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4 KZNQXQQ6 iii' mv :QQ N ,195 qv x be Qiffjkf Xiggyoxigix 0 Q qfff Q Ja L fi D V y 7 520 iA2JQJCk4?56Q ff fi Q0 454 X6 65 AABQJ we fp VCE ABJQXN ' ,. V, , . , A, NM N A U ww- ' have dm, YY'0re gigvppvcgghmi 190+ fm wo? -I-s DUOV 906 mcswfs-f 'HWW4 n 'H-Ns no++l'0ff 'Cm "Q5fY9U,OK and 40041 QQ GU-lv abr? wwe wwe W10Mi"f,j, good Mmefu o,N9 Sami D x gbfki Kmw T' 338 4' lm? -Wwe, Cgummcf ami '50 W HQ ws! f' ,S be hspfteln ' WCN ww QJHQQ , MMM, 3333+ wfwf X400 OWNQQ "3'0wNf+Q CPM we QQ S6255 We , Q FULL HOUSE Q, - Ss ovmfxls , b QS . as 9 up lufc L 0 gf Nb XNNW Qin A- Qs V ou. v- X rs' QP wW,,w .P+ W 5xX"3vv"b XXV? ww . 0 A X , be . , N' 39 vwlwx 57 oQi?'k AOX 5, NJ ., Q V ' Cfv-"f2.,92'L"iiX2'X , . 9- ,Aa Q4 'Sir' m s Af -I Q 4 N! 1 1 Y I A fn- gx-,Q7 ,, I 4 iff e S v xv 4 W Z? wggiywwwiw MW Q yy ww W W I Wig W fQWLg, MWm VD 'D K fi W XODQJQJ vga ' L t QQ 7 7 . 1 45 Agwygm QCXX CN Jaxx-O, OUJJ UQWSNQXXVX fi COP C va CO W 'ff wcoffpoj . QV C50 Y, Q-Pax 3 OFF I Alf' JY X0 COB . a C CAE Xie' XV, Q9 w"'N"'Q' Q- rf FULL HOUSE ,ii 1 6 Y 5 I r n 1 A 'MA WLM Kkwfyam wximmf ML Z M wmaffffhfwyw ywwwwfq WQZZWWHJWWZ M mn WM A Ming ,EBM wwJH ga Q WWZQM " P L E Ax ' HW pfx 5.4 gbxbil iii R9 iffy?- APT? HJDLQ C1 f J MC. 5 S23 W 3 S5 'f-F5 I I fxif Qjyf WM PWM Kaj'iZ762C3?4L X B 6+ 0W xkf?f V ' 89 4 2 s0 wf . XX ,wa f K'f19Y0gXw5 WXEWSXQ 'N if lf YVNWV .1-W, V xx Q YLQ FQ ,Xx,5f75qX y -N fw iw ,M w guy fwxjw MM 9 ' 45 Jw ,X NX Y N QLJXN A ' 1 AQ f f 'J Aw, r xx-J V J" YU J JU .51 U N 5 L W 554. 'kj U f - I SY V Maf1,,Q,' I H5951 W'g5O5'?JfF' X X9 . 'Qi' f , Q V X Z QQ JN ,4 1 E-5, 4 X AMANECER 1981-1982 EDITICDN IX Published by THE EL TGRG HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOGK STAFF El Toro High School 25255 Toledo Way El Toro, California 92630 my ' rn, X! x R JV U 6 5 'VB 4 f R 1 ,Q .A V ,M ,Ak QPR 4 V , , . 4 1 ,QM V fl , JN .IU f F X4 A LCV AR- 64W A L, A L C A A M A JJ 'wif MW Nj R L' f fp 'N 4 1 Uv V 2 XX '-'X 7 ff br 'O H Ry ,L fx Dfw , 4 x 5 V ,XGA k JA fx ffltfxly 1 xxj XX, X J, F L 1, ' CX! , f W w by fx R f L 4 A Ulf 1 xy 2 ' 'K L X V f! ff W W VM M X U HrJLf X DX I A Lf VX bf N T, NM, Nagy f XNQPXX GK I Q 'X rdf ,xg X, 'X 14 'Lf ML FULL HCDLISE WILD CARDS CLUBS 20 CARD STUDS FACE CARDS ACES DEALERS 52 IN REVIEW KITTY 4 14 54 86 15 248 260 274 286 1 1 it nm. 4 Theme 0 MGRE ROCDM AT ET: "FULL HOLlSE" The yearbook staff for 1981-1982 was in a quandary. The big question was, "What's the theme for this year's publication going to be?" The advisor, editors, and publication manager all racked their brains trying to come up with a theme that would have something, anything, to do with the school. Then, one day, it reached out and slapped them in the face. The 1981-1982 school year presented a new problem to El Toro - over- crowding. The problem was, and still is evident everywhere on campus. ln the beginning, it seemed to take twice as long to pass from class to class. lf one was a little late for lunch, it was im- possible to find a table in the quad. Six new portables had been installed over the summer, and during fourth and fifth periods, all the classes on campus were filled to capacity. El Toro's problem was overcrowding, the yearbook staff's problem was the theme. The two problem's were combin- ed, and one was solved. The theme had to have something to do with "over- crowdingf' "Overcrowding" was too dull, though, too benign, too hard to represent. The Amanecer staff then came up with it, the perfect solution. To use the term "full house" to represent overcrowding, and use playing cards to depict "full house." Everything fit in perfectly. The classes became "Face Cards" and the teachers were transformed into the "Dealers," ln a sense, the yearbook staff had become the gamblers, and had won the pot. So, the yearbook staff would like to play its hand, and present the l98l-82 edition of the Amanecer, "Full House." l. The Class of '82 displays spirit. 2. Vick Lohr awaits announcement of "Best Dressed Baby" award. 3. Suzanne Sierra, Jennifer Cabael, Kathie Hubenthal and Tammy Winslow help promote Charger spirit. 4. Fif- ties impersonators, leaning against a vin- tage Mercedes, take a break after a long mor- ning. 5. Some babies take an early morning spin around the parking lot. 6. Freshmen listen intently during the Fall Sports Assembly. 7. Hippies attend a sit-in on top of the "Love Van". 8. Songleaders prepare to entertain at the Mission Viejo Assembly. 9. Senior infants stop to decide what to play. 10. "Fifties Day Nerd", Tim Hogan dances close to a "chick" during lunch time activities. 1 Theme 5 1? 6 Theme 1. Seniors practice forming a pyramid for Spirit Week Field Day activities. 2. The Class of '83 attempts to out cheer other classes during class competition in a pep assembly. 3. Damon Sweazy races by Mission Viejo defenders during a Friday night game. 4. Shawn Mortenson, Susan Strabic and Cindy Hamm rally the hippies together for a sit-in. 6. Junior teenyboppers beebop to the beat during Fifties activities. 6. Twins Kit Bowen and Bobby Joyce take a break from Baby Day activities. 8. Students intensely watch their favorite class during Spirit Week field activities. 9. Students rock to the beat of Papa Doo Run Run during the Erst dance of the year. 10. Camilla Formica and Stacey Doss dance together to promote enthusiasm at a Friday night football game. 11. Sophomore hippies and flower children at- tend an anti-war sit in. 12. Senior babies watch lunch time volleyball action. 13. O. J. Simpson pays a professional visit to E.T. to be in a Wilson commercial featuring several ET varsity football players. 14. Members of the class of '83 strain to form a pyramid suitable to win the competition during Spirit Week field events. Y U MM' ES. I. I ,, -.0 MS.- kfs TE! E naw 'W my n. wtm! f r. Q H U1 EF' Cv Theme 1. English teacher Mr. Bill Bailey and Social Studies teacher Mr. Jerry Butler supervise the crowd during field day activities. 2. Var- sity volleyball palyers Leslie Devereaux, Chris Eachus, Lynn Callahan, Tracy Clarke, Terri Bryson and Robin Holmes show Charger enthusiasm during the Fall Sports Assembly. 3. Babies Camilla Formica and Mia Miranda show off their matching pa- jamas. 4. Chargettes Laura LaHage and Michelle Silverstein prepare to perform at a football game. 5. Infant Mike Madewell en- joys his Baby Day breakfast at IHOP. 6. Fif- ties Day juniors show off their various costumes while attending snack activities. 7. Students enjoy the sounds of Papa Doo Run Run at the first dance of the year. 8. The class of '85 tries to win spirit competition during a pep assembly. 9. Cowboys Tom Barnes and Paul Joyce watch one of the ac- tivities taking place during Field Day. 10. A junior prepares to score a touchdown during the football competition on Spirit Week Field Day. 1 l. A crowd of students watches a football game. 12. Marching Band practices under the supervision of Ms. Pat Rainer. 13. Two freshmen tourists pose and display their unique clothing. 14. The effort of the spirited representatives of the sophomore class wins second place in the pyramid race. l5. Teenybopper Karen Seeberg twists to the beat during lunch activities. 8 Theme if sa Y 'B Hakim :atm wx if .J -f ,W NMA wwf.- P ci gnfvhn 7 we A , A 4 f' w,f 'A W"MW""'WW., ,fflfl Mv- am ,4 3 1 Theme 9 'vii md, I - Dean of Students Terry Dazey and Prin- cipal Don Walker help promote enthusiasm at the Homecoming nominee assembly. 2 - Mr. Paul Beidler looks tough while watching Field Day events. 3 - Baby Chris Shore anx- iously awaits his breakfast at IHOP. 4 - Key Club advisor Bill Ruffner, Tim Baynham, and Dave Zellhart pose for a quick picture. 5 -- Kit Bowen and Stacy Allen take a break during the Homecoming Nominee Assembly at the pool. 6 - Stephanie Summers, Erin Parnell, and Renee Woods show senior spirit by dressing up as babies, during the annual event. 7 - Mr. Jerry Rouse takes a break from removing a banner to give the photographer a smile. 8 - Babies Stacey Doss, Angie Hobson, and Vicki Gordon, dressed as triplets, take time out from their hectic schedule to show off their cute outfits. 9 - The Class of '84 stomps and cheers dur- ing the Fall Sports Assembly. 10 - The Songleaders perform to promote spirit at the first assembly of the school year. ll - Students listen intently while Dr. Wilson Riles, state superintendent of public instruc- tion delivers an emotional speech to civics and TRAIL students on October 22 in Charger Hall.,The lecture was the highlight of Riles' visit. 12 - Hippies Stephanie Mayer, Susan Strabic, and Cindy Hamm spread peace and love as a part of 60's day. ln the background, the "Love Van" played an important part in setting the mood for the day. 13 - Principal Don Walker rests after swim. Theme 1 1 I ,,,, . , . ., , i':: swf. WWWW3 Amr QEGMVW Mm. 2 1. Senior babies display a wide variety of outfits for the annual event. 2. Glenna Henry stoically awaits her moment as a Chargette leader. 3. Seniors congregate on the Senior Rock in place of benches. 4. Juniors crowd into track bleachers at Spirit Week Field Day. 5. The Detectives present a lunch time of music on Baby Day. 6. Baby fireman Larry Higginbotham rides aimlessly on his Big Wheels. 7. A family of babies take a moment from their activities to pose. 8. Susan Strabic spreads peace and love to El Toro's students. 9. Barbara Coffman and Tharine Rudon look fresh before a full day of baby fun. 10. Freshmen find their spirit quickly by winning class competition at the 4B Homecoming Assembly. 11. Band and Flag and Banner practice early each morning to prepare for various performances. 12. Chargers stand waiting for a spot to sit dur- ing lunch. 13. Allison McLaughlin prepares to climb atop Leigh Middlestead for a J.V. cheer pyramid. 14. Poodle skirted Elizabeth Tillis, Jaimi McFarlin and Doreen Buckley swoon tough guy Jerry Littlefield during Wednesday of Spirit Week. 15. Mitch Freem and Eddie Austin give the thumbs up while resting in a 50's hot rod. 16. Principal Don Walker and Dean of Students Terry Dazey take time from lunch supervision to listen to Social Studies teacher, Ms. Diana Osterhues. Theme 13 1. Jeff Mueller is surprised by the Homecoming Dance's photographer while dancing with Sharon Merritt to the music of "Head First." 2. "The Lone Baby," Burt Walsh, looks on as the senior class plays "Duck-Duck-Goose" during the lunch time activities. 3. A masked Shari Farrington feeds pepperoni pizza to Dan Gibbs during a snack-time pep rally in an attempt to promote spirit 'for the Costa Mesa game. 4. An excited princess, Leslie Devereaux, watches as the Homecoming court rides to the stage in "old time" cars. 5. A group of students anxiously awaits the announcement of the 1981 Homecoming Queen. 6. Stephanie Sommers, Erin Parnell and Todd Wallin dance to the 60's sounds of Papa Doo Run Run during the first day Back to School Dance. 1. "Clark Kent" chooses Monica Osborn as the 1981 Homecoming Queen, while Leslie Devereaux watches the excitement. 8. 1980-81 Pep Commissioner Kit Bowen "rides the bull" during the Homecoming game. 9. Erin Westerman and Christiana Jenny perform to Hall and Oats' "You Make My Dreams Come True" during the Homecoming pep assembly. 10. Lylac Baker and Scott Ballard look on as the seniors are victorious in the Spirit Week field assembly. "Wild Cards," as the yearbook staff prefers to call activities, were often times the highlights of the year. Breaking the monotony of school days and school work, these "Wild Cards" involved every aspect of teenage life, ranging from dances and formals for the music lovers, to Homecoming and Powder Puff for the sports fans. Some special appearances this year by famous names included a surprise visit from football great O. J. Simpson and a visit and speech from Wilson Riles, state superintendent of education for California, as well as a visit from "Clark Kent" at the Homecoming game to announce the 1981 Homecoming Queen. To see students walking around campus with ace bandages around their arms and the color gone from their face was not unusual on the day of the annual Red Cross Blood Drive. Sixteen and seventeen year old "babies" were not unusual on October 7, EI Toro's annual senior Baby Day, which was preceded by junior 50's day, sophomore 60's day and freshman tourist day. The faculty wasn't left out of the festivities either. On Friday they dressed up in their best "Western Duds." West Side Story was this year's musical production, a popular and fun-filled fund-raiser for the performing arts department. The annual Sadie Hawkins dance and Donkey Basketball game were included in this year's "Wild Cards," also. All these, and many more, "Wild Cards" were sponsored this year to give El Toro's students a chance to really "play their hands!" "WILD CARDS" SENIORS REENACT SESAME STREET This year's senior Baby Day was a great success. Almost all of the seniors participated in the activities and had a lot of fun. During snack, the senior hall was available for viewing. The hall was decorated like Sesame Street. Life size figures of the children's T.V. show characters were on display including replicas of Big Bird, The Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and Ernie and Bert. Down the hall was a playpen filled with stuffed animals and dolls. During lunch, the senior babies played kiddie games. ln the quad, games like duck duck goose and ring around the rosie were played. In the lower quad, the babies rocked to the beat of a band called The Detectives. Preceding the baby day events was a night of parties before going to the school to toilet paper it. There were approximately 1500 rolls of toilet paper used. Almost every area on the campus was covered. The t.p. stayed up all day but after school the seniors were very busy cleaning it up. The hardest part was get- ting it out of the trees and off the wet grass. 1. Seniors Joy Binns, Kristie Perkins and Sandy Spriggs snack on chocolate milk dur- ing Baby Day festivities. 2. Warren Paez and Suzanne Willis stroll amid post-Baby Day clutter. 3. Stuck inside the giant pen stands Johnny Perez. 4. Brian Flanagan, Dan Klien, and Drummond Buckley travel in search of mischief. 5. Pre dawn "decorated" campus awaits the arrival of babies. 6. "Cranky Pants" Sandra Lea observes Baby Day lunch activities. 7. Aaron Lybarger watches as the senior class is served breakfast at IHOP. 8. Vicki Mirza and Delise Smith look on as the senior class officers choose whose the best baby. 9. A group of babies gather into their teams for a game of red-rover. 16 Activities ,QA l 4 2 o if 4 l, ' JLINICRS DRESS AS THE FIFTIES FOR SPIRIT The juniors rocked around the clock during fifties day this year. The hallway was decorated like a soda shop. There was a table and chairs set up in one cor- ner, and in the other corner there was a pinball machine. During snack there was a long line to play it. The walls had girls and guys phone numbers written all over them. There were also a lot of forty-five rpm records. During lunch the juniors did the Bunny Hop, the Twist and shaked rattled and rolled to the music of Elvis Presley, the Four Seasons and other popular fifties singers. There was also a vintage Ford on display during snack and lunch. The Juniors showed a lot of spirit this year. l. Melissa Osborn takes a break from fifties activities to crack a book. 2. A group of spirited girls dance to the music of the fifties disc-jockey. 3. Mitch Freem and Eddie Austin act cool in their vintage Ford on display dur- ing Spirit Week. 4. Lisa Gasser looks up from her studies in Mr. Steve Stratos' classroom. 18 Activities 55. - ii- 3, if Hu 'if -it I 'ii. hr lun.- CLASS OF '84 POSTS SECDND IN SPIRIT This year's sophomores really got in- to the spirit of the sixties. During snack there was a protest sit-in led by Shan- non Parnell. There was also a love van with bean bag chairs all around to relax on throughout the day. During lunch there was a special visit by the Beatles, portrayed by Shelly Stenger, Monique Brass, Peggy Callahan, and Barbara DeSpain. There was also another pro- test to stop the Vietnam War. The hallway walls were decorated with popular sixties rock stars such as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and The Beatles. There were peace symbols all over, and "Flower Children" gave out signs and flowers throughout the day. l. Spirited Celeste Reinick, dressed as a flower child, walks to her next class. 2. Shawn Mortensen takes s break from han- ding out daisies to talk with friends Wendy Hurly and Cindy Matthews. 3. Friends Esther Eun, Sally Tanner, Courtney Lorenz and Cor- rine McCarney converse on stairs. 4. Frank Maras acts like a cool hippie in his sixties outfit. Activities 19 FRESHME DRESS AS TOLIRISTS FOR SPIRIT This year Tourist Day was the choice of the freshmen for Spirit Week. Many freshmen participated in the joyful events. The freshmen who dressed, which was a great majority, carried around cameras and wore Mickey Mouse ears. The clothes they wore con- sisted of cut off shorts, and Hawaiian print shirts. The freshmen hallway was designed as a travel agency's office. There was a desk with many travel brochures and traveling magazines. On the walls were many tourist type ai . 4 , as 1 if posters, ln the field events, the freshmen showed they were tough com- petetors. They displayed great efforts even though the attempt was unsuccessful. 1. Tourists Allison McLaughlin and Kelly Farley stop between classes to pose for a pic- ture. 2. Spirited Lori Stroup and Jeff Stilson leave their lockers and head toward the lunch line. 3. Kim Drexel. Gina Donohoe, and Jackie Femey talk in the upper quad before their next class begins. 4. Patty Eubanks displays her splrlt as she quickly walks to her next class. i 20 Activities 1 iv , ,I 2 , Q15 ?f??if?, , - S " r 1. 'Vi S L U V' V 4 ii"TT:'T?.f7' Q 4 Qi' ' CHEM -. 5 l rl M' l 'iw e. F-115, mpgs" .P Fl., M ll M , FACULTY GOES FOR WESTER AGAIN P' Again-the faculty chose to dress in western gear. Most of the faculty par- ticipated in the day's events. The facul- ty came dressed in cowboy boots and hats. Also, they wore western style shirts and blue jeans. The faculty was in charge of supervising the field events against the different classes. Mr. Kieth Sims was the chief organizer of the field events. Other faculty members were in charge of supervising the sidelines and the different contests. r as QP 2 'E . , .. ' lm ' I L' 1. Terry Dazey and Beverly Hughes look on and watch the classes compete during the Spirit Week fleld day events. 2. Keith Sims stands on the sidelines supervising the relay race. 3. Emcee Keith Osborn tells students, "that the Goodyear blimp will be arriving any time now for live coverage of the events." 4. Dan Hair doesn't look too happy as he straightens out his Battened cowboy hat. 5. Richard Alderson and Dick McDowell talk as they keep students away from field activities. 6. Claire Arroyo looks up from her desk in the ofllce as she files library cards. 7. Deena Hornsby stops from teaching algebra to pose for a picture. Activities 21 MCDNICA OSBCDR CRCDW ED '81 QLIEE "Hello, Again" was the theme of the 1981 Homecoming which proved to be a great success. There was a pep assembly during fourth period, during which last year's song and cheerleaders performed. For a grand finale to the assembly the alumni drummers per- formed in a "strobe" lite gym, for the last time. The football team had great support from the crowd, and beat University, 38-7. During halftime there was the crowning of the queen, Monica Osborn, announced by Clark Kent. The king, Mark Matranga, was crowned the following night at the dance. 1. Clark Kent impersonator walks up to stage to announce the Homecoming Queen. 2. Alumni song and cheerleaders take a break to pose for a picture. 3. Cindy Hamm and Mike Dykes dance to'the music of Head First. 4. Number 32, Damon Sweazy runs with the ball to score a touchdown. 5. Rick Watson dances in the gym during the Homecoming dance. 6. El Toro mascot charges through banner held by Kit Bowen and Monica Osborn. ' nthy Nokil 'L uf- , th 'W W4 s is, X fit 5 I 22 Activities OSBORN, HEAVICAN PROMOTE E.T. SPIRIT Pep assemblies, co-hosted this year by Pep Commissioners Monica Osborn and Barby Heavican, got off to a rousing start with a Mission Viejo football game assembly. ln addition to the usual in- troducing of sports teams, the assembly was highlighted by a football team baby picture presentation. The loudest laughs were for Steve and Paul Svitenko bathing in the buff. A rare pool side assembly followed. Highlights in- cluded the announcing of the Homecoming nominees, a faculty- varsity waterpolo scrimmage and high dive leaps by Principal Don Walker and Dean of Students Terry Dazy. Spur of the moment dunkings of the pep com- missioners and Damon Sweazy brought loads of applause. Perhaps the final ap- pearance of El Toro's own drum corps highlighted the Homecoming assembly in early November. Throughout the year the Chargette Drill Team performed precision and jazz routines to an appreciative Charger crowd. The energy level of both the var- sity song and cheerleaders served to motivate the students, and get them more involved in the football games and other school activities. l. Drill Team relaxes during the Homecom- ing assembly. 2. Monica Osborn and Barby Heavican start the class competition boat race during Homecoming nominee assembly. 3. Songleaders complete a routine at the Mis- sion Viejo pep assembly. 4. Drum Major Rick Watson leads band members. 5. The Chargette Drill Team performs a routine to Hall and Oates' song "You Make My Dreams Come True." 6. Songleader Stacey Doss per- forms a routine at the assembly. 7. Up- perclassmen join hands in the singing of the Alma Mater. 8. A crowd of rowdy freshmen cheer for their class during class competi- tion. 9. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders per- form their routine at the second assembly. 10. Returning alumni drummers play for a last time at the Homecoming pep assembly. ll. Football captains Dave Hester and Steve Svitenko get the crowd riled up for the game. 26 Activities hifi-'iELl'I.5.'l'.a.".as ..-Q, A -ur ,L mi, 0 M , v. , L, X',, Z0 qi. ES 5 4 if 'Qs F Aa, W, 55' . 33 -r 28 Activities - 3255 : -'SEQ' dl "Q '-Q4-,,, lf N "fx s 'stiffer :dv 'iz Christmas Rose Blooms in Anaheim "A Christmas Rose" was the theme given this year's Christmas Formal sponsored by the Girls' League. The dance was held inside the Orange Coun- ty Ballroom of the new Anaheim Mar- riot, December 25. The music was per- formed by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods. Stacey Doss was crowned Queen by last year's recipient, Danielle devereaux. l. Queen Stacey Doss with King Jim Miller. 2. Danielle Devereaux passes her crown to an excited Stacey Doss while senior princess princess Charon Turner looks on. 3. The Ban- ner displays this year's theme. 4. The Christmas Formal Court: Sophomore Prince Bob Summers and Princess Micaela Daly: senior Prince Mike Fadich and Princess Charon Turner: Queen Stacey Doss and King Jim Miller: Senior Princess Barbie Heavican and Prince Vince Trollang Junior Princess Kelly Mayer and Prince Jerry Eldridge. 5. Renee DePaul and her date Kerry Kim swing to the sounds of the band. 6. Some couples do away with formalities and show their wild side. 7. Mike Patnode and his date Joni Bragg watch the band from their table. 8. This table posed some smiles for the cameras while enjoying the music. Activities 29 PAPA DOG RUN RUN STARTS '81 OFF BIG The popular group Papa Doo Run Run, played for the successful Back to School Dance. The dance, which was held in the gym, lasted four hours. The group played popular surfing songs by the Beach Boys. The songs played in- cluded: "Surfing Safari," "California Girls," "Surfing Ll.S.A.," "I Get Around," and others. When the dance neared the end, the group played a medley of popular rock songs by the Doors, Moody Blues, Stones, and Led Zeppelin. The students really loved the dance. Also, students from Mission Vie- jo, and Laguna Hills High were invited to attend the dance. 1. EI Toro students start off the year with a Back to School Dance, featuring the sounds of Papa Doo Run Run. 2. Members of the 60's sounding group, "Papa Doo Run Run" per- form at the first dance. 3. Still wearing their summer wear. students dance to the sounds of surfin' music. 4. Eric Anderson dances the night away. 5. Renee De Paul enjoys herself while dancing 60's style. 6. Stephanie Som- mers and Erin Parnell rock out during the Back to School Dance. 30 Activities F 1352. yy A R. ww..-,.. V.,n.uE 2 L. 'I ff' ".1-J.-lfF'M'ii 1 I . 415 -'Q-gT,.:,, :- 1 . Q nz, nw, -:I 'ggi f Zfjfiiii- I -1' . 31-255' if , , -' EDUCATION CHIEF DR. W. RILES VISITS E.T. . ,, 1 State Superintendent of Education Dr. Wilson Riles came to the school Oc- tober 22 and was greeted by the Chargette Drill Team and the JROTC. Also there to greet him was A.S.B. President Nate Woods, and the Principal Donald Walker. First off, he was given a tour of the campus, then proceded to Charger Hall. In Charger Hall he spoke to the TRAIL and civics students, as part of the several success symposiums planned throughout the year. After- Ns... wards, he visited room 306, home of English teacher Mrs. Sue Toibin, who won the honor of Orange County Teacher of the Year. 1. Dr. Wilson Riles arrives in El Toro's library to great an old pal, Ms. Dorothy Goldsmith. 2. Mr. Donald Walker and Dr. Wilson Riles discuss Riles' speech to the TRAIL students. 3. Drill Team is honored to greet Dr. Riles upon his arrival. 4. State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Wilson Riles, is interviewed by channel 50 during his visit to El Toro's campus. Activities 31 BA D, DRILL TEAM TRAVEL T0 RIVERSIDE This fall, the El Toro Marching Band along with the Drill Team ventured to Riverside for the annual Lester Oakes Band Review. Each year schools from all around southern California take part in these competitions, displaying many different levels of precision and ex- cellence. The Marching Band, under the skillful guidance of Street Competition Drum Major Jim Johnson, showed ex- actly that. The Drill Team claimed another well deserved trophy by placing second in the overall field competitions. 1. Mrs. Pat Reiner, Kim Boydston, and Mike Szeckley take a rest from their loading detall. 2. Drill team displays their en- thusiasm over their newly awarded trophy. 3. Jim Johnson, Drum Major, reveals a tired gaze after a long day of competition. 4. A triumphant Glenna Henry marches to receive her trophy during the award ceranonles. 5. Drlll team members take time out for some lunch and conversation. 6. The band stands ready and waltlng for instructions from their Drum Major. Jim Johnson. 1. The Band and Drill Team advlsors walt anxiously for the competition results. , jf.kf"'f 4 is I we 32 Activities W Q 4 fa . , ----an-...q...,, l MMI M--., f lui ' 4"--.M I ,,,, i ww "h' M" I .,,, ,A ,, , . W 4 T"'--.vu -W , FACULTY TRILIMPHS ONCE AGAIN The student basketball teams suf- fered another defeat in the annual game against the faculty. The faculty never relinquished its lead throughout the en- tire game, wrapping it up, 64-55. The freshmen played the first quarter and were followed by the sophomore team in the second quarter. ln the third and fourth quarters, the Varsity squad took the court and tried to make a come back, which proved to be unsuccessful. Proceeds from the ticket sales funded T 'L 3 We Mfg' ""-s ,. W the purchase of a new glass backboard. 1. Sonny Lewis goes for the basket over the determined hands of Mr. Jerry Miller. 2. At the end of a long, arduous battle, opposition is met with a cordial handshake between Mr. Jeff Butler and Mark Matranga. 3. Mr. Mike Jagd overcomes player Kevin Cummings in an aerial battle for the ball. 4. Mr. Don Stoll struggles to block a shot from opponent Jim Hamill. 5. Mr. Jeff Butler is heavily guarded by Jeff Amold as he drives his- way toward the basket. 6. Shooting from the edge of the key, Sonny Lewis tries for additional points. Activities 33 CHCJIRS PERFORM HGLIDAY CCDNCERT Thl5 Yeaf the choirs performed their annual Christmas Concert. It was held On DeCember eighteenth, a week before Cl1fiStmas vacation. The concert open- ed with all the choirs singing a song call- ed, "Carol of the Bells." There were many individual groups that performed. Many of the songs contained fine solo performances by individual choir members. l. Senior choir members Christine Fischer and Camilla Formica pose for a picture in the band room before their performance on stage. 2. Choir director Mr. Jerry Rouse directs the Concert Choir in a song titled "Ave Verrum." 3. Senior choir member Ron Sorensen gets the opportunity to direct the Concert Choir in a song called, "The Gift". 4. Concert Choir members Wendy Hurley. Natalie Roushe, and Lee Leiper leave the band room ready to go on stage and perform for the audience. 5. The Chamber Choir per- forms a musical skit to a song titled "A Christmas Rose," at the holiday perfor- mance. 6. The Chamber Choir performs their second musical skit for the audience to the popular Christmas carol, "Deck the Halls." , 1 i ! ll . 'rx 34 Activities ORCHESTRA GIVES A HOLIDAY CONCERT ,ie l i l l i i On December 19, the Orchestra, the Jazz Band, and the Marching Syme phonic Band put on a special holiday concert. The Orchestra was first to per- form that night playing songs such as "l'lI Be Home For Christmas", and "Russian Sailors Dance." Jazz Band had many solos to their credit. 'New York, New York" featured Brian Bierk- ing on the trumpet, "Soul Mates" featured Tom Daily on the trombone and Mark Petrish on the trumpet, and "Easy Does lt" featured Tom Yarr- ington on the tenor saxaphone. The last performance was done by the Marching Symphonic Band who kept with the holiday spirit. l. The orchestra plays harmoniously under the direction of Ms. Pat Rainer. 2. Cellist Mimi Verdier and Dawn Risk reveal their fix- ed concentration. 3. Roger Berger. the bass guitar player for the jazz ensemble, tunes his instrument before the performance. 4. Kim Boydston and Pam Sayer exhibit their talents as flutists. 5. Violinist Denise Carrillo keeps with the melody. 6. Freshman Mark Petrish performs a solo in a song titled "Soul Mates." 7. Saxaphone players Tom Osborn, Gary Berger, and Steve Tomas play their in- struments with enthusiasm. Activltles 35 CALVIN COCDLIDGE Hl COMES TO E.T. Drama lll's production of "Llp the Down Staircase" was in rehearsal for approximately eight weeks prior to their three night performances running from Thursday, November 19 through Satur- day, November 2l. Saturday night was a special night for the cast because of the exceptional turn-out including the presence of last year's alumni. The plot of the story dealt with the struggles of Sylvia Barrett, played by Kristie Perkins, and the suburban school system of Calvin Coolidge High. ln her fight she managed to make an angry and frustrated student, played by Angel Caban, believe in himself. 1. Teacher, Kristie Perkins, enters her empty classroom before the morning bell. 2. The dean of Calvin Coolidge High Mr. McHabe, played by Ken Moody, confronts a rather sinister looking student played by Angel Caban. 3. Syliia Barrett QKristie Perkinsl engages in a heated conversation with Paul Barringer QB. J. Walshj in the midst of class. 4. Alicea Blake QCathy Ryany seeks consola- tion from her teacher Miss Barrett. 5. Much to Miss Barrett's displeasure Sallie Williams fliristin Wattsl displays her prominent sassy nature to the entire class. 6. The class works diligently on the days assignment with the exception of the usual stragglers. 7. Miss Barrett contemplates her lesson plans for the following day. 8. Students line up in the customary way to have their homework checked by the teacher. 9. Miss Barrett reads a paper handed into her from a student while Elizabeth Ellis QMary Weedmanl and Carrie Blaine fMichele Conyersl listen. ld. Miss Barrett is put on the spot by Dean McHabe in hopes of solving Joe's QAngel Cabanj pro- blem. ll. A student expresses her opi- nionated views much to her teachers amaze- ment. 12. Some students spend time before class catching up on the latest gossip. 13. Another day, another assignment. 14. One of the less academic students, played by Lori Alicea, waits for a withdrawl slip from Miss Barrett. 36 Activities .ws .... ,,,. iii iw--fs in ,QL g --- g A ' 1? 1 ... l Q 4 iz ' . . f f.. w.- .-Q -5 I . W K-R X X Lg". in X : .N i S W 2 -. new ,vs I I iii K 1'+Q:2' K Z , ,,,,,L ix 'S 4 MX XMB 1 1, 1. , W, xviwmi' , f' "' ' ..,..,fm rv Z Mi, I , N N .-...J Activities 37 TRIP TO SAN JOSE RESULTS I TROPHY This year, as every year, a select group of Drill Team members made their annual trip to San Jose to compete in the State Drill Team Competition. The trip lasted for five days. They spent the first day driving up to San Jose in the bus. The second day they went on the 17 mile drive out of Monterey, then back to San Jose High School for a two hour practice. Day three was spent tour- ing San Francisco. The Drill Team members visited San Francisco's well known tourist spots like Pier 39, Ghirardelli Square, and Fisherman's Wharf. The fourth day was the big event: competition. The competition was held at Independence High School. After making finals the Drill Team had to wait for other high school drill teams to finish their performance. Once again the El Toro High School Drill Team per- formed their routines for a panel of judges, and after another long wait were awarded with a trophy naming them third in the state. There was also an in- dividual competition and Junior Kelly Morgan got placed first in the state. 1. The Drill Team warms up for their perfor- mance by doing stretching exercises. 2. Drill Team member Mi Kim takes a ride with friends through Pier 39 in San Francisco. 3. The performing Drill Team members finish up their preliminary routine to "We Got the Beat," by the Go-Go's. 4. Kirsta Tierney, Mr. Terry Dazey, Laura Lappin and Mi Kim pose for a picture taken in front of Monterey Bay. 5. During the Drill Teams stay in San Jose, they visited the ever popular, "Fisherman's Wharf," of San Francisco. 6. The Drill Team begins their competition routine in the preliminaries to music by Rush, and a song titled, "Hooked on Classics." 7. A group of Drill Team members have their picture taken posing in the center of Ghirardelli Square. 8. the final pose in the preliminary routine to music by the Go-Go's. 9. One of the preliminary routines performed at the 1981- 82 Drill Down in San Jose. 10. The Drill Team patiently awaits their turn to perform their winning routine in front of the judges. l 1. Drill Team members get off of one of the famous cable cars during their visit to San Francisco. 12. The Drill Team poses for a group shot picture taken at Monterey Bay in San Francisco. 40 Activities f s, g '1gg,S..iFS ' EW ' E? SSS. M .' To S53 r FRA Ae J.... zW K i. i """ if wwiinviw W2 Ml 1 I Activities 41 D0 KEY BASKET- BALL RIDES AGAI Keeping with their tradition the facul- ty once again succeeded in beating the Key Club during this year's annual Donkey Basketball game. The purpose of this game was to raise money for Key Club community projects. There was a good turn out of family, friends and students. The game started off on a slow foot, with Mr. Mike Waddell on a very stubborn donkey. The first two quarters maintained a steady score. Key Club sweetheart Karen Seeberg came in the third qwarter to assist her fellow team members. The battle pick- ed up in the fourth quarter with outstan- ding plays made by Key Club President, Tim Baynam. The score was neck and neck up to the last thirty seconds when the faculty gained control of the ball and shot the winning basket wrapping the game up with a final score of 34-36. 1. Coach Keith Osborn gets support from his faithful companion after a tough game. 2. Mr. Jerry Miller shows his terrific trick riding abilities never before seen in public. 3. All Mr. Mike Waddell needs to do is give him a little kick in the sides and he'll be off, hopefully. 4. Key Club has a good handle on the action at their end of the court. 5. Steve Legrand dominates the jump for the ball over Mr. Mike Waddell. 6. Mr. Bob Bosank gallops onto the scene with the determina- tion to score some points. 7. Mr. Mike Wad- dell experiences some minor transportation difficulties. 8. In a scramble at the basket, Mr. Fred VanLeuven struggles to block Jim Christian's dive for the ball held by Mr. Bob Bosanko. 9. There's the perfect set up for the perfect shot but where is the ball? 10. Jim Christian makes a last effort to obstruct Mr. Jerry Miller's attempt at the basket. 1 1. Key Club Sweetheart Karen Seeberg displays her ability at the basket as Ms. Diane Osterhues zooms in to get the rebound. 12. Mr. Jerry Miller, up at the net once again, bears a hopeful expression on his face while Ms. Diane Osterhues ducks the shot. 13. Mr. Fred VanLeuven and Mr. Bob Bosanko resort to tackle tactics in order to pry the ball from Jim Christian's hands. 42 Activities filo!! was -an . .,""--.. 'W-...NMNMKEMW ""'i"'eh W.. in! QE!!! yesucwvug "N Mmm MNMW - S s skull nezmiu , M-Q - gpqggnbfbaalifivvsese wlooresimf . ww B C 3 -Q-5 I 3 Ng fm lx... an ew. mm Ja rm wfvlfsisz, fm ' hfltl Z norms M4 on fm vwfvmy ff f N ' - 4 mf" 1.21 W awww mx V W if K ' ,, J 5 " , 1 W l 6 V B r f ,f vw sw fu H if A Though not widely publicized it did not take long for news of the arrival of O. J. Simpson and Vic Braden on cam- pus to hit the student body. The main purpose for their visit however was not to sign autographs. They were here to film a commercial for Wilson Sporting Goods promoting the new autographed football of O. J. Simpson. The commer- cial took most of the day to shoot. After they were done, O. J. Simpson threw some passes with varsity players before leaving. football 1. Taking time out for some coffee, 0. J. Simpson and tennis pro Vic Braden discuss the morning's commercial shooting. 2. With cameras and equipment in place, the crew works out some last minute details with the script. 3. O. J. Simpson prepares himself for a third take in front of the cameras. 4. The sound engineers work hard to make everything as sound as possible. 5. Getting ready to throw a pass to waiting students, O. J. Simpson shows a cheerful grin. 5. Vic Braden goes over his lines while varsity foot- ball players Steve Svintenko and Dave Mac- Donald anxiously wait for filming. -s....,,L . ss f x f. i ,VL ,...,.. . ..,,.., U . S SOCIAL BE EFITS TRIP TO SAN JOSE Once again this year, the Drill Team held their annual Ice Cream Social fund raiser. The purpose of this fund raiser was to raise money to help send part of the Drill Team to San Jose, to compete in the state drill down. The entire Drill Team participated in the social, but on- ly a select group of top performers were chosen to compete in the competition. There was a great turn out of family and friends. After everyone was served and seated, the flag and Drill Team perform- ed routines and the band played some of their songs. 1. First year Drill Team member Tammy Kaminski serves hot fudge to the people as they move down the line. 2. After everyone has gotten his ice cream, the Drill Team per- forms one of their competition routines to the song, "You Make My Dreams Come True". 3. The flag team performs their routine to "Hello, Again", before the Drill Team goes on. 4. Sophomore Amy Lawton stops and talks to her friends during the Ice Cream Social. 5. The marching band per- forms one of their songs at the Ice Crem Social to benefit the San Jose trip. L.-4 T Ill Pi-C. F Y X i T I 5-5 'www A mnqzimaewiw if . . Q Activities 45 FR SOPH SPGNSORS SADIE HAWKINS The Sophomore-Freshman sponsored Sadie Hawkins Dance took place on March 6 in the gymnasium. Some hillbillies rocked to the beat of "Brass Knuckles" while others got "hitched" by Social Studies teacher Paul "Marry- ing Sam" Beidler. A.S.B. president Nate Woods acted as sheriff and placed peo- ple in jail. The highlight of the evening took place when the Li'l Abners and Daisy Maes were named. The Daisy Maes were senior Monica Osborn, junior Kathleen Garvey, sophomore Lori Carter, and freshman Lori Stroup. The Li'l Abners were senior Vince Trollan, junior Ed Christian, sophomore Dan Trickett, and freshman Jeff Stilson. Teachers Marsha Daerr and Patty Donovan acted as the advisors. 1. Seniors Monica Osborn and Vince Trollan pose for a picture after being named Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner. 2. Kathleen Garvey and Ed Christian give hillbilly grins after being named junior class Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner. 3. Sophomore Lori "Daisy Mae" Carter poses in jail with Dan "Li'l Abner" Trickett. 