El Segundo High School - Golden Eagle Yearbook (El Segundo, CA)

 - Class of 1974

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El Segundo High School - Golden Eagle Yearbook (El Segundo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 224 of the 1974 volume:

, N92 V - 4' ' 9 -,'V. Y in Y .-xiii. br.. V , K gig?-H L Xillb fn in ' VQQW5 Q l D b qilxq , X A V . R A '. f Ag 4 , j J ijfg' , v, b I A . Y . .f lk! ug 13 -x l'?T 'A Q ?4 1 ' 4' ' A I Q' , 5?d4feaffy'CTcofjLZy A Cinbfmf cjliciy' Cicazz I ggqgg yagg, b if-'f 00 DX 4575041 wi 'Mig Sum Me1a"'- I ffyfji Jigih'-iy' waffcf U XXX Cf?f !37Q.Qm1Qh,g 7ZmffZfB,q7 .lJCe7LC2J'j7cf1'Q,, 41S5.1eFffu 3,:y:f,U vJ,:3'5I!ML-45"-S 2 maj, 3.33 QL 'zacfvfvf 'ff' Dips, ,f W? 93. .sv 5-3.4 my 6f.f:f""9 ""'? AW wma? Wm ff-f ' ' My -J ' 1 ,fn P' Lal' V 4' W' . j' I f 'V Z L W' W f AA' Y f 1 ' fl 'L'v"' . L 4- I A' . ' 1 I 'A ML ilk' I VV Q. " ,. Fluf ' f- ' . 'Wai' , 1 U, A -.-. A fi f , ,, ' Y XM' nj rf, ,f r w t' f ' -- ff.:-Q , :V C f .f "Lf 55 L, X fax- Q . L, E, gf- 5 V' ,M ' h V, .J 4, f I 1 4 ff , Q A , fb x,X, xx 1 Q A , W ' Q ,X-Jjxu fm-ixx! x'X.xM, xnxx ,XM N .NN ,, fx K 4: 4 IILR QN., X N Q A xf,,i.j,K,L..,..' -. ,LEAPX ' X X- fl ,I I EA K H ,SJ 1--.l ,xlxvxkxxx Rxllxu N .kr--A KX X- ' . f X r ' H X - 1 ' A. X . ' x A -' 4N,1,.x, A fx f mx , K N ' x X Q V . KK X- f A' 2 . Xk -., W, V-X M. K . , X X ,,k,g f Wx, x kj.. , -A H xy 3 h . xx xx ,R ix ,N K. KX N-, ,R x, 'f x f , . xx x fa, QL xy yvk XX 4 W r t-. L 'x ,WC JW" N5 Lv'C"' L X A . ,-1 f-A . . cl fkfx' ff' x.. L. U .M 1 f c. 'IL L Ixxff' x pk .'i ,, Lf , , MWwwM5Q?3'MMMfW :fgW W QM QS xi. A ' W Q 5 52301 fmgwfvfiwn X5 WMWNM fw W GOLDEN EAGLE 1974 El Segundo High School A 640 'M ain Street El Segundo, California Sandy Campbell, Editor . ' Volume 37 w 424445, K, ' af' KJ, w Ja, WN... QV' .3 S YESTERDAY We were bewildered freshmen, meet- ing new people and making new friends, doing new things and going new places. We were building memo- ries. Happy memories or sad ones, these memories are a part of our yes- terdays. TGDAY It is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday. All the yesterdays are gone, only a few fleeting memories remain. Today makes the possibility of tomor- row a reality, and notjust a dream. We are here now, this very moment, to dream and build for the future. 5 I, ,.,,.- 5 ,K-lr X 1 , w Y X I1 , 1 Q A .f--ff 1 . I. A .L ,A 1 . ,wwf .ut m.-wi 5 ' ff ,-ur g W:- W' x my Qfxwgfwfyif ff OQQQHW 5 MOH 'bw vf' DU 1 e -'wi is E 3, wflm A T0 ORROW Bringing hope for the shape of things to come, we dream about a world free from war, hate and prejudices. We en- vision a sun setting in a smog free sky, fish swimming in an unclouded stream, and people living in a crime and hate free world. The future is ours to seek, to find and to shape! 4 ,1 Q. I n K :IMA K w .11 Ni, .s A -A, mf! 1 1. n :R -1 4' , A A A A A AA . A 4 . 'ia ' 1 r ' "' A Hug RA AA, , s 1 ' 1 W ,A "'. 'tg I ' 1 ' 1' 1 , 'ws 11 1 W 1 . 1 - .. J X' 1 A' ' I ' v ' . ' "A -' . A1 1 , 1 ' vi." ' 1 -AH, 'A1Af1A,A A --W '21 11 1, 11:1 S 31' Q L ' - ' 3 521 'I .' 1 .. '. ' ' '--'fx 'vx if-aJ"f - A-, "1-fA 11' 1 . ,A 115. , .R -.-1f'N1:-an-KA,-A - f 1 1 4 .. -1 1 A 1 ' " ' 1' -I-712-1.2"-v 1 xx lv K 1 5 ffllwx 1A4"9' 5 -' R A4 'QQQAAAF' A A AA AAA Q AAA1,-A .AA V1 A A . A AXAA. M,AAn'nA:.A ,. . . , . l'------ AJ ,1 ,R , ,W A A - fl A, A W..AlA,. 1 'H 1 w- 1' . 1 ' -- 1., 1 1, 1 1 N -, 1A'ggg,gg , .A ff A lf f . 'A'1. 51: A - V " W . 'K -1 A f 13.1 1 1' . L E KA . 1 ' A 1 1 A'-rf. 'f 3 ' 1' 1' ' ' ' uf ' - '45 'x " "VV, - 1 . Q ,f--f :Fw ' 11 1 .' -"xi 1" A 11 A A . ..M...,-...w..... n., VA E.. ik A 1 f - A Gia-i,1A, AT: AAA ,gpg .4 A, IA M 'Ax3if'g.. A' 11 .,,m11.A,..,,. ,.,,, ., .W ......... k,-A...,.. 1 L .5 - 1 TAA,.f:"g'r xx AQAAQA craig 1, Af.. . -,AAA A13 5, 3A 1 ' ' - '- "nf 1. gr 1 1 '1 . -1 ,.A. A "J , , ' A.. -4 Am. .A A' Y . it Af R 1 ' ,QP Q-'.A AA' A' A11 3:-, 1 '-N A. E1 its Ml A,,1 .4 v - X . W' 'I' X ' . - 'W :H Y Q ' 'QF 3 L 9 1 I-gg -' ' " f Y 1, -1 f s 1-1 4,1-., f 1 1- 1 Y 1 - 1 111 ,Av 1 - '-W ,111 A 1: 1' - A A ., g Y ' A N- 15 1 1 A, '11 ,,.-,-- 2 Q1, 1' I, wb A1 , A A - M, -yy A, Aan 1 , A, A., A 'A Q 1, W 1 . AQQQA 1 s AAAAA ,VNI A A Af 11 . -A , A -1: N44 '-.3 'A 1 3, ,M A, ,A A 1A ,. .11 1 1-' 1 1 Q 1- f rv E 4 3,3 1 -1' -A N A aa 1' 111 1 . 1' , . 1 1 1 ' Y " 2 .N - 21 1 -1 ' 1 xg 1 - A 1 QA - 1 - .2 1: 1 'AA AA,1AAyQj31-3gf1:54-?fi!5-gg-- ' H .3 , 5 1, , 34, ' 151 H sc 1 ,A 1 1 , Wmwwwwg 1U 1 .w?ff2 9 ,41 5i,?1 7'm Wfwf M 1 SM X X i - if H' - xi QQ' sw. .limii Y 1 , lyw .. .J x 41 5" YA 'lb' M gif:-'ww 1 ' 11, 11 2- 1 f 'ik jg . g 1 ix ' A li , .A. 41, " f I -W . f 1 - ' 'P' Fix ff 2" 1 -2 - 1 1 ' - - 1 A 1 1 1 I 4 A 1 X , 1 A 1 up , 2. ' . .I 1 21 Y 1 J Q A - 3A , 1 ,A.,A 9 A J 5, 1 5 fm .Ar M ' '11 X ,, ff , 1 1' A rf J X -if? A151251 1 1. R3 A ,, .11 A K QA A A A AZAA A 95:31 A1 AA A , AqNAALA ,AA 1 1 5 My :A 51 1 - "'1 ,I I ,'- , 1 AA, In AA .F 4 Al fi is A VV ,AJ .QA ,Av hw N Q' A A ,f".A.:'t4, AA 1 A ff ,W . ' " ' s f1 .1 1 if 4- Q4 , MAA 1 ' A A A N' A A 3. ...A 1 'NAA A. A15 AA'.45.Q"A':-SA, 1 X V 1 ' 3 ' 5 ' x '1 , A . A 1 A . 1' -A 1 1 1 ' A Q ' ' Y ' A . 1. A , , A A ' . A A A 1 ,1A ..w.p . , .- 1 M, 1 ' 1" .X ' Q1' 1 1 A , 1 ' 1 1"' ' 1 -, , .1 '.3 - Al 'AA 1 1 - . ' A 5 1 - ,1 ' L " .' . . Q A HS' 1 ' 111 . ' ' 1 ' , Q 11' TM " 4 A 1 1, 1 A 1 1 , 1 , A AA. 1: 111- . ,A 1 . A Q . A A1 . A w A A Q , . 1 1 ., '. - 'A ff, ,'E ',A1, 1' .'2 ,V1 ,wf H . , . 1 X 1 N A 1 if A ' :A 11 1 K 'A 1 1 A. , 11 h"A ' A,A I 5 5 1: 1 a , W' 1 , , A W . ' ' 1 ' V "X , . , ' ' 1 . .-W , ' '- ' 1' . 11 . A. 1 . A . A , 1 ' , , K o 1 o ' 1 ,1qXX11XN' I .- it , , X I V R Y . N ,, X 1 X V 1 X v 1 . , x X S . X ' x X ' r X XL 1 x , .XL-j..X--I., N . A im ' X-My A I. Q: .-:g:,:f I. X V X I X .-3-VX 'lx "'j X x,. s'.Q..j.,.., , 7 - 1- ,YHX N A .'-.. ' A ,W 'N " f: X -J ff.f'.'-5-f' A 2 ' HX 'X riff. X4 :X-Q Ah. X G .1 ' ' ' Q ' ' , X A X 11-Q Q2 13. '. ,Qtr Tp: ,-- gfw-gf. ., -- ',- , , ,X , X X 5'-X' vw Wit"-2ff2f f'i If fi: F . X- X X1 .r-EJ 1 X,XX"'X-'-Q.-".f,"x'.:"7Q'CQ'-'FJ .' ' --'.L,.1. X , .-, " ' ,' " 1 W I X. xii -. Ka.-fxggg Q. X1 Xjqzr. x.-AX: Q- JN .sf ,-gg! jf -,M-X-5-Q..-:XX 5 , jk A I A - X" SJ 1' ,XX A-1-'X X X'- ,gg-QL .-5' "nf-.', . ' . -X1-XXX . X4.X.g:,,,, L ' X- . 1 45. -. 1. x up ,Sft ,Q-EXligi':--:'WEQ2.2l:4 ' it 'gl E. V.. . l X lb- - X! ni .F X, Y X -- . ' " X '- -Xi::Xf'-X X-':X.X.'.-.24-5X-X " - X - 3 5 -' ' ll Q- t-'X.-1, , . yn: - I' :ff .3-, 4 9 , 1 ' X . ' .I ' -, 3 Q x X i. 1' ff? . X XX ' ' X 9 vii li" X. 'if ' ' x-'QA' ' ' LF' X 'E 'si . . ' , ,' V. A lf A-1 'A M 5 ' 5 - ' X-S. 2 'lf--A 4 p .- fwfr ' :I xi. -"- " fx, ' ' X 'F ' :X" ' . X X HK. Nx .X 'K' -w""1 N U Y' 9-41' is Nr Q "I L x L " - if 'di 1. 'X :fu .H 'llf ' 3"-I f 9 - 5 'N L' 'J A Q kt 'X " '4' ' " -- X ' " I J' "7 - 5, .W ., X, X kg. X gX.-.z , - ...- R ...XX - ,, wg V , - .H -in . - he 5 ' 'X X 4? R fn . 1 M E 1,-Q .?. Vp 'X ,Y I 1 , it X-3 3 - ,...,,.,,.,,'N-,mm - 1 1 '. q R 'f " X5 3 -A ' 'L 'P-- - K .X . ' 3 X, 1---- ...a....ZI'j 1 " ' F. . X I x Q2 2 - "'.5b Q ,X xnm -, 1' Ma-i-X X ik" X ' 1 X "'-- jr, ' wr X -I '- Ks ' fn hu' X' ' 'n g 1-S34 ' W ' ' ,V X, X. . 1 ' , ,I , 5,5 if gut. .. ,Milfs X XM 5 .X I . ' 'vw- X ' : ,X ' -X - , L X :.1'-rr. N--, Lx- X , . ' X -Nqfp. " ' N- mfg! Q kg '-.'f!' " fl-4'fQ-" 4 IJ X' . - X " X X Q, XX , S1 XXI X H 33 I ' 1 X1 ' ' , 3 v X . S + 4.5 'X-X 'FP' X 1 - .X Q X ' X '.: Q ., -X ,Q H 1-'f .gg '4 ' Q X 1" , is ',- . 1 - J ' .,, . X, . , ,X . , . A, X 1. X - v 7 J ,N X, x gy., an 1 XJ. Q 5 g V h, W I. V V X, X X X . , Q . KK -.. X H ' ,Q xr J-" wx 'I l X. -, :X - A J -fm 'x 4 s X - xg .1 K g, - ' X Q if x r Xe. - y al , Q ' L' " Z X K 5, t - -N I 4 " . 5' , -f. C54 y rw A W Q4 nay' Y -" JJ. If V ' -fg 1 x 3 -X. L X . - V X , W 71 u qt X . 5, yu-W1 In X - x Q A 4' 54- . ,Xku X " 1 V .X X k, N , xy, . , p Xw Xxx, hi N, -'Xvgq l. , X . t X Q, 1 D v -,T f, , L ,XXL 4 V EV ,,5.1g,? T A x , . A U 1 ,X A X X if B- , . ,XX - 3 -V X X: W-X5 - 'N XX f NX V33 . X X X fx K v :M ix 1 , Y 1 X X 'Qi T . . ' ' " ' X 1 X .X Q. wx. n W ' K X X , X . . 1 1 A A K K. X ' . X -VX' R ' ' I X X I K X ? ' S 5 . M' ' X 1 1 X x V' ' 1 . -V ' I -'- 1 1 ' x x I h . nm' , , . 4. 1 - , A . A , u BLE OF CO TE Currlculum ..14 Organizations.46 Sports ..... . V 2, . swf 1 '1S3ms::f:1wgxwE,Jq:wg'H- ' ' 1121-,Ii X , Q x ,. V - D-w '!"3!!?9'1'J t'h,.41'C'W-b"'A'.-.'-'TXTTF"Wi gif Grim , fafwwfis-'!. - N ' , rg g,i6Qg,:mzS!f:g cvifv,-'?1?7-..g,'f "" ' ' .. 4,2 :--, :,v ,, 1 4 . A Lux L, qww.-gh, , s '-A ' fs ,Q ,'-,-w-img: b :Hangar 3 Q Q, ':,:f'w6:1,- 'fI " ' j .31:,,. up .- M Q' - T YQQASYG 1' 1- ,. ,, .4 ,M , m,, W . X- - V me. wg - J,-yt - - X " 2 gy .- J,1xgyvle4f.-g,...1f, 2,- K I ,Q ' E 'iw' 'I-V'-,Z,iTL5?YE, 'X Y j'1-' A91 1' . -' x V11 . -'E' ' ' " '- . ,424-vi '-' 1 ' .- --1' -' ' , " xg, ,Mff , rf- " I , U iw . 43,61 11" -ff' -, 5 Xf3Q,5gL:QQ,w.fP?' - - . - ' 'fem--2 'asf 'ryli iffmigkxgi W' 1, J'-if 'ia1iF50"1", M We 1:25 - J vlfff ' 1 T- 1 f 'Q . , zzsfsgef-g,.,.q,L,,mf ,- .,..::x-frm: 4 tu' 4.--"Q-"W-2" f,-'un ' ,.,:x:f--' -cf ,-Av.. . ff? fa . . W . sv. -' f N. QQ Kiwi- fw"5 , f?f' if ' , :,.w:?55Lv! t gg. 5 .13 l 'F .. C: 1,4 .534 14 3 . -if 1-iilgsffiqaxfffgii " ' H. '- 'lx gf .sslgggf -is-1 34 + ,' 'Nm , , .W ' -- ' . f 'Q . -w,- -5:4 i Q , 2535? ,. W W --Q' - Q i,,w-,fm,fsEwfs:r'1sg1a-ff'5 ap- 'EMF .Sw V4 ff -- '. '1 S.-152: f if WQQ? .,,,,...A..,,y.,A1spN3Jfgi3,I,,f,vf313:5ff ' A Y ," "5 fi -'wwf' U s " Wi 'i'?:J"'5g'wEL1 Qu-. ,M -.-, Arig if -,, 41- . m qv, 4-J my Ly-1: .' . "hh " SW! 1 'tv in ,A ,psw gvg 1 10 tudent Life . 102 People ...... 122 Ads 8L Index.l8O E K 5 K0 5 -' 4-"Y5f,'fiiv f A 11 mug? u ,Q X w ,, M . Q 1-. ' W. Q i Main' 1 AMW 2 if w it I lg W9 lg wi hi C :MY 'ff u A ww , Y 'n I " g fc, au.. ws ,gfw Q 'imqm fesek'-ia-rw-Sami F W-...nm EF O v. Q Q , - N ,, Q Y Y Y4,:.'fS5 K Nb- 'P w W, A, ' v HQ X jx Y! LW- LN mx X rfjlu QW' U 'fx H tw!! H , 1 , .M W: W, ,Mx N N I Mx' lx W N . , U 11 M " . W fx .x, v 3 W. ,h ,wg .. , w 'x W: M- 1 '- ucv-yr !.,l Hi' yew. WJ V rj At fa I n 5 P L JN 'U ,rw W CUCRCRI CU ILUCD al M! , J uk Q. ,..- MATH ROO GET FACE LIFT Geometry and algebra rooms were remodeled and floors carpeted to add comfort and safety to the math classes. To fulfill the l year math requirement for graduation, stu- dents could choose from Fundamentals of Math, Math Essentials or Beginning Algebra. College bound students continued with Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry and Math Analysis. Computer Math was introduced in some classes as preparation for tomorrow. Neil Burnette and other math students concentrate on their assignment. . ,X w., t 435595558 ' t Above Left: Cathie Maclay finds Mr. Thorsen's math class amusing. Above Right: Frank Benke finally finds the answer to his math problem. W Mr. Thorsen demonstrates to his geometry class how to read the protractor and check the angle. Mr Steve Newell Mr. Bob Thorsen Mr. Dick Whittington Fundamentals ofMath Geometry Algebra IB Mr. Don Woodsmall Tim .leck finds time in his mathematics class to flash peace sign to a watching camera. Algebra I 19 ll " .N we Left: Mr, Thorsen takes time out to help students while Bob Meredith helps himself. Above: Julie Middle- ton and other algebra students work hard, but Mike Young finishes with a smile. Miss Virginia Petty World Humanities Mr. Marty Ableser Mr. Terry Crystal Mr. Larry Cummings Behavioral Science World Humanities U.S. History Z Above: Kim Wiley gets help from Mrs. Shipley on a civics assignment. Above Center: Jim Bergman and Sherri Kidd find American Studies a little distressing. GCIAL DIES ADDS, S BTRACTS Social Studies cropped requirements of Political Science one semester and added a new elective of Contemporary Issues. Freshman Studies, World History and American History re- mained as the basic history classes at ESHS. World' Humani- ties and American Studies classes containing English and Histo- ry, continued to be offered for advanced Sophomores and Jun- iors. Behavorial Science and Psychology were popular electives for Seniors. W... W..L .... .. ., ,,t,,... , .Magi vnu. C Mr Clyde Dougherty Mr. John Stevenson Mr. Jack Wilson ,Q Freshman Studies World Geography U.S. History K- ,, f . 1' -wi U Above: Clyde Stevens concentrates on history. Left: Tim Mrs. Karen Shipley Cargill and Mike Quinsenberry finds civics stunning. Political Behavior - I ' N 43:1 ,,-v,- ' IO-. iw.- Above: Carolyn Mack listens up in Mr. Stevenson's class while Shelly Gill concentrates on other things. Left: Mr. Cummings points out something to his American Studies class. GLI H GOE TO EMESTER The English Department added variety to the English classes available to ESHS students. Classes added in- cluded Creative Writing, Short Story, Senior English Review, Career English, Dramatic Literature and Po- etry. Besides new classes the English Department switched from a one year system to a one semester sys- tem. In turn this allowed students a chance to improve grammar and writing skills in the same year. Mrs. Kathryn Peterson Composition, Sr. English Review Mrs. Eleanor O'Hair English I Mr. Fred Sorkin Ms. Victoria Dodd Mrs. Lloys Erickson Mr. Wallace Duffy Reading Career English, Short Story English Literature, English I Drama, Speech ,qwwvw gf- MM W. lv' .,, ..--4 1 , M Linda Martin studies her spelling words in Mr. Sorkin's reading lab. Paul Arnot concentrates on doing his English assignment. A ,gg Busy writing a short story in Creative Writing, Colleen Schoenmeier finds scratching her shoulder helps her concentration. Ian Wallace takes roll in Mrs. De Smidt's 3rd period English class. , ...1. Qtr. X Qi . 'hm this Gregg Lappen looks for a vocabulary definition in his English class. Juanita Ramsey looks for help while Laurette Bowie works in Career English J ff, 1 Mr. Richard Peterson Mrs. Moonyeen De Smidt Mrs. Pamela Holliday Mr. William Watkins Literature, Poetry Creative Writing, American Novel Journalism, CommunicationsfMedia American Studies, English I Mrs. Neva Hitchcock Mr. Frank Real ""' Spanish Spanish B HAVE WGRK TO DO. if "Introduction to Spanish" emphasized the spoken language of the Spanish speaking countries while the regular Spanish 3, if' i it-ax classes studied the speaking, writing, and reading as well as ,. 1 the customs and culture of the lands. Spanish and French classes joined for a trip to the Music Center to see the play "Cyrano de Bergerac" and to view the television taping of the game "Split Second". Senor Real and Senorita Hitch- cock worked hard to make Spanish classes interesting and worthwhile. class. .. 4.5 1 f 'a1fasEx--- gkjv'-Q ,n 1, QHQE , 5..- ,. is lit ,fx 'x 1 ' 1? X '7.....4.'XA- . , li Iii I fi Q3 .I '2- ,., Frank Cardone and Irma Zubia listen to a lecture in Spanish. ,mmm A..-gt vw-S w-4.....,a,N.....t..,, . . awfts... Sue Nusbaum and Wendy Popiel study Spanish in Mr. Real's -. ,z.,,,....,a...M-s- S f t.,,m.fM.,,-,,.MWM manager Il"-PW S .. - . ,Fibre v . "','. " I . ' ' . S M1-it v A vs ., . "' . if it .1 L M A -ons-A.7t.H"L -as 22 Bernie DeFontes is awed with her Spanish class while others are blaze about it. il if l . Carl Johnson dreams of visiting Paris to practice his French. "Oni, Parcel" exclaims Barbara Tur- F- she studies her French. Below: Kerin and Sherry Ping concentrate on In A FRENCH CLASSES E JOY FRANCE French students toured the Chateaux Country in the Loire Valley via the pages of their new French books and through the efforts of their French teacher, Madam Wolf. They learned not only the background and historical importance of the country, but also the language. They conjugated verbs and practiced accents and wrote sentences in French. They joined Spanish classes for the performance of "Cyrano de Bergerac" and the television filming of "Split Second". Although they worked hard, French students enjoyed the knowledge they reaped from their classes. -amino. ... ,-.' tes-aww. ,,.. -U it ANN Debbie Montz visualizes Paris fashions. "I really dig these French lessons," Patty Konecny shouts to class Mrs. Beth Wolf French .fmt fer, W GoLDE EAG L E it-il Co PLETES , A If POSSIBLE t' l y f' pp DREAM ,L 5" Plagued with small numbers and limited time, the Gold- en Eagle staff worked for the best Annual possible. Faced with deadlines every three weeks, 12 students strove to get layouts completed and copy written. Under the guidance of Editor Sandy Campbell and advisor Mrs. Kathryn Peterson, the staff covered everything from football games to milk fights, all for that day when the 1974 Golden Eagle would be presented to the school. Scott Schultz and Cindy Leslie think ofan amusing caption. Editor-in-Chief ................ Sandy Campbell People ........ ....... M aureen Dobruck Sports ...... ............. S cott Schultz Academics ..... . . .Cindy Leslie, Karen Purvis A Organizations . . . .... Scott Branam, Pam Briese l Student Life .................. Laurie Legendre ' Photographers ...... Don Coleman, Clyde Elliott, Mrs. Kathryn Peterson Walter Shaffer, Nancy Stephens Golden Eagle Karen Purvis concentrates on a layout I Faculty Advisor .......... Mrs. Kathryn Peterson Annual' Top Row: Pam Briese, Scott Schultz, Clyde Elliott, Karen Purvis, Cindy Leslie, Scott Branam, Bottom Row: Maureen Dobruck, Sandy Campbell, Don Coleman, Walter Shaffer. ' Q t: s it ,tt X9 ! . I C all ppp, - ' I ' J ,-,.,f A! Walter Shaffer focuses for a picture. Back Row: Roseanne Freese, Cheryl Casler, Tim McDonnell, Dawn Dick, Paul Hansen, Steve Braddock, Ken Gould, Lauren Riggs, Grace Hammack, Joel Walker, Art Stenberg, Beverly Brown, Front Row: Drake Letcher, Cara Mikulchik, Laura Kovary. """"'0-vw . Mrs. Pamela Holliday Cara Mikulchik and Joel Walker are news conscious. Bay Eagle Q nb !f"- K K 11 4 --1tf.s.ifM,. K , ,f Mrs. Holliday, Beverly Brown, and Grace Hammack discuss the next issue E H KEEPI UP ITH Under the supervision of Mrs. Pamela Holliday, Editor-in-Chief Beverly Brown, and Managing Editor Betsy Ef- flandt, students produced a bi-monthly school newspaper. Covering such items as Watergate, Censorship and Eagle sports, Bay Eagle kept us well informed in all areas of news and interest. By reading, watching and listening, Bay Eagle students kept pace with world events. At the semester Beverly and Betsy switched positions allowing both the experience of being an editor. .gf :Iggy r Eric Curry pastes-up a final layout. Editor-in-Chief ...................... Beverly Brown Managing Editor .................... Betsy Efflandt Business Manager .................. Drake Letcher Exchange Editor ........................ Ken Gould News Editor .......................... Dawn Dick Asst. New Editor .................... Cheryl Casler Editorial Editor .................. Grace Hammack Asst. Editorial Editor ................ Laura Kovary Feature Editor .................... Cara Mikulchik Asst. Feature Editor .................. JoAnne I-lobe Sports Editor ........................ Paul Hansen Asst. Sports Editor ................ Tim McDonnell Cartoonist .......................... Lauren Riggs Reporters ............................ Joel Walker, Art Stenberg, Eric Curry, Roseanne Freese Faculty Advisor .............. Mrs. Pamela Holliday 25 Above: Lynne Moore and Sue Holland practice their typing skills in the library. Right: Brenda Newman gets some extra help on her secretarial skills from Mrs. Anne Lenker. USIN SS C 4 SS A EXPAN Business Education classes added a re- alistic touch to their curriculum by starting a Simulated Office class this year. This class enables students to get a first hand look and on the job ex- perience of secretarial careers. Other Business classes equipped students with typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, ac- counting, and various office skills. "vcr v,.f- W... F-.. ERNWX i X r 'x ijt I J 3, ,i ' NFA? Q' Accounting keeps Bill Deal busy. .l Mr. George Hall Mr. llbe Typing I Business ll 'Ju X N . X W Qs Cath il l 26 Above: Debbie O'Neill finds her typing assignment confusing. Below: Connie Moore tries to erase a mistake in Typing. 'Ns Mr. George Hall starts off a new day with a smile. 'S I gz Terry Goodman reads the directions to his assignment carefully. Miss Janet Bailey Mrs. Anne Lenker Shorthand, Accounting Typing, Business Practice Leslye Lawson and Cheryl Bailey wait patiently for their assignment. 'har ...L+ Above: Jeff Kistler works out a problem on a calculator. Left: Julie Werner tries for accuracy on her typing drills. SCIENCE RELIES O EXPERI Students of ESI-IS are required to complete one year of sci- ence to meet graduation requirements. To meet this need most underclassmen enrolled in one of the Earth Science, Life Sci- ence or Biology I classes. These classes were mainly labora- tory-oriented courses that introduced students to the general knowledge of astronomy, oceanography, geology, human anatomy, and physiology. Advanced science courses recom- mended for College Bound Students included Biology II, Bi- ology Lab Assistants, Chemistry and Physics. These classes were generally an extension of the other classes. All sci- ence courses gave students a clear and valid picture of the steps and information by which scientists proceed. Sue Fuentes shows "happiness" is Science. Stan Poey weights the elements of science. Mr. Jim Kerker Mr. Tom Felix Earth Science Life Science Mr. Willard Harden Mr. Dave Kessler Biology Physics Mary VanDrie finds herself a bit startled when she opens the closet finds a skeleton smiling at her. RT MAKE IT Imagination and effort were the only talents needed for the fine arts classes at ESHS. Among the electives were Design Crafts, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Fashion Design, and Jewelry. These classes offered the students the knowledge and experience needed in pursuing a hobby or a .. f'-'-1 vocation in art. net Saylor enjoys outside sketching. Mr. Dan Jeldum Art lg'-p-mf Mr. Phil Wood Mrs. Dodi Daoud Ceramics Design Crafts lf' t Mr. Jeldum gives Lauren Riggs a few pointers. X K +V- .