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r'-fun? ffl -...W W 5. in ,, 1 , , Q '1,4J'ff.' ' lfwfw-A 1 f 'N 'NQ5' - LL ,, .f N , Nga- ..1,,ixg. , 1 I , M L , N I X N tv V. 1 V m, ' " lm . ff ' r, 'r, f , , I 1 lm , V , . .-1 I , T, 5 . . . Zim, - 14' "' x X f f I I ,I 1' ' , ,r ff' L 'ff - ' 4 11 , 'i .J fy' ,, . , , 1 I 'sg , 1 Yfuxf 2" ' ,V J 1 I V ,J ff' I , . f f ' W, nz f F f ,AY " '- V. f L Y' + V' 1, I' ,A x P g' A , rg! V ' -,ef '- " fr, '-1,-g v, I, V' 1 ', V -I-us if VS' W W i v1Mw.nmr-nmwnngmrzxuma 1,1-., Jw-nu. ...fnnumwnnm,:w. , 1' fi WVR' ,4 x N.. 3135421-. ,s wif ,. . '1 'Q' +L f x . sf M LX uams QEf3 mw 'S J c "1 , 111 an sg, g X ,mins P. ' 4 I aiihfb' 'va 1 N EW THREE GH ERS CO-CAPTAI NS ONO PERK UNDEFEATED CHAMPIONS GENESEE-ORLEANS B LEAGUE FOR THE TEAM 2 f g I I I I q. I .ALMA IVIATEIL IN A LAND OF FEIZTILE PLAINS BLESSED BY NATUI1E'S HAND, OVERLOOKINCI PEACEFUL HOMES. OUI2, ALMA IVIATEI2. STANDS. HERE WE'VE KNOWN ETERNAL, FRI ENDSHI PS THAT WE'LL CHERISH THROUGH THE YEARS. TO OUI2. ALMA MATER. WE. SING PIZAISES CLEAR.. 1 V i 'K x L W Y v w w , 1 r L W w 7 V P M a i 2 i 5 1 , 3 1 fl MISS BLANCHE M. ENGLAND ln 1 , f. VN 4. , A W f L, 1' 1. ' r f-,Hg in Q1 ,Z Q Q X ,f mdk, .4 .. -zt.mlt...fL'QL Dedzbaizbn we wish to dedicate this 1951 Revue to Miss Blanche M. England in sincere appreciation of her untiring ef- forts in behalf of the students of Elba Central School. To us, Miss England is an ideal teacher. Her pa.- tience is unlimited, her understanding of human nature has made her successhzl not only as a teacher, but as Xa true friend to each and every class. Every graduate has been inspired by her confidence in him, her devotion to duty, and her genuine honesty. Her tact in handling the most delicate situations, her quiet, unassuming nature, and the fact that she is always there when needed have made her a person , to be depended upon, a teacher and friend to turn to 'in any need. ' A . ' I V Simply to 'know Miss England is to beoome a :finer person.fi 'lmlv - Y- , A,fv,.-..-,...- a" LJ 1 , I ,M 1.1, L. 1' .z':::"'1'1-rf.. Kita I I -I . 4, ,I 'j M'I5 , 3a,'I ' ADMINISTRATION -..vv"" ..-:- 1 -11 fy.,- -Q., inf' ,,..--'- 41 -.,-2' . S., -v-1 A, 'L ampu- Q..- I r -2 Mr.Floyd Ames, Mx-.I,ester Gillard, Mr.Wa1ter Saile-President, Mr.John Shuler Mr.A1ton H M Bmw' Of Educafzm Xt Ii IL X. f A I t xx 2- Tn W Fazeufzy Fourth Row:Miss Cough1in,Mrs.Smith,Miss Gonway,Mrs.Christopher,Mrs.James Third Row:Mrs.O'Shea,Mrs.Strouts,Mrs.Gave1,Miss Shephard,Mrs.Vanga1io,Miss Bur:-,Mrs.B'urr,M1-s.Baker Second Row:Miss Parmelee ,Miss HoiEnann,Miss Macie,Miss Dorf,Mrs.CoughJ.'Ln,Mrs.Kirsch,Miss Pit'bs,MrS.Paul, Miss England Front Row:M1'.Gia.nsante Mr.Sh , erwood,Mr.Schogo1eff ,Mr.Vanderhoof ,Mrs .Pcionek,Mr.Benton,Mr.Demody,M.'r.MiJJ.er, Mr.Beckwith ,Mr. Johnson ,mn ,W 3' 8 . -ill cmsszs 555155 E va ' fwf f f ' V r a: A , . --,-yew ,MN ... . .J pr ,ifvff A .Z ' L' ' --VJ. jf- , ' 41 -4 4 L, 1,111 rf-ft" I , nj ,J - 'M ,,:f1,f,12?Q V ft, .QM , M, 0454. Y U4 . 'pf - qv.,- V A :1".f'1'vf, H155 54, JV Z ,..-. , f i y 1 ' A 24 'fr 1 4-C ,mf 1 f 1 A W . Mi. 4,, 5 DZ BARBARA JENKINS Ambition:Nurse Nickname:Barb Class President Revue Editor Assistant Editor Student Council Magazine Drive Class Secretary Inkspot G.A.A. Speaking Contest Leaders Club QM! 'pg ' g gif? ' 'Wi'-f' , E , ' ' gil fS23?:i'f"" , . F: ""-H. f '93 -11, M 5 RICHARD DZIUBA. Ambit:I.on:Success Nickname:Dick P121 Class Vice President Treasurer Baseball eaking Co test Hiwwi P LAJMJ L0 DD U JT'K0-D'JT'P-Jl?'I?'UJ!I"La-D M 'UQUD 3 'IZIQEUWZ rfswamefsaeazzxi '4Ulg,gggC9'l'-'FTW H- N PTU'm0U'gd- Qs-5: geegss 3226 EE EEE e 523:51 mg Q A P' 0 .O 1 ea fb - N24 -25 e og 001 CPG d- 5 '1 ef. I-'N I-'I-1 w Lbwwbb V Ulllikbll -U'lI'J2'C"J1"J1'1?'fU'C'J?' O'2j3UJw QWWJCUZ Seeeesiea-sw? Q as-gm wmmvvge- o -s-2. 's-eggs: 5 Us Q M 2: gg' O Q Q05 5 HS gr: s 5 '1 0 FU '1 fb Z 'U O 0 I-I 5-I M I-l mru'fom'7u c. v savvy pu U0 fx! I-IKAUJLQKULM n it ll UBUDUU J:"1?"-llJ:"JT"0-FfI:'J:'!?'1:' ifsfex I C ix-,X P X A X .K D . -, X ,X , , .n',,v 'Hx :lk , me - e xy:- X 6 :X ,,Q- .f , X ex, - sm, tx. 1 . H, X. SER' Nite 'Qi :g1lf'-TgxS:x5- A QIQQQQQQQ5 2- -f X wg. 5-35555z5h: N. V. 2 M .gs N N C ' If- E1 V T vii inf Y il, f' ' .,u:'e- Q22 55:55- ' 'N Q fate?-f - . 43,35 ge 5. Q, ug M 1, 'xN."5f' '1 QA ECN 4511-M 4SESqx.5Se-. MNH qfflfq ' , ' N ' A.fxg's:r1.1 , .Q M13 Q -. . : QQQEW ,vii -, 1, ,.. .:,,t,t M eufx Z.:-it., M h, .-'Eff 'QYRQSLCY'ES3??S32f-:FST-YSTS5-Q1-:1 , , ,, ' N . - r 2 f.: aw.:-fs.i4eX..., ' 'im x' XX, XX'--:slim-:x'.e,.-, embrf New I f X!! f f V' FRANK ZELINSKI BEVERLY HORTON Ambition:Get Rich Quick Ambition:To be a Success Nick'name:Irish Nickname :Bev 31h Baseball 1,2-,3,h Class Secretary ll Z iasketball 1,2,3,h gli? t , ack 3. nkspo - 31h F.F.A 1,3-,Ll French Club 1:2- ll Student Council Band' 1,2311-I A Vice President 3 3-3-in laiaggllf A ,, Play 31,4 --'- aw. 'V Speaking contest 'L Leaders Club he-Q WA sq, Class Vice President h 2073-11:28 co t It llglgfl ' f pe ng n es V V ,' , Ax 40 1 DSYICS COITIIIIQ V- . R I Play Comm. - v . W H .'. - .. ,. N .gf 1 '-' f ' big" ",J1"1?' CARMELLA PALERMO Amb:Ltion:Kindergarden Teacher Nic1mame:Ca11n Speaking Contest 3,14 Play 3 Play Comm. 3,l1 Dance Comm. 3,14 Glee Club 2,3,h F.H.A. l,2,3,h G.A.A. 1,2,3,h Leaders Club h Inkspot Staff 3,11 Bowling 1,2,3,h ANN WARBOYS Ambition:To Enjoy Life Nickname : Annie Revue 3 ,lt Cla. ss Treasurer 2 InkspO'b 1,2 :3 :ll Student Council . 3 Glee Club 1,2,l1 Leaders Club A lt G.A.A. 192133,-5 F.H.A. 1,3111 speaking Contest 3 , ls Play 3 5,4 7L. EARLE BEACH Ambit:Lon:Politics Nickname z Earle Class Treasurer 1,3 French Club 1,2 Inkspot 3,11 Speaking Contest 3,11 Play 3 Radio Play 1-'L Basketball Assistant Mgr. 3 Play Comm. 3,1-L Dance Comm. 2,3,7-1 2973 'Q Wfiii? 2 5? ROBERT SCHULTZ Ambition:To Succeed Nickname :Bob Baseball 1, 2 3 3 3 ll Track 3 Volleyball h BasketbaJ.'!. 3 Football 3 PIW 3:1-1 Student Council Rep . 