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 - Class of 1953

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N YS? My fJ QQQSZQLQ By! Mp!! fl I JK ff f M mf My f WW Ywfiff ' INA WJ W, W W2fjfW ff WSW? fzw ff in 9 . .QA 4 K ' x D I bf-W W EN 8 x W f awww N fffffW JW W ,M . 77Q1f7i'LU ' ' N K WM Wjffffgffy Wwww fm' Off, WU fwwfffff' 3i'XIi'31,' MW., Wfyffi zfmmf, M W Q3 222,33 6 Slim :fig if' i W WWWWW 5,!P,,P,,ff' yyif' 4j gg S 5 iii xii' 1 XX M ww KWH W feffffmw We ' if if TWA 4 WFS' 7' '-q Has a school day passed that you have not been in some class which has been interrupted by the roar of a huge airplane overhead? This does not happen in many other schools in the nation or the world. Aviation has become an important factor in the lives of us, the Class of '53. In our four years at E.S.H.S. we have seen vast strides made in aircraft in general and the Los Angeles International Airport in particular. With this in mind we have chosen "Aviation" as the theme of the '53 "Golden Eagle." mana! Slfdff EDITOR ..,.....,.,,.....s..... .,,.,....... M ina Balls ASSISTANT EDITOR .,,...,, .....,,,,..,.,.....,V..... F ran Comstock BUSINESS MANAGER .,... ....r.,......vv.,.e......,... B arbara Clark ART ..,v....,.,Y,,....,.......,........ .,.,... T oby Nippel, Richard Thomsen CIRCULATION MANAGER ,,v. ,,Y..,..e.,,..,v,,.,,s.......... D iane White ADVERTISING MANAGER ..., A.,,.....,..s., ,...,.... C h arlotte Purvis ADVERTISING STAFF ...,,,... ,,,, M artha Atchison, .lim Fahland SPORTS s.,..e.,v....,..,...Y .....,..,............. J ohn Reinhardt FEATURE ..,........A.... ...,..... C arole Boylan PHOTOGRAPHY ...,. ..... R ichard Cowdery ADVISOR .......,.,,.. ....,. M iss Gudrnunsen .lac 2446449 Wwte . . . "An American editor worries his hair gray to see that no typographical mistakes appear on the pages of his magazine. The Chinese editor is wiser than that. He wants to leave his readers the supreme satisfaction of discovering a few typographical mistakes for themselves." F k O nw-my " mx, .-.4 if il Q . fy fkv'f.fA.,,, 'yk N X. MX Y . X2 XXX mlwXX..'4r-v sz.. 4-"'fM'K X-NQYTF' M ww ww AMX Q41 mm N X X. A XI. W.. . wb ""X"""""""' ,fn X . fx, .If , lkww' 'N-"X A ,Xml-X X3 Q X 33 'N X K A , N X 4. N ...LX W f ks 1, 4. X A vw XXX . ,Q . , , f Q , . , p , . X .QXWW Q mwwwimx X , X ,X 1. +-W we .-wwmw Xzs 4. MQ. XX- M., ,g,,,m. ...W - X. . A . f , 4 XX X N . xx ia iw. Q W . ,,,,kMg M . K ,. . ' Q ,mr X-ww Q- -X4 . . . f - X X 5XQ.?XX5fiQ? M..- X Wgifi w ""'?'M'T?1Y. . , xg . .K . X . JH.. ' ' 'Qfpy Q 'i - X XQXX X X Xwfifw-mls-XXX .sxzgwwwdfw ik ' .H MX . if xg -XX" Am. Q 47. 'X"X "WW xr. XX X ' . if ' x M xv- l wifa g ' 7. X k xv' 4 Vw M ,, K 'X X , KY A rf "TM 145' R?mxiXffXX-XXX75 '32 Q X - X XWQM X X' 'XX X' X A Q ' A .ha X Aj. .5 FN X M K .. k, --- ,. Q Q f. X X KX- .Q v '-Mf .+mf,,awvw'-if" 4.,zmf,. . X XXXXXXX is 'WW - W: XXN,,,QQwwugN. X. M. . ,.,,-R. n ..., X X X X , Q X .Q W 1X1XXfXsgQA 'K ' W A - R X. ., M- RX 'X X X XM XkW'Xx s Q , J N 'X k"' . FV .. 4 X R - '54 1 Q. . ,X ' Q ...xii ' . ,. . .. X . UMM M, X A W -X . Xx x .. N X i .NM XXXSg.lfA w f 2 -a,1j.F3X1,f " bg - A it Q W ..M..,..M . V-,,,,,J, ,:.., ., . 7 . Q, . ...mv ,..., X X x..x ...W .....N,.. . ,,,.,,, ,..,,, XY M A WWW SMX rx? i .-.N A M4 X ,R igby Q V , X QVXXXX' ,e h 'N ' X . RL fx X X X X .XS X .WXXXXX ' Q, 1 f. 4 , . , x N . SSX-X . X ag X- X K X, .- Q K QW 'Y X. XXX. .fwg K Xwvx . , Wx i L . 4 fy , w,,1N v S Nw Q . xx " XC' K .4 X xii . X 'M 'X 'fx N x K X X X X .:. X I . .N M 'fm . x X X .. ,,, f X 4 , .' W k M , X X . . K' '51 X X R. X11 XX Xw- -1 ff M V W A.. X N. ,. in . ,A ,, S . if .R ' X ww an 'X ...-- - X X X X .W ,, , XX N. -- .4 K X N . X- WMM -'ui' XXXXXXXX--H XXX X 3 ..-:ste-3 H.. ...f wa 1-. Q ,qw ,N X ' X X - ' X 5 ,u , xx -Q Xw .Q NX,.m.....M..M. x Wwwngg. Q . Nm X A SEQ wx A !' Wx... . vvstw-f'x V? My-,Q wmv 3: hmmm. .-. v " Jkt! K fa x x V y X ' KS' 1.fff.X V ,. . swf- X K " .f ami A X I i--'- lwwgki 1 .' 'M I x ab--f K ' u ' 4 '1 ,w xf -W,,' Yisfxxjiil - l' edlicdldcm Because they will always be remembered for their enthus- iasm in promoting the spirit of EI Segundo High School we the Senior Class, affectionately dedicate this 1953 yearbool to you, our Athletic Directors, Miss Dorothy Gould and Mr Frank Craven. We find no better way of adequately expres sing our esteem for all you have done. ,Z .f A 7 f ! 4155 !,,f' X, 1 -Q x x x X N. K ,Y ZA' 4 X X 1 7 , 5 , XX xv Q N ' W ll f Ad' ,, x 1 -Q - f,,, A!! ,, VI ! 14' ' Efif I X 1 'Y X X Af 4 Z z A :a-,i31i r 3y f' J 55 5f '4..f ' 'g ' X , -fl" F7 . e j I If V f! I X '. N f ' 1 I I sy I N fy +. a Wm W 5 w ,VKX tl 5 lu-143. -. , 2- fr 3 ' , II K X I XX ' ! -Q , . X , X X A f n Ni. - ,W 5 .. , 5 ' 4 ,, r ff b f I ll, f, f f ff -- I' .- .-,,.4-. W- . -iim , I J 1 4 1' JP Hmmm Zoned of 564405 7'Z66dlf664 Mr. K. Benfield, Mr. W. G. Thompson, Mr. R. B. Everly, Mr. W. J. Martin, Mr. F. B. Chamberlain, Mr. A. Maradudin, Mrs. Wainscott, secretary, Mr. R. W. Frederick, Chairman. gazed This is perhaps the one time that we, the students, can thank the School Board for their untiring work during lhe school year. lt is they who govern the finances and policies of all the schools in q the district. A special thank-you goes to Mr. Bob Frederick who after ten Q years of loyal service declined to seek another term. I , if W ig' r'-, ' f ,,llI',jIw Doi EDUCWON ROGER B. EVERLY Superintendent Congratulations, Class of '53, on this outstanding yearbook. May this book symbolize to you the finest work you have carried on during your high school career and furnish you with an inspiration as an adult to be a first class citizen in our great country. lt is the school's hope that you have availed yourself of your school oportunities in such a way that you will always be able to look upon this period of your life with pride and pleasure. Congratulations to each and everyone of youp may you now ioin our adult community as a worthy and suc- cessful citizen. fagez 3. Sneaky W. F. MAC QUEEN H. S. Principal The Class of i953 has placed the memories of friends and activities in this beautiful yearbook. As the years pass by, the pictures within this Golden Eagle will recall all of the wonderful events that were part of the Senior year of this grad- uating class. I'm sure that the future holds many good and worthwhile things for you, the members of the Class of '53, and I know that El Segundo High School will be proud of your many accomplishments. 70. 7. 77taa2um PAUL AXTELL Jr. Hi. Principal lt is with pleasure that l accept this opportunity to offer my congratulations to the class of 1953 for your many fine accomplishments during the past four years. Your leadership will be missed in high school next year. Please accept my best wishes for your individual ventures following graduation. Paul rfztedl KARL BARMORE OVIDIA GUDMUNSEN FRANK REAL Mechanical Drawing Journalism Spanish H 4.11-B HN COR WELL MRS. FLORENCE SILVA ARTHUR M. PETSCH MRS. ALICE JORDON HORACE TILTON WI river Education English Ari' English Mathematics L? ISS DOROTHY COATS HOWARD SCHUYLER MRS. HELEN GRACE HARVEY HAZELTINE MISS RUBY LEWIS English Woodshop Library, Dean of Girls Mathematics Home Economics JACK STUCKEMAN American History lSecond Semesterl MISS DOROTHY GAULD Girls' Physical Education FRANK CRAVEN Physical Education JOSEPH MAGRUM Senior Problems MISS VELMA MORGAN Commercial MAURICE WARD Director of Guidance JAMES RIEWER Music MRS. MAXINE l English WILLARD HARDEN Biology E. l.. WESSELLS Science URHO SAARI Swimming Coach JAMES THON American History lFirst Semester, MERTON D. HARLOW Metal Shop f . ,,, AZN. i V A Q K f ' f 539 . ss ,, H Doctor and Nurse- Dr. Schmidt, Mrs. Schultz High School Office- Superintendent's Office Staff- Adams, Larson Pfeiffer, Wainscott, Green, Fitzgerald Cafeteria Women- Maintenance Men- Patterson, Adamson, Rosenberger, Vest, Martz FIRST ROW: Bowden, Diamond, Limberg, Madison, SECOND ROW: Oakes, Thomsen, Ranson A wi -- Aml' Qi' vu ..,. .. Xi . ,, 4 ix , , xx N wx , k ,, 'Y 'y . -wth X 7'- ,W A .f---Y K ' Y., 9 53- W- v X XX .. X 6- f I .. -vi ,J 77-"' if-4 Y 4.T' , , , E iff- V ,L VI! ff'ffff'igg K ' f ' -'- ' ' ' if - N - - ' A 911 if -Q-Si , , Qi--x i f . vs I , . i " 2D Qle E f " , A X. lk N yi ff'-ff: Q.. - -1 -V fi. ,I l A .L ' ,ff :,. - 'WFSA ,gs ' 'rf ci fx ' I 1 a iff ,Q E5 IA ,J -V . ,X W fx f Q ' ?+ifi:fV.x '- ,fflf fp NQ. XX' My , " - 4 Rib 1- FT '- ?f '12FE Ag: Q -. N X- 4 Pig: is-S L W ' 5,9 x 'WLM 5291: ' Q N jgjfiiif K Eggiigmn jfrirlbqi' 1"xi4f:E-'-,px - X w 235 'z , X 2 4 1--' - .Y X Q 1 'T' hifff' +M- Eslffj X59 fw:Qs .r ' Sendaw sv WAYNE L. WARD QRedI CAROLE J. BOYLAN IJOYI LARRY J. HOPE ILcrryI DIXIE C. KENT Loixiey CAROLE J. COULTER ICouIIerI RICHARD R. THOMSEN IDickI CLAUDIA A. RITCH INcnI ROBERT K. COLE IKimI in GEORGE R. POLLARD IDickI SALLEE J. HAZELTINE ISoIIeeI CLIFFORD C. CRAFTON ICIIHI DOROTHY J. ROSS IDoIIieI an 1 V 4 M' al A nv- an 5' 1 'NPR- 1 5 ' xx . if RAS. .. 