-sf ... Lisa Bush is still happy, even though posing in an unusual position. Tim Randall enjoys throwing pots in Ceramics. Jin---1-...,,, 'lb ,, ,, .A .. . E ,, :A 4 ' al " ft"-",,,, Q 4 V I " W if 1 5 Y U ,' " 'Q , ,Q I f ,gl ' I f v .T 1 ' ' M .L ' g - 'FK 4? t , , f f ,V l ff 4' , , 'l' ' 4 7' I . I ' GIRLS' CHCRUS 1, LEARN BASICS OF I GI Under the direction of Ms. Diane Simons, the girls in Beginning Girls' Chorus were in- troduced to the basics of singing and per- forming. The chorus presented selections for the annual Christmas Concert, festivals, as- semblies and other school and community funcglons' Katie Wade was elected presldem Juanita Matchett sings, "I'm here" as roll is called. of this ESHS choral group. if Beginning Girls' Chorus, Front Row: L.Miller, .l.Ramsey, H.Douglass, K. Willingham, P.Clayton, R.Stanley, P.Chanler, J.Matchett. Back Row: tl Wade, C.Euler, T.King, J.Price, D.Herbold, J.Fowler. Middle Row: J. Rhee, D.Beckett, .l.Brown, P.Crestwell, C.Wardrop, D.Ernest, J..lohnso Middleton, J.Page, C.Quisenberry, D.Romine, V.Moriarty, K.Gober, P. K.Armijo, M.Jamele. Girls in Advanced Chorus take a break before their big rehearsal. GIRLS'CHORU RECEI E PRAISE Music teacher, Ms. Diane Simons, praised the talent and per- formances of Advanced Girls' Chorus. These young singers harmonized to entertain audiences in concerts, assemblies and other musical functions at school. Shawn Burches was elected president for this year. lst Row: D.Carter, Z.Powell, G.Adams, S.Kerr, J.Southern, T.Patterson, J.Froelich, K.Sundquist, S.Richmond, G.McNulty. S.Obershelp, M.Ber- S.Neally, G.Wade. 2nd Row: S.Rowson, R.VanNatta, J.D0br0volny, D. nard, V.Grounds, B.Stegman, D.Durrell, Tidwell, P.Lake, D.Smith, J.Thomas, L.Jensen, N.Moriarty. 3rd Row: ADVANCED GRGUPS BIG TALE Girls' Ensemble, A'Capella, and Boys' Chorus, under the direction of Ms. Diane Simons, per- formed well throughout the year. A Choir Council, consisting of one representative from each of the live choral classes, was formed to help Plan the Christmas Concert and other T.McAllister, D.Puffer, K.Beaty, J.Ebaugh, L.Cameron, N.Nelson. Row 3: L.Middleton, performances as well as activities to raise mon- Leslie, K.Burrows, K.Reardon, B.Newman. ey for the Choir Scholarship Fund. Girls' Ensemble, Row 1: P.Jones, L.Newman, S.Kidd, S.Horst, L.Mackin, J.Chandler. Row A'Capella, Row l: J.Stevens, V.VanNatta, K.Wiley, F.Lemon, N.Ma- son. Row 2: C.Perkins, C.Bennet, J.Ramsay, T.Aikins, B.Turino, C. Wm' Row 3: L'Kreth' S'Pmg' Clsm' D'E1-nest' Knlckens' M'DuVal' Choir Council: K.Wade, Ms. Simons, D.Ernest, B.Sperb, S.Burches, S.Horst. 3 i X . J Y' Madrigals, Row l: V.VanNatta, C.Isitt, R.Fowler, K.Wiley. Row 2: L.Kreth, Girls in A'Capella plan for the Christmas Concert. D.Ernest, S.Braddock, R.Pawlowski, B.Sperb, S.Ping, K.Lutz. if These groups combined to form the concert choir and performed at the Christmas Concert which featured songs from "Jesus Christ Superstar". They also sang for assemblies, community functions and festivals. An- other new addition to the choir department was the Madrigals, which consisted of the best singers from all groups, making it the most advanced of all choral groups. These active groups contain highly skilled mu- sicians. 'I E 1 Ralph Chick and Mark Worthen harmonize to reach that perfect note. Ms. Diane Simons Choral Music ns. Row: C.Loer, R.Smith, S.Bartelt, R.Fowler, K.Dick, C.Lowe. 2nd Row: J.Stegman, S.O'Neill, B.Cleveng- S.Braddock, M.Worthen. 3rd Row: R.Chick, B.Sperb, T.Lamay, D.Connor, M.Trainor, T.Mack. GPPORTU ITY FOR STUDE Special Education teachers, working on a one to one basis with students, made learning more enjoyable for those students with special needs. With small classes they were able to try many experiments and projects that would be impossible with large classes. Among these were raising rats and growing plants. Some stu- dents were able to give photography a try as part of their Science class. English and History were also brought into the program with the help of media and audio-visual equipment. -lui L. 1 Jw i 'Y f S nun K K S M UL? t f i! 5 li - If gh! . if "J V . ' ' . . ' ' ' 7 f . . K aa, .B t ' J' A , 5 'Y v v ' , Q ,Q Y' Y ' s 'I V 4, fr Mr. Carter helps Scott Fontecchio with his work X X "When studying, two heads are better than one," says Mark Liaringer and Dave Gouch. Mr. Darrel Haugh Special Ed Gr" Q -4 x Mr. Dick Carter Mr. Robert Connors Special Ed Drivers Ed xt -Q ,-,lx Jesse Caravello works carefully on his assignment. no g "la-.nt ., i Above: Vicki Swift enjoys reading about South America. Left: Scott Bicknell puts some finishing touches on his project. X 1 Mr. Doug Henderson Mr. Charles Saikley Special Ed, Photography SPCCIHI Ed Terry Tailor proves that studying and relaxing can be done together. 35 APPLIED ARTS EGR CAREER The look of tomorrow was seen in the Applied Arts classes of today which gave students the skills and in- sights needed for possible careers. Classes included Auto Shop, Homemaking, Drafting, Wood Shop and Metal Shop Lab assistant, Gerry Demuth, helps maintain condition of Wood Shop tools. Mr. Allen Carson Auto Shop Mrs, Nanette Fisher Homemaking -1 ,f, 1' 2 i, - Mr. David Garinger Drafting and Wood Shop 1+ Above: Scott Christensen puts equipment away after working hard in Auto Shop, Upper Right: Junior, Mark Berenger, prepares for a possible career in Welding, Mr. J.D. Smith Mr. Clifford Wong Wood Shop Metal Shop CK, 1 Y swf? li W- ..-: l, Bernie DeFontes proves to be one ofthe Future Homemakers of A- tn! Striving for progress, the Applied Arts teachers intro- duced new ideas and methods in all areas, from a new saw in Wood Shop to an electronic oven in Homemak- ing. Above "Was it one tablespoon or two?" says Modell McEntyre. Left:Bob Johnson helps Bryan Smith rebuild his Corvair engine. i .... . . .., g l 5 ii i Q 1 ' ! is 1-an-. .MNIVA M Rudi Linke works hard on a project in Drafting. P.E. CO TINUES CO-ED C ,ASSE Co-ed Elective Physical Education was offered again this year much to the enjoyment of most students. Every six weeks students changed classes and teachers which enabled them to choose a favorite or new sport. Boys and girls par- ,,5r.j,, 11445569 42-4, ticipated in such classes as fencing, gymnastics, soccer, and modern dance as well as the familiar softball, tennis, volley- ball and other sports. fs-A - ff QA .pqmunnumwll Mr. Damon Bame lg.,-ps Football . +::'WBt' "sets Top: Miss Bernlohr watches as P.E. students play volleyball. Above: "We'1l see who is the boss a round here." says Coach Hale. Below: "Here I come!" yells Randy Lebowe before the big tackle. Mrs. Sandy Behrmann GAA - x K Miss Barbara Bernlohr GIA John Robison gives tenms a whack Mr. John Hale Track Mrs. Fritzie Holmes Modern Dance Mr. Bob Morris Pep Club 5 POLKH2 SCIENCE C 'ef CAMPUS With the goal of giving students a better understanding of the role of policemen, Police Science was not a vocational class. It was for anyone interested in the law and how it applies to everyday life. There were lectures and readings presented by the coordinators of the class, Sgt. Charles Porter and Officer Ray Lewis. we lit, """""':W-- L 4 , resistible. Above: Students discuss the qualifications for Policemen. iAU9""' i 6 4 8 'C 'af' WQSN af """""-----.... Mr. Charles Porter Police Science YESVA iil A Y wtf if at .F syysss t K 15? K 4 ' " Q . lf' 't , . v i . ' fist C-i ,If f A -- , , . f vt Mr. Ray Lewis Police Science Police Science students listen carefully as they learn the fundamentals of the law. 4 x N, . Q Left: Students in Police Science work hard while Sam Long finds the camera ..,,.....--v mf 'aa' I Q ""-A A ,, Eg, I Q QR, -- is ,1 giggling ' y i STAGE BAN A BLOWS if .at -vs- -A 3 S 4 VARIETY B A s A " i 1 Playing contemporary sounds as well as some tradi- tional jazz styles, Stage Band entertained many groups in the school and community. They performed for the Christmas Concert, Art Festival and for clubs and li -4 community affairs. A highlight was giving concerts at other schools. Stage Band members represent some of the most talented musicians in the school. v kst.,5,.m. Jeff Bell demonstrates that playing the drums requires a little preparation. ll A iid 5 I pq 'WW .q,.- 5 P.Arnot, S.Braddock, John Botting, R.Pawlowski. Row 2: T,Randall, D. T.McDonnell, T.McNaughton, T,Bell. Row 3: K.Johnson, M.Cason, B. R.Chick, P.Guy, G.Crichton, J.Bell, J.Stiers. 41 LIBR RY OFFERS RIETY Remember the days when libraries were huge rooms filled with books? Those days are gone, at least at ESHS which has one of the most modern libraries in the area. Almost any media equipment from filmstrip projectors to phonographs can be found in the library to help with assignments or just for personal enjoyment. Librarian, Mrs. Doris Rosenberg, is always ready and willing to help students with any problems or difficulties they have concerning the library. "af-- -1" v'ff:,-5 . xy v . M V im. 5 RA.. J' 7 i af s img, 'aid' ,. 1 , 511 5 .'f. tg3, M X N. - X Joe Stiers pauses from his studies for a moment of deep thought. Mrs. Doris Rosenberg Librarian Golden Eagle Photographer catches Cathy Bell taking a minutes rest J ....,, , inw- While Joe Newman works, John Corallo hams it up in front ofthe camera. -aiu-n-uriQI X. STUDE TS S A DES Many students of ESHS elect to become aides for various departments. The most popular are the Media, Library and Stage Crew Aides. Media Aides worked with audio-visual equipment under the super- vision of Mr. Dick Robinson. Library Aides assisted Mrs. Doris Rosenberg in classifying and checking out books and supplies. Stage Crew Aides helped Mr. Menninger with all performances, movies and assemblies. All classes provided op- portunities for students to develop skills while receiving credit. Andy Bogossian works skillfully at the ditto machine. AB uns ' ' .. ' if tif 43 sr DENTS ACQUIRE A VOCATIGNAL BACKGROU Today's ESHS youth has a choice of three work involvement programs: SCROC, which is a voca- tional training center in Torrance for the South Bay schoolsg Work Experience, where students receive class credit and pay for workingg and Work Ex- ploratory, where students receive on-the-job train- ing at local businesses. This last program under the direction of J.D. Smith, has been very successful for its first year. VXA f' x 6,-,f -A 5 V Diane Hunt is busy filing in the Attendance Office R he l ove: Patty Koneckny shows that happiness is a child's love. Below: Cheryl Thomas and Ann Work Shane Feller finds the knowledge of dittos and ditto it patiently for the SCROC bus to leave. machines helpful in his work. . 5 iz t 1' , K. 6. its em- .L K , fs Qfji. P- Q t gt gvwkxwww. . xfw ' S is e. -...Q Leni Tydon handles the District Office's telephone calls with pleasantness and efficiency. 45 I CYRGACDIZACIGCDE W . P W N ef , , 5 M BAND PERFGRM Under the direction of Mr. Richard Tash and led by drum major Paul Arnot, the 1973-74 ESI-IS Marching Band marched its way to fun and fame, and "kept on trucking all year". For the first time in many years, the band performed at the L.A. County Fair in Pomona on September 25. On October 13, the band played in the Inglewood Soccer pa- rade. They also marched for the traditional ESHS Home- coming parade, the Christmas parade, and the Baseball parade. During the football season, the band presented half-time shows. Perhaps the most outstanding of these perform- ances was the Cerritos show where each member did his own thing and boogied to a strong beat. The Eagle Band marches into the pre-game show. Band instructor Mr Tash gives the sign instruments up for the Star Spangle HCI' Above: Band gets ready to rock-out to "Up-tight". Below: The Eagle Band sponsor, Mr. Richard Tash. ,,....,. . , .... 9 25 fa Q'- S Y 'YS i . 2 51 if gy Banner carrier Cheryl Monson Drum major Paul Arnot Majorette Lucy . Intosh Asst Drum major Mike Cason Banner carrier Cindy McLees ' 'F-f T PDMO A FAIR sf ,J Y +1 W ai? 'Q . ia lax "T , , Z' ' YQWF v t ' .,.. - - Ms- ' , -1 a,?'1'f-l t.,,fQ,,,,,., ,g. - 3""" Ll 'Kwan 1 'J ., ,., . 2, 2 ,-- - ---wr A . . , ,W .,,,. . , ,.,,, ..,.q,,., Q .,,.,,. ,, f "' - swf-2 ee ... . R r it wrestle at.,- T -o fgfa Tod McNaughton boogies during half-time. The 1973-'74 Band members: Dave Arnot, Paul Arnot, Prudence Ashley, Susan Avak, Chuck Baldwin, Chris Barton, Tom Bell, Dave Blackford, Stacey Bonn, Dana Boschetto, John Botting, Steve Braddock, Mike Cason, Dan Clark, Betty Collings, Cathy Collings, Jeanie Collings, Ste- phen Cotton, Dick Martin, Bob Ellington, Bill Ellis, Paul Guy, Chuck Hall, Paul Hansen, Katie Hester, Diana Hickert, Duke Hingley, Gerry Holman, Jack Holman, Sandy Hull, Kirk Johnson, Deborah Keller, Ei- leen Kennedy, Kathy Knight, John Lacognata, William Luttrell, Lucy Maclntosh, Jamey Mack, Linda Martin, Tim Matchett, Tim McDonnel, Cindy McLees, Tod McNaughton, Kim Miller, Mark Mitchell, Cheryl Monson, Susan Morgan, Bob Motta, Ray Mullins, Mike Murray, John Noel, Bill Nusbaum, Lisa Osnower, Rick Pawlowski, Chris Penning- ton, Stan Poey, Chris Powell, Melenie Prosk, Jill Randall, Rod Randall, Steve Randall, Tim Randall, Kim Reardon. r 1"""' EW UNIFORMS FOR DRILL TEAM Performing for the first time at the L.A. County Fair in Po- mona on September 25 and for the Inglewood parade on Octo- ber l3, dressed in their new gold skirts and sweaters, the 1973- 74 ESHS Drill Team proved they had spirit and new activities. In addition to these parades they also performed in the Home- coming parade, El Segundo Christmas parade, and Baseball pa- rade. Working with the marching band, Drill Team presented half- time programs at all home football games and traveled to a- way games as the official pep group. They also performed dur- ing half-time at home basketball games. Leading the Drill Team this year were Colonel Janet Saylor and Assistant Colonel Pam Briese, along with the rank leaders and sponsor, Ms. Vickie Dodd. l ..-W'-wlw-+au:':4wf...1:::s::s:-ifs-v I I I is srly if .4 sf ,V gf 'Q if1t.i4et.Q1 1 Pam Briese and Janet Saylor take time out to pose with sponsor, Ms. Vickie Dodd. SEHK!! . A ,', 1- I '- Bottom:J.SayIor, P.Brieseg Middle:L.Briese, D.Kassiris, J.Southern, T.Romano, J.Glickman, E.Webster, L.Riggs, C.Miller, B.Combs, E. Efflandt, J.Westover, S.Nusbaum, L.Mackin, E.Cook, D.Carter, S. Anderson, S.Gaston, C.Moore, D.Kongable, M.Clarkg Top: C.Johnson, C.Perkins, C.Striefinger, J.Thomas, K.Padjen, G.McNulty, L.MiddIe- ton, M.VanDrie, J.Hayos, M.Leslie, S.Fuentes, M,Geraghty, L.GIynn, S.Dodgen, B.Bryan, V.Grounds, K.Burrowes. nuns-- The '73-'74 Rank Leaders were, L.Briese, E.Webster, .l.Westover, S.An- derson, C.Johnson, K.Padjen, M.Leslie, and B.Bryan. After the Cerritos Victory, Drill Team participated in the Alma Mater. ,I U '," , -Q t A Q 9- V ' .. If V ! ' X. 4-.f A J Q Wi' ' X 3 J' 1 N t 7 Dwi... ef.. . Q- ll M! , 'Q . . . uf 'f . tt: - " ' ie v S ., -r Q , A wx ' ' K' .if fi D 5' H W f ev.: . ' S t ii: ' 1 I. f-L' z 3? af" Q Y 3 My M V 5 2 -.FA 1' Q, g l K kv i f, , 4 , 1 . . X, j .' g, dt, 5 39 l t J 1 Michelle Clark and Kim Burrowes. along with other Drill Team mem- bers, practice getting it all together. - 4- -J .1 rv,..a-v.nl .-um .w -ungaratl 11:-A at 14- n l Drill Team colonels Pam Briese and Janet Saylor really pull together for a great Drill Team, During the Homecoming parade, E.Webster and J.Westover stretch to get those arms up. ,J , Above: M.Clark and S.Anderson performing for Drill Team. Left: Drill Team performs to song, "Up, Up and Away" feb-f. "ff I 6 , Q uint, .wr-1.15.76 , ., . f , A ' l , A Q N NESS? rw- ,J , t H '73-'74 Ethel and Elmore Eagle mascots were Sherri Kidd and Rosemary '73-'74 JV Cheerleaders were, Bottom: Vicki Moriarty, Golden Crews Hare- Pat Raudag Top: Sou Weyent, Lisa Diaz and Lorie Miller. ' l i I l '73-'74 Pep Club takes time out of their busy schedule to show they got the PEP CLU 'HGWS SPIRIT As the Eagles' team fought to win games, the Pep Club fought to put on spirit through rallies, danc- es, and team dinners and favors. Some of the cheerleaders attended summer workshop at Loyo- la where they learned new routines and skits. Pep Club showed spirit all year in all sports. They met every day during fourth period with their sponsor, Mr. Bob Morris, to plan and organize 74 Var. Cheerleaders were, Bottom: Vicki Jellison, Nita Ramsey, Laurette Bowie: Shelly DeFontes: Top: Jerese M illeville. rallies and routines and other spirit raising ac- tivities. Alm a Mater after the Cerritos Victory '11 ih! . if tn. ,M 1 ti, Jie 'LQ' fs H J My ui Wi? Sherri Kidd, Rose Hare, and Laurette Bowie happily sing the ff. ' W , Y aku t . .,., , "IF, x 2 ' W , ' - ,2 ,yf ' - 0 - i it iff :E , Q Q :':.fQ.,,1g r,1,z:: '12 ' ff . 5 g W i K 1. X ,z rv sho 1 ,lit -it K5-,F . 5,5 Q, '73-'74 Song Girls were, Bottom: Dori Ernest, Joanne Hobe: Middle: Debi Puffer, Liz Newman: Top: Debi Diaz. w that happiness is being a Dori Ernest awaits the big '73-'74 Var. Flag Girls were, Bottom: Janette Ebaugh: Middle: Debbie Pitney: game against Cerritos. Top: Connie Vickery, Sandy Ramsay, and Donna Chabrajez. KEY CLUB I DEDICATED Key Club, under the sponsorship of local Kiwanis, strove to fulfill the international theme of "Dedication", To this end they joined with Epsilon Sigma in building a float for the Homecoming Pa- rade. They also helped the school by acting as ushers at the plays, help- ing student government at football and basketball games, and be- ing sold as slaves for a day to Kiwanis Club members. The club met every Thursday noon with faculty adviser, Mr. Bill Watkins, to plan projects and organize activities. President Tim McDonnell led the club to ayear of success. l iw l Sponsor, Mr. Bill Watkins gives his ideas to Key Club members Row l: Bill Ellis, Key Club Queen Debi Puffer, Max Salazar, Frank Car- Row 3: Don Coleman, Bob Motta Tod McNaughton Row 4 Joe Stl done, Richard Duval, Argel Almaguer, Key Club Queen Susan Horst. ers, Sam Shriver, and Chuck Z0pfl Row 2: Chris Powell, Bill Grovesnor, Brad Clevenger, Tim McDonnell. , S,4 ln ...AI r bk, 3 l The Key Club banner stands proud and tall, a symbol ofthe Queen Susie Horst captures Ralph Chick's attention during a meeting. Clubis goals- A Key Club officers: Sgt. at Arms, Sam Shriverg Treasurer, Brad Clevengerg President, Tim McDonnelIg Secretary, Bob Mottag Vice President, Tod Mc- Naughton, X 1 V! ,Q A l . F 'XXX Wt" W ir ' A "That's great!" laughs Sam Shriver as Frank Cardone offers a suggestion. "This meeting will come to order!" states Tim McDonnell. EP ILO IGMA EMPH SIZES ERVICES AND FU A summer slumber party and the crazy initiation of selling candy kisses at LAX topped the list of fun activities for Epsilon Sigma. As a girls' honorary service club, these 26 girls sold tickets at all home football and basketball games, ushered at plays and concerts and served as guides for Back-to-School Night. Fun and service were combined in building a float with Key Club for Homecoming. Wearing their blue and white checked jackets, these girls met every Thursday noon with sponsor, Virginia Petty, to dis- cuss ways to better serve school and community. ' . H, ' f" ff .,., k4cE,j'AfH.,f s5f3 , I ,J .. , , ,K.V Q ,- A ... I H ,- W ' K ,. 