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, f 4 - a y- r ' V L % ; f 1 ; . A; ( ' ' -(■ ' JxM m r I 1 Po • . h A. " o.i v I Theme Dedication Activities Clubs Sports Classes Staff Atardecer Advertisements Editor ' s Address SuppI I I lj ighSch nial AMERICA IS A DARING ADVENTURE. d Sti ' ' ilj! RE, IDE, ENERGY, STRENGTH , AND RESOURCEFULNESS . j- t ' I " • ' Ji MET THE CHALLENGE OF THI LAND AND FLOURISHED. rnSB THE PAST IS THE FRAMEWORK OF OUR FUTURE, V ♦. ' ' r • ' • ' - ' i . - . f JK " ? I THESE ARE ' E ELErSiENTS WHICH - l ADE OUR COUNTRY, Itr-; " 1 JF ' WHICH STILL EXIST AND WILL ALWAYS EXIST -•• 1 . % IHlM IN THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA. X J A MAN ROOTED DEEP This yi ' jr the Amanecer staff turned back and reexamined American virtues. We found a man whose ideals are rooted deep in the spirit of America. Through his work, this man has created an at- mosphere and a vitahly which has become the hallmark of this school. He is a man whose spirit is capable of compassion, sacrifice and endurance and whose greatest strength lies with- in his dedication to do what is in the best interest of the students Ab we all. he IS concerned with fulfilling the needs of El Toro High School. Living by this code, he consequently pro)€H.ts this image to his staff, his students and his school We. the 197e yearbook staff, are proud to dedicate to our principal. Mr. Herman Schmidt, the biientennial edition of the .Amanecer. With profound thanks, the l ' ' 7e Amanecer Staff 10 DCDK. iCk IN AMERICAN VIRTUES. DEDIC mm CTIVITIES with the energy that creates laughter. . . wi»M vV qOUINq lYNN MC AllSttR LISA lACKSON II IhiN past year s.iw the iDmmince- nu-nl of a common Iradilion as El loro Hi ;h irowned its first Homc- iomin ; Qui-en to the ifiemi- of Color My World. " The Home- tominn li-stiviiies during h.ilflimf wen- viewoJ by .in jnxious crowd which intludcd the school ' s firse class of alumni. The royal court, included princesses Kosemarie floming, Lisa Jaikson, Lynn Mc- Alister and Patrice Nona. Lori Gaines, last year ' s reigning Spirit Queen, crowned Lori Wing the first Homecoming Queen. c o L O R M Y W O R Y D I Acnviriis I m Along with the cloudy skies .ii J breezing winds which normally .uiDmp.iny the month of Novem ber (.omi s the one most auspicious week, of the year. Spirit Week is a time when, in this case, the cow- punchers, island natives, greasers, and toddlers each take turns at dressing up before a final day of head-to-head competition. ACTIV! i ' . ;;« ::ii - V . w . The Senior Class commenced their Baby Day activities with a customary sunrise breakfast. What followed in the day was a little out of the ordinary (no comments). With waves of ribbon, pink lace, and white diapers, the Class of ' 7b wnn the dress-up contest prior to a final triumph Johnny, cool t ' It « only ot n%r luicr l» Al II 1 — iii Carl, his best buddy, and bottle ACTIVr J u N I O R S On Wednesday, il was the leather jack- ets, dixie peach, scarlet hpsliik. and saddle shoes of the Class of ' 77 (or ' 57) .IS they celebrated an era well remem- btTfJ by many in the faculty With a dance contest and a root beer drinking lontest included in their days activities, ihf juniors captured second place on dress-up day and the same overall. :o ACTIVn t mfi i Lets go to the corral Later, baby Dressed to the theme of the Old West, the sopho- mores opened Spirit Week on Monday and took third place with their costumes and skits. Unfortunately, the same cowboys and In- dians bit the dust " at the Spirit Assembly on Friday and finished last. s o p H O M O R E S " Remember I m a lady activit: F R E S H M A N Aluhd! The Freshnun Class o 79 %vorc ihe co tum« of the in- habitants of the 50th slate for iheir Jtess-up day Their ac livtlies included a luau and a ses- sion of flawaiian dancing Thr cnthusiastii freshmen showed compriilive spirit in capturing, third placf overall :i ACTIVlTHs : ' . . " .. ' , » . , .-..« . il. ai?t :w. ' ' ' ? ' Ji;V " : ¥ , T E A C H E R s On Teachers Dress-Up Day, the faculty came to school garbed in what they considered to be stu- dent clothing. Though participa- tion was fairly low, those ' • ' who did lake part in hi ings displayed tr our school in ■ ' Standout ins ■ .led Mrs. Crow (moto-librarian) and Mr. Moore (Most Athletic, Class of 58). Acnvj- Thb yr4t ' « ptp ralliM followni p«sl foot»lep« and continued li rvokr f nU«tic student re »pon«e Held on the day of im per t4nt dlhletu contests, the pep qu 4nd Pep Commissioner Lis4 )«.k.son organized skits cheers, introductions and class competition to arouse student •upport Mr Osborn s spirited ••» jm! !i ' Inl us iin ti) vli tory. p E P A S S E M B L I E S 7 The cheerleaders introduce themselves. ACTIVITIES 2- ' I llkv mhtt I •«« a Acrmrits r . I k ' ' " ir ri 1 ' J One of the many school activities aimed at provid- ing students with an op- portunity to meet and have tun were the co-recs. After games of basketball, vol- leyball, badminton, and table tennis, one could dance through the rest of the night. There to liven up a weekend, the many co- recs served to break the monotony of school work. dnj now U r my double-flippeJ !»md.srt! Flax enlerldined us at one co-rec. ACTIVlTIf A P A D O O R U N R U N Armnl wiih ihr Cdlifornu ' ' : Thry prrfot br4l»on 4nil Miriiti, U •» A Thry rrlurnrJ Kir .1 •-ri tvhiih Jrrtv Ml JirJ «IUilml% Most studi ' tits dl El Toro reg- istered for their classes the week prior to the he innin of school. Ihe freshmen were spared the confusion of registration and, instead, were presented with programmed schedules, a tour of the campus, and lectures on high schiiol life. New teachers, loo, were given a campus tour. o R I E N T A T I O N ACTIVITIES o R V E L I S K O V s K Y n a%srmbly thi . year fca- iurrd 4 lecture by a Russian JiKnitary. Dr Cyorgi Velis- • ovsky The speaker, who jve a orte-sided comparison beiwevn Communism and ' jitsm, was in reality a d- ,c Lalitornian and an ex- marine with a PhD in Political ' science and Russian Affairs K»n KiHK prr rnlrvl the ROTt " vir»» Thai i not a quntion. ihal ■» a tuiemrnl! i r f «iu,lrii| t«.j hjj jihjiur to »imr ilicii opinH n t r IV 1 1 ti • 1 PerFection on the balance beam. The gymnastics team from Venice High School, along with individuals from the Santa Monica Girl ' s Gym nasties Club, returned to ETHS for another exhibi tion This year ' s program included highlight perfor mances in the floor exer cises and the uneven parallel bars. V E N I C E ACTIVITIES B L I T H E S P I R I T Thr I)r4m4 Orparlmrnl. unJri the ■ ' I Mr K.»vl prrsrntrvl thru ' Hliihc Spirit I hr ptoJui - n I pbv by Norl Cow«rd. ■■ ' ■ r Hihhrri An ir rv, jnd Al »a •M Bristol. Lin- ' ' !iv MiCjII wrrc I Ml TK» ||(«nd mlraiwf M TI 1TII This year tin. ' Musit Department presented a C ' hristni.is Assembly to help send the school off to an enjoyable holiday vacation. It featured holiday music from the orchestra and songs from the choir. c H R I S T M A S ACTIVITK Th« ChrHlmw Foraul QuMfi: Pattkc Nog« Ansria CliMp wm ihf lunkw PitnctM ft- . - ixj ; ' u ♦■r -» Jr ' i. Susan and Dennis are enjoying the music. This year ' s Christmas Formal was celebrated to the theme of La Magie De Noel. ' For the occasion, the Girls League converted the gym into a quaint French setting using various elaborate decorations. Patrice Noga was crowned reigning queen with Kathi Davis, Lisa Jackson, Angela Cheap, and Jackie Morris as princesses. Kathy is receiving her flowers. p o w D E R P U F F r«n4 y « iTji wvn him thv tmwn I V i ntr l wa . a i)nc sided .»( (a Juniors (26) i ipilali cd on rv rr il riror by ihc S«-niots (zip) and UmI .1 ' ■ of ihr obvious ) , p in spr vl •«• • ncss briwrrn the two trdni ' - Bolh tquMJt were wtll coached (hcaJ co4ihr«, l.rr Rindrr f» r ihr Juniors Cr.ii ; DrimI for ifir Senior ) and drdu .itrJ many hour io practice afirt tchool Thi ■ ■ ' • I ihr drbul of ih. Ill t orps and All im Th«l ntKhl also «at% • • I rownrd as Powdrr Puft I hr Junwrs lUunt ihrit loin AtTIVUIlS ;f lyV The Senior Team ACrrVITIE? LI Toro Mii(h ' « S«ond An- nual D ncr Concrri provrd to hr one of »hr nvwf ui- cv ful and rnlrcUininK produrlton iht yttt ll in- corp r4lrJ iL« tii4l V dllrl. Jr nMlii inlrrprrUlion. 4nd conlrmpor«ry •i iT-. With com- . „ The ' .ilrnird " « riVlTII!. The B T Expre - - D A N C E C O N C E R T There were many types of dances. The choreography was excellent. ACTIVITIE ' 1 •V. f .it- ' tia V CLUBS with the unity that conceived a republic . 1 CHARGETTE Iriml H.,. .1 L- I . I l ..ik 1 I,. 1 Vi- .... I M -.. ! I»L I k ... t MiKn iirjK ' K Krul iuuilh Row. r I •iiiiinKrr lldh R«v». I KnridiriK ) II 1 1 t H . Under the direction of Ms. Whecli ' i, iho drill team performed .idmirably with the marching band in numerous parades and halftime shows of home football games. Each individual devoted many hours of hard work in an effort to create a cohesive unit. These smiling girls displayed the high-stepping precision that adds excitement to all events. ' SI tODO » Carol Forth, Caplain Forward, march ' CLUBS MARCHING BAND Folbwing « IfMlilion of continual progrnt toward a godi of tuprrmr c ccllencr. the El Toro Hi h Sthool MaiihinK Chargrr Band climbed to new hrighii in achirvrtnml An rxampir of their accomplishment thw pa»i year i- r finish against fifteen other bai: - - ...: Day Parade in Tu«ltn In Midilion to marchinx in parade«. the band ■ rnblirs. and - we salute Vf tf 17 if M It VI M 9 rx ' ■% f% €L tORO K I t U I ' h r lu ' Jiunimers form what is unquestionably the most renowned section of the marchinj; band. Always in harmony, the drummers dictate the rhythm and tempo of every musical selection. Nothing can compare with their solo performance in the syncopated percussion. As musicians, the drummers must dedicate many hours to practice. In addition to coordination, they must develop endurance and self-discipline. Spirited in nature, the corps of drummers is proud of its po- sition. The El Toro Drummers are Brian Aiders, Fred Arroyo, Cooper Bayliss, Tom Biggs, Brian Bissell, Chris Corr, Paul Derrickson, Phil Foster. Bob Havens, Mark Inglehart, Bob Kennedy. Don Kerr, Mike Ma- lone, Pal McCleerey, Mark Osell, Joe Ramirez, Tony Ramirez, Al Taylor. CLUBS 47 STAGE BAND h. ««Tnblir«. nd vaiirty o» mhcc luni- ,„ ■ ' I ul tht yrat FraturinK I . ntirumrnul pi«te», ihr Ktuup Irni an jit ot r aliiailion wheirvet lhc , r . In ,n,».W (I ... R. U. R- -- ' " »« " - ' J Tom Hr.n.na.1 M.Wr Abbo... D nny Snpllcv M.. i| .,, I n.rmbW (I I.. Ki i»i n. rni.ciur B..b Mfi lcf l.«tv Umrli JanrI Bryan: . 