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 - Class of 1962

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..,A.l-M 764 . dw lgmgmrzn-nvwr!"1""'V!F " " V , -.M Q-Ai: 1 A Q ,1- ,,1. M , .sk . -1 , YJ-f :M r- f fin. In ,7 , 1 ,,,,.-.,..,W,... Y 1 Y..--L,'---- , ,,, , M..." ...- Q work make this possible. In return for her devoted years of teaching, the Class of 1962 dedicates W DEDICATION Miss England demonstrates each day that assignments are not learned to be forgotten, The purpose of every lesson involves teaching students to think. They enter her classes without knowing themselves, but upon graduation they have begun to understand not only themselves but the world around them. Her patient, enthusiastic teaching makes it possible for many to succeed, They meet their futures as straight-thinking individuals because of the background she gives, the philosophy she teaches, and the citizenship she brings to them, She gives, not only a view of fine literature, but ,. also an understanding of the message to mankind that each author has to offer, Good planning and hard I this Revue to Miss England, dedication 2 A'-'-----A-r--'--1-------M. V x "xl" Q 'www ' A 5' mi ini:-I l IA2..lQ'ZE r13.3-Miz 1-13. zzaiaforr I-1?..3PEF'.U 1-LR. 5emi::E:11T m.sALD'.A.1r1 BOARD OF EDUCATION Within these walls the rules are made. Thank you, gentlemen, for taking so great an interest in every student enrolled in Elba Central o-1.---1 --.. . ?5 board of education O., O I ,ll ,lll, 'il A . 4 ,zfarffwg ' 5,-. L. H. BENTON, DISTRICT PRINCIPAL Come in. The door is always open administration - un...- SAI-TUEL F. GIAIISAIFFE, HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Problem solving turns the key to clear thinlcing. May I help you? 5 1 Y, v,,. ,,,, Y- W I3 ' gT'.Tfgi1 ' ' I M ... mf "---41nf -wl- , , .f OFFICE STAFF MRS.B,BARGAY MRS .M JOHNSON MRS.A.SHERWOOD MRS.E.WIGTON f E ' E f ' 0 I C 6 S 'I' Cl I c a I e I e r I cl MR3.R.STAROWITZ N.RS.L.PARKER MRS,C.BOOHER lVIRS.IVI.LONNEN MRS.O,DUTTON IVLRS.J.NERPUiCK CAFETERIA STAFF 6 4, ""'i cusiodians W1 I 5.x W Jai? ,.:,,Q ffm w CUSTODIANS I'E'Z.D.BRIDGE NlR.G.CA.LKINS I-IR.A.HAYE.S ilu BUS DRIVERS ROW 1: G.ROWCLH'FE H.ROHAN L.STEENBURG bus cl rivers ROW 2: L.PRIDMORE G.KR.EGER A.PRIDMORE L.I-IORTON G.COUGHLIN . N -. ' , 7 1 if 1 , .9 x QHQLMONLU 3 he 1 V l T n 1 l 3 Q 'I I 0 Y 5 W fx FACULTY U W 'E a f ll N I' y Jjwftlq Ma.ALAN ABBAMS QQ!-ff lq4,,'7' MR.qosEPH DERMODY MRS.HEl.EN mason Miss mmm SHEPHARD Physical Education Agriculture librarian JESS MARCLA ATKINSOINM English 161419 MRS.MARTHA BAKER Fourth Grade MRS.BLANCHE BARGAY Secretary MR.L.H.BENToN - lf! District Principal MRS.VELMA BENTON School Nurse MRS.MARJORIE CHRISTOPHER Second Grade MRS.ANNA CLARK Fifth Grade M S.GLADYS COCKRAM Dental Hygienist MR.IAWRENCE COFFIN English Q Miss DOROTHY COUGHLINP-x A First Grade M S.NELLIE COUGHLIN Kindergarten wk? ' 9 W0 1 P if QJMJJEJJ. ggfwflay W2 X. IM J 1 A K , gg! SQWQKMA lgjjffw 9 -V W 3kffdgN xX bww!! 1. if .xwlfcf MJ' ju J -WL. , 4, O ,N , gf- ,Q X 0 A " iQg'1ff Shim! R3 N LW " "x 1 I Wmss GWENDOLYN DORF MR.HoGER LANGLEY Fl mb as-if XMZHQ First Grade MRS.ARLETTE SHERWOOD Office Typist MR.STAMFORD SHERWOOD Physical Education MRS.ELEANOR SHUKNECHT Kindergarten MR.ROBERT SMITH Science NBS.SOPHIA SMITH Commercial Subjects MISS MARILYN STRONG Second Grade MRS.MARY TORREY Science MRS.DELORIS WEBER Mathematics MR.IAWRENCE WEINER Psychologist MBS.MARION WEST Third Grade MISS NORMA REITZ Cadet Teacher-Keuka College I 1- Y --4 W'-Y------+-----'-'-' I V----U,W,1.fff,.,n..WI.: Atl -4 Nickname: Joanie Ambition: Nurse Class President Class Play Speaking Contest Chorus County Chorus Model Congress Delegate Future Nurses' Club G.A.A. Leaders' Club Intramurals Nickname: Marlene Class President Class Secretary Student Council Representative DAR-Good Citizen Class Play Band Secretary Pep Band County Band State Solo Festival , Majorette 0 Chorus Z Harmonettes M Revue Staff f fi, 0 Model Congress Stenographer G.A.A. leaders' Club Intramurals Nickname: Ambition: Class Vice- Adventures in Knowledge JOAN STEENBURG M 3,M 3,M 132331,-3' 3,M M 3,M 1:2a3,b 1:22395 3,M 1:22355 MARLENE BATEMAN Ambition: To always be happy 1,3 M 2 M M 3, 1:2:3:h M 2,3gu 3 1,2 2,3,M 1,2,3,M 1,2 3,M 3 la2a3:h 3,M l,2,3,M DAVID GREEN Dave Missionary Teacher M President Student Council Representative Class Play femmf Ujjibm in Knowledge Model Congress Science Congress Sectional Semi-Finalist Audio-Visual Club Science Club Play Committee Intramurals Track 10 2 39h M 3 2,3 2 3,M l:2:3ab 2 2 1,2,3 2,3,h 3 M 2 LINDA VEREECKEN Nickname: Linda Ambition: Teacher Class Treasurer Student Council Secretary Class Play Speaking Contest Band County Band Chorus F.H.A. F.T.A. President Revue Staff Adventures in Knowledge Model Congress Observer Delegate Cheerleader Varsity Captain G.A.A. Leaders' Club 1,11 2 3 M 1,2,3,M 1,213 1,2 1,2 l,2,3,M M 3,M 3 2 3,M 2,3,M M 112:3:h 3,M G - -...,.jf X 6 A X' RICHARD TURNER Nickname : Rich Ambition: To find Truth Class Play County Band State Solo Festival Revue Staff Science Club Intramurals Track Volleyball JANE ENGLE Niclcnarnes Janie Ambition: Secretary Class Secretary Class Play Speaking Contest Chorus F.H.A. Dance Committee Play Committee Cheerleader G.A.A. Leaders' Club Intramurals 3,11 2,3-,11 3 11 11 3,11 3,14 3,11 Z 39 3,11 1 1,2,3 3 3,14 11 19293914 3,11 19293911 BEVERLY SMITH Nickname : Bev Ambition: To be happy and CAROL DI CASOLO Niclcname: Carol Ambition: Practical Nursing Speaking Contest 3 Band 1,2,3,h Pep Band 3,11 F.H.A. 1 F.T.A. l,2,3 Dance Committee 3 Play Committee 3,11 G.A.A. 1,2,3,h Leaders' Club 3,11 Intrarmlrals 1,2,3,1l Track 2,3,1L . successful F.H.A. 19293314 Vice President 5 3 Future Nurses' Club l,2,3,1L Hi-Y Club h Dance comltf-,ee 3,11 Play Conmattee 3,h Intramurals 2 ll IJ1nnuuIllJE'I"--------3----hxTZIIIIIIllllliiiiiiiilllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIII5FF39E33WWEHHIIlllEFliSix3sxf2FEiIlllllliiiiiilllll mm -ip ... '- -I. l ,nil .i ' ' gg35ff,f":ywg,gg ,,,,z,:J'2frf5:::,::s1:77jz1,zf4 ff-241-'12 F'4,'f'3fQz'f,iP?L2fff7f1f 3- f ilkj f mfWf9,y.yM1- f- ww! 1 MW in-M14 ' ' A i . ' , Af ' A , wgn ,iff ffz1!2-fl 1 ., X ' , Zyzfz. w.n.,, I ' Q' f 1 ' .