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 - Class of 1937

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.., . we.,-..r:,3. ' -. Vf-'vek1..-1f1-M ., f . F ...Q :,,,,.7J.y.7.,Qv ,vw . ef ,V I B -,-'-we ' V4.5 1 .H-',-A -1..,g ...gm 10.1, '1.'.,1.1, .. ---. . .. . . A vw 7 ,.f. - ...V . V. , 'Iwi'--.f.-.: W1-. -YJ I " 13-:4'1'.?J., - .f-,1af'4e-fvf'-"A-13-191 ' vw-2 1. 'WIKI -2 I Mix' .2 . . f ,Q2if:S-Iiiflifii -F'-"if'f". 2, 2-X 1' " . Z3"'.M1':fjf'1,:. ,'.c:-QM.-'.' -.-LL' :Q , 41fQf.,r.f:wffx,xypw::'22.'4N-Jigs'Z.:-if,-wi ,-" ff' , '.fNe,fGlg1v.-g-,w,.L,'1-.api f i'-T93:iv113--lffT1'gZ?..14'fWf7 1- 'Q 'V 1' '1' ' ' wi!-!""". V, 'f-WN" 'N'-' 3 9'??E1fEf 3 H1 'AE api?-'af 'I' -3 g'.5if'gg5T35j:fW5f1e.f ' 31- h- 4 35" ffh: :E-wr'-iv-Si:,JffLg-f-- -' Pwffi-W! 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X The Revue 1937 T be published al Hy by the Student Body E. H. S. , 1 , 5 ' "' i :iii ' :yi ,f zcpgf., , Y ,.., f 1977 A ly an f,-aw 1-, f -1 , -,, - J-z:,,'--wuz' f 52157 mean! 4.11: , V1-,2fz4a?7e.::1fg2n .. ,,,.. . ' Eff-Lg'-1f:3i1?Z2Q1 , ' '- 'QP-1,'3"if'5 Iv? fi'?f"p-1132272253 : "u:A' g541L'E'fZf2Z .1,-rw.n- 'M-'ff-' ' ' -"-' - llwzna 1 ,g,p,,x,45, fffzgfe, . 4 I ' ' M e -oe'-,r--.f.,1a4.-. Aw. -x- hp-:,Af,1,,ff Q' , ff 1 1 if ' ,f , f ., 'eff ' f j'.K,p,: ' ,, "Zig .261 ,I J ,Z ' 19 f 4 f 1 I Y cf , , 'Q 5 f I I , ff, 2, ' X' V ' X X f Y f f ff, 3 1 K XZ' X 1 1 L7 ' 1 f , ., , : jg K 3 If 5 f 7 N46 'f, , 1 ' , 1 f , MX 1, I gi 6 V4 I 4 Q 1, , 4211125 , , 1 Dedication In memory 0 f M adolyn H ackett, 1918-1936, this our second School Annual, is sincerely dedicated. cy. i- Foreword Four happy years of high school pass all too quickly. We publish "The Revue" for you, so you can retain 'niauy of your memories. We hope that you will erljoy reading this, our secoucl Armual. 7, ,i ii 5 S- ., U., ,,-,,, vw ..-V 'Y " x '.1.4.,:5,-wgggsfv -3- "ww,-7 .-F+v.,"f " ' ' " " ' f ' , , ,, . ,, -...g..u,. Z, Front Row-Reida Borton, lVil1na Brnyley, Pauline Zainbito, Genevieve Pelz, Virginia Dash, Robert lVigton. Back Row-Donald Coughlin, Anthony Zambito. Harriet Galureo, Lucille Kirkpatrick, Sam Angello, Margery Porter, Amsden Howland, Dorothy Jannain, Duane Porter, Laverne Shuk- necht, Raymond Peters, Paul Zainbito. Editor . Ass 't Editor Business Adverttstfng Athletics Activities Photography Literary Art J okes Seniors Juniors . Sophomores Freshmen Four The Revue Staff Genevieve Pelz Pauline Zambito Virginia Dash Dorothy Jannain Amsden Howland Reida Borton Donald Coughlin Harriet Calarco Anthony Zanibito Robert Wigton lfVil1na Brayley Duane Porter Raymond Peters . Sain Angello Laverne Shukneeht Lucille Kirkpatrick Paul Zarnbito Margery Porter 'N 5 5 FR M g g vp S7 21- 2 1' XBBD 6 L W Q C ,W . K Administration and Seniors NJ' il? ., ,.f..x,. -.i 1 P4 ZF' Wild f V+w',,L.:,,,:SiLI.,15 First Row-Roy Porter, Harry Bonney, XVi11i:uu Ess, Lester Gillard. Second Row-Ernest Day, Roy Rowcliff. Board of Education We wish to thcmh the Board of Educazfioqzf for the interest they have shown in our activities and in the school as ca whole. Sim lk Qian , , ..,. --.. . -. V.-.. .am . - ---- -f qw- , ,., Front Row-Bliss BI. Slleplmrd. Mr. C. Johnson. Mr. L. Benton, Mr. H. XV. Vzlnrlerllnof, Mr. G. Talbot. Mrs. E. Burr. Back Ron'-Mrs. R. Morrison, Mrs. E. Cornwell, Mrs. D. NVelmer, Miss B. England, Miss H. lYn1ters, Mrs. E. Talbot. ' Faculty TVQ wish to thank the faculty for their interest and sp0izsm'.Ship of our maoiy ezvtra-cuwicula.r activities. Seven M l l .Might e"l.'ff :.'3f.4ffg,ef P , . ' F- e qi , A 3 . -1ge.r11gg1-fe.'-mr! RITA CRANE Speaking Contest-4. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Play-3, 4. President of Class-4. Dramatic Club-3, 4. Class Secretary-3. Hobby Club-3. Ambition-Business Wo ROBERT WIGTON Speaking Contest-3. Orchestra-2, 3, 4. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Ride Club-3. Play-3, 4. Student Council-4. Oracle Staff-3. Revue Staf-3, 4. Baseball-4. Class Treasurer-3. Ambition-Electrical Ci CHARLOTTE ANDREWS Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Library Club-3, 4. Oracle Staff-2. Class Secretary-4. 4: AWP' ,J man. vil Engineer. Ticket Manager of Plays-3. Ambition-Christian Se GENEVIEVE PELZ Speaking Contest-2, 3, Student Council-2. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Play-3, 4. Revue Staff-3, 4. Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4. Library Club-3. Dramatics-3, 4. French Club-4. Class Secretary-3. Class Treasurer-4. Ambition-Aviatrix. rvice Work. 4. 'T '-ie :ff ' me -'1g'3Q',. - 7,, -M -' HELEN WIGTON Speaking Contest-3. Student Council-4. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Play-3, 4. Orchestra-7, 8, 1, 2, Band-3. Class President-1. Revue Staff-3. Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4. Dramatic Club-4. Oracle Staff-4. French Club-4. 3, 4. Ambition-Undecided. LAVERNE SHUKNECHT Student Council-3, 4. Revue Staff-4. Play-3, 4. Class Vice-President-2. Ambition-Electrical PAULINE ZAMBITO Engineer. Speaking Contest-2, 3. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Hobby Club-2. Plays-3, 4. Class Vice-President-3, 4. Revue Staff-3, 4. Ass't Manager-3. Basketball Manager-4. Library Club-3, 4. Dramatic Club-3, 4. French Club-4. Ambition-Undecided. ELTON SCHULER Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Rifle Club-3. Basketball-2. Baseball-2, 3, 4. Student Council-4. Plays-3. Oracle Staff--4. Ambition-Concert Si Ilger. Nine Ten qw, -4.13, him, ,. EF - .-5 ',-..,-A-. 1 e .--H JH ff LOIS CHAPELL Speaking Contest-3. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Play-3. Orchestra-3, 4. Band-2, 3, 4. Class President-3. Dramatics-3, 4. Ambition-Music Director. RUTH GRICE Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Play-3. Dramatics-3. Play Ticket Manager-3, 4. Hobby Club-3. Ambition-Undecided. GENEVIEVE VANDER POEST Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Class Secretary-2. Play CSingingj-1, 2, 3, 4. Selected Candidate for Apple Blos som Queen. ' Ambition-Singer. A FRANK GAVEL Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball-2, 3, 4. Basketball-3, 4. Band-3, 4. Orchestra-3, 4. Play-3, 4. Ambition- DIANA WETTERHAHN Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. A. Capella Choir-1. Plays-3, 4. Dramatics-4. Speaking Contest-4. Cheer Leader-3. Library Club-3, 4. Ambition-Primary Department Teacher. MARGUERITE DORF Basketball-1, 2. Play-3, 4. Dramatics-3, 4. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Speaking Contest-3. Hobby Club-2, 3. Ambition-Nurse. FRANKLIN COSWAY Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Plays-3, 4. Ambition-Undecided. JEAN BOYCE Speaking Contest-4. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Play-3, 4. Class President-2. Revue Staff-3. Dramatics-3, 4. Oracle Staff-3. Hobby Club-3. Ambition-Stenographer Secretary. Eleven 11111795118 JV? 335 4 .. -.,3,:wM. 'gsifflgizgf 2 ' - , '. '.,u'::,lI- 'fr ,jf ROBERT DILCHER Ride Club-3. Glee Club-2. Play Property manager Ambition-Undecided. AMSDEN HOWLAND -2. Speaking Contest-4, 5. Student Council-4. Baseball-1, 2, 3, 4. Play-2, 3. Rifle Club-3. Revue Staff-5. Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4, Ambition-To Become VIRGINIA DASH Speaking Contest-3. Student Council-3. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Play-3, 4. Orchestra-2, 3, 4. Band-2, 3, 4. Revue Stai-4. Basketball-1. Dramatics-4. Class Secretary-2. Class Treasurer-1. French Club-4. Oracle Staff-2. Ambition-Teacher. 5. A Father. Wifif Z XIX K Sf VEC' xU-lvl n f VEA s 2. W Cx C 3 V5 . Classes yi, A,..!, ,. U .N l, V ,V fri- ff 1 095 Q 1' ' 'J ' 1 ,J X 1 ,r 1 4: , .,, 69' , . . 4, uc'-P,'5,J54'yx..:,:4qfQBo " Aw: , -L 1 -V -1.2. ,l::w.,m- 4 .w-'-- 4 - 4' ,.., .. e L u... ...J',I.3 "4 ",I1T'2" ' Front 160117-Xxyillllil Nutting, Hester Coughlin, Lucille Kirkpatrick, Lelin Shepllard, Ruth Motz, Dorothy Genagon, Reida Burton, Xvillllil Brayley, Jane Schnler. Back Row-Mr. Johnson, Duane Porter, Francis Richenbach, Sam Angello, Frank Calarco, J6'1'OI1l8 Geissler, Vernon Boyce, Joseph Vereecken, Dorothy Jannain. Junior Class Advisor-Mr. Johnson OFFICERS Presiclent Wfihna, Nutting Tfice-Preside1'z,t Duane Porter Secretary Hester Coughhn Tve'easm'e'r Ruth Motz Representatives Janet Schuler Fourteen- Frank Calarco 5.1: P 7" -'V 31'f:'l,""'f' ! l Fir-sf Rolf-Robert Boyce, Donald Couglllin. Raymond Peters, James Cl1I'l'UlJlPi1. Second Ron'-Betty Schuler, Jane Bonny. Norma Snell. Betty Cornwell, Harriet Gnlaruo. lloris Grice. Mary Trefter. Mnri:u1 Xvillllfllll. Mary YYatson. Third Row-Mr. Benton, Adelbert Snell, Paul Zllllllbltfl, Howard Rhoda. XVilli:un Coughlin, Charles Foster, Alphonso Cnlurco, Robert Reiss. Neil SllLllillGCllt. Sophomore Class Aclvisofr-Mr. Benton OFFICERS President . . Paul Zambito Vice-President Alphonso Calarco Secretary Dorothy Crane Treasurei' Betty Cornwell Representatives garriet Calarqo ona d Coughhn The Sophomores have sponsored several "Tea dances" very successfully this year. We wish to thank Miss Shephard and Lelia Shephard for their help and also those who attended the dances. Fifteen f W- N., .... -...,., in . FW' .gffgwgg . V X 'Y'F5154-'1fTVf'4l+g:hfi'f 'f iff' ' ' L" ' '.:.' i"..'J'.i 'i',.3 .. . Front Row-Lucille Andrews, Leola Miller, Theresa Arena, Isabelle Tretter, Eleanor Driggs, Eunice Goodliff, June Huck, Ethel W'0of, Marie Coughlin, Jessie lVigtou, Mabel YVoof, Shirley Neth, Helen Gavel, Dorothy Schuler, Margery Porter, Margaret Crane. Second Row-Rolland Schuler, Carmelo Calarco, Harley Dilcher, Donald Rupert, WValter Millis, Howard Hart, WVarren Henries, Arthur Richenberg, Donald Coughliu, Andrew Kohut, Frank Fiorentino, Robert Cosway, Alphonso Angello, Anthony Zamhito. President Vice-President Seeretcwy Trealsufrev' Representatives Freshman Class OFFICERS . . . Harley Dilcher Howard Hart . June Buck Carmelo Calarco Helen Gavel Anthony Zambito Silly A FRESI-IMAN'S EXPLANATION When a man and a woman are engaged, he talks and she listensg when they are on their honeymoon, she talks and he listens, when they are married, they both talk and the neighbors listen. Siwteen Eighth Grade First Rozr-Tvilliam Kirkpatrick, Ronald Reiss, David Boyce. Second Ram-Aileen Strable, Marion Shultz. Dorothy Day, Alberta Iiowcliif, Eleanor Say, Marian Pnhuta. Brenda Dorf, Evangeline Millis, Jessie Parnell, Catherine Motz. Third Raw-Mr. Benton, Edwin Pelz, Herbert Genagun, Paul Monachino, Williani Alderman, Elmer Ormiston, Earl XVntson, Thomas Carrubba, Stanley Andrews, James Boyce. Jokes MERELY SEEKING INFORMATION Mr. Benton: "Where do the spiders go in winter, Paul?" Paul Monachino: "Search me. " Mr. Benton: "I don 't want them, I just wanted to know." Seventeen Seventh Grade High teen Fifth and Sixth Grades DWm,1,J,.. 1 , , Third and Fourth Grades Seventh Grade Fran! Hair-Jennie Fiorentino, Arlino Johnson. Sophie Hara-zga. Arline Tess. Eleanor Shultz, Betty Berg, Anna Gavel. Grace Cosway, Mr. Johnson. ' Back Ron:-Robert Arnold. Roy Porter, John Gillard, Joseph Zamhito, Leon Johnson, xvllllillll Allen. Asher Burton. Ralph Gillard, Edwin Snell. Fifth and Sixth Grades First Roll'-Rose Palermo, Iona Boyce, Ethelyn Boyce, Richard Nuttingz, Shirley XVigton, Rose Monachino, Bernice Peters, Ralph Miller, Lloyd Cornwell, Allen Myers. Second Row-Mary Calarco, Arlene Day, Jean Howland. Charles Zanilvito, James Palermo, Leon XYatson, Glenn Calkins, Helen Baker, Lester Jannain. Third Row-Shirley Say. Louise Arena, Virginia Armiston, Harriet Eichler, Janice Neth, Carmella Vigneri, Phillippa Monachino, Virginia Baker, Donald Boyce, Michael Graham. Fourth Row-Charles Petty, Robert lVetherwax, Paul Monachino, Miss Helen NValters, Douglas Vander Poest, Olin Boyce, George Coughlin. . Third and Fourth Grades Front Row-David Porter, LaVerne Bridge, Joseph Angello, Roceo