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 - Class of 1944

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.51 1 u if 44 U 1.115215 wwf ffeuy. -" g- N '.:., I M.. If X -.44 ' i g, LBA CLETWZ- 553 fi" 0 fwfr' 9 X ,ff fvf' X W 1 7' T 1- :-.7955 X' V Al v -, 1,1 5 i f N8 ' S 'A I tn, X. '- ' T X 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,-Pc, 6 X 1 Y . ' Wx' . ,VA 4 Y-,xi , , 7 2 I ' ' N 1 - ." Lu 6 14 X - - 1 si J, ' E i' -tl A J xxx 1111 I ' D -' ' AIA' ' Y ' .1 X 1 4 3 'f K lub. :AF-aix .Emi ' Ill l Y xx fi: I' IU J 1 -V f fl -- ' 1 11' -in I H ' 1,1 j,'i E ,X P5 ii' gk ,I 1 I- nl' 1 1 . xx 5 TG f n .irfff Qxxg I : i V . 5 . k ' .. I: ' , 'f ' ' - W : 'J H- F jx, . I T' I , ,ftf . k :KK ' ' ii K . Q . 4-L-f' I Ill s - f 1 n qu VM, vu . Q rf , 1 .1 - .fr-1f""" Q ' A ew N' 34' ' '4 ,, 40" ' X-A .- 1457, -X: ,gf .A gr- -:A 1.4 .H 4- .'-4'. I -1944 xm di ODEDICATION 0 To Mrs. Lulu L. Higley, a truly remarkable woman, we dedi- cate this annual. Although born in Indiana, she was educated in New York State. Her teaching career began at Livonia in 1894 at a salary of five dollars per week. Seven years later she followed her fiance to the Philippine Islands where they were married. Both Mr. and Mrs. Higley taught in the Philippines four years. They were instructors in a city school at San Sidro, seventy-five miles north of Manila, and la - ter at the mountain city of Lipa,fifty miles south of Manila. The classes they taught usually consisted of adult students. Their first son Philip was named after the islands where he was born. After returning to the United States, she was occupied with a family of three sons. When a shortage of teachers devel- oped during World War I, she patriotically replaced a draftee and with minor interruptions has been teaching from that time until the present. When the schools in this vicinity were centralized, in 1937, she came to us from district number three. Her work in the sixth grade has been a valuable contribution to our school In addi- tion to training minds, she has concentrated her efforts on de- veloping character. Her common sense, subtle humor, frankness , and integrity have inspired her students from year to year. Her travels and experiences abroad have provided background and knowledge far greater than that of teacher. Enroute to the islands, she sailed from New the Atlantic. She spent one day at Gibralter, two a t a wealth of the average York across i Malta, and three at Singapore. At Kandy, Ceylon, she saw the idol of the Buddhist Religion. On her return trip she stopped at Hong Kong, witnessed the Cherry Blossom Festival at Kioto, and had the un- usual experience of visiting the Kings's Garden at Tokio. Mrs. Higley believes that the tendency to consolidate schools is a valuable advance in education. She is convinced that teaching goes in cycles and has fads, but that the three R's are fundamental and essential, Her announced retirement this year marks the thirtieth anni- versary of her teaching. We are happy to have had seven years of pleasant and profitable association with her and wish her the restful future she so richly deserves. . 2 .H-n Hrs. Lulu L. Higley 3 :C.+L59L7 ,D ig., ..w ,: Y ., ,J 'Q' ' J' , R Ci!! I .Wg X 'k "1 A wg., ,g,45f',f'i?,efa ' gg v. j 3 5 I i l 1 4 iii V'-h w . , A A be ' A A If - E Gi ll 'ww , Qt J ,lllllllllll , N 'N . 's of J . '- MI 'i' , ,, R . ..'. ,. ' aria-ff ,, . o , ,gf ' ' .' ' .5 H A CDUDX SERVICE MEN I C li ffwd Allen, William Andrews, Stanley' Angello, Alphonso Angello, Samuel Baube, Owen M Baube, Stanley -. Berglin, Bernhard QQ Borton, Franklin gf Bostwick, Paul Q Boyce, David 5' Boyce, Donald Boyce, James Boyce, Olin , Boyce, Robert Buczek, Stanley Burr, Albert H Carrubba, James Clark, Sherwin Cleveland, Clifford Cosway, Frank Cosway, Robert Coughlin, Donald Coughlin, Harry Coughlin, Leo Coughlin, William . Dilcher, Harley Dorf, Ferdinand Dunn, William Fiorentino, Frank Fite, Frank Fite, Norman Foster, Charles Jr. I Gavel, John Geissler, Jerome Gillard, John Gillard, Ralph 'Killed in Action C Gontko, Albert Gontko, John Harding, Robert Hartley, Howard Harezga, John Harezga, Stanley Henry, George Hicks, Charles Hill, Richard Horton, Sherman Howland, Amsden Hundredmark, Earl Jr. Johnson, Bernard Johnson, Everett Karas, Edward Karas, Joseph Karas, Zygmont" Keller, Earll' Kelly, John Kirkpatrick, William Lacey, Jack Linderman, Cleon Lonnen, Charles Mattice, Donald Meach, Dorothy Mickey, Frank Miller. Charles Millis. Harold Millis, Walter Motz, George" Mowers, Lloyd Parker, Harlow Pelz, John A Peters, Raymond Petty, Duane Petty,Charles Pilger, Karl Porter Roy, Jr. Pownall, George Rhodes, Cecil Reiss, Robert Reiss, Ronald Richenbach, Francis Richenberg, Arthur Robe, Robert Robutka, Joseph Roth, Eugene Roth, Richard Scheiber, James Schmidt, Clarence Schuler, Rolland Schultz, Elmer Schultz, Ernest Schultz, Robert Silvernail, James Simmons, William Smith, Elton Smith, Paul Snell, Adelbert Snell, Edwin Stanton, Floyd Stokes, Robert Sumeriski, Edward Thiesen, Jack Tretter, Pmd Urion, Edward Wantuck, Zygmont Watson, Earl Wetherwax, Robert Wigton, Lester Wigton, Robert Honorably Discharged f - F . A P -as - '1'- n M To C -- L. ...N J A -, -feffe. ..,.. -,Hfe,wMqaaw9MoH+- - ummm, , - , -.J , ,f-'.f,..?-T .,, I , ,1.L-ul 1, Fi'-v,.5:,.A:,Lmi g,-,,,n jj, 11 . ' .--:-:rea-1-m::,. 2iE3g'. ' - V , , .' '7 11 K ': 35 , ' 'K H ",1:-- 444, ' ' "1.'.2:""A vw-j . , ,-. 'f ,, , ,., 4'l' ' - 1 :L im". . -- .Q ' PR rf' M NISTQATIQ - ...N A v Y V 'F-5' Q 4 "ful E-.. T I Vx. 31' 'fl-" "SQ ' 1 4. ' fs", J: K . la. . V 5' n A. ' ' 1 di I-r: X1 .,.,- rx . . 1 4 V 1, .N , EE: .sl , 2 , -4 i BOAQRD W EDUCATION First Row: , . . Q, , . Second Row: Mr. E. Merriman, Mr. A. Berglin, Vice-Presidentg Mr. A. Hare Mr. W. Saile, Mr. L. Gillard, President' Mr E Day Clerk uusu.-., '- ,Q -' I 'h" ' 2' m'T1i? . -5---Q-4, x f -of iff We appreciate the time and interest the A ' Board of Education expended in our behalf. if" During these difficult war days we particu- . x 5 larly wish to express our gratitude for their "gif X i efforts toward maintaining the standards we ,- i enjoyed in pre-war days. I -, ,. ' 5 -.. 9,1 ,,. A . L1 First Row: Miss Rogers,Miss Burr, Mrs. Higley,Mr. Vanderhoof, Mr. Benton, Mrs. Strouts, Mrs., E. Burr, Mr. Johnson Second Row: Mrs. Bush,Mrs.,P.Burr,Miss Englandgiiss Dorf, Miss Parmelee, Miss Shephard, Miss Markham, Mrs. Lewitjes . Third Row: Miss J. Andrews,Miss Jadick,Miss Wigton,Miss Bralyle Mr.M , Mrs. ' y, Uwry Wood, Miss Given, Miss R. Andrews, Mrs. H. Kirsch absent 6 . ' I FACULTY ' ' 'lem M . -, '14 ' c SSES . . I -'Y 1 ' iQ ri-7 -L. JI: r . J-,. gk! 4 t ,- if ' x -1' Q N , , , f nf' -:NX ' I f ,- X - . ll' - 1 I K Q x f ', H .'.' . , - . - --.. I U ' Q 4 53, , - , X x xv 7 1 ' ni., . xi X' v. -- f " k r ,.. "ff 3 ,-I 4 , 'V' ,u Y Q Q A X3 s N T , . 1,1 X , J , I N 1- .-' - . . , - 3 '.- ' -K x , ' '. x A if ia. - 'YOU '- wk 1- ' I' T-Wu" --1' 1- , s 9 .. LVL.. ' N . X' WXXV . ' - I ..1:.ffT1 'N .- TBKQQ' UU. ' 1 , J':Zl'LQ5I'Q' ' v , xx ' f -' -' I .1641 .ff f.. --f-.rl-ff A . .. . .A ' T .. w . ?,v"1'4 T'L'Y?'--4 ' .Iv . , .. ' ' ' s. 1 - H. - Igw '- 'QATTW "". . " sf - ' --'.' ' Y -Lv J. vlvvs 'f'4c1..,Ak.., . . - .:y,,.. y, 4- I, ,lfffu WRX! 'y '-.fin ..-.f.. ' I"- G' Q 744 'I Z .f,. -..., AN-1-3, ' - .-....,n.-- 1 ' -, - 4 . , - 5 .-pl : - :L-:g?:H-snffyff -V-fvbffikfkyj.-3:5 , :J-erm-. I tiff.. V .I If . , 1,-y,-l."L1ru,-Z3 .54 --vga. ,, f1- ,'f:.,,1 'N Q.-H .Hg I 7 Q ' A -:Q-fr-ff qw-w . .-1.--'---.c...,,p7,,i - :,',,s.w-.,y., Q w f " ':-'f- .b -. , , :.-' J 'f-..-1 , ' 1 ., , gh... :-.. 5 .,. - ,Q,f,.,l 1 i .,. f---- , V 4 4 -' 'M f . - rf-Ziyi.-.-.. :g ' ttf: ' n . im , 1.1 . . f -:..-.. - f ' . - . I -' - 4: .- f . My .. ' 1' .- .Q....,.::-1 ,f 1,1 ' "'lLZY,-475,-flwqwu L. 53 .Ja-.,y I f al, H gg ,lg - ff? --.gy f'.." 1 ,fiaf " Pf2 """+ 'T-f.Ti f 4' 'fl' '7 - A'- -Q -- " - - . "A 1 , , -'52-px: Yfzl' " ' 1. .' '.. -'X . -- . .. JD. ,Wm N, 1, vi ,, , , . M . ,A U I gi, I 1 A .4'1.-Q,5"':: ,-'AL-i..i:r". dwg.: . 'J :' aj, ' I V 6 " ' ,- ' 5.3. ' ..'j':. .'-'- . . ff .'7 . .0 ' -V . . Pa: ,uv 1 I : Q, Q I M , : .Nw ,, . .A I, r.,....-Q., Ng -ang. ' ' , - --- . ' A 1. , 1 - ' ,.v -.',,.,'-: .fir - :tin id if ..-, .. A 1 I I .- 5-l!...'d,,V M . .- ' 1--I . , Y '. " '. , - J , 1-" -N -'+ "" bffffw-v . 5 C: fi 5-. -.' f -' A ' :- 'X - f' 1- YH 11- 1' '-111 .77 , -'. "'51..v .- -.g.'!"" E N: 4"-'Hffq - + uf 'H Q 4- ,,-,.'.- l .' Ms'-u f -,rl-- ' ,. , ' H- JJ-1 44,1 f ' '.. 1' A 'W 'v 7 ""' 1'5"-f , ' . 1 i 'L-'- ' 1, .""" '2 909 nj. - v, ' ' 4- - .