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Q l.2"':L 1 r 1 cf f w., - 'va M .Y ,X f .51 M-P ,kk L. ,. Q .,.1, 1 1 M, . ,V :Nga 553' Ay, 44 V . .VAL- I5 N - '1fl.QQ:'5 , S M , V, ,L J, . 4. '1 "- 35 ' '15 ,. 7 " ,.v-5' ef' 'Ani' ' -' ' i6,:4H. li1!':.i-1 ul 4 . "'- 5 1 .4-Q31 , 1. gy, ,Q J 1 .Y ,, 1 ,a W , , A I 4 'lf 3 ,a I, f M 4, 1. '- 9 , rx 'Q 'V' , Q M ,, at F' - 4. . ,D Y . SQ Q, ,":'?,.s , Qi' ,m ,Q 1 V 5 l 1 Y. .-flip: A Y-IL ,V .x:'ii'vll01"" " ' u A 1969 GOLDEN EAGLE El Segundo High School El Segundo, California 4168? WQW f-J A I TABLE OF CONTENTS ' em 14 -m. 1 1. ' - Administration Classes Student Life Sports Advertising Index 1 - :Pd T. A' - it 091 ' 1' -ri Q d I-I -:fed I ..-it X, ' I v gg' ,ffl , at r u,- . -, 5' ' ' "' " - K. ar ,T 'Vi h h- 17' " ' 4' 1,3 ' gf I K A, , I ... 4 O V . . Q ,. .. ,, D . 1 if ' tif! - ' 4 O! 4.4. f I, J! " 1 - ff I ,T ,Q 5 42, 5 H 345 "AIA , , ,Ax .9 4 fx if iz.,-sgsss-Q Q '5'-9 iff' 1, 'Wi i ,g.,..,g...nn4i. of .v', Q Y L F .F it 4 1 Q s 5 'gf 3: J R f f' W ' if -'-'iff "4E"VZe+ J v is' 5 4 K9 N fax Y vw W r s rs an --: +' . , ww f,.f, , .Av 1. 1 I 4 4, 1 , M r ,, Y IJ' in if x A554 Him 5 I 3 6, 'uf 2 "E -deff -, ,-, . ,H if X X 1 4. 4 W The Essence Of A Bemg AThread. Small fibers wound together to make a single unit. You can color this thread black, green, or white. lt is still the same thread. Changed and yet really unchanged. Thus it is with the individual. You can change his outward appearance, but it is still really the same person. The individual's fiber, while not cotton or wool, is what makes that individual unique. You may call this fiber character, soul, or life force. We call it the "Essence of a Being." Threads together making a cloth, students together making a school. Each makes up the whole and without each, it isn't whole. That is this book's theme. Read on. fb L A ,W ,f , ' W Vff X ,wr ,,,w ,,,.X,,..-f- , x MWM-vf w,,...,M...u va-an -Km. ,'f'a71" ' 4,1 h if ,UJVW 15- .I 4 . qw -. ,L , 1 .aim ,iv M? pall ..c' .41 ,uf ,nr lun... it 'Inn- mx- -M- new .n...M.r.v-- mr" ' I A "' lily!!! Q 2 f' ff, 'ff , .ffffff ff 'Q fi' The ndividual On His Own ,MW 1 f A V4 E 'FZ gg: ' 2 ' ,,i.,, Q panes 1 ,,'4 'fm' fy Sv.....oN - X5 ' 77 ' Qs ' Y 'f :I r - + , X 1 7 , A I g I J ' . A Ju.. -hm g 1 -u Q ---. , .gl Why. I M ff? Y"" Aw . V i L 'N 1 'MT' The Individual Within A Group gg ,,.,.. X """ . , V Q fl V' . We ,,.,, f 1 9 1?-.Q 5' .X ., . I fl , Q. f-,fi - 1' . , gy- x is S-' I " .' sv f , ' x .fr I ' .. fl sz Q .A" :av ,7.,.,, V U ig?-M , 5 ., V -1, " fd 1-fffcif E A 24:1 731' If M ' 1 ' r 4 " ., 1, '.:.ZJJf"-M A ,M rbpA?W.,., ,Qv,,,gw,5,',f9g5B gl ' 1 , ' ' s I , -ew 9 ,.., , fl- iv Q. I -'Inq 14" li a-nur- . 'X i Push Your E s . if I y 'f ' ps wn utton? "Mr, Nlorris, I'm here from the Annual to inform you that you have been elected. . "Why aren't you dressed out?" "Take a lap." "No, you don't understand. I'm from the Golden Eagle Annual to tell you we are dedicating this year's annual to you! Would you fiII mein on your life?" "I'd be glad to! I have my B.S. from Pepperdine, my IVI.S. from U.S.C. and I have two years on my P.H.D." "I came to EI Segundo in 1954to teach P.E. I liked the size of the school and the freedom of thinking." "I like golf, eating, music and peopIe." "Do you have any favorite expressions?" "Yes. 'Push your own button'." "Uh . . . thankyou." II 41 in ,.,wM -, my , 1 .,. i , 2953 .AV al 4- 6 . , HE 7 2, . B 1 KE N., 1' Imp- The Individual In Participation r2fZ+ffP55f? f ff77:f': 13215 95 EL , ',.5l,:,M2.i- ,,',,V iff: 1 xfu f ' 7 UN! '1 , ,,,',,, m, Q , 'aw "2 f ',z?'2'Z.,':?Q gf y , wig 123.1 ff rf Vfy? ,f -riff :ZS-f:f'?Zf, E -Z":- 1 : L . I-, -.', K' my W gggf V- W , A f X A? ff ff , , A WA" . 4 l wx - , v.f 4 ' -'-'iff-. tf2:.'42, f i 1 . i -...... ,wh 4 K X . 1f Y:s."',J? Q, ',::,3" ' qq1Q1,x'igf: -yf:f'ffg'." if if M: .1 .. M 'L -X we-a Z Z5if!ff,Ef': Efzpfjagz. 5,5143 . , f,,: ' ,, ,V., W4 M, gy 4 " ., ..,, ,v ig 1 H i , V25'CL"?!2gg , ,K , .M WQQ f , J 1 1 lf! I "' xi 'f f 1 , .y ff ! ff 1 ff 4f 5, 1 1 , K f gf-V-M mg, V 4 - -V we f ff ' ' 1, eff: :ff 'z' 1' . L jc' 'gp ,iQ ' ' , , Q V f I" P ' 4 ij fff , f, f , '15gg,,,:' Q3, f f JW' ' , ' 1, ' :swf 5453 ' f f I Usgf? ' , Mffnsy ,V f J W?" 2 " .:4"'1p..4',, ,4 f f 27 7 llv' j kdaaf 922 ,al , nu Q X 5 X x S sg! Q, 2 Sw K " fx 4 - gyzw--1. X.. , ' - -..xx -Rm . Q iff if N 4' 4 'f1NQ' -z.-M, ,. " g VW - -1. Q' X , N YF,-TE ' -CQQ E QE3' "N" ' f fm 51,Q1L - WY 1 ' ' '55 cow '- k 1 xx 1' W-. ' v-1-9 ESE K' Q 4-. , . . Eng? E , -. '-k' ,fix me 1 q 53:13 JVV 1 , -,f,. A fw'wf N 1 , ' ,, 1,1 ,Qu ,M I ka ff, We, 4, V 'mmm 4, A ,ff g " , I lip, , A I j 1 " .f 1 . - , ,, ff 1 A 4 f X f if 2 -Q nw, my is f ! 1 W ,, f, M""x""A-ff-,.W,.,A ' ' . ff' . up 1 f S51 ' mf, 3'-Q., WVJ02 -'f -H4 syggffyw V, 47, - PM - - ' " f , 5 ,s W , '43 f 2, 0 1 9,11 cf I , F6 wb J f X, A3 2 K' jx D Vw ff N - 1 f 56 1 ff x , f f ,W 'PG' ,ak 6 9' A wg 5 N N44 if i 1 A 1 f - ' I 1 ff f g 1 JW ' f 4 , A 1 , . .'f . " PEW:- f V ,iw , " -' V A"' ' ' M .. ,Q ,E e ,f1:,ff,, ,mms-'.:zwr1m6z-o"f ff ' 1, 2' .- -'LL , A 4-52 221-sz:-2 ' J W, f- A 'fm S f ' 'Z 2 .21 f Hifi Z: 1 F CULTY N. .,.:..5V,f' Board Decides ACt1OHS Of School The Board of Education makes decisions, within the framework of the State Constitution and State codes, which affect the High School. This group consists of five members, all resi- dents of this school district and elected by the vot- ers of El Segundo to a four year term. It is headed by President Sam Douglas. X. X 4 V 0 V fs 1"' 4 . ., 4" r'L,5 " X ffl? ' ' f f mf: i Mr. Dohmann Principal. ig Wheels Make Us Nuts And Bolts Work The administration of this high school is primari- ly comprised of lVlr. Dohmann, lVlr. Kingston and lVlr. Craven. Nlr. Dohmann, Principal of ESHS, is well on his way toward rectifying any student problems in this, his second year. Mr. Craven, as Assistant Principal of Pupil Serv- ice, is the chief disciplinarian and sideburn-watcher of ESHS. He sets the boys' dress standards. IVlr. Kingston is our Assistant Principal of Pupil Activities. As such, he is in charge ot keeping our calender ot events in order. Mr. Kingston - Asst. Principal. 131 f R Q 'bday ' A , gy ,. V. fi: :-:' X 1 - A1 Zi". " Mr. Craven - Asst. Principal A 17 7 16 A .4' COUNSELGRS - ruer ThanA Compass What is a ship without a navigator? Or a safari without a guide? Well, it couldn't be a worse mess than a student without a counselor. Fortunately, no such tragedy occurs at ESHS where our stalwart counselors give their all. I guess it's just about time to introduce these miracle workers. I will novv do so . .. lnow salute you! ,, '-A-AN, Mrs. Stuckeman - Girls' Counselor, Girls' League Sponsor. 3 , V. Y Mr, Ward - Counselor Mr, Bristlin - Head Counselor --.....,,,-F MQ: ' ' 'V' 1 lVIr. Wilson - Curriculum Director. Mrs. O'H3iV- COUHSGIOV i8 urn n, une In, Drop n Secretary to Principal - Mrs. Library-Mrs. Floyd. Adams. Shoaff. Moving right along, we come to Qit's about timelj those hard working. lovable people - the secre- taries. They are the reason the High School ma- chinery tunctions. Typing reports, requisitions, fill- ing out absentee reports are a few ofthe many ac- tivities they perform. But one look at them tells you all this work doesn't get them down. Attendance Off. Sec. - Mrs. Attendance Clerk 84 ASB Book- keeper- Mrs. Cuzick. Guidance Off. Sec. - Mrs. Sec. to Asst. Principal- Mrs. Liedke. Malm. , l Sec. to Asst. Principal - Mrs. Records and Guidance Gff. Sec. Attendance Supervisor- Mr. Porter. Evans- - Mrs. Fraze. .11 Z "- Q f C477 Nurse-Miss Thorsen. Librarian-Mrs. Rosenberg. 19 New Classes ntroduced The one thing we do each year here at E.S.H.S.? Change! Adding the new to the not so new. For example, American Studies and Behavioral Sci- ences started this vear. American Studies is a two-in-one period, U.S. History and Literature. Two single periods are now one double period. The accent is on discus- - fi, f me - ll- f ,g. ' ,ff-,"4., 1 'l K l. l I Y' Mr. Ableser-Beh.Sci. Mr. Barmore - Mech. Draw., Wood. Mrs. Casner - Algebra. Mr. Chandler - Metal Shop. 20 1 ll'-T sion in class. ' Moving right along now, we come to Behavioral Sciences. This study of human motivation has taken us on many field trips to such now places as U.C.L.A., Natural History Museum, and Syna l'lOl'1. gg , Read On Friend! Mrs. Behrmann - Mod. Dance, P.E., Drill Team Z f , A Mr. Carter - Spec. Ed. r-ggi 'A' ' Am: v 'N 4' 4 .. . . . QM " Q 5 8 , 1-- ,Aixam Mr. Connor - English. Mr. Crystal - World Hist., Coaching. My U., Kffxi Mr. Deovlet - Student Govt, Business Mach Business Math. 447 Journalism. Mrs. DeSmidt- English. ' Mr. Duffy- World Hist., U.S. l-list., Drama. . ,.m,fnpffKf.4M, Miss Dokken - English, Mr. Cummings - Amer. Studies, U.S. History. 'Nvwm-'rf ff . il i Mrs. Daoud - Ceramics, Jewelrey. 21 Mr. Dougherty - Geog.!St. Req., PE. IVlrs. Fisher - Eng,, Speech. IVlr. Giusso -Civics. 2 2 .33-r Nlrs. Erickson - English. - gf X 35 EWR? 5 'N 4 ' 4 f ll 5 19 Q I ku 4 E. 3 , F: df :,.- 3 7 fn Q O' cr U1 TU fn Q FD P rrv-,-r,r'r.- -vw- 'vw- '. 14" .MZ illlrg 1,1 x Ah Mr. Hess - Bus. Math, Typing. Mr. Harden - Biology. ,1 5 nh ,. H L ,if 1 is ' .R A, Q A 1 .fxy I I z Q C A A V UQ - A " fn... , J "ai ',-47 A 4 5. W1 7' Mr.Jones-P.E.,Coaching Mr. Henderson - Special Ed., An- f1UalPhOtOsrapher. Mr. Hall- off. Prac., work Experi- ence. Coaching. JI, Mr. Jeldum - Art. Mrs. Klemm - Chorus, Harmony. f P ff f f .ciwgg Miss Hitchcock - Spanish. Mrs. Holmes - Mod. Dance, Pep Club. Mr. Morris - P.E., Athletic Director. Mr. Morgan - Sci., P.E., Coaching. ' ':fL2mAI+,4n,, , f. , n-. . Mr. Peterson - World Lit., Eng. Mrs. Peterson - Annual, Speech. F- . 'Tir' -gg i A i ' I X fp . Miss Phillips - Math. Miss Morgan - Shorthand, Typing, Transcription. Mr. Olson - Bookkeeping, Typing. 2 4 Mr. Real-Spanish. wir. smgekawa - Aud. vis., sci., P.E., coaching. ' Mrs. Potter - Eng., Latin. X "f, 'I -. Q I ,Q N Mr. Sorkin - Reading Specialist. .Ax X . 'vitfx :Q . . X X 7 . fi,Q-Wag.: af... 4 . fxyf. ew ff ,QW .. ,. V, ...,. ,, A :Naw- X 4 3 xo 1 2 53? 5 , fg r 1 Z . . ' K . V. .1 1' 1 'l , f , wg 4, , - f ttf, 'JL 'af ,-. 'MVS if p 1322545 f . . -.,,x2,,3 ff, 'I ' C ' ,fpfvf 3- , iiaiifw f f ff! ' . ' 2"'1::a3f2,f. ,ff ,I fzjff: ' i -Qffifit 1 . ' ffiff ' ' , , ff i ., 1fffJ.'?' i ,LiliV,iffgf5fff5z,5,ff,. il Zi ,,g.'I,f f , ' fy, , 5?'1 , I ' 1.'!,1' f.ifif"i.:1ffJf H f fa is f i. . W if., of., fzffwiiff , , 4,2 'f I vga Nlr. Thorsen - Geom., Math Anal., Alg. 11 v Mr. Smith - Wood, Stage Crew, Coaching. .44 fi .f Mr. Tash - Band, Math Mr. Stevenson - Geog.!St. Req., P.E., Coaching. Mr. Santia - Alg., Coaching. In .Fir F I . .4 2 73:45 . P'- : -E.7'PX'Q!L,. - - ' j . ' 31 " A '5 f A: ' I ..x3'1' f 4,1 Jil' - ' ' ffl: Q 11, . - -Lf' 1 ,,..v.- ' 1-W-"" .,. ..,--"' ' Q. x . . yy r Q- .,4,,, all H, H ,,.4g.f- Mr- ' is . i' , .. X X :V H . .. AL. , . "'.,'-,,,-1rs"': .A--"""" 1 'J f 5 V. S ..-"' . rf Mrs. Tayior- German. 'F wi! 1' P A A J:- WQ25, " R .Ii I ' 'iligu , Y I s- i ," ' :MO L 1"'1! -.ily L. ., . .1PU,..i,I.,.f Mrs. Wolf- French. I I K -- v-' ln 'ind A 5-X 5 . 26 Mr.WesseIIs - Physics, Chemistry. 2 Mr. Watkins - Amer. Stud., Eng., Coaching. IVIr. Zimmerman - Spec. Ed., Coaching. Mr. Wood - Des. Crafts, Art. q 1 I i I. fx 4 I 4 1 'A . 'K 1 ft. SP: PM - vxf x 3 -iv ,Q i' - 6. 'Fffl : . - A '- 1 -, . H? -1, r 4 gf C 451' QW X f Cafeteria Staff - Leona Evans, June Cox. Marion Stephens. Frances Dent. Eileen lVlontz. Barbara Kulp, Nellye Gray, Virginia Lane. Cvelma Barnes not picturedj. O The P1t Crew --...KMLMWMMW Frank Campise pauses from work to pose for Annual Picture. eeps s Going Our retuelers -the cafeterians. keep the stu- dents moving. Just a pitstop at the snack bar and we are ready to tackle sixth period. Taking us a little further than sixth period. we have the bus drivers. To keep the "race track" clean. the janitors are right at hand. They're off! Get moving! Janitors - John Nlinnicucci. Ken Petrakian. Frank Mote. Dick l-lunrimell. Edd Olson, Frank Carnpise. Ray Campbell. Richard Schroer. dn' -ui - f4! 1 Y 1 A lu-. t h, -.f-R3 -1' l'1i1 f' ':W53f"?' 5 "F WQQWV-f '-"Y '- - X "4-"W 1 Ill ' Y-ill I , 1 47' vs.. ,K X I' ,f . Q .X xt .x Q A I D 3 n.x. L if .p sf g, .it 9 QQI, 5 ?a F Q M g ,sr Hag K -5,4 ...ni um .+ f new ,f ' 1- '1-V1 1,4':"'.i'zjf 1 A- ,M,:wv,j2fw .ff ff' I T ,5- PS N"-vw-....,,,,,., L, it Md - 'frm 3 , Qi -vf bx A Wadvw-. Al. 1 ' -::f--Q-.gl 'f r ,Y ' ff5f'M5fi?"'-.' '. S3455 1 . .53 2 ,H 4 . V L: - . ' 1' " If ix yfb J ' i ' A v . it .' --M. ' . 'sf A ' ' Tr-:, 1, ,jig , Xi 'ff T Vp ?- ' X - , V. R " K' x ,. ' ' Ls ,, 'i ,A..,- waz n ' ' ' . f . 1 , , S . S E fx Q Q ,.,..-n- V, W -x A Q I i L x Q . K. .. 5 1 ,.,,1.,. . 1 8 ik.. ' S "f H M " IV 2 : '- qu ,ff-N-A-, su.- .. ' " 9 . 'LW .,:.- 'KZ'3.'L'3, """""'1"""-'PW '57 ' ,QL f"' - " - 5 S :iff fllllm. 7 4 , 9-1 f ' ,s wf L, Sf gis , , ' '-' . 'fq,'.:X3. J-'1-'Q . I . '12-,x 1"e.,'.'1 U?-4. I 'A' 4 f ffm - ff: fi : Mg 1 -1 . .. . ' -S - 1 ,. ""'-' X J 3. ' S, A Manawa- A. CLASSES SANDRA ABBOTT A member of Drill Team, Sandy has also been a member of Beginning Chorus Advanced Chorus and modern dance. TISH ALIVIQUIST Head rank leader of the drill team, Tish has been active in Girls' League as a sophomore representative. She also has been in the Sen- ate, the House of Representatives, and was Senior Editor of the GOLDEN EAGLE. CRAIG ANDREWS A member of Varsity Club, Craig has been on Bee and Varsity football, stage crew and Boys' Chorus. He was also a Roto Rooter. TIM ARNESON Tim has been in Bee water polo, Bee swim- ming, and Boys' League during his three years at EI Segundo High School. BRIAN ASHLEY Brian has been on both Varsity, Bee, and Cee swimming and water polo. He has also been in JCL, stage band, Forensic Society and a 1968 Archbea rer. STAN AYER Being an avid swimmer, Stan has been in Varsity, Bee, and Cee swimming and water polo during his four years at El Segundo High ROBIN BAILEY School. EDWARD BABUSH Eddie has attended El Segundo High School tor four years. He has been a member of Boys'Chorus and Boys' League. Robin has been drum majorette, banner car- rier and member of the band. She has also belonged to Junior Orchesis, modern dance, and performed in "South Pacific". KNOX BANNERIVIAN Knox, a member of CSF, has been active in Varsity track, Cross Country, Biology Club, Key Club and Spanish Club. ROBERT BARNWELL Bob has been a member of Boys' League while attending El Segundo High School. KATHIE BARTEK A member of Advanced Modern Dance, Ka- thy has also been a member of Girls' League. ,., HERB BEDOLFE 1968 Homecoming King and Junior class Prince, Herb has been Junior class vice-pres- ident and A.S.B, vice-president. He has also been a member of Varsity football, Varsity baseball. Spanish Club. Key Club, Varsity Club and Student Assembly. i I JIM BELL Jim has been in German Club and Boys' League while at El Segundo High School. CHUCK BIALESCHKI "Bla" has been a great asset to the Varsity Football team also he has played with the basketball and track teams. He has been a Student Court Justice and a member of Boys' Chorus. DARRELL BIRD Basketball and tennis are the sports Darrell has been involved with at El Segundo High School. He also was president ot Key Club and Publicity Director ofthe Senior Class. -s ROSS BISSELL Ross, a student at El Segundo High School for tour years, has been a member of Biology Club and Boys' League. DARLENE BLAIR Singing in Beginning and Advanced Chorus amy., , BARRY BULLOCK is what Darlene has been active in during her four years at El Segundo High School. CHEENA BOWLES President of Senior Orchesis, Cheena also performed in the musical production of "O- klahoma" and has been a member of Art Club. Besides being a valuable player to the Varsity Football Team, Barry has also been a valu- able runner on the Varsity Track Team. He has belonged to Varsity Club, A capella choir, and was Sophomore Class Prince. RAIVION BORONDA try and Boys' League. WILLIAM BUE Ramon has been a student at El Segundo High School for four years. During these years he has been a member of cross coun- Bill has played Cee basketball and has been a member of Boys' League. GEORGE BURGDORF An outstanding hurdler for the Varsity track team, "Burgie" has been in Bee football, Cee basketball and stage crew. He also was a member of the roto rooters. RENEE BURNETT Renee has spent most of her high school years singing. She has been a member of Beginning and Advanced Chorus. and a member of A capella choir. IBIS CABALLERO Ibis came to El Segundo I-ligh School from Puerto Rico her Sophomore year. She has been a very good student and has belonged to Epsilon Sigma, was Spanish Club Histori- an, and a 1968 archbearer. cHRYs CALVERT l A member of Drama Club, Chrys has also been a member of Beginning and Advanced Chorus, Modern Dance and Future Home- makers ofAmerica. MARK CAMERON Mark was Business Manager of the 1968 Golden Eagle and has also belonged to the American Field Service. CASEY CAMPEAU Casey has been a member of the Varsity Football and Varsity Track team during his four years at El Segundo High School. A SUSAN CAMPlLll A rank leader in drill team, Sue was Commis- , sioner of Publicity for Student Council, Art Editor for the 1969 GOLDEN EAGLE, a mem- ber of Spanish Club, and a 1968 archbearer. She has also received many school awards for her art work, BRUCE CARTER Bruce has been a student at El Segundo High School for four years. During these years he has been a member of Bee basketball and Boys' League. PETER CATANZAW Peter, a transfer this year from De La Salle High School in New England, was active at his high school in football, basketball, track and was a member of their Chess Club. RUTH CHAMBERS Ruth has been a member of Girl's League during her years at El Segundo High School. KATY CLAFLIN A member of Future Homemakers of Ameri- ca, Katy has also been a member of chorus, Spanish club, and GAA. GEORGE COLE George, a member of the Varsity basketball team, has also been a member of the Bee football team, Student Assembly, Student Court, Key Club and JCL. . GREG COLE An excellent student, Greglis a CSF Sealbear- er. He has been a member of Boys Chorus r Madrigals, A capella choir, Key -Club,JCL, Bi- ology Club, Forensic Society, AFS, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Club, and was a 1968 archbearer. at SHEILA coiviiss ' Sheila was a transfer from Helix High School in San Diego this year. At her school she was . a member of Glee Club, GAA Choir, and was A x an ASB Representative. , . ' JENNIE SUE CONEY ' f' Jennie was inthe Senior Play, "Ten Little ln- Q 'I dians" and was a member of the Advanced - A Chorus. v Dana has been a member of Boys League JAMES CRICHTON -0-1 ,...