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 - Class of 1961

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an Y m 5 5 1. ff, Pr ,T .J . Ed? 4. 4 ur- ' 4 ' 'wwngfjg-yu-faqs" 1 fi ' VF' 4 ,. . . , - ,, . r rp -X ,'m'y,y4,a 'H ,xii 1 Ln, 1, v 'V ,fu.1'.4,"' v Q. 1 .rw Ma, Af: f..l1w.Ar.s.'k?J.1Ew ' 07244. 1' fx X . ,Fw YN wg . ,x Q N M, 1 w Vt x 2 u 'R L 41 xc, ,rr Q' iii. 'llgi Wig: Q' QF-" ,J W , ,f. w ey IQ: 3' if s Vu Q A Aw f A L ,,?L'Ex ii.. V H flry, - .fgzi N . l FOREWORD As you rustle through the leaves of this Revue, picture a tree. Picture its growth, its strength, its beauty. Visualize the ffm roots, the sturdy trunk, the spreading limbs, the individual leaves. Listen! Hear the message of the tree. The school speaks: I am the Tree of Knowledge. To the student I give my growth as learning, my strength as wisdom, my beauty as the development of the in- dividual. Seek this knowledge. foreword ' 1 candid shots 45 --4' 2 1 J 2 Tiff "l'?sq':1 4. 1" sn.. ' ' F I . """ -.'2."J"' rg, ,M - N--ew--. 1 Z eff' 'gif To Hrs. Sophia Smith the class of 1961 dedicates this Revue They feel that sh h . e as done more than her share in helping the students of Elba Central School. They appreciate the fact that she will go to any extreme to help a student with a problem. Her careful way of analyzing and planning always makes projects turn out successfully. In genuine appreciation the students say, "Thanks1" dedication 1 3 xp ' X -..,..,.u-,,..,.Nw.,,.,, ' MR.AMES MR.SWAHTZ MB.EDGERTON MH.SPEED MR.SHUKNECHT MR.BALDWIN BOARD OF EDUCATION: The Board of Education has the ever present necessity of evaluating the total educational program. The problem of adequate space for is solved for the immediate Now the members return to the challenge of all: To provide enough educational program to Elba Central's young people ever-changing present and the ing future. classes future. biggest a broad prepare for the beckon- board of education IN RECOGNITION M . BARBER 'As the twig is bent. . .' The twig was bent in Elba more than half a century ago when George A. Barber graduated from the old village high b t his fellow man. school. He had learned to care a ou Teaching imbued him with an enduring interest in the educational well-being of boys and girls. Administratiye th d to under responsibilities in this county taught him e nee - d stand the problems faced by the teachers of those boys an girls. To every problem, minute or staggering, George Barber has lent a courteous ear and a genuine desire to solve the ' ' 1 id alit of each d1ff1culty. He has never forgotten the ind v u y hu an being, young or old. He has never lost his zest or en- thusiasm for dealing with people. 5 I I H. W. VANDERHOOF, PRINCIPAL In appreciation for your twenty-seven years as a principal devoted to the students and the activities of this school, Elba Central says thank you. A warm smile, an eager' ness to help, and a willingness to listen, have symbolized to all the ideal principal. May your successes continue. adminish-aiioll I 1 I 4 1 i A f I A! 454' L. H. BENTON, VICE-PRINCIPAL To solve problems the administration finds they have to consider each possible solution as it best fits into the complete picture. New ideas, new findings, new needs and new demands found in the American system of education, require constant study and evaluation to keep the school as up- to-date as possible. This they seek to do by meetings, studies and care- fully considered changes in the school program. 7 K X r . Q 'I 'I I C e S 'I' a 'I 'I MRS.J.CARLILE I'fRS.E.WIGTON MRs.B.BARGAY IW lf .ff Wad :ea-if, MH.D.BRI'DGE IfIR.H.DASH MH.A.HAYEs MR.G.cp,LK1N3 5 custodians l 1 "LL A BUS DRIVERS L.PRI'DHOf-E LPFZIDMORE G.KF.EGER L.S'EfiN'E',TDff V-LROHAN G.ROWCLIFFE L.I-IORTUN G.COUGI-ILIN 1? xN. 4 Q XX . "-"' cafeteria siqff HT-'fS.J.MERRICK MRS.M.Lf'JNI'IE'F MRS.O.DUTTON I'1RS.L.PARKER MRS.C.BOOHE'R MRS.R.STAROWITZ 9 , MR.ALAN ABRAMS Physical Education MRS.MARTHA BAKER Fourth Grade MRS.BLANCHE BARGAY Secretary M .L.H.BENTON Vice-Principal MRSJIELMA BENTON School Nurse MR.VINCENT CALI Science MRS.JOAN CARLILE Secretary MR.RALPH CASPERSON Fifth Grade MRS.MARJORIE CHRISTOPHER Second Grade MRS.ANNA CLARK English MRS.GLADYS COCKRAM Dental Hygienist MR.LAWRENCE COFFIN English MISS DOROTHY COUGHLIN First Grade M S.NELLIE COUGHLIN Kindergarten MR.GERALD CROWELL Guidance Counselor M .JOSEPH DERMODY Agriculture MISS GWENDOLYN DORF Third Grade MISS BLANCHE ENGLAND English MRS.DOROTHY GAVEL Fifth Grade MR.SAMUEL GIANSANTE Citizenship Education MRS.ROSEMARY GLOVER Homemaking MR.RUSSELL GLOWACKI Industrial Arts MISS DOROTHY HOFMANN Sixth Grade MRS.LUCILLE JAMES Sixth Grade M .CARROLL JOHNSON Citizenship Education MRS.HELEN KIRSCH Librarian M .ROGER LANGLEY Citizenship Education MISS JOSEPHINE MACARI Art MRS.KATHERINE MANWARING Special Class MR.LYLE MARK Instrumental Music M S.NATALIE NORTON Fourth Grade MRS.H LEN PALMER Mathematics M .THOMAS RUSSELL Vocal Music 10 MmS.AGNES SANBORN Speech Therapy MRS.HAZEL SCHWAB Second Grade MISS MILDRED SHEPHARD First Grade M .STAM ORD SHERWOOD Physical Education MRS.ELEANOR SHUKNECHT Kindergarten MRS.SOPHIA SMITH Commercial MISS MARILYN STRONG Second Grade MHS .MARY TORREY Science MRS.DELORIS WEBER Mathematics MRS.MARION WEST Third Grade M .H.W.VANDERHOOF Principal Iacully Q j ,ff l X ll qk 41-22 45 ll 'Y 1 K W .1 , ,.-1, A , ",1 riymwfy - -5155 f, I -45,-4, is -2 1 g '?f"P' j Q e I I 1 5, I CHESTER STAROWITZ Nickname: Chet Ambition: Engineering Class President Class Play Adventures In Knowledge Science Fair President Basketball Football Baseball Play Committee Dance Com ittee Model Congress Science Congress Science Club CANDACE NORTON Nickname: Candy Ambition: College Class Secretary Class Vice-President Class President Revue Staff Literary Editor Speaking Contest Class Play Honor Society Senior Band Pep Band Senior Chorus County Band Adventures In Knowledge Cheerleader Intramurals Leaders' Club G.A.A. Model Congress Science Congress Campaign Manager LAURA GILLETTE Nickname: Laura M M M 3, 1,2,3,M M 2,3,M 3,M 2,3,U 3 3,M 3,24 2,3,M 1,2,3,M l,M 2 3 3,M M 3,M 3,M 3,M 1:2s3:h 1,2 1,2,3,M 3 3,M 3,M l,2,3,M 3,M 1:2:3:h 1,2,3,M 1i2,3,M 3,M STEPHEN PALEVICH Nickname: Paladin Ambition: Structural Engineer Class Offices Treasurer Vice President Revue Staff Speaking Contest Class Play Adventures In Knowledge Science Fair Basketball Football Volleyball Track Play Com ittee Dance Committee