2nd Kov. 1 ,, »i . I ..i ■.) ■ Mrl lri RcsinjMjMin ; I «««« in«i ' The Pageantry Corps members are Captain Lark Osell, Cindy Adams, Brenda Beach, Missy Billhardl, Rosemary Corral, Kelly Daversa, Alice DelgaJo, Debbie Ellsworth, Lori Esquivel, Teri Esquivel, Michelle Flournoy, Sharon Fox, Lisa Humphrey, Tammy Johnston, Diane Laker, Nancy Malone. Re- gina Martinez. Donna Owens, ' icki Recia, Donna Resford, Dawn Schlyer, Becky Tessanne, Gret- i.hcn Wilson, Rebecca Wilson, Brenda Wise. Parading with the marching band, the girsl in the pageantry corps Form the unit which carries our school colors and banner to dif- ferent functions and ceremonies. . ' lways under scrutiny, these smil- ing, well-groomed girls serve well as representatives of our ■-c hiv«l CLUBS 1- RING QUARTET CONCERT CHOIR on n . njtr I Ihr Siiinn uailcl mrmlm jtr (lop) i-.tcK ; Chupp jnd C Jtmrlil J Lop |S jlrti) pTfry Thomp»« n jnj Cm Bluxh m C »tmeUtt Mjron up briorr t prtlornwmcr ■ililr jnJ ih« ir formoJ .inothrr f.uci » f « ii; • ••(••rinn thi yrar Bolh uroup prrliotmcki • n JunnK ihr yr r. dnJ it rrflrclrJ ihr ' ••J 111 pr.tt fur Our n» htnil »%-.i fortii . Mr Mat hdll Kjmirr wa 4ilJrJ .i .« (ult lime ihur«l in«truit ir filling pj«l vAcamy in ihr mu ku drpjrlmrnl t n nl Klin il Kl Kiimirr |crr j 1 ,,-■ ■ - ( Ir. . Fouclh KnM mpl«- ' ■■ » • 1. I ( .1 VI I .1 I .tvru II SniinJ Row. 1.1 ' ■ MrUnir H f ; ■ K ■ • nnr t.rrrnr K ' -.•i.ii ' il « r ii ii ■nil I. ' til i wi« l I . Cltll Mill |l-I Tony C4i . Ch (l St CUii. DjIc Cooilwin. i i.il t II- 1 Marlin MovLin T P.il llun-liii ir i ' t VARSITY CLUB The ETHS Varsity Club is composed of the varsity lettermen in various sports who, in addition to supporting and spon- soring student activities, also perform many services for the school. Among their projects this year were the lunch- time recreation program, a glass bottle collection drive, and a co-rec. Codch Niltd, Advisor AM " ' " iJdjnieH.iiJop Row (L-R): Craig Driml. Keith Mosby, Martin Moylan, Tony Lundy Kneeling, Pat Hunt- ,J„i„eC«i " ' »5|! ' " g " - Dirk Waldron. CLUBS 1 VARSITY CHEER VARSITY SONG lu- V ' .Ksily F ' cp Squad is (.umposcd i)f twelve girls who spend iluir timi ' .md energy making sure our school spirit is unsur- passed. Besides cheering our varsity athletic teams toward suc- cess, they prepare and arrange for pep assembhcs and sponsor activities to arouse student interest and involvement. We all ap- preciate the efforts made by the Varsity Pep bquad during the course of the year. Jeaninc sturgeon CLUBS :-i » FROSH-SOPH ||| ' || CHEER Mr«JChrrr Thf Fro h-Soph Chrrrlf idrf» aif »econd to ihrif v4r«ilY lounlcfpjfl only in the amtiuni uf publKity ihry mrivc The i|Uik1 iiimptxktd of tophotnorn and it- " ' W ihr irjJiliun of pro- m r pifil jnJ pnJr Thcv fMtlicip irJ in mjny prp jMvrmbIm 4nJ itr and fmhmdn ' h«rtin M«d«MTlt (•Ttnifrr (jit KimSilvj PEP CLUB This yiMr s group of spirited ond fnthusias- tic members did an outstanding job in sup- port of El Toro athletics. Led by Pep Com- missioner Lisa Jackson, the Pep Club as- sembled at many sporting events through- out the year to cheer our teams on toward victory. They also painted the signs that covered the walls of the football stadium, basketball gymnasium, and school campus, promoting team unity and spirit. ■ il Lisa Jackson. Pep Commissioner Thi- cnthusiastK LI Tdfo Pep Club is led by its officers. Seated (L lo R) in llie front Row-Lisa Patterson ( ' P I lu- lie Haiber(Pres.), Lisa Jaikson (PepComm.), Kristi Nannie (Sec), Cindy Schupp(Treas I SilvJ CLUBS BOYS ' LEAGUE The Boys ' League is open lo any male studeni of ETHS Its purpose is to pro- mote participation in school activities and involvement in school service. This year, they sponsored a co-rec and pre- pared the Senior Awards Luncheon. ! M Kin MoyUn mtoys the Boy Lt gur U iuc IronI Rom (L-RI O vr furbr . Tfr« ucr(. M«rlin MoyUn. Pmidrnl. TodJ fit ti. SrcreUt . lUtySiriKh S«ond Rom Krn Sirtvin C hjrlr MulliKan. Tom FHhrr . Djvr NiuilMUlulo. birvc BunhjII. Diik jlJr.in jnJ Djvr ( Hit Vitr t ' miilrni Ml M Km if. AdviMJf 5» tlUH " - = GIRLS LEAGUE I lu ' ETHS Girl ' s League worked very IkikI this past year to organize the Christmas Formal to the theme, " Le Magi de Noel. ' In addition to the for- mal, they promoted the " Toys for Tots " collection and held a potluck meeting at the beginning of the year. They hope that this year ' s enthusiasm will help make next year even better. Bjck Row (L-R): J.Ellis. L Rannus. b.Zinimermdn, R Benton, C.Van Licw, K Regnier, L Patterson, C. Long A Frasier, C. Forth. K Barker. R.Reed. C.Asbury. Mrs Garrett; Second Row: A Justice, R.Howard, k Shanahan. E.Cardin. D Morns. J Bunker, BUoward L Bianca. D.Hill. D.Ellis, Third Row: A. Cheap. T McDonald. J. Fair. M.Mann. D Mundy. Fourth Row: K ounge. G.Geesey. D.Pellettieri. C Oropesa, J Nicholson, J Haiber, S.Higgons, K. Short; Fifth Row: S Furbee, K Silva, B Pope, L Phillips, M.Grijalva, L McClellan. Sixth Row: A. Holm, C Creamer, Seventh Row: C Franklin, J Morris, K.Baker, K Seiders, H.Moylan. C Schupp. T.Nealon, Eighth Row: L Taylor, K.McCall, B.Muncy. L.Stuck, S.Henby, K.Nel- son. K Nannie. W Melin ISili IviiO ' til KEY CLUB ... of ihe mott activr j%. ihr El Toro Kr% IP P ' I. Pi I ■-■ r ' .. " .i,..f Djvr Elli« Ittlfnt inlmlly jnJ mil ' inn th«- • •% Vv ' ' ( 1 .V ' »-• i « kr I lub-1%1 Rom (1 lo Rt C Dtiml, K Mmhy R |onr». T Sh«ptta. B Z hmit. S KaUinki. D Mavri T KiUp- ' nj Row-S B, nhj|l R C»ik t4n O MtCuffm H CnirKr R Ot« | T»j R L.w ih P rm H I ijtlr K Mrlvm M MnvUn I N«ik4 Ip4«t Mrrihrjtll R ttiininx Jid f ■■- ■ . , I (.uni i. LinJrrmjn I) (ucbw S K hrlrin M Mnm, B RuMnrt i Jvi ! K Vt» hv BCijiK ' « " • «V lfcv vr« fo m h « J pw • rt p. - ' «nl|DMl (a« I Rjv I I ).., I ...I , I , V ' " iin Moyljr -x . 11 ...I. .11 . ( V. il.v I T Ki w.innetles Imen to .ivpoakfr at the Disiritl C on t ' ntKin The Key wannette Club forms the female counterpart organization to the Key Club. It functions to serve the school and community and often works with the Key Club on common projects. Spon- sored by the Kiwanis Club, its members are dedicated in their efforts to help others. iveisJ.lfe- RlnJiinj .VI e wanc»les-lst Row (L to R)-. Holm, J.Morris, G.Geesey, C.Porth (Pres.), C.Oropesa, D.Pellettieri, J Hef- in, Mrs Hotkersmith (advisor), 2nd Row-M Dramis, A Cheap, C.Van Liew(V.P ) K Shanahan VV Mehn Af.Seiders. 3rd Row-D Mundy, .A Frascr. BVVilson. H Movlan (Sec.Treas.); 4th Row-S.Zimmerman a ' Afa dron. S Henby (Activities), D.Ellis, K.Seiders, J Ellis, J Winther. 5th Row-L.Stuck, S.Correl L Rannus .Howard(Comm ). A Albright, E.Pospisil, R.Benton. Top-T.Nealon (Pub). Hope Moylan, DislricI Treasurer CLUB6 S CLUB Onr o( ihr girl % t«f vnt orK ' nuAHoru on campus this year wm the S Club. Spon korrd by » local Soroptomists ' ' ' ' ' s must how d willingness lo inily Thry atlrnJeJ a Irain- nfrfrncr and sponsored a car wash as pari of their ' .ir The S Club strives to develop lead - C ' llity in Its members Hun fv m— I roni Rom (L-R) Shrri Zimmriman. Aok ' U C hr«p. Rote C. lli« Row l.jvlrnr C onnjilv Sh«i Bimk K lhv B»»4n Linda SirlMjn. Cm Sihupp Third Rom Ro nj JjvM-r Tinj Lrni«. Rulh Rrid Ar ' •• ' ■ ' Ujldion Hopr MovUn - ' • .. I.J l.n, t, ,,.,,.j||, I If Foreign E chanKe Students are Barbard Bruderer. Switzerland: Astrid Lunde, or way : Keiko Akahori, Japan; and not shown. Susanne Jakobsenof Denmark BIENVENIDOS BienvcniJos is j school service organization iimc(J spe- lifically at welcoming all new students to our campus. Its members give tours of the diFferent facilities and in- formation about school activities. This year, as in past years, ETHS has been honored with the presence of foreign exchange students. These stu- dents, because of their personal merits, are allowed to study abroad and provide both parties with an exchange of cultures. The members of Bienvenidos are (L-R), D.James, A. Cheep, G Barnhart, B.Ocampo. D Taylor, K Greene, D.Vroman, J.Sanchez, B.Lee, J. Van Etten, L.Morrow, R. Starr, T.Barber, J.Wenlock Astrid in the dress of Norway Juana Sanchez. Bienvenidos President, is shown here with members of the club. CLUBS el MATH CLUB ' SPEECH DEBATE III.- [I mil. Mjrh Club . (•..n-.oreJ by Mr Helm The tlub mcrl weekly lo dw4.u«% dnJ rxplurr the dihrrenl aspects of malhrmatus The Speech and De- bjir Club meel» reKuldfly to p«r(ei ' l ih The club com- n. s in (lit- ari ' j 1 1.« Mjih Club mrtnbTl jit- iSrjInlt ri jir(|jt H Pjfk jnj v. iiumpi-.; SljndifiK jrr Mt Hrlm« R Brnlun. K Crrnthjw ) HuKhrv. and D Cjidnri 1 1 r. mil HUrit.»rt C H.iulirr t Huiti iJi.ll I. A biiiv l Nruvrn A " i. ' tSMumi Koo Alrntw K Kobin M Milirr L CXinKrf M VVhillirld (Third RumI A Hkltncv K; .m P Vjld» PHinutKrn f trffrr Ifnurth Ron) K SiU j VSKCjitv Vlu ' phv K K ' ulmjn I Vjtnjt.li. T HI Ml Hriim. M«lh Advnoi t fmnh t lub mrn»b»i» otn«lvr lh» drbjir R.O.T.C. The USMC IKOTC program has grown proportionately in its second year of existence at ETHb. It holds the development of self discipline, strength of character, and leadership potential toward the molding of re- sponsible citizens as its primary goals. The program looks forward again to next year. C.S.F. P.T.L. CLUB .... . I. IK.,.., s„.,nd R..» r Urnr D hJ. H Pari B C otcof n. R Lo« h A )uMk» b R Gilli • ' fr i Thifd Ro»», M Houh- M Cfommr • ! " ■ ' I. Ciinnillv S Alr»inJri •utK M« e.ijih fourth Row. ) MiFjJJrn I BinJrr ' ■ irJ B Blood R LoTKh. B Brmoc M Bo Jri M Por t the PTl nwmbrt. «r (I to R| Mi Nicbjl K Silv C. BuibanW T W.m- t Bindri Njtond Ro« , .. iU,.ir,r!l rr,r. K-.4.....ri L Pjtutro Ml t «lvm Mi MiDnnjIJ I M»«. jII Bjik !• Pyk. Mi» ClinKjbwry. C Conn Uv. T E»«|uivrl, N Cuw rh» rri chfi%ii4n ciuh f • vtaJr «lu lmi wtlh ' ■ tunilv ' ' wilh oil mclutlr %to tp tinKinx jnJ (-•rtul Iriium I Mftoor ■ RADIO CLUB The 1975-76 school year saw the formation of El Toros first Radio Club. The club draws to- gether those students who have mutual in- terest in the device which revolutionized tele- communications. The club also instructs its members on the theory, laws, and operation of C. B. and ham radios as an aid to attaining a license. Jrhe Radio Club members are, (L to R) Dam Smith, Mark Younge, Dale Lewallen, Don Beirdrxeau, FMiUi 8 " jDon Wright, Dave James Mark D Am .. Dci T..p is Mr. McDermott, advisor Dale records code numbers. CLUBS CREATIVE C h year the members of the creative writing class compile a book o( poems, short stories, and essays written by Lt Toro siuJenls and entitled Touch Our World. Striving to achieve per- tfttion m written expression, most of w . T w- w .— |-i w T — ihfir time and imagination is spent re- Ix 111 1 V ] " I ' " K • " ' ! editing compositions When completed, the book is pub- lished and sold lo the student bodv I T,.u.t Touch Out World arlMI H Akr s IlihUri C lk nwt L rouifo J . Jj i v OLE ' Front Row (L-R), Lisa Patterson, Jim Marshall. Joe Beck, Beth Costello: Sciond Row, Steve Dempsey, Kim StMarseille, Don Kemp. Kim Petersen. Third Rov , Pere Ames. Brent Briscoe, Monty Whitfield. UiuicT llu ' f uidonci- of Ms. VValci.iu, the school newspaper staff published the " Ole ' every three weeks. The staff was responsible for keeping the stu- dent body informed and aware of up- coming events. They accurately re- ported on past occurrences and facts of interest. The " Ole " also provided the students an opportunity to voice their opinions and issues and utter any complaints. M- VValdau. Advisor CLUBS BOWLING CLUB Ihr Howling Club w » one of ihc ncwiv ' • ' ' " .