-ug? DEBBIE COPELAND CINDA CONROY A member ofthe drill team, Cinda was also a member ofthe Modern Dance and Advanced Chorus JAMES COWELL James was a member of Boys' League during his four years at El Segundo High School. DAVID COPELAND Dave, a student at El Segundo High School for four years, has been a member of Boys' League. Senior Representative in Girls' League, Deb- bie was also a rank leader in the drill team. She has been Freshman Treasurer, a mem- ber of FHA, GAA and the GOLDEN EAGLE. BERNIE CRAIG A transfer from Monrovia High School, Ber- nie has been a member ofthe Varsity basket- ballteam. Jim has been a member of Boys' League dur- ing his four years at El Segundo High School. DANA CROCKETT while attending El Segundo High School. SUSAN CULBERTSON A member of AFS. Susan has also been a member of Biology Club, Student Assembly, Spanish Club and Art Club. MIKE CUZICK Mike has played with the Varsity football and Varsity and JV baseball teams. He also was a 1968 archbearer. CYD DAVIES An usherette at the 1968 Graduation, Cyd has also been active in JCL, Spanish Club, Orchesis, and Modern Dance. CRISYNDA DAVIS Crisynda has been a member of the Girls Ath- letic Association, Modern Dance and Junior Orchesis, DEBBIE DAVIS A songleader this year, Debbie has also been a rank leader in the drill team. She has been 3 member of FHA, Epsilon Sigma. Spanish Club. and the 1969 GOLDEN EAGLE. SANDRA DAY A member of the Future Homemakers of America, Sandy has also been a member of the drill team and was an usherette at the 1968 graduation. CAROLE DEETS Carole is a CSF Salbearer and was presi- dent of Drama Club. She has also been a member of Nladrigals. A capella Choir, AFS, Spanish Club, the 1967 Golden Eagle, and was a 1968 archbearer. She has also per-' formed in the musical, "South Pacific." PATRICIA DEITHMAN Patty has been a member of the drill team. German Club, and Advanced Chorus while attending El Segundo High School. i CLIFFORD DENT Cliff, during his high school years. has been a member of the Varsity Football team and a member OT the Varsity Track team. He was also a member of Varsity Club. NADINE DICKENS A flag twirler for two years, Nadine has also been Spanish Club secretary, and Epsilon Sigma service chairman. She also was a member of CSF. band. A capella choir, and was a 1968 archbearer. ROBERT DIELE Bob has been a member of Boys' League while attending El Segundo High School. IVIEHIVIET DOGAN A foreign exchange student, from Ankara. Turkey. Mehmet has had a lot of interest in the American sports. football, basketball. and tennis He has been a member of AFS tennis and Key Club, KATHY DYRDAHL A 1968 archbearer. Kathy has been a mem- ber of Spanish club, AFS, band, and was in the Senior Play, "Ten Little Indians." SUSAN ENGQUIST A Procession leader in the 1968 graduation, Susan was also a varsity cheerleader this year. Shehas been a rank leader in the drill team, Sophomore class vice-president. Soph- omore princess. Girls' League secretary, Girls' State representative, Junior Class pres- ident. Commissioner of Activities for stu- dent council, and a member of Epsilon Sigma. N. 1.-a PERRY ENRIQUEZ A member of audio visual, Perry has also been a member of Boys Chorus, JV wrestling and a member of Bee basketball. DAVID ERNEST Wrestling and track are the two sports Dave has been involved with while attending EI Segundo High School. He also was a member of the roto rooters. JOHN FAAS Interested in sailing and navigation, John has been a member of the Sailing and Navigation Club started this year. He has also worked as a helper in the EI Segundo High School snack bar. GARY FARNSWORTH A member of Key Club. Gary has belonged to wrestling and cross country. He was also a member of Boys' Chorus and performed in the musical "Oklahoma". GREGG FERRY Gregg has been a member of Varsity Football and student assembly during his four years at El Segundo High School. RAT FILLINGHAM Pat has been a member of Girls' League dur- ing her years at El Segundo High School. LYNN FINNIE A flagtwirler this year. Lynn has been a member ofthe Band. Epsilon Sigma and was a 1968 archbearer. SUSAN DINWIDDLE During her four years at El Segundo High School. Susan has been a member ofthe RON FRAME Wrestling and Boys' League are the activities Ron has been involved with while attending El Segundo High School. Nursing Club and a member of Girls' League. GAYLE FRAUENBERGER A Senior Representative to Girls' League. Gayle has also belonged to the drill team. She has been a member of CSF. AFS, Art Club. Epsilon Sigma and Spanish Club. LARRY FRERKES Larry has played Cee football and has been 2 member of Boys' League. HERWIG FRUHWIRTH Herwig has been the Basketball Manager for the last three years. He also has been a member of Biology Club and Boys' League. i JACK FOSTER .lack has been a member of Boys' League during his years at El Segundo High School. He is planning on going into the military serv- ice. LEN NY FULLER Lenny originally from England. has been on the football and wrestling teams during his four years at El Segundo High School. KATHY GALLAGHER Kathy was the head usherette at the 1968 graduation. She has also been Epsilon Sigma treasurer, ASB treasurer and a member of the Future Homemakers of America. be QF"-v x...4F' if JANET GUMPERT Club. LANCE GARDNER Lance has been a member of Boys' League dl-lflflg DIS years at El Segundo High School. PRICILLA GATES A member of the Modern Dance, Pricilla has also been a member ofthe Girls' League dur- ing her four years at El Segundo High School. School. LAVINDA GOFF Modeling for the Simplicity Fashion Show. Lavinda has been a member ot the Girls Ath- letic Association, French Club, and Junior Achievement. JAMES GOULD In the two years Jim has attended El Segundo High School, he has been a member ofthe Bee football team, Bee track team, and the Varsity wrestlingteam. BILL GREEN A member ofthe Cee track team and the Cee football team, Bill has also belonged to Ger- man Club andthe roto rooters. Performing in the Musicals "Oklahoma" and "South Pacific", Janet has been active in Advanced Chorus. drill team and Spanish FLORINE GUY A member of AFS, Florine has been inthe play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay", and the musical "Oklahoma" and "South Pacif- ic". She also has been a member of the A capella Choir. KEN HAGSTEDT Being active in Key Club and Stage Crew, Ken has also been a member of Bee football and Bee track. CARL HALL During his four years at El Segundo High School, Carl has been a member of the Boys' League. DENNIS HAMILTON Dennis has been a member of Boy's League while attending at EI Segundo High School. DEBBIE HAMILTON Colonel ofthe drill team, Debbie was voted as having the best personality for a girl by the Senior class. She was also an archbearer at the 1968 graduation. LAURA HAMILTON Drill team and Girls' League are the activities Laura has been involved with while attending EI Segundo High School, KAREN HARRIS Being very musically inclined, Karen has been a member of the chorus, A capella Choir, band, and has performed inthe musi- cals "South Pacific" and "Oklahoma" She has also been AFS treasurer and a member of GAA, Spanish Club and Epsilon Sigma. SHARON HARRIS 1968 Prom Chairman, Sharon has been on the Executive Cabinet as Secretary of State, Student Assembly, AFS secretary, Epsilon Sigma vice-president, Senior Representative in Girls' League and CSF. She has also been in the band, A capella Choir, Madrigals, the musical "Oklahoma" and was a 1968 archbearer. BRUCE HART Sports minded, Bruce has played Varsity and Bee football, Bee basketball and JV baseball. He was also voted most improved player of the 1967 football team. JAIVIES HARTIVIEN Jim has been a member of Boys' Chorus, IVladrigals and A capella Choir. This year he was also involved in the SCROC program. JAMES HELVEY A member of the Bay Eagle staff, Jim was also Senior Lieutenant governor this year. He has been on the Varsity and JV baseball teams, the basketball team and a member of German Club. BECKY HOGGAN National Merit semi-finalist, Becky is a CSF Sealbearer. She has also been a flagtwirler, and a member of the drill team, Spanish Club, Epsilon Sigma, 1969 GOLDEN EAGLE Page Design Editor, and a 1968 archbearer. LARRY HORTON A member of the Cee and Bee basketball teams, Larry has also been a member of the band and the roto rooters. RAY HULSEY LAURA HOWELL In the SCROC program this year, Laura was a prompter in "South Pacific" and has been a member of Advanced Chorus. CRAIG HUEY Craig has been a member of Spanish Club and Boys' League while attending El Segundo High School. Varsity track and Varsity cross country have been the sports Ray has been involved with while in high school. He was also a member ofthe Varsity Club. ELIZABETH HUNTER A member of chorus, Liz has also been a member of Modern Dance and Girls' League. LAURA HUNTER Laura has been a member of the band and Girls' League during her High School years. SUSAN IRETON Sue, a transfer from Albany High School. was in pep club, FHA and student council. While she was at EI Segundo, she also has been a member of the House of Representatives and a 1968 archbearer. LEON JAMELE A member of band and stage band, Leon has also been a member of Boys' League. MIKE JENKINS A member of California Scholastic Federa- tion, Nlike has also been on the baseball team. SUE JOHNSON A 1968 archbearer, Susan has been a mem- ber of both advanced chorus and modern dance. CHRIS JOHNSTON Chris, during her years at El Segundo High School, has been a member of chorus and modern dance. NOLA JUDGE' A member of Drill Team, Nola was also a sophomore representative in Girls' League. She has been a member of GAA, Spanish Club, and was a 1968 archbearer. PAT JORDAN Host and Hostess chairman of the 1968 Prom, Pat has been Spanish Club President and Vice-President, and GAA Secretary. She has also been a member of American Field Service, advanced chorus, Epsilom Sigma, the musical, "South Pacific", and was a 1968 archbearer. DENNIS KALLENBERGER Dennis, during his 4 years at EI Segundo High School, has been a member of the Wrestling Team and was a 1968 archbearer. TOM KARUTZ ASB President, Tom was also the AFS ex- change student to Japan. Tom has been AFS President, Sophomore president, Key Club Vice-President and Historian, Freshman Vice- President and Junior treasurer. He has also been a member of Varsity Water Polo, Varsity Swimming, CSF, Biology Club, Varsity Club, A Cappella Choir, and was in the musical, "South Pacific." DON KAUPPl Don was a member of the 1968 Golden Eagle staff and was the Classes Editor. He has also been a member of Boys' League. EVELYN KIELNECKER Usherette at the 1968 graduation, Evelyn has also been a member of the Drill Team. She also has been a member of AFS, German Club, GAA, and Epsilom Sigma. JEFF KING Jeff was manager of the Varsity Football team and was a member of German Club and Boys' League. 38 , TONYA KNIPE Tonya has been in GAA and was also a mem- ber of Girls' League during her high school years. MIKE KNOX During his years at El Segundo, Mike has par- ticipated in such sports as football, wrestling and track. DENISE KUCERA A member of Modern Dance, Denise has also been a member of French Club, and the Ce- lestial Navigation Club. BARBARA KULP While attending El Segundo High School, Barb has been a member of the Junior Class- ical League and Girls' League, CANDY KUZMIK Candy, sometimes called by her nickname "Mandy", has been active in Spanish Club, FHA, and Drill Team. She was Prom commit- tee refreshment chairman, Varsity cheer- leader, Senior class secretary, and was a 1968 archbearer, MARGO LASTER During her years in high school, Margo was a member of Spanish Club, Nursing Club. and Modern Dance. She was also a member of Girls' League. , RUBY LIBICK WENDY LARSEN Wendy was a member of Beginning and Ad- vanced Chorus, Beginning and Advanced Modern Dance, Bay Eagle and Business Edi- tor ofthe 1968 GOLDEN EAGLE. She has par- ticipated in the Modern Dance Concert and was a model in the Simplicity Fashion Show, was also in Student Assembly. CINDY LEGGETT While at El Segundo, Cindy was in drill team, secretary of FHA, and belonged to the Celes- tial Navigation and Sailing Club. LINDA LEHMAN Linda was very active in high school. She served as GAA Historian, JCL Historian, Girls' League Historian, Epsilon Sigma President. Senior Class Treasurer, and was Decoration Committee Chairman for the 1968 Prom. She was a member of the House of Repre- sentatives, CSF, AFS, Biology Club, and was an Archbearer for the 1968 Graduation. Ruby is a member of Girls League Modern Dance, French Club, and FHA. She also at- tended the SCOROC where she studied Medical Assisting. TOM LIMBERG Tom has participated on the Tennis Team, J.V. Wrestling, and J.V. Cross Country Team. He played in such plays as Cheaper by the Dozen, Arsenic and Old Lace, and Our Hearts Were Young and Gay. He was Stu- dent Court Junior Justice and was on the GOLDEN EAGLE. MARK LIPSCOMB Mark belonged to Boy's League and was a member ofthe Tennis Team. BEN LESLIE Ben has been a member of Boys' League while attending El Segundo High School. LYNDA LORD Lynda has been a member ofthe band and Girls' League during her tour years at El Se- gundo High School. MIKE LOUREY Mike was voted by the Senior class to have the best personality of any ofthe boys in the class. Mike served as the Senior Senator for the Senior classthis year. BARBARA MacLEAN While in high school. Barbara has been a member of Modern Dance, Advanced Cho- rus. and FHA. She also participated on the Bay Eagle staff. DOUG MacLEAN Doug has been a member ofthe Varsity foot- ball and Varsity basketball teams while at- tending El Segundo High School, 'UK TIM MALEDON Tim has been a member ofthe Varsity Club and has played both Vars. and Bee football, and Varsity and Bee track. He has also been a member of the 1969 GOLDEN EAGLE. MIKE MAJORS Mike. who enjoys sports, participated on the Varsity and Bee football teams and was a member ofthe Varsity and JV baseball teams. Mike was a member of Spanish Club, JCL. Boys' Chorus. Madrigals. He served in Student Assembly and acted as Speaker of the House of Representatives. GINGER MALOY While in high school, Ginger has been a member of FHA. Spanish Club. and was ush- erette at both the 1968 Graduation and i 4'-1 MF it .8968- -9 -fd? 41 .si Baccalau reate. gp!! W' DAVID MARIKOS Dave was an archbearer for the 1968 Gradua- tion. He has been a member of both the Var- , N sity baseball and Varsity basketball teams. QQ 40 LINNEA MARTIN During her years at El Segundo High School. Linnea was a member of CSF, Spanish Club, AFS, Bay Eagle and Drama Club. MIKE MARTIN Mike has been a member ofthe Varsity water polo team and the Varsity Swimming Team. He was also a member of the stage crew and audio-visual. TEDD MARTIN Tedd has been a member of Student Assem- bly, A capella Choir. Celestial Navigation Club. and the roto rooterst He participated in the musical. "South Pacific!" and was an archbearer atthe 1968 Graduation. RICHARD MAIJTHE A staff member of the Bay Eagle, Rick has also been a member of Bee and Cee football and Spanish Club. MARY MCCARTHY Mary has been a member of Modern Dance and Girls' League during her four years at El Segundo High School. MAUREEN MCCREADY 1968 Homecoming Queen, Maureen was a Procession leader in the 1968 Graduation. She has also been a song leader, Junior class secretary, Girls' League secretary and Junior representative, Commissioner of Pep and Moral, 1968 Basketball Classic princess, a member of drill team, Epsilon Sigma, and Index Editor of the 1969 GOLDEN EAGLE. DOUG McDONALD A member of Bee and Cee football, Doug has also been a member of JV baseball and Boys' League. MARY ANN McDOWELL Mary has been in the drill team for two years and a member of Girls' League during her ROBERT MCGREGOR A center on the Varsity football team, Bob also was a member of the Bee football team for two years. He also was a 1968 archbearer. four years at El Segundo High School. PATRICIA McKEE Patti has been a member of German Club and Girls' League while attending El Segundo High School. JANICE McKELLAR A rank leader in the drill team, Janice has been a member of Art Club and was involved with the SCROC program. PATTY MCKINLEY FHA secretary, Patty has been a member of drill team, GAA, AFS, House of Representa- tives, and Spanish Club, She was also a 1968 archbearer. BARBARA MILLER Barbara has been a member of chorus, Mod- ern Dance and FHA while attending high school. RON MILLER 4 While attending El Segundo High School, Ron has been a member of the Varsity and Bee football team, the Varsity wrestlingteam and the Beetrack team. DAN MOCK A member of Bee football, Dan also has been a member of Boys' Chorus and Boys' League. RON MONTAVON A very talented singer and actor, Ron played the male lead in the musical "South Pacific." He is part ofa rock band the "Shades of Bleu." Ron has also been president of A ca- pella Choir and a member of the Bee football and Beetrack teams. CLAUDIA MONTZ CSF treasurer, Claudia has been Epsilon Sigma secretary and Girls' League Senior Representative. She has also been a member of AFS, drill team, Spanish Club, and Student Assembly. VICKI MORRIS An usherette at the 1968 graduation, Vickie has been a member of drill team and was involved in SCROC program. BEVERLY MORTON A flagtwirler, Bev has also been a part of the band. She has been Spanish Club vice-presi- dent, a member of CSF, Epsilon Sigma, House of Representatives and a 1968 archbearer. JANET MOYER Janet has been a member ofthe drill team for two years and was an archbearer for the 1968 Graduation. SUSIE NEATE Colonel of the drill team this year and Head rank leader last year, Susie has also been a member of the French Club and was part of the SCROC program. BETH MURPHY 1968 Prom Publicity Chairman, Beth has been active as AFS vice-president and GAA secretary. She has also been a member of Spanish Club, Bay Eagle, Clubs and Gov't Edi- tor of the 1969 GOLDEN EAGLE, and a 1968 archbearer. SHARON NOEL Drama Club secretary, Sharon has been a member of German Club, Spanish Club, AFS, and FHA. She also performed in the musical, "South Pacific" and was a 1968 archbearer. KEN O'DELL Ken has a variety of extra-curricular activi- ties including peace demonstrations. He has also been a member of the Cee football team and Boys' League. DAN ODLE Dan has been a member of Boys' League while attending EI Segundo High School. MICHAEL O'GRADY Mike, originally from Ireland, has been a member of French Club, Junior Classical League and Key Club. RON OLSON A member of Varsity water polo and Varsity swimming. Ron has also been a member of the Cee football team, AFS, Varsity Club and JCL. 42 JACK ORENS Jack has been a member of Boys' League and the Cee football team during his four years at El Segundo High School. GREG PAFF HEIVIDS 3 great interest in ice skating, Greg has been a member ofthe stage band, and the Celestial Navigation Club while attending El Segundo High School, GALE PALMER President of Girls' League, Gale has also been Sophomore Representative and treasurer to Girls' League. She has been a member ot FHA, Spanish Club, 1967 Golden Eagle, and Student Assembly as well as ASB secretary, a rank leader in the drill team, and Junior vice- president. BILL CARR Bill has been a member of Cee track and Boys' League during his four years at EI Se- gundo High School. VICKI PASKER A Varsity cheerleader, Vicki has also be- longed to the drill team. She was Senior class princess this year, a 1968 archbearer, and the 1969 Basketball Classic Queen. JOSEPH PASLOV A member of Varsity wrestling Joe has also been a member of Boys' League. JOH N PETERSON PEGGY PAYTON Peggy has been a member of drill team and the Future Homemakers of America while attending El Segundo High School. CINDY PENDLETON Bay Eagle Editor, Cindy has been very active in the Girls Athletic Association. She was an archbearer at the 1968 graduation. DAVID PETERSON Being extremely fond of football, Dave has been on the Varsity football team for three years. He has also been a member ofthe Var- sity track and Varsity wrestlingteams. . ff 4' A member of Varsity tennis, John was Key Club vice president and senior director. and CSF secretary. He has also been active in Spanish Club, AFS, Boys' Chorus, Nladrigals, A capella Choir, Varsity club and the House of Representatives. IRIVIGARD PFALLER Irma. a transfer student last year, has been German Club vice president while attending El Segundo High School. PAIVI PHILLIPS A member of Advanced Chorus and A capella Choir, Pam has also been a member of drill team, French Club and Modern Dance. 43 GARY POWELL Gary has been a member of the Junior Classi- cal League and Boy's League while attending El Segundo High School. IVIARIAN PRITCHARD A transfer from Rasset High School. "Sam" was a cartoonist. She has also received many awards in art including a scholarship. JULIE PUCCIO Performing in the Senior play, "Ten Little Indians" and the musical "South Pacific" Julie has sung with Advance Chorus and A Capella Choir. She has also been a member of FHA, GAA, lVIodern Dance, and Epsilon Sigma. LINDA RAES A member of the American Field Serivce, Linda has been a member of FHA, Orchesis and Spanish Club. DAVID RALSTON Co-captain of the Varsity basketball team. Dave has also been a member of the JV and Bee basketball teams, JV baseball team, ten- nis, German Club and the roto rooters. ,. 