: S. Sherwood, J. White, A. Pangrazlo, R. Clark, C. Berglin, R. Gabriel, W. Gray T. Coughlin, D, Miller, C. Brinkman, K. Combo, T. Dickes, G. Hartley, W. Hartman, G. Hart ROW 3: M. Hall, P. Zambito, C. Coughlin, L. Richenberg, P. Zambito, L. Horton, M. Acton, G. Clark, L. Davis, G. Yunker, J. Warboys, S. Berg, S. Shepard, W. Johnson, T. Walczak, S. Norton ROW 2: S. Rumble, S. Mickey, S. Olsen, A. Prescott, S. Higgins, A. Palermo, J. Carrubba O. Osborne, D. Putney, R. Howard, L. Balonek, T. Allen ROW 1: Mr. Smith, F. Kelly, D. Fiorentino, I. Geissler, E. Austin, R. Miller, S. Underhill, J. Iasinski, S. Cheeseman, R. Kreger, D. Stanton, D. Fite, Mrs. Lexer .5-If OFFICERS President: S. Shepard Vice-President: W. Hartman Secretary: L. Rlchenberg Treasurer: J. Warboys Seventh Grade TOP ROW: R. Totten, C. Dermody, D. Vanwagnen, R. Norstrand, P. Carver, P. Hartley, D. Gray, W. McGill, F. Augello, H. Gray, J. Caccamise, P. Porter, T. Dambra ROW 3: I. Norstrand, A. Johnson, D. Mudryznski, P, Niedzialek, N. Schuler, N. Chamber- lain, P. DiCasolo, N, Waldron, C. Cole, I. Volk, S. Say, L. Phillips, S. Naylor ROW 2: R. Hartman, D. Berglin, G. Pangrazio, C. Pangrazio, I. Gartley, R. Dorman, R. Smith, G. Sharp, D. Knight, C. Yunker, J, Poole, D. Rowcliffe, R. Acton, R. Hayes, I Churchill, S. Townsend ROW 1: Mr. Johnson, S. Panek, D. Dunlap, D. Coughlin, G. Pahuta, C. Mickey, D. Hough N. Burr, S. Iasinski, S. Stiles, I. Cleveland, T. Andrews, H. Chamberlain, I. Bird, K. Porter, T, Dentino, G. Geissler, Mr. Wheaton OFFICERS President: F. Augello Vice-President: I . Gartley Secretary: P. Niedzialek Treasurer: K. Porter ..qm':H Sixth Grade TOP: Mrs. James, R. Hayes, G. Bell, P. Dambra, P. Boshart, J. Scheiber, C. Salway, D. Bridge, L. Lougheed, K. Hartley, J. Dicasolo, K. Dorman, M. Phillips, K. Skelton, K. Theis, J. Combo, Mr. Hotaling ROW 2: J. Jackson, D. Rowcliffe, G. Shuknecht, B. Markwica, B. Kozak, L. Dickes, N. Austin, K. Werth, B. Stanley , ROW 1: B. Burrows, T. Allen, P. Bender, B. Dutton, C. Zambito, J. Weber -31 i- TOP: H. Snow, D. Smith, R. Rumble, C. Coughlin, D. Randall, R. Barber, L. Mason, J. Werth. I. Johnson, G. Dilcher, J. Coughlin, P. Zambito, N. Joslin, C. Acton, D. Dewey ROW 2: R. Cheesemen, B. Speed, K. Miller, D. Bragg, N. Miller, C. Davis, F. Johnson, S, ' White, J. Post, L. Lacusky, K. Higgins, Miss Hofmann ROW 1: J. Squire, M. Pricola, W. Jasinski, N. Coughlin, J. Carrubba, G. Stanton sm grad.: TOP: Mrs. Clark, L. Allen, L. Sulim, D. Post, M. Mosca, N. Vanwagnen, S. Richenberg, R Green, R. Strobele, C. Skelton, D. Vanderpoest, I. Burrows. G. Ashe, S. Chiariella ROW 2: D. Martyn, P. Pahuta, C. Mickey, M. Harper, C. Hoover, F. Dewey, L. Doward, B Carrubba, D. Bender, W. Zifel ROW 1: C. Coughlin, A. Monagan, G. White, D. Beechler, H. Dilcher, C. Ames TOP: A. Terrell, T. Murphy, D. Karas, M. Torrey, V. Berg, V. Harrison, B. Morrow, S. Cole, D. Bentley, L. Smith, M. Barney, M. McGill ROW 2: Mrs. Gavel, C. Zambito, S. Salway, D. Totten, L. Harezga, M. Butler, M. Nor strand, P. Barber, K. Boshart, M. Hayes, Mr. Pickard ROW 1: S. Stokes, D. Wigton, P. Terrill, G. Mowers, S. Bridge, V. Bird, D. Albee, M. Hartley, D. Yendell, C. Thornton Yourfh Grade 33 TOP: Mrs. Glowacki, G. Monagan, I. Barney, M. Mingionie, K. Robb, T. Pangrazio, E. Hottois, G. Abrams, C. Augello, J. Lougheed, B. Clark, M. Harrison, D. Knight, D. Cross, C. Shuknecht ROW 2: S. Phillips, P. Dilcher, P. Coughlin, T. Iasinski, P. Vanwagnen, S. Volk, I. Har- grave, T. Rowcliffe, I. Bisig, C. King, R. Streeter ROW 1: L. Theis, D. Wilford, I. Bump, P. Joslin, T. Horton, D. Weber, T. Poole, M. Combo ABSENT: Mrs. Norton TOP: R. Sanders, R. Chamberlain, S. Boyce. E. Reak, S. Mosda, R. Conrad, C. Shepard, R33 Baron, L. Skeleton, J. Herrington, R. Totten, D. Barber, S. Riner, T. Balonek ROW 2: Mrs. Baker. D. Yendell, P. Porter, S. Morel, B. Brinkman, D. Bosharr, M. Shultz, D McCormick, M. Harper, J. Hayes, D. McGill, C. Mabon ROW 1: L. Bender. R. Williams, P. Hough, D. Boldt, D. Geissler, J. Martyn, K. Morrell Zfhird Grad: TOP: C. Yunker, D. Richenberg, P. Walczak, E. I-Iargrave, J. Torrey, C. Dorman, W. Karas, I. Guiste, N. Osborne, K. Maskell, J. Monachino, Miss Dorf ROW 2: M. Ryan, L. Townsend, T. Randall, C. Zipfel, D. Coughlin, E. Lougheed, T. Gav- enda, E. Winspear, R. Ross ROW 1: J. Coughlin, I. Pangrazio, J. A. Zambito, B. Dentino, M. Shepard, D. Beechler, P. Hartley, J. Stiles TOP: R. Osborne, T. Hare, C. Caccamise, I. Mickey, V. Townsend, D. Cough1in,S. Carver D. Morrow, L. Pangrazio, C. Maskell, B. Churchill, N. Barney ROW 2: R. Bell, D. Barber, K. Andrews, K. Steenburg, V. Karas, L. Smith, B. Sharp, D. Ward, G. Totten, R. Clark, Mrs. West ROW 1: R. Corrubba, P. Austin, R. Coughlin, N. L. Adams, E. Walczak, A. Stanley, M. Mabon, Y. Green L. . 1 Smwd Grade W TOP: J. Maskell, P. Zarnbito, D. Thornton, R. Bird, B. Pricola, M. Stanley, I. Crossett, I, Scott, S. Brannic, J. King, S. Morel, Miss Baglio ROW 21 M. Pridrnore, R. Stanton, P. Horton, D. Hubbard, P. Porter, V. Ashe, D. Norstrand, A. Hare ROW 1: J. Dunlap, J. Townsend, F. Bezon, C. Totten, I. Berglin, C. Gurtz, N. Rouse ABSENT: D. Dorman IOP: Mrs. Paul, M. Ostrowski, D. White, S. Allen, L. Miller, E. Thornton, W. Skelton, P. Volk, G. Dorf, I. Rowcliffe, D. Boldt ROW 21 I. MOSCiCki. D. Ryan, S. Geissler, W. Pahuta, R. Johnson, T. Harezga, A. Glover, I. Pricola ROW 11 L- Scheiber. L. Francis, G. Hargrave, M. Zambito, P. Boshart, D. Morrell ABSENT: H. Hartley, L. Poole, T. Love Scwnd Grade TOP: D. Sulim, M. Fry, E. Buczek, I. Knight, E. Gillard, R. Pcionek, B. Smith, M. Ryan, D. Mudrzynski, S. Joslin, S. Balonek, Mrs. Christopher ROW 2: E. Bloom, B. Armbrewster, C. Abrams, K. Acton, D. Clark, T. Platten, A. Q.-Sf Yaskulski, R. Fite ROW 1: R. Hole, D. Dutton, I. Bezio, F. Kelly, R. Wilford, K. Stokes ABSENT: P. Coughlin, I. Waldron Sfrst Grade TOP: Mrs. Drosendahl, D. Yendell, B. Thompson, G. Smith, G. Gurtz, R. Skelton, R. ' ' G d D. Butler, L. Burns, S. Rowcliffe Vanderpoest, N. Mrckey, A. Srmth, P. aven a, 6-'LLL ROW 1: R. Adams, M. Osborne, C. Berrios, L. Coughlin, B. Karas, C. Comiro, D. Harmon, M. Doran, L. Green, S. Schultz ABSENT: I. McCoy, S. Howard, S. Poole I 4 Hrs! Grade 17 TOP: Miss Scroger, G. Barniak, J. Burr, C. Gluck, N. Rohan, P. V811 WEIEUCU- E- Stokes' S. Housenecht, N. Coughlin, I. Marion, M. Fite Row lg v. Tracy, C. Morrell, P. Hart, L. Rowcliffe, W. ward, K. Paugrazio. K- Maskell' S. Benz, C. Mahon ABSENT: M. Torrey. L. Drennen, D. Stiles, C. Lore, D. Harmon, M. Clark lor: ix. Scnuler, R. Allen, I. Williams, T. Graham, I. Shannon, S. Goff, M. Giansante, S. Burgess, E. Shuknecht, C. Coughlin ROW 2: Miss Shephard, D. Bentley, R. Ellingham, D. Guiste, R. Weiland, L. Amato, M. Haynes, J. Mosca, K. Maskell ROW 1: S. Thompson, I. Bezon, I. Balonek, P. Riner, M. Coughlin ABSENT: K. Osborne TOP: A. King, D. Rohan, J. Bezio, M. Kingdollar, G. Bacon, L. Mahon, F. Neindorf, R. Zambito, M. Torrey, D. Sherwood, V. Coniher, D. Scott, A. Abrams, J. Floyd, I. Pcionek, A. Buczek ROW 2: Mrs. Coughlin, A. Caccamise, C. Vigneri, G. Gillard, S. Fire, R. Watson, M. Richenberg, P, Porter, I. Ryan, I. Foe, D. Boldt, J. Putney, N. Geissler, I. Weiland, Mrs. Horton ' ROW 1: D, Graham, K, Dietrich, P. Poole, L. Bragg, D. Hillabush, K. Squire, I. Karas, J Mengs, D. Terrell, M. Carrubba, P. P. Lermo, I. Argento ABSENT: D. Shuknecht TOP: Mrs. Shuknecht, R. Martyn, W. Walczak, S. Theis, M. Post, K. Ashe, L.. Bateman, R. Panek, Z. Stucko, L. Totten, D. Allen, I. Albee, I. Pcionek, C. Rich, R. Doran, Mrs. Randall ROW 2: A. Comito, I. Whaley, T. Harezga, D. Iachimowicz, B. Dewey, F. Glover, A. Amato, M. Platten, M. Pridmore, G. Mickey, L. Kile, R. Lund, B. Bird, I. Geissler ROW 1: R, Schultz, J. Volk, C. Burgess, J. Goff, D. Miller, B. Brown, D. Zielinski, D. Rohan, V. Rolle, C. Reynolds, S. Ellingham ABSENT: T. Davis, G, McCormick, M. Bezon, C. Wilford, C. Myers Special 611155 TOP: D. Clark, W. Johnson, G. Scroger, R. McCormick, P. Keller ROW 2: Mr. Drosendahl, G. Morrison, G. McVay, F. Shamrock, S. Jenney ROW 1: E. Neff, L. Chapell, N. Shamrock, B. Boatfield CANDID SHOT: IT'S GREAT TO BE CRAZY PLAY CAST Q' Z '35 d as to be able to embark on a cou 