4 Epsilon Sigma officers: Secretary, M.Cripeg Publicity, D.Landrethg President, Laurette Bowie Vice President C Bell Historian B DeFontes Treasu C.Perkins. Laurette Bowie conducts business at Thursday meetings. Anne Van de Perre AFS student helps at Back to School Night A L ?...' I 6, O 11 0 W D -b L.l. Q Axi Cindy Perkins, Treasurer, bemoans the fate of club's finances. Sandy Campbell was an active force in Epsilon Sigma psilon Sigma members: Row l: Kathy Wagnon, Sandy Campbell, Row 3: Bev Brown, Cara Bell, Diane Morehead, June Francois, Holly aureen Dobruck, Janice Glickman, Cheryl Bushrow, Sandy Hull. Row Pennington, Tracey Aikins. Row 4: Laurette Bowie, Debbie Landreth, 1: Vicki Jellison, Juanita Ramsay, Jerese Milleville, Rosemary Hare, Madeline Cripe, Liz Glynn, Sherry Ping. Bernie DeFontes, Cindy Perkins. California Scholastic Federation was not too active this year. Perhaps its 65 members were too busy studying to meet the high scholastic requirements of this honorary club, and most of the members were involved in other clubs and activities. The group did help plan the regional conference and did tutor other students in math and English. On October 27th, the group attended the UCLA-California football game as part ofUCLA Day. Serving as president this year was Dorinda Ernest. As- sisting her were Vice-president Tod McNaughton and Secretary Stan Poey. Mr. Woodsmall was sponsor. CSF President, Dori Ernest, conducts an important meeting. Mr. Don Woodsmall, CSF sponsor. CSF HAS Q IET YEAR Row l: June Francois, Janice Glickman, Sandy Campbell, Sandy Hull, Diane Roberts, Cherie Miller. Row 2: Kathy Cason, Theresa Romano, Tod McNaughton, Paul Hansen, Bill Grosvenor, Bill Ellis, Mike Cason, Stan First semester CSF members Not Pictured: Seniors: Chris Barton, Steve, Braddock, Beverly Brown, Cheryl Bushrow, Brad Clevenger, Madeline Cripe, Maureen Cummings, Rhonda Dornblaser, Dori Ernest, Vicki Jel- lison, Jerese Milleville, Diane Morehead, Kathy Pierson, Barbara Turino, Kathy Wagnon. Juniors: Beth Combs. Esther Cook, Pat Dornblaser, Joan- ne Hobe, Kim Krieger, Andrew Pak, Jane Schmidt,John Stroh,Karen Sund- qulst. Sophomores: Bob Buckingham, Frank Cardone, Roseanne Freese, Lucy Macintosh, Lisa Osnower, Phil Ruta. Freshmen: Tim Bushrow, Betty Collings, Dru Ernest, Curtis Loer, Mark Mitchell, Guillermo Nusbaum, Tracey Patterson, Tim Waag. Poey. Row 3: Sue Neally, Kim Reardon, Liz Glynn, Prudence Ashley, Cathy Collings, Suzi Glickman, Sharon Murphy, Jamie Southern, Kerin Tyrrell, Kathy Thomas, Diana Stoops, Lauren Riggs. AN ACTI E SPANI H CLUB With such activities as the Annual Clothing Drive, the Lan- guage Clubs' Awards banquet and a progressive dinner, Span- ish Club has been constantly busy this year. In order to en- courage an interest in the Spanish language and to increase members' knowledge of the Hispanic culture, Spanish Club attended a performance of the ballet Folklorico Mexicana at Huntington Hartford Theatre on November 20. In addition, the annual Carnival party and Christmas party helped to round out the cultural aspect of Spanish Club. The Christ- mas party on December l3, complete with a pinata, the gift exchange, and the traditional celebration of Las Posadas, was enjoyed by both Spanish and French Club members. Some of the other activities included attending a performance of "Cyrano de Bergerac", working in the basketball food booth and taking a trip to Guymas. For the first time,Span- ish Club elected co-presidents,Jane Schmidt and Susan Horst. Other officers were, Michelle DeFontes, Vice-president, Ber- nie DeFontes, Secretary, and Tod McNaughton, Treasurer. The sponsors of this active club were Miss Neva Hitchcock, and Mr. Frank Real. Mr. Frank Real, above, and Miss Neva Hitchcock, below, co-sponsored this year's Spanish Club. Officers. Front Row: Bernie DeFontes, Susan Horst. Back Row: l DeFontes, Tod McNaughton, Jane Schmidt. . . .g.gsEff K wif Jorge Gigena smiles at comment from Spanish Club sponsor. Front Row: J.Swancara, B.Harvey, J..ludd, K.Krieger, B.Ellis, F.Cardone, B.DeFontes, S.Horst, T Romano. Second Row: R.Freeze, N.Avila, R.Stout, B.Vidmar, M.DeFontes, J.Francois, R.Ruis, V Tweedie, S.Nusbaum, W.Popiel, K.Jaime. Third Row: P.Ashley, T.Taylor, M.Cason, S.Ramsay, .I Gigena, J.Schmidt, A.Almaguer, L.Glynn. Back Row: K.Thomas, T.McNaughton, M.Prosk, B.Waag FRENCH CLUB FUN French Club had fun while learning about the customs and life styles of the French people. They took field trips, attended two plays at the Ahmanson Theatre C"Cyrano de Bergerac" and "Joan of Arc"J and dined at a French restaurant. They also helped and partici- pated in the foreign language Christmas party and the awards banquet in spring. To raise money they sold See's suckers. Approximately forty students from all Club Oficers, Bottom Row: M.Clarke, M.VanDrie, K.Tyrell. the Frenqh classes were members of French Club' Bari w Casin, B.Turino, icofailo. and sponsor Mrs. Beth Wolf. bara Turmo served as presldent and Mrs. Beth Wolf. the French teacher, was the sponsor. MFV. gf: Ct." Q- 19 Q' YQ if I Sponsor Mrs. Beth Wolf answers questions during meeting. .r is ww rw XA' lwgxwxn 1 af T Hs ench Club Members, Front Row: M.Geraghty, K.Reardon, S,Kemp, G.Holman, .l.McGregor, P.Konecny, R. val, D.Heitkamp, J.LeMieux, S.Avak, K.Denny, J.Southern. Second Row: K.Padjen. B.Combs, J.Glickman. Sundquist, J.Hobe, C.Collings, K.Magee, D.Holquin, K.Bradford, T.Aikens. Third Row: B.Grosvenor, L.Glynn, urphy, K.Larson, L.Kastler, D.Montz, S.Glickman, S.Murphy, L.Osnower. Back Row: A.Van de Perre, M.Van- nrie, C.lsitt, M.Clarke, B.Turino, J.Corallo, K.Ty1-fell, Mrs, W011. .JI fe .NI . '--...ham 54 -1 -A' Above: Suzi Glickman wonders what it's like in France. Left: B. Turino, Clsilt, and J.Coralloh1ivc 4 fun at meeting. BELGIUM AND BRAZIL CGME T ES HS American Field Service sponsored two students on ESHS campus for 1973- 74 school year. Ann Van de Perre from Belgium and Eliana Teixeira from Bra- zil stayed with families in El Segundo while attending school. Striving to establish better under- standing and friendship among na- tions through education, AFS worked hard to raise money to help finance the exchange. A pancake breakfast on November 10 and Dollars for Scholars drive were organized by AFS Presi- dent Cheryl Bushrow and sponsor, Mrs. Karen Shipley, as well as the community chapter. AFS officers: lst Rowg Hist. June Francois, Sec. Kathie Thomas, Pres. Cheryl Bushrow Pub Laffoon. Znd Row: V. Pres. Sandy Hull, Act. Liz Glynn, Anne Van de Perre and Eliana Teixeira .tw AFS members: Front Rowg Tammy Brookens, Sandy Hull, Cheryl Bush- anne l-lobe, Anne Van de Perre, Back Row: Jamey Mack Prudence row, Joyce Laffoon, Sue Kemp, Bernie DeFontes, Carol Witt. Second Ashley, Bill Waag, Maureen Dobruck, Sandy Campbell June Francois Row: Kathie Thomas, Liz Glynn, Randy Ruis, Michelle DeFontes, Jo- Lori Kastler, Kirsten Larson, Eliana Teixeira. - 'g2R1w!fT I mmf than with her lunch. in . Machisic, principal. introduces Eliana Teixeira and Ann Van de Lrre Bla rally. sponsor Mrs. Karen Shipley seems more concerned about the meet- AFS President Cheryl Bushrow poses in the patio. J., k xx, i ig Q 4 I 'R l ' -sl' ei Q K.. S 3 t c ff" ,I 'ix YQ J Top: Mrs. Karen Shipley. li.Teixeira, Dr. Mary Reed, Ann Van de Perre and Dr. Machisic. Left: AFS President Cheryl Bushrow and Braid Clcven- ger study the Buy Eagle and eat their lunch during nn AFS meeting. .Xxx 63 GIRLS, ,EAGL F HAS USY YEAR Beginning the year with a successful after-game dance on September 28, Girls' League continued with more activities such as Freshman Orienta- tion, Homecoming Spirit Chain, Christmas Can Drive, and Valentine Telegrams. They also continue to recognize outstanding sen- iors in the Girl of the Month showcase. Through- out the year Girls' League promoted activities which developed understanding and friendship among all girls of ESHS. Vicki Jellison served as president. Mrs. Moon- yeen DeSmidt served as club advisor. rs- 1- ia-W' 6135. W inf' 1,5 Girls' League Sponsor, Mrs. Moonyeen DeSmidt, reminds girls of Hal- loween Party for Child Development Center. H -fi.- Above: Diane Morehead sometimes finds Girls' League a serious matter. Be- low: Susan Horst and Bernie Delontes are in deep concentration at the meet- in is ti-L.. 64 ff -H tiff, .jfjz l'e5' p t t Ch 't "ins: N Juanita Ramsey finds time to snack and take notes at the Girls' League meeting. in W.. an any if fl e c . luv' S . y lg. :hs 1 it its Liz Glynn watches the president while Carolyn Clarke concentrates on an apple during the meeting. l,llll"Y??f' M l f' X ... G suvuts 75 Unwin- rls' League Officersg Row l: Jenny lsitt, Candy Quisenberry, Cathy Mrs. Monyeen DeSmidt. Row 3: Debbie Montz, Renee Helsom, Debbie nphere, Cathy Cason, Row 2: Bernie DeFontes, Michelle DeFontes, Pitney, Beth Combs, Jamie Southern, Joanne Hobe, Sandy Hull, Debbie m Burrowes, Susan Horst, sponsor Miss Bailey, Jerese Milleville, Landreth,Madeline Cripe, Cara Bell. rie Ernest, Nita Ramsay, Diane Morehead, Vicki Jellison, sponsor Vicki Jellison, devotes her attention to Girls' Leagues meetings. Diane Morehead and Jerese Milleville eat lunch while Sandy Camp- bell discusses Can Food Drive with Maureen Dobruck, XX FHA WORK TOWARD FUTURE The El Segundo chapter of Future Homemakers of America, a national homemaking club, endeavored to fulfill the motto, "Toward New Horizons". After the potluck dinner on October ll, officers were installed. Other activities included the Christmas Sale with Art Guild, a Simplicity Fashion Show Assembly with Girls' League, an after-game dance in January, field trips to Ports of Call and Joshua Tree Manufacturing, and a Christmas party. As a service to improve community living, FHA sang Christmas carols for senior citizens and raised money for Muscular Dystrophy by participating in 'The Smile Project". The year culminated at the awards banquet in June where the 25 members, and sponsors Mrs. Nan Fisher and Mrs. Anne Lenker, looked towards new horizons for the future. x u x ' N President Rhonda Dornblaser conducts an important FHA meeting while Teresa Sant busily takes the minutes. -'N-+.., Rhonda Dornblaser and Julie Westover at the FHA installation of officers. FHA officers: Pam Layne, Pub.g Julie Westover, Vice Pres.g Rhonda Dorn- blaser, Pres.g Mrs. Fisher, Advisor: Wendy Popiel, Tres.g Teresa Sant, Sec. J FHA members direct their attention to sponsor Mrs. Fisher during a meeting. AT l,:e?m' I 091131, at this work of art' exclaims Theresa Morris to Bush Diane Kongable, Linda Briese and Tim Randall find time to eat lunch and listen to speakers. ,J Diane Kongable, Lori Kastler, and Linda Briese projects for Christmas Sale. uren Riggs dreams of art for tomor- Art Teacher Mr. Dan Jeldum reflects on Art Guild goals. 2-t ART GUILD OFFERS GRK HOP Art Guild sponsors provided help and art rooms after school on Tuesdays so students could work in a laboratory-studio environ- ment. The art projects were sold at the Christ- mas Sale sponsored by Art Guild and FHA and at the Festival of Arts in May. The group took many field trips to art galleries and to exhibits in several colleges to study and observe art of all kinds. - i 'Q 'N' Front Row: B.Beckman, L.Riggs, B.Ellis, L.Briese, L.Kastler. Middle Row: J.Gonzales, L.Bush, R.Paw- lowski, L.Kovary, S.Avak. Back Row: M.Cason, M.Crawford, T.Morris, Mrs. Daoud, Mr. Jeldum, T. Sant, K.Kongable, A.Stenberg. .ge- GJ Front Row: A.Almaguer, C.McLay, B.Saylor, J.Vermuler, 10511, L.Young, K.Bryan. Back Row: C.Osborn, S.Fuentes, HIKI G CL EEKS THE OUTDGOR Hiking Club got off the ground this year and be- came an active group. Meeting every other Tues- day during lunch in Mr. Kessler's room, they watched movies that stimulated an interest in and appreciation of the great outdoors. Led by presi- dent Sue Fuentes and sponsor Dave Kessler, plans were made for a January snow-outing and a May hike. They also planned a November bicycle ride but it was canceled due to rain. Bryan. fbllomwgg. Right: Sue Fuentes ponders an important decision concerning Hiking Club. Above: l Sue Nusbaum gives her salad special atten- Sponsor Mr. Dave Kessler enjoys a humorous moment tion. during a Hiking Club meeting. M.Dick, D.Young, C.Castler, D.Kessler. ..,T..N Officers: Sec. S.Murphy, Pres. S.Fuentes, Adv. D.Kessler, V. vnu, 'Nur' "io Pres. K Q Pederson, Laura Mittie, Nancy Arntz. Beth Pederson leaps to good form in modern dance. Cook, Yae Sook Rhee, Suzie Andrews demonstrate different maneuvers in Modern Row: Lisa Cameron, Steve Braddock, Cindy Webb. Second Row: Suzie Andrews, Monson, Sue Motta, Yae Sook Rhee, Eliana Teixeira. Third Row: Lucy MacIn- Esther Cook, Lisa Bush, Ann Van de Perre. Back Row: Kim Krieger, Vikki Grounds, GRCHESIS CRE TE D DANCES Orchesis met Mondays after school in the cafeteria with Mrs. Fritzi Holmes to prac- tice dancing. They took their art seriously and devoted many hours to creating move- ments and perfecting steps for performan- ces. They presented a dance concert for the pub- lic in February. They also performed in The Spring Musical, the Festival of Arts, and in the Leuzinger High Dance Festival. Karen Monson, Sue Motta, Lucy Maclntosh and Kim Krieger show what can be done with a few arms. Steve Braddock and Lisa Cameron display the artistic creations of mod- ern dance. h SCPCYRCS Q I Q 00 1 QQ' wh It took 3 years for El Segundo to quali- fy for C.I.F. competition, but this year, under the leadership of Coach Damon Bame, they tied for first place with Lawndale and Luezinger and advanced on the toss of a coin. Behind the pass- ing of All-League quarterback Tom Soto and the running of Tim Cargill, the Eagles' offense rolled up 43 points in a home opener victory over winless Harvard. Bryan Smith excelled in both offense and defense as he was voted All-League in both categories. Other standouts on this yearis squad included wide receiver Alan Walker, Ben Beaird and Jeff Hancock on offense, and Eric Tidwell and Richard Smith on defense. The Eagles' toughest game of the year came on the first round of the play- offs against Neff High School. Though losing 14-13, El Segundo showed signs of brilliance as Ben Beaird kicked two field goals and TimCargill scored from 9 yards out only to have their lead di- minished in the closing minutes. Coach Hale concentrates on the game. I Varsity Defenseg Front Row: M.Mullins, S.Brown, M.Briney, D.Riggins, K.Craig. Back Row: E. Tidwell, .I.Buckingham, M.Sutherland, B.Beaird, R.Smith, .I.Gigena, J.Purvis. Varsity Offenseg Front Row: M.Mullins, T.Moncrief, R.Smith, S.Bartelt, B.Smith, K.Keenum, A. Walker. Back Row: E.Tidwell, J.Hancock, T.Soto, T.Cargill. Quarterback Tom Soto scrambles as he finds an opening in the defensive line. tr..,g,, 5. .- N . .- ,.. K ,.,. ..,, -- Q. Tom Soto prepares to pass. T Smith demonstrates the blocking that made him All- John Stroh looksto the sidelines for instructions on thenext play. RI E FOR PER Runningback Tim Cargill escapes his followers. me lil FECTIO . Q YK i ' ' - ' me ... ' ,gf 1' ., P 1 A' -Q , , "5 Q fi "1 as - ,, ' A " xuq s mf-twig:-'fun-'Q' 1-,. ,, ,. . . ,.-r Below: The El Segundo Eagles as the fans see them. Above: Jorge Gigena makes an unusual tackle. que' ,.fwtsuz:1frPm'wg':4w:'s-ww-'--f , M A f 5, -. , 4-A--491 wi.. 5' ' M ' 4 f my K6 Y ,X 1.4 dll' EI, CEGUNDO VAR ITY FOOTB LL QU LIFIES F G R 4 I F Quarterback Tom Soto rolls out to find an open receiver. A I O O is we .,,, C K . .. is , M if The offensive line of El Segundo prepares to gain yardage. Jeff Hancock tries for a deep punt Varsity Football El Segundo Opponent 3 Culver City 7 . 28 St. Monica 0 6 Mayfair 27 20 Cerritos 6 43 Harvard 0 13 Leuzinger 7 6 ' 8 Lawndale 35 13 Lennox 7 6 Miraleste 0 1 A C ' ' A 13 Neff 14 bf 6 Q- Won 6 Lost 4 Tom Soto finds running room. iff- E E if ssst tsse e or N' o E. .ff 'X awwl' E w e Top Row: J.Hale, S.Newell, D.Bame, D.Stevenson, E.Tidwell, M.Sutherland, A.Walker, B.Disosway, J.Stroh, .I.Hancock,T.Cargill, M.Johnson, T.Soto, P. Kranski. Middle Row: M.Mullins, J.Buckingham, R.Smith, J.Gigena, J.Purvis, K.Keenum, B.Deal, T.Rowson, .l.Thamann, .l.Stegman. Bottom Row: E.Nagel, S.Brown, B.Beaird, M.Briney, D,Riggins, K.Craig, S.Bartelt, B.Smith, T.Mon- crief, A.Carbon, J.Corallo, J.Groff. "wi Q I . .,. K ., x ti KVV ,.l, L1 ,E K ' 5 Q, j"s st s "' Q E Q An Eagle kick-off as seen from the stands. A day in the life of an Eagle defender. ' 1 l 1 t l X x .,.. ft ' f 45 .Q ,,f" U x ww. f we 5-.: -f 4-f , ' . 5 ' "' Q' "E i n, I ' 'gamsf '- ,qv...,g ' 4 " Hu. , I V K Above: El Segundo Eagles show determination at Neff Game. Left: Eagles wait anxiously for play to resume. Tim Cargill makes a sharp turn with the ball With a record of 3-9 to live with for the rest of the year, the Sophomore football team has already forgotten the past and are looking to- wards next year as members of the Varsity Team. Since many of them were upped to Var- sity for the play-off game against Neff High School, they show great players in Ron Jelli- son, Tim Domann, Steve Randall, and Dirk Barrow, who twice took player of the game honors. Other members of the squad who played above average include Bob Cannon, Len- nie Briese, and Dana Warmbrodt. Next year is the year for the Sophomores to prove them- selves as good football players and help El Se- gundo to win a berth in the play-offs. OPH FOOTB LL TEAM SHOWS POTE TI L Sophomore Football El Segundo Opponent 6 Leuzinger 22 13 Lawndale 19 3 Lennox 0 6 Miraleste 15 Won 1 Lost 3 Front Row: N.Nelson, M.Vinson, G.McClary, B.Marron, .I.Martin, L Briese Snow, G.Crawford, R.I-lartman, T.Skriver. Middle Row: K.Melton, S Robley Zeiler, B.Jeck, T.Domann, R.Jellison, T.Laster, M.Riggins, D.Drummond row, J.Efflandt, T.Watson. Back Row: T.Felix, S.Randall, M.Chichester M.Murray, D.Warmbrodt, S.Branam, P.Platt, N.Fontechio, E.McDown J Tim Domann tries to break loose from a Culver City defender Above: Bob Cannon attempts a punt from the Eagle 36 yard line. Below: Ron Jellison makes a diving tackle to save touchdown. 76 RE H AVEI PRESSIV terback Chris Doukakis scrambles to avoid being tackled. Number 54, Ricky Chavez, shows no mercy against opponent. op Row: J.Stevenson, C.Gregory, M.Bianco, A.McAdams, B.Gangaware, B.Fisher, .I.Dornblazer, J.Stewart, Efflandt, T.Walsh, W.Montz, L.Wilton, R.Chavez, B.Neusbaum, B.Luttrell, F.Sorkin. Middle Row: R. C.Efl'landt, S.Perkins, L.Chavez, H.Lambart,J.Voigt, C.Loer, J.Healy, R.Tucker, M.Mitchell, T. G.Linke, J.Lindsey, G.Martin. Bottom Row: D..lohnson, T.West, D.DeFontes, B.Cumpson, C. P.Markle, C.Doukakis, M.Gigena, C.Dyhre, M.Borders, K.Legendrc, A.Stallings, P.Boschinski. Wiiiam Punter Alvin McAdams just gets his kick off past blocking defender. Luezmger Lawndale Lennox Miraleste 1 Won 4 .nn alas Though starting off slow at the beginning of the year, El Se- gundo's Frosh football team fin- ished the season with an impres- sive 4-1 record in League, second only to Lawndale who went unde- feated through 5 games. With Coaches John Stevenson and Fred Sorkin, the Eagles went on to line performances against Len- nox, Luezinger, and Miraleste, mainly on the steady perfor- mances of Chris Doukakis, Joe Dornblazer, and Parry Markle. With a year's experience behind them, these young men will im- prove rapidly as the years come forth. Larry Chavez and Chuck Dyhre make stop for Eagles. Freshman Football Lost l El Segundo Opponent 20 Harvard 0 20 ' O 12 20 36 I4 34 ' 7 iM"f"l I li C , as Rafi' in A, at ,C TER POLG GOES C0-ED Though suffering 12 defeats to only 2 victories, the Eagles' Varsity Water Polo team fought back from eight straight defeats to score impressive vic- tories over Chadwick and Morningside with scores of 21-1 and 21-6. All- League player, Eric Atkeson was the team's leader along with junior Mike son. Jessogne. The Eagles only freshman Varsityg Back: L.Salaz, E.Atkinson, P.Dornblazer, C.Bonn, P.Guy, F.Kielnecker, R.Randall R Peterson, M.Jessogne. Front: D.Spivey, M.Salazar, D..Iellison, K.Wolfsburger, C.Mohr T Atkln ak, , this year was David Spivey. With only four seniors on this year's team, Water Polo works for a better season next year. Jill Schuldt, ESHS' lirst girl water polo player. Varsity Water Polo N h-qi.. x .ia fy, -W. .Ae ' M 1- . YT, ex ' Xiang' 11 Goalie Eric Atkinson made All-League as a junior. Troy Atkeson looks for an open man El Segundo Opponent Aviation Burroughs Pasadena Palos Verdes Beverly I-I1lls Aviation Long Beach Poly Long Beach Millikan Chadwick Harvard Long Beach Wilson Leuzinger Morningside Redondo Won 2 Lost 12 Replacing Coach Saari was Coach Jim Brewer X "' h V - Nm' ' Q, wr' .usp " R 5' Q 'A f Q e U ,R gf w Q if , A Ms.: 4, at 'W .V ' It zagug9W U, ,. .A S ' 'W a.,:,x.' ii' -E' 1415, ,pn 8 'T' -., wif-wt.-...W 1 ' A r .:. 07 ' Mfg Q opponent tries to score against Eagles. M. Salazar looks to score for the Eagles. Mike Jessogne reaches high while trying to dunk op- ponent. 4" 90. , lg' t., K"""-fbi' 1 J N X - -1 me X MK N-ng M 'rv- Senior Rod Randall goes all out in losing effort. Troy Atkeson inches ball to goal with his nose. Ns. ...males "EsgeN'ls:Q Eric Atkeson makes losing attempt to stop the ball. F. Kielnecker looks for the shot that will put his team onthe scoreboard. AFTER WATER POLO SEASON, OST OF THE PL YER BECO BER OF THE ESHS SWIMMING TEAM W-lam, 5 T NSN 'W ' A ' A ' "-y , P' - ' ii-l-. " ' :5 A K ,,- .:l:5,,.g 152. - ",,:,:, g5:' A 55.51 ' . ,Q -.-1 I, ,I Q . W . - li M ww ying, ,lg :,,, ,gf ,,,. T .... W ...m,ffL,,k S ff f T. il .Q A O , A SWAN' -. 2-4 mafia -44. 4 N ' ' l A . , 1, ,. ...1,,. .... ,.. ..-. .. , es j ' -- -ls. ' K, 2513, .,1,.?:f3---':.:,Q 'fir-, JEg,, s'fh5g -, ww.:vg:".'fNqF::1!K5:gQf:: l' A + A, N ,. - NW5,,:ff15i5+w-g. .: f.. 1-:f-S:,.1:::L.m".'-i.. ,, . .,, ,, 11:2 13, TN" I , 'fum ,. . . ff: O K K mf- ,. . 1 K ' . . 1. fa .... 1 f ' A L ' ,: ITN 'iff ' ' H5 ' 'O ' vw ' , ,, t 5 -- , . I O O, ,, F .O A A ' A A LA-OO ' K - . ,., ' - ..,, . -, gr Q: 5 ., I - A A Jill Schult skillfully tries to gain control ofthe ball. Andy Bogossian yells instructions to his teammates from poolside. Coach Brewer gives pointers to his players before a game. 'QQ QU ""ir"" 4' g Iwi 1251 ,za ,Q RTW? W' 3 Varsity wrestler strives to pin his forceful opponent. ESHS wrestler Marcelo Gigena locks his opponent on the mat as spectators watch. Harold Dye shows the unwavering Eagle strength. Ez' Coaches Whittington and Felix concentrate on 11 match. Eagle wrestler tries to break his opponent's grip. WRE TLER HOLD THEIR GW With little experience on this year's squad, the junior varsity wrestlers gained much respect and should be a big factor in next year's drive for a wrestling championship. With hard workers like Mark Swire, Danny Dye, Parry Markle, and Marcelo Gigena, a year's experience is just what they need for Varsity Competition. Mark Swire grapples with his opponent. Parry Markle and his opponent wait for the referee to give the signal to start. .lf-if - M? Ei lr. 