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 - Class of 1960

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f, 1 1 N. ,, Y w.,,,..,1,,.,,l..,,,,,,, I FOREWORD: Monuments, statues , buildings , QQ gravestones? In the following pages of the Revue the intention is to humor, entertain and attempt to make the reader chuckle. As he hap- pily turns the pages of the year- book, a new world of interest will open to him. Monuments 1-riJ.'L be used to tell the story of the school in this yea.r's Revue. They will repre- sent the theme and introduce the different sections of the yearbook. It is yours to enjoy. I XY ' idx SU X 71 ' X X C 44 y JL THE'1'HINK1ER Rom Iorewanl 15 1 H 4. , .WF ,..., 2, DEDICATION The students of Elba Central School dedicate the 1960 Revue to Mr. Alan Abrams. Coach Abrams, since his arrival at Elba Central in 19514, has earned the respect and admiration of all who have had the pleasure of coming under his guidance and training. His cheerful smile and sincerity have won him friends in every department of the school.As a coach, Mr. Abrams has instilled the desire to win in his teams while teaching the boys the value of good sportsmanship. In true appreciation for the part that Coach Abrams has played in their high school development, the students dedicate this book to him. dedication '7:T?'57'x??ZD J' .Q.., .f I 'vs-an-, 'er ua Ames ua SWARTZ x-m.EDGERffoN MR.SPEED MR.sHUKmzoHT MR. BALDWIN BOARD OF EDUCATION 2 The Board of Education has the ever present necessity of evaluating the total educational program. The problem of adequate space for classes is solved for the immediate future. Now the members return to the biggest challenge of all: To provide a. broad enough educational program to prepare Elba Central's young people for the ever-changing present and the beckon- ing future. board of education n 3 i V- , ., len.. ,e,,,.n-.:-F'-M , , ,. ,. ..,....,.M Q VV W M 1 4 , ,. ,,..., ,.,., .,,, , 1. .- .. VICE PR1NcIPQ1sLMR.L.BENToN BUT ME N0 BUTS o--o h 1' Q . ,m,r.,.w1:w E , . ' We hope our administrative organization has become .reasonably efficient. Organization effi- ciency should enable us to progress toward solution of instructional., extracurriculaz' and curricular problems. 5 ..:.,Le.....--:...-., . V A- It 3 I PRINCIPI-fEf..MR. HJILVANDERHOOF 0 0 0 clclmlnlslrahon ABN W MRS.BARGAY M.RS.SHERWOOD MRs.w1GToN 0 .I .I i C e S I, a ,I ,I I . f Q 'I e 1' e I' I u S 1' a 'I 'I MRs.A.BURRows MRs.J.MERR1cK ms.M.1oNNEN MRs.c.BooHER Mas xowc .I. 6 , . M , , X V EMM , 3' vu... ll' - ---we -:W-:ffl f---1 - ' - M ' 8 i WHO KEEPS HE KEYS OF' THE f f p ws ,....... CREED5 T: .g. U- .,.. Xxxx. BUS DRIVERS: ROW.-J l: MR.G.CALKINS MR.H.DASH ' d O ROW 2: MR.AJ-IAYES MR.D.BRIDGE ROW 1: A.PRI'DMOEE S.AHL H.ROHAN C u s o I u n S ROW 2: G.KREGER L.PRIDI IORE LSTEENBURG G.ROWCLIF'FE G.COUGHLIN 5 ,W-wwf-' YW M , b , ...L.., VELMA BENTON Nurse SMITH THOMAS RUSSELL Music MR.H.W.VANDERHO0F Principal MR.L.H.BENTON Vice Principal MR.CARROLL JOHNSON Citizenship Education MISS HAZEL BURR Second Grade MISS MILDRED SHEPHARD First Grade MRS.KATHERINE MANWARING Special Class MISS BLANCHE ENGLAND English faculty ROW 1: MRS.BEN'ION MRS.SMI'Il-I MFLRUSSELL MRJIANDERHOOF MILBENTON MR.JOHNSON MISS BURR MISS SHEPHARD ROW 2: MRS.MANWARING MISS ENGLAND MRS-.CLARK MRS.COCIQ?.AM MRS.STROUTS MRS.BURR MRS.WEST MHSJJEBER MRSJAMES MRS. BAKER MRS . CHRISTOPHER ROW 3: MISS COUGHLIN MRSJEAVEL MRS.GIDVER MRS.NORTON MRS.PALMER MRS.'I'ORREY MRS.PAUL MRS.KIRSCH MISS HOFMANN MISS STRONG MRS.SANBORN ROW ll: MR.McCOY MR. GIANSANTE MR.MARK MR.BECKEIR MR.CROWELL MR MR.SHUPE MFJDERMODY MR.LANGLEY MRS.ANNA CLARK Fifth Grade MRS . GIADYS COCKRAM Dental Hygienis t MRS . LINA STROUTS English MRS .EDITH BURR First Grade MRS .MARION WEST Third Grade MRS .DELORIS WEBER Mathematics MRS.LUCILLE JAMES Sixth Grade MRSJVIARTHA BAKER Fourth Grade MRSJVIARJORIE CHRISTOPHER Second Grade MISS DOROTHY COUCHLIN First Grade MRS .DOR0 Tl-TY GAVEL Fifth Grade MRS.ROSEMARY GLOVER Homemaking MRS .NATALIE NORTON Fourth Grade MRS .HELEN PALMER Mathematics MRS .MARY TORREY Science MRS .EDITH PAUL Kindergarten MRS.I-IELEN KIRSCH Librarian MISS DOROTHY HOFMANN Sixth Grade MISS MARILYN STRONG Second Grade MRS .AGNES SANBORN Speech Therapy MR .HERBERT MCCOY Science . COFFIN MH . GLOWAC KI MR . SHIERWOOD MR. ABRAMS MR.SAMUEL GIANSANIE Citizenship Education MR. LILE MARK Instrumental Music MR.ARTH'UR BECKER Art MR. GERALD CROWELL Guidance Counselor MR. LAWRENCE COFFIN English MR.RUSSELL GIOWACKI Industrial Arts MR. STAMFORD SHERWOOD Physical Education MILALAN ABRAMS Physical Education MR. GLENN SHUPE Driver Education MR.JOSEPH DERMODY Agriculture MR.RO GER LAN GLEY Citizenship Education I . t'i .V u,,,,,,,,,,A ff v-..,.. vb, ' ' ' ?ffM.x-gwsf,-w: .-,A-Y:-f---r-1---f SOPHOCLES TRALDI Vice President Thomas Talbot 1 THOMAS TALBOT Nickname : Tom Ambition: College Class Vice President 11 President 3 Student Council Vice President 3 Rev-ue staff 3,11 Literary Editor 11 Speaking Contest 11 Class Play 3,11 Honor Society 3,11 Adventures In Knowledge 3,11 Basketball 2,3 Football 2,14 Intramurals 1 Dance Committee 3 Model Congress 1,2,3,11 Science Congress 2 Science Club 3,11 KAY FRANCES NETH Nickname: Kay Ambition: Elementary Teacher Class Secretary 11 Revue Staff 3,11 Business Editor 11 Speaking Contest 11 Class Play 3,11 Senior Chorus l,2,3,11 Future Teachers' Club 3,11 Play Committee 3,11 Dance Committee 3,11 F.H.A. 3,11 Parliamentarian 11 G.A.A. l,2,3,14 Science Congress l Science Fair l -'L l Niclcname: Bug 1 President Barton Dambra BARTON DAMBRA Nickname : Bart Ambition: Accountant Class Ambition: Agricultural Business Class President Treasurer Revue Staff Advertising Editor Class Play Senior Band Vice President Pep Band County Band County Orchestra Basketball Football Baseball Play Committee Dance Committee F.F.A. Chapter Reporter State F.F.A. Band President 3,14 Vice President 2 Revue Staff 3,11 Speaking Contest L1 Class Play 3,11 Adventures In Knowledge 11 Basketball 1,2,3,11 Football 1 Track 2,14 Model Congress 3,11 o r o f I i c e r s 1 2,11 2,3,1-1 11 l 2 3 12 J .I 3 11 1,2 1,3 2 1.2,3.h 1,2 ,3,11 O 11293114 11 3,11 l,2,3,11 3 ' 1,2,3 X , , V- 1, , , ,Y . sf ,al Wflwf wr-L..