5? J E 1 -- Ek E-E1 A R? QI gs? . R in A I .K V gm R I-1 I A A ' J. - . S R .,Ifi-9525 -:ij Z .5: . .. , I A- VIOLET A, BALLEW IViI JAMES E. FULKS Uimj LOUELLA A. PARSONS ILuIubeIII WILLIAM D. CARAWAY IDonI Sir O' ., 1' .. as ' V H' . g Q . .. .QW I f K Ri .- ..... . N.. L ,sw g X1 X gg. Egg. in CHARLES L. BRLGHTWELL ICharIieI MARILYN J. WOOD Ueonj NORMAN M. BELL INormI DORIS J. MITCHELL. IDD Dol AQ 'IANE L, WHITE IDU ANIEL B. DIEDERICH IDGHDYI HARLOTTE E. PURVIS IChickenI OHN A. REINHARDT Uohnnyj CHRISTIAN J, EFFLANDT IChrisI MINA J. BALLS IMIIOI JAMES D. FAHLAND Uimmyl KAREN L. MC QUEEN IPce WeeI BARBARA A. CLARK IBobbieI THOMAS F. RAFTER ITomI SHARON L. PRINCE IShorrieI WILLIAM B. KOREN IBIIII BYRON B. CHAMBERLAIN IMIIKCI FRANCES M. COMSTOCK IFranJ SHERWYN D. HYTEN IHubisonI MARTHA A. ATCHISON fMcrIyI Q' PATRICIA E. REMNANT an l "3'f"A 1' IPQII WILLIAM C. BROQUIST IBiIII DIANE CLAFLIN IDiI MICHAEL s. DOORBAR IMIIQI 'QV' E 5 W iw fvag, iw X!"w JAY P. STUCK UGYI EDWARD R. PUCHRIK IEddyI PATRICIA L. MOORE IPCII CARLSON L. NIPPEL ITobyI -N5 . ROSEMARY A. DI BELLA IRosieI NANCY L. HOEFT INcnI BILLY M. FLOYD IBiIII SHIRLEY I. HANSEN IShirII 'Q X-f-mn: S-sw SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LFIRST SEMESTERI SITTING: Dusenbery, Secretary, Balls, Treasurer. STAND- ING: Pollard, President, Cowdery, Vice President. LYDA A. MARSHALL WARREN D. WARD SHIRLEY D. DUSENBERY ISpiderI ILeIIyI ISquirreIyI HENRY Y. STUART HALLIE E. HUTTON BILLY D. CATES IHcnkI IHaIIieI IBIIII ur 3' l SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ISECOND SEMESTERI Rosnuwsen, Treosurerg Reinhardt, Preddenff Hyten, Vice Presidenfg Floyd, Secretary. PAUL T. COCKE BARBARA J. OLSON RICHARD D. COWDERY qvcuu IOlIieI IDickI DAISY A. JONES KENNETH K. KOSTER EMILY J. MOELLER IDcisyI IKennyI IEmI Yb- Q SHIRLEY J. RUNGE IShirlI LYNN E. ROPETOR ILYHHI BARBARA M. HAYES IBarbI WILLIAM R. ORMSBY IMontyI QW' Z yu sf gf gg: 3 1 mg Xin iii! I hi: A 49 xI " ly N 4 fl I ' L III , IL QQ vgw. PETER P. PILOT IPeIeI KATHLEEN L. SISCO IKOYI ROBERT E. SIGHTS IBobbyI CELIA R. BURGESS ICecI ., H . -A Jgg L . 1 :Y N ,fl CAROL A. HENNIFORTH ICaroII DAVID A. WEATHERS LDGV8, EMILY W. RANDALL INiIcI ORVAL G. GRUBB IGrunII ROBERT H. SOUTHERN IBobI BARBARA J. OAKS IBarbI RICHARD L. PIEROTTI IDickI LA VENA O. CURRIE IBeunnieI MONA R. HICKMAN IBunnyI CALLIE RAMSAY Icquiey KAREN E. RASMUSSEN IRumseyI GENE R. OLSON ILiITIe Olson' ROBERT H. CRAWFORD IBobI EDWINA V. MADISON IEddyI ROBERT E. SMITH IBobI MARY CAROL TODD IMcryI ND- PATRICIA A. MELLINKOF IPQII ROGER L. MARTZ IROQI HELENE V. WHITE lHeIenI ROGER L. RANKIN IRogerI I i I 5 z ALPH E. SLATER KRaIphl fAROL A. SANKO fCorolj PUDLEY J. BARMORE 1DudIey1 IAROLYN R. VAN NORMAN KSI1orYyj in-0 X X CAROL J. MAYFIELD IHomel'j DONALD L. STAINBROOK fDonj JACQUELYN L. FISHER Uutquszj GARY T, CARNEY lCc1rneyJ si.. WARREN FARLEY fFarIeyl BEVERLY J. RITTER QB. J.J WILLIAM O. THOMPSON fanny szvsmv D. BRANDON 1BObel 'R' 'W . BEVERLY J. DOUGLAS lBevj GERALD A. COX Uerryj BILLIE L. MAC LEAN lla Reel GERALD W. ROACH Uerryj L WAYNE T. LESLIE Hemi JANET L. MAHLA Uonj GORDON G. GOODWIN Heddel DONNA M. MCILLROY lDonncl u g' ':' X F' FLM? 'JMLQL ag-7 M. N L Y 3 ' :W X . L Q : Q :N 1 ' S ,, . -. t . is V I M -,Q S? N wx .e. X. vs ' me N A 'ff' K 1 N ' 7 X ..,.,, ,.,.., - 5 ' ' ,,,, Q r -' 5, ..:. .. .,-X53 ..-52, - x + X as lx i k: F s me JW mul-2 Yndd-Ld-ov Q95 V . liilfv ufrvotf f an in ? l 'au-am,d1 mcg q Gaguufdl' Ga-vJwJn. Pas-v Ko-vlifb X b . i I R 'C Q , x 1 caa,4.f'.,,,-1, FMWM 40.64- B411 aff S ,, , L4!oo-'L 2? 7I2.e..t Lvn. 79'-471-af .?-, 3 A M K i 1 1 P "Extra, Extra, read all about itl" calls the local newsboy. "World-famed spectacular event" cry all the television announcers and you, in the year 1960, very anxious to again hear some news about the mighty class of '53, wonder what this great event is. Then, out to the L.A. Airport we must go to visualize the colossal world reunion of the never-to-be-forgotten class . . . the class of nineteen hundred fifty three. First on our many exciting stops is the trans-atlantic ticket window where DONNA MclLROY and HELENE WHITE use their class of '53 influence with the airport officials to reserve us choice seats on the newly designed passenger iet. On the plane, top steward- ess, MARTHA ATCHISON, greets us with her cheery smile and we find JACQUE FISHER in her crisp white nurses uniform preparing the passengers for the takeoff. They introduce us to the distinguished pilot, BOB CRAWFORD, who has iust returned from flying around the world in 2 hours and 22 minutes, non-slopl Since we now rate as distinguished guests we have the honor of meeting the famous World Theatre Guild Players consisting of BOB SIGHTS, CLAUDIA RITCH, their lawyer, MIKE DOORBAR, and BARBARA OLSON who is accompanied by BILL BROQUIST, busily engaged in an architectural plan of where everyone is going to sit. The red caps for the group, ROGER MARTZ and GERALD ROACH, are actively toting the players' many trunks from place to place. As WAYNE LESLIE announces the departure of our plane over the loud speaker system, we turn our attention to the air as we see TOBY NIPPEL and DICK THOMSEN painting the hyperion smoke stack in a modern art array of designs and colors. Down below, KAREN RASMUSSEN is ably holding the ladder and shouting detailed instructions. Luckily enough we have chosen the right plane as we spot MIKE CHAMBERLAIN, Capt. of the Royal Alaskan Mounted Police, again aff to his Alaskan station, tailed by BARBARA CLARK, notorious horse thief. Seated across from them are LOUELLA PARSONS and DIANE CLAFLIN trying desperately to conceal their stow-away racing horses. "Conversational Hour" is being held in the rear of the plane as LA VENA CURRIE, VENITA RANDALL and JAY STUCK are discussing their children with CELIA BURGESS and CAROL MAY- field, society brides. BOB SOUTHERN and CAROL HENNEFORTH also ioin in on the discussion as they begin on their second honey- moon. Whoopeel Texas is calling as BILL FLOYD and DON CARAWAY parachute out of the plane singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas." Across the plains we go to West Point where CAROLE COULTER departs to attend the Army-Navy game with West Point's first house mother, MINA BALLS. However, so many U.C.L.A. delegates were gathered there that we barely catch sight of FRAN COMSTOCK instructing TOM RAFTER in the correct Naval saludes and Army passes. Flying low over Washington, D.C. we see Chief Justice, KIM COLE presiding over the inauguration of DAN DIEDERICH, President of the U. S., with his cabinet: Sec. of Romance, JOHN REINHARDTp Sec. of Bork, DICK COWDERYg Sec. of Barf, DICK POLLARDp and Sec. of Size, BARBARA OAKS, who proves the theory that "Big oaks from little acorns grow." ROGER RANKIN and RONALD GRAVES, master mechanics, check our plane before we leave for Ireland. Here, we are met by SHIRLEY O'DUSENBERY and MONA O'HlCKMAN, cute Irish colleens. While eating, we are entertained by PAT O'MELLINKOFF'S sing- ing ond PAT O'REMNANT'S dancing of a peppy iig to the tune of the Irish Washerwoman. "Highland Flinging" things in Scotland are NANCY HOEFT and CAROL SANKO, accompanied by LARRY HOPE and his all-girl bagpipe ensemble. NORMAN BELL, famous Navy Admiral draws our attention and we spot JANET MAHLA, winner of the I960 Miss World Contest. At another table LYDA MARSHALL is giving nasal voice lessons to anyone who might be interested. The English Channel is the next big attraction as HENRY STUART and BARBARA HAYES are seen swimming vigorously while DON SNYDER is rowing along beside them eating the food rations. We stop in iolly old England at Sir BILL KOREN'S Country Club, but decide to have tea and crumpets as our delicacy. We read about our world-attention-getting tour in the papers as PAUL COCKE drives by in his Crosley Convert and gives us a complimentary edition. Ahl Now the romantic exotic Paree, where ED PUCHRIK and WARREN FARLEY take us in EMILY MOEHLER'S taxi fleet to the Eiffel Tower where High tower man, KEN KOSTER is repairing the very top of it without the aid of a ladder. Now, we ore greeted by DUDLEY BARMORE, top guide, who escorts us to a small cafe where LEFTY WARD is wowing all of Paris with his new goatee and mustache combination. Needless to say we spot SHERWYN HYTEN and SHARON PRINCE walking their poodle dogs, who already have mastered every trigonometry problem. As the spotlight goes on, CHRIS EFFLANDT opens the floor show with his