3 F.F.A. 1,2,3 Speaking Contest 14 11 .4 nr --W' 74 JOANNE SHULER Ambition:Personnel Nickname :Jody G.A.A. 1,2,3,h Leaders Club 11 Play 3 ,lt Cheerleader l,2,3,h Speaking Contest 3,11 Band 1,2,3,h Inkspot 3,11 French Club 1, 2 Bowling 1,2 ,3 ,lt Dance Comm. 3 , ll Play Comm. 3 , lt Glee Club 1 HILDA YERGER Ambition:To Be Continuously HHPPY Nicknaune:Hil G.A.A. 2 ,3 ,1, Inkspot 3 ,11 Revue 1, F.H.A. 2,3 Secretary 1, Play 3' Speaking Contest 3,14 Leaders Club 11 Glee Club I 2,11 ,I I . AV, 11:5 Q, - V , 5 1 5, 4 -ye' V ,V ' 2 :ff Y' Www ,S Y .., Nc 4 2 7 " 22 'f , , Z K 0 ' nf ff f , ,, aw. 1 ,iff , aff V , za f ' fm , W ff 1 ' ' 7 1 f 7 'A ' me ,,L.4,e,-1 i Ak,v nl' ' 5fZ.5f-ifftiif ' 'A, 2552? v "A A' QKMAURICE HAM: Ambition:Doctor Nickname :Merrie Student Council Pres. 7.1 Basketball 1,2,3,h Footbm 1,3,l1 Baseball , 1,2,3,1. Volleyball 11 Track 3 Play' 33,-L French Club 2,3 Inkspot 3,11 Revue L1 Speaking Contest 3 ,11 Loren Putney Ambition :Undecided Nickname : Lorn ey n Football Volleyball French Club Track 3,11 3,11 1 2 3111 K SUSANNE SMITH Ambition : Nurse Nickname z Sue Play 3 , 11 Speaking Contest 3,11 Student Council Treas. 1 Class President 2 Revue Assistant Editor 3 Magazine Drive Assistant Manager 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3,11 Leaders Club 11 Inkspot 2 Editor lt Assistant Editor 3 Class Vice President l WINIFRED WILFORD Ambitionxbhu-se Nickname :Winnie Glee Club 1,2,l1 President 3 Band 3 President 11 Inkspot 3,11 Student Council Rep. 2 Play 39,-R Speaking Contest 3 Winner of County Contest FJ-LA. 2,3 President 11 G.A.A. 1,2,3 Vice President 11 Leaders Club lk 12 ANTHONY JAC!-IIMOWICZ, JR. Ambition :Mechanical Engineer Nickname :Yock Football Basketball Volleyball Track Baseball Speaking Contest Play l,2,3,l1 l:2,3,h 1,2,3:lL 1:2.139ll:f if fffsfcf MARTIN MARCINIAK Ambition: Cattle Dealer Niclmame:Ma.rtin Revue Inkspot Play Radio Play Play Comm. Dance Comm. A Student Assembly 2 3 '11 3,3 13.14 1 347+ 7+ N r " "sf-rw I I 4: NANCY POST PATSY VIGNERI Ambitionzlftetailing Nickname :Postie Ambition :Mucker Cheerleading 1, 2 ,3 , h Nickname :Pat Band 1,2,L, F.F.A. 1,2,3,h Vice President 3 Basketball 1,2 G.A.A. 1,11 Baseball 1,2 Vice President 2 President 3 Leaders Club h Play 3.11-L Glas Secretary 1 Student Council Sec. 2 Revue 3,14 InkSPOt 11 .? .7 I EUNICE WHITE Ambition:Be Happy Nickname:Eunnie Inkspot 3,11 Glee Club 1,2 President lx Play 3,14 F.H.A. 1,2,3,h G.A.A. l,2,3,h Leaders Club 14 '.,- ELEANOR PRIESTLEY A DALE WOOD MAE JANNAIN Ambition:Social Welfare Ambition:To Travel Ambition:Be Happy A Niclmame:E11ie Nickname :Woody Nickname :Mae West Class Secretary ' 3s F.F.A. 1,3 F.H.A. 2,3,li Student Council Rep. 2 Sentinel . 2 Glee Club 2 ,3 ,h GADAI 1,2,3,,h Vice President Library Club 1,2 leaders Club 14 Football Glee Club 2,14 Play' I QWVQ Play 33,-I K 4 Q 2 Speaking Contest 3,14 A A X Q S Revue 3 f' Q F.H.A- 132335,-5 V Inkspot 3911- Q ' lf - f Play Comm. lu 4,97 DSIICB Comm. 3,1-If ' X t 13 dia EZZJQZZ 5" XX' 9,1 1.2 G rlffu ,, ,Y-X , :Z-5.y,5,,',' 4 - 1. .- . - ,, ,T'i, lf. ,, la,J,,,M,q ,V,15.p5.! ul- YQ,-,',!,5,:.?A bi, nu: f,..H,E,1' SQ., -QQ .-.nv-:g.,j3,1i,.f'e,,,..5:5fH1b me hem ..- 11- H ""'!rwfv-f1mu- 3, X 4. . Q' ff J 'd 'Q-.1mfff"A!TEi IW' 3"w .fy Q ll Front Row:F.Lu.nd,J .Brasky,A.Johnson,E.J annain, V.Boyce ,Mr.Schogoleff,S.Andrews ,J .Edgerton,B.Cough1in, R.Jach:l.rnowicz,D.Swa.rtz,D.Jakaub Second Row:S .Monachino,D.Rosborough,Mo5hBIflPpJ -G5-1lettesJ 'RUCKQS 'WTISJ-87:3'SChu1tZ:D'Putne'y1B'Wo A.Zicari ' Third Row:H.Maskel1,R .A1len,M.Armison,M.Dilcher,J.Panek,F.Wha1ey,W.Dart,M.Blood,D.Talb0iJ I T5 Last fall the Class of 1952 elected the following members to be their officers: President Allan Pridmore Vice-President Joan Ruck Secretary Helene Schultz Treasurer W David Jakaub Audrey Johnson David Talbot Student Council Representatives Marvin Dilcher was elected as Vice-president for the Student Council. In October, we held our Junior using Winter Wonde l d od,N.Ma.nha.rdt, r an as our theme. Jean Gillette was chosen queen and Joan Ruck and Rose' Jachimowicz were her ate tendants. Lyle Mark and hi ' ' s orchestra furnished the music. Our class is very active in sports. David Jakaub, David Talbot, Frank Whaley, Marvin Dilcher and David Swartz represented 1 our c ass on the varsity squad. The Junior girls mn the basketball trophy for intramurals. Jean Gillette, Rose Jachimowicz Hele S , ne chultz and Joan Ruck are on the varsity cheerleading squad and Audrey Johnson is on the Jayvee squad. ' Our Junior play, a three act comedy "Dictator Dad" will be presented in April. We of the Junior Class wish to thank Mr. Schogoleff, ouradvlser, for V the cooperation and guidance he has given ue this year. T lb 1, O A3 , ' 1 mlm? . ii f-------5-'i Q - f ,eaten-,-: , ..,. ,..,.,,. .yy , - ur". -'E 5' '-an ' . .- V- - -1 .Hes Qi, A 'YW' fi. 1 j j f,7:f'.-mn I.: , I xk.guE1H!hI ' ' MMM W Front Row:D.Rohr,C.Ha.rezga,B .Baker-,H .Benson,Mr.Giansante,N.Boyce,M.Laney,N.Chapell,E .Thoma.s,D.Ta1bot Second Row:R.Stokes,E.Dickes,I .Ja.ckson,B.Ames,B .Pa.ngrazio,M .Test,S .Jannain,R.Wood,D.Good1i.ffe,B .Manhardt, R .Speed Third Row: J .Dziuba,G .Maskell,L.Airth , C .Roth ,R .Richenberg ,F.Neindorf ,D .Eoatfie1d,N .Palermo , L. Shulmecht .le d -5950 OID 0711076 ga 99 M9994 0 9000 The Sophomore Class began its year by electing the following officers: President Dale Talbot vice-President Dick Hichenbeys Secretary Sandra Jannain Treasurer Lee A5-I't'h Student Cmmcil Representatives Barbara Ames Raymond Stokes We began our successful year by first showing a few movies. At the beginning of November, our class advisor, Mr. Pauly, left us. For a while, we struggled on without an advisor, until Mr. Giansante came and took over the job. A To add to our treasury, we sold refreshments at the basketball games. We are proud of Dick Richenberg on the Varsity basketball team and also of Roger Speed, lee Airth, Donnie Rohr, and Raymond Stokes who are on the Junior Varsity. We also have two cheerleaders from our room, Barbara Ames and Helen Benson. . It is also the priviledge of our class to sponsor the Senior-Sophomore banquet. We wish to express our gratitude to all of our teachers. We are especially grateful to Mr. Giansante who has done a wonderful job. 'We are sure the entire student body joins us in extending to him a warm welcome, our sincere thanks, and best wishes for the future. ' 15 P , Ni if-4-4 V V N 1. l 1 yi ti W W N W h t M L L If i H IQ t f First Row:F.Thomas,L.Gi1lard,C.Adams,D.Fa.rrington,I-I.Sa.nders,J.Monachino . : Second Row:C.!