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,A-' I i A QQNWY ?' ' .AAW 1 5' K 1 , 1, . Ra Wx fl iifylgiy X 1, I Xhfl bl .K I I I x1 fax U5 N 1 - N 1 1 1 N13 '11 X27 N117 1 , E X X - ,, if' Y11- NJ' 111 X' RR :7 'an' ,X cm, if x jf fi 11.3 61 A 1 34 X Hi 11 5 X si 1 1 mQwJAww4?2z7Q X P 1' P- 4' 111' :Q '58 39033 If 5 3 Z 11' .4 IE -. K 49' 1 G 2119 1, I X f1,J',n -:Rl f . 2 5? C:: h'!5S3iwW6 in -11 JF ff NMNHX f .- -1 N- : fl-I 11-11 1 Q? ' ff' f Zilzz E I:1::14fl1.:-1-1.:Q:V14:.1,:,1.1.1V K elm I .,.f,:.,.: 4...A.,,,,,, , ""A""A'A"A f 1' ' Wifi 1 fl ,aff -My '2':':if':':'f': l Tig 1 U" -I 11 .111 lg! 1.11 1 '1- 522 Ewigif WMM ,1 11 2 1 525 '11 ig? Ji' - xfiffq 1 A9-Qv I 1 X 1 11" 'Arg -4 1 M vf gif 1 11111111 X 1 Alibi V Q 1 T13?T:':f 11 . 1 11 '. . 1 .-'11s2ff1S! 11 ,fhjfllf I THE M CKING ig? ENN lwl 11f .1,Qqu1 1 1 . ,if -1 1 1 , E 1 XL 1 1l,vN'1:':"'q4,T5 ' I ' xwlya s Q i. W ll! X 1 ,111 11 ,i 4. -i, , sas ., . . 4:L' TL! I l fa 'EF ' Y ' . 2 . A N f , x . L A. .1 Rx Y 4 fy K .. IK- XX , X N XM E rv ,X A X-,gt-4? "X X 1 . K fb X. Y , -Q ..,,,,,. Z' X X fx xx . I YQ 1, if ff X I xx I f , 6 KN 'J ,. r ' Q v 4 WF X im Forty years ago Reggie Va.n Ripplemann graduated from the old wooden, clap- board structure that was then known as Elba High School. This proved to be an eventful day for Reggie. As he dashed from the graduation ceremonies, he col- X lided with one of the first horseless carriages in Elba. Consequently, the f next forty years of Reggie's life vanished as did those of the legenda ' 17, X Xi. ' 1 character, Rip Van Winkle. X M 3. 1 Reggie awoke into a strange world and soon confusion overwhelmed him. He X f wandered through the streets of Elba. and a compelling urge seized him. He had yy' ,V to find a familiar landmark - the school! He rushed to the old location and Q I 1 ll 'dumbfou.nded, stared at a spacious park. Upon asking directions he discovered ,N il ,YE X V a modern brick structure and proceeded to enter. The following pages ft, I' X illustrate his adventure - Elba Central School in 19561 dy W: I if 5 -T5 x ,I YW! 'rs' Ar X v L ,, Xa XXV, ! nk!! x ' fii,,g g,.- Q is JW' cv Q, ' -ggi? f' 'q Q K 1 -5- Q Xl . N- QEMQQQYXQXX sf! N Ai! 5 gh ., .ii i' X i ,-X - Q .. 1 f 1 - r 1 'W ix"- e Tx-I K X gi xx ' ' , ' A '?A 1- - View? X ll , r f' i,-, T J 1 11 1 ee- . N g , ,. ' ,. ' P f A Manx.. , T 'T Q -, I IL 4 -eff!!! x ,. lu v gh! lf -V 4 1 ,Z g I I ' ' 'Anil ,Km " ,Q ' -ZLL 'Q 1 ii. I , Q ' lg, 1 - X .-mf ,., I if " f 'el' I f y iff 'I . I Vg. Ah j g of H S 'i 'fm ,f -A o JN X M WM fn fm ki, A Y..-tum-:.1, '5' ,X K - D Ji-1 W. 0 I l !,f,Ll' , 4 .gp 5 gg- N-h-QML-5 , g in 1 N K New 7' ' --of i .5 ' "' "H 'H af g -..1 ":i:?'7T:t- ,il l 'Tl 'Ei V 'vii I L lu ' 1-' xi' - - in , .1 W-Q S V? -,LN , 1 ju N . 1 Z KI X E .nh--if - - ' .N -mit --ea . 5 'Ab - , ff? 4 .K-7 ., ,,,-,g- i , 2,-s?"f?2'-r if 5 , ad- - f .1 n K ""'f A 'i-:inn - ,: " ffl" 5 Xfrf-,Q "V t , bay Many boys and girls at Elba Central can remember the welcome feeling sur- rounding them as they entered the first grade under the supervision of Mrs. Edith Burr. Her understanding of students and sin- cerity in her work during the years she has taught at Elba have been the basis for growing appreciation of her. Her acceptance of each child as an individ- ual personality made early school train- ing less difficult. It is to this teacher, who has so kind- ly given many years of her life to the education of young children and who has helped them begin their school days with anticipation, that the 1956 year- book is dedicated. The 1956 Revue of Elba Central is sin- cerely dedicated by the yearbook staff to the art teacher, Miss Mary Tyler. Her intriguing outlook on art has stim- ulated and encouraged students to devel- op their interest in it. It is through her efforts that national prizes have been won by Elba art students. The ef- fectiveness of modern art has been taught by her to many eager learners. She has also aided in Student Council campaigns and in providing for decora- tions for dances or other activities. As advisor of the yearbook staff, Miss Tyler has shown her willingness to help the staff successfully meet the many obstacles which they encounter. This has brought her increasing friend- ship with the student body. 3 . , .' 'V-1, 4,1 Q , N I ' I Q, mf ,' , gl 7 4 f V fra any ,.f, W .0, ff azz 'f?9zZ z-'L Front:J.Park,S.Warboys Q? 1-L ,- w -'f 111' 1,- Back:N.Ta1bot,R.Ren,R.Engle,E.Stokes B L E 0 F T TITLE PAGE 1 FORWARD 2 DEDICATION 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 CLASS DIVISION 5 ADMINISTRATION DIVISION 25 ACTIVITY DIVISION 33 MUSIC DIVISION L3 MUSIC WRITE UP 49 SPORTS DIVISION 25 SPORTS WRITE UP 56-57 ADVERTISEMENT DIVISION 59 FINIS 80 L 'a E x l -4 'mauv- 'HVXQ' , fs 5 ' 'Fi--M - V-Q-ewf-f-gvuy-f 1--Nu .. , , g: L35-,.., 5-gl :Vx ,. E . Z x X 1 Q! Wi! 111' fy Wh x X' 1? Roaming the lower corridor, Reggie noticed that the grades from first through sixth hadn't changed too greatly in the past few years-except for size. His greatest shock was the surprising change in high school. He was suddenly aware that the grades from nine through twelve were no longer housed in a single homeroom. Each class had a separate one. But he did discover that this building, like the old one, had classes in the basement. As he sauntered on a little farther, he came to a very large room where he saw many students filing past a counter picking up trays heaped with hot food. He later learned that this was the cafeteria-something they only dreamed of in by-gone days. Reggie walked on and soon came to a room labelled office. Walking in, he gazed around and was amazed. This principal was crowded too. The friendly secretary, anticipating his desires, handed him an official pass, his passport to adventure to Elba Central. He walked out of the office, and spying a flight of stairs, he set out to become acquainted with the stu- dents. Rooms labelled English, French, science, mathematics, world geography, American History, and business subjects! These were many of the same subjects he had taken, but he vaguely recalled Latin, economic geography, and ancient history. Finally Reggie came to the conclusion that many, many changes had tak- en place since he had gone to school. But who are the students who attend x -N Q 5252555252525 L+ 515252552525 5' :2:E:2:g2:2: G E2i1E53:5E5E U1 5555555252525 0 355235555239 O 5251525252525 F' :Q:2:f:2:E:E: W 5252525252515 W i:2:f:2:f:5: UI 2121222122222 0 :2:Q:f:f:E:ig Ill 'N' 'X ,b 5 54'252-1:2'2:2:J:2:1:21212:2:2:I:5:2:2:3:f:Q:Q:2:Q:1:2:f:2:Q:22EI52212I52:25E:1:1:2:2'2:2:25S:2:2:T:i:2:2:2z2:i:5:2:2:2:2: :2:f:2:2:2:f:2:f:Q:, FLOYD CHURCHILL Nickname: Church Ambition: College Class President 1 Vice President A Secretary 3 F.F.A. l,2,3 Treasurer 2 Secretary 3 I County Treas. 