'mixggf Q VARSITY BASKETBALL HARP I LEAGUE Even with Eric Tidwell and Ken Craig out for most of the year, the Eagles Varsity Basketball team proved to be one of the toughest teams in El Segundo through recent years. Sam Shriver and Matt Stewart were among the leading scorers and were consistent throughout the year, but it was Mike Shanks and Dennis Riggins who proved to be most effective in the clutch during the final minutes of the game. Coaches Joe Hern and Bill Rayl disciplined their team to fight the whole game and it seemed to pay off. With El Segundo down by 13 points in the final quarter against Harvard, the Eagles played like pros as they dominated the final 8 minutes and left Harvard High School with a 68-55 victory. But if Coach Hern has any doubts about next year's team, he shouldn't worry any more. With Mike Shanks returning along with juniors Joe Purvis, Daryl Roach, and Ken Craig, they should supply enough scoring and rebound- ing to provide a league title for El Segundo next year. Above: Controlling the ball and keeping his eyes on the basket was Matt Stewart's secret for a successful season. Right: Joe Purvis tries for another basket to spark the Eagles to victory. Jim Berggren concentrates on his free throw technique A. vi siqmii? X Harvard Neff Crespr Lawndale Esperanza Lennox Leuzmger MlfalCStC Harvard Lawndale Lennox Leuzinger Miraleste Varsity Basketball Varsity Basketball players: Matt Stewart Chris Barton .hm Berggren Sam Shrlver Dennis Rlgglns Mike Shanks Chuck Zopfl Darrell Roach Ken YG THF LJ ' HGW PRGMIS Junior Varsity basketball started 3 underclassmen th year, so t0day's team will be the team of tomorrow beat. The big factors of this year's team were Ron Je lison, the team's top rebounder, and Frank Cardon the team's leading scorer. This year's JV Basketball tea showed great promise for the future. JV players: Frank Cardone, Loni Tydon, Ron Jellison Chris Wardrop, Paul Hanson, Ralph Chick, Chris Duka- kois, Jami McCann. OPH' HAVE S - CCFS. FL I4 YE I Frosh Basketball E1 Segundo Opponent 46 Crespi 64 45 Marina 66 58 Milican 56 58 El Rancho 28 69 Poly 61 44 North 63 41 Miraleste 38 48 Mira Costa 52 53 Santa Monica 44 38 Miraleste 47 49 North 60 58 Bishop Montgomery 41 48 Neff 45 88 Harvard 56 93 Lawndale 50 50 Lennox 39 61 Leuzinger 41 Won 1 1 Lost 6 With a few members of last year's frosh squad brought 1 to the Junior Varsity this year, the Sophomore basketbz team had to play twice as hard as last year to come up with respectable record for 1974. Bob Buckingham and Ril Snow were the offensive punch while Scott Branam muscll his way through defenders for the defensive rebounds. I cluded in this year's lineup were backcourt men Tom Zeil and Bob McCarthy. They were the two players who broug the ball downcourt and set up the plays. Coaching the tea this year was Don Woodsmall. L, L L5 A I f Y null """ The attempted jump by Bob Buckingham fails at the Leuzinger game. 'el-Biff gkhlff 34 Front Row: Tom Zeiler, Greg Rich, Doug McCann, Bob McCarthy, Raul Magueflor. Back Row: Coach Woodsmall, Rick Snow, Steve Randall, Scott Branam, Mike Chichester, Bob Buckingham, Mike Riggins. , - FRE H N Frosh Basketball Aviation Redlands Crespi Leuzrnger La Salle South Lennox Bishop Montgomery Neff Harvard Lawndale Lennox Leuzinger Danny Russell attempts a basket for the Eagles. I-'ost 7 Won 7 El Segundo OPPOHCUI 47 ' ' 65 45 37 66 ' 42 31 ' 39 39 Morningside 57 45 35 42 46 68 64 42 ' 60 41 48 70 60 4l 24 60 42 52 41 BASKETB LL EVENS SCGRE Freshman basketball had a hard time getting it all together at the beginning of the season. As time went on, however, the eager Frosh players improved and started rolling. Danny Russell showed great leadership in both scoring and rebounding. Other outstanding players were Jeff Rich and Dean DeFontes. John Stewart started at the beginning of the year but injuries prevented him from doing his best. Bruce Matthews also helped the team to a season of 7 wins and 7 losses. Coach Charles Saikley predicts a greater tomorrow. watt: 1 5 Front Row: Dean DeFontes, Cecil Gregory, Ray Tucker, Jeff Rich. Back Row: Coach Saikley, John Stewart, Darrell Efflandt, Randy Hull, Bruce Matthews, Danny Russell, Clete Shilling. u wuz., . i10!w s-1. .1, 1f:.,,,,f"g.mn 'f V- - FW? 4,1 ,NSW-pf An Eagle football player tries to tackle his opponent. Above: Marcelo Gigena attempts to lloor his opponent. Righti Kathy Wagnon hits a powerful serve. A CANDID LOO an-uw A J, .ff-Am' Eagle players and fans are proud oftheir victory. is 5 . U I A 92 M W 20 ..L.. T ESHS SPGRT Mike Shanks aims for a basket from the key. f""'Z -., LN ff X" .xl PE, kj df i i fda X A x 7 1 57 Chuck Zopfi shows his dribbling skills. Sports, a way of life at ESHS, begins with the Little League baseball, Pop Warner Football and the Bobby- Sox Girls' Softball teams when the students are very young. Because the city of El Segundo encourages and endorses so many recreational facilities, the young peo- ple are more likely to become active in several sports during their high school careers. Sports can change the insecure, uncertain young people into outgoing, healthy achievers. Adults and youth alike support the athletic programs at El Segundo High School. The 1973-74 Golden Eagle captures the Eagle sports of yesterday, today and tomorrow in action. Above: Eagle players attempt to tacklea rushing opponent. Below: Peter Campbell demonstrates his powerful wrestling skill. UNNER PLACE SECG Cross Country Runners weregwaiting in September to go off at the sound of the gun. ESHS's fastest runners re- ported to Coach Terry Crystal in fine shape. Jerry Martin broke the school record for the two mile run September 14 at the Longbeach State Invitational. The team did not have enough runners to run Junior Varsity. 7"m!'l9e5f,, "ff-numulm, 'iw S 'jf-meta., 3-ff:-Razz ,M K' ' WW ,xg , A 495004- , , V 4'9" M -aiq..,v.,. -my g ,,,,. V, .ee ,. .....s..., va., H -.rw A 4 is-f M- -M gun-tgQf.1,,, ' . -. 4 .-. .M- yfv ,apr -- Q V 'f . ,wt . - .W ik...-1 .. ,fqzsgty t M M- "" ,., parm. www .wtf Mama Above: Richard Ollivares endeavors to reach the finish line. Below: Rich- ard Chabrajez charges off at the sound ofthe gun. I g,gi3,1f2- 5, fy I .- 'I C , ,5 wig V A W- , 'lilkffp 2.5-wir-W, ' ' . ' 4'-32119 1, A- . ifsfy-N. . if.. 2 A Hum - f wi' iziltfw.,-Q ,A i'f'tffff'W?59Zm:u . I . ,Wu I 152 9? 1 - x . aft,m,.,te' e .xy A s ' A 'E , ,UWA J U! X .. -' frff1maQS H -.au 5 5 v- in MM. , 1 . Y' ,,.e, " w- -, if "' :ma 0- f ' fqhfamr. 1 Wm Meme.-:silk-fx-fn. r if new ips: 1-4-dir we Doug Heitkamp strives to place ahead of his opponent. A . 'l -' f-, 4512? ' .3.:..w.. 431125. r -'f"'fa'f-.1 , '-' ' 9l'.'kL- ' f Q """f'L-. J" M g f,g4.fg" Q...-.A -, fi .v . 4JvI'1" f nlvflxlc' -1 V 1' ff: g1Q ,, . ... , - ' V 5 ,,,x, K, jk. A H ,V . f my -j ',.,5.g, Q K 3 ,- ,,.. ,.fsgn..,gu f K., .: ....i ei H s . - " ,: 1, A ' 1, 'rs ' ,Est , R r . avi' :sig '-'Jn'-', ,Q -Q "' .Q-as ' ' .L g"f'ti X-sv .- 3 I X. ws, ,V f' '25, " . I FQ' .eet t 1 ta- ' 0 4 -'1:f'f?.e.,E. S' . C P.. I U "'!i:u if t - Doug Heitkamp sets an easy pace through Alondra Park. l -. ,fy " x il N034 J.V. Team: R.Duval, S.Purvis, S.Martinez, J.Keller, D.Harter, J.Lawrence, K,Hoel, K.Fisher, D. Heilkamll, P.Ruw, S-C0l'm2inY- J.Keller holds slight edge ,vx tr Head Coach, Terry Crystal. , X ,qs .- rfll ' Lf' lil. Varsity Team: Bottom Row: J.Martin. R.Chabrajez, M.Ward, J.Lawrence, Top D.Heitkamp strides for victory. lflow: R,Ollivares, B..lones. G.Coles, R.Linke. Y Y Q' K 73 EAGLE REGAIN C.I.F. CRO With only two starters returning, the 1973 Eagles surprised the world and won the CIF AAA crown. On the way to the pinnacle of high school athletic success they carved out a 30-5 record and won their 4th straight pioneer League championship. They also won the El Segundo tournement when they won a double header over 4A powers Arcadia and Millikan. Top Eagle performers were catcher, Jeff Hancockg Pitchers, Phil Briese and Neil Burnetteg Infielders, Jeff Franklin, Mike O'Dell, Tom Soto and Matt Mullinsg and Outfielders, Eric Tidwell, Mark Pad- jen and Dave Long. Lisle Randall, Mark Devilbiss, Rick Smith, Chuck Zopfi, Mike Glidewell and Tim Domann rounded out the championship squad. . ..., ., .- ,bh, -f"r'f.'r'fif'f',"Q2f y ,.., 6s,.1.,.,., , 5,7 v-' ., , JZ, , in ,L ',v f 'bu' ,u , v -A1224 ?t?f94 The Eagles splurge on the field after winning the big game. Dodger Stadium congratulates El Segundo. .- df -f .fs 6 7 by ff ww, Dave Long and Eric Tidwell happily accept their M-as-wi..-f ., X4 - M... f ft awards. A 'Nt ft Above: 1973 Cham s roudl ose for icture. Ri ht: John Stevenson an Nick V P P Y P P E d an- Lowe stand proud after coaching a successful year. ' ' of A A , dab N' Dave Long is cool and calm up to bat. .yy Phil Briese has pride in being awarded First Team All CIF Pitcher. G I 1 EJ, .I . , V V I ' 1 6255-gl"'W - 'QI igxkllif Q wi '- i K-as , 1 'L " ' K in , a -, tk'f"' 5-ff" f , , ,bmp 1-i3'e1eg,.w' iw-,ef , 1 Eric Tidwell makes a fabulous catch in right field, with Mark MattMullins shows perfect performance during infield practice Padjen right there to assist him. I .. I .V ach Stevenson and Coach Cummings embrace after the final Jeff Hancock swings to hit a single. ctory. Matt Mullins makes a great effort to get to home plate. L Neil Burnette does thejob on his knuckle ball. eggs 1 'E sf' tv 5-...,,. if J H., 'Q if 6 to it Y ss, :maint Illini f rw L , ti ee- -kgffft ..sv-""-. gtg' V 6 v' "' , , "ffl G2 ' ,, . rf M0 1 A , -A 14- A ":... ut... Mike O'Dell gets a base hit. in WGN if Q ' - 1 ' 4, x,:.t, V 1 ' K 11 I fi. Ip' 1 i is' Y Y L' ' is fix' i t t is 'B WL ' " Fl r 1 ,I 1 1 Q V On the first pitch Jeff Franklin gets a single to first base. Above: Jeff Hancock waits for the ball during infield practice. Left: Phil Briese and Mark Padjen discuss plays after the victory. f- Y 1 Q i - 9 if ' I. v 3 Q . 'P Q ' s n af v . , -.-......,., Y' I --......., Dave Long rounds first base after hitting an R.B.I. Matt Mullins swings a ground rule double over the 370 foot fence. vw-, ...... ,. u El Segundo and Edgewood take time out to stand still for the National Anthem S X Tom Soto throws runner out at first .1 Mark Padjen tells Mike Glidewell how it hap- pe ned. GIA .OLLEYBALL GOE TG CIF El Segundo GIA girls were once again invited to the second annual CIF SS Girls' Volleyball Championship Tournament. It began with 34 teams, 10 more than last years tournament. There were 22 league champions, 9 second place teams, and 3 free lance teams. El Segundo won their first match with a come back victory over a Valley Christian team by shaking off the tournament jitters. In the second match, even with Captain Debbie Land- reth's blocking and spiking, Bishop Montgomery over pow- . . B dN h' fl GIA llbll . ered the Eagle girls to end their 1973 season. ren a ewman nsapower U Serve at a vo ey a meet af- ' . S X. 2 ' 3' p QT' ,E 5 P of mt-sent ff 'za f xy E '-- ,, FN, ' 5 if .Ja ' "C" Girls' Volleyball Team, Back Row: C.Sims, Coach Berhlohr, D.Harmon Grace Hammack keeps her eyes on the ban While preparing to dig K.Reardon, D.Ernest, K.Cason, B.Ainsworth, M.Prosk, Assistant Coach Mo ore. Front Row, C.Thomas, J.Arnold, S.Neally, S.Bonn, K.M1lner, C.Bell. as Joyce Laffoon runs to assist, . I l. . : J ,--' ty ,-1' ,dw .. N A-.,.,f-"" Varsity Girls' Volleyball Teamg Back Row: Coach Bernlohr, J.Collings, JV Girls' Volleyball Teamg Back Row: Coach Bernlohr, T.Patterson, G. C.Collings, D.Landreth, B.Newman. Front Row: K.Magee, ,l.Laffoon, K. Holman, L.Lamay, D.Pitney. Front Row: B.Collings, D.Montz, D.Oien, Pierson, G.l-lammack, K.Wagnon. R.Helsom. 100 , N X ,,..-.-- 4 .. . we wb as ,. . . nl " -,,, F ORWAR D ,S Girls' Athletic Association QGAAJ burst forward in September with its annual water balloon contest. October was a month of volleyball matches to prepare for the volleyball play-day at E ESHS. GAA is a 6th period gym class for any girl who shows a keen interest in sports. 4 Competition with other schools is avail- - able through play-days. The best of GAA move into GIA for inter-scho- X -as GIA and GAA girls get together on the steps ofthe girls' gym. lastic competition. E Q . rc .F Above: Karen Milner, Kathy Cason, Juli Judd and Shelly Gill prepare to receive a serve. Below: Sandy Hull watches over hard won trophies. I Above: Kathy Wagnon concentrates on the volleyball while Q K Lori Lamay looks to baseline, Below: Kathy Bryan enjoys see- ing a teammate hit a bad shot during practice. - 2 ' K 1 F g i A N . Q . J gt 0 Q t Qs 1 l n- F -f ' as " 1. . 1 1 :Iwi lp dn n - 1, 'Jw SG UDECDG LIFE w y w , 1 EXECUTI E CCUNCIL HEADS ESHS Executive Council were the leaders of Student Government. They conducted the daily meetings every 5th period where requisitions were dis- cussed, passed or rejected, and decisions were made regarding financial aid, club and athletic projects, and overall school business. They tried to instill in the group a mutual desire to work together for the benefit of ES HS students. y f H The 1973-74 ASB President was Steve Bartelt The Executive Council, often called the ASB officers, were Secretary, Cindy Perkins Vice-President, Debbie Landrethg President, Steve Bar- telt Treasurer Kathy Markleg and Secretary, Carolyn Mack. CGMMISSIO ER PLAN ACTI ITIES Commissioners are appointed by the -if :af Q ASB President with approval of Sena- tors, and are responsible for planning, organizing, and carrying out school ac- tivities and public relations. Ken Karutz, Commissioner of Concessions, supplied the food booths with hot dogs, pop corn, and cokes for all home games. Brad Clevenger, Commissioner of Adminis- trative Relations, prepared a packet for each faculty sponsor that explained the procedures for planning field trips, proj- ects, banquets and filling out requisi- tions and requests. These commissioners were the backbone of activities that made school enjoyable as well as educational. Shelly DeFontes' mind wanders as she thinks about school's goals. Yip' 7? ,. 2. .- , " The ASB Commissioners: Administrative Relations, Brad Clevengerg Sports, Tom Rowsoni Concessions, .Ken Karutzg Not 'Pictured: Speaker Publicity, Shelly DeFontesg Imerschool-Relations, Madeline Cripe: ofthe House, Kun Wlleyz Commissioner of Assembhes, Joanne Hobe- STUDE T ERNM N Increased sales of ASB cards and a well worked out budget for ASB funds were top priorities for Student Government. Presi- dent Steve Bartelt talked to the faculty be- fore school opened on importance of com- munications with Student Government, faculty and students. Projects worked on were the improving of school grounds, informative and entertain- ing assemblies, a working House of Repre- sentatives, and raising funds for ASB. They also debated on the patio sculpture and were able to get the artist, Allen Green, to agree to refinish it. Throughout the year the 32 students and faculty advisor, Mr. Richard Peterson, strove to organize and find a better way to serve school and students. Above: Junior Class officersg Tricia Thomas, Robert Matthews Joanne Hobe Tod Mc Naughton, Randy Ruis, Teresa McAlister. Right: Kim Wiley Speaker of the House ET PRIORITIE Frank Cardone. Class Officers: Susie Cummings, Renee Helsom, Moira Geraghty, Teresa Kas- The Student Government sponsor, Mr. Richard Peter- SOl'l. Q1 N N f Vis 1154? -1 e ,I 1 . - w Bruce Matthews looks on during meeting. pus 'ZZIX 3 Above: Freshmen Class Officers: Lisa Leslie, Diane Combs, Bruce Matthews, Julie Mid- dleton, Tim Bushrow, Carolyn Mack, Left: Sophomore Governor Moira Gerughty speaks to the Student Government. i ll V u t gr, twig Joe Lytle cooks up some pancakes in Foods. Bob Tobiason looks over his homework. ol' ,,,, ' ,W . gl' " ' , :muah ', o A,oo X U i H , y iv. , V V hi ' ,,: ' t ,fy ,t .,,, we ',.: os if is i' k ook t p I ' K '4 'W , - " Sandy Brust truckin' to her next class. Right: Huey Armantrout, John Linn, Bob Smith, and Ken Gould enjoy the Bay Eagle. 'H' H ' Qv1'1ff':'e:lx:-::.::::,t LL , L tsii 2 .. ' -si' .5 Qt, v t f "Hi!" says Frank Peterson. Rick Chabrajez, in a mellow mood, plays his guitar in Mr. Tash's Guitar class. BRONG!! And up bounces Ken Bell Todd Steichen looks at his paper and O if S of ei S' - " r. S -,, W Mg,m A nw f K -'-. Ai AgA: A V , 5 5 ii' 'ik Q rx. lit " -'vias - gg 5 ' . -gy-auf, MW we i IGHT gig K ff, we 'is r '- 5. t,,,,,,.. .,-t -..L . V 1. ,F it M xkg. k - It , -g Tiki if - if - -W if My - Jerese Milleville shows her enthusiasm for school. .Ls Dana Evans fills up in Foods class. Liz Wyant in deep meditation. -be-"sq V 'i f """H""" Bill Cuthbertson adds his name to the Senior Signa- Norkevich sees himselfas a pop star. 'ure Page' ss if f M S Q Y ,,.s QQ' X Yr Q -.W--1 S x l es fans, Q. 1 A 3. -e i N l 4 K Vicky Swift smiles sweetly at thoughts of yester- day. . mls i Q gifs fly fi Eff gsm Q, Mg ??qSf:l'1 53-1 5 ' Burt Brown washes off his car. Left: ESHS's Three Stooges: "Larry" Doug Henderson, "Cur- ly Jo" Jack Wilson, and "Moe" Marty Ablescr. OF W TYPES ASSEMBLIES Numerous fall assemblies brightened the days following the opening of school. The assemblies varied from ping-pong to fashion shows to cho- rus concerts. January and February brought en- tertaining as well as informative events to El Segundo. Assemblies on "The Atomic Energy" and the "Cal Poly Road Show", helped students to become more aware of everyday events. John Goddard made his annual appearance in both January and May, showing a two part movie about his travels through the Congo. -A -uf-""' Above: Elvis the Pelvis?'? Bobby Rich tells students how Elvis Presley started in the world of music. Below: Modern Dance students prepare for an up-coming concert. ASB President Steve Bartelt introduces the players at the Ping-Pong assembly. Matt Stewart models a sporty shirt in the Fashion Show As sembly. Bonnie Gill modeling an evening pany suit during Fashion Show Assembly. LLIE FOR PIRIT Pep Club and Drill Team pre- sented rallies to give victory spirit to the Eagles. The rallies were held at the football field and the boys' gym before .each game. Pep Club did everything from wearing football uniforms to bikinis to urge the Eagle teams to victory. 1.-----+-M - . "First you throw them back!" growls Mr. Kingston. Rosemary Hare and Sherri Kidd start the first rally with a speech for spirit. "Then you give a dirty look so they shake in their shoes, and then you STOMP THEM!" roars Mr. Kingston. Larry May watches the rally with great Or is it the cheerleaders he watches? .vi Q ,Aa-vm "Yeah, Mr. Kingston!" applauds the Pep Club. I , 1. AG xv L' Q 1 3 543 1 as i fi:- .. K 1 G. I , 1 , ,tg we .' A, v f ' ,Q - Q z t ,jf f ff if ? i 1 3 m 1, -HQ. M .I A I , W. L3 ,, ...D , .,. oman's Lib hits ESHS lrms. . Q ' Hale. X 1 is i -ff' rem iii Webi Puffer takes a rest in between cheers. toughest ofticers on the force, Debi Puffer, Jeanette Ebaugh, Liz Newman and Hobe, escort the notorious outlaws, Bull's-eye Bame, Dangerous Newell, and X xlxA r Sue Weyant socks it to them when she shows how she gets the team spirit to rise. ff' wa Tim Cargill gives everyone a pep talk before ESHS's first game of the year. Left: Juanita Ramsey gives the pho- tographer a pose in her daring outfit! HFRIE 9' THE E FOR CORONATIO "Friends" was the theme for '73 Corona- tion. Held in the Century Room ofthe Qual- ity Inn on October 13, the Ball was spon- sored by the Junior Class. Over 300 students danced to the music of the "Molecules" and saw Vicki Jellison and Eric Tidwell crowned Homecoming King and Queen. ers Bart Gangaware and Candy Sophomore Princess Lisa Osnower accepts flow- Freshman Royalty. Sophomore Princess and Prince, Lisa Osnower and Bob Helsomg Sen- Junior Prince and Princess, Eric Atkenson and Joanne Hobeg Fresh ior Princess and Prince, Susan Horst and Matt Stewart: man Prince and Princess, Bart Gangaware and Candy Quisenberry. 'I'l4 .. I I Tricia Thomas gives Queen Vicki .Iellison assist- ,t's me!" shouts Homecoming King, Eric Tidwell. ance with the 1'0Yal F055- THE KI AN QUEE Highlighting the evening was the crowning of the I973-74 Homecom- ing Queen and King, Vicki Jellison and Eric Tidwell, and the announc- ing of the royal court. Junior class president, Rob Matthews, wel- comed the guests and announced the winners who were presented with flowers from the Junior Class. The Coronation announcers, Rob Matthews and Tricia Thomas. King Eric Tidwell gives Queen Vicki .Iellison the traditional kiss. HLIFE I A El Segundo High Schoolls 1973-74 Homecoming theme was "Life is a Carni- val". The annual Homecoming Parade on October 19, led by ESHS Band and Pep Club along with the Junior High Band, added to the festive spirit of the day. Grand Marshall for this year's pa- rade was V. J. "Red" Steffler, chosen by Student Government for his many con- tributions over the past years to the news- paper staff and youth of El Segundo. Other activities included an egg toss, a tug of war, the Coronation, and the ral- ly. Co-chairmen for Homecoming were Kim Wiley and Debbie Landreth of Stu- dent Government. The Eagle Express rides again in the parade filled with happy clowns. CARNIVA 'i Above: Rick Powlowski, the smiling clown of the Junior Float. Above Right: The first place Junior Class Float, Right: The Key Club and Epsilon Sigma float. in .,.. Q V gi: x, g W x f Tbrw' ' gf NF' , , 1 Q Af' ' l l , s A mn ,Y X I Tm f' A." X '- i -F N' -A sf- - - '- I V ,, ',tf5Elll5lF5 -. te? q , sl! ,! ' rv , . .Mg ' ' A 1 ' eff gm i f 2-a . ,F-53" Q s f flfgfffgf an shgrahlffl' . y xi , V fA'hf "' . Y K - 1 .M Q -- 4- 1 A: 't -, , L dnb- , J. - A-.-3. 1- a, 1 a-, ' W 12- The sounds ofthe Eagle Band could be heard at the Homecoming Parade. n A1 it 'WX S Dr. Machisic and AFS students, Ann Van De Perre and Eliana Teixeira, at rally. Eric Tidwell and Queen Vicki .lellison ride in the Parade. r , . V t safisatgfrra.. Drill Team shows spirit in Hall of Fame on Homecoming! X t t S es W' Queen Vicki Jellison reigns over the l973-74 Homecoming Football game. Homecoming Royalty at rally, Left: Candy Quisenberry and Bart Gangaware, Joanne Hobe and Eric Atkenson, Vicki Jellison and Eric Tidwell, Matt Stewart and Susan Horst, and Bob Hel- som and Lisa Osnower. LIVING IT AT E HS Another year broughtnew faces and new exchenientto ESIIS. hdany dungs happen day to day that are never seen by sonie and soon forgotten by others but dns year the annual cameras caught a few of the studentsjust being smdmnsThmEsmdmnhkatESHS. xi' 'Fisf r ti. r- "Needs more sugar", says Joe Stegman as he samples his own cooking. Another exciting day in the life of Karl Johnson and Sam Long at ESHS. s A Above: "Look alive!" shouts Doug Mclntyre on his way to P.E. class which is an active part of life on campus. Below: "I want those pages now!" says an- nual editor, Sandy Campbell. t . '. gas.,,s!'