4. After being named freshman class Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner, Lori Stroup and Jeff Stilson pose for a quick picture. 5. Sherri Sindle waits patiently in jail for someone to bail her out. 6. Social Studies teacher Paul Beidler joins the ministry for the evening to perform hitching ceremonies. 7. Tina Diumenti and Maris Luters sway to the beat of the music. 8. A group of happy hillbillies take a moment to pose for a quick picture. 9. Johnny Perez and Barbra Despain take a rest during hillbilly activities. 10. A pair of hillbillies rock to the beat of the band, "Brass Knuckles." 11. Tiffany Golden and Rick Weston dance close after being hitched and taking their honeymoon. 12. Brent Dumas and Shannon LaPrairie pose for a pic- ture taken by the professional photographer. 13. Senior Steve Lutzky dances to the beat of the music. 14. Bob Stedman and his date take a breather and listen to the music of "Brass Knuckles." 15. Erin Parnell and John Ryan swing to the beat of the music. 16. Eric Bacopalas adjusts Linda lnsalaco's handkerchief. 17. Tammy Winslow playfully strangles her date Paul Harris. 46 Activities xi .xx W , P ii? ,WS M ,,,, Activities 47 BOOSTER BREAKFAST DRAWS BIG CROWD The Music Booster Club held their an- nual breakfast on Saturday, October 3. The purpose of this event was to show parents and others interested what goes on inside the club, and to raise needed funds. Outstanding performances were offered by the choir, Drill Team, and Flag and Banner. After the presenta- tions the supporters were treated to a continental breakfast by the per- formers. In addition to the breakfast, a raffle was held. On the whole, the event was well-supported by parents and members of the community. 1. The entire choir group stands aside to watch the Drill Team perform. 2. President of the Music Booster Club, Mr. Terry Konyn- dyk, and Sophomore member of the Drill Team, Tandi Giacomi, help a lost child. 3. Some Drill Team members mingle with the crowd after their performances. 4. Many parents turned out to watch the talented groups entertain. 5. Clean-up took a matter of minutes with the helping hands of parents and visitors. 6. Drill Team displays their usual precise and sharp movements. , st .. . ...luv ., gamitssg. ...W .- Q . tt... R.. . . sii ., - 5 .- .. sew is 4l..'v.':'Ql. '. .. ...... . ,..., -., -. ' 4 2 ,,- ,il .,,, 47 -W , ,,,. . 5 5 48 Activties This years blood drive held on April 9, 1982 was a great success. Cathie Nokes was the chairperson of this an- nual event, helped by the ASB Council, Key Club, custodian staff, and the library staff. A record 161 pints of blood was donated this year a 1001 increase from last year's drive. Out of 192 peo- ple that showed, 31 were deferred for such reasons as not weighing enough, or having recently been on medication. The ASB Council was happy with the total involvement with all the people. ? The Red Cross expressed special thanks to the students and staff for their cooperation and courtesy. l. Johnna Boylan and Terri Bryson type out information forms for students donating blood. 2. Mark Stricklen waits for his pint of blood to fill up the bag. 3. Ed Rowen waits for his turn to finish. 4. Steve Rahn tries to ease the pain of giving blood. 5. Kavah Zamanian gives blood pressure and type to the nurse. 6. Steve Svitenko aides in helping Micki Stahl recover from passing out after donating blood. 7. Kevin Kroeger is prepared for donating blood. E 'ff yy f"' f K Y sv-nm.-N ,ff u if 4' .bat ,Q flviotf-W ,LW-3' ,JU ,Q ut Auxkkrih V ,ft f gs' . if fy . rs. as, AAU? W A ,CU Activities 49 WEST SIDE STCDRY' ' HITS THE STAGE IN SPRING This year's musical 'IWest Side Story," directed by Ms. Carol Stanfield, was a sellout every night. Everyone who worked on the production devoted much of his time and efforts. I. Puerto Rican girls played by Dena Ming and Shannon Mc- Cleery prepare to leave the scene of a malt shop war con- ference. 2. The girlfriends of the Shark gang members sing "AmerIca." 3. Kit Bowen pleads wlth Jet gang member B. J. Walsh to let her join his gang. 4. Tony, Fred Knight, and Maria, Cheri Moiendyk. pledge their love for one another upon the HFC escape. 5. Shark member Bob Valdez is reprimanded by the local peace officer played by Steve Nahrstadt. 6. Anita, Christine Fisher, sews a dress for her friend Maria. 7. Manfred Kuhnert, one of the gang members in the Jets, contemplates his cards after everyone has left. B. The Peace oficer, played by Steve Nahrstadt, makes many attempts to stop the conflicts between the Jets and the Sharks. 9. Anita, Christine Fisher. sings out her emo- tions about being an American ln song "America." 10. 8teve Nahrstadt tries convincing Bill Berger from the Sharks not to fight in his part of town. Il. Both gangs inter- mingle while at the local high school dance. 12. Marla. Cheri Molendyk, sings about her lonellneu for her boyfriend. 50 Actlvltles W sf W r F' I Us-.. x V X S xg. . X sf .Bb . . SENIORS CAPTURE POWDER PCIFF, 50-14 The Senior Class of '82 took a second year victory in the 1982 Powder Puff football game. The score was, Seniors 50 to Juniors 14. Some of the Junior and Senior boys dressed up as cheerleaders and performed routines during the assembly and the game. The Powder Puff queens and escorts were introduced at the assembly. The couples were John "Petunia" Perez and Cheryl "Irving" lsley, Kevin "Fifi" Fur- phy, and Tina "Dudley" Diumente, Jim "Talula" Tadaro and Liz "Sammy" San- chez, Dave "Mildred" McDonald and Diana "Dufus" DeRobertis, and Craig "Roxanne" Ricker and escort Kelly "Clifford" Callahan. The Powder Puff Queen, "Petunia" Perez, was crowned at the game on Saturday night. Much time and effort was put in by many peo- ple preparing for this event. A new spotlight was added to this years game, Drill Team, headed by Ed Christian and James Christian. The Drill Team was complete with 30 Junior and Senior boys who performed at the assembly and during half-time at the game of Saturday night. 1. Powder Puff queens and escorts are in- troduced to student body during the Powder Puff assembly. 2. Junior Powder Puff player, Mary Tritt, gains yardage after completing a receive. 3. Jeff Burgess "shakes his bootie" during the performance of the Powder Puff Drill Team. 4. Senior Cheerleaders do their best in performing the final formation of their cheer. 5. Eric "Groovy" Grier and Charles "Gorgeous" Green End it hard to stay in sequence with each other during their cheer. 6. Senior Powder Puff Football Team stand proud as they are introduced. 7. Senior player Traci Clark, number 12, goes for yardage right up the center. 8. Drill Team, led by James Christian, march in unison into the field to perform during half- time. 9. Powder Puff Queen, John "Petunia" Perez with Escort Sheryl "Irving" lsley, pose for one last goodbye. 10. Junior football players introduce players during assembly. 1 l. Junior Cheerleading squad rest after per- formance during the assembly. 52 Activities :ws 5 . V H, .sa uv wi ' K 'N ..,MNN -NNN Xxx QW "Ulf 'E L E? 2 PS .QQ 4. x ...nf Activities 53 3 54 Club Division ia 'C 4.1 , ff' 'Nw ' . K ,7 i kkik' in WN Q - -Q iiiil A is-. i in l. Flag and Banner member Ann Cote prac- tices a routine for a football halftime show. 2. A.S.B. officers Steve Svitenko - vice president and Debbie Tome - secretary, listen to some ideas by homeroom represen- tatives. 3. Keywanette member Tharine Rudon gives a speech during a lunch meeting. 4. Yearbook member Michelle Perin writes down the names of Key Club members as given to her by Key Club advisor Mr. Bill Ruffner. 5. Clarinetist Kris Lindholm and Mildred Montebello stand at attention at the judges corner anticipating an award. 6. Drill Team members show their fine form at one of their many parades. 7. El Toro High Schools own A.F.S Club: Top row - Jennifer Fergeson, Roberta Baily, and Kirsta Tierney. Second row - Kris Lindholm, Stacey Ru- nyon, and Lisa Klein. Front row - Sharon Merritt. These candidates are all awaiting notification of the country that they will be visiting. 8. J.V. Cheerleader Leigh Mid- dlestead promotes spirit to a large football game crowd. 9. Thespian club advisor Carol Stanfield explains the different aspects of production. 10. Dance Production member Susan Strabic practices her dance before the final performance. ll. J.R.0.T.C. members practice a regulation drill. The variety of clubs offered at El Toro High School this year was greater than ever before. Every student had dif- ferent interests, so naturally the diversi- ty of organizations had to be great. There were clubs for everyoneg music lovers enjoyed the bands and orchestra, as well as a new club called the Skippy Club, which offered dancing and con- cert enjoyment during lunchtime with sixties music. The dance department also added a new level, beginning dance, a class that opened the dancer up to the fundamentals without the con- cern of performances. Service clubs, such as the International Key Club and Keywanettes, were also represented at El Toro. Special interest groups includ- ed the German Club as well as the Coin and Stamp Club and the Surf Club, both new this year. For those students who were just itching to show their creative side, El Toro's publications: Ole, Amanecer and Touch Our World, dealt them their chance. CLUBS Club Division 55 GIRLS' LEAGUE SPONSGRS F GRMAL The Girls' League this year was advis- ed by Miss Cheryl Webb and Mrs. Kim Wilkerson. The purpose of the club was to unite all the girls of El Toro High School. Every Friday, the girls met in room 405 for a meeting during lunch. At these meetings they planned the ac- tivities that took place during the year. One of these activities was El Toro's Christmas Formal, "A Christmas Rose". The officers this year were Presi- dent Charon Turner, Vice President Jen- nifer Walsh, Secretary Denise Carrillo, Treasurer Stella Kim, Friendship Of- ficer Christine Watt, Communications Director Esther Whang, Publicity Chair- man Dana Frary, and Activities Com- missioner Karen Turner. Girls' League: Top row: Melanie Le, Jennifer Ferguson, Laura Lappin, Sandy Kim, Charon Turner, Nadine Heligenthal, Wendy Uroda, and Denise Carillo. Second row: Marysela Franco, Melissa Stegall, Dana Frary, Christine Watt, Susan Suh, Brenda Wanjon, and Paula Ortiz. Front row: Suzie Bechtold, Stella Kim, Tracy Rosenberg, Carla Graham, Becky Sebben, Robin Gray, and Rose Encke. 2 - Girls' League members meet in the cor- ner to discuss important business that will be discussed later during the meeting. 3 - Rose Encke smiles for the photographer dur- ing lunchtime meeting as she finds out the group's next planned activity, the Christmas Formal. 4 - Denise Carillo expresses her ideas to the group at one of the first meetings of the 1981-82 school year. 5 - President Charon Turner takes the atten- dance at the beginning of a meeting and reads the day's agenda for the lunchtime meeting of the Girls' League, which met every Friday in room 405. 6 - Girls' League members listen attentively to the final deci- sion about the Christmas Formal, "A Christmas Rose", which was held on December 21, 1981. 7 - Chris Linholm and Jennifer Walsh eat their lunch and listen at- tentively simultaneously at a Girls' League meeting during which the plans for the Christmas Formal will be revealed. 56 Clubs ,v " N, . . it-va-ai 'VR ,Mak We-4... , gi' , , , ll, ,i I' 1 ,. f..'l S I un' . CREATIVE WRITING PRODLICES MAGAZINE Each year the Creative Writing students work hard to produce their an- nual book of short stories and poems called "Touch Our WorId." This year, the class wrote stories and poems by the dozen and only a few were selected for the book itself. The class is put together to help the students work on and develop their writing skills. 1 - Creative Writing - Top row: Vince Trollan and John Carlin. Second row: Richard Thomson and Michelle Schafer. Third row: Bill Berger and Greg Marietta. Fourth row: Randy Nicola, John Tessier, Debbie Tome, and David Warn. Fifth row: Kati Remington, Suzanne Casey, Tracy Rosenberg, Joanna Galindo, and Kathleen Etchepare. Front row: Kelly Cronin, Sarah DiMaria, Treva Love, and Janice Clement. 2 - Suzanne Casey ponders a phrase in a short story. 3 - Kathleen Etchepare writes a poem during class. 4 - Editors John Carlin, Vince Trollan, Richard Thomson, and Michelle Schafer make plans about "Touch our World." 5 - Cyndi Hamm works hard on her masterpiece. 6 - Mrs. Carolyn McKnight demonstrates style on the board. 7 - Treva Love reviews her final draft before handing it in. Q fi of , 5 -X QAM s i 1' f 6 ,.,......-I Clubs 57 BANDS STRIVE TO PLEASE LISTE ERS The two lower performing bands this year were Jazz Ensemble and Or- chestra, both of which were directed by Mrs. Pat Rainer and had a busy year. Throughout the year, these groups per- formed at special assemblies and held special concerts for parents and friends in Charger Hall. The Jazz Band started the year with the Christmas Assembly and the Holiday Concert. They attended two Jazz Festivals this year, one in Bur- bank and one in Corona. ln March, a few of the members participated in the musical West Side Story. Orchestrg also started the year out with the Christmas Assembly and Holiday Con- cert. But they also performed at the Mission Viejo Mall in December. They were invited to perform at Phi Delta Kappa in February, and in March, the whole Orchestra played in West Side Story. To end the year, both Jazz Ensemble and Orchestra did their an- nual performance in May at the Anaheim Convention Center. 1 - Jazz Band - Top row: Jeff Shipley, Daryl Doran, Ron Bristol, Bryan Leipper, Roger Berger, Brian Baerneking, and Rick Weston. From row: Alan Grotsky, Tom Yarr- ington, Don White, Mildred Montebello, Mark Petrash, Also Licitra, Thomas Daily, and G. Benson Field. 2 - Daryl Doran casually beats the drums during the daily fifth period practice in front of the open cup- boards in the band room. 3 - Jazz Band members practice dutifully every day during fifth period so they can do their best job for El Toro High School. 4 - Violinists work hard to represent El Toro the best they can at every assembly and special production. 5 - Orchestra - Top row: Jeff Mueller, Erin McAuley, Pamela Webber, Tim Rommel, Wen- dy Hurley, Shannon Sweeny, Elizabeth Seiberlin, and Ray Sprnce. Second row: Novia Arnesto, Zina Couble, Christiana Swedlow, Melanie Le, Advisor Mrs. Pat Rainer, Shelby Carlson, Susan Champman, Martine Franco, and Laurie Damon. Front row: Colleen Miller, Denise Carrillo, Paula Anderson, Estella Guzman, Jiwon Shin, Janey Suh, and Dawn Risk. 58 Clubs ' ' i . i X .1 B- X. .a. B . A AA Aw ROC.lSE'S SINGERS PERFORM REGLILARLY Mr. Jerry Rouse's choirs this year performed many times. The Charger Choir performed here at school in May for their parents, and at the annual show in Anaheim. The Concert Treble and Concert Choirs usually performed together, starting in December with a performance for Villa Valencia, Knott's Berry Farm, and the Christmas Assembly. Throughout the year, the choirs also did various other shows, in- cluding performances for service clubs, Leisure World, elementary schools, and junior highs. 1 - Concert Treble Choir - Top row: Susan Norris, Wendy Hosey, Michelle Hird, and Col- leen Cansler. Second row: Cheri Molendyk, Michelle Conyers, Candy Hird, Julie Stenger, and Kati Remington. Third row: Cindy Stucker, Kirsta Tierney, Dawn Lee, and Samatha Rathe. Front row: Shannon Mc- Cleary, Mary Weedman, Kathy Lew, Debbie Crespo, Dana Schmaltz, and Pam Langord. 2 - Concert Choir: Top row: Julie Landahl, Barb Konyndyk, Cindy Matthews, Bob Valdes, Dave Galante, Keith Rogers, Ginnie Bergman, Cheryl Smith and Cindy Rosser. Second row: Lee Leipper, Janine Tussler, Manfred Kuhnert, Scott MacDonald, Rachel McGuire, Wendy Hurley, Denise Foley, Kim Van Nugtren, and Lynn Russ. Third row: Sarah Hicks, Michelle Hird, Bob Branden- burg, John DeBrencat, Scott Killian, Amy St. John, Daphne Riggsby, Natalie Rausch, and Laura Grisafe. Front row: Kelly Gerguson, Karmi Zysman, Jim Ziegler, Scott Linder, Wendy Hosey, Carol Grusafe, Jill Arnold, and Cindy Gurley. 3 - All of the choirs per- form at the annual Christmas Assembly a few days before Christmas vacation. 4 - Concert Treble Choir sings a solo apart from the other choirs at an assembly. 5 - Charger Choir - Top row: Kristin Stuchin, Shannon Woodson, Toni Olivaras, Colleen Cancler, Julie Zauner, Pam Newburn, Laura Breen, and Miss Smith. Second row: Tabby Hird, Tina Kappinski, Scott MacDonald, Matt Balin, Michelle Guysi, Lisa Wood, and Joni Friant. Third row: Robin Foley, April Larmer, Kim Kulow, Lee Sage, Denny Lipold, Gina Costello, and Lisa Ensley, and Suzanne Johbson. Front row: Ellen Lin, Melissa Knight, Esperanza Robles, Sean MacDonald, Bryan Ortiz, Pam Langard, and Gina Guadagnino. Clubs 59 STUDENTS LEND AN EAR T0 TRCDLIBLES One of the newest clubs on campus this year was the Peer Faciltators, head- ed by Mr. Tim Allen, Mrs. Sue Tobin, and Mr. Phil Samuels. The members were a counseling center extension, and helped students with problems. In the beginning of the year the members com- pleted a 20-hour training program to develop counseling skills. The purpose of the club was to provide a self-help op- portunity for the teenagers with pro- blems. The members of the Peer Facilitators had three specific roles: to give support to kids new to El Toro, pro- vide individual help for problems, and get the person involved in group "rap" sessions. The members had to be sen- sitive to when to send the students to counselors at El Toro. El Toro's Peer Facilitators extended a hand to all of Saddleback Valley. They visited elementary and junior high schools and provided activities, events, and small group discussions. Some of the things discussed had to do with alcoholism, divorce, and family problems. ln January, the Peer Facilitators did a skit for an elementary school and after- wards sat down and talked to the children about the skit, and what pro- blems the children had seen in it. The Peer Facilitators main purpose was to "help to cope". 1 - Peer Facilitators - Top row: Pat Cov- ington, and Mr. Phil Samuels. Second row: Shelly Karsten, Jawon Shin, Stacey Runyon, Fred Knight, Liza Baziak, Michele Lofton, and Kelly Donahue. Third row: Negin Varasten, Anita Mosbury, Tracy Corbett, and Monica Osborn. Front row: Rande Criss- inger. 2 - Stacey Runyon and Monica Osborn express their views on certain sub- jects during a meeting of the Peer Facilitators. 3 - Dana Schmaltz takes notes of the ideas being presented by Mr. Phil Samuels at an important meeting during lunch. 4 - Mr. Tim Allen explains something in intricate detail as Anita Mosbury looks on. 5 - Laura J. Zimmerle sits listening at- tentively to ideas presented by the club members. 6 - Negin Varastan smiles in amusement as Mr. Phil Samuels tells a joke to the group. 60 Clubs sw ,IN-.'qg ... sg. ,Q F - -.. .-my R N y , L, U X P 2 l , S X s Z.S.F. MAI TAINS FIIGHER STA DARD 'U Q- 'F tt, , ,. 5 N ,,,,.:. . X. as gtg Q FQ .Sv-1 x The California Scholorship Federa- tion this year was advised by Ms. Sally Hotchkiss and Ms. Freda Gully. Members were selected to be in the club on the basis of their citizenship grades and grade point averages in approved classes. The purpose of this club was to recognize students who displayed academic excellence. l. CSF Top row: Karen Seeberg, Robert Hoogeveen, Steve Lutsky, Jennifer Fergeson, and Amy Morris. Second row: Thomas Daily, Melanie Rix, Dawna Mallard, Won You, Steve Legrand, Alfonso Lopez, Drummond Buckley, and Paul Gilmore. Third row: Pat Little, Brian Fronk, Angie Hobson, Kim Glasgow, Cindy McFadden, Susan Berg, Elinore Suk, Carolyn Kyle, Kimberly Parker, Teresa Eubanks, Cindy Eubanks, and Jesus Lopez. 3. CSF members review the meetings funnier points. 2. Mrs. Gully stops for a final word on the way out. 5. Students crowd around Mrs. Hotchkiss for passes back to class. 4. CIF Officers: Secretary Angie Hob- son, Treasurer Won You, Vice President Kim Glasgow, and President Steve Lutsky. 6. Mrs. Hotchkiss explains the details to Steve Lutsky and Won You. Clubs 61 CGIN AND STAMP ATTE D SHOWI GS The purpose of the Coin and Stamp Club was to teach the members about coins and stampsg both as hobbies and investments. The advisors were Mr. Jerry Miller and Mr. Chuck Vicker. Dur- ing the meetings they had guest speakers, who were experts in coins and stamps, and exchanged foreign stamps and coins. Almost monthly they attended Coin and Stamp shows. The meetings each week alternated between coins and stamps. l - Coin and Stamp - Top Row: Frank Chiricosta. Derek Cha, and Joe Wilhelm. Se- cond row: Mr. Chuck Vicker, David Lipin, Shawn Wilson, and Bettina Hauck. Front row: David Lin, Tae You, Lance Niederhaus, and Nolvia Arnesto. 2 - Mr. Vicker explains about the wide variety of coins and stamps. 3 - Joe Wilhelm examines the many foreign stamps brought for exchange by the club members. 4 - Chris James and Frank Chiricosta peruse a book on foreign coins and stamps. 5 - Frank Chiricosta looks through the newspaper to find the price of certain coins and stamps. 6 - Lance Niederhaus looks up from matching coins and prices during a meeting. Q 'WJ Vfwvm Q 4 .. fi gs! 62 Clubs i .4-"T ' I 'l l flint' 5 ' M , Y ."f'i" r ft 1 f'q 5 'A 1257 1. . M I , . , t, '03 7, 'H' I ' Q' I ' w'511, , ' f 'xx T X : 5 t 'i,f'f': ', ',mi',,'1,g,'Y?it" 2 I . JZ -'-5 f -.f ,ff -' fflli 'I 'M 'ir if fi 'Q ' -, fr , A ' if ffl - ,nf , ' I' l"' A , A f jgjfg 5,5 r 44. u V. .. I .,ff1f'fa, 6' ' inf, ' .11 t 1, , V. 5,yM . ' ,fy ce 'x at .Y,. ff , I I ' me ,f Q I , ,vs-:E U 1 WH N .. G. V ' ' rip? I 1 X- ' ' it 'ui ' - QEI ' ' l . ' 1 f R r- 9' A . -.., ,, '. rf , ' . 1, f. W .,--H.. I ar"-T, ' I I I 'A sf 3' 1 I X L., I 3,72 ,A ' 3 955 -Q, hwy' he 1 if Q' I . , f' J nwssd-3 7 -' K : -e , l ,4 , ' V. 1 . 't ,- Y ',I'i.L.' l fm: 4 ' V, ' . . ,A5,yr35s"V V, ,Sz-It 1 f. er N. Af ., i , ag M IH "V - fav: ,JI '. i , Wiz . ma.: " ' , - ' Q I is - . I , ' . . .v , , , C 12 ' sf I i ,Q f. I 5 ' agu a M. '35 iw of ' . 1, ,Q n i' 'Q ' ! ' , Y-,, , g an 1, 4J,,f,,j'ff -, - f- ' ' ' cv 0...-., . ... . "-M, M ' if .V i"':zY , 'if.'!?', "45':ff .:, ' 4 -H-. ui' S w V I W4 l ,1.'Q.-jaffi'f..,,,A' .M,,' ' "j f, ' f:i 'jx ' 'fi I gd' .. 4 v ,R my ,ff my A' I-3, New V ,A I x I fyffy ,ffjgggxjy try i, I , Y H ., 1 A sw ' ' ' I K A .4 ,,, .V , , I 4- L - ew- -U, '27 'wiwrw 1111" ' vw .f f ,, w5 ' 1 'lf' '21 " M- ff' ' 'f - ' HH- ku 'fr fwmfyw- - fyff 2 .-:M-RW far c ,h pr :rim 1 . . L f SURF CLLIB DEBLITS WITH MA Y ACTIVITIES ,wus The Surf Club members this year were advised by Mr. Tom Curry, and were members of the National Scholastic Surfing Association. They held interclub contests and the top I2 surfers competed against other schools starting with a competition in December. From there, they competed monthly and held social get-togethers. Also during the year, they held numerous campouts at various beaches. Leader of the club this year was Senior Sam Pepke. Ii: "1 , . ,,,.,,, 6 .r,, .,,y. . "" I AlV. .,, ...VV,y,. .. , 1 - Surf Club - Top row: Bob Terry, Matt Bailey, Wendy Uroda, John Ramirez, Bob Linville, Sam Pepke, Frank Apprice, Chris Nezin, and Mr. Tom Curry. Front row: Rosemary Johnson, Todd Aubol, Ed Kerley, Dave Kerley, Aaron Lybarger, Rick Rock, Dan Harris, and Todd Schiedow. 2 - Aaron Lybarger, John Ramirez, and Jeff Weiss pose for a picture at one of the lunchtime meetings. 3 - Joe Daly enjoys a Surf Club meeting. 4 - Aaron Lybarger relaxes in Mr. Curry's room during a meeting. 5 - Presi- dent Sam Pepke gets the lunchtime meeting going. 6 - Dan Ojeda listens in anticipation to what is being said. 7 - Surf Club members pretend not to notice the photographer at a meeting. 8 - Mr. Tom Curry, adviser, explains the agenda for the month. Clubs 63 64 Clubs GERMA CLUB IS GERMA Y BOLI D f 5 J 4 i Mrs. Jean Jerome's German Club started the year with a trip to the Old World Village to celebrate the Oktoberfest. ln December, they sold candy bars and held a "German Dessert". In the spring, they celebrated the "Spring Faching," along with Ger- many. The purpose of the club was to learn the cultures of Germany. l - German Club - Top row: Cathie Nokes, Mona Piecuch, activities: Matt Cribb, historian: Esther Whang, secretary: Todd Reinart, president: Jennifer Walsh, vice president: Lee Sage, historian: Stella Kim, treasurer: and Mia Houghton. Second row: Jim Ziegler, Lynn Ludwig, Christianna Jen- ny, Amber Seitz, Thomas Daily, Michael Red- mond, Eric Burkemper, Craig Schroeder, Seoth Albection, and Tim Ditty. Front row: Jethlene Schwitalla, Roman Kovac, David Lipin, Kathy Lew, Patrick Farley, Steve Dit- ty, Kristen Bergstrom, Derek Baird, and Michele Houghton. 2 - Lee Sage and Michele Houghton enjoy the "German Dessert." 3 - Todd Reinart receives his gift. 4 - Esther Whang smiles on Santa's lap. 5 - Matt Cribb points out who he wants for Christmas. 6 - Mrs. Jerome receives a Rubick's Cube. 'I - Lee Sage, Craig Schroeder, and Kristen Bergstrom show El Toro spirit. A.S.B. COUNCIL GUIDES STUDENTS J ' 'ef The Associated Student Body Coun- cil, headed by Mr. Keith Sims, pro- moted spirit in the student body this year at assemblies, pep rallies, spirit week and class competition. Their goal this year was to provide leadership and government for the school, along with encouraging academic activities and en- suring unity. The motto, as in the past, was "To Build a Brighter Future". At all times the Council was working toward their goal. 4 l - Top row: Advisor Mr. Keith Sims, Sam Svitenko, Terri Focht, Cindy Hamm, Debbie Tome, Tharine Rudon, Barbara Coffman, Monica Osborn, Susan Hauschild, Karen Seeberg, Kathy Nokes, Barby Heavican, and Mark Matranga. Front row: Mark Reynolds, Larry Hughes, Steve Svitenko, Nathan Woods, Joe Muklevicz, Todd Wallin, and Dave Zellhart. 2 - Steve Svitenko, A.S.B. Vice President, and A.S.B. President Nathan Woods converse at a meeting. 3 - A.S.B. Secretary Debbie Tome and Activities Com- missioner Karen Seeberg exchange views. 4 - Club Commissioner Susan Hauschild in- vites A.S.B. Treasurer Kathy Nokes to take a seat. 5 - Todd Wallin, senior class presi- dent, discusses a problem. 6 - Junior Class President Joe Muklevicz makes an urgent phone call. sr, "Vg Clubs 65 MARCHI G BAND DISPLAYS EXCELLENCE The El Toro High School Marching Band was directed by Ms. Pat Rainer and showed excellence in every performance. They won first place in the first parade, which was Garden Grove. Following in October was the Artesia and Lester Oaks Band Reviews. Also during October was the La Mirada Field Show and Tournament in which the band won sweepstakes. ln November, they par ticipated in the Mission Viejo Band Review They had many other shows, reviews and tournaments, in which they won many awards in during the course of the year The Band performed regularly at home game half-time shows with the Drill Team and Pageantry. They also played at many varsl ty events. 1. Marching Band - Top Row: Mlke Roatabaugh, Brian Neilson, Rich Vandewater, Ed Crew, John Hyte, Steve Thomas, Gary Berger, Bill Sherer, Todd Reinhardt, Ben Field, John McAuley, Robert Penick, John Holt, Jeff Shippley, Jeff Johnson and Matt Close. Second Row: Jen nifer Watson, Jennifer Walsh, Mimi Verdler Lynn Kulikowski. Vince Nieblas, Mildred Montebello, Diana Wolf, Tabby Hlrd MaryAnn Dyal, Pam Sawyer, Kim Cravottas Domenica Rodriguez, Michelle Burkett Shannon Spellacy and Stephanie Frank Third Row: Brad Josephs, Glenn White, Gary Schaffer, Erik Larson, Kim Franko, Larry Thomas, Katie O'Donnell, David Recht Craig Devine, Robert Ferguson, Natalie Fisher, Tim Demming, Rick Weston, Christie Guerra, Ronnie Stahl and Mike Szekley Fourth Row: Eric Bayard, Tom Dailey, Roger Berger, Sheila Usher, Eric Anderson Heather Saxby, Suzanne Wilson, Tom Osborn, Kitty Bluhm, Kris Lindholm, Rolland Javier, Pam Gray, Peyton Grover, Richard 0'Brien, Barry Carlton and Mary Sullivan Fifth Row: Jim Johnson, Kendall West, Amy Luccer, Camille Lewison, Liz Rodriguez, Kris Hess, Shelly Burkett, Veronica Dougherty Michelle Pennick, Lee White, Allison McLaughlin, Tim Ditty, Michelle Houton Mrs. Pat Rainer and Richard Watson. Bottom Row: Steve Ditty, Alan Grotsky, Tom Yarr ington, Greg King, Barb Konyndyke, Kim Boydstun, Rochelle Clauson, April Wilhelm Charles Nieblas, Don White, Mike Hayes Pete Perez, Joanne Wenlock and Jennifer Fisher. 2. Trombonist Robert Penick stands at attention while waiting for drum major Rick Watson to give the signal to begin the pre-game show. 3. Drummer Leigh White relaxes and enjoys an away game. 4. Drum major Jim Johnson accepts an award to represent the Marching Band in parade com petition. 5. Saxaphonist Gary Berger stands at attention at the judges corner of the parade. 66 Clubs QL .Ji 1. A V 1 , A , , on V . l A , . wi fi N 4 lt , i "'-ni' di? 4 2 it I I W. ik. S l e Lf-sw 'WWVWW CHAMBER CHOIR PERFORMS OF TE Chamber Choir, directed by Mr. Jerry Rouse, was the highlight of quite a few musical performances this year. These talented students were chosen out of many hopefuls to be a part of this group, the most distinguished choir group on campus. To kick off the year they performed eight concerts for the Laguna Hills Leisure World. Following were the Villa Valencia, El Toro High School, and Palm Springs Aeriel Tramway concerts in December. The entire month of March was devoted to the musical, "West Side Story." ln April the Chamber choir had their big concert, where the new members were announc- ed and the alumni sang "Beautiful Ci- ty." Also in April they performed again for Leisure World. In May they attended and performed in the annual Anaheim Convention Center show with all the other schools from the Saddleback Valley. During the year they also per- formed many shows for the junior high and elementary schools. The group was noted for its superb mixing of choreography with fine sing- ing. The choreography was done by the group itself, with the help of Rouse and Mrs. Karen Legome. Returning members were B. J. Walsh, Ron Soren- son, Kristine Eachus, Camilla Formica, Christine Fisher, Rande Crissinger, Fred Knight and Joe Toussant. 1. Chamber Choir Top Row: Kristine Eachus, Bob Valdes, Ken Moody, Rande Crissinger and Bill Berger. Second Row: Fred Knight, Pat Vierheilg, Cheri Molendyk, Angel Caban, Christine Fisher, Camilla Formica, and Mrs. Legome. Third Row: Ron Sorensen, Nick Pokryska, Jeanette Roehricht, Dena Ming, B. .l. Walsh and Debbie Crespo. Front Row: Craig Prickett, Michelle Hird, Daphne Rigsby, Cindy Gurley and Joe Toussant. 2. Jenny Roehricht, rehearses a song for the upcoming Leisure World concert. 3. Debbie Crespo, Christine Fisher and Michelle Hird practice mixing choreography with the music. 4. Fred Knight and Debbie Crespo prepare themselves for the annual Christmas assembly, starring the Chamber Choir. 5. The entire Chamber Choir performs for fellow students in Charger Hall. Clubs 67 CHARGETTES TTEND VARIOUS EVENTS The Chargette Drill Team, advised by Ms. Sue Haren, started the year off by going to camp at the University of California at Santa Barbara for a week in August. Following that came the Garden Grove Parade, in which they placed first, the Artesia Band Review, in which they received third, the La Mirada Field Show, and the Lester Oaks Band Review. In December, they held their annual Ice Cream Social and went to Disneyland, as in the past. Also in December, they competed in the South Gate Christmas Parade. Early in 1982, the Chargettes competed at San Jose and held the Mother-Daughter Tea. Also during the year, they held their annual banquet. 1 - Drill Team: Top row: Erin Westerman, Stacy Arthur, Christiana Jenny, Trishia Candler, Shannon McCIeary, Beth Doty, Diana McConnachie, Tammy Kaminski, Laura Gallatin, Maria Lopez, Lis Oakden, and Kirsta Tierney. Second row: Laurie Brooks, Stephanie Wagner, Kelly Morgan, Chris Pacquin, Tandi Giacomi, Terri Hagstrom, Tiffany Booth, Laura Lappin, Kari West, Cheri Auble, Jill Morrow, and Stephanie Mayer. Third row: Kim Russel, Kelli Reed, Carol Bales, Gina Setting. Laura Rohr, Laura Lahage, Devvie Plagyi, Kim Reynolds, Cindy Eubanks, Natalie Potts, Robin Murray, Lori Killeen, and Karen Stucky. Fourth row: Stephanie Carlin, Teresa Eubanks, Mi Kim, Toya Yassai, Rosemarie Mergler, Renee Childers, Debbie Smith, Lynnette Starks, Debbie Baker, Tera Thom, Cheri Toomy, and Kim Willis. Front row: Lisa Henry, Wendy Van Ausdal, Mitzi Goldstein, Davine Abbott, First Lieutenant, Captain Vicki Esquivel, Co Captain Glenna Henry, First Lieutenant Michelle McAdams. Amy Lawton, Jackie Camacho, and Angeline Rijken. 2 - Chargettes perform at the Lester Oaks Band Review, along with the El Toro Flag and Banner and Marching Band. 3 - Drill Team's Kari West displays fine form in the Lester Oaks Band Review Parade, in which they took second place. 4 - Charget- tes practice to the song, "Super Freak" at a school pep assembly. 5 - Ms. Sue Haren's Drill Team member Maria Lopez performs at a pep rally in the gym to the music of "Super Freak". 68 Clubs 'llllt""?"i"" --Nu si. f- 1'- ,Z W H Y 1 'ic ' U .L.-,' -in ..". -...Z . PAGEANTRY PLACES IN SEVERAL REVIEWS .N..--'- 55113 'lr ,1L,Aiv Flag and Banner, advised by Ms. Mary Ann Farelli, attended and com- peted in many shows, parades, games, and events with the Drill Team and Band. During the summer, they attend- ed a camp at the University of Califor- nia at Santa Barbara. Flag and Banner placed second in both the Garden Grove Parade and the La Mirada Field Show. They also participated in the Lester Oaks and Mission Viejo Band Reviews, along with the Clairmont Field Show. M, 1 - Pageantry performs at half-time at a home football game. 2 - Kris Barr enjoys morning practice. 3 - Tammy Winslow takes a quick break during early morning practice. 4 - Officers: Lieutenant Kathie Huventhal, Captain Tammy Winslow, Co Captain Kolleen Baker, and Lieutenant Kristi Reed. 5 - Pageantry: Top row: Kolleen Baker, Cathy Bender, Ximena Lind- say, Renee Lytle, Kris Barr, Erin McAcley, Marci Storie, Pam Jones, and Tammy Winslow. Front row: Kathie Huventhal, Can- dy Bates, Nancy Cribb, Jennifer Cabael, Anne Cote. Marla Setting, Suzanne Sierra, and Kristi Reed. 6 - Co Captain Kolleen Baker prepares to give a demonstration. Clubs 69 aww T E31 This year's Varsity Cheerleaders, headed by Ms. Debbie Fletcher, attend- ed all football games to promote school spirit and give incentive to the players. In fact, promoting school spirit was the main reason for cheerleading. The signs that appeared at various times of the year in the upper and lower quads were usually of the cheerleader's doing. They took part in planning and presenting assemblies, served at team and club dinners, helped at open houses, and, most of all, attended all sports games, mostly football and basketball. The I ? .qs T959 . 2 f .4 f 5 hier- inf 35.9.9 1 1 l cheerleaders went to a camp at the University of Southern California at San Diego, where they competed and won many awards. Also during the year, they competed with all the other schools in the community at the Mis- sion Viejo Mall. l. 1981 alumni cheerleaders Stacey Donohoo and Teri Buc Boulter join 1982 cheerleaders Tina Diumenti and Charmaine Castillo for a routine during the Homecom- ing assembly. 2. Songleaders Channaine Castillo and Kelly Havens and Cheerleaders Dorie Buckley and Sheryl Isley gather together at the Mission Viejo rival game assembly. aw? A 'if . qu! l "' r TlLLl8 KELLY ' ' 'sf A, S . 1 N- N A 5 l SMT, HA X3 2515: ty ' if A A Q in all . ...J f' 2 fi.. -4. SONG EXHIBITS LIMERCDLIS TALENTS -2.3. This year's El Toro High School Songleaders, advised by Ms. Debbie Fletcher, worked hard to represent ETHS. They met every day during third period to practice routines for the foot- ball games and to make plans for their participation in school-related events. The Songleaders were Dana Strabic, Elizabeth Tillis, Camilla Formica, Char- maine Castillo, Kelly Havens, Kelly Mayer, Stacey Doss, and Mona Leung. At pep assemblies, they regularly did routines to pop music. Like the Cheerleaders, their job was to promote STACEY D088 I spirit and enthusiasm to the student body. Along with the cheerleaders, they performed regularly at all the varsity football, basketball, and other sports games. Many times they helped to make the signs that appeared on cam- pus promoting the games. 1. Songleaders Kelly Mayer and Kelly Havens join cheerleader Erin Parnell for some fun and refreshments after losing to Fotthill 23-0 in the second round of the CIF playoffs. 2. The entire 1981-82 pep squad do- ing their job: promoting spirit at a football game. Clubs 71 I 4-' 'ai l ADVANCED DANCE DISPLAYS CREATIVITY 72 Clubs Dance Production, led by Ms. Carol Mitchell started with the Children's Con- cert in October. In January, they were invited to perform, "Child Abuse" in the Choreographer's Concert. Following in March was "Mirror, A Dance Concert," which was the main concert for the year. Seniors Charmaine Castillo and Dena Ming led the second period class. l. Amy Fiedor, Sabrina Springer, Michelle Conyers, and Cindy Stucker perform "The Wiz." 2. Mona Leung and Renee De Paul show liveliness in "Puppets". 3. Dance Pro- duction - Top row: Barby Heavican, Susan Strabic, Valerie Doxy, Theresa Cabrera, Cin- dy Stucker, Michelle Conyers, Micaela Daly, and Miette Phillips. Second row: Jill Mar- chione, Sabrina Springer, Renee De Paul, Carrie Carlson, Erin Parnell. Mia Miranda, Lisa Crane, Amy Fiedor, and Leigh Mid- dlestead. Third row: Angie Hobson, Deanna De Robertis, Esther Whang. Mona Leung, Susan Slovak, Shannon McLaren, Cathy Ryan, and Brenda Gotsman. Front row: Char- maine Castillo and Dena Ming. 4. Dancers wave good-bye in "Double Dutch Bus." 5. Anne Curry performs "We Got the Beat" in the children's concert. THESPIANS IMPRGVE THEATER K OWLEDGE The Thespian Club, advised by Ms. Carol Stanfield, participated in many ac- tivities to further their drama abilities. In October, they donned Halloween costumes and worked at Pumpkin City. In December, the club gained eighteen new members at the initiation ceremony. Their annual Festival of One Acts came on March 20 and 21. The main purpose of the Thespians this year was to promote interest in theater and produce plays. l - Thespians: Top row: Ken Moody, Daphine Riggsby, Brian Day, and Rachel Howard. Second row: Lynn Whitman, Wade Kirk, Dawn Lee, Jayne Nugent, and Ms. Carol Stanfield. Third row: Diane Anderson, Christiana Swedlow, Kristine Thomas, Tif- fany Teinoehl, Amber Seitz, and Chad Mar- tin. Front row: Manfred Kuhnert, Cathie Mahon, Julie Stenger, and Christine Fisher. 2 - Treasurer Manfred Kuhnert, Shannon McCleary, Christine Fisher, and Ginnie Bergman attend a Thespians meeting. 3 - Ms. Carol Stanfield explains the point system. 4 - Julie Stenger expresses her views. 5 -- Jayne Nugent, Kristin Thomas, and Carmen Sobrito listen carefully to Ms. Stanfield. 6 - Tony Bayard listens atten- tively. 7 - Patrice Spainhower eats lunch at a meeting. rlf 'hm eww f"L.w'.'i 4 iii fs iii .E J l if 5 W ll fo :Qi NNW. lllllt. my Aly. . it, .,.v ow Clubs 73 74 Clubs SAILING TEAM IS ALWAYS ACTIVE The El Toro Sailing Club, advised by Mr. David Johnson, was part of the Sad- dleback Valley branch of the South Coast Sailing Team. They sailed regularly on Thursdays after school and on Saturdays from 1:00 to 5:00. The sailing on Saturdays included racing, free sails and boat maintenance. The students earned "swabby" hours, which were credit toward trips. Over the summer they had a fundraiser by selling fireworks in San Clemente at one of the stands, ln October, the Sailing Club had an extended trip to Catalina Island. The club had a 1981 Rendezvous in November, where they had competi- tion and comaraderie. ln the spring, they held their annual Bike'a-Thon. This year's club sailed on Lido 14 Lasers and Windsurfer sailboats. 1. Sailing Club Top Row: Advisor Dave Johnson, Dan Nickle, Mark Marley, Nick Donofrio, David and David, Mr. Marley. Mid- dle Row: Steve Manciet, Kelly Benedict, Alan Owings, Jolynn Chow. Front Row: Dawn Nocie and Vivian Ricaurte. 2. The sailing cIub's boats rest at Dana Point Harbor after a long day of sailing. iii'-Wk!" 1311! 'M x S X -xxx N 195. Y WMM 2 . WW " or ,,,.l.f..., ,K 4,1 s .gk 4 5 A Q5 .4 . , ...- f,w'-A, .A i -io"u"".' . it .fs .al gs' ,1-, "J 7 x VU" N 'WH , . , " .'4 ' " new ' ij, , . ag.: 4 . .-'W ' l' J 3 - OLE STAFF PRCDDLICES MCDNTHLY EDITIO This year's Ole staff put out an either monthly or bi-monthly eight page edi- tion of the Ole newspaper. The paper was funded this year by ads, which the staff obtained by soliciting the com- munity. Junior Michelle Schafer was editor this year, and Mr. Mike Ciallups was advisor. Every day during third period they assembled in room 310. The main purpose of the newspaper was to inform the student body and to better the staff's journalistic skills. 