3 A State Band 2 National Band 3 l,2,3,A irer 2 County Band 1 Pep Band l,2,3,A Dance Band A l,2,3,h President A Chorus 3,A Council 1 1,2 3 Class Play 3,A Play Committee 3,A Dance Committee 3,A Rifle Club 1,2 ' Treasurer 1 Speaking Contest 3,A 'Revue Staff 3 Intramurals l,2,3,A Magazine Contest High Salesman 1 FRANK MARKWICA Nickname: Fietsa Ambition: Undecided Football l,2,3,A Basketball l,2,3,A Track 3,A Volleyball A Student Council 2,A President A Class President 3 School Paper 2 Revue Staff A Play Committee 3,A Dance Committee 3,A Chorus l,2,3,A President A County Chorus 3,A Rifle Club 1,2 4 w JUSTIN PARK Nickname: J.C. Ambition: Undecided Class President A Class Treasurer 3 Band l,2,3,A Stage Manager 3 Pep Band l,2,3,A County Band 2,3,A Basketball 1 Revue Staff 3,A Class Play A Stage Manager 3 Speaking Contest 3,A Dance Committee 3,A Honor Society 2,3,A E IOR 0FFICER JANET RUCK Nickname: Jan Ambition: Secondary Math Teacher F.H.A. 1,2,3,L President 2 Parliamentarian 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Vice President 2 President 3 Chorus 1,2,3,A Band 2,3,A Pep Band 3,A County Band 3 Class Play 3,5 Play Committee 3,A Dance Committee 3,A Leaders' Club 3,A Revue Staff 2,3,A School Paper 3 Rifle Club 1,2 Intramurals 1,2,3,A Speaking Contest 3,A Class Treasurer 2,A President 1 French Club 2 Honor Society' 2,3,A Magazine Contest Manager A JUDITH MYERS Nickname: Judy Ambition: Music Teacher Student Council 3 Class Secretary h Band 1,233 ,ll Librarian 3 Pep Band 1,2,3,L, County Band Chorus l,2,3,h Accompanist 1,2,3, County Chorus 3 4 Dance Band . Class Play a Q . Dance Co mittee ', Revue Ass't Editor School Paper Ass't Editor .5 FQHGAQ 1 A in 3 A Play Committee 3 A 3 A 3 3h Q 3 3 - x 5' E . L E vi A -lr SA ., ,,,, lxig f NANCY LOU TALBOT SALLY WARBOYS Nickname: Nan Nickname: Sal Ambition: Elementary Ambition: Remedial Teacher Teaching Chorus l,2,3,h Student Council 1 Band 1,2,3,g Secretary 2 Secretary 3 Revue Staff 3,L Pgp Band 1 ASS't Editor 3 County Chorus 3 Edit0r L Cheerleader G.A-A- l,3,l+ J,v, 2 F.H.A. 1,3 Captain 3 Leaders' Club 3,L Varsity 1+ Chorus 1,2,3 F.H.A. 1,2,3 Band 1,2,3,h G,A,A, 2,3 Vice President 2 Leaders' Club 3 ,L Librarian 1,3 Nurses Club l,2,3 COl1Dty Band 1,2,3,l+ Intramurals 1,2,h County Orchestra A Dance Committee 3,A Play Committee L Honor Society 2,3,h Model Congress 3,5 Revue Staff 3 School Paper 2 Rifle Club 1,2 CHARLESQZAM ITO Nickname: Chaz Ambition: Co modity Broker Baseball . 2,3,h Football 2,3,L Basketball Manager 3 Color Guard 2,3,L Student Council 1 Class Vice President 2 Revue Staff 2,3,h Advertising Editor A Class Play 3,L Dance Committee 3,h Speaking Contest 3,h Chorus 2,3,L Librarian A County 3,h Model Congress 3,h Speaking Contest 3,h Class Play 3,h Dance Committee 3,A County Student Council Sec. 2 Cheerleader J.V. 2 Varsity l,3,h Magazine Drive Ass't Manager 3 Intramurals 1,2,3,L Honor Society 2,3,h Model Congress 3,h SE IOR 1, we-m 1444 1. " - g', 1 A , A .i'qn::7V, li f St a"'lf 357 EDITH STOKES Nickname: Edyie Ambition: Art Teacher F.H.A. l,2,3,l, G.A.A. l,2,3,L Leaders' Club 3,h Student Council L Cheerleader J.V. 1,2 Varsity Capt. 3,h Class Play 3,h Play Committee 3,h School Paper l,2,3 Dance Com ittee 3,L Revue Staff 2,3,h Speaking Contest 3 Chorus 1,2,3 Art Club l,2,3 President 3 Secretary 2 Class Secretary 1,2 Activity Planning 3 Rifle Club 1,2 Magazine Drive Room Capt. 1 F.F.A. Sweetheart 2 JAMES PENDERGAST Nickname : Jim Ambition: Hotel Management Baseball 2,3,L Band l,2,3,h County 2,3,l4 President A Pep Band l,2,3,L Chorus l,2,3 French Club 2 Vice President 3 Class Play A Stage Manager 3 Dance Band A Speaking Contest 3,h Play Committee 3,L Dance Committee 3,h Campaign Manager A Bowling 2,3 Intramurals l,2,3,h ,, f 7 mm., ..,, lifielt, I 558 A . V , '!2,,1fL5n'5x V 'Zi-' yifnge f 1559, ' A Mig,-ees'-. D 137 4 m2:ff5w'wf'n" , Spf-it al. ,, , , V-.-rw ' 11 JIT f 5 Iv.'.5.,l7:1fC,1l"'5-'. f"Mq -ilffi-5'7 wi? ,mfr , ':-,:-,,",- " ' ii? elim' 'f , V I ix ,, 22? few ' fi' ' 4 'N ef, iii' Egii My! yy' FLW I LLIZQVJ gli , IW? Q w . ,,,yQZ7 ,many f 332 SOPHIE SZYNIEC Nickname: Zorch Ambition: Beautician F.H.A. l,2,3,h Vice Pres. A G.A.A. l,2,3,L Sec.-Treas, 3,L Leaders' Club 3,h President A Inkspot l,2,3 Cheerleader 3 Chorus l,2,3,h Treasurer 3 Rifle Club 1,2 Play Committee 3,L Dance Committee 3,L Revue Staff A DONALD TORREY Nickname : Duck Ambition: To see the World Basketball 3,L Football 3,L F.F.A. 3 Play Committee 3,h Dance Committee 3,4 LEAH TOWNSEND Nickname: Leah Ambition: Undecided Student Council 3,A Senior Chorus Secretany Band Class Play Play Committee G.A.A., President Leaders' Club Secretary Revue Staff F.H.A. County Chorus 3,h A 3,h 3,L 3 3,h A A h A 3,h 3,h Dance Committee 3,L JOAN INGERSON Nickname: Joanie Ambition: Secretary F.H.A. 2,3,A G.A.A. 3,L Class Play 3 Chorus 2,3,A Intramurals 2,3,L Leaders' Club 3 NOREEN SM TH Nickname: Haney Ambition: Happiness F.H.A. 1,2,3,L Treasurer 3 President L G.A.A. l,2,3,Q Sec.-Treas. 3 Vice President A Art Club 3 Sec.-Treas. 3 Chorus l,2,3,L Rifle Club 1,2 Class Play 3,4 Play Committee 3,L Dance Committee 3,L Leaders' Club 3,A Intramurals l,2,3,h SENIOR LENOHE ADAMS Nickname: Lenore Ambition: Beautician F.H.A. l,2,3,A G.A.A. 2,3,h Leaders' Club l,3,h Chorus l,2,3 Play Committee 3,L Dance Committee 3,A Intramurals l,2,3,h ERNEST ANAUO Nickname: Chief Ambition: Industrial Arts Teacher Baseball 3 Class Play L Model Congress 3,h ll , ,ml VVJW LARRY RICH NBERG Nickname: Lawrence Ambition: College Football 2,h Basketball l,2,3,L Baseball l,2,3,L Volleyball '2,3,L Track l,2,3,L Model Congress 3,A Class Play A Play Committee 3,h Speaking Contest 3,A Dance Committee 3,h French Club 2 Student Council l,b Rifle Club 1,2 Bowling l,2,3 E IOR GEORGE KLOS Nickname: George Ambition: Aviation V Engineer Class Play 3,4 Dance Committee 3,L JEANETTE CHAPELL Nickname: Jan Ambition: Beautician, Happiness Cheerleader Junior Varsity 2 Varsity 3 G.A.A. l,2,3,L Vice President 3 F.H.A. l,2,3,h Reporter A Student Council 2 Leaders' Club 3,b School Paper l,2,3 Speaking Contest 3,L Dance Committee 3,L Play Com ittee 3,L Rifle Club 1,2 Chorus l,2,3,h County 3,1+ Magazine Contest Home Rm. Capt. 1,h French Club 2 Intramurals l,2,3,L F.F.A. Sweetheart 3 CARL CROPO Nickname: Carl Ambition: Business Manager Rifle Club 1 Dance Committee 3,b Play Committee 3,h Boy Scouts 1,2 Explorer Scouts 3,h GERALD MATLA Nickname: Jerry Ambition: To be happy Football 1 Volleyball V3,h Dance Committee 3,L Play Committee 3 Rifle Club 1 'W' 1"""'V ANN BIGELOW Nickname: Annie Ambition: School Teacher Revue Staff A F.H.A. l,2,3,h Chorus l,2,3,A County Chorus 3,h Band l,2,3,h Librarian 3 Pep Band l,2,h Cheerleader 3 Class Play 3,L Play Committee 3,A Dance Committee 3,h Intramurals l,2,3,A French Club 2 Nurses Club 2,3 Speaking Contest A GEORGE STRABEL Nickname: Bud Ambition: Electronics Engineer Rifle Club l Play Com ittee 3,A Stage Committee 2,3,h Dance Committee L . na? A RUTH ENGLE Nickname: Ruthie Ambition: Secretary F.H.A. l,2,3,l, Cheerleader l,2,3,l, Captain-J .V. 1,2 Captain-V. 3,14 G.A.A. l,2,3,L, Leaders' Club 3,14 School Paper 3 Chorus 1,2,3 Class Play 3 ,I+ Play Committee 3 ,L Dance Committee 3 ,L Speaking Contest 3 RALPH LUND Nickname: Lundy Ambition : College F.F.A. l,2,3 Sentinel 2 State Chorus 2,3 Football 2 ,3 , in Basketball 3 , 1+ Volleyball 2 ,3 ,lo ChOI'U.S 2 3 3 3 is County Chorus 3 ,lo Class Play 1+ Play Committee 3,l+ Dance Committee 3 ,I+ Speaking Contest 3,lv , Rifle Club it EIOR RONALD J AKAUB Nickname: Jake Ambition: Electronics Engineer Basketball l Rifle Club 1 Stage Manager L, Revue Staff L, Play Committee 3,14 Stage Committee 3 1,2, Dance Cormnittee 3,l, KEITH WALLACE Nickname: Keith Ambition: Research Chemist Chorus 2,3,l+ Band 3,14 Speaking Contest 3 Class Play lo School Paper 3 Revue Staff 3 Football 2,3 ,Lp Track 2,3 Honor Society 2,3,h. 1,2 JAMES ADAMS Nickname: Jimmy Ambition: Famer Chorus 1,2 ,3 F .F .A. 1,2 ,I+ Basketball 1,2 State Chorus 2 Rifle Club 1,2 Play Committee 3 ,I+ Dance Committee 3,14 Speaking Contest 3 Band 1 Basketball 1 Volleyball 3 Track 2,3 BEVERLY NORTON Nickname: Bev Ambition: Success and happiness F.H.A. 1,2,3,L, Parliamentarian 1, G.A.A. 2 ,3 ,L Class Play 3 Leaders' Club 3 ,I+ Chorus 1,2,3 Dance Committee 3,4 Play Committee L, Rifle Club 1 Intramurals 2 ,3 ,L DONALD NAYLOR Nickname: Don Ambition: Business Accountant F.F.A. ' l,2,3 State Chorus 3 Basketball l,2,3 Leadership School President 3 Senior Chorus l,2,3 Football 2,3 Track 1,2 Basketball l Rifle Club 1 Play Committee 3,14 Dance Committee 3 ,la we 1:1-r-- 4 l3 l vnu ' xx '!l W Ambition Mechanical Ekmgineer Football 2,3,A Basketball ,2,3,A Volleyball 2,3,A Track , ,3,A Baseball ,2,3,A Color Guard 3,A Y 3 Speaking Contest 3 Campaign Manager A 1l"" 7:51 Q: L luMI . x v5WAfm L Lj . ll will I "" mmgun Aswwvord 111 . NANCY OLSEN Nickname: Nan Ambition: Happiness and success F.H.A. 3,A G.A.A. 3,h Chorus 2,3,A Class Play 3,A Leaders' Club A Vice President A School Paper 2,3 Dance Committee 3,A Honor Society A Play Committee 3,A lklwfvvlfi' 5 ,Mf,.4,', ,., , nf, .,., . .,- , ,, ,3 g 7 5.1 .nv G, .N ,- . J .. . r H,-,1f.'y' tum.