Model Congress Observer Delegate Science Club Audio-Visual Club Color Guard 3 M M M 3,M 3,M 3,M 1,2,3,M 1,2,3,M M 233 3,M 3,M 1,2 3,M 3,M 3 3,M senior officers Ambition: English Teacher Class Treasurer Revue Staff Speaking Contest Class Play Honor Society Senior Band Future Teachers' Club Senior Chorus Adventures In Knowledge Science Fair Track Intramurals Play Committee Dance Committee F.H.A. Leaders' Club G.A.A. Model Congress Science Club Vice President 12 1,M M 3,M M 3,M 1,2,3,M 3,M 1,2,3,M 3,M 2,3,M M l,2,3,M 3 3,M 1,2 M 1,2,3,b l,213,M M M 1 wvwv,fw X JO ANN GAVEL Nickname: Jeanie Ambition: College Class Treasurer Revue Staff Speaking Contest Class Play Honor Society Senior Band Pep Band Senior Chorus Harmonettes County Chorus Future Teachers' Club Corresponding Secretary Adventures In Knowledge Science Fair Intramurals Leaders' Club G.A.A. Model Congress Science Congress Magazine Drive Manager 2 h 3,h 3,h 3,h 1,2,3,U l,2,3,h 1:2:3:h 1,2,3 2,3,h 3,h h h 3, 2,3,h l:2:3:h 3,h 1,2,3,h 1,2,3,h 1:2:3:h 3,h 2X LAWRENCE KARAS Nickname: Larry Ambition: Civil Engineer Student Council President Revue Staff Photography Editor Class Play Speaking Contest Senior Chorus County Chorus Science Fair Basketball Football Captain Volleyball Baseball Track Intramurals Play Com ittee Dance Com ittee Model Congress Delegate Science Congress LYNDA BOOHER Nickname: Boogers Ambition: Happiness and Class Vice-President Revue Staff Class Play Prompter Senior Band Sectional All State Choru Senior Chorus Harmonettes Science Fair Track Intramurals Play Committee Dance Committee Leaders' Club G.A.A. Secretary-Treasurer Science Congress ALLEN COUGH IN Nickname: 5Qu9ak Ambition: Undecided Student Coun il Revue Class Play Science Fair Football Volleyball 13 l,h h 3,h h 3,h h 1,2,3,h 2,3,h 1,2,3,U 1:2r3nh 1n2s3:h h h 1,2,3,h 2,h l 3,h 3 3,h l,2,3,h SUCCESS 1 2,3,b 3 3 1,2,3,h 3,h 1l2a3nh 1,2,3 1,2 2,3,h 1l233lh 3,h S 3,h 3,h l,2,3,h h 2 l,3,h h 3,h 3,h 3 1,2,3,h Mrwvnw7frW'n 1Wv 4 P r- m.b 'r-. BRUCE VEREECKEN Nickname: Bruce Ambition: College Student Council Representative Vice-President Revue Staff Assistant Chief Editor-in-Chief Speaking Contest Class Play Senior Band Treasurer Adventures In Knowledge Science Fair Basketball Football Volleyball Track Intramurals Model Congress Science Congress Tennis JEANETTE SPEED Nickname: Speedie 2 3 2,3,h 3 h h 3,h l,2,3,h h 3,h 253,h 2,14 293gh 3 3,h 3 1:2:3:h 2,L. 3,h Ambition: Business Secretary Student Council Secretary Representative Revue Staff Speaking Contest Class Play Senior Band Pep Band Senior Chorus Cheerleader Track Intramurals Dance Ccm ittee F.H.A. Leaders' Club G.A.A. TONI BARGAY Nickname: Toni 2 1 2,3,h 3,h 3,h 1,2,3,b 1 1,2,3JU 233,h 1,2 1,2,3,U 3,h 2 h 1,2,3,h Ambition: To always be happy 3,h Revue Staff Senior Band Pep Band Senior Chorus Harmonettes County Chorus County Orchestra Intramurals Leaders' Club G.A.A. lk 1,2,3,h 1,2,3,h 1!233D,'I' 2,3 2,3,h 1 13233313 3,h 1,2,3,U -.-u ...,,, A iff PAULINE ZAM ITO Nickname: Toots Ambition: Secretary Revue Staff 1,2,3 Speaking Contest 3,h Class Play 3,h Senior Band 1,2,3,b Pep Band 1,233 Senior Chorus 1,2,3,h Secretary M County Band 2,3 County Chorus M Majorette , 1,2,3,h Dance Ca ittee 3,h G.A.A. 1,2,3,h Nurses' Club 1,2 High School Correspondent U lx JANET SHULTZ Nickname: Jan Ambition: To be happy Science Fair Track Intramurals Play Committee Dance C mmittee Leaders' Club G.A.A. Nurses' Club Vice President Secretary 1 3 1-12,3111 3,11 3 3,11 1:2s3.v1-1 1,?,3,1-1 lx 3 SUZANNE SCHAFER Nickname: Suzie Ambition: To be happy forever Speaking Contest 3,11 Class Play 3 Senior Chorus 1,2,3,14 Track 1,2,3 Intramurals 1,2,3,11 Play Committee 3,14 name committee 3,11 Leaders' Club 3,11 o.A.A. 1,2,3,h Model Congress 11 Nurses' Club 1,2 Library Club 1 DAVID UNDERHILL Nickname: Undy Ambition: Undecided Class Play 3,h Basketball l,2,3,14 Football 1 Volleyball 11 Baseball 2 Intramurals 1 Play Committee 3,11 FJ-xA. 1,2,3,n Vice-President 3 President 14 KAREN PORTER Nickname: Karenie Ambition: Business Secretary 2 Class Secretary student cmmcn Alternate 14 Revue Staff 2,3 Speaking Contest 3,14 Class Play Prompter 11 Senior Chorus 1,2,3,1t Cheerleader 3,14 Captain 14 Track 2:3xh Il'ltI'8Il'Il1I'8lS 192131,-5 Play Committee 3,11 Leaders' Club 14 G.A.A. 1,2,3,h 15 I',,,1:p if 'P-sv i JOAN JASPER Nickname: Joanie Ambition: To be happy Revue Staff Class Play Senior Chorus Science Fair Track Intramurals Play Committee Dance Cdm ittee F.H.A. President Leaders' Club G.A.A. Science Congress Nurses' Club MARY ANN TALBOT Nickname: Mary Ambition: College 1,3 3,h 1,2,h 1,2 1,2 1,2,3,h 3 3 2:3:h 3 3,h 1-92:3s'-5 2 1,2 Student Council Representative3,h 2 Student Council Alternate Revue Staff M Speaking Contest 3,h Class Play 3,h Senior Band l,2,3,h Vice President h Sectional All State Band 1,3 Senior Chorus l,2,3,h Future Teachers' Club h Adventures In Knowledge h Science Fair 3,h Cheerleader 2,3,h Co-Captain h Track 1,2 Intramurals 3,L Leaders' Club 3,h G.A.A. 1,2,3,h Model Congress 2,3,h Science Congress 3,h RUTH COFFEY Nickname: Tiny Ambition: Happiness Play Committee 3 Dance Com ittee 3,h G.A.A. 1,2,3,h 16 4 JOHN HAMPSHIRE Nickname: Jack Ambition: College Student Council Campaign Manager Revue Staff Speaking Contest Class Play Senior Band Pep Band Senior Chorus County Band Football Manager Volleyball Intramurals Play Com ittee Dance Committee Dance Band Junior County Band Stage Manager LL4ZyL4uUZ'6LAf0 h 3,h h 3,h 1,2,3,U 2,3,h 2,3,h 2.3,h 1 3,h 2,3911 3,h 3,b 1 7+ r i2QD014AKJ l77i?f?ftjg?Q77 c, f , 1fQ3?,jV f I SBIIIOIS , wr RONALD MICKEY Nickname: Ronnie Ambition: Farmer Class Play Stage Manager Science Fair Intramurals F.A.A. Sentinel Reporter Treasurer 'W'-v 3 3,h 1,3 1:2s3:h 2 3 Ls ESTHER HOUGH Nickname: Esther Ambition: College Science Fair Play Committee Dance Com lttee Science Club Art Club G.A.A. BEN OLSEN Nickname: Ben Ambition: College Class President U 1,2,3,h Revue Staff Class Play Senior Band l,2,3,h Treasurer 3 Pep Band l,2,3,lx Senior Chorus 2,3,h County Band 2,3,h Science Fair 2,3,h Football 3 Volleyball 3,h Track ll Intramurals l,2,3,lL Play Committee 3 -' Dance Coxmnittee 3,14 ,H Model Congress 3,11 ' Dance Band 1 " ' A Qwxv, ygwrfwiip 1, ALICE HORZEMPA Nickname: Sunshine Ambition: To see the world .igf Revue Staff l gj Class Play U - Track 1,2,3,h f Intramurals l,2,3, Play Committee 3 IQ!