singing of "Limpy" while over in a corner sits DORIS MITCHELL ready to challenge SALLEE HAZELTINE to another tennis match, this time with cherries and tooth picks. Livening it up are the can-can dancers, SHIRLEY HANSEN and ROSEMARIE DI BELLA with RALPH SLATER coaing the new French tune, "La Gundo Rose," JAMES FAHLAND, alias The Continental, and his poodled haircut wife, CHARLOTTE PURVIS are thor- oughly enioying the number, as does their hair dresser, CALLIE RAMSEY. At the next table sits MARY CAROL TODD discussing her new scientific theory with BEVERLY BRANDON, noted French actress and her producer, DON STAINBROOK. Spain is now beckoning our arrival and we are in time for BILL THOMPSON and his fabulous bull throwing act with LA REE MAC LEAN and BEV DOUGLAS, exotic Spanish dancers. After many bravos we go back to the plane where we meet KAREN MC- QUEEN, CAROLYN VAN NORMAN, and DIXIE KENT, world renowned social workers. Accompanying them are GENE OLSEN and LYNN ROPETOR, dare devil pilots, with their much needed broken bone specialist BEV RITTER. Our new stewardesses, HALLIE HUTTON and EDWINA MADISON, help them on board. In Rome we are iust in time for the opening of the Olympics where DICK PIEROTTI and CLIFFORD CRAFTON, famous track stars, and JIM FULKS, trampoline artist are appearing. Keeping things iumping is GARY CARNEY, six-foot high iumper who lights the Olympic game candles. As we travel on to the auto show we are met by JERRY COX, a "Mar's Car" auto designer and his ace drivers, MONTY ORMSBY and DAVE WEATHERS. Continuing our Italian tour we ioin the crowd at the street corner and listen to RED WARD introducing the new song, "Gomend-a-Sock" with his violin accompanist, BOB SMITH. Before leaving we are beckoned into a small nightclub by the blues song stylist, CAROLE BOYLAN. We also catch DENNIS CAROLYN'S tap routine, and PAT MOORE'S vocal number with GRANT GRUBB and his hot trumpet. Our last stop is Africa where CHARLIE BRIGHTWELL and DIANE WHITE are trying to convince the natives of the true value in the "See the World in a Chevrolet" slogan. MARVIN PARRY and KAY SISCO also shout "Hello," as they return from a dangerous bumblebee hunting expedition. DAISY JONES and .IEAN WOOD, head hunters, return with what looks to be a fairly good catch. But homeward we are bound. In El Segundo we are saluted by the maiorettes DOTTY ROSS and SHIRLEY RUNGE. It's good to be back, we agree, yet suddenly a nostalgic feeling comes over us as we reminisce about "the good old days" as suave sophisticated seniors of our alma mater, E. S. High. Carrying on in tradition we "took like eagles to the sky" and found our rightful place in the world. Whether we make headlines or by-lines, our names will be in lights for all the world to see for we are the Class of I953. This we prophecy to come true: we'Il always be happy and never be blue. If in Ireland, or Scotland or far away Rome, we'Il always remember EI Segundo, our homel BY-BARBARA OLSON I V f U llulu' 6 I 5-,E ,-f-'f 3 JC' ,,-ff! . 'wk Ao ,-f-'-im B i at i 'X XX N Q3 " X Nm -. '11 N'U:"x-Q KXSYX Q ,A i 1 4:11 6 5 QW" f 1 l S 'N - ' 5 mf? gg 5, f 65 w U1 i. 3 S 1 5 . W ',:'+E XT X X. M . pgfgz- " ...T-5 x Q i. -1 x- -' 1 - Ass f 'N 1 '-ff -X V 5-if 'Q '- ' .ff ,Cl NH, N ' YP gl .x.'1: 'u , it-7 1 -'Qs 5. -.- S- N K atm f i S . -.., f X x e v- ' 0' . - Y X I F. -xr:-'ff'-P 'Wr fl I -Q Xxx -.- ,.-,- 4-551542 ff -rx '- . .5 r , 's 12? ' ?1 fi. " .exif 4 :E S 1, - I P 7 -if -I 5 ' 'iff l 'F x Z Y, , 1fX3f5 -X5 . ' 3, ff' K4 -gs --fl - - x ' , Q '- YQ 1 V .7 X 23" FIRST ROW: Cochran, lannini, Harty, Boling, Cessna, Girvin, Anderwert, Klassen, Corbett, Counter Johnston, Crawford, SECOND ROW: Hodge, Appleton, Hoffman, Kunce, R. Keddy, Fosterling, Johnston Carlyon, Cocke, Floyd, Evans, Jones, Culham, THIRD ROW: Brown, Dilks, Coffelt, Autry, Collins Campbell, Combs, Poole, Coon, Edinger, Hapke, Anderson, Beathard, Benfield, Burgess, Hamilton Bowles, FOURTH ROW: Wray, Jones, Well, Cotton, Christensen, Ballmer, Holliman, Dodenhoff Griffin, Kennedy, Herdrich, Judd, Ballantyne, Cox, Kent. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS lfirst semesterl BOWLES, President ROBERTSON, Treasurer CULHAM, Secretary HAPKE, Vice President JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS isecond semesterl STOCKDALE, Presidenl WILMOT, Secretary MURPHY, Treasurer VINSON, Vice President FIRST ROVV: Rees, Skinner, Tyler, Neifert, Wilson, McConnell, Moore, law, Evans, Mecder, Thorpe, Meyers, Poling SECOND ROW: Nicholson, Rose, Minor, Townsend, Pallerson, Wrighi, Riley, Thomas, Mann, Schemenouer, Radebaugh Williams, THIRD ROW: Wells, Minor, Lerl, Snow, Scriven, Schunnep, Oufz, Parks, McBride, Ward, FOURTH ROW Slange, Mcllroy, Wassman, Whitney, Murphy, Wilmot, Lewis, Monson, FIFTH ROW: Means, Wray, Tiosaos, Riddle Slockdole, Rohrer, Lane, Madrick, Marlin. 1 0 'Q me xx if i Q Q ilk X K R X wg 3? vm x, . .N mxsys' .1 Q Q w ff + A Q N 5 s I df .u New ii U 16553 I 4 5. YQ i an my Kami 4f,w -ffx' 1 'Q ' gkfimx fi :,,:, V , Q M '25 Vox sz are Nm ff: wk Qi 3 W f . 'E . 1 r rx IX , Af! M, afwj W, ,, 'L K 4 of P' J Xs pf . 'Y K JN'-yu . X ,H P f yjixx W, ,Z ' QV ,f f 5 7 X W gf X. ' W Q ? ffl Qf Lk pk H, V X if , m N3 I K J X Y LW i X f ' r . :IV x. 1 .1 X-Fjfh -QA 52 I 1 flu? fxfl 71 'LQ :ff AL n2of"?- I R X T1 g xxb-,Sai S tai. ,fn 'fcfff fx ff fN x S xx 51 hx x Q ' x Xxx ix x xx ig il i3-5 -Q Q-' .-.. -- -Z: :b 3' . xg g Q SX X Q55 x. x,. QS XX XX xk xg .x, . vi Q i x FIRST ROW: Amino, Boehner, Howe, Keilh, Holland, Jones, Desilels, Holmes, Donaldson, Hanson, Dixon, Boyle, SECOND ROW: Allen, Brown, De Will, Hawk, lngrcm, Harris, Greenwood, Barmore, Johnson, Koerner, Hayer, Krclz, THIRD ROW: Hamblin, Granl, Herman, Cline, Bell, Gerlh, Adams, Ashley, Dodds, FOURTH ROW: Conover, Law, Knighl, Gionnini, Bennell, Kaeding, Barton, Hoxie, Schoenmeier, FIFTH ROW: Hensley, Anderson, Efllandl, Brightwell, Eads, Hubbard, Lawman, Biggs. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS lFlRST SEMESTERl BRIGHTWELL, President HOLLAND Treasurer GIANNINI, Secrelcxry Nm M Missing, FLATHERS, Vice President we as :-'l' muvwmaff SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS lsecond semesterl WHIPPLE, President YATES, Treasurer MAGEE, Secretary SHEPARD, Vice President I W FIRST ROW: Winslow, West SECOND ROW: Nelson, O'l.eary, THIRD ROW: Mullins, Leiher, FOURTH ROW: K, Thompson, White, Morgan, Mcllroy. Price, Pomares, Stein, Wray, Vest, Wallace, Ross, Ray, O'Banion, Steffenson Magee, Walters, Ritter, Thompson, Odom, Yates, Martin, Page, Morford, Wright Oliver, Troy, Mitchell, O'DeIl, Whipple, Vargo, Morris, Tucker, Yoakum Sisco, Wilds, Carroll, Martin, Strobya, Shepard, Phillips, Stevens, Wallace HWS x x X K I' 1 ff A 3 f M4155 1 F A ,V 4 I ,s , 'KGS A xx Wy K ltd S S 2 Sm iuxgl XXQWS1 ' 'X-A X V 17 X fa f 9' kr XLN K 5 ' QW, K an '- N--N N , , X J L ' M " 'jfI,IiE15f-, ' f -fr .. S -W"' 0' ' , N- 'K 1- ' gm. X 'W - -M' XS l . V52 "' Y Z' ', 1 VY 1:- '-'I Lil? Yi -- Y W if X If W, " W" f' A fx 'i""" X17 SN N G 9 A I J YQ 6 -mr' -C " " 'ifwfggy . ll . , 'lg 14? - -Si ,,. m, AN ,I " i- fgx Eggsfge l ff' ' I W final X X , f ffmffwz -- , ii 1'P f, ff tl" sfjffffl -' X ' i - N 'xy' l - K i-jxgfgg i X7 v.' . ,K fi-x5 X - N K Nxf-.'J'a 1 ' N 'X'. '-NN W L Q f l Q x 'Z l .Rafi f , A , X Lili f A -i 1 FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: Craflon, Everharl, Grant, Gregory, Harr, Girvin, Girvin, Jones, Gragg, Carler, Ballanlyne Brannon, SECOND ROW: Brady, Grant, Geseland, Andrews, Hoeft, Allison, Gardiner, Bronson, Blair Jellison, THIRD ROW: Dodds, Gillardo, Eardly, Coulter, Anderson, Adamson, Badger, Ingram, Jarrel Goshen, Hall, Hall, Chamberlain, FOURTH ROW: Brewer, De !Bois, Groves, Johnson, Crawnover Cull, Bulller, Adams, Campbell, Jensen, Blackwell, Bowden, FO FlFTH ROW: Anderson, Brannon Edinger, Bennen, Dilks, Campbell. I K' A AX. f I ,nf h 2 I if I ,mf 1,0 f. ,f .- ww ff fri., P 0 r. by ,. . 