-. ,uf fn 1:1-V gmxf' , . . ' A::f.- ,,.,,,,.-, ,. ,K H. . ,...-v1,.,,,5. . x H4 . vu Q: iti??HQ?A, X I ,ll , , , ,J Q . ,B .. , 4, , f , gQ9jEffg - fiff-iifaiaf ji W i X 1 5 " +5 L L' ,fi ,fi sf f :bf V-,JXP . - if -J" ,f , 1 f V - 'ea - -33, . . f ., ,,,- - va' .F mf-' F - W.. -.f-f R- " , . 1 M ' ' "gf ' 1 fu 711325 1-1 -' LOUIS REN Nickname : Lou Ambition: Undecided Football l,2,3,A Basketball 1,2,3,A Volleyball 2,3,A Baseball l,2,3,A Track 2,3,A Band l,2,3,A Treasurer 3 Stage Manager A Chorus 2,3 Librarian 3 Class Play 3 11 Oh for the life of a senior! Third Row:S.Monachino,H.Hartman,W.Schu1tz,L.Putney,R.Shultz,W.Hense1,L.Putney,D.Rowcliffe, 7 A GV EA ' a ES? gl js . 4, Y., -Q? A. Front how:A.Stroble,C.Wohlfeil,V.Wawrzyniak,R.Allen,M.Benton,Mr. Joslin,P.Laney,R.Ren,E.Anauo, ' R.Dunn Second Row:C.Palermo,H.Polischuk,C.Chapell,D.Seavert,D.Barber,T.Crossett,J.Baldwin,J.Kasmer, J.Vanderhoof,D.Smart R.Roth,M.Bateman,R.Dziuba UNl0R O F F'I C E President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representatives Student Council Alternate Warren Hansel Richard Dunn Victoria Wawrzyniak Carol Wohlfeil Mary Ellen Benton Thomas Crossett Donald Barber Reggie blinked twice at seeing how well the Juniors worked together to make their annual Prom an enjoyable one. The homeroom buzzed with excitement after class rings were ordered, and some talk was overheard about the play to be presented in the spring. Such continuous activity seemed to be character- istic of the whole high school. 12 ll 1 NU i . 1 EI I , I , '35W .,-3 - . .uf -,- , Front Row:W.Engle,K.Benson,D.Homer,L.Millis,M.Vigneri,Mr. Giansante,A.Naylor,L.Speed H.Baker J.Erhardt,A.Di.mn ' ' Second Row:H.Johnston,B.Benz,T.Christopher,R.Hall,C.Brown,G.Cole,W,Bsnton,L.Moss,A.Palevich 4' l Nt t x K vviw Oghfll WL Spin' VM V J.Churchill,J.Weber,M.Johnston,J.Monachino , W Dav1d,P Jakaub,L Park,L PT1dmOT6,B Court,C Winkelmann OPHO ORE F I C E President Vice President David Gillette Secretary Lee Millis Treasurer Robyn Warn Student Council Representatives Paul Jakaub Betty Kasmer Student Council Alternate Antonina Palevich The sophomore class has been busily earning money to spend on their future projects. They do this by sponsoring three movies during the course of one school year. Besides, they sell refreshments at home basketball games. All this money goes toward formal dances, banquets, and pictures in their final years of school. They hold class meetings whenever necessaryy In general the Class of '58 has had a successful year under the leadership of its reliable officers and the guidance of Mr. Giansante. Third Row:E.Printup,R.Weatherbee,R.Mason,L.Markwica,B.Kasmer,D.McCoy,R.Warn,D.Gillette, fffg lr- cefffy 31,01 -z '.'. O F R S 13 ,, I ,Mali Jlym Mtg tim? 1 l f fJMl,il 1 W 1 4 s f 1 Front Row:H.Whitcomb,D.Talbot,M.Norton,D.Smith,D.Snyder,C.Smith H.Hall W.Gavenda D.Printu . mn .ommy m er P Wald J c Mr Palm ' ' ' P' Second Row:M.Ashton:L.Shuknecht,D.Stuart,J.Kahn,J.Shepard,P.Toa1,N.Dickes,H.Roy,L.Benthin, J.Bird A.Coughlin R.Johnson J.Searls S.Warn - Third Row:C.Underhill,T.Monachino,G.Kelsey,J.Searls,A.Dorman,G.Rowcliffe,R.Hartman,C.Gabriel S.Sulim,J.Pflaumer,C.Stroble,K.Richenberg,E.Bezon,J.Zambito,R.Dilcher ,1.,:QJ 39, , N liz? -f: l:::f- ' 'am-r E 51 B EZ j President Karen Ptlchenberg Agamig .1r9ii'fjg57:iE21EEL , , qihilj aah Vice President Hlla Hall .X - iw me ,NV h ,r-v1 J V V I Secretary Patricia Waldron . Tv! It I -. ' "i:::3't?'wp " c' 1 f X- X.f' wh Treasurer Gerald Rowcliffe - if 1 LVVAZ, V- S NE5g Jl: 1 Student Council Representative Stanley Sulim fl 'Q :gy Audrey Dorman . A . My A L student Council Alternate Dixie Lee Talbot cfs? -3' -,, -Q-' -'-'ww , gg Fidf '-JSEEKMQAEZ' RJ The Freshmen enthusiastic bundled up last fall to sell refreshments dnfnvd U Xl' at all home football games. The day of the Junior Prom, class members will- :Lngly decorated the cafeteria to fit the mood of "A Japenese Holiday"-also the theme of the Prom itself. The menu included pizza, with the Freshmen en- joying it as much as everyone else. 11+ -" Alix 1 SY Front How:Mrs.Strouts,R.Smith,J.Anauo,D.Say,W.Townsend,R.Co1e,B.Dambra,C.Wa11ace,M.Whitcomb, D.Engle,E.Dziuba,W.Shuler,J.Mason,Miss Coughlin Second Row:A.Brasky,A.Gray,J.Warboys,N.Hartman,B.Coughlin,G.Williams,H.Homer,R.Kahn,S.Ruck, R.Hampshire,E.Kel1y,C.Miller,M.Bezon,N.Dunn,L.Kozak Third Row:G.Smith,P.Ruck,M,Smith,B.Weber,D.Campbel1,G.Ahl,J.Kasmer,R.Ear1,J.Jakaub,K.Smith, D.Brinkman,N.Auge11o,M.Ramsey,K.Neth,E.Niedzialek EVENTH GR DE EIGHTH GR DE Front Row:B.Vereecken,G.Nay1or,K.Porter,B.O1sen,Mr. Johnson,J.Pangrazio,K.Myers,S.Schafer, J.Speed,D.Underhi1l Second Row:G.Shultz,R.Penepent,G.Pflaumer,E.Hough,C.Johnson,K.Chape1l,S.Palevich,P.Ke1sey, C.Starowitz,J.Hampshire Third How:B.B:zon,L.Booher,M.Ta1bot,C.Downs,R.Turner,D.Toal,K.Pask,R.Mickey,A.Cough1in, T.Ingerson,J.Gavel,D.McCoy Fourth Row:R.DuBois,L.Gi1lette,J.Jasper,D.Crossett,A.Bur1ing,C.Norton,J.Shu1tz,N.Wawrzyniak, L.Karas,E.Downs,A.Horzempa,T.Bargay,P.Zambito 1 ,Q N n 1 , V Q29 41 A M wnc"1 ' 'Iwi nr - LLQW. ff , Th MQW A?P2By , --R 'Eiga-!'.'-I 43V5'iT.-" .l ' 7454 xv-Im 'kshnhx J ' 'c .79 "nl It H -'lgdef LJ 1 , Front Rowgx.Hamm-,L.Ke1sey,K.schu1er,c.Ear1,s.Bi1-a v X Second Row:D.Hartman,D.Green,G.Smith,W.Wil1iams,D.Bezon,D.Reisdorf,V.Gray,B.Kahn,E.Roth, A.Totten ' Third Row:E.Armbrewster,R.Underhill,J.Whitcomb,A.Barniak,C.Albee,Miss Hofmann,G.Smith, C.DiCasolo,B.Smith,S.Henries,P.Ahl HwHm ie . Front Row:J.Engle,L.Vereecken,L.Ashton,M.Bateman,C.Pangrazio My J Second Row:R.Toa1 M.Swart L S ' , z, . qulres,J.Norton,M.Tovmser1d,L.Ames,S.Downs,R.Osborne,P.Cropo, V R.Warboys Third Row:Mrs. James,C.Crossett,N.Shepard,J.Steenburg,W.Wil1iams,R.Harmor,D.Cooper,H.Hough, ' M.Vanderhoof,D.Mur'phy,M.Panek,Miss Marone Q . ' 1 'SAP li- 'N J Qx f . XQ M6 V Q X M x V IW QV -Q L - Q 1, Q if I si .L .T ma N rln f glhfil-Jnlfn, ---Qllli I If if ' sf I . . "N :on SY 1' mu ll' tiki! IRA Front Row :G.Mowers,P .Balonek, T .Dickes ,W.Anauo Seffond ROVWN-JfffeI'.V,R-Ch8p?ll,T.Gave1, T.Riggs,G.Slade,K ,Strobele,D.Watson,M.l-iomer Thlrd Row:D .Brlnk-ma.n,F .Zamblto , J ,McCormick,S .Totten ,D .Pr-intup,B .Osborne,M1-5 . Paul,J ,Sherwood , R-5355? 