-Q Dance Committee 3 " " F.H,A. M Leaders' Club 3,11 G.A.A. 1,2,3,h 17 , ,,,, bmi Kyle' .ov fi-:ffm ,f "Wav 931351, 7 , ffigg, w7if' ff ZZ? KLM JAMES HUBBARD Nickname: Jim Ambition: College Revue Staff Class Play Science Fair Play Committee Dance Committee Science Congress Audio-Visual Club KATH EEN MYERS Nickname: Kathy Ambition: College Student Council Speaking Contest Class Play Senior Band Sectional All State Band Pep Band Senior Chorus Hanmonettes County Band County Chorus Majorette Drum Majorette Intramurals Play Committee Dance Committee G.A.A. PAUL KELSEY Nickname: Paul Ambition: Mechanic Class Vice President Senior Band Football Volleyball Basketball Color Guard 18 1,h h l:2:3:h 3 3,h 1,2 3 2 3,h h 1:293:b 2,3 1n2:3:b 1:2s3nh 2 l,2,h 3 1 2,3,h 1:2s3:h 3 3,b 1:2n3:h 3 32!3!,4 3 ,2,3,h 1 2335,-If BARBARA BEZON Nickname: Barb Ambition: Stenographer Revue Staff 2,3 Speaking Contest 3,h Class Play h Senior Chorus l,2,3,h Intramurals 3,h Play Committee 3 Dance Committee 3,h G.A.A. 1,2,3,h Model Congress 3,h - uwavf-uv: 5' DIANE WIOTON Nickname: Diane Ambition: Happiness in Revue Staff Business Editor Senior Chorus Future Teachers' Club Science Fair Leaders' Club 0.A.A. Nurses' Club KENNETH PASK Nickname: Ken Ambition: College Bible Club 1,2 Projection Club 3 F.F.l. U DAVID CROSSETT Nickname: Dave Ambition: Success Senior Band County Band Volleyball Track Football Manager Basketball Manager Intramurals MYRA WILLIS Nickname: Tootsie Ambition: Nurse Oakfield-Alabama Central Senior Chorus F.H.A. G.A.A. Nurses' Club 'I SBIIIOYS 19 life 3,h h 1,2 3 2 3 2,3,b 2,3,h 1s2:3nh 3,h 1,2,3,b 1:2:3sh 2 3 1,2,3,h School 1,2,3 h 1,2,3 1,2,3 3 "1!v 'Ffa' E lx R .,- -EI? ROW 1: MRS.TORREY S.BIRD P.AHL C.JOH SON M.JACKETT M.BATEMAN J.NORTON K.SCHULER D.REISDORF L.KELSEY MRS.SMITH ROW 2: M.VANDERHOOF N.SHEPARD K.CHAPELL C.CROSSETT M.PANEK M.SWARTZ A.TOTTEN J.STEENBURG G.SMITH B.SMITH B.KAHN J.DiNATALE ROW 3: C.DiCASOLO J.WHITCOMB D.GREEN L.AMES G.PFLAUMER A.BARNIAK C.ALBEE D.BEZON D.HARTMAN E.ROTH L.SQUIRE R.TOAL M.TOWNSEND JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representatives Student Council Alternate Marlene Bateman Marcia Vanderhoof Jane Engle Gail Smith Kay Schuler Larry Squire Linda Kelsey As an active group of students, the junior class sponsored an enjoyable and successful 'Sadie Hawkins' Dance in October, sold all-occa- sion greeting cards, and co-sponsored the annual Junior-Senior Ball. They started a fund for a scholarship award to be presented in 1962. The Juniors presented a Junior Speaking Con- test and a fine Junior Play. IllEHIIIEIIEEJHHHEMFIQHHH33311351'i17jjjiljf1J ljUQQQ7Qf7f!5SH!lllllllllllIFM RCW 1: SJJALDRON SJCELLER D.STOKES D.ER.AGG C.COUGHLIN A.SCHULEI-7. MR.GIllLNSANTE MR.LANGLEY K.KAR.AS MJIOMER BUIGJNSEND B.DORM.AN WJIILLIAMS K.S'I'ROBELE C.PANGRAZIO RCM 2: S.DEAN LSHERWOOD FJGLOVER P.BALONEK TJJICKES D.WA'ISON G.SLADE S.M.ASON L.JASINSKI J.FITE G.MUnTER5 RJWARBOYS K.WALLACE S.TOTTEN .LNETH RUN 3: P.SAIWA'I WJFILLIAMS R.CHAPELL T.GAV'EL FXMICKEY V.GEORGE F.ZAMBITO R.M-'ALTON C.RUDOLPH P.BEZON -fa- LJQUNGER D.COUGHLIN R.REAK T.RIGGS RJJOHLFEIL R.BURROWS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: President Kathleen Karas Vic e-President Randal Bun-ow, 5eC1'eta1'Y Brenda Dorman Tl'9aS111'eI' Vincent George Student Council Members Georgia Slade Frank Zambito Student Council Alternate David watson The sophomore class sponsored two movies this year. They have sold refreshments at all the home basketball games. 21 sophomores NJ, f , i 22 , 1 A . 5 222 2222 Z5 : D.I-IOMER J.LACEY C.H.ALL BJIAYES M.DENTINO E.SHEPARD R.CONWAY A.MOSI-IER MISS BENTON HILCOFFIN fQ RW 1 MILCROWELL MRS.PA1!-EER A.BARNIAK C.DEWEY .LARMBREWSTER S.RUDOLPH K.PORTER D.SNELL B.SHULTZ J.BIR.D J ROW 2: S.TOAL S.HOOV'ER J.PHIN'I'UP M.R.EISDOHF D.BEAN A.AMES L.MILWARD D.STOKES M.NIEDZIA.LEK J.DORMAN K.SI-IERWOOD M.CAMPBELL V.DORMAN .LBRIDGE ILJASINSKI J.PFLAUMEH J.DORF EMILLIS E.BROWN BJ-JATSON S.ALBEE ROW 3: S.HIIBBARD R.T0w'NSEN'D J.CAHVER T.H.ALL C.AUGELLO S.SWAHTZ LRICHENBERG C.KELLER M.SMITH G.ALLEN D.PRIN'l'U'P P.AUGELLO G.CLARK D.BRINKM.AN C.NORS'IRAND D.Al.LEN F.HARTLEY A.HOTTOIS L.BA'IEMAN A.PAR.K K.JACKETT 'I'he freshman class has been quite successful F351-1MAN CLASS in all activities under-ta.ken thus far. They sold refreshments at home football games. The biggest OFFICER,Sg project was the sale of stationery. Some of the members took pride in winning mascots for high President Kathleen Sherwood sales made during the magazine contest. They are hoping to continue the good work. Vice-President Anastasia Mosher Secretary Mary Ann Niedzialek Treasurer Larry Bateman Student Council Representatives Gary Clark Bonnie Watson Student Council Alternate Stephen Swartz freshmen 22 Y YT RCM 1: J.STRABEL RJJUNLAP D.KREGER G.S'I'ROBELE B.VEREECKEN B.GAVEL MR.CALI bv R04 2: SJTARTLEY S.BURR J.SLADE .LGREEN B.MOvIEF.5 R.ZAMBITO RUN 3: P.STACRGJI'IZ S.EERG D.PANEK S.SMITH B.HORTON S.SMI'I'H P.BUR.RCMS P.ZAMBITO GJIJARBOYS eighth grade RUJ 1: HRS.CLAR.K C.EU'I'LER LPAGE BJQARKWICA J.COUGI-ILIN S.MUNGER R.WHI'ICOMB L.NOR'1UN D.GlLRTLEY I-LCALKINS RUN 2: W.HART FLCHAMBERLAIN C.STORY R.ZAMBI'I0 C.ZAMBITO C.PANGRAZIO S.RALYEA D.MASON M.MILLER D.I-TOUGH E.ARMB'R.EWSTER N.ANDREWS 23 RCM 1: E.HOUGH J.ARGENTO IHBALONEK B.GEISSLER D.SNELL L.DOR.F D.CACCAMISE J.BENTON LMOSHER C.MILLEB. gif? T.BURTON MIFLRUSSELL ROW 2: M.McLAREN W.BUMP H.McGILL V.POOLE S.KNIGHT L.VOLK M.COUGHLIN W.COLE FJCELLY B.TOT'IEN C.STEENBURG G.DZIUBA P.LACEY grade ,-ffl! Je IJJrfILLIATflS PJCELLER S.TALBOT GCRUMBLE B.BOATF1ELD G.CI-IAPELL PJICCORMICK B.FERR1'NGER I-LLOUGHEED U FUD-T 2, W.