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 - Class of 1949

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'Tffii ' ' ' ' ' W 2 n X '- -'IE WW ll nmzr I .., -, f... 1' ..,,,.,-WW-,..q... 1' m---ww.m...,..... 11 ,, ' K ,Y W 15? 'Q 9 4 J R. .1 f. f. 9 1 MW- -Q wi" ' I'-K , ggi ' A " ' ' mu' Y. .315-:q.!"n iiiu i nlxii A ibm ORLEANS COUNTY Q11 , - - 4... 1. . " " V -1 , X I I D1 ' I I L - at - .. A ' S I I9 ni X' Q ni 'XT3 I E- 'DE I D lI!:,- 1 -1:2 UHTSON 3-MD I' 4+- 5 "T, fi- 'A X, -0--J S J Q I - . . - Rona , 51 3 es. a vz QAST onknnp E 3 'A y L WLOCILPOQT' w Rom, 'J N. mvnou nn. L Y I I . - V 3 :zum 3 G dl 1 W Q Q M J m , Z 0 k QD- df? S k 5 'X Q 6 +09 54 Vcmw fm, JV Y 5 l. r1m.TBV eoap F---..--A Q' "' 1 lf I 6' A . 2' - o f Q XJ Amon- :Lan-5554 fm 'il 2 'S E A ' I3 if -M-,,,. 4 Q 2 ,af 5 lu. p , '-,,"' ,....1w E S V T7F0FD ff-D H E mum ww . i ,--,,- U , L ' .fu-r -4 ,-.,- 1 --.----"' if "' 29 -,.--1A----""""' L 7 "' ' ----W ' x ,J CERTON ROAD ENT ELBA 'l YJ' 13. if Defr, J' Q gl Q "' 15 '39 'P S j 01, Cro 127 5 I li so 70 I .5 Xvnknem mam, . R9 ' - Q' aw Q9' F 'romvlvzunsjgqqa 7 f PAWS Ionnznj :-' '21-o,V,, Liglgp VY L' Te' - Twvr ,, 11 9 '09 .1 I A 43 Q9 ,Iv gA1.1.oxvAY np 2 "D E Q ,. . - pf' I ....-' -:L-'.-T' -T-. - I ' ' D ' ' I 4 1 I! mon r 0 QL 0 - ' Pow ' H G, 1 I I 47 Q4 ,J 7, 4 . , . 4 L96 .z sq, 0 P ! p' 5 , x ' ' ,' X - I 'Q ' L A Ib mem-r ,ff of A 'L - l M 1 427, ,mf ff- N, if - 4' Mu-mf RP' AD f,,":'j 'Jgfgfx 'H' 0 ll' fl I g,UFFA1.0 KD f,C" f 1 . f .Pegg ,I ..-: ' w e LAKE 119 V '- j X ff .1 L ,X Y SW .1 ' 5' V' ,vi 9 MA - A TONAXVANDA C I ' L - j ' - ' 'Q i' ,ij 0 'QEEIQ '11 17 .-f 5" .... .-, I ' 0 1 UVM 'Q 1 I V 1 f NR. -.11'i ffC,, ' 0 Z0 lr A 'JSQLQR V - I 1 f 1 X -1 ' ' - P FW X gli . - X Q 4' L'f-RTX ' , S A, sh gm.. I X -K 3 if , ,. --AX W , . V ' V - ,454 J .W JG f B 4 elf' - 13 ff ATAV, 1 f5?f -'3.,:.z l .1 716,271 I A - L koAD .ENN k ' . ,fsfk ROA -,gf R355 xx xx .1 V NEW V 6!5',?:,1jg-4 H D '- - if .AX " H .j"'-QQ, '14 2" .- -X Q D ! ', x' f- 4 . -2 .v . 410 Q P7 Q ok II 1 Q 'N II Q 40A N . EAS1' RD. Q Ms QD q m 1' ' 4 W 1 - - A A- Gmziif- ll 'N if-I w r-wx w- 11 ' m m ng ggg m 1 V I. WH lg 234' , if 17? -,Y --4 lemma? -1 ,1 W,-J-, ' ' ' 'W' .,,ff, .. ., x,,. L,-, U is XV' , ,+.,.,,,. -1:21,-:MV---9' MISS MILDRED SHEPHARD eddmfim For fourteen years, Mildred Shephard, through her patience and understanding, has trained young minds to develop. basic skills and attitudes essential to future success. The upper, as well as the lower, grades have benefited from her earnest efforts to.improve our school. We, the students of E. C. S. who have profited from Miss Shephard's guidance, wish to express our appreciation by dedicating to her this l9h9Revue. We have tried to mold into this book, the same superb quality of workmanship that she has always displayed and inspired us to emulate, 2 1 ADMINISTRATION N. Mr. Alton S. Hare - President Mr. John Shuler Mr. Eugene Merriman Mr. Lester Gillard Mr. Walter Saile Mr. E. C. Day - Clerk ganna! af gnfucczfiaa Wwffv Third Row: Hr.Johnson,Mrs.Neal,Mr.bnerwood,Mr.5chogoleff,Mr.Miller,Mr.Pauly, Mr.Bridges,Miss Starowitz Second Row:Miss Burr,Mrs.Uorthington,Miss Vickers,Mrs.Paul,Hiss Hofnann,Miss Aectenwa1d,Miss England,Mrs.Baker First Row: Miss Shephard,Mrs.James,Miss Meyer,Mrs.Burr,Mr.Vanderhoof,Mr.Uphill, Mr.Benton,Miss Parmelee,Miss Suttell,Mrs.Christopher,Miss McCormick bf CLASSES vwwega "M I 11 --'mp ' '-4' , 1. ,V -, Ne, - I ,f ,., , .. en, ba 'ze RICHARD TEST DICK Ambition: Engineer Class President lg, Revue Staff 2,3,H Editor L Football 2,3,L Inkspot Staff 3,L Co-Editor Q Student Council l,2,3 Secretary 1 Vice-Pres. Class Play 3, Volleyball 3,R Track Q Speaking Contest French Club 1,2,3, ELEANOR SHARP SHARPIE Ambition: Phy. Ed. Class Vice President R Glee Club l,2,3,L, Band l,2,3,R G.A.A.- l,2,3,Q Leaders Club R Inkepet Staff 3,q y Co-Editor R Class Play Speaking Contest 3, Student Council 3 Play Committee L Dance Committee 3 JOHN SWARTZ GINGER MARY ZELINSKI MA Ambition: Undecided Ambition: Secreta Student Council 1 Class Secretary Class President 2 Class Play Class Treasurer M Leaders Club Basketball 1,2,3su G,A,A, 1,2,3 Football 2,3gLl- ' Secly Volleyball 2e3,H glee Club Class Play Bsh Revue Staff French Club A l,2,3,M Revue Staff 3,h Inkspot Staff L Speaking Contest 3,h Dance Committee Bowling 6 Play Committee 3,M EDWARD POLASKY ED RE ry Ambition: SHGCSSS H Football 2,3,h M Beeketbeii 1,2 A Volleyball 2,3.h M Track 2n3:u '3 Revue steff 4 1 Student Council A Treas. - Pres. Air seoute 2,3,h Class Play w French Club 1,243a. Play Committee M Speaking Contest . lah PJBWT MARCIA HARKNESS MARSH Ambition: Doctor A Glee club l,2,h 1 Bend 1I2l33u A G.A.A. l,2,3,h ' Leaders Club L French Club l,2,3,h X Vice-Pres. 3 Inkspot Staff 3 1 Asst. Editor 3 1 Revue Staff 2,3 Speaking Contest V Play Committee Class Play 3 Dance Committee 3 V SUZANNE BONNEY SUZIE Ambition: Music French Club l,2,3,h G'A'A' 192s3sL Vice Pres. Leaders Club Cheerleader 2,3,M Class Play 3,L Speaking Contest 3,L Glee Club l,2,3,L Band l,2,3,h Revue Staff h Inkspot Staff 3,L Dance Committee 3 Student Council 1 Home Ec. Club 2,3 NORMAN GEISSLER BENNY Ambition: Undecided F.F.A. l,2,3,h President M Basketball l,2,3,L Baseball 2,3,M Football A Class Play 3 Air Scouts 3,l BZRNARD WILDER BARNY FLORENCE PANEK STINKY Ambition: Vagabond Ambition: Phy. Ed. Basketball 3,M Class President 3 Volleyball 3,H Treasurer l Track 3,M French Club 1,2 Class Play 31M Revue Staff 3,h Inkspot Staff 3,M Inkspot Staff 3,h Revue Staff A G-A-A- 1s293nu Student Council Leader's Club h Speaking Contest Glee Club l,M French Club 3,M Art Club l,2,3,h Band 3,L Play Committee 3,h Air Scouts Bfh Dance Committee 7 Bowling A '-f rr"'u , fills-W HAROLD HEIDENREICH HEDI PHIL VIGNERI PHIL Ambition: Undecided Ambition: Mucker Bard 1,2,3 F.F.A. l,2,3,L Basketball 2,3 Baseball 1 Track 2,3 Revue Staff 3 Class Vice President 3 Class Play 3 Campaign Manager Air Scouts 2 SUE ZAMBITO SUZIE Ambition:Kindergarten Teacher Student Council L Review Staff L French Club l,2,3,n Secretary 3 Glee Club 1 Inkspot Staff G.A.A. l,2,3, President Class Play Play Committee 3,M Dance Committee Leaders Club Bowling Q I 3 I 35: ,,,"' if . . , X 4 li?j,1 A arna f uun ' i51?9llff"'5N'l f fQQf?f?M ""' 'fi' 'Vi" fi?3QQZff 152521335 , I EUGENE BOLDT JAKE JEAN SAILE DUCKY Ambition: Farmer Ambition: Undecided student Council L Class Play 3,h Revue.staff 4 French Club l,2,3,L Basketball c.A.A. l,2,3,h Volleyball 3, Leaders Club M Track 3,M Play Committee 3,H A1r.Scouts 3,h Dance Committee F.F.A. 1,2,3,2+ Band l,2,3 County Sec'y L Glee Club 3,, Class Play 3,L Speaking Contest 3 Band 2,3,h .8 ' BETTY BENSON BET Ambition: Secretary G.A.A. l,2,3,u Leaders Club M Pres. M Home Ec. Club 2,3,L Vice Pres. i M- Tv nv Lf . Q A 'NF' 2 1 A '. 1 J gx. W .1 ' 1 5' fx A AggfE555X Hiya 45 5F4EggiQ ' 1er,1psf 5m2W'?7f. DONALD BAKER DON Ambition: Vagabond Class Treasurer 2 Class Vice President 1 Baseball 1,2,3,h Football 3,L Inkspot Staff L Speaking Contest ? Air Scouts 3,1 Basketball 1 Revue Staff Paper Staff L Dance Com ittee Play Co mittee 3, Glee Club 1 Bowling L A .A A gm "" 5? Q ' 1wix5,1.- JULIAN MATLA JULIE MARGARET PRIDMORE MARG Ambition: Undecided Ambition: Reporter 3 k tb Class Secretary 3 eiitgalill 2 E French Club 1,2 1 1 , b M Baseoall 2,3 giigscigav 4 O tt 2 ' Pere a Play Committee 3,a Dance Committee c- . A .A . 1 , 2 , 3 , Leader's Club L Speaking Contest 3,L Inkspot Staff L 9 PDI- EDWARD PARK SPARKS Ambition: Success Inkspot Staff 3 ,Lp Class Play 3,H Air Scouts 2,3,H Speaking Contest 3,h Dance Committee 3 4-1 NYS BSI?"'7A'?5x ' .,.,.f ,. f - we-nf-' f, " -, -, v- , . -, V' , up , -X 1 I 3, , 1 K. 0, ,.,., .. I w- il- Q... an d -...eil talk' L ' First Row: H.Maskell,R.Myers,P.Gavel,C.Tretter,Mr.Schogoleff,F.Mason,E.Benson, S.Steckley,G.Rowcliffe Second Row:I.Matla,V.Erhardt,C.Blood,M.Kilby,H.Baube,A.Gillette,T.Wood,J.Ward Third Row: H.Churchill,D.Gavenda,S.Monachino,G.George,D.Park,P.Rich,D.Boyce The Junior Class, this year, was conducted by the following class officers who were elected in September. President ----------------------- Carl Tretter Vice President ----------------- Frances Mason Secretary ----------------- ---- Barbara Jakaub Treasurer ------------------------- Paul Gavel Student Council Representatives Earlene Benson Roy Myers The music for our Junior Prom, November 5, was furnished by Don Young's Orchestra. With our WUnderseasN theme, we created quite a unique effect in our gymnasium. We all worked hard on the decorations and were very pleased withthe results. Barbara Jakaub officiated as oueen, with Edward Polasky as king. Various students took pictures which turned out very well. Within a short while, we will take pictures of the student body. We are also looking forward to our Junior play and to representation in the speak- ing contest. Our class rings arrived on February first, to the jay of everyone. The Junior girls and boys won the volley ball intramurals. The girls also participated in the winning of the volley ball play day at Albion. ld X 1 - t,t,,.,,.,-.,,. . ., First Row: R.Schultz,H.Park,E.Brown,E.Beach Second Row:I.Jannain,B.Horton,A.Warboys,M.Hare,Mr.Pauly,S.Smith,B.Jenkins, J.Shuler,C.Palermo