-' JW y as s W M vii il, :ls s-., Ns... vu... Above: "That's not my book", says Don Eaton as Tam- my Reitberger inspects his locker. Below: "Keep it mov- ing!" yells Ken Karutz during the Homecoming Pa- rade. w 1 W' ' I t -8' l of y W '-43 , 1 l i ,z let A . Q " it ,, U f + 1 ,tg Q 1, . ' LQ' V l l il li 1 1 'Q . , 4 -A ' 4 A 1' J i 1 ' 'is , ' ,5 f X ' 1 ,... ...au t W . .X 4 if . ty". fslif A V2 , gk. ta, . rf . 31471 .Y I l l mn 1 J 3 f ' fififl' W Above: Drill Team gives the victory sign during a Varsity footbal li " l Miller and her pom-poms to class", smiles Steve Randall. -5 -.-Q at i W. . l os ,- - 4.' Above: "l have to get my annual work done now!" states Scott Branam. "Sure you do!" replies Pam Briese. Below: "l love my annual!" states Scott. "Wierd!" thinks Pam. I " I .-5 'W -I "' I1 xr, I Q f ' -WLM .. l game. Left: "Happiness is walking Sherry 119 SE IDRS WI POWDER P FF Senior girls emerged victorious after the annual Girls' Powder Puff Football game in December. The Seniors scored 3 touchdowns and a two-point conver- sion to win the game 20-6. The only score for the Juniors came when co- captain Cathy Collings intercepted a pass and ran it to the end zone for the first touchdown of the game, making the score 6-0 at the half. Senior girls returned to the field and quickly proved Senior Power by scor- ing 2 touchdowns, reversing the score l4-6. With two seconds remaining, Debbie Landreth passed to Grace Hammack in the end zone for another 6 points, making the final score, 20-6, Seniors! Grace Hammack and Pam Jensen were named defensive players of the game and Debbie Landreth received offensive honors. Teresa MacAllister intently watches the 1973 Powder Puff game. JA l R i i Seven members of the Senior team: D.Kassiris, M.Duval, K.Markle, D.Landreth, S.Hul1, C. Bell, M.Cripe. Members of the Junior teamg Front Row: B.Newman, .I,Hobe, J.Ebaugh, K.Padjen, G.McNaulty Row 2: J.McGregor, C.Miller, K.Magee, T.MacAllister, K.McClay, B.Saylor. Row 3: M.Driscoll M.Clarke, D.Kongable, L.Middleton, C.Collings, .l.Thomas. ELDERBERRY Abby Brewster tValorie VanNatta! takes a peek at her good deed for the day. Jonathan Uerald Cole! decides to tie up his problem, Mortimer QRick I ,ANYO E? Arsenic, Oldlace, and Elderberry wine with just a dash of strychnine and a pinch of cyanide was the recipe of Abby and Martha Brewster in the Senior Class Play, "Arsenic and Old Lace". Directed by Mr. Wallace Duffy, the cast presented this all-time favorite play on Thursday and Fri- day, November 29th and 30th, in the auditorium. The cast consisted of ESHS students who auditioned for the parts. The two old ladies, Abby and Martha, portrayed by Val- orie VanNatta and Vicky Humphreys, were assisted by Mortimer fRick Pawlowskij, Jonathan Uerald Colel, and Teddy Brewster fBob Sperbl. The cast and crew enjoyed a cast party at Tom Harrington's after the play Friday to celebrate the success of their efforts. Abby Brewster ..... Martha Brewster ...... Reverend Dr. Harper Teddy Brewster . . . Officer Braphy .... Officer Klein ..... Elaine Harper ..... Mortimer Brewster Mr. Gibbs ........ Jonathan Brewster . . Dr. Einstein ...... Officer O'Hara .... Lieutenant Rooney. . Mr. Witherspoon . CAST M Valorie VanNatta Vicky Humphreys . . . . .Mark Wray ......BobSperb .Tom Harrington . . . . . .Chris Lowe . . .Karen Dickens . .Rick Pawlowski . . . .Tony Mack ... . .Jerald Cole .......TimPoor .. . .Matt Luikens ......JeffSchloo . .Joe Willingham ..., . ffl , ck , 4 ,, I - f .wtf an ' I F' at - 1 -wwf:-s,- ,, Pawlowskil' Abby and Martha Brewster, played by Valorie VanNatta and Vicky Humphreys look worried as the two lovers, Mortimer QRick Pawlowskij and Elaine Harper QKaren Dickens! come home to find Jonathan. 'PEOCPEE 1' I K: ,W A.. 4 7 1 If I ,,f- . - 'A P" - f , . 1 I Q ,fix A in: " ,' f M 'f,r"f 1 we W 14, LAI? A K , ., 4 .A XP ,. F 2 ' I .TAT '15, K if 9 ,R - , W E., ' ' mx?" ,:l. ,Ax Nr s i L A 2' . -amy? " xv AY" "'f"'wf H MX ' an xl ,, 'vsinri 7, . g ' I 'KJV 5 , V 4 4..7V, Q Qi gf ' I If 17, A 4 . I A -wa A 1 . Hp ' V ' ..-.A JF., .I f1'1 1 S 1 S Q:5ig Q Q h Q .Q m, 2 h 5 R , :ff S K .K ,X .,,., , 1.-'fx fi H aj A ,S E 24 Q GQ-6 ' - Gnepf' WMWMW ?Mf?MWQga M f ?',Q-4,5133 im 01f2ff W gt.f11if5J,f2 'g, f,fr1'44ffD fff'WSff QXq5?nwf YQQE V HHWWW aio ' -S-465:13 if ,gf " " T XJ J ' mdifog ,K ' i s x r ' YQ, LOS ' Q 5 I Q A v ,. ww ' f 070 P ' u rzallwl ' Sav'W w6,wW?L V 5527! at 0 ' V K We 0 5 JJ' ' " g,,,55,Ffg,j . a?0. HA,RZf56T fl fo faq' Ox 5 5, 235 , ' M Wngjfi, if , 9. 1 66454, W W5 Y Ji Xfghi F, gg. LnCan-,-la, ,' --7751, Gnawfvmdf, Ii "Hai " GQ ' , as Even vs O o..Kl2.ocF- 'P ' 'Ko Pelwvauk NEQNX Bush.. uLgM,3a'7uAs Pez? v.. . - RUC Qc'7ZZ5"Kfg0LgD? 'Roux K t l.N EQV,AV"Q , N? Q1 7Lok?,?ZdQv. 4 vDoL n Q F mg" 'WW .' fggwgvaw . oK,J"9w9i Jisneifmsjgf.. K6 ig. iii I ghd ' f E -f . " Q 4 Q W NWKM ' ' , 3: fff 2 M feyff-ii ji Q Q ' H ,1 1 f x X ev, 5 ' , H ' I. , ll W G5 X? ,Jf'X"'V a 1 N V 'KN YW14 4 QE? - a L mafififgfw XX to v.' E I 11 n "' If 'XI I W iid ' OF ' n . V v b ,- 'M Aw fgffgghv Q55 W5 s fff f we . J , io 33 35 QQ my HC PV Q VV CQ EY 3 4 8 6 'WN f W Q +525 QW ,ab ' Mn Aww? wk SKMQQW V' A N' 'Q Q1 gf N QL' fdwfn T L'f"'?,,,,,,'e2R EQ, Mac f- WMLj1l'll,7yf!i-ggi, , -' ' QQU CD fyif 1 evzi vyu ON b,l,.ER'l 2-gg TRACEY AIKENS Frosh Secretary, Drill Team, CSF, '72-'73 Songleader, Epsilon Sigma, French Club. HUEY ARMANTROUT Screaming Eagles NANCY ARNTZ Orchesis, Dance Concert '72-'73, '73-'74, Transferod from Montezuma Cortez High School. THE GRADUATI ARGEL ALMAGUER CHUCK ALTMAN SHERIE ANDERSON BURL ARMSTRONG SHARON ARMSTRONG House of Reps., G.I,A., Junior Achievement, SCROC, Beg. BL Adv. Girls Chorus. PAUL BARNWELL STEVE BARTELT ASB President, Junior Governor, C, Var. Football, JV, Var. Wrestling, C, B, JV Track, '73 Archbearer. French Club, Drill Team-Rank Leader, Trackettes, SCROC. PAUL ARNOT C, B Track, J.V, Cross Country, Rotary Award, '72-'73 Asst. Drum Major, '73-'74 Drum Major, Stage Band. CHRIS BARTON French Club, CSF, C, B, JV 8L Var, Basketball, Boy's State Delegate, '73 Archbearer, Var, Band, DANA ANDREWS JV Baseball, Transfered from Santa Monica High. TONY ARAYA SurfTeam. EVELYN BAYES Prom Committee Chairman, Senior Senator, Frosh 8: Soph Girls League Rep., German Club. GAA, Rotary Award. CL SS OF 19 ARA BELL JEFF BELL irls' League Rep, 8: Historian, Drill Golden Eagle '72, Bay Eagle, Stage eam, '73 Archbearer, Frosh Sena- Band, Var, Band, C, B, JV Track, or, Soph, Governor, Epsilon "Fiddler onthe Root", iigma. LAURETTE BOWIE Girls' League-Rep. 81 Sec, French Club - President, Epsilon Sigma - President, .IV 8: Var. Cheerleader, Soph. Princess, Rotary Award. TS., STEPHEN BRADDOCK CSF, Madrigals, AFS, Stage Band, Bay Eagle, Transfered from Glacier High. 4 KATHY BENNETT Beg. Girls' Chorus, Girls' En- semble, A'Capella Choir, Concert Choir, Preforming Arts Work- shop, "Hello Dolly". LINDA BRIESE Art Guild - President, Rotary Award, Art Guild Award, Drill Team A Rank Leader, '73 Archhear- er, House ot'Reps. BEN BOGOSSIAN Media Aide, JV. C, Var, Water Polo, JV. Var. Wrestling, C Swimming. MICHAEL BRINEY Senior Lt, Governor, Weight Lifters Club, House of Reps., '73 Archhear- er, C, B, Var, Football, C, B. Var. Track. AN 'S . , ., a tt Steve Bartelt, Rosemary Hare and Vicki Jellison enjoy lunch at a Senior class meeting. SANDI BRUST JOHN BOTTING Band Council, French Club, JV Tennis, Var. Band. Stage Band. BEVERLY BROWN CSF, Bay Eagle - Editor, Epsilon Sigma, Junior Achievement, '73 Archbearer. BARBARA BRYAN French Club, Drill Team - Rank Leader. NEIL BURNETTE Var. Baseball, All League Second Team, All South Bay Second Team, All C.l.F, Third Team, Transfered from Westchester High. ANDREW CARBON Biology Club, B, Var. Football, B, Var. Track, Transfered from Cardo- nal Hayes. CHERYL BUSHROW AFS - President, CSF A Secretary, Epsilon Sigma, '73 Archbearer, Prom Committee Chairman, Spanish Club. TIM CARGILL C, Var. Football, Basketball, Frosh, JV, Var. Baseball, Sophomore Prince, '73 Archbearer. CHERYL CASTLER German Club, Hiking Club, AFS, Bay Eagle. JOHN CASTLE PETER CAMPBELL SANDY CAMPBELL Var. Cross Country, VHF- Wfesflingi '74 Golden Eagle-Editor, Epsilon C Tl'3Ck- ROIQYY Award, Youth Sigma, CSF, AFS, Girls' League, Appreciation. '73 Usherette, Language Award. RICHARD CAPO Art Guild, Ceramics, Frosh, Soph, Football, JV, Var. Football, Frosh Baseball, Surfing Team. Joy Stevens, Tony Mack and Scott Christensen demonstrate three ways to study. RICHARD CHABRAJEZ RICK CHRISTIE Screaming Eagles, '73 Archbearer, BBasketballManager, JV, Var. Track, JV Cross Country, Var. Cross Country - Co-Captain, Rotary Award, SCOTT CHRISTENSEN '73 Archbearer, C Football, JV Base- ball - Captain, Var. Baseball, Rotary Awards, Junior Prince, NANCY CLAFLIN Beg. Girls' Chorus. EANNIE COLLINGS :rcnch Club, Var. Band, GAA, GIA. JOHN CORALLO French Club - Vice President. Weight - Lifters Club, Screaming Eagles, B 8L Var. Football. CAROLYN CLARKE Junior Senator, Drill Team - Rank Leader, Trackettes, Junior Princess, '72 Prom Page, '73 Archbearer. JULIE COLLINGS Drill Team - Rank Leader, French Club, Biology Club, Junior Achieve- ment. MARGY COTTRIEL Drill Team, House of Reps. '73 Arch- bearer. GAA, GIA, Frosh Princess. BRADLEY CLEVENGER CSF, Key Club - Treasurer, House of Reps., Var, Swimming, JV Water- polo, '73 Archbearer. . . l DON CONNER B Football, B, JV Basketball, Var. Track. MITCH CRAWFORD Art Guild. Biology Club, Rotary Awards. DON COLEMAN GLENN COLES Key Club, '74 Golden Eagle, Track, Screaming Eagles. '73 Archbearer, Waterpolo, Wrestling. Var. Cross Country. Var. Track. DANA COPELAND STACI COREY -QQ' STEPHEN CREWS MADELINE CRIPE '73 Archbearer, Bliootball. BTrack, Girls' League Sr. Rep., Comm. of Var. Track, "Hello DolIy", uligad lnterschool Relations, House of whataCad". Reps.. Epsilon Sigma - Secretary. Rotary Awards, '73 Archbearer. BRAD CUMMINGS MAUREEN CUMMINGS CSF, AFS, Drill Team, Spanish Club, House of Reps,, '73 Archbear- er, Spanish Award. GREG DEETS BERNIE DE FONTES Spanish Club, Frosh Football, Soph '73 Archbearer, Drill Team, Span- Basketball. ish Club - Secretary, Prom Commit- tee Chairman, Senior Class Secre- tary, Epsilon Sigma. DAWN DICK Latin Club, Biology Club, Bay Eagle- News Editor, GIA Basketball. KAREN DICKENS Spanish Club - Secretary, Drill Team, Art Guild, Del Amo Youth Core, A'Capella Choir, "Arsenic and Old Lace". WILLIAM CUTHBERTSON House of Reps., J,C.L., Var, Track - Captain, Soph Football, Var. Track - MVP, B Track - MVP. l GAYL DELONG DENNIS DOBROVOLNY C, B Football. ERIC CURRY Hiking Club, Bay Eagle - Photog- rapher, '73 Archbearer, JV, Var. Tennis. GERRY DEMUTH Weight Lifters Club, Police Ex- plorers, Var. Wrestling, Screaming Eagles, Rotary Award. MAUREEN DOBRUCK '74 Golden Eagle, Drill Team, Ep- silo Sigma, CSF, Rotar Awards, Ar Guild. Y. I Q59 to C NE N rl , W5 N SUSAN DARE DEBI DIAZ CSF, AFS, Art Guild, Spanish '73-'74 Songleader, Rotary '73 Archbearer. SUE DODGEN Junior Achievement, French Drill Team, Var. Ball Shagger Archbearer, SC ROC. HONDA DORNBLASER GREG DROZD DAVE DUNBABlN JOHN DURKOS MICHELE DUVAL HA President Hlklng Club CSI- SurfTeam C8cBFootball CTrack Media Aide. Chorus. GAA. AFS P0WdCr Puff awder Puff Football 73 Archbear Rotary Award Football. Girls Track, Voice Schol- Var Band arship, "Tom Sawyer". IORS KE THE MO T GF TCD Seniors spent their last year at El Segundo High School in service and in school activities. They head- ed Key Club, Epsilon Sigma, Drill Team, Band, Pep Club and many other organizations. They were the force in almost all sports, music, and student govern- ment. At Senior Class meetings Wednesday noons they planned and prepared for the traditional Senior ditch day, the Senior Class play, "Arsenic and Old Lace,', and Grad night. While walking to class, Kim Smith has a feeling that she is being watched. DON EATON BETSY EFFLANDT CLYDE ELLIOTT DORINDA ERNEST SHANE FELLER 71 Affhbsafef C SL HTf-wk Bay Eagle Editor Houseof Reps 74 Golden Eagle Jnnror Achieve- Ars - vloo President, csr - Prosl- --Fiddler onthe Roorx Mooin Aide. ment B Var Track C Soph Var. dent, Girls League Historian, Var. Football 73 Archbearer Stage and Songleader '7l-'74, "Hello Dolly", Media Alde Music Scholarship. BRIAN FERGUSON TERRY FLYNN CINDI FOLKERSON LESLIE FRANCIS Chess Club, Hiking Club, JV Wres- French Club, Var, Band, '73 Arch- Art Guild, Tracketles, Powder Puff '73 Archbearer. tling, Soph Football. bearer, "Hello Dolly", "Fiddler on Football, Rotary Award, the Rool". JUNE FRANCOIS PAT GALLAGHER AFS, CSF, Epsilon Sigma, '73 Archbearer, Prom Committee, Var. Band, Spanish I Award. l ELIZABETH GLYNN PAT GLYNN AFS, CSF, Epsilon Sigma, French Soph Football, JV Track, JV Cross Club, Drill Team, Rotary Award, Country, Rotary Award. Spanish Award, 35, ' Q5-it DIANE GLICK JANICE GLICKMAN French Club, Drill Team, CSF, Ep- silon Sigma, Rotary Award, French Language Award. A A as ..--N Q PATTI FRANCO Art Guild, Powder Puff Football. MIKE GLIDEWELL House of Reps., Var, Baseball, JV, Frosh - Soph Baseball, Rotary Award. fx Nita Ramsey and Cara Bell watch intently after Diane Morehead samples a doughnut I KEN GOULD I CSF, '73 Archbearer, Spanish ll , Award, Bay Eagle. PAUL GUY Var. Band, Stage Band, C, B, JV Water Polo. C, B, Var. Swimming, JV, Var. Wrestling. DAVE HAMBRIGHT '73 Archbearer, Var. Tennis, Moto Cross, Rotary Awards. DAVID HAMILTON Rotary Award. HANCOCK ROSEMARY HARE TOM HARRINGTON JOAN HAYOS of Reps., B, Var. Football, Drill Team, Epsilon Sigma, Flag '73 Archbearer,SCROC, BFootball, Drill Team, '73 Archbearer, FHA, JV Basketball. JV, Var. Baseball. Twirler '73, '73 Archbearer, Mascot JV Wrestling, Rotary Awards. "Ar- Spanish Club, GAA, Rotary Awards. Arehbearer. '74, Beg. SL Adv. Girls' Chorus. scnic and Old Lace". MARGIE HOGGAN LORETTA HONSELER Drill Team, '73 Arehbearer, Girls' League Friendship Chairman, SCROC. Media Aide. SUSAN HORST Key Club Sweetheart '72-'73, JV Cheerleader '7l-'72. Spanish Club - President, Girl's Ensemble - Presi- dent, Spanish Award, "Hello Dolly". SANDY HULL Var. Band, AFS, CSF, GAA - Presi- dent, Epsilon Sigma, '73 Arehbearer, Powder Puff Football. GRACE HAMMACK GAA, GIA, Bay liaglc, House of Reps., '73 Archbearer, Spanish Club. SHANNON HELMS Bay Eagle, GAA. Physical Fitness Award, Spanish Club, SCROC. Media Aide. VICKY HUMPHREYS Drama. SCROC, '73 Archbearer, "Arsenic and Old Lack". "Stage Door"."WebofMurder". JEFF JACK '73 Archbearer, JV Cross Country. C, Var. Track, Var, Football, "Hello Dolly", "Fiddler on the Roof", CHRIS JOHNSON '73 Archbcarer, Drill Team - Rank Leader, GAA, House of Reps, FHA. CATHY JANSSEN 'Spanish Club, Beg. Girls' Chorus. "Hello Dolly", Festival of Arts. KARL JOHNSON French Club, '73 Archbearer. Rotary Awards, ' TER TO LE -GO FORTH FUR SERVICE' RANDY JECK KEN KARUTZ Junior Govenor. '72, '74 Carnival Chairman, '72-'74 Comm. of Cona cessions, B, JV Water Polo, B, JV Swimming, El Segundo Motocross. PATTY KONECNY French Club, Hiking Club, AFS, ArtGuild. VICKI JELLISON GAA, CSF, JV, Var. Cheerleader German Club - President, Girls' League - President, Epsilon Sigma, '73 Homecoming Queen. DIANE KASSIRIS Drill Team, Tracketles, Business Dept. Secretary, Powder Puff Fool- ball, Girls' Track Team, Rotary Awards. PAUL KOPPLEMAN ,Aa-444.-an in the neck. Parsoneault thinks annual photographers are a LANDRETH GAA, Soph. Lt, Governor, Treasurer, ASB Vice-President, Sigma, GIA, '73 Procession fINDY LESLIE 'rom Co-Chairman, '73 Archbear- r, '74 Golden Eagle, Transfered rom Sl. Mary's. JOHN LAWRENCE '73 Archbearer, Frosh, Soph Track, JV, Var. Track, JV, Var. Cross Country. DOUG LINGAITIS SCROC. JOHN LA COGNATA JOE LA FROMBOISE TOM LAMAY Key Club, Var. Band, Spanish Club, JV, Var. Tennis, Var. Tennis League Boys' Chorus. JV, Var. Tennis, '73 Archbearer, Champions. Drama Assembly. KIRK LEBOWE DAVID LE MASURIER FAYE LEMON Frosh-Soph Basketball, '73 Arch- A'CapeIla Choir. '73 Archbeurer, bearer. Modern Dance, "Stage Door", RUDI LINKE Screaming Eagles, '73 Archbearer, Var, Track, Var. Cross Country, Rotary Award. JOHN LINN French Club, C, B, JV Water Polo, Rotary Awards. "Web of Murder". SAM LONG '73 Archbearer, Media Aide, B Fool- ball, Transfered from Notre Dame High. DEBBIE LUCERO MATT LUIKENS Art Guild, Drill Team KAREN LUTZ German Club, Powder Puff Foot- ball, Adv, Girls' Chorus, Girls' En- semble, Madrigals, Transfered from Lutheran High. TONY MACK SANDY MACLEAN Art Guild, Chorus, Rotary Awards, Oritorical Contest, "Fiddler on the Rool", "Stage Door". ROBIN MAGRAUDY KATHRYN MARKLE NANCY MASON TIM MATCHETT TOM MC ATEE Spanish Club, Hiking Club, Track- FHA - Treasurer, Epsilon Sigma, Var, Band, JV Cross Country, B, C, cites. ASB Treasurer, '73 Archbearer, Var. Track. Powder Puff Football, GAA. TIM MC DONNELL JOY MC KEE KENT MC KEOWN TERRY MC MULLIN RON MELTON Key Club - President, J.C.L. - Presi- BFoo!hall, Beg. 8: Adv. Girls' Chorus, Girls' dent, Var. 8: Stage Band, Bay Eagle, Ensemble, "FIddler on the Rool", C, JV Water Polo,.lV Wrestling. Drama Club, Drama Assembly, Work Experience. RANDY MIERA '73 Archbcarer, Soph Football. CONNIE MOORE Spanish Club, Drill Team, Track- ettes, Rotary Award, '73 Archbearer. THERESA MORRIS FHA, Drill Team - Rank Leader. '73 Archbearer, "Stage Door", Orchcsis. DONNA MILLER SCROC, DIANE MOREHEAD '72-'73 Songleader, Girls' League - Vice President, Epsilon Sigma, Drill Team, '73 Archbearer, CSF. MATT MULLINS B, Var. Football, Frosh - Soph, JV, Var. Baseball, B, JV Basketball, Var, Football MIP, '73 Archbearer. JERESE MILLEVILLE PATTI MISNER TERRY MONCRIEF Freshman Lt. Governor, JV, Var. Trackettes, SCROC, Beg. H Adv. '73 Arehbearer, C, B Track, B, Var Cheerleader, CSF, Pep Club - Presi- Girls' Chorus. Football, Rotary Awards, dent, Epsilon Sigma, '73 Arehbearer. if!-a..'35 'Z "Y '1'Sg:.2"Qf .F " Cindy Perkins and Tami Reitberger take a break during civics to look at a magazine. JOE NEWMAN EVELYN OAKLEAF DEBBIE 0'NEILL French Club, C, Soph, Var, Football, GAA Softball, Rotary Award, "Fid- '73 Archbearer, Rotary Award, Rotary Awards. dler onthe Roof' - Costumes, STEPHEN O'NElLL '73 Archbearer, Frosh - Soph Base- ball, C, B Basketball, Boys' Chorus, A'Capella Choir, "Fiddler on the Rool". MIKE PETERSON C, B Basketball CHERYL POCKETT MARK PARSONEAULT Rotary Awards. RICHARD PETERSON Police Explorers, C, JV Swimming, C, JV, Var. Waterpolo. KAREN PURVIS '73 Prom Chairman, '72-'73 Pep Club, '74 Golden Eagle, '73 Proces- sion Leader, '74 Youth Council, '72- '73 RSI Queen, PEGGY PEDERSEN HOLLY PENNINGTON SCROC, Hiking Club, GIA Basket- AFS, German Club, Epsilon Sigma, ball, Trackettes, Drama Assembly, FHA. KATHY PIERSON CSF, GAA, Bay Eagle, '73 Arch- bearer, Spanish Club, GIA Var. Vol- leyball - Captain, Rotary Awards. MIKE QUISENBERRY Theresa Morris breezes to her next class in the east wing. JOE PIJAS CINDY PERKINS Girls' Ensemble, A'Capella Choir, Drill Team, '73 Archbearer, Epsilon Sigma, ASB Secretary. SI-'IERRY PING French Club, CSF, Girls' Ensemble, Epsilon Sigma, A'Capella Choir, Madrigals. ,- JITA RAMSEY Var, Cheerleader, Epsilon Sig- Girls' League Secretary. '73 Adv. Girls' Chorus - Girls' Ensemble A Presi- RICK REED TIM RANDALL C, B, Var. Water Polo, C, B, Var. Swimming, C Basketball, MVP B Water Polo, C Basketball, Var, Band. SCOTT REED RODNEY RANDALL Art Guild, Var. Water Polo, Var. Swimming, MVP JV Water Polo, Var. Band, Stage Band. TAMI REITBERGER C,BFooIball. '73 Archbearer, Art Guild, Girls' League. RNEST REYNOSO rosh Football, Var, Wrestling, Var. rack, Var. Cross Country. Rotary Award. STEVE RHODE i DENNIS RIGGINS Weight Club, B, Var, Football, B, Frosh-Soph JV, Var. Basketball. Baseball. Var. Track, All Pioneer Lcigue. GR DU TIO COLLEGE AWAIT CLASS OF ' KATHLEEN RENFRO FRED RETZLAFF Tracketles. Art Guild, '73 Arch- Soph. BasketbaIl,.lV Basketball, bearer, Dance Assembly, SCROC. BILL RIGGS DIANE ROBERTS CSF, JCL, Var. Band, GAA. 139 DIANA ROBERTSON JUAN RODRIGUEZ KYLE ROWSON VALERIE SARAN CSF, Ecology Club, Rotary Award. Powder PuffFootball. Transfered from Mira Costa High. JANET SAYLOR Drill Team '73-'74 Colonel, '73 Archbearer, FHA, Art Guild, GAA, Rotary Awards. VIRGINA SCHAFFER GARY SCHMUTZ SCOTT SCHULTZ THERESA SCRIBNER IRENE SHAFER Drill Team-Rank Leader. Girls' C,Soph Football, SurfTeam. '73 Archbearer. Sophomore F001- League, Powder Puff Football. ball, Frosh, Soph Basketball, Voice SAM SHRIVER Key Club - Sgt. of Arms. RSI Direc- tor '73-'74, C, JV, Var. Basketball, C, B Football, Rotary Award. '73 Head Archbearer. ofthe Eagles. BRYAN SMITH DEBBIE SMITH '73 Archbearcr, C, B, Var. Football, Drama, SCROC, "Stage Door", Soph. JV. Var. Basketball, Rotary "Egad What A Cad", Adv. Girls' Award. Chorus. KIM SMITH French Club, Beg. Girls' Chorus, Var, Baseball Ball Shagger. Rotary Awards. RICHARD SMITH '73 Archbearer, C, B, Var. Football, Boys' Chorus, Transfcred from Orovillc High. 