-U. 1, ,. , , X .1o.,1,.,1ams use .., L...-:,,.,x.1. , 'ff-' 1'f ' 'fff L ' N. Q5-j' -gg: ,, T' - XJ'-Y' 1 X A,-,, Y, ,,,.,,.., JAMES AUTRY BURLING Nickname: Cowboy Ambition: Architect Basketball Football Baseball Track Intramurals Play Committee 1.92.9391-5 1,2,3,h 1:2a3:1-1 1:2s3:1-4 1 3 EUKARIS DIAZ Nickname: Cary Ambition: Teacher Exchange student from Panama NORMAN AU GELID Nickname: Norm Ambition: Coaching Class Treasurer Student Council Speaking Contest Class Play Basketball Football Baseball Track Intramurals Play Committee Dance Cormittee F.F.A. President Model Congress NORMA JEAN HARTMAN Nickname: Norma. Ambition: College 3 h h 3,h 1,2,3,b 1,2,3,D 1,2,3,h 1,2,3,h 1 3 h 3:11 2,3,b h Is IX 9: -:J fir 'WVWU' aw , : hi Revue Staff 3,14 Speaking Contest h Class Play 3,14 Dance Band 2 Senior Band 1,2,3,14 Pep Band 2,3,14 Senior Chorus 1,2,3,14 Intra.rm1raJ.s 1,2,3,1.1 Dance Committee 3,14 Leaders' Club 3,14 c.A.A. 1,2,3,n seniors 1 1 11 PATRICIA JEAN RUCK Nickname: Pat Ambition: Legal Secretary And Housewife Class Treasurer 1 Dance Band 1,2 Senior Band 1,2 Pep Band 1,2 Senior Chorus 1 County Band 2 County Orchestra 1 Play Cormnittee 3,11 Dance Committee 3,14 - j fag? 11, F.H.A. 1,2,3,b 4 1 , Leaders' Club 3 5 y, G.A.A. 1,2,3 ,, , 1 WAYNE TOWNSEND Nickname: Weasel RUN L' KAHN Ambition: Business Management , Class Play 3 Niclfnames Ryan . Basketball 2,3 gmb1'1'fi0I12CMe:Ll3.I1l1C8-1 Engineer ll Baseball 2 peaking on S Play Conmuittee L Class Pla? 11 Dance Committee 3,14 gzgiginga-nd 1n2a3si: Adventures In Knowledge 11, Football 3,11 Track 3,14 Intramurals 14 Science Congress 3,14 Science Club 3,14 MARGARET WI-IITIIOMB Nickname: Maggie Ambition: Science Teacher Class Play 3 Honor Society 3,11 Senior Band. 1,2,3,1g Pep Band 3,11 Future Teachers' Club 3,11 Adventures in Knowledge 3,11 Intrazrmrals and G.A.A. 1,2,3,1g Play Committee 11 O NSF Summer Science Scholarship 3 e I' I o r 12 Dance Committee 3,11 Leaders' Club 3,14 Model Congress 1,2 ,3,h Science Congress 1,2,3,11 ' Science Club 3,14 Director 3 Secretary 14 Nurses' Club 1,2,3,14 Vice President 14 JOHN COMPTON Nickname: Jack Ambition: College Annunciation High School Denver Colorado 1,2 ,3 Student Council 1,2 ,3 Class Play 1,2 Senior Chorus l,2,3 Basketball l,2,3,1.1 Football 1,2,3,14 Baseball l,2,3,14 ' Play Committee 1.1 Dance Committee 11 SHARON HUCK Nickname: Sharon Ambition: Happiness Revue Staff Senior Band Pep Band Senior Chorus Harmonettes County Chorus County Orchestra All State Band All State Chorus Intramurals Play Committee Dance Committee Leaders' Club G.A.A. Model Congress Science Congress CRAIG PORTER Nickname: Buglette 2,11 11213311 112.03911 l,2,3,11 1-213:11 2,334 1 2 3,11 1,213,111 3,11 3,11 11293911 3,11 1 Ambition: Physical Education Teacher Revue Staff Photography Editor Class Play Senior Chorus County Chorus Basketball Football Volleyball Baseball Intramurals Play Committee Dance Committee Science Club Magazine Drive Captain Science Fair ELIZABETH WEBER Nickname: Betty Ambition: College Student Council 1,2-,3 Revue Staff 3,11 Speajcing Contest 11 Class Play 3 Dance Band ' 1,2 senior Band 1,2,3,u Secretary 11 Pep Band 1,2,3,14 Senior Chorus 1,2,3,1.1 Secretary 3 Treasurer 1.1 County Band 3 Intramurals 1,2,3,14 Play and Dance Committees 3,11 F.H.A. 1,2 Leaders' Club 3,14 G.A.A. Honor Teams l,2,3,1.1 Model Congress 3,14 13 3,11 11 3, 3, 11 11 3 1s2a3:14 2,23 11293314 1 3,11 3,11 11 3,11 af 'CY as ' i?.T',- ' ' ' 'Qitwf 3 . . 'L 1'L'l,'11l Lu ,, pg, ' 3 . ., 11. , ,f,. , 3 9'l TK! 15,1 1 if W MH' 1 ,F uf! it 3:11111- 111,15 uf J IV Ir'x1x 1 I 1 1 uaxvif ' ' , .:?24+,,. - ,V .-:ZLL y ffl' '61- ' lisp H , ,I L: 5, . ,,, 4, fin' lf,,,,QI,Z,t-E fjgqxqgf- 'I 155: ,I '15, 'Luf ,, 'n .v- -q,: ,.1'.' f ff- V, mf. 4. ,Ia l'13i,x-. 1 f jd-fs!1.7 S.L'f1.f l,!srli',13,1 f. f,- -1 - 5. v :M :1',Mi-pg' 1 141' 1- ' ,I-fvffft-'Q' wfiifw f' ' -'f1'5p'.-1'.+ms1'2-251191 I 'ff 1 111 H ' - in ' - -Vfffx S-2 m.11:f:,?:'2- 11 'N' 1 4111 ?1tf'ff-1z1'1.S:2,Hf2'i 2 Cf' 3 f '11, f. . a':fe '1,i'1, 2x'?fi2K S1111 af, If 1151! f ',f'..-'21f'ElS 1ff2 -1 N fs .- we ,.,,gS'e14Lx ' x 5:-3 ' . 1- f,...-- .v,. -H fm, ' fa, 37.3 pdf : ' Z' A , N ,, 1 ' K, 'X 15 ,312 ', an 1 , , 4 af : ' ,:f,,7, K4-.VU 1 'me no Mfr f 4 ff ff? if 1 eff' . ' AMF? fffsg, .,, f ,2 2:4 Z ,lf 2 411222-:..i'1if, - 0 2, ' Q . , . , 1, ,ff Laj, , . ','y.2'c fy' 14, ag' ,' -,f, . a 'J f, 'ff,1'ff'1':Qa ,. :V xg, m2f.f2Qg:'zg1 ,, K f ::4,,f f,,-ya, 9 ,ji 2,fw:1v'5Zr2'.vQawZ'If 7 ' fa-gf ?f'111' ' 4? HW1 if we 'f ' w' ze f 'rf' 2 if 1 I V 221, wi 2 f 'J ,Afif?11:2.' Q-gewafygffliffe 1' s ,J Zlfirvff ff' ' '. :,'fQy,a:, g434.a45'i5 '1' , - 'N J ,.,fjg4!of:?f111,Z1f fi ,Q ,f,f,7 , , an-,,,:fg AM? 4, - ,,,,. , ,- ,Qt , -- - , I ,.4- 0-- 1-0-1- 1' 25 :z effff 1' fi 'P ' 11271. 'fix f , f , ,J My DONALD ENGLE Nickname: Donnie Ambition: Tool And Die Maker 2 Basketball Play Committee LINDA MAE KOZAK Nickname: Linda Ambition: Success Class Secretary Revue Staff Senior Band Pep Band Senior Chorus County Band County Orchestra All State Band Play Committee Dance Committee F.H.A. Nurses' Club Magazine Drive Co-Chairman Typing Contest 3,11 I KATHLEEN SMITH Nickname: Kathy Ambition: Political Science Student Council President h 2 Alternate 3 Revue Staff 1 2 3 Ll 1 2 3 if Editor-in-Chief ' ' 'h 1:2:3:h Literary Editor 3 1 2,3,h Speaking Contest L ,1,3,h Class Play I4 2 Honor Society 3,14 Dance Band 1 2 Senior Band 1,2,3:L, President 1, Lg' Sectional All-State Band l,2,3 2,3 1,2,3 Senior Chorus 1 2 3 I4 3 County Band ,1Z3:L, h County Orchestra 2 Adventures in Knowledge 3,14 Basketball Scorekeeper 3,14 Intramurals 1 2 3 L, Leaders' Club , ,313 G.A.A. 1 2 3 lg Model Congress ,2:3:h Science Fair 2,3,h Magazine Drive Business Manager I4 EDWARD DZIUBA Nickname: Eddie Ambition: Undecided Student Council l,2,3,h Football lx O Intramurals Play committee Dance Committee Science Congress Science Club Science Fair lh 1,n 3,h 3,11 1 n ' , 3,14 SBIIIQYS 1 , ,5 . , ' tx 1 I N N ,,..,,,.....,...