-IOTTNSON ILSUMERISKI MRSJIANWARING ,X 777' 'NM 'M' ' ' ' ' ' ' f 1 Y 1... fy " .yall RCW 1: S.BRAGG B.STOKES 0.0SBORNE J.AUSTIN C.COUGHLIN E.PO0LE R.STAN'ION HRSJATEBEH RCW 2: RJIAYES ILJOHNSON A.HOOV'ER LJIAYLOR C.MUNGER 'L.MICK'EY A.PR.ESCOTT S.R.EISDORF'G.RAMSEY , R04 3: H.POR'1ER FLCELAY LDCMARD L.PAR.KER T.BEZON G.A.RMBREWS'I'ER D.ANDERSON ILMICKEY ILRAMSEY G.DZIUBA N5 seventh grade RCM 1: MILJOHNSON ILSAUNDERS L.BUMlP E.OS-TRCMSKI W.CI-IAMBERLAIN P.l-YEAK P.WOHLFEIL D.JASINSKI RCM 2: R.ZIPFEL P.HOTTOIS I-LDOWARD L.S'I'UART C.DUT'I'ON D.ALLEN M.KNIGHT ILPFLAUMER V.MILWARD RCN 31 5.W'HI'lCOMB CJKONACHINO D.HEH'I'ZOG R.OS'IROWSKI K.FRIN'I'UP C.RO'I'H TJCONIECZKA V.SI-IARP A.ALBEE J.DUNLAP 25 RUJ 1: LGEISSLER S.UNDERH'ILL 'IHDICKES L.BALONEK L.HOR'ION RJUIALER F.KELLY C.BRINKMAN ROW 2: JJIARBOYS P.ZAMBITO W.JOHNSON M. MRS.JAM'ES IMRICHENBERG S.BERG GJUNIQIB. S.SHEPARD ROW 3: W.H.KR'IMAN T.COUGHLIN M.HALL A.PANGRAZIO R.CLARK S.SHERWOOD W.WH.LIAMS J.BRIDC-E C.BERGLIN D.FIOR.ENTINO R.NORS'IRAND W.McGILL sixth grade RCM 1: D.S'1'ANTON H.BOYCE J. JASINSKI D.COUGHLIN D.HOUGH S.CHEFSEMAN J. TILLOU D.FI1E RCM 2: T.ALLEN RJCREGER C.AUSTIN D.PUTNEY MISS HOFMANN G.HART S.KAR.AS S.HIGGINS -LCARRUBBA V ROI! 3: C.COUGHLIN S.HICKEY G.HARTLEY D.MH.LER K.COHBO J.WHI'IE R.GABR1'EL B.HETI-IERLY P.ZAMBI'1'O S.NOR'1'0N LBURTON S.OI5EN 26 RO!! 1: S.WII.LIAMS K.POR'IER R.HAR'D4AN C.COUGI-ILIN S.PANEK L.PHILLIPS RJIAYES J.BIRD ' HCM 2: N.SCHULER :I'.DAMBR.A D.KNIGHT C.MICKEY MHS.GAV'EL P.D1CASOLO D.RC7vlCLIFFE H.GRAY J.POOLE L RON 3: S.SAY G.PANG-RAZIO R.SMITH P.PORTER A.JOHNSON C.DERMODY P.CARV'ER J.GARTLEY FGNIEDZIALEK G.S1-JARP R.BAR.BER S.JASI'NSKI liflh grade 1 G GEISSLER H CHAMBERLAIN P POOLE M BURR J COUGI-ILIN J.CHURCH11L T.ANDREWS A .DENTINO M f RW I 4 o a o 0 Y RU!! 22 S-NAYLOR DJJUDRZYNSKI CJIUNKER E-WAICZAK MILCASPERSON A.PANGRAZIO G.PAI-TUTA -LVOLK S.TGvJNSEND ILGRAY H. 'IOTTEN D.V8.I1WAGNEN NJJALDHON ROW 3: RWDORHAN F.AUGELLO P.HAR'H.EY J.NOHS'IRAND C.ARMBREWS'I'ER C.WH.LIAMS JJJACCAMISE D.BERGLIN 27 RCM 1: J.SQUIRE C.ZAMBITO ILPRICOLA P.DUTTON B.BURROWS KJIIGGINS J.POST W. JASINSKI J.CARRUBBA C.THORNTON R001 21 G.STANTON T.ALLEN KJJIILLER M.BOYCE D.DEWEY MRS-.BARR D.SMITH C.SICEL'ION S.WHI'I'E LLACUSKY F.DRENNEN RU!! 3: DJIUIICLIFFE B.MARKWICA J.SCHEIB'ER J.COUGIILI'N H.PHILLI'PS K.DORMAN L.LOUGHEED J.W'ERT'H RJ-IARDING D.BRIDGE J.JOI-INSON D.SHEPAB.D J.DiCASOLO S.BISIG B.KOZAK fourth grade RON 1: V g. F..DH.ENNEN JJTEBER P.BENDE'R J.DONAHUE H.AUSTIN J.SHUKNECHT ILCHEESEMAN -LKARAS B.SPEED -Q 0 f-'L Row 2: D.'mT1'EN K.wERTH B.BUR'roN K.sKEL'roN J.noBB MRs.NoRToN T.umLPHx G BELL M M Gm P RCM 3: N.WILLIAMS N.coUGH1.1N N.MILLHI LRICHENBEHG P.nAMB1m L.HASON C.SALWAY G:DiIBHER 13?1egrrEA1Y.LRf.Ij1gcEi'1-5 ILJOSLDI P.BOSHART J.JOHNSON K.HAR'l'LEY 28 Q ! ROI 1: P.HOUGH C.COUGHLIN S.BRIDGE GAMES S.HUdERS P.CARB.UBBA V.BIRD S.STOKES 33' RCW 2: D.BEECHLER H.B'UR'ION DJXARTYN C.ZAHBITO HRS.WE9"1' PZDWEY P.PAHUTA L.DCMARD D.DONAHU'E RCU 3: P.B.ARBER J.BURRUvIS H.NORS'IRAND H.BUTLER A. 'IERRELL R.S'IROBELE S.RICHENBERG D.VA.NDERPOFST L.ALLEN L. SULD! S. SAIHAY third grade vd?.:Q411,:1,,x,- fl .. .. , . , RU!! 1: S.BOYCE M.HAF.TLEY ILHAYES J.TARTAGLI.A D.COUGHLIN PLDIIEHER W.TILLOU T.JA25lN5Kl D.HLU'lUN QV RUE 2: ILBOSHART AJIONAGAN ILHERTZOG D.BENDER E.SHULTZ MISS DORF W.ZIPF'EL C.MICKEY C.I-IOOVER D.ALBEE ' P.'1'ERRILL RCM 32 N.Va.nWAGNEN D.POST V.HAHRISON D.KARAS D.BENTLEY R.GF.EEN M.TOR.R.EY V.BERG AJIILLIAMS L.ZAMBITO L.SMITH S.CH'IARIELIJO R011 1: T.PO0LE J.HATES T.BALOIlEK D.BARBER P.PORTER J.BUMP P.JOSLIN RUN 2: L.PANG'R.AZIO J.HARGR.AVE P. HRS. CHRISTOPHER D.McCORMICK S.VOLK 'I'.HAR.P'ER RU!! 3: N.OSBORNE EJIOTTOIS D.KNIGHT C.SHEPABD D.COUGHLDW C.DORMAN MJIINGIONIE C.FIORENTINO R.C H 57 second grade RCW 1: L.BENDEH D.GEISSLER P.COUGI-ILIN D.WEBER J.BOYCE G.HABON ROI! 2: D.CROSS S.RINER CLMONAGAN B.BRINKMAN MRS.SCHWAB H.SHUL'lZ J.TILLOU D.BOSI-IART DJICGILL RU!! 3: R.ROBB E.REAK VLKARAS A.W'ILLIAMS G.ABRAMS L.SKELTON T.PANGR.AZIO HJ-IARRISON R.TOT'1'EN S.GLUCK 30 J .X Row 1: Laonron T.RowcLm's J.:-mmm R.POOLE D.BoLDT M.coMBo Hoa 2: J.BrsIo R.s'nu:E'mn B.vanwAGuEN Miss smouc c.sHmmEcH'r s PI-UILLIPS R SHEPARD Row 31 P.RAnA S.HCREL P.wA.u:zAx c.GRIFFEN J.LoUGHEn:D R.BAnoN C.AUGELLO B.COTTON P.DILcaEn 4 firsl grade RCM 1: J.ZAMBI'I0 F.DONAl-IUE J.PANGR.AZIO D.BEECHLER C.ZIPFEL E.WALCZAK B.DEN'I'INO ILCARRUBBA lf, K RUQI 2: D.DB.ENNEN P.AUSTTN D.SQUIRE ILANDREWS L.SMI'I'H L.TCMNSEND J.SHULTZ M.RYAN MISS SHEPHARD RCN 3: T.GAV'ENDA V.KAR.AS D.RICI-EENBERG R.OSBORNE R.B.ADA S.CARVER J.MONACl-IINO J.MICKEY 'LHARE J.GABRIEL W. SKEIIION 31 llral grllile RUN 1: J.COUGI-ILIN P.I-IARTLEY R.COUGHLIN ILMABON RJSTANTON B.AR.M'BR.EWS'1ER L.SI-IULTZ ROW 2: G.TOTTEN W.HER'IZOG B.SHARP CJUNKER T.GRIFFEN H.S!-IEPARD R.BELL T.R.A.NDALL MISS COUGHLIN ' RCF 3: D.COUGHI.IN CJKASKELL E.LOUGHEED VJIVJNSEND E.RALTEA J. TORREY C.CACCAMISE B.WILI.IAMS B.CHURCHILL kinrwgurien , .1'. R011 1: W.PAI-TUTA LSCHEIBER P.ZAHBI'IO D.OBERER P.BOSHART K.S'lOKES B.PRICOLA B.BOYCE ILOSBORNE H.H.A.RTLEY B.DONAHU'E R.ORH FJCELLY " L R041 2: MRS.SI-TUKNECHT JJIALDRON J.RUnYCLIE'FE T.PLA'I'TEN P.HORTON C.TOTTEN D.HU'BBAR.D FRBURTON T.HAR.EZGA P.HOTTOIS PJIICHENBERG IMFRANCIS l4'RS.RANDALL R011 32 -LTUIINSEND S.ALLEN J.DUNLAP H.FRY R.SKEL'ION T.GI'LLARD E.THORN'I'0N F.BEZON D1DORM.AN LBERGLIN ILPORTER ILORDWAY D.CIBOR J.KNIGHT D.RYAH n., ,X ale' f ' N Y ....-,,,.4-...s-5 RCU 1: S.HOPE.L M.ZAHBITO J.SCOTT PLPRDJMORE D.BOLDT J.PRICOLA R.BIRD PLOSBORNE J.CROSSETT D.THORNTON .7 , P.RINER T.LOVE D.DUT'I'ON HGH 2: M'FiS.HOR'ION S.GEIS5LEH B.ORDWAY J.MOSCICKI R.HALE S.BALONEK P.PORTER C.ABR.AMS D.NORSTRAND G.PARGRAVE R.FITE FLWILFORD MR5.COUGHI.IN RCW 3: S.JOSLIN L.POOLE A.HAFLE P.GRIFFEN S.HOUSEKN'ECHT P.VOLK E.BUCZE'K C.GURTZ L.MILLER R.PCIONEK P.COUGHLIN D.HU'DRZYNSKI M.RYAN D.JOHN5ON G.DORF kindergarten PLEASE PASS THE CONVERSATION 33 THE SEED OF SATISFACTION: PARTICIPATION. aciiviiies ROW 2: ROW 3: ROW 1: K.SCHULER M.BATEMAN K.KARAS P.AHL M.VANDERHOOF MISS MACARI MISS COUGHLIN J.HUBBARD J.SPEED D.WIGTON L.KARAS C.NORTON B.VEREECKEN M.SWARTZ B.OLSEN T.BARGAY L.GILLETTE A.COUGHlIN S.PALEVICH J.HAM SHIRE L.SQUIRE G.SMITH L.BOOH R J.GAVEL M.TALBOT Editor-In Chief Assistant Editor Literary Editor Literary Staff Art Editor Art Staff Advertising Editor Bruce Vereecken Marcia Vanderhoof Candace Norton Mary Ann Talbot JoAnn Gavel Gail Smith Patricia Ahl Kathleen Karas James Hubbard John Hampshire Clair Albee Lynda Booher Jeanette Speed yearbook staff Advertising Staff Photography Editor Photography Staff Business Editor Business Staff Stephen Palevich Ben Olsen Laura Gillette Larry Squire Linda Vereecken Allen Coughlin Lawrence Karas Michael Swartz Diane Wigton Barbara Bezon Toni Bargay Marlene Bateman Kay Schuler - , , . lfdwwmr RCW 1: L.KARA5 A.SWARTZ A.SCHULER P.AUGELLO MH.GIANSANTE ROJ 2: L.KELSEY R.ZAM ITO K.PORTER R.PORTER B.WATSON M.TALBOT D.ALLEN A.HOOVER RON 3: K.SCHULER G.SLADE S.SHITH S.SWARTZ A.COUGHLIN F.ZAMBITO G.CLARK L.SQUIRE D.WATSON P.ZAMBITO OFFICERS: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES: Seventh grade: Eighth grade: Freshmen: Sophomores: Juniors: Seniors: Lawrence Karas Michael Swartz Ann Schuler Patrick Augello Roy Porter Deborah Allen Richard Zambito Paula Zambito Bonnie Watson Gary Clark Frank Zambito Georgia Slade Larry Squire Kay