1. Christiana Jenny proofreads Vickie , , a 3. aiu' '7 'ix' 9- ,Q ..., ' ' . ' A 1. f Langohr's story before the final copy is sent to the publisher. 2. Ole - Top Row: Maryslea Franco, Sue Wilson, Sean Morton, Advisor Mike Gallups, Jim Swenson and Kristi Reed. Middle Row: Gerri Moshenko, Editor-in-Chief Michelle Schafer, Christiana Jenny, Tandi Giacomi, Amy Heavy, Stacey Kyler, Cami Martin and Rosemary Johnson. Front Row: Connie Rigdon, Barbara Col- eman, Vivian Ricaurte, Nicole Biggers, Sang Kim, Sheryl Thomas, Vickie Langohr and Jim Brightly. 3. Editor-in-Chief Michelle Schafer and Vivian Ricaurte listen as a staff member reads her story. 4. Advisor Mike Gallups explains paste-up procedures to Gerri Moshenko during the third period class in room 310. Clubs 75 KEYWA - ETTES' ASSIST CHARITIES The Keywanettes started with a Kiwanis Potluck Dinner, put on by the Key Club and Keywanettes. The Children's Village was their annual ser- vice project. During Christmas, they helped an orphanage and caroled at Beverly Manor. ln 1982, the Keywanet- tes attended a convention. 1 - Keywanettes: Top row: Melinda Harris, Julie Cline, Dqwna Mallard, Helen Garvy, Barbara Coffman, Tharine Rudon, Susan Hauschild, Johnna Boylan, Laura Carter, and Kathleen Garvy. Second row: Erin Hegle, Cathy Lldovch, Cathie Nokes, Bobbi Coleman, Michelle McCarty, Susan Collins, and Patty Makins. Front row: Heidi Glass. Mary Henshall, Jolene Graham, Linda Sameulson, Tiffany Golden, Sharon Meritt, Brenda Wanhon, and Susan Suh. 2 - Presi- dent Tharine Rudon makes a speech. 3 - Patty Makins and Tammy Winslow enjoy a meeting. 4 - Officers: Top row: Barbara Col- eman, Michelle McCarty, Julie Cline, Tharine Rudon, Barbara Coffman, Susan Collins, and Cathy Udovch. Front row: Sharon Merritt and Tiffany Golden. 5 - Jennifer Ferguson and Kathleen Garvy exchange ideas. 6 - Helen Gatvy, Laura Carter, Jodi Cohen and Johnna Boylan attend a meeting. 2 if l 76 Clubs G I ii .-.4 ' Y' sw, 0 L s KEY CLUB SERVES VARIGLIS GRGLIPS wp 1 The main goal of Key Club Interna- tional was to develop initiative and leadership through service to others. The Key Club was advised by Mr. Bill Ruffner and the club's annual events in- cluded the Donkey Basketball Game. Working with the Handicapped, the Special Olympics, Meals-on-Wheels, and helping the March of Dimes Foundation. l - Key Club: Top row: Mr. Bill Ruffner, ad- visor, Sonh Kim, Alexis Perumal, Domie Quintana, Bill Miller, Todd Reinart, Kathy Nokes, Tim Baynham, Alfonso Lopez, Phillip Buck, Jesus Lopez, Brad Joseph, and Patrick Farley. Second row: Mrs. Anita Diamond, Alex Meriano. Larry Karrer, Terence Collins, David Zellhart, Frank Chiricosta, Jim Miller, Jim Swenson. and Kipp Davis. Front row: David Lipin, Ken Caplan, Mark Reynolds, Steve Legrand, Michael Collins, James Christian. and Larry Hughes. 2 - Terence Collins and Alexis Perumal grin before club picture. 3 - Key Club members attend a meeting. 4 - President Tim Baynham gives a viewpoint. 5 - Officers: Todd Reinart, Brad Joseph, Kipp Davis, Tim Baynham, Dave Zelhart, Steve Legrand, and Ken Caplan. 6 - Kathy Nokes smiles in prepara- tion for club picture. Clubs 77 JR. CHEER DISPLAYS SCHCDCL LIVELINESS This year's Junior Varsity Cheerleaders were a very active group of girls who helped to promote spirit and pride at El Toro High School. Dur- ing the summer, they attended a cheerleading camp at the University of California at San Diego, along with the other cheerleaders and songleaders. They met every day during third period to discuss the events of the school and practice their routines under the guidance of Ms. Debbie Fletcher, ad- visor. The cheerleaders attended and performed at the frosh-soph football, basketball, and other sports games. They also helped to make the signs which were seen on campus every day in the upper and lower quads. They also served at team dinners, and other various JV events. At pep assemblies, they did routines along with the varsity cheerleaders and songleaders. l. The 1981-82 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders perform a routine at the Homecoming assembly. 2. Michaela Daly and Susan Strabic show their spirit during the alma mater. Li! filo -Www 1 'Q I . ,ia 'mMu.,,A ithr- PEP CLUB PROMCTES SCHCCJL SLIPPCRT The 1981-82 Pep Club was advised by Mr. Randy Kent. The president was Angie Hobson. This spirited group of girls met every Wednesday at lunch in room 209 to discuss their plan of action for arousing spirit. The main function of the group was to circulate themselves throughout the other students at El Toro and try to promote spirit where it was needed. l. Monica Osborn and Barby Heavican sug- gest some ideas for promoting spirit. 2. Pep Commissioners Monica Osborn and Barby Heavican help with the organizing. 3. Ad- visor Randy Kent enjoys himself at the Homecoming assembly. 4. Pep Club - Top Row: Michelle Guysi, Stephanie Martin, Tina Fortune, Linad Samuelson, Kirsta Tierny, Monica Osborn, Angie Hobson, Barby Heavican, Audra Gordon, 8usan Chapman, Vicki Esquivel and Dana Strabic. Middle Row: Gina Costello, Sherryl Thomas, Stacy Doss, Kelly Doss, Jerri Jourdon, Kristine Joy, Kristin Glasson, Stacy Kyler, Missy Brotherton and Patti Eubanks. Front Row: Nolvia Arnesto, Jodi Gerrard, Ann Cote, Kel- ly Llhe, Carolyn Casteneda, Tania Bohn, Kristie Manoff, Connie Rigdon, Jill Fisher and Tracy Tannen. 5. Kricket Tierny, secretary: Angie Hobson, president: and Audra Gordon, treasurer. Clubs 79 J.R.O.T.C. IIVIPROVES MILITARY TRAINING This year's Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps unit had two new teachers join, Senior Military Instructor Lieutenant Colonel Mike Flynn and Military Instructor Captain Pete Mullins. J.R.O.T.C. had many major activities starting on November 10 with the Birth- day Ball Ceremony for the Marine Corps' two hundred and sixth birthday. The J.R.O.T.C. Color Guard performed in the Mission Viejo Band Review and Saint Patrick's Day Parades. 1 - J. Hyte is promoted to second lieute- nant. 2 - Vice Principal Bruce Taschner and Senior Military Instructor Lieutenant Col- onel Mike Flynn slice the cake with a sword in Military fashion at the Birthday Ball. 3 - R. Cooper stands at ease and listens careful- ly to instructions from Colonel Mike Flynn. 4 - J.R.O.T.C. Top row: Lieutenant Colonel Flynn, First Lieutenant A. Lotito, B. Watner, J. Hyte, B. Barker, L. Hill, R. Kosak, V. Lipari, D. Whitman, J. Chow, P. Buck, and D. Crespol. Second row: R. Cooper, 8. Stupans, W. Reynolds, D. Gregory, E. Burkemper, L. Gribbs. M. Allen, L. Sage, and Y. Tumblin. Front row: A. Daly, T. Lew, T. Mattingly, J. Layne, R. Thompson, P. Farely, and A. Perumal. E 1 9 I -.s 'C 'wee t .AA-V ., is -t ...S v. ii 4 80 Clubs I I I I .,q..m,,,,,. ALITO CLUB DISPLAYS I TEREST I "BC.ICiS" The Auto Club, advised by Mr. Dur- ward Fowler, was a group with one main interest: any type of automobile activity. This included races, car shows, and even car washes. During the year they attended "Bug Ins", which were times when people with Volkswagens assembled for races and various other contests. l - Todd Stephenson and Tim Flanery discuss the next move. 2 - Larry Whitte, Dave Hester, and Jon Weiss listen attentive- ly to Mr. Durward Fowler. 3 - Vince Cardenas smiles as he "fiddles with a Bug". 4 - Robert Fowler works from the under- side. 5 - Robert Fowler and Gary Johnson take time out to smile. 6 - Auto Club top row: President Rudy Koscak, Vice President Ron Fretwell, and Vice President Spencer Hruska. Second row: Mike Allen, Tim Flanery, Vince Cardenas, Matt Haas, Robert Fowler, and Ken Griffin. Third row: Mark Erdei, Jon Weiss, Larry Witte, and Larry Larios. Front row: Stan Moore, Dave Hester, Bob Kirby, Pat Donahue, Gary Johnson, Jody Korhonen, Nick Natale, Gus Gonzales, and Mr. Durward Fowler. 7 - Mr. Fowler finishes an engine. Clubs 81 82 Clubs DANCERS IMPRCDVE TALE T D SKILLS The Intermediate Dance Class this year was taught by Ms. Carol Mitchell, who place the emphasis on the skill development of ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, and choreography. The students participated in the Spring Con- cert as well as their own concert. Also during the year, they attended other concerts at schools such as Orange Coast College and Fountain Valley. l - Intermediate Dance - Top row: Shan- non Parnell, Debbie Douglass, Sheila Usher, Lisa Balenzuela, Leslie Hallada, Michelle Perin, and Adriana Escobar. Second row: Kim Hunt, Tracie Jones, Kelly Donahue, Lisa Gasser, Cheryl Conway, Julie Landahl, Lin- da lnsalaco, and Missy Stertz. Front row: Angie Aldrich, Nina DelSesto, Dawn Risk, Karen Fadel, Patty Amendola, Mary Sullivan, Dawn Stramer, and Dana Schmalz. 2 - Debbie Douglass, Dawn Risk, Missy Stertz, and Lisa Gasser finish a dance and receive their grades from Mrs. Carol Mit- chell. 3 - Dancers exhibit their first dance of the year. 4 - Shannon Parnell, Sheila Usher, and Tracie Jones perform for the class. 5 - Michelle Perin and Patty Amen- dola take a break after class. 6 - Dancers choreoghraph their dance for the ln- termediate Concert. . ,As .. --II A l BEGINNING DANCERS EXPA D ABILITIES swf? wi -Y M41 - -me Il Q I, I if-S ' The Beginning Dance class, taught by Mrs. Carol Mitchell, was created to teach students such forms of dance as ballet, modern, folk, tap, and jazz. They presented an International Folk Dance Festival for parents and friends. l - Beginning Dance - Top row: Julie Stenger, Shawn Sorensen, Debbie Nokes, Mary Bell, Jill Weidner, Karen Kramer, Lisa Doren, Karen Jordan, and Becky Burdick. Second row: Charlene Watkins, Renee Baiz, Jane Litton, Lynm Russ, Jamie Bramlett, Cami Martin, Karen Lorenzen, Toni Sonna- bend, Melani Conaster, and Robin Murray. -. sv X sis if X we .Rei --1: -, ,, .. L ,Rt V NX Third row: Monicka Garan, Linda Draper, Virginia Schellberg, Kim Bauer, Mari Kick, Julie Sidur, Laura J. Zimmerle, Tracy Barry, Jodi Tucker. Judy James, annnd Meellissa Stegall. Front row: Hayley Kehr, Michelle Karsten, Kristine Abbatecola, Sherry Brown, Miss Brotherton, Alisa Whisler, Janine Stroad, Kristin Watts, and Jayne Nugent. 2 - Mrs. Carol Mitchell teaches class. 3 - Monika Garan waits for the next step. 4 - Julie Sidur, Debbie Nokes, and Tracy Barry practice their dance. 5 - Dancers learn the steps of foreign dances. 6 -- Cami Martin, Missy Brotherton, and Lisa Doren finish their dance. 7 - Kelly Fowler rests after helping the beginning class. Clubs 83 YEARBQQK DEALS our WINNING HA D 1 The El Toro Amanacer Staff, advised I by Mr. Mike Gallups this year, worked hard to put out a 304 page yearbook. I Each member had their own section or shared with one other person. They learned how to handle responsibility, make layouts, write body copy and cap- tions, crop pictures, and work together under the stressful times of deadlines. I The students also solicited ads from the businesses of the surrounding com- I munity to help meet the cost of the WV- Q book. Many hours were spent at lunch 2 and after school working on the pages of the El Toro yearbook. 3 Q k'm,,,....J p K Steve Kerbrat, Mr. Mike Gallups, Todd Q 1 - Yearbook Staff - Top row: J. D. Floyd, Parker, Carrie Carlson, and Lisa Fisher. Se- ' cond row: Sherri Sindel, Gina Denny, ' Michelle Perin, Paul Dorris, Stacey Runyon, ,- Rita Hernandez, and Lisa Torkildson. Front ' ' row: Teresa Snope, Don Hill, Rose Encke, Tif- fany Golden, Kim Kellum, and Sharon Mer- ritt. 2 - Kim Kellum files negatives in ever- messy cabinet. 3 - Photographer Paul Dor- ris takes a long awaited candid. 4 - Michelle Perin, clubs, smiles in embarrass- ment during the yearbook seminar. 5 - Don Hill, head photographer, makes sure the role of film sent in is getting developed right away. 6 - Stacey Runyon edits the body Z , -Xf- copy on the Year in Review section. 7 - Tif- "i-' f T fany Golden prepares the layouts for the -- M., xi sophomore section. 8 - J. D. Floyd, ' 5 photographer, stops quickly for a picture on his way out. 9 - Lisa Fisher prepares the final layouts for the senior section. 10 - Steve Kerbrat decides which pictures to use A ' in Academics. ll - Todd Parker opens the newly delivered picture packets to search for faculty pictures. 12 - Sharon Merritt puts the fun back into Yearbook while working on -' the theme. 13 - Rose Encke, ads, types let- ters to people with unpaid bills. 14 - Gina -1099, Denny and Carrie Carlson discuss plans for 1 the Wild Cards section. 15 - Advisor Mike .1 Gallups gives advice to Rita Hernandez on x her section. 16 - Sherri Sindle, juniors, y works eamestly on her section. 17 - Lisa Torkildson. Don Hill, and Kim Kellum show ' what truly goes on in class. 18 - Carrie Carlson and Lisa Fisher check off names for senior pictures. +--..--....-ar"""""MN 84 Clubs SX . f E .....m.....A.. ve--' V Rkiffaef 'A Q 5,42 - " f :gifxi K 25 1 9 : Qs N Q , A ... f -132 1 W.: 113 . X 1? :Y 3 X W9 ,VK .. A ps 1 Jaffe ,a 5- ,Y Qi -gg :AQ 'W f X Q LL -vi 1 A- Q Q , K .M , V t Q Q 1 ., Z N V .Z"fv' 1-'.1j.' : K .A..,U1,g9:, eh , if S Q Qi, . .K ef ,Q ,E . ,Y :-i 5 X 1. 5 5 f If S " l"!"!""5-' Wk ,,, N-- m.. 4 A-,+L -1f...,.,, , --xr., ,. 86 Sports 'QM 'Yi' Tikbw vw-aw 1. The Chargers' freshman team takes on the Irvine Vacqueros during a Friday afternoon game. 2. Mark Matranga and Danny Gasser watch as the rest of the varsity team leads the Chargers to another victory. 3. Senior Leslie Devereaux spikes the ball to her opponent from University High School to assure the Chargers another victory. 4. Var- sity softball's catcher Mary Tritt waits for the pitcher's throw during a pre-season practice game. 5. Senior John Torigoe dribbles the ball toward the goal in a game against University High School. 6. Varsity player Tom Richter dribbles the ball toward the basket. 7. Four year varsity letterman Todd Wallin retums the ball to a Charger teammate during practice. 8. Joe Munoz leads the pack through the Canada Loop during a cross country meet with several Sea View League teams. 9. Vince Trollan and Coach Don Stoll rest between quarters during a var- sity water polo game against Irvine High School. During the 1981-82 school year the athletic department of- fered 20 different sports. The "2O Card Studs" taught many participants how to lose as graciously as to win, that winning is important, but having fun was the main objective. Under the supervision of boys' and girls' athletics advisors Rich Alderson and Sherri Ross, El Toro's athletes proved themselves to be among the best in the county. CIF was com- monly heard around campus this year, and it was not unusual for the majority of teams, or individual members of the teams to go into post season play. Quite a few outstanding players for from the various sports were chosen to become members of the All-Sea View League Teams. Besides the honor of many teams going into CIF playoffs, many senior athletes received the athletic scholorships they'd been working so hard to attain. Two of El Toro's female athletes, Tracy Clark and Leslie Devereaux, were also asked to become members of the Ll.S. Women's Olympic volleyball team. This was not only a great honor to these two young women, but also to EI Toro High School as well. Even though the competition is tough, EI Toro High School's athletes worked hard and were successful at meeting their goals. All the athletes worked as a unit to help El Toro's athletic department to play its hand full of "Aces." H20 CARD STLIDSH Sports 87 FGOTBALL CAPTLIRES LEAGUE TRCPHY The '81-'82 Charger Varsity Football team got off to a rough start this year. With only fifteen returning lettermen they lost the first three pre-season games, but came back to finish the season with six league wins and one loss. This was the fourth straight year that the team has made it to the C.I.F. playoffs. lt was the first year that they made it to the second round of playoffs. After the season was over an awards banquet was held to recognize the outstanding players of the year The outstanding defensive players were Steve Svitenko, Brett Trickett, Bob Lopez, Dave Hester and Shawn Cardin. The oustanding offensive players of the year were Damon Sweazy, Scott Hoth, Dave MacDonald, Paul Svitenko, Louis Sargeant and Trent Fouts. The Coaches' Award went to senior Steve Svitenko. Senior Bob Lopez was given the Most Valuable Lineman award. Most Valuable Back was senior Todd Williams. Most Valuable Players of the year was senior Damon Sweazy, who was also All-C.l.F. Player of the Year. l. Brett Trickett returns from a hard workout in the Estancia game. Paul Svitenko collects his thoughts on the sidelines. 3. Steve Svitenko discusses strategy in a defensive huddle. 4. Varsity Football Top Row: Ed VanLiew, Scott l-loth, Ken May, Paul Svitenko, Brett Trickett, Shawn Cardin, Nate Woods and Louis Sergeant. Second Row: Steve Svitendo, Tom Haley, Blake Fen- nel, Barry Sneed, Dan Trickett, Jerry Elderidge, Brett Patton and Curt Woods. Third Row: Bob Lopez, Mark Matranga, Trent Fouts, Bryan Horgan, Damon Sweazy, Dave Hester, Dave MacDonald and Kevin Fir- phy. Fourth Row: Ken Facio, Todd Williams, Mike Douglas, David Lewis, Keith Stevens, Daryl Doran, Bill Douglas and Dan Gasser. Front Row: Mike McClain, Joe Muklevicz, Jeff Griggs, Manuel Mejia, Robert Mitchell, Bob Dunlap, Ed Christian and Lenny Facio. 5. Lenny Facio studies the game from the sidelines. 6. Louis Sergeant discusses the game with a teammate. 7. Damon Sweazy prepares to kick off a scoring ball. 8. Damon Sweazy evades his opponent. 88 Sports QBFF' K I 2... ln , Q i . ,... V. AA wwf- . 551.2 5 ' 20 Q ?Q9".WLwf1 0 ' . , W Av 'J 11,5 Q N, We -f X .',. VARSITY FOOTBALL E.T. - 27 - Irvine - 25 E.T. - 26 - Newport Harbor - 14 E.T. - 7 - Estancia '- 14 E.T. - 17 - Corona Del Mar - 14 E.T. - 24 - Costa Mesa - E.T. - 38 -- University -- E.T. - 27 - Saddleback - 1 C.l.E E.T. - 14 -- Warren -'C E.T. - 0 -- Foothill - 23 M 6 T W Es: ZW fy I W? 'ml-3-n-mmm A wi 4 if iff W QF A N QQ kg Sports 89 1. Bob Lopez waits anxiously to get in the game. 2. Shawn Cardin and Ed Christian discuss plays with Coach Dan DeLeon. 3. Charger players standing on the sidelines anticipate when their chance will come to play. 4. Charger offense rushes against tough Estancia defense. 5. Ed Christian No. 66 and Bob Lopez No. 55 battle for a touchdown. 6. Coaches: Marty Spalding, John Johansen, Dan DeLeon. Chuck Sweazy, and Bob Johnson. 7. Mr. Bob Johnson studies plays very carefully. 8. Coach Marty Spalding calls a play. 9. Steve Svitenko is in- structed by a referee on the field. 10. Dan Gasser moves for a smooth, solid kick. ll. Todd Williams returns from the field after a long, hard game. 1 . manila 90 Sports 1' f M'8QllQl2,,wfwif5" . . ..f. Q GNN-aw Sports 91 SOPH FGOTBALL FINISHES STRUNG El Toro's sophomore football team had a real tough start losing the first four games, but they still maintained high spirits and finished the season with three consecutive wins. The team was led by Coach Larry Snyder who com- mented, "They all did a fantastic job and are to be congratulated." 1. Sophomore Football - Top Row: Mike Jorgensen, Dave Chilton, Mark Irish, Gene DeLara, Mike Patnooe, Dan Arritt, Steve Estey, Mark Reynolds, Jeff Arnold. Second 92 Sports Row: Jason Blackman, Dave Kroker, Steve Aylor, Hoe Kwon, Brian Neilson, Bob Sum- mers, Brad Joseph, Barry Weller. Third Row: Kevin Cummings, Tom Barr, Bill Easton, Jeff Norman, Art Porter, Jesus Lopez, Jon Baker, Dan Gibbs. Fourth Row: Shelby Sweetman, Joe Timo, Steve Manclet, Todd Alston, James Coleman, Ron Stevens, Mike Logan, Chris Gunn. Fifth Row: Jim Davis, Eric Nastri, Brian Hummel, David Recht, Jeff Har- wood, Chris Beusmith, Tony Lakatosh, Mauricio Sandino. 2. Jim Davis receives a pass and goes for some yardage. 3. Chargers tough defense plan begins to take form. 4. Sophomore player Jeff Harwood gets away quickly from tough offense. I 3, - I M, f , -V ff f I y , f", i,,, ,., ,,.i' , ary '.,, ..,, ifii ,,,- ff' A 1 ."' fi . 9 M , , ..,,"i ',i- ' , ' ' i'i 1',' 1 ,o ii, ..,,,,, "l' ,,, 'Y ,, . "'--'i ' f' " il. Q f ,.,.,. ..,' 'H i'f' oree .ie A T S .ii f fait .,i ,e-" --., wi' ' ' ff 'f Ui ' 'A ff 5-:Y if SOPHOMORESFOOTBALL L E.T. - 0 ,- ,Irvine 1 - 14' E.T. 291 -fi Newport Harbor - 30, E.T. -- 01- -- 2 E.T. - 15" -5 Cororiabellliar J - 33. E.T. '-? 16 -' .CQSIBMBSSD '12 E.T. + 41,-5-,gllniveifslty-' 8 E.T. --, 391 1+ Saddleback '.... -i F RESHMEN FOOTBALL CAPTLIRES LEAGUE This year's freshmen football team was league champs and finished the season with a record of six wins and three losses. The outstanding players were Jeff Stilson, Mike Gayne, Todd Sinclair and Chuck Kunsatis. 1. Freshmen Football - Top Row: Jeff Stilson, Jeff Thompson, Mike Gagne, Sam Svitenko, Jeff Eldridge, Scott Kirby, Eric Burkemper, Bob Frick, Jean Wheeldon, Mike Miller, Matt Tietz, Chuck Runsaitis. Fourth Row: Don McDougall, John Juggert, Chuck Ruth, Mark Reardon, Bryan Leipper, Darrin Dick, Ed Flaherty, Don Schupp, Tony Markham, Todd Sinclair, Kurt Lybarger. Third Row: Chris Cooley, Eric Kiefer, Mike Burch, Bill Chamberlain, Sean Dryden, Ken Farrell, John Jungreid, Joe Mortensen, Chris Makelvicz, Jeff Diamond, Mike Cotton. 8e- cond Row: Mark Vistaunet, Jim Reale, Larry Beaver, Doug Barron, Rick Kent, Tony Mit- chell, Tim McClain, Bob Williams, Randy Smith. First Row: Tim Warner, Steve Lee, Jo Wellman, Paul Parsons, Pat Brightly, Bob Defrancesca, Scott Higginbotham. 2. Freshman player Robert Zahedi looks for an opening to break through tough Corona Del Mar offense. 3. Freshman Chargers gain yar- dage but end in a tackle by Corona Del Mar players. 4. Kurt Lybarger runs for a touchdown after receiving a pass. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL E.T. - 20 Irvine -- 6 E.T. -- 27 Newport Harbor - 2 E.T. - 33 Estancia - 13 E.T. - 20 Corona Del Mar - 6 E.T. - 28 Costa Mesa -- 0 E.T. - 21 University - 6 E.T. - 0 Saddleback - 22 A ,, Sports 93 VARSITY CRCSS CDU TRY VICTORIOLIS The.l98l-1982 Varsity Cross Country team had their best season ever. They finished the season undefeated and won third place in C.l.F. and Sea View League competition and were Orange County champs. Coached by Mr. Mike Waddell, the team put in many hours of practice, on the difficult home course in the hills above Trabuco Road, preparing for meets. Erik Farien received the Most Valuable Player award and was also chosen to be on the second team All County. Most Improved player was David Warn. The Coach's Award was presented to Mike Makens. 1. Varsity Cross County - Top Row: Rick Weston, Bill Cunningham, Mike Fadich andg Erik Farien. Front Roi: Mike Makens, Davel Wam and Art Logan. 2. Varsity runner Art Logan pushes on in race against Irvine High. 3. Varsity Cross Country runners await anx- iously for race to start. 4. Bill Cunningham and Erik Farien run Canada loop course dur- lng race against Mission Viejo High. 5. Erik Farien nms tough course of Canada loop. , 4 ,, nl: I W L N2 Q tix 4' V , r W, fo kr 'K ...Ni . .. V f f f Af' fa ' ,L 4 ,W ,Q NM .. ' I , , , . 15. + V up . . . N - up X 1, ,M 1. ...,,,,.x1 .N f. F zu' ,, My A ,L., .V M My f, I ,, EY. H .E rugby X 94 Sports , ...I , 3.5 i 3 af, 12, , 2 f fW if 7 I i f Z f at 1 Q .R 3 O ROR 1? o 'H A f T a 0-YS C009 W... 2 W N81 4 JU IOR VARSITY SHOWS ?ROMISE This year's Junior Varsity Cross Country team put forth a great amount of effort and enthusiasm into every meet in which they ran. The team was handicapped by the turn out of only six runners. Throughout the season they encountered strong competition and finished the season with a record of one win and five losses. Tom Daily received an achievement award for being the Most Improved Player of the year. The Junior Varsity team also had several other outstanding players. With all of the knowledge and experience that they gained this year they are looking for- ward to a much more successful season next year. 1. Junior Varsity Cross Country: Kwan lhn, Kurt Thies and Tom Daily. 2. J.V. runner Kurt Thies runs the tough terrain of Canada loop. 3. J.V. Cross Country team awaits race to begin. 4. Kwan lhn pushes hard to catch up to fellow team member Kurt Davis. 5. Junior Eric Darby and Kurt Davis out-run a Newport Harbor opponent. Sports 95 . , A - A ,' ,Q K 1,1 ,, ,,. CROSS CDU TRY CAPTLIRES LEAGUE 96 Sports The '81-'82 Sophomore Cross Coun' try team had thier most victorious season yet. Led by Coach Mike Wad- dell, they earned the title of Sea View League champs. The team finished the season with a record of six wins and one loss. Their only loss was to Irvine, who they beat in a league meet later in the season. The Most Valuable Player of the year award was presented to Eric Anderson. Spencer Allen received the Coach's Award. Eric Anderson and Spencer Allen finished first and second in the Sea View League finals meet after the conclusion of the season. They had many oustanding players and they show great promise for next year. 1. Eric Anderson and Spencer Allen lead at the start of the race. 2. Sophomore Cross Country runners begin race with enthusiasm and energy. 3. Sophomore Cross Country - Top Row: John Weston, Spenser Allen, Byron Waddell and Eric Anderson. Bottom Row: Joe Munoz, Shawn Evans and Frank Chiricosta. FRESHIVIE RUNNERS FINISH THIRD This year's Freshmen Cross Country team worked very hard at all of their practices and meets. They started the season somewhat inexperienced because they didn't have any summer practice. The players improved greatly as the season progressed. Coach Mike Waddell led the team to capture third place in Sea View League competition. They finished the season with a record of three wins and four losses. John Sar- rao was the Most Valuable Player of the year. He went on to finish second place g . eg iccc , iyyr if xx.. 3. yiy,iI I Eta , wg, si,f..iss1g I ' X- "i' ii X , J in the Sea View League meet after the end of the season. The Most lmrproved Player was Steve Adams. The Coach's Award went to Kevin Larson. 1. Freshman Cross Country - Top Row: Chris Matthews, John Sarrao and Mike Ged- des. Bottom Row: Keith Wachta, Kevin Lar- son and Steve Adams. 2. Freshman runners vigorously start race. 3. Freshman runners try to gain the lead on Newport Harbor. 4. El Toro runners begin race against Newport Harbor on the rugged Canada loop course. - in ..r. iii. XS if 'sf ' K .-'. ef -it . , , . qw J- .,... : fi . ...i wv so X- sm. x . .L ,, ' . , " - ,,J:i, . L., .., , I 332 ii - ' ai:--s! ' I I .. , " L L' - i 'ffl ' f 4. F i f " ' c ' I . " - w mx . Sports 97 VARSITY HAS FIRST WINNING SEASGN .I Y I "" s e 'f 'www ,I This year's Varsity Water Polo team finished their best season yet with a record of thirteen wins and ten losses. Coached by Mr. Don Stoll, the team captured fifth place in Sea View League competition with a record of two wins and five losses. The team was strong due to the many returning lettermen. Coaches Award went to sophomore Kevin Stringer. Most Valuable Player was junior Greg Wilson. Most Inspira- tional player was senior Vince Trollan. . .,. Most Improved player was junior Steve Legrand. Team Captains were senior Vince Trollan, senior Brian Guidry and junior Greg Wilson. 1. Varsity Water Polo prepares for a game with a "psych" session led by head coach Don Stoll. 2. Varsity team goes through warm up drills before game against Newport Harbor. 3. Coach Don Stoll advises team on plays during half time. 4. Charger Varsity keeps Newport Harbor well under guard. 5. Coach Jeff Grosse gives a moral boost ses- sion to the varsity players. Li, 'f w w lg I . "': :ln f fy , Jfilyf' " 98 Sports A,r' ,J 1. Greg Wilson and Craig Popp battle for the ball during a varsity practice. 2. All-ClF'er Greg Wilson battles against opponents from Newport Harbor for a chance to score a goal. 3. Varsity player Marc Young moves in quick to retrieve the ball. 4. Vince Trollan watches for a chance to move in on a shot at a goal. 5. Brian Guidry looks on an opening to score a goal. 6. Varsity Water Polo - Top Row: Brian Guidry and Craig Popp. Second row: Chris Stinger, Greg Wilson, Steve Legrand, Chris Shore, Marc Young, Vince Trollan, Jon Gasporra, and Coach Don Stoll. Bottom row: Jerry Wisdom. Not pictured: Chris Baade. ' 242 .f- ns., -2513 wif' ' fffag. VARSITY WA TER POLO 4 17 Irvine , ,fm Q c " 14 6 6 Costa ,nnc S 7 . nncn . 33 Saddlebfiffli S ...v 6 ll University A 6 X My ,',. v,.., v 4M7i9t:m,,eM,,L .. MMV k 4 P K ,LL,.V5 X K 3, A a . Tai' a afao .gm .fa ff m , a- . , as ' if U 6, ,4 wif A I ,, , I 6,26 . I W... WMV V 4 .W , Q, cxgmggnmmfygf . wsw NWUMW 5 6 Q . 'R 2 ' 5. -.gf i Y ',.. ' Sports 99 JCI IOR VARSITY SHOWS SPIRIT . Y E, .lp .:.. V ' ' :EEF :IFN Q. Rhys ikkik, KX Xin . 5 i ii . I My s-. 3542 .. .I swims S ZX I :: ".':l SSSSI I IIVI 2 I JUNIOR VARSITY WATER POLO E.T. -- 'IO Irvine -- 6 E.T. -- 2 Newport Harbor - 15 E.T. - 5 Estancia A - 12 E.T. - 2 Corona Del Mar -- 13? E.T. - 11 Costa Mesa - 15 E.T. -- 5 University -- 5 E.T. - 8 Saddleback 4- 2 The '81-'82 junior varsity water polo team put a great amount of effort into every game that they played. Coached by Mr. Jeff Grosse, the team got a great start in the season by defeating Tustin and Irvine 12-6 and 10-6 in their first two games. The team then met with adversi- ty and finished the season with a record of three wins and ten losses. They had a league record of two wins and five losses. The most outstanding players were Chris Hone, Mark Petrash and John Carpenter. The had many other excellent players and shows great pro- mise for next year. 1. Swimmers discuss strategy and plays for days meet. 2. Water Polo players look on as team member explains plays. 3. Junior varsi- ty players to prepare to enter water for prac- tice. 4. Junior Varsity Water Polo - Front row: Chris Johnson, Steve Haddock, Shawn McGill, Steve Mazur, Andy Lord, Rafe Sweeny, Matt Frazzetta and Lee Porrit. Se- cond row: Larry Hill, Denny Lipdd, Phil Shishey, Kelly Wood, Marty Glauser, Tony Mattingly and Eric Stamper. 100 Sports FROSH-SOPH WATER POLO E.T. - 5 g Irvine -- 2 . E.T. - 3 Newport Harbor - 6 E.T. -- 6 Estancia - 3 E.T. -- 2 Corona Del Mar - 7 E.T. -- 9 Costa Mesa - 2 E.T. - 15 University fa- 3 E.T. - I6 Saddleback -- 5 X X5 y 3 . Q.. .. . - f K ,-ess. .. I :s f X- .. 1 . 1- - . 1- -4 H, - I Q ss ...We s 5 ' 1 -' i 3 Q .iq 3 Q 1 as ' i Q v-a,,,f ' ' -jaw.. I AMQLWM .ff 2 li F' XNNR -.ut 1, f 4Wk.5:.7..g ..,, fists. ,, is x - + f X - w5..W.3,. V Q ' + K .V . k v . S"jj:..e N - . r 1 , ,4 I -.. f-.s . aaaa T ik 1 Z bmw-' Wwe? DW' 1 3 . i ...mwwn , F it 'Ms M- 43. e. .' c Nwae,L 3 In . , ig K , . K Q ' x N .Ak - P' gg: f' Q . P. ' ' ,, ' . . ,- , 1 we 1 ., . g tg i QQ- P: .. -as-W ef.. -1 s . --4 we 2'- 1l','g-fse W- . .X ,aw .L - . " . ' - . S1 4 53 - A -NPT. 'ef' +sgg....., N -A WATER PCDLO CAPTLIRES THIRD Frosh-soph water polo had another very good year. Coached by Mr. Jeff Grosse, the team captured third place in the Sea View League with a record of five wins and two losses. Their season record was fourteen wins and nine losses. The team's strength and com- petitiveness was evident by the fact that nearly all of their victories were won by large margins. Most Valuable Players of the year were Dan Novinski and Frank Beebe. Most Inspirational player was David Knox. Most Improved --un.n-nvqnvwypaim. ,. f -we was qw V, WN-asbrmtr ' 5 Player was Brian Berneking. 1. Neil Korsgaard and Mark Yokota combine skills as they try for a goal. 2. Frosh-soph Water Polo - Front row: Frank Beebe, Jim Jenkins, David Knox, Doug Bouch, Alexis Perumal, Brian Berkley, Dana Rishagan and Mark Petrash, Second row: Mike Rodebaugh, Eric Hone, Bish Beall, Neil Korsgaard, Mike Seucsisin, Darren Beeson, Briam Berneking, Mark Yokota and Bart Melteer. 3. Goalie Frank Beebe returns back from attempted goal. 4. Freshmen battle for a goal at the Newport Harbor game. 5. Frank Beebe misses his attempt to block goal. Sports 101 VARSITY DERGOES REBLIILDI SEASO The team captain for the team was Brett Trickett, Most improved player was Todd Ingiehart, Most Valuable Player was, Jeff Arnold, and the Booster Award went to Tom Richter. The top rebounders for the 1981-82 team were Jeff Arnold and Brett Trickett, top scorers Jeff Arnold, Todd lnglehart, and Sonny Lewis, top hustlers for the year were Jim Hammel and Mark Matranga. 1. Brett Trickett concentrates on lay-up shot. 2. Jim Martinson shoots pre-game lay-ups. 3. ln the Mis- sion Viejo game '33 Jeff Arnold and '42 Jim Ham- mel rebound. 4. Senior Mike Snyder makes a jump shot. 5. John Perez shows skill in pre-game warm ups. 6. Following a rebound '41 Jim Martinson gets an outlet pass to -'12 Mike Snyder. 'l. Team members discuss plans in pre-game huddle. 8. Var- sity Basketball Team. 9. At the beginning of the Mission Viejo game '31 Brett Trickett jumps for possesion of the ball. 10. Tom Richter sets up the offense for a strategic move. 11. Jim Hammel is in the progress of passing to a teammate. 12. Brett Trickett prepares for a jump. 13. Team members Brett Trickett, Mike Snyder, Jim Martinson and Tom Richter go through pre-game introductions. 14. Brett Trickett shoots while '41 Jim Martinson prepares to rebound. on ,wr l I Qsingeyf ,..,W,,ff'W www:-.: " . y ' . WWKFWW V 'wiivvi-" C2 w if' . ,L w ,af V .. 102 Sports My-tp,-'l"' E: .1 K .-me . W .,.,,. ff? N! Hi JV ,sax X , 3 Qs... N ll mmm.. m.,, , m. , J, .m. Am... . M m.Xmmm..x.... Mk M ,,mAA bm! Sports 103 wx... of 3 1. Jeff Arnold '33 readies to rebound. 2. Jim Hammel does some successful shooting. 3. Brett Trickett is going for a score. 4. Jeff Ar- nold and Jim Hammel reach for the rebound for EI Toro. 5. Jeff Arnold and Jim Martinsen eye a loose ball. 6. Mike Snyder -'12 shoots a successful free throw. 7. Jeff Arnold in a tough situation is up for the rebound. 8. Toy- ing with the opponent, Brett Trickett, Tom Richter, and Jeff Arnold play with en- thusiasm. 9. Jim Martinsen has a perfect free throw form. 10. Jim Hammel shows im- pressive skill by avoiding a Diablo and preparing to pass to Jeff Arnold. l 1. Jim Martinsen and Brett Trickett going for a loose ball. 12. Tom Richter sets up the of- fense. 13. ln a team huddle before a free throw, Jim Martinsen, Mike Synder, and Jeff Arnold discuss important strategy. 14. Varsi- ty Basketball Head Coach Mr. Tim Travers observes a practice session. 104 Sports -M A hc"L35....,KMN -so-""""""'W ' v wffnfk vp 9 Jkt' ab., N Wvw-f" My W '32 M,-ff meagr- wif Q 'Q ,,.,.A.,--v Sports 1 05 ' L 'V ' ' Wi' W, . H + .... A an NT V K. Qs.. ' X . . as-so :.sf5ff..f..,,.. . .L ft' Hi' 11.1. .-En' ' ' ff S 1 . 'Sf M sr JUNIOR VARSITY DISPLAYS POTENTIAL 106 Sports if The 1981-82 Junior Varsity Basketball team was coached by Mr. Dan Hair. Their season's standings were ten wins and eleven loses. When asked about their goals Dan Hair said, "They improved in fundmental skills, mental attitude towards competition and winning." The captain of the team was Steven Thomas. Awards were given to the most outstanding players. The recipients are as follows: Roger Leary, most valuable playerg Dan Trickett, best defense awardg and Brian Burnett, most improved player. X ...N ,.. i - f .SS . , W asks gi,k.,xg,,,,,,.,.,. Www was Junior Varsity Basketball - Top Row: Tom Haley, Pat Nelson. Jef! Chateau. Dave Chllton. Craig Marking, Dan Trickett. Front Row: 8teven Hackett. Brian Brunette, Carl Sorensen, Steve Thomas, Rodger Leary. 2. While Tom Haley jumps for the basketball Pat Nelson, Dave Chilton. and Dan Trickett get ready to catch the basketball in order to keep it away from the opposing team. 3. As Steve Thomas tries to make a basket his teammate. Roger Leary, follows closely behind in case he misses. 4. Dan Trickett runs down the court whlle one of his teammate scores a point for El Toro High School. 5. Dave Chilton a retuming player, makes a lay up shot as the opposing team tries to block his throw. SOPHOMGRE TEAM STRIVES T0 IMPROVE ff I at " If T - This year's sophomore basketball team did not perform well during the season. The players made a great amount of effort during each game and played well together. The coach was Mr. John Schroeder. The two most outstanding sophomore players we were Steve Vecke, most valuable player, and Mike Opre, most improved player. l. While Kevin Cummings tries to hit the basketball away from his adversary, as his teammates get ready to grab the basketball. 2. Leonard Brown attempts a jump shot as Kevin Cummings watches him and prepares to help. 3. Kevin Cummings dribbles the S ,ff basketball past his opponents and tries to score during a home game at El Toro High School. 4. Brian West passes the basketball to another teammate to keep the ball away from the opposing team while Kevin Cumm- ings and Mike Opre back him up for support. Sophomore Basketball Team - Top Row: Coach John Schroeder, Jim Jacobson, Jeff Bau, Bisch Beau, Kevin Cummings, Steve Uecke, Bob Summers, and Landon Miller. Front Row: Jean Marc Murphy, Brian West, Leonard Brown, Terry McEldowney, Mike Opre and John Baker. Missing: Mike Green. 6. Steve Clecke attempts a jump shot for two points while Kevin Cummings runs under the basket to get the ball. 7. The other team throws the basketball as Brian West, Mike Opre, Bob Summer, and Steve Uecke tries to intercept the ball. .,e..1:ss-ft...-. E Q 2 me .... .e 'K " ...gs ....,... A If W W..W...gQigsf.gf M dkdivmnh amlfaldilheso "' C gi iv Km r..... ee.. .. Q 'Q . WfJ,Q..Qi 'f,flf "MK . . V M "D-QQWN I +-xg Q 'ii T" -... Sports 1 07 FRESHME TEAM CAPTLIRES LEAGUE This year's freshman basketball team had an outstanding season. Their overall record was sixteen wins and four loses. The league record was twelve wins and two loses. The team tied with Estancia for first place in the Sea View League. Awards were given to the most deser- ving basketball players. They were as followed: Tim Lain and Rodney Gatin Most Valuable Player, Chuck Kun Saitis, Most lmproved Player. The team's coach, Mr. Jeff Butler, com- mented, "Very talented group of freshmen. Did extremely well in a very competitive league." They spent numerous hours, Monday thru Friday, after school so they could practice. Freshmen Basketball Team - Top Row: Coach Jeff Butler, Bob Brown, Matt Teitz, Rodney Gatlin, Chuck Kunsaitis, Jeorme Washington, Jeff Stilson, Kelly Moynihan, Jon Luchese. Front Row: James Mardert, Jim Reale, Chuck Boechetter, Darren Dick, Doug Barron, Tim McLain, and Jason Doolit- tle. 2. Jason Doolittle passes the basketball to his teammate, Kelly, Moynihan, as the op- posing team tries to intercept the play. 3. Chuck Kunsaitis tries for the jump ball while the other players wait for the out come of the jump. 4. Rodney Gatlin tries to throw the basketball to score but the other team blocks the basket. 5. Tim McLain dribles the basketball down the court as Kelly Moynihan runs closely behind him in case he needs someone to pass the ball. 5, 2 A to A A '4 H.. ...,.. -s ' ,,.,.,.,.....-sas. . t.c...w--ws HQ I .. ....... ,. 108 Sports ' iv fi ..,, ff' 'fir "", i I VARSITY HAS A POWERFUL SEASO This year's varsity wrestling did ex- ceptionally well. The coach that led and coached them was Bob Weber. The Captains of the wrestling team were Mark Middlestead and Joe Alexander. Awards were given to outstanding wrestlers. The recipients of these awards were as follows: Paul Svitenko, most valuable playerg David Warn, most inspirationalg Bob Lopez, most im- provedg Nate Woods, Coaches' awardg and Paul Svitenko, lron Man Trophy. The following players were exceptional- ly talented athletes: Svitenko and Joe Alexander, 10 Pin Clubg Mark Mid- dlestead, 20 Win Clubg and Paul Svitenko, 25 Win Club. l. Strongholding his opponent, Senior Nate Woods uses his strength to end the match. 2. Jess Hewitt plots his strategy to pin his adversary. 3. At a home game Ed Christian is being taken down. 4. Ed Harris vigorously tries for a take down on his opponent. 5. Var- sity Wrestling - Top Row: Joe Muklevicz, Craig Ricker, Paul Svitenko, Nate Woods, and Bob Lopez. Front Row: Len Facio, Joe Alexander, David Warn, Mark Middlestead, Rich Lowe, and David Reydel. Missing: Jim Kingsmill, Ed Harris, Ed Christian, Chad Marsh, and Jess Hewitt. 6. Gauging his oppo- nent feints, Rich Lowel prepares for a throw. Sports 109 JCI IOR VARSITY DISPLAYS EFFCRT This year's junior varsity wrestling team put out an excellent effort. They practiced several hours after school was over. Often the team had to attend tournaments that were a long distance from El Toro High School, which caus- ed them to put a lot more time into this sport. The team's coach was Mr. Bob Webber. The Wrestling Team had potential to become one of the best var- sity wrestling teams El Toro High School has ever had. 1. Showing determination, Ben Field tries to go for a pin. 2. Jess Hewit claims victory after displaying his talents against his adversary in a match. 3. At a home game, Tony Wam shows the strain of competition as he tries to pin his opponent. 