1 glfl do - , 7 Ji ,QL FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS lfirsl semesferl EVERHART, Vice President ADAMSON, Treasurer OLSON, President JELLISON, Secretary A ,X A fl XYZ, fivucwi J 1 'gy fd' !,L'V,,l,Vf4,Wf3Lq,0-10 f -AJAA,NL , . i 5' J , ,ag ,md if ' ,, f ,T ,,:' ' f, O , T f r,,,1zL T - L T ' ' 'Gift W - M6 f ,Q ' A yi bln, .f' fill 'Il L Lf l ' V f ' ii f V FRESHM l AS FF S lse XQ9Hslerl l ,Yip fi7lN P Hl ' 'l ll VDOD N Vic re enl l l J LQJM Selsre V' My f I ' , Treasur X ' l' n XX nk! A YL I AJ X N L b . B V, 1, r X K b V , - iN ' E T Y Y J T , A IJ Y N ,P ,lg V ,JF A V' Kr J lv if T Q' FIRST ROW: Turner, Karlberg, Keddy, Low, Willard, Vann, Scriven, Schneider, Moore, 'gSEn,'Y CR, umwhg ECONQXX ROW: While, Spear, McForlond, Roach, Prince, Larson, Parker, Kelly, Lone, THIRQKJ gloss, Sq kofr arli , rlin,l Nicholson, Marshall, Schroeder, Miller, Benfield, Sollley, Sluck, McNamara, FOUR JW: Himl s, Svob , Se Kerr, McMuslers, long, Pool, Maxwell, FIFTH ROW: Hawk, Williams, Phillips, Wogne gllroy, C lis?owve e, Smi SIXTH ROW: Norris, Spresler, Spear, Ness, Low, Olsen, Dodson, While, While. '39 QL' ' Q, f. . . Q v - Q A, ,XY V ul J l' 1 ,f,wgeMsQ Most Talented Most Popular Barbara Olson and Toby Nippel Barbara Clark and Gluyie Thompson Most Likely to Succeed Best Personality Mina Balls and Sherwyn Hyten Fran Comstock and Tom Rafter Most Friendly Most Athletic Dick Pollard and Barbara Hayes Sallee Hazeltine and Fire Ball Chamberlain 0 I This year a poll was conducted in the Senior Problems classes to find the most outstanding Senior couple in various categories. Mr. Magrum is to be thanked for his assistance in helping the staff to conduct the poll properly. Best Looking Dan Diederich and Jacque Fisher Best Dressed Celia Burgess and Henry Stuart WW' ngjf Waiamwldkwaea gg! if HS Q W f fx f 4 I -B P N' 2 -W 4X ' Cf W ' .lj 54 f V, lj ,f Z ' Mx ,f Q 1 '4 ef - -:W Q" df K -as XXX xr ei is sig A - E SE Q x Ll GQ 'K Q cf-, xg! 4 STUDENT COUNCIL lfirst semesterl Swim: The main purpose of having a student government is to develop leadership and co-operation among the students. This year, Student Council organized several events such as the Annual Football Banquet given each year by the school district, assemblies, football games, and numerous other activi- ties. El Segundo played host to a Pioneer League Forum held in January. Items dis- DAN DIEDERICH Student Body President SITTING: Bowles, Jr. Pres., Pollard, Sr. Pres., Ward, B. L. Pres., Hazeltine, S. B. Treas., Diederich, S. B. Pres., Clark, S. B. Sec., Floyd, Boys' Rep., Purvis, Girls' Rep., Comstock, G. L. Pres. STANDING: Brightwell, Soph. Pres., Thompson, S. B. Vice- Pres., Olson, Frosh Pres. act! cussed were the Pioneer League scrapbook and the Pioneer League All Sports Trophy. Student Council meets each week to dis- cuss and act upon the problems of the student body. Every meeting is open to the student body and anyone interested is in- vited to attend. Both first and second se- mester student councils had o very success- ful year. Much credit should be given to both semester officers for their outstanding work and to Mr. MacQueen, advisor. BILL THOMPSON Student Body President STUDENT COUNCIL lSecond Semesterl ING: Reinhardt, Sr. Class Pres.: Rafter, Boys' Rep.p Koster, B. L Pres a es Girls e hers S B Thompson, S. B. Pres.: Reinhardt Fr. Class Pres.: Hazelline, S. B. Tre Stockdale .lr Class Pres Whipple Soph Class Pres STANDING: Bowles, S. B. Vice Pres. Missing: Robertson, G L Pres ww---c.....,.,,,,M ,WHA TTNNWN. ,NK FIRST SEMESTER-Everhart, Frosh. Rep., Magee, Soph. Rep., Hazeltine, Treas., McQueen, Vice Pres., Mrs. Valian, Ade visor, Comstock, Pres., Robertson, Historian, Floyd, Friendship-Missing: Ritch, Secretary. I I Qozfa .league The Girl's League got off to a flying start this year by sponsoring a Senior-Freshman picnic during the first week of school The annual Mother-Daughter Tea, presented in the fall season, was its usual success. A Slack and Pedal-pusher Day was sponsored by the first semester cabinet. This was something new at EI Segundo and proved to be very successful. Second semester cabinet got off to a good start by sponsoring the novel Lollipop Hop and co-operating with Bay Eagle on a fashion show that was presented at Jonas store in Westchester. SECOND SEMESTER-Everhart, Historian, Law, Friendship, McConnell, V, Pres., Mitchell, Treas., Hutton, Sec.-Missing: M. Robertson, Pres. First Semester-Bowles, Secretary, Bethard, Vice President, Ward, Presidnt. Missing: Ward, Sergeant-at-arms. gage' 4' This year, under the able direction of Mr. Barmore, the Boys League, a non- profit organization which consists of every boy in school, was very active. In December, they combined with the Girls League to give a talent show that was enjoyed by the entire student body. Of course, their biggest event of the year, the annual Spring Carnival in May, turned out to be a huge success. Second Semester- Herdreich, Secretary, Wassman, Vice President, Koster, President MINA BALLS Editor FRAN COMSTOCK BARBARA CLARK Assistant Editor Business Manager ANNUAL STAFF GOLDEN EAGLE The Annual Class of l953, under the supervision of its new advisor Miss Gud- munsen and the leadership of Editor Mina Balls, had cm very busy year. The process of letterpress for the Golden Eagle was decided upon instead of photo-offset which has been used in previous years. The staff hopes you will like the results. Thomsen, Atchison, White, Boylan, Nippel, Purvis, Balls, Fahland, Comstock. Reinhardt, Clark, Cowdery. r I BAY EAGLE Your Bay Eagle for l952-53 enioyed a year of good publications under the leadership of two editors, Tom Rafter and Dick Cowdery. The Bay Eagle gave a complete coverage of school activities and events. A special feature sponsored at the beginning of the year was the contest to select the King and Queen of Football. BAY EAGLE STAFF TOM RAFTER Editor 'YQ YH -:5 ,Ez is ' --.- t ,k.,.:: : .- t DAN DIEDERICH CAROLE COULTER Football King Football Queen FIRST ROW: Olson, Remnant, Cowdery, White, Ratter, Hutton, Crawford, SECOND ROW: Burgess Wilson, Minor, Pierotti, Brightwell, Grubb, THIRD ROW: Miss Gudmunsen, Cocke, Hansen, Mann Cole, FOURTH ROW: Conover, Minor, Park, Cocke, FIFTH ROW: Ward, Caraway, Pollard. Zagat. cmd ' tale l Each year one boy and one girl are selected from the Junior Class to attend Boys and Girls State in Sacramento, where students set up their own State, County, and City governments, make their own laws and enforce them during the week. Boys State this year was held on the Fair Grounds at Sacramento June 21-28 and was attended by Ken Koster. Ken was elected county treasurer and auditor of Foster County. Sallee Jo Hazeltine attended Girls State at the California Junior High in Sacramento during the week of June 18-26. She was Acting City Clerk and was elected to a position on the Acting Board of Supervisors. These weeks of self-government of- fered much in the way of understanding and 7 l practicing the different forms of State, County, KEN KOSTER AND SALLEE HAZELTINE and CNY Qovefnmenf functions- fhz' 61645 The Art Club is open to all students taking art classes. The purpose of the club is to give recognition to the people who excel in and are interested in furthering their art ability. Several students of the Art Club entered the national poster contests this year which helped and gave them much experience in their art work. During the Christmas season the windows in the school were painted by members of the Art Club. This Club deserves credit for the outstanding work that they did in the school this year, with Mr. Petsch as advisor. ART CLUB: FlRST ROW: Fosterling, Poling, Greenwood, Boling, Hayes, Severtson, Prince, Clark, SECOND ROW: Scriven, Mann, Harr, Winslow, Minor, Cocke, THIRD ROW: Slater, Thomsen, Cowdery, Cole, Ward, Brandon, FOURTH ROW: Butler, Nippel, Bell, Ballantyne, Vinson, Mr. Petsch. 31 FIRST SEMESTER FIRST ROW: Hazeltine, Barmore, Girvin, Klassen, Keefe, Cessna, Meader, Balls, SECOND ROW: Magee, Randall, Mitchell, Mac Leon, Johnson, Hutton, Mann, Comstock, THIRD ROW: Mr. Tilton, Conover, Diederich, Ward, Hyten, Minor, Stockdale, Thompson, Hapke. W'?Ni"i""'?' clalczwicgb ' The EI Segundo chapter has been represented by students of fine scholastic ability who participate in many activities. The purpose of the organization is to further the scholastic ideals of students at El Segundo High School. This year the society went to Inglewood for the district meeting and to the Southern Region Conference at Pasadena City College. The requirements for entrance are based solely on grades. A gold seal on his diploma is the reward for a life time member, the first semester this year seven gold seal bearers were presented with pins. The Society's advisor is Mr. Tilton. ,fx SECOND SEMESTER FIRST ROW: Mitchell, Mac Lean, Balls, Olson, Hazeltine, Hayes, Hytenp SECOND ROW: Klassen, Girvin, White, Hutton, Keefe, Bol- ing, Carlyon, THIRD ROW: Cessna, Comstock, Prince, Johnson, Mann, Prince, lellison, Everharl, FOURTH ROR: Stockdale, Magee, Barmore, Conover, Hapke, Bowden, FIFTH ROW: Nippel, Minar, Franklin, Vargo, Allen, Mr, Tilton. JUNIOR STATESMEN OFFICERS KNEELING: Hozeltine, Treas.: Coulter, Pres.: Comstock, Sec. STANDING: Mr. Magrum, Advisor, Connover, Part.: Olson Frosh. Rep., Fahlond, Sr. Senator: Schanneup, Jr. Senator Rutter, Sp. of House. MISSING: Keete, Soph. Rep. JUNIOR STATESMEN 1 anim Sldledmew Junior Statesmen, a