-- -: - af, "HV " 'Zn' , Vw I , . ' WW ' ,, ' , W , 2 4-In M -5,, .I ,WM ,,, ' f 5 I Z 1 f 6111075 MICHAEL SWARTZ Niclcnamez Mike Ambition: Banker Class Vice President 2 Student Council Vice President 3 Representative 1 Class PIW 3311- Band 1 Revue Staff 1, 2,3,h Model Congres s Observer 1, 2 Delegate 3,11 Dance Committee 3,11 Baseball 1,2,3,l-t Basketball 1, 2, 3,11 Football 1, 2, 3 Track 1 BARBARA KAHN Niclmame : Barb Ambition : Success speaking Contest 3,14 Band 1: 2: 3: ll ChOI'115 lg 2, 3, h F .H .A. 1.1 2 Science Congress 3,h Sectional 3 Semi-Finalist 3 Future Nurses' Club 2,3 Chess Club 2 , 3 Science Club 2 , 3 Dance Committee 3,7-L Play Coxmrittee 3,14 Cheerleader ll G.A.A. 132339,-l Leaders' ciub 3-,h II1'hI'aITIlJl'a1S 13 23 33 I4 CAROL CROSSETT Nickname : Carol Ambition: Nurse Band 1, 2, 3,h Pep Band 3,14 County Band 1, 2, 3,14 Sectional All-State 3,14 State Solo Festival 1, 2 , 3,14 Chorus 1, 2, 3, Ll Revue Staff L, Adventures in Knowledge L Future Nurses' Club 1, 2,3,h President 1, Magazine Drive Homeroom Captain 2 , 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3,J4 Leaders ' Club 3,14 Intrarmn-als 1, 2,3,lg Track 3 12 1- -A, 5, HUTH UNDERHILL Nickname : Rutbie Ambition: Teacher Class Play F . T .A . National Honor Society Revue Staff Adventures in Knowledge Science Congress Future Nurses' Club Chess Club Science Club President Dance Committee G.A.A. Treasurer Leaders' Club Intramurals 11 lx 2 ll 3 3,7-L 1: 2,3 2,3 19 2339,-1 ll 3,74 1,2,3J4 I-L 3,11 1,2,3,lL Seniors JOYCE NORTON N cknames E lly Ambition: Elementary Teacher F.H.A. l,2,3,h President F.T.A. 2,3,h Science Congress 1,2,3 Sectional Future Nurses' Club l,2,3,g Art Club Science Club l, Leaders' Club DO GIAS HARTMAN Nickname: Doug 2,3 Ambition: To live, love and be happy Class Play F.F.A. Sentinel Science Congress Audio-Visual Club Chess Club Play Committee Football Intramurals Track Volleyball MARIE PANEK N ckname: Marie Ambition: College Class Play Speaking Contest Band Pep Band F.T.A. Adventures in Knowledge Science Congress Sectional Semi-Finalist Science Club G.A.A. Intra urals Track Ieaders' Club 13 3, 1,29 1,2, h 3 3 3 1 2 3 b 2,3,h 2 h h 3,h 132239,-L 3,h 1,2,3,b 3 2,3,U 3 3 2,3311 1!2!33h l!2!3Ib 2 3,h MARCIA VANDERHOOF Nickname: Marsh Ambition: Elementary Teacher 3 Class Vice-President Student Council President Class Play Speaking Contest Band President Pep Band Majorette Chorus County Chorus Sectional All-State State Solo Festival Harmonettes F.T.A. President Revue Staff Model Congress Concert Club G.A.A. fI!1V h 3,h 3,3 l,2,3, h ls293nh 1:2s3sh 1:2s3:h 112:3sh 2,3,h 2,3,h 1,2,3,b 1s2s3ah 3 1s2:39h 2,3 3,h 1,2,3,h I A P X X h gh V-iw 5 . 5-:1ZPE3:,1:!I w:3fJ4?5 - .iff LARRY SCMIRE Nicknane: Larry Ambition: College Class President Student Council Treasurer Representative Class Play Color Gua d Chorus Revue Staff Model Congress Observer Delegate Science Congress Science Club Dance Committee Baseball Basketball Football Intramurals Track Volleyball C RABELLE JOHNSON Nickname: Cora Ambition: To be happy F.H.A. 1, Secretary Science Congress Future Nurses' Club Hi-I Club Dance Committee Pla Committee G.A.A. 1, leaders' Club 2 1 3,3 3 aiu 3,11 2,3 2 3,b Zi Q 3,h 1,2,3 1,2,3 1,2,3 h 2,3 3 2,3,h 1 2 1n3,t 3,h 3,5 2:3:h 3,h CLAIR ALBEE Nickname: Albee Ambition: Undecided ' Class Play femur! 33333-ff Basketball Intramurals lh 3,h 3,h 1a2a3sh 2 h GAIL SM TH Nickname: Gail Ambition: Teacher Class Treasurer Student Council Representative Campaign Manager Speaking Contest Chorus President F,T.A. Vice-President Revue Staff Advertising Editor Model Congress Observer Delegate Science Congress Cheerleader Co-Captain G.A.A. Leaders' Club Intramurals 2,3 1,1, h 3,b l,2,3,b h 112J3!h h 1!2,3lh h 1,2 3 1,2 3,h h 1s2:3sh 3,h 1J233Sh j'1f21' DONNA REISDORF Nickname: Donna Class Play Speaking Contest Band Pep Band County Band Sectional All-State State Solo Festival Chorus County Chorus Harmonettes F.T.A. National Honor Society Revue Staff Adventures in Kno ledge Model Congress Delegate Science Congress Concert Club Science Club G.A.A. ROBERT WALTON Nickname: Bob Ambition: Fa mer GARY PFIAUM R Nickname: Gary Ambition: Machinist ' Class Vice-President 6711075 cfm County Chorus Baseball Basketball Volleyball 15 Ambition: To do something useful 3,h 3 1n2s3:h 112s3sh 1,3 3,14 1a2s3nh l,2,3,h 2 2 1:2:3sh 2 11 2,3,h 2 as 1 3 s :Bah l:2s3sh 112:3:h F.F.A. 1,2,3,h Science Congress 2 Audio-Visual Club 2,3 Chess Club 2 Science Club 3 Intramurals H TI'aCk 1,2 l,2,3, 1: PATRICIA AHL Nickname: Pat Ambition: Mathematical Researchh 3, Class Play Speaking Contest 3,h Band l,2,3,h Pep Band 1,2,3,Ll County Band 2,3,h Sectional All-State 2,h state Solo Festival 1,2, 3,14 Chorus l,2,3,h F.T.A. 1,2,3,h Treasurer 3 National Honor Society 2,3,h Revue Staff 3,h Adventures in Knowledge 3,h Model Congress Delegate 3,b Science Congress l,2,3,h Sectional 1,2 Concert Club 3,h Science Club 2,3,h G.A,A. l,2,3,h i.. .. nc.- - , A- f i- 'W e .un ' A A w ,A A in X K 1' f"f'f,:-11.5-"ge-15151:-1 L ,, ,, ,V .,,,,vm, eff-ef My 1- ,,r:"Q,,- .4 19g:1y:4'51,w' Q of f , ,. ff new -mw- ,-,,., Avi . -f WNW- ,f 1 " '- 1 "f:'12:f2i S fn yf,,nf4i . ..k,. ,K , , ,wfzw-1: .mp -2"-u::,:.:mf.f M. n f-, -1 -- 4952235-Mvifc ,V 4 ,J 4522,,gg,.f4,,,,,,,- 1 ,ff , ,,, , ,fm :sw Wifwewwfvmiaseese'fwywpmewwmm g.fMyQa22wa.5L'ggjL'f,5,' f W ,-,':5L,,,,gQ'::v4fZi ' Kixyepfyeg ,aaefg ZQQQQQZ wws' gkiiiii Ywwexy ' -W' ' -1 ff.f5Z:9'f' if - : ' MQ 47' -. ,,-, ,M f gz,,+'5,r , 2-,:2?:,5::ag3, ,. ,, " ifjigz : Nfl "f'W" ig ,LP egg, , 2 nf' lJfH3,'Q 1 M92-f" :' ,- , , ' w Nl' ,M f x , ' vm JY,' 23 , , , ,,,, ,, g ' ag jfigggZ'Z,,,f' ' :V , V - -. '-L.: 'wg' H ' I 2- ,gfaqzgy ,wif -. 5, r are f 1 ,"M'? 4 ik? ' 'fy A- ' 'M 'fi'mZ9Z H ,HeH, , e. ,- may femur! g A 54:35:1- D UGLAS BEZON Nickname: Doug Ambition: Farmer and College Class Play 3 F.F.A. 1,2,3,L, President L1 Secreta y 2 Dance Conmxittee 3,14 Basketball l,2,3,h Football l,2,3,h Track 2,3,h Volleyball 2,3,h , LINDA KEISEY Nickname: lynn Ambition: To serve God Student Council Representative 3,11 Speaking Contest 3 Band 1,2,3,L, Chorus l,2,3,h F.H.A. l Revue Staff I4 Science Congress l,2,3 Future Nurses' Club l,2,3 Dance Committee 3,11 Play Committee 3,11 G,1.A. l,2,3,h Vice-President I1 leaders' Club l,2,3,h Intramurals l,2,3,h EARL ROTH Nickname: Earl Ambition: Business Student Council Representative Class Play Adventures in Knowledge Model Congress Observer Delegate Audio-Visual Club Chess Club Science Club Intramurals Track Volleyball 16 Ln 3,15 2 3 2 2 h 3,11 11 3, 3,h AL., -. l.-... . 1 ,W 2, , -,., , Y. I -,ww u .., rj, NANCY SHEPARD Nickna e: Nance Ambition: Secreta y Class Play Band Pep Band State Solo Festival Chorus County Chorus Harmonettes F.H.A. F.T.A. Future Nu ses' Club G.A.A. leaders' Club Intramurals 1 2 3 Z J 331k 2 1: 2,3111 3,lL 2 1,2 1,2 1,2 1:23317-1 3,14 19 233314 xxk KAY SCHULER Nickname: Kw Ambition: Secretarial Science Class Secretary 2,3 Student Council Representative 3 Class Play 3,14 Band 1,2,3,h Treasurer 34 PSP Bald 13293914- state solo Festival l,2,3,h Major-ette 1,2,3,h Ch01'L1S 1329391-I F.H.A. 1 F.T.A. 3 Revue Staff 3,74 News Correspondent lt Dance Committee 3,11 Play committee 3,h G.A,A, 132339,-I readers' Club 3,11 1,2g3g,-1 JUDITH WHITCOHB JO ANN DI NATALE 95-C1'ZI1-HUB: 'IWW Nickname: Joanie Ambition: R. N. Ambition: Success Class Play ln speaking Contest 3 chorus 1,2,3,h Band 2,3,LL F.T.A. 1,2 chorus 1,2 Adventures in Knowledge lL Science Congress 2 Model Congress Play Committee 3 Observer 1 In-br-amul-aJ,3 I4 'E' Science Congress 2,3 Future Nurses' Club 1,2,3,l1 Vice President ls Science Club 2,3 Dance Committee 3,11 Play committee 3,14 G.A.A. 1,2,3,h readers' Club 3,14 Intramurals l,2,3 Track 2,3 ALLAN TOTTEN Nickname: Toot A-mbi13i0D2 Undecided ' . Class Play 3,h X ,n-,,, F.F.A. J-3233gll ' E 6 Vice President I4 Sentinel 2 Dance Committee lg Play committee M Football 3 Intramurals l,2,3,lL Track 2 ,T V VW ,,Y,, ,,,,W,,,,,,,,,, 17 MARILYN J ACKETT Nickzname : Marilyn Ambition: Teacher F.H.A. l,2,3,l4 F.T.A. 2,3,h Science Congress 2,3,h Future Nurses' Club l,2,3,h science Club 1,2,3,h Dance Committee 3,14 Play Committee 3,7-L G.A.A. l,2,3,J-I. Leaders' Club 3,11 Intralrmlrals 1,2,3,11 ANTHONY BARNIAK Nickname: Andy Ambition: To be happy Class Play 3,11 Revue Staff I4 Audio-Visual Club l,2,3 Chess Club 2 Science Club l,2,3,h Intramurals l,2,3,l4 Tr-ack 2,3,Lp Volleyball 2,3,h RONALD TOAL Nickname: Ron 5 ' Ambition: Keep healthy Dance Committee 3 l j Play Committee 3 Football 18 Senzbrs LESLIE AM S Nickname: L55 Ambition: College Glass Play F.F.A. Treasurer Reporter Chess Club Dance Committee Track Volleyball 1:21 MARY TOWNSEND Nickname: Mary Ambition: Science Teacher Class Play Band Pep Band F.H.A. F.T.A. Model Congress Observer Science Congress Science Club G.A.A. Ieaders' Club Intramurals 19 no . '44 KAREN CHAPELL Nickname: Karen Ambition: Medical Secretary Band 1,2, 3,11 Chorus l,2,3,h County Chorus 3,11 F.H.A. 1,2,3,Ll President 3 Secretary l Treasurer 2 County Recreation Leader 11 Future Tmrses' Club l,2,3,h Secretary U Dance Committee 3,11 Play Committee 3,74 Leaders' Club 3,h Intramurals l,2,3,h 3,11 1,2,3J4 2, 3,11 l 1:2:3xh 2 12,313 l,2,3,h 3,14 la2:3ah if N.. ai - . 