4. During an away game, Tim Warner, close to being pinn- ed by the adversary, fights to gain control once more. 5. While waiting for the match to continue, Bob Frick concentrates on how to pin his opponent. 6. Junior Varsity Wrestling Team - Top Row: Chris Mucklevicz, Brian Day, Ben Field, and Craig Schroeder. Front Row: Tim Warner, Mauricio Sandino, Jess Hewitt, Tony Wam, Paul Clark, and Bob Frick. M . ,,., I , f' 1 10 Sports blink A .,, .. k r Y DK WRESTLERS IMPROVE THEIR ABILITIES The 1981-82 frosh-soph wrestling team was coached by Coach Al Jones. The abundant amount of effort led to the improvement of their abilities and their winning season. There were I8 boys on the team and out of those five earned the title of league champion. The Frosh-Soph Wrestling team had determination, ability, knowledge, and spirit to reach its goals for the season. l. Bob Miller begins to stalk his opponent during a home game match. 2. Bob Farley shows a great amount of determination while he tries to pin his adversary from a rival school. 3. Keith Wachter attempts to tum his opponent on his back during a home afternoon match. 4. Frosh-Soph Wrestling Team - Top row: Sean Drypen, Toni Mit- chell, Chris Matthews, Mike Gagne, Chuck Ruth, Chris Dernovitch, Sean Lee, Chris Cooley, Bob Farley, and Jeff Thompson. Front row: Pat Brightly, Keith Wachter, Lance Facio, Jay Russ, Jim Jenkins, Lee Por- ritt, and Dana Rishagen. 5. The Irvine oppo- nent tries to take down Chuck Ruth, but he puts up a struggle to free himself from his grip. Sports 1 1 1 VARSITY TRACK EXCELS IN LEAGUE This year's boys varsity track team did well in all of its meets. Their season got off to a good start with an over- whelming victory over Laguna Hills. The team was mainly made up of juniors. Outstanding returning members were Lou Baldelli, Art Logan, Dave Warn, and Aaron Lybarger. Under the superb leadership of Coach Larry Nitta, the team participated in dual meets on Thursdays and raced in several Friday and Saturday invita- tionals, making a good show in all of them. Other assistant coaches were Mike Waddell and Dave Johnson. 1. Jerry Eldridge attempts to pass a tiring runner from Laguna Hills. 2. Eric Anderson Finishes one lap of the 880. 3. Damon Sweazy cools down after his race. 4. Dave Gross gets ready to clear the bar in the pole vault event. 5. Mike Makens and Spencer Allen keep stride in the two mile. 6. Top row: Dave Gross, Jerry Eldridge, Louis Seargent, Paul Svitenko, Blake Fennel. Dave Gatlin. Middle: Roger Leary. Lou Baldelli, Mike McDougal, Bill Cunningham, Mike Fadich, Brian Horgan. Front: Eric Farien, Mike Makens, Dave Warn. Art Logan, Brian Fronk. 7. Art Logan starts his race. 8. Bill Cunn- ingham and Mike Fadich Pace themselves during the mile. 9. Eric Anderson and Art Logan run the 880. 10. Spencer Allen stays on pace and ahead of two Laguna Hills mnners. 'il-f Q. . 1 1 2 Sports -Q--v-...MN ,xl W, L.., Q.. Q 5 fi ,-,. S 1 N ,Y A' D v li S Q Q M . Q s . , SQ 'wg' y N: 2 im , .. r mf. - - 2 .wg :A x , , I .M ...- 4 5' ' X' sg? - .- f S1 3' +I. .af mf N5 dx is , W f 3 1 .la , Q Q. W A gsm ., 1 es- JV TRACK IMPROVES DURING SEASON This year's junior varsity track team was made up of a group of hard work- ing individuals. The team, because of its small size, had trouble beating larger teams. In the first league meet they made a valiant attempt but couldn't put forth a winning effort against the Irvine Vaqueros. Under the coaching of Larry Nitta, the team practiced from 2:00 to 5:00 every day except Thursdays, which were meet days. 1. Top row: Richard Thomson, Tim Hogan. Alexis Perumal, Randy Nicola, Tony Warn, Hans Cline, Adolfo Blanco. Front: Michael Furtado, Darrin Yeager, Tony Mitchell, Bryan McClellan, Jim Mangan, Frank Chiricosta. 2. Alexis Perumal practices before the beginning of the discus event. 3. Jim Mangan flies over the hurdles during the meet against Laguna Hills. 4. Randy Nicola starts his approach to clear the bar in the pole vault event in the meet against Laguna Hills. 1 1 4 Sports 1 FR SOPH TRACK HAS MA MEMBERS This year's froshfsoph track team is one of the largest El Toro has ever had. Consisting of more than sixty members the team coasted to an easy victory over Laguna Hills in pre-season. They opened with an impressive win over lr- vine in their first league meet. Under the coaching of Larry Nitta, the team prac- ticed approximately three hours a day getting ready for Thursday meets. Coaches Mike Waddell and Dave Johnson also assisted the team. l. Top row: Jack Follman, Steve Uecke, Jerome Washington, Mike Patnode, Kelly Moynihan, Bryan Moreno, Matt Tietz, Jeff Ball, Sean Wheeldon, Bob Summers, Sam Svitenko, Jeff Eldridge, Jeff Thompson, Kevin Kirschenmann, Ramsey Lozano, Bob Frick. Third row: Bill Miller, Peter Dorsey, John Weston, John Sarrao, Todd Sinclair, Chris Cooley, Enrique Suarez, Stephen Thom, Chris Muclevicz, David Stapleton, Bill Chamberlain, Paul Kuzins, Joseph Timo, Eric Anderson, Brad Joseph. Second row: Jeff Coleman, Mark Murphy, Jonathan Juggert, Rick Saman, Kevin Larson, Todd Fallin, Mike Logan, Kurt Lybarger, Chris Matthews, Steve Pokryska, Bob Farley, Jim Davis, Pete Chamberlain, Spencer Allen, Greg King. Front row: Jason Doolittle, Ed Flaherty, Tim Warner, Mike Thomas, Paul Lassos, Jim Kingsmill, Wade Kirk, Don Casey, Shawn Aquilera, Leonard Brown, Shaun Dryden, Andy Lord, Kim Hughes. 2. Brad Joseph hits the tape first. 3. John Sarrao finishes first in the two mile. 4. Todd Fallin hands off to Kurt Lybarger. 5. Bob Summers tries to gain speed after leaping a hurdle. Subun- QEQWWK 4 ?'W.,,. Sports 1 1 5 VARSITY MEMBERS INVITED T0 OJAI The goals this year for the varsity ten- nis team were to strengthen the team both individually and collectively, thus creating CIF material. They attended many tournaments, including the prestigeous Ojai Tournament. Each year in the past, the Varsity Tennis Team has entered both a doubles team and an individual competitor, and the tradition continued this year. The team practiced strenuously every day after school from 2:00 to 5:00 all the time working toward their goal. The coaches were Tim Travers and Al Jones. K ,S 9- Y' .ws .yes 4 lillllllki ?'...,i 'T' T N ,V I , ... .,..-.... T gg hi lsitsllnag-gg? . 5 . , ,,i,..,,.,, , . , h i" 1'f' ,jg - if wffw-+1 v f ' - 1. Boys' Varsity Tennis Team - Top row: Ed Molthop, Mark Reynolds, Mike Kaminski, and Tim Cass. Front row: Jim Miller, Dung Nguyen, Todd Wallin, and Paul Wallin. 2. Mark Reynolds reaches for a high ball during an afternoon match. 3. Todd Wallin shows excellent form with his backhand as he bombs the ball across the net to his oppo- nent. 4. Mark Reynolds follows through with his backhand. 5. Jim Miller runs to retum the ball durlng an aftemoon match 'against Foothill. 6. Paul Wallin smashes the ball back to his opponent during a workout. 7. Preparing for a serve, Tim Cass studies the direction in which to hit. 8. Tennis team members ,build a pyramid to show their togethemess as a varsity tennis team. 9. Dung Nguyen and Paul Wallin pair up in a doubles match against La Quinta. 10. Mike Kaminski gently hits the ball just over the net to get the point. l 1. Members of the ten- nis team take a break during afternoon workout to rest. 12. Ed Molthop retums the ball with a strong backhand. 13. Tim Cass reaches out for the ball with a backhand sw- ing. 14. Todd Wallin smacks the ball back over the net showing good form. 1 16 Sports ?EWi -' 'X A 1 f X -an-wg iff 1 unix: ,LL , :W im X, S i 1 3 . ,,, Lx .. t A K ' ATM' 'if ib?'05'+ fix 4 4- A 1 4 4 f i + A 4' w A 14 5 'gig H -if ip Aiwibfg T' 'f HYL-'i'M?Lf1.,..., . , ' ' " ' - . 4 . , , . A . . , W , ,, .Wg..gA-iw--fr 'gg' W 0 v +..h.ns.L fi' , 5 1 9 Sports 1 17 J .V. TEAM DEVELGPS INDIVIDUAL SKILLS This year's junior varsity tennis team consisted of potential varsity players who worked hard towards league finals. The coaches were Coach Tim Travers and Coach Al Jones, who developed the students' tennis abilities. As in every season, the J.V. players progressively improved as the season went by. These students spent three hours a day after school working to improve their skills and learn to work together as a winning team. 1. Junior Vanity Tennis Team - Top row: Brian Babbitt, Mike Hatch, Marc Mueller, Tony Lakatosh, John Edes, and Kaveh Az- maninan. 2. John Edes keeps his eye on the ball as he prepares to return it to his oppo- nent during an aftemoon practice on the ten- nis courts. 3. Mike Hatch follows through with his backhand swing to hit the ball back over the net to the coach during practice. 4. Tony Lakatosh smiles inbetween sets towards the end of the day. 5. Brian Babbitt runs for the ball in order to win the game during the daily aftemoon session. 6. Sean Fitzgerald reaches for a high ball by jumping up to the level of the ball, which was hit to him during practice by Coach Tim Travers. 1 18 Sports FR SOPH TENNIS PRACTICES DILLIGENTLY The Boys' Frosh-Soph Tennis Team this year was headed by Coaches Tim Travers and AI Jones. These boys prac- ticed every day from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. along with the other teams perfecting their tennis skills. The Frosh-Soph team was made up of potential J.V. and Varsi- ty players who's skills improved as the season progressed. . ,, Q ' tr f 34? . ' . N' .... .5 fsvis zzfg...-A is rv, , 'ik -g v X 5 X- QM... i., gum 5- r 'vf 1 i!wt..,i..5 M.. . ' 1 ........,.-- ' : f 7 ' 'K 'if-...'S, i,,,-A . JF Qffnsfi 1-va---ev . NK . Y ,.,. ,W , ..wa...,, , Q Y Q N' . - , . . . . v ' ' ' ' f fi L, Q Lx --ww'--wat .a, .N-na. Q 'A y....5.,. 1 tasigf. Q f., l. Frosh Soph Tennis Team - Top row: Steve Holmes, Mike Phillips, Jeff Eiamond, Landon Miller, Curtis Armijo, and Floyd Ben- jamin. Front row: Nick Donofrio, Morgan Brown, and Jeff Casey. 2. Durtis Armijo fives a quick smile while leaving the courts after a tiring workout. 3. James Markert tosses the ball up for a serve during an afternoon workout early in the season. 4. Morgan Brown follows through with his serve to his opponent. 5. Nick Donofrio prepares to hit the ball that's coming his way. Sports 1 1 9 VARSITY FINISHES TOUGH SEASGN This year's varsity baseball team, coached by Mr. Tom McCaffrey and Mr. Dan DeLeon, had a very challenging season in Sea View League competition. The team put in a great amount of ef- fort and dedication into its pre-season games and practices to 'gain experience for the upcoming season. With only six returning players the team got off to a good start by beating Laguna Beach 5-3 in the first game. The team used its strengths to its advantage during the season. "We were a very strong defen- sive team and a good hitting team," said Coach McCaffrey. The outstanding players throughout the season were pit- cher Mike Lomeli, pitcher Doug Maher, first-baseman James Covarrubias and outfielder Mark Matranga. The season was highlighted by the team's participa- tion in the Western Baseball Classic in Las Vegas over Easter vacation. l. Varsity Baseball team - Top Row: Coach Dan DeLeon, Dan Jacobo, Rob Gonzales, Mike McClain, Damon Sweazy, Mark Matranga, James Covarrubias, Brett Dumas, Manager Sol Stoll and Coach Tom McCaf- frey. Bottom Row: Jim Todaro, Ike Clayton, Mike Lomeli, Gary Pifer, Doug Maher, Barry Sneed, Tom Richter and John Seeburger. 2. Pitcher Mike Lomeli concentrates on his release of a fast ball. 3. Jim Todaro prepares to catch the ball in case of a hit. 4. Lomeli throws a pitch. 5. Mark Matranga runs past first base after a perfect hit. 6. Catcher Rob- bie Gonzales prepares to catch the ball. 7. Matranga displays pel'fect form as he makes a hit. 8. Todaro gets a hit to score another run. 9. Lomeli puts a great amount of effort into a perfect hit. 10. First Baseman James Covarrubias catches the ball to make a Laguna Beach player out. ll. Covarrubias and Brett Dumas scramble to catch a line drive to left field. 12. Barry Sneed concen- trates on hitting a pitched fast ball. 13. Mike McClain prepares to take off. 14. Gonzales runs toward first base. 120 Sports ,, .,,,, ,.,, -,., .,,, .Mp Y'-Q? + ll .X ,.,, . A , A .,.w,..f ' -..-aff h N P. . ,QV f K - . Nqr .f-W-' ff. -.sta iffgwhp. 4' - X ..,. A sis 'lr' WW' M ' ,N . . .1.fM U f 1 Q-f,,..f ' aff.,-lsfktg . AQ , , .K fQ.x.j,a.g 4'!i,igx- Q . .M -' V. ms-,vs-nm. W '- K. 3: f F.-4,25 -ak is -,Q - Jai ,,xs.sQs4'i2i2 M...-aj -. -.csc--1-.sf-use-.., ...W A K I .t ,1 , , . afibil. 1?-.f 'I?fjf','-'T' M3 k',...9-.fQ.,'T-"NTP - t ' '- w p .M ,:,Iggv.A g.,.5?.,sS'fj"f. TFA' i 'W 'Y L. . as -S. 5 I . ...au Q? .J ...Q Q - an "WWW-m.,,,, . ,,,, if f W ' fum. ,V M ,V , ' Bm-4'wuN., ,,,,,,,,.,. , . .H+ N M f 5-f:W"f" 4... . , V M Q asa.. U. ,- V ,Q ,iz W'-H1 r .r i - -i t vt 3.,,.-,-.1 asf- vw.. 3 M gf: ,,,, .51 .. .. ,, ,Q - , . V I-.. V, m..,,.,,L , -M :.,7'15T"Jdw V, ww v-I-easy,-sa., my " . 'i.,.... . W' - 'f ' A ua. QW., 75, sf V rw- -'ffaavt-ibn-sir V 4 yup., 45S W I r1h1,,,,mm,b M 'IQ ef A ' ,rms 5 " ' -ugga' I" -se-:sa W' . M We .U ,M -K , 5 W 4---.... A-www we-.W-N ., , K Y ,. ,,,V .,,,,3f gf., K -S' ...p .1 ,542 . M 5 ,, Lf? 51-" I , 'ii qlfei Ulg?I1 .fI'f Qjfif ,,. awk., Q. M I 'Qi Agiktqqpg nigh, f A Y, D161 4 . 15:55 ,wig ' V- . -f ,V -f '- , .V -xx x 4, 1. . ty Bi. K 1'W."1?3! 13: 1fr',,'f..'R,f. 531' Ax' 'ggia' fi 3' iw i U,.,1f,'.f ala' --if , V 4 -, A .Wi ,1 uK,.l,,kVl,5liw3,,xa3 hy , m y , 3 ' . .K W J 4, , ,',xf-'J ff - H - 1, H .426 jy ' " I by . ,"".' Vw 1 I . - ' "'f'3fgwgf-ni -.41 ',,g- V . 5 V . My ,V , 4, . V. :ini A , , A Mfr' 5 I 1.i,,,.2!,: if - ' , ' 'pa w . ar liifz , A: W - pe. . 3. 491.1 ,U '. .1 mg, 4. .NJ La' y Z. 4 1- f f ' 1' , 4 TL, .v QM V t . V .WW V I. , ,fa L 5,6 A wi., 4. rv- . , . . X, . '. 1, n gif ,. g'f+f-5M':f. , w . ,Aw V , 'M A A ., ,U .Aww ,, ,W A ,. ,y u k , ' N X.-, egg fl. ' fm zfa - . , V ff' , Q73 . ., , - Wg -532: 2Tff?Asi'+. . , . 1 ' ,, . ,,f,, - . 1 Wf..-, .,. W 5 M , ,My . f- K ,J In ' . ' ,. h gf- Q M y . so -V., 3, Qfgw. SN - f f f L ' RT 14, 1 4 - M VY- wa? -. "M ' ' 'L ... . :,,gv-,.' up -flv W A, V 7 I Fm' .VVV I VH' ., A . K K A ' " 4 ' ' A ' Q, ' A. 2.4. . ,N . f Q . f . . . .F , VJ, . , A ' rf,- J' . .- wf' Y" .eL.,,g ff "1 ,Kylix .A i.x.f,f".r :ssh :xv 3 2' . f' . - f,.,.g,..5 id de wif -AW L13 1- , ,mLX.,. W X, qmvtwirfwf 'f .'fS2E ...QJQPJ wax . 1 was ,-r-aw - ,: A 3.25- Mg ., - - ..oe"oQ'Q'f4 " ' - ,, 4 - - v- , ,. , Wfwfff if - " - W -fx-" -i'11'.iI5i1f- ' 99.5,9'gf:Q is - 5, 'f'f'tYf' , If it I 3? I QTH:.,iQ Y ' 35:3 N 1 .SW --.. M."f,1, ,cg va Y r gxxxbv wif Qs? ,R 'Y ' :if L fry, mn .vii - -f-ibm W P. it r.ff,', if-:f".'A 'A 'E' - 5? 5 - f ' sigh 1 ff." k A 3 ' 'K 9 . :gr . . 33' 1' Hx. , N .X X . . I.: KAL .A X Q- v, ,gp . ' I N -Q .'v'ff'wQx- f fff L .- -' N W- .. 'fd - - N 1 SQ? 5fiSQf.s1aS5S'if ' - .1 -1 . gs, . " X, N sv W Q, f'y4..1'?.F2'.f.i'fA an Q' f .- - 4x X, A, f --Q 'f ' V? "A if 4 x ' A 2 z . Li - f . 1 ,gif ' " x- pl- Q K 1 4- Xxx-'Q -...Q 4? , ju - 5 A - 1 ' ,T - jp-j 1,6 - I -' . . . , 2, ,..,, .1 ,Q - N . ..... , ' . - , S ,.. www - ' ' ' . -i i: 1 ' ' A ..-. 5 .. f- Q i-'W 3' +'.Y., Y-. 4' sf- A " - g , -' X . 14-13'-j 1 Qin. -Sak-wif- ' ' Q Sports 121 JV TEAM FINISHES STRO G SEASO 2 r n '25 2 V - fi. 1' ,,,, . ,,. - 1 V ' .hh I wr .. ' fa ' ia , .3 ' V , ,na 11, V: ...ii ,,: i .... C .... . .... ww .ML I W ' ' 3' .gf . ,t HW 9 . 5' This year's junior varsity baseball team, under the direction of Coach Dan DeLeon and Coach Kurt Dockman, started the season lacking in ex- perience. "We started to see results ear- ly in the season as they were very en- thusiastic and coachable athletes," said Coach DeLeon. Even though the team was inexperienced they won their first five games. The season's outstanding players were pitcherjfirst baseman Dan Arritt and shortstopfpitcher Tom Barr. ri A 1. Todd lnglehart concentrates on the pitch. 2. Junior Varsity Baseball team - Top Row: Coach Tom McCaffrey, Rob Mitchell, Rick Lange, Kevin Stringer, Bill Wells, Dave Guest, Tom Barr, Doug Siewart and Coach Dan DeLeon. Bottom Row: Frank Appice, Todd lnglehart, Jeff Duchateau, Dan Arritt, Alex Colquhoun, Don Graham and Curt Woods. 3. Curt Woods displays perfect form as he bats a hit. 4. Doug Siewart throws the ball in to the pitcher. 5. Dan Arritt prepares to throw the ball. 6. Woods prepares to throw a man out at second base. 7. Rick Lange keeps his eye on the batter. i 9 , M 5 , . ,. 41 .... , ,. ' ""' A KU V S w -use--, . .. "1 - ' Cf Wt' A -+1 X . . K- A g . . .L ' f f 3:55 1... we t ,... , Q s .rrr r ig? W-sn, ...ji ., iff? ' i . , .. , V V.... 5 . . - 1, . A ,, . fish ,Q K..-.54 -5-. V L W . - f riw ':9l,..iv- mm . if - k.+,g .1 --A...,,.. . . V ik 3. -it ,, " 1 . 3 . .. , W, . Q 7' i K T- rf W ,, A ky I 1 ' - " ' " f 5 . -. i ' ' 5-7'1t.1'i A '1 'A ,,. T' .. . F r ' 4' ws . ., k i ' .AQ 'I' We ...W ,,5N3Lq'1 K ., .... ...X V W is im ,QQ K N .pi A... wh ik.. it f . ff ., Q f f , - fa. -Q ,na ..g W 1 Q r 1 M Q- . sc X' , ' a -i ' ' 122 Sports ' .-Q BASEBALL TEAM SHCDWS PUTE TIAL This year's froshfsoph baseball team, under the direction of Coach Bill Dickey, gained much experience during its many practices and games. Coach Dickey commented, "We had some very fine freshmen athletes. We were also fortunate to have six very good pit- chers, in the past we have had com- paratively few." Some of the year's outstanding players were Barry Weller, Keith Hatch, John Jungkeit, David Gaipo and Chuck Kunsaitis. l. FroshfSoph Baseball team - Top Row: Chuck Ruth, Greg Bartz, John Jungkeit, Dar- rin Dick, Jeff Harwood, Barry Weller, Dan Gibbs, Jon Lucchese, Jeff Stilson and Chuck Kunsaitis. Bottom Row: Nick Adams, Larry Beavor, Bryan Ortiz, Joe Mortenson, Scott Perkins, Tim McClain, David Gaipo, Keith Hatch, Doug Barron and John Maher. 2. Greg Bartz steals second base. 3. Jeff Harwood slides safely into second base. 4. Barry Weller makes a strong swing for the ball. 5. John Jungkeit gets a hit to score a run. 6. Southpaw Nick Adams lets go of a perfect pitch. 7. John Maher bats another run. 8. Adams prepares to deliver a fast ball. Sports 123 VARSITY SWIMMING PRACTICES DILIGE TLY This year's varsity swim team con- sisted of several returning members. Greg Wilson, Mark Choquehaunca, Vince Trollan, Craig Popp, Mark Young, Chris Shore, Brian Guidry, Jerry Wisdom, Chris Baade, and Steve Legrand were all members of last year's winning team. Hard work and a positive attitude were two major contributers to the many wins gained by the team. Under the guidance of coaches Jeff Grosse and Don Stoll, the team averag- ed about one hundred points per meet. ef-H , ' . . . F- as V' .--ri I fi." 1. Varsity swimmers get ready for the gun. 2. Vince Trollan rests after his race. 3. Varsity swimmers begin the freestyle event. 4. The swimmers are off with the gun. 5. Chris Shore takes a breath between strokes. 6. Chris Shore takes a breath between strokes. 6. Chris Shore sprints during the butterfly event. 7. Top row: Greg Wilson, Mark Cho- quehuanca, Mike Monroe, Mark Yokota, Vince Trollan, Craig Popp, Mark Young, Adam Medlin. Front: Chris Shore, Brian Guidry, Jerry Wisdom, Chris Baade, Steve Legrand, Dan Novinski, Eric Hone. 8. Vince Trollan concentrates before his race. 9. Jerry Wisdom works hard during the backstroke event. 10. Steve Legrand does the butterfly. l 1. Coach Grosse checks his notes before the first meet. 12. Varsity swimmers wait for the gun. . . I T 'A ...... : 2 1...,, . . ...V .T r-, ,L X as ss. g -, .... . M 'Ji :: . so ee.. 'xl-I 'A ji. . 3 1.4 A ,.- 'W Q -'QQ 124 Sports H A . -1: X IQ' R in .K ' .sa N . M , W, W., ,3.,,,,. , .I , W fi,-f-7 we W ,ww Wm E3 , , ,im Saga? f L - w " Mfa:fizf w y . , , :7 ' f ' " if -f '- ,j s ' , fate ,,f, " . -'YJ ' ,L. 4,-wwf: , ,, V if , A 5 X sl jfs s 4 . , -. 3 f lj Sports 125 JV SWIM TEAM HAS DOUBLE WORKOLITS The Junior Varsity Swim team work- ed very hard throughout the entire season. For a major part of the season they had workouts before school as well as in the afternoon. The team was made up mainly of juniors. Many of the members swam together on last year's junior varsity team. Returning members were Jon Gasporra, Chris Hone, Mark Andrews, Andy Rickabaugh, and Chris Johnson. The coaches for the team were Jeff Grosse and Don Stoll. 1. Top row: Steve Haddock, Andy Rickabaugh, Chris Johnson. Front: Mark An- drews, Jon Gasporra, Chris Hone. 2. Junior Jon Gasporra treads water while he waits for his race to begin. 3. Andy Rickabaugh takes a deep breath during the freestyle event. 4. A junior varsity butterflyer swims to the finish. 5. Junior Chris Johnson works hard during the butterfly event. 126 Sports KI wwwwvi -' NS-1-.f -. 1 s. , - ::w:s:... -X ,. --fy J" . W-N VF.. 5' f I .. Iii. J' 'g f-E:-fi' f if r R . , 5 H -. .ps Y A-3 M K "kiss, -2411. s ' 1 Ns, S R. 'fs K -. gf . 1 f fi ,K -K . wi W. 5 . , X cg -.. A . .,,.,.,, A figs . .. Kiev- A ,, si . M 1-'W - YSQQN so s .tt N' . K . L--- cs- . xxh. K K --WM-V .fi ' f vs-.W " 5 ,.. - A i -. . MX -L ,Sf kv gi f I Q . . - K . mLmkL- ' FR SOPH REMAINS AFLCDAT I LEAGUE During the 1981-82 season the boys' froshfsoph swim team worked hard every day to prepare for several tough league meets. Along with the varsity and the junior varsity teams they had a daily routine of double workouts, sometimes practicing for as much as five hours a day. Not all the swimmers remained on froshfsoph. Many switch- ed back and forth to junior varsity dur- ing the course of the season. With the help of coaches Jeff Grosse and Don Stoll the team improved greatly. Wi 4'0" 1. Mike Sevcsisin does a few warmup laps before the beginning of his race. 2. Top row: Brian Burkley, David Knox, Matt Grazzetta, Frank Beebe, Jon Jenkins, Bart Meltzer, Mark Petrash, David Goodman. Front: Eric Stamper, Dave Recht, Richard Rekkers, Mike Sevcsisin, Mark Monroe, Niel Korsgaard, Brian Berneking. 3. Niel Korsgaard sprints toward the end of his race. 4. Froshf8oph backstrokers dive in the water as the gun signals the beginning of the race. 5. Bart Meltzer finishes strong at the end of his race. Sports 127 VARSITY SOCCER SHOWS DEDICATIO 128 Sports ,ft The '81-'82 Varsity Soccer team was made up of many talented players. Coached by Mr. Keith Osborn and Mr. Peter Sahafi, the team finished the season near the top in Sea View League competition. Coach Osborn com- mented, "The team was very com- petitive in league play and won several important matches through their in- spired play." The outstanding players of the year were Sean Camu, Shawn Cardin, Darrell Dang, Kurt Davis, John Torigoe and Jim Miller. 1. John Torigoe kicks the ball. 2. Dan Gasser and his opponent chase the ball. 3. Darrell Dang kicks the ball to gain yardage. 4. Varsi- ty Soccer - Top Row: Bill Schneider, Rick Wyzykowski, Damon Sweazy, Jason McVey, Chad Davis, Shawn Cardin, Jim Miller, Dar- rell Dang, Kurt Davis and Coach Peter Sahafi. Front Row: Chris Corrodino, Brian Fronk, Sean Camu, John Torigoe, Brennan Lacayo and Chris Lotito. 5. John Torigoe keeps control of the ball. 6. Torigoe and Gasser block the ball from an opponent. 7. Brian Fronk passes the ball to a teammate. 8. Torigoe passes the ball downfield. JLINICDR VARSITY SHGWS SPIRIT This year's Junior Varsity Soccer team had a very competitive season under the direction of Mr. Keith Osborn. Coach Osborn said, "The Junior Varsity team finished very high in league stan- dings and had a number of players who will be on next year's varsity team." The year's outstanding players were Jason McVey, Bill Scheider, John Dailey, Steve Williams, Rick Valentine and Jeff Parker. Throughout the season the team displayed its competitiveness and winning spirit. l. Rick Valentine blocks his opponent from the ball while Ron DeViso guards the play. 2. Bill Schneider prepares to pass the ball. 3. Junior Varsity Soccer - Top Row: Fadel Ruiz, Steve Williams, Tracy Lothringer, Kevin Stringer, Rick Gilbert, Tom Saghafi, Don Corrodino and Ron DeViso. Bottom Row: John Dailey, Jeff Parker, Rick Valen- tine, Rob Ryan, Doug Bosch and Mike Klunk. 4. John Dailey prepares to make a goal kick. 5. Rick Valentine has control of the ball as he prepares to kick it. 6. John Dailey makes a perfect goal kick. if .H .S ' . x fri M Wi. og, N-fr A I . m ' 'n . . 'Q I V ' ' ' W. f-432' ,Jie ,.'..vA , 'vb' '33i?I2ZT4Z f ......,.- I Sports 1 29 FRCDSH SGPH SOCCER CELS This year's Freshman-Sophomore Soccer team was a very hard working group of players. They displayed their competitive talent in all of their games and show much promise for the future. The year's outstanding players were Mark Rearden and Don Corrodino. Coach Keith Osborn commented, "The team had a reduced schedule since not all of the league schools had Frosh- Soph teams. Several players show great promise for next year's team." 1. Andy Lord makes a running kick. 2. Goalie Matt Bailey throws the ball to his teammate. 3. Minh Dang prepares to kick the ball around his opponent. 4. Freshmen- Sophomore Soccer - Top Row: Kasra Zama- nian, Dan Avilla, Ken Farrell, Steve Kiernan, Don Corrodino and Frank Beebe. Bottom Row: Minh Dang, Mark Lassos, Matt Bailey, Scott Albertson, Andy Lord and Gary Ford. 5. Kasra Zamanian prepares to kick the ball downfield as teammate Steve Kiernan looks on. 6. Dang and Kiernan nearly collide as they intercept the ball. 7. Scott Albertson and Ken Farrell work together to block the ball from an opponent. y WTQUJ 'W M , Z. M -gim M , 'V fi vt M . ,, 1 . , W 1 mhz' if r . . . t Y 1 , . 'W A jljgej 41' K M.. wg., an M M I . Q, N' H. i r .t T, W' J , gg M- el.. ., 'M M- W ' ...., A A f ,, fy' . ff t 5 1, W, 2' M111 ,... f 'V 4 ,EE ,,,f.,.,ff W VV M... 130 Sports ' X 1 ' .' ' "-" it ag? ? fi'iZt'5i" 1 0 ffl ras 1 Q' E 'H W if rl, ,. -. I . 5 i 'mtv .cs.-ass... K. " '. , ' Q ' . -v -1 .X 5 K . ' xr... f GOLFERS PLAY AT CASTA DEL SOL an 3 -r or ' , The 1981-82 golf team was guided by coaches Bob Bosanko and Ed Felix. The team consisted of seven players: Tim Bondiek, Byron Waddell, J. D. Wellman, Diane Early, Rijk Simdorn, Neal Gulley, and Trent Fouts. Practices were held at Casta Del Sol in Mission Viejo. This year's team showed an in- creasing improvement throughout the season. The team had a successful year and several really outstanding players. l. Golfer, Daren Turmel looks down the green after his stroke. 2. Varsity Golf Mr. Ed Felix, Tim Bondiek, Byron Waddell, J. D. Wellman, Diane Early, Rijk Simdom, Neal Gully, Trent Fouts, and Mr. Bob Bosanko. 3. Daren Turmel aims as he takes his stroke. 4. Golfer Glen White gets ready to stroke his putt. 5. Shawn Hughes follows through with his stroke after his putt. Sports 131 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL REBLIILDS WITH JAGD This year's Varsity Volleyball team con- sisted of five seniors, four juniors, and one sophomore. The 1981-82 team, coached by Mike Jagd, is one of El Toro's best. The team took second place in two tournaments, including the LaSerna tournament. Some of the teams top players included Dave Gon- zales, Jeff Arnold, Mike Dobbs, Mike Madwell, and Long Nguyen. This year's team has an inproving record. Some of their victories were over Mission Viejo High School, Newport Harbor High School, and Laguna Hills High School. The team played many home games as well as traveling to WV Www ,... ynw' M, ..., gs. other schools, such as Irvine High School, to play. 1. Varsity Volleyball - Mr. Jagd, Jim Ham- mel. Dave Gonzales, Jeff Arnold, Jim Martin- son, Mike Dobbs, Tom Hoagland: front row: Mike Madwell, Long Nguyen, Eric Darby, Bill Anderson. 2. Varsity player Jeff Arnold blocks the ball over the net during practice. 3. Varsity player Eric Darby prepares to set the ball for a teammate. 4. Long Nguyen, one of El Toros Varsity players, prepares a set. 5. Varsity player Eric Darby gets ready to set the ball for Bill Anderson. H2 132 Sports gig? 20-'I .J.v. CAPTLIRES FIRST AT LASER A This year's junior varsity volleyball team started the season off well by tak- ing first place in the La Serna tourna- ment. The team is made up of all sophomores and freshmen. Some of the teams top players are Tim O'Neal, Jeff Horn, David Sohn, and Jim Elder. The team earned impressive victories against both Mission Viejo High School and Laguna Hills High School. This year's 1981-82 team, coached by Mr. Jeff Butler, shows promise for next year's varsity team. 4 X - x A ' f wx . Nw M. My st 1' . .- A A of .M K -. 'xc ' l. Allan Hamu sets the volleyball during a practice. 2. Junior Varsity Volleyball - Top Row: David Sohn, Jeff White, Curt Tellum, Jason McVey, Jeff Horn, Don Corradino, Allan Hamu: bottom row: John Holt, Eric blaster, Sean Camu, Rick Valantine, B. J. Wilson, and Chris Dwyer. 3. Eric Naster is about to bump the ball. 4. Sophomore B. J. Wilson sets the ball. 5. Jeff Horn, a sophomore, sets the ball during a practice. Sports 133 45 VARSITY VOLLEY- BALL DIGS INTCD C.I.F. The girls' varsity volleyball team finished the season with a 17-3 record and a third place finish in the Sea View League. Olympic prospects Tracy Clark and Leslie Devereaux, along with Terri Bryson placed on the All-Sea View League team. The captain of the team was Devereaux and the co-captains were Bryson and Clark. ln the first and second rounds of C.l.F., the varsity team won against Fountain Valley and Garden Grove High Schools. In the third round the team lost to a tough Santa Monica team in a very close five set match. l. Girls' Varsity Volleyball - Top Row: Tino Phillips. Second Row: Mary Tritt and Tracy Clark. Third Row: Robin Holmes, Shellie Stenger and Kathleen Garvey. Bottom Row: Terri Bryson, Kristine Eachus, Leslie Devereaux and Lyn Callahan. 2. Captain Leslie Devereaux waits for the serve return. 3. Senior Leslie Devereaux concentrates on her serve. 4. Senior Robin Holmes spikes a serve return from an opponent. 5. Most valuable player Tracy Clark spikes the ball to her opponent. 6. Seniors Kristine Eachus and Terri Bryson block the opponent's serve. 7. The team congratulates one another after a successful game. 8. Kristine Eachus and Mary Tritt work together to return a power- ful serve from their opponent. 9. Seniors Tracy Clark, Kristine Eachus, Lyn Callahan and Terri Bryson rally together to return a serve. 10. Terri Bryson sets the ball to her opponent. """ ' 'F iii 134 Sports L-- as --vv 'Q-4 'S K t , if ' Af B . . 4, J f fi f T' ' ' I ' i , s 5 5 2 f 1 f - 'I i 5 S , s 5 1 1 I , , .4 1 Z .f 1 f 'Q fflflf?ll"' Tiff: . T I 1 , ZW if WM 1 W' ,...,, e..,.,s.w' ' 4' M J fsfiugf alfa --S Sports 135 uqjnillll ,.....,-.---- 4- J.V. TEAM SHGWS VGLLEYBALL ABILITY I l T mv---Q-.W-...N i if Si-' T S Q f -ul i ,.,...W.......w--J--as in W The junior varsity team completed the season with a 9-5 record, third in Sea View League play. Juniors Amy Ad- dis and Kathy Noesen were the team captains. The most improved player was sophomore Peggy Callahan. The team placed third in the San Clemente tournament and third in the Newport Harbor tournament. Ms. Sharon Spencer commented, "The team is a very industrious and competitive group of young ladies. They improved their skills and developed their potential." The team competitions prepared many of the members for next year's varsity level. 1. Junior Varsity Volleyball Team - Top Row: Terri Carlander, Heather Menealy, Kim Woods, Tammy Tudor, Ayelet Selinger, Laura Hallada and Karen Seeburg. Front Row: Shannon Bloch, Monique Brass, Terri Focht, Leanna Schiada, Sherri Farrington, Kathy Noesen, Amy Addis and Peggy Callahan. 2. Junior Terri Carlander serves the ball to an Irvine High School opponent. 3. Sophomore Shannon Bloch sets up a serve to an opposing team. 4. Junior Karen Seeburg jumps up to spike the ball to her opponent. F RUSH- SOPH SETS LIP EW TALE The frosh-soph volleyball team com- pleted the season with a 7-3 record, first place in the Sea View League. The team captain was sophomore Kris Mink. The frosh-soph level was new this year to the girls' volleyball program, added because of the growing interest in the fast action sport. The team prepared many young ladeis for next year's varsi- ty level. 1. Sophomore Susan Okerland practices her serving skills before a game against Irvine High School. 2. Sophomore Debbie Jackson serves the ball to the opposing team. 3. The frosh-soph team warms up before their game against Garden Grove High School. 4. Frosh- Soph Volleyball - Top Row: Kim Drexel, Denise Shore, Kris Mink, Adrianna Andson and Cindy Matthews. Second Row: Julie Monteleone, Beth Ann Montroy, Susan Okerland, Sharon Merritt and Tonya Mickesh. Front Row: Loir Hoppke and Shan- non Bloch. 5. Sophomore Kim Drexel uses her skills to return a serve. ""-1... ,MW Nw, , .----"'-"""""' Sports 1 37 VARSITY TENNIS GCDES TO C.l.F. The girls' varsity tennis team finished with a 3-4 record and fifth in the Sea View League. Ursula Donofrio and Margaret Heinbaug were the league's champions and advanced to the third round of the CIF doubles competition. The captain of the team was senior Johnna Boylan. Coaching the team for the first time was Mr. Paul Beidler. Junior Diane Early was named most im- proved player throughout the season. 1. Varsity Tennis - Top Row: Chris Pope and Lisa Cask. Second Row: Susan Tanner, Kathy Nolres, Stacie Allen and Diane Early. Front Row: Johnna Boylan, Holly Steed, Susan Hauschild, Margaret Heinbaug and Ursula Donofrio. 2. Senior Ursula Donofrio serves the ball to her opponent from Newport Harbor. 3. Senior Margaret Hein- baug awaits an opponent's serve. 4. Junior Susan Tanner returns the serve with her baclrhand. 5. Senior Susan Hauschild and junior Susan Tanner play a doubles match against Irvine High School. 6. Junior Diane Early serves the ball to her opponent. 1. Kathy Nokes practices before a match. 8. Senior Stacie Allen volleys the ball with her opponent. 9. Ursula Donofrio practices before her match. 10. Senior Chris Pope shows her concentration as she serves. ll. Sophomore Lisa Cask moves rapidly to retum her opponent's serve. 138 Sports 4 -aft df I 4 1 Q ,,.,- m 1 1 4 , 24 Nl 1. gb? .adm f Zi ,V,,g A, ff- Ks , f' f W V E f is "E, f V"'W,4,,,w'v 9 Va as, f ,M 2 4 6 XMWMVWM WW,-'M' ,af :- f? J 'Z 2 if 4? f 22 w vs 'a 1. if 1 2 i Jeldm V 4,,gs?0' , Y V f,, Q J .V. TEAM SERVES POWERFUL SEASCN The girls' junior varsity tennis team finished the season with a 9-10 record, fifth in the Sea View League. Senior Shannon LaPrairie was the team cap- tain. The two players who improved the most throughout the season were sophomores Missy Vinas and Caren Car- rlson. Coaching the team for the first time was Ms. Diana Osterhues. "Throughout the season, each team member pulled through at one time or another to contribute to their wins." commented Ms. Osterhues. Junior Varsity Tennis - Top Row: Linda Fisher, Missy Morris, Stephanie Parker, Shannon LaPrairie, Melinda Harris and Coach Diana Osterhues. Front Row: Shawna Olson, Doreen Smith, Monique Brass, Caren Carrlson, Lisa Coppersmith and Missy Vinas. 2. Junior Lisa Fisher works on her backhand skills during an afternoon practice. 3. Senior Melinda Harris practices her strokes before a match against Newport Harbor High School. 4. Sophomore Caren Carrlson concentrates while she retums the serve to her opponent from Newport Harbor High School. 5. Senior Shannon LaPrairie warms up before a match against the Estancia Eagles. 140 Sports JV TEAM MEETS SEASCNAL GOALS tif The girls' junior varsity cross country team finished the season with a 1-7 record, sixth place in the Sea View League. The girls all worked hard to get into shape for the two mile course at the Canada Loop. Practices consisted of distance running, six to nine miles per day. The team was led by front runner Joanne Galindo. Sophomore Tiffany Golden and Freshman Heather Saxby both placed in the top twenty runners at the Dana Hills Invitational. ,gi ex"- Q, The 1981-82 season prepared many of the younger members for next year's varsity level. l. Junior Varsity Cross Country - Top Row: Stacey Runyon, Tina Vittori and Michelle Darby. Front Row: Brenda Promer and Stephanie Kohler. 2. Freshman Michelle Dar- by works hard to run up the last hill of the two mile course in the Canada Loop. 3. Freshman Tina Vittori takes the lead against Newport Harbor High School. 4. Sophomores Tiffany Golden and Stacey Ru- nyon start off leading the pack on the two mile course. 2 3 .M-+ Sports 1 4 1 ' 5' T' J, 'fin W.. K. x. 4. is is svwisl SE! K... Wei- A Q mix . ... S, W .. is A 9 A A All A iss K S H' -uf ebnkf 2 S ok '53 125 I sr '-my X r .. Rami ,gf ,nv-A 413 sw FV 4 39 1 56 at .- E wr'-qw .w"2,..-all' 1 42 Sports 5 - K- A 5 rf fc 6 .... .. . - I' 4 -tr 5 . I , at ms? te. ..iA- ' IM! V . A xo VARSITY PLACES FIFTH I LEAGLIE The girls' varsity cross country team finished the season with a 3-4 record, fifth place in the Sea View League. For the first time in El Toro High School's history a freshman, Nicole Biggers, went to the C.l.F. finals as an individual representing El Toro High School. The team captain was senior Rita Her- nandez. There was a number of wins at invitationals. The team placed third in both the Orange City Invitational and the Dana Hills Invitational. Two of the runners placed in the top twenty, Big- gers and Michelle Buck. Tiffany Golden was voted most improved runner on the varsity level. 1. Varsity Cross Country - Top Row: Nicole Biggers and Rita Hernandez. Second Row: Tonya Ranson, Joanne Galindo, Stephanie Adolphson, Michelle Buck and Heather Sax- by. Front Row: Dawn Romeo, Tiffany Golden and Patty Makens. 2. Sophomore Tonya Ran- son works hard to get up the hill. 3. Sophomore Stephanie Adolphson gives it all she has to pass up an opponent. 4. Sophomore Michelle Buck runs at an even pace. 5. Michelle Buck holds onto her lead at the halfway mark. 6. Head Coach Diane Hale smiles over the outcome of a race. 7. Freshman Nicole Biggers shows her concen- tration as she leads the pack. 8. Trish Pier- son, assistant coach, smiles for the camera after a team victory. 9. Senior Patty Makens works hard to gain the lead. 10. Senior Rita Hernandez works to complete the race. ll. Freshman Nicole Biggers leads the pack in an important race. 3 ll 4 VARSITY CAPTLIRES SEA VIEW LEAGUE With a successful season the girls' varsity basketball team accomplished a lot during their season. The team cap- tain was senior Robin Holmes who, also was the most valuable player. The most improved players were seniors Tracy Clark and Leslie Devereaux. The girls' basketball squad placed second in the Marina-Edison Tournament. This was the first time El Toro did so well at a tournament. The team was led by Coach Sharon Spencer who com- mented, "l was proud to have coached such a fine group of young athletes." Varsity Basketball Top Row: Leslie Devereaux, Tracy Clark, Heather Menealy and Terri Carlander. Middle Row: Randi Bailey, Robin Holmes, Kim Dennison and Kim Harris. Front Row: Kim McGills and Diane Early. 2. Kim McGills, Robin Holmes, Leslie Devereaux and Terri Carlander use all their might to block an opponent from Sad- dleback. 3. Senior Tracy Clark leaps to make a point for her team in a match against Sad- dleback High. 4. Junior Kim McGills looks for an opening to pass the ball. 5. Robin Holmes and Kim McGills block an opponent from making a point. 144 Sports aw 1- i' ... 13 e ,- ll 1 fr 'W it M I' -sz 5 J .V. TEAM BCDLINCES INTG 1982 SEASCN Led by an outstanding defense and a well-adjusted offense, this year's junior varsity basketball squad finished the season with an excellent record. After a slow start of six straight losses in pre- season, they fought back to a respec- table upper division finish, in the Sea View League. Coach Paul Beidler com- mented that he was very proud of how his team progressed and improved throughout the course of the season. The team captain for this year was sophomore Lauree Whitcomb. F. Q 2 an 2 K ..- Junior Varsity - Top Row: Vicky Walton, Sandy Taylor, Shirley Duke, Tonya Ranson, Megan Lauppe, Yvette Hicks, Cindy Mat- thews, and Coach Paul Bedlier. Middle Row: Shannon Meyer, Lauree Whitcomb and Kris Lindholm, Missy Vinas, Kathy Valenzuela, and Sharon Merritt. Front Row: Susan Okerland and Ellen Lin. 2. The junior varsity squad rushed to get the ball from their oppo- nent. 3. Sophomore Missy Vinas blocks an opponent from getting to the ball. 4. Sharon Merritt passes the ball to an open teammate during a game against Saddleback High School. 5. The junior varsity squad gathers around to listen for the next play. Sports 1 45 FROSH-SCDPH SHCDWS MUCH E DLIRANCE I LEAGUE The girls' froshvsoph basketball squad ended with a record of 2-5 and a second place finish. The captain of the team was freshman, Vicki Mallet who was also the most valuable player. The most improved player was freshman, Cheryl Focht. Former student Ms. Terri Young directed the team. Coach Young commented, "Each girl worked hard in every game improving their knowledge of the game of basketball." The team also learned the basic skills and the fun- damentals ofthe sport. Frosh-Soph Basketball - Top Row: Kim .ss "---..,k .. . .... g M.