-Ia.rt,J.George,C.Underhi11,G.Ta1bot,R.Yerger,Mr.Mi11er,S.Seavert,,G.Zica1'i,C.V1gneri,F.Palermo, 1 L.Talbot Hg Third R0mE.Smith,G.Eng1e,B.Barber,I.Roth,P.Dorma.n,M.Yerger,D.Boatfie1d,J.Vigneri,E.Da.rch Fourth Row:C .Scott ,J .Ma:z'kwica,K .Shultz ,D.Ruck ,J .Durg1n,R.Bezon , R.Warn, A.Wi1ford,W. Vanderhoof F, 4: fi ,, ' ? , Z L .F 6 ? K ,I r 1 '9 ll 3 I At the beginning of the school year the clms of 19511 elected the fol- Q lowing officers: 3 President John Durgin Vice-President Lyle Talbot Secretary Diane Boatfield Treasurer John Markwica Student Council Representatives Phyllis Dorman Raymond Warn In December we had a Christmas party. We all exchanged gifts and had a good time. We also sold stationery to make money for our last years in ' high school. We wish to thank Mr. Harold Miller, our class advisor, for his help in K . . . conducting and supervising our class meetings, and devoting a great deal of y ' his valuable time i " n malclng this a successful, year. P ' 4. - A 'ft-gfml ffr 16 'V H W A-'re A .,,,-,Qi W' ,seein 1 'Front Row1O.Weber ,M .Rowcliffe ,G .Putney ,Mrs . Strouts ,E .Hyback ,S .Barnes ,M .Smith , R . Swabb Second Ro1nG .Po1uch,G .Bonk, J .Poluch ,R .We atherbee , K .Weber , E .Neindorf , R .George Third Rom E.Maske11,L. Smith ,H.Norton ,D . Ames ,G . Shuler Egbila Grade Fourth Row:F. Erhardt , L.Benthin, R .Marciniak , R.Bri11k:na.n, C .Dickes Third Row:D .Armbrewster,P.Benton,M.Henry,G.Wiedrich ,N . Gillette ,P .Monachino , F.Pridmo re Second Row:D .Putney,K .Hyb ack, C . Fiorentino ,Mrs .Smith , J . Palermo , A. Cough1i.n,P .George First Row:N.Snyder,R.Stuart, F.Benz 17 v, X , J Front Row:R.Eng1e,R.Benson,D.Rowc1iffe,L.Adams Second Row:B.Norton,G.Shamp,R.Szymanski,Miss Cough1in,R.Ja.kaub,F.Churchill,C.Pale1-mo Third Row:K.Wallace,J.Pendergast,N.Shamp,K.Heale,J.Myers,D.Norton,G.Dickes,E.Stokes Fourth Row:R.Snart,A.Mi1ler,L.Richenberg,R.Lu.nd,C .Zambito ,J .Adams fewenila Gmde Fonrth Row:J .Christ ,F.Markwica,G.Mat1a,E.Richenberg ,J .Bezon,J .Dermody,G.Strab1e Thlrd ROWSG-George,S-Szyniec,J.Ghape11,A.Bige1ow,J.11-uck,s.Monaehino,N.smith,s.wa1-boys Second Row:D.Nay1or,L.Dorman,H.Smith,Mr.Johnson,E.Mu.rphy,L.Pa.ngrazio,C.Cropo Front Row:C.Benson,P.Wa:m,P.Laney A i 5 w n f 18 O HB1 I If Front Row: T. Crossett,D.Barber,W. Schultz, R.Dziuba,J .Yer-ger,R.Dunn Second Row:J .Baldwin,M.Batema.n,H .Ha1'tma.n,Mrs .James,H .B1ood,L.Putney,L.Putney Third Row:C .Woh1fei1,M.Benton,R.Schoenthal,R.Roth, C .Chape11,J .Vanderhoof ,B .Sanders Fourth Row:D.Seavert,J .Kasmex-,N.'1'homas,G.Say ily : f , gf ? s ii. QQ? 5156179 Gracie Third Row:Mr .Paz-melee ,M . Johnston , J .B ailey ,M . Johnston ,Miss Hofmann Second Row: A.Brasky, R. Shultz , R. Shultz, C .Smith,R.Nay1or, J .Allen Pmnt Rnw:R.Al1en. A.Smart 'Ink 19 1 , fm-Jn: 1 ,.-1--, - W- -w - - - Front Row:B.Pangx-azio,M.Norton,J.Ghz-ist,K.Benson Second Row:N.Dickes,M.Vigneri,A.Austin,E.Printup,J.Church:I.'IJ. L Millis D.Heale Thnrd Row: C .Winke1marm,E .Jackson,D.Gi'1lette,R.Warn,D.Zeag1er:P: J aka:ubzR.Baner Ox Fourth Row:Mrs.Gave1,L.Markwica,L.Pridmore,I.Downs,L.Moss,C.B'rown K fp, Q, f RQ Z I V61 6 ' Fourth How:Mrs.Pau1,E.Bezon,B.P.ohr,J.Horzempa,L.Park,R.Weatherbee,M1-.Cummings 0 Kb Third Row:R.Hal1,A.Shamp,J.SWabb,B.Kasmer,J.Weber,R.Mason,G.Co1e Second Row:L.Speed,W.Eng1e, A.Nay1or,B.Benz,B .Benton , J .Monachino, D.Shepa.rd Front Row:J.Erhardt,R.Baker,D.Homer,J .Allen 20 'PW' -'J Piont Row:C.Ross,R.Whit,comb,J.Rossney,D.Smith,G.Briggs,M.Ashton Second Row:I .Szymanski,M .McInty're,R.C1eve1a.nd,D.Eoatfie1d, E.Murphy,D.Cedar, C .Smith Third Row:R.Johnson,J .Bird,T.I-ionachino ,J .Zambito ,G.Rowc1iffe ,G.Smith ,D.Stua:r'b ,G.Ke1sey,R.Harbman Fourth Row :Mrs .Baker, A.Dorman,O .Sy'kes, J .Shepa1'd, C .Gabrid, S .Sulim,P.Toal,L.Fa.rrington,Miss Davison ji A - 1 OLWI C2761 6 ff' 3 ' 4 ' 4, .Za -T J? V' XX Fourlzh Row:Hrs.O'Shea,J.Metz,P.Wa1dron,M.Chirico,K.F.:1.chenberg,E.Nort,on Third B.p1r:J .Sean-1s,C.Underhi11,D.Er.Ln1cman,L.Hammond,L.Benthin,R.Di1cher,J .Pi'1aumer,A.Cough1i1:n,W.Gavenda Second R0w:S.Warn ,J .Sear1s,L.Shu1mecht ,G.Washington,R.Hartma.n,CJ-Iillialns ,L.Heale,A.Grey,D.Pr:.ntup Front Rnw:J.Hason,C .Fox-jone,D.Talbot,P.Zeag1er,IB .Salway,D.Snyder I 511: w.11-- . 21 l Front How:J.Pa.ngrazio,C.Downs,P.Hea1e,E.Dziuba,W.Shuler,R.Cole Second Pnw:B.Spencer,R.Hampshire,N.Ha.rtma.n,E.Neidzialek,L.Koza.k,N.Dunn,J.Williams Third Row:B .A11en,D.Toal, T .Talbot,B.Cough1in,K.Ne'bh,B .Bz'in.k1nan,N.Auge1lo,L. Schoenthal, C .Porter Fourth Row:J.A.h1,A.Bur1ing,K.Smith,G.Ahl,H.F1adie,Miss Peirmelee 5-..- "A, Fourth How:J.Kasmer,J.Tunne11,B .Lawrence,C.Wal1ace,J.Jakaub,Miss Dorf Third Row:M.Bezon,M.Ross,P.Ruck,M.Smith,S.Ruck,E.Weber,M.Whitcomb Second ROWD-5aYsD-Engle,J.Wa-boys,L.Strobe1e,A.Brasky,W.Shamp,R.Homer Front Row:R.Smith,R.Christ,,R.PeneDent.B.Dambra.D.DeBrine.I.Strobele J QQ' it? I "- , : ,fr-' 22 'MF' - .T . --..... .,,.,.,. Front Row:L.Ashton,M.Talbot ,J .Speed,V.G1-ay Second Row:J .Oberer,K.Pask.B .Smith ,K . Ghape11,B .Bezon ,J .Hampshire ,D.Leavenworth Third Row:D J-Tilsdn, C .Norbon,S.Schafer, T.Bargay, J .Gave1, A.Cough1:Ln, C .Johnson Fourth Row:C .Starowitz ,R.Mickey,N.Utecht ,L.Ka1-as ,R.Turner ,E.Downs ,G.Pflaumer ,Mrs .Christopher . cfs V V Second Grade 5 Fourth Row:Miss Burr ,D .Murphy , B .Tu.nne11, C .No1'ton,W.Wood, P.. Kelsey Third Row:K.Po1-ter ,B .Osborne , J .Motz , J .Shultz , L.Gi11et'be , A.Horzempa, K.Myers Second Row:P. Cropo, R Jdalton, J .Rase , R .DuBois , G .Shultz ,E . Ambrewster ,D .Underhill FH-ant Row:R .Warboys ,D .Wigton ,G .Naylor ' 23 7 Front Row:J.EngJe ,R.WohILf'ie1,R.G1over,L,Ke1se'y,R.Hea.1e,C.Mi1t0 Second Row:M.Swa.rtz,A.Totten,R.Smith,R.Spencer,D.Reisdorf,C.Cedar L Christ Third Row:S.Do1ms,C.Crossett,D.Brink-:na.n,M.Townsend N Shepard W.Ph:T.15t D B ' PPS - 6 P.Ahl L.Am Fourth Row:K.Shuler,M.Va.nderhoof,R.Say,A.Barnia.k,L:Mi1ler,J.T:Jhitcomb,M.f'anekTI?Igg.Bu1'1', es Em' Grade Fourth Row:Miss Shephard, S .Henries ,G.Sne11,K.Law1-ence, C .Albee ,D.P1-:Lntup , C .Johnson ,G.Schoenthal Third Row:M.Bateman,S.Totten,J .Gavel ,L.Leavenworth ,R.Underhi11,J .Sherwood,M.Walton,R.Wi11iams Second Row:S.Bird,E.Butcher,J.Tot'ben,D.Ha.rtman,R.Cosway,J.Norton,J.Shepard,J.Shepa.rd Front Row:C.Pangra.zio,R.Toal l.i.. 32 I 4 f. D , , E . 