'F IVIICHELE ROSS mrwi PATTY ROHIVIER gundo High School. I DEBBIE RANDALL Debbie has worked at selling tickets for EI Segundo football games. She also has been a member of lVlodern Dance and Girls' League. Patty has been a member of both lVIodern Dance and drill team while attending EI Se- LEONARD ROSCITTO A member of Varsity wrestling, Lenny has also been a member of the bee football team and the Bee track team. CAROLE ROSS A member of the SCROC program this year, Carol has been a member of lVIodern Dance, Beginning Chorus, and Advanced Chorus. 44 V5- F. . A member of both Spanish and French Club. Michele has also been a member of FHA, Student Assembly, and the House of Repre- sentatives. She also was a 1968 archbearer. CLIFF RUNYEN Boys' Chorus secretary, "Rosco" has been a member of the Varsity and Cee football teams, Bee and Cee basketball and A capella Choir. STEVE SAFFELL ASB Attorney General, Steve was vice presi- dent of Biology Club. He has also been a member of the band. stage band and wrestling. LARRY SHOCKLEY EILEEN SANCHEZ A member of drill team and Girls' League. Eileen was also a part ofthe SCROC program this year. JOHN SCHAEFFER Enjoying sports, John has been a member of the Varsity football team, JV basketball team, and the Cee basketball team. He was also a roto rooter and was involved in Student Assembly. VERDA SCHAEFFEF2 A rank leader in the drill team Verda has also been a member ot Modern Dance and was usherette at the 1968 Graduation. Larry, a transfer from Sonora was a member oftheir Gymnastics team. JANI SHELDON Mascot for the EI Segundo High School, Jani has been a member of drill team and Modern Dance. She has also been active in FHA, Spanish Club, Epsilon Sigma, Pep Club, and the 1969 GOLDEN EAGLE. KEN SHERILL Stage crew manager, Ken has been a mem- ber ofthe Cee football team and Boys' League during this four years at El Segundo High School. LAUFZIE SIMMS JCL treasurer, Laurie has been Girls' League Junior representative. She has also been a member ofthe drill team, AFS and Orchesis. PAUL SINCLAIR CSF president, Paul has also been Biology Club president and a member of Key Club, Spanish Club, AFS, Varsity football and Bee football. GLEN SMITH A member of both Varsity swimming and Varsity water polo, Glen has also been a member of Biology Club and Spanish Club. LINDA SMITH GAA president this year, Linda has been Bioi- ogy Club secretary, Spanish Club secretary, and a Senior Senator. She was also Girls' League Junior representative and a 1968 arch bearer. MAY SMITH Activities editor ofthe 1969 GOLDEN EAGLE, May has been a member of drill team, Span- ish Club and was a 1968 archbearer. SALLY SMITH Head Varsity cheerleader and president of Pep Club, Sally has been Key Club Queen, and Junior Homecoming princess. She was Freshman vice-president, Sophomore treasurer. She was also a 1968 archbearer. I I JODY SOTO Freshman president, Jody has been very ac- tive in GAA and was a GAA cheerleader. She also has been French club secretary. rank leader in the drill team, Varsity baseball scorekeeper, and a member of Spanish Club. Student Assembly. and a 1968 archbearer. JUDY SOTO A member of Pep Club and flagtwirler last year, Judy has been a member of Spanish Club, French Club, GAA, FHA, and an usher- ette at the 1968 graduation. ROBERT SPECHT Robert, during his four years at EHSH, has been a member of Boys' League and Cee football. TERRI STEFFAN A member of lVlodern Dance, Terri has also been a member of Girls' League, and the girls trackteam. RODDY STEPHENS A House of Representatives member, Roddy has been active in Varsity track, Varsity cross country, Varsity Club and Student Assembly. DONA STEVENSON A very good performer, Dona was the female lead in the Senior play "Ten Little Indians," She has also been in the play A'Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" and the musicals "Oklahoma" and "South Pacific." She has been a Varsity cheerleader, flagtwirler, House of Representatives secretary, Orchesis vice-president, and a member of A capella Choir, Madrigals, AFS, band, and was a 1968 arch bea rer. NADINE STEVENS During her high school years, Nadine has been a member of chorus and Advanced Chorus, girls' cross country, FHA, and GAA. CHARLES STILES A CSF member, Buzzy has also been a mem- ber of JCL, French Club, Key Club, AFS, Stu- dent Assembly, tennis team andthe 1967 Golden Eagle, He performed in "South Pacif- ic" and has been a member of A capella Choir. SID STOPHER A lover of sports, Sid has been a member o Varsity football, Varsity track, and Varsifx wrestling. DOUG STRAUSS Sergeant-at-arms ofthe l-louse of Represent- atives, Doug has been active in Varsity foot- ball, Varsity wrestling, Varsity track and Var- sity club. He was also a 1968 archbearer. WAYNE STUIVIP Wayne has performed in the Senior play, "Ten Little Indians," and the musicals "Oklahoma" and "South Pacific." He has also been a member of A capella Choir, Madrigals, Celestrial Navigation Club and was a 1968 archbearer. RICHARD STUMPP A fine athlete. Dick has been a member of Varsity football, Varsity basketball, and Varsity and JV baseball. He was also in the Acapella Choir. VONYA SYRACUSE VOnya. a member of ESHS for four years, has been active in Drill Team and a member of Girls' League. PAIAGE TIDWELL WMS attending Esiis, Paige has been a member of French Club and Girls' League. VAL TRUESDELL Editor of the 1969 GOLDEN EAGLE, Val was a National Merit Scholarship sem-finalist. She has also been AFS secretary, a rank leader in drill team, French Club vice-president, 1968 Prom Program Chairman, and a member of JCL- CSF- Epsilon Sigma, GAA, and a per- former in the musical "South Pacific." GERY TU RNIO Gery has been a member of Boys' League while attending ESHS. SUE TURNIO Sue has been a member of GAA and Girls' League during her fouryears at ESHS. GARYVAN DRIE TER! TURNEY FHA vice-president, Teri has been a member of band, AFS, JCL, and was a 1968 archbearer. A transfer from Nlaryvale High School, Arizo na, Gary has been a member of the Varsity football team, Key Club, and French Club. BRUCE VAN VRANKEN Bruce has been active in Varsity, Bee and Cee Waterpolo, Varsity, Bee and Cee Swimming, also a member of Spanish Club and a 1968 Archbearer. ROCIO VELESZO High School. .....w:,f- ff. ., ,- ,.., , ,W ,. . .2 Rocio has been a member of Spanish Club and Girls' League while attending El Segundo FRANCINEVOI. FLUE During her years at El Segundo High School, Francine has been a member of Girls' League. CHRIS WALKER A member of Varsity wrestling, Chris has also been a member of the Varsity Club. DAN WALKER A staff member of the Bay Eagle, Dan has also been a member of band. orchestra, and Spanish Club. He also performed in the musi- cal, "Oklahoma" 47 -evr- DON WALLACE l JON WARREN Jon has been a member of Varsity football and Boys' League. TIM WELCH A member of Bee football, Tim was also a member of the Cee football team while at- tending EI Segundo High School. JOHN WENDELL A 1968 archbearer, John has been a member ot German Club. Key Club and Biology Club. MERI WESTOVER A performer in the musical, "Oklahoma", Meri has been a member of Advanced Chorus and wasa1968archbearer. LOUISE WHEELER A staff member of the Bay Eagle. Louise has been a member of Spanish Club and was a 1968archbearer. 48 DAVID WALKER A pole vaulter for the Varsity track team, Dave has been a member of the water polo. He was also a member of stage crew and the roto rooters. MARGARET WALKEY A girl with a good sense of humor, Margaret was Sophomore class secretary. She also has been a member of CSF, AFS, Biology Club, Forensic Society, JCL, Epsilon Sigma and the Bay Eagle. A member of Varsity and Bee track, Don has also been a member of JV tennis, Cee foot- ball, Cee basketball and Student Assembly. JIM WALSTROM A member of the rock group the "Shades of Bleu," Jim has been a member ofthe Varsity water polo, Varsity swimming, Student As- sembly and was a 1968 archbearer. JAY WARD Jay, during his years at El Segundo High School, has been a member ofthe swimming and water polo teams. l l l STEVE WHITE Captain of the Varsity football and Varsity wrestling teams, Steve was Senior class pres- ident this year. He has also been Freshman president, Boys State representative and a member of Student Assembly, French Club, Key Club, Varsity Club, Celestrial Navigation Club, JV baseball, and a 1968 archbearer. PAM WHITTED Pam, a transfer from Huntington Beach High School, was a member of their Girls' Athletic Association. A A CHRIS WILEY Chris has been a member of Spanish Club, Or Basketball team and the track team while attending El Segundo High School. CINDA WILLIAMS Cinda has been a member of Chorus and Modern Dance during her high school years. LINDA WILLIAMS A student at El Segundo High School for four years, Linda has been a member of Modern Dance and Girls' League. W., l KEITH WISE I A guy with a great personality, Keith has been a member of the Var- sity and Bee football and Varsity track teams. He also performed in "South Pacific" and has been a member of A Capella Choir, Boys' Chorus and the roto rooters. NANCY WOOD Basketball Classic princess and Freshman princess, Nancy was a Senior class Senator this year. She has been Freshman and Junior representative and vice-president of Girls' League and Junior class secretary. She has also been a member of Student Assembly, Span- ish Club, French Club, Drill Team and was a 1968 archbearer. ev CHRIS WURZELL Chris has been a member of Boys' League while attending El Segundo High School. ANNE YOUNG Anne, an exchange student from Australia, has been a member of Epsilon Sigma, French Club, AFS, and the Celestrial Navigation Club. She was also a staff member of the Bay Eagle. STEVE ZILK A member of Varsity football, Steve has been a member of Boys' league during his four years at El Segundo High School. to t 49 :IQ BEST LOOKING - Vicki Pasker and George Burgdorf. e n i 0 r MOST ATHLETIC - Linda Lehman and Tim Maledon. MOST TALENT - Dona Stevenson and Ron Montavon 'X R ,,,-M3 'x ff ,- adj 1 V, Q I A ,ff MOST SCHOLARLY - Val Truesdell and Greg Cole. 50 is-.Q 3 f-5-133 3 MOST FRIENDLY - Linda Smith and Keith Wise. 'IT gl ff w , ff ' v-1 :f,f.jqs ffl,-1,14 aw:f,,um-ai M6 . 'LW jwef 2 1,75 kff:',.,.41- ,- BESTALLAROUND-Sally Smith and SteveWhite, MOST POPULAR - Nlaureer McCready and Herb Bedolf. BEST DRESS - Nancy Wood and Len Roscitto. 51 K W' x6 ,Q 'QTY N .N,'.,f,.f.: J ,, - Q , ii f' I ,L ,, , ,. 1- ifkrlsl ' -. , ' ,fa ' , - .aygy Q MK , 2 "QiE'4if5 - mlgfli- -f V ' ., , if fi, V' ' f 'f wif fi? , 'sw J., X 5, J P ,f K, gf 1. if ., nw . K, , 5-x, N9 N-N 9 fu 6 4' el- K' .MU . ,, N L E, ,wa- nw f "-- aff: 5. fu ,.fv R' V. s ,ll .."' ".4'-a- W H W , -1...,,-1 ,Y 1 wigs? L Mb, an 75 F, 1555 5' y wa A 7' "1 Nwffn 'NG Reflection NOTKNOWING I see not a step before me as I tread another yearg But I left the Path in Gods Keeping - the Future His Mercy shall clearg And what looks dark in the distance, May brighten as Igo near. Mary Gardiner Barain 183 7-1 905 May the Class of 1969 find for what it searches 53 Where We Travel The ay Is Difficult . Saxy Saffell shuffles to the beat ... Rick Nlauthe enjoys a unusual moment of si- Ience Ann Young makes everyone know she Cares ... Wendy Larsen snick- ers at the wet world ... The B.NI.C. lBig men on campusj ,, v , 1-wif? - A fur' 'rg , . Seniors f 769 z A l The Future Is Gurs To Be Reaehed Ron Nlontavon spreads Senior Joy The serenity of Senior Park abstracted by a sign of war t'When the rain comes they run and hide their heads." ... Dan Odle contemplates his future ... The quiet of morning dew in the East wing Herwig Fruewirth struggles for lost thoughts in Biology. 55 l uniors - Class f 1970 :Y T. , . .nw i L5 ,. bu, ., .H , . wi 4.-'fl' . '- tif , .us Greg Hancock and Steve Ray against a PV player. ROW 1: C. Cunningham. S. Berggren, l.. Perry, T. Biggs. ROW 2: L. Frushon, B. Young, P. Woodford. J. Sabey. ROW 3: R. Scott, B. Quinn, B. Pelzmann. ROW 4: M. Thompson, G. Mason. ROW 5: R. Murry. M. Puffer, M. Mathews. 56 One would think that arranging a prom would be work enough for any one class. Not the Junior Class. They not only made the prom and dinner at the Disneyland Hotel a smashing success, they made a fantastic amount of money. If you remem- ber way back, just before Christmas, your friendly neighborhood Junior was selling candles. Why the obsession with money? We were subject- ed to Mr. Peterson's daily plea of "Does anybody possibly have any money for me?" Since we were freshman we have looked forward to the time we would become seniors and now the time has arrived. Yea us! Mike Stivers explains a theorm to Mr. Thorsen. pperclassmen t Last, piiuiliilhss Junior, Cecilia Strader. ROW 1: S. Crichton, J. Krekemeyer, C. Salazar, P. Black. ROW 2 S. Pasker, Nl. Nlathews, J. Rasdall, B. Borchert. ROW 3: J. Thomp son, K. May, B. Keenan, C. O'Neill. ROW 1: IVI. Guy, L. Bosela, K. Zaengle, P. Campbell. ROW 2: R Thompson, T. Friel. D. Tetu, T. Mueller. ROW 3: D. Lawrence, L Bannerman, S. Taylor. J. Sullivan, L. Mack. ROW 4: S. Chavez, K Weehler, R. Carlson, J. Wood. ROW 5: L. Sperry, R. Albers, B. Cow in, J. Cashman. Anne Luft, Band and Drill Team practice for halftime. : ,z 5 " W i 7,5 4, ' Wiz i?r fi , I W Hfi 542 iv-wi ,, vm, " - 7 f f 441 , f bi " ' M V ' 'L V 2: 2- 3 , .hi , ,, 4 ' ! f " f V, 2, ff Q Q 57 We Received ur Class Rings ,,,,,,,,.mp',.:f'r A T 'kv-f l'!"k 'M Contestants at the Junior class egg toss. ROW 1: P. lVlott, A. Luft, S. Davies, C. Daykin, D. Gentry. ROW 2: L. Hanes, L. lVlcCullar, T. Bourell, P. Burkett, J. Pressvvood. ROW 3: T. Bush, Nl. Olsen, C. Robinson, P. Kinney, B. Proctor. ROW 4: F. Barnes, D. Johnson, H. Ruttinger, L. Dohmann. ROW 5: D. John- son, T. Smith, G. Hancock, R. Dunn. 58 I ROW 1: D. Gayle, B. lVlacLean, L. Sykes, Nl. Cashman. ROW 2: A Burnett, C. Thanos, S. Shay, J. Uhey. ROW 3: G. Self, lVl. Tracey G. Trosper, S. Swanson. ROW 4: D. Metcalf, S. Austin, Nl. Stivers L. Smith. ROW 5: Nl. Borgstrom, J. Ray, J. King, K. Bailey, B Lenhard. Junior, Cris Salazar, holds a "friend." ,.4v""' ' Aw- i V - il Q27 E 52523 V ad A Rewarding Slave Da Songleader.Cheri Pasker. hopes for a win over Aviation. ROW 1: lVl. Lucero, D. Dowdy, J. Harshaw, S. Birdsall. ROW 2: D. Burgess, D. Fisk, C. Meheula, G. Leaf. ROW 3: J. Herren. J. Laird. J. Seerly, E. Marshall. ROW 4: A. Arnold, C. Thomas, J. Dowd. ROW 1: V. Blair. J. Essele. L. Harter, R. Lalvlay. ROW 2: P. Chabra- jez. K. Gilbert. S. Bushnell. G. Porter. ROW 3: J. Soto. K. Warfield D. Powell, K. Lake. ROW 4: G. lVlclVlullin. M. Wagley. N. Nikolic ROW 5: M. Laster. lvl. Velzy, lvl. Puffer. K. Kraft. Band practices for Homecoming. H il..- .. ez., -- A' ,-Qi, V ' fav! a.m..+ ., rj! I 5, Wal" A A - ' V ' 1 K' v . . -x.Vg.4..,',t. 5 .,- LJ. 25 "faq ' 315' - , W' xi 5 X .1 -'15"f,2. 1 u -f ' '-in all 59 We Sponsored wo ances Y Jon Seerley pins his man at wrestling match. ROW 1: C. Tahan, L. Drozd, D. Barton, S. Peterson. ROW 2: D. Dobos, P. McCauley, J. Mack, T. Bunz. ROW 3: J. Carfora, D. Or- lovvski, J. Fournier, S. McDonald. ROW 4: K. Reissen, W. Walker, E. Eccles, S. McDonald. ROW 5: L. McCubbin, S. Dalgleish, D. Johnson. 60 ROW 1: L. Erlandson, IVI. Foster, J. Jenkins, T. Tahan. ROW 2:'G Warren, D. Svviggum, S. Liles, M. Paul. ROW 3: D. Viliitala, D. Ni vans, IVI. Maledon. ROW 4: M. O'Connor, D. LeIVlasurier, B. Han cock, H. Jewell, J. Larsen. ROW 5: S. Ray, R. Simpson. Bandsman, Jim Cashman, plays trumpet at home game. T nd ooked Toward Being Seniors , f. , 6 'ffff'ff'2'f ' is vw U I? .WX mf Yell leader, Jim Uhey leads cheer. ROW 1: D. O'Bannon, lVl. Nleschuk, D. Johnson, P. Cummings, A. Wendell. ROW 2: R. Ayer, D. Wiley, C. Sweeney, E. Truesdell, J. Obradovich. ROW 3: Nl. Hartman, E. Gould, G. Mark, B. Stievvell. ROW 4: P. Roach, J. Salvenger, D. VanAtta. ROW 5: J. Renfro, E. Scheil. ROW 1: J. Curtis, I. Zobel, S. Safarian, B. Gilliland. ROW 2: L. Wil- liamson, D. Wiley, P. Borovack, E. Jolly. ROW 3: A. Aguila, Nl. lVlar- tin, C. Martinez, J. Horton. ROW 4: R. Tarcliff, W. Nlclntyre, N. Stimpson. Dave Johnson the egg toss. and Steve McDonald receive albums as winners of 1 0 61 X. til Sophomores - A 5 ww . . ., , 1" it fi -J ,g,,,,, . 1. Don't spill any WHITE paint Linda! Some of the Soph candidates for prince and princess are from left, Mike Braham, Marva Johnson, Jeff Norris, and Cathy Hambright. i. 6,11 c J f era 5 . 62 Class f 1971 The machine age has taken over at El-Segundo High. One no longer has to worry about someone to dance with. The sophomore class will furnish you with one by its magnificent electronic matchmaker. The Sophomore class sponsored a Computer Dance, two successful paper drives, a booth at both a basketball and a football game, and a money makingcandy cane sale. Congratulations! You have reached another step in your high school years. YOU ARE UPPERCLASS- MEN! Sophomores Mike Roberts and Bob Adams look over some of theirspecimens. '1 P I n N, Us f -1 ot Being The Newcomers To E.S.H.S. 4 4 ' 0 5 ,5- Y' - .. , 9 "7 , t K, W ' ,. . :JW f L., E ' X.. ,,.., Q ' ' K 1 - ' e er ' .f . . K if ., - se... . 'W - - svn- 1- .. . . . . 1 .vs -fi ,ggxfgx My ' ' . 4 - ' - ,Leg-.if 'v Q ' . - 1 ,-'Bic 1' 'N 5 errf..-'zzfi-H-f--'.f 2 Q4-1. -Q. in ff, ,I . S--gif ' L Q-ack ..- -- . .1 'fr , 'Y 1 152, f ..:ai?S.1+",i ' - - .g ' A -3.42 1.99 Joyce Brandon does JV Cheer at Rally. ROW 1: K. Green. C. Roth. B. Dlughaczyk. Y. Barboza. P. Foster. ROW 2: M. Hare. S. Sturm. S. Sheridan. S. Orens. ROW 3: J. Slat- ton. A. Chieppa. S. Bailey. J. Gilbert. ROW 4: B. Benidix. E. Carrol. R. Evans. ROW 1: M. Maxwell. C. Robertson. V. Carson. M. Buyan. ROW 2: M. Johnson. D. Hinkle. P. Elstrom. A. Mora. ROW 3: E. Glotz. lvl. Bowler. D. Drozd. P. Smith. ROW 4: B. Lowrey. J. Norris. L. Dona- hue. ROW 5: B. Culbertson. B. Barcus. Sophomores sign annuals on Annual day - 1968. .YT View s-,1 fp- X i aff! ' 63 --f if -1- 3 Wig' 'fr' 1 5 1 7 f "fi ' Was Such A Relief! Concentration Plus! ROW 1: N. Graham, L. Farnsworth, J. Carlson. C. Breeze. ROW 2: K. Raab, G. Cameron, B. Zagorski. ROW 3: L. Johnston, B. Jus tice, J. Cummings. ROW 4: M. Stuthard, lVl. Duvall, G. Crews, D Lemon. ROW 1: Nl. Berenger, lVl. Kinney, C. Clark, K. lVlakin. ROW 2: P Ames, R. lVlclVlullin, J. Huey, Nl. Evans. ROW 3: J. Babcock, R Dobrovony, B. Schaeffer, K. Wollsburger. ROW 4: lVl. Ottinger, Nl Durkos, J. Walkey. EKKK! It broke! What a mess! y .7 v 1749 J ev ,,,, , 1. 64 And ow Being Sophomores L-L fd! K Sophomore Janeen Carlson, youngest member of pep club, twirls flags. ROW 1: C. Runkel, C. Clark, C. Witford, D. Peterson, ROW 2: L. Donahue, K. Gerughty, R. Austin, ROW 3: J. Jenkins, S. Zimmer- man, J. Ghent, ROW 4: R. Majors, D. Dow, J. Ramey, ROW 5: G. Brett, R. Walts, J. Bailey, Row 6: T. Carter, E. Bimber. ROW 1: L. Carr, F. Holcomb, T, Bambi, D. Vrana, Row 2: L. Nay, C. Clark, V. Maloy, V. Jensen, Row 3: B. Mone, W. Copeland, P. Faut, Row 4: S. Kulp, D. Lemon. Scott Fletcher works intently in Mechanical Drawing. .. ,,,.w..,-vw. f-v"'T Q' 65 f 1 f t 'y 1 f ff! J M .4 ,auf f 2 ,V ,, fhfffy ffi , .of ' fic' "1 ,pg J f f .v,-., 6,,,, 2 f J f W f f i.. We Achieved Higher Status X., I H .31 ROW 1: P. VanVranken, C. Wilbrant, J. Culpo, R. Spielman. ROW 2: J. Cristenson, B. Lowe, R. Meredith, V. Harr. ROW 3: G. Wilson, J. Norris, C. Sanchez. ROW 4: M. Kistler, D. Young, B. Kimball. ROW 1: C. Weigers, L. Deeter, C. Smith, C. Nelson. ROW 2: P. Token, N. McEIvain, S. Morton, G. Dye. ROW 3: K. Bell, L. Har- man, B. McKee, D. Hough. ROW 4: P. Folkerson, R. McKinney. ROW 5: E. Renfro, B. Cummings, D. Kessner, M. Neely. ROW 6: D. Newman, J. Long. 66 ROW 1: M. Byrd, D. Kulpe, M. Finnie, C. Newman, D. Sanders. ROW 2: D. Logotta, K. Sherman, R. Rasmussen, D. Spoot, N. Lor- enzen. ROW 3: D. Copeland, B. Martin, R. Miller, M. Pogue. ROW 4: P. Deck, B. Hobe, J. Coleman, R. Bader. ROW 1: J. Flayer, R. Bartosh, N. Harter, J. Stephens, L. Guarisco. ROW 2: K. Hines, J. Murphy, V. Wallace, D. Howell, B. Swineheart. ROW 3: R. Schoenbaum, D. Dobrick, D. Mathews, J. Peters, K. Smith. ROW 4: P. Seegers, D. Burgdorf, B. Gangawere, J. Robertson. nd There Was Much Accomplished ROW 1: D. Gagain, J. Jones, J. Ford, K. Smith. ROW 2: G. Crable, K. Davis, K. Roseland, S. Buckingham. ROW 3: W. Brumley, S. Finnie, L. Freeman. ROW 4: C. Harrington, L. Cripe. ROW 1: L. White, D. Hardin, O. Self, S. Doyle. ROW 2: S. McKinley, C. Roach, D. Woodworth, D. Smith. ROW 3: S. West, J. Benfield, R. Martin, D. Van Buren. ROW 4: E. Bimber, G. Brett, T. Carter, M. Platt. ROW 5: P. Dohmann, J. Pettit. We . 