Schuler Allen Coughlin Mary Ann Talbot The Student Council was successful in main- taining the splendid record of past years. They added to the treasury by holding the annual maga- zine drive, sponsoring dances, and checking coats at various functions. The council contributed money to the polio fund and to the scholarship fund. student council F.F.A. 1: .LBRIDGE L.BAmu.N R.TGnTNSEND C.AUGELLO R.wAmaoYs muomm gig 2: nR.DEm4onY 'r.n1oGs D.COUGHI.IN R.MICKEY 'r.GAvx-:L R.BURR.OaIS n.HAR1m.N K.PAsK RCM 3: L.A:MEs D.TOAL R.wAL'mN n.BEzoN F.MICKE'Y CJCELLER OFFICERS: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sentinel F. A. David Underhill Randal Burrows Thomas Gavel Ronald Mickey Dennis Coughlin Douglas Hartman The F.F.A. sold calendar advertisements and rat bait to raise money to buy a heifer. The of- ficers attended the Farm and H me Center in Bata- via for Leadership Training School. HUJ lx C.PANGR.AZIO B.SHULTZ S.DEAN LBARNIAK J.NOR'ION C.DEWEY A.ARMBREWS'1ER J.BIRD RCW 2: HRS. GLOVE! C.JOHNSON LCHAPELL B.SMITH W.WU..LIAMS S.BIRD RG! 3: S.KELLER J.ENGLE -LFFLAUMER H.CAMPBELL J.JASPER P.SAI.HAY AJIORZEMPA A.AMES S.RU'DOLPH J.SMITI-I S. TOTUEN M.JACKE'I'I' F. H. A. OFFICHIS: President Karen Chapell Vice-President Beverly Smith Secretary Corabelle Johnson Treasurer Sharon Bird The main purpose of the Future Homemakers of America is to promote interest in becoming a bet- ter homemaker in the years to came. This year's activities included a candy sale, a bazaar and a bake sale. Perhaps this year's F. H. A. will build many wise homemakers. 39 home makers ROW 1: J.STRABEL B.VEREECKEN L.MOSHER R.WHITCOMB P.AHL MR. CALI R.REAK C.STAROWITZ L.GILLETTE M S.TORHEY S.HARTLEY S.BURR J.BIRD C.HALL R.DUNLAP ROW 2: B.GAVEL D.REISDORF M.JACKETT J.NORTON E.5HEPARD J.SLADE A.MOSHER H.ZAMBITO G.WARBOYS P.STAROWITZ E.ARH REWSTER B.DORMAN D.SNELL D.BRAGG S.RUDOLPH R.RAMSEY B.SHULTZ M.DENTINO ROW 3: S.ALBEE B.WATSON K.KARAS D.WATSON S.BERG K.WALLACE M.REISDORF D.PANEK A.AM S H.PANEK M.GAMPBELL V.DORMAN P.BURROWS J.DORF P.ZAM ITO G.MOWERS C.COUGHlIN S.HO0VER B.KAHW ROW hz S.SMITH B.HORTON S.HUBBARD T.GAVEL D.ALLEN E.ROTH L.MUNGER J.HUBBARD P.KELSEY S.PALEVICH R.WALTON A.BARNIAK P.AUGELLO D.GREEN J.CAHVER A.PARK S.MASON K.SHERWOOD S.SMITH SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS: President Chester Starowitz Vice-President Laura Gillette Secretary-Treasurer Ronald Reak Elba Central Schoo1's Junior and Senior Sci- ence Club, under the direction of Mrs. Torrey and Mr. Cali, tries to stimulate the interests of students in the many fields of science. During the year the club shows science films and the members take part in demonstrations. Much time is spent preparing projects for the spring science fair. science club RUN 1: B.GEISSLER S.BALONEK ELCALKINS J.S'IYLABEL RCN 2: MRS.KIRSCH L.HOSHER S.NORTON A.PAGE D.GARTLEY R04 3: H.McGILL C.S B.MOnl'ERS G.WAF.BOYS J.SLADE J.McLAR.EN S.BURR N.ANDRE7nTS B.GAVEL S.HARTLEY R VHITCCMB B.MAR.KWICA L.DORF RON lx: S.SMITH S.SHI'I'H L.VOLK S.F.A.LYEA C.S'I'ORY P.BURROWS M.MILLER P.Z.AM'BITO S.BERG M.CHAMBEHLAIN R.ZAHBITO P.STARC7rIITZ E.ARMBREWSTER P.LACEY LIBRARY CLUB Early this school year the new eighth grade girls stepped in to fill the empty offices and membership of the Library Club. Under the direc- tion of Hrs. Kirsch, the club sponsored a com- 'a mon munity bake sale, the first of the year ey making plans. Each member learns much about b ks and bulletin board making by helping dis oo tribute library materials to the elementary rooms for bulletin board display. Ml Iilarary club ROW 1: C.PANGRAZIO S.BIRD S.KELLER W.WILLIAMS J.NORTON D.SNELL M.DENTINO S.WALDRON ROW 2: MBS.BENTON M.JACKETT K.CHAPELL D.WIGTON B.KAH A.BARNIAK M.HOMER S.RUDOLPH C.JOHNSON MB.CROWELL ROW 3: S.ALBEE J.NETH S.TOTTEN S.DEAN C.CROSSETT J.STEENBURG J.SHULTZ M.CAM BELL V.DORMAN N.SH PARD K.WALLACE S.HOOVER FUTURE NURSES' CLUB OFFICERS: President Diane Wigton Vice-President Janet Shultz Secretary-Treasurer Karen Wallace The Nurses' Club seeks to interest members in the fields of practical and professional nurs- ing and to make than aware of the many related careers in the health field. The club goes on field trips, uses film strips, brings in speakers, and has discussions during meetings. One meeting included a field trip to St. Jerome Hospital in Batavia and obser- vation at the MacAuley School of Practical Nurs- ing. As money making projects the club conducts rummage sales and has bake sales. nun-ses'cluI: ROW 1: J.BIRD D.REISDORF P.AHL M.JACKETT B.WATSON E.SHEPARD M.DENTINO J.GAVEL 2 MRS PALMER M TALBOT K KARAS C COUGHLIN J NETH J.WORTON D.SNELL A.MOSHER HOW : . . . . . . ROW 3: H.VANDERHOOF J.DORF C.DiGASOLO M.PANEK S.MASON M.TOWNSEND D.GREEN L.GILLETTE A.PARK K.SH RWOOD G.SHITH A.AMES N.SHEPARD FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB OFFICERS: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Librarian Marcia Vanderhoof Kathleen Karas Georgia Slade Patricia Ahl Jo Ann Gavel Gail Smith The club is striving to inspire more stu- dents to 'look into' the teaching profession. They meet the second Tuesday of every month. This year the club has invited guest speakers from neighboring FTA clubs in order to get new ideas. Probably the most profitable and enjoyable part of being a future teacher is the experience of aiding in the grades once or twice a week. In the spring the club plans to visit vari- ous colleges. The members earn money to do so by selling cake during the noon hour. future teachers v ROW 1: C.DEWEY C.PANGRAZIO M.DENTINO P.AHL B.DORMAN D.REISDORF L.KELSEY J.GAVEL ROW 2: MR.SHE WOOD D.SNELL B.TOWNSEND K.MYERS A.SCHULEH C.JOHWSON M.KELLY S.RUDOLPH W.WILLIAMS K.KARAS M .HOMER C.COUGHLIN B.SHULTZ B.WATSON ROW 3: M.JACKETT E.BROWN M.BATEMAN M.TALBOT J.SPEED K.PORTER N.SHEPARD M.REISDORF J.PFLAUM R B.BEZON A.AMES J.DOHF S.TOTTEN S.DEAN M.VANDERHO0F P.ZAMBITO K.SCHULER B.KAHN J.PRINTUP ROW M: C.CROSSETT CJDiCASOLO S.SCHAFER G.SLADE M.PANEK P.SALWAY J.DORMAN M.TUWNSEND C.NORTON J.WHITCOM J.SHULTZ L.GILLETTE A.HORZEMPA K.SHERWOOD T.BARGAY S.MASON J.STEENBURG J.JASPEH LQBOOH R G.SMITH G. A. A. OFFICERS: President Candace Norton Vice-President Jeanette Speed Secretary-Treasurer Lynda Booher The girls of G. A. A. made it a goal to im- prove themselves in sportsmanship as well as in skill. Very often the girls travel to other schools to compete in basketball. The club enter- tains several schools for track competition. The point system has proved to be a very successful method in determining awards for active partici- pation. hh - an- in ""' nv 1- fig Q, no to F- RCH 1: J.GAV'H. M.JACKETT M.BATEIMAN J.SPEED M.TALBOT P.AHL L.KELSEY ' 5' ' .5 wil L J. :' 'ii ,,4.