Third Row: F.Zelinski,H.Yerger,W.Wilford,N.Post,E.Wiedrich,E.Priestley,M.Jannain, E.White,M.Marciniak Fourth Row:L.Putney,R.Maskell,O.Monachino,D.Wood,H.Unamann 'The Class of '51 better known as the Sophomores started the year off with a , bang. We held our first class meeting and elected the following officers. President ------------------------- Sue Smith Vice President ----------------- Maurice Hare l N i I Secretary ------------------- Barbara Jenkins Treasurer ----------------------- Ann Warboys .Student Council Representatives Eleanor Priestley W . Eric Brown The first half of the year went fast and we worked earnestly to help our class succeed. Our class has been selling refreshments at the basketball games and we have been selling girls' sweat shirts. We held a movie in October and hope to have another in the near future. Our class is well re presented in sports. Two of our classmates are on the varsity basketball squad and five are on the junior varsity.Four boys were on the football squad. There will probably be as good a turnout for baseball. Two of our girls are on the cheerleading squad. The girls have had a good basketball season except for a few n1inor upsets but have made up for this by beating several of the top teams. The boys have a good intramural team in basketball and hope to win the championship to make up for the loss in volleyball. We wish to thank Mr. Pauly for his cooperation, consideration, and efforts to help our class succeed. ll A '?.TH" ll""l l'7 '- '''1iQf'i'J'ff'1X?9f'L"T75r3ff?3 -I , - V, Mt, be g ,I r , .., .- ,g W .,. at-A 1,1 M. -, ., ,.e,!g. A,-,.,.,, I First Row: J.Laney,D.Swabb,J.Brasky,F.Lund,N.Goetz,A.Zicari,S.Monachino, H.Engle,F.Oberer Second Row:J.Edgerton,R.Jachimowicz,C.Schuler,V.Boyce,M.Dilcher,D.Swartz, A.Johnson,S.Crane,S.Andrews,C.Unamann,J.Gillette Third Row: D.Rosborough,D.Putney,M.Szyniec,B.Erhardt,Mr.Miller,Miss Rectenwald H.Schultz,D.Manhardt,E.Jannain Fourth Row:P.Cepil,K.Horner,D.Talbot,A.Pridmore,M.Stokes,W.Dart,M.Putney, M.Armison,H Maskell,J,Panek,M.Blood , The Freshmen Class met in the cafeteria and elected the following officers: President ---------------------- David Swartz Vice President --------------- Marvin Dilcher Secretary -------------------- Audrey Johnson Treasurer ----------------------- Sally Crane Student Council Representatives ' David Talbot Sally Andrews David Jakaub was elected Student Council Treasurer for the school year. 'For our activities we have sold hot dogs and pop at the football games played in Elba. At the Junior Prom, the Freshmen decorated the cafeteria like a boat and took charge of the refreshments. Both the girls and the boys of the Freshmen Class have participated in the intramural program. Success was our reward. Rose Jachimowicz and Jean Gillette were chosen as the two cheerleaders and have supported our teams very well. We wish to thank Miss Rectenwald, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Benton for helping us during our first year of high school. 12 11 T , Fourth Row: I Third Row: 3 ?econd Row: First Row: 4 . 1 First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: .Rohr,D.Ta1bot,H.Sanders,K.Shu1tz,R.Penepent,L.Dutton,J.Dziuba .Palermo,B.Ames,M.Laney,M.Goetz,P.Monachino,Miss Hofmann,B.Manhardt, .Benson,D.Goodliff,C.Harezga,D.Boatfield .Stokes,L.Weber,B.Baker,R.Wood,E.DicKes,I.Jackson,L.Wilder,S.Shultz, .Jenkins,B.Pangrazio,M.Test,B.Underhil1,L.Shuknecht .Speed,L.Airth,R.Richenberg,R.Shultz,C.Roth,A.Priest1ey,D.Kilby, .Neindorf,H.Kingdollar,G.Maskell 47431 .Scott,R.Iarn,E.Drock,A.E1liott,D.Farrington,R.Bezon,A.Wilford .Palermo,J.George,E.Smith,B.Barber,M.Yerger,P.Dorman,I.Roth, .Vigneri,E.Derch,G.Engle,R.Yerger .Honachino,W.Vanderhoof,M.SKop,J.Ward,S.Seavert,Lk. Johnson, .Boatfield,C.Underhill,C.Vigneri,J.Markwica,J.Warner .Ross,W.Steh1ar,L.Gi1lard,D.Ruck,L.Talbot,W.Goetz i 'Lf' " d R' 'V 13 1"l ' lrst Row Veber,L Goetz R Peor e J Palermo,J Bouter,G Shuler,R Swabb Snyder Second Row Maskell D Dunn M Sm1th,E Ne1ndorf,Mrs James,1 Neber J Tretter Norton D Ames Thlrd Row otuart C WlOI6DtlHO,N Flll8tt6,S Earnee,M Rowcl1ffe,G Jledrlch fourth Row Veatherbee,L Allen E Hybaok,R H8TClHl8K C Putney s az W 6 sw Q Foarth Pow Benthln S h1tney,R Downs,C D1cKes,F Erhardt Thlld Row Benton,M Shuler F PTldWOT6,R Cenders,P onach1no,J Poluch Qeoond PON CouUhl1n,P George,R BTlDKmBH,MlSS Ieyer,K Hyback,D Putnev Armbrewster Flrst Row Shultz,E Benson lip F. 'Z 0.1! .Y , .J , . . . Q .k , N. ':g. , . , . , . , . . K.E, , . , A G.BonK,D.Pr1est1y,G.Poluch H x IR.'J . , .