2 12' 4? ' 'Nl , 'Erma QW, 'WV 9 4 322113: 4- .:+22:::::z. " ' "'un"o"' 4 57 i""+:i:?i1 ROW 1: C. Hambbright, J. Brandon, B. Bohney, J. Westover. ROW 2: J. Gaglein, J. Williams, M. Whiley, S. Neileigh. ROW 3: R. Ste- vens, K. Stewart, F. Judge, D. Herman. ROW 4: N. Cortez, D. Be- dolfe, R. DeCacus. ROW 5: G. LaMar, C. Dyardall, D. Settles, D. Mittie. ROW 1: J. Eady, J. Phillips, L. Bower, B. Jones. ROW 2: M. Gros- venor, W. Roland, D. Nickelson, G. Drake. ROW 3: K. Allison, G. Brett, S. Fletcher, J. Lamay. ROW 4: A. Patton, M. Branam, D. Taylor, C. Craddock. 9. 1 . tw' .5 "4 H .. L 1 .fs-as f 67 Freshman Class f1972 FROSH F-F-FRO . . . O-O-OSH was the cheer that started freshman class spirit. Governor Ken Dalgleish led this young class to an exciting first year at El Segun- do High. The frosh held a concession booth during foot- ball season and also one during basketball season. They sponsored a dance that was very financially rewarding. After a whole year of being the "under-under classmen" and being- picked-on, beat-up, and chewed-at, they became sophomores. Lynn Wendell shows freshman enthusiasm. 1 ur First Year E.S.H.S. But look at her ... Arid those ... - They're putting this in the Annual??? ROW 1: C. Roach, C. Stump, L. Wendell, D. Dolbee. ROW 2 Johnston, P. Giery, S. Fahy, J. Cuthbertson. ROW 3: J. Tidwell Bryant, J. Peterson, R. Kommel. ROW 4: J. Hubbard, M. Banas Metcalf. ROW 5: R. Wilson, J. Roberts. Freshman escapades at lunch. ROW 1: K. Reid, R. Griffin, P. Fitzpatrick, L. Schraum. ROW 2: B. Young, B. Albinus, D. Montm, D. Harrison. ROW 3: M. Hiber- mann, L. Robinson. ROW 4: S. Domann, M. Frio, B. Pederson, R. Randall. rr. i , 2 5 if . M ' .Xi . ,hi I . Q' , 69 Was The Most r ing ff' ik 1 lie... Girls' League Freshman Orientation answers many questions. ROW 1: T. Patterson, D. Jones, B. Simko, V. Williamson, D. Mry- tle. ROW 2: P. Morgan, K. Dowd, R. Reculia, D. Bayes, A. Williams. ROW 3: E. Cook, E. Retzlaff, E. Voytko, S. Storm, C. Devilbiss. ROW 4: C. Nutz, G. Nlurray, J. Stratton, D. Davis. ROW 5: B. Peter- son, T. Jolly, F. Sberna. i 70 in f 44. ROW 1: C. l-lull, R. Eccles, B. Linker, L. Gragg. ROW 2: P. Coney, L. Mclntyre, D. Fillingham, B. Reissen, T. Smith. ROW 3: S. Young, B. Kessner, R. Byrd, R. Fowler, K. Hamrick. ROW 4: P. Kelly, B. lVlcBride, D. Jones, G. Porter. ROW 5: D. IVlcNutt, K. Dalgleish, T. Pleick, T. Eady. We have to do 3 laps? I 'ff 5 4 . ....,f,..M V I nd lot Of Fun .a-f Ready, now, 1,2,3 . .. ROW 1: T. Stewart, D. Black, J. Meredith, R. Schrader, M. Maur- ice, C. Warner, K. Salter. ROW 3: M. Jellison, S. McGregor, S Dicks, R. Peters. ROW 4: R. Wilson, B. Williams, J. Toka, L. Har- rington. l fi? :Q l l . - 'l l tlkx. ROW 1: S. Abbott, D. Zagorski, A. Mora, C. Reinheart. ROW 2: A. Mora, V. Lindsey, B. Howell, S. Burnett. ROW 3: B. Coultier, C. Harrison, M. Cross, B. Volk. ROW 4: J. Hunter, J. Holmes, P. Cook, S. Cronin. ROW 5: D. Adams, J. Farmer, R. Oja, P. Mercer. ROW 6: S. Wilson, D. DuBois. The winner is . .. Ji! 71 ink xx 4. X 7- -. his Q z """'iu.-.,, M. EIISEBII ut We All Survwed if 5? ff .ff-Q.. , :'Q::-... M I ' !!!E!!ifi . lgigfisgifim' 55-glb V F, ,X QM' 'Q'-xxx U You wanna WHAT?????????? - Me?????????? ROW 1: N. McEIvain, V. Davis, Nl. Mathany, D. Johnson. ROW 2: V. Howard, D. McMahon, J. Hayes, R. Evans, NI. McKeen. ROW 3: J. Brackett, M. Clark, K. Mack, C. Robinson, K, Fogg, M. Ashley, J. Dalton. 72 nd Came Out On Top ROW 1: M. Walsh, S. Lourey, C. Bernard, L. Dearman, A. Fowler ROW 2: B. Armstrong, P. Stone, L. Schaefer, J. Sullivan. ROW 3: P. Smith, M. Goodman, S. Jensen, R. Luikens, B. Hobe. ROW 4: B Stiewell, A. Brown, D. Hargrave, G. Henderson. ROW 5: G. Miller, S. Curtis, B. Leidke, R. Wise. ROW 1: A. Ortiz, C. Hartman, B. Wiitala, S. Puccio, G. Turino. ROW 2: C. Orlowski, B. Metcalfe, J. Durant, L. Tonkovich, C. Ev- ans. ROW 3: C. Durant, I. Ardellen, B. McGregor, R. Meeks, D. Mann. ROW 4: M. Arturo, T. Hodder, R. Schlottman, M. Randall. ROW 1: A. Mora, D. Prewitt, G. Porter, R. Melissa, S. Ashley. ROW 2: K. Wills, R. Capone, P. Schumacher, K. Harrison, S. Mote. ROW 3: S. Ramey, J. Hayes, G. Haull, D. Busenga. ROW 4: J. Kucera. G. Klevenger, D. Bell. ROW 1: M. Roth, D. Kile, D. Eccles, S. Wiley, D. Knox. ROW 2: E. Thomas, C. Ray, K. Moser, M. Stocks, L. Gaston. ROW 3: J. Craw- ford, T. Ray, G. Holmes, B. Clark. ROW 4: D. Sheehan, M. Randall. 73 xv, 'I N? !-- ,. "1.... A X 3 ,. Jt,c,.sxx . tg t , -.wi F W Q3 . x Vffef' ' ' Q 'H : if JL. ' J R -fwff as , V1 Q xgQf5.f.j',, ..-aj Q , QS., . W. . ,E X x . , 'nv '51 52.3734-'7:g bi as X - ,, Vs' ,..., 5vl K: A - Nxwg Q ,. 0 -Q 1?-i, ,X -1 -ww. M x 'X NYM' h- A-11 ff H -x -.Tf . - sb. I gif '1 3, Syl OA -" fr fp' ml'-,'l ..' . ff Xxllx wx X rg X Q-4 E, ll 'aus ,J Q, . 7 . J' ., oi. - i. A 'A . X X - 'lk ":' X Z., , ..,,. ME. V- ff? Eli :':q - ' JS ,J xi? - X . -lv , uf X ,-. M L . ig , , ... , , Q , -K V I j . - - .51 M fp K , 1- -P Q.: 2'-fx 'pe-Q I 4- A V,. ,P-P .1 - fc 1, A 9 fi , f ....-..M- 4.1! I-WT' 'f' f K . Ylxhzy, , .,a.,, Y. W., Y - .-1,.,. . A.,-1 f.. K- gqsx, LL X. 4 ... X- lg.- -, xx Aw--. A "':','M 'S 4 5--A-... , .,.,,,,,V. "rw,...- -wxhdwlr an 4. I 1... F " ' ' 'Q , ., , 75 ff , fi ,Q '9 , H V5 Zim WW , , ' H 9. n . gg . 'I -4 I 'A N fl, 15 ' , - ' 5 'A -VV A f .,'g4, 5? v' , : -1 - I f ' Y wffidfz' 4, - ' -va . 4 I Y 4 in 1. yn ffvfvx- -Q., Wk ' If ' rf, 1- ' , ,V 9 zuwzpg ' ' --f-- ff- -f-'1- ' ' ,.zflp.,,1,LfIlL,:'-Affm.,'f.f2'4hw.cp' uw-.'fA ,, f V -, ,7 3, V if f A - A--V41 ' if if --- I J ,H , 7 ' 1 , , A J 'U - ,.-QL,-,sl-H : ...fx in -,A . I-.I E , -f ,Qui 't,. r, r 1, Liiig., ' ' ' s - f f a L -- emu., , MW: , ' :f r 4 '. 92. 7'-' in V , Y . -' , . ff ' u... I ' -- "" "? ' y gt , . +' fl 9 N mzfsw ' .. fi 1 ' ,Q Q- " - N. '-f ' , ' .. -'M ff- , , 'VB R' - ' , ' S' A gg, -E4-L fi f ,VN -- Q4 "F" U ,, 'N ', In A 7 'I fy U, . LL, :-- , 'x t 717. . - -"ff"'5' 3'f'i55?f7Z:7f??-mid-bfi' 2-.1 'iifili ' '5'-+1 7.-17?-'A725 'QMS f , " elk . " - .',,'.,g'?',9- , .Y 122: .Al . "rv:..fa'.,g.,' -Lf ',.'J-QU, 5' Lip "u,.,,...- , , 'wi fx: e -1' fiffiliilf-252'.5'f'?fi-541457,-',"-'tgafizz""Hf',,'?,k"ii,"'f- ,-5"'5f.'I1 , 'Q-. " ' V 112' , f73f2F.2"-12.51 4.-v'W1a+a-H21-PZ' tain" -if-':-whim.,fw.--'.a'-71-ffaxgf-fs wm v? 1" 'Q' 'YL "iff F,L:':f' ,-'Wifi 'l'1.1f, 3 '-H-'ix' ,:?2f41.iv7.--.2' f.--Vw, ' .1 V, , ffpf., - -11-M, we-. .VL A N V. N-V inlay- D km .xi .,.f, I, -' -'U ' --I,-A.-vy'v..'avy5,', -,1:?-- fi 55.1-f mr -2' 341, .,A.gg,g ,v,. .M ' 3 'Qi X MM- f- . x-4f..Q..-L.. 1 . f3.,EgX: .. V r , A Q 5 -EQ? Q .1 I l 3323 -.rl -.Tig-3"-:In-,'J: lff- - 4 , . . .M T:l J f STUDE , ,.,, ,. Zaye V 2 z my 54 fnfgfg if 24 4 fi F , 4 'P y Associated Student Body President i Tom Karutz N1 1 I - A ' il - f - o if Q W L: gxyldu --L, I l X X Vice President Herb Bedolfe Executive Cabinet Made up entirely of Seniors, the Executive Cabi- 1 net helped ASB President Tom Karutz carry out ' X , ambitious projects such as the carnival. They ar- f ranged many interesting assemblies including some well-known personalities, as well as coordi- nating activities during Homecoming Week. is,- Advisor Mr, Kingston f I Q x'6Q842H'7+f ff : 5 ' i- 1 Z J ASB Secretary Sec. of State Attorney General Gale Palmer Sharon Harris Steve Saffell ASB Treasurer Kathy Gallagher ' I ja Z fi 'fl , "fue, . -if ,- j a, V, :A 1 .L 3 gf: 1 4 4 V -f--f- 76 liz 3 Q44 Q . i A 44 , i A at lliiih Sec. of Publicity Sec. of Activities Sec. of Morale Maureen McCready SUG Campllli Sl-I9 Engquist tl iv 3 In I, El l 1- fw 'Q '-,155 ' Q A.- if . E - jg., if .1 ' i -'v M.:': 1- , - YT 'Q -' ' R Q Z i 1 1 il 'f '49 . . H! VL". , as vA" an-alia 'rw cb Row 1: C. Nutz, K. Dalgleish, L. Wendell. Row 2: M. McCready, M. Johnson, J. Long, D. Kessner. Row 3: R. Scott, J. Jenkins, S. Dalgleish, M. Puffer. Row 4: M. Louery, L. Smith, N. Wood, S. White, H. Bedolte. House of Representatives TL, xvifw., l ' ., Senate Due to a revision in the constitution, a new legislative body was organized. its officers are Herb Bedolfe, President, Mike Lourey, Vice President, and Linda Smith, Secretary. The carnival, a candy sale, and the El Seg- undo Basketball Classic were among the activ- ities which they organized. Mr. Deovlet, Advisor Night meetings were a common occurence for the members of the House of Represent- atives, who were elected in the second per- iod classes, and served as a vital link in the chain of communication from the Executive Cabinet to the Student Body. A ,jwffsfagwfilfj Mr. Kingston, Advisor Row 1 C. Hartman, S. Olsen, B. Albinus, M. Jellison, R. Hasbrook, M. Ashley Row 2 J. Hayos, S. Ramey, M. Maxwell, K. Willbrandt, M Byrd, F. Holcomb Row 3 D. Herman, J. Norris, K. Hambright, J. Murphy, C. Roth, M. Platt Row 4 G. McMullin, S. Bushnell, E. Gould L. Erlandson, E. Jolly, K. Warfield, J. Harshaw, M. Fahy, P. Keener Row 5 J. Wood, S. lreton, R. Stephens, M. Majors, L. Lehman Row 6 J. Peterson, D. Strauss, C. Dent, G. Frauenberger, D. Stevenson, P. McKinley. 78 Boys' State - Steve White irls' State Susan Engquist was chosen by the American Auxiliary for showing leadership, an inter- est in government and being in the upper third of her class scholastically. The activities of Girls' State this year included attending lectures on state and city government. They also learn- ed by creating their own gov- ernment. Chosen on an overall basis of grades, citizenship, class participation, Steve White looked forward to the week at the State Capital. What is the purpose of Boys' State? To quote the Creed: " to learn and understand government and arouse and maintain a like interest in fel- low citizens." and Susan ngquist Governor, Steve White, Secretary, Candy Kuzmik, Lt. Governor, Jim Hclvey. Senior State fficers The end of a decade! Finishing up the Siz- zling Sixties is the class of '69, To keep spirit high, the class has sponsored a tug of war and sack race at homecoming. To keep the cash box full, a bake sale, a car wash and Spaghetti Dinner were sponsored. il ' f ,Vigil if 9' iz as p il.-A i 1. Lt. Governor. Ivy Zobel, Governor, Scott Dalgleish, Secretary, Ella Jolly. 80 p4.w.w-s- ., ,, ,W Q D !,.,,,a.',NW,,M,,..,.M,,,.l., t ,WMM-A-A--M-f-W l Junior State flicers Almost Seniors! A slave day, candle sale, after-game dance, and the traditional booth at home football games - proceeds went to finance the 1970 Junior-Senior Prom. Other highlights of their Junior year included class rings which were delivered early in the year. Sophomore State ftieers A successful paper drive in November, a swinging money-making concession booth at football games and a fantastic Computer Dance spirited the sophomore class towards a fabulous year. Desiring to make the sophomore class more active this year Governor John Long met with his fellow students every Wednesday at lunch in sponsor lVlr. Crys- tal's room to plan and discuss the year's activities. ftiiiii ili iii is ll sm s Secretary, Pam Elmstrom, Governor, John Long, Lieutenant Governor Debbie Smith. Freshman State ftieers Bewildered Freshmen worked and argued during lunch each Wednesday in sponsor, lVlr. Dougherty's room to 'tlearn the ropes" about student government and class activities. Under the leadership of Governor Ken Dalgleish, active Freshmen worked at the Concession boothes during football and basketball games. Bewildered no longer, these lively lead- ers point the way for better and bigger class activities. ,X Secretary, Debbie Schraum, Governor Ken Dalgleish, Lieutenant Gover- nor, Theresa lreton. 31 E-Nga, Maureen MeCready 8a Herb Bedolfe Wayne Murray 8a Vicki Pasker Timi Bourell 8a Dave Johnson Jeff Norris 8: Diane Drozd Theresa Ireton 8L Steve Curtis Royal Court Herb Gives Maureen The Traditional Kiss. "Pat Jordan and Darrell Bird cross over the moat to Buckingham Palacef' 84 H0 Imagine yourself at Buckingham Palace having a Ball! This was the theme of the 1968 Coronation Dance, November 5. A drawbridge, ladies in waiting, and a huge gold crown decorated the boy's gym as the band of "Music Unlimited" played tunes for dreamy dancing. At 10:30 Mr. Peterson announced-- "I now present to you, the Royal Court for 1968. The Freshman Prince and Princess, Steve Cur- tiss, and Theresa lreton, Sopho- more Prince and Princess, Jeff Norris and Diane Drodzg Junior Prince and Princess, David John- son and Timi Bourellg Senior Prince and Princess, Wayne lVlur- ray and Vicki Pasker! And the 1968 Homecoming Royalty---King Herb Bedolf and Queen Maureen Mc- Cready!" Then Cheryl Page, 1967 Queen, officially crowned them King and Queen of Buckingham Palace and Homecoming, 1968! lt was quite an evening. p- ar 1' . . ri 5,3 ' 2 1 12, 9 Q its 3 ,, 'J il? Vw i l I Q? EI CMI Maureen Accepting Roses From Cheryl Page Happiness Is Homecoming! Beauty Reigns Timi And David If Q, ,L 4 N ,4- n g j wfffaifr 5 f :fm frm .. ,f f 49 4,gw,,., fffffsz, ' , ,,,f ,W ' 'Vg f l 5 -'Q f f-wx 1, 4-" '+ ,'-""'g ' f V' JV 97,1-f47y4L,f7,-' 15 ,yf Wi,-I nk., ' " .yy ,.,, f 4 w 1. ' HQ af' 'f M , V, ,f "1 7 .V x ,-'-"nf, ,,: ff 74" ' ' il P 0, ' ' 4 lee' af ,, , f ", ' ,. w',. .,f.f. !W fy f' f, Aim-..4--' "MZ ,,f -xffaf qf' fm, f , 'uw ,, ,A if 7, 2j'f"f, L ' ' ' ui f . 1 f ' ', ' ' 'f ff I ' J, A ,Lg f ,,, f , z 85 Exchanging Glanees Get Those Legs Up .,a,3"T You Have To Be Careful Great Moments Of 1968-69 liz!!! Nosey Classes At Scroc. X ws. -1.4 lm 5 - 1, sl- . 5 , .-N. 4 I . Come On An Yell! N --, 'QT .WS I 3 I J f, 87 . , W, q.h"" 4.0 Ly'-4' if ,F .0074 p -. .v Xu eu, 1. 1 .J F. - f 4 s . -. - -S "SH: - 4 ff i , I, . 4 , ,B A f ,W 4. V A V, ,. . f --- ,Ma vi '- ,, Af , V ' -L ,, 1 w , . ' - 1, 'Y '-wt ' ' '. 'u ' '65 N 4 f r , W' f v 4 H1 3 xl l s 5 I3 I " , i4 1' , . N -, '- - . , Y- ,Si f W .V i 4 , . ,. - ' ,. '1 , , ,, , V, 1-I '. -. - ig 'M ' ' "f. 'I gf ' .3-' 4. Q4 ', if ,..f- - 1' 'gx-if' , h' . JV .7445 5.7 ',4u,-'-fyk ,jf wglwf ' wx ,L 'Cv' , Q1-nh 1. ,. ' 'tgif' . -14-A Q ,ff f ,r-f1"f" ln -F' . ' 1 M' ,g f 1 1 .Jia U4-'v1,,L,,. ' ,, '44 -ff ' .. 'Jef lf' f 88 Vicki Pasker Jim Uhey Dona Stevenson Candy Kuzmik Susan Engquist Sally Smith Cheerleaders ,- ,4 'H W f P' ,zf wi 1 fn- 11. .. ,M 4 W "7 -"X-. 944' , l' 'nv' 5,4 9 1 1 sfff ,f-4' ' ' y L '--' 'M-,if ' Q00 I, V441 yf'b'Jgn 'fwfkfyv Y ,f'f4,,, Nj 4 J 4 Ya' 9 'jf' 1 1 'Vin ifyr' Lgwlrfx fr,r ,kilt ivzlg ' 41 " .-f 4 1 i ,4 ' af' vb A 'I' ' "A AU 'Q lk' at f W" ff" 2 f ' ff an ' vw if ,u, W ,A 1 1 M' ?gyf""'1 4 ,Q 'nib ,, 1 A at aaZ"5 f"" 1 " W' 3' 14y1f'f,y?2,4f,:Aj me now 1 'ffnwf W- 4 Q ?ivffVgw1C1q!V6,k, W' , A 'lj 4404 fzffln ,vm Af 34 If ' 4 it av 'A Kathy Warfleld Karen Zagngle Maureen McCready Debble Dams wrgiqv Wm -AA ,l. A ' ' ff-fy f .,.-fe, M I-mn ' vw. :u40aNvB. ,- ' "- " ' . Q -. 'L 0, y., I .1 , V ,,., 6 . , A , , ,V iv, 1 , 1 4 I ,Q 5 Y - .. -. f A -A-5 1 4 7 A Q 1 If , . 4 4 . , Nadine Dickens Becky Hoggan Beverly Morton Lynn Finnie Janeen Carlson F lagtwirlers JUDY 7,3 'E 'Q 4 s 4 ll 1 4 V-. Melissa McCready, Joyce Brandon, Pallie Fitzpatrick Jani Sheldon J .V. Cheerleaders ascot An added attraction to the Pep Squad this year was the J. V. Cheerleaders. They attend all the B and C football and basketball games. Like the Varsity leaders, they help paint signs and participate in Ral- lies and assume most of the same responsibilities. The J. V. Squad is made up of freshman and sopho- more girls only and includes Joyce Brandon, Pallie Fitzpatrick and Melissa McCready. W? 91 ROW 1: J. Hunter, C. Smith, R. Byrd, D. Bushcarter, S. Kulp, C Collette, S. Salarian, Nl. Cashman, N. lVlcElvain, A. Aguila. ROW 2 lvl. Evans, D. Cashman, D. Bayes, T. Helvey, P. Van Vranken, C Evans, G. Roach, S. Schroder, D. Sheehan, R. Albers. ROW 3: S Finnie, R. Spielman, C. Hull, S. Wiley, C. McAlaster, lVl. Ottinger. O Var Slty and v' v' 'YY I Jan Krekemeyer. Sandi Crichton RODIU BSIISY 92 Stage Band W Ig? 5. 2. .gf ROW 1: B. Borchert, B. Martin, C. Salizar, B. Cowin, B. Ashley. ROW 2: J. Re-nfro, R. Albers, M. Pogue, G. Paff, A Aguila, B. Stiewel, S. Saffell, L. Jamele. 93 COLGNELS: Deborah Hamilton, Susan HEAD RANK: TiSh Neate Almquist Drill Team Rank Leaders Janice McKellar ' Jody Soto Debbie Copeland Susan Campilli Verda Schaeffer Valerie Truesdell Gale Palmer Geri Leaf f .c 'QL 94 ROW 1: A. Luft, M. Matthews, C. Briese, V. Blair, C. Bowles. ROW 2: M. Meschuk, N. Wood, L. Erlandson, V. Carson, L. Sims Under the leadership of Debbie Hamilton, Susie Neate, and Tish Almquist, the Drill Team, accompa- nied bythe band, performed at home football games. They marched to popular songs like Windy, Music to Watch Girls By, and A Hard Day's Night. During basketball half-times, the girls did routines to the music of the Tijuana Brass and other well- known artists. Besides their half-time perform- ances, they marched in the El Segundo Christmas Parade and went to the area competition at Arroyo High School. ROW 1: J. Jones, G. Frauenberger, S. Berggren, D. Warnock, R. Scott. ROW 2: L. Hamilton, T. Bourell, V. Ray, D. Johnson, T. Bush. l -4 - ROW 1: V. Syracuse, K. Daykin, C. Conroy, C. Montz, L. Williams. ROW 2: M. Johnson, G. Cameron, J. Obradovich, M. Foster, J. Murphy . ,. ., ?f,1,g',n 1 ' ' .its-' M-"Q,.1g,E5Q 1' 'f 'A f. l- , 30 A r .J W q t-if-:V ROW 1: P. McKinley, B. Young, E. Sanchez, P. Deitchman, R. Churchill. ROW 2: M. McDowell, E. Truesdell, M. O'Connor, J. Curtis, M.Olsen. ROW 1: S. Orens, J. Gumpert, J. Moyer, K. Wilbrandt, J. Westover. ROW 2: E. Kielnecker, N. Judge, S. Day, K. Hambright, B. Bahny. -1 .H-.mg JL. ABNF ROW 1: M. Lucebo, L. Williams, C. Williams, D. Gentry, L. Raes, P Cummings, S. Clark, S. Bushnell. ROW 2: P. Rohmer, L. Martin M. Walkey, L. McCullar, C. Calvert, C. Runkle, M. Byrd, C. Rovin son, C. Cummingham. ROW 3: T. Turney, C. Meheula, S. Crich ton, R. Bailey, F. Guy, P. Gates, M. Hartman, D. Burgess, M. Last er. ROW 1: R. Lamay, D. Johnson, Y. Barboze, J. Esslie, B. Dlugaezyk. ROW 2: S. Turino, M. Cashman, J. Sabey, P. Burkett, S. Liles, N. McElvain, I. Zobel, C. Davies. ROW 3: T. Steffan, C. Wiitala, L. Woodford, C. Davies, E. Jolly, J. Paff, L. Harman, B. Phillips, D. Peterson. odcrn Dance Q. il- " il l f A A Row 1: J. Meredity, c. iviarriis. Row 2: A. Mora, s. ' , Q Puccio, B. Howell, D. Bosela, R. Libick. ROW 3: S. If ,MIAH Fisk, T. Knipe, N. Graham. ROW 4: P. Ammes, R. 'i A.-r f Spielman, D. Wiltala, C. Valle, C. Ross. ROW 5: S. 5 - -V' Schradar, C. Castle, D. Harrison, F. Head, K. Hines, M. McCarthy. ROW 6: L. Robinson, M. Guy, M. Haver- man, K. Perry, . Noel, L. Bower, C. Johnston. ROW 7: R. Velasco, T. Ireton, D. Erickson, K. Gerughty. B. Alvinas, L. Tonkovich. ROW 8: V. Harr, D. McMa- hon. ,,......l T ' -Ill 1 ROW 1: D. Kucera, W. Larson. ROW 2: D. Powell, S. Culbertson, P. Whitted, R. McKinney. ROW 3: A. Robinson, G. Porter, C. Robinson. ROW 1: L. Schraum, A. Ortiz, T. Patterson ROW 2: V. Davis, G. Wharton, D. Prewitt M. Tuori, R. Bartosh. ROW 3: S. Sheridan J. Cuthbertson, S. Johnson, S. Wiley, A Fowler. ROW 4: K. Mosher, S. Scales, N McElvain. L. Johnston. G. Poter. ROW 5: C. Evans. V. Lewis, P. Phillips, M. Pritchard R. Stafford. 4..