- RUII 2: K.POR'IER NSHEPARD J.ENGLE H.VAN'DERHOOF L.BOOI-IEP. C.CROSSETT B.KAHN C.JOHNSON K.SCI-IULER RCW 3: G.SMIT'H J.S'I'EENBURG T.BARGAY M.PANEK AJIORZEMPA LJSILLETTE J.SHULTZ J.'rIHI'ICOM'B C.NORTON MJIUWNSEND S.SCHAFER J. JASPER C.DiCASOLO LEADERS' CLUB Leaders' Club is an organization of Junior and senior girls interested :Ln helping with gym classes. By giving demonstrations, aiding with teaching, and refereeing, they are able to better themselves in the art of teaching and in the actual gymnastics performed. leaders' glub ROW 1: MISS MACARI 0.0SBORNE V.MILWARD L.MOSHER R.WHITCOMB ROW 2: P.BUHROWS D.BRAGG J.NORTON CQMUNGER R.BRAGG S.BRAGG ROW 3: E.POOLE C.COUGHLIN E.ARMBREWSTER K.JACKETT L.PARKER N.ANDREWS K.MICKEY H.CHAM ERLAIN H.CALKINS D.GARTLEY L.NAYLOR G.RAMSEY ART CLUB The main objective of an art club is to extend the interest of art for the students of this school. Each student in the art club has a personal activity or project, some of which include the making of decorations for dances, sculpture, enameling, and printing. At the end of this year the students hope to visit the Albright Art Gallery in Buffalo in order to better understand, appreciate, and de- velop a deeper interest in art. M6 url club 5' --'- 115 E fx S' X-...1 RCW 1: D.HOMER HR.RUSSELL S.HOOVER R.DUNLAP R001 2: H.CAMPBELL D.GREEN A.BARN'IAK R.REAK H011 3: C.ROTH B.HORTON GMOWERS R.ZIPFEL E.RO'I'H R.WALTON AUDIO-V ISUAL CLUB The Audio-Visual Club under the direction of Hr. Russell meets once a week. In this club the menbers file film strips,ru.n movie projectors and learn to use other audio-fvisual equipment. After mastering the technique of running projectors , the student members,upon request, run films for the various classes. 4f,a...' audio-visual club 147 ROW 1: MRS. H THERLY J.GEISSLER L.KELLY J.WARBOYS S.CHEESEMAN M S.RICHENBERG ROW 2: S.HIGGINS 5.MICKEY L.RICHENBERG K.COMBO J.BRIDGE B.H THERLY M.HALL P.ZAMBITO S.BERG C.COUGHlIN GIRL sc:oUT mooP S9 Patrol Leaders: Patrolsx Jane Geissler Biddy Buddies Christine Coughlin Psppy Pals Suzanne Cheeseman Susan Mickey Sharon Higgins - Secretary Marilyn Hall - Treasurer The first year's activities included various projects to earn a First Class Badge which was presented to the girls at a Court of Honor in the fall. Other activities included a Father and Daughter Banquet, selling cookies, mother's tea, helping at the T. B. center by making favors for patients at the T. B. Hospital and attending the Ice Follies. L18 girl scouts 'QI .-1-,.- H., ROW 1: R.KREGER H.SAUNDER5 D.HOM R P.WOHlFEIL G.HART R.MILLER L.HORTON 12" s-'11 .mhz ROW 2: P.ZAMBITO J.AUSTIN C.BRINKMAN T.COUGHLIN J.BENTON D.KREGER J.COUGHLIN C.BUTLER C.MILLER J.ARGENTO B.VEREECKEN ROW 3: R.CLARK K.PORTER L.MI1NARD C.ZAMBITO B.HORTON G.CLARK G.ALLEN D.ALLEN K.JACKETT J.BRIDGE D.MASON D.HERTZOG BOY SCOUTS Patrol Leaders: Patrols: David Allen Red Devils Gary Clark Wolf Falcons Flaming Arrows Owl John Benton Charles Zambito Gary Allen The Boy Scouts, Troop 17, under the sponsor- ship of the Elba Firemen, have had several baked goods sales, and helped with the HGet Out and Voten cam aign during this National Election. Proceeds from the baked goods sales were used to buy some tarps which were used in the spring and fall Camporee. Around thirty of the boys attended Camp Sam Wood. The scoutmaster is Thomas Platten and the assistant scoutmaster is John Saunders. b9 boy scouts THE VOICE OF NATURE RESOUNDS IN BEAUTY. P.ZAMBITO NLVANDERHOOF A.SCHULER K.SCHULER M.BATEMAN K.M'YERS S2 -' ' ' ' ' W" -'M'---'--J--3, ROW 1: HOW 2: RCM 3: ROW lu ROW S: L.GILLETTE J.SPEED M.BATEMAN G.SLADE C.DiCASOLO J.STRABEL A.PARK L.KELSEY T.BARGAY C.NORTON K.MYERS M.PANEK S.MASON J.SHERWOOD A.SCHULER C.COUGH IN B.TOWNSEND M.NIEDZIALEK J.NETH A.GREEN R.ZAMBITO P.ZAM ITO M.REISDORF R.GONWAY M.TOWNSEND B.WATSON C.HALL J.DORF K.CHAPELL B.GAVEL S.BURR E.SHEPARD L.BOOHEH C.CROSSETT S.BERG P.AHl D.WATSON R.HEAK L.BATEMAN K.KARAS K.SCHULER J.GAVEL B.DORMAN L.DOHF K.SHERWOOD H.TALBOT J.DORMAN E.BROWN J.PRINTUP V.DORMAN G.CLARK P.KELSEY N.SHEPARD M.VANDERHOOF D.REISDORF B.OLSEN MR.MARK B.KAH J.DiNATALE D.MASON M.CAMTBELL D.COUGH IN C.RUDOLPH M.HOMER D.CROSSETT R.TURNER L.MILWARD J.HAM SHIRE OFFICERS: President Candace Norton Vice-President H2-TY A1111 Talbot Secretary Kathleen Myers Treasurer Bruce Vereecken Librarians Charles Rudolph Dennis Coughlin Patricia Ahl Robert Conway The Elba Central High School Band has been extremely active in the past school year. They presented the annual Christmas Concert, Pop Concert, Spring Concert, and participated in a 'round of bandsn in Pavilion. The summer program consisted of nine parades in which the band took prizes in seven and the presentation of two successful evening concerts. The Farm City Week parade, in which they won first prize, ended a prosperous and successful year. This year numerous members played solos at Amherst ceived ratings of A, B, or C. State Festival and re- A few members of the organization formed a Pep Assemblies and home basketball games. Band which plays at Pep Most of the band's business is carried on by the sists of the officers. They meet once a week and plan activities. band council which con- for various programs and 0 SBIIIO Sh r band RCM RCM RUN I I,-fzet-6w:.i 1' B.GAV'EL S BURR J.SLADE B.GEISSLER S.SMITH J.STR.ABEL MJ-TALL G.YUNKER A.MOSI-IER P.5TAROWITZ 2: D.PANEK L.NORTON N.AN'DR.EWS CLMONACHINO C.DUT'I'ON J.DUN'LAP K.JOHNSON S.SHEPARD PJREAK L.DORF LGREEN L.S'IUART M.CF.AMBEF.LAIN S.SMITH BJTEREECKEN 3: H.PlLLER K.CGiBO S.OI.5EN SJHGGINS P.ZAMBITO BJ-IETHERLY P.ZAMBI'IU R.ZAMBITO LPARKER R.WHI'1COMB J.'I'Dl.LOU GJIARBOYS SJEOHTON T.COUGI-ILIN R.CLAR.K S.UNDERI-IILL G.DZIUBA D.Al.LEN 11: HRJQARK L.HI.UrJA.RD S.BERG M. D.MILLER P.ZAMBITO S.BERG S.REISDORF R001 RCM S: DJCASON W.FAR'1HAN T.DICKES G.HART R.R.AMSEY R. ZIPFEL W.CI-UXMBERLAIN JUNIOR BAND OFFICERS: President susan Smith Vice-President Sybil Smith Secrewv Paula zamhito Junior Band, directed by Lyle Mark, includes grades six through eight and practices are held Monday and Friday ninth period. The band takes Part 1-D DOT-h the Spring and Christmas Concerts. During the summer it marches in a ch:L1dren's parade in Batavia and in E1ba's Field Day parade. 