-3 . .' -' " ,, -A .- 5 J. .- " 'Nfl ' 4 h'-1...- ' ' 11 5' . , WY ,ET-Q .Q I .i ,v:,y,!:H?.?L21,' x . 'U A ,UVM . 071,-.,::g ' "f ' ' ." C1 V . ' '-'-'XB' -P V " ' . . v ,JMHL di' ini. 'I , K .' . sp . ' , V 12:1 . ,. , P, - 1 . , .r K , . - Hi" ' . f . - . . 1-4 -z -af f fl I J I 4 3. - u I-NJ, -:..'-- 'M gi? .JV 4 I 1 ,v iz M, .. at Qvfllz.. . ,f,f73E"":,.i.?'f. v I 4: fail-:'fl. , A"j Af ..r..K,5: ' ' , Z., A , J-.A , , KAMS, JEAN Ambition: To travel Class President Revue Staff Dance Committee Cheerleader Basketball Art Club Victory Corps Volleyball Baseball G. A. A. Leaders' Club BLOOD3 FRANCES Ambition: To be Class Secretary Revue Staff Senior Play Dance Committee Swimming Basketball G. A. A. Victory Corps Volley Ball Glee Club Latin Club CUDNEY, JANET Ambitiona Champ guard Basketball G. A. A. Revue Staff Student Council Glee Club Band Cheerleader Camgus Crier Latin Club Archery Club BARNARD, LOIS Ambition: Engineer Band Leaders' Club Home Economics Club Class Treasurer Class Secretary Cheerleader Special Chorus Orchestra Glee Club l-I NJ Q x. rPl-PNJNlb9lP-lP!PbP-lPtF- 97 V1 I: O 0 CD U1 01 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 2 2 1 4 4 4 3 2 4 3 3 4 gninngx ,rig JHIQQEAMEJA -.e. .- J E QV HART, LEONARD Ambition: To live alone Class Vice-President Senior Play Dance Committee Revue Staff Glee Club Band Campus Crier F Jffif X kip , FLV Q 1, LAD . f 'Alla f'V?i,ga65t' off CHCILV ,xsffffff-' SM SAY, SHIRLEY JM Ambition: To be a success Student-Council Class Treasurer Senior Play Ass't. Mgr. Mag. Victory Corps Glee Club Student Council Campus Crier ArtAClub Latin Club Revue Staff LYON, JOHN Ambition: Undecided Senior Play Student Council Revue Staff Dance Committee Victory Corps Boy Scouts- 1,2 WD44 Gitaufifmtct I Th J .44 046 ,4,L..jQ.' K, M , Ejcsdl ,6?C3f"Sl5e9L A4J1fU144HL g,g,1,. I X? ff fy . ' -.QP lLjlfD1J45L4fEZ, fLfm N dy714A. BAKER, VIRGINIA Ambition: Nurse Victory Corps Glee Club ,2 Latin Club Library Club u-.Y HART, BETTY Ambition: To he u suoeou Senior Pluy Dunno Committee Home Economies Club Student Council Glue Club Campus Crier llhltxl lx tbl' I. -I l Latin Club 'C ' l C '10 W GRAHAY. WICHAHL Ambition: Fighter Senior Play Student Council F. F. A. Treasurer F F A Glee Club Basketball football Baseball Track Sand Boy Scouts GOODLIPF. SHIRLEY Ambition: Nurse Cadet Senior Play Leaders' Club G. A. A. 2.3. Band 2.3, hr4'U1A1f3g25ljuA!f Tffflf' DAHBRA, SADIE Ambition: Harry a good dancer Revue Staff Dance Conaittee Basketball G. A. A. Victory Corps Glea Club Dramatic Club Ra orter Hadlson Htrror P Dante Society Valley Ball titilllitili, ll.ll'HON ll Ambition! Fnrmnx llunvn lfnmmlttnn l". ll. A. l'I'n-il-lnllt Vlutnlj' lfnrp-1 F. F. A. Snurnlnry P. l' . A . HISWERTN. ESTNER Ambition: Privnto bee Library Club Art Club BOYCE. ETNELYN Ambition: To travel I' Lead X' Club G. A A.Y 4, Sui ing Areperyi Club Inlka' rals ' Jixiujietliib lp 1 2 l' as 1 1' .Cl b I :PQ Ulu ' Clu B ll ng Nl BLOOD, MARION Ambition: Private Sec Revue Staff Senior Play Dance Committee Basketball G. A. A. Victory Corps Glas Club Latin Club n J.. I ff 1. 9 'l t I K 2159--.L V-Lv' gk ..,.f.-,L .fr .L w1f:"d- ' A L ef I -, v A-U' f x 2 file? .-31552552 .4 rl' -.."3a f'f Q. 40011:-2' "' ...Sans ..- niaqum-. ..f.,,a..,.1., , pn Il1,,.Tl, 11- , 4-4. -5 1 ,Hpq..,.:- .. . ,.,,,..,,, . v V , .Lf 'Bai ' :lf g ., . f .usp if A ." . A... , 2? ' f H L 22 . , .4 gp, 1 1 , 1. - I A: v . 1 F f- Ur A rf f"' .- " 4 L T . , . ii,2 Aw , Q H I 1. c xr: . '21 'W ., J' .,-'L-1' K 4:4 ur DX a I nz-'3:.,'C'.s. 1 nnn.p ,, nl-Illrbgw' gn C .1 M . - .1 '7.3-.-y-.Z:- I-. ,qw 'tgp W? - -'-f 4 ,www Q74 v W4 J f fW gffay, f' p., 'K .I 'iyf paw 2 og' ff ,ff 1 f .ffl xl f if ff xw"I4Q' 'fi 5 ezine ' ' -f,.. . . . . . ' f e-fgfw.. , gl .'- frzfffiizgtyf - 9 ' Egynm- K 5522? nazi ? fa! Y..-wgia v.'-.0 0.34 , Y , . Fi., ' ' fvgfsfg L , f. mfg. 3 f455LZ3"f' 5 I 'L WP.. 4 'V' .MMM ,,, ,,- ,-.,, f I ' pg-1 Qh??'wiUe.1.Z?-ff?Q .1- .- 4.1. J., . y eeg2ffw.:3,4,f -wf er ,- h-4 WE2?mJwQ 'mf1fn,?? 15412 -' gg , . . 1' ' - , . immMgiwWg4TwWRmQyz fmaamm fwlefywwws az.-ff, f zfmfahv xnwlkulg' 1-"4 . " .wmv zmiffgym -Wt 2462 avani H: 4, .off 32aIV-.,a,- 552595 2:35. Q ,Veg ,iff ffm 4212 wr ev"zvJf wana-1 4. w5,f,fff15,Z . kg' --1 .fa :+.a-d.?.M W,-:".'2 -.L Lf. HOWLAND, JEAN x Ambition: Uwn a ranch- Senior Play Dance Committee Leaders' Club Sec, Revue Activities Victory Corps G A A 2, Latin Club Campus Crier Band Glee Club MONACHINO, ROSE Ambition: Beautician 4 4 4 3,4 3 3,4 1,2 2 3,4 3,4 4 4 3 2 2 4 2 1 1 1 1 Senior Play 4 Dance Committee 4 Basketball A 4 Victory Corps 3 Library Club 3 G. A. A. 2,3 Soccer 2 Latin Club 1.2 Glee 1921314 MYERS, ALAN Ambition: To graduate Senior Play Dance Committee Victory Corps French Club Football Basketball 1,2, F. F. A. 1, Class Treasurer Archery Club Track Boy Scouts NEINDORF, IRENE Ambition: Nurse Home Economics Club 4 W . ', lLN ' Ambltlon: .urso Cadet Senlor Play Cnmultlne Home Economies Club Basketball Class Secretary Victory Corps G. A. A. 2.3, Latin Club 1. Archery Club 1. Intramurals I. Capt. Tumbling Club LJ ,nVy4V Qfirsox, LEON - Ambition: See the world Senior Play Revue Staff Dance Comaittee Glue Club 3, Victorv Corps Class Secretory Baseball anna 1.2.3, Basketball 1.2.3, Bomling UILDER. ROBERT Ambition: To be a success ZZLIHSKI, HELEN Ambition: Secretary ILii353.i.-?J- 4 4 3 P. P. A. Secretary 4 Band 1.2.3 P. Y. A. Orchestra 1 Revue Staff Basketball Victory Corps G. A. A. 2. Glee Club ' 1.2.3 lntramu 1,2 Library nb .lr fl SCNULTZ. EDITH Q Anbll inn! l'l'lvhSYJS .. 5 lx Loaleru' Clx XJ X' 4 Unmb Hunnomfgn Char 4 lntrnauralu - G. A. A. 1.2.4 Librhry Club l.2 Glen Club I 2 SNELL, HARJORIE Ambilinni Prlvnlc Sec. Leaders' Club President 4 Cheorlender 4 Review Stafl 4 Basketball 4 G. A. A. 2,3,4 Archery Club - Hand Senior Play 4 HIGTON. SHIRLEY Ambition: To be n success .1 Senior Play 4 Basketball 4 G. A. A. 3,4 Latin Club 1.2 Bond Glee Club 1.2.3 4 Archery 1 Tumbling 1 ZIPPBL, JUNE Ambition: Secretary Senior Play 4 Revue Staff 4 Home Economics Club 4 Victory Corps 3 Glas Club 2,3 See. Student Council 2 Band 2 Latin Club 1,2 14 'D Q r. L x W 'f ,,,, .257 First Row: M. Benson, D. Rich, I. Boyce, R. Tassone Second Row: D.Panek, E.Geissler,V.Benson, R.Haus, T. Tretter, E.Stokes, D.Coughlin, G. Ford. J.Mittlefehldt, N.Gavel, P.Joslin, J.Myers, B.Mowers, D.Test, M.Underhill, M. Park L.Pridmore, L.Bridge, P.Davis, K.Post, C. Berg, Third Row: Fourth Row: R.MacDowell, L.Jannain, H.Geissler CLASS OFFICERS President. ....... .. ..... LaVerne Bridge We are now rehearsing a play entitled .....Paul Joslin HTHE BIG BLOW UPU, which we expect to present in May. The cast is as follows: Vice President .... Secretary ............. ...Marion Benson Treasurer ..... ........... ..... Dan Test Student Council Members...Nellie Gavfl Robert MacDowell Ellen Parker.. ....... . ........ .Rachel Tassone fthe landlady, Beans Parker. .... .... . ........ .......Dan Test ther high-school age sonl Melinda. ............. U .......... Patricia Davis fthe new maid, Mugsy Morris .... V ....... .. ,..Robert MacDowell ta young criminall Cora Johnson... ......... ,.. Jean Mittlefehldt ta young school teacherl Terry King......- ............ .....Rohert Haus fa detectivel Sandra Field ..................... -Gladys Ford ta nervous young lady, Margot Richards .................... Jean Myers tan enigmal Katie Lee .... ......... - ......... Teresa Tretter CBeans'girl friendl Douglas Blake...l..... ......... LaVerne Bridge The Junior Class started the season off right with the addition of three new members: Marion Benson, Virginia Benson and Paul Jos- lin. We have ordered our class rings and ex- pect to receive them this fall. The class held a party at which we play- ed games, danced, and enjoyed refreshments. We sponsored a dance during the Christ- mas holidays. The music was provided by our music teacher, Mr. Martino. Our treasury has been revived by the receipts from our sales of refreshments at three Firemen's dances. We wish to thank our new advisor, Miss Esther Brayley, who has given us pleasant as- sistance and cheerful guidance. , lSandra.'s fiance? Mr. F1eld.... ...... .............--Paul Joslin tSandra's irate father! Mrs. Field.......................Nellie Gavel Miss England is directing the play I . . X 'T 1 - 1 5, Vlyr A 0 W 5 if J., f,s. 12 V CLA!! .5 215 it Ctltffof me First Row: R. Vigneri. C.Coughlin, R.Znahito, G.Hnyce. N-HHFUH. B. Shuler, B.Hontgoaery, H. Taasone Second Row: S. Jackson. D.Porter, G.Stehlar. J-3011, A.Guhb. L- Laney, H.Roth, B. Palermo Third Row: J. Zipfel, J.Uill, D.Bigelow, L.Coughlin, 5- HDFC. H- WacDowell, R. Bisig. The first event of our Sophomore year was the election of class officers. They are as follows: President,. ,,,, ..... Hary Tassone Vice-President ...... Stella Jackson Secretary ............ Loretta Laney Treasurer..... .... Betty Hontgolery Student Council H:nbers.David Por- ter, Catherine Couzhlin A i .xy M iv, a R .'l"4 Q , ' I' , lf' f 41"-SL X, XY 13 Q15 Our class has been very well represented in all school activities this year. David Porter and Charles Fiorentino performed on the Varsity basketball team. Arthur Gubb and Donald Bigelow were on the Junior Varsity team. Stewart Hare, Lyman Coughlin, and Richarj Harrigan proved able as unior van- sity members. At present David Porter and Arthur Guhb are working for the -oitcher's berth. Stewart Hare, Donald Bigelow and Richard Harrigan are fielders. The girls have also had teams in basket ball, volley ball and are excellent dancers. Betty Hontgomery was one of the winners in a nJitterhugn contest in Rochester. Some changes have been made in the stu- dent personnel of the Sophomore class. Char- les Piorentino left school to do n little Farming and William Raymond is working at Doehler Die Casting Company in Batavia until he is old enough to join the Navy. Richard Hiller. who has been wdth us a year, is now working on a farm. We, the class of 1946, are ready and willing to assume our responsibilities as the iuture Junior and Senior classes of Elba Cen- ra . VU ,f A ,.., . . ly. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: aria? B.Craft, V.McClelland, J. Hartley, L.Gateson, G.Crane, F. Sulimowicz D.Arnold, F.Blood, A.Horzempa, L.Horton, P.Monachino, R.Rowcliffe, J.Gillard, C.Manhardt D.George, D.Erhardt, L.Saile, J.Zelinski, Miller, S.Panek, J.Crane, L.Laney, J.Ames M.Jachimowicz, T.Rich, G.Smith, G.Driggs, White, V. Bisig, A. Saile J.Monachino, P.Randali, H.Ruck, D.Hart, R. B.Hart, T.Say. We, the Freshmen, had a prosperous year under the leadership of our class advisor, Mr. Benton, and our capable officers. Class Ufficers President ............... Jean Gillard ViceLPresident... .... Theodore Say Secretary ............... Laura Eggers Treasurer .................. Lois Roth Student Council Members..Susan Panek Lynford sane During this year we have had Christmas and Valentine supper parties. At the Christ- mas party we exchanged gifts and at both par- ties we had a grand time. A few of our fellow-members have left us. Lola Eichler has gone to Clarence, Glor- ia and Marion Chatt have moved to Batavia 9 and Virginia McClelland, to Niagara Falls. Our class has taken an active part in the extra-curricular activities of high school. We have several members in the Art Club, Glee Club, and the Junior Varsity Bas- ketball Squad. To increase our finances, we had a candy sale, which was a great success. We are looking forward to a happy and prosperous sophomore year. ff -- - .gal L.Eggers, J. J.Davis, C. Kirkpatrick, Spring Wishes A mule's a very happy thing, CLI-Xff .5 21 Stubborn and Stupid in the Spring, He's always stopping and very slow, And when you get out, he'll always go. Oh, I want to be a hog Sunning, stretching in a fog, Blinking there in splendid ease, Wallerin' naked when I please. Oh, I want to be an orchid Pinned, admired on a gown, Attending beautiful dances And parties of renown. Loren Laney Lynford Saile -Jean Gillard Y Y r -2 Rpm: -up H tg 5' .,.. K I . 'Q,Qi'r l I. g 'D S if ' V ' Y e: A " -...T . -..,- """ 14 'f 1 CLAII .S 348 r l L J First Ros: S.Guhh. R. Burns, H. dartyn, E. Wilford, C. Talbot Second Roni R.Dilchcr, l.5tokes, H.Hnrc, J. Caldwell, U. You nchino, H.Horton, U.Bovce, T.Gillanl, H.Hnlsnn Thirl Row: R.Vigneri, F.5chultz, H.Hnbbard, P.Hvnns, H.CnUHh A.Kowcliffe, L.Hnrl5m, Y.Hicks, 5.hhite Fourth ROII F.5mitzney, R.Unamnnn, G.Allen, D.Popo, R.CnnQhlin, R.Shultz, U.White. N.Wilford. D.Hilford LIFE IX THE EIGHTH The year is going fast, And spring is here again. ie've'had many happy times In our good old room, two-ten. When the cat's away, the lice will play, And with pupils, thirty-five: Our teacher, tLong life and health to her Finds ve're very lnch alive! le've found fun through lessons. Tho ve detest then, everyone. lf! sure we don't. We all like schoolll ln Eighth Grade, ve've all had fun! ,JF A .U , Wdkji On a sunnv morning in the fall of 1943. we entered Hlhn Central for our first day in the Eighth Grade. We greeted old friends and made new friends. As the weeks passed and we became better acquainted, we elected our class offi- CGFS. President .............. Larry Hartyn Vice President .......... Eunice Hare Secretary ...... .....Dorothy Wilford Treasurer ............. Beverly Crabb Student Council Hembers.Erma Watson Rulon Hartyn We learned through our council represen- tatives the amount our class should contri- bute to the Revue and decided to raise part of the money by selling popcorn. By selling magazines, we won a silk flag with a golden eagle which adorns our rear wall. As we are nearing the end of this school year, we have planned to have a graduation program. Although our year in the Eighth Grade has been a pleasant one, we do hope to pass into high school and everyone is study- ing diligently for the regents examinations which we oust pass to become full-fledged Freshmen. i" ' "' . ' iz: gi' :ff l CLAff .5 Z9 ,W First Row: F.Panek, A.Heale, N.Geissler, S.McClelland, R.McClelland, P.Vigneri Second Row: B.Waldron, M.Harkness, R.Boyce, J.Matla, R.Test, F.Neindorf . D.Rowcliffe Third Row: B.Benson, L.Tassone, S.Zambito, M.Zelinski, S.Bonney, G. Marshall M. Pridmore, T.Underhill, E.Boldt Fourth Row: J.Swartz, E. Polasky, C.Beswick, P.Richenberg, E.Park, C.McCracken M.Roth Fifth Row: E.Sharp, P.Palermo, J.Saile, J.Parker, M.Keller, M.Rosborough, W. Glenn The seventh grade is proud to that the class is progressing rapidly phases of school life. Since this first year in junior high school, we become familiar with the schedule. report in all is our had to We have studied the history of Elba in social studies. The class has added new in- formation to the records that have been kept for many years by the seventh grade. ln the early part of the year the class interest was centered OH 8 C0Ht8St in Eng- llsh. Many students have been on the honor roll ,and several have attained the goal of high honor. Marcia Harkness has had perfect atten- dance this year. A We have taken part in intramural activ- ities. Our class was in second place in the magazine drive. We had a Valentine party and a Christmas party. ,L .-5... img.. V Our art work, science experiments, exam- inations, and our report cards show that we are on the road to success. We hope that we will have another successful year in eighth grade. The following are our class officers! President- ......... .Lawrence Tassone Vice President.... ..... Richard Test Secretary ......... Geraldine Marshall Treasurer ............ Marcia Harkness Student Council Members.Donald Baker Suzanne Bonney . 351'-7" ?"A.p-'- ' 'a mfr: .- .l- ,4 ,, 1 ..' 1 , -if 4 .. , ' ' ' .,....,. , , .X ' .. -. , . ,. 'Ze 4 f .2 4' 1131- - , Zivviglf , .. .' -, we .A Y- .f N . .ig -. Ii .- f . '-HM" 'gg,Q, ,fig L19 f:s4'Q'!.Q6:':i f 'mx 1 5'Vf3f'2i,1if2 16 .'wjlrf'uflifSgiffWQiif'T '5'i 'li H .,1v' neulfeig aa:fs'iafziez.iiH'.: -W . . 1 s , ,E gf. .es ,gi 'M5wi??iJE?iifH57fH',. ' l"""fTHf 2.V-QfHE7s.'zEru.fe5falfStaswemf .-" V- - - e -3' 'wi' f. GQADE. C9 I ,' .L ,. f s , ' -'- . --1"' J 1, . - I4 rv ,, ,B V ' GRADE. 5 . CN First Row: Pfiuon, D.ii-oycc, iiiinubc, "i.Jrmnnin, Elicnsrvn, K.Uick Scand Row: K.linll, P.Rich, E.limwn, T.k'oo-1, J.Burns, Sfinnuchino ll.QmrChiH Third Rout Lliillctlc, V.Spccd, J.9'im:Dowc11, Vilrhnhil, J.Fonl, C. Trekker 'i.Vcl-cr, R.lirv:cnm1m I '1 I nil, G. Fourth Roar: P.lltwcl: D.Gnvcnfin, ii.b1IL5k'!li, C.iiloo-1, 1. rmm George, !i.Rnwcliffc, l?.Fbwr:1il'fo Final Rout Afiycrs, N.?1onnchino, Y5.G1rmn, Plfigncri, D.Tnlhot, lhliorlon Second Row: I.Jn.nnnin, Hiixxrc, W.DArl, J.Std'1lar, H.Unnmrmn, Lieber, F. Yfelinski 'Baird Rout -l.Shu1er, N.Posl, F.ZNliJi10, Riiates, Wjilfohi, S.Jcmy, E. White, A.Dunn, C.Pnlcmo Fourth Row: L.Putnoy, Ejiedrich, Rkinskell, D.Hn.ske11, A.-Jnchimowicz, B Jenkins, J.i1nlI:s Y 17 l 1 First Row: V. Bonk, H. Horzempa, M. Stokes, M. Putney, 0. Monachino, H. Park Second Row: F. Kin d ll A. .. .