-J vu? -...,.. ROW 1: W. Stump, D. Stevenson, C. Deets, S. Harris, P. Burkett, L. Simons, M. Fitch. ROW 2: R. Dunn, J. Jenkins, K. Harris, J. Uhey. ROW 3: P. Johnson, S. Crichton, P. Phillips. ROW 4: B. Bullock, J. Rasdall, N. Dickens, J. Peterson. ROW 5: T. Karutz, S. Dalgleish, T. Martin. ROW 1: D. Kessner, M. Randall, P. Phillips, B. MacGregor, P Smith, M. Ashley, K. Wheeler. ROW 2: W. Copeland, M. Majors, C Dent, M. Duvall, P. Chase, C. Stopher. ROW 3: B. Mone, T. Purris M. Wagley, C. Runyen, C. Campeau. ROW 4: W. Mclntire, N. Gu tierrez, G. McMullin, J. Horton. ROW 5: P. Mercer. Choral Groups ROW 1: G. Sexton, M. Foster, J. Brandon, L. Deeter, R. Bartosh, V. Blair, J. Coney, N. Grahman, L. Nay, M. Guy, B. Dlugajczyk. ROW 2: C. Tahan, C. Calvert, S. Johnson, G. Crable, K. Gerughty, H. Hartman, N. Stevens, L. Hunter, J. Murphy, M. Bird, G. Porter. ROW 3: D. Gagain, L. Hanes, S. Morton, J. Paff, C. Nelson, D. Hough, E. Truesdell, S. Ahres, P. Rohmer, S. Buckingham. w..,..,c....,. , ROW 1: D. Davis, T. Patterson, K. Dowd, R. Eccles, C. Roach, B. Linker, C. Stumpp, S. Peterson, D. Jones, C. Hartman, P. Foster. ROW 2: M. Tuori, V. Williamson, S. Puccio, A. Williams, S. Mote, V. Lindsey, D. George, M. Haberman, M. Wheeler, C. Wharton, C. Corvin, D. Fillingham, D. Mrdal. ROW 3: D. Flyn, F. Holcomb, K. Hutchinson, K. Perry, A. Fowler, B. Wiitala, G. Turino, P. Held, L. Schraum, G. Murray, D. Harrison, D. Peterson. ROW 4: M. Smith, E. Retalaff, S. Storm, G. Dye, L. Tonkovich, D. McMahon, T. Smith, V. Lewis, P. Coney, C. Devilbiss, M. McKean, V. Jensen, B. Phillips, K.Wills. 'Cf 4 . lui" l . . ,,. Q o fav - s 'clrm--,' 'U The Eagles fought valiantly against a tough opposition. v "' , il"""'. 'ii V rlggggggittefliailitltaszisl T ' U Qjk I-,-. Q-ill - , X .... 'r ' l an ii, G ,, M ' " 5 dt ,,,o.,, ., .. -,-'- M ' -4 i ., Vfog Q lg FS--inn if . .. V bl X'kv. in ,,.. K t G . a it 5 i .N 'iw ' ? . g,.,. -.,,l,M.,,,M ' Z cbv I Q T A L ,,,, ., .V goo" 'M' " 'o' "', A.- .,,. MMV f -,1.. 3. i "'. v.'V Q 4 Mike Cuzick looks for a place to throw the ball in the game with Palos Verdes. 3rd Annual El Segundo Basketball Classic Classic Royalty. Princess Vicki Blair, Queen Vicki Pasker, and Princess Annette Luft. my 95 Dave Ralston watches as Dick Stumpp attempts a shot. .,,g,,gySh lt's you Mr. Thorsen. Ojwtgzf' if Freshmen girls see their first Golden Eagle. nnual ay 196 Senior boys see their last Golden Eagle. Presentation of the 1968 Golden Eagle. You're in charge now. Colleen 99 She didn't know I'd really go. l l .za 5 Dance Band Rocks Out. l l 4 4 Na l 4 . Q Assembhes Q., ,, SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS ROPE DANCE Ballerina from Venice. , A, Pep Club rganized ally AfterRally i , ,,,,,. , ,' z,.,ffuy fr A. , .,,,,44ff:4 , f Wf ww Q 1, ' ff 4 ff mf ,M 3 pyfffyl ,jlfy:f.3' 6 ,4 ff , ,,g, W 54 91 ,,,,,,V, ,A 7.1, fl, 'WWW 'wf-UM, 1 f I wpm f4.,,,f .QU M 5121.544 Wi Pep Club modeled their new uniforms at the first rally for football Senior C fu J V 9. Y l ..,.., ..,, .,.. ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,-hu few ta ABOVE: Dona tells Dave to leave her alone. BELOW: Julie, having the couch. ....pqit'Qo- f lass Pla : "You were asked to come, too?" Who is our host and what do the ten of us have in common?" One murder. Who done it? Two, three, tour. The Judge? Five, six, seven, eight. No, he's dead. "Ten Little Indians", by Agatha Christie is a multi-murder mystery made even more macabre by the actors ofthe class of '69. A person is killed and one of the little toy Indians falls off the mantle. Two are left. One is the murder- er, or maybe ... fasts, -3".., Dave and Dona suddenly notice the dead just tainted, lies on judge fleaftlle Window- 'fiiw 'Z' ' . -f X Qi , Ten Little Indians J r n Greg8t Larny. 1 E 1 ' A g 1 K 9 3' as 'wr gs S gg , QV 1 ' ' . ,, f., 'R 1 'TS ,J 2? 2 "ai l ,, ,... I - L J J ,VQV , ,,5,,,,, . Wg, I - f' ,, Q f , . I :4 my ,fmf f fe ' f 2- ', ,QL 5 7,,.7Q.' ,- V H ' . J fw,..p, , , saw, . -f V 3525l: ,.M, .2, , - - --" , 1 1 'J 'z'M,.,-- , 4 wswa f . , fi Q5 , 3,.:,-'ynzgaflg . -CMQKMZ, . ,.-w,,.-,:,, . . .nf -1 Dona Stevenson motions off-stage. LEFT: James Cowell dies and another Indian falls. Jenny Sue Coney remains calm. until ,.. ff he Les Cripe examines Tom Limberg, the first Indian to die. Larny Mack, Dona Stevenson, Dave Van Natta, and Wayne Stump watch him in horror. CAST Cin order of demiseb Tom Limberg . ,. ... playboy Julie Puccio ... .... maid James Cowell ..... ... General Jenny Sue Coney . .. .. old maid Greg Roach ..... .. butler Les Cripe . .. ... doctor Larny Nlack .... . . detective Wayne Stump... ..,.......i. judge Dona Stevenson . . . . secretary-heroine Dave Van Natta . . . ..,..i....... hero Steve Fisher ... ..boatman The unusually quiet old maid attracts Dave's attention - She's dead,too. ,M l I Lllsx it E-TI ,ses x I . ww - 'vi A raduation 196 A windy afternoon in June was the setting for the graduation of the class of '68, Parents looked down from their grandstand seats to the empty chairs below on the football field. The time had arrived. The ESHS orchestra urged the seniors on to the field with a solemn procession. Juniors held the flowered archways as the graduating students slow- ly marched under them. Jim Puffer and Marilyn Walkey reflected the feelings of the class in their addresses to the parents. The students received their diplomas. They were now alumni of ESHS. ' , .- - .. 1 f . :D .V , ,A ' .vmifiii -f1g3:1.:je7Q:f5':55g' W , if f ,-.4 P 1, 55. Ak Q I W'T""f"' Wales a-srvxazr T il? - 1 W i" q 'ci' " I ' :- 5541 . ,Q ew- fi, ff-Nz. fm ' W ' " x, A, 1 1 ,V - A, FV Va 1, is Jigga, V . U .. .' 1 Q1 nm.. .ug 1 Q we I 1 Q 1 1 Q 'f ' 'U s W' I' Q S'TT"' ' AYEQA-if 'V' ' . . --"ff 'R if 'A -ffafii 1 N Q. H . -,f ,, .- ' .-4 , 'ff A . ' f -QR j.C2i::-PS 4, "vf,....F "- fy? Pi .- .-....i i . ' or .. V . x ' ny ' ' i ,,.' V 2 v, x J, ft- "T ' gi .. , . , , ' - . L .4 , ' ' "T - ' ' . is .- ,Jfsff-f -. e ff x - s ff T s .l -i . - M . V ' 'K i A- 'zu' .-t '. H ' . '1 ' T' -'J T 1. :' in A ' A- ' 4 104 . ,D fl ssl y Lg V144 M' .LI - 'QL .......7... 1. , . In W, 1.1 1 4 The Prom Sweet Heart of '1968' was Kathy Wiley. hapsod n Blue "Rhapsody in Blue" at the Bel Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades was the 1968 Prom! Blue and white flowers, live doves in white cages, tall white columns and Grecian urns complimented the couples dancing to the music of the "Blue Notes." The high- light ofthe evening was the crowning ofthe Prom Sweetheart, Kathy Wiley, and the announcement of the Prom Princesses, Annette Drummond and Ronalie Wood. BELOW: Decoration Committee hard at work. 'UA 105 'QQ H School ay Student life begins early at ESHS. Stu- dents studying in a group or a few stu- dents studying individually ... Boys tak- ing role in gym or an individual showing fatigue after a run ... A girl cheering ata rally or hungry students standing in line for lunch Boys trying to get into a room unnoticed Teachers swapping stories of classroom follies ... The band practicing "Up, Up, and Away" The drill team and band at the long-practiced evening performance The day has ended and will be ready forthe beginning ofanother day. i Ig, X . - X F Activities i J . V .2651 ' : "1 '- ' ' A- .I 1Y.,fA. K . ,AI Mm . . '.,'?12' "fan .- W1 "J" ""' -" . Q - ,, -1 Afv-a57"3lifX"'r: ,- , z.fx.,'.,,. mfirvs, " ..1. - , V v , . . A .zu-1 ',:1'f-'W rw' Q 'fv-, '. w. 4 u ' 4, M- 4f":?'V'M - 445 . 'ff"f'a-'27 W , , -- ., W L ,3'Wvf?dvf ' 5" f' 1 'fY"f 1 - ' -i t 7 '2 zvasfswfdzf--',-5?'f"1si:Mffmz7-+e.::1.4-FT 4 ' P I -b M If 'H -'ffg' :HMT X -ff fV - K f '21,-'M if2"'v-' 4- , . , .,, , -f.-g,,+- +433.0',fSY-Fixx-Eiffzfl w-fA+5,g,:-"'4Qm:-.+ . .Wx , V w "3::f2, ' w g . A P f' ' V- if f,A,k,,.,,..Nff x , 4, f - - -,vi ,L LA, A - x -' - :' wM2K , . .. M V M l NWN! ,- If E r A51 M Greg hopes to at- tend USC or UCLA af- ter leaving ESHS. He is Dlanning to enter medical school after college. He enjoys tennis, music and is active in the extra-curricular Democratic Club in El Segundo. Greg is the presi- dent of the Junior Classical league and is secretary of Key Club. ,W ff?1, ici' fn 3 X A df an ny pf If .ya ,.,, 99: Aga? is AFX st is - he X X .5 t as if X A 1 3 1 ' l Greg Cole X U .N-,S Nadine Dickens Nlaioring in Spanish and minoring in music, Nadine will attend Brigham Young University in Utah. She plans to teach Spanish. Her interests being music, she plays piano, cello, and guitar. Nadine is a member of Epsilon Sig- ma. Spanish Club and CSF. She is also a flag-twirler. .sf . 'iz' vw . ,A x 'v""f"mgM 1 'Y' , ,1.. s hw,-we ... . , -g.,,.c. ,.,,.v-- - . ,.,,, .M K- , , U .,,..-- M -A Q. ,q...,. ESHS' op UCLA is the future alma mater of Carole. She intends to do graduate work in archaeology. Her interests in- clude instrumental and vocal music and drama. Carole is an active member of AFS, CSF, Epsilon Sigma, Spanish Club and Nladrigals. Carole Deets Becky Hoggan When asked about post high school plans, Becky promptly answers BYU. She will major in English. Becky plays guitar and piano and spends her spare time collecting Mad Magazines. Becky is one of ESHS' flagtwirlers, and is in Epsilon Sigma and on the 1969 Golden Eagle Staff. . . ' JXSX-. Rvimg .. , N:-gs., ' gfs '-sg.gg....,,, SX ,. . -3 - S? 3 E5 35335335 -i mziaff 5 'Xl--.jQJO -Q KDCDUH H-23 Nm Qimmmm 2U03'42.m3 r: "OO O 50 JKIWO -1 QUSUIICDK? - rf' E91mGwm wOfD:""-1m 1-o-UQ-+. UQK-, 0140307-1 U1 3. 4'UQJfD mO00Clo.5 :sc--1. x: DJ- m Nm J -O' :I- UPQ- cn .Cl CDD, 93 N 3 :Q OU, 3 -. 14- UQ 02 Linda Lehman Ten Scholars Greg' hopes to spend his college years at Stanford. Music, astronomy, stamp collecting, sail- ing, track, and tennis is of interest to ESHS' newcomer. Jumping into activi- ty, he has been a clari- net soloist and in the Senior Class Play. Greg is in Key Club, and Varsity Band. Greg Roach x l ,, f nf Charles Stiles Stanford or Pepperdine College are among Charles' plans. He is interested in architecture as a possible future. Tennis, skiing, and investigating aspects of the brain take up Charles' spare time. He works at the School for Mentally Handicapped Children and is active in the Junior Red Cross. 1 f 1 1 f 7 17' f 7 O f ,ff f '4 54 1 f f fl Q I f f fi . ,! f f ! f f 1 f f so 9 G , .M .W . .NM L, W f x if ,. Q " V " ' ,. ? f Zh . ff l' . 5 if Val Truesdell Val Plans to make USC or Occiden- tal College the college of her choice. She doesn't know which major she'll pursue. Her hobbies include sewing, sea- shell collecting, and working with pa- per machel Val is active in AFS, GAA, CSF, Epsi- lon Sigma, French Club, and is editor ofthe annual. Paul is planning to study at San Diego State following high school. His major will be engineering. Paul enjoys science, drafting and is espe- , cially interested in wh biology. " We He is a member of Key Club, AFS, CSF. and Biology Club, of the two later, Paul is A President. PaulSinclair Margret Walkey Margret would like to attend Penn State or UC Berkley. She has not one but seven profes- sions in mind. They are medicine, psy- chology, sociology, art, journalism, poetry, and computer programming. Margret's hobbies include painting, writing, traveling, and conversation. California Scholarship Federation Seniors Juniors iii.. A -4-"J ROW 1: L. Lehman, C. Montz, B. Morton, ROW 2:C. Deets, G. Frauenber- M. Stivers, E. Gould, M. Fahy, E. Jolly, B. Pelzman, B. ger, V. Truesdell, G. Cole, N. Dickens, ROW 3: P. Sinclair, C. Stiles, J. Fornerone. Sophomorcs ROW 1: C. Nelson, J. Cummings, J, Westover, M. Ramsey, J. Carlson, ROW 2: D. Hinkle, C. Roth, N. McElvain, C. Runkle, K. Gerughty, ROW 3: V. Maloy, J. Paff, M. Grovesnor, ROW 4: R. Churchill, N. Goodale, D. Robison, D. Herman. llO Being the progressive club that it is, the Cali- fornia Scholarship Federation at ESHS is plan- ning to institute an "Honor Student Absence Day", whereby one of these academic students may be absent for one day of school without being excused. One might spend hours of thought reflecting upon the past and contemplating the future of these intelligent members. O! 02462, ,gm 1, -D' E. Jolly, S. Culbertson, B. Pelzman, D. Odle, K. Bannerman, H. Fruhwirth, P. Sinclair, G. Smith, G. Cole, L. Lehman, lVlr. Harden, L. Smith, L. Zobel. iology Club A well-earned trip to the San Diego Zoo highlights this year's activities for Biology Club. Membership in Biology Club stimulates interest by research and reports-in-depth in fields of sci- ences. Members of Biology Club are generally students who will pursue a career in some field of science. 'ff1,f'f,L,, .M fm, .,,. NN. lil HF Ng! 5.5 W 'V 4 ',',.,,. K VV xg., "inn M . W .gg ,ggi ,.v 1? ,K N I '46- J V , .i ,. , ,J ,. ,1 ' ' if if ,M -., fn fa m v ,. . NL? 'yu ' "1 . . , -I Z ' vm ty ,J W .ol ,I - ,,,.,u-. . I rl lf," QQM. 1, , i A13 I ,,Q31fX.y fi ., ,all ,fi A ,I ' I 1 ' , ' W, .7 ' ',f,.',,, ,f ' 1 Q ,, ' J' V A 'Atl' , Q , ' ' ff .QA " 46 kx'5f..'r"f"'ff k, . 1 - ev , . ,A I lf... .. , ' 'hi' "' ' fat A ,, N . V atv...-6 "f.'fzf 584.-. A ' ' I ' "4.f: f I ,,., . k f- fm Q' . ml, A J .mar ,J . W4 ,f .1 '.'f. ,. . ' 2 -,,.v1. A m . 'N V.. l-ggi' L P I , , wt' 4, Q " T qi-,,,.-1 -,iM.,ffA , 4. , . 1 ji, 41-x'Li'f . R .5 ,-, Ii .- .'iXl'v,,-5 i 3 tw, -,gi J wg, , 1, 4 I ,,, ' ad .W + f -5' .,!9mf0J'!QQ7. l V, . , . . ., 1 ,.,34nv.,,iy,,'ff. .- J - ., "4 . 4- Q , M, 'F' - V. . at f, M' f ffl w:5:'q3znZ' -' 4.3 ' "'4..M:. ' v v i 112 G. Van Drie, S. White, B. Quinn, S. Austin, IVI. Stivers, K. Bannerrnan, B. Stiles, S. Dalgleisn. H. Ruttinger J. Wendell B. Pelzman, G. Smith, NI. Dogan, P. Sinclair, E. Gould, P. Keener, M. O'Grady, L. Bannerman M. Fahy J. Petersen, G. Cole, D. Bird, S. Birdsall, G. Cole, H. Jewell,T. Karutz Key Club Epsilon Sigma P. Jordan B. Morton V. Truesdell C. Deets E. Kielnecker G. Frauenberger B. Hoggan K. l-larris L. Finnle l. Caballero J. Sheldon A. Young N. Dickens D. Davis K. Gallagher S. Engqulst S. Harris C. lVlontz L. Lehman 1969 Golden agle Staff Beth Murphy, Organizations Editor Gary Phillips, Faculty Editor Mike Stivers, Copy Editor Val Truesdell, Editor-in-Chief Tish Almquist, Senior Editor Turn Maledon. Sports Editor .lan Krekemyer, Classes Editor Dune Buggy Courtesy of Mr. Wood Susan Carnpilii, Art Editor Wendy Larsen, Business Manager Debbie Davis, Assistant Sports Editor Jani Sheldon, Assistant Index Editor Debbie Copeland, Assistant Activities Maureen McCready, Index Editor Tom Limberg, Photographer May Smith, Activities Editor Editor 1969 B agle Staff Paul Keener, Photographer Miss Dokken, Staff Advisor Brad Justice, Exchange Editor Linnea Martin, Columnist Jim Helvey, Columnist Beth Murphy, Feature Editor Dan Walker, Sports Editor Cindy Pendleton, Editor-in-Chief Lance Smith, Business Manager Jeff Varner, Editorial Editor ffm' ,,.,. f -nv- 'Sm Lv- 1: 'i vw f.' ,.,,yf,,A -2 V' " ' I ' I .. .1 X' 3 'S I 'i R xi.-P fx 1 rss , wi dai f New '51 . 1 L.-bw I 4 'Q 1, 54 . ,-4 ' 'vb A . . , . A " , .' -' W f V f . .ff ,fr , ., qw.. C," V - . .ff.4gg.:gv- vi . .' mfg' -- J, 'xii' ' '. ut., .1 41 ' "'fv,AA v. . mg." ff . .M , W W f?7m.93i,m ,-if'f:Q2f.Jv- MQ ,.,,,,..f,,V I f 1' , yjw ,' D A.54!l?i.' fit.-A ,Wu .. .L gut , JT. J 'iw' -f+f,...1, ,p ftiefafr 5- .'7ffI"..'f' f" "a 'L , ' Aff 'Q N M , Q V , 45-.. f4vf, .f ., Ui. f- .i,, H 'fr wfafk-,. ff.. .xii - ,fs Y, r.' ,Mm 7 fu ' Q., f N. .ff f my .1 Qu,g..,:1 . .1i,21.g,, Ami. ' ' fan ' f ' M 1 X 'W A J . J.. 1 . .. fl f . . ,1u,gC1?f?f..l,,J .af f ,.1w5fvgM,LJ a ' fi- , A V iv. .ue 'mr ,-M., A v. ,, , U V nn, i"a.f-lg:"'- J, i'L4'f1t"1 " fi L", ,Af all .ew-.ffuii i K r lsatxhfzfxhffif--Lil" 5- . . f4Lf,c'??'F' if Pai? .. fu, ' 'Q 43, ,f igff' ' , q'i...5q . V, . .. ,,., ...V V... In .G M1 "'.N--f."'J?P'k".',V'MI si W ff' fff' 4'-""fff , -. ,dw J. '. x Ax. ' In K V my ,D . an 4. i'- ' '- M" f 'f ' 1 V was . egg, "?'?"'U"'fi' id. ...Q , ,Q:W,.. , 74 W xx wg. f X. -A4n,,fl f '-- ,A I' " r .7--' .. f . ' E... rx? "-., . --3, '-?g...1'3'ru.'?.f5 .'1"'?" if lb. if f H6 N. Dickens P. Fitzpatrick B. Hoggan J. B J. Carlson V. Pasker B. Morton L. Finnie IVI. McCready randon L5 S. Smith K. Zaengle l S. Engquist K. Warfield . 'X C. Kuzmik X D. Stevenson C. Pasker XJ 1 I, ' D. Davis J. Sheldon 196 -69 Pep Club fl X457 ' gf Qs 543, f W ,J , if, Stolper, S. Ray, C. Andrews, J. Wood, G. Cole, D. Lalvlausier Maledon, D. Peterson Jewell, B. Pelzman, S. Dalgleish Peterson, K. Barmerman, D. Strauss V, Van Drie, J. Raslov Dunn, R. Miller -xi ,- Jenkins, M. Mote, E. Gould, S. White, R. Frame " 'BQ Kallenberger, T. Karutz, G. Cole, G. Smith, R. Hulsey ,,. I af . 196 -69 Varsity Club .fr ROW 1: K. Bannerman, M. Fahy, P. McCauley, S. Davis, M. Beren- ger, l. Caballero, S. Birdsall, ROW 2: M. Ramsey, J. Murphy, C Haull, C. Deets, L. Smith, B. Fornerone, B. Morton, C. Montz ROW 3: K. Smith, C. Collette, L. Deeter, J. Hayes, B. Justice, J Carr, K. Dyrdahl, K. Harris, ROW 4: R. Metcalfe, J. Carlson, E. Wil- ey, D. Robinson, K. Mosher, M. Stocks, F. Holcomb, L. Farn- S ' h Don Juan serenades at Spanish dinner at "Don Juan's Restau- l'3l'lt." N8 sworth, G. McMuIIin, ROW 5: P. Jordan, L. Sykes, Z. Victorio, M. Grosvenor, C. Craddock, M. Johnson, D. Mathevvs, ROW 6: J. Pe- terson, V. Maloy, D. Hughes, R. Evans, D. Johnson, M. Puffer. ROW 7: D. Bird, L. Smith, S. Morton, U. Mendez, H. Jewell, P. VanVranken, G. Phillips, J. Rasdell, M. Morrice. Club With a bit of Spanish culture at our doorstep, Mexican border, that is, it's little wonder there is such an interest in Spanish and Spanish Club. The members toured the Mexican Mardi Gras at Universal Studios, had a genuine Spanish dinner at "Don Juans' Restaurant", journeyed to Padua Hills to view "Los Posadas", held a progressive dinner and participated in the language clubs' annual Christmas Party. Spanish students Linnea Martin, Bev Morton, Claudia Montz, and Sharon Harris enjoy their spanish dinner. . f ROW 1: V. Blair, P. Tidwell, C. Hartman, C. Nelson, ROW 2: R. McKinney, S. Wiley, L. Gaston, ROW 3: lVl. Berenger, T. Stewart, D. lVlclVlahon, ROW 4: R. Churchill, Nl. Haberman, N. Mclilvain, ROW 5: V. Truesdell, D. Ste- venson, B. Fornerone, J. Soto, ROW 6: Nl. O'Grady, G. lVlclVluslan, lvl. Fahy, ROW 7: G. Vandrie, S. Fletcher, l-l. Jewell, C. Stiles. M... .yt 6 French Club "Bon jour, club francais," sponsor Mrs. Wolf said to students as they met for French Club meetings. The year's activities included a progressive dinner, installation of officers, participation in the language clubs Christmas Party, and a trip to a French Restaurant. President Ella Jollr enjoys French Club progressive dinner. F..-I . 'TA Jkt! 3, -ff tem'-4 if Timi Bourell, Cheri Pasker and Steve White eat. drink, and be merry at French 4 Club progressive dinner. , r f Q, I 21 .xiEfd'ii. . if Q ROW 1: K. Gerughty, T. Patterson, E. Gould, C. Runkle, E. Retzlaff, ROW 2: J. Krekemeyer, W. Clark, B. Young, P. McQuiston, K Cundiff. 61 6 German Q Club l2O German Club is an active group of students. Just listen to some ofthe highlights of 1968 - 1969. They enjoyed dinner at Alpine Village in Torrance and after a delightful meal they were oft to the theater. Prior to Christmas, German Club members made Christmas stockings filled with goodies for the Children's Hospital. 4- frf aww. gi ROW 1: N. Harter, M. Ashley, J. Thompson, C. Roach, B. Keenan, S. Cronin. ROW 2: L. Sims, G. Cole, E. Cook, ROW 3: L. Bosela, D. Buschkotter, C. Roth, ROW 4: M. Guy, K. Fitch, S. Strum, ROW 5: D. Cashman, B. Albinus, D. Limberg, ROW 6: L. Johnston, K. Zaengle, P. Burkett, ROW 7: J. Walkey, R. Tardiff, S. Olson. Junior ' Classlcal Junior Classical League! This group is none other than Latin Club, and its members completely demo- lish the idea that Latin is a dead language! These modern Caesars and Cleopatras include in their many activities, a bar- b-que, an installation of offi- cers, a Christmas party, a state convention in Fresno, a Roman Banquet in April, a "JCL Field Day" for South- ern Californians, and a Na- tional Convention in New Orleans in August. 'i 'L I Y a o"Qs!': ' Ol ' Il .1 M fgfr we J W ls. League l2l W-Q f-. .- YASA Y' W--A - -.