Arena, Robert Conghlin, Mary Grace Tassone, Betty Palermo, Philippa Monachino, Rose Zamhito, Betty Montgomery, Roselie Vigneri. Illifldle Row-George Driggxs, .lack Miller, Dan Test, XVilliam Raymond, Theodore Say- Stewart Hare, Josephine Motz, Gertrude Boyce, Ruth Cornwell, Alta Calurco, Elaine Schuler, .lean Myers, Alice Petty, Last Row-Miss Shephard, Charles Fiorentino, Patsy Monachino, Ivan Boyce, XVilliam Hamil- ton, Lyman Coughlin, Duane Petty, Pauline Shanip, Viola Petty, Rachael Tassone, Elaine Holmes, Beverly Fidinger. b Nineteen ,ggi-nf", "JI ' T' .4L,fr1L 1 f , -LL.r-,e.:'..,'Lr.iW::gf5 First and Second Grades Bottom. Row-Rolland Boyce, John Fidinger, Eunice Hare, Jennie Morelli, Betty Monachino, Margery Vereecken, Tliomas Gillard, Olive Boyce, Ralph Coughliu, Rulon Martin. Middle Raw-George Rowcliff, Catherine Morelli, Daisy Petty, Lucille Ormiston, Beverly Crabb, John Morelli, Ronald Dilcher, Patsy Palermo, Rose Vigneri, Roxana Rowcliff, James Monachino, Jean Gillard, Top Row-Jack Cornwell, Sally Miller, Lola Eichler, Roxy Shultz, George Allen, Guy Smith, Doris Arnold, Dorothy Wilford, Erma 'Watsou, Raymond Vereecken, Mrs. Burr. Twen ty Z g vm K S PH U xx V gl 3 , , 4. ii Cx C .V A A ? Activities The Band First Row-Anthony Zamhito, Mary XVutson, Catherine Motz, Alphonso Angello, Lois Chapell, Betty Cornwell, Dorothy Day, Jane Bonny, Brenda Dorf, Robert Cosway, Carmelo Calarco, Virginia Dash, John Gillnrd, Ralph Gillurd. Second Row-Marie Conghlin, Alphonso Calarco, Hester Coughlin, Eleanor Driggs, XVilliam Kirkpatrick, LQOII YVatson, Helen Baker, Anna Gavel, Betty Berg, Dorothy Jannain, June Ruck. Third Row-Mr. Forbes, Lloyd Cornwell, James Palermo, Roy Porter, XValter Millis, Harriet Calarco, Lucille Kirkpatrick, Earl XVatson. The Orchestra Bottom Row-Helen XVi:.fton, Robert NVigton, Lelin Shephard. Margery Porter, Theresa Arena, Charles Foster, Paul lllonaehino, Edwin Pelz, lVn1ter Millis, Mrs. Morrison. Middle R010-Frank Gavel, Anthony Znmbito, Mary NVntson, Betty Cornwell, Lois Chapell, Harriet Calsirco. Last Row-.lane Bonny, Hester Coughlin, Alphonso Calarco. Marie Conghlin, Jessie lVigton, Lucille Kirlcpaitrick, Dorothy Jannuin, June Ruck, Virginia Dash, Brenda Dorf, Robert Cosway. ...- ,... We ,. .. .fJ..+..-Q. xfwl Quan 'Wd- ea-. ",f:' - - ' , x Li., -A J' J -- K '1 ,1g .. --..-..- V 'f i' is li 'uw' ' .-..--L.- .... . Y.. 1. Alf.. . , .v:,i.,.5.iki.i 5 , 1 E The Glee Club Front Hair-Robert Boyce. Rnlu-rt lVigtnn, Slim-rwmul Gralnnn, Xvilltvl' Millis. I"ranklin Cosway. Donald LlUll,iZllllIl. Frank Gavel. Charles Foster. Anthony Zainhito. Frank Fiurs-ntino, Holland Sc-hnler. Sevond Rau'-Harriet Ualarco. Jessie NVigton, Marp.:nerite lmrf, liila 1'ran1-, Ruth Grim-. Ruth Motz. Helen XYig:ton. Pauline Zillllliltfl. Dorothy Genegon. Marie llllllifllllll, Jean 1-lnyu-. Lvlia Shephard. 1lnrotl1y Jannain, Mabel Xvulf, Eleanor Driggs. Third Rolf-Mrs. Morrison. Helen Gavel. June Rnck, Marian lValdrun, Lenin Miller. Betty SClllll9l'. Mary NVatsun. Margery Porter. Jane IBUIHIX, Hester Cung.7l1lin, Mar::1u'et Crane, Luuflle Andrews. Charlotte Andrews, Norina Snell. Fourth Razr-Betty Cornwell, Janet SClllll61'. Shirley N4-th. Ethel XVolf. Genevieve Pelz, Mary Tretter. Eunice Goodliff. Theresa Arenal. xvlllllll Nutting, lburntlly Sl'lllllf"l', Lucille Kirk- patrick, Lois Chapell, Diana XVetterhnl1n, Virginia Dash. Y lg? . f 1. i z'2 A -I w The Paper Staff Front Row-Reida Borton, Duane Porter, NVi1ma Brayley, Sam Angello, Raymond Peters. Standing-Dorothy Schuler, Brenda Dorf, Lelia Shephard, Helen Wigton, Francis Richenbach, Ruth Grice, Miss Shephard, Betty Schuler, Margery Porter, Joseph Vereecken. -fn: , v-ff ww ' 1-- '-.T kj V 'iii ' p. 1. -,!A!1Q"1'la2 , - - m...i.,d..,f,.n...g.i:.1 Front ITOZI7-F1'Hl1lC Cnlurco, Helen XVigton. Robert XVigton, Dorothy Jannain, Laverne Sliuknec-ht. Standing-Donaild Coughlin, Anthony Zambito, Helen Gavel, Harriet Culurco, Janet Schuler, Miss England, Elton Schuler. Student Council l MORE HOVVLERS "Chaos" is a name for the World as a Whole. "Hosiery" is what carries the water to put out fires. "Allegation' ' is the name for alligators as a whole. An "autograph" is the plan of a motor car. "Pig1nies" is the name for those farms that rear pigs. A "handicap" is one that is easy on the head. The "Huguenots" were the followers of Victor Hugo. qi'M7G7'Lt1l'f0'1M' ammo. Front HOIF-.'xSll9l' Burton. Edwin Snell, .lolln Gillnrd. .lose-lull Zulnhito. Ralph Gillurfl. Vllalrles Petty. Second R01FiFT1ll1k Fiorentino. Anthony Znmlxito, l,lllIll'leS Foster, Ifllllillll Uonghlin, Aclellrert Snell, Robert Boyce. Harley Dilcher. Bac-If Row-Mr. Johnson, Holland Schnler, Mr. Benton. Alphonso Angello, Paul lllonncllino, Mr. lvlllldl-!l'll00f. lVilli:1m Allen, James Boyce, Mr. Talbot. Boy Scouts Scout Master Mr. Talbot Mr. Benton Ass't Scout Masters Mr. Vanderhoof Mr. Johnson Scribe . Joseph Vereecken ASs't Scribe . . Adelbert Snell Hozmds Patrol Leader Joseph Vereecken Eagles Patrol Leader . Anthony Zambito Wary Wolf Patrol Leader Adelbert Snell There are 22 members in the Troop. Twenty-five H Mt' ilzuzflh , Z'-W-my-' - ,fr i ff fifx' ,L ., A ,,,, C . ,.., . ' .MAH ..e,.