1 .A----:ff-we ,Q -- 'f , w 'N fr -,ef-wr M-5 gi- ,, 'ff mz v: " f-.aut , , , f1' Vff"f' 'f',W: ' 1 .1 ,H 'ii,1 f"i 11. Q " 1 X SHARON BIRD Nickna e: Birdie Ambition: To be a success Class Secretary 1,2 F.H.A. 1,2,3,lL President I-L Treasurer 3 F.T,A. 2 Adventures in Knowledge 3 Science Congress 1,2 Future Nurses' Club 1,2,3,h Dance Committee 3 Play Committee 3,74 Intramurals I4 'x RAYMOND PURVEE Nickname: Kip Ambition: College or Armed Forces Hilton Central School Class Play Dance Committee Play Committee Intramurals 20 1,2,3 ls 1,2,3 11 1s2:3:h DOUGLAS DIIl5 Nickname: Doug Ambition: Farmer Wyoming Central School 2 Class Treasurer F,F.A. Sentinel Model Congress Observer Science Congress Intramurals Track rl W T 1' 'i 1 XX x RCW 1: D.STOKi5 B.TOrINSEND W.WILLIAMS C.COUGHLIN J.SI-IERWOOD K.WA.LLACE S.TOTTEN J.N'ETH K.K.AR.AS A.SCHULER- B.DOB.MA.N C .PANGHAZIO ROW 2: 1-ISS NASH D.BRAGG S.MASON G,SLA.DE J.FITE G.MUNERS P.SA.UnIAY R.WAR.BOYS LJASINSKI P.BAI.ON'EK S.DE1A.N T.DICKES NR5.TORPiEY RCN 3: DJIATSON YLBURHOWS R.CHA.PELL ILWGHLFEIL T.RIGG5 V.GEORGE F.ZAMBITO D.COUGHLIN D.KUEHL C.RUDOLPH HJIALTON FJ-TICKEY L.I-HJNGEIH W.WILLIAl"B T.GAVEL H.B.EA.K ABSENT S.WALDRON B.BA?.IIE.'Y R.GlDVER P.BEZON JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President Vincent George QM Q Ififc Vice-President Peter Balonek V7 I u n I 0 r Secretary Brenda Dorman Treasurer James Fite Student Council Representatives Frank Zambito Kathleen Karas David Watson Student Council Alternate J oAnn Neth Q13 : To learn more than any other junior class ever has. Activities: The Junior Play The Junior Speaking Contest Purchasing class rings Sponsoring dances, Accoilglishments : "Harvest Moon Dance." 1 ra. , ,V W, if f 7 1' mu... ' 'STSTTSYSTI 5 'tiene t--,,,b 1, m,,,,n,,mE-N,,,n,,,,,. , Row 1: J.BIRD A.BAmm.K E.BRowN M.DENT1No B.wATsoN s.ToAL J.PR1NTUP A.MOSHER E.sm-:PARD D.SNELL c.DP.wEr SJCELLEH 'ttf ROW 2: MR.LANGLEY M.REISDOHF J.DORF I.WEATHERS E.WILLIS S.HOOVER S.AlBEE S,RUDOLPH B.SHUIEZ A,ARM REWSTER MR.GLOWACKI ROW 3: C.HALL J.SMITH V,DOHMAN K.POHTER A.AMES J.DORMAN R.DO ARD K.SHEHWOOD A.PARK K.JACKETT S.HUBBARD M.NIEDZIALEK M.CAMPBELL R.JASINSKI J.LACEY J.PFIAUM R B.HAYES ROW M: L.M LWARD J.BRIDGE J.CARVER T.HALL L.BATEMAN J.RICHENBERG D.PHINTUP CQNORSTRAND P.AUGELLO G.ALLEN C.KELLER G.CLARK F.HARTLEY D.ALLEN D.STOKES S.SWARTZ' ABSENT B.RIOS SOPHOMORE CIASS OFFICERS: President Steven Swartz My Dorman wk q p In o m o r e swim Secretary Susan Hoover Treasurer I-a1'I'.Y Bateman Student Council Representatives David Allen Mary Ann Niedzialek Reoy Doward Student Council Alternate Bonnie Watson Aims: To become jaunty juniors by learning how to study. Activities: Sponsoring the Sophomore-Senior Banquet in the spring Enjoying a trip to Roseland Park Selling school ties. Accomplishments: Sold refreshments at home basketball games Presentation of movies. 22 HCM 1: P.SCHAD T.BUFLTON JJLRGENTO ILVEREECKEN G.STHOBELE D.I-IOMEIR R.DUNLAP H.CALKINS E.HOUGH J.STRABEL B.GEISSLE'.R RCM 2: LJEOSHER 5.1-TUNGER N.ANDRB'IS CJIILLER B.lf1ARKWICA D.CACCAMISE S.BURR G.MORRISON R.WHITCOMIB K,SULIMOrIICZ A.PAGE L.DORF ROW 3: L.BAlD1'EK I-1R.DERl-IODY D.SNELL C.BUTLER G.WAH.BOYS M.CHAI'IBERLAIN R.ZAMBITO B.IfIOWEHS J .SLADE B.GAVEL I-ELCOFFIN IfE5.PAl.I-EER L.NORTON ROW lu D.GARTLEY B.TOTTEN l'T.I'11LLE.R D.KREGER P.LACEY J.COUGl-ILIN G.HA.RT C.STEEI'JBUHG E.ARIfIBR.EWSTEH. J.BENTON C.STORY P.STP.ROWITZ G.DZl'UBA DJIOUGH G.CA5SIDY HJICGILL R.ZAI-IBITO ROW S: FJELLY P.ZAI-IBITO A.GREEN L.VOLK S.SI-IITH D.SMITI-I D.PAN'EK C.ZAI'IBITO IXLCOUGHLIN B.HOHTON W.COLE DJLASON S.SI-ZITI-I D.STROLLO C.PANGR.AZlO P.BUR.ROWS S.BERG ABSEHT S.Al.BEE A.AE-IES SJ-LAHTLEY I-I.ROi'ICLIE'FE FRESH-LAI-I CLASS OTHER : President Charles Zambito Vice-President SHSGII Smith Seal-etary Joan Str-abel Treasurer Linda Balonek QQ X460 Student Council Representatives Clifford Miller Paula Zambito Sybil Smith Student Council Alternate Charles Butler Aims: To begin a successful high school program through hard work and study. Activities: Selling stationery Checking coats at home basketball games. 1 ,,,, ,,,., is l....T- ,.V-,,.,,., , 23 I :LM W' ' ' V + w 3ztv'rg:PrAfm3ia+ 2.31 f MLSMITH arm 1: JLJASXNSKI S.BHAGe G.mxMsEY E.0sTHowsK1 G.MoRR1soN J.AUSTIN PLSTANTON R.HAzNEs How 2: m2.sMma K.JOHNSON RJDFLAUMER M.McLA11EN w.cHAM3EP.LA1N LMUNGER R301-JARL RJIPFEL . RCW 3: A.DOTJ-JA-RD GDZEBA AJIALBEE :LSHARP Kmlcmy 0.120111 KJRINTUP S.wHITCoMB RAAMSEY JJUNLAP ZLHAYES MISS ATKINSON B I h h e I g I 9 r cl cl ROW 1: N.TAMBE IVLSAUNDERS L.BUI'IP V.IVIIUfJARD C.COUGHLIN ILBRAGG PZWOHLFEIL U51 ROW 2: MISS ATKINSON D.ALLEN L.MICKE'Y L.NAYLOR A.HAYNES A.I-IOOVER P.REAK C.MONACHINO RUN 3: L.STUA.RT C.DUTTON R.PORTER D.I-IERTZOG T.BEZON 'LKONIECZKA R.OSTROWSK.I D.LEE L.PA.RKER S,R.EISDORF ABSENT J .BARNEY 21: f - L:t,f53::Q.g53,,54,3 Y I , X .113 M inn' 11 f x X f RCW 1: S.SEEPAR.D D.FITE S.Cl-EESENAN J.CA.RRUBBA L.DAVIS FRKELLY S.OI.SEN L.HORTON RJIIILLER ROE 2: 1-LJISJIEBER S.BERG A.PALERJ-iO E.AUSTIN 0.0SBOR.NE L.BURTON T.DICKBS W.JOI-INSOI-I TINALCZAK L.BALONEK ROW 3: S.HUI-LBLE P.ZA11f.BITO W.I-IARTMAN A.PA.NGRAZIO C.BBHGLIN W.WILLL'1MS S.SHERNOOD J.WHITE J.BRlDGE DJTILLER T.COUG':-ILIN K.CO1'1BO A.PRESCOTT ' RUN' 1: M.K'NIGHT G.HAR'I' 5.KAB.AS G.YUNKER C.COUGHLIl-I S.HIGGINS S.MICKEY JJJARBOYS B.VANDOHN RON 2: MRJOHNSON J.JASINSKI D.STANTON M.BOYCE 'IHALLEN RJGREEER B.GEISSLER D.PUTNEY S.UNDER.HILL PJLAMBITO 3" ROI! 3: S.NORTON G.HARTLEY C.BRINKMAN FLGABHIEL M.HALL H.CLARK W.GRAY BJIETHEHLY R.NORSTRA.N'D L.RICHENIBERG We, w.1-1cG1LL D.F1oRENTINo M X W 5 maswr w.BArum n.HoUGH S e y Q Ei Q 7 25 -aff: f"iig:gi1iifT' 'A ' .I W' .1 -. .- H . - V- T - M. - MW, .. -2 1-zvmejg-2122:-fzf .-. ,.. .:-mf,-...-.,-. , 1- 2-,p-.M-.9 L-ergff' its-:-1--.,.1::L:ggg7gg - " ,nf sixth graclegv Row 1: L.:'AwuaE J BIRD N BURR s PANEK D ROWCLIFFE D DUNLAP R HAYES K PO ' ' ' - - . RTER gg: 2: D.mrrGHT H.GRAY R.sm1'H SJASINSKI J.voLK L.PHILLIPS.C.COUGHLIN C.MICKfE2Y C,COLE 3' MPSJAMES A-JOHNSON G-PANGHAZI0 P-NIEDZIAI-EK D.BERGLIN J.NOB.5TB.AND D VANWAGNEN C DERMODY c.wILL1AMs P.HART1D1r P.PoRTER J.GARTLEY G.sHA11P T.DAMBE.A ' ' MRS. JAMES GRADE 6 W I ROW 1: CNGEISSLER J.CH'URCHILL TJXNDREWS H.CHAl'IBERl-AIN SHFOWNSEND AJJENTINO ROW 2: TLPOOLE D.COUGHLIN J.COUGHLIN S.NAYLOR CUPAHUTA J.POOLE S.VANDORN N.SCHULER RJ-IARTMAN B.STA.NIEY ROW 3: MISS HOFMANN P.DICASOLO CHYUNKER R.DORMAN FQAUGELLO C.ARMBREWSTER D.GRAY R.TOTTEN P.CARVEH 211' JJIACCAIHSE CQPANGRAZIO E.WAI.CZAK D.MUDRY'NSKI X 9 ABSENT R.BAR.'BEH N.WALDHON R.SCOTT P.TURN'ER A 26 X -'Wk-iiv?2a1i-a',nw,':5.v i':1::3r:Qr2D ::.u1.Lu:s:gD,-: . , . lr, ' w GRADE S MRS, CLARK RO.