• ■ " ■ jlion on i4mpu th» promoir the sport of •t jnd 11 ' .-.. - - . -i){uc at th- -.;.;.- bjik Lanrt Mrmb«r hip is op«n lo any »lud«nl. rritar JItrss of skill Strike! RANGE RIDERS Denise Cordjro, Mary Rasmusson, Missy Blue. Diane Hansen, Cheryl Owens, -1 1 Mr. Dickey, Advisor Another one of the new clubs on campus is the Range Riders. An or- ganization for students who enjoy rid- ing horses, the Range Riders plan group excursions into our surround- ing wilderness. The club presents an opportunity for students with a com- mon interest to meet and know one another. Membership is open to any student at ETHS, provided he she has access to an equine and is willing to attend all the meetings. 69 UTO CLUB tt.. Aut.i Club ptovidr i«» member with «kiitiun4l iim to fuilhn examine the pin j . ' ' " le i)t J, xperi- ,. J ihrouKh m«mb»f»hip. coupleJ ' ' m inMruclion. foe 4 future iiuni Row. II lo R) H li»ko«i.« K l.frm I. AnJrKon. D Chrionc Scconti Row. i .M m n. K l,.nr. t» Motion K jn.r f Lu»K R fkiukniithl. T O SuUi n. S Mumv Mt fowrlrt. a, i .L. I .I.. ' ■ STUDENT CULTURES CLUB 1 The Student Cultures Club is a special interests organization which promotes social involvement in the school and community. A portion of their activities this year included the sale of Halloween Insurance, planning a co-rec, and organizing noontime dances. The SCC also arranged various cultural displays in the library. Front Row (L-R). K.iren Cillidm. Jackie fuzcll, Yvonne Brown Second Row. Tjnva HornjuJi . Lvnne Stjrks. Chrii Mono Third Row, Debbie Walker. Dcnist Urdiales. Styles Hernandez. DeleU Starks. Fourth Row. Delorcs Pitts, Debra Kirkland, Darrell Hicks, Lisa Courdine Back Row. Diane Brown. Tony Williams. Tom Hernandez. Steve Craves, Michael Holmes. Lerilta Holmes. Eugene Bell CLUBS 71 MOTOCROSS El Toro Molo(tot» mrmbrr b«]iin on of iheir many «uccntful iter Thr mrfnb«t« .if ifus vrjr » Moiocro«« Club ijced to «u -1 4s ihcv finished ri 41 O C I k . !in ; m « l««gur of 21 «chool«. ihe ridrr raced in • . skill Next v betome a u ' hool alhlelK vport M ik T vk i Pirtkicnl ■jH W L i BHV HI w K I CLUBS 73 BADMINTON CLUB — l,.m. Ro (IR) RVilUu. KBu,»h«J. . - — ;-.- i. PflWllKf.. C Smith bctonJ R..« I I l.,..cii Ml (.KKiin R N. hl k- P " k " " » K t f»n«h «». R Wr«« nc»v nlfoducrd thi y . rrjiHin In ' ijmpKin»hip (oim. t, , mducmic. JKiltlv, j„ . -. rV»cilub pfoviJp inirrrtlrd «lu«irnl» wilh ihc nc«.r%sjrv tj .ililir« jr ' ■■ ■:rt tr% formjl and in- formal tot. rhcif jJvioor. Mr () burn. K 4n rnvrplional pUycr Ml Cht«rn. AJ» «» ' SURFING CLUB The Surfing Club gathered those students interested in one of the more enjoyed outdoor activities in our locale. The club engaged and instructed in the various methods of " riding the waves. " Besides arranging group outings, the Surf- ing Club sponsored the skateboard contests at school. Front Row (L-R). Joey Simon, Brad Davis, Shahin Vandermaas. Brett Addm , shcryi Prakel, Tony Manitta. Brad Keilwit? Skateboards Mike Musick, Kevin Trejo, Dave Kekahuna Second Row, Gonzalo Montoya. Craig Dr.ml, Greg Jordan. Kris Marson, Greg Garcia. Kenny Olson. ScotI Yard, Tyler Turlev. Robhy Fadike Third Row. Mr. Kent. Don Dimento, Dean Eslinger, Don Beck, Richard Monetti. Chris Manfredi, Walter Vouk, Tom Cipolla, Chris Lawrence. CLUBS A.S.B. .Ji : Th«l«75 7»ASB Counci: ChctylHcnty Club Cootdin«lor 4 A S B Tff« uitf Craig DrimI Senior President Cindv b»chupp Senior ' n.ePre idenl Jo Castillo Junior President (BIE53S Lisa Jackson PepComissioner Lynn McAllister Boys Athletic Comm. Chris Oropesa Sophomore President Wendy Seiders Freshman Pr ' - ■ ■ It was through the Associated Student Body Council that all student activities were approved and financed this past year. They made an effort to make the homeroom representative an effective method of conveying ideas between the students and the council as well as to promote the canned food and all-school fund raising drives. It was hopted that through better communication the stu- dents ' needs were better fulfilled. Connie Creamer Mascot Jenny Heflin Girls Athletic Comm. Lisa McClellan Historian Martin Moylan Boys League President Mr Frost, Advisor CLUBS YEARBOOK Anything you My. Ttary ' v i M. I ' . Kim tjuvji« InKrt I Mm rtuK« Srnioi Cl luniot Clj . An SUttin MovUn l«ultv TuhlH RrUlnn . An It lias been said that a yearbook should best capture .inJ presiTve the moments, memories, and emotions which tharat teri e a school year. Only one who has had the opportunity of experiencing the frus- tration, anxiety, and satisfaction of producing a yearbook can truly appreciate those words. To the students on the yearbook staff, the rewarding ex- perience of having published the Amaneccr ' 75- ' 76 will live forever in their souls. Their gift to you is this book, the culmination of their endeavors. Ray Orope a Copy Editor Linda Stetson Business Manager Brent Heflin Photo Editor PalHuntstinger Staff Member CLUBS 70 SPORTS with the strength that built a nation , )IL.: r Isii V A R S I T Y F O O T B A L L • wS - ' i T ?jr ' ' Rom • K V H ' MrJ I lJtlJ I H mm | Nrium k Lct|ur jri M Moyijn Iry C Murtjy F Ctflillo D Riikrt 2nd M Vounwr uJ R.iMi. I Nirbl «. T RnJ ■ il- tt 4lh Row. M Hrrvi|...tn ! ' MiC jll J Dmno B..ll..ni Ri.« t ' !i.- ' •..• TIvinJ r Onml IWfmtnr I ai il u, H) l.ij. K-«- .Vt U.,.a.. 1. 1 .i.t fiiti ' r thiiium Kow I t trmm. M Hminom. | rNirtnM, r vmiiio. K Mon- ' ' ■ ii 1 li, «Mlfn«nr Bj(t «. It In Kl K L ' «|u) «cl l Hun«tiKrf . Mluf|tAMdl. (. Orlml 1975 Season El Toro Opponents Brea 6 14 Gahr 41 13 Experanza 27 7 El Dorado 27 San Clemcnte 34 Mission Viejo 42 14 Laguna Beach 13 University 7 8 Dana Hills 14 The brains of the team. Offensive Team- (L to R) Top Row- K.Urquhart. P.Hunstiger. S.Burghardt, C.Driml: Bottom Row- D Ricker, J.Nelson, T.Lundy. K.Bass, K.Mos- K F Castillo, B.Charles. fl " ' ! Defensive Team- (L to R) Top Row- K Urquharl, B.Charles, J Jacobo, b.Burghardt, Bottom Row- j.Hemm. M Henlhorn. M Moylan, J.Nieblas. B Fairbrolher, F Castillo. K Monson. SPORTS »3 p :- ! (rH M mm •v i " 4i 1 P V -YV ?»i P y Tf T • ' I W 1 r « 1 i k - . i BHBH Bi Ulfe TLw J r- i » j ti.l.. S(t«mblrr j:» •4 sr KT Defensive Backs- (L to R) K.Urquharl, B.Charles, G.Jacobo, S.Burghardt. The 1975 football season proved disappointing intontrast to past seasons as the Chargers won only one game. Besel by early injuries in the offensive line, the Chargers had problems moving the football and putting points on the scoreboard. As the inexperienced players at the skill positions matured and the injured lineman returned, the football team battled their opponents on almost equal terms near the end of the season. For their efforts, the Chargers were voted the most improved team by the Orange County Coaches ' Association. Among the player- receiving honors were Tony Lundy (1st team offensive guard on the All-South Coast League Football Team and Coaches ' Award recipient), John Nieblas (1st team de- fensive lineman in the SCL and the Charger s Most Valu- able Lineman), Kevin Urquhart (1st team defensive back in the SCL and the team s Most Valuable Player). B. ' Charles (Most Valuable Back), and Jeff Hemm (Most proved Player). SPORT? - s o p H o M O R E S U I I ... ( DtcLry ■ ■• ' A (.. lutjinr R Djvulton D Merman B Dieven- M M.C Irrrv P Nwbl » C B«irdnriu C D vi» C . . Boltum Ro». - 1 ..j.t Puwlrfi. M AvrlU. P Wyn». Q.B. on the diivc. ST- l j Thouith ihr Suphomorr Foolb ll Tr m k }U(rU •• Ji - ' PptiinlinK %r««on rrtord, ihry K ' inrd 4 •ccond year I. ,. tn prrpjrjtmn for fuluff vc4r in ihr L ' nJrr Mr Hill Oukrv 4nJ nrw i f u« lrfi. ihr %« phonv rr fuur J ■ ■ ' • P4ul Wyr c (Cdpldin). Slrvr ' " - " nd Kitk I)dviJ« )n (Mi t ■ • ( pUycf who thoulJ »• srv»Kf Man on the run This years Freshman Football Team was coached by Mr. Bob Webber, Mr Lyie Herman, and Mr. Chuck Sweazy. The Frosh program had an en- thusiastic turnout with over fifty players in uni- form. Unfortunately, though, the Frosh had a poor season. The coaching staff worked meticul- ou ' -ly to coordinate and develop the potential talent in the large squad. The field of future standouts included Andy Dick (Coaches ' Award winner), F obin Charles (Most Valuable Back), and Lee Faico (Most alu.ible Lineman). SPORTS tbjil opponent- t Bft 7 C«hr 7 Z pri nt 21 ElDui Ju S«nCl»mmic » % - -. » Univcftity 21 n , , 11. n. T» ' 7 [ |.. .m.in fm,il.jn It lo Rl Top Rom- I l»t«k. L F»ko B Trudway, A Ch nR«U. S Hughr . R Nelton. N MWi H, ••■,hrll 2nd Row- I MiJjJJrn KUahy | KrWjhun C Marjflwn ) Lr» R ( v r AlbfiKhi Jed Row- M Simr «in M Pjllrtwn | t.ibb D T yloi A |, ..jcfo tVVfiRhl 4lh Row- M AhK ii [1 Mri»nrt T Ro nJuU | VVkV. |, Irt I UAIrv Btottinjn Botloni Row- I HriK I Biy nl | AvfU A H«m M Arnold k Mwt ) C»ny i . i B«uUtn. C Rrkl C Boulirt M.H.n i V 1 ' Chargers lake (he lead. First to the tape every lime. This year, the Chargers hired a new coach in Mr. Mike Waddell. Under his direction, the harriers climbed from the cellar of the South Coast League .md won the most varsity meets in the school ' s short history. The varsity fielded a fairly young, inexperienced team with only two seniors. Competing in perhaps the finest cross-country league in Orange County, the Chargers faced stiff opposi- tion in every race. Highlighting this sea- son was a second-place trophy earned in the Mission Viejo Invitational. Losing only co-captains Dave Furbee and Chuck Mulligan to graduation, the Chargers will be hard to beat and Coach Waddell is optimistic of the squad ' s chances next fall. SPORTS 89 J u o R V A R S I T Y p4fl. ihr the vjf»ny v« -.1 for ih |n«ptf4tion4l). HrniY V jfncf (M ■ . 4 (unnrt fiom ihi , r«i • |V team t jn Ucvclop inio J mjIiJ cr ' .x ■.!• t tmry find ihr hnith lin . 1 line The Sophomore division assembled the most talented team during the autumn months. They were disadvantaged, however, from a lack of personnal depth. The Sophs ran in many close races with good schools and often- times finished impressively. During the dual meet schedule, they were led by first-year runner Terence Smyth (Outstanding Sopho- more Av ird). The Freshman squad was not so fortunate. They were forced, by injury and numbers, to run shorthanded. Jim Swetland (Outstanding Freshman) led the Frosh team. SPORT ' ; 91 V A D I T Y W A T E R P O L O ! 4 new co«ch this year in | ' || ' lll ' . t of 4UC- (. IF con- ' though, W4S i building year r iheir effort w«» Wayne Prior (honorable mcn- ,„ • Water Pok) r , ' ■ ' (unanimous 1 1 learn All-League and team Captain) Dale Schu !• - ' ■ ' ' ... and MiMl Valuable Play : .»