- 'K' i I HITA HAPWSHIHE Nickname: Rita Ambition: College Class Secretary 1,3 Student Council Secretary 2 Revue Staff 2,3,h Art Ediwr L1 Senior Band l,2,3,b Senior Chorus l,2,3,h Treasurer 3 County Band 3,74 County Chorus 2 Future Teachers' Club 3,h President h Adventures in Knowledge 3,7-1 Cheerleader 2,3,h Captain U Track l,2,3,h Play and Dance Committees 3,h F.H.A. l,2,3 Leaders' Club 3,hG.A G.A.A. Honor Team l,2,3,l4 Model Congress 3,74 Science Congress l Exchange Student 3 DAVID WILLIAM CAMP Niclmame: Dave Ambition: Teacher of Sc Speaking Contest Class Play Senior Chorus County Chorus Future Teachers' Club Football Intramurals Play Com ittee Dance Com ittee Science Congress Science Club Projection Club Boys' Chorus Exchange Student Science Fair JUDITH WARBOYS Nickname: Judy Ambition: Secretary Student Council Speaking Contest Class Play Senior Chorus Intramurals Play Com ittee Dance Committee F.H.A. Leaders' Club G.A.A. Revue Staff EDWARD J. NIEDZIALEK Nickname: Ed Ambition: Draftsman Class Play Basketball Football Volleyball Baseball Dance Committee Science Club ll SBIIIOYS 'N 3 h 21h 1,2 3 1,2 3,3 15 BELL ience b 3 3,h 3,h 3,b 2,3 1,2,1r 3,b 3,b 3 Z 3 D 2 3 3,h h b 3,h 1:2s39h 1,2,3,U 3 3,h 1,2,3,h 3,3 112:35 h a' r TIF yggggy f-Bm js Wife Kagan? ,, -mf, MWMHT H, ,,w U 4 5531 r MARY ELIZABETH Niclmame: Melly Ambition: Nurse Speaking Contest Intrarmzrals Play Committee Dance Committee F.H.A. Secretary Leaders' Club G.A.A. Nurses ' Club KELLY M 1,2,3,b 3,h 3,h 1,2,3,b M 1 1:23-39,4 112133,-1 ELIZABETH JEAN MASON Nickname: Jean Ambition: Medical Secretary h Speaking Contest Class Play Senior Band Senior Chorus Intrarmlrals Play Committee Dance Committee F.H.A. Leaders' Club G.A.A. Science Congress Nurses' Club 3 152539,-A 1,2,3,A J-:2:3:,-1 3,h F-' F-' v u YU NJ ra in KAJKAJKAJL0 uuuu 5T'll'J:'I?' F0 v U-ll? ROSEMARY HOUGH Nickname: Rosie Ambition: To Be Happy Senior Chorus Play Cormnittee Dance Committee F.H.A. Bible Club 5' nocrnrcrcr 16 JOHN KASMER Nickname: John Ambition: Produce Dealer Student Council 3 Basketball 1,2 Volleyball 1 Baseball 1 Track l F.F.A. l,2,3,l1 Treasurer 2,14 Model Congress I4 Science Congress 1 WILLIAM SHULER Nickname: Bill Ambition: Mechanical Engineering Basketball 1 Intramurals 1 Play Committee 3,14 Dance Committee 3,14 Science Congress 1,3 Science Club 3 - ,..i......,a.....,-.....,....,W.-..,.- .... X.,..l...,- -,.! --rw-.-0 RICHARD COLE Nickname: Dick Ambition: Mechanic Intramurals Play Committee Dance Committee DOROTHY ANN Nickname: Dot Ambition: Secretary Intramurals Play Committee Dance Committee F.H.A. Leaders' Club G.A .A . Nurses ' Club BUMP K A' 1,2 3,h 3,h 12324 :93Zh 3,h 19213213 1:2:3:h 1:2a3:h NANCY MARIE DUNN Nickname: Nan Ambition: Practical Nurse b Speaking Contest Class Play Senior Chorus Intramurals Play Committee Dance Committee F.H.A. Vice President Leaders' Club G.A.A. Nurses' Club ROGER Nickname: Smitty Ambition: Make A Intramurals Play Cormnittee Dance Committee Science Fair SMITH Million 3 2 ln l,2,3,h M 3,h 1,2,3,E 3,h 11293514 1,2,3,h 12 aiu 3,u 2 BARBARA ANN BRINKMAN Nickname: Barb Ambition: Secretary Revue Staff Class Play Senior Chorus Intramurals Play Committee Dance Committee F.H.A. Leaders' Club G.A.A. Nurses' Club 17 3 1 2 3 E 'ifzfh A 3,h 1!2!3!h 3,h 1,2,3,U 2,u ,., fffkr if X--K-1 .ffmf-1? 'at f -f I 1 fe ,lf uw 4 A , 65aaf'f A473 .. A! ' 'f' j' 1- yall ff- ., .f ir 'Vf ' ,'4eZx , ggifffgyf If gggf-5 12333231554 1-:af-ef -:af ' i25s:r2 ff-:H A . .121 wir' 4: f-,-3 ' ff-iz 1 ..19a--4f,,'ifZ'l,1s5' it-vyf, :ff-I :ff ' 19119. 'tZe26:w uwfzfzvwaeaf hV22?Z2E?'l 4xg?.5fgy25zw Wg VXYPEJHQQ, 4,if42eZQ?f' 'WW' i 4NN K R J MW' Unmou- JACOB JAKAUB Nickname: Jake Ambition: Tool And Die Class President Vice President Student Council Basketball Football Track Play Committee Dance Committee Science Congress Science Fair MONICA BEZON Nickname: Bez Maker 2 3 1 1,2 1,2,3 1,2 3,11 3,b 2 2 Ambition: A Happy Homemaker la Speaking Contest Class Play Senior Chorus Cheerleader Track Intramurals Play Committee Dance Committee F.H.A. Reporter Leaders' Club G.A.A. Honor Team Betty Crocker Award Revue Staff BARBARA JEAN COUGHLIN Nickname: Barb Ambition: Secretary Spealdng Contest I4 3,b Class Play L 2,3,lL Dance Band 2 la Senior Band 1,2,3 1,2,3,74 Senior Chorus 1,2 13233511 TI'8Ck Ll, 3,11 Intramurals 1,2,3,b 3,74 Play Cormnittee 3 1,2,3,lL Dance Committee 3,14 ln F.H.A. l,2,3,h 3,11 Historian L, 1,2,3,74 LeadeI'S' 3,14 1:2:3sh G.A.A. 3,11 I4 Nurses' Club 1 la CHESTER WALLACE Nickname: Wally Ambition: To Make The Most Of Life Speaking Contest lg Class Play 3,14 Senior Band 1,2,3,h Senior Chorus 2 ,3,h Football 1,2,3,h Intramurals lg Dance Committee 3,14 Model Congress h 9 Science Club h Color Guard 2,3,b Adventures in Knowledge I4 s e n i o I- s 18 e , A -X 'V ----.-................,,,...-. ,, V, ,. , , , ...--..H.,..n..,.,,...-L.-,.-,f...., ' ,, ,,-NH o K ,, V W ,- .,. , V ,, , , w- Iv- , J ' 31 l I 'w W3 ' RW 1: MRS.SMI'1l-I J.GAVEL J.SPEED MJTALBQT ILMYERS K.PORTER P.ZAMBITO E.HOUGH D.WIGTON MRSJORREY RON 2: L.BOOI-IEE. J.JASPER T.BARGAY D.UN'DERHILL ILCROSSETT J.HUBBARD R.TURNER B.OLSEN JLHORZEMPA BNEREECKEN B.BEZON ROW 3: S.SCHAFER L.GILLET'l'E C.NOR'lON RJTICZEIY C.STAROWITZ D.'l0AL S.PALEVICH L.KARAS A.COUCZiLIN PJCELSEY JJIAMPSHIRE J.SHULTZ K.PASK ffjyfwfff 1 1 WXNN Nothing can be pvc- xduced our? or XX Nowms fflw Jfijl-lf ' XxX JUNIOR CLASS In November the Junior Class presented an informal dance, the Fall Frolic. Earlier in the month the junior girls participated in a speaking contest. Throughout the first semester the class anxiously awaited the arrival of their rings as well as the presentation of the Junior Play. OFFICERS: President Candace Norton Vice President Paul Kelsey Secretary Kathleen Myers Treasurer Stephen Palevich Student Council Members Allen Coughlin Mary Ann Talbot Student Council Alternate Laura Gillette 19 L.KELSEY S.BIRD MILLANGLEY ROW 2: K.SCHULER B.KAHN TALWILLIAMS J.DINATALE K.CHA.PELL C.CROSSETT C.DICASOID G.SMITH SJ-IENRIES J.STEEN'BURG M.VANDER.I-IOOF B.SMITH C.JOHNSON J .NORTON ROW 3: ILSWARTZ M.PANEK EQROTH R.'IOAL D.GB.EEN L,AMES D.BEZON R.WAL'ION C.ALBEE A.BARNIAK G.PFLAUMER D.HAH'I'MA.N J.WHITCOMB A.TOTTEN MJIOWNSEND IHSQUIRE A I I soPHoMoRE CLASS tg! 