'Nd SMITH TOM SOTO s etball, Soph Football. '73 Archbearer, Var. Football. JV, Var, Track, Var. Baseball, JV, Var. Basketball. Bak STEVENS MATT STEWART Hiking Club, Summer '73 Archbearer, C, B, Var. Basket- Scholarship '73, "Hello ball, C Football, Senior Prince. CHRIS SYNADINOS DENISI: TAYLOR Beg. 8L Adv. Girls' Chorus, Work Experience. . TODD STEICHEN JOSEPH STIERS Key Club, French Club, Hiking Club - President. C, B, Var, Track, "Fiddler on the Roof", "Hello Dolly". AMALIA TEMPLETON Prom Committee Chairman, '73 Archbearer, French Club, GAA, Trackettes, Powder Puff Football. f In Gif? Sandy Hull enjoys CSF meetings and crunchy apples. CHRIS STOCKS ELIANA TEIXEIRA Epsilon Sigma, Orchesis, AFS AFS Exchange Student from Bralil. MIKE SUTHERLAND CHERYL THOMAS , Trackettes, AFS. Spanish Club. Powder Puff Football. Rotary Award, SCROC. EUGENE THOMPSON ERIC TIDWELL Rotary Award, RSI Tourney Director, Var. Foot- ball, Var. Baseball - Captain '73, Var. Basketball, '73 Head Archbear- IOR MADE THE MG T GF YESTERD Senior class Governor Chuck Zophi and Lt. Governor Mike Briney worked with class spon- sor, Mr. Marty Ableser, to organize money- making projects such as car washes, bake sales and a spaghetti dinner. The class of '74 wanted to earn enough money to have a great Senior ditch day. They also hoped to present the school with a gift, which is traditional of the graduat- ing class. Seniors made the most of their last Cf, year at ESHS. KATHY WAGNON Banner Carrier, GAA, GIA, Epsilon Sigma, CSF, FHA, '73 Archbearer, "Hello Dolly". ALAN WALKER C, B, Var. Football, Frosh, JV Baseball. GLEN TINKER JV Tennis. ANNE VAN DE PERRE AFS, French Club, Epsilon Sigma, Orchesis, AFS Exchange Student from Belgium. IAN WALLACE Rotary Awards, Surfing Team - Captain. BARBARA TURINO Frosh Governor, '73 Songleader, '73 Archbearer, French Club - President, CSF, "Hello Dolly". MARY VAN DRIE French Club, Biology Club, AFS, Banner Carrier, Drill Team, '73 Archbearer. RICK WALTER SCROC, Transfered from Highland High. LENI TYDON Drill Team, Spanish Club, ' Experience, Del Amo Youth Core. VALORIE VAN NATTA Madrigals, Beg. SL Adv. Girls Chorus, A'Capella Choir, and Old Lace", "Fiddler on Rool", "Gods Spell" Scholarship, we-.,.,X MITCH WARD Screaming Eagles, Media Aide B, JV Basketball, JV, Var. Country - Co-Captain, C, B, Track, Rotary Awards. A WEISENSEEL i"' Club. AFS, Drill Team. Committee Chairman, '73 r. Trackettes. ' WITT Girls' Chorus, Adv, Girls' Girls' Ensemble, A'CapeIla AFS. ULIE ZOBEL rench Cluh. CSF, Traekettes. tage Band. HARRY WENZEL Media Aide, C Track, Student Government, Rotary Awards, Screaming Eagles. KlRK WOLFSBERGER Student Government, French Club, C, Var. Waterpolo, Rotary Awards, CHUCK ZOPFI Senior Governor. Key Cluh, German Club, Vur. Football. C, B, JV, Var. Basketball, Frosh - Soph, Var. Basehall. VICKIE WERNER ANN WORK Spanish Club, AFS, Trackeltes. Powder Puff Football, Rotary Award, SCROC. JULIE WESTOVER FHA - Secretary 8L Vice President. Drill Team - Rank Leader, GAA, '73 Archbearer, Rotary Award. TODD YASIN Spanish Club, '73 Archbearer, Fmsh - Soph Baseball- Captain. JV. Var. Baseball, B, C Basketball. B Football. KIMBERLY WILEY Girls' League Rep., Treasurer. A'Ctt- pella Choir. Drill Team - Rank Lead' er, '73 Archhcurer, French Awards. '73 Homecoming Chairman. VICKIE ZEILER Prom Committee. GAA, Traekettes. 7? .6 g .ie , lil: 3 5 Y. A ,fy Before class, Connie Moore and Sherie Anderson have a fast match ofarm wrestling? UNIGR Ron Abrahamson Gail Adams Keith Adams Dave Allen Diana Armstrong Prudence Ashley Donna Bailey Brian Barnwell Nathan Barto Frank Benke OPHO GRE" Carrie Adams Suzanne Andrews Steve Armstrong Eric Atkeson Troy Atkeson Curt Austin Nancy Avila Cheryl Bailey Chuck Baldwin FRESHME Johanna Arnold David Arnot Greg Barnwell Allison Bassett Debbie Beckett Bill Beckman Bobbie Ainsworth Jim Alford John Altman Tracy Andrews Karen Armijo ,fm . UPPERCLASSM AT LAST The sophomores of yesterday are the juniors of today Tomorrow the class of '75 will be the seniors of ESHS Receiving class rings, sitting with seniors at rallies and as semblies, planning the prom with junior class sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, was all part of being ajunior. Q54 K Dirk Barrow Ingrid Baumgart Lynn Bell ifafii ab it 'S ff if ve 'ff N , 4' im LZ Tammy Triplett linds shorthand puz- zeling. Tom Bell Michelle Bernard Bruce Binkley Cathy Bell James Bell Sandy Benke Jim Bertlesen Milton Bianco Dave Blackford l Peter Bochinski Andy Bogossian Stacey Bonn Teresa Booterbaugh Mark Borders Janet Bowles Mark Berenger Jim Berggren Scott Birdsall Angela Black Steve Boese Chris Booher John Brightwell Pam Briese Tammy Brookens Scott Brown SGPHGMORE DOW 2 TO GO "Dont bother me says Mimi Palmer as she works on a report in the Media Center Mike Bowden Marilyn Braddock Julie Braddock Karen Bradford Terry Bridges Susan Brock Jackie Brown Kevin Burches Kim Buron Tim Bushrow Lori Cable Ed Calhoun Kathy Cason Patty Chandler .1 Frlw waited outside the activities oflice receive their 1975 class rings. E, is Dave Bryant .lim Buckingham Suzette Burnett Kim Burrowes Lisa Cameron Clay Campbell if Q? 5 nf Sn Xi f ex es U Y X 15 D M is Melissa Blake Tom Blair Denise Bollini Chris Bonn David Borchert Dana Boschctto Mike Braham Scott Branam Lennie Briese Bob Buckingham Shawn Burches Marie Campilii 'Qi I . W 1 1. wa ,:. V ' if 'f-ff' Q Q Like most freshmen, Lori Miller enjoys using M.C. materials for homework. Ricky Chavez Daniel Chu Pam Clayton Betty Collings Diane Combs Brenda Conner Ricky Cook Stephen Cotten Debbie Carfora Martin Carroll Rick Casler Mike Cason Donna Chabrajez Gene Chamberland Janice Chandler Ralph Chick Ron Christie Michele Clark Susan Costley Val Cousins Lorrie Cowan Patti Creswell David Cummings Brian Cumpson Fred Curcio Virginia Curry Mike Davis Dean DeFontes Lisa Diaz Joe Dornblaser Heather Douglass Chris Doukakis Frank Cardone Donna Carter Chuck Castle Cindy Ceravolo Laurie Chavez Doug Clagg Dan Clark Doug Clarke Keith Cleary Debbie Corallo , K K ,ig vw Q " 4 w Q v it 3 Nw QM ,. ..,,,.., ,. ammgfpsfff St tttt,t r,tstrsi t t i x , is C '1 X is if C sk C E x Q axis .V X 58 gn ,l I A I 25 f Randy Ruls concentrates on his Spanish as- signment. T? - 'Q we., . . ,,.wi,mf, ii., Tom Clark Jerald Cole Cathy Collings Beth Combs Esther Cook Susan Corallo Stella Cordova Scott Cormany Greg Crawford Golden Crews Vivian Crowell Susie Cummings Tammy Cummings Diana Dahlgren Dave Daroff Kevin Dick Freshmen work hard to prepare for tomorrow. CHANGE FACE High school was a big adjustment for freshmen. They had six different classes and teachers to find that first day. They had to learn the different cheers and the Alma Mater. They had to get used to being the low man on the totem pole. But they showed great potential as they learned quickly and became a part of the campus life. Freshmen face a bright tomorrow. CI , A J N ITY J., To class or not to class wonders Shelly DeFontes and Joe Purvis ix Ig Ken Craig Nancy Crawford George Crichton Rich Curia Rene Daly Martin Dick Bruce Dickens Ricky Dicks Jeannie Dobrovolny Kathie Doyle Tim Domann Drew Dunn Sally Drummond Chuck Dyhre Chris Efflandt Darold Efflandt Jimmy Erdellan Dru Ernest Vince Euler Neil Evans Patrick Farquhur Kirk Felger Kevin Fisher William Fisher Jana Flynn A X 32 if ..z 'CJ' , A 'rw ' 1 4 t LC,- 4, yi iy"l X 'EJ ll K lt Ina K7 L..."'5 -1 1 Dale Drummond Brian Duncan Consuelo Duran Richard Duval Kurt Dypwick Brenda Edwards Joe Efflandt Bob Ellington Rickey England Chris Euler Bill Deal Gary Deeter Michele DeFonles Scott Denny Sue Detrich Maria Deus Cary Dewolf William Disoswuy Pat Dornblaser Margie Driskell "Gee, this is fun", exclaims Carol Ward- rop in science class. Danny Dye Harold Dye Janette Ebaugh Jill Efflandt Bill Ellis Ken Faut Mike Fournier Randy Fowler Richard Francen Susie Fuentes sg, Mike Farr Laura Foster Nick Fontecchio Jenny Froelich Cameron Fyfe Maria Garcia Kelly Gardiner Mike Garris Debbie Gaspari Sue Gaston Moira Geraghty f Laura Gill Suzi Glickman Mike Glynn L .A 4, - 5 " , 1.79. . L K, . .al.:, D aaiaraa ..aa r r .aarr f V. .A s 5 a .M ,f Scott Fontecchio Judy Fowler Tim Fox David Francois Roseanne Freese Bart Gangawere F 'QQ f 55 fbi.. fl, With pen in hand and mouth, Lorrie Cowan wonders about lOl'l10I'l'OW. -as Y - Q A 1 G . - gr X , 1 :,, , me Q "' "" 1 it Roberta Gangawere .. Q L." Ron Giery f 'wi' ,' Jorge Gigena G' '3 of ,Q BonnieGill ' x Mike Gober x XA Terry Goodman Allison Graham Joe Groff Bill Grosvenor Tom Hall V141 , - X - . K ' mf .rao'vf,e,w,a l X ie 39 I , Qv y, .4 - N " it , A 5, S J .Q k ad , .4 i 5 OPHOMORES HEADI G FOR GREAT TOMGRRGW! The class of '76 proved they were able to compete and achieve with success. They took Drivers' Training and World Histo- IUFC. Debbie Pitney is out to get victory for Eagles at rally. I . X Qi Roger Gatewood ' . V .. John Geraghty 'U ' . i 1 Marcelo Gigena ff ' lv T ,,. ' - ' :' 225:-, . 75- ' Shelly Gill f ' ' 'Q A, Karen Gober aw, if :J Jeffery Gonzalez Nw' U - Af' Q X". or V ,.,,... , Victor Gonzalez Laureen Graham Kathleen Gram Cecil Gregory Randy Hall Denise Harmon ia X, ry and worked hard to prepare for the fu- Paul Hansen Fay Hardner Carl Heinrich Steve Herbold Joanne Hobe Maryls Hollopeter Karri Holguin Paul Holzworth Karen Howell Mike Huber nun 4 Greg Goeglein Melody Goodwin Anne Gregory Frank Griffin Jaime Gutierrez Chuck Hall W f -I .ty f . qt Mike Mack ponders an important decision concerning his future. T ES I I L Led by Governor Tim Bushrow and Lt. Governor Diane Combs, the freshmen showed their spirit by making a float for the Homecoming Parade. They met Wednesdays during lunch to plan class projects and activities. Selling decorative bulletin boards was their first fund raising project. They were also involved in freshmen football, baseball and other sports as well as being active in many clubs and organizations. Lisa Diaz and Debbie Wiegand are all eyes and ears as they listen to their history assignment. 44 T .F fi Junior Rick Pawlowski demonstrates his bubble blowing technique as Sue Holland watches. 'Q Diane Hunt Cindy lsitt CathyJaime Tim Jeck Glenn Johnson Pattie Jones Richard Hartman Bonnie Harvey Doug Heitkamp Renee Helsom Katie Hester Dan Hettinger Duke Hingley Gerry Holman Brad Jeck Don Jellison Danny Harter Annette Hayden Ricky Hays John Healy Diane Herbold Diana Hickert Mona Hill Kurt Hoel Phyllis Holcomb Jack Holman Dave Kapell Lori Kastler Keith Keenum Karen Keit Debbie Keller Kathy Kelley Eileen Kennedy Mike Kennedy Sherri Kidd Frank Kielnecker Daien Knight Bill Knox Kay Kommel Diane Kongable if z I i Ron J ellison Lynette Jensen Jaime Jimenez Shelly Juedes Dean Howard Diane Hughes Dorothy Huskey Linda Huskey Jenny lsitt Susan lsitt Marie Jamele Grace Jap Kimberly Jarrell Don Johnson Judy Johnson Andy Johnston Sophomore Diana Dahlgren finds signs speak louder than words. UNIGR HOWED LEADER HIP Led by Governor Rob Matthews and Lt. Governor Tod McNaughton, juniors showed their leadership by participating in clubs and organizations. Juniors par- ticipated in homecoming activities in October by building a class float, and sponsoring the successful Coronation dance. "Is that pass for me?" asks Cindy lsitt as she sits in English class. a ry, ,. to rj -vw. 'Q 3' me s Nw J! 2' Theresa Kassales Sue Kemp Susan Kerr Steve Kingsford Mike Kline Kathy Knight Kay Kucera Paula Lake Lori Lamay Tim Laster Bijayandra Joshi Juli Judd Tom Kassales John Keller Imelda Kelly Kathy Kennedy Scott King Teri King Jeff Kistler Robert Knight Henry Kreth Chris Krieger 'IS7 Lori Kreth Kim Krieger Joyce Laffoon Karla Lake Karyn Lake Gregg Lappen Glenn Laubach Bill Leggett Drake Letcher M aureen Leslie lil I SOPHO ORES PARTICIPATE N ANNUAL HOMECOMI FESTI ITIES Dana Boschetto and Chuck Hall added Sophomore spirit to band practice before homecoming Bob Kuegemann Michele LaFrombo1se Howard Lambert Kathy Lanphere Randy Lebowe Kevin Legendre Fred Lemier Lisa Leslie J ef l' Lindsay George Linke X Nl. Lezlye Lawson Pam Layne Ron Lee Laurie Legendre .lim LeMieux Neil Liles Joe Lytle Peggy Linke Charles Mack Cathie Maclay Karen Magee Carlos Marroquin Kathy McAlear Terese McAllister Modell Mclintire Jeanne McGregor Mike McKinley M ark M acDowell Lucy Maclntosh Tom Maples L ,Y "',kvxg T' .J if ' lf shi- ' i 'I' ,s ,Jr ' 2 H Kathy Lanphere happily trudges off to class. Curtis Loer Michael Lollar Chris Lowe Curtis Lowe William Luttrell Carolyn M ack Tod McNaughton Gail McNulty Robert Meredith Laura Middleton Cara Mikulchik Cherie Miller -sm .rs Before his tennis class, Ron Rozelle timing and co-ordination. Tani Mikulchik Karen Milner Mike Moessl Cheryl Monson Karen Monson Debbie Montz J oe Motta Susan Motta Danny Mowad Patricia Mullen we Jamey Mack Mark Mackenzie Parry Markle Greg Martin Linda Martin Pam Martin Scott Martinez Juanita M atchett Bruce M atthews Larry May Alvin McAdams John McAlear Paul McCarthy Jim McCauley Q. sky. - r 5 . 'Fw 1 Q-fr' 'C' 0 like t yes sxmsfs .UR xo f .AAAA Kim Miller Paul Miller Bonnie Mitter Laura Mittie Craig Mohr Mike Monson Susan Morgan Noreen Moriarty - Susan Mortesen Bob Motta L z Shannon Murphy Mike Murray Tammy Myers Joyce Nagel Susan Neally Neil Nelson Suzie Oberschelp Denise Oien Connie O'Neill Rick Orens CLASS OF '77 JGYS CAM US LIFE A merry-go-round float was built by freshmen to depict this year's home- coming theme, "Life is a carnival." 161 C J L. L. Q F 375 PHELD PAST TRADITIONS Many traditions associated with the Junior class were retained by this years juniors. The class ran the concession booth, sold programs at home football games, sold place mats and worked hard to put on a successful JuniorfSenior Prom in June. Pete Rodgerson Theresa Romano Phil Romine Tom Rozelle Mike Runnings k,,. A.. at .91 Rick Pawlowski clowns around on thejunior class float. P Q 3 -E-...x Phil Ruta Ray Salaz Max Salazar J im Sauls Gudrun Scheffler Cheryl McCullough ,i Kathy McDonough E Rich Metcalfe Julie Middleton ' , Kenny Miles Jeff Miller . N N .' . ,, .. tai" . v.. v-X4 , N. ., . .H ' ' 533 s Lorie Miller Mark Mitchell Dale Mohr Wayne Montz Matt Monson Vicki Moriarty 162 ' 2. g is M E N91 - it YR X t . :Qt K . X tw 3 L x ew , X i li' xx , tm N il 'iw " - 1 etee ' 1 t K-if ruff , V xi 4 P' Sharon Murphy Mike Myres Sherry Nagel Dave Neff Neani Nelson Brenda Newman Mn. Elizabeth Newman John Noel Sue Nusbaum Jim Oberschelp Andy Oien . Richard Ollivares 55 fe K ' V X fx 5 - - t ' X K' s I 1 Coleen Schoenmeier Jill Schuldt Kim Simmons Cindy Sims David Skriver f,,ff 'Q X 1-Qu 'Ns- Tim Skriver Randolph Smith rv Rick Snow Jamie Southern Barbara Stanley Charlene Mosseri Ray Mullins Tom Nevin Vera Nikolovski Bill Nusbaum Jennifer Page Tim Bushrow announces Freshmen Prince and Princess candidates at coronation assembly. Dave Orens Karen Padjen Bill Palmer John Paterson Rick Pawlowski Kirk Pearson Maria Deus finds the railing ofthe bleachers U -If a good vantage point for watching a track meet. Bill Marron JeffMart1n Jerry Martin Laurel May Bob McCarthy Gary McClary Ed McDown Kim Mclntosh Doug McIntyre John McKean Cindy McLees Tim McManus James McMinn Kelly Melton Stacie Panayiotou Tracy Patterson Q x - i A i w ,....a.v' I Mike Peck , Beth Pedersen i f :J i ,tt Alyti S i n ,, English I classes helped freshman Diane Herbold prepare for tomorrow S , tttp J G ittt , t titttt t p ?Q 5 fi ,. ,gk . ,F .1 is Chris Pennington Stanley Poey Wendy Popiel Maureen Porter Chris Powell Nancy Price Debi Puffer MQW, , A 3 . A, . .L ti .rar X N t rr I . xx Qs is NE f i K lla K . . f QQ -X A N HK- 0 H K E' tugl- . .4 Julie Ramey Sandy Ramsay Jeanette Randall X x is ,, i 3, E!" 'X t t . W V 5- like MLA' Y 1 - 1 -' ef- 1 . it ' . 'l 2 . t J ' J T' iiiee- like ' - - ,L F-,gy lik ,A ' P J J .. .f J' 1 K . . X I Q? . P P s 1 ,. ,, ,kg . l J mf, . J . . L Q 4? kb J H I Q3 , "Rb fi ERGETIC SOPHGMGRES Led by Governor Moira Geraghty and Lt. Governor Frank Cardone, the class of '76 planned bake sales, car washes, birthday calendar sales and spirit button sales. They also participated in band, drill team and other clubs. Sophomores were active all year. ' 1 Tim Poor finds the main hall a good place for a sing-along. Q .'.:o -3 . t Stewart Perkins E 4 , Jackie Price it Thomas Provencher X Steve Purvis F .J Candy Quisenberry ii ,fi - .t T Sue Ramsay its i Tl. 1 Y P P Jeffizich it " -' , Michelle Richardson 3' i U in Gerald Roberts Q t-A 7 Allison Robison , if Jim Romano X Dona Romine X. 1 Dennis Reed Yae Sook Rhee Lauren Riggs Todorka Ristovski Darrell Roach John Robison Teresa Rodriquez Tom Rowson Ron Rozelle Randy Ruis Lisa Osnower Mimi Palmer Gail Paterson Susan Patterson Nina Petrovich Debbie Pitney Pat Platt Sherri Platt Zoe Ann Powell Natalie Preston FRESH CCUSTO ED TO LIFE AT ESH Freshman Karen Swanson finds happiness at ESHS will tomorrow be like?" wonders Kim Larry Salez Teresa Sant Barbara Saylor Beverly Schaffer Ray Scheu JeffSchIoo .lill Randall Steve Randall Pat Rauda Kim Reardon Cindy Reed Julie Reed Greg Rich Kyle Richardson Suzan Richmond Shane Robley wa , .L Cindy Ruis Laura Runnings Kelli Safarian Dee Sant Suzanne Santia Lynore Schaefer Clete Schilling .lill Shirkey Brad Skriver Kathy Smith Lori Smith Scott Smith Jane Schmidt Dawne Sexton Walter Shaffer Mike Shanks Claire Simpson Bob Smith Kim Smith Marshall Snider Christine Snow Scott Stacy Nina Stapleton Art Stenberg Nancy Stephens Joe Stegman Scott Stenberg Clyde Stevens John Stocks Bryan Sperry David Stahl Al Stallings Virgina Stanley Lorna Stapleton Valerie Stevens John Stewart Mary Summers Karen Swanson Linda Tate Jim Thomas Joseph Thomas - if K we is 1 ut -P353 x J x X N .s X s ox 6 wx f . Q igsifsr , H ss X , Y, X x x is K! 45, - st- , "I- s J A Yi. ,. 11' 1,5 Qin .. an , Q r dsx N . in f . '73 CGRONATIO HFRIE DS"WAS SPONSORED BY JU IOR CLASS Casey Stiers LeeAva Stout John Stroh Fred Sturm Freshman Sandy Benke concentrates on a confusing paper. ps Sazaaa Diana Stoops Robin Stout Chris Streifinger Karen Sundquist John Swancara Vicky Swift Tammy Taylor Cindy Thomas Dru Tidwell Patricia Tonnies Rich Thompson Angela Trocosso Colette Tschumi Ray Tucker Keith Swanson Leo Swiatly Mark Swire Renee Taylor Kathie Thomas .loan Thomas Tricia Thomas Mark Tracy Jack Triplett Evelyn Tsosie L 6' PIRIT OF " " RE IDES AT E With the motto "The spirit of '76" the Sophomore class re- tained the spirit they had shown as freshmen. Meeting on Wednesdays during lunch with Mr. Crystal they planned pro- jects and discussed activities. After two years of being under- classmen, Sophs looked forward to being upperclassmen. Sophomores Denise Oien, Mimi Palmer and Dru Tid- well find their classes at ESHS enjoyable. Becky Turino Jonathan Vermeulen Rich Vidmar John Voigt Tim Wagg Kathryn Wade Wendy Wade Terry Walsh Kim Walter Carol Wardrop Cindy Webb Paul Weiner , , , ,1 iii QW' 2 N M Loni Tydon Kerin Tyrrell Diana VunBuren Connie Vickery Barbara Vidmar Greg Volk Gayle Wade Julie Walker Rick Walker Erica Webster Tammy Triplett Greg Tucker Vicki Tweedie Lita Van Heuven Rochelle Van Natta Marc Vinson Bill Waag Clinton Wallace Tony West Karen Westover Susan Weyant Brent Wheeler S ,IN 1 5 1 1 S ii X Freshman Carolyn Mack finds Spanish so exciting, she bites her nails! -l',,,,,w,i,,,,,,,:f1:fzse .- I - 40' Dave Orens and Dave Kapell debate an issue in the library conference room Dana Warmbrodt Tyrone Watson Barbara Weisenseel Steve Wellfonder Keith Whitcomb Marie Wiegers Joel Wiley David Wilson Herb Wilson Patti Willingham Lorne Wilton Terry Woods Dora Young Mike Young Francie Zaengle Rita Zaengle Robin Walker Chris Wardrop Liz Weyant Carol Wheeler Craig Wheeler Tim Wheeler Leisa Whitford Tom Williams Joe Willingham Tod Wilson Mark Wray Lynn Young Rachel Zapata lrma Zubia Julie Werner Alan Whitcomb Elizabeth Whitlord .lune Wiitala Jeanna Wood Greg Work Marc Worthern Steve Wray Russ Zeier Tom Zieler ,, .ASS QF '77 PREPARES FOR TGMORRGW Freshmen Studies and English I classes helped fresh- men to prepare for the future. Reading Lab and spell- ing tests and English skills helped them to improve their communication skills. Freshmen studies gave them the knowledge needed for understanding themselves and their lives at ESHS. Freshmen worked today to make a better tomorrow. Carolyn Mack keeps a watchful eye on the lloats after the homecoming parade. SCHOOL BG RD OVERSEE DI TRICT ACTIVITIES The 1973-74 School Board was comprised of six dedicated El Segundo citizens. Led by newly elected superintendent of schools Dr. Mary Reed, the school board worked for the betterment of the entire school district. The duties of the elected members are to oversee the budget, curriculum, and welfare of the schools. The education of El Segundo stu- dents was in capable hands. S e Dr. Mary Reed gives a short speech at the 1973 graduation Dr Mary Reed, Mr. Harry Weber, Mrs. Cravens Douglass, Mr. George Wiley, Mr. Melvin Westover, Mr. Alan West. Dr. John Machisic 'typ twig Nil' . ,V we ,lg 1 in ., .A 155 i e ,.ju.,y sf . kr Q " Q t -N ,- J t J 1 fi' Y fl 'Q 2-Ia liggl i t MI ITR TOR ORK FOR THE FUTURE The administration worked to make ESHS a better place of learning for all students. Principal Dr. John Machisic was in charge of educational programs at ESHS, of teachers and of the general welfare of students. Mr. Frank Craven, assist- ant principal in charge of guidance and discipline, assisted students and teachers in solving problems concerning respon- sibilities and privileges. Mr. Robert Kingston, assistant prin- cipal in charge of activities, coordinated all student activities such as assemblies, rallies, and athletic events. Attendance supervisor, Mr. James Porter, was concerned with students being where they should be at the right time during the school day. These people and the jobs that they do helped to make ESHS a better place for learning yesterday, today and for tomorrow. . ' - .