'Sa-lwayg G-Millis ,S .Dean,B .Barney ,..,- xuxxx FIFTH GR DE Front R.ow:B.Townsend,A.Schuler,J.Printup ,B.Doma.n,S .Sulim,C .Milto ' ' ' B M R.Burrows K.Karas Second Row:L.Jas1nski,R.Woh1fe:nJ.,C .Coughl1n,K.Wa11ace,V.Geox-ge, . oon, , , D.Stokes,J.Fite I Third Row: J .Neth,C .Augello , A.Putney,P .Bezon,L.Mcqu:Lre ,Mrs . Gave1,G .RudoILph,L .Munger-, J .McCormick ,D.Cough1in,S.Mason - 2 W 2 nfxf 5? E FQ , r " qs W 6 0 39 A?35'WQWHf " A 6 jf, 5343129-Ugg wa w ' I w X4 ,xgiwg-3 X uf' g gi ii o . E Front Rnw:J.Earl,S.Osborne,M.Henries,R.Jasinski,R.Conway,C.Hall mb" Timm Second R,ow:S.Toal,A.Barniak,D.Sne11,K.Sherwood,D.Mason,E.Brown,S.Knight,H.Dentino un ' Third Row:J.Bridge,F.Hart1ey,J.Pf1aumer,P.Augello,R.Townsend,G.Allen,Mrs. Baker,J.Carver, I , S.Rudo1ph,JJiichenberg,J.Dorman,A.Ames,D .Stokes J A I . - 18 5 E Q E E l ga :S I3 a ca U 000 O0 gl. f goo 0 Q o JS 5 233 O0 'N D - Front Row:D.Homer,A.Armbrewster,J.Lacey,B.Hayes,J.Bird 9 x' A 5: 93 00 Second Row:M.Reisdorf,E.Shepax-d,D.SneJl,L.Bateman,B.Shultz,S.Albee,K.Porter,J.Bamey T53 0 80 930 Third Row:B.Watson,V.Dor-man,J.Dorf,M.Nieclzialek,D.Al1en,Mrs.O'Shea,M.Ca.mpbe1l,A.Park,S.Sfartz, Q9 9 0 9 gag r4.cough1in,.J.smif,h F A O 2 gonna ,, 5 00 D C N 0 0 dogg I 5-" 'X - 'J KH! gift: X Ihlfi ,, Gfv ' fp" n. R , I x- gI ,l1XXBiI ,f mm lf NX JAN r O V G' ' I - 'gel N 'I Mas! Be VVNLP. VNU- Kumi Q v-1 Xl .is g1'om'ndROR::RiEgi1e:R-D'm1aP,G-M11Hge!',F .Ke1ly,B.Vereecken SCO W: . th,J.Argento,E.H0ugh D.Caccamise B.Mowers P.Schad B.Markwi A A ht Thlrd Row:J.Strabe1,L.Vo1k,S.Berg,D:Panek,S.Smiih,I.Williams,Misg Dorf,C.g2ih'K?Pri2tup A.Cooper,P.Freema.n,P.Za.mbito,B.Gave1 " ' Front Row:G.Erhardt,C.Downs,C.But1er,H.Ca1kins,L.Norton Second Rnw:Mrs. Norton,R.Zambito,N.Andrews,J.S1ade,M.McCurry5D.Gartley,K.Johnson,P.Austin Third How:J.Lougheed,C.Norstrand,A.Wa1ker,G.Armbrewster,C.Zambito,R.Dziuba,P.Starowitz, P razio B.Totten,G.Warboys G.Reiter,B.Horton,S.Burr,D.Kreger,C. ang , 3 I .K , .mi ffjf' , H V , bf , , , gf R l A , Front now:P.Lyons,L.Waw'zyr1iak,B-Osborne I Second Row :F.Bur1ing,L.Strobele,M.LyOHS,H.P1'1dm0I'S ' Third Row :L.Farringt.on ,R.Lyons,C .Lyons ,M,G1over ,W.Gil1ard ,Mrs . Ma.nwf3I'11'1E I C O I Jvln Shu-,nl 104 lullg I fi" ll l l'l 3:55:14-11 W' C J X' W umm 1 F l"' 'K lllll ull J lgilvilgw Aw. ? Wk! ENN T :CPF g' L l , -3 ESL 421 xi Mann. 7 Syil. 3 Front Row:'L.Balonek,G.Ramsey,L.Dorf,G.Strobe1e,J.Benton,B.Geiss1er , - ' Second F0ow:0.0sbor'ne,R.Ra.msey,C.Steenburg,E.Annbrewster,D.Hough,H.McGi11,R.Zambito, ' A ' M.Chamberlain,P.Lacey , . Third Row:J.Miller,M.Falker,S.Ha1:'tley,W.Cole,S.Smith,L.Walker,Mrs. Wost,M.Freeman,P.Burrows, W ll X V.Poo1e ,W.Har't ,R .Whitcomb, J .Reiter 525 - 'f-I nm id Yi lu ' Ill I llll' :S .9 -A , ' I7 ,t Mm we if ' f3':', x li I 1 , IJ E fo 4 Qaizzqix N A 'RHZ1 8... 1 3 4 68 ,. 2. 0 o ' "2 15' Q 1 V r If In lily: R Y BVIIJM 1 W 1 Front Row:B.Stokes,T.Dickes,D.Jasinski,R.Eng1e,S.Earl,B.Bowen Second Row:R.Pflaumer,P.Hartley,C.C0ughlin,J.Austin,C,Munger,S.Reisdorf,A.Pangrazio,W.Hartman, T.Coughlin,M.Knight,S.Mil1is,A.Johnson Third Row:D.Al1en,C.Brinkman,H.Walker,S.Sherwood,H.Wi11iams,K.Mickey,Miss Burr,J.Dunlap, R.Porter,R.Totten,R.Zipfe1,L.Stuart,D.Gray Hakim- ECO D GR DE Front Row:L.Mickey,W,Gray Second How:H.Hayes,L.Austin,N.Jeffeny,P.wohlfeil,A.Downs,S.Jasinski,L.Sul1ivan Third How:M.Martell,J.Szentmik1osi,M.Fancher,H.Smith,A.Albee,C.Dutton,P.Cough1in,H.Freeman, W.Chamber1ain,E.Poole Fourth Rnw:L.Naylor,C.Brasky,G.Dziuba,S.Whitcomb,V.Sharp,W.Johnson,Mrs. Christopher,L.Quinter, L.Parker,P.David,C.Monachino,R.Norstrand,J.Werth D -' lv L X-.-JA!!-C 15,1 Q 'fs N ,iq , ng: I 1 Wu. , U 4. Agn. .- A E.. , 5.4 Q94 , l i E I i i nllf Front How:D.Hough,P.Osborne,M.Boyce,L.Richenberg,L.Norton,F.Kelly Second How:R.Clark,D.Pritt,W.McGill,D.Morgan,D.Fite,R.Kreger,Mrs. Burr,G.Yunker,S.Higgins, G.Harmcr,R.Smith Third Row:W.Johnson,L.Horton,P.Zambito,C.Cough1in,S.Mickey,F.Freeman,D.Shoenemann,J.Bridge, W.Barney,M.Hal1,T.Millis,R.Hi1l,D.Putney,L.Ba1onek FIR T GR DE Front Row:M.Lewis,J.Penepent,S.Shepard,J.Warboys,J.Jasinski,J.Geissler Second Row:C.Berglin,J.Caccamise,G.Hart,S.Underhil1,G.Hart1ey,B.Morgan,E.Austin,S.O1sen, C.Pangrazio,S.Karas Third How:D.Mil1er,S.Berg,M.Morgan,E.Rosborough,B.Hetherly,Miss Shephard,P.McCormick,R.Gabrie1, L.Smith,P.Dempski,L.Miller,P.Zambito li! ni"1 Q: M l 'Wy Si5kcr QI X wfzezler -.Q 'fi D Donnfl bohnco uc F t R.ow:K.Port.er M.Boyce J.Bird C.Co1e,P.Ashton,F.Johnson ron Second R.ow:J .Churcl2il1,T .M:1rphy,M:Cropo ,T .Dambra,M.Poole ,N .Waldron,N .Burr,C .Fa.ncher,P .Bo shart , R.Hartman Third Row:C .Yunker,P .Port,er,D .Dunla.p,P Jiiedzialek, J .Norstrand,P .Cax'ver,Mrs . Murphy,J .Guth, P .Cooper,D.Mudrzynski,G.Quint.er,S .Say,R.Dor-man 1 v J , V f 1 ,C . o ' O 23 C I 1' Y A Front R,ow:A.Palermo,N.Schuler,A.Dentino,T.Andrews,K.Hartley,J.Austin,R.Hayes,G.GeissQer fl i Second Row:S.T0wnsend,S.Pa.nek,J.Vo1k,M.Moon,H.Chamberlain,G.Pahuta,D.Berg1in,D.Rowcl1.ffe, K K.Ske1ton DJ-inight ir Third E.ow:P.DiCasolo:G.Sharp,J.Smith,F.Augel1o,H.Gray,C.AI'rnbI'SwSter,MrS. Mur'phy,L.Chape11, J ' ,. G.Pangrazio ,K,Coug,hlin,M.Bucz.ek,J .Gart1ey,C .Mickey 1' J' 'L fl N 0 vi f f If :IJ A s N 1 Timm s fx 6 ,1 V-9 v 9 46 Q ' f 4 'A a 4 '7 Yu S 00 5 S OX y Q: , 5 f I , 7' APCYXY' ' X' , mliiqbk 65 f X . 1 - j q ' I 2 I ff, -rf Mrs, Sherwood,Mrs. Whee1ock,Mr. Vanderhoof,Mr. Benton,Mrs. Bargay 21+ Wait a minute! Reggie zipped down the stairs and into the office again. Nodding to a surpris- ed Mrs. Bargay and Mrs. Sherwood, he presented himself to Mr. Vanderhoof. Mr. Vander-hoof and Mr. Benton finally suc- ceeded in calming Reggie and then proceededsto explain the complicated school system to him. Reggie began to understand, but he still wished to see the Board of Education and the many teach- ers who now compose the faculty. Given an of- ficial escort, Reggie met the staff shown on the following pages. 25 E FACULTY Front How:Mrs.Smith,Mrs.Gavel,Mrs.Murphy,Mrs.Sherwood Second Row:Mrs.Manwaring,Miss Burr,Mrs.James,Mrs.Bargay,Mrs.Kirsch Mrs.O'Shea Mrs.Christo he p r Third Row.M1ss Lng1and,Mrs.Pau1,Mrs.wsber,Mrs.Pa1mer,MrS.G1over,Mr2.Burr,MrS.E1ven, Miss Shephard,Mrs.Baker,Mrs.Strouts,Mrs.West,Mrs.Norton,Miss Dorf,Miss Hofmann Fourth Row:Miss Tyler,Mrs.Coniber,Mr.Giansante,Mr.Joslin,Mr.Benton,Mr.Smugor,Mr.Eumia, Mr.Dermody,Mr.Vanderhoof,Mr.Sherwood,Mr.Abrams,Mr.Mark,Mr.Johnson,Mrs.Gammack, Miss Coughlin Mrs. Sophia Smith Mrs. Marjorie Christopher Mrs. Lina Strouts Mr. Carl Smugor Commercial Second Grade English Industrial Arts Mrs. Dorothy Gavel Miss Blanche England Mrs. Marion West Mr. Robert Lumia Fifth Grade English and French Third Grade Driver Education Mrs. Eunice Murphy Mrs. Edith Paul Mrs. Natalie Norton Mr. Joseph Dernmdy Kindergarten Fifth Grade Third Grade Agriculture Mrs. Arlette Sherwood Mrs. Deloris Weber Miss Gwendolyn Dorf Mr. H. W. Vanderhoof Secretary Mathematics Third Grade Principal Mrs. Katherine Manwaring Mrs. Helen Palmer Miss Dorothy Hofmann Mr. Stamford Sherwood Special Class Mathematics Sixth Grade Physical Education Miss Hazel Burr Second Grade Mrs. Lucille James Sixth Grade Mrs. Blanche Bargay Secretary Mrs. Helen Kirsch Librarian Mrs. Ruth O'Shea Fourth Grade Mrs. Rosemary Glover Homemaking Mrs. Edith Burr First Grade Mrs. Matilda Given School Nurse Miss Mildred Shephard First Grade Mrs. Martha Baker Fourth Grade Miss Mary Tyler Art Mrs. Doris Coniber Vocal Music Mr. Samuel Giansante Citizenship Education Mr. Paul Joslin Science Mr. L. H. Benton Vice-Principal 26 Mr. Alan Abrams Physical Education Mr. Lyle Mark Instrumental Music Mr. Carroll Johnson Citizenship Education Mrs. Jean Gammack Dental Hygienist Miss Dorothy Coughlin English , J. lik: Front Row:Mr. Day,Mr. 5tuart,Mr. Ames Second ROw:Mr. Speed,Mr. Shuler,Mr. B 0 R1 D 0 F E D U I 0 fp -H,-: .