-4,..., -I First R0'1I'-Xxvlllllil Nutting, Hester Coughlin. Jane Bonney, Janet Schuler, Lucille Kirkpatrick, Reifla Borton, Genevieve Pelz, WVilma Brayley, Diana XV9ttCl'llZlllll. Virglnia Dash, Charlotte Andrews, Marguerite Dorf, Cordelia Post. Top Rozrf-Dorothy Jannain, Lelia Shephard, Rita Crane. Pauline Zumhito, Helen XVigton, Ruth Motz, Jean Boyce, Harriet Calarco, Betty Cornwell, Lois Chapell, Leonard Burr, Sam Angello. Clubs DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club, under the direction of Miss England, elected the following officers: P1'c.9idcut . Pauline Zanibito Vice-Pwcsiclewt Lois Chapell Secretary Virginia Dash Tv'cczszw'er Genevieve Pelz The Dramatic Club presented two plays-"Open for Inspection", and "The Minister's New Car" at the Mother and Daughter banquet. The latter play was presented successfully at Oakiield, Batavia, and Bergen. "My Cousin from Sweden" was presented on School Night. Twenty-.s'iw FRENCH CLUB The French Club under the gllill'tllilllllill ol' Miss lfliigluiul elect:-il the following otlieers: Presideuz' . . Sami Angello T'iCf'-Pn'siri'r'i1f Helen Wigioii SCL'HJf!ll'!l . Geiievievi- Pelz 1'I't'lISIll't'l' ...... lillllilllt' Zainbito They had several parties at which they 4-onversed in, and played games in French. XVith the :iid ol' Mrs. Morrison, the Club inembers sang two French songs as a part ol' the School Night prograin. LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club under the direction ol' Mr. Talbot, electr-il the 7 D following otlieers: President-Lucille Kirkpatrickg N ice-l resident- Diana ll'etterhahng SGC1'G'fill'Y-Xvlllllil Brayleyg Treasurer-Pauline Zambito. The Club has added three new books to the library-"Listen for a Lonesome Drum", "Around the Ytlorld in Eleven Years", "North to the Orient". ,l,,.. Play SENIOR PLAY 'tThe Nineonipoopn, a comedy in four acts by C. L. Eaddy was successfully presented March 23. Grimes, a tailor's helper, tries to gain prestige for himself by presenting a solution in a labor and capital crisis. Bradley, a reporter, is suspected of being in league with Man- Ville, a capitalist, who tries to gain influence by his newspaper. Bonny Parker fights against this in her newspaper. A comic situation results when the three men meet at a party given in Manville's honor, at which Grimes is an uninvited guest. Grimes proves himself not such a nin- compoop after all when he settles an impending strike situation. The play ends happily when Grimes and Bonny plan to be married and her newspaper progresses. CAST OF CHARACTERS Director-Miss England J. Brayan Grimes tThe Nincornpoopl ......... . . , Leonard Burr Bonny Parker CThe debutante editorj ..., , . , ..., Jean Boyce Sol Ginsberg CThe Tailorj ....,....,. ,...,...,,,..., R obert lVigton Rosie Ginsberg C As much a flower under any other namel ........,,.. Marguerite Dorf Peter Arnold f An assistant in Sol's shopj . , , ..,. Franklin Cosway Gordon Manville CA capitalistj .,........, ......,. F rank Gavel Roger Bradley QA reporterl .... . , . Laverne Shuknecht Mrs. Morgan CThe hostessj ....,... ...,.. V irginia Dash Gladys Morgan tHer daughterj ....,. ., Pauline Zambito Mrs. Livingston CA vivacious widowj ..,. ...... R ita Crane Betty Livingston CI-Ier daughterj ...........,., .... enevieve.Pelz The Maid QA young girll ......,,.......,,............ Helen W1gtoi'1 Mrs. Krantz QA widow who tries to marry Solj .... Diana Wetter'halin Twentyeseven Ailtographs f1Ui?'ZZQ.'V' xf Sfvgxll- 3 aa Q My 5 6 3 V5 . K Literature f A 1 '. ' ' J nf "F1s"f -Tiff! 'V :vb-if 7, L i 3...-5'l':v ' 4 c Aj, we -A LOST LIFE I "Oh! I feel so sorry for her," exclaimed Phoebe. HVs7hy does life have to be so cruel to some people, Miss Russell I?" asked Phoebe bitterly. UI don't know, child. Life is so funny some times and she is so young. She was twenty when they brought her up here." This conversation was taking place on the porch of a New England home in the afternoon. Phoebe, the younger of the two women, lived in New York. She was on a two weeks, vacation. She had planned to spend her vacation in the mountains, but when she saw this little town, she changed her mind and stayed here. Miss Russell the older lady had never married. She lived on a 4 , . ' , - small farm which a hired man worked tor her. She was a small, delicate, elderly lady, to whom everybody took a liking. The topic of their conversation was a small, delicate girl of twenty- two, being wheeled in a wheel chair by the house. Hldveryday the nurse wheels her for an hour and then takes her back to the institution,l' murmured Miss Russell. "How long has she been here?" inquired Phoebe. "It's been two years, two long, hard years," exclaimed Miss Rus- sell. "I'm the only one who goes to see her. Her folks don 't even come to see her. They must feel ashamed of her," said Miss Russell angrily. t'VVas she in an accidenttli' asked Phoebe inquisitively. "No, my dear, she wasnlt. Something happened when she was back home and going to school. She's been so grateful for the flowers and candy that I bring her that one day she told me her whole story," sighed Miss Russell. t'Could you tell me?" asked Phoebe eagerly. "I don't think Nancy CNancy is her namej would care. But, please don't tell a soul, Phoebe", pleaded Miss Russell. "I'll always keep it to myselfn, reassured Phoebe. "VVell", began Miss Russell, "Nancy's parents are very well-to-do. Nancy could have anything she wanted. In her freshman year of high school, Nancy failed some of her exams. Nancy's mother and father were very angry, but they insisted that she had to graduate with her class mates,1-" "VVhat a pity", interrupted Phoebe. "In her sophomore year she had to take many subjectsw, continues Miss Russell. "She had to study the minute she arrived home until she went to bed, stopping only to eat her supper. Month after month went by. Nancy became thin and pale, but still her mother and father made her study." "The old meanies", cried Phoebe. "The same thing happened in her Junior year. Nancy was tired and ill. She obtained no exercise and seldom went to bed before nine. Well, she passed her subjects and was now a senioiyi-" Thirty 'lf' "Another year ol' hard studying", l'Xl'l2llllll'tl I'hoel1e. " Ii is it XVO11t:lG1' she hasn't been siel: nbed llll'U2lllj'H. "On top of all her lessons, her llllltllt'I' thought that she should go out witl1 tl1e young girls and boys ol' her set". "As if she didn't have enough to do illl't'2ltlyH, sniil l'l1o1-be hall' to herself. "NVell, Nancy associated with the wrong kind ol' people", Miss Russell went on, 11ot paying any attention to l'hoebe's