-f-.at-samssvzsts. an Craven Mr. Robert Kingston Mr. James Porter sl ,, COU ELUR SSIST TUDENTS Trying to clear up the mistakes and confusion caused by computer scheduling was the first duty of the counselors in September. Students were lined from wall to wall to find out why they were scheduled for the wrong class or no class. Just about the time the counselors figured out who went where, they had to start checking seniors for graduation and advising the underclassmen about next year's schedule. In between, counselors offered advice- to students and helped them with their prob- lems. By June, yesterday's problems were solvedg Seniors graduated to- dayg and the underclassmen are ready for tomorrow! The score-Coun- selors, '33 Computer, 0! - Mr. Bristlin reviews a student's cumulative folder. rv sl IM .Still ilzffeiif.t-,t-,aw Mr. Robert Bristlin Mr. Loren Cutner Mr. Milton Olson Mrs. Dorothy Stuckman Miss L01-1-aine Thgfgon Mr. Maurice Ward fNurseJ ,. , ...ask -wwnnpuw-W Mrs. Caroline Adams Mrs. Dusteen Carlson Mrs. Patrick organizes student absence cards. N Mrs. Mary Rose Liedke Mrs. Shirley Malm M .3 CSECRET RIE PRO IDE SSISTANCE The secretaries were of service in all the administrative offices through- out the school. They answered phones, typed the daily bulletin and worked with attendance records. These helpful people worked dili- gently to keep things up-to-date and beneficial for both school officials and students. Mrs. Ruth Patrick Mrs. April Sligar Mrs. Dorothy Gross PECIAL l ERVICE 2 ,m.. Mrs. Evans, Cafeteria Mrs. Holcomb, Cafeteria ff Q Q- Mrs. Putt, Cafeteria Mrs. Randall, Cafeteria fw-iv' f- - J PRO E CAM US ag Mrs. Montz, Cafeteria Mr. Harris, Bus Driver Mrs. Stephens, Cafeteria Mr. Witt, Custodian With the help of cafeteria workers, custodians, and bus drivers, life at ESHS was a little more pleasant for many students. These special people were not known by all students, but worked hard to improve the school campus, cafeteria food and provide bus services for students going on field trips. The special services people worked today to make tomorrow more enjoyable. Mr. Hamilton, Custodian J 5 KEY CL EL SEGU . ' msn stu enum X My 1 gs K ii f l a ls .. Ill Q Q.. , ff, Q V4 . Above: "May I say something?" asks Sam Shriver. Right: ESHS yesterday, today, and Sue Gaston and Mike Murray find showcase dis- tomorrow. plays interesting. r.i' it v l "Can't stop withjust one," says Sue Nusbaum as she eats potato chips. get -N. tttt. N' " A - '-f: iz S, '- ,.1 Q Above: "Happiness is a rally," for Drill Team members Gail McNulty, Karen Padjen, Erica Webster and Linda Briese. Left: Dave Hambright can't believe he is going to the Coronation! THI GS I 'F "You mean I did this all wrong?" questions Andy Bogossian. RE PAST Bernie DeFontes talks to a friend in the hall. iv Slowly but surely, Cindy Leslie types copy for annual. Students of ESHS are preparing for to- morrow by studying the past today! They are involved in thinking and doing activi- ties that will determine their future. 1973- 74 was some year for them. The computer scheduling confused-the computer! First quarter report cards arrived in time for Christmas, Homecoming was a success and the energy crisis dimmed the tree of lights. After a year of homework lectures, dark halls, cold rooms, patio sculpture, tri-weekly bulletins and ASB elections, students of ESHS need a vacation! Yes- terday is gone, tomorrow is uncertain, to- day is now. Enjoy it! Students will always find time to study and visit in the library. Q6 43" Above: Scott Brown expresses his opinion on what it's like to get stuck in a projector, Right: Esther Cook looks to tomorrow. 1 ADS A5043 161243151 I w V W K W" 'HM State Farm Insurance Co's. O. J. KELSO 'Mr' Agent - Notary Public Prompt Personal Service -7 W ii Auto - Life - Fire - Homeowners , Bus. 322-9060 or 374-6345 432 Main Reg. 320-6795 El Segundgy Ca. 90245 Gail Adams and Sherri Nagel check over their work at the Media Center me Hlslscus dafg BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNEH AMERICAN AND ORIENTAL FOOD -A 107 VV. GRAND AVE. 322-3942 CLARENCE KINOBHITA OWNKR El. SEGUNDO CALIF- Juniors show that they are very hard-working. Herb, Mr. Adler and Mr. Peterson of Munroe's Men's Store in Westchester ex- Janette libaugh, left, twirls her flags at a rally. tend their best to the Class of'74. iam. Nita Ramsay, Dan Eady, Margy and Mike Cottriel and a Great Dane extend the best wishes for Gary Phillip's Chevron station to the students of ESHS. May all their tomorrows be super. Curtis D. Patterson Chief Petty Officer U.S. NAVY U.S. Navy Recruiting Branch , - piggy? u Station .f 'leo S 1 '- PRINTING ,N 1L uf :5 A 1 1 1 4 . . 12605 Hawthorne Boulevard Hawthorne, California 90250 . , Telephone: 644-6080 339 RICHMOND STREET SEGUNDO. CALIF. 90245 I'Nff,. 322-4721 6 Concentration is the game for Joy McKee in Mr. Duffy's drama class. 5 OPEN 11A.M. - 9 P.M. CLOSED SUN. 8: MON. o oo, ITALIAN RESTAURANT I PIZZA LASAGNA O 0 SANDWICHES SPAGHETTI 0 0 TAKE-OUT ORDERS I 322-4127 206 VVEST GRAND AVE. VVILLIAM CANIPILII EL SEGUNDO CALIF. 90245 msiaabpliqggb fl' . 3 I' "" V .- -:?5,S.i',LQ.:f,i.- 'P A 2. . ' , i fi g I -' , f - 5,,,3YQ.g. , r H A serious moment is reflected in Lori Schaffer's face. Menis l-lah' Slzqllng Mfg: snaps of fgirzga fo come" 137 MAIN STREET BILL DORNBLASER EL SEGUNDO CALIF 322-0525 Support your local team and your local merchants," says Janette Ebaugh. -Msg. , if Dave Jones Edward R Winters Agent Bus. 322-4464 678-7487 208 Main Strut El Segundo, Cal. 90245 Auto ' Fire 0 Life ' Truck ' Commorclll Kevin Legendre proves that football players have to study sometimes. 124 W. GRAND AVE. ..,... 'LSIICSPEEDK Instant Printing Center EL SEGUNDO 0 OF EL SEGUNDO, CA. 90245 12 1 3, 3223404 BUCK BREIDENBACH Joyce Laffoon keeps score while Darrell Roach and Kerin Tyrrell concen- --up in trate on the game. iw Nina Petrovich reacts to her Zemi drink during Karen Purvis and Cindy Leslie take a short pause in Annual's busy schedule. P-E' S COMPLETE LINE OF HOBBIES AND SUPPLIES 322 5365 428 MAIN STREET EI.. SEGUNDO. CALIF. EL sEGuNDo CALIF 90245 JIM Bc DORIS OTTMAN EA 2-3774 EL SEGUNDO HOBBY SHOP 409 MAIN ST. 'Mew Gail McNulty marches in the annual Christmas Parade sponsored by EI Segundo merchants. gi- 'Ik ., Working in the Media Center keeps Scott Stacy busy. gorresl Slalioners, .IInc. 0 COMMERCIAL STATIONERY - OFFICE EQUIPMENT 0 HADLEY ACCOUNTING FORMS 0 DUPLICATING PRODUCTS I OFFICE FURNITURE 0 DRAFTING SUPPLIES 200 Wesl Grand Avenue Edwin Cosienborder EI Segundo, Calif. 90245 Seq-Qfary EASIQBIS 2-0I25 - SPFIIIQ 2-2890 R'-,K J, 1 Ii-,Q 11 +4 . l , C Il? u 5 ,AIQQRHINI C.. if --Ng 5. 122 ARENA STREET EL SEGUNDO. cAt IF AREA CODE 213 PHONE 322-use f tg ELINOR LEHMAN 305 RICHMOND sT. -'I EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. 90245 F,T D. 04-2o2e EA 2.5951 Peeling an. apple takes concentration as Don Graham demonstrates in Foods. CUS'l'om Bell-s 4Buc.Kles Made -to Order IZO Sheldon Slveel- El Segundo 322 l3OZ aren Padjen and Gail McNulty display great rhythm at Drill Tea practic C. USUIEI I les are if 1 !" shouts Joanne Hob e if EES E I! s" on 217 W. Grand Avenue X t l I x 4 Q -.if 7, 1 galil fff CHRISTOPHER B. lNlILlTZER A4 +84 X15 0 s Al? FORCE RECRUITER MW Aerospace Power OFFICE PHONE l2605 S, HAWTHORNE BLVD X 12131 644.0604 HAWTHORNE, CA 90250 8 'iquwwzounw www- X MXN-N 9-w.,,,ss...x ohn Burkos llnds some spare time to demonstrate how to shoot a rubber an 6145-8291! 776-N439 Ever- -thin m Musfc 9101 S Sepulveda Blvd 'Los Angeles, Calif' is K Vi,' .K i 3 Q Q mk Ll ,O 8 N N M . X'ftQ1 'X ' ' d. Qc er uslc ww ' - - u O I l is Laura Gill wonders ifthe camera is really loaded. PHONE 213 X 322-2777 3221556 A A K " E L S E G U H D0 eiffkftrte X L A" 'N ' .9 rg flu LU e n snov 4 ,gh t .N-A Q 408 MAIN STREET , , -xx' El. SEGUNDO. CALIFORNIA 90245 I M 'T P -A 7-A- Ken Sproul Gniwy RONALD ANDERSON REALTY 508 IVlaln Street EI Segundo Ca 90245 RONALD ANDERSON X broker Bus C2135 322 3018 Mr Kingston urges students to patronize our ads El Segundo F0remen's Association wishes to congratulate the class of 1974 on their graduation! El Segundo Pohceman s Assoclatron works wrth students rn Pollce Scrence classes' "5" ESTABLISHED IN l9ll El Segundo Herald 413 Main St. El Segundo, California Dorothy Lawrence Editor 322-1830 rx 9 :I sip my pA 6 Sue Motta, Lezlye Lawson and Shannon Murphy support the Eagles! K1l W .- f .- if gs 27' f ss x 5 ' l Q of fs R fl 'iff f o K1 1 ,L.h m,.. ,.:zL, h L . gn' 5ififfgifi2222371iff-0 V 7 N 'fi its Tl ii r Evelyn Bayes serves ice cream to some regular customers. Teresa Morris really digs the El Segundo merchants who support us! El. SEGUNDO CHEVRON 232. Vlam Shrecl- El 'Segundo CR Gl0Z-'+'5 312 zblur 'M LMPERLAL B0 VVL we LK n l s s W W 7440 EASTXMPERIAL HWY EL SEGUNDO CALIFORNIA 90245 322 4424 772 5770 . Q .,. I KV.: K ' " "W-ini. ,r L -. K, if rv TI 5 X Q 'sflse'7'flllKI L is - ,t , 'Nm , ii A I Andy Carbon looks on as Eric Tidwell works on his assignment. P Grocgls ki -lrophiesfshoesftenuis TV Sales 8 Service Occasion GIFTS 415 Main Sfreef, El Segundo, Calif 90245 Phone. 322-0373 Ken Gould waits his turn for Mrs. Holliday to help him with "El Segundo Service Court", lllWest Grand, has something for every his English. body! NY-nf l l, 3 ,M ALA l,lV is A X 3 2, . fs. p -f even- f :ai ' JQ, -X WW Q'4f5'W 512 CENTER STREET EL SEGUNDO CALIFORNIA MARY R. MEEKER 322-2190 The Eagle camera spies on Gayle Shilling in English "Colette Tschumi! Are you ditching class again?" Noreen Moriarty wonders what her Senior Year will be like at ESHS - ,,v..,,, ,,.t.,--- -5.4 ve if H L . U will jug . 'Ms LL 5 ! 1 gr .1-igfik Sam Long and Carl Johnson discuss the problem at hand. Congratulations to the class of 1974 31 l Main' Street El Segundo California msew flsfgfeffr i :iv W,-1 .iw 5 an--' ,W EAStg8lC 2-2734 Spring 2-1486 While Parry Markle finds class interesting, Kay Kucera delinitely docs JOHN P. PURSELL, D.D.S. Patty Konecny and Moira Geraghty capture the wolfman at the '73 Prom. n0l. ,fa 413 ff-21 A is Pam Briese proves that even the Annual Staff can make mistakes. fBetfy Fufeathlezfozff REALTOR OWNER 444 MAIN Srnzcr Bus 322 0555 EL SEGUNDO cauronnu ffJ'zi:1j!.+: :Klutz 2.1 ft: lc u-no SCHWINN BICYCLES C2137 322-71477 EL SEGUNDQ Locx 6. CYCLE 135 MAIN' STREET R ' A EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. 90245 or-' em..lroRN'uA EA 2-3083 Immws S-'vom Suu-Hn Qmerica. 142 Richmond Street E1 Segundo, Ca. t nafzmi rmhng KEITH SCHULDT PRINTINF AT ITS BEST" - ' v N Y S lit S' 9 T 18" " 225 RICHMOND EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. 90245 Telephone: 1213! 322-0815 ARNOLD X SCHLEUNIGER, D D S EASTG TE 2 IBI4 525 MAIN STREET SPR 2 IOIB El. SEGUNDO CALIFORNIA 1-qs . . .. I Whale ou Want or When ou eed I1 h :ze U a x 25 O O I I A - 6 - . ESHS students refresh themselves at Hollymain Liquor, 404 Main St P TRONS Mr. SL Mrs. Eugene Bayes Al 8a Betty Campbell Joe 8a Mary Ann Campbell Chipper, Tinkerbell, 84 Bootsie Daniel William Cook Demas 8a Terra Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles S. Dobruck and Family Donald, Ruth and Clyde Elliott The Legendre Family Anna Sanda Mr. 8a Mrs. Don Schmutz, Terri 8a Gary ,W are . f I 1 ' -Q ,zlifj P- Bennetts Jewelers, 8635 So. Sepulveda offers many gifts and items for the young and young at heart for every occasion. H TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF kt Il from -lke CLASS of 74 fo +116 CLASSES of -Hue PRESENT and Re FUTURE soon Lucx - CONGRATULATIONS OF 1974 FROM 1-HE soon SPIRIT LUCK ,. E U ' wif +f522'z?f QQ. qi ,v Q4 Z v v W 05, Q MKPS Flgvlgfa MH 090, 1 '- I O61 m V V V to B A Pvwum-r0. ' ' ' . vd .1 ' 4 : CZQALWLM ' ' : iPZopX:-3 - 'Z' il D V, S 1 M 5 Q Q ive H 4 4 1 f - - ., Qunvis ' jf' yvv 0 Au I 5559 , L if ,Q 4 4 'Plu0'f'b r'CLpl'h6l' Y V 'IA '- " ga Wx IV' N, , VV VV EJ ..- , ' ' f- fl znews 2,1 9 ailey, Cheryl 1101-27,144 GENERAL Administration 174-177 AFS 62-63 Applied Arts 36-37 Art 29 Art Guild 67 Assemblies 110-1 ll Band 48-50 Baseball 1'73196-99 Basketball 86-91 Bay Eagle 25 Business Education 26-27 Choruses 30-33 Coronation 114-114 Cross Country 94-95 CSF 58-59 Dances 118-119 Dedication 4-5 Drill Team 48-49,51 English 20-21 Epsilon Sigma 56-57 FHA 66 Football 72-77 French 23 French Club 61 Freshmen 144-173 GAA 100 GIA 101 Girls' League 64-65 Golden Eagle 24 Hiking Club 68 Homecoming 116-117 Juniors 144-173 Key Club 54-55 Library 42 Math 16-17 Media 43 Orchesis 69 Pep Club 52-53 Physical Education 38-39 Police Science 40 Powder Puff 120 Rallies 112-113 Science 28 SCROC 45 Senior Picture 12-13 Senior Signatures 124-125 Seniors 126-143 Social Studies 18-19 INDEX Sophomores 144-173 Spanish 22 Spanish Club 60 Special Education 34-35 Special Services 178-179 Stage Band 41 Bell, Cathy 191-42,100,145 Bell, James 191-145 Bell, Jeff1l21-41,127 Bell, Ken 11 11-108,144 Bell, Lynn 1101-145 Bell Matt 1111-144 Student Government 104-107 Table of Contents 2-3 Theme 6-1 1 Water Polo 78-81 Work Experience 44-45 Wrestling 82-85 STUDENT INDEX brahamson, Ron 11 11-144 Adams Adams Adams Aikens , Carrie 1101-144 ,Gail 11 11-31,144 ,Keith 11 11-144 , Tracey 1121-32,57,6l,l26 Ainsworth, Bobbie 191-100,144 Alford, Jim 191-144 Anon, Dave1l11-144 Almaguer, Argel 1121-54,60,68,82, 126 Altman, Chuck 1121-126 Altman, John 191-144 Anderson, Sherie 1121-50,51 ,126 Andrews, Dana 1121-126 Andrews, Suzanne 1101-69,144 Andrews, Tracy 191-144 Araya, Tony 1121-126 Armantrout, Huey 1121-108,126 Armijo, Karen 191-30,144 Armstrong, Burl 1121-126 Armstrong, Diana 11 11-144 Armstrong, Sharon 1121-126 Armstrong, Steve 1101-144 Arnold, Johanna 191-100,144 Arnot, David 191-49,144 Arnot, Paul 1121-20,4l,48,49,82,l26 Arntz, Nancy 1121-69,126 Ashley, Prudence 11 11-49,59,60,62,l44 Atkeson, Eric 1101-78,79,l 14,1 17,144 Atkeson, Troy, 1101-78,79,144,205 Austin, Curt 1101-144 Avak, Susan 11 11-49,61,67,144 Avila, Nancy 1101-60,144 Bailey, Donna 11 I1-144 Baldwin, Chuck 1101-49,144 Barnwell, Brian 11 11-144 Barnwell, Greg 191-144 Barnwell, Paul 1121-126 Barrow, Dirk 1101-76,145 Bartelt, Steve 1121-33,72,75, 104,1 1 1,126 Barto, Nathan 11 11-144 Barton, Chris 1121-49,59,87,l26 Bassett, Allison 191-144 Baumgart, Ingrid 1101-145 Bayes, Evelyn 1121-106,126 Beaird, Ben 11 11-72,75 Beaty, Kathy 11 11-32,144 Beckett, Debbie 191-30,144 Beckman, Bill 191-67,144 Bell, Cara 1121-56,57,65,120,l27 "You've got to be kidding," says Juanita Ramsey. Bell, Tom 1101-41,49,7o, 145 Benke, Frank 11 11-16,144 Benke, Sandy 191- 145, 1 69 Bennett, Kathy 1121-32,127 Berenger, Mark 11 11-36,146 Berggren, Jim 11 11-18,86,87,l46 Bernard, Michele 1101-31,145 Bertlesen, Jim 191-145 Bianco, Milton 191-77,145 Bicknell, Scott 1101-35 Binkley, Bruce 1101-145 Birdsall, Scott 11 11-146 Black, Angela 11 11-146 Blackford, Dave 191-49,145 Blake, Melissa 1101-147 Blair, Tom 1101-147 Bochinski, Peter 191-77,145 Boese, Steve 11 11-146 Bogossian, Andy 191-43,81,145,l80 Bogossian, Ben 1121-82,85,127 Bollini, Denise 1101-147 Bonn, Chris 1101-77,147 Bonn, Stacey 191-49,100,145 Booher, Chris 11 11-146 Booterbaugh, Teresa 191-145 Borchert, David 1101- 147 Borders, Mark 191-77,145 Boschetto, Dana1101-49,147,158 Botting, John 1121-41,49,l27 Bowden, Mike 1101-146 Bowie, Laurette1121-21,53,56,57,127 Bowles, Janet 191- 145 Braddock, Julie 191-146 Braddock, Marilyn 1101-146 Braddock, Stephen 1121-25,32,33,41,49 59,69,l27 Bradford, Karen 191-61 , 146 Braham, Mike 1101-147 Branam, Scott 1101-24,76,90,l 19,147 Bridges, Terry 191- 146 Briese, Lennie 1101-76,147 Briese, Linda 1121-50,5l,67, 127,180 Briese, Pam 1111-24,50,51,l 19,146 Brightwell, John 11 11-146 Briney, Mike 1121-72,75,l06,127 Brock, Susan 191-146 Brookens, Tammy 11 11-62,1 19,146 Brown 127 Brown Brown Brown , Bev 1121-25,57,5s,59,1 10, , Burt 1121-109 , Jackie 191-30,146 , Scott 11 11-72,75,83,85,l46,181 Brust, Sandi 1121-108,127 Bryan, Barbara 1121-50,51,127 Bryan, Kathy 11 11-68,101 Bryant, Dave 11 11-147 ' Buckingham, Bob 1101-59,90,147 Buckingham, Jim 11 11-72,147 Burches, Kevin 191-146 Burches, Shawn 1101-32,147 Burnett, Suzette11l1-147 Burnette, Neil 1121-16,96,98, 128 Buron, Kim 191-146 Burrowes, Kim 1111-32,5O,65,l47 Bush, Lisa 1121-29,67,69 Bushrow, Cheryl 1121-57,58,59,62,63, 128 Bushrow, Tim 191-59,77,l07, 146,163 able, Lori 191-146 Calhoun, Ed 191-146 Cameron, Lisa 11 11-32,69,l47 Campbell, Clay 1111-147 Campbell, Peter 1121-82,85,93, 1 28 Campbell, Sandy 1125-24,51,59,e2,65,l 18, 128 Campilii, Marie 1101-147 Cannon, Bob 1101-76 Capo, Richard 1121-128 Caravello, Jesse 11 11-35 Carbon, Andrew 1121-75,128 Cardone, Frank1101-22,54,55,59,60,89, 107,148 Carfora, Debbie 11 11-148 Cargill, Tim 1121-19,72,73,75,l 13,128 Carroll, Martin 1111-148 Carter, Donna 1101-31,50,l48 Casler, Cheryl 1121-25,44,68,l28 Casler, Rick 11 11-148 Cason, Kathy 191-59,65,100,101,146 Cason, Mike 11 11-41,48,49,59,60,67,l48 Castle, Chuck 1101-148 Castle, John 1121-128 Ceravalo, Cindy 1101-148 Chabrajez, Donna 11 11-53,148 Chabrajez, Richard 1121-94,95,l08,128 Chamberland, Gene 11 11-148 Chandler, Janice 11 11-32,148 Chandler, Patty 191-30, 146 Chavez, Larry 191-77 Chavez, Laurie 1101-148 Chavez, Ricky 191-77,147 Chichester, Mike 1101-76,90 Chick, Ralph 11 11-33,41,55,89,148 Christensen, Scott 1121-36,128 Christie, Rick 1121-128 Christie, Ron 1111-148 Chu, Daniel 191-147 Claflin, Nancy 1121-129 Clagg, Doug 1101-148 Clark, Dan 1101-49,148 Clark, Michele 11 11-50,5l,61,120,l48 Clark, Tom 1111-149 Clarke, Carolyn 1121-64,129 Clarke, Doug 1101-148,205 Clayton, Pam 191-30,147 Cleary, Keith 1101-148 Clevenger, Brad 1121-33,54,55,59,63,105, 129 Cole, Jerald 11 11-121,149 Coleman, Don 1121-24,43,54,l29 Coles, Glenn 1121-95,129 Collings, Betty 191-49,59,100,l47 Collings, Cathy 1111-49,59,61,100,120, 149 Collings, Jeannie 1121-49,100,129 cnllings, Julie 1121-129,203 Combs, Beth 11 11-50,59,6l,65,149 Combs, Diane 191-107,147 Conner, Brenda 191-147 Conner, Don 1121-33,129 Cook, Esther 11 11-50,59,69,l49,l8l Cook, Richv191-147 Copeland, Dana 1121-129 Corallo, Debbie 1101- 148 Corallo, John 1l2142,61,75, 129 Corallo, Susan 11 11-149 Cordova, Stella 1101- 149 Corey, Staci 1121-129 Cormany, Scott 1101-95,149 Costley, Susan 191-148 Cotten, Stephen 191-49,147 Cottriel, Margy1121-129 Cousins, Val 191-148 Cowan, Lorrie 191-148,152 Craig, Ken 11 11-72,75,87,l50 Crawford, Greg 1101-76,149 Crawford, Mitch 1121-67,129 Crawford, Nancy 1111-150 Creswell, Patti 191-30,148 Crews, Golden 1101-52,149 Crews, Stephen 1121-129 Crichton, George 11 11-41,150 Cripe, Madeline 1121-56,57,59,65, 105, 120,129 Crowell, Vivian 1101-149 Cummings, Cummings, Cummings, Cummings, Cummings, Brad 1121-130 David 191-148 Maureen 1121-59,130 Susie 1101-107,149 Tammy 1101-149 Cumpson, Brian 191-77,148 Curcio, Fred 191-148 Curia, Jon 1121-82 Curia, Rick1l11-150 Curry, Eric 1121-25,130 Curry, Virginia 191-148 Cuthbertson, Bill 1121-109,130 A-,,,, "OOH! Look at him crawl," says Julie Col- lings while examining an insect. Drummond, Dale 1101-76,151 ahlgren, Diana 110-149,150,156 Daly, Rene 11 11-150 Dare, Susan 1121-130 Daroff, Dave 1101-149 Davis, Belinda 11 11-32 Davis, Mike 191-148 Deal, Bill 1111-26,75,151 Deeter, Gary 11 11-43,151 Deets, Greg 1121-130 DeFontes, Bernie 1121-22,37,56,57,60,62, 64,65, l06,130, 1 81 DeFontes, Dean 191-77,91,l48 DeFontes, Michele 11 11-53,60,62,65, 105, 150,151 Delong, Gay11121-130 Demuth, Gerry 1121-36,130 Denny, Kathy 191-61 Denny, Scott 11 11-151 Detrich, Sue 11 11-151 Deus, Maria 11 11-151,164 Drummond, Sally 191-150 Dunbabin, Dave 1121-131 Duncan, Brian 1101-151 Dunn, Drew 191-150 Duran, Consuelo 1101-151 Durkos, John 1121-131 Durrell, Desirie 1101-31 Duval, Michele 1121-32,120,131 Duval, Richard 1101-54,61,95,15l Dye, Danny 11 11-84,152 Dye, Harold 11 11-82,83,l52 Dyhre, Chuck 191-77,150 Dypwick, Kurt 1101-151 ady, Daniel 1121-131 Eaton, Don 1121-119,131 Ebaugh, Janette 11 ly-32,53,l 13,120,152 Edwards Efflandt, Efflandt, Efllandt, , Brenda 1101-151 Betsy 1121-25,50,l3l Chris 191-77,150 Darold191-77,9l,150 Dewolf, Cary 11 11-151 Diaz, Debi 1121-53,130 Diaz, Lisa 191-52,148,154 Dick, Dawn 1121-25,130 Dick, Kevin 1101-33,149 Dick, Martin 1101-49,150 Dickens, Bruce 1101-150 Dickens, Karen 1101-32,121,130 Dicks, Ricky 1101-150 Disosway, Bill 11 11-75,151 Efflandt, Jill 11 11-152 Efflandt, Joe 1101-76,151 Elliott, Clyde 1121-24,43,l 10,131 Ellington, Bob 1101-49,151 Ellis, Bill 1111-49,54,58,59,60,67,152 England, Rickey 1101-151 Erdellan, Jimmy 191-150 Ernest, Dorinda1121-32,53,58,59,65,l3l Ernest, Dru 191-30,59,100,150 Euler, Chris 1101-30,151 Dobrovolny, Dennis 1121-130 Dobrovolny, Jeannie 1101-31,150 Dobruck, Maureen 1121-24,57,62,65,130 Dodgen, Sue 1121-50,130 Dornblaser, Joe 191-77,148 Dornblaser, Pat 11 11-59,77,151 Dornblaser, Rhonda 1121-59,66,131 Domann, Tim 1101-76,150 Douglass, Heather 191-30,148 Doukakis, Chris 191-77,89,148 Doyle, Kathie 1101-150 Driskell, Margie 11 11-120,151 Drozd, Greg 1121-131 Euler, Vince 191-150 Evans, Dana 1121-109 Evans, Neil 191-150 arquhar, Patrick 191-150 Farr, Mike 1101-152 Faut, Ken 1111-152 Felger, Kirk 191-150 Feller, Shane 1121-45,131 203 Ferguson, Brian 1121-132 Fisher, Kevin 191-95,150 Fisher, William 191-77,150 Flynn, Jana 191-150 Flynn, Terry 1121-132 Folkerson, Cindi1121-132 Fontecchio, Nick 1101-76,1-52 Fontecchio, Scott 191-34,152 Foster, Laura 1101-152 Fournier, Mike 1111-152 Fowler, Judy 191-30,152 Fowler, Randy 1111-32,33,152 Fox, Tim 191-152 Francen, Richard 1111-152 Francis, Leslie 1121-132 