- .5 I ,X. 0 t e' . IL. l , .W n . . ' . " 1 P. ,. , . N .UI .H . V .'ZA. D . . . . + A . - , D. ' : G. . If "'-'- Fourth Row: Third Row: Second Row: First Row: First Row: A.Bresky,R.Benson Second Row:R.SzymensKi,R.Jakaub,R.Engle,Mrs.Paul,D.Rowcliffe,G.DicKes,G.Shamp Third Row: F.Churchill,D.Norton,N.Shamp,K.Heale,C.Zambito,K.Wa11ace Fourth Row:R.Smart,L.Richenberg,R.Lund,J.Bezon MQW 0 gzszg EE? S .Shamp,E.Richenberg,R.Spence,J.Park,F.MarKwica .Smith,G.George,S.Monachino,R.Bryant,A.Bigelow,J.Chepel1,J.RucK, Szyniec,N.Talbot :Warn,J.Christ,L.Pangrazio,E.Murphy,Mrs.Worthington,G.Metla, .Dormen,C.Cropo,D.Naylor Laney,S.Warboys,C.Benson 3 - '.iI ,1'r..' ".Qi,'..'. - rib nfw 1TSt Row second Row Th1rd low fourth Row Crossett,R Allen J Yerger,i Hartman,d Dz1uba,n Qcnultz,J Baldwin, Dunn Barber,B oanders,J Allen,R bohoenthal,drs Baker,G Qteckley Nohlfe1l,G oay,H Bouter Chapell A nenton,J Kasmer,o Sm1th,d Roth,d Johnston,M ohnston, oeavert J Janderhoof bmart,R bchultz,R Schultz,R Naylor,H Blood, Qtenlar,L rutney, Putney,I nateman TblTd Qow Second Wow flPSt Row otehlar,L Harkw1ca,L Joss,o Brown,L Pr1dmore,J Churchlll o Prlntup, Austln Dlckes Snith,1 Narner,o ROSS,M1SS Parnelee L J11llS A Vlgnerl, Bauer,J ohrlst PanCraz1o,K Benson J li F' . : T. -. , . - 1. '. ' 'Z' ' . R. P . zo. .' .' 1 .- , C.h ' .5 .' ' ' L : C. ,L.' . H. ' A. V. l.J D." ,IJ K Q ' L :A.'l .' . '.l l.' 6.0 .' L. L.' ' EEE? Fourth Row:D.Heale,C.Winkelman,D.Gillette,W.Spence,R.Warn,P.Jakaub,E.Jackson .' : M.Q .H ' .D '. . ' . ' P. 1 A. I . 7 , ' L :N. ' ,G. . "5 .' . , A' ,:-. ' ' R. .' ' " L : B. H 1 ' .X M+ l I O 11 I Fourth Row: Third Row: Second Row: First Row: Front Rowg First Row: Second Row: Third Rong Naylor,J.Benton,M,Engle. .Hall,G.Cole,J.Allen,L.Speed,J.Swabb,D.Homer,J.Erherdt,R.Baker .Monechino .Xason,F.SKop H.Kaczmarczyk,B.Kasmer,L.ParK,B.Rohr,J.WeDer D Ueatherbee,A.Shamp .Bezon,I.DownS,MisS Dorf,C.Eryunt,H.Glover ' Q .Norton,J.Motz,Miss Burr,C.Underhi11,L.Hammond .Dilcher,D.L.Talbot,D.Printup,M.Smith,L.Benthin,K.Richenberg .Haldron,L.Strobele,J.Pflaumer .Snyder,J.Nard,S.Narn,L.Heale,D.BrinKman,J.Searls,J.Sear1s, .Forjone,J.Mason .Crossett,A.Grey,B.Salway,L.Shuknecht,R.Hertman,N.Gavenda 9.1, . k 17 First Row Second Row vTh1rd Row Fourth Row Downs,N Shamp Johnson,T MOH8ChlHO,J Rossney,I SZym8HSKl,E Murphy,M Ashton,P Goetz Hartman,R Jhltoomb B1rd,D Stuart,D Sm1th,L Farr1ngton,A Dorman,P Toal,D Boatfleld Sheoard,V Hotchklss Rowol1ffe,D Qtehlar,S SUllm,MIS Chr1stopher,C Fabriel,G Kelsey Zambito Fourth Row Thlrd Row Second Row First Row male Shuler,K Neth,M1ss Shephard,N G1llard,N Augello Ahl,L Kozah,J Ah1,K Sm1th,B Brlnkman B Coughlln, Allen DZ1Ub8 T Pangraz1o,T Talbot V HOtCTKlSS,J Coetz A Roberts Schoenthal Porter,R Cole 7 l l f 2 C. '. - I V :R. . ' ' . K. . - -. . R. 3, ' ' : J. ' . . .' . ' . . . ' Q. J.. A V. ' 'N '-'! Zi., 1 Y' ' IG. . Qs. - . . ' ,J . '45 J. ig l o . 6 ri :vivo 1 . T e . n 'IW ' ' : G. . ' . ' . ' . ' 3 . ' B. IE- ,a.. . , - x .f , f 31. L. ff I : C. . H Q Q if l 18 ' ag V X First Row: Second Row: Third Row: a Strobe1,R.Christ,D.Say,P.Heale,R.Homer,A.Brasky,M.Priestley, .Penepent,R.Smith .LeBarr,J.Warboys,S.Ruck,M.Bezon,P.Ruck,B.Weber,M.Ross,M.Whitcomb, .Eng1e,G.Shultz .Tunnell,J.Jakaub,Mrs.Burr,J.hasmer,C.Nallace 60 Second Row:E.Osborne,J.Motz,Miss Vickers,C.Norton,L.Gil1ette First Row: R.Walton,E.Tunnell,P.Zambito,S.Downey,J.Rase,R.Warboys 5. lixczxrawg- lj Qmde First Row: J Oberer V Gray,J Pavel,P Zambito,M A Talbot J Speed ' Second Row:F Pask,A Coughlin,G Berus,C Norton L Karas,R Mickey,C Starowitz Third Row: Miss Vickers Second Row First Row Maeon,C Cropo K Wa11ace,R Jakaub,L Dorman Bryant,C Zamb1to,D Norton,J Pendergast, Benthin,R Lund,D Ames,J Park,L Richenberg a ,n -J Q an ,p 1. . . . , . . . ' ea :R. . , . -. . , J.Roberts,F.Church11l,R.Ha11,W.Schultz,J.Baldwin : C. . . . L. . . . . o r 20 f' 74: WZ 'emi .fl -1 Xa. MARY ANN PAHUTA In affectionate Mary Ann Pahuta, who the students of Elba our sorrow. Mary Ann memory of our schoolmate, died March 27, I9M8, we, Central School, express was a kind, cheerful and industrious girl. Always willing to do what she could to help, she was a good pupil and an interesting student to have in class. We all miss her. 21 a' ', ,. ,V A 'AJ' "7.,.,RL?v ,nh .,..,. ' 1 M, , 'I iq' I A ? M. '5"'x "" 'V f :Va 14, s 7 I , .fvawi , . J, V, 4 f ' N K i' 5, ,Aw f fd? A ACTIVITIES X '55 Y- 13 gs xNN X XR :awwe9ef,f??affg7WA . ,..uU ,,N ...Q 1 Seated: E.Benson,D.Jakaub,E.Polasky,Mr.Vanderhoof,P.Rich,N.Post Standing:S.Andrews,R.Richenberg,E.Boldt,E.Brown,P.Dorman,S.Zambito,E.Priest1ey, R.Myers,R.Wood,A.Wilford A lively campaign started off last fall between the