'L s -- -s'd ' e ' ' The Sophomore Class has presented two movies K this school year. They have also sold refreshments at the home basketball games. L1 d G A Among other things they are working to e finance the Sophomore-Senior Banquet and a class iff trip to Roseland Park. N B l Y OFFICERS, o 'roms et iff President Larry Squire Vice President Michael Swartz 5 1 r js, Treasurer Gail smith ' '1 i ' Student Council Members David Green 5 1 Marlene Bateman Student Council Alternate Marcia Vanderhoof s o P h 0 m 0 r e s 20 511 f1'3I x lf I Q L: ' , A. ' .Ame . 4.1-. TliE.'f'.,. '.. nfA1Z'l32IufZ!Z'3 Y 'f'f 'TH'f.f 5:'?TT'T 1'W 1 W . 'wx 2 ' ROW 1: MR.GIANSANTE R.UNDERHILL LVEREECICEN P.AHL S.DOWNS M.BATEMAN M.JACKETT N.SI-IEPARD J.ENGI.E D.REISDOR.F HU 5 +f-- I Il ROW 1: MFLCOFFIN ILSTROBELE B.'KJWNSEND S.K.ELLER M.HOMER P.BAI.ONEK G.MOWERS J.FITE D.STCKES SJJALDRON D.BRACG MRS.PAIMER ROW 2: T.DICICEIS A.SCHULER K.KARAS K.WA.I.LACE G.SLADE S.MASON R.BUR.HOWS D.WATSON J .SHERWOOD S.DE.AN R.WARBOYS J.NE'11-I C.COUG-ILIN R.G1OVER ROW 3: LJASDISKI W.WILLIAMS R.CHAPELL T.GAVEL FJJIICKEY P.BEZON LMUNGER C.RUDOLPH F.ZAI'IBITO V.GEORCE R.REAK T.RIGGS P.S'11AFFORD D.GOUGHLIN ILWOHIFEIL N5 -NEO -Elkinq Aqen A tux Nl freshmen 177 'f ' ' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Student Councildliembers Student Council Alternate Peter Bezon David Watson Ann Schuler Frank Zambito Georgia Slade Randal Burrows Bonnie Tovmsend 21 , ROW 1: C.HALL B.I-IAYES A.MOSHER D.SNELL RJASINSKI E.SI-IEPARD D.COFFEY K.POB.'I'ER C.PANGRAZIO J.BIRD MRJVICCOY ROW 2: AJXRMBREWSTER S.TOAL J.PRINTUP S.ALBEE R.TOWNSEND K.JACKETT B.DOWARD H.C-RIFFIN B.wATSoN S.I-IOOVER C.DEWEY ROW 3: S.TOTTEN V.DOR.MAN J.DORMAN G.ALLEN TJ-IALL D.BRINKMAN R.SAY C.KELLER P.AUGELI.O F.HARTLEY K.SI-IERWOOD J .PFLAUMER J .WASHINGTON ROW 1: D.HOMER IVLDENTINO A.BAR.NIAK IVLHENRIES R.CONWAY D.SNELL B.SHULTZ J.LACEY MRS.STROUTS HOW 2: E.BROWN H.MIDrJARD J.DORF J.SMITH A.AMES S.HUBBARD IVLREISDORF S.RUDOLPH J.BRIDlE ROW 3: M.CAMPBELL M.NIEDZI.ALEK R.DOWARD S.SWARTZ J.CARVER D.PRINTUP G.CLARK C.AUG.ELIO LRICHENBERG D.ALLEN INBATEMAN V22 HW Z' 'x.5.l.1 Q22 ROW 1: -LSTRABEL JJIILLER L.NORTON C.MILLEH C.BUTLER J.BEN'lK'JN MRSMEBER I R017 2: AJREEN NANDREWS D.MA.SON D.CAGCAl'HSE W.BUMP S.BURR D.GARTLEY ROW 3: P.STAROWI'l'Z I-LCHAMBERLADI S.BEHG M.MILLER D.STROLlD P.ZAMBI'IO B.HOR'ION FJCELLY GJNARBOYS seventh grade ROW 1: R.DUNLAP FLCALKINS BJLARKWICA B.GAVEL L.BAI.DNEK R.WHI'1COMB D.KHEGER MH..MARK ROW 2: I-.VOLK R.ZAMBITO S.RALYEA P.BURROWS S.SMITH C.PANGRAZIO C.S'IORY D.PANEK ROW 3: K.JOI-INSON W.HART MJICLAREN C.ZAMBITO R.VanBUSKIRK B.TOTTEN D.HOUCH CJZOCEIHS M.NEWMAN 4 I .-, 23 ll,.3l7.1'T1f,'1 J X 'nr 'is' -:sr Q, 'MW' seventh Row 1: B.vEaEEcKEN J.ARc:amTo B.GEISSLER H.McG1LL G.MUNG1m G.smoBE1.E MR.Jo1msoN Row 2: B.:-xowms R.nzIuBA P.LACEY R.w1LLLAMs C.NORS'H?.A.ND s.sM1'rH W.COLE 9 f G e Row 3: L.DORF J.SLADE P.SCI-IAD R.zA.MB1To c.sTEEm3uRG E.AmBB.EwsTER s.HA1m.Ey A.PAcm SPECIAL CLASS: ROW 1: MRS. MANWARDIG ROW 2: G. SCROGER ROW 3: G.DEAN T.KING CLSUMERISKI G.McVAY P.McCORMICK now In M.HALE G.mm1aLE G.JACKET D.cm1uc ' I now 5: P.LYONS D.wI1.L1AMs T.nmgoN L.wAwRzxN1A.K S P e C I a N C U S S 1 C: ti cd, ROW 1: S.BRAGG J.BIDOM P.WOl-IIFEIL FLSAUNDERS E.OSTROWSKI C.COUG-ILIN S.REISDORF MRSJAMES ROW 2: E.POOLE R.STAN'1ON W.CI-LAMBERLAIN P.B.EAK G.RAMSEY A.PRESCOTT L.STUART R.POHTER HOW 3: W.GRAY SJNHITCOMB A.DOWARD A.ALBEE K.MICKEY C.MONACHINO L.P.lLRKER G.ARMBR.EWSTER K.PRINTUP T.BEZON sixth grade ROW 1: R.BRAGG DJASINSKI R.HAIES L.BUMP J.AUSTIN L.SULLIVAN 0.0SBORNE V.MILWARD MISS HOFMANN ROW 2: A.HOOVER PJCELLER D.COFFEY R.R.AMSEI D.H'ERTZOG R,ZIPFEL R.PFLAUMEB. C-.DU'I'1'ON ROW 3: ILKNIGHT LMICKEY V.SHARP GJDZIUBA D.ALLEN R,DOWARD L.NAYIDR YLOSTROWSKI IHKONIECZKA D.ANDERSON c.Ro1'H 51,7 1 25 I-lfiliih' 52-5 ' . M' ' f'4 5U' '3h1 n ' ElII!i1'iE'JE1'5'?dlETYIZ'l Wi1 'f ' ROW 1: QLJASINSKI J.GEISSLER M.BOYCE G.YUNKER T.ALLEN LMITCHELL S.SHEPARD S.UNDER.HILL MRS.GAVEL RCW 2: R.MILLER S.NORTON T.DICKES LRIGHENBERG B.BOWEN LBALONEK G HART S KARAS W HARTMAN D MILTFR ROW 3: :TRPFIITNEY WJOHNSON M.H.ALL IVLHERRMANN T.COUCH-ILIN R.CLARK G.ROGERS B:HETHERLi C.DOWNS . LLIAMS Iifill grade RCM 1: D.STAN'ION D.FITE J.TILIDU F.K'ELLY R.KREGER S.CHEESEMAN J.CARRUBBA JJJARBOYS MRS. CLARK RCM 2: SJIIGGDIS LHORTON P.ZA.MBITO S.BERG C.COUCBLIN S.MICIG2Y E.AUS'I'IN A.JOHINSON D.FIOB.ENTINO S OISEN ROW 3 : L. GRIFFIN GJ-IARTLEY W.McGILL K. COMBO C . BRINKMAN A . PANGRAZIO R . GABRIEL R .NORSTRAND J .WI-IITE'C . BERGLIN S . SHERWOOD W. JOHNSON 6 26 A Avi MI F 1, 1' f My - -.-....-...--...Q-...-qu.. -P---.-.....u......, -F an-any-.-..-uw.-...........-..wq-.f-... .. . , . , , ' ' .Balk a n .Jin ' 'fr5tT 1'FfifF TWC' '-WH ' 1 , -- ' :w ' f x 'ix i i i -i L X. ROW 1: G.GEISSLER A.DENTINO ILWILLIAMS T.AN'DR.EWS J.CI-IURCHILL N.BU'RR M.POOLE S.NAY'LOR ROW 2: S.TOWNSEND N.WALDRON CJUNKER C.PANGRAZIO DJVILTDRZYNSKI A.DOWNS K.HAHTLEY J.COUG!-ILDNI H.CHA1'EBERI.AIN gg I'IH.S.BAKER ROW 3: G.PAI-IUTA R.DORMAN F.AUGELI.O 'LNORSTRAND D.VanWAGNEN D.GRAY R.TOTTEN CARMBREWSTER CMILLIAMS J .CACCAMISE D.BERGLIN J .VOLK Iourlh grade ROW 1: ILPORTER F.DR.ENN'EN SJNILLIAMS P.BOS'HART R.HARTMAN S.PAN'EK B.STANLEY J.BIR.D K.SKELTON ROW 2: FLHEAD P.DiCASOLO HJBYAY C.MICKEY D.ROWCLIFFE J.POOLE D.DUNLAP C.COLE N.SCHULER RJIAYES MRS.NORTON ROW' 3: DJCNIKEIT SJASINSKI G.PANCH.AZIO G.S!-LAHP S.SAY P.CARV'ER J.WERTH C.DERMODY P.POR'I'ER J.GARTLEY PJUIDZIALEK T.DAMBR.A R.SMITH 27 ,T .1,.