- Y . fw r - -rx . . , fn- ---'--- F" ' r- s ,fi ,- F' 7 f- Y. Y UL. ooatlimfl 5 32-lgf we .- - -.. ,LL . . X Y! -I .Ml 4 I ' ff swf- fra:-1i:?Eiai.E' - are W4.u...,E 3- Tom Karutz, El Segundo's student to Japan last summer, greets Anne YoungCAustraliaJ and Mehmet Dogan fTurkeyJ. merican Flying all the way from Brisbane, Australia, Anne arrived in El Segundo. She is active in the Navagation Club, Epsilon Sigma, French Club, AFS, and the Bay Eagle. Upon returning to Australia, Anne plans to go to the University of Queensland. She enjoys reading, sports, and traveling, and finds little difference in high schools. Mehmet came to El Segundo from Ankara, Tur- key. He is a member of Key Club, the tennis team, and AFS. Mehmet plans to attend the Middle East Tech University where he will study chemical engineering. ' l-le plays the accordian and is an avid chess and soccer player. School in Turkey has thirteen classes. The stu- dents stay in one room, while the teacher moves from class to class. A-at , ROW 1: K. Harris, B. Murphy, T. Karutz, S. Harris, J. Brandon, P. VanVranken. ROW 2: L. Sims, A. Young, L. Lehman. L. Lord, J. Flayer, ROW 3: D. Stevenson, D. Hinkle, M. Johnson, P. Mc- Kinnley, B. Bahney, E. Kielnecker, M. Berenger. L. Erlandson. T. Patterson, ROW 4: T. Turney, C. Roach, M. Dogan. C. Deets, E. 122 Gould, H. Jewell, C. Wiley, K. Zaengle, B. Young, ROW 5: M. Fahy, G. Turino, C. Stiles, J. Murphy, M. Ramsey, S. McKinnIey, E. Ret- zlaff, ROW 6: G. Cole, J, Peterson, J. McCreary, C. Collette, J Paff, R. Kinney. Field Service -V - .sw 555.fWKfESI.'Nvf.W""" f ' AFS is a club dedicated to futher the x eww 2. . . X N. :Q e ww 'icfsibvfft Q X :J-eggs: fellowship of students both here and Hfe,x . S 2 abroad. K, . Under the leadership of President, Tom Karutz, who spent a summer as ESHS's representative to Ja pan, AFS has excelled in its annual "Pancake Breakfast, "Dol- lars for Scholars Drive", car wash, and welcoming Anne and Mehmet to ESHS. uture Homemakers Of America ROW 1: S. Olson, A. Robinson, IVI. Berenger, K. Wheeler, lVl. Kinney, ROW 2: B. Bahney, D. Limberg, S. lVlcKinley, D. Montz, B. Albinus, ROW 3: P. McKinley, Nl. Olson, P. Mott, T. Turney, G. Sweinhart. S. Lourey, R. Lamay. The Future Homemakers of America is a club de- signed to produce women with knowledge in the arts of sewing, cooking, and budgeting of money, and to make their future homes more cheerful and comfortable. Club members have visit- ed Farmer's Market and have helped to serve lunch- eons for different organiza- tions. 123 avigation Club 11,0 ROW 1: T. Martin, J. Varner, S. Dalgleish, M. Miller, R. Randall, J. Roberts, Mr. Hess. ROW 2: J. Fass, R. Bissell. ROW 3: W. Mclntyre, E. Gould, P. McCauley, l. Zobel, E. Jolly, A. Young. ROW 4: L. Roscitto, K. Wheeler, G. Sweinhart, L. White, K. Graham, M. Beren- ger, N. Lorenzen, C. Roach, L. Domann, O. Sheehan, M. Evans. Earth Space Science Club Navigation Club is a club dedicat- ed to teaching interested students to navigate sailing ships. It not only teaches one to use a sextant and maps, but to learn about survival skills needed to sail-a ship. Acticities during the year in- clude actual plotting courses and sailing courses that the students themselves make. I Yi if"- . 9 A : I ' With Mike Miller elected President, the Earth Space Science Club planned the second annual trip to DeviI's Punchbowl. To belong to the club, the requirements include a re- port or experiment in a cer- tain field dealing with sci- ence. The purpose is to promote interest in the field of science. ROW 1: B. Bahney,M. Kinney, M. Wheeler, M. Cross. L. Bower, L. White, A. Robinson, L. Bosela, I. Zobel. ROW 2: G. Phillips, L. Smith. J. Ray. M. Miller, A. Ross. G. Sweinhart. C. Mehula, K. Gerugh- ty. E. Jolly, K. Graham. 124 Y Girls, League i f . . af. i its ' "Mig - L infix- 4.51 1. .f H . I . G Senior Representatives: C. Nlontz, G. Frauenberger, D. Copeland, S. l-larris. Sophomore Representatives: D. l-linkle, N. Goodale, lVl. Nlc- Cready,.l.Carlson. Junior Representatives: L. Simons, C. Rasker, C. Wiley. .gf Freshman Representatives: Mary Stocks, M. Stocks, S. Olson, B.Young. One of the many activities to be remembered in the year 1968-69 by Girls' League was the adopting of a Korean War-Orphan. Here at ESHS, Girls busy themselves by selling pennants and spirit pins. Sponsoring a dance and the Girl-of-the-Month recognition are a- mong yearly projects. With these activities and more to interest all girls at ESHS, they find time to bring the dress code out of the archives and into modern fashion and to orient the incoming freshman girls. l25 K. Riessen, K. Hulfine, D. Smith, Mr. Shigakawa, T. Purvis, S. Crichton, Stage Crew Audio Visual Did you ever wonder who gets up the needed equipment for ral- lies and assemblies and other school activities? The Audio Visual crew sets up the Public Address systems, runs films, projectors, tape recorders, and record players for ease in teaching various subjects in school. AW Lights! Camera! Action! describes the group that's so full of energy that every third period they set up in- numerable props, risers, and lighting for school mus- icals, plays, assemblies, and dances. They are so interested in learning the "art of stage craft and lighting tech- niques," that they even set up the auditorium and cafe- teria tor groups outside of high school. LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Leslie, S. McDonald, E. Carroll, T. Smith, K. Sherrill, D. Orlowski, C. Hall, G. Burgdorf, K. May, 126 . L. Sims, D. Stevenson, E. Jolly, R. Lamay, P. Cummings, R. Spieldman, G. Porter, C. Robinson P. Burkett, lVl. Byrd, C. Runkle, S. Clark. arts. v Orchesis The purpose of Orchesis is to provide an environment for creating dances which may be performed for the enjoyment and education of its members. Members of Orchesis have among their programs an in- structional performance for Junior High School girls, a girls assembly, an evening perform- ance, and a Spring concert. I'2lH121 Club Drama Club is an organization dedicat- ed tothe study and performing of theater Members are of the drama class where they memorize and study tech- niques of acting, one-act plays, musi- cals and television acting. Drama Club inspires such enthusiasm in plays such as the Senior Class play and the bi-annual musicals. of ROW 1: J. Rasdell, C. Robinson, G. Porter, P. McQuiston, Nl. Mathney ROW 2: S. Olson, D. Nlontz, D. Limberg, C. Shumaucher, ROW 3: A. Rob inson, S. Chavez, R. Rasmussen. -7' 127 if f fg an 8, -sv -XX' n'A. , I wa., .f va ey ? ,gh , . - 1. , , P - 4 1f.?P'!'x hm F "M , " , I M5125 15" 1 ' '33 M- ' ' 'sf' , A My ' xv A , ' :TN + fx ' 1 ' Q f QM f 1 W "M M , ,A A 3,6 5 . M u k'mp,,, H n,A,, M, 4 - h Q 1 1 ff. wif' 5 if .wwf ' ,, . ' gl?" ,v z A'4ff,'Z'ff,,1,, 4 1 . .-. .n -..- saw' '::j'f1ff- -. ' f J pdf' :,..vx, UT, .. -'Zn frI,..: ' ' ' ' .Vx ,Q 'x . s , . l ' . ', 4 v W?"94f,,f7f "' ' ff 27197 A, W Q! M' 6 5 gf , , , 4 ,pd 5-5 , f 1 mf' M ,,, 0 ' '.f,d,, Q ., 'g 5 s1L?'Vd-..:'.?' ,,,,.,,,,f f "1 W1 ,ig 14 W ,. six Q J pig' U Q ' , ' , 1 I L , gm-.. ' ', H '- 1 M , M lv-A ' .. - 4 Y Q if , MM- L- V I I , +f,T,fM,,.......,,,MW ,, i is , n lj , - 1 ya 5 15-1 1 A' !- -f',,,'.-'WAHM . ' "'-uv, , ,, , If I , ,, ,. l ' f, a ' ' Qffggii A , . ' .V , ,.., , , f M: A ,, , TV f H fr-N 5 S ,Q I-fflfdi -','. V, X f " f.,.f,f,,L' , . ' .,,.,, f ff":m,,. f M' ' ' ' X 145-llf -4- M' Q", Q 2 L' 1 , qrkf ff lrl I , , ,, I, . ..., 1, , ,,,fyff ,,,, 4,,,,f' ,- I 1 ' ' , ' ' a , x ,f f f " M ni - C VP I I Wxgvlgl ., ff, f ' " , I ' 1, .,., ff -4311545 1 f, H ' HA . V ff-gf' C231 , Q f ff Q i fi ' ' I "'V' 1-ffvipf A V W ,A k A Q I V , I , 3, "'v, ff? A -. 'G - "' ,, W Yin, qu-vw X M5437 .. 41,125 f ' 64.1 37 g J,,52 H f, X 1 A 1111. 5 6 f . ff ,V I 1,1 ,f M- ' 2 123.12 ,fm wmdhdsdlvh , , , 44.0 , f, - , ' 1-W K" .. ' . , . I-, , ' ,grad 11,9 , vwfwfwf-, v ,Wf,,W, , ,, , , ,,., ,, , w"WM PDRT , 'W V7 V' ' ,"2!f'f4', 1 . 1 1 ? ?Qi!iEggEg' . A " XT ,. , :Sf I ' I A ggi? Q , 'f :thi xg, , , ' Mx 5 5' fj2L? X 1171.13 sl We , XS ,p,p, AJI. 5 '.V, fr, V ll , H, ' H ' -1q!gf,"Si25:1 , , V fff Elf - g:A':-2' 'l 'A.,. 5 55 H ,f ' I NZM, . , QU- f,z,,1:, A ii: , I flfgffy . .Ji 5 , -M6114 fy -1 ' ,ff il X? ' ' ll, , '44-L I L., lu, aww, 'W Q, , lg Q I" . 4.6. Z I , V9 arsity Football ' r- - ' li : ' ., 1 .n,.4.. ROW 1: M. Cuzick, J. Thompson. R. Prokopowicz, C. Thompson R. Thompson, W. Murray. S. Ray, M. Wagley. C. Runyen, S. White, B. Hayes. ROW 2: B. Hart, J. Schaeffer, B. Bullock, C. Andrews, T. Maledon, S. Dalgleish, C. Bialeschki. B. MacGregor, G. Crews, J Horton, R. Frame, J. Peters. ROW 3: Coach Santia, P. Sinclair, J. ll League nd 13 Craig Andrews Defense Chuck Bialeschki Defense Barry Bullock Defense Mike Cuzick Defense Cliff Dent Offense Brad Hancock Offense Greg Hancock Defense Bruce Hart Offense Bill Hayes Defense Mike Kistler Defense Mike Majors Defense Tim Maledon Offense Wayne Murray Offense David Peterson Offense Steve Ray Offense Doug Strauss Defense Dick Stumpp Offense Steve White Offense O SD'-iO.'3CD CD DOP-H DCD Bailey, R. Dunn, M. Majors, C. Campeau, B. Hancock, D. Peter son, M. Kistler, D. Burgdorf, G. VanDrie, L. Sperry, J. Sullivan, J Paslov, Coach Shigekawa. ROW 4: C. Dent, B. Schaeffer, G. Ferry G. Hancock, K. Bailey, S. Zilk, R. Miller, M. Mote, D. Strauss, D Stumpp, K. Wise. All League Tight End, Dick Stumpp, slides the Eagles to Victory. . With the close of summer's sun gl freedom, the El Segundo Eagles were faced with heartfelt desires for a season of victory. The veteran's had memories of a tragic past and a haunting present but their hopes were highg the Eagles could bring victory and honor backto Gundo. With their 12th loss and San Marino rated 4th in C.l.F., they put up a tremendous fight to tie the game 13-13. Once again, the fans as well as the Ea- gles displayed confidence. Along came Aviation and its ever constant battle with victory as its ultimate end. With 67's record of defeat the Eagles disproved the implanted belief. They struggled, fought, and termination was Happiness and Victory. Assurance is granted that the games should have continued, for the feeling of preparation and oncoming fight impelled the Eagles to pride and once again to lift their heads high. VARSITY ODP Rolling Hills Palos Verdes Leuzingier Aviation Lawndale Lennox Nliraleste Non League E.S. - 6 ' ' 34 0 14 13 ' ' 37 13 San Marinot 13 19 Beverly Hills 34 7 ' ' 6 20 25 53 19 26 ' O Onlookers watch Steve Ray, No, 22, Complete H D255- 'Gui Y' 1, W 2 'Q me Bruce Hart, Fullback. Goes "ALL THE WAY IN ONE PLAY". F- 75-ww-f'v.wg,"' -,Q vw I wiv 11, , L I if ff? I , ' x - .1 1 , I - ',.Jtff,,ympiMg-"f A v ' , f ' 'na . Q V A , 2115?-1 use ' 1, f. . Randy Dunn, "A linemarvs Dream" Steve White retrieves the ball and prods on- Tim lvlaledon grabs for "TOUCl-lDOWN" ward. his life. 132 WN YD5.TU5U UMW vmsu as Y , A f fx Lf' ll 53 E 'lv 1 , ,sr if-'1 . , X 'K v ,.,- - . s,,. as V ff A 1'l'f 1 ' 7 ffffy ,Q f A h Vw, ii -9 , f,rV,4,,5 I mg, I 1 . 1 Q X994 5' 5 'E if l 522- 1 A 4 fi! f x 16 Ai if 2 Q ,VM ' . . A-N Q., , 1- , 5 S. .,.. S UL- U 'un '-:f 4 S - s '8.,l' ., Q -- 645.1 ' ' 1 1. as Y ,'P-ft .0 5"x Q - - 1,4 .fr , JM ' ' V, v.!v . H- 'L-. rf r T'-N M 4' su 54, A . Wah. 1 -3 f and 7 A ROW 1: J. Obradovich, D. Orlowski, S. Chavez, G. McMullin, T. Smith, S. McDonald, Nl. Jenkins, B. Martin. ROW 2: T. Carter, J. Norris, R. Evans, D. Zimmerman, S. Bailey, G. Brett, W. Copeland, J. Gould, B. Quinn, B. Culbertson, K. Stuart. ROW 3: G. Self, E. Bimber, D. Swanson, T. Pleick, J. Roberts, L. Dohman. BEE'S SCORES ES. I . ODD. 5. b 'V fb. I 12 Rolling Hills O , 5 -- 7 O Palos Verdes 31 17 Leuzinger 21 - . ' J 7 San Marino 21 tk , , -..,- - A ,. F l 41 Beverly Hills 6 gi :ff 'QLL Q: , ' xg 1 ' tr. Tff"f'Q"f 21 Aviation 7 f' - ' 5 o Lawndale 27 3 ' . , 1 L -' Q QT' it 'D - 27 Lennox 20 V: 1 A ,gf 4 3 21 Miraiesre 6 1 1' as " ga g ' League Record-4-1 i"i 4' f -yy , ,I V W ,,.f , e- 4 Q J 2. 2 ' T-gf-if. '5.i'Q.'7Q..f2.f"f7 i..j:1rg'.':f'L: fre 1.1 The Bee's football team, led by Coaches Zimmer- man and Brewer, had the best league standing since the 1965 Championship team. The Bee's had such overall wins as Rolling Hills, Aviation, Lennox, Miraleste, and the climax ofa 41-6 win over Beverly Hills. The hard-working Bee's were led by their most valuable player, Dan Le Nlasurier and the scoring honors were taken by Tim Carter and Tom Smith. 5 E ' r.Y':if'm,rx sl A ', A '- ,' r 7 VW' . ,rf f ff' 'L' ' D .. gf 1 i ,L I lr iw' X. -' D. " ' .112 I 17.--A .....f.i'T,-.- ----. .- :EFI-, 'iq ,T I I V' ,V .V .b Y,- .w nr- .U 7.7 . , : ' VJ. V . V wr - . f V . .5 . , , ia fjq, 'nal .zfifiiz se: Q - 4 .-'X '- V .. -. .. H. . f 1 Q , ' . -lrf . V -u A I - ,YC Er,E.'2t.ii4" 5-SML' J 4 rin. 4" r 1. 2" 71 A -'-- ,' 5' gn," . '25 ' h"' - ri " n ' "" ' ffffs-L .j?jZ.fQ:g'1,. ., '. 3 .A ' . ,- . .3 .TWP ,.n--wa, N, -,W . . W, . . . '-' 'I' ""T.'-::",f-tffu, ::f1vfv04"ivffq-w...-n -, H-I-1' if ' , A - n- . .f3,,,1,1,,35.:.':'.g,fa,,4-?,: 2-'ef-'ng 35 ' ' " 3-1 4 ' " -ng...1'unL5",J"f, 1vV11-"-fry! -7 f,..u ,' 'f' Y". .1 " .LI " , ROW 1: B. Benidex. T. Markwell. S. Obradovich. S. Fhay, T. Ray. A. Wendell. J. Clark. K. Splttler. J. Sullivan, J. Tidwell, D. Ham- bright. R. Byrd. R. Mayors. ROW 2: L. Wilkins. J. Hayes, R. Martin. S. Domann, M. Randall. R. Kommel, T. Hodder. C. Orlowski, K. The small Cee Team gained valuable experience through their losses as well as their wins. Such wins were over Leuzinger. San Marino, Beverly l-lills, and Miraleste. The Cee coaches, Mr. Morgan and Mr. Smith were an inspiration to the young team and their Most Valuable Player Frank Judge was a main asset. ll. " AY i .M ,,M..-J-,. McAllister. F. Quiroga. B. MacGregor, F. Judge. ROW 3: S. Cronin J. Goegle. K. Dalgleish, M. Jellison. S. Swiggum, E. Eccles. M. Cur tis. S. McGregor, B. Schaeffer. D. Bell. - g 3 j"f,7 . Q 31 if it 1 .- 1 ' , :lu 1' his ' ' 'J:.QY,12gFf 'f2 'ggo ,-Q .I-43 ,1 f - - 3 .J . 1 g gi 1:2535 , ' .. L QM.: . J . gi-Q.. 4-1" ' .,g,1. .1...:.vp..g:M1'i5-'214f""2Aff334W A" 'hx " K "?"',' 5 ' ' ' ' 4 1 Z " C A' ., MQ is 136 , R N A ti. is CO-CAPTAIN DOUG STRAUSS CO-CAPTAIN STEVE WHITE FIRST IN PIONEER LEAGUE 2nd IN PIONEER LEAGUE COACH SANTIA arsity Wrestling XE Wrestling victories came early to the Eagle Grapplers with seven wins and an outstanding league record. Such promising men were Doug Strauss first in Pioneer League and Steve White placing second in Pioneer League. Other fine wrestlers were Jim Gould, Dan Le- Masurier, Joe Paslov, and Steve Saffell. DANNY LGIVIASURIER JOE PASLOV STEVE SAFFELL X t.st I gym--A...-.H-.,f Jim Gould Lane Gardiner Ron Miller Ron Frame Greg McMuIIin TOP Ellot Gould MVP ln hrs prosperous season placed llth In little trouble at this Lennox Cross Country Meet BOTTOM RIGHT Flnals and led has team to a 3rd place positron In Pioneer League - Agony IS Ecstasy at thus meet against Avlatlon and Bruce Cow BOTTOM LEFT JV Curt Harrington HOT BUT COOL runs Into in will greet anyone with prowess 4. ., if ar 1 - ' 'Kg'7i.-1,2,.,- '1rZ..I,l,' A-, t' '-5 Jr. ' ww , 'TTT vm ,, H A iff, -,, -.:..,, H 'W .-,, - -v. 1-Q Q- 1 x w.,, 1-5 ,gg - .nfs . f fb M pgs .3 ' 7 1. P A , 43.3. :.-, Y-"fi-M. Y ,QF I Q .J , , 1 1 ir- . .. ,. 1 tail? Y v ,. 1 QfMEE,fif5Qf A 5 ,,.A, . 5 5? M 4 'M 4 ,i'154'- 1, Q , R11 7? ' ' 'R - ' S isp N 'Q - ' - V ' f fl y ' 1.vF-vwlaviw 2 , 25 Q " agmg,32Qg '- Q L I I K Q' , . X gxnggiz Q X 131 1-'Pg :gt X X-., Q . 1 -. -' awk, . , A TOP: Elliot Gould stands with pride as he receives the Nlost Valuable Player Award for his showmanship in Cross Country. BOTTOM LEFT Hard work and determination gave Doug Bvesenga the honored title of Most Dedicated Player of the J.V. team. BOTTOM RIGHT: Knox Bannerman stands with honor as he assumes the Most Improved Title, placing seventh in Pioneer League. X seq mm .N N. NWN. sn xrjs may 3? New Q We N., X1 '72 Z. Zw.bZfwMi .f . , .. I., ir i l. 7 .M 46" ii Q ... I l pw- Q.. vu .4 'F' 422.59 -1 LEFT T0 RIGHT: M. Matthews, M. Cuzick, B. Craig, D. Sturnpp, D. Ralston, D. MacLean, D. Marikos, J. Wood, G. Hancock, D. Johnson G.Cole. E.S. E.S. ES. E.S. E.S. E.S. E.S. ES E.S E.S E.S. E.S. E.S E.S E.S E.S E.S E.S ES ES E.S 142 45 37 52 54 58 48 58 46 47 67 78 69 64 68 33 62 77 59 59 68 66 Varsity oundballers Redondo Culver City Costa Mesa Mayfair Palos Verdes Domingues Jordan Downey Hawthorne Inglewood Beverly Hills Lawndale Morningside Lennox Palos Verdes Aviation Miraleste Beverly Hills Lennox Lawndale Miraleste tLeague Games Coach Jones and his fine 1968-69 Varsity basket- ballers placed third in the Pioneer League this sea- son behind such strong teams as Beverly Hills and Aviation. The Eagles swept over Lawndale and Mira- leste for easy victories. Over-all, the Varsity Eagles are to be commended for their desire and will to play good basketball. Players such as Captain Mari- kos and Co-Captain Ralston are also responsible for this good record. The mighty Eagles continue to soar higher! Non-League ES 40 ES 26 ES 45 ES 34 ES 37 ES 23 ES 41 ES 22 ES 28 ES 44 ES 46 ES 48 League ES 52 ES 56 ES 56 ES 48 ES 57 ES 40 ES 52 ES 58 ES 52 ES 51 LEUZINGER SANTA MONICA SANTA MONICA COSTA MESA INGLEWOOD MIRA COSTA AVIATION HAWTHORNE INGLEWOOD CULVER CITY MORNINGSIDE PALOS VERDES BEVERLY HILLS LAWNDALE LENNOX AVIATION MIRALESTE BEVERLY HILLS LENNOX AVIATION LAWNDALE MIRALESTE unior Varsity 6' The JV's, a young team consisting of one fresh- man, six sophomores, and two juniors fought their way for sensational wins over Aviation and Palos Verdes. Coach Deovlet commented that for such an extremely young team he was very proud of their record. Much of their success was due to the talent of Dan Herman, chosen most valuable player, who averaged 15 points per game! D. Herman, B. Lowe, J. Obradvich, D. Johnson, A. Arnold, M. Branam, P. Dohman, G. Brett, J. Pleick, CENTER RIGHT: Coach Deovlet I43 i ..- Bee Roundballers 50 Leuzinger 48 Costa Mesa 44 Dominguez 57 Hawthorne El Segundos Bee Basketball team started the 62 Beverly Hllls season with 4 convincing victories over such 54 Culverclty schools as Leuzinger, Hawthorne, Costa Mesa, and 59 Lawndale Dominguez. The team garnered 5 wins for a 5-9 59 lvlomlngslde record, but the final scores do not tell the excellent 50 Lennox playing and coaching of this team. Coach Carter 43 Palos Verdes and his Bees exhibited some good basketball in ev- 51 Avlallon ery game! 61 Beverly Hills 58 Lavvndale 59 Lennox 66 Miraleste LEFT T0 RIGHT - David Zimmerman, Frank Judge. Steve Ray, Kelly, Bob Wilson, Mike Mote, Rick Meredith Tim Maledon and Jim Aiken, Randy Majors, Don May. Steve Leal, Dale McNutt, Pat Leo Donahue. ww, ..,..,.a 5. Q Q u D ' I ml' 1, .J 1 s TBEVENY a -.- .A Q 7 3' I . ' W f, -to xg, .l.l H 5 e'li 43535 'fr ' 5 1:15 ,x hi 48" E.S ES ES E.S ES ES E.S ES ES E.S ES E.S ES ES E.S ES ES E.S Ceeis League Champs Santa Monica Santa Monica Costa Mesa Dominguez Compton Inglewood Hawthorne Inglewood Beverly Hills Culver City Lawndale Morningside Lennox Palos Verdes Aviation Miraleste Beverly Hills Lawndale The action was with the Pioneer League Champi- on Cee Basketball team who finished the season with 18 wins and 3 losses. Under the outstanding coaching of Mr. Morgan, these young but mighty Eagles triumphed over Beverly Hills and Aviation. lt was a great season forthe Pioneer League Champi- ons and Coach Morgan. f 'af wg 1 un v LEFT TO RIGHT - Jim Carr, Steve Obradovich, Steve Curtis, Ken Bell, Scott McGregor, Jeff Tidwell. and Pat Giery. Dalgleish, Guy Henderson, Mike Jellison, Stewart Swiggum, Don l45 .six ROW 1: Coach Saari, B. Ashley, T. Karutz. ROW 2: G. Smith, R. trom ROW 5 lVl Puffer N Stimpson S Austin B VanVranken Albers. ROW 3: R. Olson, G. Clevenger. ROW 4: J. Potett, lVl. Borgs- S Ayer Varsit ater Polo The 1968-69 Water Polo season saw the Eagles giving their all. These boys put their hearts into their games, and devoted many long hours of prac- tice to the perfection of their aquatic skills. Guided by one ofthe nation's foremost water polo coaches, Coach Saari, the Eagles fought valiantly on to six victories. L V 5' 4 ...N '4 fi' R L I ,nf ' ' - - f -. in-.