Onions managed by Irene Matla and advised by Mr. Schogoleff and the Spuds led by George Rowcliffe and advised by Mr. Benton. The results of the voting was a straight Onion ticket of which the following were elected: President ----------- Edward Polasky Vice President ----------- Paul Rich Secretary --------------- Nancy Post Treasurer ------------- David Jakaub The class representatives were as follows: Seniors: Sue Zambito Eugene Boldt Juniors: Earlene Benson Roy Myers Sophomores: Eleanor Priestley Eric Brown Freshmen: Sally Ann Andrews David Talbot 8th Grade: Roberta Wood Dick Richenberg 7th Grade: Phyllis Dorman Arthur Wilford This year the Council has sponsored a school cleanup for grades 7-12, the purpose of which was to make the students conscious of their reszponsibility in helping to keep their school as neat and clean as could be hoped for. On March lst, for the first time in the history of E.C.S., we have begun what we hope will be atraditional athletic banquet to award letters and honor our teams. Because of a rapidly expanding athletic program, we have found it nec:es- sary to find new ways of increasing our school treasury. This we have done by installing candy machines and adding an amendment to our constitution by which classes are taxed lOZ of their net profit Through this program it has been possible for us to buy new football and basketball equipment We hope the 'LQ and '50 Council can live up to the high standards established by past Councils 2M . . Flrst Row W1lder,V Wrhardt,P R1ch,Mr Benton,R Test,F Mason,J Swartz Second Row ROWCl1ff9,C Blood,V Soeed,F Panek,S Bonney,S Z3mb1tO,M Zellnskl, G1llette,C Tretter Th1rd How Edgerton,B Benson,J H1ll,S Andrews,A John on SM Ed1tor 1n Chlef Rlchard Test AS51St3Ht Ed1tOTS Edward Polasky Paul R1Ch Art Edltor Frances Mason Art Staff Jacque H1ll, Arlene Glllette Sally Andrews, Audrey Johnson Joanne Edgerton, Martln Marc1n1ak Advertlslng Manager John Swartz Carl Tretter BuS1H9SS Manager Bernard Wilder V1rg1n1a Erhardt Photography George Rowcliffe Jacque H111 Glrls' Sports Edltor Sue Zamblto Act1v1ties Sue Bonney Classes Joan Ford Grades V1rg1nia Speed Typ1ng Edltor Florence Panek Typ1ng Staff Mary Zel1HSk1,V1Pg1hi3 Speed Sue Zambito,Cather1ne Blood,Betty Benson We w1sh to express our s1ncere apprec1at1on to our advisors, Miss Suttell, Mr Schogoleff, Mrs Burr, Mrs Strouts, Mr Benton for thelr generous t1me, work and effort 1n maklng our Revue a success We, of the Revue Staff, have tr1ed to preserve the high quallty of prev1ous lssues and we hope that you w1ll cherish this Revue as one of the best ever pub lished 1n Elba Central School We have endeavored 1n th1s volume to brlng back memorles of those good old days and to help keep alive the remin1scences of our classmates, teachers and all those l1tt1e 1nc1dents wh1ch make school life pleasant and worthwhile . I Bo I a-4 s . o o 0 u :G. ' . . A . . . ' . ' ' A. ' . ' : J. . . ' . . s Boys' Sports Editor ----------- Eugene Boldt I . 25 N- ii ll First Row: S.Smith,P.Gavel,R.Test,Mr.Pauly,E.Sharp,B.Jakaub,F.Panek Second Row:M.Kilby,E.Dickes,F.Mason,T.Wood,S.Steck1ey,H.Baube,C.Blood, J.Edgerton,S.Bonney,J.Swartz Third Row: B Editors --------------- Eleanor Sharp Richard Test Assistant Editors -------- Paul Gavel Barbara Jakaub Business Managers---Florence Panek Sue Smith Art Editor ------------ Frances Mason Art Staff ----------- Joanne Edgerton Barbara Coughlin Boys' Sports Editors ---- John Swartz Paul Rich Girls' Sports Editors--Betty Benson Catherine Blood Literature -------------- Thelma Wood Edward Park Joke Editor---- ------- Bernardwikkr Donald Baker Typing Editor ------- Stella Steckley Typing Staff -------- H.Baube,M.Kilby V.Speed,C.Blood The l9b8-A9 Inkspot staff has tried to give you the best in editorials school news, sports writeups, and humor We hope that you have enjoyed it We wish the future paper staffs success and hope that this publication will be a great force in the advancement of student aims at Elba Cen1:ral School .Benson,L.Airth,D.Baker,B.Wilder,S.Monachino,P.Rich,J.Gillette,I Matla . . . . D 2 6 4 ' fl . .. A- First Row: Second Row: Third Row: 7 .Laney,D.Gavenda,S.Monachino,C.Tretter,Mr.Eridges,N4Geissler, .MasKell,D.Wood,F.Oberer .Swabo,R.Schu1tz,H.Churchill, H.Unamann,J.Panek,D.boyce,H.Horzempa .Myers,G.Rowc1iffe,O.Monachino,G.George,M.Armison 745'-me Third Row: P.Gavel,D.Baker,B.Wi1der,J.Swartz,M.Hare Second Row:L.Putney,S.Smith,S.Zambito,T.Wood,Miss Eng1and,S.Bonney,S.Steck1ey, E.Beach First Row: B.Horton,J.Shu1er,V.Erhardt,N.Post,R.Test,P.Rich,J.Sai1e, M.HarKf1e s's ,W.Wilford ig 1UMk-M w N Y 27 f1PSt