-I 1: J.Sl,VIRE ILHIGGINS WJASINSKI G.STANTON IHLACUSKY B.DUTTON BJBURROWS M.PRICOLA J.CARHUBBA RON 2: VIJIORFISON SJWIHITE S.TA.T-LBE B.KOZAK S.BISIG BJIARKWICA IVLBOYCE D.SMITH D.ROrJCL1l7'FE T.ALLEN C.ZAMBITO RG-I 3: I'L1S.CLAR.K F.DR.'ElNNEN G.SK'ELTON I-LPHILLIPS J.COUGHLIN J.JOI-INSON L.I.OUGHEED JJNERTH R.HARDING D.BRIDGE,3? ELDORMAN D.DHrJ'EY J.DICASOID J.5CHEIBER J.POST Q! ABSERT L.BUHTS KJDILLER fifih grade ,, GRADE 5 MRS. GAVEL 32' 2, . 1 X Row 1: J.wEB1-:H B.sPEED PJENDER J.DoNAHU1-3 J.K.1mAs D.BfmGG s.w1LLLAMs J.sHU1cm-QGHT N.coUGHL1N OZf7'!,QD Row 2: K.wER1'H R.HAyEs F.JOHNSON P.ZAMBITO N.JosL1N L.D1cKEs B.BuRToN N.mLLm C.DAV'IS G.BELL f ' f ' 0 R.cHEEsf:MAN RUN 3: MR5.GAVEL D.TOTTEN J.COMBO T.MURPI-TY P.BOSHART J.ROBB P.DAMBH.A C.SALWAY VJIAYNES G.DILACI-EER L.M.ASON D.BANDALL N.WILLIAMS R.RU1"IBLE K.SKIELTON ILDRENNEN MISS BAGLIO J ABSENT N.AUSTIN K.HAaTLm f 4 . ,, . 27 ,f,V, H A W f ' V, AA W,,,wWwNn .,.., .A- ,, A Olollrlh gradual! ROW 1: P.HOUGH V.BIRD S.GOUlD C.MICKEY L.HAREZGA C.COUGHLIN H.DIIDHER ROW 2: g.WIGTON D.ALBEE A.MONAGAN K.BOSHART J.BURROWS W.ZIPFEL S.SAlWAY D.DONAHUE D.MARTYN M.HAYES .MOWER ROW 3: MRS.BAKER S.CHIARIELLO L.ALLEN N.VANWAGNEN R.STROBELE M.BUTLER'V.BERG S.COLE B.MORROW D.KARAS M.MCGILL L.SMITH L,SULIM M.NORSTRAND ABSENT P.BARBER F.DEWEY L.DOWARD B.GREEN GRADE h MRS, BAKER MRS. NORTON GRADE M 3 I- How 1: S.STOICEZS D.YEN'DELL C.'I'I-IORNTON M.HA.RTLEY M.BURToN D.BEEcHLE:R T.JAs1Ns1f.1 C.A.MES 3 Row 2: s.BoYc B.GARRUBBA s.BR1DGE JJPARTAGLIA D.BENDER M.HA11PEH M.HERTZOG c.zA.rffB1To P.PAHUTA C.HOOV'ER G.wH1TE f"T' How 3: MRs.NoRToN P.TERRILL D.PosT V,HARRISON A.w1LLIAMs D.BENTLEY H.G11EEN M.ToRmsy M.MoscA S,RICHENBERG 70 67 AJERRELL D.vAmJERPoEsT L.LEEZ fa ABSENT ILBAHNEI R.GR.A.HAM L.ZAIfIBITO 28 X N Ili' 1:1 wx GRADE 3 I-EIS. 5-VEST RG-I 1: L.BE.NDE'.R JJLARTUI P.POELTER P.-.TOSLIN 'LBALONEK D.W'ILFOH.D JJ-IAYELS J.BUMF RG-I 2: CJLABON R.STRE.E'I'EH PJOUGHHN B.BHIN'KNAN D.BOSI-IART T.TA.lVLBE D.MCCOH.MICK N.OSBORNE T.HA.RPER SJIOLK P.GU3B JJEARGRAVE H ARD A W'ILLI.AMS PLCONPAD CLFIORBNTINO .5 RCM 3: BE.S.WEST EHHOTTOIS GJ-IOIIAGAN C.DORl'MJ K.ROBB D.COUGHLIN C.SI-IEP .N Q f D.KI'IIGHT H.DUN'LA? R.CHAIfIBERI.AIII 1-1.1-1INGION'JE ABSE1-Tl' 11.313313 IMBURTS J.HEIPSiINGTON NJ-IIGGIIXE third grade MISS DOHF GRADE 3 JZ- ,ff- ROW 1: M.COMBO 'IHHORTON P.VAI-IWAGNEN C.SI-IUKNECHT ELPHILLIPS D.BOLDT T.HOWCLIFFE R.POOLE Jjjff f ROW 2: DJHEBER D.CROSS R.TOTTEN S.GI.UCK R.COTTON D.GOUGHLIN S.RINER S.MOREL P.DILCI-IEH DJ-TCGILL D.YENDELL f C.KING 5 RCW 3: MISS DORF D.MORROW ILSHULTZ 'LPANGRAZIO JJOUGHEED MJ-LARRISON FLBAKER LSKELTON ILBARROII EJLEAK S.MOSCA G.ABR.AMS C.AUGELLO C.GRIFFEN D.GEISSLEIR f D BARBER J.BISIG 29 1 , aiifiiz fvjf- fy -fi-35 A fq .I 1 I ' ' B ' uf' 'A' A'-"""""'Lk":' ' I --W --- ---- ---- 1 . . r':'rr"vT"'v"v'y -:M 1 T' -45? 1fQ71':45-2-53-?'P SK x F3532 4-11-1 -F J l MRS. CHRISTOPHER GRADE 2 ROW 1: LTGWNSEND L.SHULTZ P.HAPiTLEY IYLRIAN N.ADAMS F.DONAHUE D.COUGHLIN G.TOTTEN ROW 2: M.MABON A.STAN'LEY D.DREN'NEN J.BOYCE K.M.1-XSICELL D.SQUIR.ES R.ROSS R.COUGHLIN J.ZAMBITO 5' ROW 3: MRELCHRISTOPHER T.GRIFFEN E.HARGR.AVE LPANGRAZIO PHWALCZAK W.KAR.AS J.TOHREY J.MICKEY 2 J MONACHINO R OSBORNE E CHURCHILL E LOUGI-DEIED ABSENT NZEARNEY Y.GR.iIEN S.STEEIt.E P.AUsT1N 15.RIcHENBEaG S e Q Q ll d 9 f a d e ,,Y I 9 MHS. MANWARING'S GROUP Q, ROW 1: ROW 2: RCW 3: ABSENT P.MCCOFMICK SJENNY DJATILLIAMS W.JOI-INSON FHSHAMROCK G.MCVAY G.SCROGER P.KELLER C.SUMERISKI BJBOATFIELD MRSJVIANWARING BIERHINGEH D,CLARK 30 :,v.s.wf.f -. 2:4-,avg gggnxseg-Lung, , . ' ' ' ' AIA? GRADE 2 T-5.5. SCHWAB HCM 1: JEOUGHLIDT J.PP.1IGR.AZIO E.DElITl'NO C.YUNKElR D.BEECi-ILEH ILSTEENBURG EJAIALCZAK RON 2: PLCARRUBBA T.GA'I'E.IiDA I-LSHEPARD T.RAll'DALL XLHERTZOG LSMITH V.KARAS R.BELL CLZIPFEL LAIIDREMS ECL? 3: i,'3.S.SCf-f.'IA.E .LSHULTZ PLBAFER C.ILASKELL C.CACCAI-IISE D.TRO1-ZBLEY SHCAHVER V.TOWNSEND BMILLIAMS J.cm3912L I.c1L1.A.21n 3.5mm E.'.-JIMSPEAR --,, I .A - mam., D.BAR3Efe L.BD'RTa S e C a n d 9 I, a d e 1 GRADE 1 MISS SHEPHARD RUN 1: K.OSBORNE M.ZAMBITO J.KING P,BOSI-IART R.BIR.D D.OBER.ER RCW 2: ILHARTLEY J.CROSSETT L.FR.ANCIS D.WHITE L.POOLE S.BALONEK P.HOHTON J.DUNLA.P D.MUDRZYNSKI ROW 3: MISS SHEPHARD P.VOLK T.HAR.EZGA F.BURTON A.HAR.E ILRYAN FHBEZON ILPCIONEK W.SKELTON INMILLER J .KNIGHT J .TOWNSEND ABSENT C.ABR.AMS S.ALLEN P.COUGHLIN G.YUTZY 31 1-H rr-rrfitj-":ff'f"1"'f'-' V- ' N " ' 4-fm ,LM , m, , , 1 , W ll, X. 1 f I f:.:fs.:2f-vm-"'i:f2-inn ,::'5:.1,1- , ww -Hwy: gf--1 - ""e::22fZiS2f5'r-Y- iw:-im:-,. fe..ww-feb,-vle:':,:':1 GRADE 1 MISS STRONG How 1: G.GUBB s.sToKEs R.F1TE BJJONAHUE J.PR1coLA J.scoTT MJJRIDMORE Lf? How 2: P.R1N1aH .LYASKULSKI M.sTANLEY w.Pn.HUTA G.DoRF D.BoLDT D.I-IUBBARD G.HARGRAv1: J.MAsKELL V Q Rm: 3: MISS STRONG B.SMITH s.JosL1N R.JOHNSON D.DoRMAN R.HALE R.sKELToN E.THORNTON D.RYAN B.BUczAK V LBERGLIN K.GR.ANDALL o ABSENT E.BLooM G.R.HODES L.BURTS E I f S 'I' 9 f a d e MISS COUGHLIN GRADE l I ROW 1: FJCELLY R.ORR T.LOVE B.BOYCE DJFHORNTON IVLOSBORNE B.PRICOLA D.DUTTON FL? ROW 2: MISS COUGHLIN R.STANTON ELGEISSLER S.MOREL J.ROWCL1'FFE T.PLATTEN P.PORTER P.ZAMBITO EJWIIFORD 5' ROW 3: D.SULIM P.GRIFFEN M.FRY 'LGILLARD C.GURTZ SJIOUSENECHT C.TOTTEN D.NORSTR.A.ND BJRMBREMSTER LSGHEIBER ABSENT JJVIOSCICKI J.WALDRON "-'JJ' H fig! 32 ,w.':.1:..q -'V 1:,,,:,-,m.u:L:...,. all P! D221 X ECDXDERGARTEN I-ELS. COUGHLIN HCM 1: KJ-iASKELL I.3Al,3HEK T.ORR D.BENTLEY C.RICH D.SHULTZ L.ROW.-JCLIFFE S.HOX-JCLITFE D.BUTLER RU-'I 2: DJZAPJ-ION LCOUGHLIN I-LFITE B.KA.RAS P.GAVENDA B.Tl-IOMPSON EJSHUKNECI-IT M.DOR.A.N S.BENZ D F'OE'TLE'R JEIDYD D.YEI'1'DELL 3g 3 RCM 3: I-f.COUGI-ELIN FLGIAHSAHTE ZLTETTEH A.SI-IITH M.TORR.EY N.COUGHLIN C.GLUCK N.ROHAN R.VANDERPOEST G.GURTZ 5.GOFF J.BURR G.5I'1ITH G.BA.R.NIA.K R.RADA K.SCI-IULER I-IRSJIORTON ABSENT S.STEE.LE S.HxRDING I-LHAYNE kindergarien KI NDEHGARTEN MRS . SHU KI-IECHT RCM 1: S.THO!-TPSON K.GUBB S.SCHULTZ H.ADAMS J.BEZON S.POOLE D.HAHMON L.BURTON K.P1-LNGRAZIO RUN 2: MRS.SI-TUKNECHT PJ-IART K.MASKELL ILELLINGHAM C.COMITO CJVLABON C.BERRIOS S.BURGESS L.AMATO L.EUB.NS I'I.POB.TER MRS.B.ANDALL RCM 3: R.BAKER T.GR.A1-IAM I.WILLIAMS C.COUGHLIN G.DUFFIELD J.MARINO N.MlCKEY 1.1-'ICCOY E.STO1CES M,CRANDALL IUHARDING PSVANWAGNEN L ABSENT L.GREEN ILALLEN ILCOUGHLIN C.lDVE N.YUTZY 37' 33 1 mil. V .. ,J wifi? Y ' ' 5.37 1 P 6 5 4 Z 5 f f ff, 751ff5 ',Z5fi1' ,Eff .'-:' iq, ,. ' , fzfwfa, ,.3-' ,aw -,rf-1 5 ,,,,1v,-QZHVE 5 , . , 1, , 5, Q ' ?"if'3jZ'2?-Qffkl' f f , f , 1 , . f V f f , . . 4 , ,f 14, ,,.,,gfa ,. af ,3 149, Wm ' Zfi'1lfE?' fo' 'WH znzzff fry, J: of ,:'f2ff Q I . ff,,, ,r f , W, 1 f, nfk,!fQf'4,', A x24.gg,,1 f1ff.- ,ffm f. A -f'fC?4SI5?4f?'i77!ffUA7Yff -- 777"'7V7Z ' 1 f ,: , , , . g wr ez il za K12?f"' K 3 if 5 1 2' f Z x -mi it 1 X' , 1 3924 f , 4 5.5 , , 4147 Q I ,Q 11 , , .g is mm 1 gym A W f Ii 1 W gg Q ,S X If A Zia "" 1' ., -,1 ,, - afsgigagy . 34552- , , 71,1 ,. 'K f, v C? , 1 f f Z , ' iff? f ,, f H 31, ,,,. A ' ' flf21???f4 ' figs . ., 7: .ujjfff . ir ,l'n2li'Q EZ? 14? f .., , 1 f ,, H , Nw.:-7, , .. fd-I3'iif2.