! Valuable Senior) With «nhour praclicrt. »ummer irainmK with UCLA ,- ! •♦ ' rhmg» u looking up for next . ' . i SrttinR up t Roll for hi)? ¥«r itv I Id R) lop Rax K !. ««. r I Miiwm BaMam How- | Ku- Carr lo J«n. " •i ■•11 IK I i cosh boph VVjIet Polo- (L lo R) Isl Row- B KilKr, A Hjyi , L Adaii, 2nd Row- U Lindahl, j.Awer- imp. RBauerman, P.Marshall. Tlic Freshman Sophomore team was coached this year by Mr. Steve Farris. With a good turnout in the underclasses. Coach Farris had a lot of material to work with and improve. Leading the " tadpoles " were Captain Jon Awcrk.imp, Most Improved Brad Rithie and Peter Marshall, and Most Valuable Player Charles Adair. Peter Marshall also led the team in goals scored. Battle in the water. V A K S I T Y B A S K E T B A L L 1975 PrrsejMsn V«r«ily B«»k.cibdll EI Tofo Opr n 4 n t s 45 VVr i» 56 Lo .. .-.....; oS 57 Tu»iin 69 44 VilU Park 56 69 Lo Al4milu t cS OT eO Foolhill 55 5e ( ' • ' t , ol 55 o7 id V A OlHiJ illol M ff.- y SPORTS 95 Kdmr» in ittt ue pUy I he 11 -. , . Ij, V m H . jtr. St llrm i l.lrrnnvod I Whllr M Hill •• MX Rts l Again in 1075-76, Coach Felix ' s JV tf.im tounJ it Jiffitult to outscore their opponents Juring the course of the season. Featuring many players without previous substantial play- ing time in upper competition, the JV ' s repeatedly kept the game close in the first half. But, as opponents began exer- cising their height advantage, the margin widened. The sea- son was, by no means, a discouraging one as the Chargers displayed a steady, poised brand of basketball with a fresh- man and two sophomores on the floor. The freshman, Robin Charles, proved to be an excellent prospect for the future while sophomores Craig Strausheim and Mike Holmes con- tributed heavily. Their play, coupled with Steve Trejo ' s ball- handling and Steve Petralia ' s performance under the back- boards, helped the JV ' s improve toward the end of the sea- son. J u N I O R V A R S I T Y SPORT IS- (L to R) Top Row- M Holmes. S.Petralia. J McFadden. M.Simpson, C. Strausheim. K.George; Bottom Row- P langala. R.Charles, S.Trejo. S Katapski. J.Leahy. s o p H O M O R E S • • I . ,r-. ' ikj- ■■ ,, tod«.h ! :ncf s " «pml ino4( of the «CMon looking for a »uccess- ' ' i!h the W uarJ pmrltdlion. and a f« t trmpo of pUy io put points on t " ■ .s in sfor •niriburod ng. . and Brian Wci»» loughl tor rebounJ- ' Vip oflwifr 4fc Kill Mi|ih«mnfn- (I Io Rl Top Row- H Pjfk. S Flynn SS(t4|i](t T Mjnion. B Wri«» K I r. V I „ h Kullnn Bollum Row- t Huti " I L.mhjiji ft Mjyrtt A Dkk. M • • t T yuinlry I VVoUrnhcrg J -.rv K I • llwIkT I • Mi ■ The Freshman Basketball Ti-am fielded the largest squad with over twenty-five players. With Mr Keith Osborn at the helm, the Frosh were competitive through what proved to be a losing season. Most im- portant was the fact that many of the players received equal playing time and devoted hours to sharpening their skills and executing disciplined strategy. Success on the freshman level is not based alone on the won- lost column, but also on the players ' improvement, attitude, and experiences. Some of the more talented Freshman included Chris Rusk, Leonard Ricker, Jeff Cibbs, Manny Crijalva, Mike Wilson, and Ted Ros- nagle. F R E S H M E N Frosh BaskctbjII- (L to R) Top Row- Coach Osborn, M Crijalva, L. Ricker, j.McFadden. R. CaJe T Rosnagle, Bottom Row- C. Boulter, M.Wilson, S.Macleod, C.Rusk, J. Cibbs. •- r SPORTS " Freshmen start another game. Lhjfgw ' wrc lling J iurn fur Cuachrs ••■ ThrV ' jf- :,ifd m thf -MC FinaU hrld dl v«fr Ccotgr ) Kubo, John NirbU«, anJ Frank Pickrl Dort Krmp dnd John Sirinki look. tciond-pUcr horK r« vvhilr Todd Wis jnd Krtth V1 i%bY took fir«l« and adviincrd to | ,f , J ' r ' h V jr il V rr«llitiK ll li K I I op Kiiv -i ' Krmn i Kn.i SI i njnjjr J N■rbU M Ljnj(kM% ». Kr|. K Mo.hv B.ill.im Ko» I V i%r k B tr» H tjylor F PKkrl | Sttwkiv C I«iobo n.r Ihim 100 «.rv Hr III Btt This years JV wrestlers were a part of the suc- cess story in Coach Wchbcr ' s wrestling program. They finished their season as the second place team in the South Coast League. The JV ' s were paced by Rick Sianez and Pat Nieblas. Pat con- cluded his season with a 17 and 4 record and 8 pins. I f » sey. J.V. V ' restling-(L to R) Top Row-J. Thayer, P.Nieblas, R. Sianez, B.Zahedi, R.Nelson; Bottom Row-M Donohoo. M Sudol. R Flournoy, K.Mosby. B. Weaver. 9 Frosti-Soph Wrcstling-(L to R) Top Row-S EUbury. B McCoy. S Brown M Pctcison K Logan. J.Keka- huna. S tlughes. J Schneider. T Albright, C Sandling, B Callowav. D Mitchell. Boltnm Row-B.Yafuso. D. Hemm. M Patterson. C Jordan. T Sargent. J.Avella, K Reid, M Leaon. BVVeaver. The Chargers enjoyed much success in lower-class wrestling competition as they fielded a large turnout. With many talented grapplers who displayed constant improvement, the Frosh Soph team was a positive point for the future of ETHS wrestling. South Coast League champions at the Frosh-Soph level were John Avella (115 lbs.), Joe Thayer (130 lbs.). Bill Weaver (13o lbs), Mike Peterson (148 lbs.), and Tim Albright (lo8lbs.). SPORTS 1.1 I V A P S I T Y ■ ul returning varsity playrrs. the wrrr (iblr to fxtld » tram of fairly fxixcu p ytts. With Kick Binder as lh - only reluming Hurler, third-year Coach Tim Rein» penciled the strength of the staff as an early qurstion mark t tsay. bleve Key. and Mark Kachr Win completed the rotation of starting; i lh lay in the dc ■ ■ vin Urquharl and St Crii lvj formed an excellent double play combination » ti t jHjIin fuurnl «4 (onJ Vjftlly IU««b4ll-(l lo R) Top Row-K BinJrr ) Tolh«tl B Liv« i4v M Kjihrlrtn B Mo bjugh Prtr J Nrl«on Cuaih Knn Buiinni Rum-C I .iBjhn K. L ' tquhjri I Slijnil. Kry. K VVilKii MMilWi.SCnialvi ' ' M Uk « t iiaisl • v l 101 srtwj ' - Sal leads off SPORTS 103 J V N i O R V A R S I T Y 1 . JV % wrte mt ' ' ' • Mi Jim The piUhingiori .mpo dof • Dtsn Sotnun. jnd freshman Robin ! by «.4Uhrr ' J -.ivcly from I ih« pUlf SeionU b« man Brdd Bn» .or Bob Cj »lr wrre lv o of the «? X A j ' . V »• ' • , r. Vi U bM-a lo Rl lop Row.BC «iJr | Lc hv R S«n»f D DojMHrh. DNofciwij. K K Hi.. M lnRlch«t. Co«h Djugh.itv B .nom Row-R Kjufman V Edw«td». J 1 1 Hr ». r B ( ri:f, •» " ' " I fc w IM sr 1 R O H O H i.NonMn ' ■ iFlosh-Soph Bascball-(L to R) Top Row-Coaih Koll.ns C BmJec, U fltrrmann B Weoy C Davis, K Morrow. T Hamilton, J Brunner, Bottom Row-BVVeaver, J.Gibbs, K DeFranco G Beirdneau, MIrvglehart, J Bryant, B.Wahl, This years combined Freshman- Sophomore Baseball Team showed promise for the future with many good young players. The pitching corps was composed of Carl Binder, John Bryant, and Mike Inglehart ■-ti « while the hitting was provided by Jeff y™ Brunner and Bill Weaver in the early ' . going. Coach Bill Rollins praised his squad for its enthusiasm and response to direction. SPORTS 105 A K S 1 T Y T R A C K V. o«hrt iMty NitU irui Mikr Wdkldell « ch4fgr» h d » lough lime of il during ihr I. ■ ' ' V wrrr oui On 4 itjim Uc knt «ny if4l «Ur jlhlcln. ih« ' - ' .J Tony ' I pullrl Tony LunJy Ji u» ihrowrr P4niho ( , . II .. .. u... A. ,.j, ,n ihe hiK I ' . ' rri« in ihr lon ) ' l r» vrd Id h one • ; : in ihv league nhilr Dave Furb«« rewrote ihe record - --fjl ttmr in ihe mile A Jefi- f .; :c «Ut wa oph ' imiirr Afl Courdine in the high hurdlr% r--i-: S ' .. HI lop Ko».Il i-.i.lU. lUiiihrr I IVnnMhra C MulliK«n R „.....l H..„ !i M. ' ' M M.wUn I Moiti. I fu» rl M V Ur « ll A jnVVir | Tonini D (. hang lj. T ■■■ AlUftrUon IHViinrt R rrnfirU T •nio K hmidl. H OrofW 10 «! M ■V - ' 9 ; »ST With an excepfionally good turnout in the lower classes, the coaches were able to construct a powerhouse Frosh-Soph team. The long list of standouts included the brother team of Rick and Scott Brown in the hurdle races, Hector Avella in the sprints, Mark Concar in the mid- dle distances, and Terry Smyth and John Linares in the long distances. Coach Nitta feels that they show excellent promise and is looking forward to coach- ing them on the varsity level in the future. •WW y Frosh Soph Track- (L to R) lop Row-M. Concar. V.Cipoil.i Hyno j I ' ljvy. M Sm clair. J Schneider. G Sandling. B aldivia. S.Leonard, C Harrelson. C.MesIaz, 2nd Row- R Cooper, D.Mitchell. J Taylor, S Brown, R Brown. T Smyth, C Tell, N Crawford, T Stivers, C KeUey, Bottom Row-D Higgins. D Ebbert. D Shapero, R.Ring. C Warner. D Driml. R Juck, J.Linares, R.Kemp 4 ■ SPORTS 107 1 ' 1 T Y i i ptomt«inK tquad , editor K tl Munt The " ;r porl contribuird lo oi ophomofc ]ttty . , . . . .-.J one of ihr ir m « br»l «UiKlrt pUyrr Tom FK. ' hrr4 lc«mrd wilh Sirvr Tfrfu lu p|jy onr Joublr on « )u«d whaK bounird Btra H lo 4 for jn t t y- on vKtory Cojch Bob )ohn- M n " » •- ■ ' I rru •• J ' M htr ■ I r V- ' ? : 9U ' f .V " V ' k jr il% Imnn- It In R) Top Row-C AniJ t«on. P Smilh T FKh i«. M Bo 4ri. Co«ch Johnton. BolUim Ri»s.s ttrx K. Munt l N)ut4lkrt loa rt i .V. Tennis-(L to R) Top Row-C Wjterhouse. G Callahan, M Kamo- J DuBo-.c s Bur nan L Knher, D Anu• , J Krausl, B Blood, h Hughes, M.Churihwell, Bottom Row-J Hood, Knight M Patterson. M. Raring, R.Sagasser, B.Mallory, P.O Brien, M Pohlh.ininur, C leaseket J Oropesa. The JV Tennis learn was coached by Mr Bill Brummel He h.id a group of very talented plav ers resulting From an excellent turnout. Leonard Ricker, Greg Forbes, and David Melsner were the top singles players while Duke Ames and Mike Churchwell teamed for doubles along with Pete O ' Brien and Jeff Kraust, Duke approaches the net for a half-volley. 9 %K rv J u N I o R V A R S I T Y i ' f-i SPORTS n o - :it4inrd 4 4 (4irly rx- ' Cu4(h EJ J by Tr4ty trve Pclr4li4 Wilh C4«l4 ir . ihe - -1 ,1-1 ' ' ' " ■ wilh ihctf lop n 8olfrf« leringof ( in ihrw of ■ b IvKk nr«l yY4r wtlh 4nolbrf ye4r of r«p«n fKr under ihrir bell »•• « CrfiHR )o Rl Top KowT NuRml rrlWllirti. l Mjyri . S Prlr«lM. T Smxh. D WjUton. BoMoin Rom S«l.h W lioti I Hwtlrin R Bimtnn () MiCufdn 110 M RTS o - V, f ' ' ' ' " „ ' ' " • R Top R.,w-r HaKopian. J Lombardi. M Hill, T Rosnagle, S Kachek-in. J Denocochca Ort rTX 4 VYp ' ' r- ' ' ' i " u ' ' R " «:I ' ' ? " - ' kI - t- Bales, M Walker, B Dievcndor f M Simp.Jn Qick, B Zahedi. 3td Row-CBoultei. B Bilso.e. M Hoffman. C Rusk, T Walcrbury, M Wilson, The Chargers worked diligently as fhey looked forward to a good season in volleyball. Led by re- turning MVP Steve Kachelein dnd Pete Hagopian, the volley- ball program fielded a veteran team as all but one of last years varsity players returned to Coach Tom Read ' s second-year squad. V o L L E Y B A L L SPORTS 11- A i :? 