Wow Second Row Fourth Row Wl6dP1Ch,S CPane,J G111ette,J Ruck,C B1ood,M Kilby,B Erhardt Speed,S Steck1ey,H Schultz,H Baube G11lette,L Penepent,R B41dges,D Putney,W M11ford,L Dunn, Manhardt,B Hood,R Goetz,N Szyn1ec,E Jannaln Nanhardt,' Unamann,S Andrews,B Coughlln Jach1mow1oz,F Mason Www WZ Th1rd RON B Manhardt,B Pangrezio R mood,B Baker,H Benson Second Row I LBney,S Jannain,S Jenkin4,S chultz,M Uhamp,N Chapell FlTSt Row C Hare7ga,N Boyce,Mrs Kirsch,E Diokes,I Jackson,M Goetz,P Monachino 28 f' 1 : E. " ' . . ' . . . . , V. . . . gA. ' . . "' . . '.f 7, Bun. .um L- le- . n Third Row: J.Ward,D.Rosborough,N.Goetz,V.Boyce,D.Benson,Mrs.Nea1,A.Johnson, N.u o., . . ' ':R. -' ' . lg: ze 'I ' 'Z .'f . . , . ' . . :LQ Q n L os., .Ju- 1 U f' Y Mrs. Helen V. Grapka i First Row: Second Row: Third Row: we Fifth Row Fourtn Row Lhird Row Second Row First Row X .,. ', 6f"""1 ELBA 'Cuba' .Shuler,E.Sharp,M.Harkness,B.Horton,S.Jenkins,T.Wood, S.Bonney, .MBson,J.Qaile,V.Speed,I.Mat1e,R.Wood .Schultz,B.Coughlin,A.Gillette,R.Bridges,N.Gi1lette,W.Vanderhoof, .Tretter,V.Erhardt,J.George,S.Andrews,E.Pangrazio,R.Marciniak .Weber,J.Gillette,N.Post,P.Dorman,E.Wiedrich,H.Park,N.Dart,E.Boldt, .Wilder and Goetz,A Gillet e H Yerger,J Ward M Szyniec E Jannain,B Wood Rosborough,R Goetz Br1dges,D Putney,S Steckley V Speed,H Schu1tz,M Pr1dmore,M Kilby, Erhardt,H Baube,E Wiedrich C Pa1ermo,F Panek annardt C Unanann,E White,S Crane,V Boyce,N Manhardt L Penepent, Miss Rectenwald A Warboys,E Prieat1ey,V Erhardt,L Sharp W Wilford I Jannain,M Janna1n,J Edgerton,A Johnson,S Bonney M Harkness J Sa1le,F Mason . :N. , n,. . ,.. ,. . , Y D. . 1 :R. . . ,. . . . E. . . ,. . 1 m : D.M - , . . . . Q . . , . N f l 4 Q n n 29 4 'I zoran First Row: L.Neber,C.Scott,J.Brgsky,L.Airtn,Xr.Johnson,J.brown,N.Vanderhocf J.Narner,G.Ross Second Row:L.Gillard,E.Hyback,J.Panek,H.Park,A.Pridmore,D.owabb 'W Third Row: D Second Row:C K First Row: N R Sanuk .Goodliff,E.Smith,S.Barnes,N.Gillette,J.Poluch .Fiorentino,J.Vigneri,S.Jenkins,P.Dorman,I.Roth5T.Monachino .Weber,J.Ward .Talbot,C.Vigneri,P.Monachino,R.Sanders,H.Benson,Mrs.James .Bryant,P.Benton,J.Chapell,D.Boatfield,Cwweber 30 ffff X fff fffff XX Nw WW' SPORTS Xx mm .v-""'- x .,4.. ' LH HE P-1 i 1 , X if Z A . if A KAW' . ff V, .,,,, 11::,,f1ifT" FlTSt Row N Geiss1er,P Palermo,P RlCh,B Mllder A Jachimow1cz Second Row J Swartz,G ROWCllff8,MBHBg8T R Myers,O Monachino,Coach Sherwood C Tretter S Monachlno Mui? gaakeffafl Wana? Third Row D Baker P V1gneri,M D lcher,R Maskell D Park K Couahlln H Park F 76llHSK1,D Talbot , , Second Row M Hare,D Swartz,P Gavel,Coach Petron1o,Manager D Maskell Coach Pauly,D Boyce,D Jakaub,D Gavenda FlTSt Row S Monach1no,N Palermo :. . . . - 1 g 0 : . ,. .1 .. . ,. D, . .J .- : . . Y, , ,..1-.f I '2Mi"Hf'iw. f"+ ? 1-5 uw? 41 A K .Q , 'e 5 1 , 2 Y Q l V il , E" V4 , . H! in . x , Q i ,X sk iflh . x nm First Row: K.Armison,I.Geissler,P.Cavel,E.Po1asky,J.Swartz,P.Rich,D.Baker, H.Eeidenreich Second Pow:L.Airtd,A.Jachimowicz,R.Hyers,R.Naskell,K.Coufhlin,O.fcnacdino, Coach Sherwood,D.Park,3.Uaskell,W.Test,5.1onachino,H.Park 7cwZ'5'czZZ Third Row: P. Vigner-i , J.Hill ,Hifyers , O .P.Zone.c:hino, 'S .I'onac'1ino,D. Cqvgndaf-3Q31'411tZ 3econd Row:D.3oyce,f.GeisslerlL.Weber,Coach Sherwood,d.haske1l,u.lare,f-A1Ch, G.Rowcliffe 'irgt Rgwg D.3akeT,?.TaV6l 33 ' 'gLgQ4aAm.Pyf , Left to Rlght P R1ch,E PolasKy,B N1lder,E Boldt,A J8ChlmOW1CZ,G Rowcllffe C Tretter R Maske1l,S Monachlno R Test J Swartz,Coach Sherwood vfeeegwe Second Row E PolasKy,A Jachlmowlcz C Tretter,Mr Pau1y,H Park S MOHBChlHO FlFSt Row J 9wertz,G Rowcl1ffe,B v1lder,E Boldt W 1 'K . H ,W 1, ll X ' J I I 0 I 0 0 , I 0 , A X 0 N , I , O L1 X 5. - Q J 1 15,7 ,i , I - 0 ' . , 0 1 1 , Q v . ,A . . . ,. . . . . .- . . 'f lu ,, 1: 5? 5 W , ,, 5 1 v - Li ' v' r Q4 . X' uk The l9b8 A9 sports year was marked by a new feeling of team spirit A11 through the year our teams showed the almost forgotten drive In each port Elba proved its power was not to be overlooked The foll owi ng record shows that our boys were out to win VOLLEYBALL In the year l9L8, as in the l9L7 season, we spiked our way to the championship of the Genesee Orleans league Fourteen schools particnmted in the meet We defeated South Byron by the scores 15 2 and 15 5 Pavdion squad, 15 7 5 15, and 15 3 out us in the playoff finals with Kendall Elba won the meet for the second consecutive year, downing the opponent 5 15, 1 1 , and 15 8 On April lL we Journeyed to the John Marshall school in Rochester to compete against other Western New York schools for the district champion ship A week of hard practice enabled us to reach the semi finals where we lost to Corning Free Academy The following is the l9L8 E C S Volleyball squad Paul Rich Ed Polasky Bernie Wilder Luvene Boldt Anthony Jachimowicz George Rowcliffe Tom Gillard Carl Tretter Ronald Maskell John Svartz Dick Test Sam Monachino Paul Randall George Allen fell in the.semi-finals, 15-A and 15-A. Our victory over the Batavia - , - T I b . 