214 Front Row:G.A:mb1-ewster,J.Urte1,S.WaJ.dron,G.Totten,L.Christ Second Row:J.Fite,E.Ashton,K.WaJlace,P.Salwa'y, C .Cough1in,L.Jas:Lnski Third Rov:H.Homer,R.Chape11,C.Rudo1ph,D.West1und,S.Mason,Mrs.Vanga.1io - 'Wfiib 1617762767 6117617 11' Q59 5' Third Rcfw:V.George,R.B1n'r0ws,T.Gave1,T.R:Lggs,P.Bezon,A.Putney,Mrs.Vangalio Second Row:F.Za.mbito ,G.Auge1J.o ,S .Sulim ,J .Neth ,B.McCumber,B .McCumber ,D.Watson,P.Balonek Front RowzT.Dickes,B.Hea1e,B.Dorman,D.Stokes,M.Forjone,B.Tunne11,G.Mowers 4 1 1 1 25 f FS., ,,-,, . e , My ' " :?fL,,i'3Q??' WV"'YU0 A . I kg 1... .-.- Front Row:P.Lyons,M.Lyons,R.Pridmore,W.Gil1ard, C .Waldron ,P. Thomas Second Row:C.Lyons,M.G1over-,R.Lyons,Mr.Beckwi'hh I fl WI, - U lf ' If f Q . ' Em Q - - " N , gh-X N ' " Qi : ig'-ir' ist! 5 M55 - L W? ew 2 A 'N If nie 2- 'E - K - D' - 'L k - A-EEISFS' ' Q. ' 3 sig I X1 N G, -X 1 Qxxj A xg O . .- i 4 1- M I 1 tgp Y W 0 C: nw -: 4 - .1 V .:4:.:a. :x:,:.b Q 26 ELETIVITILB X f 1, 'lf' Front Row:O.Weber,R.Wood,Mr.Va.nderhoof,M.Hare,M.Di.lcher,C.Vigner:L,P.Dorman Q Second Row:P.Warn,B.Ames,H.Stokes,R.Warn,O.Monachino,B.Jenkins,D.Ta1bot,A.Johnson,R.Stuart 0 finden! Cozmczf I 1 At the beginning of the year, a campaign was held to decide who would hold the important of fices of the Student Council. The two parties, Progressive and Liberals, were managed by Ono Monachino and Jacque Hill and supervised by Mrs. Smith and Mr. Johnson. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Class Representatives Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Eighth Grade Maurice Hare Marvin Dzllcher Roberta Wood Caroline Vigneri Ono Monachino Barbara J enkins David Talbot Audrey Johnson Raymond Stokes Barbara Ames Raymond Warn Phyllis Donnan Ronald Stuart Onolee Weber Seventh Grade Peter Warn Edith Stokes The Student Council has sponsored many activities for the purpose of raising moneyg two round and square dances, a magazine contest, and a banquet for the Boy Scout leaders and their wives. Due to the cooperation of the students these projects were successful. There has been much discussion during Student Council meetings about the Honor System We Of the 001111011 feel it is a very important part of school life. Its success in the iuture will depend on the support of the Student Body. E A basketball trophy has been purchased to honor our Genesee-Orleans Championship team Small trophic s were purchased for the Intramural program. . BOYS' Grades 7 8: 3 and 9-12 Girls' Grades- 7 8: 8 and 9-12 The Student Council has had a X Body successful year as a result of the cooperation the Student ' 28 ...Q .eW.,..4.n.,..... Front How:Mr .Benton ,D .J akaub , J .Gillette ,B . J enkins , J .Ruck ,M .Marciniak ,Mr . Scho goleff Yearbook fzzzjj' M JIM J ',,, Second Row:B .D .Underhill , J .Edgerton,M.J a.nnain,R.J achimowicz , J .Hill , A.Warboys , S .Andrews ,B . Coughlin,R Schultz X A ' f X 1- 1 iff? f ri: ,i 55292 9 ' - ff A REVUE Editor Assistant Editors Advertising Manager Assistant Advertising Manager Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Activities Editor Grades Editor 'lyping Editor Typing Staff Byrne Deane Underhill Ann wal-boys Sally Ann Andrews Eleanor Priestley Joanne Shuler Art Editor l Art Staff Martin Marciniak Mae Jannain Sally Ann Andrews Assistant Art Editor Photography Editor Assistant Photography Editor V Boys' Sports Editor ' - Girls' Sports Edi'b01' ' We of the Revue wish to thank Mr. Benton, our advisor, Mr. Schogoleff, Mrs. Test, Miss Coughlin and Mrs. Smith for the time andeffort they-have given inmaking this Revue a success. b our 'aim to bring to you an accurate glimpse of school life. We hope that with this It has een X bg,-,k y0u,wi11 be ,able to recall many pleasant memories of good times. . 29 1 ,f Barbara Jenkins Jean Gillette Joan Ruck Dadd Swartz David Jakaub Ann Warboys Sally Andrews Bob Schultz Rose Jachimowicz Hilda Yerger Joanne Edgerton Barbara Coughlin Jacque Hill Marvin Dilcher 'Maurice Hare Nancy Post Front How:B.Jenkins,W.Wilford,J.Shuler,S.-Smith,A.Johnson,S.Whaley,A.Warboys Second Row:S.Andrews,J.George,N.Boyce,S.Ja.n.nain,C.Palermo E.Priestl J.Ruck H S , ey, , . chultz,M.Test,B.Pa.ngr-azio, I.Jackson,R.Wood,B.Manhardt,N.Chapel1 Third Row:E.Dickes,L.Talbot,F.Oberer,L.Airth,J.Durgin M.Marcinia.k C.Roth E.B h R , , , eac , .Penepent,D.Talbot,E Ola i- p fnkspoi INKSPOT Despite the loss of our advisor, Mr. Pauly, in the fall of this school year, the "Inkspot" staff has continued to carry on in the interest of the student body of E.C.S. Through the financial aid of merchants, in return for ads, the aim of the staff has been to pro- duce ten issues by the close of school. The success of the paper depends on the support of the school and the town. We hope we have sat- isfied everyone as well as possible. It's been fun, we hope you've enjoyed it, tool Editor Assistant Editor Business Staff Exchange Editors Proof Readers Boys' Sports Girls' Sports Literature Society Reporter Activities Typists Town Salesman Carl Roth Dale Talbot Helene Schultz Phyllis Dorman Jane George Francis Oberer Sylvia Whaley Martin Marciniak Irene Jackson Hilda Yerger Sally Ann Andrews Beatrice Wood Beverly Pangrazic Morrie Hare Winifred Wilford John Durgin Carmella Palermo Ann Warboys Eleanor Priestley Beverly Horton Elaine Dickes Susanne Smith Audrey Johnson Lee Airbh Ronnie Penepent Joan Ruck Lyle Talbot Roberta Wood Earle Beach Nancy Post Mary Test Ann Warboys Barbara Jenkins Eunice White Sandra Jannain Barbara Manhardt Norlene Boyce Nancy Chapell e - 1 4.,fv,.-,1,, ,, E .we 1 . , r 1fff..',1.4 .. , .1.f.3:1., 2 ggzntdnonghf ' Palermo :Mo Smith , P .Benton ,Mrs . Kirsch ,P .Monachino , A. Coughlin, O .Weber on ff-K'Webe1',H-Henry,N.G111eme,G.w1edrich,M.Rowcliffe,s.Barnes,E.Neind0rf if ' W EE L, . 1 ' - 5 , X f L 7 ' f 1 mr 1' J - Q., u-.-,f,.- TZ N ! LIBRARY CLUB Our Library Club contains fifteen members. We have selected the following members as our officers: President Pauline Monachino Secretary Audrey Coughlin Treasurer Patricia Benton In 19111 the members of the Library Club started a hobby. Each member sent a postcard to a. city whose Po tmasters of each city returned these postmarked cards to the senders. The name corresponded to her own. s cards were pasted in a scrapbook with the name of the girl printed at the right of the card. We? names- to the scrapbook. We have enjoyed doing this. the members of the 1951 Library Club are adding our In the future we hope to take a trip to Rochester. Our great appreciation goes to Mrs. Kirsch who has so willingly devoted her time to us. 1 Front Row:D.Zeag1er,J .Adams Second Row:F.Churchi1l,S.Warboys,L.Smith,C.Br-own,L.Moss,L.Ma1-kwica,D.!