-'31 ,4t?v' -1112? x . 3 'Qs 41 Wi Fi Q43 ' 'E N The education for which we are responsible is changing constantly. It has changed as markedly since we ourselves were students as the automobile in the same period of time. We find our problems become greater with each passing year. Worthy solutions depend upon a complex base of board action, faculty thought, parental support and community participation. In the years immediate- ly ahead all of us should produce our best thought on the needs of our children 27 Xu' M Uri T - .? ,T - -...- ig - gg., if 5 l W ,- 1 L'-" E. -J-2 -1? ii ,gi Y--. 1.4 sgl,g.f'f""" ' if .,Q x , ,,' Qxffi . A 4 N 1 7 '1 W MW MMI 0 f Q5 -1' X MRS. GIVEN Now you see it, now you don't. CT I T ia 'J 55-Uh grade Christmas City. K N,-,B l"'1l IJ? w f V '11 fran . l ' u p-.- llQ pu -U-5 i"r-A ES! I I I + ! 9 HJ 1 M 'W W M 'A Q? ' IE: ' Q X Qi' f . i LW 5: ,gl 3 Z -lg. 0 W1 u"-2 NO MRM , 5 . I1 if ,ll N 5 U-r 1 X , F ' ,fy-jf .JL W fi-J 0 Janmsamsi-,h W! , , ' , GQ . 1 Az' 5,. , Q, 7 U mmf E X 1 'bl-. I . B , , IIIHI - 1 - vx 1 , ' A Q 2-q ' - llllli 4 6 H -22 EZ 4, f li xiliil f K H W , , 1 'Y E!! li P H 4 M - 'Q ' 5 f i gl , 52: "i 1 ,JA 4: - 1 "' 5 E ,gii fi 'ni MN L I 1:.:rz Q X "3 - X-'ii' 3 Ah 1 Tn ji- ia J, u Y I ' 0 A Q T f r' " E "f :E ,E f If 47.9 FV A Q " 5-- ':'- Q 4 E157 ' ' 1 -f' .o 11 11 1-1... ,hm -' , CJ' 4 3 IH:--. 1 r mud Vvxk Tvl I V I Fug ' 1 1 D71 hs. "' i Z A 'lim . 5. 7 1 J L T Jr-f xaafxdoq, fy ? 10 ll 1 lpsxifgisgl 0 6 3 ! - I I gl HAI' ' ' Q,-:QR . L' mu Eb It ff f TM, EL PM J 9 u' -fm 1 J W :Ml im nl 4' 1 1' 0 X 1 . . P W f " H l eap x M fi 1 ' I xiii' , D J .wi gh ,SJ W f M, 1 N I X Cum um. I' , V ,M ' C .s hh ' 7 1 030 nflguly 1 --. gs-lg , 1 V bv-S q N' P' , Wfoh ' I ' 9 - , . . f il i nf ssii SS.. N mv- I ga' E- K Q "WI k 1B""" '+R I 1 1 1,' wh en ra M Af X - 4Xil2'i'Q :I ,hd 5 x, 'I kin' lla, X M swf f XE? f w-vfsfg, I L X 5 Y 'Ill 1,1 I N wife? m its ml 1 dllll ' ! I CWI un ,4 'si B 'f ' " 5"JN.?1 E - ,zi':a'iia,if.. W m ' XJ in 9.1 O N A I rj Ml-ll ' Ku 'X 5 lllliiab U fn iff--ig ff R. . D- J Mlm. 1 . KRT-3,3 h Q.. A v , f Wy 0 if J:i AE ' L: 1-if X n' f Q95 Hb H91 ,q1g1 ,F J :fsi?iiM S gig mwwrwrll , 6 FFF ' ,M Nz ,L Q' IW 30 A Q' null The' Ar 5:4 H +mm? 'V llllL..liiLhEi55i 'ff mg It f-":-i"P,l'2- r s nyiirs f i , , r1,w, W '3ff'i 2 IWHIM H 1 JM A, W, ffwlmlfgl . argl.. ,iffy ""'N?.R"" i . M H-Mi 1 x ,Fix X 3 INTERIM W-If ' ff ? anyand au SC hool pmbl gh ch S . M r.ta M , aim' 5 my school , Qhola A M W IE "' P ' li LM PJ 1 , I ' :NiMH WWi!Qgln!l1'f'W fg , 1' I JM W A Q s Q n A V V A Q ' 15" A 'Lt' 31 hm nn WW fix , A 99325 P M' ,n 1 in Cghil-lilzfrkn hcil-3310? V ' Eoxgfi AJ H, M Y RE E STAFF Front Row:J.Park,Miss Coughlin,Miss Tyler,S.Warboys,J.Vanderhoof,C.Wohlfeil,E.Stokes Second Row:F.Markwica,L.Townsend,K.Richenberg,S.Szyniec,V.Wawrzyniak,R.Ren,C.Chapel1, A.Palevich,C.Zambito,J.Ruck,D.Smith Third How:R.Johnson,M.Benton,A.Bigelow,L.Pridmore,P.Jakaub,J.Pendergast,S.Sulim,W.Schultz, B.Kasmer,R.Dziuba,J.Weber,J.Monachino,T.Crossett,S.Warn Editor Sally Warboys Assistant Editors Jane Vanderhoof Carol Wohlfeil Advertising Manager Charles Zambito , Advertising Staff Janet Huck James Pendergast Edith Stokes Joseph Monachino Sally'Warboys Business Manager Victoria Wawrzyniak Assistant Business Managers Rosemarie Ren, Ronald Jakaub Activities Editor Leah Townsend Grades Editor Karen Richenberg Photography Editor Justin Park Assistant Photography Editors Thomas Crossett, Ronald Dziuba Boys' Sports Editor Girls' Sports Editor Art Editor Art Staff Literary Editor Literary Staff Paul Jakaub Judith Weber Ann Bigelow Dora Smith Betty Kasmer 32 Frank Markwica Sophie Szyniec Edith Stokes Antonina Palevich Stanley Sulim Janet Ruck Mary Ellen Benton Carolyn Chapell Linda Pridmore ,aa Susan Warn IEIEIEIEEEEESEFEEEISI' ,. . , wal: 1 :-:f:4:-1-::5:gr19Q2rX Q: s .mt Q '.'.-.-,45:1:1:i:f:EIQ?:'i Niiij' 55" 1 1 1 - , - X XF1 1 Lf X , R I I1 N f f wwf 4 vvfitfo s M vi 'W At last having cleared his jumbled mind as to the arrangement of the class 4 d o t to artici ate in the activities. Down the corridor, es, Reggie venture u p p door after door disclosed different types of meetings. Peering into one room, f irls sewin in an informal circle, and he came to the Reggie saw a group o g g conclusion that this could be nothing but a future homemakers' clubg next, toe group of students taking each 0ther'S temperatures and making various types Q bandages. This was the nurses' club. Of course, not all the clubs were for girls. Reggie soon found a room fil ed with eager boys who were witnessing a demonstration on the car the Future Fanners, no doubt. As Reggie moved on, he viewed many more meetings such as G.A.A., Leaders Club, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Brownies and Cubs which are portrayed on the fo lowing pages. ACTIVITIE o r n e of chickens Front Row:M.Benton,E.Stokes,L.Townsend,R.Dziuba,Mr. Giansante,F.Markwica L Markwica R.Hartman,D.Barber,T.Crossett , 0 , Ar Second Row:K.Myers,D.Talbot,B.Weber,A.Palevich,A.Donman,P.Jakaub,B.Kasmer,J.Warboys, igkasx A.Cough1in,E.Dziuba Jj,4'. . O F F I C E R S President Frank Markwica xx, y if Vice President Ronald Dziuba 62 Secretary Louise Markwica Treasurer Robert Hartman The governing body of the school known as the Student Council has changed i considerably since the time of Reggie. From the campaigns and elections in V the fall to the fulfillment of the last project in the spring, the members V work diligently with the aid of their advisor, Mr. Giansante, to carry' out their many duties. One of the major projects of the student body is the annual magazine drive. The Council also sponsors dances after the basketball games. The proceeds from these profitable activities go to the improvement and betterment of the school. 3h J, 35 K, L K ...J Front Row:S.Warn,M.Benton,M.Ramsey Second Row:M.Ashton,P.Klos,Mrs. Given,D.Homer Third RDW2D-Ta1b0t,C.Chapell,L.Moss,L.Park,R5Roth,E.Printup,A.Bigelow,A,Cough1in,C,wQh1fei1 NURSES L B AA 1 D Printu P Waldron D.Ta1bot Front Row:J.Conway,L.Adams,E.Stokes,D.Homer,S.Warboys,R.Eng e, . p, . J Second How:L.Mi1lis,B.Norton,N.Smith,L.Townsend,S.Szyniec,L.Speed,V.Wawrzyniak,A.Dixon Third Row:Coach 5herwood,S.Warn,M.Ashton,R.Ren,J.Ingerson,T.Christopher,H.Polischuk,J.Weber, N.Olsen,J.Kasmer,J.Vanderhoof,M.Benton,M.Vigneri,C.Palermo,D.Smart,D.Smith Fourth Row:J.Churchill,C.Brown,C.Chapel1,D.Seavert,L.Benthin,B.Kasmer,E.Printup,A.Dorman, " h' o L Markwica A.Coughlin,P.Toal,J.Ruck,A.Pa1evich, R.Roth,K.R1chenberg,S.Monac 1n , . , B.Benz . . .. ...qi ..4v1f.n1: nl-.., Jr I Front Row:N.Smith,B.Norton,N.Ta1bot,R.Ren Second Row:E.Stokes,L.Ada.ms,N.O1sen,S.Szyniec,L.Townsend,A.Stroble,R.Eng1e Third Row:S.Warboys,D.Smar't,M.Benton,J.Ruck,R.Roth,Mr. Sherwood S.Mor1achino i-I.PolisC.l'-:uk J .Vanderhoof, C.Paler-mo ,V.wawrzyniak , , 'K , U U l Y ,, , - Q I fy? I I - ?4-- X ff- -- .1- V .4 a- -4 gix 1 -L- . Y I X FI- 3- ,Fix 1 , on f Q x '1 ' X , N is 'wif - A o-o X i- .. -vqfqw I I x W f,.g .NX 221 W fi" 22 .L - FFUITU R0w:K.Smith,H.Hampshire,B.Weber Mrs. Kirsch P.Ruck MJ-Jhitcomb L Kozak J Ma second ROMA.BI-asky,M.BezQn,E.xe11y,KfNeth,s.Ruck:M.Hams2y,B.c0ugh1in,J,wal-SoySj?g,,m XT 31 V fy VTITA X,.J 7 9.1 Front Row:M.Bateman,W.Schultz,H.Hartman,Mr. Dermody Second Row:R.Dunn,A.Nay1or,J.Sear1s,H.Hal1,D.Rowcliffe,J.Shepard,J.Bird,L.Shuknecht,R.A11en, H.Whitcomb Third Row:W.Benton,E.Norton,E.Bezon,L.Putney,R.Shu1tz,W.Hense1,L.Putney,J.Pflaumer,J.Sear1s, C.Underhill,N.Dickes Front Rnw:A.Dixon,E.Stokes,D.Homer,R.Eng1e,L.Adams ' ' ' ' V W iak Mrs. Glover Second Row:B.Norton,M.V1gner1,N.Sm1th,S.Szyn1ec, . awrzyn , Third Row:P.Klos,L,Mi1lis,R.Ren,J.Myers,J.Ingerson,T.Christopher,J.Kasmer,J.Vanderhoof, M.Benton,C.Pa1enno,D.Smart,L.Speed Fourth Row:J.Churchil1,A.Pa1evich,N.O1sen,L.Townsend,A.Bige1ow,L.Park,L.Markwica,S.Monachino, B.Kasmer,E.Printup,D.Seavert,J.Ruck,C.Chape11,K.Brown,B.Benz 1 '::':wfv.