legislative and educational club in El Segundo, has as its main purpose teach- ing the members good government procedure. The main event this year was the Southern Regional Convention held at El Segundo on Sat- urday, February 7. Many long hours were spent by members and advisor in preparation for this convention and their efforts proved worth while, as the Convention was very successful. Junior Statesmen delegates from here attended the Bakersfield and Berkeley State Conventions. This club co-sponsored the play "Incognito" with the Junior Red Cross. Much credit for this organization goes to Mr. Magrum, advisor. FIRST ROW: Hutton, Rassmusen, Wright, Holland, Hayes, Van Norman, Skinner, Moore, Everhort, Prince, Olson, Fisher, Marshall, Johnson, Reese. SECOND ROW: Willey, Balls, White, Clark, Riley! Thomas, Ma nn, THIRD ROW: Purvis, Hansen, Boylan, Prince, Comstock, Atchison, Coulter, Hazeltine, Corylon. FOURTH ROW: Conover, Sattley, Rafter, Wilson, Neitert. FIFTH ROW: Hyten, Fahland, Schanneup, Stuart, Ballantyne, Reinhardt. SIXTH ROW: Olson, Dodson, Cravens. I .slow ,- - .LI-3' 7am-14 This year, the Teen-Agers, under the direction ot Mr. Ward, have been unusually active. Red Ward was selected to the post of president of S.C.Y.A., which is indeed an honor. The biggest event for the Teen-Agers was sponsoring a com- munity Luau to help meet the expenses for the Big Hawaiian Cruise on which approximately 35 students will venture this summer. Although they have presented many dances, gone to other schools for conventions, etc., the full purpose of this group is to promote a better unity and more fun in working together and accomplishing things for the members and everyone in school. TEEN AGE COUNCIL M. E. WARD, Advisor FIRST ROW: Everhart, Stetfenson, O'Banion, Wilson, Coulter, White, SECOND ROW: Conover Cravens Olson, Ward, Wilmot, Flathers. LOS TIRATOROS Floyd, Floyd. LOS Tl RATO ROS JUNIOR JUNIOR RED CROSS FIRST ROW: Yates, Balls, Hutton, Boyle, Harris, SECOND ROW: Word, Brightwell, lewis, Flathers, Tucker. Los Tiratoros, consisting ot third year students and honorary members, has for its purpose the cultural interests of life and to get an international point of view. This year they have visited Padua Hills, ballets, plays, operas, and Spanish- speaking movies. The students visited foreign restaurants like Totos, Taix, and La Golondrina. RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross has been quite active this year. At Christmas the members packed gift boxes to be sent overseas and in March it co-sponsored the Drama Class play, "Incognito," Much enthusiasm was stirred up by seven members who attended the week-long leadership training camp at Crestline last summer. Much credit goes to club advisor, Mrs. Alice Jordan. FIRST ROW: Mann, Evans Crow ford, Hazeltine, Tyler Klussen SECOND ROW: Cessna Garvin Burgess, Hutton, Nerfert Wilson Coulter, Balls, White TH ROW: Todd, Nippel Schcnnep Hope, Reese, Thompson Ward SERVICE CLUB FIRST ROW: Jones, Prince, Zum walt, Schneider, Scriven, Horr, De siletts, Price, Rankin, Grant, Bal lanlyne, Stuck, SECOND ROW Wray, Everhart, Jellison, Keddy Moore, M o n s o n, McQueen Mitchell, Hoffman, THIRD ROW Stein, Boehner, Wallace, Blair Roach, Girven, Girven. SERVICE CLUB During the past year the Service Club, with Miss Lewis as advisor, has been very active. Their proiects have included serving at the football banquet, the coaches luncheon, and for several county institute meetings. They have also helped the Drama Club by making costumes. Their motto is "Enter to learn, go forth for service." FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America have been busy this year. They learned how to arrange flowers, they entertained their parents, and of course they had their annual picnic which was successful. The club is divided into four sections, the presidents of each being June Skinner, Marilyn Harty, Connie Scriven, and Donna Everhart. ' 2 .. I I .a V .ww :Q ,J 4: : ,T 1.71-lg" , "-:iff '- 5121+ - 3 I ' ,,. ...Z or. - -rs 32 , in . 3 gas gg W5 ,, .... - E sd EEK 6 X, V W ": 3 1 ig if i ' i 3 iii? ,jg ,ts . ge K W mi 1 X X H ,gi gg., Eigggk A30 ,gQll55w,.dT A A,-fi.. V as iv 'fi ., 3" ,3 9 1 ' 2 f5 t ,xx ,Q . ,W HES Y M 4 . W KM 1 ,ww X vw X w H K , . :ff Y 32 ff v 1 E , 53? ami! x 4+ Q 3 xx Q 4. -51 -bi MR. MAGRUM Cox, Thomsen, Sights, Moulton, Slater, Scriven. Missing: Bright- well,'Broquist, and Nippel. Duma This year the Drama group consists of a class wherein the stress is put on personality, poise, voice placement, diction and, above all, how to impart general characterization to audience appeal. We find the group attending theatre parties, active in the one-act play fields l"The Fifteenth Candle", "The Perfect Gentleman", "Courage, Mr. Green"l, and giving of their very best efforts to the approach of histrionic realism. They have presented "Night of January l6th", "Incognito" and "Arsenic and Old Lace", all three-act plays. A realistic motive of the class has been the double casting of all plays in order to give everyone a chance to be on the stage. Other organizations have been given the opportunity to enliven box office along with the drama class, and proceeds from the plays have helped pro- mote better drama in El Segundo. All the plays this year have been exceptionally good. None of this would have been possible if it weren't for our splendid teacher, Mr. Magrum. One of the largest single classes in the school, it speaks for its own creative ability. DRAMA CLASS FIRST ROW: Fisher, Olson, Balls, Poling, McConnell, Skinner, Riley, Boylan, Meader, Thorpe, Hayes, Henneforth. SECOND ROW: Mayfield, Marshall, Comstock, Claflin, Atchison, Combs, Neifert, Clark, Anderwert, Carlyon, Purvis, Fosterling. THIRD ROW: Murphy, Ward, Doorbar, Vinson, Edinger, Herdrich, Schannep, Slater. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Magrum, Falxland, Sights, Reinhardt, Southern, Ward, Judd, Means. -wssgk-Q KEY CLUB FIRST ROW: Stockdale, Adams Beathard, Flathersp SECOND ROW Wilmot, Floyd, Diederich, Bowles Missing: Elflandt, Broquist, Ram sey. cn' MW" 9?C".x Keg ghd The club is composed of boys who have shown their leadership and ability in various school activities. Sponsored by the Kiwanis and under Mr. MacQueen's guidance, this organization has sold refreshments at games and held a dance as two of their proiects for this school year, i952-53. Zadlcmdsowfl Started at El Segundo in l'-740 the Quill and Scroll has always been made up of outstanding members of the yearbook and school newspaper staffs. There were five members from last year and ten new members admitted this year. Ad- visor for this organization and for the school publications is Miss Ovidia Gudmunsen. The Key Club of El Segundo High is one of the school's maior organizations. QUILL AND SCROLL FIRST ROW: Cowdery, Olson, Rat- ter, Hutton, Diederich, SECOND ROW: Burgess, Grubb, Clark, White, Hyten, Comstock, Balls, Nippel, Miss Gudmunsen. ll-uw-'jgr FIRST ROW: Madison, McLean, Ross, Ross: SECOND ROW: Mr. Riewer, Anderwert, Van Norman, Cessna, Martin, Barmore, Coulter, Maxwell, Hawk, Brannon, Hope, THIRD ROW: Collins, Carlyon, Jerrel, Anderson, Long, Harris, Barmore, Grant, Manson, Fulksg FOURTH ROW: Wallace, Meader, Kelley, Bronson, Edinger, Lawrence, Sheldon, Phillips, Conover, FIFTH ROW: Anderson, Dodenhoff, Franklin, Blackwell, Madrick, Dodson, Holliman, Weathers, Taylor, White. BAND The music department has played an important role in all the activities of school. The band has been prominent in almost every phase of school life. lt has played at football and basketball games, assemblies, District and State music festivals, the Spring festival and graduation. ORCHESTRA The orchestra has also had its place in the activities al school. It has played for the Drama productions given during the year as well as at various P.T.A. meetings and also the Spring Concert. A full and varied schedule keeps the entire music department busy from September through June. FIRST ROW: Descher, Sleffanson, Ashley, Conover, Walters, Johnson, SECOND ROW: Holmes, Gardiner, DeWitt, Adam- son, Bennett, Williamson, Anderson, Wassman, THIRD ROW: Wallace, Allison, Kueding, McCollum, Law, Mecder, Grubb, Donaldson, Reinhardt, Weathers, Mr. Riewer. we X, A YL wi W' , Q -W-gif x . .... xsane is ,,,, 5 L ' .x ....,' t G M Q 15'-1: xl: if 5 Q is ww A k ' X :QL Egg x -Q' nfiwf p bm Qyvfw v N lx M : iv' Q f , Q ,MUS 'ls E? 2'4- H' NX 3 A dll' , W5 N . A if-x S 'KR 3:91 Q, , as - 'S Q ' QS 33 T x ,A .. .,fB,m,WMW X in ssl 59 x Sf g is 1? . K , x. " , , mf- . X. !,N"F W N3 W 5 M K as 5 Q ' f' - 1' . ft' awzzqd Stockdale, Reinhardt, Stuart. Stuart, Reinhardt, Hyten. The El Segundo High School Varsity Club, under the able guidance of Mr. Craven, accomplished many things during the i952-53 school year. One of the chief things they did was to change the name of the club from "Letterman's Club" to "Varsity Club." They also adopted the idea of having letterman's iackets as well as letterman's sweaters. Frank Stockdale, Henry Stuart, and John Reinhardt were elected president, vice-president, and secretary, respectively, as first semester officers, Second semester officers were Sherwyn Hyten, president, John Reinhardt, vice-president, Henry Stuart, secretary. FRONT ROW: Crofton, Herdrich, Thompson, Ward, Stuart, SECOND ROW: Beathord, Reinhardt, Crovens, Bentield, Adams Rohrer, Stockdale, THIRD ROW: Pierotti, Hyten, Hope, Hcpke, Floyd, Murphy, Wassman, Wilmot, FOURTH ROW: Grubb Koster, Diederich, C. Efflandt, Lane, Bowles. 