-4i21Q4.kQ'3is1 ' ' slglgwjf' V f 13 1 ' 1 A . . f 3 9 ,. I, Wi? :lx REVUE STAFF RG! 1: M.BATETMN D.REISDORF P.AHL C.PANGHAZlO MISS NACARI L.KELSEY MISS COUGHLIN RCM 2: L.VEREECKEN K.SCHULER B.DORMAN M.VANDERHOOF G.SNlTH M.SWARTZ D.WATSON S.MASON J.FITE F.ZAM ITO A.BARHIAK D.KUEHL YEARBOOK STAFF Editor-In Chief Assistant Editor Literary Editor Literary Staff Art Editor Art Staff Advertising Editor Assistant Advertis PhotographW'Editor Photography Staff Business Editor Business Staff ing Editor Donna Reisdorf David Watson Linda Vereecken James Fite Linda Kelsey Ruth Underhill Carol Crossett Patricia Ahl Kay Schuler Marcia Vanderhoof JoAnn DiNatale Brenda Dorman Clair Albee Richard Turner Lillian Mosher Charlene Pangrazio Gail Smith Frank Zambito Anthon Barniak David Kuehl Marlene Bateman Sue Ann Mason Y yearbook SQQEE ,inf wwffrcigiifiiliigliii-Fil I ' i sssssrs. ,M 2?f:1vJ::'1.Z1Z:Z??l ' -45'f15?5"?Z5kT'11F4 3277 ., -91 ..... ..,,..,. - --J-A N -:uaz2r.':1:21fe'i' ' ' W""' 'rr'-A-r -..... .. ,, ' ' STUDENT CGUNCIL iI l lllIll'liFlll l 'IIIIVIII lIl'lll I OFFICERS. President Marcia Vanderhoof Vice President Randal Burrows Secretary Anastasia Mosher Treasurer Shirley Berg Aims To give students a chance to practice democ- racy in action To try to serve the students' needs and wishes To provide leadership and to promote school spirit Activities Conducting the annual magazine drive Scheduling record hops Keeping a pictorial record of every event in school Sponsoring the nHelp Keep Your School Cleann campaign ccomplishments The purchase of a new camera Provision for a Student Council Scholarship Fund REPRESENTATIVES: Seventh Grade Alternate Eighth Grade Alternate Freshmen Alternate Sophomores Alternate Juniors Alternate Seniors Alternate Sally Shepard Wayne Hartman Robert Clark Ihrilyn Hall Linda Parker Ronald Ramsey Alice Hoover Wade Chamberlain Paula Zambito Sybil Smith Clifford Miller Charles Butler Recy'Doward David Allen Mary Ann Niedzialek Bonnie Watson David Watson Kathleen Karas Frank Zambito JoAnn Neth Larry Squire Gail Smith Earl Roth Linda Kelsey , O A : Contributions to CARE and the March of Dimes 36 i o o d .lr -P1 if ini C 'uv FFA ROW 1: D.HObER A.TOTTEN D.BEZON J.BRIDGE M .DERMODY D.COUGHLIN L.BATEMAN J.ARGENTO RGJ 2: G.CASSIDY C.PANGRAZIO R.B RROWS F.MICKEY R.WALTON G.ALLEN C.KELLER L.MIIWARD L.JASINSKI R.WARBOYS OFFICERS: President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Reporter Sentinel Douglas Bezon Allan Totten Dennis Coughlin Larry Bateman Leslie Ames Joseph Bridge Aims: To be successful farmers by learning the latest scientific methods and practicing them, Actiyities: Selling advertisements for the F.F.A. Calen- dar Raising a pure bred Holstein calf in cooper- ation with a local feed company, Accomglishmentsz Randal Burrows and Larry Bateman won first place in the F.F.A. demonstration contest at the New York State Fair with their demonstra- tion entitled UBe Safe With Power MowersW Dennis Coughlin, Allan Totten, lee Milward, and Gary Allen all received awards at the Genesee County Demonstration Night. Randal Burrows and Robert Warboys attended F.F.A. camp for one week during the sum en Attendance at the Junior Vegetable Growers Convention in Detroit. i' r'c'Wi' C Vi -. 05.4-:nf . .-f-.,-my. f 1 Q 5me.:f32z-e122-AQ:f+1f-1- P FHA 9.0 HGH 1: B.HAYES C.DEWEY K.STROBELE S.KELLER ROW 2: M S.GORDON J.NORTON S.BlHD J.PFLAUM R M.CAM BELL S.TOAL J.BIRD RUN 3: C.PANGRAZIO S.WAlDRON C.JOHNSON W.WILLIAMS M.JACKETT A.ARMBREWSTER B.SHUIEZ S.TOTTEN S.HUDOLPH S.DEAN J.SMITH I.WEATHERS B.SMITH K.CHAPELL V.DORMAN P.SAlWAY FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA OFFICERS: President Joyce Norton Vice-President Sharon Bird Secretary Mary Kay Campbell Treasurer Joan Pflaumer Qing: To learn to appreciate the duties and prec- tices of a good homemaker. Activities: Having a bake sale and a record hop Selling pens inscribed with the school name and colors Attending the fall rally at Elma. une. - :l,.L:.-um-. , ...-,.,.,,..f.x home makers G . w N SIIIHICE CLUB CM 1: G 3. 20472: 5 ,754 .STROBELE J.EIRD D.R.EI5DOF.F E.BHUrJ'N D.SI'IELL PLJACICEITT IVLDENTINO P.AHL EJIAE C.HALL R.DUNLAP .EFQP3 D.BRAGG 3.1-LLEE SJIOOVER ELKARAS ILREISDORF V.DORMA.N P.BUP.ROWS J.DORF AMOSHER S.HUDOLPH B.31-'T'L'V'Z S.TOAL J.LACEY BJIATSON MRSUFORREY C AUGELLO D.ALLEN BJ-IOHTON ROW 3: S ROW M3 J CARVER D.GP,E..'E.'1I S.S'.'IARTZ F.HAHTLr.Y PJBALOITEK MEAICPBELL J.FITE ILTKIHTNSEND S.SMITH D.PA.NEK . K.JACKE'I'T AJJARK P.5AE-JAY J.DORM.AN G.SLADE M.PANfEIK p " X - V CJGSLLER D.PRINTUP P.AUGELLO C.NOHSTRAND G.Al.LEN RMJALTON N' J.PlCHE3IBE.'F.G G.CLARK A.B!LRI'IlA.K V.GEORGE D.STOKEB SCIENCE CIUB OFFICERS: President Ruth Underhill Vice-President Randal Burrows Secretary Anastasia Mosher I s c l e n c e 1: I u In XX Aims: To stimulate interest in science and to enccrurage research, Activities: Students learn scientific information not or- dinarily obtained in regular science classes. Students prepare science projects for the annual Science Fair held in March, Accogplishments : A lecture demonstration on electro-magnetic radiation by Ronald Dunlap and Gary Strobele The maldng of radiation detectors for the YIOITLB , Qifffaf 1 E1q.aLZfQQfI ffl U 24.54 va W f- ' 'r-vw-1--nf--'v f' W - vast ...-.n,..A . .., Q 12:5 - f LIBRARY CLUB f RUN 1: D ALLEN R PFLAUM R M MCLAREN K JOHNSON V MILWARD E OSTROWSKI M TAMBE ROW 2: C MONACFINO L STUART K MICKEY S WHITCOM A ALBEE J DUNLAP S BRAGG RO 3. A HAYNES C DUTTON C COUGHLIN MRS KIRSCH A HOOVER L MICKEY C MUUGER L NAYLOR R HAYNES LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS President Alice Hoover Vice-President Constance Coughlin Secretary Christine Dutton Treasurer Linda Mickey library club LIBRARY CIUB OFFICERS. President Alice Hoover Vice President Constance Coughlin Secretary Christine Dutton Treasurer Linda Mickey Aims. To instill a desire to make the school library a ncooperativeu department Activities. Conveying materials from the library to the clas room Preparing classroom bulletin boards Assisting Mrs Kirsch in library details complishments. A visit to a large public library financed by a sweets' sale Ac ' fl no 1- PANGRAZIO J JHlTCOHB P SAIPAY H NIEDZIALEK M CAMPBELL J.STEENBURG C.CROSSETT AHMBREWSTER B HAIES o JALDRON K QTROBELE L KELSEY E.BRUWN A.BARNIAK S.BIRD M.DENTINO W.WILLIAMS ALBEE A MOSHER C IEDHTY J SLADE J NETH J NORTON R WHITCOMB G.MORRISON S.RUDOLPH D.CACCAMISE HOOVER M MILLER B SIITH K CHAPELL S DEAN V DORMAN S.BERG M.REISDORF MRS.BENTON C.STORY N.ANDREWS E' . . To interest students in nursing and to investigate its possibilities as a career. Activities: ---""' ' k rs Learning more about nursing through SPSS G 1 field trips, and film-strips. Accomplishments: Field trips to visit the Rochester General Hospital and the Wyoming COHHtY Community Hospital. Y 7ER'17V7"""'T'f'IY'7Tf7"lY"Y"" r '-V""'1x 'M ' "YAY aiElE L villlgai . ez: .-11i1i'1e1f:-1522, -:wr-fa--'-' 5551122-W.-.-9':f'E1: If-L "fi:-if31?-'Z'u""'?7 "H A ' -:':::ni-ur-'-'--:ze .