--. ,- -4,1 M, . .- .5 v V Front Row:R,Dunlap ,J .Argento,P .David ,J .Benton ,R.Conway Second Row:B.Horton,D.Snell,K.Porter,D .Kreger,L.Jasinski,W.Hart,R.Zambito Third Row:C .Za.mbito,D .Panek,C .Roth, J .Richenberg ,D.Watson ,P .Augello ,L.Squire ,R.Townsend, R.Wohlf eil ,M.Cough1in ,S.Swartz ,P,Freeman Fourth Row :R. Cha.pel1,G.AJ.'Len, J .Carver,V. George ,D .Allen ,F .Zambito , P .Bezon ,A .Putney ,R.Burrows , C .Augel1o,W.Wil1ia.ms , T.Gave1 BOY SCOUTS Front Row:P.Cropo,B.Vereecken,D.Green,M.Swart,z Second Row:W.Shuler,C .Porter ,J .Hampshire ,G.Pflaumer ,C .Star-owitz,B .Olsen ,J .McCormick , J .McCormick Third Row:B.Da.mbra,K.Pask,D.Toal,G.Ahl,J.Baldwin,L.Karas,D.Campbel1,N.Auge11o,T.Talbot, .lL.Cough1in,S.Palevich A Front B.ow:J .Bird,M.Reisdorf,S.Toa1,C .Hall Second Row:M.Dent.ino,D .Sne11,S.Albee ,Mrs . Christopher,E.Brown,M.Henries,K.Sher'wood, A.Barniak Third Row:B.5hultz ,A.Ames,J .Pflaumer ,V .Dorman,H.Campbe11,A.Pa.rk,S .Rudolph,M.Niedzia1ek, BRO IE Front Row :L.Austin ,B.Bowen ,R.Pf1aumer ,S .Millis ,N .Jeffery ,L.Sul1ivan ,R.Eng1e Second Row:C .Dutton ,B .Geiss1er,D .Allen ,H.Wi.'L1iams ,B .Gave1,A .Ashton ,J .Dunlap ,J .Strabe1, P.Coughl:Ln Third Row :S.Haz't1ey,I. .Stuart ,H.Zambito , J .Slade ,S .Burr ,P .Schad ,M.Chamber1a.in ,MJ-icCurry, R..Whitcomb,B.Totten,H.McGi1.1,H.Freema.n Fourth Row:D .Cacca.mise,P .Starowitz ,L.Parker,P .Zambito,S .Smith,S.Smith,M.Freeman,P .Burr-ows, S .Berg ,L.Vo1.k ,G.Warboys ,N .Andrews ,H.Gut.h J.Dorman,J.Dorf,B.Wat.son,E.Shepard greg. .' Q5 if 5351, i -. ,il ' ' has 1 L f' Front Row:S.Bird,A.Schuler,L.Vereecken,D.Stokes M.Homer Second Row:J.Norton,C.Coughlin,C.Kelly,K.Schuler,K.Karas,J.Neth 1 Row.M.Townsend,M.Panek,D.Re1sdorf,S.Dean,N.Shepard,P.Ahl,J.Sherwood,K.Porter, M.Vanderhoof,S.Henries,G.Smith,C.DiCasolo,C.Norton Under the able direction of Mrs. Given, the nurses' club- makes annual field trips to hospitals and schools of nursing to b tt Uwith various nursing practices d t in , i S' E' nlnullll Hill? I 111 A ' 'Bennie 'frm-1'-S0-I 5"0l LIBRARY CLUB President Vice President Treasurer , e er acquaint the girls an o encourage nursing as a successful career. LEADERS' CLUB President Sophie Szyniec Vice President Leah Townsend Helping coach with cl gym asses, refereeing and scoring intramural games are some of the many tasks performed by Leaders' Club during the course of a school year at Elba Central. Reggie was informed that this organization inspired many high school girls to undertake a career with children, either teaching or in welfare work. Kathleen Smith Q Rita Hampshire Betty Weber x The purpose of 'this club of eighth grade girls is to assist Mrs. Kirsch with library work. From making out due slips to stamping books being prepared 1 W for use, the interested students worked diligently to improve the library. This organization, at the close of the year takes an ad t , ven urous trip to Rochester, visiting the art museum and the Museum of Science. Every year is a successful one with books as friends. ff x DJ 1 R XQN , .H 1. a k L ho 'max PW-. 'F' ' M " A , , A' - ..,., wg, : ' ' ' GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ' Since girls enjoy sports as much as boys, they have a club called the Girls Athletic Association with officers as follows: President Leah Townsend Vice President Noreen Snith Secretary-Treasurer Sophie Szyniec F Playing :Intramurals during their noon hours, the girls form teams accord- ' ing to grades and compete for the championship of the high-school squads. Bake sales support the activities of inter-school play days and track meets. At the end of the year, the girls win awards based on their partici- pation in the various sporting events. Jallgqn, Hlxivql, I-'TH Wifi XY Q? X View . at FUTURE HOMEMAKEHS OF AMERICA E President Noreen Smith 54 - f Vice President Sophie Szyniec 4 'Q Secretary Mary Jane Vigneri ,Gin Treasurer Victoria Wawrzyniak N lliwrfi - Reporter Jeanette Chapell I-EJ Parliamentarian Beverly Norton Advisor Mrs. Glover Il Vxvlggn In the past year the F. H. A. ,made and sold Christmas corsages as a means f- 13? ed of raising money to purchase jackets for the senior members of the club An 4-'- annual dance is included in the schedule of events. The purpose of the club .ul :H as vt is to promote better homernakers of America. FUTURE Fmmas or AMERICA VX p 0 0 President wuliam Schultz L Vice President Howard Hartman 5 m X , Reporter Daniel noweliffe 5 ly Sentinel Warren Hensel ' . ' Secretary Melvin Bateman gunbnnlaz: Treas'-UCI' Lawrence Dorman N uh mm L if "What's this?" l 'im d R Ui ' RAM'-T JU bmp Uh V exc a e eg, e as he was confronted with a large calendar bearing B P5101-ure of nearly twenty-five high school boys and an advisor. "Why, thavs 01-II' F .F .A. calendar," he was informed. "One of the group's largest pro- jects is that of selling advertisements to be placed on it.", He also received this added information. Once a'year, the Elba chapter choosesan F.F.A. sweetheart to attend their annual banquet when ribbons are awarded to all members having achieved a certain goal in agriculture. Al r LBS KW f' f2MWFx - -' V A Nag..- nv! . I 1 Wai 5 ..-f' .P 'W -Q6 5 gh: 1. V ' ' g. ' V W fi L53 ?? , f 212 iw "' f. ,W 3 L, Wfsfggia, '51 f H jg 9 I 4 . ' 6' "" fl' 3 3195 'I . ' ., A :V f M QM 1 ku K5 , . X L A - ' ' , X - .frm . f -V - Bi N 'V x-in , f if . 'V 4-,Q .iff fi-., . 'W n' "' -A, gg . W ' If X , .1 I 'Ev EJ, - 4 , 1. mr, Jw, if f-- , A MV77- 1 A i 8? li K AA A 4 Vg Q ' 12" 12 In xx . , A Q - ...I - 1 LU: I Y , ,YV '. -mf' V f V V A 4 q--vp rn yf f- ., 1 ,, MA K 'mix -41 A 1' wr'-'V i ff f -R if '-' b, ' HL '7 4 , , ' A R K ,D 'ff -7, M my 147 ,h H, ggi, If , GY' X . 'A "su Kg' , T ws o .XX . . I I V1 N "q:.- - " ,V ' V. 5 i A fg ' f. L . .V wif -. Vp ' ' ,A Z ?:E'f',ZV,?f2f 'V I tw KX 8 - ' 1 g .,,. frm' if ' , 'V U ' "SX ,,,. f l . I V ,fy 1 I 7 Pi? A f- V 3: 'V ., 2-in 'K 5.-ffh " 0. W FK 3 . if R, I , 'ff-QQ, .,-.. Q .711 "W" ' ' ,wwf VV 1113? 1 TT? ' 3 VW W 55' 'iff Il v ..AL X wa X D G l 6' -S .X f T' V, V" ,, . V' fgf'-?... WV- bf V X Nfsg,,.f, 5 49 my V if in A V X 'QF 3 Sfg i , JV i -V I , V 'K ,A 5, ., f K 1... ' 5 fins: f 3 1 'f 1? xx., kd 15.4 l. A-l53:5:ffx,VfQN VZ- ggi. :Tre-,,,L .-Am. V1,,,A -"' ' ', I 'A , ' ,fu ,1'7,,,,jff,gpmwwf-,f1'0vV'-fiyz'41,Zf5'fc5Vrgf1y1',?Z47 C2773 " ' ' ' ' x xi- ',,"'.'.f5':.Z:J.I Af-I 2-,Mf?f4W4zV,Zt'f :wwf V VA f iff' Q V ,mzfff ,,fgV,'fg,Z24V4,? r w, 'Q . BAND I0 SE n n 3 A I E 1 7 A 1 '1 U t S ,- y.. .