4,-f., G A A OFFICERS HAZELTINE Secretary GAULD Advisor CLARK Vice President MAGEE Treasurer COMSTOCK President This year, as in past years, the GAA has been very active. On their calendar was a special Play Day at El Segundo called a Swim Fun Day. The Volleyball Play Day was also held at El Segundo and was very successful. Another eventful day in the lives of our girl athletes was the Speed-a-way Play Day at Bellflower. Play Days were also held at some of the other Pioneer League schools. As usual, the GAA had a good money-making booth in the Boys' League Carnival. FIRST ROW: Holms, Moore, Everhart, Brannon, Zumwalt, Lana, Jones, Grant, Gregory, Willard, Girvin, Girvin, Balantyne, Hawk, Hayes, Rassumsen, Johnston: SECOND ROW: Schneider, Corcoran, Robertson, Martin, Donaldson, Barmore, Van Norman, Hozeltine, Marshall, Comstock, Balls, Olson, Fisher, Clark, Prince, White, Hansen, Purvis, Sanka, Hutton, Reese, Floyd: THIRD ROW: Nelson, Harris, Walczak, Yates, Magee, White, Johnson, Ingram, Brown, Howe, Paige, O'Bonion, Wright, Keefe, Johnston, Riley, Klassen, Tyler, Wilson, Neifert, Crawford: FOURTH ROW: Prince, McQueen, Ritter, Mayfield, Mitchell, Burgess, Walters, Randall, Ritter, Horr, Scrivens, Mann, Law, Thomas, Nicholson, Miller, Roach, Fosterling, Girvin, Schemenauer, Meyer, Radabough, Rose, Moore. ,X . . ew 4 , , I, rx wx.-- September 'l5-The students are here Filled with foreboding, boredom and drear. , October 15-We had a ball 4 l JI dh ' f mi f 4 X v W A P 2 Senior and Freshman were there one and all. T October 22-A night for the gals I At the Mom-Daughter tea, all were great pals. November 7 and 8-Juniors' play at last "Night of January 16" had a top-notch cast. November 'l4-New talent the rage The Freshmen Frolics came to the stage. A 26th was the day, the month was November 0 ' The football banquet was a night to remember. L," , December 20-Blue Christmas the theme 1 J' But the mood wasn't blue, for the dance was a dream. I I , , 7' I T January 5 and Christmas has past g 1 So has New Year's-Oh, what a blast! ,Q gf: January 16-Campaign's in full swing A it ' To see what the coming election will bring. .lv February 7-Junior Statesman Convention California's government receives our attention. February 19--and the chorus brings A terrific musical-"America Sings". February 27-The Seniors filled with glee ' On this day they beat the Juniors 34 to '53 February 28 was surely no flop The gals took the guys to the Lolli-Pop Hop. 'T March 5 and 6-"Incognito" - no loss! , I .4-'-,,,,- n. 2q'!i"" 7 Sponsored by Statesmen and Jr. Red Cross ll March 27 began Easter vacation TQ Nine whole days of free recreation. N S T April 'IO and 11, community Luau .- ,f ' Dreams of Hawaii begin coming true now. 4 I, l 'qt April 18-Sophomores present- xl X "Marrying Sam", iust everyone went. J May 7 and 8-Senior play is here "Arsenic and Old Lace" best play of the year. l J May 'l3 and booths galore X f ' Carnival time, Who could ask for more? I May 16-Another big time E J K Juniors and Seniors together to dine. T - T May 23-A prom divine 'fx Z T We thank you Juniors for a wonderful time. "" -3-1--2 il?" V ' ' .ll May 29-Our big Senior ditch day -tell! " Gaiety beckons and we're on our way. ixb June 4-brings Annual Day X Those last installments you now must pay. ,PL Q -A T June 7-First walk down the aisle -F S Q ' agp N And we trip on our faces true "Gundo" style X X X N J June 11-Graduation at last J T! Hello future, good-bye past. r ':X ll' These are our verses. Hope they give you a laugh. T g:'2' ' A You can lay the blame on the Annual Staff. sit S 'S' , g , , , ,. - ,, , , T 1 .-:EP . -... 5 'YES -fig?-14. e er' ' ' . lf- " -.?'T'1S7-"'23' N LC I1 i X T' -,-.Ex .' -4- T A' ' :T Fi A ' ' +- -Q". 445.5112 -1 .Nm . if ll 45' 1 4 X l 0 X325 ,hi J Yeh U T '-Tg. Z fy' xxx? A, c 1 ff A f x , 'AS' .5 I .1"' H 1 if ,EQQ7 ' J ' 'A Zngfi., s eiizffiin Wifi " WUI! Ffa f - S.....:5..a: C '-N . ,. s-4, 1- N -C " . - w - ' F, 1, Y ee, Q N, ' sr Tv' fu 19 if .f ' E ,-. R X 5 Q X.f ' W 'I n. 2 , i G7 X N x 1 3 2 L A i f - ,- X -x, f 1 ruff 1, 3 . S Q I xx Z he 47 9 f ' I Q K Q3 ,hula FRANK CRAVEN Coach MIKE CHAMBERLAIN A.P.L. Back BUD WASSMAN A.P.L. Back DAN DIEDERICH A.P.L. Back FIRST ROW: McBride, Karlburg, MacLean, Chamberlain, Diederich, Bowles, Floyd, Wassman, Pierolli VARSITY FOOTBALL SECOND now: Craven, Kelley, Puchrick, Lune, Efflandl, seqnmrd, Benfaeld, Campbell, cmvens, ward BOB BEATHARD 2nd A.P.L. Back BILL FLOYD Tallback GEORGE LAIN Guard BILL FLOYD End Fahland, Thane, THIRD ROW: Koren, Olsen, Chrlslenson, Thompson, Yocukum, Caraway, Hyten. Wdfldlzy 74051466 CHRIS EFFLANDT Center BILL THOMPSON A. P. L. End SHERWYN HYTEN 2nd A. P. L. Tackle JAMES THON Coach JI-.AlLA..flAJVLA-fl-.LIL-,fl-.NL-.fl-J The El Segundo Varsity football team, 1952 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE coached by Mr. Craven and Mr. Thom, success- fully finished the 1952 season with the record of four wins, three losses, and one tie. El Segundo did very well, considering the fact that we lost sixteen seniors from last year's championship team. Since no other school in the Pioneer League had a senior loss last year, they had their full teams back. Our varsity eleven won third place in the Pioneer League, with Mira Costa taking first place and Culver City second. E. S. 13 ..,...........,, Beverly Hills 20 E. S. I3 .........,.. Harvard School 6 E. S. 45 ....... ..,.. S anta Monica 18 E. S. O ...... ..... C ulver City 18 E. S. 14 ...... ...... M ira Costa 33 E. S. I3 .,..,.. ..,..,,. B ellflower 13 E. S. 34 ..... Morningside O E. S. 19 .......,.,.,.... Hawthorne 6 Total points were: E. S. 151, Opponents 110 V'U"VW"U-'WW"U-'W"U"W"1f W' A06 l p I I Wi ' . ' It 1 ' , I .eg 5 "MII ' '- 5 Fi 5.1--1.2- M ur A ,lux :',:' ,: - V K - '.L-- It -rl 7' -- fit' I-'sf - 551 H' ' E . , L -4 fi if". 't"'4d".CL i1T .lx . Ng .iii 'kT l H: li' "I: 5 R .z in 1 1-:N i :I ' L ,1 . IJ I T-1 . -L if- 1" DON CARAWAY H. M. A. P. Tackle MIKE BOWLE5 2nd A. P. L. Center RED WARD End CLAUDE MC BRIDE Bock ,J ,- f 1 1 -s I 'SLZCKL ee '7aat4czZZ Y, ' T ,ji , an Q L . Q rss.-.55Qfa'fEfg FIRST ROW: Benfield, Franklin, Adams, Flathers, Shepard, Hensley, Giannini, Sheldon, Nicholson, Bennet, SECOND ROW Spears, Phillips, Thomas, Morris, Sisco, Powers, Allen, Chamberlain, Vargo, Law, Bowden, THIRD ROW: Coach Ferguson Martin, Vinson, Efflandt, Fahland, Dodson, Whipple, P. Martin, L. Martin, FOURTH ROW: Swearinger, Schroeder Marshall, Frederick, Swanson, Neff. ln compiling a 4 win, 3 lose, l tie record for the 1952 season the fighting El Segundo Bee team of the i952-53 school year upheld the record of last years Bee team. The "52" team gathered third place in Pioneer League play. The team consisted entirely of freshmen, sophomore and iunior boys. At the annual Varsity and Bee football banquet Willie Manson, iunior, was selected by his teammates as the most valuable player on the Bee team of 1952. Jack Whipple, sophomore, was a close second. Mainstays of the Bee eleven were Bunzy Adams, Pinky Fahland, Tommy Hensley, Gary Vinson, and Paul Martin. The entire Bee team showed continuous spirit and fight throughout the season, win or lose. FLIGHT LOG Beverly Hills ,,,.,,,s l4 E. S ....,Y,,, 7 Bellflower .,,,.,,,,,,, I4 E, S ,,s,,,,,, O Harvard AVVVWU 0 E' 5 ,--,,',VY 26 Morningside ,,,,,.,, 6 E. S ...,.,., sl2 sf. Monica eee, 0 E. s... eeeee 7 H"W"'0"'e eeeve 7 E- 7 Culver city eeee .. 0 E. s .eee eeee 1 a 5 QQ Mira Costa .,,,,,,.,. 