- tow. M 1- 4 14-we-.u:'1vrn4:m'f GQADE 5-6 53 g o ar, Bonk, F. Shultz, D. Manhardt, B. Erhardt, E C0 ohli . uh n Third Row! D. Burch, E. Jenkins, C. McCracken, D. Wood, D. Shultz, D. Park. ,mv First Row: ?. gcClelland, D. Swartz, V. Boyce, J. Edgerton, E. Jannain, A. Johnson ane ., y Second Row: R. Stokes, A. Underhill, E. Dickes, S. Crane, 0. Palermo, D. Benz, C. Schuler, H. Schultz Third Row: K. Horner, M. Blood, A. Wetherwax, B. Sanderson, M. Dilcher, J. Ruck H. Haskell 18 ,I 25 gps GRADE 4' ' "l""'qI'- , . 'Tm -, W, www,-.X 1 GRADE 4 First Rav: S-:con-i Row: A.Licm'i. Uflcflollnn-S, E.Dunn, Slonuchino 5. Anjrmrs, -Lliillullc, U.Hoo'i, D.Pu1n-ey, Dilunsnn, Rdlrxchimnwicz, Cfnumunn ' D Ro b 8 I, Ailiclnuski, J.Px,nck, A.Hurr:h, F.Lun-1. Y.l5I:7,nn, Third Roi: Lifoughlin, . S onugn B.RinQdo1lnr. Fourth Ros: A.Pridnoru, R.Hewson, R.WcCrnckcn, F.E11iott, N.Wnnhnrdt, R.Hcale, R.Wnwcrs, D.Fiich 3: 4 '. .. .cw Q. 'X ,iff 3 'QV -f X5 -1 A i, K u yi-If .' ' 1? .. f ,M I-,f f V' I' ' 1. 11,1 A. . W, . J ' - D 5' Q ' f ! "llI lil' i1'1 L T' . ' ' . .L f f' f 271 . ' ,.5.-,- .Qfa--,.e.-, no V' 'fe - N,f1Lf.l,le-r ' ' ' ,.,,,f'- 1-da- ',f "7 WiZ5i:3??v II. Tir., ' IN MEMQQIAM -' ,WW In memory of Marvin Shnknecht sho died October 28, 1943. Because of his quiet, likeable personality he is sadly missed by his school friends in fourth grade and throughout the 'entire school. B . NX' In IBIOPY of Janos McClelland who died April 2, 1944. lla was bright end interesting and has been described as an boy who know all the enswors.n First Row: H.Benson, M.Test, B.Showler, P.P'Iona.chino, D.Talbot, F.Palermo Second Row: F.Neindorf, J.Vigneri, R.Speed, G.Shuknecht, R.Wood, D.Pa.rker, S.Jan11ain Third Row: A.Gr'eenman, S.Jenkins, C.Roth, R.Richenberg, R.Show1er came H? ,. - W ll m 3 ' -5 1 ' E ' i 1 ,4 1 First Row! C.Ha.rezga, B.Ma.uha.rdt, N.Laney, D.Goodliff, D.Biela.wski, R. E M ' Markle, L.Ga.nshaw, B.Ames SQIM l Ay' ,- Second Row: B.Pangrazio, K.Shultz, G.Ma.skell, L.Shuknecht, J.BuI'ns, L. Ar Weber, I.Jackson, N.Boyce ' Third Row: A.Elliott, R.Ca.ldwell, J.McEwen, S.Shultz, J.Rumsey, D. McCracken 20 49,9- CQADE 3 GRADE. 2 xf.i1'x""s, W.d:iC!lI'l, J."L1I1:xL'hiIld, H.Xci11-lofi., 'Q.T'xl'-nl, T.4Yz-1wl4'I', V' M 44 :ln 'M' 5'ir'St Ro-rt Samui Kiwi Linl-,-:-hill, -1.15-mx-,Q-,-, lhiimxk, l,.!lu1-1f,, Lhxllzu-2, I-..,.1 , .H , It f.'9D:"u:Lm, T.'1df1o1l:u1-i ." 'fhxrd RGlI V 'fi"'v:'x U.Ruck, L.TulbM, A.51'il!'-wrli, R.Nr1nL::-Hun, 'Lil-w-clxfil-, 5 i.F.M'h. iiiixrivcr, l.'lfxrl4v-lux, R.Hur'n, lklhxun 'rc-xrfh rn-1 PJ!-1--Her. P.lbr1-mn, k'.Yun'i-:rhfwif H.5'eMnr, H.!h:1',f-n, A.1'ml'x1'f'fv, ", 1.l'u1ucy. 5.Su.xwy N 74 2:13. 'Q ? . 1 Q 5 ,Q figfT+.- -'X -' f- ,mx ff , . 6 tg.. X X xg-4 lf, H I 3 I ll.YVicl.f:s.. H.S?'lll1lZ, R.5hullz, J. Fir-51 Hou: licbcr, R.G:nr,1f'1, Diionk, 'f:Clf:llnnd, Riienson I Q fgfgond Snr: D.Anes, L.Pan3r-nzin. Ellfzngmm, Rfwormn, Jllnyle. '1.b-111131. Hfiaylnr I " ' Q WH, D.Pll1,I'lf'j', J.l3f:2,0n Thin! Rmr: Rfliles, I-Lsnvoy, F.Pr1dmrc, L.Allnn. A. 1 nr, 1 GRADE I-2, 3, T27 ' 'WEEK-T' ---,4---.--Q-v.f4 , rf First Row: F.Benz, P.Mona,chino, J.Tretter Second Row: W.Kornow,.J.Greene, J.Greeue, R.Ba,tes, A.Coughlin K.Hea.le J.Pa.l , , ermo C.F101"6Ht11'10 Third Row: J.Boyle, M.Hyers, G.Markle, R.Stuart, E.Maskell, F.Erha,rdt, P. Benton Fourth Row: E.Richenberg, D.Bridge, L.Benthin, G.WiedI'ioh, P.MOWIy, J.McCI'a,cken N.Gillette, W.Wickings First Row: P.Wa.rn, B.Norton, D.Bur'ns, J.Kaczmar-czyk, N. Talbot Second Row: C.Za.mbito, S.Monachino, P.Laney, C.Benson, D.Na.ylor, S.Bielawski S.Sa.y, D.Snell, C.Pa.lermo Third Row: D.Rowcliffe R.Sz k' J.Ch , ymans 1, appell, L.Dorman, R.Jakaub, P.Mc- Clelland, E.P'IuI'phy, R.Markle Fourth Row: A.Bigelow, J.PaI'k, D.Norton, L.Richenberg, R.Lund, F.Ma.rkwica., G. Strable, H.Blood QQADE 1 -, .-,fz 1,- -yw' "a . 45,95 - A '41-1 1: -A 7- -f E' -' -H' 'N' ., , .454 X 3? 4 . I 5 'TT-35 if .153 W, 4 ,231 if -'IQ f 3- 'af-:sr . ,ET ' it? fi -' , is-L ini?- irf N' xx ' . J KINDERGARIETQ ACT! IT! E5 A . f 1 f, -. 1 f ,Z' V.--ff' u 4,f""""' 'N ,-'fi , ,f ,,r' bw 'J ? qs? A 7 ial? 1 .I 1 I'rwf'lvg,1b1.:,f I 1 1-'15 """, X U X4 -5 .4-in-qu-b n -7, f 1 1 1 - . rj lf ., in K Q , ' . WN E, x. l Eg' E K nl In g' U ug 1 . 3' -4 i A 'I w-i V57 swL.am5nmrm4l. ..... lo,Hl,f Q I I 4 First Row: J.Gillard, D.Test, Mr. Vanderhoof, S.Say, A.Gubb Second Row: C.Coughlin, D.Porter, S.Panek, E.Watson, S.Bonney, R.Martyn, D.Baker Third Row: L.Saile, J.Cudney, J.Lyon N.Gavel, R.MacDowell Student Council This year we started with a rather quiet election. The council refrained from its us- ual strenuous campaign to conserve materials and to direct the efforts of the students to- ward their academic work. However, the two political parties, the Commandos and the Ran- gers, carried on the campaign with plenty of school spirit. The officers elected to guide the stu- dent government were: President Dan Test ViceoPresident Shirley Say Secretary Arthur Gubb Treasurer Jean Gillard The representatives selected by the classes were: Seventh Grade... ...Sue Bonney, Donald Baker Eighth Grade ........ Erma Watson, Rulon Martyn Freshman ........... Susan Panek, Lynford Saile Sophomore .... Catherine Coughlin, David Porter Junior ......... Nellie Gavel, Robert MacDowell Senior ................ Janet Cudney, John Lyon I Our annual magazine drive went over with 1tS usual success. Many pupils received war stamps as rewards for the sale of magazines. The council sponsored a party for those who sold one or more subscriptions. Despite a shortage of materials and a lack of time for extra-curricular work, the council decided to-produce the student year- book, the REVUE. A publication, the ELBA HI-LIGHTS, ,is being sent to servicemen formerly of this school. The publication contains news of their buddies, local items and school news. The student council feels this is one way it can show its appreciation for the sacrifices they are making. I The council will award letters and em- blems to many members of the Girls' and Boys Athletic Associations. The awards ,will be the outdoor assembly of our annual made at field day at the end of the year. lt has been a difficult year for a stu- dent government to operate. The obstacles which threaten school spirit and the school's social functions have' now been hurdled and the year is drawing to a successful close. .g5?j.. 'T J V J ff . XY A- .Jr' lf' ..,. , wif, F s ITUDENT COU NCIL Clnrn Jnchinowicz QW , REVUE .IT AFF First Row: C.Coughlin, S.Dnnhrn. J.Zipfel R-HHUS. U.Tes1. 5.Sny, Hrs. Uurr, Hr.Vnndcrhoof, R.Hcnries, E.Gnisslur 'fhihi ROI! G.Ford. lllnelinski, -lilowlnn-l, Yilhwcl, -l.Cminey, l..ll'ntson, vl.HiUlef'f:hlfif, 2kcumiRuw: X Blood W.Snell Fourth Row: Cidnchinowicz, H.Underhill, J.Lyon, L.Hnrt, B.Howcrs, L.Pridmorc, J.Knns Yhe Revue Staff wishes to express its appreciation to Hrs. Burr. the Art Staff, and all others who have helped to sake this pub- lication successful. Yhe cover of our 1944 REVUE was designed by Barbara Howers, who will receive a compli- eentary copy. This year our staff has been working nnder difficulties. The shortage of pnper, the scarcity of photographic supplies, and an increase in cost have been a few of the ob- stacles encountered. Because of this, the size of the RSVUE has been decreased. However, we feel that this RZVUE will bring hack happy memories whenever you nay glance through its pages. ll ' 1lEi-Q I AL 44 1. No!! S7 Xc'n , af 'Q AV Ll g,49 1' Editor-in-chief .... Assistant Editors... Art Editor. Art Staff.. Advertising Business... Photography... Sports. . Grades Activities Class Typing Faculty Advisor Staff - - 1944 ..... Shirley Say ......Rhcn Henries Dnn Test ....Jcnn Hittlefehldl ........Bnrbnrn Wowers Catherine Conghlin Leonard Hn rt Gladys Ford Elfriedn Geisslcr Hnry Lou Underhill ....... .John Lyon Jnnet Cudney .'. Nellie Gavel ..... .... .Robert Haus Lawrence Pridnore . ... .Boysz Leon Hntson Girls' Harjorie Snell ...Juno Zipfol ..Jonn Holland .Frnnces Blood Gladys Ford ..Sndie Danbra Marion Blood Joan Kaus Halen Zolinski Hr. Vnnderhoof - V' , fl . .. . ' ' Q, ...... ....., ' i I I i YR 5 . . . . . . . V A 4 I A U.. . - 1 I S Q Q I 1 s . . . . . i f-.