iiiterruptions. "The young 111011 we11t to night clubs, lllxtilllltl intoxicated and 1lidn't go lltlllltl u11til three or four o 'clock i11 the inorning. The young girls drank and smoked and called Nancy HClllC'liGllH because she Wtllllflllill join tl1e111. Nancy tried to tell llGl' 1l10tllGl', but she wouldn't listen". "YYl1y couldn't sl1e leave tilt' poor girl alone?" questioned Phoebe. "I don't know, dearief' sighed Miss Russell. "Some people are funny. lVell. anyway." said Miss Russell as sl1e went on with llC1' story, 'tNancy lived through it S01llGll0W Zllld graduated i11 June. Sl1e was sixteen Zllld 011 tl1e verge of a nervous breakdown." "At last: IIOXV Nancy could rest", cried the relieved Phoebe. "Oh! but no, my dear, llG1' mother had other plans for l1er. Every night she Went to a dance or some other entertainment, getting llOll1Q around three or four o'cl0ck i11 the morning. Every 11igl1t i11 the week her 111otl1er had sometl1ing to do for her." "XVhat a life!" exclaimed Phoebe. "And especially when a person couldn't stand it," agreed Miss Russell. "Nancy was taken sick about three 1no11ths after she grad- uated. Her folks se11t her to the 111ountai11s so sl1e could get well. Three weeks later she was brought back l1Olll6 tllltl the social life bega11 again." "XVhen Nancy was seventeen, she 1na1'ried a young good-for- nothing man of l1er set. She didn't wa11t to marry him, but her mother forced l1er to because the young 1113.11 had money. H H The poor dear," murmured Phoebe. "Married life didn't go so good with Nancy," Miss Russell we11t on. "Her yoimg husband always XV2ll1tQCl to be going someplace. Nancy would be so tired she would stay home and rest. Three years went by. Nancy began to go to the night entertainments with her husband just to please him. She became weak, tired and so inactive that l1er husband got into the habit of going without her to dances alld other places." "Oh!" exclaimed Phoebe with disgust. "If he were my husband, I'd make him stay home 1" Miss Russell smiled and went on. "During her fourth year of marriage her husband left her. That was the last straw for Nancy. She had the best of doctors, but they couldn't find anything wrong with her except her nerves had gone to pieces and that she was tired and weak." "Nancy became delirious and raved about her life", Miss Russell Went one. "Her mother became frightened and told the doctors to examine her again. The doctors were becoming tired of the case and so they told Nancy's mother it was insanity. Thirty-one .C L- r, ,. -f 1 If-443-j-fe.g,pF.,ji::T -ug f .,. z1.,,i:,-s1gQ5,,fn..f A -. , ag, , 1 N.. 1' w-:Q ..m...,,. .m.....::.:1 J "So then they sent her up here", said Phoebe. "Yes, and she told me she would never go back to her home." "I suppose her husband never came back", said Phoebe as Miss Russell finished her story. "His kind never does !" "No, he never came back. But oh, my! Just look at that sun. It must be after six. I'll have to go in and get supper now, dearie," said Miss Russell. y Phoebe said nothing. She was thinking of that small, delicate person in the wheel chair. The next day Phoebewas on her way back to New York. She was still thinking of that small girl who would never know how dear life is. Lucille K irkpatriclc. A CHAT WITH A NEVVSBOY As I was walking down Main Street, a voice called out, "Paper?" "Yes," I answered, and flipped a coin to the small boy. "How?s business?" I asked invitingly. "Not so bad," answered the boy, "sold thirteen already." "How many do you usually sell?" "Twenty-live or thirty-good nights thirty-five." "Make much?' ' "Sometimes half a buck with tipsfl "Save the money?" "Gantt-have to spend it." "Isn't your father working?" "Ain't got none," he answered in a weaker voice. He died two winters ago.'? "Do you have to support your family alone? "My mother works part of the time, but she's been sick for four weeks. Doctor says they might have to operate." Although I didn't know whether to believe him or not, I decided that I did and began to feel a keen pity for him. "How many in your family?" I asked. "Five besides me." "You are the oldest?" "No, my brother Frank is thirteen but he can 't walk-infantile paralysis. 3' "How old are you?" I ventured. "Eleven.?' "Go to school?" "Sometimes, when I ain 't workin' or stayin' home, but I got to go now-here 's your change. 'l "Keep it," I said, as I continued on my way. "Thanks," came the reply. H arley Dfllcher. Thirty-two 1" .fr'."-" J SPRING lVhen spring descends upon the eurtli Everywhere there is joy and inirtli. People join the birds in song XVhieh never eease the whole day long. Up through the ground eroenses peep, IVhere have lain snow banks so deep. Streams trickle through beautiful green. Could there be a lovelier scene? ' Cllfllfflflilf A'l1fIrc'z1'.v. THE LARK At night as it is growing dark, I like to listen to the larkg She seems to tell her babes to rest IYithin their soft and cosy nest. Her loving mate is on his way, Toward his nest at close of day, To join his little babes and mate. Before the night grows very late. Clmrlottc Ancireuns. THE DECISION "Mother, why do you feel that way toward Harrison? You know that if I married him, you wouldn't have to take in any more washings and-1" Mrs. Marshall interrupted her daughter, pleading, 'tListen, Sally Jo, I'd rather wash and iron clothes the rest of my life than have you marry that man. IVhy, he is old enough to be your father. Child, what are you thinking of DZ" "But, Mother, just think--" "Yes, I am thinking that youtre not going to marry that rascal." "VVhy, I wouldn't have to sit at the office all day. Instead I would be in my own home. I can see it now with modern furniture, Oriental rugs, Venetian blinds, and everything else," Sally Marshall continued. "Yes, go on," said her mother, leaning back in her old rocking chair. "And, Mother, you know that Harry said that you could live with us, or if you didn't like that, you could have your own apartment which he would rent for you." "No," declared Mrs. Marshall with determination. "I'l1 never depend on Harrison Hanlon for my shelter." "Oh, I suppose you Want me to be satisied with that young student, Albert Sherwood, and a future minister at that!" exclaimed Sally J 0. "He's a mighty 'une fellow, Sally Jo. Yes, he is young, but so are you. Both of you can wait," Mrs. Marshall tried to convince her daughter. Thirty-three gf. -1Qifif i,1 . , .W A ,L h l 4 'P 1' . . ..3.rfv,. . -.LM ........ , .AA "Yes,.butI what could he give me to live in? Probably it would be some oldffashioned, ready-to-fall down parsonagef' the girl debated. Just then a knock was heard at the door of the little house. "Oh, that must be Harry now, "' exclaimed Sally Jo as she rushed to the door. "Good evening, my fair lady." This was Mr. Hanlon 's formal greeting. "Hello, Harry," responded Sally Jo, UI thought it to be you. Come on in. " "Thanks How do you do, Mrs. Marshallfl He politely nodded to his fiancee's mother. "Good evening, Mr. Hanlon." The answer was brief. "Mr. Hanlon? Did you hear that? I'd rather be called Harrison or even Harry, if you don 't mind." "IVell, maybe I do mind," the woman replied. "Oh, I see,', murmured Mr. Harrison Hanlon. At this time Mrs. Marshall excused herself and left the couple to themselves. "Your mother doesn't seem very friendly tonight. IVhat's the matter?" Harrison inquired. 'WVell, mother is very nervous with all her work, you know, and then she has a headache, too," explained Sa.lly Jo. "It won't be long before she'll be all through worrying. I mean when we get married. Will itt' 7 asked the man. "I wonder," the girl said in an uncertain tone of voice. "How about a little sail in my new boat tonight? " asked Harrison. "All right." Sally J o went into the kitchen to tell her mother. "Be careful, dear," was all that Mrs. Marshall said. Several tears could be seen running down her cheeks. Harrison and Sally Jo had been gone a few minutes when someone knocked on the door. It was none other than Albert Sherwood. He had returned to the city in order to conduct a church service the next day. After greeting Mrs. Marshal, he asked, "How's Sally Jo?" "Oh, Albert, she is so taken up with that wealthy sportsmanj' replied Mrs. Marshall. "You mean Harrison Hanlon?" inquired Albert. "Yes, he's the one. He's good for nothing. I know Sally Jo d0esn't love him. She just thinks of all his money. I'Ve talked to her, but I can 't change her mind," explained the troubled woman. Albert tried to comfort the woman by saying things that would turn out alright in the end. "I thought I'd drop in to let you folks know that I was in town," he stated. "I'm glad you came in, Albert," said Mrs. Marshall as she bade the young man goodbye. "Are you going to church with me, Sally J o?" her mother asked the next morning. "You know, Albert is preaching." Thirty-four f i Q' "Oh, I s111,1oso so. ,l. 11011.11 want 111, 11111. then, 111- 11ll"'11l, I'1-1-1 1l1ll'l1 , n 1 e1 if I Clldllit go." decl11red Sally Jo. Q During the service as Sully .lo w11t1-111-11 111111 lll,'ill'11 1hllll'1'l 111-1-:11'I1, :1 strange feeling crept over her. She was 1111gi1111i11g to like this yllllllg' 111311. lfle seemed so ki11d and SlllL'Ul'l' as 111- 11eliv1'1'e1l so l7llI'l' tl gospel message f1'Oll1 the Bible. That atteriioon Mrs. B'li1l'Slli1ll 1111111-1111 the cliange of her 1lillIg'lll.0l',H attitude toward the young 1111-acl1e1'. "How did you like the Ht'1'll1Oll this 111O1'lllllgi?'1 her niother asked. "Fine," Tl1e answer was t'avora11le. There was a pleasant smile on her lips and a bright sparkle ill her eyes. Tl1e next 111or11i11g Harrison l'Ia11lo11 called Sally Jo. "Can't you get off at the otlice illlli go 011 an airplane trip with 1116 today Y" Sally Jo was rather glad that she had to be at the ollice tl1at day, so she gave a negative reply. All day l1er niind was on whether she should 111arry Albert or Harrison. That night the decision was to he n1a1le, but not hy Sally Jo Marshall. "Oh, suppose I had gone!" exclaimed the excited girl as sl1e read tl1e evening papers. She handed tl1e paper to l161' mother who read alo11d these words in large print: HARRISON HANLON, IVEALTHY SPORTSMAN, KILLED IN AIRPLANE CRASH "Thank goodness, you weren't with him," sighed the inother. 1 "I,n1 so glad the decision has been made," rejoiced Sally Jo. .Just then the door opened, and in rushed Albert who was shouting 4'And I'n1 happy, too." V'i1'g'i'1fLia Dash. SPEAKING CONTEST The Girls, and Boys, Speaking Contest was held April 22. Ten girls a11d three boys took part. The girls were: Genevieve Pelz, Genevieve Ess, Betty Cornwell, Dorothy Jannain, Ruth Motz, Rita Crane, Jean Boyce, IVilrna Brayley, Norma Snell, and Diana Wette1'- hahn. Jean Boyce was awarded first prize and Genevieve Ess second. The boys were: Amsden Howland, Duane Porter, and Harlow Parker. First prize was given to Duane Porter and second to Amsden Howland. Duane Porter received second prize at the County Contest. Thirty-ive ,If 9 A ' 1"W 2 ,, ,www f ,..,.. nj 1 Laugh and Like' It HIGH TIME ' Mrs. Vanderhoof: "Did you know dear, that it is 10 years today since we became engaged?" Prof fpreoccupiedj : "Oh. is it my dear? It's high time we were getting married. " THOUGHTFUL "June" Porter sat on the lower step of the porch, his head resting in his hands. "What's the matter Sonny?" asked a gentleman. 