26 E. S .,.,,,,s, 6 Remarks-Won 4, Lost 3, Tied l afwizfq 2 FIRST ROW: Chamberlain, Rafler, Diederich, Stockdale, Wray, SECOND ROW: Koren, Floyd, Craflon, Olson, THIRD ROW: Wilmot, Marlin, Ferguson. lMissing: Ward, Carawayl. BILL FLOYD MIKE CHAMBERLAIN RON WILMOT FRANK OLSEN 4 1 AB I I 1 DENNY DRIBBLE FRANK STOCKDALE GENE WRAY DAN DIEDERICH VARSITY BASKETBALL: Although never lacking in spirit, the varsity five usually was lacking in points. League scores were: E. S. 25, Culver City 42, E. S. 23, Mira Costa 34, E. S. 35, Bellflower 53, E. S. 31, Morningside 46, E. S. 48, Hawthorne 49, E. S. 27, Culver City 62, E. S 42, Mira Costa 52, E S. 38, Bellflower 56, E. S. 32, Morningside 38, E. S. 44, Hawthorne 40. TOM RAFTER CLIFF CRAFTON BILL KOREN MR, FRGUSON BEE BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Ballmer, Kennedy Hamillon, Clark, Efllandl, Adams Poole, Hensley, SECOND ROW Morgan, Bennet, Dodson, Morris Lerl, Fredericks, Mr. Ferguson. CEE BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Anderson, Grubb, Armslrong, Brighlwell, Fields SECOND ROW: Law, Graves. DEE BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Poole, Chamberlain, Sallley, Giannini, L. Marlin, S. Marlin, Bullerg SECOND ROW Coller, Marshall, Schroeder, Gal: lardo. K' .J l GOLF Franklin, Wray, Mr. Stuckeman, Cole, Maclean. BASEBALL Q04 Golfing made its appearance at El Segundo High for the 'first time this year as several boys formed the Eagle Golf team. Though inexperienced the team did very well in competition. ln Pioneer League games they pulled through with true Eagle victory. Z' The Eagle varsity nine of '53 proved to be a hard-working, hard-hitting team. The club was hampered throughout the season by the lack of two dependable starting pitchers. Even so the team played great ball in compiling an above .500 record in wins. Much credit is due the coaches, Frank Ferguson and Jack Stuckeman. FIRST ROW: Stockdale, Thompson, Floyd, Benfield, Carney, Manson, SECOND ROW: Mr. Stuckeman, Schroeder, Hensley, Ratter, Badger, Adamson, Bowden. Missing: Chamberlain, Diederich, and Karen, "'1nf"'- ,.,. , 1 ai.-4' v I nt' ni 9 3560 74446 64044 Zvwvvf A large turnout of prospective tracksters greeted Coach Craven at the A, B and C track opening practice sessions. Though short in experienced oerformers and an abundance of individual stars, the three divisions still came through with im- pressive showings in both practice and league neets. A cross-country team was started for the First time at E. S. this year. TRACK 4, 'N . A lx it 1 N sim Y X J g KXXWE H r as TJ 'K-Q.. ' CROSS-COUNTRY FRONT ROW-Burgess, Stockdale, Vargo, Adams. BACK ROW-Craven, Holliman, Anderson, Riddle. FIRST ROW-Pierotti, M. Chamberlain, Hale, Flcthers, Giannini, l.. Chamberlain, Tucker, Adams, Judd, Wray. SECOND ROW-Ropeter, Ormsby, Johnson, Efflandt, Hensley, Morgan, Beathard, Stange, Wells, Franklin, Bowles. THIRD ROW-Mr. Craven, Crofton, Christenson, Lane, Wassman, Olsen, Hollimon, Riddle, Vargo. I x ,l I f l -1 C ' f l ' ,Q '7 . ' l A 1 ' f if l . X?'Tf9"f W x mm. Wi .T 4 if 5 L Q E2 - ""' " ' X W"'5' vi X' x HW, X I, K 355 A 'K ,,r' I H , .. ' I ,,,,,, .,,.,,,, Q M,,,.,,.,,.,,., ., 1 M + - w w g gf, ww SN E wk ,fig . , 'L' W, X ix 3 -:g-: .Q M 'ff 55 3, sf' , .Q X 1- N kk u " " 1- sk X N , Q -3, w x ,Q if s. 'f S Y ff 'Q 5 . ,. WT . - ...., r ,pig Y K iff W W Ss ,X sv ,W A A ,,,.. X, W . if X as Y -wi 5 , .Q Q 5' ' lik " 3 x R fi WR f x f Q5 M Q Q-W ' xx fr .sw - ' W f W Asa 2 X S. li Q : k wx F Q -z Q gg ..,. .M-:w:,gg:, .,,5b5..g:f J las wx. as ' wQg ,f . Mxxgfw 3322851 ' x . Q www . xx . wkvfw xfgifwri ,. K Si, fs ffifgm ' sw. N 535 bw Y-ive ,1 SHS R, 3 gg., vw. w wf ,Q NGN at gn N,ss.:.r'. . i f ,ii 1 ultv KY' V , , Q X ,, M., ..... . X .,,y.gg..:, 2 'Q 'Wa Q VARSITY WATER POLO SITTING: Murphy, Slange, Happke, Reinhardt, Sluorl, Grubb. STANDING: Mr. Suari, Crollon, Rohrer, Koster, Wilmot, Bell. 2067167 F7434 SEE WATER POLO IRST ROW: Morgan, Poole, Mcllroy, Ballanlyne, Herdrich, Judd, lodds, Cocke. SECOND ROW: Mr. Saari, Blackwell, Kaeding, Goshen, Jdell, Whilney, Schannep, Hamilton. CEE WATER POLO FIRST ROW: Tucker, Brighlwell, Miller, Grubb, Poole, Jorrell, Caller, Gallardo: SECOND ROW: Scari, Lake, Mcllroy, Berren, Slevens, Green, Graves. VARSITY SWIMMING FIRST ROW: Whilney, Grubb, Stuart, Murphy, Herdrich, Ballanlyne, Mcllroy, Bell, Puchrik: SECOND ROW: Mr. Saori, O'delI, Reinhardt, Hope, Koster, Wilmot, Rohrer, Cravens, Hapke. Swimming BEE SWIMMING CEE SWIMMING FIRST ROW: Goshen, Mcllrcy, Homillon, Poole. Left lo Righl FIRST ROW: Marshall, Gerald, Green, Poole: SECOND TOP ROW: Mr. Soori, Whipple ROW: Mr. Scuri, Luke, Groves, Johnson. F 0. I' ai' Q if f ,saw Y - 3:1 . ah if A . ' M"- 3 ,. 7 fi MMI WW calling Z Daaffed GAA SPEED-A-WAY FIRST ROW: Donaldson, Keele, Barmore, O'Banion, Wright: SEC- OND ROW: Martin, Yates, Walters, Johnson, Paige: THIRD ROW: Hawk, Harris, Ingram, Howe, Prince, Mgr., FOURTH ROW: Nelson, Magee. G.A.A. BOWLING FIRST ROW: Barmore, Martin, Girvin, Rudabaugh, Meyer, Holme, Hayes, SECOND ROW: Magee, Nelson, Olson, Marshall, Fisher, White, Ballanlyne, Rasmussen. THIRD ROW: Roach, Girvin, Fos- terling, Girvin, Scriven, Harr, Law, Van Norman. FOURTH ROW: Johnson, Thomas, Hansen, Com- stock. GAA VOLLEYBALL DOUBLES FIRST ROW: Johnson, Rose, SEC- OND ROW: Johnslon, Thomas: THIRD ROW: Magee, Meyer. VOLLEYBALL: df FIRST ROW: Hazeltine, Thomas, Mitchell, McQueen: SECOND ROW: Coulter, Ritter, Hutton, Comstock, Hayes, THIRD ROW: White, Balls, Burgess, Clark, Prince, Van Nar- man, Purvis. BASKETBALL: FIRST ROW: Hazeltine, Balls, Com- stock: SECOND ROW: Ritter, Prince, Yates, Clark, Van Norman, SOFTBALL: FIRST ROW: Meyer, Keefe, Rose, Comstock: SECOND ROW: Magee, Lane, Yates, Clark, Nelson. saffaqzz vf-,uuvu-:ui umdla f4zc4efzq 7eme64 TUMBLING: Lett to Right: Law, Donaldson, Culhom, Jellison, Haleltine. ARCHERY: Left to Right: Parsons, Culhom, Balls, Prince. TENNIS: FIRST ROW: Law, Barmore, Hazel tine, Mitchell, McQueen, SECONC ROW: Evans, Cessna, Keele, Wil lard, Rasmussen, Hayes, Var Norman, THIRD ROW: Miss Gould Hutton, Johnson, Magee, Purvis Coulter, Wilson, Comstock. JD- I -1 i 2 V P 1' H "' A 77' BQEQKE s N' QQ ff in q 'Q i f N tg' X 'xx 1.5. X " f 'ff I 3 7 i Ax f - 7 g M , MN 4 Qxxxx ' n 74 'U 'Q J if igqt i 'UIQ , Q85 M5 1. wi : N, sua, ... N W, - New W-- W New , ev-, .-...na-n, " ,sf-rp U ' NN EIGHTH GRADE wx t. iq FIRST ROW: Esboldt, Cilento, Alseth, Hyten, Conty, Danahoo, Ellwanger, Anderson, Battles, Hedrnan Benfield, Foslerling, Almgren, Attard, Curtis, Holliman: SECOND ROW: Kelly, DeBoer, Beckwith Benfield, Hermon, Johnson, Ecfelen, Harly, Dodson, Betts, Kuykendall, Kummer, Cox, Bentley, Copple Green: THIRD ROW: Aselin, Arveson, Keenan, Henneforth, Campbell, Cravens, Krug, Ames, Haddock Behrendt, Grilten, Herron, Hughes: FOURTH ROW: Barnett, Dunne, Hodge, Hill, Cable, Anderson Argo, Argo, Durbin, Hackenberry, Briese, Hamblin, Kerns: FIFTH ROW: Barney, Johnston, Brown Brewer, Campbell, Claman, Jones, Hutton, Heath, Kuddy, Bailey, Fields, SIXTH ROW: Connelly Cleveland, DiBella, Elrod, Corcoran, Klassen, Coon, Clark, Comstock, Behning, Bergstrom, Furnari Borg, lack, Mr. H. C. Jordan. FIRST ROW: Nielsen, Warns, Phillips, Norland, Squires, Morgan, Martin, Walker, Leslie, Storer, Straws, Odom, Ruttinger, Svoboda, Moss, Warner: SECOND ROW: Lawe, Towler, Smith, Witt, Mitchell Sweetman, Turner, Law, Steim, Rocca, Strom, Robertson, Wilson, Mayer: THIRD ROW: Morgan Ross, Sprague, Luttrel, Steim, Leibel, Smith, Renison, O'Neill, Wallace, Fhillips, Morache, Steffenson Rime, FOURTH ROW: Miss Avery, Sikes, Tomlinson, Padden, Witt, Perry. H . . - -..- .....: -...............-M.. M... at ,M H s 4 sm.-. . , . 9 fr 'sb iw V 1 V Q w I-f va My M N SQ vm was as xv if gl Sw mm N' K Wx N ww :A 'is fs, ff 'll xx Q . ga i' ww 9? ,. ff X iw X 5 194 X w gk rx 5 i A ' ' S+ . , V- 43' 'W aww-?."'9" .WM- av- .K F Mmm i Q 1-K4 W X.. I .X , Q vs? tr . mfmw-Rst Aw S, SY! I S , 9 . " " I is ' ,A Q, H. g li':?2ss.:f? ::: i'L., Q QQ Q M .- .. . I . SR is W BW 1 RJ, Lam. , . 3, 52 e 'yah Q wi 15:52 g 7 - ' Jf,LI z ' Q 1 fa I, ....... X: J 'iw Q , ik Q 52 35351 -, ., .,..,. 5 ,k ef S X a , N Q gil' -. P wa Q i 5 ,Yr K 5 an as 2 M 125 Fwf ,ff - K. gy x if Q.K5 Q K X l f ,Q V- W L N' 4' M fy Mr gum A'ci'miLlMENTs OF Hulford Machine Work W Congratulations Seniors 1111111111 1111 EHHPHHH1IHN MANUFACTURERS OF WALL AND FLOOR TILE 438 Sheldon Street Phone - 114 El Segundo, California alma Studia YOUR OFFICIAL GOLDEN EAGLE PHOTOGRAPHER 4167 WEST WASHINGTON BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA REpubIic 3-2131 "Your Photographer For Any Occasion" .K PATMARS Compliments of INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER CORPORATION 1521 E. GRAND AVE. EL SEGUNDO EI Segundo 1890 Best Wishes SERVOMECHANISMS, INC. 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Makers of INTERSTATE Precision Produds - COMPACT Vacuum Cleaners FLOOR POLISHAIIE - REVELATION Vazuurn Cleaners CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS HOXIE ALUMINUM FOUNDRY EL sEcuNoo, CALIF. SANO Market Ilybere Tlvriflj' Hf1l1.wzz'il'ar Slmf1.'