- . . u , ,I Q - Nik"- A I 25 , U Y N Y 1 fega:mm:wgg'H2" First Row: H. Horzempa P.Vigneri, D.Test, R.McClelland, L.Weber, N.Geissler Second Row: W.Glenn, A.jachimowicz, G.Rowcliffe, E.Wilford, Mr. Johnson, J.Mailag D.Rowcliffe, K.Coughlin,pE.Boldi, C.Tretter Third Row: L.Jannain, I-I.Ma.skell, Lianey, J .Swartz, F.Schultz, H.Hubbard, H.Row- cliffe, R.McCracken, D.TestA A Fourth Row : R.Nartyn, J.Caldwell, R.Dilcher, E.Polasky, D.Wood, E,.Park, L.Tassone, D.Park Fifth Row: C.McCracken, G.Allen, R.Coughlin, R.Harrigan. M.GTahamp D.Pope, P. Richenberg BOY SCOUTS Since Troop k17 increased in size, ad- vancement has been very rapid. We have been taking an active part in the war effort with our paper collections, bond drives and infan- tile paralysis contributions. At school ac- tivities, we park cars and check wraps. For the first time we held a Father and Son Banquet in place of the one sponsored previously by the F. F. A. lt was very well attended and we scouts hope to make this an annual event. Our speakers were Father Kirby, Reverend F. Mittlefehldt and Mr. James Daven- port, the new Scout Executive. We are now under new sponsors. The Elba Fire De artment is our parent organization. Lester Eannain is our J. A. S. M.5 Asher Bor ton and Arnold Neth are Assistant Scoutmas- ers. Our troop has more than five full pa- trols, each patrol consisting of eight boys. ln advancement we rank with the leaders in the council. On April fourteenth, the Boy Scouts held a benefit dance in the school auditorium. The music was furnished by Joe Armbruster and his orchestra. The same evening several scouts went to the Scout Rally held at Batavia High School where the boys received HBH rating We wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Johnson for the splendid work he has done while acting as Scoutnaster of our troop. We hope we will be as successful in future years as we have been in the past with his helpful assistance. Dill! J' 4 I H .--X Y f ff '.. i .Af Q 3 A -ri fl ' ZAXQ. .wh -r - 1, 4 V I K , J .4 A -W -:yg..a..,.y......, BOYICGUTI GIRL JlCOUTf First Row: A.Hyers A.Gillollo. V-SQCCJ, N.Post, J.Pord, S.Guhb, C.Tulbot, T.Wnod, J.tMulcr, Second Row: Hrs. Bush, E.Wcidrich. G.Hnrshn1l, J.Pnrkcr, H.Jcnkins, J.Amcs, 1. Prid- Inrf. E-Hnre, J.Hnrtley, V.5tokcs, H.Jenkins, diss Hnrkham Thin! Row: W.Harknuss, B.Valdron, J.Gillard, V.Nicks, W.Hilford, D.Hilford, P.Ewu1s, R.Qhlbil0, E.Shulcr, W.Kcllcr, W.Hilford, J.Snile Fourth Row! A.-mile, fhilorzcmpa. F.5mitzncy, -l.Zelinski. J.Hill, C.HCCl"fLCl-TIER, L.l1mey, A.Rowcliffe. H. Roth, S.Bonney During, the year we have sponsored several roller skating parties to share our fun with others. At Thanksgiving time we packed sun- shine baskets. At the appropriate seasons we held our Halloween party, Christaas party and Easter party. le also held a rummage sale in Batavia to raise money. Sole of ns waited on table at the annual father and son banquet of the Boy Scouts. At our mother and daughter banquet, badges and pins were awarded to those girls who deserved then. Ie have also had several hikes during the year and are planning a camping trip for early June. Bach girl tries to fulfill the Girl Scout prouise: On ny honor, l will try To do ay duty to God and ay country To help other people at all tiles And to obey the Girl Soout Laws. f rl J Q ZR. 'nf kk' " all r 'Z . , ' '35 wf Q' 5 'N " it 6 'f I . f x 4 u,i5Vu,,.w , rlfVtkHf'-v m Fi Hftffhs Je' ,N 'Jwse,: anno- M ' 1 .- -'if?f','g3f,f'e ' . .N . ..gghw-41", f , . xi' GIRL SCOUTS Forty-four Girl Scouts in 1944 are ac- tive under the fine leadership of Hiss Hnrk - ham nnd Hrs. Bush. Our patrols are as fol- lows: Rainbow Patrol Patrol leader..Dorothy Wilford Assistant ......... ..Sue Bonney Pioneer Patrol Patrol leader ...... Eunice Hare Assistant ......... Shirley Gubb Star Patrol Patrol lender.Charaaine Talbot Assistant... ....... .Joyce AIGS Waves Patrol Patrol leader..u....NanSy Post Assistnnt......Barbara enkins The scribe is Dorothy Wilford and the treasurer is Jean Glllard. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row First Rowt Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: E.Sharp, S.Gubb, E.Boldt, J.Saile, F.Panek, B.Benson, R.MoClelland W.Glenn, M.HarkneSs, V.Stokes, G.Marshall, M.Pridmore, M.Keller B. M.-.A.'.-,,' "4 -F -- ,V-nm-rm. LIBRARY CLUB N X llul "T: -NR tilllll Waldron, R.Test. , S.Zambito, V.Hicks, S.Bonney, P.Evans, B.Crabb, N.White, M.Zelinski, J.Parker A.Rowcliffe, F.Smitzney, C.Beswick, P.Richenberg E.Park, C.McCracken, T, D . Wilford , Q f' ' q?g1EE2?3f f5gi .' lg:3"Af, Yi 'Y--if 1-' 1134? ' '. +314 T N. ., X iff' X w ' I . vagt '3,,. t H.Hubbard S.Hare, E.W1lford, V.BlS1g X , , , , M.Snell, L.Barnard, M.Harkness, E.MacDowell, L.Watson, Mr. Wilson, 'if' ' J.Gillard, nschuler, s.za.mbi1,0 V V QE J. Hartley, S.Bonney, M.Una.mann, E.Wa.tson, M.Park, J.Howland, E.Boyce, V V , J.Wigton, B.Crabb, B.Waldron QQ, '. f G.Marshall, R.Rowcliffe, J.Hill, M.Wilford, Mr. Martino, S.Goodliff, ' E.Geissler, J.Cudney D.Test, P.Joslin, J.Lyon, L.Hart, N.Graham, D.Pope, G.Driggs 28 -.. ft?" 0 BAND Q 1 .N 's.f' ADT CLUB ' V i-lg M "1 ' I H I lxl'll V lr y0l1 I Wlill"liI:lll1lY, WF'-.. HJIIT, Fix?-' Adu! .Ju um 1'-.-, , sf .--I , ., ., ik 1'.m,7?.liu. 1i.4fml'f Sum' Em-1 V.l'.-vxglxlhm, 5.8155 V. Kxum, I'..S4:?mlc!', V7. lvillnrvl, .L liuilv, , . inf., f".x:': 1 R, ?iM'A:f-:QL 'L Puri, '1. Vw:-'r'!1ill, I.. Lmuy, D. Pun-'l, l'Q.'1-eiwel x 5+- I 4 5 as ,, of ,X fxzxa 9.11: 'w'."fc4-fl-zllfzxi, 15. .L1gh, R. Rom:lilAff-, 11.5i'.r'Ql1.-y, R.x1lwIF?Ul'lif10,i Slbnnhm f 3"'4Z0H'f :lm-1: -5. 'fxltlel'-hlfif, Lxinrnnrd, 11.121-oxxfu, A.Dx1l-', '1r. M1--pon, P.. bhulcr, . -E. 'ri1i.'ll"'1, W. FOFNQ. lv.whiU', S. hAig'lUIl I Tniri Row: Ei. Pxlfzrm, K.. 55,1-an-s. T. Treltcr, Fi. Vnrmmn, E. Uoymm, fi. Zioycc, D. ?'m-ek, if. Am-wld. N. 'nv-wgl, 1. Hoxlfm-S P'-afxrth Hn: N. iirkpxlrick, E. '1m:IHw-311, -1. Hill, P. Dm-is, L. Hari. H. umlmm, -3. D'v-'12, J. '13-vers., L. Wuisrm, R. Fiuclhw-:ll CLEE CLUB 29 . V ,4,x ,V , - ' . .. ,rim ..: .Ll-:.l:...t:..a.1,.L::1..,L4 ' s ' . , f ' 'f " ' Hit. odd!!!!!!!l!lI!!!!!!!!II!!!'7 l ..,.4. , , ' , fy 54,1 1 , .1 .I 'i IPOQTJ' First Row: R. Kirkpatrick, C. Fiorentino, L. Watson, C. Zambito, C. Berg, A. Myers, L. Bridge, D. Porter, M. Graham Second Row: R. Martym, A. Gubb, J. Crane, R. Bisig, D. Bigelow, J. Monachino, L. Horton, V. Bisig, T. Giilard Third Row: G. Driggs, R. Harrigan, L. Coughlin, H. Ruck, S. Hare, D. Test Basketball This year war conditions rather handi- capped our school's basketball team, but the boys carried on to the best of their ability body. Baseball Mr. Johnson is building a completely new team. Many of our older candidates are leav- ing school this spring to do farm work to . . , G, ,-4,.,::Li with the wholehearted support of the student help overcome the farm labor shortage. The squad candidates are: The spirited. efforts of the cheering A, Gubb ,,,,, Pitcher squad was a mainstay to the boys., C, Zambit0,,, Catcher ' M. Graham .... First Base As the school did not have a coach, Mr. D. Bigelow... Second Base Walter Schogoleff, our former mathematics and L. Watson .... Short Stop science teacher, generously offered his time, D. Porter .... Third Base effort and skill in training our boys. the F, Joslin ,,,, Out Field team extends its sincere thanks to Mr. .L, Coughlij .,,, Out Field Schogoleff for making it possible to continue S, Hare ,,,,,, Out Field a basketball sport program in our school. R, Harrigan ,,,, Utility D. White ....... Utility Varsity Basketball C. White. ...... Utility J. Monachino... Utility Player Position Points L- H0Pt0H ------ Utility Alan Myers Forward 53 Michael Graham Center 49 Charles Fiorentino Guard 34 Leon Watson Guard 30 Charles Zambito Forward 28 Dave Porter Guard 23 Clarence Berg Forward 23 Roger Kirkpatrick Forward 13 Junior Varsity ig 6. X Player Position Points as . . ' , ' J ., , Arthur Gubb Forward 37 , 5 5-Nlgix ,NV Don Bigelow Forward 29 ' . 4 A LaVerne Bridge Forward 21 Qgq' "f'. ' . -af... , , ' 5 V A ,a X 1 . ., ...V 3. AM--mr: - . .- .. Q v... Hzlw. Y EQF .M ,.,,. Q 2.11 pg, f" ,fs "fvi'5li'F':'1'2f"j, f 1- ,- l A fH,,.:E 'iff :A ....,',.g:' -. '!.:,iij',.,I--ffl? 3 2 f,'f,2,.f,", f E9i,":' iw J jx 753-I-,5Qjf"f.. ff" "ff I""' 5 5' 1 J '.fi"frf'If'7":?'E'.,'f??'1"-:iii L.o2'L43is.:i ' T. 3: -- 4' . 'f"E'.Li?E'52"nvg:'!L'.f:.':r,-:'f:1.t.,.s....:'I':if.'Q l,:','i 'r ii '1.1.5!if:'1::-f .21.:Z'.L:'-9 . 45. ..2i,:ifI' mia- z51:'4l135-53iTi5i.:-1j-,315.3.-5.5,5K-..,.i..13,.3,,...5Q:.. .l11f1,pgp.5.g ...J-f5f..::,ggng.:iftu.:if:mQ:iFe,ge-gan """7", .' '1":v","fx:. ,, f. 5 I "nf-A7 ,lv , 'H ...-,i6'1':",,,,,','i't.'