1 . . - 7-5 -. A t BASEBALL The following are the statistics for the l9h8 baseball season Opponent Elba Opponen Bergen 13 1 South Byron 7 9 Wyoming ll A Lyndonville 10 5 Pavilion 6 8 Alden 1 11 Bergen 12 5 Wyoming 22 13 Alden 2 8 Lyndonville 1 8 South Byron 10 1 Pavilion 8 5 Kendall -1 Q Elba---llO Opponents---84 BATTING AVERAGES Zelinski 500 Geissler 222 Palermo 385 Schultz 222 S. Monachino 333 Gavenda 200 Gavel 321 Baker 176 Weber 300 Boyce 166 Rich 260 Team Average 2L7 At the end of the season we were tied with Kendall for second place. Our record included six wins and three losses. 35 f ,gf , ,. . 3 I i - TRACK Under the coaching of Mr. Pauly, the 'b8 season saw the first organized track team at Elba. We held several interscholastic meets before the all- important county meet at Alexander. For the second consecutive year, Elba earned the chance to be represented in the district track meet in Rochester Bolasky won first place in the mile run and Tony Jachimowicz also won first in the pole vault. Both finished fifth in the Rochester finals. Otkler places taken by Elba athletes were: John Swartz, third in the lOO and 220-yard dashes Bernie Wilder, fourth in the 220 George Rowcliffe, fourth insthe AAO-yard run On field day in June, an intramural track meet was held. The class of 19h9 won the meet by 5 points. FOOTBALL The starting whistle of our first game found us 18 strong. As centers, D. Test,R.Myers,D.Gavenda,D.Maskell,J.Gardner. In the backfieldg J.Swartz, P.Gavel,P.Rich,D.Baker,S.Monachino, and Ed Polasky, the team captain. As ends, A.Jachimowicz,R.Maskell,N.Geissler,D.Park,F.Schultz,K.Coughlin. Through the ceaseless efforts of Coach Sherwood and his squad, Elba won the championship of the Genesee-Orleans six-man football league, the first time in E.C.S. history. The end of the season found us in the first place with 3 wins, one tie and one loss in league competition. Opponents Elba Opponents Pavilion Cnon-leaguel 8 27 Corfu l2 6 Lyndonville lb lh Pavilion l6 6 Alden BL 6 Oakfield O 2h Harley Cnon-leaguel 32 lb BASKETBALL At Coach Sherwood's call for basketball players, the largest squad ever to respond reported for practice. The same fighting spirit that was dis- played in other sports now appeared on the basketball court. Throughout the season, the squad showed first class sportsmanship. The following shows that our boys were in there fighting every second. Opponent Jayvees Varsity Elba Opp. Elba Opp. Pavilion 25 Lyndonville 31 gi 22 gg Alexander 27 20 3Q 41 Bergen 32 25 an 28 Corfu 37 3h 37 50 South Byron 29 25 39 25 Alexander 22 3h A5 Ah Kendall 30 26 up 23 Pavilion 26 gg 30 33 Lyndonville 37 2A 52 33 Wyoming LO 29 56 29 Bergen 27 lb 38 26 Wyoming 39 33 hh lu South Byron 42 ll Q8 2h Kendall A5 gg 36 gg 36 First Row: V Second Row: Third Row: V Fourth Row: Qfficers Soccer lolleyball Basketball BOYCG,B.Horton,J.Shuler,H.Yerger,R.Jachimowicz,E.Benson, Gillette,J.Nard Mason,B.Benson,M.Harkness,E.Sharp,N.Post,Miss McCormick,I.Matla, Gillette,J.Saile,F.Panek,N.Manhardt Smith,D.Manhardt,H.Baube,S.Zambito,MLZelinski,S.Steokley,S.Bonney, Erhardt,B.Jenkins,C.Palermo,W.Nilford Johnson,A.Warboys,E.Priestley,E.Niedrich,T.Wood,M.Pridmore, Blood,B.Erhardt,H.Schultz,S.Crane,C.Unamann gf-ff-f President ---------- Irene Matla Vice President ------ Nancy Post Secretary ------------ Joan Huck Treasurer -------- Jean Gillette The soccer sportsday was held here on our fields on October 30, l9b8. The following Freshmen and Sophomores competed against five other schoolsg J.Ruck, A.Johnson, S.Crane, H.Schultz, D.Benson, H,Yerger, N.Post, W.Wilford, A.Warboys, C.Palermo, and J.Gillette. The Elba girls received the blue ribbon for being champions. The girls in the leader's club successfully ran this sportsday. The Juniors won the volleyball intramural tournament by being an undefeated team. The following Junior and Senior girls attended the volleyball sportsday at Albion on January 15, l9L9g B.Jakaub, T.Wood, H.Baube, B,Benson, F,Panek, E.Sharp, and J.Saile. Once again Elba took the honors by being the champions. We are eagerly looking forward to the basketball sportsday which will be held at Medina in February. Many of the girls are planning on attending the basketball clinic in Batavia February 17, l9L9. A group of girls attended the dance playday in Batavia, where they learned many folk and square dances. The G.A.A. served refreshments for the athletic dance which was held here in November. We have bowling meets scheduled with the Batavia High and Attica High Schools. 