-....1,i, ,..., V ... ' ,, v 'r ' 'v k'f' L Hmm- Kl1 'lml!Hl11l!l'EMIlUi!ii'ETlImI5 M , V Y V V H -4 , , , ROW 1: M.0'DONNELL J.KAB.AS B.DUTTON WJASDXSKI R.DRENNEN D.BR.AGG C.ZAMQBITO PLPRICOLA J.CARRUBBA ROW 2: B.BUmzows IMLACUSKY N.JOSLIN JJDONAHUE PLBOYCE J.DiCASOI0 N.COUGI-ILIN S.WHI'I'E ILCOFFEY J.POST MRS.W'EST ROW 3: L.ID UGHEED P.DAMBRA T.MURPHY J.COMBO D.SMI'II-I S.BISIG M.McGILL K.MILLER D.DEWEY K.RICI-IENBERG P.ZAMBITO LDICKES ilaird grade ROW 1: L.MASON J.JOI-INSON K.WERTH DJIOTTEN J.SQUIRE M.HALL J.ROBB C.THORNTON 'ROW 2: N.AUSTIN J.SCHEIBER BJVIARKWICA G.STANCION J.WEBEH T.ALLEN R.HAYES D.S1-TEPARD G.SI-IUKNEGHT MRS.PAR'mIDGE RCW 3: N.MILLER B.KOZAK C.HEAD R.CHEESEMAN C.SKEL'ION J.COUGHLIN K.DOWNS D.RANDALL G.DII.CHER C.SAINAY D.BRI.DGE 28 ROW 1: 'LROWCLIFFE J.EISIG 'LHORTON R.STREETER J.MAR'I'YN RMILLIAMS D.BOLDT ROW 2: R.OSBORN'E R.COTTON L.HODGINS C.SI-IUKNECHT P.Va.nWACH'lEN R.POOLE R.Sl-IEPARD MRS.BURR ROW 32 S.MOREL P.RADA R.SANDEHS C.AUGELID H.COBB J.LOUGHEED D.COUGHLIN R.BARON ,f A 495222 ' 4 Q,,,Af 'w S, 2, second grade RCW 1: D.WIG'ION M.HAF.TLEY P.O'DONNELL S.BOYCE S.FOHKEY ROW 2: K.BOSI-LART A.MONAGAN M.HAIES P.MILLER D.ALBEE BMCHAMBERLAIN MISS BURR ROW 3: CJIOOVER D.BENDER E.SHULTZ EJNEBBER L.SMITH L.ZAMBITO VJIARRISON MJPORRBY 29 if'.'Zf'fFL . ' Ni' 4 WWW ' -WWW, u.-.UI 'mmmymmmlfmwml zumw i i ..- ROW 1: W.TILLOU D.BEECHLER C.COUCEILIN D.N'EWMAN T.JASINSKI BJJARRUBBA Q0 ROW 2: MJ-IERTZOG N.OSBOB.NE C.MICKEY S.CI-IIARIELIO C.ZAMBI1U N.VanWAGNEN MRS.CI-IRISTOPHER ROW 3: V.BERG D.BENTLEY D.KARAS S.RICI-IENBERG D.POST LHAREZGA A.WILLIAMS W.ZIFFEL firsi grade second grade ROW 1: S.BRIDGE G.MOWERS S.STOKES V.BIRD EJIOTTOIS P.HOUGH ROW 2: LDOWARD D.MARTYN C.AMES S.SALWAY P.PAHUTA F.DEWEY MISS STRONG ROW 32 L.SUI-DJI ILVANDERPOEST LJ-XLLEN S.COLE JQBURROWS IVLBUTLER R.STROBELE M.NORSTRA.ND A.1ERR.ELL 30 ROW 1: J.BOYCE C.MABON D.GEISSLER D.McGILL P.COUGHLIN J.GA.E-RIEL DJ-IEBER ROW 2: I.-.BENDER D.BOSI-IART D.CF.OSS G.MONAGAN M.SHULTZ S.RDwl'ER W.KARAS MISS SI-EEIPHARD ROW 3: B.ERINKMAN T.PANGR.AZIO RJIOTTEN K.ROBB MJIARRISON J.TILLOU A.W'ILLIAMS E.REAK G.ABR.A.MS L.SKELTON A f 2S ' Q Q Q4 lil-si grade ROW 1: JZHAYES T.BAIDNEK T.POOLE J.BUMP D.WI1FORD A.STANI.EY J.H.ARlRAVE RCW 2: C.CACCAMISE P. L.DOWNS P.JOSLIN P.PORTEB. TJ-IARPER LPANCRAZIO MISS COUGHLIN RCN 3: D.KNIC1'-IT C.SHEPAF.D C.DOR.MAN MJVIINGIONIE R.DUNLAP C.FIOR.ENTINO IHSOSNOWICZ S.VOLK D.McCOH.MICK -di . S 31 t,,,.,,,4 ' IW' ' - ww . m lmmmrrmwmmluwmlrmzfm ROW 1: LSHULTZ D.BEECHLER B.DENTINO J.ZAMBITO J.PANGR.AZIO R.CARRUBBA PJ-IARTLEI WJIERTZOG T.GAVENDA ROW 2: LANDRENS EJFHORNION J.KNIfH-IT G.TOTTEN J.SH'ULTZ C.ZIPFEL M.RZA.N P.AUSTIN P.BLAIR J.WETZEL ROW 3: S.CARV'ER J.MICKEY DJYICHENBERG J.MONACHINO R.RADA C.MASKELL T.HAR.E L.S1 UI'I'H V.KARAS E.BUCZEK R.DOIr1NS kinclergclrien ROW 1: D.COUC'rHI-IN C.YUNKER ILSTEENBURG T,R.ANDALL M.S!-IEPARD D.DR.ENNEN T COBB W SKELTON gm 2? F.DONAHUE B.ARMBREWSTER D.SQUIRES J.COUGHLIN M.MABON R.STANTON R.BELL K.ORDWAY MRS.PAUL 3. JUIURREY EJZALYEA P.W1I.LIAMS VJIIOWNSEND E.HARGR.AVE B.CI-IURCHILL A.NOTTINCH-LAM E.I..OUGHEED 32 .sf-.-4 - A ' ' A J 1 Z HOW 1 J.SPEED ILHAMPSHIRE M.BEZON J.WARBOYS B.BEZON ROW 2 MISS COUGHLIN K.SI ITH S-.HUCK N.HARTMAN D.WIGTON L.KOZAK E.DIAZ ROW 3 MR.BEClCETR P.ZAMBITO G.SMI'IH T.BARGAY J.JASPER C.PORTER K.NETH .KARAS T.TALBOT JJIAMPSHIRE G.A.HL M.SWARTZ B.DAMBR.A now lt B.vEREEcKEN B.wEBEa L YEARBOOK STAFF: Editor-In Chief Assistant Editor Literary Editor Literary Staff Art Editor Art Staff Advertising Editor Kathy Smith Bruce Vereecken Thomas Talbot Betty Weber Candace Norton Bruce Vereecken Marcia Vanderhoof Karen Porter Rita Hampshire Betty Weber James Hubbard Monica Bezon Gary Ahl yearbook stuff Advertising Staff Photography Editor Photography Staff Business Editor Business Staff 0 '31 Bart Dambra Mike Swartz Jeanette Speed Pauline Zambito Jack Hampshire Judy Warboys Craig Porter Larry Karas Kay Neth Toni Bargay Barbara Bezon Sharon Ruck Norma Hartman Diane Wigton Linda Kozak f X ,- if 22 , 9, F-haf 4.7.1 le -:-7. X sd ROW 1: -LWARBOYS H.TAI..BOT P.STAROWI'1'L v-3, ROW 2: M.BATE1MAN BJIUWNSEND ILBARNIAK J.SLADE K.PORTER C.ZAMBITO ROW 3: K.SMI'I'H BNEREECKEN LVEREECKEN ILKARAS MFHGIANSANTE ROW ll: E.DZIUBA LGILLETTE N.AUCELIO IVLNIEDZIALEK M.VANDER.HOOF G.SLADE D.GRBEN R.BURROWS STUDENT COUNCIL: The student council functions for the benefit of the whole student body. The council earns money by holding a magazine drive, coat checks at basketball games, and record hops. In turn, this money is used for such projects as new basketball nniforms, scholarship fund, awards, and athletic zmsurance. OFFICERS 2 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer slucleni Kathleen Smith Bruce Vereecken Linda Vereecken Kathleen Karas ,v Vg OFFICERS: V. 1 k u Vt! 1: MR.DERMODY ILBURROWS FNWARBOYS D.UNDER.HILL 2: N.AUGELID AJIOTTEN D.COUGi-ILIN G.AHL 3: T.RIGGS F.MICKEY L.AMES J.KASMER R.WAL'ION D.BEZON F.ZAMBITO R.MICKEY D.HARTMAN T.GAV'EL Norman Augello David Underhill Douglas Bezon Leslie Ames Ronald Mickey Allen Totten A f President ' - Vice President 'I Secretary 5 Treasurer Q4 Reporter Sentinel? I. I X ! II I 6 1 Q :U F. F. A. Individual members of the club have made accomplishments in the agricultural field. John Kasmer placed fifth in the fresh market section of New York State National Junior Vegetable Growers Association. Also, Norman Augello and John Kasmer presented their demonstration Bulk Boxes are Here to Stay at the New York State Horticultural Society in Rochester and placed first among three contestants. An interesting activity carried out this year was the purchase of a grade Holstein calf, three days of age, from Kenneth Burr. It was cared for and fed by the Oak Orchard Feed Company. Every two weeks one of the F.F.A. classes visited it and weighed it. On March S, 1960 the calf was sold to the highest bidder at a short auction. f - , , f , , . . . - in I ! .,,.. ...., . - ' ...M L- -.---- , 'lifZL,.....m.mfi .7. fLl4Zw3?E- ' lH7T75ZTW ifa.,- ' -, 'Wi - V W' 'W ' H ROW 1: RJIOUCEI PLBEZON B.COUGHLIN J.MASON ROW 2: K.NE'H-I K.CHA.PELL J.JASPER MRS.GLOVEH N.DUNN M.KELLY P.RUCK D.BUMIP ROW 3: S.BIBD M.JACKETT J.ENGLE WJJILLIAMS C.JOI-INSON J.NORTON S.DOW'NS L.VEREECKEN E.D11AZ ROW 14: B.DOWA.RD ILVANDERHOOF SJ-IENRIES G.SMI'IfH C.DiCASOI.D M.TOWNSEND B.BRINKMAN N.SHfEPAB.'D B.SMITH 'LWARBOYS FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The FJ-l.A. has an active chapter this year with a program including such projects as making and selling Christmas corsages and jewelry, bake sales, and a combination F.H.A.