'These who are so favore une in a spirit of humility. " Schweitzer accept the good fon rse of free persona 1 activity must Kcvuz Staff TOP ROW: M. Dentino, S. Totten, R. Whitcornb, M. Reisdorf, L. Parker, R. Zambito, J. Fite, S. Smith, C. Augello, A. Park, D. Allen, B. Watson, P. Balonek, R. Glover, P. Wohlfeil ROW 3: Miss Coughlin, T. Gavel, B. Dorman, S. Dean, J. Neth, S. Mason, G. Slade ROW 2: Miss Macari, F. Zambito, Editor-in-Chief: Georgia Slade Assistant Editor: Sue Ann Mason Literary Editor: James Fire Assistant: Ada Park Reggie Glover, David Allen Ioan Bird, Susan Smith Mary Ann Reisdorf Art Editor: Brenda Dorman sistant: Thomas Gavel Bonnie Watson, Sharon Totten Linda Parker, Reida Whitcomb Business Editor: Io Ann Neth Assistant: Sharon Dean Marie Dentino Advertising Editor: Frank Zambito Assistant: Charles Augello Jennie Slade, Georgia Slade Sharon Dean, Io Ann Neth Charles Zambito, Richard Zambito Peter Balonek, Vincent George D. Kuehl, J. Bird Z 779i P, 0 Ex CT' elm TOP ROW: C. Yunker, T. Darnbra, L. Balonek, B. Townsend, S. Hoover, L. Parker, Watson, R. Doward, R. Porter, C. Zambito, S Smith, R. C1 Berg, P. Porter ROW 1: R. Burrows, W arbo ys OFFICERS President: Randy Burrows Vice-President: Pat Augello Secretary: Gretchen Warboys E .f A' Student cfauncil D. . Sherwood, B. Horton, D. Allen, S. ark, P. Balonek, M. Campbell, P. Wohlfeil, A. Schuler, L. Naylor, S. T. Konieczka, P. Augello, I. Geissler, Mr. Giansante, N. Schuler, G STUDENT COUNCIL 4-is 2 J Treasurer: Ted Konieczka I I Naffamzl ffowr Sadie!!! TOP ROW: E. Shepard, M. Campbell, J. Carver, A. Park, V. George, P. Augello, D. Stokes, D. Allen, K. Sherwood, M. Reisdorf ROW 2: S. Hoover, B. Dorman, I. Fire, Miss Coughlin, R. Durrows, M. -Niedzialek, K. Karas ROW 1: J. Neth, A. Barniak, J. Bird OFFICERS: President: James Fire Vice-President: Randy Burrows Secretary: Mary Ann Niedzialek Treasurer: Brenda Dorman 5'u!ure Ccachers' Klub TOP ROW: I. Slade, B. Gavel, P. Burrows, G. Warboys, P. Zambito, G. Slade, S. Hubbard, K. Sherwood, S. Mason, A. Park, S. Smith, S. Smith, L. Volk, B. Horton ROW 2: R. Zambito, D. Markwica, L. Balonek, E. Shepard, B. Mowers, J. Dorf, P. Starowitz ROW 1: P. Shad, B. Watson, E. Brown, J. Bird, B. Geissler, S. Hartley, Mrs. Palmer OFFICERS President: Sue Mason Vice-President: Kathy Sherwood FUTURE TEACHERS Secretary: Ellen Brown Treasurer: Ada Park K 4 X 1 ! wklfl s Zrzfzzre ,Nurses TOP ROW: B. Barney, I. Printup, L. Stuart, N. Andrews, H. McGill, C. Storey, I. Dunlap, V. Dorman, J. Smith, R, Pflaurner, C. Steenburg, M. Campbell, A. Ames, M. Niedzialek, S. Smith, P. Salway, S. Whitcomb ROW 3: A. Barniak, S. Albee, W. Williams, R. Doward, G. Morrison, S. Rudolph, C. Dewey R. Whitcomb, D. Snell, I. Barney, S. Totten, S. Toal, B. Schultz, M. Reisdorf, A. Armbrewster, C. Dutton, A. Albee ROW 2: Mrs. Benton, S. Berg, S. Dean, J. Neth, S. Hoover ROW 1: S. Bragg, A. Doward, E. Brown, S, Hartley, C. Munger, M. Dentino, I. Slade, B. Hayes, D. Kuehl FUTURE NURSES President: Sharon Dean fAbsenty Vice -President: Joann Neth Secretary-Treasurer: Sue Hoover Corresponding Secretary: Susan Berg , ---.gi guturc' flvmemakcrs TOP ROW: S. Keller, J. Smith, J. Pflaumer, P. Salway, M. Campbell, A. Ames, V. Dorman ROW,3: S. Bragg, S. Rudolph, B. Barney, I. Printup. S. Toal, B. Schultz, A. Armbrewster. ROW 2: Mrs. Gordon, S. Totten, C. Dewey, I. Barney, J. Bird, R. Doward, W, Williams. ROW 1: A. Doward, M. McLaren, B. Hayes, K. Johnson, K. Strobele OFFICERS: President: Brenda Barney Vice-President: Sharon Totten Secretary: Mary Kay Campbell Treasurer: Barbara Schultz .X Zfture Qarmcrs TOP ROW: K. Printup, D. Coughlin, G. Allen, M. Coughlin, Mr. Dermody, C. Roth, C. Keller, L. Bateman, J, Bridge ROW 2: W. Cole, L. Milward, W. Hart, J. Coughlin, I. Lacey, C. Augello, R. Burrows, R. Doward ROW 1: I. Austin, W. Chamberlain, D. Homer, G. Ramsey OFFICERS President: Randy Burrows Vice-President: Larry Bateman Secretary: Gary Allen Treasurer: Lee Milward Reporter: Robert Townsend Sentinel: Recy Doward Scicnce 61116 TOP: S. Swartz, G. Slade, P. Burrows. Mrs. Torrey