.lm .'l' .JL " fi' " I f ,I-, . X . F 3? Y . i 14 .. ..a..r2..,......H ima ging X :-.'f.f'u: P,:1t""'Ep1gw' M .sz ff' , "i T, Q, "f-----'--- - 1Q,,.'a ,TSE wfir 1 1a:::s3:mm..s1i4iee.a 1 - f' - ' ' X - -' ' 'Baseball Scores 1 Bergen Home 'b-4 Kendall Away 'ld-b South Byron Away Alexander Home Pavillon Home Corfu Away ' Games won by Blha Soccer leighboring schools have included soccer in their sports program for several years. Ie made our initial venture this past fall with Hrs. Evelyn Bush acting as our mentor. Several of our boys quickly acquired some of the skills of soccer. le arranged two games with Alexander, one being held at each school. Ye lost both of these games by the m rgin of a few goals. he will have eight or more fellows returning, around whom we can group another teen. Squad Position I. larrigln..... ... Goalie H. Graham. ..... .. ....Fullback R. Kirkpatrick... .... Fnllback S. lare......... .... Fullback l. lack....... .... Hnlfbaok I. lortoa.... .... Balfback T. liol.... ....lalfback J. Crane... ... Hglfbgck G. Driggs.... .... Forward U. laymond.... .... Forward 1. Bisig..... .... Forward R. Bisig...... ....Forward 'G. Hmmhardt... .... Forward L. Gmhh...... .... .......Forward Values of Sports We Americans are enthusiastic sports and players. All of us have that games have more for-reaching an the development of muscles. we have encouraged the frontiers- cf self-confidence, resource- and athletic adventure which we participate, varied to produce ye, the hraln and unifornly strong al to maintain a w that is Soundl hours an 1 d Team games rapidly alertness Our resent enemies, the Germans, found their soldiers strong in obedience and technical shlll during World Har l, but weak ln individual planning. In nroparatlon for World Har ll, the German General btaff pushed team games on a national scale to overcome this deflclenoy. The technically successful- hlqhly lndlvlduullaed break-throuuh ln France, Belgium, and Holland was largely the result of a capacity for fluid offense. Team sports had lald the foundation for lndlvldual thinking welded into group action. Our enemles, the Japanese, are fanat- lcnlly brave, but when the plan of campaign encounters an unforeseen obstacle, they sub- stitute anus churgcs or suicide for the Amer- ican athletn'n characteristic initiative and adaptability. Our army and navy recognize the very great importance of competitive sports hy including then and providing ample equlpnent ln all camps, at all bases. . f ' C , " Sportsmanship - School sports aim to develop bodies, endurance and train in sportsmanship. Sports- manship is a civilised, democratic way of living. The all around star athlete who is not able to 'take' it has missed much of the basic value of athletics. Let us all become good sports. What ls a good sport? How does one learn to be a good sport? Can we play games, can we compete against each other and still be friends? The answers to these questions con- stitute sportsmanship. Does your cheering section extend cour- tesy cheers for visiting teams? Is this note- worthy on the occasions when the visiting cheering section is small? Does your school team give a cheer for the other team at the close of the game: win, lose or draw? Do your team members shake hands with their opponents before the game begins and at the close of the game? Do they congratulate their personal opponent? Do they compliment their opponent on a clever play, well exe- cuted? Unintentional roughness will occur: do you apologize? If your opponent falls, do you assist him to his feet when the occasion permits? Do you try to avoid aggravating an injury an opponent may have received? Can you restrain your comments when the referee makes a mistake? Do your teammates congratulate the umpire or referee for hand- ling the game well, even if some decisions may have caused disagreement? Can you keep your teaper under control? Can you stand legitimate punishment during a game without resentlng lt? If you can do all of these things, if your team members, your cheerleaders and your cheering section do them: then you have made ia start toward acquiring sportsmanship. iypf fi ' -cl ' 'Q' if brit' al. .. "n-.niizii'.,.a ' ma.. First Row: G. Ford, J. Myers, Mrs. Bush, P. Palermo, E. Watson, it Rowcliffe Second Row: R. Martyn, L. Barnard, M. Snell, P. Evans, E. Hare, J. Hartley, H. Hubbard Third Row: J. Kams, J. Cudney, R. Henries, M. Unamann Cl-IEED.. LEADER! p JQUAD Cheering Squad Some of the new cheers were: With the help of Mrs. Bush, we were able YEA TEAM ELBA to organize a cheerleading group of fifteen ' members. This larger group has one advantage. Yea Team E-LhB-A ELBA lt gives the beginners a chance to appear in Yea Team, Yea Team E-L-B-A ELBA front of the cheering section during the T-E-A-M E-L-B-A ELBA Junior Varsity game. Yea Team Team, Team, Team The cheerleading squad of this year con- sisted of two groups. The senior group con- sisted of all senior girls and the junior group was made up of boys and girls from seventh grade thru eleventh year. The senior group cheered at the Varsity games and the junior group cheered at the Junior Varsity games. Both groups went to out-of-town games, Zhiiyag admitted on complimentary tickets. A ., Tiggg Th ron hout the year these gi rls planned ,ff and conducged cheer rallies 1H which the ' N" jig whole student body learned and practiced old NN A f3!EQ, and new cheers. 5EQL.iS5 'faiiv' . ' 19. These cheerleaders were chosen by mem - ,gap 3.Eg bers o f the soho ol faculty . The main points " "' "" upon which they were chosen we re: ability to ,,,,,,5, work, coordination, knowledge of cheers, co- . operation with teammates and pep. t ' T ,Q , Mod, ' mr A 34 ij P T iffiiilfi--f f' gg g,,.Erfifg.,, 15e14wf5a.f:sf15gge.l .za 11521 T ,g A ' , f Irgsffzw if ,q.fgf2i3fTfigfgmfiigiigigslgfm3gglfg,,.,'Egg ggfiaa E?f1i1ii,?Sifl 'gfi 2151.2-ge .' 4WMWMMwEWiNhfmWhlV"t' A -"- HMVJ -f'i vrrdf fahwiwhkgf P 1 'x vy- !l!g!g!II 9 . dl 41135 .1 Y' ,wi ' GAA. LEAD EDJ CLUB First Ros: Second Ron: lhihigoni Fourth Row: Officers of Leaders' Club First :enester Uuhb. L. Rnrnnnl, W. Snell, 1. Ameq, H. Wnrshnll.'L Harkness, H. Palermo, . Smrp Willard. R. Koncliffe, P. Ewnns, Yrs. Hush, D. Panrk, G. Ford, 5. ibnney, Horton Rouvliffe. E. Uovcc, J. Runs, 5. Goodliff, S. Hilton, S. Pnnuk, E. Hntson, Snitznov. D. iillorl Henriesi J. Howland, J. Hill, J. Dnvis, P. Uivis, E, gghultz, J. Hyers, Cudney, J. Wittlefehldt President .............. Janet Cudney Tice-President....Jean Wittlefehldt Yfelsuter .............. Rhea Henries Secretary .............. Jean Harland Second Semester President ............ Knrjorie Snell Tice-President .... Jenn Hittlefehldt Treasurer ............... Gladys Ford Secretary .... ...Gladys Ford R., , -1 digit - ' ' diAf?'j 4 .lyigiivl .F V N ,: Y' ir w zfgrffef? I 1 as .L A ivuf.. LUV .-w 'wi.Y1-. . . 1. gd' 34.31, LI. , Q y,.ls'54,i:z M, V . f, K - I, A ' ' 'iii Z'?."' "5 ". ',.. ' , . V -, .. ff TW "iL.!'. ' S' . I ' "1 Q'-ff' ' MH .ze GIRLS' LEADERS' CLUB The purpose of the Lenders' Club is Ute hnnd together the athletic lenders of the school und to inspire them to nttuin n physi- cnl. ncntnl and social ideal which will ns- sist in making then finer and more wholesome exnnples of American womanhood.u It is also nining to keep their energies in beneficial channels of leadership and sportsmanship: to truin girls to couch, referee, nnd take charge of groups in a responsible, dignified manner: und to develop poise, self-control, initiative, and responsibility. The work of the club is important. The girls act ns n governing body for intrnnurnl athletics. Regular gym clnsscs of kindergar- ten thru high school are divided into groups. Each group is placed in charge of a Lenders' Club Girl who nets ns nn assistant und teach- er for each individual group. She supervises stunts and the nppnrntus physical progrun. Each period of tho dny n Leaders' Club Girl is assigned to tnke charge of tho health room. She has access to first uid charts, books, and renders whnt first aid is needed. Important problems are referred to Hrs. Bush who gives necesnnry directions or personal supervision. Our most important event of the whole year was our athletic program scheduled March 24. lt was directed by Mrs. Bush with the help of the Leaders' Club members. This program represented all the classes from first grade through twelfth year high. Marching, stunts, interpretative dancing, natural dancing, tap dancing, and were included in the program. There has been organized a horse act a Genesee County G. A. A., with a point system the same in all schools. These schools are Elba, Batavia, LeRoy, Oakfield, Alexander, Albion and Attica. DLVISION OF TEAM ACTIVITY POINTS. attendance 20 pts. class team 15 H winning class team 5U twithin schooll honor team lconsider: individual play, team play, sports- manshipj 10 W winning intergroup Qgirls not on class teamj 5 H winning honor team , at playday 5 W OTHER INFORMATION CONCERNING DIVI POINTS manager 15 N captain 5 H playday participa- tion 5 H exhibition or assembly programs 1 H cheerleaders 20 H student leaders 20 H band majorettes 10 H POINT AWARDS 175 numer 300 shiel 500 lette 725 gold The girls have worked hard, toward getting their emblems a Some of them will be eligible fo letter. The ten months are divided 1 SION OF per hour Cprovided they do not receive a cheerlead- ing letter als d r key this year, nd letters. r a six inch into blocks of seven weeks. Some of the sports are: basketball soccer softball ping pong badminton volley ball archery swimming deck tennis modern dance Basketball has been our most popular sport this year. Teams were chosen with a member of the Leaders' Club on each team. The winning team was the Apogees. 