-Q' 'f A 4' in ' uv..-'I' Bee s R. Murray P. Roach J. Slatton J. Uhey B. Hobe Coach Hall nd Cee ,J t Polo Led by Coach Hall the Bee and Cee Water Polo teams played some tough opponents. They, like the Varsity team, practiced many long hours to perfect their game. Judging by their record and spirit we can look forward to very promising teams in the future. Cee' s -J. O'Connor D. Sheehan B. Liedke J. Peterson D. Cashman M. Ashley B. Cummings Coach Hall 'F i l ,. F ' ,,.,,,..5vT ,-:.. Q Q 3 5' 1,9 ., V Y I V., Axru . W ,li kg fe ., gf v , P 5 ,F I f ' W ' a 4, 4 Q " 'Q x A ' f X? , if P ic. , 1 . p J 53 45 'X s il? - . 1 1 Fungal . l. -. ROW 1: K. Bailey, R. Albers, R. Hulsey, K. Wise, C. Dent, lVl. Wag- Lemasurler. ROW 3: I. lVlaledoh, J. Gould, T. Mueller, S. Dalgleish ley, D, Walker, G. Burgclorf. ROW 2: T. Smith, K. Bahhermah, IVI. D. Smith, S. Chavez, B. Lowe. arsity Cindermen Dave Copeland in action, 148 - Jw I Coach Shigekawa Coach Zimmerman Distance men arsity Track In Action 'F g Randy Ayer sails over the bar. George Burgdorf leads hurdlers, Tony Pleick, Barry Bullock, and Scott Dalgliesh com- ' pete in pie-eating contest. Don Nlay successfully clears the high jump bar, l5O Coach Carter assists at track meet. The Eagle Cindermeh, led by shot putter Cliff Dent, high jumper Ray Hulsey, broad jumper Tom Smith and pole vaulter David Walker, reflected showmanship for the inter core of thefield events. El Segundo's sprinters and hurdlers were the nuclei of strength with George Burgdorf doing C865 in the 70 highs. Tim Nlaledoh and Scott Dagleish led the way in sprints. The combination of Tom Smith, Mark Wag- ley, David Walker, and Tim Nlaledon ap- peared ihvincible with record-breaking times. 9.141 HQ W 'N ax! ! 5 X S Ng E ROW 1 T Nlaledon S Fletcher, Nl. Duvall, S. West, J. Gould, J. Jenkins D Copeland ROW 2: B. Lowe, R. Thompson, J. Cole- .ml D, .4 at , M H, , ,,..... ,...,......... man, S. Chavez, lVl. Mote, R. Boronda, J. Norris. ROW 3: D. Le- Nlasurier, T. Smith, E. Bimber, S. Kelly, J. Sullivan. Bee And Cee Cindermen ROW 1 J Peterson P Goessler, B. Carr, D. lVlann, R. Brown, P, ly. ROW 3: G. Miller, S. Jenkins, M. Tracy, T. Markle, J. Williams, ROW 2: Nl. McGregor, S. Young, B. Leal, B. Randall. Eccles, B. Benedix, B. Schaeffer, S. Kel- Wi? ima Snr., MSHNM' ' 'W' ROW 1: Coach Saari, B. Liedke, S. Austin, N. Stimpson, G. Smith, S. Ayre, B. Vanlfranken. ROW 2: Nl. Puffer, lVl. Borgstrom, J. Pe- tett, P. Roach, B. Ashley. R. Olsen. Varsity Swimming The 50-45 victory over Miraleste of the EagIe's first game was a prophecy of a great season to come. Gur team on the water fulfilled our high expecta- tions by putting on some ofthe best meets ESHS has seen. The Eagle Swimmers showed not only aquatic skill but team spirit in the '69 season. l52 'H-fx. www ' s- g- B,-rixfyx, XL.. fif'--f NJX...f """-w,,,,,,N f-,..,s-NM LEFT T0 RIGHT: Coach Hall, Bill Hobe, Jim Uhey, Jim Slatton, Pat Roach, Richard Murray. John O'Connor. Bee SL Cee Swimming LEFT T0 RIGHT: Coach Hall, Bob Cummings, Mark Ashley, Dave Cashman, Dave Sheehan. W Y. an "Vw mhlmbw Tix "Y THQ, 4 . Q 519102-'Tri gf: LH- f' f A i"ff',!.'f'Q,f Qi ..,. Lf? if I I...f?lLfff'. aa. 55 ?WM:W i- V pa- 1 ij- LS . , - 42 I 1' 4. A 4 J! H C t I ' 4 'J n' fif' 4 ' s A - Q s - , , . 11' ix J J' ' N 8 3 ,-. il W . . . is if i J-we 4 s A ' f in . , wg . 4 Y A 4 , .ff 1 A 4 , Q... 1 ses n in -vi ' Q6 'i ' " 2 .5 ii 35 M U I H A , I H6 K . y A' kxk' f . X,,. 4 ,..,,. Al Y W fi P y . , " i L il Ei K x Pt . 2 u 3' r sn 1- "1a.iii5. . "L " ' ' " -..mr "'m'fIi:" r ROW 1: D. Bird, J. Jewell, M, Lipscomb, A. Ross, P. Keener. ROW 2: Coach Watkins, L. Bannerman, J. Peterson, G. Cole, B. Varsity Tennis ' Wo Ytfwef "W , A QV'J 5 A. m if 'if .QR E 3 Nw. """--ua.. J B ' P 75? f . J B ' Q ' A . 12,1 "ff I .. I . ,. Coach Watkins demonstrates serving skill to his team. Team member, Bill Pelzmann, serves to his 154 - Fourth Season opponent. , ,' 1 . Q we S. Eric Marshall J. Babcock Junior Var it Tenni Greg Cole ROW 1: L. Smith, M. Faye, B. Kessener, J. Babcock, B. Coultier. ROW 2: M. Dogan, B. Marin, H. Ruttinger, M. Stivers, G. Mason, B. Mathis, M. Miller. Y x I 'aiu 'TL X. W fl? at-V W E- 1 L52 B S "rl l"' .. --3 ..5 Q ms, ,J "l'.fl1l'fI'Ij ' . , . "-,vffv pgpyf-' f ' .115-'ff 'A' .Mf+'-4 , 344 M if ' 2 A., VI K ., .. , , . 4 . 1: s' I Q 2 J, 15313-sqfzf' 1' """,,,""' Y,,.f-f"'A Jack Salvinger Kirk Allison Ed Carrol Coach Stevenson Varsit Baseball Ed Glotz X Scot McGregor will -fe ' l wi' x I Q sg f 7 Center Field Left Steve Ray Greg Hancock Mike Majors Z i Shortstop Bill Bue Second Base Dick Stumpp Third Base Cliff Runyen First Base Jim Helvey J i 75 3,7 5, ,Z 2 Z I 5 rl if I C f odd ' Pitcher Herb Bedolfe Bob Schaefer Catcher 157 ' 2 Z Z a 1 5' r Z tt ff . h ,B?5- 5 l .S li' il 5' fi Xi ROW 1: R. Majors, B. l-lobe, J. Tidwell, B. Culbertson, G. Mc- S. Curtis, K. Dalgleish, B. Gangawere J Obradovich W Walker Mullin, B. Quinn, S. Curtis, D. Bell, S. Domann. ROW 2: F. Judge, G. Bedolfe, R. Martin, S. Swiggum J Jellison agles Eyed Championsh1p unior arsit And 9th rade Baseball 158 Two years ago under the leadership of Coach Jones, the Junior Varsity Baseball Team won the Pioneer League flag. That team consisted of mostly freshmen and juniors. This year is no exception. The infield consisted of juniors Greg McMullin and Wayne Walker, and freshmen Steve Curtiss, Steve Domann, and Mike Jellison. The outfield is made up mostly of freshmen: Jeff Tidwell and Stewart Swig- gum. Anyway you line them up, you can be sure that the Eagles will always be on top. V w Q ff 4 5 Q 1 9 9 y W f . V X ''QQ:'.'fP'-',5,1N5G6-Ezwiikem' v fryarf, '- 1" . 'A -,.,, .- x ,,uQ:w. Q, ,fnixqc - :ACM -',3uZ,1hi',1.'Xi1,4i2a 5.2-q14f'Z,XL 'Z fJf'Zi,27 L72 . , Zi 42354 ,V ' "' "f' ' G. Leaf J. Soto K. Smith During the year, G.A.A. members prepare themselves for the various sports days, plan money-making projects in order to award a scholarship to an outstanding senior, and support the boys in various sports fields. G.A.A. class is open to any girl fulfilling the requirements set by the constitution and having an interest in sports. The club, meets after school and welcomes all girls at ESHS. lst. Semester officers: ROW 1: D. Fisk, L. Smith, D. Robison, C. Pendleton. ROW 2: B. Murphy, L. White, E. Young, C. Collette, L. Freeman. President Linda Smith. SPOUSOV Mrs. Gibbs- . . .- I 1 ' 7 Wil L , ' Qi I V ' uture Leaders Action A gage. ' 15,117.15 ' tr 'fri' -"',1'xjg2Qgg'-.ji ! ,f rn, .,.1f:,-'wx ,W , -: , 'i '1 ., -A 5 1 w- "2 4: .ffm my -. f A xr ff ' ' we Y oy fr , fi ff t 1: , , i f, Q , . , A, aff' . in 5' wwe I Pat Jordan at installation ROW 1: Valerie Truesdell, Nancy Goodale, Sue Birdsall. ROW 2: Cindy Pendleton, Debbie Robison, Jan McCreary, Timi Bourell, Janet Harslnavv, Debbie Dowdy. W5 Guests at dime-a-dip dinner. Linda Lehman performs at G.A.A. Christmas party. i WNV X sf fs? kj stggk 9 Cindy Pendle- - ton relaxes prior to stren- uous activity in G.A.A. j, 4, Editor's hanks To Becky for getting a picture of the dedicatee without letting him know. To Gary for getting pictures of camera-shy faculty. To Tish for placing seniors first and best. To Jan who probably knows every junior, sophomore, and freshman. To Beth for spending extra hours on clubs and government. To Debbie C. and May for getting us through our first crisis. To Debbie D. for adding the feminine touch to sports. To Maureen and Jani for compilingthe time-consuming index and other odd jobs. To Sue for designing our cover and her artwork. To Tim for being our darkroom specialist. To Tom for taking unusual, but printable pictures. To Wendy for keepingtrack of where the money went. To Mike for writing some of our more interesting copy. To Mrs. Peterson for spending additional time and effort to keep us going. To Mr. Kingston and Mrs. Evans for putting up with our constant queries. To Robert's Studio for taking senior portraits and other formal pictures. To Mr. Brisben of American Yearbook for helping us produce a different annual. Together we have attempted to make changes to produce an annual which better reflects the feelings of the students. We have also tried to continue and improve traditions which had been neglected such as the Coronation Ball and the use of school'colors for the annual cover. . LU U Debbie Copeland Mike Stivers 1 ,' I f ' 91, Wendy Larsen May Smith ff l .T I ,V I . ff f,V 0 W ' t ,' ' A My f' f T T . X f , ff- WY' af... ll 'A ' ' J . Y ,j i m M' fl V., l V - 1 . sf . rffwwwwnn . . i 'T' V ,, ft V yq Q i ,", , ' l . ' gy fi.. T y Y 1 Debbie Davis and Jani Sheldon fi: if . -.M r T V T X f ' Jan Krekemeyer Tish Almquist 'Ulu' f f., Tom Limberg I S., f Gary Phillips Beth Murphy z,4V"' Tim Maledon Maureen McCready Sue Campilii Mrs. Peterson gl Mr. Kingston Cfingers by Timj , ,V. , 3 4 2 MQ? jj' I 1 g wma? : mm ,vw . f ' f' , " Nb , . .' 'x. V .f , wrfgglgb , M if 'H Q 1 Q X.. vs. 1 i 1 D is P vi - -Yi-ff H ' 1 r ',,w f"?'+ff'fa LJ . If V. 3 W ju E 4" Q Y' Ay,, f' I 91.3 ' I gl! Ax w Q " 'a x A mi ., -95 EL---at - -.,- -- N A . . ff 'NN ww l . N 11' .f ' . ,. ," 129' - S . LA K 4 1 A ,N , Y h I 3 H, K ,fxn 'Jn 1' -L W -q. 'N' A . L,, ,f , 3 . H ,Q , f ,. ,W , , ,247-fill' 'iff , ...Q ,H 1 if 3,2 I Q1 -a f 1,4 " f N , Mlff ff -W' ' V ,. , , 5. 4-':'. If 790 'Z 2705.5 ' " :A-" " 1122:l.,1: ,, .WF k.1 'I i ffy! 1 I I , , , . . . , , U , gi f 4.0 4' E, . , , , W J., , 3- ,, - ... , ,w,,.k, ,IW , ,,, f V , .. :f.,, x , - .N-.f My ,wx-,r ., ,' V q' . , ,, , 7 , A,,, , M I f If ' , , nffff-,'f,, ' W ff 23"ff'gg i '11 fi + 41' ' . 1- , ' 1 , , .MTM 7f:,f:4Lg,,v 76 ,A , W ,-, .. -f 4' ' Y-5yg?'f,f 43 ,v 23-mg A . ,Mu A, ,, , ' f ,V A ,, an , f Y V , 7 4 4 " , g. G13'a?:,::f'fi"" ' ' " w.,w,,:Wl,.., I , .Y I , 1 ,. gfi , 2 'ffm ,,,, 4- -1 , ' . " ' fy -fi 'f . ' .Ln-ff-,, .I " ' f 5 , I f -' M ,4z,Ww4,f , , ,Q f 14:21 ?22ZL,24A1fo,gf f , ::,1:.f.a.,2Q f - ..,.. Qf'1,7,Q V -:,::.54. ,- ' : Wiki L" K . Q , 5 f , 'W'-my,.,,,,, hr ' ,ff W. ,f f, ff Z I f ,C 5,2 ,Z I ADVE TISI ,- Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Perry Truesdell Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Smith United States Post Office Mr. and Mrs. W. Campilii 81 family James F. Pugh, D.D.S. "Boosey Twins" - Pam and Wendy Mr. and Mrs. D. l.. Stevenson 81 family Mr. and Mrs. R. Krekemeyer8t family Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Maledon Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Sheldon Mr. and Mrs W. Limberg Kathryn Peterson Mr. and Mrs K. R. Davis Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Copeland 84 family Mr. and Mrs J. McCready Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Stivers DISTINCTIVE NOVELTIES AND GIFTS Farewell to the last of the '60's - IO'S CANDY COTTAGE Can you feel their SPIRIT? goin.: mad: camliu 213 MANHATTAN BEACH BLVD. P CI b 68 69 545-1138 MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIF. ep u - CARROLL SHELBY N 'COLES - 'if.i.'fs:..1.w-E.. MANHATTAN E EHEQ' ' 5:y2Jf..2y:x:Q,.. HAIRSTYLIST 73556535-353390245 10th 3. Manhattan Ave. 21555 SPEARS Manhattan Beach, Calif. 7-0 1-- M.G. 0 JAGUAR O AUSTIN HEALY 0 VOLVO O TRIUMPH 0 HILLMAN VOLKSWAGEN O PO RSCI-I E 0411540 Qzinfing cg? Tgofo gszuias AIRPORT FOREIGN CAR SERVICE FOREIGN CAR REPAIRS COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY at LITHOGRAPHY EASTGATE 2 O815 225 RICHMOND 212 E. IMPERIAL AVE. EL SEGUNDO CAUF 322-7633 EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. 90245 PHONE 322 9981 MANY VARIETIES OF LIVE AND FRESH FROZEN SAIT OUR SPECIALTY THE SERVICE AND REPAIR OF ALL - FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC REELS -T HERMOSA TACKLE BOX ISURF FISHING ITIEADQUARTERSJ 21 PIER AVE.. HERMOSA BEACH, CALIF. LESTER PHONE 374-9727 we FEATURE ALVEY RODS at REELS Chevron Sefwfe Sfcmon ROD 8: REEL SALES. RENTAL AND RE R 302 NVEST GRAND AVE JERRY MORRIS EL SEGUNDO CALIF I "Greetings to the Class of 69" INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER and subsidiaries A Diversified, Dynamic California Growth Organization Serving World Markets in SIEIIIIIIIGIUIINIIIJIIUGTTIJIRIS AIIIID SIULIID STATE IJIEIIIIGES International Rectifier, Semiconductor Division, EI Segundo, Calif. IPIHIAHIIIIAIGEIUTIIGALS IMIEIIJIIIIIBAL EILEGTITIIDINIIGS Dallons Instruments, EI Segundo, Calif. IIIIIETALILIIIRIIGIIIGAL ALLLUIIIS Xaloy Incorporated, New Brunswick, N.J. Manufacturing and Balee Facllltlee In prlnclpal counirtea throughout the world Current Annual Report avaliable on request to: INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER 233 Kansas Street, EI Segundo, California 'Lleted on the New York Stock Exchange I I CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORSI Sclxiclfs EI Segundo Bakery 116 W. GRAND AVE. EL SEGUNDO' CAL'FORN'A Diamonds Watches Jewelry 8635 So. Sepulveda Blvd. THELLO at GAIL. SCHICKLING EASTGATE 2-3422 . Los Angeles, Calif. 90045 776-6460 0 645-6551 MUNROE'S gf Men's Store MOTOROLA Communications and Electronics I 8639 SO. SEPULVEDA BLVD. LOS ANGELES 45, CALIF. 776-5202 Two Way Radio Communications ' BETTER SERVICE - BETTER VALUES 2333 Utah Ave., El Segundo, Calif. 90245 C2135 644-1101, 772-3411 Boa MccAR'ri-iv SPRING 2-2989 EASTGATE 2-1544 president: "A COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE" McCarthy Insurance Agency AEROSPACE PRINTING CENTER 339 MAIN STREET El.. SEGUNDO. CALIFORNIA E50 Nor-ch Sepulveda Blvd.EISegur1dO,Celif. 772-4211 322-533-41 A 'r r I. ARIPOSA MARKET 1160 East Mariposa Roland Blakeman EAstgate 2-2828 Ray Lanphere TW amlei ll HOIVlE LOANS -INSURED SAVINGS - ESCROW 888 North Sepulveda Boulevard - El Segundo, Calif. 90245 322-0603 Congrafulcfions Seniors UJMQ5 VILLAGE DRUG 512 CENTER STREET MARY R. MEEKER EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA E S Soodcengemftrefy BART MEEKER 322-2190 EA 2-5863 I egun o, cu ormc WALT 8: PEARL.. RAGSDALE, MANAGER I' ' LZ . 323 MA... Vlllage Coffee Shop EL. SEGUNDO. CALIFORNIA 90245 PIALLMARK GREETING CARDS BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER VVEDDING INVITATIONS. STATIONERY. HOME COOKED NIEIALS GIFTS. MONOGRAMMING 514 CENTER ST. Ex.1zAaE'rH M. MCCARTHY 322-0727 EA 2-0309 EL SEGUNDO ,g,--.....:':.. Congratulations . ' BARBER SHOP f Hair Styling Hai, gf,-,ighfening 25907 S. Sepulveda Blvd. ' . An eles 90045 I R c fe n OS g 4 'zo' " ' 9 776-4694 210 West Grand Ave. E h . t ingfor El s d , c lf. EA 2-9856 VW e9"' 0 " IVII-Lady'S Wardrobe Congratulations Class of "69" SUPERIOR DRIVE-IN DAIRY Chuck Ross 450 N. lVlain Street 322-9708 STEVENS FOR MEN Congratulationsfi Traditionally Fine Clothes multi? 428 Main Street . EI Segundo, Calif. EA 2-5365 I Congratulations, Class of H69 BUSINESS TAX SERVICE BOOPSKEEPINCQ -INCOME TAX B E IVIO LD Igi:FDUiVE. OFFICE EASTG-l.:Xi'ZEl3iliJg'5i C R I O N EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. HOME EASTGATE 2-0825 Precision Mold-Making Center 322-4467 REAL ssmrs 132 Nevada 772-3261 JUNE CUTHBERTSON Rss. PHONE 322-5048 411 MAIN ST. JET AGE REALTY Ei. sssunino, cAi.iF. Dgn and Emma Peterson Best Wishes, Senior Class of '69 THE FIREMAN'S ASSOCIATION I IfITEIQNATI oHAL ' I -ADT, -CENTER - AEROSPACE TRAVEL CENTER ' " ' ' 690 N , A f ' 1 Sfonewuhe V, o. SERLILVEDA BLVD. . T " EL SEGLJNDO, CALIFORNIA 90245 . I, . ' YQ- -4 . , .N . E . I In A Q ' H nf. if ,VA . , 5 ' fnzgu El cfeguncfo .'BlUJ.l f 'V I A " I 772 4311 Aieguiulof in 9: E ' ' gf: 322 ease 322-7193 b 'Q 1 bxfvrijfltljl 24-hour Service CLOSED , . SUN' at MON. Wheel AlIgnIng - Tune-Up 81 Brake SSFVICE ' -' - I' JAMESM LEE I '4" UNION oIL DEALER ' BARBER SHOP APPOINTMENT AVAILABLE 8:30 To 5:30 322-2963 323 RICHMOND ST. 603 N. SEPULVEDA - EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. 322-3425 EL SEGLINDO, CALIF. 3225425 FREE PICKAUP 5. DELIVERY Congratulations, Senior Class! JOE FOURNIER'S SPORTING GOODS 425 Nlain Street EI Segundo, Calif. 90245 322-2665 FORREST STATION ERS 0 Commercial Stationery - Office Equipment 0 Rubber Stamps - Nlimeograpning 0 Hadley Accounting Forms 0 Duplicating Products 200 West Grant Ave. El Segundo, Calif. EAstgate 2-0125 - SPring 2-2890 JERRY'S SHOES AND ANDREA'S BOUTIQUE 400 Main Street El Segundo, California 322-5861 HAIR 2nTYLlNB BILHDUETTEB YOUR NATURAL CHARM RUTH'S BEAUTY SALON COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE 412 EABT GRAND Avz. El. SEBUNDU, CALIF. 9 TD 5 DAILY - Evra. BY APPT. EA. 2-2542 RUTH BIXLER - OWNER Q , ff ? ' 0411 Glow! JVSEJL 1 LEQHZQI2 5. QXOQUEZQ ELINOR LEHMAN 305 RICHMOND ST Ei. SEGUNDO, c i EA 2-5961 F THIS SPACE RESERVED BY COMPLETE LINE OF HOBBIES AND SUPPLIES EL SEGUNDO HOBBY SHOP ..i2Z.,T3lS il... N F4 T I Cl N FI I- E F4 N K JIM B: Dome OTTMAN EA 2-3774 JACK N' JILL 313 Main Street EI Segundo, Calif. 322-2289 Infants and CI'IiIdren's Wear GRAND AVE. MARKET 401 E. Grand Ave. EI Segundo 322-4558 RIVIERA VOLKSWAGEN INC- CorporateHeadquarters-EISegundo,CaIifornia - Izs so. SEPULVEDA BLVD. Add'f'0"'U' Cffifes MANHATTAN BEACH' CAMP' 90266 Hawthorne Lomifa Manhattan Beach 376-3488 772-2449 Lawndale OPEN DAILY TO 6:00 P.M. f ,.'u----,4 "l::5" f Q EAstg'at.e 2-0407 A. L.. MURPHY STUDIO 130 WEST GRAND AVENUE ji EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA .feel qafifaiand, everything for milady NADINE LINTON MANAGER 407 main street eastgate 2-1496 el Segundo, calif. D f .Alu mx 7 ROBB'S RESTAURANT 707 N. Supelveda EI Segundo 322-3997 X Tv Q 2,96 SXUIIQUCOTSQY' 5 ,aw sk Q66? Z7 W 'VE vox 7 was Am QW W9?sm Wrxw:kD.,:eQP Q off' 'O fm CL W Qfffdw ,ff S, if 0' XQ-f sig 215, 6,540 Wm WJ 2 ' M WHAMv . Ax,-1 W w'2f5?1?W 9 M gf mf RSM 7? fc wi VJ AW as M 355 JN M W My Ss WWW 2-Jo,f,P2gQ.4..w5 r,.N. m Z QM fb 'fafffdf GWW ffdf W gf H ,ff Aff 45351 U! X L i L fi' X '1'V.-f'T1,' ATR? A 'ff' sz -- vw J , if X7 -:Al f e if .. ltr' N -Gu, mfff'-Q if 8 'l If fg. - -r 1.5 nk Wi 1 f , 5. . .: gk ,V., A 1 4 x. N., If 231 I DEX if My I f 'fif'7f4,f'7t t, ,ff ,y,'fa,fAf, fi! " C174-liz, 4 .QL , 7,7226--wg ,-,'?,.3v rf '1 'ff O 'EQ , Q me Vw my? .ywffff , X , , f 4. SENIORS A Abbott, Sandra 30 Ahres. Sharon 97 Almquist, Tish 30.94.114,163 Andrews, Craig 30,117,130 Arneson, Tim 30 Ashley, Brian 30.93,146,152 Ayer, Stan 30.152 B Babush 30 Bailey, Robin 30.92.96 Baf1i'5rman.Kno 3O,11O,111.112,117.118, Barnwell, Bob 30 Bartek, Kathie 30 Bedolfe, Herb 30,51,77,78,82,83. 84 Bell, Jim 31 Bialeschki, Chuck 31,130 Bird. Darrell 31,112,118,154 Bissell, Ross 31.124 Blair, Darlene 31 Boronda, Ramon 31,151 Bowles, Cheena 31,95 Bue, Bill 31 Bullock, Barry 31.50,126, 150 Burgdorl, George 31,50,126.148.150 Burnett, Renee 31 C Caballaro, ibis 31,113,117 Calvert, Chris 32,96,97 Cameron, Mark 32 Campeau, Casey 32,97,130 Campilii, Susan 32.77,94,1 14,163 Carr, Bill 43,151 Carter, Bruce 32 Catanzaro, Peter 32 Chambers, Ruth 32 Chase. Peter 97 Claflin, Katy 32 Clark, Sandra 96 Cole. George 32,112,117,142 Cole, Gregory 32.50, 108.1 10.1 1 1, 1 12, l17,121,122.154.155 Combs, Sheila 32 Coney, Jennie Sue 32,97 Conroy, Cinda Sue 33.95 Copeland, David 33.148 Copeland, Debbie 33,94.114,125,163 Cowell, James 33 Craig, Bernie 33,142 Crichton, Jim 33,126 Crockett, Dana 33 Culbertson, Susan 33.96.111 Cuzick. Mike 33,130,142 D Davies, Cyd 33,96 Davis, Crisynda 33 David, Debbie 33,89,113.114,116,163 Day. Sandy 32,95 De Cuir, John Deets, Carol 34.97,108,110,113,118 122 Deitchman, Patty 34.95 Dent, Cliff 34.78,97,130,148 Dickens, Nadine 34,90,97,108.110,113. 116 Diehl, Robert 34 Dogan, Mehmet Tamer 34,1 12,122,155 Dow, Doug Dyrdahl. Kathy 34.118 E Engquist. Susan 34.77,79.88,113,116 Enriquez, Perry Ernest. David 34 F Faas. John 34, 124 Farnsworth, Gary 35 Ferry, Gregg 35,130 Fillingim. Pat 35 Finnie. Lynn 35,90,113,116 Fiske. Susan 35,96 Frame, Ronnie 35,117,130,138 Frauenberger, Gayle 35,78,95,108,113.125 Frerkes, Larry 35 Fruhwirth, Herwig 35.55.111 Foster, 35 Fuller, Lenny 35 G Gallagher, Kathy 35.77.113 Gardiner, Lance 35.138 Gates, Priscilla 35,95 Goff, Lavinda 35 Gould. James 35.135,138,151 Green, Bill 36 Gumpert, Janet 36.95 Guy. Florine 36.96.97 H Hagstedt, Ken 36 Hall. Carl 36.126 Hamilton, Debbie 36.94 Hamilton, Dennis 36 Hamilton, Laura 36,95 Harris. Karen 37, Harris. Sharon 37,77,92,97,113,122, 125 Hart. Bruce 37,130 Hartman, Jim 37,96 Head, Deborah 96 Helvey. James 37.80,115 Hodder, Anne Hoggan,Becky 37.90, 108.113,116. 