1 T Y i.riv low turnout. CcMch Steve Firii hjJ to mdk.r do without . . - ■,■ re spirdti thin for the most [ «pile competing in 4 very lou h aqual- srvrul Chjrxers turned m good p. f rs Junior Jrtt Wilson cxielled in the 500 jnd 200 yd freestyle 4 did (re khman Brjd Kiihie Ken Ri4.kjbjugh wd cited by Cojih Ferris 4s the teams most improved •wimnter in both jttitude and performance i " 1 t. H ' v ■ ks ■ 5. .T ' ■ ■ Wilson.RUw — to R. SFIuss, P.Marshall, J.Awerkamp, B Marshall, R Bauermann. Coach Farri ' ■M. m i 5HARK!, SHARK! Coach Cliff Hooper and his Frosh Soph team experienced the same difficulties as their varsity counterparts did. Outstanding swimmers were Charlie Adair and Bob Tut- tle. The coaching staff hopes to strengthen the program next year by increasing their recruiting efforts. V A R S I T Y SPORT ' MjnjKrit jir (L lo R| V Bjrirll. C Long. C C«mill«. C Evrtrtl. B uH. L tiulmrt lit The Girls Athletic Association has always trj ditionally been the largest student organiza- tiiin on t.inipiis Its membership is composed ol ail girls who lompele in girls sports. GAA provides an opportunity for them to enjoy ath- letics for its social, recreational, and compet- itive nature. Again this year, the GAA pub- lished and sold programs at home football games and sponsored the annual Powder Puff Football Game. GAA president Carol Ettleman and advisor Ms. Sheri Ross devoted time and effort toward a successful year, right down to the GAA Awards Banquet at the end of the year. I GAA Officers (L to R) Top Row- T Lewis, C. Ettleman, H.Moyljn. Bottom Row- J Morns, J.Hetlin Danielle Artxiur mjkcs her serve SPORTS B A S K E T B A L L ,AA Bd Wrlbdll enioyrJ another • ihc Jirnliun of M% Shcfi jftilion op n lo jny girl with ir irml. ihry prjcticrd flet :hool durmx ihc yxtrvV. TKr j(irU ■- «rtJ pbyrJ «qu4«J in ihr IcJKur ll» M )Hrs D C E Under ihc Jirrvtion of M» Con»Unir MiKibban. ihr djmr trouper 4t ETHS « a» very Jtlivr t ihry appcrjcd in many pruducliunt Wilh jpproxi- m trly fifty dancrr . including M mr rrvjlrt Dantr pfrfurmcd in the Ldgunj B««(h Djfur Concrri In ihr setond «nnu4l d4ncr conirri 4I LI Toru. ihry did numhf ' r% in ballrl. ] it. nd mod- ern d nir Jo «he iheme of Free to Be You 4nd Me Dancert l »o helped in ihe chorrogrjphy for ihe «ll-«chool produiiiun of ihe muticai. The P itic( in clion II srf)m«. SPORTS 110 MX KTS r-u !-i .rC Srt .a ' The J ' Team- (L lo R) lop Row- L iltlson L TjllirsDn M MtKinney, T Lewis, L. Changalj Bottom Row, I MiIUt H Moyljn L Bianca, K Burroughs The girls had another tough time of it in El Torn s second year of CIF organ- ized girls volleyball Coached by Ms Sheri Ross, the Varsity and JVs played a preseason sched- ule and South Coast League opponents for a period of about five weeks. Both teams worked hard to improve on fundamentals and execution. SPORTS 1 1 1 jcn h«d tl« ittst ■•■t J new coach. M« I ammy S«idrr and a «w«fr ihr lop singlrt ■•t jnJ Chfi Oropr and Myr« «vrir ihc lop doublr« lombind- during ihr %«dM n Tammy jnd Irnny. thl»% And Myf . Mjfha VVjl (rl. and Caylrnr Connally advanced into ihr C IF qualifying rounds at Uni vrfMiy High bth ' e klc ;•! i II la Rl Top Rot ' T s ..lrf. H tlrl.ri I ' t.MinKJjht I Timlin K HArt K Smith ( ! S(, l,.irt N Ak anklet PMorfit KI.m " .I Bottom Row ■ C C arlri M Sjmi. ) I ■ m The Girls ' Gymnastics team, coached by Ms. Kris Logan, began the year by learning the intermedi- ate compulsory programs (last year, they competed using beginning compulsories). They practiced and average of Z ' z hrs. per day includ- ing an optional session on Satur- days, Laurie Gillespie, Perry Hud- son, and Connie Creamer were three of the outstanding performers who competed on all the apparatus. G Y M N A S T I C s SiM,l , . Gymnastics - (L to R) Top Row - Bdirell. A Askew. R Candiulli. K bmilh. L Cordon, J I ' t ji L e.illcs- pie, T Younj ddhl Middle Row - L Bidncd, M Tolle, A Tonqoe. J Papier B Cxjrdon. J Cirr Boltom Row - D.Frederick. L Robertson , PHudson. A Fraser. K Cunningham. K Casilc J Crow, and C Creamer. SPORTb A F S 1 T Y T R A C K Foi ihe !j ui „ H.Kh Tic Gifl ' Dunf ' - Jrkrnd -ib«-» due to It r «.el In jJdiiiun lo %up«( x jc Lf-j LA uiJinr in thr hutdirt and long lump ihr Chjr)trr% iralurrd vrtrTMt Lrriiu Molm«4 ( ' kpriniN) Lynn McAli trt (hi |ump). and Chfi lv Lonn (middle di»uncc) New , 1.- -Is J »ir. intr tM9% «vhi)« Ihc 440 rrUy iddcd OrlrU Cttk ' Trjck Tfjin ■ IL lo R) Top Ron - C. «th DKkrv CoMih HaU 2nd Row • V Toiirt K Ciivrt. ( fr;.ihin« M I unoilr D AiKn. ' T I..ni-. t Cjrirt K Hjvrnt Jrd Row • C Poll •St k Hj Ning It ikmtA ol iIm twU • jmp I l.trrn P Btxg K i itjln S CJo Jm«n S OxiTnt 4lh Row • I ' J(J I Hf Mm PMktntyir irW L BinkrniHin C Btrtkrniidgr DPir K L4N4W K M ii.nrj Ballnm Row • O Sijrkt L tjuuiJmf L MtAlnlri L Holmn. Blown. K Cillur E Ciun jlr C lonn T C 4ih»un I ' SwiJIinK v.. K- 1 -A. , 1 Kegina lomc-. in tor a landing lbs iri ' |L V i « ■ SPORTS 125 p I T Y B A S K E T B A L L Loft Ch nMl nvakr ihr lump hM ji Bj kr4b l • It to Rl lop Rom • K. HuttnuKh s Bjlr C t tllrm n T lr«vi« C • rl tin , . .-,... tihrn on ihr final Horr tjU in pr4i ...., ...rJ K(itJuj|lv 4 in Lori Cli nKJb n»PM ilrJ Ihr V. Babkclball - (Ho R) Top Row - J VVmlhei U VV,,if, house, WSeider- R Loescli lirihcid kVVoodel. Bollom Row - P Carson, C.Oropesa. D Morris, K Grant, L ong J. V. B A S K E T B A L L SPORT ' - CLASSES with the pride of knowing that we belong. - L-- StNIORS 131 r i JTSTANDING SENIORS ,.t. N,nK C btt C l..»«n» I,.m C.jvin jnJ KitfnS Wf ly l. .i II... ,i...,, Utn, J ' lciui .u J Clou Oriml i. utr l i. oupW- rft Hrmm and Kobin ( ' (ht In keeping with past tra- ditions, the Senior Class of l " ?© voted for the class- mates that best fit the vari- ous " titles of distinction. " Seniors Craig Driml, Pan- cho Castillo, and Cindy Schupp were marked fav- orites as Craig took three titles and Pancho and Cin- dy were chosen for two categories each. iiin " Most Athletic- Carol Ettleman and Kevin Urquharl SENIORS IM SENIORS Wilh the jdvrni of the summer monlh« . El Toro High b idr f4rr " t.ond tla " % of alumni This years Srnmrs j- -if title s the Spirit of 7e with j rr ounJmg viclory during bpirit Week The energy and ral of the Class of 7o were well JireileJ by the class offaers and well guided by the ilass advist)rs. Ms Fraim. Ms Slephany and their babysitter for three years. Mr I lerrun Their lime and devotion were most appreciated Craig Diimt. Senioi Ptrstdrni M. .. p. , «„».., T. ( inJv V Ir r-itiir ' t: r P-t- -. r ' 76 ' 76 ' 76 ' 76 ' 76 ' 76 ' 76 ' 76 ' 76 k. ladWmg ■ u«v 1.M StNIOKs ■ hHftll Kriko Ak hon Hedlhrr Akcf " Mrmories are lovrly things They tjn bring much plej urr. sweet momcnis lo hold jnd Uedsurp ' 76 ' 7( ' 76 ' 76 ' 76 ' 76 ' 76 ' 7 % shun Almndrt Ciil Anulo luniot CSF, CAA Tmni.. Djncf To Mt Sim. Kr»p on builjinn lo M. Swimmin» Pjgenlcv Sfnioi C! F PTL Whf»lrc buy J new nt lo Mt Sklji CAA. Twinn. Smmming. Chiflm« kc»( on liuitinit. lo my KOTC in Pljy «lru(lrf. Allrnhul Kjlhy AnKnJoU JV Trf WirtUnig. Honn iu U t. : t SENIORS I m Im t ll ntrd% 4 little morr « i H.. i..,. 1.. TTiM t « (MM; of c«h Vmk toa r» tot aulMt ail Im TM ) Dam CoMnM t MM T«ta(r BH «f« Vki» r Nfiii rtt t 1m INrt ft« AK«(ifli« l»0 MM % ' ilMMJ ,frn Outfit J jt»ily lf tL Po% er Putt CAA 4 CitU L»««ur irMk PoM ri PuM Prp Club. CAA Birb Barron Barb Basryr I am gUd High hool is over now %vc These 4 long yraro ate over. I can ' i be- can alt move on lo bigger and belter lieve I did it bure hope Jackie and Kim things Remember The Spirit of 7o can. but for Jackie. I realty doubi it live torever!!! Larry NitU eat your heart out ' A Cooper Bayli» Don Bealty MtMiiM Joe Beck Leigh Ion Kelknap Karen Bennett Kathy Berger SENIORS M. « »fi«i»i» (.• ■• IM IM MM1 !••» iMn. I.U ••!•. , • ' 1 IVI WHimtiaa- ' B tfiJ il oic E I ' •on t sit HtMf me ' BrrnI BfiMor Junior juurn lism. Srnior {uurnjlism CItf r Bri«iol ' a " M Danj Brovsmr I tl get by wilh little help from my friends To Bob. the best of my love, Jeff Djnd 1.2. 3. 4. ever. 1 Mike Btownfield Bjrbjfj Bruderer Foreign Excharigr Sludenl, I tl never m my life forget my year here in the US A ScotlBurgharJr V Football. Tr ck Q 100 yd team. 3. Wrighllifting man gifU-WW . D B fit k hr t 3 bilU Colecn Canrton Calhi Capiilran I wuh everyone the brti of luck in their future year« of school, you re gonna need It Alwayt remember the Spirit of 764tETHS I think I broke a looth ' SENIORS 139 no ••( . Jfit Co« I mrtth ihr othrr cUftM lucli in ihr fu lute MTAkh out tor ihr cU» of t 0 thry rron JutonulK f ik i K y-my b br Rod b t ihum p riv p» Ron-N«vy Co-t ivonle 4olw ihdil il sovfr il WJ5 worth il SENIORS I ( hmhwtaKlNMtll. I I si V. . ' .■ ' .J 1 Wj j member ot ' jTMrv lenni le m in lunior vr4t fjrneU lellef. a1k co- ediior oi Touch Our World. Connie Oievrniiudl To D W . you ire mv m pir lion inJ my lifr-with lh» I shM live torever-Lovr you «lw«y» lilllr S Chtislinj Duhn Amy Du» yn«ki IWW %v BIjit Holly CorwrtU w Frjnk TR SprrJwjy Tenni SAHS Cookie CUudiJ Pby the (lutr B«nd Thjni. , SENIORS rvr»« fi t .. lt « p « to aukf ! « rilClxMuHCVik t CMikU l tipfciii Mm Iim loklMi 144 -KEotiP " lodd Frj i Mary Ftrdiukson Njn f t rrm J V B4«krlMl . Vjr ity BA krlbJI Kry Drill TMm-2.3. Rank IraJrr J Dan r I finally maJe il ' Hanx m lh«f unJrr Club. Bo v Lradur. CSF. PfpClub Club-2. CAA-2.J. bludrnl 4 lUssmcn Bill and Nan (or ever Davt Furbee Cross-Counlry. Tratk. Key Club. ASH Jr Class Ptes. To Inger just like Snoopy says, you and me, Together. For- ever Kosemary Gallic Bonnie Cardnrr To Tina. I wish a hfe full of Love. Laugh- Thanks to all who helped me tt. made it ter and Luxury May we always share fun Happy wishes lo all I m Morman ' our hopes and dreams logelher Ask about it. Listen, baby. Mark Carsika Chris C« porra ans Stewardess (Come fly me ' lLe ' s buddy ■! ever. S C my man remem- xme To the class of 7©, k ve Bye ' Tom Gavin SENIORS ' ' AA« |t«i Sw Tlw CUm oI 7 Rub AnJ k anr U lit TKcv 19 im% K««« « K rr « tv«wtifi l Uv VNhii X you m»tn I rwvU •■ ' r " V C IV»I !.«• . i C H»v Pud ' Vknri I ,- ■ ,.,.., ... . vlv j Mill N«niv HimnxvnJ V Votlevbill 3.4. Prntdrnt BD Club Good luck lo Marv H Lindj B jnd Vnj B Bimr C 4( Chi« v jnd jII thr Pjm F Crttintt mjrripd in Aujt to R K u s minv moir C.NO nd d n r uo To Mt Hobb . m y jU thf ink kid foi mr SrnjB Lovp ( nii •■lay wrll D«vid H nciK ' k BohHjrmtin Cood luik lo ill my frirnd 4nd to iMkif through hrt lunior 4nd Smnr Yrjr AndihrOM Livn " SENIORS li Aiftnn llNnr I ij •■ ' M4MV Heim B»t»y Hrhtt Jf ff Hemm Sindr Henby I V V B»knbJl VVollr bill Foun Jf r Lool. out Cindy ihoit CoiiUii you V Foolball, V Wtolling. Kcv Club. Pep Drill Tt in. CiiU Ujxur. CitU L Pro 4 Grind Wijjtd of O M Kry Club I know ThinV O F . M H . L B I hid Club, Boy» Uigut, OM. Good Luck to Krywinctlpi Krywinrltr Avtiv Dir think Mr Cully for 1 Irlhirtiiv lime in tun Shix l brinit frirnds logrthcr. I m thr Cli« ol 7a md O.M ' ind ill my Luck toCiroI. Li«i ind Tmry English gonni mt » thrm love to Robin Slrv» hlibbrrl I cant believe she turned me down. SENIORS 1 i 9 HI r ' i : Af gr f fie4f«in|[ J ««vn« tft DnWHwctgHi P akf jl. HuKM Ra 1 tn to ■ BT IraiUi dl o4 a Tmd a At • iM m tumi « [KMg. D««« l w i To IVr «l aiv how mi ««k I-- r k Hx- ■••. ..■■■till ifl at liiyiiwiii lin« ii «M ■!» lahHT V ' V Cltni Ha «fl u. ..i r..t I T -., ;■.-.». J., ...l IM MN. !• I - r Trash can of the gods B rbHudvon M tk Mu(nj)(lr I DY bit. MCCI Kj, fee ie TiTT Z i5 :3 EdHughrs I wjnt to live. 1 wjni j ive I vp been j miner for j heart uf gold I found it Neil, where did you go With love lo Kel. F reweirioall Vonnie Hynson Lisa )jck on Teresj | L K. n Pep Commis ' .ioneT. Homctoming it Goodbye and Good riddjn4.e Letillj Xmjs Prince . ASB. V Bddmitlen. C be ((ood to Tommy Leader. Ilene ?i . Future. BYU. Brian Happy limes. Thanx E.T. 4.