55 iunior band +-, 1 ROW 1: MR.RUSSELL C.PANGRAZIO D.STOKES D.REISDORF B.T WNSEND K.SCHULER K.PORTER R.BURROWS J.HAM SHIRE D.CROSSETT D.BRAGG M.BATEMAN M.WILLIS B.DORMAN L.KELSEY K.MYERS P.AHL J.GAVEL ROW 2: P.ZAMBITO J.SPEED K.KARAS N.SHEPARD J.DiNATALE K.WALLACE J.SHERWOOD B.OLSEN L.SQUIRE T.GAVEL D.WATSON K.CHAPELL M.VANDERHOOF S.DEAN S.TOTTEN A.SCHULER B.KAH M.TALBOT ROW 3: C.CROSSETT B.BEZON L.BOOHER G.SLADE T.BARGAY S.MASON P.SALWAY R.REAK D.TOAL K.KARAS C.RUDOLPH G.PFLAUMER J.WHITCOMB L.GILLETTE C.NORTON S.SCHAFER J.JASPER J.STEENBURG G.SMITH SENIOR CHORUS OFFICERS: President Lawrence Karas Secretary Pauline Zambito Treasurer Jeanette Speed The schedule for Senior Chorus is tradition- ally the same with the exception that 1960-1961 members include only grades ten, eleven and twelve. The Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert highlight the year's program. This year the Senior Chorus would like to pay special tribute to Kathleen Myers, a senior, who has been accompanist for the past four years and who will no longer be with the group after this year. senior chorus X 1 A- , 1 "n.'WT"itl RCM 1: J.STP.ABEL CJ-IALL B.GEISSLER V.MII,WARD FLPFLAUMER D.ALLEN S.I-IAHTLEY PLSAUNDERS MILRUSSELL P.WOI-IIFEII. S.DUTTON L.DOR.F R.JOH.NSON A.HOOVER BJ-IAYES L.BALONEK S.BRAGG RON' 2: DJJACCAMISE S.BU'PVb LJIICKEY B.GAVEL R.DOnlAR.D D.SNELL S.TOAL R.BR.AGG S.REISDOR.F' DJCREGEH R.ZIPFEL P.REAK S.RUDOLPH B.SHU'LTZ J.SLADE L.S'I'UART ILANDREMS M.DENTINO BJVIARKWICA RUN 3: S.ALBEE BJIATSON ILZAMBITO A.MOSE-IER J.PF.INTLTP H.McGILL C.STEENBU'RG G.DZIUBA A.GR.EEN D.I-IERTZOG ELJASINSKI D.MASON RJLAMSEY CLWAHBOYS E.AR.MBREMS'I'ER P.LACEY S.I-IOOVER C.MONACHINO A.BARNIA.K RCM ll: H.REISDOF.F P.ZAMBITO V.DORMAN PLNIEDZIALEK ILSHERWOOD S.HUBBA.RD L.MH.MARD C.NORSTRAND P.AUGELLO D.PRIN'I'U? G.CLARK B.HORTON K.PHINTUP K.POR'I'ER A.PARK J.DORMAN L.PAR.KER J.PFLAU'MER S.BEHG P.BURHCMS JUNIOR CHORUS OFFICERS: President Gary Clark Secretary Judith Dor-man The Junior Chorus consisting of seventh, eighth and ninth grade students is under the capable and energetic direction of Mr. Thomas Russell. This group meets twice a week throughout the school year for practice in preparation for the Christmas Concert and also the Spring Concert. The sincere appreciation and gratitude of the Junior Chorus goes to Mr. Russell for 0 0 C o r his patience and the time spent with those I1 students interested in singing. N u n I o r u s 57 RUM ROW ROW ROW .GEISSLER A.DENTINO B.STANLEY J.JASINSKI J.BIRD H.CHAMBERLAIN M.BOYGE J.CHURCHILL N.BURR .TOWNSEND J.TILLOU T.ANDREWS D.FITE J.GEISSLER D.STANTON K.PORTER S.NAYLOR MR.HUSSELL .COUGHLIN R.HAYES D.DUNLAP L.PANEK N.SCHULER J.SHARP J.VOLK G.PAHUTA H.GRAY L.HORTON S.SAY .NIEDZIALEK C.COLE J.POOLE L.UNDERHILL J.CARRUBBA S.CHEESEMAN L.PHILLIPS .AUSTIN G.WARBOYS S.HIGGINS G.YUNKER P.ZAMBITO C.YUNKER R.DORMAN P.PORTER C.COUGHlIN S.NORTON .ARMBREWSTER S.OLSEN N.WALDRON D.BERGLIN E.WALCZAK J.GARTLEY T.DAM RA S.BERG S.SHEPARD P.DiCASOLO L.RIGHENBERG F.AUGELLO D.PUTNEY M.HERRMANN T.GOUGHLIN A.PANGRAZIO P.ZAM ITO J.CARVER B.H TH RLY .SHEHWOOD R.CLARK D.BRIDGE C.DERMODY K.COMBO C.BERGLIN D.MILLER C.BRINKMAN G.HARTLEY J.CACCAMISE .FIORENTINO WWW' , grade chorus COOPERATION HRANCHES INTO VICTORY. C.NORTON K.KARAS J.SPEED K.POR'I'ER M.TALBOT C.COUGI-ILIN G.SMIT'H c eerleuclers ROW 1: S.DEAN C.CROSSETT L.BOOHER M.VANDERHOOF M.HOMER ROW 2: C.DiCASOLO M.PANEK B.DOWARD A.HORZEMTA C.COUGHlIN D.HEISDOHF K.PORTER L.KELSEY ROW 3: C.NORTON J.WHITCOMB K.SMITH M.BEZON Tri4Gcunty Track Meet at Elba Running broad jump Softball th ou Running high jump hbO yd. relay Total Points: Af. lf, K. Smith lst lb' 5 Bfhn A. Horzempa lst 175' 951' New school record L. Kelsey 3rd 16h' 10' K. Smith lst hi 3n K. Smith K. Porter C. Coughlin L. Kelsey lst 61.2 seconds Elba 21 Oakfield 11 Akron 9 2f3 Alexander 8 lf3 9irIs' track Q2 EMM fate RUN 1: ROW 2: RCM' 3: .JASINSKI L.JASINSKI M.SWARTZ R.BURROWS I-LTOWNSEND R.DOWARD L.SQUIB.E A.HOT'IOIS R.CONWAY D.BR.AGG .ZAMBITO J.BENTON .TOTTEN R.WOI-ILFEIL T.Gl-WEL J.CARVER C.KELLER G.CLARK T.RIGGS F.F.AR'I'LEY C.AUGELLO C.STAROWITZ .KARAS D.JASINSKI .HAHTMAN P.AUGELLO DJLLLEN F.ZAMBITO JJIAMPSHIRE C.RUDOLPH S.PALEVICH D.BEZON L.MUNGER D.COUGHLIN .REAK R.MICK'EY D.WATSON B.V'EREECKEN R.GLOVER MELSHERWOOD MFNABRAMS S.SWARTZ R. ZAMBITO Football Sc ores 119601 Opponents They Oakfield 33 C orfu 27 Lyndonville 12 Pavilion O Alexander 12 62 Iocilaall RCM 1: D.HAR'IMAN C.ZAMBITO W.BUMP ILDUNARD A.TOTTEN B.VEREECKEN L.JASINSKI R.ZAMBITO MILS!-IEHWOOD RCN 2: D.GP.EET'! L.AMES CJCELLER L.McGUIRE S.PALEVICH A.BARNIAK D.COUGHI..IN R.REAK T.GAVEL Track f196OD Genesee Orleans B-C Meet at Batavia 500 yd- dash Ronald neak 31-d 20 yd- dasn Ronald Re-ak nth 880 yd. relay Llth boys track VARSITY COACH SH HWOOD R.GLOVEH S.PALEVICH L.KARAS C.ALBEE P.BEZON D.BEZON C.STARGWITZ F.ZAMBITO L.SQUIRE H.SWARTZ B.VEREECKEN Basketball f196O-61, Varsity Opponents They We H011 ey To 147 C orfu Bb 39 Byron-Bergen 37 28 Lyndonville 68 70-N- Oakfield 61 214 Kendall 21 h84 Albion L15 L12 Alexander 32 S2 Holley 61.1 S1 4 Indicates League Contests Schedule Incomplete varsity basketball -fr:"".,,4 - '1 -"DQ 'ini -an-r ' ,, , ,"P'."'. ,-' if .v,,,,,q 2 R011 1: R.CONWAY LJASINSKI C.AUGELLO R.WOI-ILFIEIL R.JAS1'NSKI K.PORTER R041 2: COACH ABRAMS R.TOrINSEND J.CARVER F.HAH'I'LEY L.MUNGER C.RUDOLPH G.CLARK S.SWARTZ FLHEAK P.AUGELLO Basketball C1960-615 Junior Varsity Opponents They We Holley hh 27 Corfu 33 22 Byron-B erg en 314 2 2 Lyndolrville 119 30" Oakfield M9 21 Kendall 22 M74 Albion 35 2? Alexander S2 1.13 Holley 115 36 -ze Indicates League Contests Schedule Incomplete 65 iuniol' varsiiy ROW 1: HBJABRAMS R.GLOVER C.BUTLER G.AHI. N.AUGELLO L.SQUD?E M.SWARTZ R.WOH1LFE1'L B.VEREECKEN RUN 2: C.PORTER C.STAROWI'I'Z C.ALBEE IMKARAS J.COMPTON F.ZAMBI'DO A.BURLING WJAVILLIAMS Baseball Scores C196OJ Opponents They We Lyndonville 1 ll Wyoming 2 10 Lyndomrille S 3 Kendall 3 lg Kendall S 6 Lyndonville 2 7 Sectional Quarter Finals North Rose S 10 semi-Firms ' Belmont fll innings! 11 8 66 la cl s e la Cl I I HR.LA!IGLE'l B.VEF.EK3KEN P.BEZON T.m.BoT L.JAs1NsK1 E.NIEDz1A1.E:K Tennis Opponents They We Oakfield h l Alexander h l I! Alexander CG-O 'B Tournamentj 3 2 Genesee Orleans Doubles Champions E. Niedzialek and T. Talbot Sectionals: Defeated h-6, 7-5, 6-8 67 Iennis ' I-EERE THE LEAF OF INDIVIDUALITY PROSPERS. advertising ROY PORTER -scum sumo Pnooucz Q- ?6Tchu-0..am-c.vfm- """'2'0' Fl BH, lx ir PONTlLLO'S PIZZERIA if VIA REICH MAIN ST. 319 3-3303 PHD Fi n e P i z z a, s m Wlage Variety Shoppe Soda Fountain Service Dry Goods Main Street E lba PL7-9913 69 . 