ROW 3: M. Campbell, L. Volk, A. Park, A. Rarniriz, D. Allen, D. Panek, C. Norstrand J. Slade ROW 2: G. Strobele, R. Zambito, S. Hubbard, S. Burr, R. Whitcomb, S. Hoover ROW 1: P. Lacey. N. Andrews, C. Steenburg, M. ,Reisdorf, V. Dorman SCIENCE CLUB Chairman: Georgia Slade Vice Chairman: SICVCI1 SWHIUZ Secretary-Treasurer: Peggy Bl-1rr0WS x 'x l l 1 9 rr Riff' library 61116 TOP ROW: A. Palermo, D. Fiorenrino, J. Warboys, P. Zambito, C. Coughlin, S. Cheesernan B. Heatherly, S. Olsen, S. Norton, S. Rumble, K. Combo ROW 2: I. Jasinski, Mrs. Kirsch, S. Higgins, S. Shepard, J. Geissler, M. Hall, S. Berg ROW 1: F. Kelly, A. Prescott, J. Carruba, L. Richenberg, S. Mickey OFF IC ERS : President: S. Berg Vice-President: I. Geissler Secretary: M. Hall Treasurer: S. Higgins Art 61116 P. Shad, Miss Macari, R. Whitcomb, B. Geissler, L. Parker, B. Mowers, D. Snrollo, L. Dorf OFFICERS ' Treasurer: R. Whitcomb President: L. Dorf Kmccrf 61116 TOP ROW: S. Smith, A. Park, L. Milward, S. Swartz, D. Printup, P Augello D Mason G. Clark, S. Smith, I. Dorman, G. Slade ROW 3: B. Zipfel, P. Burrows, M. Reisdorf, K. Karas, M. Niedzialek K Sherwood L Parker, S. Reisdorf, A. Green, P. Zambito, C. Steenberg ROW 2: R. Zambito, S. Burr, D. Snell, P. Starowitz, I. Slade, B. Totten L Stuart G Warboys, B. Gavel, S. Hartley, M. Dentino, L. Dorf, Mrs. Hayes ROW 1: V. Milward, M. Saunders, P. Reak, K. Johnson, D. Allen, B Gerssler L Naylor I. Strabel, P. Wohlfeil, C. Hall, P. Schad OFFICERS President: G. Clark Secretary: I. Strabel Treasurer: L. Stuart 5y4.,4, TOP ROW: C. Steenburg, A. Ames, M. Niedzialek, E. Armbrewster, S Mason L Volk A. Park, S. Smith, S. -Smith, P. Salway, K. Sherwood, S. Hubbard B Strollo M Campbell, P. Zambito, G. Warboys ROW 3: M. Reisdorf, J. Dorf, K. Karas, B. Gavel, S. Berg, N. Andrews J Pflaumer S Dean, G. Slade, C. Storey. P. Burrows. H. McGill, K. Wallace. V Dorman I Starowitz. A. Doward ROW 2: C. Dewey, W. Williams, B. Markwica, S. Rudolph, S. Hoover J Prrntup P Lacey A. Schuler, E. Shepard, B. Tooten. D. Caccamise. M. Charnberlarn A Arrnbrewster B. Mowers. C. Couglin, K. Sulimowicz ROW 1: H. Calkins, S. Keller, L. Balonek, D. Stokes. B. Townsend, S Hartley R Zam bito, D. Snell, B. Schultz, J. Slade, L. Dorf, R. Whitcomb, M, Dentrno B Watson E - Brown 1 G.A.A. President: Kathleen Karas Vice-President: Judy Sherwood Secretary: Sue Mason Treasurer: Ann Schuler B. Geissler, D. Gartley, C. Hall, P. Schad, Miss Love ,iii -V , .-J. ,. feeders ' 61116 TOP ROW: Miss Love, S. Smith, L. Volk, S. Hubbard, A. Ames, G. Slade, P. Zambito, S. Mason, D. Strollo, S. Smith. ROW 3: C. Steenburg, S. Dean, P. Burrows. J. Pflaumer, N. Andrews, G. Warboys. S. Berg P. Starowitz, K. Karas, B. Gavel, A. Schuler. I. Slade, B. Totten, P. Lacey, D. Caccamise. ROW 2: S. Hartley, R. Zambito, S. Rudolph. A. Armbrewster, B. Schultz, C. Dewey, K. Sulimowicz, C. Coughlin, J. Printup, R. Whitcomb, D. Snell, M. Chamberlain, B. Markwica. ROW 1: M. Dentino, E. Brown, P. Schad, H. Calkins, C. Hall, S. Keller, L. Dorf, B. Geissler. D. Stokes, B. Townsend, B. Watson. 9 B -.9' 'Oo o ' - . o ,fi ' O, ze... R.. 5 as ' Cri-J-!i- If ew M. Campbell, S. Burr, L. Volk, I. Smith Strollo, P. Salway, J. Pflaumer, B. Totten Hoover, P. Burrows, S. Totten, A. Ames Shad, I. Printup, C. Hall, B. Hayes, R. Whitcomb OFFICERS: President: S. Hoover Vice-President: S. Totten Secretary: M. Campbell Treasurer: A. Ames PEOPLE Girl Scouis TOP ROW: P. Zarnbito, M. Hall, S. Mickey, C. Coughlin ROW 2: I. Warboys, L. Richenberg, B. Hetherly, K. Combo ROW 1: I, Geissler, S. Berg, S. Higgins, S. Cheeseman Bay Swufs CLOCKWISE from top: G, Allen, B. Horton, R. Clark, S. Karas, R. Miller, T. Andrews, D Totten P Bender I Karas, I. Harrington, I. Combo, M. Saunders, D. Homer, L . , Q 1 ' Milward, D. Mason CENTER: K. Miller Hub Swufs TOP ROW: D. Ward, B. Skelton, R. Osborne, D. Morrow, M. Harrison, I. Hargrave, D. Bee- chler, H. Dilcher, A. Monagan ROW 3: D. Martyn, D. Bender, W. Karas, R. Baron, D. Karas, S. Richenberg, D. Coughlin, C. Dorman, C. Zambito. C. Hoover ROW 2: C. Maskell, P. Dilcher, J. Mickey, G. Monagan, S. Gluck, T. Horton, N. Osborne, P. Hartley. C. Yunker POW 1: M. Mabon, D. Boldt, D. Geissler, B. Churchill, T. Rowc1iffe,K. Andrews, D. Beechler Audio Visual 61116 TOP ROW: P. Burrows, D. Strollo, P. Wohlfeil, B. Vereecken, J. Argento, J. Benton, G, Dziuba, D- Kfegef, L. Milward ROW 1: Mr. Glowackf, M. Saunders, P. Schad, G. Slade ' X-Q --P A 'Z' time their hearus, by far the noblest aim. " Burns 'They Left to Right: B. Dorman M. Niedzialek L, Balonek A. Schuler h'lAo,y,mw" C x fum, ,Majarcffcs Dance Hand TOP ROW: D. Mason, L, Milward ROW 2: L. Bateman, C. Hall, J. Dorman, E. Brown, S. Reisdorf ROW 1: I. Strabel, I. Neth, M. Reisdorf, R. Whitcomb, G. Slade, I. Sherwood lL?? 'L ?00tl1alll6'ar1d TOP ROW: A. Park, P. Reak, R. Zipfel, R. Ramsey, B. Vereecken, S. Rudolph. L. Milward ROW 3: J. Printup, M. Chamberlain, B. Townsend, C. Coughlin, S. Mason, J. Sherwood, N. Andrews, L. Norton, D. Panek, S. Burr, L. Milward, C. Hall ROW 2: D. Allen, J. Dorf, A. Schuler, B. Gavel, I. Slade, J. Dunlap, C. Monachino, C. Dutton, K. Johnson, L. Stuart ROW 1: L. Bateman, L. Dorf, J. E. Brown, L. Balonek, S. Reisdorf Neth, L. Parker, M. Reisdorf, R. Whitcomb, V. Dorman, Zvlvr guard BACK ROW: T. Gavel, R. Townsend, FRONT ROW: G. Clark, D. Allen Senior Hand TOP: S. Rudolph, C. Rudolph, R. Ramsey, R. Zipfel, Mr. Mark ROW 3: S. Smith, L. Norton, N. Andrews, D. Panek, I. Dunlap, K. Johnson, C. Monachino, C. Dutton, L. Naylor, V. Milward, G. Dzuiba, D. Allen, L. Stuart, M. Chamberlain, S. Smith, B. Vereecken, J. Printup, E. Brown, V. Dorman, G. Clark, L. Milward, S. Reisdorf, D. Watson, L. Bateman, K. Karas ROW 2: B. Watson, J. Dorf, C. Hall, B. Gavel, B. Geissler, J. Slade, P. Reak, L. Balonek, B. Dorman, L. Dorf, K. Sherwood, S. Berg, L. Parker, R. Whitcomb, R. Zambito, P. Zambito , M. Reisdorf ROW 1: G. Slade, S. Mason, I. Sherwood, A. Schuler. C. Coughlin, B. Townsend, E. Shep- ard, J. Neth, G. Warboys, S. Burr, P. Starowitz, A. Park SENIOR BAND President: Georgia Slade Vice-President: Larry Bateman Secretary: Ann Schuler Treasurer: Gary Clark ' juniar Hand TOP ROW: J. Posr, D. Randall, R. Hayes, R. Rumble, G. Hart, Mr. Mark. T. Dickes' ROW 3: K. Werth, N. Joslin, D. Speed, L. Mason, P. Zambito, J. Coughlin, B. Markwica, K. Miller, P. Boshart, M. Pricola, I. Squire, B. Dutton, D. Berglin, T. Andrews, J. Churchill, G. Pahuta, S. Norton, S. Underhill, T. Coughlin, R. Clark, I. Bridge, N. Miller, D. Miller, S. Berg ROW 2: S. Panek, R. Hayes, S. Chesseman, B. Kozak, K. Dorman, C. Dermody, C. Berglin, R. Miller, C. Zambito, R. Cheeseman, C. Yunker, L. Richenburg, J. Warboys, L. Dicks C. Coughlin, D. Smith, B. Burrows, J. Johnson, J. Geissler Higgins, P. Zambito, B. Heatherly, L. Lacusky, K. Higgins, P. Carver, N. Burr, N. Schuler, M. Hall, G. Yunker ROW 1: S. Olsen, K. Combo, S. R. Dorman, P. Niedzialek, JUNIOR BAND OFFICERS: President: Linda Richenberg Vice-President: Jane Warboys Secretary: Patricia Niedzialek Treasurer: Susan Berg ,-.-7 Smiar Klzarus TOP ROW: A. Park, A. Green, D. Kreger, D. Watson, R. Burrows, R. Reak, T. Gavel, R. Wohlfeil, B. Horton, L. Milward, G. Clark, S. Swartz, D. Mason, D, Printup, P. Augello, C. Rudolph ROW 3: H. McGill, J. Sherwood, C. Storey, V. Dorman, P. Burrows, S. Dean, P, Zambito C. Steenburg, K. Karas, M. A. Niedzialek, G. Slade, P. Salway, S. Hubbard, S. Mason, K. Sherwood, L. Volk ROW 2: R. Zambito, S. Toal, B. Schultz, S. Albee Dorman, S. Hoover, D. Caccamise, P. Lacey, Snell, S. Berg, G. Warboys. ROW 1: Mrs. Hayes, B. Hayes, C. Hall, L. Balonek, Townsend, B. Watson, R. Whitcomb, L. Dorf, Hartley, M. Dentino, l. Slade. J. Printup, E. Shepard, S. Totten, B. M. Reisdorf, A. Schuler, B. Gavel, D B. Geissler, D, Stokes, E. Brown, B. S. Burr, S. Rudolph, B. Marwicka, S. President: Bonnie Townsend Vice-President: David Watson Secretary: Kathy Karas Treasurer: Steve Swartz Sxag uesng :1a1r1sea1,1, .iaxred UPUVI :A1e1a1aag poomaqg uns uuapgsaxd- ao! 