- Taylor, Jamie Bramlett, Ashley Lowe, Kathy Sutton, Hilliary Hamilton, Darlene Fields, Captain Vicki Mallett and Coach Terri Young. Middle Row: Jennifer Hines, Sharon Casey, Denise Uranga, Joy Wilson, and Renee Anderson. Front Row: Jennifer Richter, Brenda Cervoni, Nancee Smith and Cheryl Focht. 2. Captain Vicki Mallett drib- bles down the court to make a basket. 3. Frosh-Soph squad watches their teammate with excitement in a game against a tough Loara High School team. 4. Freshman Vicki Mallett makes a fantastic dribble down the court to make a basket for her team. 5. Freshman Jamie Bramelett passes to her teammate for another basket. 6. Freshman Jennifer Hines uses all her effort in starting the game off with a powerfuljump shot. ,,g1RP"s.-.h'5-5 N vb 3 'X . f Wtxyv ,, 'VIA N- ....... ,,,..v ' . ' . .,'.'..l f 7710- ' 146 Sports J .V. TEAM SHOWS PROGRESS IN SEASON ln finishing an outstanding season the girls' junior varsity track team did ex- tremely well in the Sea View League. The team was led by Coach Dave Fulur who also helped coach the varsity track team. The junior varsity team had many new members, who were inex- perienced yet developed skills, en- durance and speed that will help the varsity team in the coming years. The team's goals were to break the records from past years and to improve its stan- dings in league. 1. Junior Varsity Track Top Row: Lisa Nobrega, Christa Purdie, Laura Conway, Lor- raine Hernandez, Cheryl Focht, Shannon Carroll, Lisa Kennedy. Toni Olivarez, Jana Rye, Mary Sullivan, and Sidney Muth Se- cond Row: Gigi Shelburg, Tracy Frary, Joy Wilson, Heather Saxby, Ayelet Selinger, Adriana Anderson, and Stephanie Sundahl Third Row: Debbie Nokes, Pam Webber, Pam Grey, Amy Heavey, Lynn Kulikowiski, Cyn- thia Holmes and Michelle Swik. Fourth Row: Patti Eubanks, Connie Dunlap, Tiffany Reinoehl, Diane Chadwick. Marlene Mar- tinez, Karen Krause and Kelly Crosswell. Front Row: Tiffany Pierce, Tracy Fannin, Lisa Finnocchi, Keri Johnson, Kellie Havens, Shari Knox, Shevelle King, Yvette Hicks 2. Freshmen Kelly Crosswell takes control of the baton in running the 440 relay, 3. Yvette Hicks uses all her skills in running the 100 yard hurdles 4. Gigi Shelburg tries in making her longest jump in the school's first meet against Laguna Hills. 5. Tiffany Reinoeht places first in the 440 race. 6. Coach Keith Osborn smiles for the out come of the victory over Laguna Hills. Sports 147 VARSITY TRACK RUNS INTO LEAGUE The girl's varsity track team finished with an excellent seasonal record, and a very good finish in the Sea View League. Directing the team was coach Keith Osborn who worked with the sprinters and hurdlers. Assisting Osborn was Ms. Diane Hale, who work- ed with the long distance girls, and Coach Dave Furlur, who worked with girls in field events. The team's cap- tains were junior Karen Turner, and seniors Charon Turner, Monica Osborn and Rita Hernandez. 1. Shari Farrington and Monica Osborn display perfect strides to clear the hurdles. 2. Lisa Bacon uses her strength in throwing the shot put. 3. Summer Siscoe utilizes great form in throwing the discus. 4. Laurie Hop- pke hands off the baton to Kathy Sutton in the 440 relay. 5. Brenda Promer paces her self to complete the race. 6. Jaimi McFarlin runs at a fast pace to finish. 7. Michelle Buck runs at an even pace, placing first in the two mile. 8. Varsity Track - Top Row: Laura Hallada, Summer Siscoe, Lisa Bacon, Shirley Duke and Stephanie Adolophson. Second Row: Susan Lewis, Tracy Sergeant, Michelle Buck, Tonya Ranson and Jaimi McFarlin Third Row: Rita Hernandez, Kim Glasgow, Charon Turner, Karen Turner, Amy McKer- nan, Nicole Biggers and Jennifer Gutke Front Row: Kathy Sutton, Monica Osborn, Shari Farrington, Laurie Hoppke, Tiffany Golden and Dawn Romero. 9. Monica Osborn leaps over the hurdles. 10. Tonya Ranson places first in 440 race. 11. Amy McKernan takes a flying leap into the long jump pit. 12. Sum- mer Siscoe and Charon Turner take a break in the middle of the meet against Laguna Hills. 13. Kim Glasgow strives for distances in the long jump pit. Sports 149 SCDFTBALL STRIVES T0 CATCH TITLE The coaches for this year's varsity softball team were Mr. Jim Daugherty and Ms. Marcy Eckman. The team prac- ticed every day from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. There was only 1 freshman on the team this year, Lisa Tamillo. The Varsity team practiced and played their games separately from the J.V. team. Their main goals this year were to win both the league and CIF championships and also work on improving their skills both as a team and individually. 1. Varsity Softball - Top row: Mr. Jim Daugherty. Caren Carlsson, Becky Kinsaitis, Robin Holmes, Karen Stroup, Lyn Callahan, Peggy Callahan, Kelly Person, and Ms. Mar- cy Eckman. Front row: Kim McGill, Mary Tritt, Terri Focht, Kathy Noesen, Lisa Tamillo, Maureen Kansas, and Leanne Schiada. 2. Lisa Tamillo prepares to catch an oncoming ball. 3. After retrieving the ball, Becky Kinsaitis returns the ball to the pit- cher. 4. Becky Kinsaitis catches a grounder during an aftemoon game. 5. Terri Focht slides into third base just in time. 6. Lyn Callahan catches the ball while playing shortstop. 7. Maureen Kansas begins to run as the ball comes into her area. 8. Lisa Tamillo is in position to catch the ball and tag the runner. 9. Peggy Callahan tries to strike the batter out. 10. Players tag the run- ner out as she slides into the base. 1 l. Karen Stroup smiles as she aims for first base. 12. Leanne Schiada finishes the play as Maureen Kansas retums to her position. 13. Leanne Schiada plays outfield during a game. 14. Robin Holmes catches a pop-fly. 15. Kelly Person runs to make an out by catching the fly ball. 16. Mary Tritt prepares to catch the ball behind the batter. 1 50 Sports Q... .. rg .i K 55 6 JL L. 1 1 5:-:gsffrigw 4,51-: 1 -fwi:r:g,g .. . A .E Ass, K. . Nliff P9533 K X X f..-Z .. .J WS-3 as N C . A . ' - . 'C Q R .Mwst P . . . sw..-, - .s ' L . 4. ,, -- , . , ::-sle w... . il A ' . 1 ,F C, ' is g- V . L- N? N S '1.fl.a . ...sxwfs . .S n.ha.,..eQ1:'.... ' x x Q, se - . Su.. - -- --....,.t.,.. A - 2 3 ivy- .- - 5 1 .. . . . , . . ' ' .ss B h as B . , f .. 5,4-f'f" - ' if if -X Q. N Q -+P-W Ting .M zi, - f :ii i 5 i J X1 ' ,4.,3.., zbfff. ,Q-5 ia. .gm yy rl kgs ggi- .jg sg, . . , .g .,, i .g 12, C 1 fo +5 vm. .v Q , .3 . na' p g Y. gs ak K3 . Q fi -3-up 3. i,?R. .ffQ.N....l, -. n g jfs-viw-ggi..Bw.:.:: ,. .. .A N K X It. 393541 sf-532' f ' N -' ii N Q xl-Qi x ill ,..J.-.- KH Q f 3,-sf ff W is 1 wi, X 1 ig R A gif My f , 1 J 'X hx mwggg? rv ,gf get Na Mig? Xmvwm me :M he wvxiak "' " as- Mm 15391-pi,?g,,N M x 1.Qo-VX' S Wm. +3 -. N -an Q M V-+5 -NN -fu... ' am, i -5 -' -. ' , ST" in Ya ., . fliff ' .- M 1 A- . f M H ws-.A ..V i ' Pie ' ' A k - .. y I ' T L ,.. xgilgx sig 57 . ki ? ? 7 ,, km. , . " -h-' ' Q, X. hJ lug: VJ Q ,M in if '51 J .ii I ' 1 , A hi bk m 106 vwmsm . K 1, . S -- ' - K A ... ff'-I i -- f H - V K K K I: W? -T", - "Z, ' fE1T?'Vf'E'7:EL35.:?ff xii ', 11- gpg f nf-L5 K X 4- . A 'kk' ' I K . W ,X ,Mk M- ,.... i g S- , ---. K , ,www F X wl-l'55i? - fu- iff , 1. A, .. , 1, iw ,fs f K :V,, .Q- .-Q, f K ,k,?,g?f?f'1 . Qs ll '1"',A.lQ 4, 11 A uq.9- M N ......, an-alIm,wf,f-w,,,,, , .Www ,Mm Girls' Sports 151 JR. VARSITY SOFTBALL SLIDES BY OPPCDNENTS The J.V, Softball Team this year had three main goals: to construct a winning team, develope each players' individual skills, and improve on last season's record. They practiced after school every day and their coach was Mr. Paul Beidler. They were basically a young team with four returning players: Bar- bara Despain, Tracy Dickey, Diana Puckett, and Kirsten Stalcupp. Each of these girls were potential varsity players. 4 .4 ii 1. J.V.A Softball - Top row: Shannon Meyer, Barbara Leipper, Kelly Decker, Vicki Walton, Debby Jackson, Kym Dilorio, and Coach Paul Beidler. Second row: Diana Puckett, Tracy Dickey, Kathleen Garvey, Monique Brass, and Vicki Mallett. Front row: Susan Okerlund, Kirsten Stallcup, Danielle Austin, Barbara Despain, and Shannon Block. 2. Tracy Dickey and Kirsten Stallcup ready themselves for the oncoming ball. 3. Tracy Dickey and Vicki Mallett go for a double play. 4. Barbara Despain catches the ball just in time as an opposing team member slides into home. 5. Monique Brass slides in- to the base and is safe. 6. Shannon Meyer follows through as she pops one out into the outfield. 7. Shannon Meyer catches the grounder as Vicki Mallett runs up to assist. 1 52 Sports VARSITY ATTE DS RELAY MEETS This year's Girls' Varsity Swim Team was coached by Miss Sherri Ross, who helped the swimmers develope their ability as the season progressed. They attended Relay lnvitationals as well as regular ones. ln the Relay lnvitationals, it was a dual swim meet, no individual events and the boys and girls earned points collectively to get an overall score for the team. Trophys were given to fifth place at these meets. The return- ing members on the team were Helen Garvey, Laura Cohen, Tharine Rudon, Barbara Coffman, Janet Williams, Dana Barnes, Stephanie Parker, and Patty Makens. The girls practiced an average of five hours a day, two in the morning before school and three after school. Their main goals were to win league and improve their skills both as a team and individually. l. Girls' Varsity Swimming - Top row: Stephanie Wong, Barbara Coffman, Lisa Baziaks, Amy Morris, Erica Wilson, Stephanie Sommers, Dana Barns, and Bren- da Gossman. Front row: Helen Garvey, Janet Williams, Laura Cohen, Stephanie Parker, Johnna Boylan, Tharine Rudon, Kris Mink, and Patty Makens. 2. Helen Garvy prepares for a dive as other swimmers look on. 3. Swimmers begin another tiring lap across the pool towards the end of the practice. 4. Kris Mink improves her butterfly before a meet. 5. Swimmers warm up in the pool before a meet. 6. Erika Wilson prepares for a back dive to start her back stroke during practice. 7. Janet Williams swims laps with a board during practice to practice her kick- ing. 8. Stephanie Wong does the breaststroke during afternoon practice. 9. Dana Barns looks up quickly from her breaststroke. 10. Kris Mink awaits direc- tions from Coach Ross before beginning the workout to prepare for an invitational. ll. Johnna Boylan practices her crawl over and over again to perfect the techniques needed to win a competitive race. 12. Coach Ross in- formes the team what will be happening at the meet the next day against Edison. 13. Tharine Rudon, Helen Garvey, and Laura Cohen show liveliness even after a three hour workout after school. Sports 153 u.. pv- i U i ,,,, fir: -My V1 . T -' I J' 'it K sv?" TY, 'IKM " 'Q 4' - A ' " "" '- "'i " A"'L - ,," 'i1' ,1 i 2 ff ,,gL I .. . f ,,..A X ' V F E E . 1 A fy' ,' , " 1 " f' 1 .,,, , V,,, V My A A I v , 1 "" , . ' " H -4--N ' V WW. J E.: .1 ., , " ' A.. V --1'- -. 1. .Sf:2f'14 "'- "" , ,K 5 A , V' ,L f M My M, was 7,41 1 ,, ,. H , -W V , V::,vV V V ziz - ,' - ' ' K ,," ,". ,.A V .llf , ., fw ,,,fff1,1 -ff .'Iff mfgiifxifgwff? ff,k V- ,,,, ,,, 'Y f.'ff ,,, an ff 1'f f+u" , ., +1 ,A -R 154 Sports .ww 1... uw GIRLS' SWIMMI G CCDMPETES REGLILARLY This year's girls' frosh-soph team was coached by Ms. Sherri Ross and practic- ed for nearly five hours a day. They competed in both regular and relay in- vitationals during the year. Some of the girls swam on the J.V. team, which was a mixture of boys' and girls' frosh-soph and varsity teams. l. Frosh-Soph Swim Team - Top Row: Katy St. John, Jami Hahn, Betsy Schupp, Melissa Kaplan, Jamie Bramlett, Kelly Benedict, Erin QF ' A is Q -my N F Q -1 -1. v .Q WA U.. in s xxx Q XHXCVXQI .i,, tmwssaefwsp, , .,,.... K. -- .i 5, 5 H,....c... gvwfa, .,.:.m, .- t L z xii ixgi . . . .. V 3 -:.,. H K, ,,,Z,T,.'+e:.m:Ms:a . tk- ,.. ,- Hoc: Jacobs, Amber Seitz, Danica Olen. and Ann Ashby. Front row: Christi Conception, Jean- nette Dasza, Tonya Mickesh, Bridget Nickel, Michele Nordquist, Jenny Richer, Vivian Ricaurte, Tracy Wrightstone, and Jennifer Fischer. 2. Team members practice their dives during an afternoon workout. 3. Tracy Wrightstone takes a breath during after school practice. 4. Tracy Wrightstone ponders taking the first dive of the day. 5. Vivian Ricaurte practices after school with a swim board. 6. Melissa Kaplan gives a quick smile in between laps. 7. Katie St. John awaits instructions from Miss Ross. 8. Amber Seitz practices the backstroke. iff' ,MT .frruf tif' " lil Hill 4. A 07 , , me -mf-or lflflifffllflflflllf me mf W Wa- Sports 1 55 VARSITY SGCCER KICKS INTO C.I.F. Coming to an end of the season the girls' varsity soccer team finished with an overall record of 16-3 and second place in Sea View League. The captains of the team were seniors Lyn Callahan and Chantal Spicher. The most outstan- ding plays were Terri Bryson, Callahan and Tino Phillips. The most improved players were Juan Shin and Rebecca Martinez. The girls' team was ranked tenth in C.I.F. Southern Division and possessed the two fastest forwards Phillips and Terri Focht. l. Captain, Lyn Callahan works hard moving the ball down the field. 2. Senior Margie Owens makes an outstanding kick and eludes defenders. 3. Varsity Soccer - Top Row: Debbie Johnson, Monique Brass, Terri Bryson. Chelle Pell, Denise Kirshenaran, Maureen Kiernan, Caren Carlson, Lyn Callahan, Regina Gabaldon and Coach Mary Rausch Front Row: Terri Focht, Juan Shin, Rebecca Martinez, Margie Owens, Tino Phillips, Kirsten Stallcup, and Natalie Rausch. 4. Junior Terri Focht struggles to keep the ball from opponent. 5. Coach Rausch concentrates in middle of game. 6. Margie Owens and Tino Phillips put forth a spectacular effort. 1 56 Sports J am sei" ,. , ' ,nt A-. 2 f f .fc . W J .V. TEAM SETS NEW SEASCDNAL STATISTICS The 1982 girls' junior varsity soccer team finished with a 6-5 record with one tie, and a second place in league. The team was directed by Miss Patty Morita. Each week, one girl was chosen to be captain of the game. The most valuable player was freshman Cindy Morton. The most improved player was Freshman Laurie Conway. The team's goals were to improve its standings in league and to work on its skills and fun- damentals of soccer, l. Sophomore Cynthia Holmes makes a fan- tastic kick for another goal against Corna Del Mar 2. Freshman Cindy Morton struggles to get the ball before her opponent. 3. Lor- raine Hemandez runs to the other side of the field where the action is. 4. Sophomore Sally Tanner waits patiently for the ball to be passed to her. 5. Goalie Karen Stroup kicks to her open teammate. Junior Varsity Soccer - Top Row: Coach Patty Morita, Lorriaine Hernandez, Julie Montelone, Sally Tanner, Sharron Carroll, Laura Steele, Laura Blan- chard, Tempest Jones and Karen Stroup. Front Row: Erin Hegle, Rochelle DeAvita, Laura Conway, Cynthia Holmes. Cindy Mor- ton and Kris Nusenow. Sports 1 57 I w , , 'W I im ' w ' , ,, ' Cf? '?l: ' 2 , ,ww ifl Mi ,i Q 2 Q 3 W " '2 54 'H '93, "" "' I h,,-.W K' - 1- an 341 w Vx ,,,, H 5? 2 "-- ,,,' 2 ,, , ,, . Q If V zzzf' ' I V A ' " 5 ,, m ,,,, f V g ' 1 158 Classes FACE CARDS Classes 15g ' l 1 . ."' Qfbsfsg-y tffffggffgeffflg- Q SENIOR GFFICERS INSPIRE STUDENTS The Class of 1982 was an inspiration to the future graduating classes of El Toro High. Their admirable ingenuity, boundless energy, and exemplary at- titude have made this class the class to beat! Their junior year was distinguished by a Spirit Week victory over their rival, the Class of 1981. As seniors, they were again suc- cessful during Spirit Week. The week began with Baby Day, the senior hall was playfully decorated in the theme of "Sesame Street," complete with Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie. In the spirit of tradition, the seniors "artfully covered" the school with a reported 2000 rolls of toilet paper. Afterwards, everyone met for a pleasant breakfast at iHop. Upon returning to school the seniors resumed a full day of classes. During lunch, however, they regressed to childish frolic and frivolity, much to the adula- tion ofthe underclassmen. Past presidents, Diana DeRobertis and Amy Cheshire got the seniors started off on the right foot. N 160 Classes 9. L! A Q' Aff? 4 ffm v-,A J? ig. ze, -1' F . 4 is if a,,ffs ' 1 Aka, f . if 0? 54' an 1 5 3353 141 'ff' , Edward C. Bench Joseph Christopher Bishop y Suzan Bolton l, ll Virginia E. Bergman Richard Norman Bergstrom I ,, -. ,- x 1"ri-J.'3f-'cv is at .1 .,.1 ?'A'x. . Nw g'Y"'13 'xml , ',.,,,,x.gf,.f,.. ,f.,:,.VW,. . , w .,.. . .,., w -4 J 3-1fI"F.' K v r,--,.'.ur.t2Ai9i? :'.lx.eg,s1t, , . .4 2 ' f-lfrv, Wham v-is stigma.. Q. tai. ., ,.,1, ' FP1 A'ff'r's, My vm 'iff mmwsg iii I xi. 4-1 K '.-' V 4 , 1- I .I , , 1 "1" 'QM'-. ' Bw fc jx 5: 4. ,ll i3.gJ'l .9 iff: ' "A ' ' -,jr 4: 'el 'D A 5 :Mitt E." ' . X 4 .1 iffy Q ' 2 ' ,figs was 1, 3 -R . we -1: A vit :zu . xg - f K V11 547-.' ig 1 ,- ' 3 -A mi mt- , I is QU, A . A 1 . --.1 8 T - 1 I . -.-, w A 45.1 ,, - ' j 5.3, B r , xx.. W ' 'X' ,, Y V K ii Playmates Sandra Lea and Heidi Stubbs discuss politics. 3? I . Thomas William Bergstrom Peggy Bi995 Mike Bissell Gary Black K ure.,- Daniela Bortis Kathleen H. Bowen I l Kimberly A. Boydstun Johnna Boylan Tammy Bragg Eugene O. Bryant ll Terri Lea Bryson Classes 163 ul N b Jovita Carrillo Donna D. Carter Suzanne Casey Tim Cass Dwayne Cherry Amy Marie Chesire Anne Clark Lisa Marie Clark Laura Ann Carter Charmaine Castillo Linda Chae Choe 4 U! 'A Q Q, Tracy L. Clark Chris Caserta Mario Castro Leonard James Christian ll Ike E. Clayton i Karen L. Casey Derek H. J. Cha Kimberly J. Christiansen Janice M. Clement Classes 165 Vicki-L yn Esquivel Kenneth A. Facio Natalie Fischer Denise Foley Kevin S. Ester Diana Lynne Estey Cindy Eubanks 1 r Maria Fadel Michael Fadich Larry M. Feiler L Christine Fisher Lisa Ann Fisher Brian K. Flanagan 12's Yee-Wah Fong Camilla Theresa FOfmiC8 Kristin Forrest Beth R. E verhart ,N A '1 l Shereen Louise Fernie Tim Flanery H i'-. K Jamie Danielle Fossum Classes 169 mix xW Trent Stephen Fouts Martine Monique Franco N Ron L. Fretwell Kevin M. Furphy 170 Classes Kellie Ann Fowler Robert Fowler Pamela S. Fox Peggi T. Fox ll. L .X .ui W x we 'W ll 'N , . w ' W ali ik' Dana Ffafy Janice L. Frederickson ,f t Ml W V an r ' -' .. an ' -m 5K ' an -.'.. .A 1 Julie Friedman Lisa Frisch Trent Fouts and Tina Diumenti quibble in the quad. Edward B. F uzell Selin S. Gabriel David L. Galante Chris Garcia Laura Grisafe Brian J. Guidry 1 x - ' X . I Matt Haas Bill Haden QQ4-s ' Natalie Fischer and Mildred Montebello are a pair of model babies. 1 72 Classes Richard Edward Guilmette Cynthia Gurley Sara Beth Gutwill W' - is 1 I s Scott Hanson Teresa Hardie Carol Harnage Don Harris Ed Harris Melinda K. Harris Tim Harris Susan R. Hauschild Adrianne Haddock Lori Heaton Linda Heebner K orl L. Hermen Jon M. Hilgers Barbara J. Hea vican i Margaret Ann Heinbaugh T 5 x , X I Art H. Hernandez Carrie Anne Hill Kristen A. Hedlund Glenna Marie Henry Rita Annette Hernandez Michelle A. Hird Barbara Coffman, Tharine Rudon, and Susan Hauschild make a pretty picture. is tn.. tl. Mike Henshall Jerry W. Henson Da vid HSSICF Larry Higginbotham , ,, .X ..,,, Angela L. Hobson Robin Helene Holmes 173 Classes Terri Hope Lawrence Henry Hughes i Linda Marie lnsalaco Jill Lynn Jackson 174 Classes Denise Hopkins Kelly Ann Hopper Kimberly A. Hunt Cynthia M. Hunter K. ine' A. mi J l Sheryl L. Isley Eileen Ann lvers Brian P. Johnson Dawn M. Johnson 1, Wendy D. Hosey Scott D. Hoth Jennifer E. Hurley Ji-SCOTT lhn 3'-5'-X r Maureen A. lvers Andrew S. Jackson James C. Johnson Rosemary D. Johnson N . ,f , 9 ' '-ffl: f , 'aff , ,?. 5. .w fx : Qu. ff, 'f 'ff ' "'.!' V A Q . , X Q . v al 9. Yr mn M m " ,mf .. U wg-1 2244? ?E Tk xx lib Q 6- ww V M rifi .-3 'QQ' A wk . "" 'F' Jw, X, gi MW' ,MQ KWWL? M ,,4.,, 'e fl, T, ui i , .5-'M A W" 'WMM '37 nw , .1- fi Mr Mm ff b , , U Y W, , .iw MXN is Q? f igs f M 5 X wwf! mi: wr' V ull' gf ! -,a f 1 Eric Mueller Patrick Shannon Munoz Michelle McAdam i Michelle Mc-Carly Jeff W. McCollam Chuck McCormick Christine Ann McCaffery Hugh McDonald W' Cynthia J. McFadden iw' x l -avU""""" x f , James McCall Michael Scott McDougall John McGowan Rachel Mcciuirr The senior hall is protected by the watchful eyes of Stacey Allen. Keiko Susan Nagai 1 80 Classes Tracy Jean Rosenberg Tharme Rudon Fadel E Ruiz Catherine M Ryan Fa vonte ActorfActress Robert Redford Clint Eastwood Burt Reynolds Barbara Streisand Brooke Shellds Goldie Hawn Fa vonte Beach 1 Crescent Bay 2 Newport 3 Salt Creek Favonte Car 1 Porsche 2 Mercedes 450 SL 3 Ferrari Favonte Movie 1 Raiders of the Lost Ark 2 Arthur 3. Endless Love Favorite Saying l. Too Hip Gotta Go! 2. Schaka! 3. No More Mr. Nice Guy Favorite Song 1. Who s Crying Now? 2. Endless Love 3. ' Urgent' Favorite T. V. Show 1. M"A'S'H 2. "General Hospital" 3. "The Benny Hill Show" 184 Classes Ll K wc:- Jeff S' Sadon Debbie I. Safian Linda Samuelson Beamz Sane ez y J gy -- if , . B' ig 'U I ., ., Q. 'illlw av Q25 T00 HIP GGTTA G0 Best Personality 1 Mark Matranga 2 Leshe Devereaux Most Preppy 1 Sam Pepke 2 VlcklEsqulvel Most Punk 1 Aaron Lybarger 2 Klm DeLamar Best Smile l Todd Wllhams 2 Barbie Heavlcan Most Likely to Succeed 1 Vlnce Trollan 2 Monica Osborn Best School 1 El Toro Hugh - THE FRAZE - Classes 185 John S, Torigoe Vin cent P. Trollan Denise Michele Urbaniak Ed VanLiew Lisa D. Torkildson Joseph Robert Toussant Shelly K. Tucker Charon R. Turner Diane Renee Usher Cheryl Jean Vanderstraeten i Ramin Varasteh Laura Ann Veasey Wi X L ia A Y 1 We X' "T f-X ' PQ 3 Khanh Tran Brett Trickett Geoffrey Turner John F. Turner Terence Vandewalker Rick Vandewater 'r H, , 1 - , .1 1 .x . , 1: N, -1-M xx' , . 7 -L xii ' sg 2 ' Kent Velie Marci Louanne Vercruse Classes 189 M Wm ea x , , N Qu gl f-nqm 5, W M Ausv, M ,, ,sg W W 1 .gf , vii' WW I Sha- . x W Eff Q K Q K iw, ',,,,, mf M mr, bffyk Q, 'ff lla M ,MJZXM ! Qi xg' I Gb m Qgi' .f,. f 9 - 5 wi N ,- A W qv 44 A ' - 09601 .' Adil ,.A'3-P' ,lr it W-ne .qw if :E f xi ami? JUNIOR CLASS ORGANIZES PROM The junior class of 1981-1982 dressed in the traditional 50's Day costume for Spirit Week, but they also added something new. One hundred fifty spirited juniors attended a breakfast get-together at Jo Jo's that morning before the active day started. Another event the juniors participated in was the Powder Puff Football Game. The class of '83 organized the Junior-Senior Prom. It was held in the California Plaza inside Movieland Wax Museum. The represen- tatives for the junior class were Joe Muklevicz, presidentg Holly Larsen, vice-president, Melissa Osborn, treasurer, Anne Curry, secretary. .A ,, wi, 4, .' ' Q.. .'x,,x - :Junior Treasurer Melissa Osborn Q .l.'1 b , Q Qt ,' M-N 18,14 ,Vi s Q f 3, Classes 193 1. Kelly Havens and Kathee Meyer walk through the quad after a snack assembly. 2. Doreen Buckley cheers the football team on to victory. 3. Tracy Dickey performs during an away football game. 4. Jon Holt makes drafting plans while in his class. 5. Mary Tritt, Amy Addis. and Karen Seeberg show their spirit at an assembly. 6. Staci Set- tlemyer, Kami Castle, and Kim Diiorio wat- ches a 50's Day couple dance. 7. A group of girls watch sophomores during their Spirit Week activity. 8. Jami McFarlin stops to pose before 50's Day starts. 9. Edward Chris- tian, while in chemistry, smiles for a picture. Avne, Mitchell Bacon, Lisa Badouin, Denise Bailey, Roberta Baker, Debbie Baker, Todd f Bai, James Ball, Dana Barker, Lisa Barker, Wendy Barnes, Patrick Barnhart, Mike Berg, Susan Berger, Gary Berger, William Bergman, Karen Besosa, Randy Blancrosso, Jamie Bibbee, Laura Big, Cornelius Bivens, Jeff Classes 195 8 , tk if t 1 fi r f ggi: , L k-Q1 X.. Wy B s l. Stacie Coopman fixes her hair after danc- ing to 50's music. 2. The Chantels start a new dance. 3. The junior class yells a cheer during a class competition at an assembly. 4. Missy Stertz takes a break. 5. Todd Jackson eats lunch during a junior class meeting. 6. Doreen Buckley looks up from her work in her history class. 7. Shelly Brenner relaxes at the end of class. 8. Syndi Quinlan listens very intently to her teacher during her class. 9. Stella Kim tums around to talk to a friend. 10. Erik Grier attends a meeting. E fawsgx ' lf".?"' -yih V -1 .- 1,1- ,, g Black, Michele Bonk, Paul Brewer, Bob Brown, Benton Burden, Gail Byers' Jim Cade' Ron Caflafidef. Terri Ca Wino- Denise Blair, Larry Borkowskl, Debbie Brightly, Kim Brown, Darryl Burkett, Shelly Byers. Mike Caifedo. Doug Carlin, Patrick Caffiwn. Kelly Blair, Tracy Bottenberg, Bill Brooklyn, Mark Buck, Dane Burrows, Ron Caban- Angel Caldewn, Fe'iPe Carlson, Carrie Canef- BY'-'Ce Blanchard, Nanegfe Box, Bob Bl'00kS, Lori ' Bl-ICkley, Doreer Buscombe, Suzanne Cabrera, Theresa Cardin, Shawn Carpenter, Guy Camel- Steve Blasko' Chris Bra, Beau Castaneda, Stephanie Blosey Cindy Braun, Sara Casteel, Mike Bluhm, Kitty Brenner, Shelly Castle, Kamala 196 Classes Champlin, Cheryl Craig, Billy Cherri, Mindy Craig, David Childers, Renee Crane, Alicia Choquehuanla, Mark Crew, Edward Christian, Edward Cribb, Matt Christiansen, Jeff Chue, Chaenwa Clark, Sue Qiausen' Michael Colombo, Tricia Concepcion, Christi Conyers, Michele C00Pmani 51509 CUIISFS. L0ri Christopoulos, Lisa Chun, Mi Suna Clausen, Mark Ciosev Matthew CO,-iaisen' Melanie Connolly' Mark Cooper, Kirk Cote, John Cunningham, Bill 1-'S-if' X ' fi R -1-1 , Wm2:fz6a.r,.w 1 ,C ,,,..,.J-ff ,Li T, if Q 2" , ' C Classes 197 S l wfwuanm. ,,. rf, . A , W f wap' f M 1,:'..1. Ll s if f -.l l K' l gif 9 Q fr A ie 1 Q if 1 , ag ' Z lb? ? 4 f iw - g , r 5 2 age ml, 5 WMFN .. H , g g , ,X ,s , ,, , Q 9 , , W ' V fi .0 2' f V l W -, A I .,., l ' Currie, Brian Curry, Anne Curtis, Tim Dailey, John Daly, Mike Dang, Darryl Darby, Eric Davis, Kipp Davis, Kurt 198 Classes if? Demaro, Lance Deming, Brian DePaul, Renee Devers, Troy Dickey, Tracy Diiorio, Kym De Lallo, Gina Di Maria, Sarah Di Maria, Venera DI!!y. Steve h Doxey, Christina Draper,Lisa Draper, Linda Dunlap, Ruben Dunbar, Tani Dunn, Jim Donahoe, Patrick Donahue, Kelly Donaldson, Stephanie Donovan Douglass Douglass, Debbie Douglass, Mike Doran, Brad , Jenny , Bill nh . . 45, nov l l X -sf", 'Q lr Qw A 'il ., V '11 ' ff' " Q r pi' 'x f. -1 'X , N, Dianna V Pum, Erica Wilson, and Rowen talk lggether during snack on 50's Day. Tracey 1 A as M., a fa- ., s..: , , G f 5 Duran, Janet Durham, Chris Dwinell, Scot! Earley, Diane Edes, John Eldridge, Jerry Elison, Paula Ellis, Trent Enche, Rose Erdei, Mark Ernst, Phil Etchepore, Kathleen Eubanks, Teresa Evans, Sharon Facio, Lenny Falke, Sheri Farien, Erik Famer, Tisa Fennell, Blake Ferguson, Jennifer Fisher, Gary Flgrey Michael Fernie, Julianna Flaherty, Kathy Floyd, James Ferrante, Monica Flaheriy, Mary Fochl' 'fem Fiedor, Amy Flannery, Janice Folston, Jim Firth, Suzette Fleming, Dave Foster, Diane ,uw ,fi K' " ,Q if ' ,,, 1. s sw If Z, 1 2 6 ,t ,:. 15 Mn I 'is fda 5, .. - ' ' 'ex , ' R ig a, V,, ,.,. , , .A A V , M' 5' A, , , V, K ,,,j1j:,,.,, Q V ww ,,, ,A Z ZW H - I L A 4 3-A if , a 5 i .i J , Fox, Doug Frisch, Mark Galarza, Frank Frailey, Connie Frary, Trace Freem, Mitch Greeman, Adam Fronk, Brian Furman, Bob Furst, Trace Gaccia, Keith Galindo, Joanne Gallo, Gilbert Garan, Monica Garcia, Jesse Garcia, Michael Garlin, Joe Garofalow, Laura Garrido. Jennifer Classes 199 Garven, Dan Garvey, Kathleen Gasporra, Jon Geurin, Brad Gilmore, Paul Glass, Heidi Gower, Scott Graham, Don Green, Chuck Hardie, Corrie Harding, Mike Harmon, Todd GBSSET. Lisa Glina, Jim E Gregory, Dan Harman' Krista Gavin, Steve Goldstein, Mitch Grier, Erik Groepler, Anne Guidetti, Richard Haddock, Steve Holford, Hassan Halterman, Doug Hartfield, Bill Geffs. Greg Gonzales, Gus Grindstead, Jeff Groothuis, Mark Gutmann, Steve Haiduk. Cindy Hall, David Hammel. Jim HBSUHQS, Amy GSU. l-Ora Gould, Edson Groendycke, Bart Gualtieri, Don Hackett, Steve Haley. Tom Hallada, Laura Haray. John H8UCk, Bettina as 1 t it fr P t ,rf G ' Ti .W , R :ll 1' ' ' ' ' ,- I J . iff- x K ., M '.t - S A f - X' 'W . ' - i G .' . "' 'W'-V.,-QA., . lg . 1 fu, ,Q A 4 ,.. E 0 Q g . 'f- g 3 I 1, ,. hd, K' L, ,Qin si , ik . -1 ' ,t ' - 'P if - .. 1 ,,,. f f s l im f e i t S H ww, 5, N r , j L . K , Q , NM i X 1' Ki ftzsi il. g as p r , .X t , Q . . - : IPM I -ig' Q: A Q, A A , it X ' k 45 fx? - . I l ' P ""'? A 'A 5 h 4' ' ' . .. In f gs np 0- , ' lll ' - 1 . A gg :.k gs , . ,, -. N .sl ' A ' . .Q 1 I ff- ' aa? YG A at i . A--F A 200 Juniors Vey . X ie X ,x at ., ,M, 9 , 1' 3 l. Melanie Le, Tina Underhill, Barb Konyn dyk amuse themselves on 50's Day. 2. Jerry Eldridge and Mike McLain attend a junior class meeting. 3. Sonny Lewis and Kathee Meyer dance to 50's music during Spirit Week. 4. Julie Stenger enjoys a football game. 5. Deanne Lykins poses as Kristen Swenson opens her locker. 6. Mona Piecuch and Sherri Sindle enjoy the half time perfor mance. 7. Nanette Blanchard eats lunch. 8 Kathleen Gravey and Tino Phillips listen at a meeting. 9. Connie Frailey marches in a parade for Drill Team. Hausmaninger, Rich Hone, Chris Havens. KCHY Hoogeveen, Robert Hayes, Valerie Hoppke, Melody Hemm. Chris Horgan, Brian Her1by,Carl Hornick, Kim Henthorn, Scott Hernandez, Tony Hibbs, Kimberly Hill, Don Hif1eS, Dame' Hoagland, Tom Hogan, Tim Holt, Jon Horton, Tim Hernandez, Tino Hewitt, Jess Hie, Cathie Hill, Marianna Hifd. Candy Hodge, Beth Holmes, John Holter, Tami Hruska, Spencer -Ji Q4 , 1 lf ..... -nr ,.,,.,,--0-'4 ,,..,'-,....,- R Zi- Q 'Y 149 Q f i xy Q, -Zyl ,- 75' Q pf Y eg i rw--1, Q 5 3 Xl, -f 4 Classes 201 ,..,-1 ...of S , Q- X 5,2 fb .: - -,. 4.59 ,. . it X , ,,. f 1 S M i R 4? lf . i E , his x T X ik R, QP 7 .:Q, , risss, s J .T 1 Q ,.. . .", - -,J '52 X 'VH , . X J A 1-- R ' . N I f , K , lv ' A l I QNLLI, X " ,wa i , J ' - s 1 X., x 5 XQ f 'X......,, Hubenthal, Kathie Ivy, John Johnson, Chris Jorenson, Carl Kaminski, Dean Kansas, Maureen Kerley, Ed Humphrey, Robey Jackson, Todd Johnson, Debbie Kaiser, Karen Kanenbley, Kirk Kapish, Vic Kerr, Shannon Hungerford, Melissa Jacobo, Danny Jones, Ronni Karrer, Larry Kiefer, Debbie Hunt, Todd James, Eric Johnson, Gary Keglovits, Tom Kim, Stella lhn, Kwan James, Judy Jones, Rhonda Ken, Killeen King, Shevyllc lnglehart, Todd Jensen, Paul Jordan, Karen 202 Classes K ff Klerman, Maureen n, Denice Ko, Sean Konther, Kevin Kinther, Steve A 05152 QQ i f Kirby, Bob Kirschenman Kistler, Jerry Klein, Lisa Kiefer, Kim Konyndyk, Barb Kovacs, James Kraynek, Jodi Kretzschmar, Eric Kuntz, Loyann is l. Dressed for 50's Day, Julie Landahl, Melissa Hungerford and Christi Lemmons talk together after school. 2. A spirited group of juniors dance to 50's music on 50's Day. 3. Roxanne Reid and Bettina Hauch rest after dancing at the "Hello" Dance. 4. Stephanie Wagner and Steve Thomas eat lunch together as they watch 50's Day events. 5. Allison Munns concentrates during her chemistry class. 6. Dawn Rasmussen, Tani Dunbar, Kelly Donahue and Tina Price talk about that day's events. X at -or X it x 5 ii v ,gn ,Q X. 'W fi f X, .v 4? Q t X is N' k .W-fy it st L wk sv-Q, Q -if Q 9 -t 1'I . . t- fi - X - ' 3 1 K k d lI,J ' L ,H ll Le, Dinh Le Beau, Damon Leung, Mona Linares, David Lhou, Lucy L0.Ales 4 Kwong? lgarenan 'Lgggzhiiigllfhe LSE: Rocdnyey Le, Melanie Legrand, Steve Lewis, David Lindsay, Greg Littlefield, Jerry LOPEZ, Alejandra Lacy, Jackie Larios: Hilaris Lawless, Dane Leary, Roger Leibenson, Brad Lewis, Sonny Linville, Steve Litton, Jana LOPEZ, Alfonso Lemmons, Christi Lin, Thomas Little, Pat Lofton, Michele I-0!hfif1Qer,TraCy Classes 203 Lutzick, Maria Mingen. Jim 204 Classes Mann, Robert Marcoulides, Ida Markham, Tonna Maron, Karen Martin, Greg Martin, Linda Martin, Phillip Martin, Richard Martinsen, James Mason, Mark Mason, Robbie Mata, Cecilia Matejka, Brian Matheny, Tim May, Ken Mayer, Kelly McCabe, Jack McCarthy, Chris McCay, Tonya McClellan, Bryan McCullough, Titus McDaniel, Tammy McDermott, April McEllis, Kim McFarlin, Jaimi McGill, Kim McLain, Mike McLaren, Shannon McPherson, Tami Mejia, Manuel X , MQ . Menard, Linda Meriano, Alex Mero, Laura Miller, Mike Mitchell, Robert Molendyk, Cheri Mondt, Kirt Morgan, Kelly Moboni, Donna Morris, Amy Moshenko, Gerri Moynihan, Erin Mueller, Kevin Muklevicz, Joe Mulvihill, Joseph Munns, Allison Murphy, Kris Murphy, Martin Murtland. Bart Nahrstadt, Steve Nauanna, John Park, Mi Kyung Parks, Rich Partlow, Kelly Passantino, Maria Patenaude, Lee Paton, Brett Pence, Stephanie Penick, Robert Perez, Pete Nickel, Dan O'Donnell, Katherine Page, Jimmy Nicola, Randy Olsen, Shawna Pagliflrulo, Mickey Noesen, Kathy Olson, Joyce Paige, Conovan Nauyen' Sgn Ness, Chantess Nolan, Christine Osborn, Melissa Palkovick, Linh Nelson, Patrick Neuzil, Joann Nugent, Jayne Osborne, Tom Pdquin, Chris Jn.. her ,vw 2 Q ff' Seeberg and their Classes 205 gly wg, N.. 4 A . . 4 ! "W f - 1 : ,s ' In ,gi ts. SQ X... K .L a-it ., t. sf, is-.., fv -Q 5 ' fwia -:ff s 5 K ff- if' "iff: - . f ti K P . 1. Gina Dilallo starts her car after everyone piled in for 50's Day activities. 2. Suzette Firth enjoys a junior class meeting during lunch. 3. Carmen Sobrito and Kristine Thomas talk together as they walk through the quad at lunch to go to 50's Day events. 4. Melody Hoppke, dressed for 50's Day, stands in front of a 50's car before snack. 5. Dressed in their 50's Day costumes, Cindy Blose, Edward Christian, Ronna Marham, and Stephanie Donaldson pose in front of a CET. SX N X its 6 1 X 9 ET 2 ix , . . ., -,Q , I, "' ,tx ,NK Q. :- Y J ff gs, -Aa. A ' , V up X , i x Peters, Dianna Phillips, Miette Phan, Oanh Phillips, Randi Phillips, Dave Phillips, Tino 206 Classes Phillips, Darin Pickel, Larry Piecuch, Mona +, gr ii ... . Piel, Mike Pifer, Gary Pierce, Paul fa 'Pg A Pokr ska, Nichola Puckett, Diana Y Polenske, Steve Popp, Craig Porrello, Lisa Potts, Natalie Price, Tina Priestley, Byron Puch, Marian Pulido, Claudia Pulvino, Davie Py, Tracy Quintin, Boyan Randall, Allyn Ranney, Jay n i ,XY C ,Q Raring, Derek Rasmussen, Dawn Rathe, Samantha Ray, Mike Rayner, Betty Rehart, Tamara Rehm, Lothar Reid, Roxanne Reinhart, Todd Reydel, David Reynolds, Tim .Ri as semi id wg ,, X fr gee WND X F I . ' ' . G' ' K '- ,522-' i K k,. K, , ng gx ff -ye-its L K 'R If V---, ,, .:-- f, ,f .. Rickabaugh, Andy Rodriguez, Tracy Sag!-.afi,Tahmo0re Saydman, Brent SChellberg. Sharon Rideour, Amy Rogers, Todd Sanchez, Elizabeth Schaefer. Paul Schiade. Leanne Rikelman, Laura Rohr, Laura Sanchez, Tony Schaeffer, Gary SChmid, Mark Risk, Dawn Rosales, Reberto Sands, Adam Schafer, Michelle 5Chmidf. Sheri Rix, Amy Rosser, Cythis Roberts, Paula Rowen, Tracey Robinson, Raymond Russ, Lynn Roche, Edmund Ryan, David Rodriguez, Robin Ryan, Janee vw- -AVN... A I r e' S ee L . ' 1 f Y , Y L, L f. K ., K kvkk b 7 .E - , Ka ff N JJ' Schneider, William Seeberger, John Schoenkopf, Shelley Seibold, Kelle Sebben, Becky Sellman, Gina Seaber-Q, Karan Sergeant, Louis as E Q 2 N5 , fi . 'Y 4 ' M N .fi ' i' 1 Setting, Gina Settlemter, Stace Shaghaghi, Roya Smiley, Dave Smith, Cheryl Smith, Kevin Sherman, Joyce Smith, Michael Shin, Jiwon Snedeker, Charles Short, Craig Sneed, Barry Silva, Scott Snider, Pam Silverthorne, Sean Snope, Denise Sindle, Sherri Sobrito, Carmen Classes 207 Tanner, Susan Tapager, Michelle Taylor, Robbie Telssler, Janing Terry, Errin Thomas, Thompson, Jill Tessier, John Thomas, Tillis, Elizabeth Thies, Kurt Thomas Tome, Debbie Thom, Ragan Thomas Tones, Geoffrey r,,, 7 T " fsfyg f i g.,..V , 7, gl, H A ug , f : , ,X 2 f, ,f MM ...iv 4' , , If 4' is ,' ,,f A 5 - i was b mi 1. Elizabeth Tillis, Doreen Buckley, and Jami McFarlin do a quick pose. 2. Mark Young watches the football game. 3. Mike Flore and Lisa Valenzuela dance to 50's music. 4. Tina Warner completes a lab in her science class. 5. Katie 0'Donnel and Diana Wolf pose. 6. Roberta Bailey puts a lot of thought into her work. 7. Group of friends enjoy their snack break. 8 Juniors begin "Bunny Hop". 9. Barb Konyndyk walks down stairs. 10. Monica Ferrante gets involved in dancing. ll. Juniors clap to music. mf 4 ' fu AW ,A .fd i 1 Am. .a..f'w2 1 'wi , A L2 Tourville' Denise Unitley, Jim Uong, Hung Valdes, Robert Vanderlaan, Keri Van Velzer, Cindy Varela, Jerry Vickers' Jaeyon Vierheilig, Patrick Trin, Mary Underhill, Tina Uruda. Wendy Valenzuela, Lisa Vangen, Kim Vanwie, John Valklnsv Ronnle Vickers, Shelley Vlmlll' Laura Trujillo, Chris Tudor, Tammy Turnbull, Brad Turner, Karen Udovch, Cathy Vona, Mark Wagner, Alan Wagner, Bill Wagner, Stephanie Walsh, Jennifer Classes 209 Ward, Jim Warn, Tony Warren, Shawn Warner, Tina Watt, Christine Watts, Kristin Watts, Mark Weaver, Bridget Weber, Michael Webber, Sandy Weedman, Mary Wells, William Weiss, Jon Wesh, Elayne West, Kari West, Patty Westerman, Erin Westover, Yvette Whang, Esther Wong. Sfenhar-ie Wright, Jeri Wilkerson, Wensdi Wood, Kim Wyzykowgki' Richard Willett, Lita Wood, Michelle Yassai' Vyvyan Zasio, Steve Williams, Eric Woods, Curt Yeager, Darrin Zell, Chris Williams, Janet WilS0n, Greg Wolf, Diana Woods, Ken Young, Marc Zellhflff. David Wilson, Erica Wisdom, Jerry Wong, Ken Woods, Tracy Yu' Fuu Ziegler, James S x 'H X fl , f - JY lily, E, sk sg N N .ef -Q X is A Q., ' f 210 Classes v- 5' l. Mike Concepcion, Alex Meriano and David Zellhart drink a coke and enjoys the football game. 2. Jim Miller and Karen Seeberg laugh at a football game. 3. Diane Early expresses her thoughts to the class in Chemistry. 4. Laura Rohr prepares for her next class at lunch. 5. Kelly Donahue looks for someone during lunch. 6. Dan Garven smiles as he walks to his locker. 7. Kimberly Hibbs and Shawna Olsen watch Spirit Week events. 8. Mona Leung takes time off from studying. 9. Terri Focht runs the Obstacle. W1 X. K X, N... . is . Nvxwrs 9 Classes 21 1 TENTH GRADERS RE-LIVE SIXTIES 5 2 212 Classes The sophomore class was led by a very spirited group of officers. President Cindie Hamm, Vice President Kim Russell, Secretary Stefanie Mayer and Treasurer Kris Mink represented the class of '84. Dressed in sixties attire, the sophomore class finished second overall in class competition. Much of this success was due to the well organiz- ed activities of the officers. The sophomores, along with the freshmen class, planned the Sadie Hawkins dance which was held on March 6. This years advisors for the class of '84 were Ms. Marsha Daerr and Ms. Carolyn Hanna. fuk i i V i i S .Jug .. . .. Z 1 - "' ' f . if ,Y , 4 ix ,.. 9 8 l. Sabrina Spinger takes time out to smile for the camera while attending a sophomore class meeting. 2. Cindi Hamm - President 3. Stefanie Mayer - Vice President 4. Kim Russell - Secretary 5. Kris Mink - Treasurer 6. The sophomore class officers pose for a group shot. 7. Sophomores listen to announcements at the first class meeting. 8. Sophomore hippies gather in the lower quad at snack for a Spirit Day "sit in". 9. A peace sign covers the doors leading into the sophomore hall. 10. Sophomores pay close attention as Mr. Phil Pusatari lectures during his fifth period English class. l 1. Peggy Calahan impersonates one of the Beatles on Spirit Day. 12. Signs of the sixties are displayed on one wall of the sophomore hall. 13. Michelle Perin smiles while she par- ticipates in an anti-war protest. 1 L 4. 1 i , ' 4 -la .J M .- ff, 'H' " wi a , i P I' fi ' s 5, id'5,1""2g" . ,lr Classes 2 1 3 Abbatecola, Kristine Abbod, Vince Abbriano, Jean Alderson, Kristen Anderson, Eric Adams, Tammy Allen, Spencer Anderson, Lisa Adolphson, Stephanie Alley, Karen Aragon, Ray Aguilera, Shawn Almodovar, Danny Armstrong, Todd Arritt, Dan Astegia no, Danlel Aylor, Steve Akioka, Maki Alston, Todd Arnold, ,Jeff Arthur, Stacy Austin, Tom Bailey. Jennifer Albano, Joe Alvarado, Jody Arnold, Jyll Asta, Chris Avella, Daniel Ball Renee -ww rrzrrrrmrf H . rl 5 mr A af W 2 1 4 Classes ,YU affjrrgs 1 ff fg Baker, Andrew Baker, Jon Ball, Jeff Barr, Tom Barry, Tracy Bartz, Greg Beall, Bish Beavor, Karamia Bastidas, Bill Beck' Kelly Bateman, Gary Beebe, Suzan Bauer, Allison Belk' Kelly Bauer, Kim Bell, Mal-y Bauer. R00 Bellsmith, Chris Baumgaffnefr Benedict, Kelly D01-'9lfiS Bent, Brian +V! Nr r t 1. Shelly Stenger and Barbara Despain entertain the sophomore hippies by playing electric guitars to Beatles music at lunch on Spirit Day. 2. Kim Harris and Kris Lindholm listen to plans for Spirit Day while attending a class meeting. 3. Joni Bragg shows her 60's spirit by protesting at a "sit in" at snack. 4. Courtney Lorenz and Stefanie Mayer walk to class after listening to Beatles music on Spirit Day. 5. Brian Neilson shows his style as he dances to the music of Head First at the Homecoming dance held November 7 in the gym. WH i w 1 2 C1 , ,. '- .iff . ,.. is t .. . x , . Q 5 XE 1 :ln 1 Y I Q' S ,. Y Q .. D 5 , t ' ' 'St t Q x My K u H2 X H eglfi-.,5hQ'4 I t if 45 - 'KE' 1 5. X 1 s log . 9' 3555? , Berg, Kurt Bergstrom, Kristen Biancrosso, Troy Big, Belinda Billings, Mark Bishop, John Bishop, Kim Blackman, Jason Blanchard, Laura Blenkinsop, Brian Bloch, Shannon Blommer, Kelly Bolen, Sven Boles, Stephanie Bondiek, Chris Booth, Tiffany Bosch, Doug Boulding, Bob Bragg, Joni Bramlett, Beau Brandenburg, Robert ...' . .,.