- Susanne lakabsen Edward Jasper My «incereM tf t»ude to the Faculty To Straw Hat Pi a Parlor and Luiki 4 students of ETHS. for their weUome. for putting up with all of our rowdini- s help and under tanding-alMi for warm KOTC. 7e and Athel t Rule memories ■ ' 7 i H A pensive moment for Sieve. Cevilia jrrtrts,«n To be with Gordon Forever SENIOR- K MlMh 1 4 I pirjd ihr Sih UairiUwwU ih. turn XrM, »• mir «| t t « al IJ; • ' lNll Mivhrltr Kroonj Dull Tmiti Rank Lradcr 2, Drill Tram C«ptJinJ.CAA 2. . Modrrn Diner 2.J C r4i)t LiBahn V B jsrh all V F oolball. Lrllrrman Club, Lori ti Brad Fiiendt Foirvrr C ' hnsly I II «r yuu lairr The Fonz " Lnlir La Brrg Chri« Buddy Luck to Dana Thanks ' Footrr To Sieve vxtnct or later I m gpnna gel ya ' F P -Saddleback Sl Ca- rtVT Woman Thank» Mom ' Susan Layne I wish everyone in ihe class o( 7d id have an enciimg life in ihr tulurr Julir Lcr Drill Team Capl, Dance Production, GAA 3 yts Radical parties ' Good luck all you underclassmen, causr you ' ll nerd tl " The excitement is killing me! i ill Tti " Kim Lrtbf llrr Concert Choii-hrrr jnd Agourj. Mtt- MJthjClub jl Agourj High Tinj Lewi Ciili Itttur S Club. V Tt«k Bjskcl bjll Sohbill VolltybjII, Powdrt Puff FoMf «■ friend forfvf r. J «p«ci il Thank to M VVjldau Vvcltr Lirdloff SENIORS IV ' r il i i umm 4 f« vuw gb ' ■jM 1 " ii ltf 0 Ik fMMl llJRk t«W 1 4 MNK R«. Jjmrs Mjrkcr J mes Marshdll Gil Martinez KimMjuvais. Shirlir M«yer« Mr Cullry belter rtol ihink, she s got Good luck to i . memories will alwjy . Qx d luik to all my school friends whom Good Luck, Chuckles ' Don, may our Good luck lo my brother and sisler. ndof me uid Williams yet be fond of El Toro. but we all must go I had icriffic limes with here in El Toro future be bright ' Thanks for everything and you have only 2 more years led, on to bigger things. Mine { ' •CbULB in the last ten years. Ms Beck Off we go to UCI. Annie Anila-have fun!! Fannie! I wish he would slop eating and notice me SENIORS 153 Mm 14 %( ••««., »h ihjl iulr ' t mk ' loaM krrlM M t« k If MNIOII» SENIORS J M W S» SI s;i ,v I i I IBIW " ' ' ' junr Pfvk on Mjrk Pnfurl SENIORS IS " J ■ f. lllM laM«hllu»» HH1 m not mjd ' %,tm T 0fmm» I ' vr • K jtf : Can you Icll I m posing ' l n Rj jn CAATenm Tf m SENIOR ' ¥ Amwcm oil tl • Wm VNhji k an I AJv I n Kruuv y ' A A i -K . v»4 ;iQiie SI V D4vr Rohrbj4.krr Mikr Ro smin J Sulin Rudr ill Coot off trim ' " Work it ' - ' v| Crdigbt. Cldir CSF, cdrbook Editor. CotleRe Advisor Hitlinj; thcU S in 76! Of course I think 1 mcute! ' Djmr i.rfji espfnenir nd nwmofie . I m Konn i tnis ' t il Etrrn l Fri«nd«hip lo f jHiv Bonr K . nj B Good Byr. L T . Hrllo hff Jujnj S iwhr Triry SJ« t nr I l«avr J few of my fri«nd% for 1 or 2 Kjlhi I will lovr you forfvrr. N ' 1jlk ry morr vr ' r« to cjtry out my work of you hjv« onr morr yrjr Hj ' Cood hflpirtut nrw and non English sprjking luck with BM } n good luik with students jnd t kr il tA v SENIORS e IM • » ■ Fuminf Siroi« Br d Skif Dive bmiih To Kiihy tk Cf nt rfm»mb f the (un Tf m of Goof-off Tuff luck M rv w« vr h d Lori MiiirJs will nevrr K y how thr wjy 1 vr f«lt jboui you thru Donn bmith The Team of Coof-off! I jm gUd I finally made it ' Special thanks to Mr Hoist for helping me out krvm Snyder Lynn timirtt Matty Spainhowet Good luck to all the under ciMtmm M y your Sentor year be good a our« Now th» ' undiTt I-is men better Honor Roll CoSd Tscal, Awj.d. CSf Hono, Roll P,p Club D.nc, Byr .vMybody 111 . " Hy m,.. you V BB ' ■ ' ' ' ' ' ' VolWyWI. T1k,« who inl by ihr y«d but Iry CAA ExcHln.c. A «d Cjndid.lr Think. D.v, (or l,.l,n,n|i r.tdon . C,.U Uigu. CAA, S Club Po-d« by Ih, inch ,hould brkKtcd by the B«kclbjll Pi.rc»»» (oig.l m. And ,«r,yt»«ly r,n,»mb.. Pud V«ibook (oo. ELTON lOHN KIRtVFR ' I SENIOR ' i m f-|f ■) N f Wi Vw Sljy « «y, I btW ' le« MNKllls T naTuinfy To my ftirnds yout (ti«.d hip h« V FoolbjU V BiMbjIl V Club Kry brought out Ihf lovf in me lo you. b» Club O M Lol» o( luck to ihf O M cjuse youi world i» lovf Kwp logflhft ind the cl«» o( 7e »nd lo ill in Ihf my Oifo fuend (ulufe " Leslie poses for her picture SENIORS lonll I fcf r iw iw » I •iUtft jKiuf •««i at «• GonJ Iwk to Mr. fUU 4 K«t Ho«- le« tNK - Judy VVrbrr To Wendy Lfdrnj Phil M«rk Monty mioy v . uT fulurr livrs j% I II rnioy minr 1 imr lOftrlhrT h v» bren gifjl TjV. Lon WrlU Krvm VVhilr To my bjb« . Connip. I love you. Monty Whilfirld rdibxa m Don VVickhjim Bt)h Wildcy Btfit Williams Mrs Culty bctlri not think she ' s rid of me and Marker yet Remember ColdusI Powder Rm 1228 Robert Wjltiams Becky Wilson Craig-hang in there jind be t good kid Keep dreaming! Mjy my brother be happy and enjoy the b«t year of h» life Debra Woodwai J Laurie Wilson , ,,, „ . ... ,, . T .L J . Lon Wmtf Kegina Woidenbetic II ■ - t ■ ■■ lomorrow is ine wine ot wonder ItTn ■■ . •• i-i i ir i ij h i Lord lo be loraiven He wil ■ l h .u . To all mv unden assmen I aivc you all Today » the lomorrow you worried Juiuir plan include College work, my I Li t .. 11 leaches all (here i» and tf were palieni i,, ...i l..j .tij ji k Him for time-He will bivc ,. .i. .l l " V l«vr happini-s I hone you have about yetlerday oupei great tnends and my one andonly ' with nnr nolhrr lh rr it. nnthine wp i . miKK we L. . . . ■ .. .. U)ve forever. Scott k your ■ .-K ve A vou the re l of your life nlh one another there is nothing we can t teach as much (un in high ••chool as I have " Bahman Zahedi Beth Zinck 1 i SENIORSFlpJ ' 17 ' 77 ' 77 ' 77 ' 77 ' 77 1 I 4mr in Irur lo • " : ,1 Jirf» after Spirit Wrvk fniivllm Drtpiir ihr UiominK •hdJuw t %i !• ■.■ " .. ■ •It • , . • , gfrai «« r ior yf r, ihr tuntor wrrr bu«y r«tetnK Senior Pfom A iim yAW torn r»rxi U II III I •t » rulmK CJ «« of 77 hut . 4lt W ' •t . 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Dcl rl Palruk t .11: Sandra C a ' .h LIpidia Castillo Bob Castle Paul Casileberry lean Changala Peler Changala Linda Chapman Bob Charles David Charlson MikeChurchwel inceCipolla leanine Clack Mike Cof felt Mark Concar Diana Conkey Bei ky Cools Riik Conoran 50PH0M0RF ' 1- Cruz Cdrciii Ddvld Gardner Kdtliy Civin Drbby Ci ' ldcr Pi ' iry Gentry Biib George Kelly George Ron Gibson George Gilbert Pdl Gilbert 1 jurie Gillespie Cheryl Glazier Bi nnie Golden Urry Gomez John Gonzalez leticia Gonzalez I uty Gonzalez Linda Goodman I ori Goss Arthur Gourdine Eddie Graham lef f Graves shjnnon Graybeal Mithele Gromme Br.id Gross ' -jndy Gulley l.nkic Hjgcn loni Hagopian ' ■ . inn Hall H.imriH ' nJ I lampion Hart Haritwn I arric Harner Mclanie Harrie Karen Havens lim Heebner Melissa HeKer Laura Hcr .l ki ' bOPHOMORES l " ! iial W • « « (»,.k. n w tK- Lniw MtfikMi n4tn (lulm nJtt tU. 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Osier Hi ' -up Park Beth Parker Larry Pasnc lanel Pravy Sieve Pelletlieri Lolie Pel el SOPHOMORF- i iwtrf %Jvi0 CMn • mftMB Anyun w«nl lu lAr Smrdlry on T, crm Sh.ine Rutherford Kim Kviin Hrtky Sdfidn Kclloy bjle Ramon Sat jJn Laur.1 Sjmpio I J rather be at the heath ' m lie s a hummer? M-r Kent Schmidt Kerry Se " - ion Sylvia Shadle Boh Shane Steve Shehon Kuks, .,„.. , , -.-mth Marv Smith N ' lia Smith Terence Smyth Steve Sottaggs Toni Sorensen irling ■.rr .Ti :: ' i c lair I ill Steed SOPHOMORF ' . 1 " " 1 .-. ■■. 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Area Ember Armstrong Muhafl Arnold Fred Arroyo lim Ashby Sieve Alcncio FRESHMEN 201 ma Tjnva Bijwnti KobiTt Brochu Dun Brown Ki ' iiny Brown Shrrrie Brown Puni Brown vonne Brown t ' .diy Bro io ]ell Brunncr lanel Brv.inl lolin Bry.int Miiki Br on KoJney Burden Rav Cade Lori Caldwell Teresa Cdlhoon Gary Callahan Chri ' - Calligan lacquie C ampbell Kachelle Candiotli JeffCardella Eerin Cardin Tammy Carlson MikeCarlucci Shelly Carpenter lulieCarr J Chris Carter ' .indra C aruio LmdaCasarez Mark Caserta Mike Cash kcli Caster Pam Castillo Krisly Castle Alan Changala Rohm Charle Tim Chesire Greg Chupp Jeff Chupp Sheri Chiirih FRE5HMEN 203 11 0 , A n c Tuny Drjmi-. l.imi- Duhosi ' Kcid Dugdv Donna Dunham Mikf Eh.l C indv t.lli- lullcClllv Sliphfn LIsbuty VVi ' ndy Emorsun Bobbi Erto Dean Eslmxer Cathy E ans Chti ' .ty Everett Kevin Everhart RobbvFaJike Jennifer tair Lee F alco Tom Farrcll Kelley Feilcr Tony Ferlaulo Mary Fiikc Larry FiddamenI Russ Flournoy Curt Formolo Leui . Fo Sharon Fox Sherry Fo Robin Fradkoff Chrisscn Franken L ' )aniflle Frederick anne Fulton Su-an FurK ' e lackir Fu ell Mali Gail Fen Catpom left Cibh» Karen Gilliam David GilloM .l.-n FRESHMEN 205 D ni-a t n i i» Bi)b t l.-n r . MomiUni 1 1 - Tr.icv HiJdlgi) Davr HixKin " . Kob llla ' -idvd Mikr Hot f man CroiKc Hogan |of HoUrr Kri " - Hopka Thomas Hopkins tllcn Horn !?andra Holh Emily Horton I Cheri Housenga Bob Hou-et Brenda Howard ScotI Howard Alice Huxhcs Steve Hughes Cena Humphrey Lisa Humphrey Amber Hunter Larrv Hynson Dale Ingle Debbie Inman Chri-- Jackson Paul James lamo lean Alan lensen Kenneth Jensen Iini lt !uv.» i k.r ■ ' .. : -. • Cennie johnstin Tern lone Greg lorden Lhii-tinr Jovie Can Kalen Glen Karden Tom Katapski p.,, I k.. , kahuna • llman fRESHMEN iO " C »i Kmlm W .v.- IV t) r « cft ( f •e a ChuikM.iM, . C jrolyn Mj :i., . Dunnj Mdyers eft Mayne Ki-llyMiCjbc Su n- Mit jHri-y AnJrea McCarly PjiMcClicrov Rdvlcne McClendon Bert McCoy Diana MiCraw Karen McDonald John McFadden Bob Mc Clone Dana Miinlyre Jeff McN ' aughlon Ten McPhecters Blair McPherson Dave Meisner Sufie Meiia Barbara Merlo Mike Merritl Donna Merryman Tammy Mtnti Al Mrl ger KoW " M.. .1..- KinJra Ming loan Miranda Dale Mitchell |ani Molendyk F RESHMEN lO ll! W Cindy Pin Delores Pills Sherry Pitis Mall Polilliamrncr Dobbii- Pollard I ' .illi Puori ' uki I ' Drlcr Calhy PosMin Corinnc Polls Laura Powell Palli Powers ana Prall Kim Priikell busannne Prior Kirk Ragan Cinny Rakow Joey Ramirez Mike Ramos V v Slephanie Rannus Mike Rarintr I 1. ji|i.;r K.nsiin ; Sl.i, -, Kc.J Ku Reid lefl Ruhells Brad Richir Leonard Rickci Mall K.t. Wanda K If. Irw ■ Kimland ■ ' ; .Mil Robin FRESHMEN ill r - " vo llinn « ,- ,ftTf £ 2 .01? k. l.ori Stecn Cieorge Steffltc U ' endy Steinkamp iikv blewarl M.ill Simpson Tom Simpson Cheryl Simurdd Mike Simldir Crjig Smith Crrg Smith Kelly Smith Mtiindj Soils I. hns Sorensen Alda Sowers Tom Spagnola lulie Spdinhower Shjwn Spalding Roihelle Sparling Larry Spencer lack Spilman Becky Starr ' ueStallings Kim Stedman Mike Steele Jennifer Strickland Pamela Sudds Gary Sudol Cathy Swartz Tract Thrash I ' .itriik Tighe Michelle Tolle Annie Tonini - FRESHMEN i » If :il liiisM .li I U.