-F.F.A. dance. The members contributed towards the furnish- ing of the new homemaldng room by having a chair re-upholstered, and they expect to do a. community project. In the fall they attended a rally at the Lewiston-Porter Central School and plan to attend the spring rally. Membership is now limited to girls who will take an active part in the organization. '.112:I'f ? ' OFFICERS: President Joan Jasper Vice President Nancy DU-Im Secretary M317 Kelly Treasurer Karen Chapell home makers ZRGW 1: J.BIRD H.CALKINS RJNHITCOMB SJIARTLEY C.ARMBRHnISTER D.SNELL S.ALBEE - ROW 2: L.BAI.ONEK IVLDENTINO MJIOMER T.TALBOT E.DZIUBA MRS.'I'OPtREY M.WI-IITCOMB C.HALL J.NORTON ROW 3: P.BAI.ONEK BJIJATSON E.BROWN P.AHL M.REISDORF M.JACKETT C.S'10HY D.PANEK R.CONWAY E.SI-IEPARD M.NEWMAN ROW ll: S.RALYEA C.DiCASOLC D.WATSON W.WILLIAMS V.DOHMAN M.NIE.DZIALEK P.STAFFORD S.SMITH PJBURROWS B.KAHN S.RUDOLPH RUN 5: D.GB.EENE J.WHITCOMB C.PORTER EJIIEDZILALEK D.PRINTUP R.KAHN C.WALLACE A.BlLR.NIAK H.P..EAK T.HALL G.ALLEN J .DORMAN M.PANEK and encourage the practical application of the scientific method. The meetings include demonstra- tions and films. The biggest moment of the year is the annual science fair when all science stu- K S w dents exhibit their talents. OFFICERS : Vice President Edward Dz iuba I under President Thomas Talbot ' ' secretary Margaret Whitcomb Qi science club ll 'fx 4, The club's major a.i.m is to promote science ff. V IZ W 1 il 3 'i li if H 'I 1 A, 1 i rv 1 -- ., +' - gf ,C fm, ik, ROW 1: MJJENTINO A.MOSH.hJR C.HALL E.SHEPARD D.SNELL J.BIR.D A.BAR.NIAK ROW 2: B.SHULTZ J.DORF AJRMBREWSTER C.DEWEY E.BROWN M.HENRI.ES S.HOOVER S.ALBEE ROW 3: B.WATSON M.R.EISDORF A.AMEIS V.DOH.MAN K.SHERWOOD ME.S.KIRSCH M.NIEDZI.ALEK M.CAMPBELL J .DORMAN J .PFLAUI-TER S.RU'DOLPH I :rl if y ,Y : X , Ex . v The Library Club is a service to the school - and is made up of twenty-six girls. In the club L ' the grls try to make the Junior and Senior Librar- e a ies attractive to both the teachers and students. Mrs. Kirsch is the instructor who helps the club B 6 6 by giving club members new ideas and guidance. e Each girl contributed to the two variety sales. 'I'he money earned went toward an excursion for members to the library in Rochester. I ,1 OFFICERS 2 President Judith Dorman Vice President Bonnie Watson I Y I 1 I 1 Secretary Anastasia Mosher Treasurer Elaine Shepard library club 1 f J .WHITCOMB V P 5' OFFICERS : President Diane Wigton Vice President Margaret Whitcomb Secretary-Treasurer Janet Shultz N Advisors Mrs. Benton and Mr. Crowell 1. . in , lg r , ,X 'L nurses club r 5 ' I '4-ze ,, ,..f ROW 1: S.BIRD RJINDERHILL LJCELSEY D.WIGTON I'1.WHI'ICOMB J.SHULTZ MH.CROWELL MRS.BENTON ROW 2: C.PANGR.AZIO M.HOMER M.KELLY D.BUM.P N.DUN'N M.JACICETT B.KA.HN w.w1LLIAMS J.NORTON ROW 3: SJCELLER S.TOTTEN N.SHEPARD M.VANDERHOOF K.CI-LAPELL C.CROSSETT J.S'I'EENBURG B.BRI1NKMAN G.SMITH NURSES ' CLUB The aim of the Future Nurses' Club is to interest members in the fields of practical and professional nursing and to make them aware of the many related careers in the health field. The club, consisting of high school girls, meets every two weeks to have films, speakers or field trips. To raise money, the club sponsored a rummage sale in December. This meant considerable work, but proved to be both popular and profitable. The total receipts from projects and dues will be used toward a nurse scholarship, and to buy pins for each member. Membership in the Future Nurses' Club is open to both girls and boys. 1 i ROW 2: ROW 3: I 6 , u-sq Ry Xi -NX' ROW 1: L.VEREECKEN K.SCHULER P.AHL CJJOUGHLIN 5.BIB.D M.JACKETT K.NE'IH M.VAN'DEH?.HOOF K.KARAS J.NORTON ILBATEMAN DJNIGTON J.GAVEL D.HEISDOB.F MRS.PALMER S.HENRI'ES C.DiCASOID RJ-IAMPSHIRE G.SMI'IH MJIOWNSEND D.CAM'PBELL L. GILLETTE S.MASON IXLPANEK N.5HEPAR.D G . SLADE MJ-THITCOMB FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB For their first meeting of the year Elba's future teachers planned a joint program with the Byron-Bergen Future Teachers' Club. Many ideas 1-:ere exchanged. Consequently the Elba FTA spon- sored a successful cake sale and made plans to visit state teachers' colleges as a spring project. OFFICERS: President Rita Hampshire Vice President David Campbell 5GCI'9ta1'.V Kathleen Karas TI'eaSU-Fel' Marcia Vanderhoof bl 'A Teacher all 'Feds etevndqg he can newer 'Ye.XK wheve hks infstkuence SJWP5 I -is xl I w ya., ?44 ROW 1: M.TALBOT J.SPEED P.AI-IL L.KELSEY R.UNDER.HILL LVEREECKEN K.MYERS K.PORTER K.SCHULER J.MASON ROW 2: E.DI.AZ J.GAVEL D.BUMP MJCELLY J.WARBOYS N,DUNN N.SHEPARD M.VA.NDER.HOOF MJATHITCOMB D.WIG'ION IVLBATEMAN J .DiNATALE ROW 3: J.JASPER G.SMITH LBOOHIEIR BJQEZON J.STEENBURG SJ-IENRIES C.CROSSETT S.RUCK B.COUGHLIN C.JOHNSON WQWILLIAMS B.KAHN IVLJACIETT P.ZAMBITO N.I-IARTNAN ROW he K.SMITH J.SH'ULTZ J.W'HITCOMB C.NORTON T.BARGAY LGILLETTE. M.BEZON B.WEBER A.HORZEM.PA IVLTOWNSEND M.PANEK C.DiCASOLO S.SCI-IAFER B.BRINKMAN R.HAMPSHJBE l lun i 1 , R .1g- ' Y 1' N ,, -- Y . Q g1 V ,, 'Sewer A aaa Excuse Than Nonv u -- A+ Au 'F v i -nv - -.Y ROW 1: N.DUNN D.BUMP MJCELLY J.GAVEL J.MA5ON M.TALBOT D.WIGTON RON 2: JJIARBOYS J.SPEED NJ-IAHTMAN S.RUCK L.BOOHER B.COUGl-ILIN MMHITCOMB R.HAMPSHIR.E ROW 3: JHJASPER S.SCHAFER AJIORZEMPA T.B!L?.GAY J.SI-IULTZ K.SMIT1-I C.NORTON M.BEZON B.WEBER B.BRINKMAN NFS Qi- -khd run on WMQ errands H F , 1 leaders club 113 - . 2,-1-1 STM Pxchxeuxhqx emu ?wrSulYXqy Learn To LBFOQK' 6306 'Yo Waxlf xnxx Xwxxxx xxx k u u I 1 1 ffffW!!ffWWfWW brown ies M GEISSLER F.KELLY G.YUNKER UGHLIN P.ZAMBITO M.HALL B.GEI5SLER B.HETHERLY J.BH GGINS MRS.HICHENBERG RICHENBERG mf M1 fifffrm www XXNO STQPS Backward ffufffffl llflnxmxxxxm 145 W IDGE K.COMEO S.NOHiON S.BERG girl scouts ei ff. qw F9 410 ROW 1: W.HART D.KREGER K.PORTER C.MILLER C.BUTLER D.CCFFEY D.HOMER w RCW 2: B.HORTON L.MILWARD C.ZAM ITO D.MASON D.SNELL B.CONWAY J.BENTON D.CGFrEY ig fbi gal'-1 , is Yau ll Emo us vouqh Sxr,bU,-k qouh -9 nd Urs Qeadq If' 111 BOY SCOUTS. The Boy Scouts, under the sponsorship of the Elba Firemen, have had several paper drives and this year canvas ed the town for the benefit of the Muscular Distrophy Fund Proceeds from the paper drive helped fourteen scouts to attend Camp Sam Wood during the summer Of 1959. Patrol Leaders: David Allen Patrick Augello Patrolse The Red Devils ROW 32 C.AUGELLo J.CARVER G.CLARK P.AUGELLO G.ALLEN F.HAHTLEY D.ALLEN D.WATSON R.BURROWS K.JACKETT F 3 1 l ' ll . 