- . gm 2 N . a 43 fet - "' BA kv' . Sf Q fs . I N. N X . 1 Q ik. . .33 . E X , f if xi' 5125. . tx . -. .1 ,, . N ..., ' if X X .X 1 , ,, is Q, ,. .,. Q- Q- .wiv ' if " KA J, t X. N Brass, Monique Brooklyn, Russel Brown, Leonard Browning' Tracy Bunker, Kyle Brisano, Anthony Brooks, Mike Brown, Michele Brunette, Brian Burdick. Becky Bristol, Ron Brown, Allen Brown, Michelle Buck' Michelle BI-lfkeil. Michelle Busa, Kaaren Bussinger, Jeff Byers, Georgette Caldwell, Tracy s .21 1 Q Callahan, Peggy Camargo, Jaime Cantas, Arzu Carline, Stephan Carlsson, Caren Carrillo, Fidel Carter, Lori Classes 2 1 5 Carvalho, Keith Casteel, Andrea Castoro, Bob Cavallo, Chris Chadwick, Diane Chabmerlin, Pete Chilton, Dave Christopoluos, Chiricosta, Frank Stephanie Clarson, Mike Chou, Stella Clark, Paul Cleland, Diana Chow, Jolynn Clarke, Carol Cline, Hans Coats, Sean Cobb, Kristen Cohen, Scott Coleman, Charlene Coleman, James Coley, Brent Collins, Lisa a as i ,,, ,. F Y Ti, T-E L N S if 4-lu., Q :fr a A ei ff 5' W ' ":' Q Q3 ,.,.,. R A Jak .- be Q so pf' 3 If Covarrubias, Rene Covel, Darla Craig, Laura Creith, John Collins, Michael Cooley, Allen Cortina. FHUSUHO Crisman Frank Collins, Pat Coopersmith, Lisa Costa. Travis Crissinger Holly Cook, Tracy Corradino, Chris Cotto. Nilka Croather, llulie ,4 ss Q if l x . ,,,, Q 5 Y- N 3 Q ki , -s-. . 9 4' ,.,, ,f, . l 'N 3 sl. F 9 'f'- . Vi gg Q it 2 1 6 Classes 1 se, ress L. -i - , fi slet ' vaio' ,,,k..fT,.. 75 ts.. . y s ,. . X 53 X . . Q fi: . fi" 5 N l. David Chilton drums to the music of Jimi Hendrix. 2. Hippie clothes were part of the decorations set up in the sophomore hall. 3. Leigh Middlestead and Karen Stucky sit and listen as sophomore officers talk about up- coming events during a class meeting. 4. Sophomore class president, Cindi Hamm, helps to set up the hippie "Love Van" on Spirit Day. 5. Posters of the British Invasion line a side of the Sophomore hall. 6. James Coleman plays the guitar during Spirit Day. Cummings, Janice Cummings, Kevin Cultrell, Charlene Czinczoll, Sondra Dahlquist, Toby Daley, Kristy Daly, Micaela Dang, Minh Danon, Leslie Vila! l mfg iw! HV, i Wigs! ff K. , J , , i Er wil Q , 1, ' gf 7 Ei n gf ! Tffgff NL. LL rw- i .-,, I V L 4 0 2 'E' ml 'TN wif H ' 1' ieiii J 4 ' V ? ta f f V ' E I QR W ff" ml i V "' 4 -J Q, I Davis, Chad Delmar, Kristen Denny, Gina Diggs, Debbie DOWN- Lisa E35tOl'l, Bill Davis, Jim Delara, Gene Despain, Barbara Dimarob, Ruby DOW' Beth Eaves, Tom Davis, Shawn Delsesto, Nina Devereaux, Paul Donofrio, Nick Duchateau- Jeff Ebefhafl- Amy Davis, Troy Denis, Peter Edgar, Cheryl Day, Brian Denmark, Koree Eiler, Paul Debrineat, John Dennison, Kim Elder, Jim Emmel, Da ve Emory, Ronna Ensley, Lisa Ermel, Henry Ester, Kim Estey, Steve Eun, Esther Evans, Shawn Fadel, Karen Fair, David Fallin, Todd Farrington, Shari Felderstein, Steve Ferguson, Kelly Ferguson, Robert Classes 2 1 7 f ' 1 g ,, . I F' 5 'l I ' N l K J , A 'R s 1 . t 'T r , ' f " .-.V .-. 7. f.. K . aaa ,.- " f - 3 4 '- l. 'G sf' 'ijt I. t I KA K I A . 4. MN' if . I N ' 1, 1,1 ' , ...:-' 'V-2 ---fx, 5' 3 , .:v, 1 .A fal l: 5' " . f Q :,, 1 , . ,L G ffl t he -:.E .L I l l' ,:, t ' Q71 AQ xx. 'Q f Ai 14 k VN ss Ferrante, Matthew Ferreira, Gabriel Field, Ben Figueredo, Patty Finney, Brad Fisch, Steve Fisher, Linda 2 1 8 Classes . l. Sophomores wait for the first class meeting to begin. 2. Brian Neilson shows his spirit as he sits in class 60's style. 3. Sophomores take it easy around the "love van" before holding a protest at snack. 4. Todd Parker gets his layouts for yearbook from his locker. 5. Sophomores sit by the six- ties van and listen to the music of the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix at lunch. 6. Leigh White gives the camera the sign of the day for the sophomore hippies. fxfqe ,,-no.. 1,5 -.4-f N k . .,,V. X .i 1, t , . - , - ' es 5 . x N .. , .. Q . E: Florence, Derek ' Furtado, Mihcael Gallatin, Laura Gaynor, Scott Follman, Jack Gabaldon, Regina Garcia, Alma Geurin, Brett Forte, Dan Galante, Paul Gardner, Catherine Giacomazzi, Andrew Fossum, Kristi Galarza, Lillian Gavin, David Giacomi, Tandi 5' U -A Gibbs, Daniel Gilbert, Rick 4'-Q Golden, Tiffany GonzaIes,R0b green' Mike . Goldstein' Mitzi Goodrich' Gayle reenwald, Richard GllleSPle'P3"'lCl5 Gomez Gabriel Goodbrand, Michael Gfewefwjulle G0dbeY' Leann Gonzales, Mike Golhard, Scott Griffin' Ga'Y Graham, Chris GU995' Gafl' Graham, Jolene Gnsafey Caro' Gram' Derek Grover, Peyton Gunn, Cris Habeger, Desiree Hafner, Chris Hagstrom, Terry Hahn, Jami galIquisEVRgfidy Harrlg' Kim Harwood,VJeff Henshall, Mary Hemandezj-racy Hobbs, Chrrstr Holt Steve Houghton Michelle lvers John ammlmln le H8YflS.PBl-ll Hayes, Mlke Herman- Pete V V Hess,Lisa Hogan, Tom Hoogeveen Carla Hummel Bryan Jackson Debbre Hamu, an Har1,Tlm Heaney,SheIagh Hernandez,Chrrsuna Hicks Sarah Holman, Leigh Hom Jeff Hunter Sarah Jackson pamck Harmon, Joe Hartman, Ted Henry, Lrsa Hernandez, Lorraine Hill' Man Holmes, Cynthia Houghton Mra Hurley Wendy Jacobson James X' as V V at ., 3 4 V W I ' gf- , . 31 I' is ., sE,1qf:.Q: Vrl i' V Q,,l " " X ' f 5 , L' 'f ,sg ,JP A A if 4 4 if f ' 4' nz V V in f , , . ,M V V , ,1 V 1.-.LJ V, I :QV ,- V 'I Y, ., 5 S, as t , f Q V 1 5 Law. ... J' . L i ,Fiji e. ,5,:'a,,5,..: W -me-r, .::,. W .L ., -. , ,A in K. A,.., M K, 1 ,. W ,X as Q G X .. , si. , X mf N J im . s Y ffm-E:-wr: 5 . X, 1:1 ,I ' -. X V -i , 1- ?-'ii "' S' . f f a-N . all gi Q r me I . - e -Q N , ,,, ,,,, J i 3 -e. ,f S .. . " ' G Janala, DOUQIBS Jorgensen, Mike Karon, Jerry Keenan, Mike Kiernan, Sieve Jenny, Christiana Joseph, Brad ' Karpinski, Kathy Kehr, Haley Killeen, Lori Jensen, Heidi Joyner, Denise Karsten, Michelle Lavalle, Pat Killian, Scott Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson .Bill Kaminsky, Tammy , Jeff Kandler, Trisha , John Kaplan, Melissa , Melody Johnson, Tom K E .ns Kim, Linda Kim, Mi Kim, Min Kim' Raymond Kirk, Wade Klein, Sruart King' G,-eg Kirschenmann, Kevin KHBPP, RiChBYd Kinoshita, Sheri Kiss, Denisce Korsgaard, Niel Kist, Gabriella Korshaun, Mark Kladde, Rob Kosak, Rudy Kleiber, Kristie Kramer, Karen Kroker, David Kruse, Doug Jones' Bob Kuhnert, Manfred 220 Classes . ss rr. , ., .Q 5, A .-,,, H I ff' ke A, as 1 . A , 1 , Sk ,ME .E , if 1 ' N in , ,, an . i K X K xx i We-we P9 ' Kulajian, Rita Kwon, Hoe-Gweon Kwong, Herman Lahage, Laura Lakatosh, Tony Lambert, Frederique Landeck, Denise -we 5 N 1 Q y ,ex ye Lane, Deborah Lane, Lisa Langord, Pamela -rf Y Larsen, Erik Larson, Erik Lawton, Amy . . :.g55,N r55 . is 4' s 5 3 as X 5 m .lvl 3 - ss, sw f uve, fi 'ai Q '1 Linder, Scott Lindholm, Kr Lipin, David Logson, Gary istie Lombardi, Pat Lopez, Jesus A Lischer, Rodney Lopez, Larry Le' Lara Leber, Henry Lester, Vicki Licilrav Aldo Lizarrnga, Richard Lopresti, Lisa Lee, Dawn Leis, Mark Lew, Terence Lighmef, Charles Lofaro, Michelle Lorenz, Courtney Leal, Tracie Lesser, Richard l-9WiS0f1, Camille Lin, Andrew Logan, Mike Lorenzen, Karen it :EEE rr!-': X us et A ll X m , . 1 1' i A- x' of , -.AW I' ' D ,. 7 1. Sophomores participate in a protest at snack in the lower quad. 2. Sophomores eat lunch and listen as the class officers discuss the events of the upcoming year. 3. Monique Brass, Shelly Stenger, Barbara Despain, and Peggy Calahan imitate the Beatles on Spirit Day. 4. Sophomore student Mark Irish pays close attention as he sits in class. 5. Kris Mink smiles for the photographer. Classes 221 Luendecke, Matt Lussier, Hardy Malone, Jim Manciet, Steve Mankin, Mike Maras, Frank Marble, Jennifer 'E ' -if 2 'fisif ' is V X ag... , .. in :J Q , YP , Marcione, Jill Mcliernan, Amy McLaughlin, Jill Mercier, Tony Marking, Craig Mcwmiams' Mergler, Rosemarie Marley, Bruce Elizabeth Meffltl. Sharon Marley' David Mencanin' Steve Middlestead, Leigh Marley, Mark Martinez. SIBCY Mathew' Vafghese Mayer, Stefanie McCanee, Gary McDowell, Rick Mennealy, Heather Mielak, S?ndfa Martin, Cami Massa, Melissa Mathews. Glen McAuley, John McCleerey, Shannon ML-Farlan, Kathleen Mensick, Lisa M'lan0' l-'la Maftlnek. Renee Maternowski, Steve M3UheW51ClndY McComry, Corinne McConnachie, Diana Mcqowaniaurie Mercado, Jenny Mlll9f,C0lleCl'1 X x was fig a 'NWN' ar. Zi- ta s .. .. lx I XTX Y if Q is wr A KN 'es 'H at 'xi W Xi l I N - W-sf ff at .5 -N53 LA 222 Classes 1. Jim Malone shows off his spirt by carrying a typical sixties sign. 2. Sophomores par- ticipate in a "sit-in" at snack. 3. Jeff Arnold and Steve Aylor watch and listen to the music of the Beatles. 4. Students relax as class is about to end. 5. A crowd watches on as Monique Brass, Barbara Despain, Shelly Stenger, and Peggy Calahan imitate the Beatles. , 'fa ! 1 A I 'E Jr ' 1 f fish .A r ir ,Ae r f "1""'f vi' f 2 ,,, ' 5' f.-.gf all Miller, Landon Miller, Leslie Miller, Shawn Mink, Kris Miranda, Edmund Mohlman, Debbie Monroe, Mark Monteleone, Julie Montoya, Michelle Montroy, Bethann Morabito, Kim Morrow, Chantal Morrow, Darlene Morrow, Jill Mortensen, Shawn MOU,-er' Lynn Murphy, Jaenmarc NBSYUV Eric Mueller, Jeff Murray, Robin Na"?'?' 'f'0e"e Mueller' Marc Nachtshelm, Steven Nalin' Klanoush Mullins, Tracy Munoz, Cindy Munoz, Joe Nehf, Brandi Neilson, Brian Nicola, Greg '3 Nieblas, Vince Nocie, Dawn Norman, Jeff Norman, Scott Oakden, Lisa Okerlund, Susan 4' nm 7 ' W I 1.3 5, ivy ' ek 1 3 "Rf" Olsen, Stacy Oneal, Tom Opre, Mike Orr, Chris Otto, Nathan Ourston, Dana Owings, Alan Packard, James Palagyi, Debbie Parker, John Parker, Todd Parnell, Shannon Patenaude, Debbie Patnode, Mike Penick, Michelle Classes 223 Perin, Michelle Pisarski, Karen Person, Kelly Pollock, Robin Peters, Karyn Porter, Art Petras, Mark Potts, Susanne Pham, Loan Powell, Jeff Phelps, Michael Priestley, Leslie 7 , if 'I : 5 'lll V E ,ap . ai 'N :, ' 5, , 1 i A ' f .,., , " Q 5 , ,ii V LN 1 A ff ' R Prout, Lisa Pulido, Diane Pullen, Stephanie Putulowski, Donna Quintana, Domie Randall, Pete AAAI 5 221. ' , V H ,vi , Q 1 224 . X' A ff ' f Q.. H, g VZ- , Randazzo, Mark Ransom, Tonya Rausch, Natalie Rautmann, Denise Reichenbach, Recht, David Jennifer Reed, Monica Reineck, Celeste Rekkers, Richard Remington, Kati Remington, Marvin Reynolds, Kim Reynolds, Russ Ricaurte, Vivian Rice, James Rijken, Angeline Roberts, Rich Robles, Martin Rommel, Tim Roosov, Ja net Rosales, Ricardo Robinson, Karin Roughsedge, Joanne Rock, Rick Ruiz, Danny Rodriguez, Runyon, Stacey Dominica Russell, Kim Rogers, Chuck Ryan, Robert Romero, Dawn Saati, Tony V .V , . H1 ,Z My V l R ci . 1 J 7,31 i ,kv ' JV I is ' Nl A , Vs r H V K . 'x . ,. .A . ' 1' if F X f 224 Classes -1 WMM 1 'fi au- fx , A 2 sissy, ' ' ' lc . fwfis l. A typical shirt showing the rock groups of the 60's worn by sophomores on Spirit Day. 2. A crowd begins to gather in the lower quad area to watch the sophomore activities at lunch. 3. Sophomores show one of the many signs made to show the mood of the 60's. 4. Sophomore class president Cindie Hamm flashes a smile for the camera. 5. Sophomores listen and dance to sixties music at lunch on Spirit Day. I .4 7' ,Q - l r ' . fr Ph'-1. -Ins ,sw V iwalns risk 35? 1, ,,,. Q, , X t Q f fx I nv ,,.,a,, 'K . it N an 4 Keg 5' N fb Y- 1' ' S 2 A. 2-4 5 A x -...T I Sage, Lee Santos, Mark Schupp, Elizabeth Seekins, Erin Sergeant, Tracy ShClf0f1. Kristin Shisby. Peter Silverstein, Michelle Simmons. David Salazar, Gabriel Sanchez, Humberto Scott, David Seibolcl. Came Seve5iSif1, Mike Shepherd. Lisa Shore. Denise Silvert, Doug Simfm. Dall? Sallee, Gary Schachter, Jacki Scott, Rick Seidenberg, Gail Shear, Steve Shipley, Jeff Sidur, Julie Simdorn, Rijk SIOHI. T0m Sandino, Mauricio Scherer, William Saphiloff, Benton Schmaltz, Dana Schneider, Mary Schroeder, Craig Sasser, John Saxby, Julie Smallwood, Traysi Smith, Debbie Smith, Jim Snope, Teresa Classes 225 X2 1' i, it f 4: A VV: Sohn, David Soto, Paula Spake, Dawn Spaw, Julie Spear, Suzy Spellacy, Shannon Spence, Ray Springer, Sabrina Sprinkle, Chuck 226 Classes A' , Stahl, Derrin Stamper, Eric Starks, Vivika Steele, Laura Steen, Lisa Stein, Denise Z 1 if ,. .vw 95 V , f A gl 242 1 f 2 , , , r r , Viy, ,, '+V ,,,, l 5 f T Stenger, Shelly St. John, haty Strabic, Susan Sgfoad, Janine sguqky, Karen Surg, Tgm Szgckleyv Brenda Siem. Leslie S10Ck!0n, Chris Stramer, Dallfn Stuart, James Suh, Janney Swanson, Rob Tamayo, Debbie Stevens, Amy Stone, Deanna Sifingef- KEVIN Stucker, Cindy Sullivan, Mary Sweeney, Shannon Tanner, Sally Stevens, Ron Summers, Bob Sweere, Laura Taskey, Greg Stilson, Tammy Summers, David Sweetmon, Shelby Taylor, Sandy St. John, Amy Summers, Jason Swire, Tom Telford, Brett Tellam, Curt Thom, Tara Thompson, Karen Tierney, Kirsta Timo, Joseph Toomey, Shari Trickett, Dan Trimm, Bryan Tucker, Brad Tumblin, Vvonne Turmell, Darrin Turner, Jim Uecke, Steven Llmfleet, Kathleen Usher, Sheila Wareh. Bob Warenko, Jeff Warren, Sean Watkins, Charlene VanAusdal, Wendy VHYBSYCUL Megin Vinas, Missy Vote, Gina Wagner, Beth Watson, Tammy VanDaele, Sandy Valland. Midi Vistaunet, Mike Vroman, Deena Wallin, Paul Watson, Theresa Tucker, Shauna Valenzuela, Joe VanNugtren, Kim Villamil, Uriel Vollaro, Chris Waddell, Byron Walters, Terry WHY' Debbie as 1. Barbara Despain imitates Paul McCartney of the Beatles. 2. Carla Hoogeveen and Lila Milano wait for the first class meeting to end. 3. A peace sign decorates one side of the "love van." 4. Sophomores watch as the meeting draws to a close. 5. Karen Stucky, Gina Denny, Leigh Middlestead, and Carrie Seibold stand and watch the activities at lunch. Weidner, Jill Weiss, Jeff Weller, Barry Wells, Lori Wenlock, Joanne West, Bryan Weston, John F Q Y! " 127 . :"'e .I r i ii t eeee Q . ""'Ni'snn. 'il i L Classes 227 1. Shawn Mortenson gets into the 60's spirit 2. Jennifer Marble and Todd Parker smile for the photographer. 3. Sophomores wait for the lunch activities to begin on Spirit Day 4 The "love van" of the sophomores helps the class relive the days of the sixties. 5. A sec tion of the sophomore hall shows the dress and style of the 60's. 6. A crowd of ' l sophomore hippies listen to their favorite music during lunch. 7. James Coleman plays - the part of Jimi Hendrix. ri M 61: l an W5 X Wm Q lf a fw.. . ... . . ,X m x . .. .aw ' 1 X , . x A df so is a , l' ,.v is 4,-I Weth, Caroline Whitcomb, Lauree White, Glen White, Jeff White, Leigh Wicks, Robert Wilhelm, Joseph 228 Classes Wilkins, Reece Willis, Kim Willson, William Wilson, Shawn Wirt, Sonja Wisehan, Teresa so.. .. , R oeesfe aa o , Won, Nancy Wood, Edward Wrightstone, Tracey Yang, Gloria Yarringron, Tom Young, Eric Wong, Kevin Yakar, Omar You, Tae Young, Jennifer Youngs, Richard Yuan, Jennifer Zalitis, Angela Zamanian, Kasra Zauner, Julie Zimmerle, Laura in 4 lo .v' 4 my 'W Wiltsie-:slit -nr O .FS .MV- O 'S+ f 'QQ' 'I O .5 nal .igw 3 di. ,A 4 s". 4 v 573,71 sk - A M A .Q .1 A . . . XNU' if .4 H Nw .. t J, -'f A wwf' 0 w ww i, Y .1 M, - K ' Q.-,.f 1nJ ' ,, .f 1 W A, - Ei ., , J -A yew?-.-. f x Q, if 1 , - JK- N, , Mr- ,-.,!g1r, ,, I , , A -,- . . I if? x ,n,,f1.w -,,f,, , P A .. ' A! X H. V jf ,V , ww, 1 h h wk W 'N' A is ,t ,, , - , ffif., df w'T'Lf"' r" gfg..k'iw 245, 'S " , '- 4 ' J ww A A, . .. , K. 3 ,, , .. .L . -.W -5 - -Q-1 N V 'f'ffff' ' 'g"' ,fr-W-W M 4'-rf fpgtw' W 4, . X X L , - ,, ,, - L . 5 m , .Q rar! Classes 229 F RESHMAN CONTI GENT LARGEST SINCE, '73 H "K , ,.-15 ss .2'- 'f" -,,,.,fyf-' A Wx... ' gk ..s...:w-gem X . v..., H we J' W" 'A , ,V -If .1 'f-ima., ,g,. 'af , 1. 5 Y 3 V hw .st- ' 230 Freshmen This year's freshmen class, which consists of 751 students, started the school year off dressed up as tourists for spirit Week. The freshmen signed up for hall decorating and activities with the help of class officers President Sam Svitenko, Vice President Wendy Rochiect, Secretary Kristie Reed, and Treasurer Rich Kent. The graduating class of 1985 will be the largest class that has graduated since 1973. The freshmen class, along with the sophomores, put on a Sadie Hawkins dance on March 6, 1982. 1. Freshmen President Sam Svitenko. 2. Freshmen class Vice President Wendy Rochiect. 3. Freshmen class Secretary Kristie Reed. 4. Freshmen class Treasurer Kent Rich. 5. The freshmen class officers. ,QL , , . , 'vm A, , n I ,ue . Q' ,sm 1 vw N5 1 181 .. 1 -- .. . . .... S' V k A U X X ' a ff gs .. :- aff - gg.E,.,..sW.....W.. , , tw-M--M. 1. Kristie Reed and Rich Kent enjoy an assembly. 2. Wendy Rochiect waits to give her speech. 3. Class officers plan an up com- ing event. 4. Class officers set up the Sadie Hawkins dance. 5. Freshmen class advisor Mrs. Donovan. 6. Class officers discuss an A.8.B. plan. 7. Kristie ,Reed listens intently. 8. Sam Svitenko writes down his views on a special issue. Freshmen 231 Abbascia, Andy Adamovich, Rick Adams, Nick Adams, Steve Adams, Teresa Aguilar, Tim Albertson, Scott Allen, Donald Allen, Mike Alexander, Peter Alicia, Alma Anagnostou, Kevin Anderson, Adrianna Anderson, Larry Anderson, Paula Anderson, Tanya ,e,,' 'A " i H '45 T A -'aa T v so ,.,. .. get f'-4,45 A . ' if , 'm fr r ,.k. , I hk. , I 5 . , I T -Q '- , l A ,Q vw . , K K Q if f , fi AMFCWS. Kelly Appice, Frank Arnesto, Nolvia Al-lb0L Todd Ansell, Charles Ard, Carrie Amnson, Chip Austin, Danielle APfeld. Wayne Armito, Curfis Ashby, Ann Babbitt. Brian Badovir, April Bailey, Matt Baker, Kolleen Baker, Terri X -,E as 4 Balestrieri, Lisa Balin, Matt Banister, Tracie Barker, Robert Barman, Laurie Barnhart, Steve Barnis, David Barr, Kris ani his fix or Ma T. . - za is ,,, i , - H , a s G, , E ki-f:5222'afS::. .kkk 1 - -:k--,f':,'-kk raraa , L , il D ,Freshmen Carolyn Castaneda and Dawn Benson ' ' ra j ,take a tour of ,the campus after the summer : -H, orientation. ' 1 I l -Q" iii' eeieer ekrr U .. ' " 5-P M . " , Y-'Sf Vx " visrsf, .. F2-,' ' " rraa 2 ' ff , . ,as ""L' A 'VN if ' .415 it S -W 8 X ' i ,, iii A W, -5 K gs f ,. -,k W J' -it ,ii , ' - A Liir, t "', 1 , a 5. T - L, -igiwgiis, .Vk , ' ooos , 4 S ,y , X . M. ,,,a, .. o - as ,ja 5 ii, , a ,AZV Q2 'Q ' -P K is t- in - , L 232 Freshmen 5 'Si A R ' it pa Barron, Doug Bartlett, Heather Bates, Candy Bayard, Tony Beall, John Beaver, Larry Beebe, Frank Beeson, Warren if Beltran, Edith Benjamin, Floyd Benner, Bathy Benson, Dawn Bienduga, Matt Biggers, Nicole Blanco, Marcia Blazek, Erin Berneking, Brian Bloch, Dude Berger, Roger Bortis, Emilia Berglund, Diane Box, Brian Berglund, Robert Boyle, Fontaine , .QQ-iii' I W., , sg r r if ' 'l" I - , ,., .5 , , L Gi , Vw . fm, M f 1 ff 1 ri . 4 1 Z K Boeck, Debbie Boelter, Bryan Bombard, Steve Breen, Laura Briseno, Isabel Brown' Joyce Boeggnher, Chunk Bramlett, Jamie Bridges, Karen Brotherton, Missy Brown, Morgan Bohn, Tania Brandt, Ken Brightly, Pat Brown, Bob Brown' Sherry I - - ,,,,..-M . 5 rg W 7 r .. - r hfveai , rf ,, , an f 1 12 ,Q Jlv I , rrr af f Bryant, Daryl Buck, Philip Bukewihge, Paul Buich, Mike Burdick, Michael Burgasser, Tina Burke, Craig Burke, Greg ',,'.d4..f-M". ,,,...f---""'-I i 4 if if 9 ar N Y """'-.,,N, 3' si :ax ix -M , ' 1' P E "' .- Y wa. v W 1.318 5 H a-""u' 1" A f I ,J , f -an V "' ' ir ,, J ie, . at :fig U' Wi Q Z 4 Q E 4 4 Q 4 B ,rw , ' 6,53 31 Burkemper, Eric Burkley, Brian Burns, Ann Burns, David Bush, Mark Byrne, Tom Cabael, Jennifer Caban, Joseph .4 V W 5 ff W , I , fr, ,A . Q "' as f f rf ,r,1,E3 ,, . if 9 K I, if 1' ' ff l ' i J." 2 , 1 In .. 4 , V' ,, ki! fr W 4, ,,,, , - Ulm 5,5 if , rir, 31 A , -wr, K W, A i ,, I -lly V5. 2 I ,Ja ' V A .r 1, iv we X B if v 4 Freshmen 233 gc 41 'Sh 9 J. X, l' ,LIV :i:Q .755 15315 Lf1Li ,-r, ,S Q Cnmpros, Jackie Camu, Sean Carlin, Kevin Carlson, Barry Carpenter, John Carrion, Danny Carroll, Shannon 234 Freshmen - f , L .... E A K ,, , :s a 'iv - J if Q.. .Q fir my f -"" Q gem-.iaiffi -.. . .. if C R A Q . ,X X , if -Q zz. 'EF ll x L ie ' ' fx X 3? ss Q W l.l , Y wif? Carter, Clay Cauble, Zina Cervoni, Brenda Childers, Michelle Chow, Jim Calvin, Yvonne Casey, Don Cavlovic, Amy Chamberlin, William Cnmy, Toni Chun, Sung Al Clawson, Rochelle Casey, Jeff Cayot, John Chapman, Susan Chiu, Ya-Tin Clark, Mike Coleman, Jeff Casey, Shannon Coleman, Sheri Cass, Lisa Collazoo, Sylvia Castaneda, Carolyn Cates, James Collins, Terence Colon, Doreen Concepcion, Tim Conway, Laura Cooley, Chris Cooper, Carolyn Cooper, Jeff Cooper, Rose Corradino, Dom ,N ,N Corso, Darlene Costello, Gina Cote, Ann Cotton, Michael Coughlin, Sjana Craig, John Craig, Suzie Cravotta, Kim Cribb, Nancy Croswell, Kelly Culver, Robert Dunlap, Connie Dunn, Sherice Duval, Richard Dwyer, Chris Culver, Ron Deming, Tim Dwyer, Tom Currie, Dan Dang, Yvonne Daza, Jeanette Demongin, Scott Desatoff, Philip Dielikef. Brian Doran, Greg Dreher, Sharon Dyal, Marianne Czinczoll, Susan Daniels, Jeff Deane, Kellie Derakhshanian, Devine, Craig Ditty, Tim Dorsey, Peter Drexgl' Kim Early, Kelly Dahler, Donna Danon, Jerrold Deavila, Rochelle Kayvon Diamond, Jeffery Donqhoe, Gini! Doss, Kelly Dryden' Shaun Eaves, Tim Damon, Laurie Darby, Michelle Defrancesca, Bobby Dernovich, Chris Dick, Daren DOOIIUIS. Jason Doucette, Dawne Duke, Shirley Edwards. Cherie ' wife? 1, I ea, A R J 9 X l V ff , f W E tangy x 1 I If non , K . 1' 5, Q MFGMW. ,, Viy , V -:-: 4 A , QW J 1: 4 ,, X we f 'W X f far ff f Z. 5 W il Q ,V A , A - , ..,, H . .. Q! Q 5 M 5 445 M 35 My ,,,, , ml 40' x E L rrii Freshmen 235 stir? 5r""""4 St cle amm- ch alk -V ,, . ' " 'll : U ' 1 ' 2 ..-far! I M iw A , "j' f x all Eldridge, Jeff Emfield, Robert England, Darren Enos, G.G. Ensley, Gina Escobar, Alex Eubanks, Patti 236 Freshmen , ., ,W , , ' ff f-'W ' ,Z .x,, ,, I Q Y f , 1 A Q 42 ri? f ww fr , nnne , . ,ar f N Q 14 rf ,yn 2 We .f-an Q Q irq, , W 4 rg f in 7 RN I If Zu r f r J 4 4 f r Vx 1. 1 ..f'f,,., 0 -7 " 'I 'H MCH 4, ' V qw- " ...WW V, , .f ,v 44: Evans, Christine Fannin, Tracy Farley, Bob Farley, Kelly Faney, Patrick Fernandez, Gilbert -Farley, Tim Fernie, Jackie Farrell, Kenney Fields, Darlene Fashano, Lisa Fischer, Jennifer by -if V Y Fisher, Jill Fisher, Matt Fitzpatrick, Kevin Fithery, Ed Flippen, Nicole Florence, Richard Floyd, Barbara ew Focht, Cheryl Fortune, Tina Franco, Kim Frick, Robert Foley, Robyn Foster, Janice Franco, Marysela Fronk, Stephanie Ford, Gary France, Dori Frazzetta, Matt Gagne, Mike Ford, Jackie Francisco, Mike Friant, Joni Gaipo, David Garcia, Rosa Ga rrido, Pat Gash, Richard Gatlin, Rodney Gerard, Jodi Geddes, Michael Gerardo, Lisa Giacoletti, Andrea Gibbs, Lonnie Gieene, Lonny Gilbert, Mike Gillespie, Tina Gilmer, Gaylen Gilmore, Bobby Glasgow, Sue Glasson, Kristin Glauser, Martin Goetsch, Steve Gordon, Audra Gordon, Kathy Q-'H 'QW' "" ,,, ., ,,,,, ,Z .,,r 'Z f K in ' ddiiiie I .0 I X 4 ff um M, an W 5 , i'. -If .f , ., , . 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Bl'0Cli H0ff0n,R0bIf1 Hughs, Dean Heavey, Amy Hicks, Sacquelile Hockley, Neil HOPPKG. I-Ori H0Wal'dv Rachel Hughs, Kim Hegle, Erin Higginbotham, Scott Heiligenthal, Nadine Higley, Kelly Hendricks, Shawn Hill, Larry Hepler, Sam Hine, Mark 238 Freshmen Hughes, Shawn Hyte, John Hunter, Warren Jackson, Roy Hussar, Michael James, Chris James, Karin Javier, Roland Jenkins, Jim Jimenez, Cesah Johnson, Keri Johnson, Kristin Johnson, Suzzanne Jones, Adrey Jones, Cameron Jones, Pam Jones, Tempest Jones, Terrance Jordan, Terrie Joy, Kristina Kelley, Jeff Kellum, Cole Kennedy, Lisa Kohler, Stephanie Krause, Karen Kulikowski, Lynn Kulow, Kim Kunsaitis, Chuck Kuntz, Damon Kuzins, Paul Kwon, Hoe-Sin Kyler, Stacy Lange, Kevin Largohr, Vickie Lanze, Gino Larmer, April Laisel, Mandi Larson, Kevin Lassos, Mark Lassos, Paul Latimer, Linda Lauppe, Megan Layne, Jeff Lecky, Finger Lee, Shawn Lee, Steve Leibenson, Erin Leipper, Barbara Leipper, Bryan : .T ge L ' .L -f ' R' I Qi -1 , " fl ,L A f 1 t i L r L L , ei Juggert, Jonathan Kent, Rick Jungheit, John Kerley, Dave V l Kaminsky, Stacy Kerr, Patty Kiklas, Paul Kinggmilly Jim Knight, Mellisa Karpinski, Tina Kerr, Staci Kim, Sandy Kirby, Scott Know, David Keith, Kelly Keifer, Eric Kim, Sang Kirkwood, Susie KNOX, Shari Keith, Ian Kiepe, Robert King, Shaunn Knie' Tim Knopf, Pat - L- A Q .. '- " Q-'nt H . Ai M K 7,6 gd K L - Y.--e 'G LL .L ,RL A Q, LL N I -- Q ii ' L i " x. ,eff itt L, 2 , L tttt L L K . L yi ,,,. fs 1 Q-P L W ig Q N x K- ' ' , -Q ' ,MM .LL. L L , C --'M JP: I i e Ag ! A i'i ' L LLLy K 1, .L ' , ' 1 iff E Y? k Wi ,- wait 'Q FAN-to 1 .L 143 ' ite - di LLLL LLLL I il Q as X x l L ,,:LL- f ,L R ' Q I i f fi L L L S Q A - f'Q' 'W +L ,Q .- ' L .gi-if, ' 9 1 . .... L+ Q " 151 L ""'i i L A - LQ, Y' r...4- . if ,war I ... f . ffy 5 Q 2 TY ic. ,Z t t .0- dt f X Q ,l wx! , Q N Freshmen 239 A ,- Lense, Vicky Lester, Phil Lin, Ellen Lindemann, Lisa Lindemans, Ray Linder, Chris Lindsay, Ximena Linville, Beverly Lipold,Zdenek A-film vi ' , ,, xr , I X' Q 4 .,,,fY 'MQ I 1: A 1".'. 4 240 Freshmen Lozano, Ramsey Ludwig, Lynn Lussier, Jay Lykins, Sherin Lylle, Renee Maher, John Maller' Vicki Lucas, Chris Luizzi, Sherri Lutsky, Sheri Lynch, Tracy MacDonald, Sean Mahon, Cathie Mancmas' Yvette Lucchese, Jon Lucker, Amy Lybarger, Kurt Lynde, Renee Magee, Dale Mallard, Deana Mand' Surinder h,,,...,..-f-'- Maneff, Kristie Manfredi, Dean Mann, Damon Mansouri, Laura Marco, Lori Markert, James Markham, Tony Martija, Marlene Matejka, Scott . K , X 8 , .. 1 I . ze ,Vw i at Z 4 my , , . , 'H A ge, . A. l 4 ' . ..., 1' We - 3 f 4, ,., f in f k Za Y' .W 3 25 ,... ww, . ,Fi Mathieu, Kim Mason, Bruce McLaughlin, Allison Meyer, Chris Martin, Chad Massey, Trisha McVey, Jason Mickesh, Tanya Martin, Kim Matthew, Abraham Medina, Jay Miller, Bill Martin, Virginia Matthews, Chris Melzer, Bart Miller, David Martinez, Eric Matthews, Greg Mazur, Steve McCabe, Scott McKarville, Paul McGill, Shawn Merritt, Steve Miller, Mark Martinez, Rebecca Mattingly, Anthony McAuley, Diane McCollum, Jonna McDougall, Don McLain, Tim Meyer, Shannon Minner, Jim M35C3fl, Alan MBYOF. Sandra McAuley, Erin McDaniel, Tiffany McElravy, Lara MCKinney, Tom Meyer, Steve Minogue, Armand Wm Kim Q. ' Q' n I Freshmen A 8 B cards PL. 'fx 1- Mitchell, Tony Molina Andrea Mokan, Mat! Monper, Theresa Moore, Mike Moore, Rick Moorhead, Mia 9 'g"'V iir i QQ .. fail ,ts 4, I 1 1 i l l S n l l 5 -iw t'-11 x 'V Freshmen 24 1 242 J WW 1 ,I V A A 'WV C if fr 'K ffl at 'Z .2 'D f we l . ,Q 1 Q, A , it 5, E5 ' l I fy M: M, if , , l A ' f , ii L ,A. , 3 i my ," I Q V is ' .1 fi L4 5 V , if if M l - ,af , if T at ,, , l if ,QV , , ,, ' I N 1 ffm- r ...A A x -.,. li... , if M if X fa r 5 F? W, if 5 x l ,.--Q Morelli, Cari Morita, Kathy Morrison, Jim Mortenson, Joe Morton, Cindy Morton, Kellie Mosh, Tracy Moshenko, Shirley Moshehi, Sam 1 0 f Y 1 1 is ,rr y ,gg ,.. ,, I X ,, by , , ,Je . Q P , 0' , M fr 2' i ' 5 ii ll 0 A Q A "lWV A - -V A, M' l, ,,' ' . s, ,:, ' fs, -- . l L. X ' fin I f I Ivzl . E ,, W V 3, H KZ , 6M Vx I an I W I , , f H I V A P ' V 1' . tr.. I ff 4 iioo y A N as "iMrr I ' ' ii C i T 1 ii I y, I f A if , f.,,. , , Mourtonv Sean Neumeister, Tammy Niederhau, Lance Norpquist, Michele Olsen, Dave Paulone, Nick Parker. Jeff Moynihan' Kelly Neuzil, Deana Nielson, Stacie Noshiavan, Homa Omellasv Michelle Pawasarat, Becky PBCC. Rl'l0nda Mukleviqz' Ch,-is Newbern, Pam Nielson, Tracie Novinski, Daneil OTSBW, Chris Pachelo, Mark PEBL Gina Murphy, April Murphy, Chris Musick, Larry Mustello, Mike Muth, Sydney Najafinia, Jhon Nezin, Chris Niumatalolo, Nusenow, Kristina OYU5- BfYan P8SClUini. Stephanie Pagllafl-ll0, Nguyen, Andrews Carolina O'Brien, Mike Offman- Devannee Patterson, Jeannie Jennifer Nieblas, Charles Nobrega, Lisa O'Bryan' Richird Owen, Michael Pallotta' David Pelz, Rhonda Nickle, Bridget Nogle, Curtis Offord, Jill OYlef- KWSN! Partch, Shannon Pe0PleS, Traci Niclo, Natalie Nogle, Greg Olen, Danica Packard, Wes Panaroni, Vinqjg Perez, Rosauro Nicolai, Kelly Nokes, Debbie oiivarez, Tony Pasenkopf- Peggy Packi, Joe Permal. Alexander Normington, Karl Person, Kim Petouzzi, Richard Petrash, Mark Philips, Mike Phan, Khue Pierce, Tiffany Pokryska, Steve Porritt, Lee Potts, Samantha Preston, Lewis Price, Carol T3 M ,Mp .I s if WT' fa 'rm NR ,,,, ,- if Z I Q il '-Od -'rr X ,5 r . 1, A V1 I f -v 'MQW' r - T 2 ,- 'A r ,Q ,gf , T V W ,. VVVI Lb :Tas K ,,,v,,, Z ' ' K 3 " , Z P-u I r fr ' T ' . Q f H ip' ' Pulvino, Steve Reafdonf Mark Rfdlfef. Jennifer Roberts, Chris Rodebaugh, Mike Purdie, Christa Reed, KNSU RlQd0nr C0nf1ie Roberts, Lisa Py' Scott Reihdehl, Tiffany Rikelman, David Robinson' Tom pyail, Lisa Rice- Eric, Rishagen- Dana Robles, Esperanza Quintin, Marc Ramirez, Soraya Ramsbottom, Sandie Ray, Tracy Reale, Jim Rice, Lewis Rivera, Cindy Roche' Sherry Rodriguez, Tyler Roe, Andrew Rochiecht, Wendy Rofoli, Regina Romero, Angela 5, eff :L at JT i H ' fl r r f if ri I 057, v, .. Rongslad, David Ruiz, Art Ross, Jeff Rusk, Abra Rowan, Jane Russ, Jay Ruddocks, Dave Ruth, Chuck Rudon, Ralph Rye, Jana Salazar, Eric Sanchez, Lucy Sanchez, Marlin Sarrao, John Saul, Kendral Sawyer, Pam Sawyer, Suzy Saxby, Heather Scarpinato, Tony Freshmen 243 V ..-1.-S...-. , K' xl, few,-I r f. ' -vp-. class Nd, after Y W G H2 '53 , , , 1 ' 0 I a , , I 4. i:" V , V ' Q - A I 1 , 24, 2, Q i f Q 7571, 7 V 'Q "5 I ,nh , ' I f , A 1 f - 'f ' RQ. f . - ,- - 3 Schellberg, Virginia Schmid, Lisa Schwitalla, Jethlene Schupp, Dan Scott, Joellen Seiberling, Elizabeth Seitz, Amber 244 Freshmen V 5, , 'I 1-fqpi Q 3 r-A Q T17 .M ,K ., K Sellers, Kei Selinger, Ayelet Setting, Marla Setzer, Vickie Sevcsisin, Lori Sharkey, Susan Shea, Richard 2? , W , 5434! 5 -ai " f f f . - . A Q: 4 U as , f . , V " 'f M 2 R y 1 LE. ' . 4 f , , 4 f it r i I 7 I W ' - 1' LL L A ' , ii' ' en' A AM A , I, ,,., 1 A N rg R 31. 5 3 A A 'V 3 I ' , , g 'fit' 41, A4 'fgggugzflf f f., Sheehy, Jerome Shillinger, Tammy Sieg. Duane Sierra, Suzanne Sinclair, Todd Shepard, Nelse Shisbey, Philip Siegel, Scott Silva, Dean Singh, Todd Shikler, Karen Shoffeitt, Laura Siegel, Steve Simmons, Sherri Sjurgon, Dan Sloat, Jill Small, Sherri Smith, Nancee Smith, Randy " .rl 'F' 'AA ' rl 1' f my 1, at ',,.,+ ' , ,, A , ., ,f A v t ,arm . 2' K I' V , - , ,',' , 'Grim 4 ft 'l 4' H5555 5 Smith, Shelby Smith, Tracy Starr, Brad Stetson, Mike Spainhower, Patrice Stilson, Jeff Sorenson, Shawn St. John, Edith Stahl, Ronnie Stoll, Lewis Stapleton, Dave Stoneking, Dea Stewart, Staci Storie, Marci 1 as sv ff Z .,. ,li 243.1 ,,. ,.,, , nna Story, Teresa Stracner, Minta Stroud, Fontaine Stroup, Lori Stucker, Kristin Stupasn, Shelli Styre, Monica Suarez, Enrique Summers. Jeff .v SUFO. JOE Sweazy, Danielle Sweere, Linda Tamillo, Lisa Sutton, Kathie Swedlow, Christiana Swenson, Jim Taylor, Randy Svltenko, Sam Sweeney, Raphael Swick, Michele Taylor, Seth A Terry, Bob That, Phoung Thom, Stephen Thompson, Bruce Thompson, Jeff Thompson, Rod Tietz, Matthew Tokarski, Craig Tompkins, Michelle Thomas, Mike Toslehi. Sam Thgmag' Sheryl Tucholski, Mike Thomas, Tami TUCKCI. Jodi were -, L, -of Tumer, Kristie Udovch, Christi Uhl, Kelly Llranga, Denise Valantine, Rick Valencia, Denise Valenzuela, Kathy Vance, Michelle Vautherine, Cheryle 4 it X ,C X, ,, , , f fi' .Ali ,.-.ff 1' 'L -M y y 42' , A , ..., , . .,-L -N T i 7 - M C' 'F ' QA'--9 ' .,,, , it -AJ ff -' - ,-IUC A 3 S TTT, is it , fs ' S , J' K 6 I 1, 8 4' A 1 ' ' X Nh, VK , A af " . , V , I , .3 ' ' I ' M s Nw ,r , . I A 7 ll K 75 , E iii W iki: . J. , , p or - Q f 7 C 1 A V L X T it r i N " .. , if ' .1 ' A W ,..t W gm T .Sw 5 F W' , itz? 1 V . Zf , Zig l ,,,. A , W if Q, C , ,, 5, 'E K 2 -A ' 'ff' s I 2 ' 3' L llyz g ly ,,, , y W K: ' I if V rta -K wr C' S X - T i' ,,,, i I 8 4' V 3 Q Freshmen 245 246 A my W 4 . if , E ' 24 L V 1 X f gig. V r . 'vli r W AVV A JZ ' I Z' ,Q X Q, - 1 . x 424 ,z , l. - -A K :Newf- ,k,,A f,k5,,,-, l.. V. it A 'MNH nf, if , ' . .K ,,, 6 :pw in 1 ..A rx 1- 'A I .ans i ., , K ,- .fi 'Y ws -,,,' it 4 V. -5 W-,S yy - Y rw, X . ' ,,,,,1,, .. Mme I v 1 .5 w,- 1 'Wx Q if W Q 'R S, I 4 f ' ' QQ QS LA if K Q Q - ,, , ' n -.M A F -3 s or A 5 .- an f Q . 0 V so ,, ,- . Y ,. gag, . , 5 N. S attends a dance con- class. f' 'VAH4 ,,,, nl 3' Velazquez, Antonio Warren. Chfisiine Veller, Joe Vellone, John Vistaunet, Mark Vittori, Tina Voytovich, Kevin Watcher, Keith Walton, Victoria Warner, Timothy Washington, Jerome Webber, Pam Wellman, J. D. Werve, Nate West, Kendall Westerman, Audra Wheeldon, Sean Whelan, Stephen Whisler, Alisa White, Don Whitlow, Carrie Whitman, Lynn Williams, Bob Williams, Jeff Wilson, Joy Wilson, Suzanne Wilhelm, April U A Woo, Deana Wood, Lesley Woodson, Shannon Wood, Kelly Wood, Lisa Yakar, Kevin 1 It Yang, Robert Yelverton, Jim Yokota, Mark Young, Christi Zahedi, Robert Zimmerle, Bill '5U 3 !Pl sf! l. Lori Stroup gets ready for an assembly. 2. Jennifer Gutke and Dave Olsen socialize in the quad. 3. The freshmen hall during spirit week. 4. Rich Kent, John Junghkeit and Kurt Lybarger talk before class. 5. Freshmen tour the El Toro Campus. 6. Class officers work together. ,zu M Freshmen 247 N-0 . Aww MM' -i 248 Academics Division as.. agxw. M i L I I ,. bd' X is-if Niavx we A S Nw,-.4 M .1 'V y , . .45- This year's academic programs were many and varied. In these Aces, as the Amanecer prefers to call the academic programs, students showed much en' thusiasm and interest in the courses of- fered. Among the many courses offered were special classes that were designed to meet the needs of special kinds of students. These classes were as diverse as the CROP program and the Academic Decathlon. They encompass- ed such things as interscholastic com- petition as well as on the job training. 1. CROP student Mandi Larsen jokes with her classmates. 2. Trail student Rita Kulajian takes another career aptitude tea test to help her plan her future. 3. Brad Finney takes some notes before beginning his train- ing in the CROP program. 4. Rita Kulajian, Terry Hagstrom and Michelle Buck compare answers to a Trail aptitude test. 5. Ms. Cheryl Beck assists Michael Diaz in prepar- ing for the competency tests. 6. Trail student John Tessier looks through books concern- ing career choices and objectives. 7. Christi Lemmons attends a meeting to prepare herself for her CROP class. 8. Mr. Daugherty assists Kelly Carrlson to prepare for the competency tests. 9. Steve Haddock takes a lecture notes in his Advanced Placement History classg this class will prepare him to take the Advanced Placement test in history. 10. Gigi Enos takes a break from her job as a resource person. ll. Jennifer Walsh listens closely to directions given to her before beginning the Academic Decathalon. 12. Ad- vanced Placement teacher Mr. Tom Barnes explains the class procedures to his students. ACES Academics Division 249 C.R.O.P. STUDENTS LEARN SKILLS CROP, The Coastline Regional Oc- cupational Program, was an occupa- tional training program that allowed career minded students to gain knowledge and on the job experience in a certain field. Classes were held at local businesses and high schools within the five school district region. The types of classes varied widely, from agriculture to technical illustration and almost everything in between. A word processing class was held on campus. lt prepared students for careers in the business office and word processing fields. lt taught students skills in operating transcribing and word processing machines, IBM memory typewriters and other office equipment. Mrs. Kathy Russell, CROP technician, helped students to select the career field best suited to them. Students at- tended classes between six and twelve hours a week and earned from five to fif- teen credits per semester. Classes pro- vided initial classroom instruction and on the job experience. With successful completion of the class a student received a Certificate of Participation and possibly a Letter of Recommendation. l. Diana Peters works with a word processor in CROP class. 2. Chris Larsen takes a pause during CROP class. 3. Karl Lorenzen pro- grams a word processing machine. 4. Tammy Winslow types in CROP word processing class. 5. CROP technician Mrs. Kathy Russell smiles while checking her files. 6. ln word processing class, Maria Fadel smiles for the photographer. 1. Cindy Blose takes notes in fashion merchandising class. 8. Brad Finney intently listens to teacher make a point. 9. Shelly Vickers enjoys CROP class. 10. Cindy Blose, Jodee Stewart and Shelly Vickers talk before class begins. ll. Jodee Stewart goes over her notes while in class. 12. Christi Lemmons gets on the job training at Robin- son's department store in Mission Viejo. 250 Academics Q as! li .s-1 , . 'T Emmy F ., 4- QW? S ,av-c 1 N' 'f . N .VX 41. 4: if 95 X. 2-. D.--......,,. .........,......,,, .3 Academics 25 1. Faustino Cortina reviews material at a TRAIL meeting. 2. Dr. Wilson Riles delivers an inspirational speech. 3. Karen Coopman does homework in English Seminar class. 4. Dr. Riles and members of the school board receive a warm welcome. 5. Chipper Rawl- ings and John Tessier talk about an assign- ment. 6. Terry Lew and Frank Chiricosta discuss their career planning reports. 7. Susan Tanner attends a meeting at lunch. 8. Mr. Jack Oakes explains the career planning report. 9. Ms. Margo Harrison listens to a student at a meeting. 10. Dr. Riles and Larry Hughes carry on a conversation. ll. Mrs. Peggy Corich does paperwork. 12. Brian Nielson, Faustino Cortina and Terry Lew listen as Mr. Oakes explains part of the TRAIL project. 13. Michelle Buck takes part in a TRAIL activity. 252 Academics W TRAIL CHARTS CAREER GOALS TRAIL, Tapping Real Abilities through Investigative Learning, was a career oriented, educational program in- volving GATE students in real world ex- periences in different career fields. It in- volved business, community and the school to provide comprehensive career education to gifted students. Ms. Margo Harrison was project director, Mr. Jack Oakes was career counselor and Mrs. Peggy Corich was secretary. Ms. Sally Hotchkiss taught the English Honors Seminar class to some TRAIL students. The class stressed advanced thinking and study skills. The TRAIL program held a community laboratory in November when they visited Fluor in lr- vine to involve Fluor with the TRAIL program. Students were then placed at the business to gain professional ex- perience in the career field that interests them. In October Dr. Wilson Riles, Califor- nia Superintendent of Education, came to speak at a TRAIL Success Sym- posium. He delivered an inspirational speech encouraging students to try nd hard at everything they do and that they can do anything if they want. Academics 253 FEDERAL GRA T STARTS PROGRAM El Toro High School received a 570,000 federal grant for Getting to Know You, the Cognative Pathway to Intercultural Relations, for the 1981- 1983 school years. The guidelines for the program were set down by Mr. Bill Rollins, Mrs. Dorothy Goldsmith, Mr. Jim Lltt, Mr. Paul Beidler and Mr. Tony Corrente. The purpose of the program was to promote better relations between cultures by making the students aware of how the different cultures are part of l"'if.?lQ, Iii 3 1 X , V ' i.,,,, ,,, , ,QQ , Uwf ea t i 3, . -. i ef A Y W .i gf' 'X f '1 I, Y N 2,1 . M gi Dv ' 9, V, l l. A' a Q i to 1 - f I ' Q .f ' rig A I :,' , 77 L V K . a rt " f by E ' Vlxgf M ' ,, xl. 1 'Q' EEUF 'fa fi N ,-Al"?l'Q.,' xi' X50 Q, A American society and to dispel any traditional prejudices. It is taught to all world culture classes. 1. Damon Mann, Mike Stetson and Tony Baynard intently listen to a lecture by a guest speaker. 2. Mr. Paul Beidler lectures to students during a media presentation. 3. Mr. Joe Tran, a guest speaker, gives a lecture to a world cultures class. 4. Guest speaker Mr. Joe Tran from the Orange County Depart- ment of Housing and Community Develop- ment delivers an informative lecture. 5. Michelle Vance and Lisa Cass listen with in- terest to speaker make a point. if? . ..... il i 5 'TJ' J . "Q, i ADVANCED CLASSES LEARN MURE The Advanced Placement CLS. History class, one of the accelerated programs for the student who wanted to learn more and possibly prepare for tak- ing the Advanced Placement Test, was offered two periods a day. Students may also preparefor the test in other advanced classes. By taking the Ad- vanced Placement Test students could possibly earn college credits. Mr. Tom Barnes taught the year long class in much the same way a college class would be taught. The rigorous course of study involv- ed students in many activitiees concern- ing the history of this country. Students wrote detailed research papers and also wrote historical papers based on the original sources. l. Mr. Tom Barnes lectures about early American history to his class. 2. Anne Curry works on homework in class. 3. Ed Kerley listens with interest to Mr. Barnes' lecture. 4. Mindy Cherri asks Mr. Barnes a question about an assignment. 5. Kurt Davis concen- trates during a lecture. Academics 255 S2 Q21 y i- ev' sd" """+.,, EL TOR0 HOSTS ACADEMIC DECATHLO 256 Academics Q any if K ...T ""!r.:. . 