-. VVhiU-.. r:.l. )ini Whilj ' KDii N-fl Wak C jriil Wieihcik.1 Kohorl Willidm-. KtHisfvrll VVilli.ims Ky-in Willis Di ' Irnrr Wilson Cti ' tihpn Wilson Miki- Wilson l.iniu ' Winlher C hns Wise Linjj Won K-f( Woo J Kdiv Wood shjton Wood K.lt.n W,...dcl slurrv Wtiuhl Bvion VitfuM " viill ' Vjtd lolin oon FRESHMF- STAFF ( 1 with the wisdom gained through experience. ADMINISTRATION lUinvjn S.hmuli Pri«Hi| «l hJ i »4 . t w t s t w tonlintM k» MMiik our Kichjtd Simmon t ountrlor Coun«rl " Thv purpose of our school ' s administration is to supervise the student learning process, insuring the acquisition of basic skills and aiding the develop- ment of analytic and inquisitive aptitudes. It is hoped that through the proper management of in- truction, El Toro High School ' s graduates will be more than prepared for life as citizens willing to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and well- equipped for continuing to higher education. Our administration was excellent in that it could recog- nize problems before they turned info emergencies. Problems were immediately acted upHjn, and the re- sult was a smooth academic year. iVlargjret Harrison Counselor Cynthia Crow Librarian Ruby Edman School Psychologist Frances Jehle Nurse Ruth Madrr Career Counselor FACULTY 2W CLERICAL STAFF (or (IrtM-al work in high ■ n ' i. our school ha» d full- I scircljr»f Th«e ecrc- jndlc ihr typing. revord-kct-pinK. and viiMunal duller whuh 4».iompany n anagc- mcnl on lomplrx Icvrls Congrnial in dispo •ilion. ihrsv ladick grcci wilh a milr and »tv always willing (o hrip rxi « iKw wti " I kf «t«tK Rfninn CmoI Vi||h«m f ' i%r I »j |« V tinnnr I ' .i ■ J ' " ' Anita DiamonJ Bonnit DieJtrKh Uuth Hobbs Neilye McKinney Francine Pittm n oriiu ' ' " FACULTY 221 ' Ru« f Mitiu ' V fohn htmd V John CioMi Mjnurt Dujrir Roy Jof J ' i -5 -,- l«lk riwim trrv i% r ' n J mr « , ip -f , .iftrr for lo t k ihrv t ' nMvl dll ihr non-rJucjiMmal an J ' ■ ' - ' ' The «u%Iik1mI suU jnJ rrp4ir« lho»r -i ihr t H J »rrvMr «ldtt provi«ir» ,. .1,, .... n % Toj-: ' - ' ' --- • ' — V ( rvr ■ » VVr ., iir Jhc SERVICES HI FACUlIt iHtno ' ThrtnaclLbfir 1- Koirtrr rfjilv J Jodurr ' FACULi ART An cl«t n bcKin by inlroducing ihr ba»ic ele- mrnl« and principlr of JcM n In later inslruc- ' - Niuiirni vrntuir into the various media rxprrt«ion During the period between ihr novur tlage and .idvanced stages thereafter • ' ■■ Jt-ni » abilities and appreciation for .ui inloi king hidden talents within. " »«» r IjffK I «(ulin Ml Knighi CalhvtmrWjIJju Shjron Zri{ » " f ENGLISH El Toro High School is blcssfj with .1 truly out- st.iiulifif; -.tciff in ihf English Dcpartmi-nl. The (.urrimlum provides the practical courses in grammar compxisition. vocabulary, and litera- ture along with courses on the developmental level and instruction on the enrichment level. Seasoned veterans of the college-preparatory campaigns, the English staff teaches classes which are both enlightening and beneficial. k. a run-on sentente .X nun s iwirk ! • never done billy Hol .hki» -P-, - •i Dorolhv blevens y ' : ■v. A James Daugherty Lynn Lucas lay Rayl FACULTY 225 FOREIGN LANGUAGE ' ■ ! jnguagr Ui- j ' fDVido an . ' ( ' (Hxiuftiiy lo briU ' f un- iJrr«ldnd ihr valuer and iu«lom» of people in olhrr nd whilr learning to tpvjk. trad. wTilr. and comprehend tt idiom Lloyd Em tK (( Krith Cir n B«vrfly Cib«if e i.ej. ' v, CUmr Bt y« uu mull r I lull -Jur !jn|;ar V " [•an.vf, iv J I unn v i w ■■ HOME ECONOMICS Thr Home Cionomio [ " rparlmrni offrr a vanrlv of course lo " .uii dit- Irtrni li r lylr«. Th»»»c youn)( ladir vsho w«uild n»»l mind marryinx .1 hand«t mr. wrallhy grntlrman ate tnorr apt lo lake »ouf r in FiHid . C lolliinK family I ilr C fiild l c%rlop mcni. and Dixtxalivr ffomr Art fot ifir liberated female or llie youn man n« i l«Hi rnilni«r i al ifir idea of vup ptitlin : Ntimrnnr rUr ihrrr i» ' imrlr LivinK C ' JoiM Quavt ChjrU Cdrr MATHEMATIC T v lurrkuliim in the- Mjtiicmatics Dcpdrlment lOVcrs i broaJ rjngi- of subjcits to suit the vary- , ini5 requirt-mcnls for each student. Some need only i Algebra to gain an understanding of financial in- ' ; de es while others need Math Analysis for a future ' in engineering. Now ju -l wait a minute one M a time Lyie Herman Diane Hockersmilh iili What do you mean you don t understand? " The number 0 ' i» equal to FACLl BUSINESS EDUCATION Tho«« who pUn on K ininK ihr rdnk» of secreldries m ihr occupdiHtndl worlJ use their eirclive class choicer on courses in ihr Bu inr s Education De- pjrinwni SluJmts gam valuable experience in learninx to handle the telephone switchboard and other oflfke machinery Other students learn to type and take shorthand (or future u«e Tjkr J liwlk Jl ihit lim ifiolhFt ffrltv f i, r HEALTH AND DR IVERS EDUC TION Mralih and Driver « IduiatHin is a f ' .{ year loutse that serve a-- • rm from which one oblain - .• •rnia Driver » Licen«e The pi r- ■• r vrat drviiird to health in deals tvilh studies of basic • ne. harmful dtux». «nd firsl-aid I ' lovedurrt I he remainder of ihr year is spent I - i nd drivvt •«tvty t tlrfron Pjul PrJiK. MUSIC Tlu ' Musii Department, a . in the past, lias given its students a wide variety of musical selections to study and play Ren- dering everything from the march to ther rhapsody, the musicians added their versatility in the numerous music forms to their growing talents. Susan Toibin Larry Snyder MikeMcKenzie With a large enrollment, the Reading Department now has a staff of five full-lime reading specialists. To aid students in reaching their highest reading potential, the staff uses many motivational tools. Some of the successful inducements include the wide variety of reading material, reading aloud, and reading for enjov ment. READING i FACLL ' GIRLS ' P.E. . K.4I LJuidlion ' i- tu- -il .- iivtim during the y«at II » ' ' ' " .Ijle jn ' iij the litrlung m)uyin«nl ul any «pon ' ' ' ' ■ ■ (ndinidin j 1 ,u i , ' lMw , •i «ta. t K« vl I ry Uiant H lr Con lanir Mi Kibbjn ROTC Due to incredsi ' d i-nrullmi ' m, the sihoiil hired two new J. R. O. T. C. instruitors ri) ;etlier, the three instruct- ors oversaw drills .ind delivered lectures on military history and regulations. The whole program aims at molding citizens with a sense of duty, leadership abil- it ' .iiul iiiiilative. In the interest of keeping til. those students in Boys Physical Education classes engage m numerous activities throughout the year. Playing everything from basketball to badminton, the competition was stiff and sometimes rough Look for water polo to be rotated in after the ompletion of the pool. BOYS ' P.E. ,Mt Ldrrv Nina Keith Osborn Robert Johnson facl; OPPORTUNITY L.D.G. LAW AND YOU Opporiunily. Learning Disability Gioup. and Law and ou classes form the sccluin of speiial iour « in our school Law and ou ex- amines ihe function, structure, and history of la»« and la»v enforce- ment on the federal, stale, and Icnal levels Studies include research- ing ma)c r penal codes and officer contact reports Op|X)riunily classes provide students with deficieniies in basic fundamentals a ihante to begin and catch up. L. D. G. renders special aid to the handle appt-d I ptrJn I ihr Ck«f Kri Mill Kit In ihr Woild Srrin SCIENCE My, what kids know about biology today. ) Tlu yen s Science Department .iJded two new members to its staff. They, along with the other teachers, con- tinued to provide students with vast stores of knowled ;e, a source of worry come examtime. There are those who see science as a ;raduation retiuircment and others who iew it as a credential But for some, it opens new doors. " Of course. I ' m old enough to leaih ' Pamela SisrI Don t ever cross my path, va hear? Onie. when I w.l Lmperor ot China Sharon Meyers Craig Sherreill Mark Neibel K LLI TECHNICAL EDUCATION SSSS iJui4tion Depdflmcni whicK 4pply to ihr many t,«-.J-. ui inJu ' -lrv The ila -- vaf-y in drgirr. tutn ilas .e J- mlroducc and rxplorr a vMdIionjI tkill ' ' ' p «luJml« prcpari ' ' • ' ■ ' ' ' .J Vtv.n binii li.,l- Vjr 1 SOCIAL SCIENCE For peace to exist, theti- must be understanding. Soii.jl siience provides a -tudy of other lands, the history of our own land, the est.ibhshment under whiih we live, the pivple with whith we associate, ■ind OUT true selves It is hoped that students will cave with some under- standing. Wendell Vitt Pele Zimmerman Jane Wheeler John SchtoeJor illiam Ruffncr FACLL I ATARDECER we will continue in the rich tradition of America. - . « " WE SHALL NEVER CEASE FROM EXPLORATION, - « 4 M CtCv 1 4 ' % lr IP f WILL BE TO ARRIVE WHERE WE STARTED % •( 9 y. ' ■ ! ' ? 0 AND TO KNOW THE PLACL FOR THE FIRST TIME. n CIO with the re«iourcefulne«;s that built the better mousetrap ' Our future is a reflection of today ' s endeavors. T ' 3 m I A !•« unkuJ iturdv W ' S ' " t Mv bov did this • slrid wears a native tostume ot Norwa at the A! " - ■ 1 K 1 " ' • 5? " ' -jrl ' i ri- r jl B ' Si-,., { ■■iV s r 7 41 » May 1 take your order, please? Tony. E.T.s favorite bunny atarv Club GtNbRAI Srr t V .. MFji ia -Ui Pf ■J TJ M ' •l l ' . - k .? •wV» i L-V V ..f r C— •»!» yi 1 1 1 ■v i 1 1 t i 1 , " •tl - ' 1 - 0 y Ihf htppo ndo vN.is pnjiul.u with (he imiplc ' - TOHDJiH wmn ' s CAST hr Charlie Cowell Harold Hill Mayor Shinn The Bull Singers Ewart Dunlop . . . . Oliver Hix Jacey Squires Olin Brill Marcellus Washburn Tommy Djilas Marion Paroo Mrs. Paroo Winlhrop Paroo . . . . Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn iniita Shin Paul Green Phil Foster John Thompson . George Gilbert Bill Millan . . . Perry Gentry Tim Ynclan . . . Tom McKee . . . Louis Rangel . . Angela Bance Alyssa Vila . . . . Ron Bristol . . . Cindy Schell ...Kitty McCall The town mayor Shipoopil This year ' s all-school production made many leaps and bounds in presenting Meredith Wilson s The Music Man. Mr. Rayl, Mr. Hansen, Mr. Ramirez, Ms. McKibban, and Ms. Eder were more than up to the task of coordi- nating the musical which demanded an enormous cast, versatile musicians, and colorful settings. Overall, it was the abundant student talent which made the performance successful. SPRING Am : HAWKINS ih 264 SfR |N ; ACT IV 1 1 II S DONKEY BASKETBALL Thf f.Kulty displayed their awesome abilities to conquer ungovernable beasts (other than those found in classrooms) as they scored the first victory by either side in the annual contest sponsored by the Key Club. As is always the case in these donkey wars, " the true conflict lies with the enemy beneath. This IS d pit ' Cf Oi .jkf ' Going, going GONE! No wjv Mr Hitron. bir 1 SPRING ACTlVlIi 265 KOREAN ASSEMBLY CI Toru HikH w4 honored lhi» year by iJi- • ' our younx Kurr.in LiJirs » ; . A Kurrdn Hufnlcnnul S lulr to Amrrud n tn a»»embly pro- K ' ' " ' i.ilivr K)lk. on)(s • ' ■ ■ in Lnt(ll h. the i)U4rlrl g4vr n imprntivr p«rform4ncc of K..r. ■ " ' • ' M tolor- hil n ' ; if wii 1 by Ut. I ' aul Park, who orttrjHl brtwctn ihr .itij ki)rr i T)t« v4it»ty o( ctillurr • «• mirtuininf 16 snll M; ACTiMiu ' i juA Ilene Pfeffer makes the third out. The Girls ' Athletic Association soft- b.ill program fielded thirty-five pljyers who were placed on three rated teams. Like the other sports teams this year, the GAA Softball teams (two squads) played other teams in our league. The girls were coached and guided by Ms. Constance McKibban. e A A s o F T B A L L SPRING SP i A R I T Y S O F T B A L L •l Mjttball t- i:t ' .lufin{( the s« ' .iN. ' n they ouihii nearly every opponent ' ' 1 • ! ' lilting and tometimet- «■■ ■ . ., a the trams ma)or a« ei«. but the pointed to pitching m her )uad ' mi on the V4: tuturr rt very bright Sherry Bates wa» the be«t hitter while Camillr Carr led ihf team in rbi « Cuach La .y lauded Karen ' ' ' f her oul«tanding play a» th . « SfH I r I I rr iTf 1 ( KanitjU M T M.lUr 3 J. V. 1 v . The girls ' JV Softball team also completed a successful season of play this year. As with the varsity team, the JVs had a large number of players with previous experi- ence in Bobby Sox. Coaching the squad was Mrs. Jean Carr, who praised the girls for their teamwork. Coach Carr pointed to in- juries and the team s emotional play as fac- tors which affected the girls ' performance in varying degrees during the season. Girls ' JV Softbjll-(L to R) top row-K. Regnier, W. Seiders, M. Wattel, T. Lewis, L. Stetson, D. Freem. K Shanahan, bottom row— G. Geesey. T. Seiders, Mrs. Carr, L. Secburg. K. Seiders. O F T B A L L SPRING SPORTS - 269 Tl,- ( .f|, V«r ily wim Tram mcmln-t wrtc . lUttr mwim ihi v " ' • iJ fy writ ■ -kvim Iram hrUI ddily 4t Mivvion VivK Hiifh ■■t% vsTtr 1. 