-1-f....f..,i15L1'f-1i'ap.E-1:4.g1:k.fcf1y-'Luz-3.,,1l 251: gl .'f:"l , .1 1 ,' . I - I ' ' ' FUTURE TEACHERS' CIUB ROW l L NORTON B GEISSLER L MOSHER P SCHAD J STRABEL L BALONEK J BIRD ROW 2 R W 3 MOSHER B GAVEL D CACCAMISE B MARKWICA L DORF ROW LL AHL M VANDERHOOF G SMITH MRS PALMER L VEREECKEN J NETH D REISDORF GARTLEY M JACKETT B WATSON S BURR J NORTON M CHAM ERLAIN J SLADE J DORF R ZAM ITO B MOWERS BROWN G WARBOYS P STAROWITZ P BURROWS M PANEK G SLADE M TO NSEND S SMITH B HORTON D PANEK PARK L VOLK S MASON S HUBBARD P STROLLO J BENTON P ZAMBITO E SHEPARD FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB OFFICERS President linda Vereecken Vice President Gail Smith Secretary Marcia Vanderhoof Treasurer JoAnn Neth future teachers L1 FUTURE TEACHERS' CIUB Aims To acquaint its members with the opportuni ties and experiences of a teaching career Activities learning to recognize the variety of teaching programs offered by different colleges Entertaining and exchanging ideas with Future Teachers of other schools. Accom lishments Twenty one girls observed and aided the in- structor in sixteen classrooms Visit to the College of Education at Geneseo A social hour for secondary and college instructors, college students, and Future Teachers from various schools, : P. . . . . . . : D. . . . . A I . . . . .' A. . . . . : E. . . . . . . . . . A. . . . . . . . 2 xx CONCERT CIUB RG-I 1: P.SCI-AD VJ-iID-JARD J.5TRA.BEL B.GEISSLER KJOHIXBON S.NAYI,OR L.DORF S.BURR B.GAVEL RCM 2: P AHL K KAEIAS D.REISDORF MILRUSSELL P.AUGELLO B.DORMAN G.SLA.DE S SWARTZ D LASON R REAK J PRINTUP L STUART P ZAMBITO P BURROWS S SMITH S SMITH CONCERT CLUB OFFICERS : President Donna Reisdorf Vice-President Kathleen Karas Secretary Brenda Dorman Treasurer Patrick Augello Aims: To acquaint students with different types of music. Activities: Attending musical concerts, operas and plays. Accomglishzmentsz Attended the play, Flower Drum S0255 the opera, La Boheme 3 the movie, Cinerama and the Genesee Symphony concerts. RCM 3: CZSTEIEETCURG ILMISDORF B.TOTTEN J.SLADE A.PAR.K SJTUBBARD B.HORTON L.MII.WARD FJ-IARTLEY G.CLARK I U ll C B I' f C I ll ' A il ' - ..... -wi -A -3+ ll-nt AA CM UN UN la J STRABEL L VEREECKEN C HALL L MOSHER B HAYES S BALONEK P AHL K SULIMOWICZ L NORTON D GARTLEY B GEISSLER L KELSEY C PANGRAZIO SCHAD E BROWN C DEWEY C JOHNSON M JACKETT M BATEMAN K SCHULER K KARAS G MORRISON D CAC AMISE SCHULER C COUGHLIN E SHEPARD D SNELL B WATSON W WILLIAMS L DORF B TOWNSEND MIR SHERWOOD HOUGH B DORMAN S HOOVER B KAHN S RUDOLPH S TOAL R ZAMBITO H MCGILL M CHAIIBERLAIN J PRINTUP MCMERS N ANDREWS P LACEY B SHULTZ A ARMBREWSTER J ENGLE J SLADE B GAVEL D REISDORF DENTINO B MARKIAULCA J DORF J PFLAUMEZR G WARBOYS P STAROWITZ M REISDORF J SHERWOOD S DEAN CROSSETT P ZAMBITO J STEENBURG V DORMAN K WALLACE S BERG C STORY M VANDERHOOF C STEEHNIBURG SMITH H CALKINS TOTTEN C DICASOLO E ARMBRLWSTER P BURROWS M NTEDZLALEK S HUBBARD J DORMAN S MASON M.TUvJNSEND SMITH J WHITCOMB S SMITH A PARK L VOLK K SI-IERWOOD G,SLADE P SALNAY M PANEK D STROLLO M CAMPBELL MOSHER R WHITCOMB irns Marlene Bateman Activitles Preslderd- Partlclpatlng in playda Worklng for awards basegson the polnt system, VJ ce Pre lCl.9I1t f etary nr-Q1 Linda Kelsey Accomglishments Playdays Swlrmnlng at Oa1d'1eld Basketball at Batavia Volleyball at Batav:1.a Track at Elba 9 u a Georgia Slade Ruth Underhlll hh G R. 12 Q u 0 naau a g , 0 0 O RW 2: Po o 0 0 c o o 0 0 5 C A .... . . ' . . . RW 3: Es 0 I o o a 0 0 o 'V Q B. . . . . . . . . R 2 M. g 0 Q A 0 0 4 , C. . . . . . . . ' . J. . R 52 B. n o c o o a . Son 4 1 0 o a u Y Q , , A. . G. A. A, A : OFFICERS: To improve sportsmanship and physical slclll, THMQSCLL 'H - ' ' ' i wi ,X X f, ,, f 1 LEADERS' CLUB I Hoa 1: L.V'EZREECKEDI C.PANGR.A.ZIO L.KE15Ei c.coUGHL1N BJCMNSEND C.JOHNSON 9 if . Hoa 2: M.vAm3ERHooF J.1a:NGLE K.CH.APELL LSGHULER B.KAHN J.NOHTON M.BAT1-:MAN MR.sHEHwooD ' RON 3: J.WHITCO B M.TOWNSEND P.SAlWAY G.SLADE H.PANEK C.DICASOLO J.STEENBURG C.CROSSETT S.DEAN K.KARAS A.SCHULER M.JACKETT LEADERS' CLUB Aims: To Serve others by helping in the elementary physical education program. Activities: Assisting the physical education directors with grades one through seven Acting as referees for the intramural games. leaders club X as 411117 1. ' "'l,,-fl.- I V - .,,, ,,,.,M,-,, i we P ,f cr, ART CLUB ow 1: P.scHAD P.BURROWS Miss MACARI R.wH1Tcoms s.UNDERHILL c.BR1NKM.AN D.CACCAMISE gow 2: D.STROLLO E.Amf1BREwsTER R.ToT'rEN L.PAR1c3n J.GEISSLER B.HETmf:BLY G.YUmcE:R J.wARBoYs Rcm 3: B.GE1ssLEH R.BRAGG K.JAc1czTT P.LACEY K.SULIMOWICZ J.LACEY B.MOWERS S.K1+3LLER A.H.mn2s L.voLK L.MosHER ART CLUB OFFICERS : President Linda Parker Vice-President Bonnie Mowers Secretary Karen Sulilnowicz Treasurer Patricia Lacey Aims To understand and appreciate the flne and applied arts Ac t1v1t1e s Plannlng projects and act1v1t1es :Ln oreatlve crafts Accoylishments The completlon of mosaics, metal enameling, u U ' C I u b wood C-ElI'V'l1'1g and sculpturing L16 I X lm 1, AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB RCN 1: S.HOOV'ER DJ-IERTZOG D.HOI'IER ILSAUNDERS ' W ELL R.ZIPFEL RCM 2: PJIOHLFEIL D.KREI3'iH MFLEIUSSELL MJJAICPB AUDIO-VISUAL CILTB Aims: To teach the members to run all of the audio- visual equipment. Activities: The members operate movie projectors, tape- reoorders or other equipment for different classes mrpon request. Acc lishments: mbers taped a recording of the Christmas and Spring Concerts. audio visual club M 'A,e,1,'Q A wii, ,.X, ,, ,,,, , GIRL SCOUTS RUN 1: J.GEISSLER F.KELLY S.BERG S.HIGGINS . I ROW 2: J.WAR.BOYS S.CHEESEMA.N LRICHENBERG C.COUGHLIN 9 I r S C Q u i s ROW 31 S.MICKEY P.ZAM ITO M.HALL J.BRIDGE B.HETHERLY K.COMBO GIRL SCOUT TROOP 59 Patrol leaders Paulette Zambito Jean Bridge Assistant Patrol Leaders Kathryn Combo Bonnie Hetherly Scribe linda Richenberg Treasurer Suzanne Cheeseman E2 To be prepared To do a good turn daily. Activities: Selling Girl Scout cookies and calendars Earning badges Helping to support the Juliette Low World Fellowship Fund. 148 T l" S-. BOY SCOUTS be scouts ai RCM 1: C.BUTLE.'R J.BE.'NTON D.HO1-EEIR RJ-IILLER M.SAUNDERS y RCM 2: P REAK T COUGHLIN P.ZAMBITO D.PUTN'EY ROW 3: R C.I-HLIER .KREGER L.HlD-YARD D.MASON B.HOHTOI-I G.CLA.R.K GJ-.LLEN T.ANDREWS D.1-IERTZOG K.JACKETT K.PORTER H.CLARK BOY SCOUTS-TROOP 17--ELBA, NEW YORK Scoutmaster Mr. Thomas Platten Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. John Saunders Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Gary Ajlen Senior Patrol leader Gary Clark Assistant Senior Patrol leader John Benton Scfibe lee Milward Patrol Leaders Joseph Bridge Robert Clark Bradford Horton Michael Saunders Aims: To always be prepared. Activities: - Collecting waste paper Seljing Spray Aid. Accoixpllishrnentsz Twelve boys completed their cycling merit badges by pedaling two-hundred miles or more. Fifteen boys attended Camp Sam Wood to earn a total of thirty merit badges- Gary Clark and Gazziy Allen became Order of the Arrow Members ' , f Gary Allen became the troo'p's first Eagle scout. 