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Hartley, M. Torrey, I. Robb, M. Phillips, D. Boshart, I. Scheiber, M. Mosca, L. Smith ROW 3: I. Burrows, R. Hayes, B. Koczak, M. Butler, L. Sulim, D. Smith, N. Miller, B. Markwica, R. Strobel, S. Richenberg, I. Combo, L. Allen. C. Davis, T. Murphy, D. Knight, L. Dickes, K. Werth ROW 2: M. Hayes, C. Zambito, P. Bender, L. Doward, B. Speed. S. Chiariella, B. Snow, N. Austin, B. Burrows, D. Rowcliffe, S. White, L. Lacusky, P. Pahuta, D. Martyn, C. Hoover, K. Boshart ROW 1: S. Stokes, D. Wigton, D. Yendell, B. Carrubba, P. Terrill, M. Pricola, K. Higgins, J. Carrubba, B. Dutton, R. Cheeseman, C. Zambito, L. Harezga, M. Hartley, R. Chamber lain, I. Squire, Mrs. Hayes AIMS: To experience team singing in preparation for music in octavo form ACTIVITIES: An early Wednesday morning rehersal ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Participation in the annual spring and Christmas concerts Music in three parts ,' X X L' y -- .. X1 Tw . 'x '--v V As no man i man is bor n an athlete rtist, so no ak Walton s born an a Iza Varsity Khecrleadcrs M. Niedzialek, S. Dean, M. Dentino, G. Slade, B. Watson, K. Sherwood Captain: M. Niedzialek Co-Captain: M. Dentino A Secretary-Treasurer: B. Watson junior Varsity Eheerlmdcrs C. Steenberg, G. Warboys, S. Berg, B. Geissler, C. Munger, P, Zambito Captain: G. Warboys Co-Captain: P. Zarnbito Girlv' Crack TOP ROW: Mr. Sherwood, B. Totten, S. Rudolph, P. Burrows, E. Armbrewster, D. Strollo, K. Sherwood, B. Geissler, S. Hartley, S. Berg, A. Schuler, P. Zarnbito, B. Gavel, C Steenburg, S. Dean ROW 1: S. Smith, S. Smith, S. Hubbard, E. Brown, S. Whitcomb, B. Watson Hays' Crack TOP ROW: D- MHSOH. J. Bridge, L. Mnward, B. Hart, J. Carver, c. Roth, Mr. smirh, R Bragg. C- Keller. C. Norstrand ROW 1: R. Doward, D. Bragg, T, Gavel r..-,Q Sports Cfapadcs Varsity lgaskefball TOP ROW: P. Augello, I. Carver, G. Clark, F. Zambito F Hartley R Doward C Norstrand ROW 2: L. Bateman, R. Clark, Mr. Sherwood, R. Gabriel D Coughlin ROW 1: A. Ramirez, F. Augello, L. Milward, D. Snell SCORES Pavilion Byron-Bergen Royalton-Hartland Holley York Wheatland-Chili Oakfield Alexander Corfu Oakfield Kendall Holley Lyndonville THEY '73 42 '77 60 66 41 82 59 45 79 40 68 57 ,Z IA Kasketball TOP ROW: S. Reisdorf, C. Roth, K. Printup, T. Koniezcka, R. Miller, P. Zarnbito, R. Zambito, R. Porter, I. Benton ROW 2: R. Hayes, P. Reak, Mr. Smith, M. Coughlin ROW 1: C. Zambito SCORES WE THEY Pavilion 34 39 Byron-Bergen 52 32 Honey, 34 45 Oakfield 38 47 Alexander 42 54 Corfu 32 3 7 oakfield 34 50 Kendall 43 49 3 1 45 Holley ' 1 . 1.11 'rvwlvlabwwwmfwnmm H- .. g r ,,4- .-- fuuffvl Q 3" . , .A-,L nl. .mmm . Ar' . fn. mm.. 4384. ' Sfddlball TOP ROW: W. Williams, R. Williams, G. Clark, F. Zambito, M. Coughlin, N. Chamberlain C. Norstrand, D. Kuehl, P. Augello, R. Townsend, G. Allen, L. Munger, F. Hartley, I. Bridge, C. Zarnbito ROW 2: Mr. Abrams, W. Hart, P. Kuhn, T. Gavel, C. Augello, K. Printup, J. White, T. Konieczka, B. Horton, R. Wohlfeil, T. Riggs, R. Burrows, R. Zambito, Mr. Sherwood ROW 1: P. Hartley, G. Munger, W. Hartman, W. Williams, D. Watson, C. Pangrazio, C. Butler, W. Gray, D. Bragg, R. Clark 1 scomss ws THEY A 3' 3 Q X Perry 12 6 qv 5 '5 I Lynd0nvi11e 12 o ' ' Pavilion 15 19 E Alexander 2 7 ' :Fug 'x Oakfield o 12 I gg 1 L" 3 ' Sf- Corfu 0 0 1 X 'j Letchworth 13 12 T Hasebnll TOP ROW: L. Munger, K. Porter, F. Hartley, I. Benton, R. ROW ELBA 6 4 3 6 9 2 4 '7 6 '7 Zarnbito , F. Z ambito ROW 2: C. Pangrazio, W. Williams 1: Mr. Abrams, R. Clark, I. Argento, C. Butler, G. Munger, P. Hartley, P. Zambrto SCORES O akfield Byron-Ber gen Kendall Ro yalton -Hartland Byron-Bergen Lyndonville Royalton-Hartland Oakfield Kendall Lyndonville 16 4 6 5 l0 15 2 11 7 11 Sf F -. ,- .,.rw-.n,, My , ihgmyakxbwzf Zferzmls' Zfmm TOP ROW: Mr. Langley, R. Jasinski, R. Reak, B. Horton, P. Bezon D Panek P Balonek G. Mowers OPPONENTS THEY WE Oakfield 5 0 Perry 2 3 Warsaw 1 4 Alexander 3 2 Attica 5 0 Warsaw 4 l Perry 2 3 Oakfield 3 0 Attica 4 l Alexander 3 2 PETER BALONEK G-O "B" League Singles Champion PETER BEZON - LEONARD IASINSKI G-O "B" League Doubles Champions 'NW llllllIlllllllIIllll 1llllIlIlK lllllllllll gli 171 nun! llllllllll::::::::::Il Alfllllllll llllllllllllllll::::: lllllllll ' o L- X LTI!! ' llllllllllIllllllllll!1iI!l!lllll.' . . h- 'W' . 