3 , DRIES' CoLL.1s1oN .lo Zuczlw . B J W0 V' mi in 3 YI PHOTOGRAPHE Rs-Pnofvf F13-5100 ' 3 H + P T 9 26 Main .ST B QfGVlQ,N- LANCTONS coRNERs SEIECHOC comin 3feQmu1-X X I I f Plfone' FIB-0794 5.q5!!.Nq5.ElHQ1Ek. Y lf8l'1ile Wes'l'o'F Ci'l'w.,,Rou'l'e 5 l'1nandl'1rs. Tos. Bez on ' Ji LADIES APPAREL SD 6 Q ww . - nx.9:553uN 'Dg'1:'iA5L.i,2,ZZ7 LQ' e.f.v.. , NX A.Iv1.8.M. CLOTHIERS INC. YOUR FRIENDLY MERCHANT 772m amz Hoya' ifwf Fffwm- 1-7 3-4766 75'IWa1n Sf-BQTQVIQJV MULLEN BROS- JOHNSQNS I N C- QI Ewa JW QQ? -a Bn:-M sr Z PM 2 :BA no m.- PL 7-27:4 N 0050 STORE oi- jour LOCAL COLD STORAGE KASMER COLD SFORAGE SHIPPED.. OF ' IVAIHED PO7777'OEJ' - - ONIONJ' ' C'Al?l?O7'J' - LETTUCE, ETC. ,V . A N l x A -X5 V? iq, iff , ',., - L , M5 -LLBA. NY. - -PL 7- ' ,,,.1n!E!fY' " f M""1'!-Q-. 3 qmgmwmqt 'SUPERIOR CLEANING SERVICE" ,. A I D g , . :A . A , DRY CLEANERS Uj7S,.x 'Only Dvlve-m Dry CLCQVIEY In A Off'-E STREET, BATAVIAV NEW YQQN St akifield and Euan Growers Gm-owevs and Swppevs 0? Fancy Frufc' and Ve e3EdL3LeS ELBA Nam. Ogghce NX Tl Y - y Genesee 5 Orleans Veg. Growers Co-op Assn. Elba. NY Phone. PU2220 C'W,fhH2,Z ZZ e VALLE e ' Jeweler! '-H' 'VPN Gfwf' 0"f0'7 3224 C5iHs of Disi'01cf1'on pxmes PL7-amz EXAMNY 9ATlWM LEGS Red e Vfhlte ELBA, NX SERVWE PHONE PL H741 THE GOODWILL OS Q. CUJTOMEQ. is ee VALUIABLE. AffE:: GOOD WILL is O.C,qLLiPQCL from GOOD .fE,12V1CE GOOD .fET2.V1CE. is obtained. ihrourah. CO-OPEQATXON COOPE.12fNT1ON is worKir'x3, Rn. HARMONY THU' BANK.. is QLLUQ35 im, TUNE. MEAN HK eg JIEIILIIBNX MEMBEQ., F-D'l'C, ELBA , NAA 72 F?" f f E XCHANGE Bl-XNK0f OAKFIELD CONVIENT -' Fmeumx - Sus M4"'b'5" FDIC Phone WH8' Z'iOI CONGRATULATIONS 'IB GRADUATES OF F961 TO KNOW I5 To BE ABLE To Do- To Be ABLE Ka Doi IsTo BE ABLETo SERVE- WOURSELF, YOUR COMMUNWY, YOUR COUNTRY MANC USO MOTQRS INC, Servms Satisfactorilm, Sfnce WZO OK USED CARS E TRUCKS zz ELLICOTT AUTHOPAIED DEALERS OF CHEM OLDS. CAD. Genesee Count-y's Largesf Selection Phone FI13-2955 Qppoife Blue BUS Terminal O'c:ONNER'5 omuens bevsmsefs senvsv H E I- COCKTAILS sms NY moms nw: f-H-1 PATRONS -H'-S LocK NORTON JOE GAVE.. PA-r PALQAMO Srswmf Hams SAN 2 5cAp,i 73 f -1- WCLINT SHULE RS GARAGE AAL KEAXDAZZ SKRWCE M Phone PL7-226i Mte: Wh'8"5l65 Elba, New Yo r-k ELBA HOTELf Lemma -mmm AND BEVEBQAGES To N Y A N o An. nc 5 PIL, 709994 f 'VM MW GE URGES DAIRY l3RoDucs ns AND Dnsmfauwns or GRADEA Mun AND CREAM Phone Fl"3'3075' Batavua N. Y HEQEXJQQPEEYS 37 Main Sf 01141614 pl-:0he: WHS-75 31 OrIeanSGL.F E'-arm Products ALBIQN Com STOQAGE C I Af-WN, N-Y' ooperahve, nc, 'Zh X I . Q, BE! THEY BIRDS. FGYII Eqluipmeln' I , .4 em c...vef, RD1. Ausm,.,N,Y-W.: ea, 75 , - CONWAY GQOCEFQIES 'W' Z 1"v: ,Q-'fi4 "'7Z.l!5MAvf' fa., 'V X 1' f-- mf ' FANCY AND STAPLE. GQOCERJES - PI.-7-2571 EI-BA, NY- 3f fydlrz ST Oafjoefof l060neWf'f'8- 7?Of f' Bott ling Co. BaTc1via NM ROWCLIFFE E SNELL E550 GARAGE General Repalrmg Abu GAIN- Phone PL 7-687-ff ELBA N. Y B 55 9Yl0llQh To serve you, small e1noughTo know .1.-, '.,, f you, 123. 'V" if -. :-vll --.5-I-,IE W ' 2 QUALITY l-IAQBWARL ELECTQXCAI. EQUKDIVXEINLT QA-NG E..J' QE.FQm G EQATORJ RADIOJ' wfws-1 EQJ' TELEVIJION m.uMs3uNc:. .fuPDn.1f.s HEATING - auv PQQM YOUR, Locm. DLALE11, AND Jawa - 1 M , 7 ' f i" :- X f f' fm WW P L- 712 2 ll 71' ' ' V+ ELBA NY Trxe K' 4 - . AA. IGIRII NNIEILIL UO., INC. ' COAL. 5 ' '-UMEBEQ2 Q PRODUCE . PL7- 990i ELEM, NY Tfeadway Inn , . Bafavicz,NeWYvrK The wa rm fiospifa fi fy' and 5 UlU0!'f7 food 0 a ZLfczcfz'z'i0naf Counffy 17771 czr fzgsfzbafly 'Wd com6i17e af wi fi 1996 f1l7C5f 177 woofer-W Kflfffly , ROBIE L.FAUl.KNER lnnlieeper CAR STREET AT -I-HRUWAY mmmugll IF lam-are Farms RQSTB-llr4hT1-Bowling SMJQS- Cones- Shakes 2175. main S17 BwTa.via.' 1,153 vymam Baravlq FY3'2W' FINE AUTOMUBMQS MOTORS BATAXHA D E VENE R AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY INC. .232-fm Weir Mmm ST. Bdwvm , N.Y r w L BOB? Gikjl-ZAGE 5 ROBERT CM IRSCLIOP' f L Q S GAS NXNN N ,fiom fungi ln fashion T'Rf56'd'WWBHILMSBATTER 5 BATAVIA N56 DL 7-6850 ENERALIDQPAIPJNG J . ALBIO 0? mHi?f'0f?Si5q'Cioi51eRS ELBA POST Olfflff Q72 wma 63 Twyef A Q , sb' 9 MAIN ST BHTRUM FI5-5510 HUEY IBRQSQ MOTOR QORR mf. W'eiesLziWa:2sf JW! SE RWC E 80 Five. Broihfrs Brand PoTa1'o and Gram Fuffures ZA M J . 1 if ELBA,N-Y B Pm-994: - J PL"l-9942 I To Pm-zme Dnigtz :xii Xflgshed PoTaToeS B R ' Q HALSWN1 ' Of . of COMPANY O ww m PE ISIEHRINQTB-785i ,rf wear Ac..4...3 sr Album, mc I 1 EA N 5 D R us 62162320332 MAIN 4' JACKSON W V A SATAWA N Y- Sleghtzi Book Gcfafm Q n ST S 3l-2130 Bqfavg 6w Ybrk X 9 IJLJUDZDAA WZGMAHJQ Dfpf-IVDABI EL Jfllfl ER S 6 109 Main Sf Bafavla llJackson Sf- Bqtavm N.Y m E ITS .W SH CP S?Q Z Zigi 5 555 5 WALTER F. OWENJVIGR. MEQEZEEE , 'N' 5555 5. EG?EGE S ELBA. NAC, l3L'7'Q 531 Culrmm 51.06 Store oUfw,fw74wM pw? GMM N Bosfomon N MEHBEVR ofggaxilri TEEGRAPH 70 MAIN MS MBATAVIA MX .plow F, 3-16 76 B"L""4 HARDWARE .3 f""j- ' BAWA .J Fl-3- 4233 PPLIANCE CTR X, C. E. KNOX8 SON Af-qEp,.cA'5 LARGESTExcLus:vfMAx13RsoFMEN'5 FINE SHOES :zo MAIN ST Emma rgqoacaalcdi' ' BATAVIA Nm ' PHONE was-5430 :hn.,,mi,' E W In to Em meiser chevrolet YUCQR ' s MAIN smear .4 I I OAKFIELD, N.Y , ,,,,, , V .-. .... - .2 ms . :em 'SGI ,Q,!,,0w-Zmqfglrfcm me Pzrffva A GARAGE QSIMM 0060569124 Borrfmg V0"kS BArAvlA,NY Pmws Fla-7977 83 X x 56- gow. 7 . it .fb 0 5 63934, Cefcanmc Stamina its Vows A- Guns f- Svvmss 'S uq1w.MAgN RD Ba? avua Phone Ff.3'33V'C Lyanczbaylfeacf, A www ls. Cf TECH G SONS Cgamo ' ' ,,,,,,.f,..-.mf Jiffy BA MVIS, N X F 1. onus rs o f A Orig! HAIR STYLlSTSff,i2j cflwuyd' Txiwt 12,-1 STQJAMM' " Mdlh Si BLQTOLVIC4 p1'7OhQ F13-2 C576 f SPACE HEATING 8 BULK SERVICE TRACTOR FUEL WH -:QQLQZ IE., JL IESIEARDSJLEY CQ, Em., Clothimg -Fmsmislhirmgs and Slhcuvces mmmnmm smms B0'1EANYe'5400" swarms , IMICIHIAIELS STEUHN SWHTS Mc GRJEGGR, SRGRTSWEAR 165 Mafnm Street - MAJLORY IHIATS -0 1nosroN1A.N smrons - Batavia NSY? This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of lith Ii ' L' Sol od ' W K ll 1 . p ' 'H J? 1- H. . '1 -. VFW 5."", Tm ' if vim-vw, ,.1'fiw A , Y' . ,' ff Q 1 4 , Y' 1, . . 'nf , 3 ,. u, ., f rf: .lmm-.fn-.1:.a.a41+H.?,e.E5nfuua:ff1u1a: M sithmxim in an

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