Franco, Patti 1121-132 Francois, David 191-152 Francois, June 1121-57,59,60,62,132 Freese, Roseanne 191-25,59,60,152 Froelich, Jenny 1101-31,152 Fuentes, Sue 11 11-28,50,68,152 Fyfe, Cameron 1101-152 allagher, Pat 1121-132 Gangawere, Bart 191-77,1 14,1 17,152 Gangawere, Roberta 11 11-153 Garcia, Maria 1101-152 Gardiner, Kelly 1101-152 Garris, Mike 1101-152 Gaspari, Debbie 1101-152 Gaston, Sue 1101-50,152,180 Gatewood, Roger 191-153 Geraghty, John 191-153 Geraghty, Moira 1101-50,61,107,152 Geringer, Mark 1101-34 Giery, Ron 1111-153 Gigena, Jorge 11 11-60,72,73,75,82,84,153 Gigena, Marcelo 191-77,83,85,92,153 Gill, Bonnie1111-111,153 Gill, Laura 1101-152 Gill, Shelly 191-19,101,153 Glick, Diane 1121-132 Glickman, Janice 1121-50,57,59,61,132 Glickman, Suzi 1101-59,6l,152 Glidewell, Mike 1121-96,99, 132 Glynn, Elizabeth 1121-50,57,58,59,60,6l, 62,64,l06,132 Glynn, Mike 1101-152 Glynn, Pat 1121-132 Gober, Karen 191-30,153 Gober, Mike 11 11-153 Goeglein, Greg 1101-154 Gonzalez, Jeffery 191-67,153 Gonzalez, Victor 191- 1 53 Goodman, Terry 1111-27,153 Goodwin, Melody 1101-154 Gould, Ken 1121-25,108,133 Gouch, Dave 1101-34 Graham, Allison 11 11-153 Graham, Laureen191-153 Gram, Kathleen 191-153 Gregory, Anne 1101-154 Gregory, Cecil 191-77,91,153 Griffin, Frank 1101-154 Groff, Joe 11 11-75,153 Grosvenor, Bill 1111-54,59,61,153 Grounds, Vikki 1101-31,50,69 Gutierrez, Jaime 1101- 1 54 Guy, Paul 1121-41,49,77,133 Art Stenberg listens with interest at an Art Guild meeting. all, Chuck 1101-49,154,158 Hall, Randy 191-153 Hall, Tom 1111-153 Hambright, Dave 1121-133,180 Hamilton, David 1121-133 Hammick, Grace 1121-25,100,133 Hancock, Jeff1121-72,74,75,96,97,98,133 Hansen, Paul 1111-25,49,59,89,154 Hardner, Fay 11 11-154 Hare, Rosemary 1121-52,53,57,1 12,133 Harmon, Denise 191-100,153 Harrington, Tom 1121-121,133 Harter, Danny 191-95, 155 Hartman, Richard 1101-76,155 Harvey, Bonnie 1101-60,155 Hayden, Annette 191-155 Hayos, Joan 1121-50,133 Hays, Ricky 191-155 Healy, John 191-77,155 Heinrich, Carl 1111-154 Heitkamp, Doug 1101-61,94,95,155 Helms, Shannon 1121-133 He1som,Bob1101-114,117 Helsom, Renee 1101-65,100, 107,155 Herbold, Diane 191-30,155,164 Herbold, Steve 11 11-154 Hester, Katie 1101-49,155 Hettinger, Dan 1101-155 Hickert, Diana 191-49,155 Hill, Mona 191-155 Hingley, Duke 1101-4l,49,155 Hobe, Joanne 11 11-25,53,59,61,62,65, 105, l06,113,l14,117,120,154 Hoel, Kurt 191-95,155 Hoggan, Margie 1121-133 Holcomb, Phyllis 191-155 Holland, Sue 1121-26,155 Hollopeter, Marlys 11 11-154 Holman, Gerry 1101-49,61, 100,155 Holman, Jack 191-49,85,155 Holquin, Karri1111-154,61 Holzworth, Paul 1111-154 Honseler, Loretta 1121-133 Horst, Susan 1121-32,54,55,60,64,65,1 14, 117,133 Howard, Dean 191-156 Howell, Karen 11 11-154 Huber, Mike 11 11-154 Hughes, Diane 191-156 Hull, Randy 191-91 Hull, Sandy 1121-49,57,59,62,65,101,106 120,133 Humphreys, Vicky 1121-121,133 Hunt, Diane 11 11-44,1 55 Huskey, Dorothy 191-156 Huskey, Linda 191-156 sitt, Cindy 1111-32,61,155,157 Isitt, Jenny 191-65,156 Isitt, Susan 191-156 ack, Jeff1121-134 Jaime, Cathy 1111-60,155 Jamele, Marie 191-30, 156 Janssen, Cathy 1121-134 Jap, Grace 191-156 Jarrell, Kimberly 191-156 Jeck, Brad 1101-76,155 Jeck, Randy 1121-134 Jeck, Time 11 11-17,155 Jellison, Don 1101-78,155 Jellison, Ron 1101-76,89,156 Jellison, Vicki 1121-53,57,59,65,155, 1 17,134 Jensen, Lynette 1101-31,156 Jessogne, Mike 11 11-78,79 Jimenez, Jaime 1101-156 Johnson, Bob 1121-37,134 Johnson, Chris 1121-50,51,134 Johnson, Don 191-77, 156 Johnson, Glenn 1111-155 Johnson, Judy 191-30,156 Johnson, Kar11121-23,41,118,134 Johnson, Kirk 1111-41,49 Johnson, Marty 11 11-82,75 Johnston, Andy 191-156 Jones, Brian 11 11-95 Jones, Pattie1111-32,155 Joshi, Bijayandra 191-157 Judd, Juli 191-60,101,157 Juedes, Shelly 1101-156 apell, Dave 11 11-156,172 Karutz, Ken 1121-105,119,134 Kassales, Theresa 1101-107,157 Kassales, Tom 191-157 Kassiris, Diane 1121-50,120,134 Kastler, Lori 11 11-6l,62,67,156 Keenum, Keith 1111-72,75,156 Keit, Karen 11 11-156 Keller, Debbie 11 11-49,156 Keller, John 191-95,157 Kelley, Kathy 11 11-156 Kelly, Imelda 191-157 Kemp, Sue 1101-61,62,157 Kennedy, Eileen 1111-49,156 Kennedy, Kathy 191-157 Kennedy, Mike 11 11-156 Kerr, Susan 1101-31,157 Kidd, Sherri 11 11-18,32,52,1 10,1 12,156 Kielnecker, Frank 1111-77,79,156 King, Scott 191-157 King, Teri 191-30,157 Kingsford, Steve 1101-157 Kistler, Jeff 191-27,157 Kline, Denise 1121-134 Kline, Mike 1101-157 Knight, Daien 1111-156 Knight, Kathy 1101-49,157 Knight, Robert 191-157 Knox, Bill 11 11-156 Kommel, Kay 11 11-156 Konecny, Patty 1121-23,45,6l,134 Kongable, Diane 11 11-50,67,120,l56 Koppleman, Paul 1121-134 Kovary, Laura 1121-25,67,134 Kreth, Henry 191-157 Kreth, Lori 11 11-32,158 Krieger, Chris 191-157 Krieger, Kim 11 11-59,60,69,158,167 Kucera, Kay 1101-157 Kuegemann, Bob 191-158 aCognata, John 1121-49,135 Laffoon, Joyce 11 11-62,100,158 LaFromboise, Joe 1121-135 LaFromboise, Michele 191-158 Lake, Karla 11 11-158 Lake, Karyn 11 11-158 Lake, Paula 1101-31,157 Lamay, Lori 1101-100,101,157 Lamay, Tom 1121-33,135 Lambert, Howard 191-77,158 Landreth, Debbie 1121-56,57,65, 100,104, 120,135 Lanphere, Kathy 191-65,158,159 Lappen, Gregg 11 11-21,158 Larson, Kirsten 1111-61,62 Laster, Tim 1101-76,157 Laubach, Glenn 11 11-158 Lawrence, John 1121-95,135 1 Lawson, Lezlye1101-27,159 Layne, Pam 1101-66,159 Lebowe, Kirk 1121-39,413,135 Lebowe, Randy 191-38,158 Lee, Ron 1101-159 Legendre, Kevin 191-77,158 Legendre, Laurie 1101-24,159 Leggett, Bill 11 11-158 LeMasurier, David 1121-135 Lemier, Fred 191-158 Lemieux, Jim 1101-61,159 Lemon, Faye 1121-32,135 Leslie, Cindy 1121-24,135,181 Leslie, Lisa 191- 1 07, 1 58 Leslie, Maureen 11 11-32,50,5l,158 Letcher, Drake 11 11-25,158 Liles, Neil 1101-159 Lindsay, Je1'f191-77,158 Lingaitis, Doug 1121-135 Linke, George 191-77,158 Linke, Peggy 11 11-159 Linke, Rudi 1121-37,95,135 Linn, John 1121-108,135 Loer, Curtis 191-33,59,77,159 Lollar, Michael 191-159 Long, Sam 1121-40,118,135 Lowe, Chris 191-121,159 Lowe, Curtis 191-33,82,l59 Lucero, Debbie 1121-136 Luikens, Matt 1121-121,136 Luttrell, William 191-49,77,159 Lutz, Karen 1121-32,136 Lytle, Joe 1101-108,159 acDowell, Mark 1101-159 Maclntosh, Lucy 1101-48,49,59,69,159 Mack, Carolyn 191-19,104,107,159,171,173 Mack, Charles, 1111-159 Mack, Jamey 191-49,62,1 60, Mack, Mike 1101-154 Mack, Tony 1121-33,121,136 Mackenzie, Mark 191-160 Mackin, Linda 1111-32,50 Troy Atkeson, Doug Clarke, and Tyrone Watson sample foods made by fellow students. Maclay, Cathie1111-16,68,120,l59 MacLean, Sandy 1121-136 Magee, Karen 11 11-61,100,120,159 Magraudy, Robin 1121-136 Maguellor, Raul 1101-90 Maples, Tom 1101-159 Markle, Kathryn 1121-104,120,136 Markle, Parry 191-77,84,l60 Marron, 131111101-76,164 Marroquin, Carlos 11 11-159 Martin, Greg 191-77,160 Martin, Jeff1l01-76,164 Martin, Jerry 1101-95,164 Martin, Linda 191-20,49,l60 Martin, Pam 191-160 Martinez, Scott 191-95,160 Mason, Nancy 1121-32,136 Matchett, Juanita 191-30,160 Matchctt, Tim 1121-49,136 Matthews, Bruce 191-91,107,160 Matthews, Rob1l11-106,115 May, Larry 191-1 12,160 May, Laurel 1101-164 McAdams, Alvin 191-77,160 McAlear, Kathy 1111-159 McA1ear, John 191-160 McAllister, Terese 11 11-32,l06,I20,159 McAtee, Tom 1121-136 McCann, Doug 1101-90 McCann, Jamie 11 11-89 McCarthy, Bob 1101-90,164 McCarthy, Paul 101-160 McCauley, Jim 191-160 McClary, Gary 1101-76,164 McCullough, Cheryl 191-162 McDonnell, Tim 1121-25,41,49,54,55,136 McDonough, Kathy 191-162 McDown, Ed 1101-76,164 McEntire, Mode111111-37,159 McGregor, Jeanne 11 11-61,120,159 Mclntosh, Kim 1101-68,164 Mclntyre, Doug 1101-82,1 18,164 McKean, John 1101-164 McKee, Joy 1121-136 McKeown, Kent 1121-1361 McKinley, Mike 11 11-159 McLees, Cindy 1101-48,49,1 64 McManus, Tim 1101-164 McMinn, James 1101-164 McMullin, Terry 1121-136 McNaughton, Tod 11 11-41,49,54,55,59,60 106,160 McNulty, Gail 11 11-31,50,120,160,l80 Melton, Kelly 1101-76,164 Melton, Ron 1121-136 Meredith, Robert 11 11-17,160 Metcalfe, Rich 191-162 Middleton, Julie 191-1 7,30,107,162 Middleton, Laura 11 1 1-32,50,120,160 Miera, Randy 1121-137 Mikulchik, Cara 11 11-25,160 Mikulchik, Tani 1101-160 Miles, Kenny 191-162 Miller, Cherie 11 11-50,59,l 19,120,160 Miller, Donna 1121-137 Miller, Jeff 191-162 Miller, Kim 11 11-49,161 Miller, Lorie 191-30,52, 147, 162 Miller, Paul 11 11-161 Milleville, Jerese 1121-53,57,59,65, 109, 137 Milner, Karen 1101-100,101,160 Misner, Patti 1121-137 Mitchell, Mark191-49,59,77,l62 akleaf, Evelyn 1121-137 Mitter, Bonnie 11 11-161 Mittie, Laura 11 11-32,69,161 Moessl, Mike 1101-160 Mohr, Craig 1111-78,161 Mohr, Dale 191-162 Moncrief, Terry 1121-72,75,137 Monson, Cheryl 1101-48,49,160 Monson, Karen 1101-69,160 Monson, Matt 191-162 Monson, Mike 11 11-161 Montz, Debbie 1101-23,61,65,100,l60 Montz, Wayne 191-77,162 Moore, Connie 1121-26,50,137 Moore, Lynne 1121-26 Morehead, Diane 1121-57,59,64,65,137 Morgan, Susan 11 11-49,161 Moriarty, Noreen 11 11-31,161 Moriarty, Vicki 191-30,52,l62 Morris, Theresa 1121-67,137 Mortesen, Susan 11 11-161 Mosseri, Charlene 191-163 Motta, Bob 11 11-41,49,54,55,l61 Motta, Joe 1101-160 Motta, Susan 1101-69,160,168 Mowad, Danny 1101-160 Mullen, Patricia 1101-160 Mullins, Man 1121-72,96,97,98,99, 137 Mullins, Ray 191-49,163 Murphy, Shannon 1101-61,68,161 Murphy, Sharon 1111-59,61,163 Murray, Mike1101-49,76,161,180 Myres, Mike 11 11-163 Myres, Tammy 1101-161 agel, Eric 1121-75 Nagel, J oyce 1101-161 Nagel, Sherry 1111-163 Neally, Susan 1101-31,59,100,161 Neff, Dave 11 11-163 Nelson, Neani 1111-32,163 Nelson, Neil 1101-76,161 Nevin, Tom 191-163 Newman, Brenda 11 11-26,32,100,120,163 Newman, Elizabeth 11 11-32,53,1 13,163 Newman, Joe 1121-42,137 Nikolovski, Vera 191-163 Noel, John 1111-49,163 Norkevich, Frank 1101-109 Nusbaum, Bill 191-49,59,77,163 Nusbaum, Sue 11 11-22,50,6O,68,163,180 Oberschelp, Jim 1111-163 Oberschelp, Suzie 1101-31,161 Oien, Andy 1111-163 Oien, Denise 1101-100,161,170 Ollivares, Richard 11 11-94,95, 1 63 O'Neill, Connie 1101-161 O' Neill, Debbie 1121-26,137 O'Neill, Steven 1121-33,138 Orens, Dave1ll1-164,172 Orens, Rick 1101-161 Osborne, Christopher 191-68 Osnower, Lisa 1101-49,59,61,1 14,1 17,166 adjen, Karen 11 11-50,51,61,120,164,180 Page, Jennifer 191-30, 163 Pak, Andrew 11 11-59 Palmer, Bill 1111-164 Palmer, Mimi 1101-146,l66, 170 Panayiotou, Stacie 191-164 Parsoneault, Mark 1121-138 Paterson, Gail 1101-166 Paterson, John 1111-164 Patterson, Susan 1101-166 Patterson, Tracy 191-31,59,l00,l64 Pawlowski, Rick 1111-41,49,67,l16,121,l55, 162,164 Pearson, Kirk 11 11-164 Peck, Mike 191-164 Pedersen, Beth 191-69,164 Pedersen, Peggy 1121-138 Pennington, Chris 11 11-49,165 Pennington, Holly 1121-57,138 Perkins, Cindy 1121-32,50,56,57,104,l38 Perkins, Stewart 191-77,165 Peterson, Frank 11 11-108 Peterson, Mike 1121-138 Peterson, Richard 1121-77,138 Petrovich, Nina 1101-166 Pierson, Kathy 1121-59,100,106,138 Pijas, Joe 1121-138 Ping, Sherry 1121-23,32,43,57,138 Pitney, Debbie 1101-53,65,100,153,166 Platt, Pat 1101-76,166 Platt, Sherri 1101-166 Pockett, Cheryl 1121-138 Poey, Stan 1111-28,49,59,165 Poor, Tim 1101-121,165 Popiel, Wendy 1111-22,60,66,165 Porter, Maureen 11 11-165 Powell, Chris 11 11-49,54,165 Powell, ZoeAnn 1101-31,166 Preston, Natalie 1101-166 Price, Jackie 191-30,165 Price, Nancy 1111-165 Prosk, Me1inie1111-49,60,l0O Provencher, Thomas 191-165 Puffer, Debi 1111-32,53,54,1l3,165 Purvis, Joe 11 11-72,75,86,87, 150 Purvis Purvis , Karen 1121-24,138 , Steve 191-95,165 uisenberry, Candy 191-30,65,1 14,117,165 Quisenberry, Mike 1121-19,138 amey, Julie 11 11-165 Ramsay, Sandy 11 11-53,165 Ramsay, Sue 191-3O,60,165 Ramsey, Juanita 1121-2l,32,53,57,64,65, 113,139,202 Randall, Jeanette 11 11-165 Randall, Jill 1101-49,167 Randall, Rodney 1121-49,77,79,l39 Randall, Steve 1101-49,76,90,l 19,167 Randall, Tim 1121-29,41,49,67,139 Rauda, Pat 1101-52,167 Reardon, Kim 1101-32,49,59,61,l00,167 Reed, Cindy 1101-167 Reed, Dennis 11 11-166 Reed, Julie 1101-167 Reed, Rick 1121-139 Reed, Scott 1121-139 Reitberger, Tami 1121-139 Renfro, Kathleen 1121-139 Retzlaff, Fred 1121-139 Reynoso, Ernest 1121-139 Rhee, YaeSook 11 11-30,69,166 Rhode, Steve 1121-139 Rich, Greg 1101-90,167 Rich, Jeff 191-91,165 Richardson, Kyle 1101-167 Richardson, Michelle 191-165 Richmond, Suzan 1101-31,167 Riggins, Dennis 1121-72,75,87,l39 Riggins, Mike 1101-76,90 Riggs, Bill 1121-139 Riggs, Lauren 11 11-25,29,5O,59,67, 166 Ristovski, Todorka11l1-166 Roach, Darrell 1111-87,166 Roberts, Diane 1121-59,139 Roberts, Gerald 191-165 Robertson, Diana 1121-140 Robison, Allison 191-165 Robison, John 1111-39,166 Robley, Shane 1101-76,167 Rodgerson, Pete 1101-162 Rodriquez, Juan 1121-140 Rodriquez, Teresa 11 11-166 Romano, Jim 191-165 Romano, Theresa 1101-50,59,60,162 Romine, Dona 191-30,165 Romine, Phil 1101-162 Rowson, Kyle 1121-140 Rowson, Susan 1101-31 Rowson, Tom 1111-75,105,166 Rozelle, Ron 11 11-160,166 Rozelle, Tom 1101-162 Ruis, Cindy 191-167 Ruis, Randy 11 11-60,62,106, 149,166 Runnings, Laura 191-167 Runnings, Mike 1101-162 Russell, Danny 191-91 Ruta, Phil 1101-59,95,162 , afarian, Kelli 191-167 Salaz, Larry 11 11-78,167 Salaz, Ray 1101-162 Salazar, Max 1101-54,78,79, 162 Sam, Dee191-167 Sant, Teresa 11 11-66,67,167 Santia, Suzanne 191-167 Saran, Valerie 1121-140 Sauls, Jim 1101-162 Saylor, Barbara 11 11-68,120,167 Saylor, Janet 11 21-29,50,51, 140 Schaefer, Lynore 191- 1 67 Schaffer, Virginia 1121-140 Schefiler, Gudrun1101-162 Scheu, Ray 11 11-167 Shilling, C1ete191-77,91,167 Schloo, Jeff11l1-121,167 Schmidt, Jane 11 11-59,60,l68 Schmutz, Gary 1121-140 Schoenmeier, Colleen, 1101-21,163 Schuldt, Jill 1101-78,80, 1 63 Schultz, Scott 1121-24,140 Scribner, Theresa 1121-140 Sexton, Dawne1111-168 Shafer, Irene 1121-140 Shaffer, Walter, 11 15-24,168 Shanks, Mike 11 15-87,93,l68 Shirkey, Jill 195-167 Shriver, Sam 1125-54,55,87, 140,180 Simmons, Kim 1105-163 Simpson, Claire 11 15-168 Sims, Cindy 1105-100,163 Skriver, Brad 195-167 Skriver, David 1105-163 Skriver, Tim 1105-76,163 Smith, Bob 11 15-168 Smith Bryan 1125-37 72 73,75,140 Taylor, Denise 1125-141 Taylor, Renee 11 15-170 Taylor, Tammy 1105-60,169 Templeton, Amalia1125-141 Teixeira, Eliana 1125-62,63,69,l 17, 141 Thamann, Jim 1125-75 Thomas, Cheryl 1125-45,141 Thomas, Cindy 1105-100,169 Thomas, Kathie 11 15-59,60,62,170 Thomas, Jim 195-168 Thomas, Joseph 195-168 Thomas, Tricia 1115-106,115,170 Smith, Debbie 1125-31,140 smith, Kathy 195-167 Smith, Kim 1125-140 Smith, Kim 1115-168 Smith, Lori 195-167 Smith, Randolph 1105-163 Smith, Richard 1125-33,72,140 smith, Robert 1125-108,141 Smith, Scott 195-167 Snider, Marshall 11 15-168 Snow, Christine 11 15-168 snow, Rick 1105-76,90,l63 Soto, Tom 1125-72,74,96,99,141 Souther n, Jamie 1105-3l,50,59,6l,65,l63 Sperb, Bob 1125-32,33,121 Sperry, Spivey, Bryan 195-168 David 195-78 Stacy, Scott 11 15-168 Stahl, David 195-168 Stalling S, A1195-77,168 Stanley, Barbara 1105-163 Stanley, Virginia 195-30,168 Stapleton, Lorna 195-168 Stapleton, Nina 11 15-168 Steichen, Todd 1125-108,141 Stegman, Becky 1115-31 Stegman, Joe 1105-33,75,1 18,168 Stenberg, Art 11 15-25,67,168,204 Stenberg, Scott 1105-168 Stephens, Nancy 1115-24,168 Stevens, Clyde 1105- 1 9, 1 68 Stevens, Joy 1125-32,141 Stevens, Valerie 195-168 Stewart Stewart ,John 195-77,9l,168 , Matt1125-86,87,l11,114,117,141 Stiers, Casey, 11 15-43,169 Thompson, Eugene 1125-142 Thompson, Rich 195-169 Tidwell, Dru 1105-31,169,170 Tidwell, Eric 1125-72,75,96,97,1 15,1 17, 142 Tinker, Glen 1125-142 Tobiason, Bob 1105-108 Tonnies, Patricia 1105-169 Tracy, Mark 11 15-170 Trainer, Mike 1125-33 Triplett, Jack 1115-170 Triplett, Tammy 1105-145,171 Trocosso, Angela 195-169 Tschumi, Colette 195-169 Tsosie, Evelyn 11 15-170 Tucker, Greg 1105-171 Tucker, Ray 195-77,91 ,169 Turino, Barbara 1125-23,32,59,61,142 Turino, Becky 195-170 Tweedie, Vicki 1105-60,171 Tydon, Leni1125-45,142 Tydon, Loni1115-89,171 Tyrrell, Kerin 11 15-23,59,61 ,171 anBuren, Diane 11 15-171 Van de Perre, Anne 1125-56,61,62,63,69, 1 17,142 VanDrie, Mary 1125-28,50,6l,l42 VanHeuven, Lita 1105-171 VanNatta, Rochelle 1105-31,171 VanNatta, Va1orie1125-32,121,142 Stiers, Joe 11 25-41,42,54, 141 Stocks, Chris 1125-141 Stocks, John 1105-168 Stoops, Diana 1105-59,169 Stout, LeeAva 1115-169 Stout, Robin 1105-60,169 Streiiinger, Chris 1105-50,169,172 Stroh, John 11 15-59,73,75,169 Sturm, Fred 11 15-169 Summers, Mary 195-168 Sundquist, Karen 1105-31,59,6l,l69 Sutherland, Mike 1125-72,75,141 Swancara, John 1105-60,169 Swanson, Karen 195-166,168 Swanson, Keith 11 15-170 Swiatly, Leo 11 15-170 Swift, Vicky 1105-35,109,169 Swire, Mark 11 15-84,170 Synadinos, Chris 1125-141 ailor, Terry 1105-35 Tate, Linda 195-168 Vermeulen, Jonathan 195-68,170 Vickery, Connie 11 15-53,171 Vidmar, Barbara 11 15-60,171 Vidmar, Rich 195-77,170 Vinson, Marc 1105-76,171 Voigt, John 195-77,170 Volk, Greg 11 15-171 Wade Wade Wade agg, Bill 1105-60,62,l7l Waag, , Gayle1115-31,171 , Kathryn 195-30,32,l70 , Wendy 195-170 Tim 195-59,170 Wagnon, Kathy 1125-57,59,92,l00, 101 ,142 Walker, Alan 1125-72,75,1 10,142 Walker, Joel 11 15-25 Walker, Julie 11 15-171 Walker, Rick 11 15-171 Walker, Robin 11 15-173 Wallace, Clinton 1105-171 Wallace, 1an1125-21,142 Walsh, Terry 195-77,170 Walter, Kim 195-170 Walter, Rick 1125-142 Ward, Mitch 1125-95,142 Wardrop, Carol 195-30,151,170 Warmbrodt, Dana 1105-76,172 Watson, Tyrone 1105-76,172,205 Webb, Cindy 195-69,170 Webster, Erica 1115-50,5l,l71,l80 Weiner, Paul 195-170 Weisenseel, Barbara 1105-172 Weisenseel, Nita 1125-143 Wellfonder, Steve 1105-172 Wenzel, Harry 1125-43,143 Werner, Julie 1105-27,39, 173 Werner, Vickie 1125-143 West, Tony 195-77,171 Westover, Julie 1125-50,51 ,66,143 Westover, Karen 195-171 Weyant, Liz 11 15-109,173 Weyant, Susan 195-52,113,171 Wheeler, Brent 195-171 Wheeler, Carol 11 15-173 Wheeler, Craig 11 15-173 Wheeler, Tim 1115-173 Whitcomb, Alan 1105-1 10,173 Whitcomb, Keith 195-172 Whitford, Elizabeth 1105-173 Whitford, Leisa 1115-173 Wiegers, Marie 195-172 Wiitala, June 1105-173 Wiley, Joel 195-172 Wiley, Kimberly 1125-l8,32, 105,106 143 Willia-ms,Tom 1115-173 Willingham, Joe 11 15-121,173 Willingham, Patti 195-30,172 Wilson, David 195-172 Wilson, Herb 195-172 Wilson, Tod 11 15-173 Wilton, Lorne 195-77, 172 Witt, Carol 1125-32,62,143 Wolfsberger, Kirk 1125-78,143 Wood, Jeanna 1105-173 Woods, Terry 195-172 Work, Ann 1125-45,143 Work, Greg 1105-173 Worthern, Marc 1105-33,173 Wray, Mark 1115-121,173 Wray, Steve 1105-173 asin, Todd 1125-143 Young, Dora 195-68,172 Young, Lynn 11 15-68,173 Young, Mike 195-17,172 aengle, Francie 195-172 Zaengle, Rita 195-172 Zapata, Rachel 1115-173 Zeier, Russ 1105-173 Zeiler, Vickie 1125-143 Zieler, Tom 1105-76,90,l73 Zobel, Julie 1125-143 Zopfi, Chuck 1125-54,87,93,96,106 143 Zubia, Irma 11 15-22,173 A yearbook is a dream and a goal for the few people that call themselves the "staff", These students antici- pated long hours of work, they bore disappointments and sometimes guilt for mistakes, and they shared the joys and pride that go with the accomplishment of ful- fillment. I would like to convey a special thank you to those students who helped make this book a reality. A special thanks is extended to Mr. Wagner, our year- book representative, and American Yearbook, for the publication of this l974 Golden Eagle. I would also like to thank Roberts' Studio, Mr. Henderson and his stu- dents, and all other teachers and patrons of time or money for their help in producing this yearbook. Last but far from the least, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and thanks to Mrs. Peterson, our advisor, whose guidance, assistance, and special efforts to make this the best book possible were appreciated more than words can express. ifds Gone forever is the school year of 1973-74. Gone, but not forgotten. The memories are firmly pressed between the pages of time. It is hoped that the memories of laughter, tears, disappointments, victories, defeats, and dreams that made up this unique year as expressed in the 1974 Golden Eagle will have a positive effect on the future. For as time moves on, a constant trickle of sand slip- ping through the hour glass, so must we move forward. Forward into an age that will bring new truths, wisdoms and challenges, like those of yesterday, today and tomorrow. -fffafafe Sandy Campbell Editor-in-Chief WQWWQEQ SJ ,, fgyimgiw wwf W Af V W J 05 W QW Mfff Q L cv WW fgffw 2 K 1 QM' UM' 45 M531 Mbww 'UV WQQ ymfgfiwfgwfiyw QQ, W7Q?w MQQMW 55 WJ E QSTQQQQQX if fij-04 lx S09 Qbfyfjy WSW ?fQ1?QQ3'f3mfCiiW ELMEZWMEW MW Vxbopv, h My uk' ww ,xgx ggi N35 is s ri AL Q X I F X U XX '. X K' VS X XX 5 Q1 db JW'OgV"3wyQ'g,w gowwijf p My UMW 0 Q 'JEGMWW . yfpifgmw 40fUJL .,w,,,.,w fff' WSOWUW WM iwfwy QRENQW N 2,3 5. Lou UN f M Ty , Wh JWfLwm'jM5 jj? ,X , M Z LX- Z I JMS W O43 Wqywwx lb ,W M WMU' JWJH 'Www' J Ll 0 HWJQMM JM iffy x Dj ww C' WALL! ,JVUJMV kk fy ww ffm- - pa X f wwf muff QffwJifJ? X,,,MiL,J,N M W12,f:5Q,J,,m ,J, WMQQN KW Ajyw Sczlyyfipmkfxwjfawggg Zim fwwdyg Qfjfwfm. fwm WMQQ 2,4TQiw1Ci?iiZ?W,ZiZWQ,Q W iw 4fQ2,fwM ff MM. cfffw, LAP QKXL jffffiwf QMQC My JQVJLMWZ . WW Qdfdgwfmaffaf DME fa 1 1 PW, Jia- f , ,WM 519-fLfGY..c9 Q MQ? A Q Q weak epip- flww SP- -pn ,J i?Q,m,:g,Q:,,,g CLLMQ SQLWWQ Sem xii S9106-O' wb Ck ybbqkiiw' L'Jf2l,wJ ow ww 1 gig MJ Qfllw- MQw 6+ M M0 WWQ-GQ M W W fm WMM Moy MX QQWMQ e,Q5'lA,e,QJw.,ux. a. 'R blk im om? , . W ,mm MLLLWQF' . ffybmgajlb JD 4,u.,Q,0,, QL Z Q Q 'LULL5 CMLQQ e..Q,Q 19,3 SU I gibbew' Q5' ' wfgifdwxsiwiimifym 333 ww MQ QM WJKQZEA Y Zwwwkgj lgcww whpkagfb, fbw 'fgmewwk fbbx I I Virfgf L? ff 3 In LVZA Y J Q. :-3' M H" , M. g, 2 .rf ' ,, , 3 1 1 i + f 1 I L 2-D . Q5 2, ff? 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