'This team was made up entirely of senior girls with Janet Cudney and Jean Howland as captains. Ne also had a class tournament which the jun- ior girls won. 1 I J' a '1,.'. 11 - 1-. 1 , 1 J , L. I ' 1.-.T "' u... ..... .... .,.. , A .' 4 ' 5 it' . K. H At the close of our, basketball season'aw1 S6C0nd honor team was chosen to play with the Batavia girls. The first honor team played the Batavia girls in both a home and return game. Elba lost on its own court, but won when visiting Batavia. The members of the first honor teams were: X Janet Cudney Marjorie Snell Shirley Goodliff Mary Unamann Jean Howland Clara Jachimowicz Nellie Gavel Shirley Wigton Teresa Tretter Rhea Henries The members of the second honor team were as follows: Barbara Mowers Jean Kams Arlene Montfort Virginia Benson Jean Mittlefehldt Alta Calarco Rose Palermo Patricia Davis Jean Myers Frances Blood The girl having the most points from all the games played this season was Nellie Gavel. The second highest was Shirley Wigton. This year the Genesee County Girls' Athletic Association have been able to plan four play days. They were arranged as follows: Activity Date Place Volleyball November LeRoy A Basketball February Batavia Bowling April Batavia Baseball June Elba At the Le Roy volleyball playday, Edith Schultz was one of the first place players. The bowling playday consisted of honor teams from four different schools. Elba girls came in second place with a total of 1194, only fourteen pins behind the Batavia win- ners. Shirley Wigton was single high scorer with a three game total of 453. She received a cedar plaque inscribed with her name and score. The softball playday, which will be held on our field,is planned for June. It will in- clude track relays,and softball games on four diamonds, which will accommodate the girls, from the eight schools in our county associa- tion. After all games are finished, all the girls meet in the cafeteria for refreshments, awards, singing and general get together. I Playdays are planned as substitutes for interschool competition and are so organized that girls from each school are placed at random on different teams, which choose their captains before starting rotation play. This method 'was 'set up by the State Physical Education Department to pnomot oe cial feeling, developffriendships, Spartgsan- ship, leadership iand poise in our ,American y0l111g WOIQIBII-I -e A V 1 -,- , . YA , AJC., -fs-,357 2 .N 1 .Z I A 1.31. ::g,5'.' ,, Q'--fu:,--:Jifki-il':-Eff:-'f",QQ g A ,s'.17' 15' . , . . ,'2'.?.f--.i'm:iiI?:Ieg.?'5"Efl''. E' H e ,.5'?'51.fr:f,,.J,sa' F2 'Ilia- 3 . , tl .L ..f -4511, s,f!.2Q5g.ssge:1.z.x'.5eLf,1z . .-1,' ,,1.,-:,':f',-.pasiran. V " " ' "' '5i'?,3 T , .i'.i.f"ST""'I."'F"'I"YT' lf, gf :w--QE' :-1-'mi '?,.ETl71l B :-'ffj'f" c . mx: - .51 f'2?t1me.:':4-eg-zk.5'.5Fi1ffs'sf,gfizfsm..1-.seas e,,m.1.1zm..Z'-rift:WJ" 'Y'b'1'f'i1f3 --,-.... ,gt,f,p..,...'---we .g,..qeg.,+v- V, -fm, - -1.1, -,-as--:w.,e,1v,:i , , -Wifi.'Z:!.:m.'-:.iLw::fs3s' zfiiayqcugs ya, 1 W3 15 vrfij 1H21ak5g,-4e-gf55- '-,-451-.fe :J.syy,c.e1mss, me Qi, .Z .gt -'n :.. 1-if, ,gp 55545:31.-jgpliamg-.sgg5Z5?x?: -- - P, 1 ww --J-1rdf!-.sg-531.fm,gg:mUj1.+1 "'I:!".E?!'9' an I, ,- '1 , ,gr -A 1 .aaaaaasasef masse VIQDTISIQMENTS ! I W 5: , "diff 55 QW C Q ABOVE 5 ELC ..lwi.. -V .V ,, ...f ff -- -,.., ..-.......-. VOTE rom DANCE DS A - f 1 , K fy -Q ' ff ,E f . iii ,- V irvfxi S fi-ai' .- ,M A Ley' ,.-1+ 5g.w'4'i AL ff' 4 f' ,f M Li, Q " 5151! f . Su ' 1 , Elba 1 ' V - , W' 1,fg,1': "1" -" f Q ,V ' " '5 HWEW f l 'E ' ,'g.'dfA 1" "' :i'g,::':,71.'.l: fl Ziff ' 12' I-5 U'-Af I -1 'If A H122 vo-, J.. BUY UNITED STATES DEFENSE BONDSAAND STAMPS THE GOOD WILL OF A CUSTOMER IS A VALUABLE ASSET GOOD WILL is acquired from GOOD SERVICE GOOD SERVICE is obtained through COHOPERATION CO-OPERATION is working in HARMONY THIS BANK is always in TUNE Member of the Federal Deposit insurance Corporation New York 'HJ-L ' " Y- f a:.f.,f1 - ' T. 3-:Q ' N -"4 "I .. -- .-a--fff' 11, A V V, .. 'J Yi,-vf'+fr ,3,4:-'-A-:ij A-ty,-4 , s" Lzd,-f xl . Qzwqzgslih.-1 , '-pf- 1-4-H ,,-PHL. , - ' 1 ,..- ,, , Vwrw' fxwff ,ffusv-'f 'f , , A -A -.2.-Q-sf-lvlpi. "" -4' Y ivadqvif , 'h,,3L.1.-- ' ' W,.,54-QL' M- ' A I .A -.Ir'?"'H4 - H A ,nf--1:44 ill-" , ' . P lf ,... .. . - .,- .., .- iv. 4-Y-'f"L.f i.Aie"Z-If' W-A--f'11r::1'Eg.,.f-f-Qffiuf' ,-swf 45 van wfmwaLWf'wMJvf,.Lvf V V ,,.-1' 465,11 ' .gg,...:- ' q ,w,A.,5.:-mn--nw ' ' -iv .- - ':' R go., ff , RANT , . M " ' wwf .., ' Q-,-fr.. 1-I H so .1', fu,-'AM gpg ,Q F J -5 ,3-f:-,..1,g' . , ,ff 1 ,LM Yi 5 fi, if . - -sf' .. ew-I -: .1 ' , .' A, iw' Q '. 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Burdeiii OAKFIELD NEW F U R N I T U R E and U N D E R T A K I N G S T O R E P H 0 N E 6511 R E S I D E N C E P H O N E 3451 - 2751 W E B E R A V E N U E Compliments of . C PLYVXVEY CO, INC. I HBATAVIA'S DEPARTMENT STORE OF VALUESH 47-49 MAIN STREET BATAVIA, NEW YORK 40 l.UV"flll lux--ul '. n I' GENEIEE. - OQLEAN VEGETABLE GROW ERI CU-UPEKATlYE ASSOCIATION, INC. A. U. Hnrniah, Prqgidpnl Elbo New York Phono 4501 ,N M Q , 20 0 ' ROY LONNEN ' UAKVIELD, NEW YORK PHONE 601m SALESHAX FOR SINCLAIR PRODUCTS, SAYS: Sinclair H-C Gasoline and Sinclnir Pennsylvania Hotor Oil and Greases are 'TOPS ' in Petroleum Products and that is tho ren- son your school buses use lhcm exclusively. If you sunt the best, Lhen we recommend Sinclair Petroleum Products for your cor, truck or Lrnctor. Now used in 1,500,000 cars daily. RH Pl-IILIPPJ' and JUN 244 lest Hain Street Batavia Phone 1134 New York 41 315, .,5gag:.pyi1 fly., . V f. I COMPLI David Rountree Clifford Trick Roy Rowcliffe Raymond Verbridge C. J. Vanderpoest Bunny Mosbaugher Charles Zambito Jim Fiorentino William Shuknecht Dorf K Frojone x Q, - ,IO-7 v'4:vI1fN 'I . . Q' - - .jLJX '. 'c" --:J - U X. ' Q' - '? T'-tflggiraiz ' xi X 3. Lina-,-' 2 f ' A 2 5 ,ffizp 1 Qu Y 1 Mike Cropo Les Benton Justin Park Eldred Park Arnold Neth Ward Howland Axel Berglin Rulon Martyn Patsy Vigneri Henry Benthin -"3s',,' , mm A- 1 .2 . D 1 f' I: Y na f' f 3 me H8122 tl:-Illuf I SHIT' 1 :QI ' lj' I g nz! X H . E n Q Q xl N ' X . , EHXITS John Smart: Waller Bras! Jehu Groves larold Test Doa Bigelow Lao Hiller Alton lsre Bdvla Ross You Daabrn Harvia Burr ' 1 J Chnrlns Allan Tony Palermo Janos Tnssone Albert Hnrblc Frank Hartley Lester Gillnrd Alvin Harkness Anlhony Garnish Sal Honnchino Onofrio Honnchino I' ,1- I REPAIRS SERVICE ALL MAKESH G. s. Tires, Grade 1-2-3 RECAPS In stock TRUCK TIRES SP u ECIAL PRICE Also in-Stock. Radiators Boiled and Repaired--all sizes Fender and Body Repairs--all makes ALL MAKES OF MOTORS completely overhauled GMAC MONTHLY PAYMENTS AVAILABLE REPAIRS PARTS TLRES SERVICE 214 E. Main Street, Rear Phone 486 , .,,. I I 4A- . ' S L tt f ke Compliments of Compliments of mar co on roc S - Crisp cool stripe ohambrays CJ WN.,mpQE5T FQAN 1f.,,4Mmo , Watches, Diamonds CAROLE KING JRS. Dealer 1D and Jewelry PRODUCE --- FERTILIZER fha SPRAY MATERIALS 96 Main St- Batavia 82 Main st. " Batavia Grower of HOME GROWN QUALITY ONION SEED ELBA NEW YORK Phone 4471 Congratulations to the Graduating Class. M055 I-ICJME. OUTFVITEQSC Batavia R New York I Compliments of Compliments of Compliments 'of Try Our Own Mayonnaise . Q. Ll, Makes a. Good Salad Better ' ' ' Genesee County Home Owned Stores A Elba New York Elba New York Elba New Ycrk b ' 12' Compliments of FOR INSURANCE THAT INSURES FRANK H I-INZTLEVI .EQ T Cf DA7f R 0 o V V N' 4 ' W A,, j,'ef,,. bv' .9 Q1 lb' Q-Q, Elba - fTi'T'-'lfffinff J 9 New YerR,51 Elba New York -Mpj 'lhiqfi' Y mfff"ffWipf I Q I i 5 I 'T i Residence 4978 " I -1 4:1 Sg5r33?w5HiH3HwSWSi3 iewmww Rai!! Eli igkfeigji -- f -.1 -w:""' ffiiififiisiz' i'1Tf5?1T.?'2:? 'ITf"T?'?l"fLi'Eff?57':1'3:'-,I ff .. V YJ I . -',"g,,jlg+15gtiS' ilggifjiez .f:,..g.I:.,,V.,: .5L,.5: I,g,:gf5:,:1,:155,:rrgyiiggr-e-5,-afgggjfgt2 , ' - 1,I,-af,m,5'7g,.Tff-1swg.f1e.1 I 5 -2145,-afR,,,1,5q.5:,,ga .gl Q, .1 'gt :QL Rfk", tg'f,9geU,'f'q1fqf1-jqexff , I ef I 11.2 .