1 . H 1. 1 S X 1 bay scouts John Carver Randal Burrows 1 116 The Flaming Arrows The Falcons The Lone Wolf ROW ROW ROW ROW 1. 2. 3. la: .COMBO J.TILlDU I-LBOYCE J.?OST J.KARAS H.COFFEY M.BOYCE J.DiCASOLO .DAMBRA D.RANDALL D.STANTON T.ANDI?.EK-IS A.DENTINO K.PORTER J.SI-IUKNECHT G.STAN'lON KJVIILLER F.AUGELI.0 .ROWCLIFFE R.KT'lEGEIR G.HART M.HEAD J.GARTLEY C.YUNKER L.HORTON ILMILLEH P.D11.MBP.A P.DiCASOI.O J.POOLE .CACCAMISE D.VarMAGNEN G.H.ARTLEY T.COUG5I-ILIN JMERTH RJIOHSTRAND R.CLARK M.HERRM.A1NIN J.NORSTR.AND .ZAMBITO S.KARAS D.PUTNEY nA Wilifux Gvoup of Uwe Menu WWWW ffiffl f I r XX xxxxm ll g i if , 117 431345114 P-'smgggggi 33 il -ww 1 . ' J,,.fi' , 3- - ,r 1 3144 , gt- '.54 ' iif.,. W5 -' X ,. - 1, V 1 In--,ps-ff I6 fx 0 L, QQ k I 1 I 4 X I N! 5? R L19 XcV.V-V P ' CHEERLEADERS: M. TALBOT K. PORTER R .HAMPSHIRE C .NORTON M.BEZON S .HENRIES J.SPEE.D LJTEREEC KEN GIRLS ' SPORTS 1958-59 saw Elba participating in the girls' Tri-County Basketball Sports Day at Akron and the girls' Tri-County Track Meet at Elba. Football Scores Q19S92 Opponents They We Alexander 6 7 Oakfield-Alabama 26 26 Corfu 25 O Lyndonville 18 6 Pavilion 6 27 c eerleclclers WW., ,, I SO I I ,,5 -. , W , ,n,-A'0 New ' A If -1,3 ', H H1 aw ,. ,1....... ,,,, ,. ,. MM. .4 , . Tri-County Track Meet at Elba Softball throw Running broad jump bbO yd. relay Running high jump Tug of war A. Horzempa lst 166' 10 New school record K. Richenberg 3rd 163' 10 K. Smith 2nd :LSI 611 R. Hampshire K. Richenberg K. Smith L. Kelsey lst 60.6 seconds K. Richenberg lst u' 7 New school record K. Smith tie M' 7 Brdf A. Horzempa C. Norton L. Booher M. Bezon lst 37,3 seconds X ' i i X ROW 1: R.BURRO'fIS R.TOAL R.DOl-IARD T.GAVEL M.SWARTZ J.McCOR.MICK D.WATSON B.OLSEN B.V'EREECKEN D.HARTMAN ROW 2: COACH SHEHWOOD R.ZAMBITO P.STAFFORD L,SQUIHE G.Al-IL C.STARO1.-JITZ A.BURLING C.PORTER N.AUCELID P.AUGELIO R.JASINSKI COACH ABRAMS ROW 32 J.COMPTON A.COUGHLIN DJIUAL R.KAHN E.DZIUBA C.WALLACE LKARA5 5.PALEVICH T.TALBOT D.BEZON F.ZAMBITO PJCELSEY L.M'UNGER R.R.EAK f o o i b cl I I ' I ROW 1: LMOHER R.HAMPSHIR.E K.SCH'ULER COACH SHERWOOD LJCEISEY M.VANDERHOOF M.BEZON ROW 2: HFLSHUPE C.NORTON K.5MITH J .JASPER AJIORZEMPA S.SCHA.FER iruck 51 A I' gf , 5' y 1' 11. ,J .Lf ' I W ROW 1: LMUNGER R.R.EAK P.STAFFORD P.BEZON F.ZAMBI'I0 C.RUDOLPH ROW 2: R.CONWAY COACH ABRAMS ROW 3: L.SQUIRE M.SWARTZ R.WOI-ILFEIL L.JASINSKI D.BEZON C.ALBEE Girls' Basketball Tri-County Tournament at Akron Opponents They We Alexander 8 114 Oaldield 9 15 Batavia 10 20 Akron 8 22 Corfu 6 18 I I 0 lunlorpvarsliy 52 ALL WE ASK IS TO BE LET ALONE v N Wk Basketball QI959-601 Junior Varsit Opponents T ey We Corfu 37 39 Byron-Bergen 32 26 Albion 148 28 Oakfield S1 29 Lyndonville SO 354:- Corfu 26 20 Holley 71 Sl Kendall 31 3041- Byron-Bergen 62 147 az- Indicates League Contests Scores Incomplete J X 1r' Q--,L-A. . E Xkmx x yi my up N ,' I P MSW Y' 1 Q V RQW 'eglum 2 ' 1 mix lip -' 'V-4 me .5 ayym y 39,5 1 K' OUTSIDE CIRCLE: S.PALEVICH J.COM TON C.STAROWITZ C.PORTER N.AUGELLo D.UNDERHILL B.DAMBRA G.AHL A.BURLING E.NIEDZIALEK L.KARAS CENTER: D.CROSSET COACH SHERWOOD Basketball C1959-609 Varsity Opponents They We Corfu 37 31 Byron-Bergen 31 28 Albion 66 149 Oakfield 67 33 Lyndonville 117 56-N- Corfu lg? MB Holley 67 ln? Kendall 211 2642- Byron-Bergen 25 26 4 Indicates League Contests Scores Incomplete 53 Volleyballl B League 11959, Champions of Gene Members John Bird Robert Johnson Paul Kelsey Edward Niedzialek John Searls James Searls David Snyder John Zambito see Orleans County Tournament Defeated Holley 15-5, 15 Defeated Oakfield 15-13, 15-8 Defeated Pavilion 15-13, 15-12 WZWTQ 1 mug! basketball J, :M NQQ ROW 1: L.SQUIRES COACH ABRAMS C.PORTER M.SWARTZ D.UNDERHILL G.AHL ROW 2: S.SWARTZ C.AUGEIlD N.AUGELLO A.BURLING C.STAROWITZ C.ALBEE L.KARAS Genesee Orleans 880 yd. run hbO yd. dash 220 yd. dash High JUMP Broad jump American Le 880 yd. run 880 yd. relay Track 119591 A B-C Meet at Brockport College Chester Gabriel 2nd Thomas Monachino hth Daniel Stuart hth John Pflaumerl tie 5, hu James Shepardj 2nd James Shepard hth 17' 2U gion Relays in Rochester Chester Gabriel 2nd Michael Swartz 3rd Daniel Stuart James Searls Recy Doward baseball Sh lll' 5fa1n7mmm llll lllz Baseball Scores Cl9S9l Opponents Wyoming Wyoming Iyndonville Kendall Iyndonville Kendall Batting Averages 119591 Norman Augello Gary Ahl Michael Swartz Autry Burling John Zambito Thomas Monachino David Underhill Craig Porter Chester Starowitz Larry Squire They We 12 16 15 12 12 l 9 20 h o h 9 .500 363 .250 .235 .21b .158 .150 .1h3 .1h3 .lll ,, .Magi- :'lM' X WLUDOVISI THRONE A W 9 X 1 J H, ff t , ffzdfwh K if WF? I , ,I ,fm 1- 7 W , ,gf MAJ ORETTES : KJVIYERS A.SCHU1ER K.SCHULER MJTANDERHOOF P.ZA.MBITO K.KAR.AS The majorettes of E.C.S. spent an active sum- mer accompanying the high school band. At the beginning of the summer parades, they won first prize at South Byron, Throughout the rest of the summer they worked hard on the routines for the Caledonia Fair. As it turned out, the majorettes walked away with first prize. That was the main accomplishment of the summer of '59, JUNIOR BAND: Junior Band is an organization consisting of fifty eight members. The band plays at the Spring and Christmas Concerts and also plays once a year at the Elba Firemen's Field Day. lllUi0l e'I 'eS 1 mhxwm 3 , gr .fjdf SENIOR BAND : The Senior Band has participated in another eventful year. In addition to its summer marching and the winning of several first prizes, the band took part in the annual Christmas Concert. Several of its members have gone to the All County Band and Orchestra and have prepared for county and state festival solos. Some of the members had the honor of playing in the Sectional All State Band at Perxjy, The Senior Band has experienced a successful and invigorating year of activity. OFFICERS 2 President Kathleen smith Vice President Gary Ahl Secretary Betty webero Treasurer Sharon Ruck f-A- -4--.ds--------l-A Af, W RUW 1: MR.RUSSELL -s RUN 2: LJASINSKI R.BUB.ROWS D.BRAGG M.BATEMAN K.KARAS A.SCHULER MJIOMER P.AHL D.R.EISDORF R.HOUCH L.KEI.SEY D.STOKES B.TOWNSEND J.GAVEL LJIEREECKEN RUN 3: D.CROSSETT B.OLSEN J.McCORMICK L.KOZAK P.ZAMBI'lO N.SI-IEPARD KJATALLACE B.KAHN J.DiNATALE S.TOTTEN JJAIARBOYS J.SPEED M.TALBOT K.MYERS E.DlAZ C.PANGRAZIO J.MASON RUW ll: JJIAMPSHIRE C.PORTER R.HEAK T.GAVEL S.MASON LBOOHER B.BEZON S.RUCK N.HA.RT1VIAN C.CROSSETT ,S. K.CHAPELL LSHERWOOD G.SLADE S.DEAN K.POR'I'ER LSCHULER RCW 52 LKARAS D.CAMPBELL CJWALLACE C.RUDOLPH G.PFLAUMER K.SMITH LWHITCOMB C.NOR'ION M.BEZON L.GILLETTE B.WEBER S.SCHAFI3'H K.NE'I'H G.SNI'I'H T.BARGAY J.JASPER R.HAMPSHIR.E B.BRINKMAN M.VA.NDEB.HOOF bu.