'gg The Orange County Academic Decathlon was held on November 14 to promote academic excellence through competition. The team consisted of seniors Larry Hughes, Chantall Spicher- Piel, Colleen Cansler, juniors Jennifer Walsh, John Tessier and Lisa Baziak. They were coached by Mr. Bill Bailey and Mr. Jim Shields. Some team members received individual awards: Colleen Cansler, a first place in fine arts and a second place in English literatureg l f'Q. I Jennifer Walsh received second places in speech and interview and John Tessier earned a first place in speech and a third place in English literature. l. Mr. Jim Shields, Mr. Al Desmarais and Jennifer Walsh discuss El 'I'oro's point stan- dings. 2. Jennifer Walsh smiles after she scores a point in the Super Quiz. 3. Chantal Spicher-Piel listens intently to a question be- ing asked. 4. John Tessier writes out his answer to a question asked. 5. Larry Hughes concentrates as a question is being read. 6. The event received media coverage by local newspapers and public TV. HELP CLASSES ASSIST CHARGERS Competency Help Classes, con- ducted to provide instruction and assistance to students who haven't passed some of the Hart Bill competen- cies, have aided many students this year. Ms. Cheryl Beck taught the math competency class, the English com- petence class was taught by Mr. James Daugherty and Ms. Jonnie Larson taught the reading competency class. They notified students who hadn't pass- ed some of their competencies, which were needed to graduate. The students were then transferred temporarily into the class and given instruction and help. They then took their unpassed competency tests and usually passed them. 1. Mark Middlestead listens as Ms. Cheryl Beck explains a math problem to him. 2. J. D. Floyd asks Mr. James Daugherty a ques- tion about English usage. 3. Mr. James Daugherty explains the English grammar section of the Hart Bill to Kelley Carrison. 4. Michael Diaz concentrates while he takes a Hart Bill proficiency test. 5. Sarah Dimaria watches Ms. Beck check a math problem. A y mf WP Q 7 . -X gfefit 3 W .... , . as-sandal' . . C, .. nnll""" .pv- 4, ' gli x .LW Academics 257 H0 GRS CLASSES DISPLAY DEDICATICN 258 Academics English Honors IV, the culmination of a four year honors program, was taught by Ms. Sally Hotchkiss. ln this class senior honors students developed the ability to analyze poetry and classical works of literature and to give oral presentations of their evaluation. Students were also given preparation for the Advanced Placement Test. ln all honors classes grammar and vocabulary were stressed. Junior honors lll students were taught American literature by Mrs. Freda Gul- ly. Mr. Al Desmarais taught British literature to sophomore honors ll students. Freshmen honors l students were taught a sampling of world literature by Mr. Jim Shields. 1. Kristen Hedlund states her opinion during a class discussion. 2. Larry Hughes listens enthusiastically to a student give a presenta- tion. 3. Ms. Sally Hotchkiss helps Diane Anderson with her composition. 4. Don Grage presents his evaluation of a poem. 5. Ms. Sally Hotchkiss answers a student's question. 1224 ,fav 5 'V W ,,' M . ' J' 'C'- .nit , sv he mf an nn. RESDLIRCE PEOPLE AID CHARGER STUDENTS ,V w , The Resource Specialist Program aid- ed students with learning problems. Mr. Robert Crist and Mr. John Johansen taught students of average intelligence or better who had a discrepancy bet- ween function and ability. Mrs. Kathy Gundling taught the Special Day Class in which students received directed study that covered any areas in which they might have dif- ficulty. Students also utilized work ex- perience and CROP classes. Miss Mary Ann Farelli taught her fr' ., A f arf.. 'T t.,,,.t, H ,f,. fs V , f . ,.., ,fini fi. ' H.. W.. A .4 M M s 9 ,,.1.4s1. svism, .i'4"'.,f, ,JW fi':7s'ff?L"'J . , ',, .Maxell 4-in-ff if iff f. ' i,'I,.':, .4-:V , 1 ,, W... f,m9k"1,f ,ji 24.17 1' .f .Nz ,, , M, ,,',,!,yfjff14 if wfzfffuvffl ', .4-M 'ff' yfs"i'Cf4gT, , , 'pw , V,-xr, 4 V! N 1' Aphasia classes skills which helped students who had communication or comprehension difficulties. "Students made excellent progress under the Resource Specialist Program," said Mr. Robert Crist. 1. Fidel Carrillo listens to Mr. Robert Crist's instructions. 2. Shawn McGill listens as an assignment is given. 3. Tim Aguilar com- pletes another day of study. 4. Gigi Enos, Mr. Robert Crist and Daryl Bryant go over a homework assignment in class. 5. Chris Meyers listens to Miss Mary Ann Farelli lec- ture in aphasia class. Academics 259 GULLY cHosEN .ss ,, 1981-82 - EDICATEE When choosing a dedicatee for the 1982 Amanecer, the staff was faced with deciding what qualities a candidate must posses. High respect by both students and peers was thought to'be important. That was too vague, more specific qualities were needed for the final decision. Finally the decision was made, the staff was ultimately seeking a well-respected, hard working faculty member, someone who excells at his or her job and goes beyond that job. Mrs. Freda Gully has shown El Toro High School all of these characteristics as well as many more. As a teacher, she is respected by her students, as well as her fellow faculty members. She is very knowledgeable in everything she does, she is witty in her unique way, and she is more than willing to help whenever she is asked. One of the first things a student notices about Mrs. Gully is how strongly she feels that every student deserves a good education. Her concern for her students goes far beyond that of the classes she herself teaches, she is much more concerned with the total picture rather than just a portion. She frequently discusses college in her classes, trying to make her students aware ofjust how important it is and what it takes to make it in college, as well as to get into a college. Whenever asked she is more than happy to help with a college essay, application, or 260 Dedicatee just questions that need answering. She is often asked to fill necessary recommendations for students' collegeapplications, and is more than willing to fill them out whenever possible, something that must be done on her own time. Students in Mrs. GulIy's classes are set in an atmosphere favorable to Gully herself. "I decorate my room to please myself, l'm the one who is in here all day!" lt's obvious as you walk into the room that Mrs. Gully likes Kansas and Woody Allen. She displays a Woody Allen poster, given to her by Mrs. Cindy Kingman, which is the cause of an annual mystery on campus. Each year, no later than week one, Mrs. Gully goes to class to find Woody kidnapped. A ransom note, demanding things such as trading George Brett to the Angels and wiping Kansas from the earth. lt's all in fun, though. Each June, Woody is returned, signed on the back by the kidnappers. On the whole, Mrs. Gully is known about campus as a friend- ly, helpful person. Being in one of Mrs. GulIy's class is not only enjoyable, but is a valuable experience for everyone. Honor is nothing new to Mrs. Gully. She was chosen as dedicatee of Mission Viejo High School's yearbook while teaching there, and was chosen teacher of the year in 1980. W Q , J' 1 gms-H' X Q .4 Hx "" ' F I 1. Principal Don Walker talks with English teachers Mr. Jim Shields and Mr. Al Desmairas before an assembly in the gym. 2. Mrs. Pam Sisel takes time out from grading Biology papers to smile for the photographer. 3. During a Cross Country meet at the Canada Loop, Ms. Diane Hale explains the course to observers. 4. Mr. Randy Kent prepares his notes for his Chemistry classes. 5. Health teacher Mrs. Trish Pierson takes advantage of an opportunity to smile for the photographer while her students take a test. 6. Mr. Paul Beidler lectures to his World Cultures class in the library. When one sits down at a Las Vegas card table, the dealers are the heart of the gameg they make everything happen. The dealers not only have to worry about the players, but also the atmosphere. They also have certain standards set for themselves, which in turn make the players feel more at ease and find it easier to concentrate. lt was no different at El Toro High School this year. The dealers, teachers, had the same responsibilities toward the players, or students. Just as in a card game every player has his own needs and the dealers are responsible for dealing each player the right hand. Just as there are many different levels of card games there are different levels of dealers. Each class, freshmen through seniors, requires different type of knowledge from the dealers. Just as in Las Vegas, many dealers are strictly for one level, while others add variety to their job by dealing to more than one level. Each of El Toro's dealers add something special to the complete deck. "DE LERSH TEACHERS DEAL WITH FULL HCDCISE El Toro's students weren't the only ones beset by the problem of over- crowding. The faculty and staff had to deal with the "full house" as well. Although many teachers were dealt an abundance of "ace" students, others were dealt an overabundance of "jokers". Some examples of the fine faculty were English teacher Sue Toibin, Dean of students Terry Dazey, library clerk Phyllis Touher, and dedicatee Freda Gully. As the year progressed, El Toro's faculty became the dealers - dealers who were attempting to make the students become participants in the game of life. For the most part, the odds were with the faculty, and in the end, they, as well as the students were winners. 1. Tim Allen - Assistant Principal 2. Dave Chatard - Psychologist 3. Terry Dazey - Dean of Students 4. Fran Griffith - Counselor 5. Tom Godley - Counselor 6. Margo Harrison - Counselor 7. Bonnie Maspero - Counselor 8. Bill Ruffner - Counselor 9. Dick Simmons - Counselor 10. Bruce Taschner - Assistant Principal ll. Phil Samuels - Counselor 12. Keith Sims - A.8.B. Advisor 13. Don Walker - Principal llhqlduaiphru ... .. k i i I F ji l . ig , , 1 L V' lm 262 Faculty - -wif' .iq My N3 .V , l. Rich Alderson - Physical Education 2. Bill Bailey - English 3. Becky Bailey- Findley - Reading 4. Tom Barnes - Social Science 5. Rex Bonebrake - Social Science 6. Cheryl Beck - Math 7. Trudy Beck - English 8. Paul Beidler - Social Science 9. Susan Berner - English 10. Lynette Bennett - Business l 1. Bob Bosanko - Social Science 12. Debbie Brunner - English 13. lr- mgard Baumbach, Dixie Hancock, Olga Cassiere - Food Service Faculty 263 --T C i g Tit- :ust 3 Q .MV 5 if f ' - Y-Q1"? iffy' 5 i .nw 2' f M 3' f fi st wx T .wx na . , a gy.y. f iL TGIBI CHOSEN TEACHER CDF 1 98 1 -82 264 Faculty it sv' English teacher Sue Toibin has taught at EI Toro for seven years. She teaches Media, remedial English, ad- vanced grammar, and Shakespeare classes. Toibin deserves special recognition not only because she is respected by her peers and students, but also because she was honored as being nam- ed Saddleback Valley Teacher of the Year. She later was complimented by being chosen as one of the Orange County Teachers of the Year. Toibin is mum Asif. yet another example of the fine staff at El Toro. 1. Jeff Butler - Social Science 2. Beverly Cibeira - Foreign Language 3. Tony Cor- rente - Social Science 4. Bob Crist - L.D.G. 5. Tom Curry - Business 6. Marsha Daerr - Home Economics 7. Jim Daugherty - English 8. Dan DeLeon - Special Educa- tion 9. Bob Demmon - Technical Education 10. Al Desmarais - English ll. Bill Dickey - Physical Education 12. Diana Doalson - Social Science 13. Patty Donovan - English 14. Dennis Dunton - Technical Education 15. Christy Ellerbroek - Art "BAD GUY" DAZEY CARES F CDR CHARGERS For the past five years as dean of students, Terry Dazey's name has become well known all around campus. He is perceived as the "bad guy", but in reality, Dazey likes and cares very much about El Toro's students. Dazey is in charge of discipline, snack and noon supervision, and attendance. In the future, Dazey said he would like to become principal, but then added jokingly, "l think Cmotioning toward Mr. Walker's officej he has a few years left." 1. Lloyd Emshoff - Foreign Language 2. Mary Ann Farelli - Foreign Language 3. Ed Felix - Math 4. Bob Ferguson - Math 5. Debbie Fletcher - English 6. Mike Flynn - JROTC 7. Mike Forslund - Science 8. Mike Gallups - English 9. Durward Fowler - Technical Education 10. Keith Green - Foreign Language 1 1. Jeff Grosse - Science 12. Dorothy Goldsmith - Librarian fi F K, .... N g I ' Q ,,,, ' H X XL .. QE, - , . JM 2 4 'L 'if Wm 4' a , ,K .V I4 4 . aw W .5 L . .. V A I I 1 ZA. . . ,K I is Faculty 265 TOLIHER: VALLIABLE TEACHER RESOURCE . , 1 4 K - 1 ..., i t - -. of 1 A . , EEE:..:-L. . . f a .iffigis-fit "" ffiz? , ' ' R if '-.' Hifi 1 , V 5 : 1 ,M . .--Z ' " F :Quit-figfiikx - ig vfiqfi-iifipm xt .1 i 1 -I .. .. :-, . gf f - 'N US!-551 266 Faculty An integral part of El Toro is its library and media center, which is par- tially under the care of Phyllis Touher. In the six years she has worked here, Touher has helped make the library a reliable resource available to the students. Touher goes beyond the "line of du- ty" by voluntarily video taping materials off of her television for use by El Toro's teachers and students. She I . S u 'wi Wm 51 truly can be called an "ace" of EI Toro's staff. 1. Freda Gully - English 2. Dan Hair - Art 3. Diane Hale -- Physical Education 4. Carolyn Hanna - Science 5. Kathy Gundl' ing - EMR 6. Sue Haren - Physical Educa- tion 7. Frank Henry - Technical Education 8. Lyle Herman - Math 9. J.R. Herron - Driver Education 10. Diane Hockersmith - Math 11. Bob Holst - Social Science 12. Deena Hornsby - Math 13. Sally Hotchkiss - English 14. Cindy Howell - Math 'KEY' 9 ..-44 ' S ,g..1,,,:g-- .- J ..k: i Q h X X J, v l , M J ,wg X , sf Er v ,V 5 S 5 , 'Es X .V g.,, , M 1 N.- Y - X 'fir .'.. 3 . K 4 .fl ff 5' ' if . 1 i 12- 1 bg, 6 " V ' 44 M j - QL,-" 5 X -Q fs .ff ,M 1. Mike Jagd - English 2. Carol Jaus - Reading 3. Qtop rowj Craig Yeargain, Adan Mejia, Eugene Zepnak, Richard Sianez, Shirley Wardman, Roger Alfaro, and Jose Rodriguez fbottom rowj Kenneth Stetson, Luis Sanchez, John Crowe, Jim Nassios, Francisco Mantilla, and lrving Ferrel - Maintenance 4. Fran Jehle - Nurse 5. Jean Jerome - Foreign Language 6. John Johansen - LDG 7. Bob Johnson - Physical Education 8. Dave Johnson - Science 9. Al Jones - Science 10. Paul Joyce - Social Science ll. Randy Kent - Science Faculty 267 1. Cindy Kingman - English 2. Paula Kumer -- Social Science 3. Johnnie Larson - English 4. Lynn Lucas - Foreign Language 5. Christy MacBride - Math 6. Eleanor Magorien - Home Economics 7. Al McDer- mott - Technical Education 8. Tom McCaf- frey - Business 9. Hal McDonald - Science 10. Dick McDowell - Math ll. Mike McKen- zie - Reading 12. Carolyn McKnight -- English 13. Jerry Miller - Science 14. Carol Mitchell - Dance 4 ' . Vi 52' nf? , 4 .- - , V :H ,y, , "1-1"'re:1 f, " ' 2 X-- ? 1. Debbie Moore - Physical Education 2. Pete Mullins - JROTC 3. Mark Neibel - Math 4. Larry Nitta - Physical Education 5. Jack Oakes - Career Center Technician 6. Keith Osborn - Social Science 7. Larry Olin - Technical Education 8. Diana Osterhues - Social Science 9. Liz Painter - Business 10. Trish Pierson - Physical Education ll. Phil Pusateri - English 12. Charla Rayl - Home Economics 13. Pat Rainer -- Music 14. Jay Rayl - English 15. Bill Rollin - Social Science Faculty 269 LUCAS ARRA GES FOREIG VISITATIONS 270 Faculty fl French teacher Lynn Lucas has spent ten of her twelve teaching years at El Toro. Not only does she teach French, levels l-4, but since 1977 Lucas has been helping send students abroad on the AFS program. Lucas enjoys working with her students, but doesn't like the size of the school. "In spite of the hassles of teaching and stress, it's worth sticking with," 4 , i Miss Lucas claimed, and then added, "It keeps me young." 1. Sheri Ross - Physical Education 2. Jerry Rouse - Music 3. Sue Scott - Foreign Language 4. John Schroeder - Social Science 5. Jim Shields - English 6. Sandy Sikes - Business 7. Craig Sherreitt - Math 8. Sheila Silver - English 9. Pam Sisel - Science 10. Ron Sklar - Math 11. Larry Snyder - Reading 12. Carol Stanfield - Drama 13. Sharon Spencer - Physical Education 14. Don Stoll - Math 15. Marty Spalding - Science i A 'I . ,pf K ii? :Sf t .fi M.. 5' N4 - P . - SA 5' . 9 1 S A 3 ' y J 5 I i 15 P . 6 K .f V i J .461 HE RY TRAINS LIMERGLIS RAFTSME if ln ,the Technical Education depart- ment there is one instructor who deserves recognition - Frank Henry. He teaches drafting and architecture, and also is the department chairman. A graduate of Indiana State Universi- ty, Henry enjoys teaching at El Toro because of the large size of the school. Henry's favorite times of the year are Homecoming and his annual paper -i airplane design contest. 1. Steve Stratos - Social Science 2. Chuck Sweazy - Physical Education 3. Carole Thomas - English 4. Sue Tobin - English 5. Tim Travers - Social Science 6. Jim Utt - Science 7. Chuck Vicker -- Science 8. Fred Van Leuven - Driver's Education 9. Mike Waddell - Math 10. Cheryl Webb - Math ll. Kim Wilkerson - Math 12. Bob Webber - Physical Education 13. Valaree Wood - Art 14. Pete Zimmerman - Social Science Faculty 27 1 1. Dorothy Ambrose - Principal's Secretary 2. Claire Arroyo - Library Clerk 3. Elizabeth Benton - Assistant Principal's Secretary 4. Jean Bussinger - Nursing Clerk 5. Claudette Cordeiro - Assistant Principal's Secretary 6. Peggy Corich - TRAIL Clerk 7. Anise Davis - Counselor's Assistant 8. Linda Deckert - Career Guidance Technician 9. Anita Diamond - Counselor's Assistant 10. Bonnie Diederich - Attendance Clerk 11. Connie Hillman - Receptionist 12. Ruth Hobbs - Attendance Clerk 13. Colleen Kennedy - Records Clerk 14. Jackie McFalI - Assistant Principal's Secretary 15. Doris Rende - "Getting to Know You" Project Clerk 16. Kathy Russel - CROP Technician 17. Francine Pittman - Counselor's Assistant 18. Nettye McKinney - Accounts Clerk 19. Helen Sena - Dean's Secretary 20. Rosemary Swanson - Provi- sions Clerk 21. Phyllis Touher - Library Clerk 22. Sharon Webber - Counsleor's Assistant f . W K' . A . I fi . 'fl W 1' W 272 Faculty ws! Ax-5. 4 ss.. X .4 Q i sg S Sr? ' ik K S M di- 'N' 'Y' ,yr Faculty 273 1 52 IN PICTORIAL REVIEW FOR 81-82 The 1981-82 school year started out with up-to-date fashions. Clothes ranged from mini skirts, knickers, and metalic accessories to lzod shirts and Top- siders. Assorted headbands and shoelaces decorated with everything from hearts to alligators were a com- mon sight. Ruffles and puffy sleeves were seen as well as pleated pants. Overall, the students had good times and looks staying up with the stylish fashions of 1981-82. 1. October 9 and 1 1, 1981, over 180,000 fans 274 Year in Review . M . . i crowded into the Los Angeles Coliseum to see the Rolling Stones concert. Pictured is Mick Jagger. 2. Ann Curry, Lisa Gasser, and Holly Larsen posed for the photographer at the welcome back dance in September. 3. Saturday, September 26, 1981, Nolan Ryan pitched the fifth no-hitter of his career. The Houston Astro pitcher was the first to acomplish this in major league baseball history. 4. On September 30, 1981, Southern California's first storm hit, complete with thunder, rain, and lightning. 5. On September 16, 1981, Sugar Ray Leonard knocked out Thomas Hearns in the four- teenth round of their fight for the un- disputed welterweight boxing championship of the world, at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas. 'Rfk I ,if , VV V ,. V, ,.v' I? Az.,V V. S . I A ! f.. , ' Y " 1 ilu' .' fig. -. ,-- 1 U m .if l 1. .Q 4 ' uf 51 ., , N AQHVQ . l M Q. -1 ' x ' A Q . f ,. ,.?.,i::f,3'? , ,w QA I 'L..g,.. 71 W ."'u 4 ,nw l7,,,"Tf , i' ia E- ,I M J, ,, ' ' , - SEX Y 'V "' I ' ' J , , ' ,fl :W 'Lan' F Vx ff F ,, . J M I, I. . , f ng! ms Q, ,Z K M of 3, 51 ",i0"""W Q, mb la, j'f...,N" ff-, fn Y '- ' V f ff. A f f' - 5 f, X56-Y -' M. gg 6 , 1 Q "ffl 4 ' Q f' I " V , f ' : f f - ' W' if 'I if . '- 'fin " 3.3" 5f?hL':7'.fg:' 2 n f - TI. .wf'f'1l ',"a'.'! ffe-1 1- 4 v , . ,Z . . . . , J 1 1 A ,Q . .. . , K .61 rgggr ,iff K. n ,ll k Y , gdr ghlfyqf Z f,g,,f'5:r,9 ping ,igfg-Q1 in Mi. A. 1 M .R M 1- v W gp QQ W , Y Y i 'HW' ' skig if ai . .X Ki Er 'V kX"Q.:.'2:' xsQ.' 1 ,- by e f r i Q 2 " "" I . ,i s 3 'K' VKYV if . X 'H i.ia F ' S Q. -Vgfifi ',V' j f I 5, .V Z, , 5' f' ,V i fl' Safe! R 1. The Mediteranean Fruit Fly invaded California early in the 1981 school year. 2. Anwar Sadat just before his assassination on Tuesday, October 6, 1981. The Egyptian President was assassinated while attending a military parade in Cairo. 3. Sandra Day 0'Connor, 51, the first woman nominated to be a justice of the Supreme Court. 4. Dodger Third Baseman Ron Cey's diving catch in the third game of the World Series, which the Dodgers won four games to two over the New York Yankees. 5. Lady Diana before the announcement of her pregnancy. 6. Elizabeth Taylor on the set of General Hospital. 7. The path of the Voyager 2. 8. Astronaut Richard Truly unboarding the Col- umbia after a problem. Year in Review 275 MacDonald's Big Mac - 81.25 1 adult movie admission - 84.50 1 gallon of gasoline - 81.33 1 album Qlist pricey - 87.98 1 0.8. Postal stamp - 8.20 1 video game - 8.25 - if-:.f.. fi .:f:'f"f' jf "Qi, .Hi 7i5f:Jfff.g.g'fY7. if "iS,-:-i'. if 52315 ff' " 'I-E1-SIifLkl..f'i"..VF...Gk.3'f:f' 'K 8, ,lf K - K fm.g5.L s:f'a...:: sm -1- -zieswnigf.5-5:1155 9 .eff Q S, f -S ...H ,,5,,7,wM--f:g.a ykik .,.. 4,:.f,,Nf-cf-f... . ,,,.. .. .. . ' .egg 5 Sis , ,... X if Y iii fx X' 8 J R is v 8 .Q ii x Sim E' in - Ywgfezlsx gm: .. A f1iJ3if'ffM753 Ek - 1. The Rubiks cube caused much frustration during its popularity. 2. Natalie Wood, 43, the movie actress who died from a drowning off Santa Catalina Island, Calif. 3. Pac Man one of the many video games that caused manias throughout the world. 4. The BengaI's, who went on to compete in the Super Bowl, Ken Anderson goes back to pass. 5. The San Francisco 49ers, who won the Super Bowl, make a tackle on William Andrews of the Atlanta Falcons. 1 276 Year ln Review -r'-H gf -11 ,,,. 'Q 4-1,3 -QF? N--n fix 1 V TN. ,f'-NN iii F ff Ax 335314 ii s fx. , W' . VV 5 , VM I V, ,,,.,, , 7.4, .Z 13+ oy o o y F' If ,, f , ' , .. g " ' r , . .. ff ,,,, Q Hu-.. ,, 5, as ix, X A "' . .nm ,,, If V- ii ...me i ," 1. Wednesday, March 10, 1982 Governor Ed- mund G. Brown Jr. announced his candidacy for the 0.8. Senate. 2. Part of the World Air- ways DC-10 jetliner that skid off the Logan runway and into shallow waters of the Boston Harbor. 3. First Lady Nancy Reagan talks to juveniles during her act to counter drug abuse among youths. 4. Rescue workers set off to search for survivors in the Potomac. The death count was 78. Year ln Review 277 l 278 Year In Review Q, A. ,' , ' 2, 'QQ f- A M A .. -may V-4-My 'V , - Vg .,. ,. . A, U ' ,,, ,QW ee his ,Ws,.w2"' -, . - J , , ' F ,Z ,M ,, f- .. 31 f E f W Y if I M gg I W Q ff M Q, , it o - 4' 1 . V J A .,,' 4 -- fr 4 ' 4 Hr W , I I 5 . 3 Following are some of the year's fashions worn by EI Toro's students. 1. Gina Dilalo and Sue Clark wear ruffled sleeves. 2. Jeff Weiss with plaid pants, an oxford shirt, and penny loafers. 3. Elizabeth Tillis and Kelly Havens with knickers and a laceruffled shirt. 4. Todd Williams with the "preppy" look. 5. Freshmen Krista Purdogie, Carrie Johnson, and Lori Hopki with a ruffled and sailor shirts. 'I L' 19" Kb, ws in M sd I gf dvd rl :if 4? .fx ' ff af .ff fs-ff ............. ...M . ,fi-s-r.,,. .. g", Q.. 4 ,. ff " .-3.5s.,3k, .X . ,. . "H - 11? 457 Q 552. 4- 44' . Mia j 1,511 , 1' wg- ?'f-x s zlizilsfn Af fiffq..ge:w"!-' Y , :E5....I,.g.-.y. - ...S , ..,., . ,rf 1 " ' New , , K 4 K M, -N, , I . x K Q K. ' .. A7 A . ...f..u.a.: - A ' 'i ff If - " . , -- -- ww ----- - 3 5, ..., m Z 3 Sh. Lk ... Mau - - 9 .. Q. - .. at rf. . S 3 4 in Q K Q " .Gr fr qw W 'ASM ,. -- -. RNS W 8ome of this years fashions as worn by some of El Toro's students. 1. Natalie Raush with pleated pants and Kim Bauer with gold ac- cessories, knickers, and a high collared shirt. 2. Gary Shafer with a pin-striped oxford and a preppy tie. 3. Stephanie Meyer with a mini skirt and Cindie Hamm with knickers and a pleated blouse. 4. Bret Paton with an lzod shirt and preppy pants, Lynn Mourer with a wrap dress, and Susan Strabic with a mini skirt, pleated blouse, and pumps. 5. Jeff Ball with a Britania shirt and front pocketed pants, Micaela Daly with a cable sweater and cords. Year ln Review 279 ' ' MEMORIES ARE FOREVER, DAVID BRIAN-always and forever. I LOVE YOU... MAY 2'-4, 1980: "Everytime I Think of You", ETERNITY!! From the very beginning, they knew they'd be friends to the end. What they didn't count on was everything in between. LINDA SUE - REMEMBER: all the good times!!! the summer of 8O', WE MADE IT KIDDO! all my love-thankyou for bein' a friend. GOOD LUCK!" may all your dreams come true, stay Close. i love you Cin - My Friend Foreverg twins on baby day! the best of LH-Q5 to you-you deserve the very best!! Tracie - My newest but oldest friend-summer of 81' beachin' it at T-street-struggles-worries-but plenty of mn!! WE DID IT! together in the end-a special friendship. Lisa and Les stick with it-GOOD LUCK. Todd-be the best that you can be. Alaina my sis-i love you. Wendy my pretty,litt1e sis, take care, you're special luv ya! GGC forever thanks for all the love and support. Dawnie B.-Close to my heart! my long lost pal-I'll always remember! Mom and Dad thankyou for all your love I owe it all to you! GOOD LUCK class of 82'. Good friens and Good times! Good-Bye E.T. Hi, Car! We'll miss you!! GOCD LUCK-Sandra-Dee!! WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN!! I LOVE YOU ALL, Kim To lil El1zabeth,my bestest buddy with whom I've shared many memorable experiences,remember the nights cruisin the boo-lee-vard looking for Mr. Goodbody,your books of 101 ways to catch a guy,John,his magic bust blind date Tracey Austln.Ma A Pa's surprise party will go down in history!Be5t dang punch ln the world!Going out to dinner every weekend,the thousands of words and expressions we've brought to lifeiweak dog,hose bag,cranky pants 1 L Z,Vamp lang.,etc.JJourney was a bit cramped and thank Cod for a tall person with strong shouIders,hut Pat Benatar was the ultimate. T.K. was a definite learning experience and I hope we're still friends, thanks for your supportCScott,tooJG friendship when I thought I was goin 1. g crazy I wish otherS kiddo,t that te ful whe everyth !Turkey weekend was eventful 6 hot showers are better than cold!! you 5 your love all the happiness L joy you can find with each I love you Luth 5000000 much!To my H15 "D",1t'5 only just begun stron er ever da Kee that wonderful smile on he feelings get g y y. p A dcn't forget to eat your zucch1nI!YUCK!!!JBe care- those mountain roads.I love ya!!!!!L1sa- the best of rrific face n you drive Ing In Penn.,I know y0u'II miss 0ur lunchtime lunacy A 1'11 Cer- tainly mlss your insaine laughter around deadlInes.Don't forget to write me since telephone communication is so outrageous.Linda Sue-We have lots of catchlng up to do from this entire year!!Summer is a darn ood excuse Hang on So long Raymond ship is best in a-A ,fn an we na ly made i ' 5 to your man 5 I'll will meet him formally someday!Kim 8 Dawn- sweeties!Hang on to those memories 6 live life to it's fullest. ,my buddy,Keep your spirit high A keep pushin on.My love A friend Tl 11.9 mere? mace 1 willy 2555 bud.VIe've had so mush fun Ccamp counselors-yea cabin "!2'Qdisneyland t-Mar1okDean:vowgnever give out Ph0h83t'S to goons.Scott's Halloween party-BARR!!! I love you ao much L I'm looking forward to all our future good times at SDSUI!!! SQQ11:My feelings grow for you everyday. We've had alot of funlthe time you hit my car-I won't forget thatjh I know we will have many more good times ahead. f Thang for the memories..1 LQVE XQU!!: Jin: Remem when You,Dod1,LI went jogging hryou brought your moped? You were so scared of that little pup. We've been through more times than anyone could im- agine. Thanx for always being there. VIQ GLSTAC:Baby nite! I still would like! to give that cop a piece of my mind! YLQ-E: D.T. rules!! Remea K1m's party? SIAQE1: Allo Dore La-La lady. Remem thas cuts guys we met at DK's through the CB? Qggxjji Aliso Beachudial-a-gasUNEENER!! TBLQHLDD you have any earwax lest? I IR1QH,VIC QLG,QO:I getfthefsame ..RUEEY! KIM Gzbeach bud!!Let's dive off the clif MQM L DAD: Thanx for making me what I am I love you so much. EDDIE: I know I yell at you lil' bro but you know I really love ya. Good Luck L quit calling me Uchickn ' Good Luck L Ill gonhd miss you all. Have fun A keep smiling!! arf! LOVE ALWAYS, ,E To my best friends, Barby,Tina, Kelly,and Tamml.-You guys are the greatest!!!!!!!!!! B.J. you duck! We have so many memories- J.V.cheer,frosh H.C.-what a joke!ski trip BO+S1--Im making Coffee!I think we'vefound our dr1nk!You were the best songie ever!! Even a better prima pep!You are M.E.F. I want you to Know that I would have never made it without you! QUACK!QUACK!QUACK!!! T.D.-please grow!How can we ever forget J.V.cheer,V.cheer 81-82!ski trip 8O+81- ski bunnies forever!General Hospital-Noah! nachos and cold milk,and our girl talks- thanks for all the advice coach!!QUACKll!! K.C.-you AIR HEAD! dont get mad!Have you used Body on Tap lately? The Cool Whip kids strike again!S.H.,N.E..THO!! Journey forever!Ski trip EDWSI-learn to ski! Tammi-Im looking forward to another great 13 years of friend ship-Camp Fox! ha ha ha J0urney!T0 fat gotta roll!Jodi you are a punk! Stacee and Shelly-I know that I am a BRAT!i Mom and Dad-Ilove you!Thanks for putting up with me.Art L. thanks for the friendship!David W.-Sadie Hawkins-dont here tor you always, To everyone else who I call friend,may the - te e meygtinafdi-ner with Dino- will I ever life always reach you A truth L good times be yours to share!!!!! A- Y. live J-'C down! GOOD LUCK T0 ALL MY 1 FRIENDS IN WHAT EVER YOU DO! !! i" Q I LOVE YOU ALL!! 32 82 N. LDVE A HUCS!!!!!! ev"',gE' . ode Loveusheryl JJ' CRANKS 11 i , X 4' mudk '42, 0 I . I ' ' qp J, jiri A X tt' ' X over, 6' , , R " 'K ' ' T- lmpii- Q' ...... ANNIE: 6 YEARS IS A LONG TIME-BUT WE FINALLY MADE IT, ' AND WE HAD GREAT FUN ALONG TH WAY! I'LL NEVER FORGET TH SKIING, NUMEROUS DISNEYLAND TRIPSKPAPA DOO RUN RUN! 2- 9 9 -- Q LINDA...thanRS for making my 4 yrs. the best! Q . Remember our Frosh-Soph yr., a long t1me ago, Silver J s, strawberry fields forever, skim AND THE SHARK ON TH BEACH!! I MAY BE GONE FROM RIVENDELL BUT YOU'RE NOT RID OF ME YET!!I'LL ALWAYS BE TH RE TO HAUNT YOU!! THANKS FOR ALL TH FUN AND FRIENDSHIP! SH RI: WE'VE REALLY HAD LOTS OF FUN! DON'T YOU DARE EVER FORGET X-MAS EVE PHONECALLS OR MY AUSTRAILIAN ACCENT IN TH MALL !! P.S. HPUNKY FRESHMANH!! CHRISTI: WE'VE HAD GREAT FUN TOGETH R-EVEN IF YOU ARE CRAZY OR AM I TH ONE WHO'S H CRAZY?!?l PLEASE FIND A REAL WINNER AND STICK WITH HIM!! MICH LLE: OF ALL THE FUN WE'VE HAD IN TH PAST 5 YEARS, ONE NIGHT REALLY STANDS OUT! BUT I STILL PROMISE I WON'T TELL ANYONE ABOUT 'THAT NIGHTH!! SUE Y!! YOU REALLY TURN- ED PE INTO GREAT FUN! REESES AND ICED TEA ARE A GREAT 1 BREAKFAST! THE STONES AND PIGS FOREVER!! MR. GALLUPSI YOU KNOW, I'VE NEVER HAD A TEACHER AS LONG AS I'VE HAD YOU, BUT IT'S BEEN FUN AND I'M REALLY GOING TO MISS YOU! THANKS FOR ALL TH H LP!! MRS. BECK: THANKS FOR ALL TH FRIEND- SHIP AND H LP!! SAM: THANKS FOR ALL TH ADVICE AND ALL THE FUN SUMM RS!! LOVE YA, KID!! RON: THANKS FOR ALL TH HELP AND SUPPORT!! WITHOUT YOUR NSHOVINGH I MAY NOT HAVE O boarding at Shaws, youth group. "hey Dawn, Q where's your side kick?", San Fransisco- I ' driftwood!, Nana, "oh, oh look what he's doin w now!"!but we love herl, your 15th party. what 0 blast! Jr.asr. yr., 50's day, 4:00am, kia- 417 . dnapping on your 16th, and you finally got Q Q7 your license, Baby day was the best! I LOVE U Q Cuz!! Eric, you better take care of her!!!! c:, TRICIA...hang in there kid onlyNgve maaetyear to go, thanks for your ove. ... a can Q I say? Thanks for some "great" times!! The O best of luck to you. !Q,..Well we have had , our differences, but more good times thakgog han on to Dave, I'll always ove you. QP andgSAlDRA...you guys are great-thanks for Q putting up with me. CHRIS and JENI...P.E. Q? partners!! Nhat would I have done wlo you guyfv FRANCES...Hey bud! Ne've spent our lives to- , gether, and we've been thru a lot. l left my .' R7 heart in San Diego! Call-a-gram guys, Oh BabyQ Q baby birds, antique shopping? no moneygmmlgnk friend, I'll always be here or you. 2 and DESi...Nelcome home we missed you! L04 X DAD... I love you both more than I can say, 2? YE've made it all possible, thanks for your patience and support! O Good-bye E. T. and to all my friends in the class of 82', good luck in the future!! M Dawn Wallace ,, Q Q9 x.z I LOVE YOU MOM! THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING. STACI, BEST BUDDY ETB I'D N1-:VER TRADE YOU FOR ANYBGTSY. THOSE SPECIAL TIMES. You REALLY ARE A SPECIAL PE YOU! GOODBYE E.T.H.S. HOLLY, NATILIE, MELINDA, AND ALL OF MY FRIENDS, I WONFT FORGET You. CHUCK WITHOUT YOUR LOVE?? I LOVE YOU FOREVER! MICHAEL, DON'T FORGET, YOU REALLY ARE SOMEBODY SPECIAL. TO THE CLASS OF 82 : THE BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL. TO ALL YOU UNDER CLASS PEOPLE: MAKE YOU'VE GOT. GOOD MEMORIES ARE IMPORTANT! STACI, ALL THAT WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH TOGETHER. YOU ARE CHUCK, THANKYOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, HELP, LOVE, TRERET I LOVE YOU A WHOLE BUNCH! -CYNDI BEACH- 280 Senior Ads Sam pro- MADE IT!! LOVE YA! ggg, You'RE GREATIEASY AS THAT!!D!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL TH FUN TIMES AND TALKS!! LovE YA LOTS!! MDM WATSON: THANKS, YoU'RE TERRIFlC!!!! YoU'RE REALLY SPECIAL TO ME!! P.S. THANKS EOR ALL THOSE ENCLISR'DINNERS: SIMoN- I DoN'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN! wE'vR HAD So MANY coop TIMES, AND MANY MoRE TO come: CLIRES AT CRESENTKI STILL SAY THERE WERE NO PEOPLE!l, SAN ELIJO BEACHCLIFE- GUARD TOWER AND HEUEBLESNIIT, BABY NIGHT AND MY VERY DIRTY DRESS, HALLOWEENCTOO BAD WE HAD TO STAY HOMETT ALL ouR DREAMSKI KNEW I'D START REMEMBERlNG!l AND or couRSE.. ..TH MOUNTAINSKYES, YOU ARE MY UENDLESS LOVED!!!-I'LL NEVER FORGET!!! I'REALLY DO LOVE Yousssx 'E'Powl-rl! LOVE YOU ALL, LISA TORKILDSON QE TORRJ magnets-rattleo,my best buddies. beach bums and rad danceraa Camer.bandatandlS.P, YOU KNOW YOUR MY THANKYOU FOR ALL RSON AND I LOVE LAURA, HELEN, KIT, , WHERE WOULD I BE THE BEST OF WHAT I'LL NEVER FORGET SO SUPER CRAZY! AND FOR JUST BEING S.S,C.S-P,E.P,J.B,C.C,nnd lets not forget Jenna.Char your my best buddie,l'll never forget the late night shopping lpreea,tenn1l,the hungry tape recorder,the P1imloula,and of couroe,T.S,P.S,we love youIE.and S.Parne1l will we ever forget Brad +Unyne and the trip: to the little shrimp.T.Jones we had funllaat min. trips with A.L,B.L,ch1cken blsquetu + squeeze cheese.Trac l vote no more gales In the hot tub.T.Fouta the eviction notice comes next week.C.Hamm the G0,GO's and the promlthanko kevinDC.S-P,late bloomero,heavy muncherl,can you believe we finally found shoes that match!T.Py,no more conversations in the m1rrow.Mon and dad thanks for putting up with me. CLASS OF 'BZ' GOOD LUCK l!!!!ll!!!!!!l!!!Il!!! DIANA DZROBERTIS ssaa ww I W Magnets Q0 gattle w ere wi 1 we be n xt fe'ea5.e:esf!e2?-rzizaieiizeaeip ggugameilxgm-E-swimgbbgddies,Sth gr de 5mdue.niMeiastnueai. Yea 1 gngeig angfng. .iyou'Yi ggg inf? aafeqasrlgog ' uc Eiaaaiesx R k ou a b ag B.-we igsiggggathgsb egg We Y S e memori ls... 3 ..ftt 1.2 grxigasi s.t.:QsiS' fgumxwowgriatgg sefegiggte - u reltoc unny,you 1 a way be m s avorlt ssgsge-2sQd.!ugs.af.E:g.Eiee: i5:fsi.l so e ay. gimfi you on y Enewl ou ve bein t e est grleng.We ve sgared 2 lot youegg krCigoEoQem 3cada?PgoAhsasii'?orn8xM - he 'afwgnteegafiense!HQ!.Laxs.f2.Qtyf ea y t ?nk ge Ikon made a gre t es., hope you as fun I l sh y u Qhe best always I know ou 11 be a success- you wguldn t have 1 any other way. One avor QU always sa d I never asked for fa o sxgusf ri embeg me,kremembeE us. -we I Eroug tr uma and Sagedy, rom omk o sys :we zgnal y me e 1 i a ways new yo were ere f was n need-t at is true friendship, Go get 'en M5095-Iioiiigysltemibieiisim We I -It all s rted when this a or ble 2:.5!i'5'dsHs+-5259.2 s.e2.i:s2,,EQ.Zygs the Boss,mnkin swimm ng so mug Uh. making meliealsgg gggut ygusigvel UKPS- ago.I rea y C ' t rl ' Zia 'a.:hi:.1:da'9sa.fs.IQTIJSYSSS E11 or gtanford watch out-'cause ef 2 "' -Iv b f B t Q92-ixs.i!.igse,Hzsc..4ts..::2-crease I I ! i I 'mn .1 t I uve Iiuiie ri for f SU li ol .ill Llu' Klffws VQL tv C0 I-ut icitlnmt vnu I would have never m Futures .nn-.ia in inn emu ui' us, 1 wi 1-iveii in tfvurh :mil i'Uvu'nilwr to use Vw van wan out .ir lint, ns., vwur mst lite In scriuuslv. T luvc vmi. Ti ka and so m.mv ivtln-rs. I'll in-vor Lorne ink un vcmi' I-ut!! I ' 'I -Von mzlzlv limi lr was fun lurlzlilw Mrs. lhonlsun Off Vlmii + limi-'I'lx.xril4s: Vail' UID hvlri .md pu with rm-. I luvu vnu lmth. 'Su 5--F-'ly li flier, I wi-sh Von the hast of lurk th the vt-an-S, if wh L-vor in-aa nav help me I've luzrrncd :ill the tricks of Hi Izmclg uw zx i l . a-a..w,,.,..,. ..e.wfr4w5wa..a, Wsywwigmyf -ir -T H . Y 7. 7. 5. .I ll wlierl- dm-H 4 Ln Im iior Minh :I urs: Intros Hell El Toro--I guess this is it!!!! KIM- what can be said? Ther-e's so much! 'Freshman English Basic Youth- The Summer of 80' Save me!! T-Street locals who was the queen? Moped Taco-Maker Fleetwood and Queen, 50's day New years and all those great dances.Baby Day--All those laughs we shared! Watch out for those red lights they'll get you everytime! Hey Kimmers you can trust me!! Baby- your'e the best!!!!Love and Friendship--Hey and thanx for all the times you were there--All this and more to come ..... DANNIE-Hey kid! Do you still hate your cousin from N.V.? Nell I love ya!!! Remember all the conferences between our mothers? Ha! Always remember silver J's and the time we stole all those strawberries-ugh! and all the times we laughed and all the times we cried. Like I said time and time again!Cousins and friends 4-ever Love Me ..... TRICIA-One more year to go kid and it will be great.we have shared some really special times. From Stagecoach to now! you have always been there! You have always got me!! All the happiness in the world!! I love ya,kid!!! ...... CARRIE CLynD HEY! Ne've still got about 5 more years to probe into our lives!! Always remember all the pep-talks we gave each other. Especially you to me.Dance, The River, Geometry. Searchlight is the party place! Ha! Love ya !!! ....., SANDRA-Please let's get intimate? I've waited 4 long years for this!! Boy, we have had the great times havent we? You have proved to be one trustworthy friend, that is real special to me. i love ya alot... ERIC-Ne share a love so special right now and I feel there is much more to come. It can only get better, babe!! I love you now and for a long long time...Love Lin ,..,. CINDY-Remember Baby Day and all the fun and laughs we had. It has been a blast! My friendship is yours! Linda .... DONNA-my sis. Have a great time, enjoy your time here at E.T. it goes so fast. I love you ..... STEVE-Don't break toomany hearts! I love you!! MOM- Thank you for being a friend! Your love and support really made me what I am! I love you! ..... And to all my friends at GRACE-you guys are the greatest....Tracie, Tim, Randy, Ricky,Bryce, Gary,everyone!!!!! Hey BOB HVNH???? lvlhatever!!!?? To all the intermediate dancers, Ne werewe best!!! Right Kim? To all of my E. . fr1ends..God Bless You. Best wishes to the Class of 82" Bye El Toro Linda-Sue fLinda Insalacol To Kenny williams: Remenber Goldmine and that iunb tree that jumped out in front of me and nade me break m le ? Those were the days. Rem-' it .ill lwxliul nd Iui'!':bo.IrIi, mild dove, wiki' .mil gmber L05Alisosj6I972D. I'll never forget. You eszmwpeclridus down ilu' .mimi lnny w will always be my honey. I love you and always Il, Lzirtuun Iizisslwtluall pluvers: Iisvin Hill, To all my buddies: HargielMegal O., Tom sxlaiine! vah! :giruwiny w.Ilks1tIiL4lr- villiams, Shereen F., Tamny Winslow, Marci v., ntl watching! soaps: lmrd tinna-s in 'S .ylac B., Julie C., Greg Arnett, Jeff Sadun, ook: talks with "r, Allen: Htudvinu Dave B., Kristine Eachus and everyone else who inals: all our shzirinff Lim-sz shop- distroyed my house and killed my plants on Baby aclvonturusfdrnss for tht- vmiflim' !!ight-- Thanks A lot -- It was fun!!! To Hega mul: parties: and I5alw4IIux':ri,,.,,. an it 1 the mms me. In Cool: well what can I say exsept... Look out v tim-s we slizirerl .md Arizona here comes Mega Cool. Too bad you don't on st-inmi We .in .Inuit-as pnin remevrber Baby niqht. To Shereenwixiel Fernie: .itle it,I'Iizmk You. 'Iherv art- nov nt-v 3on't forget those dumb clown outfits... And sh 'You the Best of lurk! Alnnvs ur paver cn no rnlle-at to out wlivit coffee at Sarrbos'.Thanks for always being there when I needed it most. And remevrber--Europe wcoericncos wist-Iv and alhn'l mln- iere we come! To Kristine Eachus: Good luck wf -You'll always ho renwnxli.