-g:51:rE11h, " i ' ,. .igti 'T +R' eg 5155:-5 +1y4.I-Q31 M143-L. "'2f?ffff'42:l,?FgN I 'f -"' e:Wwm3gfgmmfwmgspwf,---WI , ,..-hw-Q. NRQVQQ dAWwi'WNWUdJNTLwJ6 MRLRMHI -K-4 R Compliments of LDRENS SMISSES O spscuxurv Snow The Bust ln Ladies' S Chlldrnn's Roady To-Hear 116 Naln St. Phono 4? For That n5PHClALu HIRTHUAY HIFT Vl-xlt nur "l'nnr-nrnun4l" TOY ANU hA?1l'. IlPIl'AIlT?1l'LHT DA vff www. como: and. TOY STORE Cnnlnr Strnvl Hutnvln, N.Y. Complimants of A. UNDER!-IILL Cnmpl ll'lH'l'll,'2. of I RW A E Plnsterlnp ltrick-Lnying ce-on M CALAQCO BQQI R153 x" York Phono Bntnvin l709H slhn New york Compliments of and.CD Chrpets Rugs Lxnoleums lads Mattresses Springs limdom Shades Yanetiau linda VEIZN THOMAS 106 K. Hain St. Batavia Compliments of KNOX andDl5PENZA 120 Hain Street Batavia,N.Y. Phone 780 Compliments nf like DAG wooo Bills Tires Accessories Gasoline 5 Oils TIL. Uffiee SHULERSGARIXIH Compliments of 0 Ogfpfo Phone 143 Batavia, 26 Hain St. New York Compliments of THOMAS 6 DWYED.. BROWN B I L T SHOES X-Ray Filters Batavia, N.Y. 4281 Blba, l.Y. DIAMONDS Compliments of f - n I l 0 tfN0'04"f"" lk SUGAR. BOWL JBIBLBR Candy lee Cream Batavia Soft Drinks Hain St. Batavia 33 Emma! N Radio, Washer, Rcfrigerator Repairs 208 E. Main St. Batavia, N.Y. For that better igQQ5gg3QfAyv4A,E,Ayv,x'.4 dai R, M 'nn ' If 1 RRAET SYSTEM TIRE CAPPINGNAND RENEWING GENERAL TIRES ALL SIZES AND GRADES quart of milk chocolate milk cream Try Distributors of GEORGE'S DAIRY GENERAL TIRES AND BATTERIES Phone 1017 A uYiU.UN'a-, f A Q A it .EfR., Ag A 'EASEK A!!lA GEORGE'S DAIRY BATAVIA. N. Y. 506 E. Main St. Batavia, N.Y Make a be-line to MCALPINE, BRUMSTEAD 8 CO.'S and be through with worry and worse! The store that values your business so much that it makes VALUE its business is the store for you. BOOK STORE GIFTS are sure to please Graduates 4 Come in and see our complete assortment of gift items for both boy and girl graduates. 6 LEG I-ITK5 A ,flwfolbe rumfzleod I+ Co. BUCK SSTGRE ' THE C'-oT""B'n" ' 67 Main St. BAuAvia,N.Y' Batavia VJ New York Az: Compliments of An.ExANoE.D.Zf moons. - MANCUJO GRILL f. IMP Room - INFANTS, CHILDRENS MISSES READY TO WEAR and I , 24 OF WESTERN NEW YORK'S FINEST BOWLING ALLEYS G' , Better means at Lower Priees X I I ' R 66 Main Street Batavia, N.Y. , I ' ' - PTIOHG 357 Main Street , ' Batavia-A N:X'3A .S 46A fig -nNNYmmMIIfi,, ..ffE5EEgTi,:7ff3. ' 'Sl 1 ' ,T ,J :j,NA: pmmwtmwg Enmw fwmgmwwgiig N' J:',:..7aq ,t"gfI':v,"7A Y rAL,g!'g'5iv ' W, -it . xi iM,,"- , 'I .mv mx " " "'4 tl 5!.vg4f'i2:,E'l 1.'. ,Zl- .. ,..'m'f,f'rf!,. ,, A -mS!w:.AR.:!R'5keewt Q Unnpllunnln nf c. J. eownfm Sirlctly' Knllnhln runs so: emu sa. 1.1. was Hfw.-,+., -4,-,g - ,I Jnzuzns nm-:ms 'MW "R' ""' QUALITY DRUGS AY CUY PRICES 3' Por year exlrs protectlon IH hh' St' HMMM X-"VH-FT 7'Kl"7'3-'P our prescriptions are compounded under :ern-killing , A B i L E QTY nd bottled in special . 5 Broclusy Sant-:lass Bottles DRUG COMPANY RSBISYEKED PHARHACIST 122 Wwin SL. Hafxvla LLIIYS 05 DUTY It pays in visit Hny's BE N NS Coaplisenms or 7 15181 CUT RATE. DRUG! 2 fg 2 J!" Inscription Experts W - 105 Wa' St. B L. '. 84 ali! Sl. Bolivia .':, Ili' . lnPhone 1594 A mvlx Elbl New York Progress in our school leans Progress in our Couunity. ls a community, let's boost for our school! QW mdgon SPECIALILED SERVICE Conplinents of Ffagneto-Generntor-Cnrbwretor Bnmvux LAUNDRY :sg rr. Hain Sn. 5 Sgeedometer Batavia, 3. Y. Ph 1 ,- :ji W. Hain SL. Batavia Kiln ge, for. one 41 Phone 205 Spring Il TIE LIB Compliments of MTE' ma sm P C PMRKET ...f COOP - 'ard' ' . 'IRBADSLSY SHOES Kuuel plum Batavia, New York HIDE m FREEZER LOCKER RENTAL . " ,N fn - N -1 :-,.fY..R-efi+?,- M f Y -..: "" A'::f:,:.:-- 0 KFIELD FARMS IQ . -. peferfonf' orzuo commmy The NREXALLH Store G. H. Peterson W. H. Hoschke , Drugs Guernsey Milk Chocolate Milk A Pastenrized Milk Chocolate Drink Candy Ice Cream Fat Free Cream Light gream Butter Milk our ream St t- Orange Drink Creamed Cottage Cheese a lonery Us ' ith '1 H FOR VICTORY BUY U.s. DEFENSE BONDS ervlcg W a sml 6 FOR HEALTH DRINK MILK Elba New York O lf' ld N Y Pk at le Phone 6881 ew O Phone 4731 l9l'T 1944 FOAIVK 14. 6402 General Store Grange Bldg. Elba N.Y. RDDQLDHS Batavia New York C 0 N S U L T GENESEE INSULATING and SUPPLY COQQ ABOUT I N S U L A T I N G Y 0 U R S T 0 R A G E A N D Y 0 U R H 0 M E 4 ASK FOR HAROLD TEST Phone Batavia 777 76 Franklin St. Authorized Quality Contractors Buy good hardware at Jbfcu , DUPONT my cwuv.f:1ef 1,1 12 MAIN ST. BATAVIA 3 LEROY . ATTICA . OAKFIELD . WARSAW . n ' Nj POLAR BEAR ' Q The big store on a little street ' A l Batavia New York F U R S T 0 R A G E Aft N ' 7 ltlkfgj 48 D LT 75? , ,......X RAE? N5? c o u v L I n s s 1 s 0 v 'n'P"M'h'H of ELBA-QAKHELD ,6.fzfefJQnnaf'n . . Eliza Nov York Plone 4961 ' Rlbn. New York ' BATAVIA Co... Conplinonles of C-olplinonls of russrr-vrvxu vaAn . C:?lUl.Al.lq lzalfn Cl-AREIQCE ra. J. x.u.1.n:nAs. Prop. L C7ll.C:J-IIEIZ... Elbn Nou York mb. sb' York 35 Jackson St. Batavia Goaplinauts of VASQBRIDGE Kev York susuusm rwunms n' 355505553 'um I so ro me ass runner ron for QUALITY asus no cuocsluzs Phone 1676 SWWN' . iff MAQKE7' Tologttgh Service Sf- 911l'il Phono 4331 zmb., N. Y. Q magnum nmzfxa BROJZ - CABD188 - CIGARS - CIGARETTES AND TOBACCOS Sola Distributors of BLVERSO - R.G.DUNH - HURIBL BOLD - TOPIC CIGARS Batavia, H.Y. ammmmfff 'Su Sanitone Cleaning SePViGG Complete Fur Service Phone 1531 12 Center St. Batavia C. M. HAITZ. -12 Center St. Batavia Phone 757-J artist materials picture and photo frames wallpaper, window shades Buy nationally known merchandise for your own protection. We feature the following nationally advertised products- Bnlova, Gruen, Longines, Hamilton and Elgin Watches- Gorham Silver Cambridge Glassware Roseville Pottery Parker Pens Delta Pearls Tru - Art Diamonds Norcross Gift E Greeting Cards T E-'HEN E ' . N' I I , 6 l 1' 1 05:30 i i 57 MAIN sr. BATAVlA.N.Y I sheet music, musical instruments ' N C 0 M P L I M E N T S O F Compliments of XVARD I-IOXVLAND Elba New York GUY!! J'Ml77l A GOOD LITTLE STORE IN A GOOD LITTLE TOWN Quality Hardware Plumbing Supplies Compliments of Electrical Equipment Radios Ranges Washers Refrigerators BUY from your local dealer and SAVE 'BARBER SHOP . Elba Phone 4111 New York Elba New York' Compliments of IQUBERT WOHIJ-'EIL c frfeof-1 W1 JONJZ Elba New York 104 Main St, phone 900A 1 Batavia, New York It 5 A 3 ' EVEL wv JCHULLR UHAUTY SHOPPH Porlnnnnl Waving Frndnrlu Wnthnd Alun Wnuhinnlnsn..3j.50 H U12 G4-'Qdrr QQ' For nppniulnnnl GENESEE CUUNTY'S LARGEST Tal 52Tx Flhh N Y AND HOST CONPLKTK DBPARTHENT STORE Three floors and housewares bnanunnl Elevator Service lo all floors NE! YURSITURS ANNE! Entrance thru Hsin Store or from Jackson Street Yeo floors of smart aodorn furniture slressinq high quality at lou prices P a Colplinnnin of JACK FILK iNf Good Heals and Good Koons Honsonnhln Rates ELBA HOTEL Compliments of I-IOLLEY -ITORI-NCE-i JA MEI TAJIGNE CDHPLIY F BI! R PIDDUCB Bibs New York BUY ENRICHBD nd Bread AT YOUR GROGBRS -Ili! 1 - lil!! 1'lINlCI CICI!l.l. ELCIIE. CICJl.JI2.J'ELJ' - OPEN TO THE QUALIFIED HIGH SCHOOL G . RADUATE INTERESTED IN ACQUIRING THE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL TO ENABLE HIM TO FILL U A PERMANENT, HIGHLY REMUNERATIVE PLACE IN THE FIELDS OF ' -- BUSINES S ADMINISTRATION -- SECRETARYSHIP -- -- MEDICAL SECRETARYSHIP -- MANAGEMENT -- DISTRIBUTION --Q PERSONNEL DIRECTION -- AND ALLIED FIELDS -- - RGC!-I EITER. BUJINEJI INITITUTE ' FOR YOUR PRINTING NEEDS PHONE 1097 COMMERCIAL PRINTING OF ALL KINDS CHARLES E Mi LLEP.. Compliments of PRINTING CO.Y' 117 Ross St. Batavia, N DeKalb Hybrid Seed Corn Aberdeen Angus Beef Cattle 1.. C2 NOR Tozv TEL. 4973 ELBA, N.Y. 65 Main Street I CLOTHING FURNISHINGS AND SHOES FOR MEN AND BOYS Batavia, New York HERBERT SPEED Qi Compliments of GENERAL ICE CREAM CORP. JEALTEJT me CREAM I Byron New York Batavia Me CORMICK-DEERING FARM EQUIPMENT WE STOCK AND SELL GENUINE IHC PARTS FOR MC CORMICK-DEERING T We always keep a complete stock of RACTORS AND MACHINES genuine IHC repairs for current Mc Cormi k-D farm machines and tractors. That ' on eering is why we can assure good service at all times when If repairs are needed. Come to us for genuine parts and get your money's worth. - ' DAV AND PEPKINJ- I K L Batavia, N.Y. Le Roy Phone 142 t.1jg5 52 A 'm' Y 4 ' ""fv"r . .1 " New York D fe. .:.f.:.'w1 I r A, !.g:j1IjN1,.IIa,lI P EI:-wwf , 1 ,195 9' Q W. -, Lg, .,. H 4

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