163 Hollins. Faye Horton. Larry 37 Howell, Laura 37 Huey, Craig 37 Hulsey, Ray 37,117,14O,148 Hunter, Liz 37.97 Hunter. Laura 37 Hyatt, Dennis I lreton, Susan 38.78 J Jamele. Leon 38,93 Jenkins. Brenda Jenkins, Micheal 38,117,135 Johnson, Sue 38,97 Johnston. Chris 38,96 Jordan, Pat 38,1 18,160 Judge, Nola 38,95 K Kallenberger, Dennis 38,117 Karutz, Tom 38,76,97,112,117,121. 146 Kauppi. Don 38 Kielnecker, Evelyn 38,95.113.122 King, Jeff 38 Knipe. Tonya 39,96 Knox, Mike 39 Kucera, Denise 39.96 Kulp, Barbara 39 Kunzeman, Darlene Kuzmik, Candy 39.80.88,116 L Larsen. Wendy 39.96.11-4,163 Laster. Margo 39,96 Leggett, Cindy 39 Lehman. Linda 39.50,78,108,110,111. 113,122,160 Leslie, Ben 40,126 Libick, Ruby 39.96 Limberg. Tom 39,114,163 Lipscomb, Mark 39,154 Lochouarn, Martine Lord, Lynda 40,122 Lourey, Mike 40,78 M MacLean, Barbara 40 Mac Lean, Doug 40.142 Majors. Mike 40.78,97. 130 Maledon, Tim 4O.5O.114.117,130,144. 151,148 Maloy, Ginger 140 Marikos. David 40,142 Martin Martin Martin . Linnea 40.96.115 . Mike 40 .Tedd 40,97,124 Mastin, Richard Mauthe, Rick 41,54 McCarthy, Mary 41,96 McCready.Maureen41,51.77,78.82,83. 85,84.89.1 14,163 McDonald, Doug 41 McDowell, Mary Ann 41.95 McGregor, Bob 41,97,13O,136,151 McKee, Pat 41 McKellar, Janice 41,94 McKinley, Patty 41,78,95,122.123 Miller, Barbara 41 Miller. Ronald 41,117.13O,138 Mock, Dan 41 Montavon, Ron 42.50.55 Montz,Claudia-42,95.110,113.118.125 Morris, Vicki 42 Morton,Bever1,y42,9O,110.113,116,118 Mote, Tina 42 Moyer. Janet 42,95 Murphy, Beth 42,114.115,122,160,161. 163 Murray. Wayne 83,130 Neate, Susie 42,94 Moel, Sharon 42,96 O O'Dell, Ken 42 Odle, Dan 42.55.111 O'Grady. Michael 42,112,119 Olson, Ron 42,152 Orens, Jack 43 P Paff, Greg 43.93 Palmer, Gale 43.77.94 Pasker. Vicki 43.5O,83.85.88,97. 116 Paslov, Joe 43.1 17,110 Payton, Peggy 43 Pendleton, Cindy 43.115,16O.161,162 Peterson, David 43,117,130 Peterson, John 43.78,92,97,110,112, 117.118,122,151,154 Pfaller, lrmgard 43 Phillips, Pam 43,96,97 Powell, Gary 44 Pritchard, Marian 44,96 Puccio, Julie 44.96 R Raes, Linda 44.96 Ralston, David 44,142 Randall, Debbie 44 Roach. Gregory 92.109,121,122 Rohmer. Patty 44,96 Roscitto, Len 44.51.124 Ross, Carole 44.96 Runyen, Cliff 44.97.130 Saffell, Steve 4454.77.93 Ja- r' 1, N, , V171 H Yi. H, Mg ff' f' a fn ip: I, 1 fy, Ml, fx. , ,, 2 , f ff , f1,, 1., ' ff ,Q ', ,V fum-,244 1 , , .1-f I ,, .. .f,.,,- ? 1 .,,, , 4 2115012 ,jg "" I.. ' "QQ , - 'QQ 'um a ,-j Ni The E 4 , V--r " Q ,-' V , 4 AAL.. 'S -,.rw'. .-,, 1 mf: ,Pl ' ' ff! "iff" gc- 2.396127 f 'gym - If 4., , .M .1 A f' 'ffgfffjjff We . W A , 1 r a V , 5 ' ' " i Anza-54-wLigf:,1., ' " 'i Sanchez. Eileen 45.95 Schaeffer. John 45,130 Schaeffer, Verda 45.94 Sherrill. Kenneth 45.126 Sheldon. Jani 45.91,113.114,116, 163 Shockley. Larry 45 Sims. Laurie 45,95,121,122,127 Sinclair, Paul 45.109, Glen 45,92,111,112.117,146, Smith. Linda 45.51,78.111,118,124, 160,161 Smith. May 45.114 smith. Sally 4551.88 Soto, Jody 46.94,119,160 Specht, Robert 46 Steffan, Terri 46.96 Stephens, Roddy 46,78 Stevens, Nadine 46,97 Stevenson, Dona 46,50,78,88.97.116, 119,122,126 Stiles. Charles 46,109, Stolpher, Sid 46.97.117 Strauss. Doug Stump, Wayne 46,97 Stumpp, Dick 46,130,142 Sweeny, Ben Syracuse, Vonya 47,95 Tidwell, Paige 47,119 Truesdell. Valerie 47.50.94,109,110.113. 114,119,162 Turino, Gery 47 Turino. . Sue 47.96 Turney, Teri 47,96,122.123 V Vandrie, Gary 47.112,117.119.130 Van Vranken. Bruce 47.152 Valasco, Rocio 47,96 Von Flue. Francine 47 W Walker. Chris 47 Walker, Danny 47,115 Walker. David 48.148 Walkey. Margaret 48.96.109 Wallace, Donald 48 Walstrom, Jim 48 Ward, Jay 48 Warren, Jon 48 Welch. Tim 48 Wendell, John 48,112 Westover, Meri 48 Wheeler, Louise 48 White, Stephen 49,51,78.79.80,112. 117,130 Whitted, Pam 49,96 Wiley. Chris 49 Z , I riff, ff it ff I 7' V, A: Tw jwg. , gf ff- ,f ff " " r am ff,,.w 1. , .i.f'1'j,9 5,772 ' S i Williams. Cinda 49,96 Williams, Linda 49,96 Wise, Keith 49,51.130.148 Wood, Nancy Wujcik, Alana Wurzell, Chris 49 Y Young, Anne 49.54,113.122,124 Zilk. Steve 49,13O., JUNIORS A Aquila. Armanda 93,92 Alberts. Randy 57,93,92,146,148 Arnold, Alan 59.143 Austin, Steve 112,146,152 Ayer, Randy 61,150 B Bailey, Kevin 130,148 Bannerman, Lance 57,112,154 Barnes, Beverly 92 Barnes, Frank 58 Barton, Debbie 60 Baynard, Jerry 126 Berggren. Sue 56,95 Biggs, Teresa 56 Birdshall. Sue 59,112,118.162 Black. Penny 57 Blair, Vicky 59.95.97,98,119 Borchert, Robert 57,93 Borgstorm. Mark 152 Bosela. Lynda 57,96,121, 124 Bourella, Timi 58,83.85,94,162 Bunce, Tom 60 Burgess, Debbie 59,96 Burkett. Paula 58,96.97,121.127 Bush, Toni 58.95 Bushnell, Sharon 59.78.96 C Campbell. Pauline 57 Carfora, Jim 60 Carlson, Reed 57 Cashman, Mary 92,96 Chabrajez, Pam 59 Chavez, Steve 57,127,135.151 Cole. John 148 Cowin, Bruce 57,93,140.148 Crichton, Sandi 57,92,96,97 Cummings, Patiricia 61,96,127 Cunningham, Cindy 56,95 Curtis, Jackie 95 D Dalgleish, Scott 60.78.8O,97.112,1 17, 124,130,148.150 Davies, Susan 58 Daykin, Cathy 58,95 Bobos, Debbie 60 Domann, Larry 58 Dowd, John 59 Dowdy, Debbie 59,162 Drozd, Linda 60 Dunn, Randy 58, E Eccles, Ed 136,151 Erickson. Debra 96 Erlandson, Linda 6O.78.95,122 Essele. Julie 59.96 F Fahy. Mike 78,, 122.155 Fisk, Dorothy 59,160,161 Fitch, Marc 97 Folkerson. Patty 66 Fornerone, Bruno 110,118,119 Foster, Melissa 60.95,97 Fournier, John 60 Freil, Tom 57 Frushon. Linda 56, G Gentry, Debbie 58 Gilbert, Kathy 59 Gould, Eliot61,78.110,112.117,12O. 122,124 Guy. Melissa 57.96.121 H Hancock, Greg 56.58,130.142 Hancock. Brad 60.130 Hanes. Linda 58.97 Harshaw. Janet 59.78.162 Harter, Laura 59 Hartman, Melinda 61,97 Hayes, Bill 130 Herren, Jim 59 Horton, Jerry 97,130 l-luffine. Ken 125 J Jacobsen,Joan 168 Jenkins. Jill 60.78.97 Jewell, Herb 6O,112.117.118,119,122. 154 Johnson, David 58,61,83.142 Johnson, Dianna 58 Johnson, Diana 61.96.118 Johnson. Dianna 58 Johnson, Diana 61.96.118 Johson. Doug 60,143 Johnson. Pam 97 Jolly, Ella 78,8O. 127 K Keenan. Bill 57,121 Kenner, Paul 78,112,115,154 Kinney, Patricia 58.122 Kraft, Ken 59 Krekemeyer. Jan 57.92,114.120,163 L Laird, James 59 Lake. Kathy 59 Lamay, Rosanne 59.96.123 Larsen. Jim 60 Laster, Mike 59 Lawrence, Don 57 Leaf. Geri 59.94.160 Lemasurier. Dan 60,117,151 Liles. Sandi 60.96 Lucero, Marlene 59,96 Luft. Annette 57.58.95,97 M Mack. Jucy 60 Mack, Larney 57 Maledon, Mary 60 Marshall. Eric 59.155 Mason, Glenn 56.92.155 Matthews. Margaret 57.95 Matthews. Mike 56.142 May, Ken 57.126 McCauley, Patricia 60,118,124 McCubbin, Larry 60 McCuIIar, Linda 58.96 McDonald. Steve 6O.61.126.145 Mclntyre, Walter 97 McMulIin, Greg 59,78,97.118,119.135 158 Meheula, Candace 5996.124 Meschuk. Mary Lou 61,95 Miller, Michael 124.155 Mote, Michael 117,130.144,151.148 Mott, Patti 58.123 Mueller. Terry 57,148 Murray, Richard 56,147 N Nash. Steve Nikolic, Nick 59 Nivans. David Brian 60 O O'Bannon, Danny 61 Obradovich, Janice 95 O'Connor, Maura 60.95 Olson, Marsha 58,95,123 O'Neill, Chris 57 Orlowski, Dennis 60,126,135 P Pasker, Cheri 57,59,89,116.125 Paul, Michelle 60 Pelzmann, Bill Paul, Rochelle, 160 Perry, Larinda 56 Pelzmann, Bill 56,11O,111,112,117,154 Petersen, Shirley 60,97 Phillips, Gary 114,118,124.163 Porter, Gardys 59,92,96,97, 127 Powell, Denise 59,96 Presswood, Jeannie 58 Proctor, Bill 58 Prokopowicz, Rychard 130 Puffer, Mike 56,59,118,146,152 Purvis, Thomas 97,126,140 Quinn, Bob 56,112,135,158 R Rasdall, Joyce 57,97,118,127 Ray, Jeff 124,126 Ray, Steve 56,6O,1 17,130, 144 Renfro, Jim 61,93 Riessen, Kevin 126 Roach, Pat 61,146,152 4 Robinson, Angela 96,123,124,127 Robinson, Cycdy 58,96 Ross. Al 124,152 Ruttihger, Harold 58,112,155 S Sabey, J. 56,96 Salazar, G. 57 Salveriger 61 Safarian Scott, Regina 56,78,95 Shannon. Cathy Shea, Susan Simons, Laurie 97,125,160 Schroder, S. 92 Self, Gill 135 Schiel 61 Simpson, Ron 60 Smith, Lance 115,118,155 Smith, Richard 126 Smith, Tom 58,126,135,151 Soto, Jenny 59 Sperry, Lynn 57,130 Stafford, Ruth M Stiewell, Brad 61,93 Stivers, Michael 56,92,110,112,114,163. 155 Strader, Cecillia 57 Sullivan, James 57,130,136,151 Swanson. Steve 135 Swiggum, Donna 60 Sykes, Linda 118 T Tahan, Cathy 60,97 Tahan, Tina 60 if '135' 11:5 L, X5 Y :gn . Lf 1 12 -.t....1,, ,' ' ' . ivy - , Q x. Q L , Tardiff, Rick 121 Taylor, Steve 57 Tetu, Dennis 57 Thomas. Charles 59,130 Thompson, John 57,121,130 Thompson, Matthew 56 Thompson, Ricky 57,130,151 Thurman, Charles Truesdell, Edna 95,97 Uhey, James 61,89,97, 147 V Valle. Grisel 96 Van Natta, David 61 Varrier, Jeff 115,124 Velzy, Matt 59 W Wagley, Dennis 59,97,13O,148 Warfield, Kathy 59,78,89, 116 Warnock, Donica 95 Warren, Glenna 60 Wendell, Alan 61,136 Wheeler, Kent 57,97 Wiitala, Carolyn 60 Wiley, Cindy 61,118,122,125 Williamson, Larree 95 Wood, James 57,78,116,142 Woodford, Paula 56,96 Y You ng, Barbara 56,96,120,122,160 Z Zaengle, Karen 57,89,1 16,121, 122 Zobel, Ivy 80,96,111,124 SOPHOMORE A Adams, Bob 62 Aiken, James 144 Allison, Kirk 67 Ames, Michael 64 Austin, Rae Sue 65 B Babcock, John 64,155 Bader, Robert 66 Bahny, Bonnie Sue 95,122,123,124,16O Bailey, James 65,130 Bailey, Scott 63.130 Bambi, T. 65 Barboza, Yvonne 63,96 Barcus, Bruce 63 Bartosh, Robyn 66,96,97 Bedolfe, Glenn 67,158 Bell, Kim 66 Benedix, Richard 63,136,151 Benfield, John 67 Berenger, Martha 64,118,119,122,123,124 Bimber, Eric 65,67, 135,151 Bohney. B. 67 Bower, Elizabeth 67,96 Bowler, Missy 63 Branam, Michael 67,143 Brandon, Joyce 63,67,91,97,116,121 Brett. George 65,67,135,143 Briese, Cynthia 64,95 Brumley, S. 67 Buckingham, Sherri 67,97 Burgdorf, Dan 66,130 Buschkotter. Dale 92 Buyan. Mika 63 Byrd, Mary 66,78,96,127 Cameron, Gale 64,95 Carlson, Janean 64,65,90,110,116,118. 125 Car, Linda 65 Carson, Vicki 63,95 Carter, Timothy 65,67,135 Cashman, David 92,121,147 Castle, Cynthia 96 Chieppa, Angleo 63 Churchill, Ruth 95,119 Clark, Carla 65 Clark, Wendy 120 Coleman, James 66,140,151 Collette, Christine 92,118,122,160161 Copeland, Dan 66,151 Copeland, Will 65,97,135 Cortez, N. 67 Cottriel, Cathy 97 Crable, Gail 67,97 Craddock, Chris 67,118 Crews, Glen 64,130 Cripe, Les 67 Christenson, J. 66 Culbertson, Robert 63,135,158 Culp, Heidi 66 Cummings, Jim 64,110 Cummings, Robert 66,147 D Davis, Karen 67 DeCazus, R. 67 Deck, Pact 66 Deeter, Linda 66,97,118 Dlugajczyk, Barbara 63,96,97 Dobrovolny, Roger 64 Dobruck, Charles 66 Dohmann, Paul 67,135,143 Donajue, Leo 63.64.144 Dow, Dan 65,140 Doyle, Sherry 67 Drake, Gary 67 Droze, 63,83 Durkos, Mike 64 Duvall, Mike 64,97,151 Dye, Gerogie 66,97 Dyrdahl, Craig 67 E Eady, Judy 67 Elmstrom, Pamela 63,181 Evans, Matt 64,92 Evans, Roger 63,118,135 F Farnsworth, Linda 64,118 Faut, Pamela 65 Fenney, Mary 66 Finnie, Shane 67,92 Flayer, Janice 66,122 Fletcher, William 65,151 Fletcher, Scott 67,1 19 Flynn, Dale 97 Ford, Jana 67 Foster, Pati 63,17 Fowler, Steve 92 Freeman, Laura 67,160,161 G Gagain, Debbie 67,97 Gaglein, J. 67 Gangawere, Barry 66,158 Gerughty, Kathy 96,97,110,120, Ghent, Jack 65 Gilbert, Jeff 63 Glotz, Eddie 63 Goeglein, John 136 Goodale, Nancy 125 Graham, Nancy 64,96,97, 124,162 Green, Karen 63 Grosvenor, Mark 67,118 Guarisco, Laura 66,160 Gutierrez, Noel 97 H Hambright, Cathy 62,67,78,95 Hambright, Doug 136 Hardin, Debi 67 Hare, Mike 63 Harmar1,D. Lynn 66,143 Harr, Vicki 66,96 Harrington, Curtis 67,92, 140 Harter, Nancy 66,121 Helvey, Tom 92 Herman, Dan 67,78 Hines. Kim 66,96 Hinkle, Debbie 63,110,122,125 Hobe, Bill 66,147 Holcomb, Frances 65,78,97,118 Hough, Deby 66,97 Huey, Jan 64 Hughes, Debbie 118 l J Jenkins, Jeff 65,151 Jensen, Valerie 65 Johnson, Marva 63,63,78,95,118,122 Johnston, Lynn 64,96,121 Jones, Barbara 97 Jones, Julie 67,95 Judge, Frank 67,136,145, 158 Justice, Brad 64,115,118 K Kessener, Dick 66,78,97,1,55 Kimball, Bill 66 Kinney, Marianne 64,123,124,16O Kistler, Mike 66,130 Kulp, Stuart 65,66.92 Kuyer, Ron 65 L Lagotta, David 66 Lamar, Guy 67 La May. James 67 Lemon, Dan 64,65 Lewis, Vanetta 96,97 Long, John 66,78.81,140 Lorentzen, Nancy 66,124,160 Lourey, Bob 63 Lowe. Bob 66,151 148 M Meekin, Kathy 64, Majors, Randy 65,136,144,158 ivialoy, Vera 65,118 Marikos, Bob 62 Martin, Bill 66,93,135,155 Martin. Rick 67,136,158 Mason, Marc 92 Mathis, Carol 96 Matthews, Dan 66.118 Maxwell, Mary 63,78 May. Don 144,151,150 McCreary, Jan 122,160,162 McCready, Melissa 91,116,125 McElvain, Noami 66,92,96,110,119 McKee, Barbara 66 McKinley, Susan 67,122,123 McKinney, Roxanne 66,96,118 MCMullin, Rita 64 Meredith, Rick 66,144 Miller, Raymond 66 Mittie, Dallas 67 Mone, Clifford 65,97 Mora, Yolanda 63,97 Morton, Susanne 66,97,118 Mullins, Robert 65 Murphy, Janice 66,78.95,97,118,122, 160 N Nagel, Brad Nay, Linda 65,97 Neely, Mark 66 Neileigh. S. 67,92 Nelson, Carol 66,97,110,118 Newman, Cheryl 66 Newman, Dan 66 Nichelson, David 67 Noris, Jeff 62,63,66,78,83,130, 151 O Obradovich, Jim 135,143,158 Orens, Sandy 63,143 Ottinger, Marion 64,92 P Paff, Joyce 96,97,122 Patton, Alan 67 Peters. Jeff 66,130 Peterson, Dawn 65,96,97 Petett, Joe 67,147,152 Phillips, Brenda 96,97 Phillips, Jacqueline 67 Platt, Mike 67,78 Poque, Marcus 66.93.92 Quiroga, Frank 136 .f ' xp 13-'Mil '1- ilill 2235 C I ,N 1 R Raab, Karyn 64 Ramey, Jeff 65 Ramsey, Michelle 11O,118,122,160 Rasmussen, Ron 66,127 Ray, Valerie 95 Renfro, Ed 66,92 Roach, Christopher 67,97,147 Roberts, Mike 62 Robertson, Cindi 63 Robertson, J. 66 Robinson, Debbie 118,16O,161,162 Roseland, Daren 67,160 Roland, W. 67 A Roth, Colleen 63,78,11O,121,160 Runkel, Carol 65,96,11O,120,127 S Sanchez, D. 66 Sanders, Donna 66,160 Schaeffer, Bob 64.13O,136,151 Schoenbaum, Richard 65 Segers, Pete 66 Self, Olivia 67 Settles, David 67 Sexton, Gaye 97 Sheridan, Susan 63,96 Sherman, Keith 66 Shoenbaum, R. 66 Slatton, John 63,147 Smith, Debbie 67,81 Smith, Daren 67 Smith, Dathy 66,118,160 Smith, Deri 66 Smith, Pauli 63 Smolinski, Joyce Spielman, Relda 65,92,96,127 Spoor, Dorothy 66 Stephens, Jill 66 Stephenson, Ronnie 67 Stewart, Kelly 67,135 Strum, Susan 63 Stuthard, Mark 64 Sweinhart, Gale 66,123,124,160 Taylor, Dan 67 Totten, Patricia 66 V Van Buren, Don 67,140 Van Vranken, Patty 66,92,118,121 Victorero, Zoila 118 Vrana, Darlene 65 W Walkey, John 64,121 Wallace, Valerie 66 Walts. Russell 65,140 West, Steve 67,151 Westover, Janis 67,95,11O Wheller, Kenda 67,123,124,160 Whiley, M. 67 White, Linda 62,67,124,160 Whitford, Kathy 65 Wiegers, Carla 66,160 Willbrandt, Katny 66,7895 Williams, Jim 67,151 Wilson, Bob 140 Wilson, Greg 66 Wojnar, Susan 65 Wolfsberger, Kim 64 Woodward, P. 140 Woodworth, S. 67 Young, Dave 66 Z Zagorski, Barbara 64 Zimmerman, David 64,135 FRESHMAN A Abbot, Susan 71 Adams, Bob 71 Albinus, Barbara 69,78.96,121,123 Ames, Patricia 96 Ardella, I. 73 Armstrong, Billie 73 Arturd, M. 73 Ashley, Mark 72,78,96,121,147 Ashley, Sandra 73 B Banas, Mike 69 Bayes, Debbie 70.92 Bell, Donald 73,136,145,158 Bernard, Cindy 73 Black, Debi 71 Bracket. Janet 72 Brown, Alan 73 Brown, Shirley 72 Bryant, Steve 69 Burnett. Steve 71 Busenga, Douglas 73,140 Byrd, Ralph 7O,92,136 C Capone, Robin 73 Carr, Jim 72,118,145 Castle, Robert 72 Clark, Brad 72 Clark, Mark 72,136 Coney, Pam 70,97 Cook, Elin 70 Cook, Pat 71,151 Coulter, Bill 71,155 Crawford, Jerry 73 Cronin, Sean 73,121,136 Cross, Mark 71 Cundiff, Kathy 120 Curtis, Steve 73.83,136,145,158 Cuthbertson, Joyce 69,96,121,160 D Dalgleish, Ken 7O,78.81,136,145,158 Dalton, James 72 Davis, Denise 70,97 Davis. Vicki 72,97 Dearman, Liane 73 Decuir, Larry Devilbiss, Cheryl 70,97 Dicks, S. 71 Dlobee, Diane 69 Domann, Steve 69,136,158 Dowd, Katharine 70,97 Dubois, Dennis 71 Durant, Jerry 73 Dyches. Steven 73 E Eady. Terry 70 Eccles, Debbie 73 Eccles, Rhonda 70,97, Elmstrom, Beverly 72 Evans, Carolyn 73,9296 Evans, Robin 72 Farmer, Jimmy 71 Fahy. Stephen 69,136,151 Fillingham, Debbie 70,97 Fitch, Karen 121,160 Fitzpatrick, Pallie 69.91,116 Fogg, Denneth 72 Fowler, Ann 70.73.97 Frlo, Mike 69 G Gaston. Laurie 73,118 George, Deborah 69,145 Giery, Pat69,145 Goodman, Mike 73 Gragg, Lark 70 Griffin, Regina 69 H Haberman, Marina 69,119 Hamrick, Karl 70 Hansen, Larry Henderson, G. 73 Hargrave. Don 73 Harrington. Lawrence 71 Harrison, Charles 71 Harrison, Debbie 69,9697 Harrison, Kathy 73 Hartman. Carol 73,78,97,1 19 Hasbrook. Randy 78 Haull, George 73,118 Hayes, John 72,78,118,136 Hayes, Joyce 73 Held, Paula 97 I Henderson. Guy 145 Hobe Ben 73,158 Hodder, Tom 73,136 Holmes, Gary 73 Holmes, Jerry 71 Howard, Vicky 72 Howell, Beverly 71,96, 160 Hubbard, Jim 69 Hull, Cindy 70,92 Hunter, James 71,92 Hutchinson, Kathy 72,97 Ireton. Teresa 81,83,96 J Jellison, Mike 71.78,136,145,158 Jensen, Scott 73.151 Johnson, Debbie 72 Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Linda 69 Jolly, Thomas 70 Jones, David 70 Jones, Debbie 70,97 K Kelly, Pat 70,144,151 Kessener, Bob 70 Kile, Dorothy 73 Kommol. Ray 69.136 Knox, Donna 73 Kucera. John 73 Klevenger 73 L Layne, Patsy 72 Liedke, Brad 73,147,152 Limberg, Deanna 72,121,123,127,160 Lindsay, Vanetta 71,97.121,16O Linker. Barbara 70,97 Lourey, Susan 73,123 Luikens, Rob 73 M Mac Gregor. Robert 72 Mack, Ken 72 Majors, Cindy Mann, Joe 73,151 Markle, Timmy 72,136,151 Mathis, Kenneth 72 Mathany, Marilyn 72 Mc Allister, Kurt 92,136 Mc Bride, Bill 70,140 Mc Elvain, Noel 72 Mc Gregor, Scott 71,73,136,145 Mc lntyre, Laura 70 Mc Kean, Marinne 72,97 Mc Mahon, Donna 72,96,97,119 Mc Nutt, Dale 70.144 Mc Quiston, Pamela 120,127,160 Meeks, Roger 73 Melissa, R, 73 Mercer, Paul 11.97 Meredith, Janice 71 Metcalf, Rick 69,118 Metcalfe. Bill 73 Miller, George 73.151 Montm, D, 69 Montz, Donna 123,127,160 Mora, Alma Rosa 71.73,96 Morgan, Pam 70 Morrice, Mary 71,118 Mosher, Karen 73.96.118 Mote, Susan 73,97 Mrdali. Deborah 70 Murry. Gayle 70.97 N Nagel, Launne 72 Nealeigh, Steve Nutz, Cynthia 70.78 0 O'Bradovich, Steve 136,145,151 O'Connor, John 92, 147 Ola, Robin 71 Olson. Sharon 72,73,121.123.125,127, 160 Orlowske, Chris 73,136 Ortiz, Alejandra 73,96 P Patterson, Toni 7O.96,97.12O,122 Pedersen, Bob 69 Perry, Kathy 96.97 Peters. Randall 71 Peterson, B. 70,92 Peterson, John 69 Pleick, Tony 70,135,143 Porter, Gayle 70,96 Porter, Ricky 73 Prewitt, Donna 73,96 I Puccio, Susan 73,96,97 R Raculia, Pat 70 Ramey, Susanne 78.73.160 Randall, Mike 73,92,97.136 Randall, Ron 69,124,151 Ray, Carol 73 Ray, Terry 73,136 Reid, Kimberly, 69 Reinhart, Charlene 71 Retzlaff, Elaine 70,91,120,122 Reisen, Becky 70 Roack, Charisse 69 Roberts, Jack 69,135 Robinson, Cecilia 72,96 Robinson, Lori 69.96 Roth, Romana 73 S Salter, Kim 71 Sberna, Frank 70 Schaefer, Leo 73 Schlottrnann, Richard 73,92 Schrader, Sandy 71,96 Schraum, Laura 69,81,96,97 Schumacher, Patty 73,127 Sheehan, David 73.92.147 Simko. Becky 70 Smith. Tracey 70.97 Smith. Marcella 97 Smith, Paul 73.97 Spittier, Kent 72,136,151 Stewart, Tara 71,119 Stiewel, Brent 73 Stocks, Mary 73.118,125,16O Stone, Peggy 73 Storm, Shirley 70,97 Stratton, Mary 70 Stump, Cheryl 69,97 Sullivan, John 73 Swiggum. Stewart 72,136,145,158 T Thomas, Ellen 73 Tidwell, Jett 69,136,145.158 Tigott, M. 72 Toka, Joe 71 Tonkovich, Linda 73,96,97 Tuori, Michelle 96,97 Turino, Gina 73,97,122 V Volk. B. 71 Von Flue, David 140 Voytro, Esther 70 W Walsh, Margie 73,160,160 Weber, Richard 71 Wendell, Lyn 68.69,16O Wharton, Gaynor 72,96,97 Whecler, Marta 124,160 Wiitala, Barbara 73,96,97 Wiley. Susan 73,92,96.118 Wiley. Emily 160 Wilkins, Susan 136 Williams. Angela 70,97 Williams, Bill 71 Williamson, Vicky 70,97 Wills, Kim 73,97 Wilson, Richard 69,71 Wilson, Sean 71 Wise, Richard 73 Y You ng, Elizabeth 161 Young. B. 69,125,160 Young, Steve 70.151 Zagorski. Donna 71 l -3 -"4 Af V 1? 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El Segundo High School - Golden Eagle Yearbook (El Segundo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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