'K -pw., .L -A w' PURE 'TL1?i!ai EN YEQG M-'La 6 - '25, b in s customers " "The sign r g , Fontaine W , ,a..-J..-.-.- 4,,1y-1i.w,n..+1- - -- - - ----haven-f-M-.1:nnug...W V W-- iw. S mhwhwiwwummwg-F I L 'Q t onipliroents of FLAVORITE FARMS HARRYIS Quality Homemade Ice Cream BARBER SHOP West Main St. Rd. Batavia Elba, N. Y. N. Y. TREADWAY INN The Warm Hospitality and Superb Food of a Traditional Country Inn, Artistically Combined With the Finest in Modern Living Oak St. at Thruway BANK OF ELBA Member F-D- I-C Elba, N. Y. The Goodwill of a Customer is a Valuable Asset Goodwill Is Acquired From Good Service Good Service Is Obtained From Cooperation Cooperation Is Working in Harmony This Bank Is Always in Tune Q-1" MISS JOYCE PAINTING HAIR STYLISTS ' , E LBA PAIN T ERS 5 Mancuso Bldg. 212. Main st. fIff B atavi a, N. Y . E s tim ate s 5' 'f VZ IZW, f . 1' 2 'V 'V' ' J A I fi L gy " ' ' ' "I .1 Gladly Gi Ven Fir st in Fashions FI 3-2996 Call PL 7-2.210 WICKES Lumber Plumbing Building Supplies Electrical Phone 1050 Phone 1181 P. O. Box 246 Leroy, N. Y. DRlES'S COLLISION Body Work and Painting Main St. Elba, N. Y. Phone: PL 7-9903 NORTH VINE BEAUTY SALON SAM AND MAR Y GIORDANO 167 Vine St. Batavia FI 3-3500 BOB'S GARAGE ROBERT W. KIRSCI-I Mobil Products Gener al Repaif PL 7-6850 Elba "TE ' YW? -?'?iQ4'f'?!h OAKFIE LD LIQUOR STORE RUDOLPHS E ELERS Wine, Liquor and J W Cordiais Phone 948-9458 109 Main St. FRANK VALLESE BATAVIA MOTORS Buick - Pontiac - C1-.M. C. Trucks Best Reconditioned Cars and Trucks Always a Large Assortment .sa 'V - CARL'S PIZZERIA Main St. , Elba PL 7-2775 5 P. M. - 1 A. M. SLEIGHT 'S BOOK STORE PONTILLO'S PIZ. ZA SHOPS Batavia - Lockport GEORGEYS DAIRY Producers and Dis tributor s of Grade Kenmore - Dunkirk Milk and Cream 5PM-ZAM Phone FI 3- 8507 5 MANCUSO MOTORS, INC. Cadillac Chevrolet - Corvair - Corvette - Oldsmobile Genesee County's Largest Dealer "Serving Satisfactorily Since 1920 2 Main 511. H Batavia, N. Y. FRANCIS 8: MEAD PENNEY'S Watches Diamonds Always First Quality A Jewelry 96 Main St. Batavia, N. Y. Main St. Batavia A :mm fl 1 .lviilrz-w1vw11e1f.faa1-anmlnsfa - v L , - SANTY'S TIRE ELMER B. SALES ADELMAN Sales Room Ellicott and Jackson Sts. Sales and Service Batavia Batavia Goodyear Tires 463 W. Main St. Rd. FI 3-0446 FI 3-0676 GENESEE 8: ORLEANS VEGE TAB LE GROWERS CO- OP ASSOCIATION Elba, N. Y. PL 7-2220 FRANK RAZIANO Shipper of Potatoes Onions Lettuce Carrots Phone FI 3-3535 AMES 8: RICHENBERG ESS O GARAGE General Repairs Gas . Oil. Tires . Tubes . Batteries Phone PL 7-6841 Elba New York OAKFIELD AND ELBA GROWERS Grower s and Shippers of Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Main Office Elba N. Y. MlCKEY'S SERVICE STATION Main and Drake Tires - Tubes - Batteries Gas - Oil - Greasing Accessories Oakfield, N. Y- 948- 5512 ELBA HOTEL Good Food and Beverages TONY AND ALICE Your Host PL 7-9994 OAKFIE LD CASH MARKET Groceries - Meats 49 Main - Oakfield N. WORTHINGT ON Prop. 948- 3281 . :rv - -' may-1w-,wmnwmlulau V - A H, . ,D 12" WI' VALLE JEWELERS STROH'S FLOWERS Exquisite Gifts 50 Years of Quality Personal Service Phone 343-0900 90 Main ST. 104 Main St. OAKFIELD FARMS DAIRY Fine Quality Dairy Products home delivery - dairy store 948-9418 Oakfield, N. Y. MAIN ELBA DINER BARBER SHOP Compliments of "We Need Your Head in Our Business" HELEN AND HILDA Main St. Oakfield BLOOM SINCLAIR SERVICE Corner Drake and Route 98 Phone PL. 7-9981 Elba, N. Y. Lunar . ,,,.,, . mu,-i Compliments of --- ZAMBITO BROS. Five Brothers Brand Potato and Grain Futures Growers of Onions and Potatoes Elba, N. Y. PL 7-9941 - PL 7-9942 - PL 7-2716 Big Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Know You GUY H. SMITH Quality Hardware - Electrical Equip. Ranges - Refrigerators l Radios Washers - Television - Plumbing Supplies Buy From Your Local Dealer and Save PL 7-2211 Elba, N. Y .7 I'Z9L'8 HM ' PIQFPIEO ' '1S UFBW LE puapxg Veuosxad 'e SI .xanuoqsng AIQAH SISQM SCIOOD LHCI 3? EIHVMGHVH S.A3HD'IIH 99L2'L 'Id 9666-8 HM QAEM 'ulxad pu? Supqqng .HBH up Supzpfepoadg PIQTPIEO 'EQJCEI 199-US UTEIAI '3S UWN TS SNOH-ISV5 HIVI-I LNVHDVILSCHH .EIO CHSIIOH 'IVINOFIOD 'TVLOH 'L 'N 'ECHCE1' IO66'L 'Id 9DT1pO.Id - l9ClU.1'l'1"I 'OD TIHNNIHS .V .V I , W ....,!.