37 lContinued on Page 621 Left J Shuler,V Benson,N Post S Bonrey Rlght R Jachimow1cz,I Matla,B Jakaub,J Gillette FlTSt Row M HarKnesQ,Miss McCorm1cK,B Benson : . M. . , . . L 6 R Second Row:F.Panek,E.Sharp,S.Bonney,M.Pridmore,S.Zambito,M.Ze1inski,J.Saile 35 X ADVERTISMENZIS INKSPQT ..-..,.......,..'-,- . , .,,,,.. ,, ., -Q-4...,A ,E,,,iI.,,r-Qm...L, .. Q ,....q BUY UNITED JTATEJ' JAVINGI BONDJ' ANDJTAPNDI U-IE GOODWIILL of CL, CUJTQMEIQ. is Q, VALUIABLE. Affst GOOD WILL is cLc,c:im.LirQd. from GOOD .IERVICE GOOD .J"E.I'-RVICE. is obicdnczd. through. CO-OPERATION COOPERATION is wor-King, In.. I-IARIVIONY TI-IU' BANK, is QLL.uo.5.s in., TUNE umm um +15 Ill. HSM C MEMBER., F'D'I'C. ELBA . N.Y A GOOD LITTLE J"l'OI2.E. IN A GOOD LITTLE TOWN - .: 1 , -L, , - . 1 ,'jL:'rfm:'-'..'., . , , , , ,--,..'j-5:-.4':,:N . . - ', , - .,1..,.,,.,-,..-ACL.: I ,- -A .. . -:, -4--.zz .. , . . . - . :- -'-' f .sm , .'-11:11-:. - :nz -:im 111' Pr--.2 ":5.:.--,'-..,'-.'.4.-,-.'..--.-'-:Q-JL. .-,Qi 254:-gg :E . -. T -Q-."..,.:,.-.L 1 Q QUALITY I-IAIQB-WARE ELECTRICAL. aquxomswr QANG EJ QEFQI G EQATORJ QADIOJ' N.VAJ'I--I EQ.-.f' DLUNXBINO JUPDLIES - BUY FQOM YOUQ, LOCAL.. DEALETL, AND JAVE. ' r w 1 G, Z ff .5a.. P " "m , . XZ , - "X ' YZ, , P1-LONE. 4111 Q f- E-LBA. NY -40 N 34. E+ " ,W ,......i,.-.. A A IGIRIINNIEILIL UO llN4C DLIGNIQ -4481 ELEJX NV :fh-ML, md cf if iz iff O5z,w I . f, - COAL. Q - LLJIVNBEF-2, - PRODUCE . . ww ' Q em,f"Qf2f'fkAf, rea fu bABcocK5 movon, .SALES mc. Q INTERNPCYIONAL TRUCKS 4 WMAIN swan. 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' FQUITJ' on-:owe 55m , ...,.,, .. VLQETABLEJ if ELBA , Nm 44 YCDULL TIIQUIE CDN IT I PREMIUM MILK, Zf' f12.E0UL!?Q COJ'7'J' OUR DIQODLJCT-S am K u D ug cnuxmao co TAC-L cu-uzasll if 'if B TEJLMIUQ SOUQCQEAM OQANGIL DRINK, mb as QM w vmommc CQEAM cs-accom Tl DQNKJ W? 7 G!-MKIFH vim fm MAQAQMS umm H H HS JJ IBLUIRJDWETTTV J' QE, f-2.525 pl-IOINIE. C95 1 545' wl:i5t1I2, AVLNUL OAKFIELD N V. 45 Y I 9 .11 -. O Q, - . . 4' A PIXSTE. QIZE VXI -1 ' T ' ' ' ' . N, cf? " 1, V, 'QT' ' . UT . - v - I A1 ., X ' X T- x 4, ff, f ' J Z gd t' AC, 1' Llcll-l-T ,f f fa I y PHONE. 6351 - , f 0 W 4 41 9. ff 1 W U O . . . kv L, o TO PHONE- ' - I Q, C Qjwcdyffg 0. M GJQOWEIQ, AND SI-HDDEI2, OF Qmoms, LBTTUQL, lvcmxroas, ETC. pl-IONF. 5261 ELBA, NEW YOQK Q N FARM EQU I PMENT CJLIVERJ- CLETQAC TQACTQQS 150663 GQADEIZLS PHONE 134825 666 I2.F.D. Z Cu BA121113 CENTERD ALBION.N.Y 4 . n ' 'sz.,. , .- W ,,,, .. swwgf DIJTQIBUTOQS cvwl COMMJJSJQN Mgfecufwrs FQUITS nel. PQODUCL 5l5 WAS!-NNCNCDN ST I-IEIZES IZOSENBLULVL NEN. YORK. ClTY wr: X! Pl-IONE ALBION ISS Q, C1!2!1,CfOl1Afw 01201431-a , Wm CVO U NCI 5 N W" QUTAUQANT 1 U if 1 PHONE 12.52. f ff-X WW 54 Mmm ST 372.22-N if BIXTAVUX NY f 5 47 Q. A V R451-7fZE'J'.ElV7"A7"l Of' X Q . .. 'a ff'-.NK W XX X n girly ,A .xx . :1L .5 -,f,1J,U ' ,, .J , ,419 I, ' 'R X iff' X ' ' 'iffi XX .5 65211 V Q aff V R , 1 , We? V I ff K K , , X ,,, IX, 4 W1 ', 9-,,.n5.H A N9 I .lfxf f l ! , 5 . ' " f""" 19 1 ,f , ff ,',,1' - L X ff f ' 'V 4,1 13, '- .z, '3- ' ' s E-si 1- VY p X 'wm'AM1Mzii -. - - . I ,f A. , 7 XR... -f f 1 4 lull' f ' ' 'I , X 5. fi " ' , ie pfanf foci ffzczff JEIQECKI FERTILIZER Mm uw ,L Bervfon, V 6 WQLU' ynrfi, Q af' xvoLcoT'r'5 NIGHT BML, GQ , fd-J ,fC2J'7'LOLL4,., far QNX cn-aEE5liBul2oEr25 - JUMBO Mum 55-UXKE5 "f ' QED 4 Dom Mons -Liam LUNCL-H15 A Z W .?"' ! COFFEE, the WAY-YOU uma IT f Kisglj f K 'fgiwyjf' da M4 41 ,fiiwkf JI ALBION . NEW YORIQ. L ' WF? if 4 I O 48 EAA. . . . . 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Continued from page 37 W X XXX W W W WW fs ...,, fl . xX WMM 2 WW HZ ' f f MW, ,I ,, , ,J F0 rc '1 cn '1 o 5 cg g j MW g 3 3 E, H. H- H' '1:1rs , ..,. , ,g -:-'f' y Q Q m gn , , Q9 WZ 3.4 AA .... 4 'iv 4 , 1 2 ff Q 7 , 4 ,f ' f 7 ff f :s n-' :Q :1 Q. 3. sv E F. 3 Q 5 P1 H gg .ff fffififrfkf .-7:5255-,,.5,,5fa',,. CQ "3 UQ ,4 - . .gf , ...... - W ' 5, ,M 4,1 .Q,. 'ff 3 S 'fl 8 Q 3 an o xo on Im J.. .,.,.. ?.fca4,ff' . ' m -A4A ' f X O G , ' H 1-1 v-1 3 w H N N 1, D- ! xi vu on r O vu H N 0, mg Q C' lg g W W WW X X XXX 'mc' Q. YOUTW QUCREATION commission WINTER 'SATURDAY PROGRAM 63 i - 1446 nymph ULLEQ THIS YEARBOOK PRINTED VELVATONE?EXCLUSIVE KELLER REFINEMENT OF PHOTO-OFFSET QC f 0 if rx X i A 2 34 If if

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