'C L19 'lfi C I "f r 'cc , I """""' 'M' " 'vvvfvnovvtvnvvvn-2--,ff n'-fAf wffaff- F, Mx. Fw I 1 , Sw ' "3 ' 7- ZS 'W 5 , K s if . hor-us fe JR. CHORUS l u n I o r C ROW CHEESEMAN J.JASINSKI J.CAH.RUBBA S.OLSEN S.NORTON S.SI-IEPARD T.A.LLEN ILSAUNDERS D.HOME1R L.HORTON ROW RUN ROW YUNKER D MARKWICA HETHERLY LIPARKEIR P D.PUTNEY G .SI-TERWOOD .UHDERHILL M.BOYCE S.BERG L.DAVIS C.COUGHLIN J.STFLA.BEL J.GEISSLER M.TAI'IBE MFLRUSSELL .FIORENTINO V.MIIWARD B.GEISSLER L.DOHF LNAYIDR A.HOOVER D.CACCAMISE S.BURR M.HALL P.ZAMBITO K.COMBO LRICHENBERG LJVIICKEY D.ALLEN PLPFLAUMER R.I-IAYNFS LMOSHER RMHITCOMB R.ZAMBITO GJNARBOYS L.STUA.RT C.DUTTON H.MCGILL S.BERG P.BUR.RUNS SJAIHITCOIVIB .ZAMBITO C.STEENBURG J.BRIDGE P.LACEY CLMONACHINO J.DUNLAP J.SLA.DE B.GAV'EL .RAMSEY C.BRIN'KMAN T.COUGHL1N C.BERGLIN D.KREGER A.GR.EEN D.HERTZU3 B.HORTON K.PRINTUP D.MASON R.CLARK WJJILLIAMS D.MILLEH P.REAK R.ZIPFEL W.MCGILL P.WOHLFEl'L PHZAMBITO ' 2 JUNIOR CHORUS OFFICERS z President Bradford Horton Vice-President Shirley Berg Secretary Susan Hartley Treasurer Paula Zambito Aims To develop mu lc appreclation and slclll Urade seven, Glght and nlne, Actlvltles Particlpatlon 11'1 the COIJ1 +ma.3 and oprlng concert SO ' ' ' - - . o Q -J ln 13 D -7. U i 1 , H F' - 1 Q ,. .S 0 L-:mem-,:,.'m-1.1 . . - .. ., X . Y AIX . ,U Q 'Wx 1 ' - f Q ,,,, ' - K. ..., j, 5 ,m..1- ,.: ily' f f"' - -as I MAJORETTES J.STRABEL A.SGHUIER K.SCHUIER M.VANDERHOOF M.BATEMAN MAJORETTES Aims: To smile To make everyone want to listen to the Elba Central school band. Activities: Performing majorette routines during parades or when the band is marching Winning prizes to support the band, Accomplishments: Earned new majorette hats. I 52 H l I E .EE,,, , X13 ,.,... I 91-1 , , , .1 duh. if 'TT' SENIOR BAND CLARINETS: M.BATEMAN G.SLADE C.DICASOLO S.MASON M.PANEK J.SHERWOOD A.SCHULER C.COUGHLIN B TUVNSEN M.NIEDZIALEK B.WATSON K.CHAPELL J.DORF C.HALL B.GAVEL B.GEISSLER L.NORTON J.SLADE S SMITH G.WARBOYS D.PANEK N.ANDREWS FIUTES: L.KELSEY A.PARK P.STAROWITZ A.MOSHER OBOE: L.VEREECKEN J.STRABEL SAXURHONES: M.TOWNSEND M.REISDORF P.ZAMBITO R.ZAMEIT5 R.WHITCOMB A.GREEN BASSOON: S.BURR BASE CLARINET: C.CROSSETT BARITONE SAXOPHONE: J.NETH ALTO CLARINET: E.SHEPARD TROM ONES: K.SCHULER KQKARAS L.BATEMAN R.REAK D.WATSON TRUMTETS: K.REISDORF M.VANDERHOOF N.SHEPARD G.CLARK V.DORMAN E.BROWN J.PRINTUP J.DORMAN S SMITH B,VEREECKEN M.CHAM ERLAIN BARITONES: P.AHL S.BERG FRENCH HORNS: K.SHERWOOD L.DROF B.DORMAN L.BAIDNEK TUBAS: R.TURNER L.MIlWARD GLOCKENSPIEL: B GONDUCTOR: M .MARK Aims: To teach the fundamentals of instrumental music ACt1V1t16S MHTChlDg at parades durlng the summer months Presentlng concerts for the public Plannlng band aotivlties wlth the help of a band COUHC1l Presentlng lawn concerts, COmRl1ShmSHtS The annual Chrlstmas and Sprlng Concerts F1TSt prlze at the Caledonla Fair for the best appearlng band PFSS6Ht3t1OH of a Pop Concert to ralse money for new band uHlfOTFB .KAHN DRUMS: C.RUDOLPH D.COUGHLIN M.CAMPBELL D.MASON J.DINATALE senior band Ac ' : Sh , A ,.... . ,A , N. N ,L JU IIIOR BAND CLARIIETS: FIUTES: TRUIPETS: FRI-SIICH HORI-5: SHOHTOEES : TRO!-BOXES : BARITOIIE : DRUMS: CONDUCTOR: OFFICERS: President Vice-Preside nt Secretary Librarians 1 'wif CJIITTON C.MONACI-IINO KJOHNSON C.COUGI-ILIN J.DUNLAP RJJILLEH S OISEN K COMBO B HETHERLY P.ZAM'BITO S.HIGGINS S.PAHEK H.I-IAYES S.NAYLOR .YUNKER M.H.ALL N.BUR.R NSCHUER P.CARVEZR P.N'EIDZfLALEK L QICHENBERG J WARBOYS LSTUART L.NATI.DH D.ALLEN R.CLARK G.DZIUBA S.UNDERHILL T COUGHLIN S NORTON V MIIWARD D.BE'.RGLIN G.PAHUTA J.CHURCHILL T.A.N'DR.EWS PJLEAK 5.51-EEPAHD C.BERGLIN C.DEH.MODY L.PA.RKER T.ALLEN PNDORMAN D.ROWCLIFFE SJUZISDORE' S.BERG P.ZAI'EBITO J.BRIDGE D.MILLER G YUIKER C. R.RMLSEY T.DICKES W.CHAMBEHLAIN G.HART R.ZIPFEL IQQ,MARK Robert Clark Linda Richenberg Nancy Schuler Linda Parker Stephan Reisdorf Paul Reak Paula Zambito Aims: To gain appreclatlon, experlence and Sklll 1n music. Activities: Marching ln parades Playing 1D the ChF1Stm3 and Sprlng Concerts as well as the summer publlc concerts band 55 -'W rrw-"'vw' J '17 N747 J Lv -IV' J 49 SENIOR CHORUS Z, , W ROW 1: E.SHEPA.RD K.SCHULER M.BATEMA.N D.SNELL B.WATSON B.TOWNSEN'D M.DENTINO P.AHL A.BAR.NIAK ELBROWN D,REISDOR.F LJGEISEY D.STOKES B.HAYES C.PANGRAZIO C.HALL MILRUSSELL RON 2: J.SI-IEHWOOD S.DEAN IVLVANDERHOOF M.REISDORF B.KAl-IN S.I-IOOVER S.ALBEE S.RUDOLPH A.MOSHER J.PRINTUP B.DORMAN A.SCH'ULER K.KARAS S.TOA.L BISHULTZ S.TOTTEN ROW 3: J.WI-IITCOMB A.PAR.K K.SHERWOOD S.M.ASON G.SLADE J.DORMAN P.SADNAY SJ-TUBBARD M.NIEDZIALEK G.SMI'l'H J.STEEN'BURG K.CHAPELL V.DORI-IAN J.PFLAUMER C.CROSSETT K.WALLACE RUN LL: C.RUDOLPH J.NORSTR.AND P.AUGELLO D.PRINTUP G.CLARK S.SWARTZ G.PFLAUMER ILREAK RJAIOHIFEIL T.GAVEL D.GHEEN L.MIINAR.D R.BURROWS L.SQUIE.E D.WATSON SENIOR CHORUS , Aims: OFFICERS' To gain in music appreciation President Gail Smith To develop versatility in singing. Activities Vice Presldent Marlene Bateman Preparing new music for the annual concerts Secretaxjy Kay Schuler as well as "Just for fun," cogglisluuentsx Treasurer Patrick Augello The presentation of the Christmas and Spring Concerts The addition of a tenor section to the Chorus. senner eherus - Ac u ' ' . . 56 X A i 4 W w W ,AL GRADE CHORUS 7 Q' SSLER P BUNDEIR KG YUNKEIRD B DUTTON B BURRUNS L LACUSKY L.TAMBE KJ-JERTH ROW 1: .LSQEIRE C.Z.AMBITO G.GEI - . . A . . . . 5.3-EIl.IAlfiS A.DEITIHO K.PORTER D.ROWCLD5'FE K.HIGGIN5 B.SPEED ELCHEESEMAN M.PRICOLA J.CARRUBBA PLLRUSSELL ROW 2: SJ.-THITB C.DAVIS N.MILLE.R R.1-IAYELS P.ZAMIBITO D.SMITH M.Pl-IILLIPS J.CHURCHILL S.PANEK N.BUH.R N.SCI-HJLER S.BISIG .FLHAYEQ S.TO'fRxISEND J.SCHE1BEZR LDIGKES N.JOSLIN B.MARKWIGA T.ALLEN N.AUSTIN B.KOZAK ROW 3: P.EOSHAIiT KDE-TNEII J.?OOLE NJJILLIAMS L.MASON D.BRIDGE G.S1-IARP P.DICASOLO G.PANGR.AZIO H.GRAY C COLE LGARTLEY T.DAl-TBRA FLSMITH D.RO1-ICLIFFE G.DII.CHER C.SAlWAY J.JOHNSON D.MUDR1'NSKI W.CHAMBER.LAIN J COMBO RCM LL: D UJITLAP J.CGUGHLIN ILDORMAII J.COUGHLIN J.VOLK P.NIEDZIALEK R.DORMAN F.AUGELI.O D.VANWAGNEN P.CARVER C DEEECODY C.ARIfBREZ-ISTER PJ-IARTLEY J.CACCAMISE D.BERGLIN EJJALEZAK P.PORTER G.PAHUTA S.NAYLOR LJPHILLIP5 J.ROBB ,m, A , sv ,f . k 5 I ' ' 'W' """" "W" J 'ivvfvfvvrfvrwfvvvn--wfv---P-vffw, V v 5 1 , . , . , Q I ' 11 1,-V . ,.......l-. 1. ,a-YJ' Q, VN Wim .0-4""" -fib Sv ...ZS X H W ff I as xx V111-. VARSITY CH ERS K.KARAS G.SLADE G.SMITH B.DOHI'1AN LVEREECKEN B.KA1-IN VARS ITY C ERS Captain Linda Vereecken Co-Captain Gail Smith Secretary Kathleen Karas Ajlrii-: To stimulate team spirit and lead spectator participation at games. Activities: Sponsoring bake sales Attending cheering clinics Entering a float in the Elba field day parade. Ifffpwwmv ""'J""'4J"4i""""'k' if A ' 1 ,,, eta, ' 1 , lm:-nf.-1...-., .Aff --:A-'q-:a,1:---..,- Y RUN' 1: G.WARBOYS J.SLA.DE ROW 2: P.ZAMBITO K.SHERWOOD IVLNIEDZIALEK S.BERG A-F we-Asexw--1 nur, JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Captain Susan Hartley Co-Captain Kathleen Sherwood Secretary Mary Ann Niedzialek Aims: To encourage good sportsmanship and audience participation. Activities : Attending rallies Selling school pins, 60 .1 -wu:Q,.w.s.w.m..,.ufs,.v.' .,,,,,,-,,-,N is , ,, ' ' I L . X . 'X ,aw x K' X xxx I i ' I ' lc A GIRLS' TRACK i196o-617 I r S 1 r a C 5 RCM 1: L.KEISEY SJDEAN A RUN' 2: CJICASCLO .LHORZEMPA 3.1-IUBBARD LGILLETTE JJIHITCOMB C.NORTON M9.0HERWOOD Row 3: c.CcUG1-ILIN B.wATsoN E.ERG'fm D.SNELL K.SHERwooD Girls' Track Tri-Count1f Track Meet 75 yd. dash L, Kelsey 2nd Softball throw A, Horzeximpa lst 'FQI yn Tug-of-War First A, Horzempa C, Norton M. A, Niedzialek M. K, Campbell M0 yd. medley Elba hth Total Points: Elba 22 Pavilion 192 Attica 19 Batavia Ill .W , ' ' 61 1 A M , .. , ., .,l.. .M V gr 1if f:-il:-,2'i?ff' 55 , 5 f f qF A'f59154f?"'i ll - -5 7 , FOOTBALL ROW 1 BEZON W WILLIAMS R GIDVER R WOHLFEIL R BURROWS T RIGGS T GAVEL D BEZON ROW 2 HOMER T KONIECZKA R CLARK R REAK D WATSON R DOWARD MR SHERWOOD MR ABRAMS RCM 3 BRAGG G MUNGER D BRAGG C BUTLER J BENTON R ZAMBITO W HART G MOWERS W WILLIAINE C PANGRAZIO JASINSKI L JASINSKI D PANEK C ZAMBITO J CARVER D ALLEN V GEORGE P AUGELLO F ZAMBITO D COUGHLIN C NORSTRANJJ Football Scores 1961! Opponents Geneseo Corfu Lyndonvljlle Pavlhon Alexander Oakfleld Alabama They : P. . . : D. . . : R. . . R. . ROW lp: A.TOTTEN BJ-IORTON C.AUGELLO D HAHTMAN R TOWNSEND L MUNGER C KELLER G CLARK F HARTLEY M COUGHLIN 26 28 ' 26 . . nl 13 . - L6 S. H e 4 i ' ,,1,,f,, f f fi, 2 ,. .W -M H ww. gm ,fl ,, Q 1' 1, Q ,V 1 5 . , Q -lg. .