-Iomer,J.ChurchiIl.1,B.Rohr,L.Speed, J .Vanderhoof,M.Benton Third Row:R.Schoenthal,G.Shulez-,G.Dickes,Mr.Mark Fourth Row:J .Pendergast ,D.Rowc1iffe, J .Park fumorl W og I Z , ,f 'rQ - If -gk ,OZ I 1 1 mf f QM' Bam' V "' .J Q9 . T1 '7 femor Thlrd Row:R.Speed,R.Ma.rcinia.k,J.Durgin,B.Dart,PJDorma.n,R.Bezon,D.Rowcliffe Second Row:A.Wa1-boys ,B .Horton,B.Pangrazio ,M.Test ,J .Gillette ,H.SchuJ.tz ,S .J annain,R.Wood,N.Post ,W.Wilf0I'd, S.Wa1-boys ,J .Edgerton Front Row:S.B5rnes ,M.Yerger,M.Benton,L.-Smith ,J .George ,D.Pnsboz-ough ,J .Shu1er,Mr.Ma.rk,A.Johnson,B.Cough1in, J . Pendergast , F. Churchill, J . Vanderhoof ,F .Palermo ,N.Boyce ....... . Fourth Row:S.Andrews ,J .Park ,L. Talbot , F.Erha.1-dt ,B .Va.nderhoof,B.Ames 32 Front Row:L.Adams,M.Snith,C.Palex-mo,G.George,S.Szyniec,Miss Macie,J.Palermo,P.Monachino,B.Nor'oon,N5TaJ.bot, O.Weber Second Row:G.Bonk, J .Po1uch,S .Barnes ,M.Rowc1iffe ,G.Wied.rich ,A.Bige1ow,N.Gi11ette ,M.Hexn'y, J. ChapeIlJ.,D. Annbrewster Third Row:S.Wa1-boys,C.Fiorentino,K.Hea1e,K.Weber,P.Benton,J.Ruck,N.S1nith u ' QF' ' mor S Q - om! 9" SQ? ' , . Q H Qnzor YW WI gnmx Third Ro'-1:C.Ha:rezga,D.Rosborough,J.Edgerbon,B.Manha.'r-dt,E.Smith,R.Yez-ger,F.Palermo,N.Manhardt,V.Boyce, E.Jannain Second Row:I .Jackson,R.Wood,B . Ames ,B .Pangrazio ,J .Gi11otte,H. Schultz , S .Whaley, E.Priest1ey, A.Wa.z-boys ,B .Wood, H.Benson ' Front Row:Hiss Macie,E.Dickes,M.Jannain,E.Darch,H.Yerger,J.Ruck,P.Dorman,M.Shamp,C.Palermo,G.F.ng1e, I w.wiJford,E.wnite I w .33 i Front Row:J.Speed,L.Ashton,S.Scha.fer,J.1'-Eason Second Rox-nM.Ta.1bot,P.Zambito,R.Hampshire,A.Brasky,J.Gave1,C.Fox-jone,M.Bezon,E.Weber M.Whitcomb P.Hea1e 3 9 9 L.Kozak Third Row:S.Wa.'m,B.Brink'man,T.Bargay,D.Boatf'ie1d,R.C1eve1and,J.Ah1,C.Norton,B.Cough1j.n,D.Talbot,L.Strobe1e Fourth Row:Mrs.Scha.t'er,Mrs.Bargay,M.Ashton,D.11rintup,K.Neth,L.Benthin,A.Dorman,P.Toa1,A.CoughJin,P.Ruck, S.Ruck,Miss Shepha.rd,Mrs.Christopher Bffowmef ., ff F . , 4 ,h x ' x-, 1 . y 9 M 1 0 g X 'O ,pf Q , - X I I Q ' I . nb , A 1 1 1 - GM Scouts Third Row:C.Fiorentino,G.Zica:ri,I .Roth,M.Henry,K.Weber Second Row:R.Schoenthal,L.Park,G.Say,J.Kasmer,P.Dorma.n,P.Benton,B.Fbohr,R.Shultz,B.Kasmer Front Row:J .Erha.rdt,L.Mi11is ,P.Zeagler,J .Vanderhoof,Miss Hofmann,C.Chape11,M.Benton,L.Speed,D.Homer 311 Front Row:D.Say,G.Briggs Second Row:R.Hartman,B.Dambx-a,D.SxUder,G.Ahl,J.Searls,E.Neidzialek,N.Auge1J.o,C.Porter,I.Strobe1e Third Row:L.Schoenthal,T .Ta1bot,J.Kasmer, J .B:Lrd,J. Searls,D.Stuart,R.Johnson,W.Benton,W.Shuler Fourth Rcrw:J .Zambito,L.Hammond,J.Motz, C .Gabrie1, C .Nor'bon,J.P:E'.l.amner,J .Rowcliffe Cub! fggfa - 'S 1 . .:' 4' . i W? - tl in " Boy Scouts Fourth Fmt:R.Lund,W.Vanderhoof,L.Ta1bot,L.Richenberg,D.Ruck,L.Airth,R.Weatherbee,F.Erhardt Third Row:G.Strabe1,L.Smith,R.Stuarb,J.Park,D.Norton,L.Gi1la:rd,R.Norton,D.Putney,J.Pendergast,D.Ames, F.Benz L.Putney Second Row:D.Row::1iffe,L.Putney, A.Brasky, C .Zambito ,Mr.Johnson,Mr.Vande1-hoof, K.Wa11ace,R.Shu1tz,D. Zeagler, C.Cropo Front Row:J.Baldwin.T.Crossett,W.Schultz,J.Yerger,R.Mason,N.Snyder 35' , z I 3 I ,vi H ,W 7 4, ,..,4 , , .. ...,,,, , Front Row:N.Chape11,B.Manhardt, C .Vigneri ,B .Horton Second Row:C.Underhil1,E.Ja.nnain,E White,S Andrews J Edgert Mi . . , . on, ss Pi'bts,H.Benson,A.Joh.nson,E.Dickes, ,I 1 B.Cough1in,N.Manha:rdt,C.Harezga 5' W Third Row:I.Jackson,G.Eng1e,E.Smith,B.Ba.rber,J.Vigneri,I.Roth,D.Putney,M.Jannain,M.Shamp,D.Good1iffe, V.Boyce,G.Zica.ri r Fourth Row:B.Pa.ngrazio,A.Wa.rboys, J .Gillette ,M.Yerger, S .Whaley,H .Schultz ,E.Pz-iestley, C .Palermo ,W.Wi1ford Fifth Row:R.Jachimowicz ,N.Boyce,B.Wood,R.Yerger,B .Ba.ker,D.Rosborough,G.Ta1bot,F.Palermo ,H.Yerger k , Third Row:A.Zica.ri,D.Benz,A.Wilford,D.Fa.rrington Second Row:R.AJ.les,W.Da1't,Mr.Dermocbf,J.Pa.nek,F.Neindorf Front Row'F Zelinslfi F Obe J . . , . rer, .Laney,D.Wood,M.Arm:1.son,F.Lu.nd,L.Shuknecht,P.Vigneri F 36 SPORTS ,--r -f-,...-,---W Front Row:D.Rohr,J .Monachino ,B.Va.nderhoof, C .Scott ,J .B1-asky,R.Wa.rn,A.Wili'ord,D.Ta1bot , L.Richenbez-g Second Row:R.Speed,R.Bezon,l'I.A.mison,F.Whaley,R.Richenbez-g,D.Wood,J.Hi11,J.Dux-gin,L.Putney,M.Hare Third Row:Coach Sherwood,L.Talbot,D.Swar-t,z,D.Ja.kaub,P.Gave1,D.Talbot,O.Monachino,A.Jachimowicz,L.Airth D.Ruck,Cadet Hopkins,M1-.Johnson Football I au... Physio al Fitness A Must! 33 , ' Front Row:R.Wa:m,D.Jakaub,D.Talbot,O.Monachino,J.Hil1,M.Ha:re,Coach Sherwood second Row:J.Mar1mca,F.ze1mski,M.D11cner,R.Richenberg,F.wha1ey,D.swarez Bmkeiball Third Row:K.Shultz,C.Scott,J.Du:rgin,Cadet Be11,D.Ruck,L.Talbot,L.Shul-mecht I Second Row:R.Speed,D.Rohr,R.Stokes,Coa.ch Sherwood,R.Bezon,L.Airth,J.Monac1'iino y Front Row: A.Wi1f ord, R. Szymanski .W.Va.nderhoof 517, A M. ,,.,...... ..-I ..,, -M 39 W. y 1 M I ,gf 1 v, wk, IH ,il iii ,W V r L VHA YN V' M If 11 1 UM UN ' M l My M if! Ll W I : g . mi M M gh ??fUij W will JH ml . HM Coach Sherwood,F.Ze1:Lnsld.,R.Speed,D.Jakaub,F.Lund,D.Ta1bot,J.Hi11,R.Schultz,L.Airth,F.Whaley,R.Richenberg, J .Brask'y, F.Oberer 'W wlsf 'M fy ! . v f' Q Bmebazll K -. mfg f' " 'X ii gal . - 1 HJ 'C 4 ? "' s X f sl, if X V nv- X ,U L' I I XA ,: -. U L ' ,ir 1 ' 'I I'-' 'ff f 3 f: . 1 l if k. wg Q' 'gi . il Y. N b J' I rx. fy if 'i ,eil 11' A 'n' fa 3 A, .eff-ff. ,, W., ' ky xv? I vi 1 Q? ' X' 1 2. 1 .1- ff' lv' X X Y V, f f I 2, uf ,f E' 5 f I 5' ,Qi .Q M 0 V v j Q f 5' z ' X' :.' '- u , 1 ! 5 ,gf J f - ,9 W -I Ig 11, Sgr K I X N! Y fi 1 , ' .1 I X Of . Ns ' W as s' Q , . X - V 5 'XX 'iv fi: ii: Ai! ' ' rl A- , A m A . , ' 3 1 f'4i If A U JL. 5 A 2, - 5.3 ' 1- 'd 'E-.K ,Q-', vi-J: ' Q- 'Q .2-'U' Qljilul' I V 'x 1.6 1:0- 'TN' F Qi x i, A, ., 1' I Tmclz M.Hare ,J .Hill ,O .Monachino ,A.Jach:Lmowicz ,L.Putney,M .Armison I N.