'fNothing, just thinking!" replied "June". Professor: "lVhat about?" "June": "Thinking how dumb trees are to take off their clothes in the winter and put them on in summer." TAXIOAB BASEBALL If a man takes a girl riding in a taxicab, and can 't get to first base with her, he usually makes an error and she gets a "walk", I-IOPS Miss Shephard: "What is Australia bounded by?" Pupil: H Kangaroos ! " WHAT IS IT? - Jane Bonney: "Do you believe that awful story they're telling about Hester?" Harriet Oalarco: "Yes, what is it?" ONE ON THE PREAOHER Preacher-"Let every man in the congregation who desires to go to the better land stand up." Almost everybody arose. Preacher-"Now let everybody who wants to go to the other place stand up." After a minute or two a man in the back seat slowly got up and said: "I don't particularly want to go to the other place, but I am willing to stand up rather than let the minister go there alone." Tlzirty-sim MWA-.1 Swzjiia FRXDXIVH iff 73 1' K 01 as 'fix - 2 W ?A 4, V3 " Athletics N - . . -v --M,-iif x-If - , .Mvwgf 'Lx .ffr LM ., ,Y . ,, 5,9 :g1..1.5fijef,L1Ehi?I'l 1 ..... First Row-John Gillard, Joseph Zambito. Ralph Gillard, Roy Porter. Second Row-Frank Gavel, Sam Angello, Duane Porter. Robert Reiss, Elton Schuler. Capt. Paul Zambito, Donald Coughlin, Gerome Geissler, XVilliam Coughlin, XValter Millis. Tlzwird Row-Coach Mr. Benton, Ass't Coach Harlow Parker. Mgr. Alphonso Calarco, Frank Fiorentino, Adelbert Snell, Charles Foster, Rolland Schuler, Donald Rupert, Donald Coughlin, Ass't Coach Amsdeu Howland. Baseball Coach Mr. Benton Captafin . Paul Zambito Mcmczgev' . Alphonso Calarco Ass't M aomger Raymond Peters The schedule for this year is as follows: lVe They Apr. 30-South Byron CHomej 11 O May 7-Kendall fHomej 5 1 May 14-South Byron CAwayj 7 3 May 18-Kendall fAWayD 5 O May 25-Play off-Corfu vs. Elba 14 8 June 1-Quarter Final-Scottsville vs. Elba 0 9 Thirty-eight ?3T"W E , 5 Q - ,L ' fi,L..f'f,.4,ll 1 02 . 1 :J 1-'irsi RUN'-:xlllSllBll Ht5X1'l1lIlIl, Donald Cfjllgllllll. Frank Gavel, Capt. Leonard Burr, XVilli:l1n Coughlin. Francis Richenluxch, Harlow Parker. Sevond Rau'-Coaeh Mr. Benton. Donald Ciillgllllll, Aclelbert Snell, Arthur Ricllenlnerg, llunue Porter. XYulter Millis, Carmelo Ualarco, Rollancl Schuler, Paul Zannbito. Boys' Basketball l C'ap1fa,i1z ...... Leonard Burr Manvager . . Donald Coughlin , Carmelo Calarco ASS t Managers Rolland Schuler We They Dee. 10-Batavia Hi-Y CHomej 21 14 Dec. 1kSouth Byron CHomeJ 41 30 Dec. 23-Alumni CI-Iomej 35 9 Jan. 6-Corfu fHomeJ 32 10 Jan. 13-Kendall QI-Iomel 39 32 Jan. 22-Waterport CAwayJ 32 31 Jan. 27-East Pembroke CAwayj 47 20 Feb. 10-Kendall fAwayj 22 30 Feb. 17-Corfu ffkwayj 20 13 Feb. '24-East Pembroke QHomej 46 20 Feb. 26-Waterport CI-Iomej 28 Mar. 4-South Byron CAwayj 34 19 As a result of their fme teamwork, the boys won the cup. Thirty-nine F , V- .qrw'::f2f'v.-1-'iw 1. L 'vi . J ' Kewl' . gee-JL-2 ' Front Row-Lucille Kirkpatrick, Genevieve Pelz, Ruth Metz, Helen YVigton, Genevieve Ess, Reidn Borton, Jane Bonney. Standing-Leliri Sliepliard, Harriet Calarco, Jessie NVigton, Helen Gavel, Betty Seliuler, Pauline Zambito, Mr. Benton, Cordelia Post. Girls' Basketball Captain .... 4 . . Helen Wigtoii Manager . Pauline Zambito A5555 Mcmagev' . . . Lelia Shephard They Dee. 10-Batavia Y. NV. C. A. QI-Ioinel 38 Dee. 16-South Byron CI-Iornej 26 Dec. 26-Alumni CHomeJ 23 Jan. 6-Corfu fHOH16D 16 Jan. 13-Kendall QI-Iomej 24 Jan. 22-WateI'p0rt fAWayJ 8 Jan. 27-East Pembroke fAwayj 32 Feb. 4-Oakfield CAwayj 25 Feb. 10-Kendall CAWayj ll Feb. 12-Oakfield CHomej 23 Feb. 17-Corfu fAwayl 30 Feb. 24f-East Pembroke Qlloniej 27 Feb. 26-Wate1'po1't CHomeJ 14 Mar. 4-South Byron QAwayJ 26 Cllp. Forty No games being lost by our girls, they received the well-deserved w g FR 'ff g xf K Advertisements V U W 'ff 6325 e w fi , W ' - - , .. 1 's.v'1'rf.. M' I -.r,,www,mqm .V ,I 4 I I , 'I an - ,. I-gf, . . '. 2 ' I"- "Mr-g -1 f zflzi , f wxvmwmxwwv'g'i.M, I 4 I I H:::: 1 I I 'I I, I 'I YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOR II 'I I, I I ' EARL PETHERBRIDGE ,I I 'I 'I I BYRON, N. Y. 'I I 4, I I I II " 4 I HOWARD CLARK I 4 II SCHULERIS Blacksmith - Implement Dealer ' 4 Barber Shop Expert Acetylene Welding 4' Byron, N. Y. I: 4 4, I 'I I 4 I I ,I ESSO SERVICE STATION II I J. Schuler Sz J. Groves C - 1. t I I, Gas Oils Omp lmen S ' 'I . . . of 'I II General Repairing, Accessories, LB RT MARBLE ' 4 I Battery Service A E 'I I, Phone eo mum, N. Y. I 'I I II I . . I' I Compliments FRANK BARR ,I of Groceries 81 Notions I I II CALARCO BROS. Eiba, Y. I I I . 1: 'I 'I I 'I I I " State Tested Since 1920 ELBA HOTEL I I, " Herd Blood 85 B Tested Good Meals and Good Rooms 'I 4 4 'I H ANDY ACRES DAIRY Reasonable Rates 'I I :I Robert Arnold J. s. FILKINS, P1-op. 41 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I Ixxx - A--- xx! Forty-two "T:.2.. ' V Compliments of A. A. GRINNELL CO., Inc. Elba, N. Y. "BLUE COAL" America's Finest Anthracite R. C. VERBRIDGE Phone 66 Elba, N. X. Guy Smith's Hardware Heating, Plumbing Tinning Phone 11 Elba, N. Y. Compliments of MUNN Sz YOUNG Young Men's Clothes Shop Immviil, N. Y. Purol - Pep - Service Station H. E. Isaac Supersalvonise Gas and Tiolene Oil Elbn, N. Y. IF IT'S PRINTED . . We can Supply it Orders Called for and Delivered Chas. F. Miller Printing Co., Inc. 117 Ross Street Phone 1097 Batavia, N. Y. 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 1 I I 'I 1 'I I 1 I 1 'I 'I 'I 1 I 'I I I 'I 'I - A-A- ---4 Forty-thx 'GB II I l, , K1 H, ' . .:...'. ,' X 'ij I 3 Vvga,---fi -,'I1U -.41?' ' es Q ,.p ' ','iI'f.4...i.,.F'3f':?', "' I 'H . -.-f - H- :....a42Lr.r-..........,...... II JI I: 'I I I 1. .IE I 4, 'I 4, I . I I Compliments Oakfield Sales Sz Service j j I 4' of Ford Cars and Trucks I II II ' II I . Ik' 1 , . Y. I If Oakiield Farms Dairy Ol hed N IE 4, EARL J. CONNOLLY Oakfield 108 if 4, 4, 4, ' 4, 4, 4, I I, I, I I, I' 4, 4 I I :I 'I I II 4, 4, :If R. C. MARSHAM I I I IQ Quality Petroleum Products ,, I I if Wholesale Only JANNAIN BROS. .' I I :I Kendall Gas and Oils I . . . . 2, Perfection O11 - Burning, Cooking PONTIAC EI I ' I I, and Heating Stoves Sales and Service II 4, ?