-K' x-AXA sounds cxudxzed wvX'o kgyhl CWA A 'YRLYXQ N Mus ic ks fxokhinq use SENIOR CHORUS: The Senior Chorus demonstrated its musical enthusiasm :Ln their performance at the annual Christmas Concert. The highligmt of the perfor- mance was their rendition of Hallelujah from The Messiah. Several members of the chorus participated in the All State Chorus at Perry. Among these were Marcia Vanderhoof, Lynda Booher, and Sharon Ruck. Many others sang solos and took part in the County Music Festivals during the year. 58 V Maur.. 1 3 Y-vw,-7-f ui: ,.s ROI-J ROW ROW ROW ROW 1. 2. 3. M. S: HARPZONETTES : D .REISDGRF M . EA TENAN N . SHEPARD IVLVANDERHO OF i 'IXBARGAY J.GAVEL L.BOOHER S.RUCK KOZAK LGILLETTE LSPE MMHITCOMB P.ZAMIBITO C.CROSSETT LJCELSEY 'IZBARGAY C.NOR'ION K.MYERS L. L.V'ER.EECKfEIN M.BATEI'!AN R.K.AHN G.SLADE NJANEK S.MASON C.DiCASOI.O 'LSHERWOOD J.NETH M.R.EISDORF R.CON1f!AY MUPOWNSEND N.HARTMAN C.COUCr'ILIN BJONNSEND C.H.Al.L M.NIEDZIALEK BJJATSON E.SHEPARD J R.I-IAMPSHIRE M.TALBOT S.RUCK D.CROSSETT P.AHL V. CEORE D.WATSON SCHULEH J.GAVEL G.AHL K. -LDORMAN E.BRO!-JN V.DOHMA.N J.PRINTUP G.CLA.RK PJCEISEY C.WALLACE B D OISEN BJJEBER K.SMI'I'H R.TUH.NER J.HAMPSHIF.E COUGHLDT C.RUDOLPH M.HOMER B.KAHN MR.MARK A.SCI-IULER LJBOOHER B.VEH.EECKEN .DORF K.C-HAPELL K.SHERWOOD J.MASON P.AUGELI.D R.REAK LBATEMAN K.KARAS N . SHEPARD M. VANDEHHOOF D .REISDORF senior bqgg X.. 59 K J Row 1: MFLRUSSELL J.JASINSKI D.STANTON J.TILLOU G.YUNKER S.BRAGG J.EI.OOM R.HAYES R.BR.AGG P.WOHLFEIL L.HORTON T.ALLEN FJCELLY D.FITE QLEISSLIKR ROW 2: S.OLSEN S.NORTON VJVIILWARD E.OSTHOWSKI D.MILLER G.PUTNEY C.COUGHLIN P.ZAMBI'l'O P.ZAMBI'IO 0.0SBORNE C.COUGHLIN L.BUMP S.SHEPA.RD R.STA.NTON S.REISDORF ROW 3: A.HOOVER LSULLIVAN R.PFLAUMER IVLHERRMANN GJPAMSEY PJLEAK L.SIUART D.ALLEN B.ZIPFEL LMICKEY R.RAMSEY C.BRINKMAN R.CLARK B.HETHER.LY K.COMIBO D.FIORENTINO S.BERG ROW hz A.PANCRAZIO C.BEHGLIN W. RAY IHNAYIDR FLOSTROWSKI S.WI-IITCOMB V.SI-IAHP A.ALBEE C.MONACHINO LPARKEH S.SHERWOOD A.DOWARD G.DZIUBA DJIERTZOG C.DUT'ION D.COFFEY R.NORSTH.AND G.HOG'E2RS and She sa S3 kNa+LlY'e Knows Best n grade chorus GRADE CHORUS: The grade chorus consists of about sixty five members from the fifth and sixth grades under the able direction o Mr. Thomas Russell. This group of enthusiastic choristers has participated in the Christmas Concert when their Orchestra Song was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, 60 If 1 1' ff-Q-fzfwffwf-''fm ii ,V .V . ,, YW , 1 1 1 i ROW 1: C.HA.LL B.GEISSLER R.WHI'ICOMB M.DENTINO J.SLADE SJIARTLEY NJLNDREWS K.PORTER D.KRECE'R A.GREEN K.JOI-INSON D.GAHTLEY B.GAVEL L.DOR.F B.MAR.KWICKA L.BAlDNEK J.STRABEL MRJIUSSELL ROW 2: B.HAY.'ES AJIOSI-IER H.McGILL C.S G AARMBREWSTEH D.I-IOUGH D.SN'ELL R.CONWAY C.ZAMBI'IO W.HA.RT E.SH.EPARD D.SN'ELL E.A.H.MBREWSTER D.CACCAMISE S.BUHR ROW 3: A.BARN1AK S.HO0VER S.ALBEE S.RUDOLPH BJHATSON P.LACEY LMIINARD RNTOWNSEND BJIORTON R.JASINSKI FJZAMIBITO J .PHINTUP J .DORF E.BROWN SJIOAL G.WARBOYS ROW la: L.VOLK C.5'IORY S.I-IUBBARD P.BURROWS J.DORMAN FLNIEDZIALEK P.AUfELI.O G.ALLEN D.PRINTUP G.CLARK C.NORS'I'r?.AND K.SHERWOOD V.DORMAN J.PFLAUMEH P.ZAMBI'IO S.BERG PLREISDORF JUNIOR CHORUS The Junior Chorus 1mder'the able direction of Mr. Thomas Russell hasenjoyed the concerts they prepared for and participated in. The Christmas ll Concert proved a success and the members look for- ward with a great deal of enthusiasm to the Spring Concert. q as Since its beginning, the chorus members have worked hard to reach a high standard of singng achievement. The chorus expresses its appreciation to Mr. Russell for his patience, encouragement and . . the time he has gven to it. S ll A N NN W Rl Ullflffil if P-!'6SidBIlt Patrick Augello W NX' l Se01'e'b21'.Y Joan Strabel n i 0 r u S 61 ' le- -,T-, xg i s ! , f ff X f Pi f yi ' CM N W ff M f jg y X LJ 134 NW Qbce ff +77z7 - H, ' .Here -5 an Q 'gy f.I Gvfflhef-lpd I I ' YET To , N A X W f me 4 'M ' n AMEN fr Fm . , I dk-L +V ' a . h ff X321-, r ' 'f' MQ , fLw QW'Yf7g4WxW , N l 1. f'59 ' in ll .2 , .., ,A . . Wm L x ,mai ,J M -bfi WW X ffif ' M X3 L M f W9 G X, A Q ONLEEN , if 3 ngxfgwwamosome Q ,NFURMA 7 iiliff I -,E ' WWI ' ji ? Q ff -f 9 ig 9' F , 'vi ' ,:.'-iff' ' ' 1' P -' - --ff 1 Y - W , NW E 3 'QQ W Q A Afxxxx, STORE dc jour LOCAL COLD STORAGE KASMER COLD STORAGE SHIPPED.: OF ' IVAJY-IED P077l7'OEJ' - ONIONJ' ' C'Al?f?O7'J' ' LEVTUCE, ETC, nf, 1-f 4' :E N E ff? E 5I .QC1gh ',f? lq'E,Q Iffmm :N , Q Lf EE- A . ,4-5,3 In A E ,,, , 4 1 o . .SI IESJJ 'pL 7' 7 ,E M - -+ -' -'Uf ie EE ' C ' .L EEEE -EEEE EEE EEEEEEEEEX PL 7-99996 Eledrkc and Ouxaceiqxene Uekkncs 1 3 E XE ND Genex-AX Repakr 3 MZLLHJQ Road ELba,N.Y PUQQOL L O - , f - Leef Sfefson Ha'l's - t - ' ' Ta sonspod' ShirTS Arrow-A Excello Shark 6 Wareqor Spmkuur Sui+s Bq HQ PleeTua Pajamas' Timelvtflippzvcraa' L I L Tockeq llndgruear 'Tas um PM-K PHONE F13-2086 BATMA Tuxedos 61. Y V Q A X W is ,,--,,7,,,i,: - Y. , - it Yi Q V ,I 1' -, ' LW- H- -,J..1.,-.' ,.,.,,. .. .. X Y w a - X li-La E: Qi' ,A , I - --.Y ., -...,-...,.'-- -...-. . .. CLILNT SHULIERSS GARAGE jkjj Txmzs e TUBES ACCE55CJQlEl5 GASGLINEE OXL., BBA,NEW WNUL suPEru0H CLEANING SERVICE Q . 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