- :Y I S -mg Valley Ball Coach Sherwood,D.Jakaub,A.Jachimowicz,O.Monachino,J .Hil1,D .Talbot,P.GavefL J5- Q Q. , ,M , .C K it ' 'f+?21. ?ifB2i1ei2'1 , . Q M :-1 BOYS' SPORTS Elba'S 1950-51 SPOIJGS yea-1' t111'U9d-Out to be 811 H3-m0S11 Perfect year. We tied for first place in foot- bally again won the volleyball championship including the sectionals for the hth consecutive year turned in a perfect league basketball schedule of 18 straight victories. BASEBALL The following are the statistics of the 1950 baseball games in which we Opponent 2 Elba Corfu 2 Lyndonville 3 Oakfield 3 Alden 2 Alexander 11 Holley 3 Lyndonville 17 Corfu ll Alexander 9 Holley 6 Alden 7 Oakfield 9 TF 717 The following is the J. V. record with 6 wins and 3 losses. Opponent Elba Corfu Oakfield Alexander Holley Corfu Alexander S. Byron Holley Oakfield ls 3 6 5 O h 6 la 3 35' 5 2 3 16, 8 3 8 9 5 5? Palermo .hhh Rohr .333 Monachino .308 Swartz . 292 Airth . 263 Speed . 231 J akaub . 231 Lund . 222 Dilcher . 200 BASKETBALL turned in 'Z wins and 5 losses: Re P. Gavel .250 O. Monachino .231 S. Monachino .219 F. Zelinski .216 P. Rich .138 ' D. Talbot .138 F. Whaley .136 D. Boyce .lll D. Gavenda J. Hill M. Hare R. Schultz .190 R. Richenberg .182 F. Oberer J. Brasky D. Boatfield G. Haskell A. Zicari This year with the team spirit of the players and the coaching of Stan Sherwood, Elba turned :Ln a perfect league record of 18 consecutive wins and became the first B league champions in the history of the school, and also the first team from Elba to go through the season undefeated. We journeyed to Brighton to play Naples in the quarter finals. The following is the league record: Opponent Elba Oakfield 117 148 Bergen 37 112 Corfu S0 51 Pavilion P48 S3 Lyndonville 30 61 Alden 31 71 Alexander 1.9 62 Oakfield 37 63 Bergen 52 S5 Holley 32 5h Corfu hh 56 S. Byron 29, 61 Holley 28 50 S. Byron 37 56 Lyndonville 311 76 Alden 27 S8 Pavilion 3h 63 Alexander 66' 72 7112 T 5 M2 'I'he J. V. squad had a. re- cord of 3 wins Oakfield Bergen Corfu Pavilion Lyndonville Alden Alexander Oakfield A Bergen Holley ' Corfu so Holley SQ Bylbn Lyndonville Alden ' Pavilion Alexander 752. 142 Elba Us and 15 losses: 25 no so 23 bl 37 27 22 P45 32 3h 37 25 32 56 25 32 3 FG ,N -,-w+,'.u.'gj -,4Y1'Q,1i7"?ff i' f '-M...-..., ............ ' F FOOTBALL This was our first start on our way to championships for the 1950-1951 season. composed the '50 squad: we ended the season The following boys with a record of 6 wins and 1 loss, to tie for first place with Oskfield and Corfu. Centers: Ends: Backs: Lee Airth Tony Jaohimowiez Dave Talbot Maynard Armison Ono MonachinofCo-capt.J Paul Gave1CCo-capt.J Dale Wood Loren Putney Dave Jakaub Joe Braslcy Dick ltlchenberg Frank Whaley Morris Hare Jacque Hill Rqfmond Stokes Dick Bezon Dave Swartz John Durgin ' The record was as follows: Opponent Elba Alexander 6 36 Pavilion 6 30 Oakfield 19 30 Mden 6 2h Holley 18 36 Lyndonville lb 21 Corfu 19 12 'BB T85 Volley Ball Elba again for the hth consecutive year won the volleyball championship. The schools were divided 'into two sections: Southern and Northern. In the Northern section, Elba defeated Kendall 15-10, 15-2 respectively. They then took on the Southern champs, Oakfield, and promptly disposed of them 15-2, 15-O. We journeyed to John Marshall in Rochester to become Section S B Class champions for the second time They defeated Churchvllle in the first match 15-h, 15-7. In the second match, Elba again became the victor, by beating Cato 15-2, 15-l. Next they met Campbell in the finals and defeated them 15-9, 15-7 to win the sectionals. The 1950 lettermen :Ln volleyball were: Sam Monachino Carl Tretter Paul Rich Paul Gavel Ono Monachino Jacque Hill Tony Jachimowicz Dave Jakaub Track - The 1950 track squad had a very successful. year. The following boys were entered :Ln the G.O. "B-C" league track meet held in Batavia. D. Swartz Fifth in 220 G. Rowcllffe Second in U40 L. Putney Firstyin 880 O. Monachino Third in shot put C. Trotter First in pole vault J, H111 Fourth in high jump R, whaley Fifth in high jump S. Monachino Tied fourth in shot put The following boys placed third in the 880 yard relay: S. Monachino P. Gavel D. Gavenda P. Rich In the sectional track meet at Rochester, Elba's track squad placed as follows: C. Tretter First in pole vault A. Jachimowicz Third in pole vault L. Putney Second in 880 G. Rowcliffe Third :Ln U40 . C. 'Tretter Carl Tretter was entered in the pole vault and tleia the q1:.n.e:1?1 Q - First :Ln broad jump sectional record of 10'6". in 'r ' . s 'f.5sL,l Q5 fs! i' my , BK 'jg gfrazr -..,,g1v . g.,k'4.,gg' "L: " LW 1 onus' SPORTS 1 The members of the G.A.A. and Leaders' Club have had a Very Successful year. Under the capable management of the following officers everyone h as en o i i sports and are all working hard to earn their G.A.A. awards. J yed part c pau-ng in an Leaders' Club Presidant Eunice White Vice-President Ann Warboys Secretary and Treasurer Cgrmella pale,-mo G.A.A. President Jean Gillette Vice-President Phyllis. Dorman Secretary Caroline Vigneri Treasurer Margaret Laney A soccer playday was scheduled for Saturday, October 28 at Elba but was postponed because of the weather. The Student Council purchased a small trophy for the victors of basketball intramurals. The Juniors and Seniors represented us in the basketball sportsday held at Medina on January 13. Each school played two games. Elba won both games they played. The following Senior girls attended the basketball clinic at Bataviag Carmella Palermo, Beverly H orton, Joa.nne Shuler, Nancy Post. Rose Jachimowicz and Ann Warboys attended the swimming playday at Batavia. The Cheerleaders accompanied other schools in attending the annual clinic held at Holley. Bowling has brought a new interest to many girls and there has been a large attendance from all classes. The girls bowled against the faculty women a.nd won I4 out of 6 games. The year's averages were as follows: Helene Schultz Nancy Post Helen Benson Carmella Palermo Jean Gillette Joanne Shuler Winifred Wilford Audrey Johnson Beverly Horton 131 127 90 118 117 11h 102 192 95 Delores Putney Nancy Gillette Joan Ruck Hilda lerger Marlene Rowcliffe Gail Talbot Ella Smith 4, Joanne Edgerton Rita Yerger ,Marion Yerger 68 9h 92 91 90 39 85 80 79 79 Everyone seems to be very interested in volleyball this year Altho h th i hostess Elba Holley Batavia Medina Albion Batavia Le Roy Batavia Oakfield . ug e season s not com- pleted, we feel sure it will be successful one. 