+- I I . M. C. T k I: Washing Machines G me S I: I II 'I Refmgerators Phone 58 Eiba, N. Y. II II I I: Phone 61 oakaeia, N. Y. I I I If If I, 4 I I II :I II I 4, 4 If 1, 1' If you want the finest hosiery 1: I: for every occasion-formal, street or jI :I sport, choose the clear ringless :I I If Earl W. Hundredmark U m mtanq Btn,-d I, I I 4' De artment Store I I: p FULL FASHIONED UOSIERY I, Ph0I16 75 They look better and last longer. I' I II I I I' ELBA, N. Y. I 'llae C9-L.-Garr Go' I: I: . 1-'E-3 Zlcparlvw-do-S'l0m S-3+ 'I I 1, Batavia, N. Y. ff II I: II II II II II L ::::::.-:- - :::::: - ::: - ::: - - - -::::::: - - A::::4. Forty-jour V, ., , ,,aM..M..' WL: MANCUSO CHEVROLET CO. Sales and Service Buy from the Largest and Most Reliable Dealer New Chevrolet for 1937 The only Complete Low-priced Car 212 - 21-1 Malin Street ' Phone 480 BATAVIA, NEXV YORK Compliments of The Outlet Clothing Co. Always the latest Styles Shown at 7 Jackson Street Batavia, N. Y. BEARDSLEY'S and you'1l pay no more. E. J. Beardsley Co., Inc. , Compliments 65 Main Batavia, N. Y. of the GAS HOUSE GANG 4 'P 'P 'P 'P 1 P 1 P 1 P 'P P 'P P 'P P 'P 'P P 'P P 'P 'P P 'P P 'P 1 P 'P 1 P 'P 1 P 'P 1 P P 'P 1 P P 'P 1 P P 'P 1 P 'P 1 P 'P 1 P 'P 'P P P 1 P 'P 'P P 1 P 'P 1 P 1 P 'P 'P 'P 1 P 1 P 1 P 'P 'P 'P P P 'P P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 1 P 'P 1 'P 'P 'P A Forty-fi 'UC IV -If J Ffi' ' :::: A ':f-':ff:fv-:-:- ::.-:.-: - ------ ,,:,,:,,::,,.,:,,,..-,::::::::--2 I 1 , I I 1 :I 1 I 1, 'I II. I 1: 1, I, 1: GRADUATES PREFER 1: I 'I ff BOOK STORE GIFTS I 1, 1, I 1 'I They have traded with us through- 1, out their school career and know our Compliments If 1 . 1 ,I merchandise to be only the best. I of 1 1: May We Suggest 1, if Fmmfain Pens Stationery Rogerson Cold Storage E, jf Typewriters Cameras LQROY! New York if Books Leather Goods 'I 'I 'I 'I If CARLTON M. SLEGHT I 1: GT Main Street Batavia, N- Y. 1, 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 1' 5: I I li 'I I: Q: 'I I 1, 1, 1, :I Ig I 1' I I 'I 'I I I :I 'I I I ff ELBA GARAGE I 'I I 'I 'I " Gasoline, Oils, Accessories 'I I JOSTEN'S lg 1 1 :I General Repairing I Manufacturers of I I 'I T ea ure Craft SL Stationer 'I I Official r S y 1: 'I . Owntonna, Minn. :I I A. A. A. Station ,Q 'I 'I 1 1 gf Lift for Greasing 1, 1, . 1 fl Candies - Tobacco - Soft Drinks :I I I 'I 'I 1: Phone 39 Night Phone 27-J-13 3: I I I 1: H. S. NVALKER 124 Cady St. i' District Manager Rochester, N. Y. 1' ,I ,I :I :I 1: 'I I 4,::::::.- v .-::::::::::::.-::.-::::::.-::.-.-::::::.-: -::::::::: -::.-::.-::::::,3 Forty-sim ..f'5aL 1- fk.,- I -" .1 , -- -,Ip-, gp- y .p.,, . -, , ,gffq V f. . If-f-51:,i:,-1-4-4, ...-Q-an-I We commend the spirit of acluexement as exemplified in oui school today. -Porter Sz Bonney If It's Insurance See ERNEST C. DAY Compliments of STANLEY WELLS Compliments of REDMOND BROS. F. S. Royster Fertilizer C. J. VANDERPOEST Field Tested Plone 47 ELBA, N. Y. OUR PATRONS JOHN SWARTZ WILLIAM SHEPHARD ROY ROWCLIFFE MR. GILLARD ALBERT BURR C. F. DILCHER Insurance Agency Q m m I - Egafg ggl gmg-IE E H. M. INGRAHAM Batavia's Upstairs Jeweler Main Street Opp. Post Oliice Quality Watches and Diamonds Forty 1-:::::: -A-- A - - - Y 'S' sy "" T . .Y 4' - '4 ' f 4.44.1-'11-'w' 4, 142 ,4 -, -,P 1 :F-1 44 'iff "5,Qi5i'Q gf ,- N-1-we ,, --.--. .. - ::,::,:,,, ::, ,L-:::,:,:::,,: - -:,:.-::: ---. ::, ,-.-.-.- -::,:c,, 4 4 4' 4' 4: :I 4 4 44 4' 4 4: 44 4, 44 4, 44 4, 44 4, ,I 41 I 4 4 13. C. ROOT 4 44 4: 41 Oakfield, N. Y. If 4, 4, 4 4 ig 4 4 . . 4 ,I Furnlture Funeral Directors 41 4 44 4 4 44 4 I 4: Phone 3 Phone 82 4, 4, Q: 1: 4 :I Phone 151 4: 4 4, 14 4 4, 4, 44 44 44 44 4, 4, 44 44 14 44 44 4: 4, 4, jI jl 4: 44 44 44 44 44 4, 4, 44 44 4, 4, 4 4 I I 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 4 Il . . . 1 4 44 Concentrate your m1nd on saving a Hxed portlon of your lncome and 4: 44 44 4, the results you will accomplish are sure to astonish you, especially if 4, 4 4, you make a savings account at the Bank of Elba the custodian of your ,I I 4 ,I surplus, and thus get compound interest working for you. 4 ' 4, 4 44 4, 4 4, I 4 BANK OF ELBA 4 44 4, 4 4 44 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 44 44 it 1: 44 4, 4' 4 I 44 4: 44 4, 4 4 4 4: 4: 4, 4, 4, 4, 44 I, 4, 4, JL 4 ::::::::J f::::::.-:::.-:::::::::::::.-::::::::::.-::::: vv.. :::::::::::::Q Forty-eight L-.4 . .,::.-- -::,,-,..,.-.,,,. -,-,,,--, Fashion never takes an vacation at McAlpine, Brumsted's . . . that's why it is here when you do. If you areplanning even a week-end there are things you need. The more days you have to play, the more you will enthuse over the things we have gathered for vacation purposes. All prices show that we give you credit for being a thrifty man who knows how to practice being perfect in his purchases. MCALPIN E, BRUMSTED 8: CO. BATAVIA The Clothieyg NEW YORK ROUTE 98 LANCTON,S CORNERS GARAGE P. R. Richenberg, Prop. Kendall Gas and Oils Dunlop Tires and Tubes Elba, N. Y. Telephone 29 ESS MARKET 1 Headquarters for Watches Choice Meats 8: Groceries . . . Visit the Gift Center of Batavia S. A. BLUMBERG If J . Y. Phone 55 EI BA, N Jeweler 110 Main Street Batavia, N. Y. 7 'n lv 4 4 n 'r lr lr 4 4 I 'r 'r ir 'n lr 'r 'n 4 4 4 4+ 'n I r 'r 'n 'r V 4 r r 'r 4+ 'n V 'n 4a ir lv ln 'r l ir in r 4' 'n 'r J Forty-nh L G 'I X A 4- U . THE CHAMPION THREE- Comphments f Endicott - Johnson Quality o 1 Endicott - Johnson Price The Endicott - Johnson Style ff Genesee - Orleans Vegetable Growers 94 Main Street Batavia Y Co-Operative Association, Inc. N. Y. P 4 Harold Allen Electrical Contractor ELBA, N. Y. ELBA, N. Y. The Staff of 1937 Wishes to Extend 4 Sincere Thanks To the Advertisers and Friends 1 Who Helped Make This Year's "Revue" A Success. 4 4 L-:::- - Fifty ,.-f,7,.si.9.i4 ,- e. mr ul. 1 . i f . 9 Autographs 1 L X p 1 1, eta- ' r , . x N o w' f f ,, 1 1 , 1 -9 Q -,yr 1 'ff 1 h V-4 ... Hall?-4" 3 ?f","-Qf.- L Anil b5I2a?nYm?'125A'fQx5Zr32E " fel., 'W "L ".. . 5, QW. Hx. . -V'

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