1 100 yJ t in ihc 100 ytl ■rv p n rM 1 The Girls ' JV Swim Te.im fared well this year as the team was strengthened over last year s. Their practice sessions were also as the MVHS pool. Rosanne Strockis and Laurie Powell were among the team s top performers. W ?t J. V. s w I M M I N G i arsitv- and J.V. Swimming— (L to R) lop row— B. Lareaga. L. Veasey. b. Alexander. D Mctjraw. H iaks R Loesch, L. Powell, J. W ' Inther, V. Clayton, middle row-U. Fatutalie, L Bernard, J. Price. P Hudson. L. Gordon, D. Dick, R. Strockis, P. Johnson, bollom row-S. Church, C. Housenga, H owlings. M. Thorn, S. V ' atcs, B. Gordon, K. Murdoch, T. Kneeding. Not in the picture-B Hudson, M. Jryson, J. Sturgeon, D. Fair. SPRING SPO I o 1 1 N T O N . ihe South -a » pro- -jI o( in- % uking p rt play On j , . rtc »fnior . niM Brown. Lynn McAlitlrr. •vM (. ' ompo««d of B«ih .»l -ill ' . . : 2 I et4 t V. .iitlin i I Hnmn C. Cnnjllv Witdr.m t CaUwTM W . V r»l Indfow-R ( !. »»rt t (tjnL.rn : rniM. sn K Th y ing Senior Parents extend their best wishes to the class of 1976. Mr tt. Mr» R AmM Mr Si Mrs Byron Area Mr tt Mrs Howard L Arnold M« Edelmira Barcelo Family Mr St Mrs Raymond A Bate Arthur R and jeanelte M Boag Mr St Mr«. Edward F Boisvrrt Rev and Mrs Robert Bonhall Mr Mrs C L Bosdet Mr. tc Mrs. Lynn Braziel Mr St Mrs Kenneth Cook btan and Joyce Davis Mr St Mrs. D E. Dievendorff Ll Col St Mrs Gerald F Dooley Ray and Tina Dorris Frank and Doris DrimI Mr St Mrs Irvin J Duhn Mr St Mrs Irving Eastman Mr St Mrs Donald L Ellis Mr St Mrs |ohn R Esquivel Mr St Mrs Ed Fairbrother Dee and Jerry Farley Mr St Mrs James P Fleming Mr St Mr-. Harry B Gillespie Mr St Mrs John Glass Mr St Mrs H K Grant Mr St Mrs George M Hammond Mr St Mrs Donnell D Havens Ray and Nancy HeUer ' Paul Hingtgen Family Mr it Mrs Leo ' Hunsiij i-r Mr St Mrs Milton Hynson Mr St Mrs Edward | Kachelein Don .ind Joan Lewis Mr St Mr Philip S Jackson Mr 4 Mra. P. Gil Martiner f ft k • Mr It M ' " lumalaiolo Mr St Mr» Ki v A Norry Mr 4 Mrs E Oriif . |r Mf it Mf. RuhjtfJW Pr«-e irfdt Mr it Mrs C«rd L Sihwarrkopf S! .... ...jppe Ml 4 Mrs EdtonW Scott ■• " ' •■•■ Mf 4 Mrs Gordoft Si CUir Mr 4 -elvm Ar Mr 4 Mrs Alvin H W«safy Mf ■ . : g 1r« |«f VAnZeunvrrrt f 1976 Patrons The Coffee Bean David M. Beach, D.D.S. Laguna Hills Optical The Market Dr. Bert L. McCoy De Silva Hair Fashions Tumbleweed Junction The Bath Place Dr. R. L. Green El Toro 1 Hour Martinizing The Word of Mouth Fashions Torro Barbershop Standard Auto Parts Kentucky Fried Chicken Hair International Beauty Salon Jean Hein, Tarbell Realtors Dr. W. L. Scown, Dr. Nick B. Graham, Optometrists The Coral Tree Gift Shop Torrocenter Coin Laundry Dr. William Candy, Orthodontist AD MISSION HONDA • ii-oiai 4 ei9a« t«lT ATtaf P«M« a . M.M.ON v.t o C» ftlSTB BLUb HOOK COVERINGS DRAPLRILS 74tH MUIUANPS ■ EL TOftO • PH. ill llM C«lll. Lie No. 29}650 BUD TOMPKINS DICK TOMPKINS Linolauffli • C«rpah - DrapanM - SK«di ■ Wallpaper C«rp« CUanInq " lf M outiiiy 1 wilL anJ Stxpiet SKctL " , . .. ARS bMOKJNC ACCESSORIES AND GIFT ITFMS (km m t«p ell. BIrndrv! Tobactt ' to MRVL -JOU ULI UK Uuc rrcxitKU «nJ your alMf Jclion Kujr nirnl LjrmmH.IUVIjII Km MrrrJith rjMjf J« PrupiiTlot .ANTHONY ' S T.AIIOR SHOP . I uxt ' Jo Kt-nidl for ail o(ca»M n« all lvl» anJ tolot« diKount lu »iuJn l 58IS940 2O70Rock(wUBIvJ tl Tofo Nr«l lo Sav-on DtUK OVERSEAS MOTOR PARTS 2JSII BftlOGlfi ftOAD.lt TOftO 58 6-20S0 Lo» AliM s Tr buco Mi » ion Vicjo MIM ' ILCk C IK.VMKS FOREIGN CAR PARTS ACCESSORIES n I iting IGNITION PAItS PIMONS k PISION IINC SITS BIAKf SMOIS DISC PADS EXHAUST SYSTEMS CARBUKTOR PARTS (AN SILTS BAOIATOB MOSIS BAPIATOB CAPS 040 GRADS ADM " THE COMPLETE SERVICE SHOP " 13 bicycles etc 24844 Muirl inds Blvd. El Toro. Calif. (714)581-4310 MOTO BECANE SKATEBOARDS m AZUKA WyNN ' S FASHIONS Bristol Town a Country Shoppino Ckntkr 3688 South bristoi. St. santa ana. cauif. 03704 and tjoutique it Vvo Wynn Ru«ell 940-3572 SADDLGBACK SAVINGS AND LOAN A. ,, . .A;,, ;, LOCATED IN THE " TAJ MAHAL " 23521 PASEO DE VALENCIA LAGUNA HILLS. CALIFORNIA 92653 ' 7M) 581 5000 ' BRAKES ' AIRCOND. ' ELECTRONIC TUNE UP lllili} , :-, ♦ELECTRICAL STARTER •GENERATOR " CARBURETOR 0 ERHAUL V- »M. FREEWAY TEXACO •Complete Foreign Domestic Automotive 24 Hour Towing Service •Open Seven Days - o am. - " p.m. •State Authorized Smog. Lamp. Brake Inspection Station. iiiii« I ' ll 581-5770 23652 Rockfield Blvd El Toro Rockf ield at Canada oft Ramp We Use Famous Sun Electron testing Equipm- ADVERTrSEMENTTS Zi pf )SD SETTING JEWELRY REPAIR R. G. GOSSETT MFC irWFlFRS 4jJlrb4«.kV4llrvPlj J 714 580-4343 23084 El Toro Road EIToro,CA.92e30 LEN MEYUKS SADDLEBACK VALLEY PLAZA ' 710 B EL TORO RD . EL TORO TEL 5»I-5« 20 K , -) c. ' ;- .V ' -X.r-T. r c ' - V ■- ( lorisla florist 3 • CUSTOM FLORAL DESIGNS • FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS • I LORAL DESIGNS UIRF SFRVICE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS COME IN AND SAY HELLO! OWNER IRENE PLEIDRLP Phone 38 1 -7030 „ ,-(! iisABUCO RD - MISSION lLJO (at Alitia Pkwv ) HANG IN THERE EL TOROITES r -L - ' iT iyy J -LXi d- i S0»« itft»f r.xi-i.HT MASH t Hr 5861000 T Uf- J JV Thuftjjv ' t )«i « aawi i t«c (ist M II 10 0 ag ii iwa tv Bill Rash Ch evron Congratulations Graduates! 236S4-C El Toro road EU TORO. CALIFORNIA 92630 Phone e30-.4255 RC - PLANES - TRAINS - BOATS - MODELS HOBBY AND TENNIS SUPPLIES FOTOHBT CAMERA STORE PORTRAIT STUDIO FULL LINE • FULL SERVICE CAMERA STORE n RENTALS - REPAIRS [)ARKI OOM EQUIPMtM ALL MAJOR BRANDS 0 CAMERAb U PROJECTORS DISCOUNTS TO STUDENT M PHOTO FINISHING PORTRAIT STUDIO PASSPORT PHOTOS PHOTO REPRODUCTION DARKROOM RENTAL 23710 EL TORO ROAD, EL TORO IN SADDLEBACK VALLEY PLAZA 5S 1-5100 To the Class of ' 16 on Graduation, We have two ways to cross the Nation. FIAT XI 9 Happy Motoring Mission V ' iejo Imports 2ti701 Marguerite Pkvv ' . Mission ' icjo, CA 714 831-1740 495-1700 ADVERTISEMF ' rs ' ii. n INC. . iir in ■V 1 -20 M nyTh..- ' - Sieve VVa ; Good luck wtlh your new bjby Rirl. Annie 76 Amanecer Staff rOLLV rtKR | % (714) 5»e-3«0 f IHL CLOIHES HORSE ORtSbtS • PANTSUITb COORDINATED SPORTS WEAR SIZES 4 le SADDLEBACK VALLEY PLAZA 2Je 4-Q EL TORO ROAD EL TORO. V ■ PROMPT OELIVEH- El lURO uni®n SERVICE IN THE SPIRIT OF ' 76 Certified Aulo Care 11 BrjkeServiie 4 0 1 1 1 I ut.. I »mJ ' i ' Con JitKininK A I 1 Rl IVVAN Cerlificd Pollution Center Phone l»30- 1541 Free Pitk up and Delivery --1 Ml KN 1 c K M1 • HLADb ILATHLR 32201 CAMINO CAPISTRANO SAN jUAN PLAZA SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO •493-3370 CRAFTY HOBBIES CRAFT CLASSES " BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 76 " 25292-0 McIntyreRd. La Paz Wild West Center Laguna Hills, CA 830-3370 TKLEPHONE BB1-4530 GEISEN S AUrO INTERIORS Seats • Hcaoliners • Carpetino TONNEAue • Repairs Experienced In antiques a Ci.assics aaoii MOULTON parkway Bt-OC. 0-3 1-AGUNA HILLS. CALIF. 02603 iiow WAViN • HOT HON irruii« UTil CUTS • ilUIVUU COLOd TIITUIIZIM DIIICTIONAl lODT « VI PIIMS s ichards pro4 M onol tolon of boou y } })! H lOlO iOAO ii TOtO CMll I30-3IM GLASS MIURORS AUTO RESIDENTIAL , • SCREENS INSURANCE CLAIMS! • tabu tops PROMPTLY HANDLED i -plexiglass J CAMERAS IN EL TORO PASSPORT PICTURES Kodak PHOTO FINISHING • CAMERA ACCESSORIES DARK ROOM EQUIPMENT • RENTALS • REPAIRS 586-3331 2381 1 BRIDGER ROAD, EL TORO lAcroS From G ' aen Thumb) ADVERTISEME " LL TORO TEXACO Goodrich Tirn- Tunr-up Ph 830-4895 Lou Cuallicri 2J751 El Tore Road El Toro 2 . K • CKViClMO TropKirt f- F " .ngrj%ing jT«0 ' • ' onaca no » ci as «w«uk ••••waw. ca •■•« • ▼•«»Mt(s w a c aaM • • oa«« ac a »«amc «aa • • «v«a a ' K acafCM ' XQ • • «fa« » • ■•■•OM HVAT TiuMaraaa • J T. iMaci MAAkiVTaa •ua i7i4i ■ lajo naa iTiai cst-otco TORO AUTO PARTS PHONE 830-0950 FULL MACHINE SHOP SERVICE 23740 El Toro Road (Next to Mission Bank) Saddleback Plaza Shopping Center 1 1 •• It J , STORE HOURS 8-7 Mon thru Sat. 9 to 5 Sunday fAUVA U» )iM HKorM-i •HARON CtNOVlSt LORETTA MCVT U)l K 11 lOKO - 1 AKl FORFST RLriU.SLMAIlNLb ft SUE NELSON fi t : % A {.vtmrni % f» ' C 2M51 BRIDGER ROAD EL TORO y 0550 PARTS SERVICE 23801 EL TORO ROAD SUITE 600 ' TORO, CALIFORNIA " 2630 714) 837-9381 Get the Great Western feeling The feeling that comes from knowing you ' ve put your savings in exactly the right place. the JinClOUeMDV marvPbinips GREAT WESTERN SAVINGS ASSETS OVER 5 BILLION GREAT WESTERN SAVINGS N0 lOan asSOCiATiQN • MCMBEW P£DEPAL SAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION FEDERAL XOME LOAN BANK » SPIRIT OF ' 7o . SPIRIT OF ' 76 SPIRIT OF ' 7 SPIRIT OF ' 76 ♦ SPIRIT OF ' 7o SPIRIT S P I R I T O F S P I R I T O F CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING BICENTENNIAL CLASS OF ' 76. MicDonaicrs EL TORO WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU! o F S P I R I T O F 7 6 S P ' A 1 . . SPIRIT OF ' 70 . . SPIRIT OF ' 70 • . SPIRIT OF ' 7(, . . SPIRIT OF ' 76 . SPIRIT OF ADVERTISEMEN " IF V Shi ' -•- ' -•• ' •t lion oJ Av4iUblr sroP ..IJIrbaik Valley rU J :jroo El Toio RJ . El Tof iftHMb-t rjM. ' fu-J jc-titt .VfujJt Start I •« Forest Allen Sporting Goods 5Si-3 3 33 Wild West Center Mission Viejo SVVENSEN LAGUNA BEACH EL TORO Compliments of Mission Viejo Company (Use this space for your class autographs) m MISSION VI€JO COMP : BUILDERS OF AMERICA ' S MOST SUCCESSFUL NEW COMMUN ; iti -» Tk»» vMt lK« yMibook %UU chow to w i w i m liow Amrrkj % v«lur« hriprd lo cffM ilM cevninr «n J ihH fnmauoii A «« r«plorfd uut p4%i. ihr Jimimfi ol rf»» fttiuf bKMitr mat widmi Throiiiih oui mdrAvour). wr Ihte atfi«t«lion will bv nwvtinK nrw honlirt ctniuttt tfto W» mu«l r p nd uur twstr fulutr 4nJ lu ptwrtvr lh» JihiwrmenN « fuluiv jnd ih« thdllmiito wr mil (inJ Tr«y4niJCi«i|i. Edilor mChtrf I m i •T-i, ' - i

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