--f:.m:.1z-1:1-fv ,-f h I I Jksirnwmr-am My ulif'-1551944-14x 'vm A Y . . T.. H... . .I - Q, -.,.-vu . ' -' My N: AVJJMH . .. , , FMT HOMES C U M t'.L1Ilu,4IE N fl' S OF Biienfii If 'A f oi,l,iw.,u.'s 1.1.-f.u,.e Clas s Yi' Ili: 1, 55 ' 3, V'v-yffv - ,wif ,X 'X C , Da .ll , Compliments of .TORDAN'S MUSIC CENTER 56 Main Street FI 3-1455 Batavia, N. Y. .ri ,iw Kit, ,A W, in Lau. Y, ,P ii Ai CHML2 LOWLEC N Sc soNS Interior Decorators Painting Contractors 450 Ellicott Street FI 3 -2348 B atavia, N, Y. Compliments of JOHN D. GIOIA DRUGS 242 Eiucotr st. Batavia, N. Y. Compliments of MARCI-IESE 'S NATIONAL FOOD STORE, INC, Fruits - Vegetables Groceries - Meats Wholesale and Retail FI 3-1744 515 East Main Street Compliments of LOUIE'S BARBER SHOP 229 Ellicott Street Phone FI 3-3171 Compliments of ROXY 'S MUSIC STORE The Home of All Mus ical Things 14 Jackson St, Phone FI 3 -1427 LEO'S Friendly, Courteous S E lb N Y P L 7 - 2 7 4 1 M . fl G , Q0lQufuf1g A5 Hi M55WSSSEESDDWbD55v5W3W2??WWWWbW 1 B Z1 ' Qt th e A4:.f?'fifg :iii f 21 M graduating T T "'W""n"' class nsmwwwvwwmmwmvwwsmwwmwwwmmwww DD55WD57Y775'P5B31?'P51E55W25FP3155255WZWP59 ' Tom is trying. "Whatever it is Vince, it'll be better tomorrow. " "But Elaine, hemlines are shorter this year. " "Christmas Twinkle Toes" ' ' P411 45:12 215 .: f 555-21 .ff-1--f'ff,23.? f?'77'I "" Y ' .,1f2af.,f:..fg'-1, ' e' f' -V .wer W 9 y 1 w , , I 3 1 'V , :Q 4 , you N , 5 if 'lv tw? K W 1 1 9 fe ff ' 4 4 J , 'ff' ,,,,. v fu! , , , -2 ,f ' f --gy' 1' A .-,.,,.,. , A. .af .ve ,--41"-A .- al,"-' , M :V zfa1:,::'f 44,63 gr -t.- I 5 by-.Ji ,.,. 3114947 ' 54 9 A f fd , 1' 1 1 14,3 f X4 4 , f ' f,5" ' 1 'j Q K ff? , 1 , ' ' f f X "Terry's Scotty really reads. " Q - ""' f. ..Karen, Dixie, Sharon, Bonnie and Friend." Through the years 'nr Z "Pere and Dennis with feathered heads. " "Bella Marie" FACULTY EVENTS 57'-, - . 1... .. , .. ,, 243.185 Eff'-'Wg , g 7?r'If'f"' ' W? FW'11"1.TQ"-'k11'f2f?'f"Y9,fC!tQ11r"vq' wg "MJ,'-f?l:51:,,'3-rv! Qfifgiskigif-"ir5 ' 'R1.-xnmS'12f'12'N r ' 'f'w"- 3- - ,Mfg .'..lf.','.5x-xf.ww,-z 1 3. fm,-1 W - ,x ,X . -w! -kv I 'mi fwv. :Cav -,M-1qlw:'2i'w.:''Miil 2 'Fw '- ff: 'Gi' 'gti """fI' ' '-'fix' N' X Y ' H Y 'N " '4 , , .-uma is: l,ffgif551,3qG.l,:1,, if M H.. .k,- V. ,, 629' WE. AA ' S." 1 3:'j"3 1.2-31, MEMORIES I L ' ITHTLXX ff' TEACHE R S li ff,5337:'f -. 'I I . 1 51-nz," 'V' J' ' L- sfj. . V .I I gi 1 , , ,f My ,',"12,,, -436,414 nf fe? f bf -I . . tszzggjgslfi. Y . ,. i3igg:f,f - .. ' if - 4 ,X ' Z , " " g-5.0.71 fl, -- 1 A , J 'lin ' N, -- J ,z ,f 25:p.s., ,IL jug, V., .cf ' 1:-1541 my WI., . ... , 1 , , 1 ff. .Jn --ff.-Q72 .1 .1 1- - '.'Q?'E2i'L?'.fw'- 4 ..1- .Yx.,.,. W., iw., Z, ' A' .u- 'ESL' ' Wi V4, . wi E' GUESS WHO ? 4f4"Ln1z:-fa ?f-4h1S.5ff.'ff5 "9-fj:f:f'2, .ff ' - 1 " ,,f,.27'9f:5I zfafziffv ef -gig, ,.,,jgix1 -wif . 5-1' -, .il ."-.97' WV," f. -' k '71 - W1 K'-fI1f::'!7,' i , ' .5 ,, ,- W 53 ,5 -, -,Z ,S y ,- V V-JViiiizfzfifyfsiiyil!'ll-A-rfbQ1221' jf' f' H ' 'f 1.1 . ' " , 2 " ,.,. S .. 49 . '4 .. bw . 1 93 M171 an A , L, I if-,w - 3 1 , -, , ' 'gary ,. f " 4 W , MW ' "1 . ,' yF'f'f.L? ff! , 1' , . , M- N N- , ' V 'W Wizg. ' 'TMA '2 ' '-15. W :zz21v.1:?1'fEj:if.-"1'?'- .V -Qf1'-- K . "1:,:rfr:j13'g ,., ...,, , , ,,.., ,.A 4 . 1 .V , 97 , "fy ,f f -1-wi" j,g,1m"4 v'fP.?A zz .f'.,.g .JY f...f...:zf.-rv ' ' jg tg? 52 f'5Z'Q1.r'gF ' , 2,,,,Zff " I Jizz. ,IAA I .ici ga- +,,.,. l 7 , 'f f-1 '-mf. 1-ff Mem: fb . ff: ff v- 5 , v .14 f I 0 f 4 Q21 . fa' VA :Ax i I, Q. 5'M.,..L:., 5 cw-pLafCef G o -fgvnffif-4?f5'llf1f1-fc,41r.y Ji -z73,L,.ygf,f.7 Pwwfi ' f' YI, Qvzqf -V pi? 'L J ' I-:fa A ' v,mL5"s,fi ya 114 v 5 A Aw ,-wi W, P':f'Yx" '.'4'1I.: 2257+ if., 'L fx :, L 1 , aff- -:, ,r ,im W ,f,L. ,.:,, 3 .a -4, Q' az, 5115421 -nk 23,1 ' Wg, n'zT5:.,', 17135. , my-' H1 aawmg- , 'f '1- . Aiygjgfs., - 4 wt:- I .-

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