--.,1.::-. ,F : X cy 1 AI f lk X H x H E: . if 4? l- x I I E2 , ii 32 X, x sf i' , ,QL ,Q nr, g liz a, . ,f :fi Cx Sf? -' if hi R ' 544 X T32 ll 15: Reggie jumped back, startled by the blare of trumpets, clarinets and other 5:5 Cf . in brass and Woodwinds, then a crash of cymbals and the roll of drums! Band re- :EZ 14: . . . Egg hex-sal must be 111 progress., Dance Band, Football Band, Senlor, Junlor, Begin- 1:7 I '5 . . gg, nersl Elbans love a flne tune thought Reggle. NF .M . . . . ,ji Later that day, he heard the sound of melodlous vo1ces singlng. Thls I V' wg., L ' , :Qu could be nothlng other than the junior and the senlor chorus, holding a last 1 x 2 minute practice for one of their concerts. A new group of eight girls, the F E harmonettesf contribute to the musical atmosphere of the school. The follow- 5 L ing pages picture the groups and some of their activities. ...::2:51s:5:2e:s:2:1:1 ,, f :esgaggsgzgzgegg5252555552gage52555sg25iz2zizfz:a2a2s2i:2:sgsgagags5255555555555231525:s:a:e:2:egsgsgz:s 222223222 ' , f:Q:5:5:5r12Er:v M'1522f5fffae1:fi23xz , ' f ' f 1:1:1:z: z:z:i:e:s:z:2:: W' UPF:511253:-'5:1:21:I4:5:fg:: Qzlilzizkiiiik51:2:2?2:1:C:kii1:??Q:1'-'-:-,.'F541-P1f,Z:I52213:2'4424321412-'-:-:-yf225554-rg-:2:1:::,a1:a-53:35:55 f 5 ,:g,:5z5:L:3:1 fif'Q512:1s1:f:4w:4:f:+w1ss f 1 'ss-"4:-:-:-we-14-ze'szzzfssimit--f4's:f:-'-w45g5'ggq:.-ff4-f-g.,,,gw,433::,,.,59,.w,4.5,,g.,.15,:,,:,1, . .,.:.1.,5,,1: 1xf?S:1:2:14fivflz-fmresfffrwrl " 1:ilsiirs-S':1:1:1-XM:-11:P3smySB'wwfzizilfiiwzifrfssiivb':sw-.-1-tntss-1-aww:,,,:,:,:f, f ,K 1:1:1:f::1:1s ,,fzwaz,-3-ffm:4:-we-issssf ff1-1-2-fx.-42-sf-1-my'sszf--me-mp.-:QQ4:5544WMf-5Q:-vw-1-of-afffm:-r4,.5g54-1,.1.,.5.,.-,:.f.1.1.1 . -1,1-:+:.1,: ""' ' """""""""" 1 11:52:21 'fi L3 Front Row:C.Pangrazio,B.Townsend,J.Engle,A.Schuler,S.Suiim,D.Stokes,K.Wal1ace,G.S1ade,K.Schuler, K.Karas,B.Dorman,J.Fite,R.Toal,M.Bateman,M.Homer,Mrs. Coniber Second Row:P.Cropo,R.Burrows,D.Cough1in,D.Green,S.Mason,S.Dean,M.Townsend,D.Reisdorf,C.Crossett, P.Salway,J.Neth,W.Wil1iams,B.Kahn,C.Auge1lo,A.Totten,J.Speed Third Row:N.Shepard,J.Hampshire,K.Myers,J.Sherwood,P.Ke1sey,H.Hough,K.Porter,J.Steenburg, M.Ta1bot,M.Vanderhoof,K.Chape11,E.Hough,A.Barniak,C.Rudolph,P.Ahl,S.Schafer,S.Tbtten Fourth Row:C.Johnson,S.Henries,J.Whitcomb,R.Turner,J.Gavel,L.Booher,P.Zambito,J.Jasper,C.Norton, L.Karas,T.Bargay,L.Gillette,D.Cooper,D.McCoy,B.Bezon,C.A1bee,G.Smith,B.0sborne JU IOR H011 S PEP BA D Front Row:C.Wbhlfeil,B.Kasmer,C.Brown,C.Chape1l,L.Mi1lis,D.Talbot,S.Warn,A.Bige1ow,L.Benthin, J.Pendergast Second Row:J.Hyers,A.Palevich,J.Ruck,C.Palermo,J.Vanderhoof,Mr. Mark,W.Gavenda,F.Churchi1l, A.Dorman,J.Park,K.Richenberg,D.Stuart,G.Ah1 xx muggt A 9. uf N 2 if ww L , K A W . -.,, gf 7. 'd ' K I K WW., Frorft Row:L.Ke1sey,M.Bateman,K .Myer-s, J .Speed,M.Townser1d,M.Panek,D .Reisdorf,B .Kahn, J.Mason, ' M.Swartz Sgcond Rnw :Mr . Mark,M .Ta1bot, P .Ahl,M.Va.nder-hoof,P .Ke1sey,G.Smith,D.Cooper,L .Koza.k,C .DiCaso1o, 'S.Henries ,J .Gave1,B .O1sen,N .Shepard,M.Whitcomb,J.Ha.mp shire Third RQw:C .Gabrie1,B.Cough1in,C .Wal1ace,R.Hampshire,T .Bargay,P .Ruck,D .Crossett,C .Norton, K.Sn1ith,B.Weber,G.Ah1,L.Gil1ette,S .Ruck,R.Kahn,P.Zambito,R.'h1rner J IOR BAN DA CEBA D Front R,ow:J.Va.nderhoof T Christopher L Millis W Gave d F Ch ' . ' 0 a h ll ,E ' , 7 K.Hichenberg:D.Stuar't,G.Ahi,J.Pende:-gast n'a, are 1 ,C qohl-feJl,J'Gave1' Second Row:S .Monachino ,C .Palermo ,J ,Baldwin ,Mr . Mark ,L.Park,K .Myers , J,lqre1-5 L.Mil1is,J.Vanderhoof,L.Townsend,B.KasmerQA.Dorman,J.Chapel1,C.Chapel1,J.Myers Football band in pitchfork formation. L7 L.Mi1lis , J .Vanderhoof ,B .Kasmer,J .Kasmer,T . Christopher,J.Conway '-Y-i-'L' V il!! 5 I 'iygugiif 'Q YI! MLN NYY :Af I ff nuxl ' ml Xl muh ' 'I T-"" -"iff . W in'- !LKX .,s5i!'34 ' TEL K I if X X X unxixuil Ill 1 'hggggx ll A I Lwv .Qfmiv eggggpi ' I cr.-hs-.1+1,v.+1.. A8 . HOLD IT President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Librarians Stage Managers O F F I C E R S SENIOR BAND James Pendcrgast Mary Ellen Benton Jano Vanderhoof Daniel Stuart Terry Christopher Lee Millis Catharine Brown Joyce Churchill Dorothy Seavert Louis Ren Jack Searls Gerald Rowcliffe JUNIOR BAND Gary Ahl Kathleen Smith Patricia Ahl Betty Weber CHORUS Frank Markwica Floyd Churchill Leah Townsend Mary Ellen Benton Chester Wallace Charles Zambito Kay Schuler Ralph Lund Under the capable leadership of Mr. Lyle Mark, the sixty-four senior band members have traveled over 500 miles a summer to different towns and cities perfonming their precise routines and claiming trophies at many of these places. During the school year, the band entertained at the Spring and Christ- mas Concerts and at the County Festival. Each year the band presents an as- sembly for the high school and the grades. New additions to what Reggie remembered in the music department are the Junior and Beginners' Bands. These two groups are training organizations for Senior Band. They make appearances at the Junior Concert in the Spring but spend most of their hours working for their promotion into Senior Band. The Football and Psp Bands are two groups organized to arouse spirit in basketball and football. Football Band travels to every game, performing at the half time, while Pep Band is a little more formal and plays only at home basketball games. :L-1 -155 'Q 1s -, . Q n , - ' The Senior Chorus, one of the oldest organizations in school, has enlarg- .,.- ed greatly since Reggie rendered his contribution to the group. Now under 3 the leadership of Mrs. Doris Coniber, the Chorus makes annual appearances at the Christmas and Spring Concerts. The members also participate in the County Music Festival. , 'YKAL - e axgxkf' sguwv A iliwil MWQM WM, 0,41 X-'Q 5' it - . K PLY M9 I f I B SKETB LL Coach Sherwood K.Benson,E.Bezon,R.Warn,D .Torr'ey,D .Norton,R .Lund, J .Baldwin,L .Richenberg,F .,Markwica,L.Ren, D.Rowc1iffe,W.Schultz,J.Yerger - Q . Muriel: 3 1-1 l.lY.,,f E sgli ' ld 41: 'N W f ff - 'S l , 1 5. so .-1 'V "1: 53552 ll--- W? H ' jvf f 'G . gi" C qraw'-'1 .:,, 6 1 I li f '.. 'N W 7 t Classes ended, but Reggie decided that school was far from over. e halls echoed with the chant of the practicing cheerleaders. Soon Reggie made another startling discovery. Each season, team practices last well into the dinner hour. Reggie talked to the coaches and became informed of the fact that the b0yS' and girls' minds as well as their bodies are developed in these sports In the old days, recess was the only sport participated in, and this was high ly unorganized. Reggie found that each season sport is illustrated by the coaches as follows. . ...... i -'44-f-:-fm: -a-me-. ..,,., ,:.,f,-,,., .,,.4.,?,,,,.,,,.,, A. ' ' ' ' ':41i'3Sr1:5b:4f f "0 J121121'E13V'F'Er:z1:bf'?'Ef21S1E1:13s4F223PLs5wEf4'--.--m+1s1G2i2i1E21'33:12 ,-:5:2Qfi3J315:-:5:3:5:5. ,, 4 ..,. , . 1, 121:-11:3 f '565:1:-1-1:2:1:1Ms:2953:zgffgfvgezzsfgfszrinwyyzyjdk,4'321ge1:2-1:3451-15 4'-'I-if -QIj?.'IjC'F?,.,-I ,-.-Z'IgIgZ"g.g-1.1-' ..-.'.:.:1jI5Cj2:1:-'ajvii-'j.'l1.,:13.jf'.:.1.g,g:j::.:,g.g.g.,y.3q51F", .'.HZj::.'., '.'.4.':::j':,.g.g.n. ,,.fEi22:r-1?:1:r:1:2. .4 ,.5551sssssszfzeacffk1112115545594133:335Q:2qiegP5gQpg14,12ZQggpg,:4 :ff ' fs? zz24"2f"'2'f' ,- .2- --:Hilti 1:".1-fc f-'GMI 241-ew-3155. 15 1f"?4vsg'w-5,-,aww13'-iw'-'-''ws-'fp'-A" i4:f?gf4,152,, .415-21:53 , '-534-154.-Ei.1i5..rE,.,. , zg.f-,33.-?4:5:.:.2S:,,.- .yjqvy-Q, .1121 ff ",-221f3ii22f55?2?5E:5:355:53,:Ez5:21215:Z:I:Z1:25:2-:55:3:iiS51-15415:rsEmi!!42252554223:-:palm-5:-1-1 !" Front RJow:W.Townsend,R.Johnson, J .Bird.,R.Di1cher,D .Stua.r't,B .Dambra Second Rnw:T.Monachino ,E.No1-ton , J .Pflaumer, Coach Abrams ,C .Gabriel ,G.B.owc1iffe, J .Zambito BA KETB LL TRACK Front Rowwoacn Abrams ,L.Ren Second Row:L.Richenberg,D.Norton,F.Mar1cwica,R.Warn,E.Bezon,P.Ja.kaub u, U"azi. -. azlrei All S ,r my ."l .nr U V . pl J:-if 'r 1 fi x 1 'K' 74 T Ji.. -Q .Su Front Row:E.Stokes,L.Speed,S.Warboys,R.Engle Second Row:L.Markwica,D.5eavert,J.Churchill,M.Benton,N.Talbot,R.Ren ifYYZM y HEERLEADER f W Q cS',..4" 140' f 7 1644 Mx 1,55 V14 um Calm fgqgjid V LLEY BALL J.Yerger,G.Matla,L.Richenberg,R.Lund,D.Norton,L.Ren 51 A .f WM . -.'