-rut! lw rn' r piounzy with Vlrs nomics bee the track. ttine up tile bro- rough all come to gh School., your career and break a leg-- not an arm. I do - Fife! I fm! UH' not want to get blamed AGAIN! To Tanmy Winslow: I hppe everything in life goes your way. Be good. To my brothers Chuck and Mark: your both a pain in the butt but I love you both very nuch. Thanks for always being there. To Helen Sena: From all the Ar1ENDOLA's we love you and for all your help and understanding. in the future. Bye-Bye.To Greg A.: I thank you Good luck .Tek win. Liga-I mnomi-or all and look far- hope you makeqg big ggngday and make aigt of ward to :ill the times tu 1-ome.1 lava Youffcwr- S but not before me Okay! To Tom williams: it ever .ind L-vt-I-ikurv ru! I spear to vnu naw I uasalways besy and I could never get through. was hinting :rin-xt! rand num nn- r.-Sf of vnu ,pro 974 clues nf 'sn we may ir' 0, ,If ,ff . ,916 A Inn.-rflwww-it's I m r iz!!! an o Hardworking were nde iifetim memories. lone at e that I know it will ti ver muc Mas mkO 'N I-D' G30 IL moose O 1 L, c..C3,g,1n . 0 . go- E tu 1 -. Ag, 8:5 . :Leno HW zen, E O .LU In fa s,.-4 -rn .5 mf. .V n . oo 54 UIC 0 .CCD lux C -f-4 I1 U -1 E C "3lE"' 0 110-H mnfeo E Cv E-A+.: p-41:17 T-4 m L.: or-wgm I 4.2: an-1:5-4 OO .D :rm 'LE 'UOCQ-105 E I C+-2:2 O 0 ll b cr 4-2 E v-lbs in ...I-C -.4 -qw r-4xr-1- wa ta -- z 4-wa:-H1 U C Z! - DLI-Ll'-4 - CB H 4-I H-C 5' ct' S4 S H hw Bi 05 Cu L10 ,-4 C C P4 fi In " X-f E as 5-4 ow gb O O 554 f-lm .-4 h 4: .! v4 f-4 U 'D . -U V CEU 0 2 we 2: a ,D QU! O: in iv .C C Rt! .C :fs-.w cp .ri C1 .KO -v-4 fill Y UU r-4117? .C :zo m -- '12 'D la um O C xi-'mx '1 bi v Hu g:-4- r L. nz 4-2 o B1 0 K-4 5 U 6740 ,C E in U -'D .CQ UC! 5 HI o m E-r-4 O P-QC 'WU .C cc- 'U CS-40.3 O 0 r'4 5 HN 1-1 in 11 Y nd onna LOVE rie rare and an ES ri an rou +1 3 I A-W E .C4-I!-1,C 0 A-MC .CE OU +2-'atb-4 rl!!-4354 VIE-45110945 EE .C +2 O D m 5-A O ?t-4 JC L.-4 an TO per BSU you are love ya lots' Take care of mom 8: clad for mes, Good luck to everyone else and remember.. , 8213 the bestI'!!! Lovies to all- dl RAINBOW-UNICORN PO ' ! ' ' 'CLIMB HIGH, CLIMB FAR. YOUR AD4 THE SKY, YOUR GOAL Tl-E s'rARs."a 1- H rl!.sA .4- . X. it lf- with- it Ind couldnt have 'thanx I 4 fa 5 E U mai E? 2 ii ii E! S 3 2 5 75 A Head U U rn P .GAA A gives her d,Plpl D00 lu ,bilncylm lt Goo ,Spi Ott I kn or , bnlbon Pl' lo D 5 sz ts!LDBL ol! d,lk1tr1p,t ll Run,Roc lllr .bandit " .T-A 'gi-a' E: 3 bynight ever ldth ic":1 in ,ditehl tn q lol- Amin an Bro- pad It dancin Ilndeit eferythi or forge r B2 3. ld P :seas 3 : .. . l5'U ' 43 E ... A 2 s E sf' fe S '- r-4 I - F4 4 5 Q :E . 2 . 'E i .. 0 Q i I S A 5 E I: l ... ll I anna u . 5, :vs E : 5 :fs s 2 e 'U In ptrt1eo,bA bull for 1: nights gall lun touch, a gale ited to tall lee you st. our -:ee yn Keep on big eryihing luck in Ill nov r be ta O E . - EH . - 5 eo- e E 5 3 E -: s 5 I E 1 e . E 3 -1 3 2 5 . u on v-I : . 9 . u 'i 1 y ins urlnl e 1 nv UP rid 11 ou Y! ev ch A A ,ncuglei e 1t"ok1 n,Bev.li prtllt th 1' liLu,Ang s your 'RARE ve 1 llichlll-I lonicultgl Den-Luv Y! Mmhbud-Thanx for LAQ tt!! p n tou cv h ' i 5 s 2. i 5 a I O E A WT! F1 I B 3 I1 I 5 Q f E' gl Kill! tegh-'lov llpi bln Pi -ny. ltlLRl lee uck h a . E 5 5225 ' E' -52 i 5, .az :EE Sze Us .miie Egg.. .3 E SE ve an ':...S.z" Easel e-:J '-3 ga gglsnng :: :inmi Es-1 - 8 ll ll Sgt' vit 5 -3 n: E -'nw 'a-' ' H '4:sEI0- is ? 55: E S ' wo E i' 1 5 1 P seamen: e .aa ins rs.: I I -1 281 BABY DAY WAS AVVVWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fa special thanks to Patti, Tr1sha,Kim, and Nichole for the use of there play pen and refreshments. J TO THE RATTLES9 TRENT, MIKE, IGRISTEN, KAREN, AND THE REST OF THE GANG, HOW FUN WAS THE TREE HOUSE?'??'??'?'?'? Too many manor-leaf Qbgggl: Lets go to the Rose Parndel Punk at Palm. Tim and Todd, our endless love. Body vamp naked, Skinny health food. T.P. LGo-Goa. Baja bNsciomento Wowl. Dance the night HD away, but dont drink champaiim, Neve shared mg S many bymy times, our friendsuip will last. HQ Z 3, CBest Buffyl. :Lets work at 8 r-4 cn va z N Bwelenls. What fools. Late night nothings. 'TQ Q A2 E 3 va ' Twins form Europe. Parties! Bob, Mark, Jeff? QED IV' 3 5' S Q Q CYou lil it.l Cut your hair, Beech gums 0:45 O :l: DJ P1 E forever. Obllvlatiou. 'fence D,P, lr V. Q2 p, 352 E pg :rl O You understand.I Love You. The past will gm H gms E' ' EJ, :U never be forgotton.KBest Bunnyl. M 'BFE H i Q O ,kim Diet forever. Chsmpainge laughs ,gtg Z ' s-4 E Did our toasts come true? Late night talks. EE ,Q 5,2 E 54 E 3 Rodeo drive, Rocky :im-mr, Fig, 1uke,A.B, 8-fm bldg! if Pd O ,A Oscos, w'e will go to U.C.L.A. San Felipe L Y WEE S. E : 3 55 5 inlna,yQ3r sg Stubborn,leti 515122. kirurkfgkgi, ya ever en . our very spec s. . oo e ggi A E Q E Q forever. 21215 Youve always been there, sl- Zqi M v-J Q wws,Strsnge relationship. Mexico? Dont sleep jg: HAVE A CLUE AND A BREW 'S S ,.. wf me, I will get what I want! So will you. DESA WERE THE ROWDY CLASS z w la I Love You. Lgggg Lets play caps? Dont ZZW, OF 11821, 'v kiss and drive! Friends or lovers? Many ggza lHELEN 'S unforgetnble memories. Lets go to the Prom, 53:23 'Q Will we make it to the 2116.7 Good luckwith OSYHO CLASS REUNION IN 1932 i your future, You will always be special to me. ' sq D Your alll the best. I love Q youl Thanks for i your help. Hnetsf 5 SPECIAL THANKS TC SHERI AND TIFF A. .v PLACE REENIE's PLACE REENIE's PLACE REINIE's PLACE RBENIEH Rltbls ' We: divisive 'mv with t ourminds and the future in o latina in , KATHY- Bt0'l D Upon.: lpn sd fx-gg- F It's been real, it's been fun, but most of all it's guy, lv Q' In dtig pd qgg fq- yq, E been really fun! How can you Put Eyears of memories A 4 umg, g 1 3.9.1 ffjj, fhgk. fgy ggfy- E E4 friends, football games 81 swim meets,good times L E A - un., and hu .1-Q., W bad, all on a little square like this? K1MMY:gr-een DAB-Q15-C U buys dlqs. 'Ihggkgfqp 01 cars, moped rides to Del Taco, ffl? Srlots of memories'-4 5119! qu- glkg gs any tgg. 5 1+-ever. How can I ever forget all the fun CQIES E2 mu 5 pm, you gn Mn -,I-5,54 W 115 4 ch1c?Love ya' !HELEN:Do you know what it's like to U' gridmnly, gud hu w ug ogyg. 5. 'gut Q have 6 classes with a space like you? Great!I don't Q fvoryndo. Dn't forgot Dodger Still!! U, think thatl will ever forget all of our "pool talk" s lg' mga, Inu Luv. hh nv in.. gf : with Steph Sfleryfuno mas, circle pattern, hypoxicl Q W gnu. in nu. dau. l. gm- .11 91 .Pj See ya in the H20 sweetlips!I.AURA:Blank pages are no ,vu mb md 95.333, no U, guulu E the only kind!How's magnet? Chinese firedrills, Rf m Dum, mm fm. .11 ,f ,W 1,19 ng ,A toilet paper! EENIE MEENIR MINEY Mo LIVE oN!!!!!1!: 5 1mv,u,..f,11,, sawn, hug. gg, 51,13 fr Hodi! California transplantg drink up Mugsy! The '-4 I. -,',,a.,,, wud hy, Q... ig '-1g,g.g ,uh 5 'lst day of school is the best or worst.'I'hanx for Q Iggy, Bm. in ghgngi., ya my hy. 3 gn 4 being you!Markie: my bullitin buddie! !Stay sweet! !! U' Iii. I lov! yvl. Good hd. E Love ya'.Bz'ett: 2nd grade memories always! !Nate: Q ll A DAD- I on U lite to yon. huh for ul Prez:Donut runs and motions always. I still say 5, ,nanny I mn mm : you're all bravm and no brain!BARBARA-FRAC:-CADET- S 5-mg aug 9' 33, fu, 5, nn my 1.531 E BOLT: etc:How can you sum up our friendship'?Don't :U I-ba. D .Quinn bother trying!Thanx for being there thru the good 81 pq hw V K 0 E bad!!Love ya' lots! E!!! "I WISH YOU GOOD SPACES Q Am to .11 emu., ,M I ,nm mg, num, IN THE FAR AWAY PLACES YOU GO. IF IT RAINS OR IT H nm In J-,t U hporunt, I Nddnnt hy, La SNOWS,MAY YOU BE SAFE AND WARM... AND IF YOU NEED - D2 ld. M dawn ,mb 2 SOMEBODY SOMETWME, YOU KNOW I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE! V' Q Thanks totals of you wholhave put up with me for EQ - , . n ese pas ree years. don't think I'll ever' gs and W. I T' I n-xuyn 8 f01'E9f you or the memories. Good luck to all always. S H 'm onna miss a'. fAin't oodb 'S the 1ts!!!!!! Ian to 'n' E Eathie: you gatya shoulder grhen Ecu needpit. Thanx, Q nmnmm D: for Yours. Love, THA lNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Q V-4 REENIE's PLACE REENIE's PLACE REENIE's PLACE REENIE's Q UI MoM and DaD I I know its hard to believe but I SURVIVED E.T.H.!!!!! Thanks for all your LOVE and understanding and most of all your words of wisdom and common sence. To my BROTHERS You guys are the GREATEST BRO'S anyone could have,Pablo Hey ROCKER, you only have two years left, make them the best years of your life. Marc, fBeware E.T. there is another Wallin on the way.J I LOVE you guys very much ' -1 carft put into w 'how mlwh MEMORIESII- JV CHEER,SLI-MBI! you both. You've taught me S0 A8vC,KNOTT'S-DNICAMP F0Xf5AD-2 muon, but above all, to always be myself HAWKINS.TH?.CHAW1PAGNE5,HANDSI and to be an individual. You guide me SKI- UTAH S. TAHOEKVW5 MAKING but let me take my Own path, making Sl-We COFFEE!l,GIN,TP,STILL 32-A? 1 know you're there if 1 need you.,-amd P.PUFF?,ALUw1N1 sum, JRXSR you always are! Whether it's boyfriends, PROM,GRAD NITE'81,MS.SI-EER,l school or whatever, you're IOOZ behind LOVE YOUl,SLWvl.-DD81CC,GO-GO'S me. I can come to you wfa problem and I TACO BELL,AIR!!,TWWN? know you will understand. I know l'm not ' KENNY ROGERSWTOURNEY, always the perfect daughter but you DANCE-MERCURY BLUES never ive u . And mom, I promise, one SONG480-81',PEPPY 3 e D 9, , of these days I'll keep my room Clean , ,- BAB1Es,DJB,FooDz for more than an hour. Dad, no more " I I pOK-FINELSLEEPINQ hauling plants and if you slap me one 45' K QJIMM-I-QORCI AND more time to wake me up, I'll slap y u ,SHAMU-PALSLILY ' ' . is '. 1 !! A Q watch out for each other, JOHNNAS I hope you remember all the good ERIN: Newport here we CONE!!! COME ON CLEO: It has been 5 long years, but you lt. No more P.T. for you babie. AH AH I TENNIS TEAM: TUNA HUNT, in HAWAII! ! ! ! ! ! C555 GUY. The best of luck to all of you in DODEQQQQ AH AH DODE coNTRoL!!!!:s! es down to it we have done alot of CRAZY times and have lorgotten some of the bad: thanks for being there when I needed you. You made HIGH SCHOOL all the more fun!!! EIRIN DANCE Rocky Horror isn't the same without you Parnellie! ! !! finally did DON'T know. A.J. YOUR ONE the years to STEVE: Hows the clam chowder in Boston? when it com THINGS!!!!!!!! T.P. concert,getting caught,helping me get elected, and about a thousand spur of the moment deals. I wish you tever you o Keep in touch GUSTAV! QUXQD MAGNETS-RATTLES J.B., S.S.,S.P.,E.P.,S.S.,D.D. Its been a great layrs. I love you all and our memories will always be with me!D.D. thanks for everything your my bestiest buddie and I dont know how I could have made it wfout youilate night munchies,shoping,6 of corse T.S.6-P,S.JLA LA's Cglad bag squad? thanks for putting up wlme.K.H. be good fyou know what I meanl E.T. dont talk so much M.I,. no more gumby jokes I promise C.F. stay spazcicipiggies dont cake no jivel S.D. Chead glad bagj does my hair look ok and is my stomach sticking out? D.S. I really think your camp picture was awful! K.M. sniff sniff I miss you already, no more .I.M. E.M talks Cno great loss anyway? friends ln ever!!!B.I.T.W. Cyou know lil Mrs. Mlchell Csecond momj I have so much to say and the last is not good bye Ill come back and see you soon because we both know how that goes! Dena what can I say except keep on dancing CI think H.A!HA!J T.Wollan theres not much to say except KI.S.Y.G.I.B.J T.Fouts you owe me 10 months rent for the locker. Ms' Flacher I wish you and your hubby the best of luck slwaysif Thanks for all your help and eapicslly putting up with us imatureh rnh's and la's. Mom and Dad I know you Cant belive you gon me through 12 years of school fbecause I can't eitherb I love you both and I nevelg ,It g- D co dh enhif fnchebnhf su Mal JBtflkt fig?-Flbiglvg!YgrLIl?lSBA2EASKe5ANQl1b -on. .1 A SESSRSQ...-.QYSQYQGERA ,aff segiigrgzofll musk i'I.Y.SL'.11 worgh 125 Cl-IXIYPTAINE CASl'I?ELLOe?CH:R5 lJ582!?'!' 282 Senior Ads To my family, especially Mom and Daddy- I want to thank you for all the In MOM L DAD: Love ya lots and thanks for everything that you've done because I couldn't have done it without your help. ,S 0.4 0.52.4 ,.., ,,,:4,x,q.5U--Undo f+mm.-ft-rf-50110-u5xm H ,., at ,,, . . O P-ffDr+3"P'CDV'1DlO 525300500 YV 0 OHOOE if U'P-'11 U'P-'EPSI-Cb-4'-IL. 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OH :P'U1WQ"U W 'Um W0 '+V ' :I-mm 4 - Q. -II-I on you :- .- y-H L+ fn :s fn :I y rv GO P-'I P-'C 5'f"m45"c 9' OU' mv mg Q' mm mn I ,- ce Sr-Ivg ,.I :L Love ya. -Sth gr. was to C3 me, I-Imsv-.-+ manor- fm-'afzmfvfseiv-Hewv-w I- .. . . ' ' much mn F'-if-1ndsforeverOK'2 m' 'J' mom " gmwsiggg Ew3m5ffE'E.'-'nw Q . l - , . 5,0 Uno .5,,. 5 - A . I-I . f rom on - usan H.-You ll always beasp- ,421 one gagggvg ggC'7Q55'fffQ g,1Hr"gi,mH,Hm 'jf ecla rinni. PTL. We love Marn. ' ,J ,po fn fu Ham'-:gf-wg'-s5,U5If3,?gg'-im Q: , moth. M 8. 'm-Illove ya bon 9, 59, 952,535 EUS- Q... oomornogmagg .- I ' , KD O-" " I "' " -4 ,Z we Mater 1s O. . Hormel Bacon ' 'EH Q92 gggdsfgflgg Q-dz-E. fn am g.92?2:5i5S'L':Qfgg'5QgIigic6.?E ,1,n,.,,,,,n.,1 stlckers are cool. -l un -I.: I I--gn: gg-g'Sgg- CQEQQDUU' fm? 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YO Q04 9 it 2ocx:1c::c1.cnm -- mnfzw 3:- 5322-Mgr-g3YgC.Dgnut Woman 5 'L ESE""Q2y3Eg5:5??.:E'SE 2605 Q U Q S E z . -. .- .... ... m Dlno's Po:-che Track, "YOU 3 Z .Ia,.m'g3.SS5'2.3..-n-Sago 0 rv aw z I-I aa -- ... .-.. .Q ov- 0 0 .-1 -.1 Us-m z as CAN no IT" 2 .- .-..?.LEE22Sf1'f'l?33.Za..3e,3-- y O M 4 U, F, F, P8221-out your mir: Mu-och 9' 1: "l 23' M23 Z-!31w.1ii3 1: 5 ,v S R, U Z Dannylid-b wheeling 4 ever "Il " "' Qc-I ' "' '- -- -- -- '- '- Sure" KNAC rules Jelly Belly: ' " H1tf2heS10PeS15'OVEYA F? 032555.55 5335 2339.52 5.25 Erin-X-las formal Iupeout! aw o Q.: 5 ew- rn o fn :I m na I-I rn In +-cu .- Pray for snow M.C 8: Al.Blnd Friends, we finally made itlDUCK ll-ever-since we met,you 2- DWI 3 45 gg 'Ogle -gona? gn H H55 Y0U'11 89t to Nm' York 'nd ' have always been rlght beslde-me thru thlck and thln. I VY ggggiuv 'gm ff' H, gm 'QSQQ' gn!! '11 thit Jizz! Well, thu L1 good-bye. Wm qomgzo ma., you a,l,L' To Mom and Q don't belleve you've put up wlth me so much! I know--"lim so gg- nga ng Q' Q-Ego? 5- is-Q M,,.l'r I LOVE YOU '15 Qutgg Ray-tlmnka lm: talzing ouch good mae oi MJ LOVE 9C1JQShefuL such a duckl' Well,So are you! I Swear, you'll be the flrst ,,. I., Q 1,-,Q .4 Q qmq uq I-o m c :s m 4 uuerd out! B9dyVh0lP1Yl6 v fgmul my ,,g,,, y'1,J,M-,ngyllpm au, our greg: amy! Maybe aom- one marrled df have.1O kldsl TEENY-1t's great to have some- 2 SEEKS 2 SS-Z T. "Zigi-5' Em m Dnnclng Buddlas JGLM 14 ever. .day ynufu ga you krww wfml?1 Wmdy lpufzpio awndefr purufzul one who not only llstens but truly understands too. I ll X I in ag-Hog :rm md . H in H, li 3.3 Dj-'nunchies friendship shoes ,7 uu',1h you Ula 6:41. al luck wLtlz the ami ol yaufz 6.7. yeafw... never forget grad nltel It was great. Thanx for thehhelp w M ,-,O W: ,J 9, :H O W Q, H O W ,, F6115 On our toes sizel I O butyl: bgptoals AM.7've eva had-Angle Bab -7 mv . MS. BEAR-aren't you glad you moved here Lk became frlends wf ' mga? ig-Q H gig H53 222 fc 9 wish' kiifmgf 1 had g wnu am1J'LL nova ,lower us wlerdosl You're such an AH! You know I'm only klddlng so 0 o I- - o I: I: I-I-fe -I :rm ' 40 M114 9.6. , . . J0h!11'1l'T-V 10Ve5 YOU ef 50 do .' W 2 V2 QA " Cam 4 don't get mad! SHAMU-you're one hell of a whale! An awful 5 S Ego :O Eagan ggzeg m 2 2 , them. Reznezrzbu 7fag-Man!U!heeool0h.zzooI,F4.dd,LeJL women , P , . 4 U, W, .U,.,:,. ado mdmo.- ,., 9' 8' Kent oh no' famrplmm, Pwr, movq, g01m1,cqf.o..v5 fu.lMJ,uIe "5mua"Iuw,c .Q Sexy one tool Wlll yqw marry me? JIIVHVIEE-you rela ghykygdi ,D ,,, , Zed., e O O ,,, ,Q , W 2 . -U TO 811 the Mag'netsKv.RHt'G18S wafx the but B-Dag evwzhoufn daa.U04f:ne.y,la1zdl,CI.f1f.loIuuu Noah SUYWHAUATG you trylng to tum IPS On' Well lt 5 e 121 5 .4 O gc ggi M E12 :Z ,1 :S gm HE-m we were the beat! Love ya nl .Hankel liabxlu LLvL'!!!,a1I.d UL cowwe S.0.S.U. heezme we come! 4 W0!'kJ-UZ! BY the Way, h0W many Ufllflts P01331 do We haV9- U m I+. 'U 2 un H- o- so :r T S yourte B plrt of -GI My .jfmd ' 6 been ,meeedyllflflll Ang, j hope WM love ,QM . Boulder, here we come! Let's drive :Q make plenty of Stops! W - '50 gg g 2g:g 5132? W '15 , . ,,u,,um ..,..... I I - I , V I love forever-.16th B-day A Saou conzoulu zo gfmwmch dan. JUVL ozoaw drown owl fumd- Q COESETS 20ri1rLS:x1QLrY0I6uZeShqilgiidirgalgatg?gHye3gogriiEk -3 Z S -I :I 3 :rg 5-:Ewa ESI E gag toasts Rad! thanx buddies ,amp lc-eva! 7m-"mol avouohn- TL! fbllgdw fzmmbvr .the aunmu . 01' U1 - WHY I P I G d 1 ci 1 ours' KG 2 K: - gg-U1 P5-A -2-112 Q- gem gg D, for all the good ti-es Steve GL I811,II7bm M a Botdeffjij LOVE ya! la Stao, you LL aJ1oauf.I wfBT 5: at UCLA! KIMMY-us and our M B. oo lit dwfy .tel 1, gk m ,E Wm M ,Eg 2-,DE SE, :gg 53,4 S. your a funny guy sea you the Q vary apeoiol pLLerId.Re1no1I!:efL mga inenfyrmn yemlauo due . Q, dc -Jlj--thanx for the.he1p wfthe HC D 9- 9 1111 Y E H HH E H, GQ Mm WU H , ut UCSB! Greg youre special .tuqofwnul 7 wah you otvuuu fzaoouzefu wodz all you moowzzzm. wa.sn't a THE presentatlonl It takes more than words to g gg 3 gg 3231 U2 ,lg-D241 gg to la-Hrul- GO DBY. goodbye. To my fyulend ' the gfw.a,t VLC-J wah you fha t let you know how much lt means to me to have frlends llke .- I-,I-fm 5 ,fp 5 M0 Q 5 5- 3 0 EOGDLUCK! but and aJma.yA fremofnbu "TheIl1a.gweI0.yLo"b, Dano-my aa, the you.l can depend on you for understandlng when l'm confused jj ' "fb SW 252122 'D bmi of md? wt UCM and WMI fum, M3 j ,mow fum, you QM about I I can depend on you for comfort when l'm sad. I can depend I: 1 ffl -'E-GJ CHAMIAL , jt,4 . Z in my gwdbye to me A OIUSZ, VM. . on you for laughter when I'm happy. I'm so thankful to UI 1 L L ' ' I' . ' ' know that you wlll always be my frlends. I Love You All! QOCCQQUCCDCCOQQOQOC LovE, BARBY HEAVICAN cnucx ra QRCIIJ Senior Ads 283 F H?gQsme yo Q. Q-0.415 N L4-gmwls-L-EJ' V3 go 'swag -mL.:Q.-. Wx wmgm-.gn -.VG heroes-S E H-3'1f'nt5o dl- L v o w G mms. :- m H-o 5 o w so n. Ho 2 Q m J.,w E N fn- - or ssgzgim o H of n W 2 A 335S?'m Fe'mld9?5 wg ldgwvwffgg CVHOSEJPQ P WUEIIWU' P47i'gUl"4'- EPD u'- v m o - m o a n-- UlI'ld'h'AZ-- x u so m m-- Ul NflUIOfD"' 0"I.'13 P3 'Subgr- gm v- --F "1 P' UI 171 U w . m - E A F CT 1 . Ka gm m -15? Ori I0 OQIJE 'lm 5- flgmii 33 E U-I-ffl.. gc: mu L--.4 N I4 D-4 Q 3 V x 3 i Q oi... o m U 5 m n m. H ll D E . me O w 5 1 Vg I-'1 we . L 3 4 1 m m 2 5 XE o I W 1 o 5 14 wo '51-4 rw . m N x 5" m 2 C F. N In C O BARBARA' S BUDDY MEMORIES THANKS- Mom 5. Dad- I Love You. You were there when I needed you L you picked me up after all iw falls. YOU'RE WONSERFULI I I !!!II!! Kathy - I made it. M.A.C.- Good Luck! Billy, you'll make it. LONG LIVE TH corrium CLAH AT EL ToRo- Class of 81, 82, 86, o 89. Laura Carter- You're great! Your shoulder was always therel Garyl Helen Garvey- Thanks for a neat friendship. Everlasting Buddies. Hey, nursey! LOOK KIDS EENIE, I'-IENIE, MIIIFIY, VIOJYERL AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE BEST BABY. JODY COHEII- New Yorkers, well I guess they will do. My bud always. The great laughs X. times we shared will last forever. SURPRISE PARTY!!! Swim Chicks - hang in there. If I made it you can! Rossie- Sweet lips- Swimming will rule! I !! H.S. Class of '82 is 151 A.S,l3. Gang- What a. blast this year has been. GO FOR THE DIFFIEZREIIT, WILD, EXOTIC, I. ALWAYS COOL. i.e. PAPA DOO RUN RUN! !! Prez. Nate - Memories of A.S.B., Trig., H.C.fSAn Diegol Thanks for everything. Kathy If Susan- Ply suocessork my H.C, Boss You guys are great and helpful. I-Irs. WEBBER' - THANK!!! Mr. Walker- Keep telling jokes. You'll get it right one of these days. Hrs. McKinney- One of' my favorite accountance. The A.I'.S experience- Out of this world or at least this country Uose, Bill, Arthur, Kuna, Eugensel My second family- Mom, Dad, Pedro, Mariana, Joao, Raquel, Granma, Gllanpa. I LOVE YOU ALL! !!!!!! PL. s,-. GH In 4-' 0 --4 but th not only knowledge, i gs. H51 1 CQ C5 Ubi U-I P-1 mm aa r-VU Um 'UL4 ON L4.C hmmm .c 'rJ'vo3L4 WC cu L4tU".O IL E P-4.20 EOE mug WU! bo o +1 .,-4 N. L4 C'U E 55 ww!!! EG! L4 E leaving El Toro High w ..-4 'U C42 dl U7 'U E lv -UH L40 5-4 +1 O 'U Ov-1 O NLR! VIe've h also many ad it No n I'm and I'll slwsys re OVER! I LY FINAL been fun "lT S 'D o O HL aB-1 .C OIG I! OQL PC .-4 Co -HD 9-I-4 wo U hd In-4 In 'X IDC OIG .-4.C 5-4-P 0 Mem of O K es my years at E T --You're all ber N m A W fl E o H P o Ch I m v4 x4 J: U o .-4 o. -o or o. -Q si -4 u u D. ls by -4 .-4 si su n-4 +2 D- lb Fadel P: E .C 42 --4 3 D4 5 hi C .-4 P A2 3 D4 L4 0 94 3 o P1 Q P In X C ll .C 44 In-4 O In C O I-4 IZ Mike the friendship means those buddy . our CU classes .Renee ' 4 OUT in help for mv requests and lines mb F2 of Be careful world Txl '1 'U C N L4 w C L4 0 u un .C 44 C o .-4 In vl D IK1 BD L4 3 o Don't forget not bikes--they re Morman boys on needed when I ound II' for being es anks .C E4 U! U II I5 Cl R.A., in ! Keep your ch nc po ints nl' rch ma wo In 'U C an .-4 L4 B-4 0 .C 4-1 NJ C .-4 or D L4 O 5-4 N .C E-4 S -4 'U E 4 U --4 SI vi f-4 ll E will never be forgotten--Babies 3 WP 1-4 O S 0 5: +2 3 c I H -4 3 42 --4 w 'U N E Iv D N -C C 'U f-4 3 O U n-4 U L4 I!! S O 5. Iv -442 r-ON S J th I I wish the VERY BEST for C I . 5. N 'U 0 E 0 ln 41 'fl W X m E V-1 P4 : 0 m Q C W L L 0 3 D U 0 f L 0 1: +1 C L 19 .c u o .D 5 o as N P o 4-4 Q-4 E '1 'U C is D o 5- E -4- -U L4 L4 0 E4 In L4 0 .C u G1 sz P Ir E 91 o f-4 f-4 Rl 0 E4 P L4 0 D4 D4 5 m L4 3 o Pa L4 c 9-4 vi .2 C M .C E4 'U N Q E 0 E m -4 m lv -4 u u v4 .-4 5 I :- E 2 m : o u I I D C .2 9-1 O as E 0 In L4 I O 5. m +' .A bb C --1 QD C --1 In C 0 D- tv OD .S gg.. C54 .v-4 L4 O 5-4 m 5 O .ac C N .C +4 million ke urself-you ' ll me yo care of ke C8 4 P L4 N D4 E -4 Q-4 0 .C O C .-4 nv C O 5, L4 0 9 W .Toe ME ledge to ks e loo os 'ch in it fsrl Keep flash L4 4:0 754 , ne that I' ng: A Great Big THANK YOU knowi of c Pm L4 0 P w 0 Q2 4-' w 5 an r-4 41 O C 4-' 5 D pri viledee the had i Last youl for 'U Q O Nl only kill , huh? Steve life could take care of ya I love they if Hang you! You've made ETHS great! inz be WY de ve you ulxs-my love, is minute--Our future YY eve worth J 5 O s SENIORS RULE! I I 82 , I Love you be everything now! Ba P: .C 4-' f ind happi- Tam-I hope you always lies: Lew-Lew-Bellel in stay off those you dog all in as ne "trips" in class! re mo drugs--no Finally-to my EARKAY! I love ya! has been really it Accting. class- E1 Toro, it's been a rreat three years Testing new friends learning and grow- ng. To my best friends Patty, Lyiac . Brenda , Denise and Kelley. Cross Coun try has been great especially running camp Bannss. Thanks Ms. Hale for your time and understanding. We willgot to CIF one of these years. Chickie will never be rosted. Sorry f 50 you blew it. Baby Dsy will be s day and night to remember. Dont get ' So Testy'rsmember that will be your motto. Brenda, foufh peroid P11 never foget Scotty boy and liKsy. Lisa my 2nd grade friend, bye. Those Footba11 games! were A blast. Christmas and Sr. Prom look out here we come. For 111 the Sr. events to como beware of the class of 82, because wa will have fun. Good Luckto 111 my fri ndsin the future. To the up coming gr ates good luck because you need it. Wuihere is so much to thank you for. First for being my Best Friend, and always being there to listen. Second for being wild Bi crazy like me. We have done so much together-Baby day, Beaching it BLM, Back Pack, football games, Dancing, Staying up all night laughing and just hitting the town, Thanks for everything!! Mostly for putting up with me. BETSY...Forest Home, M.V. football games, diets, finding lovers, and just being weird. Friends Always!!!!! K.S .... My first love. Little Sis...may your high school years be as good as mine.KIM...He go back a long way. Thanks for being such a special friendf' I hope your life is full of love and fun because that's what you are made of. Thanks for all of the good advice.!!!! Mujiving thirteen houses away, being on diets, laughing all night, doing dumb and craxy things that's what a crazy friend like you is really like.IJAlJN...all the happiness in the world. Hope you have fun in everything you do. Remember good times and forget the bad, I can. Thanks for everything, LINDA...Best wishes, fun times, Baby day, and 50's day. Be happy always. MARK,SCOTT and BRAD have I love you alot. I we everything to my parents. fun and be good. Thlllks for being best Dad in this SD supportive. Also I waqt to say thanks to the world. Ilove you more than words could ever say. thing I can sya and that is your a wonderful mom, MOM there is one there when I needed you. Thanks to M.H.B.C. for Thanks for being being my second home. BRAD...Thanks for being my right hand man!! The one who made this a l possible is the LORD!!! Thssks for giving me all of these friends and great parents!!! JOQD---L0 all OUT good .times at M.H.B.C. Susan... Best of luck. TIM SMITI-l...Thanks for everything, you made my high school years complete, I am going to miss you!!! " ll! All of my love, to all of my friends at El Toro High School Good-bye E.T.! Cindy Hunter 5900 l ...st me .- I o- s, or L, 0' P mm ' ov x : ,cs - an gum : o o qi 0. . 0. . Q, S. 2 asses. 3 Emo 5 wh 'll'-495149. ,c wo. mosh- so--uv:-4 gm 'f-'vo vu :snows-I.-4+eo 3-so m "hm b.. aww.-4a:o::.-imoo 111: ""'1'Um.-ls..-4:ma:w as zsaaoecumo .0 "indoor-iw..-1+2.oI-4.-4wwL4r:--ic.-uv gym -Eaves was x:-:Luo 41.-4 cu ,., -2 mo pm.-4wsm,o owne ww ggHm.-4:x:+'- L4 vo:--40: -E o gp, vm wcmw-.c mcocowse. c P -mb.:.hooo.L4:1w-omzw-m.owE waz' mio.-iNEL4Q ruoE5o DN ,q ' Holvom o :nomo aw -:-402-To ' 09:0 pow I-io4.m E-im,4.-1.-15.4.-1 .Q 'H -Simon ezirv- :-f4D4- -nl--4mm,-4m f 'PY-40 L4.s.4n.-,co 0+-H-ebb? HU' -H-'Iliff'--Tomaso -msiwwei-zu oo mg' , 0.-Cdmcbsb Inf-lb,-HS-4.:D. oz LSP aa' 53 zomwEzHH3wv --wow pda -, 9 .CGDZC-f-mow.-I II: 30'-.rams rn Og, , 5-4'D. f-4 bc3,0Z1r-4 aAwL4 A5331 c,.,r...-ff' ' Omg:-sm.-I .-4 o 'ov-4o ooog N , ww .0 .-4 ms. -m e4-vvs. sm, 4-'S-4.b..-v -5 -anew no--4m..C 55 s WMO -if-4:41.-4 -oe .c-es.: -s-4 2Ew.w- HH so :emo z- EAU za: .-I--eoau:,:o cvs- iv.-rg' 'DO mo--msn: +19-4'Q-4m+2w5-33mm MC-uma.-o .cms-H ozzw- o. Q 'H 'Um-fm In ms- .OL4 P.--1:1 .o f-4-42 -- of-45:0 nuvuwos-if-4 so www- GDCGDOrQOJGl3C07-P5-4lDOJl: VIHUIS cvonbsi IAD ooo o Era, E-OIG -OQAS ommw ua ws-o Os, 09'-4 muon. an :s-leo no axon . wwf-4. r-9 obs--1 L4 Omv 0 'U WQWUDD4 lzD:moI-4o.zoa-w4.C- cdsgo , .0 owrcoozzs. oosx cv.s4,.,0 +' Ecvmwi-A L4 nv cm.-io'Ho,.,sg "'4'41x Q 1:42-'4-4moL4:s--ix.-4Qw ,U 1: -P .-4 - unmo--4.:+2oo.:5- -::..,Uo -mw2....5,qm o 5.41 cu.poU o '09 +'-E164-i.-4-mmm .C3-uzmglfl L4 .mg f-1 stzuzobs :uw -in-Q, Gwgnisisi EPTGLE JS 'WHS cm mooewomew xo-up--wQo Pwlnokieumxsw.-4wx:o-cousins., Ogvgokb L4L4OPLvK-ilaiovf-no-Bmoargo In cn oe4ossoscm+iL42Esc::u:.E.,,. W 'VU Ili I-4 Inu bs :- - ' "' 'F -el o 4 is I Olson -es: a A v u u 0 u 2 5 0 ouowia-Hom ki-'al-BIO 0 '4054 I SL4 11.101 HMO- O U CHI NOZUNP U W OU :vc sw'-fu you sa: :asm no Egaqcsc s.: Lumidee' -'rs saw: :':s -.nr +' -. I E 1 A 2 ?5'3 E-- g u I o C o Q 1 od e I I o 2 - s o o 5 2 o ..omi-4oi-- scum-swung.-I Eh Nl-ns.-a::oAgm,s mv- Ivan-4 genus co! as -ul nu -4 hom g',"'gg5,'gQ,,,,,g on 0:10-4'-.T tlllIll'C 5412515 -emo-4 :c:'oo .o A pw-luovl IIUIPIPO 00524: +2-4 Ho.g3 ,us BH saossxou w asv: s va- mzsw :i ur- -sow! Omoo-emhllg t4L4-4- ol.-Qvn-4 vwgorwe l mamcomsrm :soo uwommsuocd ggg, ?'g"i,g -u -1 g moolcwosn- I-.ou-49:- ,,,, ...,., Q so-Asn -sic.-lv Mnznoxxxs I .Dum-Fo one oxeom a um sr nn u :NA :hd-A3 L7 -fl U I I I II I ssosov udp aioxgugkoufegl-4' 03363434-'O five'-'S-2 rss-zssE.:.5a5::'a.e.r.rsh -TSE!.5eHS zona on one lDlClDOUH -0: ss-iso-.ns-4-.. s-4 an as :NCSA PMN'-40 aero ggzusgggma ouo. A-o-on 1.-an :ua I-.ou Manassas: zzgxlgzs'-.:'2s5.:f::sIs..ezs. ,ss,,w.Qga. 4a z omsxxom ummsuumnova YOU S. EE E m E E a 52' 1 E nukes Clthle C I ll 5 VI . e u . e n E . Y My 2 years at ET have been short but the best. Thank you B,J. 6. Lee for h lping me adgst to ET and get to know everyone I was so scar d to start over again. You 2 helped me fit right in. Best of luck to C.R. Cmy lst grade sweetheartb. Thanks to all my friends that put up wfme in all nfy bitchy,wei d,dep essed,crazy,obnoxio s,etc moods I love ya all for it. HERE'S T0-- all those KINKY conversations at lunchCVerena was so shock d as she slowly bega und rstanding E glish b tterl--WILD PARTIES Cwhere is Treva?J--BABYDAY fear stuck on railroad tracksl --POWDER PUFF--and long live Bl-'ers,Shell ,L e,Jenny,Cindy,Debbie Be ky,K1m and me! --To Don who I dragged Cscreaming all the way? to Sadie Hawkins. It wasn't that bad was it Don? And t Kim Atkin, my best friend, who I miss very much--It's not the same wf YOU! TAKE CARE, MY FRIENDS 6 BE HIGH ON LIFE ALWAYS'- GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 82 LOVEALWAYS-- TREVA ' ' +4 'ai Rosebud., D54 0Q"UfJCY2FQZDODUFHTDWOEQDJSGODEO. I-o1-v-I-U1n:::'omomm-quo:---3moo'4'1or-I siitsmoi "r'J1gG3'1-nsomdou cmofsiwn--en-oruocv-Ifegrvrbf-::!m,. om on-1 corvoou-cmrlgfeomcn 1:15 '41 - -4 4--an z -. :Amex -1 :Q mn mn' mu omffv.--S so :5--oooh: -fem mom-mn.n.m cvuocu- 1-4+--:r :S f-cbd Emo' oo.-5--ma' or-'utr to oofsl-'-so Rftv-'-I-'rsssemor-1-0 o :tombs-oov-4 rvOs::+a:Sm-- :"cv-I-I ourvtn-or+'s0:r:n.mcno:!3: :JH-fan omni :noe rvq m -r-ftroobbmnm-oQomo.0o :"1mr-I Cd v-4:fmr+Q.tmv'1ms-1 v- o:ro:S:I+-amom v-lm N03 KD 3' 0 OrY'4'.ZlIO0IJtT'4DrY5Q CD 'U5W'43 memtleocncvarroc :btw-coo -mcmnorrrg 0 W 0rrr-mE'1UQrv- N ni cncvrv-'Ur-'D+ 19514 rf'1v.-YCIOQO 3:1 DTD' 0 'ev-4 mr: v-1 r-fm'-af+ 0 o on-l--ardmrv-:I Dim.-fo nwmomfemzmorvoc we er-no +- x:z:mof1:J'n:::'oo do :mm-:mv-z-I mr-H41-vmmctor-"'4'm'1'so o m mano rv :io '1 n-I oo moo-rf U1 mo--'4R"oo'o'om oconmo ntro QP-'P-C '4 tx -to-3 Q- ooom Fdmidbnco I mo'-Q rnznucof-sm'4--'str Borrotxtfv-r-o:"s:m Sviemconcw Utfrbtxlllomfsin-P-01224 P-' mm '4 14 fsooarvr-ron-rn nofeomd :in-ber can-be E11 CY rfltbgmmr-H 55335 50-"1HHO'4"1D'i O1 'S '1P'D"4P':-+5 '-m:1N0Qm do 0+ 1- rm-for-M cv 'J P4-501900 U' U02 50510 DUODQ QDWUDU H- ov cmooieom-,crab-n.:3rr'1trn.-Oimn-4v,gq o O -M G51 CUQCOBQ 4'4D' KDE' - WO:-Y :S mv-ev-r-1 en mu- v-"- no mee n- r-r43R'D's:-of D- Uqn--cum nr-vo mrvon-an-4oof4 me ts xv tD'0Qr-fur--r-4:2ttb:1'o mo c:' v--14 .5- -- mor-11+-:xv-loqmobo cv ov-4-1-:rin-as-Ir+ str '- 93505-' W CLDD"301'1D'D'CNO- DBIDQH-O rYP'Q'4 -- lomo Era. mmoo Honour-'55 xi! 0 -- V- 'o m emo - so b-'lon gn. C --' mon. XS u .ff , 1 if-w . f ink, - ii Q.. 2322 , If ' 1 -."fe.P' 1 M ff' ' M ,'.:" I if ff K. 5 J " 51.3 ,, . 5, P vvvi' ,Af I , qfdlwu ' ' at 7 1,9 'e 'll .1 ' 5- ,, '- L "n.f,vn guy, mf u, 5 X41 ff' r?"L 1 ' ,. 54, 1 14 , f .j W' I W. lv' M If I , . ZW if ' N' f ' gf?-' HV E: ,554 55:5 E' 1' M 4, ff ' E-if ' 1 file' 'fi 1 f zz Q "7 '. ff - Za J :HU1 fiff Lf' ,if ' I s '1' , Yfj - 1' li., ,Z .bw e r r e n e c o o y-Lisa, can you believe it, we have finally made it? Remember all the crazy tiles: the beach with the "shark," skiing-"Hill I ever get down this h1ll?," the parties-'Hhen are gy ,g,o,57'.. and Baby Night-'GO 'IO NOGGLESV' Your the best A-lend I could ever hope to find, thanks for all the great times. Good 1uek in the u ure. Handy-He've been through a lot over the past 6 years. Remember: bus. law-"Go climb a rock," cruising-"Get him out of the curl ," P.E.-"Sexy-legs," "Tr1peey," and "Bowling Buddies." Baby Night, "D.K.," the Nth of July, and the movies with like and Rick. Thanks for all the craziness. Steve-"No I d1dn't forget about your birthday." Thanks for help- ing me through some of the rough times. No matter what happens to us in the course of our lives, you will always hold a special place in my heart. Sheri-Thanks for always being there. Summer Group-H.r.B. ,C.C. ,D.L. ,J.T. ,L.0. ,D.G. ,B.St.J. ,A.St.J, etc. Through all the nervousness, rehearsals, and hard work, I had a great time. 'D1a.n.k you for all your support, friendship, and under- standing. Football Rowdles-Dawn, Julie, Colleen, Daphne, Joe, Polly, Jenny, Susan, and Jim. lhanks for all those Friday nights. Bag! Bunch-Remember the canyon? "It's dark in here, please turn around, I'm scared." The parkilg lot-"Oh my gosh, the police, hide!" the movies, Sambo's-"Cook's Canyon Buddy." " The Rams past To all my friends who have come 8. gone, I wish you all don't know what a snffy- Faby the 'bestg To all of you I never knew, you you've missed! Funky, EooboofJoeJ, Bambi, day was a blast! Dana F. 81 Cindy Mc.-FLT, the we've got excellant taste! Thanks for all great times! Dave, 8: Mr. Buns- Hr. B.-What are you going to do without me during Jrd period? Do you remember all the football games? The triumphs and the upsets, Northlands Cardiac Kids," Kramer-"The Comeback Kid," and the CI'll withhold oommentj. You've done a lot for me in the , and I truely appreciate it. You've given me your guid- ance, wisdom, support, trust, understanding, encouragement, and most of all your friendship. Thank you for always being them when I needed someone to talk to. I Love You All, Annie Four years has gone by too fast for words. It's been fun. B.F.er's well we lasted. Elephants and spszz's forever. Shellie your the best freind and I will always be your friend. We'll be skiin' sometime soon. Promise! Cindy thanks for being there when I needed you, You and Matthew are the best. You two will last forever. Stay in touch. Chantell- TWA, LSD, RAH,RAH,'lAH! Ysa'.Footbal1 players! Jenn good luck my friend. UCI here we come. -X , , Ned flies Rule! Good luck, kiddo! Fobo fyepsy ar sr-hui Di- Sufwise huh' my 'nh SCM of else' 1 I'm so glad that you moved here. I hope in the 1310 was the beats Span1sh,too! Dr.J. 51 Kareem- Basketball future we become the best of friends. Laura and - - Donna wasn't Civics GREAT! Donna memories of the forever CI'm still the best!5 Betty P.,I.or1 w.,5.Cheryl w, Eg will always haunt us.-Dave what can I Say the rides. Maybe, S0meday...:Ed C.- you're an angel- stay fl H UI Q7 P-4 as D: 'o P-' n C0 O -0 fs 4 O c. 0 1 0 s Il e. -4 fl z 1-4 CD 1 11 0 I-' l-I YB I E3 m :x wr U3 w O P1 nv 9-J 5-4 , ag.. 5 5 G 23 9' Q 'F E Baseball Cranks- Faby latter forever! Nikey C.-your bear Abby is always here. have 7.- FTere's to another round of ChemofI'l1 win,again!HBob J.-Thanks for all the fum! all that way always! Deb D.CBobbyJ- Here's to a senior year- you're a great guy! Louis S.- Hey shorty! Need anoth- You are S0 Special! Petty and Powder puff are forever in my mind. Hope we stay as CLOSE as we are now. Good Luck! Treva what can I say. with- out you this wouldn't be possible. Hope life treats you well. Hope you find that dream guy and dream horse. See yah. Q and E thanx. 3?5fF '1""Vll"' Om.: 5-:elm mm!-4"4 91 UO D-WUC :zfign 2:-,-.5 OS HFQZQ. P"'VlP'4fU 3353 - V1 -Ea -4 W Qmifff. Sz if H F' .if- fn 3.5 2 HE?- U. rf S-Egg OWUE Omni!!! U-4 "4' .,...- mn U. ,.. NV'Y"UlF' P-'SON SOSUI U Q- U1'4mW HNHU WICL H U1 . Y r . e r e i o ut 0 0 l n r . e a s c 9 l 9 ' v r t n u O 5 B' '13 E 'S , - 4 V1 O D E rn o cm. z' H E.T Lahs alwa s rule: f ,4 ' H " D, Stacy,Good luck in all that you do. is 2 g 3 21 thanks for all the fun times,SniCke1 Q, 75- .U M . Mothsmr ciaahaos Kinky dogs ,WL Q M 2, Q camp,flashing th Hi s1qns,"So many H Z :3 V-4 3 man so little time".Ihope our qood Q. U, gy 5 . times can last forever.Lets stay in H W C: '4 3 touch no matt r how fa away we are ,E :J 2 Q4 2 H. Budd es forever Thlhat can I say 5 ,.. 9 C gg vouwe been there f r me whenever n 5 3 C Q :J ineee-ad yOu,rhanks naa1ca1 Times, f ra -- 3- ij 8 Pinging 0 at Mar1ss,nan"a,heaCh, U, Q ,-, z 0 workrwhen you had a jobmzebinsons 3 .4 5' 5 U ,, rt voguem, netting int trouble 2- lv w ' C -' semi q our of troub Q, easy ony ' " U' -4 3 H "You sure are a qrouch when you are Z a 2 Q: .3 ti edybets stay together always Q P1 fn rhvie M111 .K 11 5 you-'re a spar 'gg' qi s- 2 2 Thanks for the tears Ihope 1 11 aes - N ,H f' 2 you there next year.Thanks for 3 E H Ll: 5 makin the squad so mu h fun.Camp, E' p-I sa- m H Il never forget.Munchies,nerves, U 2 m 6, fa 'Rush M0 in PiCtures"Good Luck i Z IJ' wi h Lah ext year.Keep beino c azy P ' Q 3 Q g Erin PYO are cra-z.Games are a w!. 2 H S' Q blast and dancing will never be the Q 4 W W W' sanded -4, Thanks for me time-. m Q C FZ 'D 1: was fun.Lar ,fre the nest uhm- 2 gg P- 2 tfu11 quy 1 knownmu mee nv ohms ' '- 3 3 m it-ar gf qreatffhanks for being H Q: 2 H such a dear frie d.Love Mina. I rn oav1d,A11 my iove so you. may a11 fi O your expectations in life be met. Your happiness i in my prayers, I Love You,Milla.Brian+Steph.qood luck in school, stay out of troublz nollohzlli xgyeegri,-i2ds,E.TL'icould :rig 43 E E uf you.Most of all thanks Monrmnb A2 ff Without you I ouldnt have don! 'fi D- it. UG' 3 3 cu cAMILLA ,Eg 5 3 E' r- ni 5' r fi S Tc MY EL Tone BUDDI1-Js! f-5 I love you all and am gonna Q V' miss you, Santa Barbara, lag. San Luis Obispo here I 5,4 . C me! Ready or not! 2 Thanks for making me a part ' Of' you--I needed that. A Transformed New Yorker f 1'11 always has 1 Right, f lI0dy'?! Drink up.l Reenie: my "Dear, Abby" So many probs. to uncover! CS,C.- our secret...l Ee ie Veanie Minie M n s c 0 n e on Forever' liv u Nathan Woods races to the finish , Barb :O r BABY DAY will on ' live in pictures! Oh, well can't remember every- thing. Jimbo: You're 9 great giddy, cute too! Got any orange pens on you? How about a keychain? Luv You. Marky: Vou're ny sweet- .esrt! No more icy storms from me... VP. P.E.fSh0.nuD Arikvicaiz How the hell are nuplsuddyf ' 1 Hove Gln nrxET. 1+1vuHhaHnd! ...B.: thanks for putting up with the Senior Class!! "TWP Class of '92 is curing, througl . . ." Good Luck to everyone in Sur class,you gave us a 3FCHh yea ! Sh ll we never . be forgotuen. LOVE To ALL' 3 I' Senior Ads 285 286 Ads AW 8 FAN 9' ol- cards E, Gifts Invitations S Announcements gift emporium 24601 Raymond, Ste. 4 THE OPTICAL PLACE 25401 Alicia Parkway, Suite E Laguna Hills, CA 92653 lcorner Alicia 8. Paseo De Valencial ,, + .sm E.. .. .- - CLINT DICUS El Toro, CA 92630 . . . . . 951 8001 855-8776 Licensed Dispensing Optician - Emo" Now! TUITION? no problem! , G G , MIKE onozoo Cosmology v.A?v33nlenIE evgirinig 'Cosmetician Classes ,Manicuring Teacher Trainee Program Touch of Beauty I OROZCO ' Rd. H - I d S . 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As editor in chief for the 1982 Amanecer, l would like to acknowledge those people. To the Amancer Staff: Your dedication really paid off. The final product is yours to be proud of. To Mr. Bob Stephenson and Taylor Publishing Company: Thank you for all your time and cooperation, it really made things a lot easier for us. To Albert and James Photographers: Thank you for all your help and for making four nights of senior pictures a bearable task. To Mr. Al Desmarais: Thank you for the use of your room during senior pictures. ' To Mike Redmond and Mrs. Phyllis Touher: Thank you very much for your fine work in preparing the slide show. Your dedication was very helpful. To Mr. Dennis Dunton: Thank you for offering us the use of your photo 3 students throughout the year. To the entire El Toro High School faculty: Thank you for being so cooperative with our photographers for faculty candid pictures. To the secretaries: Thank you for all your help with distribution, you really made things a lot smoother for us. To Mr. Roger Alfaro, Mr. Rich Sianez and Staff: Thank you for your help in setting up the facilities in the gym for the slide show. To Don Doty: Thank you for your superb help with photography, l really appreciate your expertise. To the coaches and club advisors: Thank you for your cooperation on club and team picture days. To Gene Zepnak: Thank you for allowing us to stay late during senior pictures. To Craig Yeagarian: Thank you for all the help and cooperation during late night deadlines. To the sponsors: Thank you all for helping us out by taking out ads in the book. You are all deeply appreciated. l thank you all for all your help and cooperation in making the staff's job much easier. Sincerely, Editor in Chief - Wx I , , M., . V, ,sw ,,,:.,M, , A ...f -61 QV in lt li ,,.,

Suggestions in the El Toro High School - Amanecer Yearbook (Lake Forest, CA) collection:

El Toro High School - Amanecer Yearbook (Lake Forest, CA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


El Toro High School - Amanecer Yearbook (Lake Forest, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 197

1982, pg 197

El Toro High School - Amanecer Yearbook (Lake Forest, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 36

1982, pg 36

El Toro High School - Amanecer Yearbook (Lake Forest, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 96

1982, pg 96

El Toro High School - Amanecer Yearbook (Lake Forest, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 81

1982, pg 81

El Toro High School - Amanecer Yearbook (Lake Forest, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 286

1982, pg 286

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