'February 111, two teams, one of Sophomores, the other Juniors and Seniors played Alexander. Both of the Elba teams won. ' A The' following are playdays vin which the Elba Girls have participated: J month 9 event participant October soccer 9 md 10 November clinic cheerleaders December' Swimming 9 and 12 January basketball 11 and '12 February volleyball 9 and 10 March badminton 9 and 12 ' April bowling 9 and 12 May track 9 and 12 softball ' 9 and 12 11 and 12 We wish to thank Mrs. Coughlin, our been a successful one, enjoyed by all. advisor, for the help she has given us this past year. It has hh ' N.Post,J.Gi11ette,J.Ruck,H.Schu1tz,R.Jachimowicz,J.ShuIer Varsity Rose J achimowicz Jean Gillette Helene Schultz Joan Huck H.Be S Junior Varsity Audrey Johnson Barbara Ames Helen Benson Ella Snith S G Hua 5 5 In , Y Tv! P X Ann AV I , ,v Front Row:C.Vigneri N.Chape11 H Y B , , , . erger, .Horton,E.Thomas Second Row:B.Manhal-dt,G.Talbot,E.White,N.Manhardt,J.George,W.WiJ.ford,Mrs.Cough1in,B.Jenkins,S.Smith,G.Eng1e C.Palermo,C.Harezga3J.ShuIer Third Row:G.Zica:r'i,D.Boatfield,N.Post,M.Test,I.Roth,P.Dorman,J.Ruck,J.Vigneri,D.GoocDiffe,B.Ba.rber, 1' M.Shamp,I.Jackson Fourth Rm-::F.Palermo B.Ames B P fx , , . angrazio,J.Gi11ette,A.Warboys,M.Yerger,S'.Whaley,H.Schu1tz,E.Pz-iestley, Q, ,fy R.Wood,E.Darch,H.Benson X wwf? Fifth Row:M.La.ney,E.Dickes,D.Rosborough,N.Boyce,V.Boyce,R.Yerger,S.Seavert,E.Smith,R.Jachimowicz,C.Underhill' Knee1ing:A.Warboys,Mrs.Cough1in,B.Ho1-ton 6 Standing:C .Pa1emo,B . Jenkins ,N.Post ,H .Yerger, E.Priestley, S. Smith , E.White,W.I-!i1ford, J .Shuler O 116 g4,f'ew'.-.L- ,N Q - -fx. : in-W L.','-,,e,,........-4-we-w-Q-'f ADS HW Q , BM 'fi J'f".f..A-L14 X ',.Q'I',::i4-f fl.! , .L BUY UNITED J'TATEJ' .fAv1NG.r BONDJ' AND fmmpf- I1-IE GOODWILL QS CL CUJTOMEI2. is 0. vALuA151.E. Afvfg-1: GOOD WILL is O.CCILLil'Qd. from GOOD .fEJ2V1CE h GOOD .fE-QVTCE. is obiained.. fhrough, CO'OPE.Q.l-X'TlOIXI - COOPEQATION is xvorKin3, in, HPJPJVXONY Tl-IU' Bl-XNK, is Qhuaas in. TUNE URBAN HK Gig JIEHL HBA A GOOD LITTLE J'TOQ.,E. IN A GOOD LIITTLE TOWN ' :7.5' ". . ' . .JV-3,,,qf:?--..,, H I, U .- -..-ur. - . 1.1-page -:. . . 1-.-11 1- 2- '5'-'-'Ni-U. .F '- ' . : -- ' N- :A ff - 1'-1-':2'?"' . . . :1 f:3':':':--'E'5'1.fZ 'ii ' if wi-' ' H "af 11323 . . . I giruii?-:.Q 'EEC' . i23l'f?ff3.?1 Aetna- .3-'ixirggrff-::'9E-EQ? . .j..Egg'e.?.-in-.'.. -. 3---3 .31-ir?-'Z 5-5 --.-.'. .1-.: 1, . . ',-' ::i- -- 5- ga" -- -.-:' -31 .--- -1--, ' ' .- -115' ' W ' QUALITY WAQDWAQL Q ELECTRKCAI. VEQUKDMENT RANGE-J' QE.FQlOE.F2.l-NTOQJ . V monof wfm-4 EQJ' - TELEVIJION PLUMBING JUPDLIES HEATING ' BUY FQOM YOUR, LOCAL.. DEALEJUO, AND JAVE. ' 'P F ' Z ff 2 " P1-IONE. 4111 s- ' - fi ELBA. NY . O' ,,.,,,.,,,. - ,. -, ., ' A N MW ' . , g., , MX .,.-,,-l15l ' ggf, 3 I ly A 1 SUCCESS TO ws-ua Gr2ADuAT115.., GEO 5 JVMITI-f MOTORS IDQN JCCOTVT I5 - 2l CENTER., STZ BATAVMA, NBA Q Cu RYSLEQJ - DLYMOUTH I W5 ounemvrfzo UJED ones " JAL55 6 Jmwcf momma mm OAKFIELD, mc DHONE- 945 "F r 5 LE C3 1-1 T '5 eaoraerss ,O Corlfbo BOOK. 5-rorzf. DAIQY BOOK frofag cfrrf Ape .rwaf 70 fumfz ompunras. Pmdwrs 6 di5t'ibw'D'6 of grind! A rnilK. E CYZOITQ. 67 MAnN5r. + BATAVIA, NX DIN NER5 'W . NC -.5 fa - :anim ff ? aj. va y 5 Y In I mama 4261 - QLBA SQL IW! Z Q ' X I PAJTEUEIZED 6 uomaagvfggp Q, f - PHONE. ramxvux IO75 M QWNWGEQ GRUNDLERQS . . ' ' PJIXKEQY QZWQ Q EXCHANGE BANK me mc. JTORE. ' 1' .s sv- MONE 414 . BATAVM- NEW YORK, 5' 52 MMN - BATAVIIXNY . IVLlC2PQ5fI Ld, OYL, ' 'I 1' 'A' Jcimglde osbsx, L Cgangroiufailorlb-, Jco Ula C370-AA-.QS '50 ' P QC-CO'-U'CkA-1150!-LCit310L member- func. MAX NES FURNKTURE STOQES ' . Q A in, OAKFIELD NEXV YORK ELBAJ' FAVORITE FURNITURE .froze 14955 YEAR! 1 g ' X I, : 1-fwl,-,m-+A , --' H ,fr .www .M 'ww' V v-L.. - 4 'ffqw w ' " " im-r' Lg' ' N .fkv 'Asij J. I. CAS E FARM EQUIPMENT REO TRUCKS em Bussrg JALES C JEEWCE QI g N. he .E ? f GEJVEML JHQ VICE Q cf JUPPZY Q - E457 Mflffvsz QQ ZMMW4 gi. , - .- fx f k Y - ,Y -:,'1f5" b . - , 3 :4. - I . 5 : 2 'I Q ' 1 IZ ll I ,Til . , , TELEPHONE BATAWA 5049 so V Q 1 - . X SQQQIQ at DELLQQPENNA I Blacktop dvfvcawcujs Dump 'truck Service . , Excavcrtson 09 all Kmcls , . Septic, tanks cleaned Elacjrvic. Sewer Clmnmq . . Celmr ,Sewer and wafer- line +oundaiion won-K FOQ SALE SAND .. . CRUJHED 6ToNE-1 . . 5ToNE. DUST.. EQUIPMENT RENTALS . GAS Sl-lOVElL.. . DNR COMPRESSORS . . DUMP TRUCKXS. . BULLDOZERJ . . . fi 1-I OUARD ST. BATAVIA , N .Y. 'fP1-IONE. 2. '-HO N n 51 , QI ,p,:!,.F-" r ,V , V K4' 1v,'51,gw4,5 A ..x-,w,1.Qg: gj I l g! "'A'. .1" I 'V' 1 " X J 'QWHH 31 ' - 1 ifh!'2'.f2f.a...,.:..,: .. ..........,......QJ.. .. ... 'rr ' . . fa, G Qowcfaylfca X GJQGWEIQ, AND SI-ILDDEQ, OF QNLQNS, LBTTUQI-L, DQTATQE5, ETC, DNUNE 5261 ELBA, Nsxv YOQK , N Y FARM EQUIPMENT CDLIVERJ - CLETQAC TQACTCJRS BCDGGS GIZADERS E pf-fofvf emeez: 666 Il.F.D. Z Cai BAIll2,E. CENTEILQ ALr5IoN,N.Y '41 ', unc, J- 4 f.. . ,1 , . Y me.,g'f"f 52 8 - N" 1 X ' !,.:.a 3.-,Gu-1 -Y.-Vu 'A - '. . , N W ' '.A,,e. - ,vm-O ,,! rf DUNS WNUTE gjV1OBlL..q312CJDUCTJ' Tamous Fir- our dzlncnous banana. Splffs 3035 GNUXQE Q 1 ,SCU3 GRILL HAD Hmm, , Q Q qv 4 Z4 QS xvE.sTEQN NEW YOQKS 1 B IRSCH Tw 0::MLl'nd'2Si:'n"2'S O Em KWPQ mNEs.T BOXVLKNQ ALLEYS 'ob MAIN Q. PHONE 4001 a.emNrr I BATAVlAf?jf. Mmm ST. BN-,w,A'N'Y gveflxjm QSCFLLLQQP SIDE GAQDEN5 5 PLO ' BEAUTY .suoo WU' we Bmw., QIS78 I, Qwmwd: waving,-jmdgrff, ' FLOQAL AQQANGEMLNT5 , 'ALSO Yl'ICAChiYLQl.155552'o Q NM "UNE"-N-- ' WEDDING - Conqshm,-5 Olhcr worll, bi ' EVUIGP-EF-N5 ' -'HF'-UBS - Fnun- fleas - ' x.E.5Tl112 F. smvsmsonxr H PHONE 5Z'1I ELBAJNLY r:-Howe. :Moe Fn.sv-esp., np. QAKFIELD X , I SEALTEST ICE CREAM SQKE PEDPLE GO. 'ROUND IN CIRCLES3 OTHERS GET CIRGLES FROM GOING 'ROUND Dfafwq, QUALITY DRUGS Qi CUT PIUC E45 Kin- gow Qxfm. Pmtzcfion, our' Prvzscr-iPb'oru5.5qyv, Q riff compounded, under ', f I 2 . erm.-Killing. STERHAMP5 ' ' ,M it ind. bOt'U2CLifL spzckl L 4 I ' Soni- Glass boilcles. . . GET srs.Aa.'rf.s'r , O Z ITS THE BEST f 7 gg gy he fy Qeomsrmen r1um1MLxcm5T -' 7 ALWAYS ON DUTY ' B4 Mmwsn gm-Avm unc L7 CIE.. KNOX l'U!'Z mcnsnamn -- Janmns Wim 'WL SHOES E550 SEQVYCE. STATION diamondftf- I JQUJZDHA Lhg Roma 6 Esofwear 96 MAIN ST. BAT!