- ul , aK.l'h'.c4Z51 ?-5Q'ZZM,5-. -- M , . Y W 'I - FOOTBALL v' VARSITY FOOTBALL Opponents They We Barker O 33 Holley 6 33 Iyndonvjlle 12 32 Corfu 6 33 egg' -' X Alexander 54 25 5' xi-- Pavilion 13 13 '-' ' ' Won-L+ mg, H1 Lost-1 Tied-l MARCM Q5-Mufofv JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Opponents They We .gg Holley O 51, Alexander 6 27 , Won-2 I 1 L.. 1 Lost-O X QQ , ..f n Q V- Fight, team, fight! 8 Q H I K6 I A A 35555 Pwr. sfnkgys A BASEBALL ,sign Opponents They we gg gf? Lyndonville 1 0 I .Y '- Kendall A 3 1, fi' Af Pavilion 2 7 A xl , Wyoming 2 A 0 w Lyndonville 2 3 X Q' kg A Oakfield 5 LP R M., I Kendall 5 0 33, " Pavilion 5 3 'f' -5 Oakfield 3 2 N 'Ill 1" Wgomigg 5 10 2 " On- -f':- -1 , 2- f-. - Q- ,. , wt-5 --I -Q -A +212 -f if is 7 55934, ' I .. A f :Q ww X A N1 A- 1 :'.+r-A A Cf 1 fy. - IWW Xxyqvu Cj'm7kN'N"A f ""1 ANS: 1 x f " I A Wh ft 'A' A X Ali' ,A , V If X ' 2 6 '56 ,1 A as X VOLLEYBALL D Genesee Orleans Champions for 9th consecutive year - Won over Scottsville 15-O 15-2 M Won over Kendall 15-5 15-7 A XML A ' " Section V ' Finals We We We l Lg 5 5 A North Rose 15-2 15-A Lr. ix i ' Naples 15-12 11-.L5 7-15 ll ,, 56 Ban Olsen ""'1 ff' h '- Dime-- X . 4 Af! xi avi mcx -fffff "' K INDIVIDUAL EVENT SUMMARY Y Y! 1,40 Yd.Re1ay:J.Bezon,E.Bezon,D.Ames,J.Jakaub 3 A k rd-E15 'F'5'i'T.m.g.:: - mf ago m.nZ1ay:F.Harwm-.L-Ren,J-Dm0dv,D-Norm 2 - 51.5 , J --:-1g1g.'1Y2'YEE2, I.i.H "'. . 1 -, -4. Hi?1-?'u:1::L.Fichenberg-2nd --'ff-.L---T: ,..-L U 7 , Pole Vau1'b:J.Bezon-2nd, E.Bezon-Sth 1 -ln ra - A huh '. 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Strolling down Main Street made Reggie gasp and blink in amazement for no longer did the "Hundred Mark Emporium" dominate the four corners Only Frank Barr's Store remained a familiar land mark. Now automobiles carry Elbans to larger cities to work or to do more extensive shopping. These are some of the patrons who made this Revue possible. ' ""-- ' gg:-:-11:5::1:3:5g:3:5:5:g1:I:I:I:':i:I11:1:L:1:::5:g:1QE2f:5:1:1:53315: ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' r:V:-:5-v:-:-:-1-1g-g-:-:':-:-:-:-:':-:-:f:-:3:-.5.:,,::,:.5. 55:,:E5E253.-1,:-:-:-:,:f,'.4.-.-.4.-,.A -ff.-42.24.14,1.1.:.:,1.f,..:.,E:E:EA zlll tle A S 9:-:4:gi13:5:-:55:5:L:g:::::g:55:5:1:g::.1.g. 2111:5-:4-:-5:-:-14-I-5-2:I:1:z2:1:1:1:1:1:4 :-1:25 :-:-:-.':-99:-:-1-1-:-12:-3.1.3.g.-.5444-:-. , .. . -, , .-.1.,.:.,.,g:g.g.g QEQEEZEE?55QWMEEQEQEE555Q5555gE5E5:525252355EgE315:51515:5:31315Q5:Qztggggfg:5:g:5:5:g:5:5:5:::11::, . .,.,. , 5, .,.,. , ..,., . 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' L , T54 Vi, , ' -f i ATTENTIDN FARMERS, 11?11,c1W 1'111111111PwQ1m11ae1 1111111111111 Q W WQXMZMJQQ Seeil Corn +1 Chicks .. .Lx O 1 - Klertified SGGC! Poiaiog-Q SEL ME' TODAY 1P11111m111z. 4521 1E11113Ag N92 LOCKLIN NORTON. . . THE one rms cpm IN ns new M 553153345 wg-yggge 7 -FU RD L., MEISEQ CHEVROLET R1 4 Y ,Xgqgf 1, . sues- sznvma -PANTS 1 ,1 1401011 co1212,1Nc. -' SALES Q SERVICE. L ,ZEN me E UN,,mM, oA14F1E1.D, NY. PNONE 2501 ' OAKFIELD aid' ELBA GROWEllS 0 XNCORPORATED - 6EO1VE!2.Y 5 fpffbpgm g DQGDUCE DHNKEE f ELL-3ANX.8,Qf7NDI GREEN TQMATOES CABBAGE ON IONS POTATOES CARQOT5 , 1 , B!-XTAVIA I5I5 ELBA 49b1 APPLIANCE .SALE-S' 1 REPAIRS .mi INSTALLATHONS QJXQULLEN 31205. INQ. wnrfe Af5Ar5,Qf due .mfscffury I STATIONERY RELIGIOUS Gooos I snma-cancun 1-vnwm-ren: DAWS COQNERS 1-wa1vz2733 BATAVlA,N?f I2 MAIN 511 BATAVIAU 61 1 l . - N A, 'gffmgu I , L.:..-V.-V .----D - l BUY UNITED JTATEJ JAVINGJ BONDJ' AND JTAMDI' 'El-IE GOODWILL OS Q. CUJTOMEJ2. is Q. 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Manuva! 4-. lnsecticides 5. lnudiclleg lfuafhiun, DDT, Dieliren, Endvin, Fic! 5, Mixed Seed md Arnmonil Nltri! ELBA AIR DUSTERS, llc. PHONES: ELBA 5871 or 5911 ELBA, NEW Yom m mmm mmWm shag ggggg-5 M good coiiee home pies mains - Q 2 - CDUJQIE , S Zimmiuil.. Cdlkiliily QDQD.n1m1. Qiieii wyp can-anttasdl my DU -E' UU cemflcen-fpmasice EIQDWYHAKHJD mmcil 1i'iI1ZE7T"EEIEEU3U.'iY 65 K 5 lx! L. 'W CGNWAY GDOCEDIES , -fmrw ' FANCY AND STAPLE GQOCERIES - E PHONE 4871 BF-BA, NY- Qs-,J,..,-E IIHLEANS GLF SERVICE STUHE if E E SHO CQ D679 E INSUQJXINICE. I QSEQWQE OFFICE DHUN E QESI DE NCE 5364 4978 . F ELBA , NEW YOIQK 6 FEED SEED FERTILIZER :PRAY MATERMLS AND OTHER FARM SUPPLIE-.SL PHONE 190 Mnngrgruqmesf Avg AL.BJON,NY PHONE 67 ALBION GLF COLD STORAGE 227 WEST AVE ALBION, NJC BOB? GARAGE ROBERT qnfPQ,nscH pnop. 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EQUIPMENT T INSPECT o rl HAQJJWAQE 5uPP1.nE.s I Lar us PLAN wma You ON FAQM PQOBLEMS L' INSEC.TIClDE5,D1SEA.'iE JWEED corn'nm.svRAv I Zim IN vow.. BAKING wm-1 G.L.F. FLOUQ, Z Edvener-rn-nNc IN me GAQDEN .seem LINE E RIOOFING AND BUILDING JUPPLIES 12 I ,BATAVIA CGDP G.L.E SERVICE INC VZQJLK4, far fha plecmurz of ,aervfey you zffuks I fv- a all yn., BAND INSTRUMENTS PONY RIDE-5 HAMMOND ORGAN for QM, Qccwlom PONIES FOR. .SALE PIANOS PHONE 5611 4 ELBA,N -"Ik'Il. WASHINGTON COIL JEFFERSON PHONE 655 BATAVIA 67 9 Q M Cm Q5 QQ5TAuQA 0 W Mmm Ro. BATAVIA Ny. A f- PHONE 129: ff 5 CATEQUNG TO Dmvme PARTlES,WED0lNGS X f b- "A AYPJ1. A ' -Y Q k Z . g AX JIUHN SHULERYS GARAGE 212215 TIRES g mass Acclzssorznris GASOMNES OH-1 EYLIBA, NEW YORK, BURDETT AND SANFORD HQMUE 55 iii avi, O IELD NSY PM 3451 IA PSN UDRP 602.30 ' SERVICE xmmmlm mmm JFIEIRTIIILIIZIER FAM STIJIPIPILIIIES wmwmgommwl IPIIWIDUCTS 7 68 m.L-...-.zqnmm-.-.T-1.,. f, .ff-ff-.-x.:?.-,w 'EQBQTTTTGTT :TTT mr wa men aa 3233 3115053 Ki? 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BROWN 8: 5513631333 'EMEEERS Ze UQQWJZHA wi, A ' 1 , I 11 ' 1 mp L BATAVIA, NEW Y LJL. Ylwlwgroihw on ul'iQ'2':7a'f'YCf. :sexe HN A BN EQM SQU JS VMZWEQ ea quarters or SYLVANIA T-V MAY TAG JIHOTPOINT phone 15 9 -A ON I 0 N S BALLLVIA NEW YORK cas:-4 4 FUTURES I , ig-Q.. ' ' Awww Mamie' 353 F 'bf W H565 ru.: P4-fore s Y 1 oflflci 6951 RESlDEhCE 4411 " L-' sH '2llE f KHQMER, omcs Bumowa + aan, N94 14... :e m ISEGH I.. : ---- ,, '-'A 11.11 Q 2. mo :J 4'i Wm' ' 71 , ' , ' I ,.,.,,., ,W ga 1 My f.1a-im '-5 i :gg f'z:,gtLmw -- I 1 7 I T I - - i ' mmfww W DAIRY F f Q OAKFIELD Q 31.529355 Q ALABAMA -A l T TOWN gf BAIAVJA f Dain-y Prodluasts Hama Mme Hee Crrcam Plf110mc.688II 0mlk6f1TeHdf,N.3'C, i A1 ,-.HLAA A A-.A A 'A 'E gf ' "MAfrf oue Jfofef youe H54DQUAfar5Q,y1' V H ARRADINEDIIVIPLEMENT co, QWGMQSMEFUGSHMFERS mm. se. mmm NY lmmzzmr :vz1z.NA1-scum.. uA1zvE.,-,-EPS, AL-B IO N, NY TLE BRO . FARM EQUIPMENT NEW IDEA BOGGS GRADEPNS CDLIVEIL - CLETQLXC TQACTCDRS PHON5 54825 666 I2.F.D. 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KARAS A 77 , IS nger a lo HO that there was ing iz real Reggie, depart decided to school life, place for him in journeyed as they Seniors with the graduating The through life with the sands of time. onward far of Reggie left with a wave Seniors and no turning back, knowing that school days would P EJ K thei !,e H fg .Ti 7? avi? g hifi mfg. ,H d take ul WO SSSOS cl other and ntinue C0 8065: pl Until Seniors. Good bye, Reggie. Good bye, we meet again. Rx Z SNNN X FI Yu H .41 f,1Z.l.. Al X sffl2 7' ' '. r X .RJ 'B R ,. A?fffw,,,0,, , H " af ,, 1 , ,, up ' 5fi,,'z?Qz vs ' ' w4aW1m,. YZ , if 4 .QL wad - 4: '54 , ' Z 7 f wal' .- , , .A , - ., '- Jv.:z:.J mam!! 3 Qi-'X w 1 , v x I 1 v V. 4- wi, 1. rg 4- .- r A ,--'. V, 'N F

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