-,QS was ,: 1 -I TRACK MY. 1 , , .-up .4-. Nurse- lv. RCM 1: DJIATSON R.ZAI'1'BITO ILBRAGG R.CONNAY RJASINSICI J.CARVER RCM 2: D.ALLEIN LJ-EUNGEH C.KE'.LLEH D.BEZON A.BARNILA.K E.ROTH T.GAVE1L R.DGWAR.D C.ZAI'EBITO HCM 3: IAfR,CA.LI Track Cl96lj 180 yd. low hurdle T , Gavel Luth New school record 37' 11 3fh" 220 yd, dash J. Carver 3rd Mile medley relay Elba 3rd 330 yd. relay Elba 3rd ,- --f--..:-...W A , 63 . BASKETBALL VARSITY ORTER Row 1 M SWARTZ M .SH RWOOD L.JASINSKI T.KoNIEczKA S.SHERWO0D T.BEzoN H.P Row 2 P BEzoN D BEZON F.HARTLEY F.zAM 1To R.DowARD R.JAsINsK1 C.AUGELLo G.CLARK J.cARvEa K.PORTER Basketball C1961-62, Corfu Alexander Pavilion Byron Bergen Holley Oakfield Alabama Alexander Corfu Holley Kendall Indloates League Schedule Incomplete Opponents Var-s itz They 28 L15 113 113 62 69 L15 bla 100 7h Contests b We 35 M2 3145 h6-If bo 3346 LLB-x SB-as 142-11- L51-xf uskelball , i' Wi JV BASIETBALL C.I'fILLE.'R G.PA.HGRAZIO 'C.ZAI'fBITO L.BATE2'iAII R.MILLER CJIORSTRAND P.AUGELLO MR.SMITH ILHAYES M.COUGHLIN S.SWARTZ J.BENTON FLZAMBITO D.SNELL Basketball C1961-625 Junior Varsity Oppone nts They We Corfu 28 23 Alexander 2h 32 Pavilion 39 2 7 Byron-Bergen 25 32 Holley LL? 17 Oakfield-Alabama 51 23 Alexander 36 no Corfu h2 3 8 Holley 69 S1 Kendall M9 ho Schedule Incomplete iunior varsity , I I - ' .,,-, ,,, - me v ,lx N- llW"1fH 1, L 54 ,u hm 5 kim ' , ' 'f ,: TENNIS ROW 1. MR LANGLEY D BRAGG P BALONEK L JASINSKI R REAK R CHAPELL P BEZON S PALEVICH Tennis Opp onents They We Oakfield-Alabama 5 O Alexander Albion Perry Alexander C1960-615 3 2 o 5 A 1 L1 1 66 F -ff BASEBALL RUN 1: MELABRAMS FHHARTLEY R.GIDVER HUB-I 2: D.SNELL B.VEREECKEN C.BUTLER K.PORTER RCM 3: M.SY'TARTZ WMILLIAMS HJHOHLFEIL C.A.LBEE LKARAS C.STARGVITZ K.JACKETT BJIEREECKEN baseball , ,,,,a "1'm"frvwv-f"fw'vn'A f""W" ' F' Wf- ' . X 1 P J -ff , . A QMA l 5 2 Gw-owevs and Skxppew-'s Og Fancy Fruljc cmcXVeQe3cc1bles Ma in GS 52 ice . ELBA NI Liberty Bank 60 Trust Go. c.oNvEmeNT- Fmenour - Sus M mber FDIC Phone WH 8'Z'10I CONGRATULATIONS 'IB Gmounss OF 1962 To Know I5 To BE ABLE To Do - To Be ABLE 12 Do Isvfo BE ABLETo SERVE- YOURSELF, Yowz COMMUNITY, Youa COUNTRY MULLEN BROS- YZZGMAJQ, 5+Q?6 C.. QMS I' mgfbow m glam 311 631150458671 ll Jacksgn St. Batavia N.Y Bm win ' !,..,..-..-wwf .. . .1 ,,c,,,,, , Q Ee CLOTHIER5 "ffl: V and Pays 57.2011 pf!b077-2 F! 3-4756 78Ma1n Sf Bafavlq Y Df-pf-lVDABl E Jflifl fRS l09 Main Sf Bczfavla SUPERIOR C E NING SERVICE mf am 9, M qsgd O I-1 D 'vc-in Dry Cleaner In This Area- 2l7 EASTMAINST BHTHVIH NEWYORI-' B AVA N Mmm, Bom mumm: 'K WK, W m LJ Proa!LC-,CS Pl-.7,5Y5O GENERAL 4 EPAIRQNG Elan NX 1QL1L4 IICHFEHZ GMD FMD BEVEWAGES O N Y A N D L IC E PL7999W Vmd mba? - i D W Il'PH'l1'l.4.1 E , A W A ,395 YQ sr 1 me A Q . F-gf U z5f!"5-:Iii Q ' , I ' q n A , B ak-' g I A I H A A K AND TAILORS af ' ' YI YI ' ' ' Moff if-'Q AT I E U I OBER1' . IRSCH PRUP 0 1 I 5 n 70 La' L x m 'M .fdfifiwfgwfzaissiwff:fw'!ll!:1fwzE"3 1 i.,1 ,5,f 7E1v,. NM-T: ,wx,:3, A .,-. . , , , . ,Q 1 A -Qc' 'Lf wrenkgii www ,Wk of mf 1-2. wma MRNEPQS FLOWERS flame Grown Onion Sed FREE Digging ,flax PMG: PL7'570'2 EMCWNY ?3'AfJHl?R'i4?g2r OAK!-'IELDN.Y. N Q of Five. Broihers Brand Po'TSl'o and Gram Fuffures ZA2 1 ff ELB5,Nx 5 I arm: Unix? :QS Xfliskecl PoTaToeS B R ' OTIEHTIS Farm proclucts ALBION Com STORAGE Q 2 xi ALBION, NX. ooloerahve, nc. ,,..-...,...,1.-w-rv-m-q-vaw- .-4...-..a. v-E Qu - 1 . .,' Servme Satlsfactoralq Smce IZO OK USED CARS E TRUCKS zz ELLICOTT AUTHORIIED DQALERS os Cnev On.os Cm G C u tys Largest Sale t' Ph e F113-2956 Qpp sde Blue P9115 Terminal 8 John Swartz 1 0111011 ettuce Grower BLOOM 85 LOSS p1'7-9981 Sinclair Service Rt. 98 8a Drake St.Rd. Elba, N.Y. - i ' ' W - WmW'mWT MA U 1 0 9 a , 0 enesee O n , C lon Dm 0 . VVa1t Pahuta's L'C' Stroh 85 Sons, Inc. Delicatessen F191-ists Elba, N-Y Batavia, NX - If! Q.: Til 2,115 Q 1 5 AA. KGIRII NNIEILIL UO., IINC. - COfAl. B ' LUIVTBEQJ - PQODUCE . P L-7 - 9 9 Ol ELISA, NY 6 , Lawing Studio R CLE,,NkNG'33RWN PHOTOGRAPHERS'PHONI-F13-U00 D Ba-tomar v Nff mqin ST Bafqvio, ROY PORTER TAR NS ,Sala-Y BRAND pnouucf - PSkQ-TOGS"0ha5W3 C 'YT .W 2, PL1-2200 1 - -.flvbgxam Y, 'gf Q, 4 ELBA, UM f f' - ' 73 JA... W- , xx ' 2 w-4.mnm-www-1,,.,,f M 1 .,,, 1 ,K ,A lp-W1 ' MOTORS FINE AUTOIVIOBILES 5-E5 STRTE St BATHVIH N Y 0.E. Knox 81. Son fitting specialists 120 main st. batavia' I1-Y IE., JI, B SLEY CGD, Em., IFUJR. MEN E-HBUYS 65 Maiinn Sftrrewc - Clotimimg -Fzmmisihilmgs Batavia NRE fplz-zzpagzfmnn:mf-v:1:1'frgazztii i ,- . D' - f ." !'gl'f':m . ., X . 1 A t f' A-....L.-.,w.s,.A,..,s,f f il if ffi' JE, ,gf Ei 'mi' ii: Q -. - . I ROYAL RESTAURANT Home Cookinq Nlain STREET UAKFIELD Phone Wh8 790i ,................... A L liI'llLW R 1,1 . ' 511 A , l.EO'5 Red e Vfhlte FR! ENDLY, C OURTE OUS . 1.'w1':,-'r.' g' lf- wwflfaas. W' vu .I 21123 ELBA,N.Y 5fRV'CE PHONE vu. 11174: 5 5 iii EQ E Q Walter f. owen, mgr. 355332553 x- SUEEREES. EG?EGE S ELBANDY, PL-7-2531 HILC H E YS mmmsf, HARDWARE fr-DRY 900195 0"KF'EL3' wh-1 Ewa' C,q5'f'c-vner is a, lpersvhak Fvaenrf 'PFOHC NWS' 753' PHONE WHS-5430 q mig' an an meiser chevrolet ,MMR i s MAIN smesr . OAKFIELD , NX cucvnoccr Ugg ' f' vs W fx V A .. ,:Il1L- Z 131' Gif Tl 'Iggy 'A .I f sl fj , fv , , f I Ll FE ESNELL E550 GARAGE General Repaurmg O' G-104-I :bm Aff- dau d,u.Ze4f- ' Phone PL7-6841 ELBA .Y B ig enough to serve you, small enoughto know you .'.:f,.-1' . :,..- '-'- 5.15.5-flffglz-II:-' "- .-314 :f 'T:'.':31'd1T?1 '-1 '- ' - -. ' . - fn' . .-.- . . . . 1 QUALITY I-lfXfi6Y.WAl2.E. ELECTIQACAL.. EQUXDIVXEINKT QANG EJ QEFQrG EQATORJ monof wfwx-4 EQJ TELEVIJION ouomenwo Jopmuzs u-:EATING ' BUY FQOM YOUQ, LOCAL. DLALUL AND JAVE. 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Q '-fi - vnur I - .,: .N n mug I1 , A J O , A M E N s s H 0 P P A BATAVIA nz PATRON ' 7 Lock Norton Batavia S New York PHONE BATAVIA Fl 3-1155 PHONE ATAVIA FI 3-1756 M Q IB R II IDD IE STEEL PLATE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, Inc. I9-21 STATE STREET TANK FABRICATION IBATAVIA, NEW YORK T1-EE GOODWILL QS Q. CUJ1-omxam is Q, VALUABLE AffE'E GOOD WILL is acciuirczcl. from GOOD .fE.T2V1CE, GOOD .IEQVTCE is Ob'tO.1Y'LQCL U'xrou.:?l'L CO OPBRJ-XTlOhl COOPERATION is wor-King, ln. HARMONY THU' BANK, is OLl.uu0.3s in., TUNE. HB!-WN HK Q55 JIEIILIIBM -V " 57'1TEf1E'?Z?fP?"f'W'?ff" . J M 14 1 qt ff 1 0 -.-,. . .,.,,. W..--..,,, I' I X 1 ,. A W H.. W., . P n D P I 1 L a 11 3 I It 1 H 5 D 5 S 5 h ,fa .AL l 'l I I L ., , ' , ' X I . , :MW-W'1viF'11'1"? 5' ,Wy A M-A 1. .1 ,. ml 1 ' ,. , .m.fwU13Y' .b NW ' !w4I'!U2f" ,....H-v---.N,..-.- ,

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