-XVIANM BA-I-PKVI-px' NX A I PHONE 4-2,5l o GENEQJ-XL. AUTOMOTIVE. SEQMICE. sAC.C,E.5SOR.lE.-5 - TXQE5 'l5ATTE.l2,lE.S O ELBA , Naxv voma, WAYS JEWELERS INC, DIAMONDS WATCHES 4 5u.vER.g 108 MAIN SIT BATAVTANY. 1'-i.. ' 13 41613: '. ,:4"'1. - ff.fZ.w""':'M"W"'7 . ' I I- 'i'xIQ,,--trmlfifill. "I I .x'.f,,I .1 J IA ,.,x A, ,W I 1 , I N..,,.Q 51411 Hg - "- Q' LII I.. II' IIT I I I I I I II I H I I ' I I 1 ' I AIA. 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Qu A Tmclcs BARBER. sn-nop V Q 'Q JOKES b ELBA -NEW YORK. Q ev Bxx.L Bxws MUSC STOQE JOE Rose PIANOS BAND INSTRUMENTS HAMMOND ORGAN 7ZQHJQ,- 1451- vfke plecwura of ,oerwczg yvu- fkfdywf P 230 EmuM,st8ATAvIA , 42 WASHINGTON COR..JEFFEl2,SON Puomzeeb BATAWA, 1 OPEN EVEMNGS XHCTGQ5 QESTAUQANE 6 -1 1 ? V CATERING vo mwme PARTlES,W'ED0lNG5. f "-fig, ,iT,, I Q ,nv , U - A - 5" Q", K 1- F ',. WL xv , SE1' ', ' vvfl? ' v: f.. ' 'P' . gifegz , : 1 ' ,.,.,v-. . ' 'S ' ' i I 5 M1 miuuvvo l S'31QVJ.3D'ElA 3 lmzu r-193215 IZIQ '3NOHd 'afw N09 9 fvolxvh' yn 3021030 'NUCA AGN VIAVLVQ 19 NIVW -3 zzz A k'9Q7JD9'.W39bf-' 702.129 'gyfyyop 'MW gfmoif vm 'wav GDHQ QJXIEIVNI SHITIUIWHID VIAVLVQ - NOSBDVI' 'ZI yaoxrmwwmvvnmuw ada 4 zmols- snwans NWN ' AWUV ' KN U12-IHVIVO 9 CJZZ ENOHU JUVIUGUVH '7V5'3N3'0 Q VIAVNSJ NIVW QII wvzma -ao: - ' QBENN ao - Q31-l3Nr11 . Ofngv G 700 0111? is 7N'N ' vlAv.Lv'EI '.L9 NNN 'i7Ol ooe amos-ed NGS? 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FURNITURE e ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SZWEBBERAVE STORE. PHONE . ' RES. PHONE. 651 l 5-451 Q1xKFnELD,N .Y L L 58 I - I I .-1 'I'?fIi'Elf1f.' will :AIX I I kL I'fr4 -In 40 fl201j'q2rfU,Jt 'QSUVTFL3' Oummn OAAUIQ LUOUULCL LIK0 JDO Inv. Azrvzd. CAT IJ Q E M GTG Q5 nuomr, 452i - E1.BA,Nx ESTAIBLISI-IED I926 THOMAS SDWYER, FORD 'SALES AND ESERXJIQE I'5RONVN'BUILT .SI-IOE5 ' X-RAY FH-TP-R5 TI-IERE5 A FORD IN YOUDE FUTURE 3OI w. MAIN 5T. BATMIA ,Nm 99 MAIN iam-Av1A I SUPPEPQ CLUB 4' -TI-IANKING Au. 'n-IE PEOPLE oF ELBA I E FOR THEIR .FINE 'PATQO AGE - - I O , any ALBION ,NM PHONE 3q"l ESO 1. E1 Nl TQACTORS CHICK- AND ATTACHMENTS I K. PAUL. ISLEE Q , I 514:-345 MAIN ST, 15ATAvuA,N.Y, I MUCKERS "'ECHAN'CAL- " V- Mc BRIDE -A BATAVIA I STEEL PLATE , LIQUOR STORE .- . 'NONE 5'0' CONSTRUCTION co. GUS CNT0 Nqr. ELISA NEW YORK. Bonn. Rzvmmue ' I Se MAIN sn, BATAVIA L Iq-21 .STATE 6T. 1 - I BATAvIA,n.Y PHONE LW' 1 . -. V .. , , , ,Y I I Sf ff' I V. 7 My A, img.,-.fiat , . ,i.fUl g' , ,V it E Wir. Mu., . ggi, ii .55,,- .W ., ,. f ii - - .sg-K "f ,ff ma ., i., v -i If WIARD PLO M AN BATAVIA , NV, t s G iv ii Best Wishes from !lXmeriCci's Oldest Plow Manufacturer.. to Americas Newest Citizens - The Life of an English Book As an English book, I'm just not wanted here in Elba. Of course there are a few who appreciate my willingness to help 'them prepare for the future. For the majority, however, I'm just a pest and they can't understand why I was ever published. They treat me with absolutely no respect. They carry me to class as though I weighed a ton and mme times they even forget I exist and then I stay in their lockers under their muddy old boots all during English class. But we have to take the good with the bad, so I'll go on blindly reaching out to those who az-en't ready to take me as a responsi- bility. . I Helen 'Benson MANCUJO IVIQTORJ ,INCL Chcvro let ' Oldsmobile ' Cqcli l lac, ' 7. MAIN GT - Sf-XLE5 'RHDVI PHONE . . .QO7 I ' 22, ELLICOTT JT - USED CAR LOT -- PHONE.295'b - ' 214 EMAIN sr - .serzvica DEPT. - APHONE .Q'-i819 BATAVI A I New .vonifgj 60 rl. I A FURNITURE J Q , V' To S gl-NTA QF LIU , s ID Z : EXCLJJSIVIL FRANCHISE. DEALEQLS 2 Q 1 5 os DRL-XEL Fun.Nvrus1E. :N BATAVIA- Z 5 DQY' CLEAJVAEQS E E Z 5 -25 FUL1. LINE cj' Qunury FURNITUQ5 X- pfpeoom, pnwfvo Roolvl, Uwfvo feoof-z cnepgrq ufvoifum, ,travis 5VE,Qyr,wN0 Ar ami Loaf P12155 PHGNF. 1551 OPEN ,EVENINGJ FOR. Vo we CONVENIENCE I2. CENTEQ. Sli XM . 228 MAN 61' '5ATAV'Af NY BATAVIA, NY C5vefyz9uQ? fb, guifcffn mairzddfw GFIXIFSITI7 LLIIVII5If.Il, G CGM. CCI INC. 76 FRANKLIN .s-r. PHONE 777 - 775 r5ATAvxA, N .Y 1, n' C ' A8 GOOD A5 NEW' I Uv FEET HURT 9 Q . I 'NHIIQ sE?vi!E That's what you'11 say after having your tractor re- I f I-IE-AD QUAI?-TEQIS built in our service shop. We'vc got the trained service- XSS I 'I ga, DQ 5C5-.Ox-L'5 men and precision equipment to restore old tractors to --1-f f' ,lf ' tiptop condition. ftfff' fl l When you have your tractor rebuilt by-us, the work is , 2 If f GOWLPLQIL I?oo'I'. oorr-rIiJr'IZ .SQYVICL gin: inib1nZ::rIcicaZi t:tt'1ct International Harvester f 1 V c?o'-Yacifvz 5,1025 xsciznl-.A:l.Co.LLj JL-:Hagan fl C' I bj Hradunbz, c:IianoI.a.r1.b.x,-. . ff' INTERNATIONAL I-ILIRVESTER SERV E I BALLBAND fwwffi fffw DAY 5, Pam-QI N5 FO QHWEN BA V A HEALTH QSPOT, ACROBAT, CHILD LIFE. TA I , N.Y. ' Fora wow EN A. cnmuatowu-gc as .som -- '- PAINTING CONTRPsCTC7R.5 Jmlbulov Dzcnalhyz ct Jfgchffgl -- WALLPAPER AND 'PAINT STORE I wc,-ff ab. - MM , M piano IZOBERT5 5I-I05 5TORF- V I5 xv. BANKQST- m.aoN:. 480 ALBION. NM COLLEGE. BRED FOR. MEN NUNN-BUSH I CONFOQMAL, FLDQSHEHVI i A H I 61 'T o s l:Af5i.:w533.l"f-:feffsl ' Q . , "f.Lff1Q, q .fKHf'tj54If? ' pf" .. ggi,-QQ' :f'...f f.',WL," '-- 4' as ll: 2 Hx- FI wig 'iv- Q fi IN . -T! MEDICAL ETHICS are not something unique and set apart, but simply a direct application of the Golden Rule. They provide an honest answer to the question, "What is best for the Patientn. As one physician put it, "I do for my patients what I would do for a member of my family". As Pharmacists, we adhere to the same code. The quality of our medicines and service is the best it is possible to give. YOU the ti pa ent, are om' first concern. PETERSON DR G C . ELBA , N.Y PHONE 473i Gob' Qcci afzc!Q!?242Le, J'TE.ATJ' GROCEQI Eff FRU ITJ' VEGETABLEJ Qgzf- Service, K f 'ppm bw Pl-IONE 53lI ffm ' iq K2 WT? . I 'Ag , V gf 'iw ' T A , cigar' 224 ff ffff'.,,,? .ffl ,.,1.E4 "" "'--Qfgfg ':. v:I, .H ' ' Q p ,ELBA , t N54 FROZEN FRUITXS AND VEGETABLES 62J KJ, , F F AMES ELECTRIC, SERVICE QgM3,,9fh?m5,f0ff i2.L:s,mf5Q's-3 Of' WP' PV' mg 'SUV' ,, wA'rr:n. HEATERS -- 5PEc,um.TY ' DAN5 CORNEQ5 BA'rAvnA,N.v V PHONE 2733 MILLER-MAC ,W5 p'QfN77NG CO1 WC QNX! eu? 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