.' FREE PARKING 227 W. FRAND EL SEGUNDO IRA ESCOBAR AUTHORIZED Fon DEALER . . . SINCE 1924 300 MAIN STREET ' EL SEGUNDO EL SEGUNDO I841 Congratulations Seniors kaion mfg. co. EL SEGUNDO 1. K 'V' I 8 xT'l xx , if ' , R ' w fww , W-fx tl QSM x-Sv M, ,+r?'?x ' 75' We JA-v 'NS bi Q ,M-f FE new J-VQV -pu. sw Nix - 1lsfaiv1 1.111 7k 1 xx 1 Aswan. :mmwum N TREATED wlTH THoRMo-LUBE THE GASOLINE THAT LUBRICATES PAY NOTHING DOWN FOR YOUR TIRES Congratulations Seniors 3 I I I I Q Iiikii Compliments of Q Houses CARPETS LINOLEUM WINDOW SHADES 210 S. LA BREA INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA SMR 00l 60. PARTS ' MACHINE SHOP REBORING BRAKE DRUM TURNING DEAN 8. 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J C HARRIS 301-307 EAST BOYD STREET ' ' S -' IZ-1 LOS ANGELES, CALIF. Pe"f"' TOOL s. CUTTER GRINDING Wholesale Dealers in BOOKS - MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION . STATIONERY Phone 'GOI E- GRAND AVE. AND OFFICE SUPPLIES EI Segundo ll32 EI Segundo, Calif. Tools, Dies, Jigs-Special Machinery-Metal Stamping W Y L E Fixlures, Engineering 8. Design Service, Paris Production' LABORATORIES RELIABLE TOOL 8. DIE CO. 340 EAST FRANKLIN AVENUE - EL sEGuNDo, CALIF. Phones: El Sesvndv 1234 308 E. FRANKLIN AVE. EL SEGUNDO, CALLF. FRANK s. WYLE ORegon 8-1889 A. J. ZAMARLN PIYONCE El 599'-H140 1333 General Manager EI Segundo 1950 . . Phone El Segundo 1090 William A. Meader BODY a. FENDER woRK NEW PACIFIC LUMBER CO. " A ' N T ' N G 331 NO. SEPULVEDA BLVD. 212 E. Imperial Hwy. EI Segundo EL SEGUNDO, CALIF G A R R E T T Nl A C H I N E C 0 - CONGRATULATIONS FROM OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ON PERLMENTAL B DEVELOPING 'ms' E' EDWARD BROTHERS 108 Slandard Slreel Los Angeles Phone: El Segundo, Calif. MANHATTAN BEACH Republic 3-3003 El Segundo 370 ORchard 1-2282 SYSTEM OUTLET SHOES "USE our SYSTEM and SAVE" BUFFINGTON MOTORS Direct Dealers PONTIAC - CADILLAC DON ERooMER 8911 scum Sepulveda Blvd. 204 N. LA BREA AVENUE INGLEWOOD SANDY GERSH Los Angeles 45, California , I c o N G R A T u L A T I o N s ' . QL ,535 s9o5 Sepulveda A .V4., A t Lf A 3 REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 1 5 Tj Westchester MULTIPLE MRA LISTINGS lEC'r it L' T- A- 'M WESLEY T. ANDERSON QUQIIIY Misses' and REALTOR - CONTRACTOR W ' W I ' Poixmspricggr G 50a MAIN STREET Phone EI segundo 659 El Segundo, Calif. Home: EI Segundo 550-J' Dresses - Coats - Suits - Sportswear - Lingerie - H056 El Segundo 1270 Orchard 7-6186 DR. JOSEPH M. STEPHENS PHYSICIAN - SURGEON - OSTEOPATH OFFICE HOURS: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon. through Fri.-9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Sat. EVENINGS: 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Tues. and Fri. BOWLUS CHEVROLET SALES - SERVICE "We Serve Afler We Sell" 359 MAIN STREET EL sEGuNoo, CALIF. 119 W. Grand ' EI Segundo OREGON 8-3971 ORCHARD 7-1187 CONGRATULATIONS In lewood Book 8. Stationery Co. 9 BARUCH CORPORATION T T ERS ' PRINTERS S A 'ON . GENERAL CONTRACTOR Sznce 1923 GREETING CARDS - FOUNTAIN PENS 321 5, SAN VICENTE LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 146 s. MARKET sr. INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA MARIPOSA MARKET 1160 EAST MARIPOSA Phone - 616 lee McWhirter Ray Lanshere LAUMAN TABLES, INC. 114 SHELDON STREET EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. Phones: ORegon 8-1875 ' EI Segundo 1646 Bssror LUCK ROSE BOWL 135 West Grand Avenue CONGRATULATIONS SOUTH SHORE MOTOR CO. LINCOLN - Mencunv Pacific Coast Highway 101 at 10th Street HERMOSA BEACH, CALIFORNIA B O W L I N G FRED W. CROOK FRONTIER 4-3443 Dealer FRONTIER 4-6931 CONGRATULATIONS Diamond Oil Company P. O. Box 3189, Terminal Annex Los Angeles 54, California La Cita Restaurant 4103 Highland Avenue Manhattan Beach, California V. O. Walker, Real Estate Broker 40th and Highland Manhattan Beach, California Highland Garage 4005 Highland Avenue Manhattan Beach, California WaIt's Barber Shop 109 W. Grand El Segundo, California Thermo-Form Co., Inc. 122 Eucalyptus Drive El Segundo, California Centinela Valley Glass and Mirror Co. 251 S. La Brea Avenue Inglewood 1, California Bowman Bros., Inc. 6094 Ferguson Los Angeles 22, California Pacific Precision Grinding Co. 1601 E. Grand Avenue El Segundo, California Rosecrans Pharmocy 308 Rosecrans and Highland Manhattan Beach, California Superior Plastics 141 Arena Street El Segundo, California Marplex Company 348 Washington El Segundo, California .lol1n's Electrical Service 213 Richmond Street El Segundo, California Lurline's Cottage Beauty Shop 315 Richmond Street El Segundo, California Converse Pharmacy 200 W. Grand El Segundo, California James L. Stinnett, Real Estate 361 Main Street EI Segundo, California DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT CO., INC. El Segundo Division SMART APPAREL FOR MEN AND WOMEN J E A N ' S APPAREL sHoPs Hermosa Manhattan CONGRATULATIONS Charcoal Broiler 219 W. Grand Avenue El Segundo, California Mary Anne Shoppe 335 Main Street El Segundo, California Lonella Beauty Salon 435 Main Street El Segundo, California Moore's Stores Grand and Main El Segundo, California City Market 130 W. Grand Avenue EI Segundo, California Yoakum's Grill 107 W. Grand Avenue El Segundo, California Hawthorne Advertising Press 307 N. Hawthorne Blvd. Hawthorne, California American Hardware Co. P. O. Box 2224, Terminal Annex Los Angeles 54, California F. 8. F. Radio 8. Appliance Co. 353 Main Street El Segundo, California El Segundo Furniture Co. 409 Main Street El Segundo, California Walt's Camera Center 3500 Highland Avenue . Manhattan Beach, California Booth Garage 311 E. EI Segundo Blvd. EI Segundo, California El Segundo Hardware 333 Main Street EI Segundo, California Burklines Jewelers 126 W. Grand Avenue El Segundo, California FIather's Fine Flowers 444 Main Street El Segundo, California Q LW Penny Profit Market 104 W. Grand Avenue EI Segundo, California Bob Fredericks 302 W. Grand Avenue El Segundo, California Clark's Bootery 118 W. Grand Avenue El Segundo, California El Segundo Cleaners 423 Main Street El Segundo, California R. B. Cut-Rate Drugs 111 W. Grand Avenue EI Segundo, California Gordon Appliance Co. 309 Main Street El Segundo, California El Segundo Paint Center 429 Main Street El Segundo, California Thrifty Ann Cleaners 434 Main Street EI Segundo, California Jack 8. Jill 357 Main Street El Segundo, California Dick's Main Street Barbe 415 Main Street El Segundo, California Carl J. Leibel 6912 Melrose Avenue r Shop Los Angeles 38, California McCarthy Insurance Agency 339 Main Street El Segundo, California The S. K. Smith Company 5260 West 104th Street los Angeles 45, California Brown's Sporting Goods 7139 Pacific Blvd. Huntington Park, California Burton's Leathercraft 1755W Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles 26, California Warnock's Shoe Repair Hyten's Key Service 204 W. Grand El Segundo, California jf QT X 5 h Ss I Courtesy X I WN Q x xg U I ,S F X , , X Mission Engraving Co. N x , i X' J 421 East 6thlStreet x I t ,Los Angeles, California t I i ' i 1 l N 4 N . I 'ff . 1 'L 'MTDR 0 Power Lawn Mowers Renovators - Tractors - Fairway Mowers - Fertilizer PACIFIC TORO COMPANY Rainbird Sprinklers - and Accessories Write for Catalogue or Circular! INCORPORATED 2059 VENICE BLVD. LOS ANGELES 6, CALIF. Phone PArkway 3107 ACKNOWLEDGMENT We wish to extend our appreciation to all the people who gave us valuable assistance during the production of this book. We especially wish to mention: Pete Weintraub-Rep. Geddes Press and Mis- sion Engraving Co. Al Clark-Mission Engraving Co., Inc.-Los Angeles. Peter Geddes-Geddes Press--Pasadena. F. 8- R. Roberts-Roberts Studio-Los Angeles. .lohn Thomas-S. K. Smith Co.-Los Angeles. J. G. Greenwald, Mr Latourel-Trans. World Airlines-Los Angeles. SOUTH BAY PUBLISHING CO 38 - l4th Street Hermosa Beach, California I 1 J ww W if Qififff 4 034 ,L M 1 X f?ff?d0QNA !O'f5f7f?X5 X7 pf XXU7 my 'Vila , ' 514 J7 . CQ . "V'L"'Aff"'Q.':-n .""A, -qv "N-.. imma MM! X ffMM M59 WV W , .W , . A J f M 7' 33 gp, f2f?, f593i K, 2-2 3 5 gp my-4b KT? ,3 P 1549 Q. - ' 7!w, ? -Q4 ww ' , n I xi , J x X MOU - ,if W my "J I my fifVf WW x YS if c' J.. T f ,oy 'f ' fg ,Af: A Q 1 ' wg 'pu , 4- xg- -1 . X .. 'L I Z zmvi K . 1 I . n.-..x:LfIfH15k-ELM L6 W S A Exo 'Q E JJJWMI EMZQLMU , .NYM QV giTY E 3 fwww K f' 'MW' W, WWW ,Q Q2 QQ 3,59 vig 442 Q99 it vfnwfb ,iffy Li of 322653 C5 Q f74!,,4A JWWWKJ H 1552! , J J 'QOL' Q, 4177Fflv ' 1 .. 319" 'f r V f' 'X xx, Q if dw N QQ 5 :U X X ' ' N X 'Q i E 010-Q2XJf X 9 K Q Q YE 1 Q ' , E' bg Qffwgnwq oigqiobl Q , . X Gd? box

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